Franklin County High School - Rebel Yearbook (Winchester, TN)

 - Class of 1950

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5 1 11 ! -- 01 C' ' If 'L PM .La- fx? ',y0lfn7 J ,V I ,JJ . f is 5 ' . - I i VF' 2-F 'f , 'J jfg e-, ., V ' - 4 M '1 1 -H . ,mf 4 Vx , -1 W' ' . I-J L A . ' 1 X , 1 main. , :Q ,, . I H . 7 4' it . I4 'I 413, I 'lk -- fx' n 5 q. Z v n X v-4 1? K I I ll 1. h, 1 I 1 ' I 1 JE x , 1 M :I 1 1 Qf I ii A I 1 34 ,. lf! ' 'J A 4, nl' . .F Q1 " us .- '-II' -- U 1. . if .Z-ML,-1. I Q QL j .1- -:Si J. :X V. --'W 5-k A ., I Q l 3 vw. 3 V, Q LM li-' M' -: " -,W x-!l,.5:.x-5-' -' ' . I V- . 4 - -'I 'H V -.J ,Q -r . ,-II 1 i -- I -V-11 . , I .- ,L " 5-"' X "Tv ' .- '1"'1. - .V V ' ' VL. .' . a ' " 1 P- ' 14".'1 '. ,ffl !f' ' -"' 'I' li I 1 "elif" rv 'J PW 4 LE' I' if W 4- . ,,., . -': .143 1' iii' . IH' all , 712. "AL 3' 1. h Wifi vw- - , Hx- 1--1. -,I--S. Bri - 'FH GPL, am, N150 .fs- ur ma Wafer The philosophy of Franklin County High School, simply stated, is to provide education for all in such a way that each student may become a well rounded, well adjusted individual. ' Among the objectives of the school are C11 to prepare for higher education those students who have the ability and the desire to continue their training beyond the high school courses, Q21 to prepare others for various vocations and trades for which they show aptitude, and C33 to train all students to become happy, useful citizens in a democratic country. 2 l .Eecbcafion To our principal, Mr. Fred Langford who has labored with untiring zeal for the recognition and advancement of our school, who has so successfully co-ordinated two student and faculty groups, and who has helped to set the school's high standard in citizenship, scholarship and athletics, we sincerely dedicate the first volume of THE RFREL. 3 Mr. H. L. Baker History, Econ. Mr. William Henley Coach, Phys. Ed. Mrs. William Henley Executive Sec. Mr. C. E. Buttrey Coach, Physics Miss Trula Papuchis Phys. Ed. Mr. S. C. Reed Gen. Sci., Coach Mr. John Moon Phy. Ed., Biol. Miss Frances Grandstaff Chem., Gen. Science Mr. David Jared Industrial Arts Mrs. Mary Lou Warmbrod English.,- Mrs. Corrine Stewart English Mrs. M. Reed English Mrs. Robert Rowell Commercial Mrs. Roy Babb Bible Miss Clinton Reed Commercial Mr. Aaron Buckley f Band EX' Mrs. Carl Richmond Music, Glee Club Mrs. Charles Forgy Librarian, English Miss Christine Shelley Biol., Home Ec. Mr. Robert Terry eg Agriculture , Mrs. J. S. Miller Math, Latin Mr. J. H. Bretton Math, Latin P 5 Miss Grace Eichenberger Home Economics Mrs. Hubert Nicholson Home Economics Mr. Theron Myers Math., Spanish Ixg Mrs. Charles Murray History, English Mrs. Harry Floyd English Mrs. Lillian Hogmn if Engli sh if Mr. Charles Davis Social Science Mrs. George Huber Math 'C of fi, 9 Reita Paplanus Shirley Ray Virginia Anderson Alberta Clark Lyna Powell Marguerite Sherill Sammy Scharber Margaret Ann Wiseman Patsy Buchanan Sammy Reiben Miss Grandstaff Mrs.Stewart Editor Asst. Editor Typist Typist Typist Typist Business Mgr. Business Mgr. Business Mgr. Sports Editor Faculty Ad. Faculty Ad. Betty Swann Bobbe Young Lillian Swann Mable Parker Mary Myers Elizabeth Gram er Glenn Moore Mary Fandrich Kathryn Knight Mr.Langford Mrs.Mil1er 73 Business Mgr. Business Mgr. Business Mgr. Business Mgr. Snapshot Editor Artist Artist Historian Historian Faculty Ad. Faculty Ad. wid f H X '-gif I A f I 4. ,- " ,fi Y, . ' ,' 'Aff 1 ' f' 1 :din ,, 1 , x , I 1 f I 1 If 1 . f 1' .-if I I Y fl ,1 ' ir... -I, 1 ll, Al. 1' f,f, , ff-ff' f' ff , ,f ' ,- fm ,ff f 1 I 4 I X ,r. . 1 A, f, ,f b fl X1 H. ll' 'I f V' Q 1 A. . f ,' , ,ff 1 , 1 f , f' 4 X fx 1 Lf fl!!! ff lf fr :ffl -'-lQ",', f f , I 4. ,f f X 'ff' ff, ffy' ,flflv 'Q fl ,ig fy J ,fix Iii .V X .-11,1 " 7569 - ff 'w I f A 1 If ,ll 1 1' SAMUEL RIEBEN Sportsman-l,2,3 Beta Club-2,3,h National Honor Soc. 3,h Honor D-1 Football-2,3,h Basketball-l,2,3 Pres. Senior Class 'h9-'50 Pres. Student Body- 'U9-'SO Majors: History, Science, Mathematics, Minor-Commerical Art CLAS S OFFICERS Pres.-Sammy Rieben V.P.-Gerald Copeland Sec.-Mary Fandrich Treas.-Bobbie Yokley Sgt. at Arms- Jack Stewart BOBBIE YOKLEY HRC Eco " 3, ll Press Club -h Cheerleader-B Bands h Football Queen-h Treasurer-L Senior Play-M Member of Student Council-h F.H.A.-h H.B.V.-L GERALD COPELAND w club-2,3 Press Club-2,3,h Student Coun.-1,2,3,b Foreign Lang.-1,2 Football Mgr-l,2,3 Basketball Mgr.-2,b Basketball-3 Pres. Class-3. V. Pres. Class-l,2,h WARY FANDRICH Foreign Lang.-1,2,3,h Beta Club-1,2,3,h Beta Treasurer-2 Beta Secretary-3,h Press Club-l,2,3,h W'Club-l,2,3 H. Ee. Club-1,3 Secretary-1 Basketball-1,2 Manager- 3,h Glass Treasurer-1 Class Sec.-h Cheer Leader-1 Miss C.H.S.-1 student Council-3,h Treasurer S.C.-3 Band-2,3,h DAR Medal-h Annual Staff-3,U HBV-h Candidate for Miss F.c.H.s.-h JACK STEWART FOFoAa'2,3,ll Football-3,h Basketball-3 Class Play-h Major: Agr. Minor: Hath. Sportsman Club-1 Student Council h Class Sgr. at Arms h Marguerite Sherrill Honor D. Club-1 Beta Club-2,3,h H.Ec. Club-1,2 FQHQAQ' 3 Nat. Hon. Soc.-3 Class Historian-3 Annual Staff-h O.G.A. Club-b Major: Comm. Wk, H. Ec. Minor: H1story,Hath- JOH HILL Honor D Club-1 Beta Club-2,3,h Sportsman Club-1,2,3 Major: Math. Minor: Science SHIRLEY RAY Honor 'D' C1ub-1- Glee Club-1,2,3,h spanish Club-3 Home Ee. Clube? Beta Club-2 3,L. Nat. Honor 5ocietyh3 Pres. of Class-2 Sec. of Student Council-h Annual Staff-2,h Cand. for Misa F.C.H.S.d2 EVELYN HAWKINS O.B.E.-3,h O.G.A.-h Beta Club-1,2,3,h Hama Eco Glee Club-1 Majors-Commericial Arts-Science, Math Minor-Social Science ANN ALLISON Sportsman Club-l,2,3 Home Ec. Club-1,2 F.H.A.-3,h Major-Home EC. Minors-Math, Social Science, Com . Arts VERNA BOWLEN Honor D Club-1 Spanish Club-2 Sportsman Club-2 Glee Club-1,2 Press C1ub3,h Beta Club-3 Girl's Club-3 Play Prompter-h Major: For. Lang. Minor: Comm. Work PAYE BRGWNFIELD Home Ec. Club-1,2 Vice Pres.-2 Miss C.H.S.-2 Attendant to Football Queen-3 Girls Club-3 Candidate for Harvest Queen-h Press Club-h Circulating Mang.-h Foreign Lang-3,h Major-Math Minors-Home Ec. , Foreign Language BETTY ANN CHITWOOD Hgme Ec. Club-1 Bible Club-2 Girl's Club-3 Foreign Lang. Club- 3,h Ma or-Social Science J Minor-For . Language r 10 VIRGINIA ANDERSON Beta Club-3,b Annual Staff-U O.G.A.-h Press Club-1,2,3,h Foreign Lang.-l,2,3 Typing nSOHPin-3 Typing H6oH Pin-h Home Ec. Club-1 Girls Club-3 Glee Club-1 H.B.V.-h Major-Commercial Arts, Foreign Lang. linor-Hath EDDIE BOWLING Boy's Club-3 FgFg.Ao"1,3 Football-1,2,3 PATSY BUCHANAN Home Ec. Club-l Band-2,3,h Drum Majorette-2,3,h Press Club-2,3,h Bus. Mgr. Paper-3 Editor Paper-h Play Cast-3,h Beta Club-l,2,3,h O,B.E.'3,hS Pres.-h Annual Staff-h F.H.A.-h fRoom V.P.l Foreign Lang.-2 A Girl's Club-3 5' Bible Club-2 o.G.A.-h BILLY CHITWOOD O.G.A.-U Major-Commercial Art Minor-Agriculture L- -r - A ALBERTA CLARK Home Ec. Club-1,2 HW n C1-ub,,2 O.B.E.-3 Beta Club-3 o.G.A.-h Annual Staff-h Major-Comwercial Minor-Home EC. ODELL COUNTS Home Ec. Club-1,2 Foreign Lang.-3,h Girls Club-3 Major-Math Minors-Foreign Lang. Home Ee., Science RETHA DURM Home Ee. Club- O.G.A.- Major-Commercial Work Minor-Math Q IRENE ELLIOTT Sportsman Club-1,2 Home Ee. Club-1 Beta Club-2,3 Spanish Club-3 Major: Science Minor: Math. All nfl' ,, JIU COLE Basketball-1,2,3 W Club-1,2i3 Boy's Club-3 For. Lang. Club-3,h FeFeAe 'l Major: Math. Minor: For. Lang. LILLIAN CROWNOVER Home Ec. Club-1 Sportsman Club-2 Commercigl-3 Science Club-L Hhjors- Commercial Social Science Minor- lhth LETHA DURM Home Ee. Club- Major-Commercial Work Minor-Math HELEN ELLIS Home EC, Club-1,2 GmeChm4. Bible Club-3 Gir1's Cldb-3 F.H.A.