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Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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r f f X THE M AIROON L OG PRBSE D B Y THE CL A55 OF 1 962, HMNKFORT SCHUYLEK CENIRAL HIGH SCHOOL FKANKFORIQ NIEWYORK IHBLE OF CONTENT PAGE Z INTRODUCTOR YREMAR me DEDICA TION MGE 9 APPRECIATION W ,O FACULTY AND STAFF P11613 I8 SEN I OR S PAGE az CLASS N OYFS PAGE as CLHSS PICTURES mar 77 AC TNI TIE S mst 97 BUYS SPORTS mar no GIRLS SPORTS MGE II7 CANDIDS Mc-Pizza PA H? ONS 111615151 ADVERTISEMENTS clucfory Q Infrv Remarks Iflle Cdfllsg EJ: Il If Mm' gnjreff 11138191433-gi' M17 Frank . . I Pf1DC1PQ Jose? tfnr Maroon Log S aff Editor-in-Chief: Josephine Caruso lst Associate Editor--Senior Section: Antoinette Julian lst Assistant--Administration and Faculty: Leland Young 2nd Assistant--Other Classes: Richard Stevens 2nd Associate Editor--All Activities: Barbara Lee Owen 1st Assistant--Sports Section: Francis Grates and Tom La Puma 2nd Assistant--Nonsports Section: .T ames Jeffalone Business Manager: James Piazza lst Assistant--Advertising and Collection of Money and Copies: Prudence Pelose, Lucille Potenza, and Marianne Scamardo 2nd Assistant--Sale and Distribution: Barbara Pandolf 3rd Assistant--Correspondence and typing: Karen Robinson, Dorothy Carbone, Margaret Messina 4th Assistant--Patrons and Contributors: Rosalie Diliberto Special Feature--Memoriam: Kathy Stewart Art Editor: Pat Lasorella Candids: Philip Ruggiero Cartoons: Norman .Tones Dividers: Toni Ann De Luke, and Salvatore Paratore Advisors Mr. Kunz Miss Braidwood Mr. Wallace oreward The Roaring 20's were significant for their people and the carefree way in which these people spent their lives. Today, we face the future uncertain of what lies ahead. The 20's have long passed, but life ever progresses. Man has succeeded in living in the past, but will the future prove to be a catastrophe? Each senior must be able to face the future bravely and unafraid of what lies ahead. This will be necessary and vital if we are to be the leaders of tomorrow. As before, we can be certain of good as well as bad times, Therefore, it is up to us as individuals to determine whether we shall succeed or fail in these goals we have set. The class of 1962 wishes the best to all the undergraduates. To the faculty we give our sincere thanks for all they have tried to teach us and all that we have learned. Mnfo lan Murphy Superintendent 5 A ' ' l .if 3 ' - l Mr. Nicholas Fmnk P1'ine?ezl edicclfi ons ! edimtion In appreciation for all that he has done for us, we, the Graduating Class of 1962, take great pride in dedicating this edition of the Maroon Log to MR. GEORGE KIRBY Mr. Kirby, you have guided many young people to success by giving all of your time and energy and extending a helping hand to any student who asked. Your kind disposition and warm smile have enlightened the hearts of every student at F.S.C.S. This is only one small way that we can show you how much we need you and to assure you that we shall never forget all that you have done for us. We hope you will remain in Frankfort for many years to come. In Appreciation to Miss Adderly. 2598! 'X' it We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Miss Grace Adderly for the patience and sincere interest she has shown throughout her years in Frankfort, We, the class of 1962 are happy to bestow such an honor. Miss Adderly has been in our school system for 37 years and has taught classes in English, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Shehas seen the small Frankfort school system grow into a centralized school with new buildings and better facilities. One of her chief goals which she has gracefully attained has been to encourage us to work diligently and accurately. For this and all that you have done, we thank you and we wish you the best always. FACULTY B oczm' of E dumtion MR. ANGELO J. REINA PRESIDENT Mr. Reina, a graduate of Frankfort High School, has served on the Board of Education for five years. He is 36 years old and lives with his wife and four children at 242 East Main St. Mr. Reina is employed by the General Electric Company. His leisure time is spent enjoying classical music. ' MR. FRANK J. PONTOLILLO Mr. Pontolillo, age 54, is a graduate of the High School of Commerce and City College, New York City. He has served on the Board of Education for four years. Mr. Pontolillo is a Certified Public Account- ant and resides with his wife and two children at 211 Fourth Ave. His hobby is reading classical literature. MR. JOSEPH NICOLETTE Mr. Nicolette, age 56, is a graduate of Frankfort High School and is employed by the Sperry-Rand Corp. He has three children and lives at 213 First Ave. Mr. Nicolette has served on the Board for nearly two years. His hobbies include hunting and fishing. MR. EDWARD J. MILLH2 A graduate of St. Mary's Academy and R.P.I. Mr. Miller has served on the School Board for nearly three years. He is 47 years old. Employed by the Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. He resides with his wife and five children on the Frankfort Center Rd. Mr. Miller's hobby is conducting laboratory experiments. MR. BENNIE DI PIAZZA Mr. Di Piazza is 43, is a graduate of Frankfort High School and Utica College. He is one of the Board's senior members with twelve years of service. A Staff Manager of the Prudential Life Insurance Co., he resides with his wife and three children at 130 Pleasant Ave. His hobby is golf. DR. JOSEPH GRATES VICE-PRESIDENT Dr. Grates is a graduate of Frankfort High School and Tufts University. He is 49 and has served on the School Board for eight years. A local dentist, he resides with his wife and eight children at 332 Fifth Ave. Ext. Dr. Grates hobbies include gardening and golf. uidcmce epmftment S w, M,fW,,,d1 ,n.m.m..,... fx 5 gs -gif 'z as 5 M 7 QQ 4, A ' ii? . g g : .ii , i il ' -iz ' A .iff 3 MR. JAMES WALLACE MR. CHARLES KEEDLE C5 Facult ,Adam-i 'X 'SQ' 11939 LANGUAGE ARTS Miss Nancy Ingro, Mrs. Theresa Graves, Miss Barbara Wolosz, Mrs. Helen Donald, Mr. Richard Stevick, Mr. Walter Kunz, Mr. John O'Leary, Mr, Andrew Giotto, MATHAMATICS AND SCIENCE Miss Margaret Frank, Miss GraceAdderley, Mrs. Virginia Reina, Mrs. Rose Cacciatore, Mr. Benjamin Rotolo, Mr. James Wolfe, Mr. Vincent Bonomo, Mr. John Mosny Jr., Mr. George Kirby. CITIZENSI-HP EDUCATION AND COMMERCIAL Mr. Nicholas Chuff, Mrs. Frances Pontolillo, Mrs. Rose Cacciatore, Mr. Frank Spina, Mr. Joseph Spanfelner, Mr. Ross Robinson, Mr. Robert Burns, Mr. Anthony Mazzara. 13 Faculty nuns-Qwm :nigga - ,sb H . 5, ' ,sg 7 A Rt: A ff Q . Q C X,., 5, ,vid QM , '14 ART, MUSIC AND LIBRARY Mr. LaVergne McMurray, Miss Phillis Braidwood, Mrs. Anita Hanna, Mr. William Clifford. INDUSTRIAL ARTS, AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS Mr. James Cooley, Miss Ida Hayes, Miss Harriet Wagner, Mr. Richard Hudson, Mr. Eugene Stafford, Mr. Sigmunt Leland, Mr Stephen Hubbell. PHYSICAL EDUCATION, AND HEALTH Mr. John Mosny Jr., Mrs. Bella Oriole Miss Yvonne Gigliotti, Mr. James Wolf Mr. George Kirby, Mr. Benjamin Rotol Mr. Vincent Annichiarico, Mr. Joseph Cam Mr. John Woeppel. Hi ' flfe M M V 2 wi:W'1'i f 7 N ur e' , es J , ,gn Facult H Members 1 ' at " i 'tv r ir MRS. MARY HESS Albany State Teachers, B.S. MRS. .TANE MCMURRAY Oneonta State Teachers College, B.S. MR. CHARLES DEMAY Utica College, B.'A Members ofthe Stajjf ' S W Q Ofpce Stal?- H r kk M 51 S gsm III. .. M RF rf' Si 'ff " "Ln-F W' 45 "A '4 if QF Q3 Mrs. Tocco Mrs. Grainger , ni' ,I Q 1 F ws' Q 'K 1 i ffizgz i s' , -.'i. V In 5 KJV ' Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Valent, Mrs. Schuster, Mrs. Sondej, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Gazzilli, Mrs. Nencetti, Mrs. Valente, Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. Kipper. 3 , E. I 5 N14 ifgzjzva an gsm,-13 3 ,Q wx x :Sf Mrs. Branck Mrs. Barton ezfeteria Staff e C usto dial Staff Mr. Terzo, Mr. Scamardo, Mr. Nencetti, Mr. DeRusso, S Mr. Dilberto. 