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'? - 1 Wi 1 1 ' 1- ,Z , i 1. 1. 5,3 w saw. +f7"V Q L'ii T:g ' ' fi ii' i ,Y L,, U ii. 1 W mf. , ' me -9 Q u !4gax 'N-.. HU 4. sw . 1 -1 , ivy wif ,W 0 MA, ww 6 f X . , H max I I Qfff- LJ 3...-r -win' K 4 1: mai .M-X15 ,,q,,w Q new 1- , ,wav , . ' QQQX 'V X Y 'XM' ' iw wv4F" gv L , Qfnxrz g , J- WM, V' , W gmwgwg' M U ,. -:A 4' -avg W' M.,, 'A . f . ms W. I mf A" , an 5: . M X it , , X lk if ,ya , W 1- M Iii' Q. My .. H. , M 'il f . ' -'X' ia , 3 ' 5 Q 13?9 L4i'?'5131iES,w" - 3 af ,,.. W . a'?4N?,,gfZ-iff , I ,Af , ,f .. Aw MW.. ,, ,f dh 4 WW 22 A J. ,A v 0 My , gg,- ,W P 4 W- A "in , . if K .. Wh, The fiudeni FIRST CHURCH BUILDING IN FRANKLIN COUNTY Fmnlelm Amcfemy Malong N Y Pffzbe H50 .R X R , XX I wp- -M . Q- . , vii gig I iff ri! if fs J... Illtl u Illl ii s rw 255 fihkfoffy of Malane CNE night I had a dream. In the dream I was drifting beyond the earth, way up in the heavens. Finally l saw a sign-"Residence of the Good Father Time." With sudden realization, I decided this was where I wanted to go. I timidly went to the door and knocked. Almost at once a white-haired old gentleman with a long, long beard came to the door. "Father Time?" I asked. "Yes, m girl. What can I do for you'?" he replied. "I have been assigned to write the History of Malone for our T952 Yearbook. I need some help," I managed to stammer. "Come right in and have a seat, little lady. I'm going to help you." Gratefully I found m self a chair on a nice, comfortable cloud and settled down to listen. "Now let me see: About one hundred and fifty years ago, Enos, John and Nathan Wood came from Vermont and settled within the boundaries of Malone. These persons were the first settlers. Soon others followed. Most of our early stock came here from Vermont and were, therefore, mostly of Puritan beliefs-- living simply and working hard. It wasn't until much later in T838 that many French people came to live in those parts. The'Papineau Rebellion at that time drove them from Canada. They came iust as the early Englishmen had come, lacking provisions and money." "Yes, but why did they call our town Malone'?" I asked. "It's this way. Malone Village was first called the "Center". Although there are many theories attached to this phase of the history, it has been confirmed that the name came from Edmond Malone, an Irish- Shalcespearean scholar. The name Malone dates back approximately to I8l2. " Probably no town of Malone was ever intended. A man by the name of Macomb bought all of the land in this part of the state. Macomb made his great purchase of about four million acres at around eight cents an acre. A man by the name of Constable had also made some investments. In T792 a failure of the stock market caused both Macomb and Constable to lose money. Constable went to Europe to sell his interest, but Macomb' sold most of his at a great loss. E 2 we "Richard Harison, the nominal founder of Malone, was born in New York City in 1747. He entered King's College, now Columbia University, when he was thirteen years old. Harison and John Jay, later first chief iustice of the Supreme Court, were the only members of their class. Harison was later a law partner to Alexander Hamilton. Mr. Harison's law practice brought him both distinction and wealth. Therefore, he was able to invest in the township of Malone. Here he built a manor surrounded by a beauti- ful garden on upper Webster Street. Mr. Harison originally planned and laid out the village of Malone. It was to be located entirely on the west side of the river. Main Street and Webster Street were to be the principal streets. On top of all this Harison also donated a plot of land, containing four acres, for a public school and a lot for the construction of the Congregational Church on Webster Street. Richard Harison sure was some guy, wasn't he?" "He certainly was. Wouldn't he be surprised to see Malone today?" "The entire region has changed. In his day your beautiful Adirondack Mountains were known as the Peruvian Mountains. Early French explorers had called them thus since they were supposed to have mineral deposits of a vast nature. "Let me tell you how people lived in those days. Although most of the early settlers were farmers, there were such industries as a tannery and a distillery. The people were poor, but a spirit of helpfulness pre- dominated throughout the community. Anslem Lincoln once told me about this instance. A road badly needed repairs. All the foremost men of the village celebrated the 4th of July by turning out to fix it. My friend, William Wheeler, wrote an account of early life in Malone. In it he places Ashbel Parmelee at the head of the "foremost files" of the pioneers. Rev. Parmelee was Malone's first minister. Although he held severe religious standards and wasn't overly tolerant, he impressed all who knew him as being entirely honest and sincere. With him politics and religion were interchangeable terms. He once told Mr. Wheeler that on the day of election, he went directly from his morning devotions to the polls. He prayed for good government and did his best to secure it b voting for it. Ashbel Parmelee's name will always be inseparably linked with that of Malone. ln summer's heat and winter's cold, he carried the gospel to the remotest cabins. That's some task considering the cold, cold winters you have in Malone. "The winter's weather is sort of cold in the north country,"l agreed, thinking of all my woolens at home. "To get back to my story: Life was not all work with no play even then. The red-letter days of the year were the annual town training day, the first Monday of September, and the general muster of the county militia. Arsenal Green was the parade ground. On the general muster day the whole county met to watch the marching and maneuvers. "There were real holidays for the school children, too. Zenas Heath, one of the first teachers in these parts, gave his students an annual excursion to the GREAT town of Malone. For this, he enlisted a team and 3 began at the west end of the district. About two miles of the trip were through dense forests with only a narrow road upon which to travel. When they reached Malone, they passed over the river on a narrow plank bridge, on eithrer side of which were placed hewn timbers for guards. To the school children, this was one of the main events of t e year. Asa Perry erected the first hotel. Foote's tavern, located where the State Armory now is, was first owned and operated by Appleton Foote. The people gathered in these places to exchange bits of gossip and news. Q ani em 'T fs., Q Q fe. if it .. K , 1: Z3 ' I I' 5 Q 3 If fi ,Q ,V -l .. F - Some events of national interest have also occurred in Malone. In 1817 President Monroe passed through the town. The people eagerly turned out to witness this marvel. This took place at the time the stone bridge was being built. The bridge wasn't far enough advanced to permit the team to cross it so the presidential party walked over and their team forded a few rods above. At later dates the following personages have visited our fair city: Martin Van Buren, Grant, Hayes, Harrison, Cleveland, Harding and both of the Roosevelts." "Gee, is that all Malone ever had to do with the nation as a'whole?" I asked, rather taken aback. "My poor child, didn't you ever hear of the War of 1812? Malone was a part of that. In the fall of 1813, Harison House was first occupied by Maior General James Wilkinson, then in command of a large section of the northern army. In fact the first flag to be captured in a land battle was taken in Franklin County in the battle of Hogansburg. After the battle at Chrystlers Farm, part of the American troops withdrew to Malone. During the winter many of his troops died. When the Americans withdrew to eastward, they left a quantity of supplies un- protected. A visit from the British was expected, so some of the citizens hid the supplies. Soon after this had been done, the British forces entered Malone by Elm Street. The commanding officer promised not to harm the inhabitants but a thorough search was made and the supplies were discovered, Malone was iust plain lucky that time." "I should say so. I guess Malone has always had fairly good fortune," I replied, feeling quite proud. "No, I wouldn'tsay that. In the early days money was very scarce. After the War of 1812, when the troops had left, it became increasingly scarce. Farmers had to begin months ahead to prepare for the tax-gather. "The year of 1816 has gone into history as the year without a summer. There was a frost every month that year, but the worst was in September. It killed all the cro s. A state of actual famine existed. Teams, sent to Fort Covington to wait the arrival of a boat loaded with fljour, came