Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA)

 - Class of 1953

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Eu: in Cl WL of Knowledge un wifA moijfure rom our fdugafer, IQPFAGIJJ our fear-5, .SAQJ J1,xo,,,. gzfafm 1 fr The "Golden Years" referred to in this book are our last three high school years of 1950-1953, which have been glor- ious years filled with new and wonderful golden opportunities since the e r e ction of our modern, consolidated Franklin County High School. The beauty of the building itself, ex- pansion of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, learning to work together in a group of around 900 students, assemblies and dramatic productions in our ovsm picturesque auditorium, choir performances, hot plate lunches in our modern c af ete ria, football games, basketball games and Junior-Senior Prom in our handsome spacious gymnasium ---these and many other delightful experiences have made these shining years, which can never be forgotten. The "Anime" staff has purposed to record in this 1953 edition some ofthe events of the year 1952-'53--the best of "Our Golden Years." . FUREWUR 0 jufure jAI'0ll ll lUillll0Mf ,102 G lfflh'l,9u5. I'0ll Cl C-Cllnljllj JP? ll lUOI' xbll l0LlgAtJ Hill! !7QllI'I'liI1g'P!!lll'!lfi0l1v ff? fAv neeol5 Auf o ff-ire I ov" 'N 'ue In peace ll'l'IA feflfow man 4, ,Vvn ij , X , H. N f " X , S: X lf- sx '7 's' 'T' Q, ,4 53 f. , 3541 , - A X Nl . Y-AX ff' i 1. "-. ' "" ,,.. . ' N. ' U ,, . 7 f IA .f. N ' AY-,fi 0 l . . , ,, A. s , A .I .A x' ' n h 6 in A I Y, . "To every life there comes a time supreme, One day, one night, one morning, or one noon, One freighted hour, one moment opportune, One rift through which sublime fulfilments gleam Mary To us this "time supr e m e , " this "moment opportune," this "rift through which sublime fulfilments gleam" was the opening of our new Franklin County High School in 1950. For us a dream had become a reality, Opportunity was ours. Truly, this was the beginning of "Our Golden Years." Three glorious years have past, and we now have, according to all who To Mr. Harold W. Ramsey, Super- intendentof Franklin County Schools, Phi Beta Kappa , Vice President, Board of Visitors of the College of William and Mary, ou t s tandin g educator, kindly, scholarly g e n tl e man extremely modest to his own virtues and a- c hi e v e m e nts, personal friend whose visits to F. C.H.S. are al7 ways welcome, we again express our gratitude for his fervent am- bition and persistent effortsduring his 25 years as superintendent to obtain for us the best educational advantages. We reaffirm our faith in him as our champion for the cause of education in Franklin County, and we hereby extend to him our appreciation for all the anxiety and strain, which we know he must have experienced in handling th e m an y complicating problems pertaining to the a- chievement and the errection of Franklin County High School. He has played a great part in "Our Golden Years." ,-1 A. Townsend, "Opportunity" view it, one of the most beautiful, modern, and complete schools to be seen anywhere. We are proud of our school, and we are deeply appreciative to all who have had any part in helpingus to acquire it. Especiallydo we wish to express our appreciation to two people who, we feel, have played an important partin mak- ing possible "Our Golden Years. , 7-7 To the Honorable John S. Battle, distinguished Governor of Virg'inia,friend of education,Southern gentleman, whom we ardently admire as a man and as a statesman, we dedicate this page as a public expression of our sincere appreciation for his deep concern for the education of the youth of Virginia, manifested by the "Battle Fund," which made it possible for us to procure our new school, the largest consolidated county school plant in Virginia to benefit by this appropriation. Izzy' -a-mqf-3 is l l 15,112 . , I . A gg S' ' 2 4 5 ' , X 'Q I Q 9 6 Q 1. -xg 'T My I Q W litany an -ww 3 X -E ,K K. f 335,35 eu- 'iw ' 1 1 ls v.-. " 1 sv 2 s Gif t!lwf ii' ali U 'I nw 1 a ww f i, NW 'SH mm Wim-y 1 -1 V 1 A s 1 " Won' I you are rva :ly . Oy Afvra . rlear. we lun Av 1 , Q gin fo fawzl. IJQQW ,Mal 'Q sz " M mm! S .W ,qw Yfky' f , M I .. W, .... fi? I Ag 1 'iff Vx5:,5f.gfL 210, All gl! Ill 4' jo II i A lol 6,0010 0 Il 0 Nl ll ll ll 1 ICR -N Ks W . My wi n- - 11. . .mf Q23 xx 'ww -r .1545 my - ' giiyggifii ,lg 'zgwi + A 1, 1- 0? ji' K a .QQ f W if 'f xg-f-fwfgeg. ,gb 5 5454 , gflqfv 'i fl 4,4 y v 5 im X . k :s-2,52 my 4- A A Sagas, . 1.15 q - 5 , v f 5 E 5 5, : 2 , 5 m W I . 5 il , ' 3 ' W ' ' s W W 2 f N Q- 7w v""V'i 1' QL! V. " ,, 'L i W1 iyfw X Vg ' fm , A y ' my M my-.Qs 1' K Lx ' L'-x A Q W M- 1-, .. g ,QQJFIQQ Le, A , ., -"' W Q Q HF? Q . 4 E f f 52? 3, Q, 4 if " ' , xsw, .. 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Hi i 1 is 3, ? v ,ww . - -- . n .'L..v.Bi3g f . in A. f ., .,-,H . -l A, ,im urs., ,N , , '- iq i' M -. ' 1- i' -1-, T, ,. X 4 '-yi. V' 'sf' f, 'f' Q-1-gf. ,ffms ,. .-:in 'f?"'W " W A L7 , .,, u I 4 1 U I 1 1 . 13' V ,. , far- ' f .YA kk K ' snfxty. 4-'1gf,rL 'df X . , ' X, I V: 4.4 , fl XX N, Aff J, W .vw ,. xx 1 I ,H " ?0ln0tl'g 2 Pufejt PEG iZati0Il llhlall f0aJ0ll P N? 3 7 ge- .f' WsQ 2 1- F f .S Q11 TT? 4 fx .1- mggw , if ' 4 , .1 k " lf, ' .1 ..L. 2 ip, -um . I Q ki, ",' Q37-?xjE.?vil,S 4 K yi .- 2"-2-1 W: P . . A f .f U 7401141 giff fAe Adrien gave me .... fLe love of 4004.5- flr yofflrn -key IANI open: fda' ruaAunfecl floor. 4' 1 ' 1 -ima wx .NM ' A ,401 Q, 2'Q,'Jk J f-vm-M 44.- lE!!l ,.,,,w, ,,, ' 5 5 H f Rik, ,- Wh ,V L, Mu IS 11 N M. w., , ,1 W. W fm. 74. Q l J f inujfl in :ntl lI'lll'f x Lin' 1' 0 ny ll fu' If H HJ ll'UI'l n u Nl urs'- , ,J , X :iris I , - Av ff? . . .Q'iQ2i2L?4sgfi2g:'x f- f, fs: 7 'gi 5TTQYw"'U 1- ., 'phlufm f 15" - ai'-5 3-."' arm WG' ' X L. -Aw-:IW J-wgsyam fe-f-zsfw5PQaff9,f':MV '-f 1 1 0 , -1 H 'K -ix i V-if L. 3,1,.:'?'isv:fi.11-fff5FE,2Q'i?f'Q w.i,,fggff:.E" fgI-,meg m a-': -,,,: :57,,-wr ,. 5, ig.,-1i,,' , , - . Q 1 ,, V . 15 G-mfisiiS4.sgf,i'Jf::fH2',e+2,.EHwe:af2Mr1.:z:Q'wflfwiflMx: T, -ii? - " lf' .Q ," ' L 'H e f. V H f ' we-ug ,,. 2,,L.1 -x 'www 3 -M. Y . , X. ' 0 . I 4 'qt .3 A- Wh.. " .g.' A "kai 1 S I R .. X gk X . cf f SW ii' . My QM z - Q X ul .I if I 4 'f' ., ' 5 as 5' H ' R 'lu xl ,fi M ,5 ,uw 5 .' A 2 if K' ' k ' . I " ' I K' n, ' . 4- s ' A N 0- 1 . 2 Q M511 K wg! . 2 . was? :wigs , ' 5 A -' 3" 75? N- ,.- - ' ' . f" Ji-:'i,1"" 111' , ' M A Q - ., '-" - f f . ,Q - Tp' ,X k X Q T .ffpi gj-'f kf1z2 '- 'Q 'hrs ' 4 ' K - Igf gawx ' M f 7 L 'K N A ' f, A A YM 1'-ffefih fy xf ' - L L K , , ra m vru -l,rojvrl inn . ren :ly for X fn: neuf 1. , N... 3 M. NW u JH, -" n, 1 A n 1 whiff aafc l ee, gmp , an ring wil f e Jul an! youflzaf Jofhfy-U igkffff .NWN 'V W ' ' ' , A ' ' af Xe f -N-..,,,. 'P ' if I ff 5 ,. I kg Y Q NA? 5 A K A 4 f M QAM 'PA I I up-In n ia'-. W ng fA .keya ff, in a 5,1 e fesf Q41 i If if P I f 1 ..l. f z 'Q .Mfg dn. gas Ag,.,?L Q, ai 1 l, ,, 1: 1 X s tl S',Jt'llL 144' JPPPIAQ x9 Pffly ,out ,HJ 59 IJYOIIUIIIIKFJ if fo you, fripplnyal on fA0 lonyue:. -,NNN , Y joffowera of Caviar u,aAofJ Ialin 6faJ4iu av'!,!1 ,v I 1 If gr , QW QMSGNQQE sw F - Q35 x 0 mix? 7 i WN ' XL: i f ii . gi Q-11,1 i ,"'us 'Q . I nt, I gl mfg,-., w .ff w, in kv, 3' V516 A ' 1 N9 ll 0,0 1,014 III nl If Anal' 0 HI PHI Ury Shakespeare, "Henry VI" 1 'I !'a7v.sf of calf MOM' glofclen b !eur.5 H Lrou9Af' ?fAem fo u.1M Wh anal. 777125. lzonnvr ancl .yy JF' ,H W k!fj,Qn '?' 'mi' 'W4:':1f u' ,1-, 'M ' ' 1 5- have been illuminated by the Torch of Knowledge, held high by our Ad- ministration and Faculty to light our way. SN 5. x U? QL 1 RM.. mm jf 1 -.:i?t"X5'f1-2' m if I'f5ff"f5 f Q ' ' X " Y 1 YB. .J , aw. Q 'tif .5 , W i ,fi ' f,fg'?f' A :xiii . . V ma mf' qgff-E13 ,fwfr K ' 1,111 .ji-Q. K Y Held in high esteem by students and faculty for her faithful service in the office is our secretary, Mrs. Margaret Motley. She is never too busy with records or figures or filing to answer our questions or help us solve our difficulties. "Margaret," as many of us remember her as a graduate of '50, has also helped to make our final golden years the best. Mrs. Margaret Motley Secretary PRICE'S 5 Sz 10 . GUIDES through The coming of our new principal, Mr. Bonner, was one of the wonderful things that happened in 1950, the first of "Our Golden Years." His was the task of start- ing us outon the road to success in our new F r a nk l i n County High School. Small in stature and young in years, Mr. Bonner very soon proved himself to be endowed with a master mind, great wisdom, a marvelous c apac i ty for work, and a big heart. On his shoulders have rested the organization and management of the school and the welfareof the students. His consta nt devotion and concern, his thoughtful su- pervision and direction,and his sympathetic understanding of our p r 0 bl e m s have en- deared him to us. Deeply admired and re- spected by everyone is Mr. Bonner, honor- ed guide of "Our Golden Years." gg 77 Ae A05 C1 Aetlrt of QOKJ. Mr. Elton A. Bonner, Principal' B. A. University of Alabama M. A. University of Alabama 'KONI' Qiofclen year! H Many important decisions have been more easily made with the as- sistance of our kindly guidance di- rector, Mr. Bruce Kent, who is al- ways ready and willing to confer with us regarding our future careers or any other p r o b l em. Although Mr. Kent assists in office routine work and also teaches two classes, he finds time to be very helpful to us in the guidance field. He has played a great part in "Our Golden Years." Mr. Cecil Doss Business Manager B. A. , College of William and Mary Economics Mr. Bruce Kent Guidance Director B. S. , M. Ed. , College of William and Mary Physics, Business Law . , , , , .,-ff!! ' The careful supervision of the finance of the school and of the cafe- teria are the chief responsibilities of Mr. Cecil Doss, our business manager. He also assists with the sale of tickets and gate receipts at the games. A very valuable person indeed, who also teaches a part of the day, is Mr. Doss. BANKERS TRUST CO. "While bright-eyed Science watches round. " we? The fa c ul ty of Franklin County High School have indeed been the faithful guides of our golden years in our new Franklin County High School. It is they who have charted the course and pointed out to us the way of golden opportunity that has been ours in our wonderful new surroundings. They have endeavored to dis- cover and bring out the goodin us and to eliminate the uncouth and the unattractive. They have labored to discover, re- fine, and polish the gold in our natures and have shown us that "knowledge is power. " With- out their help there could have been no golden years! id cover we go! The picture below shows the faculty in conference. Their conferences are held each Monday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:00 for planning the work of our school. LEE, HUTCHERSON, AND HILL "The made the people, and answerable to the pe fdncf P033 p e op 1 e ' s government, for the people, made by ople. " Alf thand class "Mathemat' M 6 mb e r S of Sggome efficient on 1 Y tfllfhlclsa 5? S S e S ses not prevaresto beauti'--" , supreme t rie . Secre a Miss Lula W. Ayers Miss Mary Ann Boone Washington University B. A. , Madison College University of Virginia Extension General Mathematics National Business College General Business d Typing, General Business Mrs. Elizabeth B. Alexan er B. A. , University of West Virginia MiSS N919-lie Carroll English B. S. , Longwood College Sponsor, Eighth Grade 4-H Club Hi5t01'Y, G0V9I'nm0l1t ,"X,V7f 1" if - ' RAM SEY ELECTRONIC CO. 11 Mrs. Maggie Gardner Mr. Robert Cokeley MP- lI'Vil1 Dillon B.s., M.s., University ofWest virginia B-S-, University Of Richmond Physical Education Physical Ed11CaliOH Assistant Coach, Football, Basketball, Baseball Coach, Fovtball, Basketball 1321512192111 Miss Peggy Covington B. S. , in Home Economics Education B. S. , Radford College Radford College Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping Home ECOIIOITHCS Sponsor FHA A ,M A faculty planning session in Studentartists decorate class- the library. room blackboards with Christmas scenes. Miss Nannie Gravely Miss Virginia Hannabass B. S. , Mary Washington College B. S. , Secondary, Madison College of the University of Virginia Science, Social Studies Office Practice, Shorthand SPOHSOP, Eighth Grade 4-H Miss Frances Harper MI-S, Ora Hagler Averett College A. B. Tift College B- S- , L0HgW00d College Biology, Mathematics Public School Music Sponsor, Eighth Grade 4-H Sloonsof, FCHS Choir im Miss Myrtle B. A. , Longwood College M. A. ' George Peabody College Librarian, Library Science, Sponsor, Library Club Miss Ruth Hunt B. S. , Longwood College English Sponsor, Senior Class Co-Sponsor, "Animo" Mr. Doss trains student helpers in the use ' h' in the cafeteria of the checking mac mes . These students check lunches at each end of the checking counter. Other student as- sistants serve plates and check in empty ' 'l as these are de trays, dishes, and S1 ver posited at the window for this purpose. Mr. John Lunsford B. S. , in Agricultural Education, V. P. I. Agriculture Mr. Lee Morris B. A. , Randolph Macon College Spanish, American History Sponsor, Mask and Gavel Club Mr. Walter Hunt B. S. , College of William and Mary Mathematics Sponsor, "Franklin Eagle" Mr. W. R. Jamison B.S. , Lynchburg College Agriculture Mrs. Eunice Myers B. S. , Madison College Government, American History Sponsor, Tri-Hi-Y Mrs. Catherine Nester B. A. , Emory and Henry College English Sponsor, Junior 4-H Club A ' X X x B.S Mr. Roy Snyder . and M. S. , West Virginia University in Education, Roanoke College Biology, Botany Sponsor, Camera-Projection Club Sponsor, Science Club Mrs. Anne H. Thurman B. A. , Lynchburg College Latin, History Sponsor, Senior 4-H Club Miss Naomi Prillaman B. S. , Roanoke College Mathematics Sponsor, Beta Club Mr. Edwin Traylor Robertson B. S. , Virginia Polytechnic Institute 333,-NPN Q Vocational Agriculture , x,,,,N,,,,,y "Thou wert my guide, English Sponsor, "Anime" Miss Mary Ellen Peregoy B. S. , Secondary, Radford College Science, Social Studies Sponsor, "Franklin Eag1e" philosopher, and friend. " Mr. Murray Shapiro B. A. , Randolph Macon College English, Public Speaking Sponsor, Debate Club Sponsor, "Franklin Eagle" Mrs. Betty Brown Shearer B. A. , Lynchburg College Physical Education Coach, Girls' Basketball Team LM Miss Elsie Turner Miss Jane Walker B, S, , Longwood College B. A. , College of William and Mary English, Social Science English Sponsor, Eighth Grade 4-H Club sponsor, "Franklin Eagle" Mr. H. A. Watson B. A. , Lynchburg College Vocational Agriculture Sponsor, Eighth Grade 4-H Club SP0ns01', FFA Mrs. Ida P. Turner Blackstone College Science, Mathematics Mrs. Motley, school secretary, pauses Superintendent Ramsey, Mr. Bonner, in the middle of something she is typing and other faculty members enjoy the to answer someone's question. Homecoming Dance. Mr. MacDaniel Williams Teacher -Co-ordinator Mrs. Jean Perry Wiseman Distributive Education - Diversified Occupations B. S. , West Virginia University New York University Physical Education University of Richmond Co-Sponsor, Girls' Basketball Sponsor, Hi-Y Sponsor, Cheer Club I, . Mr. M. A. Williams Miss Peggy Gene Williams B. A. , Lincoln Memorial University B. S. , Radford College Chemistry, Vocational Agricult , Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping ' 1. I jx. I f LAS v...V N 4,11 M- nop: of up 'Wav U, , nan fig "TMI L'. .f ,1"""'Z-Y ,J ,Ml . , ,fn u.....,' f 1 1'..,N, 4 ff- , Y ku, ,, ,. 