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Franklin Community High School - Kite Yearbook (Franklin, IN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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H S STU OS STUPEWDOUS COLOSSAL GIGANTIC SUPER DfNAMlC Productron of the Year E K Starrrna Klttre Klte 6' Frankle Franklm SCENARIO e c rtams are d own a d on the e 5 hown The romance of FTCIHIQIC Franklm and the heronne sassy young gurl a eel Ittm f o I Ils Io 0 wt Fran e the mlqntf I'Y1IC It all started at Krttue s g e A'though Frankle and Krttre were very shy cIr IOVC aftarr g ew as the years went I realuzc my Inaccurate rhyme and metaphor I a mIt a poe am very So It you are Interested In thus romance e ret m b lou b a glance Through thus oook of the plcture show the Irte of the lovers as they grow su Ilcrrt er ns n d IS purev 'UCI F. . , DI P cnt the I " T H I T E " Th u r n Scr en I ' A I . 5 ll f K . KI e, Wh 0 In .v, I h lu , ' I t ' at , When Frankrc wrote, "I love vou' on h-Q slate Th r by. And ci as t I poor, Th 5 of It ay e nd y , Of ' I n y to p so IIVI g or cad l C0 JENNY 0 To Mnss Jeannette Caudle the sensor cross of Franklin Hugh School wnshes to deducate thus productuon of the I940 Knte To your unfanllng kindness your fairness your broad vuslon of perplexltles that come after the curtam us drawn on our hlghschool hte we extend to you Mrss Caudle thanks that cannot be expressed ln words ADMINISTRATION Here we fund Frankie being admunlstered at a tender oge possibly for having doused Klttys plgtalls m the Ink weII However both Frankie and Witty discover eventually that the school moms Iand pops! arent qulte as bad as they seem In tact some ot t1em seem almost human after all' . . . ,, . . ,, I... . I I 1 - , - r . , . MR. KIRKLIN President MR. FLINN Secretary MR. STAFF Treasurer E X E C U T I V E S Q5-S5 a . g I MR. SHEEK Supe rintendent MR. GARRISON Principal Mr. McClain Vice-Principal Miss Joyce, Social Studies--It makes you "re-Joyce" just to look at her I "betcha." Mr. Van Cleave, Vocational Agrizulture "Here's Van but where's his car? Mr. Bowman, Industrial Arts--Let him tell you his bear story. Mr. Boise, Physical Education--Boise -ball coach. Mr. Isley, Music--Don't say it, you'lQ strain your voice. Mr. Howard, Art--Max Schmelling of paint. Mr. Vandivier, Social Studies--On the hardwood he's a hero. But of mice he has a fear--Oh! Miss Vance, Latin--You'II either ad Vance in Latin or "else Miss Hotchkiss--English, What a nice name for a pun, But we refrained from having fun! Miss Campbell, English--She's posted on everything,-everything from soup to nuts. Mr. Jordan--Social Studies "Your lu- ture" is in his hands. 1 I I Miss Sanders, English--In dramatics it's hard to 'ketchup' with 'Winnief l I 935' ii Mr Garrison Mathematics He under stands our seventh grade problems Mr Thompson Commerce Mr Thomp son and his neatly combed hair Mr Deputy Scien e Dep the snaicc charmer Miss Caudle E ish--J t it' chick-adee lbaby chicken pox. Miss White, Mathematics-- Snow White dwarfs them all when it comes to "geometry." Miss Holstein, English- She Reeda he: French every day. GRADES School days school days dear old golden rule days an we find them walking along taking the first step in the romance that is to tell the story of their lives in dear old Franklin High Dont they make you long for those paper wad days of the seventh and eighth gradeS7 1, I I . . - d Frankie and Johnie are really becoming conscious of one another! Here , I Edward Jones Woodrow Clarkeston Webber LaGrange Wllma Houghland Jlm Basey Eugene Cole Emily Mnlllon Mildred Malone Bully Marshall Donald lrwm Roberta Goff Dan Donlca Maryorre Manzenburner Allce Abbet Janlce Krerg Wreatha Button Ralph Crowe Martha Krrklln Lena Buster Mabel Brownmg Helen Fuller Johnamae Jewel Phulrp Alexander Norma Hall Barbara Batton Patrrcua Cooke Laura Estrr ge Dons Fowler Evelyn Helms Mlss Joyce sponsor' Dallas Mathena Hugh Andrews Ruchard Brlcges Sam Cade Huber Adams Tommy Hunter George Curry Wllbur Hale SEVENTH GRADE Jack Scott Ruth Ann Murphy Ruth Ann Thompson June Sumpter Arthur Tucker Charles Van CIGCVC Vrrgrl Wullrams James Wltham Marlon Rynearson Phyllrs Moorc Stella Mae Thornton Rose Mary Vorrs Jane Thomas Joan Throckmortow Louls Owens Elmo Nrxon Jomes Watts Gyneth Wilson Naomu Rash John Taylor Phrlllp Spicer Tom Vandlvlcr Richard Sheek Bully Woll Nancy Portteus lva Thompson Wn'rna San elm Elzabeth Newman Margaret Neltzel Thurlene amuels Dorothy Wrlley Mass Joyce 'Sponsorl Fred Watkins 5 Robert Smith Duane Smith Helen R Settles Robert Wrnkleer Don Winslow Sam Van Dusen Ralph Ross Vernon Starlrng Q The seventh grade wull probably contmue to make history rn theur progress tl-rough the years ot stool, certarnly they are dorng so now' Some very real Oblllly assocloted with an mnllmuted amount of exuberance Some of the teachers have another name tor rt' us bound to somcthrn, ,. . I A .ug ., . , . t :H,,,,., ...l,,,,', 21 t ' '? mf . . f 1 -- I ' A 4' ' -W . 7 ' ',-'f ,Q Y. P' ? "4 :. ' -' h ' l ' . ,, l , f or - of -,lj I - . , . , . , . - ,,., . , , . 5 U . ., - , . , , , . , . I 'I I I ' I ,. . Q. nf- , I - - 1 1 I - 1 , . "' I " I ' I I I I , . - - Sir 4 l Louise Leonard Florence McClain Ruby Abbott Georcrana Harvey Vi u McKee Maryetta Gaffney Jim Bukhart Russell Crowe Marjorie Gaffney Scotty B tze Garner Jewel Betty Ful er Alice Alexander Marjorie Hall Suzanne Chenoweth Joan Clark Elizabeth Henderson Betty Go en Marie Hall Gladys Ca kston Ralph Glger Charles McFadden Betty Etter Joe Abel Dorothy Kemper Moryrn Force George Kent Ha olc. Gr 'ett Mr Bonewltz lSponsorI Kenneth Bay Byron Graham Robert Brown Junle Bingham John G een James Doane Gerald Mc Quillmg Carl Conner EIGHTH GRADE Mead Norma Oakley Ray Morrison Paul Montgomery Glaays Pattc son Bill Pust Robert Trout Noble Wright Homer Stevens Ellen Spencer Alpha Webb Beulah Watts Martha Spreche El abeth Rags ae Amy Lo.: Middleton Joan Mlnner Lyle Stlllabower Delorns Smith Betty June Morris Mary Mller Doris Nelp B tty Pe ry Thomas Sims Mr Bone wltz lSponsorl Billy Stelnbarger Wm Mitchel Earl Smith Louis Smith Jack Powell Duck Thomas Chandls Norton Jack Ragsdale T e eighth grade will b glad fo he y en means they wl highschool next fall' fAfter al they have had some coubt as to the succ ss of their status In our six six plan P And they seem to be promising us real maternal for t e Varsity In the future -' " 5 vga J ' stile J l '- ' , ' , , Q , '21 , , . 2--- , ' ' , - U , ' fi, 5 , ' . , . 3.4- , ' , 5 , ' , if , A , 4--- , , , " , . F 'i 'I f - ' 5--- , , , ' ' , 4' , , - , . l.--Wm. Vinson, Jack Walters, Pauline Parish, Almeda Wood, Ruth Smith, Harold Pickercl, Ejward , . 3.-- , , , 2 lli f ' , ' . I I ' , . 5--- ' ' , - ' -, , ' ' , , ' . ' . lg f h ' ' e r t ear to ", - that il be in , , . Q . . . . ., . FRESHMEN Love In full bloom under the old apple tree' Krtty and Frankue are srtmo rn its shade tollung over thc mlxer The llttle coo brrds coo c ov about whom Johnme brought to the dance Lrttle green fresh men hc happy whsle you can because youll have to conquer Caesar next year . ,, . ur I , - 1 , ., A , n -Q qs, 71 Sq, 7 X ff 3 'gi 'fi BILL SULLIVAN ALICE M SCOTT JOAN STAINBROOK President Vice President Secretary Treasurer FRESHMEN Jean Bogard Howard Esteb Margaret Blackwell Bob Alexander Anna L Broaddus Nelson Bulls Margaret Ducken Lucille Green Madeline Burdine Elsie Conner Mary E Dungan Betty J Atwood Mr McClain lsponsorl James Gott Janice Dill Billy Green Frances Baumgart Mary F Cochran George Graham Eddy Baker David Ditmars Richard Garrett Eugene Curry Joseph Campbell obert Browning Nolan NcMurray Vernon Ooley Louise Parish Ada Newman Patricia Hughey Geneva Littleton Dale Jones Jane Kerlm Rudy Manzenburger Richard Lentz Alice M Scott Nina Montgomery Mr McClain 'sponsor' Paricla Hendricks George Pettit Robert Lust Myrtla Ray Erschel Nixon Gene McCurry Felecla Julian Lorraine Hall Edna M Lloyd Dorothy Rust Orin Short James Harris Richard Holtz Everett Logsdon Edward Hyden Frank Smiley Margory Stokes Clara Tllson Barbara Swsggett Ruth Warner Portia Wlllham Jeannette Willey Ruth Wa-ters Jim Vancrvier Mary K Wrliams Ella M Vandrvier Clarence Williams Billy Spears Mr McClain lsponsorl Betty Wright Barbara Terhune Ilene Stevens lsabeile Watkins Joan Stamhrook Irene Stevcns Harold Tearman John Spears Robert Woodcock Robert Van Antwerp William Sul ivan Robert Stubbeman William Witham Clyde Wheeler Wayne Vandlvler Kenneth Smith Tne Freshmen are probably quite relieved to feel that they are enJnq their year ol appren ticeshlp in the upper brackets of our school system for they will soon be able to look down on next years crop from the grades with that some fine scorn that has been their reward for so long Possibly they are ready to settle down to the real grind of upp 1 :ass work now th they are adlusted to the nighschool sclcdule and its demands As usual a numbe of new faces have been w lcomed in their mldt a splendid addition in many instances ,1 .xx . " 1 x . X M .L Q R , -J if -1 - '17 ' -i3Qi"'. i lsilg . 