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THE STUDENT 1954 ,.-.':. T A ,araj T 6' r f? . ' - A ff' , Q WIA! HU1 X ZWQTE I QW W . 7 f-1 ff J W,Q 9 W 'jfj o 'ga Q "All Aboard" Franklin Academy Malone, N. Y. Price 51.50 'o f s" s .' ff, X 54 if ef - f f X', ay ..-td .Z f V XX Q2 ez fy f Z, Q' V T--li Z f 4 f 7 'Q X WN f 14 y X p o ix 0 ' ,J f .. If A LI ,, X7 f' Q , 3' L7 3 65 Foreword "A ll Aboard l" This is the theme of the 1954 Student Yearbook. We feel that this is appropiate as we seniors are preparing to board an imaginary train to a place called the Future. We do not know where this train will take us or when we shall leave it. In this book we hope to show you how our clubs, sports, social activities and other phases of school life have prepared us for this iourney. 4' 0 2 ae: I - X. E E -. L f- I - Y 'Z' fb 77 X- k "' -,.,. , K' ,., fl V-Q x,,,, I ., 7 ?A fda- i I tag " swf lf, ? C - f jf rho, 1 KWH' , W so fee ,f 3' fra' 3 v 'H 7 f aff ,,, is ff Nl ""- ' 0 4 gf X I 'f Z 1 ,ff av! ' ff-I ff! , 0 f 2 Bulletins NU! - .Ley ' r I i W 4? Q I N K -+ -1 L 'i Q S for 0. ex ' ':fSb-f xx R gg N -Qt .1-1-5,.,.? xx . W Q -A R l 4 Y 'biixsg' xg cfvx v gtg If xx .-9' -' -S ' 4 S ' Q SY ,lf-J f-5 W -S gf A i 5' X i : 5 "Ki J rv Ak YX E , L S 4543, X XM!! X ,Q 5 - 2 Q F d 2 S if orewor... .. . . X ,-T QS -TH XX Dedication . . . . . . . 7 .TJ XN C' X In Memoriam . . . . . . . . . . . 8 5 X if C W l Administration . . . . . . . 9 Q 'ie S Seniors . . . . . I7 History . . . . . , , 38 Student Government . . , , 39 Activities . , , 47 Music . . , , 63 Sports . . . , ,7l Advertisements . , 83 3 Q an 1 .5 1 .Z i i - gf Q u is it ' . Q . in Franklin N September 1950, about one hundred and twenty-five freshmen climbed aboard the train heading up Academy Hill. We arrived to find a building which awed us all. Now as we climb on the caboose heading down the hill, we take with us a part of Franklin Academy. We appreciate everything that has been done to better our school. In the past years a new soundproof system has been installed and new lights have been constructed. During the four years we seniors have attended Franklin Academy, our educational station, we have been most fortunate in having as our station agent, Dr. Donald W. Dunnan. Mr. Schnitzlein has been ci most able conductor, and the remainder of our train crew, consisting of the teachers, has been efficient. We, the seniors of 1954, are confident that we shall often return to the "STATION" on the Hill. 4 FOUNDED 1831 COURSES OFFERED A Classical Scientific Vocational: Agriculture, Homemaking, Machine Shop Business: Secretarial, Bookkeeping, General Industrial Arts General Academic ACADEMIC and vocational courses are supplemented by extra-curricular activities designed to enrich character and develop personality. These activities cover the Fields of athletics, dramatics, music, public speaking and club activities. Club activities include the fields of vocational agriculture and home- making, publications, photography, dramatics, music appreciation, classical literature, French, games, science, tennis, and stage craft. Several scholarships from S20 to S50 are given to deserving and worthy students. The principal of the school will be in his office the week before the opening of school, or by appoint- ment, to discuss programs and other problems with students and parents. Students are urged to take advan- tage of this opportunity, as a well planned program is one of the prerequisites to a successful high school education. For further information, address F. W. Schnitzlein, Principal 5 F A Alma Maier sung to the tune of "Old Black Joe" 4- p, Snrunn 4' Fusun QQ .EH 53.51155 P Hill 35 l. Come Let us sing u song to old F. A. Where we have we E15F"5E5555Ff5' F55 Wffffhf ffm Q .QM we W-f'LEEe9HF1rFeF-'EE ss . , Ffne W,-wm5elMff.b.Hffe 1 in D. S. al Fine lOur Though-fs will ever backward furn fo old F. A. I MACHORUS QPF m D..s: al Fine ?.51,h 1.b-ffl,s.M.P.B'1:Pg-W4 -11 eefsSfPEsS'fEEe sew -ff 6 Dedicafion ,W WE, the editors and staff of the 1954 Student Yearbook, wish to dedicate this book to our two hard-working faculty advisors, Miss Elizabeth Donovan and Miss Gertrude Sawyer. These teachers have unselfishly devoted their time and patience to the successful publication ofa Franklin Academy yearbook since its founding in 1947. To you, Miss Donovan and Miss Sawyer, we wish to express our sin- cere gratitude and appreciation for a job well done. 7 In Memoriam Lyle Barcomb Our hearts are fastened to this world By strong and tender ties, And every sorrow cuts a string And urges us to rise. When Heaven would kindly set us free And earth's enchantment end, It takes the most effectual means And robs us of a friend. 8 Aclgninisfrafion F,-M XZ '7 A ,Y Xxff V ,gi i n lg is -L Q ff +-----I-I x -i-i' 'Q non QM' ,U jk 5 J! :Sf 1:5131 , X . , .J -- -...N J- eh- k G in-f 1' g "'-1 H4- ,. : 'e il 1 1 4-nv-1-33, - 1' 8.SOPEA Board of E ducafion First Row: George Gingras, Alfred Brooks, Ralph Cardinal, Mrs. Robert Hale, Frederic Mason. Second Row: Galneau Pond, Francis Lawler, Dr. Alfred Hartmann, Dr. Donald W. Dunnan, Superintendent of Schools, Claude Clark, Daniel Beaman. THE Malone Board of Education is a policy making body for the Malone Public Schools. Everything that takes place within the schools of the Malone Village School District comes under the iurisdic- tion of the Board of Education. The Board is concerned in regard to every activity of the pupils in the schools in order that they may have the very best possible education. During the past year a number of improvements have been made at Franklin Academy. The Speech Room has had darkening curtains installed so that it may be used in connection with the visual education program. A newl6mm. sound proiector has been provided for the school. New drinking fountains have been installed for the convenience of those attending basketball games and other functions held in the gymnasium. The school cafeteria has been given a new coat of paint. During the summer season all of the classroom doors, all of the lockers, staircases and exterior doors were refinished. Though Franklin Academy has been in operation for almost a quarter of a century, because of the Board's attention to its maintenance, it still looks like a new building in every respect. I0 Principal IF a school may be considered as a "station" on life's railroad, it becomes a "stop over" point. On a "stop over", one should try to see as much, to learn as much as the "station" offers. We are "arriving" and "leaving" on schedule. It's smart to be on time, otherwise, you may be "left on the platform." And don'tforgetthot trains run in both directions. Take your choice F. W. Schnitzlein, Principal Il MRS. NOEL BURNS Homemaking MR. JAMES W. COFFIN Social Studies, Driver Training MRS. LUCILLE H. DAVIS General Science MR. KENNETH CHAPMAN Health, Physical Ed., Coach MR. LEO CAHILL Physical Ed., Coach MISS MARION DALY Science MISS KATHRYN L. CURTIN Latin MR . GERALD DOUG LASS ' Mathematics MISS ELIZABETH DONOVAN World History I2 M!! MISS EMMA DWYER Business MISS MARY A. ENGLISH English MRS. ANN GOODMAN Mathematics MISS M. MONICA LANCTO Librarian MR. JACK HINMAN Science MR. DONALD W. Mac DIARMID Guidance Director I3 MRS. BESSIE GEORGE English K 7 ftissif , MRS. KATHRYN P. LANCTO American History MISS ISABEL A. MCGOWAN EngIish an-Inq QL4, i I V SV , IR. li YJ I' R of ' sm. MISS HELEN A. MOONEY MR. CHARLES A. PERKINS Supervisor of Art Auto Mechanics MISS M. TERESA OWENS French MISS MARTHA K. ROBINSON English it MISS GERTRUDE E. SAWYER Business s Q MISS HELEN SEAMAN Physical Education MISS GERALDI NE SENNETT MR. HARLIE G. SMITH Business Assistant Principal, MR. CLYDE J. SHAAK Instrumentai Music I4 Vocational Agriculture MR. LAWRENCE J. STEWART English MR. PAUL B. WILLIAMS Business MRS. GRACE NICHOLS MR. VINCENT WARYHA Industrial arts Office Staff A VERY important part of our school is the office staff, Mrs. Grace Nichols and Mrs. Aletha Peets. If you entered the office to get a lunch ticket from Mrs. Peets or to ask her to have your locker opened, you might hear Mr. Schnitzlein giving dictation to Mrs. Nichols. lt is Aletha's voice that you hear reading the announcements every noon, and she is also the one who takes care of all extra curricular funds. The class of '54 feel that they will always remember the good natures of these two women. I5 MISS RUTH E. WEBSTER Social Studies, Public Speaking, Dramatics MR. WARREN D. WOOD Supervisor of Secondary Music MRS. ALETHA PEETS C usfodian Mr. Frank Schirm F ROM early dawn until late at night these men who work to keep our school clean and orderly. These men do their iobs so efficiently that they make us proud of our school. Always these men will have a place in the hearts of the class of '54. C afeferia Janitors Left to Right: John Duquette, Lloyd Drew, Staff Earl Greeno, Herman Stone Left to Right: M. Pritchard, G. Willett, M. Doria, F. Gardner, V. Kelly, M. Benware. u NDER the supervision of Mrs. Marion Doria, the cafeteria has run efficiently for another year Through the Student Council's arrangements, the students have helped plan the meals. We will remember the smiling faces of the women who fed the hungry hordes daily in the cafeteria. I6 Seniors Q 2 F A Q., A XNQQ xffi g Q? Q QXXX' 5-1. :E ' Q --- F Z, Mil!!! gg: E -' 33"-:I W - ""' if-T wLE Gv1G2 sop, I 5 'f-1' QE .55 :AF 5. 