'ma' ,J w..,,, 4. 9.1 ,4..,.m.M w,.l. My X 4 1. U., 4' I .S yr' .- .7Ai6 mem org 'Wa fCA '--fn' 'A if 0 o 0 if LW.., "1"fT,Qf'q3 Seconds of SADNESS Manufes of GLADNESS awry? Q . Hours of GRATEFULNESS giofafw. ' Q' 'rl , mi: .Q-TI E. .j- ,J-5 1331.1 4vQ'2,.F.1 1?"?E15 'fl' s' A " ' - " -3 52 1 , ,g5.gvfx 4 fy,s:5' " .114evPf,'-2224 -. -Vai. - , , T,-11,-1' " ,J H 'lg :- ' - .1-,gf-' 5 ,wi . gf ,f N. x, in waz ' , ,. . A fd. f x .v 1 . , x 'ui-E: 41 Pin If ' M '4-Ln, -r , , ' '15 1. N-'5 .,-'fg'.':'.'2 fx ,K ' fg ' . 2 QQ, ' M15 -xr X. " If - hgh.,-1 xg -. 1 1 'tfiiifgiig - Q . . . 1 ' "... ' , fI:',f.5 ' "x1,'x ' A , ' v- A- -4,.eQ1, " ul -.M . ' , ' 'ff' if ., Jf' ' ' . 1 - . HW f ,fx 11. 4. 1 '- 2' 3632- N. N 'k f ,A 'H , -- Q- 1 - 1,1 X ,ff':,f' :-.f-vf',:,.Z- " h W .a u i...-54,1 X. 'M 'ik' 'L gjs"'i14 'X ,Ly-"JH'!q- "' 4 ' - :PVR-f. X " 'N ' ' "fi,:. f 'S-' ,. . --2-X" . '- lx x , -1 .2 ri" L A W' 1,173 x xx . .,- ,, . ,Pi 1 -mm YJ" --. 'x ,Af ' M, X f . 141.51 ,pm gk,-V-.Amy ' ,- 1.1 ,,.. Y 'QXQEW "Sf , xx '4 " -' 119, V' J '. -"Mi 'J - -.Wag X ' . A - W I -w.,,,1:,.s, , 1.5, - - ., n Q , . , vm 7 QW , Q 4 K .Bxfur . . V xn -n g '45 gi V V . 1 ,145- X . Senior Class Officers: President, Dick McCollomg Vice President, Billy Shepherdg Secretary, Judy Flora, Treasurer, Aubrey Amos. ur Jani . . jAe Mal After twelve years of work and play we have finally come to the last and best of "Our Golden Years." Some seniors have been in the school only since last year so theyhad a lot of new faces and things to become accustomed to, but every- one got settled down and became friends in time to make this our most interesting year. The first big social event of the year was Homecoming, when Mr. Touchdown and Miss F. C. H. S. were crowned. We all enjoyed this but hated to think that this was our last homecoming as members of the student body. By the middle of the year we were beginning to think of our futures--so, when the time came to take our State A. C. E. test to determine our Cl 77 of O... gat.. ...M standing in the class, we all put forth special effort to show every one that we were the smart est of all the classes. Mid-term exams--and only three more six weeks of"Our Golden Years" left. We were all beginning to think of leaving our classmates, teachers, and friends with sorrow. But there were many things to enjoy together before leav ing. We had lots of fun at the Junior -Senior Prom Senior Day, signing annuals and many parties Finally the great day came when we went forward for our diplomas. We were saddened by the thought that "Our Golden Years" were ended, but we looked forward to the future with bright hope. ANDREW, RUSSELL, AND B. A. DAVIS III A I 'rkr e , K has 5 i f nur' Q 'Sri kg' lxxk Eugene Wilson Akers Helen Magoline Altice Aiftmreny Douglas Amosl A Hazel Edna Angle Rocky Mount, Virginia Wirtz, Virginia Penhook, Virginia g ,Rocky Mountdfirgin' V 5 b Im Q ' If J' x W ,il .opgpg , VM A , ,fin .' ,. 1f,.V v ' v 4. U. 'iw W fr' SENIORS -WJ' ,V Myrna Joyce Ashwell Q 'y 'f 4'QQ Elizabeth Anne Beheler Rocky Mount, virginia V Rock Nellie Ruth Bernard Rocky Mount, Virginia ff' Ae ve'-efif fzhivigs , Lal! if Axj zffj 3' 1 A ew Harvey Lee Boitnott Boones Mill, Virgini tu, or ri, ' A 3 ' 'Qw-y-Q 'Callie Odessa Bowles y Mount, Virginia .Cy Www , 1 5' QMQZHJW sgirff gn, 1963 x mfbvlfjpffjzl W , "Hardy, Virginia 1 I' 1 A- 1. Ma 1'II' GS 1 I ! ginia ii-W 55 QP.. . ,905 -Q Q-faqs :WH Q, wx Ai Betty Jane Brooks Alice Lucille Brovsm Betty Jean Brown Joyce Maureen Brown Union Hall, Virginia Bassett, Virginia Wirtz, Virginia Redwood, Virginia ,V i , .. V ' Q A x o J 5 i . V ,... if X ""'r 'K W s if it f f - N 252 -,A rg A r mzf SENIOR S "mf" kg ' N I X M ki !L AL Y .A A--', f k . f . ' A , Hx Joe Harvey Bryant Walter Clifton Campbell V x . Sydnorsville, Virginia Redwood, Virginia Russell Henry Cannaday Sally Ann Carter Callaway, Virginia 1 V Callaway, Virginia Clingenpeel Virginia V-'jr' Louise Palmer Cooper Rocky Mount, Virginia f X .,c,u'1 ,Ji ,Agana int. ' ' 'Yb- Mary ice Crook Georgia Lee Cundiff Q oseph Junior Cundiff Rocky ount, Virginia Union Hall, Virginia cky Mount, Virginia cr .,vH.f'- ., X. . ,X if 5L . LXR?-4 ' Q 1 K 'K ,f f is Norma Jane Dalton Rocky Mount, Virginia vi q V Redwood, Virginia Russell Lewis Davis, Jr. Rocky Mount, Virginia l Helen Louise Delong Moneta, Virginia 'R' SENIORS '?ev-1, ww... Dotsie Lee David Paul Davis Rocky Mount, Virginia Harold Lewis Dillon Boones Mill, Virginia it? XR x W. X ,,-3,-if if x QQ , Melva Louise Dillon Boones Mill, Virginia 4'-1 ,giix , wits L. Qi' SW' Mary Lee Divers Christi e Dud y Christine Ada Dunman Boones Mill, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia 046 A?u-M . . Rocky Mount, Virginia ' Keanu! iff ' Q w Wff W . AQ '4 A- . AA-A-f'! -XA! Y. ft . JK 291 ML' .dl 4-1,vlff-Jlff qw Lffwtzj, iiflfgcli 4 f f ? f W f sENloRs William Eanes William David Farris Rocky Mount, Virgwni ' H A Boones Mill, Virginia James Jubal Ferguson Bobby Lee Florag J Janet Ellen Flora Norma Judith Flora Q Wirtz, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Callaway, Virginia Boones Mill, Virgi ia jaaifarztdlf, Q, 41- 'ffl' : TZ if xg 4 'SFU Carlton Wayne Fralin Shirley Magdeline Fralin Hughes Reginald Fulcher Joyce Eleanor Green Union Hall, Virginia Rocky Mount, Vir i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' g ma Ferrum, Virginia Boones M111, Virginia L , Edward Akers Greer Rocky Mount, Virginia ,fun 'WW' SENIORS Shirley Grindstaff jf Rocky Mount, Virginia , X 7 ff 5 iloward Taft Guilliams, Jr. Earl Peter Gusler ' H y fr d H f' Bernice E1 H 11 A eanor a Rocky Mount, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia ' R k M V ' ' ' ' K Rocky Mount, Virginia nn 45' 'Sm- 'WSIS' , I .. . r X YV Y ffil hy f' 1, K," Thelma Elaine Hall Lois Ellen Hall Alide Marie Hodges Bobby Dent Hodges Redwood, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Glade Hill, Virginia W X . 5 'frjiril Ly 4 1.,ffwg',"Q 1 f.,? Aj' V y gf- f 4,1 ,J . 3 A ' 1 .va , E4 1 1 - G Betty Jane Holley Henry, Virginia SENICRS 'Xt marry Martha Elsie Hodges Rocky Mount, Virginia Ruby Mae Holley Ferrum, Virginia John Wesley Hodges Rocky Mount, Virginia Dorothy Magdaline Hudson Martha Ann Hudson Redwood, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virgini lg c if-ff X5 r Dorothy Jane Hunt Joyce Evelyn Hunt James David Ingram ,lf Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Fer um, irginia, if ai-df 1 ' . 1 , V Q ,J V J 91 if Ma gf 'b , Ill. ' V we W it if 4-6 , x ff 1,5 , , f api!!! , 1 si., 1" ' VA ' , 4f M1 a J I "'fi':fr5q S ll, RS J Mit! 61,4414 R gg f , , g .trcy J, X I I James Richard Jamison Mary Loraine Jamison Callaway, Virgi ia Ferrum, Virginia Delbert Turner Jeter Margaret Marie Jones Stafford Oren Jones William Henry LaPrade I-Iardyiirgi ia Wirtz, Virginia Callaway, Virginia E Penhook, Virginia ,A I' Q-'dh L' 5 gfaoof I Q l V f-'J 16 , 5 1 J' It ,gyyy g it F William Henry Leffue Boones Mill, Virginia C' cv f .L Patsy Joyce Love Norma Jean Lynch ary Lou Martin!! Sydnorsville, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Ferrum Virginia N Q 1 ww? ix- ., Eg-5fl1sfy,,q xr mf' SENIORS Mary Lou Martin Rebecca Ann Martin Ferrum, Virginia Martinsville, Virginia Nancy Ella Mattox Darwyn Giles McCall Richard Eugene McCollom Union I-lall, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia I" ' or .fp -Lfwf' nf?" Ay' Rocky Mount, Virginia I nag' E... Lv Mo X ndery J' Louise Faye Motley Ina Dean Mullfis Muriel Elizabeth Mullins flkir ' Rocky Mount Vir 'nia ' ' A' ' ' " , gl Rocky Mount, Virgigajia Boones Mill, Virginia X Z ' if j RQ , VA: Ljf -xfilb ,KX f h - f I ,,+ w af ,MID V iff' ya to ,ne ,,.,f:,.,,g1,,ige i!kl1 if K 34,411 ' 1, a,,,, ' ljg, . . , ' n V- ,. o -AQ 1 ,W ' .4-wmv, . z ' 44 Q? D ,1 W A-,JW 'f lf ' M' as WJ 0' ,ii Q7 'Q' K5 A.. SEHI RS a u W , J Edna Maxine Mulkey Robert Alexander Newbill rrfff A L Sydnorsville, Virginia Wirtz, Virginia fl if 'homas Carroll Newbill Garland Douglas Nichols Joyce Elaine Nichols Edithor Lee Nolen Wirtz, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Callaway, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia 5 QA S "vi N. wannab- 1511? ! f ' f Marlene Elizabeth Nolen Jewell Adine Oakes Ferrum, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia -Hx WI Qi? EM" ihsiii M PM r 5 WXNN 2 ,xg VJ, 1' 'LI , pkgj-j'Y?l Ava Ann Perdue M aj VJ! Penh0ok,Virg1n1a rr 1, ' fi' I Ryo? Lee Perdue Jimmy Lee Philpott Rocky Mount, Virginia ' Ibljenryil Virginia w X ', O eff? wmv'i si' .494 V in Sarah Rebecca Overstreet Shirley Brown Pasley Union Hallijirginiak Union Hall, Virginia QQ-WL Ja if f-Cal Q ax Vin: -Ji, ff 5,9 Elliot "' KX 7,1 lf! ' slsmons -QQ?-A Virginia Iris Perdue U -'J Rocky Mount, Virginia ,by Silas Plybon C 0 c Price 131ade,Hi-11,'xgirLg1n1a 912655: ,vyffljginia ..,' z'. ly - I ' 'l L X Betty Jean Prillaman Ferrum, Virginia , f ' , , . I, 4, , , I K I X J , - f , '- Lila Jean Robertson Otha Raymond Scott R k J X f 9 57 if oc y M irginbitfad 2 Roc y Mount Virginia I J L, k James Arthur Scott Ferrum, Virginia 65' ' f-Q. 'QY 'S x T wi 3 if Bats' 'IN 5 gb g Rachel Mae Sink Janet Elizabeth Smith Ruby Smith ,Q if 'fwigrta 1 Rocky Mount, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia Penhook, Virginia f x6 V i X fl. A 1 x in 'IVV' NN J W, XG, WMI in 4 R J X-, x ', QQ 1 -QL ,L ,W ,Q f - T f T1 J , 3. J J! T T , I it ff ELA, s ,, 3 SENIORS ,J Shirley Ruth Smith Rocky Mount, Virginia Jerry Basil Thompson Rocky Mount, Virginia f 3 is Grey Hamilton Thompson Rocky Mount, Virginia 65 'Nc p l David Anthony Sutherland V , Penhook, Virginia fx , Shirley Jane Tucker Rocky Mount, Virginia J , I T Doris Lee Turnerf Rockyflviibynt, 'V ' l Viyginia ,ff WK gf H ' '-,. 'ii , ..-k 'lr I c,,. M. uma, 13 Eldredge Taylor Turner James P tt Wldffibw F' xiii nf V92 one a, Virginia Rocky Mount, Virginia fl 'ef -fs, 4 'k-Q. "L r. , N ff - .af - '1' 4 4 ' ' f L . ' J .,,' E , W-ff, a erson Turner Martha Ann Turner V Pierce Latimer Vaughn Redwood, Virginia Moneta, Virgini yi-A7 M t ' ' ' ' ' ' w a gwwfipvmkx Wy 'l ifxanr '-, -, Ig M x f L -1 X y- wx., ,A 33 SENIORS W?-""' J X' X ' 1 X 5 IN -+A, x - 5 V Y . x X A J, '-f ..x I ,X K' ff x . I 1' J x Betty Emolene Walker Carol Jean Wallace i - , A Y Rocky Mount, virginia 5 kj 14 R ky Cunt, Vir 'ma - - , 1 !QKd?V"" ' V lr ' Freeda Lovena Wood Betty Jane Woody Da el Buford Young Geraldine Julia Young Endicott, Virginia Rocky Mount, Vir 'nia Bassett, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia 4 5 'K ?!v?4.4-1 ff' P7 ' 4 R ..-. iz K' fe Y" New iii, i?"'v-N, Glennis Lee Young Alice Mabel Young Rosemary Young SPECIAL STUDENT Sydnorsville, Virginia Callaway, Virginia Ferrum, Virginia Peggy Wade Angle ' ! - I I A Rocky Mount, Virginia 1 ,1 ' N I 'lt X FRANKLIN WELDING 8a EQUIPMENT CO. enior irror SM NH lfltweifig QW .U A N X. -iff: all Ss! aLe new ffzemli, IQQMWLW Me JJ, W Kzemll are Sffuef, Hut JJ frienclj are Goff!! Best All Around Louie Dillon Martha Ann Hudson Personality Plus "Sonny" Vaughn Carol Jean Wallace Students' Choice Russell Davis, Jr. Joyce Hunt irit Most School Sp ' l Shepherd B11 y Elaine Hall ROCKY MOUNT HOME AND AUTO SU PPLIES -,fr Biggest Flirt Roy Lee Perdue - Mary Crook Best Looking Carl Price - Mary Lou Martin Cutest J. A. Scott - Betty Walker Wittiest Stafford Jones - Marie Jones Most Dependable Darwyn McCall - Shirley Jane T Most Athletic Bobby Newbill - Nancy Mattox ucker Teachers' Favorite Aubrey Amos - Edithor Nolen Most Courteous Bobby Flora - Barbara Hunley Most Likely to Succeed Dick McCol1om - Betty Lee Sink Best Dressed Delbert Jeter - Alice Hodges Class Loafer Junior Cundiff - Maxine Mulkey Quietest Silas Plybon - Magdalene Hudson en i 0 N. MORRIS lI'I'0I' rl I 1 lj 1 Klsviff are fAe fAougA 0 llj fo Illel7l0l'y CJEHI' UNI' gofden ?l?fll'J STEAK HOUSE Tommy ond Tatum-JUNIOR-SE W r . N. , f . . 