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5 V 5 ., 2 E E is 5. Q if Ei i Vg Q R T' 5 t D 11 5 53 sw 3 i 1 Q65 FLASHBACK g l 0 fi o E iiiiiiililliiliiiiiiiiiiii Illlll , Q, Ill!!! 2, 11'Pii'ii111ii1iTi1i111111 o - V- en: n n 1'HTH'H111'lli'l1111111111 no ooo.. g . V'l llllWiJIlll1L V l Franklin Central High School Acton, lndiana Volume VVI ,V,k7 i ,ykyy JK VVVVVV, Z V, , . In I , Yr I V Q Sound of Fronklin Many familiar sounds as Well as many new ones could be heard by a frequent visitor walking through the cor- ridors of Franklin Central High School this past year. The rush and hubbub to get ready' for the coming dances, the club meetings in homerooms, the Senior Play and Blue and White Review after-school practice S, the School elections and studies all paved the way for a full and eventful year. i ' i r 5 I 5 4 J "f f 5 K A Q c As School Re-opens 6ofuA:wtlwvYeafu, YowMmJ I-lewuflw '::"'......-""" A few buses have just arrived, and the students are hurrying to their lockers. They seem anxious to begin the school year. .iffy X 4 I X. xv Mrs. Ernstes finishes a rather exhausting day by placing names in her grade book from her enrollment sheet. The bookstore is a busy place as books are purchased for the coming year. Many W, , , requests come at once. 4 eww age ' nmwnnwnvom Minnow fff: A we f... -,fi '3" 1 3 , 1 '1"':"' c J The Freshmen begin their first year of high school by asking directions to class. my V:- ' 'F li ,si fr" Unfortunately, along with the beginning of school comes tests which takes a little of the fun out of beginning the routine. l'l ' WK- 'D Fi' 'iff f l -.G-ga., 2 , -sf-f, ,ef ss, M A or f . -1"ff-"f.lJ'-"-"ffl: .gf .7 .77-'.',, ' jf, '4 12 K-I Q Shirley Fallowfield and Bob Gray begin putting .3 T' 2 1- i ',,'f", if 433 1 1 'J'-'P - ' g1'd,, 'Q' , f their books in their lockers. It looks as though IN. . V, . , gg, v ,fwfq-V, u,. -: ke, ,gx I 3 f , . W ','v,.f . - f '- - f' A: 'gs fp- ' -W they w1ll be busy. 5 Footbaw I-I ' Pwmises Yewv 60m FC!-IQ The fall ofthe year brings many activities to Franklin Central. Football homecoming is among these activities. A float is the major project. Sherry Green, Senior, became the homecoming queen , for the 64-65 football season. Here she is receiving a dozen long-stemmed red roses. 7 , Pictured below is the football homecoming court. Candidates are J. Chupp, FRONT ROWg B. Walker, B. Ewalt, SECOND ROW, G. Acomb, S. Green, M. Boyer, D. Kemper, THIRD ROW, K. Shirley, K. Motley, D. Andry, F. Berg- man, P. Barker, TOP ROW. 6 ' ow ' ,Tlw1bIsflwQuestiow asm, L The convention hall is a noisy place as nominating speeches are made to boost the candidates. Once the candidates are chosen to run, elections will begin. , , JLOXX VOMV5 M425 X Seniors are busy preparing posters for the convention. Dry marks squeak against the paper and gay voices can be heard in the background. The Nationalist-Federalist convention is held annually by the Senior class. Ben Allen, a party chairman, ad- dresses the audience. 7 A' Along wFtlvOwvBaAwPwgwmolyQtudA5 mwLPQomimg, The students take time out from their other stujects for study hall. E.. I I4 1 N sttt WW Q i i Seniors have begun to plan for college and they are filling out information blanks for the guidance depart ment under Mrs. Thomas's direction. Physical fitness is one of the requirements of phys. ed students. Rick Muterspaugh displays one of the many exercises of the class. Including the regular and extra- curricular activities, there is much to be done in a school year. The students are continuously Working together to prepare themselves for years to come with the aid of scheduled year's activities and the faculty to supervise and guide them in their learning. The time which is spent Working together and helping each other is not wasted. WaMusbAQsofLeawl2,omw6owEwbwv ' ctwities 4 A family being held as hostages, is the thought being depicted here in a scene from the '65 class play, "Reluctant Reunion." Ken Motley applies makeup in order to prepare for the big night while Nancy Smale unravels a braid for his moustache. .r--.3-,.w"' Another Senior Play comes to a close. Here the "Reluctant Reunion" cast honors Mrs. Morgan with a token of their appreciation for all her hard work in sponsoring the play. 5 . ig! M 4 , . "Q Aloha" l2.emewsFond1 ' Linda Head and Bill McFarland reign over the Prom festivities. The banquet and dance was held at Indiana Uni- versity Medical Center on May seventh. Here you are able to see some of the decorations. Pat Richey and Dan Kemper look over Prom Court consisting of Qleft to right, S. Runyon, J. Jones, C. Duke, L. Head, K. Reynolds, S. Hotze, J. Fredricks, B. Ewalt, D. Smith, B. McFarland, J. Dawson, M. Betner, B. Hilton, J. Bundy, S. Napier, D. Andry. 10 owmwmoggawwnwwwwtvww - "Sweetheart Aloha" was the theme of the Junior-Senior prom and one of the delightful features of the evening was dancing. 2 I The prom is the last big event before graduation. These happy students are climaxing an eventful year at FCI-IS. The last day of school for the seniors is a happy one, but rather tedious for senior sponsor, Mr. Clarke, as he issues caps and govsms. ll BMS wmmwompvmjs vmwraltm The spring of the year brings with it many activities. Band and choir members finish their year of work with their annual spring concert. The art exhibit is the result of the year's endeavor of the art classes. The Blue and White Revue allows the students to display their acting ability. The senior's excerpt from "My Fair Lady" won them the award for the best performance. The sophomores were awarded second place for their satire on rock and roll. Plays and exhibitions of musical talent and art ability seems like a wonderful way to complete a school year. These events are the climax of a hard year's work which makes the time well spent. Dennis Poole and Gary Pool discuss the problems of a flower girl in the senior's interpretation of a scene from "My Fair Lady." The seven sophomore girls in this scene are representing their class in the Blue and White Revue. This annual revue gives the students an opportunity to display their various talents. 11smslvwlvt-i 1 Qpfliug A bg , Lb. Aclcocb Combined efforts on the part of the choir, chorus, and band along with the great abilities of Mr. Robert Ferris made this year's spring concert the greatest success ever. Miss Elisabeth Good provided piano accompaniment for the choral selections. Mr. Reed, Mr. Knoop, Miss Limback, MI. Ferris, and Mrs. Morgan served as competent judges for the spring art exhibit. Walter Haffield and Mike Probst pause in their decorating for the art show to admire some travel posters. 1 es! b 'gggen 'Q M Neff? ' . I3 f 555, . ,f WEL-L f X 2 gr F, , W-V , V - we n ,vw fi Q Sound of Academics In classrooms we heard such noises as a student in a board race trying to be the first done with the problem and the sounds of pencils rapidly scribbling down an assignment for the next day. A new sound heard was the clicking of the reading lab machines. Franklin Central takes pride in its wide range curricula. Along with the standard college prep and business courses, vocational art courses were offered. X I ds. ' 2 , g , : 5 . M Qu ...... L W , . Q . . ,V , I Al :'iA.1i'l' LH .fir N ig 'TTI 7 Qciemw at ' BQ Xi' A he at conductivity experiment is done in physical science by Gregg Austin and Linda Smith. Chemistry can be fun, too as Janet Meacham and Bobbie Lambert find out while doing an experiment. l 6 With science becoming more and more important in our expanding World, it is necessary for high school students to become familiar with some form of science during their high school career. The classes in science that are offered are physical science, biology, chemis- try, and physics. Under the instructions of Mr. Colglazier, Mr. Geise, Mr. Lef- fler, and Mr. Morgan, the students are able to take advantage of the splendid facilities at Franklin Central and open doors to their future in the broadening field of science. Bacteriology is interesting as Jim Miller studies a sample under a microscope. Maui paws: rzolmgarwa - Courses in math teach students the basic fundamentals of addi- tion, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Also, for those who particularly like to delve into this broadening field, more advanced math is offered. In these math courses also one learns the importance of putting his mind to proper use. The courses offered at Franklin Central are general math, alge- bra, advanced algebra, geom- etry, trigonometry, and analyti- cal geometry. The fine teachers are Mr. Eastes, Mrs. Schowe, and Mr. Leffler. All eyes are on Dana Robertson as she proves LA I QB in geometry. pri" The class watches intently as Mrs. Schowe explains The general math class watches Vicki Lawrence and Larry an equation in algebra. Jackson work a problem at the board. Qpeeclv audi Euglaslv Gwe Us Valbuabllof Q In his English class, Ronnie Rooks tells the class Finding sources for their English term papers are Steve about Knute Rockne Speer Bev Sievers, and Janet Meacham. English and speech work in har- mony in helping students develop the proper art of communication. This is vitally important since We are judged by what We say and how We speak. English and speech also help the students to organize and express themselves effectively. Literature is al so a part of English de signed to give students an op- portunity to study the great Works and to stimulate them to develop their own talents in this area. The class responds to the amusing equip by Doug Lechner in speech class. 'wLnugu0ge8DQuelop 'lnwlwfs Foreign language is be- coming more and more com- pulsory in the studies of high school students. Many fine job opportunities are open to those who are trained in a foreign language. French, Latin, and Spanish are taught a at Franklin Central under the capable instructions of Mrs. Miner, Mrs. Thomas, and Miss Stephenson. The stu- dents not only learn how to read, speak, and write the language, they also study the history of the language, the country, its people, and cus- toms. 3 if The students in first-year Latin put a review exercise of verbs on the board while Shirley Hedrick assists. "This is our assignment for tomorrow," says Jack "Voici les produits," say the French students as they show Sievers to Steve Byrkett. Mrs. Miner. ln I9 BusuwssCowwesO66wv Twiuing6ofv Figuring speed and correcting errors in typing are Rita Buchanan and Karen Moore. Many new opportunities are being made available through the increasing need for people who are trained in some kind of business field. At Franklin Central the students are able to take courses which give them training for the various skills needed in the business World of today. Borrowing money is explained by Jeff Heston and Bob Rode in consumer economics. a Peggy Stewart and Sherry Thacker take rapid dictation in beginning shorthand. Many students are able to obtain summer jobs as Well as permanent jobs from their experience in these varied subjects. The business courses which are offered at Franklin Central are bookkeeping, typing, business math, consumer economics, general business, and salesmanship. As Pat Francis posts to a journal, Mike Anderson writes a check in bookkeeping. Cowwes iwQOCiaffQtudie8 GiwLessonsAbowbOwv jjj ' l ,M Kiwi, ff, X if .-..f"i M, While taking a U.S. History test, Steve Van Treese racks his brain for an answer. One of the best ways to be a good American citizen is to be familiar with the history of our country and how it has developed through the years. To obtain this information, the students are re- quired to take U. S. History and U.S. The procedure for buying stocks is shown by Roger Ken- yon and Mary Eoff in economics class. Government which help them gain the needed knowledge. Also offered are eco- nomics and world history. These courses also help us understand the structure of our nation and others. "What were you doing on the night of October 26 ?" asks attorney Linwood Bradley as he examines Larry Edwards while Gary Pool, the judge, looks on in the mock trials in govemment. - -Q41 +1 aim? ii .... I.: 21 Home ' lswValhwbUefam1fl Karen Allen and Becky Belleau measure and mix to produce a masterpiece. 'l K, Q fif.f'S1g 1 j,L?iQ,gQ5 ggi: Q am ,, Working diligently to finish her project in sewing class is Sheila Coomer. Vocational home economics is a val- uable course for young high school girls. A variety of items is covered in their studies such as food preparation, nutri- tion, good etiquette, and how to develop healthy family relations. One imagines home economics as the regular courses of cooking and sewingg but here at Franklin Central, the girls learn these skills as Well as many more. Other topics that they study are how to budget time and money, home nursing, child care, and how to better social and per- sonal relations. These high school girls today are the home economists of to- morrow. Making plans for their dream homes in home ec are Brenda Gregg and Diane and Donna McNutt. ' Is ' TlvwuglvQl1op QMLAQ' The industrial arts courses at Franklin Central afford boys ex- cellent training in the proper use of tools and other basic skills. The shop courses offered are general shop, mechanical drawing, wood, metal, welding, foundry, and printing. The care of soil, farm- ing, farm management, and crops are just a few of the subjects covered by the agriculture classes. The boys are also required to have projects. Judging soybeans are Barry McClain, Marvin Schroeder, Roy McAm1s, Mike Schmidt and Willard LaFever During shop class, Tom Worthington skillfully works on the metal lathe. plasma mauwwuwmfmw ll Physical fitness is very important in the lives of the people of the United States today more than ever. y q The physical education courses at Franklin Central afford the students an opportunity to become acquainted with the rules of various games and sports for leisure time. They also teach the importance of good sports- mi The health orientation classes in- struct the students in the knowledge they need about their bodies, the functions, and the proper care re - quired. The orientation class watches Debra Croxton as she points out the various parts of the human body. The student teacher in gym, Mr. Dellinger, measures Sit-ups is just one exercise done by the girls under a broad jump by Ricky Muterspaugh. the instruction of Miss Myer. 24 manship, citizenship, and leadership, Musical cwdf Talents Aw D iw Students not only need their academic studies, they also need a chance to cultivate their intellect through the study of music and art. Under the fine instruction of Mr. Ferris, the students interested in music have the chance to develop their voices through the daily practice they receive in music classes. The students artistically inclined have the chance to express themselves through the media of art with the fine help of Mrs. Prickett. Warming up in choir are Robert Gray, Kathy Hendrickson, Brenda McCowan, and Sandra Hagan while Mr. Ferris plays. Molding clay in advanced art is Judy Evans as Terry Beginning art student Larry Humphries consults Dan Seal begins a drawing project. Meacham on a project. 