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' fcWfe Zk o% GAUL •, • • 5 t t? p PIIU IS of HERCULES V %. J o V wV i. I AFRIQUE USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (CVA-42) ROOSEVELT ' S first liberty boat leaves the aft port accommidation ladder, after 46 days at sea. First Mediterranean liberty was in Brindisi, Italy. A MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE 1975 STILL A GRAND OLD LADY Commissioning ceremonies of USS FRANKLIN October 27, 1945. It all began with a letter in 1 945: My dear Mr. President, I would like to propose for your consideration that the new large aircraft carrier, CVB 42, be christened the FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT. This ship is scheduled for christening on April 29. It had been proposed to make the name CORAL SEA, in line with the general policy of having carriers named after battles, but I am sure the country will approve of the variation. Respectfully yours, James Forrestal Secretary of the Navy Three days later the letter was returned, and on the bottom was scrawled the terse reply that was to create a vessel that would be still making history today: Meets my hearty approval, Harry Truman Although it was this letter that created the ship, ROOSEVELT actually began her life a year and a half earlier at the New York Naval Shipyard. A new carrier class, the MIDWAY, had been esta blished; and CVB 42, originally to be named CORAL SEA, was the second of the three vessels. She was to be a new concept in warships- -a craft that would not only be designed to carry nearly one hundred aircraft but would also be fitted with 18 five- D. ROOSEVELT, on Navy Day, inch, fifty-four calibre guns, 20 forty-millimeter an- tiaircraft mounts and numerous 20-millimeter guns, in addition to her aircraft. On April 29, 1945, ROOSEVELT was launched and, after additional fitting out, was ready for commissioning on Navy Day, Oct. 27, 1945 President Truman came to New York to personally deliver the main address for the $90 million carrier. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt also attended, making her first public appearance since the death of her husband. After sea trials in the Atlantic, ROOSEVELT was ready for the mission that has occupied most of her years in service--good will. With the exception of one combat tour in the Western Pacific during the Vietnam War, ROOSEVELT had deployed to the Mediterranean so often that she has earned the nickname of the " Mediterranean Carrier. " Since August, 1946, when the ship began her first deployment, ROOSEVELT has made 19 cruises-an accomplishment no other carrier can claim. By 1954, it became appearent that if ROOSEVELT was to do more than steam in the cause of good will, she would have to be extensively remodeled. Advances in aviation, including the widespread use of jet aircraft, were making the ship less effective as a striking force. In January, ROOSEVELT made the long journey around Cape Horn to the west coast, where she was decommissioned and modernized at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Washington. Enroute.she showed the flag at South American ports. When the carrier finally arrived at Puget Sound, the remodeling went on for nearly two years and cost forty First helicopter to join the Navy, trans- fers mail and supplies from ROOSE- VELT to the submarine Greenfish. million dollars--nearly half her original cost. The con- version was extensive--a hurricane bow was installed to lessen maintenance and improve seaworthiness, the flight deck was expanded to accommodate a waist catapult in addition to the two on the bow, an angle was put on the port flight deck, the hydraulic catapults were changed to steam to handle the larger aircraft. A centerline elevator was removed and a new one located on the starboard deck edge. Most of her guns were also removed. The expensive and time-consuming renovation made her truly depen- dent upon her air wing for both offense and defense. The remodeling also added years to the carrier ' s life, making her one of the most effective and self-sufficient fighting units in the world. In 1958, ROOSEVELT was awarded the E.F. Ney Award for the best large afloat mess; and two years later she won the Admiral James H. Flatley Award for Aviation Safety-the first of four such awards she was to receive in her career. ROOSEVELT ' S performance was being noticed, and her consistently high level of performance was assuring that she would continue to be noticed. Gradual immprovements in technology such as the in- stallation of the Fresnel Lens System to improve landing accuracy and safety of her aircraft, were keeping ROOSEVELT up-to-date. By 1971, she had completed 200,000 arrested landings. No other attack carrier can even approach that record. The tangible results of her tour were impresseive. During that long and extended tour, ROOSEVELT ' s air wing flew 7,000 sorties in support of the embattled Republic of Vietnam. Two decades of training in war prepared the carrier well for her first tour of combat . years of practice paid off. The Commander of the Seventh Fleet, who led the carrier task forces off Yankee Station, sent the following message to ROOSEVELT as she steamed home: " Your spirit, aggressiveness and outstanding ac- complishments continued to be excellent during your recent tour on Yankee Station. The extension was regrettable, but when the chips were down, you came through like the pros we knew you were. " On Feb. 21, 1967, after steaming a total of 94, 000 miles and crossing the equator four times, the carrier returned to Mayport. It was time for a rest and, after her 14th Mediterranean deployment, she entered the Norfolf Naval Shipyard for the most extensive overhaul ever attempted by that facility. During the latter part of the year, several short cruises during November prepared ROOSEVELT for her Operational Readiness Exercise. She passed with flying colors and, after spending the holidays in port, left Jan. 3, 1 975, to begin her 19th deployment with the Sixth Fleet. Despite her age, she operates at the same demanding pace as the newer carriers in the fleet and outperforms them in some areas, while continuing to break her old records and make new ones. ROOSEVELT plans to celebrate her 30th Anniversary on October 27, 1975. Setting her first record, a jet plane successfully landed and took off from the giant carrier. When ROOSEVELT became a CVA, her first aircraft were propeller driven. Captain Easterling was born in Nash- ville, Tenn. on June 29, 1928. He was graduated from Randolf- Macon Academy in 1947 and from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1951. His first duty as an ensign was aboard the USS PERRY (DD 844). He was then or- dered to flight training and was designated a naval aviator in April 1953. Duty with Fighter Squadrons 1 1 , 43 and 103 included deployments with both the Sixth and Seventh Fleets. In September 1 964, following three years in Post Graduate School, Captain Easterling reported to Fighter Squadron 174. He then served as executive officer and then commanding officer of Fighter Squadron 13. In June 1968, he reported to the USS SARATOGA (CVA60), where he served as operations officer until January 1 970. Following a brief tour of duty on the staff of Commander, Naval Air Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet, he was commanding officer of Fighter Squadron 124 until May 1971. Captain Easterling served as tactical air warfare analyst on the staff of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Air Warfare, and naval aide to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research and Development before assuming command of the USS CONCORD (AFS 5) in August 1 973. Captain Easterling holds the degrees of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Master of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Engineer in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His awards in- clude the Legion of Merit and the Meritorious Service Medal (two awards). He is married to the former Miss Beverly Sherburne of Jacksonville, Fla. and now resides in Mayport, Fla. with his wife and twochildren, Alan and Karen. Captain Easterling assumed command of the USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (CVA 42) on Dec. 20, 1974. CAPTAIN CRAWFORD E. EASTERLING COMMANDING OFFICER CAPTAIN PAUL SKARLATOS EXECUTIVE OFFICER Captain Skarlatos was born in Rochester, N.Y. and was graduated from Monroe Hieh School. He attended the University of Michigan before his selection to the Naval Academy. He was graduated and commissioned an ensign in 1954 and underwent flight training shortly after. He was designated a naval aviator in 1 955. His first duty assignment was with the Fleet Air Wings Training Unit, Atlantic Fleet. After duty there, he served with Attack Squadron 43 and later with Fighter Squadron 74 aboard the USS INTREPID. Service as naval science instructor at the Naval Academy from 1961 to 1964 preceded duty as guided missile officer aboard USS INDEPENDENCE. He served with Fighter Squadron 13 as operations officer aboard the USS