Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY)

 - Class of 1974

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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'Q-mi J Q- .f 33' 'Vx . N4 if as 253353 Wi ., .g . 1 Q G -,5 .V 1-Lt. .. r fl 9 5 .- v-..a+f5gE.f4w -fpgu- 1,if, A ' t xj ,-.kk A ' 'if -.eggs Qfi':'f?:-Q 1 , I an , Q- i, Qi, I.. . Q , W: .1 'M s B, qu W ,. Gb ai 'Y A 2 a V. R 1 Q , f .ms-if f ,Q , f gi. ,, 5' , -if -' A ,w Q Q -A 3, 1 wi? fflifxffiu -1. 'S Hi -i - , 5 m . ,A gg. 1' fx' sz-'a L ' 5, W' k W .-fx. q 1 xp znlpf' Q. k K ' :F I -" L ' -X I: ,F 1, . .' 1 ".'. ,q,.'9QQf, E95 3' gil. Q, .'-', Q . ww' f - ' F559 3, ' ' ' ,, -f ' W 4 L+. -31 , ,wb .,, g. .ff 9 A 1 Qiiix-gf - ' 4' 'Q 3 5 'E ff 5 l N.. .. 4 1 5, V Q .Q O, I Q. I .gf I O O' I 4 6 4 I 1 A s 1 3 ,wx Ann . '35 fl-' , 1. ' s xx , ZH. x f Q 'A : f. ,- f . Q v. . 4 V .'ff.rf . Z... 1 .tl . P 1 ' , :V 'W Z' . I f! I ., A n F ,ar QJ ' , ' 6,7 i2'f ,. " 7 Q- 1 s QP' "' , 5 lqrpvtf '. 2 ' , ,...' " N' f , if-Q . ,J ' . " . y f . .. . -.,.'v-My o. Q-.. 0 . .vs f I . 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'v ' 2- gf 'cn' 2- ' 'fy 23 ' 4 3" lam,-f 0 1: .' 'Y - 1? .. 'pany -5 yo ' - 3 1 -. -f. 3. - ,- U- Q l 1 ,. . w 4 f' 'f . 3 J." -..'9'f:!' Q, A f .. 5 'fr ,' -- .-'..,,, 'Sp is. " f ig , J' I ..'5, QQ' ,n 2.3 . 7 -. F' 'N - V . . ., .Q A . .. . .- - z - v 1 M. I 'U . '- 1 q L H! '54 ' . 5' . W- " f ' ', ' z. ,, , - 'C Q ' . g s 4' :ff " ' 'D 1 ' wg? . it Q Q A Q 'I 4 Q 1. i .H ,V g. ,. , ., A. , 9.5 Z. y 'J W. 'Z Q x 6 r- ig-. V ", f'g.,'lH:- .S ..,5 ,auf 1' J 'S CF ff: 1 A 4' sf, . 6 QW N, 1'9" .. . 7' ,,f f. -Ig, . ., 1 .VL :Q":"sW qgfs V," .:t. 9,9 I ...z , N r ' ' ' H , , - '.- a Av " , -6 -I .v ggj L7 4 , .'.? f-thi J . 'T' . 'QWJY' 7 7 fu-5 - 5-1 --2 x -f.:-.x."- ., 9: "'- 1 ' ' f 'ix 945' A- i 5' 1 - IL -msg: ,,w' "4 F A 'A ,V l ', ,,y"ca, Q t F EII f J 'i I 4,4 C4534 W " .' "s 5 A. 'fs f.. NKLIN DEEANO ROGSEVELT HIGH , "J-si ' ,. F.. J '. -,' , - s .5.o. .on 5 1? V A eg 1 V om' ' f 3 2 , , l 1 -' V 3-5- .N x ' A F, .U I vw ww 'AW W-Mm YQ Wwfywnmmw -A W -,A X -W w EM ?" 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Qs, 'fx' if-' V- "" W ' X1 3-921' 4 - wx- 1 "1-u--,fra-Jw ww ' . --. --2--gf -MWY' -tg-,mf-qw-1?-M.--fm,,M,wF-w1s-'X- '- --J, -w 2 f- '-4-' '-L gy xy- ,, Y F' . 1 - - +-'::"f-ZW .mf--lfv Aw- N' 'L " f - , nw- -1-. IF' ' ' ' ' A ' I ' ' u2W? 1 i,: J M -f 341ii4'H W1 f ' fax, : 'S " Z ' ,fm ,V wma.. J,--I 3 l' V- ,L M Q Ml!" - Lxtrl lr Aff' eg,-K... -. - ,. ., ,zz - :: Q15--51 , - mm'-Q, -,E"11 W5 - 1,-, W4,-flV'--'f:- '- un 'WM' ,,'X' . T LM yr 5'-W--, -, ' ,ffm-I X, f,:--- -2,1 M - 'N ,- 1.- W, V- -. ,. -. W--V --Y '-1. vw " M wq-W-,A 'Q-.. , r- -N -- WW YI- -f'r-'W W3 M" '- -N ' A -Q,--. -. ' ' - X w- -. --. ---. ,,,, , , -A V U--X, W - W. Wm W- ,E , X YA v,,-ww , A Jr ,,,:Q-.-- 'WN HK V Wi ,M , ---if if L 1 A f H W W f X -QQ y wp, ' fy f '- we S 32 , li 111: li 1 ifx Q 'LW' -.. -fs, -. if f Dawn approachedlv Its gentle rays of warmth Embraced our souls of innocence. We had much to learn inthe days ahead Through a long and hazy sojourn. audree greenblum Www . by WOM W Qfmfffwwjfjp M W W The theme of this year's Sojou rn deals with nature as the impor- tant force that surrounds people. In the same way as each person becomes part of nature, each high school student becomes part of the total scene of the school. This is extremely important since such a great part of a student's life is spent in the school. This year, I'd like to share with you, the graduating class, some of the things that have happened to both of us because you and I became part of this school at about the same time. When you and I came to FDR High School, it was a new experi- ence for both of us, for you as entering freshmen and sopho- mores and for me as a new principal. During the last three years, many things have happened which we can remember together. On the international front, we have watched a long undeclared war in Viet Nam reach its peak and then gradually decline, we have seen American forces in Cambodia, we have witnessed a fourth war in the Middle East. On the national scene, we have gone through a major election, we have lived with the residues of Watergate, we have experienced a spiraling inflationary econo- my, we have experienced a fuel shortage. In our own school, we have tried to present more meaningful activities for students. Together we have worked for elective courses and special programs which have been beneficial to our students. Together we have shared in the excitement of the school Sing and enjoyed the special trips and demonstrations of Activities Day and have begun an annual Carnival. Together we have enjoyed watching our teams work together and we have enjoyed watching some of our clubs grow as time went on. But what we have enjoyed the most in our years together is learning to understand one another, learning to talk with one another and above all learning to listen to one another. Even though I haven't gotten to know all of you personally, I feel a great deal closer to you than I have felt to any other graduating class. You are now leaving FDR to start still another part of your life. I am remaining to try to continue to build upon the things that many of you helped me start. I hope that even in later years you will still feel part of FDR. And since you have become such a vital part of my life, I want you to know that I shall miss you - all of you - a great deal. Good luck! Sincerely, PHILIP EISMAN Principal 5 N 6 Patricia Berry Bernice Eisenberg Laurence Newman Lois Wagner Kenneth Bernstein Aaron Miller john Sisti Xavier Ruggiero Robert Waterman Roberta Scharf Marvin Seltzer Lois Honig Daniel Santopietro Ruth Walensky jeannine Harney Phil Jacobson - - Henry Umans 7 ludah Goldstein Carmine Ruocco Issac Chesir Alan Rothstein Ellen Koenigsberg Stephen Schoenfeld Ruth Kantowitz il rf, Beatrice Ferrari Nina Ingargiola l Dorothy Lennon Sylvia Roth School Secretaries we t ttl 3 KM .W L 3,SS K i I at . iff . "vi 1 , ,....wN , N ., w e x mm k.L,, to fi r .4 1 t lf l. 1 ' it ' ' . 1 -fe Q. William Pulera Drug Co-ordiriators Stephen Epstein Dr. Biren School Aides if . ff Q 1, , .f . I an ,F 5 35, nw 6 Cafeteria Staff . II' U Q 'LV ,KV J, V I 5 ,T V! Hu, MV. 2 , "ww 44ml kv Knowledge, Experience, Friendship, Understanding, individuality 6 45252, Dedication: Teacher .55 H. J' I 5 xx 4' B O l 1.2 -- vu- , -cf-:Q 33:2 x. ' Y ,x f '. ,acuR 's O'-J ,, O f 2 1. Q. if 9 45 4 , ,gtg It . :1 . . 1, f N' 1 . - . , ' 3- '-. f ' or 12 3 CAFE ' ' I ja.-4' , , -M' 1 ' A J-,ig P saint 'wx 3? Jinx: 1, .., -1' 5:2 X, ' 593552. "'- 77"-' iQp51'r.. J . ,X gmvthiwlfilrr' ' ' 'Ll' FINE ARTS XX, Xkgw xr 1 f y W xx g - 'Z Z7 Q. N N vw mn FD -1 3 N 3 f Iladdv auuf-JPHW P4011 Q09 5 S F Y G 3 ff" 5 5 A ' I fA ' - i ' W f i I , ,E i5 X 'X V E f 1 X N A 'S' Z J ' A. 5 ... :.,, ' ,H V 'Wg f- V. 8 if Q - K -Q5 fnfgvhzgif -D: 1 ' W vw, V W 'w ' . '-"Af - Y., Q 1?3:swf2,sff.f a q x m1gf ' FD J '-A'-is,g'-MQ. J ' U 9' . WI" A 1 1- , F . , ,A , .