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Mffiiiii llil :)! 1 " 7. ' - ' .V ' , ' V.: ' - , S y :l ijLsx s . i 736 -GOO I 4 w i9 X X- - 1 " V y r $ u «3. ■ -X f5 vXo r m 0 1 ' t $ ' C o V ? 4 " a A « x 4 % t-c A _j«r o ? c o. O J ' - J ' (7 r. - j5 9 c v v A e y r % „ — ? o V . r . -b T, 1 %, •O ' A t o % o " 5 . Hy r C 0. f c 1 S, ' ' V o V T G ' C , ' , .-. " , j- A ' V. % t! v. r Th -Txni-H£TCGtl U r, llllllllfflllllTiiTlIllllll GENEALOGY Ifr O -J V ' H£?F Z Homecy - 11 977.202 w MM III I Ml . 3 1833 03586 0169. F86FHS P 1973 ho , taorn . X - Sight ' ncj your ye ar boc{ . £ l )hK a of as should v®fc.e a nioots ahccti all h 6{vff ec e dent. LO c ' d l i ue +0 tvdli untn out art e g hJzen 4 f, So u z (Louioi sec £{ When ujt or? real old t twohdem » ooe u»(l s+ttt KH6U) zccdk o+Utr. T kcct £Zes ?s (} ? a ICMg + m auua toat J $0 tk kj i « n " orz ftionihs cue he ao fry ho cee y ww y Sure uuz Inov at of ' of fan from Pouj ' HV Wen. j LUC OUO kao, cuom hOD h rd K.(Mch«A j W o 4Wm ckW rtouojVoa -VW were Fuynn . fYUs C vu d 1 von c (A ?tujk x9fi -be ( u £-o U cuji. GJb Ldk f tooaa «W afe Vwv oj y tBc 1B£T51 l| f (Pd ' tf nnujfc y a f6-o «, ranklm Community High School Franklin, Indiana TABLE OF CONTENTS Plans and Achievements Heroism Be Yourself Business Affairs .. 70 .. 98 ..166 Go placid! amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on goocL terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. : i .»■ • ' ' if s . vl- B - ■ ' ; si j ii EP. ft- -J " 9PR9 ' O Ss ' w - — ; " =-.—- — P5J .... ;•; ., • ■%i$l . Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfor- tune. But do not distress your- self with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a whole- some discipline, be gentle with yourself. 4 Teachers of Tomorrow This year ten seniors under the guid- ance of Mrs. Mullendore and Mrs. Wheeler explored the profession of teach- ing through the cadet teaching program. This program was designed for members of FTA. Cadet teachers were assigned to either an elementary grade or a junior high grade. The students were in their classes four days a week for one semester; on the fifth day, they met as a gr oup to discuss their experiences and problems. Seniors involved in this year ' s program included Keith Black, Clark Cranston, Polly Ferga- son, Ruth Haymaker, Wesley Hendricks, Connie Poynter, Vickie Rainey, Sherry Spicer, Lana Stevenson and Pam Whitten- barger. Bottom left: Using clay in a pottery class, Vickie Rainey helps an art student mold a dish. Top right: Two inquisitive students ask cadet teacher Polly Fergason questions relating to science. Middle right: Ruth Haymaker scans the day ' s his- tory lesson before class begins. Bottom right: Preparing for another day of cadet teaching, senior Connie Poynter reviews her notes. Students Prepare to Enter World of Teaching Future Teachers of America, a club designed to prepare students for the teaching profession was successfully led this year by sponsors, Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Mullendore. Interesting guest speakers were invited to speak at their meetings. The money received from the club ' s only project, sell- ing light bulbs, was used to help finance their annual Ideal Teacher Banquet. The theme of the banquet which was held May 9 in the cafeteria was " Our Wonder Teachers. " Top: At the Ideal Teacher Banquet, Sherry Spicer tells about her experiences as a cadet teacher. Middle: Susan Chandler and her ideal teacher, Miss Taylor, seem to be enjoying the food at the banquet. Row 1: V. Cross, J. Wall, L. Stephens, M. Breck. Row 2: D. Mobley, C. Cran- ston, W. Hendricks, S. Chandler, R. Haymaker, V. Rainey, P. Fergason, S. Spi- cer, R. McKay. Row 3: T. Davis, K. Black, L. Rogers, K. Cruser, J. Hobbs, L. Bradley, P. Whittenbarger, L. Fleener. Row 4: T. Briggs, B. Sims, L. Green, S. Spicer, D. Jackson, M. Vandiver, N. Logan, C. Poynter. 15 Homemakers of Tomorrow The Home Economics Department par- ticipated in a variety of activities during the school year. Field trips were taken to the Gateway Learning Center, Standard Grocery and the Bridal Fair. Students had the opportunity to hear speakers from the Welfare Department and various insur- ance companies. They also saw demon- strations given by the Indiana Gas and Public Service companies. Upper left: Roger Allen gives a watchful eye to the white sauce as Diane Taylor stirs the mixture. Upper right: Taking a break away from class routine to look at Co-ed magazine are Heather Andrews and Joyce Clark. Center right: Miss Herron lends a helping hand with the insertion of the collar in Kathy Maggart ' s pro- ject. Lower left: Busily stitching her sewing project is sophomore Betty Lee. Lower right: Deep concentration is displayed by Terri Denny as she prepares her lesson in Home Economics. fl w 1 : Deer, Compton, Bair, Browning, Jackson, Stout, Wyrick, Abbott, truff, Julian, Robinette, VanMeter. Row 2: Gilliland, Loveday, Mowery, ;mets, Bechert, Ducke, Black, Wall, Efferson, Hall, Clem, Eddy, Haggard, w 3: Mrs. Voland, Miss Herron, Hodson, McGowan, Brown, Yaden, Yaden, en, Lynn, McCracken, Roe, Regan, Jacobs, Hoskins. Row 4: Carter, Henley, Lee, Mason, Bowman, Gentry, Stinson, Wood, Straley, Maggart, Sweet, Cruser, Whetstine. Row 5: Neely, Stainbrook, Whitham, Skaggs, Waltman, Winks, Vaughn, Strunk, Chase, Stainbrook, Browning, Price, Clem. Row 6: Gilbert, VanMeter, Hodson, Minton, Dillard, Aaron, Bechart, Palmer, Cobler, Martin, Blackwell, Crafton, Hazelwood, Cody. Baking and Boiling for the Future FOODS CHILD CARE HOME E WAN Y U FOUNDATION COURSl AND CLOTHING The Future Homemakers of America participated in a variety of activities during the school year. During the Christmas season, new members were entertained at a pitch-in dinner. On St. Patrick ' s Day, students interested in joining the club were hosted at a dinner complete with green hats and sham- rocks. FHA members attended several dis- trict meetings and conferences. They also sold chocolate bars and used the money from sales to purchase new Home Ec. equipment. Center: Officers of FHA. Row 1 : Browning, Jackson, VanMeter. Row 2: Kutruff, Julian, Robinette, Deer, Wyrick. Lower left: The Home Economics Department always keeps their display case filled with inter- esting and attractive displays. Lower right: Debbie Deer, Debbie Mowery and Carol Loveday busily clean tables in preparation for the St. Patrick ' s Day Dinner. Wide World of Agriculture Getting involved, leadership activities, community development, self-improve- ment, and progress towards establishment in the agricultural community was what the Agriculture Department was all about. The Vocational Agriculture Depart- ment concerned itself with four areas of instruction. These were: high school day classes, the FFA, and organizations made up of vocational agriculture students who were interested in self improvement on their own. These included the Young Farmers Organization, a group of young farm couples that are part of a state group; and the Adult Farmer Organiza- tion, a group of farmers that hold evening classes for self improvement. Top right: A small plot of ground outside the agri- cultural building enables Tom Myers, David Duck- worth, Terry Smith and Louis Simpson to practice their newly learned gardening skills. Middle right: Senior David Duckworth demon- strates to a few of his classmates how to tighten a rod on a corn planter. Above: During an agricultural class, Mark Hender- son tinkers with a tractor engine in hopes of finding its malfunction. Above right: David Duckworth, Tom Myers, and Terry Smith construct a picnic table for one of their projects as Mr. Spurgeon observes. Right: As Charles Canary attempts to fix a plow, Jeff Mosburg, Steve Compton, Rodney Vandivier, David Vanderploeg, and Fred Paris look on. " We ' re Proud To Be Farmers 99 The Franklin Chapter of Future Farm- ers of America received a third place award in a local livestock judging contest. Before school opened, the FFA officers attended the State Leadership Camp and the State Convention where they received their Hoosier Farm Degrees. As school began, the club initiated the incoming freshmen at their annual pig roast. The club took trips to the Farm Progress Show in Galesburg, Illinois, and to the Farm Machinery Show in Louis- ville, Kentucky. This year the chapter started a new activity for National FFA Week by serv- ing the faculty a sausage and egg break- fast. At the end of the year the club gath- ered to honor those who deserved recogni- tion at their annual Parent and Son Ban- quet. Upper left: FFA officers: Darrel Duckworth, Stan LaFary, Charlie Canary, Terry Smith, Fred Paris and Steve Comptom " dig in " at their honor banquet. Middle left: Former FFA member Steve Bright, awards the Community Farm Award to Terry Smith. Upper right: Charlie Canary presents Mrs. Waltz and Mr. Misiniec Outstanding Service Awards for their help during the school year. Row 1 : Canary, Smith, Compton, Duckworth, Paris, LaFary, Mr. Spurgeon. Row 2: Foster, Duckworth, Morris, Sammons, Brown, Hamms. Row 3: Snyder, Merrick, Henderson, Cramer, Hardin, Smith, Church. Row 4: Vandiver, Tracy, Mosburg, Conner, Brockman, Holt, Misiniec, Trendelmen. Row 5: Funkhouser, Hickey, Gentry, Haggard. 19 A Head Start on Tomorrow Through the wide selection of business courses offered, many FCHS students were able to develop proficient skills that will be of great value to them in what- ever field they enter. The Business Department included the classes of typing, shorthand, bookkeep- ing, office machines, and clerical prac- tice. An intensive office laboratory was offered to seniors only. Also included within the realms of the department was the Student Supply Office where every- day business know-how was practiced by students. A newcomer to the business staff was Mrs. Cummings, whose teaching assign- ment included Typing I and Shorthand II. Special recognition was given to Mr. Church, who after thirty-five years of service to the school, retired from the teaching profession. Above right: Using a ten-key adding machine, Janet Hommel adds figures in office machines class. Below: Displaying their new knowledge of short- hand, Gwen Wolfarth and Thea Glendenning explain a symbol. Below right: Concentration, as shown by Rene Olivo and Diane Crockett, is an important part of typing. 20 Central 9 Adds to Education A recent addition to the curriculum of regional schools is the Area Nine Voca- tional School located in Greenwood. Stu- dents travel to the school to spend a concentrated three hours in their selected subject. Local high school students may enroll at Central Nine as either tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade students. Most courses are oriented to a two-year, four semester span and are coordinated to give the maximum time in a learning situation. The general feeling about the program can be summed up in one student ' s com- ment, " It ' s a lot of fun but you learn a lot! " Below left: Senior Richard Hass concentrates on spacing a line of printing preparatory to making a stencil. Right: Robert Daugherty, Charles Hicks, and Don- ald Gilbert show that team work is important when learning to use complicated kitchen machinery. 21 Tomorrow ' s Leadership Taught Today Members of FBLA were afforded many opportunities to develop their leadership potentials in business. They were rewarded on a point system for aid- ing teachers, selling money-making pro- jects, attending meetings, achieving the A or B honor roll, or for helping to maintain an informative display case in the north end of the main hall. All club members who had earned 25 service points during the year were then eligible to attend the annual FBLA convention at Ball State University. The money necessary to send club members to the convention and for the maintenance of the club was raised through a jewelry sale which profited $600. The sale of FBLA letter jackets, another fund-raising project, encouraged leadership by awarding a free jacket to top salesman. Mrs. Sturgeon and the new sponsor, Mrs. Cummings, supervised the monthly meetings at which various guests kept the students informed of the current trends and the many opportunities avail- able in the business world. Above right: Sophomore, Debbie Brown, officially becomes a member of FBLA when she receives her pin from President Debbie Ford. Right: The new officers sworn in by the sponsors are from left to right: Freda Eldridge, secretary; Charita Jones, treasurer; Debbie Ford, president; Cheryl Doss, vice president; and Judy Robinette, reporter. Row 1: J. Robinette, C. Jones, C. Doss, K. Beard, D. Ford. Row 2: D. Brown, R. Bills, D. Mowery, D. Crockett, Y. Brown, Lou A. Blackwell, T. Black, K. Wilson, P. Price, H. Browning. Row 3: S. Gentry, S. Fewell, J. Briggs, M. Deem, K. Burton, T. Wilham, G. Wolfarthe, G. Hupp, J. Bray. Row 4: C. Goad, R. Jones, J. Hodson, D. McGowin, J. Wall, C. VanCleave, G. Stevens, D. Kowitz, M. Inlow, J. Haggard. Row 5: J. Drake, N. Pogue, Leah A. Black- well, C. Stevens, B. Beaty, P. Lawson, D. Crafton, S. Hazelwood. 22 DECA: On the Job Training Working in the school and community, DECA members have a full time job. After spending their morning studying in the classroom, they are then dismissed for on-the-job training. Distributive Education is for juniors and seniors only who want to work full time immediately after graduation. Some of their activities for this past year have been to have various speakers talk about their jobs to the class. They have also attended conventions and par- ticipated in district competition. Left: Debbie Bohm and Nathan Jones demonstrate their project to the class. Row 1: Nathan Jones, Debbie Bolin, Marsha Bundy, Mike Wolfarth, Mike Jacobs. Row 2: Pauline Hogue, Mary Wray, Maria Wilson, Terry Harris, Kathy Gill. Row 3: Pam Fulton, Joyce Harris, Audrey Taylor. 23 OEA: Preparing for the Future A very active club this year, OEA (Office Education Association) took many field trips including a visit to Eli Lilly. They scheduled guest speakers, worked on special community and school projects and had a fund raising campaign. During this campaign they sold brag books, stationary, napkins, cook book clips and two-year calendars. At the end of the year, club members attended several conferences and contests. Upper right: Preparing for an office job through Intensive Lab provides Charita Jones with some very helpful experiences. Below: Putting to use some of her office knowhow, OEA member Karen Wilson demonstrates the cor- rect use of a mimeograph machine. Middle right: OEA president, Cheryl Doss, points out an article to Karen Black, Charita Jones, Bar- bara Mitchell, Jana Chesser, Judy Robinette and Mrs. Lawrence. Row 1 : Jana Chesser, Tonya Black, Judy Robinette, Charita Jones, Cheryl Doss. Row 2: Diane Kowitz, Gail Stevens, Karen Wilson, Karen Beard, Jerri Wheeler. Row 5: Joyce Bray, Gloria Hupp, Sharon Straley, Judy Chesser. Row 1 : J., R. Law, M. Logan, C. Anderson. Row 2: M. Harrison, R. Morris, P. Stafford, C. Bradley, G. Dixon, S. Bledsoe, M. Black. Row 3: D. Berry, T. Waltz, C. Burton, M. Miller, K. Frazier. Camera Club: Focusing on Photography Formed to further a student ' s interest in the field of photography was the Camera Club under the direction of Mr. Burmeis- ter. Mike Miller, newly elected president, led the club in their activities. On one field trip, the club visited the Nash Studios where they learned several techniques important in the taking and developing of pictures. They also exam- ined the modern color equipment used by this studio. Left Middle: Ken Frazier and Mike Miller adjust the controls on the developing machine as they prepare to develop some film. Left bottom: Sophomore club member Connie Anderson scans through a book of camera techni- ques. Right bottom: Two members of the club, Connie Anderson and Carla Bradley learn the steps used in developing pictures. Above: Using the lathe to sand his bowl. Dennis Million adds the finishing touches. Upper left: Members of Mr. Craig ' s woodworking class work on their individual projects. Upper right: Senior Steve Broniszewski sets head- lines for the Electron. Right: Working with a drafting machine. Tony Campbell constructs a triangle. 26 Industrial Arts Develop Vocational Skills The industrial arts program of FCHS was continually striving to improve the program offered to students this year. The department consisted of five courses, drafting, woods, electricity, metals and printing. Mr. Kaufman was the new department head. Various projects were undertaken by the classes in the department. Some of these included individual projects in woodworking, such as making checker- boards and shelves, printing the newspa- per in vocational printing classes, and exploring the field of electronics in elec- tricity. Each member of Mr. Kaufman ' s machine shop classes was required to complete an individual project by the end of the semester. Left: Drafting students Louie Robinson and David Bohm study intently for a test on architecture. Middle left: Senior members of vocational printing gather at the printing machine to check the copies of the newspaper to insure their quality. Upper left: One of the few girls enrolled in mechani- cal drawing, Carolyn Edwards, checks her work for accuracy and clarity. Upper right: Drilling is just one of the many proce- dures Dan Humble uses to complete his project in his woodworking class. 27 Right: Heritage Singers perform for parents and friends in their Renaissance costumes. After a cos- tume change the group becomes a Swing Choir. Below: Girls ' Choir waits for the cue before swing- ing into one of their numbers for the " Fall Festival of Song " given in October. Below right: Allowing the other Heritage Singer members time to change, Janice Wall and Ruth Haymaker entertain with the song, " Sunrise, Sun- New Sounds Plus New Looks New ideas, including a space-chro- matic banjo and a mirror wheel, were introduced to the Choral Department this year. The Heritage Singers also gained a new look and sound with the addition of contemporary costume and music repertoirs. The department, composed of three choirs: the Girls ' Choir, the Cadette Choir, and the Concert Choir, combined to present a " Fall Festival of Song " and a program for the lighting ceremonies of the Christmas decorations in downtown Franklin. The annual Madrigal Dinner was held in the cafeteria on December 17. They also presented a January con- cert and the musical, " Bye, Bye Birdie. " One pupil expressed it best when he said, " Sure it was a lot of hard work for everyone, but I can ' t wait until next year to start working again! " 28 Left: The new choir director. Miss Judy Taylor, helps some of the men in the Concert Choir with a difficult section of music. Below: Members of Girls ' Choir put action with words as they learn to dance the Charleston while singing " Thoroughly Modern Millie. " Concert Choir Row 1 : McWilliams, Briggs, Sneed, D. Clark, B. Clark, Bruce, VanCleave, Clem, Chapin, Park, Christ. Row 2: Scott, Harter, Toole, Holmes, Toole, Wall, Wright, Zellar, Rogers, Deppe, Rupp, Haymaker. Row 3: Lamey, Bay, Park, Koepper, Black, Keucher, Kraper, Burton, Henry, Stancombe, Col- lins. Row 4: Wilham, Thompson, Roberts, Hendricks, Morefield, Moody, Wakefield, Whitam, Browning, Pool, Slifer. 29 Above: Applying makeup is an important part of any production of FCHS. Here Connie Rogers applies eye shadow to Tim Briggs. Top right: Singing idol Conrad Birdie (Brian Scott) evades the clutching hands of hysterical teens while crooning his hit song, " Honestly Sincere. " Right: During the Telephone Hour, members of the teen chorus discuss Kim McAffee and Hugo Pea- body ' s (Danny Lamey) romance. Far right: Conrad stands unconcerned as fans fall insensible at his feet and dance wildly around him. Below: Mrs. Peterson greets leading lady Rose Alva- rez (Janice Wall) in a manner guaranteed to inflame any temper. Below right: The McAffee family dream of their pro- jected appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show and the resulting fame. Far lower right: Teens can no longer stay away as Conrad strikes a " cover pose " while a member of the older generation (Sharon Hicks) relaxes, bored, in her wheel chair. Bottom far right: Kim McAffee and Conrad are caught up in the spirit of " Got a Lot of Living to Do " when they visit the ice house, a notorious park- ing place. 30 Musical: Rock n ' Roll Hysteria Hysteria, bewilderment and romance filled the 1973 Choral Department musi- cal, " Bye, Bye, Birdie. " Over one hundred and twenty students participated in this tale of Conrad Birdie, drafted singing idol, who left his manager without a means of making a living. Quick set changes and choreography by Barbara Toole and Lou Ann Wolfe added to the appearances of the play, presented on April 5, 6 and 7. Under the tutelage of Miss Taylor, stu- dent directors, Dennis Morefield and Pam Whitham, shouldered much of the burden of making " Bye, Bye, Birdie " a success. Top far left: Kim McAffee (Sharon Sneed) explains to her mother (Cheryl Clem) that calling your mother by her first name is perfectly natural. Middle far left: With the teenagers of Sweet Apple, Ohio, looking on, Mayor Tim Briggs presents a gold key to Conrad Birdie (Brian Scott). Bottom far left: Albert Peterson (Jeff Reynolds) orders seni or Barbara Toole to " Put On A Happy Face, " but receives no response. Top left: Preparing the music for " Bye, Bye, Birdie " required hours of hard work by Mr. Weimer and the pit band. Above: The teenagers of Sweet Apple gather at the station to greet their singing idol, Conrad Birdie, who was portrayed by Brian Scott. Left: Mrs. Mae Peterson (Laura Bradley) explains to son Albert that her tears mean nothing so long as he is happy. 