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GENi ifLLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIB, 3 1833 03572 8846 977. eos IN3FCH, 1968 1968 FLASHBACK TABLE OF CONTENTS Franklin Central High School Indianapolis, Indiana Opening 2 Academics 10 Sports 30 Organizations 56 Personalities 74 Seniors 76 Underclc assmen 97 Index 112 The key to Franklin Central High School is its students. Whether they be A students, average students, or otherwise each represents their school. FCHS could not have been exactly what it was this last year without each of them. The administration, staff, and maintenance people each gave a considerable portion of their time to the future. Permit us to proceed with the keys of 1968 at FCHS. 43 rc 97) 75 {6.22 Ru 1011 76 OS 190 % Dy HO ,58 3 162.51 164.94 97 98 99 Bk Cf Es W (2«) ( " 41 lENTlFIC ' -I u.lianris Sr lu ' U] " tCI ' f " " " ' ' New York • Odessa. Texjs ington . Montreal • Tore, to TRAININ mi TO ANY SKIL United States History Classes held the 1912 elections with students representing the candidates. The candidates the students portrayed were Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Taft, and VVoodrow Wilson. Such activities give the students experience in public speaking and team- work. Education, Ambition, and Determination Hold Sandy Shepherd knows that hard work and practice will help her develop a skill in shorthand that will help her achieve her future goals. Norma Hawk learns how to use the library ' s resources productive- ly. She realizes that proper use of the library will benefit her in the future. The future of any printed material depends on its printer. The printer here uses the type to secure the type in place to insure a good copy. the Key to the Future Mark Perry knows that using all the time he can spare to studying will be of great importance to him in his future education. Here he is studying on the side while acting as hall monitor. Extra Activities Unlock Doors for Students Members of the freshmen class sing joyously in the Spanish skit they presented in the Blue and White Revue. A variety of extra activities are available to students who wish to partake in them. Students can participate in such activities as clubs, sports, and contests be- tween classes. One of the most popular activities is the annual Blue and White Revue, which is a series of skits presented by each class. The students actually develop the skits themselves. Committees are chosen by each class to write the skit, make the scenery, and direct the actors. Class sponsors advise students on proper conduct for the stage and choosing of the cast members. The skits are presented for two nights to audiences made up of the community. Prizes are awarded to the classes for best skits, costumes, scen- ery and best actresses and actors. Outside activities can help students become famil- iar with working in a community, which will benefit them in the future. The junior class presented a skit which represented the " old time " showboat, in which various acts were performed. Ross Hughes takes money for the lettermen ' s dance. The dance was presented after the annual winter sports awards program. These dancing elephants are members of the sophomore class performing in the Blue and White Revue. The sophomore skit " A Trip To The Zoo ' consisted of a reporter visiting with the animals of a zoo. The sophomores were happy with a second place victory for their over-all skit and a first place win for their cos- tumes. Seniors protest against Mother Goose in their skit in the Blue and White Revue. The protestors received first place in this skit, their second consecutive victory. Gary Walden decorates the hall for a contest between classes. In this contest students of each class decorated an assigned hall to test for the best school spirit. Special Awards and For seniors the happy days of high school are nearing the end. Before they are released from their high school activities one of the last duties they must perform is taking achievement tests in the Jana Mason beams cheerfully as she receives an award from Mr. Taylor. Jana, valedictorian of the seniors, received an avfard for her outstanding scholastic achievement. A chance to display their talent and new uniforms, the band ac- cepted an invitation to play at the opening of the new wing at Weircook Airport. Inez Utterback received three Scholastic Awards for her achieve- ment during the four years at F.C.H.S. Inez received the Golden Gurnsey Scholarship. Alpha Epsilon Charter of Delta Sigma, and a Purdue Grant. Scholarships Are Given to Deserving Students fields of English and social studies. The last three days for the Seniors was filled with taking exams and turning in withdrawals slips. Vicki Mason and Ron Westby received honors for achieving a tie for second highest rank of the seniors. This is the first year that two persons have tied for the position of salutatorian. The Franklin Central Singers participated with the Dance Band in a concert given to the community to display the talents of the singers and the Dance Band. On Thursda ' , Ma ' 23, those students who had done excellent work throughout the year were given special recognition. Awards were given in business, mathematics, languages, music, journalism, science, and English. Senior scholarship inners were announced as well as those who had received those awards given by the community. Acai The keys to academic success at FCHS were ambition and perseverance. Good teachers and interested students were a combination which was unbeatable. English, social studies, math, science, and languages were the courses of the college prospects while many students pursued courses in home economics, industrial arts, and business. An addition to the curriculum was derivatives which benefitted all students. New Math-Old Math Both Pursued by FC Pupils Familiar courses offered to FC students are those in the math and science departments. Freshmen choose either Algebra or General Math while sophomores, juniors, and seniors have a variety to choose from — Algebra II, Plane Geometry, Trigo- nometry, or Analytical Geometry. Bacteria experiments, chemical solutions, wind velocity, and electrical principles are familiar to all FC science students. Science fairs offer extra oppor- tunities to the science enthusiasts while college bound pupils receive excellent first hand knowledge by using all available equipment in the science class- rooms. Explaining the shortest distance between two points, Mr. Richard Harpold attempts to clarify puzzling geometry questions. Close friends to Mr. Glen Eastes are his blackboard and chalk which he uses daily in his algebra classes. Teaching for the first time in FC classrooms, Mr. Lloyd Giesler carefully oversees Cindy Bryant as she finishes work on a tricky problem. Rick Schilling and Charley Ritter experiment with a formula in chemistry. Mr. William Ford, a newcomer to F.C. demonstrates an experiment to his Physical Science class. iniiiiniir " Grading exams keeps Mrs. Margaret Richwine, instructor of Chem- istry and Physics, quite busy. Mr. Al Morgan, instructor of biology and F.C. ' s wrestling coach, is explaining the different elements of nature. r Business Career The first year of typing includes learning the keyboard, essential parts of the machine, and care of the machine. In shorthand I class, Sanya Stayte practices her transcribing of shorthand taught by Mrs. Wessel. To give pupils an understanding of various busi- ness practices valuable to them as consumers of business our business courses were developed. Secretarial training, bookkeeping, business law, office practice and shorthand are just a few of busi- ness subjects offered here at Franklin Central. If the students plan a business career, these various courses will prove to be helpful. In room 115, Sandy Grey is busily at work on one of her bookkeep- ing problems. Holds Key to Future at Franklin Central 11 mmm Business jobs are growing at a fantastic rate. That is why Mr. John Gruner, Mrs. Carolyn Wessel, Mrs. Helen Ernstes, Miss Melanie Burke, and Miss Bonnie Woodruff are willing at any time to help students in this field. Francis Tawney in Secretarial training is learning to operate the voice writer machine. Jeff Gibson, enrolled in business law, is acquainted with the basic (actors of law. .i ' mm Social Study Courses Make Franklin Central To give all students the basic fundamental in- formation on the past and present of our country ' s system of democracy, U.S. History and Government are required. To make these courses live, the election of 1912 is relived, all-school elections are held, and the passage of bills through a fake Congress is ex- perienced. If a student w ishes to delve further into the social studies field, he can take World History, Economics, Political Philosophy, or Geography. Representative Ron Westby gives speech at the Nationalist con Senior Randy Gibson runs for senator at the Federalist convention. Mr. WiUiam Clarke, experienced Government teacher, makes the course interesting for seniors. Students Better Citizens Mr. Larry Cline, a fine addition to our Guidance department, Mrs. Judith Rogers and Mr. James Hoskins confer with one teaches seniors Government. another about their U.S. History classes. LLLLM_! .