-,w.,a- A , A N wa ff , - W , f - Q .'3 ' 4 ,,A , , J'- T f . fi g ' 932 L , If at LK. ,,V ,E ,". 1 .:k'Xy" ,Ax 'gr l 1 Luweyg uesng if kj xx X , ,K H- -f - V' ,mfg gr- L Fw .y 71:7 Q 5' 52, uf?-4 1 -A . , g i l if .,.LV xpeu1AeN Aapgqg ff , I iii ' .N ii M 3 , K . Emanuel Zamore Chairman ,fe-4 Grace Pallotta Patricia Friedman 16 ACCOUNTI G SECRETARIAL ST DIES Judah Goldstein V , ,vie L' M Y X E irir if 9 ,rr me .1. Helen Maguire Ira Gershenson Margaret Trask Benjamin Strauss , ,G 'S x Q. QA G , ,V l g, if G , lurr in fiikiff' Irwin Pessin Eileen Koenigsberg li.. Paul Brockman Lawrence Green Thelma Sundick fflhf. Ida Filloramo Stanley Shapiro Bertha Shurtok 5. Myron Bank Hen ry Umans Charles Massaro ! lu 4 ti, vi i Q ffl 'fail ,gin-glu 1 rg' XX-W Zhrlgm' Constance Ranieri loseph Parisi Alice Diamond N N Rosalie McCullagh Roberta Weiss Richard Newman U' ,mf A" Peter Eisen Kyle Mase Henry Nusbaum Allan Rothstein .XIA M -r . iz 7D o r We ' m l' ' fllrlr l I A 9. +I A stts R O Q 3 s X 1 N -77 Q -4 f .i PM f at f 1" - 1 ' ' Ruth Walensky Donald Matmon Anne Petsas Michael McPartland WX ,X t Q ......,, 5 ,K X. A xg, .1 ,S e. Q . yn .L -L g 55 ' " 4 H .N F L lg f DQ R- f' if X 3 Ml . n A A ' 18 GLI H f , st .- at -if vf- . ' We ' ' x . .3 : I I . -1, L 4 4 ' 57 ' - y i I I 1 Duwhsv'-55,4350 Lawrence Segarnick Barry Frank Lois Gehrman Nina Ingargiola Ellen Stern Roberta Scharf Frank DeSena Patricia Berry Marguerite Driscoll Michael Goldberg Jeannette Ende ludy Chaikin Irene Apelbaum Harvey Wilkes june Berger Florence Marguiles Betty Wallach Deborah Rubel Morris Light, Chairma pu :tn 2 'lf A W' , L . f L Wx -W .3 lp ? it f' , mg M... is ff Q0 ET L Wx? E l lm 'llllll fi: . 4 lane Redmond Max Lew Francine Luft ll it x 4' "" , A ff 52 ,1 , , Q ,n N 5. 751 Z gf, , f ' .Q WJ-4' yn ,Msas 'v 155 , ,.., .. . 1, ms K., ' li f . 7' ..., . N'k,,3,a john Burke Mirian Lock Michael Rojak Dorothy Canciglia Ellis Marmor ff , - -1- ,EI 'muon'-il " Q .ggi- 2 11 X ,final , H , rsmv r' Q! A3 1- 5 1 Q.- f 'ev ,.. L gp Stephen Saikin Stuart Smith Sara Weinstock Lois Wagner Anthony Biancoviso Maureen Marks Millicent Wong Carol Stein George Zalantis Dorothy Lennon 19 Aux 'WSP 'U , ,, 3 X V H, 3 S l il X.: 1-- M Lx Lucy Caposella Daniel Santopietro Davida Brautman Marino D'Orazio Reyna lassin Beverly Jacobs ' like L,L,. ' 11 ? , ' A joseph Rizzi. 5 A Lillian O'Brien , JQ gi, P .41 .L K Sylvia Roth 'SW' ,W ,A . 1 .6 M k - 9 MQ Q.. r ,J : I ka 'wif Q ' ,il M .. 4 H: , . ng, Q , , W' 4,1 '. 71:5 ffvffi i .7 ilaef lfgif Q?ig :' gi! , I : rf WS' Q airawp amend 'fi V, 4 L FOREIG LA GUAGE Ellen Nussbaum Annamaria Gallo Carl Spector H V 4 la rfaoia W . Angelina Corigliano Thomas Pirrello, Acting Chairman joseph Fino, Chairman Adolph Mascari Arnold Fishman Nicholas Gaetani David Fessler Herbert Fine William Pulera Steven Mendelson David Kerman BOYS HEALTH EDUCATIO Leonard Schroeder Barry Gangx x 3 C , C Gm ' 'I mbitoni Rm +6366 Xx r ff X Barbara Stark Mary Ann Cardone loy Cody Deena lngber Dorothy Singer, Chairman Esta Perle X Marcia Corso N Hedy Abel Lynelle Pepper Linda Dolce Barbara Morrison GIRLS HEALTH EDUCATIUN Edward Lewis 26 Marc Levinson 1,-mfs: f f - Q -Smzasfesrm, fisefzff-ffm-f,2'r: . ' 'r - .,six.pwgLii-g, , LSE . .:mi,,.,:,, W.. A 114, Q ,,,.t5,g,? .sg .. W ' fx 25, fu ,1 ,L ,, is A-,Lux ,, 4 -. .AN-A 5 .er ,xx f iw .zu 1' H '- 1 V A 'o , A -ir :M 3,13 fff. j,:"1, 1,1 Q- 'f t1 nh L v , , av. 1-in ix s 0, 'vph 1, 1:94:71 :aux J, 2:3 '11f:', W ,Q 1 naun uv lil 1 1. gig 14 no V .Qu "' ' rzmsuim. 14444 vtff' . 'Q 1-gnu' o'v"'. 1538 Dorothy Appelbaum Chairman Q f . Florence Teitlebaum Abu H. N. Ahmad ludy Mankita lack Tornic k HOME ECG MICS I DUSTRIAL ARTS -" 1 4 file? A i N Lisa Gross Morton Gruber man Levine Matteo Natale lack Furmansky Ressa LSVY HY Chairman X!! Q' 13 " bmba 'Shri H00 W Marilyn Bohrer XX Q ix i julia Mallach Doris,TankIow -x, l i fl' + x', Q 5 is X +21 i -+L 'x ix N- - .- - -+ X SNMA-vm-i in George Ward R058 Rarlieri Norman Langsam Claire Sommers wig? ,JJ Esther Linfield Robert Waterman Irving Selengut David Fishman . Nadine Bower Emily Dipple 30 MATH Chairman Marion Thomasen erik K V L, ' rirra r r a r ' .. 1 -ga was Gilda Wolf Christine Vena Miriam Goldberg Sheldon Wortzman jules Lebovyitz Rose Friedman , qs LL 1 - Q .... K R Vx -'iff 4 if 3: A- 'F'- Q , f l' K Q vi l' 'x 5 .3 jigggjf-,4 325 x , -Q rxgvnnfllilii .ll .ti ll, l , Q' Carmine Ruocco john Musicaro -F i' X ?'+ X 3'Pxlmu1m'mii Rm '4 fvps IN A0 'i ' R I' s ff rni!,T SILXN r"- .1 "J R3 Iwi. 'QQ U 5 ' ' 5 5 - v , Qffaf li 1 . .-Xtifkgx f I' . w ' '81, . f f IA f 9 A . 13 onlfhh Q91 fa vp 2- :WM as wink Q' fi' X t:JlKfg,l m . v 4- if ' Q XM 4 K ,IA ef U x. " , A gf X ' 5 5 . a ,:3i.,7:4e--Nkxfa f. fr -V ' ' ' ' 553 l Qi. ln . ' . , Lawrence Bergstein Chairman Bernard Friedman MUSIC 'CQ x, .Y X W Paul Ragusa mg' Douglas Ocharsky 33 YK x ,Q vigil, ' in w , . l Ev gi mv ll? V 5 E 4:5550 5 2 ff ln I-.WL f Kenneth Bernstein ludy Green 34 4, .. VA , Z 5 f I' .1 E A Q ',.,.s of-.mga J 3. inf -- +L'- - 3 , ls Left r, , 5 M , if lf Michael Paul J 1 K. i f 712,23 .. " ,f, Stephen Epstein Ivin Doctor SCIENCE losephine Pignato David Goteiner Cheryl Grandone X Marshall Lederer Edward Bienstock George Goldma e 9 nf , x Q '+" i 1 ,, pi 55+ Q' lv Francine Kaufman Miriam Hyman joel Rosenbaum Ellen Karcher F 'W""""'Fii'-Q :', 5' pe. B V . l Aa .F i , f i . K L QM. - . . B ' Regina Higgins emlce Marion Cimmino Lorraine Ferrara jerry Shaw Harry Lapiroff Alvin Olk Eleanor Silverstein Ellen Koenigsberg 5 fr? J d OO O 'ez ., ., ll SX l 1 i 1 I fr' .., , I Gr 'I3 i 'Ulm l jeffrey Douglas Q-in KVVT in 2pV:a w x r r M .... , 'ii' X A Timothy Treacy Stephen Schoenfeld ll Michael Doti Mary Rossman Gabrielle Edwards Chairman fs: 5 -- fa . ix. . , 1 K , f , 1 , All 'f .5355 f lli' l ll l l l bl ' gl l R it . 1. Ai' ,-12 , ,Af Lester Strauss Mary DeBlasio was 'Q "f ,', ,ss Q ,tm . ff , tk. ., ' '-X , 1.3: 4.-' - " 1..- -ff r -ff MH? give Y .?.- ,naygu .- -xv-xl K X If wwf -. f lil 5 . ' ,.o,Hu, I H4 .:::'ia:' Barbara Perini SOCIAL STUDIES f "-qg9'5lr - - . 'faif' ' 2 1 sz' . Qi, fy Vis' , Qvzw- Eiif Marvin Seltzer Michael Grossman 3 Q . ' Peter Rosenberg leannine Harney Philip Jacobson Q , il' 1 , , , Robert Levine 5 5 1. S I ,gg . 1 ,xi Stuart Ben as john Scudder 556 ff Maia- X, Us-xr Y . 