SHANGRI LA in 1966, prior to attending the command and staff course at the Naval War College. In 1970, he served in Vietnamese waters with Fighter Squadron 53, flying off USS BON HOMME RICHARD. He first served as executive officer and later, after the commanding officer was killed, as com- manding officer. Captain Skarlatos served as personnel officer on the staff of the Commander, Naval Forces. Atlantic Fleet, prior to study at t he National War College. Prior to reporting to the USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT as executive officer, he served with the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, D.C. as aviation com- mander detailer. He was promoted to Captain, effective 1 January 1975. Among his decorations are the Bronze Star with Combat " V, " the Navy Com- mendation Medal, the Air Medal and several campaign medals. He is married to the former Marguerite M. Ryan of Ardsley, N.Y. They have three children: Michael, Elizabeth and Mathew. INTERESTING FACTS Length 999 ft. 6 in. Extreme Width 183 feet Number of Catapults 2 in bow Operating Displacement 67, 000 tons Catapult Capacity 2 planes per min. Officers and Men (Air Wing Embarked) 4,000 Number of Planes FDR Can Carry over 70 Speed over 30 knots Main Propulsion Engines 4 Diameter of 4 Propellers 18 ft. Number of 5 in. Guns 4 Number of Telephones 1 , 200 Electric Wiring and Cabling over 500 miles Capacity of Sick Bay 44 beds Patients Treated Yearly 14,000 Televisions 150 receivers Supply Items Stocked 81,000 Storerooms Ill Electronic Tubes Stocked 5,000 Freshwater Produced Daily 280, 000 gal. Fuel Burned Monthly 4 mil. gal. Bow Anchors 2 Weight of Each Anchor 20 tons Weight of Each Anchor Chain Link 146 pounds Paint Used Daily. 50 gal. Radio Transmitters 50 Radio Receivers 60 Laundry, Washed per Week 14 tons uss FRANKLIN D.ROOSEVELT mCUFT CA-FWER NAMED F8R THE 3(11 PRESIDENT BF ' THE UNITED S.TATES §F AMERICA BUILT AT NAVY YARD. N. ;Y. AU.THtR.IZEi JULY 9, 1942 KEEL LAI.i -8EC. I, 1943 LAUN.SHBi. APRIL 29, 1945 FIRST CMMUHGS19NEO 6CT. 27. 194 5. HER BIG DATES April 29, 1945- October 27, 1945- November 2, 1946- February 11, 1947- April 23, 1954- April 6, 1956- Year 1960- September 1960- Year 1964- January 1967- June 29, 1969- October 29, 1975- Launched at New York Naval Shipyard by Mrs. John H. Towers. Commissioned by President Harry S. Truman. Made aviation history by landing and launching first jet aircraft on a ship. Made history by operating 1st. helicopter at sea. Decommissioned at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for overhaul and conversion. Recommissioned with new angled deck, steam cata- pults and hurricane bow installed. Won Admiral Flatley Award for Aviation Safety. Became the first carrier to use Fresnel Lens Landing System. Won second Admiral Flatley Award for Aviation Safety. Completed over 5 months combat operations against North Vietnam. ROOSEVELT completed $46 million overhaul most extensive overhaul in Norfolk Naval Shipyard ' s history. ROOSEVELT celebrates her 30th Anniversary. ■ i r ■ ■v ■ M » " ;i 1ft. r v i 1 2? ' - iR JL SfrtA nip ' , B USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (CVA-42) 1975 " , ROOSEVELT was to do more than r " -ood will, she needed extensi s in aviation, including the wid (Kad use of jet aire were making the ship less effective, as a striking force. In January, R " QQSEVELT made the long journey around Cape Horn the west coast, where she was decomrnis sioned and modernized at the Puget Soimcl Naval Shipyard in Washington. ... —■ 1954-56 -CVB TO CVA K ■ « " W i s±s Rear Admiral Nicholson was born in Charleroi, Pa. He started his military career as an enlisted man in the Army Air Corps in 1943 and served one year before entering the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1 944. He was graduated and commissioned ensign in June 1948. The admiral, as a junior officer, has been an instructor at the Naval Academy on two separate tours, has had duty on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, a tour as operations officer on an amphibious assault destroyer in the Pacific and served as antisubmarine warfare officer on an amphibious squadron staff and executive officer of a destroyer. In 1964, he was administrative aide to the Secratary of the Navy. Admiral Nicholson has had six commands at sea. His first was a minesweeper in the Atlantic. Later he commanded the destroyer USS LLOYD THOMAS, where he received the Navy Commendation Medal. this was followed by command of Destroyer Escort Squadron Eight in the Atlantic. In 1 968-69 he was assistant chief of staff for operations on the staff of Commander Naval Forces, Vietnam, where he received the Legion of Merit with Combat " V, " Vietnamese National Order and the Vietnamese Staff Medal. During that same period in Vietnam he commanded the Swift Boat Flotilla where he was awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star Medals with Combat " V. " After Vietnam he commanded the Destroyer Development Group where he received his first Meritorious Service Medal. Later he commanded Destroyer Squadron 26. For his performance he was awarded the second Meritorious Service Medal. His last tour of duty, prior to reporting as Commander Cruiser- Destroyer Group Eight was in the office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, D.C., as coordinator for the homeporting of ships and depen- dents overseas. He is married to the former Marilyn Fiedler and they have two children, Barry Richard and Melissa Jane Nicholson. REAR ADMIRAL RICHARD EARL NICHOLSON COMCRUDESGRU EIGHT LEAVING MAYPORT Even with clear skies and warm weather, some of the crew felt that it should have rained the day that ROOSEVELT deployed for the Mediterranean. It was sad for many to leave loved ones at home and joyous event for those seeking adventure. Some of the " old salts " looked forward to revisiting Palma, Barcelona, Naples and liked the idea of a six month vacation. CROSSING THE ATLANTIC During the transit from the States, ROOSEVELT experienced rough weather and high winds, before arriving at Rota, to once again, join the SIXTH FLEET. H ARRIVAL ROTA .... We brought out the liberty boat. . . Hooked her up and lifted her over the elevator. . . So we brought her back for a rest. But the water was too rough. But, at least we received mail. V®!H«3? si » , 1 ' ' i L Photography by Tom Benusa SMOKERS. . . Setting it up. . . Making adjustments. Fitting the mouth-piece. After the gloves are on. Now, none of this or none of that. . . Come a little bit closer. Hey, stop ducking. . . Ouch! That hurts! One is down. ANCHORAGE BASKETBALL VA-87 ' s basketball team won the ROOSEVELT Basketball Tournament. And it ' s. . . in! Bas.ket.ball (-boT) n. 1. the game was invented in 1891 by James A. Naismith of Springfield, Mass. 2. the large, round, inflated ball used in this game. Taking a flying leap, two opponents stretch upward, trying to slap the ball towards mem- bers of their own team. Straining for a sure basket, Ed Gill (10) lays up one of the winning shots in the final game, as Jackie Smith (15) and John Burton stand by for a possible rebound. That game, ROOSEVELT ' S Roadrunners topped USS BARRY, 92 to 72, winning the tournament. COMFAIRMED TOURNAMENT. WE ' RE A WINNER! Enthusiastically holding up the COMFAIRMED Trophy, ROOSE- VELT ' S Roadrunners give a shout of joy. Top row: Ed Gill and Mark Davis hold trophies for most valuable player, next to them; Gearld Davis, James Wilson, Jackie Smith and Ike Tiggs. Bottom: Bob Quick, Herb Coun- cil, Larry Elmore (team coach), John Robinson and John Burton. OOSEVELT ' S Roadrunners arrived in Naples, mid February, to participate in the 3MFAIRMED Basketball Tournament. Even though " Rosie Roadrunners ' ' lost the irst game to NAS Rota, much experience was aquired. Moving methodically rough their bracket, they downed Naples 80 to 65. In the final rounds, the Road- inners was more experienced and topped Rota, 97 to 90. In the finals, USS RRY was unbeaten, but quickly fell by 82 to 71. In the final game, later that ciy, Rosie again met the challenge and beat USS BARRY 92 to 72. •I SOCCER soccer (sak ' er) n. a game played with a round ball by two teams on a field with a goal at either end: the ball is moved chiefly by kicking or using any part of the body except hands and arms. FDR FOOTBALL TEAM On liberty in Naples, FDR ' s Football Team went to Carney Park to play USS McCandles, but the Mc- Candles team did not show, so the football team played Naples Area, Girl ' s De- pendants Softball team and won the game, 100-19. i I " " FDR Football Team poses for a photograph. Top row: " Rip " Jones, " Tree " Sanders, John Gallegos, " Tiny Tim " Thompson and " Opie " Del Pilar. Middle row: " Ducky " Givins, " Goose " Neilson, " Swanie " Swan son and Team Coach, " Heavy Traffic " Howe. Bottom row: " P. T. " Williams, " Archy " Moore, " Mongoose " Tackitt, " Two " Pence, " Frog " Graves and to the far right photograph, Assistant Coach, " T-Bone " Barnes. In the three games played in November, 1974, FDR ' s football team came out unbeaten. First Mayport game trounced USS Suribach, 36-60. Second game found USS Grand Canyon on the bottom, by a score of 21-12. By the time the third game came around, FDR ' s football team was in great shape and beat USS Sims, 48-20. On deployment, our football team stomped all the teams played while in Naples. These include USS McCandles (by forfiet), USS Neosho, 21-6, USS Bary (by forfiet) and USS Luce by a close margin, 18-16. ROOSEVELT HAS MANY VIEWS... p r ll " 5Sgn w fc j f i y P • m i a I N G ,P o N G BINGO. . . ( i 0-69 5 5 VWtfHf WATER HOURS Shower lines are always long, when water hours are enforced aboard the ROOSEVELT. Or just a shave. For taking a shower. 