Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA)

 - Class of 1955

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L J -ea-.nun -1 v-vw-Y-5 , W ,fe ,gg , is ' My . 3? Q' 'A ., Lx, Q91 ' 1 1 3 s is -QA 'sgwnu-an O Emma Music By C.L. Morris up y i y . . . "ALMA MATER" Jjjjj Q-5' jLdiJJIJ Dear A1 ma Ma ter Crimson White Hear our pledge Now of Lo yal tygTo I 1 5 . 5 r g l E J i 1 d i I.. .1 can 32.5 QL M 4 5 I , . Af,. F1-eedom's 1ight,Which everlf MW 3, .h l1.2+..-3-- f ' 1 9 1 1 i 1 ' Q ' H11 99' . sons 8. daughters pledge fs 'V u S 1 f' wr. xii X pmwi di ' Lo yal ty. ords By .A. Bonner B ledge, s h and -l-'- 1'1"-l THE . Published by the Senior Class of FRANKLIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL ROCKY MOUNT, VIRGINIA Nineteon'Hundned and Fifty-Five 1 I 14, A. II- f7 fi N-fn ,,, ,v,l'f L, yhg A A A' ' - "f f' 'I ' ' g X , , A .,. " ZfJ1f7,yJ'f,!-Ir,'1J lMWN,I,V!M14 Aj xg 2 44,-gf. 9, VL, 1 !frdV,:A U" Z f 4 I 17 L , ' , f 1 , f Av XJ fx! 1 j UI l'll'0l C Muslc means happmess and because we want our 54 55 Ammo to make everyone happy we are presentmg thus year s events In a muslcal manner We reallze all too well that lnfe us a serlous business but as for now we are gomg to abandon all care and store between the covers of thus book these treasured memorles of our early youth Here you will fund no dlscord but only harmony a harmony born of a dlverslty of thmgs From the Prologue of the erghth grade to the grand Flnale ot the Seniors at graduation this IS your Symphony of We shall show you how more than IOOO persons each umque can work study and play In dlverslhed courses toward drversrfled goals yet live In an atmosphere of mutual respect and harmony All of thus we do rn a gay and happy mood so that m the years to come you may glance through thus Ammo and close rt softly wlth a gleam In your eye a smule on your llps and a song m your heart UI 1 lm IJ 4 ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES FEATURES . . SPORTS . . :V ld, . . , I I I I I I I . . . . . ,, I ' Il Llfe. I I I I I I . . . ' I , . O I O I I I ff QE ,Na ,Lf To a man who is to our school as the about all fields of future lifetime occupa- violin is to a symphony-a basic instrument, services and professions, to a man whose actions constantly to One Wl105e qU0lll'le5 of dY'WmlC affirm his deeply felt principles, Ch"lSl'l0n ideals, l0Ve for his and his wholehearted interest student body have become an to us and indispensable to to one who knows something about County High School, practically everything and knowledge in his physics class class from mathematics to language, to one who has given himself for the betterment of Franklin County High School, to our guidance director, teacher, and friend, we express our sincere appreciation H and dedicate this, the l955 "Animo" to to one who possesses the ability to guide and advise college-bound students MR. BRUCE M. KENT 35 r.9n .xdlolareciafion Mr Harold W Ramsey Superintendent of Schools Mrs Peggy Love Secretory Davldmans Dept Store eve cure ella QM WHO MANAGE In order to have a successful symphony, it must have a very manager. ln order to have a fine School System such as we have, there most cap- able superintendent. We have this, we have a the vel- fare of the of Franklin County at all in his power for their people of Franklin County have profited greatly during his long years of service and will continue to do so. Our Public School Symphony plays on with its splendid conductor of whom we are very proud . . . Mr. Harold W. Ramsey. 'Q T 'f -4 hae 761 nxi .ry , ,f -'Lp' w+'174h.,Q Q.. uw. .. fm f4 wwf .mn-"""' .-'ff' .,.l' 'X nl? ' S Q . Elto . ne r up Mrs. Margaret Motley Secretory Z Rocky Mount Jewelry GRADUATION! J!! I 2 UU l!l'I":l do UH! ll fl To me the word HARMONY rings a note of warmth and cheer. It is as close akin to friendship, unity, love, cooperation, and beauty. It there is harmony in music, art, color schemes, dress, arrangements, then is beauty and aesthetic appeal. if there is harmony in one's life and there is happiness and here we ultimate aim of every individual. happiness there is discord and discord in music is an irritatin noise to the ears of the musician. lt is meaningless and out of place. Discord in one's living habits and relationship with others rules Mr. Cecil Doss Business Manager Economics out happiness and love. In the words of man then becomes" . . . as sounding or tinkling cymbal." musical theme for this edition of Animo is appropriate during this age of the atom. Without among nations there can result for all. So, as in all matters of human behavior, it is up to us as individuals to govern the nature of society through the individual's pattern of conduct. This brings the credit or blame for the condition of human affairs directly home to you and me. Mr. Bruce Kent Guidance Director Physics Montgomery Hardware Mrs Elizabeth B Alexander English Miss Lula W Ayers Typing ff, ,JOM-. Mlss Rebecca Randolph Mrs Betty R Bowman Mr James T Brace Baird Bookkeeping Shorthand Social Studies English ml' nv-"' Mr James D Burwell Band Choir 'Z' Mr. Willard Cannadqy Miss Emily Carper Miss Natalie Carroll Mr. Irvln Dillon Chemistry English, Spanish U. S. History, Physical Education Burnett's Dept. Store U. S. Government I2 ...fd 40 aw f , 'TZZ7 Mrs Maggne Gardner Home Econarmcs Muss Nanme Gravely Bookkeeping Offlce Practlce Shorthand M7 -0 48 K? Mrs Thresa Gravltte Mrs Bertha Gruver Mrs W H Guyer Mrs Ora Hagler Enghsh Typmg Scnence Dnetman Mathematncs Scnence T7 Mrs Kate A Hamhn Mnss Myrtle Harnson Mlss Ruth Hunt Mr Walter A Hunt Englush Llbrary Enghsh Mathematics Algebra 13 Mr Vlrgll Goode Ar 11 Mr W R Jamlson Agrlculture Mr Moms Law Englvsh U S History Speech Bef Mr James N Lovell Mrs Margaret T Lovell Mr John Lunsford Mrs Mlckey Morris Typing General Business Englnsh Soclol Studnes Agrlculture Physncol Educohon Mrs Eunice N Myers Mrs Catherine Nester Mass Mary Ann Patterson Mr C Nelson Payne Government English Home Economlcs Algebra Math Judge A H Hopkins 14 2 X N A E, 7 .,, Q, y CLCM f Mrs. Nina F. Payne Physical Education Mrs. Word Day Peake Piano G 'QR Mnss Mary Ellen Peregoy Mlss Jone Pharr M155 Nqorm Pnllomon Scnence Arts and Crafts U S Hastory Civics Mothemotrcs Mr Albert Stephen Rrchords J Physlcol Educohon Mr Edwin T Robertson Mrs Betty Brown Shearer Mrs Annie hurmon Mrs Clyde R Turner AQfICUIlUT8 English Loran Wo d English sjaau 71449 WH ngrdmf Brady All 2 'SVN XX MCM Muss Elsie Turner Englnsh Socnol Sfudles Penmonshlp and Spellmg Mrs Ida P Turner Math Sclence Mr H A Watson Agrnculture ff Mr MacDameI Williams Mr M A Wullnams Mr R C Wllhams Mr Vernon Zeh Busnness Low Agrnculture Bnology Bunldmg Custodnon DISffIbUfIV6' Education Dxversnfled Occupatnons Bankers Trust Company A Faculty meeting In room 105 16 1 ,Wg Mw- Wifi will M' fy 7 1 Q I min i mm in f Q ,ww Y,-Lie 5, 5 ,K 2 i?,,,ft,: I ,ffggfggijj A wwf .,.,W,L, 52335212 ' twig . " ' mia , Home room announcements ,--, -,Q ..h. W ,..,.w 1' O 4 " 4 f . .wt N4 .,....- ,,.- if-10 ,.... ,Nh M "" ,,f ff' ,ua H J lvw , M - vs ,, H W A Age-4.,, 34 H HH 0 mr X f . LF' 4 '--M.. 1 raslmll' 2 ..,,.,,.,,MW,.,,,.,, Qqnwvl' , ,,,,.....W.M-ww W Y r"V"" E , KR if ' 11 fi H human '- 5 r M WW, 5 s . ! 5, f 5 fz if fifwf ' 15 ' w L31,5::F ..1 'T' A x iff ' . 1 7 N? V . Nix X 1 S , f, gy 3 i E i f 3 11 fi af gl fi a -W V Mg, 1 X4 , f ii ijif? six pi W ,2+fX1q? f , -,EFF .gg K ' ff? L-:Lf JY 1 gn- - ll ll Tea for Two .fuk Eighth graders have hew experiences in exploratory classes sa 118' - Q, x, , V. -a Q e .. if fiffiii V 1- .. ' rL" 'fam xr-3 f' f f v I I R'-.- I .,,.".'fnY'l E is ff Spanish and Latin are our fareign languages . 1' 3 ,KS n 2 pri' ,ibig qi 1 5 vm., fx Mfg. iii? 4 Q E' annie. if 5, may if WLM-ZW Gr 67'-Zfmff-ff M 1,49 1 4- L L. 1 ' ' L. wa, if xMg,,ri.f ,fy f, I ff. I1 ,ff f .1f',,, ,H ' ' r r - - "" 'M"A" A , If f' ,u...w4ACA1',.u- Mfg, ., I X' X A4 5 , if I H' -N ,f Starting with the A-B-C of it, right down to the X-Y-Z ot it." -Penmonship Class 1 .3 , 5 U31 yn! ,, I 1 ,Q ,vi :lv-be A--3 .- gy'-4 at Q A Students prepare for the Future through Diversified Occupations and Economics instruction 3 ' . gil 1 'nil Vw H. SpA wg...-.---- wut www -I f,ffR . I f ' F it-1 1 P I ' L' 3 ' I h PHS. LU Q 1 G A r, , . Ll' Q W A - ' - - ' ' vi' .lui kenaf A Manu fuk A 4 ,Y LA1l!:i.-:Ii'u. ' ' T 'U ' H. I ' ' - " Q .. ' " ' Q' L , 8. ,,,.,.1QD ra nah-fic " iq -' 1 UL 7' xi" a ' D gqw-Lf' " . WI if-H' I as - . J ' 4 1.0,t,irC ot V . og . - cguffh Fl""xd FJ A 1 f A F' 1 Eng 2:1'.-7' I . YQ at ., I , -"'? . wsszuq, I ,psp f K -54 wx t ' as ' Av ' Students increase their knowledge through advanced mathematics 1: me-' to F1 Q sail .L "Chopsticks" iii i P' V S N N- f- f ,aff , 5- sb -' 'M Q 'L ,H- Q-"""'1 -is There's No Business Like Office Business" 5 'riff'-1 Memories lish Twelve-A ZKNO3 + 3C + S I "Sh-Boom" ' . Y ' 5 6 fgfdnl V A ssh' 'Ty ' -H. 9 - J t xt v., f 'V ' y 'O' . x,'1fEd'ox,'j-?Q,4M3f?4.b 5' . --br p'safyr'!11xJ5'9', "-f'fvN:.g'f.- 'A' 'ififx as .Eight graders find a new world through colors in Art class Jr digg!! R ' if f Ahh:-'ffl -sf-19' t , f ,f. , WV, ,Y .nn- hw, ', 1 7 W 1 -sa IW' C 0 +- an learning by .x o 0 n. UI o ll cn .E 1: L o 0 -I . L , 1 ff V -r 6 Y L... . , , WW V f Q i ak P- of stud 11 I' Hou Lovely llo 1-4-ar' if ... if 2 'fs . . we ' KM""'+sl"' ftwy' 'il ...i 4 , L K7 e v 1 Q Ng ,'rq'.:', 1 FE L Yi: X I . in A, , x N., I , Mr. Bonner keeps promise to Student Body "Goin' Home" :Life , l .uf-5 K4 ,Ili :i -ug.-,Wm -L 1-:.e wie-, i H7 A ii' sa!! :Q , ff V' M. , 4 X' A"v , . . XZ ff! ,X X' . wb ., 4 f-.?"f4afl"" n " We f' 'ifrf' "wiv +V? , Y-rx , . Q - H,,,,i-1-P, -,Rive fe - 511,45 ug: K , Qgwzifyw ,. gf?-42264 SFIQA 5,3 Ai, rf, W' gtk ge ' Ain" f 9,f'Qj.L1Q' ' 4 ,L ff U ' A ,A , , I 0 'H' Z Z-fp r 'A -amgvfg, .A,TL1rw3Ejw:1'q3,,f34'L- 1 V ' 3-,M my V gf -,ig 4 ..-,.g-mm, ' W 4, M.. Q ,V I ,fd-L3xiii54,k4kagwYf', if Q. I , V,Ml,7,i?,35f , ,. , 4 4 lj ,Qf'ff"?"'.Z' ' ' ' ' - g, v , 4 . . r"',i ' n 3 x 'X K : rs- .-. Q-, N 5 ,,- 4 . V, V4 ,, .5 V I 'KV-, 4 NN M M ' v I ku '-w..,N 'N in W -,xxx -t :nuns x . 4 -. 1515.1 x- . e,--.. - SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Douglas Divers. .,.,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,AA,, President Wayne Bennett ,,,,.., .. .......,. Vice-President Patsy Jefferson .,,..,....,,.A.AA,..,.,.,..,,, Secreta ry-Treasurer me jinai O! N ur gI'l'I,l0A0l'lg,, . - . After five years the Class of '55 reluctantly bids farewell. lt has been our extreme joy and privilege to see a new school born and grow to an enrollment of l,lO0'students. The opportunities which accompanied the growth were too great for us to contain. Now a new door swings wide, and we leave the protected security of our high school life to pick up the torch of those who have gone before us and meet the challenge of the future. To our teachers, the caretakers of our lovely school, the folks in the cafeteria, to everyone who has made these the happiest years of our lives, we say, "It will never be like this again. Our paths may sever, but we'll remember forever. Deep in our hearts, we'll always love F.C.H.S." up nf N. Peggy Jean Adkins Penhook, Virginia 1 k,,.L.A'..4 A 'V ,1 1 K f A, f- ' ' ,f f .Al -ft-Q I 1 'Y' 5 NJ V .1 Seniors ,,,',,,,, Ralph Davis Akers Ferrum, Virginia K jig ,K V, 'bvflw-Q1 b .ffv'9'9" 'J if , L! ' I Oran Richard Anderson ' M-qu! nM4'0 Rocky Mount, Virginia ,KJ ,K 45' , ff ff? if we AMA f , Peggy de Angle Shirley Myrtl Arrington Doris Elizabeth Bandy Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Hardy, Virginia lSpeciol Sfudenfl ww Mi? Archie Wayne Bennett Rocky Mount, Virginia Coreto Ann Bennett Coy Dudley Bennett Clara Judith Bowles Glade Hill, Virginia Redwood, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Qin f4r-1 SENIQESQ5? L Hanel Wilkenson Bowles Barbara Agnes Bowling Rocky Mount, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia Deanne Vivian Bowling Barbara Jean Bowman John Maurice Bowman Lawton Kellie Bradley Ferrum, Virginia Boones Mill, Virginia Boones Mill, Virginia Redwood, Virginia l Carlton Albert Brooks Ida Alzie Brown UE QM4: Ruth Brown 'Y Redwood, Virginia Hardy, Virginia , 'I-hi, Virginia mf? 4,1 in we Mu ww, ffwi' ' if 45' "VW AL,,,v' ,Y ,L I - 9 ff! Shelby Jean Brown Ha Viv 'nia ' iz WM' 1-gg MJ. if f' 5 Ivy May Brubaker Wirtx, Virginia Ha rold Dean Cannaday ,DJ XZALQOKM L -72-fi A9455 405, fff?.1.4- Zflgff' A W1 ,gfg ,zffdg -Lffizarf' K X l f - . Il Qwy mf! i. , J, V f ' X Zola Maxine Brown ,jf W Union Hall, Virginia Q ' 'l V ,J ff Peggy Ann Brubaker Rabon Alton Bussey Joyce Marie Butler ly' Boones Mill, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Sydnorsville, J' . V7 f' f X B 1 Rocky Mount, Virginia l 1 91' 2? m ,,M,gQA,z A, f lay: f5:??' U "'f?l?Q:, L ,24 . W kv , .. uf-,,g, 'a 4 if 21 :Ji f' 1-M fi 3, - A V fx 1, X A i 7 , . .at M , -.W ,qw wr: 'I 25.62 "if -.E 15 mn if, T? -Q ffq K., ap W3 ' , mmf ' .f ffm? 7: W 43? . ., wi' 1-- -16, .M I . Hr ful' ,-, 3 , Mk I 1 E ,. , e M, .13 fi?