back empty. Clark and Weade's store was filled with men with bags, waiting to fill them with flour. When the boat didn't come, even strong, hardy men cried. They could bear the hunger but it was hard to see their children starve. Finally the boat came and the suffering was ended. That was a close shave." "I agree. Yet when did Malone start to get modern, you know, like it is today?" "Oh yes, modern. Well, all this time Malone had been making steady progress, never fear. In 18201. Franklin Telegraph, the first local news was published. This was followed in 1835 by the Palladium and then by the present concern. T e flrst good road was built by James Lamay de Chaymont and it ran from Black River to Malone. This was accomplished in the mid-nineteenth century. Electric lights were first introduced in 1904 and come to think of it, that wasn't so long ago." The folks up around here even got modern enough to get mixed up in the Civil War and the underground railway. There were two slaves owned in our county. Gerret Smith, the great abolishionist, offered land to any slaves who came here to live. However this strife did not last long." "Thank goodness! Well, I guess I know it from then on. I must be going . " With a startled jump I woke up without even thanking the kind old gentler l You know the story from where he left off. Today Malone is a thriving village of about ten thousand. Her schools are among the finest in the state. Her industries are expanding. She is noted for her friendliness and hospitality. We of Malone may well look with pride upon our home town. 4 T 0 Thaw VW Deaizmie sw.w .. ,Qi Memorial Park before 1893. Rutland Station in background. Attention! I Old Court House, site of first dwelling in Malone Malone f 1 ' ' . 5 I A Q3 V523 I Imd grj-t ,sixfhk 5 if, rx- A Us g f 'Q ,. 'M MV-,q if is f w my f5,xi,I,. ,Th x fl! I A K W M ffm ar ' a Elmwood House, later the site of Hyde's Drug Store Tuble of Couieulf Murmf uuaffllufim Gruduuief CIVIL WAR VETERAN LOCATED IN MEMORIAL PARK ERECTED BY G.A.R. IN 1893 - - - Fuu uuu' Fffolu FIREPLACE AT PLUMB HOUSE, NORTH BANGOR, ERECTED IN 1838 - - - PIANO MADE IN 1815, BOUGHT IN BOSTON, CARRIED ACROSS ICE OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN FOR PLUMB HOUSE --------------------------------------------- Pbyuuzl Cullum GIRLS' BASKETBALL IN 1901 - - - fkuzf W! SECTION OF PROGRAM OF OPERA HOUSE'S PRESENTATION OF CAPTAIN IMPUDENCE AND THE VAGABONDS, 1906 -------------- -.-------.-------- --------- 7 ,ff ALMA MATER lTune: "Old Black Joe", Come let us sing o song to old F. A. Where we have spent so many a happy day, Long may she live in honor and in fame, And may there always many be to bless her name. Chorus I'm thinking, I'm thinking, when we are far away, Our thoughts will ever backward turn to old F. A. So may thou ever loved and honored be, And when we learn of victories for thee, Our hearts shall cleave in tender pride and say Long wave the colors, green and white, of old F. A Chorus When years have flown and we have left these halls, And pleasant scenes our memory recalls, Still may she grow with every passing year To every heart, where'er it be, yet more dear. Chorus 8 -. 654638 ix L M V ,,.-. Q V M F "flu-of-+V 'T '7 Q' gig f ,. - 2- af' w'f1"" ,5- ',....A- LLL. y f:"f"' W?Qg- , 5' w I W Ili nf wr fla nr ., A ww ww , 41? f V 2 we M, , uw 2' fzifizglpg I k 2-islllhys, A Tm: U S 1 A VK , k r Q , Wf if is L, w .VAq,.. . A in me r ,wa M Mig ,Q f,.,..,v,'o . ,. M J, U lm EE E AH UT., 'aw 'A " 'w us an Mafmf and Md5l6V5 Pffmcgpazf F W 5ChWZ'lLZ!6Z.1fl To The Seniors--Class of 1952, Franklin Academy YOUR four years of high school work have come to an end. Each graduate will travel his separate way, each seeking success and happiness. ln a large sense, your ability to live happily will depend on how well you can adjust yourself to disappointment. Disappointment can become an obstacle--but then an obstacle is an opportunity to prove your personal re- sources and perseverance. Generally, you can have or attain what you want, providing you want it badly enough. 10 B0 m' offfafucazizbn Fust Row: William Howard, Mrs. S, C. Coleman, Alfred Brooks, Ralph Cardinal, Frederic Mason: Second Row: Paul Cantwell, Francis Lawler, Donald Dunnan. Daniel Beaman, Claude Clark, George Gingas. WE, the i952 graduating class, wish to extend our sincere thanks to the Board of Education. You have unselfishly devoted much time for the betterment of our school facilities. The augmentation of a guidance director has greatly aided us seniors in choosing our vocations, and in learning more about them. Additions to the faculty enable each teacher to spend more time with individual students. The health and safety program, which was newly established this year, is helping the freshmen understand these subjects. The new parking lot is a much appreciated improvement. The usual confusion of loading buses has disappeared since its suc- cessful installation. We also enjoy the new movie machine and screen. To you, the Board of Education, we give our sincere thanks for these additions to our cur- DR. DONALD W. DUNNAN Superintendent of Schools ll VINCE NT WARY HA Shop ROSALIND O'BRIEN English h-A r,-4 I PAUL WILLIAMS FLORENCE KE LLY Librarian LILLIAN BURNS Homemuking Business EMMA DWYER I Business GERALDINE SENNETT Business I2 's -""Xl.Ll,', KATHRYN CuRTiN HAR'-IE SMITH Latin Vocational Agriculture GE RTRUDE SAWYER Business LEO CAHILL Physical Education HELEN MOONEY Supervisor of Art M. MONICA LANCTO CHAR'-E5 PERKINS English Auto Mechanics I3 AN N G OODMAN Algebra Geometry Trigonometry .3 'KY H291 ,V Vw ,. Ti?" ,ima T A ,,isi , A 3 ' , f if I fi '- zu! DONALD MACDIARMID ELIZABETH DONOVAN GERALD TARBELL Director of Guidance History Chemistry Physics MARION DALY General Science Biology y ju- HE LE N SE AMAN Physical Education JAMES COFFIN C MARTHA ROBINSON ' Social Studies I Driver Training E"'9l'5l" RICHARD RHOADES Supervisor of Secondary Music '14 E i ,ml . . 4. MARY ENGLISH GERALD DOUGLASS LUCILE DAVIS English Algebra General Science Geometry RUTH WEBSTER Social Studies Public Speaking Dramatics KATHRYN LANCTO History ROBERT BREARY KENNETH CHAPMAN M. TERESA OWENS I I nsfrumenfa Music Physical Education French T5 .,,,,, A J T - X ji' ii 'iQ,, m:,QV h h .gf , wb . b 9 L .id ALETHA PEETS M. BENWARE V. KELLEY F. GARDNER Ujice Sidi Muz'n lemme K 1 , L 2 Q ml" ' ' X L . 'Lx'-SX' O Q ' ' 'E , W, ' J' i om. ' . 4 L ?': r i .. L . M e, F A 2 'V 3 GRACE NICHOLS FLOYD SPENCER JOHN DUQUETTE, HERMAN STONE, C6l!2f6VZZl fmj I6 M. REYNOLDS M. DORIA F. GALLIEN Wad' W 'Dv GVHJMJIEI ROBERT AUGER llBobll Varsity basketball, baseball, Bowling Club, Bachelors Club, Tennis Club, Epsilon, vice- president of senior class, vice- president of Varsity Club, secretory of sophomore class, candidate for King of Epsilon. SHIRLEY BARLOW Epsilon, Nature Study Club, Music Club, Reader's Club, Current Events Club, alternate to Student Council, alternate to Junior Red Cross. JEAN AVERY Intramural volleyball, softball, basketball, volleyball sectional Kappa, Epsilon, Square Dance Club, treasurer of senior class, representative to Student Coun- cil, drum maiorette, maiorette, captain of Brown, candidate for queen of Epsilon. JOYCE BEANE "Beanie" Chorus, badminton, intramural basketball, volleyball, softball, dancing, ballerina for Epsilon, Commercial Efficiency Club, Current Events Club, Co-ed Club, "Student" Newspaper, "Student" Magazine, "Student" Yearbook, Square Dance Club. A I ..,., if Qzhgbw..,,,,,w?V,6xH5Mk i., ',.. Q A,., .,.., h V A, ' n2z,g:'m ,liege - 2 -'wi -, ' Y Y I S . ,e., If , . .." 