4 Yes, Sir, it ' s all gone. It feels different. During the first few weeks of the cruise, a fad was going on, around the ROOSEVELT. Some cut it all off, because they got tired of hair- cut chits, was too hot, couldn ' t manage it, or had just lost their comb. Whatever the reason, it was fun while it lasted. Maybe this " bug-juice " will grow it back. " Mirror, mirror. . .yes, I can see it grow back. " 1 • ?? p U I U I -J I m t T: at to i- ) tapirs Mr : . - - - ris f in ts % y 4 " 7 — s w — • The original settlement at Brindisi was captured by the Romans in 276 B.C. and became a Roman Naval Station. Virgil died here in 19 B. C. The town was captured and destroyed by the Saracens in 836. Re- built by Lupus, the Byzantine Covenor, in the 11th century. In 1701 it fell into the hands of the Nor- mans. Several centuries later, Brindisi became an important naval base during World War I, when the harbor was deepened. Brindisi was ROOSEVELT ' S first liberty, after 46 days at sea. w fc£a»«asr i SI J J !E ty l» ?3 ■V ' r X MMHBi m SYRACUSA, SICILY A M A DE MALLORCA MHflHHIH Hl : mtJ DISCOTEC ' •■:■■ " ;;- v % $ ' i Hit if. « - ' ; S»A_ H V - • ' A v - ? » fci V .-tfi ■ , 1 r . - ' V ' ' .V v .1, i • V % P 2 ggftflfr ; (4 -N . m t ♦., ' ,. " 1 ■ if • - rrvi MW» ' J « ' r: ' ; _ ■ ' ' J — ■ E8 «».- C " SMI " " " ■■ . c A N N E S tb 1 . BAR • i» G TA UR NT T , ' if i - i bfrtf . i«j t ¥ - ' ..,, ■ S id r , »iUl I u I i »-•■ C? " »». " NAPLES 52 ROME MALAGA TORREMOLINOS amm m " l i .f s " s, 56 57 FDR DIVE CLUB The 1975 Mediterranean cruise has been an action packed diving adventure for the FDR Dive Club. A cruise that started with virtually no liberty calls, but in the end, offered a total of 35 dives to qualified divers. Starting at Brindisi, Italy, a few members literally jump- ed of the after brow, in their eagerness to get wet. After a quick splash at Augusta Bay, Sicily, club members made the aquaintance of Steve Goldsmith in Palma de Mallorca. Pro- prietor Bar-Mini-Golf, this Englishman prac- tically insisted we impose on his kind offer and store our equipment in the basement of his bar. From this wonderfully suited diving headquar- ters, our intrepid divers proceeded to log nu- merous dives, much to our delight. For hos- pitality and Med sub-aqua scenery, Palma re- ceives the clubs ' " Divers ' Paradise " award, for the cruise. Next stop in our bubbly itin- erary was Cannes, France. Members enjoyed a thoroughly delightful excursion on the Le- Plongee dive boat with a local French dive club. With appetites amply " wetted, " we watched the horizon for Naples, Italy. The Isle of Capri was our long planned tour of the cruise. Rent- ing the boat and talents of Master Diver, Jerry Alberino, we soaked up dives which included the fabled Blue Grotto. The splender and vari- ety of dive sites surpassed our fondest expec- tations. Enjoying many superb experiences, the FDR Dive Club planned all activities with safety foremost and an accident free record. Command support, including the use of ship ' s boats and kindly indulgence of our " scuba freaks " ; coupled with the friendly assistance of our Mediterranean neighbors, gave our club a season to remember, for many years to come. WHAT ' S LIFE WITHOUT LADIES? 5-tv. - g t V i inri i 3% fe — 1— sJJjBTRa J ■ ;-l ' SULLM -r. Ah VIPS AND VISITORS Members of NATO Secretary General Luns ' party tour Kosie. NATO Secretary General, Josepth Luns receives arrival honors on the flight deck. Captain Paul Skarlatos, Executive Officer and host extraordinary, enjoys a chat and a light snack with guests from the Nato Defense College in Rome. 65 Italian NAF Cadets on a Rosie tour (that guy in white is their trusty guide). There ' s old what ' s-his- name again in whites answering " questions of the Italian Naval Air Force Cadets. A Navy League dinner in Barcelona was held afloat in the Rosie Wardroom. There was not a single reported case of seasickness in the bunch. Officials of Palma de Mallorca are briefed on catapult operations. Norwegian correspondents tour the hangar bay. Visitors from Brindisi Air Force Base gather together, to talk about what they have been shown aboard ROOSEVELT. Touring the ship, visitors from Cannes, France get a close look at ROOSEVELT. 67 FOG FOAM IN THE HANGAR BAY Due to disrespect for his fellow ship mates, a ROOSEVELT crewman set off a fog foam station, causing alot of work for those that had to clean up the hangar bay. TB SHOTS, JUST IN CASE. . . 69 REPLENISHMENT BY HELO ' ■ " ' ■. ' K? ALONGSIDE REPLENISHMENT 71 REFUELING AT SEA... ■SB . ' - . Sea-going oiler taxies into position. ROOSEVELT patiently waits to refuel. Phone talker waits for orders. 72 After the wait, ROOSEVELT refuels. MAY BIRTHDAY PARTY CO ' S INSPECTION 1, 2 APRIL 74 CHANGE-OVER TO WHITES. . . ■ . " - " ■• ' -- WE HAD ANOTHER ONE 75 FLAG f a « A 76 « EN2 0S2 R Wendt W A. Kelly ft YN2 R S Tomko BM2 J Barfield AMS2 R Carranza RM3 Throckmorton YN3 J. Cranmer 0S3 P Hayden 0S3 M. Eslinger YN3 J H Kimmel YN3 J W. Bolt MS3 R Tingin SN D. Ernst MSSN R. Rozal OSSN C Geohnng RMSN M Sullivan RMSN T Hooten OSSA J P Dolson SA C Morales SA B Billingsley MSSN R Balralosa MSSN R C Carolina 77 DEPARTMENT HEADS Cdr. " E " J. Bock Operations Dept. Cdr. R. W. Moore Air Department Cdr. B. S. Stevenson Weapons Department Cdr. R. T. Schoonover AIMD Department Cdr. R. J. Coyle Medical Department Cdr. W. H. Somervill Engineering Dept. 78 Cdr. R. C. Terhune Dental Department Cdr. R. J. Queen Navigation Dept. Cdr. H. K. Croeber Supply Department LCdr. T. V. Vigoritto Communications Dept. LCdr. R. H. Riley Deck Department Lt. J. R. Good Executive Dept. 79 BOSS NIGHT In February, ROOSEVELT enlisted and officers had a chance to get together, in an informal setting and get to know each other, while enjoying a steak dinner, with all the trimmings. 80 MAC C. Glenn, Chief Master At Arms HTC J. Majors. Ship ' s Investigator RM1 T. Tuttle, Asst. Chief Master At Arms XMAA DIVISION BM1 Smith, Police Supervisor ABE1 W. Corcoran BM1 D. Harris SK1 W. Bond PH1 J, Mendenhall BM1 B. Blankenship A01 R. Fullwood EMI OS1 H. Prater C- Gustafson J. Fisher 81 r m s ■of ' - -Xz AE1 R. McCarthy MS2 F. Mallari EN2 R. Jacobson GMG2 0. Brown ASE2 L. Abulencia AT2 T. Oscar AQ2 F. Schultes AQ2 D. Bicknell ABH2 C. Czech ADJ2 Baird A02 B. Way EM2 R. Stenrud 82 LA AQ2 W. Smith AQ3 S. Zombar SH3 K. Gray EM3 G. Clarke AG3 C. Enslev SM3 G. Niskanen AQ3 C. Widmaver ABH3 T. Mullanev PN3 R.Wilson ABF3 E Tiberio AQ3 B. Thompson HT3 W. Rutledge GMG3 D. Lawrence 83 EM3 D. Sitzes SN R. Breckenridge AN M. Vines AN J. Ross EN A- L. Johnson SN F. Johnson AA C. Cramer SA :_ Read SA R. Cimbron SA J. Buck AA F. D. Littlebear MMFA K. Marcoux 84 Always Ready to Help ... SENIOR ENLISTED ADVISOR Need advice or assistance? My door is open. . . always ready to help. . . AVCM H. H. Doughty MCOPC, Present HTCM Teigland MCPOC, Past COUNSELING AND ASSISTANCE CENTER M. Loessin, CAAC, Human Relations ADJC F. Williams EM2 R. Fontaine MM3 J. Petronic SN D. Young SHSR T. Woodall 85 PERSONNEL OFFICE Personnel Officer CW02 Underwood PN1 PN2 PN2 PN3 J. Miller E. Punzalan T. Campbell M. Silverio R. Oren PN3 J. Sampiere PNSA R. Bivin PNSN PN3 D. Hunter J. Jefferson PNSN PNSN T. Roland W. Willis PNSA SN W. Wong C. Moss S6 CAPTAIN ' S OFFICE CW03 Potts, Ship ' sSecretarv YNC L Thornton YN3 YNSN SA SA J. Carr T. Gallucci R. Bender C. Bonfield CHAPLAIN ' S OFFICE i A Seaman ' s Psalm The Lord is my pilot, I shall not drift, He leadeth me across the dark waters, He steereth me in the deep channels, He keepeth my log. He guideth me by the star of holiness, For His name ' s sake. Yea, though I sail mid the tempests Of life, I shall dread no danger, for Thou art With me, Thou preparest a harbor before me in The homeland of eternity. Thou anointest the waters with oil, my Ship rideth calmly. Surely sunlight and starlight shall Favor me on the voyage I take, And I will rest in the port of my God Forever. 