2 1s',,--...,,,.,,q,, H-F 25 ' -1- Deualopmeutalf ' I Speed and iow ,,.,-ff-' During developmental reading class, Becky Poole and Glen Johnson read silently with the help of the special machines. A new class has just re- cently been added to the curric- ulum at Franklin Central. This class is known as developmen- tal reading. By taking this course, students are able to increase their reading rates, develop their comprehension of printed material, and ex- pand their vocabularies. All students are urged to take this helpful course. The class is under the instruction of Mrs . Vernice Irish. 06fQpwIoL CQa8SLea1wuBa5wQkiU8 , . ,. ,, ,.,M,A1,, ,,U, ,,,,,.,x..,.,,,,,W f- r ks, f fa,.f-ffm-M, sf..-,Q.zi,11fm ,Q ,, f f .f,. I, , W -.Ii ,. ,az wasupWsw..gz:mW,,.,. -,f . . . sr.. . , 1 Q' ' T-Wirikezs A T i ,,.i, A rt., . ili' t'tt, .. is i 2 is 31 9193956 1-lexx . gi 5 AX 52,3 Qfssfiiaw W1 mg H 2 , ,mm 1,552.3 'Q Eixraaa. was www Y-M 5 r .rf ma.. ir ace. A - g--- I UI v . .., .. .ii, . r. ,W V.X. W .- , ' ,f faggif '- M f Too often people have the habit of overlooking those who are in need of special training. Here at Franklin Central, how- ever, we have solved this by having a special education class which is taught by Mrs . Lillian Maze. ln this class she gives her students the individual attention they need. The stu- dents study math and English and are able to take various other courses in the school such as shop, typing, and art. The special education class looks on as Mrs. Maze reads a story. Vwdws Awwwls Hono1uOutstaMdiug abil. O. I-I. . The business awards were presented to M. Tawney, beginning shorthand, S. Fishback, Business Education Award, V. Boesenberg and K. Moore, beginning typing, and S. Spurlin, advanced shorthand. Besides the many spring and fall sports awards which are presented to the students, there are also those presented to the stu- dents Who have done outstanding work dur- ing the school year scholastically. The awards come in various forms including certificates, pins, and trophies. There is Comparing awards for outstanding work in journalism are Kenny Motley and Beverly Sievers. 27 also a wide range of areas for which awards are given. These areas include library, perfect attendance, English, French, art, agriculture, industrial arts, citizenship, 4-H, home economics, vale- dictorian, and salutatorian. Mr. Colglazier presents science awards to Gordon Linn, Jack Dahl, and Mary Lancaster. Sound of Athletics 'UWiiWigikifsiifzfl?5l6?fr?fl1?ZKff?TQi 35L5Vfi51112?5-fiIVE.f'?E-5'ff'J iffif-E 551' 11 l,T:ifvf' plfiil-'f ' Q? V-7 3 2- ffffifiizff,saww,.w,,eff:s,,-.iff:'Emp ww: if-ff . .1 -. Lf L, . f , , .QL V M .j,q.,L.Q,.w,,,A..:,.,-W,-f,--f,1b:f..V wf I. J-- ,. - . A , , f-wx W4.w..7,w,wf.f,,-1 f.-f -If ,-f, , ., ,,., , ., . ,. , . . ,V . ., ,. f,-11., qv.. f, f . . 3,MyM,M,.,Zgg,.:g,, ,.ff,,.w-M Lf,.' f.,,:.:-,lg K ,,, ff-,f 5-,,g-,gg -f i ,, ,gg .,,f' f, W 1y,y3 . z1,,kfx V 'ff ,Q,g,.',: ,, N,-f-J- l ' ' l w ' ,573g,gg5fg,:z5g Z- 2 :- g, 11-1 A , ., .. Q ,. V f- f - - , mQ,V5,,3.,,, . ,, V, , , 1, , fp ,.-. ,. - ,- V f , , . . f -, g,,,,4,,,,Z ,k.,.k,k ,nw in , . , ,, . , , , , gc: V! X- ' ff l . . ,W 'ff Z-Fl? ,A ' ' ' 54 4 l2.wLApP0mw um mwmdmame FRONT ROW: E. Baatz, Mgr., J. Yeager, L. Edwards, J. Cougill, R. Dougherty, M. Siebein, J. Bundy, E. McClain, R. Goodman, D. Nuttall, R. Smith, Coach Beach. SECOND ROW: C. Hessman, K. Shott, B. Henderson, G. Gigli, M. Elder, R. Hughes, B. Mullen, B. Kolacek, T. Hansen, C. Breeding, J. Coss, L. Valentine. THIRD ROW: Coach Thistlethwaite, 1964 was a year of new looks in Franklin Central High School football. Bill Reed, former Purdue star, was appointed head coach of the Flashes after being the assistant to Mr. Guyer last year. Assistant this year was joe Beach, a new teacher from Indiana State. The team, while failing to capture any victories, still had several outstanding players. Senior lineman Larry Edwards and junior jack Bundy, a halfback, were elected to the All -Capital District Conference Team. With Such Players we can look forward to future improvements in football. As the defensive team battles the opposition, Coach Reed, Jim Cougill Q28j, captain Roland Smith f32j, and Mike Siebein f22j, plan the offense. R. Cunningham, R. Buttz, L. Buttz, M. Boyer, L. Wampner, R. Price, D. Nuttall, R. Brown, R. Willhite, W. Broadstreet, Head Coach Reed. FOURTH ROW: M. Schmidt, T. Mattingly, B. Hilton, B. McClain, R. Hubble, V. Chandler, J. Rice, D. Thomas, C. Wells, J. Johnson, M. Chaney. 30 rohgu mmowum -- my f xl i t r5l?+fwLQwifIFf no 0' 1 Z I iff l -1 7 , , s ,Mx S Qpg- 7 ' f ,, In f A N5 ' 1 1 .4 - K J ' K I 9 K . + f ' agjf Ui, Hg ,V ' - t.n.'.:.mi1.S31Z'vt.a Q , . V ' K ,Jw , Egf?"W!i iff .i , ,'? 31 , fa . iw ' N Coaches in football at the home of the Flashes were Bill Reed of Purdue, head coachg Joe Beech of Indiana State, reserveg and Mark Thistlethwaite, freshman. I-Ialfback Jim Cougill Q81 followed by Roland Smith Sprints around left end. All Conference choice, Larry Edwards, prepares to chalk up another tackle in the Highland game. ff. W .., . I 1. wx, ' ' i if as 'iv H K rr s - i aw Qhow Pfam-iso, Another conference pick, junior Jack Bundy, displays talent for next year. As a stunned Decatur lineman looks on, end Denny Nuttall, No. 83, snags a pass. Being only a junior we are expecting a good showing from Denny next year. FRONT ROW: P. Barker, G. Pool, C. Burton, J. Monson, D. Dodd, T. Dougherty. SECOND ROW: M. Shaffer, S. Thomas, L. Sheets, R. Wells, M. Massey, J. Kirkham, 32 R. Hughes. THIRD ROW: E. Brown, C. Ritter, B. Sircy, L. Davidson, G. Austin, Coach Thistlethwaite Undwmsmew Leadf Flashes' Hamm aw HWTWMJQ sl ... .. , 3 VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY--FRONT ROW: M. Betner, L. Swengel, J. Dawson, J. Ward, T. I-Ienricks, J. Clark, D. Andry, B. Reynolds, J. Vuskalns. BACK J J' af. , .gl ...Q W X ROW: J. Andry, B. Golaski, L. Humphries, S. Craig, T. Lewis, B. Cougill, S. Rejko, Coach I-Ianni. In the 1964 fall season, Franklin Centra1's cross -country team has another successful year. The harriers' record, was impressive because only one senior was the entire squad. The Flashes' best runner was junior john Vuskalns, who lowered the F .C. cross-country course record to 10:10, bringing the record back to our own school. After this year's record is viewed, we can look forward to a better one next year, since coach Hanni says that if the boys work hard next year, they can have a much improved season. Cross-country is a sport of individuals . As Franklin Central supporters look on, Tom Hendricks fforegroundj, the only senior and one of the top harriers this year, and junior Don Andry push them- selves to the finish line after two gruelling miles of running. Throughout the year the Pep Club has made for more student spirit at both football and basketball games. Here they display their shakers and gloves, a new addition just Pep Qessionsflw The students clear the dance floor to make ready for the crowning of king. Here the queen, Janet, king, Tom, and court dance alone, the ending of a perfect homecoming evening. KWAJJIMQ Qpwb amdf Janet, with her escort, Mike Downey, receives the traditional homecoming roses. Her beaming smile lets everyone know exactly the excitement she feels at this moment. This year FCHS has tried to have a pep session before every home basket- ball game. These sessions ready the students for the night's festivities . Plus all the noise that is made, the feeling created is one of spirit and fellowship. lt is even moreso, though, on home- coming day. This day consists of voting for king and queen from previously picked candidates, a pep session, a meal before the game, the big game and crowning of the queen, and a dance at which the king is crowned. This is typical excitement seen at a game. When , times are tough, the fans just can't keep their seats. 'Q Nozwwtlw ' og!-I ' Night The queen and king are surrounded by their court consisting of fFIRST ROW, V. Mc- Cartney, L. Head, S. Napier, J. Kitley, QSECOND ROWQ L. Humphries, Janet Andry, Tom Henricks, P. Barker, QTHIRD ROWQ M. Downey, W. Richards, G. Mclntosh, K. Toney. ,ff 35 Y w Vwwitg Improves 6owtlwQecomEQbwi9l-tYea1v VARSITY BASKETBALL--FRONT ROW: R. Goodman, Allen, M. Humphries, M. Rode, M. Betner, Coach D. Nuttall, J. Bundy, B. Henderson, T. Mattingly, D. Nuttall. BACK ROW: R. Smith, T. Henricks, B. The 1964-65 basketball season was Marvin Knoop's second year as head coach of the Flashes . The team com- piled a respectable record of 10-ll, an improvement over last year's accom- plishments . At times, they played with the finesse of teams with much better records. Luck ran against the Flashes Knoop. in several close defeats. Seniors Ben Allen and Mac Humphries were vital in the Flashes' Wins. Denny and Danny Nuttal were the top scorers for F .C. this year. They, plus others, show promise of a bright future in basketball . Mark Thistlethwaite, freshman coach, Marvin Knoop, varsity coach, and Larry Hanni, reserve coach, plan a hard night's practice. AStlwFUaskesDwd0piw ' ambeicoaimg In the Sacred Heart game, Senior Roland Smith gets control of the bouncing basketball and looks for an F.C. player to pass it to. FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS F CI-IS F CHS FCI-IS F CHS FCHS FCHS F CHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS SEASON RECORD Whiteland New Palestine Center Grove Greenfield Pike Howe Triton Sacred Heart Speedway COUNTY TOURNEY SECTIONAL Decatur Cent. Beech Grove Decatur Cent. Morristown Scecina Chatard Lawrence Beech Grove Shortridge Warren Cent. Greenwood Southport , K... 3 Y' Danny Nuttall eyes the rim and heads toward two points in the Flashes sectional contest with Southport ff 'f"4f's Q Ben Allen, who has done a fine job playing varsity ball at F.C. for four years, fights for a rebound. RESERVE BASKETBALL FRONT ROW B Couglll R SECOND ROW Coach Hannl, J Chestnut, T Matting Goodman, B Reynolds, E MCC131H J Vuskalns ly, M Rode, C Breedmg D Andry A 4 2 f 1 F L .W-an.a.,-Maw-n -, ' ' 's Fwslv Show Possibilities 601-1 The FCHS reserve basketball team accomplished its main purpose, that of building underclassmen to varsity potential for future seasons. The team was good, but lack of height was their major stumbling point, causing a poor season. ln the Frosh hardwood campaign, Mark Thistlethwaite's team rolled up a 6-9 record against tough teams. Highlights of the season included two victories over the black and orange of Beech Grove's Hornets. Mike Shaffer was leading scorer at a 10 point -a -game pace. The "B" team won 3 and lost ll. In roundball action against Warren Central, junior guard Jack Bundy is a study in concentration as he "takes flight" in pursuit of a bucket. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL--FRONT ROW: T. Green, BACK ROW: C. Burton, G. Pool, S. Skiles, S. Thomas, R. Hughes, M. Shaffer, T. Dougherty, G. Austin, C. Trimble, P. Barker, L. Sutter, Coach Thistlethwaite. J. Monson, R. Westby, R. Gibson, J. Andry ummm owppaw Qaavalmbvt - at nous VARSITY: FRONT ROW: R. Whitlock, D. Goodman, B. Entrekin, E. Barnard, M. Wolcott, M. Sipes, Coach Morgan. BACK ROW: J. Aulby Mgr., J. McGee, S. Head coach Al Morgan and assistant Bill Reed in- spect warrn up jackets for storage. Coach Morgan has had a contestant in the state finals for the past seven years. The wrestling season was one of en- couragement. Several of Coach Morgan's matmen were outstanding in representing Franklin Central. Among them were co- captains Bill Entrekin and Dick Goodman both seniors, and Everette Barnard a jun- ior. All three have been Capitol District Conference champs twice. Dick at 103 lbs. and Everette at 120 lbs. advanced all the way to the State Finals and were able to gain third place in their divisions. The squad will lose only three seniors through graduation. It is well known that wres- tling has its place at Franklin Central as a State Power . Craig, P. Thomas, M. Davids, B. Cunningham, J Coss, E. Baatz, Mgr. and PQawTlwwLiwIQ!-l44QtateMwt As the referee prepares to slap the mat signifying a fall, 112 lb. Bill Entrekin marks up another victory. He has had 48 wins and only 11 losses in three years of varsity competition. Controlling his sectional opponent, 103 lb. Dick Good- man is shown in a typical match. Dick was chosen F.C. most valuable wrestler. I-le placed third in the state and won the Capitol District Conference for the second year. Q Mem- " . . - f f A ' ,gif Everette Barnard, third in the state is shown controlling his Mater Dei opponent. He did a tremendous job wrestling at 120 lbs. this year. Most valuable Frosh matman, two years ago, Everette will be one of the key men in coach Al Mor- gan's plans for next year grappling campaign at Franklin Central. 7 FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCI-IS Working to obtain a fall, junior Everette Barnard is shown on his way to one of his many wins this winter. Eeedfs Qlww Pwwiw 60m dw Fwtww SEASON RECORD Ben1Davis 36 Southport 39 U. of Bloomington 18 Lawrence C. 35 Warren C. 26 Secina 19 bAater1Dei 31 Beech Grove 24 hdanual 27 Bloomington 33 1Decatur C. 24 Northwest 19 SECUDNAL CThird.P1acej RESERVE QFRONT ROWQ: J. Aulby, D. Baird, S. QBACK ROWQ: Coach Reed, R. Thomas J Brown Van Treese, D. Barnard, J. Bowden, L. Humphries. S. Rejko, D. Baird, E. Baatz. 42 I ' ' Adiow I-Iiglilfg This Yewds G-o!6vQeasow GOLF TEAM: QFRONT ROWQ J. Pope, H. Ogelsby, T. Repass, G. Sheets, S. Brown, S. Skiles, Coach Morgan. QBACK ROWJ J. Coss, B. Henderson, T. Henricks, B. Rosemeyer, S. Bell, R. Thomas, J. Johnson, P. Thomas. Golf is one of the most interesting sports available at Franklin Central. Participants can enjoy nine holes of sport, While also playing on a school-sponsored activity. The 1965 golf season was one in which more players than usual turned out. The season, which was l-5, was highlighted by some very excellent pla The most valuable player on the links tea was senior Bill Henderson. Several sopho- mores and a junior showed development as the season progressed, and can be expected to bolster the strength of next year ' s team . y. ffl No. 1 golfer, senior Bill Henderson, lines up on an important putt. Bill did a fine job of representing Franklin Central on the golf course. 