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V Buumhclt l l Twilight creeps stealthily over band members in a late afternoon practice. l l l l IHYU-1971 Say it with E Q 1 m W 4 J , Y Rig,-L Ve V2 Y? ,Vw ., M 2" M A , -W M, 2' 3 , In ' V N 3- ,1 5? ,xg , VV-Q, M u geglfi A A ws , ,LN My ht, f - A .f fiziggi i, Q Q . 'br N It N 5 4 - E 0 W W 3 1 'W 1 kg ' 3 Ag g Q, J SQ a fs WW ze ,Q Y r ' . ig , Rf. ,h,, ig., ,,.,, 1 V Q gi l 'uv . h I V N -, Q V K 1 , 3 V , F V. uw 1 , , g s i , H V .E 9 1 ' Y' QL V K 1 ' A, 5 , W . ' f 1 , - ' J . i wi iil "" W- H ' ' Q4 A ' 4 5 WH. f- M P 9 Q, mr. 4 hmmm 361155 Banh Eiwriur 5 -2? is WQVX6.. . K, ..,--Q--" f RM, Eife At 35.353 9 Ariinn xx , . - 'h , , , X Q ln- ,: 9 Fw-f-....,n R J "4 I .. 1 .V Q , X 1 - V L 'N mg, ,-L , D -i ei 9' fi -ff-Q X v 2 v 5 V Qggifgy 4913215 fc , ww M 2 5 2 15 v 1 t F J- E W J ,gx yn' ,w,egQ,.?5.ffl in 513111 9 Q v5QNrVTT1"'E ww. A1'??'3f'2vmv -1f- A "F-"5,,::-4, ww,,,.,1.-my V X A e,X,sw1iiggf-J , f i flwmJflfggig g eww WP f 1 4 X, Cm W, ,Ik ,W ' -Q I 4 w ,ivy 1 1 Q O ' A aww, X. x-.J QW? ' D Yi-.Y ,N 'mnumnnrrvnuqn 'f"'Y'5""""' W fix " , QW ' X?" Wim' 4- E Mk ,NL Q . ,Q sag rffnvz- fur'-Lu'.m..n N ws. M., ma Srivnre jlfair l3Hin1wr+:4' 03101111 'MUNI N , . M Piiflxxlllg I3?iVlfi.iWbW1!'f'l' 'rue ftumk SWKRYD Wx-...P N IQQRQ- Hluniur Annual itaff i ,Q L . in T Q mf? 1-S- igruieriiuniszi luh 35915 .. """" A ,-,,.-al-ff' . W ' ""'A"' :hx bw 2 ' iv. Q' Xa- X, Sipnnsur -mr. Eiirharh Qfhumpsun r ' rl 5,liA, :, 7, L . i I Lifikiigi' . 11 , 'fiifli 5 '1 ' li, I ki5g?f,f 1 ,igwzff ,.,.. Hluziangg E viking E1 Gfugviher A il mark I fr 1 At , EI 1- fr- Svninr Glam 09ffirvrssf 15171 8:41 Seated: Robert Redwine CPresidentj, Norris Pain fVice-Presidentj. Slmzding: Dorothy Barry QTreasurerj, Fran- chon McAlpine QSecretaryj, Patricia Mathis CAsst. Secreturyj, and Joyce Ward fParliamer1tarianj. Stub Qui gr. Qllalws U9ffirerg Seated: Nedra Lark QVice Pres- identj and Danny Hunter QPres- identj. Slmzdilzg' Curtis Fry fTreasurerj, Brenda Norris QParliamentarianj, Vanessa Rob- erts fAsst. Treasurerj, Debra Henderson CParliamentarianj, Diane Mitchell QSecretaryj. B51 RTK - U13 Snph. Qllams Q9ffirer-5 Sefzfeds Pamela Griffin QSecre- taryj and Michael Brown,QPres- identj. Stmzding: Jerry Davis QParliamentarianj and Beverly Anderson QTr-easurerj. , I5 011111191115 Ahminiszdraiiun jlfarulig ' 5 Quinta Euniurs Suphnmures jliahnriieszs Eingaltg Ariihiiies Qmganizaiinng Sparta: Ahhertiszaemenig Auiugraphes fi,-ani-ii ,,-,1.-sl?""'- 4-,1-.7-11:1 ,.,11--01-- -1--1 . --1..,a1tv11?' .--1-4 .--4' i-1'4" ---.- 1.1-,lg-1 'Q l -,,.-4-11 ...-- 2?2Ilt:.:sf2""" -,jg-1 .Zi ADMINISTRATION Er, Nnlexu Qigtw Supcrinienhvni nf Srhunl-5 - Dr. Estes with members of his Executive Team. 2,5- , in 41 Members of the Dallas Independent School District Board of Education. Seated left lo riglal: Trinidad Garza, G. R. Hollingsworth, john Plath Green, Dr. Emmett J. Conrad fVice Presidentj, Dr. Marvin H. Berkeley fPresidentj, Dr. Sam R. Farris, Dr. Daniel W. Foster, and Joe W. Kirven. mr. Quhert 5. nhrrshma ldriuripal Franklin ld. Elnnmuelt Qiigh .Srhunl FROM THE DESK OF THE PRINCIPAL: In spite of the fact that these are troubled times in which we live, there is still much happiness and many memorable moments that can only be captured and relived on film. This in essence is the ultimate aim of The Mustang Yearbook. As we reflect on years past, we do not cherish the thought of moving from a cold war to a hot war. We are not proud of the national strife and numerous physi- cal clashes between and among races. We are not elated over the progress made to alleviate hunger and poverty, neither are we complacent concerning the gains ac- complished in area of human relations, yet, we are encouraged to continue to strive and work towards academic achievement in the field of education because we can see visible signs of progress. This 1971 Yearbook attempts to point out many cherished events and happenings that took place at 'Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. Events that we are justly proud and will always want to remember. It depicts the accomplishments of our students academically, socially and in the field of sports. As in years past, this 1971 edition of the Mustang will enable each of us to recall vividly many enjoyable ex- periences of yesteryears. Many hours of tireless work preceded the publication of this annual, and we are indeed grateful to the many people who made the sacrifice of time and effort. HATS OFF, TO THE MUSTANG EDITOR, STAFF AND SPONSOR. mr. i5lin1 . Hlrjliarlaxnil f-Ms-siaiuni Idrinripaxl Ellralnklin B. Elnusvhsli High Srhnnl Commitment and perseverance are two of the greatest virtues man may obtain. To set one's self to a task and to continue in pursuit until the goal has been reached is worthy of recognition and reward. Those of you who are graduating typify these virtues and now stand to be rewarded. May you continue to set high goals for your- selves and may you continue to follow through to greater accomplishments. My warmest congratulations on your achievement. I am happy to be able to share in these exciting moments with you. I also extend congratulations to the Annual sponsor and staff for a job-well-done. Your devotion to your tasli has given all of us a beautiful remembrance of the school year 1970-71 at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. ?glI5i11Eg5 0Pffir9 Mrs. C. Dawson Bzzildifzg Serretnry Mrs. S. Todd I.B.M, Mrs. J. Nealy Nurse Mrs. L. Carter Clerk Mr. A. Phillips Teacherfr Aflvimr Pupil 15 ergunnel . .... N Mrs. H. Dixon Cozmfelmf gh -Q 'N Mrs. V, Bryant Clerk , Www., Mrs. R. Caldwell Clerk Mrs. S. Givens Clerk l- Fl Qluunssvlurg' Q9ffire Mrs. G. E. Love Advisory Gzziclmzce Counselor Miss C. M. Craviri Mrs. A. Sandles Advisory Gzzidmzfe C ozzmelor Adzfimry Gzfidmzce C ozzmelor fic!-his Noi Available Mrs. G. Kimble Clerk 24 Miss B. Browning Clerk Mrs. C. MCC1endon Clerk ,Q J jp I ma I 5 if Miss B. Robinson Libmriazz Mrs. E. Pelton Mrs. G. Tolbert Library Clerk Libnzry Clerk Mrs. B. Gardner A Study Hall QB' ills-...lm . L1124 g . a K ' - f 9f' ?' 2245.i'v1,?2'-ev. ' - J ' -, ,, .. Y 5 ,-: ' 1ff'w:'..., . ' ' Q- ' li ' 1 si S R " . ,K , . Mr. Hariel Wiley, fTeacl1e1'-izz-Clmrgej Mrs. Cora B. Alexander fS6'C1'6lLZl'yj N-vu.. Mr. Billy J. Clay, Viriting Tearber Mr. Alfred W. Tristan, Probation Officer ,QP 'S Was... Above: Mr. Billy J. Clay. Below: Mr. Billy J. Clay, Mr. Alfred W. Tristan. No! xboufn: Officer Nolan Perry. ini Qfugiuilialng III: ,"1 '.0 ol, 'Civ ',. n, :.' ,g .Ilia v :f-'Mfr-'11-2.-5?-',--.. l,.s.4l.'."::G:':4',n1n.gk ... . ' UIQ. 4' QA-, .-ta -. . 1100- ' . 1. -" . "- .ass n". "ff-7-.'--'-.'f... '- .5-2-s Q oil "',".. -',.---,,.- i -,'.s X 5 09 n Q -' 'Og"'0 .Q.4o .Q g rggi .45 O.:g: . .wf,-fywN-fMwyu -wm,AfhM:Mfq-U6 -' ."' "1"-.'-, 's',s' 50. Q95 - 'O' 5 Q " '.rsS', ' " -1:-EIN x 5 XM X 5 "Z, .00 I vid I fl O r Q so C A xg N N xx! -5 O.. -Q . 5 s0.Q,fQ.x 5 0 5 o.s.:,:" ' gtg: 0.Q.'o ol 0 is Q :,': Q --, x S Q ... Q Q 5 .5 Q.. 1 Q Q Q t , . 'l' ' ' x'X"" - ' x- s-ei' xg., 'PX Vi-5 'Q s "' ' ox ' -J' ' Nm! 5-ss. '48, .pg-",vf , ' .9 '.0":" I Q Q ' ,X - 5 0 .Q I 1 0 ' ' " A X! 0-t: ' . 5. gilt-, Jvflp , Q- , gig.:-.X . O S ,,,-," 4. 4. "6 0- 'D xsS.l..s.. QIL..-. , I, r,,- ,,, x.o.e-,?--..- ,-s'x'--5 l-"-pfAsf""":"3, Q.. -... . . .x..- Q. V .ug,i,.,.,', -0 'v - -. 5 s, Q 0 s. , . Q-.--,, 0 , .I 1 l 8.55.55 0. ...Q bl... 1. hh ji" 4 .I 'v -lb .-Ns- sss g.svx 'gs - G. ,X Q .-- -01.4-iff, gs:'.s11'. xs.w " .Q . S1 , ' " "' ..'0'H'I, 95: tial.- - Q 'YQ' 5.5 ' -in Q tv ps: '- Q e s 3 , .'. - o Q - .Q. '9fsQ.-s.g"o's -p 'sf' -s.5Q 5-.0440 TQ.: 'QQ' ' .--Q 8 Q ' . 0 - 9, 1 .3-3,5 X0 o'xs' ,s ' 'gg's..',l' ' 'JN 0.9 G94 " '-' o .Jfi .g'.s"oss',',-- .'..-0 .1 if s'xx gs.-- x.g10.,- , .n,,j i .Q xtxb-Q- 'Q -'. "L", - s 0 "."0 . sg: 9- 5 0 l ,"s- ". tb- v I ""su:'smo-4, Xtll'd ACULTY Qiqgligh Bepurtnwni Bass, P. K A J A Alfton, M. Gd K I-5'7" 'HW N ff!! Hilburn Z Hodge W Kenyon, T. Stroughter E The English Department is one f the most impressive at our chool. It offers students an oppor- unity to increase their knowledge. hlese courses enhance the students' reative ability in writing and speak- ng. V SUIUII. iiuhim Bepaftment Picfure No'r Available Jackson, Johnson, V. . Hrsldfuiirr Brown, C. James ,E. Love, D. Picture Noi' Available Orvick, K. Our Social Studies Department has developed more than ever this year. Our courses include World History, Texas History, American History, World Geography, Advanced Civics, and Problems of Democracy. During the second semester, a course in Negro American Studies was offered to juniors and seniors. This is the first Black study ever given at our school. It will help our students to know more about their black origin and Culture. Whitaker, M. Stredic, Washington, K, Sugars B epmftmvnt Brown, B. Haynes, M. Purify, H. A Strong, J, X Davis, E. XX X Nelson, A. Williams, I. math t 1 4 spafiment Picture 'QW 3 Available it p f f , if , L Q it i i DalrYrT1P16 E, .. Ford D. 