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$ -ta-A usuj u. u UJ C) Kj jq £n? $$J tj$ GENEALOGY 977.202 F86FHS 1971 € % or v T ' A- f e w gg f tumz -j c — i e T ' tt ye- _ X V W e r,AvV W p Ve,e vU OX Oxr V cvxA H o u i H owe W TWvx h v aAs n ' v Vx " ,v ■Bio W K cU . s Zrea llu don 1 Knouo uJ C t io Culture tfOPE Service fOTE : ranklin Community High School Franklin, Indiana Volume 62 197! i- ■VO nnve.1 v pO- .U jS ' o- - a ' mo o Ch ' S S 0) o-i nr »-e !. cm ' 71 ... a book of memories, of people, of places, of happenings, of new directions. The intersection of 1 100 paths; an album of a living maze. i r 1 r %£ yS TABLE OF CONTENTS STUDENTUFE 10 ACADEMICS 34 ORGANIZATIONS 56 SPORTS 90 PEOPLE 112 i ' if t FCW£ ' 70- ' 71: EyjaWfog, fauo tfag, Teocktag, Dfo cfcacj y 5 £ " " $ : fw V 3 r O ,« " jF o X ' cP V$ .°t)x A l a fr, , C c K. ■ tK N0 ' $f?A w 3 % 2 IR- ' ■» _ : . Pj ■ ' _ m1 f h 1 I went into the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover I had not lived. —Henry Thoreau CTUD JT UFk f4o H6CO ung ' 70: UnXquty tyCtfcwg, VtcftvttouS 1970 Homecoming Queen Patty Cordell, smiles enchantingly as she is crowned by Senior Steve McCracken at the half time ceremonies. Couples dance to the music of the " Epics " at the Homecoming dance. This was held at the pew location of the College Student Union Building. ' 70 Spirit Week was unique, beginning with the voting of a Mr. Football and ending with the new site for the Homecom- ing dance. Monday the voting for Mr. Football took place. Decorate your tennis shoes, and hall class displays followed, leading into Thursday and the annual Grizz- ley bonfire with the crowning of Mr. and Miss Spirit and Floyde Blake being crowned Mr. Foot- ball. Friday brought the pep session boosting the Grizzley power to full blast. The Rushville Lions came on the field hungry for a win and left even more hungry with the final score 14-0, chalking up another victory for the mighty Grizzlies. Homecoming candidates were Senior, Coleen Johnson; Junior, Pat Cordell; Sophomore, Debbie Ford; and Freshman, Holly Dod- son. At half time Steve Mc- Cracken announced the reigning quee of 1970: Pat Cordell. After the victory, the students of F.C.H.S. crowded into the Col- lege Student Union Building, a new location for the annual dance as the " Epics " provided the music for the " Harvest Moon Ball " . This cowardly Rushville Lion awaits de- feat while sitting in the hall of FCHS. A group of Senior girls who go by the name of " Gladys and her Gang " pe rform at the Friday Pep Session to promote Spirit for the Homecoming game that night. A Rushville Lion tries in vain to tackle a mighty Grizzley Cub. Mr. Watkins addresses the student body at Students cast their votes for Mr. Football at the beginning of Spirit Week 70. Floyde Blake the pep session Friday. was the winner of the highly coveted award. I — -ax --!; - ' m £L3k i " ' ■ ilk J " fitsttfcufe ts Bt ag Wo wg- New fofeas Donna Epply, who attended the Ball State Yearbook Camp, demonstrates to Nina Winters and Sandy Lane, some of the things she learned about preparing layouts and cropping pictures. This summer many students of Franklin High School attended dif- ferent camps and training work- shops all over the nation to im- prove their skills. Eight of the FCHS majorettes at- tended camp in Syracuse, Indiana. The varsity cheerleaders jour- neyed to Vincennes to learn new cheers and acrobatic routines- Donna Epply spent two weeks at Ball State to learn the latest ideas for yearbook layouts and copy. Sandee Hacker and Doug Bui I- ington attended the Student Coun- cil camp on the I.U. campus at Bloomington. FCA guys, Ted Wag- goner, Mike Anoskey, and Kieth Workman went to camp in Georgia, and Ginger Hixon went to New York City for an F.H.A. convention. Ginger Hixon pins a corsage on Mrs. Vo- land, FHA sponsor, at the club ' s initiation dinner. These eight majorettes: Beth Hodgen, Teresa Brown, Debbie Pike, Debbie Bolin, Jane DeCourcy, Kathy Prior, Cindy Trantor, and Bren- da Templin attended a camp in Vincennes, Indiana to lear pompom and baton routines for their half-time performances. Ginger attended the FHA Summer Institute in New York City. Joyce Furnish performs a routine she learned while attending cheerleader camp. All five of the varsity cheerleaders went to camp at Vincennes, Indiana. U oW$ wMutOMM wtepp L Joyce Furnish, Senior Quarterback, heaves the pigskin to a receiver. Brenda Eads, Junior Quarterback, runs the football to a touchdown. November 6 marked the date of the annual Sadie Hawkin ' s dance and Powder Puff football game. The competition this year was between ' - ' Wahoo ' s Wildwomen, " Seniors, and " Curran ' s Comets, " Juniors. The Juniors were victori- ous, bringing the score to rest at 22-8. Both the ground and the hitting were hard. Many sore muscles, bruises, and chipped teeth result- ed, but it was agreed by all play- ers to have been well worth it in the fun and experience gained. Tom Friddle and Sarah Reynolds were crowned L ' il Abner and Daisy Mae at the Sadie Hawkins dance. Senior defensive team members, Polly Zehr, Debbie Cook, Kathy Pryor, Monica Eberhardt, Jane Decourcy, and Karen Trueblood, boost their fellow teammates out on the playina field. Nancy Murphy aids opposing team member Nicki Kasting, after a rough scrimmage as Nancy Trankle, Nina Winters, Debbie Pike, and referee Jim Griggs look on. Uajo «tte$ P tjpww tt P fUdtUm Extra practices, a week of camp, sore legs, and peppy performances all go into being an FCHS major- ette. Under the direction of Head Ma- jorette Jane DeCourcy and Amy Alexander assistant, the 24 girls brought home a 1st place trophy from the Triton Central Majorette Contest. Performing at parades, football and basketball games, concerts, pep sessions, and con- tests made a very busy schedule. Practices amounted to 10 hours of concentrated effort a week, often before school. " " Mil £ M r q The girls flash smiles to the audience while executing with ease a chain reaction. A unique pre-game routine, learned at camp was presented at home basketball games. Complete with umbrellas the majorettes performed to the popular tune Raindrops. A surprise was always in store for the appre- " " " v ciative crowds. A rare occurrence is catching Stiner ' s steppers, known as Franklin ' s award winning majorettes, in a still pose. ( k ywi • ■ % v» -:• O f " " ' 1 Hi " " " ' in ' " " ■ wnimim " " TU UcMk flm Afej with tU " £owhj O UuSiC ' The FCHS Choral Department produced Rogers and Hammer- stein ' s, " The Sound of Music " on April 15-16. Mr. Ron Bell directed the musical assisted by Miss Sherri Wishard. Diane Zellar had the starring role of Maria a postulate in an Austrian Abbey. Steve Axe played the male lead as Captain Von Trapp. The Von Trapp children were played by Carol Bruce, John Toole, Becky Caldwell, Alan Lanier, Diane Million, Peggy Skaggs, and Trisha DeWitt. Other characters were Phil Smith, Barbie Roman, Karen Trueblood, Jim Taylor, Vicki Sherrell, Cindy Cook, Debbie Cloyde, and Debbie Schutte. The entire girls choir provided the music of the many nuns from the abbey. Debbie Cloyde, Cindy Cook, Karen Trueblood, and Debbie Schuette, as the nuns from the abbey sing, " How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria. " Jeff Reynolds who portrayed the character Rolfe, sings " You Are Sixteen, Going On Seventeen, ' to Leisel, the oldest of the Von Trapp children, who was played by Carol Bruce. Steve Axe and Barbara Roman stand by as Phil Smith, Uncle Max, sings his part of the trio. Tni-VMtowte Gtwfiiu ftosbUHM oJb PCHS Ted Waggoner and Jud Vaught present their lines on opening night. On March 11, and 12, FCHS pro- duced three one-act plays in the annual all school play production. Sponsors were Mrs. La Rea Slater, and Mr. Dave England. " A Pleasant In-Between " starred Jud Vaught and concerned a town where children are born, grow up, and die, in the same neighborhood. " Sorry, Wrong Number " was the second one-act play and Sandee Hacker played the main role. The final play was " The Un- certain Samaritan " and the main characters were played by Janet Sickles and Penny Noble. All three of the plays were well received by the students and lot of fun for the participants. Sandee Hacker rehearses her lines for her lead role in " Sorry, Wrong Number. " Nina Winters tells Penny Noble, " I like you, " in " The Uncertain Samaritan. " Jud Vaught reads through his lines in Pleasant In-Between " before rehearsa i irsiiii fEtiiiri Mr. England, J. Chapin, and G. Day watch rehearsal for one-act play, " A Pleasant In-Between Allen Pearson portrays a police officer in Make-up is an important part of all plays, the play, " Sorry, Wrong Number. " here, Penny Noble makes up Jud Vaught. Penny Noble does some deep thinking while remembering her lines. Janet Sickles displays despairing distress in " The Uncertain Samaritan. " f(Mm FMtunjb UMwq Gu US. lU Cintik The highlight of the Hi-Y Follies this year was an unusual tag-team wrestling match between team one: Groovy Gus (Mr. England) with his ace partner, Sam (Mr. Gallamore) and team two: Ali Babba (Mr. Wat- kins) and his partner The Sheik (Jim Shannon). Award winners were Juanita Allen in the solo musical category, Carol Bruce and Sherri Wishard in the musical category and a magi- cal act with Tom McKee and Tom Coward in the Miscellaneous category. John Breck, Dave Betts, and Steve McCracken e m c e e d the Follies. Performing here are Dave Betts and Steve McCracken, emcees for the Follies. Bill Loveridge and his dummy, Joey Minton, Barbara Lawson performed a modern jazz provided one of the humorous fill-ins. dance to the song " Aquarius. " Vikki Griner entertained the audience with a baton routine. Nicky Kasting surprised the audience by popping out from under the hood of Steve Axe ' s VW. John Breck provided the serious side as the announcer for the Follies. Carol Bruce and Sherry Wishard performed in the musical category of the Follies. Fran LaGrange and Carolyn Johnson enter- tained the audience with numerous folk songs. Tom Coward and Tom McKee perform their winning magic act. Four nuns from " The Sound of Music " gave the audience a sneak preview of the musical Co«iuo$: TUfc ' s A Pofifes This year F.C.H.S. had many interesting convos. They ranged from singing to race car driving and from playing musical instru- ments to an autobiography of a drug addict ' s life. Included in the convos for 71 were: Caldwells, a singing group; McPheeters, an ex-drug addict; Vic Hyde, who entertained us with dif- ferent musical instruments; Ray Hildebrand, who represented the Bill Glass Crusade, and Bob Veith, a well known race car driver. For the Thanksgiving Convo Reverend McKinney spoke to the student body on Love, while the choir provided music. Each convo was interesting, in- formative, and inspiring. Ray Hildrebrand balances a 10 foot ladde on his chin to entertain the audience. Sweetheart King and Queen, Jerry Hunter and Sharon Pruitt dance their victory dance. The Sweetheart Dance sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes was held on February 13, 1971 at Webb Elementary School. The candidates for the King and Queen Honors were Don McGlock- lin, Dee Bingham, Bob Colin, Luann Williams, from the freshman class. Dave Walters, Diane Colin, Greg Hart, Carol Henderson from the Sophomore class. Luke Wrenn, Becky Umbright, Bruce Williams, Debbie Lucas from the Junior class and Jim Griggs, Kathleen Hodgen, Jerry Hunter and Sharon Pruitt. Jerry Hunter and Sharon Pruitt were crowned King and Queen by Kieth Workman, President of FCA. Sharon Pruitt shows her surprise and joy at being crowned Sweetheart Dance Queen. Qw rfk otAte Dante oh Vftfen aes Doy Numerous couples enjoy the music of the Continentals while dancing. Dan Blankenship and Beverly Clark gaze lovingly into each others eyes while enjoying a dance. Pmhu ' 7 1 : Tcktftom Luke Wrenn and Becky Umbright dance after being crowned for Prom ' 71. Prom Court 71: J. Beeler, D. Zellar, A. Alexander, J. Burton, 1970 Queen — J. Furnish, B. Um- bright, L Wrenn, 1970 King — D. Befts, J. Myers, D. Newkirk, B. Yant, and B. Williams. Many couples enjoyed dancing to the music of Sam Yount and Rob Schaffestall ' s Quintet. They The crown bearers for " A Night In Tahiti " are dancing to the theme song of " Bali Hai. " were Anne Alexander and Joe Heuchan. M it w m ¥y 1 1 ■L -i|§ -Jm W- i ' jbk t IS HjL ' jr w at S ' Siilli 1 i 1 I. ■H d m Dteatw On May 14, 1971 the Junior class displayed " A Night In Tahiti " . It was held between 8:00 P.M. and 11:00 P.M. with the Post-Prom being held at the City Hall Building between the hours of 12:00 and 4:00 A.M. The Prom court for " A Night In Tahiti " was Joyce Burton, Amy Alexander, Becky Umbright, Diane Zellar and Joni Beeler. The five es- corts were Joe Myers, Dave New- kirk, Bruce Williams, Luke Wrenn, and Bob Yant. At approximately 10:00 Luke Wrenn and Becky Um- bright were crowned King and Queen of Prom ' 71. The Crown bearers for this occasion we re Joe Heuchan and Ann Alexander. The Rob Schafestall-Sam Yount Quintet provided the music for the evening. " A Night In Tahiti " meant much planning and lots of hard work for all of the Juniors and their head sponsor, Mr. Steve Davis. Gifts were presented by Steve Brown to Eugenia Roeder, head student coordinator, and to Mr. Davis, class sponsor. Their costumes complemented the atmosphere of the South Seas. Queen Becky reigns joyously over Prom ' 71, " A Night in Taihti. Senior Karen Plank and her escort, Eric Ferrell pass through the entrance, and into " A Night in Tahiti. " Be W ' t Pw Cc« t : The menial task of cleaning-up is dull, but important, and Terry Lewis pitches in. Ron Wildmen finishes the sketching on the picture corner background. Ron Bechman, Mr. Watkins, Mr. Watkins ' stu- dent teacher, and Don Black untangle fish- net. Nina Winters and Rod Rogers add finishing touches to the straw refreshment stand, from which was served the traditional punch and cookies. Uotod WonJk A view from the entry-way during the early stages of the prom shows the over all confusion before the big production of " A Night In Tahiti. " Bill Jones, Ron Bechman, Darla Winters, and Rudy Olivo are shown completing the needed work on the entry-way section of the Prom. Neil Hodson and Joe Young work hard at putting up the parachute. PuoMtou QpJflJttyit, kwfaitotoi (mi Uwwub The Senior Awards day began with the song " We ' ve Only Just Begun " , by the senior girls in choir. The class history was read and many memories were relived. Wild Women made their final perfor- mance before a live audience. Awards amounting to several thou- sand dollars were presented to well deserving seniors. Honorary as well as monetary awards were received. The program ended with the entire class joining in a rendi- tion of " Graduation Day " . Barbara DeCoursey receives the Elizabeth Fletcher Jones Award from choir director Mr. Ronald Bell. The award was initiated in memory of the late FCHS teacher. Wild Women bring their career to a close with a rendition of " Those Were The Days My Friend. " These 12 girls entertained FCHS numerous times throughout their 4 years. John Breck and Connie Enders call out the names of Senior sponsors to receive gifts. Pam Andrews and Debbie Pike read the class hsitory on Senior Awards Day. C AJim £ Ha i £ afe do PUMJb Jim Norton appreciates his tasty food at Province Park, and enjoys his long sought freedom he has gained after 4 years at FCHS. Super Phil (Smith) charges after the football not realizing that everyone else is waiting for the popular frisbie to fly by. The Senior Picnic happened this year on Friday, May 28th at Province Park. Frisbies and Softball interested a few seniors, but most suffered from a strange attraction to water. Julie Roberts had the honor of being the first to land in Hurricane Creek, with almost every other senior following suit. Mr. England, a senior sponsor, escaped the creek although his car took quite a beating. Thanks to Mr. Curran the girls won the hard fought tug-of-war across the creek, but he did get a little wet. Mr. Curran and Mr. Foster enjoy a rest after finally getting 216 seniors ready to graduate. Perly Jason Roberts charges in a blind rage at a tree with his trusty water pistol. Put YfaW UCtM l The class of ' 71 marched into Vandivier Gym at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 30, to begin their baccalaureate service. Junior class president, Dave Newkirk gave the invocation, and the Concert choir sang an anthem. Nina Winters, junior class vice president, read the scripture and Rev. Marchand spoke on the topic, " A Clue to Great- ness. " The sermon was followed by the " Hallelujah, Amen and Chorale " by the Choir. Fran La Grange, Junior class secretary gave the benediction, and the Seniors marched out, while Cindy Fry played Gounods ' recessional, " Marche " . Dave Newkirk, Junior Class President, Rev. Marchand, and Mr. Breck go over the program for Baccalaureate. At the close of Baccalaureate, the Senior Class marches from Vandivier Gymnasium. CfctSS off ' 7 1 : A»j Yefc We w JuSfc Begun 1 " Step . . . step . . . watch the marks on the floor . . . step . . . step . . . step. . . . " Mr. Breck ' s words from rehearsal were going through every senior ' s mind as they marched into the gym for Franklin Community High School ' s ninety- ninth Commencement program. President, John Breck, gave the invocation, followed by Commence- ment speakers Janet Sickles and Sandy Hacker. Janet ' s address was entitled " It Was the Best of Times " , and ' Sandy ' s was " A Time for Us " . Mr. Breck presented the first di- ploma to John and the Board of School Trustees presented diplomas to the other 215 graduates. John Breck led the class in changing their tassels and Connie Enders gave the benediction. Then, for the last time, as a group, the Class of 1971 left Vandivier Gym while the band played the " War March of the Priests " . One of the two Commencement speakers Janet Sickles, addresses the Senior Class. Her topic was taken from Dickens " It was the best of times. . . " and was applied to today. John Breck leads the Class of 71 in the uni versal tradition of changing the tassels. The Zehr family typify many senior reactions as they check to see if the diploma is really hers In youth My wings were strong and tireless, But I did not know the mountains. In age I knew the mountains But my weary wings could not follow my vision- Genius is wisdom and youth. —Edgar Lee Masters ACADGMfCS The English Department, under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Dil- lard, worked diligently toward a goal in which students would speak and write more accurately, and communicate more effectively. This year, a new teacher-student aid is the " English Service Center " . Here the teachers can prepare their courses of study with the aid of teaching guides and other valu- able materials. This center was also used by students for private tutoring and student-teacher con- ferences. The English " A " courses helped students prepare for college while the General English classes studied a combined program of general English and Humanities. Semester courses such as Cre- ative Writing, World Literature, Speech I II, Dramatics, and Journalism gave students the op- portunity to expand their studies in the different phases of English. Mrs. Smith keeps a watchful eye over her students. H$tik Mj Ato ' fc Qfr BU Students take note of Mr. England ' s exuberant, ego deflating lectures in this fifth hour college preparatory English IV class. They are concerned with Billy Budd. Jackie Stainbrook, Bob Pierle, Cindy Tranter, David Duckworth, Kent Early, and Tanya Black form a panel to discuss a novel in their English IIA class. Students gather at Mrs. Wiesman ' s desk during their yearly visit to the Reading Lab. Here they try to improve in their reading speed and their ability to comprehend. Two freshman investigate the Globe