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04 1 f 1 WA uiiakii-f fx WH " 1 WM N Lomas L, Hp Q ,. .. f ' '. mf, 6 ll 3, ,".z'ffisf9jP uf 7 marc' Q V -M U U ' , 1-ff Qin, ,, W , ' .,,f 'A V X ' Q "" , 1.4 CX ' Q1 ' xx n , 3 0 51 'Eg . ...J F RANKLINS ALMAN ACK Edited by the Class of 1919 GREETINGS 0 Students, Alumni and Frieucls of Franklin College, we extend a greeting. May our bond of friendship be strengthened because of our af- filiation with this institution. That this book may reflect Franklin College life as it really is has been the ideal of the editors. -'l'-P DEDICATION. T0 ARTHUR TRAIN BELKNAP, DEAN of FRANKLIN C0LL1f:G.:a, A wuosl-: UNTIRING AND o0NscmN'r10Us.-1Qm'FoIvrs Hula m+:1Q:N AN 1+:xAM1fI.1-: 'ro s'rUDEN'rs AND FAcUm'Y, 'rms 15001: IS Dlfznlcfvrlcu 'ml l k lf 9l .P-.3 QIIIIIIIHHIHHIIIIIHIIHIIllHIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIWHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIN1HIIIIIIIIIIIHHVHIIIIIIIIIIHIllllllliillllllllilllllHllllllllllllllllllig TI-IE CONTENTS T1'1'L1c PAGE DI+ZD1C.N'l'lON THE Co1.LEG1c . FACULTY . . Solmmle SECTION S1f:N1oRs . . JUNIORS . SOPI-IOMORICS . Fmcsl-1M14:N . A'l'11L11:'1'ICS . FRA'I'ERNI'l'I1?IS . 01mAN1zA'1'10Ns . PUm,1GA'r1oNs . CAIMNDAR . Rofxsws . AlJXll'Ili'I'1SINli PAGE 3 7 9 19 29 43 57 75 79 83 101 115 143 151 169 177 ENUMWlilllllllmHHlIiIIIIIIIIII1l1lMHHHIIIIIIIMMHIIIIIIIIIIIMNHHIIIIIIIHHHNIIIIIIIIIHHNMHHIIIII!WMNHIIIIIIIIIIIHHIHIIIIIIIIUHHIIIIIIIIIIIIHUWE "Plow deep while sluggards sleep, and you will have corn to sell and lo keep." lf Pzlgu Rig, Sli, Y---- Q..-l 'S' it .. Aim auKi ,J . i' i A X -- . ' ' , - it -E mi ,w Historgf of Franklin College N 1834, under the leadership of Henry Bradley, of Indianapolis, Louis Morgan, of Shelby ffountyg Samuel Harding, of Franklin, tllld Williztiii Rees, of Delphi, Franklin College was founded. It was first a "Manual Labor Institute," but in 1844 bc- came a college. Franklin progressed rapidly under its first ,Prcsident, Rev. George C. Chandler. NVhen the Civil War began, most of the young men enlisted and the college was'closed. In 1869, with Rev. Il. Ii. Wayland, D. D., as President, Franklin reopened. In 1872 Rev. W. T. Stott was elected President and the raising of an endowment fund began. During his time Stott Hall was built, and later the Library. Each year saw an increase in students and interest. In 1905, 'Doctor Bryan, of Indiana -University, was chosen President. His first step was to change the form of organization, and the College Board was formed. Three buildings-the girls' dormitory, gymnasium and heating plant were erected. During the presidency of Dr. Elijah Hanley, Franklin became recognized as the foremost secondary college in Indiana, in her standards of efficiency, high ideals and culture. In the spring of 1917, flharles IC. Goodell, of Denison University, was chosen President. Ile is perfecting "Alumni organizations," carrying on ex- tensive field work, and furthering plans for a new Science building. Is is an established fact that he will accomplish his one ambition-"A Greater Franklin. " 2 N, . rg 4. - , Iv, -- r .. . I . . -x-mixiavyzf V ...I "We may make the times better if we beslir ou1'selvcs." l Pug 0 ,4 YE ANc1RNT HALIJS OF LEARNING :ff HOMI4: 01' YN BOOKS AND STUDYES YE SIncl.'l'1-:lu-:n DRINKING Fovm' YE I Lx1.r. 01-' Rltzcnlwrlox ,ff hx. 1. ,,-w- YW IIOMIQ: 011' f'01.L1-im-: WOMI'3N YE OLDEN TIME-PIECE . 0 ' ' 4 -. Q . , 1 1.5: Q A -A ,.,. '.,,,f'-.fJu-- 1 N f- . z 4 k QQ XJ' - "'-i." . . . 'JZ'-2. ' ". . . by Eff? 'iii' . ' ' . u , .' 'X ' f Q Uv ' K ' . . x , Yylsv Flu 'yn YE Towme ON 'rum HILL ?. Y"'3 l'AMPUs LANDMARKS Q., .,.,l- ,l-- fr!" .,..-'--- .Y YY Y Y -r x,Vv"wL5" ww :WW A . ,VL 4!ndlu h' 'M . :WMM - 7- - wdigggf f A X t , . o' . - ,f ig"-'SX , - 1 AXE. . SX whxlm XX r -,giq L Rx Xu. WJ1fQaXmem 1' Who YK Mfg 21 NX wwf fx y y OO . , Q , . N x K 0 I 1 X WW, .M -MMO ' X Nu N Nl! I -.- 1 , lx xxx..xx-xmx f 1f!,Wff!!! "-- 3-F,------'-'i,"" ' ' ,uflrrx I 1 X X ! ' X hx z- - A-Qpdffnmwt-,.,,I-4+ Ll4,..,Nf-' M I lf "" ... f A' . N S V -,ak tv f ' -pg f I 1, H . X , -'W I , 1 ' , , v " HW' H4 ff fl F 4 f ff, jfgllrjff CJ , If Xjf 5. I ,7 'V f9 ? " ' ,. If , Z rflflluwnrlfffffffw, I Z V A "WMM Ilfflf 1 x f 6 0 -l my 4 ix fp 11 g Z CD X ip f 'I W ' , 'X - ,jg f f M L ju W i 4? 4 " "0 Il F ,X-.A 8 L ' H T ' X ,lk 'uxus 1-fDHf"- - ,., A Us M., Q.i2J04K4. QTSITQO. '- Y'- QQQC--H2,f - to Aim anK Q, Y f'!' 4 . -" mfavyavrnqgrnmnnv: M V ,.:,3.-:L H , W WWW N 'R mm X g E A -- ' Y , ' ' ?l0 7ff,4',4 ... , I , , .. ---- J -. ., DR. WILLIAM TAYLOR STOTT Pmcs1ul':N'r EMERITUS Contentment lies not 'in the cnjoynzeni of ease-a life of luxury-but comes only to him that labors and overcomes-to him that performs the task en hand and reaps the satisfaction of work well done. -OSCAR WILDIE I Page Twenty M Alm EEK .. 1 A " I Y Wm 'E H Q fl v ga l ff-ffwffvv-41-JQW I V N '77WoMT'V'7f'F 577"7 . .- 'Ld'-' -1 - -.-- -- 1 Tlili' f DR. U. E. GOODELL Pm-:s1u1cN'r FRANKLIN C'oI.1.1cu1': "WeaZIh is not his Hunt has it, bu! his that enjoys fit." I 1:0 'Fwenty-onofl Pl, Q f : E En K ,WW Alt'f'H'UR TRAIN BELKNAP, A. M., S. T. B. Phi Beta Kappa. Professor of English and Expression. Dean. ' Graduate of Brown University and Newton Theological Institution, Pastor of Baptist Churches at Sanford, Me., Andover, Mass., Prov- idence, R. I., Franklin College, 1907+ l11ANm7'rE ZEPPENFELD, M. S. Pi Bela Phi. Professor of Modern Languages. Graduate of Franklin College, 18903 Graduate Work in Heidelberg University and University of Grenoble, France, Teacher in Public Schools, Centnalia, Ill., President of Indiana College Teachers of German, '14-'15, Franklin College, 1890-. J lIERRl0TT CLARE IALMEI1, A. M. Pi Behr. Phi. Professor of History and Political Science. Graduate of Franklin College, 18895 Graduate work in Harvard, A. M., Columbia University, '07, Principal and Teacher of History of Frank- lin High Schools, '97-'05, Franklin College, 1905---. Lz tlc shakes fell great oaks." ' I Page Twenty-two l m! QELQH 'lil - C CHARLES ALEXANIJIQR DEPPE, A. M. Professor of Biology. Graduate of Missouri State University, Grad- uate work in Chicago University, Teacher of Biology at Semlalia, Mo., '02-'07, Superintendent of Schools, Domphan, Mo., '07-'05-lg Professor of LaGrange College, '08-'10, Acting Prcsi.dent of LaGrange College, '09-'10, Franklin College, 19101. llowLANo Cxfaus MEmnL1,, A. M. Delia Upsilon and PM Bela Kappa. Professor of Classieal Languages. Registrar. ' Graduate of Franklin College, '90, Grarlnate work at Colgate,'ter Theological Senfi- nary, Chicago Universityg Professor in Ottawa University, '93-'96, Pastor of Baptist Churches in New York State, '96-'04, Professor of Latin in Shnrtleff, '04-'08, Ifranklin College, 1908--. XVILLIAM Amsaar CISURTON Sigma Alpha Epsilon. College Treasurer. l"ranklin College, 199-015 Summer work at Val- paraiso Universityg Teaeherg Position in Citi- zen's National Bank, Frankling Treasurer of Indiana Baptist Convention, '10, 'Franklin Col- lege Treasurer, 1909---. "Employ Ihy 'lime well if llmu mermesl if qv lrrzs 1 ge lwenty-llnecj I: le :EQ L i i.IlrJ S f K W ,. l' ', 1 .llylllillllltlli ll. lloncac, A. M. Phi Della Tlmlu and PM Bela Kupprz. Professor of luillll0lll2ll'll'S. Graduate of Boston University, ,943 Chicago University, '96-'97g Clark University, '97-'98g Professor ot' Mathematics, Stetson University, ,95-'96g ,Professor at Bethel College, '99-'0lg Instructor at Clark College, '02-'05g kl'll'!lllklill College, 1910+ l .lonN lifllilNIN Tnninsian, A.M. . Bclu Thclu Pi. Physical Direetor and lnstruetor in flflnglisli. Graduate of Colgate Universityg Graduate work at Colgate University and Columbia Um- versityg l"ootlmall Coaeh at St. Lawrence Univer- sity, Canton, N. Y.g Assistant Football Coavh at Colgatv Universityg Franklin College, 1912--. .lonN l1EXVlS BEYLE, l,il. D. Professor of Philosophy and ELlut'il,ll0l1. Student of Indiana State Normal, '84-'855 Ii0l'1ll'l1 Institute, '88-'89g University of Chicago. '93-'Sllig l"rauklin Collego, ,QSQ A, M., Franklin Colloge, '99g University of Ulllt'flty'IO, '99-'Oily l3.l7., University of Chicago, '00g Instructor in Borden lnstitute and Grand lslancl Collegrcg l'l1.'D., Denver Univvrsityg Professor in Central College, 'Oily Presiclent in Central University of lowa, ,lo-,'l4j Flilllklill College, l9l4-. - I ' ' ' 1 H.V!3'l,'!ll' leave llzul fill lomorrow 'wlrich you can do loduyf' I I' 'Fwenty-fc HIT IJ 5 Q .q EEE! K . -Qian wwwif-liaggxk V- L , H R. CIIESTITEH Romfzlxilis, A. M. Alpha Chi Sigma. Professor of l'l1o1nis1'1'y. 1 B.S., fJfl2lVV!l University, 'l2g Follow :md As- sistant, ll1lix'v1':-:ity of Kmlszls, ,Ili-'l-lg A.M., Univorslt.v of Kuuszls, 'I45 Follow Yule 'Univer- sity, ,153 l"1':1nklin College, l9l5i. l n CLAmaNol+: l'llVlM.E'l7T AILNETT, A. B. , IllSl7l'll0t01' in History, English amd . Matlmclmmtics. Franklin Collowv 'Ili' Gl'!lilll1lt0 work Chicago Uguivorsityg l"l'21llkllll College, 19171-. Vll!'Ifflli Gamma Alplza. Profossor of Physics and lllStl'l1FtOl' in Mzlthomzltics. l RS., Otfnwn University, 'Hg A. M., Univcr- sity of .lf!1llSHS, "15q ASSlHffllllt in Physics, Uni- s vorsity of Missollri, '15-'llig 'l"l'Illllilill College, 1917--g Radio Service T :gc 'l'ws-nty-llvu h 9 7 1 , 1 A. HUNT, A. M. "Ona loday ix ll,'0l'HI, Iwo l0?llIH'1'0'Il,'S.U l zomvvnamnv - .i Aim auK , I 'X H V ff .. A in f ,,- :QQ 1-T.. . M lm to , to A -F-i . HRUTIT JXNNETTE SI.oAN A. M. 1 . , , P1 Bam Phi. Professor of Household lllcononiies. Gl'I1,1lllZl,t0 of l'll'2'J,llkllll College, '04g Columbia University, '09-'10, '14-'l6g A. M., Columbia Universityg Teacher of English, Coluinlius High Selioolg Teacher of Eiuglisli and History, l":1r- merslmrg' lligli Sehoolg l"r:Lnklin College, l9l7-. llnzm. iBEACl'I, A. M. Della Delta Gamma and PM Bala Ifuppa. Professor of Roinunee Lullgpilages. Ohio State University, 'l5g Wellesley, 'lli-'l7g Instructor of l"reneh, Ohio State University, 'l5-,163 Franklin College, l917--. BllNNIE l'lllOXVN l'llIl'NlEll Professor of Piano. Music Ilepnrtnient of l"r:1nklin College: Pupil of the lute Victor Williulus, of fllllC'lllll2Li'l, 0.3 Teuelier in 'Kentuekyg Awlvuneell work under Newton S. Swift, of Boston, :incl Mary J. Wright, :1 student uncler lleseliitiskyg l"r:1nklin College, H398--. Hllfmdle your fools 'ufilhouf milieux." lf Page Tweu t y M, Alm gg , EK QL Mus. N1c1.1.lm XVIIIKHIT h'l2l.l'l'0ll of lmclivs' ll0l'lllll0l'Y. Dormitory Stoxvanluss, '15-,175 Mntron, '17-. 'l Mmw llE1,1aN llAllN'l', A. B. Phi 120111 Kappa. Sc01'ctz1.1'y To tho Prosiclcnt and 'S Social Suporvisor. 'Donison Univm-rsity, ,063 Tonollor in Pulmliu Schools, Gnssport, N. Y., '06-'07g Toncllvl' of l'h1glish in lligh School,King:-:vill0,Ol1io, '07-,08g Ruuorflvl' of Denison, '12-'17, Frzunklin Collogv, 1917-. Sfxmm DAVIS I Vollcgo Liln'z1.1'i:m. Donison llnivvrsilyg 'l'v:10lw1' in l uhliv Schools, Newark, Ohio: 1.iln'm'y School, Cllilllfllllllllil, N. 3 v Y., 'l2g Nvwurk Pulrlia Lib1':u'y, 'l2l- Hg l"l':lnk- lin Uollvgfv, Ingo 'llWl3lllj'-Sl'Vl'll I 1914-1. "Fly pleasures and llzley will follow you," Mg, Q Alm anK m , ,, l' - -Xia l 2 W o ltll - X "o 1 . 1 A mfr I Un .loslcmfl 'l3l'1lIlAl'LT llnivorsity of Notrv Dunno, N155 Metropolitan K School of Musiug NI1l'lllSll Dllllillllil :Ind Artist Ilcglvv, '0!lg l"or0p:u1g'l1 Stock Co., '07: All Stal' Stock Co., '08g Mlll'ilf Stock Co., 'lltlg Slmlw- ' spc:u1'inn R0pel'Toi1'0 fflllllllfllllflllll foursj, ,051-llilg Pllirlvlulx Rim' School of thc Spoken VV0r1l, 'Bos- ton Normal Uoursv, 'lily lJClllll'tlll0llf of lflxpros- sion, Nl0fl'0IT0llf2lll School of lvlm-sic, Imlirumpolis, 'lil--3 l7vp:1rtn1011f of Pulmliu Speaking, l'll'Illlli- lin Uollogc, 'l7--. am af-vp 74X Q an fly l ua Am 51? ' f i QE?-l "Yon mm gfizm ll 'Hllllll 1171 office, lm! you 0ll7l'I1'0l give Mm c1Q'xc1'0l1'011.,' lf l'llf,Z'l' 'l'xv4-nty-eiprllt E -,.-:qi - ... V 'r' - all Y - - , iz- ....f Q I 53f:il?T'?'Tg - 7 J W ji Q Alm an LD , 11,1 Nam L K e ii ll A 1 3 , , , Z H W 'Marti , WHEN 'l'lll'l NVARECALL CAME When the war eall eanie, To old Franklin for her sons, 'l'hen she took her roll of honor, And she gave her ehoieest ones, Gallant lads, whose deeds of valor Had brought glory to her name. 'l'hey were ready and they answered, When the war eall came. When the war eall eaine, From her gridiron and the gym ililll1C her stalwart athletes marching, Keen of visio11, lithe otf limb, For the flower of her manhood Went to join the greater game, ln the fight for right and freedom, VVhen the war eall came. When the war eall eame, 'l'hen they put their hooks away, For the flag was flying seaward, And their kind eould never stay, With the mighty message blazing, Flashed in words of livid lilillllft, That their youthful strength was needed, When the war eall came. When the war eall eame, Not with bluster nor with brag, But with knowledge of traditions 'Phat are founded in the flag, Loyal sons of Franklin answered, And they took their road of fame 'l'o a glory everlasting, NVhen the war eall eanie. Glconoic B. S'rA1f1f, '1l. "A plouiglmm-n on his legs is higher Hum Il gcnllemrm rm his knees " I Page Thirty gl Q Alm lmmuK ,. 3 av. mln I H G' e A S 7 1 Q ' if -fvffifww-1"'1r"g,, .I 1. xv ' '43, , A ' - l 'iw A.. 1 Q-Y I ,: sr' Y n . fVE-LTik- "Ile lllul never euls 'loo much will never be lazy." Page Thirty-one I mmmgw Alm auK 1 , :V w , ' , ' I' M!-X15 i , x , W f :L ' K' Z:Jw1wa2ms,:zii'f7, -A - --- -- A . 7- ,-, - :T Z Q M S Z , ,Y ,..--lJy L . . 1 "Thr: 'llfllllf lo lm .wfc is 1z,c11m' In Im secure. n N 'I'Ilir'l.y-two me E trite, 1 'Walsh la K i tl " i i11 " til l - , , W W , YAVY , J Q. , ' , P fzxwggggwtzffw .. , 1 I, - -. M ,U--, -in The Melting Point N ID you henestlv see 'Sna 1 ier' s 1eak to Bill?" uf 3 . 3 'Phe question eaine from red-haired little 'ilillllliln Redmond, who has quartered for four years to the glory and touehdowiiiiig of the 'Blue and Gold. Now, he was leaniiig agaiiist the eounter, asking for so111e eottee ot a lllilll almost twiee his size-a killlily-lll2Lllll0l'0tl man, who did a dozen things during the day itllil many ,times as many at 11.igl1t.. lt was a NYM kitehen in France. Nor was the question lllll'02l.S0lltllll0. 'l'his self-same iiSlltl,DD0l',, had eonie by l1is 11211110 ll0lll'Stly. Most eolleges are wise i11 bestowing lllt'lilltl,lllCS and foolish only wl1e11 they seleet 111e11 for degrees. HS1NlDDGl'H was eredited with having been ll0l'll kieking his best. 'l'wo IIUVSUS lliltl lJ00ll brought low during the first few weeks of his stay Oll this planetg one doetor had suffered broken glassesg o11e heavy-set parent, wl1o Wltllt by the ll21,lll0 oi' "Dad," had often escaped with life, but witl1 lost loeks tllltl seratehed hands. 'thittle Mothe1"' was the Ollly being' "S11apper', ever respected. The angels must have told l1i111 of the sweet-faeed woman long before he had lJ00ll l'Cl0Q'2l,i0ll froni the 'liner realm, for 'tS11apper', lived twenty years i11 her presenee witl1 nothing to l'0g'l'0i. Wl1c111 hvlllltllll ll. lloward left "Dad's" store to eoinplete his edueation. l1e eaine lightiiig. 'l'he first week he lived lllltl0l' the rule of the Gold tlllti Blue, l1e had blaeked three eyes, wo11 the tfolleege wrestling' ehainpionship, beaten out three opponent for the position of left end, had a Vllll-lll with the town mar- shal, lJl'0li0ll up three reeitatioiis. Sundry itenis are not here set il0Wll. Log- ieally, Nvlllltllll ll. was not long i11 g.1gai11i11g his riglitful lIOIll0llf'l2liilll'O. "Snap- pern went through three years, snappiiig l1is belligereiit way along tields of erudition Zlllll llllllll10lCS of collegiate tlt'l1ll'V0llll'llii. Wl1e11 he had been duly "Sloth, like 1'-zest, r:011.m111,es faster lllftlil' labor 11,1ca1's." Page 'l'l1irty-three 1 ' J . m i , HUK W 5 1 , gm M 1 t -Q Li'- 04415 Qc. L59 TK. o TL gh I-Did!!! IIC "lu llw llf7'II'i7'S of lluf u'm'lfl 'num arf .wuwffl om! by fufiih, hul by llw uvml of filf, I Page Thirty-fmlr W.i Aim El? MK , A t, . V . -im X i ' . I initiated by the Zetas, that august body remained in their rooms all the next dayg only 'tSnapper,,' of all the number, eame to ehapel. ln his Junior year, the Kaiser deeided in brief that he owned the world. Not the K'aiser's junior year-'ASnapper's." 'l'his was unwise of the would-be world owner, for he had not reekoned on "Snapper,' and a huge host of fighting spirits of the same breed and sinew. Just before he marehed away with the first volunteers, all the fraternity boys bent their heads together for one eommon objeet. 'fSnap" must not leave without absolute peaee in his heart toward everybody. Everybody loved him. And he loved everybody, despite the overflow of Irish blood that surged through his veins. 'Phat is. he loved everybody but slow-moving old Bill Melton. Bill Melton had opposed him, he elaimed, by virtue of one move. Bill insisted on studying K' hit" with none other than 'tSnapper's" one idol-Betty Billings. 'l'rue, Betty diselaimed any affeetion for Bill, other than a warm admiration. But it was just enough to eause the fighting soul of Willizxiii ll. lloward to froth and foam. and finally to demand the return of his queer-shaped Zeta pin. 'l'he peaee parley failed. lVith the proverbial glory of marehing away, 'tSnapperl' left the Blue and Gold toptrain for Franee. lle kissed almost every girl in sehool as they stood in groups on the platform. 'l'hey understood his lrish heart. lle shook the hand of all the faeulty folks with zeal. lle hugged the boys of all the fraternities. That is, all but Bill. Bill even tried to get near him, but "Snapper', was too quiek. But there dawned a day when Bill eame to the same Division. And he had saluted f'aptain Willim flfl. llloward with fervor. lle had even tried to thrust out a firm hand in the hope of paving the way to eternal peaee and friendship. 'l'oo, Bill earried an envelope in his poeket-written in fine, femi- nine seript-and he wanted to deliver it in person. But a solemn salute he had reeeived in return. 'l'hen the new-made t'aptain had turned and walked away. "WhMz you 1'nc'li1z0 io drink rum, fill the glass half ieilh u'ufe1'." K 'l'hirt.y-five I W Alm anK J! M , X - 4 f , -Lrrvksv n. K , 'I 'W u O P7 'X "Diligence is 1710 molhm' of good luck." 271.1 I Page Thirty-six ,Elo H X N , f ff: ' U-""' "".T'1:J K 'wfzfvwm-'W if I Il l i 3 But shells smash hearts as well as forts. Vannon fire warms old loves and gives them breath. 'llhe scream of iiying missiles, the shout of an advanee, the clouds of smoke, the ealls, the eries, the muttered prayers of dying men . . . make men age in a day. ' So, the question, "Did you, honestly, see 'Snapper' speak to Bill?" 'Phe tall "YH utility man grinned a Hyesf' 'l'hree days later it was "Blunt" who finished my story. llis words are better than mine: NO God, boys, you oughta see Captain 'Snapil 'l'he Red Vross outfit have got him and are trying to bring him baek to his old pep-and the tlaptain is just enough of a fighter to pull through. You see, he was leading his boys over the top last Friday at dusk, when-well, itls an old story now. Some damn Hun pieked him off. His boys knew something was wrong and seurried back to the treneh-leaving poor tSnap'. You've heard me speak of Bill Melton. He was in the same college with 'Snapi eighteen months ago. Weill, Bill eame along and heard the boys say that somebody musta cgot' the Captain. And despite every warning, that big, hulking private crawled over the top and began to hunt tSnap'. It was an awful smear, I guess. Dust and dead bodies and all the rest of the hell of it. But Bill stuek and used his 'fiasherl and found the t'aptain-half dead. A stray bullet eaught Bill on the arm-and he's only got one left. But he crawled baek to safety with 'Snap' .... And l 've just eome from the base hospital. l3ill's only arm was around the little fighting Pap and he was reading him from a pink sheet of stationery. "Boys, war brings the hearts o' real lnimans to th, melting point. And 'Snap's' heart's been soddered to Bills!" --Rosooif: G-n,Momc S'l'0'I7'I', '04. "Few have courage to own their faulis, or resolution enough 10 mend them." Plgm. Thirty-seven 1 4 . Alma : EEK L - 7,:5,+.,.,,-.,.,,1, if V Orv THE TANGE P- X Lrearoxwsp ,S-wnrwvfe I KR wi' ri 5 . F5 . 1, 1- 3 'Q u I N 1 I x, 4 1 ' L S 2 v ' l H' an 4 -A " 9 . ' N. ' ,, 7, , I 'Cl x ,Q C' W X w. ,. ' , .1 ip. wk, ,,.7 ig... lu., M-is I .. ,1- .4 - ,, :J-J' , .4 -1 . Jggg C.7"UNs Syn ,, . ., 5 Ha W BV o P . L ' W 74 A ,- A J I , . I F 'f -' f' A 1 X 1 S- , "' A .- A I "I , ,K HIRE -I - . .-Lg, 1'3'k "Than help hrnzds, for I have no lands. 7? I Pago Thirty-eight 5 Q Aim 'i3EiiianK Lieut. August Leo Sundvall 1l'1l"l'. AUHliS'l' L. SUNIJVAIIIJ, '16, is Tha- first I+'rzmklin mam to givc- his lifv for his l'0llllf-VX. llc- was lisic-ml in tho vusunlty list of May 2 as "Died of NVuunds." "Sunny" was an Slllliiixl'-21 Sflldl'llf-El 5.54-iiflviiiulig shove alll, ho was il hvro. As The firsi of tho long.: list oi' Frznlkliii mon in tho scrvivv Tu losv his lifv in tho strugglv for iiUl1llN'l'2ll'j', his mum' :mil his nioniory mm novc-1' bv vfI':u-od from thv history of i"I'2lIlkiiIl Volloglc. l'ug4- Tililfj'-llilll' I J 4 eww Alm A EE 4 ,V fl A Y K Yun,-'Hain-'A--W ' mmf ,'Vg1T a ' w ,,.,,:,z7L5:,,,1 ,.,-.-. 2 ' 41? Q fmfrf fJ..f-EJ' Dei-pr fegfdffdf w "' 1 . r J X L A Z if ' 'lf .' ,4E,l'iu1x .. X Dot. 'r:44T' 3 Y I 0 QD. I..rq'.gf,?'vS-Z, Z MQGVU L F749-T Aw ro wfmv' ? - xi 5 "A ywmzy .wrwrl is Il Iwo pmzvr' 1'I!'IIl'J Il pin I1 rIuy's rr yroul Il yfm1'." f fl':ng I I affe Y 71 ,pbpulfm :K- 4 - Q Aim GEJMHEK -x- y Aa A : 34' 1 f 1 .-.Q .LL 4 ,tm 1 X ' 'swarm ' j' 1 v - A' I I' 'r 5:-yi ' V k ' f fprff' ., 4. . 5 gym Qu "Imr11'n of lin' Sl."l'UflLli lm llml lvuvlms 711'm.wZf' 7111171 ll fool for his nu:.wlw'.U flhxgv l"m'ly-lxxu YY Y DRS J VV wweeu- Boys- WHERE Do WE X' 0 FROM HERE? N y ff' T: -1---L 5 S' - xx K ' 'B f HDL ,fx-ap, mm. 6. Alai 'lmanK 3 ! 2 HM- 7211 Senior Class I-Iistory tlFFll'l'lRS llwvnoxo ll0I"l'lll'I"l' . . Pl'l3S'fIlC'lll tl!-:R'1'm'1n-1 Doon. lvl-Fl?-Pl'l'Sl.lll'lli MARY 'lll'IAtiARDlN . . See:-elury W.-x:vi':'1'.x lim-:R . Treasurer lf' 'l'Ill'l history ot' the t'lass of 1918 of Franklin t'olleg.fge were to be written by the hand of one not of its number, the l'lass would wish that the resume of its activities be full and fair, yet not eouehed with flowery language. lt would wish that due mention be made of the serviees to Alma Mater of its athletie members, espeeially those who are no longer with us, but who have entered the serviee of their country with that same spirit that they have always shown in eollegzfe aetivities. ln the roll eall of the men who have left ' ' us appears the names of Bruee Bowen, Noble Carter, Jesse Behymer, Paul Foxworthy, 1'onrad Ilamilton, llallie Hamilton and llugh Lowery, who are representative of the manhood of is justly proud. Rixvnoxu E. lJoi,"rnrr'r, l,l'!3Sl'Illl7l I. whieh Franklin The Vlass would have it remembered that a Senior Girl-Mabel Hayes- has represented the Uollege in the State Oratorieal l'ontest for years in sueh a manner as to merit more praise than has ever before been given. two eonseeutive 'l'he Class would not have it omitted that in the dramatic, literary and soeial aetivities of the Vollege it has contributed its due quota, both of indi- vidual talent and group support. lt would desire that one who would best estimate the serviees of the t'lass would eonsult the pages on whieh Senior honors are recorded and those on whieh the various aetivities of lllltl0l'Q'l'iltllltllC lite are depicted or reviewed. ln parting' the l'lass of 1918 would have you know that she pledges to l"ranklin her love and fealty in the years to eome, promising that whatever they do in the great outside world will be in aeeordanee with the ideals of the Alma Mater-all in the dearly beloved name of Franklin. "lf you zeoulrl l'NI1l1N'Il'lSl? you muxl sou' llle seeds, Irion! lI'Ul'lfS and useful deeds." If Page Forty- four El Q m i , EEK N' 7 7 J J .- in-hi? ' "V ., 1 - . 1 W V , ..-,.,2.