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Franklin Academy - Student Yearbook (Malone, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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5 1 ,ff Wi 'Q ww. A ,Vx ui "KW-'v,.. . ,gs J k ,,. tx J, .11 , , J ' 1 M, ,H ,, Q5-as .4 P. -qi. ., anlnllum 5, A 5' xe' ' ug . .A 1 aj. ,KA V :' fi. "rx J ' A . . . ' ' if z . ll ,-,:,5"Yi . ' Rl" 5, Q. 1 - N3 1 fx' 62? 9-.lx . il gm., wk X F5 .mf , ,. If '. ,EAU 1 ,J .34--V 4, ,M 1, . ,.. , QE I -r f .1 J +., fy X r , 11 1 J 1 ' ,mf X ,v x ' f ,,W The Student Yearbook X VNK, y I W' A j f R Q! NX X 0 1 x on . Q Z if Pj g f f R4- I S r I 1 , Franklin Academy Founded 1831 COURSES OFFERED College Preparatory-Classical College Preparatory-Scientific Vocational Agriculture Vocational Homemaking Business-Secretarial Vocational Machine Shop Business-Bookeeping Business-General Industrial Arts General Academic Academic and vocational courses are supple mented by extra-curricular activities designed to enrich chiracter and develop personality. These activities cover the fields of athletics, dramatics, public speaking, and club activities. Club activities include the fields of voca- tional agriculture and homernaking, publications, photography, dramatics, music apprecia- tion, class'cal literature, French, games, Crocheting, cooking fboysl, science, tennis, fish and game, and stage craft. Q iii OBJECTS OF THE SCHOOL TEACHERS-Well trained, with successful experience. STUDENTS-Thorough preparation in chosen field. PROGRAM-Designed to develop the mental, physical, social and spiritual values of the incliviclual. UCI Several scholarships, ran ging from S20 to S50 each, for deserving and worthy students. 13121 The Principal of the school will be in his office Friday and Saturday before the opening of school to discuss programs and other problems with students and parents. Students are urged to take advantage of this opportunity, as a well planned program is one of the pre- requisites to a successful high school education. Qi? For further information, address H. H. LAMBERTON, Principal THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947.T..,..L.l- Pa x- 3 Pfge 4 ,g??..l.THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 TABLE OF CONTENTS Curriculum at Franklin Academy ........ --- In Memorlan ............ ....... - -- -- Yearbook Staff --- Dedication .u...........,. The Annual Spring Concert Members of Clubs ..... .... Advertisements --- Class Day ..... Franklin Academy --- Yearbook Staff -- Faculty ...... ILLUSTRATIONS Sen.0rs ...... ........ ...-.... - - - Highlights of the Year --- Class Officers ........ Student Government ..... Clubs ond Activities -- Curtain Time ...... Dress Rehearsal ...,..- - ..-,.--,-,, ,-,------ Band and Choir ,,,,-. ,-,-------- --------- Sports ---- ..... .... --,--,-,-, --.-- - F Q Snapshots .......... THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947 n vmnrium liill- -1 Harold C. Lockwood Gerald S. Wescott Kenneth E. Bashaw Milton J. Costlow Q o Jogeph G, Willette Douglas C. Fleury W Melvin E. Malette Lawrence H- King , Carlton E. Russell Francis W. Kelley Myers J, Reyngldg George A. Taylor William J. Frego Milford Carbino Francis Hurteau Weldon H. James Floyd F. Berry Brown Junior W. McF'aul Ernest A. Peters Edward Robert Ly Leo W. Barco nch Wesley Safford -M n mo Carter Trudeau Patrick E. McDonough Robert P. Dougherty upatu Herman E. Taylor Mark E. Monaghan Gerald N. Pelkey M prayer is that those who gave their lives Y have not done so in vain. Page 5 Page 6 ,.,,,----g.--A.MMTHE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 TH E Y EA RBOOK STAFF EDITOR - IN - CHIEF Dorinth Jasmer, '47 ASSISTANT EDITORS Donald Bessette, '47 LITERARY EDITOR Frederick Matteson, 47 ASSISTANTS Dorrlce MacLaren, '47 Rose Gokey, '50 SPORTS EDITOR John Flynn, '48 ASVSISTANTS Edward Miller, '47 Carmen Kelly, '47 FEATURE EDITOR Alice Murtagh, '49 ASSISTANT Donald Lamitie, '50 SOCIETY EDITOR Jane Frenette ASSISTANTS Judith Hyde, P. G. Kou.a Stamas, P. G. , EXCHANGE EDITOR Beverly Rheaume, '47 ASSISTANT Grace Cantwell, '49 EDITORIAL STAFF MEMBERS Eunice Clark, '49 Joseph D. igneault, '47 BUSINESS ASSISTANTS 'Iheresa Duquette, '48 Joanne Shepherd, '49 ART ASSISTANTS Robert Brooks, '49 Veronica Dixon, '49 FIRST TYPISTS Jean bish, '48 Mary If lynn, '48 Barbara, Foote, '47 Beverly G.bbo, '47 Dorinth Jasmer, '47 Eleanor Silver, '47 Carolyn Skinner, '47 FACULTY ADVISORS Gladys Buell Elizabeth Donovan Mary Flynn, '48 BUSINESS MANAGER Eleanor Silver, '47 AJSSISTANT Jean Fish, '48 Carolyn Skinner, '47 ADVERISING EDITOR Barbara Foote, '47 ASSISTANT Janet Halse, '49 ART EDITORS Charlotte Degon, '47 Leslie deVarona, '47 ASSISTANT Sylvia Stamas, '49 HUMOR EDITOR Beverly Gibbo, '47 ASSISTANT Clinton Langlos, '50 Harry Matteson, '50 Jean Tower, '50 Jean Harrington, '49 Marie Longshore '49 John LeBeuf, '50 SECOND Helen Bessette, '48 Noreen Callahan, '48 Judy Hyde, P. G. Anne Kropsky, '49 Koula Stamas, P. G. Nola Wylie, '48 Gertude Sawyer F. W. Schnitzlein THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947 Page 7 T k - , . , ,N , ,,,, , .ima EDITORIAL STAFF OF THE STUDENT First Row-Fred Matteson, Jane Frenette, Donald Bessette, Dorinth Jasrner, Alice Mur- tagh, John Flynn. Second RoWgJudy Hyde, Koula Starnas, Jean Tower, Elizabeth Donovan, Dorrice Mac- Laren, Carmen Kelly, Rose Gokey, Gladys Buell, Eunice Clark, Harry Matteson, Edward Miller, Donald Lamitie. l k BUSINESS, ADVERTISING 8: ART STAFF OF THE. STUDENT First Row-Beverly Rheaume, Barbara Foote, Eleanor Silver, Leslie deVarona, Charlotte Degon, Beverly Gibbo. SGCOHK1 ROW-Anne KFOPSKY, Jean Harrington, Carolyn Skinner, Jean Fish, Gertrude Sawyer, John LeBeuf, Marie Longshore, Nola Wylie, Joanne Shepherd, Theresa Duquette. Janet Halse. Page 8 ,-.-.....l.THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 DEDICATION "Not evening, but dawn"-an inspiring motto for a fine graduating class. Thereby, the nSenIors will join the legions of youth throughout the world who are dedicating themselves to the creat'on of a new World of fellowship and brotherhood. We, the Student Staff, are happy therefore to dedicate this Yearbook to the Senior Class, as a token of our esteem and faith. FACULTY f x-A , Q'-w,Xiy, Page 10 THE STUDENT YEARBO0K1947. , , x N ' 'N FACULTY First RowwC. Richard Rhoades, Monica Lancto, M. Teresa Owens, H. H. Larnberton, Superintendent, Elizabeth Donovan, Lillian Stowell, F. W. Schnitzlein, Assistant Princi- pal. Second Row-Ruth Webster, Helen Mooney, Gerald'ne Sennett, Helen Seaman, Ann Good- man, Florence Kelly, Gertrude -Sawyer. Third RowfKathryn Lancto, Gladys Buell, Martha Robinson, Mary Englsh, Bessie George Chester Curtis, Carl Stowell. Fourth Row-Marion Daly, Emma Dwyer, Kathryn Curtin, Howard Burtis, F. Wright Johnson, Charles Perkins, Gerald Tarbell. Absentffiuth Dain. 9 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1M7 P g 11 NJ IN Page 12 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 EDWARD L. BESSIETTE nspiken Choir, Band, Intramural Basketball Baseball, Bachelors Club, and Game Club, Photo- g.apny Club, Reprcscntanve to