Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY)

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Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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.12 3'-!!3u.l.. avi. 'vm ,lngv 32?- Qig- i'i', .Ll . -. . If x. K I .I L: 54.-' X "fab vm. S 5 A . i '.v , -V 1. N A N .Q 1 My-l 4 I, 4 rh. 4 'wx tj vug, ,Q 'Q ' ,-f'n,?'5,e.f1ig1 :-.. 'fy ' WN., 2.12 ' ,-.4,.. r- fi "N T1 X ' 'f Jin ' 1 -16+ ' . ' I 1 ,VH -1- Y N 4 K '.r Ak 1 X F' 'R ,---a.. , , fl U, r V' 9 ., , av The Ffilroe In Log x 23? n eel L 'U-me P-ese t Cl EIS S of 7l'l6l Ffdll KFC ft S chu ler cel.-.-.a Sc heal FROM THE GREEN HILLS AND QUIET, GRACIOUS EXISTENCE OF THE MOHAWK VALLEY, OUR FRANKFORT-SCHUYLER CENTRAL SCHOOL CONTINUES ITS QUEST OF THE HIGHER AIMS OF EDUCATION. DESPITE THE CHANGES OF TIME, THE AIMS REMAIN CONSTANT. SO IT IS WITH ART. MODERN ART EMPLOYS NEW AND STARTLING GEOMETRIC DESIGNS. YET, THE PURPOSE OF ART IS STILL THE ACHIEVE- MENT OF BEAUTY. EACH GRADUATING SENIOR IS A SYMBOL OF THE JUNCTURE OF THE OLD AND THE NEW, THE TRADITIONAL AND THE MODERN. THIS BLEND- ING OF THE PAST AND THE FUTURE CULMINATING IN THE PRESENT, IS THE THEME OF THE 1961 MAROON LOG. THE CLASS OF 1961 COLLECTIVELY AND INDIVIDUALLY SHARES IN THE TRIUMPHS OF THE PAST AND THE PROMISES OF THE FUTURE, 44 f MARGIE TUCKER EDITOR- IN- CHIEF DEDICATIO We, the Class of 1961, with great pleasure and pride, dedicate this MAROON LOG to Richard M. Hudson. Mr. Hudson, you have enlightened the minds of many Industrial Arts students, and because of your conscientiousness many of us are now carefully driving along the pathways of success. Your pleasing countenance, amiability, versatility, and polished mannerisms have welcomed friendship and demanded respect. We can safely predict that the same selfless spirit that characterizes Mr. Hudson's en- deavors in Frankfort-Schuyler Central School will carry him even farther towards the attain- ment of all his goals and ambitions. ADMIN ISERATION I FAC ULTY F51 BOARD OF EDUCATIO MR. ANGELO REINA--PRESIDENT Mr. Reina, age 35, has served on the Frankfort-Schuyler School Board for four years. He resides with his wife and four children at 242 East Main Street. Agraduate of Frankfort High School, Mr. Reina is employed by the General Electric Company. His hobby is enjoying classical music. DR. JOSEPH GRATES--VICE-PRESIDENT Dr. Grates, age 48, is a graduate of Frankfort High School and Tufts University in Boston. He has served on the school board for seven years. He has seven children and resides at 332 Fifth Avenue Extension. For relaxation Dr. Grates enjoys gardening and folf. lk 3 V 13 S if W IV 42 YR MR. BENNIE DI PIAZZA Mr. DiPiazza is a Staff Manager of the Prudential Life insurance Company. He attended Frankfort High School and Utica College. He is 42 years old and has served on the board for eleven years. He has three children and makes his residence at 130 Pleasant Avenue. Mr. DiPiazza's hobby is golf. MR. FORREST HOBBICK Mr. Hobbick, a past president of the board, is 53 years old. He is employed by Mutual of Omaha and attended school in Omaha and Arkansas State College. He has served on the board for five years. There are four Hobbick children, and the family resides on Welsh Bush Road. Golf is Mr. Hobbick's hobby, MR. EDWARD MILLER Mr. Miller, age 46, has served on the board for nearly two years. He attended St. Mary's Academy in Little Falls and R. P. I. in Troyg he is employed by the Niagara Mohawk Power Corpo- ration. Mr. Miller resides with his wife 'and four children on the Frankfort Center Road. His hobby is conducting laboratory experiments with natural gas and essential oils. MR. JOSEPH NICOLETTE A graduatelof Frankfort High School, Mr, Nicolette is employed by the Sperry-Rand Corpo- ration. He is 55 years old and has three children. The Nicolette residence is at 213 First Avenue. Mr. Nicolette has served on the board for almost a year. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. MR. FRANK PONTOLILLD Mr. Pontolillo, age 53, is a Certified Public Accountant in Utica. He attended the High School of Commerce and City College, both in New York City. Mr. Pontolillo has served on the Board of Education for three years. He resides with his wife and two children at 211 Fourth Avenue. Mr. Pontolillo's hobby is reading classical literature. SUPERINTENDENT MR. JOHN F. MURPHY PAL GU ANK MR. FACULTY LANGUAGE ARTS--Mrs. Helen B. Donald, Miss Barbara Wolosz, Mrs. Theresa M. Graves, Miss Nancy M. Ingro, Mr. Louis Barile, Mr. Andrew A. Giotto, Mr. Richard A. Averson, Mrs. Pauline Shannon. MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE--Miss Mar- garet Frank, Mr. John Mosny, Mr. Vincent Bonomo, Mr.BenjaminRoto1o, Mrs. Rose Cacciatore, Mrs. Virginia Reina, Mr. Ber- nard Murray, Miss Grace Adderley, Mr. George Kirby. CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION AND COMMER- CIAL-- Mrs. Frances Pontolillo, Mr. Nich- olas Chuff, Mr. Anthony Mazzara, Mrs. Rose Cacciatore, Mr. Frank Spina, Mr. Ross Robinson, Mr. Joseph Spanfelner, Mr. Harvey Ellick. ART, MUSIC AND LIBRARY--Miss Phyllis Braidwood, Miss Anita Hanna, Mr. Lavergne McMurray, Mr. William Clifford. INDUSTRIAL ARTS, AGRICULTURE AND HOME ECONOMICS--Miss Ida Hayes, Mr. Sigrnunt Leland, Miss Harriet Wagner, Mr. Stephen Hubbell, Mr. Richard Hudson, Mr. James Cooley. PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH-- Mr. Joseph Campo, Miss Yvonne Gigliotti, Mrs. Bella Oriole, Mr. John Woeppel, Mr. John Mosny, Mr. BernardMurray, Mr. Fran- cis Daley, Mr, Benjamin Rotolo. FACULTY OFFICE, CAFETERIA AND CUSTCDIAL ii MIS- Barton. Mrs. Branck Mrs. Tocco, Mrs. Grainger WX QF fr .Q Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. Kipper, Mrs. Schuster, Mrs. Valente, Mrs. Sondej, Mrs. Gazzilli Mrs. Valent, Mrs. Nencetti. K z 1. A... 4 Mr. Terzo, Mr. Perillo, Mr. Nencetti, Mr. Scamardo, Mr. DeRusso. Not included in picture: Mrs. Lanphere, Mrs. Robellard, Mr. Tuzzolino, Mr. Vore. V SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT JAMES CIMINO ..Cy.. "Energy and persistence conquer all things." SECRETARY DONNA RYDE .. Dee.. "Good humor is the clear blue sky of the soul," If VEDA LOIACONO uve ,. "There is only one virtue - self -sacrifice, " T R EAS U R E R A, MARJORIE TUCKER "Tuck" "God has sifted three kingdoms to find the wheat for this planting." PRESIDENT JAMES CIMINO - "Most Efficient" Senior Class President 45 Bank 1,2,3,45 Football 15 Base- ball 1,2,3,45 Language Club 1,2,35 Math Club 2,45 Key Club 45 Letter Club 45 National Honor Society 25 Boys' State 35 Mixed Choir 45 Senior Play5 Junior-Senior Prom 4g Student Council 45 Jets Club 25 Science Club 1 SECRETARY DONNA RYDE - "Most Likeablen Senior Class Secretaryg Sophomore Class Treasurer5 Freshman Class Secretaryg Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 Future Homemakers 1,2,5 National Honor Society 15 G.A,A, 25 Mixed Choir 45 Bowling 45 Basketball 2 VICE - PRESIDENT VEDA IDIACONO - "Nicest Smile" National Honor Society 2,3,45 Senior Class Vice-Presi- dent 45 Letter Club 45 Basketball 2,35 Volleyball 35 Language Club 1,25 Secretary 3, 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Semi- nar 35 F.T.A. 1,2,3, Pres. 45 Citizenship Conference 35 Freshman Class Pres.5 Maroon Log 4 TREASURER A. MAFUORIE TUCKER - "Most Likely To Succeed" Senior Class Treasurer5 Varsity Cheerleader 25 Cheer- leader 15 White Lancer 15 Maroon Bugle 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Secretary-Treasurer 35 Math Club 25 F.N.A. 15 Science Club 15 National Honor Society 15 Radio Club 35 Mixed Choir 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3545 G.A.A.Vice-President 45 Basketball 253,45 Volleyball 2,3545 Softball 2,3,45Speed- a-way 2,3,45 Bowling 45 Letter Club 3,45 Junior-Senior Prom 45 Maroon Log Editor 45 Language Club 1,2,3,4, Scribe 4 WILLIAM ACKLEY " B i 11 " "A gentleman makes NO noise. " GEORGIANN AMENDOLARE "Georgie" Talking is no great problem." !fx1QW E. W. L I 1 JAMES CAIOLA "Flint" "As merry as the day is long. " BENEDICT ALABASTRO ..Neb.. "The greater the man, the courteous. " ELAINE ANGRISANO ..Aggie.. "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse! " RONALD CAMPIONE .Ron .. "A good heart is worth gold." JAMES ALSANTE HA1.. "Sty1e is the man himself. " JAMES BULGER uhm.. "Behold the prodigal son. " MARGARET ANN CASTELLANO "Cusry " "Enthusiasm is the breath of genius. WILLIAM ACKLEY - "Best Procrastinatorn Football 1,25 Track 2,35 F,F,A, 1,2,3,4, Reporter 2, Secretary 35 Mixed Choir 45 Baseball Manager 15 Bowling 4 BENEDICT ALABASTRO - "Most Businesslike" Baseball 15 Track 1,25 Science Club 15 Junior-Senior Prom 3 JAMES ALSANTE - "Most Faithful" Football 3,45 Baseball 35 Choir 3,45 Industrial Arts Club 1,2,3,45 Basketball 2,35 Track 35 