43 Coach Hamdfs Tmokmew af Winning Qeasow TRACK TEAM: fFRONT ROWQ T. Green, Mgr., L. Oliver, T Dougherty, M Betner, J Dawson, B Hilton, Buttz, B. Cunningham, M. Siebein, S. Rejko, T. Lewis, V Chandler, C Trimble, C Breeding, J Ward, Coach H. Walker, L. Sheets, J. Lawson, J. Vuskalns, M. Car- Beach rett, QBACK ROWQ Coach I-Ianni, B. Vernon, J. Rice, N Track in 1965 was one of the best sports at FCHS. While posting a fine 5-3 record, the team also set four new school records. Mark Betner ran 100 yards in 10.2 seconds and broad jumped 22' 2 1f2" john Vuskalns lowered the mile mark to 4:35.5. Jerry Dawson and joe Ward joined with Mark and John to form a mile relay team that set a new standard of 3:29.2. With only three seniors leaving the team, coach, Larry I-Ianni says he is expecting one of the finest teams in Franklin Cen- tral's history next year. FC Broad Jumper, Junior Mark Betner, displays his skills in a dual meet. Both he and John Vuskalns ad- vance to the Regionals. AwBwbewaz ' aw mes We Franklin Centra1's low hurdler, senior Mike Siebein, will be a big loss to the team next year. In record breaking form, junior John Vuskalns is shown rtmning the mile in the Chartrand meet. W ,V ,r.,, ,, K , ,W Q lr' grid fn fuax H 5 R ww QD mm' RESERVE TRACK: CFRONT ROW, L. Sheets, J. Andry, Mgr., QBACK ROWQ S. Rejko, J. Lawson, T. Lewis, C. R. Hughes, C. Sizemore, J. Kirkum, R. Westby, T. Breeding, V. Chandler, J. Rice, P. Coy, B. McFarland, Dougherty, D. McClain, J. Aulby, B. Vernon, T. Green, T. Hanson, C. Trimble, R. Allen, M. Garrett, Mgr. 45 NwCoaclvaudfFiwl2.ecmdfHigMF9l1tDfo.momdf in ,, ff' 4- 'fri ' w BASEBALL: fFRONT ROW, L. Walker, M. Boyer, R. Hughes, J. Cougill, D. Nuttall, M. Wilcher, R. Good- man, D. Nuttall, QSECOND ROWQ G. Stephens, D. Young, M. Reed, J. Brown, V. Kurtz, B. Reynolds, The 1965 baseball season was a suc- cessful one for first -year coach Mark Thistlethwaite. His team compiled a very good record of 8 -5-1. The high point of the season was johnny Clark's perfect game. The fire -balling right hander downed twenty -one straight batters while defeating Martinsville 3-0. For the third straight year, Rex Hughes led all hitters with a .333 average. ln the pitching de- partment, Clark was 4-3 and jim Cougill 3-1. As a whole, the future of Franklin Central on the basepaths looks quite good with an excellent coach and more talent coming up. One of the best infielders for FC, third baseman Jack Bundy, scoops up a hot ground ball and pivots for the throw to first base. KBACK ROW, Coach Knoop, G. Gibbs, E. McClain, R. Price, B. Mullen, J. Clark, G. Gigli, D. Andry, J. Bundy, Coach Thistlethwaite. , " .. 'fi' ,gan . , ,sf , Jamg Olwdw uwdm Pm6ecb efmagazm mmm FCHS FCHS FCI-IS FCHS FCHS FCHS FCHS FC HS FAHS FCI-IS FCHS FCHS Rex Hughes, for the third straight year the Flashes' leading slugger, steps into a pitch to deliver a timely hit in the 7-6 win over Beech Grove. - 7 'fx-rim 5 4 0 1 7 2 3 ll 3 2 2 3 SEASON RECORD Manual Chartrand Shelbyville Sacred Heart C13 INNINGSJ Beech Grove Greenfield Q 9 INNINGSJ Speedway C10 INNINGSD Deaf School Martinsville Lawrence Cen Howe COUNTY TOURNEY Southport Us , R , As the umpire watches, pitcher Jim Cougill, a senior who was 3-1 this year, looks down to the catcher for his signal. The Beech Grove runner is straying too far off base so Jim prepares to turn and throw to Rex Hughes at first in a pickoff play. 47 5503 ' Pwgwm 017 FCP-YQ FRONT ROW: D. Lechner, C. McCurdy, B. Kolacek, G. Gigli, D. Goodman, S. Smith, R. McFarland, S. Speer, T. Schmidt, G. McIntosh. SECOND ROW: J. Coss, C. Hessman, J. Ward, L. Morris, B. Rode, M. Welcher, M. Sipes, M. Cook, C. Olin, K. Motley. THIRD ROW: D. Seabolt, D. Dodd, D. Murray, G. Mr. Glen Eastes sponsored this year's intramural basketball program at Franklin Central. Participants met on Sunday after- noons, and some week nights after school hours. For the first time the boys partic- ipated i.n a supervised basketball tourna- ment. From eight to ten boys were chosen to each team. Then one member was elected as the captain in each squad. Everyone got plenty of good, healthful exercise and had fun, since intramurals allow those who do not participate in reg- ular interscholastic sports to play bas- ketball. Ron Dougherty, Jim Cougill, and Mike Downey saw regular action in the intramural program. Each boy was a captain of his respective team. Hanson, C. Breeding, K. Shott, T. Mattingly, F. Foist, L. Valentine. FOURTH ROW: L. Edwards, W. Law- erence, J. Chestnut, T. Dougherty, D. Kraft, R. Gray, T. Lewis, P. Mercer. BACK ROW: J. Cougill, R. Dougherty, L. Walker, M. Downey. Pdawmwtmnmwchmmdmewm p + .f 1-Sfmflz m,k:. Wkfiffi -aid In charge of keeping school spirit high were varsity cheerleaders Jean Griffin, Janie Jones, Betty Jones, Sherry Runyon, and Sherri Hotze. This years freshman squad consisted of Ruth Ann Reserve cheerleaders Marsha McFarland, Bonnie Ewalt, EV-HDS, De101'eS Kemper, ADD B-?lSSeUl, Captain, -121121 Jorja Eder, and Susie McFarland were invaluable in M-915011, and Debbie P0uH1'd- helping the varsity. 49 Sound of Grgcmizafion I -- ' 'H - ,qw , -,idigq-gig , E . .5 ,M 1. . ,gi -,E .. 4.13 . 7 E . ..,v,. ' ' -fy S ' X gg 'L'-K' - ':'f. .- '. -'rs - 1 " bf. ,'. ..ff '. K 9, .iz S -H' , M .. .fi 1 . m A 1 A - - y. A -- ,,, -1, . ,. Q., 'gig-:.f.',a5-f1.f ' an K 1 . H A 2 A 5 ' fm 1 f--,rg :-,.J..--my--55. .- ,am fa 7 1 - f- -'-- gwf- . ..v.,,f:f '-. A .JP 1. if H. . rw f . -' - . ,, V ,fzvfsq 1 '- .Q :ffm -g:: -.-,-:wie-g,..,f"' ..- :-.. - . -. - 7' ..- ' - ,gpg -:r- -v:' .. '- . , . -my 1 ' f, U. .. . ,. : 1. lf , - ":- .:g'. -1 V fp -, 5 -. fig, .I , if -' Q-P My 5 . M Q M K - i f W H, - ' 41. . ffflijv ff sf e, .- l 5 E My - L H J. J- - W "- .- ' -' f wg, 39... 9. W a . ew w H. K. -i Y f,s, M, 'm,.. A - .. -fe ,. .g+, 91.. Q.z.,,.., M,A.,-nM,mf.,,,Q..+3Q,i.gew1,,,.Es-5.55.1wwf X qw? ,,721,.g,-mgipngi,-,WM-zifcmzm, . 7,54 -. wg f,4.... w - 1 Y- Yffwk?-fum-3.msQmwayfwwwiff fr afv mx 1 W - if -, I ' . 2 ix F' ffl W 6 E E S Hmm Qwwtg uiges ' fFRONT ROWQ B. Deerberg, S. Spurlin, L. Phillips, K. Toney, J. Perryman, N. Gleason, L. Hubble, J. Barnard. QSECOND ROWQ Mrs. Thomas, J. Chupp, J. Jefferis, .5 M .JJJ , , . - I ff- V. .,. '-e: 2'f2'5ii .M'i53Ef.fsEWf-'iisifilg ' s f f ' f 'A A M" 1' , - y fs "f4axi. 1 .sigeg " I' if i..z5'.. '.zi.i -- F A' 55f5ib '35:' :. .'5!55f?5 'ii 5'3:5'ib"'75 . .., 2 ,L 3 , ffg. 1 S fiwsfii ff '- s-15. . '.Ga , 2 .- .- -ai-w.!, Q at 1. .. .ina 1. .K f 5 - max e w. . Q . 5 Z. 5 ,-Q2-f5:2,,2 M 1557 is s5?f f,.1QE1tf . X 7 ig H 55ET'iii3'i ffJ5f251! 5 :Xi ' if F- rtiwifig .sa if .ny g ie2.. fg3xgsg- 5 3 if-1 .' f 2 'i ,git-i'l2..f Mzgfc ftix .. iffisgsr 'Q fg .S f - zj 15 - 5 gf - -fi auf -ig fi.-3gs.3,552Qss ' 13 i Q " . S - S ., is ze. : .ww-.:1.-f . 4- .mf -12: 32-:mai -fsissiif 1525-i31',Ikii' - , t 5HLTffit,5 'S V Ilf.gix'1 .fmwz Ami. . . . S. 2 sais -fa :wie .Y T Q Q ,. -KLV Q. , S ,M , g y Q - - ' .fi-f,,.si.f,1g..k1 1' . .if Q ' . 2 . - ,. : N gs f 3 :if 71313. K .iii .- . ,Zi - , -N- in W .,,. 5 1 My 5. .,., - f..,,1i.-- , W A ' - . f . .I .E E: N., , :L ,si fx . if . '-r K " h M ' sqm :Q ' . , , - ' . S -- sa? K g if -. I . , ..,,, .,,: i K. Shirley, B. Entrekin, R. Vuskalns. QTHIRD ROW, N. Oliver, J. Vuskalns, T. Henricks, B. Allen, R. Smith, B. McFarland, M. Betner. Thirteen new members were inducted into the National Honor Society this year. These people were chosen because of their character, scholarship, leadership and service to others. This year for the first time the society presented awards to the outstanding student in each depart- ment. Kent Shirley, president of the so- ciety, made the presentations at the an- nual honors convocation. Awards were made to the graduating seniors who had a perfect attendance record throughout their four years of high school. This year thirteen new members were inducted into the National Honor Society. The parents of the new members were present for the candle light initiation ceremony. D iwAofiowlS Foumdfab ' S As the representative body of the school, the Student Council made and pas- sed recommendations on school policies. This year the council voted to buy pins for the members out of the school fund. They also approved the Speech and Chess Clubs The idea of receiving class rings early was discussed. New rules and regulations were passed concerning class competition and judging in such events as homecoming floats and the Blue gl White Revue . Bill Entrekin, president of Student Council, brings be- fore the council an issue to be discussed and voted on. QFRONT ROWQ A. Wood, R. Smith, J. Lawson, B. Sircy, K. Shirley, B. Entrekin, B. Walker, M. Hum- phries, R. Hughes, L. Sutter, Mr. Mason. QSECOND ROWJ A. Hosier, C. Root, B. Schmidt, S. Fishburn, J. Kitley, B. Lyons, B. Belleau, J. McWhorter, L. Miley, K. Reynolds, A. McFarland, R. Vuskalns, J. Barnard, N. Smale, L. Craig, L. Hubble, C. McCarty. QTHIRD ROW, L. Bradley, T. Henricks, J. Bundy, L. Humphries, B. Cougill, J. Vuskalns, L. Buttz, M. Rode, M. Speer, E. McClain, D. Ingle, G. Austin, B. Vernon, P. Barker, J. Andry, E. Barnard. vwgaggwm Hwadfi'aMwbDeadEFMes ff. Making headlines for the next issue are Linda Leonar Motley, and Linda Miley. QFRONTQ C. Duke. QMIDDLEQ K. Motley, G. Davis, Miley, J. Dahl, L. Leonard, J. Kramer, B. Henderso B. Sievers, B. Ewalt, B. Kennedy, M. Humphries. mb- Folding before distribution. A lot of hard work goes into each issue of the PILOT. The stories must be Wirtten, approved, proofread, and made ready for the press i.n Q--. time for the deadline. This is an excellent opportunity for students especially interested in journalism. QW .-ww d, Kenny L. QBACKQ S. Smale, Mrs. Peterson, S. Byrkett, L. Hum- n, phries, R. Marling. 54 Yeaaboob-aw 06 of School Yewu QFRONT ROWj K. Toney, K. Speckin. QMIDDLE ROWQ berg, L. Bade, N. Smale, B. Entrekin, D. Ingle. QBACK C. Sparks, V. Coomer, D. Piper, J. Chupp, V. Boesen- ROW, D. Jones, Miss Woodruff. From the time the fir st subscription is sold in the fall until the last book is distributed the next fall, the yearbook staff is hard at Work. Laying out the sections, taking pictures, Writing copy, and Writing captions are what the staff members have to do to produce the 1965 FLASHBACK. Staff Member Cheryl Sparks writes Sadonna Spurlin a receipt for a purchase of a yearbook. f. x X 0 - ' X Y!!! I X f ....... I Editor Nancy Smale carefully lays out the division pages of the 1965 FLASHBACK as well as writing the copy for them. K -ai X! tkf' E M,,,,i,..,.... N..- L '65afBuA5Yewv6ofvOUubsat ' QUILT.. 8zSCROLL--J. Chupp, B. Sievers, N. Smale, B. Entrekin, D. Piper, M. Humphries, Miss Woodruff, L. Bade, K. Toney. The major project of the Sigma Mu was the preparation of their science ex- hibits at the Central Indiana Regional Science Fair. Mary Lancaster won sev- eral awards for her science project. The latest club to organize was the Chess Club founded by Mr. Clarke . They met once a week to improve their game and increase their skill by engag- ing another club member in a thought- provoking battle. Quill and Scroll represents the news- paper and yearbook staff members who have contributed a great deal of time and effort to their respective publica- tions. The Library Club is composed of stu dents who work at least one period in the library helping Mrs . Miller with all the many problems that arise during an average day. LIBRARIANS QSEATEDJ J. Barnard, V. Kurtz, L. Deer- QSTANDINGQ H. Swartz, R. Kenyon, E. Baatz, S. Hoyt berg, V. Green, D. Robertson, A. Hosier, M. Strellner. R. Rule, Mrs. Miller. pwnlztmwsts zwQfgmwMwawClwssC!ub SIGNA MU: R. Westby, J. Lowery, M. Lancaster, R. Vuskalns, S. Bell, G. Linn, D. Jones, J. Coss, V. CHESS CLUB: QSEATEDy H. Swartz, I. Maze, H. Wetze R. Dorsett, B. Hannon, L. Humphries, J. Carrier, C. 1, Muncy, R. Muterspaugh, D. Phillips, D. Baird, R. Mc- Amis. QSTANDINGJ S. Whiteside, S. Skiles, S. Fulk, Chandler, Mr. Colglazier, H. Wetzel, J. Vuskalns, S. Coxhead, J. Dahl, S. Rhorer, D. Ingle, N. Gleason. C. Stockwell, R. Westby, J. Westerman, B. Lewis, L. Strellner, L. Probst, C. Burton, J. Clark, M. Speer. QSECOND ROW, Mr. Clarke, J. Ward, C. Kost, D. Murray. mgmmnmfs wuagumguoguwgawoavw. S.S.S.: fFRONT ROWQ J. Evans, K. Sutherland, G. Roberts, L. Craig, M. Tawney, S. Hotze, C. Macaluso, T. Shaffer, S. Sutherland, B. Kennedy, R. Vuskalns. QSECOND ROWQ N. Moore, G. Sizemore, C. Sutton, P. Stark, W. Richards, P. Francis, J. Meacham, S. Hed- ges, T. Seal, B. Limbach, B. Walker, C. McCarty. QTHIRD ROW, L. Wilkins, B. Jones, S. Green, V. Green, R. Howery, K. Gibson, D. Morgan, K. Brink, L. McClain, K. Puckett, C. Lechner, J. Smith. QFOURTI-I , V. J H L, , - K , .. ROW, L. Stillabower, J. McWhorter, S. McFarland, M. McFarland, D. Brodrick, C. Drinkut, N. Clouse, B. Johnson, M. Strellner, K. Fishback, D. Doane. CFIFTI-I ROW, M. Peipenbrok, D. Robertson, P. Hall, M. Messer, J. Eder, L. Piso, C. Sutter, M. Yeager, B. Wise, N. Gigli, C. Swengel, D. Wesselman. fSIXTH ROWQ S. Skillman, A. Hosier, A. Wood, V. Kurtz, C. Neathery, M. Wilhite, B. Belleau, K. Allen. P. O'Con- nell, N. Hollcraft, T. Ebersole, C. Wepf, Mrs. Hale. Norma moore reigned as queen of the annual SSS dance this year. She was crowned by Marilyn Tawney, presi- dent of Sunshine, as Linda Head and Miriam Folkening looked on. The Sunshine Society completed many useful projects during the year. One of their outstanding projects was the prepar- ation of food baskets at Easter, Thanks- giving and Christmas for a needy family. The club members had a book sale at the Bunker Hill Fish Fry to raise money. The SSS dance was the outstanding socia event of the year. The students enjoyed dancing to the music provided by the Bob Ferris Combo. The last event for the club l was their installation of officers on May 19. 