7 E 1355 W L LUCIA BADGER Epsilon SHIRLEY BENWARE "Shirley Mae" Varsity cheerleading, intra- mural basketball, volleyball, softball, ping pong, badminton, Epsilon, Phi Sigma, Civil Service Club, Commercial Efficiency Club, Co-ed Club, Square Dance Club, Current Events Club, Bowling Club, Country Club, "Student" Maga- zine, captain of Rochester. I8 MARILYN BESSETTE llBessll "Student" Yearbook, choir, chorus, Bowling Club, Needle- work Club, "Student" Business Club, "Student" Magazine Art Staff, Music Club, Phi Sigma, editor of "Student" Newspaper, reporter for junior class, reporter for Phi Sigma, reporter for choir. JOHN BOYEA I'-Jackll Patrol System, Slide-Rule Club, Current Events Club. BEVERLY D. BOUVIER l JOHN P. Bouvlek nBeVll llJoCkll Intramural volle ball, ping Junior varsity basketball, pong, basketball, Commercial varsity basketball, varsity foot Efficiency Club, Civil Service ball, Bachelors' Club, Varsity Club, Co-ed Club, Music Club. Club, "Student" Magazine Staff. JAMES BRADY Al-TON BRAND llJimlQ llRed'l Intramural basketball, varsity baseball, Tennis Club, Junior Red Cross, treasurer of Epsilon, vice-president of Slide-Rule Club. Football, basketball, manager, intramural basketball baseball, Varsity Club, treasurer of FFA. I9 ANN BROOKS "Brooksie" Band, State Sectional Band, badminton, volleyball, ping pong, basketball, Bowling Club, Co-ed Club, Epsilon, Phi Sigma, Square Dance Club. JOANNA BROWN "Jo-Jo" Chorus, girls' quartet, N. Y. S. S. M. A., All-State Choir, "Student" Newspaper, All Northern New York Sectional Choir, cast of "That Brewster Boy", Elk's Prize Speaking Contest, Junior-Senior Banquet and Dance Committee, Swing Sixteen, Bowling Club, Kappa, president of choir, reporter for Masquer's alternate to Student Council. t Hu y, . . ' N vi ' .5194 PATSY BROOKS llpatll Intramural sports, band, Phi Sigma, Music Club, secretary of sophomore homeroom, reporter for Music Club, vice- president of Phi Sigma. LLOYD BRUSO " Lover-Boy" FFA, Country Club, Square Dance Club. PHYLLIS BROOKS "Phil" Country Club, Square Dance Club, Epsilon, vice-president of Homemaking Club, Patrol System. JOHN CANTWELL Ski Club, Square Dance Club 20 DONALD CAREY ll ll GAIL J. CHILDS IIGUYII Epsilon, Civil Service Club Commercial Efficiency Clubl, Country Club, chorus. ESTHER CARLIN Junior varsity cheerleading, varsity cheerleading, intra- mural basketball, volleyball, softball, Co-ed Club, Epsilon, treasurer of Kappa,chairman of Summary Committee, Student Council, vice-president of sophomore class, candidate for queen. DONALD RALPH CLARK lloonll Intramural basketball, track manager, Bachelors' Club, Slide-Rule Club, Photogra hy Club, Varsity Club, Model, Club, French Club, Bowling Club. CAROLYN CHILDS Volleyball, basketball, Civil Service Club, Commercial Efficiency Club, Epsilon, Country Club. PARKER CONNORS "Park" Yearbook Planning Staff, foot- ball, traclc, Varsity Club, Tennis Club, Epsilon, president of Student Council, president of sophomore class, president of Photography Club, vice- president of Masquer's, vice- president of Bachelors' Club, Summary Committee, King of Epsilon. 21 ALICE MARIE CONVERSE IIA Il Intramural baskeifball, volley- ball, badminton, softball, sectional volleyball, softball playday, Music Club, Epsilon, Classics Club, "Student" Magazine Staff, Advertising Staff of "Student" Yearbook, Country Club, Bowling Club, secretary of Home Economics Club, captain of Columbia. PATRICIA CUNNINGHAM IIPCTII Representative to Student Council, intramural sports, basketball playday, Country Club, Kappa, Epsilon, Junior Red Cross, Square Dance Club, Current Events Club, president of iunior homeroom. J. ROBERT COUGHLIN uBobu Junior varsity basketball man- ager, Epsilon, "Student" Mag- azine, "Student" Newspaper, Bowling Club, Bachelors' Club Junior Red Cross, Varsity Clubi president of freshman class, president-elect of senior class, president of Current Events Club, Student Council, iunior- senior prom committee, Ford Scholarship to Yale University JAMES D'MOUR "Dawson" Commercial Efficiency Club, "Student" Magazine Art Staff. WILLIAM CEEIGHTON HBE Il Country Club, vice-president of FFA. ISABELLE DEBYAH "lsse" Square Dance Club, Commer- cial Efficiency Club, Co-ed Club, Homemaking Club, intramural sports, "Student" Magazine Typing Staff. 22 J N Q . , Q .4 . I Q . . .X M' 1' r, ' ,, 3 , .fri -W.-fr, ' I ' rw X--f SHIRLEY ANN DISOTELLE "Shirl " Country Club, Commercial Efficiency Club, Co-ed Club, volleyball, badminton. HOWARD DUPUIS Nature Study Club, Square Dance Club, Country Club, Photography Club. CHARLES DORA MARION DORA "Chuck" Softball, volleyball, Commer- Junior varsity football. cial Efficiency Club, Square Dance Club, Junior Red Cross Country Club. SYLVIA EARL SHIRLEY EARLE "Syl" "Shirl" Homemaking Club, chorus, "Student" Magazine, chorus, "Student" Yearbook, "Student" "Student" Yearbook, Music Magazine, intramural sports, Club, French Club, Square Square Dance Club. Dance Club, Country Club, Homemaking Club, Junior Red Cross. 23 JOHN R. FELLION PATRICK J. FITZPATRICK "Bobbie" "Big Red" FFA, Varsity Club, captain of intramural basketball team. NANCY FLAHERTY ROSEMARY FLORIO Band, volleyball, basketball, "BeI5Yn badminton, Photography Club, Country Club, SQUUFS Dance Co-ed Club, Phi Sigma, Square CIUI9- Dance Club. 24 WILLIAM FITZPATRICK IIBHIYII Intramural sports, ping pon , sectional, FFA, Country C?ub captain of intramural team, "T e Nats". MARILYN T. FLYNN "Bridget O'FIynn" Epsilon, Nature Study, Music Club, volleyball, Square Dance Club. I ROBERT W. GASPAR usobbyu Bachelors Club, Ski Club, Masquers, Varsity Club, choir, chorus, Swing Sixteen, base- ball, golf. SYLVIA GINGRAS Girls' intramurals, Co-ed Club Casts of "Dear Ruth", "Junior Miss", "That Brewster Boy", "Gloria Mundi", second and third places in Elks Speaking Contest, Music Club, Needlecraft Club, Kappa reporter, candidate for Queen of Epsilon, Masquers secre tary, "Student" magazine, Yearbook staff, choir, band, chorus, Swing Sixteen, All- State sectional choir, Student Council, senior class president. ,J ,W LL OYD GE RO ll Moseyll Choir, chorus, baseball, foot- ball, basketball, Varsity Club RICHARD GOKEY Il-loell Varsity basketball, varsity foot- ball, track, intramural basket- ball, volleyball. 1, 'sir .. 25 PHILIP GIBEAU "Phil-' Nature Study Club, Tennis Club, Slide-Rule Club, Photography Club, Epsilon, Operators Club, Bowling Club, "Student" Yearbook photographer, president of Science Club. GERALDINE GOODROW ll Intramural basketball, softball, volleyball, ping pong, badmin ton champ, tennis champ, "Student" Magazine Typing Staff, candidate for Queen of Epsilon, treasurer of Phi Sigma captain of Syracuse. RITA GRIFFIN ROBERT GRIFFIN NORMA E. HALSE Intramural sports, Phi Sigma, "Griff" "Marner" Epsilon, Co-ed Club, Commer- Intramural basketball, tum- Epsilon, Kappa, Co-ed Club, cial Efficiency Club, Square bling, track, Square Dance Chorus, choir, Swing Sixteen, Dance Club, iunior varsity Club. New York School Music Association, vice-president of freshman homeroom, president of iunior homeroom, Junior Red Cross, Class Motto and Colors Committee. cheerleader, treasurer ofCivil Service Club. JAMES E. HAMMILL FRANK A. HANKEY CARL HASKELL "Jimmie" Band, Epsilon, assistant man- "Slim" Bachelors' Club, Square Dance ager of Projection Club. Intramural basketball, Tennis Club, representative to Student Club. Council. tx JOELLE S. HOLCOMB MERRILL HOLMES ROSEANNA JOCK IIJOII "Sherlock" "Rose" Band, Swing Sixteen, badmin- Patrol System, Nature Study Patrol System, Civil Service, ton, basketball, volleyball, Co- Club, president of Photography Club, Commercial Efficiency ed Club, N. Y. S. S. M. A., Club. Club, Square Dance Club, "Student" Newspaper, "Student" Country Club. Yearbook, Bowling Club, vice- president of Kappa, treasurer of Commercial Efficiency Club, secretary of band, editor-in- chief of "Student" Magazine, Student Council, head typist of "Student" Magazine, secretary of freshman and sophomore homeroom. CHARLOTTE M. JOHNSON "Char" Intramural volleyball, Home Economics Club, Country Club, Patrol System. ISABELLE JOHNSTON llscnyu Intramural basketball, volley- ball, softball, Epsilon, secre- tary of Country Club, president of Homemaking Club, repre- sentative to Student Council, representative to Junior Red Cross. 27 JEROME KERRY "Mase" Football, basketball manager, intramural basketball, Student Council, Varsity Club, Junior Red Cross, Ski Club, Country Club, Bowling Club, Tennis Club, Bachelors' Club. V CHARLE NE LACOMBE "Char" Patrol System, French Club, Nature Study Club. GORDON LANG LOlS IlGord ll Football, track, band, volley- ball, Tennis Club, Bachelors' Club, Bowling Club, Varsity Club. DAVID LAMICA ll ll Cross Country, track, intra- mural basket ll, Summary Committee, Operators' Club, captain of Patrol System. ORVILLE LANGLOIS llO,viell Intramural basketball, ping pong, Epsilon, Country Club Square Dance Club, Student Council, Junior Red Cross. 