Franklin D Roosevelt High School - Mustang Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1974

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Franklin D Roosevelt High School - Mustang Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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,,,,,,1,l,,vhu,.,,AA,,Zp,.,,,,,,,,A,.,,A, 0, , .,,, . ,.,1,, , ,,., ..,. ,K .... Y .,. Y ,, Y , , . , ., ,. ,, ,. . X 4 5. .- 162 jkfbifu' xwijwfj ,. Q UJQSL f19r'A,u.WZf'i,W' Q Lbgmx UXVUX V G' jeu by , m I fl, N W krwfff Q EDP V3 x bf! XX K X , I Q Q X Q P5 E ' wb W SY QQ EE? R iiilfgvwgwy QW!! EN ivmm 47 Gi Mig! Q -fqgf M, -'-. 'if 42,1 V43 M ff if 6Q f9o-f mf 1 Q 0 f,5,vf7!, f 44 CQ 9 pf ffyy 'ff' ff- ff' IU X f an 1 I Qlizijflfiigigj 62,162 Kfm, MC GJ aff Xf M f e pn .Q , 5 if JF QCAMLMQQQ J 61 Kg F A f" M45 Q! U ' MEL A ,f J, f D 1 Q 5 - vw! -' 1451! X, Y M! 3 f if fn ,Q L9 J E31 W dghzgftlikvh 4 f , -' 5 ,' 1 CW 1.4 , Q 'QZKW mv , . V" Q - J , 'v i kph! 5 ., ,XG egg LRG! KM CE: vii ,WJ E-L65 U xg, g Kali' W. M ,Mick 01,5 LLB A Jxu law LN 'imm- MUSTANG I 974 Franklin D. Rooseveli High School Dallas. USA w W, Qt U gg- 3? I 9 2 ,tai 'f Wt gkbig? In 1974 NNe had ITIOYB H , .W ,, .I ,,k, ,W -aff 5 4 X Z if A Z v QE' X ,, 9 ' ' H . . .SPIRIT 1, , U 2 .MM f ' ,K W,,, , ' iq., ,I Fam". , . W , . 1, .f ,M ,- 1, Q, W ' f Q51 JI -..Q ,f,,1 ,,,, .. X1 ,J l A Aiizl , A ' ' Mx 4, , ,L , 1 AV,A ? l 2 V Alf f" 2 r ff A 4 f ' , -,v'v 1 1 'V .K J, ,.. n LV V "" '.vv , -1 vx w fusmfxasgggq I515,ggg,,,f.':sw',zffvf ' yf5?:s:?s1EifJ:f":21 5 x E Q, , , 72 'ibm A ff Q53 3 n I6 a , ag? 1 ' f ,,.: , if in N, , 1. ,W 41 k,,. .,.. . , . 'k'5'T2f73ii 2354 5 QF3: ENTHUSIASM -Y SELYIYL A.,N, "A" .. ---. -wx 'K 1 1 ? POWER SN Q fs X Q as -wa Y SX , 2 is v Q A ix W':--- L :lit-Lw:'k 'Q " ,, ,,,1- , , f.ff . .. .. EQ abwoulirwg ww -an ...P Q 1 WQNX -if "i, -,zf -W w w 32,4351 ' ag W, K .. ' .. ' - ,Q-5w f : - fi' 3-ffl : ' f""f11"fQQ,l .-EI' ' gi, ,Wm -, k Q Q, Q 4: -Qxwwf SCHOLARSHIP MUWW 12 Y 1 ,,,,, , L , . lgfwg-c,w,,,,,.. , , , , , iiv V NH V LEADERSHIP Ks K , w.,i1r:f'f" MJ-1f:,- WNW T Hi ,Q ..,, K, 4. ,,,,,,,.,n. 5 af., , T4 ,, mai? 14 'Y ' 7 TOGETHERNESS . . . and LOVE We dedicafe MUSTANG . . . HOWARD PURIFY 1974 for 38 dedicafed gears io . . . in public educafion I 11' X ff N W X M4 l f JM AN V 0 if M. ,, X ,hw s , f ig, li, 1ly.W, ,W QW G W f'W wfNl ' f1W.f1W :W W lXvXxX4fQ'rM?T ,' will xx N 9'lf-MA' U""n'V lv I fm In f x-H MA lil, I ' X X t NJA .Wm ' ly I WmY1f:m. ' M m-11' I Rf Wy W 1 W , M ' n X 1 4 Q MM Q W ' Y W a' f f M E rin "ff wvb I ,IL Millltw' I X , I, ,Q A X XX X f K! 'Wx XA ' , - , N mm. Qllllllp gil"-L ,HV X . ' 1 2 - M29 ,7 Zn fri? ' X L X ' XM XX"fx'x fx ,WN ' XX QA 'wiv' 'T 7 CIAWANWIIMXII I? - xv AWA l'1X'KWX XY xl E W 1' fx 1 ' "X 'II , " x M X NY X xx ,X Q I' tv' wi! ng niH,,,.a1J i -XXA X -qyx ,W W, If Q x ,mfmbff X Y A s , W f 1 ' A F X . -1 'A X -Nw! X I' If fv 'X-ilikk - 5 fL V. W ' , 7ii1:Q, X pfix K R QA , .-X xx k V" ' , JW A - . ggxg NX y fxf X Vxw ,Q , 54. f N f V , , 'ffx 41ffif5X'Q fffjf1 xX.- NAM 1 pffff' 5 ff ,' .'N.. V x'5Tx,fx 55551--xfex x XIX -535-NM ' A 'JXW I! ff, ,fff xg wx , MIM 1 1 ' iw me if Y' J 'TX X 15 X Q N W Q W,f ff X 3 ' ," ADMINISTRATIUN PRINCIPAL Congratulations to the sponsors and staff of the 1974 MUSTANG. Three magnificent years have passed since we set sail on the Roosevelt Luxury Liner seeking educational excellence. This continuous voyage could not have been successful without the stamina with which the Roosevelt family has cooper- ated with the staff and sponsors to produce a beauti- ful pictorial review of the 1973-74 school year. There is always a lot of work that goes into such a publication that probably goes without recognitiong for this, we thank you. The focal point, however, continues to be on you, the student in the 1974 MUSTANG. As you turn the pages of this MUSTANG, may you relive the happy, meaningful, and profitable days spent here at the Franklin D . Roosevelt High School. Our school theme, A VOYAGE ON THE SEA OF EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE, suggests that our ulti- mate goal is to provide the best possible education for each student at Roosevelt High School. Our stu- dents are our cargo of precious jewels, and our teachers and staff compose a dedicated crew of edu- cators who are qualified to enrich the lives of our students as we sail toward academic excellence. Leon M . Hayes Principal LEON M. HAYES ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS As we look back on this school year, we see that it was a year of many exciting events. Hard work has allowed us to accomplish many things. Those of you who are seniors, and graduating from high school, are beginning a new step in your life. You must con- tinue to work hard. Those of us who remain at Roose- velt High School will continue in the tradition of being loyal Mustangs. As we go our many different ways we will have a pictorial review of the year's many events in the form of the 1974 MUSTANG. The MUSTANG spon- sors and staff must be complimented for providing all of us with such a remembrance of the 1973-'74 school year at Franklin D . Roosevelt High School. Louis L. Bredsoe Assistant Principal ll s.,. LOUIE BLEDSOE You read about a spectacular man who earned S1 billion. You wonder how. Well, he did it by follow- ing the same rules and practices which will make you a successful person. The billionaire, of course, is Aristotle Onassis, who attained much fame and publicity by marrying the widow of President Kennedy. People said he was lucky. He was dishonest. He had a pull. He knew how to buy his way. All these things may be true , but, it is also true that he owes his success to hard work . . . and an eagerness to go ahead and do something. He still works harder every day than most Ameri- cans are willing to work. It's a success story which would be hard to duplicate , but the principles he followed would make you outstanding . . . hard work . . . and an eagerness to go ahead and do something. Onassis just proved it . . . so can you. Charles A. Knox Assistant Principal CHARLES KNOX ,-, - 1'5'IQ"ff,'flT J" W' 4 44 if fW26Wa' 'KW W L I 1 2 f WH.7"'f'7""'W QQ tmp!! X W Q 25 , -4444 If ,1.Al'1,,W Q. Z3-ESX if If f , 1UhfrlwlKvW,, Z J X .3 X , fjf X VW gl 1-Q V Q ' J 'f. 9 fL'Iw!'A', , I K - ' '- my ,fgw 6 W, my M A 'Il"fl' f V ,WWMMM f l,f'I M i f 'ZW , fmgf f f A Q f f Xl! 11 Al . 'Mt V 1' lw A 6 f N 1 - f , fl f H 0 . K 1 1, f4f ' xx ,ff I , 'ff f, ' K' l " H' 7 V ,lx lfv,!i,!fj!! fMf'!lM,'iy,l 4lff l6,,i! 4 I UML lu W fx g , pf f, Wf' ff MW l 'ff f N 'W' I ,M s 4 , ". mt Q xX fl My A wa W g5AQ,EMmfWWMMW Mw lu i Z I I ,f,'VfffDWj!fVfIW fff 5' A WkQxs, :ff ff Q X S J ng? Q QS? I I: pk Hzwx 9 Q fiixwaf XR'eg 1,2 K ff! -V W ff' M fy N xr IMKW f+ ff,Mm 1 XB X N Msl- I Q A M Wi1fU'lMl Q W K ff ' 0 M f wmmllg !V L?'I6NbW , Ufn 1 ff ' I 2 rvWN'fWf,"ffffwv1vff'mmf 1 ff f f ff W W, FACULTY f fw w ffl ff M WWVfWW! WW M MW z AE' LIBRARY I 5 r 0 ggi JI ESTHER PELTON Library Librarian CHRISTINE LEISTER Nurse 1 Z 2 I I 1, an f BERNADINE ROBINSON CLINIC STUDY HALL N Q kLhh I Vyk igig li . PI-f,:. Q . .-.. ff "-- N I DOROTHY WATERHOUSE BENNIE GARDNER Study Hall Study H311 ADVISORY AND GUIDANCE AZALEE G. SANDERS MARY HELEN SWANER Counselor Counselor TOMMIE I. TOWNSEND Counselor RUTH STARLING ELEANOR HOWARD Clerk Clerk BRENDA WILLIAMS Clerk HELEN H . DIXON Dean VIVIAN BRYANT Clerk PUPIL PERSONNEL AND DATA PROCESSING MARY DOUGLAS Clerk SHIRLEY TODD Data Processing 4 SS AA A y 5 V ' 35,5 Q-1 , N- K f A 5' f , 4, I1 151 J' ' A v F , S i gf. X U A H 4. ,S 1 rr 1 gjsfpi' 4KSrE'ff,5N1 55 if ailing, I K E 1jj?Sf'gi5'3a'Wf:QQ A "R Sk W L .... .L My X S NW- ? Qfbyfs-rg:Qifffgfiiillir5:4 , , .:g,, rssrfiffffJf-ff'-'ffffx-J2fi'r:,iT '35,-:I?f'2X1f!!!-53' '. 