-h Majors-Social Sc. HMB Eco Minor-Science Math KARENE FRALEY Home Ee. Club-l,2,3 Girl' s club-3 Major-Home Ec. Minor-Comnercial JAMES GARNER Baseball-l,2,3,h Major: Math. Minor: History JOANN GATTIS Honor 'DN Club- Glee Club- Sportsmanship- Basketball-2 Majors-Home Ec. Minor-Commercial Work FRANCES GUNN Gleo Club-2.3.h Sec.of Fresh. Class Band-2 Basketball-3 F QHQA o'3 Beta Cldb-3 o.c.A.-h Commerical Work Maj Science-Minor uatho'Muor we Y HERMAN GARNER FoFoAo'2,3 Football-3 Major: Agr. Minor: History JOSEPHINE GASS Beta Club-3 Honor D-1 Sportsman Club-l President Sport.-3 Spanish Club-2 V.Pres. Span.C.-2 Class Reporter-1 Class Secretary-2 Class Pres.-3 LEE GIPSON, JR. sportsmans Cldb-1 Beta Cldb-2,3 National Honor Socieggbg S sh C1 - Cgzgircial Club-3 Majors- History, Ccmnnrcial Senior Play P1 l,4f WAYNE HANNAH President Class-1 V.Pres . Class-3 Football-2,3,h Basketball-1,2,3 WNW Club-2,3 Rebel Club-h Press Club-2,3,h Sports Editor-h Foreign Lang,-1,2 Glee Club-h Boy's State Rep.-3 Boy's Club-3 Major-Science Minor-Math, Foreign L 0 FRANCIS HARRISON F0Otb811"1, 23 3 3 ll Baseball-1,2,3,h Basketball-1,2,3 ' Major? Math. Minor: Science HULIN HENDERSON Sportsman Club-1 Football-3 Gonnou HILL Football-1,2,3,h vr Club-1,2,3 Rebel Club-U Baseball Boy' s Club-3 3 CLAY HOLLAND F.F.A.-2,3 Beta Club-2,3 Sportsman Club-1 F.F.A. Treas.-3 ,253 Major-Social Studies Minors-Agriculture, Science ANNIE HAWKINS Sportsman Club-1 Glee Club-1,2 o.G.A.- 11 Majors-Social Science Commercial Arts Minor-Home Ec. x,., CHARLIE HICKERSON Football-1, 2, 3 Junior Play-3 Foreign Language-3 Treasurer of Class-3 "W" Club-2, 3 Boys Club-3 Major-History Foreign Language Minor-Math Social Science PARKER HOLDER F.F.A.-1,2,3,h F.F.A. Reporter-lg Band-3,14 Major-Agriculture Minors-Industrial Arts Histony Qlgjil- WILMA HOLMAN Glee Club-2,3 Basketball-2,3 F.H.A.-3,h O.B.E.-lt o.c..A.-h Major-Home Ee. Minor-Science DOROTHY HUBER Home Ec. Club-1 f F.H.A.-b OuB.E."3,,-l O.G.A.-ll Attendant to Football Queen-h Major-Commercial Art Minor-Home Ec. PEGGY HUGHES Glee Club-1,2 Press Club-1,2 3,h Majorette-2,3,L Junior Play-3 Secretary of Class 2 Gir1's Club-3 Major-History Minor-Science BOB IVE! Boy'8 Club-3 Major: Social Science Minor: Math. JOHNNIE JACKSON Home Ec. Club-1 Baskttball-1 Spanish Club-2 Beta Club-3 F.H.A.-h,3 0.G.A.-'lt Major-Home Ee. Minor-Math i DON HUFFER FoFoAo'2 Boy's Club-3 Major: Math. Minor: History WAYNE HUNT Boy's Club-1,2,3,h JOAN JACKSON ,F.H.A.- 3-h Beta Club-3 MARK JEHIGAN F.F.A.-2,3,h Football-3 Treasurer-h Majors-Math Agriculture Minors-Latin Social Science A. im ,A n b --MW A , -1 M -kill- LEON JONESA F.F.A.-1,2,3,h Co m.Work-3,h Boy's Club-3 ALBERT KEITH Major-Science Math Minor- History BERTRAM LONG Football Trainer-1,2, 3 D 5 6 Il, Basketball Trainer-l, 2,3,h,S,6 Basketball Mgr.-5,6 F.F.A. Club- Sportsmsn Club- Major-Math Minor-Social Science Agri. Qcience EDGAR LUTHI Com ercial Club-3,h FuFnAn'1 Major-Com ercial Art Minor-Math FINIS JONES F.F.A. 'l Foreign LIHUHSO' 3,h Commercial Work- 3,h Math-1,2,3 GLENN LITTLE Football-2,3,h Letter Club-233, Major-Math Minor-For. Lang. PEGGY A. LOVELESS O.B.E.-3,h Treasurer O.B.E.-h Home Ee. Club-1 Press Club-3,h Gir1's Club-3 Glee Club-1 H.B.v.-h Major-Commercial Art Minor-Science a JACKIE MCCALLIE Sportsman Club-1 FoFaAu'1,2,3,h Football Mgr.-2,3 Majors: Agr.k Soc.Sc Minorsg Math ALICE MCCREARY Home Ec.-1 O.B.E.-3,h Major: Comm.Work Minor: Science CARL MATTHEWS Major- Science Minor-Math MARY MYERS Home Ec.-1 Press Club-1,2,3,h Beta Club-l,2,3,h Foreign Lang.-1,2,3 Gir1's Club-3 O.G.A. Club-h fTreas, Play Cast-3 Prompter-h Annual Staff-h Glee Club-1,3 H.B.v.-h JEAN NORTHCUTT Home Ec. Club-1,2,3 Major-Home Ee. Minor-Social Science MARY McDOWELL Basketball-1,2,3,U Cheerleader-2,3,h Glee Club-1 Press Club-1,2,3,h Home Ec. Club-1,3 For. Lang. Club-1,2 3 'WU Club-2,3 HoBovo'h Major-For. Languagb Minor-Mme Eg, LOIS MAXWELL Home Ec. Club-1 Sportsman Club-2,3 o.G.A.-h Major-Social Studies Minors-Home Ec., Math, Foreign Lang. NORRIS NEAL Glee Club-1 F.F.A.-1,2 Boy's Cldb-3 -X QU' 'E ARNOLD PARKS Football-1,2,3,h W Club-1,2,3 Rebel Cldb-h FoFuAc"1,2,3,,.l Sgt. at Arms.-3 vo Pres o'h Boy'a Club-3 Major: Agri. l nor: History DAVID PAYNE Football-2,3 Sportsman Club-1 Pres. of Class-1 FQFoAs'2,3,h. Pres.-D Major: Social Studies Minor: Math. LYNA POWELL Home Ec. Club-1 Glee Club-1 Press Club-1 2,3,h Beta Club-3,6 Annual Staff-h Queen Attendent-2 Neatest Girl-l Gir1's Club-3 For. Lang. Club-3,h Major-Math Minor-Foreign Lang. HoBqV:',.l NKRTUA FRTNCE Press Club-l,2,3 Home EC. Club-l Foreign Lang-3 Beta Club-3 Girls Club-3 Glee Club-1 Major-History Minors-Math, Foreign Language BERTHA REYNOLDS Home Ec. Club-3 OsGoAo"'h Basketball-1 Major-Home Ee. Minor-Math HILDA PICKNEY Glee Club-2 Girls Club-2 Press Club-3,h Circulating Mang,.h O.B.E.-2,3,h Senior Play-h Major-Math Minor-Commercial Art Transferred Frmn 4 Academy-'h8 GLE PRINCE Basketball-2 Baseball-3 Press Club-2,3,h Editor of Press Club-h OuBsEn"3,,-1 Boy's Club-3 School Photograpzerw Reporter-h Major-Math . . - - r Eunors-ifgga? JACK POWERS, JR. , Sportsman Club-1 F.F.A.-1,h Commercial Club-3 4 Major-Social Science Minors-Math, Agri. 1 1 RALPH RODDY Press Club-3,h Basketball-2,3 Baseball-3,h B0y's Club-3 Glee Club-h Major-Math Minor-Science, History Q ' 17 Jffffz f HAROLD ROGERS Football-1,2,3,h Basketball-1,2,3,h I Club-l,2,3 Rebel Club-h Boy's Club-3 F.F.A.-1,3 Student Council-3 BOBBY SISK F.F.A.-1 Boy's Club-3 Major: Comm. Work Minor: Science EVELIN SMITH Glee Club-1,3 Home Eco"1,3 Majors-Home Ec, Com ercial ATt5 Minor-Mathematics LUKE STEVENS FnFoAo'2,33h Sportsman Club-1 Major: Agr. Minor: History N PARKER SCHARBER Athletics Mgr.-3,h Foreign Language-h lfwll Club-,3 Agriculture-2 HARON SMITH O.B.E. Club-3,h Boys Club-3 Major-Math Science-Minor BILL SNELL Sportsman Club-1,3 Comm 0 C1U.b'3 Major: Math. Minor: History mgf 7. x Alma Stewart Sportsman Club-1,2 Pres.-2, Sec.-3 Glee Club-l,2,3 F.H.A.-U OcGOAo'h Cheerleader-2,3 Major: Comm. Wk. Minor: Science . -1 JOHN SUTHERLAND Trees. Sportsman-3 Football Mang.-1,2 Football-3 Baseball-3 Major-History Minor-Math, Science TOMMY TERRILL Sportsman Club-3 Football Mgr.-3 Baseball-h Majors-Science Math Minors-Social Scie. Commercial Work JEAN TURNER Home Ee. Club-1,2 Glee Club-3 Gir1's Club-3 Press Club-h F.H.A.-3,11 Major-Social Science Home Ee. Minors-Science Math JOHNNY WARM ROD Football-2,3,h WWW Club-3 Agriculture-2 For. Lang. Club-h FRANK SWANN Sportsman Club-1,2,3 FaFpAo'1,-2339,-1 Sgr. at Arms-2 Football-3 Manager-1 Majors: Agr.k History Minors: Science JIM TERRY Football-2,3,h w Club- 2,3 Rebel Club-h For. Lang. Club-3,h Press Club-2,3,h Boy's Club-3 Play Cast-3,h TransferredAFrom Castle Heights'h7 R.D.TURNER Sportsman Club-1 F.F.A.-2,3,h MajorgScience Minor:Math. ELIZA WEDDINGTON H me Ec. Club-1,2 Bible Club-3 0.G.A. Club-3 Glee Club-2 Com ercial-3,h Beta Club-1,2,3,h FQHQAQ 'Il Press Club-L REBECCA WILKINSON Beta Club-3, h Home Bc. Club-1, 2,1 Miss Home Ee.-2 Home Ec. Sec.-l,2,3 Home Ec. Metal-1,2,3 Major-Home Ee. Minor-Math, Science BOBBYE WILLIAMS Glee Club-1 Home Ec.-1,2 F.H.A.-h Press Club-h Bible-3 Basketball-2 Gir1's club-3 Major: Home Ec. Minor: Science JOYCE WILLIAMS Home Ec. Club-1,2,3 Bible Club-l Girls Club-I Major-Home Ec. Minor-Math, History FRANCES WINLAND Foreign Lang.