Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY)

 - Class of 1964

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Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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IWW. - ' X L' 'X I MAROQN L06 PRESENTED BY FRANKFORT-SCHUYLER CENTRAL SCHO0L'S CLASS OF IQ64 FRANKFORT, N EW YORK T BLE F CONTENTS BOARD OF EDUCATION . DEDICATION . . . MEMORIAM . ADMINISTRATION . . FACULTY .... SENIORS . SENIOR DIRECTORY . CLASS HISTORY . . CLASS WILL . SENIOR ACTIVITIES . . CLASSES . . ACTIVITIES . SPORTS . GIRLS' SPORTS . - - MEMORIAL TO PRESIDENT KENNEDY . . . PATRONS . . . - - MAROON LOG STAFF . . . ADVERTISEMENTS . . A UT OGRA PHS PAGE 4 5 6 8 9 17 39 47 53 57 61 77 99 111 118 119 122 125 52 BOARD OF EDUCATIO 'ill 1 Q r 3 OFFICERS President .... ...... . . Mr. Edward Muller Vice-President . . ...... . Mr. Peter Terzo MEMBERS Seated left to right Mr. Bennie DiPiazza, Mr. Joseph Nicolette, Mr. Edward Muller Mr. Peter Terzo, and Mr. Frank Pontolillo ABSENT Mr. Fred Furtek, and Mr. Angelo Reina DEDICATIO We the seniors of Frankfort-Schuyler Central School, have had a great gift bestowed upon us, a gift of pride in the school which has aided in the development of our minds and of our personalities, and which has helped determine what path we are to take in the molding of future careers. Our class seemingly rings with a spirit unprecedented in the annals of our schools' long history. Consequently, the student body, for so long inanimate, for so long passive in regard to a feeling towards Frankfort High, has suddenly been brought to life, A great fervor has encompassed all of us. The walls resound with our robust spiritg the halls echo our pride. This spirit, this feeling of pride, is preva- lent in all departments of school activities. We work harder, do better, shout louder, for we have been awakened with something called school spirit, This sincere school spirit is one of the most virtuous and desirable phases of high-school life. Our greatest and most sincere debt of gratitude for this gift is owed to a man whom the seniors, in- deed the entire school, regard with the greatest respect and admiration, a man who has often worked long after school hours to helpus bringthis much needed school spirit to Frankfort-Schuyler Central School. We will never forget what this manhas done for us and for our school. We have spiritg we thank MR, ROTOLO, MEMCJRIAM MR. GEORGE HOWARD KIRBY The simple tastes, the kindly traits, The tranquil air, and gentle speech, The silence of the soul that waits For more than man to teach The road of life stretches endlessly before us, with each bend promising new experiences and acquaintances. We stand on this road, a product of our past experiences, influenced by those we have met along the way. We of Frankfort-Schuyler Central School greet the future with memories of such a meeting - our encounter with Mr, George Kirby. An indefatigable man, with an unyielding desire to teach, Mr. Kirby remains in the hearts of all those who knew him. One had only to be in Mr. Kirby's presence a short time, to find himself amazed at the astounding capabilities, genuine sincerity, and rich affability of this devoted man. His versatile nature placed him in classrooms, on athletic fields and on basketball courts. His varied interests encompassed all with whom he came into contact. Mr, Kirby captured our spirits as well as our minds and bequeathed us exemplary ideals. lt is little wonder that many praised Mr. Kirby as a teacher, respected him as a friend. and admired him as a man. Now, this man who dedicated his entire life to enrichment of the minds and of the hearts of youth, takes his place on the road behind us. And yet, Mr. Kirby shall remain with us now and in the future showing us the way when we recall his words of advice and teaching. lt is with all humility that we pause to say, as though he might hear us, Thank you Mr. Kirby. ADMINISTRATIC3 MR. JOHN F. MURPHY Superintendent MR. NICHOLAS FRANK Principal FACULTY FACULTY MR, WENDELL HILTSLEY MR, CHARLES KEEDLE Counselor School Psychologist MRS. BELLA ORIOLE MR. GEORGE WHITNEY Nurse Assistant Principal 3 v Mr. Frank Spina Mr. George Whitney , Mr. Nicholas Chuff Mr. Anthony Mazarra Mr. Paul Nichols Mr. John Goodale y QQ! FACULTY Inglis? fy HEWATICS " Mr.- ame Wolfe Y X ,kj 1 Mr. D. erett ajlisd! NTI. 'WRX' Mr. Dad' s 0 n " , , . Mr. ' Benj' i Rotolo ' P ' Mr.JVinc Bonomo ' ,UQ I . W f , . , . IO! x . or AA my K, inf M' nf- 1 ' J f ix? Y.Q,1 4 IX... V M. Ts LANGUAGE ARTS Mrs. Theresa Graves, Miss Barbara Wolosz, Mrs. Linda Berger, Mr. Andrew Giotto, Miss Nancy Ingro, Mr. David Sloan, Mr. Zell Hudson, Mrs. Gloria Falzarano, Mr. Thomas Welch, Mrs. Helen Donald. rn OM -PM .gl - 3 BUSINESS EDUCATION AND SOCIAL STUDIES , f, :IIT '4 , PHYSIC AL EDUCATION Mr. George Whitney, Mr. Joseph Campo, Mr. John Woepple, Miss Yvonne Gigliotti, Mr. Thomas Welch, Mr. Benjamin Rizzo, Mr. Vincent Aunicharico, Mr. James Wolfe. Miss- ing Mr. Benjamin Rorolo. 12 1 2? F ,W L, , V, ,- V' l J f J, L Q AGRICULTURE, INDUSTRIAL ARTS, HOMEMAKING Mr. Eugene Stafford, Mr. Stephen Hubbell, Miss Harriet Wagner, Miss Birgit Gahrn, Mr. Richard Hudson, Mr. Sigmund Leland. SEVENTH GRADE Mr, James Cooley, Mr. John O'Mara, Mrs. Jean Clifford, Mrs. Jeanette Martin, Mr. Ferdinand Chuddy, Miss Margaret Frank, Mrs. Jane McMurray, Mrs. Elizabeth Cooley. 2 2 1' ART LIBRARY MUSIC BAND READING, AUDIO VISUAL Mrs M artin McMurray, Mr ,M va", 'fL,,1f It , .Q L LI , Q GFFICE AND CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Lirnpert, Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Grainger. Mrs. Nencetti, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Valenre, Mrs. Austin, Mrs. Schuster, Mrs. Sylvester, Mrs. Gazzilli, Mrs. Sanders. QMS-fix 5 tix 3? si 'QQ' Q wwf N 1 iw: 3 C' 4' as 2, 4 45 iff 5 j my .,, Wi me , ,V 25' .Aff SENIOR DAYS SENIORS JOHN B. THOMAS "Sir John" Class Non Conforniist National Honor S o c ie t y 1-4, Boys' State 3, Language Club 1-4, Mu Alpha Theta 2, Stu- dent Council 2-4, Log Staff Knight Echoes 3, 4, Tennis 1-3, Basketball 1-4, Jr. -Sr. Prom. Com. 3,4. MARY MARGARET SEYMOUR ,,Mag,, Class Flirt Natl. Honor 1-3, Sec. 2, Seminar 1-4, F.T. A. 1-4, Choir 1-4, Band 1-4, Knight Echoes 1-4, Sec. of Senior Class, Volleyball 1-4, Speed- A-Way 1, G.A.A. 1-4, Cheer- leading 3, 4, Basketball 1-4. C ASS OFFICERS KENNETH GEORGE FARRELL "Ken" Tallest Basketball 2, 3, 4, T r a c k 2, 3, 4, Language Club 4. KAREN MARIA TALARICO "Moose" Best Dancer F. T. A. 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Knight Echoes 1-3, Mu Alpha Theta 2, Log Staff, Treas. 4, Prom Committee 3, Latin Club 1-4, Class Treasurer. I J Y 1. MARY CATHERINE ACKLEY "Crash" Class Wit National Honor 4, Treasurer-4, Senior Play, FTA-1-4, G, A, A, 1-45 Maroon Log, Bowling 1-4, Knight Echoes-2-4, Letter Club-1-4, Language Club-1-43 Softball-1, 2 Man. g Speed-a- way-4g Volleyball-1-4 Mana- ger, Newspaper Con. -3. JAMES N. BONO "Jim" Fastest on two wheels Football 1, Track 1, 2, Key Club 2, 3, 45 Bowling 2, 3. JOSEPHINE BOM MARITO "Josie" Most likely to succeed. CHARLES ADAMS "Chick" Boldest Chorus 1-4. DOMINICK SAMUEL BONO "Donnie" Most athletic. Football-1-45 Wrestling-1-4, Let ter Club-1-4 Track, Art Club-3, Key Club-3, Iroquois League Tackle. X awww, Language Club 1, 2, Future Nurses Club 2, 3, Math Club 2, 3. MARY ANN BONO "Mare" Most Soft Spoken G, A, A, 1-45 Commercial Club 1-45 Girls' Choir 3, 45 Mixed Choir 1, 2, 45 Pep Squad 1. CAROL MARIE BURRELL "Tookie" Neatest G. A. A. 1, 45 F. T. A. 1,45 Language Club 1-45 Mixed Choir 1, 2, 45 Pep Squad 15 Bowling Manager 35 Senior Play Committee5 National Honor Society. -fs? DAVID GORDON BUGBEE N Bugs.. Nicest Personality Football 1-45 Wrestling 1-45 Baseball 1, 25 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Math Club. , 1 A X N V Q!-ff eq A N l V if " l 1 G , . V'M pf' 0 ,7 f If ,I -I , 1 f 5 5 , . , I ' 1 l Mil, ,Jil ,pil M6352 , RIM' Nl l bw? 5 CW ff' ' W 1 if 1 J fliirugl QQVQN J A lll l Ml ROSALIE ANN BONO NRO.. Most Contented G. A. A. 1-45 Mixed Chorus 15 Girls' Choir 35 Commercial Club 1-45 Bowling 1, 25 Pep Squad 1. CONCETTA FRANCES CAMARATA "Cet" Most Artistic Art Club 3, 45 G, A, A. 1-45 Let ter Club 1-45 Log Staff 4g Commercial Club 15 Home- making Club 25 Basketball 1, 2 Speed-A-Way 15 Bowling 1-35 Softball 1-3. DAVID CARPINELLA "Squirrel" Class Blusher Band 1-45 Library Staff 2, 3. CAROL ANN CHARD "Chardie" Most Petite G. A. A. 1-45 Speed-A-Way 15 Softball 15 Volleyball lg Bowling 15 F. T.A. 15 Math Club 25 Language Club 1, 25 Pep Squad 1. FRANCIS ANTHONY CATLIN "Bunky" Class Jester JANE MARIE CASTILLA wane.. Most Co-operative Mixed Choir 1,3,45 Com- mercial Club 15 G. A. A. 1, 25 Bowling 1, 25 Language Club 2 3, 45 Math Club 2, 35 Knight Echoes 1, 3, 4. CAROL ANN CIMINO .. Cy.. Cutest Chorus 1-45 G. A. A. 1-45 Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee5 F. T. A. 1-45 Language Club 1, 2, 35 Log Staff 45 Knight Echoes 1- 45 Senior Play 45 Bowling 3, 45 National Honor Society lg Student Council 1. Football 1, 25 Basketball 15 Bowling 2 3, 45 Chorus 1, 25 Baseball 45 Student Council 15 Vice-president 1. DANIEL MARK CLAYTON "Dan" Class Romeo Natl. Honor 1-35 Boys' State 35 Choir 1, 2,45 Senior Play 45 Seminar 1-45 Basketball 1, 2,45 All State Choir 45 Co-Ed. Log Staff 45 All County Band 45 Class President 1. CAROLYN ANN CULVER "Culver" Most Delicate Majorettes 1 - 45 Commer- cial Club 1-45 F.N. A, 15 F. H.A, 1,25 G.A.A. 1,25 Pep Squad 15 Softball 15 Mixed Choir 1, 25 Girls Chorus 3, 4. 'td' JAMES M. COOK uhm.. Best Mannered Football 1,2,35Wrestling 1,2,35 Track 1, 25 Art Club 35 Senior Play Manager 45 Varsity Club5 Tennis 1. 1 ANN PATRICIA CONIGIL ARO "Cong" Most talkative Commercial Club 1, 3, 45 G. A. A. 1-45 Volleyball 1, 3,45 Bowling 15 Senior Play Comm.5 Chorus 15 Letter Club 1,45 Pep Squad 1. ROSS JOSEPH CUSHMAN "Chip" Most talkative Band 1-45 Mixed Choir 1-4 Mixed Ensemble 1-45 Seminar 2,3,45 Math Club3,3f45 Sen- ior Playp Natl. l-I nor Society MARY ANN DELUKE "MAD" Happiest F. N. A. 1,23 G.A.A. 1,2,3g Basketball 1, 2, 3g Knight Echoes 1, 2, Language Club 1, 2, 3, Bowling 1, 2, 35 May Day attendant 3. RICHARD DILIBERTO , - ROBERT ALLEN DELUKE "Duke" Most Serious fabout Laurenj Football 1-4g Basketball 23 Base ball 2, 3, 4g Student Council 45 Log staff 45 Senior Play, Letter Club 1-4. ELAINE FALCONE "Falcy" Friendliest "Dick" Mixed Choir 1-4g Commercial Quietest Club 1, Knight Echoes 1, 2, 4, Football lg Wrestling 1-4g Pep Squad 1g Language Club 45 Track 3' 4. ROBERT FRANCIS DESMARAIS Senior Play Comm. "Deen 'Nl fair' DON ANTHONY FAROUCHE "Donnie" Class Procrastinator Wrestling 1-45 Track 3, 45 Base- ball 1. JOHN THOMAS FREEDMAN "John" Football 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Language Club 1-45 Mixed Choir 1-45 All-County Choir 1-45 Seminar 1-45 All-State Choir 45 Key Club 4, Mu Alpha Theta 1-4, Mixed Ensemble 1-45 Prom Committee 35 National Honor Society 1, 2, 3, Log staff, Tennis 1, Baseball 25 National Foundation of Science at Buffalo fMathJ ROBERT FOLEY .Boba THOMAS FLYNN "Hoss" Most Carefree Log Staff 4, Tennis lg Key Club 3,45 Class Sec. 35 Language Club 1, 3, 4. HELENE ANN GARRAMONE "Garr" Oddest Laugh Knight Echoes 1,25 Future Nurses 15 Commercial Club 1-4 Mixed Choir 1, 25 Girls' Choir 2 35 Homemaking Club 45 G. A. A 15 Audio Visual 3. Class Dreamer Library staff 2, 35 Senior Play Com- mittee 4. DOROTHY ELIZABETH GILLETTE "Dot" Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Badminton 2, 3, Commercial Club 4. MARY ELIZABETH GRATES "Mar" Class Sophisticate Band 1-3, Choir 1-4, Language Club 1-4, Seminar 2, 3, 4, Log Editor 4, National Honor So- ciety 1-3, Knight Echoes 1-4, DAR Citizenship Award, Vice President of Sophomore Class, G. A.A. 1, 2, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, GAIL ANN GOLDER "Goldy" Politest Language Club 2, 3, 4, F u t u r e Teachers 3, 4, Knight Echoes 3, 4, Audio Visual Aide 3, 4, Cho- rus 1, Pep Squad 1, Service Aid Club, New Hartford Drill Team. LINDA GILLETTE "Gillette" Best Disposition Majorettes 1-4, G.A. A. l, 2, Future Nurses 1, Commercial Club 1-4, Girls' Choir 3, 4, Mixed Choir 1, 2, Pep Squad 1, Future Homemakers Club 1, 2, 4. BARBARA IEANNE GREEN "Barb" Best Debater G. A. A. 1,2, Pep Squad 1, Commercial Club 3, Girls' Basketball 1, Senior Play Com mittee 4, Future Homemakers 1, 4. 