♦♦ Receiving applause during her mud-shngmg speech. Mien is very anxious and in hopes her party will wm the campaign ul the 1912 election during the exciting moments of the United States History class. English, Speech and Foreign Language Are Popular STANDING; Mr. Knoop, Miss Stephenson, Mr. Cook. SITTING; Mrs. Prickett, Mrs. Miner, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Morgan, and Miss Cornwell utilize the facilities of the library for their work. In the grammar course, English 1,3, and 5, tech- nical essentials such as case uses, parts of speech, punctuation and capitalization, are stressed. Outside reading is expected with three book reports a semester. Spelling, composition, speaking, and listening are im- portant phases of the grammar courses. In the literature course, the first aim is to learn the enjoyment of literature. Composition, outside read- ing, spelling, and vocabulary study are also stressed. Miss Schieldmier, student teacher from Ball State, explains the basics of English to the students at F.C. Courses with Students Giving up on her Latin phrases, Carolyn Gaier asks Mrs. Eileen Thomas to lend a helping hand. Entertaining the students with Spanish Christmas Carols was one of the projects of F.C. ' s Spanish Class. Giving attention to her Spanish class. Miss Mary Kay Stephenson listens attentively and anxiously. Teaching F.C. students to speak French fluently is the job of Mrs, Lucy Miner. Home Economics Prepares Girls for Their Making the muslins in Home Economics is only part of the job as Rexeen Neal and Brenda Parish demonstrate. Demonstrating basic sewing skills is one of the jobs of Home Eco- nomics teacher, Miss Ruth Greenham. Future as Homemakers Connie Allen busily and happily draws plans for house project the Home Economic Classes make. The Home Economic department, under the direc- tion of Miss Ruth Greenham, prepares a girl for a career in homemaking or for an occupation that utilizes home economic skills. The courses cover every aspect of homemaking from learning to plan and prepare meals to drawing the plans of a house. Sewing darts is one of the projects that Barbara Vernon must do in order to make her suit in Clothing II. , ' 9 i %t.. Having laid the foundation for the industrial arts department, Mr. Wilbur Myer, Mr. William Reed, and Mr. Norman Starkey discuss future plans for instructing students in the various facets of their field. Skills for the Future Don Hurst and Bill Lyons ram the flask in preparation for the foundry. Extreme care is taken by Walter McDaniel while he uses the arc welder in shop class. The various classes of industrial arts are electricity- electronics, drafting, graphic arts, general metals, and general woods. These courses develop a power of visualization, exactness of thought and modern commercial practice in industrial arts. Mr. Wilbur Myer, Mr. William Reed, and Mr. Norman Starkey are the instructors. Exactness is vitally important as Gary Worthington sets the blade of the saw. Offered by Industrial Arts Department striving for accuracy, Mike Hall makes the minor adjustments on the metal lathe to insure proper work. Cloves and goggles are standard equipment for Dale Smith as he heats metal in the forge. Physical Education Plays Active Role in Academics Physical Education offers opportunities for the development of leadership, citizenship, sportsman- ship, and the opportunity to learn, and to work to- gether. The P. E. program covers a wide range of sports, games, and recreational activities. In class, skills and rules are taught that may be used in leisure time activities. Health and Safety is a course designed to show students how to achieve and maintain better health and to improve their attitude tow ard it. Mrs. Jennifer Crise, a newcomer to F.C., instructs girls physical education and health classes. Larry Hanni. physical education instructor and athletic director, grades the sophomore boys on their balancing test. In physical education class the students have a variety of equipment to exercise on. Art Brings Out Special Abilities Students enrolled in the art classes not onl learn artistic skills and famous artists, but the also pursue careers in the field of art. The students work with ever imaginable field of art. Stenciling, figure drawing, oil painting, work in paper mache, clay, soap, and wood carving are just a small part of the many activities engaged in. The Art Department, under the supervision of Mrs. Nancy Prickett, also provides us with decora- tions during Christmas and other occasions. One of the many exciting and challenging projects covered in Art is " Lettering. " Drawing architectural designs is a favorite pastime of Donna Rigdon and Becky Hoard. Asking Mrs. Nancy Prickett for advice. Eva Layman watches the instructions attentively. The Dance Band, which placed second in the State Fair Stage Band Contest, plays for dances through- out central Indiana for practical applied music and enjoyment. Music Department at F.C.H.S. Provides En The Chorus practices with Mr. Ferris to increase their skill in producing music that will stimulate interest and arouse enthusiasm at programs they participate in. Explaining a new melody to his band students, Mr. Ferris, the F.C.H.S. music expert, does this many times during the school year in preparing outstanding concerts. ertainment for Community The band is led by drum major Rick Schilling during many public performances during the school year. At the annual Spring Concert the chorus, choir, and band combine to provide entertainment for the community. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Ferris, the music department is divided into four parts: Band I-IV, in which the instrumental music student through his constant striving for fine performance, develops a keen sense of value. The Dance Band and F.C. Singers are a selective group of musicians and singers working together for finer performance and entertainment experience. The chorus and choir is for any student who has the ability to sing a melody without the assistance and to read a simple part song. Two Distinct Courses Accommodate Students Mrs. Irish checks each students progress individually. The developmental reading booths were designed to afford individual privacy to the students. Developmental reading was established to improve and build the comprehension of the student s read- ing abilit . Each student having a study period is reejuired to take six weeks of developmental reading. There is a fee of fifty cents which goes for purchasing reading materials and repairing the machines. Dur- ing this period, the student reads books of his choice and gets an opportunit to advance his reading skills. The use of the shadowscopc in the Reading Laboratory class- room, enables the student to gauge his reading progress. at Franklin Central Tom Carnes explores globe for location of Turkey. H Mrs. Maze, Special Education teacher, explains a point in the workbook. Mrs. Maze works with each student in their class- room to give them the needed indi idualized in- struction. The students are enrolled in physical education, art, music, industrial arts, home econ- nomics, and certain basic English, mathematics, and business courses to provide opportunities tor better and more mature social adjustments. Plans are being made to provide work-experience for the students to prepare them for the working society. Some students are employed in the cafeteria and library as part of their day in school. Making wise use of his study time, John Delk completes his workbook assignment. The key to the sport ' s picture was under- classmen and freshmen. Football, basketball, wrestling, cross-country, baseball, track, tennis and golf were the opportunities given to FC boys and many took advantage of them. Spirit and incentive became evident as the year progressed. Students began to like the idea of winning seasons. An active G.A.A. program gave FC girls a chance to prove their skiys. We ' re Winners Again — Football Team Beats Leading rusher for the flashes this year was Ross Hughes, here shown breaking a tackle durir the execution of another bone-jarring play. , , , , , , r . Officials do need help some times and Dan Chanev tries to urge As usual, there was a hard summer practice before the first game. j jig l p m i Majority of Its Foes The bench shows mixed emotions during a play, some serious, some finding the humor in the play. Senior Mike Shaffer rolls out on a fullback option play. Running hard, Shaffer slams around end for a good gain. SEASON RECORD FCHS 6 Brebeuf 38 FCHS Chatard 34 FCHS 24 Beech Grove 6 FCHS 6 Greenfield 6 FCHS 26 Hamilton Hts. 14 FCHS Chartand 20 FCHS 12 Pike 6 FCHS 13 Decatur 13 FCHS 7 Ritfer 6 FCHS 19 Lawrence Jack Kirkham, a stalwart on defense, helps stop a play. Following a spirit-building meeting in the fall, our football team began its hard summer practice ses- sions, leading up to its first game. Using the experi- ence and the skill of underclassmen, our team con- tested with ten other gridiron foes — losing only three of the games played. The offensive unit was lead by senior standouts Ross Hughes and Mike Shaffer with Phil Barker and Tom Dougherty anchoring the line. Underclassmen were the stalwarts on the defen- sive squad with Mike Dougherty and Glen Suther- land leading the team. In 1968 our team compiled a winning record and the prospect for a winning season next year is good. Coach Bniner gives Shaffer some words of praise and encour- agement. Homecoming court, FRONT ROW: Alice Lancaster, Janie Kitley, Ann Bassett, Debbie Pollard, Nancy McFarland, and Mary Stillabower. SECOND ROW; Larry McFarland, Randy Gibson, Phil Barker, Vic Breedlove, Mark Barkley, and Phil Morgan. Flashes Victory Cheers Homecoming Crowd Senior Debbie Pollard was crowned queen during the half-time festivities. Part of the homecoming crowd celebrating our victory. Dan McConnell Leads Strong Representation by ., V tei u After running two miles, some Harriers just don ' t feel like standing. Running away from a refreshment stand? Yes, our Mr. Hanni ' s cross-country team this year, did not have the best of seasons, which surely caused him some consternation, but the underclassmen on the team got very valuable e.xperience which should help us have a good year next time around. Most of the varsity squad was composed of underclassmen, led by sophomore Holly Yensel. Undoubtedly one of the most grueling of all the sports here at Franklin Central, it was not supported by seniors. Having to rely upon underclassmen ' s inexperience, resulted in losing some close meets. Excedrin headache number 472 coming on? Underclassmen in Sports Harriers get ready to start another long, grueling race. Sophomore Joe Cougill loses his man with a tricky move. SEASON RECORD FCHS 83 New Palestine 68 FCHS 48 Whiteland 45 FCHS 59 Greenfield 61 FCHS 64 Chatard 62 FCHS 52 Center Grove 77 FCHS 65 Pike 61 FCHS 87 Triton 67 FCHS 73 Kennedy 59 FCHS 72 Howe 61 FCHS 39 Speedway 55 FCHS 67 Greenwood 72 FCHS 59 Decatur 73 FCHS 77 " Chartrand 57 FCHS 48 " North Central 70 FCHS 80 Scecina 75 FCHS 79 Chartrand 44 FCHS 50 Lawrence 67 FCHS 74 