31 " And the Beat Goes on 9? " Practice, practice and more practice " were words quite familiar to the band students at FCHS as they spent many hours working on their musical numbers and their marching routines. In addition to the many new faces in the band itself, a new director, Mr. Weimer, and a new assistant director, Mr. Lucas, were welcomed to the depart- ment. The Band Department actually con- sisted of five bands: the Marching Band, the Pep Band, the Concert Band, the Stage Band, and the Freshmen Band. Activities of the five bands included performing during halftime at football and basketball games, playing for the choir ' s musical, " Bye, Bye Birdie, " and its concerts as well as marching in vari- ous parades. The band also held a con- cert of its own in spring. Above right: The band and majorettes are cap- tured in one of their many complicated formations as they perform during halftime at a home football game. Below: Being drum major is one of the highest accolades a band member can receive agrees FCHS drum major, Tom Coward. Right: Mr. Weimer directs the first-hour upperclass band through exercises in order to evaluate each particular section. 32 Enthusiastic Majorettes " Get It On " 34 A continued attraction at the FCHS football games and basketball games was the majorettes performing their various routines during many of the halftime intermissions. This year the majorettes were divided into two corps, the pom-pom corp with Susie Padgett as assistant head and the flag corp with Vicki Woodrum as assist- ant head. Heading the combined corps this year was Cindy Tranter. One important facet of her job was to make up routines for the groups and teach them to the thirty- three girls. Besides adding color and enjoyment to the ballgames, the majorettes performed at parades, competed in contests, and ushered at band concerts. Above: The Pom-Pom Corps always seems to have an inexhaustible supply of energy when they per- form in Franklin ' s Christmas Parade. Above right: Feature twirler Lisa Moran shows part of her winning form. Right: Members of the Flag Corps add sparkle and color to the halftime shows with precision dips and swirls. I Row 1: Canary, Cross, Furrer, Henderson. Row 2: Hunter, Egenolf, Duckworth, Pryor, Broniszewski. Lipsius, Waymire, Smith, Tranter. Row 3: Hood, Leonard, Abplanalp, Ditmars, Henderson, Canary, Orman, Scott. Row 4: Dobbs, Harris, Stainbrook, Fredbeck, Rynerson, Mann, Ransdell, Blackwell. Row 5: Thomas, Thomson, Bush, Haltom, Reynolds, Park, Deem, Childs. Row 6: Newkirk, Yount, Bennett, Roman, McAfee, Woodrum, Slifer, Kitchen. Increased Representation of Student Body Student Council found itself a much larger club with a more com- plete representation of the student body. With the election of a council representative from each homeroom rather than just two members being elected from each class, the size of the club almost doubled. In addition to its usua l yearly activ- ities, one of the first projects initiated this year was the purchasing of pla- ques to be inscribed with the names of those students who were elected " good citizens " from each class. These plaques were engraved with this year ' s winners as well as past winners and placed in the trophy case near the Medallion. Club members also voted to donate money to help complete the construction of the tennis and basket- ball courts which were completed this year. Above right: At the annual Christmas party for underprivileged children, John Ditmars demon- strates how a real cowboy wears his gun and bat. Left: During the Christmas convocation, Mr. England seems at a loss for words and just smiles when he is presented his gift from the Student Council. 35 New Faces Bring New Ideas Added to the English Department, one of the largest departments in the school, were four new teachers, Mr. Unsworth, Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. Wyand and Mrs. Essex. In addition to the new teachers many new ideas were also introduced. Fresh- man and sophomore students changed teachers and classes at mid-term, thereby taking a semester of grammar and a semester of literature. As one student commented, " It kept us (teachers and stu- dents) from getting tired of one another and made class more interesting. " Another change was the elimination of class tracking. Reading Lab facilities were also expanded with the purchase of 438 books. Top left: While discussing a paper in speech class, Mrs. McKinney points out an error to Bev Clark. Bottom left: Discussing 18th century literature with his senior English class is Mr. England, Depart- ment Chairman. Bottom right: Seniors Vicky Rainey and Paula Fer- gason use the library facilities for the completion of their English assignment. Left: One of our exchange students, Bowon Wai- dee from Thailand, uses his newly acquired knowl- edge of English in Speech class. Lower left: A plate used in the offset printing process is one of the many visual aids used by Mrs. Dunn in her journalism class. Below: Seniors, spending their last weeks in Read- ing Lab, use the Shadowscope machines to improve their reading speeds. 37 Astrology Invades High School Astrology, astronomy, and an imposter in Galileo High School were the subjects in the all-school play, " You Were Born on a Rotten Day. " Held on November 17 and 19, the play was a narration of the events fostered by the appearance of Ptolemy, the Astrologer. Wes Hendricks, in the double role of Ptolemy and Professor Claude Jones, managed to gain a new telescope for his Science Department by convincing Councilman Banks (Tom Coward), Pro- fessor Huxley (John Carpenter) and Coach Bascom (Jeff Eggers) that the stars foretold a horrible disaster if they did not agree. Other characters were played by Rita Rabennack as the principal, Ruth Hay- maker as Agatha Johnson, Debbie Ford as Connie Constellation, Beth Chupp as Miss Marks, and Cindy Tranter as Yvonne Smith, a student teacher to Mr. Jones. Play directors this year were Mr. David England and Mrs. Barbara Dunn. Upper right: With the skill of alumnus Tom McKee and the support of Mike Harrison, Tom Coward adds 30 years to his age. Middle right: Councilman Tom Coward, Professor John Carpenter, and Coach Jeff Eggers stand fro- zen at Ptolemy ' s words. Right: The amazing Ptolemy, a fradulent astrolo- ger, appears at Galileo High School to stupefy the world with his predictions. 38 Above left: The stars affect Bridget (Laura Brad- ley) and Allan (Jeff Reynolds) in a romantic fash- ion. Middle above: Coach Jeff Eggers dismisses Profes- sor Claude Jones ' (Wes Hendricks) fears with a snap of the finger. Left: Behind the scenes activity makes a play work. Here Danny Lamey and Jim Kelley run the light- ing set up. Above right: Parry Lamey as Venus illustrates the effects of the planets on personalities. s 39 Amateurs Receive Stage Experience Franklin High School ' s drama class showed evidence of many weeks of hard work when they presented their one-act play on March 23. This one-act play, " I Never Saw Another Butterfly, " was a production presented entirely by the drama class. Much of their class time was also spent on the various other aspects of play work such as publici ty, costumes, and stage props. This production was given under the leadership of Mrs. Dunn, a new addition to the English Department; and through her help and cooperation, the members of the class were able to gain first-hand stage experience for themselves. Top right: Gathering as a family, Greg Hart, Jan Chapin, Laura Dyer, and Sheryl Clem angrily argue over a foolish prank committed by Greg, who por- trays Pavel. Right: Laura Bradley (Irena Synkova) gently reas- sures the frightened children of their future. Below: A speechless Mrs. Dunn receives flowers presented to her by the cast following the play. Far right: Jan Chapin (Raja) painfully remembers her mistreatment received at the hand of German Nazis during her imprisonment. Right: Despite being persecuted by the Nazis because they are Jewish, Debbie Ford and Greg Hart find they are falling in love. 40 Nucleus of Informative Activity " Write, proofread, and rewrite " were everyday directions for the new sponsor, Mrs. Barbara Dunn, to her staff of thirty on the Electron. Always striving for per- fection, new ideas for the paper were gained by the staffers who attended jour- nalism workshops during the summer. New features included drawings which helped to illustrate the " Fashion Corner " . The " Sports Scene " and the " Senior Symposium " , a forum of thoughts and ideas from seniors on cur- rent, local and national issues, replaced such former articles as " Lill ' s Pills " and the " Senior Spotlight " . The gossip col- umn, " Under the Medallion " , was still a strong favorite among the students. Issues were distributed approximately every two weeks during sixth hour. Extra editions were printed for such special occasions as the North Central Evalua- tion. Money for producing the paper, which is printed by the students, came from student fees and the Halloween mixer. Above left: Concluding their hard work, the Elec- tron staffers meet their deadline by pasting together the paper to prepare it for printing. Left: Editor-in-chief, Betsy Rupp, and Tim Briggs exhibit deep concentration as they examine the lit- erature which they received while attending a jour- nalism workshop at Columbus East High School. Above: Everyone enjoys reading the recent gossip and happenings from the finished product of the Electron during their lunch hour. 41 $2,000 Ad Sales Add to Production of KITE The selling of ads was a new experi- ence for this year ' s seventeen Kite mem- bers. Their $2,000 goal was achieved and celebrated with a pizza party given by their new sponsor, Mrs. Bailey. Money resulting from the ad sales was used to enhance the publication of the Kite. Additional pages with more c olor were added and the size of the book was increased. The remainder of this money was used to send staffers to journalism workshops during the summer months. Staff members also participated in vari- ous journalism days at other schools throughout the year. Other fund-raising projects included the selling of concessions at home foot- ball games and a mixer which featured a disc jockey, a dance contest and the crowning of Mr. and Miss Kite. Bottom right: Staffers learn that writing copy, drawing layouts, and cropping pictures are just a few of the steps involved in producing one page of a yearbook. Below: Sophomore staff member Debbie Kimbler attempts to organize her folder by coordinating her layouts with copy. Above: 73 KITE staff Bottom left: Mr. Fox, Bus. Adv., Kathy Wright, Carina Spicer, Debbie Cox, Laura Bradley, Brenda Zimmer, Angie Newkirk, Judy Bledsoe, Debbie Kimbler, Susie Wiseman. Mrs. Bailey, Advisor, Nancy Friddle, Asst Ed. Top Left: Beth Chupp, Pam Whittengarger, Editor, Debbie Ford, Bonnie Perry, Lyn Pryor, Jim Thomas. 42 J Above left: First year staffer, Brenda Zimmer, designs layout for administration page. Above right: Seniors, Debbie Ford and Susan Wiseman, roam about Central 9 as they search for photogenic victims. Left: Advertising manager. Judy Bledsoe, takes notes while attending a copy class during a jour- nalism day at Columbus East High School. Above: Junior member of the layout staff, Carma Spicer, crops a picture for the driver education page using her newly acquired skills. 43 Foreign Languages Open New Worlds r " Hola, " " Amo, " and " Bonjour " were words heard in the halls of FCHS as for- eign language students demonstrated their newly acquired knowledge. As communications throughout the world increased, the study of language became increasingly more popular which was true even here at FCHS. Three different languages, French, Latin, and Spanish were offered to students. In these courses, information dealing with all areas of the language was taught, from basic vocabulary to religion and the origins of the various countries. For- eign language teachers attempted to cre- ate interest in as many different aspects of the language and the customs of the people using it. Right: Pondering over a game of French Scrabble, Debbie Nuckles, Eric Fredbeck and Doug Andrews try to find words which they can spell in French. ' Below left: Practicing Spanish pronounciation, J 1 Scott Thompson repeats after the tapes being , played in the language lab. Below right: Kim Sanders gives a report in his Latin class on various aspects of the Roman forum. Left: Running one of the very complicated Lan- guage Lab machines is Mrs. Diaz, one of the new Spanish instructors this year. Below: Several of the foreign language students engage in one of their favorite games, Scrabble. HIS MLM 45 A.F.S. Program Broadens Outlooks American Field Service is an adult-stu- dent organization which promotes rela- tions between our community and com- munities overseas. This year we were for- tunate to have with us Bowen Waidee from Thailand and Ligia Britto from Bra- zil. The two exchange students were here in the state for the past twelve months. Bowen lived with the Coward family and Ligia lived with the Drake family. They observed the customs and cultures of our small midwestern town. This coming year Tom Coward has the privilege of going abroad to a French speaking country. This was the first year that any FCHS student would be sent overseas for a year. The money making project for AFS was the annual Franklin 100 Bicycle Race. Included in this was the old folks ' tandem race, the girls ' trike race, and the boys ' 100 lap race. This year the queen was Diane Lorance. Right: Here our two exchange students, Bowen Wai- dee and Ligia Britto are caught conversing before class. Middle: Tri-Hi-Y member Carol Henderson uses the motto, " Keep on Trikin " . Far right: Tom Friddle Award winner, Kent Early, comes in for a pit stop. Below: Racing to get on their bikes, old folks start their two lap ride. 46 Tempest Fugit in Latin Club Latin Club observed many Roman fes- tivities during the year. In the fall, the first-year Latin students were auctioned to the people of Rome (second, third, and fourth year students). The slaves were to serve their masters throughout the year. The highlight of the year ' s activities was the Roman Banquet held in the spring. There many Latin customs were prac- ticed. Top left: Slaves Debbie Duckworth and Diane Lor- ance entertain the senators and people of Rome with a belly dance. Center top: As part of the entertainment at the Latin Banquet, Slave Brian Scott performs some numbers. Above: Guests at the Banquet enjoy a truly delicious Roman meal. Center right: First-year slaves comply to their mas- ters ' wishes by serving them their meals. Row 1: Carpenter, Ramsey, Spicer, Yount, Smith, Miss Modlin. Row 2: Cran- ston, Edwards, Clark, Chelf, Sanders, Ransdall, Young, Bush. Row 3: Wininger, Morris, Meek, Cranston, Hall, Hicks, Bruce, Chapin, Wilson, Dasbach. Row 4- Park, Park, Leeds, Pool, Mediicott, Woods, Ward, Hanna, Erp, Wenning. Row 5: Yant, Friddle, Duckworth, Stain brook, Canary, Lamey, Dillard, Tyree, Ste- phan. Row 6: Baker, Teets, Sayre, Barnett, Findley, Thompson, Vaught, Tracy Row 7: Kelley, Abplanalp, Davis, Vaughn, Mitchell, Scott. 47 Los Amigos Promote Pennants New sponsors brought new ideas to Los Amigos. Halloween insurance disap- peared like the ghosts who promoted it, to be replaced by the sale of FCHS pen- nants, which now adorn the rooms of many loyal students. The proceeds from the sale will sponsor another exchange student from Veracruz, Mexico. This year ' s exchange student was Roberto Ramirez, a delightful addition to the school for the first six weeks. Mrs. Diaz, the Spanish gourmet, lent much to the annual Spanish Club ban- quet held for those students who helped with the sale of pennants. Top left: Exchange student, Roberto Ramirez, admires his new tennis racket, a gift from Spanish Club. Middle: Spanish senorita, Carma Spicer tries to imitate a tree as a part of her initiation into the club. Top right: Senior Spanish club members, Janie Russom and Jan Wall, sell pennants to Bob Sexton and Don McGlocklin during lunch period in the cafeteria. Bottom left: At the Spanish club initiation, new members entertain the old members. Brian Way- mire imitates a Spanish matador. Bottom right: New Spanish club members perform the Mexican Hat Dance and become comedians at the initiation banquet. Row 1: Mrs. Diaz, Spicer, work coordinator; Newkirk, sec; Roman, V. pres.; Wiseman, pres.; Miss McAllister. Row 2: Lowe, Absher, Cruser, Deppe, Holmes, Wall, Russom, Scourfield, Vandivier, Hoeltke, Soudrette, Matherly. Row 3: Bullington, Chupp, Glendenning, McGill, Tranter, Holmes, Sledge, Lusk, Rodgers, Baxter, Goff, McAfee. Row 4: Rawson, Gilland, Camden, Wood, Harris, Bryant, Johnson, Kitchen, Lucas, Lay, Henry, Eads. Row 5: Crowe, Ladd, Blue, Webb, Thompson, Server, Henderson, Ditmars, Canary, Roman. Row 6: Drake, Van Slyke, Vaught, Alexander, Dewitt, Wilham, Paris, Thrasher, Davis, Browning. Row 7: Anosky, Sutherland, Lipsius, Early, Hart, Holmes, Gomez, Moody, Toole, Waymire, McGowan. 48 Parle Voux Francais? Members of the French Club found themselves busy doing a variety of things. In the fall, the club held an initiation for its new members. During the Christmas season, they sang carols to the student body. In the spring the members visited Chez Jean (The House of John) where they sampled French food. French-speak- ing waitresses and pictures of France on the restaurant ' s walls lent a French cafe atmosphere as members found their knowledge really being tested. Bottom left: Several members of the French Club await the results of the balloting during the election of next year ' s officers. Below: President Ruth Haymaker conducts a meet- ing and discusses with members the coming banquet at Chez Jean. Row I : Fredbeck, Rupp, Haymaker, Scott, Breck. Row 2: Davis, Lusk, Fredbeck, Early, Bohm, Cox, Davis, Loew, Rogers. Row 3: Young, Lay, Andrews, Krasson, Haltom, Butler, McCarty, Mann, Roeder, Henderson, Burton. Row 4: Drake, Colin, Furrer, Williams, Komisars, Rickles, Wocherang, Mann, Henry, Wood. Row 5: Pogue, Woodrum, Slifer, Reniham, Bradley, Fraley, Dyer, Hobbs, Nuckles, Hobbs, Nixon. 49 Science: A Field of Opportunities Life science, a two-semester course designed specifically for freshmen to ful- full their requirements in science, was offered for the first time this year. The course consisted primarily of experimen- tation and observation with much of the reading normally found in a science course eliminated. Two new teachers were also added to the staff this year. Teaching one section of Biology I and life science was Mr. Cox, while Mr. Ferrand taught a second section of Biology I. Heading the Science Department, which had now grown into one of the largest departments at FCHS, for her second year, was Mrs. Mattick. Above right: Comparing a leaf to a picture in their Biology II book to determine what kind it is are Joanne Garrett and Vicki Buechele. Right: Mrs. Mattick shows Carolyn Edwards and Brad Crowe, Chemistry II students, how to reflect an organic compound to aspirin. Below: Using air and a ping-pong ball, Mr. Har- mening demonstrates to his class the Barnoulli Principle. 50 Science Club: Striving and Achieving A trip to the Chicago Museum of Sci- ence and Industry highlighted this year ' s activities of the Science Club. Under the direction of sponsors, Mrs. Mattick and Mr. Flanagan, and President John Grim- mer, the club members learned about the role of science in the world today through films and speakers. Some of the speakers heard by the members through- out the year included Mr. Roman from Eli Lilly who discussed bacteriology; micro waves were treated by Mr. Rupp from Bendix. Professor Nicely from Franklin College discussed the insects in Africa. Another trip sponsored by the club for the senior members was a tour of the Eli Lilly Company plant. Left: Al the Chicago Museum, Susie Wiseman and Karen Workman demonstrate thai pretending can sometimes be fun. Top left: David Bohm and Jeff Reynolds are amazed as they look at the inside of a submarine. Row 1: Mrs. Mattick, Reynolds, Rupp, Grimmer, Wiseman. Row 2: Camden, Hicks, Chapin, Clark, Bruce, Moore, Goley, Leerkamp, Tranter. Row 3: Workman, Crowe, Cox, Koepper, Tracy, Hobbs, Rebennack, Bryant, Hodgen. Tillison. Row 4: Fisher, Ramsey, Friddle, Mitchell, Rockleman, Slifer, Wil- liams, Slinker, Roderick, Holmes. Row 5: Kelley, Livingston, Bohm, Morrow. Cearing, Pryor, Deppe, Clark, Lipsius, Auld, NuckJes. Row 6: Crasson, Early, Blue, Alexander, Furrer, Routier, Waymire, Wakefield, Lusk, Nixon. Row 7: Dewitt, Thompson, Kelley, Raufeisen, Hart, Erickson, Lowe, Green, Hender- son, Leeds. 51 New Angles of Math The Math Department added an important new course, computer math, to their list of classes already offered. This program was open only to students who had completed Alge- bra I, geometry and Algebra II. In the near future, the course, according to Mrs. R. Smith, Department Chair- man, may be offered to other students who have not taken the prerequisite subjects. Computer math is designed to aid those students who plan to major in math or science during college and also to help students who plan a career in computer science. Their computer terminal is presently on line with GE in Cleveland, Ohio. Top left: Math proves to be an enjoyable sub- ject as Connie Lusk receives help from Mrs. Smith. Top right: Juniors Roy Harter and Mike Mag- ers look on as Clark Cranston experiments with the new program computer machine. Right: Receiving help with the construction of an arch from Mr. Fletcher is Holly Fergason. 52 Experiences in Living The Special Education Department with its three new teachers and one new aide implemented several programs designed to develop their students ' skills. A work evaluation program for juniors and seniors whereby students completed a project such as the making and selling of candles or the sewing of ties before going out on their actual jobs was incor- porated. Freshmen students became involved in the PVE program which ena- bled them to visit possible places of employment. Top left: Freshman students take notes during a drug education class presented by Sgt. Detective Foshagn from the Purdue Police Force. Bottom left: Working on a crossword puzzle pro- vides a new aspect to one of Steve Lockman ' s classes. Bottom right: Robert Simpson, a student from Edinburg, completes his homework assigned for the next day ' s class. 