theater. Shown here completing a bulletin board assignment, " Door ' s of knowledge " , are Chan Parten- heimer and Pam Palmer, students in Mrs. Nidiffer ' s English IA class. Mrs. Hughey discusses a class novel. DOORS 0) KA ' OI ?i CmicmiMdjUw 4- U wi Wonk = K toMtyb Students at FCHS were involved in different levels of Math ranging from the " work " problems in Gen- eral Math to the calculus of Math V. Those just entering this field of study were kept on their toes with Algebra I and Geometry, while the more experienced Juniors and Se- niors continued their study with Algebra II and Senior Math. This year student mathema- ticians benefited from the " New Math Center. " Under the direction of faculty and student helpers, this center was used as a workroom for those that needed aid or project materials. Available to the stu- dents were visual aids, books, add- ing machines, and personal tutoring. Algebra I students, Connie Lusk and Bob Sexton, take careful note of all instructions. Juniors Bob Yant and Zoe Ann Taylor concentrate completely as they each strive to show their ability to outwit the other ' s next move in the mathematical aame of " Tic-Tac-Toe. " Mr. Petro points out to his " open-minded " students the importance of rays, lines, angles, planes, graphs, and other geometrical figures. rcnA Industrial Cooperative Training is designed to give juniors and seniors classroom work in various fields with advantage of on-the- job training. Students work at such business as restaurants, gas sta- tion ' s, etc. Mr. Chester ' s ICT class receives general background information in the numerous fields in which they will be working. Maynard Jones, employed at a local serv- ice station, combines work and fun on the job. Steve Newkirk prepares a TV set at his on-the-job training point. Don Shelley, a meat cutter to-be, takes a brief moment from his work to pose for the camera. WoM flffftirt Ope t© Qo ol Sfoites SWewfe Mr. Davis assists Jim Norton with the proper construction of his Congressional bil as these other Seniors are preparing for the Mock Congress. Tracing United States History on a map can be useful in understanding our American He ritage. Steve Russell and Ronnie Wildman look at the Original Thirteen Colonies. A better understanding of the world was gained in Social Studies. Civics classes divided into the Senate and House of Representa- tives for a Mock Congress. A comparison of our country to other countries was drawn in the Geography classes. Modern European, World, and U.S. history classes studied world affairs and their effect on present day life. Elective courses, Sociology and Economics, informed students of the problems of people in society and the balancing of budgets. Family Living, a very " pro- ductive " class, prepared seniors for married life. Mr. Bohlsen gives his Modern European His- tory lectures in a relaxed atmosphere. =11 Coxdeb Wkdi fS Byijpfow Teftcktag Ptofosstow Cadet teacher sponsor, Miss Karen Landwehr shows Brenda Hyde various methods of presenting a lesson. Miss Landwehr counseled all cadet teachers throughout the year. The Cadet teachers, under the direction of guidance counselor, Miss Karen Landwehr, promoted in- the-classroom training. Having been placed in different schools throughout the community, these students spent 6th period in their respective classes. Those involved in this year ' s program were seniors Richard Waltman, Ginger Hixson, Brenda Hyde, and Karen Trueblood. The objectives of the exploratory teaching were to maintain interest in the teaching profession, to give students pre-vocational experi- ences, and to help students decide whether or not teaching is " for them " . Each member in the program was required to make classroom progress reports, and to prepare planning charts. Each student would help in various ways in the class to which he was assigned. Credits were received at the com- pletion of the course. Ginger Hixson, senior cadet teacher, explains to her class about foreign nations with the aid of a painting. PkyS-e £, UtotiJtk; Cb(wifaiofiiJb j, Cowfctofc Franklin ' s phys-ed, Health de- partment under the guidance of Mr. Mike Watkins provides the stu- dents with a variety of recreational skills and a better understanding of the physical body. Students en- joy winter swimming, volleyball, baseball, track, and other new sports. One area of training is spent in teaching tumbling and gymnastic stunts. Girls experience coordination dances called tinink- ling. Many times girls and boys classes were combined. Health classes are a one semes- ter requirement at FCHS. Drivers Ed was offered to a few underclassmen and was taught by Mr. Bohlsen and Mr. Watkins. Phys-ed students wait for their turn to volley the ball across the net for a score. Many times the boys classes joined the girls in a vigorous game. Phys-ed assistant, Janie Waggoner shows the correct wa y to hold a golf club. Mr. Watkins, Health instructor, discusses with his students the social problems our country faces today. Every FCHS student must take one semester of Health. Cjp dol £M A POM® h Qp o touting Suzzie Bullman, a student in the Special Education class, takes advantage of a sixth period study time to work on spelling sentences and other homework. Special Education students, Wesley Shidler and Mark Brown combine work and play as they engage in a game of three-dimensional scrabble. The Special Education class under the instruction of Mr. Knight, is a new addition to FCHS. The students involved have advanced through the use of specially de- signed audio and visual aids. They have benefited from the class unity which has thrived under special supervision. The ultimate goal of this class is no different than that of any other academic program at FCHS. The students in the program par- ticipate in regular classes when they are not involved in the program. Mr. Knight, the instructor, keeps tabs on the. daily progressive chart. Business: Keeptog Uf Wtih H Hnm Typing I students race to beat the clock as they participate in a timed drill. This is only one drill that the students do for the class. Rose Powell works the key punch machine in the intensive laboratory. This is only one of the different types of machines used in the lab. F.C.H.S. has a very well devel- oped business department whose primary goal is to prepare stu- dents for careers in the business world. Classes offered are: Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Office Machines, and Clerical practices. An intensive office laboratory is open to Seniors only. They spend the first three hours of the school day performing the same tasks they would do in a real office. The lab is furnished with such modern equipment as the IBM key punch. Mr. William Church is the head of this department. He is also in charge of the student supply office, where the business department students work daily. The business department has done well in keeping with the fast moving pace of today ' s business world. Receptionist for the intensive laboratory is to receive all visitors. Here Patty Hughes is filling the bill. Uwl QbotAb o«i (jQJtwv. itJjusbdotl Atfe Industrial Arts provides explora- tory experiences in the fields of woodworking, metal working, drafting, graphic arts (printing), and electricity. These courses pro- vide students with opportunities to select areas of interest for future study. The latest addition to this voca- tional department is a complete off- set printing plant. Here students learn about the complete printing process. William Moore, a student in Machine Shop, works on his metal project. Wayne Eldridge receives a few valuable pointers from his instructor in his Mechanical Drav ing Course. This project requires much detailed work. Doug Wilson looks into the operations and setups of Machine Shop. Here the students learn all about the aspects of the mechanical world in which we live. Just " Basics " Mrs. Voland, Mrs. Bright and Mrs. Patton combined forces in di- recting both male and female stu- dents in Home Economics courses. More than just the " basics " , (cooking, sewing, and cleaning) were taught to the young home- makers; fashion buying, home management, and consumer buy- ing were just a few of the different courses offered to the future Con- sumer-homemakers. A fashion show, a mock wed- ding, and the local chapter of the FHA kept the students involved and learning while having fun. Ladonna Stout, a freshman, enrolled in Home Ec I, participates in class. Concentration and a steady hand are needed in operating a sewing machine. Sophomore Judy Robinette demonstrates her skill acquired as she sews in Home Ec. II. Everyone in this Home Economics course gets involved by looking flt a perfect table setting. Table preparation is just a small part of Home Ec. Steve Brown gives a little guidance to Wesley Hendricks the tractor. They also work with other farm implements. i ho is developing his skill at backing 1 1 Foajm The Vocational Agriculture De- partment attempts to meet the varied needs of today ' s farming by offering the following courses: ad- vanced management, farmpower, machinery management, elec tricity, structure, agricultural marketing, and economics. Mr. Spurgeon and Mr. Gueswein, veteran agriculture teachers, pro- vide students with the " basics " of farm operations. Advanced stu- dents may go into on-the-job training for further experience. Machines have not completely taken over farm work as Rob Pierle applies elbow grease. Ray Martin, Wesley Hendricks, and Steve Brown work together as they further their interests in farm machinery. Here they discuss the correct care and proper operation of them. Language ' BomA Btokew The foreign language courses offered at FCHS give students an opportunity to learn the language and various customs of cultures other than our own. Mrs. Burks continues to teach students the Latin language and about Caesar. Spanish students gain experience by entertaining an exchange stu- dent during the spring. Mrs. South- erland and Mrs. Hinchman teach students the other fundamentals of this language. " Je ne sais pas, " is a common answer to 1st year French ques- tions, although this reply is used less and less by students as Miss Downin urges students to speak the language more fluently. Foreign language clubs get more students involved in learning. Our Latin Club is one of the largest in the state. Zoc Ann Taylor stabs a " big bully " during a Spanish class recitation. French students enjoy French fun not only in class but also outside of school. Shown above are French Club members who take pride in their ability to do fluent skits. These three seniors taking Spanish IV, are beyond the technical learning of grammar, and into the leisurely learning of customs and Spanish life. Mrs. Burks continues to teach the " dead language is an important part of mastering this language. Latin, to interested students. Translation Miss Downin ' s French III students focus of their attention on class novels. The language lab encourages students to do more than just learn the techniques of each language. In it students can put into practice what they have been taught. This adds more variation to the learning of the language. Mr. Bell, choir director, works with the Concert Choir as they practice in preparation for the year ' s activities. Barbara DeCoursey, senior accompaniest for the Concert Choir, practices diligently in prepara- tion for the " Spring Festival of Music. " Brenda Smith, a member of Girl ' s Choir, keeps both eyes on the conductor. Voim Uydi l Girl ' s Choir members practice their music for the Spring Concert. Cindy Fry practices equally hard as she prepares her acompaniment for the group ' s activities. " Sing along with Mr. Bell " seems to be the slogan that these students learn in choir. The group practices daily in the choir room. The Music Department, under the direction of Mr. Ron Bell, com- pleted a very busy and successful year. Students participated in three choirs: a cadet choir, Concert Choir, and the Girl ' s Choir. These choirs joined hands in the fall, Christmas, and Spring to present themselves in concert. The school musical, The Sound of Music, was one of the highlights of the year. The outstanding act- ing and singing shown throughout the presentation captivated the au- dience. A select few make up the group of " Heritage Singers " . Dur- ing the Christmas season, a Madri- gal Dinner was sponsored by this group. Pam Ryker and Brenda Cobbler, both mem- bers of Girl ' s Choir, watch the music sheet. HP» ' rBW ■ iiVi$B , .J V?Si " W Rsl H " r 1 r m •WMr - im£t 9 a 0r fl»ib tta Boat £oes Owl Fall fanfares, fancy footwork and field formations all contributed to the success of the 125 Marching Grizzlies. Band Director, Mr. Wayne Stiner prepares the concert band for their oncoming Spring Con- cert. Leading the band at football games and parades were Head Majorette Jane DeCourcy, Drum Major Tony Funkhouser, Assistant Head Majorette Amy Alexander, and Feature Twirler Vikka Griner. The FCHS Band under the direc- tion of Mr. Wayne Stiner and Mr. Ron W e i m e r , demonstrated throughout the 70-71 year their expert marching and musical abili- ties. The 125 members began the year with summer practices, a per- formance at the football Jamboree, and peppy half-time shows at all home basketball and football games. Two concerts were given and both captivated capacity crowds. A major event was the well known Good Neighbor Festival, with FCHS acting as host to six conference bands. The band received a 2nd place at the Southport marching contest and many 1st place ratings in individual competition. The band also boosted Community ac- tivities by marching at the Bantam League, Christmas, Homecoming, and Memorial Day parades and by playing at commencement exer- cises on graduation day. An addition to FCHS this year was the expansive new band room. Band members take advan- tage of their new facilities while taking playing tests which were given each six weeks. Band council, elected by members in the band, met every Tuesday after school to discuss portant issues such as awards, uniforms, concerts, and other extra curricular activities. Dance band members Paige Hardin, Debbie Eads, and Carolyn Johnson play at a concert. QbuuiMfo DiJtow i New Di wfi iSto i$ to QcXmte Cries of disgust and appalled looks are outward signs of a stom- ach ache and of Biology I. The dis- section of starfish did much for Frosh excitement. " The birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees " are just a few of the subjects studied in Ad- vanced Biology. Earth Science is a guide to the most common, most easily seen, and most interesting aspects of our space capsule, the earth. A new chem 1 lab increased and improved facilities for Chemistry I and II students this year. Also this year, a new course called Physical Science was of- fered as an introduction to Physics. As some students prepared for Physics, Physics students them- selves diligently studied the rela- tionship of energy to matter. Senior scientists Julie Roberts and Steve McCracken prepare to utilize the Van de Graaf gen- erator in order to study the property of static electricity in Physics class. The unseen world captures the attention of a Biology I student, Mike Sparrow. Juniors Cindy Fry and Jim Noblitt study the spectrum chart in depth trying to figure out the method used to find color wave length in Chemistry I. itc OteafeuXttj + Tch»Jb + tytp djwte = Beouiu One of the smallest departments at FCHS is the art department. It is also one of the busiest. Students in Mrs. Pruitt ' s Art I -IV classes were kept active from spring to fall with everything from perspective to 3-D Christmas projects to oil painting. Filling in the year, such mediums as charcoal, watercolor and pastels were used. The purpose of this variety of projects and mediums is to give students as wide a background as possible in the field of art for fu- ture study. Painting through stencils to create an at- tractive design is Ray Scott. Polly Zehr takes a break from her busy schedule to spend a few quiet moments on her Art 4 project. She is working to bring about an abstract effect. Tom Friddle learns how to mix and blend colors for a more life-like drawing. The students projects were shown in the display cases in the halls. ' ■ " ■ ' ■■■■■■ P « »»«i_ p » «««» i If man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone; one should keep his friendships in constant repair. —Samuel Johnson CfcGANtZAllONC CO. Acfow CtudmJb President, Doug Bullington, kept the Student Council busy this year sponsoring Homecoming, selling jackets, setting up convos, and in general keeping the students at FCHS informed of school and coun- cil activities. The preceding accomplishments were not done by Doug alone. Most of the business was discussed during the early morning meetings which were held at 7:30 on Tues- day mornings weekly and any other time that a meeting was necessary. The other officers, be- sides Doug, included Barbie Ro- man, Sandy Hacker and Keith Workman; Vice-President, secre- tary, and treasurer. Row 1: K. Workman, D. Bullington, S. Hacker, B. Roman. Row 2: D. Zellar, N. Winters, D. Newkirk, M, Marrow, J. Breck, C. Cross, S. McCracken, L. Eades. Row 3: Joe Myers, S. Brown, L. LuJan, V. Junior council members Joe Myers and Diane Zellar discuss up-coming business with club spon- sor, Mr. Foster. Not only officers but all club members took part in council activities. Sloan, J. Burton, B. Cordell, C. Green, D. Bingham. Row 4: V. Cross, D. Lewis, G. Merrick, J. McGlockin, T. Myers, D. McGlockin, L. Wolff, C. Bryant. i£f ' SIS ' -i»Wi Bi%J5 -f ' - " ; ' y fiwt ' fi Iff 11 IPtS w " • JfH Br ' ■ % 1 ' -: s 0f mH ' •ff ' - w fl mm HH 1 A ' »f President Doug Bullington assists Terri Smith in modeling one of the FCHS jackets, new to Frank- lin High this year. Many jackets were seen traveling the halls as spring approached. Barbie Roman, Bruce Colglazier, Ruby Fontes, and guest enjoy the Homecoming Dance sponsored by the Student Council. The music was by The Epics. Nina Winters and Steve Brown review their suggestion before dropping it in the box. N.W.