Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY)

 - Class of 1973

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Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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E. is 2 Q? E 5 Qggftfffff LL Ai A X R5 C2317 ,,- zw QQ? K 'Zig 5 M E2 gg? mei N37 .j Wow - aw 'WN XC k W 3 iii, 5s3 fE, mx RJ Q 7 XS SA Q Qf- '55 K1 61 V3,.fcr' VA 70673 XY7 CS. C- an 2 CCT 51 M11 M ww WP 03' MUS ' in Q Q QP P MBV, FN A A750 L xr' 'Ch XT A-igif Vi. .CS i V f ,ET CQ Rib ELA- QD .wx up fb 'M ,D bqg, g we Q, ya , Q O 56 M Q gk N M ff, DMN F P K1 I WM L Ja? Q 'fy fx j X-V ig. Eff K' 'Nb bw "WN 'J W M1371 f Xl- O Q x, iv Qing 739 OAQWWQJT gba' v CH X X9 W Q, - ' C6 X X ' Q 71 Sig' ag HN M9 lvT?!fAL1 ' UNM M WX 73 QM if 4gMXgs1 wQ ,XDf2b5Q 5433 Qi, WWI, HW Q Qs, K A X-My Mx W wfkyfb vb Yxbf' if- Wm Bbw QT, iz CQ- QD YQ M25 4f, XJ! D I W QN mvyymx 5 USF Tbyxgfgmyffih Pb ' aj' QQ A fghimffhll fb? fx! Vg XY- 'REQ " NQN5-ig 0 I H- "Oh Wu' WV H? W A M CQ I ga if T21 X5 Lrpf QNX WH B I Zx7,S77:fiDL?X3 'NN ki 62- 6 Q my Jr? 'W M Li' N W5 FQ' C, WD F Jw ' Q A Wg" N ' QDIIW5 QV 'v K? X3 'f' ,Dv IL Q -3 L - 4 X V, XJ I - Cx C A I, A9XlMX3.N fly, Q FYX N I f- L , C,, 1 K 6.4 " fn 5 O V bw, L'fF3W1'w Q nk , J w wb HH N Yr' Q Pm 1 Cfwv Lfgw 15 ply, Egg! L1 X57 fx ,YA X1 fx? ,I . MQ ,X N' Qfx "" ' L X 'XL , fX, y.mwQ Q wmwb www WN ,,w , L if 5 b Dk w Q BX? JM Mhhaf ww D112 "Iwi PN 575 A Fx! 5Jf,7JK5 CW 1 Q ' "K, 7f "3 Nw F213 I 1 3 J JN fx xk OL I I e ,I ig -N5 AQ ff--ffif+ "qw" ' XY ff!! Q jjj, 91? 55 M fx we if ' NEQQKCH Q31 M, if 5355-f, SQSQMQJ :NJA X M W, Q wiv W M: W WY WM ff X QQNM Wgw N825 M ww Q M X? Q Q3Swfffg2fwgQ My W M igwiwf ffQ W5m M QW XMQWNNMVCDUX ?A, . , , s- i Qx F J f , . Q N0 ww Gif vQ!'jjif0'f'wfz5f X23 f Ziff 222 ,X if 2 '72 1 C, R f 'x ,I 7 ,Va Ledggizjfg mv Qi? i J Zig 2351 N- tg X Q6 fifxx S i K . 2':f2 S 'i COME TUGETHER ' MM,dr f jffWwQ, J 1- 'H f .J W kwa QMO Anwww if QE 5 Cl LHIVZLZC f ,-Lfun 77,660 f M 5' ,lf MK Qi' P 7 ,mm M f M .M ,j,5f,X U .. AL-fy Q ?9z9 F f all 'M MK 'lg :ff :J ,Ur ' ' , ' I of Q I N Q- ,V wg J I ,+fQM,a,K ',',, . 9,1 .Ll MQ fgf if , m w1,,L g M . L D VV 7 ,Q rQ,C,21,,'j 'iff 5 ,- ,Q 'A f x, QJTQ-fmfqj at .Af 3 Qi. f-1,.,,Lf'M.4.,fX 'g3RrbQM Ogd JwAywwf,wW,,M m ,4,vf iff, m,LoQ.,.yQ. A ,, W WA, 1, W I I I If I I A A A .,.. V , ., lx V1,,gs,x?f.wyI 4 JAN 0257 .1 JLQLQAL, , ,JO ,QACLM X I4 l'O'7'-I ,oi rj fO'1,2'-f' ,f X Af' L0 I K f ,L 01' 1 'ji' LLM j .3 'T L '?fg1,j!Qf,Q?l Ag C303 X LJ A f A A??,f Cywqxb ,5!k3Z5,i4i Q J M f , ff .fmfff Mig Lf f 2 fQQntent5 X- , f fb G --- - , ,, 7 3 ff -'I "Tf"v' .' f,.64gf'fAf 'f Qf'Z'Qf L 1 j7 ffjagf ny ue 2 Body 18 ,IJ . Aff Epllo gue 157 ' 1 ly DEDICATIO We admire him for treating us as equals and respecting Y us as individuals giving us his trust- something which is not usually given to students. His concern for us has often become a target of criticism. His door, like his mind, is always openg it's nice to know we always have a placeto go when we need help. You, john Goodale, have shown us that there are still people in whom we can have faith. There is so much more that we cannot express to you in words. So, as we leave behind our years at FSCS we can only say "Thank you for caring" and for bringing the class of "73"together as we dedicate our book to you. wMA14wxsAw ' E . v ,, - PP RE CIATQTO fllyb all x W Jxlflivw p r V' W r , may My r ir T s. Falzarano, Mr. Dydyk, Mr. Mannio uating class of '73 would like to thank yo' l guide us. You have all shared with us ou d comforted us in times of almost unbearz 1 us and have not lost faith, for you have ' h . . . 1 rough one of life's most critical turning , nded us We cannot fail to recognize all unselor and above all, as friend .hank you you have been a super at projecting ind youths, some of us will leave as the same i . ' ' o ' . . u ing the art of understanding to us guys. Tl ao. What can we say to the woman who h. ear of junior high? We have depended on' us something We never anticipated, your c A t when we leave you. Thank you for being you. -What vibration and life you have brought to ,,Eg2gSgiC.fQS4f9sAsste2tchf iii" 'ii ' 2 in the mechanics of our instruments--as fri.e':t1e2il, you have gi fr - M N at for frustration and happiness. MUSIC--gettiifrg.. lpx .-., L ' indroom has been a home for all of us at Qor5'anoth 5' V, , L , t is ironic, but super. You are super, thank yoiii W ' i f, "V , n, our devoted physics teacher, 4141 coach, anfi"f5lI5VifIgf'fi'i'end1g, i:.ejg,f,Qi5i 'Zi : cannot say enough, "Sport, " for you have ai1S,Q52red"iefglery I V A .ence is said to harbor a million beautiful feeIi5igsyaLetius omit :ave a silent space for you . . . Thank-you. ne, in days of old we called you "Teacher" ,mbptgiom tone was 1 you as it was for others. You were patient, understanding an ld have called you "King", it would have been the same to u ger teach, but you are still the same patient man, the same . arson, you still bare the same kindness. Teacher, .H W Ju seek to work in, you are great--you are you. Philip, 5 ., look at us, we are going out into the wor fs' Dif ent peoplefg more challenging things. Happy times, sa esgjfdigiautious X if J, , Les--Life . You have awakened us, youhave giv htwheno my xpkt E 3 eyes were algmost blinded. There is aworld out there--it stret 'lqliifythesp all-, S ness of Frankfort, thanks to you, this we can see. Youhave been goodto us--you love is so mutual. "Was blind, but now I see. " Thank you. you--we thank you. We have chosen this felt. The world is ours now, new horizons 1n our conquest for the future, we can seek from all of us thank you. Char Prologue Autumn to winter, winter into spring, Spring into summer, summer into fall- So rolls the changing year, and so we change, Motion so swift, we know not that we move. --Dianah M. Craik --The Immutable The year passes--and another class of seniors graduates and is launched on the brink of a new life. For some this means college, others marriage, employment, and the military service. The class of '73 can remember many events which have occurred during our year, some being historical including the end to a long war in Asia and the return of our Prisoners of War. We have all experienced something which we will never have again. And yet the juniors move up to become seniors while the sophomores eagerly await to take their places, leaving little time for nostalgia, it is like the disturbance of a stream by a pebble. The seniors are the pebble creating the disturbance, interrupting the flow of the stream. Then there is a calm, the seniors graduate, and another class of seniors emerges. The stream continues flowing steadily not to be disturbed until another pebble is tossed in. This year we were made aware of a constant detriment to our world, our country, even our class, that being disunity. There is a great need to get together and it is forthis reasonwe chose as our theme, "Come Together '73". We attempted to capture the sensations of being young and alive, for a moment, and re- corded them in print. Yet our pictures and writings are inanimate--you must add the life, the feeling, and stirring of your memory. There have been some bad times but there have been some of the most wonder- ful ones we'll ever have. The class of '73 takes on its own character because of the many unique personalities represented. Some of us are bright, some not so sharp, some are exuberant, some merely apathetic-some athletic, some poetic but, for a time, we were all the '73 Maroon Knights which is, after all, the link which lead you and me to "come together." Our book is not to be read lightly. Some will undoubtedly try to go through it skimming along but to really grasp the intended meaning one should pause and take a deeper look at a slower pace. The essence of the meaning is embedded in the words. To those who would be quick to judge, we did not attempt to make any drastic changes in tradition nor offend anyone, but merely tried to depict our year as we saw it --leaving out the candy-coating. And now to the seniors, lwill leave you with a quote. "We are but one step away from greatness and before the rest of the world knows it, we are going to take that step . . . " --Hotchins Now is that time to act for there's a new day dawning, make of it what you will. Sue Tassa Editor- in-Chief IXSWGY fb' x-MV Q. 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Jexoaxj A lV Walking, talking in the halls People staring at gray-black walls others looking to meet the eye other flying oh-so high people people M r everywhere People crippled by lone cold stare l f l Kp: 1 ggi' ,, ,. 56 if V ' " 'vs v 3 sv 1 ri::,'.,, if ,f .:,.r .. 5,1 .. q i ., ,F ' -a Nm V X if 'Ki Q, in the labroom the tubes do foam and in the courtyard they're getting stoned. f y L '12 f ry, dancing out of the ban dro 3 seniorxsuch grace and starnrnering out of the girls room co OTH COUIGS mes one mad face an E in -th e n classroom 3 n n timo bomb 'ts 4Sl no 96. gilygk 5 5273733 f M,W,,,,,,A. M, ,,,, ,,,,, 5 , f g jf -an d in the parking lot they are drinking W of schlitz F ,L , E 'Ll gf--2" Ii-If. 5 , Q, . wr v'-- Q X. - K. , . , . , A fr y ghg X " ' L4 S W .. N. ' , sv n-new mn, K 8 Mk.. Q ' Hq ' Maw: 5" ' V-uf' ,W --f-- ,. -- -. , W .:.-,. - . " -. 4 i n ,,, , ,... . ,, ,. nn., , . , In -ff , W A 'fig , 'W' x Y 1 ' xvgzffinwwf K - f--V 'A' N Hg "" -4, -QM Xf ! 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A 1 , ,-yfsfivwqfmg gp :-..-V N- Y 214 ,I u1 ,'f?1yiy-y,gi,fQ9w ,, QV, J' JW, ,...h,,, ,J ,, ,J , ,, 45,1 ff.. , ,, ., X2 New WW , 7 V q1 , f f,: Q, , f: Ag ,A J fg 5 if ' ,, f V j.-gyz,f.A5' -:"-f- ::'f,:,if M " H 4 .wqgg +7 A W qw: , fe e L e . V 55 . L ' and ln theeegbaenfdroom o A ' K"k J HO SIICIICC f0llIld f H ' L . L, 'beg qgxfi there s1ts,a I115- 1 , V1 f e . ,figgjy e -JJ ' P 0 -.