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I966 FLASHBACK The year of 1966 at Franklin Central High School, was a year for Action! This Action was first carried into the field of sports, where both the players and the fans, felt the tremendous im- pact. With the addition of new courses and teachers, students were off to a new year of learning. This spirit could be sensed by the teachers in the classroom. At all school dances and activities, spirit was at an all -time high, At pep ral- lies and school assemblies you could sense the excitement in the air, Yes, the Flashes were on the go. So now, let's see the Flashes in Action . . . if ,I X T X x it Q P gg ,, K cy llil Q 1 A fs f iii? 1: f si' f , 'T Fall Brings Excitement of Varied Activity I...-if Chairman Steve VanTreese closes the Federalist Con- vention to the applause of the delegates and Chrisa Baird, Jim Porter, Ann McFarland, and Lynn Phillips. Two ardent Nationalists support EverettBarnard, party pick for representative. After the dust of political battle had settled, the sen- iors Shook hands and reaffirmed their friendship. 4 l l to the Halls of F.C. 1 Excitement surged among seniors in November as they divided into parties and squared off for political conventions and elections. Federalists Bill McFarland and Don Andry and Nationalists Everett Barnard and jim Coss shared election triumphs, journeying to the Purdue Legislature in De- cember. Steve Napier, alternate for Bar- nard, won the first Purdue Legislative award ever given in honor of his superior com- mittee Work, which included the passage of a bill introduced by McFarland. This was the first bill pushed through the Legislature by F.C. delegates. Arrival of the long-awaited class rings provoked excitement among junior Class- men. They had anticipated arrival of their rings since the placement of their orders in April of the Sophomore year. Although a few rings didn't fit, in general everyone was satisfied. mga After brief rides on jammed school buses, pupils fight their way through crowded halls to their classes. Proud juniors Cindy Lechner and Blanche Geissman sport class rings purchased in their Sophomore year. Music ripples across the parking lot as drum major Richard Utterback leads the March- ing Flashes through their paces in preparation for a halftime concert. Autumn Brings Many Colorful Social Events Band members unlimbered their drums and horns immediately after school started to begin preparing for a round of halftime shows, Hours of drill and marching were culminated when they marched onto the foot- ball field to entertain the homecoming crowd. Homecoming preparations had begun several weeks earlier when each class ap- pointed committees and budgeted money for floats. While frames were tacked together and embellished with paper and paint, the school chose a court, consisting of Rita Vuskalns and Mike Dougherty, Freshmeng Peggy Francis and Randy Gibson, Sopho- moresg Becky Belleau and Bill jones, jun- iors. Seniors Kathy Reynolds and Everett Barnardg Sherry Runyon and Marvin Rodeg and Bonnie Ewalt and jerry Dawson vied for homecoming royalty honors. Bonnie Ewalt and jerry Dawson won. The members of the homecoming court smile happily after the exciting game. Beaming happily, newly crowned Homecoming Queen, Bonnie Ewalt, receives a kiss from football captain, Jack Bundy, as her court looks on. Engrossed with the action, Sherry I-Iotze shouts encouragement to the Flashes. uf,,:3w,, M W' A variety of colors adorn the flowers and trees in the patio during the fall of the year. N. ff' , 'ya Caunt pines guarding a snowy country road make the eye- ' catching theme of this painting. Inspiration Through 'tr - rf . '--.-,, Cascading snow blankets tiny trees and miniature houses graced the main display case during the yuletide season. 8 Art Provides Culture for FCHS Students Many of America's cherished documents displayed in the Freedom Shrine remind pupils of their heritage. New paintings, in addition to the familiar display cases, decorated Franklin's walls this year . Fleeting glimpses of the Freedom Shrine quietly reminded pupils of American traditions and heritage. Equally hasty glimpses of the new paintings, either do- nated by the class of '63 or bought by the general fund, provided a relief from pre- occupation with school work. A good deal of work by diverse classes kept the display cases filled with everything from mystic oriental religions to a demon- stration of term paper writing tips. The Christmas display case stood as one of the art department's frequent contributions. A pair of horses playfully pawing the ground rounded off the art works adorning the school's walls. The year of 1966 at Franklin Central High School, was a year for Academics. The addition of new courses gave the students a wider range curriculum. This year, for the first time math maj- ors were offered a fifth year of Math Topics. For the public speakers of the future, a Speech II class was offered. In the field of social duties, pupils were offered a new course in cultural geog- raphy, This course gives students a better idea of our neighboring countries. Teamed with its standard courses in business and college prep, Franklin Cen- tral offers something of interest for everyone. ? 1 W 'rf' UN MX W N me on si ' Curriculum Grows with Addition of Courses Leg The mysteries of calculus plunge Stan Rhorer,Patsy Wil- liams, and Scott Baldwin into a pensive mood. Mr. Thistlethwaite and his Cultural Geography class study the people and customs of Southeast Asia. Y Judge Bill Moore looks on as defense attorney Bernie Hilton questions Marcia Trotter a key witness in the murder trial staged by Business Law students. I2 fi Mr. Mark Thistlethwaite explains the more well-known events thathappened during Andrew JaCk50n'S Administfa' Steve Napier answers a World Historyquestion while Steve tion, his favorite period in American history. Van T1-ease works on his Special Project' Mike Cook studies the trials and tribulations of Andrew "Mr. Speaker!" interrupts Nancy Gleason as Tom Bates Johnson, the only President to be impeached. sends a copy of a proposal to Everette Barnard. 13 rg. , gd Joann Pratt and Doug Sweeney may be of opposite sex but Engrossed in their work are Vicki Green and Janie Tami have a common goal--to learn bookkeeping. as they master intricate details of Shorthand. Home Economics, Business, Agriculture and Karen Allen and Becky Skelton are reflecting colorfully as they display their hand-m ade creations. Franklin Central students, thanks to the numerous vocational classes offered, are being well prepared for tomorrow's world. Future farmers study vital data in Agri- culture class, anxiously awaiting the time when their knowledge can he put to use. Those who plan a career in business are offered a wide selection of classes in re- lated fields to aid them toward their goal. As the schoolyear progresses, projects such as tables, lamps, etc., and skills in the use of complicated machines are the re- wards gleaned from the boys' hard work in Shop class. The boys aren't the only ones working hardg girls in Home Economics are proud of their achievements in domestic skills. . tiff X John Denten, Wally Olin, and Mike Bridgewaterwatch formin- ute flaws that need to be corrected. Lending a hand to Jon Yeager is Bill Kolacek as the two operate a metal lathe in shop class. Shop Classes Qffer Useful Job Training sw is F5 5 Q My Ill ,Bl UIIBNE E955 SPRAY How to cope with the pesky enemies of farm crops is one of the main concerns of agri- culture students Marve Rode, Jim Fair, Mike Schmidt, and Mark Westphal. 15 Steve Bell and Jack Dahl smile during a lighter moment in Mr. Glen Eastes' Trigonometry class. Technical Education ln today's complex and technical world , science and mathematics play increasingly vital roles. By means of the comprehen- sive program of study available at FCHS, each student is able to choose the courses most suited to his individual needs, One year each of a lab science and math is re- quired for graduation, but most continue to more advanced subjects. The math and science courses were best represented by the nightly brain sessions to solve home- work problems. Mrs. Sarah Schowe illustrates a difficult construction problem in Algebra I for Dale Nees. A look of intense concentration is shown by John Vus- kalns and Stanley Rhorer in Math Topics class. Maxi? in Math and Science Reaches New Heights Senior Sandy Edwards takes data during a student-planned demonstration in the Physics laboratory. Mr. Piper demonstrates the study of scientific measure- ments to his freshman Physical Science class. 'M , Charles Breeding measures chemicals as Bob Blacketer takes notes in an Academic Chemistry Experiment. Stanley Rhorer and Mark Reed set up an experiment with waves in the ripple tank for Physics class. f! il! s fs 'ff sf' -- MissBarbara Steczysyn, an I.U. student who student-taught at FCHS, joins the Speech II chorus line for the class rendition of "Green Onions." English and Speech Study Classic Plays Bob Vernon reasons with Chris Baird as SherriHo11e and A Manchester test produces the source of sophomore Linda Miley wait for the fate of their shop. Peggy Francis' aspect of concentrated study. I ia X' Kenny Moss, Christy Cougill, and Janet Lowery lead "la clase de Espano1" in a general class discussion. , M 1 Hs., Cadet teacher Nancy Gleason helps Mrs. Thomas collect Roman projects from the Latin I students. Foreign Languages Promote Student Interest Miss Sue Nicewanger, student teacher from Ball State University, and her students seem to enjoy the letters and photos from their penpals in France. Developmental Reading Helps Understanding Gailen Phipps and Jerry Wepf find that developmental reading aids them in English and literature as well as in their other studies. Special Education Class Studies Indiana J. Delk, T. Carnes, and M. Matthews work diligently on projects about Indiana and the United States. J A. A 14. l ........-sc-1 S. Ziliak, R. Clark, P. Cole, P. Gatewood, and K. Monday show Indiana projects from the display case. Physical Education and Health id Students 5? Q' Astudy of first aid will be helpful in many ways to fresh- man Vicki Green and Janet Idele. The world turns topsy-turvy as Doug Messer, George Brad ley, and Larry McFarland master a headstand. "Lift your legs higher!" shouts Mr. Hanni as his freshman physical education class per- forms its exercises to music. 'nk The FC Singers, under the direction of Mr. Ferris, have traveled to many schools to perform such numbers as "Shangri-La" and "Clap Yo' Hands." Music and Art Develop Artistieal Talents Dance band members are chosen by Mr. Ferris through Art student Doug Sweeney studies poster painting as well auditions from the regular band students. as oil and watercolor in advanced art. 'X , , ff, W: -- 3 ' 2 -sc. K L' i, ,, 'x .df . my Lge, X 1 . g ,Q , 9 'gee 55 I S r ,,, V, I 2: as ia? 'ff 'HSE 5, Mr. Geise presents Marv Rode the DeKalb Award for Peggy Anderson happilyreceives the Crisco Award for the agricultural accomplishment featuring scholarship. outstanding girl scholastically in Home EC. Awards Presented to Honored FC Students The Eugene Pulliam Award, a 31,000 scholarship, was Lyn Utterback received a beginning typing awardg and presented to Jack Dahl by the Star-News. Linda Leonard, the Business Education Award. 23 When you think of action, at Franklin Central, you think of sports. Starting with the cross country, football, and basketball teams and continuing through baseball and track, action was shown in every field of endeavor. This year Will be remembered because of the football team 's successfulvictory over arch-rival Beech Grove. But Win or lose the parti- cipatingpeople have gained the gratitude of playing alongs ide their classmates, the teams and players of l966 will be remem- bered by their fellow students. Coaches Lead Flashes' Athletic Exploits fx A if .Mit gal' all ' f X r . Ki r ,...,f. if A I Q faux, ' -pa.. M s .. Q... I T, W on 1-rg swf we Q, I .ga . Q M fx 9' ,Vi fgc: ,, K fb-f,g,gg fy A ,nm ,Q ,af-5 ,ig Q ee gy NTwrw1E'B s fn, .,r.x. xiafk 55 fvffxi Q -Q' " Ufvfilfvifl , ts ' -W Q A3-,gf . if-rcywrhw if h,i?g,w S 2 :L lip-w':Z?fqlffi54Q1Jk ffm, ,QQ qw is L. . K N , ,K 4 ' 4,31 we A - W, 6 gJ.ikigl,r' .tg,i452w..9 A in jx , mi 1fAg"fll'XMgi,.l? -'fuq,2ff7?f'l' " .l ,ww O :nxt Q, MZ, gg ,,:'41', i 1 , 'W I L ' E ilgfhff' " lm' -Sfjflyw 'N fa A ' ' Y .. H, ii. QM- -,.,w ,- " P ii' if J dnei,-5 'wma 1' ll 'iff?f?"ff'..+t' 'tt fftifxd ,- Cross notes -country and football coaches Hanni, Thistlethwaite, Reed, and Beach compare before starting another practice session. Ina gab session with Mr. Guyer are spring coaches Knoop, Hoskins, Thistlethwaite, Hanni, and Morgan. Coaches Hanni, Knoop, Reed, Thistlethwaite, and Mor- gan discuss their charges' accomplishments. Amid the pandemonium generated ata typical Franklin Central athletic contest, two groups of people stand apart from all others on the sidelines. These are the ex- cellent staff of coaches and the three cheer- leading squads here at the home of the Flashes. Although the intricate movements of the participants appear to be quite ran- dom to the uneducated eye, each motion is preplanned by an expert coach. The at times arduous task of maintaining a high level of school spirit is willingly under- taken by the cheerleaders. These girls are responsible for the vocal support given the laboring athletes. Their efforts are time- consuming, but gratifying. Because of the long hours of intense practice they spend, success of sports is a real one. Truly, "sports in action" is the by-word ofthese unselfish and dedicated people. FC's chief school spirit sparks were varsity cheerleaders Sherry Runyon, Bonnie Ewalt, Janie Jones, Jean Griffin, and Sherri Hotze. Cheerleaders Boost New School Enthusiasm Anne Basset, Debbie Pollrd, Jorja Eder, Jana Mason, and Marsha McFarland, the reserve squad, practice a new yell after school. 1"f'- ', slr V ' ' ' tw ' f. Sylvia Macalaso, Nancy Emmert, Darla Mason, Brenda Anderson, and Joanna McGee rootedthe Flashy frosh to athletic success in '65-66. Football Record Is Top rookie grid player in the county, senior Mark Betner rushed for 1200 yards and scored 60 points, including these six scored on an end sweep. FRONT ROW: G. Puckett, B. Delk, P. Barker, R. Buttz, B. Vernon, J. Bundy, F. Foist, E. McClain, Dan Nattall, Den Nuttall, L. Butts, M. Shaffer, R. Willhite, V. Breed- love, W. Broadstreet, S. VanTreese--mgr. SECOND ROW: G. Sheets--mgr., G. Pool, B. McClain, K. Shott, J. Brown, B. Cunningham, J. Coss, G. Gigli, J. Johnson, .4 su. 23 ,zu V T Best in Three Seasons- End Dennis Nuttall makes a sure tacke on a Chartxand halfback, Stopping a big gain before it develops. S. Byrkett, R. Price, P. Thomas, D. Dodd, C. Burton, M Fisher. THIRD ROW: H. Swartz--mgr., C. Ritter, C Breeding, M. Betner, J. Hart, D. Thomas, B. Kolacek, C I-Iessman, V. Chandler, B. Hilton, B. Mullen, J. Rice M. Chaney, L. Davidson. gf' fl V 173,756 w ,. f g. fy L93 swssz 'als' "I4.'g5.3'. 