-,-:1 JOSEl'lllNl'1 liovo, Dolphi, 1111-llilllil.. Dvllu Ilrfllu Dalia. fil'Sl1ill2ll'l' ol' Dolphi 1ligh School, 19145 Y. NV. U. A4 'WVig's:n1cl Quoncsgl' l'll'7l,1lklill liouwl QED: Ulm' Ulnlm Avuonlpnnisf f2jg 1918 ',AllllIlllRli'li llonrflg l,l'l'lt'l0HlIL1l Lifvralry Souivtyg Hviontiliv Association. Major- l'illg'llSil. . 1 NYM. Noam: CAWITER, Dctroit, iYIlf'l11gJ,'2l11. Phi Dcllu Thzflu. Glwulllzlfv of Los Angvlvs ftiilhb High Svhool, 19143 :lftvnflvfl 'flu' Los Angvlvs Junior Uollvgv, spring 19143 Y, W. U. A.U:11minot Qlj, Qtljg 1918 " Almzumvk lioarrl. Major - Biology. ' ?VlA1IY A. l3uAm,1cv, Nv2llJZlSl1, lncliunal. Dvlla Dvliu Della Grzulnntlf of Wnlmsll High School, 19143 Y. W. U. A.: Pan 1l0ll0nio fiij, Qljg Assistant in Biol- ogy lk-pnrtlnvnt QZZJ, C455 l'm'ic-lcsiam l4ifL'l'Zl1'j' Sovivfy. Major - Biology. 1 l - l "ll is hard for an amply bug lo .wlmzrl lLfIj'iglLl.U l ago l4'on'ty-tivo 1 M .ll Alm UEMHBK ..,. lc? -l - X' . ' X "L l 'T-112' l , l .l0SICl'lllNlG CLEVENGER, l 1+'1':111kli11, Imlizlnzl. , Iolrl I'.vi Nu. tory Assistant UD: l'll'0ll0lIlll'S Assistant l9l8 Alnmxlaclc Bozlrmlg Girls' Glu- Clulr. Major - History. RICIIAIIID Cnl-:c'nA1-"r, I+'1':mkliu, Iuclizlml. PM Dfllu Thclu. U. A. Unlwinvt Qiljg l'1-riolusizlll Litm'r:1.ry Hovi ' fl'l' Cl 5. Major - Cl10mish'y. Cl..xl:1+:Nc'1+1 A. lllI'l'ClllGl.I., llmton. lmllzmzl. l'ln' glfllllll Pi. f':nlninvl C453 llllbwllllll Blilllilgfvl' QSM: 1918 A 1l1ll'lC llonrvl. Alilj0l'-- lflnglisll. " You ozvwl' lmmu' jus! mlm! you f'1m'l do zwzlil you fry." I Pug Grzulnntv of l"l'IllllCllll High School, 1914: Y Urzulllzltv ot' Gruvnslmllrg lligll Sulnool, I9l4g NV0lJSl'l'l' Llt0l'Zll'y Sovivfyg Y. W. U. A.: U Ilistorizxn Qfljq Vice-l'rosi4lm'nt of Class Q-I-bg Hus- lass Hia . M. vtyg "Wigs :xml Qlll'Ill'SQl, Glvv Club: Tonnis vl1:1m- pion ffljg l'll'2llllillll RKllll'll1 Class l'rosi1l1-nt CUZ Class Athletic MIlll2lgl'l' C-lj: Uollvgo Ulluul' Mus- Gr:11lu:1fv of .l:ns0nvillv lligll H1-lmul, l9l4g Molnlwr Wulrsh-1' llih-l':ll"v Souivty: Y. M. U. A. I mu- 4- Iforty-six WJ! vfrmvti 5 2 I 7 IM 'll ,- 1- lVllll1lAM l3EMING, Franklin, lndiznm. Pi H0141 Phi. fl1'2lfllHlfU of vl'l1'5L1llill1l lligh School, 191215 l'v1'- iclosian l1lt0l'2l1'y Sociotlvg Scientific Associntiong Y. NV. U. A.: l':Ln-Ilcllcniu Qflj. ' Major - M :Ltln-lnntics. Rfwmoxn lJouTnlTT, Sullivan, Indiana. Sllfflllll 111111111 Epsilon. Grzuluntv of Sullivan High School, 19149 Y. M. fl. A. Cabinet Hjg "Wigs and Qlll'lll'HQ,, l'r0si1lont of Student Council HJ: Prosimlont of ' Sonior Class: lflrlitor-in-Chic-f of 1918 Al1llIlllH0lCg - lWl'llllll'l' of -l,01'lUl0Sl!l1l Liformy Souictyg Mann- gor of Uollogv lioolc Sforo. ' luilllfll'-'l':llgIllSl1. Gm:'l'1:lm111 Donn, l'l1'2ll1lillll, lllltllilllil. Dvllu Dwllu Della. G1':uln:l.fc' of .I"1':1nklin lligh School, 191lg ' 'llvnvlu-1' ,ll-'12, ,14-'15, 116-',l7g AttLl1l1lC1lS1llll- lncr Svhool, 'l73 Y. W. C. A.g Girls' Glvo Clnlmg Scif-llfiliu Assoviationg l'c1'iul0:-111111 I4lf01'2ll'y S0- uivfyg S0l'l'4,'l111'.Y of Class HD. Major -- llistory. 1 , -W ,, "Since thou nrt not sure of zz minute, throw not away 071, hour." Page Forty-scvvn I J .if nmgrxns' 2 Q 2 A - A m a i EEK A 1- 'RVTHQ M. Dwxflsn, ,IAIWl'01lC'ClJl11'!l', T111-iiilllil.. Dvllu Della Drflla. 1AlW1'0ll001lll1'j.f 'High School, 19141 Hanoi Svivlltifiu ASNOui21fi0ll. 1 Major - Latin. Alum EASTITXVOOD, Franklin, Indizmu. you rs. M:1jor--History. A N1'1l,l.l1a l'Il1i1sNls1anI:Y, Kokomo, Imlizmu. 1 Dvllu Dalia Della. - l"lor:i High Svhool, 19143 Y. W. U. A.3 Y. U. A. Czxhiuut Qlijg 1,0l'iU10Si3lllQ'S010llti110 Ass 1 I Major - History. ' ' " . 1.4 "Keep fhy shop and lhy shop will keep Uwe." 'OI' CU, QQJQ Y. W. U. A.g f'Wigs mul Qucuesgu i"l'1l1lk11ll High School, 1915: Scionfilil- Associ- W ation: Class Ilisforinn Qiijg A. B. dvgrvc in throv W. 0. viutiong Svc-l'0f:11'y Student Council fiijg Stuclc-ut Uounvil 1':X0l'llf1V0 Board Qiijg V1"1'1lllk11ll Board Qiijg Assouintv lffditor l"rank1iu Q-lj: Associate 1'Iditor-in-Chief 1918 A111lI1l121CkQ Class Secretary i251 Class Vice-Prosimlcnt C355 History Assistant. I l':nm- Furlyloighl . if 1.-ll G9 m . , MK I Q V - ,N - r-.Y--v--.Til l l ,RUTH l'h.lzABlf:'1?11' GIRAIIAAM, l Fl'2l.lIlill1l, lllillilllill. Pl Boll! Plll. 'E Grnrluzxtv of l"r:mklin High School, 191-lg Y. W. C. A. U:1l1inot,C2j, lily, Q-ljg 1918 Alnmnnuk Boarclg Prosiclcnt Y. W. O. A. Q-U5 Girls' Glu- Clulr AOC0l1llllL1llHfQ l'oric'lo:4i:111 Litornry Soviofy. Major - lflnglisll. ' li'r.onA A'lAlil'1L 'llAYms, ' l'Idiulmrg'. Imlizmzx. 1 Iolu Psl Nu. ' G1':1.fllm,to Ellllllilllj-I High School, 191-I-3 Wolv- stor LllZ01'!'lI'lY Soolvtyg Slate Or:ll0ric'al Rll'll1'0bl0l1- 5 tntivo CSU, Hjg Assistant in lflnglish Ill'lllll'l'l1l0lll' filjq 1918 Allllll111li'li Bonrml. M:Ljor - Englir-411. 1 Om N111 l'l'1'1CK, Nvllltillllllfl, Inclianm. Della Della Della. Grmllmto Clark Township High School, 19143 ' Y. W. C. A. M:1.jor- Englislm. 1 "He llml by lllc plough would lllrilfa, Illmself must nllllm' hold or drive." Page Forty-ninnl WJ Q Alm ac.K 1' 1 1 1 FANN 1 lf: .11101?KlNS, Galveston, lndizmn. Soviufyg Y. W. L. A.: Sviontific Asoscintioxl l'm'iul0sim1 145. Major - M :1flwlll:lfivs. NORMQAN R. llolmxalc, Illd1?1,ll2l,Il01lS, Illtllilllil. M2l'10l'-Ifllg'1iS1l. ' Nonms KIQRLIN, 111l'2l.l1kl11l, Illdlillltl. ' Pi Bela Phi. Almnnzluk Staff. lh12l,j0l'-Gl'l'1ll2lll. " Wrml of cum docs us more damage Hum want of lmowlcdgcf' llrnrlllzlfo of Gzllvvstou High School, 19145 Pur- iuh-Hinn Litvrzlry Soviotyg lnrlcpomlout Litvrzlry 1 g Stu- rlont Council Executive lioarrlg Assistant in NI1l.1'1l011l1l1'1ifS 1J0lHll'tlll0llt CHQ, 145g Prcsiclcut of Grzulllutu of Wnnzunakcr High School, 1914. Gl'?l11llIlfl' of V1'11'Hllk111l High School, 191-lg 15115 If Page Fifty EW Alm 1, BK A X - it o 11 , l4llv1,1N Polvusnov KLYVER, Frzmklin, Illtllilllil, Pi Bela Phi. Grzullmto of 1'xl'2l1lklll1 High School, 19145 Y. W. U. A. Unbinvt C2553 1918 Allllilllfltili Boarrlg "Wigs mul Quou0sg" 1'c1'iulcsi:111 IJll'01'2ll'y So- ciutyg Scientific Associationg Girls' Gloo Uluhg Class Tl'0!lSll1'0l' 1253 Pllll-IIOll0l1lC. MH,i0l'-1211gllSll. GLYDE NIARIE KNOX, Livonia, llltllilllil. A Pi Bela Phi. Grndlmte of Paoli High School, 1914. Major - Matlnvnmtics. BELVA llWCiDANlELS, l3l'0WllSb1ll'Q', Indiana. Iota Psi Alu. Gl'1lllll!1f0 of Brownsburg High School, 19113 Central Normal, '11, '12, 'lflg Y. W. C. A.g ' Webster. Major - History. ll ' ' il lf you 14'ouZd have your busmess done, gon: mf not, send Page Fifty-one 1 J . 4. vw-Leg I S 7-4 --I-L-S--l xf l A BlAllY P ll ILLIPS, I. E Madison, lmlizmn. lJlf0l'1ll'y lS01'll'l'yQ Irvs - . 1 . 1. . Major - Hnglisll. Umm S. PAVY, Grconslm1'g,', lmlizlnzl. rw l ML-Qlicinc, 'l5-'l7g Butler Uollogv Slllllllllll' Yr Socictyg Uolh-ge Bnncl. Major - Oll0llllStl'j'. llomal. l'nU1f1?T, 'lCdi11lm1'g.1', lmlizmu. l Pi Bala PM. 1 l'! Y tcmlcrl Ilulimm State Normal, 'H-'l5g l M njm- - Jcnglisll. f "T1'usling loo much I0 ollmrs' cure is the ruin of 'nznuyf' I flmllllzltv of Nlllilll-lUll lligll School, lflllg nt- fcllclcrl Baptist Training School ff,lllli'Ilg'07, l9l4: Nomlmor Y. W. C. A. Unhinot fill, Q-l-jg Wchsfor ' ' ' ' imlmnf Y W C' A C"J rx. Grsllllmtc of Lctfs Iligh School, llllllg Ilttl'llll0Cl -l'll'1llllillll Uolloffo '13-'14 lmlialnzl llnivorsity of School, 'l7g Mcmhcr Y. M. U. Ag l,l'l'll'l0Sl2lll ,l1itc1'zl1'y Grzulunto of l'I1llllllllll'g' llivh School 191343 :lt- ffwigs mul Quouosgl' Stuflcut Council Exccutivo Board f4jq M0lllllPl' ljOl'il5l0Sl2lll ,llitcrnry Sooiofy. l':lq.rc Fifty-two 1 W Q E li., - K' s tif s-fi . ff all 1 ...- F1,oR1-1No1s Rivrleli-' if, NVOSl1 Newton, limlizmn. Iam Psi Nu. Gl'illlll2litl1 West Newton High School, lfllilg :Lt- tonmlorl lllrlizmn Stn to Normal, '13, ML'lllllt!1' Wmfly- stvr Ll1'01'2l1'j' Sovivtyg Y. W, U. A. Uzllminot, 11215 Sviuntiiiu Assocint iong l.iln':1ry Assistant C2133 Student Council Executive lionrcl HQ. M:1jor-- English Fonmasui V. Rnosnnnlc, F1'2l.1llilll1, lmliainai. Phi Della Thflu. G1'21,l'llltlf0 of ll opvwvll llijjll School, 1914: 41 5 Mvniln-r Y, M. C. A.g Wigs :mil Qncuvsg ' Foot- lmnll Q35 C415 Acting Captain Hjg 1915 Track ' t ot C11 ' I 1 t oi toning I rvsimlun. Drnnnmtiu Clnh Major - Mntlwn MARY TEAGARDIN Spencer, Iola Psi Nu. Grzulnatu of Spa ' I :ss flijg lrosii' 01 f Q-Hg lVll'lllll01' of College linncl. until-s. h 1 5 lncliunn. nuur High School, 19143 Wolv- stor Literary Soeiotyg Secretary of Class CBD: Class Historian H13 T1'02lSlll'Cl' of Y. W. C. A. Qiijg Pam-l-lvlloniu Q4jg Assistant Lllll'1ll'lZl1l. Major - linglish. Page Fifty-three 1 "Three moves are as bad as a fire W .ei .. Alm al:K i 1. i . 'Mm' .. i . 1 ---W -.4 l - fs. ' ,-i i V1n:N1c NVIHKITE Vfxxmvnan, 1 Franklin, Indiana. Dnllu Della Dvllu. Graduate of 'l'l1'!llllillll lligh School, 1912. Class Sa-urctary C135 Vll1K".l,1'CSlfll'lll7 C1455 Sturlent Coun- cil Exuuutivv lioarfl Clj, C2j, Cfljg Assistant Ecl- itor-in-Chiol? 1917 Almanack Ciijg Gloo Club Reader CSU, C413 "Wigs and Quoucsg" Fl'll,lllilll'l Board Ciljg Scientific Asouiation C4j3 Y. W. C. A. ' M ajor - History. 1 1DoNA1,n GouuoN Slvlivrlr, Franklin, Indiana. 2 PM Delia Tlmlu. Gl'!lllll2ll"0 of Franklin High School, 1914. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C415 "Wigs and Queues" C4jg 1 Glvo Club Aoconlpanii-it C4jg Tennis foam Cfijg 1918 Almanack Bozmlg l'oi'iclcsian Literary So- 1 I uivfy. ' ' llII.'iOl'1l'lllgllSll. .lnssnc lCLLEN NVOLFORD, Linton, Indiana.. I 10111 Pxi Nu. Graclnatv of Alhanlhra CCal.j High School, Q 1914. Web:-itcr Literary Sociotyg Y. W. C. A. - E Calminc-tg Franklin Board C413 Class Historian 2 4:15. i Major - English. , - Y .b yy.. "A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things." I Page Fifty-four me Q , ji g? l K i""""'i"'i! N - s i ' so s f W , 4. . VVANETA M. Dinan, C1'zLwl'ol'dsville, Illfllilllil. Gl'z1c'l1l:Lte of UI'2l.Wf0l'1lSVllll' High School, 1914. Member of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet CSU, Q-ljg 1918 Allllillliltili Roarmlg Treznsnrer of Class 141: Meni- ber Wehster Literary Soeietyg President Shulent Volunteers cihbg Meinher of I. l'. A. UU. Major - linglish. . I l N 'l'Ifll'l early morning' of April 1-L, NORMAN 1sI'oI.I.l-:R was called to meet his Maker-just as he was about to finish his college course, and enter upon ax. oareei' of further usefulness to the world. I-lis loss is keenly felt :it Frank- lin. His life embodied noble elm1'ac'teristies, well worth ClllLllil.i'l0ll. "Pride breahfasted with Plenty, dined with Poverty, and mapped with Infamyf' Page Fifty-five l 5 6. Alm ZQMEEK KCCSG , E Q-. lP66K"A-300 Ing fsaydkng 7:m cfilnd 1 'ngavgd 4465"-S -.J "Thr firsl mixlulrv in jmlzlir' 1n1lxz'o11'x.w is 1710 going inln il." If Paige' l"ifly-siX JUNIOR H 9 755 - L - ' Q ' rn f 5 gf, 1 'NK Z f.,,1 1 gg f.l:lJgl,,lZ'IlJ ,V x , 0-5 - X- 1 cw M . - Q5 wk " H 4 Ali:-I' foil it 'rul'l'r' QCSVB 5x5 , I ll l P r ,fl lull., V .,,,,m gn - ' v , ' v s , CG of U is f Flin:-4 V ,1 ' x Ee i . N . -1 J-,ty'::.5!.g5,, XL :ills ' "-uri' Junior Class History CLASS OFFH 'ERS Wl1.1.l,xM Book . . . PI'0Sl'1l0?ll .I,xs1'l-:R SCO'l"l' . . l"if'1'-Presfirleill JIMMIIC Ll-:ic hVIll'II'Il,l'1R . . Ser-rwlnry iliI.xm:x' V,xNn1vu':R . Treusurm' R,n'MoNo Mom.l.l1:lc . Al71leMf'Jly1'. S WIC near the summit of our career, the impulse to tell of our achieve- ments and cleeds of valor eannot he suppressed. XVe first showeml our spunk hy our refusal to wear green eaps, whieh the present, Seniors rather persistently prof- fered us. On the gridiron "Shafe', repre- sented us in real style. Bailey and U1-oss found their plaees on the einders. As to the other aetivities, that first year was an . . . . 7, - . ' - X - - WHAIMM II' Hmm! eye-opener fm us. XM ieceued the usual 11,-,,,j,14,.,,f. looks of contempt, oeeupied the seats in ehapel where allowance is made for quantity, and hearcl onee a week the 'fatherly aclviee of Doctor Hanley. 'l'hese forees had telling effect upon our rough edges. XVhen we returned in the fall ot' 'IG as Sophs, we were more than eapahle of telling the Juniors where to heail in, and the l+'reshmen where to get oft. Our memhers began to take their plaees in eollege aetivities. 'l'hey soon oeeupied positions of respon- sibility in the NVigs and Queues, Seientifie Assoeiation, Franklin Board and athleties. Shafe was elected l"oothall Vaptain, Bailey 'l'raek f'aptain. But the enlistment of these men preventeml them from leading the teams through their respective seasons. 'l'his year, our memhers gained experienee whieh prepared them to take up the responsibilities whieh are plaeecl upon the shoulders of all Juniors. So our thirml year finds us in everything that goes on around the eampus, except l"aeulty meetings anml Freshmen eleetions. llncler the guimlanee of one of our memhers, The 1'll'fl?l'L'Zi7l, has seen the most sueeessful year of its history. 'I'he Junior Stunts have shown you that we ean fill the hill-so. look out for next year's Senior i'lass-play. Then, last of all, we have unnlertaken the puhlieation of the ALMANACK. 'I'hus we give to you one of the lasting contributions of the Flass of 1919. "If you 'H'0Illfl om! In' furgnllmz as snmz as you ure rlmul, eillufr irrfle lhivzqs 'zeorllz refirling or do llmzgs ieorlh 1l'I'ff'f7lg.H I Page Fi ity-eight me Q Aim it anti , , t 4 , , Mmex' A. Ili-Lucia. Franklin. Pi Iivlu Phi. r "l"01' sho is just tho quiot kind whoso nuturu Ill'V1'l'V2ll'll'S,mSO 'tis Mary, Although sho llllgllf 3-ll'Ulll to ho taking' lifo as :L lllilfflll' of fuvt, slu- l'i02ll'l.V 414-lnolnstmtvcl "pop" us lvmlvr ol' thc Uo-od rluss lHlSkl'f-llllll tounl. lust sm-uson. -Sho hus stopped into sovorul prominent "Wigs und Quouosm rolos, "with hor vyvs that look into tlu- vory soul." A. FRANK Black, lmlmnon. t Sigma A Iplm lfpsilon. t l "llc is :L good dohutor, iirst in everything hu doos." As il nulttor of fact, ho ozmrriod off tho Baldwin prize last your. Husky of voice and stfmturo. llc should hzlvv had his Hblllllillltlw np- pur lip for 'varsity cnrvor on t'ho gridiron, :ll- though .loo doosn't 1mrticul:u'ly onro for tho sconory. llo is justly proud of his homo city :Ind wours its omlnlvm. 1 ,. N1 1 . ES'l'lIlCR Bl-:uRx'111l.l,, lndianupolis. lolu Psi Nu. A l'01bl'0H0lli'2li'lYl' of tho sorions llllll1il'li Short- - ridge " high " g'l'2l1illZli'0. Sho is not :ls da-muro :ls sho looks, und, lll'l'lltlllS if we know hor lwttor, wo'd know that sho is usually luxppy. Wm- all liko hor, und tlmt's tho nuiin thing. Esther should ho :l niolnhor of the Pross Club with l "l"r:u1klin" boards and tho Almnn:u'k stuflf on which to build hor pi!ltf0l'lll. Il u . - , A " Well done is boiler llum well suzfrlf' l':lg'f' l"iI'lV lllllvl AIUQK HMG' lm. H1 E . l" Xlllglii I fmuanaTAl-use , K l M 1 Q gffoilk , F Q. ' W WM in sf- 2 V 1. "1'r'frl0 limi maps on K NVll.1.1.xM H. Book, Columbus Sigmrz 111727111 Epsilon. ' "Bill" stops out this your :xml surpasses all rocorlls us "'I'I4l,' of Tho l"r:1nklin. Bigger :und bottur hns boon his 1-ontrilmtion to the publica- tion. Wisoly chosen :ls Ulnss Prvsislont, :incl he is second to but one in the Stnrlcnt Council- Yivc-Prosiclont. Ho has fZIfllOIll0ll tho ta-xts of tho Gro:-k Dl'IlHl'fllll'Ilf and still rutuins :L sense ot' humor. U Few things :irc impossible to :lili- gum-0 Zllltl skill." A'l'1IlCRlNl'I B. BOOK, f'olumbus. Pi 130111 Phi. Has an literary mind :ls woll as Zll'glllll0lltI1tiV0 powers for "psyc" discussion. "Bookic" is best known by Froshmvn :ns llistory Assistant. Sho rvgisters happiness suprm-mo when l+'r:1nklin athletes :irc lending some I. C. A. ll. contender. HA little mischief, by the NVIIY, is fun to spice unch day." DAVID J. BUNNMLL., Rushvillo. Sigma Alpha If12Sffl0'Il'. Who has made possible this publication and to whom the crm-clit four hopo :ls .lnniorsj will be dum-. "D:1vo,' has been prominvnt in class :lf- fuirs :incl hv:ulc-rl tho 1919 Club :ls Prosidvnt last your. l":unous :ls HWigs :mul Queues" footlight artist. "Thu swvvtostv hours 0'vr I spvnt :irc spent among tho l:1sscs." Ilowvvor, ho h:1s boon too busy to clvvotv much timv to unmpnstry this Hfllllllllllw your. Ilowcvvr, that is ll0ll'll0l' hero nor tllvrv. wmily slaps on f'1mlcmpl." lf Page Swtv -l Alm all an zmmvmiii Il Y rw +1 3 2 f ff+"' 07' . FI W , - is lm A - i Q " ' -QQ I ,. - "FIU- E. IRICNE CHANDIA-ZR, Franklin. Iom Psi Nu. . U She ulwnys clovs hor duty, no nmttor what thu tuslcf' She comes l-orc from Roalwstor 2Lllil - haul been with one Ho" loft out. Sho is :1 mom- . ber of the stuff backing this book. Not noni' as sad :ls her picture might lead you to ln-liovv. A womun to whom talent has been given. "Music ' hath CllZl.l'lllS.H Licsnuc CAR-SON, Franklin. ' "Los" originally hails from Fulton, whvro he l completed his "l1iig3l1', education 'ISL He is prominent ns Peri and 'lndopcnflcnt ofliccr. Au acrobat of skill. llc is :1 llistory spocialist. W Es'1'ulcR M. i'1,0ss0N, lqogunsport. A lll0llllll'l' of whom tho Class is justly prourl. Estlu-1' has lwvn il lnopulnl' Y. W. C. A. workvi' and was Prosimlcut of that Ol'g2llllZ2ltl0ll this your. lt is l'0IlOl'l04l sho has strong' likes :xml dislikes. Ilowvvor, her 011001-ful munucr nvvvr is founrl wanting. l'Shv hath an eye that smiles into ull hearts. ' ' l CI v v - ' . Hlfarlhm' go to had x'uppm'l0s.s lhfm MW in finial." Page Sixty-one 1 5 Q Aim ar:.K " - A, N' s l so f F l'11A1n.1f:s ll. Unoss, 'l'hol'n'rown. Phi Della Tlmlu. llerzlllleml :ls one of tho greatest 0114-llll'!llll'U run- ners of thu State, "Glossy" hzlils froul the mlis- trict of lmzlsket-lmll l'll2llllIll0llS. llc is the coin- petent Captain of tho tl'Zll'lC temu this yezir. His attitude of "Laugh and the world laughs with you" won for him the job of "fun lll0l'0llfLl1t,, ' of this hook. Ile is well known :ls il biology 'lab ily." i 1 1 ' l'1vum'N IDUNKIN, Galveston. E Evelyn tried State Normzil, then Indizlna, but has not felt szltisiied until she Cillllt' here this 4 year. She is Il, vocalist of note and iuemher of l the Gleo Club. Hl'll'l' eye beamed keen with honor. ' ' ln-:s1,114: l'lGBl'IR'l' llUNKIN, Kokomo. ' Is still IL follower of his high sehool Alnm Mater --Columbus. He studios away in perfect con- teutnlent, :is one of his big issues in life has been satisfactorily settled. Au orator mul alolmtm' he is, having won the Bzmlrlwiu prize in 'l5. As :L writer, he Cfllllt be beat. His talent in this line rzmgos from patriotic hnllmls to " l'll'!llllillll " copy. Well known "Puri" mem- ber. ' - 'W 1 I " 'Tis msicr lo .vup1n'a.w.w llu: fi1-sl desire Hum lo sulisfy all fha! follow." lf Page Sixty-two MI . EEK 1i'1m'?!Nli, ,X - i ss f W J G'LADYS Dom-zs, Greensburg. l loin Psfi Nu. Quietly and faithfully she works away. I'er- haps if we knew her better we might unrlerstanrl her quiet manner. Gladys has been il prominent Y. W. Cabinet lll0llllM'l' and Webster eolleague. She favors the History Department. ARNOLD E. lhvis, Franklin. Davis has been one of the big "horns" of the College Band, and has the pep to keep the musi- cians playing. Ile has attenflefl several schools of theology, but seleeterl the host school in which to take his degree. B1:R'r1I.x B. GARIil'I'l"l', Liberty Veniier. Calm and quiet she goes about the duties 01' college life. Ilowever, we ean't say we knew her exactly well enough to tell of her actions in full. A eontenteml spirit is the sweetness of ex- istence. She takes part in Perielesian, Y. W. anrl Glce Club activities. . , v , "A fine genius in his own cmmiry is like gold in Nm minef, Page Sixty-thrcel ul! fs HQ A .,, , , -7 A l H X jab X , 5 45- 4, I V -li'i2ii+?45,,5 2a,i:1Jl 4 r NV. IRICNM Gn1c1f:N, Scbvmour. I "A smile is always worth while," and so you see her pictured here. She evidently prefers her middle name, and she has always been known here as lrene. She is of a, quiet, peaceable na- ture, and we believe the world would be better ' if more of us possessed these qualities. Pmf:,xsAN'r IIUFFMAN, JR., Franklin. Upon whom the Juniors have relied for the Iinanees ol' this book. "Ped" has been ever- ready, with no task too big. lle is characterized by his ofliees in charge of the almighty dollars of the "l"ranklin" and Glee Club. His work on the Annual has not been limited to meeting the bills, and he helps in the "make-up." He has made a mark for himself on the einder traelc and will be greatly missed when he answers the call to the colors. As to friends, " Ped" has 'em. Eswincn FnANc1cs JON1-:s, XVashington. Iola Psi Nu. Although there are cities of Jones, Esther is a little different from any of our previous ae- quaintancc. She is elever and original and an accomplished musician. "To all a jolly friend." , n rl 1 .. . vw , '- - ' . . I "Lal us than be up and doing, and doing to a purposcg so by diligence shall wc do more with less difficulty." I Page Sixty-four gi Alm al:K l fl. Q flglal, 1 ll -1-sf "'1 ' 7251- fi-, - F 1 mm. A 5- W , , V 2 307777 f',,f 1 ..,,J, , I1-. .J inf' ITTAZICL A. K1+:l,I.nn, Whitelailcl. "She seems to he inode of cheerful yestermlnys and confident to t0lll0l'I'0WS.,, Mild mul gentle of manner, she Works away in the "chem, lab." uppn,rently liended for n. professional goal. Cr.A1n':Nc1c II1-:Nn1f:1zsoN, Franklin. PM Della Theta, HIlenny" uonl1ln't resist the call to the eolors ' longer and left us early in the college year. IIe1'e's to you and the cause. lVI,x1w E. 'KlNNICK, Greenwood. Della Della Della. "A happy disposition is the gift of n:1t111'e.,' Her picture speaks for itself. A friend to all, however, sometimes shy. She is gentle of speech, 1 heneficent of mind. As to her likes and dislikes -uh, well, that is not for us to say. ' ' ill Phe second vice is Zyiugg the first is running in debt.". Page Sixty-fivefl 5 .i Aim imacK Q-AK i azgjvihoiiz,-ifvi 5 2 ...,, m 42,5 lf' if - -.- -. I f'LARl4INClC lfl. Lowlc, i10llllllllUS. Very quiet--he seldom speuks: but, 0, boy! when he reeites he says :1 mouthful. lf l'hi 'Beta Kappa. is looking for snbjeets Lowe should be given Il onee over. As n student, he is :1 reul one. He has helped to lnnke this book gmilnnmtieully fitting. , 1 i l'ls'1'1s1l-zu M. LYONS, Flora. Della Della Della. With her voiee like n bird louly :L little deeper und rieherj we, as Juniors, :ire justly proud of ' listher. ller picture ussures you she does not hurbor any of the ill will her nnule might lead . you to believe. Not content with the duties as Secretary, she is Treasurer also of the Girls' Glee Club. ller fume centers about the "Math " llepnrtnlent, und she has figured her wuy to the Seientilie. The Allll!lll2ll'lC shows ulnrks of inl- provelnent :lt her hund. I'.u'l.lNu M. NVl'll'l'l'I, lflranklin. Della Della Della. Hllobbien has beeome very sedute while here in college-probably the serious ell'eet of her eduention. She is one of the Junior stuff meni- bers in charge of this depnrtlnent. Also :L dig- nified Student Uouneil 'Plxeeutive Board melnber. 1 1 ' "' 1 "I'ove1'ly sure has a peach of a disguise for ils blessing." If Pupfe Sixty-six mul Q Alm I anti - . ll , , , I' l i Ff'f'4,. t-' if ., . H.-. -M S ,V , h ' H V 2 WYWWH1-Wi1'7, , i . lm. - , .. 1- -. 