'I6 Facully Pet Peeves! Mr. Giotto - Women drivers f excluding Mrsl Giotto of coursep Mrs. Cacciatore - The phrase "Oops, didn't see you!" Miss Braidwood - Students that say "Yeah!". Mr. Spina - There's no justice in the world "just", Mrs. Hess - Pupils who talk whilel am talking. Miss Hayes - Perpetual Complainers. Miss Wagner - People who don't wash their own drinking glasses. Mr. Clifford - Lack of a sense of responsibility, Mr. Stafford - People that spend more time with "friends" than they do doing homework. Mr. Leland - Poor manners of the student body. Mrs. Graves - People who are lmprepared. Mr. O'leary - Buses! Late when I'm early, early when I'm late, Mr. DeMay - Students who poke in the corridor. Mr. Chuff - Charm bracelets that ring during class. Mr. Kirby - Students that say "I can't". Mrs. Oriole - Students that are too ill to come to school and are seen at four P.M. running in the street, Mrs. Renia - Students who take elective courses and neither spend enough time nor exert enough effort to pass the course. Miss Ingro - Class interuptions. Mrs. Pontillilo - Monitors outside my door. Miss Wolosz - Gum snapping, Mrs. Hanna - Stationary shelves. Mr. Keedle - High school students who really think I shrink heads. Mr. Hudson - Someone who quits before they even attempt something. Mr, MacMurray - Students that click pens. Mr. Stevick - People who come to class without paper and then sponge. Mr. Rotolo - Losing football games. Miss Frank - Students who ask "What shall I use, pen or ink?" Mr. Spanfelner - Fickleness. Miss Gigliotti - People who cannot accept constructive criticism. SENIORS FRANCES ANN PARATORE "Fran" WILLIAM MICHAEL TUCKER "Tuck" National Honor Society 2: Seminar 3: Library Staff 3,4g Mixed Choir 2,3,4g Class President 4g Track 1,2,3,4g Football 45 Language Club 1,2,3g F.T,A, 3g Letter Club 3. Council 1, DAVID WALWOOD RALPH "Dave" Football 2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Bowling 3,4g Class Vice-President 4g Letter Club lg Student "You can take the boy out of Vermont, but you can't take Vermont out of the boy." Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g Library Staff 1,2,3, 4g Class Secretary 4g Maroon Bugle 4, Maroon Log 4: May Day Committee 3g Chorus 1,23 G.A.A, 1,2,3,4g Bowling 4gSer1i0r-Junior Prom Committee 4, "My boat." X. CYNTHIA JOAN ROSBROOK "Roz" F.T.A. 1,2,3.4g Language Club 1,2,3g G.A.A, 1,25 Maroon Bugle 1,2,3,4g Class Treasurer 4. Near -wer-" In Memory ofSlm1'on Shannon SHE CAME AND WENT As a twig trembles, which a bird Lights on to sing, then leaves unbent, So is my memory thrilled and stirred:- I only know she came and went. As clasps some lake, by gusts unriven, The blue dome's measureless content So my soul held that moment's heaveng- I only know she came and went. As, at one bound, our swift spring leaps The orchards full of bloom and scent, So clove her May my wintry sleepsg- I only know she came and went. An angel stood and met my gaze, Through the low doorway of my tent, The tent is struck, the vision stays:- I only know she came and went. Oh, when the room grows slowly dim, And life's last oil is nearly spent, One gush of light these eyes will brim, Only to think she came and went. - James Russell Lowell - GEORGE FRANCIS AMENDOLARE "Mandy" .T.V. Basketba1l2g LanguageC1ub 1,29 Industrial Arts Club 4g Maroon Bugle 4, "I don't know." MARY LOU ROSE BALIO "Lauche" G.A,A. 1,2,3,4g Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g Majorettes 1,23 Maroon Bugle 2,3,4g Cheer- leading 4g F.H.A. 4g Speed-a-Way 3g Softball 25 Student Council 2g Bowling 3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4g Senior Play 4: Letter Club 4: Pep Squad 3. "Tuff" ' THHZZESA ANN BONGIORNO "Terry" Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g G,A,A, 3,45 Choir 3,45 Bowling 3,45 Senior Play Committee 4, so Gee! a ANN MARIE BONO "Ann" Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g F,N.A. 1. "Oh, well." KATRINA BUT " Kathy" G.A.A. 2,3,4g Speed-a-Way 3: Bowling 3,4g Majorettes 4g Commercial Club 2,35 Maroon Bugle 4g Senior Play Committee 45 Pep Squad "You can't win 'em all," fi X " M3 JOSEPH ANTHONY CACCIATORE "Cacc' Language Club 13 Wrestling 1,2,3,4g Track 3 4g Football 3,4, lcUh!!! aff" , fuwi H PHILIP JAMES CACCIATORE "Phil" Freshman football: National Honor Society 2: Track 3,4g Wrestling 45 Band lg All County Band 1. "Ifyou can't fight 'em--join 'em." DOROTHY .TANE CARBONE "D0tty" A Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g F.H.A. 4g Letter Club l,2,3,4g G,A,A, 1,2,3,4g Majorettes 1.2, 3,47 Maroon Bugle 3,4g Senior-Junior Prom Committee 4g Senior Play 45 Speed-a-Way 4g Basketball 2,3,4g Volleyball 1,2,3,4g Bowling 3,4, BRIAN CARNEY "Goose" "Holy Shoot. ' .TOSEPHINE MARY CARUSO "Io Jo" Maroon Bugle 2.3.45 F.T.A. l,2,3,4g Student Council 25 Language Club 1,2,3,4g Maroon Log 4g G,A.A. 1,2,3,4g Class President 2g F.H.A. 4g Bowling 3,4g Volleyball 3,4g Speed- a-Way 4g Letter Club 15 National Honor Society 1: Play director lg Mixed Choir 3,4, "Geal forgot!" if IOLENE MARIE CASALE Commercial Club 1,2,3,4, "That's the way the ball bounces! PROVIDENCE MARIE COSTANZA "Prudy" F,N,A, 1,2,3,4g G.A,A. 1,45 Commercial Club 3,45 Bowling 4. "How about that!" ELIZABETH MARIE CROSS Language Club 35 G.A.A. 3,45 35 Pep Squad 3. "That's Terrific!" DONNA RAE DE LUKE "D.R.D." Maroon Bugle 1,2,3,45 Majorettes 3,45 Language Club l,2,35 Chorus 35 F,N.A. 1,25 F.T,A, 2,35 Commercial Club 45 Freshman P1ay5 Senior Play5 Letter Club 2,3,4: .T.V. Cheerleading 15 Radio Club 35 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Bowling 3,45 Speed-a-Way 3,45 Softball 2,3,45 Volleyball 3. "I dicln't do it !" TONI ANN DE LUKE 1 sBetty1 v Commercial Club l,2,3,45 Language 35 Bowling 45 Maroon Bugle l,2,3,45 Senior Play 45 F,T,A, MARY ANN DAKIN G.A.A. 1,2,45 Commerc Club 1,45 Girls Softball 1. "fa Napola" ' ' Toni' ' Prom Committee 3,45 Commercial Club 45 F,N,A, 1,2,3g Maroon Bugle 35 Language Club 2,35 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Art Club 4. "Slow but sure, " ial Club 2,3,45 Art JOHN F. DEMPSEY "Dempo" Letter Club 2,3,4g Language Club 1,25 Band 1,2g Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3g Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Track 4. WILLIAM JOSEPH DERBY "Kirby" 0r"Bi11" Track 2,3,4g Industrial Arts Club 4. "Why for?" ROSALIE NANCY DILBERTO "Ro" F,T,A, 1.2,3,4g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Student Council 4g Language Club 1,2,3g Latin National Honor Society 2g Freshman Playg Bowling Team 45 Maroon Log 4g Maroon Bugle lg Prom Committee 3g Mu Alpha Thetha 3. "Son-a-gun!" fi BENEDICT DI PIAZZA "Dipper" Football 1,45 Track 23 Wrestling 2,3,4g Key Club 8,4. "Park-oon gone!" 25 NELLIE MAE DI SANO "Nell" Commercial Club 1,2,4g G.A.A. lg Student Coun- cil 1: Pep Squad 2,35 Senior Play 4, fPropsJ. "Oh, Ben!" ESTHER MAE FALCONE HHCSIBF' ' Mixed Choir 1,2,3,4g Ensemble 2,3,4g All County JAMES DOMINA "J.D. " Football 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 3,4g Track 4g Key Club 2,3,4g Language Club 1,2g Lettering Club 3,4g Boy's State 35 Senior Play: Student Council 4. "Tom, where the ---- are you?" Choir 3,45 Maroon Bugle 2,3,4g Library Staff 2, 3,4g Senior Play 4g Language Club 2,3,4g Freshman Playg G.A.A. 1,2. "You better believe it! 26 .TUDY ANN FARRELL F,N,A, 2,3,4g Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 3,45 Bowling 3,45 F.H.A. 1. "Hey, Charlie!" llJ'udyu WILLIAM ARTHUR FULMER Projection Club 1,2g Science Clubg Industrial Y Arts Club 2,3,4. "Oh, yeah!" JOSEPH JAMES FAVAT "Fiat" Wrestling 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Key Club 2,3,4g Letter Club 1,2,3g F.T.A. 3,4g Maroon Bugle 45 Mixed Choir 3,4. "Qui fa?" DAVID GLEN GILLETTE EDWARD WALTER GRAINGER " Ed' ' Science Fair lg National Honor Society 2,-3.4: Basketball 2,3,4g Mixed Choir 1,2,3,4g All County Choir 1,2,3,4g Math Club 35 Language Club 1,2,3g Boys State 3: Maroon Bugle 3,4g National Latin Honor Society, "I don't know" FRANCIS JOSEPH GRATES "Fran" Band 1,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 1,2,3,45 Mixed Ensembel 25 All County Choir 2,45 National Honor Society 15 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Language Club 1,2, 3,45 Key Club 1,2,3,45 Treasurer 3,45 Letter Club 45 Freshman Playg Seminar 3,45 Maroon Bugle 3,45 Maroon Log 45 American Oratorical Contest 45 Science Fair 1. ARLEIGH FRANCIS I-IAMAN F.F.A, 1,2,3,45 Industrial Arts Club 1,2,3,45 Treasurer of F.F.A. "Why not?" DAVID HENRY HORAN "Hank' ' "Stop the world and let me off." JOSEPH GREEN "J oe' Football 1,2,45 Track 1,25 Language Club 1,2,3 Bowling 35 Freshman Playg Maroon Bugle 4 Mixed Choir 1,2,3,45 All County Choir 3, "Chee!" 28 Key Club 2,3,45 Letter Club 3,45 Maroon Bugle 45 Senior P1ay5 Freshman P1ay5 Band 1,2,3,45 All County Band 1,2,35 Choir 1,2,3,45 Mixed Ensemble 2,35 Track 1,2,3,45 Bowling3,45 Student Council 1,45 Boys State Representative 35 Lan- guage Club 1,2. "What canl