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Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Mfr f A 'cm A .ax F X SR x r X XX wx: 'ab . 1 A 1x rw, X . . w - X was .- ' 5 X-X X X X, XQQXQXXXQX-SXQSQQX X- YW X5 X X X YF -L.b , fi J X , , W-W,,X,,,, X .5-px . X XA Fr E? -2-l Q .iq V .4f ,: '55 E 4 5 3 PX Q K . N Xl X gl X X XX RN Q f XE X ii X Q52 X Q-Q i X X X X X X X Nz,-w Q r 0 'Q ,fy Q XX 5 Q l.. 1 1- WNROON LUG PRESENTED BY THE CLASS or-' 1159 l FRANKFORT - SC!-IUYLER CENTRAL SCHOGL THE fi x V Q AJ E JEC V P FCVREWORD We are just beginning to learn. We are just beinning to live and make use of the qualities that have been developed in all of us during our formative years in the Frankfort School System. Each of us will begin a journey, entirel.y individual toward happiness and attainment. For some, the road will be more challenging and toilsome, but faith in God and the principles by which we live will defeat whatever force or misfortune we may encounter. Remembering what we have been taught: to live virtuously, to love and respect all mankind and its beliefs, and to apply what we have studied, the Class of 1959 leaves Frankfort Central School as young men and women -- a determined generation hoping to be an asset to our community, school, and to America. In our minds and hearts we are grateful to the faculty, administration and all others who have made "our school" the place of enjoyment and importance that it has been to us. It may be years, if at all, before our class will again be assembled, but we shall never forget the laughter and learning, the Honor students, the outstanding contributions of individuals, the class projects, and above all, the incomparable experience of our Senior Year, which will be embedded in our hearts and will re- main a permanent part of every graduate. j "Prosperity is a great teacher, Adversity is a greater. Possession pampers the mind, Privation trains and strengthens it." H ayhit OUR CLASS MOTTO: "Obstacles in the pathway of the weak become stepping stones in the pathway of the strong!" ' 2 TABLE oF CONTENTS PAGE 7 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION PAGE II SENIORS . .. . PAGE SI CLASSES . . . , PAGE 39 ACTIVITIES. . . . PAGE 53 SPCRTS . . 3 I DEDICATIGN MR. SIGMUNT LELAND l l We, the class of 1959, proudly dedicate this Maroon Log to Mr. Sigmunt Leland l in acknowledgment of all that he has done for us in the four years of our association with him. Your kind assistance in all our efforts and youn patient forbearance in all our shortcomings have indeed been most welcome and gratifying to us. The infinite patience and foresight you have given us has helped us through difficult situations. We deeply feel that without your helpful assistance, we would not have success- fully attained our goals. 4 r PR YER FOR PEACE Merciful Father, from the depths of this tearful earth, we, Thy innocent children, raise our hearts and prayers to thee for loving protection. Only Thy Mighty hand whilst restrain these wicked men who have no regard for our lives, Thy greatest possession. Almighty God, we beg thee to look down with mercy upon us who cry for peace. Save us, Thy humble, wretched servants from the grasps of those with hardened hearts attempting to deny Thy existence. On our knees we fervently ask Thee to lead the world from the sound of raging arms and weeping, to a blissful, peaceful, earthly heaven that loves and adores Thee and Thy peace. 5 AROO LOG STAFF EDITOR-IN -CHIEF Rosemary Grizzuto ASSISTANT EDITOR Mary Tucker PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Sam Tucci Dennis Van Dusen ACTIVITY EDITORS Florence Farouche Marie Simonette Phil Balio Patty Gatto Judy Kinney Sara. Pandolf Donna. Mathews ADVISER Mrs. Gra.ves Kg f 6 ASSISTANT B ' is ART EDITORS Jack Consilio Tony Ruggerio SPORTS EDITORS David Rosbrook MAKE-UP EDITORS Gail Hughes Phyllis Chard Ann Peters BUSINESS MANAGER I oe Green USINESS MANAGERS Robert Barrett Charles Campione 4 5 I "H" """ W 7' FACULTY HOME EC., AGRICULTURE, INDUSTRIAL ARTS Stephen H. Hubbell, Richard M. Hudson, Miss Vivian J. Karpinski, Mr. Nicholas J. Acquavivia, Miss Margaret D. Duly, Sigmunt N. Leland. COMMERCIAL, SOCIAL STUDIES Anthony Mazzara, Mrs. Rose Marcantonio, Ross E. Robinson, Mrs. Frances F. Pontolillo, Theodore Russell, Mrs. Rose Cacciatore, Nicholas Chuff. LANGUAGE, ART, MU SIC La Vergne McMurray, James E. Buffan, Miss Phyllis J. Braidwood, Miss Nancy M. Ingro. X MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE Mrs. Virginia L. Reina, John L. Monohan, Miss Grace L. Adderley, John Mosney, Jr., Bernard C. Murray, Frank J. Spina, Miss Margaret R. Frank. r L A FACULTY ENGLISH, LIBRARY Mrs. Pauline P. Shannon, Mrs. Helen B. Donald, Andrew A. Giotto, Mrs. Anita W. Hanna, James W. Wallace, Mrs. Theresa M. Graves. GUIDANCE, oFFrcE Mrs. Josephine Branck, Mrs. Geraldine H. Tocco, William H. Copeland, Mrs. Florence L. Granger. H PHY SIC AL EDU CATION , H EALTH Mrs. Bella Oriole, Joseph A. Campo, Miss Yvonne D. Giglotti, Bernard C. Murray, James W. Wallace, John Mosney, Jr. w . 4 - - 9 if ,S Sfgdag M 1 lt: 'fiiihslihiflwi pw' ,w Q.-...QNX b X F 'E 'Q sENloR CLASS DFFICERS PRES IDEN T VICE -PRESIDENT MARY TUCKER ROSEMARY GRIZZUTO HMM.. "Ro" "'I'hey're only truly great who are truly good. " Senior Class President: Junior Class Presidentg Sopho- more Class Treasurerg Maroon Log Assistant Editorg American Legion Ora.torica1 Contest, 3rd Prizeg Mu Alpha, Theta. 3: Math Club 1,25 Science Club 23 Lan- Club 3,4g Latin Club l,2g F.N.A. 3, Maroon Bugle 2,45 I. V. Cheerleader lg Choir lg Library Staff 2,4g F.T. A. President 4g Senior Playg Senior'-Junior Prom 3,4g Banker 1,2. A DAVID ROSBROOK "Dave" "It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives." Language Club lg Math Club l,2g Key Club Secretary 3, President 4g Mu Alpha Theta, President 3,4g Sen- ior Class Secretaryz Jet Club, Presidentg Maroon Logg Boys' State. SECRETARY "A song will outlive all sermons in the memory. " Maroon Bugle 2,3,4g Maroon Log Editorg White Lan- cer, Assistant Editorg Senior-Junior Prom 3,4g J. V. Cheerleading 2g Choir 2,3,4g Band 2g Girls Ensemble 3,4g Commercial Club 2,3,4g G.A.A. 2,4g Junior Class Vice-Presidentg Senior Class Vice -Presidentg Girls Varsity Basketball, Captain 4g All-State Choir 3,4g All-County Choir 3,45 DAR Award 4, Dramatic Club 2g Senior-Junior Prom Attendant 35 CNYSPA 3g Typing Awards 2,3,4. PATRICIA INSERRA "Pat" "Honor lies in honest toil. " Maroon Bugle l,2,3g Senior-Junior Prom 3: Senior Playg Choir l,2g F.T.A. l,2, Vice-President 4, TreasureU2g Math Club 2, Language Club 3,4g Na- tional Honor Society 2,3, President 4g Senior Treas- urer. T TREASURER VINCENT ADAMS "Vin" "Tobacco is a, dirty weedg it satisfies no normal need. I like it. " Junior Class Treasurer5 Industrial Arts 35 Art Club 1,25 Baseball 1,2. JOSEPH A. BELMONT aloe.. "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. " Choir 1,25 Industrial Arts Secretary 3, PHILOMENA BALIO "Phil" "Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things. " Maroon Log5 F. H. A. 1,25 N.Y. S. Vice- President 35 Commercial Club 2,45 Stu- dent Council l,35 G. A. A. 45 Freshman Class Treasurer5 Sophomore Class Sec- retary5 Junior Class Secretary. SENIORS JOSEPH P. BELMONT "Joe" "There are some silent