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. , QM.-., , 1 e kg - 1 'M 4 4 1. 2 -- 'n : x 2- s X V'-I W K I - 1 'ww ' - : x . L fl f -- , , ,, , Q 3 2 ,-n- ,. --"-, . ' ' WK, . ' x ' g -un R , - if - ' , in .,,,-.:, 3 : V' - A H l I ' h . , , ,,' , ' V Wm 'ji V I A N - ' A,,, 5 V f 3, . . I 4 .K K ig, L.,,. if tn 1 K V , ,. 1 -W 1' x V 3 f ffm I. FRN , fa, f" . , . ,Q V V , , V - ,I v 1 Y .A K if L ..,'1,-. 1- J-4. :..,, nu ,L ...,-,.,, 7,11 . --. ,-N . . , -L A.. . .- 1- W , .,,. ,MA 5 s as 1' ,gf fi? 'M M 1 ww W ,R 'S' .. i s :A w 'E 5 - ' ffw.wyw.W,mWm x K, , ,BL rl ,,-,uvwgyf N W, , N V W' .Mm 3, V an ' ii! , . M A Z, r W R , ,K ., X K. , . , ,ww A if "fe f K fxvrwa, f' ., f ff- f ' M ' as . , , W, af' . . "+R H A W . f .MQ ,gf gc Af K .W v f iswkw rf "' 5 may rxwwsi, 7wZ"?:tM?'f gm? we-" , K Q ,gmwmw A W A , ,Qmim-WMA 1 "' 'M hw , ,. ki Q vp! -- Wh .,,mfM"w 9' if PV .Q..,, , 5 f . Q, q ,V if Q", I ,aw M M My 6 is 3. 5 'i7ff?E1fx,:fsfffe ' mmf: news In Memoriam X' N Wherever He may guide me, Nc want shall turn me back My Shepherd is beside me, And nothing can I lack. His wisdom ever waketh, His sight is never dim,- He knows the way He taketh, And I will walk with Him. l I- 4l ,lane Stilson Champlin In Iane Champlin our school found a teach- er and a friend. As a teacher Iane inspired and guided her students and brought to them an un- derstanding of the value of music. She was known to all by her first namep this was one of the sym- bols of affection attributed to her. As a mother Iane was an outstanding example to those who knew her. Five children are her great memorial. The entire community is indebted to Jane for her years of service. She was a loyal member and organist of St. Paul's Church. Other organiza- tions relied upon her to furnish music for commun- ity functions. As the years pass Iane's influence will remain a powerful factor in our community. ynthia Ann Maurer Cynthia was one of our most outstanding students . Her intellect was a source of pride to her parents, teachers, and friends. A scholarship winner, Cynthia found knowledge a spring to be tapped. Her abilities were topped only by her character. Respected and well-thought-of by her classmates, Cynthia was most dependable and loyal. The Seniors will never forget Cynthia, a star in their class. We are humbly proud to have known her. Sue Ellen Worden Sue is remembered for an eager willingness to serve our school. Her work in the many organ- izations was invaluable. She was always willing and capable of assisting in any task. We remem- ber Sue as a stalwart of the school band, a member who was always there. 'Hue popularity was accord- ed Sue for her quiet and friendly manner. Her de- votion and helpfulness for her large family were well-known. Sue holds a place in our hearts for those virtues which we all found in her. -" 'V+' -H ---vi-1-2-1-'rg' -5-V. - v--grw Tgj'-r-nw-f v--fr -W ,un William Walter Udell Billy occupied a definite place in our school as a person of diverse talents . Through numerous plays he was acknowledged our star actor. As a musician his talents were developing into real a- bility. Outside of school he was an ambitious young farmer with livestock of his own. Bill was one of the best liked boys in school. His superb sense of humor, good manners, friendliness, and handsome appearance were the marks of personality plus. In effect Bill remains an ideal for those who knew him. l 1 1 31 Q X1 I .. I . ,7 A 11 V' No, x 5 ff 'I I : - X 1 4 5 ,- , 6 xx E' A Q' , H ,IX "The music in my heart I bore, Long after it was heard no more !mx.,..,,, am' I I "f'fIzT:'T ' f- ,I 1. M . 'W . CTSNSP """h""' C h ,U Ak .. B 51,3395 v.m1.2M..cS.fum, ummm. nf., 5 an rog an K- 1. as 5 51, 3715 0 I If , D""""" emo 0 .mmm-emu. F O R E S T p gffarssi' R A 5 Beaver " , x E S E R Fans E N-mu. rnmq , , Aix -- ,ffm U 1 Q 9 N wB ,, w ' ' smrwnm nm, Blue Moumam Lake '-wh Schroon , S' -smug 0 0 'wen Y 5, 2,53 eq Mmm' Lake 3 R n 1 ' 9 a PEM, mg Mow In amfigi 1 I4 'P 4 A '27, V 3 ' ms I ff V H ww Lnwue 'TT Lowvlfy Engle -f Yf'3:zg'f?N 9 E 5-SC"'W" 0 4 f WK Bay , o Mmm O ' ww Mmmwwg I 1 W1 , cum Lau . Q x 'Hman Q 18 ,olmstedvllle 6 M, Io. 6 1 m mm ,O 3 Lak, U 'I Maygmsg 9 0 0 54 , Sabael . North Rweyx X f old F , , s1"fnf4QH"!N, V M '13 Panersv-lug 0 wnemme Gun xx GI 'meld Thwdmo Q o .hytx , Numvdod X 1 I, ' ' ' h X fx - North 0 and uma 5 K """'5""" ' omg Bunnnqmm f 'nu uma um. . C k 9' ' E,-3.66 ,AX von 5 K Sxavuucuml- 9 . X mmm 5 Q 0 sv em X Tess' Q - 2 . . 2 2 Q Lyons Sodom ' K I Cm mow Tum' 0 Falls , ynnmlle - 0 evertown O . ' 'Y sam, Mm, 2 Q an JI 2 If-mm uv-,Ax 9 4 5 5 l 51. 1.10: 9 o 0" 9Yd"" X The Gum 3 I0 Cvvvsiablvville 9 CID if-0..., cw. em. uf.. . Cmmbh Nall K I5 K U- ,754 Q mmm-ng 0 ' , same: Lane hx Ax' V nn' 5 9 N 'M KX , , Wm.. 6 E H: L ' t ' 3 Q Bvonville 3 f Harkin' ' ' warrgnsbu ' G es ey en 1 - W In Q QE L eranm GD - o 1 - ' . L I 3 aa I .fm -Y Q A a ' ny Creehlj 8 00710 ' He ' Aww' Pllbll shed by Lan. - . ' P. 4 E. l"""9'0""d ' H , Ing: wen nun Falls m ' Q Bunch on va Sh THE STUDENT COUNCIL . es ern Q L F rv w u . L o vigil :finer I, 'mc we 1 nqvwlle H,dley Lake Lungm ' - . 1 . , gg DELAWARE LITERARY INSTITUTE F L GM ML .. ' U' gg QB And an 'um' G' V Q 5 ' Mann-an W 5 .I 4 FRANKLIN CENTRAL SCHOOL X, ek BOHICQ . 1 Corin h ' 5 ' I V new 1 I o su s 9 . - I ac' 'sm S . 0 ww 01,1 Franklln , New York p,...v, , fgfgggf N Iggmswue 9 Q Q 3 1 mem 0 Q mme , 0 0 ,Q W, Orlskany yo , hmm I 0 1959 GMM I - ,g,,w2-L" 0 Yorkvlll Q c""" Q rnvncu. 4 HNYN. Fe , . 1 ern n mf nd . . ll 0 Iprmgs CD 0 0 Q ' 1 Q 23 G ' "IL 'J ,- D ,nd M o une Q Ng .4 I Q Vevnon 99 Clin! 6. VB awww 7 Center 0 ,,,,U,n1 WU' Q ' H E smmq, I, ' 0 Cha 7 .1-Tp wg, . Knoxhcro 0 Deansboro . pw, 2 Sim B ' A 1 I 0 Clayv .0 ' 6 s'?:.11:n 19 0 ville 6 0 , 3 Q 5 ound O,,ska,,y 9 Cnfsv-Ile 0 So,,,4,,,Fa'IS Watervulle 0 - 'ke ' I Q 4 ' 3 Bo aware 2 Hsangemela I 5 Em wmheld 'Of' 5 YE Maduson 0 ' 5 3 Q 0 Z 0 Em Wes! ' 5 Q N iudgewater E Wmheld Q 0 o . -, 0" I I Hgmglfgn ID Brookheld 5 g uv-amua a ' cms" 6 Q fm., Q Park 4 4 A Leonardsvllle W I o B . Em ghmnmn B'ooH"Id fy' wg! 7 in na 1 V Y' A 23 9 Bmw-gnc ' O ' ' 10 ' 0 lgs 31 27 swing rock Sewam e A Edmesion Q ' ' Sherburne 6 0 0 ww an 02 Q 1 To Som 3 Q 0 ,som . vm, mm.. Smyrna Cnlumnus Summon H Hy .4 7 . .. e .N , 0 G 1 ulh Nom' Q new Bed' ,mum an wmmd EN" Q ummm g wo, 5 . em ep an f som. , LT155 :rf : P4,m-mn 5 B ' ' Clean Worcester Q-4 'I Q 5 on, - 5 Q 7 o 5 Sm' I d 2 cnarlmumllu ' 9 I iq Amnmwle ' a M Y an ' 9 o Schenevus 'Y' Nom' h g 9 orus 0 O Q C Holmewllq Sbulh west ' 0 Lcmznx Southlwoqsie' DWOWV' New Berlm Laumm 5 C' s ' ' YE-TVN" 'c mmm ' Fevguwnvxlle Je 0 J t. 3 ' E La .wscm 0 ,7 Gulbertsvuile w. 0 C D venpon Q R Mem Mm, 2 0 nt 9 owl Dwgnmn Came' 35 . 2 +- M' Upton an 0l'l00lltgWest 7 . H Wes: K J a H . mm. Guiuora'-'f e 0 Orego O , . 7 venue Em M"'d"" Stl ww, auagez3 ' Nom, H95 Q 78 Fvanklm . 0 Fyanklm Mamma Q Mme-an Em Gmlvma 0 ' 5 p-X , f 'unafgm mt Tvezuwull wen : B'oomV'He 0 w . ' ' . 5 Q 5 ' ' Kill Sfdfwv Mevemm Q . m Q Sidne vuunus -P'-'Sydney Center ' 45 2 I brim! e s K' l li ue. , mm Anon 9 g Bef-Tfm Dolhl 53 :inn X 6 " ' M 1 'J N GB 0 agony' 'E naw gonna 'K 1 5AI!on e. Q 5 Ja 'D 'mil N, g mu' cfm ' 'O Hamden '2f?.i'::k 5 Numun 7 H 0 De Lzncey 0 I Nom. WIHDI1 9 C0'C"0I'l' Andes Q Mau smrumg . 0 .1 am-mm: 0 ,HL 3 5 m Bzmouuv-lu. 0 B,,,mm ,O 6 .3 ww H, . , I aaa x 5 5 "TT Foreword Another school year has passed and once again we students look back-- down the many roads we have traveled during our journey through D. L. I. The many scenes we have witnessed and learned from have been the road signs that have guided us on our journey. With Nicky our school mascot as guide, we turn the pages of our '59 "L1beranni" and relive again our itinerary and our experiences . Principal gs Message This year we will be observing the one hundred and twenty-fourth com- mencement at Delaware Literary Institute and Franklin Central School. It has been a difficult year for students and faculty. In addition to the tragic accident, we have had many other problems requiring adjustments in our school program. I am very appreciative of the way you have worked together to overcome these dif- ficulties and maintain as high an educational standard as possible . For the seniors this is your final year at Delaware Literary Institute. I sincerely hope you are prepared to assume your responsibilities for the years ahead . The staff of this year's "Liberanni" and the student council are to be con- gratulated for the production of this fine yearbook . MJ AME? DMINISTRATWN YIELD RW OF WA Board of Education FIRST ROW: Alfred Sickler, Mars Hillls, Edward Slawson, Cecil Fowlston SECOND ROW: Hugh Mills, Donald Conant, Amenzo Merrill, Irvin Hanson Principal CEC IL FOWLSTON 7 Secretary WILHELMINA BENNETT 1 lv' 1 MR. COOK MR. THOMAS FIRST ROW: Mrs. Iudd, Mrs. Rutherford, Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Conant Mrs. Buck SECOND ROW: Mrs. Boggs, Miss Bookhout, Mrs. Bennett Mrs. Hodges, Mrs. Slawson s-. F ac ull MRS. CONANT MRS. HOVEN If MRS . COOK MRS . HILLIS ,XX au, --Y L MR. PARKS sh v 'f C L. 5 S.. Q' 'X .1 r 1 it x WY"rq'f'v,.x Hx k Q , -, 1 gi . 