'Q 'D w The courses in this department range from Related Math to Analysis. The most recent addi- tion in this department was a console computer which has proven quite useful in the mathe- V matical advancement of all stu- dents concerned. GYOVCI, C- Hayden, S. 'N' Lewis, E. Hollie, R. Warner, H as B.CHGl.GI. Bspaxrtmvnt Laws, W. A. Wright, F. Baker, The Physical Education depart- ment is one of the most active in the curriculum. It provides a wide range of student activities. The variety of sports that one may 'par- ticipate in ranges from volleyball, the lively game of break-neck bas- ketball, and the challenging call of weight lifting. Christian, M. BQ lghggiral Clilumiiun pmftment Henderson C. 7 1 e1ig,sgfis?fgzR5?Zfsi5?1 :wazf:5l.i510271fis?ff43ifieufo' , H ..,, me Qiiffgziegwi-1' ai... K Y w1.:Jig,, --ii zi,:w'x7.e:a,::f,,g . , ,,.. .1, ..,, ' 'S + v- ' -r'1vif?:i"'2Zg:- , fi ' f I7 ,- 'Z 5V'57,i55if fl' ,M V 1,5 'Q f ,gh 4 we . W . Aval X ' -i . i , L , ,..., N ?'557iiii?!?ii155gI t9lz'i?2"x2: , 1 ,S Q s 'zlfvijsif' f 2 WM,'L..,g .,.. : , "" 1 e 1 Galbreath, V. nmmerrial Bspartmvnt Cofield, A. McCullough, M. Garner, P. There are many opportunities in the field of Commercial Arts. The choice of courses ranges from typing to bookkeeping. The instructors of these courses are highly trained and very professional. These subjects, as well as the teachers, prepare stu- dents for a num-ber of jobs in bus- iness administration. The student leaves these courses with 21 better understanding of how the business world functions. X Trim, nuperatine Gfilumtiun 4 apartment Riley, M. Talley, B. - . is fi 'X ills 1 , S X Cohen, F. Johnson, K. Elnhusztrial Arts Bepaftmeni The Industrial Arts Department is one of the most creative depart- ments in our school. It is designed to motivate the interest of students. These courses range from Drafting to Electronics. The instructors of the various courses in this depart- ment are highly skilled and tal- ented. They enjoy their work and find it very inspiring. jlline rig Henderson, E. Stevens, W. Bepa1'tment7 " 'M-..,.,.. 1' Waldon, A. 4: 5.5 Lloyd, O. Ross, T. 38 Eumemaking Bepartment Grant, V. Wal to Jlfurergn Eanguageg Bepartmeni Humphrey, E. Thompson, R. Frye, R. Mali zffztiou C uaranteeil Stuilnni itlerfurmanre 4 apartment Hodge, P. C077Z77I7lIIfl'!Iff07I The New Century reading and mathematics cur- ricula are comprehensive-providing diagnostic, pre- scriptive,-individual progress instruction for students from the first to the twelfth grade levels. Under the New Century Instructional Management System, 21 student of any age and at any level of skill pro- ficiency can be placed into their curricula and will make maximal gains in any instructional period. Higgs. I Math .. X f X17 W W -1- fl. ga 1 4K fnffffer X I fn -' gf "SEEN X? if X 2' ,W 4U9ffN 2hE9m- AE? A f X , f 42 - ff f .f -f Q + M by M K ' X1 11 .fMC4,aLf?x gk Q 1 2 ? J wZxw7NM,f:, N N k Y f ,mffff:1fQQ4f ff.. W W f' jfMMWmgm!wwQmt4fftxf3f Q mx ff f I12495Qieesiiezzsfkikfkga N 9 x I I , ,1. if 'aclavlsfclcll 'gm '- 'Zi' ww !-' X f Z Q 9, 'H 'QQ' ':',f,"'2 ',' , N Ifpx! W X If Q! t:Q ' . 1 fig? I fb, XXL esuj f!NJ J X 1 1?4Qlfb'i KYC kxi W I f J H 'if M ' 5 : ' NME-' lu' I X t M' 1 1 les Q5 ' ww lv 'XX 'buf X Z 5 V! i 'U Mihhs .. TEXH x. 'X u xx GWR I X y SEN IORS ABNEY, GEORGE-NLI ADAMS, STEVIE-NLI, R.O.T.C., Choral Reading Society, I.C.T., Stu- dent Council Aim-IBM Operator ALLEN, CHARLES-NLI, Adv. Band ALLEN, LISA-NL1, Art Club Aim-LVN ANDERSON, CURTIS-NLI ANDERSON, MARGARET-NLI if fifzfs, fiifr'+gqg1isQN A ioo .O iii if , 1 . M P H OT 0 NOT AVAILABLE f'- ff ai W I v f Z fp? I DlDN'T HAVE A THING TO WEAR. K L? 4. ',, N ASKUE, BRENDA-NLI BAILEY, jOYCEfNLI, Student Council, National Honor Society, Math Club, F.T.A. Aim-Military Service BAKER, JOYCE-NLI, National Honor Society, Tennis Team, Math Club, F.T.A. Aim-Oceanographer BAKER, NADINE-NLI, Concert Choir, Charm Club Aim-Airline Stewardess BARLOW, RICKEY-NLI, An- nual Staff, Student Council, I.B.M., National Honor Society, Choral Reading Society Aim-Laboratory Technician BARRETT, SI-IERYL-NLI, Adv. Band, Pony Express Staff, Annual Staff, Student Council, National Honor Society, l.B.M., Choral Read- ing Society Aim-Model BARRY, DOROTHY-NLI, Stu- dent Council, Spanish Club, Choral Reading Society, National Honor Society BARTLEY, WANDA-NLI, Dis- tributive Education Aim-Saleswoman BAXTER, BRENDA-NLI,,Drama Club, Pony Express staff Aim-Data Processing BELL, EARNEST-NLI, Football Team, Golf Team Aim-Electronic Technician BELL, KERRY-MNLI, R.O.T.C., Concert Choir, Art Club Aim-Model BLANTON, RICHARD -A N L I , Adv. Band, Student Council, Pony Express Staff, National Honor So- ciety Aim-Obstetrician xi ,V Q, Nags ,Q ai sv QR? ' . iii, i - ., X A 1 . :Ng f.,uf.f1f, --f-.-v 1, 1 BLEVINS, TONIS-NLI, French Club, F.B.L.A. Ai12z4Medical Assistant BONNER, FLOYD-NLI, jazz Band Aim-Artist BOOKER, WILLIE-NLI, Dance Club, Best Dressed Girl Aim-Dietician BOOKMAN, DONNA-NLI, Na- tional Honor Society, Choral Read- ing Society BOOZER, MARGARET - NLI, Pony Express Staff, Basketball Team, Art Club, Choral Reading Society Aim-P.E. Teacher BRANDON, BILLY-NLI BROADUS, FRANCES - NLI, F.T.A., I.C.T., Danre Club AimiPsychologist BRONSON, CORA-NLI BROXWN, A. B.-NLI, R.O.T.C., Swimming Team Aim-English Teacher BROWN, SULTEENA-NLI BROWN, SUSAN-NLI, Art Club, F.T.A., Charm Club, Student Coun- cil Aim-:Airline Stewardess BRYANT, RHANA-NLI, Track Team .,-I T ,, '17 EET g k ' ew , ., .. ,1,,,,,,.x,, CALVIN, WILLIE-NLI CAMPBELL, DEBORAH-NLI, V.O.E. Aim- Business Administrator CHOICE, LINDA-NLI, Dance Club, Choral Reading Society A im-Math Teacher CLAIBORNE, FOSTER-NLI CLINTON, CECIL-NLI, I.C.T. Aim-Civil Rights Worker COLBERT, LARRY-NLI, Golf Team, Pony Express Staff, Annual Staff, National Honor Society COMPTON, PATRICIA-NLI COX, ROGER--NLI, Football Team, Most Versatile Boy CRADDOCK, VAUGHN-NLI, Football Team Aim,Football Player CROMWELL, jAMES4NLI, Glee Club Aim-Computer Programmer CROWDER, LONNIE - NLI, Swimming Team, Choral Reading Society Aim-Electronic Technician CULTON, MARCUS-NLI, Foot- ball Team I S A xl 7 f Absenf when pictures were made CURLIN, MICHAEL-NLI CURRY, NORRIS-NLI DANIELS, LYDIA-NLI DANIELS, OVETA-NLI, Art Club ' Aim-Secretary DAVIS, RICKEY-NLI DEADMON, LINDAANLI, D.E. DERAMUS, JOAN-NLI, Miss Tennis, Miss Student Council, Na- tional Honor Society, Dramatics Club, Student Council, Charm Club Aim-Psychologist DOTSY, CHARLES-NLI, Track Team Aim-Architect DUKES, SHIRLEY-NLI DURDEN, SHIRLEY-NLI Aim-Housewife EDMOND, XVILLIAM - NLI, F.T.A., Art Club, Tennis Team, Projectionist Club Aim-Professional Athlete ESQUIVAL, YOLANDA--NLI 4 44.4.1 H. A , EUBANKS, GAIL-NLI, Concert Choir, Pony Express Staff, Student Council, French Club, Choral Read- ing Society, Art Club Aim-Psychologist EVANS, ALVIN-NLI, Golf Team, French Club, National Hon- or Society, Pony Express Staff, An- nual Staff Aim-Surgeon FAGAN, LEONARD-NL1 FAIN, NORRIS-NLI, Basketball Team, Baseball Team Aim-Lawyer FIELDS, AARON-NLI, Swim- ming Team, D.E. FINNIN, EVA-NLI Nia ,, if- FLANAGAN, ASKEW - NLI, Football Team Aim-Architect FISHER, LINDA-NLI, junior Red Cross Aim-:Key Punch Operator FOWLKS, DONALD-NLI, D.E. Aim-Mathematician FREEMAN, JANICE-NLI FREEMAN, PERRY-NLI, Con- cert Choir FRENCH, S A N D R A - NLI, F.B.L.A., French Club Aim-History Teacher liilfjiq, t',w:...,L:.c, -: ..,,,. . ,W ,. K'gLk t GEORGE, BRENDA-NLI, Adv. Band, Majorette A im-Tea chef GIPSON, DEBORAH-NLI GIPSON, EVELYN-vNLI, Vice- Pres. Charm Club, Student Council, R.O.T.C. Company Queen, French Club Aim-Psychologist GLADNEY, MARY-NLI, V.O.E., Student Council Aim-Business Educator GRAHAM, CHERYL-NLI, Jete Dancers, Red Cross, Spanish Club AimhMortician GRAVES, CAROLYN - NLI, I.C.T., Art Club, Charm Club Aim-Airline Stewardess 53 GREEN, DELOIS-NLI GREGORY, JOEL-NLI GRIFFIN, TYREE- NLI HAMILTON, BRENDA - NLI, H.E.C.E. HAMILTON, DONALD - NLI, Student Council, Spanish Club AimiLawyer HAMILTON, RACHEL - NLI, DSCQL Club, Spanish Club, Art Club, Charm Club Aim-Secretary -111111 I ' ' 11iff'i.5'a f- I 5-iw:-,W HAMM, SHERMAN-NLI, Foot- ball Team, Baseball Team HARDING, RAGAIL-NLI HARKLESS, PATRICIA-NLI HARRIS, KATHERINE - NLI, Student Council, R.O.T.C., Safety Club, F.B.L.A. Aim,-Model HARRIS, ROSETTA-NLI, V.O.E, I-IAYIDEN, HERBERT - NLI, Football Team, Basketball Team 55 HENDERSON, GWENDOLYN- NLI, Spanish Club, Dance Club, Red Cross, H.E.C.E. ' Aim-Social Worker HENDERSON, RALPH - NLI, R.O.T.C. Aim-Medical Doctor HILL, CHARLES-NLI HILL, LINDA-NLI, F.H.A., F.T.A., Tennis Team, Choral Read- ing Society Aim-Scientist HILL, PEGGY-NLI, Art Club Aim-Interior Decorator HILL, STANLEY-NLI, Choral Reading Society, Concert Choir Aim-Actor 1 L V P 1 l l 1 E l 1 l ? W5 HILL, WILLIE-NLI HIGGS, JACKIE-NLI, Art Club Aim-College HINES, SANDRA-NLI, Dance Club Aim-Airline Steward:-:ss HINOJOSA, ALFRED-NLI, Art Club, Spanish Club, Baseball Team Aim--Math Teacher HOUSTON, COLEEN - NLI V.O.E. Aim-Computer Programmer HUGHES, DONNA-NLI -ff.