'ff' 1 -14 fi lv- yr- . ali' Junior Homeroom Presidents: Nellie Hollandsworth, Kitty Cooper, Alice Burnette, Peggy Worley, Yvonne Peters. Ufit One 2 61,9 5917, KONI' QOKJQIQ edfrf L: . With one more golden year ahead of us at F. C. H. S. , we sense as Juniors a very deep feeling of gratitude for the years we have spent together as classmates. In the classroom, at football, basketball, and baseball games, at club meetings, parties, and in almost all of our activities, we have worked and played together. We know that we owe our teach e r s and leaders a great big "thank you" for all the patience they have shown us, and to the classmates-both old and new, who have tried in every way to make every student feel that he belongs here in F. C. H. S. , we can never express our sincere appreciation. This year has brought to us the fulfillment of many of our long awaited hopes. Last year we could only listen to our older classmates discuss the activities of the Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y, and Beta Clubs, and when the Juniors and Seniors began to prepare for the Junior -Senior Prom, in only another year, we tried to tell our selves , we would be a part of it. But oh, how long we im- agined that year would be! Time has slipped upon us, however, and as Juniors we have become a very definite part of these activities. How we enjoyed making plans for the prom, how we wanted to impress those seniors! Then when the actual time came, we knew that it had not been the desire to impress our upper classmates, but instead we wanted to show them that we loved them and already had begun to feel sad at the thought of their graduating and leaving us as the Senior Class. With this thought came the realization that we have before us a tremendous responsibility, for, just as we have in the past looked up to the Senior Class for an example, so in the same way the other classes will be looking up to us next year. This does not worry us, thoughg it only encourages us because as we have tried to give our best as Juniors, we will put our all into making our last golden year what each and every one of us has hoped and pray- ed for. RIVERSIDE DAIRY DISTRIBUTOR SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS '. fiwf I - gg. k V K A ini JuNloR lwygrr X S , S V Janet Joy Adcock 91 ii ' Kate Aker jf Yo' W Lowell Akers A 1 Q, Allen Anderson XV rw ' M yn .nbQly'J'JXy U . Shirley Anderson V X Jacqueline Angell fl ,N .M 1 . Joanna Angell ,jf fl' 1 V Shirley Ashby , f .3 Claire Bandy 1 Z Earline Bandy u Barbara Jane Barbour ?525f'x, ,git SC Betty Jane Barbour Mary Frances Bernard Shirley Bondurant t f J Sylvia Bondurant f Ayyvff"X W I ri MA j'.AJ - A KY K' UA :J ri X fr 1 UAIJ j LV! All r T ez: Carolyn Boone mf ij Jimmie Boone Riley Boone C Mary Elizabeth Bousman ,A 5 df ,kwa .J i f fb Thomas Bousman Lg jx ' Q 1 Q lg Cathryn Bradner q ii ' Kent William Brown - g ' Alice Burnett oo n 5 I Betty Ann Bussey .Q James Campbell Norma Jean Campbell ' Agnes Marie Carter ANGLE HARDWARE CO. INC. Q'-f JUN: Q55 'V' nc fYl Pj -A? KM-1 J , , JL' A,-0,731 If ff Bernice Carter. ' 1 , f' Jean Carter 1 Nellie Carter Noel Carter Betty Chitwood Margaret Chitwood Nancy Clark Lewis Clements f I , f ,J V! 1 , . f fl Jil 1 ' . 'zijn' V f Mary Kathryne Cooper ,K , JK , Betty Jane Davis jj ', . -f Delmar David Davis ' 7 N' Muriei Dehart .J N - yj Q! . KJ I lf. ,. vu. ,jf ' ' J, 'VT-N 1 if E f -i ' .N that I X J It I 1 1 Q f ' W1 I U I 5 ye' 4- Walter Lewis DeWitt Q 1 xx Garnett Dillon ' Virginia Drewry L Jean Eames Lolene Edwards George William English Nelda Flora Joyce Fralin y 'gf' -. If . po! If .Mary Jo Fralin 75 , f ff 'Dean Frith jf Edith Green ' ' Mary Green tidy- X , JW 1 fi . I Y P' . IJ l 'VX W oj A V ' M erine Green U yxlfw db erette Glasle ,W e Mae rie , 9 sie N e Hall ,yet 0' ,AQN uinu Es, 1 . qw if Kgffw V ,. zn- mgl' 'W R . Q Nfl? f we Q Q, .. 'mf El 5 ae'-5 new A... WN jg. , Q. 1 , M, 'SF I , Q4 33 ,Q .- .L we fs fr-J ,y Wir' nf, -N, 'Un ' +3 L19 1 .MHS N X W sn- ni ' A 1 firearm? " . X bn Z ellice Dean Hall alph Eugene Hall Elmer Doyle Hall I wis Randolph Handy X j4,,f' eve Ti' N , Bernice Hodges ww' 1 JY' Mable Joyce Hodges rdjou ,L .1 Claude Simmons Holcomb MW Af' .V 1 Nellie Gray Hollandsworth ' , 1 yn ,ff ,X Maurice Holt Nancy Holt Hugh Housman June Hudson if 'Af' .1 'A if 1, f ny f" I' V 1,1 ,f Q 1' 1:1 A Phyllis Hunt ' Claudette Jamison Silas Jenkins it I Q X.. 553' W ' l'?i i Mary Louise Johns 'Q Judy Ann Kessler J Betty Ann Kidd Ruth Kingery J Denise Law Lewis Keen Law Edward Lee Eleanor Gray Love G . eorgia Love Alai EAjf7LC-c-cj Donald Eugene McNe11 Ernest Lester McNeil ' K al' f Betty Lou Minnix ' K x Sarah Minnix MONTGOMERY HARDWARE M ff, Norma Jean Prillaman J W ' 1 ,' " I X I I . N 1 Betty Jean Mitchell e . Daphne Mitchell 1 ,Q Q5 A Emma Lee Mitchell l ei, ' J Shirley Lee Montgomery ' l 0 ,Y Peggy Mullins Jack Newbill Julian Elwood Oakes Raymond Oakes Betty Overstreet A Frances Patterson . iv A y' f N Curtis Pen leton df" " ee- 5 Francei Pe n L XA M' -1 if XM' 'D ve fo C A ' x. J - J I if -an iff' X I Yvonne Peters0f , John Wade Pinkar ' ' . 1 I A Mary Frances Poff M,-f J, Joan Poindexter , q 'J , W' 7 jj at JA Elizabeth Price x J Lucy Lee Prillaman , , Jacqueline Prillaman Q,m 'Y' -A X Ann Radford Richard Rakes Eva Wade fBobbieJ Ramsey Georgia Ann Ramsey John Ramsey J 4 Zi f'ma.A4f4..4...4L.4v fu fr.,Q-r f ,,, , . I ' P7 4, VT' ti' xx ' W.. J A I 0 I C 'FP 4. rv Y7' gk.. , -ff I Beverly Reid J William Renick ee,-J Forest Robertson W 15' he if 3 1 'JP 4 Q A ' r ar? K ' E sr - 1 X i . A .tr xg be-: Q Z " K f .fx "' S 13 - e,, ' J 1, K J. B. ALLMAN, ATTORNEY 3 i -1 ,vi aw 1 , X. 1 X fy f I 1 I I ,I 'C' C. YS' HE' l m Q I 2: ot nf-. TU' xl M' Q gt 0 'Q Q9 w f I . L -2,5 g v N Bobby Ross Betty Ann Scaggs Barbara Shively Geraldine Shively Lottie Shively Margaret Shropsh Maggie Sink Hettie Lois Sloan JU NIORS SU efifffwf ire fy ft Affiao Aj Earldine Starkey u4""'fp My 1 Pauline Starkey fp, 'fy jx 1 f ff Minnie Sue Taylor fy ff ' f,l i I, f" . Dorothy Tench f j ff fi ' 7 ' ' .f ' ,f , " .1 I f 1 fy I 1 rj ,mf 1 , X , 3 f I L f 1 1 ff ,ff f , xg r ' ,' V13 'I ,III R" ,A-ypfy 1, . , 5 Jewell Thompson ' . 1 Lucille Thompso Mary Thompson Peggy Turner 1 II fl fr v , ,. WK fall., ji 'Shirley Ann Tyree A i n Q . QLLJ f Nag d,-LN-1-ac Anne Via Hilda Webster Ralph Webster Shelby Williams Reba Wood Peggy Worley Ruth Wright pf? fliiawflgw saw mow- Bernard Young fgwj Q Iiyfjyylpfgs V Daisy Young Q JSE S36 lv Janet Yarbrough U53 VIRGINIA BEAUTY SHOPPE Sophomore Home Room Presidents: Johnny Bowman, Nancy Pugh, Douglas Divers, Jerry Green, Carey Washburn, Betsy Naff. G way jAl'0llgA MOU? QOKJQII Maki L: As we began this new year, some were in a strange and new environment, while others, hav- ing already spent two years here at F. C. H. S. , felt quite at home. It was a realjoy to enter our homerooms and classes and become acquainted with boys and girls from all parts of the county. New faces appeared everywhere with new ideas and different inter- ests. In this respect, the sophomore class is Not Pictured: luckiest, because most of the new students are sophomores. We finally settled down to the same old rou- tine--studying and trying to put more knowledge where it is needed. We realize this is an im- portant factor for the success of our future. Our goal is to continue these "Golden Years" and strive to grow in mind, body, and soul. Carlton Earl Fisher Wilburn Keith Fralin Jesse J. Holley Vivian J. Ledbetter Dorothy Jean Lester Judson Ann Mason Mary Frances Mason Billy Peters Bernard Walker Jackson Witcher BLAIR AND MINTER, GENERAL MERCHANDISE i l l lf.. I ' 9, S' ' yz '- . 1 fA'q gg 1 Q tx K, ' bv . Y.-tf gn . ., ti fa. .1 fi:-f 51 p gf 'er ll Y., W' 4' J H' Nfl, V ,1 V5 :'.2 Aa :V 1 X' .1 1 XMJJ 7l j if J A :qv HJ l"t V 'H f 's 0 I fvyxvj J i f L. K -, ., y . Ht, V Q Q ' e ogg V 4 J .3. .,' me rag! on g it I J! ' ,. . ' gt . Q Q Qt' X 3' . 91 ,J " rt 9 AQ? 'bx gi e r, 9 A fb . -uv- W. av r , Q gg I X. ef A I rj .:,r Y . x r n -'J A 1 SOPHOMORES Mary L. Adkins Peggy J. Adkins Nancy L. Akers Donald E. Akers Ralph D. Akers Amos S. Allman Glenn Anderson Richard Anderson Carol J. Angle David Angle Shirley Arrington Doris E. Bandy Archie W. Bennett Harry N. Barnhart, Jr. Coreta A. Bennett Coy D. Bennett Aaron D. Bowles Hanel W. Bowles Willie M. Bowles Barbara A. Bowling Deanne V. Bowling Barbara J. Bowman John M. Bowman if Q . N A e it Q , Lawton Bradley P Carlton A. BrooksQl9'3- Betty Ann Brown Q 3 "JI Charles Douglas Brown Douglas Cobbs Brown Ida Alzia Brown Zaealfelwef ,'?Joseph Brvowxf 924' - Mary Ruth Brown '2.Sue Brown Shelby Jean Brown Shirley Dianne Brown Zola Maxine Brown 'rlfj' r 4 f a Iva May Brubaker 5 ,f 1 7, Peggy Brubaker y Lf L f Rabon Alton Bussey ' A .tx ,. fi ,A Joyce Butler ft y-ff, V Betty Jane Byrd 49 U df Harold Dean Cannadayflt-f ' Betty Grey Carter 1,0 , Reba Carter f' Velma Jo Clingenpeel ff f Allen Bluford Cooper ' 1, ,f James White Cooper ,lf ' J Verda Mae Cooper JL-fi b 1 ' J Shirley Mae craighead P '-5 Oliver Wendel Crook y , Calvin Cummings V Betty Dalton Thomas Eugene Dalton Inez Deal MATTOX GROCERY CO N SOPHOMORES Orville Davis Rachel Annette Dillon Shirley Ann Dillon 3a-J F Emmylou R Shirley Cornelia Dillon Joyce Dillon James Douglas Divers Eunice Pauline Dowdy P. M. Drewry, Jr. Mildred Laverne Dudley Grace Marie Eames Virginia Tolitha Ellis Ramsey Ann English Q gs Q QQ Patricia Inez English he ' M lil itll? W W li,-1' ff M N Donald Bruce Ferguson Mildred Louise Ferguson Betty Lee Fisher 45 ig Herman Luther Fisher YB Earl Benton Flora Frances Daphne Frantz Shelby Jean Frith William Coleman Frith Polly Katherine Gardner Gerold Thomas Greene Mary Ann Greenwood Virginia Lee Greer Bobby Edward Guilliams Ida Arlene Guilliams Nancy Carol Guilliams X Virginia Lois Gusler Woodrow Guthrie Wayne Elliot Hall Donald Wayne Handy Mary Pauline Hamblette Dorothy Alease Hammock Lillie Mae Hammock Evelyn Haskins Gilford Randolph Hatchett Betty Jean Hodges Jeanette Julia Hodges Joyce Ann Hodges Leavona Mabel Hodges James Thomas Hogan Jimmy Marion Holley Joyce Marie Horne Rachel Ellen Hosley Joyce Ann Houston Pate Rachelle Hudson William Arnold Hurt Robert G. Ikenberry Fredrick W. Ingram Peggy Ann Ingram Richard Woody Ingram Edith Jane James Patsy Jean Jefferson .ac . s .. gr' N Fav , ,I ' x ww , 1.. f , if 'X E ' -' at . fag. mp, ,-Qi Y .2 in -4' .-,. K f 1. K , .5 M u. ul K ,ig ff fi' as rbi 4 1 R ' . Wt.,-rx .. Jr txt 5 if. Qs- 1 ' 5: f ii I L avi or Et l, X 9 l , 1 ,-,.- ALE - X P. . , H ,, X new J M lf xi. J ., ff' ' fl 1. fc A tni .e J w la sr, it X ART BEAUTY SHOPPE ,fu fu ,,',lf,J 4' A4 . , ru - A 9 1 4 4 .-K4 +-- ti if 4 olx ligxi Mtv J ffyt gt. soPHoMoREs T X M a a Q 44 fi N Q, Barbara Jean Johnson J ll tl mi y' Q J Buddy L. Johnson wi be Nl sf, my g Inez Zula Jones lf V .561 jp. i t Buddy Harold Jordan , ff? ' rl 'V Sally Ann Katenkamp gt-fnllf 3 fr? t g Q Martha J. Kingeryyf f . 'ff L F J- A J f D, Norma Jean Kinsey' ' J Nancy Ann Kirk ' J' if Milford Zane Kiser A, ,F Joseph Bradley LaPra eff KM" 6 is 5 3 ,K Walter Bryant LaPrade ' L A I gs Tommie Lee Law an L , Iris Andrea Lee N' X4' , WF 'En Luiian E. Leffue Jf 7 gi if Evelyn Love ,Q-7 ,W ,X Bettie Mae Luke GQ ' , t N31 i is 292' Anne Lynch X' f, f gigs ik 5 L James Morris Manning 1 A ' ,I i ' f. ,Jef -' ' ., . a A shir1eZy'Ann Martin ,, I I N ,N , , ' ,,f Donald McNeil gayf Y ' Wqsi- Q W yy J Agnes Viola Mills ,ff g ' ,L Q .l , .,:., , f 1 nf' Jack Milliron W ' ' ti xgyt Aiiil A Q Winnie Moore - 1 , wh ft W Bob Morris M 25 A Wayne Mullins , f ,Q tiger ff Wilbur Mullins , rj 'J hfj J L 5 A A Vg Roberta Myersfd 77,11 Min Betsy Naff ff ' " ' v Mary Frances Nettles dv Q ' Eugene Nichols L J . ,H L 7 Geneva Nolen fa DI,-J ISU Naomi Belle Nolen ,Q f ' J JU-H f ,.. - ei- J Samuel Wiley Nolen -' 4 Edith oakes Wy' ff' Joe Patterson ,fy K. ,A Martha Ann Peake Wjj f ' M'- N Margaret Perdueyj J, 4,10 fl , M ' fi" 5' Corina Peters ! fb I J Betty Peters ff n M, Y Patricia Peters f' Charles Douglas Plybon if 1' I X1 3 Mamie Arlene Poindextertf - - A , . yr V . ,. Wendell Poindexter X' , fp., J W Q G Shelba Dean Potter 'tt ' L' g Y-J V' ge, Barbara Powell A Douglas Powell 1 6, Bettie Lou Preston Stella Annie Preston J K pf A 1 , Nancy E. Pugh 1 A , 7. P ., M J I W J Virginia C. Pugh be aj f X 37 get A 1 3, Barbara A. Quinn 4 A J W A x A it ' A J Peggy A. Ramsey j fi j " YJ, X. SX 5 Coy Renick 'X j ' ' Pr' it ,J X J ' J Sarah Jane Renick ffjx tb' J' J Not Pictured: Carlton E. Fisher, Wilburn K. Fralin, Jesse J. Holley, Vivian J. Ledbetter, Dorothy J. Lester. SCPHOMORES 'K' J A Q1 f T . . 0l.L?fJ!l1fJ Erma D. Reynolds sf 1 Q 1 E M M 4 if-A D Phyllis Richardson :L -' . ' . 