Franklin East Taylor Township High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Conemaugh, PA)

 - Class of 1956

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Franklin East Taylor Township High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Conemaugh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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ff A: N V11 M- W ., E an x as 2. A :O 9 x, .fl 'mg 'M , aL . WI, ww., 4' 'WL , KA, ef ,A ' mx, N, Whkfn , p N ' " A 35- , VN' . . .Q 313 Kg: Y . L 4' , N . K- ' " ""3'w . . 4 sm, 'H 1 4, Wx 1 , 3 Www, 'Q T - 0.3, A . 5 ,A 4 if , N, 1 ,E at .X ' 1 ,xx , ,,,,, A 2-5! Q- i Q ' ' .,. 'fI:4k,. , 4 as 'W' - A I , ,.,, Q 5 , ,ll ,sk ma., 5 ,, -. . A ,E , -f M -V . ' 51, V ,,fg4Af:"K + A . 'w ' Q ,Mm N f Y' aff' F vnw Im fr' , ' A' f P f. Zh, W " ' f' A ' , L"w-I" W, A k 'ff "1 wg'V- ,s.Q- pq q ,, 4 W, A VN Nh: u ,. N 0 Yu Aw Q 4 ww . M'-kj M 7 J 5, I A ' Tlseiisl ,N " 'f , JL ""'wj:1fwuf W L Am A K . , , ' ' ,'w"'-3 WWE. gi? . pl: A M . .. w 'Sew 5 'Nw 'Nh , L ,,, . df 'MCI rw 'W-, Q, "-. W if -. h , Y L " vm if . 'M l. ' ,qu , W V . ,4-f ,3 ,P Q ' , ,gf ' Z .4 Q W ', ffl gn, In ' .. K on .V 1.-N V f-,.,ig.f bf s 51 aww, x, ,f4?.., M 1 . 2 - .N A .A V-new A , - .' I ,, 1 Ami f mm. w..,wf N, . 2 Q, X-w,,,jz,, Mm, ' . Ndgszw .- I M .,.,.y,Mi.uQ3g V I Q ' ' Q... A n . Y' A ,,. v I QA? 4 'x " ' QQ, ,if ,W - . 5 A .,.L A W lvwdh f V -Q ii . A U. , 'W Q' Qlrgkg I i . --M,,:V5f.+.ffa., ,., k A S ' W 1, . . , y RN I . W ,M , W., . Q 1,s,.Wfe, , -nn. A ,JW Q -, VA f 1 ' . m ' 'M N, "' , Lx M f,l,7'-DL K' M 5 .Q qw - .Mk . a W1pM,,VW 'WV fw., 1, 5 - ,N - . X. 5 '. ' ' . ' ,. "' W. QEWWN 1-,.. M v ' 'W , . gif Y "fi ' - ' Y " ' , -,,. A., W Q' , w,?"ff,nQ Myw' M A 'g?f'MsQS,, " ff- Nw. ia. I , ' ' -A 1 , I I Pa 1' I Q-Q X A R ,Q , .M ,ikwi N , 'Q , W ' l gt ' ' " Lnvi H - '- if V - I wfff - 1 W " Q - Q- ' 4 A 4 . L 5 -, N N 1 R f, .K-.,gs F ,M 4' .'4 , uk' -f ,ff V ', ' Q si-lim H- MMM .xxx M , W 1 I, -. Hu Q '- V . 5 X H ff ,, WW L' -? "w "W M 'A ' ' A ".,V , Y K Q -x ,, W N , 'n K my Lf .I tx. I . I A 3.5 165 7 I , . LV ,I 1. X av Y 1 - A - ri 57 - MVN kg A 1 . , 9 If ' A Au W iq, ' , - 7 . iid, l . weft iZlQ'5iM mf ' I ' i ' A ' 0 . ff- ,J f -xg ' m - ' - 4 4' ' 1 ' K 1 ff "f w :f ' .f , , f Nh! 3 ,VL , 4. a sw A N "' W - mg, , id' A xx V " A Q, . h V J. -' ,. -x XM R- V Y :W 3' sex' ff we - A ' vga, I A Iles, Helen and Doris. NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY SIX E3 3-uw . 4-',,.-uma.. KA 5,-4 .,- ""i?u, f gba O ,0- RW inf, .1 110 M ' W GH Nffbe ,WMM W, Ji gaudy ' ll, 3 9 2? ,lg I f A ffbilkxl 4-TH 1 non I 1' 4 'lf o ,,,,,,.,,.,..-.-4-wwf llll Cya Illfmg . i E rr ., Wqfamw - ,. A N E.. 'fl ' 1. N V .1 Q. . 'fa f , - "dw jgil,-1,f,2jm.v1 : I , - -1' 513, I ,fgjj ii A V4 L fs "K ' "M 1,1 V V . ag: -S ' Q35-Nix Wilk- Q f 1emieeQFH'fv44:'fQ W ' JL 'JQTM ' ' SK' W'?5U:g2a1g3wI iggfgkyxwiw fre:fwZ."'f5Li3ig 5v K4sXG2'1-fabyxivggggf-44'Tw11, vi, wg gig, 4 .,f3,x,f K -. . Af, ,.,g,1,5, . , , E M L-raw ywis-win Hifi?,L1f1,?,'1'5Wi Zf5's xmgigi ,pi , l k ' ,ffl V' i'-Q ' ' f ..,,,,M,::gg5,-iWiiJg4Q:,,,,F,,,QE,.ffvsxf, ,fwy7.:wy,..k,2wyi -Q L--.,,5r'4 1+ 71.6,-4 ,E ,J K4 mom SUNIIALH1 A L-Ff'a",.',ou,K 4 2 E Farm L, f A 2 1- G'H.Li.C3Nn FRANKLIN - EAST TAYLOR TOWNSHIP JOINT HIGH SCHOOL CONEMAUGH, PENNSYLVANIA W I MR, WALTER EA HITE ADVISER MR, WILLIAM A, SALEM ADVISER OUR DOINGS . . . THEY WERE FUN Moflvrn age l'l'l1lltl'l'S actr'1'tity,-irztvllvw tual and otlwrwisef. Wo, the stzlclehts of I"ranlflin-East Taylor Joint High School, are nzodwrn. Our administrators, board mvnzlwrs, and tffaclzlws arf' modern. The' youth of today have cast aside the 'methods of yzfstvryvllr and sfwlf to advance mcfntally and sorfially by "lloing." Tho 1956 Jayonian will shou' by plvtzlres and by words that thc pvrsonmfl of our school have collaboratrffl in profluz'ihy Il'PIl-l"0llIld0d, modern lzzmzaw- protlzlcts. Intvrvst in l011rn'lng has lwffn arousvd by asf' of problcnzs which pfresentocl a clirvrt clzallvlzge to our mwntality. Sport- nzanship and ability to mingle were developed in actual competition and association. And dlIl'l'lll this timz' we 'oand-FUN. J Typixvf. cmd Imufauw-Ns rmxncxgcrf, StcmcIing-- Zim-r, DI-ffl-nbough, McGuire, Burlwrp SI-:lied f--Slwrpv, LI-go, UIEEIGC, Mornh, Wmgmvrk Invvrory I-rlivor-I cmd dcpurvmvm Ivmwcis-A Front row SmgvI, HCJIWHI, Koklm-r, Strippyp Buck row Kuliny, Dcrovicmfk, Damn-Is, Rlfchuy, GrImorL'g SIOndIv1g7HuUpI, GIIIHH. Fincmcp- commlIIcefSfGndIngfVVIlson, Buuor, ICIockwIw cn mbloy Fyock, Holvf, CQIIDL-rr, ColInqv, NIVQH, Rolibh, KIIIIOH, Buurzr, Britvon, Kmml I, Huw I Immky, 4 . TM 'swf ma- . ,-.K Y - A... as Mm' ,, K """ M k9,x V " 4.La,- -- T, ww' fsggf ' 4,1-.qgx--.,f:A'?' f., Q 'fy Q if Mg J.. " n 15' W 4f4ff"i--1-gb,:L'.',-'H Q - TJ' .af T 4- f E . ,W ' v '55 ,+R ' 6-A5 --361147. --f ""' W' -f N V 1 ,,,, mf T 1' " V I . it 49-'PTII' THE HAPPY . . . THE EXCITING . . . THE UNFORGETTABLE OPT' 'M I CA R 5" C : - These prize winners at the Halloween party wlll unmcsk O Conemaugh's line held this time, but we scored on the on page 40. next pldy. PEUPLE Students and foculty were in perfect harmony as we received instruction which tended toward the development ot a sound mind. PAGES 8-53 ACTIVITIES We found great pleasure in association at parties, dances, play practices, and club functions -so essential to social growth. PAGES 54-7l ATHLETICS Although we didn't establish records in athletic competition, the training we received assured us ot strong, healthy bodies, PAGES 72-80 ' 'f'.l?5Ef 1, 4 , Vk:i1.g,.WYi f' S: A ff., fig x -n,,a,f' A ,1bi,,,,.n , birimw Y. 1 .Q . ,wg .QV f ,mi ' Ag. if 1 5 vmwm jg , 5 E ff 'ul f kann: 5 '39 azz-an i IEEE: M., -an N25 AM .3 V- V! ' , ,, i .9-ish-W, Q 2 W -f' .f,1.. '- 3 mg ,g.,.,., fl ,- - .' " -1- :,-afai gf Mn J1,2eF'gijfL ,. .-1259!f2:!!. 'f1 f my . if 'X W2 , fl, - . '-:W X , YM . :: V A ' N. lffw xiii: 4 . ff' nb - V , -ig? r "-44 6 15 I 5, K ,, , X fn, f ,L n V4- lug. , wil: L Q, W Lv N '-1 I as Ll if Elkggxzgf. X f - Qj1W"i-FT 53292, -IE! Sf Tkmgflff I 7 5----gijkgyi192.27-,Lwly , .. 1121 ' 'll 352 w ww. f' L, WS Q s wzgs-mwx'2 gg' 4 Q., I' F h we wa in KN ff-wx Q 1 K. X X- N.r?f'5a'w25QSwi iii. ,R .A 2 RER N1 . 'm.fb.Mxtmw.'?aiQfw 'Wx -x X gf .xx Sw., Vp, 'I . , Q QQQWQ' pswwmmwfami ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS J UN IORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN GRADES J eop e STUDENTS TODAY . . . THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW ANTHONY KUSHER HAROLD VARNER PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT M4130 0F EDI! A110 CAPABLE AND ALERT TO OUR NEEDS CLYDE THOMAS MICHAEL SINGEL TREASURER SECRETARY PAUL CANDLER JOSEPH KMETZ , Z - . N555 Mfg. JOSEPH NAGG M WALTER ORLETSKY lt has been stated by high-ranking government officials that there exists in local communities a highly important organization-the board of education. It takes the initial step in developing American youth by furnishing suitable housing accommodations, capable instructors, and necessary equipment for the development of the "citizens ot tomorrow." ' It has been through the services of the group pictured here that our school system has pursued LAVERE RORABAUGH STEVE VARNISH and gained its high standards of education. Each member is a respected leader in his community and has at heart the welfare and development of the students ot Franklin-East Taylor Joint High School. The Jayonian and the Class of 1956 express appreciation tor the services of these men and sincerely hope that the classes ot tomorrow will be altorded the same opportunities and facilities which have been made available to us. ADMIN! T BA Tl 01V Dr, H, C, Tilley, born in Franlclin Borough, attended the Conemaugh Township and East Conemaugh Schools. He graduated from Shippensburg Normal and received his Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor's degrees from the University ot Pittsburgh. In I928 he became supervising principal of our schoolsg but iust prior to that he completed two years legal training. Dr, Tilley's constant work and untiring effort is of great value to the high scholastic program and the business administration of our school. Mr. D. G. Seese became our first high school principal in l93O. He received his Bachelor's degree from Juniata College and his Master's degree trom the University ot Pittsburgh. He has since completed study toward his Doctor's degree. He is eligible tor a superinte-ndent's commission and holds a diploma from the International Department of Religious Education of North America. Mr, Seese's high scholarship achievement, wealth of experience, and interest in youth has guided many students along lite's pathway. DR. H. C. TILLEY SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL MR. D, G, SEESE HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL 9 The grades of all students are recorded by M Seese ' Mrs Koplm takes a letter dictated by Dr, Tilley. aided by secretary, Miss Slavichc II T e Hassroom The public school has been established tor the education of the American youth. Many and varied are the demands imposed upon it as it faces the problem of preparing curricula which will prepare the student for the held ot his choice. The Academic course may really be labeled as college preparatory work. The pupil has the opportunity to study tour years ot English, mathematics, science, social studies, and foreign language, in addition to art, shop, home economics, music, and health. lt the individual's schedule permits, typing may be added. The Commercial course prepares students that they may immediately take positions as secretaries or stenographers. lt is centered principally around typing, shorthand, bookkeeping and office practice, although the education ot the student in English and social studies is not neglected. Practical experience is gained as aides in the ottice and as secretaries to teachers, The General course is provided for students who do not wish to enroll in the strictly academic or commercial subjects. Extensive work may be taken in music, shop, home economics, or art. ln the shop, boys have an opportunity to work with their hands, and often discover some type of work tor which they are especially fitted. ln home economics the girls are taught every tundamental of good housekeeping, 9 Barbara is happy, having gained county honors as "The Voice of Democracy." PREPARED US FOR LIVING IN A COMPLEX WORLD FLOYD s, DAY DONALD E. FOLEY MARY GMBRNTH B,S.-M.Ed. B.S.Ed. BS. X 'si Faculty Mr. Day . . , spelling, arithmetic, and geography . , , frequently seen in halls at dismissal . , , has made friends , , , attends school in Pittsburgh , , . hobbies-hunting, fishing and camping. Mr. Foley . . . general science, algebra I, iunior literature . . , very congenial . , . willingly helped our Jayonian photographer , , , popular with students . . , hobbies- photography and amateur radio. Miss Galbraith . . , commercial subjects . . . pleasing personality and an ardent worker . . . one of the sponsors of the Commercial Club . . . always willing to lend a hand , . , hobby-music. Mr, Giurich A . . history and English , , . popular among district coaches . , , energetic and consistent . , . always looking for good football and basketball material . . . hobby- sports. Mrs. Hargreaves . . . home economics . , . keeps busy with the Y-Teens and their activities . , . would love to teach boys cooking , , , t ertioys camp life . . . hobby-cooking, l Mr, l-lite . . . English, Latin and mathema- tics , . . popular among teen-agers . , . directed class plays . . . untiring worker , . James stops to note Rose Mc1rie's perplexity over a geometry problem. 9 Margaret and Nancy take Mctrian's dictation in shorthand Y ' cs Joan files a contract in business law. lin charge of assemblies . , , hobb -fishing MiLAN GJURICH RACHEL HARGREAVES A B B.S. I3 WALTER E. HITE A.B.-A.M. J l MICHAEL MONCILOVICH A.B. Filflllfy. . . JAcKs or ALL TRADES Mr. Margetan . . . woodshop and mechanical drawing . . . seen in corridors in mornings and at lunch time . . . keeps the boys busy in Key Club , . . always pleasant . , . hobby-sports. Mr, Medler , . , geography, social studies, MlcHAELMARoEtAN , e , , and drivers' training . . . risks his lite with B,S. our students . . . 5p0n5Of' of patrol boys . . . never seen without a smile . . . hobby- bowling. Mr. Moncilovich . . . reading, English, social studies, and spelling . . . loves to argue . . . interested in dramatics . . . usually in a hurry , . . cooks his own meals . . . hobby- music. Mr, Moran , , . English . . , faculty manager . . . loves to take pictures of his son . . . studies the problems of pupils in his home room . . . always iovial . . . hobby- FRANK W. MEDLER B.S.Ed, dramatics. Mrs, Morgan , . . girls' health and physical education . . . iovial but serious . . . interest lies in activities ot our high school girls . , . often in a rush . . . hobby-swimming, ANTHONY N, MORAN ANNE MORGAN B.S. B.S. 14 I "" 'Q, 3 . Q 4, K 'Winks :QA Wfifgy ' , I 'W' . 'L if W Ir, VW M Midi. I 4 ,f , ,,,,.,-f -- + Q .:k., Wff -'-"""a- DX +094 " if pg? 'iw-Q.. ., r 'iii 4201110 Helen lvlulvohill, Er, S .... general science, biology, ancl physics . . , showed interest in our cheerleaders , , . often seen at the football and basketball games . . . hobby-traveling. filrna Doris Nagle, B. S, . . , commercial subjects . . , spends ntany noon hours helping her students . . , quite a whiz at the sewing machine , , . hobbies--bowling and reading. ' In home economics Carols Boothby and Barber join Julia ' Their knowledge of commercial geography may aid Harry making cupcakes and Donald if they are called by Uncle Sant. Lois Novak . . . arts . . . has a vory ,Q pleasant personality , , . her services and airl 1 are in constant demand , , , very cooperative , , , a sntile tor everyone . . . hobbyfcratts. John Patcher, A,B.fM,Ed ,,., social studies . , , assistant coach in football and basketball , . , a quiet and jovial person with a good word tor everyone , , , hobby-golt and television. 