1 :f"9"! N 4 i I7 ifiifiiiil- MILDRED BADORE "Millie" "Style is the dress of thought." SHIRLEY BARCOMB "shirt" "Silence is more eloquentthan words." Current Events, Needlecraft, Square Dance Club. BETTY BE NWARE "Silence isthe element in which great things fashion them- selves." Current Events, Readers' Club. BE TTY BERRY "She is quiet but deserves to succeed." Hornemaking, Square Dance Club, Co-ed Club, Student Magazine, Intramurals. I8 JANET E. BARNES "Barnsey" "All the world is a stage and she is the actress." Epsilon, Phi Sigma, Band, Jr. Class Ring and Prom Comm., Summary Comm . , Casts of "That Brewster Boy", "l3th Letter" and "George Washington Slept Here", Elks Speaking Contest, V. P. of Freshman Class, Pres. of Masquers, Co-Editor of Year- book, Sec. of Stud. Coun., Band Librarian, Queen of Epsi- lon, Valedictorian. J EAN NE M. BESSETTE "A iust fortune awaits the de- serving." Epsilon, Photography, Science Club, Band, Intramurals, Treas of Co-ed Club, Pres. of Read- ers' Club in freshman year, Fu- ture Teachers' Club . JOHN F. BESSETTE "Johnny" "The cautious seldom err." Stamp Club, Current Events Club, Square Dance Club, Ep- silon, Newspaper, Intramural Softball, Jr. Ring Comm., Re Dorter for the Science Club, Co-Editor ofthe Yearbook, Treas. of Jr. Homeroom, Al- ternate to Stud. Coun., Can- didate for King, Salutatorian. nine JANE BOYEA "Janie" "Never under estimate size." Chorus, Choir, Co-ed Club, Archery Club, Jr. Red Cross, Square DanceClub, Lieuten- ant of Patrol System. vs- . JAMES A. BLANCHARD Il-I immyll "Life is what you make it." Jr. Red Cross, Stamp Club, Current Events Club, Square Dance Club, Intramurals, Rep. of Jr. Red Cross. RICHARD BOYEA HDkkH "To laugh is to live." Operators' Club, Square Dance Club, Bowling Club, FFA, Country Club, Intramurals, Rep. to Stud. Coun. I9 RUS SE LL BOWLES "Never bold of spirit, so still and quiet." FFA Reporter. MYRON BRADY "A quiet but very pleasant fellow." Alternate to Stud. Coun., Square Dance Club. JAMES BROWN IlJimlI "He takes life as it comes." Bachelors' Club, J.V. Foot- ball, Treas. of Operators' Club. FRANCIS BYINGTON usuddyn "All heroesaren'tsixfeet tall . " Varsity Club, Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Intramural Volleyball, Jr. Fi- nance Comm., Jr. RingComm., Treas. Jr. Class. CAROL CLARK "Sophie" "A bundle of brightness and friendliness. " Square Dance Club, Head Typist for Student Magazine, Finance Comm. of Yearbook, Civil Ser- vice, Bowling Club, J.V. Cheerleading, 2 yrs., Chorus, Reporter of Co-eds, lntramura ls . VERA CLARK "Quietness is best." Advertising Staff of Yearbook, Finance Comm . , Volleyball, Ping Pong. 20 DOUGLAS CHAMPAGNE ll Dougll "Silence is good and can do little harm." Bowling Club, Operators' Club WAYNE CIARK "ltisthe nature ofa greatmind to be calm and undisturbed. Epsilon, Square Dance Club, Bowling Club, Science Club, Pres. of Jr. Homeroom, Can- didate for King, Honor Stu- dent. LEE DE COSTE noekell "A great athlete isa credit to the worId." Varsity Club, Basketball, Foot- ball, Baseball, Track, Co- Captain of the 1952-53 Bas- ketball Team. JEAN DURANT "Jeanie" "Silence is one of the most prized virtues." Homemaking Club. FREDERICK DELARM "Fred" "CheerFuIness is an admirable trait in a man." Bowling Club 3 yrs. 13, ' 3 I v JANICE ANN DURHAM ll Janll "A happy heart makes a cheer- ful Face. " Sec. of Bowling Club, Square Dance Club, Captain of Co- lumbia, Intramurals, J.V. Cheerleader, Treas. of Phi Sigma, Co-ed Club. 21 JEANNINE DE LosH Hema'- "Give the world the best you have and surely it will be re- turned." Current Events Club, Yearbook Business Staff, Square Dance Club. MARILYN LOUISE DURHAM Ilwdoll "StyIe and neatness are the crowning graces of woman- hood." Bowling, Current Events, Square Dance Club, Kappa, Intramurals, Student Council Alternate. RICHARD DURHAM "Groucho" "Life was meant for fun and not for worry. " J.V. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Football, Track, Intramurals, Chorus, Swing Sixteen, Sec. of Sophomore Class, Sec. of Choir. EMOGENE EARLE Il Emoll "Her thoughts have high aims." Future Teachers' Club, Needle- craft Club, Bowling Club, Kappa, Epsilon, Nasquers, Band, Stud. Coun., Pres. of Homeroom, V.P. of Current Events Club, Sec. of Future Teachers' Club. ,fe SAMIRA DURHAM ll Samll "Beauty enough in her dark, dark hair." Treas. of Masquers, Treas. of Kappa, Cast of "George Wash- ington Slept Here", Captain of Rochester, Choir, Chorus, Swing Sixteen, Girls' Quartet, NYSSMA. RUTH FLESSNER "Ruthie" "To know her is to like her." Jr. Red Cross, Square Dance Club, Phi Sigma, Choir, Cho- rus, Swing Sixteen, NYSSMA. 22 MARION DUSTlN Il "A merry heart does good like medicine." Needlecraft, Current Events Club, Civil Service Club, Square Dance Club, Student Magazine, Intramurals, Stud. Coun., Sec. of Homeroom. KENNETH FOBES ll "l go merrily on my way." Band, Chorus. JOYCE GARDNER IIJOII "Let not your heart be trou- bled. " Captain of the Patrol System. Intramurals, Square Dance Club, Needlecraft, Photog- raphy Club, Epsilon, Co-eds, I ?:.,AM NANCY GIBBO ll-Iiggsll "Be my friendand I'II beJours. " Homemaking Club, Nee Iecraft Bowling Club, Current Events' Club, Jr. Red Cross, Archery, Patrol System. DAVID GLE ICH ll Il "Men of few words are the best. " Operators' Club, Square Dance Club, Readers' Club, Intra- murals. Summary Comm . ELAINE GOKEY "Silence of the people is the lesson of kings." Civil Service Club, Square Dance Club. FRANCIS GOKEY "Franny" "Eat, drink and be merryp for tomorrow we go to school." Bowling Club, Intramurals, Football. 23 MARSHALL D. GOKEY "Content is the man who tends the soil. " Epsilon, Square Dance Club, Business Mgr. of Student Magazine. Qfuf MARY WM' -'Goldie' 7,12 53 A "There is no substitute for sincere earnestness. " Current Events Club, Readers' Club, Square Dance Club, Basketball. JANET GRATTON ll-jan!! "Success will bless what e'er you do.." Homemaking Club, Readers' Club, Square Dance Club, Choir, Chorus, Pres. of Soph- omore Homeroom, Stud. Coun. Member. ROBERT GONYEA "Comrade" "Good humor is always a suc- cess." Epsilon, Square Dance Club, Jr. Ring Comm., Rep. to Jr. Red Cross, Sec. of Homeroom 2 yrs., Treas. of Homeroom 3 yrs. SHIRLEY GRIFFIN "Shirl" "Quietness, confidence, shall be your strength." Homemaking Club, Chorus, Advertising Staff of Yearbook, Pres. of Readers' Club. 24 KEVIN GORDON "I'd rather see a young man blush than turn pale. " Operators' Club, Track, ln- tramural Volleyball and Bas- ketball, Sectional Basketball, Captain of Cortland. MARIE HARRIGAN ll ll "Without music life would be a mistake." Co-ed Club, Kappa, Year- book, NYSSMA, Stud. Coun., Civil Service Club, Choir, Swing Sixteen, Chorus, Chair- man of Summary Comm., Fu- ture Teachers' Club, Candi- date for Queen, Honor Stud. DAVID HENDERSON "Panama" "His smile and personality are his fortune. " Varsity Club, Football, Basket- ball, Baseball, Track. l. T JANICE A. KELLEY "Kelle " Y "Cute to look at, nice to know. " Bowling Club, Cheerleading Band, Choir, Swing Sixteen,' Chorus, Treas. of Senior Class, Sec. of Phi Sigma, Captain of Syracuse, Pres. of Choir. HAROLD HOLMES "Foreman" "The best of blessings, a con- tended mind." Patrol System, Photography Club . ARLENE KILLETS 'A smile for every girl, two for every boy." Epsilon, Kappa Reporter, Sec. of Masquers, Co-edClub, Yearbook Planning Staff, Chairman of Fi- nance Comm . of Yearbook, Band, Castof "FamilyCircle", Intra- murals, Rep. to Stud. Coun., Chorus, Pres. of FreshmanClass, Editor of Student Magazine, Jr. Ring and Prom Comm., Govern- ing Council of Band, Candidate for Queen. '25 BARBARA JEFFERY "Bobbie" "Simplicity--thy name is wo- man." Photography Club, Co-ed Club, S uare Dance Club, Country Cilub, Intramurals, Patrol Sys- tem, Jr. Red Cross. ,.-'.,.g,,,1',.R 3.1.5 ,Q V9 t 'X 1 .- , CLARENCE J. KING "An all around good fellow." French Club, Operators' Club, Epsilon, Choir, Chorus, Swing Sixteen, Tumbling. 'll' .ly 51I.1's4l-.Iv'yr Q' MARJORIE KING llwrgiell "Weeks may pass, years may end, yet in me you will find a friend." Kappa, Sec. of Civil Service Club, Current Events Club, In- tramurals, Country Club, Square Dance Club, Needlecraft Club. 0 'THOMAS LAMITIE Il Tom!! "Our thoughts and conductare our own. " Archery, Jr. Red Cross. 