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I 967 Flash Back Franklin Central High School Acton, Indiana Wwww- .fffxr THE YEAR IN NUMBERS Telling the story of a school year, a yearbookls chief job, can not be complete without a deeper insight into the students who make up the school. The FLASHBACK staff conducted a survey among FC pupils to discover how they lived and what they did during the '66-,67 school year. FC students arise about 6:21 a.m., dress, and then about 80.2'Z1 of them catch school buses. The other 19.8011 get to FCI-IS in cars, 54'Z1 of which are over 9 years old. Before school starts, about 16.3'Z1 sit in the cafeteria talking to 3.21 friends. The other 84'Zn wander through- out the halls and rooms. After home room, the average student attends his 5.21 classes per day Knot counting study hall, and he leaves school at 2:47 p.m. Back at home, he does his homework, eats and is in bed at 10:38 p.m. y- 11A .,-vwfyf ...f,,, ,,Q,,+n. A. V ,NN.u,.:,,,,,,k A, .mL..J+isp4. ,A Ax--fv,s,,,,3 ,- ,Q QM 1,w imwmkv .Miz ' 4' .5 Y., 3 f f is Yglfw Q ak '-Q5 'N Vg sf :J Sports Vibrancy Adds to Statistic Accumulation This illustration portrays thirty-five per cent of regular at- tendants at sports events. The accumulation of statistical data depends greatly on the varied sports and connecting activities surrounding our school. These numbers will come alive for you when you stop to con- sider them as the students of Franklin Central in action. The numerical facts presented on these two pages vary from sports such as basketball and football to related activities like danc- ing teen-agers at sock-hops. Statistics can be very boring, dull thingsg but when connected with the electricity of sports, the spark of excitement brings them to life. Practicing twice a week, or forty-eight times in a sports year, our varsity cheerleaders have helped to raise school spirits. This is one of the eight times in a game that Mr. Knoop can call the boys back for a short conference. These eight minutes give the team a chance to catch its breath and make plans for attack. Communication and Transportation Varied at FC Because moving means walking at Franklin Central, com- fortable footwear is a necessity. Two out of five girls solve this problem by wearing knee-socks. i e E 2 ' 4 ? E 11 s 3 E 5 s ' 1 Rick Shilling led the band in the Christmas parade down- town. They marched nearly 6336 steps, Alanie Tam typifies one of the 250 telephone users who are accommodated weekly by this communication outlet. Transportation and communication have become very important parts of our everyday life. Often we take for granted all the commonplace things that Hll each day. Through the statistics and numerical facts on this and the adjacent page you will discover the big role that trans- portation and communication play in your life. The numerous modes of transport, the varied ways of com- munication and their relationship to students at FC is strong evidence that everyday things do matter. I K I l One hundred and seventy-five students crowd into each hall every 55 minutes, aw-sms ---- "" --EV- W1 r tgimeff fit egg., baggy? V51 - J'w:f.q 5' 5 fg - 'fi"e'F 'PS :5?' ,Q I ., r ' 4 ' , ,ge ' 9- 'Q' QTY? 53? Z ,. x X You can estimate the growth of the junior and senior classes by regarding the number of cars in the student parking lot, About 40921 ofthe upper classes drive to school. Mr. Guyer's announcements to students in the morning takes 14 hours during the year. Our card filing system isn't complex, but it serves a purpose for more than 591 books are signed out each week. ,W Although only one senator was elected at FC, one hundred per cent ofthe senior class benefited. at ual- I ' . v Q ,Y g o 0 ' W: J, Q , Debbie Brodrick, Vicki Kurtz, and Susie Smale represent the small mi- nority of senior cord wearers at FC. This year's junior class purchased a hundred and thirty rings at the average cost of twenty-four dollars. 8 Many students eat lunch in the cafeteria, and they provide this boy with his job. He and others like him wash about six hundred and fifty trays a day. umerical Data Verify Class Individualit Although the percentage of practical jokes is low, Donna Piepenbrok is the victim of one. A questionnaire indicated that about eighty-eight students buy lunch daily at the snack bar, and they spent approximately twenty cents at each visit, ' THE YEAR IN NUMBERS: ACADEMICS When first period starts at 8:10, the average FC stu- dent makes his way through crowded halls to the Hrst of his classes. About 22921 of the students go to the voca- tional education wing of FC to study this type of course. Another 36'Z1 prepares for college, while 42'Z1 train to be clerks, secretaries, or other businessjob. During the day, 8.2'7b of the FC student body attend a French class, 7.1721 a Spanish class, only 5.771 take Latin. The rest study English. Some 3.7 themes per six weeks as well as 23.6 pages of reading per night keep him busy about 2.9 hours a night. He is diligent, too since he completes about 92'7o of his assignments on time, using 4.6 paper clips per week to fasten his papers together. What is his favorite class? Math, shop and government led the list. QQ... 'ref mmm Mathematics at Franklin Central runs the gamut from arithmetic to calculus. Sitting in one of these classes, one is apt to hear anything from the calculation of the price of a dozen oranges to a discussion of why the derivative of a natural logarithm is constant. Subjects as old as Athens and as modern as the space age provide pupils with a sound mathematical background. A threesome of teachers with master's degrees instruct FC,s courses. Mr. Glen Eastes, the department head, gleaned his education from Butler and Purdue. Indiana State and Indiana University trained Mrs. Sarah Schowe and Mr. William Leffler respectively. Mrs. Schowe explains the process of solving simultaneous equations in one of her algebra classes. Mr. Eastes and Mr. Lemer, two members of our math teaching staff, ponder over the complicated equation X : 1. Senior Brenda Horn, a member of Future Teachers, Finds cadet teaching interesting and worthwhile. Science Provided with Enthusiastic Students I KT' ,,,,afJW' Franklin Central, in keeping with the growth of science in the world and universe, has increased its facilities and staff for scientific study. The new addition to our teaching staff, Mrs. Margaret Richwine, comes to us from Indiana Central College. The remainder of the science staff con- sists of Mr. Allen Morgan, an alumnus of Indiana Cen- tralg and Mr. David Geise, a graduate of Purdue. After the required course of physical science, a stu- dent can branch out to biology, chemistry, and physics. By taking full advantage of opportunities, a student can achieve a well-rounded science education. Avid Chemistry students, Charles Breeding and Karen Brink, meas- ure chemicals in preparation for collecting gases, Our well-qualified and competent science staff includes Mrs. Richwine, chemistry and physical sci- enceg Mr. Morgan, biologyg and Mrs. Geise, chemistry and general science. nn nf . i ,ffflf,r2fr,., ,k'vrinQ, Ifrf ' , . K 'X' L- u y iffy 'fp Ws,f'r ,. f A i 1 a A554514 V i uw , ' ts Wt. 4 i,, xfff,s.f,1'9' Xkith 4 if my W 4 A ey 'engnax KY A wr: A 4 tt ,. A S.ia,f.fw,-gags: , it , ' r aw? 'five-ea ig 'ine A N stiffer M all f 'WM 'Q' pr f-urs, i'uv'fS'4' Nfl? 5415 if f'l5"'ffifl'? UW? i M 'f li Li lt 'ff A wail W' emrdf f i 5 N i W . A student teacher from Indiana University, Miss james, added variety to many English and Speech classes during the eight weeks she attended Franklin Central. English and Speech Perform Vital Role at FC 1. iz ' r 'Q .tt. Tky English teachers, Mrs. Peterson, Mr. Knoop, Mrs, Morgan, and Mrs. Smith utilize the facilities of the teacher's lounge for their work. A former student teacher, who returned this year as a member of the English staff, Mrs. Karen Smith, explains an assignment to Anna Vuskalns, I4 L3 if -1 A Third year French student, Kathy Hendrickson, gesticulates in an attempt to prove her point to jane Copeland. Franklin Central proudly displays language skill in French, Latin, and Spanish besides its accomplishments in English skills. The French department is headed by Mrs. Lucy Miner, who with her degree from Indiana Central also teaches English. Instructing students in the fundamentals of Latin is Mrs. Eileen Thomas, who is also an excellent guidance counselor. Spanish, another important part of our curriculum, is assigned to Miss Mary Kay Stephenson, who is graduated from Indiana University and also teaches some speech classes. The stu- dent body and administration are proud of our fine lan- guage departments and are confident that many students are receiving the best possible instruction. Foreign Languages Bring World Closer Together Latin instructor, Mrs. Thomas, Miss Stephen- son, Spanish teacher, and Mrs. Miner, who teaches French, observe a mask made by a French student. Q1 Latin students under the direction of Mrs. Eileen Thomas, head of the Latin depart- ment, discuss an important chapter. 15 --Q., Q? f.-e-.sfv-m., ,yrs K' ' ff ---m:i5ir,,s, ,Vim L' First year typing students find that through experience the ability to type will be invaluable, Business Teachers: Mr. Gruner, Miss Harrison, Mrs. Ernstes, Miss Woodruff, and Miss Burk. Business Education Senior, jim Rice works industriously on a bookkeeping assignment. Carol Swengel will undoubtedly utilize everything she has learned in her worthwhile secretarial training class under Miss Burk's direction. 16 - g"i,,.t:i:1:,-it-,,.Q1.i,z 1,ffs:f:f22.L2,5PQ:if-fu,:1vLifi-ii ii' - Offers Excellent Training for Future Careers if' M.,--f-s .1 ..., rf..e ,tfswfw-'s""'Lf"f"" K The role of the high school today is to prepare young people to meet the future with confidence. At Franklin Central the business department excels in preparing stu- dents for their future in the business world. Courses vary anywhere from the fundamen- tals of business law to the intricacies of sec- retarial training. Our business staff of teachers is headed by Mrs. Helen Ernstes. Adding much to the de- partment are Miss Woodruff and Miss Burk and two new additions, Miss Harrison and Mr. Gruner. Dwight Baird has a ready response to a question on a fine point ofthe law in Miss Woodruffs business law class. Members of the shorthand class work diligently under the direction of Miss Harrison, who came to Franklin Centraljust this year. Social Studies Play Important Role in Education The social studies department consists of Ben Holcombe, james Hoskins, William Clarke, and Mark Thistlethwaite, Political philosophers jim Rice, Scott Baldwin, Ken Moss, and jean Smith ponder over a statement of instructor, Mr. William Clarke. 18 Enthusiasm overwhelms Senator Bob Flagle and his supporters at the Federalist Convention, Developing future American citizens and leaders with knowledge and understanding of their country and the world is the goal- of the social studies department. Be- sides the required United States history and government courses, Franklin Centralls curriculum provides world history, cultural geography, economics, social problems, and political philosophy. The latter two are innovations this year, social problems delving into subjects from every- day tribulations to the world's problems, and political philosophy involving the ideas of the great philosophers of the past and present. Students in this department End much variation in activities. The annual all-school elections are major projects of the year. In addition, there are the mock trials, "re-runsi' of presidential elections, and the Senior Con- gress. I9 junior U.S. History studentsg Steve Thomas, Darlene Ginder, and Mike Shaffer, work diligently to com- plete cross-word puzzles they are constructing for special projects. Mark Fisher recites some interesting facts to the cultural geography class. . 'af iK,t.-se-.LM-..V-, ' - ,ii.t?t?ltt .. Y V sw f-:tm--qs. 'msu t i 3 .,.....-in Q The industrial arts department at Franklin Centralg consisting of William Reed, Wilbur Meyer, and Rich ard Pateg strive to instruct students in useful skills, Skills for the Future Qffered b Industrial Arts , zn- 4 fi ,, .V t.f. ,f,, A -sM,,a--W was i,t.i,i. 5, ,,.,, t. Manfred Braun looks on as a classmate, David Childress, dis- plays his skill in wood shop. Cary Hilton is one ol' the many students in welding classes who learn the importance of proper use of welding equipment, such as protective goggles. 'l'hc cleftness of a skilled draltsman is 21 trait which comes only through knowledge of geometric constructions and much practice. 1 Whether for an overall knowledge of basic skills or for specialization in one or more fields, the industrial arts department at Franklin Central satislies its students' needs and desires. General shop and mechanical drawing are suggested by the guidance office for those students who are beginning their studies in industrial arts. Then after mastering the Hbasicsn, doors can be opened in such varied fields as wood, metal, welding, foundry, and print shop. Mr. William Reed and Mr. Richard Pate, members of the industrial arts stalii, were ,joined this year by Mr. Wilbur Meyer, a veteran faculty member who returned to Franklin Central this year after teaching at Arlington last year. Hollis Yensel and Richard Lamberth are only two of the many industrial' arts students who master the operation of varied machines. Www, Home Economics: the Backbone of a Miss Ruth Greenham is the teacher whose ,job it is to instruct the homemakers ofthe future. Cheryl Woolman assists Barbara Brandt in pinning the hem in a dress Barbara constructed in sewing class. Linda Puckett, Carol Austin, and Karen Allen enjoy the valuable knowledge of everyday living they receive in family living class. 