- 444551 'M ' 1:2 , . I' V c A 4 V' was fg, , U ' 9' ' Q ff . if -nil ,sf-I :fig - I - K5 i ,s. , 4' , fx ,,,,, P I -favligfsifkwxr-es' l ,, 1. We Kwai cf - -Q. "1 " w, Q f 1- vw, f in ,w nfs, , 4 - .-1 , V, ,qw M X245 4,5 ,IQ A , ,.mg,,-wQ -1: ,J 5,-fm 4 X z ,. , " .rip gf' Mil. wr ,fum x, f 11" , :je V sig AJ" 'Ax,dk" df I. . fl:-4 lf, 2353? . gf? .4 P 14: if -, , W' H' f, '33 Nancy Irene Dillon Rocky Mount, Vibginia I , 1 f R.. Rachel Annette Dillon Glade Hill, Virginia A -0' , V V , l , f ' as f. -, 2 ,bf 1 ' J?"'4l"5 I K- 1 iw P i x l Shirley Ann Dillon James Douglas Divers Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mwhf, Virginia rf. J fi' i D , , 'fbi42g,Qf1f 0 ji fb- Vrrglnla Talltha Ellis Wlrtz Virginia gwf' , ffzif li.. .11 "Vi 'mai J 0 V , l U Q 1 l NS Llyfl 417 :INK ,kia Nw, ,Ml . 'Jkt Eunice Pauline Dowdy Mildred Laverne Dudley N, L ' ,' 4 'V Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia ' s L J J, Pqhlcuklhejvfngljish Ramsey Ann English Mildred Louise Ferguson H51 yi, ,VHS mg Rocky Mount Virginia Wirtz, Virginia 'fini .L , 4 'ty xl, u . , W in T 5, Betty Lee Fisher Herman Luther Fisher Earl Benton Flora Frances Daphne Rofky Mount, Virginia ' - 5 Callaway, Virginia Boones Mill, Virginia Penhook, 5' 'kr 6 l X ' -1 , 1 ' Y f5',"f.f4f fre M 4 f ff ,mf b 'ff J -v-N w 4 ' 1 N 7 1 4.-in ,Q . A , ' f gl Aj-rl, f 4,'.g,-,gZj'Vl3J,rv7fL-,-.4.f A SENQ2 F 195 ,f x 53 r XJ ' QQ , fykf X l1'd6.w, . ' V," " . ' ' , ' f ' 1 - 7 1 ff 7 , ,OJ ef 4 L 5850 'ff '44 LVL 7 s B - ' W? .9 Q Ll , '- F' 4+ . A ,ff A f A 0:3 fly ' .iff fl- I' VJ , 1 Shelby Jean Frith Polly Katherine Gardner ,pp tl ' 4 A, Rocky Mount, Virginia Sydnorsville, Virginia " l? , f - 7 id fg Arc-..4 Q A w 4 Q-nLv..l,,,,f i4Akb,":W I 'Jerrold Thomas Greene ' Virginia Lee Greer Bobby Edward Guilliams Ida Arlene Guilliams Boones Mill, Virginia fy'-"" . Rocky Mount, Virginia Callaway, Virginia Callaway, Virginia il x ' f df' 'M H is :2L'fLg'ffffi'X 5 Virginia Lois Gusler 01 Doris Mae Hall Ferrum, Virginia pl Rocky Mount, Virgini XM Nancy Carol Guilliams Ferrum Vir ini ff Qfijzj .UV-f ' Vafioy ZZ V! ff ,wffC7f fd' , xg, Wy. if R Q WW JR. jiffu- ive - , I f QQ ,I6,5.,ow1gf :"'f'k7-'ff , M1 ,I , QQ, ' 'ICD :IX I, Mary Pauline Hamblette ' ' "Of-' ,e A"-f ,5""' ' A' Rocky Mount, Virginia "'-.1-4., ',4'-44 A 'fl 1 1' Af " , K . ,ij-QF 5 f f ffl 1 . .. ffxf . I- .,, TV, 'ls' f , .I A! , F ii g f .I Jeanette Julia Hodges Joyce Ann Hodges Eeavona Mable Hodges Rocky Mount, Virginia Glade Hill, Virginia ' Rocky Mount, Virginia 3 A aff? W' 'i"Mv, r ts ww rrkllio' Q y Mou irgrnia Axl a'm'Wr Graduation Sitm I School 1955 ld, l J 77469 ' T F 9, J Betty Jean Hodgdf Rocky Mount, Virginia I f Joyce Marie Horne Hardy, Virginia ,4" r. in I Q- ' 45 'Z 1 .,.I3,,,:4,,, 1 ,xx ..,,, , .., , f gi. 1 fn ,V 2, , , . f T naw ,xx . if 2 A V ,Ay ayfh, A 1 X, + A , Wiz W -Yah? k -fx 1. I nu , n, 1. -,Q ., A f, V. ,i rw? gff-:.,f1ig 1, , f,, fa: ,, 'j f' ii 1,i?m it fi , , ,- wr, mf Lam-' A 'l f Q 'Q A A fr ? 5 1' if 4 K I If 1 few ' . N w' .. ,. 3 ,Qqf?,g,..Q. , . L -3: .. 3 4 '. 1.71-Q., EA 5? D xp Jn I ff? ,515 4: ' Wg-gf -x .rn , . an , 7 75" km L,- J , . N . 1? nf, r .77 , 533- ft' -l fr m 'fl .1 1,,h, ,. . Q- V Y "..- .ar 'T-' 4-1 f 'f V-4 'M f' " ', ff Aqgfy, . ,, ,, M. ,M n, ,Q 'H 'f , , f ' ' ,, w 15 ' 9 K ' , , I 3 " Q, eq, '4' i ' X1 y P wi f f ik. , Q , ,129 ,fi gi, yr . A 4? gl: , wg 2 f f .1 L- . f 4 A . F 'iK',-','W.3 "fir 'Q i : , X U if A 5 x. Buddy Harold Jordon Sally Ann Katenkamp Martha Josephine Kingery Norma Jean Kinsey Boones Mill, Virginia Boones Mill, Virginia Hardy, Virginia A! Boones Mill Virginia 7 ' .f n in .afjgl X xgizff X JQCL FA " Fl V A gl Pl -L M V A XX? JS r gift! - iubriyxfi 1 -52", Fl " an if 'Q:7"" il Q-fi ' Nancy Ann Kirk Welford Zane Kiser Sydnorsville, Virginia Henry, Virginia dB.uf 4v'q, iCi.1, Walter Bryan LaPrade Tommy Lee Law Iris Andra Lee Lilli Elizabeth Leffue Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Boones Mill, Virginia if -....,.N. .9 Shelby Anne Lynch James Morris Manning Shirley Ann Martin J Judson Anne Mason Redwood, Virginia Martinsville, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia A,-' 'p Martinsville, Virginia . if . , ff iw if V M, fl Iliff If I lv , I I if fl' 'A 'Q l ' QW SENIORS ,, V ff WW 5 Donald Ray McNeil f JV Jack Angell Milliron Boones Mill, Virginia" J- jf . Callaway, Virginia 4, AJ ly A. .-f' 5 f Agnes Viola Mills Bob Carroll Morris Wilbur Lewis Mullins Robert Sarrete Myers Boones Mill Virginia v J Pj! Rocky Mount, Virginia Henry, Virginia Boones Mill, Virginia if 'fi 4:4 7 sfrr l - 5f,,w1,,gf, '25 5 3 il 3 3'9"-v..,, ,M I Betsy Neff Geneva Louise Nolen Naomi Belle Nolen Samuel Wiley Nolen Boones Mill, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia 'Us Wffwzfff MMM Mgitf fdfwjjff' ,Nez fffwzaiw ji B iv? l Joseph Randolph Patterson Martinsville, Virginia JJ? XM! f44f'A7'Z'ffPW ! Martha Ann Peake Rocky Mount, Virginia ,c1e.,5Jf lux 1 ' Edith Marie Oakes Raymond Clglvin Oakes Penhook, Virginia f ffilaogk, - fl, I ',:,li." X I, . -L' . Betty Lorraine Peters fltdfriid Marlene Peters Boones Mill, Virginia ' 1' Boonea!MiIl, Virginia ep Sarah Virginia Renick Callaway, Virginia 5,15 2,1 K - , Erma Drucille Reynolds Penhook Virgi i Ewbjivif' jzff - fue 13" 4 A479 5 N V - !fqvn,W Barbara Phyllis Richardson Shirley Ann Rigney Hardy, Virginia Penhook, Virginia y ll 1 1' ,l If gh' ei In Wilmer Franklin Robertson, Jr. Frank Junior Roberson Rocky Mount, Virginia Boones Mill, Virginia Albert Lewis Rutrough Kenneth Calvin Rutrough Howard Curtis Scott Norman Thomas Shelton Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia 2 'Wu f WM V! fy!! Gordon Hardin Tatum 6'fVa Betty Jean Thomas Henry, Virginia fl,,f'f' Henry, Virginia T A f V J . f,,r, ' Q 1 V .f O 4,1 Oi fi 3. . L it ' IUQ William Robert Turner Moneta, Virginia fx 1 . ! W j 7- ,f f ,A 'J J' Frances Marie Wagner Ferrum, Virginia Donald Matherson Thurman Rocky Mount, Virginia Dorothy Rebecca Walker Martinsville, Virginia 4494, Q -fl 1 .Q E Aww Al Gai!! Alice Colleen Thurman Witrz, Virginia K A .. ,- J-W' Irma Louise Turner Sydnorsville, Virginia Laverne Parker Washburn Penhook, Virginia .fi a Reba Kathryn Wood Rocky Mount, Virginia Seniors Sylvia Christine Wright Edith Clyden Young Rocky Mount, Virginia Henry Virginia Wx 1:7 '?"""'f 1 . DI- :ann W In 'N s , ' 4 ' ,Q . ,cg fw2'E'S s. AL. Q.: 1 MT. f 41 ,, X' , f g ,fQ,112,,'3i: ,, ew W .y, f .M . QM- .,.a5::f' 'wa 1 Q Y , . , , M?W,g,, ,A fs. . Q wx -X 'ww' LQ Ljfhdf fi! -ff 5 iii, Mary Virginia Adams Arnold Wayne Adkins Margie Faye Adkins Shirley Marie Adkins Betty Lou Agee Carl Doss Akers Cassandra Hope Akers Jack Weldon Akers Peggy Anne Akers Lee Alvin Altice George Thomas Amos John Wallace mos f f by E derson ' ,Anderson C74 l!Anderson lviaf Snow Anderson Marjorie Jean Angle x Jimmy Lester Ashby Shirley Anne Ashwellwv Catherine Grey Barbour Barbara Anne Basham Eula Pearl Beckner waxy,-'B' Shelby Jean Atkins i ,Ld-lv 21 ec-ga-1-bgvvl Donald Edward Beheler Joyce White Belcher Ann Britton Bennett Gene Coleman Bennett Ronald Wayne Bennett Annie Laura Berger Betty Turner Bernard Rebecca Ann Boitnott Dorothy Bousman Iris Bowling Jack Alvin Bowman Wanda Bowman f Mew V fvfff JUNIOR CLASS K Jane Brown K Shirley Brown James Bussey ' Patsy Bussey Juanita Butler Shelby Jean Byrd x , Arthur Campbell Edna Campbell Tommy Campbell W F Lynwood Cannaday Mabel Cannaday Katherine Chisom Naomi Chitwood Ray Chitwood Charlotte Clemons Judy Collins Ina Belle Cooper Dixie Lee Cundilf X Danny Wayne Custer James Davis Rudolph DeLong Betty Ann Dillon Margie Dillon Robert Dillon X Faye Dixon 'Corole Jean Doughton Betty Lou Dudley Shirley Geraldine Dudley Carl Wayne Edwards Shirley Geraldine Feazelle Arthur Ben Flora Roger Everett Flora Jo Emma Fralin Wilburn Fralin Nancy Dolores France William Colemen Frith Davis Law Firm Shri, 23351-if 4 'cf "' Tw' 71" i as a K 8 ,- X eager 1" 3 , -A B my ix .17 T ' '- .-J Q K ,fl ' 1" Au! 3 , 'Q' Y G. i C-Tx-15 -., , R- x I 1 . , - , Q R "1 'iw -A .WN 'xl 59 ' 1 Robert Edward Gardner Noel Russell Guilliams Gayle Grindstaff Mary Frances Guthrie Cornelia Hale Coy Hale mf il AJ PWA' Nelson Hall Kenneth Ray Hatchett Randolph Hatchett Billie Odell Hodges Christine Hodges Loretta Marie Hodges Nancy Maureen Hodges Shelby Jean Hodges Walter Herbert Hodges Martha Sue Holcomb Julia Holland Shirley Ann Holland Junior Holt Billy Housman Carlton Lee Hudson James Orville Hudson Nancy Mildred Hudson Bonnie Mae Hunt Paul Samuel James Buddy Lewis Johnson John Marion Johnson Alvin Lee Jones Delores Ann Jones Lois Carol Jones Robert Donald Jones Roger Lee Jones William A. Kelly Nina Darleen Kendrick Jimmy Kesler Berlon Wayne Kingery ' Q' Z! Maytin Barber Shop ,f 7 I 1 L v f X Reva Juanita Kirk Benjamin Blair LaPrade Betsy Ellen LaPrade Elton Law Ida Roslyn Law James Robert Love Betty Luke Jerre Curtis Lumsden Louise Manning C. J. Martin Kitty Marie Martin Norma Jean Mattox v ,i 1 Q y lf ' jk. F J Bernice Ann McBride Winston Sherwood McGuire Berta Mae Meador John Henry Meador Joe Miller Rene Carolyn Mitchell Beverly Jean Lora Virginia Marlene Nancy Mae Martha Sue Glen Moore Moore Moore Moran Morris Morris Harold James Mullins Shirley Mae Mullins Nola Belle Naff Betty Lou Nichols X Buddy Nichols X. Helen Jean Nimmo -x x, X Jacqueline Ann Nunley L. D. Oakes Charles E. Pasley Forrest E. Pate Frank L. Peak, Jr. 2 N K. Nancy Perdue 7? JUNIOR CLASS Mad' i Q S Wd? K S if QV! 67" 'E sg' 4? 4 1:- 'Qs I? z-PQQ gllnfv 15 K. C CF' X ..,l IIPXCN Q QQ. Q up.-W 'i75i1s,..?hr- 177 il... ' Kittinger's Drug Co. f 1 1' 1' 6 QV f Y yi Q it Q! ,-- -K " 5 f f" -'l 171, f'3 1 5 4 JK .if . fi I Elf Q' U5 'G S T7 Wu... Qw- '- 'V ii, 6l Wanda E. Peters Danny Joe Poe Betty Jane Poff Benjamin D. Preston Maynard L. Prillaman Shirley A. Prillaman Frances l. Radford Elwood L. Rakes Kenneth M. Ramsey Joanne Renick Jo Ann Reynolds Lois Reynolds Barbara Richards Roosevelt Robertson Avis Scott Aubra Shively Betty Jo Shively Jimmy Shively I 1 r l I Joyce Shively Rodney Shively John Simms Tillie Simms Betty Sink Charles R. Sink Alfa! f I John W. Sink I J- .L 0 Sljrle! Sgrnons 7-33' it K June Smith A --7 -3 Sylvia Smith Winfred Smith Nadine Sowder Vera Ellen Spencer John D. Tatum Betty Gaye Tench Jo Anne Tench John Thomas Louise Thompson Mick or Mack Edlth Thurman Juamta Thurman lrls Turner Louise Turner Vernon Walker Louls Henry Webb Yvonne Webb Alma Sue Webster Ba rbo ra Webster Harvey Worley Betty Lou Wright Cornelia Wnght Edward Young Loulse Young Mildred Young Peggy Young Shirley Young Marjorie Williams, 1 ff , ' 4., ,f 'Q .,r A 'unam- -..v. Q.. i 'pew 1' s, PL! v . If . ,11-'.i-kfqg-u v 1 -. ' 4-,pn 14 W w 1' 4? in A, .xv ,pg ,' .4 9fd0:.e,f'4iX - ' "1'w,'. JP.: nw Q, ' "F . . f rg Q ': .'.-51- ,"4.,,QQw ,4 jg A ':'.vL'v""1G5.? -I - fmfffgufgxi ...-,Qif , X -,,. 'Sv 5.45. -, . fi- ' ,vu .: 1-0 xt .R-3 1",,.. v - 1.15 .,1- - f -f - - ..A ' - 'XLQ--4 R!-+, K-A ,ki , , fee, SKST...-.. 'iwqglgtl -rn - 1. '. in ,Y Mu.. L . fu, m ,uk-,R . , . Y' F - , . , -VAT' -J-'fT'Y"'5',:f '5 - lb ' - :'L'f3' WL... I H V., I vain,-35 wk 3. 2 'v,,j 3 .,,'-,, , ka, 4. . Y H. w . I H "' '- JI-k ' ' --1 - " ' . .-",.,f' '-- ,.N,. H . . ,i fig'-fxc.,.g 1 . u wfw.-. ." - .,-sf-2 .xl x.'k,: it, s D- f .1 , jf , W gl? Pp.T5.?f-'- ,.25l,,-,jk 11- ., . ,,, "'+ ,., ' ',-.' ,A ,' - K ' W. H rw 9' ' Fl PLlf'V"' 'L A 'Q' ','l.v.s'?Lh'1! aiu' -Q K' " :b3"'!'f,'-L, -. .4 3' M 5- yi-41:13 ' " - , ,HU ,,j.' Avg,-,,-' , - 1 ff' " -WZ-'I-' far? ' ' "5 J' ' 'Tw 4, la fl "" I f J if - -" A., f. ' 4' ' M- .,E,K-fi, -5 f,,, . . Q, ljnl ' ,, frat, .A l'Mq,41 wvvww kk If Iii-1' 5 I NC' s"f'f.,,' 4-,...'-5'.,1f f'Y,.f4fwQ,,,:,., 471. ,. .. ,A-.,ff":'4'Q- ,,-fm .. . . .f-ff .2 4' ff. . ff '1v,w'uw f LJ Q.. I -fi, 2,531.1 1 , ,: U LQLLXIJ, gQ,'-:,A!.g,.i.'--,L 5 l 1- . r .I I I V V, Mr .1.'l,,V' -A -4, .av L ,-.xl AJ if A i .1 I 4 5 fl! f .L J -JW if-. A 404. W , . , .i , ', I gx - I , , Ar' ' f I ,.,.4,4p- ,v,..- -fl Mg 'TN-... . 3.2 1, 'v"'1f-:- 1 K "git M ' 7 ,?N',' :-" A' , l' 'J 'f-.Jay sf. 'dns 'Rf' Q.. . .,, I-,, f 1 gi ". ' ", 1' 1-V H .I fy' L' - nf-'gy -,411 1,1 -,x- . pi" Lf..- -.f' , ,in . ' 1 ' 'f-z. ' -vqi. '42 ja' ' f 4 J ' "5 4 ev',.v Q55 'hi-gf :',, -Q .- . f - ' fs,-2-H-M -, .. ty " ' -M ' -M ' ff . ' 'f -ff-quj 3. xjnf-' -Q N" ' 7 .4 V 1 , W b 4 . 