'TSB HAROLD GREGORY nGregn Cutest Dimples Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. PETER HASTINGS "Pete" Class Red Head FFA 1-4g Senior Play Com- mitteeg Library Staff 3, 45 FFA Treas. 3, FFA President 4. DOUGLAS HARMON "Huck" F. CHERALYN GRIPPE "Cheryl" Most Carefree Comm. Club 1, 23 F. H. A. 1, 4, Newspaper 1-4, Audio Visual 3, G. A. A. 2, 4, Log Staff 4, Senior Play 4g FTA 4. FREDRICK HIGHT "Freddie" Best Disposition Language Club 1,2,4g Winter Sports 2g Baseball 2, 3, 4g Foot- ball 3. Class Mechanic Audio Visual 1, FFA 1-4g Library Staff 1, Bowling 2g Senior Play Committee, Winter Sports 2. EMT MARY LOUISE HENRICKSON "Mar" Nicest Smile Mixed Choir 1-35 DAR Awardg Majorertes 2, 35 Head Major- etre 45 GAA 1,2,45 FHA 3,45 FHA Secretary 4. RUTH ANN HOUSER "Ruth" Cutest Dimples Mixed Choir 1, 2, 35 Girls Choir 35 Commercial Club 1-4. SUSAN LOUISE HORAN "Sue" Class Procrastinator Seminar 45 Leadership Conf. 35GAA 3 45 Mixed Ensemble 3, 45 Choir 1-45 Band 1-45 Speed-a-way 35 Log Staff 45 All State 45 May Day Attendant 35 FNA 2, 3, 45 Language Club 1, 2, 45 Senior Play 45 All County 3. LINDA HOBBICK "Lin" Tallesr GAA 1-45 Bowling 3,45 Mixed Ensemble 2, 35 FNA 1-45 Mixed Choir 1-45 Majorettes 2, 35 Log Staff, Language Club 1, 25 All County 3, Senior Playg Science Fair lg Vice Pres. of F. N. A. 45 Modern Language Club 4. RICHARD KING "Dick" Most Faithful SANDRA LEE LABARBERA "Sandy" Class Blusher PNA 1-4, Language Club, Choir 1-4, GAA 1-4, Basket- ball 1, 2, Volleyball Timer 2, Bowling 1, 2,4, Commercial Club 1, 2, Senior Play Comm. MARTHA MAINE ..Ma,.ty.. Newest GAA fPolandj 1, Press Club 1, 2, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Monitors Club 1, Citizenship Award, Home Demonstration Award. ROBERT LUDWIG "Bob" Politest Language Club 1, 2, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Boy's State. MARY LAVALLA "Louige" Nicest Personality GAA 1-4, FNA 1-4, Commer- cial Club 1, FHC 1-4, Art Club 1, Knight Echoes 1, 2, Bowling 2, Senior Play Com- mittee. LAUREN LEE MASSEY "Mass" Most Serious About Bob FTA 1, 2, Knight Echoes 2-4, Language Club 1-3, Cheer- leading 1, 4, Log Staff 4, Na- tional Honor Society 1, Let- ter Club 2, Mu Alpha Theta 2, Speed -a -way 2. BARBARA JANE MCCUMBER "Barbie" Best Basketball Player Track 1-45 Mixed Choirg Bowl- ing 3, 45 Language Club 1, 2, 45 Log Staffg Senior'Play Comm. 5 GAA 1-45 Letter Club 1-45 FTA 1-45 Softball 2, 3, 45 Vol- leyball 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Speed-a-way 3, 4. FRANCINE ROSE NENCETTI ..Pug.. Class Nonconformist Band 1-45 Mixed Choir 1-45 Language Club 1-45 GAA 1-45 Basketball 1, 2,45 Bowling 1, 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 45 School paper 2, 45 Co-Editor 45 Log Staff. JOSEPH PHILIP NARD1 "NitZ" Class Musician JOYCE MILES ..JOy.. Best Mannered Chorus 1-45 Band 1-45 Com- mercial Club 1-45 GAA 1, 2, 4 MARY DONATA NENCETTI "Mary Don" Class Red Head Art Club 2, 35 Library Staff 3, 4 Knight Echoes 3, 45 Senior Play Comm. 5 Pep Squad 15 Log Staff. Football 1, 25 Band 1-45 Choir 1-45 FTA 35 Wrestling 1, 25 Mixed Ensemble 3, 45 Senior P1ay5 All State 4. QUIT' IOANN MARY NOVAK NIO.. Prettiest Eyes Student Council Treas. 4, Commercial Club 1-4, Sec. 3,4, Log Staff 4, Mixed Choir 1, Art Club 3, Pep Squad 1, Knight Echoes 2, 3, 4, Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee 4. SALVATORE JOSEPH PRISTERA "Sal" Most Content Language Club 1, 2, B as eb all 1. i i SIDNEY GEORGE NUROD nsidn Class Optimist Track 1. 2.3.4, Wrestling 3,4, Senior Play, Winter Sports 1. 'hw sfrrfzf W EVELYN MARIE PULEO A Quietest Language Club 1, 2,3, Math REGINA MARIA PIAZZA Club 3' "Reggie" Cheerleading 1, 2,4, G.A. A. 1-4, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society 1, 2, Mixed Choir 1, 2, 4, Bowling 2, 3, Language Club 1, 2,3,4, Track 1- 4, Speed-a-way 1-4, Captain Volley- ball 2, Softball 1, F.T.A. 1-4, Knight Echoes 2, Letter Club 1-4, Maroon Log Staff, Senior Play Cast, May Day Attendant, Sec. of Student Council 4, Pres. of G. A. A. 4. FRED PUMILIO "Fred" Oddest Laugh Football 15 W inte r Sports 45 Wrestling 2. DONNALD ROCCO .,FrOg.. Slowest Moving Key Club 1-45 Band 1-45 Basket- ball 1-45 Baseball 3, 45 Student Council 1. JAMES FRANCIS RIENTE uhm.. Most soft spoken. Baseball 1-45 Key Clubg Football 1-45 Letter C1ub5 Language Club5 Secretary of Key Club 4. Ng . A X' T. p KNNIOJ f RV Ml 3 -XX Muxl ILJ. U Amin ik, Ll ,MX ml flaw 5 ,f 'fa H, , - , ' gf' W tw ull la M X -U. Y . tj Mft L 5 fi r tt, .5 tap Y' 250551 Eaflfl' Wi. I ,X r lvl' lf kQ JlJ K, A mill' AVN' wfkknfk' .T 1 5 ll ll an 5 4 ,l , 5 lt. I y 5 1 , A, , U l Jxjf 5.2 51 ax., 55 5. ,V R 5, H QW J i, x rf 3 .5 X fl 1 u , GERALDINE F. QUIRK "Geri" Best Language Student Mixed Choir 1-45 Knight Echoes 1-45 Maroon Log 45 F. T. A. 1- 45 Basketball 3, 45 Volleyball 1-45 Bowling 1-45 G.A. A. 1-45 Speed-a-way 2-45 Letter Club 1-45 Class Treasurer 25 Senior Play Committeeg Language Club 1-4. JOSEPH ROLCHIGO ..Rash.. Fastest on four wheels. IOHN PAUL SANDERS NLP... Most Popular Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 3, 4, Pres. Nat'l. Honor So., Pres. Soph Class, Pres. Jr. Class, Pres. Student Council, Boys' State. MARGARET ANN SCHUSTER ,,Marg.. Shyest Commercial Club 1, 2, 4, Band 4, G.A.A. 2, 3,4, Chorus 1, 2, 4, Hmk. Club 3, 4, Pep Squad 1, Girls Bowling 2, Volleyball 3, Art Club 4. M, 1 J. f f A fkf - ,1 A , t, , X ,7 L' A V 77 Q ,J x aw, 10,19-su 'G Ln' f n f,,4'!7Q.7Q'L,,X ' ' ' af, ,,, , PM wif! ' - L V' ' I flu A il 5,11 U 4 Lufblj pl If, A H tr -, ,VL 15 l, W w 4 00' 1 ml' J V M f tv 1 .Lift ' 'Mft' VJ! M . 4. r . ,nf A. 47' VIRGINIA E. SCHAEFPER "Ginny" Best Homemaker FNA 1, 2, Commercial Club 1, FHA 1. CLEMENT THOMAS SCALISE " Squinchu Football 1-4, Basketball 1, Wrestling 3, 4, Senior Play, Prom Committee, Baseball 2, 4 Track 2. TOM SKELLY " Skeets" Biggest Eater Bowling team 1-4, Nat'l Hon- or So. 1, 3, Mu Alpha Theta 3, Language Club 1-4, Maroon Log 4, Seminar 2, 3, 4, Herki- mer Ec. Council 3. ANNE MARGARETHE SNELL SANDRA JANE SONDEJ "Annie" "San" Prettiest Hair Band 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Mixed Ensemble 1-4, Cheerleading 1, FTA 1-4, Language Club 1-4, Knight Echoes 1, 2, Volleyball 1-4, Bowling 2, 3, 4, GAA 1-4, All-County 2, 3, 4, All-State 4. THOMAS STONE "Stoney" Most Easy Going Football 1, Basketball 1, Ten- nis 1, Key Club 1-4, Track 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, Student Coun- cil 1. HELEN E. SPATTO "Helen" Most Sensible Nat'l Honor 1, 2, 3, FTA 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Knight Echoes 1-4 Editor 4, Language Club 1-4, Log Staff'4, Student Council 4, Senior Play 4, Cheerleading 1, 2, Mu Alpha Theta 2, G. A. A. 1-4, Bowling 2. DIANNE MARIE STORM "Stormy" Most Businesslike Log Staff 4, G. A. A. 1-4, Senior Play, Commercial Club 1-4, Pres. 3, 4, Mu Alpha Theta 2, Choir 1-4, Cheer- leading 1, 2, Knight Echoes 4, FTA 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Track 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 1, Language Club. Slowest Moving Bowling 1, 2, Volleyball 1, 2, Softball 1,2, GAA 1-4, Ma- jorette 2, 3, 4, Girls' Choir 3, 4, FHA 1-4, FNA 1, Mixed Choir 1, 2. CHARLES H. STRONG "Duf" Shortest Language Clu b 1, 2, 3, Tennis 4. PATRICK PETER TAMBURRO "Nyacko" Best Vocalist Band 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Lan- guage Club 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, All State 1-4, A11 County 1- 4, Student Council 4, Log Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Boys State 3, Key Club 2, 3, -Treasurer 4, Class Officer 2, 3. BARBARA JEAN SZCZYGIEL H IEANNA RAE SWANSON HG-G., Best Vocalist Band 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Mixed Ensemble 2, 3, 4, All State 3, 4, GAA 1-4, All County 1, 3, 4, Language Club 1, Senior Play 4, Log Staff 4. CHRISTINE ANN TARNACKI "Chris" Fairest GAA 3, Commercial C lub 3, FHA 1, Log Staff 4, Girls' Choir 3, Senior Play 4. Bolclest Commercial C lu b 1-4, Girls' Choir 3, 4, Audio Visual Club 3, Pep Squad 1. Wxfj- ,C ,M Wjiffi 9 C as rf' ffybaffa --V 2 ,af . MJ Q! J "" if I ff' get JWGJJ II 056901, M , J Xf ANGELA MARIE TERZO uAng.. Class Pessimist Pep Squad 15 Bowling 1, 25 Senior Play Committeeg Band 1-45 F.N.A. 1-3. JACQUELINE MARIE VALENTE "Jackie" Most Athletic Varsity Softball 1-45 Varsity Basketball 1-45 Varsity Speed- a-way 1-45 Volley Ball 1-45 Band 1-45 F. T. A. 1-45 Bowl- ing 1-45 G. A. A. 1-45 Let- ter Club 1-4. Language Club 25 G. A. A, 1, 25 ,A V.. FRANCIS JAMES VALENTE "Buzz" Best Dancer Mixed Choir 1-45 Language Club 1-25 Winter Sports 15 Senior Play F. T. A. 45 Band 1-45 Bowling 2,45 Track 1, 2. j , A 1' .X yoj 0 V! V' I rv lv' x" A f I f ' fy 1 , L. rv by 1 I.. VD. ,ig W 5 1 a 5, . . 1, - ,MH if . .Lf M? I .. l I ' 1 ' -1 ff, " ,v .5 5 -1 Lv 5. jf! X I NICHOLAS JAMES TOTARO "Nick Wrist" Most Co-operative Winter Sports 1-35 Auclio-Visu- al Club 45 Football 15 Baseball 1, 2. MARIE A, VALLONE "ReRe" Best Geometry Student Language Club 1-45 Letter Club 1-45 Maroon Log Staff 45 F. T. A. 1-45 G. A. A. 1-45 Softball 25 Bowling 1-45 Knight Echoes 3, 45 Senior Play Com- mittee5 Speed-a-way 2,35 Homecoming Committee 4. MARY LOUISE VALLONE "Mar" Most Faithful G. A. A. 1-4: F. N. A. 1-4: F. I-I. A. 1-43 Letter Club 2, 3, 45 Softball l,'2g DAR Fashion Award 25 Mixed Choir 3, 4g MARY ANN VIVIRITO "Viv" Best Dressed G.A.A. 1-4: F T.A. 1-43 Log Staff 43 Letter Club 1-4, Language Club 1, 2, Cheerlead- ing 1, 2, 4, Prom Committee 33 Basketball 1-4g Volleyball 1, 2, 4g National Honor Society lg May Day attendant 35 Girls' bowling 1-4. WILLIAM VAN SICKLE "Ron" Craziest Track 2, 3, 45 Winter Sports 25 Bowling 4. RICHARD WILLIAM VAN DUSEN "Ricky" Friendliest Baseball 2, 3, 4, Art Club 4. PATRICK MILTON VOLZ "Pat" Most Artistic Log Staff 3, 45 Art Club 2, 3, 4 Language Club 3, 4. ROBERT DANIEL VOLZ. "Vo -Vo" Most Sensible Natl. Honor Society 2, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 4, Language Club 1-4, Audio Visual Club 4. EUGENE YELLE "Yell" Shyest Art Club 4, Tennis 4, Track 3. JAMES W. WOODARD "Woody" Newest Advanced Seminar, Chess Club 1, 2, 3, National Honor 3, 4, Student Council 3, French Club 1, Cross Country 1, Chorus 1, Junior Assembly 3, Log Staff, Freshman Orientation 1-3, Ca- reer Day, Vice President Chess Club 2, President Chess Club 3, Tennis 4, Winter Sports 4. PATRICK JAMES WINKLER 4'Wink" Best Dressed Language Club 1-4, Log Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Student Council, Mixed Ensemble 2, 3, 4, All County