1 , ' 2 V' Qgpsfqzmfw "rf-1 ---- : . .... i J as X, RUBY CALDWELL HAZEL McCOO Clerk Clerk PRINCIPAL'9 OFFICE W IERALDINE DENNIS Clerk 1 K CONSTANCE DAWSON , Secretary BILLIE CREWS Clerk TEACHER AIDE9 Standing, 1 to I: SHERRY MCCAIN, ANNIE EDWARDS , PATRICIA LAWRENCE, ROSA WILLIAMS. Seated, 1 to I BARBARA CLEMONS, SHIRLEY MOORE, MINTHIA NELSON. Not Pictured: HENRY JAMES, JAMES JEFFERSON. JOHNNY HAWKINS ED TALTON HOME LIASON PERSONNEL BILLY CLAY NOLAN PERRY RANDY POTEET I. D. TANNER MARY PRICE COMMUNITY GUIDANCE CENTER THOMAS ROSS, IR. Band FINE ARTS OTIS LLOYD Choral Music WILLIE DEARION Art, Asst. Football Coach, Asst Track Coach ELLEN KNIEBERG Speech, Drama, Debate BURNETT ANDERSON JERRY WILLIAMS Instrumental Music An SCIENCE IL: ' N. 1 , 'X g DENISE LANDELL Biology , Cheerleader Sponsor BOBBY BROWN Chemistry , Physics ELLIS DAVIS, JR. Biology, Basketball Coach PHYLLIS WILSON Biology, American History HOWARD PURIFY Biology, Line Coach JOHNNY WILLIAMS Biology EUGENIA JAMESON E World History, American History if 11111,-eiaf-21261 , HISTORY n ii f A R A S 'ii 1 . f ioo A iioii EARNEST JAMES MARY Black American Studies , Track Coach Sociology American History , Geometry , VIRGINIA STRADFORD American Government, Problems of Democracy A. B. THOMAS American History, American Government, English GEORGE MARTIN American History, Baseball Coach DON ARONOFSKY American History, American Government MATHEMATICS JESSE HIGGS Mathematics JANE WATERS A JUDITH KETCHUM Calculus, Trigonometry, Algebra II, Fundamentals of Math Algebra I, Business Math, Fundamentals of Math CAROL SMITH MARGIE WOODS Geometry, Algebra II, III, and IV Mathematics VIVIAN CARPENTER Mathematics INDUSTRIAL A CARL BAKER Metals RTS JAMES PARKER Woods BILLY POTEET Electronics, Plastics , Drafting CHARLES DAVIS Woods , Drafting up-nw' 4. MAJOR JOE D SASSER ROBERT MANSON Spanish JUNIOR RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORPS I SGT . FRANK WRIGHT FOREIGN LANGUAGES CHARLOTTE KING French OFELIA DIAZ Spani h HOMEMAKING AND ROXANN COLLINS Homemaking I, II, and III SALLIE BARTLETT Typing I and II, Shorthand LOELLA MADISON Homemaking JAN GENTRY REBECCA HICKMAN B00kk6SpiI1g, Typing I, II, III, and IV Homemaking, Home and Family Living IEAN SAMMONS V.O.E. Lab BILLY TALLEY D . E . C . A . RUBY LIGHT H.O.C.T. CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION PEGGY CLARKE JOHN TRIM V.O.E. C.V.A.E. GENE CUMMINGS I. C. T. MARGIE RILEY H . E . C . E . TTEEQEEEHE EWEM E 'X 92 E as f .liz ii 2' E x 2555: if E E we Ein DORIS KEMP English 'fame iii V S T E i S f X OPHELIA TENNON MARY BETH LEWIS English English RUTHA THORNTON English ENGUSH BRENDA STERLING English . Newspaper Sponsor, Yearbook Sponsor BARBARA WOOD English, Soccer Coach ififwg SN nqgsfqswfhg-AW QMS NV if Wigs MILDRED RHEAMS Resource Teacher 1 JERRY VOGEL English, Yearbook Sponsor CAROL MCGEE English SHIRLEY GREEN English ROBERT THOMAS Head Coach, Physical Education PHYSICAL EDUCATION JERRJ NEWHOUSE Physical Education , Girls Basketball Coach Not Pictured: VEHESTER GALBREATH, Physical Education CUSTODIAN STAFF L. C. Johnson Earl Garner Homer Turner Ed Jonhson Gary Johnson Lorenza Scott R. L. Pogue Thelma Jones Nellie Rowe J. R. Choice Wallace Body Jimmy Parker Winas Williams MARION SMITH Physical Education , Tennis Coach, Swimming Coach CAFETERIA STAFF V 5 15.5 K ff K . 1 e 'tts' t - s A '--- ' - X fit 'FY f"f l1'fif'ffif5Z if k." iii-fklf: .f1' 1 'K 3" T i t'tii ' to ' ite" ,ai' l '5 - ,'tJ, .f ',c.. Eddie Allen Rosie Smith Annie Cox Lucy Smith Willie Coleman Margaret Chamberlain Odessa Gibson Vivian Green Bethane Reed Martha Tutt Mildred Wright ,V wr! vi u II I W xi N ,Q WW 4 ,I n . J ,,.,l,..llMllllfdlIfMIl M I x-11""'Y' I WX 1 I I KM' WWW 'WWW "', ,Im W f I II'IIW W Wy I N W.. Vg' WV, ff ACTIVITIES MI M I 11 K I I, I 1' 'L r I I "- IIIUIWVIII I 1 M . I W ffwwff - ' I f I W, Q, 1 I I I4 r 'I' I I I I Y" :II I'I 'IIIMIM In If X MII' 'fr 'I XI YIM MMIII my Hu ff fu' IM' II W I W df If 6 GMI MAXIM' WWI! TWT f 6 y W 1W,I,,I ,ff If MW! "-QZW I ' I IMI'IIIWWJVIIfyfwffm , X r 1 I 3 ,TI H1 WA M Q7 fs! g M 1' fin In '3 ,-. 's ' 7, n nn s 1 hhes neo . ' ' s i , 'fx Zi, f, ' " , l f 313 is R if 4-iigfv THE SPIRIT Is he or is she? A lineup of beauties. Is it that interesting? W "s- W f f- I ' ' V H ,iy i. rL,L- fii g::gif 5 , ',,' g H . W ,L.,f:f, ..,, 1,1 - 5- , www-- s ssnns so n -- You say they don't know the school Our proud mascots. song? 3 Music at its best. The incredible shrinking man. Kiss me. Ready... . . . OLE ILRQ Visitors from Mars. OCTOBER QI - Q7 AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK OBSERVANCE ami' M, .. Eu V 2 MUSTANGS BECOME HALLOWEEN SPOOKS OCTOBER 3 I They spooked the spooks. That's not a mask . . . that's Roy Fiel Nominee Mary Clark i Nominee Evelyn Edwards MISS ROOSEVELT PAGEANT NOVEMBER 6 Nominee Portia Curry Nominee Emma Roberson Nominee Ruby Johnson Nominee Terrnina Harrington Nom1nee,Joseph1ne Taylor i N Debra Hampton Nominee Kathy Kyles Nominee Velva Carter Nominee Jacqueline Jernigan Nominee Gail Loftis MISS ROOSEVELT CORONATION BALL NOVEMBER 8 SHERATON HOTEL lst Runner Up, Kathy Kyl My girdle is killing me. A1 Capone and the gang. MEN ONLY . . . Ooops, they forgot to close the We dare you to keep a straight face. door. nm. s Q .QM kg! 5 " JV' ' w x f ggfg 'bg 41" an '9 CW :flag g 3 ' , ,-.. 'Qi H 4?-. f.,-' yu ,kL, 'u .L ., W 'EQ' 'nw They just cou1dn't wait. Ooops . . . sitting down on the job for D, C, F, D, A, F . . . You is, it john?J. might pass. Q116CHSfOf8 day- Most goofy . . . most flirty . . . most dangerous . . . etc. THE MUSTANG CORRAL 2 Carol Burnett. W5 l N wx Boy, I wish I knew the answer. That hl1ITlS- Let's not tear it up. Smoking in the boys' room Black power. !"""' it l 6215: K ii f my ' MUSTANGS . I can't find "C." Coach Davis at his best. I counted 29 teeth. Caught ya Best of 74 S sl -ss Q 3 What she doesn't know won't hun her. Sweet and innocent. Some of our active students. I'm an alto. . ..ONTHELO0SE SENIORS Secretary , GAIL WALKER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Assistant Secretary , JADA SCROGGIN S I President , SYLVIA WHITFIELD Vice President, Treasurer, TERRNINA HARRINGTON JENNIFER CRAWFORD s Parliamemarian , MINNIE SANDLE Members of the EXECUTIVE TEAM JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Glen Richardson - PRESIDENT Angelia Robinson - SECRETARY Nedra Kyles - VICE-PRESIDENT Marilyn McNeal - TREASURER SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Rickey Washington - PRESIDENT Camellia Newman - SECRETARY Gloria Richardson - VICE-PRESIDENT Jackie Chism - TREASURER xx , X l W1 ,W W,1nG'v ff ffiw,fsbN4?M 4W' m2zfwffff Y W xl! 151' ,VM' 4f"ff"'fS'f' A- yum!! ky f W, MW'w W V , W fff bfww fff KV m f WW .. . ' Ifffgf- W MW ' Q 1 Q M 1 W' 1 Mm' fiffpf fl M V, W 9? I UA. U .x L 1 I 1 W " A my Info af,! .XAV V. MW V CLASSES WMS fQWf W H WWW 1 Q' WW l yy Y Wflrfv w v ff' M SWA W Wy, ww W N My W fl! fmfig, W W' ,K , OWU W N y 42 fy Q, my 5 SENIORS fl QQ? WB MICHAEL ANDERSON MYRTLE ANDERSON THRESSA ANDERSON CAROL ANTHONY DANNY ANDERSON LAROLYN BACON JOYCE BAKER DEBORAH BARBER LARRY ATES CATHY BABLES SENIOR9' SOUNDS ARE - H5- BARBARA ARMSTEAD REALLY TOGETHER I IN RONALD BARRETT DEBRA BARTLEY CARL BEAN III MARILYN BELL SYRETHA BENTON BRENDA BENJAMIN BUDDY BILLEY JOE BILLOPS SUDIE BIVINS LLEWELLYN BLACKBURN CORA BLAKES CYNTHIA BLEVENS IANICE BLEVINS 58 JN CWM! BRENDA BONNER RICKEY BOOKER VIVIAN BOOKER IARVIS BRADLEY CYNTHIA BROOKS LARRY BROOKS MICKEY BROOKS DAVID BROWN MICHAEL BROWN PAUL BROWN MILDRED BRYANT ANNICE BUTLER WANDA CADE J . . . " ki ",, , B B -' ' - . Uv Rl '-" . ' g ',-, A,,A , B' BLLAAA A we-ff z 1 I z ,,...,,, ff Spy " A ilizziffw sizfqw: BABBBAAB AWWA A ,--' A ' '- 'WR .. , A " ,. A iflis I -"- f ',..' - 1 ' , O 1 Bggifii BBAB LENETTA CALLOWAY DANIEL CARRAWAY CAROLYN CARTER VELVA CARTER CASSANDRA CAESAR REGINALD CHILDS CAROLYN CHOYCE MARY CLARK TERRY CLARK ANGELA CLAYTON VINCENT COLEMAN FLETA COTTON FELECIA COX DYVEON NE CRADDOCK LYNNE CRADDOCK BEST CLASS TO REMEMBER: QENIORQ or '74 33" Aunty MARILYN DONAHUE JENNIFER CRAWFORD PORTIA CURRY REECY DANCER PAYE DAVIS HAZEL DAVIS KENNETH DEAVER EVELYN EDWARDS CHARMAINE ELDER MARILYN EVANS