'Y IgA L, ku t ,F NIL. .1 19,1 vo 4Mr,r J 4 ' :'l.ik 4 'A 'Qi ' We hz""' Y A' A by - v I U F Q-QQ' n, "".4f' ' ' QV! 49' wr. CX", ,-1..'.-,' up -,A V.-.1'.. Wm.. s?' 9fiJ"' A Row One: Nancy Adkins, Shirley Ann Altice, Charlotte Amos, Guy Amos, Buddy Roger Arrington, Edna Arrington, Herbert Arrington. Row Two: Peggy Atkins, Catherine Beeghly, Jean Ann Beeghly, Kitty Lee Belcher, Ronnie Belcher, Sterling Belcher, Verna Sue Bernard. Not Pictured: Joseph Cabell Amos, Elaine Beckner, William Chitwood, lrene Dillon, Beulah Feazelle, Edith Mae Furrow, Lenny M ' ' ' ' St. Clair, Robert Woody. aryin Holland, Monroe Housman, Quiley Overtelt, Zonnie Shively, John F Xlxpx 0' First Row, left to right: Mary Sue Whitlow, Bernice Oaks, Serine Montgomery, Helen Hodges. Second Row, left to right: lro Lee Caller, Jimmy Davis, William Stanley, Wincel Brooks. -, .X t iieful ,HQ-Q! 4l'.N--l'l,J -flew. Q SOPHOMORE OFFICERS ft ,ily Xi x , . X Jfrg if ffl Hub Motors 64 ' 'N A 1 SOPHOMDRE CLASS First Row: R. L. Blankenshlp, Basll Boltnott, Dora Jean Boone Carl F. Bousman Junlor Roy Bousman, Frances Bowles, Jeanette Bowles. Second Row: Kelvln Bowles, Pauline Bowles, Wllllam Odie Bowles, Carol Bawllng, Hosea Bowling, Janice Brooks, Wnncel Brooks. Third Row: James Roy Brown, Jeanle Laverne Brown, Luther Brown, Vlrglnva Agnes Brown Katherine Marne Brubaker, Nancy Sue Brubaker, Herman Gray Bryant. Fourth Row: Teddy Burcham, Peggy Ann Byrd, Carol Campbell, Dalphva Campbell, Sylvia Campbell, Betty Ruth Cannaday, Betty Evelyn Carter. Fitth Row: Hilda Jean Carter, Margaret Carter, Thomas Carlton Cassell, Cash Gene Cooper, Frances Ann Cossman, Ira Lee Culler, Thomas Lee Cummings. Sixth Row: Norma Jean David, Donald Davis, James R. Davis, Janlce Gay Davis, Jannette Marle Davis, Lynn Davis, Bitly De Hart. Seventh gow: Donie Dillon, Vernon Doyle, Carl Dudley, Clarke Dudley, Beatrice Durham, Cleo Eames, Pctricla anes. q 1 ,Bt-Z BMV!! - Q ,lj ,. wr? iv ,wxl :ye f !j V, 'AAN' ,, . 1 ,. . rr M," 1 A .1 -' I D 1 ' x , 4 ' ' - s Peoples National Bank E fwfr M 'F"" 'Hs 53,1-Y?-L 5? . , -er fs, s A, fl l ,M . A if D Xb' ,HIM 0 V, fv QS. .kv Qffjjgifw WM 50 "'f"' v- First Row: Sara Lynn Echols, Henry Ward English, Nancy Ann Farris, Eleanor Mae Ferguson, Vlrginia Ferguson, Barbara Ann Foster, Betty Lou Foster. Second Row: Mildred Joyce Fralun, Louise France, Lois Elaune Farrow, Wesley Farrow, Vsrglma Ayls Gardner, Fred! erlck Garst, Bully Gibson. Third Row: Raymond Graham, Patrucla Ann Greene, Gene Grrndstatf, Geralclne Grnndstaff, Mack Grlndstaff, Jr., Erma Gullluarns, Jacqueline Ganlllams, Fourth Row: Joyce Elalne Guxllroms, Mary Elizabeth Guillams, Vera Gallllarns Carlton Guthrie, Monroe Guthrie, Peggy Ann Gathrle, Alym Douglas Hall. Fifth Row: Agnes Hall, Loretto Mae Hall, Peggy Lee Hall, Violet Mane Ha , Alton Hamblett, Nancy Harnbletr, Nancy Hamlsn, Sixth Row: Mary Louise Harrison, Marte Ann Hlll, Archie Taylor Hodges, Doris Ann Hodges, Helen Hodges, Katherine Ann Hodges, Shirley Ann Hodges Seventh Row: David Shelton Holcomb, Joseph Hollandsworth, Charlle Holley, ,', Samuel Holt, Phyllis Kenley Hontz, Nancy Housman, Virgunla C. Housman I SOPHGMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row: Barbara Jean Hudson, Richard Hunt, Geraldine lkenberry, Carl Edward Ingram, Henry Wayne Ingram, Shirley Jean Ingram, Stuart Lee Jamison, Second Row: William Ellis Jenkins, Iris Merle Kirk, Betty Jean LaPrade, Shelby Jean Law, David A. Layman, Lois Layman, Esther Page Love. Third Row: John Douglas Love, Dixie Yvonne Martin, Erma Annette Martin, Myrl Martin, Lynn Ray Matherly, Rebecca Matherly, Shirley Mae McGuire. Fourth Row: Christine Meeks, Mary Elma Messenger, Lorne Midkitf, Forrest Milliron, Janet Elaine Milliron, Jessee William Milliron, Jr., Patricia Ann Minnix. Fifth Row: Betty Lou Minucie, Thomas Edwin Mitchell, Rosalie Montgomery, Serina Montgomery, Edgar Morris, James Ray Morris, Meyvo Mullins. Sixth Row: Wesley Muse, David Noff, Nancy Neal, Norma Nelson, George Nichols, Louise Nichols, Donald C. Nolen. Seventh Row: Bernice Oakes, Betty Perdue, Flora Ann Peters, Tony Plybon, Margie Pott, Jimmie Potter, Angie Preston X r l .1 ai f ri I i ' L! ' s l ' 9 " ! xl I nr ,,,f aj ff K K ,J i l lf 27 Li X' 7 X 1 , 5.2 'fl lr i F ' l .f I ff V dl ' K, eg! Ll' J W. A. Alexander First Row: Donald Prillarnan, Jane Pugh, L. G. Quinn, Jacqueline Rakes, Jeraldine Rakes, Shirley Rakes, Leila Richardson. Second Row: Joan Robertson, Shirley Robertson, Charles Scott, Doris Scott, Shirley Shelton Shelby Shively, Nancy Shorter. Third Rows: William Slgmon Margaret Simmons, Harvey Sink Junior Sttliff, Alwn Smith, lrene Snead, William tanley. Fourth Row: Cecil Stone, tsieison Stone, Nancy Taylor, Clufiorl Thompson, Jr, Janice Carolyn Thurman, Joseph Henry Thurman Kenneth Douglas Turner. Fifth Row: Martha Jane Turner, Toney Tyree, Gerald Kenreth Wade, Bevaltng Wagner, Bobby Washburn, Carts Jean Webster, Susie Marte Webster. Sixth Row: Mary Sue Whttlow, Sandra Lee Whttlow, Jack Nathaniel Witcher, Charlie Wilton Woods, Jr., Lottie Marie Woods Betty Jane Worley, Alice Wray. Seventh Row: Helen Josephine Wray, Eugene Elmer Wright, Eleanor Young, Jelatne Young, Lowell Thomas Young, Mayrne Ruth Young, Roy Leonard Young SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS First Row, Left to right: Betty Lou Motley, Neita Beth Brown, Ann Lee Alexander, Emily Davis, Jimmy Jamison, Noel Pinckard,rAdelaide Thompson. l X JLIL WDUVJ! A t lx, N ,I ---. 4, - "' rc.. , , 'VT ' Fl! QQ .,, .. ,rf Row One: Roger Abshire, Mary Elizabeth Adams, Barry Adkms, Ann James Allred. Row Two: Arvnlla Altrce, Clay Altrce, Randolph Altnce, Vlolet Altlce Not Pictured: Tony Arrrngton, Ethel Bowles, John Chvtwood, Jr, Eltor Alwn Hall, Gladys Lorenc Loffae .cranes McCauley Kenneth Potter Young. FRESHMAN C Virginia Motor Co. 70 Lee Alexander, Davld Allman, Mary Frances Anderson. Wayne Condnff, Shlrley Drllon, I B Thurman David Mnlton LASS 9 vu A rf V lllilyll XQFRESHMAN CLASS Row One: Alva An le Melvin Arrin ton Jerr Ashb La uita Austin Barbara Beard Linda Belcher Mar Ruth Belcher, Patricia Bennett, 9 1 Q i Y Yi Q , i i Y Barbara Blankenship. Row Two: Carole Boitnott Harold Boitnott Bassell Bollin Vera Bollin Daniel Boone Larr Boone, Harold Booth, James Bowles, Glenna 1 . Q, Q, . Y Maxine Bowling. Row Three: Harold Bowman, Jr., Rebecca Bowman, Barbara Braclle , Patricia Bradley, William Brammer, J. T. Brooks, Betty Ann Brown, Betty Y Imogene Brown, Danny S. Brown. Row Four: James Calvin Brown, Louise Brown, Nelta Beth Brown, Paul William Brown, Perry Brown, Harriet Brubaker, Rita Burcham, Martha Bussey, Buford Campbell. Row Five: Cecil Ann Campbell, Cecile Campbell, Georgia Carol Campbell, Daniel Cannaday, Helen Cannaday, Shelba Cannaday, Ronnie Carter, Joyce Chisom, Judy Ann Chitwood. Row Six: Emily Marie Choate, Mary Frances Cook, Peggy Marie Cook, Elwood Cooper, Douglas Giles Cundiff, Nancy Marie Cundiff, Shirley Ciindiff, Jerry Dalton, Robert Lee Dalton. .sr , X A 'vw Q . Qu gn 1 YI ,... v an is L-.4 'lane ivy' 6, 'X 12? -cv 7-4, gl N Q 1:7 eff boi Ljrrdewa 7l N155 TJ art 501 fx ou Row Row R Row Row Row W x f FRESHMAN CLASS n ell David, Ellis Davis, Emily Davis, Jo Ann Davis, Mary Ann DeLong, Elizabeth Dillard, Bobby Dillon, Charles Dillon, Dale Dillon. o: Linda Dillon, Vernie Divers, Shirley Ann Doyle, Wesley Doyle, Donald Dudley, Mary Dudley, Carol Ann Duke, Caroline English, Charles Feazelle. Three: Howard Ferguson, Mary Ferguson, Jerry Fralin, Mildred Fralin, Sue Frolin, Elsie Frith, Gayle Flora, Sherrard Flora, Erma Greer. Four: Ronald Greer, Dewey Hall, Gene Hall, Jeanette Hall, Rita Hall, Rose Marie Hall, William Handy, Donna Harris, Margaret Harrison. Five: Beniomin Hodges, Bently Larry Hodges, Jesse Hodges, Harry Earl Hodges, Kyle Hodges, Lou Hodges, Mary Hodges, Newton Hodges, Jr., Russell Wayne Hodges. Six: Wayne Holcomb, Evelyn Holland, Mildred Holland, Norma Houseman, Jeanette Hubbard, Nancy Lee Hudson, Johnny Hundley, Ray Hunt, Reba Hunt. 3 , will . ff , f .yi 1 4 j J' , ,X an .1 of fp wf 1 '--f' ' -" ' ' . 1 ,J 'ff 1 f ' 0 FRESHMAN CLASS if ff Row One: Twyla Jo Hunt, William Hunt, Jimmy Jamison, Emily Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Barbar Jones, illy'J es, J. C. Jones, Joyce Jones Row Two: Claude Keller, Larry Keller, Nancy Kent, Sue Kent, Yvonne Keys, Louise La radd, J Larrab Terry B. Law, Reva Jean Law. Row ThreeRARita Law, Ronald Layman, Ann Carter Lee, Linda Leftwi:h, Randolph L , on ailey Lynch, Vernon Lynch, Linda T' . f or in - IRIX rf- I Row Four: Suzanne Martin, Jean Mason, Helen Freda Mason, Eugene Mattox, S H19 otto ' Hazel l.aVerne Maxey, Betsy Darlene McBride, Betty Jean McGhee, Bonnie Jo McGhee. f 1 Row Five: Sherry Jean McGhee, Leland Mitchell, Betty Ann Motley, Alt M y H Mullins, Wylene Mulli , Shelby Jean Muse, Ronnie Naff, Jaynette Nichols. PQ Rim Gif- vi.-nan ma, Mi., n,.,,..ii :...... n-..--.,- .LMA .-.--A ,-.U -fl . 1l..'. ,f .. . .., . . - .... 73 I .1 'J Row Row Row Row Row Row '7 FRESHMAN CLASS One: Patricia Ann Potter, Patsy Ruth Potter, Barbara Powell, Dixie Lee Powell, Harriett Preston, Clara Lee Pugh, Betty Quinn, Charles Rakes, Jimmy Ramsey, Two: Lois Reece, Barbara Reynolds, Kate lrene Rigney, Kenneth Rigney, Alma Nadine Robertson, Audrey Grey Robertson, Joanne Robertson, Richard Robertson, Shirley Robertson. Three: Frankie Scott, Ronald Shelton, Arlene Scruggs, Phyllis Anne Avdean Southall, Janet Gaynor Smith. Scruggs, Edward Sigmon, George Wayne Sink, Barbara Jean Sloan, Four: Michael Smith, Ronald Benjamin Smith, Peggy Ann Spencer, James Thomas, Nancy Adelaide Thompson. Jimmy Starkey, Dalton Taylor, Douglas Taylor, Virginia June Terry, Turner Nathan Turner, Buddy Lee Tuttle, Victor Tyree, Ruthie Mae Five: Dennis Threatt, Pauline Thurman, John Edd Turner, Mary Jo Wagner, Glorias Jean Walker, Six: Patricia Ann Walker, Ronald Walker, Linda Williams, Rucker Witcher, Mksly Ellen Wray, Vivian Wright, Myrtle Young, Rebecca Young, David Zeh. y ty , ,1.' '.!f 5'- fcil vc ,Z -ir' Q21 K? f"B 'uw 'bf Q... ,9- QQ if Kyo zwl 74 R isa an AQ, Q .I . , f .ww H f ' r 5 .. ' P mics .551 -g - ,,, .ifwlfiw 3? zlK.?3 Q52 J. ,V A ,fffrg , M . ..,,Qz . 3 U f Sw-A it 553 fag aw. -Q Fffi fi? ' . - f . ' K Ae' ,' ' Zn- , 5 . 1,54 5 A ' K " .2 Y f ikw gz-.,,5:3, M. gr,-is - - Q , ,,. N. A , 35.5 , xg QQ is 'wg ..,gg.f,.y f Q 9 Kww 4 e S QQ. ii.- 2 Q 2 A-,Q 1-f ? . , A -gn.. f iw ,5f-ww ya ' 'Z A . 1-Jr, -Ma-by -. 1.531 7- .V ., .1 -W .wr an f 33,1 ff f,.' 1 .- .V 9 K .,, if vw- ,Mawr -2, , ' 4. 1, 3 ,- x , + , ' Z i . 5?"f,, W f,-fnwfsw , ' ' x "'-15241, 5 -4 "... ,fi a 1 af E' " vi , Iwi- I ' .I Al , 'V 'f A 315549: 1 at .av 'Y-Q3 We , 'Q . Q 'Q' E' f 4. . , -sf if ilflafil . , -!gMg,,,,e..3,.v,-rm v. - ,A -.',,., I K s V QW ,V -fw-xii .ywl ' , .. p g,ff,+Q.. ,r . . ,. Q., 5 W Lfv fu-W-,. L , 1.-, L' .. -, 1. 5 far . ,,A ,. V A A +A, . -Q X- . , -' 5-M:q:2ff1f-i,.f,."',1 gf'ff N f- .-.,'fffi, ,,f.-1.2. rw. V, V- ,Q,,5w ,f-- 4 . -any.. x - .QV .1 .-Jgxgifin ggi? 5. .., 17,5 ig . Vw A.-sit V. I - W F V .gzwffgf-Cf l -'f' -1 A - -41 ,.:-' 4".- .. ".:y2'i'l'. 'rf . -7..r. Min. - s ' L .. 1 ,af EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Row One: Edna Wingfield, Julia Ann Anderson, Sally Naff Row Two: Mildred Holland, Harriet Flora, Jimmy Poindexter, Bob Dickinson Not Pictured: Betty Altice, Raymond Altice, Shirley Ann Austin, James Boone, Peggy Bowling, Dorothy Dent, Jack Dillon, Nolcn Divers, Randall Ferguson, John Jones, Bethel Mason, Arlene Rigney, Luther Robertson, Earl Sink, Douglas Youngf Q ,A , Curtis Ramsey EIGHTH GRA ...Ni Frances Adams James Edgar Adams Barbara Altice Eula Mae Altice Clayton Altice Mavis Altice Nancy Altice Watson Altice Doris Amos Rebecca Amos Ann Anderson Linda Anderson DE Ruth Anderson Nancy Marie Arrington Wayne Arrington Peggy Atkins Wayne Bailey James Barbour Elizabeth Beckner Robert Beeghly Darlene Belcher Donald Belcher Grady Belcher Diane Bennett Dale Bennett Clyde Bernard Shiree Bernard Louise Bowles Mildred Bowles Shirley Bowling Calvin Cordell Gloria Jerry Lee Mitchell Bowman Bowman Bowman Bowman Bowman James Bratton Avis Betty Jean Della Donald Joann Bobby Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brugh Ruth Bussey Jack Byrd Revo Carter Blanton Cooper Jerry Cooper Gary Cooper Joyce Clark Nadine Chltwood Peggy Chltwood Anna Crum Betty Jean Cundiff Donald Campbell Carole Elvin Marlen Shelby Jean Davis Davis Davis Davis Bob Dickinson Charlene Dillon . . 