53 .V' KX 1' ' r xx rf Q . 5 .xy 4 ,it-P' l . XX. NOT PRESENT: Mr. Thomas, Miss Lucas, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Keiter, Mr. Gillotte, Mrs. Maurer MRS. LAW MRS. RICH MR. CARROLL ex 54X MR. LATTIN TZ MR. STONESIFER MRS. FINCH MRS. STILSON MR . KALINOWSKI MR. WHITNEY tuflent Council SEATED: George Meyers, Richard Grant, Wayne Baldwin, Betty Haney, lane Law, Louise Whitney, Sandy Jordan STAND- ING: lim Sickler, Mr. Fowlston S DELAWARE LITERARY INSTITUTE AND FRANKLIN CENTRAL SCHOOL FRANKLIN, NEW YORK THE BOARD OF EDUCATION C. S. FUWLSTON, Prlnclpll M. S. HILLIS. Pvllldtnl D. E. CONANT, Clifk A. E. SICKLER E. S. SMITH C. M. SMITH E. M. SLAWSON March 1, 1959 To the friends and students of D. L. I.: This year the Student Council started an extensive program to build up our student government. To accom- plish this aim the Council has followed a six-point program: 1. Reorganizing the student government 2. Improving school spirit 3. Enlarging the 1959 "L1beranni" Lg.. Planning for the 125th anniversary of D. L. I. 5. Scheduling the school calendar 6. Helping with the school fair We hope that this work may be expanded in the future and that you will support it as a step toward a better school. Respectfully yours, o Scigalle James Sickler President Vice President Sandra Jordan Secretary Wayne Baldwin 4J,,...a.a..:., Treasurer X , 5, ft' xanga!! . S . ,r X .1 at , as - Ei , in 5' px, KT As,-"' ,fx Geena -l 5 ,Qgig 2 f-wwe, 4 V us Drivers I l V x F 'Tl ll his or -X R U 'l -g Donald Westcott, Lynn Finch, Carlton Kiraly, Robert Wlsse, Harold Elderkln, Charles Reyonlds, Charles Westcott, Louis Hodges NOT PRESENT: Margaret Rose, Iames Campbell Custoflians Ca eteria Lillian Avery, Linda Geertgens, Katherine Sanly, Helen Butts Pearl Whigham, Edith Rich Donald Westcott, Gordon Mason, Clair Stewart SENIGRS JEAN BROWN "lean" short black hair. . .cheerful new member. . . bakes swell birthday cakes. . .drives like mad . . . really keeps the ball bouncing JOY BURNSIDF HIOY.. long halr. . .blue rimmed glasses. . .adores "Elvis" . . .llkes short shorts. . .knows what FRANCES CRONK "Franny" pretty black hair. . .easy going. . .orlglnal . . . the boys' "Killer" . . .slams a volleyball. . . loves to tease. . ."Let's hit the bxg town" she wants and usually gets it. . .good actress HOWARD CRONK "Howard" drives a blue beetle bomb. . . "Tall" . . .al- ways flxln' his car. . .watches TV. . .curly hair. . .one of those E. C.'s , to .,1:fs3g55 13' ,-1 slgfffezi fe' MELANIE FRAZIER "Sue" full colorful skirts . . .nuts over Pat Boone. . . jlngly bracelets . . . industrious lterror with her graduate and sulfuric acldl. . .blonde LILIVENE EMPIE --Li .. li d typlst always in Ed's truck. . .un- g oo . . . predictable . . .leotards and hush puppies . . . likes to rod. . . "Let's rod around 'Ni' RUTH HERKLOTZ "Rum" all the ambition ln the world. . . nthuslast our star pianist . . . s ports e . . . Wie Gehts ". ..patlent, thoughtful, and everyone's friend "Tiger" . . . GERALD HEBBARD "Jerry" curly hair and glasses . . ."Well, what do you know". . ." better late than never" . . .brilliant m athematlcian . . . "have car will travel" RICHARD NORMAN N SANDRA JORDAN "Sandy" always seen with a certain guy. . .digs clar- inet "Oh Sugar". . .blonde . . .always in the middle of mischief IOAN MILLER "Ioan" never a dull moment with her around. . ."O, for Pete's sake". . .our Homemaker of To- morrow. . .dynamite comes in a small pack- age CHARLES PALMER "Rich" "Chuck" "Hang on, here we gol " . . ."Big Bopper" quiet until you really know him. . .thick rlm "ips a bird, 1135 3 plane, no 1t'5 Rich" . . . glasses. . .quick wit. . .new around D. L.l. salaml, salami, bologna. . .loves tomatoes . . .keeps the school Jumping and arguing IOHN SCHWILLE H lack .. plays a cool clarinet . . . perfectionist: . . hot gum chewer. . .real brainy. . . "Oh honest- ly L" . . .great worker PATRICIA REYNOLDS "Pai" very pretty. . .always neat and well dressed. . a friend to all. . .drives a purple Ford. . ."B0y would I like to add you to my collection' EDITH RICH "Edee" "The egg cracker". . .always trying to lose weight . . . "Wonder what she's up to now ? " . . . rides in a green Ford . . . cool dancer l ALFRED SHAVER HAI.. athletic. . .crazy over blonde hair. . .chicken catcher . . . fine tuba player. . .sings, too BETTY SHAVER "Betty" always giggling . . . shorty . . .artistic. . .al- ways cheers for the team . . .very often found on her horse JAMES SICKLER num.. loves sports, his car, chemistry and a Treadwell girl. . .not necessarily in that order. . . "That's the way the mop sops" FRANCINE STUCHALA "Fran" found way to man's heart . . .city accent. . . . favorite slant, "cool cat". . .digs rock and roll. . . original GEORGE WESTFALL "George" known as Rolley . . .future "Tarzan" . . . footbal1's his game . . .school mailman . . .marine with a jeep IOANNE WHITNEY --Ion the joker ls wild . . . personality plus . . .a friend to all. . .loves hot sausage pizza. . . loves to swim. . ."Oh yeah" IOAN THORSLAND .Joann short wavy hair . . . flashy clothes . . .good helper in the office . . .likes "Vicks" cough- drops L JEANBROWN Chorus Girls' Sports........ Liberanni Hartwick High School . . . . . Cooperstown Central . . . . JOYBURNSIDE Chorus Orchestra .... . . . Girls' Sports . . . . . Band ...... . . . Double Trio ............. FRANCES CRONK Band Girls' Sports Leaders' Club .. T.T.C. .. Class Officer.......... HOWARD CRONK F. F. A. Football . . . . . . . Basketball . . . . . Liberanni LILIVENE EMPIE F. H. A. Chorus .. Girls' Sports . . . . Liberanni . . . . . . . Purple G Gold . . . . . SUE FRAZIER Class Officer . . . . . . . Chorus ....... Girls' Sports . . . . . Liberanni . . . . . Leaders' Club ......... . GERALD HEBBARD E. C. Basketball . . . . . Varsity Club . . . . . . Baseball...... Class Officer . . . . 22 enior Directory RUTH HERKLOTZ Band ................2.3,4 Chorus ...... .... l ,2 Accompanist . . . . . . . 3,4 Girls' Sports .. 2,3,4 Liberanni ..... . . . 2 , 3 , 4 Leaders' Club . . . . . . 2,3,4 SANDRA JORDAN T. T. C............1,2,3,4 Band ...l,2,3,4 Girls' Sports ....2,3,4 Student Council.......... 4 Cheerleader......... l,2,3 JOAN MILLER Betty Crocker Award . . . . . . . 4 Liberanni ..... 4 Chorus ....l,2,3 Girls' Sports ....2,3,4 Purple5fGold ..........3,4 RICHARD NORMANN E. C. ................ 3,4 Chorus ................. 2 F. F. A. .. .. 1 Liberanni .. .. 3 Basketball . .. .. . . . . 1 CHARLES PALMER F. F. A. ............... l ,2 Football... .. 1,2 Liberanni .... ..... 4 Wrestling ................ l Delaware Academy . . . . . 1,2 ,3 PATRICIA REYNOLDS Chorus ........... l,2,3,4 Girls' Sports .. .. l,2,3,4 Liberanni .............. 3 , 4 Purple 6: Gold ....... 2,3,4 Mississippi Melody ....... 3 EDITH RICH T.T.C.. ........... l,2,3,4 Girls' Sports .. .... 2,3,4 Cheerleader . . . . . . 2 , 3 Junior Plays . . . . . . 3 Senior Plays . . . . . . 4 JACK SCHWILLE Band ..............l,2,3 Chorus ............l,Z,3 Student Council .. Liberanni l,2,3 Purple 61 Gold l,2,3 ALFRED SHAVER Class Officer...........l Band ....2,3 Football ...l,2,3 Basketball ...l,2,3 Baseball l,2,3 BETTYSHAVER Band............... 2,3 Chorus . 2,3 Orchestra 2,3 Girls' Sports .. ...l,2,3 Liberanni ............... JAMES SICKLER E.C. l,2,3 Football .... 1 Basketball l,2,3 Student Council .. . 3 Liberanni FRANCINE STUCHALA Purple 81 Gold .......... 2 Cadet Teacher . . . . . Junior Plays . . . . . . Secretary ............... IPS 118, Bronxl Chorus ...... . ......... 