Chorus 3, 4, Win- ter Sports 1-4, All State Chorus 4. PHILIP YOUNG "Harles" Cutest Natl. Honor 1-3, L a n g u a ge Club 1, 2, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis 1-3, Student Council 2, 3, Math Club 3, Winter Sports 1, 2, Log Staff. M 1-4- 'f 1 'M " sf ff? .X -ew. N ' SE 1 max 38 9 ws 1- - 'ik 1 ' Qui , ,Q , ' x 'gig z N. SENIOR DIRECTORY CLASS MOTTO .... IT'S A ROUGH ROAD THAT LEADS TO THE HEIGHTS or GREATNESS CLASS FLOWER. CHRYSANTHEMUM CLASS COLORS . . MAROON - WHITE C ASS DIRECTORY MARY ACKLEY "Ya Wanna Bet" Ambition: Teacher Pastime: Riding in Charlie's car Song: Ramblin' Rose Idol: Mr. Kirby CHARLES ADAMS "Dude, want to play pool?" Ambition: To Succeed in life Pastime: Playing, pool Song: Deep Purple JOSEPHINE BOMMARITO "Not again" Ambition: Marriage Pastime: Seeing Fred Song: Send Me the Pillow That You Idol: Fred DOMINICK BONO "You're at it again Scalise? " Ambition: Draftsman Pastime: Wrestling Song: Here Comes That Song Again Idol: Joe Bellino JAMES BONO "Are you crazy?" Ambition: To keep out of trouble Pastime: Riding on two wheels Song: Lonely Surfer Idol: Jim Brown MARY ANN BONO "Oh Gary" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Listening to the radio Song: Why Don't You Believe Me ROSALIE BONO "No Foolin"' Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Seeing Sam Song: Why Don't You Believe Me Dream On" DAVID BUGBEE "You screwball" Ambition: Physical Education Teacher Pastime: Sports Song: Blue Velvet Idol: Coach Campo CAROL BURRELL "Oh! You know What?" Ambition: To Get A Driver's License Pastime: Wouldn 't you like to know Song: As Long As I Live Idol: Mr. Kirby JANE CASTILLA "You're kidding" Ambition: To Learn to drive Pastime: Guess who? Song: What Kind of Fool Am I Idol: Connie Francis FRANCIS CATLIN "Your time! " Ambition: To Get out of the Navy Pastime: Weekends Song: For Your Love Idol: Paul Anka DAVID CARPINELLA "Are you kidding?" Ambition: To graduate from college Pastime: Playing golf Song: If I Had A Hammer Idol: Yogi Bear CAROL CHARD "Charlie, where are you?" Ambition: To Type 20 words a minute Pastime: Seeing Charlie Song: He Kissed Me Idol: Mr. Kirby CAROL CIMINO "You creep" Ambition: To lead a good life Pastime: Solving Moose's problems Song: A Certain Smile Idol: Mr. Kirby DANIEL CLAYTON "Hi Dol1" Ambition: Journalist Pastime: Starlighters Song: Love's a Many Splendored Thing ANN CONIGLIARO "Chalk it up" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Playing basketball Song: Be My Baby Idol: George Schloicka JAMES COOK "Auh" Ambition: Architect Pastime: Art Song: Surfin' Safari CAROLYN CULVER "How sweet it is" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Dancing Song: Pomp and Circumstance Idol: Mrs. Cacciatore ROSS CUSHMAN "Oh beans!" Ambition: Chemist Pastime: Drum Corps Song: You'll Never Walk Alone Idol: Mr. Kirby MARY ANN DeLUKE "What're you kidding me?" Ambition: To always have a good time Pastime: A good time Song: Talk to Me Idol: Richard Chamberlain ROBERT DeLUKE "What a stupid question! " Ambition: To Go to Oswego College Pastime: Talking on the phone Song: Wonderful, Wonderful Idol: New York Football Giants ROBERT DesMARAIS "Yeah! " Ambition: To pass American History Pastime: Hunting Deer Song: Do You Love Me Idol: A teacher who can get me through American History RICHARD DILIBERTO "Get Out" Ambition: To Join the Marines Pastime: Wrestling Song: You Are My Sunshine Idol: My special uncle ELAINE FALCONE "You've gotta' be kidding! " Ambition: To Be taller than 4' 10" Pastime: I'll never tell Song: School Days Idol: You know . . . DONALD FAROUCHE "Jeannie, you're going to get it!" Ambition: To Succeed in life Pastime: Sitting on J. I. 's porch Song: Jeannie, With Light Brown Hair Idol: Mr. Kirby KEN FARRELL "Hey Carp, quit itl " Ambition: Center for the Warriors Pastime: Driving Idol: Senator Kenneth Keating TOM FLYNN "One more for the road" Ambition: Nuclear Physicist Pastime: Starlighters Song: 100 Bottles of Beer idoi: Mr. Kirby ROBERT FOLEY "I don't know" Ambition: To stay single Pastime: Sleeping Song: Thunder Road JOHN FREEDMAN "Roll-out left" Ambition: Chemist Pastime: Watching girls ski Song: Somewhere Idol: Mr. Kirby HELENE GARRAMONE "I don't know" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Horseback riding Song: My Boyfriends Back Idol: Wayne DOROTHY GILLETTE "Oh Yeah" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Going to the movies Song: Blue Velvet Idol: Brian LINDA GILLETTE "You better believe it" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Dancing Song: Pomp and Circumstance Idol: D. W. GAIL GOLDER "That 's debatable" Ambition: Mathematician Song: Greenfields Pastime: Horse-back riding Idol: Warm and friendly people MARY GRATES "It's tremendous!" Ambition: To Do the right thing Pastime: Playing the piano Song: Misty Idol: Barry Goldwater BARBARA GREEN "You're out of your mind" Ambition: Airline Secretary Pastime: Talking Song: Come and Walk With Me HAROLD GREGORY "Flake off will you" Ambition: To make loads of money Pastime: Club Royal Song: Blue Velvet Idol: Johnny Cymbol CHERALYN GRIPPE "It 's a riot" Ambition: Fashion buyer Pastime: Reading Song: Wonderful, Wonderful Idol: Jane Addams DOUGLAS HARMON "Holy shoot" Ambition: Body shop Pastime: Working Song: Blue Velvet Idol: Tony Trinka PETER HASTINGS "Crazy little fool" Ambition: To join the Navy Pastime: Annoying Culver Song: If I Had a Hammer Idol: L0we1Gi11ett MARY LOU HENRICKSON "O-O-O-O doggies" Ambition: Airline hostess Pastime: Water skiing Song: Ave Maria FREDERICK HIGHT "Git atta here! " Ambition: To succeed in life Song: Can't Stay Mad at You Pastime: Hunting Idol: Dick Tiger LINDA HOBBICK "Where 's Puggy? " Ambition: Nurse Song: What'd I Say Pastime: Reading Idol: Dr. Tom Dooley SUSAN HORAN "Wha -at? " Ambition: Surgical nurse Song: Lonely Surfer Pastime: Watching TV Idol: Miss Wolosz RUTH HOUSER "You know itl " Ambition: Legal secretary Song: Moon River Pastime: Living Idol: Mrs. Cacciatore RICHARD KING "I'll be darn! Ambition: State Trooper Pastime: Playing the guitar Song: Lucky Lips Idol: Ricky Nelson SANDRA LaBARBERA "Well I'l1 be dam" Ambition: Nursing Pastime: Listening to the radio Song: Somewhere Idol: Florence Nightingale MARY LaVALLA "I don't care!" Ambition: Hair Stylist Pastime: Walking in the streets Song: Why Don't You Believe Me Idol: James Darren ROBERT LUDWIG "Yeh" Pastime: Softball Song: Gotta' Travel On Idol: Superman MARTHA MAINE "Are you serious? " Ambition: Living Pastime: Watching for people Song: It's Never Too Late Idol: The next person LAUREN MASSEY "I can't help it. " Ambition: Medical secretary Pastime: Waiting for the phone to ring Song: Wonderful, Wonderful Idol: Johnny Mathis BARBARA MCCUMBER "I'm sorry" Ambition: Phys. Ed. teacher Pastime: Girls' sports Song: The Lonely Surfer Idol: Miss Gigliotti JOYCE MILES "Want to? " Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Seeing Tom Song: You Can't Stop Me Loving You Idol: Mr. Whitney JOSEPH NARDI "Hey Doll, watch those nails" Ambition: Mortician Pastime: Starlighters Song: Love Is A Many Splendored Thing Idol: Mr. Kirby FRANCINE NENCETTE "Where's Linda?" Ambition: Clinical Psychologist Pastime: Reading Song: Climb Every Mountain Idol: Dr. Howard James MARY DON NENCETTI "You didn't" Ambition: To be lOO lbs. by graduation Pastime: Confusing people Song: Greenfields Idol: Aunt "B" JO ANN NOVAK "You're Kiddingl " Ambition: Secretary , Song: Blue Velvet SYDNEY NUROD "Why for" Ambition: College Pastime: Seeing Io Ann Idol: Dick Tiger REGINA PIAZZA "What? " Ambition: Historian Pastime: Eating Song: String of Pearls Idol: Abraham Lincoln SALVATORE PRISTERA "Nuttin" Ambition: Draftsman Pastime: Driving EVELYN PULEO Pastime: Going to the movies Song: Blowing in the Wind FRED PUMILIO "Don't knock the rock" Ambition: Engineer Pastime: Girls Song: More GERALDINE QUIRK "Bari" Ambition: Language Teacher Pastime: Me to know: you to find out Song: Blue Velvet Idol: Somebody JAMES RIENTE "You're out of your mind!" Ambition: Chemist Pastime: Relaxation Song: Fingertips - Part 2 Idol: Mr. Kirby DON ROCCO "Pe' Pe"' Ambition: Baseball Player Pastime: Combing my hair Song: Runaround Sue Idol: Dion JOE ROLCHIGO "O-tay" Ambition: Body Mechanic Pastime: Driving JOHN SANDERS "Quit froggin' around" Ambition: Doctor Pastime: Sports Song: School Is Out Idol: Rose CLEMENT SCALISE "Bono, if you had a brain" Ambition: Draftsman Pastime: Girls, Girls, Girls Song: What Will Be Will Be Idol: Somebody VIRGINIA SCHAEFFER "Right in the mouth" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Roller skating Song: Please Help Me I'm Falling MARGARET SCHUSTER "Yuk-Yuk" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Water skiing Song: ludy's Turn To Cry Idol: Miss Wolosz IXIARY MARGARET SEYMOUR Ambition: To go to Heaven Pastime: Taking bubble baths Song: Somewhere Idol: Mr. Kirby THOMAS SKELLY "Rough, tough: used to hardships" Ambition: Chemist Pastime: Bowling Song: Moon River Idol: l.F.K. ANNE SNELL "How odd!" Ambition: Dental hygienist Pastime: Sewing Song: That One Day Idol: George Chakiris HELEN SPATTO "I just don't care" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Listening to the radio Song: In the Still of the Night SANDRA SONDEJ "Reallyl " Ambition: Sixth grade teacher Pastime: Seeing Eddie Song: That's My Desire THOMAS STONE "Where's Bunk?" Ambition: To be a success Pastime: Working on cars Song: Surfer Joe Idol: My father DIANNE STORM "Aw gee, that's too bad" Ambition: Teacher Pastime: Relaxing Song: Blue Velvet Idol: People willing to help others CHARLES STRONG "Willst do ball spie1erx?" Ambition: To keep my foot out of my mouth Pastime: Self-destruction Idol: C larabelle I EANNA SWANSON "Poor Devil! " Ambition: Open Pearly Gates for Mag Pastime: Roller skating Song: Deep Purple Idol: Creeger BARBARA SZCZYGIEL "Hi Emie" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Swimming Song: My Boyfriend's Back Idol: Mr. Wolfe PETER TAMBURRO "Hey, slow down Wink" Ambition: Pharmacist Pastime: Starlighters Song: Fortune of Fools Idol: Stan Kenton KAREN TALARICO "So ,... do you wanna medal? Ambition: To go to college Pastime: Going out Song: IUnderstand Idol: Mr. "T" CHRISTINE TARNACKI "How about that!" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: American History Song: More Idol: Mr. Whimey ANGELA TERZO "Did you see him?" Ambition: Medical Secretary Pastime: Dancing Song: True Love Idol: Mr. Kirby JOHN THOMAS "Yes, but. . . Oh! NowIsee" Ambition: Wealthy bachelor Pastime: Counting my money Song: Pennies From Heaven Idol: Jack Benny NICK TOTARO "Watch it fella" Ambition: Naval career Pastime: Hunting Song: Sugar Shack Idol: Mickey Mantle FRANCIS VALENTE "Munchers" Ambition: Primary Education Pastime: Getting into trouble Song: They Remind Me Of You Idol: Johnny Tillotson JACQUELINE VALENTE "Embarrassed " Ambition: Physical Ed. Teacher Pastime: Sports Song: Easier Said Than Done Idol: Miss Gigliotti I 45 MARIE VALLONE "Tres bien" Ambition: To Succeed in teaching Pastime: Talking Song: Hello Mudder, Hello Fadder Idol: Euclid MARY LOUISE VALLONE "What a shame" Ambition: Child Nurse Pastime: Staying out of trouble Song: Why Don't You Believe Me Idol: Clara Barton RICHARD VanDUSEN "That's what you think" Ambition: Draftsman Pastime: Hunting Song: Lonely Surfer WILLIAM VanSICKLE "I don't believe you" Ambition: To go to Hawaii Pastime: Tuning my Fiat Song: Shut Down Idol: Mr. Kirby MARY ANN VIVIRITO "Boley's Belly!" Ambition: Physical Ed. Teacher Pastime: Seeing Chuck Song: Over the Mountain Idol: Miss "G" PATRICK VOLZ "Haben Sie einen Papierbogen? " Ambition: Artist Pastime: Sketching Song: Days of Wine and Roses Idol: Jack Parr ROBERT VOLZ "Your deal" Ambition: Electrical Engineer Pastime: Guitars Song: Hawaiian War Chant Idol: A single man PATRICK WINKLER "O. K. Nyack" Ambition: Doctor Pastime: Starlighters Song: Dontcha Go Way Mad Idol: Mr. Kirby JAMES WOODARD "You wouldn't kid me now, --would you? Ambition: To own a Ferrari Pastime: Sheer existence Song: Green Fields Idol: Mr. Kirby EUGENE YELLE "Don't call me, I'll call you" Ambition: Electrician Song: Deep Purple PHILIP YOUNG "Hey Moose" Ambition: Civil Engineering Pastime: Skiing Song: Fuba Wuba John Idol: Barry Goldwater CONCETTA CAMARATA "Shut up or I'll choke you" Ambition: Secretary Pastime: Dancing Song: Blue Velvet Idol: Boys C ASS HISTORY By Mary Margaret Seymour and Peter Tamburro How fast the years have flown since we the graduating class of 1964, entered glorious old F.S.C.S. as bewildered, wondering, freshmen! We now stand on the threshold of further dis- coveries and adventure. Having reached this awesome position, we would do well to retrace our steps along the road that brought us to this point. We entered our freshman year with great anticipation. The task of leading us was handed to: President, Dan Claytong Vice-President, Regina Piazza, Secretary, Angela Bonog and Treasurer, Ross Cushman. Our class advisors were Miss Wolosz, Mr. Mosny, Mrs. Pontolillo, and Mr. Giotto. We were represented in the Student Council by Carol Cimino, Barbara McCumber, Dan Clayton, and Phil Young. Twenty of our number were elected to the national Honor Society. They were: Ann Bono, Dominick Bono, Carol Burrell. Jane Castilla, Carol Cimino, Dan Clayton, John Freedman, Mary Grates, Lauren Massey, Francine Nencetti, Regina Piazza, John Sanders, Mary Margaret Seymour, Thomas Skelly, Sandra Sondej, Diane Storm, John Thomas, Mary Ann Vivirito, Robert Volz, and Phil Young. At all athletic events, we saw the following Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Lauren Massey, Regina Piazza, Anne Snell, Sandra Sondej, Diane Storm, Mary Louise Vallone, and Mary Ann Vivirito. The May Queen's court was completed with our chosen attendants: Regina Piazza, and Sherry Bunce. We stepped into the role of sophomores excitedly. We found ourselves listening to and following the advice of Mrs. Pontolillo, Miss Wolosz, Mr. Mosny, and Mrs. Oriole. Our class officers were: President, John Sandersp Vice-President, Mary Gratesg Secretary, Peter Tamburro, and Treasurer, Geraldine Quirk. We participated in student government affairs through representation oft John Sanders, John Thomas, Thomas Stone, and Sherry Bunce. Honored for scholastic achievement by admission into the National Honor Society were: Ann Bono, Dan Clayton, Ross Cushman, John Freedman, Mary Grates, Regina Piazza, John Sanders, Mary Margaret Seymour, Sandra Sondej, John Thomas, and Phil Young. The Varsity Cheer- leading Squad was sparked by Francine Nencetti, Regina Piazza, Sandra Sondej, Diane Storm, and Mary Ann Vivirito. The year's May Day festivities were a source of enjoyment fOr 811, but especially for Sue Horan and Ann Bono, our May Day attendants. Mary Margaret Sey- mour found herself busily preparing for a trip to Maryland as a delegate to the Red Cross Leadership Conference, held at Hood College. Our junior year, a year of decisions, was soon upon us. We placed ourselves under the able leadership of President, John Sanders, Vice-President, Pete Tamburro, Secretary, Tom Flynn, and Treasurer, Francine Nencetti. Standing close by us to help us decide, were our advisors: Mr. Mosney, Mrs. Pontolillo, and Mr. Wolfe. We elected John Sanders, John Thomas, Dave Bugbee, and Phil Young to seats in the Student Council. Proudly enrolled in National Honor Society were: Mary Ackley, Jane Castilla, Dan Clayton, Ross Cushman, John Freedman, Mary Grates, Betty Hiltsley, John Sanders, Mary Margaret Seymour, Tom Skelly, Sandra Sondej, John Thomas, and Phil Young. Mary Margaret Seymour diligently cheered for victory as our lone representative on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. May Day attendants were Mary Ann Vivirito and Mary Ann DeLuke. After a heated campaign for positions as Student Council officers, the Maroon Party candidates, John Sanders, Pete Tamburro, Regina Piazza, and Jo Ann Novak, emerged victorious. This year, Susan Horan was chosen as a delegate to the Red Cross Leadership Program held at Miami University, Ohio. The intricacies of government were explained to our Boy's State representatives, Dan Clayton Bob Ludwig, John Sanders, Pete Tamburro, and John Thomas. John Freedman attended the Summer Science Training Program at Buffalo University. A long and rather anxious wait, was rewarded when we became the proud owners of glittering class rings. Dan Clayton, John Sanders, Mary Margaret Seymour, and John Thomas were chosen to attend a citizenship con- ference at Syracuse University. Providing fond memories was the Senior-Junior Prom--"An Evening in Shangrila. " Finally, the year of years--our senior year. We entered the year aware of our many responsibilities and so chose John Thomas as President, Ken Farrell, Vice-President, M31-y Margaret Seymour, Secretary, and Karen Talarico, Treasurer. Lending a hand, were our faculty advisors, Mrs. Graves, Miss Wolosz, Mr. Hudson, and Mr. Goodale. Voicing their opinions in Student Council, were our representatives: John Thomas, Sandra Sondej, Dave Bugbee, and Bob DeLuke. Adding to the success of our teams, were Varsity Cheerleaders: Lauren Massey, Barb McCumber, Regina Piazza, Mary Margaret Seymour, Mary Louise Vallone, and Mary Ann Vivirito. The D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award was given to Mary Grates. The acting abilities of our fellow class members, were proven when we successfully presented the comedy "Cheaper By the Dozen", under the direction of Mrs. Hannah. To augment our treasury, we sold cards and stationery. Those of us, aiming for college, spent anxious moments waiting for notices of acceptance from the colleges of our choice. And now, we await the final and greatest day of our high school career--Graduation. It has been a long road that has led us to this point. A road not always smooth, but certainly one of unforgettable memories and uncountable accomplishments. We now bid farewell to Frankfort-Schuyler and turn to the future and the longer road of life that shall lea us to further success. d REMEMBER I -S WHE 5-4. K' LITOGR PHS , -, ,f ' K ,f f V . l,w ,,,ff 1 fgfiii, 4 A I 'sv Na l.,f3L'i .TIA N fu? ' LLVM V ' if H fi J-y If 0 ff' x W Ji .WVQW ' M 1 'A JV 1' K QV wx, I L I ' ,L 1, 52 L 2 J CLASS WILL BY SANDRA SONDEJ WE THE CLASS OF l964, being of sound mind, do so hereby declare this to be our last will and testament MARY ACKLEY leaves her fluent understanding of French to Eleanor Miller and Paula Fetterley. CHARLES ADAMS leaves to Dave Walawender one pack of cigarettes and a match go with it. JOSEPHINE BOMMARITO leaves a sailor to Elaine Welch. DOMINICK BONO leaves his wrestling ability to Dave Domina. JAMES BONO forfeits his "lackadaisical manner" to Edward Wolanski and Ron Gage. MARY ANN BONO leaves the Secretarial Practice room to Mamie Diliberto and Joann DeLuke. ROSALIE BONO leaves the Commerical Club to Nancy Smith, Charlene Lavine and Mary Chippari. DAVID BUGBEE leaves Eileen Murray to Frankfort-Schuyler Central School. CAROL BURRELL leaves her ability to drive . . . to Sara Sue Latella and Gerry Amendolare. CONCETTA CAMARATA leaves her petiteness to Josie Di Maria. DAVID CARPINELLA leaves the cafeteria to Salvatore Simonette and Kenny Griffin. JANE CASTILLA leaves her name to Patrick Castilla. BUNKY CATLIN and ROSS CUSHMAN leave Butch Barretta, Tom Kinney and Joe Latella the Reservation. CAROL CHARD leaves Charles Scaparo. fHands offlj CAROL CIMJINO leaves her fabulous personality to Cecelia Mannino and Nora Tucker. DAN CLAYTON leaves his Starlighter jacket to Joe Kinney. ANN CONIGILARO leaves Sharon Green her peroxide streak. JAMES COOK leaves the his talkative ways to John Delisile and Barbara Grates. CAROL CULVER leaves the girls' room mirror to Carol Costello and Vema Stevens. MARY ANN DeLUKE and MARY LaVALLA leave Suzanne Lasorella. fThey'll really miss herij ROBERT DeLUKE leaves Chris Muto his defensive end position and his amazing knowledge of not knowing where the ball is. BOB DES MARAIS leaves his place at the"Beach" to Scott Jones. RICHARD DILIBERTO leaves Frankfort and its high school to Andrew Cardinal and Peter Cross. ELAINE FALCONE leaves her precious name Elaine to Elaine Yots. DON FAROUCHE leaves Don Fiorentino all the wrestling equipment that he has forgotten to return to Coach Campo in the past four years. KEN FARRELL leaves the basketball court to Francis Frank. TOM FLYNN leaves some bufferin tablets to George Bianchi. ROBERT FOLEY leaves his nonchalant manner to John Luczyk, Anthony Lisandrelli and Michael Rutegliano. JOHN FREEDMAN leaves Mike LaPolla the dust-bowl football field in hopes that Mike gets to use the new one. HELENE GARRAMONE leaves her habits of talking and chewing gum to her sister Jean. DOROTHY GILLETTE leaves her personal cooking recipes to Babrara Stewart and June Hubalek. LINDA GILLETTE leaves Charotte Bunce her place in front to the girls' room mirror. GAIL GOLDER wills Norman Klock her well-used tennis racket. MARY GRATES leaves her qualities of leadership to Gretchen Bennett. BARBARA GREEN leaves Mr. Chuff 's class to Gerry Trippen, Patty Skowron and Janet Sgroi. HAROLD GREGORY leaves Mike Ricisca his corner table at "Club Royal." CHERALYN GRJPPE leaves Carol Grygiel her good game of golf. DOUGLAS HAR.MON leaves Jim Canaguier his intelligence. PETER HASTINGS leaves his shop abilities to Gary Olds. MARY LOU HENRICKSON wills her ma jorette boots and baton to Karen Hagen. FRED HIGHT leaves his charm to Ronnie Di Orio and Jean Lohm. LINDA HOBBICK leaves her tall silhouette to Pamela Walsh, Mary Alice Ruddy and Vickie Vore. SUE HORAN wills Pat Limpert all her used clarinet reeds. RUTH ANN HOUSER leaves her next ride on the dive bomber to Evelyn Bunce. RICHARD KING leaves his two watt amplifier with a three inch speaker to Jerry Li Cari. SANDRA LA BARBARA leaves her soprano seat to Sheryl Durant. ROBERT LUDWIG leaves his seat on the bus to Dennis Olds. MARTHA MAINE leaves her shy manner to Ellen Jenkins and Carol Papalio. LAUREN MASSEY leaves Kathy Marine all her study halls and with it the ability to concentrate, even in noisy classrooms. BARBARA MCCUMBER leaves her love for girls' sports to Donna Van Dusen. JOYCE MILES leaves her sister Sally. JOE NARDI leaves his farewell to David Verdura and Francis Graziano. FRANCINE NENCETTI leaves her pleasant smile to Mary Ames and Carol Beauharnois. MARY DON NENCETTI leaves the art room to Jean Streeter. JOANN NOVAK wills Carolyn Sobieraj one broken glass. SID NUROD leaves his humorous nature to John Migliore. REGINA PIAZZA leaves her inexpressible appetite to Kathy Worden. SAL PRISTERA leaves his physics class to Paul Grainger, Paul I-Iuening and David Young. EVELYN PULEO leaves her place on the bus to Judy Murdock. FRED PUMILIO leaves his walk to Bob Manno and all his rotten luck to Dominick Lasorella. GERI QUIRK leaves her ability to tell jokes to Joann Carbone. JAMES RIENTE leaves his agreeable