58 QuuslawmwLFutwwNwwes ' ' afBu.s5Qc!1eduQe SSS QFRONT ROW, P. Wampner, D. Whitlock, P. Ste- wart, S. Rode, K. Ford, S. Fishburn, C. Cougill, A. Bassett, J. Mason, J. Westerman. QSECOND ROW, M. Richardson, R. Piepenbrok, S. Gray, L. Utter, D. Kem- per, S. Craig, D. Pollard, B. Hayes, J. Dorsett, L. Ri- eck, Mrs. Ernstes. QTHIRD ROW, N. Huston, L. Fran- cis, S. Skiles, K. Wood, L. Worrell, S. Dierdorf, D. Bramlett, B. Schmidt, C. Peterson, R. Chestnut. FUTURE NURSES CFRONT ROW, Mrs. Peterson, C. Jones, K. Speckin, E. Coy, P. Wampner, C. Morgan, B. Sievers. QSECOND ROW, V. Lawrence, B. Lowe, C. Peterson, V. McCartney, L. Shields, D. Whitlock, S. QFOURTH ROW, J. Watkins, C. Ewalt, L. Rabourn, E. Coy, D. Smith, V. Mason, Y. Macaluso, J. Kitley, C. Worthington. QFIFTH ROW, K. Steward, D. Weston, D. Gaier, B. Ewalt, C. Duke, M. Arnold, J. Jones, S. Runyon, F. Tawney, S. Clark, B. Poole. QSIXTH ROW, T. Combs, R. Buchanan, K. Reynolds, L. I-lead, S. Foster, D. Dierdorf, L. Russell, L. Miley, L. Leonard, L. Nichols. Rode, P. Stewart, K. Puckett. QTHIRD ROW, D. Mut- erspaugh, S. Thacker, A. Ritter, G. Sizemore, M. Cooper, K. Drinkut, V. Rejko, G. Acomb, B. Francis. , 59 I-n-v ww-ur-v cmpm Mm, usegua Pwjwfr TRI-HI-Y: QFRONT ROWQ K. Grady, D. Robertson, D. Arnold, N. Smale, C. Sparks, A. Ritter, S. Stayte, J. Barnard, N. Gleason. QSECOND ROWQ D. Garner, Mrs. Miner, A. Hosier, B. Deerberg, V. Coomer, S. Hanner, The Hi -Y and Tri -Hi -Y clubs present the religious aspect of Franklin Central. For both clubs the major project of the A. Wood, S. Lyons, C. Root, D. Muterspaugh, B. Siev- ers. CTHIRD ROW, J. Jefferis, L. Utterback, C. Kost, C. Ewalt, C. Baird, S. Hedrick, M. Arthur, E. Peterson, C. Morgan, S. Fallowfield. year was preparation for and attendance at the Model U.N. by many members . HI-Y: QFRONT ROW, B. Cougill, B. Flagle, J. Dawson, OND ROWQ P. Thomas, K. Shott, C. Breeding, T. B. McFarland B. Haggard J. McGee D. Poole. QSEC- Bates D. Me cha E. B t Mr. Leffl , , , , a m, aa z, er. Fl54m1dfJuniowLeadwusWo11bf6mfwBmrfFuhuw ml., ,,,,,,.,,3,-5 ,XR 5 mwwmmmww F.F.A.: QFRONT ROW, M. Schmidt, R. McFarland, B. Rode, G. McIntosh, W. Padgett, B. McFarland, B. Rode. QSECOND ROW, B. McClain, W. LaFever, C. Ritter, C. McCurdy, S. Smith, G. Wilkins, T. Thompson. The Future Farmers of America Club consists of those boys who are interested in the field of agriculture. The boys gain valuable knowledge through experience under the fine leadership of the sponsor, Mr. Geise. JUNIOR LEADERS: fFRONT ROW, B. McFarland, B. Deerberg, D. Muterspaugh, L. Bade, A. Ritter, G. McIntosh, C. Macaluso, I. Utterback. QSECOND ROW, J. Jones, J. Jefferis, D. Garner, Y. Macaluso, J. Kitley, S. Lyons, K. Grady, J. Phillips, M. Lancaster. QTI-IIRD ROW, D. Phillips, M. Lowes, C. Baird, S. Hanner, L. Miley, R. Evans, S. Fishburn, B. Schmidt, QTHIRD ROW, M. Westphal, C. Sizemore, D. Good- man, B. Skelton, D. Poulson, M. Shroder, J. Bramlett, B. Burkman, Mr. Geise. The junior Leaders of FCHS take an active part in 4-I-I each summer. Each junior leader works with either a boys' club or a girls' club. They advise the younger 4-I-I'ers in their projects, dem - onstrations, and exhibits at the state and county fairs. D. Wesselman, D. Croxton. QFOURTH ROW, Miss Burk, L. Phillips, M. Lowes, L. McClain, K. Speckin, D. Gaier, L. Rabourn, J. McWhorter, J. Worland, L. Ut- ter, Mr. Geise. QFIFTH ROW, M. Kocher, C. Olin, I. Maze, M. Davids, M. Schmidt, B. McClain, C. Burton, C. Ritter, M. Rode, C. McCurdy, R. McFarland. afwldug at I-Ialstuw, audi do Qpziug CouwutAwJwst KFRONT ROWQ: S. Bell, J. Waltz, P. Barker, L. Phil- T. Hubble, J. Lowery, R. Schilling, C. Burton, E. lips, B. McFarland, G. Roberts, D. Andry, J. Jefferis, Lowes, V. Ward, R. Hughes, J. Dawson, S. Green, L. J. Jones. fSECOND ROWQ: J. Yeager, A. McFarland, Rabourn, B. Vorse, J. Coss, L. Birdwell. QFOURTH D. Garner, M. Richardson, D. Day, C. Root, K. Grady, ROW, Mr. Ferris, D. Morgan, B. Miles, R. Hughes, P. O'Con.nell, S. Fulk, S. Hedrick, A. Ritter, G. Lynn, T. Bates, B. Haggard, R. Utterback. J. Miller. QTHIRD ROWQ: M. Lowes, S. Skillman, Besides participating in the Spring Concert and marching at the half times, the band received a plaque from the American Legion for taking an active part in the Veterans' Day Parade . During the football season the band and majorettes paraded before the stands displaying difficult formations such as a Steamship and the Statue of Liberty. Since the membership of the band increased so greatly when the new freshmen came, it was necessary to obtain seventeen new uniforms . Last March the Franklin Central Singers displayed their many talents in a program which they presented to the public at Indiana Central College in behalf of the St. Francis Hospital. The St. Francis Hospital received the profits of the evening for affilated charities . The Franklin Central Singers also received the trophy for the best intermission act at this year's Blue gl White Revue . The Dance Band played an important part in the Blue 81 White Revue by providing all the music necessary for each act. The choir and chorus gave excellent performances at the annual Spring and Christmas Concerts. Mr. Ferris worked diligently with the band, Franklin Central Singers, choirs, and the Dance Band in preparation of all the musical events put on by the school. 62 apaiogaanwaaiaaau b5tlwBmwL QFRONT ROWJ: D. Piper, N. Gleason, G. Pool, J. Kitley, B. Poole, R. Evans, I. Utterback, L. Utterback. QSECOND ROWQ: S. Lyons, S. McFarland, G. Shay, B. Entrekin, B. Hannon, H. Wetzel, S. Thomas, C. Sparks. QTHIRD ROWJ: F. Bergman, B. Gibbs, T. Repass, I. Each year new majorettes take their places in line as the Seniors graduate . The number of majorettes necessary grows in percentage as the band member- ship also increases . At the present time there are nineteen majorettes. Each girl bears the expense of her costume and shares the responsibility of presenting each show. John Waltz, a high-stepping Senior, has been the band's drum major since his sophomore year. When he first became drum major, he was the youngest in the history of our school to be honored with this position. Maze, P. Barker, D. Phillips, D. Kafoure, H. Oglesby, C. Muncy. QFOURTH ROWQ: R. Hartman, C. Petty, K. Shirley, D. Poole, J. Phillips, J. Bundy, R. Marlin, B. Blacketer, C. Ritter, D. Reasoner, A. Bassett, D. Wilson, T. Hendricks. tlwMaw5Qow1dAFowwLab ' FC SINGERS: QFRONT ROWQ: J. Jones, C. Self, Mr. Ferris, L. Utterback, D. Garner. QSECOND ROWQ: B. CHOIR: QFRONT ROWQ: B. Deerberg, A. McFarland, M. McFarland, B. Jones, S. Reel, T. Shaffer, J. Wat- kins, J. Meacham, C. Sutton, S. Cayton, B. Gregg, K. Davis, K. Steward, C. Ewalt. fSECOND ROWQ: D. Dierdorf, C. Macaluso, D. Brodrick, V. McCartney, L. McClain, K. Puckett, F. Anderson, G. Sizemore, P. Francis, L. Borden, C. Arthur, A. Naue, N. Moore, S. Hedges, T. Seal. QTHIRD ROWj: J. Smith, P. Richey, J. McFoy, S. Thacker, S. Rode, B. Limbach, D. Arnold, W. Richards, S. Green, L. Scotten, S. Fishback, H. Geissman., K. Reynolds, Mr. Ferris. Entrekin, R. Smith, R. Kenyon, R. Hughes, D. Piper, A. Hall. KFOURTH ROWJ: S. Runyon, C. Lechner, B. Sievers, P. Wampner, D. Whitlock, C. Jones, B. Ewalt, L. Valentine, S. Hagan, B. Chsateen, S. Flagle, N. Clouse, B. McCowan. fFIFTH ROWQ: G. Gigli, L. Craig, B. Geissman., T. Hilton, L. Bade, L. Russell, R. Wisdom, K. Hendrickson, T. Cory, M. Chaney, R. Gray, J. Aulby, T. Combs, D. Drinkut, S. Suther- land. QSIXTH RGWQ: H. Harrison, N. Smith, P. Aikman, R. Allen, T. Lewis, T. Bates, C. Breeding, R. Dougherty, B. Hilton, T. Hansen, D. Young, D. Piper, E. Baatz, B. Gray, A. Hall. wetwzmqoufg 6fwwtlwMusw CHORUS: QFRONT ROWQ: L. Rieck, K. Baker, S. Clark, L. Pickett, D. Pollard, Mr. Ferris, S. Craig, L. Utter, F. Tawney, B. Hayes. QSECOND ROWQ: L. Walker, P. Francis, L. Shields, K. Ford, D. Dahl, C. DANCE BAND: QFRONT ROWQ: S. Hartman, P. Thomas, Mr. Ferris, G. Shay, S. Thomas. QSECOND ROWQ: F. Bergman, J. Coss, B. Vorse, R. Hughes, D. Wilson, R. Dierdorf, V. Lawrence, C. Sullivan, N. Radcliffe. QTHIRD ROWJ: L. Jackson, J. Henderson, D. Marsh, J. Kirkham, L. Sutter, T. Dougherty, R. Marling, J. Andry, D. Morgan, J. Munson, M. Massey. Utterback. QTHIRD ROWQ: B. Miles, K. Shirley, R. Hartman. fAT PIANOQ: L. Utterback, R. Kenyon. 65 Majmebtes WoakHwedwGiwtlwPub01oHal6t1wQhows MAJORETTES fFRONTj C. McCarty. QFRONT ROW, J. Jefferis, M. Amold, P. Richey, B. Kennedy, A. Mc- Farland, D. Garner, M. Piepenbrok. QSECOND ROWQ FUTURE TEACHERS QFRONT ROWQ M.. Richardson, J. Jefferis, D. Garner, A. McFarland, P. Anderson, N. Berry, L. Miley, M. Lancaster, J. Chupp, G. Roberts, R. Vuskalns. QSECOND ROWQ K. Martin, J. Kramer, D. Robertson, B. Lewis, M. Piepenbrok, A. Hosier, P. O'ConneLl, B. Deerberg, S. Smale, A. Wood, N. Smale, L. Bade, Mr. Guyer. QTHIRD ROWQ J. Barnard, N. Gleason, M. Breedlove, B. Walker, S. Sutherland, M. Tawney, K. Sutherland, L. Head, N. Smale, S. Smale. S. Spurlin, A. Ritter, V. Boesenberg, G. Acomb, C. Stockwell, C. Root, J. Worland, C. Pelko, B. Geissman. fFOURTI-I ROWQ C. Baird, P. Barker, J. Bundy, E. Baatz, N. Gleason, K. Grady, J. Cottle, K. Allen, B. Belleau, B. Lambert. QFIFTH ROW, S. Bell, J. John- son, E. McClain, M. Speer, J. Vuskalns, C. Olin, K. Moss, J. Cougill, B. Entrekin, T. Henricks. Pep OM: Displags Qclwolb Qpwt iw Quppofub 06 Qponts 1 s .swag if ,fiifiies , S., . QFRONT ROW, M. Arnold, P. Barker, D. Gaier, C. Macaluso, A. Bassett, C. Rabourn, L. Stevens, M. Pie- penbrok, S. Smale, K. Toney. QSECOND ROW, C. Duke, N. Smale, C. Ewalt, B. Ewalt, S. McFarland, J. Eder, S. Goins, R. Piepenbrok, L. Walker, L. Rabourn, D. Weston. QTHIRD ROW, J. Chupp, C. Baird, T. Hil- ton, K. Reynolds, L. Head, J. Arnold, L. Clark, L. fFRONT ROW, K. Hendrickson, L. Craig, C. Lechner, L. Stillbower, A. Hosier, D. Robertson, M. Richardson, D. Wesselman, Y. Macaluso. QSECOND ROW, L. Wor- rell, S. Craig, P. Francis, L. Francis, R. Chestnut, L. Utter, D. Goodman, B. Wise, M. Lancaster, D. Dahl. QTHIRD ROW, D. Kemper, C. Peterson, D. Smith, N. Gigli, L. Valentine, M. McFarland, B. Jones, K. Puc- Leonard, J. Kitley, J. Lowery, QFOURTH ROW, L. Bade, L. Miley, D. McNutt, D. McNutt, V. Boesenberg, J. Westerrnan, K. Wood, B. Skelton, M. Yeager, C. , Sutter, N. Berry. QFIFTH ROW, C. Morgan, S. Fallow- field, C. Cougill, S. Skillman, C. Stockwell, L. Rieck, P. Coy, J. Mason, K. Ford, F. Tawney, J. Tam, B. Lewis. kett, M. Cooper, N. Clouse, D. Brodrick, C. Tames. QFOURTH ROW, V. Green, R. Howery, K. Gibson, K. Brink, L. McClain, D. Morgan, C. Swengel, S. Gillum, J. Worland. CFIFTH ROW, M. lowes, A. Wood, L. Nichols, B. Deerberg, L. Mitchell, B. Francis, S. Han- ner, G. Acomb. Good Qpoatsmanship and Skills Aw As G.A.A.: QFRONT ROW, S. Fallowfield, C. Morgan, L. Bade, J. Chupp, G. Roberts, N. Smale, T. Hilton, N. Moore, B. Deerberg, Miss Myer. QSECOND ROWj S. I-lanner, D. McNutt, V. Boesenberg, D. McNutt, L. Phillips, P. Barker, N. Crisler, L. Hubble, K. Moore, N. Gleason, L. Rieck. QTHIRD ROWQ C. Cougill, D. 4 . I, Pollard, B. Lyons, A. Bassett, S. Clark, B. Poole, D. Smith, P. Coy, R. Piepenbrok, K. Baker, F. Tawney, L. Walker, QFOURTH ROW, S. Craig, P. Francis, B. Hayes, K. Pickett, D. Dahl, J. Lowery, J. Kitley, T. Hubble, S. Skiles, L. Francis. The Gir1's Athletic Association at FCHS this year, as every year, has a Wide variety of activities. The group meets once a week to play various types of sports such as: basketball, tennis, volleyball, softball, and archery. For eight Weeks in the fall, the girls go bowling, and each week they try to improve their scores. GAA gives each girl who participates the opportunity to learn good sportsmanship and how to get along with others. GAA also extends an opportunity of gaining the exercise which is needed by each and everyone of us. At the annual GAA Turnabout dance, the selecting of the King and Queen is one of the evening's highpoints. Members and their guests enjoy an evening of fun and dancing. Aflflafics ' Euflxusiasvw 60111 Spam G.A.A.: QFRONT ROWJ B. McAvoy, L. Craig, C. Lechner, P. Keller, J. Phillips, L. Stillabower, A. Hosier, D. Robertson, M. Piepenbrok, S. Fulk. QSEC- OND ROWQ P. Anderson, D. Broderick, J. McWhorter, M. Lancaster, C. Root, S. Smale, C. Skillman, B. Francis, G. Acomb, S. Lyons, L. Birdwell. QTHIRD LETTERMANS' CLUB: QFRONT ROWQ R. Goodman, B. Entrekin, R. Hughes, M. Boyer, J. Cougill, R. Dougherty, L. Wampner, K. Motley, L. Walker, B. Henderson, L. Valentine. QSECOND ROW, L. Hanni, R. Kenyon, R. Smith, D. Nuttal, R. Goodman, D. Nuttal, J. Bundy, P. Thomas, J. Vuskalns, M. Betner, B. Allen. QTHIRD ROWQ B. Reynolds, E. Barnard, R. ROWQ J. Arnold, B. Belleau, J. Cottle, B. Geissman, C. Grady, J. Copeland, P. O'Conne11, T. Osborn, C. Stockwell, B. Skelton, M. Cooper. QFOURTH ROW, K. Fishback, T. Ebersole, S. Wefpt, C. Hendrickson, K Allen, L. McClain, K. Brink, K. Gibson, D. Morgan, B. Lewis, N. Clouse. Whitlock, J. Pope, B. Hilton, D. Kemper, C. Breedin J. Coss, L. Buttz, E. Baatz, K. Shirley, L. Edwards. 8, QFOURTH ROWj B. Kolacek, T. Henricks, B. Mullen, L. Bradely, M. Humphries, B. Jones, C. Heston, J. Dawson, M. Chaney, J. Ward, B. Cougill, D. Andry, Gigli, J. Clark. G fn- -sd ' ..':' N sk , I r YY . 9 r A x Af eg, fig . .S Fw AN A fav ,PHT .,. A if wx f Q .. .fl 3' fx E Meigs wg MA X I? 9 - P fe Eg pf Q Q X 5 JE Q4 A 3 ' A 'Kb lk V A' K ' , Y. Sound of Personalities sf-5 'iE'-ibgfgfim-2"2'rf55,51f'g5L3Q1:f,,agfgfgff iiilhlili 2:1-j az 1. 5.1.13 1. .g.:1,xi1ffliwzvi-WNYiHi7'P3f?ai9Y??LiQ? fl '. 2-112518211252524H5Hsfsri?ef29ifis53.Q2H3Sig:i5sfSh:fzf2f4:1fhiAf211wiv:ff7f' .ni :I my2.QQsfiwp..L:..f-,faqs -af' ff m W2-Qfffl.1 EW2 fx. . " .-HA...-ww-f..sQ ,-- M f. . 7 .1 we -M -W? - A K . .1 , ,-Q. f A , , .1 .,,uw..k5A,f5...A5MW3A,k Ak A A 5, Q- , X- . MA . 5 .AAA 5: W--,AA 5.51.2-f f., . 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AQ-Aag,..' W 7 SMS 7 A251 swf L? .-53 Q.. -5,5 A ,,. . W A 27 -3g.w5gsw.....,.m,:Am 11,.gs:21Q:K. X A,,A . ... Lf ,A,.,,AVA ,,A.-,MA . 423, 555. 2. -A ,QM AA. M QM. 23Y,wAe,A7fg.2gasig,s2 .es.f1a3.. ..,, .w .4 Y swsifgw.sewga..sLs:SK'.fsQg.2?:E'Qs3ff.?,ifw fV.HSL2'Qif - s WM- Hia.fsfmgiifwir-91:52.12'f.fswM2QSiam.22.922muse W ws. wwS2fsiQf?L.f-25219.zfsfhsawsaiffg-..ffsef?me.awwies.Q5SaisaQ222s21Q2fQ,5f:1.wl:sa.m.fQ2f1.w2.sEf.z1.wLifs1.'.x.i:fw12fa . . .- g,,aW.s,.K.W-sag--...iw :meg-.m.m2g3.g,w..Q.wflgqviiagg- :M2.siM:ww .ap mls'-w 9-M'ff-1QfSA.wS2f.f2fM1fff7fL-fm W? -.1.v:'.vA,Ag . 1 fm ., .21-wgw' iw. ssf.f,fAq-Qf.:-.sww-fhffez-sw..2.1 fxgwf .f,sw.isfiiw,2Nsu'fLfM5f.SM..:1w2a1ss-F.sQQ....1f.w1,z'?.ew:?'fH1.-.1511'255P?:m?wQfsi1fff-Ps.-.w:f.s7.f.-1anf+x:gf'fwHif'f'-2 ,. imfzz.hfJ?.f'fS2lf9f2fw-H .www,gik..,?eh.'.-?Q1e-iff: .fi-v?f.4f 13 . M... .,..w.,f1 asm, ..wa1fS,,1M. Nm, X ...ww K-e.q....z .- . , ,m,..m9m.....Q.wS. Le2..S....wwfs- .... vm! f.-e.-vw, -Aw fn ' " " " A A - ' ' Y 'F ' V ' - k YAJQSV2235.155fgf5Egfg.'.if?lx..f ATX' ' Q. ,,,. f ,Q ...L I .6 -f r QL Y Q3 , , Q ,X Q wh We W Y: 'I 3 sn 535 5:4 ay J.. ...'...f ,, ,... AA ef - A ' X Q.. Qs n H v-fix 1-. f '1 A525 M 3 ' xifii . W? 1 4 ' ' mwlf Policies lnsww Administering to a high school is an exhausting, time-consuming task which requires the school's staff to keep abreast of new, beneficial methods of teaching, guidance, and administration. Franklin Central is fortunate to have faculty member and school officials who are extremely dedicated and interested in the development of each individual student mentally, physically, and socially. The range of positions of service necessary to our school is greatly diversified. The school board manages theitechnical operations, the faculty provides excellent fields for furthering knowledge, and the guidance department assista in the future educational or vocational plans of students. Also of great importance to the daily school routines are the food preparations carried out by the cafeteria Workers and the custodial care afforded by the janitors. All of these together help to create the many administration sounds of Franklin Central. Mr. Kedrick Fisher, our supervising principal, is in- volved in an extremely busy schedule throughout a school term. From his office in the Wanarnaker Elementary School, he coordinates the activities of various township schools, duties which require much paper work. As administrative secretary, Mrs. Frances Jones gives a great deal of her time not only to school correspon- dence but also to managing the bookstore and training office assistants. Q S l anngwswwog- The school board is a policy-making body which works with the township schools administrations to insure effective management of school property. Sewing on the board are Ned Hughes, O, J. Smith, In planning programs for the high school, Mr. Richard Guyer, vice-principal, and Mr. Mason, pricipal, dis- cuss ideas and problems in order to increase the effi- ciency ofthe administration. Mr. Mason, who has earned a B.S. from Purdue and a M.S. from Butler, devotes himself entirely to supervising the different school activities. Mr. Guyer, however, is both assistant to Mr. Mason and athletic director while at the same time he sponsors the Future Teachers of America Club. He has received his B.S. and M. S. from Butler. 