1, . '- "mu- llIARGARIC'l' M. llI1I,m:R, ELll11lJll1',f1,'. . Della Della Della. l "Chatter, chatter as I go," is Maggie 's man- ner. I-lei' pep and good cheer is worthy of it special mention. lt 'has been rumored that she was to become a traveling sales agent and she - may get into the race for the golrl clollzu' yet. . RAYMOND C'. ll'Io1c1,1.1f:n, New Bethel. PM Della Thelrl. "The Doeto1"' has vanqnishecl the hopes of 1 many a fnmerl goal tossel' in the raee for basket- - hall championship this year, and W0ll all-state recognition as haek guard. His noisy smile makes him at friend of all. Chemistry erities believe him a. "pill ponnrle1"' of promise. , i l'Is'1'111c1e M. ll'I'x'i':n, Flora. Della Della Della. " Ileggyw is one of the "e'hiet's'l of this year hook as 'I'Irli'toi"in-Chief, Assistant. A earefnl list of her aetivities would reaeh from the reg- istrar's olliee to the "Fra,nklinH room. She is il "news', expert anrl writes feature stories for the weekly. Uongenial and smiling, she has won :L worthy share of elass honors. i I V 'W , 1, "Pride enamel promote heallh, nor ease pain." Page Sixty-seven 1 wmmvlaumv l ' ZMW 5 Q2 1- il lncxomc E. PIllCRlGO, i"olumbus. Della Della Dclfn. "Take mc as I nm" is suggested by hor like- ncss at thc left. UPlll'l'lH has sprung several of the southern city crcntions on us with grace in all her steps. As nu Illlllllltl editor, she has provccl "right there." RICIIARD l'AYN14:, Franklin. PM Delta Theta. llc is one of thc fellows 2ll'0llllKl. this institution who mlocs things. llc ncvcr knows when to quit working. Usually found in the chem. lub., and the rest of the time "covering" stuff for The Star. Dick has put in some 1'O2ll work on the Almanack. Arouncl the womcn, hc is quiet, per- sistcnt nnrl jolly, He conlml have hncl IL lot more college honors ii' he hzul wnntccl them. RUTH M. Rlerucy, Franklin. Pi Bela Phi. HOI1, Dutch, where is your smile? Shc is some gloom SOZl.'lIt01'l!1' null we :ill aclniire her for her chccr. Ruth had charge of the class treasury the first ycnr and we have been financially favored cvcl' since--clue to a good start. ller hopc of a scientific cnrccr was blocked cnrly and shc turned to an liberal cflucntion, "flon't you know?" As nn interesting tnlker, she is "right there." " Virtue and a trade arc Il childls best portion." I Page Sixty-eight Hill! Q! E .':f!fQf"'!'Y'!' ! Mm ll A.,. ,ini YT. Q. - 7 .5 Z- fi Wffvfwff' ..- ii - -., ..:, VIl1l"Sl'lI4 Ron, Franklin. "With malice towards none and charity for all," Virfsel 'has gone about the tasks of a eol- lege edueation with a, determination that will win out. The problem eonfronts us-does Virf- sel turn up her nose at the men or is there one other who is just a little above the average else- where? She is a prominent "l.'eri" booster. ORYIIILIG W. Roulciws, Anderson. K Speaking of "growing in every wa.y,",l3obby has given some demonstration while here. lle was crowned this season on the gridiron as a giant tackle, with a. state-wide reputation. lie has been booster in all branches of aetivity this year and is one of the Hbign Juniors as Presi- dent of l'erie'lesian. He has already made a lll!ll'lC for himself as an industrial arts pedagogue, and we 'have no worry about the sueeess of his future. I A'l'lll4lRlNlC ltomNe, Jackson, Miss. Relieves in brevity and fraukuess, and, al- though here so short a time, so far we feel fairly well aequaiuted. She is a scientist by tendency and revels in "psych" discussions. Although a long way from home, she seems contented with us. "Today is ycstc1'df1y's pupil." Page Sixty-nine I l 1 ii.: Aim if an , V . D , i . , ,',,'5:g i K fum, l' --- I i1AXYltl'lNCl'1 C'. SCIIIGIDT, FOIUIIIIJUS. Slight of stature, hut hrozul minmlecl, Lawrence hustles his way about the hulls with :L kick that lllL'1lllSllllSillC'SSQ und, say, he has put some of that kick :incl pep between the covers of this hook. lle travels quite I1 little hetween here Zlllll his home city, :ind we :1ren't :ls well :xcqunintcil :ls we might he. If you don't helieve he c:1n, and will argue, try the Missouri plan. f tl . i l4lI'N1Clf: M. SNnARl.v, Roann. lolrl Psi Nu. ' a "The most unselfish of us all." Qualities of ehrmructer are hest proved by trinl, :uul 'liunice h:1s clearly proved her :ihility of sacrifice. COh, well, he may get ilillfihj She's Uilflflllillg' to talk with :mil never lacking for company. A loynl worker on the "copy" for this review. She can , :Ippreeinte :L joke, so, you see, We trust her. She hzls cstalrlisheml :ln envi:Lhle recornl in the lflnglish D017H1'tlll0l1t. -IAs1fr:1e P. Soo'r'r, Whitelzuul. "Scottie',-you sure want to keep your eyo on him. llis quiet l'0llllliIlg,f llll0lli7 the lab. will sometime result in the discovery oi' :I new ex- plosive, :xml then-. Ile may look quiet :ind iilllllglltiilli, hut ho enjoys :L joke oven :1, little het- ter than the IlVl'l'2lg'L'. You 1lon't like him? Thntls because you rlon't know him. But, sny, on the square, Jap is one of the real HllllSt1lll'SH Wurhlers of the Glee Club, :incl :1 lll0IlllJCI' of i Seientifio :is Well. 1 "Would you pcrsmzrlc, speak of inicrcxt, not of reason." If Page Seventy 5 Q2 Al K W. RI'ssif:1.1. SIIIRIAICY, llrzmkliu. Siymrr Alpha Epsilmz. ll!lllllbl0llll', zlucl his pieture is proof. 'll'ete" ' is uot vouliuecl to one liue of musieul ability, :lull is :1 Glee Club man us well :ls :1 lllllltl 'finer- ulmutl'- in fact, president ol' the College's lati- est 0l'g'lllllZIll'l0ll. ANN1-3 'l'. 'l'l4:m-'oRD, Hutsouville, Ill. Pi Bela PM. Amie has journeyed, quite n, ways to l'll'1Illlillll, :md is more than glad to he hore. As hcl' photo l might show, she is somowhut shy, although you , l+'resluueu will find her :Ls clever :is can bo when you come to know her better. Iler sterling qunl-- . ities have been recognized and sho is now Presi- ileut of the Y. W. C. A. In spite of her przlutiee, f'Sileuee is golden," the :luuuzll stuff' woulrl he fill' from complete without her. i'lIARlllCS S. S'1'onD.-um, ilopc. lle has been 2'll'Ollllfil some :ls rl, student, mul 1 this is his l'llil'f'l station on his tour to :1 degree. tllmrley has the right sort of grit in his lmok- houe, :ls :muy one who has met him on the foot- lmll field knows. Although not here much out- side of school hours, he lms II, wille rnugo of frieulls 3llllOllg the students. . -"A life of leisure mul ll life of .wlolh are hm lhi1zg.v." Page Soventy-one 1 J znfunrnamorr I Q E K -,mffef'4.l'! ,, ..,,-. -E U KYY' in " M In. - Y Y 1 f. H 'ffy wifi S I ' 4 L 1l1f:u1s1':R'r F. TIIURs'1'oN, Franklin. Phi Alpha Pi. lt is :L blillicult llltlftlll' to poiut out ll:-rhu1't 'S fwtivitios lu so lmrivf Il, Writeup. H0 is lu-:nrt Zlllfl soul, lorulvr of the Y. M. C. A. Few activities f llZlV0 lwou uvgleutcml, :Lml he is :L Working mvmbcr of most stuflcut 0l'gfI.lllZIl.tl0lIS, llvrlmult is not nfruiml of work nurl the vxprcssiou of his func yrovvs to you without :1 rlouht ho L-:Lu mul will. V M,xua,xlu':'1' 'l'1:l0MPsoN-IJAYNN, Franklin. Dalia: Dalia Della. HB'li1l'g," rcturuefl from the l'l:1st lust your mul 3 has lwvmuo omuof thc priuc-ip:lls iu t'h0 proclucf ' tlous of thv I,l'ILlllI1fl0 Club. Shi' lwlievos what sho lu-liovus, uvou so fur :Ls 2ll'g.!llllll'llt iu lithics class, or out. Misc-hiuvous :Lt times-clover always. L. Riu' 'l'0MI.1Ns0N, Kokomo. ' Phi Alpha Pl. "Tommy" is :L l'Ufl.l guy, fllltl hu stcppvll out souu- this your :is cznun-ru. umu of tho your hook. H0 is also :L stvppvl' in other liuvs, null Uilillfll Thurlmor Oxpvats hilu to "run" iuto fillllllk We liulvc- oftcu WOllllL'l'0Il why "Cotton," his flowu- lowu lll0lillflIll0, is not goorl ouough !lll0lll' the Collvggo. II "There is small ravmzga in fufawls, bu! fwords may be grvaily 1'cvm1g0d." I Paige Sevvuty-two -,f,- if 3.3. -. Z. -Z fa- f f on -' l EI1K 3 'milk - ' i ' ' ,,-,,m N 'liI'i.If A. Wl+IDl'IlilN4l, lflrunklin. Sho knows whut's what, although shv says lit- tlo nhout it. Biology seems to uttrzzot hor spuuinl interest un-l sho works nwuy lll!IStL'l'lllg' the tornis ' rvvlcd off hy tho hvzul of the Dcpn.1'tlll0l1t. "'To speak only when spoken to" might hc lu-ttor for V ' more of ns to follow. . HARRY G. VANn1x'I14:n, Fl'2lllkilll. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. If yon over seo 'fllillw hiking ILl'0llllti tho cor' l nm' with something Zlftlll' 'hor, th:it's Dutch. I'lu's inoclm-sr, and zilwnys in 21 good humor, hut it is said that :Lt tiinos-whvn riding with girls -- ho mlo0sn't know what to do with his zlrnis. llc is :L meinhor of thc Glco Uluh and i7l'0HSlll'0l' of practically ova-ry 0l'gZlilllZ21il0ll in school. Ho 'italics things us thvy como :ind in-vox' worries." JIMMII4: Lian 'Wlil-:inn-iii, NVl1i1:vl:nul. loin Psi Nu.. Duinurv and calm, sho has pursued hm' collvgv 1-nrour. She's 0l'ilQlllIll and not ufrnirl to work. llol' thoughts and aonvorsation :Lrv nppzlrvlitly unsulliorl by any nlusculinc influvncv. Shu is one of thc inost lnisilivssliku nienilu-rs of tho .lnnior class, and is S4-rilmv of tho vlass this your. "God, pU7'07llS um! i7l,Sf7'HCllN'S crm mom' Im rcqzlilrfrlf' Page Seventy tlirco fl ff l Q Alm lgmanK l'1.,x1u M1xms,xR1f:'1' Mixxlxus, Framklin. Dollu Della Della. Ulllll'llllllQ' zu-1 we-ll :ls :111 zlvcomplislloml vocalist. lllzlru Mlll'gIlll'L't has won for lu-rsc-lf :1 prominent rolo in collogo life. Shu is Zlll fwfivv lllvmlwl' of tlxv IJl'!1lllZl.flC Club. We .Iuniors l'C"Il'0t sho will not be lmck at school next yvnr, as sho plans to devote ull her time to voice culture. , ,, ,i X f -.v-.xv ' Hfbiif QYQ -.,,7,:, ' , 1 6 - S J 52 ' 5 ' "fir , W we K, Dilfigmzrc is Um mother of good luck, and God gave all things to industry." I Page Seventy-four ifawqygyf v 294 I fn xi 1 W4 4 W W X -SM ' Axe he-HNQTUTK 2 3 avlcs all T v mvr GJ lxxxxbx NNW W 'Vx' X' WT ,gm S 7 mf f mb Nxff , X ' , X N, f , 4' f Q f vf fa' 7 W t s f , xx 'VA f -QM ? l Z X1 X ,. EL X ka ka b A Hue J ee of VQU ge 5 I L ophomore MJ IJ , . m X al:.K , 1 J ff 7 iw! A - J ll g . '-if le - 5 Sophoinore Class History Oml. NV1uo11'r, l'1'0sjfleul. But, this year, to do without 1920 lllfl already famous t'lass of needs no lengthy history to let. the . world know of its iniportaiiee in the life ot the "C'olleg1e on the 1lillg" and "Aetions speak louder than words" in these stirring times, so to our readers we say: "Read this hriet resume of Oul' college ea- reer and then watch us do things in the future. " NVe were organized in the fall of 1917, with a, membership of one hundred and twenty-five-the largest c-lass in the history ot our eollege. Not only in numbers, how- ever, did we gain speeial notice and eoni- lnendation from "worthy superiors," hut also in every other eollege activity. We were always largely and efficiently repre- sented in athleties, debating, oratory and seholarship. By the end of the year "foam" sat up and took notiee, and wondered how Franklin College ever existed without us. the Sophomores would almost mean "shut- ing up shopf, XVhat could Franklin do without "our stars" in basket-ball, football, hasehall-saying' nothing of the "strong pulll' in other things? Our prowess is felt in every single phase of College aetivity. lu short, the past year has heen, the present is, full of glory and praise for 1920. NVho eau doubt that gerreater achievements await us? NVQ' how! XVe bow! NVe how! "Ile limi u'en'! be eomzscled cfm't be helped." I Page Seventy sw J i L Z lff'hWW'fff -'ian-N ' irlii, OPAL NVmuI1'r AGNES NV1ll'l'I'I . EIIITII NVle1un'1' JOHN FORNNYAIAIJ IEARL CAM1s1'1cI,1. l':lg4- Sew-nt.vAs0xen 1 'Pmc Somromomc CLASS CLASS OFFICERS Iluugm' never .ww bud brcrul. l'rnsiclmzMi Vif'0-T,7'0S'idC7l'Z Sl3l'7'l?fll1':I1 7'rmsu1'm' Alhlclic Zllfmagcr PAQ A PERSONNEL OF BAILEY, HELEN BARNES, GRACE BOARDMAN, THOMAS BYERS, MILDRED CAFFYN, BERTHA CAMPBELL, EARL CAM PBELL, 'M ARG H ERITE CLINE, YANDELL COONS, ESTHER COVERT, JOSEPHINE CRIBBS, EDITH DEPUTY, NETHA DUNN, GORDON ENSLEY, ELSIE ETHELL, MARY FARMER, CHARLES FIELDS, MAUD FORNWALD, JOHN GIPSON, NELLIE ' GLESSNER, HELEN GLICK, MAGDALENE GRINSTEAD, JOHN HANNA, MABEL HENDERSON, NOLA HUMPHREYS, MAUD INNIS, BESSIE KINNICK, CLARENCE LIIGRANGE, JEAN MCCLURE, JOSEPH MQDANIEL, RUTH MARTIN, DARNALL MASTEN, HELEN 71 e ihui drinks his cider THE SOPHOMORE CLA SS MERRILL, FLORENCE MILLER, HELEN OWEN, INI-zz OWENS, MARJORIE PRUITT, CHELSEA ROSS, MARTIN ROSS, GERALD SCI-ILENKER, LAVINA SEITZ, GLENN SENIJON, ANDRES SHAFER, PAUL SHARP, THEC SHUCK, STANLEY SMITH, CLAUII THOMPSON, ALICE THURSTON, RALPH TCTTEN, MARY TCWNSEND, MARIT TROUTT, CHARLOTTE TRUMAN, .IERALD UNVERSAW, ERNESTINE VAN AUSDALL, ROLLAND WAINSCOTT, SCI-IENCK WATKINS, ELWOOD ' WEBB, MERRILL WHITE, AGNES WILLIAMS, RUTH WINCHESTER, WARREN WISHARD, FRANCES WRIGHT, EDITI-I WRIGHT, OPAL YARIAN, ELLSWORTII alone, Ze! him cuieh his horse alone." L Page Seventy eight K Ii'lffiI'lI'1lfI'I .. ..,-.5550 W ' gl"1' ft' 184 " X I 2:3 B N W N1 x I x .2 .Q-.L I M91 L- , -. ,ff m I I X, ' I Up and down ., up cmd down - Thus nsfhc way To London www I Up and down., up and down- ' A Here we go To London Jrovvn. an.amu 11161 6 If-M1-rv -H1! 1 11 1 ,A ip, -I 1 1 1 , ' Q ., ir Freshman Class History 111111116 11'11111101'1111 111111 11111 10ill'1lCL1 111111s of 114l1'1l11l1i111l 1'11l111g'1-, i11 11111 11111 of 1917, 11 g1'111111 111 14'1'1-sl11111111 f1'011l 1111 11111'1s 111? 1111- S111t11. NV1111 0111s111'1111'l11-11 2l1'111S 111115' w111'11 l'2lf.Y01'1y w11l1'111111-11 hy 11111 11illl'l111j' 111111 11111 11igx1111i1111C?D u1111111'1'l11ss- 111011. 011. 1111- 1h1'ills 111111 11x1'111'1111-111 W1- 1-K- 111-1'i11111'1-11 W1'11'1l we 1t'2l.l'110k1 1112111 wc' w1'1'11 111 111- 1'1-1'11g'11iz111l 11s Elll 111'g111111z111i1111 115' 1110 11111111' 1'111ss11sl 'l'h11 ll1g.l'11f 1111 11111 011101111111 01111111 1111 11111 s01111 for 1111- "111111111'11l l111ss1-s.', 'l'1111 S11111111111111'0s, s11 110si1'11us 111 11111' WC1115il1'C, s11111 1'1-111'11s1'1111111v1-s 111 g1111l1- 11111 s111111l1li111x 111111s C1+'1'11s1111111111 i11 11111 St1'2l1Q,'11'E 111111 11111'- 1'111v 1111111. 'l'wr1, Sl1'DD1lS0l11j' 1'1111111'11-1's 1111- 1 11111 F'1'rr11kl'if11, 95111111111 1-1111'11111'11 111111111511 11111 IIJUHNID f'Ml,,,,mA,h 111'111'11s11i11 1'1'1-111'111i111s. A 1111111 111111111 11is 1111- 1'1'1'sfi1l1f'11l. 11'11111'1' 111 21 111111111111' 11111st ll1lllSll2l1. 1Vh1l11 11111111-11 11111111111 21 11111113 g.111zi11g1 11111111 11111 1111- s11s11111'1111,Q' 19'1'11s111111111, 1111- 1111'1111s 111 11is s111111111'1 QEIVC way, 111111 1111 s111'11w11111 g.11'111'11f1111yC?1 111111 11111 11111181 111' 1111- 2lSSl'1ll111y. This l11'i1li11111 1-111ss 11ls11 pl11y111l il 11111111111111111 11111't 111 11111 11111111111 1l11ll11w11'1111 1+'1'111i1'. 'l'11 sl111w 1l11f111'1'111'11 to 1h11i1' 111'iggi1111lity, 11111y w111'11 111111111 11111 11111011 of 111111111', 111'11s1-11111111 1111'i1' Sfllllt 1111- l11s1 of 11111 1'111ss1's. NVQ w111'11 wall 1'11111'11s111111'11 1111 11111 f111111111l1 1011111, 111111' 111? 11111' 1111111111111's 1-1-1'1-iviiig' "'I"'s" 1'111' 1111-11' w111'k. 'l'111111, 11111, 111 1111sl11-1-111111 s1111111 111 1110 11111s1, 111'illi11.111. 11111yo1's w111'11 1"1'11sl11111111, 211111 111 1'1'il01i 1111 111111111 we will 11ls11 s111'1'01111, 1'111'1'yi11g 1111' s1111111 of 11111 110l101'S. Ulll' 1111ly s111'1'11w is 1110 111ss 111 11111' 1'1'Qsi11011t 21.1111 V100-P1'11si11011t. NV1111 t11is 111111111'11l111- 1'01'1'1l'L1 for 21 111-g.ri1111i11,q, it is 11111100CSSi11'Y 111 1-V011 1111111111111 W11i111 b1'1g.111t p1'11sp111'1s 1h11 f11t111'11 1111s 111 st111'11 for 11s. Hlluve you .wo111c11'11al I0 do f0'I110'l"I'01,l!': do it today." ' L Page Eiglity uaunnvzns .S I T,x1m1.n lixmvm-:l,l. DORIS Kl+:l,1.Y . DIARY Srrom' IQUTII NVIIAIIIAINIS . NVu.1.1,xM Klxusoml-21: 'Fm-: FRr':s1 1M,xx Vmss VI, XSS Ol"Fl4'ERS l'r1f.wiflv n I Virff-I'1'1'sia'1m I S0r'1'vl1r1'jf T'l'l'lISIl'l'!'l' .,l.ll1Ic'lz'r' Jllunngcr "But dos! ihou love life, lhmz, do owl squrlmlm' 1'1'm0, for llml is Um .wlujf life Page Eighty-one J is made of." HI C Z- S SEK X WWA. mf :Q all " . A i I E 3 eafof ! X A -D Ii I 777' 6, PERS BAILEY, HARRY BAKER, MARJORIE BEASLEY, THEODOSIA BEST, GILBERT BTTTER, HARRY - BLACKWELL, KENNETH BOAZ, MARTHA BOONE, MARY BROWN, ALICE BROWN, ESTI-IER HRYSON, REBA BURGETT, LENA BYERS, RAYMOND CAFF YN, HELEN CAMPBELL, HAROLD CARTER, CARTER, CARTER, CATHER, CATRON, EDITH M YRA RUTH BARBARA LUC1 LE CLARK, MARION COOK, RUTH . ORIM, FLOYD DAVIS, GAIL DAVIS, NELLE DAYTON, OMAR DEBARD, LETIIA DEER, DOROTHY DEER, GLADYS DEUPREE, RALPH DOLAN, ELEANOR DRYBREAD, MARTHENA EITEL, GLADYS FIELDS, FLOYD FIELDS, MAURICE ONNEL OF 'PHE FRESH FORSYTIIE, DAVID FOSTER, MABEL FREEMAN, ,ROSCOE FULLER, HELEN GOFF, HELEN GREENWOOD, HAZEL GREESON, MILDRED GRIFFITII, LETA GRI FFITH, MARIE HAGER, ARAMINTA HARRISON, DAVIS I-IARVEY, ALONZO I-IATTON, HARRY HAYES, HERMAN HOLEMAN, WAYNE HUFFMAN, MARJORY I-IUNT, BAULINE HUNTER, ROY JACOBS, MARSHALL JORDAN, ARCHIE KELLY, DORIS KILLEY, EWART KINGSOLVER, WILLIE KNOOP, EZRA LARRISON, MARGARET MACARTHUR, GRACE MAHAN, DOROTHY MATTINGLY, GEORGE MEIKS, CAROL MERRILL, NORMA MILLER, NELLIE MILLER, MARGUERITE MILLER, MARTHA LOUISE MILLS, DEAN MORRIS, HELEN MULLENDORE, NAOMI ' MAN CLASS MYER, LEO NAUGLE, OLAF NELP, JEROME O'NEALL, MARY OVERSTREET, CHARLES PARSONS, DWIGHT PATTON, RALPH PORTER, GEORGE REDMAN, ELSIE REEVE, ERNEST REEVE, KEITH RILEY, CHESTER ROOT, ALINE ROSE, TRACY RUDD, FEROL RUTHVEN, CATHERINE SCHLAUDT, CARL SCOTT, MILDRED SEMON, THOMAS SHORT, MARY SHUFFLEBARGER, HELE SMART, CHARLES SMEAD, JOHN SPEAKE, FARROLL SPEAR, RUSSELL STROHMEIER, FRIEDA STRUMM, MARTHA TEAGARDIN, FERN THOMPSON, THELMA UNVERSAW, GERTRUDE VANDIVIER, GLENNIE WELLS, DOLLY WEST, OPAL WILLIAMS, LOIS WINTERROWD, JOHN "ExpoI'ience keeps a door school, but fools will learn in no other." IQ Page Eighty-two N al, ,. KT 9 P sf .......K ,J , ,, J! 'ig..--f- X -S1 .f fp M, -5'-lin ox --' em ""' f ,-,,,. aa.-fr -1:1'. w I fhletics fx N f , jL2"fj'N H CYQCQ Er W M M!! hx-? Y V QR! f - figgff-4 'W ww f , ,f - "W Wflf m ujfg , fig 14 w AWN M5242 A x 'NPN Q vu Q ..- w -fl? j g " Z 5714161 HBK ,uw "ff,'xf'm ,, 'w-smirk 1 J 11-11,1 .vb Sl-1. Q -1' . if. in gk 'V'-., A 5, :FF-5' A I ,z :V .Jig .IL 1 ' jqjvg-,L 'mf' ha fix. .1'5fify,A Tiff? ' if jwf: I .1 reg W 0 a V J , 3 xi .Il-NIE' su. 'Pr x KN Qt H 'L '3-lavv 15 on 1711001 1 101 1 40011 1100 of lh 0101111 Q WLS 44 - 1 J um-'FJ 111 1, 11K W, 'i W. i K - f 'f The Football Season-191 RANKIJIN 1011111511141 w11s 11111 1111111115' 1111111111111 hy 11111 Will' 111 11111 11111 the s11111111ss111l 111111111111 1011111 whi11h 111'11111s 111111 111'111111111111 11111 y11111' 11111111'11. '11111' 111ss 111 Sll1'11 1111111 11s 1111w111'y, II111111111111, S112l10l', 1111111111 111111 13111103'-1111111 111 1111'-S11110 11111i1101' -w11s 11111 g1'11111. '1'h0i1' I11111111s 111111111 11111 1111'11111111111y 1111 111111111 hy 1'1l'1'S111lll'l1 2111 11111 110- 1:11111i11g 111 1110 y11111'. 1111w11v01', 1110 w11111'111's 111 11111 1111111 211111 1111111 11111111111 111111 11111y w111'1: 11111110 111 1110 11113111 Stllff 11111o1'0 1110 SCIISOII w11s 11v111', 211111 1111111' 1111 w11s s11111 111111 1111110, 11 w11s 11s s111'1111ss111l 11s 1111111y 11111011 s1111s1111s 111 1111s1 y11111's. 11111111111 11110111111 just 1111111' 1111ys 110111113 '1+'1'1111k1i11 1111811108 11111111 up 21111111181 111111111111 1'11iv111'sity. 111111111111 111111 111.110 11111111110 1111- -11111N 11'1111Nw.x11l1, 1111.5 1111 El 50 111 0 s11111'11, 11111 111'il1l1i11l1 D1ilyC1'S A 1V"""'!!""- 1111111111 11v111'y 1111111 111 1110 g.1111110. 11111111 111 1111111111111 s1111w1111 1'1'0lll 1111' S1'2l1'1. '11111' U111111111111 1111111111111111,' 11111 1111111 1'1111111v011 111 1111s Q1111111, 11111v11v111', XVHS w111't11 1110 1111111111. A w1111k 12l10l' 11105' 11111 11l011' s1111111111 111s111 111 'f11111111111i1111." wh1111 1'111'111111 111111111111 11111111 21 1.1'i111111i11g by Z1 s11111'0 111 5-1 111 0. ' '1'111'l1 111111111 11111 1-111111111111111. 111 11111 1111s1 1. f'. A. 11. Q1111111, w11i11h 111'11v1111 111 110 Z1 110111 11111111013 Fl'ill11i11l1 110111111011 11'1i11'1112lll1 111 Fl'ill11i11ll, 20 111 14. "Spud" 1'21l1l1J1Jl'11 NVEIS 11111 111111 111 11111 '1'1Z11'1112l1ll 111111112 111111 111 his 11111111111111111111 1v111'k, v11-1111'y w11s i1101'i11111111. '1'1111 111111111 110111'g0111w11 1111111 111111 11111 111111111 G11111'1:11t11w11 111111111111 11111111111111 11111 1111111 111111 111111' 1h111'11. 33 111 0. ' 'l'1111 1111ys 111111111 111 h11v0 1110 11111-1111111 1111111111 111 11111 1111s1 f1v11 11111111108 111 1110 1311111111 g11111111. 111111 wh1111 11111' 11111 111'111'11, 1311111111 111111 11111 1111' 111111111 11w11y 1111 1110 with 21 six-11111111 1111111. "1'1111y,sy' 1111111111 111111 11.1111 1111111 w111'11 211101111 1110 11111y fl'211'111'0S 111 11111 g.r1111111. '1'h11 1111s1 1111111111 111 111111111111 111 11111 wh11111 s1111s1111 NYEIS 11x11i1111011 111, '1'O1'1'C 111111111, W11011 11111 1111111 111111 1311111 11111111111 11111 1. 1'. A. 11. 1111111111111111s 111 1111111' 1111111 11111111 j'2ll'11, 111111 111111111 11111. w11h 1110 short 01111 111' il, 12 111 15 s11111'11. 1301-k w11s 11111 i1'1111 1111111 110110. "1111 l1111I 1"is11l11 111111 11111.11 lui! 1111 1141.11 111111 Sl'IlI'l'l7 o1'01'l11L'c 111.1 1111s11111ss ul 111g711." I 1,112.10 liigllty WW111. Aim 2 HUK ' ,X 11 1 -1 N - 1 fs -f 4 'Pho 3111110 of Thv s011so11 w11s with H11110v01', ll0l'0. lt w11s il Oloilll Out viv1'o1'y to Thu func of 21 To 3. Ki11g'solv01' dis- pl11y0d foolbaill 1'11lv1111 in this QEZIIIO. 'l'h0 fC2llll was c-l1111'11f'tQ1'izv1l this your by tho co11sist011t work of Big llol101'ts 111111 Tho 0l:f0llSlV0 work of i'11111pl10ll 11111l King- solvor. Acting i'11pt11i11 Ril,1.1'Stlill0 will he lost hy 2l'2llil1lill'l0ll. 'l'h0 outlook for il suv- cossful SPQISOII 1l0XlT yllill' is vxcccalillgly' brigllt. t'11,xc11 'l'111'11111f:11 THE SEASON SlCl"l'lflll'IIl1CR 29 - At Bloo111i11g1o11 .. Blmllllillll 0 lllllllilllil -UlllV0l'Sll1Y 50 OC'r0111c1c 6 - At L11f11yof1'0 . .. lf'1'1111kli11 0 il,l1l'tlll0 IllllVCl,'Slty 54 0010111111: 13 - . At,F1'1111kli11 .. .. Fl'illllillll 20 Vl'l2ll'lll2lll1 .. .. 1-l 0c'1'01111:11 20 - At G1-o1'gQ1'0w11 .. .. F1'1111kli11 0 GO0l'f.2'0t0W1l . . 33 001101111111 26 -- At Fl'2l,l1lillll .. .. l+'1'1111kli11 0 Bllilill' .. .. 6 NOXll'IJTl3l'IR 2 -- At ,ll0l'l'0 ll11u'f0 . .. .. l"1'1111kli11 G 'Rosv l'oly1'0c'l111i1-.. 12 Nov1cM1a1cR, 9 -- At Fl'21lllillll .. .. 1'll'2llllillll 21 llElll0V0l' .. .. 3 "l1ulusl1'g1f 110011 om! wislzi, 111111 he 111111 lives 71111071 hope Ml! din fusMo1g." Pngv liiglity-sm-x'v11 1 H9 6- Aim ' ""'llIl f ...J Fo11Rr:s'r RAosD,xI.1c, Acting Captai11.-Ulffrgs." By nature, itll endg by necessity, a half-back. Large and powerful that he was, he stepped right into Shafer's shoes after the second game. "Rags" is the Ollly letter 1112111 left to tl1e tffillll by graduation. He came in late and worked hard to make up for it. EA111, i'AMP111f:1i1,, Captain-elect.-''Spudf' All-state half-back. "Spud" was the discovery and se11sation of the year. He was in every play, both offensively and defensively. No player could IIlCl'lt greater honor, and no o11e could receive greater praise. No one could be less demanding i11 receiving that praise. T K JOHN hoRNwA1.p.-' Forma." 1 Half-back. Quick, dogged and pcrsevering. Always in the thick of the battle and always, doing business. "FornieU was good in making a tackle, forming interference, throwing forward pases and cutting off for a five or ten- yard run-it mattered little to him, OLAI1' NiKIllll1l'l.-,,JC7'7'Qlj.'U Quarter-back. The Bloomfield lad follows in the steps of Jordan, but hasn't quite caught him yet. He has the disposition of a good quarter, and is bound to make good. .An injury to his knee held him back this year, but with added weight and years, look out. llA1co1.n l'AM1'1x1cLL.-' ' Ilimk. ' ' Full-back a11d center-either or both. "Hunk'l was right there with the goods. An injury held him back from doing his best last season, but his name will go down among the best of Franklin football men. HlVifll0'Zl,l jusliec, courage is zvcfzk. D0 not do ihut -which thou fwoulclst not have known." I Page I-Eighty-eight it fi Aim .g auK WZfYA ' 5 2 "W " , ,, gi. 1, i fffi'f:ii9!m X i he M A .-""37'q. s,,n. WIIJLI 14: K1Noso1,v1cR.-' ' Kings. ' ' Half-back and speed merchant. A punter, drop kieker and open field runner. An early injury kept him out of the game a large part of the season, but his work was of a high 01'der. Watch him next year. .l'lcRoM1c N NLP.-' ' J crry. ' ' Quarter-back. Nelp was a good kicker, a heady player, and showed promise of another " Crabby. " l'II.1.swoa'1'1I YARIAN.---' ' Yrmigzm. ' , i Linesman. This young giant from ROIIIIH has the ra.w material of a great linesman of state fame. His strength knows no limit and his eourage no bounds. Fear is not in his voeahulary. C1IAnmf:s Ov1+:Rs'1'Rlf:u'1'.-' ' lfVinLfic. ' ' Venter. f'harlie's ability to pass the ball and his steadiness in a pinch gave him his position early in the season. Though handicapped by laek of weight and age, he was always a reliable player. Ile was always faithful at practice. "Ha lllml .wculicrs thorns, lol him not go Imrcfool." fe Eighty-ninel . -QA ... in -- 2 'E f.. Dlxvis ' ,lI.x1nnsoN.