- Y . - K 'Qgf-1.' . ,, . A L3 ,ff ' J 1 .Q KJ M X xi, " JJ 'fi w 4, A, , - " Q s.. .1 1 -L Q3 ,' ' f v w Q w 'A N-,- gifif 1 gg 1 Q V 2- if . 1 . ' 4 'Q Qi' e ,wi wig - i fgvfii md Q e bf" K K . J,, Q K .i --,'. I' 3 S ,, , L 41... -Y +..., GND ...W , . Q.. J ,MW , rs. ay, 0 - , , . , Q El 'Wmammefkbvw 4,4 TU' f NWS, x -wa 4,.f,m ., ,. , vbvvw-waaqffwvf an ., Q W vw., f ww 3, Q, .,.i- ,H 42, . 4,,,..W , W . ,x,.. - AJ...-. gf, .. ., gm' 4' . M 'f . W .W L. 'ff-W, .,w.A,.f.Q xv f ,- A M-f'm1ufm,w-2' .uw 41p.we.4....Mw1ywm ,Q ,. ,W aw. had--A J-rw AGM' atywggyk-,W y. , 1 Q w W, ,x,.,,., ,.... , . . ,. 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L Q I' as X I W" N QQ. c j uf A' . Senior Class Officers THOMAS GRATES VICE PRESIDENT "Strange, when you come to think of all the people who have lived before us in this world, none are known as having ever died of laughter. " 18 DARLENE TARRIS PRESIDENT Man is meant for happiness and his happiness is in him, in the sat isfaction of the daily needs of his existence. " THOMAS MARINE TREASURER Above all things, I love my cellar. " KAREN ALLEN "Maybe Tomorrow. " RICHARD BAMBERGER "Goodness is the only investment that never fails. " W-E. 9 M1 ' iw M LW MW? M299 mal., W Lf iff J? If ,fb M4 J H :VM Mg, N Y BASS A ' W ww "Beautiful thoughts are ruined b au. ,, by words." 'W mf 1 w" ri V v mlm ulfvfk ,hui fwc I y V J :WU 'fl ,xl lt Ux vfk A JU f U' U I f L Q by b ,,r 0 do 9 ff ffm QD M I 20 gp- FRANK BIANCI-II "No man can climb out beyond the limitations of his own character. " EDWARD BIERNAT "I love appreciating the beautiful and recognizing the bad in every- thing and everyone." THOMAS BONFARDICE "I would marry, but I'd have no wife, I would be married to a sin- gle life. " MARY ANN BONO RONALD BONFARDICE "I like to wake up and find there is no school. " "Above all, it is JULIO that I favor. " E X 0 CLIFFORD BROWN "I love to grapple. " ROSEMARY BURNS "Tis what I love determines how I love. " MARY JEAN BUTTON "Swallow your pride occasionallyg it's not fattening. " KATHLEEN BUTTS FRANCIS CAIOIA fx rv LW' JO- for once I could get an when asking Mr. Bonomo a II ly A JN I uf' I . , ' AU' . x r ff-ffw pb fs, KVM I ULJFJL, LA., Y x I M- J YY? 'IWW x f A ' A 1 k Q QU? ,xx cflkdikx fbi f U' I . A . ,, T V , N' J' ILKOWWX LU-Cl av 355525 - XL 4,3 is W4 we - 21 LT' K ., x4 CW will JOHN CARDINAL "All mankind loves a lover. " NANEEN CENTOLA "Keep on trucking. " SHARON CASTILLA "Where do I begin to tell the story of how "great" a school can be??" in f, fic fi JU, ALMQT ,ing Miifcwl ,f,LLal VL X 'iff olki L JLLLLL lu. ', ML I ijydsjk-,XVII l,f oc,J'J,1,5'yf ,dgikidgfeg fvcvem "ffMf ,M ff 1 ffgfffzn -Wfeffjv f f .rw .MIJQ4 jx JW! A, Q 'A .7 fiafflafv Hn! M- 'MIZVCI7 U!! ' ' 727511 LOU ANN CARIESIMO "I love doing things my way. " DENISE CHAUVIN "Some make it, and some dOn'iZ- " DAVID C LEMENT S "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. " MARK CONLEY "Of all things I desire, it is some- one special. " GENE COBB "My favorite thing is running the half-mile. " MARTY COLUCCI "My favorite thing is a 140 lb. cata-po1e." KIERAN COX "I long for the green, green grass of home. " QS? Nw X JUN' , V 59,7-I Dv 3-J fivx , N -Qt KATHLEEN DELLAPOSTA "To err is humang to forgive-- divine . " 24 FQ ' TRICIA DALEY "My favorite things are cotton candy, a 350 Honda, a V.W. , and Pat Carcione. " JAMES DEROLLO "To become what we are capable of becoming is the only end in life. " I , if at F JODY DELUKE "Better him than me. " , 1 1 1 . e 'x..1 N X I .X aw , , 9 X L, if C ' ix r 1 V X X 1 Vx J t N5 Y RN A g f V 1 U 'x lm N Igv' KJ b MJX :jx L, 'fi X NNW! f N wx! xx yd Pdf, .111 W X Mfyf CAROL DICKAN ' "I want to help make this world a better place to live in." RICHARD EDDY "Through a poem I can express Me and Be. " LWWVZUV BEVERLY DIPIAZZA "Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday. " 7szf5iV,ULM MW IEW EW lb ' I N M I f1,j IDA DILIBE RTO "If in Heaven we do not meet, I hope in hell you like the heat. " LINDA ENTWISTLE "I like sugar and spice and every thing nice. M up Q I - Ndscifffyg 9 KUQMWWOAQJ W ' 26 WXN we I v C' 'A7 'CD YL. WB Y N Lrqg-if X OV I i 5 LJ NX Q W DA RRYL GILETTE "The world is always bright if you go at it the right way. " PHILMAINE GRATES "I love Brian Hargrove, my friends, money, love, and salvation." JAMES GREEN "Silence speaks when words cannot. " GM! A lQjrvz,4.g, I fl WJ L9 LAURA GRAHAM , ' "I love doing what I want, when I want. " DDEPI MICHAEL GREEN "Tis a Stinger. " WL bf I In ff GL 5 4 N ' D HAROLD I-IUBALEK "I love the one I'm with. " KATHLEEN JONES 'MUJ O - .. 'V 1 wi ' A swygiwjwyfgjglw fQ,Wy Q epvfwijwifl' W me Af I , JW cyl? Q MN w ,V QNX! 'Ankjyxav R 'xr-LIJXJN 3 I -L vhs Q of I fb Xfkyx K L I . Lf ' KELULW oikw' MARCELLA INGRO "I need a peaceful place where I can be alone and think. " WAYNE JOHNSON "Tis Juanita that I favor. " CAROL KATTATO "I love making people happy. " "My favorite thing is talking to X L!- 1 , that "Certain Someone". " J, T5 Y' -J V Q Nl,,lY'A.f fix by I fx, xbycylfxj-' P xv 5 if U' W9 J . W r. , Q., , ' sie va B' S529 LZQW Lyn L3 if S xx L 0' V 'V N DN' of lf X 1 'S 'MIX Xi' X J VV D Ny! KYQ-'Rh L K , Wjefvovl . 53.5 if 1 fu E, xy' ' 'L I mfg-.LQJ 'B fvbglgoh LNJQVEEZX fy ij My W Jig NKASU7 I-V J ' '.l91L,l"l4iQ llx W' x."xR6": lffff LVL- .ffJg,.,r1',lJJ1 JN ' - ' L ff IN wx,27" ' A Qi-Jw. 9 W Y U' K Qfbw Vf , 2,9 KWH JV Ji N W5 0' fl op' M336 PAUL KIS ZKA 'You get out of life what you put into it. " JOHN KIPPER I am free, it's what I want o ll be. . WML, Q X, 7 fx. if lv .6 QW Ax :LL D Q l M Muff? . ' KW' x L4 2 f ff ,K 0 if ix PAUL KLOCK 'I "I like writing poems, and 1 I thinking. " X0-4, JOSEPH KIPPER "He who wiggles his finger, should n't shake his leg." DEPEPI GARY LASHER "I like Big Glazed Donuts. " wie if Mn, we in W AN MQ? 5 .x QF VITA LICARI MARK LOUNSBURY , agp 'J "My friends mean an awful lot to "I like to have fun." me." NN 1 TIMOTHY LUDWIG "If not for the weekends, I conlqj not survive the week " 'Q N ROBERT LUTHER DEBRA MANEEN xx X0 I "The Best Things in life are free. " "Take it 1ig1-,ty but take it an Way you can get it." Q lc K? MQ? meme Mme MQLQQQ X-kj Cf w ww if hmm-ffww mil. 7,0411 rA. E LEE MARVIN Favorite thing: "Living! " E ' J, f. Eu,-gf Qt WN vi VINCENT MANEEN "A woman is only a woman, but a cigar is a good smoke. " CARL MILLER "My favorite thing is the happi- ness that surrounds me and the one with me. " 3 , X X DW ai u V I M J JEFFREY MAURY "Peop1e who make no noise are dangerous. " ROSEMA RY MINOSH "Remember me when I am gone away, gone far away into the sil- ent land. " TI-IERESA MURDOCK "Marriage is a lottery, but you can't tear up your ticket if you lose. " X -39' xii IEAN MARIE MULLIGAN "Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it 's by far the best ending for one " Jeff! FRANK MORACCO Favorite thing: "saving malo cups and playing blackjack. " CECILIA MURPHY Favorite thing: "Being with Bill. ' S NI- X Mak. 31 MM fry, BEN NICASTRO Favorite thing: "june--the month I'11 be discharged. " PAULA ROSE NICASTRO "To be, or not to be, that is the question. " KEN ORIOLE Favorite thing: "Baseba11 and Ballantine. " ,Bt W5 Yvywv 04, PV KV' DONAID OYER Favorite thing: "My double snap- per air helmet with no air on top. " NICHOLAS PIANELLA "A little bit of learning is a dan- gerous thing, but none at all is fatal. " RICHARD PALUMBO Favorite thing: "Making music. " VINCENT PALMIERI Favorite thing: "Eating, drinking, sleeping and girls. " SANDRA POTENZA 'Happiness is not having what you want, it's wanting what you have. ll wx , my , Q 5'9Ys9yi3f?E! S, x l ' E my H X O x xl 335229 0, NN JVQJ Q V 'xbypp Wuff MONICA PURDELL "Love is the gentle smile upon the lips of beauty. " JOYCE REINA "A person must have a certain amount of intelligent ignorance to get anywhere. " VINCENZA RIZZO "What we have we hold on tog what we hold on to, we lose. " JOSEPH PUTCI-I rust out. " "Tis better to wear out than to DONALD ROBERTS "T hink b efore speakest 34 1 til ,r .If fl," IV 9 J Wk of 1 if KATHERINE ROWIAND DENNIS RUDDY Favorite thing: "Friends who ". . . and life is itself but a game 6' civil I , . ... lm . . 'Vi If iokybli IL nf' Sci BK "Lf BZ up gwennl I g I Q ,MQ rv!! 2 It l ' i , , 4 - f " ,K ,J I ffm Zigi!! W, it ft accept me for what I am. " of football. " DONAID RUFFALO "Great victories come not by ease but by fighting Valiantly and meet- ing hardships bravely. " MARY SANDERS JEANNETTE SEAMAN sed to com lain because I "I love making people happy. " HI u P had no shoes, until I saw a man without any feet." QMS DUx.Q,xjCLIl LD-An Cl-5 ouftcmfkc ot gmicgir' iewuctevc. MNMWL J PCLICVW?fl,4lQ:t1.4 VVKQ- - Ilwff " QWULW iiflllca ,Qi W h ttwwxci. C C305 QCX5 35 x LK, lxVkQHX,f L Cixi? KOMQLGQV QM 0,35 CEM QW ,MJ gf U WJ WJW f ' R jim WW W i A RMU mc, Wfiiiu X UW. 'XXQNV NATHAN D. SES SUM Favorite thing: "At the present time SMUSEIC. " 36 KERRY SEAVER "Use it up, wear it outg make do, or do without. " CA RLA SEED IQECKI "Man has his will, but w her way. " OID an JOSEPH SGROI "There is no cure for birth or death, save to enjoy the interval k I' 1 'V ' QR CHRISTOPHER SIMMONS "I love a world that's filled with love where all God's children can live together. " FLORENCE SPATTO "Everything in life has a place like a smile upon a happy face. " 'X . XJ '29, FW-xx XJ 6 Mj I Jlwjafg we 11 ,dk WWWZMI OJUJMJQ e Qma M. E S f, . I JWMIJH , AJQNEOLJA-LQ! - 7 GWXJL' DANIEL SPATTO ' "When all has failed, there is I. " DQ7 xv JA-527' 'W v 'ily 95955 ...bij jj? XLQS fy O- S957 Q7 f J gg. Zi wwf' Q5 D Nj N JEAN SMITH Favorite thing: "Drinldng cold snops! " JAMES SPATTO "My end can justify your means. " C Cf-9 ERMINIO SPORTELLO Favorite thing: "Goofing around with everyone else. " DAVID STILLWELL K np VIN CHA RIDTTE STEVENS "I have fas when the sun doth light a stormj buried this sigh in the wrinkle of a smile. " MARK STERLING "Never give a man an even break or a sporting of a chance. " EZ? EP "It is better to ask questions than to know a11 the answers. " gush , , Lug!! QWFJXQI ffm YKLQQS 'gc' Q K ixfffgklx fs bei tw N Q QNXQ oft A AX ", Ewxxxk ,XS Xp? fy nw , ' NXQX . ' X w,,.