149 JOSEPH C. LA PRAD "Spider" "Laugh and the world laughs with you." il: 5 -I GERALDINE LA ROCK ll Gerryll "Leta smile be your umbrella. " Co-ed Club, Civil Service Club, Square Dance Club, Student Magazine, Student Newspaper Staff, Intramurals, Treas. Jr. Homeroom, Captain of Speedball Team. 26 N J OYCE MARIE LA PLANT IIJOYII "Success depends on ambition . " Co-ed Club, Civil Service Club, Current Events Club, Needlecraft Club, Intramurals, Typing Staff of Student Maga- zine, Square Dance Club. EDWARD LA ROSE "Eddie" "Laugh away sorrow, cast away core." Square Dance Club, Intramurals RUTH E. LEARNED "Ruthie" A JANICE LEACH "She profits most who serves ll-,ann "Beauty of style and grace de- pends on simplicity." Current Events Club, Phi Sigma, Epsilon . WILLIAM LITTLE "Bill" "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Science Club, Reading Club, Bachelors' Club, Yearbook Staff Intramurals, Chorus. best. " Epsilon, Needlecroft Club. ,rel EARL LIVERNOIS llsonnyll "Still water runs deep." 27 JANICE R. LEDGER ll-lun!! "Snappy--pretty, Full of fun, has a smile for everyone." Epsilon, Co-ed Club, Current Events Club, Phi Sigma, Bowl- ingClub, Choir, Chorus, Swing Sixteen, Quartet, Cheerlead- ing, Yearbook Staff, Captain of Cornell, Stud. Coun., Jr. Ring Comm., V.P. of Epsilon, V.P. of Choir, V. P. oFFreshman and Sophomore Homeroom, Candi- date for Queen. JAMES LUNAN II-nm ll "A man who depends on himself is wise." SHIRLEY MACDONALD "Shirl" "Deserve success, and you shall command it." Square Dance Club, Country Club, Current Events Club, In- tramurals. EDWARD MAGEEAN llEdlI "When Irish eyes are smiling. " Pres. of SeniorClass, Pres. of Local and Trl-County FFA, V. P. ALDEN MAKIN IIAIII of Stud. Coun., V. P. of Fresh- "All things come round to him man Class, Sec. of FFA, Cho- who will but walt. " rus, Band, Choir, Swing Sixteen, Bowling Club, Intramurals. Boys' Quartet, Pres. of Current EventsCIub, Chairman of Junior Class Finance Comm. ADE LE MALONEY uTeckyn "Kind words and fewarea wom- an's ornament." Epsilon, Civil Service Club, Current Events Club, Square Dance Club. Stud. Newspa er, Stud. Magazine, Intramuralz, Pres. of Civil Service Club, Honor Stud. DOLORES JEAN MAN LEY IIDOI 'yn "The sincere alone can recog- nize sincerity." Co-ed Club, Pres. of Needle- craft Club, Current Events Club, Red Cross Club, Intra- murals, Pres. of Freshman Homeroom, Sec., Treas. of Sophomore Homeroom, Future Teachers' Club. 28 EDWARD G. MANLEY llEdll "He is always full of fun and naturally liked by everyone." Epsilon, Varsity, Masquers, Jr Red Cross, Bowling Club, Year- book Staff, Track, Track Mgr. Intramurals, Cast of "Family Circle", Student Council, Sec of Freshman Class. JAMES F. McDONALD llJimll NYLE MARLOW "A man of hope and forward- ALVIN McELWAlN "Cap" looking mind." "Al" Photograph Club, Operators' "The star that has fhe mogf Club, Baml, Choir, Chorus, "He who knows the most be- glory has no rest." Yearbook Planning Staff, lieves the least." VarsityClub, Football, Boskef- Yearbook Finance Stuff, P0- ball, Baseball, Track, Capt. of fI'0l SYSYSFTY1 Pl10f09fUPl'lY Sfaff Basketball, Capt. of Football, of YSGrb00l4- V.P. of Senior Class, Sec. of Varsity Club, Pres. of Junior Homeroom, Pres. of Varsity Club. BEVERLY MOLNER "Beaver" W f "Variety is the spice of life. " CFR? MITCHEEL Current Events Club, Phi Sig- DARREWFOHETTE M'fCl"ellm0n ma, Intramurals, Castof "Fam- 'ey ily Circle". 'IA wolf in sheepls clofhingg' . A 'Q 2' "AIl men of action are dream Photography Club, Science , SVS- " Club, Band, Bowling Club, A y , Intramurals- lntramurals, Sec. of Photog- '-JCL?-rf" ' KALLZLML4 mphy Club' gf! zz, ff! fi?6,2f7fwLw 29 MARJ ORI E MONTVI LLE llwrgiell "Cold hands, warm heart." Co-eds, Civil Service, Red Cross, Stud. Coun. Alternate, Intramurals. KENNETH MOODY "Porky" "Contented with your lot, you will live wisely." Intramurals, Archery Club. ARLINGTON MOREY IIA'-leyu "Anything for a quiet life." Archery, Photography, Square Dance Club, Readers' Club, Patrol System lCorporalD. ef' . 1 ' ' Q JEANETTE D. PEACH "Peachy" "'Twas her thinking of others, made you think of her." Home Economics, Square Dance Club. ANTHONY F. PEASE lITonyII "The style is the man." Epsilon, Current Events, Square DanceClub, Summary Comm., ROY EDWARD PECKHAM Chorus, Junior Class Finance "Rug-lie" Comm. , Pres. of Stud. Coun. , TFBGS. of .lUf1l0f HOmel'O0m. "Ng really great mqn ever thought himself so." FFA, Square Dance Club, Sec of FFA for '53-'54, 30 JOYCE N. PERHAM llHoneyll "They know much who know how to learn." Homemaking Club, Square Dance Club, C.E.C. Club, Country Club, Softball. FRANCIS POISSANT lITimmyIl "The sign of wisdom is a con- tinual cheerfulness. " FFA, FFA Tri-County, FFA Basketball, Sec. of Tri-County, FFA Basketball, Sec., Treas. of Current Events Club. "fs-. CONSTANCE M. PERRY "Connie" Co-eds, Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. ERMA MARIE PURDY "Little One" "Make haste slowly." Current Events Club, Readers' Club, Square Dance Club, Country Club, Intramurals. 31 NANCY PHELPS llNanu "Friendliness is but one of her virtues." Epsilon, Co-eds, Future Teachers' Club, Intramurals, Country Club, Current Events Club. PATRICIA RICHEY llpatll "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." ' Home Economics Club, Sec., Treas. of Home Economics Club. I , .:. l x L ' WILLIAM RILEY "Big Bill" "ln future days, we'll remember still, the guy we knew as iust plain BIll." Epsilon, Science Club, Varsity Club, Photography Club, Var- sity Football, Photography Staff of the Yearbook, Track, Intra- mural Volleyball and Basketball Varsity Basketball, Candidate , lv .BH BARBARA ROBARE llBcrbll "A witty woman is a treasure ."' Bowling Club, Intramurals, Captain of Brown, Co-eds, V. P. of Civil Service Club, V.P. of Kappa. for King. C. BURTON ROCKHILL "The farmers are the founders of civilization." Current Events Club, FFA Bas- ketball Team, FFA Judging Team, Tri-County FFA, 2 yrs. V.P. of FFA, Sentinel of Tri- County FFA, Intramurals. RICHARD ROUTH uoickn "When the Frenchman sleeps, the devil rocks him." VarsityandJ.V. Football, J.V. Baseball, Track, Band, Cast of "The I3th Letter", Varsity Club, Current Events Club, Senior Homeroom Rep. to Stud. Coun. 32 E PATRIC K C . ROBARE ll Patil "l am wealthy in my friends. " Square Dance Club, Current Events Club, Publicity Staffof Yearbook, Finance Staff of Yearbook, Intramural Basket- ball, Volleyball, Track. 'B KATHLEEN M. ROWAT Il Kitty!! "Full of pep and lots of fun, she's the friend of everyone." Photography and French Clubs, Choir, Chorus, Stud. Coun., Swing Sixteen, Girls' Quartet, Band Pres. , Masquers' V. P. , Kappa Sec., Epsilon Finance Comm., Candidate for Queen, Honor Student. i f...?..ff.5sf . 'P 45' ig JUDITH C. RUTKOWSKI nlludyll "I prefer a man without money, to money without a man." Epsilon, Bowling Club, Current EventsCIub, Square DanceClub, Band, Swing Sixteen, Chorus, Yearbook, Cast of "That Brew- ster Boy", Intramurals, V.P. of Co-eds, Sec. of Jr. Class, Treas. ofChoir, Reporter for Phi Sigma, Pres. of Fresh. and Soph. Homerooms, Cand. for Queen. BRUCE SANTY "One of those brutes whom we deservingly call heroes. " Varsity Club, Photography Club J. V. Football, Varsity Foot- ball, Intramurals. DAVA SANCOMB "Her infinite sweetness ------ Epsilon, Co-ed Club, Square Dance Club, Intramurals, Ed- itor-in-Chief of Student News paper, Pres. of Home Econom- ics Club, Honor Student. Y RICHARD M. SHERWIN xc, DAVID SANDERSON "Dave" "A soldier, Fire, and water soon make room For themselves." Bachelors' Club, Photography Staff of Yearbook. .yas C "Dick" V ROBERT SHIELDS "He is a good orator who con- Hgobn vinces himself. " FFA' Sentinel of FFA '52"53f "To worry little and study less, , Tfecs- of FFA '53"54- is my idea of happiness." 33 Square Dance Club, Current Events Club, Intramurals. DEMETRA SMERLIS HTUIGH "She is gentle, she is shy, but there's mischief in her eye." Kappa, Epsilon, Co-eds, French Club, Square Dance Club, Band, Photography Club, Chorus, Yearbook Planning and Finance Staffs, Jr. Class Finance Comm., Clarinet Quartet, Future Teachers' Club, Rep. to Stud. Coun., Sec. of Co-eds, Governing Council of Band, NYSSMA, Pres. of Fu- ture Teachers' Club. ROBERT SOUTHWORTH usobn "Pleasure is the business ofhis life." J.V. Basketball, FFA, Intra- murals, Square Dance Club. DON SMERLIS "Eat to live, or live to eat?' Epsilon, Masquers, Bachelors' Club, Photography Club, Var- sity Club, Stamp Club, Jr. Varsity Football and Basket- ball, Choir, Chorus, Band, "Family Circle", "George Washington Slept Here", Jr. Finance Comm., Pres. of Photography Club. JOHN STOREY uJockn "l like work, it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours." Epsilon, Square Dance Club, Photography Club, Track, Football, Photography Staff of Yearbook, Intramurals, Candidate for King, Honor Student. 