£.: Tfa AoftokhOc Ef tfe »H afc FCWS Jim Norton, President of the local chapter of National Honor Society, presided over club meetings and over the annual banquet which was held in the spring. Service, Scholarship, Leadership, and Character are the four qualities necessary for membership in Na- tional Honor Society. Membership consists of 10% of the Junior class and 15% of the Senior class. The basic requirement, scholar- ship, must be met along with the other three qualities characteristic of its members. This honor is the highest one which can be awarded to a student academically. The en- tire faculty is involved in selecting this outstanding group of young men and women. The local Nettie Craft Chapter of National Honor Society held its an- nual banquet March 31, 1971. Stu- dent speakers included Steven R. McCracken, Douglas K. Bullington, Paige E. Hardin, and Jean Hacker. At this banquet, old members were honored as well as new ones. The group was sponsored by Mrs. Mattick and Mr. Hamlin. Members of Honor Society include: Mrs. Mattick, sponsor; Barb DeCoursey, Vice Pres; Doug Bullington, Treas; and Jim Norton, President. Row 2: Sherry Whishard, Joyce Burton, Gabriela VonStralendorff, Cindy Fry, Janet Sickles, Jean Hacker, Jane Spears, Karen Trueblood, Alberta VanMeter, Kathleen Hodgen, Jane DeCourcy, Kathey Pryor. Row 3: Paige Hardin, Vicki Sherrel, Connie Enders, Brenda Hyde, Joyce Furnish, Donna Thornbury, Em- ily Bullars. Row 4: Velginna Thompson, Linda Smeltz, Suzanne Walters, Charlotte Owens, Amy Alexander, Jenny Streightoff, Brenda Tempi in, Sue Alexander, Mary An McCarty, Lillian Province, Carol Smith, Libby Fer- rera. Row 5: Steve Axe, Steve Brown, Dave Gibson, Pat Lay, Bob McMillin, John Breck, John Chapin, Joe Myers, Roger Thompson, Keith Workman. Row 6: Bob Friddle, Luke Wren, and Andy Findley. Row 1: J. Vaught, B. Roman. Row 2: S. Alexander, L. Province, L. Ferrara, E. Early. Row 3: S. Hacker, A. VanMeter, C. Owens, J. Russom, P. Hardin. Lil Province, Sandy Hacker, and Alberta Van Meter discuss a new angle for a story. tkdbtfw. PCH£ tw|(w iuMtto« UtoiqyiOjdM Phil Smith is Russom. Also attempting to explain the functions of the various parts of the camera to Janie angles for pictures are an important topic of discussion. The school newspaper, The Elec- tron, successfully performed its main function, keeping the students at FCHS informed. " Under the Medallion " was a special section of gossip about all sorts of people and things. In each issue was a section called Senior Spotlight that told of three or four seniors in particular, their likes and dislikes and their many school ac- tivities. For the sports-minded people there was a special sports section with each issue interview- ing a different senior athlete. The section editors met with co- editors Jud Vaught and Barbie Roman and sponsor Mr. England during sixth hour and worked dili gently to weed out the best article; and get the paper together. Relaxation feels good after a hard work session to meet a deadline. Kite staff members include Doug Bullington, Harry Furrer, Nancy Tran- kle, Brenda Eads, John Chapin. Pam Whittenbarger, Joyce Furnish, Jane DeCourcy, Nina Winters, Mrs. Nidiffer, sponsor,- Kathy Pryor, Sandy Lane, Beth Brown, and Donna Eppley. Tacking up the calendar is one of Johns One of the many hardships endured by the staff is distributing books. Nina Winters is scan- toughest jobs. ning the list for Sara Dragoo ' s name so she may obtain her book. YeW)o Get t flM Together The KITE staff, under the adept leadership of John Chapin, Editor- in-Chief and his Assistant Editor Donna Eppley, completed many worthwhile projects as well as a yearbook. To start the year off with a bang we became a member of the In- diana High School Press Associa- tion. The yearbook is concerned with providing students and school with different services. The staff threw a mixer and sold concessions at all home football games. Sponsoring underclass pictures was another project undertaken by the mem- bers. To complete the year most successfully we met all deadlines, thus lessening the pressure on us, as well as our sponsor, Mrs. Nidiffer. Jane chuckles while leafing through last year ' s book. Hard work sometimes pays off when you are working on copy and once in a great goes through all channels: Beth, John, and Mrs. Nidiffer, and is put in the book. Identifying the freshmen is sometimes hard work for the upperclassmen on the staff. Sandy and Donna are having their share of trouble with this job. Row 1: Mrs. R. Smith, Mrs. L Smith, Kastings, Enders, Henderson, Hyde, Hodgen, Furnish, Roman. Row 2: Sutherland, Nixon, Sickles, Eberhart, Hacker, Trueblood, Pryor, Cook, Plank, Dunn, Decourcy, Trankle, Zehr, Pike, Fontes, Johnson. Row 3: Stepleton, Cheetum, Dobbs, Cordell, Healy, Bullers, Roe, Brown, Sneed, Winks, VanMeter, Polaski, Spears, Roush, Early, Hommell, Smith, Frost. Row 4: Webb, Lane, Winks, Zellar, Noble, LuJan, Vanderploeg, Deer, Hammack, Mor- rison, Hommell, Zillinga, Sherrel Summers, Woods. Row 5: DeCoursey, Cook, Andrews, Moore, Alexander, Lay, Miskell, Roberts, Vaughn, Urn- bright, Willis, Smeltz, McCarty, Templin, Murphy, Eads, Thornbury. Row 6: Hensley, Scourfield, Kearney, DeWitt, Smith, Ferrara, Streightoff, Duckworth, Bulter, Beller, Burton, Ayers, Fry, Owens, Ryker. Row 7: Province, Alexander, Puddick, LaGrange, Winters, Willey, Hamner, Schutte, Smith, Riddicle, Burton, Cramer, Legan, Cramer, Andrews. Row 8: Edens, Wishard, Bruce, Godsey, Walters, Winters, Lucas, Thompson, Reynolds, Epply, Brown, Dyer. £gw!C : A " O Ti f-to-Y New Tri-Hi-Y members donned their formals and entered the First United Presbyterian Church to " formally " become members of Tri-Hi-Y. The initiation was held jointly with Hi-Y. The highlight of this year ' s Tri- Hi-Y was the annual Ideal Lady Banquet. This year ' s theme was " Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice " and each Ideal Lady was given a small candy jar as a re- minder of the time they were com- pared to everything nice, and chosen as an Ideal Lady. The special guest was Mrs. Wil- liam Bray, wife of an Indiana senator, who talked to the group about Ideal Ladies in other coun- tries whom she has had the pleasure of meeting. In addition to the annual ban- quet the club also rendered many other services to the school and community. Morning devotions, holiday baskets for the needy, Christmas caroling to shut-ins and selling concessions at football games were a few of these ser- vices. Also the club sponsored the annual Junior-Senior Powder Puff football game and Sadie-Hawkins dance afterwards. Hi-Y members enjoy an interesting movie at one of the monthly meetings. The club officers initiate the new members at the Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y initiation. UV-Y: Wonk, Hi-Y had a very busy time this year. They started off early with the joint initiation with Tri-Hi-Y. later in the year they again joined with Tri-Hi-Y and went Christmas caroling to the Methodist, Ma- sonic Homes, and the hospital. The highlight of the year was the an- nual Hi-Y Follies. The follies were a smashing success because of the " Big Time Wrestling " match featur- ing the " Sheek. " Probably the most important thing the club did was to choose a recipient for the Hi-Y scholarship. Row 1: Vaught, Magers, Smith, Breck, Workman, Brown, Waltman. Row 2: Griggs, Norton, Friddle, Betts, Axe, McCracken, Cross, Gibson, Gridley, Day, Hunter, Bolin. Row 3: Blake, Bridges, McKay, Hunky, Gullett, Newkirk, Russell, Rasmussen, Loveridge, Afflerbach, Carlisle, Hardin. Row 4: McMil- lin, Roberts, Grubb, Friddle, Ramsey, Wildman, Claxton, Thompson, Wrenn, Minton, Waggoner. Row 5: Brown, Green, Brunson, Shannon, Wyrtck, Plank, Murphy, Davis, Anoskey, Myers. Row 6: Thompson, Lipsus, Lucas, Deer, Tresslar, Andreas, Williams. Ju Tnl-UlY WflGf Cum Jr. Tri-Hi-Y is a club for freshmen and sophomores dedicated to ser- vice in school and the community. Members volunteered their ser- vices to Franklin Girls ' Club. There they helped to organize activities and teach some of the classes. Their activities included sponsoring a Korean orphan, Kam Kwang Ran, and collecting money for the March of Dimes at a basketball game. The club was sponsored by Mrs. Dillard. " Please give " is the message on the blanket, carried by Rita McKay and Paula Ferguson, while they were collecting for the March of Dimes Foundation. Row I: R. West, K. Workman, S. Murphy, R. McKay, S. Wiseman, L. Pryor. Row 2: L. Roman, S. Spicer, V. Gullet, C Bryant, P. Ferguson, J. Waggoner, L. Eads, J. Leerkamp, C. Tranter, D. Colin, C Green, C. Henderson, B. Hodgen, J. Holmes, E. Goley, B. Deppe, J. Green. Row 3: L. Snyder, C. Buster, T. Davis, R. Douglas, M. Baker, F. Eldridge, J. Wall, R. Haymaker, K. Wilson, D. Moore, C. Poynter, S. Curtis, C. Spicer, D. Deer. Row 4: L. Stephenson, S. Spicer, S. Jewell, S. Tillison, C. Edwards, B. Clark, P. Humble, A. Pemperton, D. Ford, M. Bundy, C. Doss, D. Bingham, V. Whaley, T. Haulk, N. Pogue. Row 5: R. Nixon, L. Blackwell, D. Barrett, J. Leeds, M. Pool, C. Black, J. Drake, L. Wolfe, S. Sneed, T. Childs, A. Collins, P. Comp ton, P. Land, B. Zimmer, M. Vandiver, P. Sullivan, A. Newkirk. Row 6: D Burch, P. Willey, B. VanMeter, A. Deck, L. Andrews, P. Riddle, V. Sneed, A Motherly, D. Cox, K. Wright, B. Rupp, S. Wakefield, D. Watson, J. Smear ing, M. Hobbs. Row 7: M. Norr is, B. White, J. McCowan, N. Friddle, C Lusk, N. Logon, J. Bledsoe, V. Buechele, C. Hones, T. Black, D. Eads, L Bradley, P. Price, D. Knuckles. Row 8: J. Harter, J. Stainbrook, B. Mitchell. S. Lipsius, G. Stevenson, D. Kowitz, R. Inlow, S. Fisher, E. George, T. Glen denning, T. Stinson, G. Wolfarth, B. Umbright, N. Strickland. Row 1: S. Compton, J. Raufeisen, K. Early, J. Mowrey, G. Hart, G. Ayers, S. Broniszewski, B. Abplanalp. Row 2: D. Bohm, J. Erickson, S. Wakefield, M. Robertson, D. Walters, L. Thompson, M. Morrow, C. Canary. Row 3: W. Wiseman, R. Fergeson, E. Trogdon, D, Andrews, D. Cade, S. Yount, E. Fredbeck, V. Thompson, M. Breck. Row 4: B. Colin, S. Davis, M. Bush, M. Browning, D. Berry, T. Campbell, M. Hal- torn, J. Thomas, F. Bullars. J .Ul-Y: (Sul Wc« mj tU R£gk6 Dkecfeow During the club ' s last meeting the members viewed a movie of Ray Hildebran who appeared at FCHS earlier in the year. The Jr. Hi-Y, sponsored by Mr. Fletcher, is composed of freshman and sophomore boys who develop and maintain high Christian at- titudes and ways of living. This year to help them do this, they listened to records, and watched movies dealing with Christianity. The films and records not only provided inspiration, but also were very entertaining. These prospective members meet during club period. Hopefully the sophomores will be Hi-Y members next year, but that is up to Mr. England and Mr. Trueblood. The freshmen hopefully will be next year ' s leaders, and that is up to them. This year ' s officers were: presi- dent, Steve Broniszewski; vice- president, Jeff Ruafeisen; chaplain, Greg Ayers; secretary, Garry Ab- planap; treasurer, Kent Early; and Sergeant-of-Arms, Steve Compton. SACA MewWs Woxk (p Cdnjoob CW te Vocational Industrial Clubs of America is a club organized to give interested students on the job train- ing in their various fields of inter- est. Members of this club go to class for half a day and work at their jobs the other half. This is an excellent way to learn your pro- fession and make money at the same time. VICA is a state-wide organiza- tion with state officers and many different contests for members to enter. This year the local chapter was unable to attend any of these contests because They were busy with too many other things. As well as trying to hold down their jobs and make it to class, they had to plan a special banquet for all of their employers. They also planned and supervised a trip through Franklin for the older people of the Methodist and Masonic Homes dur- ing the Christmas season to see the Yuletide decorations. President, John Price, led the club members in their various activities this year. VICA officers were Tim Findley, Don Shelly, John Price, Gary Service, Maynard Jones, Larry Biszantz. They were responsible for getting programs and running meetings smoothly. Row 1: Tim Findley, Gary Service, Maynard Jones, Don Shelly, Larry Biszantz. Row 2: Rocky McTarsney, Rick Gregory, Gary Reed, Keith Huesman, Carolyn Legan, Richard Legan. Row 3: Warren Biszantz, Richard Cearing, John Work, Rick Sandlin. Vicki Hommell, speaks to a typical meeting of DECA, during club period. COiHtMUtutlj fS In the Distributive Education Clubs of America students are trained to deal with the public through classroom studies and club activities. Juniors and Seniors comprise the personnel of students who go to class the first three hours of a school day and then go off to work at such jobs as secretaries, store clerks, and newspaper work. President of the club Laura LuJan, attended the state D.E.C.A. convention where she was elected president of the state club. Mr. Robert Justice is faculty co- ordinator and has been so during the clubs existence the past four years. Row 1: L. Lujan, F. Polaski, P. Smith, V. Hommell, C. Repp, C. Asher, R. Sharp. Row 2: M. Weddle, M. Compton, B. Sutherland, L. Kelley, M. Rinehart, R. Sapp, S. Records, T. Buckler. Row 3: R. Ramsey, L. Lee, D. Hawkins, T. Foster, K. Padgett, S. Dragoo, Mr. Justice. Row 1 : K. Webb, Sgt.-at-arms, C. Fry, Secretary, K. Trueblood, Presi- dent, J. Breck, R. Waltman, Vice-President, Miss Landwehr. Row 2: C. Smith, J. Beeler, C. Johnson, B. Hyde, J. Decourcy, M. Pease, T. Bolin, J. Hunter. Row 3: S. Walters, V. Dyer, P. Ryker, J. Kearney, B. Eads, R. VanOsdol, M. Hall. Row 4: D. Ayers, B. Brown, J. Ruddick, L Nixon, L. Smeltz, B. Toole, R. Fox. RA: P iJ bOJtixQ Tod q; Teactuag Tomomow FTA is a club at FCHS to prepare interested students for the world of teachers. Club meetings consisted of films on team teaching, guest speakers and mostly discussion groups on many of the problems teachers face today. Some new teaching techniques were tried out on the members of FTA. Have you ever been forced to talk with your eyes shut or sitting back to back with the per- son you are talking to? Members of FTA went through these wild experiments to see if people really can communicate with their mouths only. The highlight of the year was the annual FTA Ideal Teacher Banquet. For this banquet each member se- lected a teacher to be their guest as an " Ideal Teacher " . The pitch-in dinner was on May 4 and closed the activities of FTA for this year Club President Karen Trueblood checks with each of the members of the committees for the Ideal Teacher Banquet to be sure the banquet will be a success. FBLA: TOMUwubw ' l BuSUnMSmm L oam $4 w The business club, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America, began the year under the leadership of Marcia Dunn, President. Their money making project was the an- nual publication of the student directory. Club members with 25 service points were eligible to go to the annual FBLA convention. As a service to the school, the club kept the display case in the north end of the main hall decorat- ed with interesting displays. The sponsors of the club are Mrs. Lawerence and Mrs. Sturgeon. The club is very useful to those students who are considering a career in business after graduation. Marsha Dunn, president of FBLA, talks to the club members concerning the trip to the state con- vention. Row 1: Sturgeon, Russell, Zeilinga, Powell, Summers, Dunn, Ward, Lawerence. Row 2: Edens, Lair, Willey, Smith, Shuettee, Pointer, Healy, Cook, Willey, Campbell, Andrews, Sutherland. Row 3: Alford, Pro- vost, Cruise, Matlock, Warner, Spears, Million, Bingham, Marshall, Weddle, Compton. Row 4: Thomason, Edens, Harris, Burton, Rudicil, Burton, Beard, Plank, Cook, Pike. Row 5: Hommell, Cloyd, LuJan, Bowers, Doss, Cox, Williamson, Hammack, Pemberton, Beard, Blank- enship, Lindsay. L Wolff, R. Clark, A. VanMeter, J. Roberts, J. Haggard, C. Deer, B. Millon, C. Cook, P. Compton, S. Hodson, C. Harris, J. Hamm, K. Gill, B. Woodall, T. Brown, L. Conner, R. Paris, P. Healy, S. Straley, L. Browning, J. Daughtery, C. Black, L. Blackwell, P. Riddle, V. Sneed, D. Stancombe, P. Palmer, H. Browning, P. Whitham, K. Weston, G. Edens, E. Williams, G. Neisius, L. Bostic, C. Reid, J. Sneed, D. Winks, D. Deer, R. Janes, D. Thompson, K. Cruser, S. Burton, K. Beard, L. Blackwell, M. Mitchell, D. Stout, B. VanMeter, S. Sneed, D. Burch, T. Black, J. Robinette, R. Paris, D. Reagan, B. Blackwell, S. Brown, N. Switt, D. Wyrich, B. Baily, G. Bulter, S. Pryor, D. Miller, D. Young, J. Cox, J. Bray, S. Wallen, M. Vaught, D. Cloyd, D. Price, J. Harris, K. York, M. Compton, B. Sutherland, M. Weddle, G. Hupp, L. Bay, L. Crockett. FHA: F Wkj, WeGpJul, Ackfewfcig Mrs. Voland admires the pretty flowers given to her by the club. President Donna Thornbury welcomes every- one to the annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. ( The Future Homemakers of America is a very active club. On their agenda for this year was a Mother-Daughter banquet held for the formal initiation of all the new members. They also had a party for all new incoming freshmen. Each year members attend two district meetings, one in the fall and one in the spring. This year the Franklin chapter of FHA had a member elected to a district office. Ginger Hixson was district Parlia- mentarian. As a district officer she went to New York for the national Convention last summer. In observance of National FHA week they gave $25 to Gateway Learning Center. They also had a teacher appreciation day and a special day set aside to wear red and white, the national FHA colors. PF£: T JtoM wb £yf 0iiG tC FFA members continuously strive to better their farming techniques. This is the main purpose of the club and is carried out by the club advisors, Mr. Spurgeon and Mr. Geswien, who provided many interesting activities for club members. The club sponsored two rather unusual activities this year. Before school started two of the mem- bers, David Deer and Bill Pierle, went to the National FFA Conven- tion in Kansas City. They acted as ushers and had the good luck of meeting Len Dawson, an athlete of Super Bowl fame. For a money-making project the members auctioned their muscles " out for the day " to various busi- nessmen around the county. The money from the auction will be used to help get the club started next year. Row 1: Black, Vaught, Myers, Tresslar, Pierle, Deer. Row 2: Hendricks, Duckworth, Canary, Bolin, Tarr, Andreas, Merrick. Row 3: Paris, Clore, Foster, Brown, Martin, Palmer, Martindale, Jones. Row 4: Wagger- men, Myers, Morris, Sutherland, Meek, Palmer, Fleener, Williams. Row David Deer appears at ease as he presents his platform for President of FFA. Joe Vaught, President and only senior offi- cer, opens the regular club meeting. 5: Andreas, Davis, Feyerbend, Jones, Martindale, Compton, Smith, Cramer, Miller. Row 6: Brown, Collins, Schilske, Russell, Moore, Van- derplug, Simmons, Vandivier, Weddle. Row 1: Mrs. Burks, H. Furrer, S. Scourfield, L. Pryor, C. Bruce, S. Wishard, M. Anoskey, C. DeWitt, B. Thompson, S. Reynolds, B. Crowe, G. Sanders, M. Morrow, L. Thompson. Row 2: C. Tranter, B. Deppe, C. Edwards, E. Goley, B. Clark, J. Green, C. Bryant, L. Stevenson, B. Hod- gen, C. Henderson, J. Cummings, J. Carpenter, G. Abplanalp. Row 3: B. Umbright, N. Friddle, C. Fisher, S. Hacker, P. Whittenbarger, K. Andrews, G. VonStralendorf, F. Gladish, N. Kuecher, L. Catt, C. Buster, V. Buechele, T. Davis, C. Poynter, J. Wheeler. Row 4: J. Anoskey, M. Bush, J. Eggars, D. Hanna, D. Tranter, S. Spicer, D. Ramsey, J. Hardin, S. Yount, M. Julien, R. Park, B. Smith, M. Magers. Caesar ' s Dqoj , hub U AMJ Lives Mike Anoskey and Sherri Wishard discuss the good food and excellent entertainment. Debbie Tranter entertains Roman citizens, senators and guests at the Roman Banquet. Latin Club members got involved this year with a pitch-in dinner featuring the slave auction. When the slaves were bought they were under the rule and command of their unmerciful masters until they were set free at the Roman Ban- quet held in the spring. This year the banquet was held on April 21, the birthday of Rome. The Latin Club students attended the banquet in Roman attire. Slaves dutifully served and entertained the Roman senators, citizens and special guests as they sat down to a royal feast. Mike Anoskey and Sherri Wishard led the club with their duties as co-councils. Mrs. Burks sponsored Latin Club this year. Cpowi b Chub: Chew, Cjbdk , Cowmml Mh Club members felt they couldn ' t have a Spanish dinner without all the Spanish decorations. A few of the more dedicated members see that the dinner has the " proper " atmosphere. " Los Amigos " the Spanish Club at FCHS started off the year with a money-making project. About a month before Halloween the Span- ish Club started selling Halloween Insurance policies. Anyone who bought one of these policies could sleep peacefully at night because they knew if their windows got soaped members from " Los Amigos " would be over the next day to clean them. Another project of the club was seeing that all members got a taste of Spanish food. To insure this the club had a dinner for all the members and served Spanish dishes. To better acquaint the mem- bers with Spanish ways of life the club sponsors an exchange student from Mexico. The student came up and spent six weeks in Franklin teaching his way of life as well as learning ours. This years student was Pepe Pous. Mrs. Hinchman, C. Enders, N. Murphy, B. DeCoursey, C. Green, S. Wiseman, G. Ayers, Mrs. Sutherland. M. Eberhart, B. Brown, S. Spicer, S. Tillison, N. Logan, V. Rainey, J. Leerkamp, D. Eads, P. Furgason, S. Murphy, B. Scourfield, J. Wall, D. Moore. C. Owens, R. Olivo, B. Ro- man, B. Winks, A. Alexander, S. Moore, C. Smith, B. Waymire, J. Beeler, S. Alexander, J. Russon, J. Andreas. J. Drake, J. Erickson, J. Alvey, G. Sapp, D. McGlocklin, T. Stillabower, B. Sledge, B. Bland- ford, A. Simms, D. Gibson, G. Day, J. Vaught, B. Templin, R. Douglas, S. Curtis, J. Bledsoe, E. George, T. Glendening, P. McGill, N. Stricklin, C. Spicer, E. Matterly, J. McCowan, D. Ayers, D. Hoeltke, L. Roman, J. Holmes, D. Jent, M. Vandivier, C. Clodfelter, D. Ramsey, D. Jester, J. Olivo, J. Plank, L. Ferrara. CM) Ft6 i£0£S BtmsCwvl This year ' s French Club under President John Breck and new sponsor, Miss Downin, experi- mented with a new and different money making project. In early November they raked leaves to make money for their annual trip to Chez Jean, a French restaurant in Mooresville. Part of the money was also used for a spring picnic for the club. Assisting Miss Downin and John in keeping the club moving were the rest of the officers. They in- cluded Joyce Burton, Vice-Presi- dent; Vicki Sloan; Prime Minister; Cindy Fry, Secretary; and Jenny Streightoff, Treasurer. Gary Rogers, Mary McCarty, and Pat Cor- dell come alive as Vicki Sloan watches the skit. New initiates applaud for the performers in the French Club skit. Streightoff, Fry, Sloan, Burton, Breck, Miss Downin. Winters, Cordell, Smeltz, McCarty, Cordell, Rupp, Nixon, Drake. Walters, Duckworth, Alexander, Baker, Shilder, Rogers, Reed, Ryker. Kearney, Newkirk, Rawson, Perry, Colin, Haymaker, Toole. Van Osdol, Breck, Rogers. 