22 Successful Home and Famil Life Making a home a happy and comfortable place to live is an art and scienceg that science is home economics. Here at Franklin Central an emphasis is placed on the importance of at least a basic course of homemaking for every girl. After that the pro- gram extends to include the study of personality growth, family relationship, child growth and de- velopment, money management, home hygiene, clothing, housing, and the care ofthe sick, The vocational opportunities for one who is well- educated in home economics are numerous. With the basic skills learned in high school and specialization in college, one is well on the way to a successful career. Dena Deerberg draws up the plans for her "dream" home which she will construct in miniature for a home furnishings proyect 23 i Four-year band member, Bob Blacketer, dis- plays talent on the bass. Dance band members are chosen by Mr. Ferris by auditions, They perform for various school functions. Seniors, Preston Thomas and Glen talented musicians on the saxophone. Shay, EITC Music Department Teaches 2 N, SX Student music teacher from l.U., Earl Shay, explains the impor- tance of choreography. 24 Skill and Provides Entertainment for Communit The combined choir and chorus perform for various school and community functions, for example, the Spring Concert. The music department, under the direction of Robert Ferris, not only performs an important function in the school program, but is also a delight to the entire community. The Blue and White Revue, basketball and football half-time shows, parades, and the Spring Concert are only a few of their many activities. Choir and chorus are available for those students with vocal ability and band or orchestra for those who are instrumentally inclined. Besides the direct musical education received by students of music, everyone at Franklin Central becomes acquainted with music appreciation through the fine per- formances ofthe music department. Mr, Robert Ferris, with a B.M,E. degree from Indiana University. is the only faculty member who instructs students in instrumental and vocal music. 'L Art Provides Opportunit for Self-Expression at Don Watkins and Bob Fussel find art class a pleasant deviation from Lettering, layout design, and color are the ubasicsw of the art courses at Franklin Central. Surrounding these are stenciling, figure drawing, still life drawing and painting, charcoal, fashion illustration, and design. Art students are also given the chance to branch out and do some per- sonal study of crafts of their own choice from a selection of linoleum, leather, clay, soap, metals, and wood. In addition to skills, art students study the lives, styles, and masterpieces of the world's great artists. The importance of an overall knowledge of the past and present art world is emphasized. Marsha McFarland was only one of many who enjoyed the spring display of art work. their other classes. Mrs. Nancy Prickett, art teacher, and advanced art student, Linda Parker, pause to enjoy Lindals mosaic work. 15 'yy .yr M15 I . JY' P.E. Plays Active Role in F.C. Academics Boys physical education class cnjoys a strenuous game of volley ball. VVavne Piepenhrok. Mark Shearer. and Billy W'epf develop skill and sportsmanship in gym class. 27 The physical education department offers students the opportunities for the development of leadership, citizen- ship, sportsmanship, and the opportunity to learn to work and play together. More than just frivolous play, the physical education program covers a wide range of sports, games, and recreational activities. After learning the basic skills and rules in class, students may develop these skills in extra-curricular activities, After one semester of gym class, students of physical education take a general health and safety course. Miss Gail Myer takes charge ofthe girls, physical Fitnessg and Mr. Larry Hanni develops the boys physical education. Miss Gail Myer and Mr, Larry Hanni strive to improve the physical fitness of students. I ,-my .Ai mei If . . , . . "'.Z...."'1".I.'Q ' 1 ldlitdd 3 H.-.-.N-44 X i 5, I Developmental Reading, Special Education Aid F.C. Two courses which round out the curriculum at Frank- lin Central are special education and developmental read- ing. Special education is a class developed for those students who need a little extra attention. Mrs. Lilliam Maze, the special education teacher, is able to give these students individual attention, In developmental reading, students are encouraged to increase their reading rates, develop their comprehension, and expand their vocabularies under the direction of Mrs. Vernice Irish. Mrs. lrish looks on as Mary Beth Cavallaro utilizes the facilities of the reading lab. Pam Gatewood, Rodney Snyder, and Pam Cole were three of the special education students who delighted in their Christmas party. 28 I ...F -'aff' nf" Mrs. Lillian Maze, special education teacher, receives an appreciative smile from her student, Karen Cole. nessmen, and to Mary Piepenbrok, winner ofthe DAR award, Mr. Clarke presents awards to Gail Acomlm and Ken Moss, winners of citizenship awards from the VVanamaker Busi- Awards Day Program Highlights End of Year Mrs. Richwine presents one of Mary l.ancaster's many awards which brought community, state-wide, national, and international recognition. s1m- -u.w---M-un1-- A-lv--L -un-we ---M Outstanding business students who received awards at the program, May 24, were Cindy Van Trees, beginning typingg Kathy Grady, beginning shorthandg Janis Phillips, advanced shorthand, and Pat Keller, over-all business award. The winner of the Home Economics award was Karen Allen. National Honor Society awards went to students outstanding in one field of endeavor. They were Bob Blacketer, musicg Larry Buttz, industrial artsg Nancy Berry, businessg John Snyder, artg Carolyn Stockwell, English, Brenda Horn, foreign languageg Ed NIcClain, social studies, Mary Lancaster, ,lim Coss, and Scott Baldwin. science, Brenda Horn and Mary' Lancaster. mathg and Susie Smale and Nora Clouse, attendance. 29 was , LL,,,. m.,t.t, ,.,. ,,,. ,. -u THE YEAR IN NUMBERS: SPORTS FC's seven sports drew the participation of about 79 boys and entertained the 54175 of the students who at- tended games regularly as well as the 46721 who didnlt. On August 15, the football team began the Hrst of its 100-odd hours of practice to prepare for 288 minutes of total game time. An average crowd of 354 fans braved the chill nights to see the gridders rush 1,353 yards in their 9-game season. Basketball, the favorite sport of 6071 of the students, attracted the most attention. The young Caverage age 15.41 and small Qaverage height 5, 8 3f4"j cage Hashes amassed 889 points in 20 games. Despite small interest in minor sports, only 14721 of FC students felt referees often ruled unfairly. Freshman Joe Cougill lowers his shoulder and drives forward in an attempt to escape his opponent. New, Tougher Competition Hinders Gridironsmen Linemen prepare for eveningls battle in pregame warm up with coach Gruner. Head Coach Bill Reed guided the Football team through a season plagued with injuries and tough oppo- nents, but managed to salvage more good than bad from his efforts. Although the record does not show it, the team gave an IOOWD effort throughout the year. With vic- tories over Hamilton Heights and Pike, the Flashes proved that they could play a winning brand of football. The team was lead by a group of senior boys with the desire to win, among them were Ed McClain, jim Coss, Bob Cunningham, Dwight Thomas and Preston Thomas. There was also a great crew of underclassmen working with Coaches Reed and Hoskins. One of them was Mike Dougherty, the most valuable player award winner. The team's hope for the future looks very good as the under- classmen seem to have the inclinations as well as the capabilities to win. Underclassmen show F.C. depth and ability in football action throughout the entire season, F.C. defense trips up ball carrier in homecoming game Flashes put on a rigorous two three zone in home coming action against Beech Grove. Action is getting a little crowded on the boards in this action at Green- field. Gary Smith prepares to shoot a layup as Tom Dougherty looks on in apprehension. 34 Coaches Mark Thisthlethwaite and jim Hoskins lead their freshmen and reserve basketball teams through successful seasons. Coach Thisthlethwaiteis freshmen had a winning season of 10-4, the best since Coach MTN has been at Franklin Central. Everyone was exceedingly impressed with the per- formance ofthe freshmen due to the fact that their first string boys were moved up to play varsity and reserve rolls before the season ever got started. The reserve survived the season with a few more losses than the freshmen. However, the freshmen playing with them gained valuable experience for the future. The reserve was made up basically of freshmen and sophomores as the ,juniors were in varsity competition. The reserve's record of 6-13, is some what mis- leading as most of their defeats were by fewer than five points. The underclassmen seem to have great ability and the will to succeed. With a few breaks, they may show Franklin Central its best season in the past six years. The boys who lead the freshmen and reserve teams are Tony Pickett, Greg Pool, Phil Shott, and Dan Chaney. These boys as a nucleus should build Franklin Central's potentials of being a good basket- ball squad next year. B-B Players Exhibit First Class Sportsmanship .."""4 Hifi? f --- Players on the bench watch the action with great 21ppFCl1Cf'1Si0l'1 Senior Bob ffougill shoots his favorite outside shot. IQ x X l I f Q Flashes apply a pressing defense to harass their opponent. 35 Iunior Tom Dougherty works to block out and grab the ball for tinother rebound. lj, Cougill jumps high to pull down the ball from his opponent. 4, Cheerleaders lezid enthusiastic' crowd in support of the team in another spirited gzirne. Mike Shaffer attempts to move around his man toward the basket Basketball homecoming court, left to right--C. Olin, P. Kellerg I.. Humphries, king: NI. Piepenbrokg B. Flagle, S. Smale. queen, R. Evans: V. Breedlove, N. Emmertg R. Reedg Burton, Nl. lVlcKinney. The crown bearers were Knoop and 'lf Thisthlethwaite. Smale, Humphries Chosen Homecoming Royalty The young, scrappy Flashes, under the di- rection of head coach Marvin Knoop, fought hard throughout the season but always seemed to be slightly out manned. The boys never said Hdie" and were always in the game fighting, even when there seemed little hope. The Flashes, lead by senior Bob Cougill and juniors Phil Barker, Tom Dougherty and Larry Sutter, met teams throughout the year that were always just a little bit bigger, however, if they were able to score, their abilities on defense usually kept them in the game. The future looks bright for the team, as they will lose only one senior, Bob Cougill, and Tom Dougherty, a returning letter- man, was named to the All-Sectional team. Homecoming Queen Susie Smale graciously accepts her bouquet of roses from Mr. Guyer. 37 Wrestlers Out Match 901, of Their Cpponents Senior David Baird appears here in action against Decatur Central. Hank Clouse works to gain control over his opponent and gain a reverse. Mel Davids 165 pounder works for a take down over his opponent. seyw L- D A ' A l The varsity wrestlers of Franklin Central finished with one ofthe best records, 9-l-2, in the school's history. Coach Morgan's matmen finished higher in the state than any other team ever to represent Franklin Central. The second place finish in the state competition earned F.C. state-wide acclaim and recognition. Coaches Morgan and Reed worked diligently throughout the year for the one thing that meant the most to them-the Sectional Tournament. Needless to say, by the time it rolled around the boys were in superb condition and walked away with the championship. Dale Barnard and john Smith, the teamis two advancers, won convincingly over their State Tournament opponents. Although there are several Seniors on the team, all will not be lost by gradu- ation, for the two state finalists were both underclassmen and there were other standouts in their ranks, among them Freshmen. 5123.5-ggs22.4-iLei'12,g 'if-f-wfwt., - - 1,11,,Wg..-ww1,ft .r f- . . . .... ,., L LSL? 91"WSW-fe?-9EP?5,3Zflf,fif'riff' .' L . , - if ..,, Q a..e,it.fWgg ft.: Mt. .... t. .. siiamisvgw-EAQASV Yiadifva em, few:ffwfffuf-tas3eiW?"W1'2Prev ft " ' MW" f "--' - - 1 V- M f - A ,H M, . az, ...V 5-Hg 5--43: .-uw 1" ' " f - .' 1.-:., . Bl. .L 'eftsfggj ici: :kc :S H : f. " , 1, A ,, ...,.t, . -,W . ,-'fer - -14-...ze-mr.ff--..--,. us. .- :E '..--,:Q:.p:.ia:at, .-': 'v.'!f-- '9"G 'FTa . J , -: -:ef-f,:,,w.,... .,.. -- f--- I -3--35,-A, ..,15w,v,,4: :gamm- :fq if V? if Qu' 4- l, Wit, t S iff 13 le. , K .W ,X 521: ffpgrfis f Mez'-1 i e, I-'gi - 7 4:1 Senior Mike Wolcott works on his man during afternoon rounds of Sectional, MM...-vt Coach Morgan shouts instructions to one of his wrestlers during Sectional action. jim Coss 180 pounder locks up with his opponent in action during the Sectional, Junior Greg Austin hurls another fast ball across the plate in his shut out against Beech Grove for the Flashes first win of the year, Shutouts, No Hitter Characterize Season The Flashes' batting abilities were many as demonstrated by Greg Austin. Mike Wilcher appears pensive as he attempts to analyze his batting strategy. 40 Ross Hughes competes in low hurdle event during the Warren Central relays. The 1967 baseball team, under the direction of head coach Mr. 