'f 7' t it , rr rp Barnett Yukolis Steven Rosen S S my la NAM Stephen Abramsky Edward O'MaIley jessica Wolff Xavier Ruggiero Martin Lichter Laurence Newman lSaaC Chesir 54- Y? l . Philip Lefton Afrith Weinstein Chairman 3 Y 'lflifgis' is , Ii 5' if a Sam Unger Herbert Goldsmith Theodore Berson Robert Cefalu Barbara Diliberti Antonia Mohan Zina Carlson Herbert Damsky -"N i'i' lr' r . Q 5 Linda Kaplan Lois Honig Berthold Goldbaum Beatrice Ferrari Alfred Logozo Robert Chambers Harry Zemsky 37 "My God! This period seems endless . . . perhaps, excruciat- ing monotony would depict this situation more appropriately! Mr, Simmons must be deranged if he thinks I give a hoot about who the prime minister of China was in 1905, I don't even know what a prime minister is or where China is situated on the map. If I ever had to take an exam with a map question on it, I'd never pass ... no way! Italy is the only country I can pick out- it is shaped like a Frye boot. I know as much pertaining to Chinese ministers as I care to know about the sex life of a tomato plant or how many hours it took Dick to overtake jane in a rate distance problem. Oh no! Now he's performing some type of rythmic motion in front of the classroom -IN FRONT OF HIS NOTES ON THE BOARD. He thinks he's DANCING! He believes he's another Fred Astaire! Isn't he embarrassed? .,, All I can say is that I'm surely embarrassed for him. I feel like I'm in a ballet studio. Ten o'clock in the morning. The thought of it is bizarre - my brain has a blockade disease before one in the afternoon. It's like an automobile. It needs a certain span of time to warm up prior to functioning. Twenty-five minutes until this glo- rious period concludes. Today there was an announcement that a five minute bell would ring every period. Thank good- ness, now I can pretend the period will end five minutes soon- er. The last five minutes never count anyway, because when the students hear the bell's melodious sweet tone, "click" is the sound of the closing pens from the fagged hands, "slam" is the sound of the closing books from the wearied eyes, and "shrieking" is the opening mouth from the fatigued teacher. What I fail to comprehend is why at the end of the period when all the kids have all their belongings away does the teacher at last decide to give a homework assignment. No- body craves such a "treat" - I could surely manage to survive the rest of my life without another single homework assignment. Only ten minutes have passed - I'm dying! Oh - Brian wrote me another note - he's my "Flair Pen Pal." He shares the same desk as me the first period. We have quite a correspondence happening on this desk. He claimed he just wrote to tell me that he's really into the Allman Broth- ers and just thinking about them makes him want to party. Haiti.: .lr "Susan, what is your opinion on the current foreign policy now existing with the Far East?" My heart skipped approximately 22 beats - ll countedi. How can Mr. Simmons ask me such a thing? How am I supposed to know that? I didn't do my homework since Lesson 7 and he's up to Lesson 27! I'll try to bluff under the circumstances and pretend to be rummaging about my papers for the assignment. Oh what's the use, "Eagle Eyes Simmons" can see that I'm just looking through my hygiene section. "Mr. Simmons, why call on me today? I ALWAYS do the homework, and you decide to call on me on the only ex- isting day of my entire life when I just happen to be unprepared!" I pray he fell for that excuse. He didn't. UBONG BONG BONG' -the euphonious song of the schoolbell - Aha - the grande finale has just terminated. "Ecstacy," come and rescue me, the period has finally come to a more favorable, righteous, more virtuous locale -to my next period, LU NCH! SUSAN KATZ 39 We participated only because we wanted to . . . and we loved it K: 3. iff E? l 5' v 1 -2' P2 xiii. '3'l 91-. I 'Vai' 1 n 1 Ag, 459' if 4: 'E IH if' rv ,L an 0 "' ,c s '. F33 sl- '54-, .4 gi'- 'bi'-1 Q 45. 5 gs: B' 'S fi 21 21 9 1 E 23 ff 53: r, 'rr 4 4:-I F5 4 -.' W, ml. vs lk? fi . 'Z sg OE V 1 ' 1 S S Q.-If Q i 3 i : I N ,. mi L 41: . 5 V SME? Ag 6 is x :iq W ,AY,,' W 'Q , ., A .. ,,..:,..: ., A O ' A-fl: 1 ,fr ,s ' 'X 1 v M4 ,, W A, 'o A if Q38 SQ Q5 ..,.....- v,,---- G f"'G MDI. A gif' 1 pr '- -vue " ' ,gi ..- -Xl S. O. Officers lori marshall sharon katz sandra ferrara janet albano S. O. Council Senior Officers joe silinonte mark perlmutter frank atoria Senior Council ltahan Club Bio Projects Math Team ' I I Arista Chess Club Photography Club X Spanish Magdijne 1 , 1 lgglianiMhgazine ' Bioicobe ' 5o 1 I A I Mainstream lm., I . 1. K K A ge x 4 , V, , , i New Dealer 51 Switchboard Skaff DECA Co-ordinators Staff Radio Club Draft Staff Peer Group 0 , Open Art'Studio sl 5 I W KAW .5 e X X fl, if wif , 13'Phbnb Club- YQ C hro rus Library Squad Q 1.1 X 1 Y Band - ' Y 'P Q ti V A JZ, X 3... ? ,A, I k I I ,.,kV M at V .D ,I ,. Akavaclub ' , . , 57 . - img? 5'-nag, N s 5. -n . uf gil' ,wg :YM-.1 .null 1 if is' 1' 'll fin Z gf? ,xg . '82 5,1 .lg iz: 332 A Z!- 43 Ng? 55 .0 .. uv fl , , 1 , 4 f: 'a s a Girls Tennis Team Leaders Club Boys Tennis Team Baseball Team Softball Team Varsity Basketball Team J. V. Basketball Team Girls Basketball Team CH-zerleaders Boosters fff J a, , Q' 7 1 6 Xl E ' uw V-H "e Te Tj an ., ,I Volleyball Team Swimming Team Soccer Team I ,ll..e ,Y - YJ fum W , ,f ' ,xg,,.i' :Tig . A , "?"'l'l"G N lj ' my Q Q V f .' ,"l S 1 J " " h 'sf 'J A X- me D X 051 ' , Q- -4? fr MIG mrlu . . 'EAL' f. 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As I walk beside myself down this road, lcan feel the good things we once shared The thoughts - repeated, unchanged, loved - Surround me, as you once did. This road runs long But my memories run short. Maybe l'll take them out again ... next sunny day. Paulette Rao A Dream As I look at you My memories run deep. The first time we met, The good times we had And the love we shared. But what happened? I don't see so good anymore. Oh, how I wish I could touch you again. But the morning Comes And you're gone From my thoughts. How I wish I could sleep forever. Sal Oppedisano You were Consolation to a broken heart Offering yourself as a remedy. But I looked through myself And I looked through you And saw the truth. Now, the world waits for me to Search for love, to search for life. I will go . . , alone. Paulette Rao QW.. ff HW' 2' wi? Q .. Sf I 1 fmgiqgge shis ,n. X.: 'Lf 5. W ,fm bfi elim F3-P 5 I I - . . A E ' J' " Q f QU .fy , 3, wg .vqf" nfl. W3 , - ltymanf, j ,Q hu, f fi fqels tQ2 oplandi Wbgi? ,ehd ' ., -Q ,' ' K A 'rkffg 5' A Nyxi. 3 A f ' .V fy' 12 35-44+ Q "WH, w x' V' VR ., 1 Fa.,-'C' r If"'2' "5 1 ,:.5:L-ef, 1 A 55- 'xfigi' x .b 4332. ,ki ,A 1 . Refugees My sandcastles were washed away. Nothing left to do But bury my feet, Or try to grow A flower in the sand. The wanderer crossed the mountain And sat consciously in the sand Pulling pieces of the sandcastles From the crevices in my head. He was a refugee from the dark Lighting candles in the paths of friends He guided me back Across the mountain, Helping me if l should lose my balance Or my mind, or just a moment. We are refugees from the dark. But no one understands. They try to cram our heads With lies and nightmares. They lock us up, "to help us to grow." They can only try. We are refugees from their world, Because we've begun to remember. Loretta Gallo 12 1' E' R ' seg I 4? if " :H s lt is A l ll F! 1 1 va l t sf, is 1 f MWMMQWM-s.tmmt MWBW E li 1 Wwmlimw, leak' iowmbltlq, t , ww Wpclogsdt e door- immwmmwp ,W Imam? uuuu Nuzli, I gfww a Ver bQtheI-ed to ask 'M-mwww-.,.s,,WzWh,m'Nm4 wQ'i"ffywi,,uwff?s,,,,mCw fs22ra,,6N K .,,, :h int But wheii you locked me o i M "" A"2f' ' ' f:--.