- --+--- - f-f P I JACKSON, BLAKEY-NLI, Con- cert Choir, R.O,T.C. JACKSON, CYNTHIA - NLI, Adv. Band, National Honor Society, Student Council, Pony Express Staff, Annual Staff, lst Attendant to Miss Roosevelt, Most Talented Girl JACKSON, ELLA-NLI, National Honor Society, F.B.L.A., French Club, Student Council, Charm Club Ai112+X-Ray Technician JENKINS, PATRICIA - NLI, Dance Club, H.E.C.E. Aim-Pharmacist ' JENNINGS, ABRA-NLI ERNIGAN FAROLYN NLI J a A - T 1 Spanish Club. 'lffudent Council, Na- tional Honor Society Aim-History Teacher 'i M- 41" in Nm, .ff if 3. I ik ew vt. , - -'. 'ga .fry JOHNIGAN, DONNELL-Nu, R.O.T.C. Aim-Business JOHNSON, C A R L '- NL1, R.o.T.c., 1.c.T. Aim-Electrician JOHNSON, CHARLES - NLI, Basketball Team, Baseball Team Aim-Pro Athlete JOHNSON, DORIS-NLI, I.C.T., V.I.C.A., F.N.A., F.T.A., S.W.C. Aim-Registered Nurse JOHNSON, I O Y C E - NLI, F.B.L.A., Charm Club, French Club, V.O.E., Concert Choir Aim-Executive Secretary JOHNSON, NANCY-NLI, Stu-' dent Council, I.C.T., Red Cross Aim+Cosmetologist "5 l 1 I 5 Q l JONES, BEVERLY--NLI, French Club, Choral Reading Society Aim-Bookkeeper JONES, CURTIS-NLI, Spanish Club, Tennis Team, F.T.A., Con- cert Choir A im -Teacher JONES, DONALD-NLI JONES, DON-NLI, Student Council, Concert Choir Aim-Lawyer JONES, DORIS-NLI, R.O.T.C., D.E., Riflettes, Red Cross, Dance Club Aim-Computer Technician JONES, LAWRENCE-NLI, Foot- ball Team Aim-Postal Clerk ' JONES, PAULMNLI, concert Choir JONES, RODERICK-NLI, Dra- ma Club Aim-Engineer JONES, YVONNE-NLI JORDAN, GUY-NLI, Football Team, Baseball Team, Golf Team, Art Club Aim-Technical Draftsman KIZZEE, MICHAEL-NLI Aim-Computer Technician LACY, DIANNA-NLI LACY, LINDA-NLI, F.T.A., Choral Reading Society Aim-Secretary LACY, WARGENIA-NLI Aim-Interior Decorator LEE, RONNIE-NL1 LEWIS, MICHAEL-NLI, Spanish Club, I.B.M. Club Aim-Mechanic LLOYD, LENITA-NLI, Adv. Band, Annual Staff, Art Club, Cho- ral Reading Society, Majorette Aim-Cartoon Artist MCALPINE, FRANCHON-NLI, F.T.A., National Honor Society, Student Council, 2nd Attendant to Miss Roosevelt, Miss Football, Most Intellectual A im-Pharm acists S., ., PW fffiif wmaiggg' i E MCKINNY, LINDA-NLI, Art Club, Concert Choir, Choral Read- ing Society, Spanish Club Aim-Social Worker MARTIN, RICHARD-NLI, Bas- ketball Team Aim-Burglar Alarm Specialist MATHIS, PATRICIA - NLI, F.T.A., Pony Express staff, Tennis Team, Capt. Cheerleaders, Most Versatile Girl, Miss Basketball Aim-P.E. Teacher MAYES, B R E N D A - NLI, F.B.L.A., Adv. Band, National Honor Society, Pony Express Staff, Spanish Club, Choral Reading So- ciety Aim-Medical Technician MAXWELL, VALERIE - NLI, Company Queen R.O.T.C. Aim-Executive Secretary MILLER, RONALD-NLI MIMS, PAULA-NLI Aim-aMorticiz1n MONTGOMERY, EVELYN - NLI, Student Council, F.B.L.A., Dance Club, Drama Club, Choral Reading Society, Concert Choir, H.E.C.E. Aim-Sociologist MOORE, DONNELL-'NLI MORRIS, SANDRA-NIJ, Stu- dent Council, F.B.L.A., Art Club, F.N.A., F.T.A., Choral Reading Society, Charm Club Aim-Psychologist MOSS, CHARLES-NLI, Adv. Band NASH, IONNIE-NLI, Spanish Club, Dance Club, R.O.T.C., I.B.M. Club, F.B.L.A. Aim-Key Punch Operator NELSON, S H E R R Y - NLI, F.B.L.A. Aim-Social XVorker OLIVER, P A T R I C I A-NLI, H.E.C.E. Aim-L.C.C. OWENS, L O R E T T A-NLI, V.O.E. Aim-Business Educator PARKER, FRANCIS-NLI PATTERSON, GLADYS - NLI, Student Council, Charm Club, Art Club Aim-Model PEACE, VANITA-NLI, Cheer- leader, Dance Club, Spanish Club Aim-R.N. PERKINS, RITA-NLI, National Honor Society, Adv. Band, F.B.L.A., Choral Reading .Society, Student Council Aim--Pediatrician PERKINS, YOLANDA - NLI, V.O.E. Aim-Business Administration PERRY, JANET-NLI, V.O.E., Student Council, Charm Club, Art Club Aim-Business Secretary PIERCE, CHARLES-NLI, Track Team, Football Team Aim-Pro Football Player PITTS, JOHNNY-NL1, R.o.T.c., Rifle' Team, I.C.T. Aim-Typist POLK, JOHNNY-NLI Aim-Electronic Technician L -- ,,w.f ,X 1 .f ig ,, , T , S N ,i, W .. X Si- wi 3, i Msrfii 75 , 5 K , . if N , fm as Ma. v.. 4 X if ,N Q X 1 V m 'X 1 3 29 -F PUWELL, SANDRA-NLI, Adv. Band, National Honor Society, Stu- dent Council, Co-editor Annual Staff, Pony Express Staff, Choral Reading Society, Most Beautiful Girl Aim-.Executive Secretary PRICE, ALVIN-NLI, Spanish Club, Concert Choir, Art Club Aim-jet Engine Mechanic RANDALL, LARRY-NLI, Bas- ketball Team Aim-Business Administrator RATCLIFF, FREDNA-NLI, Choa ral Reading Society, Spanish Club, Art Club Aim-Airline Stewardess RECORD, CARLTON-NLI REDWINE, ROBERT-NU, Stu- dent Couhcil, I.C.T., Swimming Team, Baseball Team Aim-Architectural Engineer REESE, MARVIN-NLI, National Honor Society, Choral Reading So- ciety, Spanish Club, Concert Choir Aim+Computer Programmer REEVES, REGINA-NLI, I.C.T. Aim-Social Worker RIGGINS, ALICE-NLI ROBERTSON, MARILYN-NLI, Concert Choir Aim+Business Law ROBINSON, EULA-NLI ROBINSON, IRA-NLI Aim-Nurse N vi x Q.. No Photo AVAILABLE ROGERS, DEVEREAU - NLI, F.N.A., F.B.L.A., French Club, Art Club, National Honor Society AimQMedical Laboratory Techni- cian ROSS, BARBARA-NLI, Art Club, R.O.T.C. I Aim-Singer ROSS, BOBBY-NLI ROSS, GREGORY-NLI, R.O.T.C. ROSS, JEANETTE-NLI, F.T.A. Aim-X-Ray Technician ROQUEMORE, MICHAEL-NLI, R.O.T.C. No Photo Available v-V--V - 'avr-'AW SAMS, ROBERT-NLI SANDERS, CHARLES-NLI, D.E. Aim-Airplane Mechanic SAVALA, KEITH-NLI SEAMSTER, ARESTINE - NLI, H.E.C.E., Art Club, Spanish Club, Student Council Aim-College SI-IAFNER, MARGARET-NLI, Art Club, Tennis Team SHORT, SUSAN-NLI, Drama Club, National Honor Society, Co- editor Annual Staff, Prancers, Spanish Club, Miss Roosevelt Aim-Lawyer , 1: 1 'L 'nfs 1 My SIMS, NANCY-NLI SIMS, THERON-Nu, Adv. Band O Aim-Engineer SMITH, HARRY-NLI, Most Handsome Boy Aim-Accountant SMITH, I O E - NLI, Football Team, Golf Team, Spanish Club Aim-Politician SMITH, LINDA-NLI, Dance Club, Art Club, Choral Reading Society Aim-Interior Decorator SOLOMON, GARY-NLI, Base- ball Team Aim-Lawyer SPEARS, HELEN-NLI SPRATT, CURTIS-NLI, Adv. Band STEVENS, GEORGE-NLI STEWART, MICHAEL - NLI, Concert, Marching, and Jazz Band, Baseball Team Aim-Computer Technician STIGERS, DIANE-NLI SWEET, GREGORY-NLI, Art Club Aim-Commercial Artist TAYLOR, DEONE-NLI, S.C., N.l-LS., Pony Express Editor, Span- ish Club, Choral Reading Society, Annual Staff Aim-Speech Therapist TAYLOR, MARGARET-NLI TAYLOR, TERRY-NLI TAVE, BEVERLY-NLI TERRELL, MICHAEL WAYNE- NLI, Adv. Band-Drum Major- Student Director, Pony Express- General Manager, Choral Reading Society, Math Club, Annual Staff Aim-Prof. of Music THOMPSON, DANNY - NLI, D.E. Aim-Prof. of English THOMPSON, VIVIAN-NLI THORNTON, CLINTON-NLI TIPPINS, ANITA-NLI, Miss R.o.T.c., F.B.L.A., Aft Club, H.E.c.E. Aim-Stenographer TRAYLOR, MADELYN - NLI, I.B.M. Club, Math Club, N.H.S.- Vice President, Choral Reading So- ciety, Spanish Club Aim-Fashion Designer TURNER, H E L E N - NLI, R.O.T.C. Riflettes Aim-Nurse TURNER, SAMMY-NLI, Foot- ball Team, Drama Club, Track Team-Capt., Spanish Club, Letter- man Club Aim-Pro Athlete T I y, ' A 4 5 ,.,, ,. HAL mit' ff Q X WALKER, ARTHUR-NLI WALKER, PAMELA-NLI WALKER, PATRICIA - NL1, F.N.C. A im-Nurse WALTON, JOYCE--NLI WARD, JOYCE-NLI WASHINGTON, CALVIN--NLI Football and Track Teams WASHINGTON, PRESTON - NLI, Basketball Team Aim-Basketball Player WATKINS, BRENDA-NLI, Stu- dent Council, Art Club Aim-Interior Decorator WATTS, HARVEY-NLI WATTS, JUDY-NLI WENDELL, JAMES-B-S-NLI WEST, FREDERICK-NLI, Adv. Band 5. lla. 