-QM' v uv be 1 Kiera WN CQQXMDO . X O03 5 XLNMJ f S Lx Qui x,J'R'xX A O if Qskk A 'bt gpoxx Q SQXX' W xgbfjgvp S 9 XV Q2 lf fam 99' YY X. 0 cabi SUSAN TAS SA "But you child of space, you rest- less in rest, you shall not be trapped nor tamed. " DAWN THOMPSON "Women like not only to conquer, but to be conquered. " NICK TESTA , 0' 00X Q17 xlfll L9 ,iq XQA Nxlx Q3 XPC' N9 Favorite thing: "Working out of doors. " MQ C Jw M47 fklffw DAVID SYKES Favorite thing: "Of course, my DING-A-LING" JOSEPH TOCCO "Those who laugh last, laugh best. " ,Ju MQl7,4mg,0 QQMLQ- W 39 fi -' ,. . lL,,' Ap ,lf , axx XLC kk use CK wixlx ,L -,'v - . ,',j xi' 1 L . V x , , . , X ...VW - xx. t, V., -f - - , ,., ' , W. ' I fe L- ,f,4, .fi l 1 L ' 4 fill' ' fa., x A jx . , ff 5. V L4 l kf X-ARC? A50 C559 . PI-IYLLIS VALLONE "What we really are matters more than what other people think of us! " JOANN VITI "If a gentleman won't insult you, nobody else can." CHARLES VIVACQUA Favorite thing: "My drums. " ,,xiXLVk?' r l VALERIE VAN DUSEN "Life is better understood back- wards but it must be lived forward DDD TERESA VIVACQUA Favorite thingy, "Sunshine and Green Grass, " gf Q 4 Qin 40 5? ROBERT WESTON Favorite thing: "The non-medicinal use of Alcohol. " TERRY WORLOCK "Youth is wholly experimental. " HARRY M. VVILLIAMS Favorite thing: "Making people happy- " BURDETT WITHERS "How's your hotdog?" ALVINA ZAFFARANO Favorite thing: "1-Xstrology. " a 1 if LINDA ZAFFARANO 'Beauty is in the eyes ofthe beholder. " 42 Q55 ,, ,. U J N 23 'BNN L 5 f vffwf rx! 1 V11 O' 1 N JERRY "I'd rather have an inch than miles of pedigree. ' W 'C WMM ' x Q90 JB AMES DELLACHAIE "And seem a saint when most I play a devil. " I 1 W 55 5 ,E R E, E ,V , sl E , W I A Mmqrxyxxwzfzlimgwwl---H-W' V ..,.:' ' ,,..Wm .w,,MW PY fi A Ii .B M-. , -.. ig . I V ' . . ' ATTENDANCE RECORD "Butch Seaver was here." FLIRT "jivin' john" .adam , PEP5' Q , ' Q +G, S 1 3 1 1 BREAKERS ,, . . . . . , D6V111Sh Demse and Ernle Entertalnrrlent. FLIRT "Senuous Stef" TAILOR-MADE 14: , f-.,.ui'M "Pretty-Boy Sgroi, " and "Merry-jeans. " Dynamic, " and Hjumpin' Joyce. " WORKER "Di1igent Dish" MOTOR-MOUTHS "Vocal Va11one" and "Chit-Chat Chuck 15 Kr-ii ARGUERS "Nippy Nan", and "Eddy Education" ELKS' LEADERSHIP AWARD Darlene Tarris, first placeg Joyce Reina, second place. BOYS' STATE Ken Oriole, Bob Luther, Paul Kiszka, Don Oyer, Ernie Sportello. john Cardinal: All-league Baseball Bausch-Lamb Award Ed Biernat i I 3, I I 9 Tom Marine: All-league Basketball Denny Ruddy, jim DeRo11o, and Don Oyer: All-league Football 47 REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: joe Sgroi, Sue Tassa, David Clements. Tom Crates, Nan Centola, Don Oyer Qbsentjg Alternatesz Mark Lounsbury, Paul Kiszkag Nursing Alternates: Kathy De11aPosta, Valerie VanDusen. QUIETEST Rosemary Minosh, Jeff Maury Sorry, Roe and jeff, but you were so quiet that we missed your picture. 48 mf m mf we .-7 my nu in .ln :sq su -1 nw .41 ru -1 -sum ,pn ..- na .au anv- sx DAR AWARD Linda Entwistle HOMEMAKER AWARD Je annie DARLENE TARRIS "Dish Rag" t I came: not knowing who I really was. I ' I I saw: my life come together. Ifconquered: Clete's demented mind into realizing i"Reality is NOT a conception!" I left: realizing that "'If you're feeling good you do as you pleaseg I don't believe that it's wrong to put your mind at ease!" THOMAS GRATES "Gates" I came: confused. qi I saw: the backs of many runners. I I conqueredgjalong with Frank Moracco, the 5 minute mile. A ' I left: my sister Kathy even more confused than I was. THOMAS MARINE 1lNIaJ-.inen . I came: not knowing. I saw: the pyramid drop and the bottles break. I conquered: Joe Putch's hand. I leftiffai iness . STEF DYBAS ,r'g ,Q ncleten ' pf f . V K I came: like a pin and left like a pretzel. y e-.', A I I saw! the many faces of life and am deteriinined to make mine as warm and bright as thE'?,SI1I1SI'1l.1'16". I1 conquered: Dish Rag's philosophical mind n-showed 'her that reality "is" a conception the truth will al- ways replace. ,',p V I left: Dan, Judie, ,t1,p i1fQBarb "Mexican" "Jamaican", "Columbian", in-?f?'Aculpoco" n- hope they don't exhaust them. ' I Q V KAREN ALLEN I I iiii ' "Karen" I came: because Ihad to. I saw: very' little. I conquered: Snot quite everything, yet! I left: the same way I came. , RICHARD BAMBERGER A ipsya A "Dick" i i I came: to judge man by his questions rather thanfby- his answers. ' pi'i g ",' E I saw: to it that none of the last four years wasia waste for the time was wisely spent. I conquered: my first of many new horizons. I left: to be happy. Thefworld is sad enough without my woe. R '." I -..pp.t 3 ' JANICE BA SS HJ an!! 'I came: unsure. I saw: nothing that interests me. I' conquered: the world. I left: still not sure. JOYCE BASS' iiici p !lBaSsylI - I I came: with hopes for something. - I saw: nothing. or I conquered: the hopes Ihad. 1 I left: afew blinded and gave a few the power to see! FRANK .BIANCH1 . "Bongo" .""i 5 EDWARD BIERNAT y ynya ' HBig Edu , up :pk pf .K V I came: to a place where a person could see theworld him and find his own self. I savyiifthea transformation from youth to maturity. I conquered: petty fears and extended the limits of my knowledge. . . I left: for a brave, newiqworld filled withgi great expectations. 7 q I THOMAS BONEARDICE Q i rf.: :f.kI.:2ki,iVF!TOxnll 'I I Tj 'jg came: willingly I Isaw: and foundrniy one and only true love. I conqueredzpthe .-pq attendance record? Ileft: prepa1'ed?5f'Tr l RON BONFARDICE "Raisin" I came: walking. I saw: many things. I conquered: nothing. I left: my name on the boy's room door. 49 MARY ANN BONO !iMar!! I came: and found something I loved. t I saw: I'll never tell. . I conquered: all those who laughed and said I was foolish. I leftijirriy cousin Sharon the purple wake-ups, fdon't feed-them to your cats! I ! ! Q5 CLIFFORD BROWN "Cliff " ROSEMARY BURNS nRoeu gp V I Came: ' I saw: Sunshine, green grass, and tranquility. I conquered: nothing, yet everything. gr I left: withmy past behind and my future ahead. , MARY-JEAN BUTTON V n HMS-rl! I " I came: with Joyce Reina and Carol Kattato. I saw: many great and exciting times that I won't forget. ' t Icon uered. "Eve in " etnt Q ' wth' s - Iileft with Joyce, Carol and the rest of the "dish 'frags". KATHLEEN BUTTS VV I "Kathy" "u, I came: with the hope of learning something. I sawg, alot of things I can't talk about. I conquered: not getting lost in Frankfort at night. I left:ffQwith Morris with the hope of learning soniething. FRANCIS CAIOLA ,Vi "Fran" Vi? I came: to this school four years ago not knowing what to do. l I saw: one teacher go through the halls shoving people out of the way and running over the small ones. V I conquered: the French III regents on the second try I I left: in the same condition I came. 50 It If JOHN CARDINAI. lijohnll K I came: willing. V I saw: the unexpectedg: I conquered: French??? Ileft, has fast as I could go. LOU ANN CARLESIMO NLC,-u-Atlnkll I came: for a while. I saw: I did??? I conquered: some things! I left: in a hurry. SHARON CASTILLA "Shernan" I came: as a '4'10 " Freshman. I saw: things I dare not repeat! ! V : ,.fqQT,Q,Vg, I conquered: lvlr. Mazzara and his American History V class last year. ' I left: as a 4'10 1,f4" Senior. NANEEN CENTOLA llNanYl Icame: looking for freedom and truth and found I neither. , - I saw: my senior picture, along with aligmya other little gifts, on the dresser of someone I loved? l I conquered: certain people and myselfihy not letting their facades bother me. I left: not quite knowing-who I am but knowing, "I am" which is all thatmatters. DENISVE CI-IAUVIN "Short Stop" I came: in bewilderment. I saw: bewilderment. I conquered: bewilderment. I left: without bail. I DAVID CLEMENTS uDaVen. I came: with many fears. I saw: many things I will never forget. V . Iconquered: Chemistry I .55 I left: with many friends that I hope to see again. "'i GENE COBB "Cobberski" , lcame: by force. I ' I I saw: a janitor sleeping in the boiler room. y I I conquered: three years with Deyle and fouriyears ' q with Woleppel. Q I left: with all my friends. - t I JODY DE LUKE - I' I "Tate" I 3 It I came: from Reese Road to Third Ave ,QI-IiMicl1ael!y. I saw: a lot from my front porch! I ' I I I conquered: going downstreet every nightItoIsit:onqthe I' library steps, and sit, and sit, and sit.'Q .Ig I' I- aI I Ileft: 'my cousin Joe to keep up the school 'I.e Q ee.V ,I mVW,1o q II lgthe Dehxke name in good ole' Franl-:fort MARTIN COLUCCI V - :LI-5 .gVl,f 3 -,f'A .'IWI AVI-- If f' I L d--.:'1- If'I'Vim" i I dedd Ilde Q iii oeeee i :5JA1vLEs DE ROLLO dIo e Q if,ji.J,j555lf3Q ' Ifcame: only to skip Mr. Woeppel's gym class 211'1df1IsifIffIf?2If1ffig q ydzy Iffff'III?'jinii" - II I ' yyId then do crabs. if 'I,oIL f e'1e Igcame: when I wanted. Iisawr Frankfort beat Kennedy for two yeax-sin 'Ity. LfqIjjfIjfQ Iy.1y y what I wanted to see. I conquered: three years of double sessions.: fl' Iyde I i I left without force. IIIII ' I ' qi MARK CONLEY 5. I, I I "Crash" K y,-. , 'VII Q jilyrl-g1fgII',Ig4i ."y I came: with ow the school. 1 saw: the -qffice many times. I conquered: early. I left Mr. Conleys in SPOTCS' It etey fi Ieo I e kr KI ,KII -kVIf,, IIS., fkI- f I "Kernan" I came: late. q I I saw: nothing. - I conquered: detention. Iqleft early. PATRICIA L. DALEY HPaUju I licame: with questions unanswered. I- I liawz only blank stares and empty minds. -I ' Iffconquered: all that I wanted to accomplish. I I Lleft: my sister Lisa to discover all she can, f KATHLEEN DELLA POSTA i IlKathYI! I came: with David. I saw: the unbelievable. I conquered: Chemistry???? I left: with Davidfy , Iyy,I1y'yI eIiIkyy I Iconquered: my Trig regents. Iileft quietly. CAROL DICKAN - "c.A.D."iy leII ' I I I I came: becansel- :cu1ious.q y - I saw: Mr. Gooda1ey,pIayingE1c'ard tricks. I conquered: of lmowledge. I left: Frankfort and six sisters who I 1 WHS- IDA D1 LIBERTY? If iIiI I I I I "Idaho" I I i qI'I 1 ikffffgfIfjztIFIgfyfIgjfIf .I"l If I t I came: to see 'theff'KnigIats9figljtQ. Isaw: a future bIefoi+efnie.I II'I I Q I I V Iconquered: friends 'and'love. 