Boys' Homemaking Club 35 Letter Club 3,4 GEORGIANN AMENDOLARE - "Most DeVi1ish" ,T.V. Cheerleader 15 Commerical Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. l,2,35 F.H.A. 2,45 Mixed Choir 45 Bowling 4 ELAINE ANGRISANO - "CrazieSt" Commercial Club 1,2,45 -Letter Club 25 Mixed Choir 45 Bowling 45 Volleyball 2,45 Softball 2,45 Speed-a-way 25 G.A,A. 2,3,45 Senior- Junior Prom 3,45 Homemaking Club 45 Art Club 1,25 Science Club 1. JAMES BULGER - "Most Friendly" F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Library Staff 1,45 Football 4 JAMES CAIOLA - "Most Devi1ish" Latin Club 15 Wrestling 2,35 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 45 Track 3,45 Letter Club 3,45 Mixed Choir 3,45 RONALD CAMPIONE - "Best Mannered" Language Club 1,2,45 Wrestling 3,45 Radio Club 45 Letter Club4 MARGARET ANN CASTELLANO - "Best Dancer" National Honor Society 1,25 Secretary 15 Majorette 1,2,3,4, President 45 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Commercial Club 1,3,45 F.H.A. 15Maroon Bugle 25 G,A.A. 2,3,4, Vice-President 35 Letter Club 3,45 Student Council 3,45 Speed- a-way 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Softball 2,3,45 Volley- ball 2,3,45 Senior Play5 Junior Class Presidentg Junior-Senior Prom 35 Maroon Log 4 FRED R. CHRISTENSEN "Freddy" "One way to find a friend is to be one. " GERTRUDE CULVER "Gertie" "industrious, modest and quiet. " JOANN DiCAMILLO "Deker" "If a woman has long hair it is glory to her. " FRANCES COOK 1-Frann "Words sweetly placed are moderately directed." ROSE MARY CUSHMAN "Crazy-Brigette" 'Full of sweet indifference" - BLASE DiSANO nsonny.. "Character makes its own destiny." CARMELLA CORRIGGIO "Mela" "Vivacity is the health of Spirit. " CAMERA H Y CHRISTOPHER DIBBLE "Chris" "A light heart lives long. " CAMERA I-I Y LARRY DUN ADEE "Larry" "Laugh and the world laughs with you. " FRED R. CHRISTENSEN - "Most Relaxed" F .F.A. 1,2,3, Sentinel 1, Vice- President 2, President 4 FRANCES COOK - "Best Musician" F.T.A. 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,45 Commercial Club 1,45 Maroon Bugle 35 All-State Band 35 All-County Band 3,45 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Science Club 15 Library Staff 45 Radio Club 45 Senior Play CARMELLA CORRIGGIO - "Most Athletic" Commercial Club 1,2,45 F.H.A. 1,45 G.A.A. 2,3,4, President 45 Maroon Bugle 1,25 Cheerleading 25 Varsity Cheerleading 35 Letter Club 3,45 Student Council 35 Speed- a- way 3,45 Basketball 253,45 Volleyball 253,45 Softball 2,3,45 Bowling 45 Mixed Choir 1,2,4 GERTRUDE CULVER - "Most Modest" Letter Club 35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 F.l-LA. 1,45 Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 Softball 2,35 Basketball 35 Volleyball 3 ROSE MARY CUSHMAN - "Best Hair Stylist" F .T.A. 1,25 Language Club 15 Maroon Bugle 3,45 Pep Squad 45 Radio Club 45 Band 25 Mixed Choir 3,45 Commercial Club 1,3,4 CHRISTOPHER DIBBLE - "Q1ietest" F.F.A. 3,45 Industrial Arts Club 1,2,3 JOANN DI CAMILDO - "Most Carefree" Science Club 15 F.H.A. 15 Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Mixed Choir 3,45 Student Council 1,23 Letter Club 3,45 Junior-Senior Prom 35 Softball 25 Basketball 2,3,45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Speed-a-way 3,45 Bowling 45 G.A.A. Treasurer 3 BLASE DI SANO - "Most I.ngenious" Wrestling 2,45 Language Club 1,25 Science Club 15 Radio Club 45 F.T.A. 4 LARRY DUNADEE - "Funniest" Science Club l,2,3 fMinoa High Schooljg Baseball 1 fMinoaj JANET ELTHORP JOYCE ELTHORP PHILLIP FINSTER wan.. nsum.. ..Phi1.. "Lovely sweetness is the noblest power "Every day should be passed as if it "Intelligence is the greatest of all g1fIS of women." were our last. " A RONALD GILLETTE GEORGE GONYEA ROSALIE GRAZIANO "Ron" "Blonde Bomber" "Ro" "Well-timed silence hath more elo- "Amiability shines by its own light. " "FOV they Can Conquer Wh0 he11eVe they quence than speech. " Can- " PA GEORGE GRIZZUTO ARLENE HAMAN PAMELA HOBBICK "Grizz" "Fritz" "Pam" "Genius does what it mustg talent does "Blushing is the color of virtue" "A daughter Of the 30415. diViHe1Y H11 what if Can, " and most divinely fair. " JANET ELTHORP - "B1uShes the Most" G.A.A. 1,2,4g Band 2,3,4, Treasurer 3: Mixed Choir 1,2,3,4g F.T.A. 4 JOYCE ELTHORP - "Si1liest" F.N.A. l,2,3,4g Science Club lg' Language Club lg F.l-LA. 1,4 PHILIP FINSTER - "Most Reserved" Science Club lg Industrial Arts Club 2,3g Boys' State 3 RONALD GILLETTE - "Most Serious" Commercial Club lg Radio Club 4 GEORGE GONYEA - "Smoothest Talker" Industrial Arts Club l,2,3,4g Basketball 3g Mixed Choir 4 ROSALIE GRAZIANO - "Most Sensible" Commercial Club l,2,3,4g Letter Club 3,4g Latin I-lonor Society3g National Honor Society 25 Maroon Bugle 2,3,4g Maroon Log 45 Radio Club 3,4-g Library Staff 2,3,4g Mixed Choir 3,4g Language Club 33 Junior-Senior Prom 4g G.A.A, 2,3,4g Bowling Manager 45 Volley- ball 3,4g Softball 3,4g Basketball 23 Office Worker 4 GEORGE GRIZZUTO - "Most Conscientiousn Football l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Wrestling l,2,3,4g Letter Club 3,45 Language Club 1,2g Key Club 3,4 ARLENE HAMAN - "Best Mannered" Freshman Class Treasurerg Library Staff l,2,3,4g Treasurer 4: National Honor Society l,2,3g Language Club 3g Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g Maroon Bugle 2,3,4g G.A.A. 2,3,4g Bowling 45 Speed-a-way Manager 35 White Lancer lg Science Club lg Commercial Club Secre- tary4 PAMELA HOBBICK - "Most Loquacious" Language Club 21 Commercial Club 1,2,3g G.A.A. 2,3,4g Maroon Bugle l,2,3,4g F.N.A. l,2,3g Maroon Log 49 Library Staff 1,2 ROBERT HORAN .Boob H "Wit is an unexpected explosion thought. " ANTOINETTE IULIANO .. Am .. of "Fine manners are the basis ofa fair mind. " GARY HYER BRIAN JONES ..Gary.. wonesy.. "Quietness alone is flattering. " "Little friends prove great friends. MARY CATHERINE KATTATO "Cathy" "Enjoy the presentg trust little to to- morrow." JUDY KELLER nludy .. "Faithful are the words of a friend MICHAEL KELLY PATRICK KELLY JOSEPH KINNEY "Rebel" "Little Irish" "Joe-Paul" "Handsome is as handsome does." "There is no wisdom like frankness. " "A good laugh is sunshine in the home. ROBERT HORAN - "Smartest" Band 3,45 Mixed Choir 3,45 Math Club 2,45 Language Club 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Radio Club 3,45 Senior Play 45 .lets Club 2 GARY HYER - "Most Cooperative" Track 1517. F. A. 3,45 Industrial Arts 1,2,3 BRIAN JONES - "Friendliest" Ilion High-Track 15 Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Captain 35 Letter Club 45 Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Junior-Senior Prom 35 Industrial Arts 45 Spanish Club 1 ANTOINETTE JULIANO - "Most Successful" National Honor Society 15 Math Club 25 Letter Club 3,45 Senior Play5 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 Basketball 3,45 Volleyball 3,4 MARY CATHERINE KATTATO - "Most Faithful" Commercial Club 1,2,35 Future Homemakers 1,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Cheer- leader 2,35 Letter Club 2,35 Junior-Senior Prom 35 Mixed Choir 3,45 Basketball 2,45 Softball 2,3,4 ,TUDY KELLER - "Most Delicate" Mixed Choir 3,45 Commercial Club 3,45 G.A.A. 35 Maroon Bug1e4 MICHAEL KELLY - "Most Handsome" Football 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Senior Play5 Language Club 35 Boys' Home- making Club 35 Letter Club 3,4 PATRICK KELLY - "Best Debater" Wrestling 2,3,45 Student Council 3, Vice President 45 Letter Club 35 Industrial Arts 35 Mixed Choir 4 JOSEPH KINNEY - "Biggest Daydreamer' Band 1,2,3,45 Language Club 1,25 Basketball 2,45 Radio Club 45 Base- ball l,2,3,45 Bowling 3 ANN LEE KIPPER ROGER KOT CAROL ANN LATELLA ..Kip.. ..Rog.. ncarol.. Every artist was first an amateur. " "Fools rush in where angels fear to "PO1it6I16SS g02S far, YeTC0SfS1'10ihi1'lg tread. " JEROME LiC ARI I ON LOIACANO nl-'ion wJ-Gnu "Oh g1'3Ci0US, why WHSH'I I b0U1 Old "Can we ever have too much ofa good and ugly! " AMELIA LOLIO LEO "Ointment" "Ideas control the world." "Oh, give us work. " thing? " LOMBARDO DONNA LOOMIS "Lump" "Donna" a man who Sings at his "Paradise is open to all kind hearts ANN LEE KIPPER - "Best Dresser" National Honor Society 1,25 Art Club 1, Secretary-Treasurer 15 Future Homemakers 1,4, President 45 Maroon Bugle 2,3, Art Editor 35 G.A.A. 2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Mixed Choir 152,35 Maroon Log: Language Club 3,45 Basketball 35 Volleyball 3,45 Bowling Manager 3. ROGER KOT - "Most Carefree" Industrial Arts 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. 