Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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Frankfort Schuyler Central High School - Maroon Log Yearbook (Frankfort, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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I , .M 9 1 l I wi 5 2 fs F ln , x A Q --., f Bin my , ' W , Q 2 5 5 'K f V 4 1 .X..,...,. A av ' A s f M H A Y- We -g.4.R.., .W I P A X X P I W f iv N 2 i V 0 W mA yAx mfM,A9A , A 1 I r l maya , Mk 1 -. Q fn 2.1. ,IJ 5 I L . M x f, s J A THE SENIOR CLASS W4 ERANKEORT-SCHUYLER CENTRAL RRESE NTS 1958X mAnoo'n LOG V Foreword "Come, my friends, 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push off, and sitting well in order smite The sounding furrowsg for my purpose holds To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths Of all the western stars, until l die. " Tennyson's "Ulysses" Our ship of Life will soon push off on its voyage across the ruthless sea of Time. We search for a new and better world. Our hopes and ambitions guide the ship to un- known ports. The compass that will hold our ship on its true course is knowledge. This com- pass was obtained for a small price, but its value is priceless. Our cargo is experience, though it is somewhat limited for a long voyage. More supplies may be obtained at ports along the way. Our ideals have been instilled in us by our superiors. These ideals will help to create a determination to remain on our courses, even when the strongest storm may endeavor to alter it. Ourhopes are boundlessg our spirits are high as we set about preparing our depar- ture for the next port. Before we depart, we wish to record the events of the years at the port of Frank- fort-Schuyler Central School in the ship's "Log, " With this end in view, we, the class of 1958, leave the MAROON LOG as a mem orandum of past activities and experiences. QS QS' S Lb S03 N S? S QQ img wc? S CQ B6 XS SV GR Q, TABLE CONTENTS SD Q54 CMB 5 Dedication i With the highest esteem, we, the class of '58, are protid to dedicate the MAROON LOG to Mr. Joseph Campo. Your untiring and unyielding efforts to make our team the strongest opponent in the Mohawk Valley are deeply appreciated. Your sportsmanlike attitude has set a fine example both to the team and the student body. This attitude has helped immeasurably to raise our schoo1's prestige. By being a friend to "your boys", you have encoura d them to work hard toward winning ge two Mid-State Championships. But even more than that, it is your high standards that have won our admiration and respect. 4 i Qfgwfm, X,4,0sQ,,xf5fzy 75879 xffbf vwvifweazipanvcg MQQQMWJQJMAQL ,ow 0f0Z7v1,J'f wif' wz Cf 125 O"ACf 61, mcg! iw Maroon Lo g ED ITOR-IN -CHIEF Phyllis Sgroi ASSISTANT EDITOR Evelyn Bristol ACTIVITY EDITORS Carol Favat Catherine App Joan Murphy Lonnell Hakes Philomena Ortello Rachel Zaffarano PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Ed Lints Joanne Spohn Georgianna Dee Jim Barnett ADVISOR Mrs. Graves 6 ASSISTANT ART EDITORS Carolyn Baldwin Joanne Henrickson BUSINESS MANAGERS George Sylvester Joseph Cristiano BUSINESS MANAGERS Roy Swiger Tom Maneen SPORTS EDITORS George Feduccia Henry Kinney MAKE-UP EDITORS Carol Parkola Jeanette Rappa Rita Juteau FACULTY NICHOLAS J. ACQUAVIVA Industrial Arts NICHOLAS L. CHUFF Commercial GRACE L. ADDERLEY Mathematics JAMES E. BUFFAN Instrumental Music 8 s if il C C 3 '-0 if an mm r.'!'