Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY)

 - Class of 1952

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Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Q sy -gy , 5+ 240 ,2 Q' yr: i1Q fv:Q4 s ' ' -' f A ,? X3 . X Q ta' wifi' a I FAIR, F-'qx MW 2 vcf?!'1 .hxlgfnd . if T w!i'S9T X aff' 5731! X f , 3.3. M by . 'x 8 V ' V ' s , , ' Y -V . F ' f 1, 5' ' Q 5,2-'i. " - lkhl f X adfifymfaleaflf TAYLOR YEARBOOK COMPANY f ALAs X 'sms I 7aqla':-made vauyvvsu 'inf 1 2 Jig OZIZZWJIZNI' Pubksbed bv The C law of QQ DLL SWA RE LITERARY INSTITLT E AND Frankun New Ycrk : v- r ' FRANKLIN CENTRAL SCHOOL The Class of 1952 sincerely wlshes to show ns appreciation to Mrs George Lattin for her always cheerful spirit and unfaltering service, by dedicating this, our LIBERANNI, to her. As school nurse for many years , she gave herself not only to the welfare of the school but also to that of the community. Qehbahbn wr 'fn ' . 'Q Vx 51 14 " 1 , J 4 1 4 1 .- K: W C,fJ f 1 ,yas ex ' my .-.W ? , z 1 ., gl if 'iw rg, 1 H. .W 1 ' 4 Q" 'Q w 1 6 1, f, . :V lui mf .. av- 'N ' 3, QS .vw .f te A A 4 1 ' 4 ,Aw 1 l f s .415 'Q ,-qndnqq 1,1 A-'93 ,wm- I I MRS lr F0WLsroN -Q M5 WX- ggiucdf 12171 J. B. WARNER -. E. 5. SMITH C . M. SMITH R. L, PEAKE arab? Seated: Stanford, Kindergartennwarren, Firstg Bennett, Fourth Slawson, Second, Bookhout, Third, Bartlett, Fourth, Tilyou, Fifth, Boggs, Sixth: Bard, Second, Cook, Girls' Phy. Ed,g Teed, Art Frlery, Music, Cook, Boys' Phys, Ed.g Fowlston, Principal: Holloway, Nurse. Seated: Lucas, Library, English, Stilson, Home Ee., Lattin, Ag, Finch, Junior High, Burgin, languages, Standing: Thomas, Math, Bullock, Social Studies, Shearer, Commercial, Whitney, Science, . Z. XJ? .lj Lgflldzlf faufzczf X X X f ' ell ar 4 Ted Ed owlston X" f! Rose We I aldwin 9 Dick wi Underwoo hy Slawson Q X X 4 K x Xi . , M I r A Y, XX I, Lynn Finch Bob o If X: my Y ' A ff f - M . .XX A A fix X , , f ' HQ W 'jf If If XM. E' I if fl, ff, X 1 X X X f f X ' A, - Arle f f 7' Y fly!! l sllth . X I X ,ff 'XX I I ,ff ,Q Q' ,f .f 1 I f ,f f Rx Q4 . N: 4 'ef uf 'Y I fu Ftrst row Vmcent Giudice Arlene Sutherland Davld Stanford Elsie Terwilhger Wayne Palmer Helen Haney Alton Hall Second row Mr Wlutney Shirley Rose Lxllian Baker Mary Lee Hyzer Helen Schwille Alvina Westfall Jane Haney Janet Stark Thud row Robert Cronauer Wayne Barkalow Donald Teter Alan Taylor Lynn Finch John Meyer Theron Boyd Wrlliam Westfall Donald Schmidt Vrce President Secretary Treasurer Prendent Dave Elsie Wayne 67210275 al 3 WAYNE PALMER, President "The lion is not as fierce as they paint him, " DAVID STANFORD, Vice Pres. 'Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders, " ELSIE TERWILLIGER, Sec, - Treas "I'm no angel." ALTON HALL "Work fascinates me, I could sir and look ar it for hours. " JANET STARK "I think I could be a good woman if I had S5000 a year. 'J , , s. I 5 DONALD TETER He who 1S content has a wlder realm than any king, " 'Q A 6 ARLENE SUTHERLAND "No limits but the sky, " ALAN TAYLOR 'Wit and Wisdom are born with a man, " ,Am-3 2 4, JANE HANEY 'Tranquilltyl Thou better name, " LYNN FINCH 'When taller stories are told, X I will tell them. " ff? ROBERT CRONA UER " As good natured a soul as e'er. trod on shoe of leather. " k . .ff K :2' f'1s1- 3, X Q, WAYNE BARKALOW "Take me out to the ball game." MARY LEE HYZER "Little grains of mischief, mixed with grains of sass, Brought this mighty Senior from the Freshman Class, ' ,A -4 5 i 6' HELEN HANEY 'And whispering 'I will never consent, ' consented. " THERON BOYD "Let me build a world all my own, where work and studies are not known. " vw A , "r- M 4+ SHIRLEY ROSE "A little woman is a dangerous thing. " - - DONALD SCHMIDT 'Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we will die. " HELEN SCHWIILE "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, " 'Z' JOHN MEYER "A short saying often contains much wisdom. " LILLIAM BAKER 'ls she tall? Like a King's own daughter. Is she fair? Like a moming of MBV. " C WILLIAM WESTFALL 'Tho' he rarely moved fast in the halls, and he never hurried much, Did you ever see that cloud of dust, when "Willie" lets out the clutch!" ALVINA WESTFALL "Her heart is like the moon there's a man in it. " J 3 if ' 5 maxi Mflvlhex WAYNE PALMER Class Pres 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 3 Catskill 8: Morris All State Contests 3 4 Boys Chorus 1 Mlxed Chorus 2 3 4 Delhi Festival 1 2 3 LOTTA 3 PURPLE AND GOLD 2 3 4 Senior Ball Attendant 4 E C 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 8: Boxing 3 4 LIFE O THE THE PARTY 3 COME LET US ADORE HIM 4 Am Legion Oratorical Contest Winner 4 Syracuse Citizenship Ed Conf 3 4 ROBERT CRONAUER Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 1 Mrxed Chorus 2 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Pres 4 County Sentinel4 LIFE O THE PARTY 3 PURPLE AND GOLD 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Capt 4 All Star 4 IV All Star 2 TWELVE O CLOCK MURDER 3 Dellu Festival 1 2 3 4 Class Pres 1 Varsity Club 3 4 Pres 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 All Star 2 Cooperstown All Star 3 Student Council 4 Junior Prom Attendant 3 ALAN TAYLOR Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 Tennis 3 4 Varsity Club 3 4 THE GUIDING STAR2 Model Airplane Club 4 PURPLE AND GOLD 1 2 3 4 Art Editor 4 ESSPA 4 LIBERANNI C0 Editor 4 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 ALTON HALL Football 1 2 3 4 Capt 4 Bsaketball 1 2 3 4 All Star 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 All Star 3 Volleyball 2 3 4 Varsity Club 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Boxing 8s Tumbling 3 4 Tennis 8s Wres tllng 3 4 Class Pres 2 E C 1 2 3 4 Junior Prom King 3 PURPLE AND GOLD 1 2 3 4 ESSPA 3 Boys Chorus 1 Mlxed Chorus 2 ELMER AND THE LOVE BUG 8s TWELVE CLOCK MURDER 3 GRAN DAD STEPS OUT 4 LILLIAN