'IH I 6 W fp . ',lShirley A. Rigney ' 3' - - Oli 'n ,., ' ' ' Betty L. Robertson I Edna A. Robertson it lf' I fu If Iris Robertson I ' f, 9 ,.r " " 'f - ' Sam Robertson A ef' Russell Robertson g Wilmer F. Robertson . X ,Y bk V' E Ruth Euen Ross f Albert L. Rutrough f-.f t K I af, ,. X Kenneth C. Rutrough I Curtis Scott ' Q Robert Selkirk ' W A t A Norman T. Shelton 4 s Rig fi swf' Page M. Shepherd A , P ' J Margie L. Shively S ' ' fy! Glen Shively - A F V . . John W. Sink 1 etty J. Skinnell -5-.V , Polly Smith g ug gy Z g j ermit M. Slayton Jean Southall James Elton Stanley YW Y Curtis Franklin Stone bn' A A . " Earl Sturgill A ' -Q Q SVI gn A . Barbara Sumner Al Gordon Tatum I l A F " Bebty Thomas t . J X A WK it 4 X X F , Y .ax 1 xl . X ' Doiald Sowder 'J - X' Y :X va i ef t 2 f 5. V ' X32 Y ' 'ff if X J A L I lj SJ 1 fi ffl ,rgary Belle Thomas E 3 , ff Colleen Thurman 1 1- .b J ., as ,fl ,W-vxlj Donald Thurman f if 21. LM Y , VD' JjJff?"" Irma Turner J '2f'f A n '- Y N , -f .1-fljb ,lt-VX William Turner .Z fir pr' ffkf Frances Wagner Rebecca Walker 1 Carey Washburn . LaVerne Washb V it James Turner A v ,Q J , Donald Webb l j of Carter Webb I an Jean Whitlock A ancy Lee Wimmer . Peggy Woody ' I Nelson Wray 'jf' Betty wright . Joanne Wright X 4' A ' L K Sylvia Wright ' ggx Claudine Young ..'- I -. ,. gk! Dewey Young i- . - if Ellen Jean Young ' 3 Sara Young XJ if ' , g ,. X' William Young 33. .f H - 57 EE F ' X J .nd ,T in Ziff 89 Aw t -f git 1 1 . 1 ' xl r J 1 , M 5' x' vs as AQ , s 5 8. Q. si' . -vw -'a r V4 A. , G' ' gt, I .PV I mf 4 F- X X .. it ,K 0 L rl 1 -J' Q ! X ' 4 N i :nib 2 . 5. Not Pictured: Judson A. Mason, Mary F. Mason, Billy Peters, Bernard Walker, Jackson Witcher. M W , r If Mfg X ff? Z 'C "Look for the Silver Lining" 1 U Aff? f 3-Ji' "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You When You Know I' ve Been a Liar All My Life?" DAVIDMAN' S DEPARTMENT STORE Freshmen Home Room Presidents: Iris Turner, Nancy Hodges, Katherine Barbour, Jimmy Davis. jAl"eQ 0l'e KQOKJQH 26110 ,i , . During which we will become three years older and more mature, more sedate, more digni- fied, and better able to do the great things which we wish we could do now for our school and for ourselves. While we are "growing up" we want to learn more about life around us -about society-and the part we may play in this our social world. We want to gain all the knowledge possible to help us make correct decisions and develop our abilities so that our experiences may shape our environment to produce the best results for all concerned. We would like to develop the strength to ever stand for the right. This means to be dynamic- to stand when it is easier to sit-to act when others decline-and evermore to stand. After "Three More Golden Years" we would like to take our place in the history of the Frank- lin County High School and as seniors then let us determine now to be builders-to be different if necessary-but always to be constructive. In the development of mankind, as the indi- vidual approaches his best, he approaches God. May the close of the next three years of our lives find us doing our best for our school and for humanity, because we have tried to best take our places in the life into which we have been born. May we never lose the determination to help make this world a better place in which to live. REDWOOD SUPPLY CO. , AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE FRESHMEN Mary Virginia Adams Shirley Adkins Peggy Ann Akers Alvin Lee Altice Betty Jean Amos Charlotte Amos d,fQ,,t George T. Amos DM ' L' lie Anderson via Anderson arjorie Angle J' my Ashby 'K j irley Ashwell U 'dl W f 4? 1 Dale Austin ' Catherine Barbour Barbara Basham Donald Beheler yy! Joyce Belcher W' nnB HAD? tt - onald Bennett M Larry Betterton Carl Billings Raymond Blankenship X ,Ray Bolling 351' 'Aetty Ann Bondurant in l, tl' Iris Bowling Okey Bowman lx " Herman Brown ' Ky lf 3. J -X 5 5 ane Brown fb X Q itll game Marion Brown 5 I yQFrances Juanita Butler Vw X52-'f,iQy7f ff' J f X' x"f v 1,117 - X ff , K .5, S f if-5' 3 SN I f' ' 1 g J ' 'S av? QL f vixz ' . W A Cameron Hampton Carter A atherine Ann Chisom Beulah hge ,Chitwood- NaorniiLee Chitw56d . x Xiywatsy Arlene Bussey Ray Herbert Chitwood Ina Belle Cooper Rachael Dalton Carole Jean Doughton Donald David Davis James David Davis Lynn Marion Davis Herbert Rudolph Delong Betty Ann Dillon Elizabeth Irene Dillon Frances Corinne Dillon Margie Ellen Dillon Faye Dixon Mary Jane Doyle Betty Lou Dudley Shirley Mae Dudley Beulah Alice Feazelle Bettie Jean Ferguson V4 4 HOTEL ROCKY MOUNT S f s - . 'ft Q ,wwnml my l if it wk at P ml N X - r N , I kk x EV 5 , I i 3 2 r J! 1' ifik x, FA will 4 T ' AX -1. R y I ly 3 Xiu N -J Q- , J -6 4 kj? gn ' ta "' , tg if fl 'U " 'Li el ., if ,Yx W1 X IFN: , 9 V xg f ww " A Sli J r SW? 3 ll un. q i . i fr V g K ,r to in 1 L if .,' W . as Q. ,4- Q Q.t .-.1 -. M JA X 1 ,M H ,ffx ,X?, . Qt' QV ft , Q l 4 J sf j, ,ig 1X vi-ff W 'lf 3 -I , s Xx if 1 X. . E, A J we 'S Q-. . 1 ,li . ,, ,,.. tv ,fl . y ,7 1 ,Q ww, if ,ft , FRESHMEN Julius Donnie Fralin Robert Edward Gardner Virginia Avis Gardner ti Wayland Leon Greer Db Gayle Grindstaff Qbj Mack Junior Grindstaff Q J-Q Ki M.. ' Frances Guthrie Cornelia Hale H Alvin Douglas Hall Nelson Woodrow Hall Peggy Ann Hall Violet Marie Hall Barbara Ann Harrison Kenneth Ray Hatchett Archie Hodges Billie Odell Hodges Loretta Marie Hodges Nancy Maureen Hodges Shelby Jean Hodges Walter Herbert Hodges Glennis Elmer Holcomb Martha Sue Holcomb Julia Mae Holland Shirley Ann Holland William Eldridge Holland Carlton Lee Hudson James Orville Hudson Nancy Mildred Hudson Bonnie Mae Hunt LTA John David Hylton Wk We William Euis Jenkinqg odlrfeft RNW Alvin Lee Jones Lois Carole Jones Roger Lee Jones Jimmy Harold Kesler Berlon Wayne Kingery fit? 0 Joel Daniel Kingery Vfy Reva Juanita Kirk Benny Blair Laprade Betsy Ellen Laprade 01 ly Ethel Ann Law F Lowell Eugene Layman James Robert Love Jerre Curtis Lumsden Newton Lumsden Mary Frances Lynch Charles Hurst Martin, Jr. Nancy Marie Martin Norma Jean Mattox Berta Mae Meadow John Henry Meadow Rene Carolyn Mitchell Catherine Montgomery Margie Lee Montgomery DAN COTTLE , INSURANCE FRESHMEN Beverly Jean Moore Benjamin Edgar Morris James Ray Morris Martha Sue Morris Roscoe Glenn Morris Shirley Mae Mullins 1 Charles Roger McBride Virginia McCrickard Dewey Love McGhee Nancy Carol McGhee Nw Winston Sherwood McGuire Betty Lou Nichols Helen Jean Nimmo Dillard Lawson Nolen L. D. Oakes Hugh Overstreet Ruby Pagans Frank Leighton Peake Carroll H. Perdue Nancy Lee Perdue Geraldine Peters Any Earl Plybon Dennis Cobbs Powell Beatrice Ransom fx x Lois Jeanette Reynolds Barbara Richards ii' Frank Robertson, Jr. J. B. Robertson . -' Jimmie Robertson ,- Nancy Jean Robertson J .1 y, Patsy Shreve Shirley Jean Simmons Charles Reid Sink Harvey Andrew Sink Jimmy Landon Sink William Melvin Sink Winfred Herbert William Arthur Stanley John James StClair James Calvin Taylor Ruby Lee Taylor John Haddon Thomas Mildred Hazel Thompson Edith Lavane Thurman Juanita Dawn Thurman William Dave Tuck Iris Lovell Turner Vernon Taylor Walker Bobby Burrell Washburn Mary Lou Weaver Sylvia Yvonne Webb Marjorie Estelle Williams Charlene Janet Wilson Harvey Lee Worley ROCKY MOUNT JEWELRY r 5, lxlx nj ff-73' XT ,E Nr ss- ' x it X -- P , ,s X. -. V g it 1... 1 . z...-. . ,I . .2 1 Xu , 4 '-ii A 0 T W ,, I diy U fl., Wwis ve- , 11" i R em Q v- s wb f J 1 24 7,55 x I K 4 8 f 'frw 'Y' 3 XTWJNSH ' Q! X , v K re if 1. ' , T M1 fu , Q N cl "' T a :Lf "X . X, L. gf Dsl - c tr SQ? NJ YL 2. Fx, k X, QQ - ?'. , by , Q nr.- " l V K A 'l pk' if iff S xg is 4 SM I f"! ? wffijflf J no 7 Y ajvw FRESHMEN V I 5 P Willie Harold Wray Elmer Eugene Wright Juanita Jane Young H Mildred Ann Young 9' Wilson Dudley Young l Not Pictured: Luther Brown, Shelby Jean Byrd, Stelford Arlen Divers, Mary Ellen Ferguson, I Daniel Robert Hodges, Homer Landon Hodges, Billy Holley, Denzel Louise Manning, Billy Clif- ford Scruggs, Cecil Scruggs, Jane Elizabeth Shorter, Laura Alice Smith, Vernie Louise Turner, Benjamin Homer Whitlow, Fletcher James Young. . L14 ,A , . .V lu' mi- 1 we ! A I -4-41 -4-4-4 llllig IJQJQH liquid zaaaaa dllnldl lddgg ......,gu , Wa' ,1 "-'fl Q 9 QU' 'S' I 0' Q-Qf ff' 7 1 .. 'rl . 2 -4 3 Eighth Grade Home Room Presidents: Kenneth Turner, Gerry Rakes Alvin Hall, Rosalie Mont- gomery, Richard Hunt, Serina Montgomery. jlle jirdf 0 HUM- gofafen Mara D We, the Eighth Graders, were proud to be- gin the first of "Our Golden Years" in this modern and beautiful building. This might be called the "greenest" of the golden years. For how green we were! We felt lost, confused--and very unimportant--so many strange students and teachers--the largest build- ing some of us had ever seen. However, with MICK OR MACK many helping hands, patience, and understanding we were soon made to feel at home. Now as the year closes, we feel we've be- come an active part of the school. The longlane down the Senior Trail looms bright and promising with golden opportunities. We are ambitious, courageous, and enthusi- astic. Watch for us--the Eighth Grade of '53l The Seniors of '57l BURNETT'S DEPARTMENT STORE EIGHTH GRADE Mfg' ef it U N O U f Qofh J Delsie Adams Q Nancy Adkins Jimmy Allred Lloyd Altice Shirley Altice Guy H. Amos J. C. Amos Edna Mae Arrington Melvin Austin Sterling Belcher Dora Boone Junior Roy Bousman Jeanette Bowles Kelvin Bowles Carol Bowling Patricia Bradley Wincel Brooks Donald Brown James Roy Brown Mary Louise Brown Jeanie Brown Winfred Brown Catherine Beeghly Peggy Byrd Dalphia Campbell Sylvia Campbell Betty Ruth Cannaday Ronnie Kenneth Carter Wilson Carter Tommy Cassell Aurelia Chitwood John T. Chitwood, Jr. Mary Frances Chitwood Ruby Ann Chitwood Shirley Clemons Maxine Cobbler Cash Cooper Frances Ann Cossman Ira Lee Culler Andrew Cundiff Shirley Jean Cundiff Janet Davis Janice Davis Jimmy Davis Ray Davis Shelby Davis Bobby Guy Dillon Dearl Dillon Vernon Doyle Cleo Eames Patricia Eames Caroline English Paul Ferguson .ffl . I v 1, ' 4 X ji I W 1 X' A ,A , I F , ., AL F l QE' l1::'if 5 L f' v L1 . S dl: .J Cf - l .. wg Y Q ' L . Li tr nf L 'hge X Vx . ak -gsijgwf I , ' - e2f57ay1,ia,,q"f: , i 32 cw W , - , - A it - L '-' 1 . " F z vi S ' ' l l 33- y ff . ' ! 1' , , , .. , -- .hx f , . is 1, 'gh t Ext. aw Z Q A Qi L. L .. , 1 - l :Q V! - W x i - ' n ii V 'VZ XL ' . 2 is Chew X li A X2 X ASQ? 1 ' f. f it A x J 10 X, 5 if sifxkx' jo XJ ,K . s "Q, fn n 'J ' 5 L- X J, - V O V 5 ' l 4 5 5 ,, ' ,f" ' Q ,,:: ,f f A 0 X P .iv l." "i if rra . im ' ill .. J 4 g if , Sara Lynne Echols jf A A VESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE AN, s'lp,amJ 1 fg ,nv ! EIGHTH GRADE G Q H, x ,lief nfffga A L at by X ,Hx .L 53 Skit Fil' 1 ' . N ' save V A atyt X hgngig 1 LL. f xi 2 ' its '5 Q' of gi 5 A ., , t Q. Q. VX-f 5 V .af if nf 9 . . , a' i , . ' A X I W 'A .4 'Xt M V? yy, :A L, V i 6' Atv ,E is If A t ' .4 XX ak gx ff ,X K Y . JM zona , if G 5 'K T - S is I it AVLL G' 5 ' l ZQE A to' 1 ' rl Q Q if ' Q iidi Y f Barbara Foster Betty Lou Foster Betty Lou Foster Joyce Fralin Lois Furrow Raymond Graham Erma Greer Gene Grindstaff Geraldine Grindstaff Jackie Brown Guilliams Edward Hale Agnes Hall Alvin Hall Alvin Hall Barbara Hall Harry Hall Loretta Hall Alton Hamblett Nancy Hamblett Nancy Hamlin Edward Harrison Mary Harrison Shelvie Harrison Marie Ann Hill Brady Hodges Caudis Lindberg Hodges Fred Hodges Helen Hodges Katherine Hodges Norma Jean Hodges Ralph Eugene Hodges Shelby Jean Hodges Shirley Hodges Tom Henry Hodges David Holcomb Gladys Holland Marvin Holland Carrington Holloway Monroe Wesley Housman Richard Hunt Alene Jensen Aubrey Jones Audrey Jones Shelby Law Shelby Jean Lawrence Virginia Lawrence Lois Layman Douglas Love Esther Paige Love Kailey Lynch Myrl Martin Helen Mason Shirley Massey Christine Meeks R. O. W. DISTRIBUTORS EIGHTH GRADE xi W Shirley Meeks ay Menefee ? Harold Merriman Patricia Minnix Rosalie Montgomery Serina Montgomery Vivian McCloud Shirley Mae McGuire Nancy Lee Neal Norma Gayle Nelson George Nichols Mary Louise Nichols Bernice Oakes Shirley Ann Pagans Robert Edward Patterson Betty Perdue Flora Ann Peters Ray Peters Tom Poindexter Carl Elbert Powell L. G. Quinn Jackie Rakes Gerry Rakes Lelia Richardson Marion Robertson Shirley Ann Robertson Doris Scott Ronnie Scott Madeline Sifers Bobby Sigmon Margaret Simmons Robert Simmons Margaret Louise Sink Earleen Joyce Sloan Alvin Smith Bob Lewis Smithers Irene Snead Douglas Taylor Nancy Taylor James Wilson Thompson Janice Thurman Joseph Thurman Swanson Thurman John Ed Turner Kenneth Turner Martha Jane Turner Tony Tyree Jerry Wade Roslyn Walker Mary Sue Whitlow Sandra Whitlow Nelson Wright J eliane Young Martha Irene Young HUB MOTOR COMPANY l X rid, Fixing? r ,N S L. V tr u. .- 'S M sifwg it ,pri 0 E n li 1.-1 ,I g Q J a Q :V 2:1 X if-w. a f f , , V we - H' J six. l ,lan g 6 flu? Magi ix 1 rin., W txt it L x fc 93' EIGHTH GRADE E ' l' Myrtle Young ff ' i V H. L. Young f f mg, David Zeh 'I I . nf" Q R! 4- i . 1 I --.L XE .mm , E K S? I , K -K 1 I 3,3 '5 W n. .' . , 5 ., 'Q .t As., xl , --5 1 . v . 2 - Q51 E A E an ii! 2 if -f Q is ' ful ' .. ., . 'uf -s4"""' Qr?f5'3'rf"5fQ. 3' u P 5 ssl W 'E 1 H- ig M A. ., 3 w' Q Not Pictured: Claude Chitwood Wayne Edward Chitwood Nellie Eames Douglas Johnson Calvin Curtis Jones Betty Jean Law Edwin Mitchell Wilbur McGhee George Wayne Sink Doris Wade zanior-Senior prom ancl .yom ecoming mance GOODE MENE FEE ELECTRIC Although the job of keeping our huge building clean, warm, and in good repair occupies most of the time of Mr. Zeh, our jovial maintenance man, there was always time for a witticism or two as he passed us in the halls. His service and person- ality added much to our golden years. I c I , . N fi X ' X E rf ,' -z l 1 x L ,VX .,. 