.'fm.."" PHYLLIS J. BRAIDWOCJD Art JOSEPH A. CAMPO Physical Education and Coach E gtk - K Nw' WILLIAM H. COPELAND Guidance Director KATHERINE F. GARVEY Nurse, Health Teacher FRANCIS R. DUNNING Mathematics, Science E ' as H ' if '55 , F EET as G ij W iz, 6411 A fi 51: ig Q 4? L K f I is its 5 , lv- 1 'ai 5 A eii, eii wa ' "2' ifizi, 4 4. MARGARET D. DULY Homemaking YVONNE D. GIGLIOTTI Physical Education MARGARET R. FRANK Science 9 THERESA M. GRAVES English ANDREW A. GIOTTO English, Commercial CHARLES A. GUZEWICH Agriculture RICHARD M. HUDSON Mechanical Drawing ANITA W. HANNA Librarian, Speech 10 NANCY M. INGRO Latin, French V K sf ,, 55 k ,J islam V .- 4: - 13 . ,af .. W W' ni .M ,Sw , wg. A, Q in .N k 3 NN L , -- Lili 4. J .3 BETTY C. KLING Physical Education RM-1.sM .s SIGMUNT N. LELAND Industrial Arts DORIS R. LOVESTRAND English LA VERGNE MC MURRAY Choral Music U C :f F' Q ' fi iw.. TL ,aw ' .1 it X . 3 JOHN L. MONOHAN Science ROSE T. MARCANTONIO Social Studies , K? f , !,. ,f ,,f7 1 i W !.! f' it Lf CVC , -rfpyfy' ,. K .-K , ,,- ' f-6 -f't. ,Lf L, ,7,1 , ,C ffzff, QVC!! M" f , L Plk ff XL K U if his ff i 'I I BERNARD C. MURRAY Science f ' i K ,W ff' 5-,P KVM' jg RT! ALICE O NEILL English f" FRANCES F. PON TOLILLO Commercial I2 FRANCES E. PERRITANO Social Studies VIRGINIA L. REINA Mathematics 3 5 l -1 JOSEPH E SPANFELNER Social Studies Coach xg in x Alllg 3: ,L gllllh if M5235 , "N X 'N 14" . A x A ,ff ' M7 - FRANK B. ROSSIX, l FRANK J. SPINA 5095131 Smdiesg Q' ' Mathematics ,MN .Qi If if j 'KJ A ,ij MRM 'SAN f X j,,"Y, Q "M Lf ,ji N Q N Vx XJUPQ xx ! i will 1411 , A ,- 4 , - I , L , X, g KLM A l X ,. if ' Xl ,XXI h 2 X , ,NX fi Jg X 'ly Qi X XV V! .L , V1 1 i f A A if X K' rviff L' f If GERALDINE L. HUGHES Stenographer, Office FLORENCE L. GRAINGER Stenographcr, Office ini H JAMES W. WALLACE English fav-Vf I' Ik v Ili? QT ff 1 Q, li iv SENIORS JOE CRISTIANO CIN DA VALEN TE RACHEL ZAFFARANO Senior Class Cfficers CRISTIANO "Joe" "Wit is the salt of conversation, not the food. " Pet expression: "Heaven's to Betsy. " Ambition: To be happily married. Senior Class Vice-President5 Math Club 2,35 Science Club 45 Sports- man Club 1, 2,35 Model Airplane Club 1, 25 Maroon Bugle 45 Latin Club l,2,3, Treasurer 2,35 Lang- uage Club President 45 All-County Chorus 2,3,45 All-State Chorus 3, 45 Senior-Junior Prom 3,45 Mixed Choir 1,2,45 Senior Play Manager5 White Lancer 45 Art Club 1, 25 Dram- atic Club 15 Bowling 35 French Club 15 Industrial Arts Club 45 Basketball Manager l. VALENTE "Cin" "The very pink of perfection. " Pet expression: "You know. " Ambition: Success in anything I at- tempt. Senior Class Secretary: Dramatic Club 1: G. A. A. 15 Commercial Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 2: Glee Club 2.3: Mixed Choir 45 Varsity Cheer- leading 2: May Day Attendant 25 Letter Club 25 Homemaking Club 1, 25 F.H.A. 3,4, President 45 Liter- ary Club 45 Maroon Bugle 4. ZAFFARANO "Snooks" "Friendship always benefits5 love sometimes in- jures. " Pet expression: "Goodbye and good luck." Ambition: Private Secretary Senior Class Treasurer: Senior Play Understudy5 Dramatic Club 1,35 Latin Club 15 Mixed Choir 45 Mar- oon Bugle3,45 Maroon Log 45 Com- mercial Club 35 Banker 4. 