2 GEORGE WESTFALL F.F.A. .... .......l,2,3 Football ...l,2,3 Varsity Club . 2 Baseball..... ...3 JOANNE WHITNEY T. T. C. ........... l,2,3 Band ........ l,2,3 Girls' Sports .. .. l,2,3 Liberanni ......... 1 , 2 , 3 Leaders' Club ..... l,2,3 O Semor Prophecy Good evening, everyone! This is Edward R. Morrow, bringing you "Person to Person.' Tonight I am taking you to the 10th reunion of D.L.I.'s Class of 1959 at the Stork Club. As- sembled here you will see some remarkable persons who have gained world-wide fame for their deeds . At the first table are Joy, Pat, and Lilivene. Ioy is telling of her experiences as owner of the Dear Ioy Dress Corp. in Los Angeles . She says that her associates are designing exclusive dresses for her three daughters. Pat interrupts to tell us that she wishes that Richard Norman , who is on the moon as a result of his successful moon rocket, would come back to Earth long enough to invent a diaper changer for her growing family of four boys. Lilivene, while taking notes for her social column in the "Herald Tribune," remarks that Ioan Miller isn't here tonight as she is doing secret service work in Russia. Ioan is hot on the trail of a top soviet official. At the next table we see Iack, Jerry, Jimmy, and Howard. Iack is telling the other boys about his position as Secretary General of the United Nations. Iimmy interrupts to tell Iack about the job he is doing in Burma. He is working as a soil technician under the U.N. Jerry and Howard are talking about their experiences. Ierry is a General in the Air Force and works in Cape Canaveral. His latest missile can do a figure eight. Howard is a State 'Trooper and has taken over Rod Cameron's place on TV. Ruth, Franny, Sue and Ioanne are relaxing on a lounge. Ruth, now a nurse, and Sue, a phys- ical therapist, are discussing some of their unusual cases at the Walter Reed Hospital. Franny, now a medical secretary, describes the cute doctor she is working for. Ioanne says that her girls' gym class has won the state tournament in soccer. Sandy and Al come over to join them and to show off their brood of six little Shavers. Al has decided that he will definitely have junior partners in his company, the Shaver Construction Company. Edee joins them. She tells the girls she is an un- defeated contestant of the "Keep talking Show" on TV. Edee tells Sandy that she has decided Palmer Baby Food is the best for her children. They have heard that Chuck Palmer has a staff of cute secre- taries around him all day. Al remarks that George Westfall has a squad of St. Bernard dogs to rescue lost sightseers in Switzerland. These dogs are known world-wide for their expert rescue work. Jean, Francine, and Ioan Thorsland are sitting at another table . Francine is known from coast to coast on "Francine's Bandstand, " a rock-n-roll show that keeps her jumping from Hollywood to New York. Iean, who owns a chain of well-known supermarkets, has a specialty this week on Brown's Brown and Serve Rolls. Ioan is reminiscing about her wonderful college days. She is telling about the time she received the "Classy Campus Queen" award. Iean interrupts to tell everyone that Betty Shaver couldn't come tonight. She has found an Argentine gaucho, and they have a large horse ranch in Argentina. As we are about to leave, we have a few words with Mr. Fowlston, their principal. He remarks that this class has made themselves known in the world. And now, from "Person to Person, " "Good night and good luck." X, ' L K Q K li x Q K F ml! CD I , X l 5 CHUCK 3'0ANNE TUV! ORQGKNFL S ALL AQOUND FAO-an Sevuog TIVES. v Q 0251, LOOKING M li A x H' i ff 0 'X .fs Il, I! X xr N , RUTH ov-mem BETTY AL, ' MobT INTELLI M051 Armsruc + G A VAT TERRY it A ,Q Q 1 A W ,T 4 xi x 624 4 U Jn , l--ag 6 0 HIGH SCHOOL. A iq' Wi juniors 5 I-if lf Q Egg l'i fi er fa . 7 rl in ,: ,Y V fig., :l2g"'u' " A fffr 4 3. it V v 1 Q Q 1 -N . f , . -, , - 5- ..:-.31'f,g.,. -- 1 -:g,',L' -sr. QQ, Q ., cas.. ,..n:x,5ff:f--'5"" " ,- '-Q rnzgw-f3:m:.'f'g ff' Q, : ,N Lrrr ......j:,,,:-na., if . . .,..,..... -4. ff- ' 5 I 'f S ' "5 "-I1 """"'-n-if SW' ' r - - " x 1 . Q. ' . 'x " 4? af U- W vi' J t' IK 'ns 3 'X . f pgs? ' My 1 if . . ' f -' dl'-W V, :srl ski, Q HE y H X X x 8 0 Y gl: 1 ix 5 is E ' 5 lg 4 . ai rx 5 v N Q M. .f , .. A we a' ' 1- if I., f ,N I w. , ,- , ,Je , wig W- ii-ap in , rs' faiwxl, l nfl - .rf ' , ,Lil If 4 17,4 . .Jufg,'9' -f ,, nf.. W ' ,u.. ,. 4 '. ,' 5, sf , --Q. - ." - - .- M ,. s,."g,v,,, , ,. t . , ,, .Y 2,3 5,5 3-,EV y 1, Q :yuh xi Q 'kat 'lf lf . -'f ic' M H' A '. Wayne Baldwin, Marlene Barkalow, Phyllis Bennett, Patricia Brandt, Robert Constable, Donna Delamarter, Harold Elderkln, Walter Feltman Elsworth Griffin, Roberta Haney, Blrdeen Hanson, Gary Hazlett, Iudith Heyer, Sandra Holtkamp, francis Law, jane Law Adrienne Matteson, Charles Mills, Kenneth Nolf, Robert Nydam, John Parks, Alice Perry, Dona Phoenix, Edward Plnney Diane Skaza, Iohn Stasky, William Streeter, John Taggart, Jack Taylor, Richard Whiqham ophomores 4 ru U ww lb 4' . 2 1 - -,,, , ' 1 ' 1 , 'S 5 C L E . I Y-' Elaine Baum, Lillian Bourn, Elbert Brown, Iames Cleaveland, Shirley Constable, Jay Colburn, Elton Cook, Marjorie Crandell Patricia Crandell, Richard Daniels, Clifford Delamarter, David Dunne, Sharon Evans, Lucinda Frazier, Linda Geertgens Richard Haney, Linda Howard, Barbara Hungerford, Burton Jester, Orman McNei11y, Nancy Nolf, Carol Odell, Iane Perry f ff: It -C' A .Q - P ld F x Wi 4 , at t: 'Q-A+: Anastasia Robinson, Aaron Seward, David Sickier, Jerry Spinola, Etta Stone Linda Streeter Sonja Wendelen A f 'QW E to r' i Y A , ,X M' .4 ' rffig. fqiigif 'rd Q. . Q 44' Ka a wt Freshmen 5' f V, i j, . - we f,., ffwfrs-,f 1,, fr' ' ' " sw,1sgz12e?gge fs' 515,51 5 Q . ig'-1. I K. Q n,: , ,, it -1 i QIZ: ' I iz 3 1 X gl 1 fi, '-L"' 6 2-3 E f , fi Q ii 1 A R N f gf ig .. f if iQ5Q+ f fpef K Pa S A Q Ei I Dale Ackley, Dennis Ackley, Roger Ackley, Nancy Alexander, Mary Brown, David Buck, Peter Burgin, David Clark Kay Davidson, Warren Decker, Patricia Feltman, Warren Gardepe, Lynda Goodrich, Ioan Grant Edwin Guile, Elizabeth Haney, Agnes Harrington, Louise Harrington, Donald Hebbard, Herman Herklotz Frederick Hungerford, Wayne Iordan, Gerald Law, Marvin Marshall, Terry Matteson, Adelbert McKee, Donald Nydam, Ivan Palmer Vesta Pellerin, Nancy Rich, Elaine Schmidt, Robert Sickler, Lucille Taylor, James Taggart, Iudy Ward, Eileen Wnitbegk A fr I 4- wtf . f 1 1 5 A 2 N Qi, ,E 'fi 3 ebes E 4 2 . , , --::2: E A Ui .,,. -1 We T :ar 'N me i Y in :-vV fi.. - gy in rl, rrrr i T! Q A aa E'aU .-, NC' f ,. 1' if i 3 f' if ff M QQ, gl . W 1 Q Q W 5 t 4 V NOT PRESENT: Virginia Nichols Bruce Scofield ,, Q L Q, ' J 1' 'wvr , ., , Q YM f S f ,..w, ' Fltilfltll A 4 ' S e"?"".!H'ff'f .ff ' rv , 4 At, X .A E ti: "' 'N X a t-' , ,E fn 9 M fi . V J .. 3 jj , ff E Q fl ' 'ss 'L 4, X Hg 1 9, ' Q js. t A ' ,4 -E+? Q if h ,Z , 1, I ' x , .' I , Y Agnes Ackley, Richard Ackley, William Bonlng, Phyllis Brown, Joseph Campbell, Davld Cleaveland, Ioan Cole, Dorothy Cook Lawrence Decker, Lawrence Eaton, Richard Evans, Norris Pinch, Harry Grelner, Larry Hadden, Betty Hall, Ronald Hanson Iudy Hartwell, Adele Hungerford, Elizabeth Law, Bryce Marquart, David McNeilly, Stephen Meszaros, George Meyers, Thomas Mills NOT PRESENT: Leland Eaton G IoyceNightLnga1e, Ralph Robinson, Daniel Ross, Bonita Ruff, Mary Jane Rutherford, Barbara Scofield, Eugene Seward, Thomas Simmons Iames Smith, Elizabeth Steffen, Gall Storck, Harold Streeter, Larry Taylor, Elizabeth Ward ' .aft W' I ,, sf f sag , I K l,'l 4 as 29 , r 1 5 I even th Grade lack Alexander, Barbara Brandt, Wlllls Brown, Barbara Buck, Nancy Denison, Dora Emple Ianlce Feltman, Donald Finch, George Fowlston, Barbara Geertgens , Donna Geertgens , Peggy Houck William Howard, Thomas Hughes, lane Ingalls, Richard Ioslin, Charles Lewis, Robert Lewls, Ruth McRab1e Verna Marshall, Cheryl Maurer, Dennis Moore, Penelope Mullinex, Iutta Noot, Kenneth Nydam, Allan Reynolds Walter Rich, Stephen Smith, Carel Stark, Margaret Stone, Patricia Stuchala, Lynn Terry, Charles Whltbeck NOT PRESENT: Barbara Daniels, Jack Pinch, Gary Gesell, Katherine Robinson, Loulse Whitney 1 4 an is I A S ian :M ' E 5 G4f""!'r Q mfg, ' " f bfi, , P " VV Q P I K P Y , 3 .r if SA f ' ,f ,fa . ssea If wx. Q . f' M f fs . ' , ' Q f 1 WN if Y ' E' P Ti 1 5 z 6 Al ' Q W I Q V.