- 1 . il Z., 'L" Everyon else followed u l me fi il Leaving e alone- E E lli "A:' i lhaven' smiled lately. Not that don't wa to - ., l'o I ' f I 3 . I f Lil: 3,f' V' 2-151'-iii'-ffil '.1', :gg P Ijust Can . ' Ising ,"b I - ' SoI'llsit my cor er I L. Aff rp. zgitwky 11:12 i i i ' V. And dot ings tha ' 11, ks y bl Z ,V , 1 H z 4: Are espe ially fa ous r. 1 5- ' it - , jfs I don't d e com out of hldi g Q n' 1 I l ,. ,f They'llse dthe en in white t Q ' ,V , if " H 947' s, Nw' To take away ' . . j 1 Y A' - i Suppose y to re stablish my he as ' " ' , . ,fs. i . . fi, I File andf rget. ' , 1 5- ' ., . . :,, L . 1, , 1 Leave rnev! O han , ..., I i:, g in Y , :rf bl: K E B Myself. 3 Qs , 'A Center st ge: du n el W .,i, , ., ,, ::, U ii"":'i i Q1 Pronounc me gone, officially. M Known e 1.10, ,WM W t 'i" . Q Tsk,Tskp ow sad. "'1 W M' W E C Poor soul.i 'i s1-., fl ,,,,, "i" ' V, 'ffm' Diga hole if vsif i, of f iiif tifi f Six feetd 3 n. 'tet H gqh "'2 Q :'i .1 bkz. "'l f' ..., fp- t..,i 1 I fl Throw mel'ln. 1 if , ". ....k JS "f' ' '- Al 1' What's hell namel l .. ..-.' 'Ji K,.te . ,i.1 K '-4,i,it, . .i4,s N i.i, if Who knowis? ,,h, -- 'i.i, .ibi f . ' W' Call astrike,we'll bury her l'i y k"i . ,,:. POOI' soul . N :":. i,. E 2 I N',:r '1' J .,',,,,... , ..-,,, 1 'l': bi' 2 ,, 1 ' if V 1 Q M ,.,:, I v""'H-,s.,,,g ie. E ' " .. :::: 51' 5 , 2 i i it i e i 3436 I Ji' . ,,,,, 'fii 1 M. s i i t ff J t t i eeey i f 5 f N- syi f 5? .y1: . ,fi tw. l i 5 li Q ,,- .1 nj' w if R 35 "H 1 Q 3 W . ,A J I M K I MN he 0 1 WWQHW Q if if my Gui-:M-A-m,W38 5 'W-N E ' i,.,, ,fi fi if ' ' ,yv ,el fi ff fi gall? vf t5i,,m:hWmIMm?mM diff yi? W jf yy l Mlll hm"Us1mg,, ,..A fi WW ,W K KWMMMQ gy ff M--,,sgwf.wm., ,Fi fps? wmwmiwiwwnfam-..QQ-wiwwa iiq, ,M Q K fffr Remember the night the sun shone, ' The sweet wine flowed in at Then flowed out With added thickness. It gushed in unison with the salted tears That burned the cuts Deeply bruised by the truth. You thought you were mad. I wished I could think. We searched for the door, Using our senses in great abundance But our minds sparingly. We felt our thoughts had to be saved Though not knowing for what. Then things started shining - Not a care in the world. Shrugging off problems with a laugh I wore a constant, continual smile That no one could turn off. The sun never left its place in the sky And the golden flutes followed me With their soft sweet sound. Loretta Gallo Depression's Savor Time after time, I hear myself repeating - Why is it always me? Give me a break-wretched pain, begone! vHowever, it remains and lingers on . . . , and on. Bad gets worse, iWorse becomes insufferable. What should Ido? From whom shall I seek salvation? Who can understand this situation . . . other than myself? Why is it always me? l've done no wrong. l've learned "good" from "bad" . . . so trheygtell me. But, what is "good"? what is "bad"? need of interpretation - I search to findthe truth. is always me? Good nature and pleasure . . . ah, such preposterous feelings! What do they get one? stepped on? . . Everybody's Bitches and My Memorable Moments It , into headaches? . , . hassles? I I yearn to findla believable truth. Why is it always me? Sometimes the walls feel as if they are, I 'caving in on me. t Creeping closer f ... and I closer together. at No hope here. ,Letthem . . . ll close. Why is it always me? Susan Katz wmqw QM? U,pUN 1068? 2 - 'fi C f ' i 1 fi WW 52 Q 5 ja M55 ww Jzwwvwjlg. . -WW CQ ,Ny-'IW X296 cv? F K vm Sa Q Q QR 22 2 E ff 2 we A Dwi, W a'wwQ'M W? ii 35 Z S' 5 S 5 .2- Q, js nw'W"SmwWW:P 55- 3 W an E nWv'y?w""74 YQVK4 W, 1391-v'oJ-2: XQIYWNVN 0 "'G' ' A yssbi 5 gg? 'S is-ev 5? QP, RQ ls .gs S' MQ 5 15 Aegwgyibz- 'gh W milfs of 05' G 2' oft?" 7' Cfgx iw ei? HL Q fy ,SS-"GX Dsfkbw Q 5 N Q, W Q .1-. W-Q43 25 sf 59' ,fa QU' 0 is-V 4, Sas . 'C 45' 0 U' .gl 1-N FUNK' ax QF' bs- O" No C C' - S 6' Q X- Q23 6' 4' X 'S' N '55 SN " N. 9 A E? 935 ' JQQ' O C? W , A PF ,ew 5' www 33X Z5 .-51" it Q, IJQT' 359' NG fa? Xb QF? QC Qwgxqfgwuklgpv Sei-'L'-W? Q? bg at G-J fx'-"W F 'bw ' Xwirm' 955-Ixx-:px hw xxx XX xr ,Qi 613 ci? ,jj Ya ESM QQ. QL - xg,- 7 0 N5 .N was .19 4- G9 W 'ef Q' of RQ J CY 5 'U xgx A W5 M951 Q ' 5' 5' :Ki we Qs PJ-Us gyw gpg? 3 M if? if 5 ,ia asf? ff 5 if W? is may ei? l2L -:Vw K 15" Q we www P? iff' N-8 or of fs' ,9 if . I., v -. 101, L' . r' . ' "G, IN 3.4'y ..Q '. .xgai-Nfyj'...- 43 N ..- n f- 'Sgr'-5. Q 1. . r 1, .. ,wp -if Jr . s If JSF if wh. . A .JR f ,. .-. , :xx If 1 R ., 1 I . .? 'c4Qk-bi, ' .?,f"" 4. .A ww. . , V . r f' z:, NW: '3"'-f' , Q., .:. U. xr ? t v- .yy R ., 1 X . . 1. fx 1 4. RI x ,Q Q-Avx -ef,-1 i Wi N tn QL- : 5551 . , f '-' fr. fx XA -Q f A, 'X .1 W: . -'Tig "um 1 5 X 1 W' 1 s N I x R , Nw . X , ., ' i x 1 ve' ' , L 1 1 L 122- . 1: 'x ' A ,L , H H ' , Q , , .. " ' 1 K Tx W Lk I 4 1 X N, 1 X ti ,sh y xv N x f v J K xxx sw ,, N- V 4 N. ' ' Q . 1 1 ' , . ,Y . v 'ii' ' . "Vx ' 1 H, ' z 3 T xy- fr, x ' 9491- 1 - 1 ' f .ff ' bfi' Elf .- f' V' ,laf'T 3 , X .' . G - -x' -1 .L 4 Asqfig' - 5 K .-3 M 7 ' ' i ,.,+ fx f .a, .:' .- - .,. : . M , 1 1 4 mf 15,151 r. -, . 5' -wg . . ., 'J Q Q .f , . , 1 .' , I ' r - , ' Q ' qi jg . 1,93 . ' I xii, ' um. 'V 'i ff -P ff if Qi ' Q X--' i 1-ix x If L S . QR. . exif-i : g. . - ' .V kai'-'K . 3 -' 1 RFQ' 4,1 ,ti V? " V ' n- A 'Dfw' . . 1 ' .W . A x 11, 1 - ' . fbi G . . jeg Mg, .112 nf -.Q . Y 1554? V4 ' , 'Eh 1, ' ,.,g f .f rv ." ,v" -' 1 ',-rg 4' . . .N ', , y .. , - ,gi 51325, I ff -Q' 'T' ?fZ?93w'1, ' - . LM 1,555 Q .f . Q . l J.. Nzv.q,.,1,,- , fv' .V w 4 ', 4-111'-f. - 'x gl . Ula- I HL V .', a ..,' - .,,.Hv, . 4 5-I' 'wx -9 J' 41" A l.. ,gui w 5353 '63 . fw X .pw - , I had a friend i r f' t I A brother among brothers N , , : . jx! if 5, -ff But then you entered his life. , M rg fy' , X. A You entered his body I . 'rf You took his mind 5- ,if X You were stronger than anything f T eff' lcould say or do. f' But who do I blame I , . .Rx . ' .- 15, As the coffin slowly closes, - 3, of You s Orthe craving you gave him? X f m If Sal Oppedisano I K J I 1 , ff , 'fil let 'A il , f ws, ,V ' 5 . in I rl i WL' hz . -lil ' . ' :STTEQJ-i -....,h l i i . L 5 - ,K , 4' , l i""" s '33 ' ' l r 'YS -,,, l Q 'i it " ..'r ' ' . 