88 ii SA YN3 S. Shaw SA H. Nelson C. Cue 89 LEGAL OFFICE LN1 D. Kaufman YN3 R. Dent SN C. Butchart 90 PRINT SHOP Vv - PL c P ■ » ; 5 w» B 1 ™ ( M «— ■ Ll2 T. Cantrell LI3 LI3 R. LeRov R Wines LI3 C. Cutler LISN P. Courtney SN G. Kugner SN W. Lipsett L Oliver 91 POST OFFICE PCI PC 2 K. Ehlinger L. Lutes PC3 K. Hughes PC3 M Bushweiler PC3 K. Thompson SA B. Reaves SA D Johnstone SN J. Moore SA T. Wilkins 92 93 3M OFFICE 3M Officer, LCDR Moore MM1 F. Cowans SA J. Todd PN3 M. Steinmetz IM3 A.Zacharda IM3 R. Mauk ADMIN CIO ESO mi Admin Assistant, LCDR L R Jacobs YNCW Arnold, Admin YN3C Morgan. Admin YN3 L DeBondt. Admin SNJ Swanson, Admin NCCS T Miller, CIO NCC R, Dudas, CIO NC1 T, Carson, CIO LCDR Cooper, ESO ENS G. Taylor. ESO PNC A Deguzman, ESO PN3 T, Overcash, ESO Mm- 95 IMO WFDR LTJG G. Wimberly IC1 W. Peery J03 M. Lockman J03 A. Zaspel JOSN J Coons 96 PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIAL SERVICES Public Affairs and Special Services Officer LTJG J. Clements J01 W. Maisenhelder PAO JOI M. Kaiser PAO J02 S. Petersen PAO SA M. Weidlich PAO SN R. Foehr 97 SAFETY IS PREVENTING CARELESSNESS » AND NEGLECT Cdr. R. Nichols and ICCC E. Mandel inspect a worn fire hose. YNSN D. Bowers picks up FOD, near the flight deck. ENGINEERING ADMIN A DIVISION kk W. Daniels A. Perkins MMC A. Scherwitz LT C. Jones Division Officer LTJG G. Ericson LTJG R. Wier MM1 Aubel EN1 D. Dale MM1 F. Donaldson MM1 Rivera MR1 R. York EN2 L. Brock MM2 J. Core EN2 G. Kennedy MR2 L. Scuder MM2 Talbott MR3 S. Bass MM3 L Boucher MM3 L. Conte MM3 R. Dean MM3 W. Frink EN2 L. Brock MM3 L. Haleski EN3 G. Hardy MM3 J. Hulton MM3 D Major MM3 M Margone EN3 T. Melchert MM3 S. Monette YN3 H. Morales MM3 O ' Connor £» A ik 100 EN3 D. Pickarczyk MM3 W. Pipkin EN3 R. Regulas MM3 C. Rocha EN3 D. Roussey MM3 R. Steinmeyer MR3 C. Suits MM3 J. Swagel EN3 J. Votano MMFN M. Arkanoff MRFN P. Avis MMFN T. Edwards FN P. Erlandsen ENFN E. Gedda ENFN J. Gibbons MRFN R. Gillis ENFN K. Gosche FN ENFN FN MMFN 4 R. Green J. Harder A Hite D. Leetch FN C. Lindsay FN L. Maddux MMFN B. Manning 101 FN FN FN FN FN FN J. O ' Brien D. Parker R. Pate Patronick E. Perkins D. Roman FN M. Santos FN R. Sheffield f M FN Spencer MRFN R. Stalder, Jr. FN R. Stewart MRFN W. Story ENFN M. Svddall FA E. Becher 102 ' iii FA R. Cornelius FA R, Ewing FA D. Fulks MM FA N. Gerber FA R. Hernandez MMFA B. Hendrix FA R. Higgins FA D Huff R. Krause J. Mallory £M k FA MRFR FR FR D. Miller J. Hinshaw L Morin H Shorn _i imiAikiit 103 B D I V I S I o N 104 Hi LT LTJG C. Robv R Renner BTC R. Curv Forbe; BTC BTC BT1 BT1 BT1 BT1 BT1 BT1 BT1 BR1 D -Robinson K. Anthony H. Cleveland F. Francisco S. Voorhees M. Ford L. Harris W. Seals r i BT2 M. Watson BT2 M. Lawson BT2 M Childress BT2 J. Bachin BT2 R. Pollard BT3 P. Kemp BT3 G. Lamborn BT3 E. Ross BT3 D. Umbenhaur BT3 R. Schugowski BT3 R. Wendt BT3 R. Baugaman BT3 R. Ham BT3 D Ashbv " TS BT3 BT3 G. Taylor G. Morgan BT3 D . Vermander . BT3 W. Hughes BT3 M. Olivas BT3 L. Ormsby M MF BT3 E. Aquino B BT3 E. Ebelt BT3 C. King +A BT3 M. Jones w BT3 J. Schmidt Jrm BT3 S. Kruger 12 BT3 P. Sherwin mm BT3 C. Gill BT3 V. Selby ™ BT3 D. West 105 BT3 E. Arceo BT3 M. Hales BT3 C. Pierson BT3 D. Valen BT3 W Baker FN J- Saienni FN R. Wolf FN J Crofford FN L Thurman FN J. Estrada BTFN T. Adkins BTFN M Lomas BTFN J. Wood FN C Murphv FN V. Addicks BTFN L. Elliott BTFN 0. Cooper FN G Rex FN J. Smith FN R. Held FN G. West FN W Lee FN P. Musgrove FN J. Gound FN G. Bowman FN D. Hendrix FN W Bradley FN K. Crowell FN M Morton 106 FN FN FN FN FN FN FN FN W. Murray T Washko I. Sylvester R. Lubinski M. Jergens R. Baez D. Gallaway G Nielson FN BTFN BTFN FN FN FN FN C. Thenault T. Jones T Conway D- Trimmer E. Leslie J. Ryan S. Daniels FN FN FN BTFN FN FN EL ' " " L " -- V " - f ' l v . ' ' , £} H mrf ft D. Morelos E. Bennet M Gnep W Pence R. Cicchitti F Edison FN FN FN FN W- Jernigan F. O ' brien C Ciacelli T. Morris L Walsh FN FN FN FN jit ij iM ifl L. Jackson J . White J. Donovan L Lopez 107 , BTFN FN BTFN FN FR FA FA FA FA FA FA FA FA BTFA BTFA BTFA FA J Benfro E. Scott D. Gentry Demorest R. Utsey D Daun C. Jackson A. Sidoti B Wilson M Davis A Mitchell E. Wiese D. Craig J Burczyk W Hawkins A. Suhr R, Hillman D Kidd D Lenz D. Waters P. Brennan A Foehr D Levens N. Richardson C. McDaniel K Barrett F. Sanders 108 E DIVISION IC2 EM3 IC3 J Nelms D Hawkins R Tnplett id EMFN ICFN M Breland M. Henry m ICFN W Lease A£ EMFA S Newton 109 ' ■- M DIVISION nil LT B. Moss Division Officer ENS McCurdv CW03 D. Robey fcA j ™ ' MMCS J. McUvgh MMC J. Sellers fa ' ■ ffif MM! D. Chenault MM1 C. Taylor MM1 D. Tolbert MM2 L Cunningham MM2 G. Micketti MM2 B. Wiggins MM3 S. Griesemer MM3 R. Havlick MM3 AE3 MM3 MM3 C. Johnson R. Jordan M. Keohane J Whalen MMFN D. Blodgett MMFN D.Calas FN C. Carr FN W. Crouthers D. Gardner 4£AA FN D. Kiss J. Mattingly J S. Mattingly R. Monagle M Muccino FN J. Pitchford MMFN S. Phillips FN D. Pressley FN C. Romanowski FN T Thomas MMFN R.Urspruch MMFN R Votke MMFA J. Bural FA M. Howell J. Johnson T. Marolf J. Robohm C. Torres . Vanwagner G. Yelle 111 CWO-3 Hause, Division Officer LTJG S. Coons. Asst Division Officer HTC C Walker HTC R.davis FN A Adams HTFN G Angeli HT3 HT3 FA HT3 FA R Barbo J bernard R. Blankenship W Bodlev T. Boyl tfi R DIVISION FN HTFA HTFN HT3 FA FN HTl HT3 HTFN FA FA FN S. Buford W. Coombe M. Crance F. Dango D. De Rose J. Bubose D. Earich G. Farrar J. Ferguson G. Flanders B. Fogelberg S. Frear ifrliU 112 XJ r iii AVAILABLE FA B. Guthrie HT3 C. Hampton HT3 D. Harri ' ' » « y y HT3 M. Headrick HT3 D Hicks HT2 J.Jilek FN J. Koeler FN R. Knight HT3 C. Kosteleck HT3 D Lambert FN L Lewis HT3 C. Lloyd FA F Maldonado HT3 FN S McCarthy D Morgan FA R. Kresock HT3 D. Lancaster HT2 D. Langdon HT1 0. Morton G. Patterson HT3 L. Patterson HT2 B- Pearson HTFN C. Price FN C. Price HT3 D. Reynolds FN J. Richardson HT3 W. Rutledge FN J. Shepler HT1 J. Smith HT3 J. Smith HTFA C. Solenberger FN J. Stewart HT1 F. Vanpelt FA R. Walker HT3 M. Whetstone FN T.Williams HT3 R. Woody 114 MM1 R Colado, LPO A A J. Argo AA A. Austin WmmwBi SN HABIT ABILITY DIVISION AN M. Boone FA D. Cashman MM3 R. Chavez FA D. Gordon SA T . Houston AA T. Irvin ABEAN K. Kadis HT3 D Mallard J. Neale ADJAN J. Ostgard AN P, Raposo SA A. Rissinger . % dM ETRSN L. Schukan SA D. Thompson SA J Waterhouse 115 A, THOUGHT IN PROGRESS I ' ' " ' N « - ' . . fc OFF TIME. . . A ■ v 1 f ! K IVfl R - ! 1 K ■ ' 1 • : - - - N ?» 1 . • v t y WE ' RE NOT DUCKS. . . ROSIE GAZETTE 120 WFDR NEWS 121 MAKING HER SAFE. . HHfe H. ELECTRONICS 123 FIRE PARTY. . . 124 H SHAPE. . . IN PERSPECTIVE. LtCdr. Lord Asst SuodIv Officer Lt. Malone, Supply Support Officer Ltjg. G. Long, Supply Material Officer Ltjg. Land, Division Officer K. Jackson, MAC Representative AKCS F. Young W Gross W. Kilgus N. Ochoco H. Privette Chapman B Feeley D. Matthews C. McChesney S. Medina J. Moran J. Rellama M. Zabito W fiii£itt AK3 L Averv AK3 0. Baso AK3 C. Czechowski J tAkAiA « - J t % AK3 SK3 AK3 AK3 AK3 SK3 AN SKSN AN SN SN SN AN AN AA AA AA AA SA SKSA M. Dalton M. Dionela H Gobert D King A Monarty E. Ylitalo R. Dillon C. Eades J. Gregg A- Lasher P. Spurlock W. Trahev F. Young A Zvbala R Berger W. McKay J. Miller G- Murphv T Pledger J Stroman 128 S-2 DIVISION fa MS2 F. Salamot MS2 W Seals MS3 S- Burke MS3 R. Goodman MS3 R Graves MS3 W. Hinton MS3 D. Niclev MS3 D. Rees MS3 K. Rowe IT mmk MSI MS1 MSI B. Brion D. Ellvson E. Peralta MS1 MS2 MS2 K. Smith J. Barfield W Dovcet MS2 MS2 MS2 M. Escorpizo J. Kenefick E. Olmo 129 V MS3 B Sizemore SN G. Barlowe MSSN J. Berry SN L Caruso MSSN C Girulo SN Hall MSSN J. Harrison MSSN T. Horner MSSN P loramo MSSN R Logan MSSN B Klimek MSSN R Nesje MSSN P Phillips SN T Plemons MSSA D Carpenter MSSA K. Cork SA R Mello MSSA P Sholz SR T Angelini AR S Guillory CSSR M Kuzma Jkk Zk M 130 S2FS DIVISION AOl J. Kane EM1 D. Jakubowski AT2 M Anderson RM2 J. Arceneaut ABH2 G.Wilgong ADJ3 M Patterson y 1 MM3 Ryan Ifl 19 V fll fl ADJAN A Bell Wh H adjan JB1HK7H Hi ■ HIV fjH | RfflKfl ■Lfil L Lowe ■■■■3 ■■■ B H H f " AEAN R. Verdine 1 B ■ ■FrM HHI H ■■■■ AA SA AA AA FA AA SA AA AA AA SA SA SA SA AA 0) P- Aluarez B Baker J. Bradshaw D. Brophy R. Catillo H. Vruz R. Curry J Day R Dennler N. Fair C. Fleming R- Fouraker S. Fox A. Fraley J. Garcia iftiiii f f v W W nil f v SA T. Griffin SA J. Haftl FA M. Higgms FA L. Hines SA S. Jacobs FA R. Keller FA D. Krzykowshi AA T. Levant ADJAA B. Major FA T. Maness SA R. McCarthy SA D- Miner AS AAA J.O ' bnen SA C. Palermo FA M. Pniewski ADJAA E. Reilley 132 fc -A 4A4A FA SR 14 M AA £ SA SA SA AA F. Tardy R- Ryder SA J. Theroux P. Sanchez SA H. Uhey J. Saunder AA S. Villaruz M. Schaal R Silva J Sopko SA A. Voiers M. Spencer m D. Stadile iMf , SA SA SA AA AA SA R. Warren R- Weaver S. Wellers J. Whittacre W. Williams L. Young 133 S3 DIVISION SHC R. Hair SH1 J. Southerland SH3 J. Bichl SA SA SA SA I. Dodci F Morgan 134 S4 DIVISION DK3 P. Bergantinos SN W Holcombe 135 S5 DIVISION ENS R. Clinton MSC MSI MSI MSI MS2 MS2 MS2 MS2 MS2 MS2 MS3 MS3 MSSN MSSN MSSN E. Uvaan N. Batoon A. Jackson R. Parungao N. Area F. Gurtina J. Prado B- Raguinan E Ramos F. Villanueua R. Holnen F. Silveno V. Coruz J . Kearnev F. Stastny SA SA SA MASA D. Ludlow M Nolan R. Purpura D. seymour 136 LTJG H.Brown Division Officer S7 DIVISION 137 AM DIVISION nit! T K. Guarino Division Officer LT F. Pinder AOC T Daniels e f Jk A03 A01 R. Theis A02 S Koenig A02 M. Seeder AQ2 J Triyonis A03 J. Angel A03 C. Davidson A 03 L. Rupel A03 G. Jones A03 G. Kellough A03 L. Kimble A03 G. Haws A03 L Reed A03 L. Rudel A03 H. Savior G. Wiltenbur 138 ir mi. AN R Duncan AN W Fountain AN R. Manes SN S. McCollun A AN L Mickle AN R Rossi AOAN R Smith AN