1 LEE TELEPHONE COMPANY, INC. 342.52 AGU? AQXIQQJ 0111119 KSUMI' g0!:J9Il yeafj ,, The wonderfully balanced menus which have been served us by Mrs. Guyer, our efficient manager of our beautiful new cafeteria, have certain - ly given us physical stamina and en- abled us to live the experiences of these golden years more fully and more advantageously. ACTIVITIES ,Ja QILLWW dr Why fn afwf Uk J f 0,75 ijdzigk Saga MA Wifi y I bl Z 4 i Vg., R531 Practicing theD y o life - working together t emocratic wa f oward a common goal, forming habits of right living, developing sympathy and under- standing for others -in our extra- curricular activities have meant hard work and pleasure QW l Editor-in-chief Martha Ann Hudson and adviser Mrs. Clyde Turner had the task of planning the 1953 year- book. Important in the success of the "Anime" are the efficient business manager Aubrey Amos and his able assistant, Billy Shepherd, who are seen here counting the money from circulation sales. CC 77 nimo erlaefua fe Sports Editor Louis Dillon plans the sports section with the help of Wayne Bennett. Dear Reader, We hope that you will cherish this book and the story which it portrays as we who have pre- pared it treasure it. We have attempted to re- cord the dreams and actual happenings of this, the last of our golden years. Days, weeks, months, and fun went into the preparation of the 1953 "Anime, " All members of the staff hadjobs to perform, but much of the work fell on the shoulders of our Senior Editor Judy Flora and Associ- ate Editor Edithor Nolen are busy assorting pictures for layouts. sponsor Mrs. Clyde Turner, Editor-in-chief Martha Ann Hudson, Business Manager Aubrey Amos, Edithor Nolen, and Betty Walker, assisted by several others who also had 6th Period Study Hall. We are greatly indebted to our sponsor, Mrs. Turner, who made this publication possible by giving many extra work hours to it, in ad- dition to herlfull teaching load of 150 English stu- dents, a homeroom of 30 seniors, and a study hall of 43 students each day. No time was pro- NICHOLS AUTO 81 BODY WORKS C 77 These super salesmen--Betsy Naff, Bobbie Ramsey, Beverly Reid, Clau- dette Jamison, and Jack Newbill--- are off to sell ads, after receiving their instructions. This group studies y e a r b o o k s for ideas. They are Peggy Akers, Bonnie Hunt, J.D. Hylton, Guy Amos, Alvin Hall, Douglas Love, Ronnie Bennett, Betty Barbour, Serina Montgomery, and Sandra Whitlow. MI' QOKJGI1 edfd These are the typists who must beat the deadline with copy--Betty Prilla- man, Shirley Brown, Betty Walker, Betty Sink, and Betty Woody. Janet Smith Qnot picturedj also assisted with the typing. Another group studies layout of other annuals to help them in their tasks. They are Pierce Vaughn, Dick Mc- Collom, Janet Flora, Patsy English, Sally Katenkamp, Jean Lynch, Kitty Cooper, Nancy Hamblin, and Tommy Law. -Aa ,,c,q, g?1 "Buy your Animo today", says Miss Ruth Hunt, Assistant Sponsor, who helps with cir- culation and individual pho- tography. vided in the schedule for her annual supervision, hence, we owe her a special debt of thanks for her willingness to help us. We also appreciate Mr. Bonner's co-operation, especially in relie- ving Mrs. Turner of her 6th Period Study hall during January and February for annual. To the faculty, the student body, and our business spon- sors, goes our deep appreciation, also, for their co-operation. The job of selling ads was faithfully per- DAVIS SHEET METAL WORKS formed by all members who could find the time. They were supervised by Mrs. Turner and Busi- ness Manager Amos. The many jobs necessary for any publication-writing copy, drawing lay- outs, identifying pictures, etc, -were accomplish- ed bythe full co-operation of all staff members, who were always ready to do any task assigned them. To these loyal workers we owe the pro- duction of "Our Golden Years." We hope you like it. E g o4rnaAJfAm .ynifIafe6KjAe jrcane 9 , What school would be c 0 mplete without a means by which pupils can give their opinions on matters that directly concern them? New to F. C. H. S. this year is a newspaper of its own, and one of the purposes of 'The Franklin Eagle" is to print news and activities of interest to all pupils. In this way a unique history of the school is recorded--one set down by the pupils who make it. Since we are a new organization, we realize that everything we do is watched with interest. Therefore, we endeavor to create and nurture on the part of all students an interest in good news- paper writing. By our works we try to serve as a means of good public relations for F. C. H. S. Already, "The Franklin Eagle" has been sent to other school sg and, in turn, we receive their newspapers. We recognize our responsibility to F.C.H. S. and realize that "anything we say may be used against us. " Therefore, we pledge ourselves to be especially careful in the art ofnewspaper work. THORNTON'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE -wakg , ,eg Y . . af N5 Nz. Q NY W, wi . X 1 QQAWJW fdwzk' cm.,- mi- gefa .95 .Acfiue Janet Adcock Joyce Ashwell Flora Sue Adkins Aubrey Amos Peggy Angle Carolyn Boone Riley Boone Mary E. Bousman Alice Burnett Betty Chitwood Margaret Chitwood Nancy Clark Kitty Cooper Betty Jane Davis Russell Davis David Farris Bobby Flora Janet Flora Judy Flora Joyce Fralin Joyce Greene Elaine Hall Arlene Hodges Bobby Hodges Nellie Hollandsworth Dorothy Hunt Claudette Jamison Ruth Kingery Eleanor Love Patsy Love Nancy Mattox Betty Lou Minnix MOTTO: Ducamus aliis servienda P u r p o s e : To encourage effort, to promote character, to stimulate a- chievement, to cultivate leadership qualities, to reward meritgand to en- courage and assist students to con- tinue their education after high school graduation. President: Tommy Newbill 'Treasurerz Carol Jean Wallace Recording Secretary: Janet Flora Sponsor: Miss Naomi E. Prillaman Corresponding Secretary: Janet Smith Vice-President: Judy Flora ANDERSON SERVICE STATION .911 worfAwAife ,Or-ojecf5 Muriel Mullins Darwyn McCall Marjorie McNeil Bobby Newbill Tommy Newbill Edithor Nolen Betty Overstreet Frances Patterson Ava Perdue Yvonne Peters Joan Opal Poindexter Betty Jean Prillaman Lucy Lee Prillaman Norma Jean Prillaman Audrey Quinn Bobbie Ramsey Beverly Reid Betty Ann Scaggs Raymond Scott Billy Shepherd Janet Smith Pauline Starkey David Sutherland Minnie Sue Taylor Dorothy Tench Shirley Jane Tucker Doris Turner Martha Ann Turner Betty Walker Carol Jean Wallace Reba Wood Peggy Worley Ru s s ell Davis, State President of National Beta Club. Elected President at convention in Richmond, May 3, 1952. W ff ,, A , ' I EHJDMZYMA7-Qt -Lf, 'Hy 14" ,ws-N Jeff? I "J , - , ff ff V , . ' . 6 6 Wav.-4ZV -.j I, M Avfrfb .hz , ,VL l,l,,,9,f , ., -451,3 1-gdcxji , . 1, , jzme Ouf jrom onvenfzon ancef,f,:L-.ns f,ff.?41f afiaf BETH QQk5MiJU BETA ASSEMBLY Russell Davis Janet Janet Flora Smith, Carol Jean Wallace Judy Flora Edithor Nolen, Billy Shepherd Joyce Greene BAKE SALE Mrs. Dora Angle, Billy Shepherd Judy Flora, Peggy Angle Janet Flora, Joyce Greene Editor: Edithor Nolen Reporters: Judy Flora, Janet Flora, Joyce Greene Typist: Christine Dunman Adviser: Mr. Lee Morris Aubrey Amos, Edithor Nolen BETA DATA Miss Elsie Turner, Miss Naomi Prillaman - J, R. ,N fi ,, , FERRUM MERCANTILE CO .5 V I 0 U BLOOD DONORS: Dotsie David, Aubrey Amos, Edithor Nolen, Elaine Hall, Earldine Sta1'k9Y, Carey Washburn, Sale of Pencils Sale of Tickets Checks Buses Sonny Vaughn, Leon Greer, Hazel A to ames Angle, Stafford Jones, Rachel Sink. I N I ,I, I A ,I, I 0 N g Bobby Newbill Arlene Hodges - Betty Chitwood Joyce Ashwell Riley Boone Reba Wood Nellie Hollandsworth Bobbie Ramsey E16aH0I' Love Peggy Worley Janet Adcock Darwyn McCall BETA CLUB VIRGINIA MOTOR CO. Janet Adcock, Peggy Akers, Aubrey Amos, Hazel Angle, Catherine Barbour, Wayne Bennett, Shirley Bondurant, John Bowman, Iva Mae Brubaker, Alice Burnette, Kitty Cooper, Jimmy Davis, Louie Dillon, Douglas Divers, Betty Lee Fisher, Bobby Lee Flora, Jerry Greene, Joyce Greene, Alvin Hall, Peggy Ann Hall, Nancy Hodges, Nellie Hollandsworth, Rachel Hosley, Martha Ann Hudson, Barbara D. Hunley, Bonnie Hunt, Joyce Hunt, Phyllis Hunt, Richard Hunt, Alvin Jones, Marie Jones, Stafford Jones, Tommy Law, Patsy Love, Dick McCol1om, Rosalie Mont- gomery, Serina Montgomery, Betsy Naff, Bobby Newbill, Tommy Newbill, Yvonne Peters, Carl Price, Nancy Pugh, Lorene Radford, Gerry Rakes, Norman Shelton, Billy Shepherd, Jane Shorter, Pauline Starkey, Shirley Jane Tucker, Iris Turner, Kenneth Turner, Martha Ann Turner, Carey Washburn, Peggy Worley. asyfurlenf Counfif .!45.4un1eJ ponjigifify .gn Stun! gouernmenf Since the beginning of F. C. H. S. the Student Council has taken big steps in accomplishing its prim- ary purpose - th at of g a i n i n g co-operation between faculty and students and among students themselves. ,- However, there still remains much more to be done, 9 S Q ' for when this co-operation is attained, it will pave the I way for the four other goals of Student Council - citi - zenship, health, r e c r e ati on and self improvement. Democratic living is also stressed by Student Council. Starting with the election of the representatives, then X these representatives taking the groups opinions of their respective groups to council meetings, and finally the goals that are reached - these minia.ture enactments of Democracy strive to prepare the high school student for an active life as an American citizen. With all the other improvements that are made in our fine school, Student Council will be leading the line, St Rus always striving to make our school the best possible in udent 88911 Da , every respect. Ody VIS -PII:-:Side Ht H. A. RUFF SUPPLY CO. .-., The members of the Franklin County High School Choir have worked s lendidl thi p y s year. We have had a full s c h edule of performances which have meant work and fun for all. This year's program Oct. 3 - -Talent Show -won Oct. 9--Lynchburg Farm Nov. 12 - -Rotary Club Nov. 14--Senior Woman' s h a s consisted of: 2nd place. Show Club -Bingo Party Nov. 24--Student Council District Meeting Dec. 1--School Assembly Program Dec. 2--Callaway Ruritan I J 5 Billy Frith Sonny Vaughn . Jimmie Cooper Wilmer Robertson Joe Patterson Leon Greer J. B. LaPrade ' William Turner Dewey Young - Aubrey Amos Lois Hall Evelyn Love . Peggy Ramsey Phyllis Hunt Anne Bennett Marjorie Angle -f ,Hazel Angle Edithor Nolen - Ina Belle Cooper Peggy Turner ,, Christine Dunman Ellen Jean Young M Lolene Edwards Betty Skinnell' Rosemary Young Lorene Radford Nelda Flora V, Lucille Thompson Yvonne Webb Anne Beheler Earldine Starkey Mary Jo Fralin Mary Crook Peggy Ingram Judy Flora ,ff I 4 Miss Frances Harper Betty Lee Sink Frances Patterson MAIN STREET GARAGE Club Dec. Dec Dec Dec: Dec Jan. Jan. Feb. . .3 CAO -Attend Pittsylvania County Music Festival --Party given by the Sponsor --Christmas Caroling 19--D r a m a t i c s Club and Choir Xmas Program - -Radio Program W.L .V.A. CChristmasJ 22 --A t t e n d e d Westminster Seminary Choir 30--Woodmen of the World 7--Junior Chamber of Commerce Banquet A i 1 March 2 - -Oratorical Contest eceiued AMQAQM praide Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 13 -- Firemen' s Banquet 17--Ferrum Lion's Club 18--Methodist Church Lent Week 20, 21, 22--Carol Jean Wallace and Edithor Nolen-in all West Chorus in Martins- ville 27 --Franklin County Teachers' Association March 16--P.T.A. Program-Dr. Darden March 28--State Music Festival in Danville April 10 and 11--Lion's Club Minstrel April 24--Franklin County Teachers' Association Banquet May 1--Spring Concert May 8- May 12 May 18 May 24- May 31 June 3- -Tri -Hi -Y Mothers' Banquet --Baptist Revival --P. T. A. Program -Baptist Church --Baccalaureate Sermon -Graduation President -Aubrey Amos Vice President-Carol Jean Wallace Secretary-Lucille Thompson Treasurer -Sonny Vaughn Reporter-Sally A. Katenkamp Librarians-Bob Morris and Mary Crook Accompanists-Judy Flora and Betty Sinlf Tru'-4 Lee Boitnott Russell Robertson Calvin Cummings Silas Jenkins Billy Jenkins Bobby Morris Wayne Bennett Coy Bennett Coy Renick Nancy Pugh Carole Jean Doughton Betty Ann Brown Sarah Ann Young Sally Ann Katenkamp Iris Robertson Peggy Worley Carol Jean Wallace Shirley Dodson Virginia Gusler Colleen Thurman Peggy Cooper Joyce Greene Shirley Arrington Minnie Sue Taylor Alice Burnette Barbara Richards Betty Overstreet Janet Smith Jean Robertson Coreta Bennett Muriel Dehart Betty Walker Shirley Smith Ramsey Ann English Judy Kessler CENTRAL GARAGE JEFFERSONIAN DEBATE SOCIETY Kcjorm we went' a gaffanf Lanz!-H y0lltA7 ol,0Ue, HIIJ p!ea5lll'2 ,, Parties, wo rk , d e ba t e s , speeches, and twenty members make up the Jeffersonian De- bate Club. We've worked hard and had a lot of fun this year. This yea r we want to get into Virginia League Competition. We have the material in our club to bring home some prizes. Some of our members are working hard to get their speeches ready for the American League Oratorical Contest. We have a lot of confidence in those who are entering this contest. We would like to give an assembly for the student body this year to show them a little more about our club. We have had on e party this year and are looking forward to a party we are planning for the whole student body. We would like to thank Mr. Murray Shapiro and Mr. Lee Morris, our sponsors, for the help they have given us. We have enjoyed working with them this year and are looking forward to the next year. Janet Adcock Judy Flora Lester McNeil Peggy Akers Virginia Greer Betty Jean Mitchell Aubrey Amos Bonnie Hunt Betsy Naff Donald Beheler Joyce Hunt Jack Newbill Carolyn Boone Claudette Jamison John Wade Pinckard Riley Boone Ruth Kingery Bobbie Ramsey Russell Davis Dick McCollom Beverly Reid OFFICERS President, Joyce Greene Vice-President, Bobby Lee Flora Secretary, Hazel Angle Treasurer, Janet Flora Reporter, Shirley Jane Tucker Sponsor, Mrs. Anne H. Thurman llvlirffi f A ' 3- . 