16 ' Patsy and larry chezk their bookkeeping problems Mary and Mary Kay type stencils for Sophie to r ofiice practice, Nicholas Strippy, B,S.AlVl.l.itt, , A boy'S health and physical education , , , iunior high coach . . . quite a good bus driver . . . kind to everycne , . . always glad to help 4 . , hobbywtinlioringi Ellen Thomas, B5 ,... instrumental and vocal music education , . , untiring in her efforts , . , conducts special noon sessions . . , does a good iob with band . . . always smiling . . , hobby-reading. Fa llli William A. Salem , . . AB.-M.Litt, , , , economics, sociology and American history , , , has an excellent sense ot humor , , . directed class plays , . . great fund-raiser for Jayonian . . . hobby-home improvements. George Sileck . . . B.S.-lvl,Ed. . . . mathematics , , . a willing worker . . , never misses a good game . . . interested in the welfare ot his students . . . head of visual education . , . hobby-photography and coin collecting. while ' In sociology Tom convinces Ronald of the necessity of un in curbing juvenile delinquency, i l 7 Ai H .Qa- ,ff ii? 3. :rj x X-, if A V gf si , V LA 4 , M A " N an wifggpnlmsggm A . , V A . ,QM , 4? , B' " K2 is S ww-new N... Sciroh Neory, R, N ..., school nurse for oll grodes , . , kind ond energetic 4 , , olvvoys olert ond reody to oid , , , rnolces doily visits to homes ot the sick , . . hobby-troveling, Stephen J. Bondy, D, D, S .... school dentist . . . "use the brush" , , , loves to teose . . , gets os excited os the cooch ot the football gomes . . . cilvvoys o helping hond . . . hobby-sports. 19 Political science proves to William ond Poul that every one should vote ot election time. Jonet ond Darlene plon to shoot fouls while Marion ond Josephine ore set for o game of shuftlebocxrd, ' Joseph uses o chort to prove to Lorry ond Wolter 'thot the study ot health tends toward longer life, .1 4' l 4, fi.,uffruymf,4, Q. 1-fffM!37yl1,n"!f gf-631411 ' f ,42Af,fff?,v KAAFALK abt ' Zz 4 ZM, 4+ My 1 fi f Af, H'5 ,. I. W AA IIQVMTS Q Q' 'GQ dl Nj ICI i.. f'5 fu ,f 2ffJ f- 1- ., - ' i 11. '9- Afxs? 'gg A iw x.'H,,g :fx J " f sw W5 , - as: Wafiwjilif gg W, ,W fr Mrs. Caples, AB .,.. school librarian , . . always willing to assist students in research work . . , selected student librarians , , . sponsor of iunior Y-Teens , . . school's popular encyclopedia , , . hobbyfhomemalcer, ' How tall is "up"? Tom measures Don to find out EDUCATION MAKES BETTER CITIZENS Kathryn Koplin , , , secretary , , . a Franklin aluninae . . , Dr, TilIey's second right hand , , . always doing work for someone . . , wonderful person to know 4 , , hobbies- rnoyies and music. Helen Slavich , . , secretary , , , a new- conter to the school oftice , , . always reading excuses , , , Mr, Seese's secretary , , . quiet, but a warni stnile for everyone , . . hobby- sports OFFICERS ' Steve, Donald, ond Anthony look ieofously os Barbara shows inTeresT in rhe kinen, Presidenf 7 7, ,, STephen Homel Vice President Donald Mcurtinovich Secretory . Borboro Drye Treasurer Anthony Ziner 001' Lf'L'1Ii01' Lff01"y FOR NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY STEPHEN HAMEL "Babe" . . . Academic , , , brainy lad . . , loves to fly , . . gained a place in students' hearts by his activities , . , strictly a Ford man , , , Stephen'5 future lies in becoming a pilot , . . Key Club I-2-3-4, Latin Club 2, Class Play 4, Class Otticer 4, Jayonian Staft 4, Speech Club 2, DONALD MARTINOVICH "Sunset" , , , Academic . . , active in basketball as a coach in the midget league . , , brainy . , , girls cast anxious eyes at Donald, but he is college bound , , . Band I-2-3-4, Orchestra I-3, Dance Band 2-4, Class Play 3-4, Class Officer I-3-4, Jayonian Staff 4, All-County Band 4. BARBARA DRYE "Barb" . , , Commercial . . . an ideal high school girl . , , a very pretty face topped by flaming red hair , . , fond of Don and ciewcuts . . . Barbara has the urge to become an airline hostess , . . Y-Teens I-2-3-4, Dramatics I-2-3-4, Class Ofticer 3-4, .layonian Staff 4, Band I-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus I-3-4, Sacred Choir 2-3-4, Girls Chorus I, Orchestra I-3, Dance Band 2-4, Pep Club 4, Commercial Club 4. ANTHONY ZINER "Tony" . . , Academic . , , a curly-headed lover-boy . A . his smile gets the girls , , , great actor because he acts naturally . , . loves sports . , , Anthony looks to pro-basketball . . . Key Club 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Class Play 4, Class Otlicer 3-4, Jayonian Stott 4, y -in-5 Z?- ! ' SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS JAYONIAN PICTURE DAY THE SENIOR PLAY OUR SKATING PARTY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS SELECTION OF ANNOUNCEMENTS Margaret and Marian ind much humor in this picture, It 9 might be you, PRODUCTION OF THE JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM SENIOR BANOUET AT PICNIC AT IDLEVVILD GRADUATION DAY make-up. ro" ,suv JAYONIAN VVlSSlNGER'S INN Dennis is the victim as Carol and Ronald learn the at I R X QA 'I ' Ronald and Patricia rehearse their duet accompanied by Myrna, our ever-faithful pianist, CAROL BARBER "Carrie" . . . General . . . quiet and easy-going , , . hails from Cover Hill , . , usually seen running for the bus . . . Carol likes Fords, but prefers a blue one . , . Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, Pep Club fi, Commercial Club 4. JUNE BAUER "Junie" . . . Commercial . . . happy-go-lucky with a nice smile for all . , . blushes easily , , , June never missed a football game no wonder Ted played ltts best , . . Y-Teens l-2-3, Pep Club I-2, Class Play 3. WILLIAM BAUER "Billie Joe' . . . Academic . . . his wavy blonde hair and Witty remarks rate high with the femmes , , , brainy r , . William loves hunting and fishing , . . good luck as ci chemisal engineer . . . Latin Club l-2, Class Play 3-4, Jayonian Stall 4, Speech Club 2. DOROTHY BAYUSH "Dot" , , , Commercial , , . a cute gal with Q sense of humor . , , should pay for the Conentaugh bridge -sig Lacs it often enough . , . Dorothy will make some lucky gpy a good Wife . . . Y-Teens 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, baziod Choir 2-3-4, Class Play 3, Pep Club 4, CAROL BOOTHBY "Boothie" , . , Academic , , , quiet and intelligert , . , often engaged as a baby-sitter , , , Carols heart lies in the armed forces . . . may settle on a farm , , 4 Latin Club Q, Class Officer l, Speech Club 2, MARY BOSSER "Liz" . . . Commercial , , . proves good things come in small packages . . . exceptionally talkative , , , likes to dance . . . Mary can be seen daily drilling with the cheet- leading squad , , , Y-Teens Q-3-4, Cheerleader Q-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-4, Sacred Choir Q-3-4, Class Play 3-4, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4, Jayonian Staff li, SENIDRS Hail Alma Maier' I' ai e We 51116510 thee NV 'tht ' 'Q' X JANET BRITTON "Jan" , , , Commercial . . . a cute blonde, quiet but a menace to The boys in 203 . , , one of the Three Musketeers . , , Janet likes a pink and black Ford and Dave . . . Y-Teens l-2-3, Pep Club l-2. IRENE CHUDIK "Chu" , . , Commercial . . , has a pleasing personality . . , faithful worker , . , loves T0 be a secretary , . , Irene had much experience as an aid to Mr. Day , . , Y-Teens 2-3-4, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4. CARL CLOUD "Carl" . , . General . A I quiet and likeable , , , would find lunch time dull without his daily trip To The lron Horse To see Evelyn , , . Ccirl has a bright fuTure , . , Art Club l. JAMES COLBERT "Jim" . . . General . . . has three loves music, football, and the Third lives in Belmont . , . James may be playing for The Cleveland Browns in a few years, J 'ff' 9 Dick Contino is forgotten as Dorothy, Sara, Julia, Dennis, Angeline and Doris Thrill To the music of Nick and his accordion. 1 .rfgyff '12 ,. 22 ...-1' 5 , .f .-" -,ja-::f 'ff zzz' '15 -1..vt:wwi...x.2.!S '56-' QW DALE COLEMAN "Moody" . , , Academic , . . u friendly lad of husky stature , , , Usually seen driving his two-tone Plymouth . , , Dale hopes to retain a place in Audrey's heart until after he graducxtcrs from college . , . Key Club 2-3-4, Class Officer l, Mixecl Chorus l-2, Class Play fl, Stage Crew 2, MARIAN COLLEGE l'Univci'sity" . , , Academic , , . knows how To use her brains as well as her good Ioolcs . . . ine actress . , , likes "Weocl" hom Moxham , A , Marian plans to attend College . , , Dramatics I-Q-3--4, Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Cheerleader Q, Mixed Chorus l-Q-3-4, Class Play 3, HELEN DANIELS "Toni" . . , Commercial , . . a girl with a vvarni smile who vvill snczncl her future making ci home for "Gutch" , , . Helen found much comfort as one of thg three Musketec-rs . . . Y-Teens l-2-3, Class Play li, Pep Club l-2, HARRY DEFFENBAUGH "Jalce' '... Academic , , , serious, hard-vvorlcing boy . , , mechanically inclined . , . travels to Somerset once a Week for an Olive . . ,Harry may enter the ministry , , , Stage Crew 3, Class Play 3-4, Jayonirin Staff 4, Library Club 2. 5 Irene and Carol seem slightly aggravated as Joseph John Coil and Donald enioy blockinq their passage. l E i. s l P i E 5 1 l 5 . if ss' 5 . 9 Thomas and Delores pledge their loyalty to the flag, NICHOLAS DEREVJANIK "Nick" , . . Commercial , . , a handsome blonde lacl who loved to annoy teachers . , . once interested in art, but now in a certain girl . . , Nicholas hopes to seek work in Cleveland . , . Class Play 3, Art Club I-2-3, JOSEPHINE DOLENCE "Joni" , . . Commercial , , . a very studious girl whose hobby is music . . . made daily visits to Conemaugh . . . Josephine has hopes of having her own band . . . Band I-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-4, Sacred Choir 2-3-4, Jayonian Stag 4, All-County Chorus 4. RAY ELLENBERGER "Ray" , . . General , , , envy of all the boys . , . Clean-cut youth who loves to talk 4 , , Ray hopes to enter business . . . some lucky girl will be happy A , , Dramatics l-2-3-4, Class Play 3, JOSEPH FETCHIK "Joe" 4 . . General . , . loves to talk . . . his dark wavy hair contributed to his popularity with the girls . . . Joseph held the respect of all classmates . , . Key Club 4, Athletic Club 2. BERNARD FRIEDMAN "Bugs" , . . General . . . a boy with a builcl like Sealtest Dan and the ability of Davy Crockett in hunting . , , Bernard is always seen in his green Frazer, ARNOLD FYOCK "Curly" . , . Academic . . . a swell personality with ci brain capacity that will surely get him places , h , Arnold wishes to include college in his future . A , Key Club 2-3-4, Stage Crew 3, Jayonian Stal? 4, Library Club 2. 9 Frances and Dan show interest os Doris outlines a course of study, WALTER GLEASON "Walt" , . . General . , , blonde curly-haired chap . A , has a yen tor hunting , , , Walter was a credit to our baseball team , - , possessed a winning smile, NANCY GOUGHNOUR "Nanc" 4 , , Commercial . . , very efficient and dependable . , . sparkling personality . . . often seen in a Mercury . . . Nancy will make a fine secretary for some lucky employer . . . Dramatics 3, Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 3-4, Class Play 3, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4, .layonian Staff 4, CHARLES GUSTKEY "Chuck" , , , General , , , tall quiet lad who delights in hunting and in outdoor lite , , , school is a "must" . , . Charles may have a future as ci forest ranger. ROSE MARIE GATALO "Rosie" , . , Academic , . . our high-stepping drum maioisette , , , plenty of personality , A , displayed interest in hor work , , , Rose Marie may be your nurse someday . , . Drarnatics 3-4, Yvleens l-2-3-4, Band l-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, Girls Chorus l, Sacred Choir 3, Orchestra l, Dance Band 4, Class Play 344, Jayonian Stoll 4, Pep Club 4, Commercial Club 4, All-County Chorus 4, PHYLLIS GILLIN "Phyl" . , . Commercial , , . a small girl with a big heart that belongs to "Rev" . . . pleasant smile for everyone , . . Phyllis proved her ability to act , 4 . interested in church activities , , , Dramotics 3, Yelecns l-Q-3-4, Mixed Chorus 3-4, Class Play 3, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4, .layonian Staff 4. DORIS GILMORE "Gilly" 4 . . Commercial , . , her sparkling blue oyos and pleasing disposition contributed to her personality 4 , . a poppy maioretie , , . Doris awaits the chance to say: "l do" . . . Dromatics l-2,3-4, Majorette l-2-3-4, Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l-Q-3-4, Sacred Choir 2-3-4, Class Play 3, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4, Class Officer l-2-3, Girls Chorus l, AllfCounty Chorus 4, Jayonlan Staff 4, ill SENIDRS L ,arnlizgf iv ,mlb We fallow 011 lien' by our bam! QMQ A-I" 1, li if ' PATRICIA HAUPT 'PurIr" 4 R . rXC:zLIr-'Vin , , L1 Irrfrrfirv frr'I WITII In Iw1rrIQIr, r I ,rr irr-r wyr- Ixrrci cl yocwrrirrfr IQ Qruvfl . , . Cf1IrIor'rrir1 Is Irrr g1or1I , . , Pr1II'rQiu is Lx 5TUcIi0Ir5 urrcI vvwII-IIIKL-cI pursorr, Iru1cIIrI LIIIW Plrry Irrr QoIIr uv . , , Y-Im-H5 I-lf, Lulrrr Clmrlm 4, Mrxfrd CIrorlr I '7 3-4, Juyorrirxrr Str-II 4, Pap Cub 4. Frzrrrflr CIUI1 I-P, GA A. 4, Speed: Club 2, THOMAS HAVRILESKY ""'f7':r T 5 "Io'r"' , Acufiwwrrr ,,,, :Mrk Irr1r:'f:CI sf'-rrsmiorr vxrIIr if IIN- vxcJr"frr , A , plxrrx To orrr TIrr- Nuuy , . . IIro'rrr1-, rrrcmyir K 3,1 1 K IETEEIZS I Iumir cIIxrrrrIT und szmxoprmrrr ',,. Icxvomn- Irc1rrgcmI rQ tIr1- A cIuIry . , . Bond I-Q 3, Qrdrf-frirrx IH, DLIITCC BIIHLI P4 W H Iuynrrmrr QIQIII 4, XXII-County Burrd 4. FRANK HESS "limi:-" , . Gum-rrxl . , lf,rw'4+r My II1LzfrIr xIrrfI rfrII Lorrmy rIrIw-, . . QIOOII "Icr"' , rrrrrImII rrrc1CIrIrrfr Irf-rr1I qv, Mrrry is rrr Irrs Iufury ,N , Flank Irorrr-fr Tr, Iver 11 fQr'4,rr'I1rr in .SQ TIM- rrrIII , , Arr CMAJ If-.1 'UU' CHESTER HILTABIDEL "CMI" , . Gerwrf1I , . fx Ind who Iust Imfl T0 rrrwm To I:rmIxIIr1 , . rn gvvc-II f1IIr1roUr1rI CIrcrp , , , vfrry rruirrt, rw! CIN-air-I Im, Q frmrrq wrII nfvwvr wIrifIr -MII QrrcIIJIr- Irirrr Irr In-urrrr, rx -ucuri 9 S Grrrr rcpOrT amd: muse: sorrow but Yh r5 one seems rg bring pIeosure I0 I?orruId, Hurry and PUUI. . ,wifi r "4" E X I Rr DANIEL HOLTZ "Dan" , , , General . . . a good sport who hopes some- day to wear engineering boots , . , "Mr, Wise Cracks" himself . , , often seen with Jane , , . Daniel is proud of his little Nash . , . French Club l, Class Play 4, DONALD HOLTZ "Holtzie" . . , Academic , , , a tall tun-loving lad, with a liking tor red-heads, especially Barb . , , has a sense ot humor , . , Donald is sportsrninded , . , Key Club 3-4. JOHN HORBAL "Jocko" . . 