-h Transferred From Fayetteville-'D9 'su 'VV P! CLARA WILKINSON Glee Club-1 Home Bc. Club-1 Girl's Club-3 Beta Club-3 Foreign Lang. Club- 3,h Majors-History Minors-Science, Math DAVID WILLIAM Football-1,2,3,h Captain-h Basketba11.1,2,3,h F.F.A.-3 Pres.-3 Sportsman Club- 1,2,3 Rebel Club-b Major: Math. Minor: History BOB WILLIAMS Sportsman Club-1,2,3 Sec. S.C.-1 Football-2,3,h Basketball-2,3 Manager: Basketball-2,3 Football-1 Press Club-h Major-Math Minors-Latin, Comm. Arts MARGARET A. WISEMAN feta Club-1,2,3,b Beta Pres.-h Glee Club-1,2 Home Ee. Club-l,2,3 Pres Home E Club-3 Gir1:s Club-5 O.G.A.-h Press Club-h Student Council-3fV.P Annual Staff-h H.B.V.-D Major-Home Ec.,Math. Minor-Science, Comm, Arts BILLY YATES Baseball-3 Boy's Club-3 Major: Mhth. Minor: Science TOM KNAPPER Band'2l3:h Boy's Club-3 F.H.A.-1,2 Major-Math liner-Band Social Science O MARY WYNVE Home Ee.-1 MrDsChmJ o.G.A.-h Major-Commercial Minor-Math 'rnumun mmm Football-1,2,3,h W Club-1,2,3 Rebel club-h Boy's Club-3 FgFnAo"1,2 unions First row: Reita Paplanus, Bobby Young, Jean Dickens, Joan Sellers Betty Mosley, llarvine Garner, Joan Collins, Betty Swann, Lillian Swann, Audrey Whittaker, Earline Warrne, Jearline Hice, Helen Heath Second row: Mrs. Huber, Alma Mosley, Gloria Mosley, Billy Keith, Wayne llcBee, J.W. Mayes, Sammy Scharber, Quarles Gipson, James Prince, Everette Schockley, Hamer Henderson, Larry Prince, Mrs. Stewart Third row: Anna Ruth Douglas, Dimple Judkins, Elizabeth Ann Gralher, Ollie Mae Burt, Gracie Lee Carson, Jwell La Fevers, Yvonne Walker, Charolet Wrick, Marvin Brezer, James Weaver, Hugh Thomas Bryson, Harry Prince, Johnny McGaha Fourth row: Herschell Rickets, George Robertson, Joe Carter, Bob Warner, Alden Woodall, Joyce Tucker, Della Cunningham, Ruth Hannan, Lois Jean Delzell, Mildred Rollins, Wilma Ruth Arledge, Jack Lee, Mike Kennedy, Ralph Sanders 5t""' 'UQ 9- , 13 R51 -s ax: X M - fd 22 D uniorfi First row: Mary Lou Baker, Gloria Sanders, Kathryn Knight, Jeanette Vaughan, Joyce Copper, Jean Roark, Sylvia Cotten, Bobbie Prince, Wilma Reynolds, Robbie Prince, Eunice Adams, Sylvia Bobo, Mr. Terry Second row: llarie Medley, Jo Nell Cowan, Juanita Cowan, Jean Wilkerson, Kathryn Morris, Eleanor Warmbrod, Laura Henley,Daisy Joyce Syler, Dorthy Jean Shasteen, Florence Tucks, Ruby Hill, Billie Ann Epperson, Dot Roland, Billy Quintrell. Third row: Genny Lou Gibbs, Alline Tucker, Glenn Wilkerson, Elizabeth Garrison, Thelma Smith, Thelma Jean Hoosier, Billy Prince, llllovyne Silvertooth, llargarite Smith, Betty Wiseman, Ann Simpson, Peggy Grimes, Pat Ha lkersmith, Betty Graves, Sue Foster. Fourth row: Jennie Mae Fanning, Annie Sue Powers, Betty Medley, Elizabeth Eckerd, Billy Harrison, Reece Green, Billy Knott, Parker Ake, Cranford B ownfield, Charles Holt, Polly Hill, Patricia Brooks, Jean Hawkersmith, Vida Riddle, Linda Sheildo ,pf Waiting for the enior Year 23 -.jEgZ1f7 CPIWIQQIWER5 First row, left to right: Elize Hall, Jimm Tipps, Eloise Sanders, Jimmy Jackson, Betty Hayes, Anita Gipson, Joyce Warren, Jane Knight, Joann Wambrod, Vivian Dean, Martha Mason, Kenneth Lefeveres, Gordon Jones. Second row: Miss Grace Eichenberger, Betty Farmer, Nancy Hughes, Joyce Phillips, Joann Scharber, Jenelle Holder, Fay Shasteen, Sarah Ann Ake, Marie Denny, Florence Weddington, Betty Hargrove, Barbara Finny, Lucille Painter, Mr. Bratton, Clifford Carlton. Third row: Maxine Hodgers, Lucille Long, Frank Crcwnover, James Bradford, Bates Loftis, Earnest Jernigan, Louise Hester, Carrie Lee Johnson, Freda Ake, Shirley Holmes, Shirley Keith, Betty Bennett, Willie Sue Parton Emma Jean Hoosier, Robert Black. Fourth row: George Woody, Glenn Moore, Connie Trussell, Joa Warmbrod, Jimmy Henderson, Mary Ann Taylor, Dortha Stafford, Saddie Adams, Geneva Lawson, Evelyn Halk, Dimple McClure, Betty Jo Coffelt, Doris Steele, Lula Mae Potts, Kathryn Seals, Nancy Dickens. Fifth row: Ray Judge, Jack Dean, Kurfees Bosewell, Norman Partin, Clofton Caldwell, Marshal Boyd, Alonzo Partin, Sidney Bobo, Billy Plattenburg, Ralph Reiben, Fred Cunningham, Jean Abbot Jean Wilkinson, Sharlie Clark, Jeanette Rogers. Sixth row: Billy Ray Crant, Kenneth Cowan, Stanely Keith, Jim Hawkins, Bobby Little, Jackie Crabtree, Don Green, Roy Huffer, Joe Myres, Carl Geer, Haskel Neal. ' C is v f 1 ..a Sjgikq A , - r I 1 f fffiigdqia-wwf W o Q 24 A .SZIQ OIT! area First row, left to right: Roberta Smith, Betty Lou Vaughn, Douglas Syler, Charles Garner, Ruby Foshee, Annie Chitwood, Billy Stewart, E. C. Carson, June Warren, Mary Jo Wilkinson. Second row: Mr. Moon, Sara Henson, Evelyn Grant, Mabel Parker, Emma Jean Swann, Kay Holland Delores Custer, Peggy Weddington, Jo Ann Terrill, Clara Ray, Jo Ella Finney, Ethel Lynn Garner, Jean Crick, Mrs. Murray. Third row: Paul Bratton, Billy Swafford, Amanda Ann Waggener, Dorthy Evelyn Hill, Fay Stevens, Barbara Payne, Jeanette Johnson, Audrey Bondurant, Mayme Couch, Joyce Powers. Fourth row: Tom Harrison, Buddy Lee Hill, Mary Finney, Brownie Solomon, Imogene Farris, Nadine Maurer, Marie Sutherland, Jimmy Kinningham, Bob Kelley, Billy Dunn, Juluis Lightfoot, Leland Northcutt, Beverly Hatchet, Carol Hogan. Fifth rows. Howell Rowe, Earl Armacha, Jim Price, Walter Chattin, Haden Hill June Harris, Glenna Sue Gipson, Mary Ellen Woods, Willie Ingleberger, Mary Ann Warmbrod, Alice Knott, Lura B. Grider, Mary Bass. Sixth row: James Kennedy, Walter Chruch, Ray Henely, Russell Gilliam, A. B. Rodgers, Owen D. Benson. J - f ff? Axzl , L- B A SA- 1' If mek eegfn- -Q , if fe' 425g L42-4 Fi .yr ggggg ' 25 r X liZ2L1l5lgl7l6V1 First row, left to right: Buchanan, Barbara Grant, Second row: Coach Heed, Grady Payne, June Money, Peggy Watkins, Beverly Eurt, Shirley Earl, Mrs. Hogan. Thrid row: Judy McDowell, Irene Spencer,Carl Finney, Norman Haney, Peggy House, Jo Ann Mullins, Harriet Harris, Ann Baby Yfiller, Buena Painter, Mary Coop, Phillis Hatchett, Mildred Gass, Eganges Denton, Fourth row: Margaret Huffer, Jo Ann Bratton, Ophelia Brown, Connie Johnny Williams, Jack Bean, fommy Maxwell, James Gipson, Charles Crick, Richard Ray, Jane Tuck, Era Ellen Zimuerman, Elsie Morris, Tommy Majors, Bob Smith. David Peyton, Duffle Carlton, Willa Ann Hitt, Faith Settlege, Lily Ingleburg Harold Stevens, btubblefield, Doris Annie Laura Powers. Shelly, Mary Em a Looney, Patricia Cowan, Barbara Hastings, Louise Clark, Kenneth Hannah, Jo Ann Trussell, Docia Goff, Stella Farris, Jo Ann Hollins, Alice Sanders, Peggy Harris, Beatrice Watson. Fifth row: Norma Cowan, Vivian Brownfield, Betty Jo Chapion, Willie Holt, Harold Hardy, Herman Pickney, James Amacher, Wayne Garrett, Kenneth Holder, Mack Summers, Bobbie Nell Champion, Frances Weaver, :etty Ann Sells, Marie Eslick, Mattie Ann Garner, Joyce Banning. Sixth row: Bob y Elkins, Uonald Holland, Marguerite Hawkins, Evelyn Johnson, Haskel Stewart, Betty Mooney, Betty Jean Finchum, Imogene Walker, Sue Knott, T-iary Louise Myres Mary Scott. , a" "' , S .- ,Q ff agp. gg ' y SIEXEI' saw 'i f-of P 9 Wi Aim L -Q ' Cas ..AaLl-nk.