1 , X- I 1 ' Ev E ,, , 3- .. V. fg,,gg, C 4 , wiv" '. P' W- arf! .si ft Second Prize Float in Achievement Day Parade SENIOR 4-H CLUB H30 Wal? My My Eeffpf, Kate Akers Helen Altice Joyce Ashwell Claire Bandy Carolyn Boone Odessa Bowles 12nd Row! Billy Brown Maureen Brown Shirley Brown Alice Burnette Russell Cannaday Betty Chitwood Margaret Chitwood Mary Crook Walter DeWitt Christine Dudley Judy Flora Nelda Flora Joyce Fralin 13rd Rowl Bernice Hall Alice Hodges Betty Holley June Hudson Joyce Hunt Phyllis Hunt Denise Law Patsy Love Lester McNeil Betty Lou Minnix Maxine Mulkey Ina Dean Mullins Peggy Mullins Q4th Rowj Jack Newbill Tommy Newbill John Wade Pinkard Mary Elizabeth Price Georgia Ann Ramsey Beverly Reid Coy Renick Sam Robertson Janet Smith Earldine Starkey Pauline Starkey Jerry Thompson 15th Rowj Jewell Thompson Lucille Thompson Bobby Turner Martha Ann Turner Peggy Turner Carol Jean Wallace Hilda Webster Reba Wood Betty Woody Peggy Worley Bernard Young Janet Yarbrough Joyce Hunt, Hazel Angle National Contest Winners NECPPO Poultry Consumption 5 I A -, S Alice Burnette f i gif Franklin County 4-H Queen ,-iii A ,T Joyce Greene fi President 1952-' 53 Q . 5 1 ry 2 ' f 4 gy Rivet 'I - . . V . -IQ 'fn I of " 2' :A ' STATE WINNERS Bobby Flora, Leadership t Smith Bread team V ' W K D Patsy Love: Bread Kteaml Joyce Fralin, CDistrictJ Electric Project y P A FRANKLIN DRUG CO. 1' of Y-ew. ,Wi ' 'i"' mai , Alfred Hall, E.T. Turner, Donald McNeil, Carl Price, Richard Rakes, John Pinkard, Billy Eanes, Claude Holcomb, Bobby Newbill, Louis Dillon, Sonny Vaughn, C a r ey , Washburn, Kellie Bradley, Lee Boitnott, Darwyn McCall, Tommy Newbill, John Sink, Elmer Hall. .jvll-?l promofed ,gcleafd of CAri5fian living The Hi-Y Club is a Christian Organization which tendse to create, promote and maintain better Christian A s s o c i a t i o n throughout the school, home and community. Some of the projects the Hi-Y has undertaken to do this year are sponsoring the homecoming c el e b r a ti o n, erection of a flag, and a spring carnival. Early in September we began plans for our homecoming event, which was very successful. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in the performance and those who gave their assistance to make this e- vent possible. Our thanks go to our officers, who are presi - dent, Alfred Hall, vice president, Bobby Newbill, secretary, E. T. Turnergtreasurer, Carl Price, and to our advisor, Mr. MacDaniel Williams, who has served us faithfully. Q Mr. MacDaniel Williams - V A lyhl SPOUSOI' .ig I ,Whitt Alfred Hall President MOUNT THEATRE X I 'xk"- W-can J- Y omecoming .. fr , AL-A' M A Vg! 4 Af'--M' nm . ,Ms ,, ,,.. ANGLE SUPER MARKET N if X . 'll -:lr E' E55 Q J' war.. in-1 X V? X up---, H -,J -f ak 'f ,-,,,. ffm' L' ' 'Q ,Q ff... - ,A 'wve' '1 3:3 'f:fi...C' W.. Q. 'ff'. ,ff "?f1'-" av-f Ag . 4- ,. ...- Q ' ggffwr 33,2 A133 jig: ' 3 ,X Q -v. Vi W- , .. Is. ig A ' ' ' 'V v21-x-Eff gf w MN-'H-1 -iz:,jwQ?'5lZ7?21"?3' V. Q- '- 3 - K' J -,Q ' 3 'ws-QP Q , . , H vyawif- .. ,. 3fIa,i.f+f,.3Q:rt-4.3 L.--:.. 5 ,gif 71 ,., , .. .... V I "THE SHOW MUST GO ON" fm 2 wail anal 52245 ave! I MEMBERSHIP! Sylvia Bondurant, Maureen Brown, Shirley Brown, Alice Burnette, Joyce Butler, Betty Byrd, Velma Jo Clingenpeel, Mary Crook, Inez Deal, Shirley Dodson, Christine Dunman, Billy Eanes, Betty Lee Fisher, Jerry Greene, Joyce Greene, Virginia Greer, Phyllis Hunt, Sally Ann Katenkamp, Benny Laprade, J. B. Laprade, Tommy Law, Anne Lynch, Mary Lou Martin, Sr. , Judson Mason, Lester McNeil, Mary Nettles, Jack Newbill, Marlene Nolen, Martha Ann Peake, Lorene Radford, Page Shepherd, Margaret Shropshire, Betty Skinnell, Winfred Smith, Lucille Thompson, Shirley Jane Tucker, Colleen Thurman. I 1... .1-,.u.uu.5 .u-....-tn.. .nur ..-...v ..vvr..J --... f PATTERSON CLEANERS headx' Jllnior M 'H-4 . .ng , om My Wm lss and mend. "Young man, you' re going out with a H--- of a girl!" n0W ' mv Candy ' Ea awe 'X e back Take it easy, Aubrey FRANKLIN WAREHOUSE Sy does if. tte e he H W k 4 I. 1" I ff ' V Y, ,V x XM ' W fi SA Xlrffgx Q Q ':2"" ' Q Q9 5 . ete Q 1 f gf' if! E, its ff el: . , M W " t Every candidate has his day Gt those - - ' bod , Serge HC-1 Ou at-50 S nu wvxheg mbers Sfl. W? Sanuafg 2 I 'Q little ICF. 0 W are 400 0 Hey! Watch that stuff, Tommy! on gpm t were vi ptlon 1 aight, If Jac Suhlfr suite? . C' W we Who f1red that shot? 3 I 5 1 wow e ms QQ 09 W. C. BROWN, AGENT xx0"' CAMERA PROJECTION jo prederlle fAe laajf llAr0u9A fge Camera fend anal fo fearn M1451 tl Iarojecforii wAeef Jpini President: Aubrey Amos Vice President: Dean Frith Secretary: Betty Barbour Sergeant at Arms: Martha Ann Peake Sponsor: Mr. Roy Snyder Initiation Initiation Aubrey Amos, Glen Anderson, Allan Anderson, Betty Jane Barbour, Doris Bandy, Shirley Bond- urant, Barbara Bowman, Kellie Bradley, Douglas Brown, Billy Brown, Peggy Brubaker, Calvin Cummings, Shirley Craighead, Walter DeWitt, Dean Frith, Virginia Greer, Maurice Holt, Edith James, Sally Ann Katenkamp, Denise Law,Viola Mills, Donald McNeil, Charles McBride, C. H. Martin Jr. , Judson Ann Mason, Elizabeth Leffue, Don Kingery, Belle Nolen, Roy Lee Perdue, Jimmy Philpott, Wilmer Robertson, Iris Robertson, J.B. Robertson, Edna Robertson, Phyllis Richardson, Martha Ann Peake, Nancy Pugh, John Sink, Betty Jean Skinnell, Colleen Thurman, Bobby Washburn, Bernard Young, Rachel Hosley, Sylvia Bondurant, Catherine Barbour, Betty Ann Bondurant, Jane Shorter, Ann Lynch, Mary Nettles, J.B. LaPrade, Coy Renick, Dianne Bowling, Patsy Shreve, Jacquline Prillaman, Bernice Carter, Patricia English, Mildred Young, Inez Deal, Laverne Dudley, Colleen Pugh, Ray Chitwood, Lynn Davis, Reid Sink, Buddy Worley, Buddy Jordon, Harvey Sink, Glen Morris, Barbara Bowman, Peggy Brubaker, Wayne Hall, Doris Bandy, Arnold Hunt, Sam Robertson, Darwyn McCall, Louise Manning. 44. - ...Sf- W'iXl,,fllf N .7 rjfli H pencjef-.6 .syeruice fo SCAOOX and, Gommunify Purpose: "To create, maintain, and extend through- out the home, school,and com- munity, high standard s of Christian character. " Platform: "Clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean scholar- ship, and clean living. " Barbara Dillon Hundley ' aughter Banquet President The year 1952-53 has been a successful one for the Sara Saunders Tri-Hi-Y Club as they welcomed in new members. We have had several projects among which were four major activities: Baskets of food and clothing were taken to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Twenty-five dollars each was given to the Memorial and band funds. The most enjoyable event of the year was the Mother and Daughter Banquet held in the spring. We are affiliated with State and National organization. Mother 'D Sponsor: Mrs. Eunice N. Myers, President: Barbara Dillon Hundley, Vice President: Shirley Smith, Secretary: Rosemary Young, Acting Secretary: Patsy Love, Treasurer: Marjorie Mc- Neil, Song Leader: Mary Crook, Janet Adcock, Kate Akers, Helen Altice, Shirley Anderson, Jacqueline Angell, Peggy Angle, Joyce Ashwell, Betty Jane Barbour, Carolyn Boone, Sylvia Bondurant, Odessa Bowles, Betty Brown, Maureen Brown, Shirley Brown, Sally Carter, Betty Chitwood, Margaret Chitwood, Nancy Clark, Kitty Cooper, Mary Crook, Peggy Cooper, Betty Jane Davis, Shirley Dodson, Christine Dudley, Christine Dunman. Lolene Edwards, Joyce Fralin, Mary Jo Fralin, Shirley Fralin, Barbara Hundley, Bernice Hall, Elaine Hall, Lois Hall, Nellice Hall, Alice Hodges, Arlene Hodges, Nancy Holt, June Hudson, Martha Ann Hudson, Phyllis Hunt, Claudette Jamison, Lorraine Jamison, Betty Ann Kidd, Ruth Kingery, Patsy Love, Norma Jean Lynch, Nancy Mattox, M ary Lou M a rtin , Marjorie McNeil, Betty Minnix, Betty Jean Mitchell, Muriel Mullins, Ina Dean Mullins, Peggy Mullins, Ava Perdue, Iris Perdue, Mary E. Price, Ruth Prillaman, Bobbie Ramsey, Beverly Reid, Jean Robertson, Betty Ann Scaggs, Margaret Shropshire, Doris Sigmon, Betty Sink, Janet Smith, Shirley Smith, Earldine Starkey, Pauline Starkey, Minnie Sue Taylor, Dorothy Tench, Lucille Thompson, Doris Turner, Martha Turner, Peggy Turner, Shirley Ann Tyree, Betty Walker, Geraldine Young, Rosemary Young. Not Pic- tured: Maxine Mulkey. 4 -f . f ., YNCH FARM EQUIPMENT CO Kneeling: Georgianne Ramsey, Alice Hodges, Betsy Naff, Lucille Thompson, Standing: Kitty Cooper, Betty Chitwood, Joyce Hunt, Carol Jean Wallace, Martha Ann Hudson, Bobbie Ramsey. 6,11 gf? L 790,911 PIX1 , , Jgvela ,700 rn Egzlafrff STARVUE DRIVE -IN THEATRE Mrs. Jean Perry Wiseman, lton Sponsor Jack Newbill WF mKs has - Nurses Station , C t 1 I Jean Carter, Audrey Quinn, with ,Pre'NurSmg, en ra Supp Y two graduate nurses' Claire A. Bandy, Frances Pendleton Buddy Guilliams learns Service Station operation in D. E. Mr. MacDaniel Williams Teacher Co-ordinator Distributive Education--Diversified Occupation we te 1 11 l-Y Maxine Mulkey learns how difficult the Delbert Jeter, D. E. student at Angle Dept. ' t f' fabrics shown by re- job of a 5 8: 10 clerk can be. Mr. Price Store inspec s me owner in background. 7 VIRGIL GOODE presentative of the Haas Tailoring Co. WinfA gaacle 4-ly --m,L!eaa!, .JL!earf,,2L!anfJJ, and Yvonne Webb Vice-President Barbara Richards Song Leader Peggy Akers Song Leader Ronnie Bennett Reporter Betty Ann Dillon Secretary-Treasurer Bonnie Hunt President mg. 5:01-1 N27 f ,ga ff A 1 ,..,. 5"f f o, af: Adams, Mary Virginia Adkins, Shirley Akers, Peggy Ann Anderson, Sylvia Angle, Marjorie Beheler, Donald Bennett, Ronnie Betterton, Larry Bondurant, Betty Ann Bowling, Iris Brown, Marion Carter, Cam Chitwood, Beulah Chitwood, Ray Doughton, Carole Jean Davis, Lynn DeLong, Rudolph Dillon, Betty Ann Dudley, Betty Lou Dudley, Shirley Ferguson, Bettie Jean Fralin, Donnie Gardner, Avis Guthrie, Mary Frances Hall, Nelson 5 JUMHA H Hall, Peggy Ann Hall, Violet Hodges, Loretta Holcomb, Martha Sue Hudson, James Hudson, Nancy Hunt, Bonnie Jones, Lois Jones, Roger Kirk, Reva Lumsden, Jerre Mattox, Norma Jean McGuire, Sherwood Morris, Martha Sue Richards, Barbara Shorter, Jane Simmons, Shirley Jean Sink, Jimmy St. Clair, John James Taylor, Calvin Thomas, John Turner, Louise Washburn, Bobby Webb, Yvonne Worley, Buddy EXCHANGE MILLING CO. Rachel Hosley President 1952-53, whose willingness to work has made our club year a happy one. Shirley Arrington Winner of County and State 4-H contest in Farm and Home Safety, who won an all -expense paid trip to the National Club Congress in Chicago in November, 1952. , ku President: Rachel Hosley X' I Vice-President: Velma Jo Clingenpeel Secretary: Iva Mae Brubaker Reporter: Betty Lee Fisher Sponsor: Mrs. M. A. Nester MOTTO THE EMBLEM: Four-Leaf Clover The four H's in club work stand for COLORS: Green and White Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. jenfA graale 4-.JJ A115 Oufifancling wirinvr "Learning to Live in a Changing World" First Row: Donald Akers, Shirley Arrington, Doris Bandy, Joyce Belcher, Coreta Bennett, David Bowles, Deanne Bowling, Second Row: Barbara Bowman, Eugene Bowman, John Bowman, Kellie Bradley, Betty Brown, Douglas Brown, J. C. Brown, Sue Brown, Peggy Brubaker, Betty Gray Carter, Allen Cooper, Nancy Dillon, Third Row: Ramsey Ann English, Mary Ann Greenwood, Joyce Hodges, Leavona Hodges, Pate Hudson, Arnold Hurt, Patsy Jefferson, Buddy Jordon, Norma Kinsey, Nancy Kirk, Janie Ledbetter, Betty Mae Luke, Fourth Row: Anne Lynch, Betsy Naff, Mary Nettles, Barbara Quinn, Peggy Ramsey, Coy Renick, Phyllis Richardson, Shirley Rigney, Betty Lou Robertson, Edna Ann Robertson, John Sink, Jean Southall, Fifth Row: Donald Sowder, Colleen Thurman, William Turner, Laverne Washburn, Nelson Wray, Claudine Young, Ellen Jean Young, Sara Young. D rUn'N1,1-.UKVE cu . ,,.. ..,,. .. . . X , jllfllfe LHOIYIQIYIGAGFJ Akers, Kate Angell, Joanna Ashby, Shirley Ashwell, Shirley Bernard, Nellie Brooks, Betty Jane Brown, Alice Brown, Betty Brown, Marion Brown, Maxine Brown, Sue Carter, Betty Gray Cundiff, Georgia David, Dotsie Dalton, Rachel Aileen DeLong, Helen Dillon, Melva Dillon, Rachel Dudley, Betty Lou Ferguson, Betty Jean Fralin, Shirley Gardner, Avis Gusler, Virginia Green, Mary Hall, Lois pfan geffer Hosley, Rachel Hodges, Alice Hodges, Betty Jean Hodges, Elsie Hodges, Joyce Hodges, Loretta Holland, Julia Mae Hunt, Bonnie Mae Hunt, Joyce Ingram, Peggy Jamison, Loraine Johnson, Barbara Jones, Marie Kessler, Judy Ann Kidd, Betty Ann Kirk, Reva Law, Ethel Ledbetter, Janie Lynch, Mary Frances Martin, Mary Lou Martin, Nancy Martin, Rebecca Mattox, Norma Jean McCrickard, Virginia McGhee, Nancy ayomm Ar fhe jufure Mitchell, Betty Jean Mitchell, Erma Lee Mitchell, Rene Montgomery, Catherine Montgomery, Margie Mulkey, Maxine Naff, Betsy Nolen, Edithor Oakes, Jewel Peters, Corina Ross, Ruth Ellen Scaggs, Betty Ann Sink, Maggie Sink, Marlene Sink, Rachel Stone, Hettie Thompson, Lucille Turner, Martha Ann Whitlock, Jean Williams, Shelby Wilmer, Nancy Lee Wood, Freeda Young, Claudine Yoimg, Ellen Jean Young, Mable Mrs. Maggie Gardner Sponsor RAKES pom-IAC wEBsTER's FOOD CENTER f0gr aw Asfiembw 9 A111 K' EW as Q ' 'Stink Mother -Daughter Banquet Edith on Ule0L1Iyole11 ,progr am Edithor Nolen, Rachel Hosley working on scrapbook. Joyce is president of the Virginia Associ- ation Future Homemakers of America. She is also p r e s i d e nt of Roanoke A r e a Federation Future Homemakers of America. Joyce rep- resented Virginia at the National Convention of Future Homemakers held in Green Lake, Wisconsin. She will preside over the vention at Radford College in June. F. H. A. Tea Joyce Hunt of Dimes Campaign for Virginia. She was also State Student Chairman of