Student Coun- eil, Sec. of Home Room. JAMES BLANCHARD 4lD0cYI Varsily Football, Intramural Basketball, Pho- tography Club, Bachelors Club, Varsity Club, I-:nroi System, Home Room Pres. in Junior Year. KENNETH BREFKA "Kenny" Track, Band, Choir, Photography Club, Bache- lors Club, VERNON BROOKS "Oink" Band, Baslzctball, Football, Manager, Varsity Club, Photogr. phy Club, Bachelors Club' Mem- ber of Boys' Intramural Counc 1, W: DOROTHY ALLEN I ID Otlv Phi Sigma., Commercial Efficiency Club., LESLIE ARMSTRONG Varsity Club. JOHN ARQUIETTE "Jack" Track, Intramural Basketball, Ping Pong, Country Club, Treas. of Fish 8z Game Club. DONALD BESSETTE AcDOnnyry Tennis Club, Bachelors Club, Intramural Bas- ketball, Ping Pong, Band, Choir, Sec. of Home Room in Freshmen and Sophomore Years. THE STUDENT YEARBooK1947T-Tl page 13 ROGER CARLIIN ..Roge,, Dramatic Club, Pres of Epsilon, Pres. of Mas- quers, Treas. of Senior Class, King of Epsilon, Candidate for King fn Junior Year, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Com., Jr. Home Room Pres., Sr, In- yitat on Com., First Prize in Elks Speaking Contest in Jr. Year.. FRANCIS CHAMPAGNE - "Nanny" Ski Club. EDWARD CLARK MP2-177 FootbalL JOAN CLARK 4 KJOD I Kappa, Coeds, Masquers, Photography, Epsi- lon, Head Cheerleader Home Room Rep. In Jr. Year, Asst. Costume Mstress in "A Date with Judy." Intramural Captain. AUDREY BROWN "Buttercup" Kappa, Epsilon, Co-eds, Masquers, Varsity Cheerleader, Commercial Efficiency Club '45- f46, Photography Club, Asst. Costume Mistress in "A Date with Judy", Capt. of Patrol Sys- tem-'46, DOROTHY BROWN "Brownie" Intramural Sports, Country Club, C0-ed Club. JOYCE L. BROWN JKQIOH Phi Sigma, Epsilon, Commercial Efficiency Club, Photography Club, SHIRLEY BUSHIEY Epslon, Commercial Efficiency Club Photo- graphy Club, Junior Class Ring Com. A Page 14 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 I GRACE CRIPPEN "Gracie" Honor Student French Club. RODERICK H. DAVIS llnfoddyli Future Farmers of America, Fish Kc Game Club. CHARLOTTE L. DEGON "Char" Honor Student Epsilon, Pep Club, Co-eds V'ce-Pres. of Photo- graphy Club, Choir, Art Editor of Student, Jr. Ring Com., Badm'nton, Masquers, Ping Pong, Student Council, Track, Vice-Pres. of Sopho- more Class. ALDEN A. DE-LARM "Zeke" Epsilon, Country Club, Bachelors Club. . RICHARD CLARK -'Diew' Transferred from Brasher-Stockholm Huh CLARENCE COBB Epsilon, Home .Room Rep. to Student Council in Sr. Year. CATHERINE CON NORS "Katie" Honor Student Co-eds, Student Counc 1, Photography, ,Dra- matics, Intramural Council, Candidate for Queen in Jr. Year, Pres. of Phi Sigma, Ping Pong Chimp, Jr. Ring and Sr. Invitation Com., Pres. of Sr. 'Class Masquers, V108 Pres. of Jr. Class, Head Cheerleader Queen of Epsilon 1947, Treas. of Phi Sigma' '45-446, Pres. of S-ki Club. GERALD F COOK 16-Terry!! Vars'ty Club, Bachelols Club, Photography Club. THE STUDENT vEARBooK 1947 - page 15 L I CAMILLE FLEURY "Flash" Varsity Club, Epsilon, Country' -Club, Patlol System, B sketball, Football. NEIL FLEURY LlGVuS!Y Varsity Club, Epsilon, Country Club, Basket- ball. BARBARA FOOTE "Barb" Kappa, Varsity Cheerleider, Sec. of Co-eds. Intramural Basketball, Treas. of Commerc al Effic ency Club '45-'46, Volleyb ll, Track, Business Staff of Student- Adv. Editor of Year book. JAMES GARDINER 4lJiIn!Y Fo otball. LESLIE de VARNOA HLQSYY Honor Student Klppa, Vice-Pres. of Co-eds, Candidate for Queen, Pep Club, French Club, Epsilon, Photo- graphy Club Choir, Head Cheerleader of J. V., Badminton, Basketball, Track, Ping Pong, Ex- change Assembly, Art Ed. of Student. JOHN DOHERTY , "Jack ' Band, Football, Basketball, Ski Club, Patrol System. PATRICIA DUDLEY l4Pat!1 Chorus, Volleyball, Classics Club, French Club, Vice-Pres. of Phi Sigma, Exchange Assemblies. BERNADETTE FISH "Bernie" Co-eds, Country Club, Capt. of Manhattan, Crochet Club, Commercial Efficiency Club Volleyball. Page 16 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 v I P EDWARD H. HANNA HEdd.'eH Football, Choir, Patrol System, Baslietbill, Band, Ping Pong, Vars ty Club, Ski Club, Pho- tography Club Fish and Game Club. BETTY HERNE- UBetty!Y Dramatics Club. CLIFTON HYDE "Clifl' Masquers, Bachelors, Club, Tennis Club. JANET IRVING "Janut" Co-eds, Ski Club, Trcas. of Kappa, French Club, Pholography Club, Band and Chorus in Soph. year, Cheerleader, Student Board. EARL GERO "Kid" Band, Choir, Intramural Basketball, Bachel- ors' Club, Game Club, Treas. of Freshman Class. BEVERLY GIBBO l4Bev1l Humor Editor of Student, First Typist on Student Staff Phi Sigma, Epsilon, Home Room Rep. to' Student Council, Classics Club, Crochet Club. . L CORRINE GLEICH Crochet Club, Classics Club. LEONARD GOKEY ULenYI Basketball, Stage Guild, Country Club, Patrol System. i w l l l THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 Page 17 IRVING R. KENT .TWH Honor Student Country Cub, Epsilon, Soph. Home Room Pres. SHIRLEY LaBARGE ' 'Shirl' ' Basketball, Kappa, Png Pong, Photography Club, Student Council, Country Club, Lps1.011, Sr. Invitation Com, Pres. of Commercial Ef- ficiency Club. JOYCE LANGLOIS -KKJOII Epsilon, Vice-Pres. of Commercial Efficeney Club '46-'47. ELEANOR LHPRAD "Ellie" Epsilon, Classics Club Cheerleader. Jr. Year, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Pi-ng Pong Lhnmp '41, 'L.ack, Lapt. Rochester, Ass't re- porter of Country Club, Jr. Ring Corn., Sr. In- vit ton Com., Sec. of C0-eds '47, DORINTH JASMER 4aDODOJy Dramatic Club, Pres. of Kap-pa, Chorus, Sec. of Epsilon, Ski Club, Sec. of Masquers, Editor- in-Chief of Yearbook, Photography Club, Chair. of Summary Com., Pep Club, Jr. Rep. to Summary Com. '46 Cand date for Queen, Rep. to Student Council in Jr. Year, Second prize in Elks Speaking Contest in '45, Cast of "Our Hearts were Young and Gay", Exchange Assembly. NORMAN JEPPESEN Country Club, Clgssics Club. CLEMY LOU KELLEY "Clem" Cheerleader, Sec. of Kappa, Intramural Bas- ketball and Volleyball, V.ceYPres, of Senior Home Room, Sr, Invtation Com., Cast of "A Date with Judv", Co-eds Masquers, Ski Club, Dramatics Club. CARMEN KELLY A l Honor Student Co-eds, Reporter of Kappa, Jr. Ring Com., Masquers, Band Chorus, Jr.-Sr. Banquet and Prom Com., Epsilon, Classics Club, Intramural Volleyball and Softball. Page 18 .-.-.... -THE STUDENT vEARBooK 1947 DELLICE lN1aCLAREN 4aDel1l Co-eds, Student Counc 1, French Club, Epsilon, Rcportcr for 1-'hi Sigma, Jr.