53 Right: Row 1: McGill, Holmes, Duckworth, Eads. Row 2: Clodfelter, Sledge, Perry, Winks. Row 3: Coach Stohler, Auld, Whaley, Strunk, Overton. Row 4: Matlock, Sweet, Funkhouser. Lower left: Diver Jane Waggoner shows perfect form as she completes this swan dive. Lower right: Cheryl Winks sets the ball up to the front line for an important spike. Where GAA Ends, IHSAA Begins Girls broke the all-boy tradition in athletics by participation in the Girls ' Athletic Association where they learned new skills and sportsmanship by compet- ing in various sports. Under the rules of GAA, members participated in such sports as volleyball, basketball, swimming, bowling and track. Many girls participated in golf, which was under the auspices of the IHSAA. The girls also worked on many fund-raising projects for the club. 54 Upper left: The GAA golf team includes Sharon Murphy, Cheryl St. Peter, Mary Wild- man and Connie Smith. Left: Lining up a putt for her par is sophomore Cheryl St. Peter. Upper right: Teresa Stunk taps the ball to a waiting teammate during a game of volleyball. Row 1 : Wiseman, Hodgen, Waggoner, Leerkamp, Rupp, Auld, Tranter, Holmes. Row 2: Slifer, Henry, CordeU, Meek, Whaley, Williams, Lusk, Friddle, Roman. Row 3: Colin, Chupp, Lay, Komisars Frid- dle, Matlock, Coach Stohler. 55 Skills Gained Through Activities The physical education classes, under the direction of Miss Stohler and Mr. Newsom, experienced a wide variety of activities to gain athletic skills. Girls ' P.E. classes participated in win- ter sports such as volleyball, basketball, crab ball, swimming, tumbling, and gym- nastic stunts. Spring sports for the girls consisted of track and field, baseball, and soccer. Mr. Newsom ' s classes study a slightly different curriculum of activities such as wrestling, basketball, track and field, swimming, and football. There is a three-semester requirement of physical education for all students at FCHS but it is usually taken during the freshman and sophomore years. FCHS also offers physical ed. in sum- mer school. Some of the summer activi- ties are bicycle hikes, tennis, bowling, and miniature golf. Above: Freshman and sophomore boys gain first hand experience in the techniques used in wrestling from Mr. Newsom. Right: Working out with the new weight machine proves to be exhausting for Brian Cross, Larry Eldridge, and Bruce Williams. Below: Debbie Bullington, Deanna Rodrick, and Betty Hicks spend many hours developing neces- sary skills to become good volleyball players. 49 Health and Drivers 9 Ed. Stress Safety A semester requirement that all stu- dents at FCHS must take in order to graduate is Health. Drugs, venereal dis- eases, anatomy of the body, and envi- ronmental pollution are some of the many areas covered by this course. The classes also participated in community affairs such as the Auto Exhaust Check and the Christmas Seal Campaign. Drivers ' Education is an elective course designed to familiarize the stu- dents with the rules involved with driv- ing a car. As enrollment per semester is limited to nine students, only those pupils who are at least fifteen years of age are eligible. Heading the entire pro- gram this year is Mr. Trueblood. Below: Drivers Ed students step out to a new phase of learning as they prepare to start their driving section of the class. Above: Mr. Trueblood shows the approximate size and position of the cerebrum using Darrell Duck- worth as a model. 57 History, geography, economics, civics, and sociology are just a few of the areas covered by the teachers in the Social Studies Department. Many projects and panels were used to further student inter- est and participation in these areas. To acquaint his senior civics students with the workings of a democracy, Mr. Hamlin divided the students into com- mittees and then formed a Senate and a House of Representatives with the two classes. Each student in the groups was responsible for the preparation and the submission of one bill. After a debate on each of the bills, the class voted together and passed only one of the bills. In Mrs. V. Smith ' s sociology class, stu- dents became more involved in the class by making surveys on drugs and by tak- ing a trip to the local jail. a When in the Course of Human Events . . 55 Top right: A new member of the History Depart- ment, Mrs. V. Smith, lectures as her class listens intently. Bottom left: Mr. Foster teaches U. S. History, a class all students must take in order to graduate. Bottom left: Caught in a relaxed moment, Mr. Duvall lectures to his U. S. History class. .YOUR CHQj. Vdte ' Top right: Seniors in Mr. Hamlin ' s civics class study t he foundations of American government. Top left: David Bohm ponders over the colorful and informative bulletin board in Mr. Hamlin ' s room. Bottom left: Lending a helping hand, Mr. Foster aids Robin Roberts with his U. S. History assign- ment. Bottom right: For further reading in the field of self analysis, psychology teacher Mrs. Webb offers Gene LaGrange the book, I ' m OK You ' re OK Ww V w JP ■ 59 New Insight into the World of Creativity Great variety was shown in the differ- ent art classes this year. The first-year students began the year with a lesson in perspective skills. Second-year students studied design and the third-and fourth- year students enjoyed trying their hands at a new media, oil painting. At Christmas all art students made paper mache animals, carrying out the theme of the display, " Join the Triumph of the Sky. " The predominate idea underlying the year ' s work was to teach students how to fully develop their talents. Top right: Concentrating on her Christmas project, Monica Stuart shows the patience needed by an art student. Bottom left: Working diligently on her pen and ink drawing is Lani Pease. Bottom right: The study of design gives Dan Sebe- sky an opportunity to work on other medias, such as crayon and cloth. 60 Top left: Row 1 : Mrs. Pruitt, V. Whaley, V. Rainey, L. Roeder, S. Cearing. Row 2: W. Stiver, D. Haw- kins, L. Wolfe, P. Crist, N. Pogue. Row 3: K. Burton, B. Isenberg, P. Crice, A. Matherly, M. Deem, J. Rau- feison. HONARTists Bring Back Nostalgia The long hours spent by Honart mem- bers preparing for this year ' s banquet were rewarded by the complimentary words heard from the alumni attending the affair. A rose garden, a general store and a gazebo were some of the decora- tions used to carry out the theme, " The Gay Nineties. " Honart members, led by Steve Cearing, also held a mixer and an initiation ban- quet. Center left: During the initiation, Steve Cearing lights the candle of new member, Jeff Raufeisen, while Vickie Whaley and LuAnn Wolfe look on. Right: Senior Honart member Kathy Burton dis- cusses one of the many favors with Mrs. Pruitt. Bottom left: Treasurer Alaine Matherly poses for a picture during the Honart banquet. Right: Speakers at the National Honor Society Ban- quet are Tom Coward, Service; Brent Waymire, Character; Bonnie Perry, Scholarship; and Carol Henderson, Leadership. Center: New member Barbara Toole receives her pin, certificate and membership card at the banquet. Honor Society: Cream of the Crop Led by its president, Garry Abplanalp, the Nettie Craft Chapter of the National Honor Society held its annual banquet and initiation to recognize those students who are academically and civically out- standing. After introducing parents of old and new members, the initiates were presented their certificates, pins and membership cards. Guest speakers were four fellow students addressing the audience on the four qualities of an Honor Society mem- ber. Row 1: Mrs. Mattick, Breck, Abplanalp, Eads, Friddle. Row 2: Cheatham Lip- sius, Waymire, Wakefield, Dukate, Hood, Tranter, Templin, Stevenson Goley Tracey. Row 3: Koepper, Coward, Campbell, Egenolf, Bradley, Burton Hodgen ' Rainey, Clark, Deppe. Row 4: Colin, McGlocklin, Park, Hensley, Ford Hanna ' Whittenbarger, Bledsoe, Toole, Carpenter, Pryor. Row 5: Fisher, Umbright, Wil- liams, Rupp, Ramsey, Spicer, Spicer, Cordell, Roman, Hoeltke, Newkirk, Wise- man. Row 6: McKinney, Grimmer, Smith, Merrick, Eggers, Marchand, Yount, Fredbeck, Bush, Henderson. 62 Community Service: Goal of Hi-Y Row 1: Krasson, Kelley, Abplanalp, Canary, Dew- itt, Breck, Walters, Waymire, Early, Compton. Row 2: Thompson, Morrow, Bohm, Robertson, Rau- feisen, LaGrange, Sanders, Mowery, Cearing, Erick- son, Wakefield. Row 3: Hart, Paris, Colin, McGlocklin, Sapp, Kelley, Blue, Alexander, Mun- dorff, Livingston. Row 4: Furrer, Fredbeck, Marc- hand, Yount, Eggers, McGlocklin, Anosky, Bush. Row 5: Sponsor Mr. England, Warner, Thompson, Stubbleman, Partenheimer, Thomas, Payton, Sou- drette, Haltom, Andrews, Paris, Browning, Handy, Moody. Hi-Y, the Christian service club com- posed of junior and senior boys, began their year ' s activities with an initiation held jointly with Tri-Hi-Y. These clubs co-sponsored many projects this year. During the Christmas season, they sang carols to the aged in the homes and hospi- tals around Franklin. T hey worked together on the annual Sweetheart Dance held at Webb. Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y also entered teams in the AFS Franklin 100. The year ' s activities ended with the presentation of the annual Hi-Y Follies in May. Proceeds from this show were donated to the Hi-Y scholarship fund which grants money to a senior boy who has excelled i3 cholarsh {) and serviqe Middle left: Seniors Bob Dewitt and Debbie Eads enthusiastically join in caroling during the Christmas season. Lower left: Five junior boys lend their talents in a fil- ler act for the Hi-Y Follies. Upper right: President Garry Abplanalp prepares a list of the members ' suggestions for decorations at the Sweetheart Dance. 63 Future Entertainers Provide Fun Singing groups, acrobatics, dance and majorette routines — all contributed to the success of the annual Hi-Y Follies. Humorous fillers between acts, provided by Hi-Y members, added to the evening ' s entertainment. This year all four categories were com- bined and a prize of twenty-five dollars was given for the best overall act. This year the prize was awarded to a musical group called Sun. Members of the band included Bob Blake, Bob Johnson, Bob Richard, John McKee and Jim Ridge, with Dan Lamey the soloist. The entertainment was hosted by Bob DeWitt and Matt Kelley with Mike Breck providing the serious side to the show. All together they made the evening quite enjoyable for all that attended. Top right: Sponsor Mr. England drafts junior and senior boys for short fillers in between acts. Upper left: Wigs, dresses and panty hose help Mark Kelley, Mike Broniszewski and Gene LaGrange achieve the look they want for a skit with Mike Bush. Upper right: Bringing back childhood memories, Sany Lipsius does her impression of Edith Ann from TV ' s Laugh In. Right: Espionage agents, Bob Colin and Steve Yount, start the Follies with a short dialogue. Top left: The " Freshmen Lettermen " use skits to express their feelings for Franklin High School. Top right: Lead singer of the Commodes, Bobby Flush (Bob DeWitt) introduces his group to the audience. Upper left: The Heritage Singers perform popular songs as part of the Hi-Y Follies entertainment. Left: The drama class lends their talents to the eve- ning ' s entertainment by presenting a short play about a broken-down airline. 65 Tri-Hi-Y Broadens its Scope In attempting to live up to their motto of creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the home, school, and com- munity high standards of Christian char- acter, Tri-Hi-Y members performed many varied activities. Various members of the club read morning devotions, prepared holiday baskets for the needy, and sang Christ- mas carols for the aged. Also important to the club was enter- tainment. The Junior-Senior Powder Puff Football Game was held in October, and the Sweetheart Dance, formerly spon- sored by Honart, was this year jointly sponsored by Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y. Another one of the club ' s projects included the sending of six students to serve as delegates to a mock United Nations Assembly held April 5, 6, and 7 in Indianapolis. The countries repre- sented were Togo, Chad, and Guyana. Each country was represented by two delegates. Girls attending the assembly were Gail Dasbach, Pam Palmer, Sheryl Fisher, Diane Ramsey, Ann Pemberton, and Sharon Burton. The annual Ideal Lady Banquet, where each girl selected a lady she felt would fit the role of an ideal lady, was held on April 13. Upper right: Tri-Hi-Y President Carol Henderson and sponsors, Mrs. R. Smith and Mrs. D. Bailey, make last minute attempts to arrange students for the Tri-Hi-Y initiation held in the fall at the First Presbyterian Church. Right: During a club meeting, Cyndra Cheatam and Debbie Stancombe contribute their artistic ability in making turkeys for the Thanksgiving sea- Row 1: R. Smith, Henderson, Colin, Murphy, McKay, Fergason, Wiseman, Workman, D. Bailey. Row 2: Tranter, Green, Stainbrook, Stevens, Tracy, Wil- son, Haymaker, Deppe, Pryor, Leerkamp, Clark, Holmes, Tillison, Lipsius, Russom. Row 3: Whittenbarger, Price, Nuckles, Nixon, Hobbs, Haggard, Vaught, Scourfield, Rainey, Bryant, Hodgen, Spicer, Fewell. Row 4: Eads, Leeds, Andrews, Bradley, Smearing, Mitchell, Park, Crist, Baker, VanMeter, White, Wheeler. Row 5: Fisher, George, Ramsey, Cruiser, Barns, Compton, Cox, Wright, Garrett, Dasbach, Palmer, Friddle, Zimmer. Row 6: Cheatam, Sneed, Stancombe, Spicer, Newkirk, Jones, Black, Robinette, Rupp, Cordell, Tranter. Row 7: Chandler, McGowan, Spicer, Hoeltke, Jackson, Vandivier, Sledge, Roman, Hawkins, Lusk, Williams, Glendenning, Auld. Row 8: Goley, Toole, Edwards, Stephenson, Cummings, Ford, Britto, Umbright, Wolfarth, Stinson, Matherly. Row 9: Davis, Doss, Norris, Poynter, Beard, Pogue, Drake. 56 Battle of the Football Feminines Cute but clumsy cheerleaders, ridicu- lous but righteous refs, and smiling, swooning coaches combined with frantic, fumbling, football feminines were just a few of the sights at the FCHS football field the night of October 1 1 when the Tri-Hi-Y sponsored their annual Powder Puff football game. Although the rain-soaked field did not favor itself to fancy footwork, Karon Workman managed to splash through for a senior touchdown, and Bobbie Cor- dell maneuvered around senior blockers to plunge into the end zone for the jun- ior score. The seniors executed a two- point conversion play to win the contest 8-6. Bruises were many but the only major injury was a broken arm suffered by senior Jayne Waggoner. Above left: Senior coach, Mr. Self gives valuable information to the senior offensive team. Left: Spurred on by Jeff Eggers, Don McGlocklin. Bob Colin, and Jon McGlocklin. the junior Tn-Hi-Y members lost a hard fought ball game. Above: The juniors and seniors battle it out for the coveted pigskin using new techniques of blocking and tackling. 67 Jr. Hi-Y: Challenges for Life Under the leadership of President Dar- rell Duckworth, Jr. Hi-Y had a variety of interesting films and speakers. Speakers included Mr. Self who addressed the members on the concerns of dating. Don McGlocklin and Steve Yount described the summer FCA conference they attended. The club also viewed films on Christian leadership, which included a film on Tom Landry, Dallas Cowboy coach. Below: Jr. Hi-Y members Ron Chelf and Kevin Kel- ley, along with Mr. Fletcher, bow their heads during devotions. Below right: Officers of Junior Hi-Y. Row 1: Mark Henderson, Bruce Findley, Steve Barnett. Row 2: Sam Bush, Mike Harper. ( :3E ' : ... ■■ SfiJBK Row 1: Harper, Barnett, Duckworth, Henderson, Bush. Row 2: Brown, Bowers, Winters, Butler, Thompson, Cox, McMahon, Doss, Smith, Paris. Row 3: Demaree, Beeler, Legan, Moore, Crowe, Sta- inbrook. Mason, Van Cleave, Simpson, Rykerson, Mann. Row 4: Thompson, Woodrum, Stall, White, Walker, Logan, Canary, Ditmars, Scott, Chelv, Anderson. Row 5: Moran, LaGrange, Leonard, Waymire, Vaught, Doyle, Hommel, Blackwell, Deem, Griner. Row 6: Cramer, Crafton, Baker, Ridge, Clark, Dasbach, Baker, Morris, Server, Misi- niec. Row 7: Sanders, Pettit, Cundiff, Foster, Kelley, Nuckles, Wood, Hoffman. Row 8: Deel, DeCourcey, Abplanalp, Bohm, Stevenson. 68 Growing Through Giving Many varied activities and projects were participated in by Jr. Tri-Hi-Y. Some of this year ' s projects were selling candy, holding a fashion show, sup- porting a Korean orphan and collect- ing for the March of Dimes. The club also held an initiation, served at the Honor Society Banquet and co-spon- sored the Christmas party for underpri- vileged children. Upper left: Deena Rocerick models a floor length dress donated by Newkirk ' s for the fash- ion show. Below: Members of the Jr. Tri-Hi-Y discuss gifts with the children entertained at the Christmas party. I Row 1: Slifer, Woodrum, Smith, Logan, Gilliland, Fergason. Row 2: Stinson, Denning, Wood, Henderson, McAfee, Webb, Wildman, Lucas, Padgett, McCarty, McCracken, Brown, Baxter, Cody, Johnson, Clem. Row 3: Dasbach, Stephans, Meador, Brown, Scott, Wood, Mowery, Abbott, Hall, Dyer, Smith Wood, Roeder, Kitchen, Robinette. Row 4: Morris, Rickles, Wocherfang, Dish- inger, Edwards, Wertzberger, Brown, Kutruff, Allen, Browning, Julien, Lynn, Carber, Streeval. Row 5: Lamey, Gill, Watson, Stewart, Stainbrook, Streightoff, Pease, Dillard, Tyree, Van Osdol, O ' Brien, Thompson, Winks, Hicks. Row 6: Yant, Friddle, Cecil, Wood, Duckworth, Colin, Chupp, Funkhouser, Overton, Cruse, Stephans, Stephens, Cranston, Waltman, Shirley. Row 7: Limp, Skaggs, Shultz, Bryant, Slinker, Bruce, Rush, Canary, Thornbury, Mann, Sexton, Smith, Snoddy, Fredbeck, King, Lay. Row 8: Roderick, Shelley, Straley, Renahaeen, Wood, Medicott, Dole, Bullington, Furrer, Roberts, Gilliland, Young, Komizars, Matlock, King. Row 9: Morris, Pearson, Williams. Mandibak, Moss, Hunter, Lay, Goff, Lucas, Burton, Mann, St. Peter, Decker, West, Davis. 69 72 Spirit of ' 73 Involved School and Community Under the guidance of Miss Stohler, this year ' s Pep Club members became more organized than they were in previ- ous years and formed a pep block com- posed of both boys and girls. Navy blue sweatshirts were adopted as the official uniforms of the members. During the basketball season, one of the most popular sayings around FCHS, as well as around the community, was the chant, " We ' ve got a team going all the way. " This was just one of the many slo- gans echoed by the members of the most spirited and enthusiastic Pep Club in the school ' s history. This enthusiasm was projected by the entire community as the basketball team progressed to the state finals. The Old Folks ' Club members purchased shirts to make their spirit known and organized an honor banquet for the team. Top left: " We won, we won, " yells the crowd as they rush onto the floor after the Columbus Regjonals. Left: One of the rarer moments of silence during a basketball game is during the National Anthem. Above: Pep Club girls show their spirit by yelling and waving their arms during a chant. Top right: Grizzly Cub Mascot, Charlie Canary, waves the spirit stick as he leads a cheer. Above right: One of the oldest cheerleaders alive, Cliff Melvin, leads one of his spirit-rousing chants. Coaches and Players Combine Efforts With Coach Trueblood at the helm for the fourth consecutive year, the Grizzlie Cubs posted a respectable 4-6 record. The season was characterized by a tough schedule including the number one ranked team in the state, the Blooming- ton State Panthers. Below: Harry Furrer skirts around right end after receiving a screen pass from quarterback Ed Trog- don. The Cubs opened their season on the road against a strong Whiteland team with the Warriers prevailing. After a loss to the Pike Red Devils and an SCC vic- tory over the Greensburg Pirates, the Cubs were ready to do battle with the mighty Bloomington South Panthers. Right: Split-end Dave Walters, who was on the receiving end of eight touchdown passes this sea- son, gathers in this pass for a long gain. I; „Zu, - f era jsrg «»f ti ' • MB ' 1 " ■». » ' . ■£»_ Wft. r.9 1 56 B0r-77s,S2,?47 r 19 y Wfc 71 , 78 - 16 50 i 72 Row 1: Payton, Andrews, Furgason, Smith, Whittenbarger, Kelley, T. Golden, G. Golden, Stubbeman, Fredbeck, Anoskey, Feyerbend. Furrer, Hart. Row 2: Cox, Doss, Wiseman, Kelley, Colin, Sapp, Eggers, Server, Dobbs, Million, Morris, Trogdon, Bohm, Williams. Row 3: Thompson, Wyrick, Andreas, J. McGlocklin. Lay, D. McGlocklin, Wardlow, Walters, Rynerson, Reynolds, Egenolf, Roberts. 74 Above left: Coaches Cox. Trueblood. and Uns- worth are caught in a brief moment of rest before the opening of the ' 72- " 73 season. Left: Trainer Steve Davis makes minor repairs on the foot of senior fullback. Harry Furrer. Below far left: Dave Walters and Kip Payton fight for the possession of this pass from quarterback, Ed Trogdon. Below left: Pulling in another pass for a long gain is MVP.. Dave Walters. Below: An unidentified Cub receiver gives a piggy- back ride out-of-bounds to two Martinsville Arte- 75 Season Review: Blood, Sweat, and Tears SCOREBOX FCHS OPPONENTS 18 Whiteland 47 14 Pike 22 6 Greensburg 14 Bloomington 66 7 Jeffersonville 26 20 Seymour 13 6 Martinsville 35 27 Shelbyville 8 33 Center Grove 14 Greenwood 20 The Cubs entered the Bloomington game with high spirits and determination but neither was enough as the mighty Panthers prevailed. Next, the Cubs faced perennial power Jeffersonville. Although the Cubs led at halftime 7-0, the Red Devils came alive to pull off a victory. Following an SCC victory over the Seymour Owls, the Cubs were ready for their homecoming game with Martins- ville. The Artesians, featuring a balanced running attack, defeated the Cubs. The team closed out the season with a victory over Center Grove and a loss to Green- wood. Several Cubs received honors at the conclusion of the season. Ed Trogdon received honorable mention as All-State Quarterback and Don McGlocklin was All-SCC. Several players made the All- County Team. Dave Walters was named the Most Valuable Player, capping off another football season. Above right: Sophomore linebacker, Ron Smith, pursues a Martinsville ball-carrier in an attempt to thwart an Artesian drive. Right: Grizzie Cubs Ted Server and Kevin Doss, Ed Trogdon and Dave Bohm, and Tim Dobbs and John Anosky practice hiking the ball. Row 1: Server, Fredbeck, Kelley, Walker, Thompson, Dasbach, Sapp. Row 2: Golden, Canary, Duckworth, Baker, Orr, Barnett, Henderson, Butler, Logan, Doss, Cambell, Atwood, Kilo, Smith, Golden. 