Franklin Heights High School - Tercel Yearbook (Columbus, OH)

 - Class of 1958

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fm ff- 5fw77f Ji. , 'Yin H X E if 6 K, 15? cf 5 2 X A A KT x fe .-eff? x f X X jpfvfafnkfanf AQ. iffy ,Jima 2 CMN if A 8 Wm ,gs Y x ' 'tiff it vnu , .13 a., Q34esGlZ Q ., I s ., -ow, ...V -LM., ,,, I K i AM I vlg3,,.:-frrfklt ' Q" Q qt" "MQ-n,m-ywqlv.. ul -I,-, ,,..-1' J --nw QQ 4' N'Ze?g,,4wfi evil"-f-J f I .bk K We wanted an offtclal name for our yearbook and went to work wtth bram and brawn Many names were offered for constderatlon but we wanted the name to colnctde wtth our school emblem the falcon Deanna Drobntc submttted the dtcttonary word tercel meamng male falcon It was enthustasttcally accepted bv the staff and the approval by Mr Rogers made tr offtctal 'Nav' fs H1333 l 5' xx 'Y xlrj, Q I I A . Student and Htgh school l1fe through the wrttten word photo graphy and art' That sums up what we have trted to grve you tn thts year s edltlon of the Tercel Our hope rs that IU years to come when you wlsh to recall the faces and scenes you knew tn 1957 you will leaf through thts annual and remember the pleasures dtsappotntments and achtevements of thts htgh school year Starlene Olney Edrtor X l QL x X r If 6 ' 'Q IN MEMORIAM Paul Eugene Cochrun November 1 1941-March 1 1958 "Gene" 9 9 V. J. ULLMAN Executive Head South-Western School District Board of M- ' Y ROBERT MOUNTS ORIN BRECKENRIDGE Assistant to the Executive Director of Research Head, South-Western South-Western District District Mr. Ullman has been executive head since the formation of the school district. He is responsible for the entire educa- tional program from transportation to the Final presentation of the high school diploma. The constant problem of pro- viding additional rooms for increased enrollment keeps him always on the go. Mr. Mounts assists Mr. Ullman in the many responsibilities related to the administration of schools. Mr. Breckenridge is concerned with new students, students moving away and births. He keeps Mr. Ullman informed of how many chil- dren are in school and how many will enter in the next six years. Education A N I MR. CLYDE MR. WALTER CRANDALL GROSSMAN Grove City, Ohio Term Expires Dec. 31, 1961 ri Lockbourne, Ohio Term Expires Dec. 31, 1960 MR, WILLIAM MR. JACK MR, FREDRICK MR. HUGH MR. WILLIAM JOHNSON KIDWELL KUNZ McKINLEY SPANGLER Urbancrest, Ohio New Rome, Ohio Galloway, Ohio Harrisburg, Ohio Grove City, Ohio Term Expired Term Expires Term Expires Term Expired Term Expires Dec. 31, 1957 Dec. 31, 1961 Dec. 31, 1961 Dec. 31, 1957 Dec. 31, 1960 WILLIAM F. ROGERS - Principal BS Miami University ME Kent University To Mr. Rogers, our own principal and friend, we wish to pay special tribute for his superb judgment, his true understanding of our many problems and his never-ending smile for all. cel? 0 f fsifvfoxfk . ' 0 ' 9 Q' V J xt x5 S 5 9 , f O ,9.Q Q . . I ,958 ggf li"Q ' 'x5:sf-V ' I 1 K 1 1 1- -.5 CHARLES M. JOHNSON MOZELLE KOOY BS 8: MS University BA Kc BS Radford College of Wisconsin ME University of Va. One who has the difficult job of acting A well liked person who is serving as our as our dean of boys, business manager and guidance director and also in charge of the director of athletics. testing program in the Southwestern School District. MISS FREDRICKA BARBER BA Western College Engltsh MRS ELAINE CARTER BA George Washxngton Umx Fnghsh MRS CORINNE BARNES BA Capxtal Unnerstty Health MISS MARIAN CANRIGHT MA Ohlo State Umv COlllfl'lCl'Cl3l MISS ELAINE DANIELS BS Kent State Umv Phys Ed MRS CLARETTA BODER BBA Westmmsrer College Commerclal MRS JOYCE DINSEL BS Ohlo State Umv English Q stgt I A A s, ttt 94 'K L. . fa .L I ' Z VA ' 'wt A' Gil ,1. 5 MRS PATTIE DOSS BS Ohlo State Umv Home Ec MR. IAMES ELIOPULOS BS Ohxo State Umv Speech MR THOMAS ELLIOTT BS Ohlo State Umv Coach Math MRS BETTY FA Y MR. DALE EVANS MRS ERNESTINE FAST BS Ohlo Umv BA Ohlo Umverslty Industnal Arts Llbrarlan Language BA Wxttenburg College MRS EUNICE GARNETT MISS DELORES HOPKINSON BA Ill1no1s State Normal Math LOUISE HARROLD BS Otterbeln Umv MA Ohlo State UHIV. Sclence Language l l , MR. CLARENCE HUNE MA Ohlo Umv Sctence Math MISS IDIS KEMP BS Ohio State Umv MR. THOMAS HUNTER MA Morehead State Teachers College Industrial Arts MRS JEAN HUTCHINSON BA Muskmgum College Home Ec MR. QUENTIN LANNING MR FREDRICK MOELLENDICK MS West Vlfglllla Umv BS Ohxo State Umv Soclal Studles Ph s Ed Attendance Dlrector y Socxal Studles MR. ROBERT MOWERY 1 MISS DOROTHY NEFF MRS VIRGINIA MYRIO BS Ohro State Umv. BS Ohno State Umv. BA Marshall College Phys, Ed, L an ua e Commercxal g g if -. 4 , 1 1 Q . . . n o MRS CAROLYN PITTENGER BS Ohto State Umv Musxc MR. DONALD PHILLIPS MR. ROBERT PRINCE BS Morehead Teachers College MA Hardrng College Industnal Arts Science MISS EVANGELINE SMITH MRS IUANITA SMITH MRS ONEDA STARR BA Marlon College BA Ohio Wesleyan BS Ohlo Umv MRS JOAN UNGAR MRS MARGARET YOUNG MA Crty College of New York MR. DONALD WOODLAND MA Ohlo State Umv Ar BS Ohlo State Unw Phys Ed DR ED English English Commercial . S I ' ' . . . To the right Mrs. Haines and Mrs. Mills are pictured as they are seen by the student body. Mrs. Haines is sec- retary to Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Mills is in charge of the office. X FIRST ROW: A. Salveto, P. Spurlock, P. Jen- kins, K. Constans, P. Alton, K. Diamond. To the left Mrs. McHugh and Miss Kemp share the same office. Mrs. McHugh took over the duties of guidance director the second semester. Miss Kemp is dean of the girls. These office girls handle the attendance checks each period and do general office work, SECOND ROW: J. Milam, D. Emmelhainz, B. Price, C. Knox, P. Holzschuh, S. Hall, L. Hardy. THIRD ROW: K. Reiter, V. Reese, B. Barkeen, M. Haines,B. Laing, D. Baker. FOURTH ROW: S. Giehl, P. Kunz, D. Drob- nic, D. LaRue, J. Myers. In the foreground Mr Rogers can be seen presenting flowers in honor of the parents the is really Mr Lanrung 3 night of the dedication of the football stadium. fThe sunflower you see in the background www? r"" 5. l"""""g' ,Q T 0 L i'--1 N .. I 5 5-....x-... ., ' : 3, QT N " , , V :.....f..,, LQ. , 4 we V . '- ' , i , -'Ai ...J,,.,, ....... --4 5 1 'Y J, ,,v,,.,,,.,., 5: 4 4 9 61" ' S rf 4 W f fs 5 4 ....., V K ki I 1 'h-- A ' .lw , ' ' Q f 2 . fy 1 " ' 1 fs . 