A.Zaltzberg AA M Bandanza FA M Little 139 140 BATTERY DIVISION mBk A Webber Division Officer GMT2 J Armstead GMG3 A. Clare GMG3 A. (vlorre GMG3 R. Watson SN D Belpilard IS 1 SN R Sims A GMGSA M Brown SA K. Nielson h SA R Valentine =— . pit. 141 G DIVISION LTJG H. Lvett CW02 R. Coleman Division Officer CW02 J. Dasher AOCS A Militello i ■ i 3 ai ■ v x k -Bt nr ,K iik V s - _■, V i - A01 A01 AOI Has A02 A02 T. Griffin W Kendall W Lowe L Ostrander Dreyer B. Feffier 142 if jit HI It St i ft A03 C Hormann A03 R. Neilan A03 R Richards AN J. Bennett AN R Caster A03 A03 MN3 A03 A03 A02 A02 MN2 A02 A02 A03 J Barnard J Beaton S Eddy G. Fogle H Gough H Green J Mercer Raymond L Russell M Strange R Bailey AN E. Crowder 143 MNSN AN AN AOAN AOAN AN J. Davis C. Graves E. Guzman R. Jones T. Leach J. Pnddy AOAN AOAN AN AN AOAN J n R. Sanchez J. Saver B. Smith D. Smith L. Smith AN AN AN AN h-1 i H 4 yrr i f» M Smith J. Stibbe R. Tav ' or D. Willetts AOAN AA AOAA AOAA AA AOAR J. Gabaldon 144 w DIVISION LCDR J Bocker GMTCM R. Shot- sberger CW03 W Crawford GMTC T. Hollowav GMTC N. Ivers GMTC W. Jones GMT1 L. Rivera GMT1 L. Nearhood GMT1 M. Norris GMT1 E. Polk GMT2 P. Tillotson GMT2 M Brewer GMT2 R. Lynch GMT3 T. Williams GMT3 D. Studdard GMT3 J. Grady SK3 R. Johnson SN J. Ransom SN D. Onyskow SA M Henry GMTSN D. Inderdahl GMTSN R. Lohnas GMTSN G. Soderlund GMTSN P. Delong SN J. Guest i 46 ££ m ifrakikik j 145 FOX DIVISION mis it GMGC GMG1 FTGC FTG2 FTG3 R. PNOBST T. Tscherch S. Lawton J. Gallegos M Howe FTG3 T. Barnes FTG3 T. Thompson GMG3 M. Jefferson GMT3 R. Self SN J. Leach tjiiiaii SA SN SN SN SA K. Walls R. Baker R. Smith W. Nelson K- Joseph 146 CHAFFROC FIRING ORDNANCE HANDLING Making sure the parts fit together. r 1 ., ,..,.M NCK- ' ' V Putting them together just right. MARINE DETACHMENT :-• Capt. R. P. Ayres, Jr. Commanding Officer Marine Detachment C. J. Gregor Executive Officer 18 Mar. 75- 1stLt. G. P. Kelly Executive Officer 23 Mar. 74-17 mar. 75 150 Sgt. J, Hannon Sgt. D. Ross Sgt. D. Berrv Cpl. L. Glover Cpl R. Scallorn Cpl K. Lea Cpl. T. Harless Cpl S. Chaney Cpl S. Wiggington Cpl. A Bowen Cpl. C. Reese Cpl. C. Davis Cpl E. Brandon LCpl. J. Lane LCp L. Ealey LCpl. D. Shear LCpl. S. Prather LCpl. C. Allton W NW W r . V " 7 MP 0?f jLjjj n! PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE a»Bie» 151 LCpl A. Davis LCpl R. Tulson LCpl R. Palumbo LCpl M. Schofield LCpl K. Dendy LCpl J. Smith LCpl F. Connelly LCpl C. McCrimmon LCpl R. Bowden LCpl L. Swenk LCpl B. Johnson LCpl D. Heath LCpl J Pimenta LCpl J. Acosta LCpl R. Simmons LCpl G.Williams LCpl J. Flowe PFC P. Hinson 152 £ PFC H. McNeil ta- 1 1 £ A « 5© m Hilfl tt - PFC G Gee PFC R. Bowman PFC J Graham PFC V. Salter PFC W Mosteller PFC R. Collins PFC M. Hamblett PFC D Whitson PFC C. Kennedy PFC P Mullms PFC B Adams PFC C Williams PFC P Johnson PFC K. Nye PFC D Maines Pvt L Walker Pvt J Daroza Pvt C. Byrd MEDICAL DEPARTMENT iiiii CDR R Coyle LCDR D. Miller LTJG Eimers HMC C. Justice B Sidwell HM3 HM2 HMSN HM2 F HM2 HM3 G- Futch R. Porter T. Greskam Thornes berry E. Hughs J. Shea A£A HA HM3 HM3 HM2 HM1 HM3 J. Kennedy A Woodward T. Harley C. Paul L. Arnold A. Jordan 154 HN HM2 HM3 HM3 D Swett G. Holcomb E- Frzvovciel S Frev HM2 HN HM1 MH1 R. Warner G Bruce B. Reep R. Marsh HM3 G Bumbarger HM2 B. Vann HM1 D. Sacuyap HM2 Penaranda HM1 R.Cruz HM2 W Copenhaven DENTAL DEPARTMENT 156 CDR LTJG QMCM QM3 SA SA W Yonke, Navigator J Scuito, Division Officer L Fein R. Anderson B Chittv H Coleman QMSA QMSN QMSN QM1 QMSN QM3 SA QMSN QM3 SN SA H. Colon A Fuchs W. Fulghum G. Goodin D Halvorson D. Jobson M Lischo C- Myissac K Ronan G. Scott J. Walsh SA T Watters QM3 D. Yellin NAVIGATION DIVISION I ' ■ 1 7 v ■ 1 V 157 CS DIVISION SMCS T. Parrish SMI G. Catlett SMI J Harris 1 f - 41 SM3 SM3 R Donnelly M. Stack SM3 M Whitehead SN H Cuthbert - ' -} - ■•} SN J. Donikowski SN S. Hoover lrf ia SMSN A Roch SN D Roth CS M. Show SN C. Simpson SA G. McDuffie 158 CR DIVISION LT R Marino Asst. Comm, Officer RCMS Messer, D RMC RMC M. Feist J. Moriarty RMC RMC E. Santos Simmons $ ■ RM1 C. Lee im RM2 W McCarthy RM3 J Cromer RM3 S Hamilton RM3 H Morrison RM3 E. Reichert V RM3 C. Taylor , - SN W. Elms A A RMSN B Foreman mm SN K- Morse RMSN E Pomeroy m RMSN D. Saidla • f RMSA J Benoit A y ± RMSA P. Goggins SA T. Green ■ A SA M Quinn RMSA P. Roberts SA H. Smith 159 OA DIVISION LCDR E. Trefry AGC L. Roberts AG1 W. E. Miller AG1 K. Standring AG2 K. Drab AG3 P- Buckhanan AG3 J Stratowski AG3 J. Harvey AG3 R. McBride AG3 B. Rubin AGAN A. Morris AN R. Ledbetter AN R Reid AN D. Thompson AN D. Dedmon AN AN AN D. Lee T. Heath S. Larhette 160 OE DIVISION LTJG M.Safonov ENS D Drake ENS J. Single ETCM R.Ogrodnik ETC ETC ET1 R. Chase ETC G. Evenson M. Shimp C. Grubaugh Oki ia a £i Itfllrit ETR2 J Binder EW2 D. Dessureault ETN2 D. Gilliam ETN3 D. Andrews ETN3 R. Ballance ETR3 D Cummings ETN3 M. Dunn ETN3 F. Elliott ETN3 M. Fowler ETN3 D. Galley ETN3 M . McDonald ETN3 D Oziedziako ETNSN M. Devries ETSN R. Gomez ETNSN J. Molina 161 OP DIVISION LCdr R Saenz Lt J Nadeav CWO B. L. Dreifke YNC B. Torres PH1 T. F. Green PHI L. Stanislowiski PT1 J. Henderson YN1 G. Miller CTB1 J. Rasbeary PH2 K. D. Homedale PH2 C. S. Torbert PH2 R. Hines PH3 J. Rogers PH3 G. Morrison PTAN D.Heikkala AN R. Durbin PTAA K.Wassink PHAA R. Bvrnes SA T. L. Yancv A f- fr wT «S W AAjata " .1 m . JL mtM oc DIVISION £ LCDR LCDR LTJG ftllAfc S. Cross D. Vaupel B. Pabst LT ACCS AC1 AC1 J. Pohle G. Murray W McPhaul R Ward AC) P. Williamson AC2 D. Wagner AC3 K. Hollett AC3 G. Owensby AC3 AC3 AN AN R. Marcoux B Marple D. Williams R. Zeiber 4 1 jn m AC2 D. Viohl ACAA J. Shannon ACAA V Napper 01 DIVISION CDR W. Klett LCDR J.Woodward LT R. Oliver LT LT OSC EWC 0S1 0S3 0S2 0S2 0S3 T. Aranda R. Decastro F. Jennings 1ST DIVISION IT 0S3 D Ford %»■«? Midi uiu -} OSSN OSSN K- Peterson P. Gross SN SN w J. Butler Davenport OSSN OSSN OSSN SN R. Stelley G. Wahila C. Clark T. Darrow . -1 r H 1 OSSN OSSN SN K Larkin T. Jacops J. Adair 01 1VVS VDV1 j m Ifl OSSA OSSN ■ OSSA W. Hite C. Rivera L. Sankey OSSN OSSN J- Butler G. Madison OSSN SA R. Edwards T. Davis SA SA M. Long J. Cebula OSSA SA D. Ebbert Lanyon 166 BM3 R Dillon BM3 S. Stedman BM3 J. Timmer SN R Wilson SA J Fleming SN M Connor SN S. Dabnev SR K. Madden SN W Jerome SA R. Lucy SN D. Holsopple SN Newman SA J Thomas SR T. Brown SA R Sturdivant ENS B. Finegan ik « . -i f J T f-1 Ht %gj ii it SN C. Graf m 167 G- Simmons SN SR SA SN SN SN SA SN SR. SN SN SA SN SA SA W. Mantonado A. Poole I. Bivins F. Gaspa F. Seaman D. Christiansen G. Baca R. Rosensteel W. Britton D. Medling P. Hushion S. Soucy S. Kines B. Joney D. Wiley B. Pinnock 168 2ND DIVISION 2k t J 41 SA SN SA SA SN SA S. McNallv T. Housand S. Ruwwe R. Lussier J. Holderfield S. Menard SA M Brown SN R Vanhooser SN SN BM3 SA SN SN SN SN T- Michael R. Moses R Flanagan W Jones A. Lindsey L. Thomas J Yates W. Langlais tftil 169 3RD DIVISION BM1 L . Sessoms SN M. Winklesas SN S Harvey SR J. Guv SA P. Adee SA S. Miller SN D. Baldschun SA L Medlar BMSN L. Bourey SN T. Spells SA R. Guyer SN F Kremmski SA J.Davis SN S Fergenson SN -t Stineure 170 -J BMSN T Howard y t a)M SA J. Ritz fM mM SA T. Heaps MM SN L. Brackman m M SA D. Swanson SA S Miller SA J White SA L. Tyk SA J. Brady SN D Estrada SN S. Glatt SA D. Scott SR C. Reid SR S Bozman SA B. McCarty 171 4TH DIVISION SN SA SN SA SN SN M. Kinney V Oihel C. Wood W. Dayton SA J Holmberg SN L Sanders S Primiano L. Dowl Jr. Kw SN L. Pilarski SA R. Dobbe BM3 SN SA SA SR SA SA SN SN SN SA SA J. Linville G. Gottfried P Samaniego D. Paulo D. Demory J. Perry P. McCallister H Thomas D. Chandler T Steed E Griffin D. McGilvrey SN -1 L. Thomas 172 SN SN SN SN L Austin V. Raynor J. Webster D. Tucker SA R Grimes SA W. beaver SN J. Valdez SN C Stafford SA J Conrad SA R. Miller SN C. Palmore SN J. Lewis SA C. Canter SN D. Rilev 5TH DIVISION ' • gff ns 174 SA SA SN SN SA SN SA SA SA SA SA SN T Hostrander E Martinez J. Shriver -J ' . - ' J Brame T Weller T. Hunt D Gnggs S Branhart A, Brunson J. Childers J Mamer R. Phillips tdkmk m I SA T. Vaccaro V 175 AMD ADMIN CDR D Schoonover LCDR M. O ' Connor IM - 1 DIVISION LTJG J. Fang IM-1 Div. Officer AFCM R. Williford Mamt. Control Chief AQCS D McAvov Material Chief AZC W. Hawes Mamt. Admin. D. Hunter H. Baldwin G. Smith J. Ray J Hammons G. Polk A. Spratling W. Baldwin B Houston L. Henry R. Smith J. Gibbons . Richardson S. Smiley 177 IM-2 DIVISION LT. C. Smith IM-2 Div Officer ASCS T. Muschamp Leading Chief ADCS J. Edwards Power Plants PRC D. Moen Aviator ' s Equiptment Sup. PR1 R. Dailey ADJ1 R. Swingler AS1 W. Peace AS1 R. Kennedy ADJ1 H. Gerhardt PR2 J. Linde PR2 F. Fabiano ADJ2 G. Jeffries ADJ2 M. Orerr ADJ2 D. Sulzer ADJ2 C. Roberts ADJ2 J. Douglas AMS2 J. Carter MS2 M. Escorpizo AMS2 B. Rhodes AMS2 H. Harrington AMS3 T. McCort AMH3 I. Estanisho, Jr. ! 