3 V 5 EIGHTH GRADE 77 Clyde H Perdue Lloyd Dillon Joseph Divers Shirley Mae Divers Ronald Doyle Richard Dudley Nancy Lee Eames W. G. Feazelle Gloria Jo Ferguson Marshall Ferguson Harriet Ann Flora Nerene Foster William Foster Jane Frolin Frances Franklin James Garland Cardwell Garst A. J. Greer James Greer John Henry Greer Nancy Grindstaff Jack Leon Gunter Charlie Haley Denver Carl Hall Lois Mae Hall Mary Ellen Hall June Hall Iris Marie Harrison 4 Nancy Alice Harrison Nancy Mae Harrison Jason Higgins ' Betty Sue Hix R Barbara Hodges Betty Hodges Cecil Hodges, Jr. Evelyn Hodges Allen Hodges Jackie Randolph Hodges Jimmy Hodges Joyce Ann Hodges Joyce Faye Hodges Judy Hodges Naomi Hodges Thomas Hodges Rocky Mount Hazel Holland Mary Ann Holley Alexander Hood Charles Reba Hudson Hudson Home and Auto Su EIGHTH 'nz' G R A D E 'ii Patsy Hunt Donnie Hutcherson Richard lkenberry Everett Irby Ida Bell lngram James Jenkins Lewis Jennings Joyce Johnson Shelby Jean Johnson Buddy Clay Jones Carol Jones Daniel Jones Harold Jones Virgil Jones Lee Kent Arlen Kirk Carole LaPrade Richard Laughery Wilbur Laughery, Jr. Kenneth Layman Margaret Lee Lowell Love Forrest Lumsden Betty Lynch Janet Lynch Wilbert Lynch Ruth Manning Jeannette Martin Michael Martin Jo Ann Mason Delano McCrickard Shelby McCrickard Barbara McGhee Norman McGhee Roy McGhee, Jr. Chapman McGuire Wayne McNeil Peggy Meeks Shelbern Meeks Joyce Milliron Gerald Montgomery Bobby Morris Coralea Morris George Motley Lucy Mullins Sally Naff Rachel Newbill Diane Oakes Paul s Bar B Q Rabun Oakes Q Frances Overstreet J Elnora Pasley Abe Patterson Mary Lee Pendleton X Cora Lee Perdue X Terry Perdue J. B. Peters Kenneth Peters Wayne Peters Peggy Ann Plybon James Poindexter Geneva Powell Sylvia Powell Marie Preston De Moss Price Joe Prillaman Audrey Reynolds Edward Robertson Frances Robertson Jean Robertson X x Louise Robertson Reather Robertson Arnold Saul Lynn Scruggs Diane Sink Eleanor Sink rence Sink Martha Sink ary Louise Smith Virginia Smith Curtis Stanley Danny Strickler N rady Sutton J n Thompson Joanne Thurman Margie Tosh Sandra Tuckloff Aubrey Turner Donald Turner Joel Turner Patricia Turner Henry Wagner Margie Wade Reba Walker Jacquelyn Whitsel Betty Jane Willard Jerry Williams Edna Wingfield Herrell Woodard Lucille Woody Charlotte Wray Betty June Wright James Wright Dugwell Cash Store EIGHTH GRADE is M. X U s , Wye 'N ,. 5 if ," " ' Ghiff f-qgsn-' . Hr, Mr. James Lovell Miss Mary Ellen Peregoy Mr. MacDaniel Williams Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor UTHE ANIMOH The cameras click, the presses roll and preserved for all time to come are the events of this happy year. The Staff presents to you your "Animo" of 54-55. Here are the faces of your beloved friends and classmates. Here in kaliedo- scopic review, all the movement and color, the joy, the pathos, the work and the play that made our world. Sally Ann Katenkamp Betsy Nuff Co-Editor Co-Editor Anderson Service Station We consider it an honor and privilege to have been chosen to compile this book. Our gratitude goes out to all who helped and inspired us. lf, in future years, you open your Animo and have a good laugh or perhaps shed a tear as you recall some cherished memory of these golden days, then we shall consider our work well done.- Tommy Law Business Manager Wayne Bennett Business Manager First Row, left to right: Miss Mary Ellen Peregoy, Wayne Bennett, Sally Ann Katenkamp, Betsy Naff, Tommy Law, , Mr, James Lovell, Second Row, left to right: Velma Jo Clingenpeel, Nancy Pugh, Rachel l-lose ley, Betty Lee Fisher, Patsy English, Norman Shelton. WW First Row, left to right: Mr, James Lovell, Miss Mory Ellen Peregoy, Bonnie l-lunt, Linda Williams, Ann Carter Lee Sandra Whitlow, Emily Davis, Nancy Hamlin, Terry Lee, Lynn Scruggs, Neita Beth Brown, Ann Alexander, Lucille Woody, Mildred Bowles. Second Row, left to right: Serina Montgomery, Alvin Hall, Carol Jean Doaghton Rosalie Montgomefy, Charles Dillon Betty T, Bernard, Betty Ann Dillon, Catherine Barbour, Barbara Richards, Linda Anderson. Third Row, left to right: Douglas Love, Jimmy Jamison, Michael Smith, Guy Amos, Junior Thompson, Bobby Anderson r- 'fx nfl f If . L' ml It .MA Yfgx ' avg-F X V ,.. Miss Mary Ellen Peregoy, Sally Ann Katenkamp, Mr. MacDaniel Williams, Tommy Law, Betsy Naft, Mr, James Lovell Sponsors and Wayne Bennett Editors plan the yearbook, Mr. Williams, Tommy, and Wayne plan the Anime budget THE ANIMO STAFF Emily Davis, Ann Carter Lee, Wayne Bennett, Tommy Law, Ann Lee Alexander, Serina Montgomery. Nancy Pugh, Velma Jo Clinoenpeel, Betty Lee Ad salesman turn in collection to Tommy and Fisher. Nancy, Velma Jo, and Betty Lee are Wayne Animo typists. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Rosalie Montgomery, ,,,,...,,. President Coy Bennett ..A, , ,..,,,,,,.. Vice-President Yvonne Webb ,....,,,.. ,,...,.. S ecretary Mary Belle Thomas ,,....,,,,,l, Treasurer The Latin Club, "The Societas Latina," a chapter of the Junior Classical League, is a wide awake organization of students who have taken or are taking Latin. The Motto is "Vincit qui laborat," and the colors are Roman purple and gold. The students have developed dramatizations of Roman festivals which give them new insights into the language and life of the Romans. The two main projects each year are: Ill Students enter the Virginia Latin Tournament, and l2l A Roman Banquet in April. "Latin Lives Today - and it's here to stay!" 'gh 4. Peggy Akers, Ann Lee Alexander, Guy Amos, Dons Bandy, Catherine Barbour, Barbara Beard, Catherine Beeghly, Jean Beeghly, Ann Bennett, Betty Bernard, Rebecca Boifnott, Daniel Boone, Deanne Bowling, Harold Bowman, Jr., Dorothy Bousrnan, Danny Brown, Nita Beth Brown, Carol Campbell, Mary Frances Cook, Frances Cossman, Thomas Crook, Nancy Cunditt, Emily Davis, Janice Dayis, Betsy Dillard, Betty Ann Dillon, Charles Dillon, Margie Dillon, Shirley Dillon, Carol Duke, Beatrice Durham, Carl Edwards, Nancy Farris, Jo Emma Fralin, Lois Furrow, Wesley Fur' row, Bobby Gardner, Frederick Garst, Patricia Greene, Vera Mac Guilliams, Peggy Ciutherie, Alvin Hall, Doris Hodges, Helen Hodges, Nancy Hcdges, Mildred Holland, Bonnie Hunt, Reba Hunt Richard Hunt Jimmy Jamison, Nancy Kent, Sue Kent Bettx Jcan LaPrade Dayid Layman, Ann Carter Lee Jerre Lumsden, Vernon Lynch Kitty Martin, Janet Milliron, Rosalie Montgomery, Memo Mullins Charles Pzslex Betty Perdue Clcx Peters, Wanda Peters, Shirley Jean Rakes, Peggy Ann Rarnsey Barbara Richards, Shirley Rignex Audrey Robertson Betty Jo Shuely, Nancy Shorter, Edward Sigmon Syhia Smith, Ellen Spencer Mary Belle Thomas Adelaide Thornoscn, Louise Thompson, Laverne Washburn Yvonne Webb, Alrna Sue Webster, Doris Webster, Mary Su: Whitlow, Sandra Whitlew, Linda Williams, Reba Wood Harvey Worleyf, Alice Wray. 85 N. and W. Industries NTHE FRANKLIN EAGLE" Published by the Newspaper Staff of Franklin County Hxgh School MEMBER 0F SOUTHERN INTERSCHOLASTIC PRESS Prmted by The Franklin News Post Editor ............ Associate Editor .. Editorial Assistant . Sports Editors . . . . . Exchange Editor . . Feature Editor .. Club Editor ....... Business Managers Circulation Manager Cartoonists ........ Typxsts ............ Faculty Sponsors . . First Row, left to right Mr R C Wvlllorns Romsey Englnsln Noncy Hodges Lynne Echols Carol Duke Second Row, left to nghf Loss Furrow John Thomas Wayne Holl Wnnfred Smith Mr Walter Hunt Mr. Herman Parsley I Y In v , 3 ,iv FST Hr -'ww lv, if x M., 44 ff: ,a ,M Vw-47 HY!! 'lin' 1.1fj39.uJy. V J - 1 , ., 3SWg,4,i K ,, 'C' ..f7"LW r "' ' .g c f in WA mg! ft' A dffwzrg 'W f Q' if yi' f: 'ff 1 bww , Wig, ' I , Q mx "' MM., 'K 'IFN 4' 'Mfg .W 1 I! ff " 1 L, - 1 Q7 1 tv '?f"+: A I2 L ,X gi fc xg, 1' ,w,54f A, A ?, .k'f,frw'm , Ag. K ,f Y A 1 T """+?f 'w 'iI f4'Ee:f' . Fw" '. " 4. ,,5...- Vifxff, i ""'1lss ww' '71 Q, Donald Sowder President STUDENT This year the Student Cooperative Association at Franklin County High School is striving to meet the requirements to become a State Banner mem ber which are as follows Meeting requirements lmust meet one of the followlngl at least 3 meetungs of the student body sponsored by the SCA and 30 meetings of a representative group of the student body during the year at least 6 meetings of the student body sponsored by the SCA and l5 meetings of a representative group of the student body during the year An annual report completely filled in must be sent to the State Office by the local SCA not later than May I5 Definite oblectlves must be set up In the fall and listed in the annual report in the spring under the SCA in at least five l5l different fields of actlvlty A complete written report of three outstanding activities whether car ned on by the club committee or entire SCA must be included in the annual report Annual dues must bc. paid to the State Office not later than December Delegates must be sent to the annual district and state conventions when they are held Donald Sowder President Wayne Bennett Vice President Jerry Greene Treasurer Velma Jo Cllngenpeel Secretary Mr Bruce Kent Sponsor H. W. Metts 88 l. ' ' 2 ' OR 2. , ' ' , ' 4. There must be definite committees, clubs, activities, and projects carried 5. . . . . . I - 6' 1 . . 15. 7. ' ' ' COUNCIL Ann Alexander, Bobby Anderson, Shirley Ann Ashwell, Catherine Barbour, H. N. Barnhart, Jr., Kitty Belcher, Ann Bennett, Wayne Bennett, Betty T. Bernard, Wincel Brooks, Daniel Boone, Mitchell Bowman, Kelly Bradley, Danny Brown, Neita Beth Brown, Velma Jo Clingengpeel, Jimmy Cooper, Ira Lee Culler, Emily Davis, J. D. Davis, Jim R. Davis, Bob Dickinson, Charles Dillon, Shirley Dillon, Laverne Dudley, Betty Lee Fisher, Ben Flora, Harriet Flora, Roger Flora, Jerry Greene, Patricia Greene, Helen Hodges, Judy Hodges, Nancy Hodges, Bonnie Mae Hunt, Jimmy Jamison, Alvin Jones, Sally Ann Katenkamp, Shelby Jean Law, Tommy Lee Law, Anne Carter Lee, C. J. Martin, Rosalie Mont- gomery, Serina Montgomery, Betty Ann Motley, Betsy Natf, Sally Natt, Bernice Oakes, Frank Peake, Flora Ann Peters, Patsy Peters, Noel Pinckard, Jimmy Poindexter, L. G. Quinn, Curtis Scott, Page Shepherd, Virginia Smith, Donald Sowder, Adelaide Thompson, Denis Threatt, Donald Turner, Sandra Whitlow, Mary Sue Whitlow, Yvonne Webb, Alma Sue Webster, Linda Williams. . 'an 89 Campbells Esso Station SENORES Y SENORITAS The Spanish Club, better known to its members as Los Gauchos was founded at Franklin County High School in September, l954. Membership is open to all students taking Spanish and to those who have already completed two years of Spanish. Our club motto is "Adelante, Siempre, Adelante," when translated "Onward,'Always, Onward." A glance at a typical meeting would find us grouped in the auditorium, singing "Alla en el Ranche Grande", our club song. The business meet- ing conducted in Spanish, then follows. The club was organized not only to give students a feeling of being south of the border but also to stimulate more interest in Spanish and to give its members more practice in oral and aural Spanish, by the presentation of plays and typical situations of everyday life conducted in Spanish. OFFICERS Left to right: Butch Ingram, Vice-President, Ann Ben- nett, Secretary, Belle Nolen, Treasurer, Jimmie Davis, President. Alvin Altice, Bobby Anderson, Sue Anderson, Pearl Beckner, Ann Bennett, Harriet Brubaker, Nancy Brubaker, Jimmy Davis, Jimmy R, Davis, Betty Ann Dillon, Carol Jean Doughton, Lynne Echols, Billy Frith, Virginia Greer, Russell Guilliams, Coy Hale, Nancy Hamlin, Billie Hodges, David Holcomb, Julia Holland, Nancy Hud- son, Butch lngram, John Johnson, Suzanne Martin, Judson Mason, Betsy Naff, Belle Nolen, Frank Peake Martha Ann Peake, Freida Poff, Barbara Richards, Aubra Shively, Jimmy Shively, Rodney Shively Alvin Smilth Win- fred Smith, Jo Ann Tench, Yvonne Webb, David Zeh. I I First row, left to right: Ira Lee Culler, Doris Webster, Patricia Greene, Nancy Brubaker, Eleanor Ferguson. Second row, left to right: Janet Milliran, Flora Peters, Shirley McGuire, Angie Preston, Patricia Eanes, Wnitlow, Betty Perdue Toney Tyree. Shirley Hodges, Mary Third row, left to rigth: Mrs. Nester, Lelia Richardson, Doris Hodges, Jean Robertson, Margie Poft, Agnes Hall, Carole Campbell, Violet Hall, Mary Messenger, Rosalie Montgomery, Carol Bowling, Fourth row, left to right: Junior Thompson, Joe Thurman, Shirley Altice, Basil Baitnott, Nelson Stone, Evelyn Carter, Janice Brooks, Susie Webster. Fifth row, left to right: Kelvin Bowles, Bobby Washburn, Gene Grindstaff, Edwin Mitchell, Billy Milliron, St. Clair. Ray Brown, Lois Furrow, Steward Jami on, Jimmy TENTH GRADE 4-H CLUB OFFICERS Patricia Greene, President, Mrs, Catherine Nester, Sponsor, Doris Webster, Vice-President, Ira Lee Culler, Song Leader, Nancy Brubaker, Secretary and Treasurer, Eleanor Ferguson, Song Leader. 