- BI' 9 4 iiSZL1Z5l4l1l4?Il First row, left to right: Loyd Clark, Ronald Judge, George Gipson, Shirly Hasty, Floyd Gillam, Mable Vetitoe, Rooxanna Knott, Ann Arlege, Elizabeth Hargrove, Billy Winter, Dudley Garner, Kenneth Garner, Charles Pye. Second row, left to right: Mrs. Nicholson, Leon Duncan, Gile, Pennett, Hoyett Sells, Frances McNight, Margaret Adams, Doris Clark, Frances Stewart, Johnny Little, Malcolm Cardwell, Jorene Stovall, Shirley Hill, Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Medford, Mrs. Floyd. Third row, left to right: Jimmy Zimmerman, Phoebe Garner, Louise Marable, Jean Medford, Alnarene Brazier, Mary Farmer, Frances Gillam, Ann Ward, Shirley Sutherland, Earnest Morris, David Shelton, George Byrom, Frank Rogers, Earl Cowan, Geneva Sanders. Fourth row, left to right: Glenn Latham, Louvine Hice, Patsy Long, Johnny Cum ingham, Floyd Anderson, Polly Keith, Ann Roark, Sammy Willman, Jackie Martin, Donald Gipson, Jim y Watson, Jerry Hall, Iva Nell Allison, Mary Lee Gifford. Fifth row, left to right: Conly Limbough, Eddie Crabtree, June Neal, Jean Neal, Irene Cole, Peggy Jones, Josephine Riddle, Earline Woodall, Mary Elizabeth Smith, Betty Algood, Jean Norvell, Gail McBee, Earnestine Tahaffey, Jerrine Kirk, LaverneTaylor, Kerlean Northcutt. Sixth row, left to right: John Hill, Sidney Cole, Floyd Cambell, Bobby Wells, Lock Baker, Jim y Stewart, Bill Farris, Thomas Luttrell, Herman Fraley, Gordon Payne, Bob Goode, Jimmy Foxall, Herman-Koilen, Everett Woodall. Seventh row, left to right: Fred Zimmerman, Jackie Hill, Olivia Smith, Elizabeth Ann Elliott, Shirley Gipson, Donald Henley, Harold Castell, John Meritt, Eddie Gammons, Pete Garner, Jimmy Pack, JimmyBookout, Estill Garner, Carl Crownover, Charles Elliot, Parker Smith, Freddy Finchu . W G ,- Y E J .X 25 . P' in 27 HY' AQ? vi' fr ,NNW i t 1 T s W' CLASS HISTORY The history of our class is somewhat limited because we are only one year old. we began our Freshman year as two separate classes, one at Franklin County High School in Decherd, and the other at Central High in Winchester. The two schools made no difference, however, we were still 'green as grass'. Our Sophomore and Junior years were also spent sepa- rately, but we carried on our various activities such as outings, parties, and inter-class contests. In our Junior year we each entertained our respective Senior classes. The 'LQ-'SO session, we became the first graduating class of the new Franklin County High School. The foot- ball queen was one of our cutest girls, Bobbie Yokley. Faye Brownfield and John McBee represented our class as candidates for King and Queen of the first Harvest Festival Mary Fandrich represented us in the contest to select Miss F.C.H.S. Mary Sue Stubblefield and David Payne were the 'Southern Belle' and 'Rebel' on our Home-coming float, a colonial mansion, which won over all competition. Our Senior trip to Cedar Forest and Nashvi1le,and the lovely Junior-Senior party were also two memorable occasions. we shall never forget the solemn dignity of our Baccalaureate Sermon and GRADUATION, and the beauty of our Class Night Program. This year was the climax of four years' hard work, study, and good times together. It brought us to today when some are finding employment, and others to home- making, while a few are seeking higher education in the colleges of America. .erases-.afaa fvff I, I, and ju I, I, ! . 4 SVNIOR CLASS WILL Joan Jackson, leave my ability to get along with teachers to Willie R. Holt. Billy Chitwood, leave my typewriter that ju ps spaces to Crawford Brownfiedl, tery nerves in Shorthand to T W Hayes Haron Smith, leave my studying ability to John Hill Bobbie Ann Yokley, do will to some deserving person who IIGHT clang them at the right time my position as cymbol player in the band I. loving I, F1n1s Jones, do leave with Pauline Ray my ability to translate the moonlight sentences in Ir Myers's Spanish class for the term, 'SO-Sl Lee Gipson, Jr leave my ability to slip through the hall without a permit to anyone with the nerve to try it I, hope th credits I, to Joyc to take to save Riddle , Jean Eliza heddington, will my love for bookkeepin to my sister, Florence, and at she appreciates it Frances Campbell Gunn, will my ability to marry young to Pauline Ray. Charlie Hickerson, in supposedly sane mind, will my ability to be given h from Jr Myers to Joe Warmbrod, as he will probably need them Tom Knapper, will my ability to play in the band to anyone who will have it. Rebecca Wilkinson, do solemnly bequeth the back seat of Mr Keele's bus abeth Potts and Irene Cole Bertram Long, will my football managing to Joe Warmbrod Shirley Ray, will my hearty appetite and my ability to go on a diet to to Eliz I, I, Mable Parker and Joann Bretton, respectively Pefgy Hughes, will my ability to be majorette during my years in high school e Phillips Alberta Clark, will my long fingernails to any freshman girl who isn't going typing Dorothy Huber, will my shorthand ability to anyone that can handle it. , Verna Bowlen and Martha Ann Prince, will our short hair to any boy who wants money when he has his cut Albert Keith, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Billy Keith. Karene Fraley, will my history book to anyone who will use it more than I did. Ann Allison, will what's left in my history book to Florence Tuck. Johnnie Jackson, will my silly laugh to Jean Hoosier Tommy Terrill, will my ability to pass physics to anyone who takes it next year. Annie Hawkins, will my beautiful figure to Jean Roark John Sutherland, will my physics book to anyone good enough to learn from it. Helen Ellis, will my ability to get a diamond during my senior year to Vida Turner, will my ability to postpone marriage until after graduation to Lil Swann Bob hilliams, will everything I have, except Nancy Dickens, to any dumb Junior who will have it Willis next ye I. John Hill, w1ll my curly hair to Jack Lee R D Turner, will my ability to make D's in American History to Boston Mantooth. Mary Myers, will my love for math to anyone who 15 crazy enough to take it. Alma Stewart, will my abilit of babysitting to Betty Weisman Ellen Josephine Gass, being unsound of mind will anything I own Qexcept Jimmy to Annie Chitwood Jim Terry, will my fullback position to Ed Snmmons Odell Counts, will my ability to catch boyfriends to Joan Davis. y Marguerite Sherrill, will my studious ways to any junior who expects to graduate ar Virginia Anderson, will Billy Taylor to Daisy Joyce Syler, since Mary Fandrich is graduating with me I, I, be teas I, Hawkins Lois Maxwell, do not will my ability in any subject to anyone Bobbye Williams, will m nickname, Peggy, to Eleanor Warmbrod, hoping she won't ed by Mr Moon as much as I was Irene Elliott, will my ability to associate with loud mouths like Annie I to Roberta Smith. , I, E . Q . . .I, . s . . . r I, K . In . . . I, " ' . I, . I, . . X We .. ' I, . . . 0 . K I, ' I, . H . I, ' . I, ' I, ' ' ' . , I, ' I ' I, . n . . I . 1 v 4 I, ,. . . U I, . V I U I, . . ' I4 A ' A ' I, . . if . . . 0 IS . . . r I, . . . V . I, . . I, . . A . . 