1 1 .- Fi'1a.1,'2 1 3 E ' , 34 - I 1 1 A A 1 ' 1 1 - 4. Louise Cooper, Audra Coslet, Dallas Campbell, William Campbell, Olin Cummings, Philip Beck. 5. 1 1 ' V 1 ' 1 1 1 lk ' . l- ' 1 1 A V 1 1 J V 1 A - 35 ' . I , . . , . I . I . I . D 24 , I . , . I . .V I U . . I . . , . .. . 3. . ' 1 A 1 1 1 I h 1 4. , 1 1 1 4 A 1' A 5. 1 h ' I 1 1 A A 1 A - , , l V , ' I 6 . . S I- . . . . . -ons Q dl' .0 -6- Q ,- ffm 'J 4- Q. .ul fb-v l I 4. SOPHOMORES Kutty cmc' Fronkue have learned to take the butter wvth the sweet and suddenly realrze that they must foraet thelr romance for the fume belng If they are to survnve the onslaught of Geometry Lcmn and Has tory Thus we fund Frankue ceep In the books whsle the mldnlght oll burns brightly I . I . i 'I' MEI 'V' DON COSLET MARCIA SAUNDERS VIRGINIA STAFF President Vice President Secretary Treasurer SOPHOMORES William Dickinson Mary A Benson Montrew Coffman Edith Dickinson Helen Deming Forence Jctf I1 Constance Andrews Emmaline Brann Raymond Fowler Wanda Carey Juanita Dunham Frances Cochran Miss Sanders lsponsorl Maxine Bills Joan Ganne Ruth Beaver Betty Fergason Robert Crowe Alan Abel Eugene Clemmer Richard Crowe Robert Adams William Clemmer Harold Canary Floyd Bowman Ar us Bennett James Eby Charles Doane Don Coslet Hugh Bridges Charles Anderson Edelle Johnson Gene Mead Dorothy Golden Loy Jones Dorothy McMurray Ruth Paris Miss Sanders 'sponsor' Dale Reeves Jack Moore William Hemphill Robert Giger Joan Midcleton Virginia Lewis Jack Littleton Carl Kinney Martha Pearson Patricia Marshall Franklin Lay Walter Jones Earl Mitchell Robert Minner Howard Johnson Jack Long James Perkins Leah Wirev Violet Vinson Marcia Sounders Alice Short Sara Throckmarton Walter Rhodes Mary Gene Weisman Mary Lou Thompson Marianne Williams Margaret WIlIgmS Ruth A Vandlvier Miss Sanders 'sponsor' Anna M Walker Virginia Staff Richard Staff Teddy Reguli Robert Rogers Betty Short Paul Williams Helcn Sneed Patricia Smih Catherine Stanford Mary Shaffer Virgil Walker Virgil Willard Roy Turner Robert Shannon Wilbur Swiggett Eugene Totten Dale Thurston The Sophomores were the last class to enioy the acvantages 3 of graduation from the grades in the cear old South Building May its soul for school purposes rest in peace But they have be come quite growed up In their two years with us and are now facing that turning point of on s hiahschool career the Junior Year' They boast some quite important names in their roster have some toll members as wrll as short a few lean ones and several plump and on the who e are bound to leave an imprint on the record of Franklin High ,XD ,' , U B kr ' wt' 3 ' XA .Y v itz' 'lair , .' 2. , . ' , , A , 3. A , A A , . , , - 4. , , A , , A A , - 5. . T , A , , , A . - I- , , , , , A - 2. Lonnie Nixon, Carolyn Griffin, Leelah McClain, Robert McCracken, Richard Payne. 3. A - , , , A A A , A - 4. , I . . , , I , l . , I . . ' 5- A , . A , A , , , I- A , A A , A , A . , - . 3. A , - A A I , A . . ' - 4- , A A , , A A A , A , , A A 5. A A A , . AA , A A , , . , , . Y . , . ,Nu A H - . I . -or. 11 'T JUNIORS Wu. And the musrc goes round and round' Krtfy and Frankre are now Jolly Juniors They are busy sellrng pop and racking fherr brarns for a method of successfully entertarnrng the Seniors Less burdened by the scholosfrc sword thcur romance begms to bud anew midst the glamour of the annual prom JIM JONES BOB CAMPBE L JULIA DEMAREE DAVE WINTERS President Vnce Presu4cn Secretory Treasure Wrllram Farrns Rohm Gumour June Batton Jane Davls Rosemary Gooden Raymond Foster Dorothy Badgley John Campbell David Duckworth Gall Anderson Margaret Broaddus Mary Beam Ed Gross Robert Fortner Miss Campbell sponsor Elmo Al en Donna Bntton Almedla Browning Robert Campbell Marlorle Cooper Mr Deputy sponsor Wayne Foster Ralph Colvm Mack Coleman Kenneth Cummlngs Byron Crum Wayne Flsher Max Gurnnup Sanford Fortner Roger Bryant Vlncent Fltzpatrlck Eugene Dragoo Ralph Alford Walter Gray Wllllam Abel Roger Goff Wlnufred Hays Robert Moorc Martha McGull Mllcreo Patterson Eleanore McKane Clara Lewis Pauline Pruitt Arthur Pettit Betty Hougland Mary M Hensley Arlene Parker Wyomla Lutes Behel McFadden Norma Mitchell Mlss Campbell sponsor James Manzenberger Tom Mrt hell Allce McMrllan Evelyn Perry Jean McMurray Mr Deputy sponsor Max Lay Stanley McClain James Lutes Larry Moran Forrest McCarty Harvey Keellng Tom Hunt Stanley Spacer Robert Tlllltson Donald Taylor Fred Woodcock Blll Vandlvler Robert Turk Lewns Frances Sanford Mary A Wagner Eudora Whrte Bernice Rlffe Mary Walters Betty Warder Dorothy Sanders MISS Campbell sponsor Julva Demaree Mane Repp Barbara Ware Frances Wasson Jerrle Records Martha Thompson Carolyn White Betsy Vaught Dons Jean ancers Henrietta Strohmcer Frances Warner Charles Spears Dale Short Mr Deputy sponsor Dave Wmters Robert Vandrvler Paul Short Robert Stambrook Robert Read Harold Wlllloms Lewrs Spencer 5 Stanley Spicer Robert Tlllatson Donald Taylor Fred Woodcock Bull Vondlvler Robert Turk Here are the ones that wrll rule the underc assmen next year and enjoy all the prlvlleges of senlors such as producing a play publlshmg an annual etc Just now however they are pn-ttv muchly down as a result of the usual Junror labors rncluclng entertamment of the scnuors wnth o lavush prom Next fall they will all be careful1y checking credrts galnst the old cap and gown VW , I - gy . 145 ,, - . . A - .. . 4- 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . , . I , . D 1 . 1 . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 3- 1 1 - 1 1 1 , . . 4- 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . . . " I ' I I I I I 2. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 . C , . . - 1 - 1 1 1 1 , . . 4. 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - . , . . . 1- - 1 41 1 - , A . 11 11 - 1 - - 1 1 2-5: I m .7 y -it 2 1 I ' A 82 5 'iz W " . ' g ' T ' ' fi' I f Y f , 5y' , . . 8 WW' Ei 2 -7 ' 434.93 ' .ef .A ., Q 5 i f A x . ' ' :gnc Q fi L-'!?gE'?'1f l ORGANIZATION Krtty an" Fronkle bemg typrcal Franklin Hughschool students are very popular and have a hnger In every ple An" there are many ples too with all the clubs and organlzatlons that abound' Franlue ls here se n re axmg aft r a strenuous round of orgamzmg V 1 1 . .. , , . F I P u - - H STUDENT COUNCIL C Frrst Row Vrola McKee Wrlma Sandefur Gene Mead Ruth A vancuvrer Wmrfred Hav Portua Wrlham Second Row Mlss Whrte Mary Jane Van Nuys Betty Houglanc Martna Thompson Hugh Andrews Richard Lenz Thu d Row Charles Wo'tt Dons J Sanders George Murphy Roy Turner Mlss Campbell Aluce Mae Scott Fourth Row Mr Thompson Mr Jorcan Mr Garrison Gcorce graham Mary Gene Wersman Frtth Row Jean Cooper Rose Marne Klnnear .llm Jones Walter Gray thomas Hunt Robert Brown lresldent George Murphy Vuce Presldcnt Jlm Jones Secretary Treasurer Vmrtre ays Report Jean Cooper Advisors Mr Garrnson Mass Campbell Muss Whntc Mr Thompson Mr Jordan The Student COUDCII rs the student faculty reprcsentotnve body whuch guudes ond dnrects the extra cumcular octnvutlcs and socuol tunctnons ol all thc classes clubs and organnzotlons lt as their busmess t n kee thc schoo s mt and o alt runnmq hu '1 lor cramnlc pep srsssons wuc held before U P P Y Y each basketball game and the town was appropruately decorated tor the Reglonal Tournament TRI-S Y! vv I Frrst Raw Jean Kerlm Wmufred Hays Mary Platt No ma Mltchell