28 ELIZABETH L. LAMITIE llBettYll Volleyball, Nature Study Club, Future Homemakers of America, Epsilon, lieutenant of Patrol System. PHYLLIS LANG LOIS llPhN'll Homemaking Club, Needlecraft Club. in M RHEA S. LARCHE "Radar" Intramural basketball, softbal l , volleyball, badminton, Co-ed Club, treasurer of Homemaking Club. MARDAN MAHONEY "Frenchie" Phi Sigma, "Student" News- paper, chorus, Bowling Club, Current Events Club. LEON LATOURNEAU Varsity Club, cross country, basketball, track, Commercial Efficiency Club. BEVERLY J. M. MARLOW IIJOII Country Club, Square Dance Club, Commercial Efficiency Club, Science Club. IRVIN J. MACLAREN ll lrvll Junior varsity basketball, varsity basketball, varsity foot ball, junior varsity football, varsity baseball, Varsity Club, Tennis Club, Bowling Club, Bachelors' Club, track, ping pong, secretary of iunior class. BEVERLY J. R. MARLOW IIBevll Commercial Efficiency Club, Country Club. 29 EVELYN MARSHALL ANDRE MAYVU-LE "Polly" "Andy" Square Dance Club. Intramural basketball. RICHARD MCCARTHY JAMES MCDONALD IIMGCII llJimmYll Football, basketball, baseball, Varsity Club, Student Council. THERESA MACCABE llTessll Junior varsity cheerleading, varsity cheerleading, ping pong champ, badminton champ, sectional badminton champ, junior-senior banquet and prom committee, iunior class supper committee, basketball, volley- ball, softball, Phi Sigma, Epsilon, Country Club, Bowling, Club, vice-president of fresh- man class, president of freshman, sophomore , iunior homeroom, treasurer of Co-ed Club. JANET MCGIBBON llJennYll Country Club. 30 FRANCES MCKINNEY "Fran" Commercial Efficiency Club, Civil Service Club, Advertis- ing Staff of the Yearbook, Country Club. KENNETH MILLS lIKenIl Cross Country, track, awarded Ford Scholarship to Columbia University, cast of "Junior Miss", Epsilon, Junior Red Cross, Slide-Rule Club. U., . BEVERLY MERSINGER llBabsll Intramural softball, Civil Service Club. MARION MURPHY Chorus, intramural sports, French Club, Co-ed Club, sec- retary of band, vice-president of band, president of Kappa, secretary of homeroom. I IRMA MILLER Homemaking Club, Nature Study Club, Country Club. MARY MURPHY llMUrphll Volleyball, basketball, bad- minton, softball, ping pong, iunior-senior banquet and prom committee, uniform committee of band, Epsilon Dance Committee, Music Club, Phi Sigma, Civil Service Club, Bowling Club, secretary of Freshman homeroom, treasurer of sophomore homeroom, finan- cial bookkeeper of "Student" Magazine, secretary of Co-ed Club. 31 GEORGE MURTAGH llMur1,ll Basketball, baseball, manager of football, Tennis Club, Bachelors' Club, Bowling Club, reader of class prophecy. RICHARD PLUMB llsugarll Epsilon, Bachelors' Club, Varsity Club, Country Club, football, intramural basket- ball, Student Council, candidate for King of Epsilon. it mx 3 JOAN NE N ICK LAW ll Joll Band, clarinet quartet, volley- ball, basketball, badminton, ping pong, softball, Junior- Senior Banquet and Dance Committee, Epsilon Dance Com- mittee, Junior Supper Commit- tee, Civil Service Club, Music Club, Co-ed Club, Epsilon, president of Phi Sigma, finan- cial bookkeeper of '52 Year- book, secretary of sophomore homeroom. - J OYCE M. PORTER ll Joyll Commercial Efficiency Club. N. JOAN PERRY "Joanie" Epsilon, Home Economics Club, Square Dance Club, Patrol System. SHIRLEY PREMO "Shirl" Home Economics Club, Square Dance Club, Patrol System. 32 VIRGINIA PRUE llvirgll Masquers, Co-ed Club, French Club, Current Events Club, Music Club, librarian of band. JANICE REVETTE lIJonlI Epsilon, Commercial Efficiency Club, Civil Service Club. WANDA RAFTER Homemaking Club, Square Dance Club, Country Club. MARY MARGARET RHOADES Kappa, Square Dance Club, "Student" Yearbook Staff, intramural volleyball, basket- ball, badminton, ping pong, Junior Red Cross, Bowling Club, chorus, advertising editor of "Student" Magazine reporter of Co-ed Club. 33 MARCEL REMILLARD Commercial Efficiency Club, Square Dance Club, Current Events Club, Country Club. ALBERT ROBINSON tlAbeIl Bachelors' Club, Masquers, intramural basketball, Square Dance Club. BARBARA ROBINSON HAROLD ROBINSON DONALD RULE "Barb" "Harry" "Don" Glee Club, Commercial Model Club, Square Dance BClSlsetball, baseball, president Efficiency Club. Club. of Varsity Club, treasurer of junior class, iunior class ring committee, captain of Football ROSE SABREY CONSTANCE SAFFORD SHIRLEY SANTAMORE "Rosa" "Connie" "Shirl" Cast of "Thirteenth Letter", Kappa, Art, Advertising, and Country Club, Square Dance iunior-senior banquet and Editorial Staffs of "Student" Clllbf C0mmel'ClCl Effldency dance committee, assistant Magazine, Music Club, Science CIUIJ- director of "Junior Miss", Club, Country Club, Home- "That Brewster Boy", "Gloria making Club, secretar and Mundi", "Town Hall Tonight", treasurer of Classics Cllub. Music Club, Square Dance Club, Co-ed Club, Junior Red Cross treasurer of Student Council, secretary of Student Council, Kappa, and Senior class, presi- dent of Masquers, candidate for Queen of Epsilon. 34 JOSEPH W. SKOWYRA ll-loell Concert band, marching band, pep band, Northern New York Sectional Band, dance band, intramural basketball, football, cast of "The Thirteenth Letter", Junior Red Cross, Model Club, Photography Club. LAWRENCE SPAULDING llLorryll State speaking contest for Future Farmers, track, choir, chorus, Country Club, Bowling Club, Sentinel in Future Farmers in "SI"-"52". SHIRLEY SMITH Library Club, transferred from Chateaugay. RICHARD EDWARD SPINNER lIDickIl Square Dance Club, Varsity Club, Country Club, football, intramural basketball. as BETH ELLEN SPAULDING Intramural sports, advertising staff of "Student" Yearbook, editorial staff of "Student" Magazine, Co-ed Club, Countr Club, Science Club, Music Clu Photography Club, Epsilon, cap- tain of Cornell. RUTH SPINNER "Ruthie" Epsilon, Junior Red Cross, president of sophomore and iunior homeroom, vice-presi- dent of Home Economics Club. HELEN STAMAS LILA ANN STOWE FLOYD SUPERNAULT Band, chorus, intramural Civil Service Club, Commer- "Supie" sports, advertising staff of cial Efficiency Club, Square Ndture Study C ub, Tennis "Student" Yearbook, Co-ed Dance Club, Epsilon. Club, Country Club, treasurer Club, Photography Club, of Masquers. French Club, Kappa,Epsilon, Masquers, vice-president of iunior class, treasurer of Bowling Club. DELMA SWEET LlLlAN SWEET RAYMOND C- TARBELL nDel u ll u IIRUYII Phi Sigma, volleyball, secre Intramural sports, Junior varsity Country Club, Square Dance tary of freshman, sophomore, cheerleading, Bowling Club, Club, reporter of FFA. and junior homerooms. Music Club, Epsilon, Co-ed Club, intramural Council, treasurer of Student Council, secretory of Phi Sigma, president of homeroom, varsity head cheer- leader, captain of Manhattan, reporter of Commercial Efficiency Club, vice-president of Civil Service Club, candidate for Queen of Epsilon. .wk 36 JOYCE M. TAYLOR Jo D Maiorette, "Student" Yearbook Basketball, Nature Study Club. Staff, "Student" Magazine Staff, volleyball, basketball, softball, badminton, ping pong, Commercial Efficiency Club, Civil Service Club, Co-ed Club, Photography Club. BETTY VAN BUREN IILOUII intramural sports, Phi Sigma, "Student" Magazine, Bowling Club, band, Student Council, secretary of Epsilon, president of Co-ed Club, editor of "Student" Yearbook, president of iunior class, Queen of Epsilon. DONALD THOMPSON " on" Intramural sports, Epsilon, Co ed Club, Square Dance Club, Commercial Efficiency Club, Civil Service Club. DORIS THOMPSON 1' CAROLE ANN WILCOX BEVERLY A. WILLETT Bowling Club, intramural "Bev" sports, Nature Study Club, Country Club, Square Dance Music Club, Country Club, Club, Junior Red Cross, Phi Needlecraft Club, Masquers, Sigma. "Student" Yearbook, Co-ed Club, Photography Club, Square Dance Club, advertising manager of "52" Yearbook. , J 37 l if .tw illili RICHARD WILLIS FRANK WOOD llDiCku llwoodyll Cast of "Thirteenth Letter" Baseball, intramural basketball, band, intramural sports, Varsity Club, Sentinal in "SO" Varsity Club. -"5I" of FFA. FRANCIS YOUNG llsonnyll Track, junior varsity football, Epsilon, intramurals, bowling, president of sophomore homeroom 5614107 Vice Pres. Robert Auger Pres. Sylvia Gingras fmzmf MARION DALY 38 Www Treas . Jean Avery Sec. Rose Sabrey zfldvfzkoff .M 'fi hmm' HQUI05 Square Dancel I ! Q . . A - ' Q . -4 r I? M -amrff in-4 14 f ,ss . A N av Rahll Rah' DIHOI I Time "Camera Shy" Md Term fomfmzl of 5 WAY back in the year of '48, almost smack dab in the middle of the twentieth century, we plodded our weary way up the hill to the Academy. From the very beginning we were adaptable -- we had to be. Never before had we met such contrasts and-intensities. The upper-classmen were not merely passively, but actively hostile to us greenhorns. To trust them was always foolish, and usually fatal. We had to love such a place but were bound to hate it and here the splits in our souls began. Painfully we trod through our first shak year. Bob Coughlin kept order with the aid of Tess McCabe. Bob Auger held the quill while Parker Connors held the purse strings. After a spell, through which most survived as we were a hardy lot, we went back to the drudgery of the three R's. Parker Connors tightened the bit with the assistance of Esther Carlin. Bob Auger seemed to have squatters' rights in keeping the ledger: George Murtagh got the moneybag. But like the weather, it became less slippery going and we looked for a thaw. Having won half the battle, we were old timers now. At this point of the journey Lou VanBuren tightened the right rein while Helen Stamas pulled on the left. The hen scratching was turned over to lrv MacLaren. Don Rule guarded the green-backs which we had acquired through diligent toil in hash-slinging for