'T' and new assistant coach Mr. Holcombe, had an inspired season led by seniors Ed McClain and Mike Wilcher. The high point ofthe season was Gregg Austin's no-hit victory against Beech Grove. Track, under the leadership of head coach Mr. Hanni, had a lively season. Phil Shott and Val Chandler ad- vanced in state competition in the half-mile and shot-put events respectively. The large group of underclassmen indicate a clear assurance that Franklin Central's position will improve in the future. Chandler Breaks the I954 Shot-put Record Senior Val Chandler shows his ability during warm up for an important meet. He also set a new school record during the season. during highjump competition. .Q Larry Sheets' grim look shows his intense efTort 39 ' 5 5 'tl' - 5 V 4 it fa KN ' , ' " ,- ' ' .....: .... fv'v- ' ,,.. V W' - T T Z ' 's 1 ' M- q . as seet T Mark McKinney played as F.C.'s number one man this Number two man, senior Bob Marlin, prepares for a return with a forehand year, and did quite well, position. The Returning Tennis Team Is Welcomed Back Phil Utterback's contorted expre ssion exemplifies the role of physical exertion in a grueling meet. Senior Bill Jones was one of the more experienced players on the tennis team this year. Seniors Coss and Thomas Lead '6 Golf Team I - ,W -lisa 1 js 1 .Ab . . Lf,ia,e.,a .... 5' '1 5, w ...n"f,f "':...-Qt.. The golf and tennis team's spring activities showed the desire of the boys to represent Franklin Central in meets which are not always recognized to the extent that they should be by the student body. The tennis team compiled a record of more wins than any other spring sport. The team was led by a freshman, Mark McKinney and two seniors Bob Marlin and Bill Jones. The experience of the underclassmen should help F.C. to be a real county power in the next few years. Seniors jim Coss and Preston Thomas led the golf team in their spring campaign, The team comprised of mainly underclassmen showed that they could play even to any team in their schedule and they improved as the season progressed. jim shot near par golf the entire season and paced the team impressively. Steve Brown prepares to drive the ball during a golf meet. Coach Gruner demonstrates the proper grip for Randy Thomas. Irving Ma game. K , .. c V, i A, ., fi ,, ze attempts to sink a put in a practice session to improve his Intramurals-FRONT ROVV: M. W'ilChCr, Coss, C. Breeding E. McClain, B. lloncs, S1:'CU.YlJ ROW: P. Thomas, C, Olin, R intramurglgj Flagie, G. Johnson, M. Tapp, nfmn leowf cs, Eastcs, F. Berg- man, D. Thomas, VV, Bmadstrcct, T. Iicwis. A Mixture of Exercise, Sportsmanship and Fun l Breeding moves around Burmn in furious action, Olin fights for a rebound as Mcfllain looks on in disbelief 44 Seniors Lead Inspired Football Team A , 3 , 4 1 ly ' Q 74 70 50 8 3, E T 1- ..- H 1 fi cv 3"' 98 0.52 27 Varsity Football-FRONTROVV' S. Rabourn, R. Day, R. Hughes, AI. Brown, M. Wilcher, F. Foist, D. Hanner, P. Young, B. Cunningham, R, Elder, SECOND ROW? P. Thomas, P. Barker, S. Arvin, R. Tucker, M, Fisher, M. Dougherty, R. Buttz, S. Craig, L, Buttz, ROW Freshman Football-FRONT RUW: Cv. McFarland, T. Craft, D. Hornsby, H. Yensel, Newman, KI. Peterson, R. Franklin, Layman, G. Elder, Lawrence, SECOND ROW: Coach M. Thistlethwaite, y 'Q Q 2 'V .A 25 T THREE: QI. Coss, C. Burton, T. Dougherty, P. Beal, S. Thomas, K. Oakley, M. Shaffer, G. Austin, E. McClain, BACK ROW: D. Chaney, C. Ritter, Rice, C. Breeding, R. Hubble, W. Olin, M. Chaney, D. Thomas, L. Davidson. S. Russell, Pitman, Cougill, T, Pickett, M. Barclay, Ritter, KI. Rollin, G. Sutherland. Young Varsity Squad Shows Promise If 'Q , f 7x ig? Q1 J, w Mu-lil Varsity BaskemballfFRONT ROW: j, Cougill, M. Shaffer, L. Sut- SECOND ROW: M. McKinney, D. McConnell, G. Smith, T ICF, P- Bafkff. B' Cougill, Dougherty, G. Austin, Coach Knoop. Cross Country-FRONT RO WA R. Entrekin, J. Arnold, L, Sheets, SECOND RO W: Coach Hanni, D, McClain, KI. T. Lewis, S. Rejko, B. Townsend, D. Lambreth. Lambreth, M. McKinney, D. McConnell, L. Sutter, G. Pool, R. Rockey. X 46 Varsity Cheerleaders-Left to Right: J. Eder, J. Mason, Grifhn, M. McFarland, S. McFarland. heerleaders Reflect Team Pride and Spirit Reserve Cheerleaders-Left to Right: D. Mason, R. Vuskalns, B. Freshman Cheerleaders-Left to Right: KI. Burton, Skiles, Cox Anderson, K. Anderson, D. Horn. head, C. Wisdom, K. Hollcraft. 47 Reserve Basketball-FRONT ROIV' R. Tucker, M. Dougherty, R. SECOND ROW' C, Trimble, B. Dougherty, D. Chaney, W, Olin, P R k ' B ' f ' ' oc ey, , Townsend, G. Pool,xI. Lamberth, Short, Coach Hngkmg, Reserve, Freshmen Work Hard at Fundamentals Freshman Basketball-FRUNT ROVV' Lucas, D. McFarland, B. SECOND ROVVS S. Price, D, ROCkCy,J' tcfahm, D- Dfimlv Fifesv King, tl. Lawrence, KI. Bymaster, T. Pickett, D. Hornsby, K. McFar- D. Lambreth, G. McFarland, H. Yensel, Coach Thisthlethwaite. land, 48 Barnard, Smith Lead FC to Second in State Varsity Wrestling-FRONT ROW: Smith, KI. Denien, H. Clouse, SECOND ROW.' D. Baird, M. Wolcott, P. Young, M. Davids, R. Whitlockwl. Hopkins, D, Barnard, Coss, Coach Morgan. Reserve Wrestling-FRONT ROW: S. Rabourn, S. Thomas, D. Hanner, R. Robinson, P. Utterback, K. Oakley, SECOND ROW' Coach Gruner, S. Rejko,j. Rabourn, R. Entrekin, S. Dieck, Coach Reed. 49 Baseball and Track-Two Vigorous Sports Baseball-FRONTROVV' D, McFarland, D. Hanner, K. Oakley, D. Reasoner, M. Fisher. SECOND ROW' M. Wilcher, Munson, M. Schaffer, P, Barker, D. Crago, V. Breedlove. THIRD ROW: Coach Track-FRONT ROVVJ D. Smith, C. Breeding, B. Dougherty, T. Dougherty, V. Chandler, J. Rice, P, Short, R, Hughes, Coach Hoskins, SECOND ROW: L. Sheets, H. Yensel, R. Gibson, D. McClain, T, Thistlethwaite, A. Thomas, G. Austin, C. Burton, M, McConnell, E. McClain, L. Sutter, Coach Holcombe. Lewis, Lambert, B. Townsend, D, Sisk, THIRD ROW? Coach Hanni, Andry, Aulby, W, McDaniel, Bymaster, G. Bradley, D. Lamberth, S. Rejko,J. Lawrence, H. Clouse,j. Cougill. Golf-Coach Gruner, Coss, R. Cougill, D. Thomas, I. Maze, S. Brown,j. Carrier, C. Muncy. New Coaches Gruner and Pate Head New Seasons Tennis-l'RONTROW: B. jones, R. Marlin, M. McKinney, R. Westby, P. Utterback, Scrgi, SECOND RO W: S. Rabourn, K. Martin, G. Garber, M. Davidsul. Lucas, Coach Pate. 51 THE YEAR IN NUMBERS: ORGANIZATIONS Twenty-seven organizations at Franklin Central pro- vided extra-curricular activities to 3291 ofthe students. These clubs ranged in size from the 9 members of the National Honor Society Cbefore its inductionj to the 160 members of the GAA. The average membership totaled around 47. At least one organization suited the skills and interests of Franklin Centralites. The YMCA-affiliated Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y sent 3 people to the model UN at Purdue University. The Future Homemakers club devoted itself to topics of interest to home economics girls, while the French Club conducted its seances entirely in French. The monthly meetings of these 27 clubs added greatly to the school spirit at FC. ,, ,ff I Af E ff? The choir harmonizes beautifully to instill the true meaning of Christ mas into the hearts ofthe audience by their rendition of HSilent Night' Franklin Central's Majorettes display their skill obtained by strenuous hours of praetieeg consequently. they are a crowd pleaser and an in- spiration to the athletes. They added memorably to the Christmas pa- rade and Veteranis Day parade. Organizations in Action Under the superb direction of Mr. Ferris, the Franklin Central Singers have enthralled many with their melodies at Concerts and special school ac- tivities sueh as the Christmas Dance. and musical programs. 54 1 Throughout Year The Pep Club cheers exuberantly as they boost the Flashes to smre two more points. Pzirtivipating in pzirziclrs is :in ziclrlilionzil function of thc 'kMart'hing Flashes' Hero they exemplify their prcrision at the Christmas parade in Indianapolis N, N1CFarland, Kitley. ll. Gindcr, and C. Gaier model Current modes in the Sunshine style show. 3 at 'T 'F ,fm ,, X W Z 1. ps vw lv 'ly 2 21' Wy Organizations Cffer the Chance To Pursue Dance Band-FRONTROVV' R. Ferris, P, Thomas, G. Shay, Williams, Thomas. SECOND ROW: P. Barker, F. Bergman. Coss. B. Schumacher, D. Wilson, P. Utterback, A, Bassett. THIRD RU l'V.' B. Miles, D. hlorgan, B. Black- eter, R. Westby. 'e-s....a V . if ff- , jb- x lr 15 S, Ruth Piepenbrok, Brenda Horn, Ruth Evans, Gail Acomb, and Mike Chaney represented Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y at model U.N. 56 .lim Coss presides over one of the 10 Student Council meetings held this year. Special Interests Marilyn Cooper reigned over the Christmas Dance spon- sored bythe Future Nurses Club. 93.7 percent of the students have found that participating in high school clubs is very interesting, educational, and just plain fun. The average F.C. student belongs to 3.2 clubs to which he donates approximately 33.20 in dues used to Finance the 2.5 main activities of each club per year. The Future Nurses Club visited six hos- pitals and held a rummage sale, while Tri- Hi-Y had a slave auction and sold cook- books to raise sufficient funds to jointly support a Vietnamese orphan, G.A.A. annually participates in providing mums for homecoming and having a slumber party. Another busy organization is the Dance Band. Besides participating in several local performances, they were featured on a television special. Although Brenda Ward appears not to be worried, other members of G A A display mixed emotions while waiting for their initiation to begin. As students hurriedly check out books during homeroom they are assisted by 'vi Cavallaro, B. Czerny, and P. Bertram. ,. 57 iii ,X K 5-'H' 3" Bob Blacketer and Dwight Baird match wits during a tormenting round ofchess, one ofthcir favorite pastimes. 1 l l l M. Khuner, D, Service, and B. N1cCull0ugh were three ofthe students that explored the Museum of Science and Industry with the Sigma Mu club. Here they are being transported to the coal mine located beneath the museum. The entire music department let the community know that L'Spring is Here" by presenting their annual Spring Concert. Twenty-six Organizations if q " .w"f'N 'V ff. i"' f 1 .T Q . plane Kitley has just presented to Jena Worland a special award for her outstanding 4-H service and achievement. P. Anderson, l. Maze, D. Mason, A, Lancaster, R, Gibson, xl. Mason, M, Prohst, V. Ward, B. Skelton, P. Caughcy, and T, Hubble surround Mrs. lwliner. She is displaying the roses given to her because of her enthusiastic sponsorship ofthe French Club. Keep Franklin Central Students Active l Scholarship, leadership, service, and character form the basic principles ofthe National Honor Society. Coss is lighting the candle representing leadership as newly-selected members watch. The French Club, The llFleur de Lis", has experienced many of the customs, food, and manners of France. Included in their activities were dining at a French restaurant and preparing their own banquet. The Sunshine Club members carried out their motto, llOthers',. One of the highlights of their activities was giving a party for children of the Guardians Home. Besides organizing various panel discussions of interest to the members, the Future Teachers sponsored a supper after a football game for a well-deserving team. Enthusiastic Hi-Y members also sponsored many money raising projects such as selling tourney derbys and an action packed student- faculty basketball game. STUDENT COUNCILiFRO.YT ROW' A. Vuskalns, N. Emmert, K. Anderson, C. Gaier, A. Lancaster, Kitley, M. Piepenbrok, l. Utterback, K. Allen. SECOND RO W: R. Neal, E. McDaniel, K. Holl craft, C. Root, Worland, B. Schumacher, L. Stillabower, Burton, B. Wlaterman. YY-HRD ROl'V.' S. Price, H. Yensel, Veal, D. Nlorgan, B. Townsend, D. Rockey, G. Garber, R. Westby, M. Dougherty, R. f.. We r.. A ,Q 5' Tucker. FOIFRYH RO W' S. Humphries, Nl, Wilcher, Thomas, P. Barker, W. Fraley, L. Humphries, R. Gibson, Lamberth, P. Thomas, xl. Goss. BACK ROVV: M. Barclay, E. lN1cGlain, M. McKinney, W. Olin, B. jones, T. Dougherty, D. Chaney, G. Olin, R. Schilling, Mr. Guyer. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYiFRONT ROW? K. Ford, KI. R. Gibson, C. Olin, K. Moss, E. McClain,xI. Coss, P. Thomas. THIRD Lowery, T. Hubble, B. Geissman, Lyons, C. Root, G. Acomb, M. ROW: S. Fulk, Kitley, K. Allen, Y. Mason, C. Stockwell, B. Horn, Piepeiibrok. Smale, KI. Cottle, K. Grady, Mrs. Thomas. SECOND Mason, M. Lancaster, N. Berry, B. Lewis, Knot picturedj A. Hosier. ROPV: Skillman, B. Skelton, B. Gougill, R. Westby, S. Baldwin, mu A i ' QE 5 :li f ,g . . w , . .. 1 X In , l. Calf ' 5 W 5 it if . , L .aa nun 25 2 5 i .1 A 1 an , .. Q 2 ., 'TA ' 3 :V If V 2 ' it ii . 3 gg at W gg an an 2 up 2 . ral! W .naw 2 2 ? 2 K ' g ,. ALL, . wf 'i HI-Y-FRONT ROW: D. Reasoner, S. Rabourn, M. ShafTer, B. Fla- BACK RO W' C. Breeding, R. Hubble, T. Repass, B. Pratt, G. john- gle, B. Cougill, B. Haggard, R. Hughes, M. Chaney, Mr. Reed. son,T. Dougherty, P. Shott, E. Baatz, D. Phillips, L. Wicklifl. Organizations Offer Leadership and Service ...XM XM if 1. TRI-HI-Y-FRONT ROW' B. Lewis, M. Lancaster, C. Grahn, R. Lowery, K. Allen, A. Hosier, C. Stockwell, S. Smale, C. Root, S. Vuskalns, N. Berry, A. Bassett, S. Fishburn, D. Mason, Mrs. Miner. Skillman, D. Brodrick, G. Acomb. BACK RO W: R, Evans, R. Piepen- SECOND ROW: B. Horn, L. Birdwellhj. Kitley, A. Wood, S. Fulk,j. brok, K. Grady, B. Geissman, B. Skelton, B. Francis, B. Waterman, B. Mason, I. Utterback, M. Piepenbrok, Y. Mason. THIRD ROW: Poole, S. Lyons. 