'I I left: my sister Rosa aibottle of anacin. BEVERLY DI PIAZZA ggevuq Ifeame: because I had to. If III'IIe too much! ! yifconqueredz four years of drudgery. , ALL my tax-dy slips with Mrs. Pontolillo.Iliff IIII .54,iQgQICI-LARD EDDY is ' e"IfIawkeye" Ilcame ----- . I saw: a lot of THINGS. I i i I conquered: nothing. I - I I Ileft: with Butch, tofplaces-qunknown and my.-- in locker e34,toVqwl1oeyer:qwants it Q I ,I LI at ly LINDA ENTWISTLE lILinlY I came: no smarter than I left. I saw: people more bewildered than myself . I conquered: my shyness toward others. I left: with the echoes of my cheering in the halls. DARRYL JAMES GILLETTE "Norton" I came: with same old jacket. ,I saw: the same old things. i I conquered: many old but great things. Ileft Frankfort to my cousin Frank for another fan- tastic four years. LAURA GRAHAM "Laura" I came: to find peace, LOVE, understanding and happiness. .V. ! I saw: many peopleand their ways, I'1l never forget. I conquered: with my buddy Marce, the CLUB, and Little Falls. I I left a little betterthan the way I came. PI-IILMAINE GRATES llphilll I came: on a 'horse with no name. I saw: the good, the bad, and the ugly teachers. I conquered: fall the ugly things in life and found beauty through Brian. I left: the school to deteriorate while I build my life with Brian! JAMES GREEN lejkimri I came: with hopes of learning. I saw: many teachers. ,, I conquered: 18 credits. I left all my books, and all my troubles behind. MICHAEL GREEN ffFinklI I came: happily. I saw: everything. I conquered: Math. I left: happily. 52 ' HAROLD I-IUBALEK "Butch" MARCELLA INGRO "Marce" I came: to find out what life is all about. I . V I saw: many things happen, that I didn't, want toQ5,, ,, I conquered: with my buddy, Laura, the Little Falls. ,. ' 'i'- p,"1 I left: people who don't mind their own businessfandi Uv to run other Pe0Ple's lives. li I Vli' WAYNE JOHNSON ' "Guernsey" I came: by force. I saw: I had to go out of town for what I wanted. I conquered: what I went out of town for. I left very willingly. KATHLEEN JONES llKathll L I came: hoping to be as ,great a business teacher as Ms. Cacciatorepp . i w I saw: a new way to live my life to the fullest. I conquered: learningto march in our great F. S. C. S band. I left in search of a way to find myself and to be what my parents dream of me being. CAROL A. KATTATO "Kattots" ' I came: with Mar, Joyce and IRVING. , . . I saw: ALOT of General Science Books andotherjunlc I conquered: lmowing RIGHT hom WRONG .'p'.:. Butf. what is wrong??? V .... p,,4 p I left: with all the -1- breakers of the Stoned,Q.Soful,'i' Seniors and IRVING. .-,1 JOSEPH KIPPER lr-IO-Joe!! I came: for 4 years. I saw: 4 years go by swiftly. I conquered: all 4 years. I left: after the 4th year, "evident1y". JOHN KIPPER I UIC-ip!! I came: with doubts. ' I Saw! the GREATEST "Senior Class" 0731. . Iconquered: Mr. Reina and geometry class., left: with pride and respect for F. S. C.. Sq, It PAUL KISZKA ."PaLul" I I came: doubtful. V V I saw: everything and missed nothing. ' ff ,Q . I conquered: all my fears. ssy' o o I left: hoping my brother will have as much.-fun at V - iF.S'.C.S.. I - - PAUL KLOCK yyyyg 3 eegy VV "Paul" o I 4.5 f 1' I came: Vlyy :I - ' , I Sawf what Tf l o I Cvnquefedf . I left trying 'tor the rest of my life. GARY LASHER lls j I llsl f I llLa-shi? I ' 1. I came: looking for something. I've'not found yet, Isew: many 10's,i 2O's, 3O's, 4O's, and 50's. I conquered: F. S.C. S. . . I left: 312.cau-ds Q6 declcsj within three 'floors of school TIMOTHY LUDWIG IlTin1!l - I came: looking. I saw: girls. I conquered: something. I left a lot behind. 'ROBERT LUTHER V, l!Bo'b1I ' , .VI came: a bewildered, scared heshmen. s I saw: too much in the time I was here. Iconquered: Math 10 after the third timep if left: in my green, 1966 Ford. I DEBRA MANEEN e '!Donkey" V I came: here young and ffoolish. . .not knowing. I saw: Love and theemeaningeofllife for a while and hope to findVlmores.,5,q ,g.,.-... , I conquered: gNQTIvIINQQTVyetg :.', ibut give me time. . . I'1l do it!! "I, geyl I .ll"5. Ill'l if I left: all of behind me and Joe and sll. g .lloll V . VINCENT ijf f I V "vinee"V e sley i VV o n I every memingiilfe Iiwas supposed to. I saw: it but I didn't believe it! I V I conquered: nothing. ' , I left three more brothers at F. S. C. S. ' I I rust MARVIN I .VITA LICARI - f ' ' YTlHChO" Vifvidalf V 'V If came: a year late. . , ,VIV .lr TI came: with the best class this school ever-sthedglVQff7!5g.Ei-if ,.., IIHSQWY 2 lor Of Pe0P1e I didI1'f Yet know' if f cc,1 Q ,1 Saw: things I can't repeat fhuh Mufflj. V f I conquered: three and one half sets of bass .I conquered: my fears. ' V ,1'lfjfffgifi.jjjf..fQV.f5!QffEVI ysiyq ,Qgg If01lf Pairs Of COHVCFSG- 1 icc.. 'IV.1eft: wishing I was as grown up as I claimed 'i"1 VII' f I 'lrl Q filfleftz looking for a Captain Beefheart conceirta i' right Wendy and Sue?! ' I.i. S727 fb ':"i ' ""' ' ' Sundance. , ' if MARK I-DUNSBURY "Octo" I I came: unwillingly. I saw: nothing., q',' V I I conquered: e"i' V' Ilef'-2 not la. csllc JEFF MAURY e fyjeffn I came: to learn . I I saw: 'a method of learning. I conqueredrfgettingjup Vat 7VA.M.,to learn. I left: w1thoutVwfrV1ting IVV. enything for "I left". :IVV VV,Vk,,-1' CARL MILLER "Carlos Santana" I came: with very little knowledge of the world. I saw: more than the facts. I conquered: nothing in my path. I left: with a big search for something I haven't found RGSEMARY MINOSI-I vlROeH I came: only to find people who are friendly. p I saw: many interesting things along the way. I V . j I conquered: many of my former fears. f .p fy I left only to be forgotten. FRANK MORACCO "Frank" I came: without Debbi. I saw: Ernie' S. conquer two gallons. I conquered: the five minute mile with Tom Grates. I left: without Debbi. JEAN MARIEMMULLIGAN "Jeannie" ,U . ' I came: with 5aQNew'Iersey accent. I saw: more snow in one winter than I saw in ten winters on Long Island. I conqueredz' Whom do you think I am? Alexander the Great?! ! I left: the "Mann St. Maniacs" to fend for themselves. THERESA MURDOQK I :"Tree" . . 1 1 c I came: very unwillingly. say for "I saw. " V i I conquered: General Science after three LQNGiye:ai-sl I left to be with Ronnie. , ' CECILIA MURPHY Hcecli I came: I DID?! ! I saw: the lightsiflicker!! q I conquered: all of Billisrgirlfriends. I left DanelIegf15fi6:,pa1:ron saint of the Navy. ' 54 ,I saw: the day six people couldn't think of BEN NICASTRO. q : "Benjie" I came: hoping to graduate after so many years. I saw: myself in a dream making a lot of money and being wealthy. . . . 4 I conquered: the power of working andrgoing to school at the same time. t - Q, I left my brother Richard and all his LUCY J. NICASTRO . - osec I I I I came: whenever I felt like it. I saw: nothing in particular. ,L I conquered: depressed moods. a IIC . to leave I I left- not being the last Nicas PAULA ROSE NICASTRO "Pauline" I came: into a society. I saw: the ,reality of the unreal. I conquered:.::.myself.i , Ileft: acloiowledged. 7.,. g KEN ORIOVLE.. ppr. vaMu1ti11 4 Lif ' a , I came: to get some education. I saw: a lot of brealcin. ' I I conquered: Sam Caiola and Dink Lille. I left: forgetting to get the education. DENNIS OYER I , '.... ir if 1' L'k' K It "DCU" I I 1 came: hoping to be someone when 139-Ve - I Saw: PYEITY girls like Valerie Van I conquered: the problem of having conversations . . cial f I left: with half of my dream coming true graduatedj. fi 't DONALD oven ' ' "Burien" a I came: so fast the doormat started on fire. i q I saw: something-in science I'll never get over fthe moony. Q q , I conquered:,:fourpye9.1fs of math but don't ask me how. I left withjohirifpyaind5.p.Erni:e.looking for some hot spots. VINCENT PALMIERI I I I U . '.kL jk I came: on the worst day of my life. ' f F. S. in all its grandeur and glory? I I 'l" eonquered: not one single thing. I left: F. S. withGg11IgQ'ffil'SQjhonor of my presence. RICHARD PALUMBO I I mick" I I came: by force. I saw: nothing. Q, -- I conquered: .l'. I left: the supposed NICHOLAS I Q .l . I "Nick" I .,e 1l L p I came: unwillingly, knovringffslessfthan I do now. ' I saw: love, peace, joy, happiness, and most ofiall understanding . I 'ff I I conquered: an understanding of many people.. ' I lefti:,,Egfa,nlsfort-Schuyler happily and willingly., ' SANDRA KAY POTENZAQQ5,gf "Sandi" iff p'.' A p p -.,. . , I cagme: with PEACE of inind. A - ' qi li, I saw: people with complete control ovetyeilferything L but themselves. That's really nothing, 4-isn't'it? I conqueredzgigeality. I left: on the walls,1books, desks, and etc. . opyyp I p p JOSEPH PUTCH .1 ipyeol , "PutCh" I T I I came: innocent, curious, andffinally with pleasure., .Aej A I sawq Mutt's confusion and hewilderment., ."i-" I as l'i" I conquered: a stare and myjcrippled right. I left: asfafwinner andiaygood loser. Joyce REINA y oecl 1 A f'Yirg'.' II I y. with Mary Button and Carol AY'.l"' ' 2 I hate, friendship, understanding, pe'l apathy, ,.1gg.,3fja11F1ihYP0CrisV. f lxeonqueredz C., " days--almost! I left: a lot when I in. VINCENZA RIZZGIIII-III ,gl lli..i..cyyi A I l,Vi-V., . ' ' f',- -kfl 2 K- lI came: fromacross the sea. I I 'ioee iffr i ,'ie' M V I saw: a new way of life. p I' I - 4 ".A, I ,conqueredg ,the ways of making new friends. I left: RIQsarQlZ1iinilia and Debbie Burns one moreayeeuif of I M if DONALD iioiis1iITs,I I Ayoy I I "Don" A It I came: not by my own Isaw: in Mr. Leland's classfjif i'i' 'ie' p I conquered: my Chemistry class. I 1?f?S110fl1ins- eeoc I II RQWLAND, lA..,A.l.Al.. I f "Kawai - oelsll I I came: was in store, forenie. I saw: "orange" eIep,ligih.ifs'j'fIQni,purplebpaclggijounds- remember that one ISjheron'?' . I I I p.,: . II Ieonqueredz the trampoline, ' iifjflgftl a seat on the bank corner to. is is . ,.,. ...1,',-.1' I 'dumb enough to sit there. iw' I ' DENNIS RUIDDYHQ. IIADA I Ifconquered: not everything I wanted to, hntwhat I I "'didn't' has made atllgjthe difference. I I Ileft with MD M M H a11I1Y I . YI: II.. f . Icame: with .'