5 ? f' ,ff 1 In s 6 i 1 K A H 5 .,, , , , , ,M f M 5 , . , , nad 1 1, NI vga .ra'KSS1RN, Q wfxfq, 4 ff' fi L!,,Ne . , - .57 Y kr - -if-ff Larry' fiwrdcrs M iff Brammcr Eiarhara Burr Buff- Carrwrxafat Killa Cfiaffizi i-xu.1uaQm'?r111 fWf.1l2l"f'II1L1Zlx fix 1: KQXX It r.1' KlYflX'Qf' -N15 L QI'-'V ' 1 1361. 'f . LI1. 5 . 1l..1f ' F11 115.11 X: . ,Wx I l i .I . 'ST k A ,, -u 'x 'Y as. Deanna Drobnic Patty Dyer Dorothy Douglass Janelle Egland Paul Erlenbach Eddie Ervin Margie Evans Patricia Evans Elena Fergison Dorothy Fields David Froggatt David Frost Robert Gaines Harold Gardner Betty George -nr ,7 Q' if ' i ai 3 45 J . yy 4, '. x An, 1ki'pQi ilil t.ayL 4 iff' J F' if , The big event for the Juniors this year was the ordering and receiving of their class rings. After careful consideration, .u C5 'F 'Rf' ' 4? -.Iv they selected a ring pattern which will be the standard pattern used by the future graduating classes. ,qw M -Q. 'x bi -.fy T7 r 75" s -5134. 'T 154. '11 K Haiti it f ky, 'iff 5.0, ,.. 'Z ,M is Beverly George Faith Givens Patty Graves Danny Gray Eugene Gregory Helen Gresh Sherry Hall Linda Hardy Sharon Harlev John Hatfield Kenneth Hawkins Leora Hay James Hicks Ernest Hitte Ruth Hoffman 6-TN! Q7 4 A., .SQ Ronald Hungate V Carolyn Irvin Juanita Jackson Diane Jenkins William Johnson :.-4 Q Cjfjs, U an Harvey Jones 'ff qs V I A Helen Justus ff?" f B A 4 Caroline Kaderly ,....- lk Q7 Sandra Kepe Jean Krieger Patricia Krutko Donna Kushen Carolyn Kimberling Barbara Laing Shirley Lamb if . -r H Brenda Lamborn Brenda Landis 3 5 Dixie LaRue Harold Leach Jack Leffel 1 Janice Lowry 4: 6 na ,U ml Jo An-n Lucas U an A J Connie Mansbrrdge tr'-fix A I William Mantle iw I U' viva Loretta Markins Y ' Jerry Menge 3 18 ., Allen Messer 4 su Q E U ' '1 ' .3 get Jewel Milam B- . i 5 S 11- .' , tr A A K , N B is Allen Moberly ' ' X Carol Moore This year the juniors undertook a Christmas basket project in which they accepted donations from the students and then, with the money, bought items of food to be assembled in the Christmas baskets, In December, the baskets were presented to a few ofthe needy familites in this district. This was the second year for the project and it proved to be successful. Gene Moore Connie Morgan Ronald Morris Sharon Munk Virginia McCarre11 Larry McG1augh1in Donna McGuire David McGraw Beverly Mclntyre Donna McNabb Richard Norris Bonnie Notesrone Starlene Olney David O'Nea1 John Papp Robert Pearse Donna Pearson Delbert Peterson Elmen Pigg Lena Pigg Emilee Randolph Venus Reed Kenneth Richardson David Ringer James Robinson Anthony Royer Patricia Ruzicka Shirley Ruzicka Donald Schooley David Scott Q ',"sw if Na Y! . N-N l ' . v-'sv es f 1 Z' as Q ?Ha Q A A' A i 4 N L! , ' x X K. 7 x . We x QS JG' :Q S. fer' 6-vw Cf T The Ilth grade class officers are: President, Gomer Yatesg Vice President, Gary Watkinson Secretary, Sharon Munk and Treasurer, Helen Gresh. 1 'nr 0'i i , sf V f' alta if ii' '-A 'ss-.s ,oo 'G' ' . I i '1 Q. S a . e 'x ,A 1. 1 wi. . ax- 43- J 9 t Z'h ! .Q -?43f 356 fi F I xx hw gn- ' , S-4 'Q :fy It? ?' ti ,,, ,' ttf, is L. 'Q '33 air! 'gdhz fix of 5 4 X i MVK is Gloria Seegar Vicki Sherman Joyce Shipley Ronald Sigler Elaine Sirkoski Alma Skidmore James Slane Ted Smith William Squeo Maureen Steinmetz Sharon Stephenson Virginia Swartwood James Todd Joyce Thomas Betsy Tichenor Marsha Titko Wesley Toops Cheryl Upp Lois Vance Jean Vander Molen Margie Van Houten Keith Venrick Nancy Venrick Bill Wackenhuth Charles Ward Gary Watkinson Ronald Wean Steve Webb Pamela Weher Ella West Mr. Quentin Lanning was selected by the llth grade as the class advisor for this year. Louis Williams Martha Woods Daloras Wright Gomer Yates John Yinger Diane Yilllllgl Nancy Young Yillie Young Dennis Zimmerman Ronnie Youulain 6- '--fi xl l' Sl gg 1 f t 'A Larry Abbott Judy Adam Kenny Adams Bernard Alderman Patricia Alton Robert Ames Robert Bapst Robert Barber Barbara Barkeen Sally' Barker Jack Barkow Carolyn Bartoe Roy Bellamy Ronnie Bellisari l.eRov Belcher i ' X ,3.,,.,, nv' 'x X44 'T N217 Y V,-Q ,x JUS? QQ' X Y .fa 125' 1 xr- lin 56 x..-.x 5 wr-7 fy' 41- Gu X ov 'Av '?'R' ,M .f K Q :af WY .". . :- 1 U1 2, 4 Q",-ki Si' f s l ,ft i-v S luv .. K sly -33", ' -.iv ff' . ',v " Tl.: Vg: g. .75 'X-ue - ' ,sa 4' p'- E W' cw t . WW-0' sf! 'A V ,K . , E a 1 1 K, 'X ay I iQ, LN '27 ', -Q 4'- X 5-.1 'Q as ae '. K if I 3 Y , 'Vi X xx, 'N la. . V .A - -jg X 'V .V 1 1 . hi aj l Ro. ' x s..q ii 1 .1-5 sys iii tx be sg-- . ff , tif -K . 44,- 1:-36, X r 1 -ix vw 5, ,J if li L... , i N fa 4' W irUf7'?s, '-2519. , I f ff' .,x,., X fp n V :. !. 411 i Jim Blackburn Jo Karen Blackwood Nancy Bluhm Catherine Biddle Gary Boetcher Bonnie Brown Eileen Brown Patrick Burr Jerry Burgoon Judy Burns Susan Boder Dan Boltz Marilyn Boyd Ernest Brabb Jo Ann Brooks Beverly Butz Diana Byers Chari Calkins Elaine Carpenter Robert Cartwright Susan Chapman David Chapman James Clark Sharon Clark Patricia Collins Larry Cossin Harry Coulson April Courtwright Mary Cramer Brice Cremeens G A . G X -wx ' 1 r , J ' Y bv, 4- , K is J ' , . VJ Q v ,I ' ' N x 'Q f na ' -":. 'Q ' ' 5 in . r W L The Ioth grade officers are as follows: President, Mike Holman: Vice President, Cathrine Shanerg SCCFCI-Hy. Sue Stockhamg Treasurer, Elaine Carpenter. Phyliss Harper Sandra Harp Frank Hardwick Jerry Hanning Sandra Haley Dale Hatfield Gerald Haughn Carl Heller Donald Hendricks Eugene Hershey Michael Hock Mike Holman Patricia Holzschuh Richard Hook Jaunita Horsley Larry Howiler Val Hughes Larry Humphrey Benny Jackson Bonnie Jackson Nancy Jackson Roy Jackson . Lester Jahn Harry Jasper Paul Jenkins Edward Jester Wilma Johnson Charles Jones Barbara Jordan Betty Justus Robert Kaderly Dick Kaebel Tom Kesselring Phyllis Kilkenny Eugene King lv R Q 45' J' S 3 ' i , A LA , . x i J f L1 as 4 ,Z 1223-.tgix ' -ia ...