-,, lq - -K X X P H 11 4? x- sf Q if, 5. e by 'cf' n a S A i if " G m-ux.v9-EN K' QLNI RADES 0 I I 1, F , 411 ', M, fl, Q WX i L ff I I KN 96 J 41' X k XX K 4 4 I Y N Sixth Grade FIRST ROW: William Mackahle, Kenneth Taylor, Grover Cook, Donald Smith, Clinton Geertgens, James Schmitt, Cameron Mllls, Diane Dunne, Carol Schmidt, Mrs. Boggs SECOND ROW: Candace Marquart, Anne Law, Kathleen Matteson, Barbara Ward, Donna Hendrickson, Linda Schmitt, Iudy Whitbeck, Iody Davidson, Bunny Sue Houck THIRD ROW: Thomas Bryden, Nathenial Drayton, Ralph Sltts, Iohn Campbell, Allan Jordan, Charles North, Thomas Jones, Teddy Gado, William Hall ABSENT: Frank Benowskl, William Nolf W ...A-"" y as i 5 J" 'IN Fifth QQ Sixth Grade FIRST IDW: Marie Dewey, Susan Robinson, Ioyce Denison, Sharon Simmons, Iames Archibald, Iack Ritz SECOND ROW: Alice Hanson, Carolyn Grelner, Katherine Taggart, Donna Drayton, Daniel McNell1y, Mrs. Judd THIRD ROW: David Downs, Philip Schreher, Barry Cole, Herbert McCall, Roger DeSllva, Melvin Ogden ABSENT: Virginia Marshall, Ronald Prentice ,A xy' ssl' 1 4 Fifth Grade FIRST ROW: Arthur Hughes, Clinton Robinson, Ruth Ann Gesell, Christine Milewski, Shirley Gardepe, Donna Hall, Kathy Whitbeck, Margaret Rich, Nancy Conant, Warren Herklotz, Paul Gado SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hodges, Christopher Law, Michael Worden, Robert Lane, Gerald Terry, Richard Steffen, Wayne Streeter, Richard Jones, Jerry Northrop, Tracy Ogburn THIRD ROW: Marion Nydam, Christine Kelsey, Charles Blanchard, Sandra Westcott, Rosemarie Puhm, Marjorie Pashley, Lewis Decker, Robert Fisher, Robert Champlin ABSENT: Robert Finch Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Susan Cook, Patty Bambach, Christie Maurer, Ianlne Champlln, Patty Nolf, Carol Ogborn, David Robinson, Charles Ogborn, Anhur Boning, Susan Moore SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bennett, Larry Odell, Roy Geertgens, lack Hughes, Gerald Scofield, Donna Denison, Christie Law, Barbara Fletcher, Judy Northrop, Corinne Maurer THIRD ROW: Richard Cole, Leslie Streeter, Frank Robinson, Iohn Terwilllqer, Ronald Bryden, Darcy Phoenix, Kathryn Sickler, Gwen DeS1lva, Thea Decker ABSENT: Marilyn Price VD YY? Third Q Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Linda Denison, Louise Pleischman, Doris Nydam, Ionathan Whltbeck, Gary Hughes, Gall Ward SECOND ROW: Miss Bookhout, Walter Noot, Victoria Groat, Paul Schmitt, Steven McKee, Iudith Alexander THIRD ROW: Constance Kelsey, Ingrid Wendelen, Linda North, Vicki Marquan, Darryl Dayton ABSENT: Gary Lyons, Nancy Swantak 'mfr Third Grade FIRST ROW: Betty Lyons, JoAnn Palmer, Claudette Champlin, Margaret Brandt, Norma Pellerln, Iames Westcott, George Edwards, Wayne Northrop, Ioseph Taggart SECOND ROW: Mrs . Buck, Iudy Emple, Norman Northrop, Robert McNe1lly, Ronald Wilbur, Roger Constable, Harry Cook, Barry Marquart, Paul Downs THIRD ROW: Nancy Fisher, Darleen Phoenix, Jane Tubbs, Anna Houck, Christine Hyzer, Lellanl Frazier, Gary Grant, Iohn Hendrickson ABSENT: Alfred Dewey, Darel Stark M ,A 3.4 YK ., .J . Second Grade FIRST ROW: Eileen Seward, Donna Banks, Mary Gardepe, Io Ann Guidice, Ann Geertgens, Susan Law, Irene Lyons, Gail DeS11va, Thomas Whitbeck, Robert Guldice SECOND ROW: Mrs. Slawson, Michael Denny, Gregory Drayton, James Hyzer, Linda Northrop, Lindora Scofield, Peter Schmitt, James Terry, Alan Hughes, Francis Brandt, Keith Wilber THIRD ROW: Diane Whitbeck, Alta Simmons, Priscilla .MacRab1e, Beverly Dewey, Patricia Stasky, Robert Price, Dale McGoniga1, Dwight Decker, George Perry 38 Firstk econd raflv FIRST ROW: Charles Reynolds, Martin Nightingale, Connie Constable, Donna Boyles, Timothy Robinson, Richard Post SECOND ROW Mrs. Rutherford, Iames Iones, Ruth Decker, Richard Pashley, Gary Price, Iack Fleischman, Diann Close THIRD ROW: Diane Stuchala, Shirley Robinson, Georgette Sitts, Jeffrey Taggart, Carol Kelsey, Margaret Iones ABSENT: Linda Cook, Lester Slttler 7 'Q'-P 'GP YM' .41 fanvi 5, 75? 'M' F er -1-fr --af V, ,a- .f--f Ai 'Q S-r First Grade FlRST ROW: Linda Archibald, Bertha Ferguson, Iohn Burgin, Gary Scofield, Anthony Moore, Ioseph Puhm, Iack Beach, Susan Splnola SECOND ROW: Mrs. Warren, Mark Slawson, Peggy Northrop, Sandra Ogden, Iane Conant, Deborah Ritz, David Terry, Cody McKee, David Nydam, Kerry Simmons THIRD ROW: Peter Charles, Kaye Boenlng, Ardith Champlln, Barbara Cole, Duncan Iohnson, Rebecca Wormuth, Kathleen Campbell ABSENT: Jerry Cook, William Haney Kindergarten FRONT ROW: Wayne Boyles, Daniel Milewski, Cheryl Beckwlth, Sherry Yetman, Pamela Hodges, Richard Robinson, David Eck, Gary Post, Iames Mulllnex, Douglas Brower, Ioyce Kilpatrick SECOND ROW: Mrs. Conant, Arthur Denny, Larry Barnes, Deborah Reynolds, Cynthia Kelsey, Richard Grant, Eric Foote, Sally Pashley, Elizabeth Guldlce, Iohn Guldlce, Richard Slckler THIRD ROW: Anthony Delello, Susan Steffen, Daniel Whltbeck, David Whltbeck, Scott Taggart, Yvonne Hughes, Daniel Robinson, Karen McGonlgal, Jane Wisse, Donna Westcott, Carol Thomas AP"ENT: Mrs. Maurer, Iohn Bryson, Steven Gesell, William Rich, Edward Robinson, I-Ially Iohnson fl X 724 MX 9 1 N I 5 , ,i y J' f ' i s i 41, H I agggv-i '19 is CTIVITIES xeev :ICP RXGHT IE 2 .pw '-7 fv- .1 Orchestra FIRST ROW: Nancy Conant, Iudy Heyer, Betsy Law, Cheryl Maurer SECOND ROW: Nancy Alexander, Kay Davidson, Iudy Ward, Aaron Seward, Barbara Ward, Eugene Seward THIRD ROW: Barbara Buck, Bobby Slckler, Betty Shaver, David Buck, Ierry Law, Terry Matteson, Phyllis Bennett, Adrienne Matteson, Ruth Herklotz X x . X -X! X S? a lx FIRST ROW: Betty Shaver, Iane Law, Iudy Heyer, Nancy Nolf, Vesta Pellerin, Agnes Harrington, Betty Haney, Lynda Goodrich, Patricia Brandt, Ioy Burnside, Linda Howard, Iudy Ward, Phyllis Bennett SECOND ROW: Joanne Whitney, Nancy Alexander, Ruth Herklotz, Frances Cronk, Lilivene Empie, Patricia Crandell, Patricia Feltman, Dona Phoenix, Sandra Holtkamp, Patricia Reynolds, Diane Skaza, Roberta Haney, Adrienne Matteson THIRD ROW: Kay Davidson, Ellsworth Griffin, David Buck, Herman Herklotz, Iames Slawson, Terry Matteson, Alfred Shaver, Robert Sickler, Gerald Law, Donald Hebbard, Carol Odell ABSENT: Iack Schwille High cluml Chorus 3, Q gp Jim fi' 3 if 85 .1 VY 1wMfff1f m S 1 5 XX - . -. x X x X7 XV . X X ' ' E5 x E , js 4,5 K Q nd N9 ' J ., - 59 '53 it iv if . ,ff x A .hfj ,if' Vx. f , f' 'ffm g 1 A 1 E ggl.i,gg,., i N Wi f 1 A I it E 5 iK,1 , , 8' hi m,,M H k ul "' vim h , if its was lggahwf X-.r , 1 'lib 1' , 1,-half, A - M ' , 11' . v , 'H ff I Q Q, .M I xy .. ,xg N3 3 1 , - 1 .K Se 'X FRONT ROW: Diane Skaza Lynda Goodrich Bobby Sickler SECOND ROW: Betty Shaver Sandy Jordan David Buck Franny Cronk Terry Matteson Jerry' Law Al Shaver Iimmy Smith Cindy Frazier Kay Davidson Nancy Alexander A Y 5 FIRST ROW: Dora Emple, Jutta Noot, Joyce Nightingale, Joan Cole, Cheryl Maurer, Jane Ingalls, Nancy Denison, Barbara Buck SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Steffen, Bonnie Ruff, Judy Hartwell, Mary Jane Rutherford, Betsy Law, Janice Feltman, Louise Whitney THIRD ROW: Barbara Scofield, Adele Hungerford, Buffy Ward, Gall Storck, Peggy Houck, Donna Geertgens, Agnes Ackley, Nancy Alexander Junior H igh Scluml Chorus Grade SEATED: Adrienne Matteson, Nancy Alexander FIRST ROW: Margaret Rich, Nancy Conant, Marie Dewey, Carolyn Grelner, Louise Flelshman, Donna Hall, Shirley Gardepe, Christie Maurer, Corrine Maurer, Susan Moore, Judy Northrop, Christine Law, Steven McKee, Kenneth Taylor SECOND ROW: Donna Drayton, Jody Davidson, Alice Hanson, Katherine Taggart, Linda North, Carol Schmidt, Constance Kelsey, Ingrid Wendelen, Joyce Denison, Kathryn Sickler, Barbara Ward, Anna Law, William MacRabie, Christopher Law, Donald Smith THIRD ROW: James Schmitt, Clinton Geertgens, Philip Schreher, Kathleen Matteson, Linda Schmitt, Iudlth Whitbeck, Candace Marquart, Sandra Westcott, Barry Cole, Charles North, Theodore Gado, Thomas Jones, Robert Champlln I f I 1 J E E 5 - l 4 JH Chorus fn it Liberanni E - is Co-Editor in chief Co-Editor in chief Art Editor ....... Photography Editor Sales Editor ..... Ad Staff Editor . Cynthia Maurer . Ruth Herklotz . Jack Schwille . Iames Sickler Phyllis Bennett . Sandra Jordan tt xy W l E e 5 FIRST ROW: Howard Cronk, Gerald Hebbard, Iames Sickler, Phyllis Bennett, Ruth Herklotz, Roberta Haney, Sandra Iordan, Charles Palmer SECOND ROW: Mr. Kallnowski, Linda