0£A: Not Ok j CU) but Cfoss The Office Education Associa- tion is the local branch of the Na- tional OEA. Composed of office workers in the Intensive Office Laboratory, the club is working on community projects, as well as learning more about life in the business world. OEA girls take field trips and schedule guest speakers. During the Christmas season, they helped with the bus tour that took guests from the Masonic and Methodist Homes on a trip around Franklin to see the holiday decorations, and a party took place afterward. The girls also made doll clothes to be given to some little children. The girls sold stationery to create their own treasury. OEA members attended regional, state, and national conferences. This year ' s officers included Karen Plank, Vicki Sherrell, and Jan Zeilinga. V. Sherrell, K. Plank, M. Dunn, J. Zeilinga. Row 2: P. Hughes, B. Simpson, R. Powell, M. Poyn- ter. Row 3: D. Hamner, M. Smith, M. Morrison, J. Summers. Senior Jan Summers looks a bit disgruntled with her typing skill, and she wonders and hopes that it is good enough to keep her in OEA. President, Karen Plank, looks through the files for the last meeting ' s minutes. Qcfonxx CCub: Tuwok 6 u£ UawiS Travels, experiments and de- tailed displays highlighted a year of involvement for members of Science Club. The club took up dues for a de- serving Science Club senior who wished to pursue a career in the field of science. This year ' s re- cipient was Mary Vanderploeg. The club members took a trip to the Museum of Science and Indus- try in Chicago. Seniors were also guests of Eli Lilly and Company where they toured the processing area in the drug industry. The leaders of the club this year were president, Paige Hardin and vice-president Jud Vaught. The sponsor was Mrs. Gloria Mattick. Science Club members listen attentively to Dr. Hodge, from Franklin College, lecture on entropy, a measure of the unavailable energy in a thermodynamic system. Row 1 : Vaught, Hardin, McCracken, Owens. Row 2: Thompson, Workman, Betts, Temple, Waymire. Row 3: Roman, Bullers, Eades, Willis, Umbright, Moore, Streightoff, Duckworth, Ferrara, Magers. Row 4: Ramsey, Sherrell, Eberhart, Bruce, Andrews, Murphy, Thorn- bury, Woods, Vanderploeg. Row 5: Thompson, Afflerbach, Friddle, Roberts, Roberts, Teets, Russell, McMillin, Wakefield, Hardin. Row 6: Eppley, Province, Settles, Lane, Erickson, Rogers, Cade, Rhoades, Rey- nolds. Row 1: A. Findley, K. Workman, M. Anoskey. Row 2: M. McKay, D. Deer, B. Loveridge, J. Griggs, J. Breck, T. Bolin, L. Lyon. Row 3: G. Ayers, C. Canary, M. Marrow, M. Breck, R. Hass, B. Williams, K. McKinney, L. Lee. Row 4: C. Partenheimer, T. Campbell, J. Mc- Glocklin, J. Eggars, J. Brunsen, B. Yant, B. Meek, D. McGlocklin. Row 5: L. Davis, D. Andrews, J. Raufeisen, K. Early, B. DeWitt, J. Erick- son, H. Furrer, W. Wiseman. Row 6: M. Bush, B. Colin, J. Anoskey, K. Poppe, B. Blue, S. Yount, G. Hart, T. Stubbeman. FCA: Cktsi mj Owv Dft j Uues The Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes, better known as FCA, is a group of devoted young men who are trying to bring Christ into their lives and the lives of others. Each summer about 10 or 20 boys from the club go to one of the FCA conferences around the coun- try and listen to professional and college athletes tell of their devo- tion to Christ. After these group sessions the boys can talk to the speakers and try to work out their own personal problems. Club trea- surer, Mike Anoskey, said " Most of the boys come back a better human being with feelings that the conference truly was a rewarding experience. " The name implies that only ath- letes may attend the meetings but the officers were kind enough to extend an invitation to anyone interested in becoming a better Christian. FCA members Bruce Williams, Mike Efferson, and Jim Deskins become involved in school ac- tivities as they make signs for the track clinic held in Vandivier gymnasium. Uouiotfijtc Involved might be the best word to describe the members of the Honart club. They were involved not only with their fall initiation and spring alumni banquet, but also with a mixer and the Tri Kap- pa Spook House. The club ' s semi-annual banquets were decorated under the theme of " Scandinavian Dream " . Used in the decorations were Viking ships, mythical dragons and peasant de- sign. Adding to the decor were mobiles, tall paintings, and 3-D rosemaling designs. Honart members were all ex- pected to turn in sketch books at each monthly meeting. Sketch books could be in the form of paintings, 3-D objects, or pencil and charcoal sketches. President Polly Zehr conducts the Honart initiation in the Art Room. The initiates are Steve Cearing and Gary Day. (I to r) Row 1: J. Chapin, Vice-Pres.; P. Zehr, Pres.; N. Lay, Sec.; B. Northerner, Treas.; Mrs. Pruit, sponsor. Row 2: R. Scott, M. Morrisson, B. Williams, E. Early, S. Scourfield, P. Grice. Row 3: K. Dougherty, G. Day, B. Gee, P. Brown, J. Moore, S. Wishard. Hanging paper designs decorate the entrance This flower cart was used as the centerpiece for the Spring Honart Banquet. at the Honart Banquet. Ellen Early arranges table decorations for the annual Alumni Banquet. The traditional banquet was held March 22 in the High School cafeteria. President Polly Zehr makes cut-out paper favors for Gateway Learning Center. GfiA: £fofo£oty(W Nancy Murphy and Brenda Eads prepare for GAA leadership camp. The executive board lead the club in this year ' s activities. Members include D. Smith, N. Mur- phy, B. Winks, J. Burton. D. Winks, B. Eads, P. Furgason. L. Williams, S. Henderson, P. Wil- liams. Basketball Team: T. Stinson, C. Camden, P. Cordell, P. Williams, N. Logan, C. Clodfelter. J. Waggoner, S. Murphy, J. Spears, C. VanCleave, M. Vandivier, P. Smith, P. Crist, P. Furga- son. S. Henderson, B. Winks, N. Murphy, T. Tearman, B. Perry, K. Workman, J. Wall. LuAnn Williams had a new experience at initiation as she was fed a raw egg. Di bddb Bow ag Ckmpb Girls ' Athletic Association had a very busy and fun-filled year. The girls participated on many teams and their hard work paid off as our local club brought home a state championship in golf and a district championship in bowling. Other girls took part on swimming, track, basketball, and volleyball teams. Activities at weekly meetings were of a wide variety. The girls played volleyball, basketball, kick- ball, softball, and went bowling. They also went to Orchard Golf Center and the Franklin Skating Rink to round out a wide scope of activities. The club this year was led by President Nancy Murphy and sponsor Mrs. Smith. Bowling team members include: Row 1: P. Williams, R. Paris. Row 2: P. Crist, J. Ruddick, C. Rogers, D. Winks. Row 3: S. Alfords, B. Sledge, J. Hommel, B. Blandford, K. Workman. The young swim team looks forward to a successful season next year. Row 1: T. Stinson, J. Holmes, J. Auld, J. Leercamp, J. Waggoner, B. Ramsey, S. Henderson. Row 2: M. Vandiver, C. Edwards, K. Work- man, N. Friddle, C. Lusk, J. Holmes, L. Pryor. Pep Cflub ' s CjpwJb Cjpwts Atifikto ttv Vtcfrvuj The Pep Club of FCHS kept the spirit running high throughout foot- ball and basketball seasons. The girls, under new sponsor, Mrs. Nidiffer, had a new more sophisticated look as they donned their new attire, white blouses and blue vests. Attendance was re- quired at home games. The steer- ing committee, the officers, and two representatives from each class, were responsible for taking at- tendance and making sure all the members from their respective classes were present. The boys Pep Club, also under o new sponsor, Mr. Self, had a new look too. They wore navy blue long-sleeved sweaters. Another new addition to boys and girls pep clubs was requiring the fans in the sophomore and freshman classes to come to the reserve game and support the members from their class who participated. The pep clubs kept their spirit even though the team had a losing season. tfti± ■9 K :l I BPSnS School mascot, Nicki Kasting, assists Cindy Green in getting her vest on for the first time. Rita McKay looks on and admires the " fit. " Nicki Kasting, FCHS Grizzly Cub urges the girls to cheer their team on to victory. Steering Committee: Row 1: J. Beeler, J. Furnish, K. Hogden, N. Kasting, N. Murphy, B. Eads. Row 2: B. Ramsey, M. McCarty, K. Workman, S. Murphy, S. Spicer, J. Drake, K. Trueblood. The girls Pep Club had much spirit throughout the basketball season. The sophomore mem- bers are yelling wildly, urging the CUBS on to victory. The boys, as well as the girls, backed the team throughout the year. Bob Murphy and Ted Waggoner have front row seats and use the megaphone to make themselves heard. AUk Asststowfe Run Ueefe £i k o j This year four organizations con- sisting of Cinderellas, Grappelettes, Racquettes, and Aqua-Kids were formed to boost the track, wres- tling, tennis, and swimming teams on to victory. The Racquettes were newly formed this year under the guid- ance of Mr. Duvall. The Cinderellas were led by Mr. Bohlsen, Grapplettes by Mr. Wat- kins and Aqua-Kids by Mr. Beier. All four of the groups were to be present at all of the home meets and performed many odd jobs, such as keeping score, chasing stray tennis balls, carrying track sweats, and helping officials keep time. Racquettes: Front Row, C. Bruce, N. Winters, L. Eads, and S. Cramer. Second Row, S. Alexander Z. Taylor, C. Deer, and N. Logan. Cinderellas: Row 1: Roush, Morrison, Plank, Early, Colin, Powell, Spears, Mommell, DeCoursey, Furnish, Pryor, Trankle, Zehr, Eberhart. Row 2: Ayers, Beeler, Henderson, Brown, Alexander, Bingham, Nixon, Willis, Frost, Russell, Hardin, Sherrel, Hixon, Eades. Row 3: Griner, Templin, Alexander, Ferrara, Taylor, Smeltz, Walters, Sloan, Ruddick, Burton, McCarty, Allen, Haggard, Russon, Hacker. Row 4: Murphy, Province, Winters, Streightoff, Smith, Duckworth, But- ler, Ramsey, Baker, Rainey, McKay, Fergerson, Doss, Blackwell. Row 5: Roman, Clark, Holmes, Henderson, Edwards, Hodgens, Pryor, Green, Tranter, Leerkamp, Spicer, Tillison, Fewell, Miskell. Row 6: Woods, Vanderploeg, West, Murphy, Workman, Deppe, Green, Leonard, Drake, Cordell, Bingham, Corn, Friddle, Pike. Row 7: Sickles, Godsey, Hayes, Blandford, Sledge, Hommel, Childs, Stout, McGill, Tranter, Strickland, Sneed, Cook, Hodgen. Row 8: Schultz, De Witt, LaGranqe, Cruse, Mc- Cowan, Motherly, VanCleave, Newkirk, Spicer, Stinson, Smiley, Steph- enson, Eades, Trueblood. Aquakids, Row 1: L. Pryor, K. Pryor, J. DeCourcy, J. Sickles, T. Frost, C. Edwards. Row 2: S. Henderson, C. Tranter, S. Tillison, C. Hender- son, J. Leerkamp, J. Furnish, K. Hodgen. Row 3: N. Murphy, D. Ayers, P. Williams, D. Lucas, L Ferrara, S. Alexander, D. Ramsey, B, Hodgen, C. Green. Row 4: J. Spears, D. Bingham, S. Murphy, K. Workman, P. Sayer, R. Hayes, C. Fisher, B. Rupp, T. Gledening. Grappelettes, Row 1: A. Alexander, B. Brown, B. Templin, Z. Taylor. L. Smeltz, J. Waggoner, C. Bryant, R. McKay, S. Spicer, S. Fewell, L Stephenson. Row 2: P. Cordell, S. Lane, J. Stainbrook, J. Holmes, B Deppe, L. Nixon, S. Willis, J. Haggard, C. Doss, N. Logan. Row 3: Y Brown, T. Brown, L. Province, J. Streightoff, C. Smith, V. Sloan, J Ruddick, J. Drake, B. Cordell, S. Spicer. Row 4: S. Cramer, J. Burton, P. Ryker, S. Nally, S. Brown, G. Butler, B. Ramsey, M. Baker, L. McGill, S. Tranter, J. Hommel. Row 5: T. Tearman, K. Wright, P. Compton, T. Stinson, B. Blandford, B. Sledge, C. VanCleve, M. Pool, N. Pogue, A. Pimberton. The Varsity Squad worked in- dividually as well as a team. Shown " doing their own thing " are L-T: Carolyn Bryant, who ap- plies good form and enthusiasm to her cheerleading; L-B: Diane Duck- worth, who is shown here express- ing herself as a cheerleader should; Below: Joyce Furnish, who main- tains Public Relations, which in- cludes such honors as pinning Fuzzy, a member of the Wonder Five. R-T: Linda Smeltz, who exer- cises crowd control with the aid of her trusty megaphone,- and R-B: Jenny Streightoff, who gets the crowd moving by moving herself. One of the very few times one can catch these girls in a quiet state is when they are posing for the " Old Kodak " . Smiling and ready for action are L to R: Carolyn Bryant, Joyce Furnish, Linda Smeltz, Diane Duckworth, and Jenny Streightoff. Fedwfess fiw = Qpvdktzi qrj The Reserve Cheerleading squad gained a valuable year of experience as they backed the Re- serve teams. The girls are Suzanne Walters, Joyce Burton, Debbie Ayers, and Vicki Sloan. The " Franklin Five " took over the reins of spirit following a two year dynasty of cheerleaders. The student body, who at first ques- tioned the ability of the girls, was later convinced that they had what it took to be a successful cheerleading squad. Winning the Spirit Stick, and taking the first place trophy at the Johnson Co. Fair proved their capabilities. In addition to keeping students actively involved and the school spirit high, these girls busied themselves with plannnig Pep Ses- sions and Honor Banquets, and making the traditional Friday morn- ing announcements. These were pleasures rather than responsi- bilities. Bobbi Cordell, Dee Bingham, and Teresa Stinson lead cheers and chants for the Fresh- men. From above we can hear the crowd . . . growling and grumbling and taking it easy. -J. G. Holland £P0RJ£ Cob d Am Co we Cfos but PdE Gkoxt Senior end Bob McMillin appears to be covering half of the playing field as he stretches out to stop a Center Grove running back. Gary Anderson is coming to finish it up. The word that could best de- scribe the 1970 football season would be almost. So many times the Cubs almost had victory in their grasp. It seemed like the Cubs couldn ' t put it all together at the same time. Even though 22 lettermen grad- uated from last year ' s team, hopes were high for the 1970 season. Whiteland stunned Franklin by scoring in the last minute for a 22-22 tie in the opening game of the season. Franklin played an outstanding game against Jeffersonville, just to see Jeff defeat them by two points. Franklin defeated Greensburg and Rushville, but lost to Martinsville for a record of 2-2-1 going into the Columbus battle. Members of the 1970 Football team. Row 1: R. Kutruff, D. Bohm, D. Deer, D. Keller, R. Olivo, K. Doss, R. Million, J. Minton, mgr. Row 2: G. Day Mgr., H. Furrer, B. Reed, S. Tresslar, B. Clore, P. Egenolf, D. Lamey, J. Deskins, R. Martin, D. Newkirk, K. Dougherty, D. Brown, mgr. Row 3: Coach Trueblood, Coach Gallamore, J. Wryrick, D. Bul- lington, G. Anderson, G. Bolin, M. McKay, M. Anoskey, R. True, M. Armstrong, G. Merrick, Coach Harmening, Coach Watkins. Row 4: J. Griggs, B. Green, B. Williams, R. Pryor, B. Heuchan, A. Gullet, D. Davis, K. Workman, A. Findley, J. Hunter, B. McMillin. Leaving behind a trail of broken bodies, Senior Halfback, Jim Griggs is stil as he heads for the goal line. Action is against Center Grove. up and running Football Scores FCHS Opp. Whiteland 22 22 Jeffersonville 14 16 Greensburg 20 14 Martinsville 20 30 Football Scores FCHS Opp. Rushville 14 00 Columbus 7 14 Shelbyville 13 7 Greenwood 7 24 Center Grove 12 8 Junior Quarterback Mike Anoskey plays " piggy-back " with a Center Grove player. 1970 Reserve Football Team: Row 1: H. Furrer, P. Hicks, J. Ausd, G. Lowe, B. Farrow, K. Doss, R. Schoolcraft, G. Merrick, K. Dougherty, G. Lee, Row 2: Coach Watkins, R. Olivo, P. Million, J. Mowery, J. Rhoades, B. Crowe, G. Canary, P. Egenolf, L. Thompson, T. Spiegals, F. Paris. Row 3: J. Wyrick, D. Lamey, D. Bohm, B. Krasson, M. Kelly, R. Million, B. Green, B. Clore, S. Tressler, R. True, K. McKinney. Ftottk Qmotv Wtih G mu Rjeccw-ck 4-4- 1 Franklin had Columbus down but the Bulldogs came back to de- feat the Cubs in the last half. Franklin bounced back from this loss to defeat Shelbyville and to even its conference record at three wins and three losses. Franklin should have stayed at home instead of playing Green- wood as they could no nothing right and were badly beaten. The last game of the season proved successful as Franklin defeated Center Grove to finish with a 4-4-1 record. Honors came to the Cubs as Andy Findley, Bruce Willians, and Doug Bullington were honorable mention on the AII-SCC team. Doug Bullington, Andy Findley, Jim Griggs, Bruce Williams and Bob AAcMillin were named to the all- county team. Senior Doug Bulling- ton won the Most Valuable Player award voted upon by the team. Andy Findley carrries two Rushville defenders on his back as he drives for a first down. The action is taking place during Franklin ' s Homecoming game. Row 1: J. Anoskey, B. DeMott, T. Stubbeman, D. Heuchan, J. Jewell, McCarty, K. Payton, R. Roberts, M. Kelley, Mr. Gallamore. Row 2: S. I vis, R. Fergeson, J. Reynolds, J. Eggers, M. Cundiff, D. McGlocklin, Alexander, F. Shidler. Row 3: D. Lamey, rngr; E. Trogden, J. Gereabend, Fredbeck, K. Poppe, M. Alexander, J. Crenshaw, S. Rynerson, T. Juffman. Row 4: B. Colin, J. Wardlow, T. Whittenbarger, J. McGlocklin, T. Smith, M. Lay, C. Partenheimer, T. Campbell, D. Russell, mgr. A few of the cubs are caught without their armor as they await the beginning of a Pep ses- sion. The pep rally was part of Homecoming " Spirit Week. " Senior end, Bob McMillin, replenishes his loss of body fluids as he " gulps the Gater- ade. " James Fewell is all by himself as he gathers in the football during the Martins- ville game. " The battle takes its toll. " Junior Art Gullet applies first aid to a very tender eye. Junior Bill Green does his best to console his injured friend. John Breck, Franklin ' s southpaw speedster drives around his astonished Columbus defender, used his quickness and speed to become a vad ' uMe part of the backcourt. FCHS Opp. Center Grove 79 59 Jeffersonville 72 78 New Albany 68 72 Shelbyville 58 56 Whiteland 72 75 Hammond Noll 70 71 Carmel 61 65 Martinsville 86 81 Brownsburg 61 65 Seymour 79 89 Columbus 69 82 Bloomington 61 69 Greensburg 77 61 Scottsburg 70 72 Rushville 68 84 Greenwood 73 91 Martinsville 75 66 Madison 94 66 " Connersville 79 71 Plainfield 90 62 Indian Creek 86 50 Greenwood 72 51 Decatur Central 68 65 Franklin Central 52 48 Bloomington 71 73 Col QbomJb There is a phenomenon unique only to Indiana High School bas- ketball. All teams start a new sea- son with a clean slate. A good sea- son can change to a disappointing one, and a disappointing one can change to a good one because of this unique object. The phenome- non is called the State