-a.-1. 1 n..Yf J as 3 3. l i l 54 ,ang Q ,W . 49 .' gg ,id .L NT H-. W . Q4 f km ,P ' 1 1 s 4 ? 6' T sg .a 5' J' s. A ':7 m 2 if -2 1. XL' 4 ' J . if '- ' 5 fa. Q 1:-lvl, at Mfr f' "::' , , A ' f f ,gig Q 2 'JVN 'V' . Q, 'ggi V 'Tin' V , X A hgh -'fl igvlxfyim Jaan Nz, 'ff ' FXR. lu. Am X 1 in stif- 3Mr J Q E in df af .J J Q J 2, L N ,J I -Q r", Q QX T is Q U- , A v L45 '37 mai . .g , 'RG sq, 1, t. N! fe. ,. fi 45 a ' '43 'Q X.. -' 'ixlxl Q in -GQ, G i pre. We wg, ' if Y Taq-,, x,, sn., 9'- T271 1- 6' C.. " ,, 7 , - - ' v , Q 's ., ,asa .Y ,' 'F " 'L -Ja ' " L - t I ,, K X N X -Q Us slr 1 arf, J ' : V ' ei.. .3 f J- 'A Y 'N 1 ' Q, .. . l'-, s ' ,s s' Q s I -Q , 1 fa 'QW 3 V-me s, if-M-V A , X I wx, ' ,gi i, x -fi it ii X, . . 15 Nr: iq we 3. 11. i .' 1 'E' LOL -L 'Q ,gig .rn X1 -ah fd' Q' ag V A J 'Z ll LX y . - , U, t ri- ! . 6 ha' J -is iv ' F Mxvws j wa s 'fl E J 'rel NX s ,A L 2 fi' 35 -1 4- ss, 2' M . at 'lg 1 1 ,v " , 'rd JN ,fr I I K ' ' - " X , I eg ai L '3- 'C' 1 ... tg., C, . 5- I' . 4 ,Wg RQ L l I an " ts - L J leaf Q! . x U K . X , Q, Theresa Cummings Connie Cunningham Frank Cunningham Mary Dailey Paul Davis Roberta Davis Elaine Dean Garis Distelhorst Larry DeVoe Joyce Dixon Bob Dorsey Ruthanne Dowling Judy Duffey Charles Dunkin Claudia Elder Delores Elliott Diane Emmelhainz Marjorie Emmelhainz Carolyn Irvin Luella Evans Caryol Farrell Ralph Fausnaugh Lonnie Ferguson Verna Fields Karen Forsell Sandra Frazier Larry Galentine Charles Gardner Rita Giddens James Giehl Susan Giehl Bonnie Gilland Elizabeth Gregory Danny Greenlee Karl Groseclose l 1 l 1 1 . 'ff-3 M' 45662 , H, I ,Z b- L L 5 , 4, .J J W JY J Rig 5 N, y J fl, fi S ll 41k 'C 'Q' 3 Tx 1" tt., Hx, . A K i A ,.. ,..J . , 4 , 5 ' - 5 " . nv Q? A" ' 44, K V 'T' if 5 I Q me , ' is I 'bv' J 1 l L - 1 3 'W , 1 , we 7 A - Y u ' , umm , em- W ,Q ik . A f fww nv, -vs S.. K - ,A 11. fvm - 'C' A 'X .1 SJ X s ? x f my 5 1 Q," -55 cw T. . X' xx . ' Q., Yr- IW K . 3 s . .1 ' DN . ' L V , v 1 "4 . ,ga 6' ,.. - B ., .. f 1 "Q "' , V, Q R Q Y 55 ,x vu X Q' ' l 'Q . ' 7. 'I' 3."3"2i' A ,fit L.'1M,!,t- i S 0 V, 5 q 5. N -ve ,, Q-'L 2 ... "f ' . 5 ' gy' fi William Mclviillian Robert McNamer Roger Nixon Rira Osborn Janet Page Thomas Parr Janice Pearce Robert Pennington Daniel Pennington Carol Pickering Marion Pierce Annette Pope Carl Porter Linda Potts Terry Pugh Linda Pughline Sally Randall Glenn Randle Richard Rayford Sandra Ream Terry Rector Janice Redding Virginia Reese Johnny Reinhard Karen Reiter Edgar Ryan Fonda Riffe Mary Ann Rockhold Melva Roederer John Rogers Goerge Rose Revea Ross Linda Rummell Delmar Ruzicka Terence Safe LeRoy Schmidt Nancy Schneider Reynold Sebock Cathrine Shaner Bernard Sheets Karen Shields Bonnie Sigler Barbara Sipe Jack Smith Brent Smith Dorothy Smith Harold Smith Lenna Smith Marian Smith Carol Spence Robert Stenger Sue Stockham John Stoffel Robert Stout Carolyn Striat Gloria Strope James Swartwood Jack Switzer James Szall Becky Temple Faye Thivener Kaye Thivener Mary Thompson Carol Thrush Janet Tilley Betty Toops Elsie 'Travis Ronald Travis Patricia Trieb Harold Tyler gl- 4-1 '1 M wf' A at f HW' U9 'tw' 425' ,! Qt, E' X I ,lf "f' -J 5 2 ax if 1 -..' J ff, M.. Q! 6 B W-4 -1-f r 5-N fc 4 P 2- . Q .. :: 5 K ' 5- V Ns- K 1 iv H, Y" , 1 if f N K, gfh?-,QRIJET-- .if V- X .x I--:'j.::7 it -Q ,, .iii Q N '23 C ew ' w ro ' ' 7, 2 t,M t .g,c- "X 1'7" I 1 1.. Russell Adams Tommy Baker I 5 1 kxabw Malcolm Benjamin Soy PSV? Donald Hendricks Fred Johnson Patty Kunz Wsf A r 232 Q", . ,N mi if Bruce Major David Pearce Roger Sherman Charles Shoemaker Charles Stevens Ronald Sebock 11, 4. ' 2' 1 1 .- Q X V 1 5 Roger Vogelpohl Sandra Wallace Joyce Walters Connie Walton Patricia Ward Robert Watts Maureen Welch Clydette Wells Herbert West James Whalen Coralee Whiting Jodi Whitsell Gayle Whitt Nancy Whitt James Widner Mary Widner Donna Wilson Glenn Withers David Witherspoon Irene Witherspoon Steve Whitton Berry Woods Charles Yetter Nancy Brush Richard Cottman -bw wmv A L Dottie Van Sickle Dotty Ware Phillip Waugh Brenda Waters Laura Wolford Richard Wright .,:. 5,1 FWZ f 1.5. ' 41 , 5 'bei V gg 5 wil,-, Q ,A Q. 41, ' 1, F l 4- U 9 aw 'Q TS SN ,si 5 'Q' ,. 2 'K 4'-'s -audi' ' '-v.- x Q.. Sv -S , 'Nfl Jr .4 'ik if. A .-.fl L, Q . 421 N 6-L L4 N- si ' I 4 Mo. R -. X' - 1 , N 5 f t. .9 ' A .it 5 V 'vi ,i ,v Qt 1' 'Q Q, ,gg 3 w , .4 I ga f . 45, K 5, . 4 v N C , , v s iff 1 . x ' tixx 'Qu Q ff ' , W- fl' "V' fi 2. Q X t H I " -:ga 1-159. f 'K ' "' iff ' 'C'- a- 4:-.qi - I' 1 K - 1 C x ,gas Q' ,S , .5 . Y? f A ,,-P' .uh ' V gn C 5' l L - kg 'Q' -" PQ 1 75. ""' ' bi , -. , I f ., j A A 4 W s ' ff. 'x X . It C 0- R -A - 4 :Qs 9 .1 1 Georgianne Caylor Gary Chaffin Gene Chatman Betty Chenoweth Fred Clark Nancy Coineans Lewis Conkey Marguerite Conrad Karen Constans Cathy Cordle Anita Coulson Nelson Crandall Sharon Crivea Karen Cyriacks Larry Daft Barbara Dorst Charles Davis Io Ann Davis Patricia Davis Stanley Dawkins Terry Dawson Caroline Dean Sharon Delon Dennis Diebert Mary Jo Dixon Ronnie Dodson Evelyn Doughty Bob Dowell Jack Downer Karen Drieshach Karl Drobnic Paul DUCIHIIICI Charlene Dye Norma Jean Dyer Danny Iidwrirds Sheila Engle Gary Ervin Edmond Evans Marilyn Evans John Evans Craig Everetts Tom Fancher Bill Fannin Linda Fausnaugk Patricia Fenner Susan Feyh Glenn Finley Sandra Finke Linda Fischer Arthur Flint Janet Frazier Odis Frazier Ardeath Frizzell Rosalie Friend Gary Gabriel Mike Gallagher Robert Gahn Margaret Gilley Edward Gillety Jerry Good Penny Goodwin Paul Gray Neal Green Ernest Gresh Chester Griffith Mile Grunder Mary Ann Haines Bill Hankison - Q 3 6 Janet Hardy Joe Harper Q' IQ 4 f. ix X ' ' f Sf ,gif , as V' 'xx s 'Wt' 5X ?" '17 X X K 'F Gi " "' bi ' i , Sf cr 71 4' 4. LLA 5 xr as J ,J ' J Vg -A L 0 x s h 1? 