Goodrich, Nancy Nolf, Edward Pinney, James Slawson, Adrienne Matteson, Linda Geertgens, Alfred Shaver, Elizabeth Haney, Barbara Buck, Barbara Daniels THIRD ROW: Mr. Whitney, Iudlth Heyer, Iane Law, Ioan Miller, Ioanne Whitney, Kay Davidson, Nancy Alexander, Louise Whitney, Mrs. Rich FOURTH ROW: Betty Shaver, Iean Brown, Frances Cronk, Betsy Law, Gail Storck, Agnes Ackley, Patricia Peltman, Ioy Burnside, Patricia Reynolds, Linda Howard, Carol Odell, Patricia Crandell, Mr. Parks ABSENT: Jack Schwille 49 Purple and Gold SEATED: Adrienne Matteson, Phyllis Bennett FIRST ROW: Standing: Judy Heyer, Joan Miller, Jane Law, Edith Rich, Dona Phoenix, Linda Goodrich, Judy Ward, Pat Brandt, Nancy Nolf SECOND ROW: Linda Howard, Frances Cronk, Roberta Haney, Lilivene Empie, Alice Perry, Nancy Alexander, Anastasia Robinson, Kay Davidson, Joy Burnside, Ruth Herklotz, Mrs. Rich THIRD ROW: Sandra Jordan, James Slawson, Patricia Crandell, Diane Skaza, Qfman McNeUly, Sandra Holtkamp, Patricia Reynolds, John Parks, Carol Odell, John Stasky, Mr. Parks ABSENT: Jack Schwllle 2 3 n E A 9 IOIOIIIOIUIOCICCIUICIIQOI UIOOOIU Business 61 Circulation Manager . . . . . . Jack Schwille 50 Leaders Club FIRST ROW: Sharon Evans, President Ruth Herklotz, Vice-President Franny Cronk, Secretary Phyllis Bennett, Ioanne Whitney SECOND ROW: Treasurer Adrienne Matteson, Betty Haney, Judy Ward, Sandy Jordan, Nancy Nolf THIRD ROW: Jane Law, Mrs. Cook, Cindy Frazier, Sue Frazier ci' Q X A Ml Varsity Club FIRST ROW: Richard Grant, Secretary Ed Pinney, President Ierry Hebbard, Treasurer Harold Elderkin SECOND ROW: Dave Stckler, Wayne Iordan, Mr. Cook, Orman McNe111y, Vice-President Ilm Sickler 1 f v npr f L a ' z F. H. A. FIRST ROW: Donna Delamarter, Joanne Whitney, Ioan Miller, Judy Heyer, Iudy Ward, Betty Haney, Loulse Harrington, Patricia Brandt, Nancy Nolf, Virginia Nichols SECOND ROW: Adrienne Matteson, Sandra Holtkamp, Sue Frazier, Sandra Iordan, Phyllis Bennett, Linda Howard, Linda Geertgens, Sonja Wendelen, Lillian Bourn, Jane Perry, Lynda Goodrich THIRD ROW: Edith Rlch, Alice Perry, Diane Skaza, Roberta Haney, Dona Phoenix, Linda Streeter, Nancy Alexander, Llllvene Empie, Kay Davidson, Anastasia Robinson FOURTH ROW: lane Law, Vesta Pellerln, Ioan Grant, Lucille Taylor, Barbara Hungerford, Pat Crandell, Sharon Evans, Pat Reynolds, Ioy Burnside, Carol Odell, Elaine Baum, Mrs. Stilson F. F. A. FIRST ROW: Orman McNellly, Clifford Delamarter, Stanley Holoquist, Robert Constable, Howard Cronk SECOND ROW: Iohn Taggart, Elton Cook, Peter Halaquist, Warren Gardepe, Harold Elderkln, Peter Burgln, Mr. Lattin THIRD ROW: Ed Gulle, James Taggart, Fred Hungerford, Iay Colburn, Roger Ackley, Dale Ackley FOURTH ROW: Wayne Iordan, Richard Grant, Bruce Schofield, Marvin Marshall, Herman Herklotz, Wllllam Streeter Teacher Cadets FIRST ROW: Iane Law, Lynda Goodrich, Nancy Nolf, Pat Feltman, Agnes Harrington, Sonja Wendelen SECOND ROW: Barbara Hungerford, Marjorle Crandell, Lillian Bourn, Lucille Taylor, Virginia Nichols THIRD ROW: Betty Shaver, Dona Phoenix, Ioanne Whitney, Betty Haney SQ 1 r I. E x ' 4 Nurse Cadets FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hoven, Betty Shaver, Nancy Alexander, Lillian Bourn, Louise Harrington, Phyllis Bennett SECOND ROW: Adrienne Matteson, Patricia Feltman, Linda Streeter, Linda Howard, Diane Skaza, Sandra Holtkamp THIRD ROW: Sue Frazier, Barbara Hungerford, Sonja Wendelen, Ioanne Whitney, Dona Phoenix, Elaine Schmidt, Ruth Herklotz, Iane Perry ABSENT: Ioan Miller s '-fgsf.,.nQ' el wx. Yorker Club FIRST ROW: Chairman Program Committee Walter Rich, George Fowlston, William Howard, Larry Hadden, President James Smith, Dora Empie, Iutta Noot, Secretary Ioan Cole SECOND ROW: Harold Streeter, Louise Harrington, Harry Greiner, Nancy Denison, lane Ingalls, Barbara Buck, Mrs. Finch THIRD ROW Vice-President Phylis Brown, Katherine Robinson, Donna Geertgens, Kenneth Nydam, Nancy Alexander Allan Reynolds, Treasurer Thomas Mills Library Assistants FIRST ROW: Sonja Wendelen, Linda Howard, Sandra Holtkamp, Elaine Baum, Adrienne Matteson SECOND ROW: Nancy Nolf, Mrs. Rich, Anastasia Robinson, Carol Odell, Pat Crandall 'T' 1 ?? .fa as Q-v ex su X I: My ,,,..f-A FIRST ROW: Donna Delamarter, Phyllis Bennett, Adrienne Matteson, Iane Law, Linda Howard, Linda Geertgens, Iudy Ward, Mrs. Wisse SECOND ROW: Betty Haney, Joanne Whitney, Sandy Holtkamp, Dona Phoenix, Edith Rich, E1aineSchm1dt, Suefrazler, Mrs.WardTH1RDROW: Sharon Evans, Cindy Frazier, Franny Cronk, Sonja Wendelen, Sandy Iordan, Elaine Baum, Nancy Alexander Twili his E. C. as FIRST ROW: Iohn Parks, Richard Normann, Ierry Hebbard, David Sickler SLUONLJ ROW: Bob Sickler, Don Hebbard, Iim Sickler, Howard Cronk, Wayne Iordan, Fred Hungerford, Ilm Slawson Q... , J-4 k A 'i M, ,..,, , fb 'sf-ul, J A E 'Ill' C9 --sv T 55 DOWN THE GULLET GET WET ? 2 E. X1 8 REMEMBER WHEN IEANIE? " "Tl I "WHERE YA GOIN' ir? 3- 1 QM. 2 x SPORTS 'ig ' Nm ie 5 R. 5 , 5 AM.. S 5 Qmfwffk "" Q EW'-m,,x W.,.,.Q-ff x....w-W' 5 2 i s,......f i :WN 'BMWQEQN gy g, gui' -, . A ,. ,,, A N. 3 Q. x 1 i,hs .ffim WQQQPW k .si I I ' N ' 1 2 C 5 JS' El QW V k'W"'5if gf Q 'I' Al,Q,., , , N x A, V f-,px -UH V m X " A 5510. 'f W it 'V+ 59' 'QL A 1 f fi gizff K F ff I ,W fs 1 49 ff gf ,1m,is,w:svf' -'K 'L j , ,lf -A M I 4 "FR fx ., WL 4 Wifi ' ,fx Wea . A. ,.., . W.,, sw ,Ulf Wx? W' am, Wg N X gall. 53 ,,w f . 3 we N ' 134 ff ,WEN 4, - an X A g h,, K , 1 'A .S 2+ 7 K 3? M zf Q 1 v 1 . 4 1 1 1' 'f fm X 4. w ' "- 4 ,g M s r ,. L bf gf- W if NN E 'I Q .. :N , ,k 'W A , f H 5 M 77 im X wwf .fiulgr , 2 is e vw, , A ' if ff V 75? 'Q 1 Q, ' 63 1 A egg . ' . ., , ' fi ff L Q 'lf 1 Q 1, 1 5 fr f , Q if f A- l-In ' We dvi Qu an A tj? -gp., , f ff "Lil 'nf ',,- PA ' 'f?'l3Q'f?Q-iq, 4 Q k ff ,, 1 f V ' ' KA ,132 W M Q-f, 2L.iL w.24ff2g4vwv,L?2f Y!-'Xi gg1ivT,'?Z2wfr'5iS"g2i:,Q.j LL+ f1 ',1 L g:?,JQf:wf 3 A - ,wb ' .J Kk" z. ,f ,V . W .ffm ' ,lrig I 11 V Q . .- Jw 2 6 t f V Q if -A , H zz 1, A 61.5. ky I 'xlxriyyf 4 5 mg 47. I 'lx ji' -wx , wa , 5 s if f nf? My , 1 V' Q Q ,Ep Q F A f 9 S , K3 f' K V, 'xx ff ,g 3 k ,S V k fa Q in fm, , gg ,, Q, Mrgxwif X . Q N f e 1 . iw' . M jg 4 5, ,, g my 1 is .A . gy g if , QQ .xiii A 5 P 1 f I V g A L ,N ff ,Le Q is A " '13 5 if - ,F K it ,Y if if :skdwfvib ' . Y Q Ei 1' .6 Q1 f ,. A V7 Q k ,Ls 2 L55 Q , WM X f "'Ke' "'f t hi,,.i,,,Lgi .ml K 5 A. It 5 ff? K ,k , V I L. 25 'W ,wk , ,L vii A A Ei. M F f A X ' f D" xi A, 1 "f'7,2QiZ:Qf:P A ' H ' , ,ky -aff 4 fy A W Q :M . 55 f - A ff1w'?ff'W li?" qi- fyxfiq ,W ,. kkf wt, .4 ,, - M - 'LP - W s W QQ ,Ag-. 3, , . ,ty S W f,1,,..,xi v,-- -Y. , f-Wkdff? Q41 -'L' ,L Q 4 A FRANNY LAW, MANAGER WALT FELTMAN, CENTER ROLLEY WESTFALL, GUARD BILL STREETER, LEFT END Football Lettermen IOHN PARKS, HALFBACK CAPTAIN AL SI-IAVER, HALFBACK STAN HOLOQUIST, QUARTERBACK 4.1- CHARLIE MILLS, RIGHT END L 1 -W ,ff 3, , KI 5 Q .jg 19' f H K' 'f . ' I a , f MAJ W! FIRST ROW: Dick Whlgham, Stanley Holoqulst, Captalng Alfred Shaver, Walter Feltman, Iames Slckler SECOND ROW: Gerald Hebbard, Jack Taylor Wayne Baldwin, Charles Mills, Iohn Parks, Harold Elderkin THIRD ROW: Managerg Edward Pinney, Coach: Mr. Kallnowski, Manager: Francis Law Varsity Basketball The 1958-59 season was an improvement over last year for our varsity squad coached by Mr. Kalinowski. With the lack of height and experience the team's record was 6 wins and ll losses over all with a 1 to 9 league record. With many of the squad returning for next year the basketball future for the Purple Devils looks bright. WE 42 .. . S. New Berlin 41 .. . Kellogg ..... 26 . . . Draper .... . . 32 . . . Morris .... . . 25 .. . Unadilla 59 .. . S. New Berlin 64 . . . . . Worcester . . . 67 31 Laurens . . . . . New Berlin. . . loouooo so loo Q ooo U loo on ooo unulooo no one Q ooo THEY WE THEY 33 49 ..Kel1ogg.... .. 42 31 56 ... ..Guilford... .. 31 42 38 .. Edmeston .. .. 48 89 40 ..S.Kortr1ght... .. 63 24 37 .. Unadilla .. 47 38 37 ..Worcester.... .. 42 76 35 .. Otego .. 45 76 41 ..Otego .. .. 49 51 5 1 L- 'x kilig B-.ini ,L K ff FIRST ROW: Orman McNel11y, Wayne Jordan, Davld Slckler, Ilmrrry Slawson SECOND ROW: lay Colburn, Dennis Ackley, Donny Hebhard Ierry Law, Aaron Seward, Manager, George Fowlston THIRD ROW: David Cleaveland, Elton Cook, Pete Halaqulst, Coach Carroll, Terry Matteson E1 Brown J. V1 Basketball The Junior Varsity under the leadership of Mr. Carroll, had a very successful season. Their league record was 7 wins and 3 defeats, while their season record was 12 wins and 4 defeats. WE 24 . . . . S. New Berlin 21 ...... Kellogg ..... 