-. 1 .,.,,,1'pA..,,.p I ,,.,pA,. A Isaw: nothing. 5-'I Dlp' 4 ID'1 MONICA PURDELL isel - A rlconquefeds school. I "M011C3" A . A, I-.' Iifif Asi IAIA I is ,,,p p I left: my helmet to Richard I came: with false hopes. But. . . leavefthe. past behindizjgfgiggg A s'-DI, 'D I saw: two of our teachers feeling good. D- 'fl..-'s DONALD RUFFAID p my , ' . A i,I, jg 1,1I "Buff" AV., 5 .V,..p, - , 4,pe, 'ppz 1 I came: .inftending,to be a great student in the Natfllf H01101' SbCiei?yti1AMr. Mazzata, told me I'd better y take C.A? cifeditq, ,A:'VI,p ?.1 1 p1'I' ' D D I saw: the-'day I mentionedI5iMffagfi'ies'to Coach Deyle, and he never pulled I I conquered: being able to ,l,I 'C he '.'.e, I . Grippelspi A 1' It ' ' ' 91-Ifffifff fz' T11 W V' I lefjizf ,fll Ql'1E3.1Z' Ms. Apgar say in 10 years to helffgrend-4 ' that Donald, what a great and lde-voted art Was- " 1 l A ELAINE SANDERS EiffS2lf1derS0n" flgcamez without knowing Bill. i A Ifsawz- Ric eat my cookies in Ms. Barron's study hall without getting caught. I conquered: my fears of ALMOST everyone. I left: Greeny, Shaggitts,gRic, Rick, Col and all the others 'who make Frankfort great! JEAN SEA MAN H.I611'i'.kk A I I came: tolove and be loved. I saw: once I got to the mind, I got to the body! ! I conquered: ???? and loved every minute of it. I left wondering what life will bring next. KERRY JAMEQSEAVER "Burch" v I Caine: at leaistjonce a week. saw: thirteen years of wild ecstasy. jlfconqueredz Prof after three tries. Ileft: an empty 6-pack. NATHAN D. SESSUMA ?'Nate" Icame: intelligent and humble. Iysaw: little that madesense. I conquered: my handicap of not being able to bend pinkey down without my 3rd finger coming down too! Q Ileft: retarded and haughty also I leave F. S,C. S. with the'Bass twins which leaves this school once again segregated! A I JOSEPH scuox 9 7 uloen i L E I came: the minutes to graduation. I saw: icoiiiplacency. I conquered: indecision. I left: still searching for peace of mind. CARLA SIEDLECKI "Carla" , I came: Timid--with the hope ofgaining new and lasting FRIENDS. Isaw: That a lot of people didn't care ,and selected g ftheones that did. Iiconqueredz the fear that no one would accept me for what Ireally am. I,left: hoping that people "out there" will try to under- S stand MY way of thinking. 56. CI-IRISTOPHER SIMMONS ii'Kristover" ' I V. I. came: looking forward to the day I'd graduate. I saw: Mr. Goodale as my 9th grade homerotiin teacher. I conquered: French III. ' I left: The Fearsome Foursome. JEANVSMITH "Short Stuff" I Came: on a bus. I saw: nothing. I conquered: many problems. A 'QT I left: the bus ride to BOCES toganyone that wants it. FLORENCE ISPATTO "Flossy" . I came: tagging along with my twin brothers Jim andyl Dan. -iff' I saw: Ms. G. win a pitch game and-Va free supper. ' I conquered: jumping the hurdle with the 8 lb. shotput I left: Mr. Goodale in peace with his lollipops. DAN SPATTO 1klDannyll I I came: without ever writing up a statisticgslieget. I saw: nothing written up by myself in SenidrfStatistics I conquered: no statistic sheet. I - I I I left: still without writing my senior stats. JAMES SPA TTO HJ iinu ,.f', I came: like Dan, with no Statistics. . , I saw: nothing but what Dan saw in his Stats. I I conquered: without the help of my senior statistics. I left: looking for the person who wrote this. I ERMINIO SPOIITIELLO "Ernie" I came: as a young naive freshman. I saw: much more than meets the eye. I conquered: two gallons at once. V. I left: but my mother is still here, T.SgiMa! MARK STERLING ,':k.' q F'!H.ffs flMaTkl! ,-gh' Q kky. ' I Came: thirteen years ago thinking school-was going Jtojbe fun. I I saw: many disappointments. I conquered: nothingf.jffI'here's nothing worth conquering herey. ' - V I left: one smelly .T-shirt in my gym :locker to anyone who can stand the smell. IVV' Q E II1e'1h j f CHARLOTTE STEVENS ucharu , , I came: withfalilisillusioned feeling. I saw: the unchanging times. . I conquered: a few by healing., 1 I leave: just making rhymes. ' tsy' 1, DAVID STILLWELI. llDaVel1 I came: ,Fcause I had to. I saw: the unbelievable. I conquered: all the hiding places. I left: dumber than when Ijeame in. CHARLIE SWEET IICOCOM K . I I came: to be prepared for that big world outgyonder! I saw: teachers strikes, bomb scares, and student sit ins, so now I'M READY FOR YOU, WORLD! ! I conquered: I can't. lie! I haven't conquered a damn thing!! V X' I left: like hell--just be with SHER! ! DAVID sYKEs ' nDaVen . V I came: unexpectedly. I saw: nothing but ----------------- . I conquered: my goal-finishing school. I left Cindyfbut not for long. SUSAN TASESA I "Tas" A styt I came: to give everyone something, worthwhile to talk about. I ' s,q-'.q 5 'ii,d'1.' 1 g I saw: through everyone's intentions with the qhelpflof. c m anal st I ' Y Y - . A I conquered: all those who were SO sLu'e they knew me. I left: still huggin' my pillow. NICK TESTA I. came: from nowhere. I I iii nothing . 'I conquered: nothing. I left: nothing. ,t', M V DAWN THOMPSON i!Da-Wnf! I came: because I had to. I saw: Frankfort. I conquered: qnothing. I left: the whole school to my sister. JOSEPH TOCCO HJC e n I came: in. ' I saw: what was there. I conquered: the little things. I left: i,'q with bigger things. PHY LLIS VALLONE , "Phy1" I dd,. 5 , , 5 . I came: with our great Mann street gangifjudylille, ,,eSue Reina, and Stef Dybasi. - .." Ifsaw: a lot of myself on the floor in gym class. Ikonnqueredz that certain someone almost. ' Iqleavez My big mouth to my cousin Clem. VALERIE VAN DUSEN - q "Mary Abdoo1a" ,:.. Q., 1',i j t"y.. . . I came: as everyone else does. i'."i 'Q q,:1i I saw: what it takes to make the world go round. q gl . Iconquered: shorthand and typing, right Mrs . Cacciatorefi I leave: many happy memories that will never be E' - forgottenp g ' ' Jo ANN vm "Nina" . I came: tardy. ' I saw: a little bit of everything! ! ! I conquered: the tardy belI??i! ! ! 7 I 1eft?.,fz11iy,Vbrotl1ers Anthony and Ricky to roam the ha1ls?f'of'F. SL C. S. y Q 57g CHARLES VIVACQUA "Chuck" I I came: unwillingly. I saw: things I did.n't think I'd see in any high school. I conquered: not much. I left this school in the hands of my cousins Carls, Sid, Rob, Gary, Fred, and jim and my brother, Mark. TERESA VIVACQUA "Sunshine" I I I came: for,2 years, left for 1, and came back for 2g more. I saw: the night at a dance Dan laughed from one end of the gym to the other with Acid indes. I conquered: my one goal in lifeg to be a drill instructor. I left: Cathy walking through the Gorge 4:30 in the morning. ROBERT WESTON "George" I car? with little knowledge about the things hap- pening around rne. I saw: things that I never want to see again. I conquered: nothing. I leftqa pack of cigarettes to Bob Luther hidden some- where in the boy's room. HARRY M. WILLIAMS IIMMWII I came: with hope. I saw: people helping and hurting others. I conquered: Ms. Reina's Algebra class. I left: my brothers to raise the devil at F. S. C, S, 58 BURDETT WITHERS "Butch" I came: not willingly. gif, 5 I saw: Sir Lancelot on the third floor. ,gigjjffli ' I conquered: all the beasts that roamed the halls. I left: school skipping and drag racing to jim Miller and Bill Matthews. TERRY WORLOCK "Wabbit" I came: free as a bird. I. .I I saw: what no man has ever seen. I I I conquered: the mountain air and the sunset ofithielli rising hill. ,V I left: the school without a WARLOCK for the first time in 18 years. ALVINA ZAFFARANO llvenall I came: very slowly. I saw: many different things. I conquered: nothing. I left in a hurry. LINDA ZAFFARANO q "Linda" I came: to experience life. I sawrfmy future before leaving F.S.C.S, to be a beautician. q I conquered: Bobby into marriage. Qigilg-l-' ' UNDERCLASSMEN Class fficers mai I I Junlors jimmer Wallace--Pres. Sue Reina--Pres. Mike Iagocco--V. Pres. Mary Nardi--V. Pres. Joanne Saldano--Sec. Judy A ccattato--Sec. Gary Marrone - -Treas. 60 Barb McGuiness - -Treas. freshmen jamie Pizzo--Pres. Bobby Elsaesser--V. Pres Karen Frank--Sec. Anne Tocco--Treas. ROW 1: J. Schwerdt, M. Fazio, M. Locker, J. Belline. ROW 2: F. Bowman, K. Hagen, C. Spagnola, C. Devyak. ROW 3: T. Dovi, R. Marine, E. Ahern, Tree D. Latella, M. Palumbo, R. Cioch, R. Vore, J. Sullivan. ROW 1: R. Nicastro. ROW 2: C. Pashley, R. Van Dusen, J. Lille, J. Salamone, G. Frank. ROW 3: C. Colucci, E. DiGristina, C. Simmons, B. Cortez, D. Ma- dore, R. Betti. ROW 4: D. Maury, W. Zdan, M. Iagnocco, D. Aiello. ROW 5: S. Kane, D. Wood 61 ROW 1: S. Bono, M. Manore, C Barrett:-1, C. Stolark, P. johnson G. Gates. ROW 2: A. Palumbo, I. Bellino, J. Soldano, B. Mc- Guinness, L. La polls., S. Zen- namo, D. Burns, J. Elsaesser. ROW 3: S. Girffin. V. Falcone, F. Pumilio, N. Ciallelo, D. Liv ingstone, C. DiSano, T. Cool, C. Vivacqua. ROW 1: R, Cellamgre, T, McCraith, G. Asnoe, I. Sanita, Palumbg, D, Biando, ROW 2: L.. GI'8Zi2.1'1O, S. Bl111iS, P. Dil- 1-1, Frank, S, Kaye, M, Penree, iberto, C. Manneen, I. Loia- P. Niznik, B. O'Corme1l, L. Cano. L. "ev-L "But Reg, Mother NEVER told me about ULTRA-BRITE ! " "George, that's not all she never told you about! " ROW 1: R. McGraw, S. Burdick, J. Cerini, J. Jones, M. Aversa, P. Maneen, R. Niznik, S. Zalocka, C. Cool ROW 2: J. Smith, S. Stillwell, A.M. Bonfardice, G. Plano, S. Kistner, D. Dellechaie, P. Lisandrelli, C. Ent- wistle, R. Woods, D. VanGorder, R. Santalucia. OW 1: D. Foster, D. Cardinal, C. Dickan, R. Brown. ROW 2: M. Zito, P. Spohn, I. Rec- hio, I. Graudons, P. Corbett. ROV' 3: C. Vallone, M. Collins, J. Kane, A. Licari, A. Yero, . Nasto, I. Bello, T. Holden, S. ' karico, J. Wallace, A. Aiello, T. Palumbo, I. Long- retta, R. Seaman. 