4 f 1 Fwgsr. L . , . , Fx in - X 'SQ H, Howard Martin, Maynard Smith, and Don Gleason. These men, who were selected in the fall, represent the four township districts with one member at large. As guidance counselor, Miss Elisabeth Good continually studys the various files and records of students to aid them in preparing their class schedules and future vocational plans. JERRY COLGLAZIER GLEN EA STES HELEN ERNSTES--Business, Sunshine Society Sponsor, Central Normal College, B.S. ROBERT FERRIS--Instrumental and Vocal Music, Indiana, B.M.E. DAVID GEISE--Agriculture and Science, Junior Leaders, FFA, and Junior Class Sponsor, Purdue, B.S. RUTH GREENHAM--Home Economics, Purdue, B.S.H.E. JUDITH HALE--History, Psychology, and Economics, Sunshine Society Sponsor, Wellesley College, B.A. DAVID GEISE RU TH GREENHAM JUDITH HALE VwawLTwd1mg JOE BEACH MELANIE BURK WILLIAM CLARKE JOE BEACH--Industrial Arts, Assistant Football and Track Coach, Indiana State, B.S. MELANIE BURK--Business, Guidance, and Hone Economics, 4-H Sponsor, Indiana State, B.S. M.S. WILLIAM CLARKE--Government, Senior Class and Chess Club Sponsor, Indiana, B.S. and Butler, M.S. JERRY COLGLAZIER--Science, Sigma Mu Sponsor, Purdue, B.S., M.S. and Harding College, MAT. GLEN EASTES--Math, Intramurals and Sophomore Class Sponsor, Butler, M.S. and Purdue,M.A.T. HELEN ERNSTES ROBERT FERRIS 74 I-lfglwv lutwwsb aw 1965 LA RRY HA NNI VERNI CE IRI SH MA RVI N KNOOP LARRY HANNI--Health, Physical Education, and Driver Education, Varsity Lettermen Sponsor, Cross Country, Track, and Assistant Basketball Coach, Indiana Central, B.S. and Indiana, M.S. VERNICE IRISH-- Business and Developmental Reading, Indiana State, M.A. MARVIN KNOOP-- English, Physical Education, and Safety, Drivers' Club and Freshman Class Sponsor, Basketball and Assistant Baseball Coach, Indiana Central, B.S. WILLIAM LEFFLER--Math and Science, Hi-Y Sponsor, Butler, B.S. and Indiana, M.S. LILLIAN MAZE-- Special Education, Butler, B.S. TI-IELMA MILLER LUCY MINER WILLIAM LEFFLER LILLIAN MAZE THELMA MILLER--Librarian, Library Club Sponsor, Butler, A.B., University of Colorado, M.E.D., and Indiana, A.M.T. LUCY MINER--English and French, Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor, Indiana Central, A.B. ALLEN MORGAN- -Biology, Golf and Wrestling Coach, Indiana Central, B.S. JANE MORGAN-- English, Senior Play and Senior Class Sponsor, Western Kentucky, B.S. and Indiana, M.A. equivalent. GAIL MYER--Health, Safety, and Physical Education, GAA, Pep Club, and Cheer- leader Sponsor, Indiana Central, B.S. ALLEN MORGAN JANE MORGAN GAIL MYER ' wgaimms Ocwpma Fawlbt5Tw I 1' L I LAWRENCE RLEHLE SARAH SCHOWE JOYCE SCHWARTZ--English, Freshman Class Sponsor, Ball State, B.S. MARY KAY STEPHENSONH Speech and Spanish, Indiana, B.S. MARK THISTLETHWAITE--History, Pep Club Sponsor, Baseball, Freshman Football, and Freshman Basket- ball Coach, Butler, B.S. EILEEN THOMAS--Latin and Guidance, National Honor Society Sponsor, Indiana, B.S., M.S. BONNIE WOODRUFF-- Business, FLASHBACK and Quill and Scroll Sponsor, Ball State, B.S., M.A. MARK THISTLETHWAITE EILEEN THOMAS BONNIE WOODRUF F LU CILLE PETERSON NANCY PRICKETT WILLIAM REED LUCILLE PETERSON- -English and Journalism, PILOT FLASHES and Future Nurses Club Sponsor, University of Omaha, B.A. NANCY PRlCKETT-- English and Art, Junior Class Sponsor, Indiana Central, B.A. WILLIAM REED--Industrial Arts, Football and Assistant Wrestling Coach, Purdue, B.S. and Indiana, M.A. LAWRENCE RIEI-ILE-- Business, School Treasurer, Ball State, B.S. and Indiana, M.S. SARAH SCHOWE--Math, Sophomore Class Sponsor, Hanover, A.B. and Indiana State, M.A. JOYCE SCHWARTZ MARY KEY STEPHQENSON ' for Qeuwicw Monks Valuabie W04kUI5 Preparing warm, nourishing meals for the student sustain Franklin Central students through a hard day body is the task that is undertaken yearly by our cooks of study and activity, an accomplishment which Qleft to right, E. Frederick, E. Rode, B. Pfendler, G. deserves much praise from all of us. Maze, W. Wulf, and H. Rode. Their efforts help Caught performing their daily routine of cleaning classrooms are the janitors H. Hendricks, J. Reasoner, and R. Smith. They take charge of keeping the school clean and repaired. skills as a nurse to our school for the Although their job is to drive the elementary, junior high, and high school students to and from the various schools, here the bus drivers take time out to become passengers in one of their own vehicles. They are QFRONT ROWJ P. Raybourn, A. Humphrey, L. White, C. Pinkston. QSECOND ROWJ R. Wilkins, G. McFar- land, B. McFarland. QBACK ROW, M. students alike. Nursing is a very rewarding profession as Mrs. Sue Nation will certainly agree. She is administering her 1964-65 term. Luebkeman, H. Hines, C. Deerberg, and J. Myers. Not pictured: M. Kolp, H. Bodenreider, R. Pfendler, and W. Bridgeford. Their daily services are appreciated by parents and 4n4"""" Happg ' Lool2fFowwwH'ovOmLaA6Yewu 0660110019 1 11 Preparations for a happy graduation are some of the last duties performed by Senior class officers. Kent Shirley, Vice-Presidentg Betty Jones, Treasurerg ' Bobbie Lambert, Secretaryg and Rex Hughes, Presi- Bentl Allen DOnneuMichae1AndersOn dent, make a last minute check of caps and gowns. ' Janet Andry Donna Kay Arnold Cheryl Arthur Margie Jean Arthur Linda Lou Bade Judy Carolyn Barnard Melvin Ray Boyer Linwood Bradley 78 cuwb tlwxjog og Waking Togatlfmf ow 0utsfdeAotiuit1es Marty Breedlove Beverly Anne Chasteen Judy-Jo Chupp Verna Coomer James L. Cougill Edward Craney Linda Kay Deerberg Judith Ann De Weese 'H 4 SM: gr Robert Dorsett Ronald Lee Dougherty Long hours filled with hard work were spent by enthusiastic seniors as they prepared their contri- 1 bution for a colorful football homecoming show. 'vrqwuvq-Quang ,,k, + V -'M 7 ' yi , , . A 1 333. 'Q-l ff Fil 79 Political Provide Interlude Mike Downey Larry D. Edwards Mike Elder William George Entrekin Patsy Erby Judy Kay Evans Shirley Ann Fallowfield Pamela Susan Fishback An eagerly anticipated Christmas provides the incentive for art students to create picturesque Patricia Ann Francis Helen Jane Geissman drawings which add greatly to the Christmas spirit. 80 ASWQULAS ' ' 60m Glasses Tired and weary after leading the Federalist party to victory, Kent Shirley surveys the bedraggled Lame Elaine Goad Dick Goodman decorations left after a spirited convention. in .S Wayne M. Grady, Jr. Robert L. Gray Sherry Jo Green Brenda Joyce Gregg Robert Neil Hannan Gene Hanson Richard Hartman Ina Kathleen Hazelwood 81 Vast Nuwbm off Opp M Q.. 'ns M, -. . -.., "M-M, "'f3:m':-M "This is worse than writing a research paper," is the characteristic though of dazed seniors as they begin the long process of filling out complicated college application forms. Shirley Sue Hedrick William Jerry Henderson Thomas Scott Henricks Teresa Ann Hilton David Hopper Jack K. Howard Rex Clair Hughes Mac Humphries Betty Jones 82 bg Vaa1edfO Fiddle Cynthia Ann Jones Gary Jones Danny Kemper Beth Elaine Kennedy Roger Kenyon Roberta C . Lambert Bonnie Limbach Carolyn McCarty Ron McFarland John McGee That long-awaited last year of high school became a reality for one hundred and twenty-three members of the Senior class . With the final year came numerous decisions. While some students decided to further their education at a college or university, others chose a field of business. Still others were attracted to one of the ever-widening variety of vocations . No matter what the choice, students found it to be only a basis for more exciting challenges . l-lw:JAAloalwwLCov- ofylbimuj ' Gary Steven Mcl ntosh Dan Meacham Clara J o Morgan Kenny Motley Janet Meacham Norma Lynn Moore Donna Muterspaugh Sue Annette Naue Tension mounts as Bob Dorsett, Marilyn Tawney, and Kent Shirley wait anxiously backstage for their cues in "Reluctant Reunion." Norman Dale Oliver Janice Lee Perryman Y Betty, Beth Kennedy, seems reluctant to take the ' 1 I hat from Uncle Clyde, played by Norman Oliver. Emlly Peterson Davld Plpef Bobbie Lambert and Emilie Van Arsdall watch for further developments. Gary A. Pool Dennis Wayne Poole James W. Pope Peggy Repass Wanda Richards Jerry Lee Richardson Patricia Ann Richey Don Riddle B5 P ' mdam sawbow ' 4. lg 5 331'- Plans for graduation are made by Linda Bade, Ben Allen, Mr. Clarke, Bill Entrekin, and Mrs. Morgan. The sponsors provided helpful assistance. Alice Kay Ritter Grace Roberts Robert W. Rosemeyer Dennis Sandefer Tom Schmidt Linda Scotten Theresa L. Seal Teresa Sue Shaffer B6 ls Neoesswuj Kent Archer Shirley Michael Gene Siebein Beverly Jean Sievers Gloria Jean Sizemore Nancy Smale Roland Dale Smith Cheryl Diane Sparks Stephen Speer Dale Springer Mary Sadonna Spurlin Memories of little things filled the minds of most seniors. Cramming for finals, digging up sources for research papers, and chatting in the halls or across a lunch table seemed of little significance for three previous years of high school. Now these everyday occurences made deep impressions on each student. ln addition to these im- pressions, seniors will take with the memories of strong friendships formed during their high school years . Cwwnmlm, Debates, aw Passing og Legm0at1wAw Strange sounds reached the ears of students in classes in the vicinity of room 105. Shouts of "Aye," "Nay, "and "Division of the house, " could be heard by the casual passer-by. What was the cause of this sudden excitement? The eighty-eighth Congress of Franklin Central was in session and actively reviewing hills presented to either the House or Senate. Besides passing legislation the government classes held mock trials and staged debates on serious subjects . Pamela Rose Stark Sheila Stayte Karen Lee Sutherland Sharon Lee Sutherland Carol Deshon Sutton Marilyn Diane Tawney Ed Thompson Kathy Toney Lloyd Valentine Emilie Elaine Van Arsdall 88 Ffwedfhg uv Classes Ruth Ina Vuskalns Barbara Jo Walker Larry Walker Larry Wampner Linda G. Wilkins Thomas J . Worthington John Arthur Waltz Not Pictured: Mary Eoff Lewis Padgett Wendell Padgett Carolyn Sue Poulson Joyce McFoy Nova Kay Radcliffe Allison Kirby Record The prosecuting attorney, Mac Humphries, questions one of the star witnesses, Jim Cougill, as Judge Sadonna Spurlin looks on. They seem unsure that the line of questioning is proper. The government classes held civil and criminal cases. After each lawyer presented his case, a jury tried the case. HW 89 ' ASTMJ l2JwSlvTlvwuglvGw The lines were formed, last-minute checks made, and deep breaths taken. An obvious increase of shaking knees and misty eyes was to be seen as the minutes hastened by. The soft notes of the "Navy Hymn" floated to the hall Where nervous seniors waited to begin their long Walk. The hymn was followed by an invocation and a song by the choir, after which the speaker was introduced. An inspiring talk, "The Truth Walking, " was given by Rev. Merrill B. McFall. Even as the members of the class marched out, many were thinking of the next night and Commencement. The graduation ceremony was solemn, and yet exciting, too. After the ringing speeches of Sadonna Spurlin and Tom Henricks, the diplomas were pre- sented to happy, victorious seixiors. As is traditional at FCHS, a reception line was formed outside the building and high school days were over. Armed with needle and thread, Mrs. Morgan proved to be quick to the rescue as she repaired a gown and convinced Mac Humphries that even last-minute predicaments aren't fatal. 90 - Wm - rawuuzgueawoavm With a soft voice, Sadonna Spurlin, who ranked second in the Senior Class, greeted the audience and gave thanks for all the invaluable assistance provided for we the graduates during the past four years of high school. is 'P The expectant silence that filled the gymnasium on graduation night was broken by the ringing speech of Valedictorian Tom I-Ienricks. In his speech he voiced s the thoughts of all seniors who must bid farewell to Q. 5 FCHS. Reminiscent thoughts of four years packed with gay, sad, victorious, and disappointing times flit through the graduates' memories as they listen to the final strains of "Pomp and Circumstance." These are soon replaced by thoughts of an exciting, challenging future. Jai W- . 91 TlwJumwO0as.sBegmsta gofutlw aVVr as nna s 5? van in i - 1 'ff ll ,ar . B , . , V A .jVx, ., ' ' 5 '--, - lf ff' D ' 1 1 - ' , ir, A VP as F? - if Q ,. W. ,V If ffl , . V in K , .. . V ' D "' .a li IF - V B 3 X - Q E-113 2 Efvfzgiig l: : :- . V EZI., H, -V . fa L',L f . , if ,At , --Q . 1 , 5 V t V ,iii 1' -,'f Swv My V - : f I false in 6 A' Wife sa E ..: rs f. I s an ' sz EEE 1 - .. 1 'la Vf., M-V Aiv mm sl -we ,E Af M ,ai f , mfg f L rs R. 3 1 -A mg: niggaz? lg E Ak it i"?l2g??e - .' ,fi ta-H ' ,, ,. . . 1 -. -- W. few, 5 , . . ' SW e Q ., 553353 ' -ff? 2 -eg -at ,E ' Q- I V' X Sz f . 1 an fad' S 'ia abil , Q' V . . A rffx f ff . , . 2 Q ,si-'ffiislf r "fi , A--in-iffij-gk? KE N aw- 1 N rl 8' ., . D ld fig ,Q ea 5 'i . at si -YH 1 , ' - .pg u-L ' . ,-:, ,N , , A, , , VfVV - W5 K T3 Ax, .,.,. ag., ,X Q Q t H 2 .3 1 My fi- f ' I 'H .. gil' ' mr " X, X f 3' V ,sa wa. 'LVV-V - . .L V D 2' - sr'-an 5- : - gil 'k-' gg - L ri-., A 155- D - A i X ..., .f Q S f ' - - ,. if .,-L LTI - 5? F ' ' -- V , -V . 2 . K- f- ---- V- ,. r-,I , ' 5 . ,M . . L ,.,,.. , .xr all 'EE T-MEF: , mais. N 'iii' .Viiswkf f if? S R 'V V 1 . . a veev 1 r ,,,, Y' S I S -Q S 2 Q V . V .,,.,. , Paul Aikman Mike Atlhoff Bill Anderson Don Andry Marina Arnold Chrisa Baird Pam Barker Everette Barnard Torn Bates Steve Bell Mark Betner Vida Boesenberg Earl Brand Howard Bray Rita Buchanan Jack Bundy Bill Burkman Steve Byrkett John Clark Linda Collins Thelma Combs Ronald Cornelius Ella Mae Coy Nancy Crisler Dennis Crist Jack Dahl Glenda Davis Steve Davis Jerry Dawson Donna Day Barbara Deerberg Debbie Dierdorf Jerry Dillion David Dugan Cindy Duke Sandra Edwards Kathy Elder Bonnie Ewalt Connie Ewalt Jim Fair Susanne Flagle Sarah Foster Janet Frederick Darlene Gaier Debbie Garner Gene Gigli Nancy Gleason Bill Golaski Rusty Goodman Richard Gray Alan Hall Richard Hammersleg Shirley Hanner i Terry Hansen Harold Harrison Walter Hatfield Linda Head , Jeff Heston Bernie Hilton Sherri Hotze Susan Hoyt Linda Hubble Bernard Huckleberry nmnwvmogugu game ls cmpawn David Ingle Judy Jefferis David Jones Gary Jones Janie Jones Myron Kocher Bill Kolacek Carol Kost Danny Kraft Judy Kramer Vaughn Kurtz Judy Lawrence Willard Lawrence Doug Lechner Linda Leonard Cordon Linn Mary Lowes Charmon Macaluso Kathy Martin Tom McAvoy Ann McFarland Bill McFarland Diane McNutt Donna McNutt Linda Miley Jim Miller Karen Moore Bill Moore Larry Morris Bill Mullen Gloria Murray Steve Napier Linda Nichols Mike Nicholson Danny Nuttall Dennis Nuttall Bob 0'Neal Albert Parr Walter Paugh Lonnie Penney Charles Petty Laurelyn Phillips Sandy Poe Jim Porter Joann Pratt Randall Price Linda Rabourn Jan Record Mark Reed Kathie Reynolds Stanley Rhorer Marilyn Richardson Jerry Roberts Bob Rode Marvin Rode Sandra Rode Patricia Root Sherry Runyon Lou Ann Russell Danny Seabolt Carol Self Kim Shott Norman Smith M IAQ.: if N t e -," S . as rrnn or R ,..,,. 1 E Q' iiii if .tx , X. i L 5 ll 4 lm will 1 fb. Hg? ,gg as 3 4 H t ! 