BAKER FHA 1 2 3 Sec 2 3 Hlst 1 Camp 1 Washington Tnp 2 State Meeting 2 TWELVE O CLOCK MURDER3 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Table Tennis THERON BOYD LOTTA 3 Lib Ass t 1 Boys Chorus 1 M1xedChorus2 3 4 Basketball 2 Football 3 Boxing 4 Wrestling 4 PURPLE AND GOLD 1 3 4 HELEN HANEY Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Twlrler 1 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Oneonta Ithaca All State Contests 2 3 Delhi Festival 1 2 3 4 Hancock All State Festival 4 PURPLE AND GOLD 1 2 3 4 Lib Ass t 1 2 3 ELMER AND THE LOVE BUG 3 Senior Ball Queen 4 Iumor Prom Atterrlant 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 3 4 Cortland Delhi Play Days 3 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 DAVID STANFORD Boys' Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Delhi Festival 1 2 3 4 Oneonta Catskill Morris All State Contests2 3 4 Am Legion Oratorical Con tests 4 LOTTA 3 Model Airplane Club 4 Boys' State 3 PURPLE AND GOLD 3 4 ESSPA 4 COME LET US ADORE HIM 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 3 Class Vice Pres 4 LIBERANNI Co Editor 4 LIFE O THE PARTY 3 IERRY BREAKS A DATE 8: MYSTERY OF THE LOCKED IUOM 4 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 DONALD TETER Boys Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Delhi Fesnval 1 2 3 4 COME LET US ADORE HIM 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Camp 1 2 Parliamentanan 4 LIFE 0' THE PARTY 3 E C 2 3 4 SeniorBa11King4 Basketball2 LOTTA 3 Oneonta Catskill Moms All State Contests 1 3 4 JANE HANEY FHA 2 3 4 County Hist 4 Washington Trip 4 Girls Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Dellu Cortland Downsville Play Days 3 4 Volleyball 2 3 4 ELMER AND THE LOVE BUG 3 LOTTA 3 Junior Prom and Senior Ball Attendant 3 4 Table Tennis 4 PURPLE AND GOLD 2 3 4 VINCENT GIUDICE Mixed Chorus 3 FFA Treas 4 Football 2 4 Basketball 4 Intramurals 1 2 3 PURPLE AND GOLD 1 2 3 4 F B L A 3 ELMER AND THE LOVE BUG 3 Junior Prom Attendant 3 Wrestling 85 Boxing 3 4 O O O O , . - 4 ' 4 . a Q 4: F,B, L,A, 3g Lib. Ass't 2g Junior Prom and Senior Ball Attendant 3,4g Cortland and Delhi Play Days 3. ARLENE SU'l'HERLAND Grrls Chorus 1 Mrxed Chorus 2 3 4 Delhi Festival 2 3 4 Catskill 8a Ithaca All State Contests 3 LOTTA 3 Intramurals 1 2 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 3 4 Table Tennis 4 Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 IV Capt 1 Vars 2 3 4 Class Sec Treas 1 2 Student Council Sec Treas 4 Iunlor Prom Queen 3 TTC 3 4 Lrb Ass t 2 4 F B L A 3 PURPLE AND GOLD 4 Am Legion Orator ical Contest 4 TWELVE O CLOCK MURDER 3 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 Downsvllle Play Day 4 WILLIAM WESTFALL PURPLE AND GOLD 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Reporter 4 Camp 1 2 Boxing 8: Football 3 4 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 Varsity Club 4 LIFE O THE PARTY 3 ELSIE TERWILLIGER Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Capt 4 Girls Choms 1 Iuruor Marshall 3 Class Vice Pre 1 2 Class Sec Treas 4 F B L A 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 3 4 Table Tennis 4 PURPLE AND GOLD 4 Lib Ass t 1 2 3 4 COME, LET US ADORE HIM 4 LIFE O THE PARTY 3 TWELVE O CLOCK MURDER 3 Illnior Prom Attendant 3 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 Delhr Cortland Downsvrlle Play Days 3 4 WAYNE BARKALOW FFA 1 2 3 4 Vice Pres 4 TWELVE O CLOCK MURDER3 F B L A 3 COME LET US ADORE HIM 4 Boys Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Delhi Festival 2 3 ALVINA WESTFALL PURPLE AND GOLD 1 2 3 4 Ed 4 ESSPA 2 3 4 FHA 1 2 3 4 Vice Pres 4 Washington Trip 1 LIFE O THE PARTY 3 Intramurals 8: Basketball 1 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 1 Mixed Chonrs 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Oneonta Hartwick Catsksll Morris All State Con tests 1 2 3 4 Norwrch 8s Hancock All State Fesnvals 3 4 Delhr Festrval 1 2 3 4 LOTTA 3 TTC 1 2 3 4 Student Council 2 3 Sec Treas 3 Am Legion Oratoncal Contest4 Lib Ass t 1 2 3 4 FFA 1 2 COME LET US ADORE HIM 4 LYNN FINCH Football 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 1 Mrxed Chorus 2 3 4 Band 1 Or chestra 1 2 3 4 Delhi Festival 1 2 3 4 PURPLE AND GOLD 1 2 3 4 ESSPA 4 Student Council Pres 4 ELMER AND THE LOVE BUG 3 Science Congress 4 Sensor Ball Attendant 4 E C 3 4 COME LET US ADORE HIM 4 Varsity Club 3 4 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 LOTTA 3 DONALD SCHMIDT Liberty High School 1 2 FFA 3 4 Wrestling 8: Boxing 3 PURPLE AND GOLD 4 TWELVE O CLOCK MURDER 3 Tumbling 3 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 IANET STARK Girls Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus2 3 4 FHA 1 2 3 4 Hrst 2 Vice Pres 3 Pres 4 Washington Trip 4 F B L A 3 PURPLE AND GOLD 4 LIFE O THE PARTY 3 Senior Ball Attendant 4 Lib Ass t 4 TTC 3 4 Intramurals 8tBasketball 1 2 3 4 Volleyball 3 4 LOTTA 3 Table Tennxs 4 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 MARY LEE HYZER Girls Chorus 1 M1X8d Chorus 2 3 4 PURPLE AND GOID 4 LIFE O' THE PARTY 3 TTC 1 2 3 4 Lib Ass t 1 2 4 Intramurals 1 2 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 SHIRLEY ROSE Class Sec Treas 3 TTC 2 3 4 PURPLE AND GOLD 1 2 3 4 ESSPA 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Gtrls Choms 1 Mixed Chorus2 3 4 Delhi Oneonta Cortland All State Contests 1 2 3 Delhi Fest1val2 3 LOTTA 3 Intramurals 1 2 ELMER AND THE LOVE BUG 8s LIFE O THE PARTY 3 Senior Ball Attendant 4 COME LET US ADORE HIM 4 DAR Essay 4 Syracuse Citizen ship Education Conference 4 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 HELEN SCHWILLE Delaware Academy 1 2 3 Gtrls Chou 1 2 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Delhi Festival 1 2 3 4 Hartwrck Delhr Cortland All State Contests 1 2 3 Cain Raisers 1 2 3 Bowling Tennis 8: Table Tennis 3 Intramurals 2 Archery 3 Delhr Play Day 3 THE MYSTERY