'M' ' .1 v . f. . L I . f7'jS-a sz! 31. 72g,64?, 85Q.rB2,,, 619 gtg 563, .., Q 3 T ' B az ,gg 92.24 aloreafffa as Jin! Four Players Make All-Conference Team Arms and legs fly as the Blue and White defense puts on a crushing gang tackle, jarring the ball loose. By diligent Work on the part of the team and by the excellent leadership of the coach- ing staff, the Blue and White hustled to their best gridiron season in three years. Coach Reed and his assistants built a neucleus of outstanding players that supplied the punch needed to Win games. Four of these play- ers, Mark Betner, jack Bundy, jim Coss and Bill Kolacek, Were named to the Indianapolis STARS All-Conference team. Betner, also an all-county choice, scored sixty points and covered slightly more than two-thirds of a mile. Bundy and Kolacek Went both Ways, excelling most in their defensive performances, While Coss kicked and blocked with finesse. As a Whole, determination and fortitude molded a vastly improved football team in 1965. Jack Bundy ends a long drive, breaking up a T.D. pass. Playslike this won him a slot on the All-Capital District Conference team for a second time. Pads crash deafeningly asBob Cunningham tucks the ball securely into place and bulls into the line. As the F.C. "suicide squad" charges, All-Conference tackle Jim Coss prepares to plant his educated toe into the football. Fine Hopes for Franklin Central Future 30 SEASON RECORD FCHS 13 Greenwood FCHS 20 Pike FCHS 0 Lawrence FCHS 15 Beech Grove FCHS 0 Chartrand FCHS 14 Decatur FCHS 21 Center Grove FCHS 13 Greenfield FCHS 7 Speedway Players on the side lines shout their support to the offense 1 during 3 successful drive. FRONT ROW: P. Young, L. McFarland, L. Keterson, D. BACK ROW: D. Crago, P. Beal, C. Oakley, M. Dougherty, I-Ianner, R. Rockey, J. Denien, A. Rule, W. Piepenbrok. D. Chaney, R. Tucker, P. Shott, coach Thistlethwaite. Bob Cunningham ducks his head and bulls for a little Cxtta yardage. Assistant coach Thistlethwaite shouts pointed instructions to his haggard defense urging them to hold on. 31 l . FRONT ROW L Swengel, mgr., L. Sheets, B. Reynolds, Sisk, R. Entrekin, J. Oglesby, J. Aulby, B. Townsend, S T Lewis, J Dawson, B Burkman, J. Vuskalns, D. Andry, Rejko, J. Ward, M. Garrett, B. Sircy, R. Gibson, R B Cougill, D McClain, coach I-Ianni, BACK ROW: D. Westby, M. Dawson, D. Reasoner. Another Course Record in Cross Countr Don Andry, Jerry Dawson, MI. Hanni, Bill Burkman and John Vuskalns check team times in preparation for the conference meet. Long, gruelling practice sessions readied Hanni's hurrying harriers for another tough season. Seniors john Vuskalns, Bill Burk- man, Don Andry, and jerry Dawson helped the group to cop three dual meets and a commendable third place in the Capitol District Conference meet. The standout striderforFCHS was john Vuskalns, Whose steady gait pushed him to shave his own course record by seven seconds to 10:03 . Seniors Lead Inspired Basketball Quintet Inspiration, the keynote of the 1965-66 hardwood campaign, made the season's final contest F.C.'s finest hour. Playing againstataller Southport team, the 15 point underdog Flashes played the Cardinals to a near standstill, matching them basket for basket. By sheer courage, FCHS held on for four overtimes, the longest game in our school's history, finally losing 72 -64. Lack of height CThe tallest player was only 6'l".J was a major reason the team record was 5-15. Top scorers on the team were Dennis and Danny Nuttall, who lettered for the fourth timeg and jack Bundy. In addition Dennis was named to the All -Sectional team. Reserve center Charles Breeding hustles into defensive position, stopping a Beech Grove fast break. VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Dan Nuttall, R. Goodman, J. Bundy, D. M. Betner, M. Rode, B. Burkman, T. Dougherty, M. Shaf- Andry, Den Nuttall, B. Cougill. BACK ROW: J. Vuskalns, fer, coach Knoop. an ' . ' Q' ' ' Eff? i sg f Q? 25 l sk 5 f' Q l , R ' f V: I Q , by is Q . - K. CI 1 4. ' Q Y fy, I ,Q V 5 I ig. Sf: ff, K if gf its as L 8 3 , 5 A g V Q ' 4 S f , ' ' H 4 . W'-1 Q is rm J-' 5 1 Ml ., . ' . T? 4 .5 6 474 , if I , t, .. , V ,V V E, ,,,, 1 ., A ' if i 5 Q X, , V 7 In , f A 1,, , 1 1 5 5 . g . i ,L 1 Y Q Q i f 1 12 'ggi-argl 1 9 ff itil! X , 3 FRONT ROW: coachl-Ianni, P. Barker, G. Poole, C. Trim- ble, E. McClain, M. Shaffer, B. Reynolds, R. Wesby. A 11, 5 X BACK ROW: R. Wells, C. Breeding, R. Sch Reasoner, L. Swengel, G. Austin, T. Dougherty. Sectional Marathon Goes Four Overtimes l965 -66 SEASON RECORD FCHS 69 New Palestine FCHS 69 Whiteland FCHS 55 Greenfield FCHS 53 Center Grove FCHS 67 Pike FCHS 58 Triton Central FCHS 67 Sacred Heart FCHS 55 Howe FCHS 54 Speedway FCI-IS 67 Decatur FCHS 2 Scecina FCHS 44 Chartrand FCHS 58 Lawrence FCHS 82 Chatard FCHS 51 Beech Grove FCI-IS 74 Morristown FCHS 53 Warren Central FCHS 66 Greenwood COUNTY TOURNEY FCHS 54 Beech Grove IHSAA SECTIONAL F CHS 64 Southport 4FoUR OVERTIMESJ I U , 4cForfe1t Mark Betner goes high in the air to tie up his opponent, forcing a jump ball situation. illing Homecoming ls Festive Hardwood Occasion The action under the boards in the homecoming game gets rough, but Bill Burkman pulls down a rebound. Rita and Mark enjoy their homecoming reign as they dance to soft music under the spotlight. King Mark Betner and Queen Rita Hutton are surrounded by their court. FRONT ROW: Rexeen Neal, David Bair, Gail Acomb, Sandy Gray. SECOND ROW: M. McFarland, King Mark, Queen Rita, Phil Barker. BACK ROW: Bernie Hilton, Darlene Gaier, Donna Day, Everette Barnard, Freshman Team Compiles a Winning Season 'mu K : QV E FRONT ROW: P. Thomas, J. Arnold, D. I-lanncr, R. Reed, L. McFarland, D. Reasoner, R. Rockey, P. Utterback, M. McFarland. BACK ROW: coach Thistlethwaitc, M. Bridge- water, M. Dougherty, B. Dougherty, G. Smith, D. Chaney W. Olin, R. Tucker, J. Lambert. i Four-year letterman Danny Nuttall stops and cuts the other way enroute to two points, Dennis Nuttall leads the way against Lawrence, dropping in a bucket. Wrestling Combo Is One of State's Best Fast and furious action typified the 1965-1966 rnat campaign. Coach Al Mor- gan and his assistant, Bill Reed worked with their willing charges to form a mat powerhouse. ln the IHSAA Sectional Dale Baird, Everette and Dale Barnard, and Ron Whitlock reigned as champions of their respective weight classes. The Barnard brothers advanced to the state finals. Ev- erette beat all comers, and his brother copped second place. In overall team coni- petition, FCHS tied for fourth. With the younger Barnard, Baird and several other letterrnen returning, prospects look good. Ron Whitlock receives the congratulations of Mr. Morgan as he takes his special award sweater. FRONT ROW J Smith J Williams R Whitlock E ROW: coach Morgan, J. Coss, R. Thomas, S. Craig, D Barnard D Barnard M Sipes J Aulby mgr BACK B21ird,M-D21VidS,21SS"E Coach Recd. Barnard Brothers Place FC Fourth in State State champion in the 120 pound class, Evertte Barnard successfully completes a re- versal, gaining advantage over his opponent. Proudly clasping the hand of coach Morgan, David Baird accepts his Sectional Champ Letter. FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS 4th place SEAHIQRECORD Ben Davis Southport Howe Lawrence YVarren Beech Grove bdanual Evansvhle Bloomington Northwest llecatur IHoonHngun1LhnversRy HBAASTATETOURNEY "??:f"' FRONT ROW: S. Raybourn, J. Denien, S. Rejko, R. ROW: D. Sisk, M. Schmidt, R. Buttz, S. Deick, K. Oak Hughes, S. Thomas, J. Hopkins, R. Entxekin. SECOND ley, P. Young, coach Reed. Llnderclassmen to Bolster Next Year's Team A tight figure-four body scissors camped on his grimacing opponent, 127 pound Dale Barnard uses his weight to wear him out. 39 Mark Betner, holder of four FC track and field records, practices his best event, the long jump. The 1966 track and field Flashes were among the very finest in the forty-seven year history ofthe school. From the season's out- set the group showed itself as one to be reckoned With. They captured many awards including Sectional and Hoosier Relay gold medals. Records were smashed with unusual regularity all spring, but Mark Betner's long ,jump of 23' l" Can unofficial state markj stood out as the finest of the year. Fleet Trackmen Win Conference Championship VARSITY TRACK FRONT ROW: B. Cunningham, L. Dougherty V Chandler, J R1ce,P Shott Not pictured Sheets, J. Lamberth, R. Hughes, B. Sircy, R. Gibson, T. M Betner and J Vuskalns Lewis. BACK ROW: J. Ward, J. Dawson, B. Hilton, T. Several Records Fall to Talented Traekmen l RESERVE TRACK FRONT ROW: R. Muterspaugh, M. Sisk, S. Dcckard, F. Foist, P. Howard, R. Hughes, J. Kirkham, C.Sizemore,C. Trimble, S. Rejko, T. Smith, R. Gibson. Val Chandler, the strain of his effort showing plainly, flings the shot to its mark nearly 50 feet away. Baseball Team Has Another Winning Season Bearing down on one, and nearly hitting it, Mike Wilcher supports the FC team effort. .M -. 5 ' K ' V . ' L I' A M' ' ' ' A . - ' - , ' p 2 an M i l V - K if '55 .. - , I K. .,f,---6,5 , sg i .7 , ai-.:....w -W ...Q - . L . bu: .., 'NSA' I ,fha ,A The if' f 1 B . ffifre 5 I1 First Baseman Bill Mullen stretches nearly to his limit as he waits to grasp the ball for another out. VARSITY BASEBALL: FRONT ROW: J.Fair, L. Sutter, P. BACK ROW: Coach Thistlethwaite,D.Nuttall, D. Nuttall Barker, M. Wilcher, V. Kurtz, B. Reynolds, R. Goodman. R. Price, M. Shaffer, E. McClain, B. Mullen, J. Bundy 42 RESERVE BASEBALL FRONT ROW C Burton mascot J coach Knoop, M. Shaffer,G.Austin, T. I-Iosier, A. Thomas, Knoop P Utterback S Harmer, P Barker, D Reasoner, D. Crago, L. Reddick, G. Pool, R. Rockey, J. Munson, R Reed L Sutter,A Rule M Fisher BACK ROW C. Oakley, J. Lamberth, R. Wells. uttaII's Shutout Shows Season's Success. ln his second year as head baseball coach, Mark Thistlethwaite's team once again had a winning season. Paced by outstanding ef- forts by the eight seniors on this spring's squad, the mittmen managed to win seven of the thirteen games played. Among the high spots of the '66 schedule were a tough, up- hill struggle against the Beech Grove black and orange, and an excellent job of hurling by pitcher Danny Nuttall versus New Pales- tine. His lively fastball kept the Dragons guessing all garneg one single prevented the second no-hitter in as many years by an FCHS hurler. As for the future, the talents of the graduating players will be missed, so there remains a big question mark. Reserve first sacker Clark Burton awaits the shortstop's peg tonip the fleet baserunnerjust before he safely crosses the bag. B, GOLF: J. Coss, J. Johnson, P. Thomas, J. Brown, D. Thomas I Maze T Repass S Brown, H. Oglesby . Young Linksmen Get Valuable Experience To the small group of participants, golf is nota minor sport. Its challenge is unique in that there is no defense. This year the linksmen from FC had their problems in failing to win any meets, but the action was brightened by some excellent play. Coach Al Morgan commented that he expects better luck in the future because of the way the underclassmen have developed this year. Top medalist on the greens this season was junior Jim Coss, who shot very near par on several occasions. Only one senior will be lost through graduation, so future prospects look good. Applying a large quantity of body English, Jim Johnson stares his putt into the side of the hole. Intramural sponsor Glenn Eastes poses with Floyd Foist, captain of the victorious intramural tourney team. Franklin Central's intramural sports program is designed to give those boys who cannot participate in interscholastic sports a chance to play organized basketball. The highlight ofthe program was the tournament between teams of participants. The teams fought with all the spirit of varsity contests, with the squads captained by Floyd Foist and Lloyd Swengel facing each other in the final game. Floyd's team won, bringing another year of intramurals to an end. Folst s Five Capture Intramural Tourney INTRAMURALS FRONT ROW F Foist G Sheets R J.Ward, S. Craig, T. Repass, S. Skiles, R. Wells, G. Jones, Gray,J Aulby, P Mercer, B Cunningham T Lewis, M G. Johnson. BACK ROW: B. Vernon, S. Napier, K. Shott, Wilcher, B Reynolds D McClain, L Sheets D Baird C. Breeding, G. Austin, B. Mullen, L. Swengel, C. Hess- I Maze, B Rode SECOND ROW R Price, R Tucker man, R. Schilling, B. Hilton, C. Olin, T. Dougherty, J. A Thomas, L Davidson, J Coss, B Shott, J Chestnut, Vuskalns, C. Sizemore, J. Wilkins. r ' anizations n ction In 1966 at Franklin Central High School, the organizations were in action. The GAA continued its program of sports activities for the girls while intramurals provide male sports sessions on Sundays , Sunshine carried on charity drives for needy people in the community, while FTA, FFA and Future Nurses carried on informative and helpful meetings for their members . For the academically minded student Sigma Mu and Chess Club provide opportunities for mental exercise as Well as forming fast friendships . Overall the organization kept the students Well supplied with activities . v y 11415 iiaisii lngghkil I ' W1 -N-I Q42 RN Honor Society and Student Council Maintain STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW: R. Vuskalns, S. Han- ner, B. Belleau, M. Piepenbrok, R. Neal, J. Vuskalns, J. Bundy, L. Phillips, F. Foist, S. Lyons, N. Crisler, J. Grif- fin, K. Wood, J. Kitley, B. Schmidt. SECOND ROW: C. Root, S. VanTreese, R. Westby, C. Allen, L. McFarland, M.Dougherty,P.Barker, L. Reddick, B. Cougill, J. Kirk- Treasurer John Vuskalns checks the income from the Blue 8cWhite ticket sale with Mr. Mason, sponsor. 1. X ,-.,...