disposition to Robert Conley and Carol Kipper. DON ROCCO leaves Joe Tubia his parking place. JOE ROLCHIGO leaves some "Pep pills" to Bob Spatola and Michael Ryan. JOHN SANDERS leaves Tony Potenza "Rose Baby". CLEM SCALISE leaves his stature to Francis McGuinness and Sam Conigliaro. VIRGINIA SCHAEFFER leaves her laughter to Whalia Prokopienko and Janet Heath. MARGARET SCHUSTER leaves her clarinet to Dan Colino. MARY MARGARET SEYMOUR leaves Kay Kilgress all of their memories of cheerleading and all of the problems which they "solved", TOM SKELLY leaves his great bowling ability to Eugene Kipper. ANNE 'SNELL leaves her long hair to Pat Suiztlak. SANDRA SONDEJ leaves football concessions to Mary Ellen Novak. HELEN SPATTO leaves Linda Scaparo. THOMAS STONE leaves his ability to get along with teachers to Ron Sassone. DIANNE STORM leaves her admirable character to Mary Lou Piazza. CHARLES STRONG wills his ability to flap his ear to Gary Smith and Joann Grates. JEANNA SWANSON leaves Pat Barton fond memories of their pre-school days. BARBARA SZCZYGIEL leaves a comb to Catherine Oaksford and Madeline Lazio. KAREN TALARICO leaves any Junior crazy enough to take Math 12, Mrs. Reina's Math " quizzes". PETER TAMBURRO leaves his good advice on trying matters to everyone. CHRISTINE TARNACKI leaves the service road behind the high school to Joe Polizzi. ANGELA TERZO leaves the "Utica Boys" to Pat Terzo. JOHN THOMAS leaves his wealth, grand personality and ony other hypocritical feature to no one. To every- one, however, he leaves a thought for future success: "Know Thyself". NICK TOTARO leaves his reticent nature to Georgeann Durse, Anthony Ahern and Lance Giangolini. MARIE VALLONE leaves her ability to walk the halls without a pass to Shirley Vivacqua and Rose Mary Cacciatore. MARY LOUISE VALLONE leaves her skill of sneaking ahead to the girls' room mirror to Mindy Juliano and Karen Carlson. BUZZ VALENTE leaves Dick Dunnadee and John Mathews his terrific ability to wear a path through the woods JACKIE VALENTE leaves her ability in girls' sports to Judy Morgan and Janet Biemat. RICHARD VAN DUSEN leaves Roger Maida his ability to do nothing. RONALD VAN SICKLE leaves Allan Graudons, Bob Bushey and Steven Schorer a few pamphlets on "Excuses for Absence and Unpreparedness". MARY ANN VIVERITO leaves her ability to make long distance phone calls fwherever Chuck may go, to Sally Cook. PAT VOLZ leaves his paint brushes to Linda Short. ROBERT VOLZ leaves Steve Race his ability to know good cars. PAT WINKLER leaves the "Brodi" Wagon to Beef Paratore. JAMES WOODARD leaves all his lousy breaks on important exams to Gerald Yelle and Paul Belmont. EUGENE YELLE leaves Anthony Thomas his still on the German Flatts. PHLIP YOUNG leaves his dashing hairdo to anyone who can match it. SENIGR ACTIVITIES SE IDR PL Y Jeanna Swanson. . Mary Grates . . Sandra Sondej . . Carol Cimino . . . Linda Hobbick . . Mary Ackley . Regina Piazza . . Peter Tamburro. . Ross Cushman . . Pat Winkler . . . Frances Valente . Bob DeLuke . . . Sydney Nurod . . Dan Clayton . Joe Nardi . . John Thomas . Jim Cook . . Bob Foley . . Dianne Storm . . Christine Tarnacki Mrs. Hanna . Mrs. Gilbreth . Anne Gilbreth Ernestine Gilbreth .Martha Gilbreth . Lillian Gilbreth . Mrs. Fitzgerald . . . Miss Brill . . Mr. Gilbreth . Frank Gilbreth . . Dan Gilbreth . . Bill Gilbreth . . Fred Gilbreth . Jackie Gilbreth . . . . . Larry . Joe Scales . . .Doctor . Stage Manager . . Sound Effects . . Understudy . . Understudy Director HOMECCDMI G QUEEN AND ESCORT Sandra Sondej Edward Granger HOM ECOMING COMMITTEE STANDING: Patrick Winkler, Mary Ackley, Marie Vallone, Francine Nencetti, Mary Louise Vallone, and Francis Valente. SEATED: Karen Talerico and Carol Cimino. QUEEN AND COURT Robert DeLuke Lauren Massey Bernard Valentine Mary Ann Vivirito Sandra Sondej Edward Granger Carolyn Culver Paul Maxfield Mary Ann DeLuke Christopher Muto QE CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Anthony Potenza Vice Pres . . . . .Gretchen Bennett Secretary . . . . JOSeph L2-fella Treasurer . . . . Barbara Grates n i V 1 Pres . . . .Alfred Passante 5 i V. Pres ,, Joseph Sharrino President . . . James Lilli Vice Pres . . James Durant Secretary . . , Provi Tocco Treasurer . . . . Ma1yJ0 Hosney 62 W5 2 Sec . . .Richard Zaiocha Treas . . Mitchell Pezdek v Pr6SidCr1t . . . Dave Stonehouse Vice-President . . . . .Carla Nasto Secretary . . . Christine Kattato Treasurer . . .Anthony Kipper President , , , . Nicholas Paoni Vice-President . . . . Margaret Sanders Secretary , , . .Linda Lyoshin Treasurer . , . .Penelope Rahm 63 JUNIOR CLASS ADVISOR - MRS. REINA ADVISOR - MISS INGRO SOPHOMORE CLASS ADVISOR - MR. NICHOLS ADVISOR - MR. BONOMO ADVISOR - MRS, CACCIATORE ADVISOR - MRS, PONTOLILLO FRESAEIKR-XITIENLASS ADVISOR - MR. SPINA ADVISOR ' MR. WELCH ADVISOR - MRS. BERGER ADVISOR - MR. MCMURRAY ADVISOR - MR. WOLFE SEVENTH GRADE W ADVISOR - MRS. COOLEY ADVISOR - MRS. MCMURRAY ADVISOR - MISS FRANK ADVISOR - MR. CHUDY ADVISOR - MR. O'MARA ACTIVITIES x ,A TUDE T CCUNCIL N. f f., T will , ' A "jp" ' s 3,3 1' ., X sql .V A , 1 INPM' I 5 Q. ADVISOR - MR. LELAND President - John Sanders Secretary - Regina Piazza Vice-President - Peter Tamburro Treasurer - Jo Ann Novak STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, our governing body, consists of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and four representatives from each class. In order to qualify for membership, a student lTlUSt maintain passing marks in three subjects. The group's aims are: the development and encouragement of leadership and initiativeg the fostering of a strong school spirit, the creation of more cooperation between faculty and students, and the promotion of the best interests ofthe school. ATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ADVISOR'MISS INGRO President - John Thomas SGCFSFZTY ' Mike Lalfoua Vice President - Patty Barton TWHSUTST ' Mary Ackley The National Honor Society is an organization which selects its members from those outstand- ing in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These students are chosen from the freshmen through senior classes upon completion of the first semester. The objectives of this club are: to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the students. Each member of this organization evaluates himself to see if there are potential elements of leadership within him, This group depends more upon a balance in intellectual and social growth than upon school marks in setting forth the scholastic ability to be achieved by the student. SEMINA Advisor - Mrs. Berger The Seminar Program was set up to introduce students to those areas of education not ordinarily covered in the regular high school curriculum, and to provide them with the necessary knowledge to pursue study of such fields on their own. Participants are chosen from college-bound students on the basis of mental abilities, specialized tests, and scholastic achievement. Each week members ofthe group meet with Seminar groups from other Herkimer County schools and together they are exposed to a college situation of lectures and group discussions presented and conducted by professors from area colleges. It is hoped that the participants of such a program will not only gain new or added knowledge, but will also be guided to a future profession. MCDDERN ANC-JU GE CLUB ADVISORS - MISS WOLOSZ AND MR. SLOAN The Modern Language Club, newly formed this year, is made possible by di- viding the former Language Club into two separate clubs. This club welcomes those students of French and German who are especially interested in the language and civilization of these two countries. The main objective of this club is to increase the student's oral competence in these languages. L TIN CLUB ADVISOR-MISS INGRO President- Patricia Terzo Secretary - Mitch Pezdek Vice-President - Ken Griffen Treasurer - Cindy Reina The Latin Club is one of two clubs to emerge from the former Language Club. This organization welcomes those Latin I students having eighty-five or above average and those students of Latin ll and III who have maintained an average of eighty or above. The main objective of this organization is to discuss more thoroughly during the meeting the many aspects of Roman life which are mentioned in class. One of the features of the Latin Club is the Roman banquet held in our school every three years. .IU IOR-SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE ADVISORS-MRS. GRAVES AND MRS. REINA 1 Cf-' ov'-xo 3 f, an . , MQQLT Qi M-.QXQ 'Nm fkfelk. W X . , '1xf9A'.L, Sick Ceuqd Qousl I Seniors John Thomas Clem Scalise Phil Young Francine Nencetti JoAnn Novak Dave Bugbee Jane Castilla f- A . NeUQ'f Jfof' C 'K' -fxfgg -Cwvx Lkge HJR.. XJXUJSL looxiiiecr- -X-Loggi Pgggi- U4-5 Lex-XS r-:EMM Mkggq HK: ,KOS O WW 3 t , Juniors Q-V7 If ik-J' UUKUN ide. VYOQJL Cv 'xmr-Qkwf' :Sai Tony POISHZ2Tko'Sx-KQV' -.udff kwa L, Frank Graziano KQ4 44, Xomk kim. N. Mike LaPo11a LQOOA X Kia? -X-Maxx Mary Ellen Novak heuev -f?..q,Xxvv.X sv-x Xe. Sara Sue Late11aJ- Qaovj KX Patti Barton Magi nom., X. LQ ,XL S Pat Terzo Y"'lau3 S-sux GAL., X55 log, Uxguxs X llieqghr 11+ CSNKS Xilifkker bsoug, X 3 'Cr-sd bias s exch.-a Looe PM V v C I r KEY CLUB - Advisor ------ Mr. Frank L. "' k,,3,,s,, Y 1 XV, s ' Vi President . . . - . Ph1l1DY0UUg Ui" vice President . . . . D0miHiCk BOHO I Tr' Secretary . . - - --lim Rieme A. f k ,,,+4Treasurer . . . . Pete Tamburro L-, is 7 The Key Club, one of our school's two servic e clubs, is an auxiliary of the Kiwanis International. Prospective members, who are first screened by Mr. Frank, principal, and then voted in by members, are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership. service and character. At present there are thirty membersg 12 seniors, 12 juniors and 6 sophomores. The objectives of the Key Club are as follows: 1. To develop initiative and leadership 2. To promote the objectives of the Key Club International 3. To strengthen and extend the Key Club movement 4. To provide experience in living and working together 5. To serve the school and community 6. To assist during school activities 7. To co-operate with the school principal 8. To prepare for useful citizenship 9. To promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship. sportsmanship, and social contacts. 10. To send delegates to conventions FUTURE URSES y ADVISOR - MRS. ORIOLE President - Verna Stevens Secretary - Mary Vallone Vice President - Linda Hobbick TFSHSHISI ' Salldfa L3BaTbafa The Future Nurses Club is an organization which welcomes any high school student interested in nursing or any of its related areas as a career. The aims and objectives of this club are: to acquaint its members with the qualifications and duties of a nurse, to help them acquire practical experience, to hold fund-raising projects for charity, to be useful and to co-operate with the Health Department of the school. To further the experience of the members, the organization has joined forces with Ilion this year in volunteering their services at the Ilion Hospital in the Candy Striper program. FUTURE TEACHERS ADVISOR - MR. CLIFFORD President - Jackie Valente Treasurer - Mary Lou Piazza Vice-President - Patty Terzo Secretary - Mary Beth Mattison FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Horace Mann Centennial in 1937 was the birthplace of the future teacher movement. At this time it was established by the National Educational Association Assembly as a co-operative project of NEA and its affiliated state and local associations. Since 1955, FTA has been the responsibility of the Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards. The FTA in high school permits a student to explore his own abilities and interests related to opportunities in teach- ing. Those curious to learn if they have the qualities, aptitudes, drive and desire to become a top- notch teacher are welcomed to join. Members of this organization are expected to: 1. Study and identify the qualities, traits, and aptitudes which are basic or related to success- ful teaching. 