-''Dueeyf' Guard. 'l'his young Bedford giant played his first. football this season. His kieks-otits, when going right, ean hardly be equalled. Big and powerful, he possesses qualities whieh are bound to be heard from. FRANK Bleek.-"AImer." Guard. 'l'his son of Lebanon, in his third year's work, beeame a guard of real merit. His work at Rose Poly was largely responsible for holding down the score of the ehampion engineers. Though peaeeful in normal times, on the foot- ball field he is a real tighter. ORv1LI.1c Rom-:1r1's.-"Bob." I. t". A. L. taekle. Guard by birth, taekle by adoption. lilongated, he had a habit. of getting direetly in front of his opponents, stopping their progress in real style. A stonewall on defense and a eyelone on ofFense.,'tRob" is a terror to the foe and the eonfidenee of the team. CHics'1'lcu RII,l'IX'.-K'D1ld'l'.,, , Guard. After reading his name, you will know he is no German. You sure should 'thearn him play. VVith lots of size and no previous experienee, he developed into a. lineslnan of promise. Another year will tell us more of him. RALPI1 PA'l"l'0N.-K ' 1'f1l.', I. tl. A. ll. taekle. the "Ole Olson" of Franklin. Though new at the game, Patton soon beeame an old reliable. Big and powerful, he never realized the extent of his powers. Ile was always good for a gain on a taekle-baek forma.,- tion, and holds a sure plaee on next year's team. - "The brrmre um! fzrfisn elm lmlli pity :md 0Jl'C?LSIZ 14-Zum f-m,.,,,.,1s ,md foolx show no mercy." If Pags Ninet .Y '?m.. .ev 6- Aim i' K , il H b il H l'au.:e Mosns P1un'r'r.--' ' Jllose. ' ' End. "Muse" started out for half-baek and landed at end. His steady playing and eonsistent puntinq niade hini invaluable. 'l'houg'h neither end was fast, no team had a more reliable pair in the offensive and defensive play. He always showed up with the goods when eounted upon. GERALD Ross.-' ' Illul I. ' ' End. "Mutt" was guard last. year. I-le ran Job a elose raee, but his un- flinching nerve kept hiln in the game, and he fouglit on, always able to get around his end. 1-lis run of sixty yards at Rose Poly, after intereepting a pass, was the most sensational play of the whole season. JouN M. 'l'1n7mn':iz.-' ' Couch. ' ' C stands for Colgate. f'oaeh is in his element when driving a football team. He ealne here in 1912, and sinee then football has been in the spotlight for Franklin. This year, with praetieally every man raw and untrained, he developed a team that made a reeord of which Franklin is proud. l?mcAsAN'1r I'lU1+'I4'lVIAN.-5 ' Ped. ' ' Quarter-baek. 'tl'ed" is one of those li,e:htweig.rlit players that get by on speed and nerve. Ile was a thrilling' worker, gaine tighter and valuable man on the squad. He showed us what he eould do in the il'l2l.l'lll2l.Ill ganie. l4lere's hoping he hits the Kaiser as hard as he hits the opposing footfall line. "To Zmtgihmt lhy life, lessen lily meals." Ninety-one 1 um A 2 ,WW ' Eg'3! X K f A O A .ag . if f I - XKVJ: I. 1 An. FOOTBALL SQUAD Top Row - Sc-cond Row - RICEVIGS URIM NAUGLE H. CAMPBELL M ATTINGL Y RILEY PORTER ROBERTS YARIAN HARRISON KINGSOLV ER ROSS WINTERROWD 'HU1"FMAN NELP Bottom Row - THURBER Cffonchj STODDARD FORNWALD f1x'f!lllflg0l'b B 'E U K RAGSDAL14: QAM. cnpm PATTON PRUITT E. CAMPBELL "There are no gains '1l'?'f7f,0Uf pn-ins." 'algo Nilluly-Lxvfr J M . 311K 5 X W, . an Tho B2.1S'1i01b311 Season-1 91 IHS is t110 j'0il1' 111111, l1l1'11111ill11 1'oll0g.10 "ste-1111011 out" i11 l111sk0t-111111 011-011-sof 11110 St11t0 i11 il way that will 110V01' 110 f01'5.l'011011. 'I'h0 i14ll'2l111i11l1 t011111 l1olds 1111- Q11SDl11'l'l1 01111111 to t110 1. t'. A. 11. 011211111111011- ship for 15118. W0 2l1'0 111o1'0 than proud of t11is y02l11'yS 1011111 l1001111s0 t110y not only St2l1'10L1 t110 s011so11 against gl'1'02l1 odds, hut th0y 11lso fought t110i1' way to t110 goal they gained like true s11o1'ts111011. '1'h0i1' 312111105 w01'0 011tl,1'il,f'tl'1'lZl'L1 by tl10 good "old time Sl'1'il1'7H that NV011 for 1110111 th0 11111110 of tiF1'ill11i11l1iS Fighting Five." '1'h0 only 51211110 pl11y0d 110fo1'0 th0 1101- idays XVIIS with f'011t,1'11l N01'111111, 011 T110 home t1oo1'. Knoop show0d us that 110 llkld the -W "IIl2lli1ll,Si, of il 1'0i11 SC'01'1llQ' lllilll. '1'h0 1'0- IIARRY VAN,,lyH.3R sult NVEIS 21 vi0t01'y, 21 to 41. J1,,,,,,W1,-. Aft01' t'h1'ist11111s, tho '1'011th l11fa11t,1'y was T1111011 0V01' by tl, 27 to 18 s0o1'0. 011 vlilllllillj' 1!lth, o111' 1011111 j0111'110yl'l1 to R1C'l111101111Q th01'0 the Q112l1i01'S w01'0 pro- 11a1'0d for th0111, 211141 they mot th0i1' first dofoat hy il s0o1'0 ot' 21 To 38. 1,0l'112l11S t110 110st 111111111 of 1111sk0t-111111 that 1111s 110011 s0011 011 tho 11o1110 tloor si1100 the hN2l112lS11 2211110 of 1916 was p111y0d i11 t110 1J0l'1111w Q111110 of Jil11112ll'y 31. Not 21 1111111 o11 tho 1021111.11718 "i11 00llt11t10ll,,i but th0y Hgot tog0th01"' and 1il01.,il1lW t'01l to t110 111110 of 33 to 2-1. 11211111011 111141 f'tl111D1l011 w01'0 t110 stars of t110 ,2'tl11Il0. Both 0ov01'0d tho floor i11 lig.rht11i11g flashes, and 110ith01' 110111111 difficulty i11 l1it- 1i11g.1 th0 1111sk0t. A w00k lat01', with 1l011'l1l'1' Hatton 11o1' Knoop 011 th0 squad, H110111101' vi0to1'y ov01' 1J0P1111w X1 as 11dd0d to the list, lll11l'11 to the f'112l,Q'l'1ll of tho "loyal M0t11odists." Bl110kw0ll S110Wl'l1 1'011l 'varsity stuff i11 this g.1'111110. 1'l1'21l11i111l played th1'0c titlo gaincs this y0111'. '1'h0 first was wit11 19111-1- . 1111111, i1'l0lH'112ll'j' 15, W11011 t110 Gold H1111 131110 got sw00t 1'OVl'1l,Lf0 to t110 T11110 ot' 20 to 12. 111111121811 0111110 110xt, 011 F017l'11tl1'y 21. 211111 was l11111d0d t110 short 01141 of 21 251 to 25 s0o1'0. '1'11is s0ttl0d t110 1. U. A. 11. 011a11111io11s11ip. 11111l0l' was t1'i1111110d at 111di11111111olis t110 day 11ft01', 23 to 16. '1ll1011 01111111 1110 third titl0 11111110-with 1,l11'i11ll'-211111 1'111'd110 won, -1-8 to 29, hut 11011 until S111111't had 110011 tak011 out 1101'i01'0 110 112111 11111y0d tivo 111i1111t10s, 011 IJ01'S0112l1S. 'l'l1is 111'ok0 1111 t110 d0f011s0, whi0l1 111111 110011 0x00ll011t up to that ti1110. "If you will 1101 hear rcusmz, slac will surely rap your k111LCl.'lcs." lf Page Niiivty-four ff--f---.--.-.-1 2 4nN m an : S L 'l'l1o larsl Qilllli' f'2llll0 Mzlroll 7, with lflullor, lww. l'll'2llllillll won. ml lc :mil 1lifln'l' :allow l'llllli'l' il singlm- liolml ggmml-:1 rm-c'm'1l 'for llllllilllil wllc :l1l1l01'lt'S. Mixlwu T - Af A 1' lll'I0lfIMlll'Il! 18 .l,xNU.xm' 12- .l,xN1',x1:x' 19 .l,xNI'.x1ex' 25 A t A t A 12 A t J ,xNl',x1n' 27 - A l, .l.xxI'.xm' ,ll - l'll'fIlRl7ARY 8 Fl-IISR I tu: Y F1-:lsR1'.,xxcx' 21 l4'1-zlxulmlex' 29 HIARCII 2 4- Pngm- Ninety-live ,I - At l5-- At - At 2- At Al " Tlufy 'l'lll'1 Sl'lll'll7l7l1l'l l'll'2llllillll . ..l'll'2llllillll -ll l"r'z1nklin . ..l"1':mklin 27 lill'lllll0llll .. ..,l'll'illllillll 21 llll'2llllilllI . ..l"1':mklin -ll l'll'2llllillll . .... 1f'l':mlilin 22 l'll'2llllillll .. . .l+'1':mlclln 2123 li1'vv11r':1sll0 . . . . l"l'zmlilin 20 'l'll'illllilllI . l"l'zl11klin . lmlizmnpolis l'll'2llllillll . lllrzmklin . VI! ...1"l':1nklin 20 . . . .,l'll'2llllillll 20 .....l"1'zxnkli11 23 . ..l4'r:ml:lin 251 .. l'll'2llllillll 51 0'I'All. 357 lluzl will 'llflf Im r'm1.w0Zlml rmzoml lm l'on1l':1l Nm'm.1l 'l'vn1.l1 lnfzmllx w v ' lU2ll'lIl2llll ... llallmwr .... Stull- Nm-mul lJol':1uw . IM-l':u1w . l'l2ll'lll2lllI . . Wzllmslm . . Hullvl' . I'111'1llu- . llullor . hlwlpml. ' ' El ee -t i K El J r, 1 x l XG . E r.f.r14v1M'0!!i'7 li ' l..,?,, hmm X , , oe .7 ' iff 1, 4' it GERALD Ross, Vaptain and Captain-eleet.-''Math" Forward. 'fMutt's" eonsisteney, nerve and optimism against great odds made him a eaptain who merited reiileetion. He was always in the thick of the fight, intereepting a pass, spilling a man and making a basket. Although fighting against great odds, he never let physical disability keep him from giving everything he had, ,and this largely made him the all I. til. A. L. forward that he was. ' IIARRY H.w'roN.-' ' I1 appy. ' ' Forward. Hatton came to us with a reputation that didn 't appeal to the DePauw people, where he played in the sectional high school basket tourney, until after he had given them a drubbing here to the tune of 33 to 24. Then they sat up and took notiee. He had to drop out of a few games in the middle of a sueeessful season, but 'he gives real promise for next year. I-Ie showed more real stuff than any Freshman who has ever made the 'va1'sity. EARL CAMPBELL.-"Spud," Guard. Fastest tloor guard that ever lived, or at least he will be if he keeps on like he started this year. Besides a real strong defensive man, he made more field goals than any other man on the team. He has a serappiness about him that fools the forwards on the other team in a way that does the Franklin fans good. Hurrah for HSpud"! "Get what you erm, and hold what you get." I Page Ninety mx ,J W f t 'fwMfWAU.v-ff lt i Q i l -V. ..A, . 1----.-. g. ,W he ,-, Ai 5 ,J . '.,. . L y -A . :EP -li " i . , 4 I RAYMOND lllonnmzn.-' ' Maud. ' ' Guard. Heze Vlark says he was the best baek guard in the state, and Heze ought to know. lf you don 't think he is a good baek guard, ask Butler. 'Po him, and "Spud", goes the credit for the reeord that the Blue and Gold made in the last game of the season, holding an opposing eollege team to no Held goals. I-Ie's a Junior this year, and he has another year of usefulness to the team. K lCNNl'I'l'H B1,ACKw1am..-' ' Ke n.. ' ' Forward. He took Hatton is plaee when he had to leave the team and, under any 00lltllll0ll, he always fills the bill. His big game was the Wabash eontest. Hatton and Blaekwell are players of equal ability, and that's a eompliment to both of them. Exim iKN00l'.-i6B'lLlf0'IL.U t"enter. ."l3utton" doesn't say mueh, but he plays. The big two-hundred pounder, from New Bethel, was a 'ttightlng fool" in most of the games. His eye for the basket was phenomenal at tunes. He and Smart teamed together well. CHARLES SMART. Center. He arrived just in time to take Knoop 's plaee when Knoop dropped out of sehool for two weeks. He found himself in the seeond DePauw game, and in the W'abash game he literally went wild. Five field goals in as many seconds was almost a record. He is six feet four inehes in height, and Weighs well over two hundred pounds. His 'tmile aeross the shoulders" stopped many an op- posing player. "Blessed is he thai arpccicilz. omlhiag, for he shall never be clisappgingedjf I' :ge Ninety-seven I J . -. Q Aim ? HEK 1 Y it W , Y , I f ,-leg, 1 WJl l l v-:K i t e lm X - A A- f Track-191 RANKLIN would have been one of the big schools of the State in track, both this and last year, had it not been for the disorganiza- tion caused by the war. Bailey, Bowen, Hallie, Hamilton, Nelp, Lowery and t'on Hamilton had won recognition of a more than creditable nature the year before. They answered the call for men, though, just as spring athletics was beginning to boom, and without them, of course, the schedule had to be dropped. The disorganizatiou of last year could not help but have a. weakening effect on this year's men, but the athletes who were left in school and the super- abundance ot material in the Freshman class, prom- ised to show up exceptionally well as the season be- gan. t'harles t'ross, '19, of Lebanon, was elected captain of this year's thinly clads, and equal credit for the work of the men goes to him and Foach 'l'hurber. Franklin was strong in the running department this year. NVith t'ross, a State leader in the two- mile event, the Freshmen and Sophomores furnished excellent material to be used in rounding out the 1'llllll0l'S. ' t'1IARl.lf:s t'Ross, fln the high jump and pole vault there was 110th- Cfflmlill, -7978 ing to equal 'tJawn" Bailey at the start of the sea- son, but Metflure was taking care of this department in good style. 'llI'Il'I Scuicnunu April 19. . . . . .Fentral Normal at Franklin April 27. . . . . .DePauw at Franklin. May 4. . . . . .liarlham at Franklin. May ll. . . . . .NVabash at f'rawfordsville May 25. . . . . .l. P. A. L. meet at Richmond "I f you will not hear reason, she will surely rap your lc1meL'lcs." I Page Ninety-eight at Q- -,I K 3 s . , I E Z '7ii??'7i5'ifglgm - N ... . -. . f - 01:1 I - J Tennis- 1 9 1 ENNIS was the only hranch of spring ath- rev ,M letics that had a chance at l!'ranklin last year. However. things were so demoralized ri that former good work could not he kept going. t' and Smith represented Franklin dur- ing the season. Vrecraft was singles champion of the school, defeating Smith in a see-saw match - i . Just before the inter-collegiate contests. ' Hoth Butler and Hanover had strong teams last year, and the best 'Franklin could do at their hands was to get heat. This Franklin did in good style, too. Manaugh, of Hanover, who led the husky lloosiers in their attack here, was largely instrumental in the l+'ranklin defeat. llc proved to be one of the heist players over seen on a local court. 'l'he inter-class tournament. attracted consid- erahle interest. Most of the players in the school were represented, and the host won out. Ure- craftfs slow, hut accurate, work gave him a victory, hut not until he had met a worthy foe in 'tPolly" Smith, a, player with plenty of dash, hut at times, it seemed, a little too much hard luck. lflsther Vlosson won the girls' tournament, held later in the year. She played Mary 'l'eagar- din in the finals. A good brand of tennis was ex- hibited all through the tourney. 's 123 K Q fv ' V . I , 9 1 'I .aa 1 , " L -3. A . l W . cg tr sf: 2 fx -k 9 L . J -1 ,J-' ,fi-3 i- ,i .es-.,:,,s, V , .5 H 2 "L :Ni . . 4 '- fr . A I, "3 ftimfiwfzq wt ' isa?-1.4. .1 R101-man 1 'Ri-:e1z,w'1', Clumlpion, 1.017 There promises to be a revival of interest in tennis this year that will produce champion teams in seasons to come. "Work while il is culled Ioduy, for you know' aol how' much you may be himlcrcd 1omo1'rou'. ' ' Page Ninety-nine J Russian. SP1-:AR I 7 El, 62 . ll ' 1 -th " 'Flin L , . .L ,. 2 F-:WW 'Y " ' 'o "' Baseball-191 -1 9 1 ' ASl'1BALli is on the de- eline at Franklin, but it is a deeline upward. Af- ter losing.: out a. year's work when the spring sehedules were eaneelled last year, and faeing: the task of forming a team with a nueleus ot' only one letter man, t'oaeh 'l'hurber stepped into the hreaeh just before spring' vaeation, and by the time the first ,annie was ealled he had a 111110 worthy of representing old Vhampion Franklin. 'l'he 1917 history is brief. 'l'he team, led by ffraigef, who worked behind the bat, got a good start, but hardly had played two games when the sea- son was ealled off. The team - was just be,e:inning' to round into form when the expected hap- pened. Both the two games Yell Lender, 1917-18 ' played were won. 'l'his year, "Spud" t'a.mpbell, who performed at shortstop on what there was of last seasen's team, was the nucleus for the squad. In the pitching line things were rather weak, until Pruitt came out for praetiee and unlim- bered his southpaw for aetion. Both Pruitt and "Mutt" Ross were on the squad last year. 'l' were in fair shape for a sueeessful season when the team reported after spring vaeation. April 17 'PHE SCIIIGIJITIAC . . . .DePauw at Greencastle April 20 .... Purdue at Lafayette May 14 May 17 Butler at Franklin Hanover at Hanover April 26 .... Earlham at Richmond May 23. . . . . .Indiana U. at Franklin April 27 .... at Franklin May 24 lflarlham at Franklin May 1 .... DePauw at Franklin May 30 Hanover at Franklin May 1 1 . . . .Wabash at Crawfordsville "We may give adviec, but we cmmol give conduct." IPnge One Hundred ? TN A Illmllylj .wrrffl 'is luv: pMlr'r f'lm1': 11 7159: Il lllIjj'S u gram! rr lr 1 N I 4 fwfr. " I l':lL:m- Om- Ilumlr:-rl :mil 'I'xu S, f 55 5 Q Al K QW Tfl I MED Y ,. .-Tm Q-,T--.1 ,, ,.,.y,,,,,. ,,,,....g Sigma Alpha Epsilon W sg J-'ob , QQ., nm '-W 7' A lly SIGMA ALPHA E1'su,oN was founded at tho University of Alaxbamla in. 1856. Tho lndiana, Alpha. Chapter was ostzllllisln-cl at Franklin Vollvgo in 1892. Tho fratornity colors nro Royal Pnrplo und Gold. Tho flowor is tho Violot. First Column FRANK BECK HARRY VANDIVIER OLAF NAUGLE WILLIAM BOOK l'l0lll'lll Column RUSSELL SHIRLEY LEO MYER RAYMOND BY ERS CHARLES SMART KEITH REEVE Sm-ond Column GERALD ROSS HAROLD CAMP FLOYD FIELDS FLOYD CRIM DEAN MILLS 'l'l1i1'4l Column CHARLES FARMER EARL CAMPBELL ANDRES SENDON STANLEY SHUCK RUSSELL SPEAR BELL Fifth Column RAYMOND DOVTHITT ROY HUNTER DAVlD J. EUNNELL SAMUEL HARDINH "lf wm'l11ly goods crlmwl save me from flnuih, Hwy Oltgllf no! In himlm' of YY Iago One Humlrcml xml 'I'ln'4-1- rl life nlcrvml. Q ,MMME of im ill 5 f- - X , D V lim, ,,.,,.,, 1 1 i I i , 'Hill gfrml luslfs un' fn'r'fmJpl1'.wlu'rl by !ll.lI.fjl'Hl'l' mul 1mli1'nr'r." I llilil' Hun- Ilumirwl :mul I-'nur A Al K ' A ll f '7F':'AfbQif7, - J! lil. . so fi ' 'S Q ,,, Phi Delta Theta PIII Dl':I.'rA 'I'I11'1'1',x was foundod at Miami 'Univorsitb' in 1848. Imliunm Delta wus installed hero in 1860. The fruteriiity colors are Argzont and Azure, and I , . . L. . thllyfloivci' is tho lvlllil' Carnation. First Column Second Column Third Column DONALD SMITH EZRA 'KNOOP RICHARD PAYNE CHARLES OVERSTREET YANDELL CLINE GORDON DUNN DAVID EORSYTH GEORGE PORTER ROSCOE FREEMAN MOSES PRUITT SCHENCK WAINSCOTT HARRY IIATTON SMARSHALL JACOBS PAUL SHAFER Fourth Column 'Fifth Column CHARLES CROSS RICHARD CRECRAFT KENNETH BLACKWELL ELWOOD WATKINS RAYMOND MOELLER DAVIS HARRISON HORACE MQCLAIN GILBERT BEST FORR EST RAGSDALE "God helps ihem fha! help lhmnselvcsf' Page Ono Ilunclrml and Fivvl - 62 Aim Q2fmauK + Y . l 1 l , . X I ' ujlllllllj 1'xlr1l4'.v HIV' .wprnl in Ihr' gj1'lf'I'llfl.U I I':lg'4- Um' llumln-rl :mul Six i-'-'U M A 5, - ' ,, 2 5 Q1 Al'rn manK NT- -'v Phi Alpha Pi 17 1,- xvm inf V ALJW4 Y ,ll Pm ALPIIA PI was foumloll ut Frzmkliu Uollogo in 1909. 'l'l1o colors of the fl'ilt0l'lllfy are Royal Purple mul Azurv. mul the flower is tho Anwrlozm Beauty Rose. The lm-lulwrs, as tlu-y appeal' lu tho lllf'l-lll'l', ure: l+'u':-at Column CARI. SCIILAUIYI' RALPH T1'IURS'l'ON RALl'l'l l'AT'1'0N DWIGIIT PARSONS CLAUDE SMITH I"ou1' Column .lOSl'll'll MuUllllRl'I HARRY BAll.l'lY ULARICNCIC Ml'I'Ulll'IlJl. .lOllN WINTICRROWD RAY TO MLINSON Sovolul Column ll l'I Ill! li RT Tll URSTON 'l'lllC0lJORl'1 SIIARI' Ulll'1S'1'lCli lilLl'lY l'ILl,SWORTll YARIAN HHRMAN IIAYIGS Tlmirml Column GI'IOlilll'I M ATTINULY WILLIE KINGSOLYIGH .IOIIN SMICAD JOHN l"ORNWAl.l1 ALONZO HARVEY "ll is foolish lo My ou! mmuglf in fl purr'lm.w1 of 1'071f'11lrmc'r." Page Om- Ilumlrcfl :md Svvenj .sw 62 Alm i'F3 5l1HEK :D 1 A 6 ' A4 i , 1 nl" V I I "11l1my u lilllr' n1uL'v.w Il m1'1'l.'l1:." I l'aug1- Um- llumlrvrl :xml liipglll BI ox I Pi Beta Phi P1 I4l1:'1'A P111 wus ostuhlisliocl in 1867, 111' Monmouth College, Illinois. Indiana Alpha iiililllftll' was instnllvd at lilrzinklin Vollogu in I888. 'Pho colors of thi orgzxnizution are VVino and Silvan' Blue, nnml tho Howoi' is tho Vilhito l':u'11utio11 First Column NORRIS KERLIN M ARTIIENA D RYRR EA I3 LOREL PRUITT DOLLY WELLS MARTIIA L. MILLER MARTHA BOAZ l"ourth Column GRA C E M c A RT IIU R Third Column CATII ERIN E RUTHVEN MARY SIIORT ALINE ROOT JOSEI'I'IINE COVERT GLAIJYS KNOX KATII ERIN E ROO K MILIJREIJ RYERS Second Column IIELEN MILLER EIILIN KLYVER ANNE TEDEORD RUTII GRAIIAMQ GLAIJYS DEER Fifth Column RICISA RR YSON IJOR IS KELLY II EL EN SII lII+'l+'LERA RGER MARGUERITE CAMPBELL MARIE GRII"I"ITII CAROL M EIKS RUTH RITCIIEY HELEN GLESSNER NELLE GIPSON OPAL WRIGIIT Sixth Column ELSIE ENSLEY RUTII WILLIAMS .I EAN LzlG RAN GE MARY HEARD NELLE MILLER MIRIAM. DEMING "And mme for such forsulfc Imzriozg uno' splillefolyf' Page One Illmdrcal ami Nim-1 , , 3, - .X f " an " x -'A .-1? -., ..,.,z,,,- f, .L -+ m fg? HBK . . - ' " A A 1 In Q ,I Y Ac. B' . , 17 ., , . I4 HCU'llSff'l'li'lll'I'UlLH vfrrrl, llmuffll Il'llllI'I'lI1lll'fl, ozrfww' ffn'l.w In ll'Il?'I' ils 'HlIIl'l.'.H I l'zug.5v Um- Ilumlroml and 'Fen ! - Ga : E E K , f,,, W 4 ,,,, ,A .., X 5 I f Delta Delta Delta 'vm-nf' D1c1.'rA lil-zlxlux lJr:l.'rA was founded nt Boston Univorsity in 1888. Tho Doltn Zeta. Ululptm-r was installed ut Franklin t'ollc-go in 1912. The sorority colors arf,- Silvor, Gold and Blno, and tho tlowvr is tho Pansy. First Column Second Column Third Column ESTIIER LYONS FLORENCE MERRILL NELLI E EIKENBERRY GLENNIE VANUIVIER MARY BRADLEY ' ODINE HECK LENORE PIIERIGO NAOMI MULLENIJORE MARIAN ROSS GERTRUDE DODD ' MARY ETHELL ESTIIER 'MYER AGNES WHITE PAULINE WHITE RUTH DWYER GRACE BARNES ALICE THOMPSON MARGARET T. PAYNE .-'ourth Uolunm Fifth ll0llIlllll MARY KINNIUK .IOSEPIIINE BOYD V ERNE VANDIVIER MARY BOONE NOLA HENDERSON MIIYDRED SCOTT CLARA MARGARET JENNINGS' MARGARET MILLER LUGILE GATRON MADELINE GLTCK ERIEDA STROIIMEIER ELEANOR DOLAN . Y ll'W7l-071 71.11110 'women for xpioming and lfnilfing fcnwfzkmz. books and lca1'ni11.g?" Page Ono llundrvd und l'l!CVL'Il1 M Alm 'J anK mm , , mi 1 1 1 K Y 1 4 I 1 , ' I w .44 1 Y W " Wim rluinlir'x low' shall ln'gy1r1r.w p1'n1'1'." I I':lu'v Um- HlIll4ll'Nl Jlllll 'I'w.-'vc' A HBK Mag llln , L Ii 'Ill A ' ..,.1f,:A---, r "' SV k U2 WW W ,W Iota Psi Nu y on IOTA Psi NI? was founded at Fl'2l.lllillll College in 1913. The eolors are Burnt Orange, Blllg'3,l'll1ll Green and White. The flower is the Lily-of-the-Valley I First Column MAREL HAYES LAVINA SCIILENKER MARY O'Nl'IALlQ EUNICE SNEARLY NORMA MERRIIAL ESTIIER BERRYIIILL Fourth Column FERN TICAGARDIN FLORENCE RATLIIPF BARBARA CATH ER CHARLOTTE TROUT ' BESSE INNIS Tllirll Column .IESSIE NVOLFORD JIMMIE LEE Wllli RUTH MHJANIEIA DOROTHY lVlAllAN IRENE CHANDLER Second Column MARJO1-UE BAKER GLADYS DOLES IIIGLEN CAFFYN MARY TEAGARDIN TIIEODOSIA BEASLEY Fifth Column ESTHER F. JONES .IOSEPHINE CLl'IV.l'1NG ER INEZ OWEN BERTIIA CAl"l"YN ERNESTI N E UN V ERSA W ELVA M1-DANIEL "I nwm' sau' rm of! rmnfmfffl lrvrf nor an nfl rmnmwrl f11m1'ly Haul Hzrmm so 'well us H1030 111111 xelllvd Imf, PXIIIO One llunllrcd uml Tlxirtl-enl IC LER J 'EQ Q I- 21356, n -nf ' - ' " " " 'Um' " ,,..:.., 1 ' 1' x x iff 2 n S ' ' K' ful"- ' -b ll...-Q1-is -5 r If 33? wdka If ' HAND s ' , MP5 TL FSED --4 C90 T14 .I ' '--, enl- . ' wx 1 , I " +V Y f 1 1,4 AIM ll b em fy 1 A 0.1 H g H w W 'I Q A ' -. K X r P -.,.- , -,..,.- F L 4 , 'L TYSN' I 1: ,,,, if ip-5 "L " ? bi-We .. X 1 ' X 1? W Muff ' MDANGEQMH' .....,A...-. "ll is day 111111 H!'L'IfI' will be vzighlfy NOLSES -4 '14 flhugo Om- llmulred and l"ourtocn rganlzai lvns ,i .x , 3 kwa ? WEE S S? ll .,1l W X X X pei' Xl IIWWIMIHHI fl: H 4 ,iff ff MW I fm x I 'W V X' P J W1 0'- Au 'X 25 M! X A 'LS' 3 kg!!! A if fx -'-,lj xx J, Q- ,, I " " Rx 1 A X t ' Jr- -- , X K' ' - X y ' jg . 'Dum X. i X 5,1 . X K ' WN- 2 I N ' If . 451 sk' ,il Q48 it 4' ' N ' -.' l X Ng'-,J '6 , 6 4 l 1? f -vinci, 71' , ..'. 7' Nx ifff, A,'A. :i-1452212'-'ll-f"r?f'4f C f f -. 'QW' -5 zf :gf -I ' ' f E Q ' 17741752 E NSS ' f Q ' f' W 5 1 g 'ff::.',Qff 1 P V ,X " W H fri .XX Ki 0 Q N J . 1 ' A EEK 1 Y. M. C. A. Top Row- 'FOM SIGIVION HAROLD IlAMI'RI'lI.I. LICO M YI'lIi CIIARIIIGS OV I'1RSTRI'II'l'1' ICWAH,'I' KI I.I.I'IY ARNOLD DAVIS PLICASA NT II II I"I"MAN 'l'IlirrI Row- M ICIQRIIIL WICISIZ OMER DAYTON .IOIIN SMIGAD 'I'III'IOIJORIG SHARP ROYIIIG KINNIOK IJICAN MILLS ODRA PAVY "A mn Houoml Row- IIORIJON UI,l'1VI+INGI+lIZ .IOIIN IWOILNWALIJ IIOWARIJ MYIGRH ROSKIOIG I"RI'IIfHx'IAN FRANK ISIGOK DAVID IZIINNICIJII RAY TOMIIINSON Bottom Row- R,Ol.I.ANlJ VANAIISIDALI, MARSIIALI. .I ACOBS II I'lRI3I'1R-'I' '1'IIIIIiS'I'ON OIIARIIICH GROSS GIGORIIIG I'OR'I'I+I R OILIZPIRT BEST 'cl lo fha wise is ma0ugh.'I lI':1gg0 Om- Ilumlrml IIIIII Sixlc EI I Alm auK 3 2 H . I ? J ,. I" A , I Q- , - S ET f Y. M. C. A. I Top Row- Svvmul Row- IIARRY IiIT'I'I'lR. .IOSICVIIN MuC7LUIiI'l l+'I.OY'D I+'I ICLDS RAYMOND DOlVI'IIIT'I' WARREN WINUII I'IS'l'I'IlI KICNNI'I'I'II ISIIAIIKWWIIIL 'I'I1ir1I Row- WAYNIG IIOIIIGMAN SUII IGN K WA I NSUO'1"I' I'ILIISVVORf'1'II YARIAN C7IIAIiI'INIll'I IIOWIG WM. BOOK RIOIIARD UIiI'IORAI"'1' I?AI,I'II I'A'I"I'0N DAVIS IIAIBRISON ORVIIILIC I!OIiI'IIi'I'S RAYMOND MOIGIIIIICII DONALD SIXfII'l'II RIISSICLII SIIIRIIICY Iiuftonl Row- UIIARLICS STODDARD IIICSIIIIG DUNKIN ANDRIGS SIGNDON DWIIIIVI' PARSONS MARION UIIARKIC RAIIPII 'I'IIlIRS'I'ON "Drive lhy Iazcsiomvs, lat not Hull II'Il,SI?l'!fSS drive lbw." 0 Our- IIIZIIIIILNI :Incl Seve-ntacn I .I Alm f g MK J wmilm - M M he f ff . iii' Y. M. C. A. Cabinet-1917-18 Top Row- .DARNALL MARTIN YAN DELL CLINE DONALD SMITH RAYMOND DOUTIIITT OFFICERS H-I'IRBICR'l' 'l'1'1URS'l'0N U1.A1u':Nc1c M1'1'CHluL.l'. . Ro1s1cR'1's . RICHARD IEIYNE . Bottom Row- ANDRES SENDON RICHARD PAYNE ORVILLE ROBERTS PROF. CHESTER ROBERTS IIERRE RT T I I IIRSTON . I'1'nsfirIe11,I . 