1+ he 5:5 , 145- V is al s f Q.. I . 1 , ' ff. ,bf .ii Qlx 4. 'x 731 A is 3 . h I x C E C my R J Vs br., ar .ll Q in J: ' 7 Ax .5 hx 2 A.. 1 ' 1 5 - A i""ws O ' 5,9 3 'T 'I -.1 . gb QQ-sw ff' - S +I . - .f Q I .. . as -l C' 1. .1 in K ,4 ' px li A Henry Hazlerr Harry Henson Fred Herndon Dorothy Hill Janice Hitchcock John Holden Judi Holobaugh Robert Hood Glenn Houdeshelt Jack Hunter Mike Hurdzon Martha Hutton Dennis Hysell William Jayjohn Ramona Jarvis Patricia Jenkins Ronald Jernigan Bobby Jewett Clyde Johnson Susan Johnson Daisy Lee Jones David Jones Ethel Jones Carrie Justus Shirley Justus Karen Kaderly Roger Kean Janice Kesterson Charlotte Kimberling Charlene King Frances Kirts Tom Knisley Carol Knox Sharon Koerner Thomas Koehler L -H 'Q Diane Reed Carol Richardson Judy Rings Bonnie Robson Jack Robson Mary Roederer Rose Rohrhaugh Antona Rose John Ross Shirle y Ross Donald Rudolph Ann Salveta Jim Scanlon Charlotte Schmidt Carolyn Scott Connie Scott Goerge Scott Robert Scott Vona Lee See Harvey Seedle Becky Selig William Shalosky Trudy Sheets Lloyd Sheridan Priscilla Shockley Leroy Shultz Judy Simpkins Betty Sipe Howard Skidmore Joan Slane Doris Smallwood Donald Smith Donavan Smith Donna Smith Guy Smith .-Mx , inf I who , 'Q' I' --of W 1:-cj' is.-f . ' 'v- . 4 . . '- S 1 . A' V V it A Q 'w f lags ' I f as-nf-Q :ta ' V A A - ,f-, M. ,, K K X qc Syis 2 Q29 -0' is X 'im .- ' Hs- ,, 571 7 fi z s . J t ' r ,f sv at . . A 4' A - R 2 R X - . ii . f 'ii ttyyy. , 1 'Q I '55 E ix 5 4 XLT :A 'E 'Q II V' . 4 ol ,i ,, V.- Mrytle Wolfenbarger ., Bill Wright 9 Mike Wright 'lv g., Delores Yerke y Sue Anderson John Ball Dale Ballinger Jane Barnes Charles Bell Eddie Boggs John Bolin Kitty Brackenrich Roger Calkins Carla Constans Regina Cunningham James Curnutte Betty Feyh John George Mary Greenlee Jimmy Howiler Melvin Irvin George Johnson Garry Kidwell Cheryl Larkin Gary LeCaprain Donna Long Jerry Long Bill Moone Sharon McHugh Judy Armentrout Daniel Bolognone Bill Bell Gary Burkhart Judy Chambers Gerald Chapman Patricia Davis Steve Downing Elsie Feasel Jim George 5:59 Y IRL . ' V .. , , QS" 4 i ' NOT AVAILABLE Denny Johnson Harold Jordan Emest Kimberling Grant Leaman James Malloy Donald Miller Edward Newton Glenna Scott Randy Sheets Charles Simmerman Clarence Smith Gerald Vanscoy Janet Zigler David Peterson Margaret Peterson Clara Pinney Kathy Prillerman James Puckett Shirley Rayford Marjorie Rectonwald Merel Severs Jackie Smith Clara Taynor David Whitsell Bob Whitsell Gloria Ray .N ffx f? STARLENE OLNEY VOTED TEENAGE CITIZEN OF THE WEEK BY COLUMBUS CITIZEN NEWSPAPER Starlene is editor of the Tercel, home room president, and a member of the National Honor Society. Her favorite subjects are music and English. Starlene has eamed extra money by doing office work at Robinson's Clothing Store. A member of the St. John's Lutheran Church, she sings with the Luther League Choir and is secretary of the league. After graduation she plans to attend college and major in education. Arif ln a well executed music assembly, given by Mr. Rubinoff and his violin, an excellent poem was presented to Franklin Heights High School to serve as an inspiration for further achievements. The clock of life is wound but once And no man has the power To tell just when the hands will stop At late or early hour. Now is the only time we own Love -- live -- toil with a will Do not wait until tomorrow For the clock might then be still. .fdcfiuifiea ,5 ,5 . 'w . it sl. '7 l ,rid STUDE T COURT G. Distelhorst, P, Graves, A, Pope, C. Kaderly, P. Comeans, L. Abbott, Mr. Hunter, R. Norris, T. Smith, The Student Court is new to Franklin Heights this year and has added much to the discipline in the school. The main purpose of the Student Court is to help the students themselves maintain their discipline To be eligible for the Student Court, one must have a "B" average and a respectable standing in the school and community. The Student Council nominates a certain number of students from each grade and the nominees are then presented to the student body, which casts the decisive vote. 'X ' , SW Q3 sLE'!.' STUDE TCOU CIL FIRST ROW: S, Stephenson, I. Page, C. Kiser, S. Harp, L. Fausnaugh, S. Wilson, K. Constans, L. Burner, R. Rohrbaugh, C. Lombardi, A. Pope, S. Post, M. Haines, S. Boder. SECOND ROW: B. Feyh, S. Delon, B. Tichenor, D. Emmelhainz, B. Temple, N. Jackson, N. Schneider, J. Murray, L, Borror, W. Chaffin, B. Burr, D. Drobnic, P. Graves, D. Martin, K. Kaderly, S. Taylor. THIRD ROW: B. Mees, J. Quelette, R. Bellisari, B, Squeo, J. Rinehardt, F. Adams, B. Moe, B. Hankison, D. Hysell, P. Burr, G. Distelhorst, T. Pugh, R. Kaderly, R. Lamb, R. Norris, R. Vogelphhl. si P R1 I M-,if D505 y ll il! -'G S-I . , ' rv ev L, H0 OR OCIETY FIRST ROW: C. Irvin, A. Auborn, C. Kaderly, D. LaRue, J. Krieger. SECOND ROW: P. Graves, T. Smith, R. Norris, I. Rinehart, S. Olney, D. Drobnic. Meeting qualifications for the National Honor Society is no easy task for encom- passing far more than grades, one must be worthy in Leadership, Service, and Character. Credit should be given to the students pictured here who have proven more than worthy in these fields of endeavor. FIRST ROW: E. Ferguson, H. Gresh, M.Parker, B. Tichenor, M. Titko SECOND ROW: A. Messer, M. Steinmetz, W. Johnson, G. Seeger, P. Comeans, B. Cartwright. W f if 'x , "' fi - ii 'W ,gs -f he ml . r .1 g .if Q 1 ,X . .pq . .N A NATIO NAL HONOR SOCIETY X K xx 'f f S 411 xg 3 Rod 04500 a "VTX ,np ,V .y MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: J. Whitsell, P. Winters, C. Bartoe, M. Widner, H. Smith, M. Green, H. Gresh, P. Baker, M. Woods. SECOND ROW: R. Giddens, F. Riffe, B. Landis, T. Cummings, V. Reed, P. Alton, F. Montenaro, L. Smith, P. Collins, K. McConnell, J. Page, M Levingood, C. Kiser, E. Ferguson. THIRD ROW: S. Olney, E. Gregory, M. Dolan, A. Courtright, P. Harper, L. Potts, M. Boyd, K. Reiter, K. Thivener, J. Redding, B. Tichenor, P. Holzschuh, B. Temple, D. Wilson, B. McIntyre, Mrs. Pittenger. FOURTH ROW: S. Clark, E. Brown, N. Bluhm, S. Ream, N. Schneider, P. Kunz, S. Giehl, C. Dean, J, Lusignolo, D. Dixon, E. Randolph, R. Osborne, B. Burr, S. Munk, F. Thivener, C. Wells, S. Barker, K. Parker. FIFTH ROW: P. Davis, B. Pen- nington, E. McClelland, C. Larkin, R, Leady, L. Gallagher, B. Mantle, H. Jones, B. Neff, J. Rogers, J. Bar- kow, I. Matheny, J. Widner, L. Abbott, B. Stout, M. Pierce, D. Zimmerman, R. Wean. J. Quelette, G. Randle V. See. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: S. Tong, D. Reed, C. Richardson, C. Vickers, C. Merrick, S. Marzluf, D. Jenkins, I. Blackwood, S. Baker, K. McLead, J. Vail. SECOND ROW: M. Haines, B. Irvin, L. Fausnaugh, M. Gilley. J. Williams, P. Finter, S. Feyh, D. Rauch, S. Papp, J. Armentrout, I. Frazier, D. Sheets, J. Shockley. THIRD ROW: W. Brooks, J. Kesterson, K. Armstrong, L. Thompson, I. Weyrick, E. Jones, S. Koerner, D. Stotts, K. Cyriacks, B. Sipe, S. Withers, S. Taylor. C A p V W ,K , sl. FIRST ROW: S. Malone, S. Stockham, M. Kennedy, F. Riffe, E. Ferguson, B. Gilland, M. Boyd, H. Gresh, J. Krieger, C. Strait, L. Potts, C. Kiser, C. Shaner, S. Wallace, S. Frazier, P, Graves. SECOND ROW: N. Jackson, J. Murray, A. Long, B. Burr, S. Haley. J. Burns, R. Dowling, R. Osborn, C. Flint, C. Kaderly, P. Evans, A. Auborn, C. Elder, S. Munk, Miss Daniels. THIRD ROW: D. Elliott, L, Pigg, P, Harper, V. Reese, B. Barkeen. J. Kraushaar, K. Reiter, C. Irvin, C. Calkins, R. Baumgardner, R. Hoffman, P. Kunz, P. Meade, M. Titko, J. VanderMolen. f,1 x J U IOR G.A.A. FIRST ROW: E. Teasel, J. Armentrout, J. Ziegler, C. Vickers, D. Ballinger, C. Vickers, D, Ballinger, C Larkin, G. Scott, D. Jones, S. Johnson, S. Ventola, C. Richardson, S. Marzluf, R. Friend. SECOND ROW M. Hutton, J. Chambers, S. Engle, S. Crivea, S. Mitchell, C. Kimberling, M. Gilley. M. Wolfenbarger, L. Adams, D. Dyer, J. Rings, S. Tillis, A. Frizell, Mrs. Young. THIRD ROW: P. Goodwin, S. McHugh, B. Feyh, J. Nall, M, Haines, B. Irvin, D. Hill, S. Finke, L. Borror, C. McKenzie, N. Comeans, C. Cordle, P. White, J. Myers, C. Dye, S. Koener, J. Puzines, X., ,s 'g"f"" , f N K ll Q I - r Q x K . . s ,Wigs .. V- ' A XII l'a 7 1 'A 'ly' HQ: -S-41, 'Q HI-Y FIRST ROW: B. Populin, T. Koehler, G. Distelhorst, J, Quelette, I. Clark, R. Leady, D, Frost, I. Todd, D Ruzicka. SECOND ROW: M. Pierce, R. Lamb, R. McCalla, L. Abbott, P. Burr, D. Zimmerman, B. Squeo B. Pearse, S. Dawkins. THIRD ROW: B. Pennington, M. Grundy, R. Wean, W. Toops, W, Johnson, J. Stof fel, B. Stout, M. Hock, B. Bapst. JU IOR HI-Y FIRST ROW: M. Green, M. Irwin, F. Newton, 1. Evans, N. Green, J. George, G. Kidwell, J. Puckett, D. Winger, R. Steinbarger, D. Johnson, G, Ervin. SECOND ROW: I. Malloy, J. Holden, M. Hurdzan, T. Dawson, D. Hysell, R Bradford, N. Crandall, D. Storch, B. Wright, L, Todd, W. Mumford. THIRD ROW: B. Moe, G. Gabriel, I. Matheny, G. Burkhart, B, Hankison, E. Finley, J. Hunter, B. Jayjohn, Mr. Hune. I X x 5 1 x' I r 5 , , S we 45051559030 fl? pl, E IOR TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: A. Pope, S. Stephenson, F. Riffe, S. Frazier, J. Brooks, 1. Blackwood, H. Gresh, C. Kiser, E. Brown, N. Bluhm, M. Widner, C. Bartoe, B. Mclntyre, S. Wallace, C. Shaner, L. Hardy, K. Forsell. SEC- OND ROW: E. Carpenter, K. Diamond, I. Krieger, B. Gilland, P, Alton, J. Page, C. Elder, B. Burr, P, Evans, A. Auborn, P. Graves, K. Parker, K. Shields, I. Lucas, W. Johnson, A. Skidmore, Mrs. Boder, Miss Kemp. THIRD ROW: C. Strait, D. LaRue, S. Olney, L. Potts, M. Boyd, K. Reiter, D. Smith, K, Thivener, E. Dean, P, Holzschuh, P. Harper, V. Reese, J. Murray, S. Munk, S. Haley, J. Walters, J. Myers, J. Carroll. FOURTH ROW: M. Smith, C. Farrell, S. Giehl, P, Kunz, J. Lusignolo, A. Long, N. Jackson, C. Calkins, J. Adam, C. Cunningham, S. Boder, L. Rummell, B. Cartwright, B. Barkeen, J. Kraushaar, C. Wells, F. Thivener, D. Doug las, C. Kaderly, R. Baumgardner, C, Pickering, L. Markins. .I U IOR TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: I. Frazier, K. MCLead, L. Mitchell, B. Mills, S. Tong. SECOND ROW: Miss Smith, M. Conrad, L. Pigg, K. Kaderly, L. Fischer, Miss Barber. FN.-ma... 3 R -sw 4 , .L if a FALCO STAFF FIRST ROW T Safe C Upp P Graves N Schnelder E Ferguson S Kepe P Colhns SECOND ROW L Pughhne P Alton S Ream D Emmelhalnz S Hall F Montenaro K McConnell B Butz Mrs Starr THIRD ROW I Rrnehart B Hood S Munk L Pxgg P Ruzrcka S Ruzlcka I Duffey E Brabb B Kaderly FRE CH CLUB FLRST ROW I VanderMolen B Txchenor T Smlth D Drobmc D Ringer S Webb Mrs Fay B Landls T SECOND ROW 14 La SF- 'Q' aj ffl A CIE CE CL B FIRST ROW: O. Frazier, D. Wells, B. Temple, M. Welch, L. Fischer, M. Conrad, S. Purtee, M. Levengood, C. Thrush, L. Borror, K. Kaderly, B. Sipe, S. Marzluf, C. Vickers, L. Mitchell, S. Moore, R. Dozer. SEC- OND ROW: N. Brown, T. Safe, D. Wilson, K. Groseclose, E. Merdeath, R. Nixon, R. Jackson, T. Parr, E. Hitte, K. Hawkins, R. Hood, B. Cremeens, J, Kraushaar, F. Lucas, C. Porter, C. Farrell, G. Potter, E. Gil- letly. THIRD ROW: E. Finley, D. McKinzie, D. Storch, C. Heller, S. Meckstroth, E. Pigg, R. Gahn, E. Rhyan, C. Dunkin, R. Kunz, H. Tyler, J. Krenek, J. Burgoon, J. Holden, Miss Hopkinson, Mr. Prince, HOME ECO OMIC CLUB FIRST ROW: S. Ventola, L. Adams, S. Johnson, K. Armstrong, A. Frizzell, M. Rockhold, R. Rohrbaugh, D. Jenkins, M. Armentrout, S. Cartwright, D. Jenkins, N. Adams, L, Phillips. SECOND ROW: N. Abbott, M. Blake, M. Brammer, E. Jones, M. Hay, C. Scott, P. Fenter, M. Abbott, G. Winters, B. Irvin, K. Oyer, D. McNabb, D. Pearson, Mrs. Doss. THIRD ROW: I. Lucas, C. Biddle, I. Tilley, N. Young, C. Kimberling, C. Mansbridge, B. Cartwright, B. Sigler, R. Bell, D. Stotts, B. Toops, B. Mills, D. Byers, Mrs. Hutchison. FOURTH ROW: I. Kesterson, M. Roederer, D. Martin, M. Van