say?" ROBERTA JEAN IRONS "Bobby" Commercial Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 1,2,3,45 G.A,A, 2,3,45 Bowling 3,4. "Oh - Heck." JAMES PETER JEFFALONE "Jeff" Freshman Play5 Language Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 1,2,3,45 Mixed Ensemble l,2,45 All County Choir 1,2,3,45 All State Choir 1,2,3,45 Maroon Bugle 3,45 Maroon Log 45 Senior-Junior Prom 45 Senior P1ay5 Editorial Conference 3,45 Track 4, "Veni, Veni, Vici." NORMAN BRUCE JONES "N0rm' Track 2,3,45 Maroon Log 45 Winter Sports 3 Art Club 45 Industrial Arts Club 4. "Good grief," ANTOINETTE ELIZABETH J ULIAN "Ant" Commercial Club 15 Library Staff 1,2,3,45Secre- tary 35 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Pep Squad 35 Senior Playg F.T.A. 45 G,A,A, 45 Bowling 45 Latin National Honor Society 25 Maroon Bugle 45 Maroon Log 4. "Oh, fish!" WR 29 30 BENEDICT JOSEPH .TULIANO "Ben" Student Council 2g Letter Club 2,3,4g Language . Club 2,3,4g Industrial Arts Club 4: J.V. Basket- sg tttl if ball 1,25 Track 1,3,4g Bowling Team 3,4g Latin Qin' Honor Society 2,3,4, "Ya! Says who?" LINDA ANN ,TUTEAU "Lin" Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g Maroon Bugle 3,4g G,A,A, 3,45 Bowling 3,45 Mixed Choir 1,2,3,4g All County Choir 35 All State Choir 3g Mixed Ensemble 2.3. "l'1l bet you." x THOMAS FRANCIS LA PUMA "The Apple" President Freshman Classy Language Club 1,25 W' Key cinb 2,3,4g Letter ciub 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3g Baseball 3,41 Football 1,2,3,4g Tennis lg Track lg Boys State 3g Maroon Log 45 Student Council 4. "I'm over herelim, what the ---- do you want?" PASQUALE JOSEPH LASORELLA "Pasquale" ' All State Chorus 35 A11 County Chorus 1,2.3,4g Mixed Choir 1,2,3,4g Mixed Ensemb1e3,4gSenior- Junior Prom 3,4g Maroon Log 4g Maroon Bugle 3,4g Art Club 1.4, "What'11I do now?" SAVERIO RICHARD LOMBARDO ' 'Savey" Mixed Choir 2,3,4g Key Club 2,3,4g Tennis Team 3. "Rip, do you want to go to shop 9th period?" MARGARET ROSEANN MESSINA "Margie" Commercial Club 1,2,8,4g G.A,A. 1,2,3,4g Library Staff 4g Majorettes 1.4: Cheerleading 2.3: F .I-LA. 3,45 Letter Club 3,4g Senior Play. "Pack Rat." 3 Ht. SALVATORE ANTHONY MINOSH "Minn0' Language Club lg Industrial Arts'Club 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2g Football 1,2, "All mankind lovesna lover." ' RITA JEAN NEDZYNSKI "Rit" Language Club 1,2,3g F.N,A, 2,3,4g G.A,A. 2,3,4, Bowling 4. "Oh Sugar!" 31 'uve' GLORIA JEAN ONOFARO "Glo" F.N.A, 1,2,3g Mixed Choir 1,2,3,4g Girls Ensemble 2g Mixed Ensemble 3,45 All County Choir 3,4g G,A,A. 3,4g Language Club 2,3g Bowling 4. "That's life!" 32 PHILLIP PAUL NICASTRO "Fidel'! Language Clubg Key Club 3,45 Letter Club 45 Football 3,45 Basketball 3: Track 23 Bowling 45 Winter Sports 2. "Tal, watch this!" RALPH NICASTRO Basketball 1 2 3- Mix "Who did it?" BARBARA LEE OWEN "Barbie" F.N,A. 1.2,3,4g F.T.A. lg G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Bowling 4: F.H,A. 4g Maroon Log 4: Maroon Bugle 45 Language Club 3g Class Treasurer 3g Senior Playg Pep Squad 3. "Who says?" I i I ed 1,2g Language Club 1,2. "Raoul" Choir 1,2,3,4g Track Q SALVATORE JOHN PARATORE "Pepper" BARBARA ANN PANDOLF " Pandy' ' G.A,A. 2,3,4g F,N,A. 1,2,3,4g Mixed Choir lg F.H.A, 4, Maroon Log 4: Student Council 1, Commercial Club 3,4g Bowling 4. "Who? Me?" Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4g Letter Club 2,3,4g Language Club 1,25 Key Club 3,43 Choir 1,2,3,4g All County Choir 3,4g Maroon Log 4g Senior Play. "Howl How!" PRUDENCE ANN PELOSE "Pru" F.T,A. 1,2,3,4g F.H.A, 4, Language Club 1.2,3g G,A.A, 1,2,3,4g Manager 43 Volleyball 2,3gSpeed- a-Way 3g Basketball 2,35 .T.V. Cheerleader lp Varsity Cheerleader 2,4g Pep Squad 3: Letter Club 3,43 Freshman Playg Maroon Bugle 2,3, Mixed Choir 2,3g Maroon Log 4, Senior-Junior Prom 45 Senior Playg Student Council 2.4. "My Michoil .sstt ,Q 'A-will :Zi ' X G-C JAMES ROBERT PIAZZA "Jim" National Honor Society 2g Track 2,3,4g Basket- ball 2,33 Football 35 President of Class 3g President Language Club 3g Student Council 1,2. "Chrurns!" I I PETER EDWIN PULEO Language Club 1,2,3g Senior Play: Library Staff 3,4, "Oh, for heavens sake! 34 LUCILLE MARIE POTENZA "Lu" F.T,A, 1,2,3,4g Maroon Bugle 1,2,3,4g Language Club l,2,3g Student Council 3g G.A,A, 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4g Speed-a-Way 2,3,4g Letter Club 3.4, Bowling 3,45 Homemaking Club4g Senior Play, May Oueen Attendant 2g Pep Squad 3. "Oh, boy!' AMELIA ROSE PULEO F.N.A. 3.4. "Yah-a-dab-a-do!" "Pete" -qt?" ee.e t'et m I Q f at ,ff nn A I JAMES DAVID PUTNAM "Dave" Football 1,2,3g F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Industrial Arts Club l,2,3,4g Bowling 3,45 Track 3,4, "Where's Ralph?" t4Amy JOHN JOSEPH RAPPA "Jack" Football 3,45 Basketball 3,4g Letter Club 4g Key Club 3,4. "I guess so." H sn.. HAROLD FRANK RAPPA Y "Ah, Gee!" .TOANNE MARIE RIZZO Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g Bowling 3,45 Library Staff 45 G,A,A, 3,4g Mixed Choir 3,4. "Oh, shut up!" KAREN LEE ROBINSON "Katey" Class Secretary l,2g Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g Vice-President 3g National Honor Society 35 Library Staff 2,3,4g Majorettes 3,4g Student Council 45 May Day Attendant 25 G.A,A, 2,3,4g Maroon Log, Maroon Bugle Staff 4, "Hey Joan, do your law?" 35 PHILIP CHARLES SANDERS "Good grief !" 36 BENEDITTO PAUL ROLCHIGO "Bennie" Industrial Arts Club 1,2,3,4g Key Club 1. "How do you like those apples? MARIANNE MARGARET SCAMARDO Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g Homemaking 1,2,3,4g Letter Club 45 Cheerleading3,4g Bowling4g Senior Play 4, fPropsJg G.A,A, 1,2,3,4. PHILIP LAWRENCE RUGGIERO "Phil" uphyllisn, ssJ'ewo1 Basketball 1,2g Art Club 4g Industrial Arts Club 3,45 Baseball 1,2,3g Student Council 1,2g Prom Committee 3,49 Maroon Log 4, "Gee, Miss Braidwood, I goofed!" Camera ALAN CHARLES SCHMIDT f-Ar, S ' 0 JOHN BOYD SCI-IURMAN "Scherm" Band 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 2,4g Winter Sports 3: Tennis 1,2,3,4g Language Club 1,2,3,4g Letter Club 3,4. "What's our English homework?" WILLIAM PAUL SHANNON "Bill" Industrial Arts Club lg F.F.A, 1,2,3,4, DAVID CHARLES SMIZZI "Sm.iZ" Football 1,2,3,4p Track 1,4. "Tough R011, " KATHLEEN BETTY STEWART "Betty" Homemaking Club 1,2,3,45 Betty Crocker Award. "Well, I'11do it," 38 LOUIS JOSEPH SPORTELLO "Louie" Senior Band 1,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Mixed Ensemble 3,45 A11 County Orchestra 2. "Why not?" WILLIAM DANIEL STORM "Bill" Football 15 Basketball 2,3,45 National Honor Socieyt 3,45 Latin National Honor Society25 Letter Club 2,3,45 Maroon Bugle 45 Language Club 25 Senior Band 15 Freshman P1ay5 Mixed Choir 1. "Good grief!" RICHARD STEVENS Dick t Mixed Choir 3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Language Club 3,45 Citizenship Ed. Conference 35 Maroon Log 45 National Honor Society 25 Class Treasurer 2 'T RICHARD MICHAEL TALARICO " Tal" Language Club l,2,3g Key Club 3,43 F.T,A, 35 Radio Club 25 Football 3g Wrestling 2g Track 3, Freshman Play. "Savoy, quit scorchin' around!" ,TOANN MARIE TRIPPEN "Trip" Choir 3,49 G.A,A, 1,2,3,4g Commercial Club 1,2, 3,45 Letter Club 45 Language Club 3g Bowling 3,45 Volleyball 45 Senior Play 4g Freshman Playg if Basketball Intramurals: Maroon Bugle 1,2,3,4g Maroon Log 45 Speed-a-Way 43 Majorettes 1,2,3. "Now, don't be nasty." ' RONALD WILLIS UBLER "Ronnie Bowling 3,4g Library Staff. "Tucker, will you shut up for a minute! we, DAWN VAN DUSEN "Sun Down" F.N.A. 3: G.A.A. 1,2,3g Library Sta ff 4g Commercial 1. "Oh, brother!" 39 LOUIS JOSEPH VULCANO "Louie" Wrestling 3,43 Basketball lg Band 1,2,3,4p Industrial Arts Club 3: Mixed Choir 2g Letter Club 4. 40 CHARLES GEORGE VALENTE "Chuck" Track lg Language Club 1,2g Mixed Choir 1,2g .T unior Varsity Basketball 2g Class President 3g Senior-Junior Prom Committee 3: Maroon Bugle Staff 45 Bowling. "I can't think of any right now." NICHOLAS GEORGE VIVACQUA "Nick' Football lg Track 1,2,3,4g Student Council 3 Senior-Junior Prom Committee 35 Wrestling 2 Letter Club 3. "Pm Tired" PETER CARL WORLOCK "Pete" Industrial Arts Club 1: .T.V. Basketball lg Track 1,23 Varsity Basketball 23 Baseball lg Industrial Arts Club 4g Boys Homemaking Club 2. RONALD JOHN YELLE "Yell" Language Club 1,25 Track l,2,35 Winter Sports Team 15 F.T.A. 3,45 Mixed Choir l,2,3,45 Senior Play 4. "What a bomb!" LELAND KENNETH YOUNG " Lee' ' Track 1,2,3,45 Boys State 35 Seminar 3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Latin National Honor Society 2,35 Math Club 45 Language Club 3,45 Syracuse Cit, Ed. Conference 35 Maroon Log Staff 4. "Shut up Tucker!" JOSEPH MICHEAL ZAFFARANO "Zaff" ,, 5 Q Track 1,2,3: Bowling 3,45 Letter Club 1,2,3,45 Language Club 1,2,3,45 Latin National Honor Society 2. "Your Aunt!" Camera, Shy PETER CARDONE BasketbaI15 Handball 3,45 Rifle Club 45 Student Council 4. "Oh, brother!" 