3 CAROL ANN LATELLA - "Most Soft-Spoken" Future Homemakers 1,45 Softball 1,35 Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 45 Maroon Bugle 25 G.A.A. 35 Maroon Log 4g Office Worker 4 JEROME LICARI - "Pi-ettiest Eyes" Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Student Council 3,4, President 454 Key Club 2,3, Lieutenant Governor 45 Junior-Senior Prom 45 Language Club 15 Maroon Logg Boys' Homemaking Club 35 Letter Club 3,45 Science Club 15 Jets Club 2 JON LDIACANO - "Most Sensible" National Honor Society 15 Language Club 15 Jets Club 25 Math Club 25 Mixed Choir 2,3,4 AMELIA LDLIO - "Most Relaxed" Commercial Club 2,3,45 Mixed Choir 3,45 Future Homemakers 4, Historian 45 Maroon Bugle 45 Pep Squad, President 45 Radio Club 45 G.A.A. 2,4 LEO LOMBARDO - "Most Cheerful" Language Club 15 Science Club 1,25 Maroon Logg Basketball 2,4 DONNA LOOMIS - "Most Cooperative" Future I-bmemakers 1,45 Commercial Club 2,3,4 BARBARA LUDWIG PETER MACRINA ..Barb.. upete.. "Understanding is the greatest ofgifts. " "Silence is golden. " ROSALIE MANEEN NRO.. "A woman is at the beginning of all things. " THOMAS MANNINO SALVATORE MANNO ..TinO.. ..Sa1,. "Oh, sleepg it is a gentle thing beloved "Accuracy is the twin of honesty." from pole to pole." PETER MATHEWS JOHN MURPHY "Pete," "Big Irish" W "Variety is the very spice of life that "King of Terrors" gives it all its flavor. " MICHAEL MANORE "Mickey" "If a man is worth knowing at all, kr him well. " ANGELA NUROD "Angie" "All good things come in little pack- ages. " BARBARA LUDWIG - "Most Studious" F.T.A. 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Language Club 1,2,3,45 Math Club 2,45 National Honor Society 1,3 PETER MACRINA - "Most Timid' Student Council 15 Band 2,3,4 ROSALIE MANEEN - "Most Charming" G.A.A. 1,2,45 Mixed Choir 2,45 Student Council 15 Future Homemakers 45 Commercial Club 1,2,4 THOMAS MANNINO - "Best Dancer" Industrial Arts Club 3,45 Art Club 1,2535 Science Club 15 Radio Club 4 SALVATORE MANNO - "Best Tape Recorder Operator" Science Club 15 Maroon Bugle 25 lndustrail Arts Club 3,45 Track 45 Band l,2,3,45 Radio Club 45 Maroon Log MICHAEL MANORE - "The Best of Everything" Wrestling 1,2,3x,45 Baseball 1,25 Track 3,45 F.F.A. 15 Industrial Arts Club 45 Mixed Choir 45 Boys' Homemaking Club 35 Letter Club 3,45 Key Club 45 Senior Play5 Football Manager 4 PETER MATHEWS - "Best Driver" Track 35 Science Club 15 Language Club 1,25 Jets Club 35 Junior Class Secretary JOHN MURPHY - "Curliest Hair" Band 1,2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Mixed Choir 45 Jets Club 15 Language Club 1,25 Basketball 3,45 Track 25 Football 25 Maroon Bugle 35 Senior Play ANGELA NOROD - "Most Petite" Art Club l,3,45 G.A.A. 35 Future Homemakers 25 Mixed Choir 45 Bowling 45 Speed- a-way 45 Maroon Log JOANNE PALOMBO NIO JO.. "Good nature is the fruit of true Chris- tianity . " MARY JEAN PARATORE ..Pep,. uparky.. EILEEN PARKOLA "A friend is one who dislikes the same "Beauty is powerg a smile is its sword people you dislike. " SHARON PERRY WILLIAM PHILIPS JEROME PLANO "Shari" "Bill" "Jerry" "Speech is great, silence is greater. " "The farmer is the foundation of pros- "Do not be careless in deeds, nor confused perity. " in words, nor rambling in thought. " JOHN POLIZZI Honest John ANTHONY PUZZILLA CARMELITA PUZZILLA Puzzy Kim Patience is a remedy for every sorrow Nothing endures but personal quality. Better to be happy than wise. JOANNE PAIDMBO - "Best Complexion" Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 1,45 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Girls' Ensemble 3,45 Letter Club 3,45 ,T,V. Cheerleaders 35 Basketball 3,45 Speed-a-way 3,45 Softball 3,45 Volleyball 3,45 All- State Choir 45 All-County Choir 45 Se ' Pl Board 15 Christmas Ball Attendent nior ay5 Maroon Log5 Fashion MARY JEAN PARATORE - "Cur1iest Hair" G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 1,25 F.T.A..l,45 Vice-President 45 Maroon Bugle 1,25 Letter Club 45 Mixed Choir 3,4 EILEEN PARKOLA - "Most Excitable" Commercial Club l,2,3,45 Maroon Bugle 45 G.A.A.: Bowling 45 Future Homemakers SHARON PERRY - "Kindest" Future Homemakers 1,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,45 Commercial Club 2,45 May Qieen Attendent 35 Speed- a- way 45 Bowling 45 Mixed Choir 4 WILLIAM PHILLIPS - "Tal1est" F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Industrial Arts 2,3,4 JEROME PLANO - "Wittiest" Football 1,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Letter Club 3,45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Mixed Choir 2,3,4 JOHN POLIZZI - "Most Artistic" Science Club 15 Maroon Bugle 3 ANTHONY PUZZILLA - "Most Intellectual" Science Club 15 Language Club 45 Mixed Choir 4 CARMELITA PUZZILLA - "Shortest" Commercial Club 1,3,45 Future Homemakers 2,3,45 G.A.A, 1,3,4: Library Staff 45 Mixed Choir 3,45 Maroon Bugle 2,3,45 Science Club 1 EDWARD RIENTE RICHARD SASSONE ,.Ed.. usass.. "I praise loudly, I blame softly. " "Love sought is good, but given and unsought is better." ANTHONY SCA PARO nscap.. "The greatest pleasure of life is love IOSEPHINE SCAPARO MARIE SCIALDONE MICHAEL SCIORTINO "Babe" "Shell" "Shorts" "A1l the world 's a stage." "Simplicity is a jewel rarely found. " "All the world loves a lover. " CAROL SGROI CHARLES SMITH MAMIE SPATTO "Zig" "Butch" "Mamie" "Whose little body lodged a manifest "My day is gwifrer than 3 wea,ver'5 "We must be young to do great things brain. " shuttle. " EDWARD RIENTE - "Best Disposition" Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 25 Language Club 1,25 Science Club 15 Letter Club 3, President 45 Key Club 2,35 Key Club President 45 Student Council 25 Maroon Log RICHARD SASSONE - "Best Year-Round Tan" Industrial Arts 1,2,3,45 Letter Club 3,45 Science Club 1,25 Mixed Choir 45 Football 1,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Track 3,4 ANTHONY SCAPARO - "Most Charming" Mixed Choir 45 Science Club 15 Language Club 1,25 Radio Club4 Student Council 45 Junior-Senior Prom 45 Track 25 Basketball 2,3 Senior Play JOSEPHINE SCAPARO - "Most Talented" Senior Play5 Future Homemakers l,2,45 Science Club lg G.A.A. 2,3,45 Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 3,45 Maroon Bugle 3,45 Pep Squad 45 Radio Club 4 MARIE SCIALDONE - "Most Slender" Commercial Club 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Maroon Bugle 35 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Letter Club 3,45 Volleyball 35 Softball 25 Senior Play MICHAEL SCIORTINO - "Most Unpredictable' Student Council 25 Language Club 2: Letter Club 3,45 Key Club 3, Secretary 45 Football 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3 l CAROL SGROI - "Liveliest" 5 F. T.A. 1,25 Future I-lomemakers 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. Secretary 45 G.A.A. 3,45 Commercial Club 45 Softball 3 I CHARLES SMITH - "Most Shy" MAMIE SPATTO - "Most Cheerful" G.A.A. 1,25 Majorette 25 Mixed Choir 2,45 Maroon Bugle 45 Basketball 25 Bowling 25 Future l-lomemakers 45 Archery 35 Swimming 2 JOSEPH SPINE HPOOP.. "Good humor makes all things possible. " JOHN TASSA "Grizzi" "The heights great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight. " SANDRA SYLVESTER "Charlie" "Good health and good sense are two of life 's greatest blessings." JOAN THOMAS "Joan" "Toi1. says the proverb, is the sire of fame. " THOMAS TALARICO ..Tom.. "Man is the price of universe made alive. " CAROL TOCCO "Sluggly " "A soft answer turneth away wrath. " ANN MARIE VALENT RUSSELL VARLEY CLARA MARIE VER-DURA "Cookie" "Russ" "Clare" "Rare iHdl11gCDCe Dwduces greater "Moderation is the pleasure of the wise." HEQYHSSWSSS and Si1'1CeFifY are SYHOHY' pleasure. " THOHS- " JOSEPH SPINE - "Most Athletic" Junior-Senior Prom 35 Senior Play5 Commercial Club lg Science Club 15 Key Club 45 Letter Club 3.45 Radio Club 45 Boys' Homemaking Club 35 White Lancer 15 Basketball 2,3,45 I.V. Basketball 15 Industrial Arts 45 Mixed Choir 45 Football 3 SANDRA SYLVESTER - "Smartest" Band 1,253.45 F.N.A. l,2.3.45 Language Club 1,253.45 Math Club 25 Cheerleader 35 Science Club 15 Seminar 2,35 G.A.A. 2,3,45 National Honor Society l,2.3.45 Letter Club 3.45 Girls' State 35 Senior Play5 Maroon Bugle 3 THOMAS TALARICO - "Most Reliable" F.F.A. 1.2.35 Secretary 15 Treasurer 25 Treasurer 3 JOAN THOMAS - "Oddest Laugh" JOHN TASSA - "Most Successful" Band l,2.3.45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Language Club 1.25 Science Club 15 Boys' Homemaking Club 35 Letter Club 3,45 Boys' State 35 All-State Band l,2.3.45 All-County Band 1.2,3,45 Jets Club 25 Vice President Junior Class Language Club 2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,3,45 Senior Play5 May Day Attendant 25 Homecoming Activities5 G.A.A, 25 Commercial Club 4: Maroon Bugle 35 Maroon Log5 Student Council 4, Secretary5 Pep Squad CAROL TOCCO - "Most Carefree" Girls Ensemble 2,3,45 Mixed Choir 3,45 National Honor Society 15 Student Council 35 Maroon Bugle 1.2,3.45 Business Manager 2,45 Language Club l,2.3.45 F.T.A. 1.2,3.45 Letter Club 3,45 G.A.A. 2.3.43 Manager 35 Basketball 2,3,45 Speed-a-way 3,45 Volleyball 35 