-Sr. Banquet ilnd Prom. Com., Pres. off Jr. Class, Intramural Volley ball, Basketball, All-girls basketball team, Sec. of Home Room Jr. year, Candidxte for Queen, Jr. Ring Com., Softball. DORRICE MacLnAREN "Scotty" Snlutatorian Candidate for Queen, Sec. of Freshmen Class, Asst. Literary Ed. of -Student, Sec. of Senior Class Co-eds, Epsilon, Pres. of Sr. Home Room, C' nt. of Broevn, Phi Sgma, Classics Club, Sr. Invitation Com., Sec. of Jr. Home Room. FREDRICK MacLAREN "Freddie" Football, Surnmarv Com., Intramural Base- ball, Pres. of Student Council, Vice-Pres. of Student Council '45-'46, Basketball, Pres, of Vars'ty Club, Jr. Ring Com., Volley ball. DONALD MAGEEAN OJDOHYY ISABEL LARCHE "Isle" Crochet Club. PAUL LARCHE Stage Guild, Masquers, Photography Club, Bachelor's Club. H. GERALD LaVOIE, Jr. l4JeI,I,y7! Ski Club, Photography Club, Classics Club. PAUL R. LOWE Ep-silon, Photography Club, Classics Club. THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947 Page 19 KATHERINE MCCABE "Katie" Intramural Basketball, Ping Pong, Country Club, Volley ball, Co-eds, Photography Club, Softball 'Commercial Effciency Club. JAMES ELLSWORTH MCDOWELL UI-Iappylf "Stage Guild, Drlmatics Club, Photography Club. LEAH MCGIBBON llLeell Country Club, Pres. and Sec. 8x Treas. of Home Economics Club. TRAVER MCMURPHY A iMac! 1 Varsity Club, French Club, Photography Club. DORIS MANSON 'iScotchie" Intramural Basketball, Co-eds, Photography Club, Volley bail, French Club, Ping Pong, Softball, Badminton. FREDERICK MATTESON "Freddie" Band, Epsilon, Literary Ed. of Student, Chorus, Intramural Basketball, Masquers, Dramatics Club, Vice-Pres. of Jr. Home Room, Jr.-Sr. Binquet Com., Bache1or's Club, All Northern New York State Chorus, Candidate for King, Jr. Ping Com. DONALD MATTIMORE "Don" Honor Student Football, Epsilon, Sr. Mgr. of Brown Varsity Club, Bachelor's Club, Country Club, Intra- mural Basketball, Classics Club, Track. ESTHER MCCABE "Essie" Home Economics Club, Intramural Basket- ball, Country Club. Page 20 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 J I CLARENCE NORCROSS "Junior" Fish and Game Club. FLOYD NOREAULT "S.nooky' ' Capt. of Football and Basketball, Pres. of Fish and Game Club, Track, Vice-Pres. of Varsity Club- INEZ PERRY HBugY! Fo-eds. 'Trick Basbetball, Volleyball, PTng Pong, Dramatics Club, Badminton Champ. DELILIAH PRUE "Liliah" Country Club- EDWARD MILLER "Eddie" Honor Student ,A Epsilon, Country Club, Track, Patrol System, Bachelors' Club, Sec.-Treas. of Classicss' Club Asst. Sport Ed. of Student. TOM MONAGHAN IATOHII! WILLIAM T. MOORE "Archie" Football, Tennis Club, Basketball, Track, Bachelors' Club. ROBERT NARROW HB0bH Vars'ty Club, Commerical Efficiency Club Epsilon, Camera Club, Football, Track, Pres. Jr. Class, 'Co-capt. Football '45. THE STUDENT YEARBO0K1947 Page 21 ANNE ROGERS French Club, Sec. of Phi Sigma, Jr. Varsity Cheerleader, Soph, class Rep. to Summary Com., Vice-Pres. of Photography Club, 4Student Board, Rep. to Student Council, Soph. Home Room Sec., Freshmen Home Room Vice-Pres. LOIS SHERWIN 'Commercial Efficiency Club, Country Club. ELEANOR SILVER 44E1eH Commercial Efficiency Club, Bus. Mgr. of Student, First Typist on Student. CAROLYN SKINNER Honor Student Kappa, Epsilon, Asst. Business Mgr. of the Student, Masquers Co-eds, Varsity Cheer- leader, Dramat cs Club, Cast of UA Date with Judy", 'Candidate for Queen, Commercial Ef- fic ency Club '45-'46. LYLE RAFTER DONALD A. REYNCLDS 4aDOn11 Sec. of Fish and Game Club, Football, Mgr. of Basketball, Vice-Pres. of Senior Class, Capt. of Track Team, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Com., Sec.- Treas. of Varsity Club, Photography Club, Choir, Intramural Basketball, Sr. Invitation Com., Jr. Ring Com, Ski Club. BEVERLY J. RHEAUME 4lBevlY Classics Club, Rep. to Student Council, Sec. of Sophomore Home Room, Pres. of Jr. Home Room, Cand'date for Pres. of Student Council, Sec. of Crochet Club, Exchange Ed. of Student FRED RICHARDS "Shrimp" Photography Club. Page 22 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 1 1? MARY L. TUPPER Choir, Classes Club, Ski Club, Cheerleader, Basketball, Badminton, Head Cheerleader for Jr. Varsity, Vice-Pres. of Kappa, Treas. of Co-eds. RONALD W. VANDIVIER Chess and 'Checkers Club, Classics Club. RONALD VITULLO "Vissie" Basketball, Varsity Club, Epsilon, Intramural Sports. ROBERT A. WALSH AABOb!! Valediciorian Epsilon, Classics Club. NANCY SPENCER lANan1! Honor Student Ski Club, Classics Club, Candidate for Queen, Kappa, Photography Club, Epsilon, Intramural Council, Co-eds, Varsity Cheerleader, Vice- Pres. of Masquers, Sec. of Sr. Home Room, Capt. of Columbia Ping Pong, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Jr.-Sr. Banquet Com., Cast of "Best Foot Forward", Band. RUTH SPINNER "Ruthie" Country Club, Epsilon, Photography Club, Sec. -Treas. of Home Economics Club. A ELIZABETH STONE "Betz" First Prize in Elks Speaking Contest, Varsity Cheerleader, Masquers, French Club, Pres. of Co-eds, Basketball, Volleyball, Baclm nton, Ping Pong, Photography Club Treas. of Ski Club, Kappa, 'Cast of "A Date with Judy" and "Our Hearts were Young and Gay". A. REED SUDDABY llsutll Fish and Game Club, Ski Club. THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 Page 23 x J OANN E YANDO DOROTHY WOOD "JO" ..DOt,, Elks Prize Speaking Contest, Dramatics Club, Pres. of Country Club. DOUGI+AlS YANDO LIDOug.!1 Tmnlf. Fish and Gafne Club, Intramural Bas- ketball. No Picture N0 Picture NORMAN M. DUMAS LEO LaVOIE "Nuck" Football, Basketbi ll. gg M44 suN Roo 97 Franklin County Teachers, High .. ' School Seniors to Be X-Rayed FA Choir Miss Connors, LOCHI SCh00l5 ,Will Sing Roger Carlin Wlll OPCH i Before Rotary Named Royal Selflembel' 3 A At Huntingdon Couple at Ball Fgloiiga ' EA Class Leaders Selectedg t I Elks Puhlif. --lass Honor Students Listed VII.. Lambel-ton Speaking FA Dlusicians Attending i Contest Draws Ready for State-Wide lJargeAudiem'e Xmas Concert t 'MEiting s , B Kbeqoef I1 A Students To Prani Choir P59 , tax g Compete for S J eSe-nt Q X5QX 469 Seienee Medal plmgc '50 ,sy GK g g y F,1irIaY,!U0nCert 96 Gino? E Student Cast Epgqil ay16 405 S 9 To Present GA T H OH is P bqy X90 - 9 as alitlf Y Yew .9 X Date with Judy Ifespo Ile , Xfgoxafg 5,649 i At FA Friday fllumhflsfi' from ef H , I eggs? 171.0 S- lil Ll f i get To gS5"'1 U F' l'l' A d Q0 'X DPI., 00600067 ian c in ea . 6559 cxsbwx . . eSf'f11,l0'f3oj T0E11ts1'tHiH 'Sci ,sit Sugar Bowl Eastel Issue Pda la, ,, , ig. of Student, J' Kiwanis Club 'Q To Cater to IS Un Sale FA Thespians Making Stage Debut High School de1T'1iZiTEfi'3fa5Imyf2ZC'ln 'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay StUdCIltS FA Track Season Opens May IO B .1i...........i......,.. CLASS OFFICERS NW f N KTM!!! , H IA xx mg Q Q WM If f ga I J H X T' ill ' i ix 1 S X , 'U-i f"" Page 26 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK T947 v 1 SOPHOMNORE CLASS OFFICERS, First Rowf-W Presidentfkan Frenette Second Row- Sec. 81 Treasf-Edward McCabe Vicc-PrcsidcntAHerbert Kriff w 1 JUNIOR CLAJSS OFFICERS First ROW- President-Janet Murphy Secretary-Dorothy Chauvin Second Row- Vice-P'res'dent-James Walsh Treasurer-Robert Whitman FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS First Row- Qa Treasurer-Donold Cooper Jecond Roww Secretary-Robert Robare Vice-President-Elwood Martin President-W.l1ia,m Shaw STUDENT GOVERNMENT , C: X QLYQQSVJ ,Mu I Q- K fx V Tn 3 A M! I' T N Y 5? .. , - D v x ,X ' , B .. ...,.....,..,.,....,.,,.... Page 28 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 an 1 - . Y, -. V f - , ' STUDENT COUNCIL ff if SUMMARY COMMITTEE AND PATROL SYSTEM Naunes on Page 53 14.5, 0 0 O B .. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES QI J Q II ,. Fc, BI .5 O Page 30 THE STUDENT YEARBO0K1947 7 , EPSILON First RowfJoyce Larnica, Anne Kropsky, Carol Trask, Beverly Beane, Patricia McCarthy, Jean Armstrong, Nancy Spencer, Carolyn Skinner, Dorinth J smer, Sec. 8: Treas., Jean Frenette, Marie Longshore, Betty Fleury, Doris Badore, Charlotte Degon, Jean Har- rfngton, Joanne Proulx, Ruth Spinner. Second RowfDonald Merrick, Catherine Connors, Dorr'ce MacLaren, Dellice MacLaren, Joyce Langlois, Noreen Callahan, Margaret Montgomery, Theresa Ayres, Jane Fre- nette, Carmn Kelly, Helen Bessette, Beverly Beyerl, Joanne Bonville, Audrey Brown, Jean Fish, Shirley Bushey, Mary Flynn, Joan Blanchard. Third Row--Leland Marlow, Forest Henry, Herb Kriff, Phyllis Hyde, Sylvia Stamas, Laura Jean Lcarned, Dorothy Chauvin, Rita Brand, Leslie deVarona, June Burke, Peggy Myers, Eleanore LaPrad, Barbara Smith, Ann Mageean, Beverly Gibbo, Barbara Mc- Dowell. Fourth Row-Norman Boyea, Robert Walsh. Roger Carlin, Pres., Pat Conto, Fay Peck, Calvdn Barcomb, Donald Mattimore, Ed. Miller, Jack Cunningham, Ed. Skowyra, Will- ian Shaw, Albert Mart'n, Robert Whitman. Fifth Row-Leland Martin, Clarence Cobb, Arthur Proulx, John Flynn, Robert Davis, Rob- ert Be'ne, Irving Kent, Fred Matteson, Paul Lowe, Robert Hoadley, John Connors David Rider, Vice-Pres., William Conroy. Faculty Avisors-M. Teresa Owens, Howard Burtis. Q THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 ....--.-. Page 31 ' HOME ECONOMICS CLUB K FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Names on Page 53 page 32 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 COMMERCIAL EFPTCIENCY CLUB W MASQUERS Names on Page 53 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947........-.,.1.,,. Page 33 KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA PHI SIGMA Names on Pages 53 and 54 P333 34 ,,,,,,,,,Y,THE STUDENT YEARBOCK 1947 VARSITY CO-ED CLUB Names on Pages 54 THE STUDENT YEARDOOK1917.........ill Page 35 w VARSITY CHEER LEADERS JUNIOR VARSITY CHEER LEADERS Names on Pages 54 Page 36 , THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947 FISH AND GAME CLUB 4 SKI CLUB Names on Pages 54 and 55 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947,.,.,..-,l-,,T. Page 37 COUNTRY CLUB CLASSICS CLUB Names on Page 55 Page 38 ?...-..l.iTHE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 N CROCHET CLUB I BACHELORS' CLUB Names on Page 55 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947.Wl Page SCIENCE CLUB .f w FRENCH CLUB Ifames on Pages 55 and 56 Page 40 ,,,.--..... THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 "A DATE WITH JUDY' Curtain Time If ...,:-f-..-W -.. ..,., ., qw .,.. , . V- .7 I 7 ,,,f ' OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY Cast Names on Page CG , .. ,, ..., , ' Z aw ,L THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947 Page 41 '-OUR HEARTS WERE VOUNG AND GAY' Dress Rehearsal-Scene I SeetedfPat Kelly, Phyllis I-Ivde, Dorinth Jasmer, Betsv Stone. Standing-Phillip Plummer, Donald Lamitie, William Plumb, Richard Earle, James Mc- Dowell, Nancy Hale. ' ' T f x "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY" Scene II Do1"nth Jaszner, Betsy Stone, Roger Carlin. Page 42 ,hi-,.. THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 w 1 BAND CHOIR Names on Page 56 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 ..-..,.....l.-......,. Page 43 THE ANNUAL SPRING CONCERT OF 1947 PROGRAM Kornm Susser Tod ........................ ,-..,-,,,,--- q,-,,,-,- ---,----- ----'-- B 3 C h Overture to "William Tell" Hungarian Dance No. 5 -- ---------------------------------------------------- Rossini -----------------------------------------------------.. Brahms Cornet Duet-"The Two IInps" .......................,.. - .-.-.,,,---- ---------- A lford Wilbur Raville - Richard Donohoe N Franklin Academy Band Old Man River .......-.....-.. -..---..---- .............. .......-,..- ,-,-,--.-- F - Ke r n Joseph Daigneault Sigiliana from Cavalieria Rusticana .......... ........ .....-,,, , ,,--, ------- - M 3 scagni Donald Bessette-French Horn Wilbur Raville-Accompianist Incline Th'I1e Eli' ---------- -------- ---------- - --------------- -.-..... - - A rkhangelsky America My Own ...... -.---------- - --- ---- ---...-............ ........ ....-.., , - C gin Listen to the Lambs .-.. --------------..-----...-.-.....-- ............. ...... ..-,, D B L Q Franklin Academy Choir Miss Betty Nokesv-Accornpanist Begin the Beguine ...-------- ----------- -------------- -----------.---... ..... - - P 0 rter Officer of the Day .------------- --------------- - ------------------. ...--. - R . B. Hall On the Square ....-.... .........----..-- ---------------- - ....--...... ...... P a n ella Franklin Academy Band Battle Hymn Republic ................ ----..---. -..---..---.-....-.... a r r. by Waring Franklin Academy Choir Mrs. Archie Hyde - Miss Betty Nokes Accompanists Star Spangled Banner Page 4-1 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 V l l w J - 5 PHOTOGRAPH Y CLUB First Row-Paul Lowe, Kenneth Brefka, Treas., Ken. Murtagh, Treas., Doris Manson, Sec., Charlotte Degon, Vice-Pres., Joan Blanchard, Pres., Paul Larche, Pres., Herbert Cargill Vice-Pres., Leland Martin. Second Row-Charles McDonald, Muriel Marlowe, Anne Kropsky, Betty Hosson, Janet Van- divier, Jean Robinson, Florence Debyah, Barbara Delarm, Alida Heckler, Grace Parr. Third Row-Phyllis Hyde, Catherine Connors, Genevieve Bell, Jean Tower, Alice Austin, Erma Brockway, Margaret Dupra, Joan LeDuc, Janet Murphy, Ann Rogers. Fourth Row-Leslie deVarona, Betsy Stone, Lorraine Morgan, June Ledger, Laura Learned Sally Leonard, Sylvia Stamas, Rita Brand, Barbara Smith, Margaret Ottman. Fifth Row-Leonard Baldwin, James Palmer, Miller Clark, Fred Richards, Gerald Cook, Floyd Tarbell, James Yando, Warren Brand. Absent-Margaret LeDuc, Sec., G. Tarbell, Faculty Advisor. :oil-10101010101 sioioioioioioioiavil oioi To Mr. Tarbell and his staff of Photographers, we would like to voice our deep appre- ciation for a job "well done." 391--goiuinioi v3.1-rgoilvifwgvilvilrillgglvicvilwxswil oiogoioioibioioq THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 ..i..ll...i,.m Page 45 'E- Page 46 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 H9 5 5 x , x-1 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First Row-Dick Kelly, David Rider, Bill Gallivan, Jack Bowles, Bob Whitman, Floyd Nor- eault, Capt., Joe Daigneault, James Walsh, Ken Murtagh, Don Reynolds. Second Row-Clrl Stowell, Asst. Coach, Curtis Barrett, Manager, Fred MacLaren, Edward Clark, Bill Shaw, John Connors, Don Mattimore, Ken Robare, Eddie Rule, Ernie Routh, Harold White, Gary Machaby, Eddie Hanna, Calvin Barcomb, F, Wright Johnson, Coach. Third Row-Bob Narrow, Asst. Coach, Bill Conroy, Robert Brooks, Eddie Skowyra, Bill Toner, A1 Towle Lionel Gagnon, Don Anderson, Bill McKee, Pat Traynor, Leland Bass- ett, Wallace Traynor, Ken Pulsifer, Elwood Martin, Pat Clark, Charles McDonald. Fourth Row-Mark Hooper, 'Wilbur Raville, Eddie Premo, Gerald Raville, Albert Martin, Louis Panunzio, Gerald Cook, Phil Plummer, Howard Kelley, Clarence Yando, George Munn, Paul Earle, James Matthews, Bob Davis, John Doherty. THE STUDENT vEAmaooK 1947 ...-.r-,-.