DENNIS DOUGLAS JOHNNIE DOUGLAS MICHAEL EDWARDS HARVEY EATON ROY FIELDS SANDRA FIELDS LENORA FLANAGAN CEDRIC FRAZIER I ORA EVERTON IACQUELINE FAGAN DAVID FERGUSON SUSAN FRAZIER HOWARD FRIDIA MILDRED GIBSON KENNETH GLENN JULIE GOMEZ CAROLYN GOODMAN LINDA GRAHAM VICKIE GRAHAM ANITA GRAVES ,,,.a1 S ' f lk m il LL.1 ' BENNY GREER LINDA GREER SHARON GREER SHELIA GRIFFIN DEBRA HAMPTON MARILYN HANDY MILTON HARRIS LARRY HAYNES CHARLES HEGGER I ULIA HARRIS KENNETH HARRIS THE CLOSER YOU GET TERRNINA HARRINGTON THE BETTER QENIORS LOOK MU CATHY HENDERSON MELONDIA HENDERSON SHIRLEY HENDERSON if T 2 . Sw ww x CHESTER HEROD EVA HIGGS HARLAN HILL IUANITA HOUSE MINN IE HUBBARD MARIAN HUGHES JOHNNIE HUNTER PAMELA JACOBS CHERYL JACKSON DANNY JACKSON 34 f I f- f. 124 151: IIMMIE IACKSON LONNIE JACKSON WILLIAM JACKSON MICHAEL IAMERSON ll CYNTHIA IERNIGAN IACQUELIN JERNIGAN ARLENE JOHNSON DEBORAH JOHNSON JACKIE JOHNSON JAMES JOHNSON JERRY JOHNSON MICHAEL JOHNSON RUBY JOHNSON SYLVIA JOHNSON BOBBIE JONES CASSANDRA JONES HUBERT JONES JANICE JONES JOYCE JONES KEITH JONES LINDA JONES MARY JONES SHIRLEY I ONES VICKIE JONES GREGORY KELLEY RICHARD KELLEY JERRI KEMP FREDRICH KING QENIORS . . . SOME WILD 1 U SOME NOT 90 WILD GAIL LOFTIS CASSANDRA LEWIS DENEECE LEWIS BRENDA KING KATHY KYLES RONALD LEONARD DEBRA MASON VICKI MAYES DON MCCLOUDY JOE LOZADA VALERIE MADISON DEBBIE MAJORS TARZEN MANNING DARNELL MCGOWAN VIVIANNE MCGOWAN CURTIS MCGREGOR, JR. JANET MCPHERSON DEBRA MCDANIEL SUPORA MCGARY ROSE MCGEE L ANDREA MCQUIRTER STACY MEDLOCK BONNIE MERIDA SANDRA MILLER ROOSEVELT MONTGOM- ERY LINDA MORRIS VICKIE MURPHY JOE NASH ANITA NELSON BETTYE NELSON ROBERT NELSON GLORIA NEWMAN WILLIE NORRIS STEVE OWENS RUBY PAGE BRENDA PIERCE DELORES PRESSLEY CHARRON PRINTERS ROSS PATTERSON WILLIE PERRY SENIOR9 . . . TOGETHER PHYLLIS PATTERSON lf 0 iY"M'i'1:5IiQ'vfQ -I :f'L7' 127' ZW'?lWQ1WiW1EE?ii41f ff? GM ',, 2 J AND ALONE f , WILLIE RANGE ,Q 1, W, , . I ,,,,. 1, ,,,,.. J ,.,,, f- 1 -- z I -A , . IV.If,m5f. ,I ,L,,2,,L.nII L,l. Q5 I fx:-w.f,,,:, f .Az-I :ffl I ' 3 ,41.m,,,,,,k,,sfg:,,.T,,L. if w.. - A M' vvfugimxgww- - 1 f f2?.i11iE- v I tr K ,... , K .. . , . 4 4 kk V7 x 3' , ,,,,, 3' QI an I 'Y 9' 1 x I I 5 Q54 by sv A 'QSQIW ff, sw Q I Mg .iff ,V , :fi-15 Q SHIRLEY RAY BRENDA RICHARD QMJW hw P CARL RICHARDSON EVA RIGGINS NANCY ROBINSON THERESA ROBINSON EMMA ROBERSON STANLEY ROBERSON MARVIN ROBERTS DENISE ROGERS KENNETH ROGERS SABRINA ROGERS 1. W DWIGHT ROSS SHARON ROSS ANTHONY ROWE IENIFER SAMS mn Wa VANNESSA SANDERS HERMAN SCOTT SHEILA SCOTT I ADA SCROGGINS BARBARA SHANNON MAE SHARPE STEPHEN SHELTON HENRY SHEPHERD II MICHAEL SHOBNER Xxx XX 'VM 3.0 STANLEY SHORT BETTY SIMS DEBRA SIMON KAREN SMALLWOOD DAVID SMITH EARNESTINE SMITH GRACIE SMITH LINDA SMITH BOBBY SPENCER CHARLOTTE STIN SON LAVERNE STROUD DORIS STUBBLEFI- ELD LINDA SUELL CHARLOTTE SUMMERVILLE JOSEPH TAYLOR SENIORQ LOOK THROUGH THE .TOSEPHINE TAYLOR BELIN DA THOMAS JUDY THOMAS 'E SHARON THOMAS AN DRA THOMAS JENNIFER THOMPSON WINDOW OF THE FUTURE BENNY WALKER GAIL WALKER LONNIE WALKER LaDONA THOMPSON CARRENZA THURMOND MICHAEL TIPPEN S .T ACOB TURNER IANICE WATKINS GWYENOLD WHITAKER JOYCE WHITE SHERILYN WHITE FRANK WARD BOBBY WASHING- TON ROBERT WASHING- TON SYLVIA WHITFIELD PATRICIA WIGGS ROLAND WILKERSON JAMES WILLIAMS I AMES WILLIAMS NATHAN WILLIAMS SHEILA WILLIAMS JOYCE WILLIS MILTON WOOTEN TONIA WYNN WILLIA WILSON LARRY WOODS DONALD WOOLEY 4 " U' Q dt 1 QW ga Mage, , buff LM Y JLLW7 I P Ln" WIC. ..L'ggg,gf 5' f?: yn, Ng! 69077511 dcpff' M M12 SENIOR AUTOGRAPHS C'cw.,sc Jxff be afpwhf, Kal, WW! 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Sheila Anderson Sherry Anderson Verna Anderson Keith Baker Ricky Banks Marva Barlow Paula Barree Jeanae Beal Keith Bell Regina Bell Sharon Beverly Cynthia Blackney James Booker Margaret Bright Qi is Patricia Brooks Robbie Brooks Gazetta Brown Lassie Brown Wendellyn Brown Toni Burrough Melva Caldwell Leslie Callahan Gladys Campbell Isaac Cary Sandra Childs Debra Clay Danny Cobbin David Crawford Jesse Curry Yvette Dareis VVI' I Effie Davis Wanda Davis Wilma Davis Brenda Dickson Roscoe Douglas Roger Dowell Charmayne Edwards Vickie Evans Delbert Fain Calvin Fields Veronica Fleming Pearlie Ford Carolyn Fortson Kathy Gaut Shelby Gindrett Rhonda Graham Teresa Graham James Green Jony Griffin Billy Handley Sheila Handley Jean Haynes Cynthia Hemphill Deborah I-Ierrow Kathy Hooks Alicia Houston Lawrence Irvin Debra Jackson Delecia Jackson Mattie Jackson Simon Jackson Ruben J amerson Victor James Glenda Ietton Barbara Johnson Charlotte Johnson Howard Johnson Linda Johnson 6? ,gfwi hw - .vial fzeieifzgi Shirley Johnson Barbara Jones Herbert Jones Martin Kemp George Kinchion Dollie King Maurice King Regina Lawrence Cheryl Lee Jeanette Leffall Eva Loftis Diane Lewis Johnny Lewis Bobby Manery Marilyn Manuel Bruce Mayes Vanessa McGowan Ronnie McKinney Sharon McMurray Marilyn McNeal 'Y K 4' ,4- IE . . . I. K? . Q. Larry Moore Sandra Motton Rickey Mullins Ruthie Nelson Sherry Newman Shirley Newman David Osborne Sandra Parker James Parker Monica Patterson Patricia Patterson Sharon Peppers Luretta Piper Kenneth Price Carolyn Ray Beverly Richard Bobbie Richardson Glenn Richardson Cathy Riggs William Rishy Audrey Rivers Angela Robinson Debra Roberson Denisa Roberson Maurice Robinson Shirley Sacks Antoinette Salter Michael Scott Tanya Sephus Glenda Singleton Annette Smith Earl Smith Myron Smith ENS it G' 195. +132 f? Y .1 -I i . '- Paul Smith Brenda Tatum Bonita Taylor Venetia Taylor Willie Taylor Melanie Terrell Phyllis Thompson Cynthia Turner Roslyn Turner Dollie VanDyke Peter Walker Vicky Ware Gary Warren Michelle Warren Charlotte Washington Milton Washington Ruth Washington Kevin Weaver Vernester Webb ONE YEAR PAST ONE YEAR AHEAD Paul Wesson Lina Whitaker Roosevelt Whitfield Robert White Kelvin Williams Sherry Wright Steve Wynn 51, QW' q Jumon AUTOGRAPHS of JAM, v10'w9.x5v50X'0 BML AIMQ H Kyo X234 I gbjykpfw LW ww W MX M 0' WM rc Wi QNW KP qu O gawk IAOW Om viii who by L iffy! 75' Ao ww? U xg QC. f egg wwfxbb Am f Mgwgwwm Offfgvfw 'vw M M50 ff f ,ffyfffc UW Ti l ,fm-mf! AL WOM-kjbm 76 ,ff S421 Mfg KX! Q -Kuff Zefgwy Sm EQ .S Q31 NXSEQQR iismiw Y as 2 WSE S isis JUNIOR AUTOGRAPHS Xi ' 9?r'fW1' fwff ' ffffggfff N W G1 . WWW 5' HMM? ff ffj' MY 1. V QW ' l fww if f V1'?fff1VW X ffm WA x M .N N N N I . X 4. b, 15 I U T' N " 0 , 4 N3 1 1 Li V b 5 X W V I ,5 T .,' W an l ni ! ' ' . Q f '51 v .V I X Q! C1 " u '. N N yi! yn A , KV 141 ' vwflw f : X 1 H1671 fzllxffiaaw - 1 lfif vllx lla-y f KM , x -- M YI fm 4'r if , ,Hx f 1 A ' L . li VI A l I K 'x I 1 W ,J K IQYX ' 1 rffgl' I f l 1 V K Cl " Wil 1' I !1 'f Mb, ,,f 'V 4 T1 I K. I 1 I 4-1 Km 5 Aix xiii: A W X fx 5 M l K 5 5' X A X a i y gj bvl xx ' 1 , J I wp f We1WZl,W W ' wr, ll ' SN SGPHOMORES Kathy Agent Alfred Allen Kenneth Alford Betty Andrews Pricellia Armstrong Betty Ashley Gloria Barber Dorothy Barrett Cynthia Bell Gloria Benton Harry Billey Evelyn Black Ester Blackwell Foster Blevins Ir. Michele Boody Davy Booker JW Mary Booker Lyn Bradley Howard Bryant Sonia Bryant Brenda Camp Delores Carrigan Brenda Cary Annette Champ Michael Cheatham Lynn Clay Vernetta Coby Barbara Cooper ' " swf. s 5 ,sv M Michael Crawford Walter Crawford Velma Crittendon Michele Cunningham Claudia Davis 4mm., Ellis Davis III Henry Davis Jacqueline Davis Kenneth Davis Patricia Davis Tanya Devaughn Victor Dowell Marva Dunn Kay Edwards Malcom Gardner Michael Gay Myra Gilder Z2 Mm? James Graham Keith Graham Renita Greer Joyce Handley Sheri Heard Annette Henderson Barbara Henderson Evelyn Henry Nora Hicks Patricia Higgs Wanda Higgs Sharon Hubbard Kathryn Huckaby Vanessa Hudspeth Bobby Isaac Karen Jackson Gary Johnson Pauline Johnson Brenda Jones Haroldyn Jones Oscar Kemp Clyde Lacy Debra Johnson Dorothy Johnson Tommy Jenkins iiifa, fa - . lfifizi? .a,, , ,kiwi 4 wr, X Ronnie Maybry Vickie McCo11ums Sylvia McDade Michael McGowan Richard Morris Annetta Monk Randolph Morris Darlene McQuirter Loucious Miller Mike