6l Y33? u.. BANDAFRONT ROW: K. Grady, Lowery, M. Garriot, R. Vus- kalns, KI, Wesseler, A. Vuskalns, C. Root, L. Shay, Kitley, SECOND ROW: C. Burton, M. Lowes, V. Ward, E. McDaniel, M. Linn, D Richardson, T. Davis, G. Shay, S. Lyons,xI, Williams. YHIRD ROVV' S. Skillman, V. Cottle, D. Piepenbrok, B, Ward, K. Friddle, G, Hall, CHORUS-FRONT ROW: K. Trotter, J, Coxhead, D. Pierson, P. McClain, K. Moore, KI. Massey, L. Shay, C. Gibson, M. Kitchens. SECOND ROW: W. Broadstreet, B. Baird, M. Smith, D. Henderson, C. Wisdom, B. Sipes, B. Storm, Skiles, Aj. Burton, MI. Modlin, R. Reel. THIRD ROWY Veal, P. Lewis, C. Dickinson, S. Grady, D. G. Edwards, B. Schumacherhj. Coss, F. Bergman, L. Birdwell, l. Maze, P, Barker, D. Kafoure. FODRTY-I ROW: H. Ogleshy, Nl. Sutherland, D. Phillips, D. Wisdom, D. Hopper, Stayte, D. Driml, Nl. Barclay, BA CKROPVJ R. Blaeketer, R. Marling, S. Dieck. Woods, P, Cole, L. Monday, Fuquay, D. Kamplain, T. Smith, D. Flannery, H. Clouse. BACK ROW: Wells, D. Walker, F, Hornsby, J. Cougill, T. Kracht, Bymaster, T. Pickett, D. Reasoner, M, Wampner. s......1, BAND-1"RO.Y7'ROW: A. Hendricks, K. Gzirriott, C. Pooluj. Kitley. Ritter, R. Entrekin. V. Green. K. Harmon. S. Dechard. C. Ritter. K. Borders. R. Bell. B. Poole. R. Evans. l. Lfttcrbtirk. .S'l2'f.'U.YIJ HOU? IJ. Rezisoner. NY. Wilson. P. Litterlmzivk. .-X. Bassett. D. Wilson. HA CA M. Hall, R. Frzinklin. 'lf Kracht. D. Buc'hz1nz1n.Ci. Cltirlueruj. Fulbright. RUIVJ B. Btiircl. S. Schuler. Phillips. Il. Brorlrictk. G. Hunter. l,. P. ilihumzis. Ogleshy. R. Schilling, S. Thomas. THIRD RUIVZ NI. Wicklilli. Fl. Haggard, D. Morgz1n.B. Miles, R. Hughes. R. Reed. Shearer, YW. lluzihtiney, D, Foley, Burris, M. Swartz. D. Reasoner. fit 'Ns . MAIURETTES-FRONTROPVJ L. Valentine. A. Hosier, A. Wood. RUPVJ B. Horn, L. Birclwell, G. Acomh. ll. Wisdom, C. Sutter, M C. Root. Y. Kurtz. S. Smale. Y, Ward, KI. Tam, S. Lyons. BACK Yeaqenk. liv2ins.D. Pollard.M. Picpenlvrolehl. Kitley..-X. Bassett. 63 CHOIR-FRONTROVV' N. Lowe, KI. Idele, P. Reimer, B. Anderson, S. Lowe, V. McCartney, C. Sullivan, Y. Macaluso, D. Richardson D. Wisdom, D. Kraft, M. Cavallaro. SECOND ROW? L. Davis, S Hagan, M. Sutherland, L. Valentine, C. Sutter, Gillum, M. Yeager, K. Puckett, M. McFarland, L. Rieck, B. Lowe, KI. Wright, D. Horn M. Whitsit. THIRD ROW? B. Waterman, C. Wepf, S. Brown O. Kattau, M. Land, L. Walker, D. Howard, M. Messer, L. Shields, K. Drinkut, S. Clark, D. Bridgewater, B. McCowan, M. Shue, C. Neathery. BACK ROW? Mr. Ferris, D. Marsh, T. Lewis, Aulby, F. Bergman, R. Allen, T. Dougherty, M. Chaney, AI. Kirkham, R. Hughes, B. Haggard, C. Reel,J.jones. DEBATE TEAM-FRONT ROW: B. Schmidt, Griffin, Schuler, K. Gibson. BACK ROW? Mrs. Morgan, L. Stillabower, K. Grady, L. Piso, Cnot picturedjj. Eder. 'IUNIOR LEADERS-FRO.N'T ROVV' D. Service, Lowery, Brown, Martin, P. McClain, G. King, Kitley, Y. Maraluso, B. Parish, D. Mason, B. Mcllurdy, Worland. Sl'X.'U.VlJ ROW: C. Kesterson, ll. Ritter, 'I. Southwood, D. Dahl, A. Lancastc-r, M. Whitsit, C. Van 'l'reese, Kitley. Mason, R. Vuskalns, S. Fishhurn, K. 'IWHESPIANS-1"RU.YY' RUIVJ P. Anderson, B. Schmidt, D. Baird. I.. Craig, K. Grady, L. Stillabower. M. Piepcnbrok, QI. Grifhn. SECQYIJ ROW ".A lj. Tam, Skillman, P. O'Connell, 'j. Cottle, Humphries, D. Brodrick, S. Schuler, K. Martin, V. McCartney, R. Woods, D. Thomas. THIRD ROW: M. Cole, R. Evans, R. Franklin, R. Entrekin, K. Young, D. Pierson, B. Brandt, Humphries, E. Mc'- Daniel, B. Baird, A. Henrirks, C. Burton, B. Lowe. BACK ROW: l. Utterback, I. Maze, M. Davids, B. Poole, KI. Westerman, C. Sizemore, T. Smith, G. Edwards, C. Ritter, B. McClain, L. Utter. Buttz. BACK RON? A. Hosier. M. Cooper, G. Berglund. M. Tzipp. S. Craig, D. Dahl. Smith, Burch, L. Piso, K. Gibson. l. Ltter- back. 65 HOMEMAKERS-FRONT ROW: S. Morris, Holton, D. Preuss M. Cavallaro, D. Bridgewater, B. Parish, P. Anderson, K. Anderson, M. Whitsit, N. Emmert, C. Pratt, P. Bertram, C. King, R. Vuskalns K. Friddle. SECOND ROW: C. Austin, B. Baugh, C. Worthington K. Monday, S. Goins, V. Wynn, B. Vernon, B. Brandt, N. Neal, K Wambsganss, L. Puckett, C. Sullivan, J. Williams, B. Beidelschies THIRD ROW: P. Aulby, K. Young, L. Reeves, Martin, R. Neal N. Lowe, C. Van Treese, T. Keller, M. Moore, K. Woods, S. Harrison W. Dillon, D. Patterson, D. Longsberry, N. Allen. FOURTH ROW' B. Czerny, M. Piepenbrok, S. Peasley, R. Morris, L. Piso, D. Morgan, V. Kurtz, S. Skiles, L. Francis, K. Allen, D. Goodman, C. Allen, C. Wicker, M. Moore, C. Tames. BACK ROW' I. Utterback, C. Miller, P. Cole, C. Bray, S. Clark, J. Westerman, M. Wilhite, D. Rigdon, D. Deerberg, D. Kemper, S. Craig, C. Dierdorf, P. Hart, L. Worrell, P. Rigdon. CHESS CLUB-FRONT ROW: Carrier, C. Muncy, Mr. Clarke, Maze, S. Coxhead, R. Marling, B. Blacketer, S. Dieck, V. Vandivier, E. D. Baird, L. Carlson. BACK ROW: R. Reel, M. Rupe, S. Brown, I. Reel. FUTURE NURSES-FRONT ROW: B. Ward, B. Lowe, L. Shay, C Collins, P. Bertram, Wood, T. Butler, D. Shaffer, D. Brodrick, R Neal, McGee, Mrs. Peterson. SECOND ROW: E. Kamplain, P Aulby, N. Allen, L. Walker, L. Francis, S. Skiles, C. Peterson, J Idele, V. Rejko, D. Henderson, B. Francis, B. Doane. THIRD ROW: al 4 D. Croxton, N. Clouse, G. Acomb, V. McCartney, K. Young, L. Yokem, D. Flannery, B. Wampner, J. Nicholson, S. Peasley, K. Drinkut, A. Battle. BACK ROW: B. Poole, S. Clark, S. Gray, T. Hubble, S. Brown, C. Kesterson, G. Emberton, Southwood, C. Pfendler, D. Buchanan, M. Cooper, K. Garriott. FUTURE TEACHERS-FRONT ROW: Y. Macaluso, S. Fishburn, B. Lewis, D. Brodrick, P. Anderson, M. Lancaster, R. Vuskalns, R. Bell, C. Pelko, Kitley. SECOND ROW.' R. Neal, N. Lowe, C. VanTreese, B. Horn, A. Hosier, A. Wood, L. Stillabower, V. Mc- Cartney, V. Rejko, K. Gibson, Mason. THIRD ROW' Y. Mason, I. Utterback, D. Smith, K. Borders, C. Kesterson, Southwood, M. Linn, S. Lyons, S. Smale, C. Tames, M. Smith, K. Ford. FOURTH ROW: G. Acomb, M. Piepenbrok, S. Skillman, Cottle, B. Belleau, V. Ward, K. Allen, B. Geissman, K. Grady, K. Brink, R. Piepenbrok, C. Root, L. Utter. BACK ROW? E. McClain, D. Baird, D. Barnard, R. Westby, K. Oakley, K. Moss, Coss, P. Utterback, Lowery, C. Miller, B. Skelton, C. Stockwell, Mr. Estes. Students Apply Studies Within Social Environs SIGMA MU-FRONT ROW: Lowery, B. Horn, M. Linn, M. head, R. Westby, S. Dieck, R. Entrekin, M. Probst, KI. Oglesby, M. Lancaster, R. Bell, Lucas, G. Garber. BA CKRO W: Coss, Cox- Garrim, E. Baatz, Mrs. Richwine. FRENCH CLUB-FRONTROVV' P. Anderson, R. Berry, T. Hollis C. Grahn, A. Lancaster, Cayton, E. Kamplain, B. McCurdy, Mrs Miner. SECOND ROW' V. Ward, K. Hollcraft, D. Mason, Y. Mason, M. Piepenbrok, L. Parker, T. Kramer, A. Henricks, S. Humphries, K. Hendrickson. THIRD RO W' P. Caughey, Harmon, D. Campbell, Southwood, C. Pllender, P. McBee, L. Stillabower, A. Hosier, Mason, T. Hubble, D. Smith. BACK ROW: B. Cook, M. Davids, R. Piepenbrok, Smale, B. Poole, B. Skelton, Cope- land, I. Maze, R. Gibson, M. Probst. - ' L - 44 A1 Lal SUNSHINE SOCIETY-FRONT RUHJJ .A. Lancaster, Martin, A. Vuskalns, N. Emmert, K. Wamhsganss, P. Mc-Clain, P. Leonard, Stayte, Massey, Holton, D. Bridgewater, B. Parish, L. Shay. SECOIVD ROW? D. Pierson, D. Woods, E. Kamplain, L. Smith, Nlodlin, VVood. T. Butler, S. Fishhurn, C. Gaier. B. Brandt, P. Nic- Bee, M. Eddy, K. Moore, R. Pierson, B. Storm, N. Allen. THIRD ROVV' B. Waterman, S. Craig, D. Kemper. B. Czerny. B. Wampner. K. Drager, P. Ward, N. McFarland. M. Whitsit. S. Peasley. L. Reeves, C. Gibson, D. Flannery, P. Hart. ldele. lffllflx' ROH ".' IJ. Buchanan, L. Clayton, S. Sweeney, ll. Harmon, L. Boyer, il. Nichol- son, C. VanTreese, T. Keller, K. Dieck, T. Kramer, S. Lowe, B. Mc- Cullough, B. Schumacher, C. Allen, M. Sutherland. ' Emil was i ' wget SUNSHINE SOCIETY-FRONT ROW: KI. Kitley. S. Cayton, S. Reel, P. Hall, D. Preuss. C. Worthington, Y. Macaluso, A. Bassett, S. Goodman, C. Goodman, M. Messer. B. Mcflowan, C. Peterson, M. Piepenbrok. SECONIJ ROW: A. Hosier, B. Horn, Mason, D. Ginder, D. Pollard, V. Ward, V. Kurtz, P. Caughey, Y. Mason, Westerman, S. Clark, B. Poole, V. Green, Mrs. Ernstes. THIRD ROW? K. Brink, K. Gibson, L. Worrell, D. Kraft, D. Wisdom, B. Hayes, B. Lowes, N. Clouse, L. Utter, Cottle, K. Allen, L. Mitchel, D. lwlorgan, R. Piepenbrok, Z. Nleador, N. Gigli. l1'Af.'K RUVV: C. Swengel, C. Leehner, P. Keller, L. Craig, L. Stillabower, Skillman, V. McCartney, K. Ford, Copeland, B. Geissman, B. Doane, Smith, L. Piso, C. Pelko, D. Smith. D. Wesselman, B. Wise. Pupils' Assistance Greatl Appreciated by All LIBRARIANS-LCfI to Righii Mrs. Miller, D- W6SSClm3H, NA Gigli, Czerny, M. Cavallaro, C. Hall, B. Anderson, Paul, C. Dierdorf, B. L. Boyer, C. Tames, K. Puckett, V. Kurtz, L. Piso, P. Bertram, B. Fraley, 95' PROJECTIONISTSKFRONT ROW' D. Weston, K. Robertson, S. Rabourn, D. Hurst, B. Haggard. BACK ROW' D. Fraleyhl. Veal, M. Cole, D. Wilkins, B. Patterson, T. Lewis. 70 Brodrick, M. Fisher, ' PEP CLUB-FRONT ROW: N. Gigli, D. Wesselman, C. Tames S. Fulk, C. Goodman, C. Swengel, K. Anderson, B. Anderson, R Vuskalns, D. Mason, D. Horn, V. Green, T. Osburn, S. Smale, B Horn, B. Wise, D. Brodrick, Miss Meyer. SECOND ROW: Martin, N. Lowe, R. Neal, K. Borders, C. Lechner, Burch, N. Clouse, M Cooper, D. Wisdom, R. Piepenbrok, M. Sutherland, D. Thomas, A Lancaster, V. McCartney, K. Gibson, K. Brink, L. McClain,J. Arnold THIRD ROW' C. Gaier, T. Davis, K. Hollcraft,J. Coxhead, S. Stayte, N. Emmert, D. Drabing, D. Goodman, K. Woods, Idele, B. Ward P. Caughey, C. Miller, C. Rabourn, K. Ford, A. Bassett, Y. Macaluso S. Lowe. FOUR TH ROW? N. McFarland, E. McDaniel, R. Berry XI. Burton, P. Lewis, B. Brandt, K. Dieck, P. Ward, B. jones, Har- mon, D. Flannery, B. Storm, Wood, T. Butler, P. McBee, E. Kam- plain, S. Brown,-I. Southwood, C. Grahn. BA CK RO W' C. Dickinson P. Leonard, G. Emberton, D. Pierson, L. Yokem, N. Neal, K. Bessen- back, D. Buchanan, K. Wambsganss, A. Vuskalns, L. Smith, M Smith, P. McClain, M. Kitchens, Modlin, L. Reeves, K. Gibson S. Grady. LETTERMEN'S CLUB-FRO.VTROW' Rice, S. Whitesides, R. THIRD ROW' R. Gibson, P. Shott, G. Austin, T. Dougherty, D. Buttz, L. Buttz, R. Whitlock, Smith, B. Cougill, P. Thomas, R. Thomas, D. Baird, E. McClain, B. jones, Coss, Ci Breeding, G. Hughes, B. Townsend, W. Broadstreet. SECOND ROW: L. Kester- Pool. BACK ROW: D. Chaney, M. Chaney, C. Ritter, T. Green, son, E. Baatz, G. johnson, Aulby, S. Rejko, Lamberth, M. M. Davids, S. Thomas, D. Barnard, V. Chandler, M. McKinney, Wilcher, S. Craig, P. Barker, T. Lewis, L. Sutter, M. Shaffer. Cougill,D.McClain,M.Dougherty. GAAXFRONTRO PV: P. Bertram, Coxhead, M. Smith, K. Trotter, AI. Fuquay, L. Monday, M. Kitchens, N. Allen, P. Aulby, C. King, Clark, B. llones, B. Lewis, L. Shay. ROPV TIVO: C. Hall,lI. Paul, S. Stayte, D. Smith, B. VVaterman, D. Dahl, D. Brodriek, AI. Phillips, L. Boyer, Smale, S. Lowe, C. Stockwell, Y. Macaluso. ROW THREE: M. Whitsit, K. Borders, A. Battle, B. Brandt, B. Baird, J. Lowery, C. Miller, R. Piepenhrok, P. Caughey, C. Root, M. Piepen- hrok, Kitley. RUVV FUlfR.' C. VanTreese, T. Keller, K. Hollfraft, D. Goodman, Burton, A. Henrictks, K. Diefk, K. Drager, S. Brown, V. Ward, A. Hosier, S. Skillman, Harmon. BACK ROW: 'If Davis, C. Allen, K. Gibson, K. Brink, C. Leehner, D. Picpenbrok, M. Sutherland, P. Keller, L. Craig, D. Wisdom, M. Willhite, D. Pollard. GAA-FRONTRUVV: McGee, B. Ward, Wood, N. Emmert, T. Butler, A. Bassett. Kitley. R. Berry, Massey, S. Morris, Holton, A. Vuskalns. SECOIVIJ R0l'V.' B. lNIcCullough, P. Hart, B. Nie- Curdy, Modlin, T. Smith, P. Lewis, C. Pratt, P. Leonard, A. Lancaster, R. Vuskalns, 'lf Hollis, D. Parker, K. Wambsganss. THIRD ROW ".' C. Kesterson, P. McClain, M. Smith, C. Gibson, P. MeBee, C. Hannon, K. Moore. S. Grady, C. Dickens. S. Harrison, B. Storm, B. Vernon, B. Schumacher. D. Rosemeyer, B. Parish. FULR THROW' K. Bessenback, D. Pierson, G. Emberton, N. Lowe, E. Kamplain, T. Reeves, N. Neal, L. Yokem, N. McFarland, E. McDaniel, D. Flannery. K. Woods, V. Green, Craig, Nliss lvleyer. BACK RUIV: R. Neal, D. Service. P. Rigdon, M. Land, D. Hopper, D. Thomas, L. Pickett, B. Lowe. V. Cottle, B. Hayes, Idele, D. Rigdon, D. Kraft, D. Kemper, P. Ward. 44341 ii-R7 fkiil 'iii iii iii 4118 if un: ARBUUR IRUXI RUN X Homer X VM cl fo lc Ix mmm IWIII 7 B Nflles C Suenc' RCjko.M Journalists Work Hard To Record Memoirs News NFYNSP-XPFR IRON! RUN P Xndcrson B NICC ullou h T Butler S Sflllli C lxvstrrson B Uouqhertx B-lflx R011 Xlrs Peterson. THE YEAR IN NUMBERS PERSONALITIES It is hard to find one set of characteristics for the per- sonalities ofthe 694 FC students. However, some traits are held in common by nearly everyone. The average student, for instance, has 2.21 brothers and 2.24 sisters. Around 7371 watch television regularly. In addition, local rock 'n' roll radio station WIFE is listened to 3.41 hours a day. The average boy owns 3.15 pairs of shoes, 5.82 pairs of pants, and 14.8 shirts. His female counterpart has 6.36 pairs of shoes, 22.3 blouses, and 16.2 skirts. Eighty-two per cent of them go out 3.45 times a month with one of their 3.17 boy or girl friends. Forty-eight per cent of these dates are spent at a movie, followed by a hamburger and coke snack. 3 1, gzy- '--.: 'H+- SQ 52 ......,, S :fin V, ::'-- Qvfwf? 'N .- f-aa 'lu 'ex is The School Board, consisting of Morris Green, Maynard Smith, Howard Martin, Don Gleason, and O. Smith discuss plans for the exciting school year ahead. Administration Works Toward Successful rf-""""' mftew, f--f Nmsgfa, Mfsszffztffwy-ig, ,pf ia- 4, .mgfagi "2, :- 'SFE 325 fy,-11, my,-I . :V ffm., ff ifif,5f4sP?f2,'sgiQzs7fie?4 it-wiff2f,1,s,'f::1Q1 , . f' ''Hof':22!2vs:s'w.f155asz,'12,- swfszllw 'stair' f 545222249lm!sifsizlzafttsisezemse:2:42, -wg .wi ...Maw -ymtr,s,t,t is sz! xaxlefqgfk fro -fl Q wwe: -:twat-fix Miswwij f es fi'-so asus' is :ee-, Mis? GN,fhatxJf5?w1g3zi:m3gggg, gm: t, gi, Q, 3 X Mt al.aslwgWsMfff--fl. offs, -,M A s K Mr. Robert Mason, the new Franklin Township Superintendent, works hard trying to figure out the budget. 76 Controlling school affairs is just one of the many ,jobs Mr. Guyer assumes as principal. N Q A Mrs. Westhy, who teaches a family living course for girls, finds time during her free periods to manage the clinic. 