the townspeople. Chief cook and bottle-washer, Bob Coughlin, was ably assisted by Mr. Schnitzlein and members of the class. The big doin's of the year was held in June when we entertained the high falutin' seniors ata good old shindig After this they retreated leaving us undisputed possession of the territory. We old settlers could now smile down on the new pioneers making their toilsome way up the same old hill. The place was now overrun with young'uns and their new fanglecl ideas. Miz Sylvia Gingras now held the seat of honor with Bob Auger lending a helping hand. Rose Sabrey did the pen pushing and Jean Avery held the nuggets. By this time, we now had the situation well in hand. Student Council was presided over by Parker Connors, Esther Carlin ruled the Summary Committeep Student Magazine went to press under the direction of Joelle Holcomb: Lou VanBuren turned gray over the Yearbookg the Newspaper couldn't stump Marilyn Bessettep the Varsity Club, with all its heroes, was headed by Don Rule, Marion Murphy directed Kappa, Phi Sigma was under Joanne Nicklawp Lil Sweet saw to the noise makingp while Rose Sabrey helped Masquers make histor 5 Co-eds, under Lou VanBuren, played the game. Dave Lamica kept the cops on their beatp Bill Creighton took charge of the farming. Valerie Revoir kept the Red Cross flying. And all worked hard under these leaders. Now as the sands of time have run out, the green unsophisticated passel of young'uns from the Junior High, who had blundered into the halls of F. A. are now emerging the beatinest class in its history. Although we know it nigh impossible, we hope the class of '53 will try to uphold the tradition we have estab- lished. To describe what we have suffered is past the art of men, But to give a fair description we do the best we can, Our hearts were made of iron and our souls were cased in steel But the hardships of those four years Could never make us yield. Ye Old Ink Dippers, Lou VanBuren Jimmy Brady 41 Malone Mcin Street, looking east Main Street, looking west. Moin Street, looking west. , ,W f,,,y- W, 42 "Gill ,fs 1 ' 'LQ 4 U M-.., ,, , . A. ?-Si -...w.., ., Fam amd Fifofzb Planning' fldj R. Gaspar, B. Thomas, I. Barnes, L. VanBuren, G. LaFarr, S. Gingras, P. Commors, I. Bessette. Wmfbook EDITOR ----- - - LOU VANBUREN . JUNIOR EDITOR ------ BARBARA DUMONT BUSINESS MANAGER ---- JOANNE NICKLAW ADVERTISING MANAGER - CAROL WILCOX Bwmeff flzzjf Standing left to right: B. Spaulding, A. Converse, E. Lamitie, M. Golden, E. Purdy, N. Phelps, C. Taylor, P. Coughlin, J. LaFave, J. Revette, M. Cooke, R. Nostxo, I. Holcomb. Seated: L. McCracken, B. Thomas, R. Sabrey, C. Wilcox, I. Nicklaw, L. Prevost, D. Wood, G. LaFarr, R. Florio. 44 By DON 'I'here hssbeen considerable mention about thi Qld hjoetball- teams at Franldlnjlt-tfdemy when 'Ox' Bordeaulxahd George' Rey- nolds were playing for the FA Huskies Bordeau, Reynolds Starred Grid Movies On 1927 FA Football loam T0 Be l10W11 l COOPER At FA Toni ht turned out, was made up of: Don Mahoney' at quarterback, Tommy The football MOVE! of, Flynn at right halfback, Captai Franklin ACBd0mY-SHl'l-X18-C Leroy Bordeau at fullback, Georg Slime Played Sill-INIIY If Sli' Reynolds at left halfback, Spauldd 1-like will ll !l10Wll tonizht in Tl-IE PBOBABLE starting line- up for tomorrow's game ls: Mc- Carthy at fullbackg Rule at quar- terback: Boadway and Gokey in the halfback positions to make up the starting backfield. Bouvier at center, Hutchins at left guard, Spinner, at left tackle, Marlow at left end, Decoste at right end and at right tackle. now leads the Northern League scoring list following 'the opening' Dick McCarthy, FA fu1lblcl U! ,Tup- l game ..ll the rd-line. 'e Tup- d took try to lb FA pverse to the fred to :yard 1 I WH UP- Malone Evening Telegram. Malone, N wmu- -1 f f ' i lin Ac' - V- ' Q "1 notice: sznrroa-IN-cams ASSOCIATE EDITORS gsm lf mmm nmssn-rm DAVA SANCOMB ' TU Loon among, Assocwrn mnrroas Klfylfglirfdllg YELBDO Reynolo JOYCE BEAN A ALICE Bmmwnnm FACULTY T .' JOHN BESSETTE ADVISORS that Eg PENNY COUGHLJ-N MISS DONOVAN v 1 v 95 JOELLE LAFAVE Mrss LANCTO 'ARD-'U' MAHONEY rf 7 October 30 I95I M155 SAWYER sammy Ymnm 75 ' F. w. scnnrrzuamv Editorial so sv- , Ae VPf0gf' nqmfmg - re has fternoon the - 2 great de' I :anklin Acer N eporter 37 1353175 IB J, sam, 1' 52 lwith a vi 'Recently we have had a prob- Ti9l'lQfl'5Hl-ll0W00H, UV- Jrth- 4. 3 obly 'of ' JN-0 N' 'ln obtaining chaperons. for tbl VI-HN!! mn' ' K vw ' "" FA 0 09 ' 'no l' T I ' ' , 'I Ivo. . 4? syn 5g Rec dances. he nqumng mlm' whom hd 1 98,509-In OH sentef . rter would like to know ln! fm' "t-flckl U! . is R , - Vublf o P izgr H55 ' Y 6, your suggestions for solv- evlr. in wmv W f " 3'-6 -,cf 3392. 50 one problem are. . that the children - -' ' " 'A Q, -3, 599' . the students are interested Will: thi!! ull l Sl' having the Rec dance. they lllllllv UU? 509-UPC Lould find the chaperone. fl!! lllll G! the hcl' -Joe Skowyra 'V'-919' 81 A' I think students should ask 0954 NO. 'heir parents. Many parents are P90Pl9- ' ' Jing to chaperon but they've l-lllllllf. . M get been asked. P951 -Joanna Bmwn I , turn "plellL h K picking uput. ' ln general, of und been .done bo thi ve always thought a Student- ther-Parent Association could mplish many things. This tend to help this problem any othersfwhich call for n on the part of every- QQL-Marilyri Bessette U10 Pflllkltefl to Nxrnmlttee should be There 18 R .QQ tact parents. In 4 "kids" :bo fx 0 01 Hnts feel that 1 nlor JW 'iksdqlg chaperon, but . People-M , 01" is the situa- ' much -e may have 2 og s - whoa, ,L4R0sF I wudng X . 'Gr 8 GQ! .y Mae Benware J vgmu A First Row: D, Sancomb, P. Coughlm, I . Beane, , 4 L,,,,u,dn't two couples chap. less owner lettsround are only s A. Benware, M. Mahoney, S, Yelle. Second Row: Paid ewn instead of four mothers? 1 I YOW of Bll?1ll'PFBl1lU- The , Q K. Tulloch, D. Yeddo, I. LaFave, J. Bessette. gn think this would provide a more ' who do this arel or should , , , .. n on y enjoyable evening for these cha- enough to know better. RH .4 A - sm, , E V Y ,I ettempt! perons and also make it easier to don'tlseen1 to IIIOW f' ' 'fgx he, ' "yin agfer obtain them. -Sylvia Gmgras. have any intelligence. '4 J a 1 .-t, W liter: die: If the students want these er seem to think of the 0 .ad to ' , 3 ta me ls dances they could ask their par- The Y point of slew. It they were .esp X . e Nor- fix' B nik . f ifddegorlz ents or some older friends or rel- vannyi ownefl shoes, they would -.. mpionshlp. a situ dmwglg no met a atives to come up to chaperon league' very angry ,to say the 14-,buf ,.ggle all the way, charmm , om: f Jenn for at least one dance. amml 'rum bays also don't mm . malty won s thrilling Shadi vfho fm 51-mmlgr many -Joanne wiuen Tuppea long to go before they will o fgame, 19-13, to become the first man ears p Y' I think that if the students like. A rome. house or land, to whlc I' NNY sectional as well as the ,,Py y lit d Po ,, b formed a committee they could The they don't, ofcourse, want toses Northern League champs from shavfrg3e:1fogd.a2,euon:gI2 -BZ get the chapel-ons and maybe be al anything: happen. grid, ln turn, Malone. as t h d 3' d have couples instead of just wo- will cum me ues um wm be --- E. 'Y 0 fecogm " 'O 'L' 0 , " men. -Lillian Sweet lahrougl harm' ,Tun ,, every Han If th kids fine-is what really counts. Here -. 1 UWM . ' Oween- cle " " is s book that has something to Bonnet: 'rms ls 5 dell .nf even Your: EPZ igusmrncg would only 'ee the destruction Say 10 0V2!'Yb0dy-for some s. tongue-in-cheek story of aglltill: W numerous partles and dances which are held, this vicinity ll' , which they cause, we could have a much cleaner and safer Hal- loween. warning, for many s message in- spiring confidence. "The Mudla.rk" by Theodore London ragamuffin and the high- ly improper disturbance he caus- ed in the region of Victoria. Husliies15TripReoSl Aff! Sidi J. D'Amour, S. Earl. EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ART EDITOR EXCHANGE EDITOR ALUMNI EDITOR finden! fllazcgzzzine Tylvincg L. McCracken, I. Cooley, B. Bouvier, M. Cooke, PM blZf6lfZ0W.YJfI6lIVZT07f5 ADVERTISING EDITOR S, Earle. I. Taylor, A. Killers, JOELLE HOLCOMB LAURA MCCRACKEN MARY MURPHY ARLENE KILLETS GENE DEWEY PHYLLIS DELANEY SANDRA PENDER fzzzfjf R. Nostro, I. Routh, G. Dewey, I. Holcomb. Fix-st Row: G. Sawyer, M. English, L. Davis, M. Robinson, M. Lancto. Second Row: F. W. Schnitzlein, E. Donovan, G. Tarbell. 46 Pres, H. Bodway V. Pres, R. Murphy Maia ,,:xngVA M funzwf I O 16675 Sec. I. Routh Treas. L. Brooks Sec. R. Durham T1-egg, D, Soullier foploomoffo Pres. D. Tulloch V. Pres, E, Magaeen O zoom g-X fa ,Ng 48 Treas, P, Rutkowsld Sec, M. LaBe11e 3K FV65l9m6W ,l is N -NNN MLK? WML MTM! if 'WC :tilt mf' ' SZT4-if V. Pres. I. Marlowe Pres. G. Rider O 1667! O .tif 49 fiwdeni Coumil First Row: L. Burns, D. Reynolds. I. Marlow, R. Tupper, I. Gardiner, G, Cargill, D. MacDiarmid, Second Row: G. Rider, . . . 