41 N 0 T E ,CLA J 3 Class History In looking back wesee that important events headlined the twenties. We, the Class of 1962, have had our own headlines at F.S.C.S. Let us review these events as we have known and lived them. After our eighth-grade graduation, the last to beheld at Frankfort, the big year finally arrived, We entered our Freshman year. Being the Hrst class to use the new building, we became readily adapted to our surroundings. Election of class officers was announced. President, Thomas La Pumag Vice-President, James Dominag Secretary, Karen Robinson: and Treasurer, Cynthia Rosbrook. Making an attempt to advise us were: Mr. Wallace, Mr. Spina, and Mrs. Pontolillo. Those representing us in the National Honor Society were: James Piazza, Josephine Caruso, Antoinette Julian, Francis Grates, and Edward Grainger. Our Student Council members consisted of Rosalie Maneen, Barbara Pandolf, Nellie Mae Di Sano and James Piazza. The first from our class to be chosen as J. V, cheerleaders were: Margaret Messina, Prudence Pelose, and Donna Lombardo. Finally to end the year off perfectly, our very successful play, "The Fooling of Malvolio", was celebrated by a picnic at the Gorge, under the watchful eyes of Mr Wallace. A summer vacation gave them a chance to rebuild the school in anticipation of our sophomore year. Leading our charge into the school year were: President, Josephine Caruso: Vice-President, Donna Lom bardog Secretary, Karen Robinsong and Treasurer, Richard Stevens Our advisors were Mr. Chuff, Miss Ingro, and Mr. Robinson. lt was during this year that Prudy Pelose and Donna Lombardo rose from J V, to Varsity cheerleaders. Our May Day attendants selected this year were Karen Robinson, and Lucille Potenza Student Council members consisted of Josephine Caruso, Philip Ruggiero, Ben Juliano and Mary Lou Balio. Greatly adding to our finances was the sale of candy which was a hugesuccess. Moremoney was madethrough dances, concessions and bake sales. Entering a year that proved to be most active, we stepped into our roles as Juniors, All these activities were under the careful leadership of President, James Piazza, Vice-President, Charles Valenteg Secretary, Ben Di Piazza: and Treasurer, Barbara Lee Owen. Student Council members elected during this year were: Leland Young, Lucille Potenza, James Piazza, and Nick Vivacqua. It was also during this year that James Domina, Thomas La Puma, Lee Young, David Horan, and Edward Grainger were chosen to attend Boys' State, Selected as our May Day attendants were Frances Paratore and Donna Lombardo. To end the year off nicely. we finally got our class rings CGlory l-lallelujahll Finally, what we all had been waiting for-our Senior year. Bill Tucker became our President, with David Ralph as Vice-Presidentg Fran Paratore, Secretaryg and Cynthia Rosbrook, Treasurer, Our Advisors were Mr, Wallace, Mr, Robinson, Mr.Stevick, and Mr. Giotto. We again realized the overwhelming need for money in our treasury and decided to sell Christmas and all-occasion cards. The profit was added to the amount earned from our Senior Play, "The Egg and I", which then resulted in the biggest sum ever earned. The cheerleaders were represented by Prudy Pelose, Marianne Scamardo and Mary Lou Balio who cheered our football team to victory. Our Student Council officers elected by the student body were: President, David I-lorang Vice-President, Jim Domina, Secretary, Mary Lou Baliog and Treasurer, Rosalie Diliberto. Senior representatives included: Tom La Puma, Karen Robinson, Prudy Pelose and David Ralph. Another highlight was the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award presented to Rosalie Diliberto. Later Kathy Stewart won the Good Hornemaking Award sponsored by Betty Crocker. To add to the honors, Francis Grates placed second in the County American Legion Oratorical Contest. The Senior year was filled with anxiety, too, as we filled out college applications and awaited the fateful replies from various Directors of Admissions. Those receiving Regents Scholarships were Philip Cacciatore, Dave Horan, James J effalone, Antoinette Julian, John Schurman, Richard Stevens, William Storm, William Tucker, and Leland Young. And now a close must come. We have spent the best years of our lives at F.S.C.S., but now we must find a new life. We, the class of 1962, shall cherish these memories in our hearts and minds forever. oz, O Q0 Se 0 '71 C' '?ol1,- hs AX Ovq C lass Will We, the class of 1962, being of sound mind and body, do hereby publish and declare this, our last will and testament. To the entire faculty and administration we leave the knowledge that the worst is over. To the entire student body we leave loads of broken desks, pencil Sharpeners, and lockers, We realize that the Juniors, who will be following in our foot- steps, will need help if they are to be successful and therefore, we do hereby bequeath the following to them: George Amendolare leaves his fast growing hair to Leonard Barretta. Mary Lou Balio leaves her ability to get into trouble with Mrs. Pontolillo to Lorraine Capozella. Theresa Bongiorno leaves her athletic ability to Jane La Barbara. Ann Marie Bono leaves her bottle of H101 fhydrogen peroxidey to Cheryl Smith. Katrina But leaves her ability to drive standard shift to Frank J. Juliano. Joseph Cacciatore leaves Francis Spatol and Joe Palumbo his ability to make out with the girls. Phillip Cacciatore leaves his wrestling holds and gym locker to John Hubbell. Dorothy Carbone leaves her bowling ball and shoes to Loretta Manore, Brian Carney leaves his "Parking space" to anyone who can find it. Josephine Caruso leaves her great basketball agility to Lynne Hemenway. Prudy Castanza leaves her seat in office practice to Joan Rizzo. Elizabeth Cross leaves her "high-as-the-sky" bowling average to Annette Loiancano. Mary Ann Dakin leaves the winter ice on Ferguson Road to Mary Jane Homer. Donna Rae De Luke leaves her ability to make Mr. Chuff nervous to Jo Ann Giambrone. Toni Ann De Luke leaves her inability to react quickly in gym class to Linda Hight. fThere is one in every class Miss GJ John Dempsey leaves his end position on the football team to Paul Zito. William Derby leaves one slightly bent vaulting pole to Mike Romano. 49 5 n l i .52 Rita Nedzynski leaves her quietness to Sharon Consilio. Philip Nicastro leaves his musical ability on the "licorice stick" to Rosalie Julian. Ralph Nicastro leaves his ability to always find fun to Donna Plano. Gloria Onofaro leaves her seat in mixed choir to Dorothy Barretta. Barbara Lee Owen leaves her Ilion class ring to Jacqueline Van Deusen. fhope he's as good as Tom!J Barbara Pandolf leaves her crazy hairdos to Vivian Spine, Frances Paratore leaves her terrilic ability to get loads of over- due library notices to Lorraine Cole. Salvatore Paratore leaves his curly black hair to Rocky Zaf- farano. Prudence Pelose leaves her cheerleading sweater to Jackie Kipper. James Piazza leaves his track shoes to Paul Lindsay. Lucille Potenza leaves her crazy 7th period gym class to Roberta J ones and Helen Tucker. Amelia Puleo leaves the Home Ec. department to Mary Sullivan and Marion Tillson. Peter Puleo leaves the Junior Class whatever he is not able to sell them. QI David Putnam leaves his Ag. ability to Joseph Morris. David Ralph leaves his peculiar laugh to .Tim Accattoto. Harold Rappa leaves his hair style to Francis Manno. John Rappa leaves his comb to Anthony Spina. .Toanne Rizzo leaves her crazy ways to Rose Mary Spohn. Karen Robinson leaves Danny Hughes. Benny Rolchigo leaves his shop classes to Anthony Kogut. Cynthia Rosbrook leaves her quiet wisdom to Carol Lyoshin. Philip Ruggiero leaves his ability to make friends easily to Thomas Bunce and Gloria Migliore. , Philip Sanders leaves a box of shotgun shells to Ronald Jacobs. Marianne Scamardo leaves her long black hair to Joanne Reile, '23 AA Alan Schmidt leaves a few of his best excuses to .T anice Parkola and .Timmy Van Sickle. John Schurman leaves Miss Wolosz's French class to JoAnn Maneen. William Shannon leaves his quietness to Ed Przestrzelski