34 DOLPHUS SOULIER "The world could use more like him." FFA, Epsilon, Readers' Club, Square Dance Club, Treas. of FreshmanClass, Treas. of Soph- omore Class, V. P. of Jr. Class, Sec. of Senior Class. DOROTHY STOWE "Her ways are ways of pleas- antness. " Civil Service Club, Square Dance Club, Treas. of Civil Service Club. CAROL THOMAS "Tommie" "To be merry, best becomes . II Kappa, Readers' Club, Square Dance Club, Civil Service Club. PATRICIA THOMPSO N llpafll "Shortand cute but never quiet, Patty always is a riot." Epsilon, Phi Sigma, Masquers, Co-ed Club, Yearbook Staff, Cheerleader, Intramurals, Cho- rus, Current Events Club, Square Dance Club, Photography Club. FLORENCE TOWNE "Flossie" "The eyes have one language everywhere . " Co-ed Club, Intramurals, Pres. of Phi Sigma, Captain of Man- hattan. RICHARD TUC KER nDicku "An honest man's word is his bond." Square Dance Club, Photog- raphy Club, Readers' Club. DONALD TULLOCH llDonll "Wisdom of many and the wit of one." Varsity Club, Bachelors' Club, Bowling Club, Varsity and J. V. Basketball, Golf Team, Choir, Volleyball, Softball, Pres. of Sophomore and Jr. Class, Pres. of Epsilon, King of Epsilon, Honor Student. 35 LEON VIVLAMORE ll Leell "I will find a way, or make one." Bowling Club, Varsity Foot- ball, Intramurals. KATH LEEN WEMETTE lIDinglI "Grace was in all her steps and heaven in her eye." Kappa, Square Dance Club, Country Club, Intramurals, Drum Maiorette K2 yrs.l, Jr. Class Finance Comm., Pres. of Co-eds, Stud. Coun., Rep. to Jr. Red Cross. JOANNE MARIE WILLETT IIJOII "Love is only chatter, friends are all that matter." Co-ed Club, Current Events Club, Epsilon, Intramurals, LLOYD WH ITE "Whitie" "The man that blushes is not quite a brute." Square Dance Club, Country Club, Bowling Club, J.V. Football, FFA, Basketball, Wrestling, Tumbling, Intra- murals, Reporter of FFA for '53-'54. DOROTHY WOOD IIDOHYII "Beauty is power, and a smile is its sword." Jr. Red Cross, Epsilon, Square Dance Club, Patrol System, French Club, Intramurals, Fu- ture Teachers' Club. Volleyball Sectionals, Pres. of Kappa, Head Cheerleader, Captain of N. Y. U., Student Council. 36 K Ml tk AV ...W ,H COLLEEN WILLETT "In all labor there is profit." Square Dance Club, Jr. Red Cross, Phi Sigma, Future Teachers' Club, Current Events Club, Volleyball, Badminton, Treas., Pres. of Jr. Red Cross, Sec. of Freshman Homeroom. ELAINE WYMAN "To do easily what is difficult for others is the mark of talent .' Co-ed, Choir, Chorus, Civil Service, Varsity and J.V. Cheerleader, Intramurals, Sec. Treas. of Epsilon, Capt. of Cortland, V.P. of Phi Sigma, Bus. Mgr. of Yearbook, Candi- date for Queen, Honor Student JUNE YEDDO "A good disposition is God's ARMAND YANDO happiest gift." RICHARD YEDDO "Jacob" Civil Service Club, Square "Dlck" Dance Club, Epsilon, Student "All things require skill butan Newspaper Staff, Student "He that hath knowledge appetite." Nlagazine Staff, Advertising spareth his words." Future Farmers, Intramurals, MUHCQCI' of the Ye0fl900k1 J. V. Football. Honor Student. Intramural Basketball, Softball NOT PICTURED MARY JO COOK Honor Student . Transferred from Alabama MISS DALY WE wish to extend to you, Miss Daly, the seniors' faculty advisor, our heartfelt and sin- cere appreciation for your assistance in our last year. We feel that you have been one of the chief conductors in 'helping us board our train to the Future. 37 History WAY back in September, i950 a group of bewildered freshmen left the Junior High Station and boarded the Franklin Academy Express to start the long iourney through high school. We were plenty scared, as this was our first train trip, but with Arlene Killets engineering the expedition and Janet Barnes assisting her, we found our seats. Edward Manley recorded the sights and Neil Russell held' the tickets. As the train rolled from one year to the next, the controls were turned over to Don Tulloch with Edward Mageean standing by. Richard Durham was handed the record book while Dolphus Soulier held our tickets in a tight grip. '52 Passed into '53, and we were beginning to enioy the trip. Don Tulloch seemed completely at ease as our chief engineer. Dolphus Soulier handed over the tickets to Francis Byington for safe keeping and proceeded to help Don at the throttle. When '54 came into view in the distance, we had covered a lot of territory and were approaching the home stretch. lt looked as though Edward Mageean were to be at the controls when we finally reached our destination, while Nyle Marlowe shoveled the coal for our final burst of speed. Dolphus Soulier now took his turn at recording the sights, while Janice Kelley presented our tickets to the conductor in return for our long awaited diplomas. When the train finally pulled into the station, it was a much older and wiser group that descended to the platform of the Future. While on the train we had gradually risen to a position of prominence. Comprising our crew were many impressive leaders, dedicated to the welfare of these organizations: Student Counci l --Anthony Pease Summary Committee--Marie Harrigan Student Magazine--Arlene Killets Student Newspaper--Dava Sancomb Student Yearbook--Janet Barnes John Bessette F. F. A. --Edward Mageean Varsity Club--Nyle Marlowe Kappa Kappa Kappa--Jo Anne Willette Phi Sigma--Florence Towne Masquers--Janet Barnes Epsilon--Don Tulloch Co-eds--Kathleen Wemette Patrol System--Joyce Gardiner Band--Kathleen Rowat Choir--Janice Kelley Cheerleaders--Jo Anne Willett We, the senior class, hope that succeeding generations of passengers will take this advice to heart: Observe all the scenery and beauty possible on this trip because you will never pass over this same countryside again. 38 -. Sfudenf Governmenf - Em MW 7 5 QA ,b-CN:-141411K 5, So What is your musical l. Q. fellows? What is your musical l. Q. girls? Are your knees shaking, Janet? Student Nga, President Anthony Pease recognizes Richard Du- 'I' HE Student Council, the legislative branch of our student government, is one of the most active organizations in high school. Meetings are held each Monday afternoon, and delegates from each home room bring up matters which they feel are worthy of consideration. Parliamentary law is used at all meetings. The Student Council takes great pride in its work done in acquiring our school flag, we also feel satisfaction in the efforts put forth toward the Council Q nv, Q' fi L I , M , ,,,. V2-2" ' mont during the open session in the auditorium. publication of a student handbook, which will be invaluable to freshmen. We were instrumental in procuring a health room, and our Student Council Assembly Planning Committee worked exceedingly hard in planning and presenting our regular weekly assemblies. We feel that the Student Council of 1953-54 has been one of the most efficient in Franklin Acaclemy's history. Dress rehearsal for the Fashion show. All ready for summer sportsl The panel discusses whether to go to college or not. lcwlif .!!""'l ,fn pu..- Summary Committee , J. DeCostefappea1ingcasej, C. Reyome, A. Pease, J. Gardner, D. Hoadley, M. Harrigan. T HE Summary Committee is the judicial branch of the student government. This law-interpreting body issues demerits and tries appellate cases. It functions much the same as does the Supreme Courtin our national government. The Summary Committee insures the student body that fairness and iustice will be maintained in Franklin Academy. .9 .E 53 5.1 K .1552 Patrol Sys tem lg, . First row: C. Moore, J. Boyea, D. Monette. Second row: M. Reynolds, W. Gallagher, R. Revette, E. Perry. Third row: C. Monette, S. Cox, B. Hodges, I. Graton, D. Pelkey, R. McMahon. Fourth row: N. Lane, S. Holmes. Fifth row: M. Savoir, D. Thompson, G. Fayette. T HE Patrol System is the executive branch of the student government, which maintains law and order in F.A. "The law is as powerful as the extent of its enforcement" is the motto of our Patrol System. 42 EIMC Do you Think straight? X n CLASS OFFICERS: Sec-, Dolphus Soulierp Trecs. , Janice Kelleyp Vice-Pres., Nyle Mcrlowep Pres., Edward Mogeecn Whct's the 18th Amendment? Wl'10f'S The mofor? 'Q' r Lf , fs Dig that crazy mixed up vocabulary! "Now the slope equals The rise over Yhe run ll g,.,...s rr' 1' U I1 U i O S I' CLASS OFFICERS: Treas., F. Boisseyp Sec., A. Ashlawg Vice-Pres., W. Smifhp Pres., R. Willis. HOW much lhl'eI'eSf is fl1el'6???? "Pqfre5 Congcfipfil ------- " md I 'E How many degrees are in a right What were the Dark Ages? triangle? CLASS OFFICERS: Sec. , Richard Dumonfp Treas. , Lois Crawfordp Vice-Pres., G. Childs. Je ne comprehend pas francais! Whaf time is it? 45 What makes a lift pump work? Use simple interest methods FRESHMAN OFFICERS: Pres., R. Fleuryp Vic-Pres., K. Benwarep Treas., F. Yanowitzp Sec., M. Durgan. Will Ivanhoe win the tournament? If x 1 l0, what does y I ? 146. , , 'OL .1 Acfivifies Q f, 4 fg X Z x 7 I r. .. I .,,....., I AW Z 535 ' 9 CLUB CA .f--j ff- , ,,,..f-- -- ---, -WF' The Crownbearers: S. Bregman, L. Langlois. 