178 PR3 A. Massa PR3 S. Jasiczek PR3 M. Larreau ADJ3 A. Reynolds ADJ3 W. Hernandez ADJ3 M. Spry ADJ3 F. Cotton ADJ3 P. Oduya ADJ3 M Johnson ADJ3 D. Tnnev ASE3 J. Welch AMS3 D. Vollmer ASM3 L. Popjoy ASM3 P. Kinsey ASM3 R. Bean ASE3 W Brown ADJ3 K. Windt AMS3 S. Jonaitis ts ASM3 M McClintock AN R. Jessip PRAN J. Hodgen PRAN T. Migliarese AEAN S. Mundy PRAN S. Jones ADJAN S Mascoli ADJAN J. Williams AA J. Schmidt AN S Miller AMSAN J. Sandvik AA D. Guy AN J. Knowles AA M Decker AA W Lyston AN G. Tonkin AN K. Kinney AMSAN R. McKcown AMEAA Yoder M L 180 IM-3 DIVISION V lAl£ LI R F. Doehring Division Officer ATCS C. Frev Division Chief 0% p£ 9f lAlftftft fa ' • • ' ■ ' ? ' aetata 6i6ia XA ■_ ' ! ' ,;.:• » ATC ATC AE1 ATI AE1 AE1 AQ1 AQ1 AE1 AE1 A01 ATI J. Frank J Bonderen R Alvis A Sewell J- Tvson A. Rockwell G. Dionne T Vinson F. Lovett G. Piva R Lantzer A Martin A. Carle J Parker C Wright G. Davis R Crane R Williams W. Kyle D Dunkerton 181 AE2 AQ2 AQ2 AQ2 AQ2 A02 AT2 AT2 AT2 AT2 AT2 AT2 AT2 AT2 AT2 AE2 AE2 AT2 AT2 AQ2 AE2 E. Rav G. Miller M, Kine D. Helms M. Osborn R. Lewis mt im) fere C. Gibbs %rL t- y-j T. Parker ■4 J km. J - _ Jakubowski d j ji Mi M Mi AiMm d M , t Jm S. Lewis til m. M mam Ail mJm 1£ S. Lumsden Mm m M m ■ m W ■flr F. Nelson mtmmh ■H wmmw-: mwrnm F. Sparrow K. Tindall J. Davis C. Varnadoe S. Keys J. Dilliplane ii I tit ii m si km J. Myers P- Murray M. Johnson l km ik AIMD PROD MAINT.CONT. THE WORLD ' S BEST 182 JlV-l AE2 S. Cadwell AE2 C D. Evans AQ2 J . Cotte AT2 G Brown AT2 B. Bell AE2 M. Burden AT2 L. Emmert AT2 W. Dale AQ2 M. Williams AT3 R. Carpenter AQ3 J. Denny AE3 H. Furnish A03 R. Osttand AT3 J. Whitaker A03 M Ryan AE3 H. Blaklev A03 L. Snow AT3 J. Shaffer AT3 A. Davis AT3 R. Whitcher AT3 C. Mullen 183 AQ3 AQ3 AQ3 AQ3 AE3 AE3 AE3 AN AEAA ATAN AOAN AEAN AEAN AEAN AEAN AN AN AOAN AN AEAN S. Jones H. Burket R. Long B. Thompson W Martin G. Haber J. Reaves J. L. Brooks J. Robinson D. Murray M. Landon D. W. Lewis L. Naumann L. Nicely K- Honeywood A. Pidd D. Squires J. Nice D. Woods J. Sonora 184 AIR DEPARTMENT LCDR J L. Lindt Aircraft Handling Officer ... Cdr R Moore. Air Boss Cdr E. Rice Asst Air Boss SN AN ABHAN AN AN D Bowers M. Freeman D Havnes R Henslev G. Houston V - O DIVISION III 41 V- 1 DIVISION Ll S F Rohrkemper CW03 J Crumley ABCS C Pierce ABHC ABHC ABHC ABH1 ABH1 ABH1 ABH1 ABH2 ABH2 ABH3 ABH3 ABH3 ABH3 ABH3 ABH3 ABH3 ABH3 ABH3 ABH3 ABH3 R. Vincent R Hanna K Pulliam J. Burnett R. Marko N. Higens W. Mason W. Cain R. Irwin R. Aguilera J. Bradford W. B. Harris J C Elliot V. Moody C Murray C. Singletarv S. Rousayne L Lucas D. Galemore G. Gibbs U LCDR M. Nordeen Division Officer B9 AN AN AN AN AA AA AA AA AN AA AN ABHAA ABHAA AN ABHAN AA AA ABHAN ABHAN AN AN T. Reidmund C- Adam W. Skoe J Proctor E. Williams B. Whitesides N Tyson J- Sopko A. Reaves S Lands T. Wildermuth J. S- Waddle R. C Jackson J. M. Rochetti H- J Marion D. B. Carlson B L Driscol IV1 Maggard E. C. Fountain E. Simmons U Hoyle 188 iAiOLA ABHAN P. Hilliard AN W Wallace AA J Pucker AN J Goschke AN P Vantnes ABHAN F OConnor AN C Lewis AR W Blackbird AN J Mosley AN F Littlebear ABHAN E Cox ABHAN B Cox AA L. Stoneman AA W Hardy AN C Agurkis AN J Gallagher AN V Turner ABHAN T Pittman AA N Montove ABHAN R Daniels ABHAN J Morgan ABHAN J Pirkle ABHAN R. Hillers ABHAN J. McMahon AN L Hall V- 2 DIVISION LCdr Lt Li J Carlisle D. Hendrickson J Peterson Lt. ABEC ABEC T. Gregory L. Loth R. Miller ICC IC1 ABE1 ABE1 ABE1 EMI EM2 ABE2 ABE2 ABE2 ABE2 ABE3 ABE3 ABE3 ABE3 ABE3 J Harold R. Humphreys R. Pollard D. Deal D Matteson R. Morgan J Wilson M Bolin P. Dyer W Williams R. Knisley C Chapman M. Patton M. Keller J. Rudy E. White 190 ' ABE3 J Collins iik IC3 R Burgess ABE3 W Amos 1 ABE3 D Prince lii ABE3 T Bielat koBP ABE3 R. Smith ABE3 J T Bran ABE3 J. Hall AK3 E. Gazert ABE3 D. Peterson ABE3 G. Steiner fM W f T- J 1 ABE3 k • ABE3 A Zm ABEAA mim li m A ABEAA m I i£ 1 AA £3 R McNutt P. Ghysels J. Downs R Smith J. Cormier ICFA L. Reed AN G. Yates ABEAN S. Gray AA IV 1. Johnson AN S. Lest range AA D- Sobota 191 AA AA ABEAN AN ABEAN AA ABEAN ABEAA AA ABEAN ABEAN AN ABEAN AN AN ABEAN ABEAA ABEAN ABEAN ABEAA AN ABEAN W. C. Giles Y. Veljkovik D. Trice S Robinsor T. Alter W. Fedat C. Andrus G. Gray m f k J. Howard S. Orr m, a i « » i S. Evans 5 T- ' C. Macan A y ' R Sutor y m T. Bvnum Mm m . I kmm R. Pickrell m m Jm m G. Cooper WKM WdHn -t » r " i i K Dedobbelaere F. Shortridge R. Jeffries M J A W Moonev M M Uf 1 A M Armadillo Jj u C Wright A M£M j tfii«M 192 V-3 DIVISION LT S. Peck ABHC R. Cilley ADC C. Muse ABH1 E. Allford ABH1 J. Hamby ABH2 L. MacKenzie ABH2 L. Nance ABH2 B Bryant ABH3 R. Stone ABH3 V. Keith ABH3 E. Kilinski ABH3 D. Furrow ABH3 J. Stewart ABH3 C. Young ABH3 W. Hetrick ABH3 K. Anderson AT3 W. Hines ABH3 C. Serf AN W. Holder AN R. Clifton 3CT»; - -■HgftT—j 194 AN D. Frazier AN L Mottle ABHAN L Dunklev AN P. Usher AN T. Humphrey AN R- Bragg AN D. Love AN W. Idler ABHAN C. Terry AN AN AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AA R. Long D. Waldon S. Young J. Gomez R. Ballard P. Cannon J Dazey V. Brown R. Herrara B. Littleton L. Jones V-4 DIVISION CVB TO CVA .... LT CW03 J. Speight D. Daugherty ABFC ABF1 ABF2 W- Burdette W. Lynch J Hill ABF2 ABF2 ABF2 J. Rankin C. Lewis V. Hightower ABF2 ABF2 ABF2 J. Holland D. Salmon T. Vandagriff ABF3 ABF3 ABF3 J. Rohling F Miller D. Darling ABF3 ABF3 ABF3 D. James L. Niblack L. Quintana fhifiiifc 195 ABF3 ABF3 AN ABFAN ABFAN A. Carrol R. LeBlanc A Inman ABFAN AN ABFAN M. Liberti A. Adcock D. Condon AN AN AN P. Cherry C. Davis R. Gregg AN AN AN D. Lindmann L. Tvk D. Graham AN AA AA J. Dooney D. Decker P. Kelley Amonte fl ' f W filtfiBiA torn 196 W « M „ 4 1 14 ABFAA AA AA D. Griswold S- Thorpe G. Ogg AA AA AA D Johnson D. Bolton M Stephens AA ABFAA AA M. Pepper E. Batchelor L. Rosales AA AA AA J- Gomez S. Ostrander D. Terrell ABFAA ABFAA AA R. Hart D. Collins R. Connor AA ABFAA AA R. Cook J. Balumbo D. Ledbetter 197 198 4 ■ i r 199 Id jtfi-4 1 CVW-6 Cdr H. Chase Commanding Officer Lcdr D. Roberts Maintenance Officer ft R. Jewell £t r f « P. Taylor G. Webb R. Curry Lt D. Sarver Lt L. Thomason Lt R. Zolczer AECS R Moore ADJC K. Boatnght YNC F Menees YN1 J. Fink NC1 R. Stark AZ2 R Collins YN3 D Barfield 209 HC-2 Lcdr G. Bickum Officer in Charge Lt. J. Book Asst Officer in Charge = s»+- 0 £t£V- ADJCH. Bean Leading Chief - Ltig Ltig Ltjg J. Mader Ltig M. Marcino Ltjg D. Pugh Ltjg J Steele ADJ1 P. Bessette AT1 D Rickert AMS1 S. Tavlor AT2 G. Cieniewicz AE2 R. Conlin AMH2 W. King N. Bean J. Thomas R. Kerr H. Kilmer £ m r r » w A nrL 210 HC-2 ■ hik tog -- OkiA 1 ■ 1 ti •Aid h AMH2 AT2 ADJ2 AE2 ADJ2 AMH2 AZ2 AE3 ADJ3 AMS3 ADJ3 PN3 AK3 ADJ3 AN M Lowe W Martin S Pickett L. Pinkston D- Rov J. Selbv B. Tinsman M. Harrod M. Krevger M Miller G Wood T- Monahan E Morris V. Yearwood J. Savcier 211 AA T. Gordon AN R. Hunter AMHAN R. Granger AMSAN R. Koeppe AMSAN D. Wheeler AN AMHAN AA W. Home L. Verrill D. Bagwell AMHAN D. Carnahan AN C. Geisinger M AN R. Piercer A A C. Otto AN T. Chastenav AN W. Mauthe PRAN K. Niemczyk MM tibAtk " " w VA-15 Cdr. H. Kober Commanding Officer Cdr G. Evans Executive Officer Lcdr R. Koehler Maintenance Officer AGC Chittwood Leading Chief l A 5f id £ i Lcdr Lcdr Lcdr Lt. Lt I ? I i imi l4 ■fff t g i mm Ltjg Ltjg Ltjg J. Baltutis L. Elberfield L. Elmore J Brodengeyer B. Burcier R. Bush J. Green R Munson J. Oliver W. Pearce L. Strickland J. Zeola J. Fleming J. Krygiel M. Moffit 213 j Ltjg. AMCS R. Young R- Gore dm ii ATCS C. Testone AOC J. Dickson ADJC J. Irvin AMEC L. Purviance ADJC J. Thompson AEC J. Venables ADJC BM1 AMH1 AT1 AZ1 AE1 PR1 YN1 A01 AMS1 AMS1 AE1 J. Wvhlidko R Anglim R. Bailey L. Bryant A. Fahland K. Greene H Haymons R Keller S. Locke W. Lynn R. McClelland B. Morgan 214 b m fjf i£ Y 44 AT2 D. Janecer AMS1 D Mosely PN1 D Pendlev AMS1 H Phillips AE1 G. Point A01 T. Shreiner ADJ1 B. Willeford A02 T Addison A02 D Altland AMS2 D Brown ADJ2 C. Cart AMH2 T. Coe ADJ2 R. Diaz MS2 E Dunlao AMH2 E. Elliote PN2 W. Foss AE2 D. Fries AQ2 D. Hacker AME2 D Howard 215 ADJ2 BM2 ADJ2 AT2 AQ2 AME2 AE2 AQ2 ADJ3 W. Jenner R- Jones J.Kirst R MacGregor AK2 D. Matthew A02 W- Murray AMH2 B. Naquin A02 C. Norton AT2 G. Ponchak AMS2 R. Quick AQ2 R. Richards AZ2 W. Rudisilier AQ2 D. Schofield AMH2 R Schurr J. Todd G. Waayers R . Wilson W. Woodson R. Almerol 216 US5 KUUOL AMH3 S. Bennetts AMS3 R. Biersner ADJ3 J. Cummings AMS3 S. Dominiack ADJ3 R. Donath ADJ3 E. Dutcher AZ3 D Everett AMS3 K. Gore AQ3 D. Guthre A03 J. Ham AMH3 W. Hyde ADJ3 R. Kjaer ADJ3 R Koon AT3 R. Layman A03 C. Long PN3 L. McKittrick ADJ3 C. Nolan £ 217 ADJ3 AE3 MS3 ADJ3 AE3 AE3 ADJ3 A03 YN3 MS3 AMS3 L Oxenrider W. Proden M Savely S. Settreiner R Singer G Siques M. Smith D Spencer M. Strane R. Tingin N, Upton AQ3 M Williams AN V Milk AKAA B. Macintosh AOAN D. Latham AKAA L. Gongre AOAN R. Clements AN AN R Bobbitt J Brown 218 AN AN AN ADJAN AN AEAN AN AMHAN AN AN AN AMHAN R Graham J Lentz D. Head R. Leuthardt W. Kane V. Reep G Cofied C. Crance L. Barker D. Knoll C. Hardy R Davis iii4fliit AA AMHAN AA AOAN PNSA An D Norton T. Revels T. Bumbuch G McFarland R Cheung J Coats AMSAN T. Waldrop ■■■■■■i H 219 A02 J. Boyd Jr. AQM2 R. McAuliffer A03 M. Stastny AZAN S. Warf AEAN D Cunningham AN W. Little AMEAN M. Diedrich AN R. Barth AN J. Jones AZAN D Garrison MSSA J. Hill HN E Stewart AMEAN D. Martin PRAA R Schwartz iftlfrlrfllftifl PNSA ADJAN AMSAN PNSN ABHAN J. Munroe J. Noble W. Tharp D. Sullivan J