76 Row 1- McCloskey, Dickson, Bledsoe. Rynerson, Harris, Tranter, Deem, Locke, Cook. Row 2: Herron, Thompson, Anderson, Kelley, Moore, Decourcey, Leonard, Toole, Atwood, Cundiff. Row 3: Paris, Logan, Griner, Clements, Thrasher, VanCleave, Caplinger, Mann, Floyd, Stevenson, Burton, Diel. Far left: As demonstrated by Greg Hart, the arm tackle is a sure way to bring down a ball carrier. Left: Quarterback Ed Trogdon is helped from the field by Trainer Davis and Dr. Walters after being shaken up in a play. Below left: Dave Walters, surrounded by members of the Bloomington defensive unit, lies inert after making a vain attempt for another reception. Below: Robin Roberts looks up field for a block that will spring him into the end zone. ■ mx [■MR 1 « A 511 i {%g LM mi w f 1 1 77 Wonder Five: Soul, Spirit, and Togetherness The 1972-73 feminine wonder five began their year with the selling of combs to raise funds for new uniforms. During the summer they attended cheer- leading camp and received first-place ribbons at the daily tryouts held in the evenings plus two spirit sticks and an overall second place trophy. In August and September they earned first place in county fair competition and tenth at the Indiana State Fair. Planning pep sessions, helping in the arrangement of homecoming activiti es and leading cheers at the various games were their main duties. In addition to this, the cheerleaders presented oral skits during morning announcements to arouse the spirit of the student body for the approaching game. During the bas- ketball season they helped keep the spirit at an all-time high by planning such events as clash day and a Charles Atlas Look Alike Contest. Top left: Reserve cheerleaders Lisa Roeder, Kathy Henderson, Jan McAfee and Con- nie Smith pause for a moment while practicing their yells after school. Top right: Varsity cheerleader Julie McCracken takes her first snip of the net follow- ing the Grizzlie Cubs ' sectional victory at Columbus. Left: Freshmen cheerleaders Terri Colin, Carol Lusk, and Debbie Duckworth assist Mrs. Gail Trogden in purchasing a Hoosier Basketball Magazine. Above: Miss Stonier, Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Wyand, together with the varsity cheer- leaders and members of the pep club, celebrate the Cub sectional victory during the pep session. 78 Top left: Sophomore cheerleader, Julie McCracken, leads a cheer with the group ' s newly acquired pompoms. Top right: The smiling faces of the varsity cheer- leaders, Luann, Carolyn, Bobbie, Patty, and Julie, reflect their happiness over another Cub victory. Middle left: Doing her best to incite spirit in the Cub fans in Bobbie Cordell. Middle: Senior Carolyn Bryant demonstrates her enthusiasm by striking up a cheer. Middle right: Reflecting the dedication of the Cubs ' cheerleaders, Luann Williams leads yells despite the rain. Left: Attempting to keep the crowd ' s spirit high, Patty Mann keeps time by clapping to a chant. 79 Cubs Live Up to Great Expectations If one were looking for a word to describe the 72-73 basketball season, the only word to fit the purpose would be TREMENDOUS. Everyone had been talking about the Cubs and their expec- tations since the 68-69 seventh grade team. These expectations were fulfilled during regular season play. The Cub hoopsters finished with a 17-3 record during season play. They also gained a share of the South Central Conference Championship with Jeffersonville. In the final polls of the season, FCHS was ranked tenth by the AP and thirteenth by UPI. One fatal week stood between the Cubs and an even better record. After losing Don McGlocklin in practice that week with a chipped bone in his ankle, Cub spirits were down. If losing Don were not enough, the Cubs lost 6 ' 7 " center Jerry Jewell for the year with a knee injury in the Jeffersonville game. Two of the Cub losses were picked up that weekend, a fifteen point loss to Jeff and a close four point decision to New Albany. The only other loss was to Hammond High in the Carmel Holiday Tourney. Top right: Putting two more points on the board for the cubs, Jerry Jewell drives around a Jeff Red Devil. Right: Junior forward Jon McGlocklin sets for a short but sure jump shot from the baseline. Row 1: Ed Trogdon, Mike Breck, Garry Abplanalp, Ted Server, Chris McCarty, Steve Yount, Mgr. Jon Livingston. Row 2: Coach Harmening, Virgil Cross, Don McGlocklin, Jim Thomas, Jerry Jewell, Darrell Heuchan, Jon McGlocklin, Coach Chastain. 80 Tourney Time Brings Out the Best ■if ' s 4 Riding the crest of a twelve-game win- ning streak, the Cubs played the role of the favorites in the sectional portion of the annual basketball tourney at Whiteland. Having beaten every team in the sectional during seasonal play, the Cubs were tab- bed the team to beat. Saturday night, Feb- ruary 24, the Cubs downed Center Grove and walked away with the sectional crown. For the Grizzlies the advent of the regional brought more spirit as well as the new nickname of Wonder Cubs. The Cubs advanced to the championship with a surprisingly easy victory over Greenfield Central. In the championship game, the Cub defense did the job, holding Bloom- ington South to 40 points while the offense piled up 70 points. As the nets were being cut, the cheer, " On to Hinkle, " echoed through the building. The Cub machine was truly rolling on. For the first time since 1939, a Franklin team was represented at Hinkle Field- house. The first opponent was a very physical Speedway team. The Cubs out- played the larger Sparkplugs in every aspect of the game and waltzed into the title game against Richmond. The Re d Devils proved to be a worthy opponent for the first half. The Cub machine started to click in the third quarter and pulled away with the semi-state crown, 67-53. With the full support and spirit of all Johnson County, the Cubs rolled into Indiana University ' s Assembly Hall. New Albany, one of three teams to defeat the Cubs in regular season, was the opponent. The Bulldogs were responsible for the heartbreak of the season. The dreams of a state championship were shattered in a 77- 76 overtime loss. With nine of twelve play- ers returning next year, the motto " Once more in 74 " was adopted, and another dream began. Far left: Nothing can stop Don McGlocklin when he drives for the basket. Left: A familiar sight throughout the basketball sea- son was Garry Abplanalp looking for an assist. Below: Darrel Heuchan and Ron Ramsey of White- land battle for a rebound. 81 On to Hinkle, Then Final Four SCORE BOX State Finals FCHS Opponents 76 New Albany Semi-State 77 56 Speedway 53 67 Richmond Regional 77 75 Greenfield 46 70 Bloomington South Sectional 40 55 Greenwood 45 79 Whiteland 66 65 Center Grove Season Record 24-4 50 90 Center Grove 69 65 Jeffersonville 81 71 New Albany 75 76 Shelbyville 46 78 Whiteland 64 83 Bloomington North 70 90 Decatur Central 51 73 Hammond 74 82 Martinsville 69 80 S eymour 62 67 Columbus North 65 67 Bloomington South 59 96 Greensburg 63 92 Columbus East 40 79 Rushville 47 76 Greenwood 70 85 Martinsville 64 84 Madison 77 68 Connersville 65 76 Plainfield 68 Right: Guard Ed Trogdon drops in an easy two points in the state finals while Julius Norman awaits the rebound. Far right: Don McGlocklin releases a pass to an awaiting teammate just before " London Bridge " col- lapses on him. Below right: Junior center Darrel Heuchan grabs a rebound away from a Center Grove player just before he releases it for a fast break. Below far right: Forward Jon McGlocklin sneaks a pass between two Speedway Sparkplugs in semi-state action at Hinkle. 82 Row 1: White, Cross, Hommel, Leonard, Thomp- son, Crafton. Row 2: Hogue, Park, Griner, Van- Cleve, Stevenson, Hash. Row 3: Burton, Yrttimr. Thrasher, Wood, Floyd, Spicer. Row 4: Anderson, Atwood, Jewell, Beeler, Mann, Abplanalp, Hash. Row 5: Coach McKinney, Mgr. Davis. Woodrum, Mgr. Bledsoe. Coach Fletcher. Young Cubs Continue Winning Tradition The 72-73 reserve team finished their campaign with a fine 14-6 record. This record was the best ever at Franklin for Coach Chastain. Stellar performances were turned in by everyone throughout the year. The Columbus Reserve Tour- ney was just one highlight of the season. After defeating Seymour in the first round, the Cubs were ready for the championship contest. This was the first time in a number of years that a Frank- lin team has ever gotten to the final game. After leading for the first three quarters, the Cubs succumbed to the pressure and went down to the host Bull- dogs. The freshmen cagers also kept the winning spirit of Franklin alive and kick- ing by posting a fine 26-6 record. Row 1: Mark Canary, Kim Baker, Rick Ransdall, Mike Merrick, John Dit- mars, Darrel Duckworth, Mgr. Terry Pettit. Row 2: Coach Chastain, Ron Chelf, Jim Thomas, Chan Partenheimer, Mark Henderson, Steve Yount, Ted Server, Mgr. Jeff Redifer. 83 The Women Behind the Men Over three hundred girls at FCHS dis- covered an enjoyable way to combine work and play through membership in athletic assistance groups. Their help left officials free for more important work, created a spirit of unity, and gained for themselves a feeling of pride. Left: Cindy Clodfelter helps out by measuring for the long jump, one of the many jobs performed by the Cinderellas. Above: With concern written on her face, Cinderella Jerri Leeds watches for a Franklin victory. Batterettes. Row 1: Woodrum, King. Row 2: Baxter, Fergason, Lay, Dougherty, Dasbach, Wyrick, Spicer, Newkirk, Strunk, Pearson, Henry, McCarty. Row 3: Absher, Riddle, Cheek, Winks, Davis, VanCleave, Sweet, Lamey, Watson, Streightoff, Fredbeck, Wood, Decker. Row 4: Stephan, Eddy, Kitchen, White, Kimbler, Hatfield, Ward, Bullington, Furrer, Sparrow, Edwards, Tearman, Har- ris, Goff. Row 5: Doles, Hicks, Fraley, Bills, Robinette, Clark, Childers, Slinker, Dillard, Gilliland, Harris, Stinson, Van Slyke. Cinderellas. Row 1 : Workman, Murphy, Colin, Henderson, Eads, Hodgens, Til- lison, Tranter, Stephenson, Rainey, Wiseman, Deppe, Edwards. Row 2: Effer- son, Hobbs, Browning, McCracken, Strunk, Leerkamp, West, Lipsius, Ford, Pryor, Clark, Fewell, McGill. Row 3: Deer, Matherly, Jackson, Friddle, Fisher, Umbright, Spicer, Newkirk, Roman, Hoeltke, Spicer. Row 4: Wheeler, Land, Chesser, Baker, Rupp, Williams, Cordell, Auld, Bingham, Tranter, Holmes, Mitchell, Lusk. Row 5: VanCleave, Scourfield, Hobbs, Green, Isenberg, Clodfel- ter, St. Peter, Padgett, Lucas, Smith, Wildman, Slifer, Woodrum, Pearson. Row 6: Green, Bullington, Cruse, Canary, Furrer, Dillard, Edwards, Waltman, Tear- man, Henderson, Roeder, Scott, Woods, Clodfelter, Roderick. Row 7: Slinker, Williams, Anderson, King, Chupp, Duckworth, Colin, Fredbeck, Lay, Friddle, Morris, Mann. Row 8: Streeval, Lamey, Watson, Sparrow, Pettit, Stinson, Davis, Streightoff, Wood, McCarty, Henry, Orman, West. Row 9: Shirley, Wright, Cox, Leeds, Nuckles, Rogers, Bryant, Harris, Cruser, Sweet, Norris, McGowan, Stin- son. Row 10: King, Yant, Pogue, Drake, Collins, VanMeter, Ward, Camden, Spi- cer, Hommel. 84 Aqua Kids. Row 1 : Henderson. Hodgen, Edwards, Holmes, Leerkamp, Tillison, Pryor, Friddle, Rupp. Row 2: Tranter, Sledge, Tranter, Auld, Whaley, Glenden- ning, Zimmer, Williams, Hobbs. Row 3: McAfee, Spicer, Wood, Henderson, Webb, Roeder, Wildman, McCracken, Brown, Johnson, Funkhouser. Row 4: Fisher, Ramsey, Lipton, Stainbrooke, Friddle, Fredbeck, Dishinger, Walkerton, King, Anderson, Davis. Row 5: Meek, Hoeltke, Young, Cook, Streightoff, Komi- sars, Cordell, Williams, Rebennack, Lusk. Grappelettes. Row 1 : Tearman, President (not shown), VanCleave, Leeds. Row 2: Burton, Compton, Russom, Broniszewski, Davis, Crockett, Decker, Henry. Row 3: Eads, Fewell, Deppe, Jones. Smith, Logan, Colin. Row 4: Streeval, Cowan, Wertzberger, Bullington, Canary, Lay, Pease, Chupp, Lamey. Row 5: Roderick, Pearson, Slinker, Williams. Orman, Stewart, Sparrow, Pettit, Davis. Row 6: Wall, Tearman, Roderick, Hobbs. Knuckles, Lusk. Racquettes. Row 1: Rebennack, Scourfield, Toole, Bradley. Row 2: Leeds, Kimbler. Row 3: Nixon, Rawson, Zimmer. 85 New Coaches, Old Idea: " Win " When Franklin ' s two new wrestling coaches, Mr. Cox and Mr. Unsworth, took charge, they had one objective in mind. That objective was to have a win- ning team and to instill a winning spirit into all of the grapplers. They accom- plished both. The team finished with a respectable record. No one gave the Cubs a chance in the county meet; but to the surprise of everyone except the Cubs themselves, the grapplers brought home a second place finish. FCHS had five individual champions. After the county meet came the all-important sectional. The Grizzlies qualified four wrestlers for the regional. They were: Brad Crowe, Jeff Wyrick, Wayne Wiseman, and Steve Compton. All in all, it was a very good year for FCHS grapplers and their two new coaches. Right: Awarded three points for a near fall in the sectional action at Whiteland is Brad Crowe. Row 1: Andy Long, Brian Waymire, Ken Wilkins, Kip Payton, Brad Crowe, Steve Compton. Row 2: Jeff Eggers, Chuck Dewitt, Bart Krasson, Jeff Wyrick, Wayne Wiseman, Mgr. Dave Conner. Row 3: Coach Cox, Assistant Coach Unsworth. 86 Left: An unidentified Cub and his Sectional oppo- nent are all tied up at the moment as the official looks on. Center left: The beginning of the end for heavy- weight Wayne Wiseman ' s opponent begins with this takedown. Top right: Moments after the takedown, the offi- cial raises Wayne ' s hand into the air signifying another victory. Bottom right: Andy Long, 98-pound wrestler, and his opponent prove to be the center of attention during this action. Row 1: R. Rogers, D. Ladd, B. Morris, K. Doyle, L. Hendricks, S. Wagner, J. Deem. Row 2: D. Andreas, J. Berry, S. Cramer, L. Shockley, S. Thompson, Mgr. D. Conner. Row 3: Coach Uns- worth. 87 Row 1: J. Reynolds, R. Furgeson. R. Hass, J. Grimmer, R. Soudrette, E. Fredbeck, M. Bush. Row 2: J. Sayre, C. Grimmer, D. Barnett, K. Harrison, J. Holmes. D. Roman, T. Cox, E. Mitchell, T. Moore, J. Clark, G. Grider. Young and Capable Swimmers Gain Experience Coach Beier ' s tankers had a slow but prosperous season this year. Due to only two returning juniors, the team consisted primarily of underclassmen. The fresh- man swimmers showed great promise for next year by breaking many of the old freshman records. Senior Richard Hass, the team ' s most valuable swimmer, broke the record in the 100-yard butterfly by three seconds and junior Rick Furgeson set a new div- ing record. Hass qualified for the state meet and finished tenth in the finals. The team finished sixth in the South Central Conference in a field of eight and fifth in a field of fourteen in the sec- tionals. With Hass finishing in tenth place at the state meet, the team placed twenty-fifth. The tankers ' record at the end of the season was a weak 5-9 but Mr. Beier has great hopes for the future. Score Box FCHS OPPONENTS 54 Speedway 41 27 Lawrence Central 68 38 Seymour 57 24 Ben Davis 71 25 Columbus North 70 26 Southport 69 46 Shelbyville 49 62 Plainfield 33 32 Bloomington North 63 39 Bloomington South 56 71 Greensburg 24 72 Columbus East 23 61 Connersville 34 46 Decatur Central 49 Top left: Varsity diver Rick Furgeson executes a champion dive with a smooth finish. Left: Demonstrating the effort one must put forth for a good finish is sophomore tanker, Jim Clark. 89 Golf Season: One of the Best Ever After giving fine performances in the state golf finals during the summer, the members of the 1972-73 golf team returned and merged their efforts to once again turn in one of their finest season records. The team finished the year with a 21 won and 3 lost record. Highlighting the season ' s wins was placing third in the South Central Conference and capturing the Johnson County meet for the fifth straight year. Leading the linksters through this year ' s outstanding playing was team captain, Greg Sanders, the only senior member. At the sports banquet, junior golfer, Paul Marchand, received the Most Valua- ble Player award. Seymour Won Columbus E. — Plainfield Won Columbus N. — Bedford Second Greensburg — Connersville Won Southport Won Rushville Lost Martinsville Lost Martinsville Won Columbus E. — Silver Cr. Won Columbus N. — Dec. Cent. Won Plainfield Won Shelbyville Won Greenwood Won Mooresville Won Southport — Ben Davis Lost Center Grove Won Seymour Won Greensburg — Center Grove Won Franklin Central Won Lebanon Won r r Row 1: Paul Marchand, Greg Sanders. Row 2: Steve Yount, John Ditmars, Dean Abplanalp, Kim Sanders, Chuck Wenning, Andy Song. Top left: Team captain, Greg Sanders, sizes up a drive on one of the longer fairways. Above: Paul Marchand takes careful aim as he pre- pares to drive out of the rough. 90 Cross Country: Improvement Plus Franklin ' s cross country team started off the season in a close dual meet with Whiteland, losing by only three points. In their next three meets the harriers were victorious. The team made excel- lent showings in all their big meets with an eighth in the sectional, sixth in the S.C.C. and third in the Franklin Central Invitational and County Meet. Leading the way for the Cubs, Frank Shidler made outstanding showings in all the meets and was named Most Valuable Runner at the Fall Sports Banquet. The team had one of their best seasons ever finishing with a 6-3 dual meet season. SCOREBOX Whiteland Lost Columbus East Won Shelbyville Won Franklin Central Won Columbus North Lost Rushville Lost Greenwood Won Greensburg Won Connersville Won Top left: Assisting at all the home meets, Mr. Server and Mr. Newsom discuss the score with team mem- ber Mike Efferson. Top right: Showing the strain of the increased 2.5 miles instead of 2, Mike Henry attempts to pull ahead. Above: Leading scorer, Frank Shidler. rounds the ast curve in an attempt to break another record. Above: Row 1: Mike Henry, Larry Litson, Bob White, Johnny Setser, Dan Lamey, Allen LaGrange. Row 2: Frank Shidler, Mark Haltom, Mark Ridge, Mike Merrick, Mike Fefferson, Man- ager Steve Cramer. Row 3: Coach Fletcher, Mur- phy Deem, Jon Hood, Bart Krasson, Mike Dukate, Kenny Campbell. 91 Tracksters Dash to County Crown Boasting two of the state ' s top runners in Brent Waymire and Gregg Hart and a new head coach, a fine season was antici- pated. Mr. Self took over the lead position after Mr. Bohlsen departed to accept a similar position at Southport. The first meet was a preview of the sea- son to come. Although finishing third to two of the state ' s top teams, the Cubs made their presence felt. Hardluck struck the team early in the season. Waymire was injured in an early meet and his absence was strongly felt. His participation could have turned the track record around. When the county meet rolled around, the team was healthy and ready to defend their crown. With exceptional perform- ances from everyone, the Cubs again reigned as county champs in track. Three cub cindermen, Waymire, Hart, and Tony Frost represented Franklin in the regional meet at North Central. Gregg Hart was named MVP and Tony Frost won the Rotary Club Most Points trophy to cap off a successful track sea- son. Right: Quarter-miler Greg Hart breezes his way across the finish line to add more points to the Cub score. Far upper right: Jon McGlocklin approaches the bar as he begins his attempt at a six-foot jump. Far middle right: " Flying through the air with the greatest of ease " is senior Harry Furrer. Row 1: Mgr. Williams, LaGrange, Harrison, Houchin, Stevenson, Waymire, Crowe, Mowery, Campbell, Andreas, Waymire, McGlocklin, Shidler, Hood, Bledsoe, Houchin, Thompson, White, Ridge, Hash, Ladd, Coach Newsom. Row Wakefield, Dobbs, Doss, Million, Kelley, Merrick, Hart, Broniszewski, Coach 2: Mclntyre, Feyerband, Doss, Furrer, Atwood, Litson, Efferson, Haltom, Bar- Unsworth. nett, Butler, Hogue, Trogdon, Ransdall. Row 3: Coach Self, Frost, Dukate, 92 Columbus Southport Third Shelbyville Won Martinsville Wood Second Seymour Jeffersonville Second Greenwood Won Franklin Cent Dec. Cent. First Greenfield Central Won Rushville Won Franklin Relays Third Johnson County First Bloomington New Albany Third se c Fifth Seymour Lost Far Upper left: Senior Brad Crowe flies through the air on his way to a twelve-foot vault. Upper left: The resurfacing of the track in the fall brought new duties to Coach Self. Left: High hurdler, Jon McGlocklin, and his compe- tition explode from the blocks on their way to a fast time. Below left: Harry Furrer, leadoff runner in the 440 relay, is off and running to begin another Franklin victory. Below: Junior Mark Haltom passes the judges ' stand on his way to a victory in the mile run. 93 Cub Batmen Steal County Crown With several returnees from last year ' s county champions, the prospects for a successful season were high. Three Cubs were called on to pitch during the course of the year. Senior Dan Lewis and juniors Darrell Heuchan and Tim Myers were the heavy workers on the mound. Strong hit- ting was provided by Heuchan, Garry Abplanalp and Chris McCarty. The annual county tourney rolled around and brought out the best of the Cubs. Once again, the Cubs were crowned champions of Johnson County. The rain-plagued sec- tionals bought an end to Cub involvement in the state tourney. Center Grove won a rain-delayed contest 5-4 to end the Cub baseball season. Right: First baseman Darrell Heuchan takes the throw from an infielder to end another scoreless inning. Far right: Junior catcher Bob Colin streaks home on a wild pitch, thrown by a Hauser pitcher. Row 1 : Mike Henry, Tim Leonard, Tom Myers, Chris McCarty, Garry Abplan- alp, Dan Lewis, Bob DeWitt, Mike Dasbach, Bob Colin, Harold Floyd. Row 2: Coach Server, Mgr. Tom Morrison, Bob Blue, Ted Server, Ken Burton, Steve Rynerson, Darrell Heuchan, Robin Roberts, Bob Dickey, Ray Beeler, Mgr. Kerry Atwood, Mgr. Mike Harrison, Asst. Coach England. 