Miller Carolyn Mitchell 2 4 Joyce Mosley David Moss Larry Moss Patricia Neal Camellia Newman Mary Nicholson Steve Parson Louise Phillips Edward Randall Peggy RHY James Reeves Maverick Rhone Anthony Richard Norman Roberson Charlene Ross William Sacks Mary Sanders Karen Scott Sheila Shelton Lou Sims ' Beverly Smith Debra Smith Peggy Smith Stephanie Smith Lee Sowells Robbie Stafford Linda Stearn Kenneth Stinson Geneva Suell t Belinda Talley Falesta Thompson Vicki Todd Carolyn Walker Cor11s Wllkerson ,L i --.L i f V !V,, John Williams Phillip Williams Evounce Winn Shari Wooten Sheila Wooten Bobby Young Shirley Young fglygiy 4jZ,m4LLauw MM f Q M mar WWW Zifw My KM! 7? soPHoMoRE AUTOGRAPHS j lhfrf 1-WE gcfch wlhlwqxs Q5 Gokfgf, W WM iii' if Q5 WW, M4 W Q yi: W Q, W mc,,4gA,p fivvz . X , :L 5 2 N In f f j YZ! ' 1' X J fg Z? Z Wmmfyffflwff f l F AVURITES 2 M o I Q T P O P U L A I R TO BE AN INDIVIDUAL, TO FOLLOW THE RULES, TO BE AN EXAMPLE FOR THE ENTIRE SCHOOL, RUBY IOHNSON IOHN WASHINGTON TO SUCCEED, TO CHANGE, TO LEAD OUT, AND SHOW THAT I'M FROM ROOSEVELT WHEREVER I GO. ff" f .v M O 9 T B E A U T I F LI L DYVEONNE CRADDOCK A N D HERMAN SCOTT H A N D 9 0 M E -an A BEAUTY IS A LOVELY GIFT THAT GOD HAS GIVEN TO MAN. CHERISH IT, HOLD IT, AND MOST OF ALL TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT WITHOUT BEAUTY IN A WORLD FILLED WITH CRIME THE PLANET EARTH WOULD BE AN UGLY PLACE, TILL THE LAST FEW SECONDS OF TIME. i H 5' 0 9 T F R I E N D I- VICKIE TUCK Y HARLAN HILL SMILE . . . WHEN THE GOING GETS ROUGH. SMILE . . . WITH ALL YOUR LUCK. SMILE . . . WHEN THE PATH GETS TOUGH AND SHOW ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS 'I'HEY'VE GOT SOMEONE TO TRUST. S .ww T A E .Ls D R E 9 S E D W, '-iq STAYING IN STYLE, COOL AND SWEET WITH THE EVERYDAY DREAMS OF BEING NICE AND NEAT . . TO WEAR MY FASHIONS, BUT NOT TO BOAST, AND TO KEEP MY MEMORIES OF "F.D.R. " ALIVE AND CLOSE. .. ... Q E NN V' ,kr t A I 'VI R: VICKIE JONES MICHAEL IAMERSON ,l 1 'YL Ax'-,-,Q ,si 4 M O Q T T I Q 2 E X235 N T 'S ,:"""'l: E sYLv1A WHITFIELD D .IOHN WASHINGTON -I ':L, gi fNL , I S g ,,L, TO FLY WITH THE BIRDS AND PLAY WITH THE BEES, TO SWIM WITH THE OCEAN, AND CLIMB EVERY TREE, TO HAVE THE MAGIC TO THINK MY WAY THROUGH, I THANK "VELT" FOR THE TALENT OF DOING WHAT MOST CANNOT DO. M 0 S T L I K E L Y T O 9 U C C E E D REMEMBER "VELT" FROM DAY TO DAY AT HOME, AT WORK, AND EVEN PLAY. REMEMBER HOW YOU MADE YOUR START AND HOW THE WORK WAS EASY, AS WELL AS HARD. SO. WHEN YOU SUCCEED, AND REACH THE TOP THANK GOD AND "VELT" AND DON'T YOU STOP. CYNTHIA BLEVENS WILLIE RANGE O I T T Y MINNIE SANDLE HARLAN HILL , mv 'ii MAKE THEM SMILE AND MAKE THEM LAUGH. KEEP THE DULLNESS OUT OF YOUR SENIOR CLASS. NOT TO BE SILLY, NOR A CLOWN, BUT TO KEEP THE SENIOR CLASS SPIRIT FROM FALLING DOWN. if 1 R A N Ia ff D I 9 9 E N I O R C L A 9 T 9 A I , ? f ' if KATHY KYLES ALVIN COFER f f bfi? gm: - J, . , f ' vf "" , f if ,A IA 1 " IT'S NICE TO KNOW THAT TILL THE END EVERYONE WILL CONSIDER YOU A FRIEND. AND WHEN YOUR FRIENDSHIP TENDS TO BEND YOU'RE THE PERSON ON WHOM THEY CAN ALWAYS DEPEND. 9 O P H O R E F A VANESSA HUDSPETH V 0 R I T E Q RICKEY WASHINGTON WE STILL HAVE A FEW EXOTIC YEARS BEFORE WE START ON OUR EXCITING CAREERS . BUT, WE'LL THROW AWAY OUR ANGER, AND HIDE OUR TEARS. AND CHERISH THE REMAINING IOYS, WHILE WE ARE STILL HERE. J U N I O R F A V O R I T E 9 ANGELIA IONES KENNETH CROWE WITH ONE MORE YEAR BEFORE WE ARE GONE IT'S GOOD TO KNOW THAT WE WON'T BE ALONE. THAT EVERY GOOD FEELING THAT WILL BE FELT WILL BE A LOVELY MEMORY OF GOOD OLD "VELT. " 40 MISS ROOSEVELT RUBY "CANDY" JOHNSON THE BALL, THE ESCORTS, THE WALTZ, MY GOD WHAT A DREAM: THE CROWN BEING PLACED DOWN ON MY HEAD AS YOUR QUEEN: THE HANDSHAKES, THE APPLAUSE, THE BLESSINGS OF A FOUR LEAF CLOVER: YOU. KNOW, IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THE CROWNING IS REALLY OVER. THE TEARS I WEPT, AND THE EXCITEMENT WHEN THEY ANNOUNCED MY NAME: ALL THE GRACE, LOVE, AND PEACE THAT I COULD ACTUALLY CLAIM: BUT, BEFORE I GRADUATE, THERE'S SOMETHING SPECIAL THAT I MUST DO, TO ALL THE PEOPLE AT DEAR OLD VELT, GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOU. CJRGAN IZATIGN S fM !4 f! ff Wh Y ff , W of fff- W Rif f 1 f 2 " Wx' '5' WJ44 ' W Wm A X' W 4 A ,A A rf Wm 5 Q 4 W A 1 A lj' W5 SQA A W 'Y' wwf 7 W !fW 1111- ' A f 4 W W 'W A ' if f Q17 . lf! ?fff f X ' f f ffl v ?f ,W SPEECH AND DRAMA CLUB MEMBERS: Betty Andrews Jeanae Beal Llewellyn Blackburn Gazetta Brown Velva Carter Brenda Cary Portia Curry Jean Haynes Alicia Houston Cheryl Jackson Brenda King Cheryl Lee Gail Loftis Ruthie Nelson SPONSORS: Sherry Newman Robert Page Monica Patterson Louise Phillips Willie Range Beverly Richard Antoinette Salter Jada Scroggins Carrenza Thurmond Vickie Tuck Milton Washington Sylvia Whitfield Larry Woods Shari Wooten Ellen Knieberg Mary Morse OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRES . SECRETARY TREASURER PARLIAMENTARIAN SOPH . REP . Gail Loftrs Jada Scroggrns Velva' Carter Gazetta Brown Llewellyn Blackburn Betty Andrews MEMBERS: John Anderson Brenda Bonner Samuel Booker Deborah Davis Marvin Davis Kenneth Harris Allen Hastings Howard Johnson Sylvia Johnson Bobbie Jones SPONSOR PRESIDENT VICE-PRES . SECRETARY TREASURER Charles Jones Larry Moore Clinton Phillips Kenneth Rogers Shirley Sacks Jessie Sutton James Thomas Benny Walker Frank Ward Otis White Jerry Williams OFFICERS Larry Moore Sylvia Johnson Marvin Davis Deborah Davis ART CLUB FRENCH CLUB SPONSOR: Charlotte King Tony Anderson Sherry Anderson Ronald Barrett Tonya DeVaughn Myra Gilder Wanda Higgs Richard Hastings Mitzi Jones Patricia Patterson Phyllis Patterson Louise Phillips Aundra Powell Anthony Rowe Bobbie Richardson Gloria Richardson Gilda Richardson Robert Rosier Dearville Sands Paul Smith James Thomas Vicki Todd Arlene Webb Sylvia Whitfield Carlis Wilkerson Phillip Williams Shari Wooten Shelia Wooten SPANISH CLUB SPONSOR: ofena Diaz Carla Anderson Ricky Banks Esther Blackwell Michele Booty Cassandra Bowens Lynn Bradley Patricia Brown Brenda Camp Brenda Cary Danny Cobbin Reecy Dancer Ellis Davis III Evelyn Edwards Rosie Fears Deborah Hamilton Terrnina Harrington Sherleen Hawkins Evelyn Henry Richard Hill Karen Jackson Keith Kelley Martin Kemp Kathy Kyles Verdell Lewis Bruce Mayes Camellia Newman Sherry Newman Olamae Medford Barbara Robinson Mary Sanders Curtis Watts NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 're 'x misss? ea A, A 15 if - X' 'P 5 M Y A A ' M, f , . 1: we 1 ,g, Pima Y I " g ' If. B ,iv 'Silvia lk L O 1 ' - B K W' g K' J' Q1 K :iii Q N' ' I Je 1 I :qi I 5' A F. B A - sv- A ' ' 'fi was X Jim EN L J U5 fa, .. 21, ' . Q. ' ' i: Ll, 'JT A , ' ' H Y f " -J ., ar e H UPA , 2 ' Y K 1- J V , ' . R ' as I we OONON X ' " X f- ' EQ I QP il Q i, . -, , it 1 l ,,Y, ' - C S, K 9 in at J L I 'ef . , 1, -r 1 figs: ff J ' - . . -g K . A ' . , J L 4 . 1 r 'ag-'L 'B if 3 2 . F r " 2 .lx Ju X , gi 5 5 X' Ei A A l Q A' by as l l n X V: .