'I E ps: on Dancing under the stars. Left to right. First row: W. Clark, M. Harrigan, K. Rowat Second row: J. Bessette, I. Storey. E- WYHIBH. The QUBBD J. Barnes. 'I' HE highlight of the Franklin Academy social scene is the annual Epsilon Ball, held in January. Seven boys and seven girls, all members of Epsilon, are elected by the society's members to be candidates for King and Queen. On the night of the ball, Mr. Schnitzlein announces the names of the King and Queen, chosen from the fourteen candidates. 48 Left to right. First row: 1. Ledger, A. Killers, G. Rider. Second row: J. Rutkowski, R. Willis, W. Riley, The King: D. Tulloch. The winning candidates reign over the ball as King and Queen of Epsilon. The selection of the King and Queen always causes much excitement among the people in Maloney an enthusiastic crowd of specta- tors witness the coronotion ceremonies, and a most receptive radio audience hears the broadcast over W. I. C. Y. 49 The Trumpeters: I. Bishop, D. Rowat, F. Yanowitz, E. McQuinn. Ball Congratulating the Royal Couple. Epsilon Cheerleaders I Formal Initiation. Epsilon Activities E PSILON was formed as a society to reward those students who have proved their scholastic ability. ln order to become a member, a student must maintain an average of 8596 for one yeorp and to stay in, he must keep up an average of 8096. The society holds an initiation banquet in the fall, in which the initiates must take part. Then comes the Christmas party, when Santa Claus distributes gifts to little relatives of Epsilon members. Other activities of Epsilon include the Epsilon Ball and Coronation. This ceremony is explained on the preceding page. The annual breakfast in the cafeteria, held on Class Day closes the Epsilon activities each year. .gig 1 sk - X ft on NX N 'W 1, Santa giving out presents. Christmas party. 50. ., X W i ,Aff Y if V' . . , 5 , 2 a I 1 A f , I i The bl9'Wl"eelS of MUSQUEYS' - The members pose for a picture M asquers' Activities M ASQUERS was founded as the dramatic society of Franklin Academy. Students who have proved themselves as actors and actresses by earning three credits are eligible for membership. One of the highlights of the year's activities is the annual initiation banquet which is held shortly after the fall play. As witnessed by these pictures, it proves to be one of the toughest initiations in the school, as well as the m0Sf fun- Among our other activities are a Masquers' Speaking Contest for under-classmen and a lawn party for the members in June. All students who love dramatics and all that it stands for, the smell of grease-paint and the glare of the footlights, strive to become members of Masquers. W , It was tough, but they made itl The happy initiatesl l 51 Don't spill the paintl sv New Carpenters, hurry and finish those stairs! Stage crew of "Family Circle". 2 3 Last minute touches really count. "Fam 'I "FAMILY Circle" by Cornelia Otis Skinner was the F. A. school play which was presented in Novem- ber of this year. Through the brilliant acting of all the members of the cast as well as the efforts of the backstage crew, the play was an overwhelming suc- cess. Miss Ruth Webster, assisted by Mr. Stewart, directed the production. It is the story of teen-age Cornelia Otis Skinner who is filled with the glitter and glamour of the theatrical world and trying her best to influence her parents to let her ioin the world of footlights, grease-paint, and make-believe. Cornelia's best friend, Mab, who loves Cornelia despite her faults, lovable Amy, who can't quite say her s'sp glamor- ous Enid, who thinks clothes and boys are the most important things in the world, flighty Grace, who manages to forget the most important things at the I Greasepaintl What a mess. A successful actress? Grrl Who's afraid of Malo? Circle" wrong timep Abby, the indignant maid, who finds life in the Skinner household a little hectic, Charlie, attracted to Cornelia because "she cer- tainly is different", William, Enid's latest swain, Henry and Gordon, Grace and Amy's fellows, and Mother and Father, Cornelia's devoted parents-- all make "Family Circle" an interesting and exciting experience. Behind the scenes the assistant directors, the painters, carpenters, electricians, property and costume girls worked efficiently to insure a smooth- ly operated production. The effort which the cast and backstage crews put into this production was greatly rewarded by thscessfthl. , , e U C 0 e P cy Cornelia, in the sleep walking scenel Cornelia, a dying swanl Curtain call' 53 Hatching ideas for the Yearbook. Yearbook pictures? That's your iob. Student T HE Student Yearbook is published annually through the efforts of several hard-working staffs. Perhaps the most important is the Planning Staff, which is comprised of representatives from the various classes. The staff is headed by Co-editors, Janet Barnes and John Bessette, and Business Manager, Elaine Wyman. The Ohl The smell of that glue. Wil Q i 395 receipts to write. WHEWI Any corrections to type? . 54 . Buyl Benefit of the Yearbook. Yearbook other staffs which aid in the publishing of the Yearbook are the Photography Staff, the "Ad" Staff, headed by June Yeddo, and the Finance Staff, with Arlene Killets in charge. We, the Production Staff of the Yearbook, have given of our time and effort to moke this Yearbook the biggest ond the best ever. i li if Get to work nowl 9 f- '.:?5' -.' . if-wrbii-" -5'4" - """'i"'5'Z 3.3: Checking shoes at the "SOCK HOP". The artist at work. Done at lastl I I Gerry LaRock gets some "dope" for the Gerry LaRock and John Bessette set up "Inquiring Reporter" from Shirley Johnson. layout on blackboard. Student Newspaper T HE Student Newspaper Staff meets once a week on Mondays. Under Editor, Dava Sancomb, they make up the layout for the "Malone Evening Telegram" and hand out assignments for the next issue. Under Miss McGowan as faculty advisor, the make-up has taken on a new purpose, with the addition of features explaining school policy. Assignments are done and handed in by Thursday evening, and they are checked and typed in time for publication on Tuesday. Everyone works hard to meet the deadline for Copy gets typed up by Adele Maloney and the newspaper- Dorothy Stowe. 56 lnsert master, then start machinel No spaces after punctuation marksl Sfudenf Magazine 'I' HE Student Magazine is published three times a year by each individual class. The iunior class publishes the Hallowe'en issue, the freshman and sophomore classes edit the Christmas issue and the senior class issues the spring publication. There are several staffs that form the backbone of our magazine. The Typing Staff, headed by Carol Clark, arranges the pages in an orderly manner. The Art Staff, under the editorship of Barbara Barcomb, adds much color and life to the magazine with its full page ads and title pages. The Business Staff, headed by Marshall Gokey, manages the financial end of our publication. Our exchange editor, Betty Berry, sends our magazine to I4 different states and one foreign country, Puerto Rico. The General Staff performs all the miscellaneous work connected with editing a successful magazine. The remaining editors are: Editor-in-chief--Arlene Killets, Assistant Editor--Gene Dewey, Advertising Editor--Nancy Marlowe, and Alumni Editor--Patricia Fish. The staffs are well rewarded for their efforts when they see their work in print. Keep those pages evenl Watch out for double pagesl 57 1 1 3 f Kuw- Civil Service Club First row: B. Benware, I. DeLosh, J. Blanchard, P. Robare. Second row: M. Dustin, C. Willett, E. Mageean, J. Be- sette. Third row: J. Leach, B. Rockhill, M. Golden. Fourth row: B. Molner, F. Poissant, E. Purdy. Fifth row: D. Manley. HE Current Events Club was organized with the purpose of discussing local, state, national and world affairs. Controversial subiects such as the St. Lawrence Seaway, lowering voting age to l8, and racial preiudice in U. S. make for interesting debates. F uiure Farmers First row: G. LaRock, M. Dustin, M. Montville. Second row: M. King, E. Gokey, C. Thomas, B. Robare. LL our Civil Service Club members must be seniors taking a business course and having a knowledge of shorthand and typing. At our meetings we work out civil service papers so we will be test wise when our exams are taken next year. We have spelling bees and movies per- taining to the business field to show us how we may be better adapted to secure iobs. Our chief purpose is to find a good job when we graduate. Current Events Club l First row: H. Smith, M. Reynolds, J. Sherwin, D. Prue, D. Tucker, P. Raymond, L. Peets, I. Russell, W. Anderson, T. Hamilton, W. Towne. Second row: A. Moore, F. Yando, R. Hurteau, G. Childs, D. Beane, R. Maneeley, R. Peckham, E. Mageean. Third row: R. Southworth, J. Johnson, D. Lintner, R. Sherwin, B. Foote, D. Western, R. Sherwin, B. Rockhill. Fourth row: W. Tuggey, F. Debyah, L. White, R. Bowles, A. Yando, F. Poissant, R. Spawlding, D. Rogers. 