and Karen Fowler. David Smizzi leaves his humorous antics to Gary Murphy. Louis Sportello leaves his ability to confuse Mr. Clifford to Josephine Manno. Richard Stevens leaves his quiet friendliness to Joseph Wiediger. Kathy Stewart leaves Mrs. Hanna and the library to Carol Adams. William Storm leaves his certain girl in school trust for two years. Richard Talarico leaves Savy Lombardo to some other poor soul. JoAnn T1-ippen leaves her big bromm eyes to Kathy Kaye. Ronald Uebler leaves his ability in Mech. drawing to Frank J. Juliano. Dawn Van Deusen leaves the mirror in the back of the library to Mary Bulger and Joy Bush. 3 7- X fx fl 1 5 1 F pv- X C lass rolbbecy As we begin our tour about town, we see State Trooper SAM MINOSH taking chemists .TOE ZAFFARANO and ,TIM DOMINA into custody for trying to blow up the town mayor DAVID SMIZZI. Court stenographer LINDA JUTEAU seems doubtful that the boys will get much less than a life sentence. Well, that's life boys. Their lawyer ESTHER MAE FALCONE, and her secretaries KAREN ROBINSON and NELLIE MAE DI SANO are having fun defending them anyway. Going a little farther, we see the Frankfort Community Hospital. JIM JEFFALONE, chief doctor, is head of an internationally known staff that includes that world famous dental hygienist PRUDENCE PELOSE who last week told the world she had just discovered "where the yellow went." GLORIA ONOFARO is Jim's chief nurse and KATHY BUT is medical technologist. Other nurses on .Tim's staff include BARBARA PANDOLF, who has just discovered "how to dance with a cast on her leg" and AMELIA PULEO whose new book "Your diet and Health" gives the newest recipes for serving sea weed, CYNTHIA ROSBROOK does all the therapy for the hospital. Latest news! BILL STORM haslusr invented a four-story amplifier X designed for his stringless guitar. His assistant BILL FULMER.was unfortunately trapped inside the six foot cathode tubewhen the electricity was on. ARLEIGH HAMAN, world famous electrician, was immediately called to pull the plug. Nurse RITA NEDZYNSKI was then summoned to administer first aid. In its final stages of construction is the new T ransoceanic bridge designed by draftsmen SALVATORE PARATORE and GEORGE AMEN- DOLARE who were honorably appointed by the new Secretary of State PETER PULEO. The bridge is under the supervision of that reknown civil engineer LELAND YOUNG, We see that RALPH NICASTRO is still leading a wild life, but this time its as a wildlife conservationist. TONI ANN DE LUKE, airlinestewardess forPan-American World Airlines, was doing wonderfully until she looked for the window and suddenly became airsick. Luckily her cousin DONNA RAE DE LUKE was on board and came to her rescue. Donna is now a great actress in Broadway stage productions. It seems that there was a talent scout in the audience at the senior play. RIZZO on the moon to accumulate moon data. She will transmit facts - - , N ,- , 56 7 7 iffibi i 1 Y V BILL TUCKER is now a Professor at Harvard. We also notice 3rd Grade Teacher .TOSEPHINE CARUSO pulling off the overshoes of her 85 pupils. Social Studies teacher JOE FAVAT can be seen coaching wrestling after school. Good luck, .T oe! ROSALIE DILIBERTO is teaching a class of 3000 students--via educational television. English teacher ANTOINETTE JULIAN has been called before the Supreme Court for teaching her students that "It ain't wrong to say ain't". Her main rival is now retired English teacher by the unknown name of Mrs. Graves. We read ir1 the magazine "Newsweek" that our own PHILIP CACCIATORE, now an aeronautical engineer has just launched a rocket to Mars. Working with him was mechanical engineer BENEDICT JULIANO and Chemical engineer EDWARD GRAINGER. It seems they used a new type of fuel--forty gallons of Club Bourbon. Talking of the space age, we have just learned that BILL DERBY and PETE WORLOCK, electricians, have converted electrical energy into space power and put their secretary .TOANNE V V v A to radio engineer ,TOE CACCIATORE--stationed on the earth. As we pass Savy's Department Store we see that SAVY LOM- BARDO, who just wanted to "graduate and get a job" is now owner of a large clothing shop, His head buyer is BARBARA LEE OWEN who has just left for a buying trip to Paris witl' her two private secretaries FRANCES PARATORE and ELIZABETH CROSS. As we pass the bank, we learn that bank president DAVID HORAN has just absconded with 399,999.99--he dropped a penny on the way out. Going by LA PUMA'S Pharmacy, we see Tom laboriously crushing herbs for his world famous asphidity bags. His secretary MARY LOU BALIO is seen busily writing out the formula for Dr. Tom's Miracle Cure-All. JOE GREEN is Tom's assistant. A little farther on we see DAVE PUTNAM'S Auction House. Hmm--at the back door we notice Vet FRAN GRATES painting over bandaids. Why, could this be? Dave's not auctioning off used cattle-- is he? As we pass Sporte11o's Barber Shop, we see LOUIS SPORTELLO cutting that famous T,V. singer Perry Como's grey hair. We learn that BENNY DI PIAZZA has just entered Penn State 8 v v N N .- for 1S 1t v1ce Versa9J Movmg on we see the Secretary Gene1a1 of the Un1ted Nat1ons DAVID RALPH makmg the cruclal dec1s1on on how many cumquots the world should grow As hls secretary we see MARGARET MESSINA tallung to HAROLD RAPPA Presldent of Wo1ld Assoc1at1on ofCumquot Growers The town IS havmg a great ce1ebrat1on 1n honor of PAT LASO RELLA due to h1s complet1on of the Pope s port1a1t State Trooper JACK DEMPSEY 1S now seen takmg m Buslness Manager LOUIS VULCANO for keepmg maccurate records Hts secre trouble We have just learned that DOROTHY CARBONE IS travehng w1th the Natlonal Guard s 105th MP Company qWe wonder who she s fo11ow1ng 3 Chermsts ,TIM PIAZZA and RICHARD STEVENS have started a school for chem1sts They are usmg the K1rby Chemlstry Teaclung Method Thelr head teacher 1S a chem1cal IBChI'lO1Og1SI named CHARLES VALENTE Lab techmctan IS RICHARD TALARICO tary MARIANNE SCAMARDO seems to be the real cause of Louis' L A 4 14 A A 1 NICK VIVACQUA has fmally found the perfect job testtng Sealy mattresses all day He can t Wall to get out of work so he can go home and go to bed KATHY STEWART IS head l1bra11an at the Cong1ess1ona1 Hall of Records Now walkmg 1nto the Wh1te House 1S TERRY BONGIORNO Secretary to the Pres1dent JO ANNE TRIPPEN IS the new owner of the Campus Inn an old folks home for ret1red 62 Sen1ors BEN ROLCHIGO and RONALD UBLER have just 1nvented the Shakespeare muffler guaranteed not to muffle anyth1ng PHIL NICASTRO famed engmeer has just bu11t a machlne that UN translator for the French pr1me MIHISICF JOHN SCHURMAN w111 have to look for another job ROBERTA IRONS now runs a school for secretar1es PRUDY COSTANZA IS teacher for Busmess secretar1es and JUDY FAR RELL IS teacher for Med SCCFCIHFICS But busmess 1S too good s1nce NORMAN JONES the1r advert1ser made a m1stake and prmted the cost of the course as S30 00 mstead of S3 000 ' . . ' . . . will translate French into English or English into French. Iguess ' n ' n ' - . , . . ' . . 'Y YY' 0 4 V Y Y ' 7 0 7' X X nv- , X X I 5,-L FR fr 4 5 n s X x, ,L 0 3 I I N pn LUCILLE POTENZA, once a 4th Grade teacher has now become principal of her school. Superintendent RONALD YELLE advanced to his position as Math and Science teacher by sheer hard work, brains, and effort. Secretary ANN BONO has a new secretarial position at the water fountain. She is now the envy of all secretaries, including MARY ANN DAKIN. PHIL SANDERS and BRIAN CARNEY can be seen roaming the hills during their year long hunting season. Their only problem is ALAN SCHMIDT and WILLIAM SHANNON who insist they have a right to hunt on the same hills. DAWN VAN DEUSEN and DAVID GILLETTE, homeon leave, have congratulated each other on their promotions as Major Generals in the Army, Dawn, of course, is in the WAC's. I guess we've seen everyone--but wait. Here comes PHILIP RUGGIERO and JOHN RAPPA strolling down the street singing, "We ain't got a Barrell of Money," 44 61' f' ' 1 R b ' f e m em e ef ! Ir X. y s t 6 xi- nf I Remember: AQ - 5 U 4 1 - Mr. Bonomo's muscles. ' . -that nobody "out-twists" Phil Cacciatore and Kathy But. 5 . 1 , 0 Q 1 , N , ' -the time the Maroon Log Staff called manilla folders, "vanilla" ' y folders. ' 1 '4 'S 0 -when Dick Talarico, on a class picnic, jumped into the Merry Widow . 