5 is 3 5 A3655 , ! is-ff'z:E'l.f? 21 Q 4. E .r-: , Z Anzul E D V.t, . , . ., My ' Eg , .A -. 4" ,tt fr Q as ef X V'-' ff' K - J U J lrr J o if 3 J H .-:-'Q 2 trfs :rz , J A li s'y' J "Z - J ' r ,s if so J R i yr ag. K Ng' Q S irgr G J' M r i A f I ga. as l R ' Ceuta, Hosts Puww Qpousofnedf bg Not Pictured: Jim Bramlett The junior year in high school is usually an exciting one, and here at Franklin Central it is no different. The Junior class participated in the Blue and White Revue, made a homecoming float, managed the concession stand at athletic events, received their class rings, and sponsored the annual junior-Senior prom. This gala dance was the climax to an action-packed year. Seen receiving their class rings are the Junior class officers Jack Bundy, vice-president, Marina Arnold, secretary, Bill McFarland, president, and John Vuskalns, tre asurer. of, 'ee Cindy Smith Dennis Smith Steve Smith Kathy Speckin Kay Steward Peggy Stewart Linda Strellner Shirlee Sutherland Harold Swartz Doug Sweeney Steve Tam Sherry Thacker Marcia Trotter Ronald Turner Lyn Utterback Richard Utterback Steve Van Treese Bob Vernon John Vuskalns Kenneth Wampner Peggy Wampner Joe Ward Judy Watkins Donna Weston Diane Whitlock Rosemary Wisdom Steve Woolm an J on Yeager Danny Young 90? Gail Acomb Karen Allen ex Allen aye Anderson Margaret Anderson Janet Arnold James Aulby Eddie Baatz avid Baird cott Baldwin ugene Beach ebecca Belleau red Bergman ancy Berry Linda Birdwell obert Blacketer erry Bowden harles Breeding aren Brink ayne Broadstreet ebora Brodrick James Brown Janet Burch Larry Buttz Rick Butt: Sherry Cayton Val Chandler Michael Chaney John Chestnut Nora Clouse Shelia Coomer Marilyn Cooper Jane Copeland James Corey Tom Corey Jim Coss Jacque Cottle Bob Cougill Lana Craig Steve Craig Bob Cunningham Melvin Davids Linda Davis Gary Denien Darlene Doane Karen Drinkut Terry Ebersole Mitchel Emmett Bob Flagle Brenda Francis Sharon Fulk Blanche Geissman George Gibbs Kathy Gibson Nancy Gigli Suzanne Gillum Connie Goodman Sherry Goodman Kathy Grady Vicki Green Jean Griffin Sandra Hagan Bob Haggard Aawfdg P ' :Ml PCI-IQ orgwgafm 53: ,W fx? TlwOUassoff'e7lF-mds Ibis NwwuToo1EwJu5ta 1 ,W A V.LJ V, .C is gr lin - VV I D 'I L .,,- 4. , , fe - Y L"L 'fii' 2 in sssa 5 I, t ., ,v 'i W 9 QW 1 in , . " si i - - ,,,. was r is 4' ii vw ,. NK. ,,. R ,4 , U 'ar 'Y " 3 1 -1- .H in :F Til- 5 X my UQ ex X 8 X54 A HMA i 1.-P "Za if ti if i B35 1 A uf , .. sr pa: f ss K1 - ri' ff i A rs. 5 .: s 1 P -sa 3 gl We Q A J . -fx, .K S' X are an K 'ff at W e E Hs af ., Pamela Hall Pamela Harris Kathy Hendrickson Nancy Hollcraft Jackie Hopkins Angie Hosier Ruthann Howery Richard Hubble Larry Humphries Becky Johnson Glen Johnson Jim Johnson Bill Jones Brenda Jones Patty Keller Karl Kost Mark Kuner Vicki Kurtz Willard LaFever Mary Lancaster Connie Lawrence Cindy Lechner Beverly Lewis Tom Lewis Ronald Linzie Sandy Lyons Roy McAmis Barbara McAvoy Vickie McCartne Barry McClain Edwin McClain Linda McClain Marsha McFarland Susie McFarland Judy McWhorter Thomas Mattingl Martha Messer Roger Messer Linda Mitchell Donna Morgan Ken Moss Don Napier Connie Neathery Phyllis O'Connell Chauncey Olin Teresa Osburn Linda Parker Cheryl Pelko Janis Phillips Caren Pickett Mary Piepenbrok Linda Piso Duane Poulson Bob Pratt Leslie Probost Linda Puckett Karen Puckett Roger Pulliam Starr Reel Steve Rejko Bill Reynolds James Rice Ron Rigdon ow Qclwlansldp amdfAcadww Ron Rooks Carol Root Michael Schmidt Marvin Schroeder Ron Shane Slenn Shay Linda Shields Maureen Shue Mike Sipes Rebecca Skelton William Skelton Sheryl Skillman Susan Smale Jean Smith John Snyder Mark Speer Pat Stark Gerald Stephens Linda Stillabower Carolyn Stockwell Marcia Strellner Carol Sutter Carol Swengel Janie Tam Cheryl Tames Mike Tapp Dwight Thomas Dana Robertson mt . iw The class of '67 contributed greatly to the sounds of Franklin Central. In addi- l tion to constructing a float for home- coming and participating in the Blue and White Revue, they loyally supported the various athletic teams and were avid members of our many organizations. Their year was highlighted, as is traditional for Sophomores, by ordering their class rings. In the future these rings will remind them of the many enjoyable hours they spent in high school. Sophomores, like the other three classes, depend on class meetings to conduct needed business. The object of this meeting was to choose basketball home- coming king and queen representatives. 97 4. sap Pwmouwvgweaarmabwbumrw :JQ W V :ar ' R if :I as - - s ..,-: .fiffx A - J! all K hr' ar Y ii Not Pictured: Larry Cook Ei' X J my Jorja Eder f Q i ": Kathy Fishback .J 5: .kli 1 , Supervising their class activities for the 1964-65 school term are Bill Reynolds, presidentg Gail Acomb, secretaryg Preston Thomas, treasurerg and Bob Cougill, vice -president. Here they discuss several proposed Preston Thomas Karen Toland Marilyn Trivett Luella Valentine Robert Vanderbaan Bruce Vorse I-Iarlie Walker Charles Wells Cherie Wepf Diana Wesselman Dennis Weston Mark Westphal Tom White Ronald Whitlock Garry Wilkins Marina Willhite Russ Willhite Angie Wilson Barbara Wise Mike Wolcott Anita Wood Robert Woods Jena Worland Mike Wilcher Marcia Yeager ideas for their part of the Blue and White Revue production. A welleplanned skit could win a cash award for the Sophomore class. ff' Harold Allen John Andry Gregg Austin Dwight Baird Kathy Baker Phil Barker Wesley Barnard Ann Bassett Beverly Baugh Duane Bogard Drinda Bramlett Vic Breedlove Alvin Brown Steve Brown Mike Burgess Clark Burton Jerry Carrier Pat Caughey Ruth Chestnut Shirley Clark Linday Clayton Mike Cook Vicky Cornelius Christine Cougill Steve Coxhead Paul Coy Shannon Craig Roger Crist Debra Croxton Damon Dagey Debby Dahl Charles Davenport Larry Davidson Dena Deerberg Robert Delk Paul DeWeese Cherie Dierdorf Dale Dodd Janet Dorsett Tom Dougherty Ruth Evans Sheila Fishburn Mark Fisher Kay Ford Linda Francis Peggy Francis Tom Freeland Mike Garrett Jeff Gibson Randy Gibson Gertrude Goad Sharon Goins Debra Goodman Sandy Gray Terry Green Jim Hart Steve Hartman Ray Hawk Betty Hayes Charles Hessman Deborah Howard Christy Howard Teresa Hubble Aid Pwslumew iw Qclwdulef .K 3 S' Q' ' 60111 196:-3 P , '33 , fi' ffolfk X 4 ull' :. I - ' I ,Y ' may LJ. -Ye 4 'f 1? N M 2 ' - Q? . ,3 - ,U- F 4 QL Q if any ' g 'f,vw,i,,, 4' .ef , :in ,,.-me H fg'w.Q ? Qt fn A I 3 J ! fill Q 'Eur 'Eli' Ha A . rss ' 3 gr .. 2 -Z' V - mga, 1 gs... I -.,.mS?5". ' ,, '.: , p :N E W ' -V lf?" 9 11A ' Yue: r x elf? ZS! 1 V Q 3 12. '95 e ,V -ra 4 Q 15955 his ig! i asf' fill I, ' 3. I . -it 1- F45 fi fl' Q in as A if A if Q- ,Lev IA rlzgmwoahzwl ifvissffgzi. .0 we iii? ,V ll , ..,.,, , S V?.. . , ., ,k , as , 41 f J is ni' i W W , QQ ,ff x 1 , ai + S W in 3, t 9 T P F 4 L'-wif' , M if "' f 40 S E 3-S: v .- .:24'4"W1:.fe S 4 if ,fa X ' as 5 'fi Qubjects Eflflllg 297 is ' AME i is 4 gg was 3 , fe-sasr -. 4, ,,,. .W I I, V B A, Sfv I ' J if ' 'li' 1 W ' W ' 11 -m h. 1 W'K h 1'-L ' W 1, , , Sr ,-I,.- - iii: E iii if, 'iii' f r 'kh " 3 is ' V 6 . , .t ui , V " 'wigs iv ' 4' JM' if -' ' :f7' g:s'5: fa! ' Q. ig - l J 1,:- , , 5,-if H v ff M 1,.n af . up ., ., V Ross Hughes Nancy Huston Larry Jackson Steve Jones Doug Kafoure Delores Kemper Mike King Jack Kirkham Janie Kitley Judith Kraft Vicki Lawrence Janet Lowery Effie Lowes Bobbie Lyons Yolanda Macalusc Rex Marling Dean Marsh Jana Mason Vicki Mason Martin Massey Irvin Maze David McClain Brenda McCowan Phil Mercer Walter Messer William Miles Connie Miller Jim Monson John Moore Kevan Moore Danny Moorhead David Morgan Dianna Morris Ruth Morris Pam Mosier Anne Bassett, treasurerg Jana Mason, secretaryg along with Phil Barker, vice-presidentg and Jack Kirkham, president, prepare for expected exams. These freshman officers have also been concerned with problems regarding the homecoming float and the Blue and White Revue. Qatiswug for ogwsptttwwtow Charles Muncy Rickey Muterspaugh David Naue David Norman Ronnie Nottingham Henry Oglesby Bob Patterson Greg Paugh Chery Peterson Dennis Phillips Linda Pickett Ruth Piepenbrok Linda Pierson Debbie Pollard Greg Pool Becky Poole Gary Poulson Mike Probst l Carroll Puckett W Gary Puckett 1Cheryl Rabourn s if ll P E N 1 H if 5 N., .ff.f y X gi y .2 W Lsng a W Li i 1 M r q i P l y :-:, i 'lf' ii' a t .rf " , Q 1 Q A f IIOY Although the Freshman class of 1965 wasn't the largest class, their enthusiasm was welcomed. Freshmen received their first real taste of high school life by electing class officers. During football home- coming their float won top honors, this was the first time a freshman class had won this honor. Along with fun and social activities, new students found the academic life of high school a new and challenging field opening before them. They can look forward to three more years of academic and social activities here at Franklin Central. Besides teaching art, Mrs. Prickett teaches three freshman English and literature classes. As in every other class each year, attention has to be paid to the teacher. FwslumwTalw Imtwwsb iw Egdmf ' Aciiuities - L . ix. I I' TT: ax l II' K J - f . wh s a T5 , gm. J 9 fir . . ,4 .-"P 1 in ... ,a ,. ' L .J H 1, H U' IA Q. -5 . , Q J , A 2 el 'H an 5. g. :. -M if ti - av Daniel Radcliffe Doug Reasoner Dana Record Vicki Rejko Tom Repass Lois Rieck Donna Rigdon Charlie Ritter Stan Robertson Jane Rule Ray Rule Rick Schilling Becky Schmidt Donna Shaffer Mike Shaffer Gary Sheets Larry Sheets Lucille Shepherd Sandra Shepherd Bill Sircy Calvin Sizemore Stephany Skiles Stephen Skiles Debbie Smith John Souders Linda Stephens Richard Suckow Carol Sullivan Larry Sutter Francine Tawney Allan Thomas Steve Thomas Bob Thompson Tommy Thompson Charles Trimble Linda Utter Inez Utterback Chris Walden Lynn Walker Valerie Ward Don Watkins Gary Watkins Ronald Wells Ronald Westby Jean Westerman Hayden Wetzel Steve Whiteside Danny Wilson Diane Wisdom Karen Wood Tom Woody Linda Worrell Carol Worthington Mary Ann Worthington Judy Wright Vicki Wynn Janice Yoder E,4bwJActiuities Attract Special Class 3 Janice Akers J' 'I'L Li"Y5 3 Q Jewell Ball A ' David Blackwell iw Q - I V 5 Judy Broadhead .. A at Bill Fraley 'Elixir Q + Dennis Hutchison gy. A fl i-lE 5 li , James Kemp , if -' T - John Lawson Margaret Linson Billy Ramey ..,. ff. Myrna Snyder g :II E , : .V .E I ,, John Veal Q . ,,V l:K W,...... Sue Ann Zook k ::-' A P, . Liye ii W 5 ' This year there are thirteen Students Maps, books, pamphlets, and a globe are assorted enrolled in the special education class. materials Lgsed by JeWe11,BH11, Janles KSYUP1 and Most of their time is Spent Studying under Igdartgqaret liinson in siudying countries of the world Mrs . Maze's guidanceg however, many of or eu C ass Prolec ' them also attend regular high school courses. They donated their services to the school, too, by participating in the Senior conventions as pages and by decorating the Christmas tree near ll0A. These duties greatly increaed their school acitvity in 1965. Preceding the holidays, the special education class took charge of decorating one of the school Christmas trees. These students are John Veal, Dennis Hutchison, and Bill Fraley. I I03 ra, K f f , -fi' em 4 .sf J W, r.,. - .an ...Q I-Mp Quppoat dw BusinessmewTlwb Quppoat Yowu Qclwolb Acton Grain 81 Supply 11028 McGregor Rd. Acton UN 2-6533 Acton Paint gl Body 11219 House St. Acton UN 2-4142 Akers Cleaners 312-314 Main St. Beech Grove ST 4-1933 Allied Appliances 8901 Southeastern Ave. Wanamaker UN 2-6653 Bates Feed Mill Acton, Indiana UN 2 -6416 Bell's Prescription Pharmacy 8970 East 10th 81 Post Rd. Indianapolis TW 8-9513 Georga A. Bowen Insurance 8858 Southeastern Ave. Wanamaker UN 2-6639 Central Business College 802 North Meridian St. Indianapolis ME 4-8337 Dino's Drive-In 6230 Southeastern Ave. Indianapolis FL 3-0551 Elmo's Gulf Service 8770 Southeastern Ave. Wanamaker UN 2-6674 Em-Roe Sporting Goods 209 West Washington St. Indianapolis ME 4-3446 Ewing Foundry Inc . 424 South Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis ME 2-5571 Farm Bureau Insurance 4130 Madison Ave. Indianapolis St 7-9348 Ben Franklin 5 gl 10 615 Main St. Beech Grove ST 4-8017 Gaier Beauty Shop 11410 Mundell St. Acton UN 2-6028 Lafe Gasaway Realtor 821 Lemcke Building Indianapolis ME 5-6107 Gleason's Fuel Oil Service Wanamaker Un 2-4311 Golden Guernsey Farms 7500 South Emerson Ave. Indianapolis ST 7-2234 Humphrey Motor Co., Inc. "Your Chevrolet Dealer" Wanamaker UN 2-6625 Kitley Post Road Pharmacy Post Rd. gl 52 Indianapolis UN 2-4194 Bill Kuhn Eastside Chevrolet 5436 East Washington St. Indianapolis FL 7-1121 Harry Levinson Eastgate Center Indianapolis FL 9-8000 104 Matts Furniture and Appliances 8814 Southeastern Ave. Wanamaker UN 2-4444 Piper gl Son Photo 10848 Charlemagne Drive Acton UN 2-4905 Porter Business College 48 Monument Cirlce Indianapolis ME 9-2505 Repass Realtors 6327 Seminole Drive Acton UN 2-6614 Chester Smith Insurance Agency 503 Main St. Beech Grove ST 6-9242 Robert W. Sterling Funeral Home 1420 Prospect St. Indianapolis ME 2-6576 Village Beauty Salon 8810 Southeastern Ave. Wanamaker UN 2-4303 Wheatley's Markets Wanamaker UN 2-6622 Acton UN 2-4127 Dan Young Rambler 7800 East Washington St. Indianapolis FL 7-8484 Ziegy's Bar -B-Q 2164 South Emerson St. Indianapolis FL 6-6855 ' mwLBusmessesA0ikwCwb1zbuteftaOwuQucoess Cardinal Variety Shop Mr. gl Mrs. Ralph Chupp gl Judy -jo Don's Beauty Shop Mr. gl Mrs. James C. Harkness gl family jack's Standard Service Dr. 81 Mrs. jefferis jones's Floor Covering Dr. G. L. Jones Leland Hardware Pritchett -Hunt 81 O'Grady Shaw's Pharmacy Dick Shearer 81 family Robert E. Smith Sports Spot Ted's Barber Shop The Gift Tree Wanamaker Auto Service Waterman's Marathon 105 ALLEN, BEN J. VLC 1,2,3,4 President 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Treasurer 4 Class President 2,3 Prom Court 3 PILOT FLASHES Editor 3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Plummer Award 2 Football 2 Cross Country 3 Blue 61 White Revue 3 IU Journalism Institute 3 ANDERSON, DONNELL MICHAEL Scecina Memorial High School l Wrestling 2,3 ANDRY, JANET ANN sigma Mu 1 GAA 1,2 Basketball Homecoming Queen 4 ARNOLD, DONNA KAY Pep crub 1,2,a,4 sss 1,2,a 'rii-1-1i-Y 4 GAA 1,2 ART1-1UR, CHERYL GAA 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3 SSS 2,3 Drivers' Club 2,a,4 ARTHUR, MARGIE JEAN sss 1,2 Junior Red Cross 2 PILOT FLASHES 3 Tri-Hi-Y 4 BABE, LINDA LOU FLASI-BACK 3,4 Business Manager Quill 131 Scroll 3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 Treasurer 4 Junior Leaders l,2,3,4 FTA 3,4 Cadet Teaching 4 sss 1,2 Drivers' Club 3,4 BARNARD, JUDY CAROLYN National Honor Society 4 SSS 1 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 Treasurer 4 FTA 3,4 Library Club 2,3,4 Student Council 4 IU Spanish Contest 1 Regional Spanish Contest 1,2 BOYER, MELVIN RAY Football Homecoming King 4 Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Wrestling l,2,3 VLC l,2,3,4 Drivers' Club 2,3,4 Student Council 2 BRADLEY, LINWOOD Student Council 4 Tennis 3 VLC 4 BREEDLOVE, MARTY Majorette 4 Cheerleader 1,3 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 2 Class President 