1 . . -Q ', f ' " xx '- -51 ' 'ia T ' ' "-- . 4 y 21 li " l- ., -. .ffffr A H g,9f.. 4,y4........f-yu 'M l 9 , .- ' 2 f 's-.' - i t i 5, .1 - 2 , A y " ,J1"'x' .313 1- ' , - .' i A' ' 11" as r rf' 1 P' l '13, I V ' X Rl K 3 . . , V ,N I-5 ik? - wig , Q ' 'fre 1 ' ' ' X- efiif xy ,r 4' ' v ' 2:12. 'I r f if ' ' P. A .F af: f -f , ll if o r f 51' 4' A f, i5!.?, ' 'i -. 0 , ' A ,f ' . v4. 1 1' f' f- ' of -Nt .1 . , l f. I 5A-1 ' - J- . Y .' s fr, A , Y L lg, XZ I -N-JY YE RBCCDK STAFF rochelle greif - editor-in-chief annette fleishman - yearbook advisor anthony biancoviso -literary advisor Kg '.fQ5g y y 2 lx 's x u a N i f!5"e.'a3f?l'H'V , . ,yn ,g 1' ppy WWW.. is if 5 , , 1 .1 W , A 'ir' , , viigfag .,,zi'w,.k.Zf' ,,. my .Q Qfrfki '5 Z 3 'W if ' 3 A3 9 Wh :ing Wig i-- '4 ,F 2425 'if WW fin, WM, 'ir,r i '5ig' s"i9!ff' a im gpyfwilfv W. 5 5 xi., A iiifira-im,s mia' W 1 fir i r ,r Q.-is .4-f 5 A ,MAA QM. x we-L 1' -an A ,-I ,1 :fx .pf ,I IX Af: 5. 1 av Q ' F? 121 Pix F sz 4 . : y ff if A55 5 Q' ff ' n .Q . ,M ' A. T Qin. lex... ,N , .F ,Wm We sy, Literary Staff vw. rl ,ww Y X Photographers phil Iindgren, bruce swinyer Layout Staff as xW'?.w,,:-'11 1 1- .wa - 1 . so 1- ,IV f c Q ' 'fr as ff 'LLL , , Q N it b . S. Xt L s ,wagon .Q 7 V QP' E Jr S23 gli A Lxx' , , .,AA . I I ' 'S l l A . 1 -Q ax as.,itQ A l li ll Aw, Lnm., S t E rx f X ,Q , 'Sf A A, ,f - fx Y .w , S s " x Ala W ff Q9 '-'ifdv-A ,rt L . an W f , A I V -- ,f me-,fs-vs .L . S., A a.m'iw-??H5fWte2.ez. 'i f s --" t ,. ' ,Jaw 'Klear 5,5-si,-:,, :1- --uf. fenfgqpffi--' 1 - ee- .. W - - :, f .s w xgggp, f W me ir f f Q-Qi' Yearbook Staff Kim Blomquist Regina Bonelli Teresa Ferraris Loretta Gallo Audree Greenblum Rochelle Greif Andrea Huberman Susan Katz Phil Lindgren Ilene Malakoff Suzanne Marks Lori Marshall Lynette Mersky Angela Noto Paulette Rao Shari Singer Bruce Swinyer Alan Wurman S SENIOR ii A 1' ' v-+V-.W ....,, I I . Y - R 5 ? Ms. FDR - Lori Marshall Mr. FDR - Paul Cuciti Best Looking Best Dancer - Quida Morris Best Musician - Elizabeth Buzzetta BEST AFUST - Robert LiCata by Angela Noto Best Athlete - C CELEBRITIES L ff Best Looking - Charles Cannizaro Class Singer - Susan Marino armen Casas Best Athlete - Felippo Sperandio Class Clown - Richard Poch x. P-'Ho wmv Q' Best Dressed - Cheryl McNally Best Dressed - Charles Cannlzaro Smartest - Janis Beck Actress '- Carmen Cox Actor - Paul Cuciti Most Popular - Sharon Katz ,,- bgffffffs X Smartest- Mark Perlmutter Did Most - Sharon Katz Most Popular - joe Silinonte Most Likely to Succeed - lanis Beck c 5 Did Most - Billy Rusiecki Most Likely to Succeed - joseph Maltese To unaffectedly pronounce SING as a battle between the classes would be a slap in the face to us, the participants. The ultimate aim is, of course, to be the victor - but to merely define Sing as a quest for victory is unjustified. The questionof victory or defeat is missing the whole point of SING. The beauty involved wasn't so much the undescribable dream of victory which changed to reality -the beauty was that what was ac- complished was done by all of us working together. We had been fortunate enough to be triumphant in the final year and to experience winning. We all know it beats losing. However, this wasn't all the Seniors of '74 learned during the four rapid years of SING. More than this we have discovered amity, fraternity, and a mutual and deep regard for all those we have worked hand in hand with. SING cannot bear a comparison, present a resembl- ance, or share an equivalent with anything done inside or outside of school. SING stands gallantly in a class of its own. The most bizarre but meritorious characteristic in- volved is how we, the sharers of this experience, would probably never have bothered with or even known one another without SING to harmonize us. Usually, classes whiz by and when school lets out we tend to hang out with those we have always known. Unknow- ingly, we are actually hindering any possible close fel- lowships or acquaintences. But SING has brought to us these friendships and affections. And more than this, we have accepted these feelings and now share them as intense bonds with one another. In a sense, our fondness and sentiments for all involved is a victory in itself. SING is over, or is it? What we were doing, and what our SING represented provided us with bonds that will never die. Our sojourn to the final year of victory all began as we entered SING as freshman. Our Freshman SING was the last one a freshman class could ever have as its own. .YV As Sophomores, we had at last proven to the audi- ence that sophomore sings should not necessarily be categorized as "sophomoric". We the sophs of 72, had a valuable, witty, and sophisticated script which turned out the ultimate in sophomore sings. No longer were sophomores considered out of the competition. We had proven that diligence and perserverance can turn out a beautiful SING. Such was our "Roaring 20's" theme of '72. junior Sing - what can be said about junior SING? We lost by a few points, but we had not lost in our hearts. Our spirit and pride for our masterpiece in the "Garden of Roosevelt" was a victory. Winning is most certainly deserving. And although the judges felt the juniors of '73 had not deserved to be declared winner, a flame was lit in our hearts for the dream victory we knew we deserved, it's still there. Although we had lost on the score sheets, in essence, we had won -- in friends, experience and respect. And for every enemy we might have made or created through our defeat, our feelings as on unified mass - the junior class - could have stood up to open fire on a battlefield. At last came Senior Sing '74 - "New York City." It began and ended on a good note. No animosity be- tween the competitors was displayed as in previous years. Although we never could imagine our final SING to be as superb as our junior one, we tried to believe we could top last year. Our thinking enforced the be- A I I lieving, and this desperate demand became reality - our SING was an amazing performance. And what was highly important to all of us was that we deserved to win. And at the high strung, tense, strained second of declaring the winner, our hearts grew fonder of our- selves, others and most of all for the SING into which we put everything that ever meant anything dear to us. Upon the announcement of a Senior Victory '74, the sweat beads broke like hot ice, the unrestrained tears poured into puddles, and the toil and diligence had paid off. "Has anybody here felt what we do now? Our thoughts will linger on - Roosevelt we'll miss you More than our words can tell And very soon we'll be gone . , ." An excerpt from our Senior SING Alma Mater - what could be more conclusive? susan katz 147 Wk 1' i ,ww or 'ix e nam- . ' ,-vm:-ef I 4 J Rh fxztfsf' 2 sw if -Q... QWN fb l 1 W . ,, E55 4 3 3 l gl 4 UN X, T' I si' Hifi , I l,', pm, rf 1, , A, A- , I W ,T A A ft Q N f 0 ,, ., HJ: V wgdm--w"3, , f 'Fw 2 , - 2. H+"-.M 15:2 ffl Z: '- V' ' nn 1' fx , mf- .3 , ' ' ' U , Q- "" " Yi, ?J9E'3EQ?f.f' Answixl' MTW 'MLW W , FN M Wi Q : fy- Q K ff L' L",-:f"f,' zsffl- 9, - ' ' -+'1 if " 'M ww .55 414' Qu win e,-fri? fi f gn, -i if ' ' Vi my 4' 1 'ff 'Lx iflgg. gw??i?fpbfs5!iL ER' is ' W, "" i,.aA 1 N ,, 1 , , " W " 1 9195 "B"Jvf5!3w.W. V ,MQW 'WH ' 'wwf fMl'v+1Q'1l'hMmf'HQ'1'Y'9M?wEYV 1 'W 1 ,- 'J iiifgss' ',' -4 :Q11'ai.' :1Y3?