CivilDefense. During her term as State President funds have been set aside for 2 one year scholarships for 2 worthy students majoring in Home Ec. , a state Futu re Homemaker of America handbook was published, and membership was increased. New chapters were also taken into the association. State Con- She served as a member of the Advisory Board in 1953 March Slumber Party following Federation Meeting Allno . uncmg Program on the air Christmas Proj ect MARKET SQUARE GROCERY 5 piano asvfuclenb Serve The art of and course in piano playing is lfered at Franklin County High School by Mrs. W. D. Peake. Piano instruction is given during the day to students having a study hall period. Lessons are offered for two thirty-minute periods a week and grades on the piano lessons are post- ed on the students' report cards. Piano students are encouraged to take an active part in assembly programs, club activi- ties, and community programs. Entrance re- quirements for higher schools of music are care- fully followed and special attention is given to church music for those students from both town Laverne Washburn QV' X rfyyi 9 'N-JJ Barbara Richards ,A , i 5 Sally Katenkamp R ,115 rl-Pa' Bobbie Ramsey X-5 KY Janice Davis yy S ' Denise Law J' J f' - I, 5 0,313 Serina Montgomery J, X Beatrice Ransom Carole Jean Doughton Eleanor Gray Love Claire Bandy Leavona Hodges Rachel Hosley Betty Lee Fisher Betty Prillaman Betty Skinnell Peggy Angle Patsy Jefferson Velma Jo Clingenpeel Yvonne Webb of J y 06,215 Q X Georgia Cundiff Betty Mitchell SUMO! and gommunifg and county where their services are needed in their churches. Accompanists for the Franklin County High School choir are provided from the piano class whenever there is no interruption in the student' s class room program. Climaxing the year's work our annual piano recital is given in the high school auditorium. To this recital all friends and patrons of the piano class and school are cordially invited. Daphne Mitchell Bobby Gardner Sandra Whitlow Douglas Taylor Jane Broum Mrs. Peake, Instructor Not Pictured: Betsy Allison Norma Jean Hodges Judson Ann Mason Rosalie Montgomery , fri,-f i it Joyce Ashwell President FERRUM GARAGE A '. 1, 5l1l.f?l'al'y war!! Opel!! fo Olygfafy Lillie Anderson, Joyce Ashwell, Shirley Ashwell, Betty Barbour, Iris Bowling, Barbara Bowman, Alzia Brown, Jane Brown, Patsy Bussey, Joyce Butler,Juanita Butler, Betty Byrd, Betty Chitwood, Beulah Chitwood, Naomi Chitwood, Betty Dalton, Inez Deal, Betty Ann Dillon, Shirley Dillon, MaryJane Doyle, Bettie Jean Ferguson, Arlene Hodges, Leavona Hodges, Nancy Hodges, Martha Sue Hol - comb, Nancy Hudson, Pate Hudson, Lois Jones, Inez Jones, Ann Lynch, Nancy Martin, Sara Lee Minnix,Daphne Mitchell, Catherine Montgomery, Jean Moore, Mary Nettles, Nancy Perdue, Lois Reynolds,Phyl1is Richardson, Edna Robertson, Ruth Ross, Geral - dine Shively, Margaret Shropshire, Irma Lou Turner, Shirley Tyree, Laverne Washburn, Hilda Webster, Marjorie Williams, Betty Jane Woody, Mildred Young. Miss Myrtle Harrison Sponsor Laverne Washburn Vice President Arlene Hodges Secretary Shirley Dillon Treasurer Betty Woody Reporter ikfir ,,f.. .gpfuclenf Hua mriuer-.1 are aklere, jgere, 8uerywLere The life of a king! That's a bus driver's life. Up in the wee, wee hours of the morning -- maybe time for breakfast--maybe not. Now we start the daily drudge. The first stop--they're all here with bright shining faces and a very cheerful "Good Morning"--and, if you don't reply just as che erfully, you get a spit ball aimed perfectly at your head. On to the next stop and you wait two, five, or ten minutes until Susie gets that curl in place and Tommy finds his jack- rocks. On and on you go--stopping here and stopping there. You just about have your load, and from then on there is a continuous roar--just likea small hurricane with occasional breaks, such as, "Make Johnny quit pulling my pigtails" and "Who took my lunch ?" and "Get that bubble gum out of my hair!" With luck you get to school with only about two flats. All in all, it's a happy life. There are nine- teen buses and they haul more than eight-hundred students. Here we are. Just look atus. We may gripe a little, but we wouldn't change it for the world. Elwood Oakes 1641, Glennis Young 1531, Claude Holcomb, Jr. 1241, Carey Washburn 1411, Roy Snyder, Teacher 1521, William Sowder 1451, Riley Boone 1561, Billy Eanes 111, Jimmy Ingram 1441, Joe Bryant 1481, James Ferguson 1201. WILLIAM N. ANGLE I . H iw I W mmununng 1 Ku U 4? XL ii 5 9' x ,,n, .r 1 I ' Ov! Q- IS' g M5 ty fx V , Wwzg! f X 3223 Yr? W"L, -M . I , J-F .L JA 1 ,' THE OLD AND THE NEW jzlfllre jarmerd gngage in lfueruiihecl program SPONSORS: Horace Watson, E.T. Robertson, W.R. Jamison, John Lunsford. Akers, Lowell Bryant, Joe Flora, Earl Allman, Junior Burgess, Jimmy Fralin, Carlton Amos, George Campbell, Jimmy Fralin, Wilburn Anderson, Richard Carter, Cam Guilliams, Bobby Atkins, Bobby Clingenpeel, Kenneth .Gusler, Earl Austin, Dale Davis, Orville Gusler, Everett Bousman, Tommy DeLong, Rudolph Guthrie, Woodrow Bowles, Ha11el Divers, Stelford Hall, Elmer Bowman, Eugene Drewry, P. M. Hall, Nelson Bowman, Okey English, William Hatchett, Randolph Brooks, Carlton Ferguson, Donald Holland, Eldridge Brown, Douglas Fisher, Carlton Holley, Jimmy Brown, Herman Fisher, Herman Holt, Maurice Brown, J. C. Flora, Bobby Housman, Hugh Hudson, James Ikenberry, Gary Ingram, James Ingram, Richard Jamison, Jimmy Johnson, Buddy Jones, Alvin Kesler, Jimmy Kingery, Berlon Layman, Lowell LaPrade, Billy LaPrade, Walter Lumsden, Newton Manning, Morris McNeil, Donald McGuire, Sherwood C. H PETERS Learning to do-use of visual aids in D9V910PiI1g basic Ski11S in Using classroom instruction. W00dW0I'kif1g t001S- Two boys constructing electric brooder Not the village blacksmith-but his for use in their home program. apprentice. ,gr-P""" Soldering and sheet metal is also needed Future Farmers also need electric by Future Farmers. welding skills. FRANKLIN GROCERY AND GRAIN -JI aww M 'E R n Fl - UP E S wr Xi 3 'Sm 5 4.1. fn its A ,. . gm . .:9E:f::3 i : 3351: , 4, W , . .-QW 5 W www Wag, a X 'Q M ww! ll ll IM! if i 'W ,Q -s., w- , P. Q 'K- Learning to do-use of visual aids in D9Ve10Pif1g basic Skills in using classroom instruction. woodworking f001S- , Q is 3 Two boys constructing electric brooder Not the village blacksmith-but his for use in their home program. apprentice. -I f 1 1 li: . ,, -,..-z'f-milf' f Soldering and sheet metal is also needed Future Farmers also need electric by Future Farmers. welding skills. FRANKLIN GROCERY AND GRAIN Z- nw 55 xwMSAs1t4KQO0W3B Wmmmww ML... v 'Sf' In-C my W A .,... E V3 ,NH . .I .1 P- ,,-xf lil W? . ' .TQ T1 -xg . , 1 1 -1 . - A,., F 'P.,f"" 'fl' ' , xt Q, lf' M u ,- "'k' 8- 'VQQ ' -9- , 'M . -me Q ww, Q W' Q kk 2 .W f , 1 . AQ? 35 f i X Li Q-SQL , -. R W NW .. A , Q LL 4 CLUBS H 'U .. ,if-13 0 ,. if - if QF W: QQ FZ! Fm" 'f"'l" :Q L ggi OK J .. 5iS?,4 i,,w 1 QWQQ, f ,WQLMQQQ mf' QF B .ykz ig L L by 1, 1 ,f Q F iii gg gf 'W " "" "' - and 43? we 'Y wx 3355 wif F92- s F E nf '9 12 ' 'f' '57 1 fa' X vp ,ll ,: 1 ,, f .M H fVi g ,I . ,vw Q11 A ff . .Vn B , 1 fn JW' W, H 3. C.JJ.,S'. 0 f 1953 g B5f,i,M 1 jj! M155 MARY Lou MARTIN ' -tffwgf ,flfj ' Md! ' ZV ' f ff WL! I W W -47' .,49V'L!U '. I JL!! I 'If Zi V' A ,MLM JA 1 K U Ct! lil! I 7 ' "Af X . yllf' +' .1 P f:Y,1y'I,l :jj-LIUIL Miz 3. X, K QE ' MA ig: +5 f BOBBY NEWBILL j0HlBA1J0lUll of jranrggn gounfy V' ,mf ' ..f , I Y x 1 3' 1 .1 I 1 C I Aa 33 - f ff' I ,fl 1 D f I Qjznlcf Lf, I RocKY MOUNT cocA coLA B B y ' L 2 a .QM M X-,gv ii, - "ffl- feig 1. X Whse, at . . 'Eg-I-Y k4ifi4??fWg , X ...,, A W 314L','fg...: .. Qi' 512: S, Y fm L Pi Q 1 ifgxfqgggfg, 'fs ,W , sf M 9 , , , H 131 1,542-' 4 uw' 4 '52, Our expanded athletic program has given us much valuable tra ining, as well as many thrilling experiences. The first game of Football to be play- ed in Franklin County occurred be- tween our newly or ganiz ed Eagle team and the Altavista team on our new field in the fall of 1950 in the first of--- il ll I' QOXCJFI1 "Cy" Dillon , K gi .ia Coach, Football, Basketball, Baseball Although the Eagles did not have a very successful season, they had a fighting spir it that would compare with the best of teams. This is main- ly because of the fine coaching of Cy Dillon. Dillon had only a few boys to pick from when practice started. The boys worked very hard to condition them- selves for the opening game. Dillon had the task of rebuilding a team, as he lost a great number of boys via graduation. 600-EA95 A249 Wage HOur gofafen years H "Bob" Cokely Assistant Coach Sept. Martinsville Sept. Bedford Sept. Jefferson "B" Oct. Open Oct. Christiansburg Oct. Hillsville Oct. Open Oct. Galax Nov. Bassett Nov. Fries IDEAL LUMBER CORPORATION D Tommy Newbill 1301 End in Jerry Lumsden 1291 Billy Leffue 1131 Ira Guard Back grave gagfea Eemonafrafe jim The Eagles started practice in August know- ing they had a rough schedule to face. Practic- ing twice a day, the boys worked very hard to condition themselves for the opening game with Martinsville. This being their first year, most of the boys were inexperienced. They worked hard to learn the plays and their assignments. The coaches did a great job in building up the fighting spirit in the team. The boys were in there fighting constantly. The team played most of the season without the fine running and tackling of Carl Price. Carl was injured in the Bedford game and was out the rest of the season. Let's not forget the "J.V." team when they went to Bassett and fought the Baby Bengals to a scoreless tie. When Bassett came up for the return game, they again played a scoreless game. The Baby Eagles lost two hard fought games to --Ja n' s oo pljl g at Martinsville Bobb s oiiyrun Ga x--Rakes' 65 yard un at n s and Bobby's great defen- siv play aga' st Christiansburg--Carl's great offense and defense against Bedford--Louie's pass to Rakes for the only score against Galax --The good defensive play by Tommy Law and Jamison at Fries--Davis' good playing against Bassett--Stanley's passes at Galax--Tommy's good defense against Fries--Bobby' s and Louie' s good runs against Bassett--Rakes' fine play at Hillsville--and Kelly's fine defensive play when the "J. V. 's" played Bassett. Yes, we had a lot of fun this yearg however, we didn't have a very successful season. We are looking forward to a much better season next year. 1 . f if V, f f MW Z-1 5 Lo 1 ckin thi 95 sdson - Rlemembe 1 W aa Hargrave. illfif - Billy Frith 1321 Center Jimmy Jamison 1401 Tackle Bobby Newbill 1151 Back 1Co-Captain1 CLYDE H. PERDUE, ATTORNEY Paul Davis 1381 Center Donald McNeil 1271 Tackle .. l .-al 3.- Elmer Hall Garnett Dillon Page Shepherd Dick Rakes Silas Plybon End Tackle Back Back Guard Qfifiiii it -' ' K 2f3l"l'ah-their 'Nfl 4: I a I L3 3 I E -4 Rakes and Dillon double team to Bobby Newbill catches Bengal down Bassett back. behind line. .. I John Wade Pinkard Louie Dillon John Turner Bob Selkirk Joe Patterson Back Back Tackle End Tackle BLUE RIDGE TALC COMPNAY 5lN.b..ea he S. W. Nole Carl Price Bob Morris Thomas Crook Wayne Hall Tacklexx Back fCo-Captain! Manager Manager Manager ' . a - mi' Y. W. -WV' M 'C . V' H . .q,, Y ' wi-QI cfs--Y .v,1,,,r, ai, W 6 1 Bobby Newbill ls tackled from behind Louie Dillon picks up first down after long run against Bassett M QI-n-4, Tommy Law Kelly Bradley Lester McNeil Dick Ingram Back Center Center Guard LYNCH FUNERAL HOME D973 . 1f'kw17..,3. f . .. . 'QE f- K .... , f V 1. - , -- f . I , .. -' r ff' ' "' ..- Q, nw A wg.. Q First Row: Coach Cy Dillon, T. Newbill, P. Shepherd, J.W. Pinkard, L. Dillon, R. Rakes, B. Newbill, J. Jamison, E. Hall, and Coach Bob Cokeley. Second Row: T. Crook, J. Patter- son, B. Frith, B. Selkirk, K. Bradley, W. Bennett, P. Davis, D. McNeil, and C. Price Third Row: B. Leffue, S. W. Nolen, S. Plybon, I. Culler, J. Lumsden, J. Turner, and G. Dillon. Rakes throws Bassett man for a loss Fighting Eagles dovsm Bassett ball carrier Ci M.. CLOVER. CREAMERY CO. t l , We had our good and bad times this year, but we enjoyed every game. Here the boys celebrate after drop- ping a very close, 19 - 14 game to Bassett. Had Louie been able to complete just one more pass to Page, the score probably would have been different. Oh well, that's the way the game goes. ag ea SAoof j7Aem .jJigA anal allow ,W Coaches Cy Dillon and Bob Cokeley contributed mu c h to athletics this year. They worked hard to keep the boys in condition for their sports. Here they are shown in the equipment room c h e c ki n g equipment that the boys turned in after football season. They are busy throughout the year with un i fo r m s , shoes, pads, etc. This is one of the big problems they are faced with every year. We are sincerely thankful for what our coaches have done for our athletics. WEAVER MIRROR CO. 52 E 4 Hall hits for two Clingenpeel hits the Bobby Newbill--Scores two oi against Moneta. nets for two. his 17 against Moneta. Frank1in's basketball fortunes have greatly im- Bousman, Richard Rakes, and Page Shepherd. proved over last year. We had six lettermen re- turning from last year's squad, and all of these There were uve newcomers to the varsity. They saw action during the year. These six boys were were Thomas Crook, Russell Davis, E. T. Turner, Carl Price, Bobby Newbill, Ken Clingenpeel, Tommy Tommy Newbill, and Tommy Law. Page Shepherd rommy Law Dick Rakes Kenneth C1ingenpe4 Guard Forward Guard Center 91 ii' 3? -G L A X 1 QW +89 wb 45 my 83? -4: 1 Aw 'A 6 -fy.. i wg .33 43 Mi 1 xs- Q B' aww' I :lk -W W 1, if 1 K W, S ,af I Q Ga 5 wig' K I gf , 9' f xv 5' A qv h, AW M Q 5 fs , 15- , Ria? X K ci L '--L,. i " Xglyfizw' L I' L-A 3 xy' ,gfb f frvq W ,. 