Basketball tourney more commonly called " Hoosier Hysteria. " The roundballers of FCHS took good advantage of their " second season as they turned a disap- pointing season into what some might call a miracle effort. Not even picked to win their sectional, the basketball team came within two points of going to the Semi- State, their first trip in 25 years. The regular season started poor- ly for the Cubs as they couldn ' t put everything together. Finally things started to jell and the Cubs had a four game streak going into the sectional tourney. Franklin held on to win against a Decatur Central comeback and captured their third sectional crown in four years. Sophomore Gary Abplanalp isn ' t about to give this rebound to anyone else. Although this was his first varsity year, Gary showed surprising poise in his playing time. w ) % Poo , h-Jb Ruftk Qbumq Row 1: Mgr. J. Pinnick, M. Anoskey, G. Abplanap, J. Griggs, J. Breck, L. Wrenn, D. Davis, D. Myers, A. Gullett, B. Heuchan, Coach Chastain. A. Findley. Mgr. J. Livingston. Row 2: Coach Harmening, B. McMillan, Bob Heuchan soars high to try and capture this rebound. The 6 ' 3 " junior was a vital part of Franklin ' s board strength. Junior Luke Wrenn twists, turns, drives, shoots, and scores. Action is taking place against con- ference foe Rushville. Senior Dan Myers is getting in position for a " just ' in-case " rebound. Cubs B x cg C dtU»iol Tdh t© PvoMjuo Franklin had a come-from- behind victory over Franklin Cen- tral in the Regionals to advance to the championship game with Bloomington. Bloomington burst the Cubs ' bubble, but the play of the Cubs, even in a losing effort, left Franklin something to be proud of. One big reason for Franklin suc- cess was the play of their 6 ' 4 " center, Danny Myers. This was Danny ' s first year of varsity play but he came on strong to lead the Cubs in rebounds. Luke Wrenn was the leading scorer of this year ' s team, playing forward along with both Bob Heuchan and Bob Mc- Millan. John Breck and Andy Find- ley handled the guard position along with help from Gary Abplanap. Sophomore Gary Abplanap drives the base- line for a shot. Gary ' s improved floor play was a key factor in Franklin ' s victory over the Hawks of Decatur Central. Senior Bob McMillan looks for the good pass to the open man. Action is taking place in the sectional championship game in which Franklin defeated Decatur Central. Members of the victorious 1971 Sectional Championship team smile and display their spoils. Row 1: L. Smeltz, J. Streightoff, J. Furnish, C. Bryant, N. Kasting, D. Duckworth. Row 2: V. Cross, J. Hunter, J. Breck, G. Abplanap, B. Heuchan, D. Davis, D. Myers, J. Pinnick. Row 3: Coach Chastain, J. Griggs, A. Findley, J. McGlocklin, L. Wrenn, Coach Harmening, J. Livington. Coach Harmening triumphantly cuts a piece of the sectional net. It was Coach Harmening stops guard John Breck, to confer about the game his third net in his four years at Franklin. plan during the 1971 Whiteland Sectional Tourney. Row 1: T. Spiegal, M. Breck, M. Morrow, S. Bronzewski. Row 2: Coach Chastain, V. Cross, L. Thompson, D. Grimmer, K. McKinney, D. Duckworth. V 34 ■;jW{ ' j 1 Bv 8 6 Cs 1 t h ! - ' 1 y x ' 1 4 li ffli ' ., I r3€ il vv j i ,,Bl frv IVJ U5I cubi m r cuB m tuBa I 0 P - C 3 33 Imjiiuidujol CWwf $ Ud Cttccessjuj Season Although there was no improve- ment in this year ' s dual meet rec- ord over last year ' s this season has to be classified a success. Out- standing performances by several grapplers in tourneys gave the Franklin Wrestling Team the identi- ty of a " winner " . Jim Shannon became the first conference champ in Franklin wres- tling history as he captured the 98 lb. division crown in Columbus. Franklin finished seventh out of fourteen teams in the sectional thanks to Jim Shannon ' s third place finish and Tim Gridley and Joe Myers fourth place finishes. Jim Shannon was voted Most Valuable Wrestler and Joe Myers and Mike McKay were voted the Co-Captains of the 1970-71 Wres- tling Squad. Whiteland Lost Connersville Tie Shelbyville Lost Brown County Won Jeffersonville Lost Greenwood Lost Center Grove Won Greensburg Won Martinsville Lost Rushville Won Behind 4 to nothing, Dave Newkirk is on top and must break his opponent down. Row 1 : D. Newkirk, R. White, K. Thompson, R. Martin, B. Crowe, T. Gridley, B. Dewitt, G. LaGrange, J. Myers, J. Shannon. Row 2: Coach Gallamore, J. Andreas, S. Compton, D. Morris, R. True, D. Bullington, D. Deer, M. McKay, R. Tarr, C. Canary, W. Wiseman, Coach Watkins. Reserve Wrestling Team, Row 1: T. Whittenbarger, P. Clem, K. Payton, M. Kelley, D. Lamey, D. Russell, R. Van Osdel, F. Bullars. Row 2: J. Anoskey, M. Dukate, T. Locke, M. Julian, P. Stubbleman, B. Colin, G. Sapp. Row 3: S. Rynerson, S. Davis, D. Berry, T. Huffman, M. Doss, and Coach. n, D. Lamey, K. Junior, Ray Martin, wrestling at the 126 pound weight class shows the determination to re- Coach Watkins displays the nervousness verse his present position. A few seconds later Ray was on top! every coach feels at the start of a contest. Betet s BowAiite: A VUtfa Tea Beier ' s Bandidos, like a vintage wine, get better as the years go by. This year they had their best dual meet record ever and were impressive in multi-team meet competition, also. In the first annual South Central Conference Swim Meet, at Franklin ' s home pool, Franklin finished third behind Bloomington and Columbus. Franklin also fin- ished third in the Sectionals behind the same two schools. Franklin sent four swimmers to the state meet. Bob Yant partici- pated in his specialty, the TOO yard breaststroke, and also partici- pated in the medley relay team. The other members of this team were Bruce Williams, John Hardin, and Jim Norton. Honors were awarded to Bob Yant as he was leading point pro- ducer and voted Most Valuable Swimmer. Franklin ' s swim coach, Mr. Beier, has much to smile about as this year ' s team finished with the best record in Franklin ' s history. Row 1: A. Cannon, T. Waggoner, J. Norton, J. Grubb, K. Workman, J. Hardin, B. Yant, Coach Beier. Row 3: D. Walls, D. Ramsey, B. Meek, B. Friddle. Row 2: K. Cummongs, J. Brunson, D. Jester, R. Rogers, T. Fiddle, B. Williams, T. Hathaway, D. Settles. Tom Friddle and Rod Rogers prepare to start the 1 00 yard freestyle event. Franklin ' s Jeff Reynolds strokes toward a first place finish. He is swimming during a reserve meet in his specialty, the 100 yard butterfly. Row 1: A. Murphy, T. Frost, R. Hass, G. Hart, K. Meek. Row 2: M. Haltom, M. Bush, E. Fredbeck, J. Dishinger, D. Andrews. Row 3: B. Northerner, R. Soudrette, R. Fergusen, J. Reynolds, Coach Davis. U Uurfng " RacW " Up A 12-5 dual meet record plus high individual finishes in tourna- ment competition gave the Frank- lin Tennis Team the best record in its history. Steve McCracken and Dave Betts helped Franklin finish third in the sectional. Steve finished runner-up for the sectional cham- pionship and a lso was runner-up in the conference tennis meet. Gary Anderson, Joe Young, Vince Hacker, and Ted Hathaway formed the rest of the varsity team. The team was under the first-year guidance of Coach Duvall. Steve McCracken returns a forearm volley while warming up before a meet with Sey- mour. Dave Betts reaches to forehand a shot. Dave teamed up with Steve McCraken to form a fine doubles team. Franklin Tennis Team, Row 1: M. Breck, M. Morrow, T. Hathaway, V. Hacker. Row 2: Coach Duvall, S. McCracken, D. Jester, J. Young, D. Betts, M. Hall. 4 ™ £fy 1 I ,4Jh Improvement on two consecutive conference golf championships is a pretty hard task to do, but the linksmen did just that, as the Franklin golf team captured the first sectional crown in Franklin ' s history. A team consisting of Greg Ayers, Kevin Thompson, John Hardin, and Bob Murphy, defeated Lebanon in a playoff for the title. Along with an 18-2 dual meet record, the linksmen finished third in the conference golf meet. With only two seniors, Alex Cannon and Bob Murphy, graduating, it ap- pears that the golf team will keep on winning. Senior Alex Cannon concentrates on sinking his putt. Alex is on the Franklin home course, Hill- view Country Club. Franklin Golf Team, Row 1: G. Ayers, J. Hardin, B. Claxton, K. San- ders, P. Marchand, J. Dishinger. Row 2: S. Yount, B. Murphy, K. Thompson, R. Wildman, D. Andrews, M. Alexander. Row 3: Coach Dick Foster. « ft Couwfej Chto Umddjp OtoutyM Qectow After a two year drought, the Franklin track team once again captured the County Track Cham- pionship trophy. Their victory ; n the county meet highlighted a suc- cessful season. Another outstanding per- formance was a third place finish in the conference track meet, held this year at Franklin. Keith Workman was the only Franklin individual to advance to the regionals. Keith placed for the second year in a row in his speciality: the high hurdles. Keith was also named Outstanding In- dividual at the County Track Meet. Thanks to first place finishes in the 100 yard dash, 220 yard dash, 880 yard run, 880 relay, high and low hurdles, Franklin was able to defeat Greenwood and once again regain the county crown. Brent Waymire, Sophomore sprinter for Franklin, wins this heat of the 100 yd dash trials. During the county track meet Brent went on to finish second in the finals. Row 1: D. DeMott, D. McGlocklin, J. McGlocklin, K. Payton, J. Beckert, M. Merrick, M. Haltom, D. Lamey, J. Eggers, E. Trogdon. Row 2: B. Waymire, J. Deskins, B. Yant, S. Tresslar, M. Anoskey, G. Hart, M. Magers, T. Bolin, F. Blake, A. Findley, D. Gross, M. Bridges, R. Martin. Row 3: B. Krasson, G. Merrick, J. Hood, J. Mowrey, J. Norton, R. Waltman, T. Frost, K. Early, T. Spiegal. Row 4: Coach Bohlsen, D. Brown, M. Kelley, T. Lock, J. Raufeisen, D. Duckworth, M. DuKate, K. Workman, D. Walls, L. Lee, S. Bronizewski. Daily Journal sports ' writer Cliff Melvin, hands John Breck the county trophy. The Franklin Squad won the county meet over stiff opposition from the participating schools. FCHS Opp. Ben Davis 53 65 Decatur Central 84 34 Southport 33 68.5 Muncie Central 33 45.5 Franklin Central 67 51 Wood 64 64.5 Martinsville 64 19.5 County Track Meet: : ranklin First Senior long jumper, Andy Findley, strains and clears 15 ' with one leap. Keith Workman, Senior, smiles with joy as Mr. Breck hands hii the Johnson County Track Meet " award. his " outstanding performer of ■£MNHl MWMttMHHiii ftie tlfiace Pays 0(h with With only three returning letter- men back from last year ' s senior- laden team, nobody gave Franklin a chance to have a winning record. They not only had a winning sea- son, but came within one run of Franklin ' s first baseball sectional crown. Luke Wrenn, Bob McMillon, and Jim Griggs were the only lettermen returning from last year ' s squad. But players coming up from last year ' s reserve squad overcame their inexperience with Ford hitting and fielding. This combination gave Franklin a final record of 18-10-1 along with second in the sectional and fourth in the conference. Shelbyville was the villain in the sectional as they beat the Cubs 3-2 in the final game. This same Shel- byville squad defeated Franklin 3-0 in the conference tourney. Honors came to the Cubs as Jim Griggs, Randy Pryor, Bob McMillon and Luke Wrenn were named to the all county baseball team. Wrenn won the batting title and McMillon won the R.B.I, award. Senior Randy Pryor rounds first and heads for second. This was repeated many times this year as Randy was one of Franklin ' s leading hitters. Franklin Baseball Team, Row 1: J. Myers, J. Auld, J. Cutruff, S. Brown, 3. Farrow, R. Pryor, B. McMillon, J. Hunter, L. Wrenn, J. Griggs. D. Bullington, J. Noblitt, J. Minton. Row 2: Coach Server, D. Keller, lA Uuttng £eoso«i FCHS Opp. Columbus 3 Columbus 2 14 Decatur Central 5 3 Columbus 3 7 Seymour 5 4 Center Grove 11 1 Connersville 13 7 Connersville 1 7 Indian Creek 3 2 Hauser 5 3 Rushville 8 6 3rown County 17 11 Brown County 12 4 Batesville 9 1 Greensburg 4 4 Indian Creek 3 4 Martinsville 6 5 Shelbyville 1 11 Indian Creek 5 Whiteland 4 Greensburg 8 2 Shelbyville 3 Jennings County 6 3 Southwestern 7 Triton Central 1 Franklin Central 1 Greenwood 6 1 Greenwood 6 2 Shelbyville 2 3 Coach Server ponders the situation and tries Jim Griggs strides into a pitch and deliver? to decide his strategy. a base hit. Reserve Baseball Team, Row 1: B. Blue, M. Shirley, L. Simpson, H. Crenshaw, G. Lowe, B. DeWitt, S. Cearing. Row 2: G. Barger, D. Morris, B. Colin, D. Louis, D. Heuchan, R. Roberts, D. Walters. Row 3: K. Burton, K. Dougherty, M. Jacobs, D. Lamey, B. Williams, D. Hawk- ins, T. Morrison, K. Doss, D. Bohm, Coach iTrueblood. UtotdwOnk + Pll jta = UOMd o SdCCGtt Franklin ' s meet. Both two outstanding senior runners, Mark Magers and Ted Bolin, loosen up before of the seni ors were invaluable to the team during the 1970 season. Franklin ' s cross country team started off its season with two losses leading some to believe it would finish as it had for the last two years with a losing season. But hard work, talent, determination, and a little ingredient called pride gave the harriers a winning rec- ord and a successful season. The highlight of the season came in the county tourney as Franklin defeated favored Greenwood and Whiteland and came in second, just behind a strong Center Grove team. They didn ' t run as well in the conference meet as they came in eighth out of ten teams. With only two seniors, Mark Magers and Ted Boling, graduat- ing; Coach Fletcher should have a lot of material to build next year ' s team. The members of the 1970 Franklin Cross Country Team are: M. Mer- rick, J. Hood, M. Haltom, T. Lewis, L. Lee, T. Bolin, L. Wrenn, B. Yant, J. Bronson, M. Dukate, T. Morrison, and Coach Jim Fletcher. Mr. Larry Trueblood congratulates Jim Griggs as he presents him with his letter jacket. Jim re- ceived his third award after completing four successful seasons of football. Top A kte Reap ReuWs Three annual Sports Awards Banquets were held to honor out- standing athletes in each sport. A Fall pitch-in dinner was held to recognize football, cross coun- try, and tennis team members. Wrestling, Swimming, and basket- ball teams were honored at the winter banquet. At the spring din- ner the members of the golf, track, and baseball teams were recog- nized. One of the most cherished awards received was the Most Valuable Player. The members of each athletic team voted for this important award. Those recog- nized and their sport were: Jim Shannon — wrestling, Bob McMillan — baseball, Larry Lee — Cross Coun- try, Bob Yant — Swimming, Keith Workman — track, Doug Bullington — football, Dan Myers — basket- ball, and Bosco Murphy — golf. Herbie, Mr. Watkins, is seen here in one of Gary Anderson happily receives his second letter award, a certificate, from his jubilant football his rare moments of concentration. coach, Mr. Trueblood, who has coached this team since junior high. He who knows what sweets and virtues are in the ground, the waters, the plants, the heavens, and how to come to these enchantments is the right and royal man. —Ralph Waldo Emerson PEOPLE 0 1 tfie Uw Those known as the " adminis- tration " were Mr. William Breck, principal, Mr. Leonard Pogue, vice- principal, and the School Board. This corporation represents the people of Union, Needham, and Franklin Townships and the city of Franklin. Their primary function was to form school policies. Mr. Breck ' s main responsibility as principal was to carry out the policies formed by the School Board. To assist the principal was Mr. Pogue, who also had the re- sponsibility of morning " an- nouncements. " While sitting in his office, Mr. Willian his concerned parent. Breck, principal, discusses the record of a student to " What to do next? " questions vice-princi- pal, Mr. Leonard Pogue. Franklin School Board from left to right are Mr. L. Drake, Mr. C. Norton, Mr. C. Henderson, Mr. M. Wiesman. Mr. B. Gill, Mr. D. Hayes, and Mr. I. Deer. Mrs. Prosser acquaints Miss Landwehr to Mr. Server and Mr. Plew from Porter Business College discuss vocations. Mr. Server is also the daily schedule of FCHS. concerned with the counseling of freshmen. Mr. Leap, senior counselor, works busily filing student records. He also helps seniors prepare for their future and college careers. This year the Guidance Depart- ment has had to work extra hard, due to increased enrollment which climbed to 1092. The counselors were constantly busy with sched- ules and students ' problems. Mr. Server, Mr. Leap, and Miss Landwehr, a new addition to the Guidance Department, were oc- cupied with student records, schol- arships, and counseling students. The counselors were aided in their duties by Mrs. Prosser. The main objective of the Guid- ance Department is to help and guide the students with any prob- lems they might encounter. In order to do this, tests were given to the students to better qualify the counselors in directing them. The underclassmen were given the Iowa tests and the juniors and se- niors were kept busy with the PSAT and SAT tests. TeacWs tta Fuk PeabM William Beier Industrial Arts Ronald Bell Vocal Music Wilma Bingham Secretary Thomas Bohlesen Social Studies William Breck Principal Susan Bright Home Economics Paul Brooks Industrial Arts Kathryn Burks Latin Jack Chastain Math Ronald Chester Industrial Arts William Church Business Education Walter Curran Social Studies Steve Davis Social Studies Mary Denneau Business Education Margaret Dillard English Charlotte Downin French Michael Druley English Michael Duvall History Ronald Ellsbury English David England English George Flanagan Science James Fletcher Math Richard Foster Social Studies Kenneth Fox Business Education Michael Gallamore Industrial Arts Gary Geswein Agriculture Lillian Goodman Secretary Harold Hamlin Social Studies Richard Harmening Science Melinda Hinchman Spanish Olive Hughey English Vernice Irish Business Education Robert Justice Business Education John Knight Special Education Lester Kuehn Social Studies Karen Landwehr Guidance Hope Lawrence Business Education James Leap Guidance William Legan Math Connie Leonard Secretary Gloria Mattick Science Jerry Newsom Physical Education Marjorie Patton Home Economics Linda Nidiffer English WrM l Jerry Petro Math Marsha Prosser Secretary Marie Pruitt Art Bill Self Social Studies Ted Server Guidance LaRea Slater English Lois Smith English Onnolee Smith Physical Education Rosejane Smith Math David Spurgeon Agriculture and Science Wayne Stiner Music Alice Sturgeon Business Education Linda Sutherland Spanish Larry Trueblood Science Elizabeth Voland Home Economics Michael Watkins Health and Physical Education Anne Webb Library Laura Webb Science Margaret Wiesman Reading Lab not pictured Rachael McKinny English Robert Locke Industrial Arts Lunch at last! With the advent of 2 new lines less time had to be spent eating and more time was spent relaxing. Custodian Robert Hathaway uses the " bleacher mule " to move the " roll-a-way " bleachers for pep sessions, classes, and ball games. Q wloe Wtfk ou Cmuk Main office secretaries Lillian Goodman and Connie Leonard balance an account. Writinc memoranda, keeping attendance and the office running smoothly, are a few of their duties. FCHS students fail to appreciate the many people who maintain the complex functions of the school. The custodians, the cooks, and the secretaries comprise this unrec- ognized staff. The custodians have the respon- sibilities of maintaining the physi- cal aspects of the school. The cooks undertake the large task of feeding over 1,000 people daily. Last but not least are the school secretaries. Mrs. Prosser, guidance secretary, and Mrs. Bingham, li- brary secretary, type, keep records straight, and try to limit the con- stant flow of confusion. The main office secretaries Mrs. Goodman and Mrs. Leonard have a multitude of duties from answer- ing the phone to keeping the prin- cipals on the right track. The service staffs have varied jobs, but their purpose