'I' HE "Malone Aggies," a name familiar to F.A. students, is our local branch of an impressive national organization, the Future Farmers of America. Left to right: First row: L. Condon, I. Peach, S. Griffen, A. Gonyea, D. San- comb, P. Tavemier, S. Cox. Last row: J. Durant, B. Berry, I.Gratton, N. Mc- Quinn, P. Richey, V. Monette, C. Smith. 'I' HE FHA enioys many activities throughout the year. A few of these are: the annual initiation banquet in the fall , a Christmas party and other club proiects. ' of two future homemakers who wish to go to Camp Oswegotchie " 1. for two weeks in the summer. The purpose of this club is to prepare girls for practical housekeeping or to give them A the foundation for careers in domestic science. The club pays half of the expenses g :fir K 1 Future Teachers Left to right: First row: A. Earle. P. Maneely, J. Dufort, I. Nacashian, S. Monette. Second row: F. Dora, I. Mar- lowe, J. LaFave, E. Lytle, C. Willett, L. Stewart, P. Coughlin, A. MacLaren. Third row: C. Hanna, M. Savoir, G. Russel, D. Delosh, A. Gingras, J. Soper, S. Rosley. 'I' HE Junior Red Cross is an or- ganization formed for the purpose of helping others. From filling baskets of candy for hospital patients to packing relief chests for disaster-stricken countries, the work of Jr. Red Cross members is always prompted by o noble purpose. Future Home Makers Left to right: First row: A. Sharland, E. Earle, M. Harrigan, A. MacLaren, C. ley, B. Harte, D. Wood, N. Dunnan, L. Stewart. Third row: F. Poissant, J. Bes- sette, G. Dewey. 'I' HE FTA was started last year to encourage young students to go into the teaching profession. Arrangements were made for each member of the club to spend at least a half-day in the grade or field in which he is interested. Another activity of this club is helping the grade teachers tell stories to youngsters on Saturday mornings at the Wead Library. Junior Red C ross -59 Willett, D. Smerlis. Second row: D. Man- 1 Operators' Club 'I' HE Square Dance Club is a group of students organized solely for the purpose of having Fun. Every other Thursday, during the activity period, between 75 and 100 students assemble in the gym and dance to records. Square dancing helps to create new friendships and is also a good exercise. Stamp Club R. Eggleston, R. Boissey. R. Schermerhorn T HE Operators' is the service club of our school. The boys are trained to operate the six different types of audio-visual machines. The members operate these machines in regular classes to minimize the work of various teachers. They also play a major part in directing the school's noon time film program. Square Dance Club I. Blanchard, S. Holmes, G. Dewey, W. Smith. I. Bessette. T HOSE interested in stamp col- lecting for a hobby probably belong to the Stamp Club. Its purpose is to get together to discuss and trade stamps. Older collectors from Malone come and speak on rare stamps and give out very valuable information to these hobbyists. Kappa Kappa Kappa Left to right. First row: E. Earle, K. Rowat, D. Smerlis, D. LeRoux, P. Fish, E. Lytle. Second row: C. Thomas, A. Killers, S. Durham. I. Willett. B. Robare, A. MacLaren, I. Marlowe. Third row: N. Dunnan, P. Coughlin, L. Stewart. Fourth raw: K. Wemette, R. Tupper, J. LaFave, J. Soper, D. DeLosh, M. Harrigan, M. Durham, M. King. T is an honor to be a member of the Kappa Sorority. In order to become o member one must receive an invitation and be a pledge for two years. Among Kappa's many activities are the "Kappa Calico Football Dance" and St. Patrick's day tea. Phi Sigma Left to right. First row: A. Parnaby, J. DeCoste, C. Goodrow, P. Thompson, S. Zitko, J. Ledger, M. Rheaume. Second row: J. Leach, I. Rutkowski, E. Wyman, F. Towne, J. Kelley. I. Durham, B. Molner. Third row: R. Flessner, J. Barnes, S. Willett, A. Trimm, C. Willett, S. Johnson, A, Ashlaw, M. LaBelle. HI Sigma Sorority boasts a membership of twenty-five girls who have been invited into the group by its members. Among their varied activities include an annual tea, entertaining Kappa, and sponsoring the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. 61 C o-eds Left to right. First row: F. Towne, S. Durham, J. Kelley, J. Willett, J. Durham, B. Robare, E. Wyman, K. Wemette, J. Rutkowski, D. Smerlis, C. Clark, I. Bessette. Second row: N. Dunnan, P. Coughlin, S. Zitko, I. Valois, S. Breg- man, R. Tupper, J. Soper, I. LaFave, A. MacLaren, L. Stewart, I. Marlowe, P. Thompson. Third row: V. Proper, R. Revette, P. Fish, D. Delosh, A. Trimm, M. Harrigan, R. Bisnette, C. Boyea, M. Demarce, S. Clark, A. Killers. Fourth row: D. VanEss, M. Raymond, M. Reid, P. Leclerc, V. Barcomb, D. Duemars, A. Bushey, C. Goodrow, B. Berry, S. Iolmson, P. Fregoe. Fifth row: S. McKenna, C. Lester, C. Cosgrove,S. Legacy, A. Daigneault, L. Crawford, B. Premo, J. DeCoste, G. Langlois, I. Westcott. Sixth row: J. Boyea, C. Perry, B. Dora, I. Dibble, P. Fields, B. Willis, S. Hatfield, C. Larche, J. LaPlante, M, Montville. Last row: D. Manley, D. Gale. Varsify Club Left to right. First row: F. Clark, G. McGovern, D. Henderson, Nyle Marlowe, G. Rider, I. Exley. Second row: A. Longshore, E. Mason, F. Boissey, I. Yando, D. Lapine, F. Byington. Third row: M. Benware, G. Marlowe, W. Riley I. Brunelle, G. White. Fourth row: L. DeCoste, G. Childs, C. Reyome, T. Randall. 62 z Music S Q X n I - S Ex 15 xxxmNWNXXXNWN K xg Qty Uflljfjjf ,- D W E UM Ummm! J lm wwhwm Q 1- X I M M153 l, X H I 1 .: jn 3 V 'Ww.?fi" 'is S f www, H NXXNXQX vp 1 s 3 w A- - -1 ,W-v First row: D. Smerlis, J. Barnes, A. Killets, A. Ashlaw, S. Primeau, K. LaFave, M. Reid, D. Legault, I. Besserte. Second row: K. Fobes, I. Westcott, A. Daigneault, P. Muller, J. Wells. Third row: M. Jones, M. Tulloch, B. Beck, T. Avery, I. Valois, F Yanowitz, I. Bishop, O. Barney, L. LaRose, D. Rowat, A. Childs, L, Boyea. Concert HE Franklin Academy Band is divided into two main groups--Marching Band and Concert Band. The Marching Band presents a vivid picture with its intricate formations and iiveiy marches at the footbaii games. The Concert Band performs twice yearly at their Christmas and spring concerts and is often at 64 ,. . r , + 5' First row: R. Willis, F. Miller, E. Lytle, A. Gingras, K. Rowat. Second row: A. Bushey, G. Dragon, L. Crawford, N. McQiiinn I. Kelley, I. Soper, J. Henderson. Third row: W. Tuggey, G, Raymond, M. Raymond. Fourth row: D. Bombard, J. Henderson, I. Murray, R. Collette, R. Routh, Mr. Shaak. Band the call of the public. There is also a saxophone sextet, a clarinet quartet, two trumpet trios, and a pep band, which plays at the basketball games. 65 First row: Mr. Wood, I. Kelley, E. Wyman, J. Ledger, J. Rutkowski, S. Durham. Second row: R. Tupper, C. Cosgrove, A. Gin- gras, J. Soper, G. Biondo, L. LaRose, D. Lester, B. Poissant. Third row: L. Benware, D. Bombard, D. Schermerhorn, T. Richards F. A. FRANKLIN Academy is very proud of its choir, directed by Mr. Wood. Choir is composed of about forty-eight members. Each year a Christmas and a spring concert ore held. The climax of the year's activities comes with the Annual Music Festival held at Potsdam. Here different schools are represented 66 91' 5 wif .ii WWJ 5 is . , K A Vixkv K0 1, . Wbv. f Q sv , , r if om W ,, .,,. Mtgz.. -f f ' M K id, W - , . . First row: R. Flessner, M. Jones, I. Westcott, P. Leclerc, C. Moore. Second row: W. Tuggey, D. Lyons, J. Oellfke, P. Francis, M, Harrigan, K, Rowal, A, Daigneaulr, P. Maneeley. I. Boyea. Third row: D. Daigneault, D. Reynolds, C. King, D. Durham. C hair and enthusiasm runs high. Choir is rated according to the caliber of music it produces. Every year we try to achieve a higher standing in more difficult music. An educational trip is another organized activity usually enioyed by all the choir members. 67 First row I. Boyea, J, Fleury, A. Bushey, P. Leclerc, R. Bisnerte, D Van Ess S McKenna, S. McKinney, S. Zitko, I. Valois, G. Dragon, R. Pors sant Second row: J. Kelley, E. Wyman, B. Sessions, M. Reid, S. Hatfreld F Dora R Tupper, C. Hanna, P. Francis, T. Owens. Third row: Mr Wood C Cosgrove, A. Gingras, I. Soper, S. Bregman, J. Ledger, I Rut kowskl '42 Durham, G. Biondo, L, Benware, O. Barney. Fourth row D Lyons D Lester, D. Bombard, R. Schermerhorn, Fifth row: J. Oelfke K Fobes C King, D. Reynolds, D. Daigneault. F A Chorus HE Franklin Academy Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Wood, is composed of students having the desire to sing for theirown enioyment. During the year many various types of music are sung. There are religious, humorous and other selections which delight just about everyone. The Chorus meets regularly once a week, but the highlights of the year are the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. 68 fills. 4, f.. . -VA.. 