Sickle, P. Trieb, G. Seegar, D. Douglass, J. Horsley, P. Barber, H. Smith, V. Fields, B. Justice, I. Weyrick, D. Henry, D. Young. DRAMATICS CL B FIRST ROW: A. Coulson, B. Jackson, P. Collins, L. Fausnaugh, B. Notestone, S. Hall, V. Reed, N. Venrick, J. Whitsell, R. Giddens. SECOND ROW: D. McGraw, K. Thivener, I. Witherspoon, M. Haines, T. Rose, P. Baker, L. Pigg, J. Holobaugh, P. Winters, H. Smith. THIRD ROW: M. Woods, B. Lamborn, M. Van Houten, F. Thivener, D. Smith, L. Evans, P. Goodwin, V. Sherman, S. Giehl, S. Harp, Mr. Eliopulos. FOURTH ROW: J. Rogers, C. Yetter, D. Kaebel, J. Taylor, J. Barkow, H. Gardner, H. Hazlett, D. Ringer, L. McG1augh REGINA CLUB FIRST ROW: S. Moore, P. Jenkins, B. Selig, P. Lovett, C. Lombardi, D. West, C. Lom- bardi, R. Rohrbaugh, J. Logan, V. McCarrell. SECOND ROW: J. Davis, K. Oyer, L. Phillips, L. Trippett, B. Chenoweth, C. Knox, D. Jenkins, M. Phillips, A. Coulson, Mr. Rogers. THIRD ROW: E. West, C. Scott, S. Purtee, J. Horsley, D. Stotts, L. Evans, C. Erwin, J. Kesterson, C. Matthews, Mrs. Doss, Mrs. Hutchison. FOURTH ROW: E. Jones, D.We1ls, C. Thrush, C. Ward, J. Weyrick, S. Papp, H. Notestone, M. Cramer, C. Landis, P. McKee. lin. 5 10th 8: 11th GRADE QU RE DANCI G CLUB FIRST ROW: B. Jackson, P. Winters, J. Chaffin, D. Wright, A. Courtright, C. Irvin, N. Young, M. Woods, J. Reinhard. SECOND ROW: Miss Neff, L. Humphrey, F. Adams, D. McGuire, B. Lambom, M. Van Houten, J. Miller, E. Randolph, L. Schmidt, R. Matthews Mrs. Garnett. THIRD ROW: 'B. Wadkenhuth, E. Merdeath, D. McKenzie, H. Withers, - l l ' 1 ' 9 - - 1 ' ' 5 E i E Rhyan, V. Young J. Rogers C Yetter J Swartwood J Hicks Mrs Barnes th 8z 9th SQU RE DANCI G CLUB FIRST ROW: J. Evans, M. Wolfenbarger, J. Smith, L. Malone, L. Rings, S. Tillis, M. Rectenwald. SECOND ROW: B. Miller, B. Price, S. Wilson, J. Peterman, A. Salveto, M Justice, C. Knox, K. Morris, L. Beckner, D. Jones, G. Scott, J. Ziegler, D. Long, K. Breckenridge, P. Spurlock, C. Constans, G. Ray. THIRD ROW: Miss Neff, S. Post, C. Rarick, R. Jarvis, C. Schmidt, J. Chambers, S. Taylor, J. Williams, B. Feyh, C. Pinney M. Gilley, S. Koerner, S. McHugh, J. Vail, C. Neff, E. Randolph, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Garnett. FOURTH ROW: B. Bell, R. Mees, J. Curnutte, C. Bell, M. Hurdzan, L. How- iler, R. Matthews, J. Marheny, B. Neff, T. Dawson, G. Erwin, L. Schmidt, P. Mason, V. See. HJC if 3 W , If ?w I 'B 17 HE WILLIAM ROGER iFlVffH1E Pi E! up CD m E1 sw ca 'U :D F1 EE CD :D 3-772m Cgr-.D-n OQN4f':-'C-'E D" v-.o'qn Lb5FH QQYOS mmO Eg' Z 332530 -.-.Q F',,,E,:",g1 ' : 55:79.12 Ezrggg Pg- mf' m.:"U5-F' ' we-'.QU US' ?'F' g CD O FQPE? U gf Kfbgog an . 5Pmsg ' Q'-n?'cB 537:27 r-EJ-"U" 0 1 n f"21-1 co E' '4 22.3.3 fb:-O5 Q GEN o U5-'O' 5:20 392' . pg U'-1535 gims mg' E sr E- WWF-. I'Og?q o :E N a5?2 ?fn ' 'U FU CD 54 F1 CD Pi P4 CD CD F' CI UU D :r: 2wS?0z-n 'cis' '-'S 1'S'929F'l3 .Q Q cr- P". E:v'7':"' 8 0. BZE' 5'- OOEQD- c:6'5.:"'...gg9 -n-.rn gi. mms-5'f'Q' Ezpmaa 525' :S miexfgf-'Q' 31" '-1"7' ' '-l f'S'g QZOE-Sir: fDQ,r-'ON 52' 52 W353' .D HP FU Eg? 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Vf' V ' V Miz 2 4 1 Y- Wh , QW, , '- ff ' Vg ,- M y ya, ,A V ' '3f'i213:q' ,QQ V:Q1.,ZV,:Z. af L12-If "f,:,.- K V22 , 9 ,ag iii V "Q Vw: ' r T351 me V4z.,,,V wp- fgf' Vsfm? fi I . W ' ,udili , ,gkilregygzilv .N w .V Af-,433 , ,N W , . f M, V Q., V Vg. ff' "V,qw"zV ' 1 A 9 I z 1 I LIBR RY CL B FIRST ROW: P. Spurlock, C. Lombardi, E. Doughty, L. Vance, S. Ventola, K. Oyer, S. Post, B. Miller, M. Van Sickle, S. Delon. SECOND ROW: F. Lucas, R. Mansfield, R. Jackson, J. Cartwright, R. Cartwright, R. Kunz, J. Menge, C. Major. RT CLUB FIRST ROW: M. Green, A. McCarro11, J. Logan, C. McKenzie, C. Mathews, Mrs. Ungar. SECOND ROW: R. Rayford, W. Mumford, L. Todd, I. Peake, B. Moe. THIRD ROW: B. Wright, D. Michalak, R. Barber, S. Witton. 'Q ni: ' S1 I L: F . it f E 71' :jg -1 X Q 4 'L f -+1 D ...- ,.. an -n O O f-Q 'J' F-9 v- r- OC D9 0 ua u-4 C- O Z3 ,- ,-. :- ,-. :J z- CD :: N4 o :J co E ,... C- CD 4 co F1 "N o 'I oo KD .-. V! 3 CU o "N .- :r C9 "N ,.. :J CD V3 :r o E Kamp s ex old :meg 'SH afxcq p11oM nofi 31 s1q'3g9H uqxiuexg O1 sumo xawums sup Iooqog 113114 plnom noK USGS QAPQ .IHO X, 0 GIRLS' A D BOYS' PHOTOGRAPHY CL B FIRST ROW: M. Welch, M. Evans, L. Hay, J. Egland, C. Neff, C. Flint, M. Brammer, S. Morgan, P. Dyer, D. Jenkins. SECOND ROW: S. Parker, K. Drobnic, D. Boltz, I. Giehl, T. Fancher, B. Whitsell, D. Peterson, J. Brown, I. Reinhard, Mrs. Ungar. THIRD ROW: B. Stenger, J. Ball, B. Fannin, M. Grundy, J. Hanning, L. Ferguson, J. Bolin, R. Sebok, Mr. Phillips. 5 8 Mr. Ullmen, executive head of South-Westem School -f' ,'7p: , District, presented the driver training car keys to Mr. Wood- if ' 'fa Y land, the teacher of driver's education. The car was do- 'V .vf'? , 4 1, 1, 0 X i Q nated to t e sc ool by Lex Mayers. ' Only eleventh graders who are I6 years of age can qualify for the course. , 24 1515- 1 1 4 . Mr. Ullman Mr. Woodland N. Venrick B. Squeo Mr. Rogers X I ff 'ew--'Q , I A. ...F - ' 4- 1 1 4 if ,. V . , 4 M z Y infix' ' N 1 : if i 1 , 'iff' "E rf: ' 45s Q, Wg., A W: 1 ffm -XM-Q V: , P . ' f . , gum: . ,J uf, . y g V 111 if ul Q1 1 H-ww. f QL!!-, , ' ,iffvfs fffsff f 1 ' n' ..--. H 'al' if , z1,..f , vi, ,. S - - . f ,Q 5? ,3 , ff 7.3 611 33 Q. HP: Q A 2 , 1. 5: 533-,,f-1,5 , L., M: 'fa . .4323 if W , . f :Ha rizgwf , , Ii ,,k:, I in nlkaggiggf g 1. A F 1"., 4' Vw wif -f?f3",.f?g,gs: 9-Jay ,L ' ', ,I,' -K1 .gl f px,-gf A V?" A f-V55 :gig ' A653 gb- ' :TS 1 ., ,mg HA W-, A A , 'EIE7'-1 1 . K -. .. T 1156,-:L , ' ' Y E -Q ,X fan, ,Q X f-1.fc.n, 1. - . Q: f5ii'ffHw"Q3?7f,'2' H firm fl.-fu, ,I . 5 i fu N J ro. Y, J "ng 1:4 M wie fm- ,N ii 25 "W 'i7:'.lsfg:?wT34? ' A' A .5 wx . xi if 5, .7 mg, 'v 15. fr A. 52 .- A . . 1 ,- ?ga2.,..4 4- J 5 M, .W .ww .Xa -, v- .ff ww, MV, Jigs... f,d,Tj1fQ!i 2. my Y - ei - 225:22 2? ' E3 1-Qgegxf-'2-,gg - 'W :mf 5 J, ., V ,x '.,.fr-N . -f .L,..J.. N- , .ami figig, ,Ve . ' ffR'f?k'k- X , ., 4.