--:rx-V' M ham, G. Pool, R. Tucker, R. Day, M. McFarland, M Yeager,K.Ford, V. Green. THIRD ROW: B. Reynolds, S Baldwin, J. Johnson, P. Thomas, D. Smith, B. Fraley, B Hilton, B. McFarland, C. Olin, M. Rode, C. Breeding, M Betner, B. Vernon, C. Burton, T. Repass, L. Sutter. A speaker's idea is carefully considered by student coun cil members before their add their criticisms. Scholarship and Leadership In School Life Bill McFarland lights the candle of service as the newly inducted members of NHS look intently on. The Franklin Central chapter of the National Honor Society inducted nineteen new members this year. These students were recognized for their character, leadership, service, and scholarship. At the end of the year it gave awards to seniors making the best grades in each department for four years. The Student Council, sponsored by Mr. Mason, gives students a voice in school policy. In the fall all the home- rooms elect two representatives and one alternate. The Student Council passed a bill revising admission to sock hops, and planned many ofthe assembly programs. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: G. Linn, J Root, A Hosier, G Acomb C Kost M Lancaster, B Vuskalns, L. Hubble, B. Deerberg, L. Phillips, M. Betner, Lewis BACK ROW S Bell J Dahl B McFarland E N. Gleason. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Thomas, S. I-lanner L McClain, K Moss, J Coss, S Baldwin, E Barnard Miley, J. Jefferis, N. Crisler, P. Barker, K. Martin, C 'sf-Nr Chess and Science Club Provoke Young Minds SIGMA MU FRONT ROW: R. Entrekin, J. Lowery, B. Horn, M.Lancaster, R. Westby. BACK ROW: D. Jones, J. Vus- CHESS CLUB FRONT ROW: S. Coxhead, D. Baird, M. Speer. SECOND ROW: R. McAmis, L. Probst, C. Burton, R. Blacketer, S. Brown, Mr. Clarke. BACK ROW: D. Sisk, S. Whiteside, L. Carlson, D. Phillips. 50 kalns, D. Ingle, S. Rhorer, J. Dahl, S. Bell, J. Coss, S. Coxhead, G. Linn, Mr. Morgan. Seven of Sigma Mu's 15 members partici- pated in the Indiana Science Seminar classes, the highest percentage of any other school. Originally sponsored by Mr. Colglazier, it is now under Mr. Morgan's direction. "Checkmate!" This cry may be heard Whenever Chess Club members convene to sharpen their skills in intrateam tourna- ments supervised by Mr, Clarke. Some of the busiest people at FCHS are Mrs. Miller's librarians. They check out 50-200 books per day, show up to 3 films per period, and care for our library. Members of Quill Sr Scroll, the journalism honorary, must have contributed to either the Pilot or Flashback and rank in the upper third of their class . , . sw fe' QUILL dz SCROLL FRONT ROW: N. G1eason,D. Jones, L. B. Francis. BACK ROW: L. Leonard, D. Ingle, P. O'Con- Phillips, P. Anderson. SECOND ROW: B. Deerberg, L. nell, K. Martin, L. Swengel, E. Baatz, S. Baldwin, A Hubble, V. Boesenberg, J. Dahl, C. Swengel, J. Worland, Wood, P. Williams. LIBRARIANS P.Bertram,C. Hall, J. Griffin, D. Kemper, der, D. Deerberg, R. Rule, H. Swartz, B. Moore, B. Fra- C. Kesterson, B. Anderson, V. Kurtz, Mrs. Miller, J. Yo- ley, S. Hoyt. .a ."'ff .H r s .. ,sa . .- . 51 ,rf Flashback, Pilot Managing editor jack Dahl suggests a change in a Pilot layout to Mrs . Peter - son, the sponsor, as the staff adds final touches . PILOT FLA Sl-IES FRONT ROW: C. Kost, L. Hubble, K. Martin, N. Gleason. BACK ROW: P. Anderson, L. Swengel,P. O'Connell,B. Belleau, J. Dahl, Mrs. Peterson Sports Editor Lloyd Swengel pastes a copy block in place on the final page that was traditionally reserved for Sports. 'si "Another Deadline! Hurry!" These often- heard promptings by sponsor Miss Woodruff prodded the yearbook staff to complete the Flashback. In the fall all the staff organized the book from cover to copy, custom -fitting each event into an overall picture of the year's activities . The resulting book requir- ing many hours of work, gave the staff hours of happy memories. The Pilot, a bi -Weekly paper, won a sec - ond page rating from the NSPA. The staff of ten under Mrs. Peterson's eye, worked to produce a chronicle covering school events plus regular feature articles, cartoons, and editorials . Scribes Record Year in Pictures and Print il.. I IK ii A SWS ii i EW! i W FLASHBACK FRONT ROW: B. Deerberg, L. Leonard, L. Phillips, V. Boesenberg, C. Swen- gel, J. Worland, A. Wood, B. Francis. BACK ROW: D. Ingle, D. Jones, Miss Woodruff, P. Williams, K. Speckin, S. Bladwin, E. Baatz Scott Baldwin and Dave Ingle busily crop pictures, a very necessary andpainstaking chore in preparing a yearbook. gs- grew, 0 .stiijfi 'W . il f?'f.f L A A,-53" L, Q. ,.. ' 6 . P Two typists, Vida Boesenberg and Anita Wood, hurriedly finish final page copies to meet the May 16 deadline, one of five. .SX 53 SPEECH CLUB FRONT ROW: P. Anderson, L. Miley, A. Wood, Miss Stephenson, L. Stillabower, A. Hall, C. Kost, D. Weston, L. Hubble, K. Steward. BACK ROW: T. Hub- The Speech Club, formed this year by Miss Stephenson, is a welcome newcomer to the family of organizations. It developed the hidden oratorical talents of the first year speech student and augmented the speaking powers of the old pro. The Future Nurses, an established mem- ber in the family, informed those planning a career in nursing of useful practices and created interest in helping the needy and sick. FUTURE NURSES FRONT ROW: Mrs. Peterson, B. Fran- cis, D. Broderick, L. Shields, V. McCartney, D. Doane, B. Lowe, K. Driknet, G. Acomb. SECOND ROW: S. Thacker, B. Ward, K. Elder, B. Wampner, L. Francis, V. ble, D. Smith, B. Vernon, K. Shott, S. Napier, J. Heston, D. Lechner, S. Hotze, K. Reynolds. The Tri-Hi -Y, another organization, participated in numerous activities during the year. By gathering toys for a Kentucky orphanage, distributing fruit baskets, and participating inthe model UN, the Tri -I-Ii -Y has dutifully served others. The brother organization of the Tri -Hi -Y, the Hi -Y, engages in similar charitable ac- tivities . They helped needy families at Christmas and Thanksgiving and helped the Mile of Dimes fund drive . Rejko, T. Hubble, S. Rode, D. Day, V. Wynn, L. Col- lins. BACK ROW: S. Peasely, L. Davis, D. Whitlock, P. Wampner, M. Cooper, J. Yoder, B. Poole, E. Coy, D. Croxton, M. Puckett, C. Peterson. Qi? I' xif.. 'W T H' ,71'L1,, fsxilu i r HI-Y fAbovej FRONT ROW: D. Jones, M. Shaffer, A. I-Iall, D. Phillips. SECOND ROW: P. Thomas, E. Baatz, T. Rcpass, B. Reynolds, B. Pratt. THIRD ROW: D. Reasoner, D. Wilson, D. Smith, J. Coss, P. Shott. fLeftj FRONT ROW: B. Cougill, B. Flagle, C. Breed- ing, T. Bates. SECOND ROW: Mr. Reed, K. Shott, B. McFarland, V. Kurtz, J. Modlin. THIRD ROW: G. Gigli, J. Miller, B. McClain, M. Chaney, R. Utter- back. Service Clubs an Integral Part of FCHS TRI HI Y FRONT ROW N Berry J Jefferis, S Hamer Hoswr, L- Bridwell, S- Fulk, J- LOW0ry, B- Francis, S- B Deerberg N Gleason C Baird S Lyons, D Robert Fishburn. THIRD ROW: S. Smale, B. Geissman, L. Utter- son L Miley D Garner B Lewis SECOND RCW J back, D. Gaier, B. Poole, K. Grady, B. Skelton, C. Ewalt, Mason M Piepenbrok, D Brodrick C Kost, A Wood, A R Piepenbrok, C. Root, R. Evans, L. Utterback. F.T.A. FRONT ROW:P.Anderson,Y.Macaluso,B. Lewis, S. Fishburn, P. Barker, J. Johnson, E. Barnard, A. Wood, J. Kitley, M. Lancaster, B. Deerberg, M. Richardson. SECOND ROW: J. Mason, L. Miley, M. Piepenbrok, I. Utterback, R. Evans, K. Ford, R. Westby, K. Wood, L. Utter,V.Rejko,Y.Mason, A. McFarland, J. Lowery, Mr. Guyer. THIRD ROW: R. Piepenbrok, J. Cottle, K. Allen, A. Hosier, C. Kost, D. Brodrick, C. Miller, S. Hotze, S. Smale, C. Root, D. Robertson, G. Acomb, C. Stockwell, P. O'Connel1, B. Belleau. BACK ROW: K. Speckin, B. Geissman, C. Baird, V. Boesenberg, K. Gibson, D. Baird, E. McClain, C. Olin, K. Moss, J. Vuskalns, D. Barnard, N. Gleason, D. Smith, K. Grady, B. Skelton. Future of America Rests in Hands of Members Making arrangements for the monthly meetings of the Future Teacher's Club occupies president Everett Barnard and Mr. Guyer, the club sponsor. Future Farmers of America gave free soil tests to local farmers and steam -cleaned tractor and car enginesg individual members took fourth place in the district crop judging contest, which enabled them to go to the State Fair. On the county level, they won a first in dairy judging. The Junior Leaders, a branch of 4-H, engaged in an equal number of activities. They helped adult 4-H leaders work with children at the training camp and participated in Round-Up, an honor activity at Purdue. They served the 4-H achievement dinner and Worked in the county fair. Once a month the Future Teachers Club meets in informal panel discussion type meetings. After the talks, which ranged from coaching to administration, question- and -answer sessions followed. FFA FIRST ROW: J. Kirkham, M. McFarland, D. Wil- kins, B. Rode, G. Wilkins, M. Rode, R. Pulliam, C. Mc- Curdy, R.Delk, T. Smith, M. Cole, R. McAmis. SECOND of Future Farmers, Junior JUNIOR LEADERS FRONT ROW: B. Parish, D. Phillips, R. Vuskalns, M. Lowes, J. Jefferis, I. Utterback, B. Mc- Clain, M. Rode, C. Olin, C. Burton, J. Kitley, B. Schmidt, P. Root, C. Grahn, M. Lancaster. SECOND ROW: B. Deer- berg, S.Fishburn, S. Hanner, L. Rabourn, C. Macaluso, J. Jones,J.Woods,J. Martin, J. Lowery, J. Mason, D. Ma- son, C. Kesterson, K. Muterspaugh, S. Brown, C. Smith, S. Craig, D. Kemper, L. Miley. THIRD ROW: M. Cole, ROW: W. LaFever, C. Sizemore, B. McClain, J. Fair, B Burkman, B. McFarland, M. Schroeder, M. Westphal, D Poulson, J. Hannan. Leaders, and F.T. . R. Entrekin, R. Evans, J. Worland, P. O'Connell, K. Allen, L. Utter, K. Speckin, J. Westermen, D. Thomas, J. Phil- lips, C. Pelko, L. McClain, B. Belleau, D. Brodrick, T. Smith, B. Lowe. FOURTH ROW: D. Croxton, D. Wessel- man, L. Phillips, K. Grady, D. Dahl, M. Davids, J. Han- nan, C. Sizemore, B. McFarland, M. Kocher, C. Ritter, S. Craig, I. Maze, G. Edward, C. Baird, D. Service, Y. Mason, D. Gaier, B. Poole. 1 . .m n 1,if...1..a..1m-X nr f l-rm. . m11- l""'! S.S.S. FRONT ROW: B. Czemey, D. Schaffer,P. Bertram Y.Macaluso K.Ford K.Wood C. Macaluso M. Piepen- 7 Y J Y brok,A. Hosier, J. Wood, M. Cavallaro, K. Worthington. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ernstes, K. Friddle, J. Martin, R. Vuskalns, S. Macaluso, L. Leonard, S. Craig, C. Cougill, J. Mason, J. Kitley, D. Kemper, S. Fishburn, A. Bassett, N. Emmert, T. Butler, R. Chestnut. THIRD ROW: L. Utter, J. Nicholson, J. Lawrence, C. Ewalt, S. Runyon, J. Cot- tle,P. O'Con.nell, L. Mitchell, D. Wisdom, P. Francis, B. Hayes, C. Pelko, L. McClain, D. Dierdorf, K. Elder, D Q"llr Day, B. Wampner, B. McCowan. FOURTH ROW: K. Puck- ett, B.Wise, S. Clark, J. Westerman, B. Poole, L. Shields, D. Doane, L. Craig, B. Geissman, S. Skillman, C. Wepf, C. Peterson, S. Lowe, C. Dierdorf, R. Piepenbrok, N. Gigli,D.Morgan,Y. Mason. BACK ROW: D. Wesselman, J. Arnold, E. Coy, V. Kurtz, T. Kramer, D. Smith, C. Neathery, B. Ewalt, K. Gibson, K. Brink, M. Sutherland, J. Smith, B. Waterman, C. Pfendler, M. Willhite, J. Kraft, G. Service, R. Buchanan, T. Combs Some punch served by Ella Mae Coy and Charmon Maca- luso refreshes Debbi Broderick at the SSS fashion show. King Joe Modlin and Queen Lynn Walker reigned at the annual dance sponsored by the Sunshine Society. in f "Go Flashes Beat em!" The Pep Club, under Miss Myer's sponsorship, olffers voe cal support to Flashes' ball games. Boost- ing the team with constant cheers and lively spirit, the Pep Club boasts an organized cheer block in colorful capes. Sunshine Society, a more reserved or- ganization, presented a style show as its first school event. Other projects included visiting the Orphans' Home and collecting cans of food for the needy. Under the di- rection of Mrs. Ernstes, this organization is becoming one of FCHS's most useful and Worthwhile service clubs. Girls in SSS, Pep Club ork to Better FC PEP CLUB FRONT ROW: A. Bassett, M. McFarland, J. Mason,D.Po1lard, J. Eder, S. Macaluso, B. Anderson, D. Mason,J.McGee, M. Ernmert. SECOND ROW: K. Muter- spaugh, M. Cooper, N. Clouse, C. Ewalt, C. Kost, C. Baird, K. Moore, R. Buchanan, D. Gaier, V. Boesenberg, B. Deerberg, D. Weston, L. Leonard, L. Miley. THIRD ROW: S. Hanner, L. Mitchell, D. Morgan, J. Arnold, D. Broderick, B. Wise, N. Gigli, K. Brink, K. Gibson, C. Swengel, D. McNutt, D. McNutt, S. Clark, J. Yoder. FOURTH ROW: S.Lowe, C. Grahn, P. Caughey, R. Piep- enbrok, C. Miller, V. McCartney, D. Wesselnian, B. Waterman,D. Dahl, C. Stockwell, B. Lewis, N. Berry, S. Smale, B. Francis. FIFTH ROW: K. Drinkett, L. Francis, S. McFarland, C. Lechner, K. Hendrickson, B. Horn, C. Rabourn, L. Stephens, R. Morris, K. Ford, C. Cougill, J. Lowery,Y. Macaluso,P.Bertram. BACK ROW: M. Caval- laro,B.Beidelschies,C.Pfendler, J. Southwood, R. Neal R. Kesterson, R. Bell, D. Horn, F. Borders, R. Vuskalns, K. Woods, D. Thomas, B. McCowan, R. Chestnut, C. Peterson, G. Acomb. 