'Vice-P1'esidcnt . Sccrctmy . Ql'I'casuv'cr HE Y. M. ff. A. is the religious melting pot for The men of FrzmkIin Uollegc. Development of the spi1'i11unI life of the men holds first plane in this OI'f.f2IIlIZ2l.tIOII. The weekly IIICCIIIIQQS of the past your have been made extremely IIII'0I'OSfIIIg.1' by talks from DI'0Ic0SSIOIIil.l men of l10I,E!,'hbOl'ill,El' eities. 'l'he students Themselves have also Taken part in the meetings in :L way that promises much SPIl'I1'lI2lI good for The Vollege in the future. fl I Il l LC sleeping fox carlchcs no poultry." ljlhnge One Hundred and Eighteen MATJE 6- ,. 4-i ll E .-Q l':U.':e Y. W. C. A. Cabinet-1917-18 Rotfmn Row- IRICNIC CHANDLER .I l'ISSl IC WOLFORD l'1S'l'I'l HR, CLOSSON RUTH GRAHAM ' ANNE 'l'l'lDl"0Rl7 Top Row- MARY l'llILl,II'S WANICTA IDEICR AGNES WHITE GLADYS DOIJICS MYRA UARTFJR ESTII ICR M Y ICR O F' ,l'lS'l'lllCR l'1.0ssoN . . . RUTH Glmlsum l'lS'l'l I I-11: Mx' me W A N l'I'l'A llI'Il'1R . Fl'l'l'lRS l'1'1'.w1f1lMzl . l'ir'e-I'2'1'sir1mz.I . Svz'r0ln1'y . . . . . T7'PlISIL'l'07' lllfl Young NVomen's lflmristizm Assof-lation is il worlml-wimle 0I'Q'2l.lllZ1lfl0l1, which has for i1s :lim its members. The menfzll, physical :mal SDll'll'll2ll mlevelopment of This your has been one oil' murkecl progress :mal sueeess for The Y. NV. i'. A. in Framkliu f'0lleg4'e. 'l'he weekly tli'V0fl0ll2ll lll00llllQS lmve lJl'0Hg5llt the girls l'0g'Ctll0l' in f'lll'lStl2lll fellowship, while the oeezrsionzll soeizll meetings have :lf- folrleml em opporfunily for :x. lmroaldel' 2li'flu2llllt2llll'l'. Besides ezwing' for its usual IIllSSl0ll2l.l'y illteresls, The Assoeizxtien has Taken its p:1l'11 in The great work of the national 0l'Q'2l.1llZ2l.tl0ll lll1l'l1lQ,' the past yezw, :xml is plzmnlng even 21 larger work for the coming.: moutlls. "You may delay, Im! Time will noi." One Ilumlreul :mil Nim-ten-nl .EQ , 155. - ' l, I' Q- za I unwvnnvnacnm I Y 'O A .... ,...-, I 1: S A I ' f Sf Y. W. C. A. 'Pup RUVV- 4 HUUOIIII GLAIJYS QEITEL ALINE ROOT ISIGRII' IIA OAI"I"YN IIAZEL KELLER, LENORE PIIERIGO CATHERINE I?,lI'l'IIVEN IHOIIOTIIY MAIIAN V E ENE 'VANIJIVI Eli MARY OINEALL M I L IJ RED Si IOTT AGNES WII-ITE M A EY 'I' EAU A RIJEN 'I'Il EOIJOSIA BEASLEY KAT I I EH IN E BOO K '1'Ili1'rI Row - Il ELEN SII U EEL I'lEAHG'ER 'HELEN MILLER OPAL WRIGIIT ELSI E REIJMAN ESTII E li TZRONVN M I LIJR E D Cv R E ESON EVELYN IJUNKIN ODINE 'IIEOK I"0u1'tll Row -- Bottom Row - II ELEN OAEIUYN NORMA MERRILL EIINIOE SN EARLY 'FERN TEAGARIJEN MARGAIIIVI' MILLER MAGIJALENE GLIUK MARY BOONE NAIIIAN ROSS I Ulf lima Im of ull lI1,fi'r1gs onus! 1J2'l5l'ifIIl,S, Nw greatest prodigrzlily. GLADYS DEER LIIUILE UATRON ESTIIER LYONS ELEANOR IJOLAN GLENNIE VANDIVIER DOLLY VVELLS Il'flNl'i'Hff lima mlm! Im 37 II I':u:u Onmf IIunzIrvmI und 'l'xvf-nty 5 Q2 A - I II -ami' Y. XV. C. A. Top Row - Sm-voml Row - IGIIVA NIMJANIICLS XVANICTA IDIGICR INIGZ OWICNS IIIIAIIYS IJOLICS IGSTII IG R IVI YICR MARY I'IIILI.II'S ICSTII ICR UOONS RUTII COOK IIRAUIG RARNICS RIITII GRAIIAM VIRFSICII ROIG IIIARTIIA ROAZ 'I'I1irrI Row- GLYIJIC KNOX I'lS'1'IIIiR FRANCES JONES J ICSSIIC WOIIFORID GAII. DAVIS I4 IG RYI' II A GA. R R I'I'l"I' I'fS'I'II ICR RICRRYIIILL .IOSI'II'IIINI'I UI,ICVI+INlII'IR I"IAJRI'INUI'I M ICRRIIII. LOIS VVIIILIAMS IR ICN Ii G R ISHN I"ou1-th Row- I'lIDI'I'Il WRIGIIT RUTII McDANII'2I.S ICIDITII URIISBS MA RJO RI IG BA K HR, NIGIJLIG DAVIS BICSS INNIS LAVINA SUIILIGNKITR, "l,z1,z'1':rvs.w lrufrvls .vu .wlozrly lim! l'of1.w'1'l I':ng.Q's' Om' IIlIllIIl'I'lI :md 'l'wcnly nwllvj Iiottom Row- IVIAUIIIG IIITMPIIRIGYS NORRIS KICRLIN IUANNIIC IIOI'KINS N I'II.I.I IC I'IIKI"NI'Il'1RRY MARY KINNIUK IRICNIG UIIANIJLICR ICRN I'IS'1'I N IG IIN I V IC RSAVI y .warm nvm'luL'wx him." .1 Q Ein S- .Xz- 5-L 'm 1 Y. W. C. A. Top Row -- .ICLSIIG HNSIAICY ANNE T ICDFORD 'ICSTII MR CI-JOSSON IIELICN MORRIS FLORTCNC IC RATLI F lf' Third Row- MARTIIA LOUISE MILLICII MARJORIIC IIl'l"I"MAN REHA BRYSON NI+I.LIJ'I MILLER RUTH ,IJWYER 'I'IlICI,MA THOMPSON ,A Y. fl: Svuond Row- MARY SHORT MIIJDRHIB RYERS GRACE MAUARTIIUR ARAMINTA TIAUER MARGARW1' LARRISON LICNA BURGIGTT Bottom Row- MARGUERTTE MILLER MARY BRADLEY NIGLLH GIPSON EULIN 'KLYVIGR MARIE GRIl"l+'I'1'Il PAITLINR WHITE "llc Hull f'fl'IL'll0l obey cmmol 1'rm1'n1111zd." I' l'nLg'v Om- llumlrorl :mel 'l'xv4'nl.y-two v. J ' -Elly: ' ax Q wgsm 1 vf.1r n!qAsu!n 1 V gg Q M S - A 2 ' - I - th A, N y V I X , W.'.. , ...V ' , :fx 1 -. L 4- 11' x ' .fw f ,- A, 3 'l-i"Af'f.4'- -23'-'T'-' 514 5- fijdvf "AK W . ' X-f 4 ,-,vi I xl 2-, . -,I-An h. . 5 1. X TTZHW "V "i5a" f, ' - ' 'Qr'Y'l.. .ffm-zfY,1,3.'f',,,-Q 1- ' l ' VV '-garb 051.2 1 l' "1 x f" -. ':- ."-'yy'-T " , X Q .1 Y. : 51.3, xuggw . K. 57-V ,X V1 X fig ,I ' '-49? f' 0 v ' , 1"i'fKY?. ' ' e. , -a bf ' Q '17, ' .U .,.,. V k ' mi? X-'. -,1 . ' 1' . QV. k fa Wlgald I al 17' was co Id!" W ' , . C it-3I7'rl'lfav" C Chas. "No man zvrrs ever glorious 'u'7m fuws 1101 lub0r'ious." Page Ono Ilmulrm-ll :mai TW1'lll.Y'llll'L'i' 'I '1 Did n'T li My EW AIW EEK A- ik! mm. -M I Af I Periclesian Literary Top Row - Second Row - EULIN KLYVER MARY KINNICK DAVIS HARRISON ORVILLE ROBERTS GRACE BARNES RAYMOND DOUTIIITT Third Row- ESTHER LYONS CAROL METKS CHARLES CROSS MARY BEARD AGNES WHITE VIRFSEL ROE RERTHA GARRETT SUHENK WAINSUOTT OPAL WRIGHT YANDELL CLINE NELLE GIPSON DONALD SMITH RUTH WILLIAMS Bottom Row NELLIE EIKENBERRY ANDRES SENDON JOSEPHINE BOYD ESTIIER MYER WARREN WINUIIICSTER .IOSEPHINE COVERT RUTH GRAHAM "Lexi lima is vzmfm' fmmzfl rryrrivz. mm' 11'7111l nv' cull M1110 Mzough uZu'ay.v proves YY lfillla mzough. I: Pugv Om- Illlmlrf-d nml 'IxXV4'!ll,j"f0ll lug EI, Q1 EEK 'Ig II A Periclesian Top Row- Socoml Row -- OMER DAYTON ESTIIER BROWN IIARRY VANDIVIER ROYCE KINNIUK MAREL FOSTER FANNIE IIOPKINS Thirml Row- TIIELMA TIIOMPSON LUCILE CATRON AN N E T EIJFORD OATIIERINE RUTIIVEN LETIIA DEBARD IIELEN FULLER KEITH, REEVE PLEASANT II U FFMAN RUTII COOK FRANK BECK MARGARET LARRISON LESLIE CARSON .DAVID IZUNN ELL Iiotiom Row- EDITII CRIRBS LESLIE DUNKIN MARY TOTTEN RUSSELL SIIIRLEY M ARJ ORI E OWENS " I'Vhmz. :L fl'7.I3'llIl rlculs wilh ll frimzrl lvl llm Imrgfrivz Im l'll'll7' and wall pfmwcl, Um! 171,031 may f70'Hfl'l:'lHLO frimulx In H10 mul." 0 One Ilmulrual :md 'I'wm-nty-fivs-1 it Q Aim ti? snK Perielesian Literary Society l'1Rl,UlilflSIAN Literary Society has had a checkered career. Founded by five men, on January 11, 1853, it is the oldest literary society on the campus, likewise it has died the most times. Like the proverbial cat, how- ever, it has always come back with a kick. The Society died tirst in '61, when the men left school to join. the Union Army. One of the founders became a general, one a major and one a captain in. the army. Periclesian came back to life shortly after the war, and between then and 1900, by actual count, died four times. In this century the Society has had a similar existence. It was absent from the campus last year, although an inde- pendent society met in Pcrclesian Hall. Under the leadership of President Goodell, however, the society has staged a real "come-back" this year, and it is now as strong aslis the other literary society on the campus. The big event of the year in literary circles was the Periclesian-VVebster debate, to the winner of which the star prize of five dollars was given. The reiidvent of Periclesian on the campus this year has meant much to the College in debating. Already the students are beginning to take some of the old tradi- tional interest in debating, and it seems altogether likely that next year inter- collegiate eontests will be held. Without doubt, Periclesian Literary Society is an asset to Franklin College. "If you would bc wcfzlllty, Htfiulu of saving as well ns getting." lf Page One Ilnmlred and Twenty six g 2 Q g"i?7 z':w?iW9mj , , "mx X ,. 4 as a.. g .. me annular J GED S 1 -L Aim Vw MK my Qs 1 , v -1-.wif Dramatic Club Top Row- Svvmul Row- MARY BEARD OPAL WRTGIIT DAVIS HARRISON FOR-Rlu2S'1' RAGSDALEC I+'LORl'INUl'I M ERR! LL MARGARl'I'l' TIIOM PHON Third Row- - RAYMOND 'DOU'I'llI'l7T ICULIN KLYVIGR DONALD SMITH, LORIGL I'RUlT'l' RICHARD I'AYN'l'I RUTH DWYICR IGLWOUD w,x'1'KlNS N1f11,l,1f: GIPSON FRANK mxvli .1oslf:PI11N14: nm' rm u14:lm1,l'm Ross Bottom Row- EARL CAM PDELL 'DOLLY WELLS RWICIIARD URl'XIRAl"'l' CLARA M. .IICNNINGS RUSSELL SPEAR IGLIGANOR DOLAN DAVID DUNNMLL "flour may luwn mow' r'm111fi9f,g llum rmolluw, Im! owl more mwming llmn mmrybofly nlxcf' lang-v Ono llunclrvcl :und 'l'wvnly-new-n 1 uuwlauggv El or : Wigs and Queues AR'r11U11. J. B1+:11IAUI.'r lllfl qiialilioatioii for inoinborship in the Franklin Vollogo Dranialtio Club, otherwise known NVig1s illltl Queues, was raised this yoar to ability ratlior than that of popularity. The raising of the flll2lllfll'2l.f1l01lS has meant inuoh To tho Vlub this year. lflxooptional talent has been brought into the nioniber- ship sinoo tho boginning of tho year. Tho dramatic season was opened last fall with tho Stilglllg' of "l'harloy's Aunt" and "The 'l'ost.', Both woro dis- tinotly suooossful. 'l'ho Club has hold rogular lll0l"lll1Q'S for tho i11- struotion of tho inoinbers in the history of tll'Ellllf11ZlC art and its influonoo today. 'l'he inoinbors of the So- ciety did considerable l'CS0l1,l'l'l1 work and inado reports at oaoh of the lll00tlllQ,'S. 'Pho purpose of The 0l'g'2l,lll7IiL- tion to oontinuo the selootion of 111o111bers tlirough the inorit systoin proinisos to inoroaso tho ofifioionoy i11 a large measure as the years go by. NVigs and Quouos owos its suoooss this yoar to Artliur J. Beriault, hoad of tho Public Spoaking De- partment, who has ooaohod all tho plays. He has boon tho inspiration of all 'rho work done this year, and to l1in1 goes the orodit for whatovor success tho Club may have had. "Always irzfkiorzg oui of Ihc meal tub and never pulling in, soon comes to the bollomf' If l'2lg'l?0l1C Hundred and Twenty eight il? X Alm f g HBK """l"'?!m , X -f 2 ' ' ' -".-Qa.w,,,1,,Q.ffl. -Wa in ' , 4 ".:Dio gen n QS8d.tYce' o1,fL'f-facets ,Um lfzolfg like Angel , 96.4 J ' 1 ld" 5 Nh W H Lang goes QS Xfditrv Helm xofeg M9 Moi ,.-:. . UA H1110 oznglcwl may brood yrvul 7lI,'iSC'7Lfl3f.U lg, 0 ll I I II my-nim-I me Q Alm 1 3 ar:.K film wir ' " - ' Webstel' Literary Society Top Row - Soconrl ROW - MARY CVNEALL AIJONZO HARVEY HERMAN HAYES RAY TOMLINSON Third ROW- GEORGE MATTINGLY MAREL HAYES .JOSEPH MGCLURE RUTH CARTER CLAUDE SMITH HELEN GOEF RALPH PATTON RARRARA CATIIER BESSIE INNIS RALPH THURSTUN LAVINA SCIILENKER THOMAS BOARDMAN ESTHER CLOSSON Fourth Row- JOHN GRINSTEAD MARJORIE BAKER JOHN WINTERROWD IRENE CHANDLER DWIGHT 'PARSONS ESTII ER RERRYIHLL HARRY BAILEY "Write injuries in dusig bencfls in marble." lf Page One lflundred :md Thirty J am 1 EEK ., T- ' A Webster Lit Top Row- ,FERN TEAGARDIN IRENE GREEN EVELYN DUNKIN TIIEODOSIA BEASLEY HELEN UAFFYN KATHERINE BOOK E RN ESTIN E UNV ERSAVV Third Row- J ESS! E WO L FORD NORMA MERRILL JOHN FORNWALD EDITH WRIGHT MAUDE HUMI'1lR,EY GLADYS DOLES ELVA M QDANI EL CHARLOTTE TROUT erary Society Second Row- IJOROTHY MATIAN ESTH ER ERAN C ES JONES ELSWORTH YARIAN FRANCES WISHARIJ HERBERT TII U RSTON BERTIIA CAl"l"YN ESTIIER BROWN Bottom Row- INEZ OWEN WANETA DEER FLORENO E RATLI I+' F ROLLAND VANAUSDA MARY TEAGARDIN MARY PHILLIPS GORDON ULEVENGER RUTII MUIJANTEL "Woman and wivzrf, game and deceit, Mukcx fha wmzlllz, small and Nm mm! grcatf' Page One Hundred and Thirty-oneil LL 'le-1 gig mg. l, gl -xii, w -Y WEE will . ll A , F-W-31, r- , mllln. g X' ' ' ' ' Z-- f 4 Webster Literary Society HE purpose of the VVebster Literary Soeiety is to advance the standard ot' intellectual and soeial culture of its members. With this end in view, the organization has outlived any other organization in Franklin College. It was first organized in 1852, but the growth was so remarkable that in 1877'a reorganization was effected, and in 1895 it was necessary to arrange for a larger and better hall, so the Society moved from what is now the Freeman Library to a room on the third floor of Stott Hall. This is now nicely furnished and is known as Webster Hall. Business meetings of the organization are held on Friday afternoon of each week, where splendid opportunity for training in parliamentary law is offered. On Friday night of each week the literary meetings are held. The first part of each meeting consists of debates, iinpromptus, readings, music, etc. The remainder of the meeting is giyen over to the social hour. Two of the interesting programs given this year were a moek trial by jury and a presenta- tion of "The Birds' Christmas Carol." Among the traditions which the organization maintains are the Hallowe'en and Christmas meetings, which are held annually. Both of these were very successful this year. The Society has taken an added enthusiasm, and with Dean. Belknap acting in the official capacity of faculty advisor, the future success is assured. "IIca1' no ill of a friend nor speak any of rm enemy." I Page One Hundred and Thirty two IEIQ nj 1515.51- Scientific Association Top Row- SKIIIICNK WAlNSt'O'I"1' UIIARLES CROSS RIUIIARII PAYNE I'ROI"ESSOR DEI'IIE I'ROI+'ICSSOR IZEYL I'liOI"I41NSOR IIOIIGE .IOSEPIIINE BOYD 'l'lIir1I Row- VERNE VANIIIVER N ELLI E EI K ENRERRY ESTII E R M Y ER .IOSEPIIINE UOVERT ANNE TEDI"ORIJ KA'l'IIl'1R,INE BOOK FANNIE HOPKINS Sm-ond Row- I+'IAJ'RICNCE RA'l'LIFl" ARVA EASTWOOII ESTII ER CLOSSON ESTII ER IIYONS .I I M M I E LE E WII E ELER RlI'I'Il IJWYER JASPER SCOTT V IRFSIGI. ROE Bottom Row- UIIARENUE LOWE EULIN KLYVER PROFESSOR ROBERTS I'ROI"ESSOR PALMER RAYMOND MOELLER MIRIAM IIEMING ANIIRES SENDON IIE Sc-ivntfio Assovizmfion was hard hit by the wan' and QI'2Lllll2lfiOll last yczn, IIEIIVIIIQ' only throu stucloni' IIIPIIIEOVS loft to s'r:u'11 thu work in thc fall. llowvvvr, it has 'rzxkon il now louse' on lifv, with its newly-olvvtod luvnlborslmip. 'Pho l'0gl1I:1.l' IIl001'iIlg'S of thu oI'g:1nix:1.tio11 :wc hold the Tucsdzly night nearest thc Iiftw-011111 of Tha- month, :md p1'og1I':11ns are given by vzlch of the six dopnrt- mvnts roprcsclltcd by the Associuticm. "Four 1101 170111114 for Um xoovam' urn div, Nw longer shall we be i'IIVlII07'ifll.H Om' Hlllllil'l'll null 'l'llil'ty-tln'o4-I Alili 11161 mv K 1 E my?-'li l ---- T-.v ,. 5,Q,5ZL.,1:':'.,.. - E- l l11, - N A 1 1 f f - Men's Glee Club 'l'ho IJl'0,Q'l'iLlll was full of Hpop'-' and lll0l'0 was no dull or 1111i11to1'0sti11g3 ports to the entire 0lll0l't2lllllll0llt. Esther Lyons, as 21 vovzll soloist, and Vorno V2lllLllVll'l', as 1'0z11lo1', zulclocl 11111011 To The IJl'0g'l'2l.lIl, while Roy l'lllllll'l', with l1is violin, showvd rc-ul Til1l0llf. 'l'ho entire vast 110rfo1'111c1l i11 Ox- C'0ll0lll stylv. 'Pho spring VilC'i1ll0l1 Trip was tho host 111-ip of tho your. 'Pho usual fine vomluct and good spirit of the 111011 o11 tho Trip was il g1'c-111' fozxturo 'for 'rho i11s1ituTio11, and 1111- cloubtoclly provonl that the o1'g':111izz1'rio11 was lI'0lIll'lILl0l1Sly worth while. 'l'ho fino foo- turo of tho o11to1'tz1i11111011ts This year was that only oxpmisvs wore uskocl and proc-- 1i0:1lly all of thc C'0llC'0l'lS given were i11 l10110fi1' of wan' C'illlSl'S. "lV1ish not so much lo live OFFIVERS R101-1111111 C'1z1':c11A11"1' I'1'0s1'dm1l IIAR111' V11Nn1v111:11 If 11.w1' Mgr. P1,1+:,1s,xN'1' lAl'1r1"1-'M1xN flsxi. Bus. Mgr. R11ss1c1.11 S111111,1f:1' T'l'PllSll7'0I' V11 l' l lull 0110 ol? your, Tho l'll'illllillll Vollogc Gloo l'l11l1 0:11110 lmvlc SlTl'0I1Q' with 11, IJ1'0g.l'l'2lllI of wl1i1'h The l02l,tl0l'H and Tho Uollogv lllily bc justly proud. 'l'c11 1ll0Illll0l'S of the last vlnb are IIOXV i11 Tho sm-1'vi00, Elllfl it was 21. long and rovky road that the l02l.Cll'l' 211111 Two old 1111-111lw1's had To travel. Hut, undor Tho oo111potc1112 ll'il1l0l'Sl1lD of NV. ll. Voris ililltl Tho 1111- tiring 01'l'o1'Ts of P1'csi1l011t fll'00l'2lllt 111111 Businc-ss lllil,llilgI0l' V2ll1LllVl0l', tho i'lul1 wonf Hover tho top" i11 il, wzly whioh szntisfivcl 0VI'll tho 1110sl' 01'iTiv:1l. long as 10 live well." I Pings- 0114- lllllllll'l'tl llllll 'l'l1i1'ty-fo lll' Q ' -s A - C -s -x - I' N 1 I A s -xx I Z Z E -A Z I' 4 C X A -L -x s y -N. N, S Q I' I X C T Q -A 2 NIen's Glee Club Top Row- Bottom Row- - ANDRES SENDON RUSSELL SHIRLEY CHARLES FARMER PROFESSOR ROBERTS HAROLD CAMPBELL RICHARD CRECRAFT RVSSELL SPEAR OMER DAYTON GLENN SEITZ ROYCE KINNICK DONALD SMITH JOHN FORNIVALD HARRY YANDIYIER CHARLES OYERSTREET DAVIS HARRISON MERRILL XYEBB T i li K1 is: i f 1 X , X I, ly :si DJ C! I 'i M Aim HBK -L im, - X ' ' 'E X Girl's Glee Club EERN TEAOARDIN LUUILE CATRON GLENNIE VANDIVIER EULIN KLYVICR WANETA DEER TH'EOuIJOSIA BEASLEY DOROTHY MAIIAN Third Row- ELSIE ENSLEY MILDRED BYERS ANNE TEDEORD LENORE PIIERIGO MARIE GRIFITH 'DOLLY WELLS INIGZ OXVENS . Mlmm-:D Bvmcs. Es'rn1cR Lx'0Ns . ANNE 'I'1+:m-'omm. T Top Row- Second Row- EV ELYN DUNKIN LOIS WILLIAMS EDITII WRIGHT H ERTH A UARR NTT MARGUERITE MILLER LVTIIA IM-HARD IREN E GREEN OFFICERS H 0tt'0IIl. Row- MARTII LOUISE MILLER IIELEN MILLER AGNES WHITE REBA BRYSON INEZ OWEN ESTHER LYONS MARGARET MILLER Prcsidmzii' V'z7c'c-l'1'0sirI mit Smsrc fury-Trans aww' Iluxivmss illfmrlyw' A RANKLIB Vollogro, This yozxr, WOICOIIICS ei new activity within hor hails of lvurning. For svvoral yours wo haw hvurd of ai. Girls Gloo Vlubg but this your an 0l'g'z1,11izzLtio11 was 0f'i'0c-ted. 'l'h0 work is under the din-of-tioii of Mr. Arnold Spoilm-1', of IIIQIIEIIIIEIDOIIS. Light oporn work and al. fuw snvrod vonvvrts were given during.: the your, :ind I'0g'Ili2ll' convert work was tukvn up. "Lal 'lhy fliscouieozl' Im secret." flhlge Ont' Hundred :und Thirtg 11 Alm tg a1:K S ,, 1+ div: n"n 1 ,W,,f1,f,f5,f,1bTf3 I. , I 'I :la I I YV , W--N A X V A I U jgf' 'rf .,...... Student Council Executive Board Top Row- Sovoml Row- PAYNIC HOPKINS BOOK BURTON ROSS TIIURSTON M Y ER RA'1'l1II+'I" RAYMOND ,IIOI?'l'IIl'l"l' W11,1.1,xM Rumi . Es'1'111cR IIIYICR . W11.1.'A. B1'1z'1'0N . O F FIVICRS BOIITJIII Row - CARSON 'I'RIII'1"'I' DOU'1'IIIT'l' XVII I'I'I'I Prvsiflcnl I'1'f'1'-l'1'1'xi1l1'111 SOC1'1fllIl'jl T1'cux'1c'1'm' IIIC S1'1uI0111' I'o1111f-il is 1111 o1'g':111izz11'io11 of the sT11d0111' bomly, by wI1icI1 the stucIc11ts f'OIlfI'OI tho vz11'i011s 114-1'ivi'ri0s of the l'oII0g.1'v. 'I'I1o 4-11ti1'11 SUIQIOIIIE body IJOIOIIQS to this c11'g'z111iz:1tio11, and :111 Elllllllill foe is c-I1:11'gc1l to 0ilI'I'j' 011 the VllI'IOllS ucetivitivs. XXII Oxc-c111'ivv I1oa11'mI, UOIIIDOSOQI of 111v111I1v1's 'I.I'OIlI l'2l1'Il of the f1'z1t01'11z1I 01'g'z111izz1tio11s 111111 II10 i11cI0pc111I0111's I1z1s 1-I1:11'g10 of the oI'Iic'i:1I I111si1111ss of thu body, and z1II I1usI11vss goals tIll'OHg.EIl its I1:1111Is. It is El, p111'vIy mlm-11104-1'z1tio 01'ga1111iz:11io11, and I11 its wo1'ki11g1s has proved to be :1 SDICIILIIQI SIIOUOSS. "Dil1'gm10c o11m'cm11os dimczcllirfsf: slolh makes Mom." I 11,4 0111- Il11114I1'c-sl 1llllI II'IlIl'If"Sl'Yl'Il I gi Q Aim UEMHGK p M .. L YJ N'fQPAi T Q ...Q T'm"'11 Franklin Colle e Band Top Row- Bottom. Row- FLOYD URIM' OM ER DAYTON ROYUE KINNIUK UIIESTER RILEY PROFESSOR ROBERTS WAYNE TIOLEMAN GEORGE'MATTINGLY A. E. DAVIS PROFESSOR DEPPE PAUL MOZTNGO MERRILL WEBB ODRA PAVY RUSSELL SIIIRL EY KENNE'l'II BLACKWELL K E I T H RE EV 'E UH A RL ES COR Y ELL OR the first time in the history of Franklin Uollegc al. reall band has been O1'g'2l11iZ0ii, and it has played a lunge part in aiding' and abetting the newly discovered "pep" so evident at the basket-hzlll games This winter. Composed of about fifteen pieces, under The direction of S. V. Vain Nuys, it has nuide rapid progress and has gained for itself :ln imporiznnt plziee in The eollegxe life. " Well done is bcltcr Hum well said." I l':1g'e Ono Ilumlrcd :xml Tliirty eight J I 5. Y ,WW .i-.?.J -wmr- at EK DOI'111itO1'y Council A I I 'Pop Row Bottom Row RUTII WILLIAMS QIERTRUIDE IJOIJIJ GRACE BARNES INEZ OWEN ANNE 'I'EIDI"ORI3 'WANETA DEER ESTIIER ULOSSON FANNIE IIOPKINH H E IIlC'I'02lSl'lI uumhvr in tht- Dormitory I':1n1iIy this yvzu' has Illildi' IIOOUS- sary uclditious to the Qgvoup whose rosponsihility it is to soo that rules for thc- 1101101111 wt-II':11'v tlI'0 Insult' and kt-pt. Iiolxlowsxscy is fumlzunontall in in disc'ipIi11:u'y IIICZISUVOS in force. Ezwlm 0I'I.l'21llIZ2ltI0ll mul ozwh class has tl 1'0p1'0s011tutivo in this c-ounvil. Iflvvry IIIUIIIIWI' has jurismlivticm owl' :1 vc-l'I:1i11 ser-tion of tho 4l0I'lIlIt0I'j', with full 2lllIIl0I'II'y to svv that study hours nrt' ohsorvotl 111111 tho rights of tho mzljority 1-1-spot-tvd. 'I'hv voum-il humllos suvh finzxlwos :ls arc OSSOIIIIEII in tho IIICOIIIIQ' of Oxtrzl OXIJOIISUS. It also wills housc IIIUOIIIIQIS. wIu-1-0 frov disvussion of quvstions von- 4'0l'llIIlQ thc' cntiro gvoup is 0IN'0llI'2lgI0iI. 'l'his nlvtlmul of Q'0Y0l'llIIIQ' thv UUVIII has hvou vvry suc'c'0ssf11I :md its futurv as tho gxovorllilmg' body of thv clormitory is zlssu rod. HHSINIIIILI jfzcslicrf, vozwvzgc is fu'm1I.f. D0 oiol do Um! ll'7I'il77I, you 'would 1101 have L111ou'u." l':lgl' Om- HIIIIIIITII :llul 'I'hil'ly-ninofl Aim! HUK Wffllwii, i N- i ff --1-..i...-,il-1 . it li' Oratory Hlfl nanio of Mabol llayos can novor be forgotten when one rooounts the history V of oratory at Franklin. For tho last two years she has boon the reprosontative of the tfollogo at tho State vontost of tho lndiana Oratorieal Association. 'l'ho first yl'iL1' sho took third plaeo, and this year sho D U won fourth. livory year previous to this, sineo Franklin studonts Gan ronlolnbor, Frank- lin has always ranked low at the Stato moot. Miss 'Hayes' orations havo boon of tho highest type, both in ina,nusc'ript and delivory. 'l'o hor goes tho credit for the rovival of interest in public spoaking at Franklin. Debating has boon rovived tho past year ini a way that bodes inuc-li good for the College. 'l'ho intor-soeioty debate, to tho winnor of which was offered tho Star Prize, was tho first step in tho renaissaneo of public speaking. Stops have sineo beon taken to organize a public speaking fraternity, and if tho efforts suooood, the looal org1a,nizat.ion will likely petition Pi Kappa Delta, for a ohartor. Urvillo Roberts was delegate this year to tho Indiana Vollogiato Oratorioal Association, and was Secretary of tho organization. Franklin was not represented this oar in the prohibition contest, and, naturally onough, no poaoo oontest was hold. "Silks rmrl saliva, soarrlol mul Uolvol, pull mal lim l.'ilf'I1mzl firm." I I"ago Uno llnndred and Fo 'l Q K 1 lm X f , H I , ' B V M 'xl 1 Xi ' lt J yr' ' 1-ff V , Student Volunteers WANNA Dm-:R . 1'rv.wia1eo1L lllmw l,Illl.lllI'S . . . Sremwzlury l+ISTlll'IR CLOSSON MARY l'llll.Lll'S VVANIGTA DEICR l'LORfl'lNUl'l RATLll"l" HVICIJYN DUNKIN ll l+IR,l3liR'1' TIIURSTON 1ll'l Studvnt Volunteer movement is an 0l'g'2l,lllZ2ltl0ll of lllll'lStl2l,ll students who haw for iihoir lIl1lIl0tll2ll0 ohjcvt dvfinito foreign lnissionairy work, and for their S0001lLl2ll'y ohjovt tho l02l1llllg.1' of thoso students not culled to forrign work to lllilliO thoir lives count for tho most in dovvloping ai. strong lJ2ll'ligIl'0l1lltl for the inissionziry projects. 'l'h0 Studont Voluntoor Hand is al, pownzimmt 0l'gI2l,lllZ2ltl0ll of Fl'2llllillll Uollogro. Meetings are hold ouch Monday afternoon, at whivh il, general study of inissionziry work is takon up. Prnyor invotings are hold on 'l'ucsd:1.y and 'Phursdzly lIl0l'1llllQfS of each week. 'l'hc work has prospered i'lll'0U2,'l101lt the your, und it is hoped that more of the students will :wail thcmcsolvcs of the opportunities of this 0l'g'illllZil.lZl0ll. "To God wr nzrf' our mul love: In our lIll?lf1I,II0l'S 'usliicw: lo ozcrsolvvs wurlvmfc n ! . 