Beech Grove 67 FCHS 78 Morristown 49 FCHS 58 Warren Central 56 FCHS 61 ° " Decatur " COUNTY TOURNEY " " ISHAA SECTIONAL 71 FC leading scorer, McConnell, shakes hands with Marion County ' s leading scorer, Lawrence ' s Phillips. Homecoming Court Beams Approval of Festivities Basketball Homecoming Court, FRONT ROW Kathy Woods, Jana Mason, Danea Gordon, Anne Bassett, Ann Hendricks, Nancy Boggs. SECOND KOW Randy Tucker, Steve Thomas, Randy Gibson, Dale Barnard, Fred Flagle, Phil Olin. With a gracious smile, Jana Mason accepts her " queenly " roses from Ross Hughes. Bearing the queen ' s crown and roses, little Becky McKinney and Jimmy Hoskins are the center of attraction. Everybody seems to want the basketball, or at least so it seems from this picture. Seniors Tom Dougherty and Larry Sutter give their support to Wally Olin while he fights for the ball with a couple of Chartrand High School players. Completely fooled by guard Greg Pool ' s fake, a Chartrand player goes up while Greg makes a good pass for an assist. Phil Barker, winner of theis year ' s Plummer Award for mental attitude, gets a break on the other team. With his usual look of determination Larry Sutter drives on a Lawrence Central player. Reaching for the stars? No, just the normal thrashing around for a rebound. Sophomore standout Mark McKinney fights for the ball with one of the many opponents our team beat this year. Throughout all the action, our loyal cheerleaders urge our team on to victory. Young Team Shoots Its Way to a Winning Season Following the example given them by the football team, our basketball team shot its way to a winning season — our best in many years. Using unselfish teamwork, this year ' s young team won 13 of its con- test while only dropping eight. Our team was led in scoring by Dan McConnell; but as a whole, our team had very balanced scoring. Phil Barker, the defensive hawk of the team, kept the other players on their toes and the fans on the edge of their seats with his actions. We should have a good team next year, too. This year ' s reserve team had a very good season, just losing a few close games. Also, the freshmen showed promise in their games. Coach Knoop did a very good job this year. After a disastrous season last year, he squeezed a winning season from his boys. In addition, our boys displayed fine showmanship and pride in themselves at the Franklin Sectionals when we played Decatur. They fought a hard battle and almost won; however, due to that funny thing called fate, the breaks did not fall by our wayside. All of the fans cheered as if to say, " We ' ll get them ne.xt vear! " As happened often, Tom Dougherty leaps above everybody else to control a tip. Who said that we did not have height? Look how much taller Dan McConnell appears than Law- rence Central ' s players. Or is this an illusion? Wrestlers Take Second in State-For Second Time Coach Morgan s wrestlers completed another highly successful season. While losing only one dual meet, they had their most success in tournament competition. Had we received a little help from fate, our record may have been even better. This year our wrestlers firmly established our reputation as a wres- tling powerhouse. Senior Dale Barnard earned unprecedented recognition for a FCHS athlete when he received the Mumby Award as the outstanding wrestler in the entire statewide tournament. In the past three years he has placed second, and won his class the other two years. Juniors John Smith and John Denien and sophomore Hank Clouse also wrestled with great skill and suc- cess. Along with Dale they helped our team to another truly championship season. John Smith, runner-up for FCHS in this year ' s state tournament, limbers up for another match. Dale Barnard clamps his feared " figure-four " on one of the 22 opponents he whipped this year. A senior, he will leave a very large vacuum on next year ' s team. Coach Morgan gives some last minute instructions to his heavy weight wrestler, Steve Dieck. SEASON RECORD FCHS 40 Ben Davis 15 FCHS 24 Southport 20 FCHS 28 Lawrence 22 FCHS 22 Warren Central 22 FCHS 32 Beech Grove 14 FCHS 36 Anderson 16 FCHS 44 Manual 10 FCHS 32 Mater Dei 16 FCHS 14 Bloomington 33 FCHS 31 Northwest 13 FCHS 36 Decatur Central 24 FCHS 32 University School 14 County Tourne Third Sectional Second Regionals Second State Tourney Second Most valuable reserve wrestler, Phil Utterback, controls another opponent. Another wrestler realizes that John Denien, a sectional wrestling champ, is too rough to handle. Baseball: Thrilling Action for Few Spectators Senior Larry Sutler held the difficult and sometimes dangerous job of catcher. Ron Rockey, one of the stalwarts on the baseball team and only a junior, gets one of his numerous hits. Exhibiting almost perfect form, pitcher Joe Cougill unleashes his pitch. The physical and mental exertion clearly shows on Randy Gibson ' s face. With the meet still under way, Phil Shott and Dennis Sisk worry about the meet ' s results. Trackmen Have Successful Season on Cinders The human dragster, Ross Hughes, prepares to blast out of the With almost complete physical effort, Mike Dougherty heaves the blocks. shot. i 1 . if jfy- » 1 i This year ' s number one player on our golf team, Joe Crahn, hits a putt, which he hopes will go " in " the hole. Improving Golfers Finish Another Season Senior Henry Oglesby blasts his way out of a sand trap. The two most important pieces of a golfer ' s equipment, the club and ball. McKinney Is Tennis Team ' s Hope for the Future Mark McKinnev executes a difficult back hand shot. With a look of determination, Joe Sergi returns a shot. Phil Utterback, who has really improved this year, executes the ofiFensive move in tennis — the rush to the net for the kill. Underclassmen Improve While They Have Fun Freshmen Basketball, FRONT ROW B. Lyons, G. Woods, G. Lawson, T. Trimble, J. McCullough, G. Younce, J. Rode, R. Hawk, D. Sisk. SECOND ROW: Coach Harpold, R. Swingle, G. Hultquisl, J. Pease, D. Cooper, T. Brown, P. Olin, L. Dahl, P. Morgan. Reserve Basketball, FRONT ROW: J. Lawrence, D. Childress. J. Fiers, D. McFarland, K. McFar- land. SECOND ROW: D. Rockey, J. Grahn, D. Driml, J. Bymaster, N. Clodf elter, K. Freese. Varsity Basketball, FRONT ROW: G. Pool, P. Barker, J. Cougill, P. Shott, R. Rockey. SECOND ROW: L. Sutter, B. Dougherty, P. Olin, D. McConnell, T. Dougherty, M. McKinney. FCHS Basketball coaches: Mr. Richard Harpold, Freshman; Mr. Marvin Knoop, Varsity; Mr. Norman Starkey, Reserve. The Future of F.C. Fall Sports Is Bright VARSITY FRONT ROW; R. Hughes, J. Kirkham, L. Kesterson, J. Modlin, G. Sutherland, P. Young, T. Kraft, R. Tucker, J. Sergi. SECOND ROW M. Perry— mgr, S. Thomas, D. Cinder, M. Dougherty, M. Shaffer, J. Cougill, P. Barker, J. Ritter, D. Crago. THIRD ROW S. Whitesides, K. Oakley, C. Austin, D. Chaney, W. Clin, C. Burton, T. Dougherty, C. Ritter, S. Rabourn— mgr. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL— FRONT ROW: E. Ridout, N. Hale, P. Morgan, F. Worrell, T. Schilling, J. Cox, J. Pease. SECOND ROW: T. Trimble — mgr, G. Motley, D. Searcy, J. Large, P. Olin, D. Sutherland, D. Sweeny, S. Fonts, Coach Harpold. THIRD ROW: N. Belton, E. Berry, L. Gosser, " T. Cunningham, R. Hawk, J. Trout, P. Burris, D. Meachum r 44 l .33 I m t m ml m ..26 CROSS COUNTRY— FRONT ROW: D. Sisk, R. Kattav, M. McKinney, P. Shott, H. Yensel, R. Rockey, B. Townsend, D. Smith— Mgr. SECOND ROW; G. Pool, J. Fiers, R. Swengel, G. Younce, K. Ereese, T. Hosier, R. Lamberth, M. Cole. FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS: Peggy Schmidt, Mary Stilla- bower, Patti Brandt, Nancy Boggs, Kathy Cunningham. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: Kathy Hollcraft, Jackie Burton, Nancy McFarland, Beth Baird. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Ann Bassett, Rita Vuskalns, Donna Horn, Jana Mason, Darla Mason. Varsity Wrestling, FRONT ROW : J. Burris. S. Rabourn, J. Smith, J. Denien, H. Clouse, D. Barnard, P. Young, S. Thomas, K. Oakley. Reserve Wrestling, SECOND ROW: J. Rabourn, R. Entrekin, R. Robinson, P. Utterback, D. Chaney, R. Franklin, S. Dieck. Wrestling ' s counterpart of a football team ' s huddle, our team meets in the center of the mat, before the meet starts, to plot strategy and try to relax. Wrestling Coaches Successful in Their Job Wrestling coaches: Mr. William Reed, Reserve Coach; Mr. Al Morgan, Coach of the Varsity State- runner up team; and Mr. John Gruner, Reserve Coach. Mark Barkley gets all tangled up with his wrestling opponent. Senior Dale Barnard proudly holds his outstanding wrestler trophy, the Mumby Award. Spring Sports Build Endurance and Stamina Golf, Coach Gruner, M. Fisher, J. Grahn, H. Oglesby, I. Maze, J. Lawrence, M. Barkley, R. Franklin, D. Bosenburg. ■ " f-mvimi, Baseball, FRONT ROW: M. Swartz, J. Raboum, P. Barker, J. Cougill, G. Sutherland, D. McFarland, D. Hanner, R. Rockey, M. Shaffer. SECOND ROW: Mr. Starkey, J. Munson, A. Thomas, L. Lowes, C. Burton, G. Austin, L. Sutter, D. Driml, Coach Knoop. Track, FRONT ROW: D. Smith, Mr. Hoskins, P. Morgan, R. Hughes, R. Sutherland, Mr. Hanni. SECOND ROW: D. Sisk, H. Yensel, B. Townsend, J. Andry, L. Sheets, R. Kattau, T. Brown, J. Trimble, R. Lamberth. W. McDaniels. THIRD ROW: J. Fiers, J. Lamberth, P. Shott, R. Dougherty, D. Chaney, J. Bymaster, T. Dougherty, C. Sizemore, G. Younce, R. Gibson, T. Smith. Tennis, FRONT ROW: D. Meacham, L. Dahl, S. Raboum, J. Lucas, S. Aldrich. SECOND ROW: Mr. Harpold, J. Sergi, D. Zerfas, M. McKinney, G. Garber, P. Ulterback. Extra-curricular activities of FCHS organi- zations were the key to the unity of FCHS students. Club services contributed their share to FCHS spirit. Teachers who served as club sponsors became aware of the social side of their students ' activities while the students came to realize their teachers as being just human and when given the chance quite en- joyable. STUDENT COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: L. Giroud, J. Wood, A. Vuskalns. R. Neal, N. Emmert, R. Hughes, D. Barnard, R. Westby, A. Bassett, A. Emhardt, S. Walker, N. Boggs. SECOND ROW: Miss Cornwell, M. McDaniel, B. Lyons, M. Stillabower, S. Peek, A. Hendricks, J. Burton, K. Ford, D. Smith, R. Piepenbrok, L Utterback, B. Schumacher, Mr. Cline. THIRD ROW: T. Boyer, K. Trotter, P. Lewis, J. Coxhead, G. Candler, K. McFarland, R. Rockey, R. Reed, M. Barclay, J. Fires, C. Younce, R. McBee, J. Hedrick, D. Horn. BACK ROW: P. Utterback, D. Crago, T. Schilling, J. l.amberth, M. Dougherty, T. Dougherty, W. Olin, D. Reasoner, P. Olin, M. Westphal, T. Kracht, D. Rockey, B. Fraley, D. Morgan. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: FRONT ROW: J. Lowery, R. Piepenbrok, R. Vuskalns, D. Mason, C. Grahn, D. Cinder, T. Hubble, S. Fishburn. SECOND ROW: Z. Meador, Y. Mason, I. Utterback, J. Kitley, C. Cougill, J. Mason, K. Ford, B. Waterman. THIRD ROW: L. Carlson, R. Entrekin, M. Garriot, W. Olin, D. Barnard, R. Westby. BACK ROW: D. Reasoner, S. Coxhead, R. Gibson, D. Wilson, Mrs. Thomas. SIGMA MV MEMBERS EN- CASED IN FLASK: FRONT ROW: K. Martin, R. Entrekin, Mrs. Richwine, J. Oglesby, R. Bell. SECOND ROW: J. Lowery, M. Linn, B. Tandy. THIRD ROW; J. Hendrick, J. Tandy. FOURTH ROW: S. Coxhead, M. Probst. FIFTH ROW: D. Crago, R. Westby. SIXTH ROW: S. Dieck, M. Garriott. THE ART CLLTB ' S PALETTE: FRONT ROW: S. Sweeney, R. Pie- penbrok, S. Gray, C. Howard. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Prickett, D. Rigdon, S. Craig. THIRD ROW: D. Radeliffe, P. Coy, M. Parish. FOURTH ROW: S. Patterson, J. Sergi. LIBRARIANS: FRONT HOW P. Lewis, M. Cavallaro, C. O ' Neal, M. Arvin, B. Ennis, L. Morgan. BACK ROW: C. Sheets, M. Eddy, K. Drager, P. Bertram, Mrs. Shutt, K. Kolp, J. Horton, B. Czerny. Students Assist Everyone Via Visual Aids PROJECTIONISTS: FRONT ROW: M. Swartz, J. Veal, J. Ra- C. Sheets. BACK ROW: T. Hamilton, B. Fraley, M. Cole, D. bourn, N. Belton, D. Hurst. SECOND ROW: J. Smith, P. Bertram, Wilkins, J. Fraley, K. Harmon, J. Lucas. Clubs Chosen Are Parallel to Vocation FUTURE TEACHERS: FRONT ROW: K. Ford, B. Waterman, J. Kitley, M. Geier. SECOND ROW: R. Vuskalns, R. Bell, R. Evans, C. VanTreese, K. Wambsganss. THIR D ROW: S. Fishbum, N. Lowe, R. Neal, J. Southwood, C. Grahn, M. Linn. FOURTH ROW: D. Barnard, R. Piepenbrok, C. Allen, T. Keller, V. Mason, ]. Lowery, C. Kesterson. FIFTH ROW: R. Westby, C. Cougill, D. Dahl, L Utterback, D. Horn, L. Utter, P. Utterback. SIXTH ROW: Mr. Eastes, M. Probst, M. Perry, C. Burton, Y. Macaluso, A. Bassett, L. Wickliff, K. Oakley, T. Kracht. " HOUSING " F.C. HOMEMAKERS ARE: FRONT ROW: M Heston, M. Dowdy, J. Rieman, B. L. Hendrick, J. Massey, M Moore, N. Emmert, J. Paul, D. Bridgewater, C. Worthington SECOND ROW: L. Francis, S. Skiles, C. King, K. Wambsganss N. Neal, W. Howard, F. Aulby, J. Williams, B. Viles, M. Souders E. Jones, J. Fuquay. THIRD ROW: J. Penney, M. Whitsit, S. Luby C. Austin, D. Drager, N. Lowe, R. Neal, B. Parish, K. Kolp, D Rosemeyer, K. Friddle, S. Clark, S. Craig, B. Curl, V. Rejko FOURTH ROW: C. Wicker, S. Robertson, J. Martin, D. Kemper, S. Peek, C. Pratt, B. Vernon, K. Anderson, J. Murray, L. Monday, P. Bertram, M. Cavallaro, J. Westerman, S. Layman, R. Vuskalns, D. Lucas. FIFTH ROW: C. VanTreese, L. Worrell, C. Sheets, S. Lechner, P. Cole, K. Young, C. Allen, T. Keller, L. Stephens, L. Reeves. K. Woods. I. Utterback. SIXTH ROW: D. Deerberg, D. Rigdon. ' " ' J k V fCWmmSm j Wtejafe ll[m ' • ' nh Jr ' £ 1 FUTURE NURSES ' CAPPED " : FRONT ROW: C. King, L. Yokem, M. Cavallaro, R. Neal, C. Woolman, M. Linn, S. Brown, R. Bell, P. Bertram, B. Storm, L. Morgan. SECOND ROW: L. Shay, B. McCullough, K. Layman, W. Howard, E. Kamplain, J. Wood, B. Ward, J. Murray, T. Butler, M. Arvin, D. Flannery, P. Aulby. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Peterson, S. Layman, N. Allen, L. Walker, S. Skiles, L. Frances, C. Wicker, S. Clark, E. McDaniels. FOURTH ROW: C. Peterson, T. Hubble, B. Hayes, F. Tawney, D. Hender- son, K. Young. FIFTH ROW: S. Miller, K. Garriott, D. Croxton, D. Buchanan, J. Southwood. BACK ROW: C. Pfendler, B. Poole, B. Sipes, A. Battle. FNA, SSS Symbolize Patience, Responsibility SUNSHINE: FRONT ROW: L. Giroud, Y. Macaluso, L. Shay, L. Hendrick, C. King, K. Wambsganss, P. McClain, C. Gibson, D. Kemper, J. Westerman, B. Curl, J. Wood, T. Flannery, S. Kafoure, C. Walker. SECOND ROW S. Clark, D. Flannery, J. Harmon, B. Storm, C. Worthington, Y. Mason, N. McFarland, B. Parish, K. Kolp, D. Kraft, T. Butler, N. Emmert, A. Lancaster, J. Martin, B. Ward, B. Hayes, Mrs. Wessel. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ernstes, E. Westby, C. Peterson, R. Chestnut, B. McCurdy, S. Smith, M. Stoehr, C. Gaier, S. Peek, M. McDaniel, R. Jeffs, D. King, L. Mor- gan, W. Howard, L. Wilcher, K. Cunningham, E. Jones, D. Pollard. FOURTH ROW: S. Hiatt, L. Worrell, S. Craig, C. Sheets, S. Lowell, D. Woods, K. Young, L. Utter, B. Tandy, S. Webb, S. Fishburn, D. Cinder, J. Mason, C. Cougill, V. Gray, K. Ford. BACK ROW J. Kitley, C. Allen, T. Keller, T. Kramer, B. Poole, R. Piepenbrok, D. Smith, R. Bradshaw, B. Waterman, F. Tawney, S. Lechner, C. Wicker, K. Freese, N. Fox, A. Brandii, K. Drager, Z. Meador. PEP CLUB: FRONT ROW: J. Penney, D. Cinder, Y. Macaluso, J. Wood, B. Ward, A. Lancaster, S. Stayte, C. Grahn, E. Kamplain, J. Martin, J. Murray. SECOND ROW: N. Emmert, J. Robertson, R. Piepenbrok, C. Miller, J. Southwood, P. Gatewood, R. Clark, K. Trotter, P. Lewis, P. Schmidt, S. Brown, L. Wilcher, C. Sheets, K. Anderson, Mrs. Crise. THIRD ROW: M. Stil labower, C. Kesterson, J. McCee, M. Sutherland, B. Schumacher, C. Pfendler, K. Cunning- ham, M. Stoehr, B. Tandy, R. Bradshaw, C. Hiatt, K. Woods, D. Thomas, B. Parish, T. Butler, L. Yokem. FOURTH ROW: R. Neal, N. Lowe, N. McFarland, B. Brandt. D. Pierson, D. Henderson, L. Hollis, M. Eddy, M. Smith, P. McClain, B. Storm, J. Harmon, K. Drager, B. Viles, K. Wambsganss, A. Hendricks. BACK ROW: E. Jones, L. Hendrick, P. Brandt, K. Hollcraft, J. Coxhead, S. Peek, C. Pratt, B. Vernon, T. Davis, N. Neal, D. Buchanan, T. Hine, B. Baird, L. Shay, R. Berry, D. Piepenbrok, J. Burton, J. Kitley, E. McDaniel. Enthusiasm Evoked by Energetic Leaders CLOVERLEAF SYMBOLIZES JUNIOR LEADERS: FRONT ROW: R. Vuskalns, J. Martin, T. Brown, I. Maze, P. McClain, C. King, Mr. Morgan, C. VanTreese, S. Brown. SECOND ROW: M. Stoehr, R. Franklin, D. Searcy, N. Atkinson, S. Smale, R. Entrekin, L. Utter, J. Kitley, A. Hendricks, K. Young, B. Baird, S. Peek. THIRD ROW: P. Cole, M. McDaniel, S. Miller, E. McDaniel, B. Brandt, G. Edwards, J. Ritter, E. Hittle. FOURTH ROW: J. Lowes, D. King, D. Ritter, M. Cole, S. Fishbum, B. McCurdy, C. Grahn. FIFTH ROW: P. Schmidt, Y. Macaluso, I. Utterback. SIXTH ROW: C. Sizemore, T. Smith. BACK ROW: C. Burton, C. Ritter. G.A.A.: FRONT ROW; L. Marlin, M. Pauley. D. Henderson, D. Parker, B. Viles, K. Wambsganss, P. Aulby, C. King, S. Clark, D. Dahl, D. Kraft, M. Whitsit. SECOND ROW: S. Peek, M. Stoehr, K. Cunningham, P. Schmidt, L. Wilcher, B. Curl, D. King, J. Cox- head, V. Cottle, C. Pratt, K. Trotter, A. Bassett, D. Broadstreet, D. Lucas, L. Macaluso. THIRD ROW: P. Brandt, J. Lowes, S. Kafoure, C. Marks, J. Penny, T. Flannery, S. Clark, D. Drager, S. Lechner, J. Lowery, C. Cougill, W. Howard, R. Piepenbrok, T. Geier, T. Hine. BACK ROW: N. McFarland, K. Anderson, A. Lancaster, A. Vuskalns, C. Gibson, L. Reeves, P. Carver, K. Bessenback, N. Meal, N. Lowe, C. Miller, J. Murray, S. Luby, M. Whitsit, E. Mc- Daniel, Mrs. Crise. GAA Events Aid Physical Fitness; Whereas TRI-HI-Y: FRONT ROW: J. McGee, L. Shay. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Miner, J. Mason J. Kitley. THIRD ROW: D. Horn, J. Martin R. Vuskalns, R. Bell, A. Vuskalns. FOURTH ROW: C. Grahn, J. Kitley, R. Evans, L Utter back, V. Mason, J. Southwood, A. Lancaster, A. Bassett. FIFTH ROW; D. Mason, N McFarland, S. Fishburn, C. Cougill, J Lowery, C. Pfendler, S. Clark, S. Brown, C Kesterson. BACK ROW: V. Rejko, B Waterman, D. Dahl, D. Smith, R. Piepenbrok C. Allen, B. Poole, J. Burton, A. Hendricks A. McDaniel. GAA: FRONT ROW: K. Layman, N. Emmert. M. McDaniel. S. Miller, D. Morrow, K. Freese. E. Lowery, L. Hollis, D. Pierson. D. Richardson, C. Hall, E. Westby, P. Lewis, B. Brandt, B. Baird. SECOND ROW : D. Howard, J. Woods, B. Ward. P. McBee, B. MeCurdy, L. Hendrick, J. Robertson, D. Rosemeyer, L. Giroud, D. Flannery, J. Harmon, A. Hendricks, L. Yokem, B. Storm, S. Webb, C. Gaier. THIRD ROW: R. Berry, L. Shay, J. Kitley, D. Piepen- brok, K. Woods, t. Keller, C. Allen, K. Kolp. T. King, P. Cole, M. Heston, C. Sheets, M. Stillabower, N. Fox, R. Vuskalns, C. Peters. BACK ROW: B. Vernon, K. Dieck, K. Drager, P. Ward, M. Eddy, M. Smith, T. Boyer, D. Thomas. A. Brandli. L. Boyer. D. Woods, P. McClain, A. Battle, T. Davis. B. Schumacher, K. Holl- craft. Hi-Ys ' Stimulate Attitude, Reverence, and Service Hi-Y: FRONT ROW: D. Smith. SECOND ROW: M Shearer, S. Rabourn. THIRD ROW: K. Skelton, S. Humphries, D. Sisk. FOURTH ROW: V. Breedlove, M. Shaffer, J. Monson. B. Foist. FIFTH ROW: D. Phillips, J. Sergi, S. Whiteside, D. McClain, L. Mc- Farland. SIXTH ROW: R. Hughes, R. Tucker, L. Wickliff, T. Kracht. A. Thomas, P. Shott. BACK ROW : L. Davidson. R. Spencer. C. Burton, Mr. Reed, T. Dougherty. L. Sutter. S. Thomas. KEY TO THE FLASHBACK IS THE STAFF: FRONT: D. Goodman, K. Wood, B. Lyons. SECOND ROW: V. Rejko, C. Pfendler, THIRD ROW: D. Deerberg, R. VVestby, R. Marling. FOURTH ROW: C. Grahn, B. Miles, P. Bertram, C. Austin. FIFTH ROW: B. Poole. Miss Woodruff, Z. Meador. PILOT FLASH STAFF: SEATED: T. Butler, Miss Cornwell, S. Fishburn. STANDING: R. Piepenbrok, C. Kesterson, T. Boyer, J. Harmon, S. Coxhead, S. Rabourn, B. Dougherty, S. Diec k, D. Goodman, K. Ford, J. Lowery. DEBATE TEAM: STANDING: I. Maze, Mr. Cook, C. Kesterson, H. Oglesby. SEATED: J. McGee, J. Mason, R. Westby, R. Evans. SPEECH CLUB SMILES FROM PODI- UM: FRONT ROW : I. Maze, B. Hayes, D. Gordon, D. Dahl, H. Oglesby. SEC- OND ROW: A. Lancaster, J. McGee, J. Westerman, J. Wood. THIRD ROW: B. McCowan, S. Clark. FOURTH ROW: K. Anderson, D. Cinder. FIFTH ROW: S. Rabourn, C. Kesterson, S. Schuler. SI.XTH ROW: J. .Mason, R. Evans. D. Thomas, C. VanTreese. BACK ROW : T. Boyer, S. Coxhead, J. Oglesby, M. Probst, R. Vvestby, J. Lamberth. Music Ensemble Dazzles Audiences with Talent DANCEBAND: FRONT ROW. M. Hall, J. Williams, G. Shay, T. Kracht, S. Thomas. SECOND ROW: (At piano) R. Weslby, M. Barclay, D. Sisk, P. Morgan, B. Schumacher, D. Wilson, P. Uttcr- batk, W. Wilson. BACK