0 I O so CLASS W ILL CContinuedD I, Fay Brownfield, will the strength of my jaws obtained by chewing bubble gum to Sylvia Cotton, also my flaming red hair and high temper. I, Bertha Reynolds, will m ability to get by in plane geometry to Dorothy Rounsaville. We, Retha and Letha Durm, will our ability to finsih school after marriage to Betty Weddington and Jean Hawkersmith. I, Glenn Little, will my pleasure in Mr. Baker's history class to next year seniors. I, Lyna Powell, will my fifth period monoter job to anyone wanting to get out of fifth period study hall. I, Betty Ann Chitwood, will my knowledge of American History to Ruth Hannah. I, Wilma Holman, will my ability not to get along with the highway patrol to Liffie Warren. I, Joyce Williams, will my well used tube of lipstick to Elsie Morris and Yvonne Walker, hoping they will make a lasting impression on some boy. I. parking Ia: at thes I9 In use it I3 basketb I, body, t Lara Bailey, will my hollow tooth to Jean Abbott, as it is a good place of bubble gum in Mrs. Lou's English class. Joann Gattis, will Kay Holland the ability to get the T. P. I. scholars e Sunday ball games. Evelyn Hawkins, will my A's to Sue Foster. Clara Wilkinson will my 2nd year Spanish book to Pauline Ray, hoping she will more than I did. Messy McDowell, will my good looks, serious ways, ability to make A's and all ability, to Ophelia Brown hoping she will do more with them than I did. Sam Hieben, will my ability to be president of senior class and student he same year to ' Jimmy Cunningham. I, Carl Matthews, hereby will to Glenn Wilkerson the responsibility of taking care of my girls after I am gone. I, Patsy Buchanan, do will my love for Huntland students to Joan Scharber. I, Mary Fandrich, leave the privilege to the next years' geometry'class to give Mr. Bratton a piece of cake every Monday morning. D I, Hilda Pickney, will m ability to get past hall nmonstersn to Lois Jean elzell. I,Bill Snell, do hereby will my worn out, carved up, beat up, too short wooden leg to I, play it ny good Paul Bretton. Arnold Parks, will my tackle position to Bobby Little who,,I know, will better than myself. I, Margaret Wiseman, will my quiet voice and timid ways to Sylvia Cotton. I, Wayne Hunt, will my ability to build projects for Mrs. Warmbrod to Charlie Hopkins. I, Peggy Loveless, will my ability to lay out of Phy. Ed. to anyone who can get by with it. I, Parker Holder, do hereby will my ability as first trumpet player in the band to anyone who is long-winded. I, Gerald Copeland, will my ability to bu cigarettes off to anyone who doesn't I, I! is fool I: Is Billy H buy them. Wayne Hannah, will my love of hill-billy music to uCheetyn Roddy. Ralph Roddy, will my dumbness to let girls peroxide my hair, to anyone who enough to let them peroxide theirs. , Glen Prince, will my girl friends and intelligence to Billy Howard! Jackie McCallie, of strong mind and body, will my reckless driving to award, because I have quit. 31 Name Allison, Annie Anderson, Virginia Bowlen, Verna Brownfield, Faye Buchanan, Patricia Chitwood, Betty Clark, Alberta Counts, Odell Crownover, Ann Durm, Retha Durm, Letha Elliott, Irene Ellis, Helen Fraley, Karene Gass, Josephine Gattis,1Joann Gunn, Frances Hawkins, Evelyn Hawkins, Annie Holman, Wilma Huber, Dorothy Hughes, Peggy Jackson, Joan Loveless, Peggy Jackson, Johnnie McCreary, Alice McDowell, Mary L. Maxwell, Lois MYer5s MaTY Northcutt , Jean Pickney, Hilda Powell, Lyna Prince, Martha A. Ray, Shirley Reynolds, Bertha Sherrill, Marguerite Smith, Evelyn Stewart, Alma Turner, Jean Wggqington, Eliza W iams, Bobbye Williams, Joyce Winland, Frances Wiseman, Margaret Wynn, Mary Yokley, Bobbie Wilkinson, Rebecca Wilkinson, Clara Fandrich, Mary HORROR-SCOPE Nickname Ann Ginny Vernie Red Patsy Slim Birdie Granny Annie Maw Tubby Chubby Tivey Katie Specks Blondie Bang-bang Brains Grandma Willa Dot Peg Mousey Sleepy Clem Soupie Messy Sweet Pea Bird Brain Jeanie Hulda Liz Chigger Dimple Possum Pigtails Pinkey Al S01-my Liza June Willie Winnie Maggie Windy Yokel Becky Belle Farmer 'X' Weakness English Newspaper Fox WTerreyers Mr. Myers Maxwell Bookkeeping Jackie Mistletoe Chemistry A clean house A Syler Food Sailors Wynne Contact Lenses Baseball Gunfnsl Books Blankets Eddie Blue Eyes Al Sherwood W C D T History Sewanee Billy boy Chewing Gum Blue Skies Geometry Goon Marines Potftersl Opera Typing Short hair Long hair Jeeps Auburn Books Square-dancing BUYS Diamonds Custerds Ber hhubbyn MTSC Home Ec. 'f!ates David 32 ll 1 Ambition Own a convertible To get CStickD Be a model Have black hair Keep HScooteringU To get fat Move to Decherd Run a laundry Be Atomic Scientist Fred Smith Live on a fanm More food Live in Oregon Get married To act To catch one To collect gunns Own a blue ford Climb a mountain Be a secretary To be neat Go to Texas Be a stenographer Get an announcer Junior fJonesJ To grow up To marry Bill Give book reports Teach at Sewanee Bake perfect cake To sing To navigate a submarine To Reduce Bells Clay To teach To be like Eliz. Tailor To graduate Grow tall To teach at F.C.H.S. To be home making To get married To have a wedding To own a bank To have a honeymoon To be Miss America To design clothes To manage Nat. Store y To be normal . Jin, G HORROR-scoPE, 4 continuedl Name Bowling, Eddie Chitwood, Billy Cole, Jim Copeland, Gerald Forte, Marvin Garner, Herman James Garner, Gipson, Lee Hannah, Wayne Harrison, Francis Henderson, Hulin Hickerson, Charli Hill, Gordon Hill, John W. H0lder, Parker Holland, Clay Huffer, Don Hunt, Wayne Ivey, Robert Jackson, Kenneth Jernigan, Mark Jones , Finis Jones, Leon Keith, Albert Knapper, Thomas Little, Glenn Long, Bertram Luthi, Edgar McCallie, Jackie McKinney, Ralph Mathews , Carl Neal, Norris Parks, Arnold Payne, David Prince, Glen Powers, Jack Rieben, Sanny Roddy, Ralph Rogers , Harold Rogers , Marion Scharber, Parker Sisk, Robert Smith, Haran Snell, Bill Stewart, Jack Sutherland, John Swann, Frank Terrill, Tommy Terry, Jin Turner, R. D. Johnny wambroa, Williams , Bobby Williams, David' Yates, Billy Vaughan, Thuman , Nickname Weakness Ambition Bow Groceries To be called "Skinny" Woody Books To teach Coolie Mr. Baker To pass history Copie Maxwell House Coffee Handy man around the house Marv Bow Ties To be able to tie a bow tie Oscar Mountain Music To be a lefthanded Fiddler Jawxiex Bookkeeping To have straight hair Jr. Lilah To own a loud bathing suit Doc Estill Springs To be a drum major Andrew Jeanette Vaughn Ha! Henry Timid girls To get a job Carlos Wine, Women, and Song To inherit 'Blue Skies"' G01'd0 BaSebP-11 To cut ls out of 5 classes Johnny "A" To write a' best seller , Windy Music To be another Harry James Mud Burtha To be an artist Huff Mumps To talk a lot Specks Projects for Mrs.Lou To design Houses Bobby History Tests I To be a teacher Ken Mary Etta To go back to New Orleans Droopy The Senior Play To farm Fine Mrdlyers To have a permanent Timid B ook reports To be able to write themes Al Imperative moods To have a steady Clarence Bass Horn To play with Spike Jones Limpy Geo. Tech Tohe mother Glen Davis Bertie Nurses T0 coach Ping-Pong bhorty Blonds To be 6ft. tall Jack Birdie To be a live stock judge Lanky Vaughne To beat Marion Car-Car More girls To teach at Vassar Mutt Cows More Cows Tinny Football To weigh 300 lbs. Curley Cars To return to Sherwood Lighteningvernie To graduate out of Photography Jackie "D's"' :Ln history To get a history credit Sam Alabama To Join Ala. and Tenn. "Ru.ff"' .K Sophomore To rlm Cloverland Ice Cream Co Hovey Cotton To raise"'cotton" Mern Big League Baseball To graduate George Red Heads To own the Locker Plant The Brain Cards To be as Magician Cracker Maggie To be a bookkeeper Billy llr.Jared To draw a straight line N Jackie Engaged Gals To be principal of F.C.H.S. -m Jack Radio To be a reporter Shoes Square-Dancing Out do Horton Tommy Bookkeeping To finish a practice set Dude Fast Driving To om a Hot Rod R, D. To count To catch Counts Davie Acting To be 'The Great Loverm Sugar Nancy To raise the 'Dickens' Cheta Belvidere Football and more football Red Baseball To have freckles Thumb Queens To be crimson Clover King as HARVEST KING AND QUEEN Queen Fay Shas teen and King John A. Myers CRIMSON CLOVER PRINCESS AND COURT Mable Parker, Dot Rolland, Princess Evelyn Grant, Jean Roark, Beverly Burt MISS F.C.H.S. and RUNNERS-UP Barbara Grant, Miss F.C.H.S., Faye Shasteen, Sophmore candidate, Mary Fandrich, Senior candidate, Patricia Hawkeremith, Junior candidate. 