1 ,O-qu. --new--fl 1-an S 'Wx we. Mr. Riehle works hard in assisting the principal with various -nl johs needing the help of both. and Favorable Year -an-Q Plannin next earls schedule, stud in the course's offered, and Bein the office secretar , Mrs. ones is bus with various 'obs. Man- S Y Y S S Y Y J helping you plan your future, are just some of the ,jobs that keep aging the bookstore keeps Mrs. Hughes busy also. Miss Good busy all year round. 77 Queen Jorja Reigns Cver Homecoming Activities Gail T. Acomb Karen Allen Rex H. Allen l l Margaret Anderson Janet Arnold james E. Aulby Eddie Baatz David Baird Scott Baldwin Becky Belleau Senior Jorja Eder beams radiant joy as she captures the title of Home- coming Football Queen for the 1966 season. Gloria Berglund 78 Fall Brings Senior Homecoming Court Selection Senior football Homecoming Court consisted of Cindy Lechner, Queen jorja Eder, Janie Copeland, Bruce Vorse, King Preston Thomas, and Rick Buttz. Fred Bergman Nancy Berry Linda Birdwell Robert Alden Blacketer jerry D. Bowden Charlie Breeding Karen Lea Brink Wayne Broadstreet Debbii Brodrick wwf? ,E"'Yg,k"lS .I"""1 'ff' K G ...f 'WX 'Nw Senior Float Shows Time and Work Employed "'l1"iw :SD DDDN FUQEVFR W james Earl Brown Janet Y. Burch Larry Dean Buttz Rickey Dale Buttz Sherry Lynne Cayton Val W. Chandler Michaeljoe Chaney john P. Chestnut Nora Belle Clouse john Michael Cook Senior pride is reflected on last float, as seniors end four active years with last football homecoming Hoat, winning second place. Marilyn Cooper Last Year at FC Is a Stepping Stone to Future jane Copeland james Allen Coss Jacque Cottle Robert Alan Cougill Lana Yvonne Craig Stephen Rene Craig Bob Cunningham Melvin L. Davids Linda Kay Davis As the years have passed by, one should take a momentary glance of the achievements of the class of '67. Their freshman year brought many pleasures and a class party. As sophomores, such projects as Blue 8: White Review and choosing class rings filled their busy schedules. As juniors, much time and careful planning were revealed through the class prom committees as HWishing" was presented. At last, the final long awaited senior year came. With it came 4'Don't Take My Pennyf, convention, Blue 8: White Review, special "senior days," an- other prom, and graduation, Mr. Clarke and Mrs. Morgan, senior sponsors, have helped the ,67 class unfailing and undoubting. They have worked with seniors in picking announce- ments and programs and Fitting gowns for graduation. The past years have been years Filled with friends, study, teachers, and achievements, with these past' tributes behind us the future lies ahead for all us to make the best opportunities count. Seniors Participate in Convention Activities Gary Lee Denien Bobbie Darlene Doane Karen Drinkut .Iorja Dee Eder Mitchel H. Emmert Brenda Lynette Francis Sharon K. Fulk Blanche Elaine Geissman Kathy Ann Gibson Nancy Kathleen Gigli Sue Gillum Connie Goodman Sherry Lynn Goodman Kathleen L. Grady Vicki Green 82 While Learning of Governmental Processes Harolda jean Griffin Sandra Kay Hagan Robert E. Haggard Pamela Hall Kathleen Hendrickson jackie D. Hopkins Nationalist unite through conven- tion in which they selected their candidate for senator and representa- tive. Nationalist Chairman Larry Humphries appears puzzled as Susan Smale, Brenda Horn, and Angie Hosier look on. Brenda Sue Horn Angie Hosier Richard Hubble Hard Work and Co-operation of . ii at.. in Many Seniors Larry Humphries Glen Edward Johnson Brenda jones Linda Piso, Janie Tam, and David Baird review the possibilities of be- coming a star in 'SDon't Take My Pennyw. The senior play showed hidden talents and much work as it proved to be a great success. George William Jones Patricia Lynn Keller Karl Kost Mark Steven Kuner Vicki Kurtz Willard E. LaFever ' QQ i 91 Contribute to Success of Don t Take M Penn Guy LaFollette Mary Lancaster Picturing a farm with chickens, cows, pigs, and other assorted ani- mals seem to have engrossed Gail Acomb and Charlie Breeding in the Senior play. Connie Lawrence Cindy Lechner Beverly Lewis George T. Lewis Sandra Lyons Bob Marlin Roy L. McAmis Barbara Ann McAvoy Vickie Lynne McCartney 85 Senlors Win Flrst Hall Decorating Contest Barry Allen McClain Seniors capture First place in deco- rating senior hall to its peak. Senior hall showed beauty and work as seniors indulge in making ,67 Basket- ball Homecoming one ofthe best. Edwin Russell McClain Linda McClain Marsha Lee McFarland Susie McFarland Judy McWhorter Martha Kay Messer Roger Kent Messer Linda jean Mitchell Homecoming Proves Successful As Queen ls Chosen Donna jane Morgan Kenneth Basil Moss Donald Allen Napier Connie Sue Neathery Terry Eugene Newton Phyllis O,Connell Chancey Olin Expressing radiant joy, Queen Susie Smale and her escort Bob Flagle look on during traditional dance. This '67 Basketball Home- coming has proven to be one of the best and most successful at Franklin Central High School. Teresa Joyce Osburn Linda Parker 'Gf""'9' ,'-, ' , I Q N f.. i 5,-rum '57 iw as . s a at ' , s--- - " A -'1f-- ' 3 We ggytv if ir' ti' Q 3 4, .ze V f fiff if l'f'f"..T" End of Four Years Draws Near with Assorted Events Cheryl Lynn Pelko Mary Jeanne Piepenbrok Linda Sue Piso Janis Kay Phillips Robert Lee Pratt Donna Sue Preuss Leslie Probst Benita Karen Puckett Linda Lee Puckett Starr Ann Reel Stephen Todd Rej ko James Rice Ronald Rigdon Caroljean Root Michaeljohn Schmidt Blue S White Review Draws Much Attention Blue 8a White Review showed the senior's version of Twentieth Cen- tury classical movies. One scene con- stituted of a satire of the Senate featured Bill jones, Mike Chaney, Ghauncy Olin, jean Griffin and Ken Moss on the hot line. Marvin Schroeder Ron Shane Glenn Shay Linda K. Shields Maureen Gail Shue Rebecca Skelton William D. Skelton Sheryl Skillman Susan Smale xl Q! Plans for Last Year at FC Done by Capable Hands Jean Smith Melody Ann Smith John Wesley Snyder Class officers Preston Thomas, Mary Piepenbrok, Janie Copeland, and jim Cossg class sponsors Mrs. Morgan and Mr. Clarke have con- tributed to the great success of the class of ,67. Mark D. Speer Gerald Ray Stephens Linda Stillabower Carolyn Sue Stockwell Carol Sue Sutter Carol jean Swengel 90 Mixed Emotions Revealed As Last Year Passes y Janie Lou Tam Cheryl Tames Michael joe Tapp Dwight R. Thomas Preston M. Thomas Marilynn Sue Trivett Luella Valentine Valeriejune Ward Cherie Wepf ah' As the days passed by, mixed emotions were felt, a feeling ofjoy at this being the last year at Franklin Central. The thought of college, a job, or just loahng or the extreme opposite feeling of sadness as the year draws to an end and one realizes that friends, teachers, and high school days are gone for- ever. Hence, the school preparation of the last twelve years now becomes reality for all of us. Now we must go out in the world and begin a new career and generally a whole new routine of life. Each person must now begin anew and live a totally independent environment without the close supervision and guidance of parents and teachers. This may be too soon for some seniors but general- ly underneath most of them are ready for what the future may bring. Seniors will always remember their many activities during their high school days with melancholy sadness orjoy. df' 'S Q ,flfsaiit Last Steps to Diploma-First Steps NOT PICTURED: Robert Flagel Victoria Luby Duane Poulson Charles Wells 92 to Future Diana Jean Wesselman Dennis L. Weston Mark Ted Westphal Ronald L. Whitlock Michael Wilcher Garry Wilkins Marina Willhite Barbara Wise Mike Wolcott Anita Charlene Wood Bob Woods Jena Elizabeth Worland Marcia M. Yeager 1 - A successful year is completed as the junior-Senior Prom, g'Stairway to the Stars" is enjoyed by the student body. Junior-Senior Prom Climaxes Year s . 5 , ffl l ., tl" Hisxlki A ik, 1966's Queen Gail Acomb and King David Baird along with the 1967's Queenxjane Kitley and King Vic Breedlove pose for annual court picture while some ofthe court candidates look on, if f CIW ,ttt , 5,22 5 ggi 2 Last Prom fir manga 5:ldP1'0mHf01' some lffft lender memories Last yearis King David Baird crowns the 1967 Prom Queen jane as many Coup estoo tot C ance om forlhelrlast prom' Kitley at the annual Junior-Senior Prom. The 1967 Prom king was Vic Breedlove. 93 Commencement Finally comes to the Class of 1967 as they realize that this is their last honor at FCHS. The honor of becoming matured adults and taking the responsibilities that is handed to them. " ? an E is Q5 if if J? X,- Y P,- As the class of 1967 listens to g'Born Free", each Senior thinks back to their last days at FCHS. ll Ending and Beginning Marked b Bacc ajerja Eder and Becky Skelton displayed sadness and blank emotions as they crossed under the arc during Baccalaureate exercises. 1 1 sriitil 4 Q, pi t t l 4 I QW Q' V 4 r 'V 4 5' , As the candles were lit, the graduating seniors filed out ofthe auditorium , L where the Baccalaureate ceremonies had been held. 'QQ ,v..3 l' ll 3 ,J 3 F X is Q E ureate and Commencement As the band played, each senior boy and girl realized that they were no longer boys and girls but men and women. Each senior discovered what graduation really meant when Mr. Guyer, Mr. Mason and Mr. Martin issued the diplomas. As class president, Preston Thomas, led seniors in turning their tassels from left to right, we all recognized the fact that we are ending our lives in high school. We have lost some of our dear friends and teachers, but we have realized that the days of a high school student are gone. That the halls that we walked in, the lockers we piled with important materials and the time we spent at the lunch tables will always be held in esteem memories as a mark in our lives. But, we are beginning a new life-a life of new friends, a new work and college for many. A life that we, as the grad- uate class of 1967, can make a success by remember- ing uOne step at a time . . . but, always forward? 95 As -jim Brown receives his diploma from Mr. Guyer and Mr, Mason, the remaining graduating seniors await their turn. I. tl Valedictorian Brenda Horn delivered a message of great value and magnificent importance before a silent audience. M SE i .1 .V-f Q .ans ' I 2 J an , ,rf uniors Await Prom with Eagerness and Work -1 ' V ,45- K ,,-.,, - V f V .ri .fn Sli' 'W' in K I . 'tv L If ' f f 4... x ' m J, y fr: - -X ww f A , K L A 3 , :I VX F, I . at V' Vawasfi If 5" . rv A Q, gil'-Q . 2 ,.,' Q Q W' I Y Y if di? ft 4 f .,,. ,,,. . 5 5355. Q. ' f 5 s 'gzig to -. ff e 1-X .M . . .. x 1 KLKL A. my . A ll- v i , at , .. .. , 4, l . . ,V Wk .l .'fi : Fl f V A f- - eeetf tl I 'HS ia as ww- 3 1 E . A. 1 2, if :., E A ,V g t tg - g et . f I S , Q A A"M 4 4L V: f Q, .4 unior class officers are Pres., Dale Barnardg Treas., Vic Breedloveg Vice-Pres., Randy Gibsong Sec., Delores Kemper. Lee Allen John Andry Carol Austin Gregg Austin Dwight Baird Kathy Baker Phil Barker Dale Barnard Anne Bassett Beverly Baugh Vic Breedlove Steve Brown Mike Burgess Clark Burton jerry Carrier Pat Caughey Ruth Chestnut Shirley Clark Vicky Cornelius Christy Cougill Steve Coxhead Paul Coy Shannon Craig Roger Crist Debby Croxton Debbie Dahl Charles Davenport Larry Davidson Dena Deerberg Cheri Dierdorf Tom Dougherty Ruth Evans Sheila Fishburn Mark Fisher Kay Ford Linda Francis Mike Garrett Teresa Geier Jeff Gibson Randy Gibson Darlene Ginder Gertrude Goad Sharon Goins Juniors Aspire To Become Llpperelassmen Debbie Goodman Sandy Cray Terry Green jim Hart Ray Hawk Betty Hayes Romelda Hipp Christy Howard Debby Howard Teri Hubble Ross Hughes Larry .jackson Steveilones Doug Kafoure Delores Kemper .jack Kirkham Jane Kitley Debbie Kraft Vickie Lawrence Sharon Layman Brenda Lowe .janet Lowery Marie Lowes Bobbie Lyons Dave Mcfllain Brenda McCowan Yolanda Maealuso Rex Marling Dean Marsh Jana Mason Yvonne Mason Martin Massey Irvin Maze Zella Meador Bill Miles Connie Miller Jim Monson Ruth Morris Dave Morgan Pam Mosier Chuck Muney Dave Naue Mike Nixon David Norman Ron Nottingham Henry Oglesby Greg Paugh Mark Perry Bob Peters Cheryl Peterson Dennis Phillips Linda Pickett Ruth Piepenbrok Linda Pierson Debbie Pollard Greg Pool Becky Poole Mike Probst Carroll Puckett Bob Patterson Cheryl Rabourn Dan Radcliffe Doug Reasoner Ingenious Juniors' Third Victor Brings Jo 1 4 H. i ii ,h V' K gxiltv f M if. 'T A :L ,, f 1 "' Ui-" , T fwziff. "-,, . 'ff A . E """, ' P 5 ,Q J V t A V ,Q to " 'L' W- -B fa- , Q .1 tt V '-N' ..,, ,,,: Z we if T7 T '1-, 5 f 'T T L V x ::' I xi ! T13 41" I Q , - A , ':-' ' ' A 5 Q p . ,. f" 'T A hr ef? in A nl T' 5. 4 'S 'T 'Qi' Y EE :Q . L X ! P' M Q if , i -K L.. K. ,qv-up 3 MST. 'Q' ji, ' L fy F Qulytvfi ii... 53' '1 3' az 1 jf i gt? iw 135333533 if ,. X iv i y I wail, Q mm' ii ...L an 2 X vi 'fo Q fi . Q .A Not pictured: Dale Dodd, Danea Gor- don. Kevan Moore. Steve Whiteside. 98 Vit-ki Reiko Tom Repass Lois Rierk Donna Rigdon Charlie Ritter Linda Rupe Ron Robinson Rick Schilling Becky Schmidt .Ioe Sergi Donna Shaffer Mike Shaffer Gary Sheets Larry Sheets Lucille Shepherd Sandy Shepherd Bill Sircy Calvin Sizemore .jim Skelton Stephany Skiles Steve Skiles Linda Stephens Carol Sullivan Larry Sutter Frantine Tawney Allan Thomas Steve Thomas Charles Trimble Linda Utter The juniors, float. 'LBeat 'Em or Bust," pulled through a vit'- tory for them. They were thrilled, this being their third vitttory with their floats. Inez Utterback Chris Walden Lynn VValker Barbara Waterman Don Watkins Gary Watkins Ron Westby .jean Westerman Jack VVilliams Dan Wilson Diane Wisdom Karen Wood Linda Worrell Carol Worthington Judy Wright Vickie Wynn Sophomores Enthusiastic Over One Step Upward Sophomore class officers serv- ing their class this year are Walter Olin, Secretaryg Danny Chaney, Treasurerg Rita Vus- kalns, Presidentg Randy Tuck- er, Vice-President. Connie Allen Brenda Anderson Kathy Anderson John Arnold Marion Arnold Steve Arvin Paul Beal Becky Beidelschies Roberta Bell Peggy Bertram Kathy Borders Teresa Boyer George Bradley Cerhaud Braun Creola Bray Donna Bridgewater Mike Bridgewater Sue Brown Teresa Butler Linwood Carlson Mary Cavallaro Phil Cayton Danny Chaney Mike Cole Bob Cook Pat Cooper Gordon Cox Doug Crago Brigitte Czerny Richard Day Steve Deckard john Denien Steve Dieck Wilma Dillon Robbie Doane Mike Dougherty Bill Dougherty Dee Drahing Larry Dugan Gordon Edwards Nancy Emmert Rob Entrekin g,,,,,1e I s ,r tm. 1:-f"?'l ,- - 'lt-5 -.lvwgrpk-A' iff if V3-M' av nw ve! , 'iv 1 B Sophomores Enjo Taking Part in School Life Af. M :gy Q ,QQYM , 1 A 'XA A 7 ' 5'ww' rw- fT,,y:-5 v W L f K M , L'LL Z V 5 ,f m i5f': L L Mi WA I If .fflioili :WAWQ u f i .. -, fe- , f ,...Q M, I 'V X . 