'S mg, If - I 1. g.,.jJ .,,,. , A : , 5 1 WEST, WAYMON-NL1 ff ,ir 3 ki I WEST, WYMON-NLI 'W-. WHITE, BARBARA-NLI Aim-Key Punch Operator WHITE, BRENDAHNL1 A1 I if WHITE, JEWEL-NLI, V.O.E. Aim--Elementary Teacher WILLIAMS, D-ERRYL - I.B.M Club 4-rg:-sf,,, li I :I I I 'Y C E l 4 I I E 78 L WILLIAMS, HAZEL-NLI, Mus- tang Prancers, Red Cross Aim-Cosmetologist WILLIAMS, JAMES-NLI, Art Club, Basketball Team Aim-Commercial Advertiser VVILLIAMS, KENNETH-NLI Aim4Accountant . WILLIAMS,, PATRICIA - NLI, National Honor Society, Choral Reading Society, F.B.L.A. Aim-Secretary WILLIS, VICKIE-NLI, Choral Reading Society, Swimming Team, Girls' Basketball Team Aim-Nurse WILSON, RONEY--NLI Aim-Tech, Draftsman vw--...,q,N wnsg if S g G X E R S S " ' ' g ' 4 f '- S S X S Q L 'S .1f,---' .X N EX X ' S? , ' XE nQ F is X Z: Tssx X 1. -, ,- ,,, , . qv- ' ", " ,,'-- I 1, I"-' , " - ff ,,f ' 1' If I' C' - ,1 , I 1 l i' if-1' -1 f JU IURS AUSBROOK, BEVERLY BARRETT, KARL BEAL, MARILYN BEALE, RHONDA BELL, BRUCE BLACK, LARRY AGUILAR, HENRY ANDERSON, PEGGY ANDERSON, THOMAS ANDERSON, WILLIE ARMSTEAD, MILTON ARMSTRONG, JESSIE BLAIR, ALFREDIA BLEVINS, JOSEPH BOLES, SHEILA BRADLEY, KATHLEEN BROOKINS, BURLEY BROOKS, ROSIE BROOKS, SHARON BROWN, BELVA BROWN, JANET CALHOUN, LAWRENCE CANDELY, BARBARA CARLOCK, IRA COLEMAN, LINDA COLLINS, SHARON CONRAD, CECELIA CRADDOCK, ROBERT CULPEPPER, JOSEPH CURRY, JOHNNY 1-ww' CHISM, JAMES CLARK, BOBBIE CLARK, RICKEY CLEMMONS, PATRICIA COFER, ODESSA COFEE, BOBBY .sq CURRY, WILLIE DANCER, MICHELLE DANCY, LAMILDRED DAVIS, CHARLIE DAVIS, OLLIE DAVIS, SANDRA ,fb r f g -iww -: s -Aw DENNARD, CLARENCE DRAPER, ANGELA DYSON, PERCY EDMUND, JANICE EVANS, DONALD EVANS, DORIS 83 FLEMING, ANDRA FORD, RUBY FRENCH, TRAVIS FRY, CURTIS GARRETT, VERNON GASTON, PRECIOUS EVANS, ELNORA EVANS, MARY EVANS, VUILLIAMS FAIN, NEDRA FINCH, MARY FITZGERALD, ELIZABETH T00 BUSY A Il Q. .. I, xx ii X Noi Shown GILES, .STEPHEN GIPSON, AUDRIC GLENN, XVOOTEN GOSS, RICKEY GRAM, DEBRA GREEN, SHALIMAR Do No' p'swf5 k'L S I O -- PHOTO Noi Available 9 f Il' .. 99 I . o PHOTO Noi Available GREEN, THERESA GRISBY, KEVIN GUY, ANDREXVLYN HALL, ALBERTA HARGEST, DURAN HARRIS, CECILIA HEROD, RICKI HICKS, JAMES HooKs, ELLA HOUSTON, VALERIE JACKSON, ARCHIE JACKSON, CLARENCE HARRIS, LARRY HEADS, 'JICKI HENDERSON, DEBRA HENDERSON, DWIGHT HENDERSON, GENEVIEVE HENDERSON, VANESSA JACKSON, GURTHIE JACKSON, RUSSELL JACKSON, SHEILA JACKSON, SHERRY JEFFERSON, DEBRA JERNIGAN, DONNIE JERNIGAN, GEORGE JERNIGAN, PHYLLIS JERNIGAN, RENEE JOHNSON, HELEN JOHNSON, PHYLLIS JOHNSON, ROLAND LESTER, REN EE LEWIS, LARRY LOZANO, KEVIN LUCAS, BILLY MCCORMICK, LYNN MCDOWEL, LARRY JONES, DELORES JONES, LENORA KEMP, ALMA KIRVEN, BEVERLY LARK, NEDRA LEE, GWENDOLYN MCFARLAND, BOBBY MCGOWAN, MERGIE MALONE, BEVERLY MANUAL, MILDRED MARSH, JOHN MATTHEWS, BEVERLY 5 Q I val' . sf A ' E gf ,,v MATHIS, LUCILLE MILLNER, ROCHELLE MITCHELL, DIANE MITCHELL, JUDY MONTGOMERY, ROSIE MOORE, CAROLYN ,1 B9 NEEDUM, DORIS NELSON, SHERRY NELSON, WII.LIAM NEWMAN, ANNIE NORRIS, BRENDA PARKER, PATRICIA MORRIS, TIMOTHY MULLEN, WANDA MURPHY, DON MURPHY, FRANCIS MURPHY, SANDRA NASH, JERRY qi., ,Ir RAY, STANLEY REEVES, REGINALD RICHARDSON, HELEN RIGGS, EDWINA RIGGS. GAIL ROBERTS, OLLIE f SCOTT, GERALDINE SCOTT, PAULA SCOTT, SHIRLEY SHANNON, PRESTINE SHAW, CHARLES SIMMONS, JO ANN ROBERTS, VANESSA ROBERSON, SHIRLEY ROGERS, EVELYN ROLAND, ERICA ROSS, RONNIE SEAMSTER, LOUIS SMITH, CHARLOTTE SMITH, CONSTANCE SMITH, ELIZABETH SMITH, KATHY SMITH, LEON SMITH, RAY 413- 5 'U SMITH, SUSAN SPARKS, HAROLD SPENCER, ALEX SPIGNER, THETA STAFFORD, WANDA STANTON, YVETTE yen, nu 5 I F Q v. Q THOMAS, S-HERRY TODD, RONNIE TOLIVER, KATHY TURNER, ELOISE VAUGHN, ROSEMARY ' WAFFORD, LINDA STUBBLEFIELD, DELORES STURGES, LORECIE TAYLOR, ROBERT TERRELL,' IRA TERRELL, MICHAEL THOMAS, PAUL WALKER, MILDRED WALKER, GREGORY WALKER, LINDA WALKER. MARY WALKER, THOMAS WAMSLEY, EVERETT WASHINGTON, GLENDA WASHINGTON, JOHN WATTS, BEVERLY WARD, KAREN WARREN, JERRY WEBB. BRENDA WILSON, PAULA WINTERS, BEVERLY YELLDELL, ARTHUR YOUNG, WANDA DAVIS, BRANDON RAY, JANICE WEBB, GWENDOLYN WEST, JESSE WILEY, WANDA WILLIAMS, SHERYI, WILLIAMS, RHONDA WILLIS, MARY SOPHGMORES .,.av' My ' , 1,5 ,J 'lli A '41, QQ Banks, Edgar Barlow, Charlotte Banks, Roslanda Barrett, Avis , l Allen, Rhonda Aloman, Richard Anderson, Beverly Anderson, jennifer Anderson, Charles Armstrong, Larry Ausbrooks, Orell Ayers, Gwendolyn Bailey, Carolyn . ER X R in v i- he 5, , . S- . L rar W.. W. ,, 4 W ' H 'X w X- M G If 1 it a s 1 ' K Baxter, Annetta Bennett, Patricia Amoun, Delisa Balous, Ava Baker, Leon PHOTO Noi Available Benson, Dorothy Beals, Rhonda Blacknold. Shirley Bleavins, joseph iw' 4, 14 l- Booker Patricia Bonner Durlyn Booker, Rufus Booker Ruthel Bowden Pamela X E -4, h M 1 Mgr? ,fi V Bowers,,Carl M xi Bookman, Ruthea Booler, Rufus ka , Brooks, Dennis Brown Carlton Brown, Callie Brown Mable Brown, Michael Brown, Virgillio Brown, Ronald Brewster, Phyllis USS Brown, Rosie Burroughs, Sherry XY. 'ff , 1 - E Bush, Meredith Carlock, Michael Brady, jones Carrican, Alice Caldwell, Margaret Chalk, Cheryl Chancy, Mary Cherry, Peggy Clariborne, Vera Coffielci, Nathaniel Cooper, Lynn Cox, Franklin Curlins, Barbara M Colster Diane A ' K Davis, Mary 35, gf Davis, Harold Davis, jerry ,x X . Davis, Renee Donahue, Marilyn Dunford, Gail Edmond, Marvin Derricks, Sarah Dorsey, Regina Dunham, Joyce Epps, Sherry 'Y Craig, Bobby Iz, N kg lx 5 rr Edmond, Eugene Fagan, Gwendolyn Fields. Tyrone Fizgerald, Mary Flanagan, Dianna Flanagan, Linda Florence, George ia., I4 f. k im Ford, jerry ii . A ' French, Travis , Foster, Wanda Garcia, Abrahman 227.56 ' 4' Q A . 'ui Q 2 if i l i Y Gary, Semester Goosby, Vanetfa Gram, Cathrine Gray, Maurice Green, Robert Gipson, Gregory Gladney, Shirley Graham, Patricia Gray, Reginald Green, Vivian Eubanks, Daisy z We mm jf , ls BS . Green, William Griffin Cordelia Griffin, Pamela Hamilton, David t -P . P Harris, Cecilia 5' r" ' ' , ' Hampton, Ladoris .. A is Hafgii Angela i Q is Hattley, Berry ii 1 L J'-If -X sa irQ " rir ' Hattley, William Hill, Rene I-Iiton, Dann Holmes, Warren , X - , rii t 3 .gm f Q A7 . , :f- , i 1 - T1 ,ii f fl M 4 ff Horn, Patsy Hunt, Linda Howard, Toni Jackson, Sandra Houston, Jimmie Hunter, Ronald Jackson, Barbara Jackson, Robert johns, Ranette johnson, Debra f W fy ' 'wl ifim faL:ll'! - I A ohnson, Earnest johnson, Georgia vii li R W s X l' flaw, xiao ,gk e SQ, Jones, Howard Jordon, Jeanette 76:1 Johnson, Wanda jones, Bernard " V H 50 'S 4 s lk- J ff- Nof Shown Kelly, Diane -Kelly, jackie Johnson, Johnnie johnson, Rickey h johnson, Renee Johnson, Derbie ohnson Ruby johnson Thelma jones, Brady jones, Donald ic- fi Kelly, VCFWCUY1 Kennedy, Robert King Pamela Kemp, Dwmefra Kiel, Alicia Lacy,lBrenda 04 Lark, Terri Lauderdale Crystal Lemell Paula Lewis Eric Lewis, Larry Loftis Cynthia Lumpkin, Sandra McCowan, Gay McDaniel, Margaret McNeal Orangree Mack, Micheal Maddox Exton 4 I My is V . .ii g ,Z K Fife V if A 3 rx X , V Malone, Joyce Marshall, Ray Mitchell, Ruby Moore, Charles Marshall, Charles Miffhell, Karen Mitchell, Sally Moore, Jacqueline Moore, james Mosby, Cheryl Nelson, Shelly Newman, Arrie A c Perkins, Sandra Phillips, Raymond Prestwond, Keith Preslwoocl, Kirk Motton johnny Nash Clanford Orange, Sherry Parker, Francis Neal, Burnis Neely, Rochelle Norris, Judy Oliver, Faye ' Parker, Janet Pearce, Mable QQ ,gli ' r. Price. Melvin Ratcliff, Darryl Richard, Gwendolyn Ranclell, Christaneil Ray, Larry Richardson, Alvis 105 6 P Robinson, James ,, ,1 1 lu, , i ill-1, . Ji Richardson, Brenda Roberson, Rosemary Robertson, Violet Robinson, Donna , r 'L , Y f Q Robinson, Marilyn Russell, john . Sanders, Debra vw in Q.: Season. Fannie Scott, Dorothy Shipp, Beverly Sims, Michael .WW ,W A Z2 1 . Q V 'QT ., 4 H AW va -A W '31 i if g is lan S i sf, ir if g f 'fa , + - 'Q -.r,l 'W jx Sims, Noble Smith, Barbara Smothers. Donna Taylor, Alfred Taylor, Carolyn Simmons, Herbert Smith, Shirley Stark, Terry Taylor, Bobby THylvf. Rvmiif? K wg' fi' , ' hilt? Q 1 an Terrell, Janice Thomas Chandra Thomas, David Thomas Helen ,xx Absenl when pictures were made ,Q -' ,A Thomas, Rhonda , 7 V mx U Thompson, Gerald GSW ,A f' iiv lelll D ssb Thomas, David I, 'f R. Thornton, Limus - 'VIA ' rugby 7 N W Y .fl 4. 