-ff m lf aw ,Q was -J :rf A J, A - J J PRESIDENT VICE-PRES . SECRETARY TREASURER SPONSOR MEMBERS: Ronald Barrett Debra Bartley Syretha Benton Cynthia Blevins Janice Blevins David Brown Daniel Carraway Velva Carter Carolyn Choyce Mary Clark Alvin Cofer Felicia Cox Lynne Craddock Alvin Crenshaw Portia Curry Reecy Dancer Johnnie Douglas Michael Edwards Jacqueline Fagan Julia Gomez Cynthia Blevens Linda Morris Ruby Johnson Felecia Cox Jan Gentry Terrnina Harrington Randal Hawley Eva Higgs Cheryl Jackson Danny Jackson Evelyn Jackson Gany Jackson Larry Jackson Cynthia Jernigan Jacqueline Jernigan Ruby Johnson Bobbie Jean Jones Gregory Kelley Jerri Kemp Kathy Kyles Ronald Leonard Gail Loftis Supora McGary Vivian McGowan Linda Morris Joe Needum Bettye Nelson Andre Newman Charron Printers Brenda Richard Emma Roberson Theresa Robinson Kenneth Rogers Jennifer Sams Minnie Sandle Doris Stubblefield Josephine Taylor Judy Thomas Sylvia Whitfield Bruce Williams James D. Williams Nathan Williams Sheila Williams Joyce Willis Larry Woods 46 CAMERA CLUB MEMBERS: Michael Anderson Linda Austin Linda Green Martin Kemp Ragina Lawrence Debra Mason Annetta Monk Patricia Patterson Audrey Richardson Arthur Shannon Vicki Tuck Shari Wooten Shirley Young SPONSOR: John Trim PRESIDENT VICE-PRES . TREASURER SECRETARY ASST. SEC. PARLIAMENT OFFICERS COMMITTEE CH . A RIAN Robert Green Michael Scott Dyveonne Craddock Brenda King Angela Clayton Kathy Kyles Nedra Kyles MEMBERS: Martin Kemp Michael Cheatham Sandra Parker Jesse Curry Barbara Robinson Jacquelyn Fagan Larry Woods Robert Green Eva Higgs SPONSOR: PRESIDENT VICE-PRES . SECRETARY ASSISTANT MATH CLUB OFFICERS Carol Smith Antoinette Salter Andre Newman Paula Barree Joyce Baker PONY EXPRESS STAFF is Q A , 1 J I S 3 MEMBERS: Cassandra Lewis E g 5 g Ronald Barrett Joe Needurn 1 Debra Bartley David Osborne I I l l I l . Cassie Brown Brenda Pierce I U Paul Brown Andre Newman I P as Charron Printers Angela Robinson Willie Range Emma Roberson Venetia Taylor Andra Thompson Carrenza Thurmond John Washington Sylvia Whitfield Larry Winters Jerri Kemp ' Brenda King I U Aprile Craddock Denise Criddle Portia Curry Ola Davis Wilma Davis Jennifer Crawford David Ferguson Juanita House Michael Johnson Guaiasonette Jones SPONSOR Brenda Sterling CO-EDITORS ' . Willie Range Emma Roberson 147 VOCATIONAL OFFICE EDUCATION MEMBERS: Myrtle Anderson Brenda Bonner Mildred Bryant Carolyn Carter Mary Clark Kay Freeman Mildred Gibson Julia Gomez Debra Hampton Shirley Henderson Cynthia Jernigan Jacquelyn Jernigan Sylvia Johnson Ruby Johnson Bonita Jones Bobbie Jones Supora McGary Andrea McQuirter Betty Nelson Mae Sharpe Debra Simon Betty Sims Karen Smallwood Linda Smith Doris Wilson PRESIDENT SECRETARY ASST . SEC . TREASURER SPONSOR MEDICAL CAREERS CLUB SPONSOR: Christine Liester OFFICERS Betty Nelson Julia Gomez Cynthia Jernigan Mildred Bryant Peggy Clarke MEMBERS: Sheila Anderson, Melondia Henderson, Evelyn Henry, Gloria Richardson, Emma Roberson, Doris Stubblefield . B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS SPONSOR: ,A JANE WATERS A SHEILA WOOTEN M, ,H I -lv 1, f A . I E Z, VICKI TODD EVOUNCE w1NN Q SV, KM S WANDA HIGGS O Students attend TAHOS convention. SENIOR MEMBERS: Hazel Davis Johnnie Douglas Ora Elverton Vickie Fininen Lenora Flanagan Susan Frazier Sharon Green Gregory Kelley Tarzan Manning Debra Mason Vickie Murphy JUNIOR MEMBERS: Louise Anderson Patricia Brooks Ragina Lawrence Melvina Love Vanessa McGowan SPONSOR: PRESIDENT VICE-PRES . SECRETARY TREASURER SENTINEL PARLIAMENTARIAN REPORTER HEALTH OCCUPATI ONS CAREER TRAIN N Vivianne McGowan Theresa Robinson Sabrina Rogers I enifer Sams Shelia Scott Gracie Smith Charlotte Stinson Sharon Thomas Janice Watkins Karen Watkins Tonia Wynn Ruthie Nelson Sandra Parker Glenda Singleton Annetta Smith Johnnie Smith OFFICERS Gregory Kelley Janice Watkrns Theresa Robinson Sabrrna Rogers Annetta Smith Jenifer Sams Vivianne McGowan SPONSOR: John Trim OFFICERS: C. V. A. E. PRESIDENT Johr1 Holmes VICE-PRES. Bernard Carroll MEMBERS: Lathan Holloway ASST. VICE Kevin Gray Joe Bush Gary Hall SECRETARY Bruce Aubrey Leonard Chambers Jessie Jackson TREASURER Zachary Green Kevin Gray William Roe PARLIAMENTARIAN Keith Graham Jerry Griffin Sammy Taylor SGT. AT ARMS Maroarchie Williams Melvin Griffin ASST. SEC. Michael Gray I , if fi ys e A . , I , 4 y Si- :R at I 2 -rrsss - - .,JiJ I I ' f ' I S A W I fi I :., 1 R A y I if 5 3,6 I .. ,A . V4 INDUSTRIAL CO-OPERATIVE TRAINING MEMBERS: Michael Anderson Cathy Bables Deborah Barber Marilyn Bell Sudie Bivins Vincent Coleman Mary Brown Charles Cooper Dyveonne Craddock Lynne Craddock Christine Dickerson David Ferguson Michael Gray David Griffin Shelia Griffin Richard Kelley Joe Nash Robert Nelson Gene Patterson Sharon Reynolds Vickie Roberts Herman Scott SPONSOR: Gene Cummings Stanley Short Charlie Spearman Bobby Tatum Bobby Washington Paul Wesson James West Gwyenold Whitaker Curley Walker a E HOME ECONOMICS CAREER EDUCATION MEMBERS: Yosandra Adangs Wendellyn Brown Brenda Blair Henry Chambers Sandra Fields Carolyn Fortson Carolyn Goodman Linda Greer Julia Harris Marian Hughes Joyce Jones Linda Jones David Osborne Sharon Ross Greta Simon Linda Suell Vance Stafford Jennifer Thompson Dwane Washington Rosie West Richard Williams SPONSOR Margie Riley OFFICERS: PRESIDENT Belinda Thomas V. PRESIDENT Dwight Ausbrooks SECRETARY Eva Riggins TREASURER Angela Clayton HISTORIAN James Williams PARLIAMENTARIAN Fredrick King DIQTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION OFFICERS : Roy Hogg Janet McPherson Barbara Shannon Henry Shepherd Marvin Staten SPONSOR Bill Talley MEMBERS Larry Brooks Michael Brown Annice Butler Doward Carroll Deshera Culton Pearlie Ford Joe Graham Roy Hogg Susan Irvin James Johnson Don Jones Hobert .Tones Janet McPherson Barbara Shannon Henry Shepherd Nelse Simon Marvin Staten Joseph Taylor Shelia Thomas Althea Thompson Valorie Voris Steve Wynn coNcERt DIRECTOR: Otis Lloyd Choir performs at Christmas assembly. Good performances require a lot of class room preparation. MEMBERS: John Anderson Carolyn Bacon Jeanae Beal Cynthia Bell Sudie Bivins Patricia Brooks Toni Burrough Daniel Carraway Cassandra Caesar Michael Cheatham Barbara Cooper Wilma Davis Debra Fields Joe Goodley Shirlene Hawkins Emmett Haynes Jean Haynes Nora Hicks Richard Hill Kathleen Jackson Mattie Jackson Pamela Jacobs Gary Johnson Linda Johnson Barbara Jones OFFICERS: PRESIDENT --- VICE-PRES. --- SECRETARY ----- ASST. SEC.--- TREASURER --- R 5 N s ig: , S S Q j S ' IE' . ': , , L, . er K W Q t .K , V. K 12.1, 1 W I C i? W Martin Kemp Cheryl Lee Verdell Lewis Vanessa McGowan Sandra Matton Sharon Neal Sandra Parker Monica Patterson Beverly Richards Barbara Robinson Mary Sanders Antoinette Salter - - - -Larry Woods - - - - -Martin Kemp -Monica Patterson - - -Beverly Richard -Antoinette Salter ,V - as P Vanessa Seay Lou Nell Sims Timothy Sims Beverly Smith Earnestine Smith Myron Smith Peggy Smith Judy Thomas Carrenza Thurmond James Williams Phillip Williams Roosevelt Whitfield Larry Woods if 3 if CHOIR MISS CHOIR: Pam Jacobs Nominees for Miss Choir Concert Choir officers. JROTC BOYS DRILL TEAM fBIue Flame! OFFICERS Cadet LTC Ronald Leonard, Commander Cadet LT Rickey Banks, Squad Leader Cadet LT Simon Jackson, Squad Leader Cadet LT Harolyn Jones, Drill Team Queen MEMBERS Cadet Rodney Ayers Cadet Kenneth Price OFFICERS Cadet Captain Joe Lozada, Captain Cadet LT Dollie King, Rifle Team Queen Cadet Harry Billey Cadet Dana Brown Cadet Glynzo Clark Cadet Marvin Davis Cadet Simon Jackson Cadet William Jackson Cadet David Johnson Cadet Lester Johnson Cadet Jimmy King Cadet Maurice King Cadet Rickey Mullen Cadet Daniel Okray Cadet Mark Pelton Cadet Frank Phillips Cadet Myron Smith Cadet Kenneth Thomas JROTC RIFLE TEAM MEMBERS Cadet Marvin Davis Cadet Glenn Johnson Cadet Keith Jones Cadet Ronald Leonard Cadet Rickey Mullen Cadet Anthony Rowe Cadet Paul Sanchez more GIRLS DRILL TEAM qninenesy OFFICERS Cadet Captain Anita Nelson Commander Cadet LT Deborah Johnson, Squad Leader Cadet LT Doris Stubblefield Squad Leader Cadet SGT Dollie King, Squad Leader Cadet SGT Shelia Handley, Squad Leader MEMBERS Cadet Sheila Anderson Cadet Annette Brooks Cadet Mildred Bryant Cadet Brenda Camp Cadet Brenda Clark Cadet Michele Cunningham Cadet Brenda Dickson Cadet Carolyn Dorsey Cadet Sonja Flemmings Cadet Julie Gomez Cadet Joyce Handley Cadet Shirley Johnson Cadet Harolyn Jones Cadet Regina Lawrence Cadet Shirley Newman Cadet Lela Patterson Cadet Aundre Powell Cadet Patricia Sanders Cadet Beverly Smith Cadet Joan Smith Cadet Stephnie Smith Cadet Robbie Stafford Cadet Linda Steam Cadet Belinda Talley Cadet Marion Washington Cadet Joyce Williams Cadet Diane Woods Cadet Shari Wooten Cadet Shirley Young RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS. Maj. Joe D. Sasser, Commandant and SFC Frank Wright, Instmctor. W' J"7.'2 'iii fb.-2-" Q: I 'I!"... 