-IME J iris 'Wi A ,Y-ji EM: Q . Llr.k5fs1a5,- , , as-SQ1e:fFX5,' f?' 45. 4 2v"0SZW - '15 b 45 xl? :sf " Jw ,. 41 . 'W ' x' f Wmaa. W .r WF wif- fy. 'WM 1' 'W X -11'Wiikm wrist, W vm. U52 f' U ' W ff wx -. 1 2' Y ff' -f MQ 2523" gi, fi! fp- '9!"L1' V 5: lf' ' ' fav I . QL" ' ' efm fanxv W ' f,2Wrv. -M '65?WTwQEL?? :,q f'f2fwwf Lf 5' -f'- E w, .,Mw ff 5'l hM:4N4 MEIN. by ' . M Li 1 3!:1 'i,.w3Ei'55wf W 'A ' ' " M., dw, 4, X 7 R nl W E 45 3 , N" w Vg A M, .MJ "WiWm4W' ?-' ,, QW J . 'ff' fa TW M, ," WIW N Sw Q 5, Y N fm s -N wifi, ' '? Q 1 :T ,X , V, SMH? H " WP , A J , W X ' WW i. 9 ,A , WW' ,Je ff MW' 1 M M .1 PW ,www QQ gfwq X , fm. Hy, ,W :H m ,Q aw" 35 md' Q I w xf F , 'M .L My ,,p,,Wg-w' . uv -. wr 4? 1 .J Q' A Miva If L ww "rf I 1 K , 1 f ., 'g - ' 5 Li- S' W 3 ' I L ew M 24 L 1 .Q N.. ,. 1 ' we X , A 2 ' : 4 .f ' V ' ..,,,., A P- - 4,,....,.. A W "fm W . ,. .. . .M V - , - ,. . . ,A Ir., ,124 ii ' 'i TT:?2 'yf,'fp:M . F- . V, f . f ,vm ,mwwavga-',5j ,qgyg5g,E M , ' Y 1 -- , new J '7 f' 5 V,- 1 ' ' ' 2 ' """"f"'f ' ' ,-A,3i'.- Mi.. N.. . as ff-.aux-wp v 5-ai H . 4 ll A 3 A L. 532' 'V ff Til? , .35 "'a0fHn."- ' ig 1 I . we A J ' 12 .211 .. , 52 , '. 5 V5 -Q ' Q f Z1 if . Q P f. as ' K Tl F fi F. f 11:3 .1 gf az. 4' 5 f :X S 1 'Sf ' 1 . 1' E Y ' f' Yi-,f'D-fwgfmk-s1 f ff' V 4 Q 15 ,. is fail- fx 'ft Y f V E ' 3' . if ' . . vq ,q ui "s J- 1" f . 1 W Y if V L1 Q M M 41 Q 2 W? 'f f f A f +11-ff ' flffff if " hand ' s " -,A I RF- 3 . -.,,.,V.f ., K.. f , nutty? S .Q K 'E' 6 nasal? a ' an ' V A fp Ah if V my b if w 1 ' ' - I A J- ,M -. .1 Z Y ' E1 71 3 ,f Wlw .. 4 1 wr Y , E f fi' 13351131 -Q W? ' 'ff V ' P f , 1 - ii. fam' ,f 0 f. Q S ' ,A f M 'Pav " .w w W, I W ifi? ' 4 Q , 3 H 'F' ' 2 W , 4: 12' 1 , , T ?"2-L 1"1f1f-3 :J E wi f r t rcng 5 53. ww . ...- Www , ' M" iq! gg ' A Ng ' M, mm w gfwx "Nf3Yk ' 7 ' 2 NN X x , , , 511 ia. Q K, , Q . 5.34 gf .2 i me 6431, M, AN , k 'ww I f H: ' ' ' ' ' ,s Ag fa-WWA Raw ' 343 - 'fs-' . : ru 5 fx , agp 4, we .wivld A' 4 x v J A w ,,vj:M I 5 E l m' 'M 'E s ga if ., X4- -n, ,e , -' f Sink G - f '. Si, I . S1 44 W z 'i 552 I 1-3 .Qf cej,1L ,pw 1 "ii '1':T ' g rf ,F A 5 Z D1 x 5 1 ,Q W if r 35 in-I f? I l s.. ma. 15? W I Q if, an an 1 , ! Y I Beautiful winter's day. Snow piled in steep drifts Becoming mountains against the wall I stuck my finger into it To make su re that it was The real thing. It was. I let it seep through My hands and gently Caress my face. Soon my whole body Lay in it, lifeless. I had become a mass Of soft white snow. I moved my hand And found beneath it A premature spring flower Wilted from the pressures of the snow. I looked at it With tears in my eyes, Then picked it up And walked away, A bit angry At the beautiful, white, snow. Loretta Gallo 5 ,Q Ti 22 3 55 Eff 'm Qi K li He lies beside me, The sand below, devouring our bodies in their white innocence The blue sea, surrounding us with a shield of hope The sky above, enveloping our union in a blanket of warmth and security. He lies beside me. Audree Greenblum 157 I Am the Flower I saw a flower. I sniffed its fragrant aroma, Stroked its stem, Fondled its petals. I became the flower. The flower became me. Now the world seemed different. The grass that previously was only scenery Became my closest friend. The sun that brought only heat Was my savior. I planted my roots deep in the soil. I was part of the earth. Part of the world's vast beauty, I at last found peace. Shari Singer 'L fgffff, N. fl AAJY . ' Q 3' Silence I But that is life. And you wither as I pick You are white and you have yellow eyes, Another blossom from the branch And your body is long and slim, where you grew, And you smell of heaven, And you fall into oblivion in my mind ... And I hold you in my hand, And your head nods with the wind, Zena Bobrow But I think you are laughing at me, So I crush you with my fingers And trample you with my feet . . . And then -I am sorry ,.. ANDREA HUBERMAN-sing, yearbook staff, co-ordinator's staff, consultative council, senior band, library squad, switchboard. ,BARBARA HUSSEY-booster-captatin, sing, girl's chorus, carnival, spring festival. BERNICE IACOMETTA-library squad, spring festival. PHYLIS IACULLO-leader's club. PAUL IANNELLI-chess team. RALPH IERACI-football, baseball LEONARD IULO-Sing. TENAIA IACOBS-future teacher's club, senior rep., consultative council, homeroom assistance. IANICE L. IEFFERIES-basketball team, sing, s.o. rep., senior rep. LYNN IOHNSON-Sing. PHYLISS JOHNSON-newman club, spanish magazine, carnival. DESIREA IONES-volleyball, handball, basketball, bowling. LARRY IOSEPH-sing, wrestling team, golf team. MAUREEN IUSKIEWICZ-gym office, leader's club, general office, administrative office, s.o. rep. LEE KABILYO-peer group CLIFFORD KAPLAN-tennis team. BONNIE LYNNE KARSCH-arista, sing booster, senior rep., spanish magazine, ecology club, mainstream magazine, carnival, attendance aid. SHARON KATZ-s.o. vice-president, volleyball team, sing, s.o. rep., guidance office, leader's club, attendance monitor, consultive council, future teacher's club. SUSAN KATZ-new dealer, sing leader's club, yearbook, french magazine, arista, carnival, booster. LORRAINE B. KATZBERG-senior rep. carnival, library squad. LAUREN KAY-sing, senior band, future teacher's club. LAURA KEARSE-attendance monitor attendance office, I.B.M. classes medical office, teacher's aid. WILLIE I. KEARSE-track, peer group, recorder club. STEVEN KOMITO-swimming team, tennis team. CAROL KORLENSKI-sing, mixed chorus. SHERYL KRACKOW-arista, booster, spanish magazine, foreign language office, sing, teacher's aid, social studies magazine. VIRGINIA LAGRUA-sing, senior band. DOROTHY LANDRISLINA-art club, bioscope, library squad. DAVID LARSEN-s.o. rep., sing, bio projects, mainstream magazine. DEBORAH LEE-peer group. GRACE LEE-bowling team. KENNETH IOROME LEE-track, peer group. CARLTON LEMON-basketball, football. HOWARD PERRY LEV-senior rep., s.o. rep, attendance, deans 84 general offices, carnival,, spring festival, HRA program. HUENG LING Ll-modern dance, fashion design. ROBERT LICATA-sing, yearbook. GAIL LIEB-library squad, sing, music office, gym office, sr. band, bioscope staff. TERRY LIGUORI-recorder club, sing. DENISE LIOTTA-volleyball team, gymnastics team, softball