'lf 5' ' Q . Tinsley, Gwendolyn Traylor, Ben 'SQ ff 5 Traylor, Linda EY f' gs, Turner, Billy xg , .M I , f ,,,r , 1 if wg oi o o J 2 5' 1,-. If' , ff T"i 0 D . , - "li" N ' T 1 if y ' Q T X 'llz l , X Turner, Michael Vance, johnetta Walker, Brenda Wafford, Wanda Tutson, Debra Van Dyke, Robert Walker, Sandra Waddleton, Howard Ward, Don Washington, Deborah 107 'wt Washington, Dorothy Washington, Patricia Wenn, Dorothy Watkins, Marilyn Webb, Harold Westmoreland, Jo Wooten, Glenn Williams, Glenda Williams, Lavern Williams, Marquis Williams, Rickey Williams, Ruby Williams, Vicki Wright, Sherry Campbell, Doreatha Williams, Virginia Wynn, Mary McGriff, Addie RS, K 7 ---Q-1-1 "-- A 'lx . i X - ' -ii- ii -5 -A ,X -L -Yg" i X1tg-X-5 L -F, X N--gi I. -Q ii' " .XX -' "' iXXQ x -sux X' . X . N"'-+..V-" 'X-.. S-f '+- A if-Y X fi X in' f 3' - L "-Z. is-7. 5 ...-:. X ' ' ' -Q'-'4-.. X ' J "' - -il- T- 1- i i X: S-Y Y FAVORITES Eve-st BIBEZEBH Girl Willie Mae Booker Beast BYBKZBU Bug Charles Dotsy mum Eikelg Qu Surreeii Girl Sandra mum Eikelg Qu 51102993 Eng Eff? 'E as e G :5 H1 ' T e ifg,'7Qx r V .E7r,i:fS.51 . . A wr.-fi: we w we .4..,, Q ,. ,srwirgiiii f. QQ! line: 1 me maart lgupulaxr Margaret Boozer Vg' v-my N. .. my J ff ,- -. K A' M-,g, -1 ,. :Q ., --.-, ,Q , J s ii sw 'Vi 1 . ., M 1 5515 1- Rf K Q f J if iflflusfft lgupular Bug Gregory Sweet e s mum Beautiful Qgirl S ndra Powell mum Eganhgume 1311 Harry Smi H IMF I' th g 1 Q f. ,, M.. ,Qu , . 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'45 'ali og., 1 A 1731 f rl 1 x -'Tia .-. 'v fgi . :ill 4 fl? ' 'ii Contestants in swimming and modeling competition 4 fi A , nt J l 3 ii i , , I 5 , 4,3 :1., fav ' V M." iid . M V, , . M '--f-' 5 13 2' '-Q " , 44' ' N - . 'wmv ,LM If MW .M ,. x gnu-f-, ' 3-BP' 'fd'-vr-V? f v ' is I F J,.,Pg '4 X It :lift 6 1111111 1 'UN V M. 24 , QW nm. z' 'lf 'x ,, i 'ATX f 6 U' 4 A 1 1.1 " 1 IIIII 4. If ..,,., K' it 7 Enmernming 19711 I -1 Qlnrnnaiiun Ball fguevxfz-3 3551112-2 Miss Roosevelt. M 1 cl E 3 filfliszz 1551161 Anil AUBHUNHTZ 1 Qfuntestants Wim Uhuir QT u 11 1 e as 1 a n t ss ruhuriiun 4 6 42 f EQ 3 l Q'd: 5 i ,..., .. X, .S5,Q1A. ' Qfhrigimw-2 Qfarul ORGANIZATIONS 44 Seann' Lffumeruuma mrs. TE. ZgU5liI,51JHI'l5UI' 1:2 row fleft to rightj: johnny Polk, Devereau Rodgers, Evelyn Gipson, Margaret Boozer, Barbara Ross, Margaret Shofner, Sulteena Brown, Lora Creeks, Patricia Walker. 2nd row: Floyd Bonner, Sammy Turner, jackie Higgs, Mrs, B. Bostic, Leonard Fagan, War- jeania Lacy, Charles Greer, Sherry Nelson, Charles Dotsy, Peggy Hill. 151 mul fleft to rightj: Mrs. Alfton, Ira Robertson, Rachel Hamilton, Jewel White, Johnny Nash, Helen Turner, Willie Booker Gladys Patterson. 2nd row fleft to rightj: Arthur Walker, Lester Finney, Alvin Price, Charles Pierce, Roger Cox, Tonis Blevins Kenneth Williams, Ella jackson, William Edmond, Joyce Johnson. Illllrsz. fllll. Aftun, ,Spnnsnr Seniur ifiumeruum Him. A. E. Qfufivlil Spuumxr E z SBIUU1' Z5UIU91'UUIII H111 Qfnhen, Spuuzur 7' 9' 4 5 in A ' VVA, fl 'N I I 4- G B .J 46 Senior liumnruumz Fllllrs. M. Zhuhge, Spunzur 111 row Cleft to rightj: Nadine Baker, Gwendolyn Henderson, Patricia jenkins, Patricia James, Arestine Seamster, Mrs. W. Hodge, Cheryl Graham, Herleen Richardson, Nancy Johnson. 2nd row fleft to rightj: Don jones, Kenneth Evans, Vaughn Craddock, Michael Kizzee, Rickey Williams, Terry Taylor. 1 il 1 y M 111 row Qleft to rightjz Jeanette Ross, Joyce Walton, Deborah Campbell, Brenda Hamilton, Eva Finnen, Rosetta Harris, Cynthia jackson. 2nd raw fleft to rightjz Stanley Hill, Norris Fain, Guy jordan, Calvin Brisby, Vanita Peace, Linda Fisher, Mr. Brown. 3rd row fleft to rightj: Curtis Spratt, Lawrence jones, Joe Smith, Danny Thompson. mr. IG. Brrrmn, Spunsnr Seniur Zfrumernum ZI' I fb' fg, 3 ' ' W ' ii F L"LL' f 71+ Q 0 fo K If' ef ."" Z.r f ' if H' Sgae - ?" 'WS Y 'A are 'Q' , , X , ,i E . . . S . f' Freddie jones, Katherine Berry, Charles Allen, Cedric Dunford. Serond row fsittingj: Diane Lacy, Alice , Valerie Maxwell, Margaret Anderson. Third row fstandingj: Donnetta johnson, james Windom, Janice Freeman, Harvey Watts, Donna Bookman, Helen Spears, Donnell Moore, Linda Hill, Mr. C. D. Henderson, Pamela Walker. Firrl row fstanclingjz Riggins, joel Gregory V.,. Seniur E-rumerunm KW' ,W Firrl row: Patricia Clemmons, Sandra French, Paula Mims, Aaron Fields, Doris johnson, Linda Choyce, Margaret Taylor, Sandra Morris, Frances Broadus, and Evelyn Montgomery. Second raw: Brenda Askew, Alfred Hinojosa, Paul Jones, Michael Lewis, Stevie Adams, and Robert Redwine. Bark row: Herbert Hayden, A, B. Brown, Mrs. E. Humphrey, Dorothy Barry, Aranell Webb. Spnnaur, mrs. Gi. lifumphren 5 P u II as II 1' QI. 1 B 55 Q II il e r 5 II 11 'I47 4 P i i T Seniur Mqumerunm Fifi! row Cl to rj: Carolyn Graves, Susan Brown, Virginia Jackson, Madelyn Traylor. Second row: Lonnie Crowder, Susan Short, janet Perry, Linda Deadmon. Third raw: Brenda Watkins, Earnest Bell, joan Deramus, Carlton Record. Fourth row: Gregory Ross, Katherine Harris, Kerry Bell, Pa- tricia Williams. Sgfpnnssur, mrs. li. lililwzhingtun .af , D f C1331 5 l QU! ., ,ft fi First row fl la rj: Robert Carroll, Theta Spigner, Alberta Hall, Darrell Lee, Vanessa Roberts. Second faux' Ollie Davis. Delores b Stubblefield, Wanda Mullens, Patricia Parker, Mary Wynn, Vickie Head. Third faux' Margaret Simpson, Anicia Kiel, Gezirtha jack- i son, Ralph Nickerson, Nedra Fain. Constance Smith. Fourib foul: Ronny Lemell, Curtis Anderson, Charlie Davis. mf. ZIQUITIPYUUIII - Sipnnznr, mrs, 6. illetniz Seniur ifiinmsruumss mrs. Q. Siruughier, Spnnsnr 'Law 151 row fseated left to rightjz Lenita Lloyd, Richard Blanton, Sheryl Barrett, Askew Flanagan, Ragail Harding, Marilyn Robinson. 212:25 row: Nancy Sims, Rita Perkins, Linda McKinney. Standing: Marvin Reese, Gayle Eubanks, Deloris Green, Michael Terrell, Brenda Mayes, Charles Moss, Norris Curry, Fredna Ratcliff. In row fleft to rightjz Foster Clayborne, Judy Watts, Brenda George, Donna Hughes, Eula Bennett, Mr. johnny Williams. 2nd row: Blakie jackson, Donnell johnigan, Curtis jones, Ronnie Wilson. 3rd row: Ray Pollard, Michael Roquemore, Gary Solomon. mr. 31. IQ. williams, Spnnsur 'I49 0 E aiiunal ifiiunur Surivtg mrs. 6. Struughier, Spnnssur 111 row Qleft to rightj: Devereau Rodgers, Joyce Bailey, Sandra Powell, Joyce Baker, Deone Taylor, Donna Bookman, Franchon McAlpine, Patricia Williams. Zzzd raw: Margaret Anderson, Rickey Barlow, Dorothy Barry, Rita Perkins, Alvin Evans, Larry Colbert, Susan Short, Michael Terrell, Marvin Reese, Ella Jackson, Cynthia Jackson, Madelya Traylor, Carolyn Jernigan. is - irrisi J, rg ff ff' Q 1:1 row fleft to rightj: Janet Brown, Darrell Lee, Beverly Kirven, Paula Scott, Evelyn Rogers, Delores Stubblefield. 2nd row: Cecilia Conrad, Norris Curry, Wanda Mullins, Joyce Bailey, Devereau Rodgers, Reginald Reeves, Curtis Fry, Ollie Davis. 3rd row: Ira Carlock, Rita Perkins, Glenn Wooten. Szandifzg' Mr. Bobby Brown. lghgszirg mr. IE. Bruinn, ilnsirurtnr Art lub mrs. A. mulhnn, Spnnssur ml W-... A.. ' -'Tiki' ,, . it wx f'ysl"fif ' . 'I 'N 'LL 1 ,pi AF' f J ki 1 ffl "rr r'v"t'ige,, li. 1. .3ii'Zki'l5r, Q , M 4 L 1. it "'7fr" ' I 'xi 9 111 row fleft to tightj: Mrs. A. Waldon, Devereau Rodgers, Veda Smith, Susan Brown, Margaret Boozer, Oveta Daniels, Linda McKinney, Ira Robinson, Dianne Lacy, Gayle Eubanks, Arestine Seamster, Fredna Ratcliff, Alfred Hinojosa. 2nd row: Floyd Bon- ner, Kerry Bell, Barbara Ross, Sandra Morris, Virginia Williams, jackie Higgs, Gladys Patterson, Yvonne Jones, Brenda Baster, Mar- garet Shafner, Raymond Phillips. 3rd row: William Edmond, Gregory Sweet, Elliot Warmsley, james Williams, Robert Sams, Linda Flanagan. ,K . W., E S, N Z., 5511- 'Y A A eeet W iff .,,, 5 K 5 i , g "a' r rf' rtfr Q ttt ,,,,,, . s , S ,W X A In row fleft to rightjz Devereau Rodgers, Deone Taylor, Sandra Powell. 2nd row: Richard Blanton, Brenda Mayes, Evelyn Gip- son, Alvin Evans. 3rd row: Helen Turner, Brenda Baxter, Larry Colbert. 4113 row: Cynthia Jackson, Lora Creeks, Gail Eubanks. 51h row: Sheryl Barrett. U11 E 2 Qxprggg mrs. E. Ensstir, Spunsnr Seniur lrigunumeirg law illlrs. 6. Ennis, Spunsnr R l 7 yey. i be-r 1 Y , M 6 Y'ff.gL.s ,,.. it . i f 151 mu' fleft to rightj: Alvin Evans, Richard Blanton, Brenda Mayes, Madelyn Traylor, 2nd row: Mrs. E. J. Lewis, Sheryl Barrett, Linda Hill, Evelyn Gipson. 3rd row: Derryl Williams, Rickey Barlow, Donna Bookman. 4111 row: Dorothy Barry, joel Gregory. 5111 mum Joyce Baker, Larry Colbert. 61119 row: Michael Terrell, Susan Short. If! row fleft to rightj: Cecilia Conrad, Delores Stubblefield, Evelyn Rogers, Beverly Kirven. 2nd row: janet Brown, Ollie Davis, Reginald Reeves. 3rd row: Paula Scott, Wanda Mullins, Curtis Fry. 4llJ row: Glenn Wooten, Kenneth Parks. Sffzndirzg: Mrs. E, J. Lewis. l dluninr 'rig lftiunurg Qllaw mrs. G. Eetnis, Qgpunsaur 111 row fleft to rightjz Calton McMillin, Harol Blacknold, Ray Smith, Aaron Fields, Everett Wormsley, Kenneth Evans Vernon Garrett. 