94 Opponent 1 Center Grove FCHS 5 1 Center Grove 2 3 Columbus North 7 7 Columbus North 3 Connersville 2 6 Connersville 2 1 1 Brown County Rushville 2 7 2 Mooresville 1 5 Mooresville 1 2 3 Greensburg Columbus East 3 9 South Decatur 7 9 South Decatur 6 1 Martinsville 8 2 Indian Creek 3 10 9 1 Shelbyville Seymour Whiteland 7 8 2 Edinburg Whiteland 1 6 2 Hauser 5 2 Southwestern 3 11 4 5 Seymour Jennings County Triton Central 1 2 1 Franklin Central 5 3 Greenwood Sectional 1 2 Greenwood 6 5 Center Grove 4 Top: With the infield ready, Cub pitcher Dan Lewis delivers the first pitch of the Hauser game. Middle: Outfielder Ken Burton is ready and waiting for the pitch in an attempt to up his batting average. m fFwf T Row 1: Thomas, Dickey, Dasbach, Leonard, Navarro, Rynerson, Tranter, Andrews, Bush. Row 2: Coach England, Thrasher, Floyd, Wood, McCoskey, Winters, Blue, Hash, Beeler, Auld. 95 Netmen Plagued by Bad Luck The tennis team, coached by Mr. Duvall, ended their season with seven wins and eleven losses. The team was third in a field of twelve in the sectional. They also placed sixth in the SCC meet. At the Spring Sports Banquet, Mike Breck was named Most Valuable Player while Sam Bush and Bob Paris were named co- captains for next year. Center right: With a look of deep concentration, Kim Baker zeros in on the ball. Far right: Eyeing the ball carefully, Mike Breck pre- pares to return his opponent ' s serve. Below left: Bob Paris makes a determined leap in an effort to prevent his opponent ' s winning. Seymour Lost Columbus North Lost Rushville Won Wood Won Center Grove Won Connersville Lost Columbus East Won Shelbyville Lost Martinsville Lost Greensburg Won Franklin Central Won Greenwood Won Rushville Lost Greensburg Lost Jennings Co. Lost Row 1: K. Baker, B. Paris, S. Bush, J. Redifer, M. Breck, V. Hacker. Row 2: Mr. Duvall, N. Legan, R. Mclntire, B. Miller, D. Roush, T. Davis. Row 1: Dukate, McGlockin, Eggers, McKinney, Yount, Lamey. Row 2: Cox, Woodrum, Wagner, Marchand, Fredbeck, Andrews, Baraett. Row 5: Deem, Colin Duckworth, Early, Dewitt, LaGrange, Rynerson, McGlockin. Row 3: Butler, Litson, LaGrange, Griner, Server, Warner, Rynerson. Row 6: Canary, Thompson, Crowe, Hart, Mowrey, Kelley, Stubbleman, Chelf. Row 4: White, Ditmars, Baker, Henderson, Baraett, Harper, Foster, Blackwell. FCA Builds Christian Character Every Friday morning about 7:30 the members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes gathered in the auditorium for their weekly meeting. Sponsors Mr. Fletcher and Mr. McKinney, along with club President Kevin McKinney, planned discussions, rented films, and secured speakers to make the meetings more inter- esting to the members. An outside activity this year was the radio talks given by the members. These three to five minute talks were taped and played on WIFN. A canoe trip, a weekend conference at Wabash College and the summer FCA Conference were also undertaken by members. Middle left: At the morning meeting, Mr. McKinney leads his group in various topics of discussion. Bottom left: Distributing the morning breakfast is another duty of President Kevin McKinney. 97 " ! j 4 1 ji " i j : w ... s 1 1 | X ■ " ■ " ft yA ■ • - lit i 1 1 i H KB-: i|§l w 1 1 M 1 • JT 9 " " " " " ••te v k. -«» 1 «W» 4 ■ png h l S H BBS mm» M " T -JS Seniors Honored on Last Day The honors program for the seniors was held on May 25, Friday morning at 10:30. Senior girls who were members of the choir began the program. They were fol- lowed by Cindy Tranter and Beth Hodgen who read the class history. Mr. Turner, senior guidance counselor introduced the presenters of awards. Awards in the forms of scholarships, trophies, and certificates were given to many well deserving stu- dents. At the conclusion of the program the seniors joined in singing the tradi- tional " Graduation Day. " As the under- classmen returned to classes the seniors were dismissed to Providence Park for the senior picnic. Above Right: Senior girl choir members open the awards program by singing a selection of songs. Left: Mr. Breck presents Bonnie Perry the valedicto- rian award for scholastic accomplishment. Middle: Trying hard not to laugh, Beth Hodgen and Cindy Tranter read the senior class history to the graduating class. Bottom Right: Class President Virgil Cross ends the program by dismissing the seniors to Providence Park. Far Right: Mr. Nash awards Debbie Ford a scholar- ship for her work done on the publications staff. Senior Picnic: Wet and Wild The senior picnic was a splash. Almost every senior and senior sponsor was force- fully thrown into Hurricane Creek result- ing in lots of splashes. The first person to enter the creek was sponsor Mr. New- some. Some of the seniors hid out in the park during the entire picnic to avoid landing in the creek. Before the creek episode, seniors feasted hungrily on ham sandwiches, baked beans, potatoe chips, salads, cook- ies, brownies, and cake. While a few sen- iors played football, others became involved in a game of tug-of-war across the creek, with the losing side continually crying " Unfair, unfair! " The picnic was a great success but all the seniors agreed the best part was trying to drown the spon- sors. Above left: After throwing Sandy Lipsius in the creek, Wes Hendricks helps her out while other sen- iors gather around to watch. Below Left: A group of " dry " seniors stand on the bank of the creek and enjoy watching other seniors being thrown in the creek. Below: The epitome of every senior attending the picnic, Harry Furrer climbs out of the creek. 101 A Time for Us Middle left: The 1973 graduating class, together for the last time, waits for the invocation before being seated for the ceremony. Below left: Graduate Jenny Haggard shows admir- ing underclassmen her diploma. Below right: Senior class Vice-President Carol Hen- derson closes commencement ceremonies by giving the benediction. Right: Expressing her feelings over the last four years of school, Beth Hodgen addresses the class on " A Time for Us. " Middle right: The seniors marching to " Pomp and Circumstance " file slowly into the gymnasium for commencement ceremonies. Far right: Straightening her cap, Debbie Eads, along with many other seniors worries about the appear- ance of caps and gowns. Below right: Class President Virgil Cross leads the changing of tassels as the seniors graduate together. May 27, 1973 — that was the day of the colorful commencement of 236 seniors, the 101st graduating class of Franklin Community High School. Before entering Vandivier Gymnasium, sophisticated seniors paused to straighten caps or to smooth the wrinkles of class- mates ' gowns. The somber and tense sen- iors marched slowly to their waiting seats at 8:00 as the school orchestra played " Pomp and Circumstance. " Before the commencement began, there was nervous confusion about the sitting instructions; and as a result, part of the class remained standing while their classmates were sit- ting. Beth Hodgen addressed the seniors on " A Time for Us " and Mr. Breck pres- ented the class to the school board. Then one by one, from the shortest to the tall- est, the class received their diplomas. When President Virgil Cross led in the changing of the tassels, the tension broke and relief spread through the group. The class marched out quickly to the " War March of the Priest, " turned in their caps and gowns and left four years behind. ■ 102 Baccalaureate Baccalaureate began at 2:00 p.m. on May 27. Junior class President Bob Colin opened with the invocation. Linda Roman gave the scripture reading and Rev. Kauffman of Tabernacle Christian Church spoke on " A Date with History. " Sheryl Fisher delivered the benediction, closing the service. 103 Class of ' 73 : Seniors of Accomplishment The 101st graduating class left Franklin High School on May 27 taking many memories with them. Leading the class of ' 73 were President Virgil Cross, Vice-Pres- ident Carol Henderson, Secretary Debbie Ford, and Treasurer Mike Breck. Over their four years, these seniors had many accomplishments mixed with a few failures. They were the first to receive class rings as sophomores. The class was the first in over two decades to travel to the State Basketball Tournament and the only one to have a Trester Award winner in the school ' s history. The senior girls were victorious in the Powder Puff Foot- ball Game. On May 12, 1972, they gave the ' 72 seniors an " Underwater Paradise. " The Speedway seniors, as a result of their adventures, succeeded in changing an established school policy. The class was one of the only classes to avoid winning any awards for best-deco- rated hall during their four years of school. They never had a homecoming queen, but Debbie Ford reigned as Sweet- heart Queen. 5 fggjB ) Above Right: These senior girls reflect the spirit pos- sessed by the entire school and community during the basketball tournament. Left: Head senior sponsor, Mr. Legan receives from Mike Breck a gift from the senior class thanking him for his help during the past four years. Above: As Mr. Poque, Mr. Breck, and Mrs. Voland check the sitting arrangement of the seniors before commencement begins, guidance counselor, Mr. Turner checks the diplomas. 104 Top Ten Bonnie Perry This year the honor of being in the top ten was shared by five boys and five girls. Bonnie Perry, valedictorian, led the class of ' 73 with a perfect scholastic record; and David Hanna was next as salutatorian. The students in the Top Ten main- tained through four years of high school a grade point average of 3.7. To be one of the top ten in a graduating class of 236 is, indeed, quite an honor. The 1973 KITE congratulates these people for their fine scholastic achievements. David Hanna John Carpenter Lana Stephenson Cindy Tranter Kevin McKinney Eileen Goley Brent Waymire Carol Henderson 105 Yesterday ' s Children kmSmM L v m Bi VI M ■ Shhi Above: Unobserved by the track fans, Matt Kelly races last to the finish line. Upper Middle: Gary Morris works on farm machinery in Ag class to further his knowledge of farming. Far Right: Tuning their guitars, Bobby Blake and Miice Eacret prepare for the mixer held after the basketball game. Right: Principal of Whiteland High School, Mr. Slieghter, presents the seniors of the basketball team the Sectional Trophy. GARY ABPLANALP: FCA; Hi-Y, pres.; Jr-Hi-Y; National Honor Soci- ety, pres.; Baseball; Basketball; Arthur L. Trester Award. MARSHA BAKER: Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y. GREG BARGER. JERRY BAY. 106 Above right: Coach Trueblood congratulates football player Dave Walters as he receives the Most Valuable Player Award. Above center: At the basketball state finals, John Hammel presents Garry Abplanalp with the cov- eted Arthur L. Trester Award for outstanding mental attitude. KAREN ANN BEARD: FBLA; OEA —Vice pres.; Tri-Hi-Y; FHA. DALE W. BECHERT. KEITH ALLEN BLACK: FTA; Con- cert Choir; Heritage Singers; Pep Club. TONYA BLACK: FHA; FBLA; OEA; Spanish Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y. BECKY BLACKWELL. LEAH ANN BLACKWELL: FBLA; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y. JUDY BLEDSOE: KITE; AFS; Tri- Hi-Y; Spanish Club; National Honor Society. DAVE BOHM: Football; Hi-Y; French Club; Pep Club; Science Club. DEBBIE BOLIN. DON BRAY. JOYCE BRAY: FBLA; FHA; Pep Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y. MICHAEL BRECK: Basketball; Tennis; FTA, treas.; Jr-Hi-Y; National Honor Society, treas; Class treasurer 10, 11, 12. 107 MIKE BRONISZEWSKI. STEVE BRONISZEWSKI: Jr. Hi- Y, pres.; Basketball; Track; FBLA; Hi-Y. ALLEN BROWN. MARK EDWIN BROWN: FFA. YVONNE BROWN: FBLA: Jr. Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Grappelette. LIGA BRITTO: Tri-Hi-Y; AFS Exchange Student. CAROLYN JO BRYANT: Varsity Cheerleader; Class vice-pres. 9, 10; Student Council; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi- Y; FTA; Science Club; Latin Club; Grappelette; Red Cross. KATHY JO BUCKLER. VICKIE LYNN BUECHELE: FBLA; Pep Club; Latin Club; Science Club. MARSHA JEAN BUNDY: DECA, sec; Pep Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y. SHARON BURTON: FBLA; FHA; OEA; Tri-Hi-Y. KATHY LYNN BURTON: FBLA; Honart; Grappelette; Concert Choir. KENNETH EDWARD BURTON: Basketball; Baseball. DAVID SAMUEL CADE: FCA; Jr. Hi-Y; Science Club; Red Cross; Wrestling; Track. KENNETH BRUCE CAMPBELL: Track; Cross Country; Chess Club; Basketball Mgr. CHARLES WILSON CANARY: Grizzly Cub Mascot; Footba ll; Wrestling; Student Council, treas.; FFA, pres.; Hi-Y, chap.; Spanish Club, treas.; FCA; Pep Club. THOMAS GREGG CANARY. JOHN STEPHEN CARPENTER: Band, pres.; Latin Club, pres.; National Honor Society; Electron; Regional Science Fair Winner; State Band Solo Winner. LISA CATT. STEVE CEARING: Honart, pres.; Hi-Y; Science Club; Pep Club; Bas- ketball; Football; Baseball; Spanish Club; Jr. Hi-Y. CINDRA CHEATHAM: National Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y JANA KAY CHESSER: OEA, vice- pres. JUDI KAY CHESSER: Pep Club; OEA. BEVERLY LOU CLARK: Concert Choir; Pep Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri- Hi-Y; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Science Club; Aqua Kid; Cinderella; Grappelette. Upper left: Members of Honart, Jeff Raufeisen and Steve Cearing show their admiration for one of the decorations made in preparation for the annual banquet. Upper right: During a school convocation, singer Paul Cadwell uses his talent to charm and embar- rass Diane Colin. Middle left: Steve Broniszewski, Allen Owens, Terry Waltz, Jerry Bay, Greg Barger, and John McKee ham it up in their vocational printing class. Middle right: As secretary of a mock senate, Diane Kowitz reads a bill for consideration by Mr. Hamlin ' s fifth-hour civics class. Bonnie Perry presides as president pro-tempore. Bottom: Accompanied by Garry Abplanalp, sen- ior Homecoming candidate Beth Deppe is chauf- fered to the crowning platform during half-time ceremonies. Left: The only senior on the varsity cheerleading squad, Carolyn Bryant, leads Grizzly fans in a chant supporting the football team. 109 DIANE COLIN: Tri-Hi-Y, vice-pres.; Pep Club; French Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Cinderella. JAMES STEVE COMPTON: Wres- tling; FFA, pres.; Hi-Y; Pep Club; Student Council; Track. CONNIE COOK. THOMAS SCOTT COWARD: Band; Drum Major; Band Council; National Honor Society; AFS. DANIEL R. COY: Pep Club; Wres- tling; FCA. DEBBIE S. CRAFTON: FHA; FBLA; FFA. VIRGIL L. CROSS: Basketball; Class president, 11, 12; Student Council; FTA, vice-pres. PERRY CRUSE. Upper right: During the semi-state, seniors join efforts in an attempt to out-yell the huge Rich- mond cheer block. Franklin ' s opponents in the final game. Center right: The enthusiastic expressions of Bonnie Tracy and Eileen Goley exemplify the support of the " wonder fans " for their great Wonder Cubs. Right: Jayne Waggoner, one of the varsity divers on the GAA swim team, demonstrates her skill in a back dive, pike position. 110 JILL CUMMINGS: Pep Club; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Aquakid; Cinder- ella; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y; National Honor Society; GAA. TERRI DAVIS: Tri-Hi-Y; FTA; Spanish Club; Grappelette; Jr. Tri- Hi-Y; Latin Club. BETH ANN D EPPE: National Honor Society; Science Club; Pep Club; Tri- Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Latin Club; Grappelette; Cinderella; Homecoming queen candidate; Concert Choir. BOB DEWITT: Hi-Y, sec; FCA; Red Cross; Spanish Club; Science Club; Football; Wrestling; Baseball; Pep Club. JAMES DICKEY. NEIL DIXON. CHERYL A. DOSS: OEA, pres.; FBLA, vice-pres.; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi- Y; FHA; Grappelette; Pep Club. KEVIN DUANE DOSS: Pep Club; Football; Baseball; Wrestling; Track. DAVID A. DUCKWORTH: Student Council; FFA; FCA; Pep Club; Track; Basketball. MICHAEL DUKATE: FCA; Pep Club; National Honor Society; Cross Country; Wrestling; Track. MICHAEL S. EACRET: Basketball; Band. DEBRA KAREN EADS: National Honor Society; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Band; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Cinderella; " You Were Born on a Rotten Day. " Ill KENT S. EARLY: Spanish Club; French Club; Honart; FCA; Jr. Hi-Y, treas.; Hi-Y; Science Club; Pep Club; Football; Track; Cross Country. CAROLYN EDWARDS: Latin Club; Spanish Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; GAA; National Honor Society; Aquakid; Cinderella. JAMES EFFERSON. PHIL EGENOLF: Football; Jr. Hi- Y; Pep Club. FREDA ELDRIDGE. JOE LELAND ERICKSON: Wres- tling; Science Club; Spanish Club; FCA; Hi-Y; Pep Club. PAULA FERGASON: Tn-Hi-Y, sgt.- at-arms; Pep Club, vice-pres.; Spanish Club; GAA; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; FTA; Cin- derella; Grappelette. SARAH L. FEWELL: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y; Cinderella; Grappelette; VICA, treas. ; FBLA. DEBBIE S. FORD: Class secretary, 11, 12; National Honor Society; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y; GAA; FBLA, pres.; Pep Club; Cinderella; KITE. TONY FROST: Track. PAMELA J. FULTON: DECA. HARRY FURRER: Football; Track; Latin Club, treas.; Science Club; Hi-Y; Jr. Hi-Y; Pep Club, sec.-treas.; Student Council, pres. MARSHA SUE GENTRY: Jr. Tri-Hi- Y; Tri-Hi-Y; FBLA; FHA; Latin Club. KATHYGILL: DECA; FHA. PIA YVETTE GOLDEN. EILEEN GOLEY: Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri- Hi-Y; Latin Club; Pep Club; Science Club; National Honor Society. CINDY GREEN: Student Council; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Science Club; Aquakid; Grappelette; Cinderella. JANIE GREEN: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri- Hi-Y; Cinderella; Grappelette; Sci- ence Club; Latin Club; Pep Club. PATRICIA GRICE: Pep Club; Honart. JOHN GRIMMER: Swimming, capt.; Science Club, pres.; Pep Club; Basketball; Jr. Hi-Y. Center right: At the pep session held before the Whiteland tourney, a number of the senior girls performed a skit honoring the senior ABC ' s of the basketball team, Abplanalp, Breck and Cross. VINCE HACKER: Tennis. JENNIFER ANN HAGGARD: FBLA; FHA; GAA; Tri-Hi-Y; Grappelette; Cinderella. JOYCE HARRIS. THERESA LYNN HARRIS: FHA; DECA. GREG HART: FCA; Jr. Hi-Y; Hi- Y; Spanish Club; Pep Club, vice- pres.; Science Club; Track; Foot- ball, capt.; Swimming. RICHARD HASS: Swimming; Pep Club; VICA. RUTH HAYMAKER: Heritage Sing- ers; Concert Choir, vice-pres.; French Club, pres.; " You Were Born on a Rot- ten Day " ; Tri-Hi-Y; FTA. SANDY HAZELWOOD: FHA; FBLA. CAROL HENDERSON: Class sec. 9, 10; Class vice-pres. 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y, pres.; Majorette; National Honor Soci- ety; Cinderella; Aquakid. FREDDIE A. HENDLEY. WES HENDRICKS: FFA; FTA; " You Were Born on a Rotten Day " ; " The Wizard of Oz. " MIKE HENRY: Baseball; Wres- tling; Electron. KAREN SUE HENSLEY: Jr. Tri-Hi- Y; Tri-Hi-Y; Band Council; Latin Club. PHILLIP W. HICKS: Football; Band; FFA. ELIZABETH ANN HODGEN: Majorette; National Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Science Club; Aquakid; Cinderella; Latin Club; Spanish Club. VIRGINIA PAULINE HOGUE: DECA. JANET HOLMES: Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Aquakid; Cinder- ella - GAA. JONATHAN BROOKER HOOD: Track; Cross Country; Pep Club; Jr. Hi-Y; Student Council; National Honor Society. KAREN ROBERTA HOSKINS: Pep Club; Spanish Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; FHA. DONALD HOUSHOUR. PEGGY HUMBLE. DAVID GEORGE HANNA: Latin Club; National Honor Society. GLORIA JEAN HUPP: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; FBLA; OEA; Pep Club. RAMONA ELLEN INLOW: Cin- derella; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Spanish Club; FBLA. MICHAEL JACOBS: DECA. CHARITA ELAINE JONES: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y; FBLA; OEA. NATE JONES: VICA; DECA, treas. JAMES KELLEY. JOHN MATTHEW KELLEY: Foot- ball, capt.; Basketball; Wrestling; Baseball, Track; FCA; Jr. Hi-Y; Hi-Y; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Science Club. RANDY KELLEY. MARILYN KLOPP: FHA. DIANE KOWITZ: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; FBLA; OEA; Pep Club. BART JAY KRASSON: Football; Wrestling; Cross Country; Track; Pep Club; French Club; Hi-Y; Science Club. GENE O. LAGRANGE: Hi-Y; Pep Club; FCA; Wrestling; Spanish Club; Jr. Hi-Y; Baseball; Science Club. DAN LAMEY. PATRICIA M. LAWSON: FBLA; Pep Club. GREGORY N. LEE. JANET A. LEERKAMP: Tri-Hi-Y; GAA; Reserve Cheerleader; Science Club; Pep Club; Spanish Club; Aquakid; Cinderella. DAN LEWIS: Baseball. DUANE LEWIS. SANDRA L. LIPSIUS: Student Coun- cil; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y; Science Club; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Prom Court; Cinderella; GAA; Red Cross Club; Electron; National Honor Soci- ety. JONATHAN LIVINGSTON: Hi- Y; Basketball, Mgr.; Band; Science Club. NANCY ELLEN LOGAN: FTA; GAA; French Club; Grappelette; Tri- Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club. MIKE LOVEDAY. GREG LOWE: Red Cross; Pep Club; Latin Club; Chess Club; Hi-Y; Science Club; Baseball. DEBRA LYNN MAGERS: Pep Band; Pep Club; Cinderella. 114 PATTY McGILL. RITA DAWN McKAY: Jr. Tn-Hi- Y, pres.; Tri-Hi-Y, treas.; Pep Club; Grappelette; FTA; Cinderella. JOHN McKEE. KEVIN MARK McKINNEY: National Honor Society; FCA, pres.; Football; Basketball. KENNETH WAYNE MEEK: Swim- ming; FTA. DENNIS W. MILLION: Football; Track; Pep Club. BARBARA LYNN MITCHELL: FBLA; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; OEA. DEBORAH ARLENE MOORE: Science Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Pep Club. GARY W. MORRIS: FFA; VICA. TIMOTHY W. MORRISON: Bas- ketball; Cross Country; Baseball; Pep Club. MICHAEL W. MORROW: Class president, 9, 10; Student Council; Sci- ence Club; Jr. Hi-Y; Hi-Y; FCA; Latin Club; Pep Club; Basketball; Track. JAMES RICHARD MOWERY: Football; Track; FCA; Jr. Hi-Y; Hi- Y; Science Club; Pep Club. DOUG MUNDORFF. SHARON MURPHY: Tri-Hi-Y, sec; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Sgt.