63 ROW 1: S. Cavo, D. Oyer. ROW 2: D. Della Posta, S. Dulak, K. Bullis, R. Paratore, K. Kern, M. Murdock, C. Miller. ROW 3: A. Barberio, A. Gian- golini, J. LaVa11a, M. Hight, O. Ferrero, T. Mar- iani. ROW 1: C. Treen, K. Terzo, D. Pizzo, M. Murdock. ROW 2: B. Brownrigg, I. Lasher, D. Smith. ROW 3: C. 1 Spaman, R. Rotundo, P. Paratore, D. George. ROW 4: J. Zito, R. Oriolo, I. Fazio. ROW 5: N. McCraith, A. Viti. ROW 6: N. Kat- tato, I. Dovi, I. Cas- tellano. ROW 7: C. Digeorgio, R. Brezin- 1 ski, D. Maneen. ' N '11i, R. Zabinski, I. Bayer, L. 55 M24 eww WW gm? WW WW ow 1. D. Tubia, M. Fraccola, QW . Jones. ROW 2: M. Tasovac, BQ., . Eddy, R. Diliberro. Row 3. hm Ruddy, T. Inserra, D. win- WW ecker. ROW 4: M. La Barbara, . Rabuand, G. Moore KNEELING. fad Murray, G. Marrone. STAND- G: S. Smithers, D. Palmisano, Q . Vivirito, P. Thomas, W. Pet- POWI1 . ROW 1: S. Vivacqua, N. Ketz, M. Du- quette. ROW 2: D. Stevens, R. Testa, K. Fisher. ROW 3: M. Clements, K. Painter, T, Brinkerhoff. ROW 4: D. jones, I. Bunce, D. Tripple, S. Gian- golini, D. Pesklak. ROW 5: W. Miller, D. Desiome, P. La Veck, M. Putch, S Marine, M. Zombick, J. Smith. ROW 1: D. Dickan, D. Brown, J. Accattato. ROW 2: K. Mulligan, P. Schnieder, L. Belmont. ROW 3: L. DiMaggio, M. Iuliano, S. Weston. ROW 4: D. Gosling, S. Zalocka, G. Iocovozzi. ROW S: T. Smith, J. Congelo, A. Sanita, D. Entwistle. ROW 6: P. Tennis, S. Reina, J. Button. 66 ROW 1: J. Murdock, M. Piazza. ROW 2: C. Bow- man, C. Staffo. ROW 3: C. Papa, M. Lovecchio, I. Lasher. ROW 4: KNEELING: M. Matthews, A. DeFabio, A. Gage, S. Dorozynski. ROW 5: R. Green, M. Brown, J. Kattato, M. Ernst. ROW 6: J. Aiello, G. Caiola, S. Skowron, J. Sosnowski. i . ' J ,,. , . -fgef I . .. ra 'L JJ? 1. - -7 .mam-mmf ROW 1: C. Pett, J. Ernst , S. Lille, T. Biamonte, F. Roberts, T. Russo. ROW 2: L. Amento, M. Plano, K. Crates, S. Wallace. ROW 3: I. Grippe, R. Reina, J. Darion, I. Holden, M. Miller, D. Van Gorder, R. Pashley, P. Laura, B. Devyak. ROW 4: L. Grippe, T. Palumbo, D. Brezinski, B. Elaesser. BASKET: T. Co- lucci, K. Ganci. ROW 1: R. Wasyleski, I. Zaffarano, M. Irons, S. Palumbo, D. Bellino, E. Caiola. ROW 2: J. Deluke, A. Tocco, J. Digristina, K. Kattato, F. Puleo, R. Lazzaro, L. Mosher, E. Pike, A. Rella. ROW 3: D. Cooper, F. Vivacqua, J. Albicker, D. Foley, 1. Penree. LEFT ARC: G. Green, N. Geragi, RIGHT ARCH: J. Aversa R. Sanders, M. Mathews. ROW 1: V. Aiello, I. Salvatore, J. Gelose, S. Pezdek, R. Viti, R. John- son, I. Palumbo. ROW 2: E. Mosher, R. Stillwell, D. Iagnocco, W. Grip- pe, W. Lawrence, K. Wasielewski, G. Graziadei, D. Potenza, D. Cook. ROW 3: R. Bushey, R. Zaffarano, J. Gelose, C. Penree, D. Dichera, B. Archer, S. Linza, M. Roberts, A. Rella, P. Madore. ROW 1: S. Nicolett, L. Pilegge, 1 C. Albright, S. Derollo, L. Cardarel li, M. Pandolf, K. Frank. ROW 2: D. Perkett, L. Hight, B. Richards, C. Pumilio, B. Weston, T. Tripple, R. Balio. ROW 3: I. Griffin, L. Leo- grande, M. Schmidt, J. Jacobs, W. Rockwood, M. McCraith. ARCH: F. Zalocka, J. Langerlaan, F. Voor- hees. "GO-GO-GO . . . What's his name?" 5 ROW 1: K. McCumber, D. Paro, C. Seaver, S. O'Brien, S. Rappa, T. Leone, I. Rumrill, J. Zennamo, B. Madore. BACK: I. Walawender, F. Gillette, J. Pizzo, F. Grippe, W. Pesklak. LEFT ARCH: G. Upson, D. D'Amelio, D. Desimone, K. Wilcox. RIGHT ARCH: A. Amen- dolare, S. Hoffmeister, M. Lasher, I. Ciallelo. "And now . . . The SEVEN runners-up for the "MISS FSCS" contest . . . THE WINNERIS . . . ALTON GAGE!!! Alton Gage?!? our first musical: '6Bye, Bye Birdiev 1, if 1 QAMQQML f W 'Z FK J41 5,0 . M ,Q ni 'Wi 3 of - ,... vfgl , M A w 4 1 55 ,, S N sv? .11 A A Huff' 1 145 Q . l 33 .. w ,iL,......iks ? "Oh no, I bet they found out about. . . " "What do you mean Gerri Kipper is not on the ballot?" "It's just another day. " "Does an ACID and abase really give you a salt? "Congratulations , Coach. " 71 Our First Musical: 6'BYE BYE BIRDIEH SW 2 f ,,, , 'Qs F MH "If only you are as magnificent as you were in rehearsal, iff, "I've lost my voic gi? is 6 3' yi M Q Q W -. ffm-"U" " ww, lf ' Q it f U "And now for a behind the scenes view at the future faces of Broadway. " "When she's got you hooked, then yo 're really cooked. . . " . 'Q ,, , il. 'KCSV fi r? xx ilwwi f 5 k 1 V.. l .u ff A Q, xi , ,Q , , feb ' I ' ' e .y lt "We love you Conrad, oh yes we do! We do?" is - ' V ,i,ser 5 sk . . vi ' V fx IF' 3 K ogy X bm -Fumbducks Playing strip poker in the back of the bus! -The crater parties Skinny Vinny and Juicy Lucy The fantastic band bus with four in every seat The day the window in Ms. Miller's class happened to break The day in gym when everyone jumped on Coach Deyle Ms. Barberio's fits -Mr. Marchinoe watering his lawn with a 2ft. hose while trying to explain pressure Mr. Valent's temper tantrums Trying to learn physics to 'Hello Dolly' Seeing our old 6th grade teacher as a new counselor -The Bausch and Lomb Trainee! The large attendance at our yearbook meetings All the kids that never went to social Sth period Don Roberts and his imitations-foghorn, Pres. Nixon Our little afternoon parties when the morning got too rough Why they started afternoon attendance -Walder and Joyce -Elvis singing "I'm all shook up!" Tas jumping out Mr. Mazzara's window Stef and Joyce described as "frizzy haired and hope riders" Our May 26 Prom Din't clia ni? Sth grade volcano and Garramone's efforts to save us from the fire Ms. G's new exuberating, musical gym classes! Ms. V's Truth Serum 73-THEBEST THEREEVERCOULDBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q fs "That's about the size of it! !" ,--5 ,...W l ,N ., 'f..f,s r I x K, "I can't believe I ate the Whole thing!" .-.m "Some of us have it, and some of us don't. " "Hey--is it true jack Goodale was suspended for walking the halls without a pass!" M 3, !.f --Q If 3 , 5 3. Es P I L I facult english Ms. Maureen Verdura I Ms. Teresa Graves ENGLISH 11 in his grave. " "If Will Shakespeare heard that he would turn over ENGLISH 12 "You think so?" "I don't know." Ms. MaryEllen Tierney ENGLISH 9 "Vxfhat does he want now?" 80 MI. Kevin Eickler ENGLISH 10 "I mean. . . " Ms . Franc es Pontilillo BUSINESS "I'll make ladies out of you girls yet. " Mr. Nick Chuff Mr. Nicholas Frank BUSINESS HEALTH "Stop staring at me with those dmnb looks ' "This is serious business people. " Ms. Rose Cacciatore BUSINESS 'ss X Q U UQ' xx A 4, dl -'mag .f Q-.sea "Mercy, mercy. " - 3 3 k V Y' wxgw 'Q 81 24.82-.RW V u X fy 2-5:5 's"' C 1 -. I A i A if ck, L. gi Ms. Virginia Reina MATH 11, CALCULUS "Do you follow me?" MI. Steven Valent SOCLAL STUDIES 10 "I don't Want to hear it." Ms. Lynda Katsakos Mr. Joseph Reina ALGEBRA, COMPUTER MATH MATH 10 "Okay, people. Let's go people. " "GSB, YOU kids are TIhiCk! " x S' E ' . . eg we . f ,Q - qt' 1.2 gy W ., ,Q f , -p ox A E if HW ,fi-f Wjlilw Q1 L , A CX A f of -,J V L -F Q V 49-NT ffffu S 125 db 3 GL, , 00' r Cgf no 0 we f SQ D6 e A - r :A A , wk X 1 L? 5 , S S t E u d i e s Mr. Anthony Mazzara S5 SOCIAL STUDIES 11 . "If you can't read it, look ' II at t e Pictures' "Anything else from that group?" Mr. Frank Spina SOCIAL STUDIES 9 "Don't be surprised if you have a quiz on this material. " 83 science V1 Mr. joseph Kinney PHYSICAL SCIENCE "See you at 2:45" Mr. Vincent Bonomo BIOLOGY "That's a good questiong look it up for tomorro Mr. Earl Mannion PHYSICS "C'mon people. Cool it. " Mr. Anthony Spina CHEMISTRY "Eat, drink, and sleep MOLE!" ' s , w .gg 'fi il v 5 Eh AJS Mr. Gary Dydyk INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC "Yeah, . .that's right. . .I know. " Ms. Josephine Apgar ART "Ch, a1l1'ight!" i n d u special 6 Sed!! 86 MR. JOHN KOI-IAN "Watch out for the other guy! " MIR. SIGMUNT LELAND "I'm the other guy. " MR. SAM GRATCH MR. BOB FOLKES vvgm. Own little run-abOutg H "Far out, you little sweetheart! " speech 81 drama N, , ffl E Vx NIR. JOHN WOEPPLE "Notre Dame always comes out on top." MR . DEYLE "Hey Neophyte . " MS. YVONNE GIGLIOTTI "Poiiiiiint. " MS. BABCOCK "I didn't see that M 3 9' .4 ffisiwf 1 CLIFF BROWN -X- IN s lm .X, JOE KIPPER f X FRANK MORACCO Q'- RON BONFARDICE 'X' JOHN KIPPER X X ERNE SPORTELLO RICH BAMBERGER -X NICK TESTA i. 'X' DENNIS RUDDY MARK CONLEY 92 lk lk JIM DeROLLO X. JOHN CARDINAL X 'X- MARTY COLUCCI SENIOR LINE-UP 93 DAVID STILLWELL "Look at that shank! 'Hey, Hey they're our guys. . . !" "The liiilest angel" "Hey, that's me!" "Chaxge! " HGMECOMING Five young gallant squires, each with a princess standsg Monica with Donnie and Joyce, in Ben's brave hands. Rick is guarding his special princess as Vin and Lu patiently waitg Frank and Val walk lastly-- to us, each pair is great. J' ' 5553 if V 5 r I 2'-'www 41zf.s.,, ,f ,sg '2i'.7A" 3f9':',f5fQ5js7 'iff :fx "V n V ,, A f ' K Mfr' ,,3l.,,,ngQ V222 3 X King Joe and Queen Lucy and chosen court, as one, hold the eyes of many. The great night has begun. Mx There comes a time for dancing, there comes a time for play, good vibrations whelm us over on the floor, on the field this day Windy and rainy, the Bombers are bombed and the night closes its eyes while the band plays on. F nofgxo ' CL OWN Once upon a time . . at Frankfort High there was a snow circus . . . Dawn brought a colorful snowbound clown, a Very ferocious lion, a circus cannon and a most unique looking seal. Molded from the of our Winter sportsmen, came an elephant, who was sitting and watching all the snow frolic and activities. Dusk brought clowns and crowds out of the cold and into a new world of dancing and prancing, and crowning a snow king and queen. The COUIT was accom- panied by attendants--an old idea that made the night complete and brought all as one. And after the choosing and cruising, jestering and festering-- night's lights dimmed and the joyful hearts of clowns and crowds became silent. Yet in the silence hearts remained full of magical memories that shall live on long after our little snow circus melts away. 7 Varsity Cheerleaders Kathy Terzo Debbie Pesklak Mary Ann Tasovac Linda Entwistle Sue Reina Mary Nardi Debbie Tubia Phyllis Vallone .V. Cheerleaders .rl-Frm Rella, Diane Paro, Karen jaskowiak, Wendy Grippe, Sue Wallace, Dawn lagnocco, Debbie Biando, Ann occo. O8 lor Guard " f. ROW 1: M. Zito, T. Inserra, A. Bonfardice, G. LaGess, R. Cellamare. ROW 2: C. L' f lv 1 Vivacqua, K. Ganci, R. VanDusen, V. VanDusen, S. Zalocka, B. DiPiazza, M. La- Barbera, C. DellaPosta, D. Latella, B. McGuiness,S. Dybas, M. Palumbo, K. Barreta. Drill Instructors: Mr. Michael Fiorentino and Teresa Vivacqua. l 1 Rl' 1. , Male R Cheerin g f K i ! do , Squad Z A 'g " vi L ci i X V - -,.,L,QA.AvL, L lW" W A e W ROW 1: Chr' S' - 2 id L? 