9l .J I I 9 A 3 Rocky Mount Cool Co A OFFICERS Left to Right: Johnny Bowman, Treasurer, Betty Lee Fisher, Reporter, l-l. N. Barnhart, President, Norma Jean Kinsey, Secretary, Not Pictured: Rachel l-losley, Vice'President, Miss Naomi Prillaman, Sponsor. Carol Jean Annie Peoa An le, Shlrlex Ashwel, H. N. Barnharat .Y Q , AV Bowman Johnny Bowman Jane Brown, lya Mae Brubaker, Juanita Doxahfon lyzuvrn- Dutllr--, Carl Fdwarrls, Betty Lee Fisher, Roger Hodges, Julia Holland, Rachel Hosley, Nancy Hudson, Arnold l-lurt Mart n, Kitty Martin Berta Mae Meaclor Betsy Natl, Geneva Nole Shlrl-r, Ann Riarwgy 2-,lata Smith Donald Sov-der, Nadine SOM: 5. BETA CLUB The purpose of the Beta Club is to encourage effort, to promote character, to stimulate achievement, to cultivate leadership qualities and to encourage and assist students to continue their education after graduation. To became a member of this great organization is not simply to join another club. It means that a person has earned by faithful work and acceptable be- havior the honor of being among the larger group of young Americans in sixteen states organized for the encouragement of scholarship and the development of good citizenship. This pledge, which each member makes his aim, explains the real meaning of the Beta Club: "l solemnly declare that l shall always strive to hold fast to the prinlciples of honesty, to cultivate in my life and conduct the principles which the National Beta Club is organized to encourage. l further pledge myself to cooperate with the members of this club in the promotion of a sense of individual responsibility to our school, community, state and nation, to make right the master of might, and to consecrate our fellowship to our mutual helpfulness and to the betterment of our fellow students." wayne Bennett Deanne Bowling Dorothy Bousrnan Jack Butler Velma Jo Clingenoeel, Jimmie Davis, Carole Jean fora Shelby Jean Frith Pally Gardner, Gerrold Greene, Nancy Patsy Jefferson Billy Kelly, Norma Jean Kinsey, C. J. n Charles Pasley Frank Peake, Betty Peters, Wanda Peters, rf Mary Belle Thomas, Louise Thompson, Frances Wagner, Laxerne Washburn Yvonne Webb, Reba Wood, Cornella Wright, Betty Lou Wright, Mildred Young. ACTIVITIES One baby or seven? Someone lost o pressure cooker iid ffl' df "!!'r"' '+--Q... fSmnIes hnde the embcrassrnent Betas duz everythmg You name nf Beta hasnt 93 Ferrum Drug Store . 5' 4 I4 ' I 'D - ' X Q ' . - if 8 f ' , I 4 I yr yo , 1 ,, I I , I M. 6 l r I 2 ' ..- i JI 5 Q g 0 K Q." 4 I II 5 I' I-GX-r II yf M I 1 rx 4 I I. D E Y g xx K ,4 v X: L , '. tgxx fl xx ' . , ' n I fm V.. 1 gg " I gr 'Wei' - " I' . 'w'.:...g.. ' M '-' I n u I, ll u u I ,, . . , . T l 2g ' l ,, ,, 'F 3, E ' Left to right: Page Shepherd, Treas- urer, Tommy Law, President, Bonnie Hunt, Secretary, Norman Shelton, Vice-President. Mr. Morris Law SPONSOR The Dramatics Club is an organization of Franklin County High School students whose purpose is to pro- duce dramatic presentations for the high school and community. Membership in the group is limited to those who successfully complete the point requirements which have been set up. The club offers experience in all phases of theatri- cal production ranging from stage technique to the finer points of dramatic interpretation. During this school year the Dramatics Club offered its first major presentation to the public, a production of the three- act comedy, "Arsenic and Old Lace." Funds in the club's treasury and proceeds from their first produc- tion have enabled the group to undertake its yearly project which in this case has been to furnish and equip the auditorium dressing rooms. As this annual goes to press, the club is making plans for the presentation of its spring production which will be the Broadway comedy, "January Thaw," First row, left to right: Bonnie Hunt, Shelby Law, Reba Hunt, Nancy Kent, Martha Ann Peake, Betsy Dillard, Sally Ann Katenkamp. Second row, left to right: Mary Belle Thomas, Nancy Hodges, Junior Thompson, Bobby Anderson, Charles Pasley, Buddy Jordon Anne Bennett, Yvonne Webb. Third row, left to right: Mr, Morris Law, Page Shepherd, Norman Shelton, Tommy Law, Jerry Greene, Wayne Bennett, Betty T. Bernard, not pictured, Virginia Greer, Winifred Smith. , . hex A u. I -s V, ru lik .5 Y I .X -9 ,.,- W , ,, The teeth are real but Bennett doesn't Now "aunties"-not really. have a black mustache. Acfiviii Arsenic and Old Lace-posed. Gruesome, ain't it? N L if I I M, vi - A ' ' W v a- J' A no f --..-.,.-.... , .41 Y- W- , :nur 4 95 .gesfv . ,Me ,tw v , .M v Art Beauty Shop -,., wwf m m ai W' ji .. 1. - .1 :fi L y P Q Y rl H-:gi pe' A , .4 4 , ' fx' 1 iii' I 'ii ff' TLV if gym Q H yy M W 954 im? fffyif fe V Q E is is 1 W QW Mig Qi ,A aff, K 6 A wh 4, B :QA , W 45 QI T: n ff f f ml .gr .ffm 422 J. ' A. -We Q, VE 0 ff' 'ff 'YV f 5' isw My ' , S, M Z A af? eg qs vis 'U' -U50 an A' 54 lf 5 x7 fy M ,bf ' if Q gui xx Qs ti? if 1? f 3 RX Q1 Q6 QS 4 is 1 I , 45 9' at ' ai A . 3 ,3 X 2 9 A M f 'Q 5 Eff' F V ' Q? ithgv YYWVL y. Q? G sf 2. gE 'f'3-'E K0 ' 'Bi is 'fix L , ' .. 4 f Q ' li ' 1. -I ' 1 -Q 'ff an + f- Q- gv wg .im Q " ff Q' mn QT! I if V 1 I ' Q 1555 22 , P, '53 ex ep 1' '44 is - H ff ff if a - G5 " H' , 4 ' 5? Lv? A, 1, A L? 0 V, .55 K fi First row, left to right: Mr, James D. Burwell, Directory Wayne Bennett, Wanda Bowman, Norma Mattox, Jimmy Bratton, Barry Atkins, Hazel Holland, Mariorie Wade, Lucille Woody, Rachel Newbill, Sue Kent, Nancy Cundiff, Ronald Smith, Junior Thompson, Jimmy Ramsey. Second row, left to right: Carol Duke, Gene Bennett, Colleen Thurman, Patsy Potter, Ward English, Donnie Hutcherson, Mevva Mullins, Cecil Hodges, Blanton Cooper, Billy Brommer, Lee Kent, Bud Jones, Junior Holt, Shirley Divers. Third row, left fo right: Donald McNeil, Mitchell Bowman, Virginia Greer, Wayne Arrington, Gary Cooper, Mildred Holland, lda gellc Ingram, Rcba Hunt, Vernon Lee Lynch, Avdean Southall, Jo Ann Thurman, David Holcomb, Bonnie Mae Hunt, Ronald rcer, Earl Flora. RANKLIN CGUNTY HIGH SCHOGL BAND OFFICERS Wayne Bennett, President, Bonnie Hunt, Vice-President, Earl Flora, Treasurer, Colleen Thurman, Secretary. ? Martin Jewelry Co. 98 IANO STUDEN Music has an important place in the school program, and it is the purpose and desire of this department to fill the musical needs of the school and community. Since time is spent on all types of music, piano students participate in the different programs during the year and students from the individual churches of the county are taught to take care of the musical needs of their church. Accomponists for our school choir are mem- bers of the piano class. Students are given standard courses and special emphasis is placed on pre-college work for those who are planning to continue their study of music. Raising funds for the purchase of a grand piano for our auditorium is the present project of the club. TS il 5 OFFICERS Alma Sue Webster, President, Rosalie Montgomery, Vice-President, P e g g y Brubaker, Secretary, Sue Anderson, Treasurer, and Mrs. Word Day Peake, Sponsor, nn A non, llndq Anclrrson Sue Carol Anderson, Peggy Angle, lya May Brubaker, Peggy Brubaker, Janice Davis, Shlriey Doyle Harriet Flora, Norcne Foster, Bobby Gardner Donna l-larris Geraldine lkenberry Patsy Jefferson, Sally Ann Kafenkcmp, Sue Kent Davld Layman, Judson Mason, Christine Meeks, Rosalie Montgomery, Wylene Mulllns, Charles Pasley, Nancy Perdue, - Tll Simms, Adelaide Thompson, Mary Jo Turner, Laverne Washburn, Alma Sue Webster. Peggy Ramsey, Margaret Slmrnons, I le fr The FHA chapter has had a busy, yet an F interesting year with the following projects: , Participating in fairs, the form show, FHA Week, baby sitting for P.T.A. meetings, sending favors to the hospital, sponsoring Courtesy Week in the school, adopting a little sister, contributing to UNESCO, par- ticipating in national projects, sponsoring Christmas tea for the FHA members, joint FHA-FFA socials, conferring degrees of achievement, Father-Mother-Daughter Ban- quet, helping keep the clinic and lounges clean, preparing an outstanding scrapbook, sending girls to the FHA State Convention, sending a girl to FHA-FFA camp on the basis of outstanding work during the year and the fashion show. Miss Mary Ann Patterson Sponsor Mrs. Maggie Q. Gardner Sponsor JUNIOR AND SENIOR F. H. A. Peggy Ann Akers Marjorie Angle, Shirley Ashwell, Doris Bandy, Pear! Beckner, Coreta Bennett, Barbara Bowling, Barbara Bowman, Wanda Bowman Aire Brown, Mary Ruth Brown Maxine Brown, Peggy Brubaker, Edna Campbell, Mabel Cannaday, Jean Carter, Rc-ho Carter Ina Belle Cooper, Verda Coooer, Nancy Dillon, Faye Dixon Betty Lou Dudley, Ramsey Ann English, Beulah Feazelle, Geraldine Feazelle Daphne France, Ayis Gardner, Virginia Gusler, Loretta Hodges, Julia Holland, Shirley Ann Holland, Joyce Horne, Rachel l-losley, Pate Hudson, Barbara Johnson, Martha Klngery, Lots Layman, Betty Luke, Louise Manning, Judson Mason Norma Jean Mattox, Roberta Myers, Betsy Naff, Betty Nichols, Louise Nichols, Martha Ann Peake, Patsy Peters, Betty Jane Poff, Arlene Polndexter, Shclba Potter, Frances Radford, Jane Rcnick, Jo Anne Reynolds, Lois Reynolds, Phyllis Richardson, Margie Shively, Tillie Simms, Maggie Sink, Betty Skinell, Polly Smith, Louise Turner, Barbara Webster, Marjorie Williams, Betty Wright, Sylvia Wright, Louise Young, Shirley Young. ---Q-irq. -W K IX Q R 'ii l Shirley Ashwell, president of the Philpott Federation, presides at Bassett High :::g?I,'h:h::nulx::heI Hosley, secretary, Manho Jane Turner prepares for Christmas Teo. NINTH AND TENTH GRADE F. H. A. Laauita Austin, Elaine Becker, Linda Belcher, Ethel Bowles, Pauline Bowles, Carol Bowling, Rebecca Bowman, Katherine Brubaker, Rita Burcham, Cecil Campbell, Cecile Campbell, Georgie Campbell, Evelyn Carter, Joyce Chisom, Peggy Cook, Emily Davis, Mary Ann DeLong, Caroline English, lzetta Fisher, Barbara Ann Foster, Joyce Fralin, Sue Fralin, Louise France, Elsie Frith, Jackie Guilliams, Violet Hall, Mary Louise Harrison, Margaret Harrison, Lou Hodges, Evelyn Holland, Nancy Housman, Norma Housman, Virginia Housman, Jeanette Hubbard, Nancy Hudson, Jean Ingram, Emily Johnson, Barbara Jones, Yvonne Keys, Rita Law, Reva Law, Gladys Leffue, Linda Leftwlch, Erma Martin, Suzanne Martin, Helen Mason, Lavern Maxey, Betsy McBride, Virginia McCrickard, Betty Jane McGhee, Mary Elma Messenger, Betty Ann Motley, Shelby Moore, Bernice Oakes, Erma Patterson, Betty Perdue, Patricia Potter, Dixie Lee Preston, Betty Quinn, Barbara Reynolds, Nancy Shorter, Barbara Sloan, Janet Smith, Avdean Southall, Martha Jo Turner, Pearly Turner, Patricia Walker, Rebecca Walker, Susie Marie Webster, Mary Ellen Wray, Vivian Wright, Mayme Young. was HUMEMAK C EER CUB Nancy Hudson Belle Nolcn Coiherlne Barbour Jo Clmgenpeel Bcity Perdue Sondra Whutlow Mrs Mickey Morris Sponsor Peggy Akers Sermo Montgomery Betty Ann Dnllon Betsy Nuff Velmo Goode Menefee Electric Co li 102 G 'xxx xxx X "Q f 'sg r . , ' w -,N Q ' b , D '. 1 ,If . NINTH GRADE 441 oagre Mary Adams, Arvilla Altice, Randolph Altice, Jerry Ashby, Barbara Beard, Patsy Bennett Daniel Boone, Larry Boone, Harold Booth, Harold Bowman, Jr., Maxine Bowling, Jeanette Bradley, Patricia Bradley, Bully Brammer, J T. Brooks, Betty Ann Brown, Betty Imo- gene Brown, Louise Brown, Paul Brown, Perry Brown, Harriet Brubaker, Cecile Campbell, Helen Cannaday, Shelba Cannaday, Judy Chitwood, Marie Choate, Mary Frances Cook, Elwood Cooper, Douglas Cunditt, Elton Cunditf, Jo Ann Davis, Mary Ann Delong, Shirley Dillon, Shirley Doyle, Howard Ferguson, Mary Alice Ferguson, Gayle Flora Sue Fralin, Jeanette Hall, Rita Hall, Rose Marie Hall, Margaret Harrison, Earl Hodges, Larry Hodges, Lou Hodges, Mary Hodges, Wayne Hodges, Evelyn Holland, Mildred Holland, Norma Housman, Jeanette Hubbard, Nancy Hudson, Jimmy Jamison, Kenneth Johnson, J. C. Jones, Yvonne Keys, Terry Law, Louise LaPracld, Ann Carter Lee, Butch Lynch, Linda Martin, Suzanne Martin, Shelby Mattox, Laverne Maxey, Betty McGhee, Bonnie McGhee, Alton Motley, Betty Ann Motley, Wylene Mullins, Ronnie Naft, Virgie Nichols Lucille Perdue, Kenneth Potter, Patsy Potter, Dixie Lee Powell, Harriet Preston, Clara Pugh, Betty Quinn, Lois Reece, Barbara Reynolds, Audrey Robertson, Joanne Robertson, Nadine Robertson, Richard Robertson, Arlene Scruggs, Phyllis Scruggs, Ronald Shelton, Janet Smith, Michael Smith, Avdean Southall, Peggy Spencer, Jimmy Starkey Dalton Taylor, Douglas Taylor, Virginia Terry, Jimmy Thomas, John Edd Turner, Mary Jo Turner, Nathan Turner Glorias Walker, Joanne Weaver, Linda Williams, Mary Ellen Wray, Vivian Wright, Myrtle Young, Rebecca Young. l PLEDGE Motto: "To Make the Best Better" My head to clearer thinking My heart to greater loyalty My hands to larger service My health to better living For my club, my community, and my country. 