2nd row: Nedra Lark, Anicia Kiel, Rachel Hamilton, Charles Sanders, Donald Fowlks, Danny Thompson Bobby Ross Michael Curlin, Mr. B. Talley, Wanda Bartley, Aranell Webb, Ruby Ford, Linda Deadmon. dj Q13 "' P be l'i'l-1 xx.. a Q if, S' et x w 2 S l ll- X 9 , 4 .Q f X ,, f ,X Q , Cabell One Stop Duke and Ayres Bi Lo Supermarket M.E. Moses Safeway, Inc. Bisstrihutinv Ghuratiun luhsx CW Amerirat LOCAL SPONSORS Land S. Food Stores Minyards Supermarkets Sundown Food Mart Zales Jewelers 4 Hllag. Spunsnr, mm. Garner do f Seazed fl to rj: Rossetta Harris, Valerie Maxwell, Loretta Owens, Deborah Campbell, Jewel White, and Alice Riggins. Standing fl to rj: Janet Perry, Joyce johnson, Mary Gladney, Lydia Daniels, Yolahda Perkins, Coleen Houston, and Mrs. Peggy Gardner. harm luh Spunanr, mrs. H UEra1nt ' " lsse I 1 5 f' EW 'we v Sealed: Evelyn Gipson, Barbara Candly, Chandra Thomas, Theta Spigner, Edwina Riggs, joan Deramus and Brenda Richardson. 5'lr1zzding.' Mrs. V. Grant. ifi5g6QlG , y Q, illllrsf. illll. Bring, Spnnsur lr . f Ir: row Cleft to rightj: Arestine Seamster, Doris Evans, Patricia Oliver, Dianne Stiggers, Cora Bronson, Brenda Hamilton, Willie Booker. 2nd row: Katherin Berry, Renee Thomas, Helen Spears, Marilyn Robirson, Evelyn Montgomery, Patricia jenkins, Mrs. Riley. 3rd row: Brenda Watkins, Ella Bennet, Gwendolyn Henderson, Anita Tippens, Mary Willis, Barbara Ross. In row fleft to rightj: Norris Curry, Johnny Polk, Yvette Stanton, Regina Reeves, Frances Broadus, Brenda Askue, Patricia Clem- mons, Nancy johnson, Patricia Lewis, Doris Jones, John Willis, Car Johnson, Mr. J. Trim. 2nd row: johnny Pitts, Clyde Greer, Robert Sams, Stevie Adams, Milton Armstead, Frederick Patterson, Don Murphy, Pervis Taylor, Robert Craddock. Sipnnssnr, mr. 5111111 Grim 1 I 56 ' T fllllrsz. A. dl. shaun Anil ilaumerunm o r ' ' vt . 4 f 5 -vb in gf x ' X- ...,. li ' V N.g V ' 5 1 r are Q., at :N . t Q Q , 4,9 'g 'L' L ,gy - 5 i ar ff a it rf f if will Y' 1' . --Q Q fs, , . 1 2 Firrf row fl to rj: Vera Claiborne, Dorothy Benson, Gregory Gipson, Jimmy Houston, Barbara Hunter, Peggy Boles, Margaret McDaniel, Etta Brooks, Second raw fl to rj: Lawrence Leffall, Keith Cravin, Reginald Hopkins, Debra Davis, Toni Howard, Dorothy Green, Mary Fitzgerald. Third row fl to rj: Leon Baker, Terrence Hite, Gary Seamster, Brady Jones, Donald Pinkard, Hughyvonne Watkins, Coy Anderson. Center front: Mrs. A. J. Nelson. mm. A. 31. shaun Anil Eiulngg Stuilentss 'UEL0 P'-'Q' 2 MMA. Firrl table fl to rj: john Marsh, Gail Riggs, and Mary Finch. Sammi table fl to rj: Alfredia Blair, fstandingj Mrs. Nelson, Sandra Davis, La Mildred Dancy, Sherry jackson, Lawrence Thomas, Third fable fl to rj: Marilyn Short, Barry Craig, and Gail Davis. Rear: Vera jones, Linda Traylor, Linda Flanagan, and Marilyn Russell. 6119 C hural Qeahing Surieig igpiimsur, fllllrss. I Ziilhurn The Choral Reading Society functions as a sophisticated group for students interested in the experience of large group activities. They have participated in all of the activities of the school by special request. Pictured above are the select few who are active members of this society. 351 'I 55:4 was .iff qu MS' I Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, was the kick-off for a spectacular year for the Drama Club. Miss Bass, fpic- tured extreme leftj directed the play with the talent of a pro. This has been the first year that the Drama Club has functioned actively and with a beginning such as this- the best seems yet to come. 4 uma luh 1' Spunsnr, flflim Bass 7 5pn1usnr, mr. ilirge Achievement Motivation-A part of the Guaranteed Student Performance Program which the Dallas Independent School District is undertaking during the year of 1970-71. Emphasis is placed on developing each student's awareness of his effect on all others and others, effects on him in a variety of real-life-situations. His behaviour in coping with life's problems and the development of attitudes which allow him to live more effectively are stressed. The intent is not to hand each student a. set of ready made responses, but to help him recognize and solve problems as they arise. ? 4 -, 9 X. leg- X fi arf, CTQ E xD S 158 p g i The New Century reading and mathematics curricula are comprehensive-providing diagnostic, prescriptive, indi- vidual progress instruction for students from the first to the twelfth grade levels. Under the New Century In- structional Management System, a student of any age Cbeyoncl sevenj and at any level of skill proficiency can be placed into their curricula and will make maximal gains in any instructional period. A 'Q Q Gearhers fl9f Qhesae Gruups Are: mrs, Linhge Anil mr. TU. 3. lifiggs 5115191115 091' Marin Qiissiurg llllrs. ZH. mulls, Qearher Agn. ,V- pp- Mrs, Love's World History classes have been totally involved in the study of original cultures in our world. This study consists of brilliant scholars and their accomplishments, along with Greek and Egyptian people. World History offers 60 each student an opportunity to become well informed on our ancient world. S v , , war P P P E P nnreri hun' P A' .X . "wi r P 1 X . Q9ffrrem E 1 I .fab . 'A,i W , I 7- Q M". ' , ' If ' Fran! Cstandingj: Stanley Hill QRobe . ,,f,, 1, ' - 1' 5, - - - M" - ' 2 Chairmanj, Jerry Warren fVlCC Pres- : identj, Patricia Parker fTreasurerj, 2 ,V i P P l P K 1 E 4, ,, 5 Alvin Price and Perry Freeman fBus- iness Managersl. Bark fstandingj: Don Jones fPre-sidentj, Gail Eu- banks, CSecretaryj, Marilyn Beal fAsst. Secrelaryj. 4 1 r i .. P .ix 5 x as ii , 1 L Q , 5 rx r , f few Q 14 fr w gl S V mr. UB. iglugil, igpunsnr 161 62 liumeruum Spunasnr, miss QT. fgrnhm is V IJ! raw fl to rj: Janice Patterson, Genieve Henderson, Harold Smith. 2nd row: Beverly Malone, Deloris jones, Joseph Culpepper. 3rd raw: Miss Brown, Mary Evans. if 4 6 Agattn lah Spuusur, misaz Eruhm Standing: Belva Brown. Seated fl to rj: Paula Wilson, Archie Jackson, Linda Williams, and Bobby Taylor. 2nd row: Wanda lens, Janice Terrell, Peggy Anderson, Bobby Clark, Marshal Keaton, Melvin Moore, Mul- T , 5panigh Liunum Snrivig dit., , - ,k,,,,, tai., z V ry' V ., J , F - ' iff? , ' Hwflii 5 -.": 37551 3' fb a K ' - , ' V r ' ,. 4' 3 ' - f - ' 7 'YE ,:V':f2fff -Ref its ffl 'ff ' ",,- ' :war x' "W 171 ' '54 lv ' ' fav If f ,- 4 ' . ' - ' Q "' A . w M 1-' ' '4 ' JK P wwf? M f -' ' " ' " P "IE ff . .. 5 11ffnxw:e::ar".:.t' -' f ,, , , J, 'fs ,1.a-w t f-ttf .t - t M , - . Aly . ,. 2' was , M ' . . , .Rl Aix K I m y ark: ' I , Z' 1 ' H I nikki krwk, A nk' A X If ' ' if 1 'ti Z, A P' tj , A xxx f -,ag 'sm n V ' 1" ,Ii NE, , ' 51 . W Wg" i 1 K .Q "' "M Q-Q' ff y 3 M'-if-W V. t 151 A W . A I j 1' .. k-.V WX . 5 ki K 'K V eww, ' A21 5 JA I Al fi it ,Nfl H W if as 2 if 71,1 if e Q K V' twain N , A , t Y if K , PM N y t h'g' I t , .J A Q-A1 D ' v il 4. ' . 1 ' ' - - QQ R vi 2 i flfsa - lit r . 5 3 W an 4. g5,tap,.. ary. A A .L If .i 1 xl XJ' gg i ' A + .W L 5 1 Q, 27, rf, t - f A t 2, - I , 5 '- 'Q """ .l - Fimz row: Victor Griffin, Johnnie Nash, Rachel Hamilton, Linda McKinney. Second row: Paula Scott, Ollie Davis, Fredna Ratcliff, Evelyn Rogers, Exton Maddox, Carolyn Jernigan. Third row: Ricky Range, Donald Patterson, Alfred I-Iinojosa, Linda johnson, Freddie Mill, Alvin Price, Joe Smith. liunw nit jliexmilg Ewing mrs. Eluhg malinn, Sipungnr IEW Iuh il Pd murk 64 3' if fr 9 si R ai. ZIEIEEI Iuh ifiiuliimg B anne CROWNING OF THE I B M SWEETHEART MADELYN TRAYLOR Darryl Williams-President Michael Lewis-Vice President Gail Riggs-Sec. Linda Knight-Asst. Sec. Beverly Kirven-Acting Asst. Sec. Alberta Hall-Bus. Manager Stanley Hill-Bus. Manager Michelle Dancer-Ch. Program Michael Brown-Asst. Ch. Program jennifer Anderson-Ch. Hosp. Com. Ronald Todd-Parliamentarian Spumsnr, mms. Glnilh B Belva Brown-Invitation Com, Karen White-Invitation Com. Gwendolyn Lee-Sales Com. Janice Ray-Sales Com. Toni Howard-Dec. Com. Phyllis Johnson-Ch. Decorating Com. Marilyn Beal Lenora Jones Lawrence Thomas Erica Roland il! j W,,,.,.f4,, fe! 1 me liahing 5111111 "a. , at Biflntlws l - ,- l Spunszur, mms. Ewen EB inure Liimhla B Z' 7 4 4 +-...J From: Anita Tippins, fl to rj Aranell Webb, Johnnie Nash, and Barbara Candely. Standing: Thedra Henderson, Helen Turner, Addie McGriff, Delores Stubblefield, Brenda Richardson, and Capt. Beverly Ausbrooks, Bark: Violet Robertson, Lillie Piper, Belinda Banks, Shalima Green, and Marilyn Donahue. nmpang Cbueensz Anil Gssrurtsa SPONSOR Spnmsnr, Him. Qgtnen Bqgngre Eimhle 'W fir vfvbmz, Wh fl . X ,r..t tt r - W-11:31 ' it A Queens ll to rj: Barbara Candely, Brenda Richardson, Johnnie Nash, Delores Stubblefield, Aranell Webb, Valerie Maxwell, Cath- erine Harris, and Anita Tippins, fMiss ROTCD. 