1 Lf Xxx! Rx .,,,, BAND FRONT ROW: S. Bell, P. Barker, L. Phillips, B. McFarland, D. Andry, J. Jefferis, J. Jones, J. Yeager, SECOND ROW: M. Richardson, D. Day, C. Root, K. Grady, P.O'Connell, S.Fulk, M. Lowes, S. Skillman, J. Lowery, C.Burton, E.Lowes, V. Ward. THIRD ROW: R. Vuskalns, M.Garriott, M.Linn, K. Friddle, D. Richardson, C. Hall, Brass, Woodwinds, Richard Utterback, graduating FCHS drum major, dons his uniform to strut the style he learned at camp and through practice. Af'- L D.Edwards, B. Ward, J. Williams, J. Dawson, J. Coss, L. Birdwell, F. Bergman, T. Repass. BACK ROW: B. Vorse, L. Rabourn, B. Schumacher, I. Maze, P. Barker, D. Phil- lips,D.Sisk,D. Kafoure, H. Oglesby, C. Muncy, D. Wis- dom, M. Sutherland Percussion Merge Talents In preparation for the annual Spring Concert and Art Show, Mr. Ferris and the band play their main number, 1812 Ouverture Solennelle, to perfect it. 60 'v'a'4-f' ' a..L..LQg15,1:i7f A f W W ' l M-.Q V 1.13 'gy BAND FIRST ROW: A. McFarland, D. Gamer, N. Glea- son,B.Poole, R. Evans, I. Utterback, L. Utterback. SEC- OND ROW: S. Stayte, D. Hopper, R. Day, G. Linn, G Shay, S. Lyons, S. McFarland, J. Miller, R. Bell, K. Bor- ders, G. Pool, J. Kitley. THIRD ROW: R. Schilling, J Oglesby, P. Thomas, S. Thomas, R. Entrekin, V. Green, for Concerts j' bf' f S.Deckard, C. Ritter,D. Reasoner, P. Utterback, A. Bas- sett, D. Wilson. FOURTH ROW: R. Marlin, S. Dieck, B. Blacketer,Mr.Ferris, R. Utterback, J. Bundy, P. Howard, L. Wickliff, R. Reed, B. Miles, T. Bates, B. Haggard, C. Petty, D. Morgan, D. Kraft, D. Broderick, J. Phillips. The Franklin Central High School band spent the year practicing for a long series of concerts and events. It first played the halftime shows at football and basketball games. During December it worked the Christmas Concert into final form in addi- tion to planning halftime shows . After the fall and winter sports season, the band began work on its Spring Concert. The end result, an interpretation of the H1812 Ouverture", drew a standing ovation from the packed audience. The marching Flashes also took part in the Christmas and Veterans' Day parades down town. At the end ofthe year they played at Baccalaureate and Commencement. Senior Nancy Gleason won special dis- tinction by placing first in the state and sec- tional oboe ensembles, the fourth year she has done so. Choir Performs in Various Musical Programs A - .rl its sr if K4 H Huw? B CHOIR FRONT ROW: K. Steward,C. Macaluso, A. Mc- Farland, V. McCartney, L.Pickett,D. Wisdom, J. Wright, P. Barker, B. Ewalt, J. Smith, P. Wampner, J. Kraft, B Lowe, D. Dierdorf, S. Runyon, M. McFarland, B. Deer- bcrg, SECOND ROW: S. Reel, S. Cayton, C. Wepf, B. Gcissman, K. Hendrickson, D. Whitlock, S. Thacker, K. Drinkut, S. Hagen, L. Shields, L. McClain, K. Ford, S. Flagle, B. McCowan, K. Puckett. THIRD ROW: S. Suther- land, K. Elder, C.Ewalt, D. Pollard, B. Hayes, L. Russell, R. Wisdom, T. Combs, B. Waterman, D. Dahl, M. Yea- ger, S. Gillum, P. Francis, S. Clark, B. Jones, L. Rieck. FOURTH ROW: B. Vanderbaan, J. Aulby, A. Hall, P. Aikman,B. Cunningham, R. Marlin, B. Hilton, R. Allen, S. Craig, T.Lewis, M. Massey, M. Althoff, T. Hansen, T. Dougherty, Mr. Ferris. BACK ROW: P. Howard, R. Hughes, T. Bates, E. Baatz, M. Chaney, L. Sutter, J. Monson, D. Jones, R. Willhite, P. DeWeese, H. Harrison, D. Marsh, G. Gigli, N. Smith. A Capacity audience at the Spring Concert thrilled to "The Sound of Music," which the combined choir and chorus sang. -v --'Ulf' . . wb 5 'K r a M 'JW CHORUS FIRST ROW: S. Zeiliak, S. Macaluso, D. Horn, M.Arnold, S. Brown, J. Idele, B. Anderson, D. Patterson, S. Laymen, S. Lowe, J. Paul, D. Howard, M. Whitsit, D. Richardson. BACK ROW: Mr. Ferris, R. Hawk, J. Jones, D. Hilton, S. Whiteside, R. Patterson, R. Turner, P. Shott, B. Townsend, K. Roberts, M. Emmert, J. Modlin, A. Rule, L. Carlson. Chorus Carolers Voice in Informal Programs Under Mr. Ferris' capable, painstaking direction, the vocal department undergoes another of its many practice ses- sions to prepare for one of its concerts. The chorus consists of 27 members and sings at most of the music department's concerts. The choir, having 78 members, is a specially selected and trained group which generally takes part in the same activ - ities as its counterpart. Boththe choir and chorus participated in the county and state choral festival this year . Vocal groups from schools around the state sang in these non-competitive gatherings. Back at school, they both participated in the Christmas and Spring Concerts, singing "Shangri-La" and several other medleys. They also sang at the Baccalaureate. r'71 T W SINGERS FRONT ROW: P.Barker,D. Garner, S. Runyon, K. Speckin, J. Jones, C. Macaluso, A. Hall. BACK ROW: J. Monson, J. Bundy, S. Bell, C. Breeding, D. Wilson, D. Morgan Singers, Dance Band and Majorettes Add The Dance Band readies itself for the annual Blue Sz White Revue in which it plays all the musical accompaniment for the classes' skits. Mr. Ferris has charge of three very se- lectgroups, Singers, Dance Band, and Ma- jorettes . The Singers performed at several local programs, banquets, churches and civil meetings. They won a certificate of merit for their performance atthe Heart Fund Tea at the Governor's mansion. The Dance Band played at three one -hour variety shows, the Franklin Township jr. High, Avon High School, Senior night at P.T.A. Its most demanding task was play- ing the entire musical score for the Blue and White Review. Majorettes, headed byjudy jefferis, per- formed original routines at home football and basketball games. Replacements for the graduates tried out in May before the band members. The majorettes furnish their own uniforms and accessories. 352 DANCE BAND FRONT ROW: Mr. Ferris, P. Thomas, S. Miles, P. Barker, F. Bergman, J. Coss, B. Vorse, D. Wil- Bell, G. Shay, S. Thomas, R. Westby. SECOND ROW: B. son,P. Utterback. BACK ROW: D. Morgan, B. Blacketer MAJORETTES FRONT ROW: D. Gamer, M. Arnold, J. Reynolds. BACK ROW: M. Piepenbrok, G. Acomb, S. Jefferis, L. I-lead,A.McFarland.SECOND ROW: S.Srnale, Lyons, C. Root, V. Ward, D. Robertson, A. Hosier, J. A. Wood, V. Kurtz, P. Barker, L. Phillips, N. Gleason, K. Tam. 65 Proving that girls are athletic as boys, GAA participated in active sports such as volleyball, bowling, gymnastics, baseball and tennis. The GAA sponsored the "Hill- billy" dance in March. GAA is sponsored by Miss Myerg the Varsity Letterman's Club is directed by Mr . l-Ianni. The Varsity Lettermen's Club is one of the school's most respected organizations. lt's main project this year was new member initiation. It was not uncommon for future members to bear VLC in scarlet letters across their foreheads . Mike Shafferis apledge for Varsity Lettermen's Club and not FCHS' new gym floor cleaner. Outstanding Male and Female Athletes LETTERMEN'S CLUB FRONT ROW: Mr.I-Ianni, D. Nut- tall, L. Buttz,D. Andry, D. Nuttall, J. Williams, F. Foist, D. Barnard, S. VanTresse, J. Aubly, R. Goodman, G. John- son, B. Cougill, G. Gigli. SECOND ROW: M. Betner, J. Bundy, R. Price, C. Breeding, M. Wilcher, T. Lewis, L. Swengel,T.Dougherty, M. Shaffer, P. Thomas, J. Ward S. Craig, J. Coss, B. Cunningham. BACK ROW: B. Rey- nolds,B. Vernon, K. Shott, J. Johnson, B. Jones, B. Mul- len, B. Kolacek, B. Hilton, J. Dawson, E. McClain, M Chaney, E. Barnard, J. Vuskalns. GAA FIRST ROW: C. Kesterson, C. Miller, R. Vuskalns, V. Boesenberg, B. Waterman, L. Stillabower, M. Suther- land, D. Wisdom, D. Rigdon, C. Grahn, C. Schmidt. SEC- OND ROW: P.Anderson, J. Wood, B. Lewis, D. Richard- son, J. Paul, D. Horn, M. Piepenbrok, C. Root, M. Lan- caster, J. Kitley, R. Piepenbrok, J. McGee, D. Shaffer, B.Parish, M.Cavallaro,D.Dahl. THIRD ROW: J. Moore, P. Hart, B. Beidelschies, K. Anderson, T. Butler, J. Mur- ray, M. Whitsit, M. Smith, A. Lancaster, K. Woods, N. Lowe, S. Clark, B. I-Iorn, B. Lyons, N. Emmert, S. Stayte, C. Hall, D. Mason, D. Drabing, J. Southwood. FOURTH ...l Leaping high, Debbie Kraft spikes the sphere into her op- ponents' court during a GAA volleyball game, one of the many sports this club provides its members. Radiatingjoy, Queen Brenda Francis and King Steve Rejko take the floor during the GAA dance. ROW: G.VanTreese, S. Sweeney, B. Anderson, E. Kamp- lain, B. McCullough, S. Fulk, P. Francis, C. Cougill, J. Lowery, R. Neal, K. Borders, M. Moore, J. Mason, K. Gibson, D. Service, S. Lowe, S. Brown, C. Muterspaugh J. Idele, L. Pickett, K. Brink. BACK ROW: C. Allen, D. Smith, F. Tawney, L. Walker, D. Hopper, D. Kraft, D. Rigdon, J. Cottle, P. Keller, L. Craig, J. Phillips, P. McBee, T. Keller, B. Schumacher, S. Smale, C. Stock- well, S. Lyons, L. Birdwell, M. Souders, C. Lechner, B. Geissman, D. Thomas, C. Pfendler. 3 avhl L. ,iflv 'WZ 5 -t Personalities charged into action as once silent halls became filled with groups of boys, discussing cars and girls, and groups of girls, discussing boys. Class wits cracked jokes to eager list- eners. A few faces passing by reflected bitterness or regret over a poor test grade. Brooding faces stared into space as some pupils contemplated the test an- swer they couldn't remember. But in- fluencing every act of these between- class dramas were the teachers and ad- ministration, that pitiable breed receiv- ing much criticism, a weekly paycheck, and the satisfaction of helping young minds mature. it 5252, , 68 J Efficient Education Is Officials' Goal - r . iii ...xx Essentially, the School Board and the Superintendent's jobs are the same--smoothly running Franklin Township's five schools. The school board, though, sets broad poli- cies for buildings, course changes, and so forth. This year, for example, it allocated funds to purchase 34 acres for an addition toF.C. in 1969. The board, elected by town- ship citizens,has the final say in policy and money mat- ters, although Mr. Fisher, the superintendent advises it. Mr. Fisher controls the spending of the S1 ,O00,000 budget. He issues money for the immediate concerns of the schools, S720,000 in salaries and S320,000 in maintenance was spent in 1966. Mr. Fisher also has charge of hiring teachers and ordering supplies from tractors to door handles. s if Q , 'fix' Mr. Robert Mason, principal, works with the other township principals to coordinate school operation, but his main task centers around the high school's operation. Althoughhe delegates power to other members of the ad- ministration and faculty, he still holds the final control over the school's curriculum, educational program, per- sonnel, and the like. Managing the school's General fund is another of his school-time tasks. He is also responsible for extra-curricular events, and this pushes his average work week to some 60 hours. .M SCHOOL BOARD: Ned Hughes, O. J. Smith, Howard Martin, Maynard Smith, and Don Gleason. Teamwork Is Necessary to Get Job Done Mrs. Jones, the office secretary, is an important asset to Franklin Central. She supervises the bookstore, types tests for teachers, and carries out many other tasks. Mrs. Slu- der, the assistant secretary, finds her various jobs interest- ing. Mr. Guyer performs some of the vital functions of Frank- lin Central as the assistant principal and the athletic di- rector. Students find Miss Good helpful in selecting courses and planning programs. BUS DRIVERS: Clarence Pinkston, Melvin Luebkeman, Henry I-lines, Aubrey Humphrey, Bill Bridgford, and Gayle McFarland. Those not pictured: A. Meyer, L. White, C. 71 Deerberg, H. Bodenreider, R. Wilkins, P. Rabourn, J. Myers, R. Pfendler, and F. Cummings. What Would FCHS Do Without the MELANIE BURK WILLIAM CLARKE GLEN EASTES HELEN ERNSTES ROBERT FERRIS DAVID GEISE RUTH GREENHAM LARRY HANNI VERNICE IRISH NIARVIN KNOOP WILLIAM LEFFLER Mr. Leffler takes time between classes to go into the office and get his mail. Attendance envelopes, adver- tisements, bulletins, and bro- chures are found in the mail- boxes. Mr. Mason uses the mailboxes as a media of com- munication with the teachers. Ai of Many Trained and Needed Hands iz, - - .. ,r - t HJ., , exif ., H ,QW 1 W W dj K 5' Q . E5 .. A ",,. rr- 'W ,V ., ,Q wiv-'sk 'wav' 'E mfg New additions to our staff this year are Clark Crafton, Physical Scienceg James Hos- kins, United State History and Economicsg and Richard Pate in Shop. These young men have been a great aid to the students ofFran.klinCentralHighSchool and also to the growing faculty. The charm and personality of these three men in conduction their classes seem to arouse a new enthusiasm in their field of teaching. LILLIAN MAZE THELMA MILLER LUCY MINER AL MORGAN JANE MORGAN GAIL MYER LU C ILLE PETERS ON NANCY PRIC IGETT WI LL1 AM REED Teachers Take Tlme Out to Relax LAWRENCE RIEI-ILE SARAH SCHOWE JOYCE SCHWARTZ MARY KAY STEPHENSON MARK THISTLETHWAITE EILEEN THOMAS While Miss Burke pours tea, some of the other teachers en- joy their meal and visiting with their co-workers. For a time they are away from the prob- lems of the classroom. ISABEL WESTBY BONNIE WOODRUFF BARBARA MCNEELY JOE BEACH JERRY COLGLAZIER JUDITH HALE Cook and Custodians Are Appreciated At FCHS Each school day a group of women come to the school to fix nourishing lunches for the stu- dents and for the teachers. G. Maze, M. Moore, E. Frederick, H. Rode, E. Rode, B. Pfend- ler, and W. Wulf arrive at school early each morning to start preparations for the meal of the day. The fine meals that these ladies have prepared for the student body and faculty this year are to be commended. The men who take care of the school and its beauty take on a great respon- ing the class- rooms after a day of classes have ceased, is a long, tiring job. These hard, tiring jobs are under- taken after each school day by three men, H. Smith, and I. Reasoner. 75 sibility clean- Hendricks, R. Seniors View Last Year with Mixed Emotions As the class of '66 finished their high school days, they looked back on the previous years with nostalgia. Their freshman year brought the traditional initiations and class party. As sopho- mores, such major events as choosing class rings and winning the Blue gl White Review took place. As juniors, "Sweet- heart- Aloha" took the careful planning and hard work of the class prom com- mittees. Finally, the long awaited senior year came. With it came "The Curious Sav- age," parties, special "senior" days, another prom, and graduation. Mr. Clarke and Miss Stephenson, sen- ior sponsors, worked with the seniors incessantly. They helped pick gradua- tion announcements and programs, and fit gowns. They also worked with the senior Blue gl White Review cast several nights a week. Lasting friendships were built, know- ledge was obtained, many children grew into young adults, and twelve years of learning and growing were sorrowfully completed. Paul Douglas Aikman Michael Earl Althoff Bill Anderson Donald Ray Andry Marina Kathryn Arnold Chrisa Celia Baird Pamela Jane Barker Everette Barnard Thomas Ward Bates Helpful Sponsors Augment Class Success Stephen R. Bell Nathan Mark Betner Vida Martha Boesenberg Howard James Bray Rita Elaine Buchanan M. H. Bundy Steve Burkett William Burkman Linda A. Collins Mr. Clarke and Miss Steph- 1 enson help Senior class officersg John Vuskalns, Kathie Reyn- N olds, and Bill McFarland, make one of many decisions. This is a discussion of graduation an- nouncements and programs. These people provided much help and pleasure throughout the year. 4 77 Being An Actor Is Fun, But Very Hard Work Thelma Jean Combs Ronald Cornelius Ella Mae Coy Nancy M. Crisler John C. Dahl, Jr. Glenda Kay Davis Steve Alton Davis Jerry Alan Dawson Donna Lorane Day Barbara Sue Deerberg Deborah Lee Dierdorf David Alan Dugan Cynthia Anne Duke John R. Eddy Sandra L. Edwards 78 "The Curious Savage" Reveals Hidden Talent Kathy Ann Elder Bonita Louise Ewalt Constance Paullette Ewalt James W. Fair Beth Ann Fiers Susanne Flagle Sarah L. Foster Darlene Gaier Deborah Vee Garner Pam Barker, portraying a mental patient, executes one of her lines in "The Curious Savage," the senior play. The play brought out many of the characters' hidden talents. These talents were carefully developed and molded into an excellent senior play. The senior play, a yearly event, is produced by Mrs. Morgan of the English department. Some Seniors May Choose to Become Actors, Dennis Smith appears to be at the scene of a robbery, but he is one of the main charac- ters in the Senior play. As a violinist in a mental institu- tion, Dennis was quite proud of his inept ability to play the violin. Eugene Gigli Nancy Gleason Stanley William Golaski Jr. Russell K. Goodman Jr. Richard Gray Walter J. Haffield Alan Rhea Hall Richard Wayne Hammersley Shirley Ann Hanner 80 While Others Find Themselves Undecided Terry Lee Hansen Harold N. Harrison Linda D. Head J. C. Heston Bernie Hilton Betty Cheryl Hotze Jo Howard Susan M. Hoyt Linda Hubble David Lee Ingle Judith Lynn Jefferis David Jones Gary R. Jones Janie Jones Myron W. Kocher Bi Seniors Sadly Complete Four Years At FCHS Seniors find they have new respect for their school and teachers and for themselves. Self-confidence has come at last. A senior boy finds that he has a large choice of girls to date, while the senior girl finds her choice limited. Choosing dates isn't the only thing a senior must choose. A career, the right school, and the proper attitude must be chosen before graduation. The senior year is the most important year in high school. By the senior year most pupils are driving to school, ballgames, and dances. The cars that are driven are as different as senior personalities. The senior year is anticipated by every class, not only for what it brings, but for what it gives to the students of that class. 