103 Lynch Farm Equipment Co. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA CHAPTER Left to right: OFFICERS Elton Law ,,,,,,..,. ..... S entinel Jack Bowman ....,. ...... S ecretary Roger Flora ........ President Ben Flora ....... ..... V ice-President Nelson Wray ..... ......... R eporter Curtis Scott .... ..... T reasurer Not Pictured: Mr. E. T. Robertson .... MOTTO ......Advisor Learning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve Membership: Jack Akers, David Allman, Junior Allman, Clay Altice, Randolph Altice, George Amos, Nelson Amos, Sammy Amos, Richard Anderson, Alva Angle, Buddy Arrington, Melvin Arrington, Tony Arrington, Jerry Ashby, Jimmy Ashby, Ronnie Belcher, Basil Boitnott, Harrell Boitnott, Basil Bolling, Harold Booth, Carl Bousman, James Bowles, William Bowles, Hosea Bowling, Jack Bowman, Carlton Brooks, J. T. Brooks, J, C. Brown, Paul Brown, Perry Brown Jack Bussv, Arthur Campbell, Buford Campbell, Daniel Cannady, Lynwood Cannaday, Ronnie Carter, Thomas Cassell, Billy Chitwaod, Shirley Clemons, Elwood Cooper, Thomas Cummings, Doualas Cundiff Elton Cundiff, Lowell David, Ellis Davis, Billy JO Dehart, Rudolph Delong, Vernon Doyle, Wesley Doyle, Carl Dudley, Clark Dudley, Donald Dudley, C. W. Feazelle, Ben Flora, Earl Flora, Roger Flora, Sherrard Flora, Jerry Fralin, Wilbur Fralin, Gene Grindstaft Russell Guilliams, Alvin Hall, Dewey Hall, Gene Hall, Nelson Hall, Kenneth Hatchett, Randolph Hatchett, Benjamin Hodges, Earl Hodges, Newton Hodges, Tom Hodges, Wayne Hodges, Jimmy Holley, Sammy Holt, Billy Housman, Hugh Housman, Monroe Housman, James Hudson, Johnny Hundley, Ray Hunt, Carl Ingram, Wayne Ingram, Stuart Jamison, Alvin Jones, Kenneth Johnson, Jimmy Kessler, Walter LaPrade, Elton Law, Terry Low Kailey Lynch Morris Manning, C, J. Martin, Wade Matthews, Sherwood McGuire, John Meadow, Joe Miller, Billy Milliron, Forest Milliron, Edwin Mitchell, Edgar Morris, Alton Motley, Douglas Mullins, Wesley Muse, David Naft, Ronnie Natf, L. D. Oakes, Forrest Pate, Otey Peters, Tommy Plybon, Tom Poindexter, Jimmy Potter, Kenneth Potter, Maynard Prillaman, L. G. Quinn, Kenneth Ramsey, Kenneth Rigney, Roosevelt Robertson, Jimmy St. Clair, Charles Scott, Curtis Scott, Ronald Shelton, Aubrey Shively, Glenn Shively, Jimmy Shively, Rodney Shively, Johnny Simms, Gordon Tatum John Tatum, Dalton Taylor. James Thomas, Donald Thurman J. B. Thurman Victor Tyree, Ronald Walker, Vernon Walker, Bobby Washburn, Lewis Webb, Jack Witcher, Rucker Witcher, Nelson Wray, D. C. Young, Edward Young. V "4"-1-s...,, gf. .EF wg Curtis Scott, I954 Franklin County's Star Farmer, is shown receiving two certificates in recognition of being selected the most outstanding camper at the State F.F.A. - F.I-IA. Camp. Center is R. E. Bass, State Board of Education and Right-E. T. Robertson, Iocol advisor who directed the I954 Camp. F. F. A. ACTIVITIES Members at F.F.A. Camp Principal Banner Honors '54 Degree Team t rug" Learning to use the lathe Member of Calf Chain Using Power Hack Saw Building F.F.A. Emblem '54 Star Dairy Farmer Top Chapter in Federation 4 Q f XX X DISTRIBUTIVE D.E. AND D.0. OFFICERS Kermit Slayton, D.0. President, Douglas Divers, D.E. Editor-Promotion Manager, Calvin Cummings, D.0. Editor-Promotion Manager, Betty Skinnell, D.0. Secre- tory: Jeanette Hodges, D.E. Secretary, Bob Morris, D.E. Parliamentarian, and Wilbur Mullins, D.E. Vice-Presi- dent. Student Learner Training Agency Shirley Arrington Leggett's Dept, Store Hanel Bowles Rabon Bussey Nancy Dillon Douglas Divers Herman Fisher l.eggett's Dept, Store Mick-or-Mack Food Store l.eggett's Dept, Store Ben Franklin Store Collin's Fruit Market Herman Fisher, Jane Renick, Rabon Bussey, Treasurer, Jeanette Hodges, Secretary, MacDanieI Williams, Coordinator, Betty Hodges Wilbur Mullins Vice-President, Hanel Bowles, and Wilbur Mullins. Betty Hodges Jeanette Hodges Loretta Hodges Wilbur Mullins Elwood Rakes Jane Renick Leggett's Dept. Store Leggett's Dept, Store l.eggett's Dept. Store L. E. Perdue Lumber Co Leggett's Dept. Store Ben Franklin Store ,gir EDUCATION CLASS Dlstrlbutwe Educatlon Objectives Offerings Opportunltles A permanent job There IS always a need for retallers durmg prosperous tlmes depressions and emergencles Pleasant worklng condltlons You meet lots of people The work us clean and the surroundmgs are pleasant Qulck excltlng actlon Your work IS not monotonous Each Item of merchandise IS a new challenge each customer a How to apply for a job Salesmanshlp Human relatlons Color and deslgn un merchandlse Merchandise information Advertlsmg Stockkeepmg Dlsplay Store arrangement Store operatlon How to supervrse other employees new problem for qulck thmklng and mgenulty Success and prommence m your com mumty Many outstandlng men and women In Vlrglnra achieved their respected posltlons through partlclpatlon un the retaullng held Ownershlp of your own business You may become your own employer manage people buy merchandise etc makmg your job as bug as you choose to make lt DE St d ts Model at Pla e of Tenn: g 30 00 . I . I . 0 l 0 I I 0 - . I . . . .- . I . I .1 -By studying . . . u en c r ' 'n . ' ' ,l,,t.em1 -1'- . . S . . L W , 6 . lj lO7 Kingoff's Jewelry DIVERSIFIED CCCUPATIONS CLASS a.?'I Student Learner Trade Trammg Agency Kellle Bradley Joyce Butler James Cooper Calvln Cummings Pate Hudson Buddy Johnson Ins Lee Ann Lynch Bob Morrls Buddy Nlckols Barbara Powell Douglas Powell Betty Preston Wnlmer Robertson Betty Skmnell Kermit Slayton Polly Smlth Carter Webb Patterson Cleaners Mortlclan Offuce Assnstant Electrical Appl Repaurman Stockkeeplng La bora tory Technlcra n Auto Mechanic Dental Assistant Offlce Assistant Prmter Woodworker X Ray Technlclan Auto Mechanic X Ray Technlclan Weaver Banker Stockkeepnng Offnce Assistant Auto Mechanlc Lynch Funeral Home ROW Dlstrlbutors Western Auto Frankhn Welding E1 Equip Co Franklm Memorial Hospital Frankhn Welding G Equlp Co R H Rucker Denhst Commlssloner of the Revenue Franklm News Post Ferrum Veneer Corp Wolfe Medical Group Mann Street Garage Franklm Memorlal Hosputal Angle Sllk Mllls Peoples National Bank Morrls Furniture Company Franklm Co Auto Reg Office Rocky Mount Motors J' .... W. v ,.l .- A 7 I 9 xx LH I. ' S Q nuns: rn . y xonnuu ' g I nun A It Q V fx ' 7' T1 1 1 ki as Q . 55 los . . , lO8 Diversified Occupations Objectives -To provide better job training oppor- tunities for the youth of our community. -To raise the educational level and the occupational efficiency of skilled workers in the industries of our community. -To provide experiences that tend to increase the desire to think clearly and to express ideas accurately and con- vincingly in w r I t t e n and spoken language To develop leadership which recognizes and appreciates the contributions each can make to the success of the group For tralnlng in Auto Mechanics Sheet Metal Auto Parts Auto Electrical and many other investigate ,.,44' Pate Hudson DO student in backg ound ecei es tram ing under the supervision of a gaduote Laboratory Techn c on -To know our strongest aptitudes and interests so as to make a more intelligent occupational choice. -To develop an understanding of the social and economic values of the production, distribution, and consump- tion of goods. -To see the application of the require- ments and opportunities of work in various vocations of the community To develop a proper set of values and a sincere appreciation of the importance and service of our life work Bricklaying Nursing Cabinet Making Millwork Laboratory and X Ray Technology Diversified Occupations Betty P eston DO student will be able to apply for o pob as XRay Technician training CMO ie is being made by State Depa tment Photographer? Morris Furniture Co lO9 Mrs. Eunice M. Myers, Sponsor Peggy Adkins, Sue Anderson, Carol Angle, Marjorie Angle, Shirley Ashwell, Shelby Atkins, Doris Bandy, Catherine Barbour, Coreta Bennett, Ann Berger, Catherine Beeghly, Judith Bowles, Barbara Bowling, Patsy Bussey, Shelby Jean Brown, lya May Brubaker, Nancy Brubaker, Wanda Bowman, Shelby Byrd, Shirley Craighead, Inez Deal Betty Ann Dillon, Margie Dillon, Carole Jean Doughton, Laxerne Dudley, Lynne Echols, Patricia English, Eleanor Ferguson, Barbara Foster, Betty Lou Foster, Joyce Fralin, Daphne France, Polly Gardner, Arlene Guilliams, Nancy Guil- liams, Patricia Greene, Nancy Hamlin, Mary Louise Harrison, Shirley Hodges, Martha Sue Holcomb, Julia Holland, Joyce Ann Houston, Bonnie Mae Hunt, Peggy Ingram, Patsy Jefferson, First National Bank of Ferrum 110 Lois Jones, Sally Ann Katenkamp, Nancy Ann Kirk, Betty Leffue, Berto Mae Meador, Viola Mills, Rosalie Montgomerv, Serena Montgomery, Lora Moore, Shirley Mullins, Nola Naff, Belle Nolen, Geneva Nolen, Betty Nichols, Edith Oaks, Nancy Perdue, Betty Peters, Stella Preston, Nancy Pugh, Barbara Quinn, Peggy Ramsey, Drucille Reynolds, Jo Anne Reynolds, Lois Reynolds, Barbara Richards, Phyllis Richardson, Betty Jo Shiye- ly, Margie Shiyely, Barbara Jean Southall, Nadine Sowder, Ellen Spencer, Irma Lou Turner, Martha Sue Turner, Frances Wagner, Rebecca Walker, Alma Sue Webster, Mary Sue Whitlow, Sandra Whitlow, Betty Lou Wright, Cornelia Wright, Joanne Wright, Peggy Ann Woody, Jelaine Young. TRl-Hl- Our club is known by its motto, "Clean Speech, Clean Sportsmanship, Clean Scholar- ship, and Clean Living." The main purpose of our club is to establish or promote high standards of Christian character among our members in the home, school, and community. Sally Ann Katenkamp, Song Leader, Patsy English, Vice-President, Laverne Dudley, President, Nancy Kirk, Secretary, Betty Peters, Treasurer, Alma Sue Webster Reporter. LIBRARY CLUB If you like books and like to work with people and at the same time render a service to your school, the Library Club offers many advantages. We were organized in 1943, we now have 25 members whose ideals are accuracy, dependability, and a high academic standing. We are proud of our school and of our contributions to our school life. Front Row, left to right: Lilia Richardson, Jane Brown, Lois Reyn-olds Lillie Anderson Loss Jones lnez Deal Mildred Young Avis Gardner, Yvonne Keys, Shirley Dillon. Back Row, left to right Janice Thurman Nancy Taylor Carole Boltnott Joanne Robertson Peggy Spencer, Jean Moore, Martha Sue Morris, Carole Campbell Clara Lee Pugh Becky Bontnoft Charlotte Clemons Dora Boone SENIOR 4- s I J Left to Right: lva Mae Brubaker, Song Leader, Mr. Nelson Payne, Sponsor, Earl Flora, Vice-President, Betty Lee Fisher, President, Patsy Peters, Secretary. Peggy Adkins, Nelson Amos, Lillie Mae Anderson, Sue Anderson, Shirley Ashwell, Shelby Atkins, Gene Bennett, Judith Bowles, Barbara Bowling, Iris Bowling, Barbara Bowman, Jack Bowman, Wanda Bcwmon, Kellie Bradley, Iva Mae Brubaker, Arthur Campbell, Ray Chitwood, Velma Jo Clingenoeel, Thomas Dalton, Betty Dudley, Shirley Dudley, Henry Ward English, Geraldine Feazelle, Betty Lee Fisher, Ben Flora, Earl Flora, Roger Flora, Jo Emma Fralin, Billie Hodges, Christine l-lodges, Martha Sue Holcomb, Julia Holland, Shirley Ann Holland, James Hudson, Arnold Hurt, Gary lkenberry, Alvin Jones, Roger Lee Jones, Buddy Jordan, Nina Kendrick, Reva Kirk, Jerre Lumsden, C. J. Martin, Louise Manning, Bernice McBride, Marlene Moore, Lora Moore, Shirley Mullins, Roberta Myers, Patsy Peters, Wanda Peters, Peggy Anne Ramsey, Drucille Reynolds, Shirley Ann Rigr-ey, Roosevelt Robertson, Reid Sink, Barbara Jean Southall, Ellen Spencer, William Turner, Rebecca Walker, Barbara Webster, Buddy Worley, Nelson Wray. OFFICERS Jerry Greene Wayne Bennett Wnnfred Smnth Norman Shelton Donald McNeul Donald Sowder Wayne Ha First Vrce Presldent HI Y OBJ ECTVES To create, mamtam, and extend throughout the home, school, and commumty hugh standards of Chrlstlan llvlng Presldent Second Vnce Presudent Sergeant at Arms To create a world brotherhood attltude among Secretary all youth T reosurer To wm youth to an acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savuor, Frlend and Companlon, and to put Into practice In their llves Hls Prmclples Chaplam H N Barnhart Wayne Bennett Coy Bennett Kellie Bradley Butch Bryant Johnny Bowman Thomas Crook lra Lee Culler Jimmy D Davis Jummy R Davis Fred Garst Tommy Law Jerre Lurnsdcn Donald herd Donnie Webb Harvey Worley wqpd Jerry Greene Wayne Hall Alyln Hall Rlchard Hunt Arnold Hurt Butch Ingram Zane Kaiser McNell C J Martin John Sznk Norman Shelton Donald Sowder Wnnfred Smith Page Shep we ow ,,, 'W' xr, ,mf nv it YH' 'sw 'T Nm 5,4 'l""'-4 W-JQQ, H3 Aushn's Plumbmg and Electrical Company """'"""'''A''''A'''""""'-'--F----F--A--F I ' ' I I V I 1 I r I - - , - ,,,,, , , , , f I I Q I ' ' V I ' I I I V r - , , - 'ik -Q, N Q t L X .L V v A ,lug A A n ,Q ,K A ,,, W . ,Wgv H, N" ,.:, MM.. , , 0 T A ' " """ .4 , sg J 'V j"'Ma ,Q 1 .ff ,.