'I65 66 Biflv 4 cam Sipuwsnr, Sgt. wright , ,L h . V, .. -sm .f I it l ' i X , Q, r ,,- ., , ,L.- I K ' ii , 3 15552 R mm U. to rj' rmnding: Marcus Stroughter, Wilbert Davis, Daryl Ratcliff, Robert Van Dyke, Louis Seamster, Ralph Nickerson, Willie Hatley, Lawrence Lefall, Gregory Ross and Sgt. Wright. Kneeling: Michael Roquemore, Marshal Keaton. BQQU. g - Spnnsur, Sgt, igatnrs no '53 QL to rj: Sgt. Laws, Billy Taylor, johnny Pitts, Michael Frazier, Kerry Bell, Freddy jones, Albert Robinson Henry Bogney johnny Franks, Burley Brookins, Arthur Yelclell, Alvin Crowe, johnny Curry, Brady jones, Harold Blacknolcl, Daryl Thompsori, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Houston. I l' at dial:-sz ihamh , Cl. Lgusss Spunsnr, fllilr. 1 59 i W r ".'h ..:1, ' 'Q in A ,jg , be 5 ra yn I X if K X 3 'mfiia ' ' e WW 1 Hxwry it KL to rj: Michael Stewart, Lawrence Thomas, Theron Sims, john Marsh, Shelly Nelson, Frederick West, Keith Prestwood,'Michelle Dancer, Richard Allamon, Donald Evans, Karl Barrett, Mr. Thomas Ross, Victor Kirven, Richard Oliver, Rickey Gowan, Curtis Spratt, Donald Patterson, Shelia Sanders, Gregory Davis, Victor Griffin and Avis Barrett. Seniur Bank fltmemherss ry, 'Wm 151 row Cleft to rightjz Rita Perkins, Brenda Mayes, Sheryl Barrett, Lenita Lloyd, Sandra Powell, Brenda George. 2nd row,- Michael Stewart, Curtis Spratt, Charles Allen, Michael Terrell,'Cynthia jackson, Richard Blanton, Frederick West, Theron Sims, Mr. Thomas Ross Jr. 167 68 Hlusziatng lgratnrnm Qgpunanr, ftlllm. fllll. Qfhrigiian by 2 V 1 1 izi ,E 1 W .. . Q if f . S P' P H . . 1 '- H, it r,,wfff'gg mfg, .,, t l ' V K- it as t f- L 52 PSN Q K X. gximsxv X mlm? X N 1 I xt ' 1 'gli' Ein A an t I "5 ,x fl X yi' 2 4 yt T, Sex ,N S . ,ay S .t as xgllvs Left from bottom: Neclra Lark, Gwendolyn Webb, Precious Gaston, Minnie Shipp and Brenda Norris. Right from bottom: Ruby Ford, Frances Spencer, Johnnie Washington, Charlotte Smith, Theta Spigner, and Lynn McCormick fCo-Captainj. Center: Susan Short Kfaptainj, heerleail em , Spunznr, illilrss. Qgalhreath Q15 S il' s fi A is . V ,.. N V ' w 'Q 5 'P ' ,. , '.'-.." i '. 'W ' " t . t, 1 if Emi " w J f lx fixf, ' 'xy K-f - if "K im U El , 1.f,f" ' in . Kneeling fl to rj: Cheryl Nelson, Donetta Kemp, Deborah Jefferson, Arnetta Baxter, Vanessa Roberts. Standing fl to rj: Nedra Fain, Vanita Peace, Peggy Cherry, Beverly Kirven, Yvonne Stanton, Patricia Mathis. Stun ent uuuril M x mr. Env Strung, Spnugnr M'7m.g. Miss Student Council and Runners-up. - Miss Student Council 1971-72. 169 Qniurg nil A Q' gf '!7Q ATHLETICS f - N E47 L , is in -K A f 4. All, ,-, ff,- , 1,53 J rs - -, M is L Fmt row: Harvey Scott, Darryl Lee, George Jernigan, Guy jordan, Sammy Turner, Curtis Anderson, Michael Terrell, Joseph Blevens, ' ' ' l M h ll Har- Ernest Bell, Lawrence Sandle, Vaughn Craddock. Second row: james Chnsm, Robert Kendrrcks, Maurice Gray, Char es ars a , old -Sparks, Reginald jones,tMarcus Culton, james jones, Rhana Bryant, Charles Pierce, Ray Lee Pollard, jerry Dillard. Third row: Reglnald Gray, Stephen Giles, Bonnie McFarland, Lawrence jones, Askew Flanagan, William Edmond, Leroy Dennard, Waymon West, Calvin Washingtcun, Paul jones, Alfred Taylor, Calvin Busby, Sherman Hamm. 99 N-visit r ,, 9' ff? y K , 'W' A l, , Q it it r Xl '5 f., kj ,, .vs n. ff . Qu J fu" ' 'wx -r-.1253 The F. D. Roosevelt football team is looked upon as one of the most dedicated groups in extra-curricular activities. After strenuous hours of work, they face the challenging task of per- forming against worthy opponents on the football field. These robust but humble young men are striving daily to become the strong backbone of America's future. 2 t 41 it ,E if -Q ai 1. bf' is .3 We 'M gi .. if un , 5 'Q ii B 'I73 74 I wonder did that official hear that??? I said, "throw me a towel, not t ball stupid l l l" . ll Take that, and that, and th . . . he is Is this the way you do the footbaI1?? f nf ZW L rk 1 ... , 4 i-G . R i ,,.,. x-b. . W 4,.,,.., ,QV Vlr . 5 ,, Q ., ,,,, .,,. , ,, M Yi ' G ,i f V , ., A V lv ,uf R. K v 3 1-AQH' K-Mi, ' 7" - J-L-Ak ' I H I K My I x rj i I ' I 8 'Q 3 ' I XJ "'Z""x" . ,?"""' 1,g,.,, . Q. . ,,Az ,Q 0 32 wk 1 ' f I 3 ,, , H M y ,..,,..,.,..,,.1 A mf y ,,,g ,. iv rm V 1 H UW, . ,A Q ,pg ff M V 5 , - , ,.Q4 y f , s fh Q . , vw -" """' - ' 1 2K 5 LN? 1. . , V . , 4 VK , I A . r f If hc., I 4 . -,,.,.,Yj - ggfl S l 'Y A Z it I :K 1, I A g Q yyy - ya ...-"!::.P.:,::.!:.: A y yy yi Q :rf y h '-may y-,-dingy y 11 y M ' .A V' I f-5' ff!" , ' f f y ' , g , yn I A if W4 , . . yr ! h ' Q hhh ' KL yy y f y, y -gf y y hyyh Q y y 4 W h LQ- i I W-,.. V K A L V ,N ,W Ah ha! We've got you! NQ, they can't do an instant replay!! 2 1 1 fi: ww 1zww,,,., J ,Af K ea W' I 1 7 1 N miluating Seniursz H711-71" 76 ext Hem' f f f. gf ,V ., . ,V .N wp im. 1 .Vg-.,.r:imH' A :pf 'Lui v M NNE' mafnt 133951-?,i H f 9 K "':5AAQ i ' ' ' MHS - m.,31bqg:55. N T . - ' . mu . x. I 55 ggi. ny Y 'ff'-N ,ff M vm. N, L , N . hw' k 1. if f KR I . ' N. , we .Q W, 132.25 , mfr ' ' ,-.Qu ' ' N ' :Mwfn"f ., M, .Ng 3' . w- -wx ' LJ? ' '-2,4 gf: . , ,L 66 99- 1 Q it ef f as . i , A 1 . C , gi? S te 4 W , 3, y W , 3 A, it , N 5 'ws r, 1 f. W H, .. , ,L W .4 fda: Z ft 5' W w Y l me 'ef A.,1 1 5 A 'S f 2, 5 L s 5 X' f ,o ' ff y ,L 5 3 lil? 5 "" if , , , "ii fav -L1. f JH 2, ' ' X W if fe f ,-W' Til'-v-'rf ' "5 ' 1- .f - ', flef' if 71.1211-T" will W Q vl i is r W ' Q7 ' yrss if I K 1 1 in K 1 M ., ,,, , , V PM K 5 - ' fd- C' ' ' W f ,, M ' A ' f ' '- 1' 'r . - ,1" 4,1 ,Ny We ffm f ' If qw 'i -3 'N I gf, , Q .gxm f - .gewgl ' . .. , , Q ,I ,, r H V ,,., ii t , 1.5 as - I . QW! 1 IV: i V , Fa A ' I , Q 'L W H ry A rl I F ,V gig. A Ju' C ,, I., .gr L W,,,,, , ,f '1 - Q s f- W .f 'lar 'E7' S:?,:Is:,'l k.'--,,: 12? L H L .,.::'l 1 '-A'1 "cr X f fi W y 1 t v P ,T V, ,X X ,,,, WW W o, C 5 -A Q I .,k . M Q. J 4.1 ' 'ii-I ' 3 V' iz iff , V , - ' ' L . -- 4, ' ' K Wg ' --V V ' ',LY f - ,, K, . Q-' e . 4 5.1 1- , - '- , K , - m,'V f , r. 'W' ff A QV? f'-,' -ff 121 " "fi ' wif J 1 riiik' rm lf? Lg -'H-' 'f' . ' Q, , li-Pwr -f rv f if-m7?"ff'-'Mi ' C , Firrz row: William McKinney, Charles Hawkins, Larry Lewis, Keith Cravin, Bluitt McNeil, Curtis Glenn. Serond row: Ronnie Town- send, Orell Osbrook, Carlton Brown, Mark Walker, Don Jones, Dexter Dickerson. Third row: Stanley King, Paul Wilson, Darnell Bluitt, Anthony Blevins, Bruce Bell, Eugene Edmond, Thomas Anderson, Charles Murphy, Bobby Needham. W Q . ,.fe"f,'Lf:'-ff" "of f f fglzla-ill-vl::El2y2 9 QQ' an ft Szfzke- N g I ex ' f 6 57? C .Gif ' 4,1 s if . -A., N- .- , ,, , , s ,s Q- . Q. -'X 1.21 'D' ' . ' " " lv.-razlmawwh A L if . -A u 1:.x. ...g,.-..- , , mx? I l 7 ugviliraliiunn QELII' Qlnarhm ifslnuk Gutuaril fha Illuiure flmatimisztirallg Slanding: Henry Warner, Ellis Davis, james Jackson, Charles Henderson, Earnest Jam Coach Raymond Hollie. ale- Q aff Cx jgiglsis V lg Qi 78 es, Joe Baker, Karson Orvick. Kneeling: Head E K , Y i , .,..,.s,.W...,,,. . - - N H mi. .- '-' 19711-7 I Emzkeihall 4 sam Fin! row: Jerry Dillard, Leroy Edwards, Norris Fain, Richard Martin, jerry Davis, and Curtis Anderson. Second row: Reginald Gray, Marcellus Abney, Edgar Hopkins, Stephen Giles, Larry Randall, and Coach Ellis Davis. Third row: Ira Terrell, Clarence Dennard, James Williams, Charles Marshall, Melvin Moore, Larry Rey. -2- i l n W W I7 Tbey 64.. 52 75.. 76.. 72 . 83.. 8l.. 88.. . . . . . Carter . . . Adamson . . . . . . SOC North Dallas . . . . . Sunset C. Tech . . . Kimball .. Pinkston They 61 ..,.. 73 ..... .... 55 .... . . . 57 .,... . . 47 .... 65 ,... 70 .... 79 .... . . . . . Carter . . . . . . SOC North Dallas . . . Adamson . . . . . Sunset C. Tech . . . . Kimball I. . . Pinkston U sz P i az i II I l ,fl I ' l rf 17 I: if A fl if Y 'I l X, ll fl I ff X il!! W !,f X: Lf L2 XJ v l l 'WS-. X N M . ,K l ' A , , i 'X Xfu' ix 'V X ,X 7 Q A F 2 Starting jliihe XIX K . we lg all fu: f U. to rj: Curtis Anderson, Ira Terrell, Coach Ellis Davis, Melvin Moore, Clarence Dennard, From: Richard Martin. leant 09f 'he jliuture Hlwziaug E- 4 sam bww. Fin! row: Glenn Johnson, Roland Johnson, Orell Osbrook, Michael Turner, Carlton Brown, Ronald Brown. Second row: jerry Dillard, Anthony Blevins, Benard jones, joseph Blevins, Robert Beechum, Stanley Rey, Donald Thompson, Melvin Price, Donnie Jernigan, Harvey Scott, Coach Warner. HL " ' . .