1 nh R A. Pease, T. Smerlis, A. K1llets, D. Tulloch, M. Dustin. J. Gratten, Third Row. B. Thomas. J. Cooley, Fou ow: A. Bashaw, P, Cunningham, S. Howard. I. Ledger, E, Carlin. I. Kerry. Fifth Row: R. Murphy. Sixth Row: R, Willis, J. Avery, L. Sweet, P, Connors, R, Sabrey, J. Riendeau, S. Gingras, LAST June the officers of the Student Council for the year 1951-52 were elected in a school wide election. Winners of the election were: President--Parker Connors, Vice President--James Riendeau, Secretary--Rose Sabrey, Treasurer--Lillian Sweet. Each homeroom elects a representative and an alternate to sit in the meet- ings of the Council every Tuesday. The faculty advisors are Mr. Donald MacDiarmid and Mrs. Lillian Burns. Each year Student Council strives to introduce new ideas for student activities and issues that reflect student opinions. Probably the most important undertaking this year was the adoption of a school flag. Although it was dis- cussed at many meetings, the final flag was adopted on November 27. The design of the flag was determined by a contest open to all students. A committee from the Council and a group of teachers picked the finalists. s were then submitted to the Council and the winner was chosen. James Riendeau's flag design Those finalist was selected and will be seen on the final production of the flag. The Student Council of 1951-52 extends sincere wishes for a successful year to the newly elected Council. 50 fummmfy Commzfiee i Q1 634 S lf a rs:-:P Left to right: J, Barnes, D, Lamica, E. Carlin, G. Sawyer, P. Connors, S, Gaspar, First Row: D. Lamica. Second Row: N. Gibbo, M. Dustin, P. Barlow, L. Goodrow, I. Boyea, C. LaCombe. Third Row: G. Sawyer, R. Jock, J. Garrand, C. Johnson. Fourth Row: I. King, J. McDonald, E, Lamitie, H. Holmes. Paz Wo! fyfiem 51 CANDIDATES D. Buell: G. Goodrow, L. Sweet, R, Sabreyg E. Carlin, I. Avery, S. Gingras, L. Van Buren. R6b66W56l! The Ball! CANDIDATES I, Tarbellg R. Murphy. I. Brady, R. Auger: J. Riendeau, R. Plumb, I. LaFave P. Connors. CROWN BE ARE RS John Tarball Deborah Buell TRUMPETERS E, McQuinn J, Skowyra H, Langdon F, Hankey -52 TH RUYAL CO RT We gr, First Row: J. Riendeau, I. Avery, E, Carlin, R. Auger, Second Row: R. Plumb, G. Goodrow S. Gingras, R. Murphy, Third Row: J, LaFave, L, Sweet, R, Sabrey, I. Brady, QUEEN LOU VANBUREN KING PARKER CONNORS 53 Epsilon L .l A First Row: L, Jones, I, Blanchard, B, Dumont, S, Durham, I, Clark, I, Benware, S, Howard, R, Griffin, Second Row: I. King, A, Brooks, G, LaFarr, I, Bessette, M, Cantwell, S, Gaspar, E, Ioy, G, Sennett, Third Row: S, Disotelle, J, Fraughton, N, Halse, P, Cunningham, M, Harrigan, M, Gareau, J, Cooley, I, Fleury, K, Lancto. Fourth Row: I. Barnes, E, Earle, A, Killets, E, Lamitie, P, Brooks, A, Converse, C, Childs, I, Johnston, G. Childs, Fifth Row: C, Cahoon, I, LaFave, S, Benware, G, Hosson, P, Connors, O, Langlois, I, Brady, D, Ieror, Sixth Row: W. Clark, C, King, M, Gokey, I, Bessette, P, Gibeau, R, Hutchins, P, Drayse. Seventh Row: E, Carlin, G, Goodrow, R, Auger, I, Avery, L. Badger, First Row: J, Rutkowski, I, Ledger, J, Perry, L, Sweet, M, Murphy, C. McGarrahan, K. Rowat, R. Spinner, J, Taylor, Second Row: B. LaRose, L, Prevost, E. Wyman, B. Robare, T. McCabe, I, Willette, J, Nicklaw, L, Stowe, D, Thompson, R, Sabrey, Third Row: N. Phelps, D. Wood, J. Revette, A. Maloney, D. Soulier, J. Randall, D. Smerlis, E, Manley, J. Storey, Fourth Row: P, Thompson, D. Smerlis, I, Rhoades, K. Tulloch, F. Young, D. McGibbon, R. Sancomb, D, Stowe, D. Sancomb, I, Yeddo, Fifth Row: D, Tulloch A. Pease, R, Robarge, C. Marlowe, R, Murphy, R, Plumb, L. VanBuren, G. Douglass, Sixth Row: B. Thomas, R. Learned, L. Lemke. 54 MWZ07' Reef Crm First Row: N. Meyer, P, Tavernier, N. Gibho, B. White, V. Revoir, B. Willette, A. Gingras, R. O'Brien, Second Row: I. Turner, E, Bonville, J. Debyah, D, Wood, G. Miller. J. Boyea, B. Lytle, M. Murphy. Third Row: H. Stamas, R. Jones, S, McKinney, E. Manley, J. Blanchard, S, Lyons, M. Montville, I. Soper. Fourth Row: P, Coughlin, J. LaFave. Pboiogmlzvby Cfub O10 miami Club D, Lamica, G, Dewey, E, McMurphy, F. Hanke Y. E, McQuinn, W. Spaulding, D, Randall, D, Champagne, D. MacDiarmid, A, Fisher, E. Carr, B. Santy, I. Brown, C. Randall, R. Brand. First Row: I. Taylor, S, Cox, E. McQuinn, C, Mitchell, R. McDonald C. Wilcox. Second Row: D. Lamitie, B. Learned, V. Proper, T. Jones, D. Dumont. Third Row: B. Livermore, P. Gibeau, B. Santy, D. VanEss, C. Taylor. Fourth Row: P. Connors, J. Randall, Wm. Riley, H, Dupuis, M. Holmes, D. Smerlis. "'++..q Marg um First Row: G. Hosson, R. McDowel, K. Tulloch. Second Row: S. Howard, B, Maneely, C. McGarrahan, K, Rowat, C. Cahoon. Third Row: R. Gaspar, J. Barnes, P, Connors, R. Sabrey, S, Gingras, I, Brown, J. Fraughton. Fourth Row: J. Rhoades, V. Revoir, E, Joy, V, Prue, C. Wilcox, K. Francis, R. Webster. Fifth Row: J. Skowyra, J, LaFave R, Willis, P, Scully, A, Robinson, I. Faubert. fiazge Crew 57 Readerfp First Row: B. Livernois, S. Griffin. I. Meagan. W. Little. Second Row: B. Bashaw, J. Bashaw, B. Toland, A, Morey. Third Row: M. Golden, I, Gardiner, D. Gleich, T. Shantie, R. Spaulding. Fourth Row: D. Jones, B. Benware, L. White, V. Wood. Fifth Row: G. Williams, C. Thomas, A, Sharland. Sixth Row: J. LaPrad, C. Randall, L. Jock, C. Legacy. C. Monette, R. Tucker, M. Lancto. 56157466 Cfub First Row: L. Burns, R. Plumb, I. Moore, K. Francis, E. McQuinn, C. Taylor. Second Row: I. Kerry, M, Benware, D. Tulloch, I. Hammill, S. Lyons. i Third Row: P. Connors, D. Daigneault, M. Remillard, A. Robinson, R. Carroll, T. Lamitie. First Row: I. Bessette, G. Dewey, M, Scully, L. Davis, D. Randall. Second Row: I. Bessette P. Gibeau, E. Manley, J. Randall, G. Tarbell, B6l6b6!07f5J Fulmfe Fmfmm First Row: E. Mageean, R. Tarbeu, F. Poissant, R, Peckham, R. Southworth, Second Row: R. Shields, W. McCabe. D. Western, K. Disotelle. Third Row: L. White, C. LePage, J. Rockhill, B. Rockhill, L, Hapgood, Fourth Row: A. Moore, R. Bowles, F. Wood, C. Herdman, D. Rogers, Fifth Row: R. Sherwin, A. Brand, G. Perham, W. Fitzpatrick, N. Otis. Sixth Row: B. Foote, L. Spaulding, W. Dixon, R. Sherwin, H. Smith. Home Makers First Row: B. Fleury, L. Tucker, E, Lamitie, P. Brooks, J. Perry, A, Fairchild, P. Barlow. Second Row: I. Johnston, W. Rafter, P. Richey, D. Sancomb, J. Peach, B, Berry, J. Durant, R. Lyons. Third Row: S, Earl, C. Safford, I. Miller, S. Earle, S. Premo B. Spinner, J. Nichols, E. Benware, I. Debyah, C, Johnson. I. Perham, L. Burns, 59 French Club First Row: B. Santy, Second Row: B. Maneeley, E. Joy, I. Sweet, R. Willis. Third Row: C. King, C. Cahoon, I. Rhoades, C. LaCombe. Fourth Row L. Lemke, I. Barnes. Fifth Row: D. Clark. Sixth Row: T. Owens. PM Sigma First Row: J. Routh, R. Nemo, E. Wyman, I, Routh, F, Towne. Second Row: G. Goodrow, L. Sweet, T, Owens, I. Nicklaw, P. Brooks. Third Row: J. Barnes, S, Benware, J. Kelley, B. Willette, P. Thompson, R. Griffin, M. Murphy, Fourth Row: N. Flaherty, J, Rutkows-ki, E. Joy, ' M. Mahoney, L. VanBuren, A. Brooks, Kappa First Row: S. Murphy, N. Halse, I, Fraughton, D. Marceau, S. Yelle. Second Row: S. Gingras, M. Murphy, K. Curtin, E. Carlin. Third Row: R. Sabrey. I. Holcomb, S. Gaspar. Fourth Row: C. McGarrahan, R. McDowell, S. Howard, P. Ctmnin ham B Maneele S. Durham M Cooke, S - . Y. . . , J. Brown. Fifth Row: B. Dumont, H. Stamas, M, Rhoades, P, Scully. J. Avery, C. Safford. SP2 Song Fm x5 Qi F of 'A .. W , ,G ' . , I eqne A , . . ox X Sag, I 38 pa 'xc' ' fb' ' ' Dew .w . A F- , 'Uber 1 08 Cb 1 . - thx. Q LOCQ1 Altus! 9th 1951 00' ? .I , 5 l. U -'lstrume IC A71 C 3:1513 01,0 ty rf 'T' ma: MUS' RICMRD' M. P ' 1, . Ie X ' f. gh f YJ? 6 S X "iz ROBERTILHOADIPSA , OW fb- gn Q i "Sleeper 0 G R 4 AI Rlfmmcv 'U farm 8 x "The ri Wah" ' X .- U r-0 '- K -Jlarch yn pated Clie -.N N X , M A The och' X X X X , f s A arch , In Rn- x x X . 5 iii - -Isi , .WEN 5.4. First Row: A. Brooks. J. Kelly. I.'Rhoades, S. Gingras. Second Row: P. Drayse, G. Hosson, D. Smerlis. I. Nicklaw. Third Row: R, McDowell, I. Soper, H. Stamas, R. Sabrey. Fourth Row: L. Benware, G, Langlois, B. Lytle. Fifth Row: L. VanBuren, N, McQuinn, I. BCSSCU-6. I. Fraughton. Sixth Row: I. Skowyra. F. Hankey. E. McQuirm, E. Joy. I. Rutkowski, H. Langdon, Sevennh Row: R. Brearey, G, Cargill, I. Faubert. 62 'Cf' 'rb' QQ ag- A U. 4- Away V bf 'Cp B668 4 Wh. In a Mange' X If N L vc? :te christina 8010157 X, X A .Q S X- X X Jules FQUMQ Arr, b xx o X There X X 'V R R Sw- Sr Q49 11" 0 X X B.. . ' Nb xx ec 'B For Chr, In Nm ' WWW, 90' J 'ight Bet stmas X 10k fv G 6171 . rr X X . . ' Oisg X X A 1.1, vo' . X Kfh X X ' by Le .' 