ROW: Mr. Ferris, B. Miles, D. Morgan, D. Reasoner. A •CHOIRED " EIGHTH NOTE: FRONT ROW: L. Shay, S. Luby, M. Whitsit, L. Walker, D. Kamplain, J. Fuquay, P. McClain. J. Massey. SECOND ROW : P. Lewis, L. Rieck, D. Howard, S. Clark, C. Wisdom, D. Bridgewater, K. Moore, L. Moore. THIRD ROW: L. Monday, P. Reimer, S. Macaluso, D. Kraft, D. Horn, L. Smith, S. Grady, D. Henderson. FOL RTH ROW : C. Dierdorf, C. Dicken- son, B. McCowan, K. Baker. FIFTH ROW: P. Cole, B. Waterman, N. Lowe, M. Smith, B. Sipes, D. Woods, S. Lowe, C. Cougill, C. Gibson, M. Land. BACK ROW: L. Jackson, R. Reel, W. Broad- street, F. Homsby, M. Wampner, A. Andry, J. Hunter, J. Cougill, D. Hilton,]. Bymaster. MAJORETTES: FRONT ROW: J. Kitley. SECOND ROW: R. Evans, C. Cougill, D. Kemper, S. Stayte. THIRD ROW : D. Pol- lard, K. Baker. K. Woods, V. Cottle, T. Butler, Y. Macaluso. FOURTH ROW: J. Lowery, S. Macaluso, N. Emmert, M. Suther- land, V. Green, D. Cinder, C. Lancaster, A. Vuskalns. CHORUS ILLUSTRATES DOTTED QUARTER NOTE: FRONT ROW: W. Moore, S. Hunt, P. Brandt, D. Broadstreet, S. Walker, P. Schmidt. SECOND ROW: M. Matthews, K. Layman, C. Peters, C. Metzer. M. Pauley, L. Wilcher. D. Dahl, Mr. Ferris. THIRD ROW: J. Veal, M. Perry. N. Fox, N. Boggs, L. Macaluso. S. Webb. FOURTH ROW : K. Williams. R. Carlson. R. Jeffs. D. Sisk. FIFTH ROW: M. Kitchens. M. McDaniel. M. Stoehr. E. Berry. SIXTH ROW: P. Gatewood. R. Clark. S. Miller, D. Searcy. Singers Epitome of Entertainment; VLM of Skill FRANKLIN CENTRAL SINGERS: FRONT Mr. Ferris. SEC- OND ROW; J. Kitley, B. Hayes, D. Dahl, K. Ford, D. Pollard, R. Bell. BACK ROW: L. Carlson, F. Barker, L. Sutler, T. Kracht, D. Wilson, R. Marling, D. Morgan. LETTERMEN EARN THEIR SWEATERS: FRONT ROW B. Townsend, S. Rabourn, D. Hanner, D. Sisk. SECOND ROW: J. Lamberth, J. Cougill, J. Sergi, G. Pool, L. Sheets, M. Shaffer, R. Katlau. THIRD ROW: H. Yensel, M. Dougherty, D. Barnard, T. Dougherty, P. Utterback, R. Hughes, M. Perry, K. Oakley, P. Barker. FOURTH ROW: P. Shott, T. Green, S. Whiteside, C. Bitter, C. Burton, S. Thomas, J. Monson, L. Sutter, R. Gibson. BACK ROW: W. Clin, M. McKinney, M. McConnell. PERCUSSION: FRONT ROW: S. Aldrich, R. Ritter, D. Morgan, Westby, B. Miles, L. Marlin, A. Brandli, D. Sweeney, M. Shimer, R. Reed, R. Hughes, L. Wickliff, G. Hunter. BACK ROW: E. B. Baird. Percussion and Horns Add Rhythm, Background HORNS: FRONT ROW: R. Entrekin, D. Reasoner. J. Ritter, J. Pease. BACK ROW: S. Dieck, S. Smale, C. Ritter, G. Motley, R. Marling. CLARINETS: FRONT ROW: M. Lowes, B. Ward, R. Vuskalns, K. Cunningham, J. Lowes, K. Friddle, D. Richardson, C. Hall, N. Atkinson. BACK ROW: E. McDaniel, B. Cooper, T. Davis, D. Piepenbrok, J. Wesseler, M. Garriol, G. Edwards, S. Kuner, M. Linn. TROMBONES: A. Bassett, S. Kafoure, P. Utterback, P. Williams, J. Hunter, W. Wilson, M. Muncy, D. Wilson. SAXOPHONES: G. Garber, T. Kracht, S. Thomas, J. Fulbright, M. Hall, J. Oglesby, R. Franklin, J. Williams, D. Buchanan, M. Shearer. TRUMPETS: FRONT ROW: T. Butler, D. Chanev, P. Morgan, R. Day. D. Searcy. SECOND ROW: J. Burris, M. Shearer, R. Hunter, M. Swartz , D. Phillips, C. Muncy, I. Maze, B. Schumach- er, D. Sisk. BACK ROW: P. Barker. T. Schilling, M. Barclay, D. Kafoure, D. Driml, D. Foley, N. Fox. Melody Contributed by Trumpets and Flutes FLUTES: FRONT ROW: I. Utterback, L. Shay, J. Kitley, R. Bell. BACK ROW: B. Poole, K. Gar- riot, A. Hendricks, E. Lowery, E. Deal. Hard Work for School Done by Administration Discussing school operations and their financing, Mr. Rieble, Vice- ponder over the rising school budget. These are just a few of the Principal, Mr. Mason, Superintendent, and Mr. Taylor, Principal, duties that are fulfilled during the year. The school board is selected by the citizens of Franklin Township this year ' s responsibilities are Howard Martin, Morris Green, May- to govern our school. The 1968 members who were concerned with nard Smith, Don Gleason, and Omar J. Smith. The school board, advised b the superintendent, has various jobs such as setting policies for buildings, course changes, has the final say in policy and money matters, and so on. The superintendent controls the spending of the budget, issues money for concerns of the schools, hiring teachers, and ordering supplies of various kinds. Scheduling the teachers, making sure there is a substitute, and making decisions on the operation of the high school are just a few of the man ' jobs of the principal and vice-principal. The varied duties of the counselors are helping stu- dents select courses, planning for the future, and plan- ning for programs. Without the help of those listed above, we would not be prepared to meet the happiness and unhappi- ness of the future. We owe you all a well-deserved thank ou. One of the more familiar faces in the Guidance office is Miss Good. Her work is mostly with curriculum, but she does give advice on schedules and future plans. Two important people around F.C. are Mrs. Jones, the secretary, and Mrs. Hughes, who is in charge of the bookstore. Both are kept very busy during the da . Mrs. Westby. a versatile member of Franklin Central ' s staff, divides her time and talents between managing the clinic and teach- ing family living. Convention One of Many Highlights of Year Harold Lee Allen John David Andry Carol Lvnn Austin Gregory Austin Dwight Douglas Baird Kathrvn Ann Baker Philip L. Barker Dale Barnard Anne Bassett Nationalist, Doug Reasoner, Plat- form Committee chairman, reads the platform as National Chairman, Larry Sutter, presides. as Nats and Feds Prepare for Battle Vic Breedlove Steve James Brown Clark Burton Jerry Lee Carrier Patricia A. Caughey Ruth Chestnut Shirley Jo Clark Christine L. Cougill Steven Lee Coxhead Paul E. Coy Shannon Kaye Craig Federalist, Dale Barnard, makes his acceptance speech as a candidate for Representative while National Chairman, Vic Breedlove, looks on. 3M I t Varied Decisions Made by Competent Officers One of many decisions is being made b Senior class officers Rand Gib- son, president: Dale Bar- nard, vice-president; Barbara Waterman, sec- retary; and Oanea Gor- don, treasurer. Roger D. Crist Debra Lynn Croxton Deborah L. Dahl Charles ayne Davenport Dena Lynn Decrberg Cherie La on Dierdorf Dale R. Dodd Thomas Edw ard Dougherty Ruth Ann Evans Class of ' 68, One of Several Firsts sheila Jane Fishburn Mark Douglas Fisher Bruce Lee Foist Catherine Ellen Ford Linda Elaine Francis Dvid M. Garrett Jeff Charles Gibson Randv Lee Gibson lA Wmk Larr Sheets ind Ron Robinson reminisce as they eat their last chicken dinner as students. 1 - A r : S ' -dikm f ri h 1 a iSak i ' Vi J i l M K I The graduating class sought and achieved unprece- dented goals. They were the first to win the award for the best class skit in the Blue and White Revue for two con- secutive years. As juniors, " Evil Never Triumphs " led them to victory. " Down with Mother Goose " was their final class-winning effort. In addition, each float the ' constructed as hon- ored as the best in the competition. During convention activities, Inez Utterback became the first girl to win the candidacy for Representative. Mason and Sutter Reign as Queen and King Darlene Marie Ginder Gertrude Goad Sharon Goins Debra Kay Goodmar Danea Sue Gordon Sandra Gray Homecoming festivities are impor- tant events which take place each year at Franklin Central. This year ' s annual homecoming dance is highlighted as Queen Jana Ma- son crowns Larry Sutter 1968 Basketball Homecoming King. Senior Members of Homecoming Court Exert Joy Senior members of the homecoming court are escorts Steve Thomas (taking King Sutter ' s place). Randy Gibson, and Dale Barnard, Queen Mason, and former queen candidates Danea Cordon and Anne Bassett. Terry A. Green Jim Hart Bettie Jo Hayes Romelda Hipp Christy Ann Howard Deborah Darlene Howard Teri Hubble Ross Hughes Larry C. Jackson Many Varied Decisions of Individual Making important individual decisions, such as choosing an- nouncements and cards, is not an easy thing to do. Here. Danea Gordon and Tom Dougherty experience the con- fusion of these decisions. Many other seniors experience the same feeling. Doug Kafoure Delores Elaine Kemper Janie Kitley J. Debbie Kraft Sharon L. Layman Janet Lowery Effie Marie Lowes Bobbie Lyons Yolanda L. Macaluso Importance Need To Be Made by Seniors Rex Marling Dean Richard Marsh Jana Lynn Mason Vicki Yvonne Mason Martin Ray Massey Irvin Gene Maze Dave MeClain Brenda McCowan Zella Meador Gregg Austin ' s decision to take part in this class discussion may inspire his fellow classmates to do the same. Important decisions are always hard to make. During years before, decisions have been made concerning classes, rings, or organizations. Dur- ing the last year of school, however, some of the most important decisions of one ' s life may be made. College will be in the future of some graduates. Jobs await others. Certainly decisions concerning school are im- portant, but each senior must realize one thing. Our decisions are just beginning. " Sabrina Fair " Proves to Be a Success William A. Miles Jr. Connie Sue Miller Jim Monson David Morgan Charles Louis Muncy, Jr David Neal Naue David Clark Norman Ronald Gene Nottingham Henry Robert Oglesby Sabrina ' s French beau, played by Mike Probst, creates quite a stir in the Larrabee household with his somewhat un- expected arrival. He is greeted by Mrs. Larra- bee, played by Jana Mason, and David Lar- rabee, played by Henry Oglesby. Senior Play Displays Much Hidden Talent People just don ' t fall in love with their servant ' s daughter. This is the idea Irvin Maze, as Linus Larrabee, tries to get across to his son, David, when he discovers that David is in love with Sabrina. Robert S. Patterson Mark Daniel Perry Robert Peters Cheryl Peterson Dennis Gene Phillips Ruth Ann Piepenbrok Linda Pierson Debra Kay Pollard Greg Pool Blue and White Revue Skit Is One of Protest Pandemonium breaks out in the make believe world of nursery rhymes when characters protest mistreatment by Mother Goose as the seniors present " Down With Mother Goose. " Rebecca Lee Poole Mike Probst Carroll Puckett Cheryl Ann Rabourn Daniel Radcliffe Doug Reasoner Vicki Lynn Rejko Tom