1 General . , , jovial lad from Park Hill . . . easily recognized by his hairdo , . . interested in oriental food, especially rice , . , John wants lo Own a restaurant - yes, Chinese food. SARA HOSTETLER "Sara" , , . General . . , a cute little chick with lovely clark tresses and sparkling eyes . , , Sara plans to settle down someday soon with Joe , . . loves new cars. . A touch of Christmas spirit is given 'to the senior home room by Frances and Frank. ' 1 new is U ,xss 4956 9 William finds this notice the perfect excuse to corner Doris. f-0' -J Mx' l 'B'- , A 'U' K-Q-vmi' 4I I SENIURS Thus We Wlyl always Be at 0111 ommanaf JOHN JANICZEK "Nutch" , , , General . . , a handsome lad who enioys annoying the girls . . . John has an answer for everything , , , makes frequent excursions To town . . . ambition is to graduate . . . Stage Crew 3-4, MYRNA KELLEY "Myrn" . , . Commercial , , . the girl with the sweet smile . . . has a kind word for all . . . always in demand as a pianist and ever cooperative , . , Myrna will always remain in music , . . Jayonian Staff 4, Mived Chorus 2-3-4, Girls Chorus l-2-3, Sacred Choir 2-3-4, Dance Band 2-4, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4. JAMES KOBAL "Peanuts" , , . Academic . . A a little bit of a lad whose heart went all out for sports , , , will never refuse to do a favor . . , James has proven a friend to all . . . Athletic Club 2. LARRY KEYSER "Key" , . , General , , . a very quiet lad , , constantly seen doing homework A , . serious-minded , , Larry will make a good bookkeeper for some business man. JOAN KILLIAN "Jo" . . . Commercial . , . a willing worker, Joan has won the admiration of her fellow-students and the teachers . , . likes to work at Pope's . . , may make it her future . , , Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Class Play 3, Commercial Club 4, Jayonian Staff 4, Pep Club 4. MARY KINDJA "Kin" . . , Academic , . , can enioy life and can be serious . . . a real brain . . , tops in shorthand . , , likes Chevy convertibles , , . our editor-in-chief , . . Mary is going to college , , , Dramatics l-2-3-4, Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Press Club 3, Mixed Chorus 2-4, G.A,A. 4, Orchestra l-3, Class Play 3-4, Commercial Club 4, Jayonian Stal? 4, Pep Club 4, Class Officer 3. 9 Dorothy, Dale, June and Dennis ore on the way to their first period class. J EAN ETTE KNOLL "Queenie" , . . Commercial . . . an attractive lass who made a swell maiorette , , , loves a green Ford and Steve . , . Jeanette's future lies in the air with a pilot , , . Y-Teens l-24344, Maiorette lA2-3-4, Dramatics I-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, Sacred Choir 2-3-4, Girls Chorus l, Class Play 3-4, Pep Club 4, Commercial Club 4, Jayonian Stott 4, DELORES KOKLER "Kolce" . , . Commercial , , , a capable and alert girl who accepts opportunity , , , made many friends as Miss Disc Jockey of i956 , . . writes to Marty , . . Delores may gain a position on WCPO . . , Dramatics l-2-3-4, Maiorette l-Q-3-4, Sacred Choir 2-3-4, Class Play 3-4, Y-Teens l-243-4, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4, Jayonian Stall 4, Girls Chorus l, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4. DARLENE LEGO "Dari" . , 1 General , , . has enchanting eyes that hypnotize the boys , , , always willing to cooperate , , . Darlene IS a quiet lass whose future interests lie in religious work , , , Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Band l-2, Mixed Chorus 3-4, Sacred Choir 3, Class Play 3-4, Pep Club 4, Commercial Club 4, Jayonian Stott 4, Speech Club 2. RONALD LEHMAN "Ron" . . , General . . . blushes easily , , . developed a sudden interest in pianos , . Ronald plays all musical instruments well , , , may become manager ol the service station where he works , . . Senior Dramatic 3-4, Key Club l, Band l-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-4, Sacred Choir 3-4, Orchestra Q-3, Class Play 3-4, Dance Band l-2-4, All-County Chorus 4, JUNE MARSH "Butch" . . . Commercial . . . attractive girl whose heart belongs to Joe . , , ident bracelet now is replaced by a diamond . . , June played a nice tune with our band . , , Y-Teens l-243-4, Band l-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2, Orchestra 3, Pep Club 4, Commercial Club 4, Jayonion Staff 4. PATSY McGUIRE "Pat" l . . General , . , her Irish temper flares at Times, but she is a real friend to cherish , , , always in the olltico practice VOOIT1 , . , Patsy will make an untiring secretary . . . Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4, Mixed Chorus l-2-344, Sacred Choir 4, Girls Chorus l, Jayonian Stal? 4. SENIDRS Through hall We W0ll0'6' 001 11116 121111 1111149 33221 , l 1-if 4 ik 1435? k. .. av as Q '41, A' Q5 xl,- 4 k L ,, .,, M Q ei Q sw gig LTV ANGELINE NITON "Ang" . . . Commercial . , , loves to talk , . , has large dimples A . . would like to make her own hot rod 4 . . a new highway hazard , . , Angeline's favorite pastime is giggling , , , Y-Teens lf3, Drarnatics l, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, Press Club 2, Library Club 3, Class Play 4, Jayonian Stall 4, GAA. 4. LARRY OFSANKO "Piggy" , , . General . , . the outdoor type who loycs to hunt and to tish . . . always seen in a black Mercury . . . hails from Bon Air . . , Larry will work in thc mill , , . Athletic Club 2. SOPHIE OLEKSIA "Soph" A . , Commercial . , , has a personality which easily makes friends . . . never serious , . . a camedlenne who is most likely to take Martha Raye's place . . , Sophie will succeed as a secretary , , , Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Library Club 3, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4. EVELYN RITCHEY "Evie" , , , General . , , pretty and pert, topped by beautiful blonde hair , , , always has a pleasant smile , , . Evelyn will make some man happy . , , Dramatics 3-4, Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 3-4, Sacred Choir 3, Class Play 3, Pep Club 4, Commercial Club 4, Speech Club 2. 5 Without the uid of the entire student body, Dixie, Josephine, and Marian might not be smilin they conclude the drive for Jayonian funds, gas ,N N. IQ! in. 42111 S E N I 0 R S Bells 501701 1'1Y1g'1?1,gf A Whisper the T mira 71- my 22. 4-4' l r , be , gi lim? E 35 9 Helen and June are happy as they ring The bell tar their tinal class period. MARGARET ROLISH "Peg" . , . Commercial , . , a very sweet red-head with ci friendly disposition . . . a whiz at shorthand . . . serious . . . Margaret will make some lawyer a tine secretary , . . Dramatics l-2-3-4, Y-Teens l-2-34, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, Sacred Choir 2-3-4, Commercial Club 4, Pep Club 4, Class Play 4, Girls Chorus l. DONALD ROLLINS "Don" . . , General , . , a boy who believes "speech is golden" so he saves his , . . never too busy to lend a hand , , , Donald loves farm life,-hopes for one of his own someday. MARY KATHERINE SAULA "Mary K." , . , Commercial . , , friendly girl . . , pretty, but attached . , . always smiling , , , a terror on the highway . . . can bake bread . . . Mary Katherine will make a capable secretary . , , Dramatics 2-3-4, Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Maiorette 3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3-4, Sacred Choir 2-3, Girls Chorus l, Jayonian Stall 4. DIXIE LEE SECREST "Dixie" , , , Academic , , A had to return to Franklin to find contentment . . . loves swimming and the ocean . . . has much experience in traveling . , A Dixie Lee will enter college , . . Dramatics l-2-4, Y-Teens l-Q-4, Cheerleader l-2, Girls Chorus l-2-4, Mixed Chorus l-2-4, Sacred Choir 2, HARRY SEDLMYER "Harry" . . . General . . . fond ot good times and enioys teasing . . . a great hunter . , , Harry is proud of the bobcat he bagged this year , , . his future is indefinite . , . Mixed Chorus l, Athletic Club 2, Future Farmers 3, THOMAS SHARPE "Red" . . . Academic . . . always ready with a ioke . . . loves to argue We predict great success for Thomas and Sally as owners of the Airport Tastee-freeze . , . Dramatics l-2-3-4, Key Club Q-3-4, Mixed Chorus 2-3, Sacred Choir 3, Class Play 3-4, Class Ofilicer l-2-3, Jayonian Staff 4, Athletic Club 2-3. 9 Even in short memories, Kenneth, James, Thomas, and Phyllis find much pleasure. THOMAS SINGEL "Tom" , , . Academic . . . an intelligent lad 4 , . a second Einstein . . . made many trips to Mineral Point to ricle horscs why? . . , Thomas plans to be an engineer , . . Key Club 3-4, Class Play 3-4, Jayonian Staff 4, Chess Club 2, Art Club I, Athletic Club 2, WILLIAM SMOJICE "Bill" , , , General , , I a lad who has thg ability to make his trumpet hum , , , William has the unbelievable ambition To become a track star , . . Band I-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus Q-4, Dance Band I-2-4, Orchestra I-2-3, Pep Band 2, All-County Band 4. JOSEPH STANISLAWCZYK "Joe" . , . General . . , a real hit with the girls . . . Joseph is quiet but his smile reflects his triendliness , . . he hopes to own a larm someday. THEODORE STEPIEN "Ted" , , . General . . . a sports-minded chap with the ability to make sports his career . . , his good looks caused girls' hearts to flutter . . A Theodore is respected by all , , . Stage Crew 3-4, Athletic Club Q, Key Club 4, MARY FRANCES STRIPPY "Frances" . . . Academic , . attractive and brainy , , . rlerivcis greatest ioy from helping Qthers . . . her heart belongs to Jack . . . Mary Frances will go to college , . . Dramafics I-2-3-4, Y-Teens I-2-3-4, Cheerleader Q, Mixed Chorus I-2-3-4, Class Play 3-4, .layonian Staff 4, Pep Club 4, Commercial Club 4, G.A,A, 4. WILLIAM STRIPPY "Billf' . . . General . , . there's never a dull moment when he is around . , ,loves To hot-rod . , , maiorettes are his interest , , , William may be manager of a theater someday , , , Band I, Athletic Club 2. SENIURS ltemltzllvwni classe Si HWII 12 je We! alle W- my hall' 'K Y if it ff' PATRICIA THORNTON "Patti" , , , Academic . . . attractive girl with a typical teenage glow . , , conscientious and energetic , , . Patricia has hopes of entering the nursing profession , , . YATeens l-2-3-4, Latin Cluld Q, Mixed Chorus 3-4, Sacred Choir 3, Class Play 3-4, Jayonion StalT 4, Pep Club 4, Speech Club Q, MARIAN UZELAC "Said , . . Commercial , , , a fun-loving person with a pleasant disposition , , . very cooperative . . . likes tostee- treeze and Tom , . . cheering squad captain . . . Marian may he a secretary , , , Drarnatics l-Q-374, Y-Teens l-2-3-4, Clteerlcanler l-Q-3-4, Mixed Chorus l-'2-3-4, Sacred Choir 3-4, Girls Chorus l, Jayonian Stait 4, PAUL WAGNER "Tony" . , , General . . . ci lover of outdoor life . - - B " friendly and lilcralale , , , Paul is attracted by long hair and J Evelyn . . . his interest in wild gantg should net hint a loin an a warden. "' ,H oenrus wiisorsi "Denny" , , I Academic , . . noted tor his huntor , . . hard woiking chap trorn "The Hollow" , . , can customize 1' ony car . , , trequents Conemaugh . . . Dennis will enter college . . . Drantatics l-Q-3-4, Band i-Q-3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Dance Band Q-4, Orchestra I-3, Class Play 3, Closs OfTicer Q, Jayonian Stathl 4, Chess Cluh 2, All-County Band 4, T9 was '3' 9 That time and patience are needed in rehearsing 0 play is learned by Thomas, Mary, Anthony, Jeanette, and Delores SENl0RS... DENNIS YAMROSE "Zeke" . A I Acanli-mic . , , ambilious and persevering . . . eriloys skating and Soulh Fork . . . quiet A , , Dennis may be a wheel in Thi- Nevins' chain ol drugslores , . , Dramatics 3-4, Mixed Chorus 4, Ari Club l, Class Play 3, Chess Club 2. NICHOLAS YASIKA "Nick" , , V Acaglf-img , , , small in slature wllh large ideas , , . Dick Comma is his only rival with the squeeze box . . , with gills, Nicholas has none , , . Orchestra 3 Chess Club Q. Bear Franlrl 21 llfgfh lmao We ab We with 0IL 5 Nick and June watch Donald and Jeanehe as closed doors leave only a memory of four years Together NBII br Hass 1510131 Our stay in school has been only a small part of our lives, but a happy part. One realizes this only when he reminisces and pictures the highlights of those years. As freshmen we were truly "greenies", but improved rapidly under the sponsorship of Mr. Sileck. lt seemed strange that we were divided into several homerooms, but we found unity as we elected officers. Even though we were not superior salesmen, we helped the yearbook staff by selling Christmas cards and candy, A skating party was held in order to start a class treasury. Everyone present reported having had an enjoyable evening. Spring came, and the few asked to the Prom were the envy of the maiority, however nearly all were seen at Idlewild Park participating in the many activities. ln the fall of 1953, many of our members joined the football squad, the band, the majorettes, or the cheerleaders. Thanks to Miss Cromer tMrs. Failsi and Mr, Sileck for helping us to arrange the Sample Fair, which netted our treasury additional revenue. Summer rapidly passed by, and upon our return to school we were ioined by many new students from East Taylor township. lt was an interesting year for all of us. The time had come for the selection of class rings,-ours, for a day. "lt's a Date", the class play, was soon followed by the Junior-Senior prom. The gym was beautifully decorated, the girls wore beautiful gowns, and we felt we had been perfect hosts. The school picnic climaxed the years' program. September i955, and we were Seniors, We elected class officers and selected as our motto- "Let us be seen by our deeds". We chose the American Beauty rose to blend with our colors, pink and white. "Line of Scrimmage", our class play, provided an opportunity for many to show their ability as actors and actresses. Additional funds were needed for our Senior Banquet at Wissinger's Inn, and these were secured by spon- soring Doc Williams and his Border Riders, As guests of the iuniors, we had a wonderful time at the prom. 0 Myrna searches the files for the history of previous years. Among seniors who gained notable achievements were Stephen Hamel, who made the highest score in a test given by Juniata College, Barbara Drye, who won county honors in the "l Speak for Democracy" contest, Dixie Lee Secrest and Nancy Goughnour whose essays merited first and second places in the American Legion contest, and Delores Kokler, who successfully defeated all contestants to become "Miss Disc Jockey of l956" at radio station WCRO, For the second time in a five year period, all honors in the Johnstown V. F. W. Ladies Auxiliary essay contest were captured by local students. Frances Strippy, Mary Kindja, and Stephen Hamel finished in the order named. Marian College received second place county honors in the essay contest sponsored by the Cambria County Legion Auxiliary Council. Finally the night of our graduation had arrived, May 22, and in the audience we could see the smiling faces of our parents, relatives, and friends. Many of our group plan to enter college in the fall, and Uncle Sam will claim some in the armed forces. Others will seek work, while a few of the girls plan to be married. Truly we can say-our years in school were happy ones and we are proud of Franklin-East Taylor Joint High School and hope to prove worthy Alumni. 