1 ,a with his clothes on, for a quarter. l R n , A -that during the Latin Banquet, J im .Teffa1one's toga tore in a very vital ,- Q 1 W, Q location. Q 1 0 Q 0 -Mrs. Wilson - her hair, her lipstick, and her gracious smile. t K' -Mr. Giotto's homeroom - former angels who have lost their halos, b if 6 rl A and don't really care to find them, Q , 1 Y ' 3 -"Club 121" - alias Mr. Stevick's room. 1 x' v -the time that Mr. Bonomo broke a yardstick trying to maintain order 6 V' Q i in Biology class. Q Q1 Q. r Q g -Mrs, Reina's Geometry class - twenty-three squares make a failing 1. Q y average. 3 IZ, 9 ' 0 Q fl f b -Caesar, Cicero, the Nominative case, and Latin Three Years - now -. J G i ' let me forget it. J Q6 -the time the sewer backed up in Mr. Rossi's room and Barb Owen's fl x J 1- X feet got wet. I ' . -Mr. Rossi - "speak softly and carry a BIG paddle". I Oo X iid i ' 11 Q i ' ' 0 Q' r ' we 4 x f-' S Q W 75 7 5,7 65 NA' Jia .Zx .Ing JA nfs W f D CLASS INSIGNIA CLASS QLAOTLQ FOOLS R USR IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO IREAD CLASS QQOL UAS GOLD AND WHITE CLASS LIIZL QWER M, HOSE Q ii THQEME RUARING T WENH ES 6 4 do , fig 6381, LMW WML! X5 WQMWM Q9 ww - J DMN9 www L Awww' Qfulliu. ,pukcvo ,335 WM x.e:iwT3e" Kgfchwi QQQMW W Mya QP wwf? Mm Qf2+ w'M Skqfbffwojydfyf 3 9 747072, 44647 ya 4 Wd? QR Tk AQ. M ifgwgmfwjwkfm irq E Q2 K q Qwf ,,.-rw 0 Q WMOW 455 Opzffyylf fm Jr 23 UN if QQ 5. Q E ff WN 4, "ii 'DQ' .mf-316, WW Q5 QD? dl JJ 9 fmvv-',Qg MW 'ff' QRS eww ug Lovq bakflo Wyfwwu ry' of ' K Q 55 gym WPQX if QM if kg, fi-F sm jeff HLONEQXMFY . fgpik Gig XJ S5 Q ' QA 541, is W - OR! 7 GJ' QPU QQ wgfiyff of 522 3,1 A Qawfdycgvgyqdf H2370 Qs' ix X jg? .7 aw www Qzsakaw fi Qc, gf 355 JWMW of VN' Q37 Q5 .Qg5iQJ,s,6XJWMJ wyQH 91 GV! ig x W OU R CLASSES Q3 w W 's?Jgif V B! , 'ids C lass jfcers SEVENTH GRADE President . . . Pat Nurod Vice-President . . . Pam Allen Secretary . . . . Bridget Bennett Treasurer . . . . Michael Bamburg Secretary . . . . Cai-m Russo Treasurer . . . . Marilyn Sylvaster NINETH GRADE President . . . . . Mike LaPa11a Vice-President . . . . Eileen Murray Secretary . . . . . Mary Lou Piazza Treasurer . . . . . Dan Colino ,Q 5. TW EIGHTH GRADE President . . . Jean Johnson Vice-President . . .Robert Oliver 67 lass Ojjgcers ELEVENTH GRADE President . . . . . Rosalie Spohn Vice-President . . . . Mike Romano Secretary . . . . . .T oan Rizzo Treasurer . . . . Fred Fertek TENTH GRADE President . . . . . John Sanders Vice-President . . . . Mary Grates Secretary . . . . Peter Tamburro Treasurer . . . . Geraldine Quirk 6 1 Mk. in CF as A R 1 Senior lass zmim' C lass . 7 2 g E X - 5 E . 9 3 Q Q I I . . QA? f 10th Gmde Class - E 1. i 1 Q ' 3 1 - - Q ' S 1 ' ' 5 5 . , zvw . s i s 3 S ' - f - r5.1 x f e Q E, .7 ' Grade Class 555:51 9179 Gmde Class ' A S ' Q i 1 . Q , f K i I 5 K 5 , Stla Gmcle C lass 8tla Grade C lass 4 CLAS? SSIGIJMENT -E'-A531 f5sSf?I6C2'NMENTSQ 1321- 1322. ' ' ySfC:5q6So-Qfal I Redifna w-Hans Ar'e+hmahc E? me .fm ef 2 :I LSE' """4- A JV I 'A gi s 'i ' ' I 133' K Q If ' - M v 'if -, ' - IP r 1 - l sg E X s 8th Grade Class 3 5 f l f 2 2 2 sf K S K f K - . 2 1 2 3 . kk L I K , 6 1 . 5 g K 7tl9 Grade Class J H 7tla Gmafe C lass ACTIVITIES Maroon og Stajjf 1vinhvwW"" Ediror in Chief ...... ..... J osephine Caruso Arr Editor ....... ......... P at Lasorella First Associate Editor . . . . AntoinetteJu1ian Advisors . . . . Mr. Kunz, Mr, Wallace Second Associate Editor . . . . . Barbara Owen Miss Braidwood Business Manager . . . . . . James Piazza Student ouncil it President . . ...... .......... D avid Horan Secretary . ...... .... M ary Lou Balio Vice-President . . . ........ ,T im Domina Treasurer ........ . . . Rosalie Diliberto 78 Advisor ...... ........ M r. Leland e lub A nv ly '. Mya President ....... . ........ Tom LaPuma Secretary , .,,, .,., J oe Favat Vice-President . . . ...... James Domma Advisor ........ . . . Mr. Frank Treasurer ....... ...... F ran Grates ndustriazl Arts C lub my ll! 5 r ru ' .. 3 Q55 I .,,. .N.. W P m President .... . . . . . . . Bill Derby Secretary .... . . . Ben Juliano Vice-President . . . ........ Ben Rolchigo Treasurer . . . . . , . , . Harold Rappa Advisors . .... Mr. Hudson, Mr. Cooly, Mr, Stafford Maroon ugle Editor . ..... . ............. Cynthia Rosbrook Co-Editor ........ ....... J ames J effalfme Advisor ..... . . ....... Miss Wolosz uture Farmers 0 merim 1. x", , 3 z s President . . . . . . . . David Putnam Secretary .... . . . . Douglas Hamon Vice-President . . . William Shannon Treasurei' . .... . . . . Arleigh Haman Advisor .... . ..... Mr. Hubbell ommercial Club mhwwnmwww 3 , f Q L L i . . , W 1 , . g g K i 5 . , Si 5 Advisors: Mr. Chuff Mrs. Pontolillo Mrs. Cacciatore Language lub President . . . . ...... Lynne Hemingway Secretary . ...... . . . Regina Piazza Vice-President . . . . . . . Dale Bristol Treasurer .... . . . . . Francine Nencetti Advisors . . . . . Miss Wolosz, Miss Ingro f N 1 xxx: W J' """"" J ig OQASQAAKERS 5' MEMBER NEW ywIvVW'Y A 'Q' rfq D. U . X X '71 rx , v w '- U ' 'IA ' x s:'4,,'5 G I A Y 1 , 1 VI Y px 7 1 an gi ' National Honor Soviet 55 Q W If 1 i 2 X . X ., , , S ' Q Q -f , X f p . - 3 . X 2 M WWWW W vmmenmfmo.. Q E if z4omramo i?1ff2wr,w awww wp.,-................. wmwmaw- M R' J 1 Mu AQblm Them Pfesldem Le12-Hd Y0l1l'1g Gm 0 Secretary Jacquhne Van Dusen V1ce Pres1dent Arthur Jones Q Q Q J 1 Treasurer Lynne Hemmgway nl Adv1sor Mrs Rema I I I " I IGI as utznfe H omemakers 0 America President .... . . . . . . . . . . Barbara Lee Owen Secretary ..... . . ....... Prudence Pelose Vice-President ..... . . . Marianne Scamardo Treasurer . . . . . . .... Dorothy Carbone Advisor ...... ..... M iss Ida Hayes Future Teachers 0 America Qu- Mani' Advisor . . . .... . . . . . . ..... . Mr. Wallace President . .... . . . . . .... Joseph Fava: secretary ...... . . . Mary Ellen Sgroi 84 Vice-President . . . .... Prudence Pelose Treasurer . . . . . . . ...... . . Lorraine Cole M ezjore ties -' Ak M..- M fiM. r ,,.......,f-1, p-Se Q if Sf, . AX. W . ww A xl ' Ex '-a? el .K , - ,.,.- Mmvlv Advisor--Mr. Clifford Mixed Ensemble Advisor--Mr. McMurray K A 1 , 4 W Z 5 2 if 1 5 K l 45 3 I E s v , 1 Q 'a If S. , Advisor--Mr. Clifford B and 1 ? 7 ' XL V , S - 4 E ' 2 s E ? i A Q 3 F I S : , I i g E f ' 1 Q 2 w l 5 S . a 3 ! f 5 E ' 3 f i 5 E . v , E i 3 s s 5 4 I Q f a f ,- Q0' . R -.. f Lg. --nr 'DQ- - W Kihei V W., gm ,N:,:::1 4.4 , . A 4 , , , , . U - I """" fu' N. 1 a fu- Nfl. ,nr un :su nf i 'f" u"llqQn:'A is., 1 x X 5 .3 , 1 Sol nil lr ' 11 95:10:20 xg ,: ,, . , . H 1 . I fu Q .. Q "fs'.f'.- ' D . . 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"3 TS.. 5:1 -,'f,::?f..n:q'g,'X V281 3 -gvggg g3ig3.v-'52 num.. -sv-44. a n M Qgunql-Ml-If ', ,, 11" 7' .ivan Q' . ,nr '7u,'. .-' an I nuns uf 1.4 n I - n can bu -la ll lv ' l A ,. 1-all-lltlit - My 111' Y , gg 1 If I . +0-v 'A , ,V V S lf v. U W-X: as as ' n n Q -. vs uv- ' i":":x." is if in -on f H 4' W' at'3'q', I 1 X ""f,Q ,Q pu' 10 2,5950 1 GP' If Q2-. A gr-vp -1- v - I H--. ' LK" X' W.. -Je-Q. 1 uf S 3' ,, L. an gg '34 'ZZ V gf 'QQ-in ll-gn" .1 .5 .31 -If I X HM mv 1 x'l"W ff- fe., .J ...'.-' ...Q .1 1 f v ' 12.4 T: II L98 Q z'?--?L'..LfQ'3 rf..fF7'. ska-40gw"'iZL!455i 4'4'9f': -A 87 Senior Play "THE EGG AND I" Betty MacDonald fwho meets the egg! . . . Don MacDonald Cher husbandj ..... Anne ftheir older daughterj . . Joan Ctheir younger daughterj . . Thad fAnnes egg many . . Mr. Manic-Depressive fneighbory . . Delicate Daisy . . Corinne qpretty cornpetitionj , , Fish face C an indianj Hi-Baby ..... J. J, f,Toan's boyfriendy . Ross....... The Lingery Lady qa traveling salesmanj , , Millicent Ames fa charming distrubancej . . Thermometer Tessie fa slim Missy .... Miss Linden fa County Agent, . . . Grady fa photographerj ,,,. Paula ...... Toni . Lollie . . Mitzie . . dvisor . . Prudence Pelose . . . .T ames Domina . . . . Donna DeLuke Esther Mae Falcone . . . . . David Horan . . . Francis Grates . . . Barbara Owens . . Dorothy Carbone . . . Salvatore Paratore . . . . . . Alan Schmidt . . James J effalone . . . Ronald Yelle . . Elizabeth Cross . Frances Paratore . . Rosalie Dilberto . . Kathleen Stewart . . . . . Peter Puleo . . Antoinette Julian . . . Lucille Potenza . Margaret Messina . . . Mary Lou Balio rs. Hamm Art lub President ...... Pat Lasorella Secretary . . . . . . . ............. AnnBono Vice President . . . . . Phil Ruggiero Treasurer .... . . . . . . . Mary Ann Dakin Advisor ........ ......... Mi ss Braidwood Senior - zmior rom Standing Pat Lasorella Phil Sanders Dave Smizzi Paul Lindsay John Hubbell J ames J effalone Phil Ruggiero Sitting Lorraine Cole Frances Paratore Toni Ann De Luke Dorothy Carbone Kathy Caiola Jackie Kipper Advisor - -Miss Hayes 89 iris tbleti Advisor--Miss Gigliotti ssociation ,R Q32 AQV . 'Y' "HBv'Z' m'l7?5H"f'!"5S2l e.I.f2frfffr"' . Tn .. . Q,2,2'..- f 'ix Q 'iii- ---' V "'-'Q' G+' hs, . .v ,IL M X Ti-4' 0 uture urses 0 America rf? 3, ,Q President . . . ...... . . Barbara Pandolf Secretary . . . . . . .... Bonnie Bushy Vice-President ..... Rosemary Spohn Treasurer .... . . . . . Roberta Jones Advisor ...... .... . Mrs. Oriole Library Sfdjjr ',g,6,h-wwmit n President .... . . . . Frances Paratore Secretary . . ...... Margaret Messina Vice-President . . . . . . Shirley Nelson Treasurer ..... . . . Kathleen Stewart Advisor .... . . . . . . . Mrs. Hanna 93 Mixed Choir Advisor ,,,, Mr. Mc Murray Accompanist . . b .T gp 'YT' f 4 '7- M 'se Letter Club 5 fi 3 l, 5 f S52 s Mm Advi Mr. Campo Miss Gigliotti 5f'...:.f"...- rg, J 95 Varsity laeerlefzders MHFY LOU B350 Dianne Storm Sandra Sondej Jackie Kipper Francine Nencetti Mary Ann Vivirito Prudence Pelose Regina Piazza Marianne Scamardo F 1' 3 S 772 d 72 Nora Tucker Josie Di Maria Kathy Worden Charla Johnson Kaye Kilgress SP 0 R T S j QQL. -'X ft PL Q-wg --: r : Wrestling , ... err, 5 1 1 i'l 5 E15 CAPTAINS--Joseph Favat COACHES--Mr. Campg Joseph C21CCiHI01'e Mr. Annichiarico WRESTLING SCORES Frankfort Van Hornsville 3 Frankfort Ilion Frankfort Ilion 29 Frankfort Watertown Frankfort Herkimere 15 Frankfort Norwich -. Frankfort Mohawk 18 Frankfort Oneonta Frankfort Little Falls 3 Frankfort Herkimere Frankfort U.F,A, 12 Frankfort New Hartford Frankfort 30 U.F.A. 6 Frankfort-Schuy1er's 1961-1962 wrestling team did much to preserve Frankfort's sports reputation, By capping the Iroquois League Wrestling Crown, and placing third in the State Sectionals, the boys proved themselves worthy of praise. Coaches Joseph Campo and Vincent Annichiarico can indeed feel proud of this outstanding team, and the honor which they have bestowed upon Frankfort Schuyler Central School. F ootbal Z Team COACHES--Mr. Campo. Mr. Rotolo, Mr. WoeppeL New Hartford 41 Frankfort 0 Herkimer 13 Frankfort 6 Norwich 27 Frankfort 14 Oneonta 13 Frankfort O llion 14 Frankfort 19 Little Falls 6 Frankfort 28 Mohawk 13 Frankfort 14 Frankfort-Schuylers 1961 football team definately proved itself a concrete example of what hard work, sportsmanship and team play can produce. Under the watchful eyes of coaches Campo, Woepple and Rotolo, the boys were able to compile a three and four record which placed them fourth in the Iroquois League Competition. As the saying goes, all's well that ends well. By defeating first place Mohawk in their final game, the boys not only proved themselves a capable team, but also brought out the fact that next years team will find the going pretty rough without the eight seniors who will leave us in June. These boys are: Tom LaPuma, Quarterbackg Dave Smizzi, Tackle: Jim Domina, Tackleg Jack Dempsey, Endg .Toe Green, Guardg Ben DiPiazza, End: Phil Nicastro, Guard: J oe Cacciatore, Guard. Senior Fooi ball Players Varsity Basketball Team M was Aw Managers--Ronald Sassone Coaches- -Mr. Mosney Eugene Kipper Mr. Kirby anim' Varsity Basketball Team Manager - -Jer ry LiCari Coach- -Mr. Wolfe 1 02 2,330 s QS CIIIOI' Haskell: all Players' Boys Bowling Team Advisor--Mr. Cooley . , ,459 Llj- Q C 'Y W 1 r 9 Baseball Team Coach--Mr. Wolfe Tra ck Te am Coaches--Mr. Kirby, Mr. Mosney, Mr Woeppl Boys Tennis Team A 5 I Coach- -Mr. Rotolo Wnter Sports Team , , 2 i 'fps' 22 Coach- -Mr. Rotolo B wana Bwmm B wana Bwana, Bwana - Sirnb Bwana, Bwana - Simb Bwana, Bwana - Simb B bay - He Berobay - H y Ch K K - Yeah XXX ' Q Q-1 ,J Senior Pet Peezfes JIM PIAZZA- The opposite sex. BILL STORM - Any band other than the Del-Rays. DAVE HORAN - Trips to Schenectedy. BILL TUCKER - The U. N. BEN JULIAN - Six cylinders FRAN GRATES - Do-Gooders. RICHARD STEVENS - Spe1in'. LEE YOUNG - Liberals TOM LA PUMA - Clipping Penalties. ROSALIE DILIBERTO - Bowling pins that won't fall down. .TIM JEFFALONE - Trig Regents. ANTOINETTE JULIAN - Some bus drivers. PHIL CACCIATORE - Mondays. PETE CARDONE - Hypocrisy. PRUDENCE PELOSE - Teachers who tear down students. DONNA RAE DELUKE - Insolent people. ALAN SCI-IMIDT - School HAROLD RAPPA - Teachers who favor students in class. AMELIA PULEO - Boys who don't act like gentlemen. RICHARD TALARICO - Short lunch periods. LOUIS SPORTELLO - Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. RALPH NICASTRO - Hot Classrooms. BENNY DI PIAZZA - Cauliflower ears. PHIL SANDERS - Know it alls. 108 JUDY FARRELL - Teachers pets. DAWN VAN DUSEN - Childish boys. MARGE MESSINA - Housework. JOANNE 'I'RlPPEN - Brown Nosing. J OANNE RIZZO - People who tell me I look younger than I am. BARBARA PANDOLF - Getting up for school. JOHN DEMPSEY - Teachers who hate seniors. PHIL NICASTRO - Conceited'Girls. ,BENNIE RoLcH1Go - short muscle men. NICK VIVAQUA - Cars with busted manifolds. SAM MINOSH - Women drivers. PRUDY CONSTANZA - Announcements made on the P,A, system. THERESA BONGIORNO - Being the worst bowler. JOLENE CASALE - People who take all their time. ANN BONO -Getting home early on weekends. ARLEIGH HAMAN - Strict teachers. MARIANNE SCAMARDO - Setting my hair every night. LOUIS VULCANO - Watching a girl set her hair every night. SAL PARATORE - Homework. SAVEY LOMBARDO -WritingKeyClub Compositions. LUCILLE POTENZA - Conceited boys. TONI DE LUKE - Homework. MARY LOU BALIO - Boys who takegirls for granted. NORM JONES - Automobile sixes. Senior et Peeves fcontj PHIL RUGGIERIO - Scorchers. CHUCK VALENTE - Homeroom teachers Cany of theml, JAMES DOMINA - People telling me what to do. BARBARA LEE OWENS - People who beat me to the parking lot. PAT LASORELLA - Bus students entering the school and town people have to stay out in the cold. RONALD YELLE - Fords in general. .TOE FAVAT - Dieting, DAVE SMIZZI - Cars that don't start. GEORGE AMENDOLARE - Empty gas tanks. JOE GREEN - Coaches. RONALD UBLER - Chevy's especially. KATEY BUT - People who are not punctual. PETER PULEO - Democrats in pink. ,TOE ZAFFARANO - Monday mornings. PETE WORLOCK - People. ESTHER MAE FALCONE - Tall People. LINDA JUTEAU - Speed tests. FRAN PARATORE - Gym Inspection. RITA NEDZYNSKI - Typing class. JAMES PUTNAM - Open Bowling, CYNTHIA ROSBROOK - Intermediate Algebra GLORIA ONAFARO - Monday mornings. KATHY STEWART - Deadlines. J OE CACCIATORE - Strict fathers. SPORTS X 'SQ 1 gm W W' x '19 V If IM X ill: Y N F Girlsjanior Varsity Basketball Captain--Barbara McCumber AdViS01' --Miss GiS1i0Ui Girls Varsily Basketball Captain- -Vita Pandolf Advisor - -Miss Gigliotti Ad 112 Girls Freshman Basketball Captain- -Suzanne Lasorella Advisor--Miss Gigliotti Girls Volleyball Team visor--Miss Gigliotti Gzrls Sqftbezll Team Advisor--Miss Gigliotti Girls Speeai ez-Wa Team xy X X we , - 4 'J' H wi 3, 55' Xhs as F-vs 'xsfsenf xl KV Y? N S? X X' A .Q Q Im E 'isa' 4 V X, 'Y Captain- -Loretta Manore Advisor - -Miss Gigliotti 1 13 Girls Bowling aptain--Dorothy Carbone Advisor--Miss Gigl 5 51 FQCHIQI Pet Peeves fconff Mr. Wallace - Being all prepared to shave, with razor in hand and then to discover my kids have used up up all the lather, Mr. Mosney - Basketball players who don't make lay ups. Mr. Bonomo - Biology students that believe, Mrs. Donald - Separating Romeo and Juliet in room 136. Mrs. Grainger - Students who dispose of their gum in my wastebasket. Coach Campo - The very poor example set by the older so-called "coup1es". Students with their cars parked anyplace they want to and the teachers have to take what's left. The students don't have enough time to change classes. Mr. Cooley - Too many students could have been on the honor roll. Mr. Wolfe - Students omitting Mr. or Mrs. on the teachers name. Mr. Murphy - My pet peeve is in being constantly concerned about peeves instead of looking for the better things of life. Mr. Frank - Too much false fpseudoj representation in the Maroon Log. Mrs, Tocco - Students that have large bills to be cashed early in the morning. Mrs. Barton - Students who congregate in small huddles in the hall when passing to class. as l J -v- f N' I .T-Y-Y- I ., ,,, V' U -1-1 , 3 ' 0 t F 1 S N fx ,,, , If IM. i V9 X K 'E 4 X. X f H f QR fl I , x .1 J s.....f-J Bumpsy - DQFS3 .I CAXVDIDS Z-"""""'--X 'Z D RA 118 NSN-'25 119 3,-SYNS 1, fx 20 ,- 6 -.. . .grim fA.1 ' : wr : fm xx -an N. w xx as vp K ,fm ..,. w,,,,,...,.., ,,., . - -, , ' , W .Wqgfggfff g A' ,.ff:W,fss3,,,g:RgL'fk mf,1.W-f 1: :: Q v 5,g?fEr5?i:51E351.SI3?fE'ii135153. --498 . 