41 ...... Draper . . . 39 ...... Morris ...... 36 . Unadllla 38 .... . . S. New Berlin 42 ...... Worcester . . . 41 . Laurens..... .. THEY WE THEY 12 25 .. New Berlin ... 28 36 41 .. Kellogg .... ... 20 16 54 .. Guilford... 26 17 36 .. Edmeston -. 31 40 51 .. Unadllla 41 15 47 .. . Worcester 20 15 44 .. Otego ..... 29 15 19 .. Otego .... 46 ! ,GK mv 'L x 'Q' 1 'Q Q A f w W. Q7 ,nv W K' or 4135 1 if W' f' x 1. -ff ,r X. f-ui? f .. , fini' 2 ' 0' X K Jima xg. A X Q .,, '5:,. my ,xp :Lin-:S W: . .3 M Q1 WASHER M 31 52 ,W ,gf 'mi f fx, f .gtg ,Y 4 -9' Lf.. 'A K ': :.-5:-i H. A- bfi. 'fi . X ,dx af I S , if V- new ' f I A- , Y , M .,,g W J I A ,QWZNVA iw i5?YS'5" QQ' - . , -f ' ' cs" fd' ' A if ,E , --T L G' ' W Q Ui A ,K 3' K 1,550 . im -N K H . X Nw 5 X Q x X x , . V 5 S ,ff .., 1 .- 59? . .. ., 553 M Y N S Q- Q 5 H xx f 5 3 Q K Q X W ex M 1 Senior High Volleyball and Soccer .e 2. X A X :EH F EIA!!! V FIRST ROW: Ioy Burnslde, Ruth Herklotz, Iudy Heyer, Mrs. Cook, Lllivene Emple, Pat Brandt SECOND f ROW: lane Law, Betty Shaver, Sandra Jordan, Roberta Haney, Diane Skaza, Sandra I-Ioltkamp, Dona ' Phoenix THIRD ROW: Phyllis Bennett, Pat Reynolds, Joanne Whitney, Adrienne Matteson, Ioan Miller, ' F Cro k xllu.- J rances n i Junior Hi h Volle ball and 'occer FIRST ROW: Louise Harrington, Nancy Nolf, Pat Feltman, Agnes Harrington, Lynda Goodrich SECOND ROW: Marjorie Crandell, Etta Stone, lane Perry, Lillian Bourn, Linda Howard, Carol Odell THIRD ROW: Sharon Evans, Elaine Baum, Linda Streeter, Shirley Constable, Mrs: Cook, Cindy Frazier, Iudy Ward, Mary Brown, Pat Crandell 65 3 s E A? Archery FIRST ROW: Sharon Evans, Barbara Hungerford, Marge Crandell, Linda Geertgens, Sonja Wendelen SECOND ROW: Mrs. Cook, Etta Stone, Louise Harrington, Lillian Bourn, Elaine Baum, Iane Perry , 'E Q .a CN JI? if ' 'rind' 3,1 XXXXXX X N I ' we 9- 66 FE School Fair QUEEN ROBERTA AND PRINCESS PRIZE VVINNERS SB THE CROWNING WHAT' LL YOU HAVE? PETS ON PARADE THE HOME AND SCHOOL EXHIBIT f Z MAN AT WORK JU MP BALL wnrrvvei P-U-R-P-L-E , PURPLE DEVIISI REPORT CARDS , A DAY OR RECKONING 'F 'T'-R. '-1: We M72 SCHOOL' S OUT! ADVERTISEMENTS ' A , Cofgwgggnts Franklin Market CLASS OF 1964 For Top Quality Me at Phone TA 9-5800 RITCHKO'S I 58 We st Broadway Main Street Oneonta, New York Franklin, N. Y. Rich-Door jersey Farms HOFFMAN DRY CLEANING Oneonta, N. Y. Phone TA 9-5661 Main Street Complinfleivfzs Of Franklin, New York A FRIEND I HoLBRooK a. HOWEY complimeefs Of ELEC. co. INC. 18 Dietz Street Oneonta, N. Y. 1 - The Class of1963 I EMERICH N. RISEORFER M.D. Phone TA 9-5555 Franklin, N. Y. Matteson's Feed Store 5 Double M Feed f W7 ' Phone TA 9-2551 ,YA .4 ff KI, A Otego Rd. ' Franklin, N. Y. UNADILLA BAKERY Unadilla, N.Y. DELHI SPECIALITY SHOP Delhi, New York Delaware National Bank Phone Z1 Delhi, New York lohns0n's Garage i-:cal --1 Phone TA 9-3322 Franklin, New York Compliments Of TEA CHE RS 'S ASSOCIATION DELHI MOTORS Delhi, N.Y. VICTORY RESTAURANT 68 Main Street Sidney, N.Y. TYLER'S HOTEL Unadilla, New York Otsego laundry Co. Broad at Market Phone Oneonta 144 Oneonta, N.Y. ROCKDALE CREAMERY Cente r Street Franklin, N. Y. Phone TA9-2611 CHENANGO 8: UNADILLA TELEPHONE G. L. F. FEED STORE 11-15 E Park Place Norwich, New York Delhi, N.Y. KiFF'S FEED COMPANY Otsego wholesale Delhi' M- Electric Company, Inc. 7-9 Lewis Street Compliments Oneonta, New York Of FRANKLIN LUNCHEONE TTE Class of 1961 Main St. Franklin, N. Y. I The Class of 1962 Citizens National Bank 81 Trust Co. 189 Main St. Phone 543 Oneonta, N. Y. RICHARD DOWNS Main Street Franklin Compliments Of CAMP MILLING CO. OYARON COFFEE SHOP 142 Main Street . Q Oneonta. N. Y. Hrller and Strlson TA 9-5411 ODELL'S SERVICE STATION North Franklin, New York Franklin, New York larkin Musical Instrument Co., Inc. 94 Chenango St. Binghamton, New York C. W. HOWARD 8: SON Main Street Franklin Compliments Of LEADER'S CLUB Compliments Of VARSITY CLUB BEAN BRO., INC. 149 Townsend St. Walton, N. Y. Compliments Of The Class of 1960 ROBINSON at KELSEY DEPT. Ffanklin C0, STORE Main St. Franklin, N. Y. Phone TA 9 5355 Compliments Of Main St. TERWILLIGERS GARAGE Franklin, New York WILBUR NATIONAL BANK 245 Main Street Oneonta, N. Y. Phone 9 ' ' CLARKE COLOR CENTER Unadllla National Bank 98 Chestnut St. Oneonta, New York Unadilla, New York V, , BARLOW'S STORE Unadilla EM 9-3531 Treadwell, New York C. W. O'I-IARA PERRY'S GARAGE Center Street Z7 Smith Street Franklin, N.Y. Sidney, N. Y. JIM KONSTAN TY SPORT SHOP Chambers 8K Son 178 Main Street Oneonta, New York 38 Mapel Ave. MacRABIEs RADIO phone 7231 and T V SERVICE Phone TA 9-5571 Unadilla, New York ONEONTA COAL 8: SUPPLY CO. 196 Main Street Oneonta, N. Y. BRUNO'S GROCERY STORE Oneonta, N.Y. I L Lew Miller SIDNEY HUNTING 8: FISHING CENTER Oneonta Paint 8: Wallpaper Sidney, N. Y. Charles Simonds C 8: B Electric Bronson Sz Smith Motors BESDIN'S FURNITURE CO. Galinn's Jewelers SidH6Y, N- Y- Dan's Shoe Repair CITY DRUG STORE SNAY'S RESTAURANT Main Street I Oneonta, N.Y. Franklin, N. Y. Franklin Chapter I Future Homemakers of I ,, . I f f p America ' - X X V' A ' "Toward New Horizons" KAY'S BEAUTY SHOP FABRIC SHOP ' Water Street 129 Main Street I Franklin, N. Y. Oneonta, N. Y. I GENE HODGES Franklin, N. Y. I GARDNER'S MUSIC SHOP 5 Broad Street Oneonta, N . Y . THE SCINTILLA DIVISION BENDIX AVIATION CCDRP WARDS TV and APPLIANCES Franklin, New York TA 9-3281 H REYNOLDS GREENHOUSES LULL and IRONS 111 River Street Oneonta, N. Y. 164 Main St. Oneonta, N. Y. Compliments Of F. F. A. PALMER CLARK 'S Value -way Store Main Street Franklin ROWE'S AUTO SERVICE 19-Z8 Market St. Oneonta, New York SPENCER MILK COMPANY 64 Main Street Sidney, N. Y. DLI's News-Magazine Purple Go and Id IVAN RIDER Franklin, N.Y. WEST END IMPLEMENT Oneonta, N. Y. PAUL'S BARBER SHOP WALTON RECREATION CENTER Corner Main 8: Maple Street Franklin, N. Y. Walton, N. Y. STEVEN 'S HARDWARE Oneonta, N. Y. PHILLIPS BUICK Oneonta, N.Y. Charles H. Tipple School Photographe r Phone 2255 319 Main Street Oneonta, New York JERRY B. WILSON, INC. 38 Market St. Oneonta, N. Y. JAMES OLIVER STUDEBAKER SALES 570 Main Street Oneonta, N. Y. LOUIE C. DeSALVO Sidney, N.Y. GABRIEL HARRIS JEWELERS Main Street Oneonta, N.Y. L.B. DuMOND 74-76 Liberty Street Walton, N.Y. ROBERT BRITIAN, JR. Franklin, N.Y. '6 W XTAS A X QW W wx, A fl Q 2 sf C3216 QQ W W Dax CMR? QHIOVS W DW g 'Q M J J ww Q? 3 l LES FRAZIER South Side Oneonta, N.Y. BRIGHAM JE WELERS 141 Main Street Oneonta, N. Y. WALTON REPORTER 128 Delaware St. Walton, N. Y. MEALUS FURNITURE 103 Delaware Street Walton, N. Y. BRADLEY BROTHERS Main Street Franklin, N. Y. Compliments Of BAXTER and WOOD l. G. Balfour Tel. Express 36522 Schene ctady, New York L, B, DUMOND 74-76 Libe ,I Street Walton, N. Y. Compliments Of KENT 'S DEPARTMENT STORE CLYDE E. BENNETT Main Street Franklin, N. Y. RAE 'S MARKET Main Street Franklin, N. Y. We Wish To Thank The Advertisers For Helping Make This Book Possible if 1:14 WALSWORTH gl F ' 2' wm.swon-n-1 Mumrme Mo u s A Spwmcs SUPPLEMENT W ' L Q if Mrs. Law 's multiple class in French and Latin. K, M MULTIPLE CLASSES AND CORRESPONDENCE COURSES ln small schools there are some subjects that do not have a great demand. ln order to offer these subjects, small schools use combined classes. Two or three small groups of students take different subjects in one room at the same time under one instructor. Ms. Law has taught multi- ple classes for some years, and has been chairman of the Project study group on multi- ple classes. At the present time, she has a multiple class T267 D. L. I. Pioneers In The Work f For the past two years D. L. l. has participated in the Catskill Area Project in Small School Design. We are one of the twenty-two original member schools. This organization is financed by the Ford Fund for the Advancement of Education. ts main purpose is to search for ideas that will i nprove education in rural secondary schools. Dr. James Allen, Commissioner of Education for the State of Merrill discuss lt'ple classes in a t with Roberta Haney. in French l and ll, these classes go well together, since the French ll class has a chance to review what the French l's are just learning. Mrs. Law also teaches a similar set-up in Latin ll and lll. Mr. Thomas teaches three math classes at the same time. They are trigonometry, math ll, and intermediate algebra. Mr. Parks has combined classes in mechanical drawing, basic art, and advanced art. New York, and Superintendent ITIU I r Supervised correspondence courses are used for the same purpose as multiple classes to provide for subjects which have small demand. For the past yecr Ruth Herklotz has been taking a correspondence course in German . Electronic equipment such as phonographs, Stenorettes, the tape recorder and earphones are available for multiple classes and correspondence courses. Using the tape recorder, the teacher prepares tapes for one group in advance so that in class he may give his attention to the other group. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING Mr. Fowlston attends the study group in flexible scheduling. To try out flexible scheduling, this year we initiated a seven- period schedule. Each class meets four times per week for longer, fifty-minute periods. This type of scheduling makes it possible for an "X" or "floating" period, set aside each day for music activities, class and club meetings and review classes. Students who are not involved in these go to their regular classes and use the time for review and study. SHARED SERVICES AND SCHOOL AIDES To obtain the use of special teachers, small schools Mr. Thomas' multiple class in intermediate algebra, llth year mathematics and trigonometry. The Catskill Project find it necessary to share teacher services with other schools. Mrs. Keither, Mrs. Hoven and Mrs. ,Wqrd work on a shared service basis. Mrs. Hillis and Mrs. Conant are our school aides. Mrs. Hillis assists Mrs. Bennett in the office, has charge of some study halls, and helps teachers FRANKLIN CENTRAL SCHOOL Student Program Card with clerical chores. Mrs. Conant works in the kindergarten and the music department. SEMINARS The newest development of the Catskill Proiect is the seminars for 'gifted students, given in math- ematics, science, and humanities at State University Teachers College, Oneonta. ln the past two years the Proiect has had re- ! W-vMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday F- friday Y mGI'l4QL?le .I'eSUll'S. ll'S Example of flexible scheduling with outlined "X" periods Class Rm. Success 'f sfdenf ECHL the A r - ' y IL m A ' I many vis: ors w o ave CL-12556 205 ?4"::iI3f7"I 202 I-A'W'l-fsfs-si Boi HE'-543:73 KQOZAZQZQTQ 202 game to D. Lil. Ptoobserve 1 T hh U1 M llaffh 111 eff. MMIII 21'1...Lf1m-slit ,-21" ...T?Z.'feiiv.ef...'L'cl'i'f.LT Englislilll 200 Chorus 1 Engliehllif 206 Enqllshm 200 Enqlighlll 2QQ the Pfoleggfolmvli Gfn even V 1 l i ' at T' T f . reemiqr 214 trrmhi 1214 Band , 1 'Hemi-1.214 Freq. 1-211 gm ec "' e I +, i +. K TI Jn I t X Vllgsebm 205 T ?1i?d,,q l205 'fsfgebrq 206 C orvs I n , QQ lsiyjff 2.01 fj',,,,ff,',,,, 32.09 521,71 2o1l6f'j.j',,Uf 201 Rtbliial' g lille .292 Enom--- f 'Zi-Z.f1.,,?.9?.,.Crym. .,., it 'H' C -H SCHOOL AIDES Mrs' Conan' Mrs' Hillis Charles Shuman, President of the American Farm Bureau, observesa class using the R ght: Sue Frazier, school aide, John Parks, h tory teacher and Put Reynolds, business teacher. tudent Da experience in school life. MAMA'S GETTING MARRIED Cast Adrienne Matteson D1aneSkaza Sandy Holtkamp Roberta Haney Jane Law Franny Law John Stasky Jack Taggart Charles Mills Harold Elderkrn Director Margaret Law HARDWICK MYSTERY Cast Diane Skaza John Parks Donna Delamarter Blrdeen Hanson Jack Taggart Bob Nydam Butch Griffin, Robert Constable, Alice Perry Director Roy Stonesrfer Jack Taggart, Franny Law and John Stasky N in WM ,I 'Ev ir", kv! 1 3311. 1 if .J Charles Mills, French teacher Students took over the classes of D. L. l. on March T9 under the supervision ofthe principal, AI Shaver. The teachers became students, a change which made an interesting Sandy Holtkamp, Roberto Haney, and Diane Skaza SCARY HOLLOW Cast: Phyllis Bennett, John Parks, Charles Mills, Franny Law, Judy Heyer, Dona Phoenix, Walt Feltman, Bob Nydam, Adrienne Matteson, Jane Law. Director: Laverne Thomas. Junior Plays April 17a la, 1959 FIRST ROW: Sonny Delamarter, Donny Hebbarcl, Orman McNeilly, Glenn Marshall, Warren Decker. SECOND ROW W y J d Herklotz, Walt Feltman, Terry Matteson, Jim Slawson. THIRD ROW: Coach Carroll, Elton Cook, Dennis Ackley, David Slckler. Cooched by Richard "Lefty" Carroll, the J. 's had a successful winning season this year with four wins and three losses . WE 7 Unadillo 2 Unadi I la I5 Walton 6 Sidney 21 Walton 5 Sidney 5 Kellogg Varsity THEY 5 ll 8 5 20 15 7 1 R We W J. lfis Chalk Up Winning Record In 1959 Baseball t. .... ....,,... Franklin ill!-BS A11-33 Hi h-Q: For First Place Franklin outslugged Worcester at Worcester last Thursdayfiin must game 13-12 to go into A, first place tie with them. i Each has a 7-2' record with Worl cester's two losses both by Frank- lin. Ability to hit the long ball ami the clutch relief pitching of Parks told the story. Parks in the bot- tom of the seventh with one out and the tieing and winning runs on second and third got out of it with a pop up and a force out. Franklin teed offi on Doig for four runs in the first and three more in the second for a i7-0 lead, but FCS cou1dn't hold it. Nevertheless, WCS was never able knot the score. Al Shaver and John Parks each had two-run homers. Holoquist and Whigham had triples and Baldwin a double for Frainlclin. Worcester had a triple and two doubles. Ten bases on balls by three Franklin pitchers along with timely pitting kept Wlorcester in conten- ion. Tri Valley Standings. W 7 Franklin --. .... .,,, 7 Z Worcester --- -, 7 2 Draper ....... ,, , 3 New Berlin .... ,, 4 3 Unadilla L .... ,, 3 5 Edmeston --- 1, 3 5,- Play Ice-Bat Sidney Cops F ranlelin, Upton , o ' 0 iTwas a bitter day for base-N In Bl QS ball, but a number of high school Upton i . teams went at it yesterday not- of the withstanding. i i - - . N k ff 3 Franklin outslugged Worces- go tussle, Sidney brought their re- Fln 13. Trbvguey gasgifn Obattgei had tl: ter, 13-12 in Tri-Valley eastern cord to 10-3-1 with an 8-4 win over will 2:1 eyroimgi to aeiisi min alction yesterday to pull into a Hancock. Their league record is Franklin inning in the sixth GAR first place tie with that team. neg 63 ,wlth protezteddgalpf ' . ' i i - ' o . a 33,15 g ist: i::.i.ii. i::, ii. Wsfizf. as fe. Oblvi 'Eiifrii Worcester Slam- hitter to peee 2 Winning 14 he ei Hililiie' 2i.d"0'2'.'i.agaL1'Ftw'i.Tf3Z5 ine? iiiiieg vigilscgfgtgatg game. fgffgheyoreester banged out 15 Point ilner in the week, Bob Gin 1 ea in o - ,. , ' - - orifer Unadilla in another Tri-Val- In at Irhanothef TV'E game' game' li? tgfufldggfifl aggsk 215322. lay east contest. im, St Hamilton pitched a three hitter t . ld .th ,' ia if in its firs to pace Otego over Unadilla 5-1 rage anzgherolgusfgtenango game- IN THE WESTERN I Section of with a' ?lieBalrd smaskd a homer for Bainbridge whitewashed Delhi, 8-il the Trl-Valley. Baldwin of South ment, M Wmnef- . behind me four hit twirling of New Berlin and"John'T0b9y Of Mexeeni it 'ew e three hitter Dick G0l.1ld.St6V9 Graham -ll ed Gilbertsville hooked up in a classy Sheehyy axson threw H- thffee hltter great defensiyb i-- " ' n. extra-inning pitching duel, won LHUX 'lend stlfuck out 14 as New Bef' my ' 3, by G'vi1le, 1-0. Both hurlers toss- DUE!-111, mf Whlppfid DTHIQFYLQLL---Ne' ed four hitters, Baldwin whitfed bury ll Wlulams 51119195 "' . 14 and Tobey 13. Bob Stearns wal- now 31 the fourth ked tor the winnershin the last of 9 the ninth, stole sevcnf' home ,-Het' ,cf-ff' ,,.f.1. e0I'gB Tolailgi 9 ,,,,..e-wifh7'hi- bases load- th 1 fi 6 as me big blow fbi the Red- e 53" H, no-:h-"me'r'mi skins, who used 12 walks' handed gearing I theesevemh Wharf a out by Sherburne pitchers to best Hoi hp! " lat double and a single ruined his advantage' They wwe oubhit' SA' ag 5 l, .A""e tt St . . In'a Delaware County game for the M,-rrrree Milford C0 , efforts. The winners stole 11 . . " . SNB Andes demolished Kellogg ,of lluflefs Wnmmed for A Onemltterf bases' li-...,i.....ii 10.1K 1-.china fbi- jk,-an Purple Devils C0-Champs ' Tri- Valley Eastern With o record of eight wins and two defects, D. L. l. 