-at-arms; Pep Club; GAA; Prom Court; Grappe- lette; Aquakid; Cinderella; Spanish Club. STEVE NAVOROW. KATHLEEN NEFF: Pep Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y. Left: One of the favorite teachers of the seniors, Mr. Hamlin, is teased at the Christmas convoca- tion by Santa Claus and Carol Henderson about his anti-gum chewing policy. 115 MARIETTA LYNN NORRIS: Pep Club; Spanish Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri- Hi-Y; Cinderella; Pep Band. ALLEN OWENS. FREDERICK L. PARIS: FFA; Hi-Y; VICA; Pep Club. ANNA PEMPERTON. BONNIE PERRY: KITE; National Honor Society; Student Council; Tri- Hi-Y; GAA; French Club. CONNIE PERRY. NANCY ANN POGUE: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Pep Club; Honart; FBLA; Cinderella; Grappe- lette. CONSTANCE I. POYNTER: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y; FTA; Latin Club; Pep Club. MARILYN PRYOR: National Honor Society; KITE; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, vice- pres.; Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Science Club; GAA. VICKIE RAINEY: Tri-Hi-Y; Honart, vice-pres.; National Honor Society. JEFFREY LYNN RAUFIESEN: Good citizenship award; Jr. Hi-Y, vice- pres.; Hi-Y; Honart; Pep Club; Sci- ence Club; Track. Upper right: In civics class, Greg Sanders. Ken Campbell, Kent Early and Greg Lowe discuss the pros and cons of admitting Puerto Rico to the Union. Right: Bart Krasson, Hank Smith and Wes Hen- dricks make use of the library conference room to do their homework in order not to disturb other students. SHARON KAY REED: Jr. Tn-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Electron; Camera Club; French Club. JIM REESE BILL REYNOLDS: FFA. JIM C. RIDGE: Wrestling; Band; Hi-Y. MARC RITTEMAN: Pep Club; Hi- Y; Track; Wrestling. MICHAEL D. ROBERTSON: Jr. Hi-Y; Hi-Y; Pep Club. JUDY ANN ROBINETTE: OEA, FBLA, Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; FHA. GARY ROGERS: French Club; Science Club. ALAN ROUTIER: Pep Club; Science Club; Track. MELIA JANE RUSSOM: Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Grappe- lette; Cinder ella. BENTON SAMMONS: FFA. H K Rf " ■ , H B tofT " p- M lli f -t m B 1 1 Left: Wingbacker Karon Workman carries the coveted pigskin to the end zone to score the win- ning touchdown for the seniors in the Powder Puff Game. 117 GREGORY WAYNE SANDERS: Golf; Pep Club; Latin Club; Jr. Hi-Y; Hi-Y; Basketball. PATRICIA SUE SAYRE: Aquakid. ROBERT K. SCHMIDT. MIKE SCHOLL. w V.( REBECCA ANN SCOURFIELD: Pep Club; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Racquette; FHA; Cinderella. DAVID SEBESKY. THOMAS SHELLEY. WESLEY RAY SHIDLER: FFA; Band. MIKE SHIRLEY: Football; Basket- ball; Baseball; DECA. BARBARA SMILEY: GAA; Band. WILLIAM SMITH. LOLA A. SNYDER: Band, sec; Pep Band; Concert Choir; Latin Club; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Red Cross. Middle Left: During the Powder Puff game Sandy Lipsius and Lynn Pryor display senior confidence by holding a banner reading " Even though Juniors are wearing padded bras, we ' ll still win!!! " Middle Right: In Chemistry II, Lynn Pryor care- fully checks the chemical heating in a crucible. 118 HANK SOUTH. SHERRY SPICER. JACKIE STAINBROOK: Jr. Tri-Hi- Y; Tri-Hi-Y; Latin Club; Pep Club; GAA; FHA; Racquette; Grappelette. LAN A JO STEPHENSON: Jr. Tri- Hi-Y; Pep Club; Latin Club; Span- ish Club; Grappelette; Cinderella; FFA, sec; Tri-Hi-Y; National Honor Society; Spanish Award, Chemistry Award. GAIL STEVENS: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri- Hi-Y; FBLA; OEA. SHARON STRALEY: FBLA; FHA; Pep Club; OEA. ROBIN STRUNK: GAA. RANDALL E. TARR: Wrestling, Reserve County Champ; FFA; Creed Contest. AUDREY TAYLOR: DECA. TERESA TEARMAN. LARRY THOMPSON: Football; Hi- Y; Pep Club; Science Club; Latin Club. SANDRA JEAN TILLISON: National Honor Society; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Science Club; Student Coun- cil; Aquakids; Cinderella. BARBARA CHASE TOOLE: Concert Choir, sec; Racquette, vice-pres.; " Bye-Bye Birdie " choreographer; French Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club. BONNIE JO TRACY: Choir; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Science Club; Elec- tron; National Honor Society. CYNTHIA ANN TRANTER: Head Majorette, 12; National Honor Soci- ety; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; Latin Club; Science Club; Aquakid, pres.; Cinder- ella; Prom Court; Good Citizen Award; Biology Award. DAVID VANDERPLOEG: FFA; GAA. RODNEY G. VANDIVER: FFA. RICHARD D. VANOSDOL: Wres- tling; FTA, sgt-at-arms; French Club; Mixed Choir. MYRENA LYN VAUGHT: Band; FHA; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Science Club; Cinderella. BOWON WAIDEE: AFS; Band. Left: Cheerleaders (?) Bob Dewitt, Dave Bohm and Mike Broniszewski back the senior girl pow- der puff team to their 8-6 victory over the juniors. JAYNE WAGGONER: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Pep Club Cinderella; Grappelette; Aquakid Reserve Cheerleader; GAA, pres. STEVEN KENNARD WAKE- FIELD: National Honor Society; Pep Club; Science Club; Hi-Y; Jr. Hi-Y; Track; Cross Country. JANICE CAY WALL: FTA, pres.; Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Heritage Singers; Con- cert Choir; " Bye, Bye, Birdie. " DAVID L. WALTERS: Hi-Y; Pep Club; FCA; Jr. Hi-Y; Football; Baseball. TERRY WALTZ: Camera Club. BRENT T. WAYMIRE: Hi-Y, vice- pres.; Track; Science Club; Spanish Club; National Honor Society; Stu- dent Council. LOU WEIR: Football; track. ROBIN WEST: Pep Club; Major- ette. Top right: County champion wrestler Brad Crowe, becomes involved in the process of defeating another opponent. Bottom right: In one of the leading roles of " Bye, Bye, Birdie, " Jan Wall (Rosie) gives her har- rassed employer Jeff Reynolds (Albert Peterson) one-half of an aspirin. Far right: In the library, Carolyn Edwards and Janie Russom research material needed in an economics report. 120 JERRI KAY WHEELER: OEA; Latin Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Cinderella. SUSAN C. WHETSTINE: FHA. BETTY JANE WHITE: Band; Pep Band; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; Tri-Hi-Y. PAMELA JANE WHITTENBAR- GER: KITE, Editor; National Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y; FTA, cadet teacher; Latin Club; Ferra Good Citizenship Award. BILL WHITWORTH: Spanish Club. MICHAEL WILKINSON: FFA MIKE A. WILLEY: FFA. ROBERT WILLIAMS. KAREN WILSON. MARLA A. WILSON: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; DECA. SUSAN J. WISEMAN: National Honor Society; Spanish Club, pres.; Science Club, treas.; Tri-Hi-Y, histo- rian; Spanish Club Exchange Student; GAA; Pep Club; Cinderella; Jr. Tri- Hi-Y, chaplain, KITE. MICHAEL E. WOLARTH: DECA; VICA; Pep Club; Wrestling. KARON R. WORKMAN: Pep Club, pres.; GAA, vice-pres.; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, treas.; Tri-Hi-Y, chaplain; Student Council; Science Club; Latin Club; FTA. MARY BETH WRAY: DECA. JEFFREY L. WYRICK: Student Council; Jr. Hi-Y; Football; capt.; Wrestling. EDDIE Y ADEN: VICA. Upper left: Coach Chastain, stationed near the finish of the cross country course, hands to Mike Henry his finishing marker. Left: The Tea Room is a popular meeting place for seniors tired of study hall. There they work on homework together and discuss important things like cars, parties and troublesome underclass- men. Chaos, Ulcers, Confusion, and Fun — Prom ' 73 " Who tied this knot? " " Where ' s Colin and the wood? " " Look out! " Anyone entering the FCHS gymnasium before the prom might have heard any one of these familiar phrases reverberat- ing through the air. Studies were quickly dropped into second place as committee meetings, work sessions, and worries over whether everything would be finished on time filled every junior ' s waking hours. The preparations which took place hardly seemed adequate when looked at separately; yet it was a very satisfying feeling when the pieces all fit together to cany out the theme of this year ' s prom, " Magical Carousel, " junior-senior prom of 1973. Top right: Mr. Cox, David Sutherland, and Jeff Canary perform a traditional prom activity — untan- gling the parachute ' s seeming thousands of ropes. Right: Junior " artists " Delilah Wyrick, Mike Mag- ers, Annette Sivils, and Cheryl Van Cleave draw pandas which were used for wall decorations. Below right: Previously undiscovered talent comes to the surface as these juniors demonstrate a flair for stuffing chicken wire with crepe paper and tissues. Below: A slightly nervous freshman server, Kevin Kelley, practices his serving manners on Mrs. Nash before the prom begins. 122 Left: Freshman servers attired in their tie-dyed clown suits await guests in the refreshment stand. Below left: Nine Strickland supplies a clown face to Keida Stainbrook, freshman server. , ( Above: Servers Kevin Kelley and Keida Stainbrook clown around in one of the many booths used in the prom decorations. Left: Colorful outfits, tennis shoes and lots of makeup turned these freshmen into very respectable- looking clowns for the prom. 123 Right: Emcee Mark Haltom presents head junior sponsor, Mr. Spurgeon, with a gift of appreciation from the junior class. Below: Darrell bends at the knees as Debbie Ford reaches to place the crown firmly on the his head. Far right: Crown bearers Stacy Reynolds and Joe Heuchan proceed in to begin the crowning cere- mony. Center right: Chaperons Mr. Cox and Miss Stohler enjoy the music of the Continentals as they glide gracefully across the floor. Below left: With many smiles and tears, Debbie Ford adjusts Bobbie Cordell ' s crown after she has been chosen Prom Queen of 1973. Below center: Mike Breck escorts Sharon Murphy through the colorful entrance way, a gigantic carnival clown. Bottom right: Male prom court members Bob Colin, Jon McGlocklin, Chris McCarty, and Don McGlocklin await the final decision. 124 ' 73 Prom: Magical Carousel Illuminated by pastel lights and deco- rated with the sights usually seen at a car- nival, Vandivier Gymnasium became a lively place during this year ' s prom. While dancing to the music of the Continentals, guests admired the gigantic carousel cre- ated as both the centerpiece and back- ground for the throne. The entrance way had become the face of a huge clown. Ser- vers, attired in clown suits, added to the carnival atmosphere as they served cook- ies and punch to the guests. Darrell Heu- chan and Bobbie Cordell were crowned King and Queen of the Magical Carousel. To end the evening, the local skating rink was transformed into Funsville as students skated and danced until dawn. Top left: Miss Bobbie Cordell smiles happily after being chosen 1973 Prom Queen. Center left: Prom court members Angie Newkirk and Chris McCarty join in the traditional royal dance following the crowning. Bottom left: Prom Court 1973: Angie Newkirk, Bobbie Umbright, and Luann Williams. Not pic- tured was Vera Anderson, first runner-up. Above left: King Darrell Heuchan and Queen Bobbie Cordell dance " their dance " after the crowning. King Darrell Heuchan and Queen Bobbie Cordell beam with happiness after being crowned by Virgil Cross and Debbie Ford. Left: Resplendent in top hat, cane, and tails, Mark Kelley escorts Debbie Tranter to the picture corner to capture the night in a photo. Mark Alexander Mike Alexander Jeff Alvey Vera Anderson David Andreas Doug Andrews Lynn Andrews John Anoskey Richard Asher Tricia Auld Debbie Bair Dave Ballenger Mary Barnes Bonnie Beaty John Bechert Velma Bennett Dave Berry Dee Bingham . " ff-BJack Lou AnTTBt Brenda Blanford Juniors Join Ranks of Upperclassmen Determination was proven by the jun- iors as they finished their third year at FCHS. Planning for a successful senior year and putting together the prom " Mag- ical Carousel " were their biggest projects and problems. Sacrificing the excitement of backing the Cubs, many Juniors sold concessions during the basketball season to finance the prom for the seniors. They showed an interest in college as they spent Saturdays taking the PSAT and SAT for college applications. Upper right: Concern appears in the faces of Elaine George, Gail Dasbach, Betsy Rupp, and Debbie Tranter as they anxiously check the scoreboard dur- ing the Powder Puff game. Right: Resorting to a step stool, Rita Rebenack finds the top of her locker too tall for her reach. Below: The officers for the class of " 74 " were Mark Haltom. Treas.: Linda Roman, Vice-Pres.; Bob Colin, Pres.; Sheryl Fisher, Sec. 126 Tom Bledsoe Bob Blue Mike Bolin Linda Bostic Laura Bradley Tim Briggs Stan Brooks Hazel Browning Michael Browning Bob Buckler Richard Bullers Diane Burch Mike Bush Steve Camden Tom Campbell Jeff Canary Kevin Canary Susan Chandler Connie Chase Terry Cheek Mike Childers Toni Childs Diane Claiborne Karen Clark Sherry Clayton Cindy Clodfelter Donna Cody Bob Colin Anita Collins Pam Compton Russell Compton John Cook Barbara Cordell Debbie Cox Doris Cox Steve Cramer Ron Crawley Hank Crenshaw Pam Crist Beverly Crockett Kathy Cruser Bobby Crutcher Mark Cundiff Gail Dasbach Larry Davis Scott Davis Alice Deck Murphy Deem 127 Debbie Deer Brad Demott Doug Deskins Jay Dishinger Tim Dobbs Janice Drake Larry Drake Rita Edens Jeff Eggers Carl Erdman Jim Erp John Feyerbend Sheryl Fisher Eric Fredbeck Nancy Friddle Kevin Funkhouser Rick Furgason Dan Gallien Joanne Garrett Elaine George Ava Gibson Don Gilbert Thea Glendenning Cindy Goad Ken Green Mark Haltom Ed Handy Mike Harrison Roy Harter Deanna Hawkins Roxie Hayes Cindy Hayworth Jim Henderson Gerry Henley Darrel Heuchan Charles Hicks Carl Higdon Mary Hobbs Janet Hodson Dawn Hoeltke Jennifer Holmes Janet Hommel John Huhnke Judy Hunter Tom Hunter Diane Jackson Debbie Jent 128 Ruth Jones Myron Julian Mark Kelley Nancy Keucher Frances Killough Rae Jean Klopp Jon McGlocklin Stan Lafary Dan Lamey Paula Land Randy Law Mike Lay Paul Legan Howard Litson Connie Lusk Robert Lynn Mike Magers Charles Maggart Paul Marchand Michele Martin . Alaine Matherly Far left: All-tourney forward Don McGlocklin snips away at the Hinkle net and looks forward to Bloom- ington. Left: Junior counselor Mrs. Mullendore helps Den- nis Morefield and Kathy Cruser interpret their PSAT scores. Below: Mark Kelley accepts his first football letter from Coach Trueblood at the Fall Sports Banquet. Mindy Mitchell David Mobley Steve Moody Dennis Morefield Jim Morgan Dave Morris Marsha Morris 129 Right: A large French vocabulary and a dictionary supply Robin Nixon and Andrea Swan with strategic plays in a game of scrabble. Below right: Diane Ramsey records the data and observations from her Chemistry II experiment. Patty Price Kathy Provost Roberts Ramires Diane Ramsey Steve Rawson Rita Rebennack Donnda Regan Jeff Reynolds Patty Riddle Charles Roberts Robin Roberts Larry Robinette Louis Robson Mike Rockelmen 130 Kis nnnif Bageifc Krnthy RogOFn Linda R u iumi Jessie Ruddicl c Bumiii: RujjlH«- SttT P.ynrrtnn Jirti S ' -amplw- Greg Sapp " • ' T — rx Hij i llfcai iuiy . 1 liTl SllcllL_y " ri Jllll Sliiiilui =fene=Sfeidler diliis Sinpsm flr eky Sledg e 7olliu Sincariitg jBrian Smit h Torry Smith • Sharon SncoA Rubin Snnrlrpttft Miki Gpmr o w ' Oil niu S pieot Above left: Tim Suttles masters the art of inking as he finished his sketch in Art I. Left: Bob Colin shows his disbelief of a referee ' s call during a tourney basketball game. 131 Susan Spicer Kay Stainbrook Debbie Stancombe Tom Stillabower Teresa Stinson Donna Stout Nina Strickland Tom Stubbeman Dave Sutherland Tim Suttles Andrea Swan Jim Thomas Debbie Thompson Vern Thompson Dennis Torrance Debra Tranter Truitt Trogdon Bobbie Umbright Cheryl VanCleave Brenda Van Meter Chris Van Slyke Above left: Surveying the wide selection in the a la carte line, Alaine Matherly, Toni Childs, and Gwen Wolfarth choose their lunch. Above: Debbie Nuckles moves with the music at the KITE Mixer. Right: In his physics class, Paul Marchard demon- strates the Bernoulli Principle. Michael Wilson Wayne Wiseman Gwen Wolfarth Lou Anne Wolf Kathy Wright Scott Wright Delilah Wyrick Grace Yaden Steven Yount Brenda Zimmer David Koepper Jerrie Leeds Above: Homecoming court from left: sophomore Connie Orman. senior Beth Deppe, 1970 Homecom- ing Queen Patty Cordell, junior Bobbie Umbright and freshman Becky Bryant. Escorts from left: John Ditmars, Garry Abplanalp. John Grimmer. Mark Haltom, and Dean Abplanalp. 134 Oktober Spirit Prevails Much enthusiasm and Grizzle spirit marked the 1972 Homecoming Week which began on October 8. The week ' s activities opened with an enthusiastic dis- play of Grizzle spirit as each class deco- rated a hall carrying out the theme, " The World of Disney. " The halls were judged for best display and the sophomore class was awarded first place. Throughout the week students continued to show their spirit by following the various activities and contests planned for each day. Dur- ing the pep session on Friday, Bob Dewitt was named " Mr. Irresistible, " Harry Fur- rer was crowned " Mr. Muscle-Man, " and Alan Routier became known as " Spirit Boy. " The climatic event of the week was Fri- day ' s game with Martinsville where the Grizzlies were defeated 35-6. To brighten everyone ' s spirits, Bobbie Umbright was crowned Homecoming Queen during halftime ceremonies by Patty Cordell, 1970 queen. A fitting closing for the week was the Oktoberfest, the homecoming dance for this year held on Friday night in the Franklin College Campus Center. Above left: Escorting Lisa Slifer to the Oktoberfest dance, senior Jim Mowery purchases his tickets at the door from student council members. Left: After being crowned homecoming queen, Bobbie Umbright and Kip Payton dance to a song played by Sam Yount ' s band at the Oktoberfest dance. 135 Sophomores: Two Down, Two to Go! A determined class of ' 75 started their high school career full of spirit and have carried it through a second year. Just stuck in the middle, they did not have the overconfidence of upperclassmen nor the shyness of freshmen. Putting two girls on the varsity cheerleading squad and receiv- ing class rings were a few highlights of their year. Barbara Basham Karen Baxter Jean Bay Sandra Bechert Pam Bedwell Roberts Bills Linda Black Kenneth Black Robert Blackwell Jackie Bland James Bolin Lucianne Boyd Jackie Brockman Debra Broniszewski 136 Debbie Brown Pamela Brown Susan Bruce Denzil Buckler Jean Burton Sam Bush Steve Butler Joe Cade Anthony Campbell Mark Canary Bruce Carter Crystal Carter Janice Chapin Cindy Chase Brinda Cheatham Ronnie Chelf Donna Clark James Clark Cheryl Clem Donna Clodfelter Denise Cody Barbara Compton Garry Conner Janet Cook Teresa Cooper Terry Coryell Tony Cox Stanley Cramer Sam Crenshaw Sharon Crews Steve Crews Diane Crockett Richard Crowe Sandy Cruse Vicki Cruser Steve Curtis Mike Dasbach Teresa Daugherty David Davis Scott David Diane Davis Tina Deckard Far left: Attendance takers Joy West, Luci Boyd, and Tammy McCarty retreat to the history research center for a break. Upper left: The sophomore class was led by Rick Ransdell, pres.; Connie Smith, vice-pres.: Mark Canary, treas.; Connie Orman, sec. Center left: Sharon Hicks helps brighten a child ' s Christmas as she coaxes the girl to open her gift at the Student Council party for -underprivileged chil- dren. Left: Miss Modlin gives the correct pronunciation of a Latin word while second-year students Matt Young and Sam Bush work on a group translation. 137 Left: Pretending to be a lifeguard, Teresa Strunk uses her " authority " to kick the trouble makers from the pool during P.E. Far left: After the Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Fashion Show, soph- omore girls pass a joke down the refreshment line. Deborah Decker Charles Dewitt Robert Dickey John Ditmars Robert Doss Darrell Duckworth Pam Duke Laura Dyer Shelia Eads Treva Eddy John Edwards Betty Ef ferson Monica Eldridge Holly Fergason Bruce Findley Jennifer Findley Shirley Fink Lariann Fleener Tim Foster Linda Fraley Angie Funkhouser Joy Gilliland Cynthia Goforth Julie Goff Garry Golden Terry Golden Randy Gomez Leslie Green Curt Grimmer Wayne Haggard Bryan Haggerty Cathi Hall Mike Harper James Harris David Hawkins Tim Hayes Albert Hendershot Kathleen Henderson Mark Henderson Patty Henley Tammy Henry Ginny Henry Donna Hicks Sharon Hicks Janet Hobbs Jerry Hudson Terry Hughes Becky Isenberg Terry Jacobs Kimberly Johnson Bob Johnson Teena Julian Martin Julian Shawn Kegley Lisa Kitchen Debbie Kimbler Mary Kirtruff Kevin Kyle David Ladd Kathy Lay Betty Lee Dana Linneman Lawrence Litson Linda Logan Mike Logan Carol Loveday Gay Ann Lucas Sherry Lucas Sherry Lynn Lisa Maggard Patti Mann Raymond May Jan McAfee Tammy McCarty Julie McCracken Rodney McDonald Donna Mclntire Jackie McMahon Tom McMurray Becky Meador Mark McWilliams Vivian Meek Jeff Miller Rose Minton Eddie Mitchell Debbie Morris Pam Morris Robert Morris Tom Morrison Debra Mowery Alan N alley Mike Nalley Mary Olivo Rene Olivo Constance Orman David Orr Terri Overton Mary Susan Padgett Frank Paris Ed Parsley Kim Payton Robin Pearson Stanley Perkins Terry Pettit Penny Phelps Ricky Phelps Scott Pool Rick Ransdell Wendy Rautio Eva Rawson Jeff Redifer Keith Rice Bobby Richhart Tim Richey Ricky Roberts Patricia Robinette Monica Rockelman Dena Roderick Sally Roe Lisa Roeder Laura Rogers Jim Rose Anthony Ross Donald Routier Kim Sanders 140 Lower left: As part of his agriculture class, Mark Henderson learns the mechanics involved in repair- ing a tractor. Left: Preparing for her appearance in the musical, Tina Williams has her makeup applied by Mary Olivo. Below: Receiving recognition for her position as head majorette for 1974, Susan Padgett clearly expresses her joy at the underclass awards ' program. Kathy Stephens Sheila Stephens Beverly Stinson William Stiver Cheryl St. Peter Teresa Strunk Connie Sweet Calvin Taylor Dianna Taylor Nancy Tearman Bryon Thompson Cheryl Thompson Jim Tompkins Bob Tracy 141 Ric Walker Patty Wall Theresa Weaver Denise Webb Chuck Wenning Joy West Sarah White Mary Ann Wildman Jeff Wilham Kenny Wilkins Becky Wilkinson Joyce Williams Clifford Wilson Stewart Wilson 142 Cheryl Winks Randy Winters Cindi Wood Jayne Wood Simon Woodall Vickie Woodrum Brenda Yaden Matthew Young Donnie Warren Annette Zellar Mithchell Black Carolyn Browning Jon Clark Left: Spirited sophomores Donna Clodfelter and Holly Fergason back the football team during a hard-fought game. Above: Tuba players Kevin Service and Jim Tomp- kins exert their energy and concentration on their 143 Top right; Sweetheart Queen candidates: Sr. Jan Leerkamp, Fr. Terri Colin, Sr. Debbie Ford, Fr. Keida Stainbrook, Jr. Lou Ann Williams, So. Kathy Henderson, So. Vicki Woodrum, Jr. Sheryl Fisher. Above: Love blooms as couples listen to the entranc- ing music of the Southport Stage Band. Right: Senior candidate Debbie Ford and her escort, Virgil Cross, step down the center aisle before the announcement of the new queen ' s identity. 