355,x,g1,L .v www' Q-iw A fs- SQ ' k ,J3 .ik 4 I, '1 va-.i?.L"" - K ,f , -" 121 Q- Wkqw uu- .-mf 'HKS 122 ,sms gk -qv 123 Ts 13 Q I 24j vi pw-K 1-11'-r-tw 'ff V N -eg M . - Q 2 "WP 'Q 4 P Qi .,.:. :., 1 ,, ,s lr I mf"'1w11., 'Tm Page 1 aby Picture I clentzjgmtions Margaret Messina and Francis Grates 28 Thomas La Puma Philip Ruggiero George Amendolare Barbara Pandolf Louis Vulcano Judy Farrell Joseph Green Marianne Scamardo Prudy Costanza Ben Rolchigo Saverio Lombardo John Rappa P at Lasor ella Nellie Mae Di Sano J oarm Trippen Philip Sanders Barbara Lee Owen Bill Storm Joe Zaffarano Peter Puleo Linda J uteau Elizabeth Cross Jolene Casale Jim J effalone Edward Grainger Peter Worlock 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 Philip Nicastro Joanne Rizzo Rosalie Diliberto Anonymous Prudy Costanza Jim Piazza Josephine Caruso Ben Di Piazza . J oe Cacciatore Margret Messina . Josephine Caruso and Fran Paratore 38 39. Anonymous Page 2 1. Joseph Cacciatore 2. Ralph Nicastro 3, Dorothy Carbone 4, Chuck Valente 5. Prudy Pelose 6. Bill Derby '7. J oe Favat 8. Karen Robinson 9. Josephine Caruso 10. Ann Bono 11. Marianne Sportello 12. Louis Sportello 13, Arleigh Haman 14. Mary Lou Balio 15. Theresa Bogiorno 16. Roberta Irons 17. Lucille Potenza 18. Norman Jones 19. Salvatore Paratore Page 3 1. Kathleen Stewart 2. Ronald Yelle 3. Toni Ann DeLuke 4. Cynthia Rosbrook 5. Kathy But 6. Donna Rae DeLuke 7. David Ralph David Smizzi Dawn Van Dusen Ronald Ubler Richard Stevens Mary Ann Dakin Esther Mae Falcone Antoinette Julian Nick Vivaqua Amelia Puleo Jim Domina Dawn Van Dusen Francis Grates Richard Talarico Leland Young 'I 25 PA TRUN5' AND PA TRONESSES 4 "Ly Petro ns and Pvztronesses Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Tina Co Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. William Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Pat Amendolare Virgil Anson Louis Balio Nicholas Bongiorno Salvatore J . Bono Mykola But James Cacciatore James V. Cacciatore Vincent Carbone Paul Cardone Joseph Caruso Thomas Casale stanza Sam Cross Anthony De Luke Earl De Luke J. Dempsey Samuel P. Diliberto James R. Domina Joseph A. Falcone Clark Farrell James Favat William Fulmer Edward Grainger Joseph Gr ates Arleigh Haman Sr. Mr. Robert Horan Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs Q . Edward lrons Peter J effalone Harold I. J ones James A, Julian Joseph J uliano Edmund Juteau Peter La Puma P atsy Lasorella Saverio Lombardo Felix Nedzynski Nunzio Nicastro Mrs. Louise Onofaro Mrs, Raymond B. Owen Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. Anthony Pandolf Joseph Paratore Vito Paratore James Pelose Anthony Potenza Peter E. Puleo Sidney Putnam Richard H. Ralph Joseph Rappa Roswell Ripley Steve Rizzo Ted Robinson William Rockwell Charles Rosbrook Patrons and Patronesses Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ruggiero Philip Sanders Martin Scamardo Boyd Schurman Joseph Smizzi Louie J , Sportello S, H. Stevens Charles E. Stewart Sam Talerico Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Andrew Trippen .T ohn F. Tucker Floyd W. Uebler Charles P. Valente Nicholas Vivacqua Angelo Vulcano Norman Worlock Leland K. Young Sr. 1 als." ag.. 'K I-, li as-N 6-5 as as ,Q "N 4-Q, f 4 ' l 1 g 3 7 Q Q s si ? P 9 5 9 1 ' 4 O B! 9 P 0 o o 9 5 i I J 5' Q Q - I Remember! feonlij the night the Seniors invaded the Herkimer Diner and put salt and mustard in the sugar. the day Dave Horan roamed into Mr. Wa11ace's room with a dripping vanilla ice-cream cone in his hand. who Tom La Puma called Mr. Murray the rise from Juniors to Seniors Cfor somep was a literal one - from the cellar to the attic. ' the night the Seniors went caroling with Mr. Mac Murray and Benny ,Tuliano accompanied them on the bongos. the time we ended up bringing the pepper sandwiches from the Senior Concession to Barb Owen's party. that when Mr. Robinson speaks - everybody listens. not to sneeze in Mrs. Grave's room unless I have a handkerchief over my mouth. that Mr. Giotto likes to munch on candy bars in the homeroom when no one else is around. that Dave Horan and .T im,Teffa1one sound more like the Everly Brothers than they do. when David Horan took an unexpected trip to Schenectady. when Barb Pandolf's hair changed from red to brown to black in one week, ' Ili 57 .,, bd 1' Di 'Z is 4 9 QS ii tffeafrtfffte 53245 ZH' Thanks We the faculty advisors of the Maroon Log wish to compliment the staff for the fine work they have done and for their cooperation especially at times when things were difficult and frustrating, We believe that on the whole the staff did an excellent job. We also wish to thank those students who lent their time and special talents to help the maroon Log staff. And we wish to give a special vote of thanks to Linda .Tuteau and Roberta Irons for doing so much extra typing for us. We ask that the faculty forgiveus the interruptions and annoyances the Maroon Log has caused them and hope that now that it is completed they will feel it was, after all, worthwhile. Our best wishes to the Maroon Log staff and to the whole senior class a very successful future! Mr. Kunz Mr. Wallace Miss Braidwood HJWHH ,.-'55 Z ENT5 fl. Z Z 31..- COMPLIMENTS 0F THE CITIZENS FIRST NATIONAL BANK Compliments of CAMPUS INN UNION HANDLE COMPANY Frankfort, New York WISHES EACH GRADUATE A BRIGHT AND HAPPY FUTURE I I FRANKFORT TRANSIT WAREHOUSE COMPANY KEMPF'S MUSIC STORE PIANOS, RCA VICTOR, RECORDS AND BAND INSTRUMENTS Frankfort, New York JOSEPH'S ACCESSORIES IO4 Main Street Frankfort, New York C ompliment: of W.T. GRANT COMPANY Herkimer, New York Ben Wishex to the Class of 1962 W.R. OWEN FUNERAL HOME II8 Pleasant Ave. Frankfort, New York John G. Ackley, Prop. I 1 1 ORIOLES SERVICE STATION HERKIMER CAMERA SHOP S oco P oducts 1 AUGIE TASSAS BARBER SHOP M GREEN S MOBILE SERVICE STATION Z MELROSE SUPER MARKET M Y Comp iments of Comp iments of 1 un r 272 or ain Street Frankfort, New York He'kIme" New wk ' Comp imentx of ' ' Comp imentx of I49 ain Street Frankfor , New ork Frankfort, New York Compliments of A or 0 access to e Clan of 62 I 1 Main Street Frankfort, New York Frankfor , New York Comp imentx of '- O zoa can Street P n ' Gund East Main Street Frankfort, New o k Frankfort, New York NthM Y 1 TH URSTON LAN ES t Y W ld fS 119 LATELLAS BAKERY t PAULS K B BAR B QUE e YeaR ROBEL STUDIO INC PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Herkimer New York Your Yeo rbook Photog ro phers Photography wztlo a dzmnctwe mr I 1 H . . . . . ,J BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF PHILIA SIGMA PH BARBARA PANDOLF DONNA LOMBARDO PRUDENCE PELOSE JOSEPHINE CARUSO LUCILLE POTENZA PRUDY COSTANZA ROSALIE DILBERTO TONI ANN DELUKE FRANCES PARATORE JOANNE RIZZO JOANNE TRIPPEN BARBARA LEE OWEN ANTOINETTE JULIAN PHILIA SIGMA PHI ANN WILLIAMS YARN SHOP ee Kr1'tt' g I struct'ons 1 TAMBURROS MARKET t Y JAY S DEPARTMENT STORE I KIRBY OFFICE EQUIPMENT Y A J OLIVER S . Y :Wh z f1962 BETA CHI SORORITY I HOKES FLOWERS w M T W 4 9929 1 THE VOGUE Y 1 Complzments of II Herk'me" 338 econd Ave FI' I In I'I I Frankfort, New ork Bef if ex 0 the Comp i77Ze77ff.I' of C1455 0 1 Fronkfor , New ork C ' t Complimentx of amp ,men I of I I IOI est oin Street Ilion, New York Ilion, New York Comp iments of Comp imentr of H k' k Herkimer, New ork er 'mer' New or NATIONAL STORES -106 N nh M ' C omplimentr of SALAMONE'S MARKET 121 Main Street Frankfort, New York Z. WALSH BROS SHELL SERVICE STATION I' Comphments of IO4 o aln Street Herkimer, New York Comp zments of Frankfor , New York Compliments of FRANKFORT FIVE AND TEN 206 East Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of Compliments of CROWELL JEWELER5 HARDELL PRINTING I02 Frankfort Street Keepsake D'a onds - Bulova Watches 120 South Frankfort Street Guaranteed Experts Frankfort, New York Watch Repa'r BRADLE AND 1 PLANO S MARKET Y I Comp iments of I1 400 Frankfort Street Frankfort, New ork MONTGOMERY JEWELRY Main Street Ilion, New York Telephone T.W. 4-8366 :Wh 1 MOHAWK VALLEY FREEMANS SWEATERS BARBER SUPPLY q DONATIONS BELMONTS BARBER SHOP ROYAL MARKET JOE'S BARBER SHOP Bef ix ex From Comp imenzy gf 1 "Head uarterf' for Award Sweater? 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Suggestions in the Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) collection:

Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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