82 William J. Kolacek Carol Ann Kost Daniel A . Kraft Vaughn Ke ith Kurtz Judy Lawrence Doug Le chner Linda Cheryl Leonard Gordon B. Linn Mary E. Lowes Charmon Rose Macaluso Kathy Martin Years Filled with Much Study and Pleasure Thomas A. McAvoy Ann Elisabeth McFarland William Curtis McFarland Diane Lee McNutt Donna Lynn McNutt Linda Sue Miley Jim Miller Karen Jeanne Moore William Edward Moore Bill Mullen Gloria Murray Stephen Michael Napier Micheal R. Nicholson Daniel S. Nuttall Denny Nuttall 83 Practice Goes Especially Well for Seniors, This fine barbershop quartet was only one part of the senior act in the Blue 8zWhite Review. Their act received an honor- able mention when awards were given out. Robert D. O'Neal Albert E. Parr Walter Paugh Lonnie Erwin Penney Charles Nelson Petty Laurelyn Anne Phillips Saundra Lou Poe James E. Porter Randy Price Linda Sue Rabourn Mark Robert Reed 84 Who Take Many Blue 8 White Review Honors Kathie S. Reynolds Stanley Paul Rhorer Marilyn Jean Richardson Jerry W. Roberts Marvin W. Rode Robert Lynn Rode Sandra Lee Rode Patricia C. Root Sherry Lynn Runyon A combo, the GT's, and go-go girls provided entertain- ment for those who attended The Sound of Action Discote- que. After winning six awards, the seniors threw a party. 85 Three Senior Girls Vie for Title of Queen 'YTC7 llownwuqldsfl Lou Ann Russell Georganne Service Kim Shott Cinda Sue Smith Dennis L. Smith Linda Smith Norman Smith Kathy Speckin Kay Steward Kathie Reynolds, Sherry Runyon, and Bonnie Ewalt, all successful seniors, vied for football homecoming queen. It is a big event in all classes, but especially in the senior class. Picking a queen isahard choice for the voters to make especially when the candidates are all so attractive, but for some there is always next year. Seniors Find Enjo ment in Humor of Plays Peggy Stewart l Linda Strellner "Teapot on the Rocks", a Speech II production, was one of two shows put on during the year. Linda Miley, a career woman, must prove herself before settling down. Shirlee Sutherland Harold Swartz Doug Sweeney Sherry Thacker Jack Thomason Marcia Trotter Ronald E. Turner Lyn A. Utterback Richard C. Utterback 87 A Queen Was Crowned, a Float Was Built th Senior, Bonnie Ewalt was crowned queen of the football homecoming after a festivous ceremony. Bonnie, a varsity cheerleader, then paraded around the football field. Steven Van Trcese Bob Vernon John Vuskalns Peggy Joyce Wampner Paul J. Ward Judy Arlene Watkins Donna Gene Weston Diane Whitlock Mary Alice Wilhelm All Part of Homecoming and the Senior Effort Patsy Williams Rosemary Wisdom Stephen R. Woolman Jon Yeager Danny L. Young The senior float, "Let's Iron Out A Victory," was the last float for the class of '66. Although the float didn't win, the seniors were not disillu- sioned. With three years' ex- perience behind them, they did a good job. They worked hard and still had fun. The class treasury provided money for suppliesg while students provided the work. ' T ,s,, , it Sri z it , Not pictured: Rita Hutton Charles McCurdy Steven Tarn Robert York A , ,A f-rw-W , MK' The Silence of Baccalaureate and Commencement An uncertain expression clouds Pat Root's face as she watches Judy Jefferis, who also appears pensive. As Rev. Ralph Bade spoke, the 1966 Senior Class thought of the past and of the things that had brought them this far. The parents and teachers, who had guided, taught, and rearedthem, watched the youths quickly and silently become adults. For most the carefree times are gone and the new graduate must quickly adjust to a life of work and responsibility. Mingledwith the sadness, there was also joy and anticipation. Seniors fotuid they had spare time and no more homework. For some, graduation meant work, for others it meant a summer of loafing. Senior spon- sors, Mr. William Clarke and Miss Mary Kay Stephenson, worked for several weeks to insure the smoothness of Baccalaureate and Commencement. On May 29 and May Sl, the labors of bothclass and sponsors was rewarded. On the Sunday before graduation, the Seniors gathered to attend Baccalaureate, the spiritual dedication of the class. Marks the Ending and the Beginning To the measured strains of "Pomp and Circumstance," the capped and gowned Senior class files into the gymnasium to begin the commencement ceremony. Addressing a packed, hushed crowd, Valedictorian Linda Hubble speaks in firm sincere tones. - " sf., Y 'W s ggre W 3 , ' ' gf f ' K 12 -hz 4 1 V , ,X ., 5 ,Q Q L .,z A 5 , .L I V. I V - Q '45 ' Ns' ' -'Q ' ' il Q - "Qi' Q O ' eess wg fi a f 9 4 1 . O ' Up A Ve - r -' if ian 5 'y k' V, 1 ,,... ,r,,,,,.. , 7 L 'fx . r s s f if gg 1 , n k I , If 4-1, at '.' -' -1. :ig is A if '14 .M ' in , ,. U s X :X N ML 'K 3 A-A in . . 5 . gs-A L JE ,ff,,E'g,fx1rKk4 - Bernie Hiltonreceives his diploma from Mr. Fisher as Mr. Martin, School Board President, looks on. 91 The Junior class shows originality in their decorations for the Prom. Their theme of "Wishing" is symbolized by the wishing well. i s is X A As the band plays, King David Baird and Queen Gail Acomb enjoy their dance, while the court looks on. "Wishing" Climaxes the Juniors' Hard Work Juniors and Seniors enjoy the Prom in more ways than one. The meal, chatting, and dancing add to the evening for all those attending. 92 1 im ', , I frggkg ii 'ia .13 QM V 5: . X JK , it 19-91 ix ,kg , X J Juniors Work Hard Toward Senior Year V Gail Acomb Karen Allen Rex Allen X i v Peggy Anderson in Q Z fn Q- .. 3, , .yy ,g 0 Q - Janet Arnold Jim Aulby Ed Baatz David Baird ' if ' - Scott Baldwin Becky Belleau ' - F ' W A Gloria Bergland S- '93 ,. ,r Q 'ir . V I . 'K' .. gg ,M V as ...R l a. , I U 'M '44 H' . ll . : .U yi ..,., fn ,Q-rv '- Q , eq , f 'L . y 1 . -. fra. - in ' Fred Bergman Nancy Berry Linda Birdwell -Lili My , " 'iff ff' .Z A 9, :Fi , Y 6 qw Robert Blacketer Q i x 7 4 h N 9 M 4 Jerry Bowden ii' J' X A , f M r if ra i w Earl Brand 1 'J' A ' I ', ' : :" -sr' I Charles Breeding B, K riirai T fii Q r 1 I A ' J ix , :Eaten Bginkd 3 5 ' i jfrffegkfw, 'irrii a e roa street 51 4 1 fi' i W ffffvi f.3i 'kX ,- Dedllnlie Brodrick V B Q Jim Brown A A gg D VL g Janet Burch Q' t K. ' s I iv, . . N s r TF, I 'W Larry Buttz . V D fire' , A JJA ,jg X Q 1 59. - - .ll if Rick Buttz 'X . A rf J fl af Sherry Cavton C . A 5 , "il, Q is ,,r., ' Q ,.A, x 'I . 1 1. Val Chandler "L i- K, X l N Mike Chaney 'Q in ,A John Chestnut or Nora Clouse ' , " .. -' 5 .iv-. Mike Cook x r 4- A + A xml Marilyn Cooper a r r,rr,, 'M ,fri Jane Copeland A H V Q I s X Q, ,V , ' Jim Coss h is 21 K fi ,B 1 X-f' Sigh Jacque Cottle l I V T ,iiii I Q , Bob Cougill is ' 'Q i f ' Lana Craig Steve Craig 41 Bob Cunningham ' ' r ii i' Melvin Davids ' 1 , ', N li K K as , ' W fr we J . -" riiiaa, J , , . A . ., Linda Davis ' Gary Denien Darlene Doane -. gg, ,,, 1 "' 5 gi -, . 1 5 X Jigs. Qr:.:.Nm ' 1 My 1 if '- if I in 'jg ly 'ii I F 5 - x X - 1, it K' A f Karen Drinkut Gary Ebersole Jorja Eder Mitchell Emmert "Our Lay-A-Way" took second at the 1965 football homecoming. Realizing their defeat, the Junior Class will strive next fall for first. '- U- 4 1.1 .lunlors Are Diligentl Making Preparations , .,,. ,V fy ' L' Q., it - 111:91 H " 'W y Q S ,W gf, W arra B 'vi' T H V milf X ra s 4- o an I Y,., XV K. A .K V, N, K ., L 5' J . J ,.,, ,, - 5' V li? , -Q if -- fx ' M sw- f 3 jig . gps V, ji gf, J fr " .r 7'7" f ix 3 if k '. K .."'f,fif .slr ,Lf ' L- , Q 6 i i h is fe S i 2' i -f J -rx r A .s-,:IZ" 4 a f' U ,S --W 'lc , X he Q -wr. , 2 ,af L., K A B ff in i tml EP L Bob Flagle Brenda Francis Sharon Fulk Blanche Geissman Kathy Gibson Nancy Gigli Sue Gillum Connie Goodman Sherry Goodman Kathy Grady Vicki Green Jean Griffin Sandy Hagan Bob Haggard Pam Hall Sam Henderson Kathy Hendrickson Jack Hopkins Brenda Horn Angie Hosier Richard Hubble Larry Humphries Glen Johnson Junior Class officers of 1966 are President, Bill Reynoldsg Vice-President, Jim Cossg Secretary, Charles Breedingg and Treasurer, Mary Piepen- brok. Jim Johnson Becky Johnson Brenda Jones Bill Jones Patty Keller Karl Kost Mark Kuner Vicki Kurtz Willard LaFever Darryl LaFollette Mary Lancaster Connie Lawrence Cindy Lechner Beverly Lewis Tom Lewis Sandy Lyons Karen Mattingly Roy McAmis Barbara McAvoy Vicki McCartney Barry McClain Ed McClain Linda McClain Susie McFarland Marsha McFarland Judy McWhorter Martha Messer Roger Messer fits x L We for Second Senior Prom at I.LI. Med Center S I 'M A r T S fsaffrs Q gy 4., T 0.-n if - QE. gg gf Q 5 'ij -It fl . A E may r, gg Q V :gm-,S m x J 1 , , 1 . r i K in ,X ,ee f wk. t rigging 7 Sify, Q- J 'Hi' A if, , sg, T ww' 4 l Q, -r . -, P , :.. .if fs 1 K .ai af ea afmi '95 A-4 453. 'if' dl rl - , 5 .i V' 1 A .714 M , h y 'ZH . 5 e, W S' W to . f ,Air S , . 1 , -2 , --vl .. if if ' eenvline J J its y y y it I ee A Q W k '5 ,., .. f sr V M' X Nutt y n , , r"'Qfl it-L if - Q ,w-- ,Q g if . ivzyasisaergfar f .-:JH Siren- ' 1 we yr fs:-.:s:Jrss H f - r.M,,r,c,,i5q, Q .. , , ' 'Lil fr -1is??f:fi2 r f f ,A-ff k ' J fr' XL, 'lr .0 Hi ,TT s f, V x if I with of 5 Er mi' 5 K A- ,. : . Ag .v,, f -L?-g ily I X it k g . 31,Mk , .. . as fs. Snr. , I 1, V A - ,ici 5- --,f - :Zz . - K Linda Mitchell Donna Morgan Ken Moss Don Napier Connie Neathery Phyllis O'Connell Chauncey Olin Teresa Osburn Linda Parker Cheryl Pelko Janis Phillips Caren Pickett Mary Piepenbrok Linda Piso Duane Poulson Bob Pratt Donna Preuss Judy Preuss Leslie Probst Karen Puckett Linda Puckett Roger Pulliam Starr Reel Steve Rejko Bill Reynolds Jim Rice Dana Robertson Carol Root Mike Schmidt Marvin Schroeder Ronnie Shane Glenn Shay Linda Shields Maureen Shue Becky Skelton Billy Skelton Mike Sipes Sheryl Skillman Susie Smale Jane Smith Melody Smith John Snyder Mark Speer Pat Stark Jerry Stevens Linda Stillabower Carolyn Stockwell Marcia Strellner Carol Sutter Carol Swengel Lloyd Swengel Janie Tam Cheryl Tames Mike Tapp Randy Thomas Preston Thomas Authur Thomason Marilyn Trivett Luella Valentine Robert Vanderb ann Bruce Vorse Valerie Ward Sheri Wepf Q h w rzi - . .:gE5 xxr .-,, ,. A Rings Accepted Graciously by Juniors -we 1 ,xf ,,f, 4 'M i . , A.,:' or ti Q ' . ,L M. , J , if, A II. 'ga X . h X , . , 5 K I E an ff ir- W' ' 'sew AY'k" ' size. , 1 pf s C A i., V A i I- F W .K ' g Vg it M L ,X , E V s . fi , S 5+ -" . s, . 5 s sy s soy , had W R Not pictured: Robert Boyden, jim Corey, Ronald wi X? i c l E Rigdon. 5. ,,.. or ., , , i ffilfif A Dianne Wesselman Dennis Weston Mark Westphal Tom White Ronnie Whitlock Mike Wilcher Garry Wilkens Marina Willhite Russell Willhite Barbara Wise Mike Wolcott Anita Wood Bob Woods Jena Worland Marcia Yeager Sophomores Enjoy Climb Upward from inth We -f if A 'Ci aw? Home , K .1 xx . , .,, , V 3 we- we . W A i in , la 7' 1 ,O si. - 2 i: 1 Lee Allen John Andry Gregg Austin Dwight Baird Kathy Baker Phil Barker Dale Barnard Anne Bassett Drinda Bramlet Vic Breedlove Steve Brown Earl Brown Mike Burgess Clark Burton Jerry Carrier Patty Caughey Ruth Chestnut Shirley Clarke Larry Cook Vicki Cornelius Paul Coy Steve Coxhead Christy Cougill Shannon Craig Roger Crist Debby Croxton Damon Dagey Debbie Dahl Charles Davenport Larry Davidson Dana Deerburg Bob Delk Paul Deweese Cheryl Dierdorf Tom Dougherty Class of '68 Wins Honors with Prize Float 'Q' E ,f g V' f sh' I 'I if E i 1 - v fn tri'-0-'Rfk 'A X :X fl.. ,ls V, .. f""'? Vw" me 1 J sm sf C Q X194 iw ., x 'K X HN, J 1 if QT' ' 5 ,.... W . A X I ae 7 I 5. by F A , 7 : i'oo,' J Vi A , ,ioo J sofa: if - ' G . QD ".: +. ' 'X im" 1 K, 'i ,. A ea, rs, QV, 1-as ' C F 4 elf' C? 's-J-' i" is 7,.i: - A "wk -iiiyyiiy V V W 5: fl M sg ,-1-fy ww, ,Z i, S 1 f fish s. G my w ' J' g Q I EQV: K .M H , ss X J 2 W Q. - :frm F C Q k ,un g gil, ag 3 3, 1 Q Q y r ssi F -J EEF? Q A , H A 2 W is 'V' ' ., I + 43 V. ' i si 4 L, C' . Hi W3 C" 415 K iiy' ,, its w'5 A Q . PT- ,i y iw g, ff S ' gi ' i ii A rn. 'Vis 's ' S ,, Hfsaif if is 2 in is -i" 'l l -' .,i, 1 fem f L J its as ie ei a fi "5 f F R - Sophomore'sfloat display- ing blue and white played a song of victory. Although the game was lost, the float won. Dale Dodd Ruth Evans Mark Fisher Sheila Fishburn Floyd Foist Kay Ford Terry Foster Linda Francis Peggy Francis Mike Garrett Jeff Gibson Randy Gibson Gertrude Goad Sharon Goins Debra Goodman Sandy Gray Terry Green Jim Hart Donnie Hayes Betty Hayes Kay Hawk John Henderson Charles Hessman Romelda I-lipp Nancy Hollcraft Caleb Howard Christy Howard Deborah Howard Ross Hughes Teresa Hubble Larry Jackson Steve Jones Doug Kafoure Delores Kemper Mike King Jack Kirkham Jane Kitley Judith Kraft Vicki Lawrence Sharon Layman Brenda Lowe Janet Lowery Effy Lowes Bobbie Lyons Yolanda Macaluso Rex Marling Dean Marsh Jana Mason Vicki Mason Martin Massey Irving Maze Walter Messer David McClain Soph's Mid-Way Through High School Career sg..-.,f 1 -is ...W QW Q ,V .Q J 4, J NJ ,ff ' , VLAK ,,, 2 1 . ., , gg , Vo L S' I Q is - N .. sr ' r , if X wif .., ,2 r H, s 7- .D Y if .fi Ksifga r it s Nici if .9 J if 'L if fi r ' F 9 . , nw We lf' uf 'KF' sb X! f ' , 1 nf V l E W f warg, o gg: ' if " f .... E Brenda McCowan Phil Mercer Billy Miles Jimmy Monson Connie Miller Ruth Morris David Morgan Pam Mosier Charles Muncy Rickey Muterspaugh David N aue Mike Nixon David Norman Ronnie Nottingham Henry Oglesby Bob Patterson Bob Peters Greg Paugh Cheryl Peterson Ruth Piepenbrok Dennis Phillips Debbie Pollard Greg Pool Becky Poole Mike Probst Carroll Puckett Gary Puckett Cheryl Rabourn Doug Reasoner Vicki Rejko Tom Repass Lois Reick Donna Ridgon Charlie Ritter James Rule Jane Rule Rick Schilling Becky Schmidt Mike Shaffer Donna Schaffer Gary Sheets Larry Sheets Lucille Shepherd Sandra Shepherd Bill Sircy Calvin Sizemore Jim Skelton Stephany Skiles Debbie Smith Linda Stephens Larry Sutter Soph's class officers are Pres.,J.And.rygVice-Pres., Randy Gibsong Sec., Phil Barkerg and Treasurer, Jane Kitley. it y 5 h vQ5 3 ear' mr 15599-,. as f Qi'i5vai 1 W X Sophs Look Forward to More FCHS Action Carol Sullivan V . t g Francine Tawney we 'Q . ' ' - in Allan Thomas , ' Steve Thomas g Taj Bob Thompson M I 5 ii W LV Tommy Thompson A 'o'b Mil Charles Trimble - Linda Utter A Inez Utterback 4 fl. -- o , .