MAIDEN 3 PURPLE AND GOLD 4 Lib Ass t 4 COME, LET US ADORE HIM 4 GRANDAD STEPS OUT 4 - , . . : :. : : ' : S. JOHN MEYER - Boxing 3,43 Tennis 3, 4g Wrestling 4g Junior Play Sound Effects 3g PURPLE AND GOLD 45 J 'ix -I r fa . Y 1 I ,J ui' Fi! x. ya ,Ji N' iv dv XM A group of 34 little scholars set forth one shiny day in September 1940 to trudge along the path of education Of these Theron Boyd Robert Cronauer Lynn Finch Alton Hall Mary L66 HYZCI WBYHC Palmer Shirley Rose Alan Taylor Donald Teter and Elsie Terwllliger are Seniors Our first yearwas under the directron of Miss Marla Miller With the coming of Helen and Jane Haney, John Meyer Arlene Sutherland Vincent Grudlc! Wrlham and Alvina Westfall David Stanford Wayne Barkalow Janet Stark and Lillian Baker we continued our Journey upstairs Ray Butts Louise Hartwell Margaret Shaver Herbert Avery Kenny Robinson and Ray Jackson who also entered during our first eight years of learning left us during our Junior and Senior years of school During the First Second and Third Grades our class Journeyed to Wilber Park for our end of the year prcnlc Upon entering the Fourth Grade Mrs Bennett taught us the art of writing This was the grade rn which we had the largest enrollment 45 Aside from receivrng a slap on the hand with the nrler forour misdemeanors nothrng too eventfull happened Mrs Slawson Mrs Evelyn Hodges Bookhout Mrs Tilyou and Mrs Boggs also helped guide us through our elementary grades After we entered the Seventh Grade and were upstairs we thought we were big but Mrs Frnch soon changed our rrunds This was our first year to elect class officers and the class also journeyed to Coopers town museums and lake In Eighth Grade under Mrs Sally Wickham s direction we had a class party our first real social event Lynn Finch and Margaret Shaver were chosen to read their essays at graduation With Mrs Patricra Russell Burgin to take charge of us for the begimming of the end of our high school a party at Cooksl Wrlllam Boenlng Joined our class during our Sophomore year later to leave and Join the Armed Forces We took out our revenge on the Freshmen with initiation and a party at the school chaperoned by our advrsor Mr Wlutney and Miss Child We also became capitalists this year when we sponsored the Sophomore Hop In September 1950 our learning was almost completed At our annual Junior Prom Arlene Suther land and Alton Hall were chosen Queen and Krng In October we sponsored the Prgskin Bounce and in May we presented three one act plays Elmer and the Lovebug L1fe0 the Party and Twelve O clock Murder Havrng ordered our rings from Iosten s rn February we received them in May just before the Prom Margaret Shaver and Wayne Palmer were chosen to represent the class at the spring Syracuse Citizenship Educational Conference The class also vrsited the Star and Statron WDOS in Oneonta one evening Several members of the class took part in a career day held ln Delhi Mrs Burgin was again our homeroom teacher and aid Donald Schmidt joined our class this year to make our enrollment 25 With the exception of those who will go on to further education our school days were nearing their end on becoming dignided Seniors This year we really displayed our capltallstic character by sponsoring the Senior Ball a dance with music by the Catskill Mountaineers selllng refreshments at ballgames and publishing the LIBERANNI Helen Haney and Donald Teter were chosen Queen and King of the Ball Wxth the direction of our advisor Mr Whrtney and Miss Lucas our play was a success and several teachers volunteered their help at the games The LIBERANNI was a Senior project as every Senior did something to help Shirley Rose was chosen to take Margaret Shaver Slmonds place at the Syracuse Citizenshrp Ed section Conference Shirley was also chosen to wnte an essay for the DAR contest Several members of the class also took part rn the Career and College Days held in Margaretville and Oneonta Helen Schwille Joined our class this year bringing our total to 23 We may forget some of the facts we learned but we shall always remember the pleasant and happy times we had at D L I, 0 X career, we endured our initiation of nightgowns, boots, and petticoats. We celebrated the end of this with fic' levy This is stanon WDLI bringing you the latest news today June 2 1962 Have you ever had soap stick tn all four corners of your dtshpan" Then try PLEEBO you see fnends we clusel each lovely prnk flake of PLEEBO 1nto a perfect triangle Because PLEEBO has only three corners It sucks in only three corners of your drshpan leaving one corner for your drshes But PLEEBO! Don t forget you folks who like the con ventional four comered soapflakes PLEEBO also sells live cornered dishpans Washtngton Flash Elsie Terwilliger has been appointed Sec of the Treasury Frnanctal experts predict a crashl Paris The first non stop round tnp fltght to the moon was completed at 9 45 A M by Alan Taylor the dartng young aviator Broadway DavidO Stanford the famous actor producer director and playwnght of the Great White Way today announced the opemng of his new play I Remember Physrcs or What Goes Up Must Come Down Clncago The Chrcago Cougars have just captured the lead in the race for the pennant Their captarn Bob Cronauer wxth a batung average of 999 says hrs success ts due to the coaching of Coach W E Cook back at D L I, lndianapohs At the Speedway here today a new record was set by Willie Westfall This mercurial man is the rdol of teenage hot rod fans everywhere Atlantic City Helen Schwtlle International Prestdent of the YMCA models bathtng suits at this year s Mrss America Contest Washington More news from our nation s capital A senate commrttee has begun tnvestiga tion on anR F C loan to Alton Hall head of the Supenor Sidewalks Company The loan was to be used tn constructing the Otego Turnpike a six lane highway between