is the same: to keep the school running in an ordely manner. Tkose W itte Days Uq Ftie u£ Remember way back in 1967 when the Class of ' 71 first walked through the doors, and into the hallowed halls of FCHS? Or, do you remember two years earlier when we first got together as a group over on Hurricane Street? Well, in 1967 we were Freshmen! We had finally made it to High School. We thought we were tough — then we found out about the ter- rible beastie called the class of ' 67, who took great delight in initiat- ing us. But we survived, and in the fall of 1968 we were Big, Bad Sopho- mores. We knew our way around the school and the class of ' 69 wasn ' t going to tell us what to do! By September of 1969 we knew for sure that we were the best class to ever charge through the mud puddles on the second floor. After a lot of arguing, we picked a prom theme: " Chinatown. " Or was it " Shanghai? " Would you believe " Jorney to the Orient? " It was the best prom ever, even if no one was sure of the title. On August 31, ' 70 the class of ' 71 took its rightful place as the Senior Class and proceeded to initiate the freshmen. We had only one varsity cheerleader from our class and somehow we missed hav- ing a Homecoming queen chosen from our class. We condescended, and attended the " Junior Prom. " And then it was time for finals, the Senior Picnic, Baccalaureate and, after 13 long years (12 for those of you who missed that great experience called Kindergarten) the class of 1971 ended with Com- mencement and a great many mixed emotions. Once there was a time when we were Freshmen That seems not so very long ago Even though they laughed and called us greenies We just smiled and told them where to go! Chorus: And our sophomore year was really some- thing Kastings campouts sure were in the groove. Jostens took our money for our class rings And we won sectional crown number Two. Chorus: In our third year things were really rolling We got our rings; the prom was a success. Though the juniors tried to make theirs better, Face it, kiddies, ours is still the BESTI! Chorus: Now our Senior year is almost over We look back at all the fun we ' ve had And now as we stop and think it over We guess it wasn ' t really all that bad. Chorus: Chorus: Those were the days my friend We thought they ' d never end We ' d sing and dance forever and a day. We ' d lead the life we choose We ' d fight and never lose. Those were the days Oh, yes those were the days! " Wild Women " Linda Brown, Valedictorian oh tuatttOM At the end of eight semesters, 20 Seniors had a grade average of better than 3.5. The top ten Seniors all had better than a 3.680 average. Valedictorian, Linda Brown had a 4.0 accum, while salutatorian, Steve McCracken was close behind with 3.927. Congratulations to these Seniors from the KITE Staff. Steve McCracken, Salutatorian David Gibson, Third Emily Bullers, Fourth Mary Vanderploeg, Seventh Douglas Kelly Bullington, Eighth John Steven Axe, Fifth Barbra Roman, Ninth Jane DeCourcy, Sixth Jim Norton, Tenth Was A Ve ty The Class of ' 71 was truly the class that had the most, and ac- complishments in the past four years were really something else! This year though, we out did our- selves. Among our accomplish- ments were: the Sectional Victory . . . the Regional Heartbreaker . . . " The Sound of Music " . . . Wild Women . . . The Intramural Victory (eat your hearts out juniors!) . . . Monica Eberhart, AFS . . . Hi-Y Fol- lies ... A Whale of a Teacher . . . All School Play (written by a Se- nior) ... the first Senior Class at FCHS to take the Iowa Test (that was disgusting!!!) ... a trip to see " As You Like It " , (we did) ... a new Electron (?) . . . Nickie Kasting ' s Ruth Buzzi . . . Gary Day ' s Captain Flash . . . there ' s just nothing left for the Class of ' 72 to do!!!!!!!! GARY WAYNE ANDERSON: Choir, FCA, Football, Pep Club, Tennis. JACK ANDREAS: Band, Choir, Heri- tage Singers, Spanish Club, Wres- tling. MARY PAMELA ANDREWS: Choir, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y. HAROLD MICHAEL ARMSTRONG: Baseball, FCA, Football, Pep Club, Spanish Club. CHERYL ARNOLD: FBLA, FHA, Girls ' Choir, Pep Club. CONNIE ASHER: DECA, tres; FHA. JOHN STEVEN AXE: Choir, pres.; Heri- tage Singers, Hi-Y, Honor Society, Ten- nis. WILLIAM DAVID BETTS: Baseball, Hi-Y, Prom King, Science Club, Ten- Officers of the Class of ' 71 are: President, John Breck; Vice President, Connie Enders; Secre- tary, Barbie Roman,- and Treasurer, Andy Findley. DEBORAH ANN BINGHAM: GAA, Pep Club, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y, Red Cross, sec. WARREN BISZANTZ: VICA. FLOYD BLAKE: Basketball, FCA, Foot- ball, Pep Club, Track. MIKE BLANFORD: Food Service, student advisor. DANIEL JOSEPH BLANKENSHIP: Choir, FCA, Jr. Hi-Y, Pep Club, Spanish Club. GARY WAYNE BOLIN: FCA, Foot- ball, Red Cross, pres; Track, Wres- tling. THEODORE CURTIS BOLIN II: Basket- ball, Cross Country, Pep Club, pres; Tennis, Track. JOHN WILLIAM BRECK: Basketball, Boys ' State, French Club, pres.; Prom Court, Senior Class President. MICHAEL C. BRIDGES: FCA, Football, Jr. Hi-Y, Pep Club, Track. VICKIE BRIDGES: FHA. CONNIE BROCK: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. DAVID BROWN: Basketball, mgr; Football, mgr; Hi-Y, Pep Club, Track, mgr. LINDA JO BROWN: Choir, Heritage Singers, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y. LINDA FAY BROWNING: FHA, FBLA. BILL BRUNSON: Food Service, pres. TERRY BUCKLER: DECA. EMILY JOYCE BULLERS: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Honor Society, pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. DOUG BULLINGTON: Football, capt; KITE, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, pres. PHILLIP E. BURTON PATTY CAMPBELL: FHA; GAA; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. DAVID CANARY: French Club. ROBERT ALEXANDER CANNON: Golf, Jr. Hi-Y, pres; Hi-Y, Pep Club, v. pres. Swimming. LYNN MARIE CARTER: Choir, FHA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Club. RICHARD CEARING: Jr. Hi-Y, Pep Club. REX CECIL: FFA. JOHN D. CHAPIN: Honart, v. pres.; KITE, EDITOR; Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. JOY CHEATHAM: Tri-Hi-Y. DEBRA CLOYD: Choir, FHA, Jr. Tri- Hi-Y, Pep Club. VICTORIA, LYNN COLIN: GAA, Home- coming Candidate, French Club, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. DAVID COMPTON. CINDY COOK: Choir, FHA, Jr. Tri-Hi- Y, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. DEBORAH S. COOK: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y. FORREST G. COOK: FFA. SUSAN LYNN CRAMER: Choir, Grapplettes, sec; Latin Club, Jr. Tri-Hy-Y, Tri-Hi-Y. CLEVE R. CROSS: Basketball, Boys ' State, FCA, Hi-Y, Pep Club. TERRY MICHAEL CUNDIFF: Baseball, Pep Club, Spanish Club. GARY WAYNE DAY: Football Mana- ger, FTA, Hi-Y, pep Club, Spanish Club. JANE EVELYN DECOURCY: Cheer- leader, KITE, Honor Society, Head Majorette, Student Council. BARBARA DECOURSEY: Cho ir, Heri- tage Singers, Honor Society, Spanish Club, Pres., Tri-Hi-Y. JOCELYN SUE DIXON: Pep Club. SARA LYNN DRAGOO: Girls Choir, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Red Cross, Tri- Hi-Y. MARCIA LYNN DUNN: FBLA, Pres., Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y. ELLEN KAY EARLY: electron, Cinder- ellas, Honart, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. MONICA EBERHARDT: Pep Club, Science, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y. DEBORAH EDENS: FBLA. GLORIA EDENS: Choir, FBLA, FHA, Tri Hi-Y, Pep Club. CONNIE ENDERS: V. pres. 11,12; Grizzly Cub Candidate, Spanish Club, sec,- Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, pres. JAMES FEWELL: Basketball, Foot- ball, French Club, Track, Prom King Candidate. ROBERT ANDREW FINDLEY: Basketball, Class Pres., 10,11; Class Sec, 9,1 2; Football, Track. RUBY FONTES: Spanish Club. ROBERT R. FRIDDLE: Hi-Y, Latin Club, Honor Society, Pep Club, Swimming. TERESA LYNN FROST: AquaKids, Latin Club, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Prom Queen Candidate. CURTIS ANTHONY FUNKHOUSER: Band, Drum Major. JOYCE FURNISH: Cheerleader, Hon- or Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; Prom Queen, KITE. DAVID SCOTT GIBSON: Hi-Y, Honor Society, Pep Club, Science Club, Spanish Club. KENNETH R. GILBERT JR.: Science Club, Swimming, Track. DONALD EDWARD GILL: FFA. TONY GOFF: FCA, Jr. Hi-Y. RICHARD D. GREGORY: Baseball, FCA, Football, Pep Club, VICA. TIM GRIDLEY: Choir, Heritage Sing- ers, Hi-Y, Pep Club, Wrestling. KATHLEEN GRIFFITH: FHA. JAMES D. GRIGGS: Baseball, Bas- ketball, Choir, FCA, Football. JOHN B. GRUBB: Band, Hi-Y, Pep Club Swimming. SANDY HACKER: Reserve Cheer- leader, electron, Latin Club, Student Council. JUDY ANN HAMM: FHA. DONNA HAMNER: DECA, FBLA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, tri. Hi-Y, OEA. PAIGE ELLEN HARDIN: Band, electron, Honor Society, Tri. Hi-Y, Science Club, pres. STEVE HARDWICK. BARBARA JOYCE HARRIS: FHA, Red Cross. SHERRY LEE HAYWORTH. MARGARET ELLEN HEALY: FBLA, FHA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Spanish Club. TERESA HEIGHT. DANA JO HENDERSON: Girls ' Choir Spanish Club. SHERRY HENDERSON: Cinderellas v. pres; GAA, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Pep Club, Tri. Hi-Y, treas. JOANN LOUISE HENDRICKS: Concert, Choir, Girls Choir, Heritage Singers FHA, sec; Spanish Club. RICHARD C. HENLEY: Jr. Hi-Y, Hi-Y Pep Club, Spanish Club. VIRGINIA ANN HIXON: Cinderellas FHA, parliamentarian; v. pres; dist parliamentarian; Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Pep Club, Tri. Hi-Y. KATHLEEN JANE HODGEN. Majo rette, Homecoming Queen Candi date, Honor Society, Pep Club, v pres. Tri Hi-Y. SANDRA KAYE HODSON: FBLA, FHA Pep Club. DONNA HOMMEL: Cinderella GAA, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Pep Club, Span ish Club, Tri. Hi-Y. 1971: A V ta oh Debbie Cloyd, Cindy Cook, and Karen Trueblood, the nuns and Mother Abess, rehearse " How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria " , from the " Sound of Music " . VICKY HOMMEL Choir, DECA, FBLA, Tri-Hi-Y. MIKE HORTON KEITH HUESMAN: VICA, Pep Club. PATRICIA KAY HUGHES: FBLA, FHA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. JERRY HUNTER: Basketball, FCA, Foot- ball, Heritage Singers, Hi-Y. BRENDA FAYE HYDE: FTA, French Club, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Tri-Hi- Y, Historian. MIKE J AGGERS: Track Mgr. CAROLYN JOELE JOHNSON: Band, Cinderellas, electron, Tri-Hi-Y. COLLEEN JOHNSON: Heritage Singers, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Prom Queen Candidate, Spanish Club. MAYNARD JONES: Jr. Hi-Y, Pep Club, VICA, pari. ROBERT JONES: Baseball, FFA. NICKI KASTING: GAA, V.pres.; sgt- at-arms; Grizzly Cub Mascot, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, sgt-at-arms; Pep Club, pres.; Tri-Hi-Y, sgt-at-arms. RALPH KEMP: Latin Club, Pep Club, Science Club, Wrestling. CONNIE L. KENNEDY LARRY ALAN KENNEDY EDWARD ALAN KIMBLER: Baseball, Pep Club. ROBIN KUTRUFF: FCA, Football, Hi-Y, Jr. Hi-Y, Pep Club. MARSHA ELAINE LAIR: FHA, treas.; v. pres.; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Grapplettes, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. PAT LAY: Track, Swimming. MIKE LEE The nimble fingers and the lightning mind of Gary Bolin work to repair a defective projector. " You don ' t give me no hot flashes, " yells Gladys (Nickie Kasting) to Captain Flash (Gary Day) at the Regional Pep Session. CAROLYN SUE LEGAN: FHA, Jr. Tri • Hi-Y, VICA. RICHARD A. LEGAN: VICA. GLENN LIPSIUS: Hi-Y, Jr. Hi-Y, Pep Club, Wrestling, Football. KAREN LISBY. RICHARD L. LLOYD: FCA, Pep Club, VICA. BILL E. LOVERIDGE: Basketball, Cross Country, FCA, Spanish Club, Pep Club. STEVEN CARLIN LUCAS: FCA, Foot- ball, Hi-Y, Jr. Hi-Y, Spanish Club. LAURA LUJAN: DECA, State Pres, French Club, se c; GAA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y. LARRY LYON: Basketball, Choir, FCA, Pep Club, Track. MIKE LYON. RICHARD MARK MAGERS: Band, Cross Country, FCA, Hi-Y, Track. VIRIS VERNON MARTINDALE: FFA. Football. STEVEN RUSSELL McCRACKEN: Hi-Y, Honor Society, Science Club, treas; Student Council. MICHAEL D. McKAY: FCA, Football, Hi-Y, Pep Club, Wrestling. ROBERT LEE McMILLAN: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Honor Society, Student Council. ROCKY ALLEN McTARSNEY: VICA. BRENDA MILLION: FHA, Tri. Hi-Y, Red Cross. ED. MITCHELL: FFA. KAREN MITCHELL. TOM MITCHELL. sporter; Jr. CAROLYN ANN MOORE: Girls Choir, FHA, GAA, Pep Club. JUDITH MOORE: GAA, Honart, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Spanish Club. MARIA FRANCINE MORRISON: Cin- derelleas, Honart, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, OEA, Pep Club, Tri. Hi-Y. BOB MURPHY: FCA, Golf, Pep Club. JOHN DAVID MURRAY: Choir, Track. DAN K. MYERS: Basketball. PAUL NEWKIRK. STEVEN CHARLES NEWKIRK: Band, Baseball, VICA. JOHN V. NICCUM: FFA. PENELOPE NOBLE: Aqua Kids, GAA, FHA, Latin Club, Tri. Hi-Y. JAMES C. NORTON: Honart, tres; Honor Society, Pep Club, Prom King Candidate, Swimming Capt. JOHNNY CELESTINO OLIVO: Foot- ball, Track. KATHY PADGETT: Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Pep Club. DENNIS E. PALMER: FFA. DAN PARIS: Pep Club, Red Cross. RHODA MARIE PARIS: FHA, GAA, Historian; Red Cross. MELINDA JANE PEASE: Cinderella, FTA, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Latin Club, Pep Club. ALLAN PIERSON: Band, Baseball, Football. DEBORAH MICHELE PIKE: FBLA, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Majorette, Pep Club, Tri. Hi-Y. KAREN ELAINE PLANK: Cinderellas, Homecoming Court, Honart, Prom Court, Tri. Hi-Y. 1 97 1 — lUodb lA os tta Yea That Was " Yah, we can dig it! " yell the seniors in the pep block after a successful lay u p at the sectional tourney in Whiteland. " Still busy! " Sandy Hacker portrays the help- less Mrs. Stevenson in " Sorry, Wrong Num- ber " . FLORENCE POLASKI: DECA, GAA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y. ROSALYN JANE POWELL: Cinderel- las, FBLA, sec.; Homecoming Queen Candidate, OEA, Pep Club. MELINDA SUE POYNTER: FHA, GAA, Cinderellas, FBLA, Spanish Club. JOHN L. PRICE: FFA, Red Cross, VICA Pres. NANCY PRIDDY.- Choir, Girls Choir, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. SHARON KAY PRUITT: Choir, Cin- derellas, GAA, Pep Club, Sweet- heart Dance Queen. KATHERINE LOUISE PRYOR: Jr. Tri-Hi- Y. v. pres.; Majorette, KITE, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. RANDOLPH L. PRYOR: Latin Club, treas.; Pep Club. ROBIN RAMSAY: Baseball, DECA, v. pres.; Football, Pep Club. GARY KEY RASMUESSEN: Basket- ball, mgr. ; Jr. Hi-Y, Hi-Y, Pep Club, Track mgr. MICHAEL RAY RATHER: Wrestling. STEPHAN WALKER RECORDS: DECA, Spanish Club. CAROLYN JOYCE RECTOR RANDI REGULI: FBLA, French Club, GAA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. D. GARY REED: Pep Club, VICA. CATHY JO REPP: DECA, sec.; FHA. JAY ROBERTS: FBLA, Hi-Y, Science Club. JULIA MAUDE ROBERTS: FHA, par- liamentarian; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. SUSAN JANE ROE: Latin Club, Jr. Tri- Hi-Y,sec; Tri-Hi-Y. BARBARA S. ROMAN: electron, Honor Society, Sr. Class V. Pres.; Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y. " Levanta se, Paige, " says Monica Eberhart. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the Wild Women lost. No, were not trying to hang the mascot! Nickie ' s cutting down the net after the sectionals. KAREN ROUSH: Cinderellas, Jr. Tri-Hi- Y, Pep Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y, TERESA RUSSELL: FBLA, rep. ; GAA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. RICHARD L. SAPP JR.; Basketball, Foot- ball, Track. LUTHER GEORGE SCARLETT: DECA, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Pep Club. DEBRA LOUISE SCHUETTE: Choir, FBLA, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y. CARYN LYNN MICHELE SCHULTZ: GAA, Girls Choir, Library Club, Red Cross, Pep Club. RAY ALLEN SCOTT: Honart. GARY NEAL SERVICE JERRY LYNN SHAFFER: Latin Club, Pep Club, Wrestling. RONALD EUGENE SHARP: DECA, Track, mgr. DONALD LEE SHELLEY: Band, VICA, sec. VICKI LEE SHERRELL Cinderellas, Girls ' Choir, Pep Club, OEA, treas.; Science Club. JANET SICKELS: Honor Society, Latin Club, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Camera Club, treas. BECKIE SIMPSON: Choir, FTA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, OEA, Pep Club. MARTI SMITH: FBLA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Ma- jorette, OEA, Tri-Hi-Y. PAMELA K. SMITH: DECA, GAA, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y. PHILLIP GILES SMITH: Choir, Heritage Singers, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Pep Club. JOYCE KATRINE SNEED: Choir, FHA, Pep Club, Tri -Hi-Y. MARY JANE SPEARS: AquaKids, Cin- derellas, FBLA, GAA, sec; Spanish Club. VICTOR NOBLE SPICER: FCA, JR. Hi-Y, Pep Club. JACK STAINBROOK: Pep Club, Swim- ming. TANYA STEPLETON: FHA, French Club, Tri. Hi-Y. JAN ELLYN SUMMERS: FBLA, v. pres; Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Pep Club, Tri. Hi-Y. JIM TAYLOR: Choir, Heritage Sing- ers. CHRIS THOMASON: FBLA, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Pep Club. DONNA C. THRONBURY: Girls ' Choir, FHA, Pres.; Honor Society, Pep Club, Science Club. NANCY LOUISE TRANKLE: AFS, Cin- derellas, French Club, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, KITE, Pep Club, Tri. Hi-Y. KAREN SUE TRUEBLOOD: Choir, FTA, Pres,- Heritage Singers, Honor Society, Tri. Hi-Y. MARY ELIZABETH VANDERPLOEG: Cinderellas, Honor Society, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Pep Club, Science Club, Tri. Hi Y. ALBERTA CAROLYN VANMETtR: Flowers for Algernon, GAA, Jr. Tri. Hi-Y, Library Club, sec; elec- tron. CONNIE VANMETER: Library Club, Pep Club. DAVID WAYNE VAUGHT: FCA, Football, FFA, sentinel; Hi-Y, Wres- tling. JOE VAUGHT: FFA, Pres. JUDSON DENNIS VAUGHT: elec- tron, co-editor; Hi-Y, Jr. Hi-Y, Latin Club, Pig Killer, Co-consul; Science Club, Spanish Club. TED ALLAN WAGGONER: FCA, Hi-Y, Pep Club, Science Club, Swimming. RICHARD LEE WALTMAN: Cross Country, FTA, v. pres,- Hi-Y, v. pres,- Pep Club, Sgt-at-arms; Wres- tling. MARK WALTZ: Choir, FBLA, Jr. Hi-Y, Pep Club. JERRY WAYNE WARD: FBLA, treas; Swimming. £e t!