Mary A Wacner Second Row Mrss Vance Naam: Nrxon Jura Demarce Colne ' Green Mary J Van Nuys Kat yn Stubbs Thrrd Row Jane Davus Rebecca Harry Paulrn Pruitt Sara Branrgrn Donna Brrttan F I 1 :low Mar lone Darly Betty Warder Dorothy Sancers Wyoma Lutes Almecua Brownmg Frtth 'low Marlorre Jcon Cooper Ruth Swlogett Jane Ferrell Alrce McMrllan Rose Mane Kmneor Presrdent Jean Coope vice President Rose Morne Kmneor Secretary Ruth Swrggett Treasurer Mary Platt Sponsor Mlss Vance We now present the Trl S Club beaun IH 33 by gurls who had three Ss wrth Mrss Vance as sponsaree The trrst S stands for Scholarshrp a most Important start A C plus av rage you must keep st you would be a part The next S IS for Sportsmanshup we luke the gurls who re cheerful and would never stand for scott and boas who are courageous never teartul Servrce rs the other S rt rs not least though last Do your best rn every way and you surely shall be asked HI-Y Charles Wolff Dave Wmters John Mead Eugene McMurray Harvey Keellng Robert Hoover Thomas Hunt Robert Cochran Carl Alexander Jack Comer George Murphy Robert Vanduvler John R Wagner Wulllam Abel Kenneth Cummmgs Robert Tullltson M Bonewltz Lewis Spencer Mayo Heath Ralph Campbell Mark Bowen Ecward Muller Byron Crum Mondls Sandefur Walter Grey Don Taylor Ruchard Lagle Jnm Jones Vandwler President Vnce President Secretary Treasurer Chaplam Hn and Y :de Russ Anderson Phlllp ,lack Comer Russell Anderson Mark Bowen Eugene McMurray Phll Vandlvler were thcnr pralses sung when they put on tn c css: foshnon theur annual all sch l ance In honor of the basketball team me are Hu and e e e Y c and some are han some but vorknng together uncer e loyal spon or Mr Bonevltz they hcwc uccomrlusl'c many thnngs thus s hoo: y ar ln oddltlon to the dance thcy sponsored on assembly program attcnccd o distract conference and held numerous worth whale mectlnqs STAMP CLUB rv Fi Furst Row Janrce Kraeg .loan Throckmorton Eugene Cole Phrlrp Sprcer Bully Jo Marshall Second Row Mlss Holstem 4SponsorI Tom Vandnvrer James Burkhart Bully Wolff Hugh Andrews Don Wlnslow Thrrd Row Sam Cade Loy Jones George Curry Richard Bridges Rl hard Lentz Fourth Row Robert Brown Ralph Ross George Kent Max Lay Alan Abel Robert Shannon Frfth Row Sanford Fortner Charles Doane Bull Abel Don Swrggett Wrllnam Vandrvrer Vrncent Fitzpatrick Presnden Vrncent Futzpatrrck Vrce President Bob Shannon Secretary Bully Wolff Sponsor Mlss Holstein Those who can pronounce xt call thus group phulatellsts' The stamp club 'the some group believe It or not'1 was organrzed last year uncer the lec ershlp of Mass Holstein and at present has an enroll ment of 33 T'-ls year therr GLlIVlllES have been many and varred they have studied extensively the hlstory of stamps have tacec sevcrcl ccnte ts one arranfeu c most rnterestmg and eaucatlonal wm dow exhrbnt whrch was enjoyed by tl'e entire school BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB Y wax-'.s. ' T jg' -Q -1 1 .4 Q' Flrst Row Maxlne Hook Frances Sanford Callie Green Letta Servrce Second Row Dorothy San ford Bethel McFadden Rosemary Smlth Ray Parish Anna J Canary Thlrd Row Sara Branugm Betsy Vought Marshall Kmnev Naomi Nlxon Mr Thompson Fourth Row Laura Belle Thompson Frances Warner Almecla Browmng James Lutes Mane Repp Fifth Row Hennetta Strohmler Jane Ferrell Mondls Sandelur Charles Poynter Kenneth Cummlngs President James Lutes Vuce Presldent Maxme Hook Secretary Sara Branlgln Treasurer Mondls Sandetur Reporter Rosemary Smlth And they pursh another key cown and the words spun round and round Thus begins another sesslon of the commercial sharks ol Franklln Hugh School The plans grow tast and turlous they derude to he p us mux wrth a muxer they save us from the wrath at our teachers by turmshmg school supplies 'mclu mg pmk slrps' they sponsor o county conte t to encourcc vartncnf tuon x1 com: rc al wo k and they rent us c typewntcr when our very hte dcpencs upon getting un o ccrtam term paper by the next mornlng Long live the Business Educotlon Club' TUMBLING CLUB .4 Furst Row Bob Moore Ru y Monzenburger Lonnle Nrxon Gene Mead Second Row Eugene Clemmer Raymond Fowler Carl Kunney Paul Wrllroms Thlrd Row Mr Bowman lSponsor' Gayle Anderson Vlrgll Walker Mayo Heath Paul Short Fourth Row James Eby James Manzenbuger Floyd Bowman Kenneth Smlth Frtth Row Elba Lewas Delba Lewls Earl Mrtchell Jack Long James Laye The boys came tumbllng down Tumblrng along on the ground Perhaps It was the gym floor but we had to have a rhyme even at the expense of the truth A any rate Mr Bowman and his prcteges have exhnbltcd with uncanny agslltv fancy and breath tokunn stunts They gave on excellent performance between halves at one of the ball games Heres for on even bugger and better cron of 'umblung weeds next year' Eaelle Johnson Loulse Parlsh Ada Newman Patrlcla Hughey Mrss Whlte 'sponsor' Geneva Lnttleton .lane Kerlm .lean Bogard Portia Wllham Clara Tllson Anna Broaddus Nlna Montgomery Mary Alice Benson Ruth A Vandlvncr Jeanette Wrlley Alice May Scott Barbara Swuggett Ruth Ann Warner Mary Wllllams Ruth Walters Mary Ellen Dungan Dorothy McMurray Florence Batton Mary Lou Thompson Barbara Terhune Patncna Hendricks Joan Stalnbrook Sara Throckmorton Montrew Coffman Ella May Vanduvoer Betty Wnght Betty June Atwood .lean McCurry Juanita Dunham Ershell Nixon Maxlne Bulls Vlrglnua Staff Constance Andrews 'Treasurer' Louise Cooper Frances Baumgart Wanda Carey Fclecla ullan Joan Gannc Helen Sneed Audra Coslett Mlss LeafgreenlSponsor' Janlce Dall Lorranne Hal Dorothy Rust Mary F Cochran GIRL RESERVES The gurls who never reserve thclr energy when lt comes to carrylng on actnvltles A local group one hundred and four strong they are organized as a memeber of the National Y W C A the number of Gurl Reserves alone exceeding 350 000 Among the actlvltles they have sponsored this year are a mlxer a mother daughter tea a kld panty and a farewell party for sensor gurls As a mayor project they have completed a girls lounge ron the use of any Franklln HI Glrl Eudora Whlte Rosemary Goooen Bermce Rlffe Martha McGill Clara Lewus Mlss Whlte 'sponsor' Pauline Prultt Jane Davus Dorothy Badgely Allce Cooley Mary Walter Mary Jane Van Nuys Betty Hougland Ruth Pans Grethel Hull Margaret Wllllams Carolyn Grlffln Martha Thompson 'assistant secretary' Aloce Short Marcia Saunders Elnora McCain Marianne Wllllams MaryJ WEISMOH Anna M Walker Joan Middleton Wyomla Lutcs Jerre Records Dot Hattabaugh Phyllls Stalnbrook Margaret Broaddus Helen Deming Betty Warder Dorothy Sanders Maryorle Cooper Eve yn Perry Dornsl Sanders 'president' Paulsne Pangburn Eeanore Dltmars 'secretary' Mar,orae Darley 'Voce Presldent Vlrguma Lewis Carolyn Whute Pair: I0 Smlth Ruth Beaver Mary Beam Emma unc Brann Jccn Cooper Miss Leafgreen 'Sponsor' B rcre 1arc M nan Van mer Martl-a Pcarsom Patncla Marshall l. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Z . . . . I 3 . , - 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 5 . . , . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 - - , . . . .L , . I - I . . 1 . . , , . l. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - -- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - . , . , . . . 3- 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 4. 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 , 1 . , . i . X . . . . 1 - 1 1 1 1 ,, .'. . ,. . D. - 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 '. , I . , . . . 2. 1 , . , G , ., . 