Frankhn and Otego Construction was contract with Twentieth Century Fox Her romance with Frank IS also front page news Reno Theron fBoyerj Boyd the Errol Flynn of the East has Just wed his tlurd wife The identtty of the lucky lady secret New Mextco Extra' Extra! Helen Haney made up her mind Peoria Shirley Rose a famous educator and Lynn Finch an electricalwxzard and LIFE photographer are delivering papers for the Peoria Peanut CrackersDaily Paper It must be love! Philadephla John Meyer rne famous cartoonist has 1ust sold his thousandth cartoon to the SATURDAY EVENING POST for a record pnce Mr Meyer says he often refers back to days at Franklin Central for inspirauon. New York Alvma Westfall Teter edrtor of the TIMES lSV3C3li0l'l.II1g atherhusband s Donald Teter s clucken ranch Boston the unowned amouncer for the New York Grants Wayne Barkalow had a slight accident yesterday with his ?!'7 Plymouth It disintegrated Squeedunk Wayne Palmer was elected mayor of Squeedunk by an overwhelmmg major ity at the polls Mayor Palmer and wlfe Faye are the up and coming polrticians of the decade After a word from our sponsor we bnng you the local news And now Folks here s an all new product made by the makers of PLEEBO FLEABO If you are a car owner use FLEABO Put it on your car in your gas tank spill it all over your motor and what happens? You guessed it nothing! Franklm Vtnt Gtudtce the new proprietor of the Corner Store has planned extensive expansion of the store Sidney Arlene O dell announces her retrrement from her salon Beauty a la Sutherland because of the little ones Oneonta Lt Donald Schmrdt recrutting officer of the WAC s spoke here last week Ever since there has been a stupendous stampede of enlistments Mendale Mary Lee Hyzer BA, MA MW fMarried Wornanj has been appointed princlpal of Merldale Grade School Walton Rich Gardepe has Jane Haney putting her homemaking skill to work. Mrddletown Mr and Mrs Herbert Avery fshe was Lillian Bakery are the proud parents of twins This newscast was brought to you by Ieabo Geabo and Leabo Inc makers of those two wonderful pro ducts FLEABO AND PLEEBO Tune in next year same ume same station abandoned at the Haney Homestead. Hollywood - The 'Girl with the Giggle", Janet Stark, has signed a I 1 . . I . ' 'af 4 ' - . ig Q V 271104 Floor Alan Taylor Jane Haney Helen Haney Chatrs Helen Schwllle Alvina Westfall Davtd Stanford Arlene Sutherland Shlrley Rose Mary Lee Hyzer Janet Stark Standing Donald Teter Lynn Flnch Donald Schrrudt Alton Hall William Westfall Absent Elsxe Terwllhger npg, -. llonor Pupils Franklin ni a ' Ylar- filfl 1 "murk- rwriod at 9' V Fone 5 Svhnol Honor Roll 'Ron- Apklcyl l" : New 'Isl-'Pr, c 'R,1l:iv'- .' f' Qnlrl- Rr-beriw V' ' 'lll2lil'U?7 sig O as ,ba ofjfga X042 qzxgs 09' E' gl? 395 Gb lox ofo 'S' 'QWBFQUOKGTQ 4,9 Kindergarten Room At D.l... l. Receives Face Lifting Job Franklin Kindergarten has under' gone a complete change during the summer. The work began immedi- ately after school closed in june. This fine job of redecorating and re- modeling has been done completely by local talent. Principal Cecil Fowlston and T. Charles Smith for' ' ametl y 'Vloi-or 11' rr- rv' ual. b l, . . . . , C M af, 4 i , M .af f feited vacation tri s and fishin srhrml 11 f. r , nf, 1 . P U g pupils Q: is 14 E , trips to direct and work on this pro- - ject. Like the ads for patent medicines, ' a picture before and after, you will sw P Qi,-l-mf? kremember this room last year with ' its iron poles supporting a ceiling 'T' -A -"mc-ed ' h " d ' 5 1 ld, Du STUDENTS A-I-I-END .rour seniors attended the first of mrnvgxi d 0521? H5131 Egwofan front, ii-,X , BOOK FAIR ' ,two college days in Oneonta, on Oc' . . l up l, a l r q . for keeping supplies and ma' Tre . T . tober Z-. They were Alvina West- . Alera F--rw-nl The annual Book Fair was held atfall Helen Haney Wayne Palme? and the h?lllWaY With 1109195 fn, 'raw fi: " ,fe Teaehe"s'College in Oneonta and Alton Hall, , msing CCHS Hind hats- NOW, HM' 6 Week. ,tb '1 sections of Fourth Th st d ms d - h you enter the room in Stone Q A 1 y C Oneonta Ffiday g e u e ma e a tour or I elold ' Sentlfneflliil- -t- 0 x soot ooobx j were 'wen an to ege. Then they held conferences. those good fy will wm- Q 485-ozbkbqfizyy OK yu this imc Colvuiilqith the teachers about attending has the Jil. If the X' ' vt,'l,t,o9,.,w. 904' ov". 'iblished chilft iscolegegc. It is conf, 'ing db gt., X dn og! A0 A , pay, inderella After a Fash-n advem! o I Zkgoiaygyogzogzo 41620 A h k ion, was presented to the studentsuf a kqisy 0 0 I' - D g q, . . el, oo 5 on U' 549499 we ,A oxsdixdxiixigfgbxo xi' Q pcoplaatglgconrdin .f. . g0ne,f 5 0 sage 6, -gexdgp be 13563 0,5-, M w H t 0 g totcerti :cares receivedldyf ,N 10 Sp ,x569Kp,o19csQ6Xq, 525' QGQQ. A sf' by Pttllifithxs week, the :Purple and G0ld,"10yQ,i'b,,f2,,4 O! '11, Sally ,wg T. 043, 65,1-won was gba, dcievd L,Fra,nkl1n Centrale school magazine, 711680 Moby, Q Second class ratings were award ffob, C'0C9l1,06:'1,,I .. - forbothT h dEdi so fs-'bca 9-61 Y ,Vs 5 Q, 1 YPQEWP Y an to 0 , H+ 1 Us 0 64 Simms.. BZQRZQS 809 00 X550 tot QQ Q 1 xcontent m the Empire state sckba QSM 61.6. 661. So66'sx,,Lfir?,? T-fi eq, 02 -,ge GS Q, 69 pb A -, . . ',,.O c-4, 6,7 C306 04, oo eo, 6 TMO, goto x. Q0950 Glo eo Q09 54, ress Associations Better Schoolgb 0,22 zo 1, Q,-9191, pal I 61, 03,0 NWN, all-7, 4536 5. ,S on bex. ,953 kgs? so G60 'ation Contest for 1951. ' ,fill .v0'90f,O'91-6 ' 0,9,f"Q,76lQ51 fiaaffgfk mm- '.x'fismt:. of 939 so -4 Q, "Swv,-4 L l . 'L' 'ans are under way for tly 72.9 ff 73,5226 Off.. Q. 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It . 4, 1.. o time Flyer W' 1' 'lim' an Vi' 05 99" oe? 5 ' Q'f1"'.o6s 4f1,"f'of?114"a 'fa 40 1' .its for kee iirgm, .M " .'