031 Left to Right, top RovvfRonald Meyers, Dean Vogel, Marian Uzelac, Robert Myers, Marian Shiley, Glenn Schellhammer, Mary Rumph, Nancy Rasleyich, Dixie Lee Secrest. 2nd Rovvf Justina Perecinsky, Helen Muharslcy, Angeline Niton, Thomas Sharpe, Jack Moschgat, Mary Saula, Frances Strippy, Irene Tclek, Margaret Rolish, 3rd RoWfDennis Wilson, Donald Rollins, VVilIiarn StripDY, Mary Jane Taylor, Doris Molchan, Ronald Muller, William Popp, Harry Sedlemeyer, Mr, Daley. Front Row --Harold Roger, Larry Otsanko, Charles Roger, Kenneth Mesaros, Thomas Singel, Dennis Yamrose, Auburn Troutman, Harry VViIIian1s, Teddy Stopien, Nick Yasika. Left to Right, Top Row-Jeannette Knoll, Robert McGuire, Frank Killian, Robert Lesnak, George Coleman. 2nd Row-Donna Gauntner, Mildred May, Irene Chuclik, Thelma Cragle, Shirley May, Josephine Dolence, Dolores Kokler. 3rd Row-Charles Gustlcey, Dale Cole- man, Joyce Keith, William Cooper, Joseph Fetchik, Myrna Kelley. 4th Row A Mr. Patcher, Patricia McGuire, Robert Locher, Arnold Fyock, Doris Gilmore, Barbara Drye, Rose Marie Gatalo, Frank I-less, Thomas Flook. SeatedfLarry Keyser, Donald Martinovich, Thomas Hayrilesky, Nick Derevianik, THE BEGINNING OF THE TRAIL AS SEVENTH GRADERS Joan Kingera, Mary Kindia, Francis Lepus, Harry Deffenbaugh. SOPHOMORES AND 5 Did you guess their identity?-Mrs, Caples, Tom, Betty, A Lucille, and Henry. :L I if.. 1 .lv .nl - --is id Ii ii , A James Colbert, Treasurerf Doris Gilmore, Vice Thomas Sharpe, President. President AND THEN WE WERE FRESHIES WEREN'T WE PROUD AS EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS OFFICERS Thomas Sharpe Vice President Mary Kindia W, President Dean Vogel Treasurer William Popp , Se-Crefary ...MMUHI Top Row, llelt to Righij-Jann-s Colbert, Dale Coleman, Robert Guslla-y, VVilliam Gcphart, Ronald Mi-yors, Rohm! Losnak, Arnold Fyock. Sc-cond Raw f Dolores Kokl:-r, Jeanette Knoll, Carol Barber, Josephine Dolenccf, Joseph Fvichik, lrvne Chudilc, Rose Marin Garalo, Frank Hr-ss Thirfl Pow' Mr, Moncilmirh, Charles Gusvkvy, Myrna Kelley, Twin Hayrilesky, Daralhy Bayush, Harry Diilliiii- baugh, Nick Dnreyianik, Barbara Dryi-, bvarcd-Jann-s Kobal, Larry Kcysor, Mary Kindia, Doris Gilrnarv, Carl Clriucl, Marian Colli-qv, Palsy MCGairr', Donald Marvrnoyich, Top ROW, Cleft 10 Riglwlh- Danni, Wilson, Howard Rager, John Polonchak, Doon Vogel, Jack Moriclxgal, Thomas Sharpe, William Svrippy. Sfzcand Row Dixie Sccresf, Marian Ulvlac, Larry Ofsanko, Donald Rollins, Dr-nnis Yainiirr-, Thainas Singul. Third RovvfMr. Siliick, Doris Molchan, Kenneth Mnrsaros, Mary Rumph, Francrs Sirippy, Margaret Rolish, Mary Saula, John MacEvvan, Seat.-cl Nick Yasilca, William Narnne, Hairy Sr-dlmyer, Tr-cl Sieoien, Angeline Nifiin, Mary Taylor, Auburn Trouiman, 'II SRM. l . 9 Mary ponders deeply as she reviews the work of her predecessor. APPRECIATION We, the Senior Class of TQ56, wish to express our sincere gratitude to all those who hOV6 extended a helping hand to us during our high school days. Among those whom we wish to recognize are the teachers who have educated our minds so that our future may be filled with the conhdence and knowledge we so desperately need. They have given of their free time to promote our social activities and have taught us, by their example, good character. Without the consideration rendered by the Board of Education, our desired goal would have been difficult, The administration provided solutions to our smallest problems and contributed to our benehts in every way. Ivluch appreciation is extended to our sponsor, Mr, George Sileck, whose capable supervision guided us through our last important years of school. It was through his constant and thoughtful interest in our efforts, that all our undertakings were successful. Parental guidance and understanding proved a main standby through our long iourney,-parents who so unselfishly sacrificed so as to provide for our education. Yes, to our parents who expect nothing, we owe much, mler D mo me . . . 001' H gfhi 0 Sp air We have come to realize what blessings we have had and we feel that a mere "thank you" is not enough to express our gratitude. In words, a "thank you" will have to do, but in our hearts lies the appreciation that cannot be put into words. Barbara Drye A MESSAGE TO UNDERCLASSMEN We, the class of l956, wish to express our gratitude and appreciation to those underclassmen who, through their unselfish efforts and cooperation, made this edition of the Jayonian possible. Someday you in turn will be seniors, and you will find that the publication of this book will be a fruitless task unless you enlist the aid of the underclassmen. Continue the good work, help the seniors of each year, or how can you expect cooperation when you become seniors? Our main campaign is the sale of Christmas cards and candy, and records show better than any amount of words that the support of the underclasses is not only desirable, but necessary. This year they were responsible for seventy percent of the total sales. The same is true of preceding years. ls this not sufficient proof? Remember your turn as Seniors is coming, and in closing l can only hope that you will receive the some cooperation, the same eager response as we have received, and that you will find in this book the satisfaction of being proud that you helped make it possible, Stephen Hamel CONGRATULATIONS The staff of the i956 Jayonian wishes to extend its congratulations to the staff of 1955 for the splendid yearbook which they produced and the honors which they brought to our school by being awarded "medalist honors" in the national yearbook rating contest sponsored by Columbia University. They failed to achieve a perfect score only by the lack of two identifications-the snap shots and the chorus. Schools throughout the nation enter their books in competition at Columbia University and we feel very proud that the highest honors should be bestowed upon our Jayonian. l wish to congratu- late the sponsors, Mr. Hite and Mr, Salem, and can only hope that this book and future editions may bring further honors to our school. Mary Kindia "LET US BE SEEN BY OUR DEEDS" We, the class of 1956, selected the above motto, for we felt it best represented the pattern by which we must fashion our lives in order to attain our ideals and goals in life. Be it ever before us as we take our places in the world, ' Linda admires her watch, the reward for her efforts in selling magazines. As lawyers, doctors, businessmen, housewives or husbands, we shall all be recognized by our deeds. Good deeds will bring to us the friendship and understanding of our fellow-citizens, while harmful deeds will bring upon us the scorn and contempt of society. Unknown men are being constantly recognized and are advancing to new heights, while men who have already achieved fame are rising to even higher goals through their deeds. We are the generation which will lead the world through the hardships and perils of the future. Much depends upon us, our wisdom, our attitude, and our ability to lead. Reaching for across the distant horizon, we and our deeds shall be the inspiration of an age which will go far in determining the future peace of the world. God grant that future generations, in measuring our deeds, may say: "'Twas a iob well done". Donald Martinovich HOW CAN ICOMBAT JUVENILE DELINQUENCY? "How can l combat iuvenile delinquency?" is a question l have never asked myself, because juvenile delinquency does not exist in my community. And why not? The reason is that I, and my teen- age friends, have joined forces with interested adults to provide supervised recreation and activities which grant our youth an outlet for pent-up energy. Our educators have the full confidence of both parent and student, and have established numerous business and social clubs, headed by local teen- agers who exert a tremendous influence for good among their youthful companions. Dramatics, athletics, and music are but a few of the many evening programs in which we participate. Again kindness, respect and friendship are established. Within the community I will cite the Lion Cubs, an organization for teen-agers as an example of youth participation. Some render invaluable aid in conducting a midget basketball league, others plan weekly dances. Some assist in scout work, while others chaperon the younger children at various outings. Sunday is God's day. We travel To church, join in group activities, and receive religious training. I have told "What l am doing to combat iuvenile delinquency" with the hope that other communities may adopt a similar plan, Barbara Drye Junior Glass Our first important venture was the election of class officers. Under their direction and the supervision of our sponsor, Mr. Hite, many activities were successfully completed-a magazine sales campaign was conducted, class rings were selected, and a skating party was held. Many iuniors participated in, "Jays A' Roarin", a musical revue. Junior play time came and what a date we selected -Friday, April l3. However, "Love ls ln The Air" could not be iinxed. The cast was selected and rehearsals began. What fun we had! The big event of our year was the Junior-Senior Prom at which we played host to the seniors. The gym was beautifully decorated in the form of a rose garden. Weeks were consumed as thousands of roses were "grown" for the occasion. We slaved and we slaved as we worked patiently with wire and crepe paper, but on the evening of May llth we were truly proud as juniors and seniors assembled to dance to the music of Jimmy Cannin and his orchestra, Our last activityfthe school picnic-happily brought our junior year to a close. Summer vacation and then, . , , "forward we'll march" To another school turn,-at the top of the list as Seniors. 44 OFFICERS President ,, George Pazin Vice President, Carol Hagerich Secretary, Marla Ochenrider Treasurer Elaine Foltin 0 Carol, Marla, and Elaine show interest in George, the Jayonian photographer. Top Row4Johnson, Castine, Buchan, Gelles, James, Gutskoy, Gorman, Second RovvfVV. Jancar, Furman, Jacoby, Chilton, Caras, Froidhoff, Applcy, Hildebrand, Third Raw'- Hess, Cooper, Daniels, Burger, Lrowe, Hvaclrick, Dirnond, Fourth Row r-Mr. Hite, fuller, Carol Hagerich, Foltin, R. Jancar, Bi-rzinikv, Fyock, Gochnour, l-tornickg Sitting ffHarner, Gartri-ll, Jones, Clair Hagorich, Hunt, Bolha. Top Rovvflf, Ponczok, Keipor, lvlillvvorcl, Killi-n, Mattes, Kushner, Popp: Second Row A- Nickel, Kauliman, Kalinyak, Morkley, Oparnico, Killian, O'l-lala, Nlicikg Thircl Rowflvlr, Moncilovich, L, McCann, Kubenko, G, McCann, Liska, D, Loyo, Kosic, Pazin, SittingfParks, Polonchok, Miller, Kelley, V. Ponczek, Kobal, Ochenridor, Absent! Konchan, R. loya, Top RovvfB, Wilson, Roberts, Rzcszut, Yuhas, Rygel, Walf, Witkosky, Dean Thomas, Si-cond Rovvflvlrs. Hargreaves, Vavrek, Silk, Smiley, B, Thomas, Roger, Trautinan, Shoc- nmker, Rankin, Doris Thomas, Sitting- Santoyo, N, Thomas, Stanislovvczyk, Rmgharcl, Raslrivich, Stvtl, Schorer, Rm-:ring Absvntf L. Wilson. NEAR THEIR LONG AWAITED GOAL AS SENIORS REACHING THE HALF-WAY MARK OF THE TRIP Twp Flow Kmrlyu, Furvivr, Iiilclvinuqmd, Buchcvvwcky, Droluniik, Ynwjlx, Svccmfl Rww Bmnwr, Bmxlwv, Cicxmvrm, 'lf-llwlmaky, Bwmiwlmy, .l, Krwppvr, C, Krwppvrg Third Row frvirllmff, RM-,::, Duy, Arwcyvln, lluflmk, WMI, .lcxculwg imniiu Row- Mw, Vuicich, Diwnf, Buuw, Jcwun, Cluvwrm, F1-idvik, Cdlargw, Bfmrwp Smmwvy Dwck, Hmnick, Cuiwr, Jrvycn Cnkwllm, Judy Cn-k4'Hf1, FUCK, Bmw, Twp Row Ywunbu, Pc-llimw, Stunhlovvczyk, O'I-infra, Lows, Sirmuwk, Shihy, Sm-vxrl Row Srwrflwdv Muwfoxiciw, Rubxw, Tursic, Puck, Shank, Popp, Shm-lflcmg Thircl Row Rmmbcxugh, Surhmw., Slcpboflfzunv, P-Huy, Lvlmlmln, Shnfhxr, Stvph-I1, Rltchx-y, Sdwllhcxmlnw-vp Iwuvih ROW Wcwlruufk, Rokowh, Milhr, Swydivy, Mmlzn, SM , Muimrfxky, Tiwmcuwg Fifth Row Vickrruy, Rvighurd, Oirulin-ky, Sffmbr-lf, Strippy, MwlwYmivv', Yurkcvxwdw, Vim, 46 Sophomore Class One down and two to go. We were told that this year would be hard scholastically, but we were sure of it when we received our schedules, and positive when we received our books. When report cards were issued, the students proved that, with a little effort, one could attain success. The first day of our Sophomore year, we met our sponsor-Miss Vujcich-who had guided us through our Freshman year. We were very surprised to find that, although the school enrollment had increased, our class had diminished greatly. The first movement in re-organization was the election of officers. The students showed wisdom by electing those whom they thought were best qualified to represent them. Quite a few found their place on the athletic field, others, musically inclined, joined the high school band and orchestra, the remainder were content with watching the games and cheering the boys to victory, But even though our schedule was hard and our goal high, we found time to attain membership in various clubs organized by the school. Our activities program began with the initiation of our fellow classmates into the various clubs, participation in the intramural basketball and volleyball games, and the display of our ability in dramatics. We looked forward with enthusiasm to the coming of the Yuletide season, the decoration of our home rooms, and our part in the Christmas school programs, As sophomores we visualized the fact that we needed funds for various events in future years. When asked if we wished to sponsor a skating party, we readily agreed upon a date in March, the venture proved to be profitable. Exams were passed and as we thought of the joys of Juniorhood, we had to pause to look back to our Sophomore year and the many beautiful memories we shared. HAPPY FACES . BIG SMILES GOOD TIMES . . 