1 ' . o 1 I . --,Ney ,rfv l Seated Rosemary Smnn Laura Be e Thompsow Ma n Hook Rose Mane Krnnear Mary Platt nor rn chrcf cccc I-a y ssrstc Ecrtor Mary lxlnce W gn r .luira Dem e P r Vandrvler Business Manager Standnng Rrchard Laalc Clrculatlon Monag r France Wasson Marianne Vandl er Ma s Jane Van Nuys Acvertrsrng Manager Thomas Hunt Miss Campell Advrsor ELECTRON STAFF Edrtor out of town, Nothing happcrs around school? Dummy sheet falls to be copyread None of the e dreadful ca anratles shakes the confidence of the Electron Staff Neither eartlquake famine nor lure prevents the Elec ron from bcrng out twrce monthy When troubles threaten t e Electro a called meeting of the Pess club stralghtens our ev ythmg Sturoy strong and bold rt n1arches on weathering crrtucrsm from every srce to becon e one of the most pragressrve organrzatuans In Franklrn Hugh School PRESS CLUB Eugene Cole Gene Mead Mary Platt Maxine Hook Wretl-ra Brltton Elrzabeth Henderson Vroa McKee Mass Campbell lsponsorf Elcanore Sellers Montrew Coffman Mary L Thompson Rosemary Smrth Joan Middleton Anna M Walker Vrrglnra Staff Jerre Records Mary Jane Van Nuys Mary A Wagner Secretaryl Rebecca Hardy Laura Belle Thompson Joar MrCurry lulra Demaree Paullne Pangburn lrgmla Lewis Patrlcla Marshall kara Branlgrn Donna Brrtton Frances Wasson Ruth S lgget Marrannc Vanduvuer Rose Ma me Krnear 'Vrce Fresrdentl James Lutes Call Anderson anforc Fortn r Rrcharc Lagle Philip Vandlvler President Harvey Keelung Thomas Hunt FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA . . --'-np. 1 l s low lxaymon Foster robrn Glmour Davrd Duckworth Walter Rhodes Second Row Mr Jar Cleavc sponsor' Thomas M tchel Dale Reeves Dale Short Harold Wlllrams Thrrd Row Wayne Foster James Gaddmgs Charles Ancersan Walter Jones Elmo Allen Fourth Row Dale Thurston Ed Hyden Harry Webb Robert Fue ds Joe Campbell Frfth Row Eugene Totten Donald McMrllan cne Dragoo Roscoe Walters Frrst Row Bob Moore Rudy Manzenburger Lonme Nrxon Gene Mead Second Row Eugene Vlce President Roscoe Walters Treasurer Donald McMrllan Reporter Eugene Totten Sponso Mr Van Cleave Plow ng along as ronslstently and capably as a thorough bred team the F F A has completed on ol Its mast successtul wears Davnd Duckworth brought tame to the local organrzatlon by wrnnmg '1 dnstrurt F F A oratorrcal contest The pest eradrcatlon or rat race contest was carried on In o C0fT1l'l1CllGClblC tashron Busrness and socral meetmgs were held regularly 4 , 7, a z .a , 'a I - 0 . -' Q- - 2- 'rr . R - . ' , 1 ' ll , ' ' , . I . l W r ' 1 I 1 ' I 1 A I - - 3 I F I ' I I I ' I I I - . I ' I I I V .sg , . 3 , , ' ' , . : Secretary s,,,,,, , ,,,...,,,,,,,,......,s,,,,...,,,..,,,,,,,,....s,,,,,,, James Giddings i . ' - , . . . C A I I . . . . . .1 YNICR DRA 1ATICS CLUB 17 'Y Frrst Row Ruth Coo ey Lelah Wrrey Jean Kerlrn Wrnrfred Hays Mary Platt Eleanore ' llers Dorothy Botton Second Row Mrss Sanders Gladys Clemmer Dorothv Golden Errth Drckrnson Rebecca Hardy Jun Batton Thlrd Row Robert Cochran Robert McCracken Doulton Vanflrvrer Dave Wrnters Francrs Cochran Mary Hensely Arlene Parker Fourth Row Donna Brrtton Mary Turne Ruth Swrggett Rose Marne Krnnear Harvey Keellng George Murphy Frtth Row Jack Comer John Mead Carl Alexander John Wagner Mark Bowen Walter Grey Robert Tlllltson Every Monday at actmtres perrod the Senlor Would Be Thesplans meet to pro uce and re cnact stones an plays mostly plays' Here these young hopefuls learn the art of drrectrng managrng castrng an make 1 a 1 v doing these varrous Hollywoodran tasks Plays have oecn produced under the supervrsron and help of our playful sponsor Mass Sanders about such hugh statey attarrs as the Dres Commrttee rn Actron or frrvolous tarry ta es Irke Llttle Red Rrdrng Hood Look out New York' B oo way here we come JUNIOR RED CROSS J Frrst Raw Bob Moore Mary Platt Jane Kerlln Ruth A Vandrvrer Allce Cooley Mary J Van Nuys Rosemary Smith Second Row Mass Ott sponsor Duck Stall Mary A Wagner Ershel Nuxon Wyoma Lutes Carolyn Grrllm Allan Abel Gayle Anderson Thlrd Row Charles Wolff Robert Adams Olrn Cummings Almedra Brownrng Marlorle Cooper Mary Turner Paulrne Pangburn Fourth Row Janlce Dull Eeanore Drtmars Jack Comer Thomas Hunt Davld Drtmars Robert Cochran Carl Alex ander Filth Row Charles Poynter Dan Coslett John R Wagner Robert Trllltson Mark Bowen Byron Crum Presluent Hollace Chastam Vrce President Eeanore Dntmars Secretary Mary Platt Treasurer John Robert Wagner Reporter Mary Jane Van Nuys There are a hundred homeless lrttle warts rn my room wantrng some new clothes Wlthout a doubt Mlss Ott and hcr Red Cross cohorts are rn the mndst of thenr annual Chustmas party Many are the prolccts at thus worthy orgonlzatlan grlts to war veterans partlcvpatlon In the natronal convenhons arganrzatrons of new chapters and socual and busmess meetings Even the Four H Club must take second place when the Junror Red Cross has a meetung SPORTS CLUB Furst Row Duck Staff Jack Luttleton Arthur Pettlt Ed Gross Jack Moore Robert Fortner Robert Rogers John Campbell Second Row Leon Devore Rlchard Payne Arthur Bennett Robert Crowe Bull Hemphill Jrmmy Perkins Robert Vandtvuer Robert Adams Ralph Colvin Thlrd Row Leroy Mason Tom Hunt Charles Spears Robert Reef' Ralph Campbell Mack Coleman Oscar Perclfleld Richard Fergason Fourth Row Howard Johnson Don Coslett Stanley Spicer Kenneth McQulllen Wayne Fisher Davrd Holeman Mr Vandwler fsponsorl Flfth Row Hugh Bridges Roger Goff Wrlbur Swrggett Fred Woodcock Ralph Alford Richard Lagle Russ Anderson Roger Bryant Prcsldent Russell Anderson Vrce President John Campbell Secretary Treasurer Mack Coleman Sponsor Robert Vandlvler The arm choir athletes under the supervrslon of the champron of all watrh chan twlrlers meet weekly to decade the fate of the teams of the past the present and the future Every Monday the whustle blows agam and the ball IS tossed up once more so the game can be played over as It should be played Consistent tramma has kept these lingual athletes In mud season form It IS p o b bly the only group rn the world who can play a full schedule of basketball golf soft ball tennls and football wathout once gomg stale V l. I V : -I I I I I I I I ' I I I "I I I ll I' I - - 3 1 r - I I ll I I ' Q ' , , -, , ' J .f x4 Q 15 'i' 4. Q " 4 ri, 4 f' A J' ,, .5 ??'3 ' 1 -1 19 "7 av First Row Eudora Whnte Sora Throckmorton Betty Hoagland Ruth A Vandlvler Frances San fora Second Row Ray Parish Mary Walters Mary Lou Thomson Constance Andrews Richard Payne ard Row Emmnlnc Bronn Patrlcla Marshall Sara Branlgrn Evelyn Perry Dons J Sanders l'ourth Row M lslcy sponsor John Mead Horvey Keelung Barbara Ware Marianne Vandlvler Mary Beam tllth Row Clarence Weddle Robert Reed Byron Crum Ralph Alford Roger Gotf Oscar Percltleld CHORUS Elrst Row Bully Spears Ednth Dlcknn Lucille Green Richard Lentz Raymond Foster Dorothy Mc Murray Second Row Florence Button Eeanore Sellers Dorothy Badgley Edith Dickinson Vlrgunla MacDonaIf Louise Mxtchetl Carolyn W' :te Thrrd Row Aluce Davus Dorothy Batton Rebecca Hardy Dot Hatlabaugh Paulme Panqburn Miss leafgreen 1sponsor+ Fourth Row Wayne Foster Jean Legons Ruth Beaver Joan Ganne Myrtla Ray Eleanor Dltmars Marlorue Darley Ertth Row Jack Comer Wnlllam Lewls Fred Woodcock Russ Anderson Richard Garrett Richard Holtz Olln Cummings James Monze1berger J'- Oo ,rf Norma Oakley Phrlrp Alexancer Gyneth Wrlson Jane Kerlrn Elrzabeth Rags"ale Arlene Parker Con tance Andrews Carl Alcxander Robert Brown Bruce Hamrlton Vernon Ooley Jean Kerlrn Gene Mead Sam Van Dusen Loy Jones Mary Jean Weisman Robert Starnbrook Robert Van Antwerp Barbara Ware 'Drum Magorl Huch Andrews Ann Vandrvrer Harold Grllett Phrlrp Beck Max Gurnnup Carolyn Grrfhn Don Wrnslow Frank Smlley Sarah Branlgrn Dae Jones Mary A Benson Richard Payne Robert Trout Robert Lrst Lewrs Spencer Some schoos may boast of larger musrc organrzatrons but none can boast of better' Under the capable leauershrp of Mr rsley the ban and orchestra have garned many new laures thus year How the Frankun rooters beam with prrde when therr band clad rn classy blue and whrte unrforms marches out on the floor and goes through rntrlcate manoeuvers and letter formatrons The orchestra plays at all school productions presents assembly programs and scores a hrt with each performance Jane Kerlln Dale Jones Eugene Cole Vernon Ooley Ellen Spencer Bruce Hamilton Wretha Brrtton Robert Trout 2 Mr Isley Loy Janes Phrllp Beck Frank Smrley Robert Van Antwerp Robert Starnbrook Don Wrnslow Sara Branrgrn 3 Hugh Andrews Jean Kerlrn Arlene Parker Hugh Payne Alen Abel Lewls Spencer Hubert V Adams Sam Van Dusen s ', - , . 