team, leader's club, carnivals. STUART LISS-chem. lab squad, physics lab squad, radio club, chess club. BONNIE LOCKAMY-booster, s.o. rep. FERMA LOFFREDO-bio. lab squad, newman club, italitan magazine. TERESA LOFFREDO-attendance office. SANDY LONGSHORE-modern dance, volleyball, gymnastics. ARLENE LOPEZ-basketball team, sing. IOHN LOPEZ-art Club. SUSIE LOUIE-sing. ELLEN LYNCH-future teacher's club, college office, recorder club, english office, college rep., attendance office, library. SALVATORE MACALUSO-weight training. MICHELE MAFFATTONE-general office, switchboard. ILENE A. MALAKOFF-yearbook staff, sing, akiva club, college rep., new dealer staff, girl's chorus, co-ordinator's staff. JOSEPH MALTESE-ecology club, library staff, arista. ANGELA MARCIANTE-cheerleader, italian club, principal's office, program office, italian magazine. SUSAN MARINO-future teacher's club, girl's chorus, senior rep. arista, spanish magazine, sing, program office, spanish tutor. SUZANNE MARKS-booster, sing, co-ordinator's staff, s.o. rep., yearbook staff, attendance office. LORI ROBIN MARSHALL-s.o. pres., arista, leader's club, tennis team, bowling, team, booster, sing, yearbook staff, new dealer, co-ordinator's staff, switchboard, Brooklyn boro student council, consultative council, s.o. council, principal's office, orchestra carnival, program office, spring festival. SONIA MARTINSEN-chorus, sing, college office, spring concert. SUSAN MATRISCIANI-art office. LAURA MAURIELLO-co-odinator's staff, mainstream magazine. CHERYL MCNALLY-dance club, sing booster, liberan club, gymnastics. EUGENE MEGLIO-art literary magazine, art club. SUSAN MAZZARELLA-s.o. rep., girl's chorus, spring festival, carnival ROBERT MEIIA-handball team co-captain. LYNETTE MERSKY-booster, sing, girl's chorus, switchboard, yearbook staff, general office, spring concert. MARC METH-college representative. BARBARA MILLER-leader's club, sing, library squad, carnival. DARLENE MILLER-chorus, dance, Afro-American club. MERYL LOIS MILLER-arista-vice pres., sing, mainstream magazine, history office, math office, guidance office, carnival, activities day. GAIL MIMOZO-basketball, softball. LISA MINOWITZ-co-ordinator's staff, sing, booster, program office, s.o. rep., guidance office. IOANNE MISIANO-booster, treasury office, cheerleader, spring festival, sing. SUSAN MOORE-arista, library squad. OUIDA MORRIS-sing, booster, dance festival, dance showcase, project preview, Afro-American club, s.o. rep., gymnastics, spring festival. MARY MORRISON-library squad, office aid, carnival. LUCY MUSTO-booster, arista, program office, italian club. CARL S. MYRICKS-sr. band, spring festival, j.v. basketball, radio talk show, Afro-American club, s.o. rep., carnival, principal's advisory council, T.V. Appearance. IOAN NAPOLI-boy's gym office. ANN NELSON-library squad. RAMA NESIML-swimming team. JOYCE NEVE-sing, leader's club, spring concert, language office. ADRAINE E. NEWBORN-dance showcase, gymnastics, Afro club peer group, spring festival, s.o. rep., senior band. LAURA NOBERINE-bowling team. ANGELA NOTO-sing, arista, boy's gym office, cheerleader, chorus french magazine, leader's club. PAUL ONORIO-lighting 84 broadcasting crew. SANFORD OPEROWSKY-junior band, senior band. ERNAN OQUENDO-handball team, j.v. basketball. FLORENCE ORMIANER-sing, attendance office. LORRAINE OSIT-library squad. ALBERTO PADILLA-science club RUTH PALLASKE-baseball, bicycle riding. IOANN PALOMBO-team sports. PHYLLIS, PALUMBO-bowling team, program office, arista, spanish magazine, tennis team, cutting office, senior rep., sing. ROSINA PANETTA-library squad, business office, teacher's aid, carnival. SARA PANTALEO-leader's club, sing. IOANNE PAOLINO-college office, math tutor. ANGELA PAPA-bioscope magazine, carnival, teacher's aid. INA PARKAN-sr. band, sing, arista, mainstream magazine, ecology club, future teacher's club, new dealer, french magazine, roosevelt roundtable. ENZO PATERNO-soccer, woodshop. MARK PERLMUTTER-senior class treasure, new dealer, arista, guidance office. LORNA PETERSON-dance, gymnastics, sing. MICHAEL PETROSINO-basketball. IAMES PIETARO-senior band, sing. CYNTHIA PIETRAVALLE-bowling. AMY PIMSLER-co-ordinator's staff, tennis team, cutting office, sing, s.o. rep., arista. MICHAEL PITKEWICZ-basketball, baseball. ARLENE PLATT-gymnastics, sing, co-ordinator's staff, cheerleader. RICHARD PAUL POCH-sing, ecology club, carnival, s.o. rep. IOSEPH PREMUS-chemistry squad, radio club, newman club. MICHAEL PREMUS-chess club, newman club, bio squad, bio club, radio club, chemistry squad. CARLOS QUINTEROS-soccer team, wrestling. MICHAEL RAFF-social studies office, english office. KATHY RAMETTA-spanish magazine. Nursizio RANERI-football, Weightlifting. PAULETTE RAO-arista, booster, sing, spanish club, program office, s.o. rep., carnival, so. office, yearbook staff, guidance office, attendance office. WAYNE REICH-arista, spanish magazine. MARIA RENNA-sing, yearbook staff, boy's gym office, co- ordinator's staff, arista, carnival. MARIE RICCIARDO-sing, chorus, main stream magazine, health ed. dept. aid. MARI RICHARDS-sing, s.o. rep. CHRIS RODRIGUEZ-baseball team. PAUL ROMAN-swimming team. CAROL ROMANO-attendance office. DEBBIE ROMANO-dance. MARITZA ROSAS-principal's aid. NEIL ROSEN-swimming team, math office, arista, bioscope, newman club, college office, carnival. RITA ROSENTHAL-sing. ROSEMARIE ROTUNNO-tennis team, library squad, yearbook, arista, sing, spanish magazine. CARRIE RUBIN-sing. BILLY RUSIECKI-track team-capt. cross country track, handball, bowling, team, varsity basketball-manager. THOMAS RUSSO-baseball varsity cafeteria squad, bio squad. DEBBIE RZESZEWICZ-leader. JOSEPHINE SALAMONE-library CONCETTA SLAM ERI-teacher's scretary. ROSEMARY SALOMONE-biology squad, bioscope, newman club, sing, leader's club, french magazine. JANET SALLUSTO-sing. JOHN SANTO -jr. band. JOANN SARNO-teacher's aid. CELESTE SAVARESE-teacher's aid, carnival. MARIEANNE SCAFURI-teacher's aid, library squad, spring concert, sing, s.o. rep. EILEEN SCANAPICO-sing. ANTOINETTE SCARCELLA-sing, french monitor. JOSEPH SCHIANODICOLA-arista, wrestling, team, newman club, bioscope, sing, math tutor, biology project group. TINA SCHIFF-band, s.o. rep. DONNA SCHNETTLER-booster, sing s.o. rep., carnival. ROBYN SCHRAUB-program office, sing, co-ordinator's office, LINDA SCIALLO-college rep. PATRICIA SCIRE-junior rep. JEFFREY SCOLNICK-co-ordinator's office, sing. LEAH SCOLNICK-dance show case, sing, cheerleader, dance club, s.o. rep., co-ordinator's staff, attendance office. MICHAEL SEIDMAN-social studies office. WILLIAM SEMINERIO-golf team, roosevelt roundtable. CARMELA SENESE-baseball, softball, booster. JANE SETTEDUCATO-leader's club, softball team. SHEILA SHAW-sing, arista, s.o. rep., program office, grade advisor's office. DEBBIE