35 Mcafiona! guidance ay 36 sgzcclenf Cjounci President ---- Sam Rieben Vice President ---- Lewis Lgftig Secretary ---- Shirley Ray Treasurer ---- Jean Roark First row: Jack Stewart, Gerald Copeland, Mary Fandrich, Bobbie Ann Yokely, Lewis Loftis, Sammy Rieben, Shirley Ray, Jean Roark, Kenneth Wilkinson, Betty Swann, Glenn Wilkinson Second row: Jean Medford, Mary Emma Lonney, Eddie Gammons, Joann Bratton, Louise Clark, E.C. Carson, Paul Bretton, Mabel Parker, Glenn Moore, Billie Swafford, Joe Warmbrod. 1. ff - fx 5 F? Q IW '11 37 fm CLA First row: Jean Dickens, Elizabeth Ann Grammer, Bobbie Yokely, Bobbye Williams, Kathryn Knight, Mary Lester McDowell, Delores Custer, Jean Turner. , Second row: Mary Myers, Patsy Buchanan, Audrey Whitaker, Virginia Anderson, Joyce Cooper, Reita Ann Papulanus, Brownie Solomon, Lyna Powell, Faye Brownfield, Mr. Langford. Third row: Peggy Loveless, Helen Bates, Lois Jean Delzell, Louise Clark, Jeanette Vaughan, Peggy Grimes, Hilda Pickney, Jeanette Breitler Evelyn Grant, Sarah Henson. Fourth row: Verna Bowlen, Wayne Hannah, Bobbie Young, Billie Swafford, Gerald Copeland, Bobby Williams, Glen Prince, Tommy Majors, Jeanette Johnson. rg, . V 5, L- 1 : ' I 'e nm 38 Eid CLA -59 x x First row: Miss Grandstaff, Kathryn Knight, Mary Finney, Erline Warren, Batt Swann, Mike Kennedy, Margaret Wiseman, Mary Fandrich, Marvine Garner, Lillian Swann, Audrey Whitaker, Eleanor Warmbrod, Loise Jean Delzell, Mrs. Stewart Second row: Mabel Parker, Joan Collins, Virginia Anderson, Mary Myers, Bobby Young, Eliza Weddington, Rebecca Wilkinson, Lyha Powell, Rita Ann Paplanus, Evelyn Grant, Carol Hogan, Peggy Grimes, Vita Riddle Third row: Fred Cunningham, Glenn Moore, Sammy Scharber, Jack Lee, John Hill, Fay Shasteen, Brownie Soloman, Delores Custer, Billie Swafford, Bett Jean Wilkinson, Elizabeth Ann Grammar, Joanne Warmbrod Fourth row: Mrs. Miller, Amanda Ann Waggener, Nancy Dickens, Peggy Weddington, Evelyn Hawkins, Marguerite Sherrill, Alberta Clark, Patsy Buchanan 39 Le CM First rowgleft to right: Jean Dickens, June Money, Louise Marable, Kathryn Knight, Shirley Earle, Mable Parker, Dimple Judkins, Helen Heath. Second row: Mrs.Richmond, Evelyn Grant, Lillian Swann, Gloria Sanders, Joyce Copper, Freida Ake, Shirley Holmes, Brownie Soloman, Carol Hogan. Third row: Sarah Henson, Margaret Smith, Peggy Grimes, Jeanette Vaughan, Shirley Ray, Joyce Powers, Jean Norville. Fourth row: Jeanette Johnson, Emma Jane Leech, Harriet Harris, Mary Louise Graham, Mary Cook, Jewel Lefevers, Alice Knott. Y , 1 , 72: S' 8 5 ' fn s Z " S 5 ,QQ if at AL - N fl ,JR f lag fb Nm 40 'V N we-. H f-we :xml-,.,,e ,. 1, 5 ,mf-0 f W of Flute-Mary kxm Warmbrod Oboe--Mary Fandrich Clarinets --Patsy Buchanan Bates Loftis Ellen Zimmerman Ruth Leichty Peggy House Billy Ann Scharber Jean Neal Willa Ann Hitt Kay Holland Charles Davis Neal Baker Sa:d.phones--James Prince Eleanor Warmbrod Mary Lee Gifford June Neal Trumpets-Paul Leichty Wayne Hatchet Parker Holder Billy Wilhoit all Mr. W. A. Buckley--Dire ctor jl 1 Xl BB xi 41 Trombones-Sammy Scharber Jimmy Zimmerman Kenneth Holder Freda Ake Horns--Betty Warmbrod Odessa Benson Robert Buckley Basses--Donald Buckley Adrian Zimmerman Baritone-Tom Knapper Percussion-Joan Scharber Judy McDowell Erie Buchanan Duffle Carlton Bobbie Yokely Ernestine Zimmerman Majorettes-Patsy Buchanan Peggy Hughes Clark Laura Jem Henley Jenelle Holder Joyce Phillips Beverly Burt .,..... .-.,., . -,Q E Mime um -W me A ffm I Q WWG gl X A AW X ,9'GKwpN'?g sf' FSF Alf 2 f -Y? D, y: ,L-fxggz-o X c"ofS- X 047,67 'I TQ! ul-'Y 5 L ,, L, AV Front row, left to right, Earl Cowan, Johnnie Williams, Shirlie Hasty, Grady Payne, Loyd Clark, Billy Dunn, Edgar Luthi, Norman Partin, James Henderson, Frank Rogers, George Byrom, Joe Bill Dudley, Malcolm Cardwell. Second row, Marshall Boyd, David Wilkinson, Eddie Bowling, Glenn Latham, Everett Shockley, Billy Knott, James Gipson, Owen Benson, Glenn Wilkerson, Kenneth Wilkerson, Kenneth Lefevers, Floyd Anderson, Parker Holder, Reporter: Gerald Stewart, Secretary: Mark Jernigan, Treasurer, Arnold Parks, Vice President: David Payne, President. Third row, Marshall Parks, Billy Taylor, Thurman Vaughan, Donald Holland, Kenneth Holder, Bobby Smith, Ray Henley, Howell Rowe, J. W. Mays, Marvin, Brazier, Jack Stewart, Herman Garner, Jackie McCallie, Everett Woodall, Robert L. Terry, Advisor: Jack Lee, Alden Woodall, Billy Stewart, Charles A. Gipson, James Kennedy, Mike Kennedy, Franklin Tucker, Fred Zimmerman, Johnnie Little, Kurfees Boswell, Richard Ray, Herman Stewart, Wiley Baxter, Joe Carter, Ray Wagner, Alonzo Partin, Bobby Lawson. Fourth row, Ernest Morris, Glenn Myers, Boston Mantooth, Jr., James Weaver, Ralph Rieben, Estill Garner, Carl Crownover, Conley Limbough, Leland Northcutt, Robert Black, Crawford Brownfield, Gorden Hill, Walter Church, Glenn Finney, Hugh Steele, Jack Powers, Jr., Tom Majors. Fifth row: Sheldon Robertson, Homer Henderson, A. B. Rogers, Douglas Syler, Kenneth Cowan, Bob Kelly, Leon Jones, Bobby Elkins, Floyd Campbell, R. D. Turner, Charles Holt, Jimmy Bookout, James Bradford, Loch Baker, Harold Castell, Herman Pickney, Clofton Caldwell, Ray Judge. ' 42 Hmmrmnuus vv-wwgffuwj President. ........ Lillian Swann Vice President .... Joyue Phillips Sevretaryo ooco 1 o n Sfafford Historian.........Betty Swann Sargent at Arms...Betty Graves Song Leader ..... ..Kathryn Knight Advisors , Mrs. H. A. Nicholson Miss Grace Eichenbergex Miss Christine Shelly 43 .425 ey 053.14 cm, First Row, Glenn Prince, Annie Hawkins, Ruth Hannah, Gracie Carson, Sarah Lynn Farris, Lily Warren, Second Row, Dimple Judkins, Alma Stewart, Evelyn Smith, Mary Wynne, Peggy Loveless, Mary Myers, Dorothy Huber, Gloria Mosley, Third Row, Virginia Anderson, Hilda Pickney, Evelyn Hawkins, Margaret Wiseman, Marguerite Sherill, Retha Durm, Jean Mosley, Alberta Clark, Fourth Row, Bertha Reynolds, Billy Chitwood, Wilma Holman, Johnnie Jackson, Carl Matthews, Instructor, Mrs. Robert Rowell Q3 ' N "' ' ' X 'Karel 4 S3391 I we-1' M4 I QI, 44 .Slap i o RIO' A U X N w , 4 , f Q Q? , , If l . .Y- unior may Tom Arsdale, who is girl-shy ------------- Oke Stimson, who 1sn't ------------------- Caroline, Tom's aunt --------------------- Anthony Arsdale, Tom's father ------ --- Sylvia Webster, Tom's pet aversion ------- Dean Marlow, Dean of the college -------- - Peaches Carter, Oke's present weakness--- Asma, a colored 'wash lady' -------------- Birdie Laverne, a movie aspirant --------- Barbara Sanford, who wants Tom ----------- Alfred Tennyson Mursatoyd, the class poet Chuck Mayo, Birdie's late affinity ------- nGirl-Shyn, presented by the Junior Class was a smash hit. It was the first school play the new auditorium. The play had a cast of twelve Juniors who capable actors and actresses. It was directed Stewart and Mrs. George Huber. 46 -Lewis Loftis George Robertson -Bobbe Young Parker Ake Jean Dickens -Sammy Scharber Sylvia Gotten -Jo Ann Collins Reita Paplanus Betty Swann B1 ily Keith Ed Simmons on April fourteenth to be presented in proved to be very by Mrs. Corrine -L 414 A.. enior pfay Paul Jones, who goes on a cram session... Johnny Warmbrod Mrs. J0nes, his mother.................... Patsy Buchanan Mr. Jones, his father.................. ... Mark Jernigan Junior, the kid brother... ...... Lee Gipson Mary, his sister......... ... Peggy H. Clark Jack, Mary's boy friend... ....... Jim Terry Jane, Paul's girl fr1end..... . ..... Hilda Pickney Mr. Smudge1y,the pr1nc1pa1......... ........ Jack Stewart Anna, the maid..:. ......... .............Virginia Anderson Lilah Johnson, in somebody's past.......... Bobbie Yokely 'Almost Summer", presented by the Senior Class on May 18, was the first of the Senior graduation exercises. Every- one says it was one of the best plays ever presented in the county. The play had a cast of 5 boys and 5 girls who carried their parts out to the letter. It was diredted by Mrs. Earl Warm- brod and Mrs. Minter Reed. 47 en for NP 48 ....-4""""d C4444 7194! .xgnal gaaoluallion fs!!-,ye 'N-vi" if ...xv-"' H ,Q rl 49 ui ,J vf xf N 1 ' . NM V , ,. A 'U I, , joozdaf First row: Billy Howard, Marshall Parks, Gordon Hill, Ray Waggener, Cecil Duncan, Johnny Henley, Wayne Hannah, Thurman Vaughan, Ed Simmons, Kenneth Jackson, Jim Terry, Johnny Warmbrod. Second row: Burtram Long fManagerD, Jack Stewart, Jimmy Cunningham, David Williams, Bobby Williams, Gerald Stewart, Sammy Rieben, Wayne McBee, Harold Rogers, John McBee, Billy Taylor, Bobby Little, Francis Harrison, Pete Garner. Third row: Coach Henley, John A. Myers, Jim Price, Arnold C. Parks, Ji my Foxall, Harold Green, David Wilkinson, Marion Rogers, Glenn Little, Jimmy Hawkins, Lock Baker, Bobby Smith, Jimmy Pack, Coach S. C. Reed, Coach C. E. Buttrey. Fourth row: Ralph Rieben, Jerry Hall, Herman Pickney, Billy Platten- burg, Harold Mosley, Eddie Gammons, John Merritt, Fred Zim erman, Everett Schokley, Billy Farris, Freddie Finchum, Eugene Spray, Kenneth Hannah, Bobby Webb, Billy Ellis, Thomas Luttrell. woodburyeeo O11-'noone eel F 00018 Mcminnville 'Tacos use F o 0 ooo O she1byv111e o F .-.13 onlne one F Ol! 0 Tracy 7 any F one 5 Greenbrier. 0 -H F --- 8 Tullahomaelo OOO! 6 ll' F "' 6 Spirtaeoeoe oooooo13 occ F "fl CeMnA.n oooee oeoleonoseooooo F 010 Lswisburgoo 6eooceoooo0 F 10425 52 ' -0 flwfzaf ueen AM! Ciwf Left to right: Dorothy Huber, Senior Attendantg Betty Swann, Junior Attendantg Bobbie Yokley, Queeng Billie Svaford, Soph- omore Attendantg Doris Clark, Freshman Attendant. 53 T Z?L-wlfelgaf Kgs From left to right, Parker Scharber, Manager, Ray Waggener, Ed Si mons, John McBee, Kenneth Cowan, Billy Taylor, Harold Rogers, Jimmy Cunningham, Lewis Loftis, Captain: Pete Garner, Jerry Hall, Gerald Copeland, Manager Kneeling, Coach C. E. Buttery. Tullahoma.. Manchester. Shelbyville Blanche.... Woodbury... Flintville. B1anche.... Woodbury... Flintville. Huntland... McMinnville Tullahoma.. Manchester. Pulaski.... Shelbyville Huntland... McMinnville Bell Buckle St. Andrews St. Andrews IIOCQUQF CITIZZ5 oOQlllOF e0oooooFu no OUQFQ . .... ..F QQQQQOFQ UOIQQOOF IOODIIIFO oeeoeo0Fn OOOCOOOFC ueeeoeoFe OCOOOOOFI oooeooopu OOOOOIOFO OOIUIIQFO COIIIOOFC OOUOIIQF, oeooooopo oononoopo F 54 -v --W ----,I ,,., -f-31' :cw 1' ' Qiwgefgaff QI' A From left to right: Mary Fandrich, Manager, Mary Lester McDowell, Jean Roark, Faye Shasteen, Nancy Hughes, Gloria Sanders, Betty Graves, Lucille Painter, Barbara Grant, Barbara Hastings, Jeanette Vaughn, Jean Wilkerson Katherine Morris, Manager. Kneelingg Coach Reed Tullahoma.. Manchester. Shelbyville Blanche.... Woodbury... Flintville. Blanche e e O e w00dbuI'yo e e Flintville. e e McMinnville Tullahoma.. Manchester. Pu1aski.... Shelbyville Huntland... McMinnville Bell Buckle LA NOXOXO N OBO VJN NCD Z7 33 21 28 21+ 33 22 2 8 000.0ll 0000000 0000000 eoeoeee 0000000 oeeoeel 0000000 0000000 0000000 0000000 0000000 oilooee 0000000 C 0F25 I000000F 000l0l0F l00000OF F F F F F F F F F 0000000-F OOIIIIOF 55 F F F F IU C2Eg:lLNQlg6llp Front row, left to right, Jim y Hannah, bred Mitchell, Cleo Dotson, Lewis Loftis, Charles Painter, James Henderson, fBat boyb, Billy Taylor, Johnny Henley, Ray Waggener. Back row, left to right, Coach Bill Henley, Jimmy Cunningham, James Garner, Gordon Hill, Jimmy Hawkins, David Wilkinson, John McBee, Francis Harrison, Coach Buttrey. Shelbyvilleooooooo o QQQFQC Ste Andrews.. 00020 c QOQFQC Manchester .....0.....F.C McMinnville.. os 029 o 0 0 QFQC Shelbyville. s no a3ooco oFoC Manchester .....2.....F.C McMinnville. s o oo6uo o 0 OFQC Tullahoma ooeco7noe0gFqC Tullahoma oacoo9sooooFsC A' I g .u in gifacluafing joofgaf pgcyerd Front row, left to right: Arnold Parks, Jim Terry, Gerald Stewart, David Williams, Johnny Warmbrod Back row, left to right: Thurman Vaughan, Harold Rogers, Francis Harrison, John McBee, Sammie Rieben, Jack Stewart, Wayne Hannah, Glenn Little, Parker Scharber, Bertham Long, Coach Henley. ' xA ig NV , K, x PM Kai l Kava X I K r 1 'M , l Jr :Z J 7' V 4 Graduating Football Players 57 Yflfnning .Homecoming 575,64 Gwwning joolgaff Queen A,-W-----h WA LVVA,, Y -A ..--V ,L:- A-- Captain Marvel What a party! Innocence Youngest Freshman Billy Boy He says "Mama" My, my K. K. Is it wet boys? Little Libby Chuck 84 Birdie These strong seni Going somewhere? Hungry? Look-no hands 1 Ma.n's best friend Piggy back Ah, dream men! Concentration The EI-TD Fw. OTS I h . M-N-mwnqfze N- K,- COMPLIMENTS OF RIEBEN ELECTRIC AND RIEBEN MACHINE COMPANY COMPANY BOB WINTON AUCTION COMPANY and WINTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY JOHN DEERE TRACTORS AND FARM MACHINERY WINCHESTER --- DECHERD Y-.JI-A ,- 'iv 1 , FRANK PEARSON, IR. TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS and FIRESTONE PRODUCTS PHONE 3461 COWAN, TENNESSEE COMPLIMEN TS OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF FRANKLIN COUNTY DECHERD, TENNESSEE MEMBER O EDERA RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER OFF D I C WILLYS 1- SALES - SERVICE ALL MAKES-SIZES ANNUAL 1 PHOTOGRAPHY by SCHWARTZ sw1FT srumo WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE Phone 2434 WINCHESTER TENNESSEE -1-T' COLONIAL ' is GOOD A THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK BREAD IS 4 -If BANKING ON, YOU Distributed by WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE HERMAN FRANKLIN . B C R O O W C A K N GENERAL SHOE CORPORATION 'k "HOME OF FORTUNET SHOES" 'k COWAN, TENNESSEE Phone 2611 --- Phone 2621 BRAZELTON MOTOR CO Pontiac Cars-A. C. Tractors And Implements Wrecker Service Body Repair Work PHONE 2286 BELL BUILDING SUPPLY, INCORPORATED Lumber And Building Materials WINCHESTER, --- Phone 2459 TENNESSEE T TAfT,,,ijTTii3g A e A T NHT? 3 my ul X , Suyfxf? JA' COMPLIMENTS ' f Q..---f ' OF 'Vf::::cr:vT THE FARMERS STORE COMPLIMENTS TJF f c T LITTLE HARDWARE CHEVROLET COMPANY T Sales Service 'WWW WHNCHESTER,TENNESSEE Phone 2421 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE V ,..,.... Q A CONGRATULAWONS WINCHESTER MOTORS, To Incorporated THE CLASS SALES SERVICE of 1950 Phone 2277 COWAN STONE COMPANY V I A WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE ., R Y COMPLIMENTS OF H. T. GRANT MOTORS SALES E SERVICE WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE one 2612 CAMPUS GRTLL Franklin County Builders Supply COMPLIMENTS OF MARTlN'S FLOWER SHOP 9 ESTER, TENN COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF SlSK'S CLEANERS 0 mIUfh2Zt2f GLTUUITIKIB ' Clean Clothes Wear Longer o Ph 2573 I 1 COMPLIMENTS OF ..Tl.1 SARGENT'S BEAUTY SHOP TRI-CITIES PURE MILK COMPANY 'I' Grade A Dairy Products WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF COWAN CAFE BAGGETT PRODUCE Q Wholesale F uit: and Vegetabl 5 BURKHALTER-MOORE W N A C 'A' Y IE Dealers In I C S FARMALL TRACTORS A E and E R FARM MACHINERY ' COMPLIMENTS OF W DECHERD CASH GROCERY W. W. Collins 8: Son f 1 DECHERD, 1 TENNESSEE B 8 A C OF I ifr.Q..xs.e...umQ 1 ' I WINCHESTER TENNESSEE Y -I COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER M. HAYNES 1. - DEPARTMENT STORE SCHELL'S CAFE COMPLIMENTS OF SHOOK'S DRY CLEANERS COWAN, TENNESSEE Dial 2761 WOOTEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE A Home of those famous profit sharing stamps V TULLAHOMA, na , VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP comrumnms- I OF THE STYLE MART S LADIES READY-TO-WEAR Marvin Franklin wk 0 "Where The Woman Who Knows Arrow Shirts Buys Her Clothes" McGregor Sportswe ak Nunn-Bush Sho wmcl-ua , TENNE EST PARK'S FURNITURE CO On The Square 0 Phone 2101 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE KUHN'S 56 AND 106 STORE VAUGHAN HARDWARE CO., INC. Hardwareelmglements-Seed's Heating, Plumbing, Electrical Supplies Building Material Y WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE Phone 2266 PRINCE DRUG S TORE I I ,E N 1 McDOWELL'S Mo'roR co I COURT C b S rvice-Short O d L A CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC STUDENTS WELCOME WINCHESTER, TENNES QLDSMQBILE COMPLIMENTS OF HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE . WHIIZIIXWAY C . 