- Cris Walden . ioao s r y S n Lynn Walder V' . ,. , it . . if, 4 f Q L, , in-1 M' W we it il Q I Q A ' i' f A-4' . ,, f A " Barbara Waterman ' . -1 'W' A A Alex, f Q 4- Don WatkinS S Xi A .' ' g g ga Gary Watkins W L' it Jean Westerman I . - 1 . Ronnie Wells D - i H, ' M ' it Ron Westby t ai r Q , B n A- or Q7 L Dan Wilson S .. ' - :'. ' it D' ' M gl ,t 5 or A VVIV iane Wisdom 'Q ':', 'Aj 2 ! , is Daren Wood 2 , I P 1 A m l f' ii L Carol Worthington Linda Worrell Judy Wright at u Vicki Wynn lf .. lager' iv' r ' Janice Yoder Stephen Skil es Not pictured: james Monson, Linda Pierson, Tom Woody. Freshmen Get Acquainted with FCHS Regulations it E , A Karen Adams L 1, I , D Connie Allen X ' ,Wg V' ' ..' if 1 Q Brenda Anderson I K K N Tp Zg- ' 4 ff Kathy Anderson ,,, Akri t 553 itit X I ,:,: Q g gp, L Margaret Arno rg rg: fr ' iigsgii,-. John Amoid ll 1 Y if W ' " 1 laguna ' Steve Amin "Ma " Beverly Baugh uwigvsglr I 1 5 V by Paul Beal Roberta Bell 'V' Q f' Becky Beidelscl-.ies Q A I x Kathy Borders 'Z' B, cpl. ,V A K fi tray ." ' V Peggy Bertram i i Boyer if V ,K fi George Bradley f 3 G - 4? Gerhard Braun ' V . Creola Bray ,ki 'Q .,..i.,L, , ' V if Teresa Butler ' A ,.ld -a n W Susan Brown A , ."' ffl Q -- - X g t N Mike Bridgewater N lx 4 1 A S ' 99 69'ers Inject New Blood into FCHS Veins 5 - . 3 , -j a t J 724 if 'Ai 'A H '4 , . g""'- 'N' N' N. sf H lg as it - J -W H '.,. 9 .4 M ' ', L"' U , , r ig ' s LVLV 1 ,A nf 3 x , V , .,,. I .59 . , . , 77 V 59 ,, We if fl at - 'ii' 2 1 "L"' l at C l -' ' or t. 3 Q' I 7 W., .y , A VN i 2 " " K ix Ytrqsiazrxafie .fr - V- A 3. 1 Q Q L. 4:-1. sr K it r E J ,.., , ,.-': : - - ' w , - , . M fr 'V ,t - v- . M X' J V? 5 ' 1 ., if 3' I A , A or 3 ffyyrck ly f '-at I f ul , 1Y:. - 1 J ei X ,-1 'vi 1 f 1 -If is X rl 11 3,-fra " 7 ifliff Qfblsli l t 'L+' ' .fe nfi i9".,Ff wa, 5 Swv fly f nw ssigtyf 'vw F We ' 91, - 'S V -1- ,ff X 'r f' ' ':1"n2!1v-.......-"'if.. -ll Fl Hi Linwood Carlson Mary Cavallaro Phillip Cayton Danny Chaney Linda Clayton Mike Cole Bobby Cook Gordon Cox Doug Crago Brigette Czerney Mike Dawson Richard Day Steve Deckard John Denien Steve Dieck Wilma Dillon Robby Doane Dee Anne Drabing Mike Dougherty Bill Dougherty Larry Dugan Gordon Edwards Nancy Emmert Robert Entrekin John Ewalt James Fishburn John Fraley Tom Freeland Karen Friddle Michael Garriott James Gray Diane Goodman Claudia Grahn Vicki Green Mike Hall Cindy Hall John Hannon David Hanner Pamela Hart Delbert Hilton Becky Hoard Freshmen show interest in the building of their first float. Doris Hopper Donna Horn Timothy Hosier Robert Messer Wendy Howard Donald Hurst Janet Idele Freshmen Engage in Activities at F.C. Q ii N J 1 ee e i i i'ie 's i ii 1 ,iei ' Q Q 1 ff, L ' E' , L ' ei A , A. A fl W, mi if if A ..., J , H fl . i iee L eieiee R . 1 is jr L Earl 5152. K ,I t K is 'Wi' Q af - is E? if 3 . J ' il T 5 ,gs J 'Rf ,, H ' J J ,,..: - J J , .3 , . , ,.,::. 3 A x X I , iq.,-..'-My-g i n , 5 Zi A .L .q, gr F gd Q' Q if sf? s if il' il biii ' S 5 r . ,a ,f, ga ,m as ii ff if L wi "", i . - is .. .. :,, . say f l : , E S i J 1, L, '3 F b'-',' ' Hs . , :,f , 5 KY A 41 is in ' ' 'L as Q " 7 - 51 ' H f' f . F ' .- ' '::f ' . . i l " 4 . ' 3 "i"' J ,:,. L R L Heie A John Jenkins James Jones Ellisa Kamplain Rodney Kates Terry Keller Larry Kesterson Caranita Kesterson Trudy Kramer John Lamberth Alice Lancaster Janie Lamb Mary Lu Land Horace Lawson John Lawson Melaine Linn Nancy Lowe Susan Lowe Sylvia Maclouse Jeanette Martin Darla Mason Phyllis McBee Becky McCullough Billy Jo McCurdy Walter McDaniel Larry McFarland Micheal McFarland Sharon McFoy Joann McGee Dennis Milner Joe Modlin John Moore Millie Moore Larry Moore Danny Moorehead Don Moorehead Joyce Murray Kathy Muterspaugh Rexene Neal Dale Nees Jane Nicholson Karl Oakley John Olgesley Walter Olin Brenda Parish Mike Parish Joyce Paul James Penney Gailer Phipps Linda Pickett Wayne Piepenbrok Debby Potter Gary Poulson John Preuss Sam Rabourn Danny Radcliffe Donald Reasoner Larry Reddick Richard Reed Clarence Reel Debra Richardson Patricia Rigdon Ronald Rookey Ken Robertson Freshmen Enjoy Hustle and Bustle of FC 1 ,. -4 , 1- 15W -t 1- as ,Je ,i f 5 ins: ixiifw. 2 21' 1.-W em I :, A A T 1 A.,e ""- A H' C I if 3 L . if sa 5 if iw Q fp K 32 A ' x x' ' ' . 2 1 . B dm? i t 5 or A J 1 ,nu -,f:, vt J I t 3 i A ' ,WIC I' S ee e eee J f :-.', 1 " , h-N5 l ti- .f 1. if X A if gre Xxx gg! iw S 2 1 J ,eeee . 315 .lf . E BT S .s f, s an .v Air F? E iz' S ,M 'f 'WF' . ,K .sf ,L Q , J y S X 4 ik S I i f , w .N gp if J gf if I E if 4 B :ag,s1:. , 'zs aw Q.. wr .sz X.. af i Q 1 'KA we . is ia: i M sk. by - 4, ,is ,v -4 in 4 5' s .,. sn x t if W-of YV? John Root Allen Rule Deloris Patterson Susan Peasley Charlene Pfendler Exonne Saylers Rebecca Schumacher Debbie Service Phil Shott Dennis Sisk Gary Smith Terry Smith Johnny Smith Robert Smith David Souders Martha Souders Janet Southwood Sanya Stayte Barbara Sullivan Marilou Sutherland Ronnie Sutherland Susan Sweeney John Tames Debbie Thomas Paul Thomas Bill Townsend Randall Tucker Phil Utterback Cindy Van Treese Rita Vuskalns Norma Walls Bobby Wampner Brenda Wampner Brenda Ward Steve Waterman Ernest Wepf Marsha Whitsit Lloyd Wickliff Danny Wilkins Cliff Williams Johnny Williams Rick Wilson Freshmen class officers for 1965-66 are Presidentg Ron Rockey, Secretaryg Rexeen Neal, and Treas- urerg Sylvia Macaluso. Freshmen Class Learns Franklin Routine gpm , eggs H' Jamie Wood .J Kathy woods , V Paul Young 'es '1' " yt J 1 4 V '-2. I ,," 't ' 1 V y ' ef! 4' NL' Not pictured: Linda Clayton, janet Moore, John Souders. Special Ed Students Enjoy FCHS, Activities ,Q , c ,a , ' Qt- - y 'W it Bill Adams .. P 5 A tg J r Janice Akers ' QL if J . J ' X .y ai Thomas Carnes ,, gf S 'A' S6 Q ri sill Y it ' Rene Clark fl! ' ' ' 'S ' Q S L yy iw , 3 .Qu Q. we 4 ,jx i ff . . -X N Pamala Cole sv- John Delk - Bill Fraley g 5 Pamala Gatewood 'S Mike Matthews 1 I Karen Monday - Wayne Moore Don Smock Myrna Synyder Don Souders John Ve al Susan Zeiliak ' Q mf P Q J, " w as J Special Education students study a variety of subjects during the school year at Franklin Central. John Delk, Karen Monday, Myrna Snyder, Rene Clark, Pamala Cole, and PamalaGate- wood are studying the United States and its different ways of life. Support Patrons and Boosters of Flashback ACKERS CLEANERS 314 MAIN STREET BEECH GROVE ST. 4-1933 ALLIED APPLIANCES 8901 SOUTHEASTERN AVE. WANAMAKER 862-6653 ALLISON'S TOOL BOX 7637 SOUTHEASTERN AVE. TOM ALLISON UN. 2-2401 DINO'S DRIVE-IN 6230 SOUTHEASTERN AVE. INDIANAPOLIS FL. 3-0551 HARRY LEVINSON EASTGATE CENTER INDIANAPOLIS FL. 9-8000 HARTMAN PHARMACY 862-2414 WANAMAKER, INDIANA HUMPHREY MOTOR CO., INC. "YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER" WANAMAKER 862-2421 LYONS FOGGING AND SPRAYING "CALL THE BUG MAN" INDIANAPOLIS UN. 2-6373 MATT'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES WANAMAKER UN. 2-4444 GREENWOOD TU. 1-9322 ROBERT W. STIRLING FUNERAL HOME INDIANAPOLIS ACTON VEAL INSURANCE AGENCY 11333 SOUTHEASTERN ACTON UN. 2-6641 WHEATLEY'S MARKETS WANAMAKER 862-6622 ACTON 862-4127 Bob's Bulk Service Mr. 81 Mrs. Elmer Deerberg Don's Beauty Shop Gaier Beauty Salon The Gift Tree George L. Jones Dr. gl Mrs. Iefferis Leland Hardware Robert E. Smith 81 Family Wanamaker Auto Service Waterman's Marathon Ted's Barber Shop AIKMAN, PAUL DOUGLAS Basketball Manager 3,4 ALTHOFF, MICHAEL EARL Drivers Club 3,4 Baseball Manager 1 Tennis I ANDERSON, BILL Tennis l Wrestling 2,3 Drivers Club 3,4 ANDRY, DONALD RAY Football I Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 3,4 Cross Country 2,3,4 VLC 3,4 Purdue Legislative Assembly 4 Football Homecoming Court 3 Prom Court 3 Band 1,2,3,4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 ARNOLD, MARINA KATHRYN Majorette 2,3,4 Class Secretary 3 SSS 1,2,3,4 Pep Club l,2,3 Blue 8zWhite Review 2,4 Drivers Club 4 BAIRD, CHRISA CELIA CAA 1,2 sss 2 ITA 3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 Youth Council on World Affairs 3,4 Pep Club l,2,3,4 Junior Leaders l,2,3,4 BARKER, PAMELA JANE GAA l,2,3 President 3 Pep Club'2,3,4 FTA 2,3,4 Secretary 4 Senior Play 4 Majorette 4 Band l,2,3,4 Drivers Club 3 National Honor Society 4 BARNARD, EVERETTE National Honor Society 4 FTA 4 President 4 VLC 2,3,4 Vice-President 4 Blue SzWhite Review 2,3 Purdue Legislative Assembly 4 Wrestling l,2,3,4 State Champion 4 Student Council 3 Track 1 BATES, THOMAS WARD Tennis 2 Wrestling 2 Hi-Y 3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 Blue 8zWhite Review 2,4 Band l,2,3,4 BELL, STEPHEN R. National Honor Society 4 Dance Band 1,Z,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Senior Acti ities Drivers Club 4 BUCHANAN, RITA ELAINE Blue 8zW'hite Review I sss l,2,3,4 Drivers Club 4 Pep Club 4 BUNDY, M. H. Baseball 1,2,3,4 Football l,2,3,4 Basketball l,2,3,4 Class President 1,2 Class Vice-President 3 Student Council l,2,3,4 President 4 VLC 1,2,a,4 Band 1,2,3,4 FC Singers 4 Youth Council on World Affairs 3 Drivers Club 3,4 Govemment Leadership Conferen FTA 2,3 Tennis I Blue 8zW'hite Review 4 BYRKETT, STEVE Football I,2,3,4 FTA 1,2 Drivers Club 2,3,4 Blue 8zWhite Review 3 PILOT FLASHES 3 Tennis 2 BURKMAN, WILLIAM Basketball 3,4 Cross Country 2 FFA 4 Drivers Club 4 VLC 4 COLLINS, LINDA A. GAA 1,2 sss l,2,a,4 Future Nurses l,2,3,4 COMBS, TI-HELMA JEAN sss 1,2,a,4 CORNELIUS, RONALD Cross Country 1,2 Track 1,2 Dance Band 2 FC Singers 2 COY, ELLA MAE Future Nurses l,2,3,4 CAA 1,2,3 sss 3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 Pep Club 4 CRISLER, NANCY M. National Honor Society 4 GAA l,2,3 Student Council 4 French Award 3 DAHI., JOHN C., JR. National Honor Society 4 PILOT FLASHES 3,4 Editor 3,4 Sigma Mu l,2,3,4 FTA 2 Drivers Club 2,3,4 Quill 8: Scroll 4 Journalism Institute 3 Basketball 1 DAVIS, GLENDA KAY Library Club 1 I-'FA 2 PILOT FLASHES 3 FC Singers 4 Sigma Mu 2,3,4 CAA 1 Golf I,2,3,4 Pep Club 1 I-'FA 3 DAVIS, STEVE ALTON Blue 8zWI-lite Review l,2,3,4 Drivers Club 4 Indiana Solo 8zEnsemble Contest 2,3 DAWSON, JERRY ALAN BENTNER, NATHAN MARK Wrestling 1 National Honor Society 3,4 Football I Treasurer 4 Tennis l Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4 Football 4 Cross Country 1,2,3 Hoosier Boys' State 3 Student Council 2,4 Class Vice -President 2 Basketball Homecoming King 4 Purdue Legislative Assembly 4 Prom Court 3 VLC 1,2,a,4 BOSENBERG, VIDA MARTHA CAA 1,2,3,4 FLASHBACK 3,4 Business Manager 4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Beginning Typists Award 3 FTA 2,3,4 Quill 81 Scroll 4 BRAY, HOWARD JAMES Blue 61 White Review 2 Football Homecoming King 4 Prom Court 3 VLC 2,a,4 Drivers Club 3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Intramurals 2,3 Cross Country 2,3,4 ce4 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 Vice-President 4 Junior Leaders l,2,3,4 Hoosier Girls' State 3 Student Council 2 FC Singers 2 GAA 2,3 sss 1,2 FTA z,a,4 Blue QW'hite Review 1,2 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 FLASHBACK 4 Quill 82 Scroll 4 DIERDORF, DEBORAH LEE Cheerleader l Blue 8zWhite Review 1,3,4 sss 1,2,a,4 Pep Club 1,2 Drivers Club 3,4 Class Secretary l DUKE, CYNTHIA ANNE GAA l,2,3 sss 1,2,3,4 Blue 6: White Review 2 Prom Court 3 Pep Club l,2,3 Drivers Club 4 EDDY, JOHN R. North Central l,2,3 Football 4 Drivers Club 4 EDWARDS, SANDRA L. Senior Play 4 National Merit Scholarship Sem French Award 3 ELDER, KATHY ANN Future Nurses l,2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3 SSS 3,4 Drivers Club 4 Pep Club 1,2 EWALT, BONITA LOUISE Speedway High School l Blue 6zWhite Review 2,3,4 GAA 2 Drivers Club 4 Pep Club 2,3 sss 2,a,4 Cheerleader 3,4 Prom Court 3 Football Homecoming Queen 4 Class Secretary 4 EWALT, CONSTANCE PAULLETTE Speedway High School l Pep Club 2,3,4 President 4 Tri-I-Ii-Y 3,4 GAA 2 Blue 8tWhite Review 2,3,4 FAIR, JAMES w. Drivers Club 2,3,4 FFA l,2,3,4 Football l,2,3 Baseball I FIERS, BETH ANN Howe High School 1,2,3 SSS 4 Drivers Club 4 FLAGLE, SUSANNE Future Nurses l,2,3 GAA 1,2 SSS 4 Pep Club l,2 FOSTER, SARAH L. sss 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2 Drivers Club 3,4 GAA 1,2 CAIER, DARLENIE CAA 1,2 sss l,2,a,4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Junior Leaders l,Z,3,4 Pep Club 2,a,4 CARNER, DEBORAH VEE FC Singers 3,4 Majorette 3,4 'm-l-ll-Y 3,4 FTA 3 Blue dWhite Review 2,3,4 DAY, DONNA LORANE GAA 1,2 GAA 1-2 sss 1,2 Future Nurses 1,4 Band 1-2-3 4 555 2,4 GIGLI, GENE PSP Club 1.2.4 Intramurals l,2,3 Band l,2,3,4 Basketball Homecoming Court 4 DEERBERG, BARBARA SUE National Honor Society 3,4 Secretary 4 I05 Baseball 1,2,a Football 3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 Blue 8cWhite Review 3 VLC 3,4 i-Finalist 4 Hi-Y 4 GLEASON, NANCY National Honor Society 3,4 State Music Contest i,2,3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 Historian 3 Secretary 4 Majorette 3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 I-'l'A 2,3,4 Sigma Mu l,2,3 Secretary 2 Reporter 3 Blue 6cWhite Review 2,3,4 PILOT FLASHES 4 GAA 1,2,3 SSS 1,2 Quill dt Scroll 4 GOLASKI, STANLD! WILLIAM JR. Cross Country l,2,3 Track l,2,4 Drivers Club 3,4 Tennis l GOODMAN, RUSSELL K., JR. Football I,2,3 PILOT FLASHES 4 Editor Quill 8: Scroll 4 Speech Club 3,4 Student Council 3 DAR Representative 4 High School Journalism Institute GAA 1,2,3 HUTTON, RITA KAY Arlington High School l,2,3 Basketball Homecoming Queen 4 INGLE, DAVID LEE Student Council 3 FLASHBACK 3,4 Quill 8:Scroll 4 Sigma Mu Z,3,4 Blue 8zWl-rite Review 2,3,4 FC Singers 2 JEFFERIS, JUDITH LYNN National Honor Society 3,4 GEMS 3,4 Editor 4 Majorette 3,4 Student Council 2 Blue Gtwhite Review 2,3 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 VLC l,2,3,4 President 4 GRAY, RICHARD Intramurals 4 HALL, ALAN Rl-IEA Cross Country 1,2 Wrestling I Track l FC Singers 3,4 Hi-Y 4 Thespians 4 HAMMERSLEY, RICHARD WAYNE Track 1,2 Drivers Club 3,4 HANNER , SHIRLEY ANN Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 President 4 National Honor Society 