Softball 35 Cheerleader 2,35 Senior Play5 Maroon Logg Future Homemakers 15 Treasurer5 Telegram Reporter5 Radio Club. President 45 White Lancer 1 ANN MARIE VALENT "Best Driver" Cheerleader 25 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Letter Club 3.45 Maroon Bugle 2.35 Commercial Club 2.35 Junior-Senior Prom 35 Maroon Log5 Senior Play5 G.A.A. 2,35 Radio Club 4 RUSSELL VARLEY - "Most Determined" Language Club l,2.3.45 Jets Club 15 Science Club 1 CLARA MARIE VERDURA - "Best Debater" Science 15 Commercial l,2.3.45 Future Homemakers 1.45 Treasurer 45 National Honor Society 25 G.A.A. l.2,3,45 Mixed Choir 45 Volley- ball 25 White Lancer 1 NANCY VERNI MARTHA WOLANSKI BARBARA WYCKOFF Nan Marne Barb Let not your heart be troubled Gentleness succeeds better than Character 15 always known VIOICHCS DONNA ZAFFARANO CAROLYN ZWANKA Zaf Zevenka It S love that UIHRCS T-he W0fld S0 W1t 1S the salt of conversauon not the rOL11'1d food CLASS COLOR BLUE 81 SILVER LAS5 FLOWER ITE ORCH D n n u - n u n n u n - - n u fn n u u v ,, . . . s 1- n NANCY VERNI - "Most Curious" F.N.A. l,2,35 Future Homemakers 45 G.A.A. 3,45 Maroon Bugle 45 Language Club 15 Commercial Club 45 Science Club 1. MARTHA WOLANSKI - "Most Reliable" Commercial Club 1,2,3,4g G.A.A. 2,3,45 Maroon Bugle 35 Maroon Logg Mixed Choir 45 Bowling 45 Junior-Senior Promg Senior Play Science Club 15 Library sraff 2,4, President 45 Office Worker. BARBARA WYCKOFF - "Tal1eSt" Language Club 1,2,3,45 F,T.A. 1,2,3,45 Maroon Bugle l,2,3,4, Editor 45 National Honor Society 1,2,3, Treasurer 35 Radio Club 3,45 Mixed Choir 45 Junior Class Treasurerg White Lancer 15 Maroon Log Associate Editor5 Bowling 45 Science Club 1. DONNA ZAFFARANO - "Most Businesslike" Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 Library Staff 3,45 Maroon Bugle 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Mixed Choir 3,45 Bowling 4. CAROLYN ZWANKA - "Most Determined" Letter Club 35 Future Homemakers 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 G.A.A. 2, 3,45 Mixed Choir 45 Junior-Senior Prom 35 Language Club 45 Science Club 1. MOTT SUCCE N GODS LI H UE succsss CLASS OF I96I ADVISERS--Mrs. Reina, Mr. Barile, Mr. Mazzara MAROON LOG STAFF CAROL TOCCO - Girls' Sports Assistant Editor ANN LEE KIPPER - Art and Layouts Editor VEDA LOIACONO - Copy Writer IEROME LiCAR1 - Boys' Sports Editor BARBARA WYCKOFE' - Associate Editor MARGIE TUCKER - Editor-in-Chief LEO LOMBARDO - Business Manager MARGARET CASTELLANO - Assistant Girls' Sports ROSALIE GRAZIANO - Chief Typist MARTHA WOLANSKI - Typist JOAN THOMAS - Assistant Business Manager PAM HOBBICK - Copy Writer EDWARD RIENTE - Assistant Boys' Sports Editor CAROL LATELLA - Typist ANTOINETTE IULIANO - Copy Writer SALVATORE MANNO - Assistant Business Manager JOANN PALOMBO - Typist ANGELA NUROD - Assistant Art and Layouts Editor Adviser: Mr . Averson Editor SENIORS AROUND THE CLCCK 8:32 A 8:40 A. 8:45 A. 9:00 A. 9:30 A 10:00 A 10:30 A 10:55 A 11:00 A 11:15 A 11:30 A 12:10 P. 12:12 P. 1:00 P. 1:45 P. 2:00 P. 2:30 P. 3:15 P. 3:30 P. 4:00 P.M 4:15 P.M 4:30 P. 5:00 P.M 6:30 P. 7:00 P. 7:15 P. 7:30 P. 8:00 P. 8:30 P, 9:00 P. 9:30 P: 10:00 P. 11:00 P, 11:30 P. 12:00 A 1:00 A 2:00 A 4:30 A 5:30 A 7:00 A 8:32 A Last bell rings. Joann DiCamillo lethargically strolls into school with comb in hand. Dick Sassone takes attendance slips. Jerome LiCari presents his new math theory to Mrs. Reina, using his magic slate. Mike Manore is called to the office. Once again, Marge Tucker types -26 words per hour. Carol Tocco heads for nurse's office. Clara Marie Verdura and Joyce Elthorp help supply the aroma of burnt food from the Homemaking Class. Seniors show up Juniors in Chemistry. Larry Dunadee crashes through the glass partition of the door in Mr. Barile's room Lights on in Mr. Barile's room. Lights off in Mrs. Reina's room. Lights off in Mr. Barile's room. Lights on in Mrs. Reina's room. Chaos in the cafeteria with Antoinette Juliano, Veda Loiacano, and Donna Ryde leading the attack. Marie Scialdone and Carol Tocco thumb a ride home. Carm Puzzilla is caught chewing gum in gym class. Sal Manno and Joe Kinney are thrown out of Physics Class. Bob Horan revises Newton's Third Law of Motion. Ann Valent is in another of her numerous study halls. Detention begins. Tony Scaparo reports for detention. Football practice starts. Dick Sassone limps out onto the field. Ro Cushman and Amelia Lolio pull into Nickie's. Jerome Plano starts eating. Jerome Plano stops eating. Senior Play practice begins. Sandra Sylvester and Antoinette Juliano report for Senior Play practice. Margaret Castellano comes home from school. Pete Mathews runs into a parked car. Marge Tucker burns Club Steak at Panarites' . John Tassa and Joe Spine go hunting "2-legged" deer, Joanne Palombo starts her beauty sleep. Torn Mannino finally gets out of bed. Mike Sciortino and Leo Lombardo return home from Nickie's. Eileen Parkola and Martha Wolanski talk things over on the phone. Hunting season closes. Pam Hobbick finds a ride home from Nickie's. Elaine Angrisano has nightmares about Mr. Chuff and Bookkeeping. Margaret Castellano gets up to study the Senior Play script. Barbara Ludwig gets up to milk the cows. Jim Cimino gets up to sell a bottle of milk at Cimino's Store. The bell rings again and once more the Seniors begin their daily cycle "Around The Clock." SENIOR PLAY MA.-fy. W Doug Hewing Maxine Doran. . . Sam Banning . . June Day. . . Elmer Slonne . . Ruthie Brown . . Herman Gross. . Mary Shayne .... E1ihufTexJ Colriver . . Jed fGrandpaj Parsons Beth. . . .... . . Angela. . Kitty. . . The Class of 1961 presents HGRANDPA GOES TO COLLEGE" A Comedy in 3 Acts November 17 and 18, 1960 , , , , , ,JAMES c1M1No . . MARGARET CASTELLANO . . . . . . .JOHN MURPHY . . SANDRA sYLvEsTER . .ANTHONY scAPARo . . IOSEPHINE SCAPARO . . .BEN ALAEAsTRo . .JOAN THOMAS . .MICHAEL KELLY . .... ROBERT HORAN . . ANTOINETTE JULLANO . . . . FRANCES cool: . . IOANNE PALUMBO Understudies: CAROL TOCCO, MARTHA WOLANSKI, JOYCE ELTHORP, CLARA MARIE VERDURA, JOHN TASSA, PAT KELLY, BLASE DiSANO. State Manager: MICHAEL MANORE Directed by MRS. ANITA HANNA CLASS HIST DR We can become better aware of the present by an understanding of the past. As a permanent docu- ment in our 1961 MAROON LOG let us review the historical events that have led us to our graduation. Throughout our first year we were under the guidance and capable leadership of President Veda Loiacono, Vice-President Paul Loiacono, Secretary Donna Ryde, and Treasurer Arlene Haman, Our first year was characterized by the usual Freshman bewilderment and anticipation of our four years of high school like. Here we were taking that first step towards the fulfillment of our ambitions for the future. While some students found their main interest in the Commercial field, others chose Agriculture: still others decided upon a College Entrance course of study. Representing our class on the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad were Georgiann Amendolare and Margie Tucker. Among others selected to the National Honor Society were Barbara Wyckoff, Sandra Sylvester, Bob Horan, Margie Tucker, Ann Lee Kipper, Barbara Ludwig, Mary Jean Paratore, Arlene Haman, Donna Ryde, and Carol Tocco. Our faculty advisers were Mrs. Pontillilo, Mr. Chuff, and Mr. Rossi. After giving the faculty a well-earned two months rest, we entered our Sophomore year a little older and a little wiser. We welcomed the advice of our home- room teachers: Mrs. Reina, Mr. Chuff, and Mr. Robinson. Our class officers were President Bob Horan, Vice- President J im Alsante, Secretary Sandra Sylvester, and Treasurer Donna Ryde. We were grateful to the Confederacy for sending two Louisiana patriots: Mike and Pat Kelly. In the spring we partcipated in the annual May Day festivitiesg Joan Thomas and Janet Elthorp were attendents to the May Qieen. The Cheerleading Squad included Carol Tocco, Mary Kattato, Carmela Corriggio, Ann Valent, and Margie Tucker. CLASS HISTORY KCONTINUEDJ Our wonderful Junior year began in 1959. Under the guidance of Mrs, Graves, Mrs. Donald, and Mr. Mazzara, we were on the road to a new and very exciting year. Leading us were President Margaret Castellano, Vice- President John Tassa, Secretary Peter Mathews, and Treasurer Barbara Wyckoff. Our first decision was the choice of a class ring. The Cheerleading Squad welcomed the arrival of Joanne Palombo. The greatest event of our Junior Year was the selection of our Student Council officers. After a feverish campaign led by the Maroon and White parties, the students voted upon the following persons to officiate as the governing body: Jerome LiCari, Student Council Presidentg Pat Kelly, Vice- Presidentg Joan Thomas, Secretaryg and Sandra Sylvester, Treasurer. We participated in our first Prom which