-,Q page 47 ' if VARSITY BASKETBALL First RoWfJames Walsh, David Rider, Floyd Noreault, Capt., Fred MacLaren, Robert Johnson, F. Wright Johnson, Coach, Second Row-Don Reynolds, Mgr., Ronald Vitullo, Edward Hanna, John Connors, Vernon Brooks, Camille Fleury, Wallace Traynor, Mgr. 1 l JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row-Robert Whitman, Herbert Cargill, Herbert Kriff, Gerald Riendeau, Albert Mara tin, John Dumont, Carl Stowell, Coach. Second RoW4Patrick Traynor, Mgr., Edward Rule, Donald Anderson, R'chard Donohoe, Wilbur Raville, Leland Bassette, Jack Cu nningham, Norman Boyea, John Flynn, Mgr. Page 48 THE STUDENT YEARBO0K1947V 1 TRACK TEAR! First Row-Kenneth Murtagh, Paul Bassiliere, Wilbur Raville, Joseph Daigneault, Ed. Premo, John Arquiette, Ed. Rule. Second Row-Carl Stowell, Asst. Coach, Robert Whitman, William Conroy, Fred Macmren, David Rider, Don Reynolds, Capt., James Vvalsh, Donald Mattimore, Traver McMurphy, F. VVright Johnson, Coach. ' Third Row-Pal Clark, Mgr., Jack Cunningham, Louis Panunzio, Bill Shaw, Ed. Miller, Ernest Routh, Howard Kelley, Robert Robare, Gerald Raville, Gerald Cook, Harold Svhite, Mgr, Fourth Row-Ken Brefka, Herbert Kriff, Donald Coburn, John Shaw, Leland Bassett, A1- bert Martin, Robert Walsh, Robert Delarm, Douglas Yando, Dick Donohoe, Mgr., Breck Chapin. Mgr. PEEPING TOM 1, N 5 K r f KX wah f x jfu W E if fa My Y 1? XR R 6QSE,13HLL. 'YZWAY f?7n-4--"4-- VJ. KN-In xc W "Tii.... Xxx 'QMAM MA l Page 50 , iYl.hiTHE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947, fi 71 x Y . X X X W A-1, .AIJ-Q.. if 1 Mdbgucfgfe. Rcynolig S2 QIASS OFIAVIZ Qt"QYfxYY1QPSQi104 3M Dor'u'vwH'1 Tlsmc-V' 41 Lashi diyckiforws. 5 Vlifivl OP 'Pl"N1k'4ivx ACAJQMY Doa-0'U11Cl-sd,uVt'n , 7. o.c:.dw, ,q,4w.R'QWfdS, g, Qi+s,,., C,.,g,.0..S 42' 3-M CumighM A.1:fvrTAkgB,L.LeArne.J,H .Hua-fn., gh . K ' Egg M6 Hits S9149 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947 Page 51 SNAP SHOTS VFGo,57alQVHY4eV,:5"Qid,,kVNVSFEhze,: V m:5.ICr'+merwn, A,iowfe.,E.,Gex1Q, MVK! -KN . E.0'Cu,HvV,,fy- , .QVJV IPVQMS, f5,.fQa5ev5 V ' Ciffdeg, D.0vmQS, R.HurTog-gq ' 4, D, ijidssiife. Qffifss Sawyer' CS. jiBxAfllffQf'16f'Tl, 7' Ki5iwamis,f5'YfrClT1fyA',57. Emgfgohqi V V 1 ' A . V ' ' 05' owner ' QASVQMWQS, f.SrA7' , 3'1BLaLgc,L,3v-J 5 lc. Duc. 10. I 'fV'vv!h5" O. Ka.-smug-J C . fav-.5111 .1 T, , T V VT V 5 in-Ka?,,b.'Pb.yV,.Awv4.+4f'41. , . V 'T T A mf B. 3+.m..T w. D.1'!415-2-vw,Cg,KQ4'y,0.r1nf.Lw.,m '4-R-SPW-" '5?fD"5f""1""'2f3"5"f5f V 10, L, avawnm V . Vi I W E STUDENT YEARBOOK1947 K.-+.--1.1 Q ,Y - , Q9 'Vs Q9 .22 'fV, 'A I I Dm-mil, Tamer 2, 3'.Blahc5mv-J,E.3esse.T1'eJ K.6H-FRA 3 IESMN-Flvhh K, 4. Si-ul-lu,L2rBf1V'C4SJQ',Len5icr-gug, 5-.3EAhH'5Y ' BQ4H'1us-m 1-Koala DQllmeQ+eu- 2.5-tmmlii XIJAJSH 7. Q.onr-Q1 lo Tk QUE lngoh EDGWSQYS Q Howard Kd., r THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947 page 53 STUDENT COUNCIL First Row-John Connors, Secretary, Fred MacLaren, President, Joan Blanchard Treas. urer, David Rider, Vice-President, Catherine Connors, Janet Murphy. , Second Rowglseverly Gibbo, Margaret Child, Alice Murtagh, Nancy Perry, Jean Harring- ton, Beverly Rheaume, Lillian Stowell, Faculty Advisor. Third Row-Gladys Stamas, Barbara McDowell, Mary Jane Dixon, Dellice MacLaren Dor- inth Jasmer, Beverly Beyerl. , Fourth Row-Bill Shaw, Robert Whitman, Clarence Cobb, Robert Hoadley, Donald Lamitie, Robert Willett. Marion Daly, Faculty Advisor. SUMMARY COMMITTEE AND PATROL SYSTEM First Row--Fred MacLaren, Pres. Student Council, Kenneth Murtagh, Jr. Class Rep, Dor- inth Jasmer, Chairman Sum. Com, Patricia Ornstedt, Capt. Patrol System, John Flynn, Lieut, Eddie McCabe, Sgt, Ed. Premo, Sgt. Second Row-Jean Lavarnway, Joyce Bofyea, Corp., Betty Hosson, Corp., Marie Lamitie, Kathleen Slfford, Theresa Duquette, Robert Brooks. Third Row-Robert Rob.deau, Norman Robare, Frances Dunphy, Kermit Langdon, Fay Peck, Clarence McMurphy, Gertrude Sawyer, Faculty Advisor. Fourth Row-Yvonne Yando, Muriel Perry, Beatrice Foster, Laura McMurphy. -Ed. Skowyra, Soph. Rep. Sum. Com., Gerald Tarbell, Faculty Advisor. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Roy-Florence Debyah, Joan Langdon, Elsa Avery, Jean Robinson, 'Shirley Legacy, Marion McKinney. Second Row-.June Thayer, Victoria Martin, Pres., Bernice Dumas, Elizabeth Trudell, Marjorie Orkins, Nettie Chapman, Leah McGibbon. Third Row-Ruth Spinner, Sec. 8z Treas., Erma Brockway, Miss Stowell, Faculty Advisor, Mertice Ferrice, Geraldine Dumas, Sally Leonard. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Rowe-Donald Moore, Francis Dougherty, Gerald Langdon, Richard Earle, Leland Mar- low, Waiter Sp.nner, Pickering. Second Row-John Southworth, John Pulsiter, Stanley Johnson, Donald Dumas, Leon Fleury, Howard Fountain, Paul Matthews. Third Row-Oscar King, Edward McCabe, Vice-Pres., Kenneth Pulsifer, Donald Langlois, Jack Fairchild, Warren Brand, Treas., Alex Landry. Fourth Row-Floyd Tarbell, Pres., Pat Traynor, Gerald Riendeau, Sec., Andrew Barney, Donald Barney. Norman King, Chester Curtis, Faculty Advisor. COMMERCIAL EFFICIENCY CLUB First Row-Jean Fish, Rec. Sec., Shirley LaBarge, Pres., Shirley Bushey, Treas., Kathe- rine McCabe, Cor. lSec., Joyce Langlois, Vice-Pres., Lois Sherwin. 'Second Row-Theresa Duquette, Mary Flynn, Leola Barney, Eleanor Silver, Gloria LaMon- die, Ethel Garrand. Third Row-Helen LePrad, Bernadette Fish, Norma Perham, Phyllis Levarn, Althea Par- napy, Dorothy Allen. Geraldine Sennett, Faculty Advisor. MASQUERS First Row-Mertice Ferris, Nancy Spencer, Vice-Pres., Carolyn Skinner, Shirley Sancomb, Catherine Connors, Clemy Lou Kelley, Margaret Montgomery. Second Row-Carmen Kelly, Jane Frenette, Joan Clark, Dor.nth Jasmer, Sec., Audrey Brown, Betsy Stonr, Judy Hyde. Th'rd Row-Roger Carlin, Pres., Bill Plumb, Robert Davis, Treas., Paul Larche, David Rider, Executive Member, Clifton Hyde, Richard Earle, Fred Matteson, Kenneth Murtagh. Ruth Webster, Faculty Advisor. KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA First Row-Leslie deVarona, Mary Tupper, Cgrm-en Kelly, Dorinth Jasmer, Pres., Clemy Lo.1 Killey, Sec., Janet Irving, Treas., Margaret LeDuc, Janet Murphy. Second Row-Lorraine Morgan, Nancy Spencer, Betsy lStone, Audrey Brown, Carolyn Skinner, Joan Clark, Helen Bessette. Third Row-Barbara McDowell, Joyce Holcomb, Shirley LaBarge, Joan LeDuc, Myrtle Boadway, Barbara Foote, Dorothy Chauvin. Katheryn Curt n, F: culty Advisor. Page 54 HE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 PHI SIGMA First Row-Joan Delametter, Beverly Beane, Dellico MacLaren, Catherine Connors, Pres., Ann Rogers, Sec., Putrica Dudley, V-ce-Pres., Joan Blanchard, Treas., Beverly Gibbo. Second RowAShirley Brooks, Elaine Gray, Priscilla Van Horn, Doris Badore, Ruth Hun- gerford, Carolyn Graves, June Willis, Shirley Pond. Third Row-Patricia Kelly, Nancy Clark, Marguerite Reynolds, R'ta Burns, Dorrice Mac- Laren, Nola Wylie, Beverly Beyerl. M. Teresa Owens, Faculty advisor. VARSITY CLUB First Row-John Pulsifer, Robert Johnson, James Walsh, Floyd Noreault, Vice-Pres., Ca- m.1le Fleury, Herbert Kriff, Robert Dunn, Joseph Daigneault, Second Row-Traver McMurphy, Ronald Vitullo, Albert Martin, Fred