4 Student Council 4 sss 1,2 Pep Club 1,z,a,4 GAA 1,2,3 Junior Leaders l,2,3,4 Blue 8zWhite Review 2,4 Class Treasurer I sss 1,2 Band 1,2,a,4 Junior Leaders 1,2,3,4 Tri-Hi-Y GAA 1,2 FTA 2,3 3,4 JONES, DAVID w. sigma Mu 1,2,3,4 President 4 I-li-Y 4 Drivers Club 3,4 Track 2,3 Blue 8tW'hite Review 4 High School Science Seminar 2,3 Quill 8zScroll 4 FLASHBA Editor CK 5,4 4 High School Journalsim Institute JONES, GARY Drivers Club 4 JONES, JANIE sss l,2,3 FC Singers 3,4 Pep Club 1,2 Cheerleader 2,3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 HARRISON, HAROLD W. Drivers Club 2,3,4 HEAD, LINDA D. SSS 3,4 Junior Leaders 1,2,3,4 Blue 8zWhite Review 3,4 KOCI-EER, MYRON W. sigma Mu 1 Junior Leaders I,2,3,4 Pep Club l,2,3 Majorette 2,3,4 Junior Leaders Z,3,4 HESTON, J. C. Thespians 4 Speech Club 3,4 Chess Club 3 Drivers Club 3,4 Track Manager l HILTON, BERNIE Football l,2,3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Basketball I Student Council 4 Prom Court 3 VLC 3,4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 HOTZE, BETTY CHERYL Cheerleader l,2,3,-l Drivers Club 4 GAA 1,2 sss l,2,3 Thespians 4 Speech Club 3,4 Senior Play 4 Blue 8zWhite Review l,2,3,4 Prom Court 3 Student Council 2 Pep Club 1,2 HOWARD, JO George Washington High School 1 George C. Marshall High School 1,2 Exeter Union High School 2,3 Santa Cruz High School 3 Lockport High School 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Blue 8: White Review 4 HOYT, SUSAN GAA 4 Library Club 2,3,4 Pep Club I,2,4 HUBBI.E, LINDA National Honor Society 3,4 KOST, CAROL ANN Nat ional Honor Society 4 Senior Play 4 PILOT FLASI-IES 4 Quill 8: Scroll 4 Thespians 4 President 4 Pep Club l,2,3,4 Purdue Legislative Assembly 2 Youth Council on World Affairs 3 FTA 2,3,4 Secretary 3 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 sss 1,2 GAA 1,2 Blue cScWhite Review 4 KRAFT, DANIEL A. Drivers Club 2,3,4 Intramurals 3,4 Band l,2,3,4 KURTZ, VAUGHN KEITH Baseball 3,4 Hi-Y 4 Whiteland High School 1,2 LAWRENCE, JUDY Pep Club 1,2 SSS l,2,4 Drivers Club Z,3,4 Blue 8zWhite Review 3 GAA l LECHNER, DOUG Football 1,2 Wrestling 1,2 Drivers Club 3,4 Thespians 4 IJEONARD, LINDA CI-EERYL sss 1,2,s Pep Club ,4 2,3,-I PILOT FLASI-IES 3 FLASI-IBA Quill at s GAA 1,2 CK 4 croll 4 Drivers Club 4 Blue 6cW'hite Review 4 106 LINN, GORDON B. High School Science Seminar 2,3,4 National Honor Society 4 FC Electrical Technician 1,2,3,4 Senior Play 4 Sigma Mu 1,2,3,4 Blue 8tWhite Review 2,3,4 Dance Band 2 Band l,2,3,4 Purdue Legislative Assembly 4 Regional Science Fair l,2,3 LOWES, MARY E. Band 1,2,3,4 GAA 2 Pep Club 3 MACALUSO, CHARMON ROSE SSS l,2,3,4 Secretary 3 President 4 Junior Leaders 1,2,3,4 President 3 Pep Club 1,z,a,4 Bluc eSzWhite Review 2,3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 FC Singers 4 FTA 3 MARTIN, KATHY National Honor Society 4 Quill 81 Scroll 4 PILOT FLASHES 4 FTA 2,3,4 MCAVOY, THOMAS A. Wrestling I Football 1,3 Tennis 1,2 MCFARLAND, ANN ELISABETH Class Secretary 1,2 Student Council 3 Majorette 3,4 Blue 6zWhite Review I,2,3 Band l,2,3,4 SSS 1,2 GAA 1,2 FTA z,a,4 Drivers Club 3,4 MCFARLAND, WILLIAM CURTIS National Honor Society 3,4 Federalist Senator 4 Class President 3 Class Vice-President 4 Student Council l,2,4 Prom King 3 Basketball I Tennis l Football l,Z,3 Track I,2,3,4 Senior Play 4 Blue 6LWhite Review 2,3,4 HI-Y 1,2,3,4 Junior Leaders 2,3,4 I-'FA l,2,3,4 MCNUTT, DIANE LEE GAA 1,2,a,4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 MCNUTT, DONNA LYNN GAA 1,2,a,4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 MH.EY, LINDA SUE National Honor Society 4 Senior Play 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 sss 1,z,s,4 Blue Qwhite Review l,2,4 PILOT FLASHES 3 Junior Leaders 2,3,4 Pep ciub I,2,a,4 Drivers Club 4 FTA 2,3,4 GAA 1,2 MILLER, JIM FFA 2 Hi-Y 4 Senior Play 4 MOORE, KAREN JEANNE Pep Club 4 GAA 2,3 Blue 8zWhite Review l MOORE, WILLIAM EDWARD Drivers Club 3,4 Baseball Manager 3 Library Club 3,4 MULLEN, BILL Football I,2,a,4 Baseball l,2,3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 VLC 3,4 MURRAY, GLORIA Pep Club 1 GAA 1,2 RODE, MARVIN WILLIAM Drivers Club -1 NAPIER, STEPHEN MICHAEL Basketball 1,2,3,-4 FFA 1,2,3,-1 Football 1 Treasurer 3 Tennis 1 President -1 Track 2,-I Junior Leaders 1,2,a,4 Purdue Legislative Assembly -1 Student Council 3,4 Outstanding Achievement Award -1 Drivers Club 3,4 Intramurals 4 RODL, ROBERT LYNN Speech Club 3,4 FFA 1,133 Chess Club 4 Sec,-eww 4 Blue bWhite Review 3,4 Senior Play 4 Prom Court 3 Thespian Club 4 Student Council 4 NICHOLSON, MICHAEL R. Drivers Club -I NUTTALL, DANIEL S. Basketball 1,2,3,-1 Football l,2,3,-I Baseball l,2,3,-1 VLC l,2,3,-1 Drivers Club 3,-1 NUTTALL, DENNY Basketball I,2,3,-1 Baseball 1,2,3,-1 Football 1,2,3,4 VLC 1,2,3,-1 Student Council 2 Drivers Club 3,-1 PARR, ALBERT E. Drivers Club 3,-1 PAUGH, WALTER Drivers Club 3,4 PENNEY, LONNLE ERWIN Howe High School 1 Drivers Club 4 Blue 8zWhite Review 4 PETTY CHARLES NELSON Band l,2,3,-I PHILLIPS, LAURLEYN ANNE National Honor Society 3,-1 President 4 Student Council 2,-I Secretary -1 Band 1,2,3,-I Majorette 4 Quill dt Scroll 4 FLASHBACK -1 Blue 8: White Review 2,4 GAA l,Z,3 Junior Leaders l,Z,3 POE, SAUNDRA LOU PORTER, JAIVES E. Tech High School I Wrestling 3 Drivers Club 3,4 Blue Gt White Review -1 PRICE, RANDY Football 1,2,3,-1 Wrestling 1 Baseball 1,2,3,-l Drivers Club 3,-I VLC 4 RABOURN, LINDA SUE Junior Leaders 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,'.1,3 CAA 1,2 Band 1,2,3,4 Blue 8zWhite Review 2 Drivers Club 2,3,-I REED, MARK ROBERT Blue 8tWhite Review '1,3,-1 REYNOLDS, KATHLE S, Prom Court 3 Class Treasurer 2,-1 Majorette 4 Student Council 1,3 FC Singers 2 Pep Club 1,2,3 SSS 3,-I CAA 1,2 Speech Club -1 Drivers Club 3,-1 Blue 6zWhite Review 1,2,3 GEMS -1 RHORER, STANLEY PAUL Sigma Mu 2,3,4 FTA 2 Wrestling 1 RICHARDSON, MARILYN JEANE FTA z,a,4 Band l,2,3,-1 Pep Club 1,3 SSS 3,-1 ROBERTS, JERRY W. Basketball I,2,3 Football 1,2 VLC 3,4 Drivers Club 3,4 Drivers Club -1 Intramurals I,2,3,4 Chess Club 3,-I RODE, SANDRA LEE sss 1,2,3,4 Future Nurses Z,3,-1 ROOT, PATRICIA CI-IARLENE Junior Leaders 1,2,3,-l GAA 1,2 Pep Club 1 RUNYON, SHERRY LYNN Cheerleader l,2,3,aI Pep Club 1,2 Prom Court 3 FC Singers 4 Blue 8tWhite Review l,3,-1 Student Council Z sss i,2,a,4 FTA 2,3 Drivers Club 3,4 SERVICE, GEORGANNE Pike High School 1,2 SSS 4 Drivers Club 3,-I SHOTT, KIM Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 Track 1,2 Thespians -I Vice-President 4 VLC -1 PILOT FLASHES -1 Hi-Y 3,-I Intramurals 1,2,3,-1 Blue 8tWhite Review 4 Drivers Club 3,-I SMITH, CINDA SUE Pep Club I,2,3 sss 2,3 Junior Leaders l,2,3 GAA 1 SMITH, DENNIS L. Football I Student Council l,3,4 Tennis 2 Hi-Y 4 Senior Play 4 Blue 8zWhite Review 3,-I SMITH, LINDA Manual 1,2 SMITH, NORMAN Football 1,2 Drivers Club 3,-I Baseball 2 Wrestling 1 Track 1 SPECKIN, KATHY FTA -1 GAA 1,2 Pep Club l,2,3,-1 Junior Leaders l,2,3,-1 Future Nurses 3 Blue 8: White Review 2,3,-1 FC Singers 4 FLASHBACK 3,4 Drivers Club 2,3,-1 STEWARD, KAY Pep Club I SSS I,2,ll,4 Blue 7 White Review I,3,4 Speech Club 3,-1 Thespians -1 Senior Play -I STEWART, PEGGY sss r,2,s,-i Future Nurses 3,-1 SUTHERLAND, SHIRLEE Future Nurses 1,2 Vice President 1 President 2 sss 1,2,-r GAA 1,2 Betty Crocker Award 4 SWARTZ, HAROLD Howe High School I Library Club 2,3,-I Chess Club 3 Drivers Club -I THACKER, SHERRY Future Nurses 1,2,3,4 I07 TROTTER, MARCIA GAA 1,2 Junior Leaders 1,Z,3 PILOT FLASHES 4 TURNER, RONALD E. Drivers Club 1,2,3,-I Cross Country 1,2 Track 1,2 UTTERBACK, LYN A. Tri-HieY 3,4 SSS 1,2 Dance Baud 2,3 FC Singers 2,3 Drivers Club 3,4 Blue 8LWhite Review 1,2,3,-l UTTERBACK, RICHARD C. VA Band l,2,3,4 Tennis 2 Drum Major 4 Blue G White Review -I Drivers Club -I Sigma Mu 1 Dance Band 3 Hi-Y Al N TRESSE, STEVEN Wrestling 1,2,3 Football Manager -1 Drivers Club 2,f3,-I Student Council 4 Blue 6tWhite Review Z VE RN ON , BOB VU Speech Club 3,-I Football 1,2,3,-1 Track 1,z,3,-1 Drivers Club 3,4 Thespians -I VLC 4 Hi-Y 2,3 Blue Qwhite Review 2,3,4 SKALNS, JOHN National Honor Society 3,4 Football 1 Cross Country 2,3,4 Basketball l,3,4 sigma Mu Club 2,a,-i VLC I,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,-I FTA 2,a,4 Vice-President 2 President 3 Hoosier Boys' State 3 Class Treasurer 3 Class President -1 Student Council 3,-I Vice-President 4 WAMPNER , PEGGY JOYCE sss 1,z,a,4 Future Nurses 2,3,-1 Drivers Club 3,4 WARD, PAUL J. Cross Country 1,2,3,4 Intramurals l,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 VLC 2,3,4 Drivers Club 2,3,4 Chess Club 3 WATKINS, JUDY ARLENE SSS 3 WESTON, DONNA GENE Pep Club l,2,3,-4 GAA 1,2 SSS 1,2,3 Blue Gt White Review 3 speech Club 4 Drivers Club 3,-I WILHELM, MA RY ALICE Band 2 WILLIAMS, PATSY Arlington High School l,2,3 Blue QWhite Review -1 FLASHBACK 4 Quill 61 Scroll 4 WISDOM, ROSEMARY Future Nurses 1,2,3 SSS 1 GAA 1 Pep Club 1,2 WOOLMAN, STEPHEN R. Cross Country 2 Drivers Club 4 YEAGLR, JON Football 1,2,3 Baseball 1 Track 2 Tennis 1 YOUNG, DANNY L. Football 1,2 Basketball 1 Baseball 1,2,3 Wrestling 2 Academics .... Administration . . . Advertising .... Awards .... Baccalaureate . . Band ...... Baseball ........... Basketball .......... Basketball Homecoming . . Bus Drivers .......... Cheerleaders . . Chess Club . . Choir ...... Chorus ......... Cooks, Custodians . . Cross Country . . . Dance Band . . . Faculty . . FFA....... FLASHBACK.. ..... Football ........... Football Homecoming . . . Franklin Central Singers . . Freshmen .......... Future Nurses . . FTA ....... GAA.. Golf ..... Graduation . . Aeemb, Gail 35,49,54,56,59,65,92, 93 Adams, Karen 99 Adams, William 103 Aikman, Paul 62,76 Akers,Janice 103 Allen, Connie 48,67,99 Allen, Karen 56,57,93 Allen,Lee 96 Allen, Rex 62 Althoff, Mike 62,76 Anderson, Brenda 27,51 ,58,63,67,99 Anderson, Kathy 67,99 Anderson, Peggy 23,5l,52,54,56,67, 93 Anderson, William 76 Aridry, Dori 32,33,60,66,76 Andry, John 96,98 Arno, Margaret 99 Arnold, Janet 58,59,93 Arnold, John 36,99 Arnold, Marina 65,76 Arnold, Marion 63 Arvin, Steven 99 Aulby, Jimmy 32,37,41,43,62,66,93 Austin, Gregg 34,43 ,45,96 Bam, Eddie 51,5a,55,e2,92,9a Baird, Chrisa 4,18,55,56,57,59,76 Baird, Dwight 96 ubject Index . . .10-23 Hi-Y . . . . . 70-71 . . 104 Intramurals . . . . 23 Junior Leaders . . . . 90 Juniors .... . . 60-61 . . 42-43 I.etterman's Club . . . .33-36 Librarians . . . . . . . . 35 . . 71 Majorettes . . . . 27 . , 50 National Honor Society ' ' Pep Club . .... . . ' ' 75 PILOT FLASI-IES . . 'l ' 32 Prom ........ l 65 Quill and Scroll . . 72-74 Senior Activities . . . . Seniors .-..... .NSS SigmaMu... . 28-31 Sophomores ..... ..6-7 ....64 Special Education . . Speech Club .... Student Council . . . . .99-103 I l . 54 Sunshine Society . . . . 56 Track . . . . . .67 Tri-Hi-Y . . . .44 . . .91 Wrestling . . Baird,David 3s,s7,3s,45,5o,56,9a ..55 ..45 57 ..93-96 ...66 ..51 ..65 .. ..49 ..59 ..52 ..92 ....5l . . 105-107 . . 76-89 . . . 50 . .96-99 . . 103 . . .54 . . 48 . .58 . .40-41 . . . 55 . . 37-39 Boyer, Teresa 99 Baker, Kathy 96 Beldwimseorf 12,4s,49,51,53,93 Barker, Pamela 49,56,60,62,65,76, Barilir, Phil 28,34,35,42,43,48,60,64, 65,96,98 Barnard, Dale 37,39,56,66,96 Barnard, Everette 4,13,35,37,38,49, 56,66,76 Bassett, Ann 27,58,59,61,96 Bates, Thomas 13,55,61,62,76 Baugh, Beverly 99 Beach, Joe fMr.j 26,74 Beal, Paul 31,99 Beidelschies, Rebecca 59,67,99 Bell, Roberta 59,61,'99 Bergland, Gloria 93 Bergman, Fred 60,65,93 Berry,Nancy 55,59,93 Bertram, Peggy 51,58,59,99 Bemer, Mark 28,33,34,35,40,48,49, 66,77 Birdwell, Linda 55,6O,67,93 Blacketer, Robert 17,50,61,65,93 Boesenberg, Vida 51,53,56,59,67,77 Bell, Steve 49,50,60,64,65,77 Belleau, Rebbecca 48,52,56,57,93 Borders, Kathleen 59,61,67,99 Bowden, Jerry 93 108 Bradley, George 21, 99 Bramlett, Drinda 96 Brand, Carl 93 Braun, Gerhard 99 Bray, Creola 99 Bray, Howard 77 Breeding, Charles 17,33,34,41, 64,66,93,94 Breedlove, Vic 28,96 Bridgewater, Michael 15,36,99 Brink, Karen 5s,59,e7,93 Broadstreet, Wayne 28,93 Brodrick, Debora 54,55,56,57,58,59, 61,93 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Buchan Earl 50,96 James 28,44,93 Steve 44,96 Susan 57,63,67,99 an, Rita 58,59,77 4s,4s, Bundy, Jack 7,28,29,33,42,48, 61,64,6e,77 Burch, Janet 93 Burgess, Michael 96 Burk, Melanie QMissj 72,74 Biirluririii, Bill 32,34,35,57,74 Biirroir, Clark 28,43,48,50,57,60,96 Butler,Teresa 58,67,99 Buttz,Larry 28,66,93 Buttz,Ricky 28,39,93 Byrket, Stephen 28,77 Carnes, Thomas 20,103 Carri Caug C ava er, Jerry 96 hey, Pat 59,96 llaro, Mary 58,59,67,100 Cayton, Phillip 100 Cayton, Sherry 62,93 Chan Chan Chan dler,Val 40,93 ey, Danny 31,36,41,1OO ey, Michael 2s,55,62,66,93 Chestnut, John 45,93 Chestnut, Ruth 58,59,96 Clark, Rene 20,103 Clark, Shirley 58,59,62,67,96 Clarke, William fMr.j 50,72,77 Clayton,Linda 100 Clouse, Nora 59,93 Combs, Thelma 58,62,78 Colli Cole ns, Linda 54,77 ,Michael 57,100 Cole, Pamela 20,103 Colglazier, Jerry fMr.j 74 C ook C ook ,Larry 96 , John 13,93 Cook, Robert 100 Carls Coop Cope on, Linwood 50,613,100 er, Marilyn 54,59,93 land, Jane 93 Cornelius, Ronald 78 Cornelius, Vicky 96 Coss, James 2s,37,44,45,49,5o,ss, 60,65,66,93,94 Cottl Coug Coug Cox, Coxh Coy, CDV, Craft e, Jacque 56,58,67,93 ill, Christine 19,58,59,67,96 ill, Robert 32,33,48,55,66,93 Gordon 100 ead, Steven 50,96 Ella Mae 54,58,78 Paul 96 on, Clark QMr.j 73 Crago, Douglas 31,43,100 Craig, Lana 58,67,93 Craig, Shannon 57,58,96 Craig, Steve 37,45,57,62,66,93 Crisler, Nancy 48,49,78 Crist, Roger 96 Croxton, Debra 54,57,96 Cunningham, Bob 28,29,31,40,45,62, 66,93 Czerney, Brigette 58,100 Dagey, Damon 96 Dahl, Debby 57,59,62,76,96 Dahl, Jack l6,23,49,50,51,52,78 Davenport, Charles 96 Davids, Melvin 37,57,93 Davidson, Larry 28,45,96 Davis, Glenda 78 Davis, Linda 54,93 Davis, Steve 78 Dawson, Jerry 32,40,60,66,78 Dawson, Michael 32,100 Day, Donna 35,54,58,60,78 Day, Richard 48,61,100 Deckard, Steve 41,61,100 Deerberg, Barbara 49,51,53,55,56, 57,59,62,78 Deerberg, Dene 96 Delk, John 20,103 Delk, Robert 28,57,96 Denien, Gary 93 Denier., John l5,3l,a9,loo Deweese, Paul 62,96 Dieck, Steven 39,61,100 Dierdorf, Cherie 58,96 Dierdorf, Deborah 62,78 Dillon, Wilma 100 Doane, Darlene 54,58,93 Doane, Robbie 100 Dodd, Dale 28,97 Dougherty, Mike 31,36,48,1O0 Dougherty, Tom 33,34 ,40,41 ,45,62, 66,96 Dougherty,William 36,100 Drabing, Dee 67,100 Drinkut, Karen 54,59,62,93 Dugan, David 78 Dugan, Larry 100 Duke, Cindy 78 Eastes, Glen fMr.j 45,72 Ebersole, Gary 93 Eder, Jorja 27,59,93 Eddy, John 78 Edwards, Gordon 57,66,100 Edwards, Sandra 17,78 Elder, Kathy 54,58,62,78 Emmert, Mitchel 63,93 Emmert, Nancy 