53' -'rf' xref' " . ' ll 1 f- , weft, , J .1, , iY 5 A eww 4 i viii fi f"'?i"'?fff?"'f? . g ,uw Maw: l , 'ff 4,5 ia N , . -,, .l, '4E:g.fy'! 'IS' ig- 'WN 'f:.' ' 1 Mile: W a Q .- ii-ay ., ,157 f, -s f W, Qmrw-" i, 2,4 if in ,A 1 ' "QV I ., L gg, ' , rm Q- i f , K ,Q ,aww 3' V3.4 K , 7 K me A . l Z J -L it ,il rm F ittt L ' i i W K .-. J L H . . ,A wg. 'r , 2 Q A hf ,. si , 2 V Zig 5 Q-, H L oo, Q Karen liskew .john liwalt -lim lfislilmrn .john lfraley 'l'om lfreeland Karen lfriddle Nlike Ciarriott Mark fieier Ilonoxan Cinder Ilia ne Goodman Cllauclia Crahn -lim Gray Vicki Green Clindy Hall Mike Hall .john Hannan David Hanner Pam Hart Delbert Hilton Becky Hoarcl Doris Hopper Donna Horn lim Hosier The Sophomore's float this year shows a lot ol' hard work, but they had lun getting to- gether to pitrh in and work on ll. Nenrly Howard Don Hurst llanet ldele mlohnmlenkins Qjimxlones l'1llisaKamplain Rodney Kates Dianne Kattau Terry Keller Larry Kesterson Claranita Kesterson Trudy Kramer .john Lamberth Alice Lanraster Mary Land Horace Lawson Melanie Linn Terry Lipperd Naney Lowe Sue Lowe Sara Luby Hawaiian Theme Hovers Over Soph s Rehearsal Phyllis McBee Becky McCullough Billy MCCurdy Walter McDaniel Larry McFarland Mike McFarland Joann McGee Sylvia Macaluso Jeanette Martin Darla Mason Doug Messer Joe Modlin Larry Moore Millie Moore Don Moorhead Joyce Murray Rexeen Neal Dale Nees Janet Nicholson Karl Oakley John Oglesby Walter Olin Brenda Parish Mike Parish Deloris Patterson Joyce Paul Rhonda Pearson Susan Peasley James Penny Charlene Pfendler Gailen Phipps Wayne Piepenbrok Debbie Potter John Preuss Sam Rabourn Don Reasoner Larry Reddick Rick Reed Rob Entrekin and Karl Oakley show interest in Blue and White Revue by staying after school to practice. The Future Will Bring Fun for Sophomores A Ezgi l ' nh A' W w ' . f ' ' R' ri S ' ,T A it . ,.A. 2 y ,.. I few r 1, U A., ., blli Q Q Yi . 'R f I 3 , gre. all-I3 S 5 .2:.' , '- SB 'A-vm-Z .fl I in v ' i 44 S .. . 1: '- 'Al if- st ii i JA, fs 3 fs w 5 -Q' f A , 5' if f 4 'wnstnf 5- W u s i . .rif- ' ' "' at ' lbw lx ' 4 y - so - S - ff 5 ,,,. . - , ...V A gh' hh S 'i B ' " i its -. "Mi I gm B lr t , f' 1 .fi 1 ' - ' L'-' ' e ww K i 'Li ' S - ' ,.:, E ' S A' ,, . , t L"L ' LL,- Not pictured: janet Moorehlim Tandy. l02 Sophomores listen intently as Mr. Hanni, class sponsor, gives ideas and opinions to the class during a meeting about the Blue and White Revue. Eddie Reel Pat Reimer Debbie Richardson Pat Rigdon Ken Robertson Ron Rockey John Root Debby Rosemeyer Max Rupe Sue Schuler Becky Schumacher Debbie Service Phil Shott Dennis Sisk Gary Smith Johnny Smith Terry Smith Dale Smith Martha Souders janet Southwood Sanya Stayte Barbara Sullivan Marilou Sutherland Ron Sutherland Susan Sweeny Jack Tames Debbie Thomas Bill Townsend Randy Tucker Phil Utterback Cindy Van Treese Rita Vuskalns Bob Wampner Brenda Wampner Brenda Ward Steve Waterman Bill Wepf Marsha Whitsit Carol Wicker Lloyd WicklifT Dan Wilkins John Williams Rickey Wilson jamie Wood Kathy Woods Paul Young Freshmen Feel Out First Year at F C Ed Ahearn Nancy Allen Ralph Anderson Allen Andry Peggy Aulby Beth Baird Gary Baldwin Mark Barclay Argartha Battle Sharon Baug Rosanne Berry Kay Bessenback Lonnie Blevins Greg Bowles Linda Boyer Iohn Bramlet Barbara Brandt Marvin Braun Wendell Broadstreet Hal Brooks Debbie Buchanan jeff Burris jackie Burton john Bymaster Paula C arver Diane C ampbell Duane Chaney David Childress Sandra C lark Louetta C layton Neil C lodfelter Hank Clouse Cindy Collins Richard Coomer Vickie Cottle Joe Couglll Janice Coxhead Teresa Davis Ioe Delk Cindy Dikinson Kathy Dieck Kathy Drager David Driml Before homeroom some Fresh men gather in the cafeteria to converse over school affairs the latest gossip or perhaps catch up on a few winks Realizing the Work and Planning Involved V. , ,,,' W uf . , .,, , ,Q ff it J' 3 an E: :2'ggg,,f 92 A F7 fe ,.,. QQ Q QW E 'Quia 2 v1,:f2?l5P"i. 1 -we as if 4 mi , wp. .-1 2 , . ,-5, f ik Ww- Qe :H 3,55 ' Z ia, K Z 'f"'i"' 4 i A 49 - li , W .. ' Q wb 4,3 4 5.1, ini, Q1 Sid . .i 721 Am- V Jessi -lim Dugan Mary liddy Bob lilder Carry Elder Glenna Fmbertnn Qlim Fires Debbie Flannery Fred Flaigle Danny Foley Randy Franklin Kirk Freese .john Fulbright .Iavkie Fuquay Bob Fussell Carolyn Gaier Gary Garber Kathy Garriott Carl Cinder Sandy Grady Cindy Gibson Aloe Grahn Timothy Hamilton Carol Hannan lloyee Harmon Kelvin Harmon Sheila Harrison Norma Hawk Alma Henderson Debbie Henderson Ann Hendricks Gary Hilton Kathy Hollrralt Linda Hollis xjudy Holton Franklin Hornsby Seott Humphries Greg Hunter Bethllones Donna Kamplain Gerald Kareh Richard Kattau Sheryll King "Cook Up a Victoryw was the Freshmenls theme for their float, This being their first Hoat gives them experience for later years. Freshmen Have Fun orking on Their First Float Freshmen have a class meeting to discuss the ideas for their First Blue and White Revue. Having many ideas, the stu- dents finally decided on 21 dance theme, Bob King Marsha Kitchans .lean Kitley Tom Kracht Tom Kraft Vaughn Kysar Don Lamberth 'lim Lawrence .lim Laymen Pat Leonard Virginia Ledbctter Pam Lewis Larry Lowes .lim Lucas Kevin Martin Jeann Massey' Joann Modlin Linda Monday Kathy Moore Mitzie Moore Shirley Morris Debbie Morrow Pam McClain Danny McConnell Elaine McDaniel Danny McFarland Gary McFarland Keith McFarland Nancy McFarland Mark McKinney Nancy Neal jim Newman Chris O'Nea1 Tony Pickett Debbie Parker john Peterson Donna Piepenbrok Debbie Pierson jerry Pittman Andy Poland Connie Pratt Steve Price Alim Rahourn Steve Raney Dennis Reasoner Rick Reel Luana Reeves Officers Enjoy Serving Class for First Time Not Pictured: Edward Edicott, Debbie Lonsberry, Beverly Viles. jim Ritter Don Rockey -Iohn Rowland Steve Russell Mark Scott Linda Shay Mark Shearer Becky Sipes Bob Sircy janet Skiles Greg Skillman john Smith Linda Smith Marcia Smith Steve Smith Kevin Steward Brenda Storm Glenn Sutherland Mike Swartz Freshmen class ofhcers are President, Gary Baldwing Vice- President, jackie Burtong Treasurer, Scott Humphriesg and Secretaryhlean Kitley, jim Sparks Larry Tames Mary Trotter Van Vandiver Barbara Vernon Anna Vuskalns Dan Walker Kathy Wambganss Mike Wampner Ronnie Wampner Pam Ward john Wells joe Wesseler Bruce Westphal Judy Williams Wayne Wilson Chris Wisdom john Wise Donna Woods Cheryl Woolman Don Rulf Hollis Yensel Linda Yoken jerry Young Kathy Young David Zerfas Special Education Enjoys Mr Various Acti itie smfugqglzw' x mu: W' . 2- .V MEL ', - , ,. , . 'fx' "'f- -1 ft iii! V , C ' ' ff-W ,gg -- K if if, 4, ' , :' f' w "task Q 'f mg",-1 - -:- .,-QS 2 . w get' L, ' 'ms . ' Z: A--fZZ2...,,. g-H . . i .At f -51-g air-U, ,' ' K fi. . B1llAd21mS e f p t - ' ' C ,Iamce Akers r A- ' Tom Carnes ,. e ng5,afS'g,if,: K -ian: . tgfsg: H f f , Rene Clark .-, : ,,,. , . gt- .nv ..- .9 . h M my - v -"' t 2 Karen Cole ' I. ' - Q S A :sw 1 ' , 111: , .. . S Pam Cole 2 .- - to " 6 3 W A f-. wil f- I ci ,gf M .ml Iohn Delk ., , , ' B-ll F I 'mf' Z :W ' Q i' S :L 3ef1.5'J5'1'. N i ? , 1 F3 C .. f. V , : Y . I K --- ,gg ' ' 1 --'. , it ' '- " ' David Fredrick .,,. g,s, ' . N 5' ' M - .fs Q ffm ' ,mf 5 .ww Pam Gatewood . L. .L - , , , Q W 5 4' if Q . .. Mike Matthews K t , . ,gn V fag 1. . Karen Monday 'K kiiifsiiis-z-3, , --,..1, lane Shaw 3 If A ' ' ' '- ' Yiiikle W ,,,-.wa . ,.,,,1 1-M-as ,. ,W 1- -...I , , L f M-i aww- I 1- M i fig, -H 1 .A W I -V-was -www' -3-.-1 ws r www Q1 Www Rodney Snyder , t fwscsiq ff 2' ' ftilgsgssszigs-Qgfggsviifszessgmggqggimags-is-iiggigsggssfsf'H25,e1s,s,i,fwggagmggausgiesfsagigiv-axis-gag?-fsgiw,gs-ayisuggg ,Sif.g,'?22iivi5?iQ?,5gg-sua, A212516-affwists?fans-S?5,E5'5Hw7-Sifil temp-i , ff Qiffwr if , ' -:':": ,iz fissiigiixsavlziisfaffssiissiteiwfsvfsiiehlffitiifuiti-MMSls:iaiilbrsaieiiwifkfigiiiftwxeseiwiifwzwfdfgvfmafxiw5'-sam?-Qefwsis Xgf1slfs2f1e?f!S'fsSs'wiki-fwsf4s3?ifPSMS:w5?'f-lfes3S?Q2f'ww-i5'5wi5a5f5"f on Souders , f -. :QF - -fra..- .i i..H.I-.sia.fs5-get-fears-fsgsgaat.M,ss-.a.fa2z2,2',w.sw-Awww7,5-easiwgfsnssais-ifiensfatissiiess:ei-age-as,-asf'W-awe-fwnsft-faifsgw Eefif-gwwges''wxwssisfegfkvsgamtfve i " -- . h e 'ff , John Veal ...E g g - f S , avg'wwesgsiigiifsa-saaiiefsnsigel ,,. Q: if' - - ii55215,Silk-istfezfgsi'gagitfirjiefefiwqtzgsgf'-?31f5,:K1-2128!1f1v"nU?5'L2-!S:1'y'WifezfWr?l5??t1554iv:t-1?5Ef55KEh'L?- t1Sf15is'flfM5"? i?f?e?if?9?3i?L?- 'QQ' i1':1'5??'i57f5?'E53 Mfleiii a"f5ffiL.l5"5' 159 5919 1 :32 f .,,.:wm,,,.s:..,,s,3its,.fw,,ss5s,v,,E,s,g,a,.ggi-Esstfsi.s.?2,,:e,5s5a,gi,s9:,53,..,i,assfs.SQsEff,EEif9,5gsagageFtf?,aisgag-5s5??f,5Q,fgSl2faw,3a2aa. gailcasegiaggisggfagtstagsgisii-E , ,. .B s. Morgan enjoys the Christmas party given by the Special Ed. for the faculty. Playing NGO to the Head ofthe Class", one of sev- eral of their games, are Janice Akers and David Fredrick. The Special Education class, taught by Mrs. Maze, share in various educational experiences. For example, the students gave a Christmas party for the faculty for which they enjoyed making the decorations and refresh- ments, in addition, they study numerous other topics, such as our Presidents, lives. The students aided our school activities by serving as pages for the Senior Convention, as well as participat- ing in the annual school chocolate sale by adding a great percentage to our profits. l07 - ,Qi 'iw ,. .i Q. 2+ . 4 i my K fi i f scifi 'A L. 15352 . .,M, , . . M gigs if gg, Q5 W.. jf ff? ik Q?2?fi5Qi dz if N-QQ-1 fffifli ,Ara I fem ' 5255 ffiiii xg? if N .:.:..,, W p, iyzf. W . 4 . V 'ff-iii . ,L-ip, - -111 gif -' n ew it i I i , wfgiy ,K .. ,. ,. , .:- Lgyyi -A 1 gn.. 'iv f -'sit -f-' B .. , f,f-, wi... -me ,,., ,, . ,MA . WM.. . Ye f V in tx S' I QQ iw. .- p '- l s ' l f sa S A Taking on responsibility of preparing meals for over 700 students and faculty members is quite a task. G. Maze. NI. Fziir. H. Rode. B. Pfendlrr. li. Rode. Wh W'ulf. and NI. Moore should be rommended for their tremendous efforts. Cooks, Custodtans, BUS DRIVERS FIRST ROW? C. Pinkston, C, Deerburg, P. Ra- bourn, M. Luebkeman, G. McFarland, H. Bodenrider, A. Humphrey 'ill' ' Cflifi' iii' ,"f'- ?'f ' 7 ' ' 193 f ACOIVIB, GAILWNI-IS, 3814, Majorettes, 3814, Senior Play, 4, FNC, 1-4, President, 3, Sophomore Class Secretary, 2, FTA, 2-4, GAA, 1-3, BSLW Revue 1-4, Prom Queen, 3, Tri-Hi-Y,4, Pep Club, 1-3. ALLEN, KAREN-GAA, 1-4, 2814, Tri-Hi-Y, 4, Student Council, 4, FTA, 2-4, Home Ec. Club, 4, NHS, 4. ALLEN, REX-Track, 1812. ANDERSON, MARGARET-GAA, 1-4, FTA, 1-4, PILOT FLASHES, 3814, BSZW Revue, 1-4, Speech Club, 3, Home Ec. Club, 4, French Club, 4, Thespians, 3814, ARNOLD, jANE72Pep Club, 1-4, GAA, 1812, B81W Revue, 2, Secretary Pep Club, 3, SSS, 2813. AULBY, jAiVIES-VLC, 2-4, Track, 1-4, Cross-Country, 2813, Wrestling Mgr., 2813, Intramurals, 3, B81W Revue, 1-4. BAA IZ, EDDIE-Hi-Y, 1-4, VLC, 2-4, Sig- ma Mu, 1814, B81W Revue, 1,2814, Football Mgr., 2813, Wrestling Mgr., 2, FTA, 2. BAIRD, DA VID-Prom King, 3, Wrestling, 1-4, Intramurals, 283, Football, 1, VLC, 381 4, Senior Play, 4, B81W Revue, 1, Thespians, 3814. BALD WIN, SCO TT-FLASHBACK, 3814. BELLEA U, BECKY-Girls' State, 3, Home- coming Court, 3, FTA, 2-4, Student Council, 2813, PILOT FLASI-IES, 3, Sigma Mu, 1, SSS, 182, GAA, 1812. BERGLUND, GLORIA-Senior Play, 4, B81W Revue, 3814, Thespian Club, 4. BERGMAN, FREDvDance Band, 2-4. BERRK NANCY-GAA, 1, Tri-Hi-Y, 3814, Pep Club, 1-3. BIRDWELI., LINDA-Majorette, 4, Tri- Hi-Y, 3-4, Historian, 4, GAA, 1-3. BLA CKE TER, R OBER T-Dance Band, 3814, Chess Club, 1-4. BOWDEN, jERRY-Wrestling, 1-3, Hi-Y, 4. BREEDING, CHARLIE-Football, 1-4, Track, 1-4, Basketball, 1-3, FC Singers, 2813, Senior Play, 4, BCLW Revue, 4, VLC, 2-4, I-Ii-Y, 2-4, Intramurals, 4, Class President, 1, Class Secretary, 3, Prom Court, 3. Senior Index BR1NK, KAREN-GAA, 1-4, Pep Club, 1-4, 1-4, FTA, 4. BROADSTREEI WA YNE-Football, 1-4, Basketball, 1, B8LW Revue, 1-4, FLASH- BACK,4, Hi-Y, 1-2, VLC, 4. BRODRICK, DEBBII-B81W Revue, 1-4, Senior play, 4, FTA, 2-4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3814, Thespians, 4, GAA, 1,2814, 182, FNA, 3814, FNC, 3814. BROWN, jAMES-Football, 1-4, Base- ball, 1812, Basketball, 1, Wrestling, 2, Senior Play, 4, B81W Revue, 3814, FTA, 2813. BURCII, fANEI?Thespians, 4, Pep Club 4. BL7777, LARR I'-Class Treasurer, 1, Foot- ball, 2813, Basketball, 1812, Track, 1, Student Council, 1, VLC, 2-4. BIITIZ, RICKE Y-Student Council, 2, Foot- ball, 1-4, Track, 1812, Basketball, 1, Wrestling, 3, VLC, 4, Thespians Club, 3814, Hi-Y, 2, Homecoming Court, 1814. CA YTON, SHERR Y-SSS, 4, French Club, 4, FC Singers, 4, GAA, 1. CHANDLER, VAL-Track, 2-4, VLC, 4, Football, 2813, Sigma Mu, 2. CHANE Y, MICHAEL-Football, 2-4, VLC, 1-4, Track, 1, Hi-Y 3814, B81W Revue, 2-4. CHESTNIJT fOHN-Basketball, 1, Track, 1812, Senior Play, 4. CLOUSE, NORA-Pep Club, 1-4, SSS, 1-4, GAA, 1-2, FNC, 4. COOK, MICHAEL-Chartrand, 1. COOPER, MARIL YN-GAA, 182, Thespi- ans, 4, Pep Club, 1-4, FNC, 1-4, Vice- President, 4. COPELAND, jANE-Class Secretary, 4, Prom Court, 3, Football Homecoming Court, 4, B81W Revue, 28C3Q GAA, 1812, SSS, 4, French Club, 4. COSS, jAMES-President Student Council, 4, NHS, 3814, Treasurer, 4, Football, 1-4, Wrestling, 2-4, Golf, 1-4, Dance Band, 2-4, Sigma Mu, 1-4, Class Vice-President, 3, FTA, 4, VLC, 1-4. COTTLE, jACQUE-Senior Play, 4, FLASHBACK, 4, BSLW Revue, 283, GAA, 1-3, FTA, 2-4, SSS, 3814, Thespians, 4. 