3 ,Q M P C Cpt. Michael Brown and 1SG Marvin Davis Major SBSSCII COI1'11'1'13l1ClaI1I and MIS- Gardner. Spon- Alfa Company Getting it Together. SOI Rjfletteg, , .af BLUE FLAME DRILL TEAM Ready for inspection, RIFLETTES DRILL TEAM, 2nd Place Winners, South Zone competition. Zone competition. LTC Ronald Leonard , C Maj. Paul Sanchez and C Ready for inspection, Sir. . Chester Herod, ready for the helicopter ride at Camp, Fort Walters, Texas. STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: Debra Barber Jeanae Beal Cynthia Blevens Lynne Craddock Brenda Curry Lynetta Calloway Portia Curry Terrnina Harrington Evelyn Henry Michael lamerson Angelia Jones Barbara Jones Cassandra Jones Brenda King Kathy Kyles Nedra Kyles Linda Morris Brenda Pierce Beverly Richards Emma Roberson Barbara Robinson Sabrina Rogers Minnie Sandle Vicki Todd Sylvia Whitfield Carlos Wilkerson Willa Ruth Wilson OFFICERS: PRESIDENT Velva Carter VICE-PRES. Gail Loftrs SECRETARY April Craddock TREASURER La Sharon Banks PARLIAMENTARIAN Glenn Richardson SPONSOR: Jerri Newhouse wwwmam MEMBERS: Keith Baker Esther Blackwell Danny Carraway Kenneth Davis Kenneth Deaver Kurt Grigsby Eva Higgs Kathy Jackson 47" , , we IBM CLUB E 4 , ef... L 22 ,,a.,,.l n,.n .M ,,n. ,,.y,W,,d ' I w..5Qgi Raymond Jones Brenda King Gail Loftis Vivianne McGowan aww., Nw -...,m.yM,W.,,M,.....,..,,. Vicki Todd Shelia Wilson Sylvia Whitfield i 0 SPONSOR: Shirley Ann Todd Zflgim MUSTANG CHEERLEADERS SPONSOR: DENISE LANDELL MUSTANG PRANCER9 SPONSOR: Jerri Newhouse GAIL LOFTIS, Captain VELVA CARTER, Co-Captain JADA SCROGGINS, Co-Captain C PATSY DAVIS, Lieutenant VICKIE EVANS, Lieutenant EVELYN JACKSON , Lieutenant CAROL McCOY, Lieutenant LOUISE ANDERSON SHERRY ANDERSON GLORIA ARMSTRONG PRICELLA ARMSTRONG LASHARON BANKS DEBORAH BARBER GLORIA BARBER SHARON BOWDEN FRIEDA EDWARDS VERONICA FLEMINGS ANNETTE GRANT LINDA GREEN TONETTE HATLEY SHARON HODGES VANESSA HUDSPETH KATHERINE JACKSON DEBRA MCDANIEL DORETHA MONSON GILDA RICHARDSON YOLANDA RIGGS DENISE ROGERS EARNESTINE SMITH LYNETTE TURNER SHIRLEY TURNER MICHELLE WARREN THALIA WILLIS - MUSTANG BAND DIRECTOR: Thomas Ross, Jr. Betty Andrews Cecil Armstrong Ronald Barrett Debra Bartley Dudley Bell Syretha Benton Buddy Eilley Jim Billey Llewellyn Blackburn Esther Blackwell Allison Bookman Robbie Brooks Cassie Brown Cleophus Brown Lenetta Calloway Kenneth Campbell Brenda Cary Jacquelyn Chism Andria Colston Felicia Cox Jennifer Crawford Portia Curry Tanya DeVaughn Samuel Edwards Jacquelyn Fagan David Ferguson Vicki Hamilton Terrnina Harrington Alett Hawkins Sheri Heard Cathy Riggs Audrey Rivers Debra Roberson Sabrina Rogers Robert Rosier Dwight Ross John Russell Minnie Sandle Dearville Sands Sheila Shelton Stanley Short Michael Smith Clothene Stephen Pamela Taylor Venetia Taylor Melanie Terrell Louis Trigg Yvonne Turner Dexter Vance Lonnie Walker Kathy Walton Vicky Ware Arlene Webb Sylvia Whitfield Corlis Wilkerson Sheila Williams Joyce Willis Sherry Wright Shirley Young Debra Herron Grady Hill Monica Hill Herman Horton Alicia Houston Cheryl Jackson Jimmie Jackson Michael Jamerson Norman Jones Victor Kirvin Debbie Majors Vicki Mayes Vicki McCollums Curtis McGregor Marilyn McNeal Stacy Medlock Reginald Mims Gerald Moore ggBettye Nelson Kevin Nelson Ruthie Nelson Cadina Nelson Gloria Newman Ronnie Okray Louise Phillips Brenda Pierce Charron Printers Cheryl Reeves Maverick Rhone Gloria Richardson SHEILA TAN YA BRENDA MINNIE CHERYL SYLVIA SHELTON DEVAUGHN PIERCE SANDLE JACKSON WHITFIELD EVELYN JENNIFER VENETIA PORTIA HENRY CRAWFORD TAYLOR CURRY EVA CATHY LOFTIS RIGGS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Linda Morris VICE-PRESIDENT Brenda Richards SECRETARY Vicki Tuck TREASURER Ruthie Nelson PARLIAMENTARIAN Eva Loftis CHAPLAIN Evelyn Henry STUDENT DIRECTOR Brenda Richards ASST. STUDENT DIRECTOR Llewellyn Blackburn MUSTANG PEP CLUB SPONSORS: Virginia Stradford Mildred Rheams PRESIDENT Shirlene Hawkins VICE-PRES . Shelby Gindratt PAULINE VERNA GLORIA SECRETARY Sandra Morten TREASURER Verna Anderson ANDERSON ANDERSON BENTON BOARD MEMBERS Peggy Ray Verna Anderson Mary Booker h MARY DONNA EVELYN SHIRLENE LETHA BOOKER CLEMMONS EDWARDS HAWKINS HOGG ,4...M,. , . x l ' w,fp,.Q5L7 :L 1 -' ,A " ' ,x11f1'1:"7f"?f ' fl - 'ii' ' l,,K , SHIRLEY SHARON CAMELIA PEGGY IO ANN JOHNSON MCMURRAY NEWMAN RAY TUCKER W! ML W H L' , 1 4- +fW51 4 HWWQ ' ag?5.9eZQg ? ,Am lf.'.If', 'IAA I 7 WWQ W' nw I. x. N , V I? n ' f my I f5qffxL5x1l fAWR?, Wm 4 fW WWL fggsgiswzzig ,f , ,, gy' y I 1Amm1pVwMfUWMmmffgijf Qffffk xx M AMW' f ' W ,W XM , , jx . -, faljf , fkf 'QKWM QPR? nffgzg? gwgif fnif . . , 215 'Vx' 11,5 Qvf SSS W f ' 1 'ff V I 22,20 K im Sw A W 4 MT I X' 'r 447 I NU E jill' , . I, I lf f lk ffl If W! fx Vg ' I I I W! N Mu mlb WN L .V A H iv WA XWKMMMM Hr I ' , x U MWN X-v yy K ATHLETICS 1973-74 MUSTANG FOOTBALL TEAM MUSTANG LINE UP: First Row, Left to right: WARREN SANDERS, EMMITT HAYNES , LESLIE CALLAHAN, MILTON WOOTEN, EDDIE HUNTER, ALVIN COFER, JOE NEEDUM, KEITH BAKER. Second Row, Left to right: GEORGE HUNTER, COACH ELLIS DAVIS, JAMES AYERS, RICKEY NICKLEBERRY, ROOSEVELT MONT- GOMERY, DAVID SCOTT, GLENN RICHARDSON, KENNETH CROWE, DONALD WOOLEY, KENNETH ROGERS, RALPH KING, CHARLES JOHNSON, RANDAL HAWLEY, COACH WILLIE DEARION. Third Row, Left to right: COACH HOWARD PURIFY, COACH GEORGE MARTIN, COACH EARNEST JAMES, DON ECHOLS, JOHN WASHINGTON, MICHAEL ANDERSON, JESSE CURRY, CHARLES WESLEY, KURT GRIGSBY, CARL RICH- ARDSON, WILLIE RANGE, MICHAEL HATCH, JARVIS WILLIS, GREGORY CLARK, DAVID JORDAN, COACH ROBERT THOMAS , PRINCIPAL LEON HAYES . Fourth Row, Left to right: ROBERT BRYANT, MELVIN MCGEE, DENNIS DOUGLAS , JOE BILLOPS, CEDRIC CARLOCK, ROY FIELDS . MICHAEL EDWARDS, RICKEY WASHINGTON, DARRYL HOUSTON. ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT ROOSEVELT SCOREBOARD I 973 SEASON LINCOLN TRIMBLE TECH NORTH DALLAS WOODROW WILSON SUNSET ADAMSON KIMBALL PINKSTON SOUTH OAK CLIFF I 5 O 33 O 27 O 47 6 36 O ROOSEVELT I 9 CARTER 25 35 Q I4 I4 3I O I4 I3 fe ::f:-ff- -N A qEl5,:v,qI,f.IfTITgy3,k 1 -" ,. n.' - -1' ' ' fx- A: .V , ' ' .via W5 u , gf' 12,52 T 'Q 1 I 1523, ,ff X , ei p-'1 '-I Y A ff?- mmgff-K I - .bg-:QA M .. .Lf-,Q.,.,4,,,,gf,,gf Q-Limp.:-',-vrfsff' ' I Coaching Staff from left to right: ROBERT THOMAS, Head Coach, EARNEST JAMES , ELLIS DAVIS. WILLIE DEARION, GEORGE MARTIN. HOWARD PURIFY, MARION SMITH JAMES KEITH JOE ROBERT LESLIE AYERS BAKER BILLOPS BRYANT CALLAHAN CEDRIC GREGORY ALVIN KENNETH JESSE CARLOCK CLARK COFER CROWE CURRY THE MUSTANG DENNIS DON MICHAEL ROY KURT DOUGLAS ECHOLS EDWARDS FIELDS GRIGSBY MICHAEL RANDAL EMMITT DARRYL EDDIE HATCH HAWLEY HAYNES HOUSTON HUNTER .rf , ,iff 'If LINE UP , . W gisfiib g. , . 1- "' 1 Lxvii. GEORGE HUNTER ROOSEVELT MONTGOMERY GLENN RICHARDSON RICKEY WASHINGTON ., CHARLES JOHNSON JOE NEEDUM KENNETH ROGERS CHARLES WESLEY H W ly: I - -1- DAVID RALPH MELVIN JORDAN KING MCGEE RICKEY WILLIE CARL NICKLEBERRY RANGE RICHARDSON WARREN DAVID JOHN SANDERS SCOTT WASHINGTON J ARVIS DONALD MILTON WILLIS WOOLEY WOOTEN ALL AMERICAN JOHN WASHINGTON John Larry Washington has proven himself to be one of the greatest receivers in Texas prep history. His most acceptable proof is the fact that he was selected by both Varsity and Parade Magazines as a member of the A11-Amer- ican Football Team . As a sophomore he was selected All-District and Sopho- more of the Year because of his 41 catches for '741 yards. His junior year brought him All-District, All-Greater Dallas, All-Metro, and All-State with 41 catches for 900 yards. His senior year brought him the same honors plus player of the year in two categories with 56 catches for 1,379 yards, the Texas all-time receiving yardage holder 43,9733 , a member of the Texas- Arkansas 60 man squad, and the Number 1 Blue Chipper in Texas. NBII FOOTBALL TEAM ' I 15 J.: ff R W , ' IL!!! KI ' 77" Im X44 , I 'IL WW I I f J.. ew W I- 7 f ATEN !Y' Ib H I0 f WI ""fi 1I J 'I I f 7 I Afglia' J I W, mp 4 1225255-. :V fy ,Uh W' ,fH, ,5,gN ! I - f 114 -. , My, 5 ' ax , Ai x ' su S 3 iXIfRNKMlI1' I 1 From Row, left to right: WILLIE THOMAS, BYRON