1 Blue 81 White Revue 3 Library Club 3 Pep Club 1,2 Drivers' Club 3,4 SSS 1,2 CHASTEEN, BEVERLY ANNE GAA l,2,3 Pep Club 1,2 sss 1,2,3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Cl-IUPP, JUDY-JO National Honor Society 3,4 Secretary 4 FTA :1,4 Parliamentarian 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 President 4 GAA 1,2,3,4 ' A Quill 8: Scroll 3,4 FLASHBACK 3,4 Faculty and Student Editor Student Council 3 Homecoming Court 4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Sigma Mu 1,2 Franklin Central "Gems" 4 COOMER, VERNA SSS 1,2 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Drivers' Club 4 Junior Red Cross 2 FLASHBACK 4 Organiiations Editor Future Nurses l COUGILL, JAMES L. FTA 3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1 Blue 81 White Revue 4 Drivers' Club 3,4 VLC 2,3,4 CRANEY, EDWARD Driven' crub 3,4 DEERBERC, LINDA KAY Library Club 1,2,3,4 SSS 2 Drivers' Club 4 DeWEESE, JUDITH ANN sss 1,z,:1,4 GAA 1,2 Pep Club 1 Drivers' Club 4 Library Club 1,2,3,4 DORSETT, ROBERT Wrestling 2,3 Drivers' Club 3,4 Baseball 1 Tennis 3 Senior Play 4 Blue 8: White Revue 4 DOUGHERTY, RONALD LEE Football 1,Z,3,4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Track 2 Tennis 1,2 VLC 3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Blue Gr White Revue 1,2,3 Franklin Central Singers 2,3,4 Homecoming Court 2 DOWNEY, MIKE Basketball I,2,3 Football I Track 4 Senior Play 4 Homecoming Court 4 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Drivers' Club 4 EDWARDS, LARRY D. Greenfield High School 1 Football 2,3,4 VLC 3,4 GAA Dance King 4 ELDER, MIKE Football 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1,2 Drivers' Club 2,3 ,4 ENTREKIN, Wll.l.IAM GEORGE Ill National Honor Society 4 VLC 2,3,4 FLASHBACK 3,4 Sports Editor Student Council 2,3,4 President 4 Prom Court 3 Band 1,2,3,4 Quill Gi Scroll 3,4 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 FTA 3,4 Treasurer 4 Franklin Central Singers 4 Tennis 3,4 Cross Country 2,3 Blue 81 White Revue 3,4 Drivers' Club 2,3,4 Track 1 EOFF, MARY JEANNE ERBY, PATSY Shelbyville Senior High School 1,2,3 106 EVANS, JUDY KAY SSS l,2,3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Pep Club l,2,3 Treasurer 2 Library Assistant l,2,3 PILOT FLASHES 3 GAA 1,2,3 FALLOWFIELD, SHIRLEY ANN Tri-Hi-Y 4 GAA 4 Pep Club 4 FISHBACK, PAMELA SUSAN Junior Red Cross Z Future Nurses 2 FRANCIS, PATRICIA ANN sss 1 ,2,3,4 GAA 2 Pep Club 2,3 GEISSMAN, HELEN JANE Junior Red Cross 2 Pep Club I GOAD, LAURE ELAINE GOODMAN, RICHARD GRADY, WAYNE M. JR. Band 1,2 ,s 'ri-ack 1 GRAY, ROBERT L. GREEN, SHERRY JO Band 1,2,3,4 Student Council 1 sss 1,2,3,4 GAA 1,2 Drivers' Club 4 Pep Club 1,z,a Football Homecoming Queen 4 GREGG, BRENDA JOYCE Drivers' Club 4 HANNAN, ROBERT NEIL Tennis 2,3 Wrestling 2,3 Chess Club 4 FFA 1,2 Band 1,2,3,4 Dance Band 2 Blue 81 White Revue I HANSON, GENE FFA 1 ,z,a,4 HARTMAN, RICHARD Band 1,2,3,4 Dance Band 3,4 Blue dz White Revue 3,4 HAZELWOOD, INA KATHLEN Future Nurses 1,2 HEDRICK, SHIRLEY SUE sss l,2,3 Band l,2,3,4 FTA 3,4 Historian 3 Tri-H.i-Y 4 HENDERSON, WILLIAM JERRY Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,4 Golf1,2,3,4 Tennis Z VLC 1,2,3,4 Blue di White Revue 4 Drivers' Club 2,3 PILOT I-'LASHIES 4 Federllist Representative 4 Intramurals 2,3 I-IENRICKS, THOMAS SCOTT Basketball 1,2,3,4 Cross-Country 1,2,3,4 Golf l,2,3,4 VLC 1,2,3,4 Vice-President 4 Band 1,2,3,4 Dance Band 1,2 National Honor Society 3,4 Vice -President 4 Boys' State 3 FTA 3,4 Vice-President 4 Student Council 4 Class Secretary-Treasurer 2 Homecoming Court 3 Basketball Homecoming Kin Prom Court 3 g4 Blue 84 White Revue 4 Drivers' Club 4 Indiana State Latin Contest 1,2 HILTON, TERESA ANN Prom Court 3 Pep Club 2,a,4 Class Secretary 3 Blue 61 White Revue 3 GAA Dance Queen Candidate 3 CAA 2,3,4 Spanish Regional Contest 2 SSS 2 HOPPER, DAVID Track 2,3 Wrestling 2 Intramurals l,2,3 Drivers' Club 3,4 HOWARD, JACK K. HUGHES, Fmt CLAIR Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 Baseball l,2,3,4 Student Council l,2,3 VLC 1,2,a,4 Class Treasurer 1 Class Vice-President 2,3 Class President 4 Band 2,3,4 Dance Band 3,4 Franklin Central Singers 4 Prom Court 3 Blue 81 White Revue 4 HUMPHRIES, MAC Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football l Cross-Country 3 Track 1 VLC 2,3,4 Treasurer 4 Student Council 1,2,3,4 Homecoming Court 3 Drivers' Club 3,4 FFA 1,2 Quill Er Scroll 3,4 PILOT I-'LASHES 3,4 JONES, BETTY Pep Club 1,2 SSS 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader 3,4 GAA 1,2,a Homecoming Court 2 FTA 3 Blue 81 White Revue 3 Class Treasurer 4 Student Council 2 Cadet Teaching 3 Drivers' Club JONES, CYNTHIA ANN GAA I,2,3 Future Nurses 4 JONES, CARY Baseball I Wrestling I KEMPER, DANNY Football 1,z,a Basketball 1,2 Track I Baseball 1 Wrestling 3 VLC 3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Prom King 3 KENNEDY, BETH ELAINE Majorette 4 SSS l,2,3,4 Blue 6rWhite Revue 2,3,4 Library Assistant 2,3 Senior Play 4 Pep Club l,2,3 PILOT FLASHES 3,4 GAA 2 KFNYON, ROGER Football 1,2,a,4 FTA 3,4 Majorette 3,4 FFA Sweetheart 4 Homecoming Court 1 Prom Court 3 Senior Flay 4 Class Secretary 4 Blue 8zWhite Revue 3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 LIMBACI-I, BONNIE sss 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 2,3 Drivers' Club 3,4 GAA 2 Mc CARTY, CA ROLYN Majorette 3,4 Head Majorette 4 Prom Court 3 Blue 8cWhite Revue 3,4 SSS 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3 Homecoming Court 1 FTA 3 Drivers' Club 3,4 GAA 1,2 McFARI.AND, RON FFA 1,2,3,4 Vice President 4 Junior Leaders 1,2,3,4 Student Council 3 NIcGEE, JOHN Wrestling 1,3,4 Tennis 2 Hi-Y 4 President 4 Blue 8rWhite Revue l,2,3,4 Model UN 4 McINTOSH, GARY STEVEN Student Council 1,3 FFA 1,2,3,4 Secretary 3 President 4 Junior Leaders 1,2,3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Homecoming Court 4 Blue dcwhite Revue 4 lntrarnurals 4 MEACHAM, DAN Track 1 Tennis 2 Hi-Y 2,a,4 Sigma Mu I Drivers' Club 3,4 Model UN 3,4 MEACHAM, JANET SSS l,2,3,4 GAA 1,2 Library Assistant 2 Pep Club 1,2 Drivers' Club 4 MOORE, NORMA LYNN sss 1,2,3,4 SSS Dance Queen 4 CAA 1,2,s,4 Pep Club i,2,s Drivers' Club 3,4 MORGAN, CLARA JO Future Nurses 2,3 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 GAA 4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 1,2 MOTLEY, KENNY Senior Play 4 Blue 8cWhite Revue 4 VLC 2,3,4 Baseball 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Football 4 Tennis 3 Homecoming Court 4 Drivers' Club 2,3,4 PILOT I-'LASHES 3,4 Intramurals 3,4 Tuck 1,25-,,4 MUTERSPAUGH, DONNA Baseball I SSS liz Cheerleader I Future Nurses l,2i3i4 VLC 2,3,4 Junior Leaders Z,3,4 Blue 8tWhite Revue 2,3,4 Pep Club 4 Franklin Central Singers 2,3,4 Tri-I-ii-Y 4 Dance Band 4 Model UN 4 LANIBERT, ROBERTA C. NAUE, SUE ANNETTE sss I,2,3,4 Pep Club I.,2,3 CAA 1,2 Pep Club 1,2 Drivers' Club 3,4 GAA 1,2,3 107 OLIVER, NORMAN DALE Boys' State 3 Federalist Representative 4 Senior Play 4 Blue SrWhite Revue l,3,4 World Affairs Trip 3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Football 1 Manager 2,3,4 Student Council 4 PADGETT, LEWIS PADGETT, WENDELL PERRYMAN, JANICE LEE Sigma Mu l,2,3,4 Reporter 1,2 President 3 Treasurer 4 National Honor Society 3,4 SSS I Tri-Hi -Y 2,3,4 President 4 Student Council 3 Indianapolis Science Seminar Summer Science Institute 3 FTA 3,4 Model UN 4 Blue 8tWhite Revue 4 CAA 2 PETERSON, EMILY SSS l,2,3 Pep Club 2,3 GAA 1,2 Tri-Hi-Y 4 PIPER, DAVID Band I,2,3,4 Franklin Central Singers 2,4 lst Place State Soloist 4 FLASHBACK PILOT FLASI-IES Photographer Senior Play 4 Blue 8rWhite Revue l,Z,4 Quill 8rScroII 3,4 Junior Leaders 1,2,3 Drivers' Club 4 POOL, GARY A. Track I Sigma Mu l,2,3 Band I,2,3,4 Dance Band l,Z,3,4 Blue Krwhite Revue 2,3,4 POOLE, DENNIS WAYNE sand l,2,a,4 Hi-Y 3,4 Secretary 4 Model UN 3,4 Senior Play 4 Blue 8tWhite Revue 4 Drivers' Club 3,4 POPE, JAMES W. VLC 2,a,4 Baseball 1,2,a Golf 4 Track I FFA 1,2 POULSON, CAROLYN SUE RADCLIFFE, NOVA KAY Future Nurses 2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 1,2 SSS 1 RECORD, ALLISON KIRBY REPASS, PEGGY Sigma Mu l,2,3 GAA 1,2,3 Tri-Hi-Y 4 SSS 1,2,4 Ball State Speech Contest 3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 FLASHBACK 4 School Life Editor Future Nurses 2,3,4 RICHARDS, WANDA SSS 2,3,4 Pep Club 3 Homecoming Court 4 RICHARDSON, JERRY LEE Football 1,2 FFA 1,2,3 Drivers' Club 3,4 Wrestling l RICHEY, PATRICIA ANN Prom Queen 3 3, Majorette 2,3,4 Cheerleader 1 Blue drwhite Revue 3,4 Drivers' Club 4 SSS 1,2,3 GAA 1,2,3 Pep Club 1,2,3 RIDDLE, DON Drivers' Club 3 FFA 2 RITTER, ALICE KAY Tri-Hi-Y 3,4 Secretary 4 FTA 3,4 Future Nurses 3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Junior Leaders 3,4 Band l,2,3,4 Dance Band 3 SSS 1,2 ROBERTS, GRACE Senior Play 4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Band Z,3,4 SSS I,2,3,4 Treasurer 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 GAA 2,3,4 FTA 3,4 ROSDAEYER, ROBERT W. Drivers' Club 4 Golf 2,a,4 VLC 3,4 Basketball Manager 2,3,4 SANDEFER, DENNIS Emerich Manual High Scho Drivers' Club 3,4 SCHMIDT, TOM J. Track 1,2 Wrestling 2,3 Tennis I,2,3 FFA 1 Senior Play 4 Blue 8tW'hite Revue 4 Intramurals 3,4 Hi-Y 1 sco'rrr.N, LINDA Junior Red Cross 1 Pep Club 1 SEAL, THERESA L. SSS 2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3 Junior Red Cross 2 Pep Club 2,3 Blue dzW'hite Revue 4 si-LAFFER, 'renrsk sur Howe 1-11311 schwi 1,2 sss 3,4 GAA 3,4 SHIRLEY, KENT ARCHER Federalist Senator 4 Junior Representative 3 Class Vice-President 4 National Honor Society 3,4 President 4 Student Council 2,3,4 Vice-President 3,4 Dance Band 2,3,4 Band 1,2,3,4 Tennis 2,3 Track 1 VLC 3,4 Senior Play 4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Sigma Mu 1 Football Manager 1 Basketball Manager 1 SIEBELN, MICHAEL GENE VLC 4 Track l,2,3 Football 1,2,3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 Baseball 2 Wrestling 1 Intramurals 1,2,3,4 SIDJERS, BEVERLY JEAN Blue 8tWhite Revue 4 PILOT FLASHES 4 TEEN STAR Reporter 4 Marion County Courier Reporter 2,3 Quill 8tScroll 3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Model UN 4 Future Nurses 1,2,3,4 President 4 FTA 3 Junior Red Cross 2 SEEMORE, GLORIA JEAN Triton Central 1,2 SSS 3,4 SSS Queen Candidate 3 Future Nurses 3,4 GAA 3 Drivers' Club 3,4 Pep Club 3,4 SMALE, NANCY Prom Court 3 Majorette 3,4 Qrill 6cScroll 3,4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 GAA 1,2,3,4 GAA Queen Candidate 1 Sigma Mu 1,2 Class Treasurer 3 Student Council 3,4 Blue 8rWhite Revue 3,4 FLASHBACK 3,4 Editor Tri -Hi-Y 4 FTA 3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 IU Journalism Institute SMITH, ROLAND DALE Football l,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 VLC 1,2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Student Council 1,4 FTA 3 Drivers' Club 4 Prom Court 3 Blue dtW'hite Revue 3,4 Franklin Central Singers 4 SPARKS, CHERYI. 01 1,2 'rn-1-u-Y 3,4 Chaplain 4 FLASHBACK 4 Senior Editor Band 1,2,3,4 FTA 3 SSS 2 SPEER, STEPHEN Basketball 1 Cross-Country 3 Drivers' Club 4 Intramurals 2,3,4 Homecoming Court 2 SPRINGER, DALE Drivers' Club 4 Football 1 SPURLIN, MARY SADONNA National Honor Society 4 Spanish Regional Contest 2 Future Nurses 3 FTA 4 Drivers' Club 4 STARK, PAMELA ROSE Scecina Memorial High School 1 GAA 2 SSS 2,3,4 PILOT FLASHES 2,3 Library Club 2,3 Drivers' Club 3,4 Pep Club 2,3 STAYTE, SHEILA PILOT FLASHES 3,4 Tri-Hi-Y 2,a,4 . Vice-President 4 Library Assistant 2 Pep Club 1,2 Blue 8rWhite Revue 3 GAA 1 SSS 1 Drivers' Club 3,4 SU'l'HERLAND, KAREN LEE Majorette 3,4 Senior Play 4 Blue 8rWhite Revue 3,4 SSS 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 1,2 GAA 1,2 Drivers' Club 4 SUTHERLAND, SHARON LEE Majorette 4 Blue 8rWhite Revue 1,3,4 SSS 1,2,3,4 GAA 1,2 Library Assistant 3 Pep Club 2,3 Drivers' Club 4 SUTTON, CAROL DILSHON Football Homecoming Court 3 Basketball Homecoming Court 3 Pep ciub 2,3 I08 sss 1,z,3,4 SSS Queen Candidate 4 GAA 2 Drivers' Club 4 Library Club 3 TAWNEY, MARILYN DIANE Wabash High School 1,2 Majorette 4 SSS 3, Pre 4 sident 4 Senior Play 4 FTA 3 ,4 Secretary 3 Blue StWhite Revue 3,4 Pep Club 3 Drivers' Club 4 THOMPSON ED 1 Footb all 1 TONEY, KATHY Howe High School I National Honor Society 4 Quill KtScroll 3,4 FLASHBACK 3,4 Academic Editor Frankl Bdi in Central "Gems" 3,4 tor 4 Homecoming Court 4 Pep Club 3,4 Drivers' Club 4 FTA 3 Blue 6rW'hite Revue 3 VALENTINE, LLOYD Football 1,2,3,4 Wrestling 2 Baseball 1,2 Track VLC 3 1 ,4 Intramurals 4 VAN ARSDALL, EMILIE ELAINE SSS 2 Junior Future FTA 3 Red Cross 2 Nurses 2,3,4 Ball State Speech Contest 3 Franld Senior in Central "Gems" 4 Play 4 Blue 6tWhite Revue 4 VUSKALNS, RUTH INA sss l,2,3,4 Junior Red Cross 2 Future Nurses 2 FTA 3,4 Sigma Mu 3 ,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Girls' State 4 DAR Award 4 Betty Crocker Future Homemaker Youth Council on World Affairs 3 Secretary 4 4 Blue Qwhite Revue 3,4 Study Tour to New York 8tWashin WALKER, BARBARA JO Majorette 2,3,4 Student Council 3,4 Sec retary 4 Homecoming Court 4 Pep ci ub 1,2,a SSS 1,2,3,4 Blue d2White Revue 3,4 Drivers' Club 3,4 WALKER, LARRY Baseball 1,2,3,4 VLC 3,4 Basketball I Football 1,2,3 Track I Golf 2 Drivers' Club 2,3,4 WAL'l'Z, JOHN ARTHUR Band 1,2,3,4 Drum Major 2,3,4 Baseball 1 Drivers' Club 3,4 WAMPNER, LARRY roorbaii 1,Z,3,4 Basket Track ball 1,2 1,2 Baseball 1 VLC 4 WILKINS, LINDA G. sss 1, 2,a,-1 Junior Red Cross 2 Future Nurses l,2,3 WORTHINGTON, THOMAS J. Wrestling 1 Track I FFA 1,2 gton DC 3 Academics .... . . .16- Administration . . . . . 72- 26 73 Advertising .... . . .104-105 Awards ..... , Baccalaureate. . . . Band ....... . . 62- Baseball ............ 46- Basketball ........... 36- Basketball Homecoming . . 34- Blue 8cWhite Revue ..... Bus Drivers, Cooks, Custodians. .... . . Cheerleaders . . . Chess Club . . . Choir ..... Chorus ..,... Cross Country . . . Dance Band . . . Faculty . . Acomb, Gail 6,58,59,66,67,95 Aikman, Paul 64,92 Akers, Janice 103 Allen, Ben J. 7,36,37,38,52,53, 69,78,86 Allen, Harold 99 Allen, Karen 22,58,66,69,95 Allen, Rex 45,64,95 Althoff, Mike 92 Anderson, Faye 64,95 Anderson, Peggy 66,69,95 Anderson, Mike 20,78 Anderson, William 92 Andry, Don 6,12,33,38,46,62,69 92 Andry, Janet 35,65,78 Andry, John 33,39,45,53,99 Arnold, Donna 60,64,78 Arnold, Janet 67,69,95 Arnold, Marina 59,66,67,92 Arthur, Cheryl 64,78 Arthur, Margie 60,78 Aulby, Jimmy 40,42,45,64,95 Austin, Gregg 16,32,39,53,99 Bam, Eddie 3o,4o,42,56,6o,64, 66,69,95 Bade, Linda Lou 55,56,61,64,66, 6s,7s,s6 Baird, Chrisa 60,61,66,67,92 Baird, David 42,57,95 Baird, Dwight 42,99 Baker, Kathy 65,68,99 Baldwin, Scott 95 Ball, Jewell 103 Barker, Charles 95 Barker, Pamela 62,66,68,92 27 90 63 47 39 35 10 ..74- I 67 Subject I ndw FFA ............... 61 FLASHBACK ...... . . 55 Football ............ 30- 32 Football Homecoming . . . 6 Franklin Central Singers . . 64 Freshmen ...... ..... 9 9-102 Future Nurses . . . 69 FTA ....... 66 GAA . . . 68- 69 Golf ...... 43 Graduation . . . 91 Hi-Y . . . . 60 Intramurals . . . 48 Junior Leaders . . . . 61 Juniors ....... . . 92- 94 Letterman's Club . . 69 Librarians ...... 