SHEIR-future teacher's club, guidance office, program office. JUDY SHERMAN-leader's club, sing mixed chorus, carnival, booster co-capt., s.o. rep., girl's chorus ANA SIERRA-sing, mixed chorus, yearbook, spanish magazine. IRA SILFAN-new dealer, library. JOE SILINONTE-senior class pres., carnival, mainstream, activities day, spanish magazine, sing. GERI SILVER-program office, sing arista, teacher's aid. STEVEN SIMONE-baseball team. EVELYN SMITH-sing, peer group, s.o. rep. ODIS SMITH-handball, football. MICHAEL SOMMA-photoclub, art club, newspaper, s.o. rep. MAUREEN SPENCER-sing. PAUL SPERO-swimming team, sing guidance office, carnival. FILIPPO SPERANDIO-gymnastics, swimming team, bio projects club, bio lab, squad, newman club, bioscope magazine. LEO STEIN-akiva club, sing. JEANMARIE STUDSRUD-softball. VALERIE SWAYNE-girl's chorus, basketball, IRENE TACT-library squad. PATRICIA TALAMO-library Squad. ELLEN TAUBKIN-sing. MARYANN TAVARNITI-leader's club, softball team, bowling. JOSEPH TESTA-wrestling team. HEDER TORENLI-soccer team. DONNA TORRE-sing, booster, s.o. rep. SALVATORE TRAPANOTTO-program office. BILL ULIANO-baseball. GARY ULLENES-handball ANGELICA VERTSONIS-arista, sing, booster, leader's club, program office, library squad, teacher's aid, girl's gym office, college, office, college rep. NEVELINIA WADE-sr. band, music secretary, gymnastics team softball team, recorder club. RONALD WALDEN-principal's office, s.o. representative. MINDY WALLACH-sing, arista, program office, language office. MIKE WALTERS-sing, music office, ecology club, sr. band. BRENDA WASHINGTON-booster, sing, mainstream magazine, french magazine, program office, college office, future teacher's club. NORMAN WEISS-sing, ecology club, akiva club. ELLEN WELLBROCK-industrial art department's aid. WILLIAM WEST-cafeteria squad. BRENDA WILLIAMS-dance showcase. DELORES WILLIAMS-volleyball, gymnastics. MARVIN WILLIAMS-D.E.C.A. Club. TANYA WILLIAMS-sing, bowling. ERNEST WILLIS-alter, class rep. BARBARA WILSON-boy's health ed. office. MONICA WHTE-leader's club. JUDY WOODALL-Afro-American club, dance club, s.o. rep. STEVEN WYNN-basketball. EDNA YUEN-math team. SING PUI ZEE-math team, arista, bio lab squad, bio project club, chess club. GEORGIA ZIS-sing. MARIA AMBROSE-attendance off co-op. PETER BAIO-wrestling team, ecology club, sing. REGINA BONELLI-yearbook, sing, gymnastics team, cheer- leader-capt. coordinator's staff. SHERRIL BROWN-medical office attendance office, switchboard. CHARLES CANNIZZARO-stuculty game, sing. SILVIA CAUCI-tennis team, arista, leaders club. ROGER CHEHOVA-college rep. HENRY CHRISTAGAU-gymnastics. STEVEN CLAPSO-gymnastics team. SHARON E. COOK-sing, co-op. CARLOS CRUZ-wrestling team. IRIS CUBERT-language office general office. ELAINE DENARDO-college off. MARGARET DENICHOLAS-leader. IOHN DIGAETANO-gymnastics. IOE DONZELLI-handball team. MILLIE DORSCH-sing. PAUL DRUCKMAN-mixed chorus. '-IELEN DUGDALE-Mr. Sisti's office. TED EISENBERG-spring concert. IOSEPH FARELLA-lab squad sing baseball team. VINCENZO FRACCHIOLLA-printing photography squad. PHIL FRASCHILLA-cafeteria, softball, baseball. STEVEN FAGIN-flute club. MARLENE FRANQUI-library. IUDY GASTWIRTH-attendance office, yearbook, cheerleader co-capt, sing, coordinator's staff. DORI GLASS-sing, general off. mon. CAROL GAONZALES-jr. band, sr. band, sing, spring festival. ARGATHA GRANT-library squad mon sing. IODIE GUNDERSON-english off, s.s. off. RONNIE HOFFMAN-sing, tennis team. ERMELINDA ITRI-leader's, sing. MARY IOHNSEN-sing, s.o. rep, sr. rep. IANYCE JONES-library, spring fest. carnival. IONATHAN KUSHNER-sr. band. BETH KLEIBMAN-library. ROBERT LAMANNA-graphic arts squad, photography. WENCHE LARSEN-chorus, collegeoffice. CINDY LEIBOWITZ-sing, peer group, cutting office. ANTHONY LEGGIO-cafeteria squad. GRACE LELIO-carnival, spring fest. library squad. PHILIP LINDGREN-searbook, sing. MICHAEL LOMENZO-track. ANGELO LOPEZ-jr. and sr. bands, spring festival, IONEEN LORELLI-medical office, grade advisor's office. VITO LOVALVO-Italian club. ELLEN LYNCH-college office, future teacher's club, english office. ANN MAHR-sing-treasurer, tennis team, arista, math team. KAREN MATYSKO-sing. SUSAN MAZZARELLA-s.o. rep, sing spring festival, carnival. SUSAN MERCURIO-library squad. ELI MORAWEIC-golf team. DEBORAH MODELFINO-sing, booster cheerleader, girl's cho- rus, dance showcase. ANN MAHR-sing, tennis team, arista. MARTHA MURDEN-Co-op. BRIAN NEWMAN-sr. band. SAL OPPEDISANO-yr. book staff cafeteria squad. ROBIN PABON-sing, art club, yearbook '73. IOANN PAPANDREA-attendance office. ALICE PASSARELLI-guidance off. MARY ANN PELUSO-boy's health ed. office, secretarial stud- ies department. SAL RIZZOCASCIO-track. THOMAS RHUE-Switchboard. MADELINE ROMERO-carnival, business ed. dep't. IOAN SARLE-boosters. DWANA SELLERS-peer group. CATHY SICIGNANO-guidance dept. SHARI SINGER-afro-american club, yearbook staff, co-ordi- nators staff, new dealer staff, sing, bowling team, consulta- tive council future teachers club, carnival. BRUCE SWINYER-sing, yearbook art club. CLAUDIO TAGLIANI-track team. MARIA PRESTIA-sing, boy's health ed. office. LUCILLE URCIUOLI-carnival sing, attendance, mixed chorus spring festival. ALEX VASVARI-akiva club. TONY VENDITTI-senior orchestra spring concert. PORTIA WALTON-sing, basketball team. LYNDA WILLIAMS-booster treasurer, dance club, sing. LINDA WROBLEWSKI-sing, spanish magazine, boosters, span- ish office mainstream, arista, carnival, yearbook, program office, chorus. ALAN WURMAN-sing-commissioner program office, coordi- nator's staff yearbook, s.o. rep, carnival. IAMES CONLON-jr. and sr. bands, sing spring festival, yo-yo team-capt. MICHAEL ALOMIA-vice president of Italian club, tutor in Ital- ian, carnival. MIGUEL COLON-spring concert, carnival day, senior band, attendance monitor. ROBERT DIXON-basketball team. IDA GARCIA-sing, peer group, dance club 81 showcase, s.o. representative. TERRY ION ES-student organization. ANNA MARIE THOMAS-secretary: Boy's Gym office, KAREN YELVERTON-chorus, sing, spring concerts, language office monitor. IOLANTA HORNIG-bioscope magazine, mainstream maga- zine, photography club, sing, ecology club. DOUGLAS LIEBEL-graphic arts squad, photography squad. SUSAN FEIN-sing, yearbook, french magazine, art club, arista. mn An " N., my zu ME 'F' LIll""

Suggestions in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) collection:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 8

1974, pg 8

Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 78

1974, pg 78

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1974, pg 35

Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School - Orbit Yearbook (Brooklyn, NY) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 106

1974, pg 106

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