109 COUGILI., ROBER74Basketball, 1-4, Hi-Y, 2-4, VLC, 2-4, Cross-Country, 2813, Student Council, 2813, Class Vice-President, 2, Prom Court, 3, Football, 1, Track, 1. CRAIG, LANA-Football Homecoming Court, 1, B81W Revue, 3814, Student Council, 2, GAA, 1-4, Pep Club, 1812, SSS, 1-4, Thes- pians, 3814, Secretary, 4. CRAIG, STEVEfTrack, 1, Wrestling, 1-3, Cross Country, 3814, Thespians, 4, Intra- murals, 2813, VLC, 2-4, Student Council, 4. CUNNINGIIAIVI, BOB4Football, 1-4, Wres- tling,1812, Track, 1-4, VLC, 2-4. DA VIDS, IVIELVIN-Wrestling, 1-4, French Club, 4, VLC, 3814, B81W Revue, 2, Tennis, 1. DA VIS, LINDA-Pep Club, 1, FNC, 3. DENIEN, GAR Y DOANE, BOBBIE4FNC, 3814, Secretary, 4, SSS, 1-4. DRINKIJZ KAREN-FNC. 2-4, sss, 2313, Pep Club, 1812. EDER, fORfAfCheerleader, 1-4, Football Homecoming Queen, 4, B81W' Revue, 1-4, Debate Team, 4, Thespians, 4, SSS, 1-4, Pep Club, 1-4, GAA, 1812. EM MER T, .W I TCHE L FLAGLE, ROBER I4Federalist Party Sena- tor, 4, Homecoming Court, 4, Senior Play, 4, Hi-Y, 2-4, Chaplain, 3, Vice-President. 4, BSLW Revue, 1-4, Intramurals, 1-4. FRANCIS, BRENDA-FNC, 1-4, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3814, FLASH- BACK, 3814, Pep Club, 1-3, GAA, 1812, Franklin Central Gems, 3814. FULK, SHARON-GAA, 1-3, Tri-Hi-Y, 381 4, Pep Club, 1-4, B81W Revue, 1-3. GEISSMAN, BLANCHE-GAA, I-4, SSS, 3814, Tri-Hi-Y, 3814, B81W Revue. l, FTA, 2-4. GIBSON, KA THY-Thespians, 4, Debate Team 4, FTA, 3814, SSS, 1-4, GAA, 1-4, Pep Club, 1-4, Student Council, 4. GIGLI, NANCY-SSS, 1-4, Treasurer, 4, Pep Club, 1-4, Librarian, 4. C1Il.LI'.lI, SIE-Prom Court. 3, B81W Re- vue. 4, Pep Club. 4, Senior Play. 4. GOODMAN, CONNIE-GAA, 1, 4, Pep Club, 4, B81W Revue, 2. GOODMAN, SHERR Y ORADI, KATHLEEN-Debate Team, 4, Senior Play, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2-4, Thespians, 4, Historian. 4, FTA, 2-4, B81W Revue, 1-3, GAA, 1812, SSS, 1812, Pep Club, 1. GREEN, VICKI-Pep Club, 1-4, 1-4, Librarian, 2, Franklin Central Gems, 4. GRIFFIN, IIAROLD.-1-Cheerleader, 1-4, Debate Team. 4, Thespians, 4, B81W' Revue, 4, SSS, l, GAA, 1, Student Council, 1812. HAHA N, SANDRA-Franklin Central Gems, 3814. HAGGARD, ROBERT-Hi-Y, 1-4, Vice- President, 3, B81W Revue, 1-4, Proiectionist, l-4. IIALI., PAMELA-SSS, 1-4, B81W Revue, 2813. HENDRICIKSON, K.-1 THLEEN-GAA, 1-3, French Club. 4, FC Singers, 4, B81W Revue. 38142 Pep Club, 1-3. HOPKINS, fACKIE-Wrestling, 2-4, Track, 1 . HORN, BRENDA-Arlington I-I.S,, 1812, Majorette. 4, FTA, 4, Secretary, 4, NHS, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 4, Prom Court, 3, B81W Revue, 3814 3814, Sigma Mu, 3814, GAA, 3, Pep Club,3814. HOSIER, ANGIE-Majorette, 384, NHS, 3814, FLASHBACK, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2-4, FTA, 2-4, SSS, 1-4, President. 4, Pep Club. 1812. LA WRENCE, C ONNIE-GAA, 1, LECHNER, CINDY-GAA, 1-4, SSS, 1-4, Pep Club. I-4, B81W' Revue, 1-4, Prom Court, 3, Homecoming Court. 4. 1.ElVI.S', BEVERL I'-NHS, 3814, Secretary, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3814, Treasurer, 4, Pep Club, 1-4, Treasurer, 3, GAA, 1-4, FTA, 2-4, LE WIS, GEORGE-Track, 1-4, Cross Coun- try, 2814, VLC. 2-4, BSLW Revue, 1-4, Foot- ball, 1, Intramurals. 3814. Ll Bl, VIKKI-Arvada H.S.. Arvada, Colo- rado, 1-3. I. l'ON.S', SANIJR.-1-Tri-Hi-Y. 2-4, President, 4, Nlajorette, 3814, GAA. 1-4, Student Council, 3, FTA. 4. .WARI.IN, BOB-Southport IIS., l-3, Ten- nis, 4. NI1'AMIS, ROY-FFA, 2813, Chess Club, 1-3. .WCA VO Y, BARBARA-GAA, 1-3, B81W Revue, 1812. M1'CARI'Nl:'I', VICKIE-FNC, 1-4, B81W Revue, 2-4, 4, Thespians, 4, Pep Club, 1-4, GAA, 4, Homecoming Court, 2, Cheer- leader, 2. .WcCl.AIN, BARR Y-B81W Revue, 3814, Football, 2, FTA, 2813, Hi-Y, 3. .l'I1'C.'l.AIN, ED WIN-Football, 1-4, Base- ball, 1-4, NHS, 3814, VLC. 2-4, President, 4, FTA. 2-4, President, 4, BSLW Revue, 4, Bas- ketball, 1-3, Intramurals, 4. M1-CI.AIN, LINDA -GAA, 1812, SSS, 1-4, Pep Club, 1-4, B81W Revue, 2814. M1'I"ARLA ND, IVIARSIIA-Cheerleader, 1-4, GAA, 1, SSS, 1812, B81W Revue, 2814, Prom Court, 3, Pep Club, 1. McFARI.AND, SL'SIE-Cheerleader, 4, Prom Court, 3, B81W Revue, 2, Pep Club, 1813, SSS, 1812, GAA, 1812. .111-IVHOR TER, jL'D I' MESSER, MARTHA-Pep Club. 1812, 1-4, Student Council, 1. IVIESSER, ROGER MITCHELL, LINDA-Pep Club, 1-3, SSS, 3814, Home Ee. Club, 4. MORGAN, DONNAAGAA, 1812, Pep Club, 1-3, SSS, 1-4, Home Ee. Club, 4, MOSS, KENNETH-FTA, 2-4, NHS, 3814, President. 4, B81W Revue, l,2814, Indiana Boys' State. 3. NAPIER, DONA LD-Football, 1. NEA II-IER Y, CONNIE-SSS, 1-4, Pep Club, 1-4. NE WTON, TERR YAGrand Haven H.S., Grand Haven, Michigan, 1-3. O 'CONNEI,L, PHYLLIS - PILOT FLASI-IES, 3814, Thespians, 4, FTA, 2813, SSS, 3, GAA, 1-3, OLIN. CHALNCEI'-Senior Play, 4, Stu- dent Council, 1,3814, BSLW Revue, 2-4, Prom Court. 3, Basketball Homecoming C0urt,4. OSBURAQ TERESA-Pep Club, 4, GAA, 110 1-3, B81W Revue, 2813. PARKER, LINDA-B81W Revue, 2813, GAA, 1, Pep Club. 1, French Club, 4. PHILLIPS, j.f1NI.S'--GAA, 1-4, Franklin Central Gems, 4. PEI,KO, CHERl"I.-Pep Club, 1812, FTA, 2-4, SSS, 1-4. l'Il:'PENBORK, KVIARI'-Majorette, 3814, NHS, 3814, DAR Award, 4, Class Vice-Pres- ident, 4, Tri-Hi-Y, 3814, SSS, 1-4, GAA, 1-4, Thespians, 3814. REEL, STARR-SSS, 4, B81W Revue, 2. REfKO, STEPHEN-Cross Country, 2-3, Wrestling, 1-4, Track, 1-4, VLC, 4. RICE, fA.'lflES-Track, 2-4, Football, 1-3, B81W Revue, 2-4, VLC, 4. RIGD ON, RONALD ROOY, CAROL-NHS, 3814, Nlajorette, 3814 Student Council, 2-4, Tri-Hi-Y, 2-4, FTA, 2-4, GAA, 1-4, B81W Revue, 2814. SCHMID72 MICHAEL-FFA, 1-3, B81W Revue, 2813, Wrestling, 1-3, Cross Country, 1-3, Football, 2. SCHRODER, ZVIAR VIN-FFA, 1-3. SHAAE, RON-Senior Play, 4. SHA If GLENN-Dance Band, 2-4, Track Mgr. 1, Basketball Mgr., 1, Track, 4. SHIELDS, LINDA-SSS, 1-3, FNC, 2813, Pep Club, 1. SMALE, SUSAN-Basketball Homecoming Queen, 4, Majorette, 2-4, Cheerleader, l, Tri-Hi-Y, 3814, Secretary, 4, GAA, 1-4, Sec- retary, 4, Pep Club, 1-4, B81W Revue, 1-4, FTA, 2-4, PILOT FLASHES, 2-4: Student Council, 1. SH LE, IVIA IHEEEN SKELTOM REBECCA-FTA, 2-4, Tri-Hi-Y, 384, GAA, 1812, Pep Club, 1812, French Club, 4, Secretary, 4. SKELTON, WILLIAM-FFA, 1812. SKILLMAN, SHERYL-Tri-Hi-Y, 4, SSS, 1-4, Pep Club, 2, Thespians, 4, GAA, 1-4, B81W Revue 1-3, Sigma Mu, 1 S.1llTH,jEAN-B81W Revue. 1-4, SSS, 1-4, Pep Club, 1813, Thespians, 4, Senior Play. 4, Prom Court, 3. .S'.'lIlY'1l, .1Il:'I.UlJ1'-Manual H.S.. 1812, GAA. 3814: F'l'.'X. 4. .S'.X'1'Dl:'R, jUll.Y-lf1".'X. 2. .S'P1t'liR, .1I.-llflx' Student Council. 1812, Chess Club. 2813, BRN' Revue. 1. .S'7Ifl'llli.N'.S', fllilf.-1l.lJ --Baseball. 2. S7'll.l.ABUWl:'R, LINDA-Senior Play. 4, Thespiztns. 3814, President, 4, Student Council, 4, BSIW Revue, 1-3, Pep Club, 1812, GAA. 1-4, SSS, 1-4, FTA, 4, Debate Team, 4, Freneh Club, 4. .S'Y'Ul.'lx'l1'l:'1.I,, CARU1.YN---FTA, 2-4, Tri-lli-Y.4, CAA. 1-41 Pep Club. 1-3. SI TTER, CARUI.-Majorette, 4, B81W' Re- vue, 2814, SSS, 1812, Pep Club. 1812, CAA. 1. .S'li'l:'.N'Cl:'I., f.'.fllfUl.-C.-XA. 1, SSS, 1-4, Pep Club. I-4, l"l..'XSHH.-XCK. 3814. 711131, j,'1.Yll:' Nlaiorette, 3814, Prom Court, 3, Senior Play, 4, l581W Revue. 2814, Thes- pians, 4, SSS, 2, CAA, 1812, Pep Club, 1812. YQ1.Wln'.S', l,'II1:'R1'l.---1'ep Club, 2-4, FTA, 4, Home E13 Club, 4, Librarians. 4. TAPP, .1I1C11f1lfl.-Prom Court, 3, Senior Play, 4, Thespians, 3814, Wrestling, 2, Tennis 2, B81W Revue, 3814, Intramurals, 2-4. Tl!U.1I.-1.S'. IJIVICIIIT-Football. 1-41 1Vrestlinq. 2-4, Golf. 2-4, B811'N' Revue. 2-4, Intramural. -1. Y'llO.1I.'1.S', l'Rli.S'YYLY-Football. 1-4, Stu- dent Council, 3814, Wrestling. 1812, YLC, 1-4, Col1'. 1-4, 15813811 Revue. 1, Intramurals, 4, Senior Class President. 4, Hi-Y, 1-3, 7'RIV1:'7"l', MARII.1'.N'N-SSS, 1. VAl.lz'.N'7'lN1z'. l.Iflfl.l.AfMajorette, 4, Pep Club, 1812, l381VY Revue. 2, GAA, 1. ll'.f1RlJ, IZ-1l.liRl1i--Majorette, 3814, French Club, 4, President. 4, GAA. 41 4, FTA, 4, B81W' Revue, 3814. ll'l:'l.1..S', l.'ll11Rl.IfS-Football. 1.28141 Track. 1l1NlI'CS1llI1Q. 1. ll'l:'l'l", f,'ll1:'lfll:'-G.fXA. 1-3, SSS. 1-4, Pep Club. 2. Wlz'.S'.S'Iz'l,.Wf1N, lJ1A.N'.f1-Pep Club, 1-4, See- retary, 4, SSS, 1-4, GAA, 1. l'1"E.S'YYl.N', l2l:'.Y.N'l.S'-Football, 1, Football, N1gr..2. 111 l1'li.S'YY'l1.f1l., .WARKvFTA, 2813. l1'l1lTl.Uf.'Ix', RUN.-11.19-Wrestling. l-4: YI.C, 1-4. l1'II.C.'l1liR. .1IIKl:' ll'Il.lx'1.Y.S'. G.-IRR1'-FFA. 1-3. l1'll.I.lIIYF. .1IflRl.Y.f1-CA.-X, 1814, SSS. 1-3, Pep Club. 1. ll'l.S'l:', li.f1RIi,"1Rf1---SSS, 1-4, Pep Club. 1-4. H'U1.f.'UTY', .WlKEAW'restling, 1-4, VLC, 2-4, Football, 1812. IVUUIJ, ,-l.YlYL-1-Majorette. 3814, Hoosier Girls' State. 3, FLASHBACK. 3814, Tri-Hi-Y. 2-4, F'l'A. 2-41 Student Couneil. 1812. Basket- bztll llomeeoming. 1, B811N' Revue, 1812, Speeeb Club. 1812. IVUUIJS, HUB-Track, 1, Football, 1. IVURI..-1.YlJ, fl:'.Yf1-Student Council, 4, 1f'1'A,2, Pep Club. 2, B81W' Revue, 1. 1'l:'f'1G1iR, ,WARCIA-Majorette, 4, B81W Revue, 2814, Prom Court, 3, Student Council, 3, Pep Club 3, SSS, 1812. l 1 ' t 1 1 lg Acomb, Gail 29,56,60,67,71,73,74,78,85 Adams, William 107 Ahearn, Edward 103 Akers,Janice 107 Allen, Connie 66,69,72,99 Allen, Harold 96 Allen, Karen 22,60,61,66,67,69,78 Allen, Allen, Nancy 66,67,69,72,103 Rex 78 Anderson, Brenda 47,64,70,71,99 Anderson, Kathy 47,60,66,70,99 Anderson, Ralph 103 Anderson, Peggy 12,59,65,66,67,68,73,78 Andry, Allen 103 Andry,john 50,96 Arnold,janet 71,78 Arnold,john 46,99 Arnold, Nlarion 99 Arvin, Steven 45,99 Aulbyulimmy 50,71 ,78 Aulby, Peggy 66,67,72,103 Austin, Carol 22,66,96 Austin, Gregg 27,45,46,50,71,96 Baatz, Eddie 61 ,68,71 ,73,78 Baird Beth 62,63.65,72,103 Baird David 38,49,67,7l,78,84 Baird Dwight 17,58,66,96 Baldwin, Gary 103 Baldwin, Scott 18,60,73,78 Baker, Kathy 96 Barclay, Mark 45,60,62,103 Barker, Phil 45,46,50,60,62,71,96,56 Barnard, Dale 49,67,71,96 Bassett, Ann 56,63,69,71,72,96 Battle, Argartha 67,72,l03 Baugh, Beverly 66.96 Baugh, Sharon 103 Beal, Paul 45,99 Beidelschies, Rebecca 66,99 Bell, Roberta 63,67,68,99 Belleau, Rebecca 67,78 Bergland, Gloria 65,78 Bergman, Fred 44,79 Bertram, Peggy 57,66,67,70,72,99 Berry, Nancy 79 Berry, Rosanne 68,71 ,72,103 Bessenback, Kay 71 ,72,103 Birdwell, Linda 61 ,62,63,79 Blacketer, Robert 56,58,66,68,79 Blevins, Lonnie 103 Borders, Kathleen 63,67,7l ,72,99 Bowdenulerry 79 Bowles, Gregory 103 Boyer, Linda 69,70,72,l03 Boyer, Teresa 99 Bradley, George 50,99 Bramlett,John 103 Brandt, Barbara 22,65,66,69,71,72,103 Braun, Gerhard 99 Braun, Manfred 20 Braun, Marvin 103 Bray, Creola 66,99 Breeding, Charles 13,44,45,50,61,71,79,8 5 Index Breedlove, Vic 37,50,96 Bridgewater, Donna 10,64,66,69,99,102 Bridgewater, Michael 99 Brink, Karen 13,67,69,71,72,79 Broadstreet, Wayne 44,62,71,73,79 Broadstreet, Wendell 103 Brodrick, Debbii 8,67,70,71,72,79 Brooks, Hal 103 Brown,Jim 45,80,95 Brown, Steve 43,66,51,96 Brown, Susan 64,65,67,71,72,99 Buchanan, Debra 63,67,69,71,103 Burchhjanet 71,80 Burgess, Michael 96 Burk, Melanie 16 Burrishleffrey 63,103 Burton, Clark 45,50,62,65,96 Burton,Jackie 37,47,60,62,7l,72,103 Butler, Teresa 67,69,71,73,72,99 Buttz, Larry45,71,80 Buttz, Ricky 45,71,79,80 Bymasterwlohn 48,50,62,103 Carlson, Linwood 66,99 Carnes, Tom 107 Carrier, jerry 51 ,66,96 Carver, Paula 103 Campbell, Diane 68,103 Caughey, Pat 59,68,69,71,72,96 Cavallaro, Mary 28,57,64,66,70,99 Cayton, Phillip 99 Cayton, Sherry 68,69,80 Chandler, Val 41 ,50,71 ,80 Chaney, Danny 71,99 Chaney, Duane 45,48,60,63,103 Chaney, Michael 45,56,71,80,89 Chestnutmlohn 80 Chestnut, Ruth 96 Childress, David 20,103 Clark, Sandra 103 Clark, Shirley 64,66,67,69,72,96 Clark, Rene 107 Clarke, William 18,66,90 Clayton, Louetta 69,103 Clodfelter, Neil 103 Clouse, Henry 38,49,50,62,103 Clouse, Nora 67,69,71,80 Cole, Karen 28,107 Cole, Michael 65,70,99 Cole, Pamela 28,62,66,107 Collins, Cynthia 67,103 Cook, John 80 Cook, Robert 68,99 Coomer, Richard 103 Cooper, Marilyn 67,71 ,80 Cooper, Patricia 99 Copeland,jane15,68,69,79,81,90 Cornelius, Vickey 96 Coss, james 39,44,45,49,51,56,59,60,62,67,68, 71,90 Cottleulacque 60,65,67,69,73,81 Cottle, Vickie 62,72,103 Cougill, Christine 96 Cougill,joseph 32,36,45,46,50,62,71,103 ll2 Cougill, Robert 35,45,51,81,71 Cox, Gordon 99 Coxhead, ,Ianice 47,62,71,72,I03 Coxhead, Steven 66,68,96 Coy, Paul 96 Craft, Tom 45 Crage, Douglas 50,99 Craig, Lana 69,72,81 Craig, Shannon 65,66,69,72,96 Craig, Steve 45,71 ,81 Crist, Roger 96 Croxton, Debra 67,96 Cunningham, Bob 45,81 Czerney, Brigette 57,66,69,70,99 Dahl, Debby 65,72,96 Davenport, Charles 96 Davids, Melvin 38,49,51,65,68,71, Davidson, Larry 45,96 Davis, Linda 64,81 Davis, Teresa 62,71 ,72,l03 Day, Richard 41,99 Deckard, Steve 63,99 Deerberg, Dena 23,66,96 Delk,lIoe 103 Delkhjohn 107 Denien, Gary 82 Denien,john 49,99 Dickinson, Cynthia 62,71 ,72,103 Dieck, Kathryn 69,71 ,72,103 Dieck, Steven 49,62,66,68,99 Dierdorf, Cherie 66,70,96 Dillen, Wilma 66,99 Deane, Bobbie 67,69,82 Deane, Robbie 99 Dougherty, Mike 45,48,60,71,99 Dougherty, Tom 34,36,45,46,50,7l 96 Dougherty, William 48,50,73,99 Drabing, Dee 71 ,99 Drager, Kathleen 69,72,103 Driml, David 48,62,103 Drinkut, Karen 64,67,82 Duganhjames 104 Dugan, Larry 99 Eastes, Glen 12,44,67 Eddy, Mary 69,104 Eder,jerja 47,78,79,82,94 Edicott, Edward 69 Edwards, Gordon 62,65,99 Elder, Garry 45,104 Elder, Robert 45,104 Emberton, Glenna 67,71,72,104 Emmert, Mitchel 82 Emmert, Nancy 37,60,66,69,71,72,99 Entrekin, Robert 46,49,63,65,68,99 Eskew, Karen 100 Ernstes, Helen 16,69 Evans, Ruth 37,56,61,63,65,96 Ewaltulohn 100 Ferris, Robert 25,54,56,64 Fiers, ,Iames 48,104 Fishburnhlames 100 Fishburn, Sheila 61 ,65,67,69,96 Fisher, Mark 19,45,78,96 Flagle, Bob 19,37,44,73 Flagle, Fred 104 Flannery, Debbie 62,67,69,71,72,104 Foley, Danny 63,104 Ford, Kay 6o,67,o9,71,9c, Fraley,.Iohn 70,100 Fraley, William 60,711,107 Francis, Brenda 