'ff 'vanadium 51381810 'llggiltln H, "-i-T'.:'J-72" Nmnlllr i U .M.,,,. , 4. I f-5. First row: R. Flessner, M. Harrigan, J. Ledger, K. Rowat. Second row: D, Reynolds, C, King, J. Oeltke, R. Durham. Q First row: J. Westcott, B. Premo, M, Jones, J, Trushaw, G. Rasmussen, G Shaw, S. Willett, C. Moore, K. Rowat, S. Rossley. Second row: D. Legault, B. Blanchard, L. Crawford, A. Daigneault, S. Stewart, B. Beck, P. Maneely, B. Willis, J. Wells, G. Proctor, M. Harrigan. Third row: L. LaRose, N. Crowner, I. Henderson, J. Nacashian, S, Legacy, S. Clark, S. McKinney, R. Flessner, C. Larche, N. Chapin, A. Flynn, T. Mayville. Fourth row: F. Yanowitz, J. Henderson, L. Boyer. Fifth row: T.Richards, E. LaRose, L. Spinner, W. Tuggey, R. Durham. Swing Sixteen WING Sixteen is another musical group cli- rected by Mr. Wood. Members are selected from Choir, and each selection is made with ut- most thought. Swing Sixteen entertains For Rotary, Kiwanis, and other active organizations. From the members of Swing Sixteen, quartets are chosen. The Girls' Quartet this year is a very active group composed of K. Rowat, J. Ledger, J. Soper, and S. Durham. 69 Marching Band 'I' HE Franklin Academy Marching Band, under the direction of Mr. Clyde Shack, appears at every football game to play such school songs as will cheer the team on to victory. Everyone looks forward to half- time when the band displays intricate Formations, well-timed and well-executed. The band is also an indispensable part of all pre-game pep rallies. The smart green and white uniforms displayed by the band members are the pride of Franklin Academy. ' Color Guard Maioretfes Left to right: J. Wells, E. Lytle, A. Gingras, A. Daigncault. Left to right: S. Murtagh, I. Lytle, S. Hatfield, I. Barrow N. Chapin, P. Prue. I. Langlois. 70. xxx X Sporfs v E J 5- f 0 X u I t n "q. 1 4 'Q u ' ' .Q I on I .QO 4 l x ki I ' .5 f , mmamv 4 1 2 -0 X or f gmlmr '-5" U 7 f no' I, an H ' : Q.. 'Q s arf g .Qs ' K 1" -3 ' m H f ' ' , I f.'!-'Sf 2 4 2 H. 'W ' H111 f ' l. f . 1 5 f v , U asbwa ' n I 1 n i if ' H " Q55 Varsity do of so" O0 051 ai oo 619 First row: F. Byington. Second row: B. Santy, W R Q0 Routh, D. Henderson, I. Yando, Lee DeCaste, Nyle xigo X49 cy. 'K XX ooox 'I' HE Franklin Academy "Huskies" began practice just before school opened in the fall. Vitalized' by the addition of several players from the Junior Varsity, the team nevertheless had a great rebuilding iob to do because of the loss of much of the backfield and part of the line. Opening against Massena, traditional football rival and powerhouse of the league, Coach Cahill's charges outplayed the heavily favored Red Raiders after a slow start, to lose only by one point. Then followed a victory over Canton and an impressive win over Tupper Lake, in which the Green and White overran the Lumberiacks for almost the entire game. We went into Ogdensburg favored to win but came out of the Border City with another loss, but Pots- dam was an easy victory in our next fray. The final game against Gouverneur was a close one during the first half, but the Wildcats broke loose with two quick touchdowns to sew up the last game of the season, leaving the Huskies with a 3-4 record but one of the most spirited teams in recent years. 72 F ooiball Riley, G. Marlowe, J. Exely, G. Childs. Third row: Marlowe . Massena Canton Tupper Lake Ogdensburg Potsdam- Saranac Lake Gouverneur scoke BOARD We They 1 2 I3 I2 7 33 7 7 I3 26 6 I3 18 7 I9 as I 'gfeffo-ff 6 0 We ooo, o,lv "'6- "6 fre 1,56 - - . V-'f1 ..i1:1ff1 ',-, 4 'V 1 1 1 1 ' ff ' ii- A - ' 1 ii? gsm "'5" ' L U-' 11 " "sff?i?i1'11.,, 9 1? 'Q ffm-ff: -. - 'V gf: V Pll , V151 7 Q 1 1 1 g f P- ff' . -,1' v ' k .yi --1. - fi , , , 1' 1 F. 1 1, ohh Li' 2 ' I .11,q , 000' 9067, 0 e,g,e f A 54...-13.3. x Q y iw Q ive: , 1 :i at a s i t 1 l ag-, K W5 if Q L Hold that linel Run, Gerry, runl QL., 1 il .' 255553 ami T T First row: B. Keeler, R. Smith, F. Yando. W. Gadoua, I. Oelfke, W. Tredo, R. McMahon. Second row: J. Gin- gras. Third row: L. Lamica, I. Riley, I. Spaulding. THE "Little Huskies"' gridiron team, under Coach "Red" Chapman, opened the i953 football season with a game here against Potsdam, who finally lost the game. The victorious Cubs then squared off against Canton on Kilburn-Morse Field. They scored a touchdown on the first play after the kick-off, but soon they were caught in their own end zone and a punt was blocked, for an FA touchdown. The Cubs later went on to win it. Then they went to Saranac Lake and lost a close one to the Lakers' JV's. Massena, the next opponent, tumbled them I3-0. The close of the season saw the second-string JV's beat the Malone Junior High School Team, 27-7. 74 ii -i is 3 , dl Q22 'ffm . Freeze itl Up and in?? J V Basketball First row: W. Gadoua, P. Francis, R. Fleury, K. Benware. Second row: G. Boyea, R. Dumont, D. Bean, I. Riley, L. Thompson. Third row: I. Gingras, R. McMahon, W. Gallagher, R. Smith, R. Collette. 'I' HE JV Basketball Team, like the Varsity, was nosed out in the I952-53 championships by Tupper Lake. But in mid-season the Cubs boast a 5-2 record and promise to make the playoffs for a third straight time In their first game of the year the " Little Huskies" won an easy one from Canton, 48-31. But stumbling into Ogdensburg, they dropped a game to OFA, 42-26. Recovering quickly, however, they beat Potsdam, 42-257 then won a pair of close ones from Massena, 31-29, and from Saranac Lake, 36-34. Next they downed Norwood-Norfolk, 32-20, but lost a close one, 33-28, to Gouverneur, as the first half of the season drew to a close. 75 Jump ball 1 "Deke" trys a lay up. ls Doug going to make it? Varsity First row: Mgr. B. McKee, D. Henderson, F. Byington. Second row: C. Reyome, F. Clark, N. Marlow. Third row: L. DeCoste, D. Tulloch, W, Riley. A FTER the 1952-53 Championships, in which a "game" FA basketball team was nosed out by Tupper Lake in the finals, Coach Chapman began the job of building a new team because of the loss of several key men due to graduation. The team opened the 1953-54 season against Canton at home, rolling up the most impressive offensive score to date and winning easily, 80-41 . However the Huskies ran into an ever troublesome Ogdensburg team on its home court and were tripped by a narrow margin, 43-41. The Blue Devils at home are death on FA in any sport. Potsdam gave the Green and White quite a bit of trouble in the next game before bowing, 62-66. Massena figured to beat us, but an inspired team won an easy victory, 60-48, due much to the team's defensive ability in bottling up their key scorers. Just before Christmas Saranac Lake came Basketball 'srifii JL LJ Nyle gets away a pass to the corner First row: G. Childs, I. Yando, M. Benware. Second row: G Marlow, G. Rider, T. Randall. Third row: D. Reynolds, D Daigneault, E. Mason. here, we won a fairly easy game, 66-5l , and recessed for vacation. But Norwood-Norfolk greeted the Huskies' return to action with a nip-and-tuck three quarters before the Pack was able to subdue the Central warriors with a last- minute barrage, 6l-46. The biggest game of the year and most exciting thus far was the Gouverneur game. The Wildcats came to Malone with a perfect record and were favored to romp. But as the game wore on, it became apparent that they had a struggle on their handsp but they played a great game right up to the wire, before finally losing in a thriller, 64-53. But Tupper Lake, as ever a threat, destroyed any hopes we had for first place with an easy victory, 6l-54. Thus, the first half of the season ended with the Huskies in a tie for third with the Lumber- jacks from Tupper, our traditional basketball rivals. Moose wins the tap. Where is the ball? Net balll Your serve! Nice game, Annl Girls' Intramurals Get that reboundl Gufterbclll I if f Q f . . iv V ' Us F '42 L -, V Will it 90 in? Will she hit the bull's-eye? 78 5 BulI's eye! A long shot from the corner Boys' Inframurals HYQX 1, . f..i.,...f A., W we.-s:il1'l2W""""' Too much tennis, Don? The firing squad. Q9 5? Looks determined, doesn'f he? Did he make if? ww' Sssstl Booml Fightl . Varsity Cheerleaders T HE aim and purpose of the Varsity Cheerleaders is to keep the school spirit up whether we win or lose. The squad has five seniors and three iuniors, and they practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. lt is the feeling of all that the new uniforms consisting of green iumper-style skirts and white blouses have really boosted the cheerleaders' morale. With spirits high, the cheer- leaders, in turn, have led an undaunted cheering squad. Are we all together? Here's hoping I First row: P. Thompson. Second row: I. Marlowe. Third row- I. Willett, I. Kelley, N. Dunnan. Fourth row: E. Wyman, L Stewart, J. Ledger. Oh darnl My flyer fell apart. Yea team l First row: P. Willett, B. Premo. Second row: J. LaP1ante, I. Mei-singer. Third row: J. DeCoste, G. Langlois. Lauder I LOUDER I l Fight! Yelll Win! .I V Cheerleaders 'I' HE Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are com posed of three sophomores and three freshmen with the sophomores rotating as head cheerleader for each game. They practice every Tuesday during activity period and cheer at all football and basketball games. From the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are chosen the Varsity Cheerleaders for next year and the years following. The Junior Varsity Cheering Squad, therefore, acts as a training ground for the more advanced work. Victory is our aim! Spring Sporfs Cliff burns 'em in. Play bqlll Tm? ii N Slide, Dave, slidel Up and overl . lf K . Here comes Jack, pounding across Heave that shot! the finish line. 82 Adverfisemenfs I A, 3 1' ADM 454 ' GR ' ,A Y gja ,li foie 4225! 