2. Acquire an understanding of the history and development of our public schools, their pur- poses and objectives, and an appreciation of the contributions they have made to our democratic, free society. 3. Secure accurate information on vocational opportunities in education, and the special competences required, to aid in self-evaluation. 4. Participate in prevocational activities which are both exploratory and developmental in 1'laCl.ll'6. K IGHT ECHOES Advisor - Miss Wolosz Editor - Sandra Sondej Co-editor - Francine Nencetti Our school paper, headed exclusively by seniors. has since its change two years ago, strived to match the uniqueness of its title, "Knight Echoes". In addition to being well organized, the paper displays a touch of wittiness which adds life to the drabness of fact. This organization and wittiness combined with short and newsy articles result in a well written paper. A member of the Central New York and Empire State Press Association, the paper in previous years received superior ratings for its editorials. RT LUB ADVISOR-MRS. MARTIN President-Concetta Camarata Secretary-Jean Streerer Vice President-Eugene Yelle Treasurer-Steve Graham Sergeant at Arms-Antony Barretta LIBR RY STAFF ADVISOR-MRS. HANNA COMMERCIAL LUB President - Dianne Storm Secretary - JoAnn Novak Vice President - Kathy Worden Treasurer - Iallet Sgroi ADVISORS MRS. PONTOLILLO AND MRS. CACCIATORE The Commercial Club, open to all business students from grades 9-12, introduces its members to the various phases of the business world. This organization has purchased a Hi-Fi for the secretarial room, which will aid in the improving of drills and dictations. In addition to training its members in the use of secretarial equipment, the club also purchases some supplies for commercial use. LL-STATE MUSIC FESTIVA X ffl F ' if A , ga Y g ff il' L i X. is Advisor - Mr. Clifford Kay Kilgress, Frances Valente, Francine Nencette Among the most exciting events that took place in our school this year, was the Sectional All-State Music Festival. Approximately three hundred and fifty students of outstanding musical ability from central New York schools were chosen to participate in the festival. During two days of practice ending with a concert for parents and friends, melodic sounds, both vocally and instrumentally, were produced. Led by Mr. Clifford, chairman, and Francis Valente, student chair- man, various committees were established for the purpose of corresponding with registering, welcoming and guiding the visiting participants. We congratulate the Music departments for their fine execution of this memorable event. FUTURE F RMER ADVISOR-MR. HUBBELL President-Peter Hastings Secretary-Richard Caldwell Treasurer- Gary Olds Uf r r 'JVM J' .J Lf 'LM 'ff' ' . wx Q , f ll," W it W W V I ED EN B L E , KJ , 'L X ff' 1,-r A r N L UW jf' R ,haf ' ' in J 1 by wr, F ar 1 V , U H M ,L r v ADVISOR-MR. MCMURRAY BUYS STATE Dan Clayton, John Thomas Peter Tamburro, John Sanders, Robert Ludwig The qualifications of a candidate to Boys' State are many and varied. The boys are chosen with regard to the following: seriousness of purpose, industry, initiative, emotional stability, potential leadership, personality, honesty, co-operative spirit, and enthusiasm. Those most nearly meeting these standards are then selected by their teachers to attend Boys' State held annually at Colgate University. Through the week long session, one gains a greater knowledge of our government, its purposes, ideals, and functions. Judges, ambassadors, representatives, and mayors are among those who are invited to speak during the week. The boys are given an opportunity to thoroughly investigate our court and party systems, and law making branches. In addition other topics such as curfews, colleges, traffic accidents, the drinking age, segregation, mentalinstitutions, and mass communication are explored by the members of Boys' State. The greatest emphasis however, is placed on parliamentary procedure and government. Shut off from the outside world for one week, the boys at Colgate leam to live, work, and co-operate together. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS 3 ADVISOR - MISS WAGNER President - Joyce VanSickle Secretary - Mary Lou Henrickson Vice-President - Mary Lavalla Treasurer - Linda Brown The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization in high schools which studies homemaking. It provides opportunities for the all important job of students to obtain additional experiences in planning and carrying out activities related to homernaking. The over-all goal of the organization is to help individuals improve. To emphasize specific parts of this over-all goal, Future l-lomemakers of America have eight purposes. They are: 1. To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemaking. 2. To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. 3. To encourage democracy in home and community life. 4. To work for good home and family life for all. 5. To promote international good will. 6. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. 7. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. 8. To further interest in home economics. UDIO VISLIA LUB ADVISORS - MR. GIOTTO AND MR. BUTTONS Before a student can qualify for membership in the Audio-Visual Club, he must be skilled in operating such equipment as movie cameras, slide projectors and tape re- corders. Upon completing the course of instruction on the use of this equipment, the student is given both a written and demonstration test. lt is not until they pass both of these tests that they are considered members ofthe club. During their free periods mem- bers aid teachers in the operating of the school's audio visual equipment. XED CHO ADVISOR-MR. MCMURRAY ADVISOR-MR. MCMURRAY M is '72 5 - A' 'Q ,Q 1 'agk 5 all . Q "' 1 ' x X u -gf Q ' r 1- '35, Q M 'V L A - vw, x 54 A 5 K 721 A -git! W f ' 'Rf 'AA 4 If ,Vkx . l u I KQV N H F x',f,,f'X:. . . .H K' -.f nx ' 'Y 1- 5 few . Q . ' '. f . 33? , A -. f an - iff' 1 A -f K1 , f 1' -. . 4. -' ff sw . ,ez ix HX H xx ffl' . NWN' QL - Va., ,, V ,VtxQ:. wx.. '--., "'.. ' f, V Vi. i r . Y V if i ., LW.W ,M " h ,V A ? L L4 1, faq ff Mig 'if K i ,U www .1 W , +I' A 5, . 3 A ,LJA V , V Y f fig ' E . f ,, XX ' , , U AA g f E ,ff hf M V , C '35, M VA If ,J 5 ' WY ,, IV- 1 vs f W 'WA A WVIW, Z, W , K W V N i , 'f"?, ,W X AJORETTE Advisor - Mr. Clifford Captain - Mary Lou Henrickson Linda Gillette Dedre Adams Kathy Schuster Ann Marie Grizzuto Karen Hagen Julie Dybas Carolyn Culver SPGRTS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ADVISOR-MRS. MARTIN JLINIGR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ADVISOR- MRS. MARTIN VARSITY FOOTB LL COACHES: CAMPO, ROTOLO, WOEPPEL, AND RIZZO The Maroon Knights of Frankfort-Schuyler displayed what determination, good coaching, and school and team spirit can accomplish. I Under the direction of Coach Joseph Campo and Coaches Rotolo, Woeppel, and Rizzo, the Knights scored four impressive league victories, dropping one to Oneonta and another heart-breaker to Mohawk. As evidence of their fine play, four gridmen were placed on the All Star Iroquois League. They are Don Bono, Clem Scalise, Joe Ferraro, and Fran McGuinnes. The Knights placed third in league competition and finished the season with a 5-win 3-loss record. Although the Knights will lose seven seniors, Don Bono, Dave Bugbee, Bob DeLuke John Freedman, Jim Riente, John Sanders, and Clem Scalise, next year's team looks promising with the return of several lettermen and the experience ofthe fine team spirit gained this year. 10 FP ll Frankfort hip , Into ,nt 'Newport-John fed passed for two touch and ran for another as ran , fort defeated West Canad g' 21-6, here yesterday morningi The Frankfort quarterback'- had touchdown asses of 5'f and 7 yards and Ke scored on a 6-yard quarterback sneak. Both the passesfwere to Bob DeLuke, big end for the- Frankfort team. o Ok o TIM HOWARD hurled a 5- yard forward to Jim Butler for West Canada's lone tally, Frankfort Jhad a n oth e r touchdown nullified when John Sanders went 70 yards for an apparent TD on the opening play from scrimmage. The play was called back when clipping was detected. j lirankforfs fix-stTD came when Dave Bugbee inter- cepied a West Canada pass on his own 47 yard line and ran it hack to the West ' ,Hu-kimer, 27-7 Herkimer -- Frankfort- Schuyler, led by John Free- n, defeated Herkimer, 27' at Harmon Field yesterday ft n in an Iroquois L V lj e. ' se lor quarterback re- a p t for 82 yards a , e t touchdown of the V g . He ter scored on a e-y and passed fo xrd own. O O THE WIN G e Frank- fortfSchuyler a gation a 5-2 mark for the season while Herkimer now stands at 3-4 for the season. After a scorless first pe- riod, Herkimer got to the mid- field before its attack bogged down. ' Freedman took the punt on his own 20, fumbled it, picked it up on the 18 and with good down field blocking went all the way for the score. Later in this period, Franki fort ,knocked at the door at the 20 only to have a 15- yard penalty slapped on the Maroon for a personal foul. John Sanders had picked up a first on the 15 but the penalty set Frankfort back to the 30. Frank McGuiness, found the going tough around his right side, but -he bmshed aside would be tacklers and went to the five. On the next play he lugged it over for the TD. V o o SANDEIQS plunged over for the extra point and increased Frankfort - Schuylefs margin to 13 oints. ay in the third period, Mi alla pounded on a H mble on the n . Sanders picked up two ys advanced it to the 37. Freedm ss Sand- ers on th 8-y n nd wentin for nd- ers again went e tra point. Herkimer went he Frankfbrtfw but its ck failed to click and Frankfort- Schuyler took over on downs. Freedman then launched a 60 - yard march and scored from the 1 on a keep. Mc- Gulness plunged for the point. I O O HERKIMER started to roll in the final period and Len Mitchell steered it to a touch- down. Herkimer recovered a Frankfort fumble on its 49 yard line. Chet Scerra skirted an end for a first on the 20 and went to the 13 on the next play. After three thrusts at the line netted but one yard Mitchell fell back and tossed to Jim Woods, who was all alone in the end zone. The same pass play was good for the extra point. The summary: Frankfort-Schuyler 0 13 7 7-27 Herkimer O 0 0 7- 7 Touchdowns: Frankfort - Freedman 182-yard punt returnlr McGuineu t5- yard plunqel: Sander: f37vyard Dan! FFSBCYYIBUQ 11-y3f'd PII-INBEY. PGH!!! ANU' touchdown-Sander: 2 tphmgelz Mc- Guinon lplungeb. Herkimer - Wood: U3-yard Dans Playl. Point: after TD- Woodl Wann. 29' .ir W l .,,,,. af - . . . .4-'7TV?-J-+'w-q.