people who are more interesting than the best talkers. " President 45 Senior Play5 Student Coun- Choir 15 Industrial Arts 3,45 Basketball cil 2. cess-sf Manager 2. .fx .fs 9- - wa. .vga Q as i-- ' . ,f:'?iZ3Xr xr. ,Q Q ,dex .5 ly A . , -A if' ' It Ni 'f " . .. - awk 47 ROBERT BARRETT "Bob" "A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou. " Mixed Choir l,2,3,45Baseball l,2,3,4g I. V. Basketball l,2, Varisty 3,45 Ma- roon Bugle 45 Maroon Log5 Language Club 15 Senior Play5 Camera Club 35 Sports Club 1,25 Senior-Junior Prom 35 Letter Club 2. IOANNE BOMMARITO NIO.. "Light is the task when many share the toil. " Choir 1,2,45 Latin Club 1,25 Commer- cial Club 1,2,3,4. PHYLLIS BONO nphyln "The land of scholars and the nurse of arms. " Senior-Junior Prom 35 Choir l,2,3,45 F.N.A. 2, Vice-President 3, President 4: F. H. A. 1,2,35 Commercial Club 1, 25 Language Club 35 Art Club 1,25 Stu- dent Council 15 G. A. A. 45 Christmas Ball 35 Freshman Class Treasurer. KENNETH CALDWELL ..Ken.. "Kiss till the cows come home. " Latin Club 15 F.F. A. 1,2,3,4, Sentinel 2, Vice-President 3. BARBARA BUNCE "Barb" "She is not jealous is not in love. " Senior Pla,y5 Choir 45 F. H. A. 1,2,35 Commercial Club2,3,4, Vice-President 35 F. H. A. l,3. SE IDRS CHARLES CAMPIONE "Chuck" "The only way to avoid temptation is to yield to it. " Sports Club 1,25 J. V. Basketball 1,2, Varsity 3,45 Varsity Football 45 I. V. Football 15 Varsity Baseball 3,45 Art Club 35 Industrial Arts 45 Senior-Junior Prom 45 Maroon Log. 4 I i I I I 2 1 2 I i i ! l PATRICIA BU NCE "Pat" "I will be the pattern of patience. u F. N.A. 3,45 G. A. A. 45 Language Club 3,45 Choir 1,45 F. H. A. 1,3. ROSALIE CASTILLA NRO.. "It's loveg it's love that makes the world go round. " Choir 15 F. H. A. 1,2,35 Student Council 45 F. H. A. Trophy 2, Mungers' Fa Board 3,45 G. A. A. 45 Commercial 4. shion Club 4 ,X 4 , 'K xx PHYLLIS CHARD "Phyl" Though she is but little, she is fierce. " reshamn Class Presidentg F. H. A. lg hoir lgC0mm6rCialC1ub 1,2,3, Vice- resident 4g G, A. A. l,2,4g National onor Society l,2,3,4g Student Council , Secretary 4g F,T, A. 4g Senior-Junior rom 4g Maroon Log. MARGARET COOK ..Ma-rge .. 'Be silent and safe, silence never be- you. " H. A. 3g Commercial Club 3,45 Li- y Staff 43 G. A. A. 3. RWM ssts' 2 I 'X JOANNE COLLINS NIO., "Her eyes are homes of silent prayers. " Commercial Club l,2,3,4g F. H. A. 2,3g G. A. A. 4. SENIORS CLAYTON CROASMUN "C1ayt" "I want to be Alone. " Key Club 3,4g Varsity Football 2,3,4 Track 3. JOHN CONSILIO "lack" "I will sit down now, but the time will 1, come when you will hear me. " Art Club l,2,3g Commercial Club 1,2, 3g Maroon Log: Camera Club 4. MARIE DE FAZIO "Marie " "My love is richer than my tongue. " 2 Choir l,2,3,4: F.N.A. 23 Commercial Club l,2,3,4g F.H.A. 1,23 G.A.A. 1, JAMES DI CAMILLO illimll "Ita.Lio! O Italio! Those who has the fatal gift of beauty. " Choir 15 Industrial Arts 45 J. V. Basketball 2. EVELYN FALCONE ..Ev .. "Wise to resolve and patient to perform. " F. H.A. l,2,35 G, A. A. 45 Commercial Club l,2,3,45 Choir 1. LINDA DI MARE "Linda" "Like those of angels, short and far between." Commercial Club 2. LE IDRS FLORENCE FAROUCHE "Flor" "Arguments out of 3. pretty mouth are unanswerable. " Commercial Club l,2,45 F. H. A. 1,2,35 Freshma.n Class Secreta.ry5 May Day At- tendant lgVa.1'SiLYChC6I'16adel' 2,33 Sen- ior Play5 Log 4. 1 i Q i 1 i 5 JOSEPH EVOLA "Cousy" "I hasten to laugh at everything, fear of being obliged to weep. " Maroon Bugle 45 Senior-Junior Proma Choir 2 ,3 ,45 Commercial Club 45 Scienc 4 A Club 25 Industrial Arts 3,45 Key Club Sportsmen's Club 1,25 Letter Club ' Art Club l,2,35Va.rsityBasketba.l1 1,2,3 Manager 45 J. V. Football 1, Varsity 2, 1,35 Baseball 1. PHILIP FAROUCHE "Phil" "We at different degrees. " J.v. Basketball 15 Model Airplane Cin 15 Industrial Arts 35 Letter Club 25 Var sity Basketball Manager 2,35 Bowlin 25 Choir 45 Camera. Club 45 Senior Play Art Club 2. BRIAN FRANK "Brian" "Oh, sleep! It is agentle thing beloved rom pole to pole. " hoir 43 Band lg Camera Club 3,4. JOSEPH GREEN NJW II "Great warriors, like great earthquakes, are principally remembered for the mischief they have done." Varsity Football l,2,3, Captain 4g Var- sity Wrestling 2,3, Captain 4, Tourna- ment Champ 3: J. V. Baseball lg Varsity Track 3,43 Letter Club l,2g Sportsmen 25 Key Club 3,4g Lt. Governor 4g Club 4g Math Club 3g Maroon Log: State 3. Q-,Q MARY PATRICIA GATTO llpatll "If I could love less, I should be happier now. " Commercial Club l,2,3,4g Maroon Logg Senior-Junior Prom 4g Choir l,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4, Girls Ensemble, F. H.A. l,2,3: G. A.A. 4. SENICDRS MARGARET MARY GREEN ..MaIge.. "Silence is more eloquent than words. " Senior Play: F. H, A. l,2,3g Commercial Club 2,4g G.A.A. 25 Choir 2: F.N.A. 2. , Q. ........,, -fl , Ai .......,., . to JOSEPH GILLETTE "Joe " "it's only my child wife. " JOSEPH GRIZZUTO nl-oe., "An able ma.n shows spirit by gentle words and resolute action. " Varsity Football 2,3,4g J. V. Baseball 1,25 Varsity Wrestling 2,3, Captain 4: Boy's State 3g CameraClub 39 Key Club 3, Vice -President 4g Jets Club 4g Varsity Track 3,45 Letter Club 2: J. V. Football 1. Q 3-K . K Q, fffk ' 1' lgflqnm' ' , . ' t A 'H , f,,xf':?5' 5,3 if? 1 if-fs":f,st:1vs9 .,.',. T . ,ii"f5vx"-'ffm . ' P ' ',"'?Q?.S...a ' . gzfaixf a! ..'x-:fb J- 1 " Y 1 GORDON HIGHT "Gordie " "Sir, I would rather be right tha.n presi- dent. " J. V. Football 1: I. V. Basketball lg In- dustrial Arts 3 , 4, Junior-Senior Prom 3 , 4. MARGUERITE KELLY "Maggie" A "Always quiet, often shyg we know she'l1 manage to get by. " F.H.A. 1,45 Choir 1,25 F.T. A. 1: Water Show l,2. DAVID HUGHES L "Dave" "When angry, count four, very? angry, swear. " Key Club 3,45 Student Council 34: J. V Footbaiil 1,35 tndustrin Arts aj vice- President 4g Sports Club 2, Senior Play SENICRS JUDITH KINNEY "Judy" "Talking is no great problem. " 1 Choir l,3,4g Latin Club lg F.N.A. 2,3g F. T. A, 3, 4, Senior-Junior Prom 3g Ma- roon Log, G. A. A. 4, Library Staff 2,3,4, Secretary 2, President 3. i GAIL HUGHES "Gail" "Po1iteness goes far, yet costs nothing. Maroon Log, Choir l,2,4g Commerci Club l,2,3g F, H. A. lg Student Counc Treasurer 4g G. A. A. l,2,3. CHARLES LUDWIG "Charlie" "Every man is the son of his own words. Math Club 2, Mu Alpha Theta. 