MacLaren, Pres., John Cameron, John Dumont, Curtis Barrett, William Conroy, Herbert Cargill. Third Row-John Flynn, Robert Whitman, Ed. Hanna, Gerald Cook, John Connors, Gerald Riendeau, Don Reynolds, Sec. 8: Treas., Bill McKee. Fourth Row-Donald Mattimore, Wilbur Rav lle, Earl Gero, David Rider, Pat Traynor, James Blanchard, Vern Brooks, Wallace Traynor, F. Wright Johnson, Faculty Advisor. O0-ED CLUB First Row-Mary Tupper, Treas., Eleanor LaPrad, Shirley Brooks, Joan Blanchard, Patricia Kelly, Betsy Stone, Pres., Dorrice MacL-aren, Jantt Irving, Audrey Brown, Joan Clark, Nancy Spencer. Second Row+Carolyn Skinner, Beverly Beyerl, Elaine Gray, Nola Wylie, Alice Murtagh, Pauline Rogers, Mary Jane Dixon, Catherine Connors, Dellice MacLaren, Carmen Kelly, Barbara Foote, Sec. Third Row--Jean Frenette, June Ledger, Janet Murphy, Charlotte Degon, Betty Hosson, Sylvil Stamas, Patricia McCarthy, Joanne Bonv.1le, Katherine McCabe Joanne Shep- herd. ' Fourth Row- -Dorothy Chauvin, Laura McMurphy, Bernadette Fish, Sally Hosson, Rita Burns, Pat Ornstedt, Ann Rogers, Helen Bessette. Gladys Stamas, Betty LeBarge, Fifth Rowe--Jine Frenette, Vicki Martin, Helen Brand, Jean Lavarnway, June Lavarnway, Doris Manson, Joyce Holcomb, Helen Hardman, Clemy Lou Kelley. Leslie deVarona, Vice-Pres., Helen S eaman, Faculty Advisor. VARSITY CHEER LEADERS First Row-Joan Blanchard, Nancy Spencr, Catherine Connors, Head Cheerleader, Joan Clark, Head Cheerleader, Beverly Beyc rl, Carolyn Skinner. Second RowgDorothy Chauvin, Shirley Lamitie, Pauline Rogers, Barbara Butler, Shirley Sancomb, B rbara lfootr, Audrey Brown. Th'rd Row-Clemy Lou Kelley, Betsy Stone. Helen Bessette. Helen Seaman, Faculty Advisor. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEER LEADERS First Row-Beverly Beane, Pat Kelly, Mary Tupper - Head Cheerleader, Leslie deVarona - Head Cheerleader, Doi is B dor., Nancy elark. Second Row-Janet Irving, Mary Jane Dixon, Laura Learned, Marguerite Reynolds, Sally Hosson, Th'rd RowfRita Burns, Anne Rogers, Jean Frrnette, Dellice MacLaren. Helen Seaman, Faculty Advisor. FISH and GAME CLUB First RowsNorman Robare, Dan Rivers, Pat Clark, Robert Johnson, Floyd Noreault, Pres. Edward Hanna, John McCarthy, Don Reynolds, Sec., John Cunningham. Second Row-Don ld Rollr y, James Sprague, Calvin Barromb. Jack Arquiette, Treas., Rich ard Earle, Clarence Norcross, Leon Fleury, Richard Yando. Third Row-Louis Panunz o James Yando, Pau: nj -1-le, Leland B ssett, Paul Basiliere, Don- ald Anderson, Wallace Traynor, Douglas Yando. Fourth RowfMark Hooper, John Pulsifer, Reed Suddaby, Kenneth Pulsifer, Carlton Cook, Robert Willett, Donald E. Stone, Curtis Barrett. Fifth Row-Robert -Sansone, John Reynolds. Cal Hask'ns, Earl Stacy, James Disotzlle, Robert Cox, Glenford Stone, Pete Gardiner, Vice-Pres. Sixth Row-Vernon Rowley, Morris Smith, Leland VVebb, Robert Barney, William Maloney. Norman Gfrvais. F. W. Schnitzle n, Faculty Advisor. - THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947 Page 55 SKI CLUB First Row-James Blanchard, John Connors, Catherine Connors, Pres., Joseph Daigneault, Vice-Pres., Betsy Stone, Sec. 81 Treas., Jane Frenette. Second Row-Robert Brooks, Jean Frenette, June Lavarnway, Joan Blanchard, Margaret LeDuc, Joanne Bonville, Marie Longshore. Third Row-Bill Plumb, Grace Cantwell, Janet Irving, Nancy Spencer, Clerny Lou Kelley, Nancy Hale, Phyllis Ellis. Fourth Row-William Shaw, William Conroy, Jack Cunningham, Don Reynolds, Phyllis Hyde, Gladys Stamas. Advisor-Mr. Stowell. OOUNTRY CLUB First Row-Joanne Yando, Pres., Florence Debyah, Kathleen Safford, Carol Drury, Gladys, Rowe, Rita Burns, Bernice Dumas, Bernadette Lersarge, Ruth Fleury, Geraldine Dumas, Ruth Spinner. Second Row-Jean Lavarnway, Noreen Callahan, Elaine Avery, Billie Vitucci, Joanne Prou- lx, Helen Lax-rad, Peggy Myers, Jean Co1l.ns, Helen Plumb, Louise Berry. Third RowfJune Lavarnway, Leola Barney, Carolyn Robinson, Elsa Avery, Rita Brand, Laura McMurphy, Alice Austin, Betty Prue, Shirley LeBarge, Katherine McCabe. Fourth RowARicnard Earle, Vice-Pres., .Joseph St. Dennis, John Flynn, Corol Reid, Shir- ley Bombard, Jean Tower, Frances Dunphy, June Willis, Shirley Pond, Joyce Rafter. Fifth Row-Gerald Langdon, Oscar King, Leland Marlow, Calvin Barcomb, Jack Arquiette, Don Mattimore, Mark Hooper, Paul Earle, Norman Boyea, Sec., Andrew Barney, Clarence McMurphy, Absent-Warren Brand, Treas., F. Wright Johnson, Faculty Advisor. CLASSICS CLUB First Row-Carmen Kelly, Eleanor LaPrad, Nancy Spencer, Pres., Martha Robinson, Facutly Adv.sor, Mary Tupper, Dorrice MacLaren. Second Row-Pauline Rogers, Beverly Gibbo, Beverly Rheaume, Frances Dunphy, Phyllis Ell.s. Third Row-Ed. Miller, Sec. 81 Treas., Robert Walsh, Norman Jeppesen, Paul Lowe. CROCHET CLUB First Row-Ruth Fairchild, Eunice Clark, Irene Larche, Elaine Avery, Margaret LeDuc, Jane Frtnette, Loretta Garrand, Pres., Betty Avery, Carol Maloney, Helen LaPrad. Second Row-Corrine Gleich, Edna LaPlante, 'i'reas., Shirley Prue, Phyllis King, Isabel Larche, Beverly Rhtaume, Beverly Gibbo, Carol Drury, Phyllis Levarn. Third RowfDeliliah Prue, Mai-jor.e Orkins, Noreen Callahan, AnneM ageean, Olga Harwood, Margaret Montgomery, Joyce Lamica, Peggy Meyer, Jean Harrington, Vice-Pres., .lu- lia bissonette. Fourth Row-Althea Parnapy, Beatrice Premo, Shirley Bombard, Carol Reid, Norma Per- ham, Jean Collins, Beverly Deuel, Geraldine Dumas, Joanne Proulx. Fifth Row-Evelyn Alice Hutchins, Cecelia Arnord, Lillian LeCroix, Laura McMurphy, Shir- ley Lunan, Shirley Robinson. -Ruth Dain, lfaculty Advisor. BACHELORS' CLUB First Row-John Reynolds, Vlce-Pres., William Conroy, Sec. Kz Treas.- Fred Matteson, Pres., Leonard Baldwin, Walter Spinner, John Pelliccione. Second Row-Clifton Hyde, Ernest Routh, Edward Miller, Louis Panunzio, Alden Delarm, Lel.nd Martin, Lilian Stowell, Faculty AdViS9I'. Third Row-Don Bessette, Vernon Brooks, Earl Gero, Edward Bessette, Robert Chamber- lain, Paul Larche. SCIENCE CLUB First RowfKenneth Gibbs, Garth Callahan, Dan Rivers, Lee Wemette, Don Cooper, Vice- Pres., Bernadette LaBargc, Ruth Fleury, Juanita Marshall, Dck Bonker. Second Row-Edna LaP1ante, Charlotte Dennis, Ruth Rich, Joanne Shepherd, Barbara Smith, Shirley LaBrake, Julia Batcheldeder, Jean Perry,, Jean Tower, Third Row4Vtlda Benware, Carolyn Sawyer, Helene Brooks, Margaret Childs, Treas., Don Coburn, Arthur Proulx, Harry Matteson, Donald Lamitie, Pres. ' Fourth Row-Earl Stacy, James LaCoss, Sec., Howard Kelley, Pat Clark, Clinton Langlols, Bob Davis, Bill Plumb, Phil Plummer. -Marian Daly, Faculty Advisor. Page lm..m.'rHE sruoenr YEARBOOK1947 FRENCH CLUB First RowAJanet Irving, Ethel Cushman, Doris Manson, Noreen Cillahan, Joanne Pr0LllX, Frances Watson, Carolyn Graves, Patricia Dudley, Laura MeMurphy, Ann Rogers. Second Rowe-Leslie devarona, Elaine Gray, Txeas., Ann Mageean, Lillian LaCroix, Bftsy Stone, Laura Jean Le-rned, Betty Fleury, Eila Sortti, Helen Bessette, M. Teresa OW, ns. Faculty Advisor. Third Row-Pat Conto, Traver Mcltiurphy, Ja sk Cunningham, Maurice Dufort, Robert Whit- man, Pres., Richard Donohoe, Herbert Kr.ff, Vice-Pres., Dellice