Wilson 220 VAW-121 iWt f CDR LCDR J. Niedbala J. Wagner LCDR LT LT LT D Ballard D. Phillips W. Eason M. Kelly LT W. Dufresne LT R. Larsen LT L Barker LT D- Newman LT W Roble LTJG M. PaPa LTJG S. Behringer LTJG C. Klein ENS C. Cosden 4 rT f j m f!r Id a tpT m iA it a ■■■ » .4 221 £ Hiiidii P F ENS P Brudder CW02 G. Pitcher ADCS H. White ADRC 8. Craig ATC C. Cook ATC R. Fields AECS H McGrath AT1 H Robbins ADR1 J, Hill AZ1 R Taylor YN1 H Rispoli AMS1 R. Moore ATI W. Johnson AE1 J. Everett ADR1 E. Everett 222 AT2 AMH2 AT2 W. Smith F Williams S Terry AE2 PN2 HM2 W Williams M. Sladlon L Dayton AR2 AK2 ADR2 J. Starley C McNary Volmer AT2 AE2 AT3 G. Rainwater N. Wilson B Nielson AE3 AT3 ADR3 J- Mears C Mullen Q. Doscher m V. 223 ADR3 D. Powell AE3 W. Home ABH3 S. Reiders v j ADR3 M. Barnes AT3 P. Lussie AK3 S. Dallas AE3 C. Fowler AT3 J. Davis AE3 P. Dinizio AMS3 R. Sterling AMS3 J. Connor AMH3 P. Stewart AMH3 A. Avery AE3 Z. Williams ADR3 W. Wratten 224 AT3 D.Erdwin AMS3 A. Coffev AMS3 M. Hipsher AN D. Sides AMSAN R Murray AN T. Reddick AMSAN R. Payne AN J O ' Neal ML AN D- Gibson mm AN H Island AA G Parish AA K- Brown AA K. Kim 225 VF-41 SQUADRON m Cdr. D. Baker, Commanding Officer ■ Cdr. M. Scott, Executive Officer LCdr. G. Harrell, Operations Officer LCdr, J. Lowe, Safety Officer LCdr. R. Burnett, Maintenance Officer LCdr. D. Tillman, Admin, Officer ADCS J Morris, Leading Chief Lt, Lt. Lt Lt Lt. Lt Lt Lt Ltjg. Ltjg. Jt Ltjg Ltjg Ltjg Ltjg Ltjg Hartle Rizzi K. Pritchard J. Scott S. Jackson G. Allen A. Beck J. Whitworth J. Strickland R. Jones P. Brown P. Siedschlag Russell R. Page J. Revolinski 44 lift l£ « iA iAiA l61frllAl£ HA Ltjg. Ltjg. F. Kruger L. Enslev H T f fl 1 " " l Ltjg. R A very Ltjg. W Baker Ltjg. G. Emigl Ltig. K. Lowe Ltjg. S. Fitzkee En T. Curfs CWO-3 B. Hendrix CWO-2 N. Emerson AFCM L. Logsdon AECS J. Swett ADJC C. Serviney ATC T Wright PRC R Basselgia AMSC H. Smith AMSC B. Hill ADJC P. Boor AQC D Shaffer AQC T. Kerr AMH1 G. Dixon A 01 P Holland 227 V PHOTO PHOTO AMH1 AMH1 A. Moore V. Shampine NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE AQ1 P. Lindsev ADJ1 J. Gill BM1 E. Bruce A01 R. Moore AMS1 J. Baker PN1 B. Gammill ADJ1 P. Caldwell AT1 J. Tyson AT1 E. West ADJ1 R. Walker AME1 F. Schwab AME1 J Berube AZ1 C. York ADJ1 D Nicholls AQ1 L. Bowman AE1 A. Shafer AE1 D. Reed AOI J. Bulick PN1 J. Phillips YN1 C Hickev f f m £ ' ■ 228 AK2 R. Zendler ACL? E. Anderson AVAILABLE ADJ2 YN2 PN2 AT2 AQ2 AME2 ADJ2 AMH2 AMS2 AMS2 ADJ2 ADJ2 DK2 AQ2 AMS2 D. Smith J. Sproehnle E. Reillv T. Parker K. Stern D. Radden Boudreaux D. Millward R Bartlv D. Bilotto D- Lawhorn W. Micheli J. Caragan J. Heidt R. Carranza AMS2 M. Wilson AMS3 E. Martinez AQ3 S. Berney ADJ3 D. Surry PN3 Cole - 229 ADJ3 A.Wilson PN3 S. Foldens -T AZ3 W. Workman AE3 J. Miller AME3 D. Yoder AQ3 W. Schlitz AT3 Sadenwasser AQ3 J. Hollywood A03 J. Adams AMH3 D. Jurgena AMH3 W. Baggott ADJ3 R. Criner AMS3 J. Clark AT3 D. Haney AMS3 W. Coleman AMH3 C. Barr ADJ3 N. Milligan AMH3 W. Gullzon AT3 J. Thompson ADJ3 E. Dominiak ADJ3 M. Daniels ADJ3 R. Fletcher r--» AAdAiJUm lr: r ft 1 J BLACK o ACES A AME3 M. Maguire AT3 H Suthrlen PR3 W Wallace ADJ3 R Spain AE3 D. Valentine ADJ3 Cortum A03 R Bates YN3 M. Hamilton A03 E. Haislip AEAN D. Kidd AN G McLoughlin ADJAN McElhanev AN O ' Hara PRAA C Diggs ADJAA M Topacio SN L Perez SA T Haukaas SN J Williams SA R. Heft AQAN H- Morris 231 ADJAN K. Flaherty AEAN A. Pennachio AEAN J. Calderon ADJAA M. Hallas AQAN W. Snively AN L. Raines AEAN J. Bryor AN B. Battenfield SMSN J. Rocha SMSA E. Soja SMSA D. Fraser AQAN R. Draheim AOAN J. Smith AQAN D. Goode AN J. Long AN E Johnson AMHAN L. Guyse AN W. Glaubitz AMSAN T. Critser AA L. Rodriduez UftlftUAl T A 232 i • 3 £. - 9 T= ' ' » AMSAN J Simunek AMHAN D. Kelly AQAN K.Wetzel ADJAN J George ADJAN A. Bell AN T Thompson AMSN M Obue AQAN M Craig AEAN J Kimbro AMSAA F. Under . - ' m ADJAN P. Benson AMHAN F. Lassahn AA S Grzadzinski ADJAN D. Dobbs £ " v u VA-87 Cdr. R. Home, Commanding Officer LCdr B Mardis, Maintenance Officer AFCM R Fox, Leading Chief kiA» A LCdr L. Mayo, Jr. B. Bradley M. Bristow R. Corbin f$ ,- 1 9 fr . Lt B DeGeorge Lt J. Kichtenwalter Lt D McPherson Lt. M. O ' Hanlon LI J Phelps Liig. M. Ellslager 3f « «ft «i uttft Ltig Ltig Ltjg. Ltig. M. Griffith W. Philips J. Shaffer M. Wilson CWO-3 N. Faulkner AMCS H Hobbs 235 AECS AQC ADJC J Lemire J Ethndge H Groat ADJC V. Grow AOC J Hodge ATC R. MacLachman AQC AMHC ATC A01 A01 AT1 AE1 AT1 AK1 PN1 AZ1 ADJ1 AMS1 AQ1 W. Sanders I Trombley J Sanders H Shepard F. Pasienza C Eisenman J Frazer E. Coleman M. Ravmundo J Phillips J Oechsler J, Aurelio H Segar R Hutchinson Ma £t Jk Sk A 236 AMH1 R. Sandoval A02 J. Reid A02 D. Lambert AQ2 M. Trenta AQ2 J Mourningstar AQ2 R. Zilliox AE2 D. Prater PHOTO AE2 AT2 R Hogue D Rechtin NOT AQ2 R. Gonzalez AVAILABLE ADJ2 S. Pulmano AQ2 V. Oliphant MS2 R Torres AMH2 L Walthour PHOTO AK2 R. Spann NOT AVAILABLE ADJ2 AME2 AMS2 H. Papst N Minatani S. Rozier A02 P. Hernandez YN2 R. McWater 237 AT2 D Allen m n Jt AQ2 M. Salinas T 5 AE2 T Mollitt d k . BM2 H. Donham v jm AME2 J. LeClaire mm AMS2 T Trout mm AMH2 C Mitchell HUM AMH2 J. Slusser PR2 J. Yost AMS2 A Utz AMS2 J. Carter A03 R- Samples AMH3 J. Allen AT3 A Grav att AE3 G. Palacios AT3 K. Smith ADJ3 P Rollman AT3 E Skinner AME3 R Pickard 238 • AZ3 J. Spillers AZ3 J Owen AK3 J. Brooks AMS3 K Frazier AME3 D Passwaiter AZ3 P. Ausseresses AMH3 M Harrington ADJ3 G Strome AMS3 J. Conko ADJ3 E Gildig AMS3 L. Bement AMS3 D . Formaner ■ ADJ3 R Adams - ADJ3 P Yerdon AME3 G Swink i A K AT3 K Halvorson LB A A03 S Winter | 9 AQ3 L. Cox AQ3 D. Polluck 239 MS3 PN3 YN3 YN3 ASE3 AMH3 AMH3 M. Bakke J. Nudd Calderon D. Webb J. King J. Aber AM3 A03 M Dmarcantomo AEAA DNSN AN AOAN AOAA C. Roberts ADJAN P Harvison AN J. Burton AOAA C. Tav ' or SA J. Remington AN D Mackev J. Cox McCaskill N Appleton J. Manchester VA-87 240 PRAN B. Cnder AN R Baryo AN N. Cosentino AMSAN R. Curenton ADJAN T Bowie AA D. Carling AA M. Freeman AN M. Sim AMEAA C Breaux AMHAN ' R Webster AN L. Brewer AN D. Patton AN R. Rea AEAN D. Kunzler AN J. Wittmaier AN J. Bills YNSN L. Roberts AN A, Callado 241 AN YNSA AN AA AA ADJAN AMHAN D. Short G. Lavarnwav S. Cribbes W. Harlow R. Bobien L. Starbuck J. Smith V tt AN D.Kulp AN J. Bulanadi SN G. Anderson AN AN AOAN AMEAA AR AN. AN AN AMEAN T. Barham F. Johnson G. Scull A. James E. Arreaga J Burns . Sisenstein D Morris E Martin ti tj I i 4 iM da , " X 242 Cdr. E. Promers Berger, Commanding Officer Cdr. D. Hanna, Executive Officer AVCM R. Ethndge, Leading Chief iS Capt. R. Downs LCdr. Sierras LCdr. E. Smith LCdr. S Phimisters A £= WP £k Lt. Lt. Lt. Lt. Lt LT Lt. Lt. J. Nichols R. Baiter H. Stanbridge J. Nolan W. Starnes F. Espv G. Mittendorf C. Hadden m wm «pf a. Lt. R. Sandlin Ltjg. Barthold Ltjg. Stone Ltjg. W. Stacv lii iiit VF-84 SQUADRON • » MC .QA WSSM tV . SjS V -i jFvJ " l ' 7lg Mjfe | SHm 4 ana i,j 243 Ltjg Ltig Ltjg Ltjg Ltjg Ltjg. Ltjg. Ltjg. CWO-2 AFCM D Buffington T. Almquist L. Davis P. Thornton S. Meadows J. Stoeling D. Wright E. Schlossberg W. Rickard J. Byro £ ADCS AZC ADJC AMSC AMHC AZC AMEC AQC AEC ATC R. Walker J. Kiley F. Godfry Dunigan E. Meador W. Wake C. Rutledge D. Wilsev T. Herrick B. Owens V ' v- ' ■ k£k tSlA 4 244 fcj Y j m f l te b ' V ■ ' AMEC G. Rose AZC W. Link ATI J- Harwood AE1 W Evans AT1 R. Elliott YN1 J Kocher AWIS1 R Hardv ATI B Freshour AMS1 R Geiger A01 R. Reese A01 J. Harman ADJ1 D. Eldridge AQ1 P. Davis PN1 P. Puskar AK1 J. Delouch PR1 L. Faye AMH2 D Williams AQ2 J Luckett 245 AMH2 AMS2 ADJ2 AT2 AT2 AME2 A02 AE2 AQ2 AK2 R. McCov S. Dye R. Demello R- Curtis J. Bown J. Franklin L. Bostrom 0. Hancock J. Prokup E- Viana ADJ2 R. Greenwood ADJ2 S. Gebala AMS2 H. Madere PN2 R.Oven ADJ2 H. Fortner PR2 L. Fave BM2 H.Wheelhouse AE2 J. Hembree AE2 H. Green ADJ2 W. Holdren k m k, IJ ta k u ah MB IE I 246 AMH2 AME2 AE2 AT2 AME2 ADJ2 ADJ2 AQ2 AQ2 AE2 P. Tutt R Pfeifle J. Jones D Goodwin R. Lillev R Burke B. Abelbeck B Fullington J. Hughs W Mace AMS2 G- Schellang AMS2 J. Kelly AE2 H Marshall HM2 W- Copenhaven AQ2 L Eichold AQ2 AE3 AMH3 AMS3 AMS3 R Vandermeer R. Allen J Allen J- Rockwell D. Kiracofe vi ji -- AM l£ • ■ cj i,£ iau id itfcikiM 247 AT3 T. Kimmell AME3 J. Fornal A03 M. Eldridge AZ3 J. Pfe ' rfle ADJ3 B. Scott YN3 A- Ross PN3 B Manlev AME3 W. Akers AMS3 D. Robb AMH3 R. Crocker AMS3 G. Kasper AMS3 D. Brewer AMS3 J. Byrd AMH3 T. McArthur AT3 L. Hutchison PR3 D. Ralston AK3 B. Daniels AMH3 K. Riddle AMH3 L. Olson AMH3 M. Coleman tMij ikiM it frfcu dk 248 I 1 Idiifi iltf A03 A03 ADJ3 AE3 AE3 AN AN PNSA AA C. Hammer P. Allen N. Shoffner D Neavin J. Truitt A. Mills J. Fain H. Yussman B Coder P. Dahl T. Alexander J. Hearn R. Lomibao J Musgrave J Cardone M. Osegueda R Cross G Mills L. Pingston C Dinkins 249 AA J Rector AMS3 J. Rockwell AOAN G Yoho AMSANJ Trentacosta AMS3 D Kiracofe PNSA J Davis AEAN R. Freeman AZAN J Stearns AA W. Jones AMEAN A. Hogg AMEAA T Ham AMEAN D Van- derborgt AN E Mankowski AA S. Kane SN D Dintaman AA R. Flores AA Reed AA Murray AN H. Costa SN W Porter ikhmaik M iA 250 ikhik h k fed v fc k.J h|4 ( • - AA AN AA AN ASMAN ADJAA ADJAA AN SN W Hicks W Moore P