-. - ., .ggffvmy -,V .. EY' - YT. '3 THX . L .psf gy.. ,, . xl fp -gigs 4325 ay ky 31,3 .Yr :SA c' S, ., 1 14524 F C99 Rf 4 -rf " MS, if iw "' '1 ww, W 3? , ? 21 q.-f'. ff A 2 5 4 gy 5 . f. Z T I t 4 5 K ,r' TRACK TEAM KNEELING: R. Wean, M. Pierce, R. Sigler, R. Bellisari, R. McCal1a, R. Lamb J Krenek STANDING: W. Toops, G. Yates, B. Pearse, D. Cox, G. Gregory A Life I Hatfield Coach Elliot. COMMERCIAL CLUB ACK PFXC, ,Q Mrs. Myrrc , D Gayle Whitt , . AX C ' ' Nancy Whitt fN CU -Qliqi t S Patty Ward V? , .. L4- 42.-"+: ' if U Mr. Elliott looks pensive as he studies the scales which John Hatfield is tipping. Waiting to be weighed are Doug Cox and John Yinger. 99 0 wi 2 vines H I , fr' vi' A! , if Doug Cox was voted the most valuable player of the year. He is being congratu- lated by Mr. Elliott. 7 4 of '17 5 49 --ff 'N ' 1 x F' it Q gs , ir 1 1' . 1 W? What is a football season without a banquet to celebrate? Mr. Elliott, Mr. Hess, line coach at O.S.U. and Mr. John- son are shown at the speaker's table. 4... PW ', ' 1 f- C. Moore P. Graves E. Ferguson ,- ll .s 1 C7 ' -XA f The cheerleaders R, A , helped the P.T.A. ad- ' vertise their Turkey ' 'T K v Dinner. - -'-fa rc, UH -'ffm .2 .fxwx LM. R Ferguson Stockham Graves Schneider Moore Murray The six pretty girls below have spread much cheer, and I'm sure we're all grateful for their smiling faces at our games. The cheerleaders have added that certain something to make each and every game well worth the price. ug... 5 'L .Q aa--as ..,i,, safe' -..--,... """"" - K Q er 'wh . " if ,ya-'vLJ g .. , - A"" 1 ,Q X 4' N' Y . Us . y.. ie in ..,, v. ,. S .I-4. N.-. .N Q ATHHIIIIS 1? .Tw . X . '.. Nifqu' - I -- T: fm? :.g1'-sh. K 4 I Im H? Ei :I .. .f FOOTB LL TEA FIRST ROW: L. Abblott, D. Gray, R. Lamb, S. Ballinger, E. Ervin, T. Royer, W. Toops, D. Cox, G. Gregory B. Pearse, J. Leffel, R. Bellisari. SECOND ROW: D. Zimmerman D. Froggatt, P. Burr, I. Krenek, B. Squeo, L. Schmidt, L. Devoe, G. Watkifison, M. Pierce, J. Yinger, J. Hicks, E. Cochrun. THIRD ROW: G. Gabriel R. Bellamy, D. Ruzicka, B. Pennington, F. Hardwick, J. Miller, D. Norris, J. Smith J. Stoffel M. Flint G. Ervin, T. Parr. FOURTH ROW: E. Gresh, J. Holden, M. Hock, I. Clark, C. Leibrock J. Widner G. Withers T. Rector, B. Iayjohn, D. Pennington, C. Larkin, D. Storch. FIFTH ROW: L. Malone, T. Pugh, R. Mathews I. Matheny, J. Hicks, M. Wright, R. Bennett, L. McGlaugh1in, J. Booth, T. Dawson, R. Leach, R. McCa11a. SIXTH ROW: J. Evans, M. Green, D. Smith, B. Fannin, J. Good, G. Smith, M. Grundei, J. Quelette P. Mason R. Wean, E. Finley, F. Lucas. COACHES: W. Mowery Q. Lanning T. Elliott C. Gilbert D. Woodland .v . Wir' 1 ,J - G . Watkinson B. PCBISC I. Leffel D. Cox 4 W. Toops I . Hatfield R. Bellisaxi R. Davis T. Royer D. Zimmerman QA QJANK 5, VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW W Barker B Bapst B Johnson D Norr1s B Pearse SECOND ROW Coach Howard R Belhsan K Rrchardson L Abbott R Wean B Ames ASKETBALL RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM 'Q FIRST ROW R Lamb R Carper C Porter J Ymger W Toops J btoffeL SECOND ROW T Royer J Sm1th R Fausnaugh R Kaderly B Sm1th Coach Gxlbert r sm 'xl 1 Q -V , Ev M ' ' 1 1 A v 1 L, 1 --K I '-- ,Nr E E A v f - E ' I. .1 " ,U .I , '. u , ' . ' , , . ' .' . O X '1 W J ' N L R , . Y L .....5' "-Q I I 4 ' cf if, if 'ff' IEP... if! WRE TLI G TE M FIRST ROW: R. Sigler, R. Nixon, I. Good, R. McCalla, M. Holma, R. Cartwright, R. Morris. SECOND ROW: Coach Woodland, G. Watkinson, B. Squeo, G. Gregory, L. Schmidt, P. Burr, J. Hatfield. THIRD ROW: T. Smith, C. Heller, J. Clark, G. Distelhorst, R. Travis, J. Menge. eg -ai -5 4na Wrestling, a new sport in our school this v' attracted much l attention. Entrance into this new field of I ,.ts has given Franklin Heights -il, K an even footing upon which to turn in its first winning season in sports. xmry - z ! 1 is L 4, All I W .- -54' '43 Bill Squeo has a cross body ride on Leroy Schmidt as they demonstrate a wrestling hold. sf"""s'Q5Q-J P--..,,,. "N-K .,f .. .-fe, 1d!!"5'1"' - A --f ?!?""" Received 34 points in Central District Wrestling Tournament Placed 5th out of I2 schools in competition WRESTLI G CORE F . H . 44 Bexley 21 University 26 46 Dayton Mad River IO Whitehall I6 Upper Arlington 33 37 East I8 Marion-Franklin 27 Dayton Mad River 28 Ohio State Blind School 3 Worthington 41 28 Bexley 27 Grove City ...if .fa xb- QD Ron Morris and John Hatfield, sitting in the background, seem vaguely in- terested as wrest- coach Don Wood- land supervises the punishing "grape vine"jerry Good has on Ronnie Sigler. D 00 ht 5 8 0 5 uerfiaing H16 ZMFUCID C'-'UC'-Em Zmrrib mf-EDUC Allen Milk Company Quality Dairy Products BR 9-8673 tl 5" 'A' 954 Broadway Restaurant Fine Foods Entertainment 3770 W Broad St LEFTY S PLACE 5319 W Broad St Where Food H Price I Compliments of W KING KONE Sullivant H Demorest Compliments of Dr. W. D. Henceroth 3400 N Broadway Grove City, Ohio Walter S S0hl0 SCFVICC Restaurant and Cabins 12 Miles West of Columbus on Route 40 Route l Galloway Ohio RICE s Barber Shop 3665 Sullivant Avenue Westgate Shopping Center Children only Sl 25 4101 Harrisburg Pike Grove City Ohio Bottled Gas and Appliances TR 5 6316 S .L .4 gl! , c 0 9 ' ' . S . Always Right 9:30--9:00 L The Protane Corporation phfff ALLEN'S Featur1ng Kay K1ng Shoes The Pa1r You Love to Wear W11son Rd and Broad St Great W Shopper s Mart Columbus 0h1O Your Home Should Come First R I Blauser Sz Sons Furn1ture Dealers TR 9 8124 Buy Furniture 1 West Jefferson for Less Bnggsdale Coal 61 Feed Co IUU NNARE TUE CEMENT EE 1740 1-uuuusnune rms PHONE an 4-4462 Columbus 23 O Compllments of Grove Clty Farmer s Exchange Feed Coal Fence Fert1l1zer Seed Bu1ld1ng Materlals Lumber Hardware Internatlonal Farm Implements Compliments of Mogol s Men s Wear Great Western Shopper s Mart Known for Style R Quallty LEE MOTEL 5757 W Broad St Galloway Ohio E H Meckstroth Manager Q Co Owner Broadway Restaurant TR 5 6308 Grove Clty Oh1o