'Y ROW 2: Ed lgierxarlrjqglliuck Vivacqua, jeff Jones. ROW 3: Rocky Esposito. Yyrestlin g KNEELING: Anthony Viti, Tim Niznik, Ricky Potenza, Frank Palumbo. STANDING: Rusty Ferraro, Ron Niznik, jim Elsaesser, Dave Stillwell, Cliff Brown, Nick Testa, Fran Bowman, Gary Marrone, Alex Palumbo. X DAVE STILLWELL lk CLIFF BROWN lk NICK TESTA 1 110 Field Hockey and Winter Sports IA NICASTRQ ji X MARCE INGRO i if STEF DYBA lk KAREN ALLEN :Qc 1 LUCY N1c:AsT lk Baseball Stars and Cross Country Team F rf IX , lk KEN ORIOLE 1 uk JOHN CARDINAL 1 TOM MARINE KNEELING: Mark Aversa, Mark Lounsbury. SITTING: Tom C-rates, Gene Cobb STANDING: Mr. Gratch, Tom Smith, Pat Niznik, Rick Sanders, Terry Hold- en, Fred Pumilio, Mr. Robbins. lk SENIOR STAR TRACK ERNIE sPoRTELLo X -X- MARK LOUNSBURY, RICH EDDY X X DON QYER WAYNE JOHNSON, DARRYL GILLETTE, ED BIERNAT 115 w 'M , QQ inn. Qs. -E ,Q ' X QW- .--..-I Tennis SEATED: Joyce Reina, Dar Tarris. STANDING: Kathy Mulligan, Pat Cor- bett, Noreen Ketz, Deb Maneen. X JOYCE REINA uk JEANNETTE SEAMAN X Ik X ulgifwuigii? 1, Ill' 1. 1,1 V1 W, fff f'f "-.I .iq . ul-P15 " 2+ HHH: In E E! af:'l. 'Inf ..l:.lg .'l '-Ehftglllff ' ::,.:l I l lair' I 1 .-:fig Qs PAUL KISKA 95:52:52 I ' ' Q .f . I I , E':.' ...: f K K un. Al- QW: ----- -w gif' Y g -- -3 I '07 Director--Mr. Gary Dydyk 125 J cm is .. E2 J 4 J q,H :'f,"g,,,,i.,, Q Varsity Club GAA President Janice Bass, Vice Pres. Joyce Reina, Secretary Judy Lille, Treasurer Deb Peslak Pres., Becky Van Duseng Vice Pres., Colleen Stolarkg Sec'y., Pat Delibertog Treas. , joe Sullivan Joyce Reina, Presidentg Mary Sanders, Vice Pres.5 Becky Van Dusen, Secretaryg Paul Kiska, Treasurer. I MEMORIAM .. VL,1 ' ' . This pasti March our town was deeply sadclenedby the untimely death of our schoolenurse and friendg Ms, Bella M. Oriole.,To all olfus who knew her, she was always a source of joy and hope. She was someone everyone depended ong as a nurse, a friend, a teaeher, and a wife and mother. We will always cherish her memory., f, 5 138 e- 5 . sei One spring day So desolateand so cold God needed eeef eautyllfi l To 'help spring's arms unfold. And he looked upon the worlclgf He knew in his heartthis day he'cl find the blooming flower a light to brighten the way. He seejgfched tolthe endiiof eternlty- Somewhere, it had to be. . . And then he found true tranquility, In the form of 3,,MfQ1'1'13I1ifxYO11 seedy A wife, a mother, a daughter, h Now from her loved ones:-set apart, 1 And she was taken hom het own' home l to live near God'sl pure heart. And spring's next day washeautifulgs God transformedher into the sun and the windlefnd the breeze. And you can hear her voice in sweet whisp as she sends her love through the trees. God gives strength to those who lose, And'God gives strength to thee. , Sweet tears you cry for a love:that's fgone, But sweet Bella willifelways bee. Charlotte Stevens SiS MEMGRIAM WRX Our student body was deeply touched by the deaths of iours elementary teachersgftbis past H Msg Blinorfiiiields andlJlyis.y I-Iorsley. Words cannot express the emotionsfffliat we sotnenestiy feels They werediour friends, jungle smile WQ1fCl-.iiQ1fQII1 them meant so much. z V ,,e' 1- y . V These two women helped us ju'Stfgf?When we 'needed it thelmostg they helped to biiild 'the We are formed as individuals. As teachers thegifinstilled ahope in us for future years that , sible 2141111155-" y f L le'll ' l ,F 'iel ' i "'l 1 . 'We Willialways ryeinember: their deep concern for us'as'studentsi,'f,tlieir quest5Vforyperfection"in themselves, words of praisedtfor a kind orgigenerotxs act, and that deep abiding faith in God's goodnessgand y The ElinQi1G. Shields Memorial Award is given to a senior majoringwin elementary educationfg-Q, This is in honor bf4Ms. Shieyldsywho spent fifteen years helping oiiii'Elementaiiiyd'fStudent,Ss',i11the Kindergarten Levielpilt is hoped that the love, 'iioiiflpassion, saiid understanding Ms. Shields had for all alsqbe with the recipient .of this award. ij ,.:, 1 LrL-, g I V 71, g.,, V ., VEK- V I Vi rkris 139 When We were young 'lf I Wkvp , N1 y 'YK it F N 4 ' "wmv 4? -gf , ll 'Af 7 , 8 4 nf A . EA, 13 V , if f vi -NA -Q4-f 14 15 11 , '57 M 1-W ,K f- -n 61. in Nz , im' 5' Www., 19 5 E ,. Ziggy, L-, E' , ' , KV V W , , " H 1 f 11 l in , 1 - 1--Jeannie Mulligan, 2--Frank Moracco, 3--Chris Simmons, 4--Tom Marine, 5--joe Tocco, 6--Bev DiPiazza, 7--Kathy Rowland, 8--Harold Hubelek, 9--Nan Centola, 10--Nick Testa, 11--Sandy Potenza, 12--DebManeen, 13--Carla Siedlecki, 14--Chuck Vivacqual, 15--Mark Sterling, 16--Fran Caiola, 17--Kathy DellaPosta, 18--Sue Tassa, 19--Don Oyer. When I Was Little by Naomi Shihab When I was a little kid about ten years ago I used to ask why leaves fell, Why night came, why the moon was a fingernail sometimes, And why the seatide rolled backwards and forwards They told me that leaves fell off the trees so The naked branches would have room for fresh baby leaves in the springtime They said that nighttime came because daytlme would soon grow Boring If it were all that were, And that the moon could not be fat and round all the time because The moon did not stay 1n one place And also, because I looked at it from different angles They told me that the tide went out So the tide could come in Imagine how deep the water would be at my shore And how shallow at somebody else's When I was a little kid about two years ago I used to ask why tears fell, Why emptiness came, why the world was a thornbush sometlmes And why my feelings for people and their feelings for me went in and out And the difference now is that they do not have to tell me anything Because I have not forgotten mnxsssii do C' . r J . t af ' I 1' . Y, fxwfl . . . . .4 y I a Q 4 i . . . . ' A - 9 . . ' , f v 1 . ' ' - 5 Becauselif the tide just came in and never went out . . . .3 .11 Cn -I . , A9 YQ j V. Q5 ' y - .1 5 v A , ,, yuan ' rx, W. . .. 15- 2 - Late Spring by Deborah L. Phelps a l rod foeflfloe Graffiti by Alison Cole W b m o W Undoubtedly u o it's perversion t d that makes me write ,d , your name on every wall S1 e my Wm of every public place or t V private. Oda In library books, on bus windows e carved in a chocolate cake and in salt spilt on the tabletop. C Sadly, I can't stop, even though I Know you are above reading messages 5 furtively left you on an unsigned wall. t 111 ai S 'Y' 141 0 Q5 MLEQffw-223 W 1 Z M33 w3,i!b5+Qa'?W,,,v X R few Wim Eg 22-ff X050 fb LEMURPHN 10 506130557 Ox U Gsm as if 2-4. E, 53 53,-S38 ww O X, ,A E, ig X, Ujxggfifi? 4, Af V"JcMO o E GP Qf"M2f0f'hde vceweswmoqsagma N6 304,95 BSN 44 1 Qxh-E 6 g J O LT? kv 1 bk , Q0 0 QKCW' W Q Roe, ' em' Cn C' 349' S W 0 84:3 Q l 42- ?- 9 111 gil? L 6 xv as A 1 O .N 87 M5331 'U 1 'bf Q X C' SG C- p . 15027 B3-bch Q SJ 15 by SEL 3 5 EQ was M 35 iii Q Bos Kww N1 .ff S L.ov2s " 150 ff-L, 'W' 1-I A D - - EZSQLN MX QCg'?x+6L.CP' CL iumxf fwy ggi? 5 KJHQQD 31 4 nl were born together, and you shall be forevernnore. ou shall be together when wings of death scatter your days. y, you shall be together in the silent memory of God. let there be spaces in your ss, let the winds of the heavens between you. one and other, but make not of love it rather be a moving the shores of your souls. each other's cup but drink one cup. one another of your bread but eat the same loaf. and dance together and be joyous, but one of you be alone, as the strings of a lute are alone, they quiver with the same music. your hearts, but not into other's keeping. or only the hand of life contain your hearts. stand together yet not near together: For the pillars of the temple cl apart. And the oak tree and the cypress not in each other-'s shadow." Gibran Cx ,73 The BEST there could be 143 And how could We forge . . . the time joe Kipper locked Mr. Campbell in the light cage. the time Lee Marvin wore two different colored sneakers and was told he had no pride. the Bottles at the senior play. the stolen sandwiches that had to be given back! the "Little List" ! ! ! Question: Can you get high putting marijuana between your toes? Answer: Only if it's got a propeller on it. Coach Polito's "technicals" ! ! ! the senior PRIVILEGE. "Go order your different color can-n-gown in the office." the girl's varsity basketball team going undefeated in our junior and senior year. tromping thru the halls and pulling girl's noses. fRemember, Donnie?j the overall winners of the snow sculptures of '73---The junior class of '72! ! ! "and you don't need Math 12 to figure that out. " "The Senior Class would like to wish Robert E. Lee a happy 16 3rd birthday." joe driving his smoke stack with his chicken wing. ' last year's girl's gym class and soaking Teresa Inserra with the wastebaskets full of water!" the days Ms. C-raves said not to come to class if you were sockless in sandals and the day Charlotte took her up on 1 Ms. Fuller the "out of town beauties", and how they fell in love with our "men" Mary Sue, Betty Lou, Honey Du, Funk Gu the day Nan found her car "Saluting" the flagpole. our Boss Editor's deficient character. Speech class 4th period and Ida's "honcle" and wopsided cake, trudging thru the snow to take our senior class picture a new blue Volkswagen and a broken minibike that brought 2 people together the best Senior Class ever to graduate-not '71, not '72, not '74-but 1973. 