67,73,82 Francis, Linda 66,67,96 Franklin, Randy 45,63,65,104 Fredrick, David 107 Freeland, Tom 100 Freese, Kirk 104 Friddle, Karen 62,66,100 Fulbrightulohnny 63,104 Fulk, Sharon 71,82 Fuquay, ,Iacqueline 62,72,104 Fussel, Robert 104 Gaier, Carolyn 55,60,69,71,104 Garber, Gary 51 ,60,63,68,104 Garrett, Mike 96 Garriett, Kathy 67,104 Garriett, Michael 62,63,68,100 Gatewood, Pamala 107 Geier, Mark 100 Geier, Teresa 96 Geise, David 13 Geissman, Blanche 60,61 ,67,69,82 Gibson, Cindy 62,69,104 Gibson,-Jeff 96 Gibson, Kathy 67,69,71,72,75,82 Gibson, Randy 50,59,60,68,71,96 Gigli, Nancy 69,70,71,82 Gillum, Sue 82 Ginder, Carl 104 Ginder, Darlene 19,55,69,96 Ginder, Donovan 100 Goad, Gertrude 96 Goins, Sharon 66,96 Good, Elisabeth 77 Goodman, Connie 69,71,82 Goodman, Debra 72,97 Goodman, Diana 66,71 ,100 Goodman, Sherry 69,82 Grady, Kathleen 60,61,62,64,65,67,82 Grady, Sandra 62,71 ,72,104 Grahn, Claudia 61 ,68,71 ,100 Grahn, joseph 48,104 Gray,james 100 Gray, Sandy 67,97 Green, Vicki 67,69,71,82 Green, Vicki 63,100 Green, Terry 71,97 Greenham, Ruth 22 I Grifiin, Harolda 64,65,47,83,89 Gruner,john 16,43,49,5l Guyer, Richard 60,76 Hagan, Sandra 64,83 Haggard, Robert 61 ,63,64,70,83 Hall, Albert 63,100 Hall, Cynthia 62,70,72,l00 Hall, Pamela 69,83 Hannan, Carol 72,104 Hannanulohn 100 Hanni, Larry 27,46,50 Hanner, David 45,49,50,100 Hamilton, Timothy 104 Harmon, Joyce 68,71 ,72,104 Harmon, Kelvin 63,69,104 Harrison, Sheila 66,72,104 Harrison, Sylvia 16,17 Hart, .lim 97 Hart, Pamela 66,69,72,100 Hawk, Leslie 96 Hawk, Norma 104 Hayes, Betty 69,72,97 Henderson, Alma 63,104 Henderson, Debbie 62,67,104 Hendricks, Ann 65,68,72,104 Henderickson, Kathleen 15,68,83 Hilton, Delbert 100 Hilton, Gary 21,104 Hipp, Romelda 97 Hoard, Rebecca 100 Holcombe, Ben 18,50 Hollcraft, Kathleen 47,60,68,71,72,104 Hollis, Linda 68,72,104 Holtonhludy 66,69,72,104 Hopkinsmlackie 49,83 Hopper, Doris 62,72,100 Horn, Brenda 12,56,60,61,63,67,68,69,71,83, 95 Horn, Donna 47,64,71,100 Hornsby, Franklin 45,48,62,104 Hosier, Angela 40,41 ,42,45,6o,o1 ,63,65,67,68, 69,73,72,83,95 Hosier, Timothy 100 Hoskins,James 18,48,50 Howard, Christy 97 Howard, Deborah 64,97 Howard, Wendy 100 Hubble, Richard 45,61,83 Hubble, Teresa 59,60,67,68 Hughes, Ross 41,45,50,61,63,64,71,97 Humphries, Larry 37,60,83,84 Humphries, james 60,65,68,104 Kesterson, Mary 65,67,73,72,100 King, Robert 48,105 King, Sheryll 65,66,72,104 Kirkhamnjack 64,97 Kitchans, Marsha 62,71,72,105 Kitley,jane 55,58,60,61,62,63,65,67,69,72,97 Kitley, Gloria 63,65,72,l05 Knoop, Marvin 5,14,46 Kost, Karl 84 Kracht, Thomas 62,63,105 Kraftuludith 64,69,72,97 Kraft, Tom 105 Kramer, Trudy 68,69,100 Kuner, Mark 58,84 Kurtz, Vickie 8,66,69,70,84 Kysar, Vaughn 105 LaFever, Willard 84 LaFollette Lamberth, , Darryl 85 Donald 21 ,48,50,105 Lamberth,lIohn 46,47,50,60,71,100 Lancaster, Alice 60,65,68,69,71,59,100 Lancaster, Mary 29,60,61,67,68,72,85 Land, Mary 64,72,100 james 45,48,50,105 Lawrence, Lawrence, Connie 85 Lawrence, Vicki 97 Lawson, Horace 100 Layman, j ames 45,105 Layman, Sharon 97 Lechner, Cynthia 69,71 ,72,79,85 Ledbetter, Virginia 105 Leffler, William 12 Leonard, Patricia 69,71,72,105 Lewis, Beverly 67,72,85 Hunter, Gregory 63,104 Hurst, Donald 70,100 Idele,LIanet 64,67,69,71,72,100 Irish, Vernice 28 Jackson, Larry 97 jenkins, john 100 johnson, Glen 44,71 ,84,61 Jones, Bethany 104 jones, Brenda 71 ,72,84 jones, George 42,44,51,60,71,84,89 jones, james 64,100 jones, Steve 97 Kafoure, Douglas 62,97 Kamplain, Donna 62,104 Kamplain, Ellisa 67,68,69,71,72,100 Karch, Gerald 104 Kattau, Dianne 64,100 Kattau, Richard 104 Kates, Rodney 100 Keller, Patricia 37,69,72,84 Lewis, Pamela 62,71,72,105 Lewis, Tom 44,46,50,70,71,85 Linn, Melanie 67,62,68,100 Lipperd, Terry 100 Lonsberry. Debbie 66 Lowe, Brenda 64,65,67,69,72,97 Lowe, Nancy 64,66,67,71,72,100 Lowe, Susan 64,69,71,72,100 Lowery, janet 60,61 ,62,65,67,68,72,73,97 Lowes, Efhe 62,97 Lowes, Larry 105 Luby, Sara 100 Lucas, james 48,68,51,105 Lyons, Barbara 73,97 Lyons, Sandra 60,67,85,61,62,63 Macaluso, Sylvia 101 Macaluso, Yolanda 64,65,67,69,71,72,97 Marlin, Robert 42,51,85 Marling, Rex 62,66,97 Marsh, Dean 64,97 Martinujeanette 65,66,69,71,101 Martin, Kevin 51,65,105 Mason, Darla 47,59,61,65,e8,71,101 Mason,jana 47,59,60,61,65,67,68,69,71 Mason, Vicki 67,68,69,97 Massey, Martin 97 Massey, Jeann 62,69,72,105 Matthews, Mike 107 Keller, Terry 66,69,72,100 Kemper, Delores'66,69,72,97 Kesterson, Larry 71,100 113 Maze, Irvin 43,51,59,62,65,66,68,97 Maze, Lillian 28 McAmis, Roy 85 ,75,97 McAvoy, Barbara 85 McBee, Phyllis 68,69,71,72,101 McCartney, Vickie 67,69,71,85 McClain, Barry 65,86 McClain, David 46,50,67,71,97 McClain, Edwin 44,45,50,60,67,71 McClain, Linda 71,86 McClain, Pamela 62,65,69,71,72,105 McConnell, Danny 45,46,50,105 McCowan, Brenda 64,69,97 McCullough, Becky 58,69,72,73,101 McCurdy, BillyJo 65,68,72,101 McDaniel, Alice 60,62,65,71,72 McDaniel, Walter 50,101 McFarland, Danny 48,50,105 McFarland, Gary 45,48,105 McFarland, Keith 48,105 McFarland, Larry 101 McFarland, Marsha 64,26,47,55,86 McFarland, Michael 101 McFarland, Nancy 69,71 ,72,105 McFarland, Susie 47,86 McGee,Joann 67,72,101 McKinney, Mark 37,42,45,46,51,60,7 McWhorter,Judy 86 Meador, Zella 69,97 Messer, Martha 69,64,86 Messer, Roger 86 Messer, Robert 101 Meyer, Wilbur 20 Miles, William 63,73,56,97 Miller, Connie 66,67,71,72,97 Miller, Thelma 70 Miner, Lucy 15,59,61,68 Mitchell, Linda 12,69,86,105 Modlin, Joann 62,69,71,72,105 Modlin,Joe 101 Monday, Karen 66,107 Monday, Linda 62,72,105 Monson, James 50,97 Moore, Kathy 62,66,69,72,105 Moore, Mitzie 66,105 Moore, Larry 101 Moore, Millie 101 Moorehead, Donald 101 Morgan, Allen 13,39,49 Morgan, David 56,60,63,97 Morgan, Donna 66,67,87 Morgan,Jane 14,64,90 Morris, Ruth 66,97 Morris, Shirley 66,72,105 Morrow, Deborah 105 Mosier, Pamela 97 Moss, Kenneth 18,29,60,67,87,89 Muncy, Charles 51 ,66,97 Murray,Joyce 101 Myer, Gail 27,71,72 Napier, Don 87 Naue, David 97 Neal, Nancy 66,71 ,72,105 Neal, Rexeen 60,66,67,71,72,101 Neathery, Connie 87 Nees, Dale 101 Newman, James 45,105 Newton, Terry 87 Nicholson,Janet 67,69,101 Norman, David 97 1,105 Nottingham, Ronnie 97 Oakley, Karl 45,49,50,67,101 O'Connell, Phyllis 87 Oglesby, Henry 62,97 Oglesby, John 63,681,101 Olin, Chauncey 37,44,60,87,89 Olin, Walter 45,48,60,101 Osburn, Teresa 71,87 O'Neal, Christine 105 Parish, Brenda 65,66,69,72,101 Parish, Michael 101 Parker, Deborah 72,105 Parker, Linda 26,68,87 Pate, Richard 20,51 Patterson, Deloris 66,101 Patterson, Robert 70 Paugh, Greg 97 Paul, Joyce 70,72,101 Peasley, Susan 66,67,69,101 Pelko, Cheryl 42,67,69,88 Penny,James 101 Perry, Mark 97 Peters, Robert 97 Peterson, Chery 67,69,97 Peterson, Lucille 14,67,73 Peterson, John 45,105 Pfendler, Phillips, Charlene 67,68,101 Dennis 61 ,62,97 Phillips, Janis 72,63,88 Phipps, Gailen 101 Pickett, Anthony 45,48,62,105 Pickett, Caren 95 Pickett, Linda 72,97 Piepenbr ok, Donna 62,72,105 Piepenbrok, Mary 29,61 ,60,63,65,66,67,68,69, 73,72,88,90,37 Piepenbrok, Ruth 56,61 ,67,68,69,71 ,72,97 Piepenbrok, Wayne 27,101 Pierson, Debraorah 62,65,69,71,62,105 Pierson, Linda 97 Pierson, Rhonda 69,101 Piso, Lin da 64,65,66,69,70,84,88 Pittman, Jerry 45,105 Poland, Andrew 105 Pollard, Debra 63,69,72,97 Pool, Greg Poole, Becky 61 ,63,65,67,68,69,73,97 Potter, Deborah 101 Pratt, Connie 66,72,105 Pratt, Robert 61,88 Preuss, Donna 69,88 Preuss,John 101 Preuss, J udy 95 Price, Stephen 48,60,105 Prickett, Nancy 26 Probst, Leslie 88 Probst, Mike 68,59,97 Puckett, Carroll 97 Puckett, Karen 54,58,62,70,88,95 Puckett, Rabourn Rabourn Rabourn Linda 22,3s,66,s8 , Cheryl 71,97 ,James 49,105 ,Sam 45,49,51,61,70,101 Radcliffe, Daniel 97 Raney, S teve105 114 Reasoner, Dennis 62,63,105 Reasoner, Donald 101 Reasoner, Doug 61 ,63,97 Reddick, Larry 101 Reed, Richard 37,63,101 Reed, William 20,49,61 Reel, Clarence 64,66,102 Reel, Rick 62,66,105 Reel, Starr 69,88 Reeves, Luana 66,69,71,72,105 Reimer, Patricia 64,102 Rejko, Steve 46,49,50,61,71,88 Rejko, Vicki 67,73,98 Repass, Tom 98 Rice,James16,18,45,50,60,71,88 Richardson, Debra 62,64,102 Richwine, Margaret 13,68 Rieck, Lois 64,98 Riehle, Lawrence 77 Rigdon, Donna 66,72,98 Rigdon, Patricia 66,72,102 Rigdon, Ronald 88 Ritter, Charles 45,63,65,71,98 Ritter,James 45,63,65,106 Robertson, Kenneth 70,102 Robinson, Ron 49,98 Rockey, Donald 48,60,106 Rockey, Ronald 46,48,102 Root, Carol 60,61 ,62,63,67,72,88 Root,John 102 Rosemeyer, Debby 72,102 Rowland,John 106 Rupe, Linda 98 Rupe, Max 66,102 Russell, Steve 45,106 Schilling, Rick 6,60,63,98 Schmidt, Becky 64,65,98 Schmidt, Michael 88 Schowe, Sarah 12 Schroeder, Marvin 89 Schuler, Susan 63,64,65,102 Schumacher, Rebecca 56,60,62,69,72,102 Scott, Mark 106 Sergi,Joseph 51,98 Service, Debra 58,65,72,102 Shaffer, Donna 67,98 Shaffer, Mike 19,36,45,46,50,61,71,98 Shaw,Jane 107 Shane, Ronald 89 Shay, Glenn 24,56,86,62 Shay, Linda 62,67,69,72,106 Shearer, Mark 27,63,106 Sheets, Gary 98 Sheets, Larry 41 ,45,50,98 Shepherd, Lucille 98 Shepherd, Sandra 98 Shields, Linda 64,89 Shott, Philip 48,50,61,71,102 Shue, Maureen 89 Sipes, Mike 62 Sipes, Rebecca 106 Sircy, Bill 98 Sircy, Robert 106 Sisk, Dennis 50,102 Sizemore, Calvin 65,98 Skelton,James 98 Skelton, Rebecca 59,61 ,67,68,89,94 Skelton, William 89 Skilesulanet 47,62,106 Skiles, Stephany 66,67,98 Skiles, Stephen 98 Skillman, Gregory 106 Skillman, Sheryl 61 ,62,65,67,69,72,89 Smale, Susan 8,37,60,63,67,68,71,73,72,83,89 Smith Deborah 50,67,68,69,72 Smith, Gary 34,46,102 Smith,xIean18,65,90 Smithhjohn 49,106 Smith johnny 71,102 Smith Karen 14 Smith Linda 69,71,106 Smith Melody 65 67,71,72,90 Smith Marcia 62,72,106 Smith Robert 102 Smith Steven 106 Smith, Terry 62,72,102 Snyder,xIohn 90 Walden, Chris 98 Snyder, Rodney 28,107 Souders, Donald 107 Souders, Martha 102 Southwoodhlanet 65,67,68,71,1 Sparks, james 106 Speer, Mark 90 Stayte, Sanya 62,69,71,72,102 Stephens, Gerald 90 Stephens, Linda 98 Stephenson, Mary 15 Steward, Kevin 106 Stillabower, Linda 60,64,65,67,68,69,90 Stockwell, Carolyn 60,61,67,72,90 Storm, Brenda 62,69,71,72,106 Sullivan, Barbara 102 Sullivan, Carol 64,66,98 Sutherland, Glenn 45,106 Sutherland, Marilou 62,64,71,72,102 Sutherland, Ronald 102 Sutter, Carol 63,64,90 Sutter, Larry 46,50,71,98 Swartz, Michael 63,106 Sweeney, Susan 69,102 Swengel, Carol 16,69,70,73,90 Tam,janie 6,63,65,84,91 Tames, Cheryl 66,67,70,71,91 Tames, Larry 106 Tames,.Iohn 102 Tapp, Mike 44,65,91 Tawney, Francine 98 Thistlethwaite, Mark 18,45,48,50 Thomas, Allen 50,98 Thomas, Debbie 65,71 ,72,102 Thomas, Dwight 43,44,45,51,71 ,91 Thomas, Eileen 15,60 Thomas, Preston 22,44,45,56,60,63,71,79,90,91 Thomas, Steve 19,45,49,56,60,63,71,98 Townsend, Bill 46,48,50,60,71 Trimble, Charles 47,98 Trivett, Marilynn 91 Trotter, Mary 62,72,106 Tucker, Randy 45,48,60,102 Utter, Linda 65,67,69,98 Utterback, Inez 60,61 ,63,65,66,67,98 Utterback, Philip 42,49,51,56,63,67,102 Valentine, Luella 63,64,91 Vandivier, Van 66,106 Van Treese, Cynthia 65,66,67,69,72,102 Veal,john 60,62,70,107 Vernon, Barbara 66,72,106 Vuskalns, Anna 14,60,62,69,71,72,106 Vuskalns, Rita 47,61 ,62,65,66,67,71,72,107 Walker, Dan 62,106 Walker, Lynn 64,67,98 Wambsganss, Katherin 66,69,71,72,106 Wampner, Brenda 67,69,102 Wampner, Bobby 102 Wampner, Michael 62,106 Wampner, Ronnie 106 Ward, Brenda 57,59,62,67,68,71,72,102 Ward, Pamela 69,71 ,72,106 Ward, Valerie 62,63,67,69,72,91 Waterman, Barbara 60,61,64,69,72,98 Waterman, Steven 102 Watkins, Don 26,98 Watkins, Gary 98 Wells, Charles 61 Wells,John 62,106 Wepf, Cherie 64,91 Wepf, Ernest 27,102 Wesseler, Joe 62,106 Wesselman, Diana 69,70,71,92 Westby, Isabel 77 115 Westby, Ronald 51 ,56,60,67,68,98 Westermanklean 65,66,69,98 Weston, Dennis 70,92 Westphal, Bruce 106 Westphal, Mark 92 Whiteside, Steve 71 Whitlock, Ronald 49,71,92 Whitsit, Marsha 64,65,66,69,102 Wicker, Carol 66,102 Wickliff, Lloyd 61 ,63,102 Wilcher, Mike 40,44,45,50,60,71,92 Wilkins, Danny 70,102 Wilkins, Garry 92 Willhite, Marina 72,92 Williams,jack 98 Williams, john 56,62,102 Williamswludy 66 Wilson, Danny 56,98,63 Wilson, Ricky 102 Wilson, Wayne 63,106 Wisdom, Christine 47,62,106 Wisdom, Diane 62,63,64,67,71 Wise, Barbara 69,71,92 Wise,,Iohn106 Wolcott, Mike 49,92 Wood, Anita 67,73,92 Wood,jamie 67,69,71,72,102 Wood, Karen 61 ,73,98 Woodruff, Bonnie 16,73 Woods, Donna 62,69,106 Woods, Kathy 65,66,71,72,102 Woods, Robert 92 Woolman, Cheryl 22,106 Worland,,Iena 60,65,68,92 Worrel l, Linda 66,69,98 Worthington, Carol 66,69,98 Wrighthludy 64,98 Wulf, Donald 106 Wynn, Vicki 66 Yeager, Marcia 63,64,92 ,72,98 Yensel, Hollis 21 ,45,46,50,60,106 Yokem, Linda 67,71 ,72,106 Young, jerry 106 Young, Kathrine 65,66,67,106 Young, Paul 45,49,102 Zerfas, David 106 Photographer-Eddie Baatz Editor-Scott Baldwin Assistant Bobble Ly ons Bus, Mgr.-.Anita Wood AssistantfBill Miles Academics-Angie Hoiser Personalities-Carol Swengel Assistant-Becky Poole Organizations-NlaryJean Peipenbrok AssistantkVicki Rejko Seniors-Brenda Francis School Lifeflacque Cottlc Assistant-Karen W'ood Sports-Gail Acomb and Wayne Broadstreet The height of our twelve years of education is the day we walk through the arch at Franklin Central High School and get that coveted diploma. We hope the 1967 FLASHBACK will be a treasure chest of fond memories for the Seniors to whom we extend our best wishes. Life lays at your feet, May' each and everyone of you fulfill your ambitions. May this be the beginning of a wonderful life for you. The 43021 of the Senior class entering a four-year course, have taken another step forward into the educa- tional Held, while TZ: more are entering vocational study. Of the First, one-third have received Hnancial aidg whereas, 1591 of the entire class have received scholar- ships andfor monetary aid. The 66-67 FLASHBACK Stall' would like to thank each and everyone of you who made this edition possible. no Q1 .wi i,.g.,im:5:jm.

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