-,eT93ChCfS 'YO qua Xml? ,L "'Q,fW,,Q 'l",,f9+ 'Of fa, "ay" S. "fa, -h P' agen? M X Mtg Frank 96. lb X ,yi 1,5541 .v O02 110, fo A615 0? -pcb ther WIC new David ri: wk r 9090 eof' Q aff- fb- be '06 of bw, 06" 801 , GOI 4 lmle fable and A, . up ,or o the Ch as 9 fy, QM QQ, Q ,P a,,,o,5 -bl, Jys This end -bf Cin' ll" "New York city SW 0 6, f'00'0f bofffv 'Q "1 W -S' 001 'ff ' P55214 es. Slwfinwas the speaker Oxzilsgeigb qc 0 09o,Gf,b1'fy69f 1, 'bay .bfol 92,666 370,11 ' Latures tllish modern fi"w4'1. Vit. K - '0 P' C' Q .v " 1 ' g l X3 N00 .oz Q 'I l D 1 . A Jpment. ere IS 3 :ik 'L dsayers is author Ox Ygioibbl 43.9 egos :day IOZOIj'1l,gZ0' ,5"1,5,'5lr,,b, Wfipcrogfdj and an enticing .yravzi P- :-'FE ' ' H . , ' - G ..- 1 V, . iuewnf- Hull 'nooks mdudmg L' 60 66 0q?o0i' 50905 0 F l!fl'9f1'I6e,b'7?, 66' lmuch bene' fo' -lolm' I Rn,.,,,.,2 Nl: T38CAl0nE foo HOL ylvo,sQ9" QKUV-l9nN'5 S '71, 0032 JL5'iI1,a"'o,7se than to swing on iz ijt-raw -'sand Ward-. ' O gfisogheekkvtf,-w Koia, 'B 73,0 120"',y,'o,,'9'3- cupboard door or refrigerf Hehrrfry. Eff At :Franklin Wins 5500 do ,wel 5,5 O9 6. 803,32 ,A 4,0 srl. The other section of the LP I N., lllnlty At N8w4BC!'lln, 1?-6 .7'.ix'b XX 1 no tJxxe59,i3062f1be9Lvv ' 6615 1135 the work tablgs, more Shel. SRN,l'.I..V"'f. Q3 the bo Franklin Centrals football team, Grapes S06 ,paso of lesk and handy new Cabinet mmf, Mnvmm ed at tundaunted- by a onfyard of the openf,-sv96xes Orgs id., qlx 4 geaghers Mrs. Wendell Stan. fl?-Ylllllfi its Thomg l41Ck'Uff by New Bffllll at Newgffz' 96 N905 90 9' f1lCNl1O is delighted with all this Us-l grin! lzrwerez Berlin last Thursday, rallied to .tic tba Ox. YQ. ndual. been done for her Children. .nm Q , - , . ' ' . e s ' " - Emma tht store 6 6 at the end of the first 6, 0 510602509 -xridge Oflual lockers for the children S N',flF'i'!'l ar. , z, - 1 , , , , lg YF-dan V .k.-.g.lMr5. Lquarter. Q X 6,6-1' X, Q1 . can be pur- een built in the oneftime hall, . 4 ,, I ou, N This was the locals second Sloobf 96 .r all, or the stu nclosed, and the other needed ld P1-:mu . fi Y , I . h Pi' nv- if ren Bustraight win and evened their sea-39 GW part of the order. ing facilities are installed in Q11 i T X5 f' 'nzrf Hari. son's record at 2-2. Morris playsob .so order more if desired, rom. The cots, new last year, 'l'11m"" F "ml l'-'lfl here this week for the last game nfl pictures may be returned if good Conditign fm use this Whmmi' Cm" the season and Franklin hopes toilnted. This project was man- The room has sulhcient heat. J, , 'v't"'9i, " ' ' , , . . . l n-Umm, I 'CJ dnaregister their third straight victoryay the Student Council. heated from the plant for umm . wsmfmafz Alvlna Westfall another slster so that they can keep tt a famtly affalr Ltlhan Baker a wttch doctor who can cure anythmg with Herbs Allan Taylor a shotgun to protect htm from Hunecke s dogs Janet Stark somethxng to make her laugh once ln a whtle Mary Lee Hyzer a letter from Cornell Slurley Rose a flock of gold FlNCHes Wllham Westfall a govemor for h1s car Wayne Barkalow a trolley car to Meridale Elsie Terwllhger a baby sltter for John V1ncent Gxudice the nght to become a FREE man Helen Schwllle f1rst pnze 1n a Beauty Contest Iohn Meyer a hot rod Theron Boyd Spare ribs lane Haney a Rxch husband Lynn Fxnch a Rosey future Wayne Palmer a bus to Geneseo Donald Schmrdt a taxx service Alton Hall a referee s hcense Donald Teter a leash for Alvxna David Stanford a pilot s license Arlene Sutherland a dear hcense Robert Cronauer an electnc razor I ' I Helen Haney - at last a date with Alton alone .. ' ' - 1 675255 QM Betty Alger A drfferent parr of eamngs for each day of the school year Beverly Allen A loudspeaker so she can be heard Una Dee Baker A comedian show all her own Iamce Baldwrn A new typewrrter so she can contmue her slalled work Amta Cleaveland A Ilm nasrum Rose Mary Conklin Another nng on her ring frnger John Cook A Rae of sunshine R1chard Culver A watch dog to keep the grrls away Ted Edwards More grrls to call htm cousin Sherrlena Ferguson The chance to s1ng with a blg mme band MarJone Finch The opportumty to get Rich Patncxa Finch A directory to list her heartthrobs Ahce Freeman A new hair style for long harr Lo1s Hartwell A Hall all her own Maryoue Mason A box to enclose her giggles when not to be used Bessie Miner A transfer for an Andes fellow to Frankhn Edward Pemgo A permanent typewriter Martha Riddell A 41 Chevy for home transportatlon Ethel Schmidt A chauffeur to replace Don Edgar Schnutt An encyclopedia to compete wrth h1s brarns Margaret Whitbeck The right to become a prrvate secretary Mr Bullock The Pl'iV11Bg6 to g1ve all A s Mr Whxtney No beefers rn hrs situations Miss Lucas A library desk wluch rs VlS1b1C Mr Thomas A book entitled Sense of Humor Mrs Burgin A record of Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Monung Mrs Stilson A telephone upstairs 1n her apartment Mr Latun A separate muffler for each student of Ag IV Mr Shearer Never agarn The srxth penod typing class or a roanung key Mr Cook A Pro team Mrs Cook A g1rls gymnas1um Mrs Friery Instrumentahsts to replace those leaving Mlss Hollaway A typewriter for the health room Mr Teed A captain s rank rn the Nauonal Guard Mr Fowlston More Wayne Barkalows to discuss the World Series Mrs Bennett A self distnbuung dally bulletin - ' ' Mrs. Finch - A private room for Yorker Club meetings - ' - of a n Db 1 4-5665805 f iwfiaff-V, M - ly 1 3 .gf-w..f. L, ,Q i' Y if 'li-lg W, , QV! li, wr, Q ' fNr."""A l 'J'-3 QGQF' lc ...p--54 , -..,, . ww 5'-ig Am A . ' J 1 -qw J A' . Y I ' Q .. Qs ' V H1 i , A r- +-5 all Zlflld 5 President Nlta Vxce President John Secretary Treasurer -Marge First row: Ted Edwards, Martha Riddell, Anita Cleveland, Marjorie Mason, John Cook, Mr. Thomas. Second row: Edgar Schmitt, Bessie Miner, Una Dee Baker, Margaret Whitbeck, Pat Fmch, Beverly Allen, Alice Freeman, Maqorle Finch. Third row: Pat Evans, Betty Alger Janice Baldwin, Rose Mary Conklin, Dick Culver, Lois Hartwell, Ethel