FAIN, EVERETT GIPSON, RAYMOND JONES. VICTOR JAMES, LEE HAYNES, DWIGHT SNEED. ARNOLD BROWN, and DARIOUS DAVIS. Second Row, left to right: COACH MARION SMITH EMMANUEL BARRETT, RONALD JONES , KEITH MILLER, NOBLE MCKINNEY, RANDOLPH NORRIS, ANTHONY CURTIS, MICHAEL CHISM, JERRY LOCKETT , MICHAEL SMITH, and MARVIN REED, and COACH ROBERT THOMAS . Third Row, left to right: BILLY DERRICK, GARY JOHNSON, DAVID SMITH, KENNETH DAVIS, RUSSELL TEAGUE, CHARLES WATKINS , TONY ANDERSON, JOHNNY MCMILLAN, DARRETT BAKER, and WILLIAM TILLMAN. MIGHTY MUSTANG BASKETBALL TEAM Standing, left to right: COACH ELLIS DAVIS, JAMES GREEN, DON ECHOLS, WALTER CRAWFORD, JAMES LEFFALL, QUEEN BRENDA KING, DAVID CRAWFORD HARLAN HILL, RICKEY WASHINGTON, ROBERT JOHNSON, IAMES PARKER. Kneeling, left to right: KEITH BAKER, ANGUS GREENWOOD, LARRY ATES, KENNETH CROWE, DAVID SMITH, and DAVID SCOTT. is - Starting Five, left to right: DAVID SMITH, WALTER CRAWFORD, JAMES LEFFALL, COACH ELLIS DAVIS . HARLAN HILL, and KEITH BAKER. Ili Q . Retutning Team Members, Standing, left to right: JAMES GREEN, WALTER CRAWFORD, DAVID CRAWFORD, RICKY WASHINGTON, DON ECHOLS, and COACH DAVIS. Kneeling, left to right: KENNETH CROWE, JAMES PARKER, and DAVID SCOTT. W, ra. QW-52' M Q35 ff Graduating Seniors, left to right: COACH ELLIS DAVIS, LARRY ATES, JAMES LEFFALL, HARLAN HILL, ANGUS GREENWOOD. Kneeling, left to right: ROBERT JOHNSON, DAVID SMITH. WALTER CRAWFORD, DAVID SMITH, Starter, Sophomore, Starter, Senior, Running Forward Fast Break Guard WW' JAMES LEFFALL, Starter , Senior , Center KEITH BAKER, HARLAN HILL, Starter, Senior Starter, Junior, High and Low Post Forward Quarterback , Captain LARRY ATES , Senior , Guard Awww e S -' 4 "1 ROBERT SMITH . Sophomore . Center I DAVID SCOTT. Sophomore , Guard Team members and their Queen left to right: COACH DAVIS, JAMES LEFFALL, QUEEN BRENDA KING, HARLAN HILL, and KEITH BAKER. BASKETBALL TEAM P s e t A A ki S?? 'ly' Na 'QQ V X I , :Ellis ,. KMMS 'Tx f .rg oi t , Xt wwllfl x rl w It g 'Ilxtiiiyfi I Riff' 1" .. I , 1 X .- ,rs n X First Row, left to right: ELLIS DAVIS , JR. , RONALD JONES, BYRON DAVIS, ., MARCUS SMITH, CHARLES JOHNSON, BOBBY ISAACS. M Second Row, left to right: ANTHONY RICHARDS, RALPH KING, RANDALL f. I MORRIS, DARRELL DAVIS . CLAY SMOTHERS, JR. , ANTHONY CURTIS. 1 Third Row, left to right: HERBERT JACKSON, LAWSON BROWN, DOUGLAS I WHITE, MICHAEL JONES, CLIFFORD PATTERSON, and COACH GEORGE I ,fi Q9 MARTIN. E A A 1 A B ,1-f Q - - I . - A ,,-, . .. ILAL ,I 1' ..,- A , 1 AIAA W - fte ,,eFf A C P"E A gyms, 5 ,..k vf, 1 -ef 1 ..f1 ezzfissev ..fv-:,f-:f if-, .,f-1 M " -2 - ,--k-1---1-::,---ff ' of , --1-ve L to R: Charles Johnson, Clifford L to R: Herbert Jackson, L to R: Marcus Smith, Herbert Patterson, Douglas White, Ralph Coach Martin, BYIOH Jackson, Michael Jones, Randall King, and Byron Davis. Davis. Morris, Ronald Jones. Sams AMERICAN A ALVIN gp, cRENsHAw .fi , . 'P' The many awards and achievements of Alvin Crenshaw are too many to mention. However, among them, Alvin holds the World Indoor Prep record in the 440 yard dash. He is a Junior Olympic champion and record setter for the 880 yard dash, and is on the National Track Honor Roll. After three seasons at Velt, Alvin has run his name and talent into one of the all time best. He has broken over 20 track records and helped the Roosevelt track team into one of the finest of our time . In both his sophomore and junior years he was a mem- ber of the All-State Track Team. Perhaps the best way to describe Alvin's career is by the title placed on him by nearly 10 organizations - "All-Ameri- can." ' I 4-..M,,L,,,.,.,WM.L..X,MW.I.,N.T...w nun-,WS I . , , We , , , . W I ,,l-.,m.I.m.mfM i I 3 I .. 1, , , eww .. . I K . . MUSTANG TRACK TEAM First Row, left to right: ALVIN COFER, KEITH GIPSON, ALVIN CRENSHAW. Second Row, left to right: KEITH BELL, RAYMOND IONES, IARVOUS WILLIS, BRUCE MAYES, JAMES WILLIAMS, GREGORY CLARK, KEITH BAKER, MICHAEL HATCH, PERRY JOHNSON, DEBORAH BARBER. Third Row, left to right: ASSISTANT COACH WILLIE DEARION, DON ECHOLS, RICKEY WASHINGTON, JOHN WASHINGTON, IAMES GREEN , SYLVESTER LLOYD, JARVIS BRADLEY, GEORGE HUNTER, HENRY DAVIS, LEONARD REYNOLDS , EMMETT HAYNES, HEAD COACH ROBERT THOMAS , HEAD TRACK COACH EARNEST JAMES. i AMW A JA sux Head Track Coach, EARNEST JAMES, rightg Assistant Track Coach, WILLIE DEARION, left. Track Captains and Their Queen, Kneeling: DEBORAH BARBER, Queeng Standing, left to right: ALVIN COFER, JAMES WILLIAMS, ALVIN CRENSHAW. P L, ,,,, rw Ss' lf' .j R, , , , fn V ,Q 5. I . ,MV 2? 2 3 fi f Y M-sf' Field Event Men, left to right: EMMETT HAYNES, Discusg GEORGE HUNTER, Discusg MICHAEL HATCH, Long Jump: DON ECHOLS, Discus and Shot Put. Two Mile Relay Team, Kneeling: KEITH GIPSON- Standing, left to right: ALVIN E R COFER, KEITH BELL, ALVIN CRENSHAW. +QMua-gv--- One Mile Relay Team, left to right: RICKEY WASHINGTON GREGORY CLARK, ALVIN COFER, ALVIN CRENSHAW. JAMES GREEN, JAMES WILLIAMS. 1 I IMIMIIA , ee,eeeM ,,.eN1e, A v' A . O, , , ,.f2"KvW2:"mW-k"'--"'Wziifm'Wi'XX'e"2'7W"e: Nixtzi.ii.iii':X:i'f"'vti:t5fri?" M-N'-"'e'7w'fwwfw3wggL gg, an .. I 2 ' f -"- I Q I ffffz ,M ,ff 5. w. , gf u g ,V - A , I I F - I SOIO 75 V --P, W A I ' " A .V 1 - - ,,..' Tr-Q3 . I ,i A ., ,k,: I in i kkkrrkb V , A i My I , 7. 1 in A KV Wi .Iv 195 'Rx K E 'xii W ,S W1 I i ' 'I ' QW , ' gifs 2 I ,. ' za- I ALVIN CRENSHAWi1'1his sprinting position. MIGHTY MUSTANG BASEBALL TEAM First Row, left to right: KENNETH GLEN, GREG DAVIS, PAUL SMITH, KEN CROWE, DANNY COBBINS, MALCOLM GARDNER, BOBBY ISAAC. Second Row, left to right: DANIEL CARRAWAY, HERBERT JONES, CURTIS WATTS, RANDALL MORRIS , CHARLES WATKINS, PHILLIP BROWN . Third Row, left to right: COACH GEORGE MARTIN, LARRY JACKSON, GREG POLK. CARL RICHARDSON, KURT GRIGSBY , RALPH KING, CHERYL JACKSON . QUEEN CHERYL JACKSON and COACH MARTIN Q .,,, f We 2 I A Q -fi? f e , Ji , ,J 4 , A ' i7 Yf , I I If A -U, I f L . l I R1'Y'+g ' +. -F,. . ,r., A A , I 1 1 Qi? if , w 4 rA. L4 1 , ir . gz 5, .. , ,, L,, 'X .i I ' Sophomores, left to right: GREG POLK, PHILLIP BROWN, GREG DAVIS, CHARLES WATKINS , MALCOLM GARDNER. ,isgf V ,. ., K M I, 1, 4 a I 1 w fe, 1 x . f Y,,-:fm 11'1,f' - I Q.. K, K kk. wil J, K , ,. . I . A -.,, - ..1 F fl f I, I Vrpr K. ,- ,, ..A., 1 I jj. A W' -fe "1 f 1'fL .4 I ..L,2 R afi , ,4,.,w- L R H A ,,.,.,:L a f:--f.1 f - A -sig-sifviffff ffir ' ,,., :LL I " I M ,. Seniors, left to right: LARRY JACKSON , CARL RICHARDSON , DANIEL CARRAWAY , KENNETH GLEN . Juniors, left to right: KURT GRIGSBY , CURTIS WATTS, HUBERT JONES , PAUL SMITH, DANNY COBBINS . .M 2 PHILLIP BROWN H. wxgx A+ M, Y U Lv -f S QM A x ,534 e 5 A 755 2-K . 0 M 1 K , Sf--.Wk W, kr. .V, mf" V' .:11:gLL., M.. L 9' M . ,Q e Q K 5 ERE' w J F Sx . , f Ni Q QQ? La ' uk yf5N,,f,5'L KK r W - KK f K , .. .KKK r x. 35: - -fr 'K A -K A 'wfv' OQYQ1 1,55 ' - f 'K . f Big' N A 'K A DANIEL CARRAWAY . . : " V A " K KK ' L K Q ,,AA L,.. ,. . . Q M: :gi kkkk .fifK:f:f...f: -:y:,Ks.v:-J ..::- In J ,. : . K 1' J K' K K YK 'IFS : Q - , ff" ' fffffK!!'3Sl"5:!1f'if1i'k KK L - 2, ..3:,.. k .L , ,LTA, .L ,M-ixf V. . A xv -LQ. , . .. ,V - W iq, K.,-1 5 K 4 A. . . B If , 5 -A-Q x W ,, ' ,, A K 52: LW' . J-if , ' A 7 ' " 15 '- .W X , ' f. 1i:iQ1g2.1"' ,.,G ,, . f. ,L S ,,mL, , V. ,, . S 'W' KiK7"?1'iiiQi5M1,i. 7417, ' 5fK'?:. Q , K .. -wink' ,....-f'fm , 'KK' KK W '-" , I H ,,,,, A ...,, J ' "'- fff' ' .,,, M'9m-in ,Y , ,gyfiqyym --" 'Q' -:','!:'y-Lzvvizf ,. .4..-1,L.LyK,., W. K- Q. W M Minn ,,,,N..,, ..,- Q- - PTS if-Ag-Kf:1gg.Q5,,,2v-J-W K-H A -Mx K ,wwf ---wsev., --'-' -L KK KENNETH GLEN KURT GRIGSBY DANNY COBBINS Y. f lf' . . :?'i??ww. 13 . -'F Q'X, . 6:x .-gitf fv 5:2 1- ww A , -A- .A 4 '- ?53z:T'f?' " K "' K , ,fd ,- 1 or Q i R 39 S ,W M x K iv- A' Q 44 Y A 9? . Q ,533 S -' Ed 6 , :W R Q . W, - D E,E,LE . fi at H K2 'K' - 'fa . 'K X- A f .IQ rf' Q f A E ,E A f R 4 .- WW N w ' Y x X. 1:4114 . 1, ,,.h , X BS Q ' A '22 fi , B 'S fx H. is , A . Whik Z, kb , V f., K V-.k 3 ' MALCOLM GARDNER BOBBY ISAAC 7. i L Q: F . 