2. , ', , , - , . , , - 2 . . . . ,, "' I I 4 I I I I 4. ' , , , . , . . . r , . , . , V: , . . , , , , - l' I I I I I I , . - - , , , , I , , . - , , , , I , - ., , , DRAMA TICS DADDY LONG LEGS The all school play brings Dark nany FTCMOYICS some happy an some not so happy At any rate lt was a howling success or at least Bob McCracken thought so when MISS CGUCIC collapsed com pletely and cried on his shoulder This production was given ln thc Colleqc Chapel two consecutive n qhts the second week December The first night the leading roles were played by Mary Jane Van Nuys and Robert Mc Cracken and the second night Frances Ann Wasson and Philip Vanrtlvler plaxeu the tc lar roles Daddy Long Legs IS one ot the most popular plays ever written and has ooubtless been produced o greater number ot times than ony other pay used by high schools The plot concerns the Irte ot Judy Aboatt who pent the early years ot her lite ln an orphanage and ater was given an opportunity through tle generosity ot Jervis Penaleton to attem. college As he story unto 5 Jervis tolls rn love with Jucy anu ultlmatcy the inevitable happy enalng follows ln the supporting cast were Ruth Ann Murphy Ruth Ann Thompson Gyneth Wilson Duane Smlth Gene Meaa Wreatha Britton Marjorie Daley Euoora Whrte Pete Keellng uth Cooley Marian wlanalvler Robert Cochran Rlctord Lagle ara Branlgln James Lutes Eugene Sumter and Donna Britton The coaches ot this procuctlon were Mrss anders ana Mrss Caucle Mr Howard designed the stoge scts and nluslc was lurnlshed by Mr Isleys orchestra LOVE PIRATES OF HAWAII operetta a huge success The leacs were played by Pete Keelrng and E dora Whrte and Marian Vanolvrer and Richard Lentz were ln the supporting cast The action ot the story takes place ln the garccn ot Mass Prrmers prlval school to girls The plot thlckens with the arrival ot the U S CILISEF Te'lne see as the sallo ID s plan to masquerade and capture Dorothy vho is ln love with Elly Mood Miss Prrmer llowcver 'urns t'c tab Cs on them and the boi plrates are maae to cook tor the school Al cn s happily as the n I0 and heroine are united on AAISS Prrmer tails ln love with the plrate chlet The opelettu was dlrecte by Mr Isley and Mrss Leatgreen 'YOUNG APRIL Ilthough lt was presented ln May the scnrors chose tor heir an lu-I production Young Aprll The play was a rollicking comedy written by Auranla Rauveral who La' pr vlously glvcn us Growlng Pains and the Judge Hardy comedles This play IS a sequel to Growlng Pains and pictures the some Mclntyre I1mrIy showing George and Terry durlng their College days Terry is stlll popular wlth nll t'le eligible young 'WEN in town and George exclolms Isnt rt odd the way love will make a mountain ot grief out ot a molehlll ot heartbreak ll ll ' ' . : . ' , .Q . , , . ,, . . t' ' I U ' in r in . . . m W ., ,l . - L , . . r . . I l I , . I ' lc I I I ' r r r - A r ,, , , . . . , D' . I I I I l I I I 'X I l ll r r I ' 1 -' I l r f 1 . . . . Q , . , . ., . . Il ll Pirates bol-! Loveiy Hawaiian Mairfsl The U. S. Navy, and numerous other attractions made the , , L: ' . ' . . , . . C . ' ' ' '. ' ' , ' , . .1 , - . , , . , -, g, ,nl . , - . l - . . . Li . ' . I II . . . 5 . . ,, . ,, A . V li . . .. e ., ATHLETICS And you may be sure that Kltfy IS breothlessly followmg every move ment of the ball Needless to say, Frankie is indeed our proverbial hardwood hero r Row l. David Holman, John Mead, Mark Coleman, Jack Comer. Row 2. John Campbell, Russell Anderson, James Jones, George Murphy. Rcw 3. Robert Vandivier 'coach', Hollace Chastain, Roger Goff, Mark Bowen, Eugene Totten, Ray Parish lmgr.l J Cor-ch Fuzzy "Wx, Manager Burr Head World of Sports Fronk un Hugh c oou has not always hac. a wunnung team but ut has always had a fughtung team Our team thus year oua not receuve the lucky breaks or the glory of a wunnung team but the students of Frankuun Hugh School are just as proud of theur fughtung spurut and fudeuty as rl'cy were of the .auaed team of last year Franklun won 7 out of I8 starts curung the season Startung the season off they lost tne fursu game to Scottsburg by only a 3 pount margun only to come back to wun the next two games ovcr Greensburg and the tal Southport boys Then Shelbyvulle w n r L por but the fughtng Franklun boys won the next thruller from Columbus 36 33 After beung beaten by Martunsvuule ana Srymour they beat two lnduanapouus teams Cathedral an Tech by wudc marguns So far the season had gone rather nucely but after Chrustmas vacatuon they lost to :helby vuule and Washungton llndpls P by only one and two pounts respectuveuy Then they lost to Connersvuule really turned on to wun by one pount from Columbus We then funushed the season by wunnung one more game After takung un consuaeratuon the many games that vue uost by onuy a very few pounts we had a pretty good team after all dudn t we? After the season was over the sectuonal was played here In the funal game tne Vvooonen of Greenwood cut aown frankluns tree of 22 consecutuve sectuonal vuctorues The Franklun coach ana players aong wuth the students and other fans took thus defeat wuth the best of sportsmanshup years to come ut wull only be a dent un our then long strung of sectuonal vuctorues COACH FUZZY VAN DIVIER We of Franklun Hugh School are Indeed proud to have Fuzzy as the coach of our team Robert Polk thus real name! us also known as a famous mouse and rat scarer When muce or rats come out from under the bleachers aurung a game Polk calmly chases them back so the boys wulu not get nervous or blow up Thus year a un past years Fuzzy has guven Franklun a clean hard fughtung Lasketbol cam He always tells the boys that ut us better to lose a cleanly played game than ut us to wun by beung poor sports By Fuzzy s superuor abuluty as a coach and hus experuence as a member of the Wonder uve we feel assured that Franklun wull always be among the leadung teams of lnduana YELL LEADERS Wuthun the portals of thus ur-stututuan there are two young boys for whom the g rls f our school have a great admuratuon lthus us leap year you know 1 There us another one lanc. a verv cute one'l whom the boys of rhe unstututuon voted unto supremacy Elba and Delba Lewus are the two Romeos whule Betty Fuller us the boy s Juluet Thus truo has been gettung along very nucely as yell leaders and have really shown more spo tsmanshup than Jack Benny does when he plays The Bee . , , ,VA . . . , . ,A . . - .. , , , , . . . . , . . . . K. I ' I . . o a thrulle by nts, i - . . ' I I 4 I . , - , - - 1 - 1 - u . , , . . , . , H , . . ' , . un ll Il , . c . ,u U , . . . 5 , - , , , . . . ,, . u, - - . . . F, . u o . . , . . , , , - u , . . . Y , A ,, u, Butcl'ic" Forward uAceu Guard "Pookie' Forward nGenen Guard Hcupidu Forward rnopeyu Guard Current Events ln the World of Sports Just after the Evansvslle game someone lWe dont know who do we B00dIE7 broke a frre alarm and turned In a rlve alarm lure and every prece of equipment IH Evansville come to the gym Cupnd Comer attempted to prove at Cathedral that one could get a suthcrent shower un a wash basln -CRASH' tveryone took an unexpected shower Fuzzy wartea untrl 2 30 rn the lobby ol the Vendome Hotel on Dopey Holman and Pookle Coleman who were supposed to be rn ot ll 30 Was he surprrsed to fund they were already IH bed7 Then after gettmg ready to retlre whom should he see but Lrttle Mousse All thus adds up to no sleep Burr Head sand that he was gorng to have a clearance sale at hrs house this sprung He stated that he was wearmg two parrs ol sweat sox a day and strll couldnt use them all Ace found the utest hang out In Evansvllle lt only averaged two rlots a week and Butchne sand that he got a headache on Saturday nrght from the not on Friday naght Some gornt On the trlp to Cathcaral Sog wrote a song entitled Papa Does the Work Someone ought to have taken tickets at the dressing room wlndow at Cathedral Durrng the lust game Mr Garrison go rn Ime and dndnt land out untrl It was hls turn to cllmb rn that at wasnt the maln entrance The Uncensored Version of Mndmght at the Vendome Boodle Dopey ad Pookle played craps Rog locked Bur Head out In the hall wrth just hrs uncerwear on Buck kncked Russ out of bed Cupld was called from the desk lar maklng too much nolse-Jlm snared Gene pu led the covers Ace rode the elevator for a thrrll Butchle practrced using the telephone Trigger Thompson was planning hrs scheme for robbing helpless ball players on the way home Fuzzy was tryrng to tugure out why there was a bottle opener In each room nn a desk drawer But who stole the towel out of room 2537 I939 940 Franklm Frank In Frank nn Franklm Fran ln I-rank nn tranklrn Franklm 'Franklm Franklm Franklm Franklm Franklm Franklm Franklm Franklm Franklm 'Conference Games Scottsburg Greensburg Southport She byvnle Columbus Martrnsvr le Cathedral Techmcal Shelbyville Wash llndlanapollsl Connersvllle Columbus Crawtorosvllle Central 'Ev Greencast c Rushvrlle Martrnsvnlle Here Here There Here There There Tnere Here There T Ierc There Here Here There Here There Here ---l -' - 22 ....,,,...... .. ....,...............c.... ................. 