9 and Raymond. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer . , 9 Somethin attracts the attention of Judlth, Shirley, John, OFFICERS John Berzonsky Raymond O'l-lala Shirley Iviintmier 7 Judith Strippy Freshman Glass The eager freshmen finally began in August their journey to the top of the list as Seniors, and now they were well on their way toward the accomplishment of their goal. The freshman class had many boys who participated in football, basketball, and baseball, and many became stars of the game. The girls now ioined the Y-Teens and prepared for their initiation. They received a list of the clothing they must wear and the rules they must follow. The rules were fairly rough, but the group was not discouraged, because they began planning for the day when they would make plans for initiation of the freshmen of next year. The ritual turned out to be fun. Mr. Strippy, the class sponsor suggested a skating party to raise money they would need in the future years. The class co-operated with the plan and the party was a success. Finally the time had arrived for the freshmen to become sophomores. They were eager to reach a higher rung of the ladder, but were sad at leaving their happy freshman year. 43 OFFICERS President . .. . George Margetan Vice President .... . Milan Giurich Secretary .. Dorothy Buchan Treasurer . .. Hallie Dimond ' Not late, but iust a request by Milan, Hallie, George, and Dorothy for a party. Top Row-Greblowski, Blair, Bennett, Gustkey, Bobak, Cromer, Hoschak, Second Row-Dimond, Dix, Coleman, Delusa, Friedman, Gindlesperger, Hunt, Hildebrand, Third Row-Gillin, Horner, Horbal, Grove, Gunny, Giurich, Gough- nourp Fourth Row-Mr. Strippy, Bosser, Franko, Drobnich, Hanchak, Glacken, H. Hostetler, Buczek, Derevianik, Sitting- C. Freidhoft, Cintula, Galavda, Buchan, Furman, D. Freidhoff, Hagerich, Top Row-McCann, Moriarity, Mardis, Muharskv, H, Jackson, Kalinyak, Second Row-Kaseler, LaCorte, Marklcv, Kuzak, Krnetz, Mesaros, Kasic, Third Row+Mrs. Mulvehill, Kalina, Lecky, Medvesky, Kolar, Marshall, Miller, Sitting-Munko, Y. Jackson, Margetan, Krzysko, Jones, Michnya. Top Row-Price, Trinklev, Poncrek, Wills, Pavina, Uzelac, Second Row- Zimmer, Wasylovski, Nelson, Plish, Stormer, Smerzlich, Nickel, Third Row 4Miss Galbraith, Reed, Stoulffer, Strunk, Ziner, Ullerv, Yasika, Thomus, Rolish, Sitting-Santovo, Rubis. Porcher, Trout- rnan, Yanko, Paruch, Richardson. BEGINNING THE JOURNEY TO BECOME SENIORS n xmw -1.1 - 7- 1 - r an-1-1 SOON TO BE PART OF THE HIGH SCHOOL CROWD Top Row-Grove, Erwin, J, Grasser, Bobak, Dix, Joan Bolha, Jean Bolha, Elders, Second Row-Anthony, Dolence, Cooper, L. Grasser, Burrows, F. Boozer, Cobaugh, W, Freidhotf, Angelo, Third RowfBaker, l, Drye, Adams, D, Bozic, D. Freidholf Foltin, Castine, Furlong, Fourth Row-Mr. Thomas, Gainer, Buko- yec, M. Drye, S, Boozer, GrifTin, Brum- baugh, Gartrell, Frick, Buynackg Sitting -Bartlebaugh, J. Bozic, Buczek, Dravis, Brassot, Gillespie, Gillin, Cveykus. Top Row-Molchan, Hamulo, Hartfiel, Larry Marshall, Judge, Meyers, Mintmier, Nolte, Second RowhMentzer, Pudliner, Karsaba, Pencola, Polonchok, Oparnico, Pruski, Marsh, Holtz, Third Row-Knox, Muharsky, Loya, Jancar, Hughes, Jacoby, Heltzel, McNulty, Fourth Row-Mr. Salem, Hunt, Kemp, Harbaugh, Pollino, Keirn, F. Ponczek, Keith, Ronald Ofsanko, P, Ponczek, Sitting-Kushner, Mesaros, Markiewicz, LaRue Marshall, Plis, Lalich, Mardis, Richard Ofsanko, Top Row-J, Stiles, Torak, Zupancic, Thornton, C, Silk, Simmons, Yarina, Singel, Second Row-Vovrek, Salem, Reed, Strippy, Santoyo, Rorabaugh, Urbas, Saula, Toth, Third Row-Mr. Foley, E, Thomas, Skybo, Stan, Younkers, Uzelac, Williams, Stouffer, Richter, Sitting-J. Thomas, Vivis, Schellhammer, R, Silk, A. Stiles, Sheldon, Yackulich, Ritchey. OFFICERS President . ,,,, Vice President Secretary ,,,, ,,,,. Treasurer .,,s John Strippy Ishmael Drye Jean Bolha Joseph Dolence ' John, Jean, Ishmael, and Joseph come to the end of o school day. 5i Eighth Grade The eighth grade went forward with their heads held high at the prospect of becoming freshmen. Four hard years of work lies before them. The first weeks of school were spent in making new friends and gaining the acquaintances of the teachers. Mr. Salem was named as class sponsor. Many of the students took an active part in the programs of the school. The Halloween party was one of the most popular activities with the class. Everyone dressed in costume and came to the social, determined to have a good time. They ioined in the games and some won prizes in the many contests. A skating party was their only source of income for the year. A good time was had by all, Time passed quickly. The class was now prepared for the county exams. These were soon conquered, and the class again held heads high as they realized their dreams of becoming freshmen, Seventh Grade Beginning the climb to the top proved very interesting for the seventh grade class. The time had come when they could participate in the activities of the upper- classmen. They experienced great ioy as they joined in the Christmas party and the various sports events. New classes were opened to the students. Gym proved to be one of the most popular among the entire group. Students displayed a great deal of interest in their subjects and were not slow in becoming accustomed to the change in schools. Their main event of the year was a skating party. All ioined in the ticket selling and the effort was not wasted, there was a large crowd at the rink. The school busses provided transportation to and from the party. Prizes were given to the skaters who could perform the best acts on skates. There was also a cake walk. The cake was beautifully decorated and the winner shared his prize with the remaining skaters. A good time was had by all. 52 -I-l l OFFICERS President .,,c Nicholas Yewcic Secretary Sandra Britton Treasurer ,c,. Trudy Wilson 0 A perfect gentleman, Nick will sample the water before permitting Sandra and Trudy to drink. We wonder! Top Row-Britton, B, Gindlesperger Fyock, Lewis, Colbert, Coleman, Bennett Brennan, Second Row-Daniels, Garland: Furlong, Craig, Kirkpatrick, G Colbert, Grove, Nickel, Collegep Third 'Row-Mr Day, Ford, Gunny, Angelo, Nelson Sitting-Gross, Freidhaff, Gillin, P Gindlesperger, Angus, Burkhart, Galayda Romanchak, Top Row-Haschak, Holtz, I. Hilde brand, Konchan, C, Porcher, Hafeckeri MlCl'1UfC, l-9l1I'T1Gn: Second RowhMcElroy J. Porcher, Mastovich, Partsch, Kuzmiak, Mountain, Ponchek, Third Row-Mr Medler, Kohan, Locher, Knepper, Miranda Pyshnick, G. Hildebrand, Molchan, Kemp Sitting-Lee, Hunt, R. Price, Margetan Pavlick, D, Price, Miller, Parks, Top Raw-Way, Wilson, Zaider, Trip lin, Wasylovski: Second Row-Witkc-sky Reigharcl, Smith, Stanton, Wagner Schofield, Third Row-Mrs, Nagle, C Wllli0fY1S, Steoien, Steohens, Selfridqe Rudgq, M. Steepe, Yewcic, Sitting- Woznick, Stetz, Sweltz, D. Williams Sarlouis, Yurkovich, Absent-S, Steepe Qleason, Bimeal, Dolence, Boothby- I I ANTICIPATE MANY HAPPY SCHOOL DAYS AHEAD PUBLICATIONS DRAMATICS MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS CLUBS cfivifies IIFFDRDED UPPUIITUNITY FOR EXHIBITING TIILENTS IIIIII INTERESTS rss. 3 --01" fi' Jw ubs SECRETARIES Top Rovvf-Barber, Dolencv, Dunw- ianik, Killian, Furman, Cliuclik, Second RowfBayu5h, Roli5h, Koklr-r, Marsh, Knoll, Dryc-, Brifmn, Third Row--Olcsksia, Ra5levich, K4-Ill-y, Uzoloc, Scala, Molchan, Colll-gr-, Kny- ser, SiHingfBosser, Gilmore, Kinclia, Niton, Goughnour, Gillin, McGliiif-. PATROL Back RowgGrovn, L, Grcv.-mr, J, Grass:-r, Molchun, W. irnicllmll, Front Row-!Lee, H, Pre-idlwofi, Nr-I-im, Mounlan, Ford, Mnllvr. COMMERCIAL CLUB Top RovvfKnoll, Svripwbf, Oparnico, Thornas, E, Killian, J, Killian, Ream, Kalinyok, Ruger, Govolo, Si-cond Row-Kubcnko, Be-rzinsky, Liskcx, Barber, Chudik, Cooper, Dimoncl, Drye, Rankin, Third Row-Miss, Gal- brailh, Silk, Fyock, Oleksio, Rolish, Kokler, Marsh, Mountan, Rcwlvvlchy Fourth Rowflvlrs, Nagle, Kinclin, M. Kelley, Parks, L, Kelley, Milli-r, Minfmier, Lego, Thornton, Goughnour, Sitting -McGuire, Bashar, Gillln, Join' Hunr, Gilmore, Harm-r, Rifchl-y, Clubs . . . The SECRETARIES received much valuable experience as they carried out the assignments of their respective teachers. Their work consisted mostly of cutting stencils and producing mimeographed copies of tests and Work sheets. The students on many occasions vvere afforded opportunities ot taking dictation. The SCHOOL BOY PATROL was organized by Mr. Medler and its members deserve much credit for their faithful vvorlc in all kinds of vveather, The patrol group stresses the importance of crossing the streets and board- ding buses at properly established places. Congratula- tions on a iob well done. The COMMERCIAL CLUB under the supervision of Mrs. Nagle and Miss Galbraith proved a valuable factor in furnishing programs for the football games and all dramatic productions. The use of color added to the appearance of the completed work. This was done at a minimum cost. The KEY CLUB was headed by Anthony Ziner, with Mr, Medler and Mr, Margetan serving as sponsors. lts members operated the school store and conducted noon- hour entertainment. They held dances after several games. Much instruction was derived by extending invitations to industrial leaders to appear as speakers. KEY CLUB ' Tony urges that all students attend the Key Club Dance MANY SERVE USEFUL PURPOSES Stcinclingftvir, Margetan, Jacoby, Appley, Oparnico, Mesaros, Fetchik, Pollino, Mattes, Sharpe, Fyock, D, Popp, Sarlouis, Mastovich, Ritchey, G, McCann, sitting-fMr. Meddler, Hess, W, Popp, Haltz, Singul, l-lamivl, l. McCann, Zinef, Coleman, Buchan, Millwarcl, Colbert, 57 Y-TEENS ' Hot Dogs and cokes are quite popular at the games. The Y-TEENS reorganized this year with a record membership. They were sponsored by Mrs, Hargreaves and Mrs, Copies. The club was active and conducted the March of Dimes campaign in our school. They held numerous social activities within their groups. Previous to the Christmas holidays, they invited all faculty members to a tea. The festive spirit was completed by furnishing C1 needy family with a turkey and trimmings, The Y-Teens sponsored a successful Valentine party and dance, SENIOR Y-TEENS Clockvvisl- From Center Pointe-Uzclac, Ochenridrr, Ream, Santoyo, Ritchi-y, Bossa-r, Gilmore, Gillin, Bolho, Parks, Jones, N, Goughnoui, Kindia, N, Thomas, Ponczek, Vavrek, L, Kelley, Miller, Killian, Gustkuy, Furman, Cards, Hildebrand, Strippy, Chuclik, Gotalo, Dlmoncl, Kubenko, Foltin, Thornton, Nickel, Lisko, Kcklr-r, Marsh, Rolish, Full:-r, Bayush, Hagerich, Mrs, Hargreaves, D, Thomas, Slvtz, Fyock, M. R, Gochnour, College, Raslevich, VVil:,on, Reighard, Stanislavvczyk, Mountan, L, Daniels, Drye, Soula, Olwkuia, Logo, jab ..,.h - W.- ...- -. few " GOOD DEEDS INFLUENCE YOUTH JUNIOR Y-TEENS Clockvvisce From Center--Otolinsky, SHIDDYI Shubert, Yankw, Reed, Paruch, Santoyo, Munko, Modic, Rgplish, Medvwky, Drobnich, Wasylovski, Hunt, Hildebrand, Dimond, Colm-man, Marsh ill, Troutman, Jackson, Porcher, Strank, R, Thomas, Kolar, Krzyska, Yosika, LaCorte, Kuzak, Plish, Freidman, Stormur, Tvinkley, Saul-r, Bittner, L, Smerzlich, Slobodzion, Zimmer, Haschak, K, Smr-rzlich, Pelkey, Hostetler, Jacoby Siplivy, Clavvson, Ulla-rv, Wohick, Rorabaugh, Mintrnicr, Down Center-fBirus, Dick, Yurkavich, Milli-r, Mrs, Caples, Right Angle--Gomer, Reighord, S, Thomas, Steph-en, Shilcyf Left Anglof Buchan, Galayda, Bosser, Gustkcv, 58 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Front Row--Giurich, Berzonskv, Pazing S4-cond Row- Gilmore, Iiollin, Slrippy, Smvrrllichg Rc-ctr'--fHanteI. The ASSEMBLY committee is a newly formed organization which was established for the purpose of having student participation in the selection of movies and in the general planning of interesting programs. The support of the entire student body was secured, the results were that, at an average rate of ive cents, many late films were shown. The group enlisted the aid of the dramatic clubs for special presentations. Mr. l'lite was sponsor. The LIBRARY club proved invaluable to their sponsor, Mrs. Caples, in the conduct of routine duties. The members derived much pleasure in their tasks of mending torn books, classifying magazines and current periodicals as suitable classroom material and checking the proper arrangement of books. The group was very cooperative in helping students procure information for class assignments. The club was educational as well as interesting. The STAGE CREW is a group of non-glory seekers who are as essential to the successful production of a play as the actors themselves. A setting seldom serves two playsp thus new scenery must be built, set and painted. Perfect timing in light and curtain control requires attendance at the final rehearsals. The care of movie screens is also one of their tasks. Mr. Margetan, shop instructor, supervised all work, LIBRARY CLUB lviolchrin, Sharpe, Wciryitiir, Hugi-riclt, FRIENDS IN NEED ARE FRIENDS INDEED STAGE CREW Micik, Sarloui--, Janiczek, Stripir-n, Frivclman, Jancar. 