proved to be the social highlight of our Junior year. During the summer our Boys' State included Bob Horan, Jim Cimino, John Tassa, John Murphy and Phil Finsterg our Girls' State representative was Sandra Sylvester. At last we were Seniors! We chose as class officers President Jim Cimino, Vice- President Veda Loicano, Secretary Donna Ryde, and Treasurer Margie Tucker. We were the pride and joy of faculty advisers Mrs. Reina, Mr. Mazzara, and Mr. Barile. The MAROON LOG staff set to work compiling our yearbook. At the end of the football season, we were the first class to sponsor a Homecoming Festival. Margaret Castellano was chosen Queen, and Angela Norod and Veda Loiacano were her attendents. Dramatics, too, entered the Senior schedule: in November we presented the comedy "Grandpa Goes to Co1lege."To help defray some of the expenses during our Senior year our major money-making project was the successful sale of Christmas cards. We were very proud when Carol Tocco placed second in the American Legion Oratorical Contest. To add to the honor of our class Robert Horan won a Regents Scholarship, Barbara Wyckoff won a Good Homemaking Award sponsored by Betty Crocker. Second place in the Elks contest was won by Margie Tucker. As the second semester of our Senior year began, many of us were frantically completing application forms to various colleges and universities. Many of our classmates have already been accepted by the colleges of their choice, others are still anticipating their acceptance. Our history is not yet completeg we are looking forward to our Junior- Senior Prom in the spring and our Graduation Day. But no history is ever completed, our class of 1961 will continue to add many fine accomplishments to this record. CL SS WILL WE THE CLASS OF 1961 OF THE FRANKFORT-SCI-IUYLER CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL being of sound mind and body and at peace with the world at our last hour do hereby publish and declare this, our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT: TO THE ENTIRE FACULTY WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1961, BEQUEATH, FREE FROM TAX- ATION, THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THEY HAVE FI- NALLY PASSED US THROUGH THE HALLS OF LEARNING. TO THE CLASS OF 1962 WE BEQUEATH THE FOLLOWING: BILL ACKLEY leaves his ability to skip schoolwithout being caught to PI-IILLIP RUGGERIO. BEN ALABASTRO leaves his ability to cope with Business Law to LOUIS VULCANO, JAMES ALSANTE leaves the title of "The Boy Who Goes Steady" to BENNIE ROLCHIGO. GEORGIANN AMENDOLARE leaves her favorite electric typewriter to LINDA JUTEAU. CLASS WILL fCONTINUEDj ELAINE ANGRISANO leaves her "horse sense" to JUDY BELL. JAMES BULGER leaves DAVE PUTNAM his skill in agriculture. JAMES CAIOLA leaves his humorous nature to DAVE SMIZZI. RONALD CAMPIONE and MICHAEL MANORE leave to FRANCIS GRATES their well- known wrestling holds. MARGARET CASTELLANO leaves her ability to walk around the halls without a pass to DOROTHY CARBONE. FRED CHRISTENSEN leaves Guido's bus to DAWN VAN DUSEN. JAMES CIMINO leaves JAMES PIAZZA his expert art of wise leadership. FRANCES COOK leaves her seat in the band room to IDUIE SPORTELLO. fTry to fill it, Louiej. CARMELLA CORRIGGIO leaves her athletic skill to DONNA LOMBARDO. GERTRUDE CULVER leaves to ROBERTA IRONS her easy-going manner and quiet dis- position. ROSEMARY CUSHMAN leaves her bottle of "Light and Bright' to BARBARA OWENS, CHRIS DIBBLE leaves Frankfort Center to BILL SHANNON. JOANN DiCAMILLO leaves her "Kookie Comb" to Marianne Scamardo BLASE DiSANO leaves his shoe-horn to PHIL CACCIATORE. LARRY DUNADEE leaves his history notes to JOLENE CASOLE in the hope that she won't have too much trouble with History. JANET ELTHORP leaves her "carrot top" to SHARON SHANNON. JOYCE ELTHORP leaves her hot- rod to SAVERIO LOMBARDO. PHIL F INSTER leaves his ability in Shop to LAWRENCE KANE. RONALD GILLETTE leaves his crop of hair to RICHARD STEVENS. GEORGE GONYEA leaves his little black book to JOE CACCIATORE. fSee if you can find another Franj. ROSALIE GRAZIANO leaves the bookshelves in the library to KATHY STEWART. CLASS WILL fCONTlNUEDQ GEORGE GRIZZUTO leaves his football ability to TOM LA PUMA. ARLENE HAMAN leaves her address to ARLEIGH HAMAN. PAM HOBBICK leaves RALPH NICASTRO her good marks in Bookkeeping. BOB HORAN leaves his seat at Seminar to BILL TUCKER. GARY I-IYER leaves his sideburns to CHUCK VALENT. ANTOINETTE JULIANO leaves her notable name to ANTOINETTE IULIAN. MARY KATTATO leaves her talkative ways to MARY ANN DAKLN. JUDY KELLER leaves her rapid typing ability to DIANNE CROSSETT, PAT and MIKE KELLY leave Yankeeland to DONNA and TONI DeLUKE. ,TOE KINNEY leaves PETER WORLOCK the Reservation. ANN LEE KIPPER leaves her art skill to PAT LASORELLA. ROGER KOT leaves his "weeds' to JOHN MOWER, CAROL LATELLA leaves her Dresden china voice to RITA NEDZYNSKI. JEROME LiCARI leaves his conceit to BENNIE DiPIAZZ.A. ,TON LOIACONO leaves to PETER PULEO his book of "Excuses for Everything. " VEDA LOIACONO leaves her fabulous personality to FRANCES PARATORE. AMELIA LOLIO leaves her seat at Nickie's to MARGIE MESSINA. LEO LDMBARDO leaves his parking place to JOE SONDEJ. fTake it either way. Joel. DONNA LOOMIS leaves her cook-book of personal recipes to AMELIA PULEO. Try to equal Donna's culinary skills! BARBARA LUDWIG leaves her math ability to ROSALIE DILIBERTO. PETER MANNINO leaves his loquacious manner to NICK VIVACQUA. ROSALIE MANEEN leaves her classical Roman background to LUCILLE POTENZA. TOM MANNINO and TONY SCAPARO leaves their ability to confuse the cafeteria staff to JUDY FARRELL. CLASS WILL QCONTINUEDQ PETER MATHEWS leaves his trail to Frankfort Center to DAVID RALPH. JOHN MURPHY leaves his Irish humor to PETE WORIDCK. ANGELA NUROD leaves her petiteness to THERESA BONGIORNO. .TOANNE PALUMBO leaves her long hair to GLORIA ONOFARO. MARY JEAN PARATORE leaves her good taste in clothes to RONALD YELLE, EILEEN PARKOLA leaves her placein front ofthe mirror of the girls' room to KATHY BUT. SHARON PERRY leaves her bottle of "you know what" to ANN BONO. BILL PHILIPS leaves a copy of "Agricultural Digest" to BRIAN CARNEY. JEROME PLANO leaves his excess protoplasm to BILL STORM. JOHN POLIZZI leaves his ability to write poetry to PAULINE DALLAS. ANTHONY PUZZILLA leaves his skill for getting into trouble to SALVATORE PARATORE. CARMELITA PUZZILLA leaves her dimples to MARY LOU BALIO. ED RIENTE leaves his wonderful manners and charm to ESTHER FALCONE. DONNA RYDE leaves her sense of humour to SAM MINOSH and ELIZABETH CROSS. RICHARD SASSONE leaves his ability for borrowing school supplies to RICHARD TALARICO. JOSEPHINE SCAPARO leaves her dramatic ability to PRUDENCE PELOSE. MARIE SCIALDONE leaves her gravitational attraction to KAREN ROBINSON. SALVATORE MANNO relinquishes his rights to the Radio Club tape recorder to the Junior Class. MIKE SCIORTINO leaves a special badge to supervise traffic in the halls to DAVE HORAN. CAROL SGROI leaves her crazy antics to JOANN TRIPPEN. MAMIE SPATTO leaves her quiet manner to DAVID GILLETTE. .TOE SPINE leaves JACK DEMPSEY his basketball position. SANDRA SYLVESTER leaves her seat at sorority meetings to BARBARA PANDOLF and CYNTHIA ROSBROOK. CLASS WILL ICONTINUEDQ TOM TALARICO leaves HAROLD RAPPA his "Ag" notes. JOHN TASSA leaves his musical ability to ED GRAINGER and PHIL NICASTRO. JOAN THOMAS leaves her seat in French class to JACK SCHURMAN and NORMAN JONES CAROL TOCCO leaves her wit to JOE FAVAT and what's leftover to PRUDENCE COS- TANZA. MARGIE TUCKER leaves her scientific ability to PHIL SANDERS, LELAND YOUNG, and WILLIAM DERBY. ANN MARIE VALENT leaves her long hair to NELLIE DISANO. RUSSELL VARLEY leaves his outer space helmet to JlM JEFFALONE and RONNIE UEBLER. CLARA MARIE VERDURA leaves her art of leading a conversation to JOANN RIZZO. NANCY VERNI leaves JOHN RAPPA a crash helmet. MARTHA WOLANSKI leaves her laughter to JIM DOMINA. BARBARA WYCKOFF leaves her book of inexcusable excuses to ALLEN SCI-IMIDT. SAL MANNO leaves his truck to BENNIE JULIANO. DONNA ZAFFARANO leaves .TOE ZAFFARANO. CAROLYN ZWANKA leaves her height to JOE GREEN and GEORGE AMENDOLARE. CLASS PROPI-IECY Now that we have reviewed the past, let us now gaze into the future: Home on leave to visit JOYCE ELTHORP, head dietician of the llion Hospital, is CAROL SGROI, Commanding Officer of the Women's Division of Norfolk Naval Base. ,TIM CIMINO has just formulated a new reducing pill which he has presented to the Slenderella Beauty Salon. Managers of the salon are MARIE SCIALDONE and GERTRUDE CULVER. Following his father's footsteps is JOHN MURPHY, the new superintendent of the Frankfort-Schuy- ler Central School System. CAROLYN ZWANKA has been appointed head of the Homemaking Department. While