'G ROCKET MOTOR 98-83-76 , GROVER-GRANT P lk " ou e ir ISWENGER AUTO COMPANY wi f.f,.f,,.I',.f'L.,ff,.,5 ANDERTON SEED AND FEEDCO: YQU SUPPLY THE GRAIN Fred M. Anderton, Manager M m., Dealers In cnngnggdlllny, seed, nnd Ph ' 2227 wx: SUPPLY CONCENTRATES wnnn nsnnn , JQHN 5, FANDRICH il..l T-1 COMPLIMENTS OF MOORE'S VARIETY STORE COMPLIMENTS "A Service With A Smile" OF DECHERD, - TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF A J. C. MOORE 8: SONS Phone 2222 L-T-1-1 A wmcunsrna, 'rzznmzssz-:E COMPUMENTS l coMm.uvxsNTs or-' A OF GARNER'S INSURANCE A-if--1 AGENCY GRANT'S FOOD STORES 'U' DECHERD, -- TENNESSEE COMPISSAENTS COMPLIMENTS Pownu. HARDWARE co. OF -lj- uscmznn, - 'rnumsssns C' C' comrumzms COMPUMENTS or OF WINCHESTER AUTO SUPPLY FRANCES VARIETY STORE COMPANY ' mzcnnno, ..- 'rnmusssns COMPLIMENTS CQMPLIMENTS OF OF ESSO SERVICE STATION C DECHERD' "' TENNESSEE wlucunsrsn, 'rsuussslas WINCHESTER - SERVICE STATION COMPIQJLVIENTS Texff: fzofucts MODERN DRY CLEANERS WINCHESTER, M TENNESSEE DECHERD' "' TENNESSEE coMruMEN-rs OF COMPLIMENTS or THE WINCHESTER ROBERT C. GRANT l'IERALD'TIMES Grocery and Market "Franklin C0Unf.Y,-9 Ne!-USPGPCVM WlNCHESTERFhone 2205 TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS - OF T. C. SIMMONS RIVOLI and MECCA THEATRES INSURANCE WINCHESTER 1 DECHERD WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE PEOPLES GROCERY CO. Western Meats and Groceries Phone 2496 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE EXCHANGE FURNITURE CO "Where Customers Send Tlxelr Friends" Electrical Appliances New and Used Furnlture Phone 2842 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE DIXIE SERVICE STATION General Auto Repairing Cn, Oil, Greue, and Acetylene Welding Phone 2206 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF CITY CAB COMPANY Prompt and Courteous Service WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE Phone 291 I COMPLIMENTS OF NATIONAL STORES THE ROWELL PHARMACY B A Safe Place To Buy Drugs WINCHESTER and DECHERD, TENN. WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE E- COMPLIMENTS OI: BROWN BILT SHOE STORE NICHOI-SON S a ' U COMPLETE NURSERY We Fl! The Feet Landscape Service WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE DECHERD, -- TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS COMELIMENTS OF or MARGUERITE'S PAN-AM SERVICE STATION BEAUTY PAR!-OR DECHERD' ' TENNESSEE WlNCHESTERFhone 2126 TENNESSEE Texaco Town C. C. COWSER See BILLIE'S FLOWERS For "Every Blooming Thing" Phone 2561 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE coMPuMENTs or-' WEISMAN'S LOCKER PLANT Phone 2346 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE Ladies Ready-To-Wear Infants Wear WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO. WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLES F. KNIES 8: CO. WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE JENKINS 8: DARWIN BROS. C0M"'g:'ENT5 LEWB L0"T'S' TAYLoR's REFRIGERATOR 2' Yu" AND RANGE SERVICE 'N Phone 3505 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS I COMPLIMENTS OF OF RUSSELL'S ..U.. RITTENBERRY DRUG CO. Winchester's Newest Department Phone 436, Store COWAN, TENNESSEE COGGINS AUTO STORE "Everything for the Automobile" Mas. n. 1.. coccms, Pm.. NICI-IOLSON'S FLOWERLAND Flowers and Gifts WINCHESQER' ffgma SEE PHONE zau COWAN, TENNESSEE COMPUMENTS coMm.xMENTs or or COPELAND'S CAFE WINCHESTER 5c and I0c STORE Phone 22,1 ppm., 2666 COWAN, TENNESSEE "Where Your Dollars Have More C ents' ' H. G. HILL GROCERY COMPLIMENTS or DELUXE DINNER CLUB Fine Fouls COWAN ROAD PHONE 2912 COMPLIMENTS CONIPLIMENTS OF OF DECHERD THRIFT REEDYS ST'ORE DECHERD, - TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS 0F OF HARRIS DRUG STORE HOLMES CAFE DECHERD, TENNESSEE DECHERD' TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS f00I?l.IsON?TS OF . , gr. C. H. McDOWELL French Dry Cleaning 15 Pressing Phone 2432 WINCHESTER, TENN. CUMBERLAND GROVER and GRANT MOTOR PARTS FURNITURE Automotive Parts Wholesale Westinghouse Appliances WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE J' B' CO' For the Everlasting Graduation Gift S , "Let Time Jewelers Serve 'Sales """"""' ervlce You Every Time" Cars and Trucks .Ievireler for the Teen-Ager PHONE 2139 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE BEST WISHES COMPLTSENTS GULF STATION WINCHESTER sALvAcE co. Waslffg'2"'8f'Efasing PW" 2607 WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE m..,,.. 2816 SHORTVS MccoLLUM's SERVICE STATION suon-rv TIMMS, Mp. Goodyear Tires :Q Accessories FOOD MARKET WINCHESTER, TENN. WINCHESTI-Ikrhone 2224 TENNESSEE Ph' 2295 'WINCHESTER MILLING CO. COMPISIQIENTS Phone 2305 E E TATI N Purina Chows Baby Chicks WSQILTERT P S TENESSEE WINCHESTER, TENNESSEE Ph-me 2145 MYERSL? IHIYEARBOOKS :::E.. 0. 0 'n,': THE PACEMAKERS OF QUALITY n.. . . . , MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS 4' - my A " 'V' . :Q J 1 w 1 , w ,Q W N 'N 1 HT ij .13 4-21 fi: E 5. I L I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .2 I YI I .II . I I Q r I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I iiaii?iMIn1f+' 4 '- I+ I- -4' - ' """' 'WMI I 3 rw le., E'-ni vm , W I' ll Q M . I - 1 1 1- U N' , , 2 an I' .IH-r nl WML :.f,:..1.:.1a:. x' 1.1. anew 0.41:-11.1. w.':'.xf grrfn- '1z1fJfQ4:'-:vi ..., ex -mu:f.".,w: '-'w:,L-,:,4E.. - ' kftgw -.z ,ff-. -:- ' , --.ff-1--.:. -wmv ,.-' fu Lv: -'1--,'w:,vm-' ,uw ,-4 , . ., 1 -4 1 .-.v::--'-',i?n.v:.-1.1-if

Suggestions in the Franklin County High School - Rebel Yearbook (Winchester, TN) collection:

Franklin County High School - Rebel Yearbook (Winchester, TN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Franklin County High School - Rebel Yearbook (Winchester, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 80

1950, pg 80

Franklin County High School - Rebel Yearbook (Winchester, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 31

1950, pg 31

Franklin County High School - Rebel Yearbook (Winchester, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 44

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Franklin County High School - Rebel Yearbook (Winchester, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 17

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Franklin County High School - Rebel Yearbook (Winchester, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 18

1950, pg 18

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