5 g- , W. M ., i f l if 5' 1'L,fj'k 1 ,L fx . ., - X fini, ja "W X if - M" 5 X 1 :ii-lf' Xi' w v... . ..i.. J' ,. Q. ' , z if 'E'f'i1 " 55 9535- H ' A yr' A ' - , ,Q . M ,Xi A k"'h .. ,. 3 ,L,k V V V, ,,,, ,,, .., Hp, 1, .V H A V , A. Qt -- in H I K A 7' ' I , k . fx ' W N 5 ., kg .K f Mkl,,355w3,,Y X - T H N.., i,,,vliW,i5y6K K: 5 1, A 1' -' ' '+V , M XSS' ' - l .t ' ' " ' W - ge-X fy gig? my ' A ' Lf F9 . wa- ' 1 A fi' -,,, I R31 A N f 6, ' - :,.., A , 4 ' '31 A Jw. ., I -4 . -- . 1 411. .ksiiidy ' ' , ,".EN..', ' ' Y 'fy' , - -4-, , ug, I ,,-, W , .. f Vrylx K ' LARRY JACKSON -...,,..... ,..,, .., "'- . ,, K , km - I Q.. V . 4, -X if ' .'. z, N . , 'f - wa v-- T , . :Q- ,QM . . ? ? ' r it ,X Y , X X if A I 4' x WL , 13 Vw , ,, .. A., A . w e Y wa: Z 2. 1 LLLL A , -. -N , " K his A A ,gpg I rf- kk . - x A X' " Q:-- L4 V.,-W "'Y"9 L ., . U- ' ' WM -1533 GREG POLK I . ,, .ru f' , -f"'1if':iE , A ff -MSW' 1' gy.,1'f n- i .2 K " ' 2,4117 .V -W - '5 Aizffiffi ' I ' M , fi Xfij-13 -,iflfl f -3 , - - A -1, .... , ,K g 3 '-'laevaw ' , 1'A'T""?el4fi?l ,. . wa., Jef: ,rw " W A R,R 14. CHARLES WATKINS HERBERT I ONES CARL RICHARDSON Q5 f RANDALL MORRIS f T 'L,, A Le , ' ' ' .. ,w 'v 5- 1' , W Y, 1 f , ff ' . ' ya! !1q,' , ALAA A A L, A , A L, 4 ,. ,, , A ,Q ,I jzpwn, 1, ' .K L, AL, ,ZW I , MM ,, Qw1,,,ww,f 31, L , A , A - f-, ' , T ' L 'Qin-Lia fddrfigii- 4 'YQ , 2 ji rf ..-gfggff .figfiyxf ,A 5 --V., 1 aww 51555. , .I Q 51551-1gf.Q,'e',f,g,g .wig I 4 -,M g ' i -225' 'A ww? f' " 7 PAUL SMITH I X 1 1. 5, ' f. , ' S , Z ":' M '"'S ' 1 ,, VGVVL f" , ,,,.,A A' ' A , 5 2"-f-W g'ff'lf' 25 A ff ' my ,,,- A ' CURTIS WATTS ln V' Q Q.. Tw9gg, Q if X GOLF TEAM DONNA CLEMONS VICTOR DOWELL DALE DOWELL KENNETH HARRIS LINDELL MUSE WILLIAM SACKS Left to right: LINDELL MUSE, VICTOR DOWELL, WILLIAM SACKS , DALE DOWELL. KENNETH HARRIS, and COACH CHRIS LIESTER. E L' , -,., 1 Vx.. '-A1,, ff' . SOCCER TEAM F1151 Row, 110 I1 JOHNNY CAMPBELL, DELBERT PAIN, ANTHONY HUGHES, GREG DAVIS, LLEWELLYN BLACKBURN. S0001111, 110 I1 COACH BARBARA WOOD, JIMMY WILSON, DON WOOLEY, REECY DANCER, JERRI KEMP, BYRON PAIN, KENNETH ROGERS, CHARLES LANGSON, GREGORY POLK. MICHAEL CRAWFORD- Third, 110 II BENNY WALKER, LARRY WOODS. CARRENZA THURMOND , 4, I ' MICHAEL EDWARDS, CURTIS MacGREGOR DARRYL HOUSTON, DARIOUS DAVIS. 0,,, W X RS,, I E' ' +1 A BA1, I JOHNNY CAMPBELL ,LII 11'J ' I 1'0, REECY DANCER MICHAEL EDWARDS BYRON FAIN " I DELBERT FAIN . 1 , va, DARRYL HOUSTON A Q I , WM ANTHONY HUGHES ., L, A V,,, i,, Y ,i I I I 7 ,11,, LQ is 'I R. W A, I hh V J H CURTIS MacGREGOR A . 5 SS1 A ,S I I 1 JI1, I f I , Qi ii I . SM- 'ff ' f'f"f J 1 1 " -' I TERRY' " 1 1 - R L1 -1 nik .. J, . ,. , 1111+ C GREGORY POLK KENNETH ROGERS - V' CARRENZA THURMOND ,I .1 . ' A 1 IRW'f4f5 .1050 If BENNY WALKER 'if 'W 13,1 iff 7 ,IL ' I" Riff, 71 22.11311 in . Yi , Q SBS ILRRZ 1 ' 1 Q' I COACH WOOD and I I I + 111, 10 I J I R' I 1S'II ' - I CAPTAINS , ,,,0 ,A ,,10R ' I 0. A 4 , I - .LI - 0'01, I ,CRAR .RIAA I J, 1 4,,. ,L AAV , ' ,11, ,gg f- 24 I ,A,, A , f 31, , SWIMMING TEAM First Row, left to right: JESSE SUTTON, JAMES WEST, MICHAEL JOHNSON. Second Row, left to right: LEONARD TURNER, MICHAEL CHISM, CALVIN FIELDS, VENITA BRADLEY , KATHY MCGOWAN. Third Row, left to right: LESLIE CALLAHAN, LEAMON BROOKS, EVERETT GIPSON . Fourth Row, left to right: COACH SMITH, PEARL BILLOPS, RICKY HARTFIELD. Not shown: LEE HAYNES. Seniors, 1 to I: MICHAEL Juniors, 1 to I: CALVIN Sophomores, 1 to I: LEAMON JOHNSON , IAMES WEST , FIELDS , LESLIE CALLAHAN , BROOKS , KATHY IESSE SUTTON. LEONARD TURNER, MICHAEL MCGOWAN, EVERETT CHISM. GIPSON, VENITA BRADLEY, RICKY HARTFIELD. Not shown: LEE HAYNES. f TENNIS . A First Row, left to right: RICKY HARTFIELD, PATRICIA BROOKS. Second Row, left to right: MICHAEL JOHNSON, BARBARA JONES, CARLA ANDERSON, WANDA HIGGS, PAULA RUNNELS, COACH SMITH. TEAM Third Row, left to right: MICHAEL ANDERSON, STANLEY JEFFERSON, ISAAC CARY. Seniors, 1 to r: MICHAEL JOHNSON, MICHAEL ANDERSON. Not shown: CAPT . ANDRE NEWMAN . Juniors, 1 to r: PATRICIA BROOKS, ISAAC CARY, BARBARA IONES . Sophomores, 1 to r: RICKY HARTFIELD, WANDA HIGGS, PAULA RUNNELS, CARLA ANDERSON, STANLEY JEFFERSON . DEBORAH BARBER Track Queen VENITA BRADLEY MELONDIA HENDERSON Swimming Queen Golf Queen . . ATHLETIC QUEENS WANDA HIGGS Tennis Queen CHERYL JACKSON Baseball Queen IERRI KEMP Soccer Queen BRENDA KING VICKIE TUCK Basketball Queen Football Queen L I, lx K . , X X I f .J J 1 ,, Q W Lx . -.n' 1 .. , 8 fy f . X .JY . P945 f L' ,N f M gin.-fq ? f EW Z W5 fr: S Ibis ' x X ff? , xi 1 ,sf , ,J 3 ?Q3 5? 5,4 Sf' N 5 X 1 W X l 3 S X X A ADVERTISERS s N 9' M99 'Q sein' ggfxxe with your class ring... l'1' f 5'- 5 JT ' 'J X WXX QE ' . rx - from BALFOUR STUDENT CENTER 1.71 KA 'B ff 7 "XI za - ' ff ' ' ,. ww P J, ,ff ... L . .u L I J Va : T q 'Y :If ' ix 3 'H " E ,Ylqa iii X . 3 x, fu S Q ey! . fx wil If Cl i X' if J XX a 1211 i X i Swwwmj N l 5 . xl i N Q You forgot something. When you left the room, your electrical appliances were still no one's benefit. Lights on when there's no one aroundg music playing Using electricity efficiently is something we all need to think about these days. So take a minute to turn elfissfzlzns peffef y re not in use. I ving when there's no one to listeng You'll be idgqs air conditioning when there's making a from no reason for itg that's wise move. inefficient, and inefficiency ng COStS money DALLASPOWER8-LIGHTCOMPANY BROCKS-STERLING MORTUARY and TYLER LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF TEXAS Funeral Directors BROOKS-STERLING MORTUARY C2149 592-0886 FUNERAL SERVICE INSURANCE CASH PLAN 302 N. Ross at Claude Serving the Tyler Area since 1936 A. G. ROBERTS Congratulations Mustangs RJS ENTERPRISES Entertainment Specialists Clubs, Promotions, Bookings 357-5775 JAMES JACKSON RON STERLING GCDCDD HAVEN APARTMENTS 1810 High Hills Blvd. 2 and 3 Bedroom Apartments A11 Bills Paid Air- Conditioned Centrally Heated Stove and Refrigerators 10 Minutes to Downtown Close to Shopping Centers All Schools Near THE BEST IN NURSERY CARE AVAILABLE Qualified Instructors Balanced Meals Reasonable Rates A Development of Good Street Baptist Church WH2-9698 WH2-6662 WH2-5082 Complimen+s of CEDAR CREST FOOD STORE 2919 Cedar Crest 948-5039 FOR MANY YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE . HELEN M DIXON Miss Bernadrne Roblnson 1S a graduate of Stralght College H S in New Orleans Louisiana She received her B A Degree from Straight College in New Orleans and her B L S Degree at Hampton Institute in Hampton Virginia Miss Robinson has stud 1ed at U C L A the University of Southern Callfornra and the State Unlverslty of Iowa She has served as a l1brar1an at Sam Houston College in Austin Texas College rn Tyler B T Washington H S 1n Dallas and then at F D Roosevelt Mrs. Helen H . Dixon is a high school gradu- ate of Booker T. Washington in Dallas. She received-her B.A. Degree from Bishop Col- lege in Marshall and then extended her stud- ies at Prairie View A ga M in Prairie View. Mrs . Dixon began her career in education as a social studies teacher at Lincoln H . S . and then at B. T. Washington. She served as a counselor at James Madison H S and then took the pos1t1on as Dean at our own Franklin D Roosevelt if fx. Jfffkl' by ,V J it if all is 4, 9 L If f L BERNADINE OBIQISON THE MUSTANG FAMILY SAYS THANK YOU . ' . . , . . , . . 1 I n ' ..,. 'L I f 1 . . . Vpz, I g 7 - ' - .Ji f' i' f K , . . . . , t Zhaleff . . . ...-'i ,j A' .A , ' . ff A 5 3315" vp R3 L1 I 9 .e. .A P R I' - if ' ' I. ,...,, '... 'ii' I I il. Q p , ppp. , he .5 X xl f , y If -, , , , 'r L at ll ll . I 200 THE PRECEDING PAGES HAVE BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE 1974 MUSTANG STAFF. EMMA ROBERSON Faculty , Business SPONSOR: JERRY VOGEL WILLIE RANGE Personalities - rf Sify , TY: 'sf YTYR Y GAIL LOFTIS Organizations ,ff ROBERT GREEN JADA SCROGGINS Sports Classes VELVA CARTER Student Life CO-SPON SOR: BRENDA STERLING

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