3, Club 3,43 Industrial Artst4. IANICE LUDWIG JOHN LUGGERIO DONALD LUTHER alan.. "Beauty a.nd virtue shine forever around thee. " F. N. A. 2,3,45 Ma.thClub 1,25 Language Club 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 45 Library Sta.ff 1. VIVIAN MANNO "Viv" "A happy soul that all the way to heaven hath a summer da.y. " Band 1,2,3,4, All-State 45 Choir 1,2, 3,4, All-County lg Girls' Ensemble 45 Latin Club l,2,35 F.T.A. 45 Library Staff 45 I.V. Cheerleader 3, Varsity 45 G. A. A. 2,4. "John" "The fair sex is your department. " J. V. Football 1,2, Varsity 3,45 Camera Club 15 Senior-Junior Prom 35 Choir 1, 2,3. SENIORS RUTH MARKIE "Ruthie" "A good mind possess a kingdom. " Science Club 25 Language Club 35 Com- mercial Club 4. HDOH.. "Gentlemen always seem to remember blondes. " LV. Football 1, Varsity Football 2,3, Captain 45 I.V. Basketball 1,25 Varsity Basketball3,45StudentCounci1 1, Presi- dent 45 Stamp Club 15 Airplane Club, President lg Senior-Junior Prom 35 Key Club 3,45 Art Club 15 Baseball 45 ln- dustrial Arts 3,4, President 35 Sportsman Club 15 Letter Club 2. DONNA MATHEWS "Donna" "Tis what Ilove determines how I love. " Maroon Log5 F.N.A. 2,3,4, Secretary 2,45 Commercial Club 15 Language Club 3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1.4: F. H. A. 2, 3. MARTHA MC CULLEN ..Ma-ny.. "I have no mockings or arguments5 I just witness and wait. " Commercial Club 15 F. H.A. 1,2,35 G. A. A. 1,45 Choir 4. BERNICE NEDZINSKI "Bernie" "Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. " Maroon Bugle l,2,3,4, Editor 45 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4, Treasurer 45 National Honor Society 2,3,4, Vice -President 35 Language Club 1,2,35 Library staff 15 Jets Club 45 Science Club 25 American Legion Oratorical Contest 1, 2nd Prize5 CNYSPA 2,3,4. gginisg gf. IRENE MURZIN ulrene n "Neatness is a growing grace of woman- hood. " Choir l,2,3,45 Commercial Club 3,45 Library Staff 4, Secretary 45 G. A. A. 4, All-State 4, All-County 1,2,3,45 Lunch Cashier 45 Senior Play. SENIORS SARA PANDOLF "Sara" "A pearl of great price. " Commercial Club l,4, President 45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Language Club 25 I. V. Cheerleading 3, Varsity 45 F. T. A. 2,3, President 35 Junior-Senior Prom 35 Ma,- roon Logg Student Council Vice-Presi- dent 4. i : C ROSALIE NICASTRO ..R0 .. "It is work which gives flavor to life." Latin Club 1,25 Library Staff 45 F. T. A, 2,3,4, Historian 25 Dramatic Club 15 Maroon Bugle 45 G. A. A. 2,45 Choir 1, 2,3,4, All-State 4: National Honor So- ciety 25 Banker 45 MathClub 1,25 Lunch Cashier 45 Language Club5 Senior Play. ROSEANN PASSANTE NRO.. "One way to a friend is to be one. ' Commercial Club 1,25 Choir lg Marool Bugle 3: F. H. A. l,2,3, Historian 3 State Delegate 35 G.A.A. l,4. DONNA PERILLO "Donna" "A light heart lives long. " Math Club lg Language Club 2,45 Latin Club 1? F. T. A. 1,2,4: G. A. A. 1,4g Choir 4. Jo ANN PULEO "JoAnn" "Mode:-:ty is the graceful virtue of maturity. " Commercial Club 1,25 F. H. A. 1,2,3, State Delegate 2g Majorette lg Student Council 35 Choir l,2,3,4g G.A. A. 1, President 4g Senior-Junior Prom 33 Sen- ior Play. X sr . x Q -5 t 3 ,S ister s. r , Q f -' 1 . A ! :gr 'Q ROBERT PERRY "Bob " "Shallow men believe in luck. " Sportsmen Club 1,2g Industrial Arts 3,4-g Choir 3,45 J. V. Basketball 1,2, Varsity 3g May Day Escort 3. SENIORS MARY ANN ROLC HIGO "Mert" "Vivacity is the gift of woman. " Library Staff 2,3,4g Commercial Club l,2,3,4g Langauge Club 1,2g G.A. A. 1,4. ANN PETERS "Annie" "Simplicity of character is the result of profound thought. " Commercial Club 1,3,4g Science Club 2g F.H. A. 3g National Honor Society 3,4g Senior-Junior Prom 3: May Day Attendant 35 Maroon Log. ANDREW ROMANO lvAndyll "The terrible burden of having nothing to do. " Varsity Football 3,4g I. V. Basketba.l1 2. I i Q 2 l 1 rx ANTHONY RUGGERIO CHESTER SCHNIIDT DORUTHY SCHMIDT "Tony" "Chet" "Dot" "A borrower is 3 servant to the lender, " "We never love heartily but once, and "Full of Sweet indifference. " Arr Club 1,25 Sportsman Club 25 Senior that is the first time we love." Commercial Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer Junior Prom 45 Sophomore Class Presi dent5 Ma.roon Logg Choir 35 I. V. Basket- ball 1,2, Varsity 3,45 J.V. Football 2, Arts 3,45 Letter Club 2. KENNETH SCHMIDT ..Ken.. "Knowledge is power. " Mu Alpha Theta. 35 Industrial Arts 4, Treasurer 4. Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,45 J. V. Foot- 35 StudentCouncil15Ma,y Day Attendant ball lg Sportsmen Club 1,25 Industrial 2,35 Prom Attendant 35 Varsity Cheer- Arts 3,45 Math Club 15 Science Club 15 leader 3,45 G. A.A. 1,4. 35 Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,45 Industrial Airplane Club 2. SENIORS SANDRA SHANNON "Sandy" "Industrious, modest, and quiet." Choir 45 Art Club lg Commercial Club 15 F. H. A. l. MARIE SIMONETTE "Marie" "Little friends prove great friends. " Language Club l,2,3,45 Library Staff 45 Choir 1,45 J. V. Cheerleader 25 G. A. A. 45 F. T.A. 2,3,45 Maroon Log5 Student Council 35 Maroon Bugle 4. I to I i 4 sri: sf S. . . ,..,g, 3 . I. Q Q, LQNEQQE, af, .- p, ROY SMITH SAM TUCCI HELEN VALENTE "Roy" "Sam" "Helen" "I have been a, stranger in a strange "Music is well said to be the speech of "If a woman has long hair, it is a glory land, " angels. " to her. " Industrial Arts 3,45 Commercial Club lg Choir 35 Stamp Club lg Airplane Club lg Camera Club 3,49 Library Staff 2. DENNIS VAN DUSEN "Den" "Oh, gracious, why wasn't I born old a.nd ugly. " Sports Club 1gCameraClub 35 Industrial Arts 3,45 Student Council 2g Choir l,2, 3,4g Varsity Football 3, Manager 45 Stamp Club lg Senior-Junior Prom 3,45 Log. Band 1, Vice -President 2, President3,4g All State Band 2,3,4g All County Band l,2,3,4g Clarinet Quartet l,2,3,4g Festival Competition, First Prize 2,3,4, 2nd Prize lg Wrestling 2,3g Boys' State 3g Senior Play: Maroon Logg Student Council 3,45 Choir3,4g Mu Alpha Theta SENIORS GERALD VOLZ. "Jer" 3. "Large in stature, broad in mind, peo- ple like him are hard to find. " Freshman Football: Industrial Arts 3,4. CommercialClub 1,2g J. V. Cheerleader 2, Varsity 35 G. A. A. 1,4g F. H. A. 1,2, 33 May Day Attendant 3. CLASS ILL Pat Bunce, leaves her teepee in the Reservation to Norma Worlock. Margaret Cook, leaves to Carol Cattat her shy techniques and quiet mannerisms. Joanne Bommarito and Linda Di Mare bequeath to Martha Schurman their quiet and sincere dis- position. Bob Barrett, forfeits his ability "to get away with murder" to Jim Caruso. Virginia Oliver, inherits Evelyn Falcone and Marie Simonette's ability to get along with teachers. Phyllis Chard and Rosemary Grizzuto transfer their secretarial ability to Rosalie Rolchigo. Rosalie Castilla, leaves her place on Munger's Fashion Board to Lucille Sgroi. Marie De Fazio and Helen Valente, bequeath to Betty Welch their "I'l take life as it comes" at- titude. Joe Gillette, leaves the title "hot rod" to Keith Wells. Pat lnser ra and Bernice Nedzynski, forfeit their scientific brain to Karen Lindsay. Julia Collins, carries on the family name for her sister Joanne. Don Luther, leaves to Tony Reinte his football ability so that Tony can win all the games for us. Irene Murzin, bequeaths her "Ivy League" appearance to Mary Thomas. Martha McCullen and Margaret Green forfeit their sweet and pleasant smile to Carol Pumilio. Florence Farouche and Phil Balio, leave their diminutive structure to Rosalie Barretta. Sandra Shannon and Gail Hughes, bequeath their sweet and fragile look to Lynda Rork. Rosalie Nicastro, leaves her co-operating spirit to Theresa Nero.' Mary Tucker and Dave Rosbrook, pass on their staunch progressive attitude to Fran Stolark. Sam Tucci, forfeits his musical ability to Cathy Cole and Sandra Cushman. V Vincent Adams and Joe Grizzuto, leave their blushing ways to Pat Ryde and Fred Grates. Joe A. Belmont, wills his parking place in the lot to Danny Ferdula. Kenneth Caldwell, wills his plow to Edwin Taylor. A Charlie Campione leaves his argumentative manner to George Chard and Frank Barbuto. Joe Bello, is bequeathed Jack Consilio's paintbrush. f' Jim Di Camillo, forfeits his Ulackadaisical manner" to Jack Montalto. Roy Smith and Brian Frank, leave a book of excuses for