144 Valentine Tradition Continues Cupid ' s traditional visit to FCHS was once again carried out at the annual Sweetheart Dance held in Webb Gymna- sium. Jointly sponsored by Tri-Hi-Y and Hi- Y, the dance was held on February 10 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Decorated in red and white crepe paper, the center- piece was a covered walkway under which the guests danced to the music of the Southport Dance Band. Adding to the old-fashioned atmosphere was a heart-covered refreshment stand and archway entrance. Freshmen Keida Stainbrook and Terri Colin, sophomores Vicki Woodrum and Cathy Henderson, juniors Sheryl Fisher and Lou Ann Williams, and seniors Debbie Ford and Jan Leerkamp com- peted for the title of Sweetheart Queen. Elected by secret ballot, Miss Ford was crowned Sweetheart Queen of 1973. Left: Sweetheart Queen of 1973, senior Debbie Ford smiles after being crowned by President of Hi-Y, Garry Abplanalp. Below left: Junior candidate Sheryl Fisher enters Webb Gym on the arm of her escort, Eric Fred- beck. Below: Walking to the crowning ceremonies, fresh- man candidate Terri Colin and her escort, Woody Atwood, smile hopefully. 145 Enthusiastic " Spirit of ' 76 ' Enters FCHS The " spirit of 76 " radiated throughout the halls of FCHS as the freshmen became adjusted to the many changes of high school life. They became interested in the new classes and extracurricular activities which were available to them. Much enthusiasm was shown by these students at all sporting events, especially their own. During sectional week activi- ties, this enthusiasm was also evident in the frosh hall display. The class added a much needed $10 to their treasury by win- ning the hall decoration contest. Right: Freshman class officers for the 72-73 year are, from left to right, Keida Stainbrook, Vice-president; Ray Beeler, Treasurer; Terri Colin, Secretary; and Dean Abplanalp, President. Lois Aaron Dean Abplanalp Roger Allen Connie Anderson Kerry Anderson Heather Andrews Woody Atwood Sue Bauldman Rhonda Baumgardner Mike Bay Sylvester Bay Connie Beaty Kathy Bechert Raymond Beeler Jerry Berry Randy Blackwell Steve Bledsoe Kenny Bohm Vicki Bolin Charles Bowers Carla Bradley Brenda Bray Carolyn Brown Jeffrey Brown Kathy Brown Rebecca Bryant Debra Bullington Charles Burton Charlotte Burton Timothy Burton Pam Camden Sherrill Canary Kathy Canter James Caplinger Jerry Caudill Darrell Clements Vickey Cobler Teresa Colin Robert Conner Margaret Cook Timothy Cook Derek Cottingim Debby Cowan Jimmy Crafton Sam Cramer Donell Cranston Brian Cross David Crutcher Jerry Cundiff Patricia Dasbach Jon Davis Kathryn Davis Michael Davis Kirby Deckard Gary Decourcey Billy Deel Sherry Dormer Debbie Doyle William Doyle Debbie Duckworth Terry Duncan Brenda Edwards Patty Edwards Larry Eldridge Bob Ellett Harold Floyd David Fox Debra Francis Kenneth Frazier Sarah Fredbeck Darnell French Tony French Susie Friddle Grace Furrer Annette Gentry Mike Gentry Liz Geralds Debbie Gilbert Cindy Gill Sharon Gilliland Jerry Golden John Gomez Deanna Grant David Green Glen Grider Gene Griffen Gary Griner Alan Hall Rick Hamm David Hardin Sherrie Harp Karen Harris Patricia Harris Terri Harris Kevin Harrison John Hash Rick Hash Elaine Hatfield Robert Henderson Kathy Hendley Larry Hendricks Mike Herron Darrell Hickey Marrill Hickey Betty Hicks Celeste Hodler Susan Hodson Jeff Hoffman James Hollanbeck John Holmes Tim Hommel Dennis Houchin Michael Houchin James Hubbard Daniel Humble Wanda Hunter Darrell James Larry Jewell Bob Johnson Lloyd Johnson Susan Julian Kevin Kelley Rick Kincaid Cheryl King Cindy King Kelly Knapp Kevin Koepper Dzintra Komisars Srikala Kothandapandi Alan LaGrange Patricia Lamey Sherry Lane Richard Lawson Mary Lay Neal Legan Tim Leonard Chuck Leser Howard Lesley Cynthia Limp Connie Litson Robert Locke 148 Far left: Majorette Keida Stainbrook laughs as Mar- gret Cook reads the Christmas list to Santa during the convocation. Left: Picking up a new issue of the ELECTRON, Jim Caplinger scans the front page. Below: Armas Yrttima ' s haircut is the source of amusement for several freshman girls during lunch. Wilbert Lynn Carol Mandabach Julie Mann Robert Mann Randy Mason Linnie Mason Steve Mathis Dennis Matlock Joe McCoskey Eric Mclntire Robin Mclntire Helen McTarsney Steve Meador Jan Medicott Tim Michael Michael Miller William Miller Susan Million Ricky Mink Danny Minton Sally Minton Joe Misiniec JimMize Dan Montgomery Frances Moore Terry Moore Lennis Moran Lesa Moran Lisa Morris Richard Mooris Tamara Moss Bill Mullikin Tim Mundorff Ed Navarro Patty Neely 149 Jim Nicely Jeff Norton Guy Nuckles Anne O ' Brien Linda Orman Glenna Palmer Thomas Palmer Richard Paris Robert Park Melanie Pease Debra Pettit Forrest Pierson Lisa Pinnick Janis Poynter Sara Provost Marsha Renihan Bill Rexroat Robin Rickels David Ridge Glen Ritz Kathy Roberts Donnitta Roderick Robert Rogers Paul Roman David Roush Sheri Rush Becky Ryan Danny Rynerson Elizabeth Sallee Mike Sanders Trina Schauer John Schmidt Bridgett Schultz Brian Scott Judy Service John Setser Susan Sexton Janet Sharp Vickie Sharp Bruce Shaw Sheryl Shelley Randy Shepard Jeff Shepherd Karen Shirley Randy Shirley Lex Shockley Chuck Shufflebarger John Sickles Don Simpson Debbie Skaggs Peggy Skaggs Cheryl Smith Gary Smith Jim Smith Andrew Snoddy Carolyn Snoddy D ave Soudrette Michele Sparrow Robert Spicer Jamie Squires Jeff Stafford David Stahl Bill Stainbrook Keida Stainbrook Veronica Stephens Mark Stevenson Monica Stewart Donald Stillabower Penny Stinson Margaret Straley Far left: Stopping senior John Grimmer in the hall, Peggy Yant, Susie Friddle and Delores Cecil find themselves at a loss for words. Center: Waiting for the gun, tanker Terry Moore prepares to dive in his freestyle event. Left: Members of the Class of 76 get together during sectional week to decorate their award-winning hall. 151 Bernice Streetman Lisa Streeval Martha Streightoff Reashell Taylor Scott Teets Don Thomas Loretta Thompson Randy Thompson Scott Thompson Lisa Thornbury Mike Thrasher John Toole LarTy Torrance John Tracy Robert Tranter Carl Trendelman Paul Turner Kimberly Tyree Tony VanCleave Darrell VanMeter Eva VanMeter Sheila VanMeter Beth VanOsdol Mary VanOsdol Billy Vaughn Dan Vaught Dennis Vaught Rosemari Waltman Connie Ward Tom Ward Rea Waston Brian Waymire Michael Wells Marcy Wertzberger George Wheeler Kenneth Whetstine Bob White Dennis Wilkins Rick Willard Ricky Williams Denia Wilson Tim Wilson Kathy Tacoma 152 Bruce Williams Michael Wineger Darlene Wocherfang Mary Wood Terri Wood Tim Wood Brenda Woodall David Woodrum Cindy Woods David Worthy Melinda Young Danny Zellars Kathy Zellars Left: Stepping into the Mexican Hat Dance, Brian Waymire and Beth Chupp participate in the Spanish Club initiation. Center: After being crowned Mr. and Miss KITE at the KITE mixer, senior Polly Fergason and fresh- man Chuck Childs wear their awards. Below: Enthusiastic members of the freshman skit, Martha Streightoff, Rosie Komisars, Patty Lamey and Mary Lay show their spirit at the sectional pep session. RETAKES John Lowe John Hash Susan Hodson Randy Hogue Jim Hollandbeck Jim Hubbard Scott Sapp Vickie Sharp David Stahl Bill Summers Kenneth Whetstine Margaret Yant Kathy Zellars 153 Convos: Exciting and Entertaining Convocations, scheduled by the Stu- dent Council, proved to be exciting, eerie, and entertaining. These included Jamz Dalton and the Rosewood Rebellion; for- mer 500 driver, Fred Agabashian; the musical group, The Caldwells; Charles Henderson, one-man band; and a reptile lecture. The student body also enjoyed a drama class play and two student-ori- ented convos. Right: Former 500 race driver, Fred Agabashian, lectures and presents a film to the student body on highway safety. Far Right: Although bitten many times before, there were no mishaps during the lecture at Franklin. Below: Even tough this tarantula appears to be quite harmless, it actually is very dangerous. Right Center: With his clever use of props in his one man band act, Charles Henderson, depicts a com- mon auctioneer. Bottom Left: On their return from Las Vegas, the Caldwells introduce to FCHS their style of entertain- ment. Bottom Right: Showing the true Christmas spirit, FCHS teacher, Mr. Unsworth, receives a gift from Santa. Experience Reigns in Administration Above: Members of the 72-73 School Board from left to right are: Mr. L. Drake, Mr. C. Norton, Mr. C. Henderson, Mr. M. Wiesman, Mr. B. Gill, Mr. D. Hayes, and Mr. I. Deer. In his sixth year as administrative head, Mr. Breck once again kept the high school running smoothly. Helping him in this not too simple task was Mr. Pogue, whose duties during his illness were assumed by Mr. Server. School policies and other important matters which occurred throughout the school year were discussed at the School Board ' s monthly meetings. An important decision made by the Board this year was the approval of the construction of several new buildings, including a girls ' gym, a wrestling area, and an adminis- trative building located north of FCHS. Bottom left: A scheduling problem involves numer- ous phone calls for Mr. Breck. Below: As he gets back into the swing of things after his absence, Mr. Pogue finds himself engaged in many long phone conversations. Teachers Participate in Outside Activities Below: Zelda Farkle (alias Mrs. Wyand) displays her school spirit during a tournament pep session. Far right: Demonstrating the Christmas spirit at FCHS, Mr. Trueblood receives an appropriate gift from the Student Council. Upper right: After a combined total of more than fifty year s of service, Mrs. Pruitt and Mr. Church retire from teaching. Right: Wonder Cub Coach Harmemng cuts down the net after the 1973 sectional victory over Center Grove Trojans. Far left: Several coaches, Mr. Self, Mr. Server, and Mr. Newsom, check results of a cross country meet. Far right: During Mr. Pogue ' s absence, service club leaders, Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Smith and Mr. England visit his home with the clubs ' Christmas carolers. 156 i jifi Ann Andrews Special Education Donna Bailey English William Beier Ind. Arts Wilma Bingham Librarian William Breck Principal Susan Bright Home Economics Larry Burmeister Ind. Arts Jack Chastain Math William Church Business Ed. Michael Cox Science Valerie Crabill Special Ed. Douglas Craig Ind. Arts Lois P. Cummings Business Ed. Steve Davis Health, P.E. Tim Davis Special Ed. Mary Denneau Business Ed. Mildred Diaz Spanish Charlotte Downin French Barbara Dunn English Michael Duvall Social Studies David England English Mary Essex English Randell Ferrand Science George Flanagan Science 157 James Fletcher Math Richard Foster Social Studies Kenneth Fox Business Ed. Lillian Goodman Office Secretary William Hamlin Social Studies Richard Harmening Science Bonnie Herron Home Economics Olive Hughey English Robert Justice Dist. Education Donald Kaufman Ind. Arts Jane Ladd Special Ed. Hope Lawrence Business Ed. William Legan Math Connie Leonard Office Secretary Jane McCallister Smith Spanish Rachael McKinney English Thomas McKinney Social Studies Gloria Mattick Science Neva Mobley Special Ed. Arlene Modlin Latin Susan Mullendore Guidance Blanche Myers Nurse Jerry Newson Physical Ed. Nancy Perkins Home Economics 158 Leonard Pogue Vice-principal Marcia Prosser Guidance Secretary Marie Pruitt Art William Self Social Studies Frederick Server Guidance Martha Sichting Guidance Rosejane Smith Math Vickie Smith Social Studies David Spurgeon Agriculture Debra Stohler Physical Ed. Alice Sturgeon Business Ed. Judith Taylor Choir Larry Trueblood Health, Drivers Ed Leighton Turner Guidance Lana Umbarger Math William Unsworth English Elizabeth Voland Home Economics Anne Webb Librarian Laura Webb Science Susan Webb English Ronald Weimer Band Lynn Wheeler Guidance Margie Wiesman Reading Lab Lyn Wyand English 159 Counseling and Guiding Towards the Future New and exciting ideas came brim- ming over from our Guidance Depart- ment. Three new members, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Wheeler, and Mrs. Mullendore joined forces with our only veteran counselor, Mr. Server. The only other familiar face was the Guidance Depart- ment secretary, Mrs. Prosser. During Mr. Pogue ' s absence, Mrs. Sichting served as part-time freshmen counselor. In addition to the scheduling of each class and the handling of whatever per- sonal problems the students had, the counselors were also concerned with several group projects, such as College Night and Parent Counselor Night. Top right: Advising seniors Matt Kelley and Dennis Million on future career choices is Mr. Turner, sen- ior counselor. Above: As Mr. Server looks on. Mrs. Prosser types up a new student ' s schedule. Middle right: New guidance members Mrs. Mullen- dore and Mrs. Wheeler observe PSAT results. Right: Part-time freshmen counselor, Mrs. Sichting, is caug ht in the familiar position of helping a young freshman with her problems. 160 Good Food, Good Service Top far left: An industrious cook, Delda Julian prepates a vegetable for the day ' s lunch. Top left: One of the maintenance men, Mr. Eldridge, repairs the heating system in the Publi- cations ' room. Bottom Left: Keeping the school in good working condition are Mr. Wilkerson and Mr. Robertson. Above: Mrs. Limp and Mrs. Yaden serve des- sert for the students ' lunches. 161 INDEX t 0) SENIORS G. Abplanalp: 62,63. 80, S1.94, 106, 107,134, 145 M. Baker: 66,106 G. Barger: 106,109 J. Bay: 106,109 L. Bay: 29 K. Beard: 22,24,66,107 D. Bechert: 17,107 K. Black: 15,29,107 T. Black: 22,24,66,107 B. Blackwell: 107 i L. Black-well: 22,107 B. Blake: 106 J. Bledsoe: 42,43,62,107 D. Bohm: 27,49,51,59,74,63,76,107,119 gl D. Boliii: 23,107 D. Brav: 107 J. Brav: 22,24,107 M. Breek: 49,62,63,80,96,107 L. Britto: 46,66,108 M. Broniszewski: 35,64,108,119 S. Broniszewski: 26,92,108,109 A. Brown: 108 M. Brown: 19,108 4- Y. Brown: 22,108 C. Bryant: 51,66,79,108,109 K. Buckler: 108 4. V. Buechele: 50,108 - M. Bundy: 23,108 0 K. Burton: 22, 25,61, 10S ■ K. Burton: 94,95,108 i_ S. Burton: 62,108 D. Cade: 108 K. Campbell: 91,108,92 C. Canary: 18,19,35,63,73,108 T. Canary: 108 J. Carpenter: 38,47,62,105,108 L. Catt: 108 -D S. Cearing: 51,61,63,108,109 C. Cheatham: 62,66, 10S •• J. Chesser: 24.10S J. Chesser: 24,108 ' B. Clark: 29,36,51,62,66 1) B. Clements: 17 D. Colin: 66,85,109,110 J S. Compton: 18,19,63,86,110 C. Cook: 110 - T. Coward: 32,38,62,105,110 f D. Cov: 110 D. Crafton: 17,22,110 " C. Cranston: 15,47,52 w- 15,35,80,102,110,125,144 50,51,92,86,93,120 110 gs: 66,111 V -o 1? ,75 J 1 V. C: B. Ci P. Ci J. C. 1 . R. Daugneny: -i T. Davis: 15,48,66,85,96,111 1 , ' B. Deppe: 29,48,51,62,66,S5,109,111,134 R. DeWitt: 48,51,63,65,94,111,119 ft w - J- Dickey: 111 N. Dixon: 111 C. Doss: 22,24,66,111 K. Doss: 74,76,92,111 D. Duckworth: 18,19,35,111 M. Dukate: 62,91,92,97,111 M. Eacret: 106,111 D. Eads: 63,66,62,85,102,111 ' K. Early: 46,48,49,51,63,112,116 U) —y) C - Edwards: 27,47,50,66, 85, 112, 120 J J. Efferson: 91,92,112 Q y± r ?. Egenolf: 35,62,74,112 - Q L F. Eldridge: 22,112 ■» iaf !(C J ' Erickson: 51,63,112 J _) P. Fergason: 14,15,36,66,112,153 S. Fewell: 22,66,85,112 i l J i. D. Ford: 22,42,43,40,62,66,112,124,125,144,145 3 J J Y_T. Frost: 92,112 J " " T " T?P. Fulton: 23,112 - J j H. Furrer: 35,51,63,74,73,92,93,112 ) ] J- S. Gentry: 22,112 K. Gill: 23,112 - P. Golden: 112 E. Golev: 51,62,66,105,110,112 I 1 -V C. Green: 51,66,112 J. Green: 112 P. Grice: 61,112 J Q = J- Grimmer: 51,62,88,112,134,151 V. Hacker: 96,113 i " A _S- J. Haggard: 17,22,66,102,113 D. Hanna: 47,62,105,113 B. Harper: 29 °J J J. Harris: 23,113 VJ T Harris - 3 113 G. Hart: 40.48,51,63,74,77,92,113 R. Hass: 21,88,113 -3 R. Haymaker: 14,15,28,29,49,66,113 S. Hazelwood: 17,22,113 C. Henderson: 35,46,51,62,66,85,102,105,113,115 J F. Hendley: 113 W. Hendricks: 15,29,38,39,113,116 M. Henry: 91,94,113,121 K. Hensley: 62,113 P. Hicks: 113 E. Hodgen: 51,55,62,66,85,102,113 P. Hogue: 23,113 J. Holmes: 48,51,55,66,85,113 J. Hood: 35.62,91,92,113 K. Hoskins: 17,113 D. Houshour: 113 P. Humble: 113 G. Hupp: 22,24,114 M. Inlow: 22,114 C. Jones: 22,24,66,114 M. Jacobs: 23,114 N. Jones: 23,114 J. Kellv: 39,114 M. Kel ' ley: 51,63,74,92,106,114,160 R. Kellev: 51,114 M. Klopp: 114 D. Kowitz: 22,24,109,114 B. Krasson: 49,51,63,86,91,114,116 G. Lagrange: 59,63,64,114 D. Lamev: 39,114 P. Lawson: 22,114 G. Lee: 114 J. Leerkamp: 51,55,66,85,114,144 D. Lewis: 94,95,114 D. Lewis: 114 S. Lipsius: 35,51,62,64,66, 114, 118,48 J. Livingston: 51,63,S0,114 N. Logan: 15,85,114 M. Loveday: 114 G. Lowe: 51,114,116 D. Magers: 114 McGill: 115 R. McKay: 15,66,115 J. McKee: 25,109,115 K. McKinnev: 62,105,115 Meek: lis D. Million: 26,74,92,115,160 B. Mitchell: 66,115 D. Moore: 51,115 G. Morris: 106,115 T. Morrison: 115 M. Morrow: 51,63,115 J. Mowery: 63,92,115,135 D. Mundorff: 63,115 S. Murphy: 55,66,115 S. Navorow: 115 K. Neff: 113 M. Norris: 66,116 A. Owens: 109,116 F. Paris: 18,19,63,116 A. Pemberton: 116 B. Pern-: 42,54,105,109,116 C. Perry: 116 NT. Pogue: 22,61,66,49,116 C. Poynter: 14,15,66,116 L. Pryor: 35,42,51,62,66,S5,116,118 V. Rainev: 14,36,61,15,62,66,116 J. Raufeisen: 51,61,63.109,116 S. Reed: 117 J. Reese: 117 B. Reynolds: 117 J. Ridge: 117 M. Rittemen: 117 M. Robertson: 63,117 J. Robinettc: 22,24,66,117 G. Rogers: 117 A. Routier: 51,117 J. Russom: 48,66,85,117,120 B. Sammons: 19,117 G. Sanders: 63,90,116,118 P. Sayre: US R. Schmidt: 118 M. Scholl: IIS R. Scourfield: 48,66,S5,11S D. Sebesky: 118 T. Shellev: 118 W. Shidler: 118 M. Shirley: US B. Smiley: 118 W. Smith: 118 L. Snyder: 118 H. South: 119 S. Spicer: 15,66,119 J. Stainbrook: 47,66,119 L. Stephenson: 62,66,105,119 G. Stevens: 22,24,66,119 S. Straley: 24,119 R. Strunk: 119 R. Tarr: 119 A. Taylor: 23,119 T. Teannan: 85,119 L. Thompson: 51,63,74,119 S. Tillison: 51,66,85,119 B. Toole: 29,31,62,66,85,119 B. Tracy: 51,62,66,110,119 C. Tranter: 35,48,51,62,66, 85, 105, 11 R. Vandivier: 18,119 R. Vanosdol: 119 D. Vanderploeg: 18,119 M. Vaught: 48,66,119 B. Waidee: 37,46,119 J. Waggoner: 54.55,110,120 Ui Wakefield: 51,62,63,92,119 ,-jM. Wolfarth: 23,121 . )J. Wall: 22,15,28,29,30,48,120 ' • " D. Walters: 63,74,75,77,107,120 ,VT. Waltz: 25,109,120 OB. Wavmire: 35,51,62,63,92,105,1 -+»L. Weir: 120 ' Jl. West: 120 .. ' J. Wheeler: 24,66,121 S. Whetstine: 17,121 r " B. White: 66,121 C P. Whittenbarger: 15,42,62,66,12 - 7 - lO H " M. Willev: 121 R. Williams: 74,121 1 j Wilson: 22,24,66,121 M. Wilson: 23,121 S. Wiseman: 42,43,48,51,62,66,121 K. Workman: 51,66,117,121 M. Wray: 23,121 J. Wyrick: 74,86,121 E. Yaden: 121 O 3 £_ j ; T T- M. Alexander: 48,51,63 H. ' S ' U. Andreas: 74,87,92 V D. Andrews: 44,49,63,74,95 C " L. Andrews: 66 _. P J. Anoskey: 74,48,63,76 I " T. Auld: 51,54,55,66,S5 ' D. Bair: 17 C M. Barnes: 66 S- B. Beaty: 22 O VI V. Bennett: 35 D. Berry: 25 L. Blackwell: 22,17 T. Bledsoe: 127 B. Blue: 48,51,63,94,95,127 M. Bolin: 127 L. Bostic: 127 L. Bradley: 15,30,31,39,40,42,62,66,127 T. Briggs: 29,30,31,41,127,15 S. Brooks: 127 H. Browning: 17,22,29,127 M. Browning: 48,63,127 B. Buckler: 127 R. Bullers: 127 D. Burch: 127 M. Bush: 35.63,62,64, SS,95, 127 S. Camden: 51,127 T. Campbell: 127 J. Canary: 122,127 K. Canary: 76,127 S. Chandler: 15,66,127 B. Chase: 127 T. Cheek: 127 M. Childers: 127 T. Childs: 127,132 D. Clairbome: 127 K. Clark: 127 S. Clayton: 127 C. Clodfelter: 127 D. Cody: 17,127 B. Colin: 62,63,64,67,74,94,124,127,131 A. Collins: 29,127 P. Compton: 17,66,127 R. Compton: 127 J. Cook: 127 B. Cordell: 55,62,66,79, S5, 124, 127,125 D. Cox: 42,51,66,127 D. Cox: 127 S. Cramer: 91,127 R. Crawley: 127 H. Crenshaw: 127 P. Crist: 61,66,127 D. Crockett: 85,127 C. Cruiser: 15,17,66,127,129 B. Crutcher: 127 M. Cundiff: 127 G. Dasbach: 66,127 L. Davis: 127 S. Davis: 127 A. Deck: 127 M. Deem: 22,61,91,127 D. Deer: 17,128 B. Demott: 128 D. Deskins: 128 J. Dishinger: 128 T. Dobbs: 35,74,76,92,128 J. Drake: 22,48,49,66,128 L. Drake: 12S R. Edens: 128 J. Eggers: 38,39,62,63,67,74,86,128 C. Erdman: 128 J. Erp: 47,128 J. Feyerabend: 74,92,128 S. Fisher: 51,62,66,85,128,144,145 Fredbeck: 44,62,49,63,74,76,12S,145 N. Friddle: 42,51,55,52,66,85,128 Funkhouser: 19,128 Furgeson: 74,88,89,128 Gallien: 128 j. Garrett: 50,66,128 , " 1 a o %-» V D. Gal " ■ J. Gan E. George: A. Gibsi 5,128 12S H D. Gilbert: 21,128 T. Glendenning: 20,4S,66,.S5,12S C. Goad: 22,128 K. Green: 128 M. Haltom: 35,49,63,91,92,93,124,128,134 E. Handy: 63,128 M. Harrison: 25.3S.94, 128 R. Harter: 29,52,128 D. Hawkins: 61,66,128 R. Haves: 128 C. Hayworth: 12S -J J. Henderson: 128 G. Henley: 128 D. Heuehan: S0.S1,S2,94, 124. 125,128,133 A C. Hieks: 21,51, 12S C. Higdon: 128 J. Hobbs: 49,51,66, S5.12S J. Hodson: 17,22,128 D. Hoeltke: 48,62,66,72,85,128 J. Holmes: 48,54,128 J. Homme!: 20.12S T. Hahnke: 128 J. Hunter: 128 T. Hunter: 35.12S D. Jackson: 15,17.66. 