5 :mul sobrioiy. " e Om- llunrlrml and Forty-oliol Emo UU m I K , ,, QL.,,,.N3, I Mmrig r , J if :S ou'PfS f H' 'N .PRAC-.T HANDS up .STUDYH , 1,3 ,A ,- , ,ff ., S n o - - ham- '- ' , ,. 'frm neurs f--1 +--- 'SQLD' UQQSNUCK 'l Ng E-5,41 "gl Mfn of lmfx1L1'1: mul u Zfifo of slolh aww luv: llmf1zy1.w." Lim-man.-In 1 1 ll 1 1 qglalicaiioncg P ITU M Aim Q BK ., --5 ll " in itial i N r Franklin Board Top Row Middle Row MARIAN ROSS WILLIAM BOOK YANIJIGLI. CLINIC NICIAIAIE IGI KENBERRY ANDRICS SICNUON .I l'ISSll'1 WOLFORIJ RICHARD URl'lURA'I"T Bottom Row ICSTIIHR M Y ICR PLICASANT llUl"l"MAN MARGUl'1RI'1'l'l CAMPIZICIAL Hlfl il'lKANIil.lN this yvzir is voncvdvd to bv thc host in tho history of thn- sohool. 'Pho static is ai, livv ono, and inzlny Hsu-oops" are Hgolmlmlvcl up" hy 1'h0 with'-zxwzikv editor and his rvportvrs, lIllli'll to thc 0ll2lfIl'lll of tho ll0WSp2lIN'l'S. President Goodall is ai "live wire" for 'l'1nc F1mN1c1,lN, and inuoh credit is duo him for tho splvndid suvc-oss of tho coll0g.yv wockly. 'l'h0 pzipor is lzn'g10r this your and is il' strong booster for the HUl'f'fI'!'l' FrunL'lin." Hz'l?l0'i'Ilf II 'lf'I'llIl'l'?l and 710 -will slab you: slab Irion and lm 'will ufnninl youf' I Page One llmnlrz-ml :xml Forty-four gi Q Aim W ar.K mnunma A 2 H I , W ,Y i" D 1 1 A-ah X - f - Tim FF3HkliH,S 1919 Almanack N Sl'l'l'l'I of tho almost lllSlll'lll0llIll72llJl0 diffirvultivs arising.: from tho war, Frank- lin l'oll0g.:0 has again on hor campus an A1.M.xN,xoK. 'l'ho Class of 1919, through its Am1.xN.xCK Board, has thus niamlo its first literary' 4-ontriliution to tho life of tho Vollopgo. It is not without sonic- prich-, vonnnrnml- ahlo, wc hope, that wo, tho nioinhors of tho Board, look hack upon our work, for wo haw put' in a your of hard work. and wo havv dont- our he-st. It would ho sirangc-. inmloml, if sonic woll-mlosvrvccl fault is not ifounml with this, our hook. Hut hoar in niincl. pationt roaclor, that wo haw 'l':n'0cl tliffivultios this yoar that tow otha-r Amm- NACK Boards haw haml to nivvt. 'I'ln'oug1h DAVID J. lSifNN1El.1., lfrlilor-'in -Ifhfivj' it all we have trim-ml to bo fair, and abovc i all we have tried to 0Vlil0ll1'0 our patriotisni both for our oountry and our School. NVQ takclthis moans of expressing' our thanks to tho stuilonts and tho friends of Franklin Volloge who have holpml ll12lli0 this hook what it is. klspvcially do wo 110- siro to vxprm-ss our approciation for co- oporation from tho lnclianapolis Eloctro- typo Voinpany, Tho Graosslo-Moroor Print- ing.: Uoinpziny and John ll. 'I'hoinpson, tho photogwiphcr. Spocial inontion niust hm- inaclo ol' tho splendid work of the artists, lQ'harlos Dvor- strvvt and Milclrvml Flinn. l,lil'IASAN'l' lIinif'1vMAN, JR., 1iu.wi11cx.v Monogm' "lV7fmz you orv yooo' lo oilzors you ow' hos! lo Llj0Il?'Sf'lf.,, fu Ono llnndri-cl :mul I"ortyAI'ivv rl - Alm L al:K f M X f A W1 ' Q if Lax.: 1 'Hn U aaaa I 9 19 Almanack Board 1 Q Top Row Middle Row RUSSELL SHIRLEY PLEASANT I-IUFFMAN ESTIIER LYONS MARY KINNIUK DAVID J. BUNNELL 'RVICHARD PAYNE ESTIIER ULOSSON HSTI'IER MYER ,IIERHICRT TIIURSTON CHARLES CROSS KATHERINE BOOK Bottom Row WILLIAM BOOK ANNE TEDFORD HARRY VANDIVIER ICSTPIER BICRRYHILL RAY TOMLINSON IRENH CHANDLER "The higher the uim, Ure grcutm' H10 lush mul lhc more .w1t1fsfacio1'y the result." IP:1gc One Hundred und Forty-six k Z i""55bvzwf , hx : EEK ,i 'Umm A X, .1 , -. Men in Service MAJOR- EVERSON, WILLIAM G., '03, I nfantry. GU'rI1RIE, GEORGE, Medical Corps, New York. MOCK, IIARRY E., ex '04, Medical Corps. .UNVl'IRSAXY, NVAL'l'lf1R H., ex '96, Artillery, Camp Shelby, Miss. CAPTAIN - SMITH, FERRIS, ex '09, 1'I11f.I'lll0Cl'lllg.f Corps, Boston, Mass. LIEU'l'1'INAN'l' - ' BAILEY, JOHN W., ex '19, Aviation, France. BOOK, IIOXVARD B., ex '17, Cavalry, El Paso, Texas. - , BOONE, CHEIISIGA, ex, '10, Field Artillery, Camp Shelby, Miss. BOWEN, BRUCE L., ex '18, Infantry, France. BROXVN, GEORGE, ex '15, Camp Taylor, Ky. ' CAR'rI-:R, JULIAN G., '16, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. COVER, EARL, ex '17, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. EIKICNBICRRY, VIIIGIII L., '14, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. FINIQENDINER, LERIOY, '16, Artillery, Camp Shelby, Miss. FRICLLICK, RALPH, '11. IIAIwI1I.'roN, CONRAD F., ex '18, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. HAIIRIS, SAMUEL M., '16, Infantry, Fort Funston, Kas. HOIJMIES, WILL W., ex '11, Medical Corps. IIOXYARD, J. F., '97, P HUN'r, PROP. VIC1'0R A., Radio, Washiiigtoii. JEWIZTT, RUSSELL, '12, Fort Worth, Texas. ICINCAID, ALVA C., '15, Aviation. KLYVER, RUSSELL H., '16, Aviation, San Antonio, Texas. LOOI-IERY, HARRY, '10, Medical Corps, France. LOCHERY, jRALPH, '11, Base Hospital, Fort Harrison, Ind. LOWICRY, IIITGH, ex '18, Aviation, France. A 1'IlDDLl'I'l'ON, GICORGIC R., ex '19, Artillery, Franee. FIURPIIY, E. C., '10. Nl'Il.l', Wlll. B., '17, Aviation, Franee. OVl'1RS'l'Rl'Il'Z'l', I-IAROLD, '16, Infantry, Camp Shelby, Miss. PRI'rCIIARD, CHARLES, ex '11. PRI'rcHARD, NORMAN H., '04, SIIICPHICRD, RALPH VV., ex '19, Infantry, Franee. SMOCK, WILLIAM C., '16, Heavy Artillery, Camp Grant, Ill. SMITII, BROADUS M., '10, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. SUNDVALL, AUGUST L., '16, Infantry, France. "Sloth makes all things d'ljflC'1lll, but imlustry all things easy." Page One llnmlrul and l"orty-sevvii 1 i H l . X 1- ,, 1 fl J! nmilfn, , X' ' f ' A ' 51 cr 'IU um-Wu Men in Service LIEUTENANT - TERRILL, Vl+IIZNON R., ex '13, Quartermaster Corps, France. WHIPPLE, JAMES E., ex '20, Infantry. WILSON, RUSSELL C., '17, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. WIIISON, ARTHUR, '02, Medical Corps. YoUN'r, COURTLAND M., '12, WRIGHT, HARRISON W., ex '96, Medical Corps. ENSIGN lN'U. S. NAVY- Woon, FRANK A., ex '16, Navy. SERGEANT - BARNE'r'r, GEORGE A., '17, Medical Corps, Camp Taylor, Ky. IIALL, WARREN S., '12, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. IIOLMAN, MIARK, ex '17, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. MCCIQAIN, OKE T., ex '16, lnfantry, Camp Shelby, Miss. SIIAEER, GARLAND, ex '16. SHAFER, PAUL C., ex '20, Ordnance, Camp Shelby, Miss. VANDIVIICR, HUGH E., '14, Infantry, Camp Shelby, Miss. WILIJIAMS, LEE E., '13, Marine Aviation, Lake Charles, La. CORPORAL -- CHAMBl'IRLAIN, RIIIYBIIRN, ex '20, Medical Corps. PRIVATE - BEHYMER, UJIGSSIC, ex '18, Field Artillery, France. BUNNELL, RUSKIN S., ex '19, Marine Corps, France. CAMPIIELL, TIIOMAS, '13. CARTER, NOIiI1l'I, ex '18, Medical Corps, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. COONS, ALVIN, ex '18, Navy, Great Lakes Training School. CRAIG, RICUBICN A., '17, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. DlCI7l'RlClC, RALPIAI, ex '21, Signal Corps, Fort Worth, Texas. FoxwoR'rIIY, PAUL, ex '18, Marine Aviation, Pensacola, Fla. GILMORIC, IHARRY, ex '19, Base Hospital, France. G'RlCl'INl4'II'ZIID, MARSIIALI.. I-IAIvIII.'I'ON, ITALLIIC L., ex '18, Base Hospital, France. ITANNAMAN, DONALD, '08, Medical Corps. ITAYICS, LESLIIC W., ex '19, Infantry, Camp Shelby, Miss. HENDERSON, f'LARl'lNCI'I NV., ex '19, Navy, Great Lakes Training School. HTINDIGRSON, FINLEY, ex '20. p HILIIERIIRANII, ICMMERT, '15, Quarterinaster Corps, Camp Taylor, Ky. HOSHAW, LOYAI., ex '20, - HUEIIMAN, PLlCASAN'l', JR., ex '19, ITUNTICR, RAY B., ex '18. Kl'lRIiIN, LTARK C., '14, LoS'rII'r'rER, TW-l+ILVlN, ex '19, Marine Corps, France. MeCLAIN, ITORACIII, ex '19, Navy, Great Lakes Training School. "He 171.111 71.11171 a culling hath an office of profif and honor." Il':Ip:e One llumlrf-d and Forty-eight W if af' I. IJK - zf,,,,f,,,my ! lim I W g m 'M 1 IRL. Men in Service PRIVATE - NICDONALD, IRXVIN C.,ex '19, Base Hospital, France. IVIARTINICK, AI.oIs, ex '18, I NIICRRILL, LEWIS E., ex '20, Artillery, France. IWERRILII, WAYNl'I, '17, Navy Radio, Boston, Mass. IVIUIIIIIKIN, CHARLES O., '16. OVICRMAN, S'rANI.EY, ex '20. I'A'1"I'0N, RALPH, ex '21, Signal Corps, Columbus, Ohio. PERRY, ROBERT, Camp Shelby, Miss. RAIRDON, RAYMOND, ex '16, Infantry, Camp Shelby, Miss. RICHARDSON, NVAI1'l'1CR, ex' '20, Medical Corps, Fort Harrison, Ind. R.OBl'IRTS, Wl+INDl'II4I1 E., ex '19, Medical Corps. ' SAUNDICRS, CHARLES, ex' '18, Navy, Great Lakes Training School. SAUNDERS, JAMES IVIAURICIC, '15, Radio, Boston, Mass. SCHMITII, PIIILLIP, '17, Navy, Boston, Mass. Sc0'1"1', PAUL, ex '19, Infantry, Fort Thomas Ky. SICITNER, REUEEN, '16, Aviation, Fort Worth, Texas. SIIoR'I', GLENN, ex '18, SMALIIICY, C. A., '01, Medical Corps. SPEAKE, FERROL, ex '21, Aviation, San Antonio, Texas. TEMRLI-:'I'oN, GLENN, ex '19, Infantry, Camp Taylor, Ky. 'I'l'IM1'LlC'l'0N, V ERNAL, ex '19, Aviation, Fort Worth, Texas. TIIOM, JAY, '17 , Field Artilley, Camp Shelby, Mass. TRoII'1', BYRON. TRUMAN, JICARICLD, ex '20, VVANDIVIIGR, GEORGE, '16, Ordnance, Camp Taylor, Ky. .I VANlJIVll'IR, ORIS, ex '18, Medical Corps, France. WVIIITIC, XVILIJAM, ex '19, Medical Corps, Fort I-Iarrison, Ind. WILSON, PARKER, ex '20, Heavy Artillery, Montgroinery, Ala. WVYRICK, DONALD, ex '16, Navy, Norfolk, Va. h7l'ZOMAN, f'LAUDI'I, '16. Y. M. C. A.- BARNl'Z'l"l', Joi-IN, ex '20, Camp Taylor, Ky. DII.s, ELMER H., '17, Camp Shelby, Miss. CIIANDIJICR, H'ARVl'1Y, '14, Camp Shelby, Miss. CI-IAPLAIN - All'1'I'llTR, EI.I.IAII, '00. O. T. C.- IIANNA, BEN, '17, Camp Shelby, Miss. A IQINCAID, ARTIIIIR M., '16, Camp Taylor, Ky. ICINNICK, BENJAMIN F., ex '17, Camp Taylor, Ky. BICCAIN, REID J., ex '15, Camp Taylor, Ky. Ross, WAI.I.AcE A., '13, Camp Taylor, Ky. SELLERS, Rom-:R'I' C., ex '18, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. SWI-:Ns0N, SWAN, '17, Fort Dodge, Iowa. "The use of money is all the advzmlnge fhere is in having money." Page One llumlred and Forty-ninel 5, , Alm fFf?i anK L Q 1 4: 6.151 I , W I 7 MN , -' ' lm Q X , - f , Z - l X C,0YXv6Y1-how-l Geneva V fs WW' K8 Delegatxoh jeg Hes Ogg gr vdiowg fl m mb valwry u Tix TDIBT' A moclel 'tevfl A I I-fa l'fff1e 2741185 all have I you 1111111 mural 111 0 clzoosf hm IHI Il 9'f1imduy rfvwnf-f"""1-' ' . ' . fl? W A A a J ' 4 ' l . ,,i1,.ij , V 21 'I A . , ' 44 Nr ' '. K 1' ' K ' 1 ,. ,.,., .. ,,-..,. . ,. , V eu ' I Q -. .N .VX 5. fy 4 ' Xjf , . ' 'ff , V , - ' E-. " ,. - b Ji'1'BelJunC3, 1 . Q .,.' ff "'l"" e . ,Q4i.l.b l? 1 I A Sq i ,I in , x. , I l Q ,ff-.,, I A , .JJ flag, 0 ll 1 ! I 'ure 1 l 5 Q 1 Q Aim EEK 9 1.1 H u , 1111411111241-Tpfjllll ,F l H V l I l . ,mm N H g l J l The Faculty Reception HE first, and always one of the most successful social events of the college year, is the Faculty reception, held on the Friday night after the opening of school. The reception this year was all the more successful since it was the initial appearance of President and Mrs. Goodell at college social functions. The affair took on the nature of a reception for Proxy and Mrs. Proxy before it was over. Old and new students alike did their part in giving the new "acquisitions" a real welcome to Franklin College. As usual, the students were tagged according to classes as they entered the chapel, and name and home town were inscribed on the cards. Freshmen were introduced to members of the Faculty and old students, and made to feel that they were really welcome additions to Franklin 's social group of students. Entertainment for the evening was furnished by Miss Jessie Lewis, Esther Lyons and Arthur J. Beriault. Mr. Beriault was Franklin's latest faculty addition, and he won his way to the hearts of students Faculty alike with his "A B C" sermon and a few negro readings. Following the entertainment refreshments of hot chocolate and wafers were served and favors of daisy bouquets a la Roberts given the guests. ' "Fools make feasls and wise man cut Hmm." I Page One llnmlred and Fifty-two Q , . ' N sy i E w tl' I 25271, 57 z J SK F , VV V -2 ?,W-nw-f--,-:,- :L - --.-:.-...lT'.i,, 3 . MED S 62 K 'lf Tuesday, Sept Wednesday, Sept Tlnlrsday, Sept Almanack Calendar S If P T E ill B If H -Book and alnlninnnu agents blow in along with several eases. Frats get all "spilled" up. -Registration. Frat men ineet all. trains and ears. Traveling man received unheard-of W1'l00lllC. -Football prospects brighten when Jordan and Shafer a1'1'ive. Every- body still bn:-my passing around the "glad hand." Friday, Sept -Faenlty reeeption. We all rnn the gauntlet. Men get first peep at . the eo-eds. Saturday, Sept. -lndiana, 50g Franklin, 0. Nnf Ued. Pledges annonneed. Everyone happy? Sunday, Sept --All in need of rest. Church sligbted. HOLY 5MOKEll GSCFK- PIPE QUEEN. Mllb' 5 I. Ei l llllll 'f i 'llll " Q 'dui'-A5 "lf you H'UlLIfll have ll flllilllfllil seruunl mul one you lilre, serve yom'seZf." One llnndx-eil and lfiftx three I 'i Aim K Q- Q . Eff- WWmnMMm l,: n h E 5: F! lla - ' T Q., The Halloween Stunts HIS year's IIallowe'en frolie had, without doubt, the happiest termination of any of the stunts in preceding years. That happiest termination was a stunt by the Faculty. For the first time in the history of the 'Hal1owc'en frolies, the Faculty took part. Their offering was a burlesque of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and leading parts were taken by Dean Belknap, Professor Beriault, Professor Roberts and Professor Merrill. To say that the Faculty members can act would be putting it too mildly. NVith Professor Beriault as coach and hero, the Dean became a marvelous stone wall, capable of taking part in conversations, and versatile to the extreme. Professor Roberts, with blushing cheek and handsome raiment, was the most beautiful of heroines, and Professor Merrill could not have been excelled in his lantern act. Outside of the Faculty stunt, the Hallowc'en frolic was much the same as in previous years. The Seniors, with an "Abe Martin Party," were first on the program, and they certainly acted naturally. The Juniors gave a playlet entitled "The Ides of I-Iallowe'en." They worked in the faculty cleverly, and, in fact, Hbeat the Sophomore 's time, " for the second-year people followed with a burlesque on the Student Vouncil meetings, in which members of the Faculty received a similar roasting. The Freshmen gave a very pretty tableaux, in which Prince Charming rescued the Fairy Princess and her charming maidens. Weiiiiczs, hot rolls, pickles and apples formed the bill of fare, and, as usual, the 'catsll were 'fonn the President. "Tim was so Z0lI7"Il0d 171,111 he could Hume Il Yiorsc in 'H'f7lC ZII'Ilfj1LlIfj0S, so igamvmt limi he bought u emi' 10 ride mi." fI'age One Hnmlreci and Filtg .-.-L11 -IED- 1 -F O t Q .1 Q2 Al K E lm m fs an E - . - , X . T.. OCTOBER Monday, Oct. l--A fm-w ln-gin to study. Now Spanish prof. makcs hig hit. Tuvsday, Oct. 2--First Studont Council mvuting. Bill Hook prvsidos. Ya-ll lvznlcr try- outs. Puss Hpcar clvctod. xV0filll'Hti!lj',f7l'f. Il-lmslic and iailllllll' takv at't0rnoon walk. Strangv happvnings on parting. Thursday, Oct. 4-livery man at Y. M. A hiko and some oats. Saturday, Oct. ti-l'urdno, 5-lg l"ranklin, tl. Kingsolvor hurt. Shafc's last gamc. Monday, Oct. S-Mitchcll at l'hi Dolta honscf "I'm an hand." Rumors ol' a dinky. '1'ucsd:1y, Oct. 9-Bill Nolp hack. Urahhy's how logs look Kino in t'puts." W'cdncsday,Oct. iii--i"l'l'blillll2lll oloction. Olinc attcnds in his oliicial capacity. Tillll'SliZlj', Oct. ll-Profvssor liohorts and Miss Roach givo the golf links thc Honuo over." Big honiirc. lim-at Earlham or hust. l"l'i1i21'V, Oct. ig-i"l'3llliCilll, 205 ldarlham, l-1. Spud shows up. Monday, Oct. l5-l+'roshmcn got first roal taste of fratcrnity lifc by way of thc harrcl stave routc. Tuosday, Oct. lti-Cline and Rosa got togothor on prospects of Trafalggar Times. 'I'lmrsday, Oct. l8-Graco llarnos' uso of hypcrholo-'tl was so surprisod l could have fouc tln'ou0'li a. crack in thc floor." L 5 Saturday. Oct, 20-Wantod-applc pickors, 25 por hr., and a good dinner. Snndav Oct. :El-Too cool for strollin f. Datos rcallv 'fo to church. . Y L! - lv Tuosday, Oct. 23-Trips to thc city lcavo thoir mark on thc host of us. Dean Bolknap goes to slocp in chapcl. Wodnosday,Out. IZ-l-Soats assignod in chapol. l"annic and Loslic scparatcd for thc first tilnv. Friflay, Oct. 26-Boat Butlcr or lmst. Wo hust. liutlcr, 7g lfranklin, ll. Ilallowo'cn stunts, Wc'll hand it to the Faculty. Monday, Ort. 29+T,0l'lll inmates rocuivv tcrrihlo shock. Watkins sings for thvm. Tuesday, Oct. Sill-Anotlicr scandal. Mary Short wcars a, ton-cunt diamond ring. S .JJ- 'wlulat-I 'Iiw ll! .f W W ' multi' ' H Cwt' 1 Ilmigin-...manual -YV! V -: W f llli il L. 'T - 1 I i -,' -, .... I -IW,- -T'-- - f-, K M---1-2---.-x -vtff' A.. V 'F1 ' X 11- x "Noi lo ovwsffu Il'Ul'l.'77llZ'll. is In ll'fI'UIZ lhzfm your yncrsa opmif' Page Ono llnndrrd and Fifty-tivo 'l J sm 62 EEK , !"fW"f'i" !w S 7 1 J -4v1,f,..,,,,,,1Q-5 ww - is-Q YVVV - W y ,ll-IOTSI'---1 N T A' ug P Q - , - -J Levd XGA. XAKQA A . 1 - Ga les .l, , - ' 4 I V V 5 u , 5cm',y6-,Rig ..., . A . J K OA! 06 - . rjacoks' rgllev AH V, I ,-1 . - .J --.. Sm ,m...fQ12Q+M-wwmff-1 "lla llzul cfm 7:11110 7ml1'1'1rr'0 mn: 7:11110 Mx 14'1'll." Ii l':lg.g'1- 0 are H gg are Aim EK N -V 1 ,A 3 1,. 'Sv ,n jx.. 1, , 1 ffffwgr.-ga! lim 17 e H , "1 N 0 VE Ill B E' If Thursday, Nov. 1-HUaetus" ealls for Agnes White at the dorm when she didn 't even know she had a. date. Saturday, Nov 3-Rose Poly, 12g I"ranklin, 6. Arva Eastwood takes a hunch to the game, including the instructors in the Department of Chemistry and Spanish. Sunday, Nov 4-lt was a dead old day. Got up just in time for dinner. Monday, Nov 5-Girls living outside of the dorm are given instructions hy the President. Tuesday, Nov 6-Election day. Betting runs high. W'eduesday, Nov 7-Democrats all broke. Too much noise in tl1e library and Miss Davis does the bouncing act. Thursday, Nov S-Another case in the process' of development. Spear says, "l'herigo, you have more sense than any other girl in school." Friday, Nov. 9-Tri Delts throw kid party. Saturday, Nov. 10-Franklin, 213 Hanover, Ii. 'tWe win! hy golly, we win!" Sunday, Nov ll-Maggie Miller raves, but her date does not arrive. ,Professor Deppe's pet rabbit dies. Monday, Nov 12-Where was Dolly Wells during chapel? Ah, the poor girl was pris- oner in the library. Tuesday, Nov lil-No classes in Biology. llost mortem for l"ritz's rabbit. Thursday, Nov 1.5-COAL SHORTAGE. ,Prospects of a premature vacation. Friday, Nov 16-Rube Craig and George Barnett- visit. Moon out, dates late. Saturday, Nov 17-Dorm girls sent all over town to purchase sugar. Monday, Nov. 19-'Tis nice to have company in misfortunes. Esther Myer and Gert Dodd take a tumble together in the hall. Tuesday, Nov 20-It's a choice between studying for exams and going to the city to see Mantell, and you know how we decided. He played "lVlaebeth" this evening. Wednesday, Nov 21-Kuoop tells Miss Beach in Spanish class that "When he clasped 'her hands his eyes Iilled with tears." The poor man 's .TOY must have overcome him. Friday, Nov 23-Martha Boaz says her dimples are the result of angels kisses. Don 't worryg she 'll Iind you out, Raymond. Saturday, Nov 2-1--All out to earn money on their war pledges. Expert hair washers, shoe shiuers and ladies of all work, at the dorm. Sunday, Nov. 25-Lieut. Woody Wilson here from Camp Taylor to call on friend. Monday, Nov 26-'tCaetus," in Biology class, suddenly discovers something. He rushes out the door, extracts his favorite weed, and returns ap- parently happy. Tuesday, Nov 27-Esther Closson contracts with J. B. to work during vacation. She paid her war fund pledge. Wednesday, Nov. 28-Some leave, and some don lt. Thursday, Nov 29-Ameriea's first turkeyless Thanksgiving day. gy Hee' A l'n.f..14- l ff LQDKIT ' I ' A s XL1 1 . , 1 Q I 1 n u zzz ' N J . X 11 ' I " s 1 1-A . M1 Q 'li' 11 ,l I gd.-18' -diff. 8' 't1V1we1' fake It wife fzmlil 111011. 7111si ll 71.111110 fund ll firej lo pu! hm' ia." fe One llundred illlll lfifty-sevc-nj he Ci? K l il lil. . W sl 'f'x :gil l E ' lr .. ....--.. si lk S Q 1 . f" J Z 'jf-Wvwfff The Dorm Christmas Party lllfl annual l'hristmas party for the eo-eds was held at the dormitory the Wednesday CVCllll1g' before vaeation. Christinas trees, Christmas colors and evergreens Cand mistletoe, it is rumoredj transformed the lobbies and dining room into real party headquarters. Prexy and Mrs. Prexy, and Dean and Mrs. Dean, were the guests of honor. Nellie Eikenberry was the toast- mistress. A two-eourse dinner was served in the dining room at six oleloek, and the daughters of faculty members served. The menu was sure some hash, as the Dean expressed it. lneluded 011 the list of eats was lots of pep, and the red cayenne pep, too. 'Phe girls sang and yelled for Franklin until they were hoarse. Following the eatin ', the toastmistress took eharge. She introdueed for toasts and roasts K. Book.. Esther Frances Jones, Marian Ross, the Dean and Prexy. The Dean made a real hit when he gave his ideal of dormitory rules, whieh included H riding hours extending from eight o'elock P. M. to five o'eloek A. M., and only two in a buggy at a time, sinee the modern makes are not built very substan- tially." President Goodell told of his most recent review of domitory rules, and commented on Franklin 's system. 'l'he next thing on the program was the "Sanity l'laus" part, where the girls and the guests went to the lobby and 'tdrewn a t'hristmas present. The "reel" part of the program was the last, the "ole Virginny reel," and others like it reeled off in tine style. After all, it was the most enjoyable Christmas party in years. 'KA fat lfilclum nufkas Il' loam will." fl'age One Hundred and Fifty Cl it nw Q Inlay! 3 . if K . . II N' i i D If C Hill If IC If Monflny, Doo. -r1HV1ll'Ilfl0ll onslsg oollogo lll'f.flllH.H Tnosnlny, Doo. 4-Stnclont Uonnoil lll00llllg'. llonthitt wozlrs il now horrowocl groon tio. Wl'lilll'SllllA', Doo. Tlnlrsilziy, Doo. I"1'i1ln..y, lloo. 7- Sumlny, Doo. Momlny, Doo. I0 Tnosilny, Doo. ll-- Tlinrsrlny, Doo. 1'4- l"ri1l:l.y, Doc. 14- Sntnrml:1y, Doo. I5 Monthly, Ilou. I7 Tlll'Sll!l.V, Doo. 18- Woil nosmlzilv, Doo. l 9 n 'I'lmrsnl:1y, Doo. 30 -l'i2lll1liS first prnotioo. Thiovos !llll'0ll1l. Ask Shnok who got Ul:1rk's ovoroont. l"irst big snow. l":innio oomos ont in hor, now clinmonel. Whzlt :1 oollogo orlnontion floos oost, Dunkin! -lilizzzlrml. Moronry hits sixtoon holow. -l'hi Dolt l'll'l'Sllllll'Il got :1 littlo of tho ll2ll'1lNV00tl ll0l'SllII1ll'l'. llnrrison roooivos long-clistnnoo onli, wnrning: him to Ivo suro To put on his 'tl1u:1Yios." Juniors hnvo ollnpol. Ilnrrison looks :1 littlo moro H00llll!.V.H l'hi Dolts throw party. --Wohstor Clll'lSi'lll.ilH party. Zoro-"l'I1l, l'm siokg l o:1n't oomo to work." 'Ilo wont to tho party. Root tnlros lirst full of tho wintor. First lmzlskot-lmnll: l'll'illlliilll, -Hg Uontrnl Normal, 24. -Miss Bo:1oli's hirthmlny. Prosonts, llowors. I"roshmon olnss oonntoml llol' ago, but only got :ls fm' :ls twonfy-nino. Dorm Ulll'lStlll!lhl p:1l't,v. lll'2lll llvllilllllb givos intorosting toast on now florni rnlos. l"riil:1y, Doo. ill-l'lvorylmo1ly goos homo. S:ltnr4l:1y, Doo, 222-J. llooohor makes :1. trip to Sullivan for ooaxl. First Uhristmzus shop- ing for most. stmlonts. Snmlny, Doo. 22i-l+'rnnklin without stuclonts consists ot' ono gl'ilVl'.VZll'll. Monflny, Doo. 24-l"in:1l Christmas rush. Tnosalny, Doo. 2:-For tho ono ill0llSZlll1l, nino hnnmlroal and sovontoonth time tho world rooognizos tho lmirth oi' tho Christ. 14: Na " 7 1- 'U X 07' Z! '7', 'Et VJ ff iw Z , X X .Sl . xx f ' D 5 ' Q- ' j OH EU- . - - TAP U ' lMNflQK l LQ Q S ii f Silas x J k Moq- IQ- .U "lf you would lmou' lim vuhul of mmufy. lry lo borrow' soma." lhnge Ono Ilnnmlrrml :mil lfifly-nim-1 it .. Aim ..' EEK The Johnson- aftzger Meetings RANKLIN li'ollege's most successful series of religious meetings was held the last week before spring vacation. With Dr. Herbert S. Johnson, pastor of the NVarren Avenue Baptist church, of Boston, Mass., as speaker, and Mr. Ernest Naftzger, noted singing evangelist, in charge of the music, Franklin students were lead into a reiiwakening of things spiritual as never before. Doctor Johnson is one of the most popular pastors of the East. He speaks to the largest audiences of any Boston pastor every Sunday. Mr. Naftzger has twice been around the world as singer for the Chapman-Alexander meetings. He is styled by Doctor Johnson, Hthe greatest singing evangelist in the world." Things at Franklin were ripe for a religious renaissance when these two men. arrived on the scene. 