56 lwlw Barker, Phil 6,32,35,39,53,63,67, 99 Barnard, Dale 42,99 Bamard, Everette 40,41,42,53,69, 92 Barnard, Judy 52,53,56,60,66,78 Bassett, Ann 49,59,63,67,68,99 Bates, Tom 60,62,64,92 Baugh, Beverly 99 Beach, Eugene 95 Bell, Steve 43,57,62,66,92 Belleau, Becky 22,53,58,66,69,95 Bergman, Fred 6,63,65,95 Berry, Nancy 66,67,95 Betner, Mark 12,33,36,44,52,69, 92 Birdwell, Linda 62,69,95 Blacketer, Robert 63,95 Blackwell, David 103 Boesenberg, Vida 27,55,66,67,68, 92 Bogard, Duane 99 Borden, Linda 64 Bowden, Jerry 42,95 Boyer, Mel 6,30,46,69,78 Bradley, Linwood 21,53,78 Bramlett, Drinda 59,99 Bramlett, James 61 Brand, Earl 92 Bray, Howard 92 Breeding, Charles 30,44,45,48,60, 64,69,95 Breedlove, Martha 66,79 Breedlove, Vic 99 Brink, Karen 58,67,69,95 Broadhead, Judy 103 Broadstreet, Wayne 30,95 109 Majorettes ..... . . National Honor Soceity . . . Pep Club ....... PILOT FLASHES . . . Prom ....... . 12- Quill and Scroll . . . Senior Index . . . . . 106- Senior Play . . . . . Seniors ..... . . . 78- Sigma Mu . . . . Sophomores ..... .. . 95- Special Education . . Student Council . . Sunshine Society . . . . . 58- Track .... . . 44- Tri-Hi-Y . . . Wrestling . . . . . 40- Brodrick, Debora 58,64,67,69,95 Brown, Alvin 99 Brown, James 3O,42,46,95 Brown, Steve 32,43,99 Bryan, Ronnie 99 Buchanan, Rita 2O,59,92 Bundy, Jack 12,3O,32,36,39,46,5 63,66,69,92 Burch, Janet 95 Burgess, Michael 99 Burkman, Bill 61,92 Burton, Clark 32,39,57,61,62,99 Buttz, Larry 30,44,53,69,95 Buttz, Ricky 30,95 Byrkett, Steve 19,54,92 Carrier, Jerry 57,99 Caughey, Pat 67,99 Cayton, Sherry 64,95 Chandler, Val 30,44,45,57,95 Chaney, Michael 30,64,95 Chasteen, Beverly 64,79 Chestnut, John 38,48,95 Chestnut, Ruth 59,67,99 108 103 3 Chupp, Judy-Jo 6,52,55,56,66,67, 68,79 Clark, Johnny 33,46,57,69,92 Clark, Shirley 59,64,68,99 Clayton, Linda 99 Clouse, Nora 58,64,67,69,95 Collins, Linda 92 Combs, Thelma 59,64,92 Cook, Larry 95 Cook, Mike 48,99 Coomer, Shelia 22,95 Coomer, Verna 55,60,79 Cooper, Marilyn 59,67,69,95 Copeland, Jane 69,95 Corey, James 95 Corey, Tom 64,95 Cornelius, Ronald 92 Cornelius, Vicky 99 Coss, James 30,40,48,57,62,65,69, 95 Cottle, Jacque 66,69,95 Cougill, Christine 59,67,68,99 Cougill, Robert 33,38,60,69,95 Cougiu, Jim 30,31,46,47,48,66, 69,78,89 Coxhead, Steven 57,99 Coy, Ella Mae 59,92 Coy, Paul 45,99 Craig, Lana 53,58,64,67,69,95 Craig, Shannon 59,64,67,68,99 Craig, Steve 33,40,95 Craney, Eddie 79 Crisler, Nancy 68,92 Crist, Dennis 92 Crist, Roger 99 Croxton, Debra 61,99 Cunningham, Bob 30,4O,44,95 Dahl, Debby 65,67,68,99 Dahl, Jack 27,54,57,92 Dagey, Damon 99 Davenport, Charles 99 Davids, Melvin 40,61,95 Davidson, Larry 32,99 Davis, Glenda 54,64,92 Davis, Linda 95 Davis, Steve 92 Dawson, Jerry 12,33,44,6O,62,92 Day, Donna 62,92 Deerberg, Barbara 52,60,6l,64,66, 67,68,92 Deerberg, Dena 99 Deerberg, Linda 56,79 Delk, Robert 99 Denien, Gary 95 DeWeese, Judy 79 DeWeese, Paul 99 Dierforf, Cherie 59,65,99 Dierdorf, Deborah 59,64,92 Dillon, Jerry 92 Doane, Darlene 58,95 Dodd, Dale 32,48,99 Dorsett, Bob 57,79,84 Dorsett, Janet 59,99 Dougherty, Ronald 3O,48,64,69,79 Dougherty, Tom 32,39,44,45,48, 65,99 Downey, Mike 34,35,48,80 Drinkut, Karen 58,59,64,95 Dugan, David 92 Duke, Cindy 12,54,59,67,92 Ebersole, Terry 58,69,99 Eder, Jorja 49,58,67 Edwards, Larry 21,30,31,48,69,80 Edwards, Sandra 92 Elder, Kathy 92 Elder, Mike 30,80 Emmert, Mitchell 95 Entrekin, Bill 40,4l,52,53,55,56, 63,64,66,8O,86,69 Eoff, Mary 21 Erby, Patsy 80 Evans, Judy 25,58,8O Evans, Ruth 49,6l,63,99 Ewalt, Bonnie 6,12,49,54,59,64,67, 92 Ewalt, Connie 59,64,92 Fair, James 92 Fallowfield, Shirley 5,60,67,68,80 Fishback, Kathy 58,69,95 Fishback, Sue 27,64,8O Fishbum, Sheila 53,59,61,99 Fisher, Mark 99 Flagle, Bob 60,95 Flagle, Susanne 64,92 Ford, Kay 59,65,67,99 Foster, Sarah 59,92 Fraley, William 103 Francis, Brenda 58,59,67,95 Francis, Linda 59,67,68,99 Francis, Patti 20,64,80 Francis, Peggy 58,65,67,68,99 Frederick, Janet 12,92 Freeland, Tom 99 Fulk, Sharon 57,62,69,95 Gaier, Darlene 59,61,66,92 Gamer, Debbie 6o,61,62,64,e6,92 Garrett, Mike 44,45,99 Geissman, Blanche 64,66,69,95 Geissman, Helen 64,80 Gibbs, George 46,63,95 Gibson, Kathy 58,67,69,95 Gibson, Jeff 99 Gibson, Randy 39,99 Gigli, Gene 30,46,48,64,69,92 Gigli, Nancy 58,67,95 Gillum, Suzanne 67,95 Gleason, Nancy 52,57,60,66,68, 92 Goad, Gertrude 99 Goad, Laura 81 Goins, Sharon 67,99 Golaski, Bill 33,92 Goodman, Connie 95 Goodman, Debra 67,99 Goodman, Richard 36,40,4l,48,61, 69,81 Goodman, Russell 30,38,46,69,92 Goodman, Sherry 95 Grady, Kathy eo,61,62,66,e9,95 Grady, Wayne 81 Gray, Richard 48,64,92 Gray, Robert 5,25,42,64,81 Gray, Sandy 59,99 Green, Sherry 6,58,62,64,8l Green, Terry 39,44,45,99 Green, Vicki 56,58,67,95 Gregg, Brenda 22,64,81 Griffin, Jean 49,95 Haffield, Walter 11,92 Hagan, Sandra 25,64,95 Haggard, Robert 60,62,95 Hall, Alan 64,92 H0 Hall, Pamela 58,96 Hammersley, Richard 92 Hanner, Shirley 60,61,67,68,92 Hannon, Robert 57,63,81 Hanson, Gene 48,81 Hanson, Terry 30,45,64,92 Harris, Pam 96 Harrison, Harold 64,92 Hart, Jim 99 Hartman, Richard 63,65,8l Hartman, Steve 65,99 Hayes, Betty 59,64,68,99 Hazelwood, Kathy 81 Head, Linda 12,35,58,59,66,67,92 Hedges, Shirley 58,64 Hedrick, Shirley l9,60,62,82 Henderson, John 65 Henderson, Bill 30,43,54,69,82 Henricks 33,35,36,38,43,52,53,63, 66,69,82,91 Hendrickson, Kathleen 25,64,67,69 96 Hessman, Charles 30,-48,99 Heston, Jeffrey 20,92 Hilton, Bemie 12,30,44,64,69,92 Hilton, Teresa 64,67,68,82 Hopkins, Jackie 96 Hopper, David 82 Hosier, Angela 53,56,58,60,66,67, 69,96 Hotze, Sherry 12,49,58,92 Howard, Christy 99 Howard, Deborah 99 Howard, Jackie 82 Howery, Ruthann 58,67,96 Hoyt, Susan 56,92 Hubble, Linda 52,53,68,92 Hubble, Richard 30,96 Hubble, Teresa 62,68,99 Huckleberry, Bernie 92 Hughes, Rex 30,39,46,47,62,64, 65,69,78,82 Hughes, Ross 32,45,53,62,100 Humphries, Larry 25,33,35,42,53, 54,57,96 Humphries, Mac 36,38,53,54,56,82 89,90 Huston, Nancy 59,100 Hutchison, Dennis 103 Ingle, David 53,55,57,93 Jackson, Larry 17,65,100 Jefferis, Judy 52,60,61,62,66,93 Johnson, Glen 26,96 Johnson, Jim 30,43,66,96 Johnson, Rebecca 58,96 Jones, Betty 49,58,64,78,82 Jones, Brenda 67,96 Jones, Cynthia 59,64,83 Jones, Charles 83 Jones, David 55,57,93 Jones, Gary 93 Jones, George 96 Jones, Janie 12,49,69,6l,62,64, 93 Jones, Steve 100 Keller, Patricia 69,96 Kemp, James 103 Kemper, Danny 6,12,69,83 Kemper, Delores 49,59,67,100 Kennedy, Beth 54,58,66,83,85 Kenyon, Roger 21,56,64,65,69,83 King, Michael 100 Kirkham, Jack 32,45,65,100 Kitley, Janie 35,53,59,61,63,67,68, 100 Kocher, Myron 61,93 Kolacek, Bill 30,48,69,93 Kost, Carol 57,6O,93 Kost, Karl 96 Kraft, Danny 48,93 Kraft, Judith 100 Kramer, Judith 54,66,93 Kuner, Mark 96 Kurtz, Karen 58 Kurtz, Vaughn 46,56,93 LaFever, Willard 23,61,96 Lambert, Bobbie 16,66,83,85 Lancaster, Mary 27,57,61,66,67,69, 96 Lawrence, Connie 96 Lawrence, Judy 93 Lawrence, Vicki 17,59,65,100 Lawrence, Willard 48,93 Lawson, John 44,45,53,103 Lechner, Cynthia 58,64,67,69,96 Lechner, Doug 18,48,93 Leonard, Linda 54,59,67,93 Lewis, Beverly 57,66,67,69,96 Lewis, George 96 Lewis, Tom 33,44,45,48,64,96 Limbach, Bonnie 58,64,83 Linn, Gordon 27,57,62,93 Linson, Margaret 103 Linzie, Ronald 96 Lowery, Janet 57,62,67,68,100 Lowes, Effie 62,100 Lowes, Mary 61,62,67,93 Lyons, Bobbie 53,68,100 Lyons, Sandra 53,60,6l,63,69,96 Macaluso, Charmon 58,61,64,67,93 Macaluso, Yolanda 59,61,67,100 Marling, Rex 54,63,65,1O0 Marsh, Dean 65,100 Martin, Kathy 66,93 Mason, Jana 49,59,67,100 Mason, Vicki 59,100 Massey, Martin 32,65,10O Mattingly, Thomas 30,36,38,48,96 Maze, Irvin 57,61,63,1O0 McAmis, Roy 23,57,96 McAvoy, Barbara 69,96 McAvoy, Tom 93 McCartney, Vickie 35,59,64,96 McCarty, Carolyn 53,58,66,83 McClain, Barry 23,30,61,96 McClain, David 45,100 McClain, Edwin 30,38,46,53,66,96 McClain, Linda 58,61,64,67,69,96 McCowan, Brenda 25,64,100 McCurdy, Charles 48,61 McFarland, Ann 53,62,64,66,93 McFarland, Marsha 49,58,64,67,96 McFarland, Ronald 48,61,83 McFarland, Susie 49,58,63,67,96 McFarland, William 12,45,52,60, 61,62,93 McGee, John 40,60,83 Mclntosh, Gary 35,61,48,84 McNutt, Diane 22,67,68,93 McNutt, Donna 22,67,68,93 McWhorter, Judy 53,58,61,69,96 Meacham, Dan 25,6O,84 Meacham, Janet 16,18,58,64,84 Mercer, Phil 48,100 Messer, Martha 58,96 Messer, Roger 96 Messer, Walter 100 Miles, William 62,65,100 Miley, Linda 53,54,59,o1,6o,67,93 Miller, Connie 100 Miller, Jim 16,62,93 Mitchell, Linda 67,96 Monson, Jim 32,39,65,100 Moore, John 100 Moore, Karen 20,27,68,93 Moore, Kevan 100 Moore, Norma 58,64,68,84 Moore, William 93 Moorhead, Daniel 100 Morgan, David 62,100 Morgan, Clara 59,60,67,68,84 Morgan, Donna 58,65,67,68,96 Morris, Dianna 100 Morris, Larry 48,93 Morris, Ruth 100 Mosier, Pamela 100 Moss, Kenneth 66,96 Motley, Kenny 6,9,27,48,54,69, 84 Mullen, Bill 30,46,93 Muncy, Charles 57,63,101 Murray, Gloria 93 Muterspaugh, Donna 59,61,84 Muterspaugh, Rickey 8,24,57,101 Napier, Steven 12,35,93 Naue, Annette 64,84 Naue, David 101 Neathery, Connie 58,96 Nichols, Linda 59,67,93 Nicholson, Mike 93 Norman, David 101 Nottingham, Ronnie 101 Nuttall, Dan 30,36,37,46,69,93 Nuttall, Denny 30,32,36,46,69,93 O'Connell, Phyllis 58,62,66,69,96 Oglesby, Henry 43,63,101 Olin, Chauncey 48,61,66,96 Oliver, Norman 44,52,84,85 O'Neal, Bob 93 Osbum, Teresa 69,96 Padgett, Wendell 61 Parker, Linda 96 Parr, Albert 93 Patterson, Pamela 96 Ill Patterson, Robert 101 Paugh, Greg 101 Paugh, Walter 93 PeLko, Cheryl 66,96 Penney, Lonnie 93 Perryman, Janice 53,84 Peterson, Cheri 67,101 Peterson, Emily 59,60,85 Petty, Charles 63,93 Phillips, Dennis 57,61,63,101 Phillips, Janis 61,63,69,96 Phillips, Laurelyn 52,61,62,68,93 Pickett, Karen 68,96 Pickett, Linda 65,101 Piepenbrok, Mary 58,59,66,67,69 96 Piepenbrok, Ruth 67,68,101 Pierson, Linda 101 Piper, David 55,56,63,64,84 Piso, Linda 58,96 Poe, Sandy 93 Pollard, Debra 49,59,65,68,101 Pool, Greg 32,139,101 Poole, Becky 26,59,63,68,101 Poole, Dennis 10,60,63,85 Pope, James 43,69,85 Porter, James 93 Poulson, Duane 61,96 Poulson, Gary 101 Pratt, Joann 93 Pratt, Robert 96 Price, Randall 30,46,93 Puckett, Carroll 101 Puckett, Gary 101 Puckett, Karen 58,59,64,67,96 Puckett, Linda 96 Pulliam, Roger 96 Rabourn, Cheryl 67,101 Raboum, Linda 59,61,62,67,93 Radcliffe, Daniel 102 Radcliffe, Nova Kay 65 Ramey, Billy 103 Reasoner, Doug 63,102 Record, Dana 102 Record, Jan 93 Reed, Mark 46,93 Reel, Starr 64,96 Rejko, Steve 33,42,44,45,96 Rejko, Vicki 59,102 Repass, Peggy 85 Repass, Tom 43,63,102 Reynolds, Bill 33,38,46,69,96 Reynolds, Kathie 12,53,59,64,67, 93 Rhorer, Stanley 57,93 Rice, James 30,44,45,96 Richardson, Marilyn 59,93,66,67 Richards, Wanda 35,58,64,85 Richardson, Jerry 62,85 Richey, Pat 12,64,66,85 Rigdon, Ronald 96 Riddle, Donald 85 Riook, Lois 59,o5,67,6s,1o2 Ritter, Alice 59,6O,61,62,66,86 Ritter, Charles 61,63,102 Roberts, Grace 58,62,66,68,86 Roberts, Jerry 93 Robertson, Dana 17,56,58,60,66, 67,69,97 Rode, Marvin 36,38,53,61,64,93 Rode, Robert 20,48,61,93 Rode, Sandra 59,93 Rooks, Ronald 18,97 Root, Carol 53,60,62,66,69,97 Root, Patricia 93 Rosemeyer, Bob 43,86 Runyon, Sherry 12,49,59,64,93 Russell, Louisa 59,64,93 Rule, Jane 102 Rule, Ray 102 Sandefer, Dennis 86 Schilling, Rick 62,102 Schmidt, Becky 53,59,61,102 Schmidt, Michael 23,30,61,97 Schmidt, Tom 48,86 Schroeder, Marvin 23,61,97 Scotten, Linda 64,86 Seabot, Dan 48,93 Seal, Theresa 25,58,64,86 Self, Carol 64,93 Shaffer, Donna 102 Shaffer, Mike 32,39,102 Shaffer, Teresa 58,64,86 Shane, Ronald 97 Shay, Glenn 63,65,97 Shields, Linda 97,59,65 Sheets, Gary 43,102 Sheets, Larry 32,44,45,102 Shepherd, Lucille 102 Shepherd, Sandra 102 Shirley, Kent 16,52,53,63,65,69, 78,81,84,87 Shott, Kim 30,48,60,93 Shue, Maureen 97 Siebein, Michael 30,44,45,87 Sievers, Beverly 18,27,54,56,59, 6O,64,87 Sievers, Jack 19 Sipes, Mike 40,48,97 Sircy, Bill 32,53,102 Sizemore, Calvin 45,61,102 Sizemore, Gloria 58,59,64,87 Skelton, Rebecca 67,69,97 Skelton, William 61,97 Skiles, Stephany 59,68,102 Skiles, Stephen 43,39,57,102 Skillman, James 97 Skillman, Sheryl 58,62,67,69,97 Smale, Nancy 9,53,55,56,60,66,67 68,87 Smale, Susan 54,66,67,69,97 Smith, Cinda 94 Smith, Debbie 59,67,68,102 Smith, Dennis 12,94 Smith, Jean 58,64,97 Smith, Linda 16 Smith, Norman 64,93 Smith, Roland 30,31,36,37,52,53, 64,69,87 Smith, Stephen 48,61,94 Snyder, John 97 Snyder, Myrna 103 I Souders, John 102 Sparks, Cheryl 55,60,63,87 Speckin, Kathy 55,59,61,94 Speer, Mark 53,57,66,97 Speer, Stephen 18,48,87 Springer, Dale 87 Spurlin, Sadonna 27,52,55,66,87, 89,91 Stark, Pam 58,88 Stark, Pat 97 Stayte, Sheila 60,88 Stephens, Gerald 46,97 Stephens, Linda 67,102 Steward, Kay 59,64,94 Stewart, Peggy 2O,59,94 Stillabower, Linda 58,67,69,97 Stockwell, Carolyn 57,66,67,69, 97 Strellner, Linda 57,94 Strellner, Marcia 56,58,97 Suckow, Richard 102 Sullivan, Carol 65,102 Sutherland, Karen 58,66,88 Sutherland, Sharon 58,66,88 Sutherland, Shirlee 64,94 Sutter, Carol 58,65,67,97 Sutter, Larry 39,53,65,l02 Sutton, Carol 58,64,88 Swartz, Harold 56,57,94 Sweeney, Douglas 94 Swengel, Carol 58,67,97 Tam, Steven 94 Tames, Cheryl 67,97 Tapp, Mike 97 Tawney, Francine 59,64,67,68,1 02 Tawney, Marilyn 27,58,66,84,88 Thacker, Sherry 20,59,64,94 Thomas, Allan 102 Thomas, Dwight 30,97 Thomas, Preston 40,42,43,60,65, 69,98 Thomas, Steve 32,39,64,65,102 Thompson, Ed 88 Thompson, Tommy 61,102 Thompson, Robert 102 Roland, Karen 98 Toney, Kathy 35,52,55,56,67,88 Trimble, Charles 39,44,45,102 Trivett, Marilyn 98 Trotter, Marcia 94 Tumer, Ronald 94 Utter, Linda 59,61,64,e7,1o2 Utterback, Inez 61,63,102 Utterback, Lyn 60,63,64,65,94 Utterback, Richard 62,65,94 Valentine, Lloyd 30,48,64,69,88 Valentine, Luella 67,98 VanArsdall, Emilie 85,88 VanderBaan, Robert 98 Va.nTreese, Steven 21,42,94 Veal, John 103 Vemon, Robert 44,45,53,94 Vorse, Bruce 62,65,98 Vuskalns, John 33,38,44,45,52,5 H2 3, 57,6e,69,94 Vuskalns, Ruth 52,53,57,58,66,89 Walden, Chris 102 Walker, Barbara 6,53,58,66,89 Walker, Harlie 44,98 Walker, Larry 46,48,64,67,69,89 Walker, Lynn 68,102 Waltz, John 62,63,89 Wampner, Kenneth 94 Wampner, Larry 30,69,89 Wampner, Peggy 59,64,94 Ward, Valerie 62,102 Ward, Joe 33,44,48,57,69,94 Watkins, Don 102 Watkins, Gary 102 Watkins, Judy 59,64,94 Wells, Charles 30,98 Wells, Ronald 32,102 Wepf, Cherie 58,69,98 Wesselman, Diana 58,61,67,98 Westby, Ronald 39,45,57,102 Westerman, Jean 57,59,67,102 Weston, Dennis 98 Weston, Donna 59,67,94 Westphal, Mark 61,98 Wetzel, Hayden 57,63,102 White, Thomas 98 Whiteside, Steve 57,102 Whitlock, Dianne 64,69,94 Whitlock, Ronald 40,69,98 Wilcher, Mike 46,48,98 Willhite, Marina 58,98 Willhite, Russell 30,98 Wilkins, Garry 61,98 Wilkins, Linda 58,89 Wilson, Danny 63,65,102 Wisdom, Diane 102 Wisdom, Rosemary 64,94 Wise, Barbara 58,67,98 Wolcott, Mike 40,98 Wood, Anita 53,58,60,66,67,98 Wood, Karen 59,67,102 Woods, Robert 98 Woody, Tom 102 Woolman, Stephen 94 Worland, Jena 61,66,98 Worrell, Linda 59,67,102 Worthington, Carol 59,102 Worthington, Mary Ann 102 Worthington, Tom 23,89 Wright, Judy 102 Wynn, Vicki 102 Yeager, Jon 30,62,94 Yeager, Marcia 58,67,98 Yoder, Janice 102 Young, Danny 46,64,94 E23 .i..E?.'1".2f.L.,-,

Suggestions in the Franklin Central High School - Flashback Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) collection:

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