Repass Lois Jean Rieck Mother Goose Is Proclaimed a Grand Old Goose Donna Rigdon Charlie Bitter Ron Robinson Mary-Had-A-Little-Lamb, played by Bettie Hayes, con- vinces protestors that they are wrong. ,As a result. Mother Goose was declared " A Grand Old Goose " and Bettie received the Best In- dividual Performance award. Last Duties as F.C. Students Bring Back Lucille Shepherd Sandy Shepherd William D. Sircy For a senior, it is always a relief to get that last term paper finished and turned in. Remember how hesitant you were when you did the-first one? You just knew you were doing it all wrong. The last speech or oral report should be done with confidence and perfection. Your first one must have been a flop as scared as you were. Times have changed, however, and now you ' re a master at speeches. (Aren ' t you?) Calvin E. Sizemore James P. Skelton Stephany L. Skiles Deborah Kaye Smith Linda Lea Stephens Larry Sutter Francine Tawney Allen B. Thomas Memories of Previous Occasions to Seniors Steve Thomas Charles W. Trimble Linda J. Utter Inez Marie Utterback Lynn Ann Walker Barbara Waterman Don Watkins Gary Watkins Kon Westby The last locker clean out seems to be a needy one, es- pecially for Joe Sergi. At this time, seniors find many things that have been lost or forgotten for a time. This is a good time to take a quick flash back across all the busy events of the year. AdrJi Each of Seniors ' Unique Floats Takes Jean Ann Westerman Stephen Whiteside Dan Edward Wilson Diana Wisdom Karen Ann Wood Linda L. Worrell Carol J. Worthington Judy K. Wright Not pictured: Steven Jones Ray Hawk Christopher Walden Jack Lee Williams Class participation and co- operation once again pays off as 68er ' s " Whip the Huskieji. " First Place Award Since Freshman Year rmw m R As freshmen, the class of 1968 truly cashed in a victory with their first float. The present seniors are especialK proud of one particular achievement gained by them. This group of stu- dents produced an award-winning float every year during their high school career. It is quite evident that many long, hard hours of work went into each float. Without the help and co-oper- ation of many students, none of these floats would have been pos- sible. Students like these, ones w ho can and do help and work willfulK and sincerely, make a class as great as it is. The sophomore float. " Play On To Victory, " inspired the Flashes to win and produced a unique float for its makers. For their junior float, the class of ' 68 presented " Beat Em Or Bust. " The members of the Senior Class of 1968 prepare for one of their last activities as a part of Frank- lin Central ' s student body. Baccalaureate and Commencement Bring Close Each member of the class stands ready to face his future what ever it may bring. Reverend Lindstrom of the Southport Baptist Church reminds everyone to always hit first base. Graduation is both an ending and a beginning. This occasion marks the end of a phase of life to which we may never return except through thousands of treasured memories. The beginning it brings is that of an inexperienced life of unforeseen happen- ings. Graduation is a solemn time, for it is at this time we turn. We turn to our new life with high hopes and great expectations. We ' ll remember always GRADUATION DAY. to Wonderful Year Hard work and much study pays off in scholarships for several of the seniors. Jana Mason delivers the farewell address to her fellow classmates. In her speech, Jana refers to the future. Of her classmates and herself she says, " We are ready. " Franklin Central s 1968 Junior-Senior Prom, " Blue Heaven , was held at the Indiana Roof. Al Cobine provided the music by which the enchanted couples danced all evening. The senior wills were read throughout the evening, adding a touch of humor to the occasion. A hush spread over the entire room as Doug Crago and Vicki Crawford were crowned King and Queen of the Prom. Jane Kitley, the 1967 Prom Queen, crowned Doug after Vic Breedlove, the 1967 King, crowned Vicki. The reigning couple then led the ne. t dance, followed by the Prom Court and then everyone joined in. All these events made for a wonderful Prom. After being crowned King and Queen, Doug Crago and Vicki Crawford lead tfie Prom Court in a dance as tfie first duty of tfieir reign. Vicki and Doug Reign over ' ' Blue Heaven " J Members of the 1968 Prom Court are K. Anderson, C. Grahn, A. Lancaster, D. Mason, K. Woods, V. Crawford, T. Butler, T. Keller, C. Allen, D. Rosemeyer, M. McFarland. D. Ilanner, M. Dougher- ty, R. Tucker, L. McFarland, D. Crago, R. Rockey, VV. Olin, P. Shott, and R. Reed. Juniors Thrilled at Becoming Upper Classmen Connie Allen Kathy Anderson John Arnold Marion Arnold Steve Arvin Paul Beal Becky Beidelschies Roberta Bell Peggy Bertram Teresa Boyer George Bradley Gary Braun Creola Bray Donna Bridgewater Mike Bridgewater Sue Brown Mike Burgess Teresa Butler Linwood Carlson Mary Cavallaro Phil Cayton Dan Chaney Bill Ciriello Mike Cole Bob Cook Gordon Cox Doug Crago, V.-Pres. Vickie Crawford Brigitte Czerny Richard Day Steve Deckard John Denien Steve Dieck, Treas. Wilma Dillon Bill Dougherty Mike Dougherty Dee Drabing Cordon Edwards Nancy Emmert Rob Entrekin John Ewalt Jim Fishburn John Fraley Karen Friddle Bob Fussell Juniors Work Hard in Concession Stand but Mike Garriott Mark Geier Don Ginder Diana Goodman Claudia Grahn Jim Gray Vicki Green Cindy Hall Mike Hall David Hanner Pam Hart Dclbert Hilton Becky Hoard Doris Hopper Donna Horn Tim Hosier Wendy Howard Don Hurst Jim Jones Ellisa Kamplain Dee Dee Kattau Terry Keller Caranita Kesterson Larry Kesterson Trudv Kramer John Lamberth Alice Lancaster, Sec. Mary Lou Land Horace Lawson Melanie Linn Mr. Eastes helps the Junior Class with the concession stand by tak- ing care of the popcorn popper. Enjoy Building Up Their Funds for the Prom Terry Lippard Nancy Lowe Sue Lowe Sara Luby Phyllis McBee Becky McCullough Billy Jo McCurdy Walter McDaniel Larry McFarland Mike McFarland Joann McGee Sylvia Macaluso Jeanette Martin Darla Mason Millie Moore Joyce Murray Rexeen Neal Dale Nees Janet Nickolson Karl Oakley John Oglesby WallyOlin Brenda Parish Mike Parish Deloris Patterson Robert Penney Charlene Pfendler Cailen Phipps John Preuss Sam Rabourn Larry Reddick Rick Reed Eddie Reel Pat Reimer Debbie Richardson Pat Rigdon Ken Robertson Ron Rocky, Pres. Debbie Rosemeyer Susan Schuler Becky Schumacher Debbie Service Phil Shott Dennis Sisk Dale Smith Diligent Work Is Expressed on Junior Float John Smith Terry Smith Susan Peasley Martha Souders Janet Southwood Sanya Stayte Barbara Sullivan Ron Sutherland Susan Sweeny John Tames Jim Tandy Debbie Thomas Bill Townsend Randy Tucker Phil Utterback Not pictured: Judy Frengel, Janet Moore, Joe Modlin, Joyce Paul, Wayne Piepen- brok, Marilou Sutherland. Juniors display their talent of float building in " Victory-Go-Round. " " Pound the Huskies " Theme of Soph ' s Float Ed Ahearn Nancy Allen Ralph Anderson Allen Andry Mary Jo Arvin Peggy Aulby Befh Baird Gary Baldwin Mark Barclay Argatha Battle Sharon Baugh Rosanne Berry, Treas. Kay Bessenback Lonnie Blevins Greg Bowles Linda Boyer Barbara Brandt Manfred Braun Wendell Broadstreet Mark Brown Debbie Buchanan Jeff Burns Jackie Burton John Bymaster Paula Carver Duane Chancy David Childress Sandy Clark Louetta Clayton Neil Clodfelter Hank Clouse Cynthia Collins Dick Coomer Vicki Cottle Joe Cougill Janice Coxhead Terry Davis Cindy Dickinson Kathy Dieck Kathy Drager David Driml Jim Dugan Larry Dugan Mary Eddy Bob Elder Sophomore ' s School Spirit Grows as Their Garry Elder Glenna Emberton Ed Endicott Jim Fiers Fred Flagle, Sec. Debbie Flannery Danny Foley Randy Franklin Kirk Freese John Fulbright Jackie Fuquay Carolyn Gaier Gary Garber Kathy Garriott Cindy Gibson Carl Ginder Sandy Grady Joe Grahn Tim Hamilton Joyce Harmon Kelvin Harmon Shiela Harrison Norma Hawk Debbie Henderson Ann Hendricks, Pres. Gary Hilton Teresa Hine Kathy Hollcraft Linda Hollis Judy Holton Delano Hornsby Scott Humphries Greg Hunter Jim Hunter Bethany Jones Donna Kamplain Fred Karch Ricky Kattau Bob King Cheryll King Marsha Kitchens Jean Kitley Tom Kracht Tom Kraft Vaughn Kysar Second Year Is Completed Very Successfully Richard Lamberth Jim Lawrence Ji m Layman Virginia Ledbetter Pam Lewis Larry Lowes Jim Lucas Kevin Martin Joann Massey Bob Maberry Pam McClain Dan McConnell Elaine McDaniel Danny McFarland, V. Pres. Gary McFarland Keith McFarland Nancy McFarland Mark McKinney Linda Monday Kathv Moore Debbie Morrow Nancy Neal Ed Newman Chris O ' Neal Debbie Parker Bill Patterson Rhonda Pearson John Peterson Donna Piepenbrok Debbie Pierson Jerry Pittman Andy Polland Connie Pratt Steve Price Jim Rabourn Steve Raney Dennis Reasoner Rick Reel Luana Reeves Jim Ritter Don Rockey Hugh Rodgers Steve Russell Mark Scott Bill Self Hendricks, McFarland Head Sophomore Class Anna Sergi Linda Shay Mark Shearer Becky Sipes Bob Sirev Janet Skiles John Smith Linda Smith Marcia Smith Steve Smith Jim Sparks Brenda Storm Glenn Sutherland Mike Swartz. Larrv Tames Connie Thomas Kathy Trotter Barbara Vernon Beverly Viles Anna Vuskalns Dan Walker Katie Wambsganss Mike Wampner Ronnie Wampner Pam Ward Wayne Weaver Joe Wesseler Bruce Westphal Judy Williams Wayne Wilson Chris Wisdom John Wise Donna Woods Cheryl Woolman Don Wulf Linda Yokem Jerry Young Kathy Young Hollis Yensel David Zerfas Not pictured: Don Moorhead, Joann Modlin, Kevin Steward. Brave Freshmen Invade Their New Frontier Steve Aldrich Newman Atkinson Mark Baker Neal Belton John Bentley Emmons Berry Joe Bertram Don Bosenberg Nancy Boggs Craig Boyden Rose Mar Bradshaw Amy Brandli Patti Brandt Bruce Bray Doug Brewster Doris Broadslreet Darla Brown Tim Brown Cindy Bryant Judy Bunton Sylvia Burch Phil Burris Tony Butler Greg Candler Roberta Carlson Charles Castle John Ciriello Nellie Conrad Pat Cook Barbara Cooper David Cooper Jerry Cox Bob Coy Kathy Cunningham Tim Cunningham Beverly Curl Larj-y Dahl Yvonne Davis Eliena Deal Garv Deal Marilyn Dowdy Debbie Drager Keith Drager Janet Edwards Anna Emhardt Freshmen Conform to the Traditional Formalities Loraine Ennis Steve Fouts Teresa Flannery Natalie Fox Peggy Freeland Karen Freese Linda Crioud Gary Coins Larry Gosser Vickie