's baseball squod under Coach Cook ,and Coptoin Al Shaver captured the co-championship of the Tri-Valley Eostern League. Our team beot the other co-chomp, Worcester, twice, but dropped two to the second place teams. With only three players lost through graduation, prospects ore br ight for next season. Left: At bot, Captain Al Shaver Right: .lock Taylor at the plate ..-- .LQ - FCS Assured. ol econd Place Franklin racked up its third and fourth straight wins last week Yby edging Worcester and crushing Otego by scores of 3-2 and 7-3. With its win over Otego the club assured itself of at least a. tie for 5 Franklin HR'S Rip Unadilla 10-5 Franklin barreled back from a 3-0 first-inning deficit to bomb Unadilla, 10-5, last Week. A hit batsman, a walk and Ty- son's home run gave the Unadillans a 3-0 advantage in the opening Franklin C131 AB Taylor, 2b ..... --- 3 Holoquist, ss --- --- 5 Parks, p, cf --- --- 4 Shaver, c ....... --- 4 Whigham, cf, p ...... 2 Baldwin, 3b .... --- 4 4 4 Mills, 1b ...... --.. Brown, p, lf --.. --- Matteson, rf --- --- 2 Hebbard, rf -.. --- 2 Total ............ 34 'Worcester 1127 vii... 4..- ...i1-.i-.- Tri- alley Final Score r Final results in the Tri-Valley! high school baseball league showed, Mt. Upton an easy winner in theg western divisioqf with a 9-1 marki and Franklin and Worcester alll knotted up in a co-championship, in the Eastern half with 8-2 marks. , second with Worcester. Schenevusi frgme. Penska ss P 4 Final games were played last? had a 3-0 record up to this week,l F,-ank1in'5 A1 Shaver broke the Chicoreha' rf "" "" 4 Thursday. Here's the final stand- but there has been no report ofl ice in the fourth with atremendous B Kenyma' C "" "' 4 ings: 5 their two games Played 13-St week-l homer over the left flelder's head. Dbig p pf "' "" 4 EASTERN r FOUI' Walks, two 9l'I'0YS and two, In the Efth FC started to pound R Kgnioh gan' "' 4 W L l hits enabled Franklin to score six- the ball. A single, a walk and a Dim-resene' If "' "' 3 Franklin 3 2 times in the sixth inning to whipi home run by John parks put Bartow ml "' "' 3 Worcester 8 2 ' Otsego and it marked third Franklin ahea,-1,,4.3. T, . ""' "" 2 Draper 6 3 straight game in which came ' ,,.. - ""' "' , ' from behind to win in the rate inn- seff::1'e'slff:L'g:ff Earks " P ---- --- 4 all Berlin g 2 ings. , i, - A -' 0 Whigham was the winning hurler 1. Frank! Q bgiebii se? Edmeston 3 7 in both tilts. 'nl 8-2 league record to lldlnadilla 3 lg Whinn, Q - o-champs with Wor- Urns WESTERN .. .ney pounded Otego, W L 1 A , Monday. . e Franklin had to do it themselves Ml- UPfQH 9 1 . Pd the , with no help from anyone else. Gllbe!'t5V1ue 6 4 -S,..-f"""p almer with two Franklin lost its opening game Milford 5 4 for'-ng' A-mmarkable ba'ck'. to Draper, 11-7,'and was beaten, South New Berlin 5 5 1-contig 'ac- Flillkllli U-QP AB B H 3-2, by New Berlin. A ki. , ut on its slugging' ru,-,S by Franklin 1-Il8Q'l0I', 2b ---.-.. ..-..- 5 3 4 ' Whigham took fha wry- Mm.. ' Fran U1 D ird. John Parks with his second double 'drove in two runs to tie the score and Al Shaver drove him home with the winning run pn a single. It was a well-played game and marked the first defeat for Worcester. It tied the winners for second with BIB WCS nine. JV's Beat Walton. WE 7 l5 l0 3 7 SEATED: John Parks, Charles Mills, Captain Al Shaver, Stan Holoquist, Chuck Palmer, Jerry Hebbcrcl. STANDING: Manager George Fowlston, Jock Taylor, Dick Whighcm, Wayne Bolclwin, Coach Cook, Bill Streeier, Ken Nolf, Bob Constable, Manager Junior Greiner. TH EY W E T H EY Draper l l 3 New Berlir 4 Morris 2 9 Eclmeston 6 Unadilla 5 l Unadilla 0 Worcester 2 I3 Worcester l 2 07690 3 l3 Otego 7 eniors See The Sights 0 D. C. Eighteen seniors and four chaperones spent a cool five days in Washington, April 20-25. They buzzed around the City in a chartered bus, driven by Arthur Brundage of Oneonta. Many of the Seniors also learned the techniques of trolley riding, including, after much experimentation, how to make them stop. Tuesday, April 21, the Seniors visited Mount Vernon where they were impressed with the way our fore- fathers lived. That night, at Glen Echo AmusementPark almost everyone's stomach held out in an exciting roller-coaster ride. Thursday, ten hardy seniors came back gasping for breath after climbing the Washington Monument. The trip over, the seniors returned on their bus, sleeping and recalling a great time in Washington, D. C. 5 FIRST ROW: Jean Brown, .loan Thorsland, Fat Reynolds, Sue Frazier, Joanne Whitney, Lilivene 0 Empie, The Honorable Katherine St. George, Member ofthe House of Representatives, 28th District, New York, Joy Bumside, Jom Miller, Franny Cronk, Ruth Herklotz, Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Sickler, Mr. VVl1itney. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sickler, Jim Sickler, Richard Normann, Betty Shaver, Sandy Jordan, Al Shaver, Chuck Palmer, Jerry Hebbard, Howard Cronk. X i -Cx - -X653 U --P'sQSO ' 1: 0 1'- X X C 333.1 " 52:1 U U :,' . . c :COO : ::ZZ X -E -Ei" X a 00+--0 8 ... ...oo u. u.u.f.-4-4 Above: Seniors taking pictures of the Capitol. zli Above Seniors talking to a White House guard . X' Below: Statue of the flag on Iwo Jima. Marines raising the Left: Franny and Sandy in front of the Supreme Court building. Mew MQXwNENT fmr,rr.4s.f1fg" Above: Ready for another day , ,rrry we Below Someones getting the gare treatment 4' Above: The White House 9 .on The Senior Ball May 9, 1959 King - Jerry .Hebbard Queen - Joanne Whitney Affenclanfs Alfred Shaver Pat Reynolds Howard Cronk Sandra Jordan JUClK Schwille Frances Crgnk Charles Palmer Ruth Herklotz Crownbearers - Sherry Yefman and Ricky Robinson Music by Jerry Laing and his orchestra Di Graduation Graduation was the climax of a busy year. The top students of the Class of '59 were Valedictorian Jack Schwille and Salutatorian Ruth Herklotz. The graduation exercises started Sunday, June 21, with Baccalaureate at the Congregational -Baptist Church . Monday the Seniors received their diplomas in an impressive Commence- ment ceremony. The main speaker at Commencement was Dr. Ray Jenny, a well-known Presbyterian minister. Sandy Jordan receives the coveted Yale Lyon Cup for the best all round student at D L I COMMENCEMENT D L I Audntonum wnday une zz IS P W5 ESSIONAL Pomp and Czrcumstance Elgar will It School Band Q Q0 X 0 TION Rev. Andrew P. Burton Xl an 'LY Hzslory 0 American Music Ruth Hcrklotz O Fznale rom Concerto Opus 67 S Mcmlzlssohn Daus 0195 John Schwxlle yy is Lose It Dr Ray Freeman jcnncy X 7 ff 'I O My Soul Ippolzlo Ivano Z3 Q V TW TLE AND KEYS Pg 't.:,' U I e f' Joanne Whitney f X 7 ' NND KEYS john Parks f rincipal C. S. Fowlston .-' Y, X Q39 X9 , . Godowsky YW ON' C X' n Franklin N59 ohn Schwille 'esident Mars S. Hillis Rev. Andrew P. Burton all Never Walk Alone Rorftgcrs . School Band NCLH ...W NORMANN E IW ffl fVENE BIRDEEN STAN NYWK MR. GILLOTTE HERB BETTY WE'RE SORRY that mistakes were made in the picture identifications of the 1959 li-beranni. Please note the following corrections: Page Page Page Page Page Page Names of Mr. Stonesifer and Mr. Kalinowski turned around. Stanley Holoquist left aff the absentee list. Richard Grmt between Linda Geertgens and Richard Heaney, James Slawson between David Sickler and Jerry Spinola . Peter Halcquist left off the absentee list. Alpha Dewey not Alfred Dewey, Richard Groat not Richard Grant. Page 49 - Page 53 - Page 54 - Page 63 - Advertising Sharon Evans, Lilivene Empie, Dona Phoenix, and Sandy Holtkamp between Nancy Alexander and Louise Whitney. Teacher Cadets, Pat Crandell between Barbara Hungerford and Mariorie Crandell, Nurse Cadets: Elaine Baum not Elaine Schmidt. Yorker Club: Jack Alexander not Nancy Alexander, Library Assistants: Phyllis Bennett between Sandy Hotlkamp and Elaine Baum. Warren Garclepe between Elton Cook and Pete Halaquist. Omission of a one-sixteenth page advertisement of l. M . Ogden Building Supplies, Main Street, Franklin. 5 M. 5m 'ik S .K ro .f, .1 si I2 2? 1: . I?-I , 'EVE f , 19 ,F ir ' . J" . 5 5. '21 , ? --rx 23 1 . lj 1 '1 - Q. iff: 2.5 4 Rf rf.. -- 445 fm. ' rQ,"2' Ja" 'agfiq I ' ki -5 556255 'ar A X2 Eg-27 nf 4 N4 -11:1 11, :Q -'Q . L, L .. Eli, L... hs?

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Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 49

1959, pg 49

Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 44

1959, pg 44

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