absenteeism, tardiness, and unpre- paredness to Willy Mack and Brian Gillette. A ' , Gordon Hight and David Hughes, forfeit their dry humor and wit to Jim Branck. Joanne Puleo and Judy Kinney, leave their ability to converse with their hands to Faye Mazzola. Rosann Pasante and Janice Ludwig, bequeath their ability to make friends to Janet Craig. Vivian Manno, wills her place in Girls' Ensemble to Francine Valent. Carol Des Grosielliers, inherits Ruth Markle and Ann Peters' vim, vigor, and vitality. QHcipe you have as much of itll Dorothy Schmidt, leaves the secret ofkeeping golden hair to Dot Comes CFrom one Dot to another.J Donna Mathews, bestows upon Janet Loiacano her ability to become a nurse. Joe P. Belmont, leaves his fair complexion to Robert Culver. . Marguerite Kelly leaves her swimming ability to Char Cushman., Phyllis Bono and Donna Perillo, leave their non-descriptive laugh to Madeline F avat. Sara Pandolf, passes on her ability in leadership to Carol Taverni. Bob Perry and Chet Schmidt leave their basketball ability to Tony Congilaro. Q Tony Ruggerie, wills his Ford to Diane Aurigema in exchange for her Caddy. H L Kenneth Schmidt and Charles Ludwig, leave a book entitled "How to Make Noise" to Bill-Schuster. Phil Farouche and Joe Evola leave their gilt of joking at the wrong time to Joe Di Martin and Scott Hubbell. Dennis Van Dusen bequeaths his boisterous voice to Ed Freedman. Andrew Romano, leaves his unused "pep" pills to Daryl Harmon. Gerald Volz and Clayton Croasum, leave their masculine physique to Bill Murphy. Barbara Bunce, passes on her reserved seat on the bus to Catherine Oleksik. Joe Green, leaves a pamphlet to Jerome La Monica entitled, "How to Gain Weight." Patty Gatto, leaves her place on the trampoline to Paula Hendrickson. John Luggerio, wills his curling iron for the perfect curl to Dominick Lanzaand David Strong. Maryann Rolchigo, passes on to Mary Ann Di Leo her fiery temper. 24 CLASS PRCJPHECY To present an accurate prophecy, we have con- sulted the great "mabdah-malbah," a friend of ours who forsees the future of the class of 1959. As we gazed into his crystal ball, we had a glimpse of our class ten years from now, Pat Bunce is such a busy girl, being in great demand to model for shampoo advertisements. Joanne Bommarito is seen giving her sister a lesson in climbing the "ladder of success," which she has done with the help of her pleasing person- ality. All excited about the plans for the basketball season, we see Bob Barrett, supervisor of Physical Education in New York State and key "spotter" for the Globe Trotters, at his desk working out revolutionary new plays., Proficiency in commercial skills has enabled Phyllis Chard to open a Business Institute rated highest in the country. Having a luncheon date withv, a wcll-known politician is Margaret Cook, stenographer at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. A In a New York City art studio, we find Rosalie Castilla modeling for thc great artists, Jack Consilio and Tony Ruggcrio. K As the crystal ball focuses on country life, Marie DeF azio comes into view driving a red truck full of farm produce and little children. Kon Caldwell is seen instructing his son in methods of plowing the left meadow of his five- thousaud acre farm. Meanwhile, back in our home town, ,Toe Gillette is still trying for a raise at Melrose sohe can pay for his 1951 Chevy. In the midst 'of national flags, we see Pat Inserra, interpreter of foreign languages at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Scanning through the diary of Vivian Manno, we find that her best friend, Dot Schmidt and Don Luther have eloped to Syracuse where they are very happy and a1'e planning to raise a football team. We can almost hear the sound of Irene Murzin's typewriter as she carries out her duties as private secretary to John D. Rockerfeller, III. Behind a cloud of dust, who has just fallen off her horse? None other than Martha MoCullen, new owner and manager of Sullivan's Horse Auction. The reason for Rosalie Nicastro's seclusion in recent years has been for careful concentration on her startling, revealing novel, "Swindlers in the Lunch Line." Pals forever, Ann Peters and Ruth Markle are both doctors of education at Albany State Teach- ers' College. Sailing on the Irish Liner to Tipperary isSandra Shannon, who is taking a well-deserved vacation from her job as village tax collector. While campaigning for the New York State Sen- atorial election, candidate Mary Tucker, well-known lecturer, is working on a new handbook of Parlia- mentary Procedure. Clarinet and saxophone in hand, Sam. Tucci is touring the music centers of the world as one of America's outstanding soloists. He has resigned as Professor of,Music at Potsdam to devote more time to travel. Driving a shiny new car is Joe A. Belmont, radio and TV script writer. l-Iis cousin I oe P., is helping him,build a double hangar for their twin jets. ' , It is difficult to recognize who the grease- coated man in the crystal ball is, but, yes, it is Vincent Adams. - Although he is head lifeguard at Miami Beach, Florida, Charlie Campione is still trying to "bleach" himself. 4 - - At Cypress Gardens in Florida, we see head aqua-maid Marguerite Kelly practicing for a spect- acular water show. Clayton Croasmun is thrilled to have been voted the most valuable football player of the century. Now a family man, J' im DiCamil1o is getting over his timidity and is also getting free haircuts. His wife has something to do with that. Florence Farouche, wife of Chet Schmidt, is seen practicing her guitar lessons very diligently. Brian Frank, tall and stately, has just been elected Mayor of Frankfort. H , . , , Margaret Green's efficiency and genial person- ality has earned for her the position of President of the Bank of America. , S V, f Ro Grizzuto has at long'last become Mrs. Frank Sinatra. These two are truly living in perfect harmony. , A Gordon Hight has recently accepted a positio11 at Utica College and is teaching the "Art of Sales- manship." David Hughes is the owner of the newest and most luxurious chain of Thru-way diners. Still trying to learn to drive is Judy Kinney, star of the TV show, "Keep Talking." Charlie Ludwig, noted mathematician, has just disproved Einstein's theory of relativity. We see Vivian Manno kneeding dough while hubby, J. L. rings up the sales in their block-long bakery. Nurse Donna Mathew's snooping in the labs has led to her discovery of an anti cold vaccine. Bernice Nedzynski is the recipient of the newly created Nobel Prize for "everything under the sun." In an F .S .C .S . classroom we find English teacher, Sara Pandolf, substituting for Mrs. Graves. Rosann Passante has begun plans for the manu- facturing of a revolutionary petticoat hoop. Bob Perry, owner of a chain of auto repair shops is working with Elvis Presley recording ses- sions during his lunch hour. Believe it or not, Andy Romano is a speedy, punctual news reporter for the New York Times. Dave Rosbrook is a successful executive with his headquarters in the White House. Pulling his hair out in anger is Ken Schmidt, Certified Public Accountant, auditing the books of the F.S.C.S. Student Council. Dennis Van Dusen is a prosperous druggist Coperating in the black marketj. In his outer space