Gray Nick Hale Bonita Hammans Linda Harris Ron Hawk Jerry Hedrick Linda Hedrick Marge Heston Cynthia Hiatt Marvin Kittle Dan Hood Gary Hultquist Richard Hunter Shelia Hunter Martin lies Ruth Jeffs Evelyn Jones Harry Jones Shawn Kafoure Steve Kates Debbie King Dennis King Terry King Kathy Kolp Scott Kuner Joe Large, Pres. Steve Lawrence Gary Lawson Jeanette Lawson Eva Layman Kim Layman Sally Lechner Ellen Lowery Judy Lowes Russel Luby Dianne Lucas of Franklin Central ' s School Life John Lundy William Lyon Laura Macaluso Debbie Marcum Cheryl Marks Lue Ann iMarlin Glenda Marshall Paul McBee John McCullough Ed McCurdy Margaret McDaniel Janet McWhorter Don Meacham Christy Metzger Sara Miller Laura Morgan Phil Morgan, V. Pres. Cheryl Mosier Gary Motley Mike Muncv Don Nichols Mark Oakley Phil Olin, Treas. Steve Parks Melinda Pauley John Pease Susie Peek Jackie Penney Carol Peters Jeff Rabourn Carol Radtke David Ray Earl Ridout Jane Rieman Dick Ritter JoAnn Robertson David Rode Jeff Rode Russell Rowe Debbie Russell Toby Schilling Peggy Schmidt Rosita Scott David Searcy Mike Shearer Freshmen Show Promise as Float Builders " W — ' ■ Cindy Sheets Sonny Shields Mike Shimer David Sisk Keene Skelton Scott Smale Larry Smith Dennis Souders Bill Speckin Ronnie Spencer Garry Stickels Mary Stillabower, Sec. Melissa Stoehr Ed Sullivan David Sutherland Don Sweeney Rick Swengel Betsy Tandy Debbie Tanner Jim Traut John Trimble Tom Trimble Garry Walden Sherri Walker John Webb Sandy Webb Edith Westby Paul Westerman Dee Weston Howard Whitaker Mary Whitsit Leanne Wilcher Kathy Williams Phil Williams Gary Wood Phil Woolman Frank Worrell Gary Worthington Gary Younce Special Ed. Shows Pride in Their Work Bill Adams Janice Akers Dale Boehle Tom Carnes Renee Clark Pam Cole Bill Fraley Pam Gatewood Charles Lynn Mike Matthews Wayne Moore Mark Myer Kathy Patrick Rodney Snyder John Veal Kathy Patrick serves Mrs. Hughes cookies while everyone is en- joying themselves at the Christmas Party. Studying hard for his lesson, Mark Myer Mrs. Maze asks him a question. ■ill be prepared when Several People Assume Duties Around FCHS Bus Drivers: Clarence Pinkston, Marvin Kolp, Paul Rabourn, burg, Henry Hines, Aubrey Humphrey, Gayle McFarland, Bob Howard Martin Jr., Morris Rode, Melvin Luebkeman, Carl Deer- Pfendler, and John Myers. Franklin Central ' s cooks are from left to right M. Moore, E. Rode, The up keep of FCHS is handled by Mrs. Snyder, matron, and H. Rode, M. Dixon, G. Maze, and W. Wulf. W. Hoard, H. Hendricks, J. Reasoner, custodians. 1968 Boosters of FCHS Give Needed Support Tower Studios 6016 E. Washington Street Phone 356-0915 Garner ' s Gulf 5037 Raymond Street Phone 357-0097 Hartman Pharmacy Bohn Frozen Food Beech Grove Pharmacy Inc. 528 Main St. Beech Grove Phone 784-6022 Maloy ' s Meat Market 618 Main St. Beech Grove Phone 784-5914 Michael ' s Automatic Trans. Service 6520 Brookville Road Phone 356-1028 Ted ' s Barber Shop Dino ' s Drive In Sally ' s Lady Apparel 609 Main St. Beech Grove Phone 786-4537 Grahn ' s Market 1298 S. Emerson Phone 357-0967 Johnny ' s Gulf 8720 Southeastern Phone 862-6674 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grahn Wheatley ' s Market Wanamaker Phone 862-6622 Leland Hardware House of Carpets, Inc. 45 N. 6th Street, Beech Grove Phone 783-2374 Thelma Smith L Ward Realtor 624 Main St. Beech Grove Phone 787-9396 Reed ' s Barber Shop f -I -T- - ■ )T ' ' ' f , ' ?- Index Adams, William 109 Ahearn. Edward 101 Akers, Janice 109 Aldrich, Steven 55,71.105 Alien, Connie 17,21,61,62,e4,65,97 Allen, Harold 78 Allen, Nancy 62,101 Anderson, Kathv ' 61,6-3,64,67,97 .■ nderson, Ralph 101 Andry, Allen 68,101 Andry, John 55,78 Arnold, John 97 Arnold, Marion 97 Arvin, Mary Jo 60,62, 101 ■ rvin, Steven 97 Atkinson, Newman 63,72,105 Aulby, Peggy 61,62,64,101 Austin, Carol 61,66,78 Austin, Gregg 50,54,78,85 Baker, Kath 68,69,78 Baker, Mark 105 Baird, Beth 51,63,65,71,101 Baird, D» ight 78 Baldwin, Gary 101 Barclay, Mark 35,53,54,58,68,73,100 Barker. Phil 35,39,49,.50,54,70, 73,78 Barnard, Dale 38,42,52,.53,58,61,70.78,79,80 Bassett. Anne Battle. Argartha 65.101 Baugh. Sharon 101 Beal. Paul 97 Beidelschies. Becks 97 Bell. Roberta Belton, William 50.60.105 Bentley. William 105 Berry. Emmons 50.69.105 Berry, Rosanne 63,65,101 Bertram, Joe 105 Bertram, Peggy 60,61,62,66,97 Bessenback, Kay 64,100 Blevins, Lonnie 101 Boehle, Dale 109 Boesenberg, Don 54,105 Boggs, Nancy 38,51 ,.58,69,105 Bowles, Gregory 101 Boyden, Craig 105 Boyer, Linda 65,101 Boxer, Teresa 58,65,66,67,97 Bradle), George 97 Bradshaw, Rose Mary 62,63,105 Brandli, Amy 62,65,71,105 Brandt, Barbara 6;3,65, 101 Brandt, Patti 51,63,64,69,105 Braun, Marvin 101 Bray, Bruce 105 Bra , Creola97 Braun, Gerhard 97 Breedlove, Vic 35,65,79 Brewster, Doug 105 Bridgewater, Donna 61,68,97 Bridgewater, Michael 97 Broadstreet, Doris 64,69,105 Broadstreet, Wendell 68,101 Brown, Darla 105 Brown, Mark 101 Brown, Steve 3, 79 Brown, Susan 62,63,64,97 Brown, Timothy 48,55,63,105 Bryant, Cynthia 12,105 Buchanan, Debra 62,63,72,101 Bunton, Judy 105 Burch, Sylvia 105 Burgess, Michael 97 Burk, Melanie 15 Burris, Jeffrey 52,73,101 Burris, Philip 50, 105 Burton, Clark 50,54,61,63,65,70,79 Burton, Jackie51,58,63,64,100 Butler. John 73.105 Butler. Teresa 62,63,66,69.97 Bymaster, John Candler. Gregory 58. 105 Carlson. Linwood 58.70.97 Carlson, Roberta 69,105 Carnes, Tom 109 Carrier, Jerry 79 Carver, Paula 64,101 Castle, Charles 105 Caughey, Pat 79 Cavallaro, Mary 60,61,62,97 Cayton, Phillip 97 Chaney, Dann 50,55,97 Chaney, Duane 52,73.101 Chestnut. Ruth 62,79 Childress, David 48,101 Ciriello, William 97 Ciriello, John 105 Clark, Rene 63,69,109 Clark, Sandra 62,64,68,101 Clark, Shirley 61,62,64,67,79 Clarke, William 16 Clayton, Louetta 101 Cline, Larry 17,58 Clodlelter, Neil 48,101 Clouse, Henry 52,101 Cole, Michael 60,63,97 Cole, Pam 61,63,65,68,109 Collins, Cynthia 101 Conrad, Nellie 105 Cook, Pat 105 Cook, Robert 97 Cook, Roger 18,72 Coomer, Richard 101 Cooper, Barbara 72,105 Cooper, Dave 48, 105 Cornwell. Melva 18..58.66 Cottle, Vickie 64,69,101 Cougill, Christine 58,61,62,64,68,69,79 Cougill, Joe 37,44,49,50,54,68,70,101 Cox, Edward 50,105 Cox, Gordon 97 Coxhead, Janice 58,63,64,101 Coxhead, Steven 58,59,66,67,69 Coy, Paul 59,79 Coy, Robert 105 Crago, Douglas 50,58,59,96,97 Craig, Shannon 59,61,62,79 Crawford, Vickie 96,97 Crise, Jennifer 24,63,64 Crist, Roger 80 Croxton, Debra 62,80 Cunningham, Kathryn 51,62,63,64,72,105 Cunningham, Timothy 50,105 Curl, Beverly 61,62,64, 105 Czerney, Brigetfe 60,97 Dahl, Debby ei, 64,67,69,70,80 Dahl, Larry 48,55,105 Davenport, Charles 80 Davis, Teresa 63,65,72,101 Davis, Yvonne 105 Davidson, Larry 65 Day, Richard 73,97 Deal, El iena 73,105 Deal, Gary 105 Deckard, Steve 97 Deerberg, Dena 66,80 Delk, Joe 103 Denien, John 43,52,97 Dickinson. Cynthia 68.101 Dieck. Kathryn 65.101 Dieck. Steven 43,.52.59.66,71,97 Dierdorf, Cherie 68,80 Dillon, Wilma97 Dodd, Dale 80 Dougherty, Mike 45,50,58,70,97 Dougherty, Tom 39,41,49,50,.55,58,65,70,80,84 Dougherty, William 49,55,66,97 Dowdy, Marilyn 61,105 Drabing, Dee 97 Drager! Debra 20,61,64,105 Drager, Kathleen 60,62,63,65,101 Drager, Keith 105 DrimI, David 48,54,73,101 Dugan, James 101 Dugan, Larry 101 Eastes, Glen 12,61,98 Eddy, Mary 60, 3,65, 101 Edicott, Edward 102 Edwards, Gordon 72,97 Edwards, Janet 105 Elder, Garry 102 Elder, Robert 101 Emberton, Glenna 102 Emhardt, Anna 58,105 Emmert, Nancy 58,61,62,63,65,69,97 Ennis, Lorraine 60,106 Entrekin, Robert 52,58,59,63,97 Ernstes, Helen 15,62 Evans, Ruth 61,64,67.69,80 Ewalt, John 97 Ferris, Robert 26,27,68,70 Fires, James 48,51,55,58,102 Fishburn, James 97 Fishburn, Sheila 58,61,62,63,64,66,81 Fisher, Mark 54,81 Flagle, Fred 38,102 Flannery, Debbie A. 62,64,65,102 Flannery, Teresa 62,106 Foist, Bruce 65,81 Foley, Danny 73.102 Ford, Kay 58,61,62,66,70,81 Ford.William 13 Fouts, Steve 50, 106 Fox, Natalie 62,65,69.73, 106 Fralev, John 60,97 Fralev, William 58,60,109 Francis, Linda 61,62,81 Franklin, Randv 52,54.63,72.102 Freeland, Pegg 106 Freese, Karen 62,65,106 Freese, Kirk 48,51, 102 Friddle, Karen 61,72,97 Fulbright,Johnn 72,102 Fuqua , Jac(|ueline 61,68.102 Fussel, Robert 97 Gaier, Carolyn Garber, Garv 55,72,102 Garrett. Mike 81 Garriott, Kath 62,63,102 Garriott, Michael 58,59,72,98 Gatewood, Pamala 6;3,69,109 Geier, Mark 61,98 Geier, Teresa 64.81 Gibson, Jeff 15.81 Gibson, Cindy 62,64.68,102 Gibson. Rand,55,58,70,80.81 Giesler, Lloyd 12 Ginder. Carl 102 Ginder. Donovan 50.98 Ginder. Darlene Giroud. Linda 58,62,65, 106 Goad, Gertrude 82 Goins, Gary 73,106 Goins, Sharon 82 Good, Elizabeth 77 Goodman, Debra 66,82 Goodman, Diana 98 Gordon, Danea 38,67,80,82,84 Gosser, Larry 50,106 Grady, Sandra 68,102 Grahn, Claudia 58,61 .63.66,98 Grahn, Joseph 46,48,54,102 Gray, James 98 Gray. Sandx 14.59.82 Gray, Vickie 62,106 Green, Terry 70,83 Green, Vicki 69.98 Greenham. Ruth 20 Gruner. John Hale, Nickey 50,106 Hall, Cynthia 65.98 Hall, Mike 23,68,72.98 Hamilton, Timothy 60,102 Hammans, Bonita20, 106 Hanner, David 54,70,98 Hanni, Larry 24,55 Harmon, Joyce 62,63,65,66,102 Harmon, Kevin 60,102 Harpold, Richard 12,48.49,50,55 Harris, Linda 106 Harrison, Sheila 102 Hart, Jim 83 Hart, Pamela 98 Hawk, Norma 4,102 Hawk, Ron 48,50,106 Hayes, Betty 62,67,70,83 Hedrick, Jerry 58,59,106 Henderson, Debbie Hendricks. . nn Hendrick. Linda 61.62.63,64,106 Heston, Marge 61,65,106 Hiatt, Cynthia 62,63,106 Hilton, belbert 68,98 Hilton, Gary 102 Hine, Teresa 6;3,64.102 Hipp. Romelda 83 Hittle. Marvin 106 Hoard, Rebecca 25,98 Hollcraft, Kathleen 51,63,65,102 Hollis, Linda 63,65,102 Holton, Judy 60,102 Hood, Dan 106 Hopper, Doris 98 Horn, Donna 51,58,61,64,68,98 Hornsby, Franklin 68,102 Hosier, Timoth 98 Hoskins, James 17,55 Howard, Christ) 59,83 Howard. Deborah 61,65,68,83 Ho ward, Wendy 62,64,98 Hubble, Teresa 58,62,83 Hughes, Anita 77,109 Hughes, Ross 6,50,,71,83 Huftquist. Gary 48.106 Humphries. James 65.102 Hunter. Gregory 71,102 Hunter, James 68,72,102 Hunter, Richard 73,106 Hunter, Shelia 69,106 Hurst, Donald 22,60,98 lies, Martin 106 Jackson, Larr 68,83 Jeffs, Ruth 62,69.106 Jones. Beth 102 Jones. Evelyn Jones. Frances 77 Jones Harry 106 Jones, James 98 Kafourne. Douglas 73,84 Kafoure, Shon 62.64.72,106 Kamplain, Donna 68,102 Kamplain, Ellisa 62,63,98 Karch, Gerald 102 Kattau. Dianne 98 Kattau, Richard 51,55,70,102 Keller. Terry 61.62,65,98 Kemper, Delores 61,62,69,84 Kesterson, Larr 50,98 Kesterson, Caranita 61,63,64,66,67,98 King. Cheryll 61.62,63.64.102 King. Deborah 62,63,64,106 King, Robert 102 King, Teresa 65,106 Kitchans, Marsha 69,102 Kitley, Jean 6;3,64, 65,7.3,102 Kitley, Jane 35,58,61,62,64,69,70.84 Knoop, Marvin 18,49,54 Kolp. Kathryn 20,60,61,62,65,106 Kracht, Thomas 58,61,65,68,70,72,102 Kraft, Debbie 62,64,68,84 Kraft, Tom 50. 