2 S I - +6 ,.......................,.............. .,.....c,.,., , e- 28 .' -- Z9 ....,,..,.......,...................... ' ..,.,,,.,.....,... 25 ' - 29 ,,,,.....,....,.....e,.............,... . " ............... -- 3l ...' - 36 .......,........,...................e.. ...... ..... ...,... 3 3 .A - 33 ,.......,,......e.v.....e...........-.. 4 '- ,,,,,e,..,,e,,, - Sl Franklin - 21 ............,,.,.............,..,,..... Seymour e.,c.,,,....e,...,. 23 Here ' - 32 .......,............................... ..............., I 7 ' ' - 29 ................................e-... ..- ' ................,. Zl ' - 22 ....................................... ' ,,,,.,,.,,,,.,.., 23 "' ' - 24 ........,...............e...........e.. . ' ' .,.,,,,, 26 . ' ' - 22 .....................v.,, . ' en, e,,,,.,,,,, - 32 'K ' -37 ,.....,.......,,...,,e,, ....e. - - ,Une ,. M ,Ne 36 ' - ZS ..,,..,. N ,....,..,,, . ........... f Y ' ' H 30 ' - I9 ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,...e,,,e...,e., e-, ,,,.e, J , , , Zi ' - 43 ,--.,.,,,.,.,,.,,.e...,. , ,,,,. -ew ,,... - 1 , , ,, 28 'li ' - 27 ..,-,,., ..,,,,,., .,,,.,.. , ,en ,,e, - ' .e.. W , Hen, 4l ' - 28 ,..,,,,,----,.,,-,,-..., . ,..,.,,, .-,,,,, ' ' , . H 37 Ow OW UW OW Franklm Franklin Franklm Franklm Franklm Franklm Frank nn Fra'1k'ln Frank rn Frankll Franklm Frank I1 l ank un Frank I1 Franklm Franklm Franklm Bull Green Don Coslett Ray Turner Earl Mrtchell Vmccnt Fitzpatrick Everett Logsron Ralph Alford Wayne Flsher Ray Bowman 'coach' Walter .lanes Bob Tl lotson Charles An erso Robert Crowe Jack Lltt eton George Graham Rese ves Record Cood Thus Year Scottsburg Greensburg Southport Shelbyvllle Columbus 'over tlmel Martlnsvrlle Seymour Cathedral Techmcal Washington llndlanapollsl Connorsvnlle Columbus Crawfordsvnlle Masonlc Home .J ccn ustle Rushvllle Martinsville sl n Dr Kult Seconds Tluus year Franklun Hurh hool nas the honor of hovung one of the best luuved reserve haul team un uhe sra e wnen they are asleepf 'Slow take that Futzpotruck for uns ancc he rs the mconest and most bashful boy that evr-r broke a gurls heart Theres Tullotson son of ru coach who furmslued the cummy for Anderson to block Crowe crank all season uf you cont beuucve ut ask hum A ford saud he just coulont do anythung wren those Junuor gurls wunkcc at hum he saud he cou on t even be hugh pount man Turn r tuea down so many ho n Haulowe en that he fou ed out every game tryung to tue down hus man Carrot Top Logs on the gallopung substutute acted as chaplaun urung the season and prayed that Fushers suns of Sunday mght be forguven P S They could play the best basketball that Lew Lehr has seen un many a year Sprung Tonucs of 39 Softball golf and tennus are the sprung tonucs of our school although som of the students unclude neckung os a mayor sport but so far we havent a coach for thus sport so we havent planned any schedule as yet nor entered any tourney lOh Yeah" Tennus was a phenomenal sport The boys from the unstututf' Wulluc Drake Flash Bowen Jonsue McQuunn and George Clark furnushe the brawn to play more games un theur schedule than usual and uncudentally won more than usual but the wunnung credut went to .lummy Deputy who furnushed the brauns and chased the balls whuch he saud kept hum very busy the enture season Whcn the goung got rough Carrot top Cochran replenushed the supply of brown and beauty whule Buggue Percufueld and Jummue Jones assusted Carrot un the Dance of the Fauns In the unutual match Bloomungton manug d to fught Franklun to a draw because Wullue and Carrot were un Washungton D C unvestugatunq the funancual status of the Junuor Red Cross Due tc darkness and no provusuon un the rule book for thus occurrence Shelbyvulle sent the boys from the unstututuon home empty handed Rupley saud uhat lughtnung cannot strukc- twuce un the sar-ue place D l yu t csk une B omungton ran l' rutes ' Frenknn on by cou., es from Washington an" we ont 'neauu the lcwus twuns Tnree days later Vvashungton manage to he wuth he profc uan 5 oe aus tl c boys s u yung fugures matucuna mc for mght schoo beiv en matches The boys took Shclbyvul'e around the corner un a row boat and thus proved that tl'e Golden Bears coultnt beat a go d t om lwucc un the same season .. e. I . 1 N . . . I II . I . I . r ' ' f ' . , . 1 . . . I . 1 - - A - - , , I . , . F 1 - - - 11 11 , . , ,I . r, . . , - , , - . . , . . . I, . , , c . 11 - 11 - I 1 - 1 1 . - . 11 --11 11 1, ' 'I 4 I I 11 . 11 A - , . - - . Y . I - 1 - 11 - 11 1 1 1 - 11 11 , , , - 11 . - 1- .. 11 1 - 11 - 11 11 - 11 11 . . . . A . . ,, . , ,, ., ,,.. ,, . . . , . . . . . , . ., Q . , . . I . . ,, . , . . . . ,, . . . . . . . . . , N - 11. , 1 11 .- I . L, , d , u 5 , ..e . -. . .1 I . . I ,. , I . . I R, , 7 I . . .. u ... .1. . . . ., v ,, 1 ' 1 H ' ' 1 . ,. ' .- x.c.t. o.-l 11. 1 t 1 1, .c . ' 1 , . ' ' :1 SPRING TONICS CONTINUED The untued un vuctoruous golf team went through the season untued and although they were beaten a few tumes they stull had the same moral aspects as they had before the season 'So what7I lncudentally Fuzzy or rathcr Mr Vanouvuer coach and caddy of the lnstututuon s Duvor Duggers stated that he would gladly welcome televusuon so that he could sut un the shade of the club house and tll get the xercuse of watchung the boys wuthout effort Soggy Murphy us pro at the local sausage lunks Jack Ruder played to reduce Russ Ander had a bad abut u un os ba s before the stop e ro un and Ra Campbeul dro e a ball unto the our and where ut fell he knew not where He drove another bal unto the aur and where ut fell he knew not where He lost more darned balls that way Praclucally all the rest of the nobe young lads of the unstututuon undulged un a glamorous sport All the boys pooled theur efforts to defend the laurels whuch were bestowed upon thr-rr by the noble ancestors of the years before but theur defense was sulent as they were savung theur powder for the Fourth of July Mr Bause the promoter of thus squad us known to all of the young lassues as tall dark and handsome Thus Order of Noble Knughts was a compound of Bull Lattumore Jum Newman Mack Coleman Roger Goff Bull Rutchue Carl Alexander John Campbell Pemonue McFadden George Crowe Gene Wales Earl Mutchell Roy Turner James Lutes etc etc etc In case you have wondered thus us th Franklun Huqh School softball team anJ they really dud have a good season except they quut early un the tournament due to the heat of summer or Shelby vulle SPECIAL NOTICE I stull don t have any unformatuon on thus sport of neckung and we wouldnt have any means of checkung the returns from any reported contest anyway All I can do us say Let Your Conscuence Be Your Guude and dont let the sprung fever unterfere wuth your technuque , I - I I , I . . u - f , I U . . . . s u 2 ' , ' . son h ' of p'ck' g up I t ll y p d ll' g, Iph , V . . . E , , . . Y, I .... U I . ,u ,, - - 4 - u - . ., u, , A , , , . f , . , , . , u , . , . , , -. -. - . . B . . . , Q . . , . . . . , , --Y. A wi 1 iw D s f A fx f J. 9 ' v a I QT? . .,' 1 -L F-L-pp ,L ' v 'J Z NS w U ' 1 H I , I , U -X 'xl " X r sy?" .Af nuarflwlhlki h I., -wsu: R ' , I GQKS ""v'1'2 ""'-Q . ftiiz F3 29 .9 d .,.:::',Q:t'l 5. ir., s . Q Y I I i 4' "ik Q c' " I Q4 ' f A x , ww' ' 4 n qs SENIORS :VW .P Afj, , Y 44 cncs the tale of our happy hughschool couple as they stan'l on the edge of the world looking towards the future And as It possible a they sec un the distance ahead the culmmatron of their romance un the cottage small by a waterfall 511 'Z' BILL ABEL MARK BOWEN ROBERT COCHRAN GVORGE MURPHY President Secretary Treasurer Vnce President KITE STAFF lI1E Alle .NBII leel jUSI IIKE IIIEY IOOK TOM VULIU X00 If YOU IIU