MacLaren, Grace Cr.p- pen. Fourth Row-Albert Martin, Robert Johnson, Robert Brooks, Clarence McMurphy, James Premo, Ed. Premo, Robert Dunn, Wilbur Raville, Sec. "A DATE VYITH JUDY" Mertice Ferris, Mrs. Hotchkiss, the laundry wooman, Catherine Connors, Mrs. Foster, Judy's mother, Carolyn Skinner, Barbara Winsocket, Judy's friend, Nancy Hale, Eloise, Mrs. Hotchkiss' daughter who elocutesg Joyce Gadoua, Susie, Rex's kid-sister, Clemy Lou Kelley, Mitzi Hoffmann, Judy's friend, Rchard Earle, Randolph, Judy's kid brother. Standing-Patricia Condon, Mrs. Shlutzhammer of the P. T. A., Margaret Montgomery, Hannah, the maid, Betsy Stone, Judy Fos-er, a teen age Miss, Fred Matteson, Oogie Pringle, Judy's boyfriend, Roger Carlin. Mr. Martindale, a theatrical producer, William Plumb, Rex Meredith, O'Connor, a new boy in town, Ken Murtagh, Mr. Foster, Judy's father. Dkector-Ruth Webster. "OUR HEARTS YVERE YOUNG AND GAY" First Row-Phyllis Hyde, Harriet St. John, Dorinth Jasmer, Emily Kimbrough, Catherne Connors, Mrs. Skinner, Robert Davis, Insp:ctor Sz Window Cleaner, Nancy Hale, Stew- ardess, June Ledger, Madame Elise, Janet Irving, Therese. Second Row-William Plumb, Leo McEvoy, Patricia Kelly, Winifred Blaugh, Richard Earl, Dlck W.nters, Betsy Stone, Cornelia Otis Skinner, James McDowell, Steward, Donald Lamtie, Admiral, Roger Carlin, Monsieur De LaCroix, Philip Plummer, Purser. Director-Ruth Webster. BAND First Row-Dorothy Chauvin, Patricia Kelly, Jack Cunningham, Herbert Carg'11, Carmen Kelly, Janet Murphy, Phyllis Hyde, Nancy H.:le, Tony Muller, Richard Kelley. Second Row-Robert Davis, James Palmer, Patrick Conto, Jean Armstrong, Theresa Ayers, Wilbur Raville, Richard Donohoe, Edward Bessette, Jack Doherty, Harold Giro. Third Row-Barbara McDowell, Rita Brand, Donald Bessette, Shirley Sancomb, Noreen Callahan, Shirley Brooks, Jean Frenette. Fourth Row-Norman Chambcrlain, Vernon Brooks, Frederick Matteson, Joyce Holcomb, Anne Keefe, Ph.llip Plummer. Fifth Row-Jane Frenette, Roderick Pelkey, Edward Hanna, C. Richard Rhoades, Instruc- tor, Joan LeDuc, Laura Jean Lelrned, Elaine Gray. CHOIR First Row-C. Richard Rhoades, Instructor, Carmen Kelly, Carolyn Graves, Beverly Beane, Pauline Rogers, Shirley SfIlCOII1b, Barbara Butler, Joan Delametter, Cai-01 Trask, Janet Murphy, Joan LeDuc, Marie Longshore, Laura Jean Learned. Second Row-Joyce Holcomb, Judith Hyde, Barbara McDowcll, Noreen Callahan, Jean Fre- nette, Betty Nokes, Accompanist, Elaine Gray, Marguerite Reynolds, Patricia Kelly, Dorothy Chauvin, Mary Tupper, Leslie devamna, Third Row-VVilbur Raville, Robert Dunn, Duiald Reynolds, Donald Bessette Edward Han- na, Frederick Matteson, Phillip Plummer. Fourth Rowalioderick Pelkey, Fay Peck, Joseph Daigneault, Patrick Conto, Wjlliam plumb Heroert Cargill, Harold Gero, Richard Brooks. ' Absent-Earl Gero, Patricia Dudley. .....,..i SU A oo 1947..i-..........,... Pg 57 ADVERTISING 1"-' Page 58 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 Compliments of STAR RESTAURANT The best place in town to eat We make our own ice cream Owned and operated by JOHN BONNER and SONS MARION,S RESTAURA Home Cooked Meals Compliments of FRANK'S IGA Where shopping is a pleasure and Parking is no problem NT CHOPS SPAGHETTI SEA FOOD Pastries Short Orders MEALS LUNCHES 86 E. Main Phone 781 Compljments of HINMAN BROTHERS Tel. 7-F-31 Bangor, N. Y. Compliments of DELARM,S GENERAL MERCHAND Phone 12 F 23 ISE THE MALONE DAIRY QUALITY JERSEY MIL-K AND CREAM Chocolate Drink and Butter Milk Phone 655 SEE SMALLEY IIE PRINTS 179 E. Main St. Phone 1005 .THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 Page 59 CENTRAL CITY BUSINESS INSTITUTE The Only Business School in Central New York approved by the State Department of Education Fall Term begins September 2, 1947 Occupying entire fifth floor Empire Theatre Bldg. 472 South Salina Street Syracuse, N. Y. William J. Veigel, Director 1076 JOBS FOR YOU 1076 calls to the ABC Placement Bureau during 1946 from business and government offices. Grad- uates available for only a third of these important opportunities. Demand Continues high. DECIDE QUICKLY Qigiil. 1947 enrollment quotas are filling rapidly. Last year, many late applicants were disappointed. Ask today for "Your Future", the new ABC bulletin of courses. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE 130 Washington Avenue Albany 6, New York Registered by the State of New York Approved for Veterans BASTIAN BROTHER CO- Rochester, N. Y. Designers and Producers of Exclusive and original High School, College Jewelry, Commencement An- nouncements, Name Cards Mr. James L. Mason, District Manager 90 Rock Island St. Governeur, N. Y. Established 1917 Thousands of girls are needed in business and government off ces NOW. The Salaries are high and the opportunties for advancement are unlimited. The quickest way to prepare for one of these good posilions is to take a business course at MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS 227-229 Quail St. Albany 3, N. Y. Phone 5-4436 REGISTER NOW Summer session begins July 7 Fall session begins September 3 Page 60 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 Compliments of TRU - STITCH MOC' CORP' Malone, New York Compliments of A- S- HARDY CO- Compliments of Compliments of HECTOR J- BUELL AMERICAN CLEAN ERS Insurance Agfncy 34 Catherine St. Phone 71-J 39 E. Main St. Mllone, N. Y Phone 418-W Compliments of A FRI EN D WILLIAM A- EM PSALL at CO- Ma1one's Department Store QUALITY MERCHANDISE Reasonably Priced Compliments of HYDE DRUG COMPANY Phone 130 8 Amsden S HARVEY E. BELL Locksmith and Gunsmith Keys made while you wa't t. Malone, N, Y, Compliments of DELISLE BROS. Compliments of SALLY'S FROCKS THE STUDENT YEARBOOK194-7 .. .. Page 61 BOYEA MOTOR SALES Dealer in Kaiser 8a Fraiser Cars Farm Equipment 356 E. Main St. Tel. 1083-W 267 E. Ma Compliments of I BARTON'S IGA Super Market Wh-ere Shopping is a Pleasure in St. Phone 225 ASHLAW MOTOR SALES Hudson Sales Sz Service Phone 1036 Homestead Park Compliments of KALLEN'S FURS Compliments of GONYEA,S GREENHOUSE 27 Fourth St. Phone 825 Malone, N. Y. Dance Corsages Our Spicialty Complimcnts of BURNS' JEVVELRY STORE Compliments of LARRY'S BICYCLE SHOP Best Wishes from BEAUTY OOUNSELORS "Sensible skin care and cosmetics" Jan. L. Dixon 25 Frederick St. Phone 1039-J For Up-to-Date Good Place to Eat ALL HOME COOKED FOOD at LADIES APPAREL JESSlE'S DINING ROOM Vis't THE VOGUE SHOP 15 E. Main St. Malone, N. Y. y Complimcnts of JEDWS SUGAR BOWL Complimcnts of BENWARE'S IGA Grocery Store Tel. 226 Complimcnts of THE FRANKLIN GARAGE Compliments of A. H. FOUNTAIN IGA STORE Owls Head, N. Y. Page 62 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 , Compliments of ROBIDEAUIS STUDIO Compliments of GLAZIER PACKING CO'a INC' Manufacturers of TASTY A T - BRAND PURE MEAT PRODUCTS Phone 30 Malone, N. Y. PEARL,S DEPT' sToREs, INC' CLOTHES for EVERY IVIEMBER of the FAMILY NORTHERN HARDWARE CO' 98 Sz 100 East Main St. Malone, New York SPORTING GOODS, PHILCO RADIOS SHERWIN WILLIAMS and BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS and VARNISHES GENERAL ICE CREAM CORPORATION Sealtest