(w$: Nowltiafc ffe Ov t . . . JUDY JOAN WEBB: Choir, Cinderellas, FTA, sgt-at-arms; Girls ' Choir, Pep Club. DEBORAH L. WILLEY: GAA, Grappl- ettes, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y. JUDY WILLEY: FBLA, GAA, Grappl- ettes, Pep Club, Spanish Club. ETHELEEN WILLIAMS: FHA. DEBORAH JO WINKS: Band, FHA, GAA, Tri-Hi-Y. CONNIE ANN WOODS: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Science Club, Tri-Hi-Y. KEITH W. WORKMAN: Football, capt., FCA, Pres.; Hi-Y, Pres.; Honor Society, Track, Student Council. POLLY ANN ZEHR: GAA, Honart, Pres.; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y. Cinder- ellas. GARY ZELLAR JAN ZIELINGA CtoidOrt Not PtOtuW Kenneth Edgar Bay Stephen Leslie Burger Daniel Kent Golden David K. Golden Rebecca McKee Ridge Michael David Rinehart Connie Sue Wagner Qdufowt F UcJk 4 Trying to figure out their schedules are sophs (standing) David Hanna, John Carpenter, (seated) Sandy Tillison, Kevin McKinney, and Bonny Perry. FCHS is proud to recognize the underclassmen who lead their class scholastically. These students worked hard all year and man- aged to maintain the highest grade averages. Those students from the junior class are C. Owens, C. Fry, M. Mc- Carty, B. Rawson, and V. Thomp- son. The five scholars from the sopho- more class are J. Carpenter, B. Perry, D. Hanna, K. McKinney, and Sandy Tillison. Six hardworking freshmen who all rank equally in their class are S. Fisher, D. Hoeltke, R. Park, B. Rupp, L. Williams, and S. Yount. The school is proud to have scholastically minded students. These top scholars should be commended for their achievements and the academic ability which they possess. Juniors Mary Ann McCarty, Cindy Fry, Velginna Thompson and Charlotte Owens compare SAT scores. Not pictured is Becky Rawson. Laughing over old yearbooks are B. Rupp, S. Fisher, S. Yount, D. Hoeltke and L. Williams. Not pictured is Ruth Park. Junior RWy jot tta Btg Yea - ' 72! While preparing for the 1971 Prom the junior class officers Dave Newkirk, president; Nina Winters, vice-president; Bob Yant, treasurer; and Fran LaGrange, secretary work diligently unfolding the " vet- eran " parachute. " We are tuff, we are true, we ' re the class of ' 72! " From 7th grade and now to 11th, the juniors car- ried along this class yell. The new juniors recovered re- markably well from " sophomore slump " . Receiving the new " Apol- lo " class rings and honoring the seniors with " the best prom ever " added to the charisma of an event- ful and memorable year. The class of ' 72 further bright- ened up the year with some un- usual events. For the first time in six years a junior was crowned Homecoming Queen. In the powderpuff football game, Curran ' s Comets fought hard against the senior Wildwomen and romped to victory. As juniors, the class of 72 had finally reached the last step which would escalate them to the status, privileges and responsibilities of seniors. Kerry Afflerbach Amy Alexander Sue Alexander Susan Alford Karen Andrews Michael Anoskey John Auld Debbie Ayers Brenda Bailey Mike Barnhizer Jim Baxter Cheryl Beard Ron Bechman Joni Beeler Larry Biszanfz Carol Black Don Black Roger Black Leslie Blanford Glenda Bowers Travis Bowman Beth Brown Peggy Brown Steve Brown Carol Bruce Joe Brunson Dave Buckler Cindy Burkhart Georganna Burton Joyce Burton Georgenia Butler Connie Camden Tom Carlisle Dan Chappelow Ray Chester Sandra Childers Margie Christy Rita Clark Bob Claxton Bill Clore Marcia Cobb Brenda Cobler Gloria Cochran Patty Cordell Janet Cox Teresa Cox Don Coy Sally Cramer Ralph Crawford Brian Crowe Elaine Cruse Marian Crutcher Kim Cummings Robert Dougherty Dan Davis Carol Deer David Deer Jim Deskins Kathy DeWitt Cindy Dobbs Kevin Dougherty David Doyle Diane Duckworth Steve DuPont Vickie Dyer Otto Easton Janet Edens Barbara Edwards Mike Efferson Wayne Eldridge Donna Epptey Bill Farrow Libby Ferrara Tim Findley Tom Foster Ruth Fox Cindy Fry Tom F riddle Becky Gee Leslie George Mike Giles Pam Godsey Tony Gomez Roger Graham Bill Green Vikka Griner David Gross Art Gullett Mike Hall Teresa Hammack John Hardin Connie Harris Cindy Harris John Harris Ted Hathaway David Hawkins Pam Healy Julie Hensley Bob Heuchen Joe Higdon Eric Hill Mark Hobbs Neal Hodson Mike Horton Jeff Hunter David Jester Terry Jones Virginia Jones Wanda Jones William Jones Ted Kasting Janis Kearney Doug Keller Linda Kelley Fran LaGrange Sandy Lane Barbara Lawson Nancy Lay Dorothy Legan Larry Lee Terry Lewis Jerry Lindsey Randy Lindsey Eric Linneman Georgia Linneman Jim Lipsius Charles Lisby Tom Locke David Lovell Linda Lovell Debbie Lucas Randy Lutirell Jimmy Lynn Linda Marshall Ray Martin Gary Martindale Rita Martindale Pam Matlock Susan Mayer Mary Ann McCarty Alan McDaniel Rex McGinnis Carol McKee Tom McKee Bruce Meek Gory Merrick Steve Merrick David Miller Dianna Miller Jonathan Miller Jesse Mink Joey Minton Mira Miskell Tanya Monroe Shelia Moore Brenda Morris Allen Murphy Nancy Murphy Cindy Myers Joe Myers Steven Nailer Susan Nalley Steve Neff Richard Newberry David Newkirk Luann Nixon Jim Noblitt Bill Northerner Rudy Olivo Charlotte Owens Larry Parton William Pierle Larry Pittman Jeff Plank Lillian Province Susan Pryor Juntos: ' UWtlag Otw U fty to tta Topi " An outsider invited to the GAA initiation was Becky Ramsey ' s pet raccoon. Donna Eppley and Sandy Lane, very engrossed in their work, ignore the daily confusion of the Kite room while they sort out and identify student pictures. The adding machine sure beats finding the sum of all these numbers, agrees Susan Pryor in business machines. Pausing for only a moment, homecoming queen Pat Cordell and her escort Dave Newkirk enjoy the music at the dance. Juntos: Rank t-Kgk in Acaetaiwcs owL Be utu Leda Provost Becky Ramsey David Ramsey Becky Rawson Brad Reed Gary Reese Sarah Reynolds Jim Rhoades Duane Roberts Steve Roberts Eugenia Roeder Rod Rogers Jackie Ruddick Cindy Rudicil Cindy Russell Steve Russell Pam Ryker Ricky Sandlin Roger Schoolcraft Bill Scott Susan Scourfield Kayla Setser Donald Settles Jim Shannon Richard Sharp Vickie Sloan Linda Smeltz Brenda Smith Carol Smith Debbie Smith Terri Smith Jenny Streightoff Becky Sutherland Zoe Ann Taylor Steve Teets Brenda Templin Kelvin Thomas Kevin Thompson Roger Thompson Velginna Thompson Steve Tresslar Richard True Gary Turner Becky Umbright Charles Vanderploeg Donna Vandivier Tony Van Meter Debra Vaughn Goby VonSlralendorff Dennis Wall Suzanne Walters Connie Warner Maurlyn Weddle Bobbi Wheeler Randy While Ron Wildmon Bob Wilham Rita Wilkerson Fred Williams Margaret Williams Becky Williams Bruce Williams Debbie Williamson Ka Wil Tammy Wilson Darla Winters Nina Winters Sherri Wishard Kenneth Wray Luke Wrenn Pam Wright Steve Wyrick Bob Yant Debbie Young Joe Young fj oJb R t$fcTtay Votv ' bTwuio Out —Retakes Glenda Bowers Elaine Cruse Brenda Eads Bill Moore Rudy Olivo David Richardson Becky Winks Ready for action, junior quarterback Bren- da Eads receives a hike from the center. " Coffee, tea, or popcorn? " Junior Suzanne Walters sells concessions at a home football game for Tri-Hi-Y. The concession stand was co-sponsored by Tri-Hi-Y and Kite. Ifc « Ala 1 i i J JP 1 Copk Yuma Ivu-Befamto " " Security is being a sophomore! " While not yet concerned about graduating and yet not unfamiliar with FCHS, the sophomore year is a " pleasant in-between. " The annual task of ordering class rings finally fell upon the class of 1973. Different from the past the sophs ordered early and became the first class to receive their rings in their sophomore year. This year the class of ' 73 made its presence known as the students took great interest in extra curricu- lar activities and class projects. Sophomore class officers Mike Morrow, Pres.; Carolyn Bryant, V. Pres.; Carol Henderson, Sec.; and Mike Breck, Treas. anxiously await lunch at a welcome noontime break. Gary Abplanalp Tom Allen Greg Ayers Marsha Baker Greg Barger Jerry Bay Lucy Bay Karen Beard Dale Beckerf Keith Black Tonya Black Leah Blackwell Becky Blackwell Robert Blake Judy Bledsoe Gary Bolin Donnie Bray Joyce Bray Mike Breck Mike Broniszewski Steve Broniszewski Allan Brown Mark Brown Yvonne Brown Sharon Brown Teresa Brown Carolyn Bryant Kathy Buckler Vickie Buechele Susie Bullman Marsha Bundy Steve Burris Kathy Burton Kenneth Burton Sharon Burton Cynthia Buster David Cade Cynthia Caldwell Charles Canary i ? Jana Chesser Judy Chesser Bev Clark Diane Colin Steve Compton Linda Conner Tom Coward Dan Coy Clark Cranston Deborah Crafton Linda Crockett Virgil Cross Brad Crowe Rick Crowe Perry Cruse Jill Cummings Sherry Curtis Teresa Davis Elizabeth Deppe Bob Dewitt Ne Dixc Cheryl Doss Kevin Doss Rondia Douglas David Duckworth Mike Dukate Mike Eacret Laura Eads Debbie Eads Kent Early Carolyn Edwards James Efferson Phil Egenolf Freda Eldridge Joe Erickson Paula Fergason Sarah Fewell Debbie Ford Tony Frost Pamela Fulton Harry Furrer Kathy Garrison Marsha Gentry Kathy Gill Frea Gladish Eileen Goley Cindy Green Jane Green Patty Grice John Grimmer Vince Hacker Jenny Haggard David Hanna Beverly Harper Joyce Harris Theresa Harris Allen Hart Jackie Harter Richard Hass Marcia Hauck Ruth Haymaker Sandra Hazelwood Carol Henderson Freddie Hendley Wes Hendricks Karen Hensley Dana Kickey Phillip Hicks Beth Hodgen Virginia Hogue Janet Holmes John Hood Karen Hoskins Donald Houshour Peggy Humble Gloria Hupp Mona Inlow Mike Jacobs Elizabeth Jewell Charita Jones Nathan Jones Jim Kelley Matt Kelley Randy Kelley Brenda Kirby Marilyn Klopp Bart Krasson Gene LaGrange Don Lamey Steve Lautenbach Penny Lawson Greg Lee Janet Leerkamp Dan Lewis Duane Lewis Sandy Lipsius Jon Livingston Nancy Logan Mike Loveday Darlene Lovins Marlene Lovins Sandra Lovins 4TL Majorette Beth Hodgen smiles at the crowd while doing a half-time routine. " We ' ve got the fever, we ' re hot. . .! " yell soph supporters of the Grizzly Cubs. The class of ' 73 showed this great spirit throughout the year. Greg Lowe Mike Maddox Debbie Magers Donnie Malone Penny Mason Patty McGiil Rita McKay Johnny McKee Kevin McKinney Kenny Meek Wilbur Miller Dennis Million Ronald Million Barbara Mitchell Deborah Moore Gary Morris Timothy Morrison Mike Morrow Jim Mowry Sharc AA " J Chester Navarro Kathleen Neff Marietta Norris Debbie Northerner Carolyn Or William Owens Bev Pain Fred Par! Absence from of tests. Just school only means delayment Greg Barger glances through a SPORT ' S ILLUSTRATED while waiting for assistance from Mrs. ask soph Kent Early. Webb in the library. Terry Ross Allen Routier Jane Russom Gary Ryan Benton Sammons Greg Sanders Patty Sayre Robert Schmidt Mike Scholl Becky Scourfield David Sebesky Carolyn Sexton Robert Shannon Marilyn Sharp Thomas Shelley Wesley Shidler Mike Shirley Liz Smith Billy Smyth Lola Snyder Henry South Terry Spiegel Sherry Spicer Judie Spurlin While Garry Apblanap " eyes " the ball, " Old Lady " Cindy Green and " panther " Diane Colin discuss the expected Regional victory in a Kevin McKinney carefully readies a shot. skit they presented for the Regional pep session. Qp ' uuJb o ' 73: QaitoiUmol Jackie Stainbrook Gail Stevens Lana Stephenson Lena Stone Billy Stotts Sharon Straley Melvin Swift Terry Swindle Randy Tarr Duane Taylor Audrey Taylor Teresa Tearman Debbie Thompson Larry Thompson Sandra Titlison Barbara Toole Cindy Tranter Richard Van Osdol David Vanderploeg Rodney Vandivier Myrena Vaught Sharon Vaught Jayne Waggoner Steven Wakefield Janice Wall Elmer Wallen Terry Waltz David Walters Brent Waymire Barth Weddle Robin West Jerri Wheeler Susan Whetstine Betty White Pam Whittenbarger William Whitworth Mike Wilkinson Mike Willey Robert Williams Karen Wilson Maria Wilson Susie Wiseman Mike Wolfarth Becky Woodall Karen Workman Mary Wray Jeff Wyrick Glenda Yaden Linville Yaden Narita York Frank Yrttima L kt F tffcTfay VoribTwuKJ Out — R«faJ e$ Paul Clem Brenda Clement Judy Walden Barb Smiley Sophomore Jr. Tri-Hi-Y service girls get their " pay " after serving dinner at the Honor Society Banquet. These girls offer their services at the various banquets held in the school. Being cold never stops a GAA swimmer and soph Jan Leerkamp is proof of this. FiesUieit A u m fiMtub Respowsiblfoftes " Don ' t ever walk in front of a senior! " greeted the new arrivals from the junior high. The class of ' 74 stepped over the threshold of high school life with a look of amazement at the better conditions, greater freedom, more activities and larger crowds. After adjusting, the frosh showed their enthusiasm by joining up and join- ing in. The " Spirit of ' 74 " was evident as the class supported the varsity and reserve teams as well as their own. During spirit week the fresh- men won the class hall display. By the end of the year the freshmen were ready to take the responsibilities of fast moving high school life. Mark Alxeander Mike Alexander Mike Allen Jeff Alvey David Andreas Doug Andrews Lynn Andrews John Anoskey Richard Asher Tricia Auld Bonnie Beatty John Bechert Velma Bennett David Berry Dee Bingham Jeff Black Lou Ann Blackwell Brenda Blandford Bob Blue Mike Bolin Linda Bostic Linda Boucher Stan Brooks Hazel Browning Mike Browning Bob Buckler Richard Bullers Diane Burch Phil Burger Mike Bush Wm. E. Caldwell Steve Camden Tom Campbell Jeff Canary Susan Chandler Tony Chappelow Bonnie Chase Terry Cheek Mike Childers Antoninette Childs Patsy Claiborne Karen Clark Sherry Clayton Shirley Clem Cindy Coldfelter Jimmy Cochran Donna Cody Vickie Cohron Freshman class officers, Tom Myers, president, Bobbi Cordeli, vice-president, and Jeff Eggers, treas., take a welcome break from class and relax in the sun. (Sec. Holly Dodson moved 2nd semester.) Bob Colin Anita Collins Tony Collins Pom Compton Richard Compton Kathy Cooper Barbara Cordell Bob Coward Debbie Cox Susan Critney Beverly Crockett Kathy Cruser Bobby Crutcher Mark Cundiff Gail Dasbach Jeonette Dougherty Larry Davis Scott Davis Alice Deck Murphy Deem Debbie Deer Brad DeMott Doug Deskins Jay Dishinger Tim Dodds Holly Dodson Janice Drake Loran Drake Vickie Duncan Ronnie Dyer Rita Edens Jeff Eggers Carl Erdmann Jim Erp Pam Estep Tom Estep John Feyerabend Nancy Fisher Sheryl Fisher Rhonda Foley Eric Fredbeck Nancy Friddle Kevin Funkhouser Freshmen Tom Campbell and Bev Crockett dance at the FCA Sweetheart Dance. Here is a moment of a rare combination of intensive concentration and pr the gym, as freshman Tom Myers tries to figure out his homework. iling quiet in Rick Furgeson Garol Gardner Joanne Garrett Elaine George Ava Gibson Donnie Gilbert Thea Glendenning Cindy Goad Kenny Green Vickie Griffin Vicki Gullett Mark Holtom Edward Handy Michael Harrisoi Roy Harter Dea vkins Roxie Hayes Cindy Hayworth Jim Henderson Gerald Henley Darrel Heuchan Charles Hicks Charles Higdon Phil Hill Mary Hobbs Janet Hodson Dawn Hoeltke Jennifer Holmes Janet Hommel Tony Horton Travis Huffman Debra Hughes Ron Hughes John Huhnke Tom Hunter Diane Jackson Debra Jent Ann Jewell Jerry Jewell Loretta Johnson Ruth Jones Trena Jordon Myron Julian Mark Kelley Nancy Keucher Rae Jean KIopp David Koepper Stan LaFary . tWj SWy au G liMH wl . " Round and round and ... " sing mem- bers of Mrs. O. Smith ' s physical ed classes. At the French Club initiation initiates acted out a challenging French dialogue. The new math center proved to be a great advantage to freshman Dan Lamey. Dan Lomey Paula Land Jim Lanier Randy Law Mike Lay Jerrie Leeds Paul Legan Sherri Lisby Connie Lusk Robert Lynn Mike Magers Paul Marchand Cindy Mattingly Alaine Motherly Chris McCarty Judy McCowan Linda McGill Don McGlocklin Jon McGlocklin Diane McGowan Deborah McTarsney Morie McTarsney Tony McTarsney Warren N eece Mike Merrick Melinda Mitchell Gary Moody Steve Moody Nova Moore Dennis Moorefield Jim Morgan Martha Moore Marsha Morris Mary Morrow Jeff Mosburg Margaret Murphy Tom Myers Charles Natly Eddie Nalley Geralynn Neisius Angela Newkirk Joanne Newton Robin Nixon Debra Nuckles Judith Overby Jeff Padgett Pam Palmer Ruth Park Chan Partenheimer David Patton Kip Payton Stanley Perkins Penny Phelps Jeff Pinnick Linda Pool Melisa Pool Kenneth Poppe Patricia Price Kathy Provost Diane Ramsey Joel Rautio Steven Rawson Dorinda Reagan Rita Rebennack Cathy Reid Jeff Reynolds Pat Riddle Charles Roberts Robin Roberts Larry Robinette Linda Robinette Louis Robson Connie Rogers Kathy Rogers Linda Roman Betsy Rupp Donald Russell Greg Sapp Chance Schuitz Debra Sewell Bob Sexton Phyllis Sharp Tim Shelly Frank Shidler Mary Jane Shidler Annette Sims Louis Simpson Brenda Skaggs Randy Sluter Jonita Smearing Brian Smith Nancy Smith Terry Smith Sharon Sneed Vicki Sneed Robin Soudrette Mike Sparrow Don Spencer Carma Spicer Susan Spicer Marcella Stainbrook Deborah Stancombe Pam Stanley Debbie Stephens Tom Stillabower Teresa Stinson LaDonna Stout Sylvia Stout Nina Strickland Tom Stubbeman Penny Sullivan Dave Sutherland " Practice makes perfect?! " applies to sports as well as other things. John Anoskey and Ton Stubbleman practice wrestling basics and hope to make varsity wrestling next year. Teresa Stinson dirties hands and knees an attempt to promote school spirit. . TWj Eycek to Qpoxte owl Spurt, Tim Suttles Andrea Swan Edwin Swint Carl Tanner Roger Taylor James Thomas Debra Thompson Vern Thompson Dennis Torrence Debra Tranter Ed Trogdon Roberta U Cheryl Va Marcia Vandivier Brenda Van Meter Alvin Wagerman Susan Wakefield Judy Wall Sarah Wallen Jeff Wardlow Donna Watson Pat Wells Kathy Weston Vicki Whaley oright Cleave John Whelder Pam Wilham Terry Whittenbarger Terry Wilhom Vickie Wilkinson Pam Willey LuAnn Williams Mike Wilson Stewart Wilson Wayne Wiseman Dennis Witham Tom Witham Gwen Wolfarth Lou Anne Wolff Pat Woodall Kathy Wright Scott Wright Delilah Wyrick Steven Yount Brenda Zimmer fj fib FtftSfcTWj VoribTwuHJ Oub — R«fctJ ftS Debbie Allen Dave Ballenger Debbie Ballenger Laura Bradley Ann Burnett Connie Compton Bill Daniel Frances Killough Terry Higginbotha Dave Morris Becky Sledge Terry Wilham Stewart Wilson Gwen Wolfarth Connie Lusk, GAA initiate tries to exhibit co-ordination between her nose and ball. The availability of study carrels in the library made it possible for Doug Andrews to study a filmstrip and listen to a tape on micro-organisms for his biology class. geadM J. Andreas: 14,65,73,75,100 P. Andrews: 64,71,30 G. Anderson: 92,111 M. Armstrong: 92 C. Arnold C. Asher: 69 S. Axe: 19,22,60,65,121 D. Berts: 22,65,78,104,26 D. Bingham: 71,86,123 W, Bisantz: 68,123 F. Blake: 65,107,123 M. Blandford: 123 D. Blankenship: 25,71,123 G. Bolin: 92,123,128 T. Bolin: 65,70,79,107,109,123 J. Breck: 23,58,60,65,70,79,96,97,98, 99,107,123,122,33,30 M. Bridges: 65,107,123 C. Brock: 123 D. Brown: 65,92,107,123 L. Brown: 123,121 L. Browning: 64,72,123 B. Brunson: 123 T. Buckler: 123,69 E. Bullers: 60,64,78,123,121 D, Bullington: 58,59,60,62,92,121, 100,108,123 P. Burton: 123 P. Campbell: 71,123 D. Canary: 124 A. Cannon: 102,105,124 L. Carter: 124 R. Cecil: 124 R. Cearing: 68,124 J. Chapin: 21,48,60,62,124 J. Cheatham: 64,124 D. Cloyd: 19,71,72,124,127 V. Colin: 86,124 D. Compton: 73,124 C. Cook: 19,64,71,72,124,127 D. Cook: 16,64,72,86,124 F. Cook: 124 S. Cramer: 64,124 C. Cross: 65,124 T. Cundiff: 108,124 G. Day: 21,65,75,80,92,124 B. Decoursey: 50,60,64,75,124,30 J, DeCourcy: 13,15,16,17,60,62,121, 63,64,70,86,87,124,52 J. Dixon: 124 S. Dragoo: 62,69,125 M. Dunn: 71,77,125 E. Early: 64,80,81,86,125 M. Eberhardt: 16,64,75,78,86,125,132 D. Eden: 71,125 G. Eden: 13,71,72,125 C. Enders: 60,64,75,125,122,30 J. Fewell: 125 A. Findley: 60,65,79,92,94,97,98,107, 125,122 R. Fontes: 59,64,125 B. Friddle: 60,65,78,102,125 T. Frost: 13,64,86,87,125 T. Funkhouser: 52,125 J. Furnish: 14,15,16,60,62,64,86,87, 88,98,125,26 D. Gibson: 60,65,73,78,125,121 K. Gilbert: 125 D. Gill: 125 T. Golf: 125 R. Gregory: 68,125 T. Gridley: 65,100,125 K. Griffith: 126 J. Griggs: 16,65,79,92,97,108,126,111 J. Grubb: 65,102,126 S. Hacker: 20,58,60,64,86,126 J. Hamm: 72,126 D. Hamner: 64,77,126 P. Hardin: 60,78,86,126,132,53 S. Hardwich: 126 B. Harris: 126 S. Hayworth: 126 T. Height: 126 D. Henderson: 126 S. Henderson: 64,83,86,126 J. Hendricks: 126 R. Henley: 126 G. Hixon: 126,14,86,41 K. Hodgen: 60,64,84,86,87,126 S. Hodson: 72,126 D. Hommel: 64,86,126 V. Hommel: 64,69,71,127 R. Heusman: 127 P. Hughes: 4,44,77,127 J. Hunter: 25,65,70,92,97,108,127 B. Hyde: 60,64,70,127,41 M. Joggers: 127 C. Johnson: 23,64,127,53 C. Johnson: 70,127 M. Jones: 39,68,127 B. Jones: 73,127 N. Kasting: 13,16,22,64,84,98,127 R: Kemp: 128 L. Kennedy: 128 C. Kennedy: 128 E. Kimbler: 128 R. Kutriff: 92,128 M. Lair: 71,128 P. Lay: 60,128 M. Lee: 128 C. Legan: 68,129 R. Legan: 68,129 G. Lipsius: 65,129 K. Lipsius: 129 R. Lloyd: 129 B. Loveridge: 22,65,79,129 S. Lucas: 129 L. Lujan: 64,69,71,129 L. Lyons: 79,129 M. Magers: 78,107,109,129 V. Martindale: 73,129 S. McCracken: 22,54,58,60,78,104,129, 121 M. McKay: 65,79,92,100,129 B. McMillan: 60,65,78,92,97,108,129 R. McTarsney: 68,129 B. Million: 71,72,129 K. Mitchell: 129 E. Mitchell: 129 C. Moore: 130 J. Moore: 64,80,130 M. Morrison: 64,77,80,86,130 B. Murphy: 65,85,105,130 J. Murray: 130 D. Myers: 97,130 P. Newkirk: 130 S. Newkirk: 39,130 J. Niccum: 130 P. Noble: 20,21,64,130 J. Norton: 40,60,65,78,102,107,130,121 J. Olivo, 75,130 K. Padgett: 69,130 D. Palmer: 73,130 D. Paris: 130 R. Paris: 72,83,130 M. Pease: 130 A. Pierson: 21,130 D. Pike: 13,15,16,64,71,86,130,30 K. Plank: 64,71,86,130,27 F. Polaski: 64,69,131 R. Powell: 44,71,77,86,131 M. Poynter: 71,77,131 J. Price: 68,131 N. Priddy: 13,131 S. Pruift: 25,131 K. Pryor: 13,16,17,60,62,64,86,87,131 R. Pryor: 15,92,108,131 R. Ramsay: 69,131 G. Rasmussen: 131 M. Rather: 131 S. Records: 69,131 C. Rector: 132 R. Reguli: 132 C. Repp: 69,132 M. Rinehart: 69 J. Roberts: 65,78,138,31 J. Roberts: 54,64,72,138 S. Roe: 64,138 B. Roman: 19,58,59,61,64,78,86,138, 121,122 