laboratory, Gerald Volz is seen experimenting with his atomic light bulb. Millionaire Phil Balio has made B 8. R Trucking a successful, world-wide concern. Who said women are weak? Phyllis Bono, M.D., has invaded the medical profession and is practicing on her father's cows. In a courtroom scene, we find Barbara Bunce, noted criminal lawyer, pleading to the ju ry. In a steamy kitchen is Joanne Collins, Home Economics teacher, instructing her students on how to prepare out-of-season foods. John Delia, who left our class in 1958, is now the wealthy owner of a palm plantation in Florida. Recapturing the youth of the female graduates of '59 is Linda DiMare, owner of "The Beauty Bar." As the result of winning the national wit contest, Joe Evola can now afford contact lenses. Flying around the world is Evelyn Falcone, chic airline stewardess. Getting her movie "break" Patty Gatto, Frank- fort's bid for the replacement of the aging Bridgette Bardot. Joe Green is engineering a large scale "atomic bomb shelter" development. His sneaky wrestling techniques come in handy underground. At his Physical Fitness Salon, Joe Grizzuto is specializing in instructions in wrestling and gum chewing. On the dollar bill we can be proud to see the signature of Gail Hughes, United States Treasurer. Janice Ludwig, typical housewife and mother, has been the winner of several national cake-baking contests. Hollywood's newest discovery is John Luggerio, billed as "The Classic Profile." In his romantic Sagas John makes use of his "Hill Top" technique. Walking down New York's Fifth Avenue is Donna Perillo, top notch buyer for exclusive clothing stores. With her experience from Woolworth's, house- wife JoAnn Puleo is an excellent cook and leader of "The Ironing Board Brigade," a group of Herkimer County llomemakers. Mary Ann Rolchigo is star of thehilarious TV comedy series, "Mirth with MerrY'Ai111- " At a Paris, France army base, Chet Schmidt has been reported AWOL. He can probably be found at -- who knows where in gay Paree? We are pleased to find Roy Smith with per- fect attendance at his job as weekly reader of gas meters in Frankfort. Newspaper headlines come into view -- Frank- fort's own Helen Valente is Miss America of 1969. Blowing his whistle, we see Phil Farouche, outer space traffic cop, telling the Frankfort llot- rodders that they can't park on the right side the moon. i Pert, little Marie Simonette has become the biggest worrier in the Department of Internal Re- venue. She has the job of burning all those worn out bills. The crystal ball has become hazy and we can barely see old F.S.C.S., but it has been fun and pleasing to visit again the Class of 1959. C ASS HISTORY As our class of 1959 looks back on the four best years of our life, many pleasant memories enter our minds. After our wonderful eighth grade graduation the big year finally arrived - we entered our Freshman Class. Our officers were: Phyllis Chard, Presidentg Margaret Hatton, Vice-P residentg Florence F arouche, Secretary, and Philomena Balio, Treasurer. Miss Ingro and Mrs. Pontolillo were our class advisers. Representing our class on the JV cheerleading squad were: Mary Tucker, Margaret Hatton and Beverly Bernard. Ending the year as honors were Florence F arouche and Beverly Bernard, May Day Attendants. After giving our Freshman teachers a two-months' summer vacation, we came back in the fall as Sophomores. Our class officers were: President, Anthony Ruggeriog Vice-P resident, Joseph Greeng Secretary, Philomena Baliog and Treasurer, Mary Tucker. Our advisers were Mrs. Reina and Mr. Monohan. Helen Valente and Dorothy Schmidt were the class May Day Attendants. This year Florence Farouche became a Varsity Cheerleader while Margaret Hatton, Helen Valente, Marie Simonette, and Rosemary Grizzuto, a new member of our class , became Junior varsity cheerleaders. During the latter part of this year, we had a Sophomore dance featuring the new "Jumping Jacks," which of course, put financial support into our treasury. After much hard work and studying, we found ourselves on a class picnic at Caroga Lake. Then we witnessed the departure of two of our classmates, Jane Oakden and Beverly Bernard. As Juniors, we anticipated the fact that we need a great sum of money for our coming Senior year. Therefore, we held a spaghetti supper, a bakesale, and sponsored a traditional junior dance. We finally became joyous juniors when we received our class rings. All these activities were under the direction of our class officers: President, Mary Tucker, Vice-P resident, Rosemary Grizzutog Secretary, Philomena Baliog and Treasurer, Vincent Adams. Our class advisers were Mrs. Reina and Miss Perritano. Our May Day attendants and their escorts were: Dorothy Schmidt and David Hughes, Ann Peters and Bob Perry. Florence Farouche again made Varsity cheerleading accompanied by Dorothy Schmidt, while Sara Pandolf and Vivian Manno became JV cheerleaders. Sam Tucci, David Hughes, Joe Green, David Rosbrook, and Joseph Grizzuto were selected for Boys State. This year Joe Green became the unlimited wrestling champion of Central New York. At the end of the year the whole student body elected our Student Council officers: President, Donald Luther, Vice-President,SaraPandolfgSecretary,Phyllis Chard, and Treasurer, Gail Hughes. We then faced the sad experience of saying goodbye to our history teacher, Miss Perritano We hope she will always find happiness and success. Finally we ended our junior year watching Bob Perry and Chester Schmidt wash floors after covering them with chalk. This incident and many others still bring laughter to our minds. Finally, what we've all been waiting for - our SENIOR YEAR! Mary Tucker became our class Presi- dent, with Rosemary Grizzuto as Vice-Presidentg David Rosbrook, Secretary, and Patricia Inserra, Treasurer. Our advisers were Mrs. Graves and Mrs. Donald. We again realized the overwhelming need for money in our treasury and decided to sell Christmas and all-occasion cards and to sponsor a football concession. The profit from these two projects was added to the amount earned from our Senior Play, "Thank You, Mr. Parker," which then resulted in the biggest sum ever earned.The Varsity Cheerleaders were represented by Vivian Manno, Dot Schmidt, and Sara Pandolf who cheered our football team to victory. Our team included: Donald Luther, Joe Green, John Luggerio, Joe Grizzuto, Clayton Crossman, Charles Campione, and Andrew Romano. During the latter part of this year our class again witnessed the departure of one of our classmates, John Delia, who moved to Florida. We miss John a great deal and wish him the best of happiness and success. To end our Senior year off nicely, the DAR Good Citizenship Award was presented to Rosemary Grizzuto. After graduation, the Class of 1959 left the halls of F .C.S. to find a new life, but it will always cherish the memories of our alma mater. 27 S NIGR PL Theodore Wakefield Margaret Wakefield Joan Wakefield . . Stan Wakefield. . . Beth Wakefield . . Conrad Parker . . Margaret Wakefield Joan Wakefield . . Beth Wakefield. . . Carrie Bloom . . Director . . "THANK YoU, MR. PARKER" . Dennis Van Dusen . . . Janice Ludwig . . . Mary Tucker . . . . .Sam Tucci . Florence Farouche . . . David Hughes Mark Cooper Helen Fields Carrie Bloom Jessie Bloom Homer Quinn UNDERSTUDIES . . Irene Murzin . . Margaret Green . . Marie Sirnonette . . Rosalie Nicastro . . Mrs. Anita Hanna Jessie Bloom Helen Fields Male Understudies . . 