Schmidt, Lucille Colburn, Sherilena Ferguson. First row: Bernice Nightingale, Hilda Epps, Richard Underwood,J0hn Miller, Ioan Burnside, Lois O'Hara, Philip Halaquist, Second row: Carol Stanford, Joyce Clark, Doreen Odell, Nancy Walters, Barbara Slawson, Annette law, Kary1Beames, Mrs. Burgin. Third row: Warren Osterhout, Priscilla Hunecke, Frederica Hanson, Toby Lee Theuner, Priscilla Reid, Mahlon Palmer. Fourth row: Thomas Goodrich, Richard Tompkins, Harold Hall, Jolm Westfall, Robert Lown, Gene Ward, Charles Shaver. Absent: Rihcard Teter, Robert Woodard, President ----- ---- Secretary, Treasurer --- Lg? 74677710125 Johnny ----Lois ' JOSH i Vice President - - --- - President Cordy Vice President Lizzie 500161317 Ruthann Treasurer Ethel 2514771271 First row Mr Shearer Sally Rose Ethel Haney Ruthann Hanson Cordy Rrch Elizabeth King Dorothy Slawson Jane Freeman Second row Ben Haney Raymond Rutherford Mary Rae Eleanor Banks Dawn Mac Donald Marlene Pmney Jerome Meyer Bob Ackley Third row: Ronald Worden, Phyllls Constable, Donna Edwards, Shirley Borthwrck, Frances Baldwin, Rose Campbell, Mary Lou Mason, Drck Worden. Fourth row: Nrck Grudrce, Ernie Wlutney, B111 Boyd, Sebastian Sagllmbeni, D1Ck Gardepe, Bob Underwood, Don Srruth, Don Palmer, Frank I-hllis. Absent: Larry Johnson, fy!!! g rw? Flrst row Wayne Cook Ann Patnck John Baldwin Claudine Butts Robert Freeman Phylhs Mackey Ioan Stark Second row James Reid Rosetta Finch Katherine Stasky Mr Bullock Ioan Osterhout, Verilena Finch Richard Burnside Third row Vugmra Cook Karen Barkalow Clyde Rutherford Mlles Green Barbara Grant, Roberta Barrows Fourth row Norman Epps Paul Goodrich Charles Barrows Kenneth Leshe Arthur Ferguson Chester Cleveland Eugene Teter Absent Gordon Constable Frances Cook Pat Haynes First row: Irene Finch, Kath Mullinnex, Joyce Jackson, Carolyn Whitney, Clyde Goodrich, Jeannette Haney, Sandra Burnside. Second row: Carlton Culver, William Ross, Raymond Barriger, Wayne Worden, Robert Epps, John Bennett, Norville Cook, Mrs. Finch. Third row: James Robinson, Nellie Storck, Sylvia Nightingale, Rose Westfall, Mary Jo Mc Intosh Katherine Gardepe, Patricia Hillis, Maurice Judd. Fourth row: Richard Wormuth, James Campbell, Charles Closs, Milton Simonds, Richard Lown, Lewis Stone, amy! Agllfig QM ""'!lP'!""V?'F' "?"l"' First row Julia Kelly Cecrlia Judd Virgin1aFow1ston Palmer Clark Vugmra Barrows Eumce Whrtbeck Louxse Paranesi Second row Audrey Roes Leona Hotahng Susan Rose Sally Law Melvxn Cook Charles Nydam Alfred Shaver Mrs Boggs Thud row Rodney I-iebbard Gerald Butts Danrel Houck IOSCPTI SIBSRY 10311 Th0fS13l'ld Bryan Burgm Charles Stmard Fourth row John Edwards Nancy Rerd Luarel Lown Lyle Hotahng V1rg1n1aFraz1er Patncra Verguson Cec11Sm1th Absent Wanda Johnson Louis Johnson o N " """"""A"""""""l" 'U' ""' .,, ,, 'W "7"9'WK'f"" ' "M" ' "VV, I U ' f"', N A U A Q Q - . '. . , M 1- P 'N Q ,- J N . , W r - .. fr' N' "" , , I I . l . I ' - L . ,,, xr 5 1, A '- . X K A , ' I ' - if M ,g V Lf- N ' ' v7 'T f , fs ' ' A N4 Q ,As N. , 1 A X ' -. ' . x .X - A, K is ' 5. . ' - ' sf' J ' . A .- is ' 8 ' Q 4' ,Q 6 X A ml A U I Y I I I I I 0 I O l I I I I I ' : l 1 a n v I . 2 , I I I I I o : . . W gm J1-'ef i Ftrst row Nancy Cook Edith Rrch Betty Jean Marshall Jantce Slawson Joy Bums1de Audrey Taylor Second row Mrs Trlyou John Kelly Phylhs Odell Joanne Whitney Betty Shaver Joan Mrller Carol Kuk Robert Conkhn Tlnrd row James Nolf Richard Pmney Rose Nightingale Gary Hazlett Gerald Hebbard George Westfall Barney Frnch Fourth row James Srckler Sandra Jordan Rtchard Normann John Schwtlle Mary Lou Cassella Sue Frazxer Russell Whitbeck Tony Saghmbem Absent. Cynthra Maurer Joyce Seward Jack Taylor 7 V Fust row William Frnch Robert Cook Jay Colburn Francis Law, Lloyd Stone Robert Halaqutst Edward Pinney Second row Sue Worden Patricia Brandt Marlene Barkalow Charlene Edwards Lours Paranesr Ioan Eppler lane Law Wimfred Wrlliams Roberta Haney Third row Carol Odell Kenneth Nolf George Barrows Jack Taggart Phyllis Bennett, Harvey Banks Harold Elderkln Donna Phoentx John Stasky, Jacqueline Hall Mrs Bartlett. Fourth row Mrs Bennett Diane Skaza Marjorie Moran Walter Feltman Sandra Holtkamp Sandra Edwards Ruth Johnson Elsworth Griffin Adrienne Matteson Iohn Parks Marguente Campbell Frfth row Charles Mrlls Paul Houck Kenneth Slawson, Richard Whigham Brrdeen Hanson Robert Nydam David Sickle: Wayne Baldwin Robert Constable James Cleaveland 51122194 garb S2 Jwgf First row: Nancy Nolf, Etta Stone, Warren Gardepe, Lmda H0ward, Harry Greiner, Carol Pinney Shuley Constable. Second row: Lawrence Taylor, Lucxlle Taylor, LeGrande Conklm, Elton Cook, George Srsson, Dallas Mulhnnex, Peter Halaqurst, Lrnda Geertgens, Sharon Lown, Mlss Bookhout. Tbmrd row: Sylvra Shaw, Ruth Rerd, Mary Saghmbenr, Sharon Evans, Elame Baum, Joan Allen, Orrnan McNei11y, Fourth row: Aaron Seward, Rrchard Grant, R1chard Heaney, Lucinda Frazier, James Slawson, Roger Sunard, Cutler Re1d. "'X4f First row: James Taggart, Margaret Johnson, Charles Holcomb, Peter Burgin, Judy Ward, Lynda Goodrich, Thoma Bookhout, Steven Slawson, Second row: Edward Simpson, Daniel Ross, Kaye Davidson, Dorothy Cook, Sandra Pike, Richard Ackley, Larry Taylor, Elizabeth Haney, Richard Kelly, Joan Grant, Third row: Mrs, Slawson, Nancy Rich, Adelbert McKee, David Clark, William Odell, Thomas Simmons, David Buck, Nancy Alexander, Donald Nydam, Norris Finch, Mrs. Bard. Fourth row: David Peake, Robert Slckler, James Necrason, Gerald Law, Eileen Whitbeck, Patricia Feltman Gene Whitbeck, Ronald Hanson, Elaine Schmidt, Donald Hebbard. Fifth row: Phillip Sagllmbeni, Io Anne Cassella, Thomas Barry, Wayne Jordan, Carol Segarra, Terry Matteson, Dale Ackley, Dennis Ackley, Roger Ackley, Absent: Sandra Conklin, Gary Gesell. - - -amz gm fits! gawk First row: Clifford Banks, Ioan Cole, Margaret Stone, Mary Greiner, Dennis