-..f-f- 4,.:g,-. ,.,,,,,, w In three plays Frank M01 to . Guinness lugged the ball to Q , ,ii't, I ' I l the 11 and after five on 34 M Q - r - T f keep, faded back and hit De. . uil' l I y 4 Luke in the end zone for the .T 'W V 7' f t t V f-+-'Q---Q--'wwiww ' 'scorer Sanders plungezfroverx c y thelextra point. backfired and Iliorrs offense for tha emgfglgg , ,,, FrankEortEfSchu. .tral Both teams played headrg-up caught fire at midfield. Len- ny THE od W, elevenffxyutfoughtf ' Hi defensive ball the rest ofthe nox carried to the Frankfort Pen SQhm9i35QG0lden'Bomber xrst half. Several times the 22, Wardle got to the 19 and took Frankfort 'but six plays to go 50 yards and the seconds score. Sanders and McQuin-f ness were the ground gainers in this series. F r e e d m a n caught De Luke in the end zone with a 7-yard aerial. Sanders plunged for the point but Frankfort was penalized 15 yards for offensive hold- ing. Freedman heaved an 18- yard pass to Sanders for the extra point. In the third period Frank- fort moved the ball 58 yards on six plays with Freedman going over from the six ,on a keep. In this series, Freedman hit on two passes, one of 15 yards and the other of 17. West Canada fo u n d Weakness. in the Frankfort de- fense and started a short pass program. The drive started on I 3 terdayrahdtwon an I cis League 'i-. victory, 14-6, befor 1,000Zfans. ' . Frankfort, bouncing back from 2 48-I3 defeat 'by One- onta the previous week, scored a 'touchdown the first time it got, the ball. The Maroon and White added an insurance touchdown in the fourth quarter and then held off a despeate Ilion bid in the final moments. Frankfort is now, 2-1 in the Iroquois League, while Ilion is l-2. Tony Potenza, fleetfrank- fort harlfback, and Fullback Mike LaP0lla teamed up in the opening minutes of the first quarter to carry the ball .deep into llion territory. La- Polla romped through the cen- ter of the Illon line for the touchdown and Quarterback John Freedman carried for rank ' defense cut off hes. Bob DeLuke, ort end, intercepted a pass by Bill Warclle, Ilion quarterback, on the Frankfort goal line as the half ended. In the early m' of the second half a un by Ilion's Bill L ctr' 'ed the crowd. ion's off ve team, lifeless for nea hree quarters, came t e, but three fumbles deep Frank- fort territory stopped man touchdown drives. After an offslde penalty gave Frankfort a first down on the Ilion 9-yard line, Freedman tore through 'the Ilion line for Frankforfs sec- ond touchdown. S a rx cl e r s bulled through the line for the extra point and Frankfort led l4n0. A Frankfort onside kickoff Lennox again trickled through 1Frankfort's secondary to the '4'yar'd line. Wardle then sneaked over for the score. Lennox was stopped on the try and Frankfort led, 14-6. The Summary: FRANKFORT Ends--DeLu51eT Bugnee, Mute. Ahern Rienie, Tackles--Sassone. Saunas, Paraton, Domina. Gvifdl--Bom, Ferrara, Linandrelil. Hohlck. Centers--Dawn Bugbee. Pa ante. Q rterhack-Freedman. backs-Potuusa. Sanders. Snohn no. Iback:-L.xPo6la, Mtcomen. ILKON End Manson. Ta r-Pa Conover. Hendrix. G- s.-Maneen, chneider. Ce rs--Wells, In. Qu cks-Q Blunt. Halvbac 1-B r, Gram, Len, H0 D hu X, 008 Fullback lah . 1 Score by s: .fILlON 0 0 D 6- 6 ,FRANKF-'ORT 7 0 0 7-14 Touchdown: Frankfort - Lapolla, P T F' ' Freedman. A - reedmnn lrunl. Sanders nrum. llion..Wardlc. 04 VARSITY BASKETB LL TL JJLNJQA ,jj in COACH - MR. wtirrl ,Aff ,i ' W .414 fj,ZM,31l',g- V , f ,, sl ','w 1 , Lo y ow' M Q Vet.: ' fwf"" SENIOR vARslfTvfli5T'4'YER From left to right: John Sanders, Dan Clayton, Ken Farrell, John Thomas, John Freed man, Don Rocco. O6 WRE TLI G Coaches-Mr. Joseph Campo Mr. Vincent Annicharico When formed in 1957, the Frankfort Schuyler wrestling team entered the Center- State League. Impressive even in their first year, the matmen placed second in League Competition. Under the expert guidance of Coach Joseph Campo, the Maroon Knights continued in the Center-State League, winning two League Championships, until 1960, when they switched to the Iroquois League. Frankfort's grapplers proved their prowess by capturing the Iroquois League crown every year since their entry into the League. This year our wrestlers competed in tournaments at Sherburne and Fulton and placed first in both. As for regular matches, the matmen are undefeated and won an- other championship. Helping the team attain this honor, are the following outstanding grapplersz Mario Pumilio, Rick Bono, Pat Amendolare, Richard Diliberto, Charles Scaparo, Dom Bono, Joe Ferraro, Dave Bugbee, and Clem Scalise. These boys help comprise a team that has done much to bring honor to Frankfort High, not only through its outstanding ability, but also through its commendable sportsmanship and spirit. IROQUOIS LEAGUE CHAMPIONS I96O 964 CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR WRESTLERS Five maroon and white senior grapplers have ended outstanding high school wrestling careers. Those fans who have seen them perform on the mats will agree that these boys have greatly credited themselves and every- thing they stand for. Those fans who have not seen them in action, will never be able to fully appreciate the skill and sportsmanship of the five. Donald Farouche, Richard Diliberto, Dominick Bono, and Dave Bugbee have been on three consecutive championship teams and along with Clem Scalise helped F. S. C. S. capture the lroquois League Crown for the fourth time. Don Farouche wrestling at 120 lbs. , has this year compiled a record of 18-1. He has won championships at three tournaments held this year and is the defending Iroquois League Champion. Don possesses great speed and is a tremendous "scrapper". He is rated by his coaches as one of the finest wrestlers that ever took the mat for Frankfort. Future plans for Don include enlistment in the U. S. Marines where he hopes to do some "scrapping" for Uncle Sam. Richard Diliberto holds down the 127 lbs. position on the team and for the past two years has been one of the team's leading pinners. Dick has his own unique style and often leaves his teammates staring in amaze- ment as he performs in an effortless and skillful manner. Undefeated in dual meets this year, Dick is also planning to join the "fighting leathernecks". The 165 lbs. wrestler is Dominick Bono. This is the fourth year Dom has wrestled Varsity at this weight class. Dom is a truly great wrestler and although he is feared and respected by all his opponents, he never takes a match lightly. For him each bout is wrestled as if it were a command performance. Dom is a two time Iroquois League Champ and defended his title this year. Many college coaches wish to bring Dominick to their campus. We only hope he will remain close by so that we can follow this Champ. David Bugbee can wrestle from 165 lbs. to unlimited. Having wrestled unlimited for to face opponents 30 to 40 pounds heavier than himself. Dave is extremely fast for his size skill and cleverness on the mat. Although he has been injured on and off during the season, back to finish his job. He is runner-up in the unlimited class in the Iroquois League. Dave four colleges and hopes to continue wrestling. Clement Scalise, also wrestling unlimited, is the "bear" on the team. Clem is very and performs exceptionally well in front of a crowd. For two years he has not lost a dual meet. Clem 's constant goal was to take the Iroquois League Tournament and "wreck" the sectionals. His teammates know that he is capable of doing this for they have had the opportunity to observe the "bear" at work. and exhibits unusual he has always come has been accepted at strong and aggressive Congratulations Don, Dick, Dom, Dave, and Clem. You leave behind grand records of outstanding a- chievements and a team that will surely miss you. three years, he has had 10 GIRLS SPORTS J .A.A. The Girls' Athletic Association, open from grades 9-12, is an organization growing in size and im portance. The range of sports offered has extended to include speed -a-way, bowling and track in addi- tion to basketball, volleyball and softball. The G. A. A. stresses the importance of cooperation, tolerance, and perseverance, both in sports and in everyday living. The girls are taught that cooperation and teamwork exhibit resultsg that per- severance means possible success instead of failureg and that any criticisms directed toward each is given to help make her a better person. .A.A. Miss Yvonne Gigliotti-Advisor Patricia Barton-Secretary Regina Piazza-President Josephine Di Maria-Treasurer Mary Margaret Seymour-Vice President Thus the G. A. A. , offering a very special type of ed u c at ion, mold s character as well as sound bodies. This special education is Miss Gig1iotti's method of teaching the girls the definition of the word "sportsmanship", and is her contribution toward making the girls better individuals. 114 VARSITY BASKETBALL Advisor --Miss Gigliotti Captain - Mary Margaret Seymour SPEED-A-WAY Advisor - Miss Gigliotti Captain - Regina Piazza JV BASKETB LL ADVISOR-MISS GIGLIOTTI Captain Jean Johnson VOLLEYB LL ADVISOR-MISS GIGLIOTTI Captain Mary Margaret Seymour SOFTBALL ADVISOR-MISS GIGLIOTTI BOWLING ADVISOR-MISS GIGLIOTTI S NICR GIRL STARS Mary Margaret Seymour, Francine Nencetti Mary Ann Vivirito, Jackie Valente, Mary Ackley, Mary Louise Vallone Geri Quirk Regina Piazza, Concetta Camarata, Barbie McCumber Open letter to the Senior Girls of 1964, I wish to express my sincere wishes to the Senior Girls of 1964. You have been an extra- ordinary group of girls to work with and you have proven to me that a teacher's work is not in vain. I wish to thank all of you for your cooperation, leadership, sportsmanship, athletic ability, and character which I hope will be a guide to future classes. This is just a small phase of your life. I pray that God will guide you along 1ife's path to future success. Thank you for making me part of it! Sincerely. Miss Gigliotti 1 118 TRIBUTE TO O E OFTHEWORLD' GRE TE T SPORT E THUSIAS S JOHN F. KENNEDY "Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment that was known as Came- lot. " for one brief shining moment in American history there was Camelot, but it will never likely be that way again. With the words, "And she took her ring from her finger, and placed it in his hand. ", we mourned the death of our most beloved of all presidents, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This senseless tragedy has changed the color of the sky, leaving a clark cloud that will loom ominous over America from now till the end of time. The man who gave our country a new look with his forceful, dynamic policies, and a magnetic personality that thrilled the world, the man who inspired us with courageous leadership in the face of impending disaster, the man who became so much a part of our lives while adopting American policy in a rocking chair, --is gone. The New Frontier, which began in the achievement of a dream of a "New America", is no more. The world has lost its greatest leader, its most beloved: the bigots of race, class and religion, have finally rid themselves of their most feared enemy. President Kennedy's policies will undoubtedly be continued with new achievements and new setbacks, our country will inevitably brave new tempests, for it is the measure of the American people to overcome adversity, --but our life will never be quite the same. Our political system, so hardened with American History, will surely overcome the tragedy, but there will always be a certain something missing. The flags will fly at full mast again, but they will always seem to hang limp even in the