-A I 1 W ,. sv .Qt in"f' , W J I t Q, J " ' , g . .,. A fi 5 ' N: 1 sf ,J I , ,. Q tv I A - . 'K ff ' N .M . , ,ph if u X W f .1 fs, ft, le, 3, I' 5. 3- I J' Mr Fred Bennett, Dnrector of Transportation Lewls Slnk Row One left to nght Sammy Holt Mr Jwm LoveH Carlton Brooks Gordon Tnfum Herman Fusncr Johnny Simms Wfllnam Turner, 3 A ..- 1.4. i.. if QLD Ci 'D 4-4 H.-My -nv. E 1. 'Q D 4' 4 ,qs V A fl: .51 1 3 -z gv upvil 1 4 Q l We.. L ,1 if L 1 f ,""""' '97- , f 1. 'B Qin,-ax Q'A ,ik vv if iavmunf, 9 . 1. 3 4 N . Y 2 Q 3 Agra .If-tg' Q 4'H cum Q , s 'Q ww L, , hw M JI' ... -3 A , ,gig 159 1 15.1, Q Qju, f Tw . H'-1-in ,A h 'f' y ' - A lf.,-Q-,..W 12354 V 4-H CL 5 gift , iw gigiyw In S """'N I 3 A i A 1' X an ix' Q M AQ ' X A-av 5 ua ,MJ ,' 4, - 3 A sf f' K A . qv? W A 5 4 ,. 5 M- V' A W f g I 9 -F, V Ha 1 1 ,v ' 1' 9 R V. I Q3 A , V 1 :gf SH V 1- .T . .,--.,, - V... in , Q Ay I V as g W V. I, ff' Q zfggg X Q4 www mi .Jw-0 K, ' -N, .K I A t .1 " AL'A. K 1 n . f EX, Q85 , , EN Y V ., ,V yd i 3 4 H mms -vlaamiflm J," 4 ,.x. br, -.f:f.f,...,,. . , . ,.. ,.u, gf. ..- v . , f 'N' Q u M x x-'w"ff M . A ,,'f' .rv , ,p.,, 'HOW' IRAQ AZN ffm ffm. 44 ' JA W Miss Betty Brown M ss Ne ta Beth B M ss I X Franklin Drug Co. HffZi7?f WW UW JS! AND HER ATTENDANTS WM M ?fiMfW ,WSMW if W pu- ,,,f -ffl' . f, 5 ' T i.. x V oz 1 , ...- fi K e VLH ' KING of FOOTBALL, Mr. Oliver Crook Queen of the Homecoming, Miss Belle Nolen Homecoming dance in honor of her court. Theme of the dance, "Rhapsody in Blue." The Queen's favorte song: "TenderIy"fto which The Queen and her court danced immediately following the crowning. 5J"'6-, 5 1 , S f 'P' deft King and Queen are honored by their attendants. Two favorite songs ot the exening, "You Made Me Love You" and "Hold My Hand " were sung by Barbara Richard. , X ,. ,?5K Tli 123 Overstreet's Grocery Du Pont Orchestra furmshes musrc for the DO Chnstmos Dance Rocky Mount Motors S -W? ASG?-5?"'..,,,f 3: ,wtf 4 1 Sox hop is enjoyed by Students after basketball game 1 I Q if 33" - 42 X a" if E62 v N 1 W...- 4 o if so gas' a 4 a 4 L -J f 09 gl 4 Y' 'I 7 im. ,X ,W vga Jil .5 "5 sl'-, w Af . , M ,fx- is I 1 Qs f E , ,f I 'l XX X iii -F 1 , , 4 V XXI EN I O sims' ...R if I7 . aww: 'IH L ,- -3 ,--.. MIRROR 1 x XJ' 'Lani I 'L 1 1-J -- l,fA S fx Q, 'L Egg :Mi Q X if'-if 4 we ,ff N I ,,,.-'C' -Q, J, 409-m-V-'9"""' MIRRCDR " c ,,...--4 92 F!! ,,....- is 'ln Q , '1 . Q, A 1 -,-1 Q-.. JUNIOR-SENICR PRCDM Music from a Hawaiian hut. egfg Don't Sit Under the Palm Tree With Anyone Else But Me." May I have this dance? T. Clements Under Hawaiian Stars 'way 'V qtfxffgdq 1 L BUPEIL Bryan' Hfef . R. Dads 'hmmyind CUUV Alw Quar2,,:'a":L -,,,,-f-P' Fredrick Garst V AP Q5 I 6 End - k f ? f f ,V h lngram I7 W' 77 . Q .2 55 Q Butfuxxbqck -A, f - 7g F J' ix - : , ' f V- X 0 vf V A To"""v if "'A A ' J EE F""bGc A LQ?-H I A of xx K q.L -4!L11:1d' - 4 'Ili ,u I i A ,, Donald M a 71 34-if T"'klecNei' J Lums en errqucdde 'Z , FQM, H-"-2.1-- T33 Nichols Bgdy works V I I A" 1 Z , ' gg XX JR , :N A .v ff Y , qs, -., A ,, 1 ', - I W 8 " vi . , i ,x:.:,5a44W1 , W n Aw, XL' - ,QA H 'QQ '--.....,. 75, V4 Y . . 'V 4 ev fi, . . . , ,,, ,ff - 1 . . 'M 1 f :- ,- A ' JM' ' I '7"f.ZE 2' '5"7? t'xi.'5?L EH, ' Y", Jimmy Shlfle Y . BLK, av .A V- A 4 ., 4, End of - ' W. s . , A .,,S..-.r,,,,- A QM? Tal 'nejagflxl . I I Q Page Sh ' i . 9 h is Li W K Hqlfbafkerd ou A V10 I !X ' F 0 G T B L L Nolen PLAYERS OF THE WEEK S' -fggkle First Row, left to right: S. W. Nolen, Tommy Low. Second Row, left to right: Wayne Bennett, Butch Ingram. M-.aes C Price's Ben Franklin Store 134 FGOTBALL Our football team this year started off the season by losing the first game to Bedford. We then proceeded to win four in a row. Team spirit was high and the boys were having fun. We lost a heart-breaking I8 to I6 game to Galax. ln the last two games we had tough luck losing one of them by one touchdown.. The coaches were well pleased with the playing and the spirit of the clul: and all in all it was a successful year. The team will lose about a dozen boys through graduation but there will be a lot of new boys to fill the vacancies and of course members of the last year's team will be back. Coaches-Dillon and Richards Row One, left to right: Wayne Bennett-Guardg Butch Ingram-Fullbackg Jerre Lumsden-Tackleg lra Lee Culler- Guardg Fredrick Garst-Endg Jimmy R. Davis-Endg Thomas Crook-fl-lalfback. Row Two: William Stanley-Quarten backg Butch Bryant-Centerg Row Three-Jimmy Shively-Endg Page Shepherd-Halfback. Row Four: S. W. Nolen -Tackleg Donald McNeil-Tackleg Alvin Altice-Tackleg Tommy Law-Halfbackg Donald Davis-Center. Row Five: Richard Hunt-Fullbackg Aubrey Shively-Tackleg Berlon Kingery-Manager. Row Six-Glen Shively-Tackleg Winfred Smith-Guard. Row Seven: Daniel Boone-Backg Butch Lynch-Tackle. Row Eight: Billy Handy-l-lalf- backg L. G. Quinn-Endj Alvin Hall-Quarterbackg Noel Pinckard-l-lalfbackg Howard Ferguson-Endg Gayle Flora- Halfbackg John Thomas-Endg David Zen-Tackle. aft il?" Page Shepherd gets ready to tackle an opponent. Other Eagle players visible are William Stanley, Tommy Law, Ira Lee Culler, and Fredrick Garst. Teddy Burcham carries the ball around the end for a first down. l W C Menefee Tommy Law is tackled before he breaks away for a touchdown BASKETBALL Although we had a pretty bad season in the won and lost department some of them were lost by very close scores. The games could have gone either way. As always most of the teams we played had superior height but the boys showed a fighting spirit and most of the time made a good showing for themselves and the school. The team has shown lots of hustle and spirit and most of all they were very good sports. The home crowds were large and well behaved and this reflected on the school and the community. Coach Steve Richards with Co-Captains Jimmy D. Davis and Tommy Law. First Row, left to right: Zane Kiser, Berlon Kingery, Walter l-lodges, William Stanley, Alvin Hall, Wayne Hall, Wayne Bennett. Second Row: Coach Steve Richards, Donald Davis, Thomas Crook, Jimmy D. Davis, Tommy Law, Page Shepherd, Jimmy R, Davis. we tU3Lf3 LGL4- Qhclfs Q' S B i.l5lf'5. it LFS' l37 Qui,- sinus YBGLIS tyll. Ma rt Service Station I ii' is v 5 R . Haw-17' 5f'fEi' ,.. - 1 ' ' 'Q-zqdifi '. ,Y , A f K - f -- f. .,. . . ., A f' I A' ,.Vk if H x jiigmi L W-TQ ,. f 1, 2 - X ,Q ' A X -J ' 4 if , 1 I x ,I ,gf 'W I za , A 1 v ' 'I i I ! 1, . Y,'f, f , Y V3 Q- 4 .. ir I bv. N , FX 1 U 'Q . 2 :iv kbL I y S ' A 6 .I if R as I ' X H!!! ,fix ,fy 2 , NJA va fl l Q 1 3 . .f H I , I 5 X 3 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Walter Hunt with Managers Edward Sigmon and Bobby Dillon. First Row, left to right: R. L. Young, Jimmy Jamison, DeMoss Price, Howard Ferguson, Gayle Flora, Alvin Smith, L D. Oakes. Second Row: Johnny Parcell, Noel Pinckard, Jimmy Poindexter, Frankie Scott, Ray Hunt, Daniel Boone Third Row: Abe Patterson, John Edd Turner, Roger Abshire, Mike Smith, Danny Brown. Back--Walter Hunt. F First Row, left to right: Shirley Brown, Lois Janes Nancy Kent Geraldine Grindstaff Berta Mae Meadow Shelby Jean Byrd, Frances Radford, Louise Thompson Donna Harris Second Row left to right Nancy Perdue Jo Ann Davis Ann Berger, Joyce Hutson, Dalphia Campbell Phyllis Hontz Shirley Hodges Patricia Bennett Nadine Chitwood Not Pictured: Joyce Butler, GlRLS'BASKETBALL Dec. l4 Jan. l5 Jan. l8 Jan. 25 Jan. 28 Feb. l Feb. 4 Feb. ll Feb. I8 Feb. 25 Drewry Mason Martinsville Bassett Martinsville Fieldale Drewry Mason William Byrd Bassett William Byrd Fieldale Berta Mae Meador, Captainp Mary Belle Thomas, Monagerp Mrs. Mickey Morris Coach. Blue Ridge Talc Co. 4 Frances Radford Guard Louuse Thompson Forward 7' xld vt F N. xf qv? Nancy Perdue Guard Dalph a Campbell Forward AS.. P Q Z l""H-.. f"" K, ,P 'N--mx E X Berra Mae Meado Phyllis Hontz GU'-'fd Forward ur 1 f I Exchange Mulllng Co Inc x 3 if A k, ' X V' Rl' NY l' 1 I A ,,, .l"5stLX, ,-1 ,gn , 5 ' N: F, X F ull 1 V .- ' I4 Q., 7 -1 -1 - N! ' '. : X . 6 , J F I F -1 I M ' i ' I r I lv X 1 I, I ra I I wb ' . A -'J 9 xx i 2 ' . - , ' h ' X , 4 -Nc av. 'LX X lx ' ' W ' -,A rx hx M-n V..- .f' " N9 -' ' A A I S I A F X " +1-ff. lg' . A1 . Q , r : 1 K 'X E s s E 4 4 . Y W l I R l n x x X , A g , A X 5 1 I FPIIYIKCKD ron Q' DRP Page Shepherd Alvin Hall Thomas Crook gs Irvin Dillon, Coach BASEBALL Page Shepherd Butch Ingram Dick Rakes ! ts f U1 'EN x Y' ""j5i"" Qfaffivfw , no A-a" -i vi . ., 5 Thornton's General Merchandise 14 xt? 1 'QL '---A.-L. Y CHEER CLUB M! Betsy Nuff peggy Aka S Capta n Belle Nolen in Catherine Ba hour Velma .lo CI genpeel Co Capta n Nancy M Hudson Betty Ann Dullo Sandra Wh tlow Betty Pe due Se na Mo tgome y li 'I l Q t -1 A ef ,Q 1 3, l . XX ,F , . ,x fi, gt t 4 , 4 ' x , ' .c ' 'ten-A M W A y- 1 A ' T f Q V ., ' r in - i if -flffl " 5 '51, ' ' S' 3 . . kick! f 4 1,g l t xl ff-f l I . n ti-' Y i ri n r OUR Q 5' ,.--- Nancy Akers and Belle Nolen The first band instruments Display of History Praiects Ii. Lax ROWWN CUSNME Roman Costume "Cupid and Psyche" Latin Club Initiation Adelaide Thompson Anne Alexander A faculty planning session Mrs. Margaret Motley Cheer Club 5 V Appalachian Electric Light and Power Co. 144 SYMPHONY i .K 'J K X , ' x , it A 1 -...- M,,,, vw 4 ,, f""'kfj- K 4-.4 , . lap V v 1 Sully and her liffle buddies Watch that stuff, John! Hoe them taters, Bet! Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top- All dressed up and no place to go. Party! Party! Nothin' like workin' in wx .. 41 V xx X W 146 ,j,,' bed! iii f' 's . fy So tired! "ln the good ole summertime." SENIOR STATISTICS PEGGY JEAN ADKINS Trl Hl Y 5 4 H 5 NANCY LEE AKERS 4 H 2 RALPH DAVIS AKERS AMOS CANADER ALLMAN JR F F A 2 3 4 5 ORAN RICHARD ANDERSON 4H 345 Cholr 5 FFA 345 CAROL JEAN ANGLE Beta 45 Trl HlY45 4H 2 PEGGY WADE ANGLE Beta Trl Hl Y Plano SHIRLEY MYRTLE ARRINGTON 4 H 2 3 4 5 Cbolr 3 Sclence Club 2 Llbrary C u 2 D E 5 Softball 4 DORIS ELIZABETH BANDY Latln Club 45 Camera Prolectlon 3 4 H A 5 Trl Hl Y HARRY NEWTON BARNHARDT JR Hl Y 4 5 Beta 4 Presldent 5 Student Coun cll 5 Football 4 Baseball 4 ARCHIE WAYNE BENNETT Cholr 2345 VIC9 Presldent 4 Band 5 Presldent 5 Beta 45 Dramatlcs 45 J V Football 2 Basketball 234 Football 3 45 Hl Y 4 5 VICE Presldent 5 Annual 2 3 4 5 BUSINESS Manager 5 SCIENCE Club 2 CORETA ANN BENNETT OIF 345 T H Y 4 H 3 COY DUDLEY BENNETT 4 H 2 Cholr 2 4 5 Latln Club 4 Hl Y V Basketball 4 CLARA JUDITH BOWLES 4 H 5 Trl Hl Y 5 HANEL WILKENSON BOWLES BARBARA AGNES BOWLING 235 HA5TrlHlY5 Llbrar Plano 2 DEANNE VIVIAN BOWLING 4 H 3 4 5 Camera Prolectlon 3 Cholr 4 Beta 4 5 Latln Club 4 5 BARBARA JEAN BOWMAN 4 H 3 4 5 Camera Prolectlon 3 Llbrary Club 3 Trl HlY 34 F H A 45 Dramatlcs 34 Cbolr 4 5 Homecomlng Court 3 JOHN MAURICE BOWMAN Cbolr 5 F F A 2 4H 45 Student Councll 3 4 Beta 4 5 LAWTON KELLIE BRADLEY Student Councll 4 5 Cbolr 2 5 D O 5 4 H 2 3 4 5 Hl Y 3 4 5 Football 2 3 4 Camera Proyectlon 2 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 4 CARLTON ALBLERT BROOKS F A 23 IDA ALZIE BROWN Llbrary Club 3 4 F H A 5 Softball 3 45 MARY RUTH BROWN H A SHELBY JEAN BROWN 4 H Club 5 Cbolr 5 Trl HI Y 5 ZOLA MAXINE BROWN A 23 IVA MAY BRUBAKER 4 H 23 45 Presldent 2 Secretary 3 Trl Hl Y 45 Beta 5 Student Councll 3 Cholr 5 Secretary 5 Plano Club 4 5 Homecomlng PEGGY ANN BRUBAKER 4H Club 345 Camera Prolectlon 3 Trl Hl Y34 F H A 45 Plano Club4 Presldent RABON ALTON BUSSEY D E 45 Parllamentarlan D E 4 Treas E JOYCE MARIE BUTLER Cbolr 2 4 Sclence Club 2 Trl Hl Y 4 Llbrary u 4 4H Club 23 D O 5 Typlst or Newspaper 3 4 Softball 4 Basketball 5 HAROLD DEAN CANNADAY 4 H Club 2 3 REBA ELAINE CARTER H A VELMA JO CLINGENPEEL F H A 2 4H 2345 VlcePresldent 23 Beta 4 5 Cheer Club 4 Co Captaln 5 Student Councll 5 Cholr 45 Annual 5 Dramatlcs 3 4 Plano 2 3 4 Homecomlng Court 2 4 Ideal Lumber .- .- 2 - I - .I l-2 . . 2 . . I ' ' 1 ' .' - 1 I I ' ' J . . . Q - , J , . , 2 , - ' ' ' I I I ' D ' ,J ' ,J - . Q - I I I , , , l I , 1 1. 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 I I I ' I I ' I I F. , . , ,4,5. 1 I- I- 1 I ' . I I I I ' ' ' I I - 1 1 1 I I I I b 5 . A I H F. . . 4,5. I 1 l I . ' - - - I 2,3g F. H. . Q - - 4,5. I . F, H. . , ,4,5. V- , Q , ' 5 - J I - - ' - I I I I I . I ' 1 1 A' 1 1 1 1 I ' I - . I C' 4 ' ' I Presldentg Student Councll 2,3,4,5, VICE- Cuff A I , 2 1 I - - 2 , , 2 , , 2 - . ' - . '- ' - ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 '- . . ' ' ' - ' l 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 ' ' 5. Ch ' , , g F. H, A. 4,5g ri- i- 4,5g ' I - Q . . , , . . , D. . 