Kirk, Joe Saglimbeni, Barbara Brandt, Allan Jordan, Joyce Nightingale, Second row: Clarence Barrows, Kenneth Nydam, Bobette Eppler, Agnes Ackley, Douglas I-lenness, Phyllis Brown, Dick Evans, Gail Storck, Elizabeth Steffen Bets Law. Third row- Jimmy Smith, Catherine Cassella, Laura Cassella, Bryce Marquart, . Y - David Morgan, Mary lane Rutherford, David Cleveland, Eugene Seward, George Meyer, Stephen Meszaros. Fourth row: Mrs. Warren, William Boning, lack Finch, Leon Allen, Tommy Mills, Douglas Mac Donald, David McNeilly, Buffy Ward, Joseph Campbell. Absent: Bobby Bartlett. n 1 g ,QQ mm an 4 'hr Frrst row Janice Feltman Joseph Necrason Douglas Pmney Judrth Down George Fowlston Nancy Den1son Thomas Stmard Second row Donna Geertgens Barbara Buck Walter Rrch Gerald Allen Betty Jean Elderlun Carol Stark Kenneth Taylor W11l1am Howard Lourse Whitney Thud row Mrs Stanford Mae Marshall, Joan Shaw Helen Reid Wrlllam Srsson Jack Alexander Penelope Mullxnnex Cheryl Maurer Thomas Jones Peggy Houck Fourth row Charles Whitbeck Lynn Terry Donald Finch, Barbara Geertgens Jane Ingalls John Campbell Steven Peake Absent Carlin Butler p N , . D l Fl! First row: Charles Shaver, Bob Woodard, Bill Westfall, Dick Gardepe, Alton Hall, Vint Gludice, Lynn Finch, Johnny Cook. Second row: Phil Halaquist, Roland Worden, Dick Worden, Dick Teter, Sebastian Saglimbeni, Larry Johnson, Coach Cook. Third row: Manager, Wayne Worden, Bill Boyd, Bob Underwood, Ernie Whitney, John Westfall, Dick Underwood, F OOTBALL 1951 OPPONENT WE THEY Edmeston 0 38 Otego 2 27 X d Unadilla 28 6 ga of New Berlin 19 6 Morris 61 7 Season Record Won 3 Lost 2 League Standing Third Place V 1 .B Harold R1ch 3 Wayne YTIII 4 WW, Bob W ob C ohn Wa My J' Alton Vrnt OPPONENT Guilford Delhi Otego New Berlin Edmeston Unadilla Walton Morris Otego New Berlin Edmeston Unadllla South Kortrlght 37 Morris 48 1 - Third place ln League Dave THEY 38 Alan 9 0 0 First row Bob Underwood Dick Underwood Plul Halaqtnst Dick Worden Ken Leslie Second row Manager Dick Lown Bob Ackley Don Snuth IohnnyM1l1er Ben Haney Sebastian Saglrmbeni Manager Wayne Worden Coach Cook Third row D1ckTeter Frank Hrlhs Tom Goodrich Gene Ward Erme Whitney Absent Larry Johnson OPPONENT THEY Delhi Otego New Berhn Edmeston Unadilla Walton Morris Otego New Berlrn Edmeston Unadilla Morris 26 Third place in League WE Guilford 38 29 24 ' 28 12 36 35 30 27 ' 32 36 31 1951 SQUAD First row: Lee Worden, Johnny Cook, Bob Cronauer, Bob Woodard B111 Denny Don Potter, Ray Jackson, Melvin Mackey, Alton Hall, Harold Hall Second row Managers, Bob Underwood, Ernie Whitneyg Roland Worden, Dick Underwood John Johnson, Dick Teter, John Miller, Dick Worden, Coach Cook BASEBALL 1951 OPPONENT WE VARSITY Edmeston 3 Otego 4 Unadilla 8 New Berlin 16 Morris 6 Edmeston 8 Otego 6 Unadilla 6 New Berlin 21 Morris 7 Season Record Won 6 lost 4 League Standing Third Place 55655 THEY 16 3 4 4 11 9 9 3 9 6 ff Standmg W1111e Westfall Rlchard Gardepe Bob Woodard Harold Hall Mr Cook W Z 67 J Seated: John Cook, Alan Taylor, Bob Cronauer, Lynn Finch, Alton Hall, Philip I-Ialaquist M2191 LUCILLE 0 Q! 0 MARY PRISCILLA Lois ELSIE ARLENE UNA ANITA 1' n-Qmnw' f A s , .Q-Wg - ,, .llf, I THUG? 9 ,H B - A gn, 9,4 "s" 3 ,ww - Q f uw' 55" .-2' Rv. 1-,, mail' , xx X 1 ng . F-3' . IBF 9 . .1' -4: Ayggigck 1 V !ulT NA Q 'yn l' 3 6 .w ?, W we vi i n-f C1100 First row: Paul Goodrich, Ioan Osterhout, Cecilia Judd, Bob Cronauer, Wayne Palmer, Clyde Rutherford, Dave Stanford, Wayne Worden, Second row: Carol Stanford, Joan Burnside, Shirley Rose, Barbara Slawson, Lois O'Hara, Carolyn Whitney, Annette Law, Sally Rose. Third row: Wayne Cook, Cecil Smith, Dick Palmer, Jimmy Reid, Mrs, Friery, Helen, Lizzie, Ann, Marge N -Umfesfm Seated D1ck Teter Priscilla Retd Don Teter Alvma Westfall Helen Haney Helen Schwrlle Carol Stanford Iamce Baldwm Ann Patnck Frances Baldwrn Phylhs Mackey Sally Rose Shxrley Rose Standlng Ellzabeth Krug John Baldwm Patrlcxa Hrlhs Sally Law Claudme Butts, Mrs Fnery Joyce Clark Annette Law Dave Stanford Lynn F1nch Bob Cronauer 50 A Zim Ftrst row Toby Lee Theuner Fredenca Hanson V1ola Dlbble E11zabeth Krng Ruthann Hanson Mary Lou Mason Second row Helen Schwtlle Helen Haney Karyl Beames Doreen Odell Joan Burnstde Joyce Clark Marjorie Mason Ethel Schmrdt Allce Freeman Tlurd row Barbara Sutherland Jamce Baldwtn Betty Alger Donna Edwards Lo1sO Hara Pr1sc111a Retd Mrs Frrery Fourth row Pnsctlla Hunecke Sherxlena Ferguson Sh1r1ey Rose Una Dee Baker Hrlda Epps Jane Freeman Ethel Haney Sally Rose Carol Stanford Bermce Ntghtrngale Mary Rae Dorothy Slawson Frances Baldwrn . 9 Slawson, Mary lee Hyzer, Janet Stark, Jane Haney, Rose Campbell, Alvina Westfall, Arlene gays UMM Fust row Dave Stanford Donald Teter Bob Cronauer Wayne Palmer Lynn Fmch Second row Drck Teter Theron Boyd Gene Ward Mrs Frrery Drck Tompkrns Wayne Barkalow John Westfall Thtrd row Edgar Schmxtt Ben Haney Nrck Grudlce Mahlon Palmer Raymond Rutherford Ernest Wh1tney XJ 'ii-A X -I First row Helen Schwille AIv1na Westfall Arlene Sutherland Mary Lee Hyzer Elsie Terw1111 ger Janet Stark Una Dee Baker Second row Barbara Slawson Ruthann Hanson Fredenca Bemice Nightingale Joyce Clark Ioan Burnside Doreen Odell Edgar Schmitt Lois Hartwell Martha Riddell Pat Flnch Marge Finch :may yfsxfkffzfzfs Hanson, Mary Lou Mason, Lois O'Hara, Janice Baldwin, Kary1Beames, Miss Lucas. Third row: First row: Priscilla Hunecke, Toby Lee Theuner, Frederica Hanson, Bernice Nightingale, Karyl Beames, Joan Burnside, Doreen Odell, Nancy Walters, Lois O'Hara, Barbara Slawson, Second row: Vint Giudice, Alan Taylor, Dave Stanford, Don Teter, Alvina Westfall, Shirley Rose, Jane Haney, Helen Schwille, Alton Hall, Lynn Finch, Third row: John Meyer, Richard Culver, Bill Westfall, Arlene Sutherland, Elsie Terwilliger, Mary Lee Hyzer, Janet Stark, Helen Haney, Wayne Palmer, Don Schmidt, Bob Cronauer, Gene Ward. Fourth row: John Miller, John Cook, Ted Edwards, Edgar Schmitt, Anita Cleaveland, Marjorie Mason, Una Dee Baker, Martha Riddell, Marjorie Finch, Lois Hartwell, Janice Baldwin, Dick Teter, Pat Finch, Absent: Pat Evans, Theron Boyd, Rose Mary Conklin. .