'l'hey started into the meetings in their own way at once, and the good they accomplished can never be accurately estimated. Not by appealing to emotions did Doctor Johnson win his religious success, but to the reasoning powers of the individual. He stated his opinions calmly, but forcefully, and they sunk deeply i11to the hearts ot' all who heard. 'Phe college and the town-people united in the meetings each night, and large crowds at- tended. Doctor Johnson and Mr. Naftzger had charge of the chapel services each morning, and through these they did a considerable amount of good. How- ever, it was the personal interviews that counted. 'l'hrough these, Doctor John- son led many students to a Christian decision. These religious .meetings will go down in Franklin history, never to be forgotten, and rightly so. The good they accomplished lives after them. "Dou't go to the lawyer with every quarrel." fPagc One Hundred and Sixty , t- g D Yiii Y' Q. i 'W .Tm-if ings M Alm .f.g anK is ...SLT-1 JANUARY Tuesday, Jan. S-Everybody baek. Student Uouneil meeting. Dean Belknap an- nonnees "exams, as usual." Usual motion to adjourn. Wednesday, Jan. 9-Congrats, Ped. Anne 's baek. Mary appears with Phi Alph pin. Thursday, Jan 10-Founding of the High and Royal Order of l"leas. Doe wears his new shoes. ilfriday, Jan 11-Patriotie meeting. Johnson County 's first war eonferenee. Cold. Saturday, .lan 12-Biggest blizzard in fifty years. Twenty-seven below. No Indiana- polis papers. Harrison freezes his ears. Sunday, Jan 13-No ehureh beeause of eoal shortage. Winkie Merrill walks around lovers' lane. Bill Bailey has a date, but she doesn't know who it is with. Monday, Jan 14-More snow. A earload of eoal arrives, and school keeps busy and warm. Tuesday, Jan 15--Seientifie held first meeting of year. Both members absent. VVednesday,.Tan 16-The day of tnmbles on the west walk--Watkins, Wedeking, Cline, LaGrange. Thursday, Jan 17-German measles in the dorm. Seeret serviee men investigate. 1"riday, Jan 18-Mary Phillips tells of Northfield eonferenee in ehapel. Saturday, Jan. 19-Franklin, 215 Earlham, 38. lfirst and only I. C. A. L defeat. Sunday, Jan 20-Everything is re-frozen. Monday, Jan. 21-Catron and Ensley out of solitary eonfinement. Tuesday, Jan 22-Girls' Glee Club in ehapel. Pretty good. Wednesday,Jan. 23-Miss Beaeh siek. lieyl tin ehapelj-UI trust we are all sheep here this morning." Matrieulation begins in Dean 's olliee. Thursday, Jan 24-l+'ranklin, 41g Hanover, 20. Friday, Jan 25-Matrienlation for Juniors. Saturday, Jan 26-Franklin, 22, State Normal, 15. Soup, 10 eents. Sunday, Jan 27-lee and hail and slippery walks. Real sermon at ehurch. Monday, Jan 28-Hlean Belknap loeks Edith Wright up in his oiliee. Eunice takes the measles. First signs of dinlcy. Tuesday, Jan. 29-Professor Beyl takes a tumble. Great- is the fall of the mighty. Final exams on in full foree. Also, great was the fall, ete. ' Wednesday, Jan 30-Miss Ilunt has a eollision. Blessed are they who cram, for they sh.all not ilunk. Thursday, Jan. 341-Students begin to wish they had "done their exam erannning early." Franklin, 21555 Dellauw, 24. Not so worse, at that. ' I sm' um... ' s-mel' CHN I ' ai. BPTQLSW 1 J' wi si g? I now-r-K New L I - 1 av. A, f ig 'ram-I ,fy f .f Q 1 1 bf In 1 -mill' mwah 7 ,,.,,. rl 99.49. - 4f 'VWKD - , ,Av ' it if Ile has clzmzycrl his one-eyed lmrxe for u blind mac." Page One llnndred and Sixty-onel ' fL'3""' H m'Q Aim l EEK in F , R ' -K 2 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mon day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, VVL'1illl'Sti!ly, Friday, Sunday, Monday, VVednosday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb Feb. Feb Feb. FEBRUARY l-Last of exams. Several rurals go to the dorm basement, thinking it 2 is the gym. V -Another war conference. Gl'01lll1'iil0'g saw his shadow. .i-A walk in lovers' lane, etc. 4 -Dean exponnds in chapel. "Uactus,' performs interesting experi- ments in lflmbryology elass, on tom-eat. 5-Dormaniacs get party favor, as reaction from exams. 6 -'Professor Brown, of Wabash, gives address in chapel. l'hi 'Delt . , .. dinky. .l oor fIGSillllU!li 7-Speaking of going to Wordsworth class, Martha Boaz wants to know J7 if it 's Hsome kind of a club. 8-Grace MacArthur and her new goggles much in evidence. 9-Warm weather begins to come on. l0-Still warmer, and still more dates. Some go to ehureh at night. ll -Oh, Cactus, did your heart go with or precede your pin? 12-Phi Delts entertain college men. Eats and .general good time. li! -Spear is ealled into Miss Davis' private ollice for consultation. Now, Leuore, did you get him in trouble? 15--Pep meeting. Franklin, 203 Earlham, l2. Pep meeting. I7-Dorm girls visit Masonic Home. 18-Scottie at the show. Reserved seats and all. Some show, yes? 20--Mabel Hayes gives her orationiin ehapel. 2l-Franklin, 295 Wabash, 25. Ring the bell, etc. Yea, Franklin. 22-George Washington 's and Alice Thompson 's birthdays. Franklin, 239 23 Butler, 16. Mabel places fourth at Indianapolis. -Hike to Webster park by Zero, Fed Sc Co. 244Seeond signs of spring. More strolling. 25 -Rain. Doctor Barbour enlivens chapel hour. 2 Tuesday, Feb 26-Wigs and Queues hold much needed pep meeting. No pep. Florence buys more lieoriee. U Thursday, Feb 28-Dance. Wonder who went? 44 0H wars 4544 S Wh -K np'-aL nu. Rmufv xgfayg-750 S Af we - ' You am- YQUR vwusnv. X IT klNT FTP' . ' uv 'rua " Nrouv X HOF" , ' i T , ' f F ,S Fe L- f-JT , ' if y A .. Fe-Ll,-lL Y f fy . . I X, I, X ,f l ...Q A jf, ll ,Jil ' If W rf 4 AM' 1' ' X . ,ii ilwliiiillllll ui t fmallltlfrlllll it L A U 1 2 ': O- 'SQL rl- X 'fd 'ffl .9-I "Bal dos! lhou love life? Theo: do not sqmmcier time, For that is fhc stuff life is made off' I: Page One llundred and Sixty-two Y Y! ' S-. ' ,Z .1 Q2 Pi l l, K 1 sm m it E Ik -,,,J.,.,.,,.,5,...,W I 0 ill A li' C II Friday, Mar. l-Pi Phi initiation and open house. Saturday, Mar. --Tri Delt initiation. Purdue, 435 l"ranklin, 29. Sunday, Mar. It--Sigs entertain at dinner. Monday, Mar. 4--It rains. Esther Marie and H Fink" back on visit. Tuesday, Mar. 5--Mary T. gets her usual spceial delivery letter from Con. Wednesday, Mar. Thursday, Mar. K i 6- tMisty, moisty" day, and cases stay indoors. 7--l"ranklin, 515 Butler, 4. Dee-lighted etc. ! l"riday, Mar. 8--High sehool sectional basket-ball in College gym. Saturday, Mar. 9-Franklin wins tourney by beating Shelbyville and llopewc wind storm. Sunday, Mar. 10-.Dorm girls serenade dates below. Monday, Mar. ll-'tNiek" leaves for Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dnnki school. Tuesday, Mar. I2-Magdalene leaves school to get married. Major and Mrs. U1 Wednesday, Mar. Thursday, Ma1'. Friday, Mar. io- Saturday, Mar. l.t- and Lieut. Arthur Wilson visit ehapel. . President speaks in chapel concerning student government. H-Belknap asks Ross if ho's anxious for a date. n. nag n visit ivcrsaxv Prof. Beyl Qin Logiej--' 'If the house is on fire, keep your head cool. " Ni-College girls have a big time at the skating rink. Miss Beac her first lesson. h takes Sunday, Mar. 17-St. Patriek's day and Sunday eombined. A peach of a day for walking. Monday, Mar. 18-Cases go walking-again. I Tuesday, Mar. 19-All college girls have big time at Y. W. C. A. tea. Wednesday, Mar. 20-M Thursday, Mar. ill-Dr. M ldriday, Mar. 22-Dr. J 23-M Saturday, Mar. Sunday, Mar. 24- Monday, Mar. ' ' Tuesday, Mar. 26-All Wednesday, Tlllll'Stl1ly, lVlar. 28- Friday, - Mar. 29- llhfsdq 5- g l A H! '01 We lil Z ff f 'fm F5717 M ab arie Griiiith very anxious about a certain diamond ring she aybie speaks in chapeland at Y. W. U. A. ' ollnson and Mr. Naftxger hold their first meeting. any see "The Follies" at Indianapolis. Opal goes walking with Mr. Douthitt. .2.J--Everyone attends big meetings. the 'profs have the grip. Mar. 27-Miss Mason, from Chicago Training: School, talks to girls. Last meeting held by Dr. Johnson and Mr. Naftzger. College has lost. st i r red . Spring vacation. Goody, and good-bye. Likewise, April fool. H0 Mun 4. 2 V K,-,jf Altar-Arnone TO6Xi J iii 1 i X v ,f, 'ff gf U o - 4 , 9 1 .1 , ' -..Y it mmm Y X4 Xlf Xl f iii 'tes WM VL i t Lore uill be sleeping mzough in lim gr: 1. if M7 ., y sf i x,,,1 ff ', If? I K r -1 ll 4. I ' . M l A Usgf Marr-lm U1 ' - we " Page One Hundred and Sixty-threej W E74 or H if.i i , .sq ,- ' ' Monday, Apr. l-6 APRIL -Glee Club trip. Lots of dates and plenty of experiences that won't do to tell. Creeraft shows up as a hurdler. Monday, Apr. S-Danee. Not even the dorm girls go. Tuesday, Apr 9-Glasses again. Wednesday, Apr 10-Goodell Cin ehapelj-UThe men will have a meeting in the girls, Y. M. C. A. room.', Thursday, Apr ll-llarry V. has his usual date with Bill-after chapel, just before din- ner and during the afternoon. Mutt goes out in the evening. Pan- Hellenie dinner. Friday, Apr 12--Directions for a good time: Go to the dorm about 7:30, 'call your date and proeeed to wait for the next hour for the eo-ed to appear. An attraetive plaee to spend the evening-that dorm lobby. Saturday, Apr 13-l4'ranklin takes Butler over in baseball. 15-5. Sunday, Apr 14-Cupid and Spring go into partnership. Monday, Apr 15-ANNUAL GOES TO PRESS. Wednesday, Apr. 17--l"ranklin vs. .Del'auw. Baseball. Friday, Apr 19-Traek meet. ldranklin vs. Central Normal. Easy piekin'. Saturday, Apr 20-Cooks on vacation at the dorm. Girls get supper. Monday, Apr 22--Kate Roland 0llllJl'2'10CS Lowe. Tuesday, Apr 234-Girls register. Home eoneert of Glee Club. Weduesday,Apr 24+Goodell announees that Franklin is to have a new Science Building. Miss Amy Aeoek speaks to Y. W. girls. Tlllll'S1l2l.y, Apr 25-Sendon dismisses Illodgeis l"reshman Math elass, but is eaught in the aet by Hodge, himself. Saturday, Apr 26-l'i Phi state luncheon at Indianapolis. Monday, Apr. 29--Y. W. girls mow grass on campus. Tuesday. Apr. 30-Tennis eourts beeome property of College. 2' Aw N HE, My . , ,A V Tuna sues Z New uP 2 , FUR RENT f f '.,., Trw.::rf,f NVQ' fs... jj . Gm mubggl-12,51 2 1 "Be good, buf 1107117 lry xo 7I,ll?'ll lo Im czzzcyhl ul iff' IfPage One Ilundred aml Sixty-four Til . T EE Al Q K gf, Q ls lww , ..,,fw0 !mN ll . , , F, l Wed ll0Sli1l.V, Tlllll'Sllfly, Friday, SZl.tlll'liIly, Monday, '1'nosdz1.y, Wod lll'S1iZlj', Tlln rsdzly, l"rid1ly, Satu rd ny, Monday, Tnosdzly, Wodnosllny, Tlllll'S1i2l'Y, l"rid:ly, Sutnrdzly, GOSH' l.ooKlT NW TRMKS M :ly N :ly M :ly M :l y M215 -Ni'lV 4 lllnv Mny Moy May May M :l v M :l v M :l V M 'l y 1 May Q1 8-. I4- 1S0lll0 mystery :lrollnd sohool. Nohody knows , .. Y.- -. -l- MAY -RIlSl'll2lll. lJol':lllw :lt Fl'!llllilill. 0-l"loronoo lVlorrill 212121511 tho sport. A l'0g'lli2ll' lioorioo qncon. Spring fovor hooomos Ill'0V2lll'lli'. Collogo dinnor. .ixgillll Junior stunts olilnnx all. -Trnok. l'l2l.l'iil2llll :lt i"l'Illllillll. -liihorty Lozln Ullllllliligll ovor. l"r:lnklin did hor hit, ns nsnzll. --Zoro gots hooked for tho lzlst timo. llo hslngs np his uno for the last timo, zllso. SIIOVV-:lt tho North Polo. NV03li'ill'l' warm at l"l'Illlliilll. -Good show in town, hut tho girls Cilll ,t gog so, thoro. ijilti' night. 'livoryholly wnlks Ill'0llllll lovors' lnno. -Alillblllllllll. WZlll1lSil :lt Urnwfordsvillo. Tl'Zl0k. Wnhnsh :lt Crawfords- villo. llomooomo llzly for Wnhnsh. Sig party. -livoryllody sottlos down, :ls 1':ll' :ls possilllo, for tho grind of tho last month of work. Some grind. Nowspnpors toll of various little things, Sll0ll ns 1lllt0lll0illl0 :loui- donts und tho liko. Nothing olso stirring. what it is but fllls. Myer, illlki sho won't toll. -Moro nows on tho mystory, which is not yot out. Still moro, and still not ollt. -Good-hyo, mystery. lfls. snys sho won 't toll. PNN? - 1 WH .SMNNRY W, M Tw. 7' f-'fy' I'-E 4.' iff? if ' C 5 ll- ll x , mis 0 I sf Zur ll 6 ' 6-'5-?..T-Qgcli A85 ' MAJW' "Always pu! aj' lomfghl wha! you urn going Io pu! on in 171.0 71l.07"llfl'l'Lg.U Page One llnmlrl-ll :nnl Sixty-fivo 'I it 6. Aim .g MK X H zmwg- f' -Lp71vzi515 -qfelktt. - sf s Q. so , QQ ' 'AW ' ' ' ff,-'H-1g.i..-.. Alumni RANKLIN is prouder of her Alumni than of anyone or anything else connected with the institution. In these times of national difficulty, through service to their country, they have made themselves doubly precious in memory to students and Faculty of the 'tC'ollege on the Hill.'i lt is significant that of the one hundred and fifty Franklin men in the service today, the majority by far is made up of alumni. 'Phat patriotism is instilled into college students could not better be shown than by the fact that alumni of Franklin, men and women who have studied and learned the lessons taught by the college and its traditions, are responding everywhere to the call of their country. They have given up home and profitable business relations to take up the fight of America. In the days of the t'ivil XVarQ Franklin 's doors were elosedg and then, as now, both students, professors and alumni answered the call to arms. NVith such a tradition as that, it. is little wonder that Franklin 's almuni have shown up 'tbig" in every line of endeavor they have undertaken. lt is true that most of the men and women are 'filling positions in which self has to be forgotten, but nothing else could speak more highly in their favor. One day is set aside for the Alumni every year, during tlommencement week. Alunmi Day last year was perhaps the most successful on record. It is highly probable that future celebrations, with President Goodell on hand, will be just as sueeessful. V "Many, u'ilho'u.l labor, fzroulrl live by ilmir 'wits only, But they In'e11k for if-out of stock." A EPZIQC' One Hundred and Sixty sw J Um I 6 W sii , Aim ifi MK my , Q J , ,. A w is, is QI kv 4 i - X ,,4 W, ,, .,. , f .I U .V E Nomlnv June .5-l'Ivvrvh04lv to fhv lihrzlrv. Klloxvlvilwm- 0'l':1hh04l wholvszllv. . l . . . H Ph TIll'S1l2l'V, Jllllk' 4-Final spurt by ur:mm101's. Wv1lncsnl:1'y,.lunv 5-IGXAMS. A long way from the finish. '1'llll1's1I:1.v, Juni' 6-ICXAMS "on high." i"l'ifillj', Junu 7-Lust of thx- l'XIlilllS. Books thrown :lsidv Illlli Inst iollvhvs on the ii4fj'ilfl'l' things 01' vollvgv lifv ib0g.fllll. S:ltu1'nIny, Juno 8-Seniors fake iluy ofl' to przlvtim-0 class plaly. Sllllfiily, June 9-Iglll'l'2liIllll'l'Zli'C svrmon. That lust Sunday had all thu !lIlll0lll'illl0l'S of Il fuuvrnl. Monday, Juni- 10-Junior stunts, :assisted hy Svnior class play. Tllosrlzuy Juno ll-Alumni Day. NV01lm-srluy,Juno 1Z2--Comllwlwvillvllt. Rl't't'lli'i0ll. Thursmhny, Junu Iii-Parting scones. Wise :md ofhorwise. ' 0 J? Vase OTHERWQE rx AND 'lcv C HND G 6,55 I- mm-ruev. Ss' X FW 4-7 K 1 H 'Q fwcf' f . f Q AH?P-EE-KEINQ kts? J -. 'l 4 X Hills? " - X 5' XQ' 'J C? , mg HRT-ING W' GENES - gh, UC7'CII'if0l'S are rm supwwliliozcis snvli: grnrll 11Imn1'vu1'x of sol days and limos." l'axgf- Om- llunrhm-wl :xml Sixty-sz-vi-:ij J ! g .Z . L Y. V V- ...- 1 Al X. - , . EEK X f AL fl 1. IL- . h 1 Hlizfllm' is rr Hllln will: fvmlmzl Num fm 11071, fzvilh 1'm1lmflim1." ' , If I':1g'4- Um- Il1.lnll'1-:I Illlll Sixty-eight L! BHYQQ M-'El o K I, xi u E lm,-A-71 A Foreword "NVill the boy who threw that pepper on the stove please eome up here and get the present of a Vniee book?" said the teaeher. But the boy never moved, for he was a far-sighted ehap. So when some over-anxious member of the student body tells us that the treats are on him, we politely reply, "Go to grass,', for we recognize that said o. a. ln. has his name mentioned in the following somewhere: Closson First. Distance. Miss l'ALMif:n Cin U. S. Historyj- S'1'RANoi4:1z-lslow far is it to the Miss Ulosson, where did the seeond l'ontinental Cfongress begin? Miss i'I10SSON-WllCI'0 the first one left off. lf you wake up and hear a noise, donlt get exeitedg it may only be the bed tieking. Agnes Next. Pnol-'. Diarric-Miss NVhite, ean you tell us the seat of hunger, thirst and appetite 'Z AoNics-Thirst in the mouth, hun- ger in the stomaeh and Qdreamilyj appetite in the eyes. Paoli. NIICRRILL Crathei' vehementlyj --I eare 11ot whether you eall it ruse or rouge. Etc., ad Infinitum. Tn Biology--When, Mr. Martin, should one stop eating? 0. D.-I-er-a- hardly know, but, l suppose, just before one gets through. Queen Elizabeth was tall and thin, but she was a stout Protestant. dormitory 5? G. M.fvr'1'INo1A'-About a square if you walk and a mile if you stroll. lf people eould put chains on the wheels in their heads, it would save a lot of folks from skidding. They do say that Lineoln wrote the Gettyslnirg address riding to NVash- ington 011 an envelope. A nomination: The cook for See- retary of the Interior. 'Tis But Too True. DAVIS I-lARR1soN Cpieking himself up after he falls down stairsj-Oh, 1he best of 'em will fall down oe- easionally. Hit Him. SI'IOR'l'Y-I'Iil.S anybody seen Al? Domiv-Al who? SIIOR1'X'-AlCf0lI0l. Kerosene him last night, but he ain't benzine sineeg at least he hasn't been around here sinee gasolined against a post and took a naptha. "Be al tear zeiih your vices, ul peace ieilh your neighbors, and lei' every new year find you ll better num." ll'age One Hundred and Seuntv A . ar:.K I S WW? fF5iffm'2,, Things Unknown to the Student Body That there are a few other people in f'olumbus besides Yandell Cline. WVhy Professor Merrill has sueh dislike for optimists-beeause they are nott his kind. Who sent Miss Beat-li the tlowers on her birthday. VVhat President Goodell started to say. V That Esther Franees Jones and Bert t'atf'yn have periodieal seasons of silenee- when they a1'e asleep. That Jefferson was not the "father of the Ameriean Constitution"--at least Dave and Doe didn 't know it. That Professor Hodge observes ehalkless day-oeeasionally, on Sundays. VVhat the Dean gazes at when he lectures to his classes. That Dunkin and Fannie are somewhat fond of eaeh other. What makes Mary Short so slow-Mattingly would like to know. Tell him. Whe1'e ltlleanor gets her rosy eheeks. Why Professor Palmer thinks so little of "those foolish belted coats that the men wear." Who put the "spir" in spirit, or, rather, who put the spirit into Spear. 'Why Dunkin will write poetry. Ilow Grace Mae sprained her ankle. That the girls inquire about the various orders eaeh time a fraternity jeweler comes to town-at least, the boys don't know it. Why Tomlinson and R Thurston wouldnit sit with the Franklin people at the State Oratorieal contest. That when George took Eleanor to the show they missed the last ear, if George had to spend all his money to get baek via automobile. Why they missed the car. That Graee Mae Barnes is subjeet to attaeks of homesiekness, and That during one of those attaeks she ealled her fellow by long distanee just to hear from home, and That she doesn't know till new that other people knew about it besides her. .lust why an estimable young man-Niek, by niekname-before he left town made first a trip to the jeweler's and then to the eonrt house. Tut, tut. "A girl in lhe urms is 'll'0'l'lll Iwo promises lo II flflmffef' 'nge One llnmlrell and Seventy onel ew at Aim K WMI 5 2 A J J, i" w E Hit or Miss NIARTIIA Louisa MILLER-I never get enough to eat at Fannie's table. She forgets that love does not satisfy everyone 's hunger. Not many things are as interesting and detrimental as a college case. WAN1f:'l'A Dinan fatter a date with Jaynej-Well, one thing sure, this in- stitution will soon be either a semi- nary or a cemetery. Babies inherit kisses, lovers ex- change them, old men buy them. Miss BEACH fstarting to give next day 's asignment and suddenly think- ing of a French idiom that needs ex- planationb - Tomorrow-er-a--you will all be cut into mince meat. ' If you try to kiss a girl the chances are that she will meet the emergency face to face. Miss DAVIS fatter Prof. Beriau1t's lecture on Lovcb-I think the stu- dents acted in a per-feet-ly disgrace- ful' manner. That lecture wasn't funny, it was meant to be serious. S'l'Um2N'17-Really, Miss Davis, you shou1dn't blame themg they haven't had experience. Miss Dfxvis-Well, perhaps that is true. I rather think it is. Experience, Miss Davis? Time was raised in the lapse of ages. FRICSHMAN Cto Esther Closson, a confirmed J uniorj --You must be a Senior. At least you are the only one I have met that looks like one. Butler romped home a strong seventh when the State Oratorical Contest was held. . lVlAR'r1-IA BoAz--Mr. Scheidt surely must be old, 'cause he hasn't hardly any hair. Carry a lantern if it lightens your work. Pnor. ZlCI'I'1'INlflELD-NOW, no one ever goes around saying amo, amas, amat-or at least 110 one has ever said it to me. Did you ever try to persuade yourself that the six o'clock coffee grinding was rain on the roof? Miss Bifmcl-I-Is there anything the Juniors do not know? J UNIORS Qin chorusl-VVell, hardly. Study the dead languages, if you are going to be an undertaker. BIARTHA Lomsic--Oh, thatis 0-0-0- laf's dog. At home it never leaves his side, and it spends most of its time on our davenport. In a pinch, use Allen's Foot Ease. CNO advertisement intendcdj "Popularity isn't wm'th the things we do in orclcr 10 flffllflt it." lf Page Om- Hundred and Seventy two J I E Ste H, niilii. , N A I ' .AL m "When I marry, if he is tall, I will have a big church wedding, if he's short, I will just have a quiet home wedding, " said Opal. A-hem, a certain jeweler says Doc has already ordered a pin, and that there surely must be some woman in the case. The acid test is getting back your laundry. Pnor. Rom-:R'rs Cto class of girls in Household flhemistryj-If you want to be sure of your man, hit him in the right spot. The reason why truth is stranger than fiction is because so many people see it less frequently. Bless INNIs Cf o 1' 1 o 1- nl yj - The spring suits are so pretty, and I have the money to get me one, too. IcA'l'l'I-NVOII, why don 't you get it? Bless-I can 't find one that will fit. Another proof that The world is not square is the way it deals with people. a tramp to water, but him wash. 1 can t rive Yoi l you can 't make be an antiseptic i11- the kiss but none 'l'here might vented against against the girl. PROP. BICLKNAI'--IHISS Rose, what do you call that in which you fry oysters? 'FRACY Cawakening with a startJ- Eggs and crackers, I suppose. Prof. meant a skillet. "The first day of Adam 's life must hav Inge One Ihxndrcd and Seventy-threezl c be Lucile Catron decided to study af- ter Christmas vacation instead of hav- ing so many dates. Reminds us of the man that resigned by request. CLINIC--I can marry any girl I please. ' GI,lf1NN1if:-Yes, Yandellg but the question is, do you please any of them? Ilup, gang! Zero reversed the tables, so he thought, one Sunday night, when he didn't appear at the dorm until a half-hour after the appointed time. 'l'hen Mary re-reversed them, by sit- ting down in her room and calmly making Zero wait another ten min- utes. 'Phe elephant is a funny animal. Its horns are in its mouth and it eats with its tail. SENIOR tto Fern 'Pcagardinj - VVhat are you doing out here? Why, I see you out here every day. Don't you get cold? FICRN Cshivcringj -Yes, maiamg but you sec Professor Arnett gave us thirty hours of outside reading, and l've got to keep at it until I get it done. Some girls think they are literary because they use a pencil on their eyebrows. Olaf thinks he is so tough that he sleeps on a coil of barbed wire and uses a elinker for a toothbrush, and when he spits he cuts the sidewalk. on preliy long, because it had no Evo." Eh ng! .- "AE lt wfmw mm, S Some Tall Figuring. HSHORTYH Rlaicvlc ttcaehing Mary Short how to play tennisj-Now, you see, when you have one point, that 's tifteeng and two make thirty. MARY-I see that, but what do you say when you haven't anything? S1-Iolvrv-Oh, when you have Zero, why, that 's love. i The process of initiation into cer- tain societies is hydrocephalie abra- eadabra. Pnor. BICYL-WhCl1 were shingles introduced, Mr. I-Iarrison? DAv1s H.