5 4. D ,K gf'-Rs I S NA N V. i Ll L kVmmhAl i L, K' bfw , ! .Nwwa ' Mx 1. 41' 55 K ' ' if , - Y Y' 'AX ""X 'A 'ff f vp gy Qsgfii 2kQLE AGL ' K3 'Aj ., Q2 1 M Fblxi - , fx" Y ' kFQs'+1ff N Q, ' , f K X ii J +I V 'NHJ Q QSM, ' 1 Ei w I I x , 1 ! f- le, 6 M' ' ,mega 1-'E 1 fx , . - . . 'Q ,, , . Kitty Cooper -" 'frNdI'l'f12I1 Shelton 4 '1 V 'Ll ll,"Fa .YQ I fx I f' I 'M , V W I ' ' W 1 V I In P 7 Joyce Hunt Captain Bobbie Ramsey Lucille Thompson 3e0rgia Ann Ramsey Jack New-bin Betty Chitwood Carol Jean Wallace Co -Captain B et sy Naf f X ,ix I 4 ,z f ,,,, - as A11ce Hodges Martha Ann Hudson ANGLE IMPLEMENT CO. T, ,E of Qjlwiw I mi BASEBALL Our 1952 baseball team had a more s u c c e s s ful season than our other teams. They lost only four games while winning nine. Billy Shepherd, Dick Rakes, and Eddie Shively did a great job on the mound for a fine season. In the first game Billy pitched a one-hit, one-run game a- gainst Hargrave. Shively had the best won -lost r e c o r d, winning four and losing only one. David Stone, Louie Dillon, Carl Price, and Walter Camp- bell supplied most of the hitting power that brought many runs across the plate. Although we had a successful season in '52, as the annual goes to press, we are looking forward to a more successful one in the spring of '53. 39 -i . lv M ,xr -,.,,,... . ,. ,,,,,., 3 -w,,r,,,,-, 5,5 -,-.. , ,-A V , eL,'T1-g5.e,.1 ,img . """"--ur J 1, "V ' 1 .-, -M f W' v-wwf f Q .M '- W K ,get .C Q -- aw..e.X. ' . Vaal!-r'f"f . -a Q 'S se T N A :Riff '. kkff 4 T Q . 1 Q . mtl vs t -' ' xl .ylil . -xl! Y V in, Ax ff, ,brt - V .Qwqf Al' euwrx ., if . . V A J 4-.4 , .qu ,, . 1 ' v . ' " "1 -am ' 1 l 'ii A ' ' tr, - f " . 'Y ' k S i v xslt' s so Agn. -1- ' '. 'f ' A fl F if V QU L M- Diff 7 ' ,N r . 4 , JL' Q ,ik ' - V , I ,Y HAH, X I 0 1, g-MAH 0 W " 1 .I I, X Wk 4 i x it x iv.g:wL1.,,rZT-It . A , . Seated left to right: Forrest Dodson, Elmer Hall, Page Shepherd, Bobby Newbill, Jake Chitwood, David Stone, E. T. Turner, and Dean Frith, Standing left to right: Thomas Crook, Carl Price, Billy Shepherd, Walter Campbell, William Stanley, Dick Rakes, Grady Webb, Wayne Bennett, Dick Allred, Eddie Shively, and Louie Dillon. Zgoyj an!! gyirfj gazjoy Wav g?mnaJi14rn l"1, BALD KNOB FURNTTURE CO Gdown ing guenf C 5 j7Ap moving Anger wrifej anal Aauing z4,frif,4Am01fe,J ,on..... PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK 77 ll I' g0! C! 911 QC! I":5 A . -' '-',, A ''i913i7'iif7'wrli1Ziii:iNcEMENT-48500 P.M., June 5, 1953 Speaiker--Dr. Dabney S. Lagicaster , Presidentyvlrzdrfgwood..Coilege V-Farmville, Virginia Q ROCKY MOU NT FLORISTS SENIOR STATISTICS EUGENE WILSON AKERS HELEN MAGOLINE ALTICE 4-H 3, 4, 5, Library 4, Tri-Hi-Y 5, Newspaper 5. AUBREY DOUGLAS AMOS Annual 4, Business Manager 5, Choir 4, Presi- dent 5, Beta 4, 5, Camera and Projection 4, Pres. 5, Student Council 5, Home Room Pres. 5, Dra- matics 4,Debate 5 ,Jr. Class Treas. 4, Sr. Class Treas. 5. HAZEL EDNA ANGLE 4-H 3, Historian 4, Sec. 5, Tri-Hi-Y 4, FCHS Choir 3, 4, 5, Newspaper Staff 5, Student Council 4, Sec. 5, Homeroom Pres. 4. MYRNA JOYCE ASHWELL Library 3, 4, Pres. 5, 4-H 4, 5,Tri-Hi-Y 5,Beta 5. ELIZABETH ANNE BEHELER 4-H 3, Library 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Homeroom Sec. 5, FCHS Choir 4, Sec. 5, Newspaper 5. NELLIE RUTH BERNARD 4-H 4, 5, Basketball 4, 5, FHA 4, 5. HARVEY LEE BOITNOTT Hi-Y 5, Music 5, Football 5. CALLIE ODESSA BOWLES 4-H 4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Library 4,Newspaper 5. MABEL IRENE BOWLES FHA 4. BETTY JANE BROOKS FHA 4, 5. ALICE LUCILLE BROWN 4-H 3,4, V. Pres. FHA 5,V. Pres. Homeroom 5, FHA 4, 5, Diversified Occupation 5. BETTY JEAN BROWN Tri-Hi-Y 5. JOYCE MAUREEN BROWN Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Mask and Gavel 4, 5, Senior 4-H 4, 5, Softball 3. JOE HARVEY BRYANT Bus Driver 4, 5, FFA 4, 5. WALTER CLIFTON CAMPBELL Junior 4-H Club 4, Senior 4-H 5, Baseball 3, 4, 5. RUSSELL HENRY CANNADAY FFA 4, 4-H 5. SALLY ANN CARTER Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5. KENNETH ODIS CLINGENPEEL Basketball 4, 5, Football 4, FFA 4, 5. LOUISE PALMER CPeggyJ COOPER Library 3, 4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Dramatics 4, 4-H Club 3, 4, Choir 4, 5. MARY BERNICE CROOK 4-H Club 3, 4, 5, Choir 3, 5 ,Tri-Hi-Y Songleader 4, 5, Dramatics 4, 5, Newspaper 5. GEORGIA LEE CUNDIFF 4-H 4, FHA 4, 5. JOSEPH JUNIOR CUNDIFF Basketball Manager 1, Baseball Manager 1, Bio - Chem 3. NORMA JANE DALTON DOTSIE LEE DAVID FHA 3, 5. PAUL DAVIS Bus Driver 4, Football 4, 5. RUSSELL LEWIS DAVIS, JR. Hi -Y3, Beta 4, 5 State President 5, Student Coun- cil 4, President 5, Football 3, Basketball J. V. 3, Varsity 5, Monogram 3, 4,5, Debate 4,5, Presi- dent 4, Homeroom President 4, 5. HELEN LOUISE DELONG FHA 3, 4, 5. HAROLD LEWIS DILLON Student Council 3, 5, Vice-President 5, Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, Football 3, 4, 5, Baseball 3, 4, 5,Annual Staff 4, 5. MELVA LOUISE DILLON FHA 4, 5. MARY LEE DIVERS 4-H 3, 4, 5, Basketball 4,Library 4, Tri-Hi-Y 5, Science 3. SHIRLEY MAE DODSON Choir 5, Mask Q Gavel 5. CHRISTINE DUDLEY 4-H 3, 4, 5, Basketball 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, News- paper Staff 5, Library 4, Science Club 3, Secre- tary of Homeroom. ANGLE AND COMPANY, INC. SENIOR STATISTICS CHRISTINE ADA DUNMAN 4-H 4, Mask Sz Gavel 4,5, Newspaper Staff 5, Library Club 3, 4. WILLIAM EANES Bio-Chem 3 President,Football Manager, Basket- ball 3, Hi-Y 3, Student Council 3, Monogram3, Hi-Y 4, 5, Dramatics 4, 5, Bus Driver 4, 5. WILLIAM DAVID FARRIS Beta Club 4, 5, Science Club 4, 5. JAMES JUBAL FERGUSON FFA 3, Bus Driver. BOBBY LEE FLORA FFA President 4, Federation President 5, 4-H 4, 5, Beta Club, Treasurer 4, 5. JANET ELLEN FLORA Annual Staff 4,5, Beta 4, Secretary 5, 4-H 4, Treasurer 5. NORMA JUDITH FLORA Beta 4, 5 Vice President, 4-H 4, Secretary 5, Annual 4, 5, senior editor,Debate 4, Vice Presi- dent 5, Choir 4, President 5,Secretary of Senior Class, Secretary of Junior Class. CARLTON WAYNE FRALIN 1-'FA 4, 5. SHIRLEY MAGDELINE FRALIN FHA 3, 4, 5, Tri -Hi -Y 5, Secretary-Treasurer of home room 5. HUGHES REGINALD FULCHER FFA 4, D.o. 5. JOYCE ELEANOR GREENE Beta 4, Reporter 5,Dramatlcs 4, 5, 4-H 4, Presi- dent 5, Student Council 5, Treasurer, Choir 5. EDWARD AKERS GREER Monogram 3, 4, Football 3,4, Science Club 5. SHIRLEY GRINDSTAFF HUWARD TAFT GUTLLIAMS, JR. D. E. 5. EARL PETER GUSLER FFA 4, 5. HARRY ALFRED HALL Hi-Y 4, President 5. BERNICE ELEANOR HALL 4-H 4,5, Choral 3, Tri-Hi-Y 5. THELMA ELAINE HALL Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Beta 4, 5, Basketball 4, 5. Lois ELLEN HALL FHA 2, 3,4, 5, Choral 4,5, Tri-Hi-Y 5. ALICE MARIE HODGES 4-H 3 , 4, 5, Tri -Hi -Y 4, 5, Basketball 4, Cheerclub 5, FHA 5. BOBBY DENT HODGES Beta Club 4,5. MARTHA ELSIE HODGES FHA 5. JOHN WESLEY HODGES FFA 3, 4, J.V. Basketball 3, D. E. 5. BETTY JANE HOLLEY FHA 3. RUBY MAE HOLLEY FHA 3, 4, Pre-nursing 5. DOROTHY MAGDALINE HUDSON FHA 3, 4. MARTHA ANN HUDSON Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, 4-H 3,Choral Club 3, Cheer Club 5, Newspaper Staff 3,4, "Animo" Staff 3, 4, 5, Queen's Court 5, Editor-in-Chief "Anime" 5, Student Council 5. BARBARA DILLON HUNLEY Tri-Hi-Y 4, P r e sident 5, Student Council 5, Queen's Court 5. DOROTHY JANE HUNT Beta 4,5, D.E. 5. JOYCE EVELYN HUNT Biology 3, 4-H 3, Historian 4,5, FHA 3,4, 5, Reporter 3, President 4, Choir 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 3,Debate Club 4, 5, Beta 4, 5, Student Council 3, 4, 5, T r ea su r e r 4, Homeroom President 3, Cheer Club 4, 5, Captain 5, Annual 4. JAMES DAVID INGRAM FFA 4, 5, Bus Driver 4, 5. JAMES RICHARD JAMISON FFA 4, 5, Football 4, 5. MARY LORAINE JAMISON Library 4, FHA 4, 5, 4-H 4. DELBERT TURNER JETER Dramatics 3, 4, Student Council 4, D. E. 5. . J. L. PERDUE LUMBER CO. SENIOR STATISTICS MARGARET MARIE JONES FHA 3 ,4,5, Vice President of Homeroom 4, Presi- dent 5. STAFFORD OREN JONES Student Council 4, 5, FFA 4, 5. WILLIAM HENRY LaPRADE FFA 4, 5, Choir 4. WILLIAM HENRY LEFFUE Football 5, Beta 4. PATSY JOYCE LOVE Choral Club 3, 4-H 3, 4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Beta 4, 5, Student Council 4, 5. NORMA JEAN LYNCH Science Club 3, Choral 3, Library 3, 4-H 3, Tri- Hi-Y 4, 5, Annual Staff 3, 4, 5. MARY LOU MARTIN Url Tri -Hi-Y 5, Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer 4, 5, Homecoming Queen 5. MARY LOU MARTIN fSrl Dramatics 4, 5, FHA 5. REBECCA ANN MARTIN 4-H 3, 4, FHA 5. NANCY ELLA MATTOX Beta 4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Basketball 4, 5. DARWYN GILES McCALL Camera-Projection 4, 5, Beta 5, Hi-Y 5, Business Manager of Athletics 5, D. E. Club 5. RICHARD EUGENE McCOLLOM Newspaper 5, Debate Society 4,5 Secretary 4, President Jr. Class 4, President Sr. Class 5, Camera-Projection 4, "Animo" Staff 5, Student Council 5. MARJORIE LEE MCNEIL Tri-Hi-Y 4,5 Treasurer 5, FHA 4,5 Secretary 5, Beta Club 5. MAE MARIE MONTGOMERY Library Club 4. LOUISE FAYE MCTLEY EDNA MAXINE MULKEY 4-H Club 3, 4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Softball 3, FHA 5, Choral 3, DECA Club 5. INA DEAN MULLINS 4-H Club 3,4, 5, Trl-Hi-Y 4,5. MURIEL ELIZABETH MULLINS Tri-Hi-Y 5, Beta 5. BOOTHE' S SHOE SHOP ROBERT ALEXANDER NEWBILL Hi-Y 4, 5, 4-H 3, 4, Beta 5, Debate 4, Basketball 3,4, 5, Baseball 3, 4, 5, Football 3,4, 5, Co-captain 5, Monogram 3, 4, 5, Student Council 5. THOMAS CARROLL NEWBILL, JR. Hi-Y 5, Beta 4, 5, President 5, 4-H 3, 4, 5,Debate 4, Monogram 3, 4, 5, Basketball 3, 4, 5, Football 3, 4, 5, Student Council 5. GARLAND DOUGLAS NICHOLS JOYCE NICHOLS EDITHOR LEE NOLEN Beta 4, 5, Annual 4, Editor of Animo 5, Choir 4, 5, FHA 5. MARLENE ELIZABETH NOLEN Mask and Gavel 4, 5. JEWELL ADINE OAKES Senior 4-H 3, 4, 5, FHA 3, 4, 5, Bio-Chem C1ub3' Choir 4. SARAH REBECCA OVERSTREET FHA 4, 5. SHIRLEY BROWN PASLEY Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Mask and Gavel 4, 5, Senior 4-H 4, 5, Annual Staff 5. AVA ANNE PERDUE Beta 4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 5, 4-H 3, Choir 3. VIRGINIA IRIS PERDUE Library 3, 4-H 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, Annual and News- paper 4. ROY LEE PERDUE D. E. , Camera Projection. JIMMY LEE PHILPOTT Camera and Projection 5. SILAS PLYBON FFA 3, 4, 5, Football 5. CARLTON SCOTT PRICE Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, 4-H 3, Football 3, 4, 5, Co-captain 4, 5, Basketball 3, 4, 5, Baseball 3, 4, 5, Monogram 3, 4, 5, Student Council 3, 4, 5. BETTY JEAN PRILLAMAN Beta 5, Annual Staff 5. RUTH PRILLAMAN Bi-Chem 3, FHA 3, Trl-Hi-Y 4, 5. AUDREY QUINN Beta 4, 5, Pre-Nursing-President 5. B. W. CRAIG GROCERY SENIOR STATISTICS LORENE RADFORD FHA 45 Dramatics 3,45 President F. C. H. S. Choir 53 Student Council 5. JEAN LILA ROBERSON Library 35 Bio-Chem 35 Tri-Hi-Y 4, 55 Choir 5. OTHA RAYMOND scO'r'r Beta 4, 5, FFA 4, 5. JAMES ARTHUR SCOTT FFA 45 President of D. E. 5. BILLY HERBERT SHEPHERD Academic Course5 Beta Club 4, 55 Monogram Club 3, 4, 55 Student Council 55 Homeroom President 55 Football 3,45 Basketball J.V. 35 Varsity 45 Baseball 3,4,55 Annual 55 V-Pres. Junior and Senior Class. WILLIAM HOWARD SOWDER FFA 4, 55 Bus Driver 4, 5. DORIS GENEVA SIGMON Tri-Hi-Y 5. BETTY LEE SINK Tri-Hi-Y 55 FCHS Choir 55Annual 55 Piano Stu- dent 3, 4. RACHEL MAE SINK FHA 4, 55 Library Club 4. JANET ELIZABETH SMITH 4-H Club 3,4, 55 Tri-Hi-Y 4, 55 Beta 4, 55 Choir RUBY SMITH FHA 4. SHIRLEY RUTH SMITH Library 3,4,55 Tri-Hi-Y 4, Vice-President 55 4-H 3,45 Choir 4, 55 Commercial Course. DAVID ANTHONY SUTHERLAND Beta 4, 55 Diversfied Occupations 5. JERRY BASIL THOMPSON 4-H 3,4,55 FFA 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 5. GREY HANIILTON THOMPSON President Homeroom 45 Student Council 45 Secre- tary D. E. 5. SHIRLEY JANE TUCKER Beta 4, 55 Dramatics 3, 4, 55 Basketball 4, 55 New s Staff 5, Editor5 Student Council 55 4-H 3, 4, 55 Library 35 Tri-Hi-Y 4. J. T. CLEMENTS DORIS LEE TURNER Beta 4, 55 Tri-Hi-Y 4, 55 4-H 3, 4, 55 Bio-Chem 3. ELDREDGE TAYLOR TURNER Hi-Y 4, Secretary 55 Basketball 45 Baseball 4. JAMES IBObbyI TURNER 4-H 3, 4, 55 FFA 3, 45 Vice-President 5. MARTHA ANNE TURNER 4-H 3,4, 55 FHA 3,4, 55Tri-Hi-Y 55 Beta 55 Stu- dent Council 5. PIERCE ISOnnyJ VAUGHN Hi-Y 55Treasurer of Choir 55Vice-President of Homeroom 55 Annual Staff 5. BETTY EMOLENE WALKER Library 355, President 45 Beta 4,55 Tri-Hi-Y 4,55 Dramatics 45 4-H 3,45 Student Council 45 Choir 3, 4, 55Annual Staff 55 Commercial Courseg Secretary of Homeroom 5. CAROL JEAN WALLACE 4-H 3, 4, 5, Treasurer 45Beta 4, 55 FHA 35Cheer Club 4,55 Home Room Secretary 45 Student Council 35 Choir 4, 5. FREEDA LOVENA WOOD FHA 5. BETTY JANE WOODY 4-H Club 3, 4,55Library 3, 4, 5, Secretary 45An- nual Staff 5. DANIEL BUFORD YOUNG Camera-Projection 5. GERALDINE YOUNG Bi-Chem 35 Library 3. GLENNIS LEE YOUNG Bus Driver 55 Basketball 3. ALICE MABEL YOUNG FHA 4, 5. ROSEMARY YOUNG 4-H 3,4, 5, choir 5, Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, FHA 3. PE GGY WADE ANGLE ISpecia1 Studentl Beta ciub 3,4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4,5. KITTINGER' S DRUG STORE an YV . 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Suggestions in the Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA) collection:

Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Franklin County High School - Animo Yearbook (Rocky Mount, VA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 34

1953, pg 34

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