walking down Main Street, one can see the newly- decorated Melrose Super Market, now owned by PETER MATHEWS and BLAISE DI SANO. .TON IDIACONO has been appointed director of the Speech Department at Columbia University. JOSEPI-UNE SCAPARO heads the Dramatics Department. The l'I1OSt valuable player of the Boston Celtics is JOE SPINEQ his private nurse, SANDRA SYL- VESTER, has received the title "Nurse of the Year." SAL MANNO has risen to the position of head of electronics at General Electric with the help of his private secretary CAROL LATELLA. All American males now thank ANN LEE KIPPER and ANGELA NOROD for their new designs of short skirts which are modeled in the magazines by ANN VALENT. ED RIENTE, Industrial Arts teachers at F.S.C.S., had just devised a new machine that does abso- lutely nothing. LEO LOMBARDO, New York City's prominent district attorney, has just won a case against JEROME PLANO for reckless driving. The top socialite of the Mohawk Valley, PAM HOBBICK, has just thrown the most successful cock- tail party to which she invited the new Secretary of Defense RUSSELL VARLEY and ROBERT HORAN, United States Ambassador to France. Guest speaker at the affair was BARBARA WYCKOFF, Director of the English Department at Elmira College for Women. SENIOR PROPHECY KCONTINUEDJ Under the able coaching of BRIAN JONES, RONNIE CAMPIONE and MICHAEL MANORE are tied for the first place in the lnternational Wrestling Championship. Cheering for GEORGE GRIZZUTTO and MICHAEL SCIORTINO of the Syracuse football team are CARM CORRIGGIO and MARY KATTATO. RONNIE GILLETTEand PETER MACRINA are the successful partners of the "Clip 'Em Barber Shoppes." Their head manicurist is JANET ELTHORP. FRED CHRISTENSEN won First Prize at the New York Wor1d's Fair for his ripe tomatoes while CHARLES SMITH settled for 2nd Prize. ARLENE HAMON and MARTHA WOLANSKI have just graduated from the Utica School of Corn- merce as Efficiency Experts. Watch the clock during your coffee breaks, DONNA ZAFFARANO. JOHN TASSA is now head coach of the Baltimore Coltsg he is proud to have JIM CAIOLA as his new quarterback. Replacing DINAH SHORE on Sunday nights is CAROL TOCCO. Her guest stars for this week are FRANCES COOK and JOE KINNEY with their famous arrangements on the saxophoneand the flute. GARY HYER and ROGER KOT have just opened their new sporting goods store which features guns made by BILL ACKLEY. ANTOINETTE JULIANO has earned her Phi Beta Kappa Key from Buffalo State. DONNA RYDE has been willed the Schine Theatres across the country. Her assistant is ROSALIE GRAZIANO. ROSE MARY CUSHMAN and AMELIA LOLIO have just opened a beauty shop on New York City's plush Fifth Avenue. Many women have praised their new beautician Pierre, alias GEORGE GONYEA. .lust returning from a trip to their homeland in Italy are CARM PUZZILLA and ROSALIE MANEEN, On the plane they met former classmates EILEEN PARKOLA and JOAN THOMAS who are the famous "Roving Reporters" for the New York Times. WILLIAM PHILIPS is head of the Agricultural Division at Cornell, while JIM BULGER is experi- menting with a new chemical to shorten corn- stalks. Architect .TIM ALSANTE has just been commissioned to design a new wing for F.S.C.S. BEN ALABASTRO is Chief Accountant for General Motors. CWe knew Ben could do it, Mr. Chuffb SENIOR PROPHECY fCONTINUEDj DONNA LOOMIS and ,TOANN PALOMBO are proud wives of former F.S.C.S. students. Displaying American talent at the Olympics is the famous swimming team and aqua-lung experts MARGIE TUCKER and the KELLY twins--PAT and MIKE. TOM MANNINO has just been awarded the citation fromhis firm for being the most punctual employee in the company. TOM TALARICO now owns a string of fruit stands across the Mohawk Valley. He sells only produce grown by CHRIS DIBBLE. ANTHONY PUZZILLA is very proud of the new wing he just added to his tavern. It's the busiest place in town. 'I'he best horses in Blue Grass County are owned by that famous horse-woman ELAINE ANGRISANO. MARY JEAN PARATORE and CLARA MARIE VERDURA have permanent jobs in the F .S.C.S. office. They just can't keep away from the place! BARBARA LUDWIG has written a new best-selling historical novel called CAESAR AND I. JEROME LI CARI's experience in leadership has helped him attain the position of president of General Motors. His production "trouble-shooters" are ANTHONY SCAPARO and RICHARD SASSONE, NANCY VERNI and MAMIE SPATTO are medical secretaries to that famous doctor PHIL FINSTER. GEORGIANN AMENDOLARE and VEDA LOIACONO have collaborated on a new driving manual entitled WATCH OUT, PEDESTRIAN. The book is now on sale at LARRY DUNADEE'S Cigar and News- stand. The new curator at the Munson- Williams-Proctor Institute in Utica is J'OI-IN POLLIZZI. Operating the answering service for actress MARGARET CASTELLANO are JOANN DI CAMILLO and JUDY KELLER. UNDER CLASSES H .IU IORS .. A A ,. .- President ....... .... J im Piazza Vice President . . . . Charles Valente Secretary . . ........... Ben DiPiazza Treasurer . . ............ Barbara Owens Advisers . . . . Mr. Murray, Mrs. Donald, Mrs. Graves SOPHOMORES - ' - A President .................... Arthur Jones Vice-President. . . . Vita Pandolf Secretary . . . ....... Julie Swirski Treasurer . . . ........ Dile Bristol Advisers . . . . Mrs. Cacciatore, Miss Ingro Mr. Chuff, Mr. Robinson FRESHME President .... . . Dan Clayton Vice-President. . . Regina Piazza Secretary .... . . Angela Bono Treasurer . . ...... Ross Cushman Advisers . . . Miss Wolosz, Mr. Mosny Mrs. Pontolillo, Mr. Giotto EIGHTH GRADE n ..m.s!f3, President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dominick Fiorentino Vice-President. . ..... Carol Kipper Secretary . . ...... .... C harla Johnson Treasurer . . ............ Patricia Terzo Advisers . . . . Mr. Spina, Mr. Spanfelner, Mr. Rotolo Mr. Hudson, Mr. Averson A SEVE TH GRADE President ................... Joseph Sharino Vice-President. . . .Christine Thomas Secretary . . ............ Sandra Chard Treasurer . . .......... Marsha Hemenway Advisers . . . . .Mr. Ellick, Miss Frank, Mrs. Shannon Miss Adderley 7 The shortest distance between two points, Juniors, The design of the future, Sophomores, comes from is education. the imagination of youth. ',a-- ,f',- look upward, Freshmen, to new frontiers of the intellect. A successful high school career, Eighth Graders, Add your accomplishments, Seventh Graders, lies beyond the opening door. to the fine tradition of our school. LLI LLI I- I- 2 D. 1 LLI CIA I 1 -J Patsy lasorella, Jim Piazza, Jim Cimino, Jerome LiCari, Margie Sylvester, Michael Manore, Margaret Castellano, Sandra SEATED: i- Tassa, JoAnn D Kelly. John Pat 3,p31'O, SC Tony G: IN AND ST Sl' . DP Ki Lee Rosalie Graziano, Ann Loiacono, Donna Ryde, Tucker, Veda Nurod. DeLuke, Angela oni Ann T Prudy Pelose, iliberto, Donna Lombardo, eD Rosali Camillo, BAND Manager . . . . John Murphy Treasurer . . . . Janet Elthorp Librarian . . . David Horan Adviser. . . Mr. Clifford BATO TWIRLER ADVISER- -Mr. Clifford MIXED ENSEMBLE ADVISER- -Mr. McMurray MIXEDACHOIR ADVISER- -Mr. McMurray TUDENT CCUNCIL President ..... . . . . . . .Jerome LiCari Vice-President. . . . . . Pat Kelly Secretary .... . . Joan Thomas Treasurer . . . , Sandra Sylvester Adviser ...... ....... M r. Leland KEY CLUB President . . . ...... . . . Edward Riente Secretary .... . . Michael Sciortino Vice-President. . . .... John Tassa Treasurer ...... . . . Francis Grates Adviser ...... ..... Mr . Frank NATIO AL HONOR SOCIETY 1 President ........... Sandra Sylvester Vice-President. . . . Karen Robinson Secretary . . . . . .Julie Swirski Treasurer . . . .Barbara Wyckoff Adviser ............... Miss Iugro MU ALPHA THETA President . . . ...... . . .James Cimino Secretary ........... Sandra Sylvester Vice-President. . . . . . . . .Robert Horan Treasurer ..... . .Donna Lombardo Adviser. . . . . . . ..... Mrs. Reina RADIO CLUB President ............ Carol Tocco Adviser. . . . Mr. Barile MARGON BUGLE ? '49'9' Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor. Junior Editor. . Adviser .... . . Barbara Wyckoff . .Cynthia Rosbrook . . . Helen Tucker - - Miss Wolosz ANGU GE CLUB 1 , 4 4-1-1 President . . . . . . . . . . . . James Piazza Vice-President. . . . Francis Grates Secretary . . . . . .Marjorie Tucker Treasurer . . . . . . Sandra Sylvester TTBRARY 1?RMESFm President . . . . .Martha Wolanski Vice-President. . . .Frances Paratore Adviser ...... Secretary . . . . . . Antoinette Iuliano Deputy Secretary. . . . .Kathy Stewart . . . .Mrs. Hanna FUTURE TEACHERS OF A ERICA President . . . ....... Veda Loiacono Vice-President. . . . Joseph Favat Secretary . . . .Josephine Caruso Treasurer . . . . Rosalie Spohn Furufr' ' URRSES' or Lf-WERICA President ..... . .Sandra Sylvester Treasurer ..... . . Barbara Owen Vice-President. . . .... Toni Secretary . . . . . . . .Rosemary Spohn Adviser ....... ..... M rs. Oriole FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA President ........ Lawrence Kane Treasurer ......... James Bulger Vice-President . . .... Roger Kot Reporter. . . . William Shannon Secretary -..- - -EdwardS2Czysie1 Sentinel . . . .william Phillips I DUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB President . ........... James Alsante Secretary ............ Harold Rappa Vice-President. . .... Ben Rolchigo Treasurer ...... . . George Gonyea Adviser ...... .... Mr . Leland COMMERCIAL CLUB President ......... Margaret Castellano Secretary ............ Arlene Hamon Vice-President. . . . . . Karen Robinson Treasurer ..... . . Lyfldfi 1111162111 Advisers .... Mrs. Cacciatore, Mrs. Pontolillo Mr. Chuff HOMEMAKING CLUB President . . . . . Ann Lee Kipper Treasurer . . . . Clara Marie Verdura Vice-President. . . .Mary Jean Paratore Historian . . .... Amelia Lolio Secretary . . . . . Carol Sgroi Adviser. . . . Miss Hayes LETTER CLUB President ............ Edward Riente Vice-President. . . . George Grizzuto Secretary . . . .... . John Tassa Treasurer . . . . . . .Mary Jean Paratore GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO President .... . . Carmela Corriggifl Vice-President. . . . . .Marjorie Tucker Secretary-Treasurer. . . . Ann Lee Kipper P0 RTS NM-Q-C., N -XM ,Mi M M. ,X x FOOTBALL Sciortino, R. Sassone, ente, M. Plano, E. Ri UO. I Bo rro, D. bu IU Ta P azza, Pi ciatore, E. Sportello, I. HC C J J, Sanders, FIRST ROW: Barbuto. R. Tala- zzi, N. i ITI ma, D. S LaPu Caiola, T. Tassa, J J arm, Sp ROW: T. Stone, F. LiCari, A. Hyer. SECOND ito, I. P Z COACHES Putman, D. Ralph. ano, D. ffl R0 icastro, M. P N Alsante, I. ucci, P T I Dempsey, Grizzuto, M.Ke11y, I Domina, G. rico, urray . M Mr Daley, Y. M tolo ppel, Mr. Ro OS Mr.W PU' 3l'1'l C l'. --M Under the leadership of Coaches Campo, Daley and Woeppel, the MA- ROON KNIGHTS made a successful debut in the Iroquois League. We want to salute the Seniors who have played their last game for F.S.C.S. They are Jerome LiCari Qcenterj, Jim Alsante fguardj, Mike Kelly Qguardj, Jim Caiola qtacklej, Dick Sassonefendj, Ed Rienteffullbackj, and halfbacks Mike Sci- ortino, George Grizzuto and John Tassa. Although injuries hampered the Knights the first half of the season, a strong comeback in the last four straight victories gave "Campo's Conquerors" a 5-3 record. The biggest achievement was at the finale, when the Knights romped over undefeated V.V.S. with a score of 25-O to close a terrific season. Nest year's team promises to fulfill the traditional pattern of the MA- ROON KNIGHTS. 1960 SEASON SCORES Frankfort. . . . .0 llion. . . Frankfort. . . . 27 Little Falls Frankfort. . . . 6 Oneonta . Frankfort. . , , 7 Mohawk , Frankfort . . . 21 Norwich . Frankfort. . . . 46 Dolgeville Frankfort. . . . 12 Herkimer. Frankfort. . . . 25 V.V.S. . x qgigf .ms .,, -c ,, fl :X ,. ' ff lx 1 f B-' pi 38 Era WRESTLI G FIRST ROW: James Cook, Harold Gregory, Joe Nardi, Don Farouche. SECOND ROW: Dave Bugbee, Ronald Campione, George Grizzuto, Jerome LiCari, Pat Kelly, Michael Manore, Ernie Sportello, Jo- seph Favat. THIRD ROW: John Hubbell, Dominick Bono, John Montalto, Arthur Jones, Ben DiPiazza, Louis Vulcano, Blase DiSano, Paul Lavine, Allen Hyer. COACHES: Mr. Daley, Mr. Campo. Living up to last year's record, the MAROON KNIGHTS thus far have tallied a 6-1 record. The only defeat suffered as yet was a heart-breaking setback by Rome Free Academy. This is our first year in the Iroquois League, and under the expert coaching of Mr. Campo and Mr. Daley we look for- ward to a successful season, The only dim outlook that faces the matmen next year will be the loss of six seniors, five of whom are starters. Leaving the mats after this season are Brian Jones, Michae1Manore, Patrick Kelly, Jerome LiCari, George Grizzuto, and Ronald Campione. As we gaze into the crystal ball of the future, we see the proud faces of F.S.C.S. students as they listen to the well-deserved praise in behalf of our school's wrestling squad. 1960- 1961 SEASON SCORES Frankfort . . . . .34 Van Hornesville . . Frankfort . . .. .48 Ilion . . . . . . Frankfort . . ,. .24 Mohawk . . . . . . Frankfort . . . . .33 Herkimer . , . . . Frankfort . . . . ,l4 Rome Free Academy Frankfort . . . . .27 Utica Free Academy Frankfort . . . . .35 Ilion - - - . - - - - Frankfort . . Oneonta . . Frankfort Herkimer . Frankfort Norwich . . Frankfort Mohawk . . Frankfort Watertown . . Frankfort Little Falls . . Q -.mwmm,mwgfvfe, 'L we a N"'L"'5f35?iEf?5fiilzf5-'fl Vffiflfl S552 K mg3L13m,q3mW. .. ,mam 3555 .:lJ1:J1. if:,viEF:?f?3ffi5fZfffl?fff'??'H'f.:7'5U Viewffffeefszssssszzsezszzzz1 'W - , ,..,,,, ..., , szsesifsseew- -2 , ' .552 , ,,,, . :Y 4 .?,,... ,W ,Q . ' .vzewszmes-1 .' 's..s:a.Qzfzessss!as ,35,m5,f:::fm .wzesqgga I Q an 34 5522316 r Tiff. PI X ARSITY BA KETBALL FIRST ROW: Sal Paratore, Jim Piazza, Anthony Spina, Dick Sassone, Joe Kinney, Tom La Puma SECOND ROW: Ralph Nicastro, Jim Caiola, John Rappa, Bill Storm, Joe Spine, Jack Dempsey COACH --Mr. Mosny. Frankfort . Frankfort . ' Frankfort . Frankfort . Frankfort . ' Frankfort . Frankfort , Frankfort . Frankfort . Frankfort . Frankfort . Frankfort . ' Frankfort . Frankfort . Frankfort . Frankfort . Frankfort . Frankfort . . SCHEDULE - 1960-1961 . .42 Little Falls. . . . .30 Ilion . . . . .50 Norwich. . . .36 Oneonta. . . .42 Mohawk. . . .46 Hamilton . . . .44 Herkimer . . . .56 Dolgeville. . . .46 Little Falls. . . . .38 St. Mary's. . . .37 Ilion . . . . . .59 Norwich.. . . . . .47 West Canada. . . .49 Oneonta. . . . . .39 Mohawk. . . .42 Herkimer . . . .56 Dolgeville. . . .60 St. Mary's. . JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Joe Ingro, Tom Bunce, Joe Palumbo, Angelo Candella. SECOND ROW: John Freedman, Ed Grainger, Phil Nicastro, Gary Murphy. COACH--Mr. Woeppel. BASEBALL FIRST ROW: George Grizzuto, Phil Ruggerio, Mike Sciortino, Ed Riente, Jim Cimino, Joe KinneY, Joe Favat. SECOND ROW: Leo Lombardo, Harold Rappa, Sal Paratore, John Sciortino, Richard Ganci, John Tassa, Jack Dempsey. COACH--Mr. Daley. TRACK FIRST ROW: William Derby, Foster Butts, Dick Sassone, Nick Vivacqua, Dick Stevens, Ronald Yelle, Paul Tucci. SECOND ROW: Paul Lindsay, Jim Caiola, Mike Kelly, Joe Ferdula, Leland Young, Bill Tucker, Jim Piazza, Arthur Jones. THIRD ROW: Michael Manore, Norman Jones, Bill Storm, Phil Nicastro, Michael Romano, .Toe Zaffarano, John Hubbell. Coaches: Mr. Mosny, Mr. Woeppel. TENN S FIRST ROW: John Freedman, Nick Barbuto, T031 L21PI1ma, John Schurman. SECOND ROW: John Thomas. Donald Rocco, Joe Palumbo, Leonard Barretta, Chauncey Moot. Coach: Mr, Rotolo. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS HM Y A-41 .. QW -L Janet Accattato, Kathy Caiola, Vivian Rolchigo, Jackie Kipper, Loretta Manore, Mary Ann Scamardo Helen Tucker Qabsentj. Adviser: Miss Daley. 0 0 CHEERLEADERS Mary Louise Vallone, Mary Ann Vivirito, Sandra Sonclej, Regina Piazza, Lauren Massey, Anne Snell, Diane Storm. ' IN GRATITLIDE TO MISS GIGLIOTTI Though the years may pass and time cloud the memory of many things that have been so much a part of our lives during the four years spent in the halls of Frankfort-Schuyler Central School, the remembrance of Miss Gigliotti will always linger on. She will remain fixed and inerasable in the mind of everyone who has had the good fortune to become acquainted with her. Miss G., as everyone calls her, came to our school when we were in our Freshman year. Before this time, girls' sports were almost nihil, but you, Miss Gigliotti, strived to bring about more and better sports activities. You have been an inspiration to many of our fellow-students. Your repeated assistance and advice will linger forever. In bidding you farewell, Miss G., we can but hope that your success will be commensurate with the endeavor and gentle earnest- ness that characterize all your efforts. ,.., , A ,- 51. VARSITY BASKETBALL Jackie Valente, Sandra Sylvester, Antoinette Juliano, Margaret Castellano, Managerg Carol Tocco, Jo- ann Di Camillo, Captaing Marjorie Tucker, Carm Corriggio, JoAnn Palombo, Mary Catherine Kattato, Vivian Rolchigo, Manager, Adviser: Miss Gigliotti Girls' basketball in 1961 has been at its pinnacle of achievement. This was the first season that Frankfort-Schuyler Central School has been undefeated in the girls' basketball league. We are proud that both the girls' varsity and junior varsity teams took first place in the league. To add to our glory, the freshman team suffered only one defeat. Surely this is an admirable record. We would like to say good-bye to the nine Senior girls who will not be playing next year. We will miss all of you and will do our best to repeat this record next season. VARSITY SCORES Frankfort . . 