-If I remember correctly, when I was about five or six years old. If some contributors to The Frank- lin dream their stories they must dread going to bed. School had just opened. The stu- dents were meeting the trains and greeting old friends. As the train stopped, Miss Hunt, the new social supervisor, stepped off. 'l'hen a half dozen girls rushed up and affection- ately greeted her as Bertha Garrett. A date is never satisfactory. Either you have to leave at ten or you can't leave until ten. OPM. WIlIflII'l'-Wt' will be sure to miss the first act. We'vci waited a good many minutes for that mother of mine. Dom'nrr'r-ItIours, I should say. OPAL-Ours? Oh, Raymondg this is so sudden. Did you ever get through a barbed wire fence without letting it get through you? Two on Hodge. Prior. Hooon-Explain the theory of imaginary equations. Student gives long explanation. IIODGE-XVCS, that is altogether im- aginary. Honor: Cdismissing a classj--Now, students, you will all pass away qui- etly and meet your friends below. A horse who likes a loose rein should go out in a thunder shower. Ernestine Unversaw had just taken down. directions in biology lab for preparing litmus milk. 'I'hen she be- gan a search for litmus milk and just vowed she "eouldn't find any any- where." 'Phurston was deputized to tell her how it was made by dissolving litmus in milk. Should we, when we are getting ready for a spin, feel like a top? t'AC'rUs-Miss Beach, why do you call on me so often in French Miss IEICAC11-VVhy, it's because I like to hear you talk. NVonder if she likes to hear Larry talk? An island is a piece of the bottom ot the lake sticking up through the top. A chauffeur is the power behind the thrown. Elwood NVatkins telegraphs to his father: "Am sick and have no money." Ilis dad replies via the wires: "Am well and have plenty. " Ilhlge One lhnnlrcd and Seventy our mlm X , 4 Page One llundred -l al:K ml of l H-I 1 AA. m Franklin Year By Year And here we llave with us, The Dormitory Scandal. Well, well, And what of lt? It is, first Of all, A terror by night. But it is Not An Arrow That liieth by day. Ill the wee, And likewise Small Hours of the night, lt breaks the Monotony of Sleep By its all Pervading Presence, CWhatever that May meanl. As history reeords It, Said Dormitory Scandal Arrived about 12 P. M., Or A. M., as the ease May be. CMidnight, it was.j It eame by Way of the fire escape, It is thought. And it was A Man. O-oo-oo, and also Horrors. It mounted the Fire escape, Round by round, And unostentatiously C ef. NVebster's Unabridgedj It entered the window on 'l'he 'l'hird floor. And, then Things began 'l'o happen. and Seventy-llvej Graee Barnes heard lt lirstg or, rather, lt heard Grace Barnes first. Nothing' daunted, however, lt marched on. Down the hall it went. llelp, " murmured several Of the Girls- Some of them didn 't Even stop to ,Be polite a11d say Hell- 0, But buried their Head 'neath the cover, And whispered, Help." And then the Dormitory Scandal Realized 'l'hat it was not Where it belonged. And it Skedaddled. 'I'en minutes Later, or thereabouts, The Inhabitants Of the Dormitory Bravely ' Approaehed the Window, And 'from afar 'Fold the Naughty Man to Hee, Whieh he had already done. Fifteen minutes later By the wateh, J. Beecher arrived And also said, "Flee." Which it did again. And so, we had With us 'l'he 'Dormitory Seandal. lVell, well. lsn't it per-feet-ly Seandalous? lt is NOT. 'le V, .i K ffnwffwmfmrinwm S 4. I i E '- ffflblt - sf SHORT STORIES In the Lilne-Light CHAP'l'l'IR I F COURSE, there was a beautiful, softly-glowing moon. And with that the rest of the setting was balmy weather, and two indispensable lovers. They were at the back door of the dormitory. Blissfully he looked into her eyes, and kissfully she returned that look. As was said, there was the moonlight, but as was neglected to be said, there was also a light shining from one of the dorm windows, all unbeknownst, upon the lovers. We aren't good at describing love scenes, so we will just say, he kissed herg and how could he help it, with those eyes looking so blissfully at him, and those moon looking so benignly upon them, and those lips, etc? Of course, he couldnlt. Curtain. CIAIAI'Tl'IR II They were in one of the parlors at the dorm enjoying the seclusion and, supposedly, themselves. Suddenly a bunch of dormaniaes burst upon them and sang sweet love ditties, ete. Sweetly they sang, and faintly it died away -"at the gate." Again it rang out and died away. "Give me the moon- light, give me the girl, and leave the rest to me, etc,"-mostly, ete. This is a mystery. 'l'o the one who discovers if Leslie and Fannie knew now that they were being serenaded, the editors will award a silver cigarette holder with the life history of the hero and heroine engraved thereon. 'I' H l'I END. Hallnted-Dormitory EEP, dark and dank was the night-mostly dark. 'Phe Social Supervisor was soundly sleeping in her boudoir, dreaming happy dreams of days of the long ago. Strangely, and also suddenly, she was awakened. By what or which she knew not, nor likewise how. "Aha,', she thought, "a mystery." But such it was not, for very shortly she heard something tapping on the window pane directly over her head, and then she knew that it was not a mystery, and she was greatly relieved to know that it was not a mystery any longer, only she wished she knew what it was that was making that noise. Determined to find out if possible who it was, she beat it for the second floor, to the room just above her, rushed in and awoke poor Eleanor, who was really sound asleep and not playing ,IJOSSHIIL "I'l'ist," and likewise, 'ish-h-h," mur- mured the Social Supervisor. 'l'Jon't play 'possum with me." And with that she returned to her room, satisfied that she had done her duty. Eleanor knew that she l1ad done something, but didn't know just what. 'l'he third tloorers had taken a long pole and tapped it on the S. S. 's window, just to see if it would reach, and it did. and they didn 't have to play 'possum, so they were satisfied and so was the S. S.-But how about Eleanor? To the detekatif-f- that discovers 'thow about Eleanor," the editors will ward a beautiful little gold banana seeder, free of all charges, absolutely. Tina END. il "The sim never repeats of the good he dons, Nor does he ever demand u recompense." I Page One Hundred and Seventy six jQ1 Ex j DN 1 frfffl - K ., ,. f1, XJ! b, ffl, X L22gf-fx 1 I Q A QAM. ""7,.,, a?W 5 ' l --- Z ww ,.i - fo' - C.L.D.L - El Alm Alfa al:K U, JI' Q l'. ' ig' 1 l'hone601 I. N. LaGRANGE CANDIES CAKES FRll'lTS I 'FEAS AND COFFEES FRANKLIN Why Sll0lllilll 't You wear the 'l"in0st Wash Skirts made? Full Supply of WOOLTEX-'I'AILORED- VVOOll'l'EX-SllRUNK- WASH SKIRTS will be found 011 display in our Skirt Department. You will find features in these Wash Skirts not to be found i11 other makes- In the follolwing materials: Poiret Twills, Novelty Piques, Gaber- dine, Linens, Tricotimes and Wash Satins. M. J. VORIS 8: CO. FRANKLIN - - - INDIANA l1I'l'he reputation of this store de- pends first last, and always upon the merchandise we sell you. : : We take no chances when we sell E5 STEINBLOCH ClJOTlllNG S'l'l+l'l'SON HATS ARROW SHIRTS and THE MORRIS 5 8: 10c STORE CANDIES SALTED PEANUTS N0'r10Ns NOVE LTIES T-ll?-5 We Strive to Please 6 . J. B. PAYNE 8: SON 122 west Jefferson sz. FRANKLIN THE MORRIS 5 81 103 STORE "At IL great pmmyworth pause a'wMlc." I Page One llundred and Seventg f.,lt B 60 fm E E K A T H O M P S O N Tum I,IlO'l'0llRAPlllGll 'X"3F9F'llf3F8F Fralnklill stuclvnts know il good thing' whvn Hwy sm- it. 'Pl IUM PSUN always dm-s flu- ALMANACK work. Thvsv plmfos show H10 mvrit ol' Ins work. flkfllvl-Mf'l!'Jk Pli"l'l'lll'l FRAMING A SPICUIAIATY NORT WHITESIDES COMPANY llmno of llnrt SCIIEHTIIPI' 8 Marx The lmuse limi lnfrzfs Hmm all for price l"mNm.lN . INDIANA if E I' P' 0 L A IQ S O IJ ALS A D --S U N D A E S .,iY-.-,, .. ,Y, ,,, W 1 , 7 Y YNY- ,7 ,, W, ,A ,,A.......T,, -- Q Candies a Specialty Get it at GOODWlN'S PHARMACY "Tho 'zvisv -num fl'l'll'll'S morn llllillllllllflli from Ms mmmics, l7m'n 1711: fool from his fricnrlxf' Page Onc Ilunclrcd and Sc-vevnty-llilwjl :Bt Q ii K 5 2 ff Ml .WML-31-2' i de i i E pi! li. - - Q oooo a - . ii i Rushing Rules Slap cosy and 110717 lm' may of this gel by you. C0MM1'r'r1sE. FUHGET YOUR HOME TRAINING Doll up and don't appear with knees in your trousers. Be a good friend to everybody, pass around the glad hand, slap everyone on the baek and tell unheard-of tales of vacation. Dip your soup spoon away from you. Don't float your eraekers. Don't trade dessert. Get in on all the songsg use nieknamesg show them that we have a real frat. IMPo1c'rAN'r. Donlt forget to mention all the offiees that the brothers have around school. Let the rushees have the elean napkins. Remember that stogries are' only for rushees. lt' in a pineh, take one, but make it - seldom. Don't miss the goboon, but ehow by all means, for all real eollego boys and frat men ehew. Make all kinds of excuses for the appearance of the house. 'I'ell them that the housekeeper has just arrived. 'l'ell them how you were rushed when you eame to sehool, elaborate on it, a little if you think they will swallow that kind of a line about You. Shine your shoes and shave at least onee a day, and don't bite your nails i11 public. Make some guy in the buneh an athletic' herog tell how he has saved the dayg ereate a feeling of awe. "A spoonf-ul of honey will catch more flies than rr gallon of vinegar." IPag:e One Hundred and higllty -159 Q Alm al:K QUALITY Pmcm NVHEN YOU RUIIJD TIIAT BUNGALOVV FOR A CERTAIN GIRL XVE KNOXV REMEMBER .GRAHAM MANUFACTURING COMPANY Everything to Build the Home PHONE 1 5 8 D0u't forget to .sfzllnscrilze for K THE FRANKLIN for NOXL year. If you want all 'rho news, while it is IIOXVS, THE IFRANKLIN is the pnpur to rc-ad. INDIANA ,S BEST COLLEGE WEEKLY O ONLY THE Fmsfr IN COLLEGE NEWS New Edison '-' Recfmntos Music an d Subsvriptiou privv, 551.25 pm- your Plays Perfectly All Makes 0fROCO1'dS H xml to A Ilvm' the 'A I'l1o11ogx'z1,pl1 with :L Soul" TIE H E I1 1: A N K L 1 N 1f'o'auL'Iiu lurliuuu M. TILSON 83 SONS "WMM you lzrwc boughl one fine llaiuy you musl buy lam, morn llml your llII1IOIll'lI7ll'C may be all of u pi01:c." I L, Ono llumlrcxl :mul l'Iiy,:luty-um-1 Ht Q . , I ,m', I . , .-' FY' l i , 4 N 5 4 ll I ...--,A I In N. 1 . K , ,Z "V - t A - "' " " "'---- ' I FRANKLIN NATIONAL BANK Capital, Surplus and Profits, 2105000.00 WE INVITE ACCOUNTS OF STUDENTS FRANKLIN, INDIANA EDNA - MAl1NE PRITQHARD DR' DEAN Mu.1,1N1s1:v Q p , , and The I tudent. s Dentist ART NEEDLE WORK Franklin Indiana SOMETHING MORE TO A PIANO :: :: SALE THAN PROFIT :: :: xVll0l1 the sale of an instrument is followed hy satisfaetion on the part of the eustmner the seeds of further sales are sown. It is our purpose to keep every friend that we make as the years pro hy. By so doing. We will sell your friends and neigh- bors, thus realizing' that "there is more to a piano sale than profit. " 'l'his is how we accomplish the laudable desire: "The giving, first, extra. quality for the priee paid: our guarantee and ex- ehange agreements: the granting! ol' convenient terms of pay- ment and our determination to have every customer a satisfied one"-these are some of the reasons that this firm has prog'- ressedg these are some of the reasons why we solieit your husiness and why we feel that we deserve your patronage. UI. T. PHILLIPS, Prop. 71 East Jefferson Street, Phone 334 FRANKLIN, INDIANA "The eye of u musler will do more Hum both his lz11mls." lfPa5ze One Ilundrefl and Eighty-txvf 'lTi W EE J Ewa? Q2 P15353 1 Al Qt K . B' . - Al. -i7 Y' I ' it ig P' ' ,I 1 S':f'r ':a I 10'-f't:r.-7": 1' z 15 Ggx roo 70111.19 A I1UlII H121 0111 10118 7111 1111 771 ,S "' 5 STUDENT ACCOUNTS SOLICITED 92, ' 1 Y . "Luv NO" ' FARMERS TRUST COMPANY BOHALL'S GROCERY FOR SERVICE, QUALITY and PRICES Special attention given tO Banquet and Spread Orders. A large, clean stock tO select from. IT IS OUR PLEASURE TO PLEASE YOU GIVE US A TRIAL We slice the bread For the College Spread. E. R. BOHALL 296 EAST JEFFERSON STREET PHONE 478 GILBERT HENDERSON AUSTIN FLINN BYRON JENNINGS Phone Rural 2193 Phono Main 466 Phone Main 186 HENDERSON, FLINN 8: JENNINGS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND LICENSED EMBALMERS Om-'ICE PHONE 528 FRANKLIN, INDIANA "C0ns11mt dropping wears away stones." Page Om- 1lun4li'ud und Eighty-tlirvc-1 Almg HEK mf"'fff" !m,m . 4 N - b . D V. I I gJ'Y-fn.: LJ V' we ' " ' vnffe'-L50-1"v. "Lf u , v ez-rd e- iq Il '7 . eff 5121-'fi J Y ' . L-"f'f:ff,1 " ' 2,4 fy I5 :'.'21fd' 1 ' ra? , A c Igfilul ir I - 3.1 1' , 4 1 fl 5 I .D o c. ' 5 A 4!fy.B,-milf-ws NfVlC-4" ,Ziff QQ? 5 , . , "7'lm'v0 may 1:0071 Il x0c'1'vl if Iwo of Hmm arc david." I Pugrv Om- Ill: I I ml llp,htyf ur Elan Q2 I Hu' t C - 5 , ,J A- .. , . WH .Y l Try --- does the TIIIIVUIIESTEH BROTHERS Franklin Tailoring Company '-'wi do the best Cleaning and Pressing? BECAUSE NVe have the equipment to do it properly. We do Altering and Repairing. WE CALL ron AND DELIVER PHONE 178 FRANKLIN TAILORING CO. 133 East Jefferson Street Mosw UP-To-DATE TONSORIAIJ PARIQORS in town Som' IDIIINKS ANU CANDIES We eater particularly to College Trade and guawmtee satzsfactwm WINCHESTER BROTHERS F R A N K L 1 N THE CITY RESTAURANT GOOD THINGS TO EAT EIFIVICIENT SERVICE SHORT ORDERS A SPECIALTY I SANDWICHES, SOUPS HOME-MADE PIES ICE CREAM and ASSORTED CANDIES DeVore 8: Hoop Telephone No. 387 127 East Jefferson Street FRANKLIN, INDIANA "Ai lhc 11'm'l.'i1cgmrm's houxe, Imuger looks in, bull' Ihere ix no danger." I g 0 II ndred and I"'gI ty-live-I u lin N- ' S EEK A f if FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS WE SOLICIT STUDENT AND FIIATDRNITY PATRONAGE R. J. VANDIVER THE FRATERNITY JAS. PHOTOPLUS, Prop. I-Iendquarters for FANCY CANDIES ISODAS, SUNDAES and FANCY EGG DRINKS The place 'where College Students congregate "Everybody loves the fiowersn Eye Treatment and Glasses D. B. KELLY DR. PLASTER FRANKLIN FRANKLIN WITH DR. DEAN INDIANA mIN'r1s'r INDIANA I "If you have no honey in your pot, have .some in your mouth." ' l1P:1ge One Hundred d E gl ty J J :Elm Q! l H E K H I WIA I Me I A f I IVE flel'AvIu SOME GOOD HDMES Iron SALE NEAR YIIIE COLLEGII UNION TRUST COMPANY FRANKLIN :: I :: INDIANA THE WALLACE STORE If You IfVfml - 58 IC. -I0'Fl!0I'SOIl St. DRY GOODS Abjvfj LADIES, GOOD PRINVIIINO' READ Y-TO-WEA R AND "-l PROMPT SERVICE Iliosmm' UNDIQIIWEAII L""SETS' IWC' Give Yom' Work to Always the Best for the Money The FRANKLIN DAILY STAR F. WALLACE QF II A NK I, I N :: I N D I A N A 'If'IIANIILIN, IND. I GENQCERLEISZLIQULREYDD-IWEATS AND VEGETABLES Special Prices to College Fraternities O. L. VANDIVER "If 171011, Ivmaldsl live long, live well: for folly :mul 1I'if'k1'f11I0ss SIl,07'l'0'Il life I g Ono llund I l lfliglnty-sm-x'I-II1 EE ,. II K Highland Linen CoIIIIEsPoNDENoE OAIIDS and Box STATIONERY PERF UMESV TOILET NVATERS MANICURI11 SUPPLIES S terno Stoves-Ifozantfiin Pens PIPES, OIGAIIS AND SMOKER SUPPLIES MEANS DRUG COMPANY R. J. PIO,KElfIlARfDT I I ZOSTEOPATH I I I E99 Phono 774 Es? FRANKLIN INDIANA Rooms IVIEALS S IIOIIT ORDERS PRATHER'S HOTEL AND RESTAURANT PVL' Serve You Right PVL' Feed You Right It Costs You Right TRY THE EAT SHOP FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS VVM. NEWTON, Proprietor Franklin, Indiana "Money and good numiuers make the gG'IlfZ0911fl'Nf.H lPage One Ilunl l 1 I git Qt M Almman H X, '-1 Will. X K fr , , D k FT ,, .,., nn - E , 2 V xr , . V ' ' D 1 A'-1:2ifAff-if 1' ,sfqcffoos JA 5 V? 491. 10 97. J Y- Wfryrr 4 Y 'rar 41.60 Q19 fdfdfbd' MAJ, "lx'wv11 your 11108 H'I-111' opvn lwfurr' Hlfll'I'illfjl', lmlf .wllul llfl1'l'Il'lIl'llS.H l':1g.fv Om- llumlrul :xml I-Iighty nina- I M nm L : :fl L- A L J . llll --.. . - ,X V ---- - 1 STAINBROOK 8: BALLARD ,-:sf 4 w ' E 0 0 0 WW-SAVINGSSTAMPS Simms AND Snow RIGPAIIRING IOIUZD IY THB UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT FOOT l1'I'l7'lll'lRS BETTY WALES DRESSES are mm' for sale lmre ill Thu popular B m T T Y ENV A 1. E Q Ilresses lnavo all tlw sparklo of Youth-all thx' chic of Fiftll Fnmm NV. 'l7U1,1.m' FRANKLIN BAKERY Avonuo plus all thu quality that qi NVILE-CASAUY Co. stands for. ql ,lf '-.. - The smart lines, the rw 1 ,lg S N new materials, are 'HIP' fr .X X f A now within h f , . ,X I every collegerziil. 0 ll' l'lOlJ.lUSAlJE " -flggqg N x ' Wile-Casady BAKERY " N 'B Com an SX A . P Y X3 I-H 111 ,gf I I , 7 I , H xmx X F0 Dr un U rf M111 cf in Ilmae 4 'X X S 'UAHHAFI 1. The Laiesf 1'HIf9?'O'l76fI A rnlifavfzces IQIGPAIRING AND h 2. H f rn' fflealumg K 'loihes fXI,TERA'l'lON E. V. MULLENDORE A Corlwl' lVm-St .All-'fffwsolm zulcl Court Stn-vts Ask College Sfvlrleozts Dux' CLEANINU A SPECIALTY aboluf 118 Hll'l'lIl1'l:7Iyj mulrvs u full mam, mvdi1'ul?'or1 Il profmmrl mlm, rl'i.wc'n1n's0 Il clam mlm." . ' ' Pngrs- Onv llumlrorl :u nl Ninety -W Aim + MK J HU, 'wA"N:l' , -J ' j S 1 . P , -2 INTERSTATE Public Service Company CONVENIENT AND DEPENDABLE SERVICE SPECIAL RATES SPECIAL CARS See Local Agents for Further Information or Address BERT WEEDON, G. F. and P. A. Board of Trade :: :: Indianapolis, Indiana J I-.IMA EEK 'fjffglwnm E ,I I , I COLLEGE TRADE SOLICITED BEST OII SERVICE T H E P A L A C E THE COLLEGE BARBER SHOP GUM, MINTS N. Main Street F1'aIIkliII CIGARS W. R. IIEMP W. H. KEMP NVHO'S YOUR CLEANER? KEMP BROTHERS CLEANERS AND IDYERS PIIOIIU Main 527 I-'RANI:L1N, IND. 134 E. JGffQl'SOI1 St. PEANUT BUTTER H, 85 D, LAUNDRY GROUND WHILE YOU WAIT Domestic 01' Gloss Finish GIGER COFFEE SHOP PHONE 799 A T 'ff Z W'fll Ha I R. Van Hawkins Satisfy 13110110 363 NV. Juff. St. East JOITOVSOII Strclet FRANKLIN, INDIANA FRANKLIN "It is C07N'l7l,0'IL for man to give prcioudcd reasons iusterzd of real ones." ' lPagc One IIIIIIIII-ed and Ninety-two 56- m ! A an H7 HE 2 TRI' Al K uwm nanrimanvrn F V TG, LY X . A Q IIII I. , ' . H ROBT. C. WOOD 8: SON IIASTMAN IioDAIis S'llQ9lJlT6.S' Developing Enlarging For the I, ff'1'e11II5io0zs in Millinery, Exelusive Styles and ,DAME FAsIIIoN 'S Newest Lines, we invite you t o call and see us. THE BYERS MILLINERY Jeiterson and XVateI' Streets Northeast Cornei "Tina RIIXALI, S'1'oIIIc', FIRANKIJIN - - INDIANA HIGHQRAIJE DENTISTRY "WE CLEAN,- OTHERS TRYH O- T. LA GRANGE Ol" 'ICE1 I I'l7"!l'l1fkll'lZ Naitiooml Hank Bldg. Try ns on the Cleaning and Reshaping of Fine Garinents THE QUALITY SHOP Frank H. Brown I'IIoN1as: Office .... '295 Ifmmg , , 304 Ifwmklin National Bank Bllilll ing BTRANKLIN - - INIIIANA BTRANKLIN - - INDIANA "l1uluslI'y pays rlclals, while despair iuererzxcili, lhmnf' l'ill.fC One Hlllllll'L'd Illlll Nillvtj'-llll'l'1'l Alm HUK M or : I ff Z ,X LOUISVILLE OFFICE INDIANAPOLIS OFFICE 305 Paul Jones Bldg. 913 Fletcher Sav. 8: Trust Bldg. GRAESSLE-MERCER COMPANY HIGH-GRADE PRINTERS .HL I l lini Illrlrnqglw V: L .73 3 f, QwJ,rg,45,4aggf 'I Jgggileef: I S wu, ww f HOME OFFICE AND PLANT Seymour, Indiana XVO have had a vast oxperio and are, tl1o1-o'fo1'0, in a po tion of your noxt Annual. nc-0 in the execution of Annuals sition to assist you in tho propzwa- Crmsult us on yofm' negrt Aumml and mm' o'epwz.wenmfieUe will call ami go over the prcayoositeioov, with youu. "A mlm fo be happy mus! be busy." I Pugm- Ono llumlrvrl :xml Ninety-four ii Q Alm Q anK 'lr , ' 'rin 7 lr x - 'l J , , w ' 461 ll , ,W --- H 5- A x x V Z -.Wywf-,I -vv ul 4 F- '-. ----- ' FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES F RUITS IN SEASON I fH'. M. FISHER CO. THAT GOOD FRANKLIN DAIRY COMPANY 1' CE ' C In A M Dayton F erdig For Commencement Week Your many footwear needs at this time can be adequate- ly filled by our beautiful and stylish shoes. Vlfear our Shoes and rest assured that your 'Feet are correctly shod at this important event in your school life. LANAM-SIMPSON CO. The Quality Shoe Shop FURNITURE AND VVALL PAPER MOORE FURNITURE CO- " DIV e put them in Your Home." Oilieo Phone 498 Hours 8 to I2 Residence Phone 602 1 to 6 Du. Timo. 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We Wlafeszn flzzsioolf "M 1- V 'were encgfrave y INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING iii f 8'ELECTROTYPING.cbMPANY 2 ffl' 2-' 222 B.OHlOST. INDIANAPOLISJND. c01LII1mlLl n I N1 "Tr1frl 'I,l'07'llS mrllfe no fM'0mIs." ct sow 1 1 .et Q Aim if al:K 9, W lu - .' l Im I, , K , T. . A WH flqgm - 5 - he : : ff -- , Et Tu, Willie? Little Willie killed his sister, She was dead before we missed her. Willie 's always up to tricks. Ain 't he cute? He's only six. VVillie, in an elevator, Fell and wasnit found for six months later. All the neighbors said, "Gee whiz! 4 Isn't Willie a spoiled kid? Into the cistern little Willie Threw his little sister Lily. Father said, while drawing water, '4Gee, it's hard to raise a daughter?" Little Willie, in a aeroplane, Went up in the air and came down again. He fell so fast, and hit so hard, He quickly was reduced to lard. Little Willie, in best of sashes, Fell in therfii.-C and was burned to ashes. By and by, the room grew chilly, But no one cared to stir up Willie. Little Willie from the mirror licked the mercury all off, Thinking, in his childish error, it would cure the whooping coilgh. After the funeral, Wi1lie's mother laughingly said to Mrs. Brown, "lt sure was a cold day for Willie when the mercury went down.' ' Willie on the railroad track, Here lies little Willie, Didn't hear the engine squeal. Whom we shall see no more. Now the engine's backing back, For what he thought was H2O, Seraping NVillie oft' the wheel. Was H, S 04. Mule in the barnyard, lazy and slick. Willie, with a pin on the end of a stick, Slips up behind him, sly as a mouse.- Crepe on the door of little Willie 's house. "I f a physician docs well, the world proclaims ity if he docs ill, the eurtlt covers it up." IfPuge One Hundred and Ninelyeight :EI Alm aI:.K I C9 I WWII U A I mlm M ff 'luil BASEBALL BAS KET-BALL THE G. H. WESTING COMPANY Pennsylvrmirz and V67'7Il0'llIf Sis. INDIANAPOLIS 'Wo aro Espwially Pl'0D2ll'.0d to Equip Atldvtic Toams FOOTBALL GOLF BICYCLES T,l:l1C NAME - " D Y E H " PATRONIZIG on School or FI-atm-Ility Juwu1I-y, A QUR ADVIQRTISERS , , HJ. .. . W ' ., .l?c11Ic,I1 I IOSLLIELAIIS, htatI0I1I'I5 and THEY MAKE THIS b0Cl3.1 Il1V1tcItl0llb - BOOK POSSIBLE is n gIIaI'rIIIt00 of Bust Quality M3fIl'l'iIlIS, Careful WoI'kIII:uIslIip, IlldiVidllZlI :Ind ExcIIIsiv0 illosiglm. Wlll'll you want soIII0tlIiIIg I'lif'f'vI'oIIt 001110 to IIS Catalog and Samples sent to any address C- B. DYER, JEWELER Franklin, Indiana 234 BlASSAGH'USETTS AVE. INIvIANAPoI',Is T H E If' R A N K L I N IS INDIANA,S Islawr IIOIIIIIIIIE NVEEKLY If you want tho IIOWS of F'I'aIIkliII Collvgw-, subsc-rilw to TIIE FRANKLIN. Our price is 5151.25 a yvar. Mail Sl1bS0l'ipti01lS to TIIE FRANKLIN. Tho 1110115 sI1bsc'I'ilwI's tlw lwttvr tho papor. "II'IIIsT IN coI,I.EIIIs NEWSU I "The IJll'l'glli7lI by slI'rIig7I,l01Ii1Ig Uwe in lhy IIIIs1'1I0ss may do Uwe more 7111I'm than good." 'll One IlIInI'Ilc-Il :Incl NIIII-ty-niIIcj ' EEK ' FRANKLIN OPERA HOUSE STRAND THEATRE OMAII I. DEMAIIEE MANAOEII lligh-Class Pho toplays Rig Production Specialties ClTlZEN'S NATIONAL -T B A N K-4- Capital, 51S100,000.00 Surplus, 50,000.00 Three Per Cent Interest Pair! on Time Deposits FRANKLIN, INIIIANA Diamonds, Watches, Jewelery For inclioiclnal and em- clnsioe designs come to W. C. SIMMONS, JEWELER ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE OTT 'S LAUNDRY FIXPEIIT SHOE REPAIIIINO ' BEST SERVICE WRIGHT, THE SHOE MAN High-Grade Shoes COLLEGE TRADE SOL! CITED FRANKLIN - - - INDIANA "WMI nuziniains one Izcc :would bring up two children." lfPnge'1 ll I I The Gnd ', f' '1?L3V' Lf f -1 -1 5 I, VL 'W ' V H53-Wg' 'fb L W1 51,1 ff' V3: ' w',' 7' ,. ' Q . ' f- -fag . - ,wg ,aww ff? Vy vf J ' , .. "f V: , - -A ,',f'w""g+y.r -1,f.,,+. 1- 1"-1 ,.V --2"-TI N? g' 1 mf-. 3' f-.ram ,, ....,g,-,., , --,,' ..1-.:,.!' -Vj., VMVA ,V H+' y. KQV VI,"- , -3 QA' U y 3 4,-. V,'.,.,M I 9 ."'i ie! 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Suggestions in the Franklin College - Almanack Yearbook (Franklin, IN) collection:

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