5 . Joe Gillette Barbara Bunce . . Pat Inserra B. Nedzinski Robert Barrett . . G. Hughes . . J. Puleo . .I. Belmont P. Farouche SENIOR UPERL Mary Tucker Joseph Green SMARTEST Bernice Nedzynski David Rosbrook MOST BUSINESSLIKE Gail Hughes Barbara Bunce MOST STUDIOUS Pat Inserra Rosalie Nicastro BEST MANNERED Donna Mathews Joe P. Belmont MOST ARTISTIC Tony Ruggerio Jack Consilio WITTIEST Phyl Chard Gordon Hight MOST ATHLETIC Rosalie Castilla Donald Luther MOST COOPERATIVE Margaret Cook Sara Pandolf MOST SENSIBLE Joanne Bommarito Joseph Grizzuto BEST DEBATERS Mary Ann Rolchigo Vivian Manno MOST MODEST Jo Ann Puleo Margaret Green FRIENDLIEST Evelyn Falcone Roseann Passante BEST DISPOSITION Linda Di Mare Andy Romano QUIETEST Ken Schmidt Charles Ludwig BLUSHES MOST Pat Bunce Vincent Adams MOST SOFT SPOKEN Irene Murzin Marie De Fazio TIVES MOST HAND SOME Clayton Croasmun CUTEST Florence Farouche Chet Schmidt PRETTIEST EYES Jo Ann Collins Bob Perry BEST COMPLEXION Sandra Shannon Brian Frank NICEST SMILE Janice Ludwig Phil Balio BEST DRESSERS Donna Perillo John Luggerio BEST DANCERS Mary Gatto Joe Evola MOST PETITE Dotty Schmidt Marie Simonette NICEST ACCENT Marguerite Kelly MOST FAITHFUL Helen Valente Joe A. Belmont CURLIEST HAIR Martha McCullen Charles Campione GREATEST PROCRASTINATORS Roy Smith Jim Di Camillo BOLDEST Dennis Van Dusen David Hughes CRAZIEST Phil Farouche Joe Gillette SILLIEST Ann Peters Ruth Markle MOST TALKATIVE Judy Kinney Bob Barrett ODDEST LAUGH Phyl Bono 9 V -r- 1 ,.. --Q-as Avi' 41. XRQ5 og "-"--u....,,g' " 1-W, 'J:2..f,, "Q-R--.J Q s Aki ,,.f- f ,M fy' sagiify JU IOR CLASS President . . . . Francis Stolark Secretary . . . . . Fred Grates Vice-President . . Anthony Riente Treasurer .... . Phyllis Polizzi Advisers ..... . . Mr. Mazzara, Miss Ingro 4 N Y l SEVENTH GRADE President .............. Regina, Piazza Secretary ............. Daniel Clayton Vice-President . . John Sanders Treasurer. . .... . Francine Nancetti Advisers . Mr. Giotto, Miss Karpinski , Mr. Acquaviva. Miss Du1y,Miss Adder1ey,Miss Frank CLASS CJFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS President ........ Francis Stolark President ........ Robert Horan President ------- Thomas LRPUU18 Vice-President .... Anthony Riente Vice -President ..... James Alsanre Vice -President ..... James Domina Secretary . . . .... Fred Grates Secretary . . . . . Sandra Sylvester SCCFCFHIY - - - - - KHICH R0biI1S0l'1 Treasurer . . . . . Phyllis Polizzi Treasurere .... Donna Ryde Treasurer - - '--- CYI1fhi3- R0Sb1'00k President . . . . . . Douglas Harmon Vice-President . . . Carol Amendolare Secretary ...... Mary Alice Baren Treasurer ......... Dale Bristol EIGHTH GRADE President . . . . . Regina Piazza Vice-President . . . . John Sanders Secretary ....... Daniel Clayton Treasurer ...... Francine Nancetti SEVENTH GRADE ,ff ,MMV F' I .n LL NL QW.: it ,AQ A 20 557 7 :Hex X Y A kv -f1f. x'. f V . ' . I V YQ I V ' I 5 .IQ i . K K V f Q "fy , KK' Kees P xx' X Xa ,K N' mi E ' 3 5 1 W . 1 . ' : . l : . , AM U In ' V '1 ' A ' . l ' I R - .. . K Y jMM x X 'Q I I 1' hx G Yaskx S ffA:, 5 xx '. 1 1 5 '- 71 X Q ' ' Ed. 4 '. ' gQs 0 0 ' ' . ' on Q ' - . u L' t , Q iii I 559 WI" f ,gf! f "' . ' ? is v " gb 5 . Q ,E , ig, JH. Q ri ND. 'Y Nb 5 'x ff sf, I I 19 fi 'Q f 4 sy Q Yi-v . v u-I il- SQ-5 11-.v 9 R M79- 5 . , we X N f x-'MB-1..? -his ' - 4 . Q.. X , A pi ? ' N ' Q -' +0 scar .l' - -mf 0 fy X 44,-g"?i 1 s 'xi A 5 2 ? 5 5 3 i E 4 ...-.. Mr. Buffan Q Librarian, John Tassa Uniform, Sandra Sylvester BATO TWIRLERS President .... . ....... Catherine Oleksik Secretary-Treasurer . ..... Rosalie Barretta V. - . . ice President . . ..... Paula Hennckson Adviser ......... . . . . Mr. Buffan MIXED CHCIR Adviser: Mr. McMurray 42 GIRLS' NSEMBLE Mr. McMurray, Adviserg Patty Gatto, Rosemary Grizzuto, Francine Valent, Carol Tocco, Cathy Cole, Martha Schurman, Lynda Rork, Sandra Cushman, Rosalie Barretta, Vivian Manno. JLI ICJR-SENICDR PRCDM X 3 Co-Chairmen: Mary Tucker, Francis Stolark. Virginia Oliver, Rosemary Grizzuto, Francine Valent, Joe Evola, Scott Hubbell, Gordon I-light, Florence Farouche, Keith Wells, Dennis Van Dusen, Ed Freedman, Diane Aurigema, Phyllis Polizzi, Paula Hendrickson. ABSENT: Phyllis Chard. 43 NATIQNAL H0 OR SCCIETY President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patrica Inserra Secretaryi. ...... . . . . . . . .Carol Taverni Vice-President . . . . . . Francis Stolark Treasurer ....... . . Fred Grates Adviser ........ ...... i Miss Ingro TUDE T COUNCIL Pl.'6SidCIlI .... .... D onald Llllhel' Segretary .'.... ' I Phyllis Vice-President . . ...... Sara,Pando1f Treasurer 3 ,.,,,, . ' CQai1I-Iughes Adviser ........ ..... M r. Leland COMMERCIAL LLIB President . . . ........ ..... S araPando1f Secretary .............. Norma Worlock Vice-President . . . .... Phyllis Chard Treasurer. . . .... . . . Mary Pileggi Advisers ......... Mrs. Pontolillo, Mr. Chuff FUTURE TEACHERS of MERICA President . . . . . . .... Mary Tucker Secretary ....... . . Barbara Ludwig Vice-President . . ..... Patricia Inserra. Treasurer , .. . . . . . . . Carol Taverni Adviser . ...... .... M r. Copeland MU LPH TH ETA his ,yr .4 1 : 43 xl I 'nn I ilill' President .... . . . David Rosbrook Secretary ....... .... C aro1Ta.verni Vice-President . . .... Karen Lindsay Treasurer ,. .. ...... . . Bernice Nedzynski JETS CLUB Z5 rr rn President .......... .... D avid Rosbrook Secretary ...... . . - . . . . Karen Lindsay Vice-President . ..... Robert Horan Treasurer . . . ..... . . Keith Wells Adviser ........ ...... rs. Reina LA GUAGE CLUB President . . . . . . . Charlotte Cushman Secretary . . . . . Mike Sciortino Vice-President . .... . Karen Lindsay Treasurer . . . . . . . . Sandra Sylvester Adviser. . .. . .. . .. . .... Miss Ingro FUTURE URSES CDF A ERICA if 5 5 ii .1 Q x s 3 1 s President. . . . . . .. .Phyllis Bono Secretary. . . . . Donna Mathews Vice-President . . . . . . Dorothy Comes Treasurer. . . . . . . . . Sandra Sylvestor Adviser........ ......Mrs.Orio1e 5 LIBRARY STAFF President. . . . . . . . . . . . Patricia Inserra. Secretary. . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . Irene Murzin Vice-President. . . . . . Normaworlock i Adviser .... . . . . Mrs. Hanna. KEY CLUB X s Q President . . . . . . . David Rosbrook Secretaryf. . . . Anthony Reinte Vice-President . . . . . Joseph GriZZutO Treasurerx. . . . . . .. . . Fred Grares Adviser. . ..... . Mr. Frank FUTURE FAR ERS of MERICA President .......... . Edwin Taylor Secretary - . - - - ------ David SUOHS Vice-President . . . . . . Fred Christensen Treasurer . ...... . . Thomas Talarico Adviser ......... ..... M r. Hubbell I DUSTRI L RTS CLUB President ......... . . . Joseph A. Belmont Secretary . . . . . . . .... Charles Ludwig Vice-President . . . . . . . . David Hughes Treasurer ........ . . Kenneth Schmidt Advisers . . Mr. Le1and,Mr. Acquaviva,Mr. Hudson MARO0 BUGLE Editor -in -Chief ......... Assistant Editor Business Editor. Feature Editors Headline Editors . . Karen Lindsay . . . . Carol Tocco . . Rosemary Grizzuto Sports Editors . . Norma, Worlock . . Margorie Tucker Art Editor. . . Carlo Pumillio Bernice Nedzynski Socia.1 Editors ............ Frances Marine Mary Thomas Mary Tucker Robert Barrett Joseph Evalo . Ann Valent GI RLS' TH LETIC ASSOCIATIO President ......... . . . . . . JoAnn Puleo Secretary-Treasurer ...... Florence Parouche Vice-President . . .... Diane Aurigema. Adviser ........ . Miss Gigliotti I . KA 'P V5 at Pa' 1 0 sim 10 x 5 wa X fy I ..Q g Q 5 gg ig-fsx , Q GQ X if 1 -Q A5 ,gy , 1 NxQx.fsvS.11 Y M 461' -a . Q K K . . I . ,. Y ,WfwL,,Jl," ' -7' 1' 121 ,g Xifixgfy . . - MQ. V 1 I ..1. , Q x, 1 A jakx-.inf , v fh, -f k .IV , . uw, V ' . 5 ' 53.4. , X ' ,dl ' wiggle, - ,,,,r ix 511'--""'f""'.:WEjrff"'113 k K, 2 nueukkgwwmg if Y ' 'vfmg , a fum X.. K- 1 I K ,wg 1 2 5' ' ' ,,wrf., s Wz if 3 ' .zffEg:F ,J Q-,QR ,ffl-Sw' gf . :hw ..1 -,-X.,j4,, 5, :A ', f i v4,5,7,,.,gww:-.5lg4,,!,V,:..w,. y4f Q 3"x3Q"9'f.-,,ar,gf,gfz Q .-ff' qi ' , Q if fi wa, ,,. A.f,- .,f'wf,A Q 1 , , W V 5493154 xy-fy fog 'vigfff If ' A :,i11,6 R rf , . tif. 01,3 s f'v,.wA H 4 ' 1, A ig""'7:73Q2m W - -'..,4.x, m, .-,W Cwiv MGX . 1 .M N1 ' if lf K xi f4gg:i '5 3: alf F12:fv9.:ae.?95"f2f : :Qwsf,afQ 13,,,.fG3g4fiv54wrmfs4?f.vf,j'4,1m...' 32'friy.zfg21si:Liigglrr4i"kxjigiw'ry-'I WV-Q5 ::ax...ffj.,.j 5"-W"'f1i.T. 41- W 1-Wm, ,.:.,. gym .. . .,.,, -'J 2 I W f ,ffm-.1 A -5 , It FOOTB LL FIRST ROW: M. Sciortino, A. Riente, G. Chard, D. Luther, J. Camarata, C. Croasmun, E. Riente, J. LaMonica, E. Freedman. SECOND ROW: F. Stolark, A. Romano, C. Campione, J. Licari, I. Caruso, J. Luggerio, J. Green, J. Grizzuto, G. Grizzuto, J. Branck, F. Grates. THIRD ROW: Coach Joseph Campo, J. DiMartin, B. Ackley, B. Murphy, J. Ciola, A. Conigilaro, J. Murphy. I. Plano, F. Muto, J. Tassa, Coach Bernard Murray, Coach Francis Daley. l The Frankfort-Schuyler Central football team continued to demonstrate its ability and determina- tion throughout the 1958 season. Under the leadership of Coach Joseph Campo, the Maroon Knights scored,five impressive victories in their six games, including four shutouts. The stalwart defense, was unscored upon until its fourth game, when a highly-inspired Dolgeville team tallied nineteen points in a losing cause. The Knights only loss was a nineteen to thirteen defeat at the hands of the Mohicans from Mohawk. Although Frankfort is losing seven seniors, Donald Luther, A Clayton Croasmun, Joseph Green, Joseph Grizzuto, Andrew Romano, Charles Campione, and John lLuggerio, it hopes to have another highly successful season in 1959. SCORES 13 Carthage 0 20 Dolgeville 19 14 Canajoharie 0 13 Mohawk 19 6 Fulton 0 6 Little Fans 0 54 0 R FRAN KFO RT R A N KNIGHTS F VARSITY BA KETBALL KNEELING: F. Muto, B. Barrett, R. Sassone, D. Luther, C. Campione, A. Ruggerio. STANDING: Coach John Mosney. I. Spine, B. Perry, P. Loiacano, E. Freedman, C. Schmidt, A. Conigilaro. Althoughathe Maroon Cagers have won only 6 of their 14 games thus far, they have given a fine account of themselves. Many of the team's losses came in the last ,few minutes of play, but like true sportsmen, the Knights accepted the decisions gracefully. Although the Maroon Knights will lose five players - Don Luther, Charlie Campione, Chet Schmidt, Tony Ruggerio, and Bob Barrett, by way of graduation, the return of fine players like Ed Freedman, Tony Cdnigilaro, and Tom LaPuma makes Frankfort's chances for an undefeated season next year seem very good. SCORES P Frankfort 34 Mohawk 31 Frankfort k 44 Canajoharie Frankfort Herkimer Frankfort Herkimer Frankfort St. Aloysius Frankfort St. Johnsville Frankfort St. Mary's Frankfort St. Mary's Frankfort Oneonta Frankfort Fort Plain Frankfort Fort Plain Frankfort Dolgeville Frankfort St. Aloysius Frankfort Canajoharie Frankfort Dolgeville Frankfort St. Iohnsville Frankfort Mohawk 56 J. V. BASKETB LL TOP ROW: Coach James Johnson, L. Volcano, E. Riente, B. Juliano. I. Rappa, J. Dempsey, L. Lom- bardo, J. Kinney. BOTTOM ROW: P. Worlock, T. LaPuma, T. Scaparo, S. Paratore, P. Ruggerio, M. Sciortino. The, Frankfort J,V, Basketball team has encountered tough opposition throughout the 1958-1959 season. Frankfort has won only two of its 14 gamesg however, this is not a true indication of the team's ability since many of the losses were by only a few points. The techniques which Coach Johnson has taught to the players, coupled with experience the latter has gained, seem to give the varsity a bright outlook for next year. SCORES Frankfort Mohawk 32 Frankfort Dolgeville Frankfort Herkimer 40 Frankfort Mohawk Frankfort St. Aloysius 28 Frankfort Canajoharie Frankfort St. Mary's 44 Frankfort Herkimer Frankfort Oneonta 57 Frankfort St. Iohnsville Frankfort Fort Plain 44 Frankfort St. Mary's Frankfort St. Aloysius 43 Frankfort Fort Plain 57 BASEBALL - .. S 2 s . ? ii EG 3 is .E 5 ri 5 ' 13 T , 'E Ei FIRST ROW: P. Worlock, S. Paratore, T. La Puma, B. Murphy, F. Muto, J. Piazza, I. Kinney, J. Davis. SECOND ROW: M. Manore, K. Wells, E. Riente, M. Sciortino, J. Cimino, E. Freedman, J. Caruso, C.Campione, F. Stolark, G. Grizzuto. THIRD ROW: Coach Wallace, I. Tassa, J, Rappa, A. Conigilaro, R. Barrett, R. Sassone, A. Ruggerio, D. Luther, P. Ruggerio, D. Smizzi. By winning nine of its 14 games in the 1958 season, the Frankfort Baseball Team was able to cap- ture second place in the Mohawk Valley Invitational League. A combination of excellent coaching and team spirit led to seven straight victories at the beginning of the campaign. Anthony Ruggerio, Donald Bristol, George Luther, and Charlie Campione were selected as members of the league All- Star Team while Carl Coniggio received an honorable mention. Prospects for the 1959 season seem unusually bright with a large group of returning experienced players. The return of three 3-year veterans - Bob Barrett, Tony Ruggerio, and Charlie Campione, -will give the team a solid nucleus this spring. SCORES Frankfort Mohawk Frankfort St. Johnsville Frankfort Mohawk Frankfort Dolgeville Frankfort Sr. Mary's Frankfort canajoharre Frankfort Fort Plain FI31'1kf01't St. Jghngviue Frankfort Canajoharie Frankfort Dolgeville Frankfort St. Mary's Frankfort Herkimer Frankfort Fort Plain Frankfort Ilion WRESTLI G KNEELING: G. Grizzuto, M. Manore, I. Grizzuto, J. Green, J. Licari, F. Grates, J. Montalto STANDING: F. Grates, R. Campione, B. Di Piazza, F. Barbuto, J. Plano, J. Caiola, P. Kelly L Sportello, J. Schurman, J. La Monica, Coach Campo. The Frankfort-Schuyler Central wrestling team, having won nine straight league contests, needs only a tie in one of its two remaining matches to win the Central New York Wrestling League Championship. Under Coach joe Campo, Frankfort has more than tripled the score amassed by its opponents. The Knights have tallied 398 points while only allowing 114 points to be scored against them. Thus far, the team has been led by Robert Perry and Joseph Green, neither of whom is undefeated, although the latter has been once tied. George Grizzuto and Mike Manore have also turned in excellent performances. Frankfort journeys to Sauquoit on February 12 for its final match of the season. SCORES Frankfort Herkimer 10 Frankfort Frankfort Whitesboro '7 Frarrkforr Frankfort V . V. S. 5 Frankfort Frankfort Van Hornesville 5 Frankfort Frankfort Richfield Springs 11 Frankfort Frankfort Rome Free Academy 3 Frankfort 59 Sauquoit