59 0 ine spirit of this group inspired the boys to many victories. Pep Club . . . l-lave you noticed, especially at football games, a large group of students who have faithfully followed the Blue Jays and cheered them on to victory? You could not have missed the blue and white "beanies" topping the heads of many of our fair sex. These comprised the PEP CLUB, headed by president Barbara Dimond and sponsor lvlr, Hite. This was the group responsible for The arrangement for buses at out-offtown games. The club did not confine itself te sports events. They supported all school activities. The committee ardently and successfully backed Delores Kokler in her inter-school competition for "Miss Disc Jockey of l95o" honors at radio station WCPO, A TEAM IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS FOLLOWERS PEP CLUB OFFICERS Standing W- Hunt, Stanislawczyk, Otolinsky, Haschak, Swr-ltz, Bolha, Zinvr, Birus, Kltllltp Sitting7Dintond, Boi-wr, Ritchey, PEP CLUB COMMITTEE Back Row Slobocl7ic1n, Vlfilson, Bolhu, Marclis, Fyockf S:-cond Raw- - Yrmko, Kryzsko, Dinmncl, Nickel, Partschg Front Row -E, Ritchey, Coram, lvlcGuiri-, D, Ritchey, Buyush. Dramatics . . . The DRAMATIC CLUBS, sponsored by Miss Vuicich and Mrs Moncilovich, assured the student- body ot some worthwhile entertainment in assem- blies. On numerous occasions they presented movies or skits at noon. New members were accepted and initiated. The Christmas program was a pageant presented through the joint etclorts ot the iunior and senior clubs, assisted by all members of the mixed chorus. lt depicted the many scenes in the birth ot Christ and vvas truly one of the tTnest holiday programs in the history ot our school, "Who Murdered Who" vvon acclaim as their best one-act production. The make-up committee deserved Commendation. ' Nancy, Evelyn, and Patricia enact a scene tor the Christmas assembly TODAY WE ACT, TOMORROW WE FACE REALITY l SENIOR DRAMATICS Back Row' Muff. Vuicich, Dryt-, Mastovich, Uzr-lac, Sharpv, Wagner, Second Row -Gainvr, Rorabaugli, Stplivy, Pelkvy, Hastvtler, Ragi-r, College, Lehman, Yantrosrt, Popp, Third Row-Jacoby, Dick, Mintmit-1, Judy Colcella, Slolwoclzian, Saula, Schubert, Otolinslcy, Birufsg Fourth Rovvfliolcler, Fyoclc, Parks, Yurkovich, Woznick, Smerzlich, l-Iaschak, O'l-lala, Filth Row- Hagq-rich, Gilmore, J. Strippy, Kelley, Wilson, Rolish, Ritchey, Sixth Rovv- Kinclia, F. Strippy, Knoll, Critrilo, Tltonio., Ream. JUNIOR DRAMATICS Last Rovvf Mrl Mnnciloxich, St'Crnitl Rovvfhlaschak, Miranda, Storniwi, Rolish, Kushnrr, Zimnit-r, Trinklwy, Pollino, Karsaba, Gartru-ll, Marsh, Wasylovski, Tltlrcl Row' D, Calle-gp, Nickel, Britton, Konchan, M, Danivls, Furlong, Yevvctc, Galayda, Yanko, Sntorzlich, Kohan, Molchan, Fourth Rovv fSchohnlcl, Stl-tz, Wagnvr, Svveltz, Yurkovich, Sttrurv, Stanton, D, Uzrrlac, W, Frviclhott, Ponczwk, Michuro, Filth Row fWillian1s, Wil- san, Way, R4-ighafcl, Salt-in, Toth Younkers, Thomas, Wasylovslo, Bern- nrttp Sixth Rovvf- Goins-r, Dravt -, JL-an Bolha, Joan Bolha, Cobaugh, Foltin, Adams, Holtz, Dolonct, Seventh Rowe -Plis, Harbaugh, Hughw, Burrows, Frf-idhott, Frick, Dryft, Str-phcns, Fighth ROW Munko, San- tovo, Paruch, Riwrl, D4-rvvianik, Yost' ka, Friedman, Front Rovvf-Kasic, Krzysko, Castint-, Juan Dryer, S. Uzclaf, Jancars 'W f Av LATIN CLUB Many and various are the activities in which Latin students may engage outside ot classroom assignments. One ot the features of the LATIN CLUB was an original skit in which the members presented the many advantages to be derived from study of the language. All members were AB students and received club pins. John Berzonsky was president and Mr. I-lite sponsor. LATIN CLUB Top Row - Giurich, Mostovich, Muharsky, Pollino, Buchovecky, Bur- zonsky, Kmetz, Horner, Second Row fl-lildebrartd, Kuzak, B, Hunt, Gillin, I-Iaupt, Smcrzlich, Slobodzian, LaCorte, Haschak, Third Rovv7Mr, Hitc, Krzysko,, Strippv, Kolina, Rokosh, Koseler, Kolar, Jovce Cszkella, C. Hunt, Fourth I2owfI.ecl-cey, Yurkovich, Reighard, Siplivy, Gaincr, Judy Cekella, Margetan, Cintula. H Near Window fYasika, SIIIFKIIICII, Zimmer, Second Rovv f-A Thomas Strank, Stouttcr, G. A. A. The GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION for girls ot the eleventh and twelfth grade was organized by Mrs. Morgan. Intramural competition in volley ball, basketball, and baseball tor all grades furnished interesting hours ot relaxation. Bowling proved most popular among the members. Sara Nickel, president, and her committees worked hard to provide an opportunity tor all lassies to partici- pate. G. A. A. Back Rovvfliobal, Rankin, Vovrek, Konchan, Miller, Silk, Mrs, Morgan, Second Rovvflzyock, StriPFW, Haupt, Cams, Nickel, Liska, Haaerich, Ifubnnko, I-ront Row-Horner, Niton, Oochnour, Molchan, Kindio, Stetz, Bollwa. The 1956 Jayonian . . . With the presentation of this 1956 Jayonian, the staff, headed by Mary Kindia as editor-in-chiet, has completed its duties for the current year. Many long, weary hours ot writing, editing, rewriting, and proof-reading were but a tew ot the tasks which confronted the statt, sponsored by Mr, Hite and Mr. Salem. While all members participated in the publica- tion, certain students deserve mention tor out- standing eftort. Barbara Drye and Mary Bosser proved invaluable as managing editors. Marian College, Myrna Kelley and Frances Strippy rewrote articles to meet word limitations. Doris Gilmore, Patsy McGuire, and Phyllis Gillin spent many hours at the typewriter. James Colbert and Thomas Havrilesky wrote sports news. Delores Kokler served as advertising manager. Several iuniors-George Pazin as photographer, Patricia Bolha as artist, and Virginia Furman, Diane Loya, and Lorraine Kelley at mounting pictures-gained valuable experience. Without funds there could be no Jayonian, Stephen Hamel, and his tinance committee, super- vised by Mr. Salem deserve commendation for conducting special activities and yearbook sales. Pictures ot the other stat? members appear on wee 4. WE ARE PROUD OF Standing-associate editors: Goughnour, Martinovich, Gatalo, Saula, and Thornton, Sittingfmanaging editors Dryc and Bosscr flank Mary Kindlcl, editor-in-chief, OUR ACCOMPLISHMENT SlandingfStrank, Brennan, Rudge, Cveylcus, Dolcnce, Berzonsky, Pazin, Haschak, Kelleyy Sittingf lirzysko, Bazic, Plus, Younkers, Furman, Loya, Foltin, and Strippy, 2.....3 A ,Vg 5 1 --s:?k Senior Maiorettes, standingfKnoll, Kokler, Gatalo, Soula, Dolenceg kneeling-Gilmore. SENIOR BAND MEMBERS JOSEPHINE DOLENCE, pretty and pert maiorette, is an excellent pianist. BARBARA DRYE vvas an exceptionally dependable and hard-working saxophonist, ROSE MARIE OATALO proved her ability as a drum major. DORIS GILMORE added glamour to the marching and drill unit. THOMAS HAVRILES- KY could produce real iive out of his clarinet. SARA HOSTETLER was a worthy addition to the saxophone section. JEANETTE KNOLL, a girl with boundless energy, sparked the majorettes. DELORES KOKLER, dark eyed brunette, vvas attractive as a maiorette. RONALD LEHMAN could lend a helping hand on many instruments. JUNE MARSH made a pretty and Worthy addition as a saxophonist. DONALD MARTlNOVlCl-l found pleasure as he produced music from his cornet. MARY K. SAULA won many hearts in her maiorette uniform, VVILLIAM SMOJICE earned the respect ot all with his cornet. DENNIS WILSON, another Cornet artist, upheld the morale at all. Delores Kolaler, on the left, checks a tevv of the votes she received as she defeated her Windlneu' opponent in the district tinals, and became "Miss Disc Jockey ot l956." 65 Music . . . SENIORS END ROLES Standing-Wilson, Dryeg Knc-clingAMartinovich, Lohman, S IC DANCE BAND STOnClirwg-Lelwmcm, Bock Rowflireicllwofl, B, Tlvorvmi, M, Ho-Clwlc, Smoiacv, Morlinoviclw, il .gn Puzin Front Row-f-Gelles, Dryc, Hovrilcblcy, Buclvowvcky, Kcllvy, D, Hosclicik, Gcxlolo, N, llvomof- MUSIC . . . TUNES WERE SELECTED TO FIT THE OCCASION Top RowfTlwomo5, Rogwr, Morlinoviflw, Wilsor1 Buchovecky, Judge, G4-Iles, Lehman, Freidliofl, Roberts, D Hoscholc B Dr Cp Second Row-FreidhoFI, J, Jocoby . , . Y f Rorobough, JA Hoschnk, Siplivy, Shaffer, Goincr, D. Bozic, Buckovcc, J, Drye, Ponczok, J. Bozic, Slepiun, Yurkovichp Third RoWfRoslevicl1, S, Guslkcry, Furlong Fronko, Pozin, Dolcnce, Torok, M, Hoschok, Kmctz, Freidhofl, Smoiicc, I, Dryc, R, Jacoby, Angelo, Puvlick, D, Gustkuy, Rciglfvordp Moioretrcsf-'Jockson, Stanislaw- czyk, Goclmour, Kokln-r, Knoll, Furman, Dolcnio, Soulo, Gilmore, Minlmierg Drum Maiorcrtlcffgololcvp Bonne Cc:1rriersfFuller, Strztz, Junior Moiorclle-Bcrkiclm r 0-Q., ,, . . 5 , w , . 1 Q . 1 - QQ J 'Q 'H gxfgb I Y - My ' -Q5 rn :jQLx5 , 4: , 'ff ' ffgl' . ' ' ,ef, . yf.' ,fi ,wwf , ,yi H5 K nk, fl , VI. yu 3.3 .Ui Zfwvm 1 -., A Y' l K 'S' lk P 4 'Eh' my 4 , 4.14 - .-gf, M1 -- -,,.f , , ,, E ., . A 'i r.,.r,,' A .,-. A ,L , 5 LV tv ,,,, 2 ,V ,. M 4 X, . -, ,.-W . .Q ,Q -x , 'ZF-..hw1xf1 iN.:'f' "'AAkKK 'T' 'LQ 1-:,.LlZ:I,'x vxwll gg' fl.-4,1'3y,,j'Q.,-gglflgy 1 ,ally 4 5: if V r ' gl yy yi 1 AXE, "ff Agfrl . -2 . 4 cf W ii AEQX f 1:5 5, :Ei Q1 H5 iffg' if 2 W. '? 5 we s. ff .U 5 Q Q X .- , ,x . 'K I s I, ' L 5 ' ' X x b AgQ,ll..d?L li' JJO.. LA f f rr ' ' "'- N. fn "1, Ll I to . ,. Ms, M, - ,Ml 0 L N-WV J, ,zu 1 M I ' ' gf M L LA1,11 eff- 'E C.r uk' 5 ,f 1 BLus: .JAYS is HIGH SCHOOL RA'-"' Wm ... 'M SENIOR PLAY . . . Nxfll f--if 'A clciss scene from f'plfIy" school. 'Teocher receives u Test for The Toot- lloll hero, 'Teochers lor ci night, 'The prinfipol is iniiiofed into fooT- boll, ' Couch greets sec: Q Tory, 'As one genilemnxn To onoiher, 'Th, mail lor Teoch- ers hos arrived, 'An imporTonT con- Terence of The school board, Eogorness, exciTernenT, nervousnessfoll were opporein on The evening oT November TT os The senior cosT QoThered in room 213 Tor Tinol insTrucTions Troin clirocTors Hite ond Solern. The occosion wos The ioresenToTion oT "The Line of Scriinrnogef' AT eighT o'Clocl4 The CurToin opened before on enThusiosTic oudience, Teors were TorgoTTen, ond The Gloss oT T956 emborked on The hnol STOQQ presenicnion of Their high school Coroer. The opplouse which greeTecl The Thespions os The hnol Curfoin wos drown wos suFTicienT evidence oT The crowd's reocTion, REHEARSALS LEAVE MANY FOND MEMORIES We turn back the hands of time to our iunior year when an enthusiastic group reported to Mr. Hite and Mr, Salem for tryouts for "Its A Date." After three weeks of rehearsal, fof course, we were competent thespians?'??l, the play was ready to be presented. On March 25, 1955 at 8:00 P. M. the curtains were opened, and o very nervous cast made its debut, however, after a few minutes, the excitement diminished and we felt we did a very creditable iob of entertaining a capacity audience. 0ur Junior Play A GRAND TIME WAS HAD BY ALL The boys tind four lovely girls eager for an evening of ' The big game is at hand and posters are being prepared dancing. Never offer a girl the excuse that you cannot dance. 0 Dad and mother decide they too can "cut cz rug You'Il learn. C K ,. TV! W '5 K ' Qin , 1,2 HA M k!,L h W 5 M - 4 ,wwf . A wt K , ' 1 X ""X r' yi 1 , ' ,Q Y fry, , X, . 2 L ,.eX"'1 - 0 ? Hs- ,.. ,Ag +2 I Q. E I sb "-v dr ,I QQ yn. '28 ff vs 'X' X 1 Q2 . f Y' -vu. 'Lain-QL """"'-v-1--....,, si w VFW Q f X 70 w--new-ei' ,. -Tx I P QF , vk- V : U-uni AP' I ' g,'w'5 5 fb. 4 pn' A0 ,WM GM m'f""" 'C .'l i 2 . if 5 Joan circles the date of our class day. CAN DIDS From the beach to the football game. June hits a striking pose by the water. Ronald meets his lieart's desire, 'Nutt said. Let's go to the beach with Barb and Jeanette. Ott to training camp. Oh, those olden pictures! Ken is waiting, girls. The boys return from a game. Evelyn is ready and waiting, A knot is a problem, even tor George. Dixie lands a tish. Look out, boys, An old farm hand! Quit posing, Delores. School CHIEIIIIHI' . . . ii i'f "AH PLUS My DESERVES A BOUQUET VVORTHWHILE A "D" MINUS i'August 29-School Opens ki: September 5-Labor Day MiSeptember 6-Fair Day uk nkvl' Heee September 9-First Football Game October 8--Y-Teen Hayride "October I5-Franklin defeats Conemaugh I8-l5 , ,, J, T ' iOctober 27-Yearbook Pictures 'k+vk 4, g., ' October 30-Halloween Party "A"November 7-Senior Portraits V7 14: 4:96 9r'k'k skis November ll-Senior Play, "Line ot Scrimmage" November 23-Senior Dramatic Assembly November 24-25-Thanksgiving Vacation December 7-First Basketball Game MXDecember 9-Movie-"Jim Thorpe, All-American" 'l A December 23-Christmas Assembly ti'MDecember 24-January 2-Christmas Holidays .G++ " " ' January 7-Julian Christmas MJanuary I2-Seventh Grade Skating Party 964: ik January 20-Movie-"The West Point Story" MJanuary 27-Variety Show iiMFebruary IO-Movie-"Young At Heart" kikfrvk February i3-Valentine Party "'tFebruary lo-Ninth Grade Skating Party vkvkic Mklvlarch Hflvlorch Mlviarch Mklviarch Hlviarch Hwlvlarch February 22-Doc Williams and the Border Riders 2-Junior Dramatic Assembly 7-Opera 9-Tenth Grade Skating Party i6-Movie-"Distant Drums" 29-Easter Assembly 30-Easter Vacation MApril 6-Eighth Grade Skating Party MiApril i3-Junior Play, "Love Is ln the Air" MApril MiiApril 20-Junior Skating Party 27-Spring Concert Mwlviay 4-6-Julian Easter Vacation 'kvkkif lviay ++WAMOy +ikkMGy rrrwiey 22 -Junior-Senior Prom -Senior Banquet -Class Day -Commencement Mtlviay 24-Picnic Day Mwiviay 25-School Ends 71 F - .