- wh ,fax gf!-Q Fust row Donald Teter W1111am Westfall Robert Cronauer John Miller V1nt G1ud1ce Second row Mr Latun Bob Ackley Phrl Halaqulst Ben Haney Jerome Meyer Cordy Rlch Roland Worden Warren Osterhout Drck Underwood Tlurd row Dlck Worden Charles Shaver Sebasuan Saglimbem Donald Sm1th Harold Hall Edgar Schmxtt Fourth row Donald Palmer Bob Underwood John Westfall Dlck Gardepe Donald Schm1dt, y i :ERI A N ff, 9 Q 'four-To Bob Lown, Dick Tompkins. Absent: Wayne Barkalow, .5-C , .t L- A959 ' ' fl' X 1 'Iv 1 O ' ', rw' ,A q , A H First row: Frederica Hanson, Alvina Westfall, Anita Cleaveland, Janet Stark, Janice Baldwin, Ethel Schmidt, Marjorie Mason. Second row: Bernice Nightingale, Alice Freeman, Joyce Clark, Patricia Finch, Jane Haney, Mary Rae, Marjorie Finch, Mrs, Stilson. Third row: Sherilena Ferguson, Barbara Slawson, Karyl Beames, Priscilla Reid, Rose Mary Conklin, Mary Lou Mason, Phyllis Constable, Rose Campbell. YXXQMAKERS WMM fbi! First row: Frederica Hanson, Lois O'l-lara, Mary Lou Mason, Rose Campbell, Rose Westfall, Patricia Hillis. Second row: Carolyn Whitney, Mary Jo Mclntosh, Ruthann Hanson, James Campbell, Nellie Storck, Mrs, Finch. Third row: Sandra Burnside, Jeanette Haney, Clyde Goodrich, Joyce Clark, Joyce Jackson, I I 2, Q my "" 93 ' I .L 7 3,4 5 ,, ... J S n M Q ' i s f , , "u 'pflfh-Q, .f , . go , , . ul v x 1' ,,.e af- "ff" - ,.f ... '. U ' 'L, .l 7' an 7 G so C M ' Q gr A I " 'S ' , lfv' ' Q ' U FAI ., lv X -5 fi R ADX qw if N fn If X W A X X f'Nf-X ffm qssxgf IhM W XX R 00, 61 v ff! 2 Cmazfef fjyilfafli 6615 f X K Q Secretary Frank F Ev K M Treasurer John B, I Z A K- X V V 1 X! KN X f ' FN Q Xp '-Q." ' ff , F 5 ' 'f x Q X-N R xx X - Z X ! f- f , U Q 4 ,ff Y .3 ,V-X X A 7 We f 'F X , fi X , N ,X 'FN XX! , yx X ,. ESX Dave Warr lTiX X Tom Q Xxx 5 I W, - x -f , , ii Qi V Way C Y -- A X Bob f' 4' . fl f .p 'Wayne W. ix Q 2' ' A S' If x' .Q Q ' - 4 ,,- Ernie ' j 1' X ,K ff xv f .xr X W ,ff x 3 K w K QS K . Ye X - iY , X V V gx N g . Pilot Thomas 5 Presid lan f XY X A N C -29. if' Seated: Cordy Rich, Lynn Finch, Gene Ward, Wayne Palmer, Don Teter, Alton Hall. Standing: Emest Whitney, Dick Teter, Bob Ackley. First row: Mrs. Clair Stewart, Mary Lee Hyzer, Lois O'Hara, Arlene Sutherland, Ethel Schmidt, Iantet Stark, Shirley Rose, Mrs, Louis Hodges. Second row: Barbara Slawson, Mary Lou Mason, Ruthann Hanson, Elizabeth King, Frederica Hanson, Alvina Westfall, Rose Campbell, Dorothy Slawson, Priscilla Reid. Third row: Sally Rose, Ethel Haney, Carol Stanford, Joyce Clark, Eleanor Banks, Annette Law, Marjorie Mason, Anita Cleaveland, Jane Freeman, Alice Freeman Bernice Nighlngale. -fUi.5.U- 4AfmZ'Zs'W2f5 Dear Reader Our LIBERANNI would not have been posstble but for the busrness men and frrends who have helped sponsor thts Annual Why not show them our apprectauon by patronlzrng them f1rst" PATRONS Ntely Sweet Nic ors Inc Vn Fll'I11llll't s S r vxmond Pllrntr lratern e s hot tor L ct rgtson I unc' o rt ttt oahnn s Jeweltr R W lltndc rson Iadd s Stott Harrls Brothers Jewelers Baxter 8a Wood F B Franl-:lm Barber Shop Clrnt Rob1nson The Bookhouts Henderson s Clothrng Co Cummrngs Lynn Frnch Barlow s General Store Preston Motor Sales Mefw - , . .g. ders -2 ' 1 It-are Mr. 1 M 9, My 5 r C" 5. - rry Lyons Merfs Wear Gartlnrrf S 18 ,: 3 .wx H , .rc I ' H f' ' ' , f-. , 1 '- K 1 Dr. . , Rose , . . f Jaffa c:oFFEE saopps NICK GEORGESON PROP 142 Ma1n Street Oneonta auf Z jfgfmw CRAWFORD FEEDS AND JAMESWAY BARN EQUIPMENT Phone 128R2 Frankhn 2242 Z COAL. 6- SUPPLY COAL FUEL OIL THE ELECTRIC FURNACE MAN Phone 61 196 Ma1n Street Oneonta eeief Moron sAa.Es CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH CARS 966 ZZ WHOLESALE CANDY Phone 779 F 15 Laurens BEST WISHES FROM THE zoned! M44 5? Z9 Jye'-J .9-05914: INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER IMPLEMENTS r ranklm Walton Road Walton fungi QA N sq MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP Phone 3531 Unad111a JL Phone 149, Oneonta, New Yorlt 0 THE BANK OF FRIENDLY SERVICE 189 Ma1n Street Oneonta DZXQQQ DRIVE IN FOR THE BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT Emmons Corners 2 M11es East of Oneonta Zgofmfzw Qyaabm ' THE PHOTOGRAPHER IN YOUR TOWN' 81 Chestnut Street Oneonta ! bg!! I C A STORE Frankhn Phone 122 Z 5 fm! 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AND SON Delh1 1 my WICKHAM SALES SERVICE PONTIAC SHAVEIVS DEPT STORE Ma n Street De1h1 Frank-hn BRONSON SMITH MOTORS INC GUY E PERRY Walton S1dney D W COULTER Walton FIRST NATIONAL BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY OF WALTON 131 Delaware Street Walton OTSEGO TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT SALES Z3 Reynolds Street Oneonta RICH DORR JERSEY FARM LORD'S GARAGE Frankhn Unad1lla DU MOND'S SAW NIILL HAROLD E HYZER Frankhn Frankhn STEVENS HARDWARE CO JIM'S SPORT SHOP 153 Mam Street Oneonta 3 Elm Street O1'1C0r1ta ! . . , .... 0 4 . 1 s - . . I I 1 1 O Q 9 I XS MiZ",':3'-55:1-5i6..k.,gd6:' W E Q I Q, M""Q"' A 4 - .., .. W..-m..,. i mgllf f. 'E if 1 ,12'Qg"i -ff-. wyf 14:5-4.15 ff A I . Q, f "gf fx IQ? , Mgszas .ei 1 4 5 Q Sgivi' '52 " gf' 23 Sfflsgftgfff 355 ff xv if 63- vu' g X2 Y ' Q I . .. K , 71 Q. - Q xg, 32 4 3 Q. Ln .J A il 13' 4 3 3 Q z 1 I "" si 1 1, 1' 'Y ik 1 S lx,

Suggestions in the Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) collection:

Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 22

1952, pg 22

Franklin Central High School - Liberanni Yearbook (Franklin, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 74

1952, pg 74

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