102 Kramer, Trud 62,98 Kysar, Vaughn 102 Lamberth, Donald 55,103 Lamberth, John 55,58,70,98 Lancaster, Alice 35,62,63,64,67,69,98 Land, Mary 68,98 Lawrence, James 48,54.103 Lawson, Gar 48 Lawson, Horace 98 Lawson, Jeanette 106 Layman, Eva 25, 106 Layman. James 103 Layman, Kim 62.65.69,106 Layman, Sharon 61,62,84 Lechner, Sally 61.62.64,106 Ledbetter, Virgina 103 Lewis, Pamela 58,60,63,65,68,103 Linn, Melanie 59,61,62,72,98 Lipperd, Terr 99 Lowe, Nancy 61,63,64,68,99 Lowe, Sue 62,68,99 Lowes, Marie 72 Lowery, Ellen 65,73,106 Lowery, Janet 58,59,61,64,66,69,84 Lowes, Judith 64,72,106 Lowes, Larry 54, 103 Luby, Frank 106 Luby, Sara 61,64,68,99 Lucas. Diana 61.64,106 Lucas. James 55,60,103 Lundy, John 107 Lynn, Charles 109 Lyon, William 22,48,107 Lyons. Bobbie 58,66,84 Macaluso, Laura 64,69,107 Macaluso, S lvia68 Macaluso, Yolanda 61,62,63,69. 4 Marcum, Debra 107 Marks, Cheryl 64,107 Marlin, Lou Ann 64,71,107 Marling, Rex 66,70,71,85 Marsh, Dean 85 Marshall, Glenda 107 Martin, Jeanette 20,61,62,63,64,99 Martin, Kevin 59,103 Mason, Daria 51.58,64,99 Mason, Jana 8,38,51,62,64,67,82,85,86,95 Mason, Yvonne 9,58,61,62.64.85 Massey, Joann 61.68,103 Massey, Martin 85 Matthews, Mike 69,109 Mayberr , Robert 103 Maze, Irvin 54,63,67,73,85 McBee, Phyllis 65,99 McBee, Paul 58,107 McClain, David 65,85 McClain, Pamela 62,63,65,68,103 McConnell, Danny .37,41,49.70.103 McCowan, Brenda 67,68,85 McCullough, Beck 62,99 McCullough, John48,107 McCurd) , Bill) Jo 62,63.65.99 McCurd). Edward 107 McDaniel, Alice McDaniel, Margaret 58,62.65,69,107 McDaniel, Walter 22,55,99 McFarland, Danny 48,54,103 McFarland, Gary 103 McFarland, Keith 48,58,103 McFarland, Larry 35,65,99 McFarland. Michael 99 McFarland, Nancv 35,51,62.63,64.103 McGee, Joann 63,64,67,99 McKinney, Mark 40,47,49,51,55.70. 103 Meyer, Wilbur 22 Miner, Lucille 18,19,64 McWhorter, Janet 107 Meacham, Don 50,55,107 Meador,Zella 58,62,66,85 Metzger, Christy 69,107 Miller, Connie 3, 4,86 Miller, Sara 62,65,69,107 Miles, William 66,68,71,86 Modlin, Joann 62.69,71,72,105 Modlin. JoeoO Monday, Linda 61,68,103 Monson, James 44,54,65,70,86 Moore, Millie 61,99 Moore, Kathy 68,103 Moore, Wavne 68,69,109 Morgan, Al 13,43,53,63, Morgan. David 58,68,70,71,86 Morgan, Jane 18 Morgan, Laura 60,62,107 Morgan, Phil 35,48,50,55,68,73,107 Morrow, Deborah 65,10:3 Mosier, Cheryl 107 Motley, Gary 50,71,107 Muncy. Charles 73,86 Muncy, Michael 72,107 Murray, Joyce 61,62,6;3,64,99 Myer. Mark 109 Naue, David 86 Neal,Nancv 61,63,64,103 Neal, Rexeen 20,58,61, a3,69,99 Nees, Dale 99 Newman, James 103 Nichols, Don 107 Nicholson, Janet 99 Norman, David 86 Nottingham, Ron 86 Oaklev, Karl 50,52,61,70,99 Oakley, Mark 107 Oglesby, Henry 46,54,67,86 Oglesby, John .59,67,72,99 Olin, Phillip 38,48,49,50,58, 107 Olin, Walter 39,50,58,70,99 O ' Neal, Christine 60,103 Parish, Brenda 20,61,62,63,99 Parish, Michael 59,99 Parker. Deborah 64.103 Parks, Charles, 107 Patrick, Kathy 109 Patterson Deioris 99 Patterson, Robert 87 Patterson, William .59, 103 Paul, Joyce 61 Pauley, Melinda 64,69,107 Pearson, Rhonda 103 Pease, John 48,.50,71, 107 Peek, Sue 58,61,62,63,64,107 Penny, Jacquelin 61,63,64,107 Penny, Robert 99 Perry, Mark 5,-50,61,69,70,87 Peters, Carol 65,69,107 Peters, Robert 87 Peterson, Cheryl 62,87 Peterson, John 103 Peterson. Lucille 18,62 Pfendler. Charlene 63.64,66,99 Phillips. Dennis 65.73.87 Phipps, Gailen 99 Piepenbrok. Donna 63.65,72,103 Piepenbrok, Ruth .58,.59,6 1,62,63,64,66,87 Pierson, Debra 63,6.5,103 Pierson, Linda 87 Pittman, Jerr 103 Poland, . tidrew 103 Pollard, Debra 35,62,69,70,87 Pool. Greg 39.49,51.70,87 Poole. Becky 62.64.66,73,88 Pratt, Connie 61,63,64,103 Preuss, John 99 Price, Stephen 103 Prickett, Nancy 18,25,59 Probst, Mike 59,61,67,86,88 Puckett, Carroll 88 Rabourn, Cheryl 88 Rabourn, Je(F52,107 Rabourn, Sam 50.52,55,65,66,67,70,90 Rabourn, James 54,60,103 Radcliffe, Daniel 59,88 Radthe,Carol 107 Raney, Steve 103 Rawe, Russell 107 Ray, David 107 Reasoner, Dennis 58,68,103 Reasoner, Doug 58,71,78,88 Reddick, Larry 99 Reed, Richard 58,71,99 Reed, William 22,53,65 Reel, Eddie 99 Reel, Rick 68,103 Reeves, Luana 61,64,103 Reimer, Patricia 68,99 Rejko, Vicki 61,64,66,88 Repass, Tom 88 Richardson, Debra 65,72.99 Richwine. Margaret 13.59 Riehle. Lawrence 79 Ridout. Earl 50.107 Rieck. Lois 68,88 Rieinan. Jane 61,107 Rigdon, Donna 12,25,59,61,89 Rigdon, Patricia 99 Ritter, Charles 1.3,50,63,70,71,90 Ritter, James 50,71,103 Ritter, Richard 63,71,107 Robertson, Jo Ann 61,63,65,107 Robertson, Kenneth 99 Robinson, Ron 81,89 Rockev, Donald 48,58,103 Rockey. Ronald 44,49,51, .54,58,99 Rode, David 107 Rode, Jeff 48, 107 Rodgers, Hugh 103 Rogers, Judith 17 Rosemeyer, Debbie 61,65,99 Russell, ' Deborah 107 Russell, Steve 103 Schilling. Rick 13,27,89 Schilling, Toby 4.3,50,58,107 Schmidt, Becky 90 Schmidt, Peggy 51,63,64,69,107 Schuler, Susan 67,99 Schumacher, Rebecca 58,63,65,68,73,99 Scott, Mark 103 Scott, Rosita 107 Searcy, David 63,73 Searcy, John .50,69,107 Self, William 103 Sergi, Anna 104 Sergi, Joseph 47,50,55,59,65,70,89 Service, Debra 99 Shaffer, Mike .34,50,54,65,70,89 Shay, Linda 62,63,64,65,68,73 Shay, Glen 68 Shearer, Mark 65,72,7.3,104 Shearer, Mike 107 Sheets, Cynthia 60,61,62,63,6.5.108 Sheets. Gary 90 Sheets. Larry .5.5,70,81.89 Shepherd. Lucille 90 Shepherd. Sandra 4,90 Shields. Albert 108 Shimer. Mike 71,108 Shott, Phillip 45.49,51,55,65,70,99 Shutt, Thelma60 Sipes, Rebecca 68,104 Sircy, Bill 90 Sircy, Robert 104 Sisk, David 48,69,108 Sisk, Dennis 45,51,55,65,68,70,73,99 Sizemore, Calvin 55,63,90 Skelton, James 90 Skelton, Keene 65,108 Skiles, Janet 104 Skiles, Stephany 61,62,90 Smale, Scott 63,71,108 Smith, Deborah 58,62,64,90 Smith, John 49,60,106 Smith, Johnny 42,52,100 Smith, Larry 108 Smith, Linda 62,68,104 Smith, Mareia 63,65,68,104 Smith, Robert 23,51, .55,65,99 Smith, Terry 5.5,63,100 Smith, Steven 104 Snyder, Rodney 109 Souders, Dennis 108 Souders, Martha 61.100 Southwood, Janet 61,62,63,64,100 Sparks, James 104 Speckin, Bill 108 Spencer, Ronnie 65,108 Starkey, Norman 22,49,54 Stayte, Sanya 14,63,69,100 Stephens. Linda 61.90 Stephenson, Mary 18,19 Stickels, Garrv 108 Stillabower, Marv .35,51, Stoehr. Melissa 62.63,64.69.108 Storm, Brenda J. 62,63,65,104 Sullivan, Barbara 100 Sullivan, Ed 108 Sutherland, David 50,108 Sutherland, Glenn 50,54,104 Sutherland, Marilou 63,69 Sutherland, Ronald 55,100 Sutter, Larry .39,40.44.49,54,65,70,78,82,90 Swartz, Michael 54,60,7.3,104 Swengel, Richard 48,51,108 Sweeney, Donald 50,71,108 Sweeney, Susan 59, 100 Tames, John 100 Tames, Larry 104 Tandy, James 59,100 Tandy, Betsy 59,62,63,108 Tanner, Deborah 108 Tawnev, Francine 62,90 Taylor ' Paul 8,9,76 Thomas, Allen 50 ,54,65,90 Thomas, Connie 104 Thomas, Debbie 63,65, ' 67, 100 Thomas, Eileen, 8,19,58 Thomas, Steve .38,52.65, Townsend, Bill 51.55.70,100 Traut, James 50,108 Trimble, Charles 91 Trimble, John 108 Trimble, Thomas 48,50,55,108 Trotter, Kathv 58,63,64,104 Tucker, Randall .38,.50,65, 100 Utter, Linda 61,62,6.3,91 Utterback, Inez 8,58,61,63,64,73,91 Utterback, Phillip 43,47,52,55,58,61,68,70,72,100 VanTreese, Cynthia 61,63,67,100 Veal, John 60,69,109 Vernon, Barbara 21,61,6.3,65,104 Viles, Beverly 61,6.3,64,104 Vuskalns, Anna 58,64,69,104 Vuskalns, Rita 51,58,61,63,64,65,70,100 Waldon, Garry 7,108 Walker, Dan i04 Walker. Lynn 62,68,91 Walker, Cherri 58,62,69,108 Wambsganss, Katie 61,62,63,64, Wampner, Bobby 100 Wampner, Brenda 100 Wampner, Michael 68,104 Wampner, Ronnie 104 Ward, Brenda 62,63,65,72,100 Ward, Pamela 65, 104 Waterman, Barbara 58,61,62,64,68,80,91 Waterman, Steve 100 Watkins, Gary 91 Weaver, Wayne 104 Webb, John 108 Webb, Sandy 62,65,69,108 V7epf, Ernest 100 Wessell, Carolyn 15,62 Wesseler, Joe 72.104 Wesfby, Edith 62,65,71,108 Westby, Isabelle 77 Westby, Ron 9,16,58,59,61,66,67,68,91 Westerman, Jean 12,61,62,67,92 Westerman, Paul 108 Weston, Dee 108 Wesfphal, Bruce 58, 104 Whitaker, Howard 108 Whiteside, Steve 50,65,70,92 Whitsit, Marsha 64, 100 Whitsit, Mary 61,64,68,108 Wicker, Carol 61,62,100 Wickliff, Lloyd 61,65,71,100 Wilcher, Leanne 62,63,64,69,108 Wilkins, Danny 60,100 Williams, John 68,72,100 Williams, Judv 61,104 Williams, Kathv 69,108 Williams, Phillip 72,108 Wilson, Danny 58,68,70,72,92 Wilson, Wayne 68,72, 104 Wisdom, Christine 68,104 Wisdom, Diane 92 Wise, John 104 Wood, Garv 48,108 Wood, Jamie 58,62,63,65,67,100 Wood, Karen 66,92 Woodruff, Bonnie 15,66.116 Woods, Donna 62,65,68 Woods, Kathy 38,61,63,65,69,100 Woolman, Cheryl 62,104 Woolman, Phillip 108 Worrell, Ernest 50,108 Worrell, Linda 61,62,92 Worthington, Carol 61,62,92 Worthington, Gary 23,108 Wright, Judv 92 Wulf, Donaid 104 Yensel, Mollis 51,55,70,104 Yokem, Linda 62,63,65,104 Younce, Gary 48,51,55,58,108 Young, Jerry 104 Young, Katherine 61,62,63,104 Young, Paul 50,52,100 Zerfas, David 55,104 FLASHBACK STAFF Editor — Bobbie Lyons Assistant — Claudia Grahn Business Mgr. — Bill Miles Assistant — Peggy Bertram Academics — Dena Deerberg Carol Austin Personalities — Becky Poole Assistant — Charlene Pfendler Organizations — Vicki Rejko Debbie Goodman Seniors — Zella Meador School Life — Karen Wood Sports — Ron Westby Photographer — Rex Marling The 1967-68 school year has finally come to an end. With this year ' s end has come the close of our competent advisor ' s yearbook work. Miss Woodruff has spent six years working with yearbook staffs, helping with layouts, cropping pictures, editing pages and worrying about deadlines. On May 22, we, the members of the 1968 FLASHBACK Staff, presented Miss Wood- ruff with an award for " Ou tstanding Service as Yearbook Advisor " . Now we would like to say publicly a sincere " thank you. " To everyone who helped ,ifh anyway the 1968 FLASHBACK Staff extends a warm thanks. s

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