4i?W,:' Qi' X , ,,. ,Z,,Xf Z ? fffllllfjffgfllllcll Xxxxxxxxxx 42 x xNXxX 1 i Advertisements Adirondack Business Machines, Charles Roser, 84 College Ave. , Tel. 584, Malone N Y Albany Business College, 130 Washington Ave. , Albany, N. Y. Army Store, 71 E. Main St., Tel. 127-W, Malone, N. Y. Bastian Brothers Company, 1600 Clinton Ave., Rochester, N. Y. Benware Creamery, 25 Harrison Place, Tel. 510, Malone, N. Y. H. S. Berry, Cemetery Lettering, 20 Pershing Ave., Malone, N. Y. Bodway's Barber Shop, Catherine St., Malone, N. Y. Bowen Lumber Co. , 345 Elm St. , Tel. 63, Malone, N. Y. Boyer's Flower Shop, 42 Rockland St. , Tel. 1492, Malone, N. Y. Brady's Youth Center, Outfitters for boys and girls, 42 E. Main St., Tel. 580-J, Malone, N. Y. Brooks Brothers Furniture,l1 W. Main St., Tel. 72, Malone, N. Y. Burke's Furniture Exchange, 59 Rockland St., Tel. 133-M, Malone, N . Y. Cargill-Spaulding Funeral Home, 223 E. Main St. , Tel. 1650, Central City Business lnstitute, 428 South Warren St. , Syracuse Malone, N. Y. 2, N. Y. Central Service Center, Don Anderson, 91 W. Main St., Tel. 650, Malone, N. Y Chapin 8- Co. , 34 Cedar St. , Tel. 594, Malone, N.Y. Delarm's Bakery, 30 Catherine St., Tel. 931-J, Malone, N. Y. Deluxe Restaurant, 25 E. Main St., Tel. 895, Malone, N. Y. Larry Durocher, 284 E. Main St., Tel. 797, Malone, N. Y. Eldredge and Mason, 16 E. Main St., Tel. 7, Malone, N. Y. Mildred Elley, Secretarial School For Girls, 227-229 Quail St. , C. F. Emling Company, Institutional Food Specialties, 2305 W. Erie St., Chicago 12, lll. William A. Empsall, 47 E. Main St., Tel. 12, Malone, N. Y. Endicott-Johnson, 45 E. Main St., Tel. 1614, Malone, N. Y. Farmers' National Bank, 101 E. Nlain St., Tel. 1249, Malone, Lawrence Fleury, Livestock Dealer, Tel. 410-W-1, Constable, 84 Albany 3, N. Y N.Y. N. Y. Franklin Garage, 258 E. Main St., Tel. 147, Malone, N. Y. Franklin Hotel, 119 E. Main St., Tel. 175, Malone, N. Y. A friend A friend George's Fruit Market, 31 E. Main St., Tel. 149, Malone, N. Y. Glaude's, 48 E. Main St., Tel. 946, Malone, N. Y. Glazier's Packing Company, 38 College Ave., Tel. 30, Malone, N. Y. G. L. F. Service, Raymond St., Tel. 839, Malone, N. Y. Gold Star Taxi, 33 Harrison Place, Tel. 636, Malone, N. Y. Gratton's Decorating Shop, 52 W. Main St., Tel. 930-W, Malone, N. Y. Henderson-Lockwood Funeral Home, 202 E. Main St., Tel. 488, Malone, N. Y. Herman's Tailor Shop, 32 Catherine St., Tel. 723-W. Malone, N. Y. Hyde Drug Company, 197 E. Main St., Tel. 130, Malone, N. Y. L. C. Jessop, 132 E. Main St., Tel. 1407, Malone, N. Y. Kassel's, 46 E. Main St., Tel. 621, Malone, N. Y. Fred E. Kerry, 12 Catherine St. , Tel. 1444, Malone, N. Y. William King, 27 E. Main St., Tel. 143, Malone, N. Y. Kirby's Book Store, 4W. Main St., Tel. 68, Malone, N. Y. Koff Bros., 26 Mill St., Tel. 23, Malone, N. Y. 1. D. Kriff, Electrical Appliances, 25 W. Main St., Tel. 97-J, Malone, N. Y. Edward H. LaRose, Timk-en Automatic Oil Heating, 138 Webster St., Tel. 1600, Malone, N. Y Minnie LaRocque, 94 W. Main St., Tel. 1634-J, Malone, N. Y. Ledger and Benware Co., 34 W. Main St., Tel. 1115, Malone, N. Y. Lytle Motor Co., 22 Elm St., Tel. 530, Malone, N. Y. Malone Baking Co., 154W. Main St., Tel. 480, Malone, N. Y. Malone Bowling Center, 13 Pearl St., Tel. 790, Malone, N. Y. Malone Dairy Inc., W. Main Srt. Rd., Tel. 655, Malone, N. Y. Malone Milling Co. Inc., 39 Mill St., Tel.- 128, Malone, N. Y. Mam'selle Shop, 116 E. Main St., Tel. 1971, Malone, N. Y. McCarthy Packing Co., 14 Front St., Tel. 720, Malone, N. Y. 85 McMann Paper Co., 16 Brewster St. , Tel. 630-J, Malone, N. Y. McQuinn Moccasin Co. , Tel. 7812, Moira, N. Y. Midway Market, E. Main St. Rd., Tel. 514-J, Malone, N.Y. Mr. Chip Potato Chip Co. , 2 Short Ave., Tel. 115-W, Malone, N. Y. L. J. Moses, 270 Elm St., Tel. 196, Malone, N. Y. John B. Murphy, 142 W. Main St., Tel. 1661, Malone, N. Y. Nehi Bottling Co. Inc., 14 Elm St., Tel. 1015, Malone, N. Y. Northern Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Massena, N. Y. Northern Hardware lnc., 98 E. Main St., Tel. 159, Malone, N. Y. Northern New York Motors, 127 W. Main St., Tel. 500, Malone, N. Y. Northern New York Trust Company, 63 E. Main St. , Tel. 1700, Malone, N. Y. Pearl's Dept. Store, 81 E. Main St., Tel. 1811, Malone, N. Y. Peary Office Equipment 8- Supply Co. , 5 Miner St., Town Hall Bldg. , Canton, N. Y Perretta's Market, Elm St. Rd., Tel. 988, Malone, N. Y. Pilon's Bootery, 17 E. Main St., Malone, N. Y. James H. Price 8. Co., 127 E. Main St., Tel. 581, Malone, N. Y. Princess Shop, 185 E. Main St., Tel. 1766, Malone, N. Y. Puritan Laundry, 108 Catherine St., Tel. 610, Malone, N. Y. Robideau Studios, 9W. Main St., Tel. 1048-J, Malone, N. Y. Sabin Bros., 33 W. Nlain St., Tel. 1859, Malone, N. Y. Sally's Frocks, 106 E. Main St., Tel. 193-W, Malone, N. Y. Sears Roebuck 8. Co., 55 E. Nlain St., Tel. 40, Malone, N. Y. Sperling's, 32 W. Main St., Tel. 1329, Malone, N. Y. Stockwell's, 59 E. Main St., Tel. 723-J, Malone, N. Y. Topp's Greenhouses, 70 Constable St., Tel. 555, Malone, N. Y. Tucker's Book Store, 6 Pearl St., Tel. 831-J, Malone, N. Y. Upstate Memorial Co., 295 Elm St., Tel. 94-W, Malone, N. Y. Vern's Super Market, 101 W. Main St., Tel. 640, Malone, N. Y. Goldie Weiant Beauty Shop, 1 Elm St., Tel. 125, Malone, N. Y. West End Service Station, 150 W. Main St., Tel. 572, Malone, N. Y. 86 Booster Page Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Ashlaw Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Arlington Bell Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Bessette Mr. and Mrs. Deforest Clark Mr. and Mrs. John R. Coughlin Mrs. Alys Cox Mr. and Mrs. Leon DeLosh Mr. and Mrs. Harry Downs Mr. and Mrs. E. Purdy Earle A friend Mrs. Alta Glazier Mr. and Mrs. Everest Glazier Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Harrigan Mr. and Mrs. Carl Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Archie Jarvis Mr. and Mrs. George Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Platt LaComb Miss Ann M. Mageean Lt. and Mrs. Donald T. Mageean Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mageean Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Norcross Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Pease Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Person Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Peters Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rockhill Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Routh Rev. and Mrs. Ronald Rowat Dr. and Mrs. Chester Rutkowski Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sancomb Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Sherwin Mr. and Mrs. George Smerlis Miss Rose Timmons Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Turner Mui... and Mrs. John wheafley Thank You 'I' HE members of the Franklin Academy T954 Student Yearbook Staff wish to extend our thanks and sincere gratitude to all who made this edition possible. We wish to thank the business patrons and the "boosters" for their support, the "Malone Evening Telegram" and the radio station WICY for publicity the persons who made a record number of subscriptions possible, and everyone who helped in any way toward its publication. We should like to extend special gratitude to Alvin Fish, who designed the cover, and to "Bud" Soper, who helped tremendously in enlivening our yearbook theme through his title page drawings . 87 EE 1 ill!!! mme X111 ,,,. fl f X ff' ' X :' 2- K4 : ff- fx, L 'fx Y fl , ,. - - aff , ,-Y, xx x f 'R 6 - .ftp -ii l The End L' l I i , I . T if , Q Z X X f Q ff F if a 7 QSO 88 This book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithograpl printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Bulfalo, N. Y. 1 other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone meth: gr wi., ,, L, Q. 'V -4- Ev, g ay- ' 1'-'.A Q, T., 2 ' -Q sw: I i ,V 5,-.x . ia, -F I ui F, w. 4 4 1 ue gp ,4- x ' J L Q' -4 f Pr 4 1 5, 'r 5 6 x- A1 If 1" ff-ga' Yupgq it Hua - wr?-" "W . ' in ',' ,f-ik , wel f . S, ai - 4 1' , r '1 ,-:.-, ' .65 A nl- , mn' L1 xv? . xt' -.v . ,JI I V, a-4 ' ,jg 1. w HK" X ,Afs,.Q,.' ' ' - 1 fv-. w- E 'fu-it 31 1 f 1 A . v ' ' . , V ,Q In .4 I, 14

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