ueell IDYOUQH H16 mllu IIUUSL liebe IXIIIES lluiz. all lUL.l SUIIIE OI IIIEIII were S0 IIIEU ITIBY WSIS MIICU E YO STUIIO file SHCIII1 ot HOYIIIQ n lf pruure rumen nneres o -ut more work man you nnnk In wrlnng rnesc lousey wrne by uunng mc ocaonne week me sralr pur In some lore hours they got nome so rote xne ,..m,, o covcreo up an nncn out the other sroe tu get reaoy tor school Mr Howard tne unlucky sponsor flew the buggest lute when he lost some pr tures Mass Caud e who ora the grammar checking sara she was absolutely at the ena ot ref rope from the tnrst day untrl the last night lf we have sand anything that hurt anyones feelings forglve us and blame It on thc late hours lf ,ou are too lnalgnant wrlte to the Bureau of Complaints at Washington D C carton ln cnref Assistant :autor Busuness Manager Cnrculatlon Manager Orgarr atlon Eoltor Sports Editors Art Editors Crass Edrtor Calendar TYQISTS Humor Snapshots Sponsor Jack Comer Jean Cooper Robert Cocnran Sara Branlgrn Eugene McMurray John Mead and John R Wagner Oscar Percrfled and Mondls Sandefur Marlorle Darley Ruth Swrgaett Maxine Hook and Letta Servrce Ralph Campbell Frlwnrd Muller Mr Max Howard Abel, William-E Anderson, Russel'- .,! , A, pi: 'C goj. f .f,, I .,, , e . f,.- me-V-,+,+., I, -f,m.,,:g J re N W lww,-ws r,. f. 3 s L-, ,wr 'fg rx-1' f f f 1-,L H f-X111 Bennctt, Arthur--"f'-' Branigin, Sara-1 1 N'- Canary, Anna Jean Clemmer, Gladys- - We A ' ..,. ,fl - W Q49 Alexander, Carl-fe 2 ,, Neff. L.ff,,.m f ' f '- ', , f , '. Batten, Dorothy-- 'V .' 3 1- Bowen, Mark--' r , , 3,,- f Ln 'C 453' , we V , W1 w ' ini: He: w ' r m1 Cz A+ F Campbell, Ralph-R111 N I' l,ff"'i rr x "vw Q' le ' f 'K 1' ' A- " l R Wu-.H ' I llf ,,, .,, ,,,,,,, ' ,, V1 vwvrlrr' or ' 1 'ifim, ' 'w v l ' EWU Chastain, Hollace-"W -' 1 " 1 'A ' 3' M fa wr l .' ' f',f lg ,Q 1, 'auf Q 4 ' , Jw: ,, e go TVXQ io' f '35 5 Ce Mot 1' Jr , ' ' 5 'A 1 cr' 'A 1 Qgr Cochran, Robert-' .'., 5, sl' 'i 'fin' mg Lia - 'K " A 'lofm 'C' 11- ' PV- x-:Ts 'w 'WMS ills, DVC- C nly x Nei Cross CT i 'nd - 'U lr 'VFW 1 'Vim Y and 'z rf 'r- iw-'f 'f 'CSS fr" 9500! Cooley, Alice-fm. lg eww 'fi .,.a.,,- LJ , , , Comer, Jack-'le f:"e'e x .V .,VA V,'k r..L,-NS! XR ' ' ' ' o 51.91 Q ' ff, e"1':1: ' VE .-gi 5 '4w,, P" J Czee, prix our rfY, co" ,lf fl ..,1l ' :lu " Lg . f Darley, Marjorie- "J: :wc mm 3' e .-.gym ' l 5767 'UWT7 ','V ' 'Cl C" JV ,.,. ,Jr L l-.33 fm Mus Clues, Trl-S, i1g,,fL - om 4, Q., 5 mol DCM "l2-Q::. , Jgg, rk 'i- SMP? in: Y ' lv X 'sro Devore, Leon-"Squaw", upon gr :Nom Rami 'C loc-iome G book-kec rf- we my wugezfd NU snortg Pe we C "woe" il C wtf, Ecfs C'Jf.1e, P ig Jrfs Cub, Felts, William-"bw ' ls on urns MQ: x-.pfkmg vm Hopes to gg mio boa' gl 1 go-isa 'oe 'QQ' .N . CDOLJT Ferrell, Jane-, . , .Q J: Trl-S Coiewooi, Julian-Tr' ' Green, Callie-fx 4 '- A f V ff ff: .,u lizft nba ugh, Dorothea 'rigs' f 'ffz J ,, 4 1, rf ' 'ir'- f ,P f rv l Lee-"' , . A , , .xe 2 f,f:s'm-'- fm V .i ,e f. fffl'VCV EQ. C fy' 3 '-10 fer uwvi ' ur' W5 tv fu, 9, M", if gj"w rg,:','ff'f 'rw VTMASH1, ere":'a I cw: 4, ani ' ' RWSQVNEZS Hill Grethel-' JN Q" -, ,mem , cmd 'ookmg if s bc we-1 ag, lxgi. fy for srwe pred! 'ed Frl.vwkNvw", flf-f UI, Qrewvwfycwi Sw .-me w' ww Qmups C 1 Gif' Reserves Hoover, Robert-"S", f- ' ' expcwnermrwq vwlv ew " '. V' Iv bmon ws to be 1 'ad ' ew V' l"f S ' rrgmbe' :L HY wi 3'f:""1' s TLP Kerlin, Wilma Jean-'lf .' Q A preesan ws H"l1'7i'fi'VH Q 'Se ' r-ebb, gud me ' Q mr f '. pggmrve Sve Ewen,-il " .,-'-l 1' .Af cmd "Cs been mff-rg 'A W 'n..s Cwi Tri-S. Lagle, Richard-"l7'ete" news I3 on a newspaper He ts :onstdered one of the best dancers tn school Pere was octave tn Hr-Y, Press Club, Sports Ciao, on the tennns team, and was tn the cs' for "Daddy Long Legs" MacDonald, Virginia-"Cmnt" enots danflng She ts mayorlng tn Home Er and has hopes of being a duetlfran Sze tCOk music, was an the Operetta, and ttf- Home EC Club. McMurray, Eugene-You always rex on "Mac" Hts ombrtlon ts to be a suf- cessful engnneer. He was on the Klte Staff, Hu-Y treasurer 4, and un the Cur- rent Events Club. Miller, Edward-"Ptnk5" Meg plwgtg- graplwy. He would lrke to be su.-,esslui along that lune He was ln Ht-Y, Dra- matlcs Club, and on the Krte Statt Murray, Lloyd-Lloyd wants ru lv' engineer Just tm to sell Llotd onrnlw' Model "T" He entered from CCH'-I Grove tn 3. Nixon, Naomi-Nzom M - 1 fy. and rc-Gd Her anwbttmr' .2 x gk lWOOk-keeper She has DL-gn ut tx L-l L' rornmerrtal student She was a mt- Cornfnercual Club and the Trl-S l t Parish, Ray Jr-Rat, has seen me varsrf, basketball studen' manage' and the 509551 student manager for 're pas' touple of ,ears l-le has been ft 'he must' 1 Jos and fre opereno 'ss .ey and : member of me Cammefz f .11 Platt, Mary-Mgr. ,Fees 'U 'se " - elrst ff 'lee presen' she li ver, n'e'es'Qi rn yournalrsm and wmne' 0' Qfwd :lee rn newspaper 'ontest a' IHSPA See Wag edvor-,n-fh'ef of the Electron, Jr Red Cross Courvrl, Press Club, Drama? Club, and Treasurer of Tn-S WS Revnolds Martin--Unrhrr 'lkes to refvl , and hun? He bones to be an enqerwer Sanzlefur, Mondis-Mundls, who enjoys playing the piano, also lrkes To listen to swng music Hrs ambrtron rs to be a private secretary Mondrs vias rn musrr clubs, Cornmergral Club, Hr-Y, and on the Krte Staff Sellers, Eleanore-"P-rr" t-.drvs tu write short stones She lrlces 'o srng, write, and draw Eleanore was n TTME1' clubs, Press Club, RO7l'O Club, Dramctfs Club, OD6V6'TOS, Electron Stall and lr-S Smith, Rosemary-"Smr"'. rlcs 'rw rlan C HQ' favorite' rrgstrrww S ' A rtq prftures She x-.cs rn music rluius, Pros- Cfub, Cornmerwal Club, and ln 'S llvwrra X. was on tlw lr lied Cruss Colm- nm' Tlw-3 Elo trim Sltlff 5 4 w 4-5. 'va fr, 'l . ul ,.,., 1 i r Percifield, Oscar-"Brgg1e's" ambition rs to be a transport pilot Hrs hobby IS oulldlng model arrplanes l-le took musri, belongs to sports club, and was a traffic of J l-le was also on the Kfe Staff member of the 'ennrs team Poynter, Charles- Charles, Lc'ter known as "VrheatIes," sins 'o be mme a prlvate Seirefarl, We draws for hrs own amusement He .vas a member of Jr Red Cross Council and Commercial Club Roe, Robert-"Bob" rs r: flassv dresser and always has his harr combed He was on the trafttc squad, rn must: clubs, and was nntcvested an dramotrcs Sanford, Dorothy-Dorothy rs interested rn art and collecting pictures Her am- bition is to be a stenographer. She was rn musrc clubs, the Operetta, "Love Pir- ates of l-lowers," and Commercial Club Qlwe parrucrpated In the Shorthand Con- 'est Service, Letta-"Servue" rs interested rn Commercral work Her ambrtron us to be a private secretary She was rn music clubs, Commercial Club, and on the Kate Staff Stainbrook, Phyllis-"Jean" likes to play baskefbal Her amhrtron rs to be either a "Math" or phvsncal Ed teacher She entered from Grange, Texas in 4 Phyllis was a gym assustant, in Girl Re- serves, and Tri-S. A I Stubbs, Kathryn- ,, AL .5 yr, IS - f-Y, QVIf' ', ' "2 Tr'-S Sumpter, Eugene- 'WTCVLSCJ ' vw " Qvxghgw pg ' - ...Q 'J . M: .LQ Turner, Mary-'.' J ppzfvm J L ' , , rmiul n,1m,m.' X J KMJ. 