Holland Patent Ilion Whitesboro Van Hornesville Richfield Springs N r Y W TRoNs Mr. and Mrs Robert Adams Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hight Mr. and Mrs Louis Balio Mr. and Mrs Charles Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Barrett Mr. and Mrs Rowland Hughes Mr. and Mrs. John T. Belmont Mr. and Mrs Pat Inserra Mr. and Mrs Joseph R. Belmont Mr. and Mrs Nicholas Kinney Mr. and Mrs Frank Bommarito Mr. and Mrs Robert Ludwig Mr. and Mrs Jack Bono Mr. and Mrs John Luggerio Mr. and Mrs Carl Bunce Mr. and Mrs George Luther Mr. and Mrs Ivan Bunce Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manno Mr. and Mrs Maynard Caldwell Mr. and Mrs LeRoy Markle Mr. and Mrs Thomas Castilla Mr. and Mrs Peter Mathews Mr. and Mrs Dominick Chard Mr. and Mrs Henry McCullen Mr. and Mrs Frederick Collins Mr. and Mrs Charles Murzin Mr. and Mrs Harry A. Cook, Sr Mr. and Mrs Felix Nedzynski Mr. and Mrs Clayton Croasmun Mr. and Mrs Peter Nicastro Mr. and Mrs James De Fazio Mr. and Mrs Anthony Pandolf Mr. and Mrs Italo Di Camillo Mr. and Mrs Esmond Passante Mrs. Jennie Evola Mr. and Mrs Julius Perillo Mr. and Mrs Brunette Di Mare Mr. and Mrs Robert E. Peters Mr. and Mrs Joseph Falcone Mr. and Mrs Paul Puleo Mr. and Mrs Anthony Farouche Mr. and Mrs Frank Race Mr. and Mrs Peter Farouche Mr. and Mrs Philip Rolchigo Mr. and Mrs Fred Frank , Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosbrook Mr. and Mrs Nicholas Gatto Mr. and Mrs Philip Ruggerio Mr. and Mrs Charles Gillette Mr. and Mrs August Schmidt Mr. and Mrs Frank Green Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Simonette Mr. and Mrs James Green Mr. and Mrs. Francis Tucci Mr. and Mrs. Louis Grippe Mrs. John Tucker Mr. and Mrs George Grizzuto Mr. and Mrs. Charles Valente Mr. and Mrs Fred Grizzuto 61 Mr. and Mrs. John Van Dusen You're Always Welcome at THE CITIZENS' ' FIRST ATIONAL BA K Member of F.D.I.C. FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Compliments of HOTEL THURSTON We carter to parties 6 banquets Homemade Pizza Pie Compliments of KIRBY OFFICE EQUIPM NT COMPANY Herkimer, New York Compliments of A FRIEND 62 Compliments of ROBEL TUDIO Portrait G Commercial Photographers Your Yearbook Photographers ll2 North Main Street Phone TO 6-3060 Herkimer, New York Compliments of MELROSE SUPER MARKET Frankfort, New York Compliments of QUALE OIL COMPANY Mohawk, New York Compliments of Compliments of BELMDNT'S J. BRADY THOMAS Sanitary Barber Shop Insurance 63 ...I Compliments of PHILIA SIGMA PHI Sara Pandolf, President Florence Farouche, Vice-President Mary Ann Di Leo, Secretary Ann Lee Kipper, Treasurer Phyllis Polizzi Donna Perillo Phyllis Chard Carm Corregio Angela Nurod Phyllis Bono JoAnn DiCamillo Donna Mathews Carol Tocco Mary Thomas Judy Kinney Paula Henrickson Mary Jean Paratore Francine Valent Janet Liocano Patty Gatto Diane Aurigema Dewey Hodges Virginia Oliver Carol Latella Irene Murzin Rosann Passante Sandra Sylvester Compliments of BESSIE'S BEAUTY SHOP Frankfort, New York Compliments of PALMER STREET MARKET Frankfort, New York Compliments of LATELLA'S BAKERY Frankfort, New York 1 l Compliments of V. J. IOCOVOZZI Compliments of WALSH BROTHERS SHELL SERVICE Compliments of BILLIS HOTEL North Frankfort St Frankfort, New York Fr kf t N Y k' Compliments of TALARICO'S GAS STATION an OI' , GW 01' Compliments of WILTSE INSURANCE-REAL ESTATE 125 E. O h d S . . . Frankf or trcNZ5v Yolik Anykl1nd'Anyt1me 'Anywhere TW 414803 lll W. Main Street-TW 4-8981 l....-.. r.. - - I F Compliments of DODGE AND WEEDEN, INC INSURANCE '-'-I Compliments of GREEN'S MOBIL SERVICE Main and Frankfort Sts. Frankfort, New York Compliments of BRASS TACK Frankfort, New York Compliments of TAMBURRO'S MARKET 403 Frankfort Street Compliments of PLANO'S MARKET Frankfort, New York PAUL'S K-B BAR-B-QUE nEveryone's Favorite Drive-Inn Famous For Good Coffee and Mexican Hots Many Good Things To Eat East Main Street Frankfort New York ORIOLO SERVICE STATION Compliments of Sunoco Products East Frankfort SALAMONE'S MARKET Compliments of W. RUTHERFORD Paint and Wallpaper Compliments of A FRIEND .I 1 Compliments of AUGlE'S UP-TO-DATE BARBER SHOP Compliments of RADIO STATION WALY 1420 On Your Dial Herkimer, New York WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Floyd Lonis 272 North Main St. Herkimer, New York l 1 HERKIMER CAMERA SHOP 272 North Main St. Herkimer, New York TO 6-1270 Compliments of MUNGER AND BECHTOLD Dodge and Plymouth Dealer 208 W. Albany St. Herkimer, New York T0 6-2920 Compliments of LOUIS R. URGO 1, Compliments of ALPHA CHAPTER OF BETA CHI INC HThis organization is formed for the social, moral, and intellectual benefit of young womanhood.H 1' Compliments of LIM ERT'S Clothing, Furnishings, S hoes W Compliments of CLUB ROYALE 155 E. Main Street Entertainment Nightly l. Compliments of COMMERCIAL PRINTING Wedding Invitations 120 S Frankfort St. Frankfort, New York TW 4-3551 .I 1 Compliments of SKOWRON MARKET 248 East Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of GRAND UNION HOTEL 251 E. Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of ARLINGTON HOTEL 245 E. Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of GRIPPE'S TAVERN 158 E. Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of CROWELL JEWELRY 102 S. Frankfort Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of BONNIE'S SINCLAIR STATION 201 E. Main Street Frankfort, New York Lubrication, Car Repair G Car Wash Phone TW 4-9786 Compliments of ROYAL FOOD MARKET Brand name foods, Competitive rices, Fresh fruits 6 produce Free 8 Prompt Deliveries Frankfort, New York TW 5-7202 Compliments of DULAK'S CLEANERS AND DYERS Courtesy of BECKWITH SHOP Compliments of WILLIAMSON'S PHARMACY Established 1898 Chas. Williamson, Prop. l- .J Compliments of AUGUST OLIVER Compliments of KATHRYN'S BEAUTY SHOP Frankfort Street Frankfort, New York Kathryn Quirk, Prop. I FRANKFORT WHOLESALE CO. li f I Comp ments o Vito Spohn Distributors of ' Food-Candy-General Merchandise MAR -R TH HOP I U S TW 4-9168 I 262 Main Street - AVERSA'S CLEANERS For the Prom See Aversa's For Perfect Fitting in Tuxedos TW 4-9161 - 122 West Main Street Frankfort, New York L..... - .. - Compliments of WILLARD EARLE Your Zenith Dealer 106 S. Frankfort Street Phone TW 4-3780 Compliments of ' Compliments of WINKLE AND HORAN JOHN'S LIQUOR STORE Plumbing, Heating, Wiring Litchfield Street Oil Burners I Frankfort, New York 115 Litchfield Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of JAMES DURANT Compliments of FRANK LEFEVER 8 SONS, INC. Custom Gunsmiths . .J Compliments of GREEN'S AUTO PARTS Phones: TW 4-4841 TW 4-4213 Frankfort, New York l Compliments of RUDY'S Store for Men 6 Boys Phone: T0 6-3270 216 S. Main St. Herkimer, New York l n UTCGR PH 1- . "Y ,Lf X 1 AEXJ x A ' N 4 , - ,f' Inf ,7 69 'x.,3s xl : iw -lmlbw Q? INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publrshers - Cover Munufnriurersl Book Binders FACTORY - HOME OFFICE Kunsus City PRINYFD 1N lr G A. . -MA ,-:x,L .4 ,N ' QW , .. IQ K fig: ' I I w V x E -Q LL 1 ssiff Q ' as I1 Bw. gsm ar Q1 A ff ,f K fn M ,...., Aw' -fi z -.." -3 S 'L ' ff "' 5 Q55 55' if miiwsa W 55, ,

Suggestions in the Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) collection:

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