5 v . an f,,, 5 Pets? X neth Tuuoch Waring Q Dinzzan .- . . X ,ond X X r J, .1 ' ' Sw: 0 ' S0 W . . 10 ' 'ls' S, D. 3 ar, XL 0 .QS AQ ' V new idna Gigi.. Bernard First Row: A. Killets. I. Bames. I. McDonald. Second Row: B. Maneely, R. Carroll, A. Ashlaw. Third Row: K. Rowat. Fourth Row: A. Gingras, P. Coughlin, E. Earle. Fifth Row: R. Willis, R. Willis, M. Murphy, A, Trimm, F. Miller, P. Muller. Sixth Row: O. Barney, S. Lyons, R. Hutchins, N. Myer. Seventh Row: V. Prue, R. Murphy, E. Mageean, R. Routh. 63 5 ,W of Umxhimg' . -- ' ze 'Fifa Fflw 'ogg ' . .' Q 1 05 X Q36 K? 63' 93' S 4. 5 'Q - MP' xo 'Z-Y C A 9' ve Q 9 9 , '09 qdxcxk " 6 . ze: 49 C? X fi 98 px- -qw I- ey!! QI ,Q 6-Y' x f' x ,aevw , ' I J C5 X ffodoet ,- S I 'Saws' f , en V Q q hf f' . ' , O S C1 fgoyoxax II, Cxxoios ' PM 9601, MA f two? 1, ,ive f si-1 Gao Q GSI . I ,f 6 ff - - -Q . .,,yNi X0 9 I-,095 K f ,qoxxocxx 65223901 ,Q I XJ' V? 'El 'WF' 5 Q 1 E Q , 'Qs-M3 ,dw H xx i Sgzgf, sq' 'X ., f . 'fo ff V. - Y R , f z v s Q Q Q 3 x 5 s 1 v , f , W 11 I 3 if i First Row: C, McGarrahan, S. Howard, R, McDowell, N. Halse, A, umgras, mecona mow: L. stone. N. Uunnan, 5. Durham. J. Kelley, ' ' ' h : G H ss n M. Bessette, S. Gingras. Thxrd Row: I. Holcomb, I. Rutkowskx, P. Bxondo, R, McCarthy, D. Reynolds. Fourt Row , o o , R. Plumb, L, Francis, D. Smerlis, D. Daignault. Fifth Row: K. Tulloch, D. Tulloch, E. Mageean. I. LaFave, 64 5 ' i 5-uf. Qn mix Q ' .' ' Ca 5 Q . 00' . . 4'-vac? A by X ' oy Q' ,YV QSC' Sb Cb ' so F vu . 'Ss X0 go O ,fb f , 1, 5' 4? S 50 N Q .09 - .5 Q,-FAQ f f vvi'-S 5 xg. 5, Q N ,ZF Ac' v Q? Q 45' Q MS? if f f ff A fb Qi Q Q, if f M Q N O 1 Q' fl fl f Q' N. 3 3 C' f ' ff f' -5 qw XA' 'TF' 1. ,r -.F " 1 XM' -1, 4 513362, jj ,E ,jfiff fLA f R Y , V L E E 4 3 F E T f E sv . K, I 5 3 'L - ".A Z .i,...f'7,,,f , First Row: J. Brown, J. Soper. J. Ledger. J. kno-aces, 5, uaspar. secona Row: M. Harrigan, 5. Pender, A. Benware, K. Kowat, A, Fairchild. Third Row: C. King, J. Riendeau, P. Skinner, K, Francis, B. LaRose, C, R. Rhoades. Fourth Row: J, McDonald, P. Connors, P, Drayse, R, Gaspar, R. Murphy. Fifth Row: L. Gero, G. Cargill. I. Fauberr, L. Spinner, R, Durham, 65 Cbomf First Row- C Stone C. McGarrahan, S. Howard, N. Dunnan, C, Cahoon, D. Smerlis, K. Tulloch, G. Hosson, R, Murphy, I. Moore, h K ll R. Durham, Rowat, C, Clark, S. Gaspar, S, Griffin, J, Boyea. Second Row: P. Thompson, B, Maneeley, S. Dur am, J, e ey, Mal M Mur h L Francis P Biondo K Francis W Little A Adams G Childs, I. Beane, N, McQuinn, A. Fairchild. J. rowe. .N p y, . . . . . . . . . . . Third Row: L, Stewart, R. McDowell, P. Fish, M. LaBe1le. I. Gratton, N, Halse, R. McCarthy, R. Plumb. F. Supemault, A. Pease, ' 1 Gaspar. I. Soper. I. Rhoades, I. Ledger, R. Lyons, M. Demarse. Fourth Row: A, Gingras. I. Brown. J. Holcomb, E. Lyt e, h D D1 h D Tulloch D Smerlis G Cargill J Faubert P Skinner S Pender, E. Wyman, A, Benware, I. Mitchell, S.Murpy. . COS. . .. .. .. .. .. C R. Rhoades. Fifth Row: B. Trimm, M, Bessette, S. Sawyer, P. Coughlin, S. Durham, E. Mageean, D. Daigneault, I. Riendeau, ' ' ' ' H S C Kin L. Spinner, B. Lallose, A. Killets, E. Hale, M, Harrigan. Sixth Row: I, Rutkowskr, S. Grngras, I. LaFave, E. Joy, . ramas,, - 8 J. McDohald, J. LaFave, L. Gero, P. Connors, P. Drayse, D, Reynolds, M, Rhoades, J. Fraughton, R. Flessner, M. Pelliccione, R. . C. R. Rhoades. Second Row: N. Halse, I. Brown J. Rutkowski, S. Gingras, S. Gaspar, M. Harrigan, - S. Pender, J. Ledger, Third Row: K. Tulloch, ZX P. Biondo, R. Plumb, I. LaFave, J. Faubert, G, Cargill, P. Drayse, R. Gaspar, cg' First Row: C. Stone. Bama' K, Wemette K Francls Cheer, cheer for old Franklin High! Twifflefff BAND BANG "'04nU'X l 67 J. Avery J. Taylor X X CC JJ M f X DJCQMEVVEOZQXIDES I M52 .. In , - -' g Ji .ii-, .1 . Bob Benware Janice Leach Rita Griffin vu-, Helen Dear T. McCabe A. Ashlaw I. Nicklaw , . Q Vy i I r ,,,. . A M . Q, F ',. ,.,, is 4' A ' M Sff' " i g: V ci? W P. Connors J. Willett J. Barnes D. Murphy C. Stone Mary Murphy A. Brooks K. Rowat 4 J. Kelley M. Rhoades A. Maloney G. Goodrow Pbyfzmf Cufimfe Fooibazll -e--Q ie'- X Q First Row: I. Maclsaren, J. Kerry, A. Brand, D. Rule, R. McCarthy, R. Gokey, R. Plumb, R. Spinner. Second Row: I. Hutchins, L. Brooks, G. Tavemier, J. Faubert, P, Connors, I. DeCarr, G. Langlois. Third Row: A, Stewart, R. Murphy, L. Francis, G. l-losson, E, McCarthy, H. Bodway, B. Santy, L. Cahill. Fourth Row: R. Revoir, I. Lafave, N. Marlow, N. Bouvier, C. Herdman, First Row: R. Gareau, F, Byington, R, Durham, D. Smerlis, S, Lyons, J. Heckler, R. Routh, L. White. Second Row: M, Scully, A. Yando, W. Riley, I, Storey, R. Boyea, F. Gokey, G, Marlow, E. Mason. flfllfllbif Vmffziy G. White, G. Rider, M. Benware, I. Yando, P. Rutkowski, R. Brand, G. Douglass. Fourth Row D. Reynolds, R. Prevost, F. Clark, L. Spinner, F. Boissey, J. Sweet, W. Byington, R. Bessette. 70 Third Row: K. Chapman, 54 ,fa ik Q if 3? W 'L' :W f ma ima F' 2 S . 6 If is g R .3 --1- ., Q ' li' AWI? :K f l' .,:., ,.h A M: 7 if A - - W , , xr g' ' 'Q' 'L A ,Q 'H -' f - , a A -7 ' ,fi , H " A f s 4 XV, ixsv z K 5 Ai' if V . 1'-f'f13f'rf kk Q Hip-hip! Hold that line! ' 'V Q , ,... -V my ' ... ,..,. Q, 'Win'-E ' 4.9, N1 'f"""""mMW'- ' -:-- -- wi- --YA ---1-wiv-'-LQ. - . - . VI l . WE THEY SARANAC LAKE I 5 27 14 i OUVERNEUR 3 1 G 24 0 MASSE NA " 6 I9 Q CANTON if i 6 19 , T PER AKE ' UP L I8 I2 OGDENSBURG ' A A 0 28 ,1 1 .f POTS DAM - ,ff Q, '- ,W SNOW , I V Across: B. Dumont, I. Roulh, S. Benware, B. Thomas, E, Carlin. Down: T, McCabe, G. Goodrow, S. Durham, L, Sweet. 2 'Cbee1ffm5k1f5 We wunt o touchdownl Bush 'em back! 1- 1 5 M ,.1al .5 , f' I A 1 3? " ' "7 4 . NJ? vi',5ixfQvb'-.gags . , rw 'Kb -JH if N Q 1. W x, . J h I V h an A I 9 'V Q -5 num M 'Q 1 4' J - - V' ' ,, ' -01,157 .,. A A .,V, . vf 9 71 Bmfeeib ll grim df " AM ,. -J Lliwxlb BJ, f q ,L j'5?g?"iJoF-2,1 ' F' T32 Q ki I X W First Row: D. Elstien, R, Murphy, H. Bodway, E. McCarthy, Second Row: G. Murtagh, L. DeCoste, I. MacLaren. I. Bouvier, J. LaFave, I. Riendeau. Third Row: K. Chapman, L. Brooks, D. Rule, R, McCarthy. I. DeCarr, fumbff Vmffiy C3333 X54 -.WMS First Row: R. Gareau. I. Yando, G. Rider, F. Boissey, Second Row: D. Tulloch, D. Daignault, D. Reynolds, G. Cargill, R. Southworth. Third Row: L. Cahill, N. Marlow, D. Smhrlis, F. Byington, R. Brand. 72 THE ROYAL SCOT SWISH ll f.,,,...,,..,.f..-...,..,.,, www- 1, ,, ., -. .....,.... hz.-- . K ,. . h 'hm U I -...-..1'.3'IY-A--Q., ' "'-'--31315 ,. .,..,..,,.,s..fA. .1-. .. .F I F' 4 i TUPPER LAKE XE TQEY Ng CANTON -W 68 63 . ' OGDENSBURG 55 6 1 if ii POTSDAM ff 65 64 MASSENA 53 56 gg SARANAC LAKE 66 46 M N ORWOOD 54 60 GOUVERNEUR 56 34 CANTON 73 57 OGDENSBURG First Row: c. Clark, J. Marlow, E. Wyman, L. Stewart, M. Reome. 37 50 . POTSDAM second Row: N. Dunnan, P. Thompson, J. Willerre, R. Tupper. 62 60 --..f,..............,,..,,,..?..,..,..,4,.,,,-..,. V Cb I d L , K ,,,..,.,.,,,.,q P ...J UP AND IN ??? REBOUND 73 Vazmzy Club B ' W B in ton I Heckler D Smerlis Second Row- G Langlois. A. Bland First Row: D. Rule, R, McCarthy, l. MacLaren, J. ouvrer, , y g , . , . , . . R. Durham, R. Plumb, K. Tulloch, R. Spinner, R. Routh. Third Row: R, Gokey, R, Willis, R, Gaspar, P. Fitzpatrick, G. Murtagh, F. Boissey, I, Faubert. Fourth Row: I. LaFave, R, Carrol, D. Clark, J. Yando, J. DeCarr, J. Kerry, P. Biondo. Fifth Row: D. Elstien, G. Tavernier, R. Auger, E. Mason, D. McCabe, J. Moore, P. Skinner, Sixth Row: H, Bodway, N. Bouvier, P, Connors, R, Murphy, F. Wood, F. Byington, E. McCarthy. Seventh Row: I, Hutchins, L. DeCoste, E. Manley, B. Santy, S, Lyons, D, Reynolds, L, Brooks, fnimmumff 1 74 F C0-ed! QQ V , 'mv fa 4' 1 R ' . 1 5,1 L.-... se... s .