'ml U X L,:fL - " 'u ' LQ' 'L - -. M, . , Y V' vL'H',JH Vandivier, Marion rrfyv. HXA5 'Mak mu 'ri .w Si UH .S .HK K'l'CV:" L-, fx FK 'rw Q-Omw g T' S, Jimi tri -4 ' . "E'ftdd', L HQ eg Van Nuys, Mary Jane 'r ':QE..J X' .Wm 1 5 F ' -p PL 2 1' ' 1 5. Mfrvw ,ru Q U1 V 'rf '. .wg mg! SH Q ,Lan I U, .11 r'- Walters, Roscoe- . L 1 Q Weddle, Clarence-'Lx ' ' 4 ,M,L.,- ffd .f ,,,,- fkf, ,.i r , A Wolff, Charles-" f' ' inf- V, JJ., sf i ,.., 'fa r .X F, . Bar-Hy. Gone With the Wind. James "gidding" his pitchur "tuk". Slipped in between. -6 N Wishard, John-"'.':os1e' sn "Ve-se jus' fad his tonga f mended ' IJ We O 'W F1 .J 'ws D cvs Cgf: rv Hollywood Bounders! Featuring McMurray Modesfy turns its back. Hart, Schaffner- Marx in person CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Curtarn gorng up That means the start of the school scene agaln OCTOBER A brund new gurdance program takes a bow btudent Councrl elects a group of efflcrent oflrcers Lcs femmes have a hugh Iarrous trme at the all grrl party In the gym 'ectron comes to 'he front with a rrp roarrng frrst edltlon Lots of peppy new clubs make Actuvrtres Perrod a pleasant drverslon Three Electron staff members take hugh honors rn contests at the IHSPA Conventron at Franklin College NOVEMBER Hardwooa fever soars sky hugh as trcket sales begun Jrtterbugs rn wxtches garb hold sway at the annual Hallowe en Dance tu ents s rut for parents as nrght school classes are held Tune tc test your vocal tubes Betty Fuller and the Lewrs twins are chosen yell leaders rn a rollrckrng pep sessron Hrstory repeats ltscf Scottsburg downs Franklm In frrst game of the season Yum yum sensors sponsor a de lucrous darry lunch Arent they srlly those Trl S lnltrates on dmky nrght Spider goes away but Braxton comes to stay e Grrzzly Cubs down Prrates to chalk up a conference vrctory The Buslness Educatron club packs em n at a decidedly successful mlxer Jen Caudle announces cast for Daddy Long Legs flrst all school play rn F H S for many years Two wonderful days of Thanksgrvrng Vacatron open rn gorgmg DECEMBER Francrs Phll Mary Jane and Bob walk off wrth caas In Daddy Long Legs Kate Ftaff recerves nts orders General Motors represcntatuve grves a poppmg good demonstratron and lecturc Cubs take second conference trlt from Columbus Mama l lost my dolly so the talk went at the Glrl Reserve Christmas Kld Party Sarnt Nrck s sprrrt zooms as Junror Red Cross backs a Chrrstmas Tree Frolrc To day w act as host to a bunch of the sweetest krds Gee :ts fun to play Santa Claus Ha sleep 7 Chrrstmas Vacatron E. . . , . , . ., . . . , - - . .. r ,. ,, H , . , . . . , , - . ., - . I 'ww . 'e ,. . l 1 , , ,. . We're proud of the institution . . And the green grass . . Folitory in the . . Every prison has its scaffold. Trustics . . . . its moan gate. . grows all 'round . . soiorium The last mile. . . filing in. JANUARY ueks full the bu ldlng as HI Y rnltlates seventeen neoptytes Sophomores havc ther day a their annual shrndrg Jumors order rrngs and jackets fn S grves out wrth a terrffuc mrxer wrth extra superb musrc Exam week frnally passes wrth srghs upon srghs of rellef Crawforasvrlles Athenaans qlvc the Cubs the once over FEBRUARY Annual event Boyd Gull plays the plane for the Hr Y assembly program and do the rvornes talk for hum Trl S formally mltrates crghteen pledges In an Impressive condlelrght ceremony Cubs just leave Greencastle far behrnd wrth a 43 28 victory Senrors make buds for scholarships Agarn we survrvc exam week Rushvrlle Llons lrttle too much for the Grrzzly Cubs Frank ans grade, school team ramps away wrth the county grade school champronshnp Keep rt up boys next thrng rs the state championship Mass Dottie Loretta Lackey gets acquamted wrth F H S She takes charge of the femrnlne athletes Artesrans down the Cubs to pull curtarn on the basketball season Gurl Reserves are accounted wrth a successful mlxer MARCH Leads are chosen for Love Prrates of Hawan Students enloy new practlce teachers some fun Ill say The lnevrtable happens Franklrn IS defeated In the sectronal Defeated but not uerected regretful but not rcmorsctul We are proud of the way our boys took defeat even better than some teams took vrctory ghth grade has their frollc by guvmg an assembly program Everything from tumblers to srngers North Vernon Grants wln reguonal rn our gym Creen freshres lrtterbug at their party ln the assembly Students and faculty obs rve Holy Week servrces AlRlL om Fszk or somethmg like that presents an assembly program F H S Commercral Stuaent are rnvuted guests at Donvrlle lhc lute ns gettmg all pressed up Sensors choose 'he cost for that famous class play Gone Wuth The Wrnd blows unto Franklln . Shr' ' i ' Y ' . . -1 r . . 3 QI- 1 , . ,. . --,r -- , . . h I 1 ' I Ei ' A . 1 . . -. . n . Sa! E , ' ' . . . K , 1 La coquette, n'est-ce-pas? Zack'n'Art. Won'e mg minsfrel. X Y4ZI A . . an she can prove it! Back at noon Music hath charm" by his side! pride and lo,. Al from the back . . Suzie-Q-cutey! His Honor, the vice-principal. Mabel all buttoned up Leaves and flowers- or dresses? Gladys adVances, SMILES! Electron's out! Class pIay's over! . . looking up. The musuc department scores a hut wuth The Love Purates of Hawauu You wouldnt even recog nuze our chuldren oressed as resperadoes ana charmung Hawauuan maudens Hu Y presents theur annual shun dug un honor of the ball team Swell orchestra swell decoratuons and swell fun' Mr Garr son attends meetung of educators un Chucago Gurl Reserves sponsor Mother Daughter tea un the Home Ec Rooms Journalusm stuaents go to conference at Butler Unuversuty and commercual students attend a meetung un Chucago Gaul Reserves present an assembly program MAY bc Started all a busy month wuth the class play Young Aprul Vanduvuer, Phuls papa spoke at an assembly program and told of the glorues of Frankuun Hugh athletes of the years past Washungton we wull go to Woshungton we wull go Hu Ho the Memo a travelung e wull go , and the Junuor Red Cross delegates are on theur way e seventh grade guves theur assembly program even presented a play for our entertaunment Annual May Day sung was a huge success All Hughschool choral groups partucupate Tru S holas a Mother Daughter ounner at the Duxue 'lea Room N grand tume wus enjoyed by all Lorely ladues ana hanesome gent cnuen swung and sway at the Crystal Ball Another Junuor Prom and another huge success Award nught honors those who have made specual acnuevcments curung the school year Senuars bud farewell to old Frankun l-:ugh wuth a uolluckung c ass cay program cnuor ousuuussed rest of week Baccalaureate held at Chuustuan Church wuth Rev Lentz un charge Last day of school and class pucnucs at Hetluns Lots of good food and lots ol lun Commencement un the gym lor tle turst tume un hustory senuors present theur own speeches and conduct enture program I us cu s another school year Morgue saud George You are the furst gurl Ive ever loved Morgue sughed Just my luck Ive drawn an amateur Was he a paunless dentust7 asked one patsent of another Woodue No He yelled when I but hus thumb There us a rumor that thc bear rub on the floor grow s back at Mr Gorruson when he snorcs A fertaun mother come to Nr Bonewutz s class carryung a ball bat and saud Dont ever slap my agaun hut hum wr tnus she rudced 'lounshung the bat , . ' ' ' 1 u I . . A r . . ., . M- , ,,T . . , . ,, . , o , - , w r - . : ' ' . ' .. s . rou' as . . H.. U... ... .. .. . ... .. .. . - , , . . , , ' A . -. y . , , .. , . Miss VAN NUYS Misses Van Nuys Van Nuys in reverse Mary Jane in a hitch. Still going strong Gues WHO? -Q0 Miss Von Nice Ditto THE Von Nuys profile Can this be Mary JANE Van Nuys These select shorts contributed by Pinky Miller. Have you heard about tte Scotchman who refused to et has son attend West Pomt fearnng that hc would have to pay attcntuon7 A group of gunrors come to Mr Howard ole may and asked Hove you cornea out any of our suggestnons for the Kuta? Mr lloward No the lanltor and that when he emptied the wastcpaper basket D to has wrfel Where would you go rf I were to re? Mrs Dep Thats not the question the question IS where would you go Farmer Whats that rooster strutting about over there Hlrcd Hand That airplane that landed In tl c back fneld gust took off and he thsnks he scared It away There once was a man from Bombay Who was playing with flreworks one day He dropped has cugar ln the gunpowder gar There WAS a man from Bombay Whats the matter sand one walnut to another who was crying Other walnut Oh lm so mad father lolned the army and they mode hum a private when Madame Ito maud Has the canary taken Its bath yet? Maud Yes mam you may COME rn now' Doctor Mr Vandlvler they tell me you arcn t treating your baby rught7 I You told me to trear her as a cat would a ka en 'or Yes but that doesnt mean to carry her In your teeth Several termites were suttrng on a cracker box sweatung luke troopers Why are you so hot? sand another Insect who happened along Termrte Cant you read? lt says on the box Tear along thas lrnc Mr Garrison Phll you should have been here at 8 l5 u Vandrvuer Why? What happcned7 Jac' Comer asked If a young boy IS a lad and has a stepfather I s the boy a stcplodder7 ep i ' ' : " ' d' . . , . he has been a kernel all his life." . . , , . F1122 ' . 'tt ," Dar , ,, , y . H - . , . f'h'I 3 " . vi J " A , .

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