K. Roush: 64,86,133 T. Russell: 71,86,133 R. Sapp: 69,133 L. Scarlett: 133 C. Schultz: 133 D. Schuerte: 64,71,133 R. Scott: 55,80,133 G. Service: 68,133 J. Shaffer: 133 R. Sharp: 69,133 D. Shelley: 39,68,133 V. Sherrell: 60,64,77,78,86,133 J. Sickels: 21,60,64,86,87,133,33 B. Simpson: 77,133 M. Smith: 64,71,77,133 . Smith: 64,69,133 . Smith: 19,65,133,31 , Sneed: 64,72,86,133 . Spears: 60,64,71,86,87,134 . Spicer: 134 . Stainbrook: 134 . Stepleton: 64,134 . Summers: 64,71,77,134 . Taylor: 134 . Thomason: 71,134 i. Thornbury: 60,64,72,78,134 I. Trankle: 13,16,62,64,86,134 . Trueblood: 16,19,60,64,70,86,127, 134 . Vanderploe: 60,64,78,86,134,121 i. VanMeter: 60,64,72,134 :. VanMeter: 134 l. Vaught: 134 . Vaught: 73,134 ud Vaught: 20,61,65,75,78,134 . Waggoner: 20,85,102,134 . Waltman: 65,70,107,134 l . Waltz: 134 . Ward: 71,134 :. Warner: 71 , Webb: 64,70,135 ). Willey: 64,71,135 . Willey: 71,135 :. Williams: 72,135 ). Winks: 64,72,83,135 ' . Woods: 64,78,86,135 :. Workman: 58,60,65,78,79,92,102, 107,135 ' . Zehr. 13,16,55,64,80,81,86,135,33 ;. Zellar: 135 . Zielinga: 64,71,77,135 JuftZtoS K. Afflerbach: 78,137 A. Alexander: 17,60,64,87,137,26,52 S. Alexander: 17,60,64,75,86,87,137 S. Alford: 71,83,137 K. Andrews: 74,78,137 M. Anoskey: 65,74,79,92,93,107,137 J. Auld: 108,137 D. Ayers: 64,75,86,87,137 B. Bailey: 72,137 M. Barnhizer: 137 J. Baxter: 137 C. Beard: 71,137 R. Bechman: 28,29,137 J. Beeler: 60,64,75,84,86,137,26 L. Bisantz: 68,137 D. Black: 28,137 R. Black: 73,137 L. Blandford: 137 G. Bowers: 71,137 T. Bowman: 137 B. Brown: 64,75,86,87,137 P. Brown: 80,137 S. Brown: 47,58,59,60,65,73,108,137 C. Bruce: 23,64,74,78,137 J. Brunson: 65,79,102,109,137 D. Buckler: 137 C. Burkhart: 137 G. Burton: 58,64,71,137 J. Burton: 82,60,64,86,87,26 G. Butler: 64,72,86,87 C. Camden: 137 T. Carlisle: 137 D. Chappelow: 137 R. Chester: 137 S. Childers: 137 M. Christy: 137 R. Clark: 72,137 B. Claxton: 65,105,137 B. Clore: 73,92,93,137 M. Cobb: 138 B. Cobler: 51,138 G. Cochran: 138 M. Compton: 69,71,72 P. Cordell: 58,64,76,87,138,140 J. Cox: 72,138 T. Cox: 71,138 D. Coy: 138 S. Cramer: 64,87,138 R. Crawford: 138 B. Crowe: 74,100,138 E. Cruse: 71,138 M. Crutcher: 138 K. Cummings: 102,138 R. Dougherty: 138 D. Davis: 65,92,138 C. Deer: 64,72,138 D. Deer: 65,73,79,92,100,138 J. Deskins: 79,92,107,138 C. DeWitt: 64,74,86,138 C. Dobbs: 64,138 K. Dougherty: 80,92,138,109 D. Doyle: 138 D. Duckworth: 60,64,78,86,88,138 S. Dupont: 138 V. Dyer: 64,138 B. Eades: 60,62,63,64,84,86,141 O. Easton: 138 J. Edens: ' 64,138 B. Edwards: 138 M. Efferson: 138 W. Elderidge: 138 D. Eppley: 14,63,64,78,138,139 B. Farrow: 108,138 L. Ferrara: 17,60,64,75,78,86,87,138 T. Findley: 68,138 T. Foster: 73,138 R. Fo 138 C. Fry: 54,60,64,78,136,138 T. Friddle: 55,64,78,102,103,138 B. Gee: 80,138 L. George: 138 M. Giles: 138 P. Godsey: 64,86,138 T. Gomez: 138 R. Graha 138 65,92,93,138 V. Griner: 17,22,86,138,52 D. Gross: 107,138 A. Gullett: 92,104,138 M. Hall: 104,138 T, Hammock: 64,138 J. Hardin: 74,78,102,105,138 C. Harris: 72,138 Cindy Harris: 71,138 J. Harris: 138 T. Hathaway: 102,104,138 D. Hawkins: 69,138 P. Healey: 72,138 J. Hensley: 64,138 B. Heuchan: 92,138,109 J. Higdon: 138 E. Hil 138 M. Hobbs: 138 N. Hodson: 29,138 M. Horton: 138 J. Hunter: 138 D. Jester: 75,102,104,138 T. Jones: 73,138 V. Jones: 138 W. M. Jones: 138 B. Jones: 138 T. Kasting: 138 J. Kearney: 138 D. Keller: 92,108,138 L. Kelley: 69,138 F LaGrange: 23,64,86,138 S. Lane: 14,62,63,64,78,87,138,139 B. Lawson: 22,138 N. Lay: 64,80,138 D. Legan: 64,138 L. Lee: 69,138 T. Lewis: 109,138 J. Lindsey: 138 R. Lindsey: 72,138 E. Linneman: 138 G. Linneman: 138 J. Lipsius: 138 C. Lisby: 138 T. Locke: 107,138 D. Lovell: 139 L. Lovell: 139 D. Lucas: 64,87,139 R. Luttrell: 139 J. Lynn: 139 M. Lyon: L. Marshall: 71,139 R. Martin: 47,92,100,73,101,139 G. Martindale: 73,139 R. Martindale: 139 P. Matlock: 71,139 S. Mayer: 139 M. McCarty: 60,64,76,84,86,136,139 A. McDaniel: 139 R. McGinnis: 139 C. McKee: 139 T. McKee: 23,139 B. Meek: 79,102,109,139 G. Merrick: 92,107,139 S. Merrick: 73,107,139 D. Miller: 139 Diana Miller: 72,139 J. Miller: 139 J. Mink: 139 J. Minton: 22,64,92,108,139 M. Miskell: 64,86,139 T. Mitchell: T. Monroe: 139 S. Moore: 75,139 B. Moore: 73 B. Morris: 139 A. Murphy: 78,103,139 N. Murphy: 16,64,75,82,84,86,87,139 C. Myers: 139 J. Myers: 58,60,73,100,108,139,26 S. Nalley: 139 Susan Nalley: 87,139 S. Neff: 139 R. Newberry: 139 D. Newkirk: 58,92,100,104,139,140, 26,32 L. Nixon: 64,86,87,139 J. Noblitt: 54,78,108,139 B. Northernor: 103,139 R. Olivo: 29,75,92,139 C. Owens: 60,64,75,78,136,139 L. Parton: 139 B. Pierle: 47,73,139 L Pittman: 139 J. Plank: 65,75,139 L. Province: 17,60,64,78,86,87,139 S. Pryor: 72,139,140 L Provost: 140 B. Ramsey: 78,83,84,86,87,140 D. Ramsey: 65,74,75,78,102,104,140 B. Rawson: 136,140 B. Reed: 92,140 G. Reese: 140 S. Reynolds: 64,74,78,140 J. Rhoades: 78,93,140 D, Roberts: 78,140 S. Roberts: 140 G. Roeder: 140 R. Rogers: 28,102,103,140 J. Ruddick: 64,83,86,87,140 C. Rudicil: 64,71,140 S. Russell: 40,78,140 P. Ryker: 51,64,87,140 R. Sandlin: 68,140 R. Schoolcraft: 140 B. Scott: 140 S. Scourfield: 64,74,75,80,140 G. Setser: 140 D. Settles: 78,102,140 J. Shannon: 65,100,140 R. Sharp: 140 V. Sloan: 58,60,76,86,87,140 L. Smeltz: 60,64,86,87,88,140 B. Smith: 82,140 C. Smith: 17,60,64,75,86,87,140 D. Smith: 64,82,140 T. Smith: 140 J. Strelghtoff: 60,64,76,78,84,86,87, 88,140 B. Sutherland: 64,69,71,72,140 B. Taylor: 140 Z. Taylor: 17,38,48,86,87,140 S. Teets: 78,140 B. Templin: 15,17,60,64,75,78,86,87, 140 K. Thomas: 140 K. Thompson: 65,100,105,140 R. Thompson: 60,78,140 V. Thompson: 60,64,74,78,136,140 S. Tressler: 65,73,92,93,107,140 R. True: 92,93,100,140 G. Turner: 140 B. Umbright: 64,74,78,140,26 C. Vanderploeg: 73,140 D. Vandiver: 140 T. VanMeter: 140 D. Vaughn: 64,141 G. VonStralendorff: 60,74,141 D. Wall: 102,107,1 41 S. Walters: 60,64,86,89,141 C. Warner: 141 M. Weddle: 69,71,141 B. Wheeler: 141 R. White: 100,141 R. Wildman: 28,40,65,105,141 R. Wilham: 141 R. Wilkerson: 141 F. Williams: 141 M. Williams: 83,87,141 ruce Williams: 65,79,80,102,141,26, 109 ' . Williamson: 71,141 . Willis: 64,78,86,141 . Wilson: 141 . Wilson: 14] . Winks: 64,75,82 I. Winters: 29,64,141 I. Winters: 14,16,20,28,58,59,62, 64,86,141 . Wishard: 23,60,64,74,80,141 . Work: 68,141 . Wray: 141 . Wrenn: 60,65,108,109,141,26 . Wright: 141 . Wyrick: 65,141 . Yant: 38,65,79,107,109,141,26 i. Young: 72,141 . Young: 29,104,141 I. Zellar: 18,58,64,141,26 Qopktwwte G. Abplanalp: 67,74,96,97,98,142 T. Allen: 142 G. Ayers: 67,75,79,105,142 M. Baker: 66,86,87,142 G. Barger: 142,145,109 J. Bay: 142 L. Bay: 72,142 K. Beard: 71,72,142 D. Beckert: 142 C. Black: 66 K. Black: 142 T. Black: 36,66,73,142 L. Blackwell: 142 B. Blackwell: 72,86,142 R. Blake: 142 J. Bledsoe: 66,75,142 D. Bohm: 67,92,93,142,109 G. Bolin: 73,142 D. Broy: 142 J. Bray: 72,142 M. Breck: 67,79,99,104,107,142 M. Broniszewski: 142 S. Broniszewski: 67,99,107,142 A. Brown: 142 M, Brown: 101,142 Sharon Brown: 142 T. Brown: 15,17,72,87,142 Y. Brown: 72,142 C, Bryant: 58,66,74,84,87,98,142 K. Buckler: 142 V. Buechele: 142 S. Bullman: 142 M. Bundy: 142 S. Burris: 142 K. Burton: 72,142,109 Ken Burton: 142 S. Burton: 71,142 C. Buster: 66,74,142 D. Cade: 67,78,142 C. Caldwell: 142 C. Canary: 67,73,79,142 G. Canary: 93,143 K. Caplinger: 143 J. Carpenter: 74,136,143 L. Catt: 74,143 S. Cearing: 143,109 C. Cheatham: 143 J. Chandler: 143 R. Cheek: 143 J. Chessar: 143 Judy Chessar: 143 B. Clark: 26,66,86,143 P. Clem: 101,147 B. Clements: 147 D. Colin: 66,143 S. Compton: 67,100,143,6 L. Conner: 72,143 T. Coward: 143 D. Coy: 143 C. Cranston: 143 D. Crafton: 143 L, Crockett: 143 V. Cross: 58,98,99,143 B. Crowe: 143 P. Cruse: 143 J. Cummings: 74,143 S. Curtis: 66,75,143 T. Davis: 66,74,143 B. Deppe: 66,74,86,87,143 D. DeWitt: 100,143,109 N. Dixon: 143 C. Doss: 66,71,86,87,143 K. Doss: 93,143,109 R. Douglas: 66,75,143 D. Duckworth: 36,73,99,107,143 M. Dukate: 101,107,109,143 M. Eacret: 143 L. Eads: 17,58,66,78,86,143 D. Eads: 66,75,143,53 K. Early: 36,67,79,107,143,145 C. Edwards: 66,74,83,86,87,143 J. Efferson: 143 P. Egenolf: 93,92,143 F. Eldridge: 66,143 J. Erickson: 67,75,78,143 P. Fergason: 66,75,82,86,143 S. Fewell: 86,87,143 D. Ford: 66,143 T. Frost: 103,107,143 P. Fulton: 143 H. Furrer: 44,62,74,79,92,93,143 K. Garrison: 143 M. Gentry: 143 K. Gill: 72,143 F. Gladdish: 74,143 E. Goley: 66,74,143 C. Green: 58,66,74,75,86,143 J. Green: 66,86,87,143 C. Gregory: 143 P. Grice: 80,143 J. Grimmer: 99,143 V. Hacker: 104,143 J. Haggard: 72,86,87,143 D. Hanna: 74,136,143 B. Harper: 143 J. Harris: 72,143 T. Harris: 72,143 G. Harf: 67,79,103,107,143 J. Harter: 66,143 R. Haas: 79,103,143 M. Hauck: 66,143 R. Haymaker: 66,143 S. Hazelwood: 143 C. Henderson: 17,66,74,86,87,143 F. Hendley: 143 W. Hendricks: 73,143 K. Hensley: 143 D. Hickey: 143 P. Hicks: 93,143 B. Hodgen: 15,17,66,74,86,143 V. Hogue: 143 J. Holmes: 66,86,87,83,143 J. Hood: 107,109,143 K. Hoskins: 143 D. Houshour: 143 P. Humble: 66,143 J. Hunter: 143 G. Hupp: 78,143 B. Hutslar: 143 R. Inlow: 143 M. Jacobs: 143,109 B. Jewell: 66,143 C. Jones: 66,144 N. Jones: 144,4 J. Kelley: 144 M. Kelley: 93,107,144 R. Kelley: 144 B. Kirby: 144 M. Klopp: 144 D. Kowitz: 66,144 B. Krasson: 93,107,144 G. LaGrange: 100,144 D. Lamey: 92,93,101,144,109 S. Lautenbach: 144 P. Lawson : 144 G. Lee: 93,107,144 J. Leerkamp: 66,75,83,86,144 D. Lewis: 58,144 D. Lewis: 144 S. Lipsius: 66,144 J. Livingston: 144 N. Logan: 66,75,87,144 M. Loveday: 144 M. Lovins: 144 D. Lovins: 144 S. Lovins: 144 G. Lowe: 93,144,109 M. Maddox: 144 D. Magers: 144 D. Malone: 144 P. Mason: 144 P. McGill: 144 R. McKay: 66,86,87,144 J. McKee: 144 K, McKinney: 79,93,99,136,144 K. Meek: 73,103,144 W. Miller: 73,144 D. Million: 144 R. Million: 93,144 B. Mitchell: 66,144 D. Mitchell: 144 D. Moore: 66,144 G. Morris: 73,144 T. Morris: 109,144 M. Morrow: 58,67,74,79,99,104,144 J. Mowry: 67,93,107 S. Murphy: 66,75,84,86,87,144 C. Navarro: 144 K. Neff: 144 M. Norris: 66,144 D. Northerner: 144 C. Orr: 145 B. Owens: 145 B. Palmer: 145 F. Paris: 93,145 R. Paris: 145 A. Pemberton: 66,71,87,145 B. Perry: 145 C. Perry: 36,145 B. Pierle: 36,145 N. Pogue: 66,87,145 C. Poynter: 66,74,145 D. Price: 78,145 L. Pryor: 66,74,83,86,87,145 V. Rainey: 75,86,145 J. Raufeisen: 67,79,107,145 S. Reed: 145 S. Reed: 145 J. Reese: 145 B. Reynolds: 145 J. Ridge: 145 B. Ritteman: 145 M. Robertson: 67,145 J. Robinette: 46,72,145 G. Rogers: 46,78,145 T. Ross: 145 A. Routier: 145 J. Russom: 75,86,145 G. Ryan: 145 B. Sammons: 73,145 G. Sanders: 74,105,145 P. Sayre: 87,145 B, Schmidt: 145 M. Scholl: 145 B. Scourfield: 145 D. Sevesky: 145 C. Sexton: 145 B. Shannon: 145 M, Sharp: 145 T. Shelley: 145 W. Shidler: 145 M. Shirley: 145,109 P. Simms: 145 E. Smith: 145 B. Smith: 13,145 D. Snyder: 145 L. Snyder: 66,145 H. South: 145 T. Spiegel: 93,99,107,145 S. Spicer: 6 6,86,87,145 J. Spurlin: 145 J. Stainbrook: 36,66,87,146 G. Stevens: 66,146 L. Stephenson: 66,74,86,87,146 L. Stone: 146 B. Stotts: 146 S. Straley: 72,146 M. Swift: 146 T. Swindle: 146 R. Tarr: 73,100,146 D. Taylor: 146 A. Taylor: 146 T. Tearman: 87,146 D. Thompson: 146 J. Thompson: 146 L. Thompson: 67,74 S. Tillison: 66,75,86,87,136,146 B. Toole: 70,146 C. Tranter: 15,17,36,66,74,86,87,146 R. VanOsdol: 70,101,146 D. Vanderploeg: 73,146 R. Vandiver: 73,146 M. Vaught: 72,146 S. Vaught: 146 J. Waggoner: 42,66,83,87,146 S. Wakefield: 67,78,146 J. Wall: 66,75,147 T. Waltz: 147 D. Walters: 67,147,109 S. Critney: 149 Art. Artagers: 74,151 B. Waymire: 75,78,107,147 B. Crockett: 72,149 P. AAarchand: 105,151 B. Weedle: 72,147 K. Cruser: 72,86,149 C. AAattingly: 151 R. West: 17,66,86,147 B. Crutcher: 149 A. AAatherly: 17,66,75,86,151 J. Wheeler: 74,147 AA. Cundiff: 94,149 C. AAcCarty: 94:151 S. Whetstine: 177,147 G. Dasbach: 17,149 J. AAcCowan: 66,75,86,151 B. White: 66,147 J. Dougherty: 72,149 L. AAcGill: 75,86,87,151 P. Whittenbarger: 62,74,147 L. Davis: 73,79,101,149 D. AAcGlocklin: 58,75,79,94,10; W. Whitworth: 147 S. Davis: 67,94,149 J. AAcGlocklin: 58,79,94,107,15 M. Willey: 147 A. Deck: 66,149 D. AAcGowan: 151 Art. Wilkinson: 147 R. Deem: 149 D. AAcTarsney: 151 B. Williams: 147 D. Deer: 72,149 T. ArtcTarsney: 151 K. Wilson: 66,147 B. DeArtott: 94,107,149 AA. AAcTarsney: 151 Art. Wilson: 147 D. Deskins: 149 W. AAeece: 151 S. Wiseman: 66,75,147 J. Dishinger: 103,105,149 AA. Merrick: 151 Art. Wolfarth: 147 T. Dobbs: 149 M. Mitchell: 72,151 B. Woodall: 72,147 AA. Dodson: 149,148 G. Moody: 151 K. Workman: 66,82,83,84,86,87,147 J. Drake: 84,86,87,149 S. Moody: 151 Art. Wray: 147 L. Drake: 75,149 N. Moore: 151 J. Wyrick: 92,93,147 V. Duncan: 149 D. Moorefield: 151 G. Yaden: 147 R. Dyer: 149 J. Morgan: 151 L. Yaden: 147 R. Edens: 149 M. Moore: 151 Art. York: 72,147 J. Eggers: 74,79,94,107,149,148 M. Morris: 151 F. Yrttima: 147 C. Erdman: 149 D. Morris: 100,109 J. Erp: 149 M. Morrow: 151 Ptg dtw t P. Estep: 149 T. Estep: 149 J. Mosburg: 151 M. Murphy: 151 J. Feyerbend: 94,149,73 T. Myers: 58,73,151,148 N. Fisher: 149 C. Nalley: 151 AA. Alexander: 94,105,148 S. Fisher: 66,74,87,136,149 E. Nalley: 151 AA. Alexander: 94,148 D. Fleener: 73 G. Neisius: 72,151 M. Allen: 148 R. Foley: 149 A. Newkirk: 66,86,151 J. Alvey: 75,148 E. Fredbeck: 67,94,103,149 J. Newton: 151 D. Andreas: 73,148 N. Friddle: 66,74,83,86,149 R. Nixon: 66,151 D. Andrews: 67,79,103,105,148,153 K. Funkhouser: 149 D. Nuckles: 151 L. Andrews: 66,148 R. Furgeson: 67,94,103,150 J. Overby: 151 J. Anoskey: 74,79,94,101,148,152 C. Gardner: 150 J. Padgett: 151 R. Asher: 148 J. Garrett: 150 P. Palmer: 37,72,151 T. Auld: 83,148 E. George: 66,75,150 F. Paris: 73 B. Beatty: 148 A. Gibson: 150 R. Park: 74,136,151 J. Bachert: 107,148 D. Gilbert: 150 C. Partenheimer: 37,79,94,151 V. Bennett: 148 T. Glendenning: 66,75,87,150 D. Patton: 151 D. Berry: 67,148 O. Grad: 150 K. Payton: 94,101,107,151 D. Bingham: 58,66,86,89,148 K. Green: 150 S. Perkins: 151 J. Black: 148 N. Griffin: 150 P. Phelps: 151 L. Blackwell: 66,72,148 V. Gullett: 150 J. Pinnick: 151 B. Blanford: 75,83,86,87,148 AA. Haltom: 67,103,107,109,150 L. Pool: 151 R. Blue: 79,148,109 E. Handy: 150 M. Pool: 66,151 Art. Bolin: 148 AA. Harrison: 150 K. Poppe: 79,94,151 L. Bostic: 72,148 R. Harter: 150 P. Price: 66,151 L. Boucher: 148 D. Hawkins: 150,109 K. Provost: 71,151 L. Bradley: 66 R. Hayes: 86,87,150 D. Ramsey: 151 S. Brooks: 148 C. Hayworth: 150 J. Rautio: 151 F. Bray: 148 J. Henderson: 150 S. Rawson: 151 AA. Brown: 43,73 G. Henley: 150 D. Reagan: 72,151 H. Browning: 72,148 D. Heuchan: 94,150 R. Rebennack: 151 AA. Browning: 67,148 C. Hicks: 150 C. Reid: 72,151 R. Buckler: 148 C. Higdon: 150 J. Reynolds: 19,94,103,151 F. Bullers: 67,101,148 P. Hill: 150 P. Riddle: 66,72,151 S. Bullman: 43 Art. Hobbs: 66,150 C. Roberts: 151 D. Burch: 66,72,148 J. Hodson: 17,150 R. Roberts: 94,151 P. Burger: 148 D. Hoeltke: 75,136,150 L. Robinette: 151 AA. Bush: 67,74,79,103,148 J. Holmes: 75,83,150 L. Robson: 151 W. Caldwell: 148 J. Hommell: 83,86,87,150 C. Rogers: 151 S. Camden: 148 T. Horton: 150 K. Rogers: 83,151 T. Campbell: 67,79,94,148 T. Huffman: 94,150 I. Roman: 75,151 J. Canary: 148 D. Hughes: 150 B. Rupp: 66,87,136,151 K. Canary: 148 J. Hughes: 150 D. Russell: 73,94,101,151 S. Chandler: 148 J. Huhnke: 150 S. Rynerson: 94,101 T. Chappelow: 148 T. Hunter: 150 G. Sapp: 75,101,151 B. Chase: 148 D. Jackson: 150 R. Schelske: 73 T. Cheek: 148 D. Jackson: 150 C. Schultz: 151 AA. Childes: 148 D. Jent: 75,150 D. Sewell: 151 A. Childs: 17,66,86,148 J. Jewell: 94,150 R. Sexton: 38,151 P. Claiborne: 148 J. Jewell: 94,150 P. Sharp: 151 K. Clark: 148 L. Johnson: 150 T. Shelley: 151 S. Clayton: 148 R. Jones: 150 F. Shidler: 94,151 S. Clem: 148 T. Jordan: 150 M. Shidler: 151 C. Clodfelter: 75,148 M. Julian: 74,101,150 W. Steidler: 43 J. Cochran: 148 Art. Kelley: 94,101,150 R. Sims: 75,151 D. Cody: 148 N. Keucher: 74,150 L. Simpson: 151,109 V. Cohron: 148 R. Klopp: 150 B. Skaggs: 151 B. Colin: 67,70,94,101,149,109 D. Knuckles: 66 B. Sledge: 75,83,86,87 A. Collins: 66,149 D. Koepper: 150 R. Slutler: 152 T. Collins: 73,149 J. LaFever: 150 J. Smearing: 66,152 P. Comp»on: 66,149 D. Lamey: 49,94,101,107,150,151 B. Smith: 74,152 K. Cooper: 149 P. Land: 66,151 N. Smith: 152 B. Cordell: 58,86,87,89,149,148 J. Lanier: 151 T. Smith: 94,152 B. Coward: 23,149 R. Law: 151 S. Sneed: 66,152 D. Cox: 17,66,149 Art. Lay: 94,151 V. Sneed: 66,72,152 D. Cox: 149 J. Leeds: 66,151 R. Soudrette: 103,152 S. Cramer: 73,149 R. Crawley: 149 W. Crenshaw: 94,149,109 P. Legan: 151 S. Lisby: 151 C. Lusk: 38,66,83,151,153 M. Sparrow: 54,78,152 D. Spencer: 152 C. Spicer: 75,152 S. Spicer: 74,75,84,86,87,152 P. Crist: 83,149 R. Lynn: 151 I. Stainbrook: 152 . Stancombe: 73,152 . Stanley: 152 . Stephens: 152 . Stillabower: 75,152 . Stinson: 66,83,86,87,89,152 . Stout: 46,72,152 . Stout: 152 I. Strickland: 66,75,152 . Stubbleman: 79,94,101,152 . Sullivan: 66,152 . Sutherland: 73,152 . Suttles: 152 . Swann: 152 . Swint: 152 . Tanner: 152 . Taylor: 152 Thomas: 67,152 . Thompson: 72,152 . Thompson: 67,152 . Torrence: 152 . Tranter: 74,86,87,152 . Trogdon: 67,94,107,152 . Umbright: 152 . VanCleave: 82,86,87,152 1. Vandiver: 66,75,82,83,152 . VanMeter: 66,72,152 . Wagerman: 73,152 . Wakefield: 66,152 . Wall: 82,152 . Wallen: 72,152 Wardlow: 94,152 . Watson: 66,152 . Wells: 152 . Weston: 72,152 . Whaley: 66,153 . Whelder: 153 Whittenbarger: 94,101,153 . Wilham: 153 . Wilkinson: 153 . Willey: 66,153 . Williams: 82,136,153 t. Wilson: 153 . Wilson: 153 . Wiseman: 67,79,100,153 . Witham: 153 . Witham: 153 .. Wolfarth: 66,153 . Wolff: 58,66,72,153 . Woodall: 153 . Wright: 66,87,153 . Wright: 153 . Wyrick: 72,153 . Yount: 67,74,79,105,136,153 . Zimmer: 66,153 Faculty W. Beir: 116 R. Bell: 18,19,50,51,30 T. Bohlsen: 116 W. Breck: 114 S. Bright: 116 P. Brooks: 116 K. Burks: 116,182 J. Chastain: 116 R. Chester: 116 W. Church: 116 W. Curran: 116,31 S. Davis: 116,103 M. Denneau: 116 M. Dillard: 116 C. Downin: 102,116 M. Druley: 116 M. Duvall: 116 R. Ellsbury: 116 D. England: 21,116 G. FIc nagc 117 J. Fletche R. Foster: 105,117 K. Fox: 117 M. Gallamore: 100,107 G. Geswein: 117 L. Goodman: 117,119 H. Hamlin: 117 R. Ha 117 M. Hinchman: 75,117 O. Hughey: 117 V. Irish: 117 R. Justice: 69,117 J. Knight: 117 L. Kuehn: 117 K. Landwhr: 117,41 H. Lawrence: 71,117 Legem: 117 nard: 117,119 . Mattick: 60,117 McKinney: 118 Nidiffer Patton: 117 sset: 11 jilt: 81 . Self: 118 Server: 105,118 Slater: 118 Smith: 36,64,118 , Smith: 118 Smith: 64,118 Spurgi . Stiner: 118,52 . Sturgeon: 71,118 Sutherland: 75,118 Troeblood: 92,118,109,111 . Voland: 72,118 . Watkins: 28,42,92,100,118,11 . Webb: 118 Webb: 118 • , Wie: iWfes . . .! To the Reader: June, 1971 Well, this has been it, KITE ' 71. It was a lot of hard work, beginning last spring with the selection of new staff members right on up through the index — a lot of hard work, and a lot of fun too. It sounds trite, I know, but I have to say it: I don ' t think I could have asked for a better staff to work with. We missed some deadlines, copy sometimes had to be rewritten and we spent lots of time hunting for lost pic- tures; but that ' s what it takes to put out a good book, and I am proud of this one! I ' d like now to say a special thanks to my Assistant Editor, Donna Epply. And an extra special thanks to Mrs. Linda Nidiffer: you put up with a lot (from us and for us), you gave a great deal of yourself, and you are one of the few advisors I ' ll remember always! Thanks to everyone else who helped in a great many ways to put the 1971 KITE together. It is seldom possible to find the entire KITE staff together, working, or without an infiltrator from some other subversive organization at FCHS. Editor-in-Chief KITE 1971 Harry! Get that mera out of here! ' fcfTk ' 71 TUB £ND tl " J) uw iq )J s IV p %to ? • J Zap Cttl . yj • Vvo V 4 - ' V " ' t ' A 1 » ? 2 3 I F ;t J . iJ O F .. v c i 0 a V w N VjJ (y. A ,: : -0 Jfey- iJ Cff « - - " " A!L tJu a Aj " • ? o - V 2 Q ro i £ r- °-

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