- 'Q if , aw An Lg' Jw'-I .1 . . X-t 'Hep .QW " 'A re? 'ig V . "ffm ik :f -:Aff 'X US., I t -V, 1:.,l. knx Q I . .L M , . V, J:-5,4 ,. gil' ., ., ,.,.- H Qf,xvQ ,??,5jr,1f' 3 4 rank 4 cam , l fi fi i """1 awp' may pf R Q :W 17.1 3 In row fl to rj: Roger Cox, Sammy Turner, Duran Hargest, Charles Pierce, Ira Terrell, Rahna Bryant, Coach Earnest james. 2nd row: Melvin Moore, Reginald Jones, Harold Sparks, Darnell McNeal, Bobby Needum, Dwight Henderson. 3rd row: Keith Cravin, Gregory Walker, Harvey Gilmore, Bruce Bell, Larry Lewis, Coach Raymond Hollie. Q' IQ e 1 xl ,, ' L I S s s -5 7 Z xf - f k . if-a.-5, . I 2 A ll . l r rl 1 fiiluQlifillwziwyliiitigiif' f - H 1 r r , H r . , ALA r "', :ri W' f - Jf?i?5'f'2'?fJflfWf - ,, f 'f'l2.:, I Ll "f' A:" , M V , Li 2 ll ,.,W.,--,..N , A .i in ' ' lr lrrr f. J - if if A . ,, 1 I Kikg WL VV,VV WWYMW Hi' 1.5: , i EV . L5 Jr . i f 1 . ll Q rrll M rlllrl r l' l'h K' "'--'Q .Hr . ,Q ' H at lr .M f ' '49 2 L9 A If 111 WW Front to back: Charles Pierce, 1 Sammy Turner, Duran Hargest, Rahna Bryalt, and Ira Terrell. 5 Ai Baseball if wry Q-fk"" A 9- ,55 wan., ' f rf re an A ' , 5 W 'J'l'm'it r , -in ,gh we 2 ,.,,yA'fyQN-3139, rg, fy Kneeling fl to rj: Lawrence Calhoun, Paul Thomas, Curtis Anderson, Donnie Jernigan, Don jones, Sherman Hamm. Standing Norris Fain, Terry johnson, Michael Stewart, Alfred Hinojosa, Maurice Gray, Ralph Nickerson, Kevin Grisby, Robert jackson Edward Harris. , il E I ip ugf - I , I1 ' if el ., X , E 1 xg! ' . 'Y' . , . ,X L : ,QI .A tv . W-Q x H '-hv,1 , ,,e-eg H i 51 9 I II 6 Donnie Jernigan and Don jones. 5 V ulf lr gb G Z 1 1 fLeft to rightjz Earnest Bell, Cedric Dunford, Alvin Evans, Larry Colbert, joe Smith, William Edmond. Golf Queen: Debra Cambell. all ZW' N R9 X XX, V x ' X l n. flrilx I 8 V O 'I87 Hlugtang wgtnimmnre I ,,.. Fin! mum' Larry McGowan, Larry Miller, Paul Jones, Linda Knight fQueenJ, Perry Freeman, C. West. Second row: Howard Crete, Albert Robinson, Ralph Nickerson, Derrell Thompson, Don Seamster, Coach J. Jackson. Third row: David Crow, George Jernigan, Maurice Turner, A. B. Brown. 'I88 .523 LJ Jnafu., pen with . . . Splwrrh M .m.., f,,,,v-qs f ,f""W'x . NN 1 s XX Ir! row fleft to rightj: Crystal Lauderdale, janet Parker, Mary Walker, Linda Knight, Beverly Matthews, Debra Henderson, and Linda Walker. 2nd row: Paula Lemell, Mable Brown, Laverne Williams, Coach J. jackson, Ruby Ford, Phyllis johnson, Sally Mitchell, and Rosemary Brooks. 189 V A bf ' X1 90 T.,,,xQf 1 . 1 I enum cam X ., 'S' ia? E X -S i an x ' wi ,t F iii A Front: Joan Deramus fTCHDiS Teamj. Serond row fl-rj: Joyce Baker, jackie Phears, Linda Hill. Third row: Curtis Jones, Geraldine Scott, Barbara Canderly, Delores Jones. Bark row: Foster Clayborn, and Ricky Williams. "Weightlifting" a t fi ip", ia, jf' if A t B . 'ilii gl W ff 4 sf Y H I iss- ,Y , 9 ,Q . . 7 ,qs , , 0, i , .1 Si. 32 'Y 2: x g. . E .HX Lf In row fl to rj: Thomas Anderson, Ronnie Townsend, Calvin Brisby, Alvin Taylor, Dexter Dickerson, and William McKinney. 2nd row: Vaughn Craddock, Don Jones, Waymon West, Reginald jones, Larry Lewis, Marcus Culton, Calvin Washington, Joseph Blevins, Maurice Gray, Bluitt McNeil, Stanley King, Charles Murphy, and Bonnie McFarland. if lli W W W 3 Q ,Q W .8 Y 5 , 'ef l 5 . Front: Alvin Taylor, Marcus Culton, Thomas Anderson. Bark: Calvin Brisby, Waymon West, Bonnie McFarland. Hlrw Pdhleirr Beparlment 3 3 2 Wf 5? xx EEF 5 .. in S' ,Qt . IZ rg'- , s 'il lllll I lI"' ,fs aP', u'N-- ' I I llll2ll'lL'4 Ilalnounupuo-s I IIIUIIIIIOO 'Ui IIU 9ll" ,X 71 ,fixwgzfzfzw lf' I 'Uff'1f"'fif.'.l.. 1 I if' nwlilnxn illlcfph lflxlli' ,..j lgsllll caan 1 "" "ilk: www c'79?' I A l I P it 1 J 4 5 ll I ll 'ffl f'LI' ff -7, ,d,z2, !jf:xf,1 1,1 sl ,L 5- -sf' - :t::"'lu-1 - Q:-. 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LecIbeHer N Dallas, Texas A B Hy M J M Q + M BI I B H M A M M S D M BI Alb + M Ph Ip FI M C M y EH M Prod Ch I H M CI I e d Iy M and M H It Ha ld M Prodor, J q I M H H d R M d M Fedford, C. C M H ph Y B M Wren, Mami M GOOD HAVEN APARTMENTS 1810 High Haus Blvd. 2 AND 3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS ALL BILLS PAID AIR-CONDITIONED CENTRALLY HEATED STOVE AND REFRIGERATORS IO MINUTES TO DOWNTOWN CLOSE TO SHOPPING CENTERS ALL SCHOOLS NEAR The Best in Nursery Care Available QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS BALANCED MEALS REASONABLE RATES A Development of Good Street Baptist Church 942-9698 942-6662 942-5082 96 Greetings BETHEL AME SENIOR CHOIR Mrs. Efhel Willingham Presiclenl Mrs. Wylma Jones Secrelary Mrs. Kale'l'a Washinglon Treasurer Rev. John D. Walker Minisler 'I9l H81W Congrixllafions I No. I-2409A E. II+h, Ph. 943-92I6 Ano+her Successful Year No. 2-3328 S. Oakland, Ph. 42I-9075 MR. AND MRS. No. 3-3I25 Grand, PI1. 428-I I9I No. 4-3I58 E. LecIbeI"rer, PI1. 374-322I I 1 5 lf' I5 i 5 mrasgafwii ,I-al rpmrrbrfreigi :K ff: : -: , fi F 4' f,-- I f -' I ? a 5 I 2 ' I , I NW In ' my W 1"' Nw hw-mv fw W'-R wi-L ' r .4 I ' 'II 4. . HQQS . V001 ww-I .. ' f r-r A-aw-. ' I' A l .......... MWWWWW nm- lbm wmww ig Q ,N ,W,,,W,A,w.,,,,,,,,..,,,v?..,e F 5 . Z I Welcome Io Visif SALEM INSTITUTIONAL BAPTIST CHURCH 39I8 Crozier S+reeI I 198 REV. J. WHITLOW WASHINGTON, Pas'I'or The Pas'I'or and Members of I'he GOOD STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Welcome You Io Join Them al Their New Localion 3I I0 BONNIE VIEW ROAD Dallas, Texas 752l6 Pasfor-REV. C. A. W. CLARK CHALET LOUNGE "WHERE OLD FRIENDS SOCIALIZEH Service Wifh a Smile 3947 So. Oakland Ave. HA 8-97I0 E. J. CARTER, Propriefor Greeiings ancl Besl' Wishes MOUNT CARMEL BAPTIST CHURCH 3I22 Mefropolifan Avenue Dallas, Texas REV. E. K. BAILEY P + THE NEW EL BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH Cordially Invi'Ies Each of You 'Io Worship Wifh Us Each Sunday REV. V. L. WARREN, Pasior THE HOME OF LOTT'S BURIAL ASSOCIATION EMERGENCY AND PRIVATE AMBULANCE SERVICE 24 HOURS 2434 Foresf Avenue Dallas, Texas 199 Besi' Wishes To 'rhe Senior Class .gf 5. fi is W ' E2 l is ff' 5 A S ssee Q! ,. ' '!-f s4-y My ' if T t z ' 3 ses . yy y 4 I I' 1 I EZZ SHOP 9l2 Sou'rh Corinlh Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Vaughn, Proprieior 00 THE HOUSE OF SHINES Congraiulaies E THE GRADUATING SENIORS i628 Morrell S+. 94I-0462 Congrafulaiions and Besi' Wishes I97I Seniors EDWARD C. HOWARD Phofographic and Press Service BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Complele Coverage in BXW and Color 3530 Kenilworlh 428-08l9 Dallas, Texas 752l0 JOHN THOMAS, BILLY RANSOM, PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Hollie Raymond E. Hollie, Jr. Sfephanie Hollie I+ has been a pleasure +o have been as- Gail Hollie sociaied wi+h Mrs. Tennon and The Annual Sfaff for 'Phe pasf four years. fi Prop. Mgr. GOOD LUCK MUSTANGS Y 'fs Sr. METROPDLITAN BUILDING ':' MAINTENANCE COMPANY 2504 S'ra'I'e S+ree'I', Dallas, Texas Phone 2I4-747-6960 ff' ,iz- Q, 'Af I j g ? MMML X QUTOGRAPHS agp! XZ I A is I AI I ,III xv NK ' 5XiXkQXxXX QV I AIX IW Jig- wwf yin Cc Qgififf M 456 V6 fix AUTOGRAPH5 ff X "5"N-sn g ,N N. Q Xxx X ix A-X 'N'X-ISINZQ "N--'N-f-N,n -xfgk-!N.As Q AUT OGKAPH5 ,ii,,,...... ...N um anuqnasannwmsinn- "Ik we I in f -- V, f,1,,,m.21 A 1-Q61 K s", , 4 1 I 'I 6 UL !L,L,L,- Q LEMKU Af! lrly fjgkwv ,IM LM, , ,fo ' ,f MMV My A 5 'Y , Um Wwwwwifw MHQD 1' ,, ', ff L 7 J 'F f f f x t f I , 7 -XV, JIM ! 3 V wbfflfpv Q! If .f WLM! A, V. I y If I? I Z-X My x V4 La J Vx, U L , I If ffl! :,, 5.1431 M gf ,Q V, XA KQMVJ V VJ L fjyx' V , ,g ,f 6' ,' , A , f A f gf W ,fjjm fb Q- gli! 451 J fi I fi fx' 1 'gf' ' ' f X I :QV fy I : ,W ' , f"'LL gc! 1 J mf QXQJ-ff? ,W L5 ,gg JQQAVD If ILL! Lfiz --1' f ' ff QAM Y sw ii K L ,f 3 3-7 ,NR N, Zooo X-5 sank bw T R HS fl 7 5 A. 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Suggestions in the Franklin D Roosevelt High School - Mustang Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

Franklin D Roosevelt High School - Mustang Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Franklin D Roosevelt High School - Mustang Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Franklin D Roosevelt High School - Mustang Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Franklin D Roosevelt High School - Mustang Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Franklin D Roosevelt High School - Mustang Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Franklin D Roosevelt High School - Mustang Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 46

1971, pg 46

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