144 Happiness is a ,73 Yearbook 46 Darlene Tarris--Pres. Val Van Dusen--V. Pres. Debbie Maneen Lucy Nicastro Marce Ingro Laura Graham Becky Van.Dusen Gloria Plano Kathy Terzo Margie Manore Anne Marie Boofardice Judy Graudens Debbie Biando Paula Lisandrelli Mary Nardi Anne Marie Sanita Noreen Ketz Kathy Barretta- -Sec Helen Frank--Treas. Cindy Albright Rosanne Paratore Sharon Bono Joanne Larnst Karen Frank Lonnie Dil-Iaggio Joanne Rumrill Debbie Pizzo 'Q 'o '0 to ,00000000000000000000000000 0 , - 0 ' Best Wxshes From ' . .IOHNZS LIQUOR STORE . 0 129 Litchtield sneer 0 ' Frankfort, New York . 894-8781 0 - 0 0 ' 0 0 0 ' BEST WISHES . . DOM ACCATATO ' 0000000000t000 CARDINAL'S. SUNOCO STATION East Main Street Frankfort, New York Phone 894-4591 147 BETA CHI LPHA SORORITY Mary Jean Button--Pres. Stef Dybas--Sec. Jeannie Mulligan--V. Pres. Clemmie Vallone--Treas Judy Smith Florence Spatto Danelle Latell LuAnn LaPolla 48 Sue Reina Maria Fraccola Kathy Mulligan Lynn Amento Kathy Grates Georgiane Graziadei Barb McGuinness Judy Lille Judy A ccattato Sue Zalocka Jeri Iocovozzi Tina Inserra Wendy Grippe Kathy Wasielewski Sue Wallace I GOOD LUCK SUSAN I 0 0 Q AND THE CLASS OF '73 I o 0 0 Q 0 0 o A g T 0 0 o 0 0 I I I I 2 I g THE BRASS TACK g : C g I ' nsT Th Cl f73 : I 2 ' East Main Stree Q Frankfort, New Y k ' ' Whitey and Pa T O A 0 Q I Q I Q O DULAK Dulak Cleaners and Dulak Marine Main Street Frankfort New York WINSTON S JEWELERS Compliments of Winston s Jewelers Something from Winstons is always something special. GLEN MOTEL Glen Motel T.V.-Telephones-Air Conditioned-Reasonable Rates Frank and Betty Paratore H Herkimer R Rt s - Compliments of Cut Rate Supermarkets Herkimer and Frankfort FREEMAN S Compliments of Freemans 137 N. Main Street Herkimer New York Kitchens by Nicholas Nicholas J. or Marie R. Geragi 270 N. Main Street ' ' ll ' k ' 0 . 0 CORRADO MILLING PUZZI S Compliments of Puzzi s Restaurant BENNIE PISARZ Bennie Pisarz Dealer and Gun Smith Frankfort New York 894-3614 STS. PETER AND PAUL Best Wishes from Sts. Peter and Paul s and St. Teresa s Church Rev. Andrew B. Cekovsky Compliments of Friendly Bake Shop ST. 'MARY S Best Wishes from St. Mary s Parish Council Rev. Alfred A. Lamanna Frank N. Oriole President MI-LADY BEAUTY SALON Congratulations to the Class of 1973 from Mi-Lady Beauty Salon. PLANO S MARKET Congratulations to the Class of 73 from Plano s Market CUTRATE FRIENDLY BAKE SHOP I 1 A Compliments of Corrado Milling Company. HERKIMER CAMERA SHOP JAMES F COLLINS Compliments of Herkimer Camera Shop. Congratulations from James F. Collins 0 Congratulations From Q 4 I . TIfIoE,s5rATIoN 0 I I Cf F 0 119North4Frankfon St. g Joe and John O Congratulations P o F F f V I . . To The Class of'73 From t ' F TP DRIVE IN O C ' Paul and Millie Ingro 0 0 0 0 0 ooiiooeko 0 0 0 0 o 0 It I I g O csomplimomo of Q ' I I . ZITO'S INSURANCE I I ' All Forms of Bonds and Insurance I . Compliments Of . Lk,AV-,VL.. I ti.L ig ,kkA'hLh. A o f laoo o olno E lln I E , 0sf5PEretEGEirPmPHttC0- . Hotofklitooofgkpzowtifofk ' I 1,52 : I Best wishes From . F o 4 s oa , I LAeIPLIIyIgkfS roPHARMAcY ' .,.k ,K 0 I 1oIE.Maih st. Frankfort, New York 0 I "WorkingIFor Better Health." O I I C C C C I O O I I C C O O I ' I9 ' CONGULIARO'S lllll I loll 4 ' APPLIANCE CENTER I Iass e p o 0 O g Westinghouse 148 E. Main St. . .F Frankfort, New York 894-8914 . o 0 0 o 0 ooooo ol , of tll000000 0 o 0 0 Q-epfeffg so o 0 0 0 0 0 o Q oBestEWishes From Q 0 O ' FRANKFORT 5 8a 10 ' 0 0 0 I I 206 East Main Street I I I I Q Herbert Picker, Owner Fl IQ 0 ' r Itr I FQ lflllfllflllffflf OCQCQCOOQOOOOOOI O P0 ' S so I BUILDING ' . I F CONTRACTORS 5 . r l t e I eerr I 0 ' . I ,VV7hk -VA,h.V. i ' . kFfankfosfr ,roNow York , ' Sal and Jin1NiC0,lette, Owners 895-7901 , Q I lliilllillllllfl I E I I f RIVERSIDE IIFARMSII Buy Direct At Our Plant and Save! Q I Q Farm Fresh-Bottled Daily 894-3794 I O I O O IIII IIII IIII I Q Q Q ' ' V.J. IOCOVOZZI FUNERAL HOME . 203 Second Avenue Frankfort, NeW5jYork Our Best Wishes QT61 Graduating Class Of I ,, f2a,::-1-W:,,,.t1-I ,.-, ,E--,z ,ff I VINNY'S MARKET le 151 E. Main sr. Frankfort 895-7810 Compliments Of UNION I FORK I 153 Compliments Of RON'S SHELL 24 Hour Tow Service , ENJEM'S . . CARPETS ' C Carpets By Armstrong, Lees, ' ' Vi King and Karastan. Floors By I ' Armstrong Congoleum, Wair and Kentile. . Free Estimate-Expert Workmanship. 0 Phone 866-4550 of Utica 733-0422 ' ' 1 10 East State Street I 0 0 ' 0 0 ' O Best Wishes To the Class of "73" Q . I ' . Best Wishes From ' I I ' : sEPPl's : , g MEN'S , J. BRADY THOMAS ' I : SHOP : INSURANCE , o 0 ' . 108 Main Street Frankfort 894-4792 ' : ' . Independent Insurance o 0 ' 0 0 ' 0 0 ' 0 0 ' 0 Q ' llllllillllifl .'.."'gQQQQlQ 154 Herkimer, New York . . uRGo's 9 ' FARM I O . suPPl.v - . 133 West Main Street I Frankfort, New York . ' Frank J. Potenza, Owner 0 Bus. 894-9462 Res. 8944407 ' lllllffllllll I . : Compliments Of : ' C , o , MOHAWK VALLEY . 0 COOLING AND : 2 HEATING . ' I . Q . Refrigeration, Air Conditioning . C ' O ' C , Q ' O OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sales and Service 866-6535 Q llfllllllllll I . . C . Compliments Of Q , 0 ' I . Q g WEEDEN AND SITTS, 0 O : INC. , , o , o Q Under The Clock ' . All Kinds Of Insurance I Phone 895-7431 . ' Independent Insurance llllllllfllll U ' Q 0 . ' Compliments Of . I . I ' C , THURSTON , . RESTAURANT : 2 AND LANES , , 0 , 0 . Pleasant Avenue Frankfort, New York Q 894-2240 . VARDEN STUDIOS, INC. M1l11e s Beauty Salon Lltchfield Extenslon Phone 895 7306 We Personallze Ha1rstyles 204 East Jefferson Street S racuse N Y k y ew or Yearbook D1v1s1on Phone 422 9228 Best Wrshes Herklmer Bargaxn Center Herklmer New York T06 3283 Best Wrshes B111 s Home Improvement Servlce Phone 894 2287 Carpentry Best Wrshes K B Bar B Q Frankfort New York Gregg Appllances Inc ew or Phone 866 2310 Your Fngldalre Dealer THE SENIGRS THE SENIGRS ARE THE BEST' Y Y 'V ini? THE SEN19 RS THEY'RE BETTER, THEY'RE THEY,RE BETTER THAN ALL THE REST! Y V ' YV an 'www PAT RONS Mr. and Ms. John Tassa Deano Mr. and Ms. Philip Farouche Mr. and Ms. Leon Palmieri Mr. and Ms. Thomas DellaPosta Mr. and Ms. Carl Mannino Mr. and Ms. Angelo Reina Mr. and Ms Joseph Sharrino Mr. and Ms. John Burns The Flower Shoppe Mr. and Ms. Mr. and Ms. Mr. and Ms. Mr. and Ms Mr. and Ms Frank Costalano Edward Rowland Philip J. Sanders . Joseph J. Tocco .William A. 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Tripple Joseph Salvaggio Ralph Richan Oren Clark and Ms. John Sterling and Ms. Salvatore Vivacqua Charles G. Smith Joseph Nicastro and Ms. and Ms. Ms. Ms. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. and Ms. and Ms. James Sylvester and Ms. Nino Salvatore and Ms. Frank Moracco and Ms. Dominick Mazzola and Ms. James Marine Mr. and Ms. U Mr. and Ms. Sam Piazza and Ms. Richard Murphy Joseph A. Palumbo Mr. Mr. and Ms. Ben Palmieri Mr. and Ms. Frank Bianchi and Ms. John Ludwig Mr. Mr. and Ms. Charles Simmons 'L 5 L, 11. S, ff. ,. we frain from embracing, A time to get, and a time to lose, a time to keep, and a time to cast awayg A time to rend, and a time to sew, a time to keep silence, and a time to speak, A time to love, and a time to hateg a time of war, and a time of peace. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every piupose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes Yes, to every thing there is a season, and as we watch the seasons turn, we watch ourselves. We've given birth to ourselves as we let old ideals die, and have planted and reeped with our ideas and the silence we have allowed when words could no longer suffice. We have killed each time we have broken human character and healed as we have given con- fidence to that character or some other. We have laughed as if taken over by some moment of drunkedness, and then Weeped in vain for the same thing. We have mourned for self loss, for loss of things or people that were precious to us, and then in the same-danced when We regained these things, or the knowledge to know life goes on and so must we, even if we can't gain them back. We have gathered ideas into rebellion and then as a crumbling stone-let ideas part. We realize We can get no-where , and though there should have been, there was really not too much disillusionment. We have embraced and said, "I love YOU", and also refrained on thought of rejection . . . but love, as it stands, should have none. We have acquired and lost, we have striven for a goal and sometimes not attained, but the thing is--we did strive and loss was not in completion. We have torn to pieces, and then tried to restore that very thing we destroyed . . . was it ourselves? We have tried to keep peaceful silence with ourselves, but there is always a haunting voice--it could be the voice of silence itself. We have loved, and in our loving, found peace. We have hated, and in our hatred promoted war--sometimes love served as war's pacifier-but no always. We have, as the seasons, turned, and in turning--enlightened ourselves as humans. To wonder and amaze at each of our changing moods would be as relentless and unanswerable as to wonder why earth's seasons change. .V V V V VV VV V V.VV. Y V.VV-,. . 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Suggestions in the Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) collection:

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