-4 First Row: 1, Fraughton, A. Benware, B. Berry, H, Mattimore, L. Benware, R. Sabrey. I. Nicklaw, R. Griffin, R, Larche. Second Row: J. Wahlrab, P. Barlow, I, Willett, D. Thompson, J. Taylor, I. Clark, J. Gardiner, B. Furness. Third Row: E. Joy, I. Kelley, J. Bessette, J. Routh, J. Routh, B. Robare, M. Montville, M. Murphy, E. Wyman. Fourth Row: S. Durham, K. Wemette, B, Trimm, J. Garrand, M. Gareau, J. McNamara, C. Perry, H. Stamas, Fifth Row: A. Killers, T, Smerlis, B. Dumont, I. Holcomb, I. Debyah, S. Durham, P. Thompson, S. Disotelle. Sixth Row: C, Clark, I. Durham, V, Prue, B.Bouvier, E. Hale, S. Howard, C. McGarrahan, B. Maneely, C. Wilcox. , I g L f 5 ...T xv Y N Q . , V5 K b, k , . Q me fnimmuml Council First Row: G. Goodrow, L. Sweet. Second Row: T. McCabe, S. Benware, H. Seaman, L. VanBuren, M. Murphy. Third Row: A. Converse, M. Rhoades, E. Carlin, J. Avery, 75 Bowlmcg Cfub First Row: D. Lamitie, I. Gordon, V. Proper, I, Holcomb, M, Bessette, B, Maneely, I. Fraughton. Second Row: H, Mattimore, G. Goodrow, M, Murphy, T. McCabe, B. Robare, M. Montville, S. Durham, Third Row: D. Tulloch, G. Murtagh, G, Langlois, A. Brand, A. Fish, F, Delarm, W. Clark. Fourth Row: P. Connors, P, Gibeau, D. McCabe, J. Kerry, N, Gibbo. I. Boyea, Fifth Row: D. Fountain, I. Exley, D. Clark, S, Benware, E, Manley, N, Jones, D. Delosh, A, Ashlaw. vm Wim ,VB ,S First Row: A, Benware, I. Durham, C. McGarrahan, I. Kelley, M. Gareau, D. Marceau, B. Furnace. Second Row: B. Dumont, I. Routh, S, Howard, R. McDowell, D, LeRoux, S. Courson, P. Fish. Third Row: P. Williams, S, Yelle, I. Routh, I. Ledger, I. Brown, J. Rutkowski, P, Scully, Fourth Row: C. Bowles, R. Prevost, R. Auger, K. Tulloch, E. Joy, S. Durham. Fifth Row: R. Revoir, G. Johnson, R, Durham, R. Gaspar, J. Kerry, P. Monaghan, 76 A-W. W MWM r 1 f 100775 KX ' wwuwwmz P W-N-,M fnimmuml Pkzyczkzy 77 SQMJVE Dame Round . CF, "Yum-yum" Bob Augor 8. Lil Sweet Tess Mc Cabe Don Rule Clarence King 8. Vern Lemke Ruth Flessner i "Prom Gang" Which is which? Marilyn Gareau Barbara Griffin "Singing Canaries" Doris Thompson Joelle Holcomb and Rose Noslro Jack Bouvier iii" Us :ch ' -tame. f ' xi 1, 5 , , rs gg xg I it - -2:11 ft H: .:. Ready For the dance" r Dick Routh "Hot Guitar" 'Q "Yearbook enterprises" P 'df 'f M "Sore feet" t Lou 8- Barb "Slumber Bums" Fight Ray Sancomb 8. Lul Bobak "The Gang" gf , M. Fisher M. Duval "Take i' WY" Hot Dog! J . Durrant. OPERA HOUSE MALONE NEUV YORK Shoos LANSING IIIINALIJSQN, Fino Foolvroar 'f?r5z,2':2W: The City FPfS.'3?.i:L.?1de'S Th Spot Bash Grooory TAYl.0R'S BAKERY IS THE pLACE . I , Wher ' you can ue! quick uorvlce. You Excels ru choice vlandn that :inning-:F or -he bm hlkfd vuodu nf please the palate, Price and Quality Always Right Prompt and Courteous Ser- KN-Illleasgnable Prices, vice Assured. G- E- PMI: 'huts m-:nr ygurlcm. n0'en, Ilwly. Omen Lnkenlofurnllh weddInlu.plrrles.etc. 20th Century Block Nhllone, Y X run roml. ele n or lu. New none M an Mun SL I MALONE, N Y- Non!-I. R. A. TODD, Prop. Don't Forgot lo Cnll nt Cl T I"i EI l'i A B IT Buy ygur w T roLEY's W" C0 Cash Grggery Stare 8 of mmm.:-:R ox W' mm" ' I I ' ' l' y and Staple Groceries, Provisions, Clothing and Fllfhishings. C , W, A I n , Fruits nnfl Vegetables. Cignm L AM B oc , R ,md Tnhmicml Enmsln, . M::. azihlnlo. 1 :churn Ann" Stetson Ilnls N 9 Ihenter Sz. Nei Phone l6ll hr ""h"'ll SUN' I his ls thc' plm-rf tn gn fm' HUWARII HUUSE Fumiture. Household Goods Watches and Chains ix CASH OR cn-EDIT fi THE ORIENTAL STORE s. 1. or 1. A. runou, rms. l 2?35'n"' H. I. MULLEN C0. c'3'2,JE2 12 llIll'lS0ll l'Iuce NNY phune 70,4 "Alter the oven ll ovrr And leelllq lhe lllhl I d0Ilt.. l. Bur-no do Son can on! Crockery Ware R N. PORTER. WILL CREQUE DENTIST 8 'ill fire all Joh Dm tloootlr 0 35.23 old X " "' "'i"' 'T 2' 'I "ribs" 1 I2 rf'h'JLl"QIff ' a0nL'fi2LII'2. Y. Mal on e Cafe. Buy Your Coal i"'W"5 "mf" Andrus-Robinson . . Company W 'mi I ,A "",f'rjmL,,Q ,,,1, 3' wnooeshua snocfns ggoszwxggoi nm 1. S. Adams,'Prop. Malone New York fkmf YE Baumer! Patrons Albany Business College, 126-134 Washington Ave ., Albany 6, New York American Dry Cleaners 8. Furriers Inc. , 34 Catherine St. , Malone, New York Bastian Bros. Company, 1600 Clinton Ave. , North, Rochester. New York Benware Creamery. 25 Harrison Place, Malone, New York Boyer Monument Works, 88 Raymond St., Malone, New York Boyer Motor Sales, 356 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Central City Business Institute, 428 South Warren St. , Syracuse 2, New York Bernie Connors Service Station, 5 Amsden St. , Malone, New York Delisle Bros. Shoe Store, 61 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Dora's Sunoco Service, 256 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Eldreclge ancl Mason, Inc. , 16 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Mildred Elley Secretarial School for Girls, 227-229 Quail St. , Albany 3, New York Wm. A. Empsall and Co. , 47 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Endicott-Johnson, Corp. , 45 E. Main St. , Malone, New York The 'Farmers' National Bank, 101 E. Main St., Malone, New York Faubert Buick Sales, 66 W. Main St. , Malone, New York The Flanagan Hotel, 1 Elm St. , Malone, New York Frank's l. G. A. Store, 101 W. Main St., Malone, New York Genaway 8- Clark, 5 W. Main St. , Malone, New York General Ice Cream Corp. , 59 W. Main St. , Malone, New York Georges' Pop Corn Shop, 118 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Glaucle's Men's Wear, 48 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Hutchins Insurance Agency, 15 W. Main St. , Malone, New York Leonard C. Jessop, Jeweler, 1 Elm St. , Malone, New York Jim's O'iginal Cut Rate Pharmacy, 175 E. Main St. , Malone, New York F M. Johnson Co. , North Bangor, New York Kallen's Furs, 132 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Karmel Korn Shop, 60 W. Main St. , Malone, New York The Kassel Store, 46 E. Main St. , Malone, New York John E. Kelly, Printing Shop, 1 W. Main St. , Malone, New York 82 Bmmeff Pdiffom Fred E. Kerry, "You Can Be Sure if it's Westinghouse", 12 Catherine St. , Malone, New York Kirby Book Store, 4 W. Main St. , Malone, New York Kriff's Furniture Store, 25 W. Main St. , Malone, New York Minnie LaRocque, 94 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Malone Baking Company, 154 W. Main St. , Malone, New York Malone Candy 8. Supply Co. Inc. , 99 Catherine St. , Malone, New York Malone Dairy Inc., "Jumbo Banana Splits" W. Main St. Rd., Malone, New York Malone Frozen Food Lockers, 35 Catherine St. , Malone, New York Malone Milling Co. Inc. , 39 Mill St. , Malone, New York Malone Rag, Iron and Metal Co. , Koff Bros., Proprs. , Est. 1905, 26 Mill St. , Malone, New York Mam'seIle Shop, 185 E. Main St. Malone, New York A. D. Martin, General Store, N. Bangor, New York The Maytag Store, 37 E. Main St. , Malone, New York McCarthy, Deno, 8. Coultry Packing Co. , Brewster St. , Malone, New York McMann Paper Co. , 16 Brewster St. , Malone, New York McQuinn Moccasin Co. , Moira, New York Northern Hardware Co. Inc. , 98 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Patnode's Grocery, 21 Rennie St. , Malone, New York Pearl's Department Store Inc. , 81 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Peoples Trust Co. of Malone, 63 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Plaza Theatre, 10 Pearl St. , Malone, New York Robideau Studios, 9 W. Main St. , Malone, New York Sabin Bros. , 19 W. Main St. , Malone, New York Sansone's Dining Room, 321 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Sperling Furniture Store, 32 E. Main St. , Malone, New York Stockwell's Men's Wear, 59 E. Main St. , Malone, New York H. D. Thompson 8. Co. , Hardware, 12 Brewster St. , Malone, New York Tucker's Book Store, 6 Pearl St. , Malone, New York Goldie Weiant Beauty Salon, 1 Elm St. , Malone, New York 83 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs A Friend Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr . and Mrs Pmfem' Patrons Lawrence Barney Darrel Boyea Clarence Boyer Hector J. Buell Lawrence Chapin Bert Converse H. I. Doud Arthur Debyah M. T. Desnoyers William J. Flaherty Robert Fleury J. Fraughton William A. Gaspar Pierre Hinman Archie Hyde Herbert Joy Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr . Dr . Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Thamkr and Mrs. J. E. Kelly and Mrs. Clarence LaFave and Mrs. Wm. Lytle and Mrs. Willard Maneeley Melvin McElwain' and Mrs James McFadden and Mrs Vernon Moore and Mrs Charles Porter and Mrs Edward Sabrey X and Mrs. Carl P. Sherwin and Mrs. Paul Soper and Mrs Pierre Spaulding and Mrs Mitchell Tackley and Mrs. Wilford Tallon and Mrs. Wm. Topp and Mrs. Wm. B. VanBuren and Mrs. Charles Wilcox T HE "Student" Yearbook Staff wishes to express its sincere "thank-you" to each one of you who made this book possible. We thank the businessmen and parents for their Financial support. We also thank our friends who were interested enough to answer our plea for old- time pictures and history of Malone. We also thank The Malone Evening Telegram and WICY for their wonderful cooperation. 84 KQLLI Burn GL!-HU?

Suggestions in the Franklin Academy - Student Yearbook (Malone, NY) collection:

Franklin Academy - Student Yearbook (Malone, NY) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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Franklin Academy - Student Yearbook (Malone, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Franklin Academy - Student Yearbook (Malone, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 42

1952, pg 42

Franklin Academy - Student Yearbook (Malone, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 76

1952, pg 76

Franklin Academy - Student Yearbook (Malone, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 41

1952, pg 41

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