34 Little Falls Frankfort . . 51 Ilion . . . . Frankfort . . 36 Herkimer . . Frankfort . . 24 Dolgeville . Frankfort . . 39 West Canada JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Frankfort . . 45 Little Falls Frankfort . . 33 Ilion .... . Frankfort . . 31 Herkimer . Frankfort . . 24 Dolgeville . Frankfort . . .21 West Canada . . BA KETBALL FIRST ROW: Mary Ellen Sgroi, Kathy Caiola, Prudy Palose, Dorothy Carbone, Captain, SECOND ROW: Janet Accattato, Rosalie Spohu, Loretta Manore, Veda Pandolf. THIRD ROW: Jackie Kipper, Donna Lombardo. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Hemenway, Mary Jane Homer. Adviser: Miss Gigliotti. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Mary Margaret Seymore, Captain. SECOND ROW: Carm Corriggio, Coach: Regina Pi- azza. THIRD ROW: Barbara McCumber, Barbara Green, Concetta Camarata. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Sylvester, Coach: Sandra La Barbera. FIFTH ROW: Francine Nencetti, Diane Storm, Mary Ann De- Luke, Mary Ann Vivirito. Adviser: Miss Gigliotti. PEED- -W Y Carol Tocco, Carm Corriggio, Donna Lombardo, Loretta Manure, Captain, Margie Tucker, Joann Di Camill0, Joanne Palombo, Sharon Perry, Margaret Castellano, Vita Pandoff, Jo Ann Giambrone, Carol Chard, Prudy Pelose, Mary Lou Balio, Joanne Reile, Vivian Rolchigo, Janet Accattato, Donna DeLuke, Kathy But, Lucille Potenz, Regina Piazza, Jackie Valente, Mary Lou Henrickson, Mary Ann Vivirito, Mary Margaret Seymour. Adviser: Miss Gigliotti. VOLLEYBALL MT 'Q' Carol Tocco, Judy Bell, Margie Tucker, Carm Corriggio, Captain, Sandra Sylvester, Margaret Cas- tellano, Joann Di Camillo, Veda Loiacano' Annette Loiacano, Mary Jane Homer, Dorothy Carbone, Donna Lombardo, Rosalie Graziano, Rosalie Spohn, Donna Plano, Lucille Pontenza, Antoinette Juliano, Mary Jean Paratore, Vivian Rolchigo, Mary Lou Balio, Gertrude Culver, Joanne Palombo. Adviser: Miss Gigliotti. SCFTB LL Margie Tucker, Mary Kattato, Margaret Castellano CCaptainJ, Joann Palombo, Carm Corriggio, Joann DiCami11o, Carol Latella, Mary Jane Homer, Donna Lombardo, Donna DeLuke, Loretta Manore, Mary Lou Balio, Carol Tocco, Rosalie Graziano, Dorothy Carbone, Gertrude Culver, Adviser: Miss Gigliotti. BGWLI G MANAGER- - Rosalie Graziano. ADVIS ER- - Miss Gigliotti. CITIZEN S' FIRST NATIONAL BANK Compiiments of THE UNION FORK 8 HOE W, T, GRANT CQMPANY UNIQN HANDLE COMPANY Frankfort, New York Wishes each graduate a bright and happy Future Frankfort Transit Herkimer, New York Warehouse Company RCDBEL TUDIO, INC. Portrait and Commercial Photography Main Street Herkimer, New York Your Yearbook Photographers UPhotography with a Distinctive Airu IOM-l Compliments of JAY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Ilion, New York Compliments of BALDWIN-BRANCK POST 845 and THE STARLIGHTERS Junior Drum and Bugle Corps Success to the Graduates KEEN'S CUT-RATE DRUGS Main Street Herkimer, New York Compliments of FREEMAN'S CURTAIN AND DRAPERY SHOPPE, INC. I7 West Main St. Ilion, N. Y. Telephone TW 4-3l8M Compliments of NATIONAL STORES O6 North Main Street Herkimer, N. Y. A World of Success to the Class of LATELLA'S BAKERY Main Street Frankfort, New York Telephone TW 4-886i MYERS Clothes For Dad and Lad Main Street Herkimer, New York BRADLE AND MONTGOMERY Jewelry Main Street Ilion, New York Telephone TW 4-8366 Compliments of ORl0LE'S SERVICE STATION Sunoco Products Frankfort, New York l96l Compliments of STATE BOWLING CENTER Ilion, New York Compliments of SALAMONE'S MARKET IZI Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of AUGIE TASSA'S BARBER SHOP I49 Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of DULAK CLEANERS S DYERS lOl Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of WALSH BROS. SHELL SERVICE STATION Frankfort, New York Compliments of E 5 K DURSE GENERAL CONTRACTORS Frankfort, New York TW 5'757l Compliments of MARSHAL CHEMICAL 5 SUPPLY COMPANY Bennie Zito ll2 Main Street Frankfort, New York PAUL'S KB BARBQUE E. Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of GREEN'S MOBIL SERVICE STATION DI SANO SHOE REPAIR l6i Central Avenue Frankfort, New York Ilion, New York TW 4-3l37 Compliments of HERKIMER CAMERA SHOP 272 N. Main Street Herkimer, New York Compliments of FREEMAN'S HHeadquarters for Award Sweatersu llion, New York Compliments of CLUB ROYALE Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of HOKE'S FLOWERS lOl W. Main Street llion, New York TW 4-9929 ion Fre ANN WlLLIAM'S YARN SHOPPE Herkimer e Knitting Instructions Compliments of HERKIMER BARGAIN CENTER Herkimer, New York Compliments of GRIPPE'S TAVERN l59 Main Street Frankfort, New York Success to Class of '6l From BACHMAN'S MODERN SHOES Herkimer, New York Compliments of THE VOGUE Herkimer, New York Best Wisnes to The Class of '6l BETA CHI SORORITY Compliments of KIRBY OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Herkimer, New York Compliments of HARDELL PRINTING COMPANY IZO South Frankfort St. Frankfort, New York Since I885 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Floyd Lonis 269 North Main Street Herkimer, New York Compliments of ACME ROAD MACHINE INC. Frankfort, New York TW 4-8530 Compliments of LANNING 5 FOLTS, INC. DeSoto Plymouth Valiant Herkimer, New York Compliments of FRANKFORT DINER TW A-9735 Don Ventura-Propr. GREGG APPLIANCE, INC. I27 N. Main St. Herkimer, New York 626 E. Main St. Little Falls, N. Y. Compliments of FRANKFORT G.L.F. TW A-89ll Frankfort, New York Compliments of GROGAN STORE Herkimer, New York Compliments of JERRY'S MUSIC SHOP 266 N. Main Street Herkimer, New York TO 6-IO9O BEST ENTERPRISES, INC. Main Office Main at Morgan Sts. Phone: TW 4-4420 Ilion, New York Compliments of A. J. OLIVER 338 Second Ave. Frankfort, New York Compliments of TAMBURRO' s MARKET Frankfort, New York Compliments of RAINBOW INN RESTAURANT Frankfort, New York TW 4-2I59 PLANO'S MARKET Quality Meats-Groceries Cold Beer-Fruit 5 Vegetables We deliver - Phone TW 4-8525 400 Frankfort St. Frankfort, New York Compliments of MANEEN ALUMINUM PRODUCTS 266 East Main Street Frankfort, New York TW 4-4724 Compliments of NICKIE'S LUNCHEONETTE 3I6 Litchfield St. Frankfort, New York TW 4-9796 Compliments of MITCH BILLIS Compliments of PALMER STREET MARKET Frankfort, New York Compliments of MELROSE SUPER MARKET INC. 208 Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of URGO'S SERVICE STATION l33 Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of HOTEL THURSTON IM7 Litchfield St. Frankfort, New York AVERSA CLEANERS l22 W. Main Street Frankfort, New York Special Rates on Tuxedos For the Prom HSee Us First For Perfect Fitsu Compliments of CROWELL JEWELERS IOZ S. Frankfort St Frankfort, New York Keepsake Diamonds Bulova Watches Guaranteed Expert Watch Repair Compliments of FRANK LEFEVER 5 SONS, INC. Custom Gunsmiths Best Wishes From V. JAMES FALCONE HYour Insurance Counselor Frankfort, New York Frankfort, New York CAPRA'S GULF SERVICE BELMONT'S BARBER SHOP THE ROYAL MARKET JOSIE'S DINETTE DR. JOSEPH GRATES FRANKFORT 5C AND IOC STORE MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM FOSTER THE BRASS TACK MR. CHARLES WILLIAMSON WILLIAM RUTHERFORD JOE'S BARBER SHOP MR. AND MRS. THERON HURDICK om imen s o Success C I D t f To the Graduate J. BRADY THOMAS INSURANCE nkfort New Y From MEYER'S FASHIONS Main Street Best Wishes To The Class Of I96I PHILIA SIGMA CHI CHARITY SCRORITY President Sandra Sylvester Vice-President Mary Jean Parator Secretary Josephine Caruso Treasurer Janet Accattat GENERAL HERKIMER HOTEL Main Street Herkimer N Y k SUCCESS and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. Leslie G. Ackley Frank Alabastro Fred Amendolare Joseph Angrisauo Sam Caiola Joseph Castellano, Sr James Cimino David B. Cook Anthony Corriggio William Culver John Cushman Italo Di Camillo Blase Di Sano Leslie H. Finster Frank A. Graziano Louis Grippe Matthew Haligowski Arnold Hamon Forrest E. Hobbick Earl Hyer Frank Juliano Frank Kattato Rufus W. Kelly Nicholas A. Kinney Louis Kipper John Li Cari George A. Loiacono Michael Loiacono CDUR GR DU TE Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Theresa and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Anthony Lolio Irving W . Loomis Robert Ludwig Nicholas Macrina Salvatore Manno, Sr Joseph C. Manore John F. Murphy Joseph Paratore Anthony Riente Donald Ryde Anthony Scaparo Phillip Scaparo Joseph Sciortino Scialdone James Sylvester August Tassa J. Brady Thomas Frank Tocco John F. Tucker Joseph T. Valent Salvatore Verdura John Verni John Wolanski Philip A. Wyckoff Philip Zaffarano George T. Jones Peter W . Zwanka ,,,,-- - ' 553 115'-H 1 - '. I-L. 1 -1+ Q L57 y -, i-- -'Q -4 Lewin- 1 vwsv1N'wgu"mm,.f.v'4'1 -.wvxwasv at -.,.., , -N, , ..,a-:,, Qs... V in, . 'i

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