Ice Cream and Frozen Foods Phones 332-333 Compliments of BERNIE OONNORS Compliments of I. D. KRIFF 25 West Main St. Compliments of SOLOMON 'S Junction Market General Merchandise RALPH J. MacLAREN We specialize in women's half size dresses 18 Short Avenue Prop. Malone N. Y , H THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 ..l.? .. Page 63 clironclack Transit Lines, Inc. DIRECT 'ro TIMES SQUARE, NEW YORK CITY MALONE TERIVIINAL NEW YORK CITY TERMINAL TRAILWAYS BUS DEPOT DIXIE BUS DEPOT 66 W. Main St. 241 W. 42nd St. Tel. Malone 925 Te1.Wisconsin 7-5300 I Compliments of BENWARE CREAM ERY MILK and CREAM had 01. Pure M lk - Better Health I ff Phone 510 25 Harrison Place Specializing in BANQUETS and SUNDAY DINNERS THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 Pae 64 lit- Compliments of STOC KWELL'S Home of BETTER CLOTHING AKD FYRNISHINGS The place to go-for the Brands you know, Malone, New York Compliments of CLARKSON COLLEGE DIALONE BRANCH FRED E- KERRY YOUR WESTIXGHOUSE DEALER Every House needs Westinghouse 12 Catherine St. Phone 1048-J or 7 F 4 Malone, N. Y. Compliments of W- S- TOPP, FLORIST WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Geo. E. Hewitt, Owner Malone, New York Davis Tires, Wizard Batteries, Vita Power Oil Truetone Radios, Home Appliances, Fishing Tackle, Tools and replacement parts of all kinds. Compliments of VERN'S STAND Compliments of A FRIEND Courtesy of BAKER'S Your Authorized FRIGID It Pays to Step Around the Corner RHOADES' ECONOMY MARKETS AIRE DEALER Compliments of THE GRAXD UNION THE STUDENT YEARBO0K1947T.-.. Page 65 Compliments of Compliments of H. D, THOMPSON ef co- PONDS HARDWARE SUPER SERVICE Phone 135 Malone, N. Y Compliments of EASY WAY DIAPER SERVICE Complments of KIRBY'S BOOK STORE Mefet at the BELUXE RESTAURANT for Ice Crezm and Sodas Compliments of MAYTAG STORE ELDREDGE 8: MASON, INC- "A Good Place to do Business" DODGE - PLYMOUTH Passenger Cars DODGE "JOB-RATED TRUCKS" R. S. SPENCER 18 Pearl St. NEW HOLLAND BALERS Repalrs, Twine Compliments of V. D. BROWN, JEWELER 183 E. Main St. Malone, N. Y. "It's Thrifty to Buy at" if STAR QUALITY CLOTHES -k Top Fashions 'in Men and VVomen's Clothing Your Local Upholsterer A. E. MONTGOMERY CENTRAL SERVICENTER DON ANDERSON P g 66 t.,i-...En-:E STUDENT vEAnsooK 1947 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1947 FROM THE MALONE LODGE OF ELKS B. P. 0. E. 1303 by KELLY rn P t THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947?i1- Page 67 Compliments of LUCILE S. MALLON 50 Washington St. Compliments of BROOKS BROS. Compliments of KASSEUS Compliments of ROY'S GIFT SHOP GLAUDE'S Better Men's Wear at Reasonlble Prices Hotel Flanagan Bldg. Malone , MCCARTHY S DRUG STORE 'T CENTRAL GREYHOUND LINES INC. Compliments of PROVINCIAL TRANSPORT DRISCOLLWS SHOE STORE i Compliments of GARCEAU 85 LaBARGE ' General Store O 1 Head, N. Y. Compliments of W S GEORGES FLOWER SHOF' 1wlA.xL0NE ,CE ,Q COAL CO, Tel. 736 Office in Flanagan Hotel Bldg. Compliments of KATE NORCROSS Compliments of Ladies Apparel Malone, New York GEORGE A. THOMAS Compliments of Dealer in RAY'S GROCERY Farm Implements, Flour, Fertilizer, Seeds 270 Elm St, Phone 48 Phone 196-M Page 68 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 LAWRENCES W- S- COOPER For Dependable GENERAL IIERCHANDISE READY - to - YKEAR BURKE. NEW' YORK ACCESSORIES Compliments of KING TASTE MAYONNAISE CO. E. Manley, Distributor Everyhing Musical for the Student ACCESSORIES RECORDS C0mP1imCnfS of 39 Pearl St. Phone 840-W DOHERTYS GROCERY and ICE CREAM BAR Burke, New York GEORGE J. L-XCROIX General Merchandise Compliments of r Gas, 0.1 and Firestone Products 1 SHELDON BROCKSVAY Trout River, New York Tel, 23 F 4 I Compliments of Compliments of SABRE'S SHOE SHOP PAl'L'S DRY CLEANING For Everything in the way of PEARL'S INSURANCE Brushton, New York Ifs TIERNEY - CARON 90 E. Main St. Phone 1041 Malone, N. Y For Lumber BOVYEN LYBIBER CO. At the Junction Phone 63 The Babys Store BIINNIE LaROCQI'E THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 l. Page 69 RENA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Compliments of Rena L. Macy, Prop. 113 East Main St. Tel- 536 Malone, New York LAWYER ARTHUR HANDLY 1 MALONE TRADING POST Cor. East Main and Raymond Streets ' We BUY We 'SELL We TRADE Malone, New York THE STUDENT' STAFF of FRANKLIN ACADEMY Wishes to Thank WICY and THE MALONE EVENING TELEGRAM For all the Advertising they did for us during the year. 1946-47 Page 70 THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 Class Class Class Class Class CLASS DAY -1947 Historian-Donald Reynolds Prophecy-Betsy Stone and Donald Bessette Will-Archie Moore and Leslie deVarona Motto-Non vespera, sed mane 1 LNot evening, but dawny Colors-Blue and Silver COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS Roger Carlin - Catherine Connors - Dorinth Jasmer Carmen Kelly W -ESE: THE STUDENT YEARBOOK1947l. AUTOGRAPHS MW OC CBJQJ THE STUDENT YEARBOOK 1947 AUTOGRAPHS X y,w.i X in Q X 'E JK. kb 1 XXQX. ,- iv xr.. . s. . X ' vi X .XXI-1 ZX X 5 11 J X y x fr 1 .X k 'e'X. ,FL X f X 'FA' f 'M 'gf . ' 'fif gy. . X S-3' XJ1' fl5':i':a' .XXEWSX . ' .3 X - 5.-fiwgg .. X Vp 'lg , . Y M .X ' ZX D-' ' . j X hjM3,f 3 f X X " 1 I ., . XX .1 , 4 . X 1 X . -A! -XX 5 f-I 'X X X X X. X . .. . f .X aff? , Qkkfgel' ifsfw' X X .LW I. 'XX ,iX X ' 'I X Y 'Xg . , X. -N 1 r . ,X- ', W. 1 f x X. '-X 'X' "XII, I" .X L?-' -' " TV XX -X 1,1 f -X. XX. I- ' X., XX X, .fr . - , . X .Q if X X . .X , 'K ' ul" X v. .,.. X 1,4 ' .3 X ' .X X, 4,,: . XXX X- 1 X , .X X "' .X 5 -fu !'X' - X1 V X5 .. :eg XX., " NY " f I XXw ' ,XX X ' . ,Qi ref, P - X -XX X X +.M XX ww. ' ' fifllf' 'X . f X - . 'z"wX-'Xp rf :A I -?:3'w1.9! - - 'A4 X. .V 2 ' X ' aj", ' 1wf:'9J'.iD- ' 'X H .1 X: X X JI! ' X 2 ,X.vX . X i- 3,25 X X' XX 4 'LX ' ' 1 '- . X .1 X. V X 4,13 1 ,. X X .XX ' 'Y. X. ,P ' x. ' ' H .1 ' X ' ' - ' L . X ,I - , 1 X im. X 4.1 ' ,X Q, MQ VL., XX. 1 .: f' ' , -X X ' ff 'fn X -5 1 X 1, 4, Ain.-X W X M.-15' X LY : 'X' 'Xu ki. .X w .X f' X X -1.4: 'X . ' .1 A 'X X "' A YI.. . c X , -. A X- T- X X . - if X fx' XX' 1' XV. u' 'ya-, ' . ,L " ' XM. 'XX X -XX X ,,J: yi 1 A 2 ,XX XI ' . ,X ' X 1 ww, X. XX X M' X'f,. 1. ,X g ' ,,, ' Ta "X . X ' X 'X ,, "". .- X., . 1-'V' ' X5 XXX W cl 1 MX . I-no XX , . A X,: X. V,-. X X4.X 1 :ag XX, .RX 'K E'.j"'..JX ' .la . if ' Q X 1 1 X 'ul is ' ,gX."z X X. Q , X XX N X - ly W Tfl"X ' 4 ' 1 "XXL - V' X -X KX' X.: X. '- .XX.. ,- X-X .QU X '-fT'p,,X ignw X-X-a X. X. AX, V if 3 5 qu 1 f'X.- , 3- ' ,Xi-4 'H' .X3 ' " 51'-. X- .g.2rH?" eff, X. . '. HX 'QX 1 5 bv " ,gn ,lf .Q , -.Xi X: ky' msg, .D 1 12" QXX M 'Q 5, fi .X X .Xu .XX X. , XXI , .M'Q.7cfgf Xfk3 NX Jin. mfffa. 'f' P4 'fi .Q sg- -ffje . ,--iw 513 - .4 wi , X' wwf! X 3 . liuil. V' aff. -. - fav 3 x M . " 'ri X, AX ,QX ug' ' ,wl- J 4 ,gy-x. X ' 'fm X ' -F X Z R '-'-' V xgn 41 ., 4, ,X " Q' X . , , . .X . 1 ,SMI .XX , U ",, , .F ":X,'.f' X- f.' Hy", 1, ., XV" X. 'L 5 F 'il , IX X' M 'XM 4 "3,?'E3"'Xwf5X'1f' fuigh ' '1 Xl IEJX' fRn..'4i'1T4'. ' X 'mm :,.xmn'a1.'m.s1um-wa. A mg'-wn..:...'X nan A1,': .Lux an .

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