27,58,59,67,10O Entrekin, Robert 32,39,50,57,61,100 Ernstes, Helen QMrs.j 58,72 Ewalt, Bonnie 7,27,58,62,78,86,88 Ewalt, Connie 55,58,59,62,78 Ewalt, John 100 Evans, Ruth 55,56,57,6l,97 Fair, James 15,42,79 Ferris, Robert fMr.j 22,60,61,62,63, 65,72 Fiers, Beth Ann 79 Fishburn, James 100 Fishburn, Sheila 55,56,57,58,97 Fisher, Mark 28,43,97 Flagle, Susie 62,79 Flagle, Bob 55,94 Foist, Floyd 28,4l,45,48,66,97 Ford, Kay 48,56,58,59,62,97 Foster, Sarah 79 Foster, Terry 97 Fraley, John 100 Fraley, William 48,51,103 Francis, Brenda 51,53,54,55,59,67,94 Francis, Linda 54,59,97 Francis, Peggy 18,62,67,97 Freeland, Tom 100 Friddle, Karen 58,60,l00 Fulk, Sharon 55,60,67,94 Gaier, Darlene 35,55,57,59,79 Gamer, Deborah 55,61,64,65,79 Garrett, Mike 32,97 Garriott, Michael 41,6O,100 Gatewood, Pamela 20,103 Geise, David QMr.j 23,72 Geissman, Blanche 5,55,56,58,62,67, 94 Gibson, Jeff 97 Gibson, Kathy 56,58,59,67,94 Gibson, Randy 32,40,41,97,98 Gigli, Gene 28,55,62,66,sl Gigli, Nancy 58,59,94 Gleason, Nancy 13,19,49,51,52,55, 56,61,65,81 Gillum, Suzanne 62,94 Goad, Gertrude 97 Goins, Sharon 97 Golaski, William 81 Good, Elizabeth qMissj 71 Goodman, Connie 94 Goodman, Debra 97 Goodman, Diana 100 Goodman, Sherry 94 Goodman, Russell 33,42,66,81 Grady, Kathleen 55,56,57,60,94 Grahn, Claudia 57,59,67,100 109 Gray, James 100 Gray, Richard 45,81 Gray, Sandy 35,97 Green, Terry 97 Green, Vicki 21,61,100 Green, Vicki 14,48,94 Greenham, Ruth flvlissj 72 Griffin, Jean 27,48,51,94 Guyer, Richard fMr.l 26,71 Haffield, Walter 80 Hagan, Sandra 94,62 Haggard, Robert 61,94 Hale, Judy fMrs.j 74 Hall, Alan 54,55,62,64,8O Hall, Albert 100 Hall, Cynthia 51,60,67,100 Hall, Pamela 94 Hammersley, Richard 80 Hanner, David 31,36,43,100 Hanner, Shirley 55,57,59,4s,49,so Hanni, Larry QMr.j 21,26,32,34,66,72 Hannon, John 57,100 Hansen, Terry 62,81 Harrison, Harold 62,81 Hart, Pamela 67,100 Hayes, Betty 62,97 Hayes, Donald 97 Hawk, Leslie 63,97 Head, Linda 65,81 Henderson, Sam 94 Henderson, John 97 Hendrickson, Kathleen 59,62,94 Hessman, Charles 45,97 Heston, Jeffrey 54,81 Hilton, Bernie 1z,35,4o,45,4s,e2,66, 81,91 Hilton, Delbert 63,100 Hipp, Romelda 97 Hoard, Rebecca 100 Hollcraft, Nancy 97 Howard, Caleb Philip 97 I-lopkins, Jackie 39,94 Hopper, Doris 61 ,67,100 Horn, Brenda 50,59,67,94 Horn, Donna 59,63,76,100 Hosier, Angela 55,56,58,65,94 Hosier, Timothy 43,100 Hoskins, James QMIJ 26,41,73 Hotze, Sherry 7,18,27,54,56,81 Howard, Christy 97 Howard, Deborah 63,97 Howard, Mary Jo 81 Howard, Phil 41,62 Howard, Wendy 100 Hoyt, Susan 51,81 Hubble, Linda 49,5l,52,54,al Hubble, Richard 94 Hubble, Teresa 54,91,97 Hughes, Ross 39,40,41,62,97 Humphries, Larry 94 Hurst, Donald 100 Hutton, Rita 35 Idele, Janet 21,63,67,100 Ingle, David 50,51 ,53,81 Irish, Vernice QMrs.j 72 Jackson, Larry 97 Jefferis, Judy 49,55,57,60,65,81,90 Jenkins, John 101 Johnson, Glen 45,66,94 Johnson, James 28,44,48,56,66,94 Johnson, Rebecca 94 Jones, Brenda 61,94 Jones, David 50,51,53,55,62,81 Jones, Frances fMrs.Q 71 Jones, Gary 45,81 Jones, Bill 66,94 Jones, James 63,101 Jones, Janie 27,57,60,64,81 Jones, Steve 97 Kafoure, Douglas 66,97 Kamplain, Ellisa 67,101 Kates, Rodney 101 Keller, Patricia 67,94 Keller, Terry 67,101 Kemper, Delores 51,57,58,97 Kesterson, Larry 31,101 Kesterson, Mary Caranita 51,57,59, 67,101 King, Michael 97 Kirkham, Jack 41,48,57,97 Kitley, Jane 4a,56,57,5ss,el,67,97, 98 Knoop, Marvin QMr.j 26,33,43,72 Kocher, Myron 57,81 Kolacek, Bill 15,66,82 Kost, carol 49,52,54,55,56,59,82 Kost, Karl 94 Kraft, Danny 61,82 Kra.ft,Debbie 67 Kraft, Judith 58,62,97 Kuner, Mark 94 Kurtz, Vicki 51,5s,e5,94 Kurtz,Vaughn 42,55,82 LaFollette, Darryl 94 La.Fever, Willard 57,94 Lamb, Janie 101 Lamberth, John 36,40,41,43,101 Lancaster, Alice 67,101 Lancaster, Mary 49,50,56,57,67,94 Land, Mary 101 Lawrence, Connie 94 Lawrence, Judy 58,82 Lawrence, Vicki 97 Lawson, John 101 Layman, Sharon 63,97 Lechner, Cynthia 5,59,67,94 Lechner, Doug 54,82 Leffler, William QMr.Q 72 Leonard, Linda 23,5l,53,58,59,82 Lewis, Beverly 49,55,56,59,67,94 Lewis, Tom 32,40,45,62,66,94 Linn, Gordon 49,50,61,82 Linn, Melanie 60,101 Lowe, Brenda 54,57,62,97 Lowe, Nancy 67,101 Lowe, Susan 58,59,63,67,101 Lowery, Janet 19,50,55,56,57,59,60, 67,97 Lowes, Effie 60,97 Lowes, Mary 57,60,82 Lyons, Barbara 97 Lyons, Sandra 48,55,61,65,67,94 Macaluso, Charmon 57,58,62,64,82 Macaluso, Sylvia 27,58,59,63,101, 102 Macaluso, Yolanda 56,58,59,97 Marling, Rex 61,62,97 Martin, Jeanette 57,58,l01 Martin, Kathy 49,51,52,82 Marsh, Dean 62,97 Mason, Darla 27,57,59,76,101 Mason, Jana 27,55,56,58,59,67,97 Mason, Robert QMr.j 72 Mason, Yvonne 56,57,58,97 Massey, Martin 62,97 Matthew, Mike 20,103 Mattingly, Karen 94 Maze, Irvin 44,45,57,60,97 Maze, Lilian fMrs.j 73 McAmis, Roy 50,57,94 McAvoy, Barbara 94 McAvoy, Tom 83 McBee, Phyllis 67,101 McCartney, Vickie 5-4,59,62,94 McClain, Barry 28,55,57,94 McClain, David 45,97 McClain, Edwin 28 ,34 ,42 ,4 94 McClain, Linda 57,62,94 McCowan, Brenda 58,59,62,98 McCullough, Becky 67,101 McCurdy, Billy Jo 101 McCurdy, Charles 57 McDaniel, Walter 101 McFarland, Ann 4,56,61,62,65,83 McFarland, Barbara 59,61,94 McFarland, Larry 21,31 ,36,48,101 McFarland, Marsha 27,59,62,94 McFarland, Michael 35,36,48,57, 101 McFarland, William 48 ,49,55,57 ,6 77,83 McFoy, Sharon 101 McGee, Joann 27,59,67,101 McNutt, Donna 59,83 McNutt, Diane 59,83 McWhorter, Judy 94 Mercer, Phil 45,98 Messer, Martha 94 Messer, Robert 21,100 Messer, Roger 94 Messer, Walter 97 Miles, William 61,65,98 Miley, Linda 18,49,54,55,56,57,59 83,87 Miller, Connie 56,59,67,98 Miller, Jim 55,61,83 Miller, Thelma fMrs.j 51,73 9,56,6e, 0, 1 Nuttall, Dan 28,33,36Y,42,66,83 Nuttall, Denny za,a3,3e,4z,6e,sa Oakley, Karl 31,39,43,101 O'Connell, Phyllis 51,52,56,57,58, 60,95 Oglesby, Henry 44,60,98 Oglesby, John 32,61,101 Olin, Chauncey 36,45,48,56,57,95 Olin, Walter 15,101 O'Neal, Robert 84 Osburn, Teresa 95 Parish, Brenda 57,67,101 Parish, Michael 101 Parker, Linda 95 Parr, Albert 84 Pate, Richard fMr.j 73 Patterson, Deloris 62,102 Patterson, Robert 63,98 Paugh, Greg 98 Paugh, Walter 84 Paul, Joyce 63,67,101 Peasley, Susan 54,102 Pelko, Cheryl 57,95 Penney, Lonnie 84 Penny, James 101 Peters, Robert 98 Peterson, Chery 54,58,59,98 Peterson, Lucille fMrs.j 52,54,73 Petty, Charles 61,84 Pfendler, Charlene 58,59,67,102 Pickett, Karen 95 Pickett, Linda 62,67,101 Piepenbrok, Mary 48,55,56,58,65,67 94,95 Piepenbrok, Ruth 55,56,58,59,67,98 Piepenbrok, Wayne 31,101 Milner, Dennis 101 Miner, Lucy gMrs.j 73 Mitchell, Linda 59,95 Modlin, Joe 55,58,63,101 Monday, Karen 20,103 Monson, James 43,62,64,98 Moore, Janet 67,101 Pierson, Linda 99 Piso, Linda 95 Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, 65,84 Dennis 50,55,60,98 Janis 57,61,67,95 Laurelyn 4,48,49,53,57,60, Phipps, Cailen 20,101 Moore, Karen 59,83 Moore, Larry 101 Moore Millie 67,101 Moore Wayne 103 Moore William 12,51,83 Moorhead, Daniel 101 Moorehead, Donald 101 Poe, Saundra 84 Pollard, Debra 27,59,62,98 Pool, Greg 28,34 ,43,48,61,98 Poole, Becky 54,55,57,58,61,98 Porter,James 4,84 Potter,Deborah 101 Poulson, Duane 95 Morgan, Allen fMr.j 26,37,38,50,73 Morgan, David 61,64,65,98 Morgan, Donna 58,59,95 Morgan, Jane fMrs.j 73,79 Morris, Ruth 59,98 Mosier, Pamela 98 Moss, Kenneth 19,49,56,95 Mullen, Bill 28,42,45,66,83 Muncy, Charles 60,98 Murray, Joyce 67,101 Murray, Gloria 83 Muterspaugh, Kathy 67,101 Muterspaugh, Rickey 41,98 Myer, Gail QMissj 73 Napier, Don 95 Napier, Steven 13,45,54,83 Naue, David 98 Poulson, Gary 101 Pratt, Joann 14 Pratt, Robert 55,95 Preuss, Donna 95 Preuss, John 101 Preuss, Judy 95 Price, Randall 28,42,45,66,84 Prickett, Nancy QMrs.j 73 Probst, Leslie 50,95 Probst, Mike 98 Puckett, Carroll 28,98 Puckett, Gary 98 Puckett, Karen 54,58,62,95 Puckett, Linda 95 Pulliam, Rabourn, R abourn, Roger 57,95 Cheryl 59,98 Linda 57,e0,84 Neal, Rexeen 35,48,59,67,101,102 Nees, Dale 16,101 Neathery, Connie 58,95 Nicholson, Janet 58 Nicholson, Mike 83 Nixon, Mike 98 Nottingham, Ronnie 98 Norman, David 98 110 Rabourn, Sam 39,101 Radcliffe, Daniel 101 Reasoner, Donald 36,101 Reasoner, Doug 32,34,43,55,61,98 Reddick, Larry 43,48,101 Reed, Mark 17,26,84 Reed, Richard 36,43,61,101 Reed, William fMr,j 26,37,39,55,73 William Reel, Clarence 101 Reel, Starr 62,95 Rej ko, Steve 32,39,41,95 Rejko, Vicki 54,56,98 Repass, Tom 44,45,48,55,6O,98 Reynolds, Bill 32,34,42,45,48,55,66, 94,95 Reynolds, Kathie 54,65,77,85,86 Rhorer, Stanley 12,16,17,50,84 Rice, James 28,40,95 Richardson, Debra 60,63,67,101 Richardson, Marilyn 56,60,84 Rieck, Lois 62,98 Riehle, Lawrence fMr.j 74 Rigdon, Donna 67,98 Rigdon, Patricia 67,101 Rigdon, Ronald 96 Ritter, Charles 28,57,61,98 Roberts, Jerry 85 Robertson, Dana 55,56,65,95 Robertson, Kenneth 63,101 Robertson, Stanley 98 Rockey, Ronald 31,36,43,101,102 Rode, Marvin 15,23,33,48,57,85 Smith, Linda 86 Smith, Melody 67,95 Smith, T Smith, N Smith, Robert 102 erry 4l,57,102 orman 62,86 Smock, Donald 103 Snyder, Myma 103 Snyder, John 95 Souders, Donald 102,103 Souders, Martha 67m102 Southwood, Janet 59,67,102 Spe ckin, Kathy 5a,5e,57,e4,se Speer, Mark 50,95 Stark, Pa St?-lyte , S r 95 anya 61,67,102 Stephens, Gerald 95 Stephens, Linda 59,98 Stephenson, Mary K. fMissl 54,74,77 Steward, Kay 54,e2,se Stewart, Peggy 87 Stillabower, Linda 54,67,95 Stockwell, Carolyn 56,59,67,95 Strellner, Linda 87 Strellner, Marcia 95 Rode , Rode , Root , 95 Root, Root, Rule , Rule , Robert 45,57,85 Sandra 54,85 Carol 48,49,55,56,60,65,67, John 102 Patricia 57,85,9O Allen 31,43,63,102 Jane 98 Rule, James 51,98 Runyon, Sherry 27,58,62,64,85,86 Russell, Louisa 62,86 Schilling, Rick 34,45,61,98 Schmidt, Becky 48,57,67,98 Schmidt, Michael 15,39,95 Schowe, Sarah fMrS.l 74 Schroeder, Marvin 57,95 Schumacher, Rebecca 60,67,l02 Schwartz, Joyce fMrs.j 74 Service, Debra 57,67,102 Service, Georganne 58,86 Shaffer, Donna 58,67,98 shatter, Mike 28,33,34,42,43,55,66, 98 Shane, Ronald 95 Shay, Glenn 61,65,95 Sheets, Gary 28,45,98 Sheets, Larry 32,40,41,45,98 Sheilds, Linda 54,58,62,95 Shepherd, Lucille 98 Shepherd, Sandra 98 Shott, Kim 28,45,54,55,66,86 Qiott, Philip 31,40,41,45,55,63,l02 Shue, Maureen 95 Sipes, Mike 37,95 Sircy, Bill 32 ,40,98 Sisk, Dennis 32,39,41,50,60,102 Sizemore, Calvin 41 ,45,57,98 Skelton, James 98 Skelton, Rebecca 55,56,95 Skelton, William 95 Skiles, Stephany 98 Skiles, Stephen 45,99 Skillman, Sheryl 58,60,95 Sluder, Christine fMrs.j 71 Smale, Susan 55,56,59,65,67,95 Smith, Cindy 57,86 Smith, Deborah 58,67,98 Smith, Dennis 48,54,55,56,80,86 Smith, Gary 36,102 Smith, Jean 58,62,95 Smith, Johnny 37,102 Sullivan, Carol 99 Sullivan, Barbara 102 Sutherland, Marilou 58,60,67,102 Sutherland, Ronald 102 Sutherland, Shirlee 62,87 Sutter, Carol 95 Sutter, Larry 42,43,48,62,98 Swartz, Harold 28,51,87 Sweeney, Douglas 14,22,87 Sweeney, Susan 67,102 Swengel, Carol 51,53,59,95 Swengel, Lloyd 32,34,45,51,52,66, 95 Tam,.Janie 14,65,95 Tames, Cheryl 95 Tames, John 102 Tapp, Mike 95 Tawney, Francine 67,99 Thacker, Sherry 54,62,87 Thistlethwaite, Mark QMr.j 26,31,36 Vernon, Robert 18,28,45,48,54,66 88 Vorse, Bruce 60,65,95 Vuskalns, John l6,32,33,45,48,49, 55,56,66,88 Vuskalns, Rita 48,57,58,59,60,67, 102 Walden, Chris 99 Walker, Lynn 58,67,99 Walls, Norma 102 Wampner, Bobby 102 Wampner, Brenda 54,58,102 Wampner, Peggy 54,62,88 Ward, Brenda 54 ,60,102 Ward, Paul 32,40,45,66,88 Ward, Valerie 60,65,95 z 50, Waterman, Barbara 58,59 ,62,67 ,99 Waterman, Steven 102 Watkins, Don 99 Watkins, Gary 99 Watkins, Judy 88 Wells, Ronald 34 ,43,45,99 Wepf, Cherie 62,58,95 Wepf, Ernest 20,102 Wesselman, Diana 57,58,59,96 Westby, Isabel fMrs.j 74 Westby, Ronald 32,34,48,50,56,65, 99 Westerman, Jean 57,58,99 Weston, Dennis 96 Weston, Donna 54,59,88 Westphal, Mark 15,57,96 White, Thomas 96 Whiteside, Steve 5O,63,99 Whitlock, Diarme 54,62,88 Whitlock, Ronald 37,39,96 r Whitsit, Marsha 63,67,102 Wicl-cliff, Lloyd 61,102 Wilcher, Mike 42,45,66,96 Wilkins, Danny 57,102 Wilkins, Carry 45,57,96 Willhite,Marina 58,96 Willhite, Russell 28,62,96 Wilhelm, Mary Alice 88 S, John 37,60,66,102 42,74 Thomas, Allan 43,45,99 Thomas, Dwight 44,95 Thomas, Debbie 57,59,67,102 Thomas, Eileen fMrs,l 49,74 Thomas, Paul 102 Thomas, Preston 28,36,37,44,48,55, 61,65,66,95 Thomas, Steve 39,61,65,99 Thomason, Arthur 95 Thomason, Jack 87 Thompso n. Robert 99 Thompson, Tommy 99 Townsend, Bill 32,41,63,1o2 Trimble, Charles 34 ,41,99 Trivett, Marilynn 95 Trotter, Marcia 12,87 Tucker, Randall 31 ,36,41 ,45,48,102 Turner, Ronald 63 Utter, Linda 56,57,58,99 Utterback, Lyn 23,55,87 Utterback, Inez 55,56,57,61,99 Utterback, Philip 36,43,61,65,102 Utterback, Richard 5,55,60,61,87 Valentine, Luella 95 Van Treese, Cynthia 67,102 Van Treese, Steven 4,13,28,48,66,88 VanderBaan, Robert 62,94 Veal, John 103 Ill Williams, Patsy 12,51,53,89 Wilson, Danny 55,61,64,65,99 Wilson, Ricky 102 Wisdom, Diane 60,62,67,99 Wisdom, Rosemary 62,89 Wise, Barbara 58 ,59,96 Wolcott, Mike 96 Wood, Anita 51,53,54,55,56,65,96 Wood, Jamie 57,58 ,67,103 Wood, Karen 48,56,58,99 Woodruff, Bonnie fMissj 53,74 Woods, Kathy 59,67,103 Woods, Robert 96 Woody, Tom 99 Woolman, Stephen 89 Worland, Jena 51,53,57,96 Worrell, Linda 99 Worthington, Carol 58,99 Wright, Judy 62,99 Wynn, Vicki 54,99 Yeager, Jon 15,6O,89 Yeager, Marcia 48,62,96 Yoder, Janice 51,54,59,99 Young, Danny 31,89 Young, Paul 39,103 Zeiliak, Susan 62 Editor- -David Jones is Assistant- -Scott Baldwin Bus. Mgr.--Vida Boesenberg Assistant--Anita Wood Academics--Lynn Phillips Personalities--Kathy Speckin Assistant--Carol Swengel Organizations--Patsy Williams Seniors--Linda Leonard School Life- -Barbara Deerberg Assistant--Jena Worland Y 'R "-- -- -is Sports- -David Ingle Typist- -Brenda Francis skis Photographer- - Eddie Baatz At the close of this school year '65-'66, a year for action, the FLASHBACK staff pauses to reflect on the happenings of the year. As the seniors look back on their four years of trials and tribulations, of good days and bad, the underclassmen can look forwardto the day when they too will march through that ivy-covered arch to take their place along side the citizens of tomorrow. Since this book is published purely for the enjoyment of the students, to give them a pictorial history of their high school days, the staff has tried to depict the high points of the school term. Years from now as you open your FLASHBACK, and leaf through the pages, you will remember at a glance the fond memories of your high school career. The '65-'66 FLASHBACK staff would like to cordially thank everyone who tookpart in making this a memorable year at Franklin Central. H2 C.-m..w. mjso. mwma-

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