5. - 1 ' , , J ' 5 '- 5:1 , . . h . . , . I I 1 1 1 T ' 1 Cl b 1 - , 5 . . Q , , , - - I I F. F. A. 2,3,4g D. E. 5. F. . . 4,5. 4-H , , gF. I . g '- '- g ' y 3g ' - A ' 1 1 1 1 I T I 4 I 5 2 - l , - 2 - , , J I I E I , I I , Q , . , I , 1 2 . I 7 SENICR STATISTICS JAMES WHITE COOPER Cnolr 3 D E 4 Presldent Student Councll VERDA MAE COOPER H A SHIRLEY MAY CRAIGHEAD Camera Projectlon 3 Trl Hl Y 4 5 OLIVER WENDELL CROOK J V Basketball 2 Basketball 3 45 Baseball 2345 Football Manager 3 Football 45 Hl Y 4 5 Latln Club 4 5 CALVIN LESTER CUMMINGS 2DE4DO5Reporte THOMAS EUGENE DALTON 4 H 2 3 4 5 Camera Projectlon 3 ORVILLE LEROY DAVIS 2 A JOSIE INEZ DEAL Camera PFOIGCIIOICI 3 Dramatlcs 3 News paper 4 5 Trl Hl Y 4 5 Llbrary Club 3 4 5 Treas 5 NANCY IRENE DILLON Newspaper4 F H A 45 D E 5 Dramatlcs RACHEL ANNETTE DILLON H SHIRLEY ANN DILLON Llbrary Club 2 3 4 5 Treas 3 4 Presldent 5 Latln Club 4 Secretary 4 Student Councll 5 JAMES DOUGLAS DIVERS 4 H 2 Student Councll 345 Home Room Presldent 3 VICE Presldent 4 Presldent of Senlor Class 5 Cbolr 4 5 EUNICE PAULINE DOWDY 4 H 2 Llbrary Club 2 3 MILDRED LAVERNE DUDLEY Camera Projectlon 3 Student Councll 45 Trl Hl Y 4 5 Presldent ot Trl Hl Y 5 Beta VIRGINIA TALITHA ELLIS F H A PATRICIA INEZ ENGLISH Camera Projectlon 3 Annual 3 4 5 Trl Hl Y 4 5 Vlce Presldent 5 Rocky Mount Woodmen of the World I4 RAMSEY ANN ENGLISH Cl1olr34 F H A 5 4H34 LatlnClub4 Trl HlY 5 Newspaper 34 Buslness Man ager 5 MILDRED LOUISE FERGUSON F H A 4 Softball 34 BETTY LEE FISHER Beta 4 Reporter 5 4 H Club 2345 Re porter 2 Presldent 4 Homeroom Secretary 3 Vlce Presldent 2 Dramatlcs 23 4 Cholr Plano 2 3 4 Student Councll 3 4 5 F H A 2 HERMAN LUTHER FISHER F F A 234 D O 5 Student Bus Drlver45 EARL BENTON FLORA 4H 345 VlcePresldent 5 F F A 345 Reporter3 Treas 4 Band5 Treas of Band5 FRANCES DAPHNE FRANCE F H A 4 5 VICE Presldent 5 Trl Hl Y 5 SHELBY JEAN FRITH Beta 4 5 POLLY KATHERINE GARDNER F H A 2 Beta45 TrlHlY5 JERROLD THOMAS GREENE Student Councll 3 4 Treas 5 Hl Y 4 Presl dent 5 Dramatlcs 3 4 5 Treas 4 Beta 4 5 Homeroom Presldent 3 4 5 Student Bus Drlver 5 VIRGINIA LEE GREER Llbrary Club 2 Debate 3 Dramatlcs 2 3 4 5 Camera Projectlon 2 3 Cholr 5 Band 5 Spanlsh Club 5 Newspaper 3 Assoclate Edltor 3 Edltor 4 BOBBY EDWARD GUILILIAMS 2 3 4 IDA ARLENE GUILLIAMS Cholr 5 Trl Hl Y 5 NANCY CAROL GUILLIAMS Cholr 5 Trl Hl Y 5 VIRGINIA LOIS GUSLER olr 3 F H A DORIS MAE HALL F H A 3 45 Student Councll 3 4 WAYNE ELLIOTT HALL 4 H 2 Hl Y 45 Newspaper 45 Football Manager 2 3 Football 4 Baseball 23 Bas ketball 3 4 5 ' 1 I A 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 . 5 -- -- . ' , 41 - 1 1 1 F1 . . 4,5. I A 1 I' I' 1 A 1 T 1 1 1 T - - I 1 1 I , ', I ' . I . 5f 1I 1 1 1 I T I ' , ' 'I' ' ' , I , 1 1 I 1 1 I ' ' ' ' 4 H 1 ' ' 1 ' - 1 IT ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 - ' 1 I T ' ' ' ' T I 1 I T T I ' ' ' 1 I I 1 . 1 1 - - 4-H j F, F. , 2,3. 1 - 1 1 1 I ' I 1 T' ' ' II 'I 1 ' 1 - 1 T T 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . . g , 1 '- '- . 4-H 2,3,4j Library Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 41 1 1 - - 1 1 1 . 1 - I I I I '- I -- 4, . - . 1 I l I I I ' I I I I 1 1 1 F. . A. 2. ' - . ' . T I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' ' - ' - - ' I ' I I I I 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' I I I j . - 1 ' 1 1 1 I 1 -I 1 F,F.A.,,-H5. 1 1 ' . .- .- I T 1 ' . .- .- I I I I 1 I I 1 1 ' - ' ' ' A c ' - 3 5 4I5I ' ' ' lit 1 - - 1 141 1 . . . 4. I I I I I I I I I I I I I - 1 '- 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 T ' I 1 ' 8 SENIOR STATISTICS MARY PAULINE HAMBLETTE H 2 Dramatlcs 2 BETTY JEAN HODGES 34 F H A 4 Lubrary Clu JEANETTE JULIA HODGES 3FHA4DE5Secret JOYCE ANN HODGES A LEAVONA MABLE HODGES I Plano 2 Llbrary Club 3 JOYCE MARIE HORNE H RACHEL ELLEN HOSLEY olr5Annual45 F H A2345 retary 4 Federatuon Secretary 5 Camera Projectnon 3 4 H 23 Presudent 3 Student Councll 234 Beta 45 Vlce Presndent 5 Homeroom Presldent 2 3 Secretary 5 HUGH HOWARD HOUSMAN 23 F F A 23 JOYCE ANN HOUSTON Cl'1olr 5 Trl Hn Y 5 Basketball 5 PATE ROCHELLE HUDSON F H A 2345 Reporter4 4 H 23 Llbrary Club 34 Tru Hr Y 3 4 Newspaper 4 ra matrcs 3 WILLIAM ARNOLD HURT Camera Projection 3 4 H 23 4 5 Beta Hn Y 5 Football 4 ROBERT GARY IKENBERRY F F A 34 4H 345 Basketball 3 Track 4 Homeroom Vice President 4 F F A Basketball 4 FREDRICK WOODROW INGRAM Baseball 3 4 5 Football 4 5 Hn Y 5 Spanish Club 4 PEGGY ANN INGRAM A 3 Cho 3 Trl Hu PATSY JEAN JEFFERSON 4H 23 Beta 45 Plano 345 Trl H Newspaper 5 Sensor Class Secretary BARBARA JEAN JOHNSON H A 23 BUDDY HAROLD JORDON 4 H 3 4 5 Dramatlcs 5 Camera Projection SALLY ANN KATENKAMP Annual 2 3 4 Co Edutor 5 Dramatncs 2 3 4 5 Lubrary Club 2 Plano 2 3 4 5 Vice Presldent 4 Newspaper 3 4 Choir 3 4 5 Camera Projectnon 3 4 H 2 Scnence Club 2 Tn Hn Y 4 5 Student Councul 5 Homecoming Court 2 MARTHA JOSEPHINE KINGERY F H A 5 Vlce Presudent of Homeroom 3 Homeroom Reporter 5 Homecomlng Court 2 NORMA JEAN KINSEY 4 H 3 4 Beta 4 5 Tru Hu Y 4 Newspaper 4 Secretary of Beta Club 5 NANCY ANN KIRK 4 H 2 3 Tru H1 Y 4 5 Secretary 5 ZANE WELFORD KISER Baseball 3 Basketball 5 Hu Y 4 5 WALTER BRYON LAPRADD A 23 TOMMY LEE LAW Hn Y 4 5 Basketball 2 3 4 5 Student Councnl Presudent 5 Annual 23 45 Co Busnness Manager of Annual 5 Football 3 4 5 IRIS AN DRA LEE O LILLIAN ELIZABETH LEFFUE Tru HIY 45 Camera Projection 3 News paper 4 Cholr 5 SHELBY ANN LYNCH 4 H 2 3 Newspaper 3 Typnst and Secretary 4 5 Dramatlcs 3 4 5 Chorr 4 Library Club Tru HIY 4 D O 5 Treas 5 Softbal JAMES MORRIS MANNING A 2 3 SHIRLEY ANN MARTIN JUDSON ANNE MASON Choir 45 Dramatacs 23 F H A 5 Spanish Club 5 Camera Projectlon 3 Newspaper 3 DONALD RAY McNEIL 4 H 2 3 Camera Projection 2 3 HI Y 2 3 4 5 Tre-as 5 Football 2345 Basketball Man ager 2 3 4 Band 5 JACK ANGELL MILLIRON Baseball 4 5 T49 Angle Salk Malls Inc 4- 2 , A 1 I I I . 2 . . 3. 4-H2,,g...g' b4. -' 5 'A ,l,,J J I fl I I - 4-H 2, g , , . g . . , ary 5. ' - A 2 1 'j' - ' ' 'I -1 -- , Q ' Q ' - F. H. . 5, , . . g ' - ' j Q 4-H 2,3,4,5g Tri-H'-Y 4,5g ' ,3,4g ' ' - 1 1 I- I- F, . A. 5. ' ' - 1 A' I' 1 1 ' Cn j D, g . . . , , , , Sec- . b 1 j I A - . 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 - F, F, , , ,4,5, 4-l'I , Q . . . , ,4,5. A- I j I I I j ' 2,3,4,5g Dramatics 3,4, Vice-President 4, - r - A r 1 1 1 ' 1 - - 1 ' ' I I I ' ' ' ' 1 1 .1 1. T 1 I . U , 5 - - , 1 Q D - - '- , 1 ' ' 2 - g . V - 1 1 1 - g . , . - 1 1 I I 3, 2 H j , , 1 Q 1 "' 'f '3' g - g . . . ' Ft F. . , ,4,5. , , 2 , Q '- Q ' ' , 2 I V ,jg . - . 1 ' A j j I j . F. H. . Q lr Q - -Y 5. , , . - ' I I 1 I' 1 1 1 1 - ,Q ,g ,,: -1-Y5J -Q - 1 - 1 1 I - F. , . ,,4,5, ,A , . SENIOR STATISTICS AGNES VIOLA MILLS Camera Projectuon 3 Tru Hn Y 4 5 BOB CARROLL MORRIS 4H 2 Camera Projectlon 3 D O 4 Man ager of Football 234 Basketball 3 Base ba 23 WILBUR LEWIS MULLINS 4 D ROBERTA SARRETE MYERS 4H45 TruHnY4 F H A 5 Dromatucs4 BETSY NAFF Natlonal F H A Publuc Relatuons Commlttee 5 F H A 4 State Vice President 4 Pres: dent of F H A 4 Chee: Club 3 4 5 Captaun 5 Beta 45 Annual 2345 Co Editor 5 Student Councul 3 4 5 Debate 2 3 Treas 3 Scnence Club 2 Spannsb Club 5 Homeroom President 2 GENEVA LOUISE NOLEN Newspaper 3 Dramatncs 4 Beta 5 Cholr 5 NAOMI BELLE NOLEN Camera Projectlon 3 Dramatlcs 4 Trl Hn Y 4 5 Spanish Club 5 Treas 5 Cheer Club 5 F H A 4 Homecomung Queen 5 SAMUEL WILEY NOLEN Football 3 4 5 Track EDITH MARIE OAKES Tr HI Y 5 RAYMOND CALVIN OAKES E JOSEPH RANDOLPH PATTERSON F F A 2 Dramatlcs 3 Choir 2345 Presl dent 5 Football 3 4 Student Bus Driver 5 MARTHA ANN PEAKE our 45 Dramatncs 2345 F H A Newspaper 3 4 Spanjsh Club 5 BETTY LORRAINE PETERS Tru Hu Y 4 5 Treas 5 Cbour 4 5 Beta PATRICIA MARLENE PETERS 4 H 5 Tru Hn Y 4 Dramatlcs 4 F H Student Councul 5 Homeroom Treas 4 Pres: dent 5 Secretary of 4 H 5 MAMIE ARLENE POINDEXTER A 5 4H 25 TrlHlY 45 Cam Projectnon 3 Lynch Funeral Home SHELBA DEAN POTTER Hu Y 4 F A BARBARA EUCEVIOUS POWELL D O 5 DOUGLAS JAMISON POWELL 3 D BETTY LOU PRESTON D O 5 STELLA ANNIE PRESTON Trl Ha Y 5 NANCY ELIZABETH PUGH Student Council 3 4 Cbour 3 4 Llbrary Club 2 Camera Projectuon 3 Annual 5 Typist for Newspaper 5 Tr: Hu Y 5 4 H 2 Homeroom Presjdent 3 Vnce Presjdent 5 VIRGINIA COLLEEN PUGH Camera Projection 3 BARBARA ANNETTE QUINN 4H 34 TrlHuY 5 Chour 5 PEGGY ANNE RAMSEY 4 5 Dramatlcs 54 SARAH VIRGINIA RENICK H A 23 4 5 Trl HI ERMA DRUCILLE REYNOLDS T HI Y 4 4 H 5 BARBARA PHYLLIS RICHARDSON 4 H 2 3 4 Camera Projection 3 Trl Hu Y Newspaper5 F H A 5 SHIRLEY ANN RIGNEY a 45 Latin Club 45 F H A 5 3 4 Newspaper 4 WILMER FRANKLIN ROBERTSON JR Baseball 2 3 Dramatjcs 2 3 4 D O 5 Vuce Presldent Cholr 2 3 4 5 4 H 2 3 FRANK JUNIOR ROBERSON F F A 345 Degree Team 345 ALBERT LEWIS RUTROUGH A 3 KENNETH CALVIN RUTROUGH 4 H 3 4 Spanlsh Club 5 Homeroom Treas 3 ' ' j '- '- , . Tri- '- g . F. . 5. ' I I I I - - I ' . . . 1 1 1 1 T ll ,. 4-H j F. F. A. 2g . O. 5. Hi-Y j .E. 5. ' , I I' I' I - - - I A f . ' I I I I ' ' ' I I I I . ' ' . . ' . . . - ' Q I I I I I I I I I I I . '- '- . - . I - - I I I I I I I I ' I ' I - ' ' . ' - I ' I I Q ' Q Q ' - T I I' I- I ' I . . I . Q .- .- 1 F fb - I I Choir 3g 4-H 3,5g Tri-Hi-Y 4-5g Latin Club . . . , . Ii U 1 1 P - F. . . , , j j '- '-Y 4. I' I' I ri- '- g - . D' ' ' I 1 I I .- I' , ,.., 1 ff - Bef ,Q ' ,Q...Q4-H Q I - Cb ' Q Q ' , , Q Q . . . 5, . ' I ' I I ' - I I . ' . I I D I I I ' ' 1 - I I I I I - I ' '- '- , , Q Q ' , Q 4,52 . , . , , j I , , - Q - -j Q Q . . A. SQ I ' , j ' I F. F, . ,4,5. FH -Q- ,Q ,Q ere - ,Q ' Q .. . 3. SENIOR STATISTICS HOWARD CURTIS SCOTT F F A 3 Presldent 4 Treas 5 Homeroom Presldent 5 Student Councll 4 5 4 H 4 NORMAN THOMAS SH ELTON Hl Y 4 Secretary 5 Dramatlcs 4 Vlce Presl dent 5 Basketball 3 4 Cbeer Club 3 Student Councll 2 3 Jr Class Secretary and Treas 4 Annual 5 PAGE MYRIL SHEPHERD Homeroom Presldent 24 Baseball 2345 Football 345 Basketball 234 H Y 5 Dramatlcs 3 4 Treas 5 Student Councll 4 5 Cholr 4 5 GLENN EUGENE SHIVELY F F A Football MARGIE LOLA SHIVELY H A 5 Trl Hl Y KERMIT MORRIS SLAYTON O P sldent F F BETTY JEAN SKINNELL Dramatlcs 2 3 4 5 Secretary 2 Camera ro lectlon 2 3 Newspaper 3 4 Cholr 3 4 Trl Y Plano 23 4 F H A D POLLY ANN SMITH 2 D DONALD DILLARD SOWDER 4 H 3 Latln Club 3 Presldent 4 Beta 45 H Y 4 Chaplaln 5 Cl'1olr 45 Stu ent Councll 5 BARBARA JEAN SOUTHALL 4H 2345 T H Y 45 Newspaper 5 Homecomlng Court 5 JAMES ELTON STANLEY CURTIS FRANKLIN STONE 4 H 2 F F A 3 4 Student Bus Drlver 4 5 GORDON HARDIN TATUM Student Bus Drlver F F A 345 BETTY JEAN THOMAS MARY BELLE THOMAS Beta 4 5 Latln Club 4 Dramatlcs 5 Manager Glrls Basketball 5 ALICE COLLEEN THURMAN 4 H 2 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 4 Camera Prolectlon 2 3 Cholr 3 4 Band 5 Secretary DONALD MATHERSON THURMAN A 2 3 IRMA LOUISE TURNER Llbrary Club 3 Trl Hl Y 4 5 WILLIAM ROBERT TURNER 4H 2345 Cholr 345 FRANCES MARIE WAGNER Beta 45 Trl Hl Y 5 DOROTHY REBECCA WALKER Club 25 TrlHlY5 F H A LAVERNE PARKER WASHBURN 4 H 2 3 Presldent 3 Llbrary Club 2 3 VIC6 Secretary and Treasurer 3 Plano 23 4 5 CARTER JACKSON WEBB F F A 34 ReporterofF F A 4 DONALD RAY WEBB Latln Club 4 Hl Y 5 REBA KATHRYN WOOD Beta 45 Latln Club 45 4 H 345 Secre tary 6 Treas of Homeroom 4 PEGGY ANN WOODY Trl Hl Y 4 5 LLOYD NELSON WRAY 4H345 F F A 345 Reporter5 Track3 BETTY JANE WRIGHT H JOANNE LOUISE WRGHT Trl Hl Y 4 5 SYLVIA CHRISTINE WRIGHT H A EDITH CLYDENE YOUNG Hughs Snack Bar Curb Service Dual 9180 . 1 . , ' , D . 1 E ,Q ' 1 J I 1 T ' ' I I I . ' I ' ' ' I I I I I ' .1 1 1 1 1 I - - I ' F. F. , , ,4,5. I 1 .1 1 1 I I' T' , . ' 1 1 1 1 IT v 1 1 I 1 1 5 ' ' T 1 1 1 1 1 - . , .g 1 I ' ' - Q . 4-H ' '- '- ' . . .5. F. . . Q - - 4,5. ' ' ' I , A T Q 1 1 A l I 1 1 I T D- 1 51 fe 1 . V A. 3- Presldent 3g Latln Club 4, Treas.g Homeroom I I I I ' I I I 1 1 1 1 A P .T 4 .1 1 1 I 1 I ' - - - 1 I - - - - Hl-g ,,g. . .5g .O.5. . I .- I 4-H g F. H. A, 5g . O. 5. 1 I 1 T 1 1 1 T - . - - . . Q . . . I I I ' I I I IT U 1 1 1 d - T- I . T 1 1 I 'TIT IT I . . ' T 1 1 1 ' A - 1 1 1 1 ' F. . A. 5. T ' ' ' 1 I 1 ' '- '- I 2 ' 5 I . - 1 1 - F. . . 4,5. , . . ' 1 ln loving Memory of our Classmates THERE IS N0 DEATH There as no death' The stars go down To ruse upon some other shore And bright nn heavens jeweled crown They shlne forever more J L McMreery IRA BOOTHE WALKER CHARLES EDWARD PRILLAMAN Clrcle Cob Dual 215 '52 O . . I , I . - I . . . T . . ,gym 4 - .

Suggestions in the Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA) collection:

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Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 108

1955, pg 108

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