-.,.,mww4v1mx-f-7-1 My-W-.,.N ,. . , A... , . ,. ,, ,.. ,WJ MVA 'i LL ,Z Z X . V I 1 f N 1 5 , . . QW, X 3 4, ' M12 , x H wi: - .3 4 M my Q a A .Q .E MWMW, f - 'nur' ,V . ., - ' ..,, ,wfw"n 1 'mum . W . "TL '? 'Q f ,, ,JL wi- Lak A .. ' iam " WMM U.. ., Q T , Q ' ., a.,..,.-.x,M,.,f v - Q-Q-.-MM... K X. Mfg K-W.-.HA-W +?55?+44++f4+ g...l,:epffa- if 'A ' "" .. ' Q Q -I w W .v 1 Q ,. 1 ...,,.4Q' Q L, A Wffx 4 'MXL 1 0 Y- J wg, ,. . ,f 1, ,- A k N.. x M M vm in 1 -W V A , . i f 0 W ,, S1 -3 Us ing 3 w 5 mmm- ,M A. X ,f...L, M 4 M 'H 'ser i ' W ,sh K 7 3 I 5? ? S I ' 2 6 U23 ' 1- vig ' .Ln 1 1 i Www xi M 1-nm 0 in ... ...I V Q A . Jin, 1, ' I Y M W A, , , , K 444, . , gf ,-,. is M , iw, . A ,MLN M ' , -, f. 5 pw' . V ww' 7- 'gaw-IW mfg- ,, , 4415 . . ,wx , -Q X FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL CHEERLEADERS Uqilzfeiics PROVIDED THRILLS AND EXCITEMENT FUR BOTH PLAYERS AND FANS COACHING STAFF Mr. Strippy, Mr. Giurich, Mr, Patcher Football . . . SEASON RESULTS Franklin . O Johnstown Catholic Franklin 26 Southmont ,,,,, Franklin l9 United Joint .. Franklin 20 South Fork Franklin Qi Beaverdale . Franklin ,,,o,,,,o . 18 Conemaugh Franklin ,,,o, .. l8 Meyersdale Franklin 33 Nanty-Glo Won 6 Lost 2 Top Row-Mesaros, Olsanka, Jacoby, Keiper, Ayrpley, VV, Popp, Strippy, Thomas, Hess. S C d R Pollino, Johnson, James, O'Hala, Loya, Simasek, Millward, Coleman. Third Row-Stepien, Colb t Shop Holtz, Ziner, Buchan, Mattes, Havrilesky, Fetchik. Sitting--L. McCann, Sarlouis, Micik, D. POPD Koh Headrick, Mastovich, Shoemaker, G. McCann. Prospects were really bright for the Blue Jays in mid-August when an enthusiastic group of foot- ball candidates, including fifteen lettermen, reported for physical examinations. After a few days of tryouts, a squad of thirty-two players embarked for Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, and a week of conditioning at Juniata College. Under the tutelage of Coach Giurich, the Blue and White gridders became well-drilled in offensive and defensive maneuvers. The Opening game found Franklin at Johnstown Catholic, but the score didn't mean the downfall of the mighty Jays. The next tour games left followers with smiling faces. Then came the big game, Conemaugh. The Horses were heavily favored to defeat the Jays, but the locals put up a thrilling battle and handed Conemaugh their tirst loss. The following week the high riding Blue Jays were upset at Meyersdale, but rebounded in the final game to ring down the curtain on a rather successful season. Y gm,- Q fy ge., F ff""'v,, 1 4? jf 5, if - ly ff .ts A Q . . Wiki Q '3219 5 ' K'h 1 ' ' it bf L g I QQ" I V s f my ' Q. ,. af gf it va T? g N 5 fx W YK f 1 I E 5 ' X A : gg a g f f .Q-Q- , VT , 'pf yt Zvg i j w H if K .I q q I 2 W 1, . I, , 'Ig' Xgi K L aw A Yz, LQ, , F7 v I 5,1 K , :W ,rap kr y T lk f s, j Q g Q gk 1 5 W :ix 5 Q ' J' 44,41 5 lf 'X ff . V 5 Q 3, in J E 6 Junior High Football Top Row-Moriarity, Muharsky, Mardis, Marshall, Dix, Meyers, lvlarkley Smmons Second Row Pav na l Mesaras, Jackson, Cramer, Blair, Wills, Kalinyalc. Third Row-Buczek te in D Uzelac Gunny Goughnour, Oparnico, S. Uzelac. Front Raw-Brumbaugh, Kemp, Strippy Heltzel Michnya Saula Ofsanko B Mesaros Past seasons have found Coach Strippy with a dirth ot material tor his iunior high football team, however last tall a large group ot ambitious lads answered his call. With them the business ot learning the game and keeping training rules was quite a serious affair and, although their record was not most outstanding, they gave promise ot being worthy replacements for the many varsity positions lett vacant by graduation. The Jayonian congratulates the squad on the earnestness with which they trained and on the sincerity with which they played. We predict that many will join varsity coaches, Giurich and Patcher, at training camp in August, and that the Jays ot i956 will again be returned victors in the maiority ot their gridiron battles. SEASON RESULTS Blue Jays Ferndale , s,,,. ,, Blue Jays Richland Blue .lays Westmont , Blue Jays Beaverdale , ,, Blue Jays Johnstown Catholic Won 3 l-057 2 Managers Dettenbuugh and Slngel SEASON RESULTS Blue Jays 77 41 Johnstown Catholic 63 Blue Jays ,,,7,, 56 United Joint 7 7 41 Blue Jays ,,,,,, 33 Johnstown 77 7 7 77 Blue Jays 77 60 United Joint Y,,, 7 54 Blue Jays 7 77 51 Johnstown 7 7 82 Blue Jays ,,7, 68 Ferndale 77 65 Blue Jays 77 77 45 Portage 7 . 69 Blue Jays ,,,,7, 58 Nanty-Glo 77 7 54 Blue Joys 7 2O Conemaugh 7 59 Blue Jays 42 Adams Twp. o,,, 77 75 Blue Jays 7 7 40 South Fork ,,7o, 7 49 Blue Jays . 53 Nanty-Glo ,,7, 77 7 55 Blue Jays ,,,7,7 43 Richland 7 7 42 Blue Jays 7 42 Adams Twp. 77 58 Blue Jays 7 37 Conemaugh 77 77 77 66 Blue Jays 77 27 Ferndale 777777 7777777777 4 2 Blue Jays 77 7 43 Portage 7 7777777777777 A 88 Blue Jays 35 Johnstown Catholic 63 Blue Jays 7 44 South Fork 7 7777 7 7 48 Blue Jays 77 7 27 Richland 7 77777 7 7 59' Won 5 - Lost 15 Kobal, O'Halo, Popp, Stepien, Buc Basketball . . . Many and diversitied opinions may be expressed about the basketball season of 1955-56. Pessimists may look upon the results as disheartening, while optimists will study the rebuilding program and look to the future years with hope. Blue Jay opponents were mostly veteran teams with several winning league honors and participating in District 6 ploy-offs for the state championship, Greatly handicapped by lack of height, Coach Milan Giurich faced the choice of playing the schedule with a senior squad or of reaching into the lower ranks and developing for the future. He answered this problem by using upperclassmen in early games, and then wisely brought up young and inexperienced players to complete the season. Inability to control the boards proved their greatest obstacle, however they carried into the games a "never say die" spirit which, with the experience gained, make the Blue Jay hopes for 1956-57 loom much brighter. Only two lettermen will be lost from the late-season squad. The remainder were freshmen and sophomores. han, Ziner, Walz, Mattes, Martinovich, Hess. ,A J shy , A i , -mm is 3, mi, 9 W 'X 3 -1 i fl I.: gg xy ga' v hi. if A 1 ' " ns M H .4 'sl 'Q ,Zta ' - 1. XA' ff xf'i Af' 1 Wm ' nr- 3 V "W 'Q 1 . :nj 4 7536, . VPS L ', t i, K WJ 1,5 w ., NM ., . 1 1 : " " -F in Q y, 'Aff' ' ' r .1 E Y, f'EL,,.:Sj,':.-4 wfq' SM uf- ' f,.1:-jiyi. ' w ll? 1 1, L: U, 2 . -1 O N ,l W R f B O'H JUNIOR VARSITY Jck Row A Berzonsky, Pollino, ala, Buchovecky, LOYG. Front Raw GI ch U IC fttooo, K I g4MastovIch ncc in Jackson., JUNIOR HIGH lc, C, Porcher, uri , zeo. Back Rovvfliascha M y Marshall, El K I S c d R C e ers, me Z. 9 ON OW1 ders, Jackson, Michnya, Polon- hak, Pavina, Markley, Saula, J. Or CF. ront ow- UYITIOIT, UT OH , P ch F R F F I Q Strappy, ODOVIIICO, Franko, Uzelac, Ponczek. Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue JUNIOR HIGH RESULTS Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Won I O Johnstown Catholic 4l Shade Twp. 7Y,,. , 24 Conemaugh . ,, 30 Conemaugh Twp. , I9 Richland Y,,7,, ,, H 28 Westmont ,,,, , 35 South Fork ,,,7 26 Conemaugh , ,, 37 32 Conemaugh Twp, Ferndale ,,,,,,,,, , ,, 43 Shade Twp, ,, 7 3 29 Ferndale ,7Y.7,, ll Richland , 34 Johnstown Catholic 29 Westmont 3 - Lost I2 Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Basketball . . . JUNIOR VARSITY . . . JUNIOR I-IIGH JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Jays Won Johnstown Cathollc United Joint Johnstown United Joint Johnstown I Ferndale Portage Nanty-Glo Conemaugh Adams Twp. SCUIII Fork Nanty-Glo Richland , Adams Twp, Conemaugh Ferndale Portage , South Fork Richland ,, - Lost I4 KTop to Bottoml White--Hagerich, Slobodzian, Schubert, Y Kelley, Uzelac, Strippy, Margaret Bosser, Mary Bosser, Blue llopl-LaCorte, Joyce Cekella, Judy Cekella, Center- anka Yurkovich THE SPORTS SEASONS ARE NOW COMPLETE Cheerleaders The cheerleaders deserve much credit for the splendid manner in which they aroused the support of the student body at all athletic contests. Mrs, Mulvehill was in charge of the group. They united with the Pep Club in promoting organized cheering. Many hours were spent by senior Captain Uzelac and her squad in drill work. Mary Bosser is the only other senior cheerleader. Baseball Early spring found a squad of nineteen candidates, mostly underclassmen, reporting for the baseball squad. Eager and willing, the boys looked forward to a fruitful season, however, a weak pitching staff and inability to hit in the clutch, combined with spotty defensive work, made winning a cumbersome task. SCORES Blue Jays l Johnstown Catholic Blue Jays O Indiana . . Blue Jays O Johnstown Blue Jays 5 Conemaugh Blue Jays . 4 Ferndale Blue Jays . O Indiana Blue Jays 2 Ferndale Blue Jays 2 Johnstown Won O - Lost 8 Buck Row Mr. Patchnrr, Wftgnm-r, Zinvr, Moncilavich, Gleason, Pazinf Second Row- ftrtchik, Stepicn, Colbert, Kei- prr, Sedlrnyer, Front Rowff Crvvve, Oparnica, Rorabaugh, Mmdvr, Prucnal, Shoemaker. SGT. MICHAEL STRIINK V. F. W. POST N0. 5107 COMMANDER ........................................ ......... P ETER BARAN SR. VICE COMMANDER .,........ .......... F RANK FINCE JR. VICE COMMANDER .................. CHARLES BANGO QUARTERMASTER ................. ........ M ICHAEL ORLETSKY ADJUTANT ............. ...... S TEVE TOMASKOVICH CHAPLAIN ........,......................,..............,.,..... CHARLES Hon-IAN FRANKLIN BORO. 81 Compliments -of- he Uonemau h 81 F anlrl 21 Water Comp 11 Compliments of ZALLAR'S GARAGE AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS GAS - ACCESSORIES - OIL CANDY - SOFT DRINKS - ICE CREAM 1466 FRANKSTOWN ROAD PHONE 5-6346 Fink's News Agency Compliments Airport Tavern 360 Greeve Street f o Conemwghl PU- R. D. No. 2 Phone 4-0185 Benny and Dot Fink I Newspapers, Magazines CCIl1l1ll1'S Confectionery and Novelties "We Specialize in Hershey Ice Cream" Barber Shop Opposite Forest Lawn Cemetery Johnstown, Pa. 82 COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Member of Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation IINITEII STATES NIITIONIIL BANK IN JOHNSTOWN MAIN OFFICE WEST END BRANCH 216 FRANKLIN STREET CORNER FAIRFIELD AVENUE AND G STREET The TOWER WIII1 The POWER T230 On Your Dial JOHNSTOWN'S FAVORITE MUSIC STATION Skzil? CONGRATULATIONS ON A TERRIFIC YEARBOOK- AND ON WINNING THE WCRO "JUNIOR DISC JOCKEY" CONTEST 83 WISSINGERS INN MEALS ROOMS skis? EBENSBURG, PENNA. PHONE 501 COMPLIMENTS DR. N. A. F OF - I TRAHANOVSKY I. A D I E S get A U X I I. I A R Y Franklin Fire Company OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND MAJOR suRoEoN 'Q Mrs, Josephine Benchina , ,O dent 'Q Mrs, Anne Singel ,,,,,,777, , V e resident Mrs. Pauline Havrilesky ,,,,, ,..7,7, S ecretary T40 SECOND STREET CONEMAUGH, PA. PHONE 9-9590 Mrs. Mary Winkler ,. Mrs. Barbara Salem .,,7, Mrs. Mary Singel ,,Y..77, . Mrs. Lottie Govekar ,, ., i 84 Treasurer Trustee Trustee Trustee - BEST WISHES - GEURGE MAKUCHAN FUNERAL H0 E fx film CONEMAUGH, PENNSYLVANIA Glosser Bros. Extend Best Wishes To The 'I956 Senior Class of Franklin-East Taylor Township High School WE WISH EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU A WELL-ROUNDED, SUCCESSFUL AND USEFUL CAREER - JOHN s'row N PA EVERYBODY S STORE 85 Uamphmenis of FRANKLIN BIIRUUGH CIIUNCIL Sfkzil? COUNCILMEN FRANK SINGEL ................. .......................................... P RESIDENT MICHAEL TOTH GEORGE SALONEY STEPHEN MITNIK PETER BARAN LOUIS BOSSER JOHN JANCAR PETER HERKO .................................. .................................. S ECRETARY JOSEPH S. HIRSCHBERGER ........ ........... T REASURER DAVID C. WOLFE ..................... ...................... S OLICITOR T. L. LOCHER ................ ........ B ORO. ENGINEER WALTER WINKLER ........ .................... B URGESS 86 Best Wishes C MPI I Preston A. Paul .- Of ..-. J h C Pharmacist o n onwa y Dr' 323 Greeve St t 8' Son Stephen J. Bondy Conemc, gh P HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 IT IS OUR SINCERE HOPE THAT YOU WILL JOIN WITH US IN OUR EFFORTS TOWARD THE PRESERVATION OF WILD GAME LIFE AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A SPORTSMEN'S PARK IN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES. 'E NEWTDWN - FRANKLIN SPORTSMEN'S IISSO0IIITION Compliments of THE MUELLER ART COVER AND BINDING CO. 15410 BROOKPARK ROAD CLEVELAND 11 OHIO 87 Compliments of J . B A K E R GROCERIES - MEATS - PRODUCE MINERAL POINT, PA. U0 VEB TUNO PHOTOGRAPHY OFFICIAL JA YONIAN PHOTOGRAPHER 'ilrzifr 504 MAIN STREET JOHNSTOWN, PENNA. Michnya Tavern Cvimpliments of Compliments One block off Highway one Hour P kh'Il, P . ar ' G of Dura Clean Pizza Om' Specialty 409 Main Street Joe and Lillian Michnya, E' F' Walker Proprietors Phone 7-4659 88 I I Compliments "i"I -of- I SLUVENIIIN SAVINGS 8: LOAN IISSOCIIITION W 361 FIRST STREET CONEMAUGH, PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY J. BREMER, M. D. 368 FIRST STREET CONEMAUGH, PA. Office Hours On MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND FRIDAY Yo 3:30 P. M. and 6:30 To 8:30 P. M. SATURDAY I 104:00 P. M. THURSDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY EVENING BY APPOINTMENT --- TELEPHONE 5-9871 --- 89 COMPLIMENTS -OF- I UNITED MINE WURIIERS 0F AMERICA L0 Al If 101V N0 63,9 - OFFICERS - TONY DOLENCE ...... ................................................................... P RESIDENT DANIEL STUREY ..... ..........................................,...... V ICE PRESIDENT JOHN MICHNYA ........... ............. F INANCIAL SECRETARY LOUIS ROVANSEK ....... ........ R ECORDING SECRETARY STEVE HAMULA .............................................................................. TREASURER - AUDITORS - JOHN GELLES JOHN BREZOVEC WILLIAM KRAJEC - COMMITTEES - LOUIS ROVANSEK TONY DOLENCE DANIEL STUREY MATT KRABAL MIKE HAVRILESKY STEVE HAMULA LEE EVANS JOHN CRUSE ADALBERT MARZEC RAY ROBB ikfiif "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL" 1 i 1 I I 90 ' RUFF'S JEWELERS I - SINCE 1898 ' FINE DIAMONDS - WATCHES - FINE JEWELRY Y III MARKET STREET JOHNSTOWN, PA. I QW PHONE 9-4463 I I 109 FRANKLIN STREET JOHNSTOWN, PENNA. I , , Dolan s Amerlcan Compliments of Supply Store Appliances, Paint, I Plumbing Supplies, Hardware, Wallpaper I 343 Greeve Street Conemough, Pa. Phone 9-5829 C omplim-eu fs Pike's I Jewelers 24 Main Street Conemaugh, Pa. - of - Johnny's Inn 91 GREATER JOHNSTOWN INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL AFFILIATED WITH CIO PHONES 6-2221 AND 6-0271 - OFFICERS - PATRICK GREENE ,7,7 I ,, , , 77,,77 ,, ,II, ,, ,, PRESIDENT REV. H. W. HALL .,,,,, ,, ,, FINANCIAL SECRETARY-TREASURER RICHARD DRAVIS ,7,7,,. ,,7,I,,, ,A,7,,7,77, , V ICE PRESIDENT EDWARD VETOCK ..,.I,I W ,77,,, RECORDING SECRETARY PAUL MORRIS ,,7., ,. ,,,II,I H 7 , 7,,777,, I I 7 SERGEANT-AT-ARMS - TRUSTEES - RUSSEL KEGG RICHARD HAUTZ JOSEPH DISTEFANO I Coke stop IOTHED UNDER AUTNOIITV Ol THE COCA-COLA COMPANY IV l 92 Uomphtnellis 01' The FUREST P RK CLUB - Famous For - U FINE FOODS ' SERVICE 5 ATMOSPHERE EPM? Banquets - Parties - Receptions REFRESHMENTS ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY DINNERS SERVED DAILY 93 U0M1'umfvTs I 0F I THE CUNEMI-HUGH FIRE CDMPANY l W1 u Q D W v 9 I JEWELERS 1903 - 1956 209 MARKET STREET JOHNSTOWN, PA. Congratulations, Seniors - of - Franklin-East Taylor Township High School Harold O. Weaver congratulates the Seniors and wishes each one a very successful and useful career. I feel sure that you will carry into your future the same high ideals that have made you successful high school students. ' WEIlVEII'S SUPER MARKET 55 MAIN STREET EAST CONEMAUGH, PA. "The Store Where No One Goes Away Dissatisfied" Compliments Dunbarls Grocery Best of Luck To Class Flo cl S. Da Of '56 Y Y Fresh Meats, Produce, PAINTING - DECORATING INTERIOR, EXTERIOR ICG Cream Shamas GI'OCery Phone 6-2375 Penzoil Gas - Oil 101 Main Street R, D, 1, Conemaugh Free Estimates Wesley Chapel, Phone 6-5981 Franklin Borough 95 C m Z' wt f Compliments of 0 pzmw S 0 Conernaugh I Joseph s Tavern George Sales a Service Opposite Coke Plant Gate Martinovich Franklin Borough 155 Main Street 333 Greeve Street Bevercfges Sandwzches Franklin Borough Conemaugh, Pennsylvania Ted Joseph, Manager 8 5 It Pays in P AY MOSKAL FUNERAL HOMES JOHNSTOWN AND CONEMAUGH TELEPHONE 8-2541 COMPLETE MODERN SERVICE 96 1 'l I 1 1 1 il BEST WISHES FROM I LIZZIO MASTER MARKET ' AND ' N. LIZZIO WHOLESALE DIAL 4-2824 I 40 MAIN STREET FRANKLIN BORO. ' I IN JOHNSTOWN ' IT'S ' I I I FIRST FOR COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE I MAIN OFFICE 532-534 MAIN STREET CAMBRIA CITY BRANCH GEISTOWN BRANCH Brood Street 2459 Bedford Street Member Federal Deposit Insuwmce Co7'p01'ation Congratulations Complfifments Compliments I I From - of -- ' .-. gf 1. Cover HiII John Jcmcclr F I ladies AUXIIIUTY Everett E' Custer Franklin Borough I 97 HEAHIIABT "QUALITY AT REASONABLE PRICES" ' FINE FURNITURE ' HARDWARE ' G-E APPLIANCES fkzil? PHONE 8-1259 CONEMAUGH, PA COMPLIMENTS .. OF .. K E E L A N ' S iii? 283V2 MAIN STREET FRANKLIN BORO. 98 3 TEHTATE zzmm 115110 I w I I JIJHNSTOWN, PENNA. I HACKEY'S MARKET EXTENDS BEST WISHES TO THE I956 SENIOR CLASS OF FRANKLIN-EAST TAYLOR TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL WE WISH EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU A WELL-ROUNDED, SUCCESSFUL, I AND USEFUL CAREER I virzvi? HIICIIEY'S MEIIT MARKET ' 222 MAIN STREET FRANKLIN BORO 99 GROUP ATHLETIC INSURANCE FOR BASEBALL, FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL TEAMS INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY GROUP HOSPITALIZATION, MEDICAL, SURGICAL POLICIES ALSO INCOME PROTECTION POLICIES C. R. MDRGRET 81 CUMPIINY Dial 4-8432 346 Washington Street Johnstown, Po. STEVE'S SERVICE STIITIUNS 100 TRUMAN BLVD. PHONE 8-4901 1620 FERNDALE AVE. PHONE 34-3864 GAS - OIL LUBRICATION - ACCESSORIES - . 1 V - T00 . SINCE 1892, lT's ,, . . Unttecl Jewelers . WWW You Caufflel Bros. Much Success" D' d W t ht . zamon s a c es Inc. Brumerskyls Jewelry Real Estate Phqrmqcy 412 Main Street Natural Resources J h S B k Ph G Johnsmwn Pa. Sales and Leases 0 ll' ' mmers y' ' ' Dial 7-5681 313 Greeve Street CASH ' CREDIT Couftiel Bldg., Johnstown, Pc. Conemuugh' Pc" Phone 7-9108 0 KE A Dill W il' MUSIC SWIM ALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES ALL BAND INSTRUMENTS, PIANOS, RADIO, SOUND INSTALLATION, REPAIR SERVICE, FACTORY REFINISHING AND MUSICAL INSTRUCTION. 331 GREEVE STREET CONEMAUGH, PA. DIAL 6-7603 " Compliments The STOl'e of Compliments Curtains of Sewell Claycomb Yard Goods , 635 Vickroy Avenue Brake 505-507 Main Street Bread and Candy 0 Johnstown, Pa. SSYVICS Phone 33-8515 101 I Compliments of White Eagles Airport Drive Inn Johnstown's Original Soft Ice Cream McGough's Market 1216 William Penn Avenue Conemaugh, Pa. Meats and Groceries COMPLIMENTS 1 OF 1 AMERICAN CARPATHO RUSSIAN CITIZENS CLUB OF CONEMAUGH 7272758 346 GREEVE STREET CONEMAUGH, PA. . Compliments of Compliments of Charles C, Roosevelt Cate D'moncI 142 Climon Stree, I q '4 i np 'Q Funeral Director JOHDSIOWH, PG- Johnstown's 621 Maple Street Joseph and Sally Hudoklin Proprietors Leading Jewelers Phone 7-5171 132-138 Market Street South Fork, Pa. Phone 2161 102 THE DIILE NIITIBNIIL BIINII JOHNSTOWN, PENNA. A coco BANK IN A soon TOWN QQ Member Federal Reserve System Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WNBAO WIMLE AM 0. 105-111 ADAMS STREET JOHNSTOWN, PENNA. TELEPHONE 7-4663 W CANDY TOBACCO CIGARS FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES NOVELTIES DUTCH MASTER CIGARS KING EDWARD CIGARS CANDY CUPBOARD BRACH'S CANDIES DISTRIBUTOR 103 BUSINESS PATRONS AL cAPPoLA BARBER SHOP GREEVE STREET CONEMAUGH, PA. PRlSTOW'S BON AIR MARKET 305 HORNET AVENUE JOHNSTOWN, PA. VIVODA'S BAR AND RESTAURANT 415 MAIN STREET JOHNSTOWN, PA. DAN AND l.EE'S SERVICE STATION 639 MAIN STREET JOHNSTOWN, PA. People who are looking for the best in automatic heating, who have thoroughly checked many lines of home heating equip- ment have resolved finally to look no further F Che' Checking Wolfe' D K' And why? Luxaire - in addition to its Eg attractive price tag - offers the unique ."'-..-: combination of distinctive eye appeal, superb E ll i'i'i'e - performance, plus Luxaire's record for depend- A E' g ability in providing automatically, economical IlS'5lls h h ' . llunilietlitxxilsimwtg I ome eating ist tl have Better Heating at Lower Busts S I 9 I 0 with - f GAS ""'f"'S'5""'s Diff' I U U PLUMBING 8t HEATING CONTRACTOR PHONE 5-2903 418 PARKHILL DRIVE CONEMAUGH, PENNA. FURMAN'S AUTO SERVICE ROUTE 219 AT WESLEY CHAPEL PHONE 8-2834 I04 UMIPLIMEIVTS BOARD 0F EDUCATIO VNU I 4 fx fl RV V I ,, f 5. X FRANKLIN-EAST TAYLOR TOWNSHIP JOINT SCHOOLS l l l 105 Uomphineni 0 FRI-lTERNl1L 0RDER 0F EAGLES CONEMAUGH AERIE NO. 1811 W FACTS ABOUT THE FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES Organized February 6, 1898. Has more than 1,225 subordinate units or Aeries. Has more than 1,300,000 members. ls confined to the Caucasian race. Covers U. S., Canada, and Insular Possessions. ls nonsectarian and nonpartisan. Minimum membership age is 21. Average dues are 513.00 per year. Sick benefits. Funeral expenses. Sponsor of Mothers' Day. Crusade For Freedom Social Security. Old Age Pensions. Memorial Foundation. Workmans Compensation. Chapel of 4 Chaplains Youth Guidance. S250,000.00 Dormitory at Boys Town, Nebraska. CAppi'oafimatiely 60 mefmbmzs from Franklin. belong to Conenuaugh Aerie 18112 106 '-: PATRONS :-' The Staff of the Jayonian wishes to express appreciation to the many Alumni and Friends who aided in its publication either as Patrons or as Advertisers. -- ALUMNI - 1931-MISS CATHERINE DIRSCH, 12 Jefferson Street, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 1932-MARY LOUISE fSaloom1 GOBER, 409 Wellington Road, Alexandria, Vir- ginia. 1935-MR. JOHN PATCHER, 426 First Street, Cgnemaugh, Pennsylvania. 1945-ANTHONY N. MORAN, Franklin Borough, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. 1946-MISS HELEN SLAVICH, 250 Spruce Street, Franklin Borough, Conemaugh Penn- sylvania. 1948-MRS KATHRYN ISuboleski1 KOPLIN, 100 Main Street, Franklin Borough, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. MRS. HELEN QBayushJ OFSANKO, 3820 Robin Road, Decatur, Georgia. 1952-MRS. BETTY fBayush1 O'SABEN, 13 Marble Alley, Franklin Borough, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. MISS DOROTHY RIBICH, R. D. NO. 2, Box 128, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MISS HELEN RYKOLA, 100 Spruce Street, Franklin Borough, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. 1954-MISS DONNA FYOCK, R. D. No. 2, Box 126, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MR. MICHAEL RIBICH, R. D. No. 2, Box 128, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. - FRIENDS - MR. AND MRS. JOHN BELICHAK, 474 Kenwood Avenue, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY BIZJAK, 158 Spruce Street, Franklin Borough, Conemaugh, Pen- nsylvania. MR. AND MRS. EARL J. COLLEGE, 621 Bank Street, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. GEORGE CVEYKUS, Rear 158 Spruce Street, Franklin Borough, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY DOLENCE, 307 Siapan Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. RUSSELL R. GAY, SR., 415 Grant Street, South Fork, Pennsylvania. MISS HELEN B. GOFF, 204 Singer Street, Johns- town, Pennsylvania. MISS CHARLOTTE HAMBERGER, 348 Locust Street, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. BERTRAND HAMEL, 482 Bennett Street, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. FRANK JACOBY, 308 Hornet Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, MR. AND MRS. LEWIS KINDJA, 221 Truman Boulevard, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. JOHN KUZMIAK, 131 Spruce Street, Franklin Borough, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. JOSEPH MEYERS, R. D. No. 2, Box 40, Johns- town, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. GEORGE M. NESBITT, 473 Ken- wood Avenue, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. MRS. HELEN fCveykusJ PAUL, R. D, No. 1, Mineral Point, Pennsylvania. MR. JOSEPH W. PLUMMER, 1155 Agnes Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MISS EVE PYSHNIK, 489 Rosenbaum Street, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania. NICK RIBICH, R. D. No. 2, Box 128, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. THOMAS ROSENBAUM, 364 East Jackson Street, Conemaugh, Pennsyl- vania. MR. GEORGE A. SILECK, 355 Plank Road, Vintondale, Pennsylvania. FLOYD STRAIT, 300 Horner Street, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. JOHN STRIPPY, 200 Luzon Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, MR. AND MRS. JOHN SWELTZ, 310 Luzon Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. MR. AND MRS. STEPHEN TOMASKOVICH, Rear 158 Spruce Street, Franklin Borough, Cone- maugh, Pennsylvania. George F. Seifert Kenneth D. Sell For Your Union Printing Needs PENN PRINTING COMPANY PRINTERS OF THE JAYONIAN PHONE 5-2601 646 MAIN STREET JOHNSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Serokman's Gas 81 Appliance PHONE 9-2283 324 BEDFORD STREET JOHNSTOWN, PENNA. vkzir DISTRIBUTOR OF PYROFAX GAS QUALITY CONTROLLED 'I08 COMPLIMENTS 1 QF .- A FRIE FOR BETTER HEALTH- FOR BETTER TEETH- FOR STRONGER BODIES- USE PASTEURIZED FRESH B O T T L E D M I L K NATURE'S MOST NEARLY PERFECT FOOD When food costs are becoming more important each day, you will find that there is much more actual value in a quart of Pasteurized fresh bottled milk than any other food you can buy at the same cost. JOHNSTOWN MILK DEALERS ASSOCIATION 109 THE 00NEMI-IUGH-FRIINIILIN I LIIINS CLUB ' Id bfs- 'Q I E I al 1, 9 '1w.m0 ' 1 THROUGH OUR ACTIVITIES: 1 Boys and Girls Work - Education - Sight Conservation Citizenship - Safety -- Civic Improvement Health and Welfare I STRIVING TO MAKE GOOD COMMUNITIES BETTER LUTHER FLYING SERVICE CO. IIO BEST WISIIEA' FRANKLIN VOLUNTEER FIRE CUMPIINY PRESIDENT ................... VICE PRESIDENT ......................... ........ RECORDING SECRETARY ........... .......... FINANCIAL SECRETARY ....... ........ TREASURER ............................ .... CHIEF ............................... NICK WUCKOVICH ROBERT DANIELS BERNARD ZIVKOVICH .. MICHAEL KUZMIAK ANTHONY BIZJAK WILLIAM HOHAN FIRST ASSISTANT ............. ........ R OBERT SCHREYER SECOND ASSISTANT .......... CHIEF OF FIRE POLICE PAUL PERCINSKY GEORGE BOSSER 1 AUDITORS 1 GEORGE SPANTAK - GEORGE KORMANIK - FRANK CHOMIAK 1 COLOR GUARD 1 PAUL PERCINSKY RICHARD MAKUHAN III AIWNG Wh' l0UVE!VlliA'. . . YOUR AUTOGRAPHS AND A FOND MEMORY 112 1 1 l w W

Suggestions in the Franklin East Taylor Township High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Conemaugh, PA) collection:

Franklin East Taylor Township High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Conemaugh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Franklin East Taylor Township High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Conemaugh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 38

1956, pg 38

Franklin East Taylor Township High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Conemaugh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 70

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Franklin East Taylor Township High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Conemaugh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 41

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Franklin East Taylor Township High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Conemaugh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 83

1956, pg 83

Franklin East Taylor Township High School - Jayonian Yearbook (Conemaugh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 24

1956, pg 24

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