12S D. Jent: 128 J. Jewell: 80 R. Jones: 22,S5,12S M. Julian: 129 M. Kelley: 63,64,76,125,129 M. Keucher: 129 F. Killough: 129 R. Klopp: 129 D. ,Koepper: 29,51,62,133 S. LaFarv: 19,129 D. Lamev: 29,30,91.129 P. Land: 129 R. Law: 25,129 M. Lav: 74,129 J. Leeds: 47,51,66,85,133 P. Legan: 129 H. Litson: 129 A. Long: 86,87 C. Lusk: 48,51,52,55,66,85,129 R. Lvnn: 129 M. Magers: 52,122,129 C. Maggart: 129 P. Marchand: 62,63,90,129,132 M. Martin: 17,129 A. Matherlv: 48.61,66,129,132 C. McCartv: SO.94.124, 125,129 J. MeCowan: 17,129 L. McGill: 48,54,129 D. McGlocklin: 48,62,63,67,74,80,82,92,93,124,1 J. McGlocklin: 63,67,74,80,82.92,93,124,129 D. MeGowan: 22,66.129 M. McTarsnev: 129 M. Merrick: 19.62.83,91,92,129 M. Mitchell: 51,129 D. Mobley: 15,129 S. Moody: 29,4S,63,129 D. Morefield: 29,129 J. Morgan: 129 D. Morris: 74,129 Ca M. Morris: 129 J. Mosburg: 18,19,130 T. Mvers: 18,94,130 A. Newkirk: 35,42,48,62,66,125,130 R. Nixon: 49,51,66,85,130 K. Norton: 130 D. Nuckles: 44,49,51,66,85,130,132 J. Padgett: 130 P. Palmer: 66,130 B. Paris: 21,4S,63,96,130 R. Park: 29,35,47,62,66.130 C. Partenheim: 63,S3,130 D. Pattern: 130 K. Pavton: 63,74,75,130,136 L. Pool: 29,130 M. Pool: 47,130 P. Price: 17,22,66,130 K. Provost: 130 R. Ramires: 130 D. Ramsey: 47,51,62,66,72,85,130 S. Rawson: 130 R. Rebennack: 51,85,130 D. Regan: 17,130 J. Revnolds: 31,35,39,51,74,88,120,130 P. Riddle: 130 C. Roberts: 29,130 R. Roberts: 59,74,77,94,130 L. Robinette: 130 L. Robinson: 27 M. Rockelman: 51,130 C. Rogers: 29,30,49,131 K. Rogers: 131 L. Roman: 35,48,55,62,66,131,133 J. Ruddick: 131 B. Rupp: 29,41,49,51,55,62,66,85,131 D. Russell: 131 S. Rynerson: 74,94,131 R. Sample: 131 G. Sapp: 63,74,76,131 D. Sewell: 131 B. Sexton: 48,131 iV ' VP. Shan.): 131 T. Shellev: 131 )F. Shidler: 91.92,131 J- 1. Shidler: 131 f A. Sims: 122.131 B. Sledge: 48,54,66, 72, S5, 131 fS J. Smearing: 66,131 . B. Smith: 74,131 0L. Simpson: IS, 131 T. Smith: 18,19,131 K. S. Sneed: 29,31,66,131,133 • V. Sneed: 131 R. Soudrette: 48,63,88,131,133 LM. Sparrow: 131 VJC. Spicer: 42,43,48.62,66,85,131 " VTS. Spicer: 15,47,62,66,132 y K. Stainbrook: 17,85,132 -D. Stancombe: 29,66,132 -ft Stillabowcr: 132 -t « ( ; nmn . 66,132 H t L. Stout: 17,132 J N. Stricklar 123,132 Stubbeman: 63,74,132 J D. Sutherland: 48,122,132 £» T. Suttles: 131,132 ■ A. Swain: 130,132 2° J. Thomas: 35,42,63, SO, S3, 132 V )D. Tliompson: 29,132 JV. Thompson: 63,132 ,-,D. Torrance: 132 D. Tranter: 55,66.85.125,132 3 Trogden: ' Umbright: VanCleave Vandiver: VanMeter: nSlyke ) I J V, r4,75,76, 77,80,82,92,13 62,66,125,132,134,135 : 22,29,85,122,132 15,48,66,132 17,66,132 48,132 i: 132 S. Wakefield: 29,132 J. Wall: 132 J. Wardlow: 74,132 D. Wamer: 63,132 D. Watson: 132 P. Wells: 133 V. Whaley: 54,55,61,85,133 P. Whitham: 17,29,133 T. Whittenbarger: 74,133 T. Wilham: 22,29,48,133 L. Williams: 51,55,62,66, 79.S5, 125, 133, 144 R. Williams: 133 M. Wilson: 133 W. Wiseman: 74.S6.S7. 133 G. Wolfarth: 20,22,66,132.133 V L. Wolff: 61,133 J S. Wright: 133 • D. Wvrick: 17,122,133 G. Ya ' den: 17,S3,133 S. Yount: 35,47,62,64, S0.133 - )sL , A J VJ 7-4 B. Zin 42,43,85,133 J V t SOPHOMORES i L. Abbot: 17.69,136 R. Absher: 48,136 D. Allen: 17.69,136 ■ R. Andrews: 136 K. Atwood: 76,94,136 t J. Ault: 95,136 K. Baker: 68.76.83,96,136 J D. Bamett: 47,76,88,136 - S. Bamett: 6S.92.136 B. Basham: 136 K. Baxter: 48,69,136 E. Bay: 136 S. Bechert: 136 P. Bedwell: 136 v R. Bills: 22.136 3 C. Black: 17 , K. Black: 136 L. Black: 136 " J— M. Black: 25 R. Blackwell: 35,136 J. Bland: 136 J. Bolin: 136 VN L. Boyd: 136 J. Brockman: 19.136 D. Broniszewski: 85,136 ,__ D. Brown: 17,22,69,137 J P. Brown: 69,85,137 C, Browning: 17,69 - s S. Bruce: 29,47,51,69,137 1 D. Buckler: 137 J. Burton: 29,49,69,85,137 S. Bush: 47,68,96,137 S. Butler: 49,68,76,92,137 J. Cade: 137 T. Campbell: 26,76,137 «V M. Canary: 35,48,83,136,137 A J. Chapin: 40,47,51,137 " C. Chase: 17,137 J) B. Cheatham: 137 R. Chelf: 47,83,137 D. Clark: 29,51,137 J. Clark: 47,88,89,137 S £ C. Clem: 17,31.40,69,137 D. Clodfelter: 54,137 D. Cody: 69,137 B. Compton: 85,137 D. Conner: 19,86,87 G. Conner: 137 J. Cook: 137 T. Cooper: 137 T. Coryell: 137 T. Cox: 49,68,74,88,137 l S. Cramer: 19,137 S. Crenshaw: 137 . S. Crews: 137 B. Carter: 137 - C. Carter: 17,69,137 S. Crews: 137 D. Crockett: 20,22,137 J R. Crowe: 48,137 S. Cruse: 69,137 . V. Cruser: 48,137 -IT S. Curtis: 137 J M. Dasbach: 47,76,93,94,137 T. Daughertv: 137 D. Davis: 137 - D. Davis: 69,137 ■V. S. Davis: 47,49,137 T. Deckard: 137 ., D. Decker: 69,85,138 vV " C. DeWitt: 86,138 B. Dickey: 94,95,138 -V J. Ditmars: 35,48,83,90,134,138 .X R. Doss: 76,92,138 O D. Duckworth: 19,59,68, 76, S3, 138 " " T— P. Duke: 17,138 L. Dyer: 40,49,69,138 S. Eads: 48,54,138 T. Eddy: 17,138 R. Edwards: 138 B. Efferson: 17,138 M. Eldridge: 138 H. Fergason: 52,69,138 B. Findley: 47,138 J. Findley: 138 S. Fink: 138 L. Fleener: 15,138 T. Foster: 19,138 L. Fraley: 49,138 ' A. Funkhouser: 54,69,85,138 ' J. Gilliland: 17,69,138 J. Goff: 48,69,138 C. Goforth: 138 G. Golden: 74.76.13S T. Golden: 74,76,138 CV R. Gomez: 138 ri L. Green: 15,138 C. Grimmer: 88,138 W. Haggard: 19,138 B. Haggerty; 138 " TS HC. Hall: 17,47,69,138 M. Harper: 68,138 J. Harris: 138 D. Hawkins: 138 T. Hayes: 138 D. Hendershot: 138 K. Henderson: 49,69,78,85,138,144 M. Henderson: 18,19,35,48,68,76,83,138,140 ki P. Henlev: 17,138 G. Henry: 48,55,85,139 T. Henry: 29,49,139 iD. Hicks: 139 S. Hicks: 30,47,69,136,139 J. Hobbs: 15,49,85,139 J. Hudson: 139 W M. Hughes: 139 B. Isenberg: 61,139 T. Jacobs: 17,139 { " , K. Johnson: 48,69,85,139 ' •J R. Johnson: 139 M. Julian: 139 — f T. Julian: 17,69,139 S. Kegley: 139 C. Killough: 76 .--, D. Kimbler: 42,85,139 L. Kitchen: 35,48,69,139 » ) M. Kutruff: 17,69,139 K. Kyle: 139 ■v _ D. Ladd: 48,87,92,139 — B. Lee: 16,17,139 D. Lirmeman: 139 _j K. Lay: 48,69,139 O L. Litson: 91,92,139 oj L. Logan: 69,139 ) M. Logan: 25,76,139 _ C. Loveday: 17,139 G. Lucas: 48,69,139 n S. Lucas: 69,139 S. Lynn: 17,69,139 L. Maggard: 139 4: K. Maggart: 16,17 Ttt P. Mann: 35,49,69,79,139 M R. May: 139 J. McAfee: 35,48,69.78,85,139 T. McCarty: 49,69,136,139 J. McCracken: 17,69,78,79,85,139 163 R. McDonald: 139 S. McGowan: 48 D. Mclntire: 139 J. McMahon: 139 T. McMurray: 139 M. McWilliams: 29,139 B. Meador: 69,139 V. Meek: 47,53,85,139 J. Miller: 140 R. Minton: 17,140 E. Mitchell: 47,88,140 B. Morris: 19,87,140 D. Morris: 47,140 P. Morris: 69,140 T. Morrison: 94,140 D. Mowery: 17,22,69,140 A. Nalley: 140 M. Nalley : 140 M. Olivo: 140,141 R. Olivo: 20,140 C. Orman: 35,134,136,140 D. Orr: 76,140 T. Overton: 54,69,140 S. Padgett: 69,140,141 F. Paris: 140 E. Parsley: 140 K. Payton: 86,140 R. Pearson: 69,140 T. Pettit: 83,140 P. Phelps: 140 R. Phelps: 140 S. Pool: 140 R. Ransdell: 35,47,83,92,136,140 W. Rautio: 140 E. Rawson: 48,140 J. Redifer: 83,96,140 K. Rice: 140 B. Richart: 140 S. Perkins: 140 T. Richev: 140 R. Roberts: 140 P. Robinette: 17,69,140 M. Rockelman: 140 D. Roderick: 51,69,85,140 S. Roe: 17,140 L. Roeder: 49,61,69,78,S5,140 L. Rogers: 15,48,140 J. Rose: 140 A. Ross: 140 D. Routier: 140 K. Sanders: 44,47,90,140 J. Sayre: 47,88,141 S. Scott: 35,49,69,141 D. Sebesky: 60,141 G. Series: 141 T. Server: 48,74,76,80,83,94,141 J. Shelley: 141 P. Shelton: 141 D. Sickels: 141 B. Sims: 15,141 B. Skaggs: 141 L. Slifer: 29,35,49,51,55,69,135,141 D. Slinker: 51,69,85,141 C. Smith: 35,55,69,78,136,141,147 C. Smith: 69,141 R. Smith: 76,141 L. Snyder: 19,141 C. St. Peters: 55,69,141 P. Stafford: 25,141 D. Stainbrook: 17,141 R. Stainbrook: 141 L. Stephan: 47,69,141 D. Stephens: 141 K. Stephens: 69,141 S. Stephens: 69,141 B. Stinson: 69,141 W. Stiver: 61,141 T. Strunk: 17,54,55,138,141 C. Sweet: 17,54,141 C. Taylor: 141 D. Taylor; 16,141 N. Tearman: 85,141 C. Thompson: 141 B. Thompson: 76,141 J. Tompkins: 141 R. Tracy: 19,141 G. Vance: 142 D. VanCleave: 142 L. Vandiver: 19,142 S. Van Slyke: 142 C. Vaughn: 17 B. Voris: 142 S. Wagner: 87,142 R, Walden: 142 R. Walker: 76,142 P. Wall: 17,85,142 T. Weaver: 142 D. Webb: 48,69,85,142 C. Wenning: 47,90,142 J. West: 69,136,142 S. White: 142 M. Wildman: 55,69,85,142 J. Wilham: 142 K. Wilkins: 86,142 B. Wilkinson: 142 J. Williams: 69,85,142 C. Wilson: 47,142 S. Wilson: 142 C. Winks: 17,54,69 R. Winters: 95 C. Wood: 49,69 J. Wood: 48,69,85 V. Woodrum: 35,49,69,144 B. Yaden: 17 M. Young: 47,137 A. Zellar: 29 FRESHMEN L. Aaron: 17,146 D. Abplanalp: 35,47,83,90,134,146 R. Allen: 16,146 C. Anderson: 25,85,146 C. Anderson: 25,85,146 C. Anderson: 77,83,146 H. Andrews: 16,146 W. Atwood: 77,83,92,145,146 M. Baker: 47,153 S. Bauldman: 146 R. Baumgardner: 146 M. Bay: 146 S. Bay: 146 C. Beaty: 146 K. Bechert: 17,146 R. Beeler: 83,94,95,146 J. Bergdoll: 153 J. Berry: 87,146 R. Blackwell: 146 S. Bledsoe: 77,83,92,146 K. Bohm: 146 V. Bolin: 146 C. Bowers: 146 C. Bradley: 25,49,146 B. Bray: 146 C. Brown: 146 J. Brown: 146 K. Brown: 69,146 P. Bryant: 153 R. Bryant: 48,69,134,146 D. Bullington: 48,56,69,85,146,149 C. Burton: 77,83,146 C. Burton: 146 T. Burton: 146 P. Camden: 48,146 S. Canary: 47,69,85,146 K. Canter: 146 J. Caplinger: 77,146,149 J. Caudill: 146 D. CecU: 69,147,151 J. Cheek: 147 C. Childs: 35,147,153 B. Chupp: 42,48,55,69,85,147,153 J. Church: 19,147 J, Clark: 16,153 K. Clark: 147 S. Clem: 17,147 D. Clements: 77,147 V. Cobler: 17,147 T. Colin: 49,55,69,78,144,145,146,147 R. Connor: 147 M. Cook: 85,147,149 T. Cook: 77,147 D. Cottongim: 147 D. Cowan: 85,147 J. Crafton: 83,147 S. Cramer: 87,147 D. Cranston: 47,69,147 B. Cross: 56,83,147 D. Crutcher: 147 J. Cundiff: 77,147 P. Dasbach: 69,147 J. Davis: 147 K. Davis; 49,85,147 D. Davis: 47,147 K. Deckard: 147 G. DeCourcey: 77,147 B. Deel: 147 J. Deem: 35,77,87,147 M. Demaree: 147 T. Denny: 16,147 G. Dickson: 77 L. Dillard: 47,69,147 M. Dillard: 17,147 A. Dishinger: 69,85,147 G. Dixon: 25,147 S. Dormer: 147 W. Doyle: 87,147 D. Duckworth: 47,54,69,78,147 T. Duncan: 147 B. Edwards: 69,147 P. Edwards: 147 L. Eldridge: 56,147 B. Ellett: 147 D. Doles: 69 H. Floyd: 77,83,94,95,147 D. Fox: 147 D. Francis: 147,153 K. Frazier: 25,147 S. Fredbeck: 35,69,85,147 D. French: 147 T. French: 147 S. Friddle: 47,55,69,85,147,151 G. Furrer: 49,69,147 A. Gentry: 17,147 M. Gentry: 19,147 E. Geralds: 147 D. Gilbert: 17,147 C. GUI: 69,147 S. GiUiland: 48,69,147 J. Golden: 147 J. Gomez, 48,147 D. Grant: 147 D. Green: 147 G. Grider: 148 G. Griffin: 148 G. Griner: 77,83,88,148 M. Gullett: 148 A. Hall: 148 R. Hamm: 19,148 D. Hardin: 19,148 ' S. Harp: 148 K. Harris: 148 K. Harris: 153 P. Harris: 148 T, Harris: 25,48,148 K. Harrison: 77,88,92,148 J. Hash: 83,95,148,153 R. Hash: 83,92,148 R. Henderson: 148 K. Hendley: 148 L. Hendricks: 87,148 M. Herron: 77,148 D. Hickey: 19,148 M. Hickey: 148 B. Hicks: 56,148 L. Hicks: 148 C. Hodler: 148 S. Hodson: 17,148,153 J. Hoffman: 148 R. Hogue: 83,92,153 J. Hollandbeck: 148,153 J. Holmes: 48,88,148 T. Hommel: 83,148 D. Houchin: 92,148 M. Houchin: 92,148 J. Hubbard: 148,153 D. Humble: 27,148 W. Hunter: 69,148 D. James: 148 L. Jewell: 83,148,153 L. Johnson: 148 S. Julian: 148 K. 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Navan. a: 95,149 P. Neely: 17,149 J. Nicely: 150 J. Norton: 150 G. Knuckles: 150 A. O ' Brier l: 69,150 L. Orman; 85,150 G. Palmer : 17,150 T. Palmer : 150 R. Paris: ' ' 7,150 R. Parks: 47,83,150 M. Pease: 60.69,85,150 D. Pettit: 85,150 F. Pierson: 150 L. Piorick : 150 J. Poynter : 150 S. Provost : 150 M. Reniha n: 49,69,150 B. Rexroats: ISO R. Rickels : 49,69,150 D. Ridge: 150 M. Ridge: 91,92 G. Ritz: 150 K. Roberts i: 69,150 D. Roderick: 56,69,85,150 R. Rogers: 87,150 P. Roman 48,88,150 D. Roush: 96,150 S. Rush: 69,150 B. Ryan: : 150 D. Ryners on: 35,77,95,150 E. Sallee: 150 M . Sanders: 150 s. Sapp: 153 T. Schaue r: 150 J. Schmidl :: 150 B. Schultz : 69,150 B. Scott: : 29,30,31,47,150 J. Service: 150 J. Setser: 91,150 S. Sexton: 69,150 J. Sharp: 150 V. Sharp: 150,153 B. Shaw: 150 S. Shelley : 69,150 R. Shepard: 150 J. Shepherd: 151 K. Shirley : 69,151 R. Shirley : 151 L. Shockley: 87,151 C. Shufflebarger 151 J. Sickels: 151 D. Simpsc m: 151 D. Skaggs : 17,69,151 P. Skaggs 151 C. Smith: 69,151 G. Smith: 151 J. Smith: 19,151 A. Snodd; r; 151 C. Snoddy; 69,151 D. Soudrette: 151 M . Sparro w: 85,151 R. Spicer: 83,151 J- Squires. : 151 J. Stafford: 151 D. Stahl: 151,153 K. Stainbrook: 35,69,123,144,146,149,11 B. Stainbi ook: 151 V. Stephe ns: 69,151 M . Steven son: 77,83,92,151 M . Stewart: 60,69,85,151 D. Stillabower: 151 P. Stinson: 17,151 M. Straley: 17,69,151 L. Streeval: 69,85,152 L. Streightoff: 69,85,152,153 B. Streetman: 152 B. Summers: 151 K. Tacoma: 152 R. Taylor: 152 S. Teets: 47,152 D. Thomas: 95,152 L. Thompson: 69,152 R. Thompson: 47,152 S. Thompson: 35,44,48,77,83,87,92,152 L. Thombury: 69,152 M. Thrasher: 48,77,83,95,152 J. Toole: 29,48,77,152 L. Torrance: 152 J. Tracy: 47,152 R. Tranter: 77,95,152 C. Trendelman: 19,152 P. Turner: 152 K. Tyree: 47,69,152 T. VanCleave: 77,83,152 D. VanMeter: 152 E. VanMeter: 152 S. VanMeter: 17,152 B. Van Osdol: 69,152 M. Van Osdol: 152 B. Vaughn: 152 D. Vaught: 47,152 D. Vaught: 47,152 R. Waltman: 17,69,152 C. Ward: 47,152 T. Ward: 152 B. Waymire: 48,86,92,152,153 R. Watson: 69,152 M. Wells: 152 M. Wertzberger: 69,85,152 G. Wheeler: 152 K. Whetstine: 152,153 B. White: 83,91,92,152 D. Wilkms: 152 R. Willard: 152 B. Williams: 56,153 R. Williams: 92,152 D. Wilson: 152 T. Wilson: 152 M. Wininger: 47,153 D. Wocherfang: 49,69,153 M. Wood: 69,153 T. Wood: 17,69,153 T. Wood: 83,95,153 B. Woodall: 153 D. Woodrum: 83,153 C. Woods: 47,153 D. Worthy: 153 M. Yant: 47,69,151,153 M. Young: 49,69,85,153 A. Yrttima: 83,149 D. Zellars: 153 K. Zellars: 153 FACULTY Mrs. Andrews: 157 Mrs. Bailey: 42,66,156,157 Mr. Beier: 157 Mrs. Bingham: 157 Mr. Breck: 155,157 Mrs. Bright: 157 Mr. Burmeister: 157 Mr. Chastain: 80,83,121,157 Mr. Church: 156,157 Mr. Cox: 75,86,122,124,157 Mrs. Crabill: 157 Mr. Craig: 157 Mrs. Cummings: 157 Mr. S. Davis: 75,77,83,157 Mr. T. Davis: 157 Mr. Deer: 155 Mrs. Diaz: 45,48,157 Mrs. Denneau: 157 Miss Downm: 157 Mr. Drake: 155 Mrs. Dunn: 37,40,78,157 Mr. Duvall: 58,96,157 Mr. Eldridge: 161 Mr. England: 35,36,63,64,94,95,156,157 Mrs. Essex: 157 Mr. Ferrand: 157 Mr. Flanagan: 157 Mr. Fletcher: 52,83,91,158 Mr. Foster: 58,59,158 Mr. Fox: 42,158 Mr. Gill: 155 Mrs. Goodman: 158 Mr. Hamlin: 115,158 Mr. Harmening: 50,80,156,158 Mr. Hayes: 155 Mr. Henderson: 155 Miss Herron: 16,17,158 Mrs. Hughey: 158 Mrs. Julian: 161 Mr. Justice: 158 Mr. Kaufman: 158 Mrs. Ladd: 158 Mrs. Lawrence: 158 Mr. Legan: 158 Mrs. Leonard: 158 Mrs. Limp: 161 Mrs. Mattick: 50,51,62,158 Miss McCallister: 48,158 Mrs. McKinney: 36,158 Mr. McKinney: 83,158 Mrs. Mobley: 158 Miss Modlin: 47,137,158 Mrs. Mullendore: 129,158,160 Mrs. Myers: 158 Mr. Newsom: 56,91,92,156,158 Mr. Norton: 155 Mrs. Perkins: 159 Mr. Pogue: 155,159 Mrs. Prosser: 159,160 Mrs. Pruitt: 61,156,159 Mr. Self: 67,92,93,156,159 Mr. Server: 91,94,156,159,160 Mrs. Sichting: 159,160 Mrs. R. Smith: 52,66,156,159 Mrs. V. Smith: 58,159 Mr. Spurgeon: 18,19,124,159 Miss Stohler: 54,55,78,124,159 Mrs. Sturgeon: 159 Miss Taylor: 15,29,159 Mr. Tmeblood: 57,75,107,129,156,159 Mr. Turner: 159,160 Mrs. Umbarger: 159 Mr. Unsworth: 75,86,87,92,154,159 Mrs. Voland: 17,159 Mrs. A. Webb: 159 Mrs. S. Webb: 59,159 Mr. Weimer: 31,32,33,159 Mr. Weisman: 155 Mrs. Weisman: 159 Mrs. Wheeler: 159,160 Mrs. Wyand: 78,156,159 Mrs. Yaden: 161 165 utt UNION BANK TRUST CO. FRANKLIN, INDIANA NORTHWOOD TRAFALGAR WHITE RIVER " MEMBER F.D.I.C. " Union Bank and Trust Company 34 W. Jefferson Street Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-7191 168 Franklin Quick Stop — Hardin Oil Company, Inc. 701 W. Jefferson Franklin, Ind. Phone: 738-9951 Dog ' n Suds North Main and Hwy. 31 Franklin, Ind. Phone: 736-6915 Ross Floral 299 S. Jackson Franklin, Ind. Phone: 736-7181 Kentucky Fried Chicken U.S. 31 North Franklin, Ind. Phone: 736-7141 or 736-9133 First Federal Savings and Loan 198 N. Main Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-5168 Barnes Furniture 27 W. Monroe Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-9275 Mutual Building and Loan Association 80 E. Jefferson Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-7151 170 a it Hi-Way Lanes U.S. 31 Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-5177 Brown ' s Regal Market Three Monroe Street Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-6981 Steer Restaurant U.S. 31 Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-5884 Service Is Well Appreciated by Franklinites Paris ' Super Service West Jefferson and Walnut Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-7360 Taylor Paint and Wallpaper 165 E. Jefferson Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-9231 Erdman ' s Pharmacy U.S. 31 Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-7979 171 Double Cola Bottling Co., 199 S. Water, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736-4355 Western Auto and Appliances, 1 W. Monroe, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736-6721 ALL DAY SK4TE there ' s fun for everyone •FLOOR GUARDS •DISC JOCKEYS " CAM IS Franklin Skating Rink, U.S. 31 North, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 738-9042 Lanam Shoe Company, 72 E. Jeffer- son, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736- 6671 Franklin Bank Trust Co., 101 E. Culligan Soft Water Service, Hi- Jefferson, Franklin, Indiana, Phone Way 31, South, Box 57, Franklin, 736-5144 Indiana, Phone: 736-5922 or 736- 7882 172 Franklin: Myriad of Business Rhoades True Value Hardware, 379 E. Jefferson Street, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 738-3122 I,:., ' ., Trader II R. O. Barber, Incorporated, U.S. 31 North, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736- 7662 Trader Vic ' s Camper Sales Compco, RFD 1, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736-6942 173 Kenny ' s Sunoco Service, 257 S. Main Street, Franklin, Hair Fashions by Kaye, 229. W. Jefferson Street, Franklin, Indiana, Indiana, Phone: 736-9319 Phone: 738-2129 FRANKLIN V FORD MERCURY m H M Appliance and TV, 301 N. Main Street, Frank- Matlock Ford — Mercury, U.S. 31 North, ' Franklin, Indiana, Phone: lin, Indiana, Phone: 738-2108 736-5185 Graham Body Shop, 760 W. Adams, Franklin, Indiana, Wright ' s Marathon, U.S. 31 at Madison, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: Phone:736-5101 738-9955 Alexander Chevrolet Incorporated, U.S. 31 North, One Hour " Martinizing " Cleaners Shirt Laundry, 52 N. Main Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736-5141 . Street, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736-7944 ALEXANDER CHEVROLET, INC U. S. 31 NORTH P. O. BOX 305 FRANKLIN, INDIANA 46131 FRANCHISE I ' mm ' - ' •• % Cox Construction Company, RFD 3, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736-4198 " " ■ tT-- » 175 GOODYEAR TIRES EARL WILSON Goodyear Tires — Batteries Accessories Woods Buick — Pontiac Incorporated, U.S. 31 North, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736-7171 Earl Wilson Service Station, 49 E. Monroe Street, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736-6817, 736-7017 Newkirk ' s Fashion Shoppe, 62 W. Jefferson Street, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736- 6623 176 Bill ' s Mobile Homes Inc., RFD 1, Box 290, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 738-2441 177 : RANKLIN AU Arvin Industries Incorporated, N. Franklin Automotive Supply Incor- Hurricane Street, Franklin, Indiana, porated, 150 W. Jefferson Street, Phone : 736-7 1 1 1 Franklin, Indiana, Phone : 736-5 1 28 Perry ' s Gulf Service, 175 W. Jeffer- son Street, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 738-2694 Services to the Community in i« y ,.. i Compliments of § •UMBARGER SON ELEVATOR Purina Chows Grain Fertilizers Farm Supplies Liquid Proteins Bargersville, Indiana Holthouse Furniture Store, U.S. 31 North, Franklin, Indiana, Phone: 736-7341 Ray Raufeisen ' s " 66 " Service, E. Umbarger Son Elevator, Bargers- Jefferson Crowell Street, Frank- ville, Indiana, Phone: 422-5195 lin, Indiana, Phone: 736-9414 178 FREE TV STAMPS THE ONLY FULL SERVICE CLEANERS SEMI-WATERPROOFED All- MATERIALS ARE . . .SEMI-MOTHPROOFED % SIZED AT MO EXTRA COST! CLEANING SERVICES CARPETS — RUGS — DRAPERIES DRIVE-UP UNIFORMS — SUITS — DRESSES WINDOW SHIRTS — FORMALS — SUEDE WEDDING GOWNS — COATS LAUNDRY SERVICE CUSTOM MADE DRAPES 7 A - I PM MOD. THRU FBI. T AM - S PM SATURDAY , y X V ( " X x nX P FranWuiNCleariters arj flSJioe Repair, V ise, 39 r£ JefferSpn St., F Vklin, I ianf hoi H26Nv N 112 pfersoffSt., Banklii Jndi- ) [ W ' S t e73 ' t Xx| X £ I X a X Ov K £ 4 Sx S X Kf i InsuraCbe, U.SA31, FranJ ri, " X t s, Li I On X s- I V $ | X V No s 179 PATRONS Bryants Barber Shop Russell Bryant 840 Main Street Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-6526 Wildman ' s Jewelry 49 N. Main Street Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-7533 Franklin ' s Fireman Association Franklin, Indiana Steve ' s Barbershop Steve Weddle Bargersville, Indiana rsville, Quality Equipment 1751 North Main Franklin, Indiana Phone: 736-7443 Millers ' Auto Sales Cecil Miller, Owner Bargersville, Indiana Phone:422-5133 Grimmer-Schmidt Corporation North Hurricane Road Franklin, Indiana i A Phone: 736-8416 i 4W v k f A$ At U enningto Mobile Home Sales, U.S Franklin Life Insurance Company, Ted Server, Special Rep- resentative, 551 E. King, Phone: 736-6883 P rj il ' y 180 V -AO 181 182 You are A CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, Whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. 183 THANKS!!! It takes a lot of hard work and effort to put together a yearbook. On this page, I would like to thank the people responsible for the production of the 1973 KITE. Advisor: Donna Bailey Ken Fox Assistant Editor: Nancy Friddle Newsfoto and representative Dick Kennard. Mr. Breck and the administration. Virgina O ' Donnell for drawing the cover design. ' 73 Staff: Bonnie Perry Susie Wiseman Lyn Pryor Debbie Ford Judy Blesoe Jim Thomas Brenda Zimmer Angie Newkirk Carma Spicer Debbie Cox Cathy Wright Laura Bradley Debbie Kimbler Beth Chupp Nash Studios Thank you ! ! ! ! Pam Whittenbarger, Editor. 184 (fa taS A A vl CL 1 ' i L 7%cc $m 1 tj!l , t uxiy o ta u CuJ i P) -fu , J c i -v x MLtJet fyyfi d ' cot - uJ, e .-. J? z . ? u,o u.jea. ' o uCto o met uLu c y s a aua ' G oLaA csvuyavo £ » Uc Cot . b cry,, A-x J? « y W A ,W Jl ' aa iJ- Off " , " - cu fj o uh- ccU . . . ) is ! I - " a J u;cJ du ' XUc c , c - Mcs - ' J s ™k An , jL . . . a. . ±J. ' S-Z. J } ]}[cihA ,;;. OAunL U, C STILUS -j ,- . I k I . ' ■ ; IJf. ,,- f J, ' Z ' J ) AjL UCjI .. u utauL , f aJU AbvoJ- ni a T[ lTr d ut ' i - AQjOf OW 1 cum curw i J dktoLA Jw a_5£ Jt K ©O bvQaJdi Q hjL f a, Mdb oohcxf X meow ) j 6 2- 3 (SeA JlB£ a L °$ wv a - . " ?,: ' . -■- m:

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