Sanchez J. Smith D. Paschall J. Nold G. Cravines C Mueller A Cavale S. Mascoli C Jenkins AA AA AA ADJAA ADJAN AA AA AA PNSN AOAN PRAA AA J Nuffev L Atcherlv M. Beaulieu D. Denny R Taylor C. Cuddington J Golliver M. Wake S. Jones G Hin- r J. Riehl J Hughs 251 VFP-63 LCdr. W. elchgraber, Commanding Officer Lt. L. Francisco Maintenance Officer ifrtfft AMCS L. Wilson, Leading Chief Lt R. Jones, Operations Officer Ltig. R- Thompson Ens. M. Williams ADJC N. Jaromay ATC D. McClain YN1 J. Newberry PHI J, Pfingsten AMSI E. Vega AE1 B.Wallance AMS1 N. Worth AZ2 ADJ2 PT2 AT2 ADJ2 J. Albright M Bishop J. Cade G. Dusterhoft E Edman 252 R. Henry R. Peters AT2 AME2 AMS3 PT3 PH3 AT3 PR3 PH3 PH3 ADJ3 ADJ3 AZ3 J Raechle G Welch D Allmon J. Carpenter R Fitzgerald J. Gerads J. Koelle R Lance D- Lockhan R Pepiot B. Sandahl E. St evens 253 AK3 W. Thomas AE3 R Wilson AMHAN K. Stoddard AN J. Brown PHAN M. Kortokrav AN R Williams AMSAN W. Lane AA S. Reed ANM AN AN AN R. Bntt B. Drake J. Peters T. Jones VA-176 s, A Cdr. R. Ilg, Commanding Officer Aft Cdr. R. Ferguson, Executive Officer r £r f L. Orfgen S. Counts F, Rudell R. Lutman M. Capanskv S. Worrell 0. Boucher R. Gates R Lowder M. Shelton G. Kraus W. Juhrs tW- LCdr J Clark, Maintenance Officer ME7 A2C G York, Leading Chief H. Kober E Wilson A. Lynch W Bay K. Hughs T Hunter J Clark 255 Lt. Lt. Ltjg. Ltig. Ltjg. Ltjg. Ltjg. Ltjg. Ltjg. Ens. AVCM AFCM AMCS ADJC AEC AQC ADJC AQC AZ1 AMS1 ADJ1 AZ1 AZ1 AQ1 H Brooks K. Zimmerman D. Stover M. Reuser M King 1 14 41 R. Hultberg R. Dolan J Rough B. Trhlin P. Jerard G. Goss V. Eichbercer G. Bush R Wright B White G. Hitt Wintermute J. Clayton R. Kleven R. Allanigue D. Joplin G. Barger W G. Wilson r w f p " til i AOl D Nybeck AMH1 G Goldman ADJ1 J Gilbert AE1 HM1 AOl A01 AOl G Dionne A Mavfield R Marsh W Smith R Strong A Smith AE1 R Thorne AQ1 M Szachnitowski AQ2 R Seeley YN2 K Nelson MS2 J DeLeon AQ2 E Constantme AQ2 H Anthony AQ2 R Kennedy AQ2 L Naea AQ2 G Schulthers AQ2 W Smith A02 M Garnett -f «i ■ A — AT2 W Bellefenille A02 L Anderson AT2 T. Moore PN2 G. Ellis AQ2 J Mc Daniels ADJ2 E White AT2 G Nichols AQ2 K Mills A02 A Lemieux AQ2 J H Donk PR2 J Howell AMS2 R Porter PN2 H Warford AQ2 M DeCora AMS2 J Simpson AQ2 D Monroe AQ2 G Cole AE2 W Hastings AE2 R Bue AQ2 T- Frazier A02 F Billow A02 J S Palmer AME2 D Hendnckson AQ2 C. Haddad iiiMdA %i W sL ADJ2 B Thomas AQ2 J Harkins AE2 S Collins AT2 W Blanchard A03 R Haynes AK3 E Ylvington PT3 D Long AQ3 D Brown AQ3 R. Finkin AMH3 D Burton AE3 J Featherstone AT3 D J Cannon A03 J Atkinson AT3 D Castaldo ADJ3 H Patrick AZ3 C Smith A03 P Hofer ADJ3 G Goins AMS3 R Boyd AMH3 R Gray PR3 E Horvath AMH3 J Reese IhTT-ikS HiAiltoM ADJ3 C Voglei ASH3 R Thomas AMS3 I 1 Mci AQ3 L Scheible AZ3 T Thurston AE3 R Matz AMS3 D Barnes AMS3 C Brown BM3 M Ross YN3 R Boltz AT3 B Borger YN3 R Chuaouico AE3 J Shawver ADJ3 J Huffman AMS3 R Greathouse ADJ3 D Shewchuk ADJ3 S Winans AZ3 M Toussamt A03 C While ADJ3 J Moore AT3 J Walker MS3 W Hinlon • - fl - I- r r ,.,. v_ " 311 —r » HM3 K Maynard MS3 V Agayo ABF3 E Tibeno A03 W Shay ADJ3 R Hilliard AMS3 P Finley ADJ3 P Zillon AMH3 H Waller ADJ3 Robinson AE3 T Thomas AQ3 J Huss PN3 J Minulilli RM3 M Knowles ADJAN R Shelle AN G Conn AMSAN R Zuck AZAN J L;n AMEAN J Silvey AN B Modesm AA J Lowlher ADJAN D Sorsen AKAN S McKnwn 261 262 ADJAN M McGure AA M Small AOAN M. Addison AOAN H Carroll ADJAN E Thomas AN L Pmman AN J Gonzales PNSN D Walter AN W Hatton AOAN P Dalton AN D Pilnev SN K Morse AA S Evans AMHAN C Slinker AA H L Allen AMHAN E. Earwood AA J Pitts AN B Warren ADJAN C Jacquemame AN T Thomson AA Martin « " 1 m r 1 u re t " L a 7 Li m AA H Wimbush ■ l l 1 . ' i - f Ul ia ik dik I - ' ij 4 J Aft Mm M mm Mi •tf 3k. ifti 4JiL4 AMHAN W King AA W C Brown AN B Flora AN G Field AA M Stever ADJAN D Thomas AA G Coleman, Jr AA C Bratcher SN D Brinson AQAA G Eakes AN D McCartney AN D Allen AA L Jackson YNSN H Burns AMHAN A Petrosic ADJAN S Bradley ADJAN J Arnold AOAN G Troesler AOAN C Muncher MSSA S Rosemond AN M Qualman ADJAN J Hailhcooat Wf tt r. • sSBSSSBBB 0- K 263 ADJAN AT AN AEAN AA AA AA AEAN AA AA AOAN AKAN AEAN SA AN J Ostgard E Adams M Welsher M Moren C Hollev J Gcasso D Gilbert D Puckett A Villafane J Carr R P Dillon W Shinn J Wilborn D Mowless tMlMi AMEAN W Odom MSSN R Neste AN M Foley AA AN to J Lewis J Teayarlen fa 9 v II w i GOOD YEAR BLIMP OFF-LOAD OF F-8 t iiHfeSi ROOSEVELT MARINES CVW-6 VISIT C H I L D R E N ' S HOME On May 21, 1975, several members of Air Wing SIX visited the Casa Materna Childrens Home in Naples, Italy to present a donation to the home, on behalf of the men of Attack Carrier Air Wing SIX. «■ . ■ m0kA J3r « % TAKING IT EASY Photographv In - : -$ ob Kvr ROSIE RALLY.... Okay men, let ' s try it one more time. " THIS IS A DRILL, THIS IS A DRILL, CLASS " BRAVO " FIRE ON THE FLIGHT DECK. WASHING HER DOWN 273 ADJUSTING THE TAILHOOK. . . . 7 jm r A P Photography by John Rogers SCENIC WONDERS OF THE WORLD jtiJJLJJ c , ift. . ri H 1 275 A lovely face in the crowd. w — 277 $SL TOURS AND SPECIAL EVENTS 4 PALMA BAR-B-QUE 281 SEMANA SANTA - EASTER WEEK IN PALMA » " i«»w»wi«m»3» BARCELONA BAR-B-QUE AND BULLFIGHT .•-- - R I R E ■ N V C I H E R A POMPEII Jt •- ■3 3 - :,%, ' ' , ' ■ ■ " i - : J» » MM TTilKiBM £i2-Si £35; V ' . 2i p lm m 1 1 ,7 I I HI! • J 4 - » T »■ V likhm m MALAGA BAR-B-Q, OF COURSE NORTH AFRICA 291 ..U- SEVILLE TOUR . v ■ - - i I v «2H - ■ttk lh I . f ... ■ ■ S3 Km ' - i ■■• ' ; . 1 •y SH kPTTT J GRANADA I " What am I doing? " I ' m tending to business left untended long ago, " What am I looking so pensive about? " I ' m thinking of a message that was never delivered. II The letter never mailed, The gift never sent, The party never given: Time passes and it doesn ' t matter, Enough time passed and no one knows. SEVEN POEMS III Silly world, you see me come and sometimes notice when I ' ve gone. You see me laugh and you ' ve seen me cry, but silly world you can ' t see me. IV Barcelona is a busy girl with long dark hair and beautiful lips. Please don ' t talk, Step high-turn around, Watch me -do I touch the floor? Barely! I must be off — dat dat dat, dah. So detached from detail, Talk of feeling only, So far from knowledge and not realizing it. To be rich and great and happy, A soul for money, Happiness for fame, " Gentlemen, I ' ll fold, " and go home (happy. ) ROSEY ' S SOCCER SEASON IN THE MED (The record is grim, but we had alot of fun) Rosey vs. AFC Station (Brindisi, Italy) 1-1 Tie, 4-3 Loss Rosey vs. Spanish Naval Base (Palma) 8-1 Loss Rosey vs. USS KALAMAZOO (Naples) 4-3 Loss Rosey vs. USS MCCANDLIS (Naples) 8-2 Loss ROSIE ' S SOCCER TEAM ROSIE ' S GUN PRACTICE. . . EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE - PALMA I fc g. L_ ' - 4 Hit f I: SI « B s m BRINDISI MEMORIAL SERVICE WW ' ■Ff - J 299 COD SQUAD - -Jm ■ OFFICERS ' PARTY AT THE ROTA " O " CLUB 301 THE ROCK OF GIBRALTAR Gi.bral.tar (ji brol ' ter) 1. small peninsula at the southern tip of Spain, extending into the Mediterranean: 2. 1 2 sq. mi.: it con- sists mostly of rocky hill (Rock of Gibraltar), 1,396 ft. high. 304 ROTA OUT- CHOP We ' re heading home!!! 307 HOMEWARD BOUND .4 » . r t m ■ . m 310 LAST FLY OFF - 7 7 NORFOLK A throng of dependents waited in the rain for the Air Group and some early leave-takers among ship ' s company to depart ship. While mail was coming aboard and squadron equipment was being off-loaded, many of the crew went ashore to make that first call home, see a little of Norfolk and enjoy some good old-fashioned American chow. The Carrier USS NIMITZ, our host, provided two bands but otherwise remained in the background. ,_ S:?fcf " T " kj ' " ' If V 1 . c 4 w f% yr«t 312 MALE DEPENDENTS ' CRUISE HOME AT LAST a v " » add ijcu ' k ifiyfftt l itir$ i Mijl -H€ L I fyreanu Jlf ' Ar c tfiarjh ijus ftr utrtilitujpBttisjIli Jaddij ' j hcmi,i €ur jQaddi ' f jcmc c ay J (cut J ' rt m wiled fer ' thU mvm qf 7i L Li i tw j d [fear bi i friend • te a yd t Jd mi jQaddi J j( n€, t iur jQaddi ' t tw A Jlaij Jin fid a Ugcts aifd mJle t 8m y tew JQmddif jfasm t tmy (d s €jtqfia 6 Jj[£s-€ itsnt [a mat lj€ur Aaddi (cMc J € itsf m e bcJt W crl 4 i ' k 4 ikti. up alor- pf v iece anj sp cc-. on -tfi ' is paqe. uui k bectMj e-, if j i ste lS il __ — (£ 4he P e left- -fortes BX D color bejoxe. pko+o- (frdte O ike. BbiTDA, AsST. Cte t ' -L rnuj-r 6(0 TO THE ($u - jtoAb du£j JA SoVr-A AMI ■for i-tn ' er " ttck r{iu ' e e.S3 -h ie-f get- Y4 £ 2 £: Editor in cha, whole, " Edi+or in chaMe. oFuer rAL5o Asb rAKir f ' M A SN BEJJbER if UAS5T.JK., LAYOUT STAFF CD Pi ' STAFF TVPiST PH3 ROSPOPO, _J f c oise book — . ) 5 E - 4? FF =U . smorLcim GARY E.DAVIS ' i f A e TTiaT 90 down to y, the sea in ships, thaT do »| business in grcsr water , these see -rtie works o% J I T 116 1-oH and hit, venders in e deep. He maketh " • " he storm a cann so ttuT to th . e w ve S fh reoF ave?) Utiu.-then they aveglad. because they be uieTj So he b»- ' m |erh them unTo .the i y desired Werv. I PSALM 107 ?fa» YEARBOO: GAUL 1 i n , cP. v c 1 € pa PIUERS of HERCULES J V - J «i AFRIQUE IPI f lcUo4 IC e£» u3t m: ON E BOOK

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