greatest of winds. The world will always cherish the memory of John Kennedy, for his immortality affords him eternal recognition and admiration. FOR ONE BRIEF SHINING MOMENT THERE WAS CAMELOT--AND IT WILL NEVER BE THAT WAY AGAIN. PATRONS 1 U 120 MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8: MRS TO OUR P RENTS LESLIE G. ACKLEY ROBERT ADAMS FRANK J. BOMMARITO JACK BONO PETER BONO SALVATORE J. BONO SAMUEL T. BONO HERMAN BUGBEE JOSEPH BURRELL FRANK CAMARATA ANGELO CARPINELLA JACOB CASTILLA VINCENT J. CATLIN SR. CAROL ANN CH ARD . JAMES CIMINO MYRON CLAYTON JULIUS CONIGLIARO DAVID COOK WILLIAM CULVER SAMUEL CUSHMAN CHARLES CASULO EARL DE LUKE ANTHONY J. DE LUKE FRANCIS DES MARAIS SILVER DILIBERTO JOSEPH A. FALCONE CLARK F ARRELL ANTHONY FAROUCHE MRS. MARJORIE FLYNN MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. MR. 8: MRS. DR. 8: MRS. ROBERT FOLEY EDWARD C. FREEDMAN STEPHEN GARRAMONE ROY A. GILLETTE ANTHONY J. GOLDER JOSEPH J. GRATES MR. DOMINICK F. GREEN MR. 8: MRS. HAROLD GREGORY MR. 8: MRS. FRANK GRIPPE MR. 8: MRS C. T. HASTINGS MR. 8: MRS FREDERICK HIGHT MR. 8: MRS TED HENRICKSON MR. 8: MRS FORREST HOBBICK MRS. ROBERT HORAN MR. 8: MRS. ORIN HOUSER MR. 8: MRS H. ERNEST KING MR. 8: MRS CHARLES LA BARBERA MR. 8: MRS EARL LAVALLA MR. 8: MRS. ROBERT LUDWIG ELEANOR 8: JOSEPH MOREAU MR. CARMON F. MASSEY MRS. JENNIE MCCUMBER MR. 8: MRS DALE MILES MR. 8: MRS PAUL NARDI MR. 8: MRS FRANCIS NENCETTI MR. 8: MRS THOMAS J. NENCETTI MR. 8: MRS ADAM NOVAK MR. 8: MRS. GEORGE NUROD MR. 8: MRS SALVATORE PRISTERA MR. 8: MRS PETER PULEO MR. 8: MRS JOHN PUMILIO MR. 8: MRS FRANCIS QUIRK MR. 8: MRS. ANTHONY RIENTE MR. 8: MRS. GENO ROCCO MRS. WILLIAM ROCKWELL MR. 8: MRS. VITO ROLCHIGO MR. 8: MRS. PHILIP SANDERS MRS. CLEMENT SCALISE MR. 8: MRS. FURMAN SCHAFFER MR. 8: MRS. WM. G. SCHUSTER MR. 8: MRS. CHRISTOPHER T. SEYMOUR MR. 8: MRS. THOMAS SKELLY MR. 8: MRS. RAYFIELD C. SNELL SAM SPATTO 8: MRS HENRY F. STRONG 8a MRS HERBERT J. SWANSON 8a MRS FRANK SZCZYGIEL 8a MRS SAMUEL J. TALARICO 8a MRS. OSCAR TAMBURRO 85 MRS STANLEY TARNACKI 8: MRS. JAMES TERZO 8a MRS J. BRADY THOMAS 8a MRS. CHARLES VALENTE 85 MRS RALPH VALENTE TO OUR FR MARIO T. PERRY WILLIAM SHAULES 8a MRS. LEO FULLEM VETO CONSTANZA MR. 8a MRS MR. 8a MRS MR. 8a MRS MR. 8a MRS MR. 8: MRS MR. 8a MRS MR. 8a MRS MR. 8: MRS MR, 8: MRS MR. 8a MRS. DOMINICK VALLONE VITO VALLONE JOHN VAN DUSEN JAMES VAN SICKLE SAMUEL VIVIRITO WALTER S . VOLZ PATRICK WINKLER EDWARD G. WILLIAMS EUGENE A. YELLE LELAND YOUNG IENDS MR. 8a MRS. DOMINICK NUROD MR. 8a MRS. JOSEPH ADVERSA MR. WILLIAMSON MR. EDWIN HARRIS 122 MAROO LOG STAFF ADVISOR - MR. Z. HUDSON Editor . . . Co-Editor , , , Treasurer .... Business Manager . . . Advertising Manager . Committee . . . Circulation and Subscriptions Manager . . Committee . .... . . . . . Copy Editor Manager . Committee . . . Mary Grates . . Dan Clayton . . Karen Talarico . . . . Phil Young . . . . .John Thomas Mary Ann Vivirito Mary Ackley Bob DeLuke Susan Horan Cheralyn Grippe Barbara McCumber . . . . Marie Vallone . . Pat Winkler Geri Quirk Jeanna Swanson Tom Flynn Mary Margaret Seymour . . Carol Cimino Karen Talarico Francine Nencetti Lauren Massey John Sanders Peter Tamburro Sandra Sondej Art Editor Manager Committee . . . . Photography Editor Committee Head Typist . . Committee ......P3JZ Mary Don Nencetti Concetta Camarata Linda Hobbick James Woodward . . . . . Tom S . . Regina Piazza Ross Cushman Volz kelly . . . Dianne Storm . , Joann Novak Christine Tarnacki Ruth Houser Mary Ann Bono Jeanna Swanson Mary Don Nencetti L ,px 21-1 'gf ,t ,gf , -Tel-'T N -2 xv. nz S'-Sf' L. M, ,,.L L, . fra : 4, I I.y.M .. W W QL 72 E 2 ,F N sf " 5 x ,L K Q 'if' T-N ,,x ADVERTISEMENTS SAVE AT CITIZEN'S FIRST NATIONAL BANK FRANKFORT, NEW YORK YOUR HOME TOWN INDEPENDENT BANK Compliments of PLANO'S MARKET 400 Frankfort Street Frankfort, New York George F. Winc kel Plumbing - Heating - Electrical - Contracting - TW 4-2272 1 I5 Litchfield St. Frankfort Compliments of .losie's Dinette Compliments of SALMON E'S MAR KET Frankfort New York Compliments of TAMBURRO'S MARKET Frankfort New York Compliments of MARI-RUTH SHOP 108 E. Main Street Frankfort New York complimenh of Compliments of VlV'S PLUMBING 81 HEATING GOLD MEDAL MARKET Phone TW A-9020 rmnmn, New York rw 4-8717 Mn' Mm ,aging 28 Compliments of WALTER SKOWRON'S MARKET Frankfort New York Compliments of JOH N'S LIQUOR STORE Compliments of NEW MELROSE MARKET Compliments of ClMINO'S PALMER STREET MARKET Frankfort New York Compliments of H. FRANK MURTAUGH Cool and Oil Company Frankfort, New York Best Wishes J. F. CUSHMAN BANDSAW WORKS 106 N. Frankfort Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of FRAN KFORT 5 8. I0 206 East Main Street Frankfort New York HARDELL PRINTING CO. tsince l885l Phone 894-3551 I20 Frankfort Street Frankfort New Nork Compliments of LIMPERT 8. MARC OLINE Wood-"Butchers" Gro. comuwo MIllIN6 co. l Manufacturers of Poultry - Feeds - Dairy Hardware - Paints - Mason's Supplies The House of Economy, Quality 8. Quantity 12 C I f Be:tWishes J. BRADY THOMAS UNION FORK AND h C HOE COMPANY C I f C I f ZITO INSURANCE AGENCY URGO'S SERVICE STATION u - d f d d Compliments of CAMPUS INN GRIPPE'S TAVERN 'I58 EAST MAIN STREET Frankfort, New York COMPLIMENTS OF cowumwsof WM. L. RUTHERFORD ARGONNE GRILL PAINT STORE FRANKFORT NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF THURSTON LAN ES FRANKFORT NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF PUZZE'S RESTAURANT II9 LITCHFIELD ST. COMPLIMENTS OF d JOAN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE a DE LUKE'S CLOTHING STORE 157 EAST MAIN ST. FRANKFORT NEW YORK WEEDEN 8. SITTS INC "UNDER THE CLOCK" ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE FRANKFORT TW 5-7431 COMPLIMENTS OF John J. Bono "Best wishes to the class of '64 from" BETA CHI ALPHA President: Carol Cimino Treasurer: Carol Chard Vice President: Mary Ackley Corresponding Secretary: Karen Talerico Secretary: Lauren Massey Historian: Mary Don Nencetti Parlimentarian: Barbara McCumber Carol Burrell Cheralya Grippe Sandra LaBarbera Mary Laualla Jackie Valente Mary Ann DeLuke Elaine Falcome Barbara Green THE KIRBY OFFICE EQUIP. CO. Herkimer, New York 2 Regina Piazza Mary Margaret Seymour Mary Ann Vivirito Anne Snell Mary Louise Vallone Angela Terzo Sorority Seniors X Ii' f "Best of Luck to the Graduating Class of 1964" X, W 'V T ' ' J - I President: Regina Piazza Vice-President: Mary Ann Vivirito Secretary: Kathy Worden Treasurer: Carol Seymour Concetta Camarata Gerry Quirk Sandra Sondei Dianne Storm Mary Grates ONLYA FROM JOSEPH'S MUSIC CENTER Boonville, New York KEMPF'S MUSIC STORE Frankfort, New York JOSEPH'S ACCESSORIES Frankfort, New York Compliments From All Of Us at QUALE OIL COMPANY Mohawk New York Loads of Luck and Success to the Class of "64" From MR. AND MRS. JOHN PUMILIO AND FAMILY CLOVERLEAF MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Route 5-S East Frankfort N Y Thruway Exit 30 Telephone 895 7701 Room Phones T.V., Air Conditioning Best Wishes From WINKLER'S GULF SERVICE Phone TW A-4259 Roufe 5 Herkimer Road Frankfort, New York Best Wishes for the Future HOKES' FLOWERS 101 West Main Street llion, New York Compliments of FRED 8K JERl'S K-B BAR-B-QUE Compliments of CROWELL JEWELERS 102 S. Frankfort Street Frankfort, N. Y. Frank'Fort's Friendly Jeweler To the Class of 1964: May Your Outlook Broaden So You May See Problems Other Than Your Own May Your Insight Sharpen So You May Help To Solve These Problems May The World Be A Better Place Because You Are Living ln lt LYNCH'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 28 Otsego Street llion, N. Y. EDICK'S APPLIANCES Appliances and Stereo Upper Otsego Street, Ilion Open Monday Through Friday 'til 9 P.M. Best Wishes From ENJEM'S INC Flooring Contractors 23-25 First Street Ilion, New York Telephone TW 4-2323 SCHESCH THE FLORIST Flowers- Plants 132 East Main Street Phone TW 4-3580 Ilion, New York Compliments of JAY'S Ilion New York lOl E. Main St. Frankfort, DULAK CLEANER 8. LAUNDRY 7 Hour Service Ph. 894-8680 N. Y. Compliments of WARNER'S MEN'S SHOP Quality Clothing 8- Accessories 22-26 Otsego Street Ilion New York Compliments of RIVERSIDE FARMS Nicastro Bros. STEVE DiMARlA Appointment Barber Shop Phone TW 4-9719 E. Main St. Frankfort FREEMAN'S DEPT. STORE, INC. "First In Fashion" HOLT BROS., INC. 94 West Main Street llion New York Mohawk, New York C9"'PIim0"'fS of WILTSE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE NIEI.EE BROTHERS SHOE REPAIR III W. Main Street IIIDII New York Frankfort, New York Compliments of SMART SHOPPE "Always First Always Smart" 50 Ostego St., Ilion, N. Y. Phone 427OI HUGH F. KELLY Building Supply Corp. Phone TO 6-3640 East Main St., IIion JACKS ESSO SERVICE RDQH Ilion, N. Y. Roy Hoilston Phone: TW 4-9272 A FRIEND Compliments of FRAN KFORT BARBERS Tony Mcneen Sylvester Belmont Joseph Lasorella August Tassa Joseph Sharrino 7 Compliments of ACME ROAD MACHINERY CO. Compliments of GREEN'S MOBIL SERVICE 200 E. Main Street Frankfort New YOYIK Frankfort New York Complimemg gf Compliments of Dm' Tom CIAU.EO'S GROCERY "THE MUNCHERSH R095 Nitr 338 Second Ave. Wink Nyack Phil F'-qygkfgri New York Compliments of BRADLE 8g MONTGOMERY JEWELERS Artcorved Diamonds Compliments of C. B. SMITH INC Ilion New York Ilion New York Compliments of Compliments of WHlTMORE'S YARNS KATE'S MATERNITY I7 East Main Street AND INFANT WARE llign New York 'IIN' NNN York BEST ENTERPRISES, INC. Main Office Moin ot Morgan Sts. Phone: TW 4-4420 Ilion, New York Best Wishes to the Class of '64' BUCKMINSTER'S JEWELERS 47 First St., Ilion 8 Compliments of ORIOLE'S SUNOCO SERVICE Gas Tires Oil Batteries Accessories Lubrication Phone 4-9705 East Main Street Dry Cleaning-Rug Cleaning Cold Storage ORCHID CLEANERS Route 5 Frankfort 3, N. Y. Phone llion TW 5-7481 Little Falls, Ext. 9588 Utica, RE 2-5909 Frankfort New York Compliments Compliments of of GREGG APPLIANCE MIDTOWN MOTORS 127 Main Street lli0rl New YOFIK Herkimer New York Compliments of Compliments of HERKIMER CAMERA SHOP 272 N. Main Street Herkimer New York FRANK M. PLANO JR. . . .AND TI'-IE VERY BEST VVISHES FOR A MOST SUCCESSFUL CAREER IN COLLEGE AND IN THE BUSINESS VVORLD 0 Compliments of W. T. GRANT COMPANY Herkimer New York Compliments of RON'S SHELL SERVICE 132 E. Main Si. Frankfort Phone TW 4-9803 Compliments of TWIN PONDS GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB New York Mills, N. Y. Golf - Po rties - Weddings - Doncing Compliments of LOlACANO'S SERVICE STATION Gulf Products Phono TW 4-9731 400 E. Main Strut FNII1 ff Compliments of ASNOE'S senvlce STATION Dell ond Glenn E951 Frankfort Phone TW 4-3691 He Compliments of GENERAL HERKIMER HOTEL Home of the "Cascade Room" Your Host Bill Scioldo Phone TO 6-1100 Herkimer New York Compliments of THE VOGUE Herkimer New York Compliments of WESTERN AND ASSOCIATE STORE Floyd lonis 368 N. Main Si. Herkimer The Class of 1964 soys AMEN! Compliments of DR. JOSEPH J. GRATES Compliments of JAMES F. COLLINS Compliments of THE LITTLE NUT SHOP "Home of Domestic and Imported Nuts" 186 Genesee Street Utica, NAY. Compliments of M. J. lPETEl BENET Bulk Milk Hauling Phone TW 4-8833 252 Second Street llion, N.Y. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of D'AMEl.lO'S DAIRY FARMS Frankfort New York l C x hi P' x f , .0 N - L .K U J , L 1 lf, I 1711 I Lf 1 I9 g L. i k LL L Nl ul F! A. f 1 fL 3 lv u. 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