Compllments of HARRISON S MARKET WEISHAUPT COOK BROWN DR R D JONES R I PARSONS ' ll ' ll H ' V' , , ' I Y Y' ' fl , . . ! n ' n - U' - C E- com. - FEED - SEED - HAY - s'rnAw E Bob KNPP, Prop' l 0 . , . GOOD FOOD -0 af Compllments Nl J 5 Groom s -fig Ice Cream ,Ae 3860 Sulllvant Ave Your Home Should Come First R I Blauser 8a Sons Furnlture Dealers Phone TR 9 8124 Buy Furn1ture in West Jefferson for Less Slg s Super Duper TR 5 6321 3992 South Broadway Grove C1ty 0h1o Meyer's Sales Sz Servlce MU 5348 W Broad St Westgate Manor Apartments 1 2 3 Bedroom Apartments Furn1shed and Unfurn1shed 3600 Sullivant Ave BR 9 9431 Open 9 to Hartman s Sunoco Servlce Best in Nelghborhood Serv1ce BR 4 0293 2850 Sullivant at Powell Columbus 4 Oh1O Llncoln Vlllage Pharmacy N Murray H111 Road Call TR 8 4000 Open from 9 a m to 9 30 p m RPHY S IGA Columbus 4 0h1o ,oqosroqu New Rome Oh1o Hardware Paint Suburban Home Water Systems Choice Meats C u n . 3 9 5279 W. Broad St. I a ' ' ,21- V -nf, r 1-:fx - 1 ' of ' ' 3112- 9 e f . . .F ' -L-,uw f 1 E?11,1T. I , Agar if sage. fvigfew' ' ...fpfyzisgq -ff' . 9 . - - 9 Q o 0 ' ' vv ' ' 1 Il . , Q 0 ' u . . , , . . . . . Tunlsow s S0hl0 BR 4 0184 3545 W Broad St Westgate Manor Pharmacy Complete Prescrlptlon Photo Supplles 3675 Sulllvant Ave BR 4 0773 Eddle s Pure 011 Servlce 5212 W Broad St 8 5322 Columbus Oh1o General Bulldlng Contractor Bullders of All Types of Homes Garages Porches Carpentry Servlce Buehl Constructlon Co TR 8 4343 Galloway 0h1o 2810 Kunz Rd Verkamp LP Gas SCTVICC Domestlc Agrlcultural Commerclal Industrlal Gas Servlce 4057 Harrlsburg P1ke Grove C1ty TR 5 6351 Walters S0hl0 SCYVICG Restaurant and Cablns 12 M1les West of Columbus on Route 40 Route 1 Galloway Oh1O S C SPAN GLER The Drugglst Everybody Knows Hlcks' Texaco Statlon 4797 West Broad St Columbus 0h1o I O O ' ' a 9 O , O I C O u - n TR- - , ' C O O O 2 - J Wallace Pharmacy C R Big Selection of Hallmark Greetings Records and School Supplies Prescription Service Grove City Ohio TR 5-6933 Compliments of Compliments of NORRIS REALTORS Grove City, Ohio fNf5te 1fQimQm' a Cn 5:5 PF TR-5-3538 Dalsy R0OflH g C0 , 1 IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII!IIIIIIII Roofing, Spouting 6 Siding Work Dr Kelth K Pfefferle Optometrist 9 East Main Street West Jefferson Ohio TR 9 8929 Compliments of Melvln P Glrbert Builder Realtor Cabinet Shop 3589 N Broadway TR 5 6620 TR 5 6345 vu: excl! DRUG STORE Rexall Drug Company 255 Phillipi Rd Columbus, Ohio All Work Guaranteed 424 North Grener Rd Columbus Ohio Call Us Any Time BR 4 9801 M WOLFENBARGER The Grove Clty Savlngs Bank C0 Grove City, Ohio TE 5 6329 One Stop Banking Service 31 on Certificates Compliments of WINTERS Films Developing Q Printing Complete Line of BR 4 0261 1805 Harrisburg Pike Columbus 23 Ohio 1 C E '- 2 - Grove City, Ohio 21 on Savings chool Supplies, Candy gi Magazines Everglades Restaurant BR 4-0500 lelcome Travelers 4250 lest Broad St. Perdew s Carry Out We Deliver in Grove City 4024 S Broadway TR 5 6465 RIEBEL'S John Deere Sales 8 Service Bolens America's Finest Outdoor Lawn 8 Garden Equipment 5580 W Broad St TR 8 5391 Mann Furniture The Hilltop's Largest General Electric Appliance Center 3340 Sullivant Ave BR 4 5170 Compliments of GREEN GABLES Central Point Drive In BR 4 2306 L-igJ 3571 W BROAD ST BR 40289 Loveless Appllances Your Headquarters for Philco 5 General Electric Appliances West Jefferson Ohio We Service What We Sell Kenneth M Norrls Distinctive Funeral Service Ambulance ones Servlce Statlon 8z Grocery Specializes in Fine Meats Open 7 Days a Week HI 4 0344 Grove Clty Bowllng Lane Keep physically fit bowl 3588 N Broadway TRinity 5 4444 Compliments of Walter's Shell SBFVICC Sullivant and Hague Grove City TR 5 6333 BR 4 0415 Compllments of FORD ADAM Adam 8z Phllllan Insurance Agencles 700 E Broad Street Columbus 15 Oh1o 0 O Q ' J J , 0 0 , ff lf ' - Q I L Y A 'IQ r-r-..1 Y-. -f lzt 4 'g,"5"W"'li'f't"""A TJ"f ' if as . 0 0 n --. n 9 I 0 0 Z The WAYNE SIIPERAMIC All AROUND PANORAMIC VISIBILITY vw- xg a-nsbv8a9ses: if eowmqvs, 31113 SJ C fffy an 93 1030 JACKSON PIKE Hickory 4 1173 TROPE S GARAGE 8: S GARAGE 523 Georgesvllle Road BR 4 2520 Ldyrlullwrl BUY J X Q, Sf Open 10 Road Servlce Dealer 1n Used Cars and Parts sf.s GARAGE W rv- 1 F ' 'A ' : um1 5 1111 'lff.'L'f.'f , I me W """""' ww I X .1 C 1 A F, IX 3 , , 4 Z A gl 'L 4 ,il Q..- - -5 I , Q ' -ieifgz'-3g,:..l . ff' Fi- xi., 1 ' f, n ,'- ,v... - f. Q- . ' 'QA "QV, .. ,, 'S V. , ' -,. . L - 'M--, W-,' ,,-,, ' ' ' -R-.J-.Z1L.i."iQ:.qi. F 11 ' 3 f'-:-3 -.1,b'.':,Q gy-J.:-,',,, iii?-Ls.EE'E"1i? 5" " ' 'fa-',.e 52 A if-' ir' . " ',Z-.,.sf1'?p+i:,'.. a 1i'42"-.--.M--2.1 5 'ff 2-,Q , , . J-,-1 .,., -.1-wi, . -., -.- ".-- :.-. .,M-- --.,- x I, A A 1: 1 Q +R . ' , A ,. 1 5- ' ..-mfrz'-' fx 444, 1' ' , .' yi A . i A :, - W If "' ' QI A Q . 'S 'L ': 5-.jjj ' Q mg FE -, . - ,X 4 A -' N Q. I- .- ' " "?"'f'hb5?f:g'?gv5l . ' 'Q 183 iff' SOG 5'-I1-35.1 C. 4 P, gg-. 'V Y, Eg.,..g-fag L5g.,Q. .tf' '- t Q W Y: . 5 xr 1 Q - 4, S V wx' I I ' . -xi , t I. ' 'fsm V' ,f a I,' ax. f.f ' 1, , ' 7 i. ,' v ff it ,!M 1 I ' 21 , , 1 K 1 ,- 1 A 1 5 . N, . Mofvwgfifw' - 5 A . ,IK ' I Qc , ' ' f 1 A F'T'I"" 1,4 I A' X A. f V' ,U Umm wi . vr tv .1 I V ,iihgl x ' ,I l M -12 I9 A, 1-. H ' 1 -, 6 A.M.- P.M. T ,gf M , lm-xr' fi " 11:3 I L , , ' 1: H , 53' ' Y ' F, ' 0 , ll' I K ., k.., . . rw - -."' , 3 B, ,I " 'Q liqf ,l,,,- g A, I -,H V.. Mg.-ng, ',,,. f M .31 ... L. - - - M ' ,. , :,,.., , wi M, 3' , .e Q .. ,gig--Z...-....-..-J ,, hhmgdu, , .kg,,w'5 . ,N v5.:l., 1:?gZ,.,.. .V .Km , xl. I R W'--we-.,.....,.:f ,,.,..,.,,n.W,,:,-Vv, xkwm LH. t ., A - - 'qs '+5L--- 11- Q , G -' -i-.'- .,,4' ,4g,.,'. .hr , .-.,,-.4,. ,. - -714. mn- F- ":'N-lm -J -I-".... 4 J ,444 -N.: f-.- in .fb --12. -' 'avail A. jr., . 4-x. sw-Q., :v .,-Q. ex Ak

Suggestions in the Franklin Heights High School - Tercel Yearbook (Columbus, OH) collection:

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