16 Pl-IILOMENA ORTELLO ORTELLO "Phi1" "We desire nothing so much as what we ought not to have. " Pet expression: "I'll be dipped." Ambition: Secretary Senior Class President5 Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 Dramatic Club 1,2, 3, Vice-President 35 Latin Club lg Language Club 45 Maroon Bugle 3, 45 Maroon Log 45 Banker 25 Senior- Junior Prom 45 Glee Club l,2,35 French Club 15 Mixed Choir 4. ss sw CATHERINE APP JAMES BARN ETT Seniors APP "Kate" "Contagious enthusiasm." Pep Expression: "As many as Carter has little liver pills. " Ambition: Mother of eight children. BALDWIN "Caro1yn" "Ahorse! Ahorse! My kingdom for a horse!" Pet Expression: "Rea11y". Ambition: Owner of a stable of pure- bred horses. BARNETT "Jim" "Every fool answers to his folly. " Pet Expression: "Gee1y Jumpins. " Ambition: Space Cadet. BOUDRY "De" "Love is the fulfilling of the law. " Pet Expression: "GG6. " Ambition: Office Work. BRISTOL "Don" "Agood name is better than precious ointment. " Pet Expression: "I told you. " Ambition: Attend West Point. BRISTOL "Ev" "Inher tongue is the law of kindness. " Pet Expression: "Oh go11y!" Ambition: Actress. C AROLYN BALD WIN DEANNE BOUDRY DONALD BRISTOL EVELYN BRISTOL 17 GLAD YS BRO WNRIGG NANCY CALLAHAN BRO WNRIGG "Glad" "Where your treasure is there will your heart be al- so. Pet Expression: "Gee Whiz!" Ambition: Secretary. BUNCE "Brian" Silent people are dan- gerous, other people are not so. " Pet Expression: " Phooey! " Ambition: Farmer. CALLAHAN "Nan" "Let not your heart be troubled." Pet Expression: "Gee" Ambition: Private Secretary. C AS T ELL ANO "Custy" "There are whole veins of diamonds in thine eyes. " Pet Expression: "Ooh Lah!" Ambition: Secretary. CATLIN "Carol" "Stolen kisses are al- ways sweetest. " Pet Expression: "Guess what?" Ambition: Dancing Teacher. CAVANAUGH "Len" "My day is swifter than a weaver's shuttle. " Pet Expression: "Turn around. " Ambition: Draftsman. .E W- X BRIAN BUNCE RITA CASTELLANO ARD CAVANAUGH CAROL CATLIN LEON 1 8 HOWARD CHARBONNEAU PHILIP CHUFF DIANE CRESS CHARBONNEAU "Howie" "King of ter- rors. " Pet Expression: "What can I tell yah? " Ambition: Draftsman. CI-IRISTENSEN "Rosco" "He that is of merry heart hath a continual feast." Pet Expression: "Oh no!" Ambition: Navy. CHUFF "Chumpy Buff' "Oh bed! Oh bed! Delicious bed!" Pet Expression: "Oh for crying out loud, " Ambition: Trail Blazer. C O RR IG G IO "Car1ie" "The heart's hushed secret in the soft dark eyes. " Pet Expression: "Good golly goshness. " Ambition: Coach. CRESS "Pooch" "Whose service is per- fect freedom." Pet Expression: "I'11 buy that. " Ambition: Hairdresser. DEE "George" "She most attracts who longest can refuse. " Pet Expression: "Gee. " Ambition: Nurse. I9 JAMES CHRISTENSEN CARL CORRIGGIO GEORGIANNA DEE DEMPSEY "Mar" "Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it. " Pet Expression: "To tell you the truth Ambition: Teacher. DI GRISTINA "Deke" "Let us never for- get that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labor of man. " Pet Expression: " Eh! " Ambition: Farmer. MARY DEMPSEY JOSEPH DI GRISTINA FARRELL "Dick" "Rare indulgence pro- duce greater pleasure. " Pet Expression: "Hey, Goofy". Ambition: Mechanic. FAVAT "Carol" 'Wisdom is the health of the soul." Pet Expression: "Oh! forheaven's sake. " Ambition: Doctor. RICHARD F ARRELL CAROL FAVAT FAVAT Vern A friend is one who dislikes the same people that you dis- like. " I Pet Expression: "You're a doll!" Ambition: Secretary. FEDUCCIA Turk Men will let you abuse them if only you'll make them laugh. " Pet Expression: "Spin those tires: burn that rubber. " Ambition. Banker. VERNA FAVAT GEORGE FEDUCCIA 20 SANDRA FRESCO DOREEN GRAVES JOAN HALL FRESCO "San" "Beauty is power, a smile is its sword." Pet Expression: "Isn't that wonderful!" Ambition: Fashion Buyer. GILLETTE "Ce" "Vivacity is the health of the spirit. " Pet Expression: "Gee1y" Ambition: Secretary. CECILIA GILLETTE GRAVES "Dor" "Speech is great: silence is greater. " Pet Expression: "Hey. " Ambition: Secretary. HAKES "Lonnie" "The most manifest sign of wisdom is cheerfulness. " Pet Expression: "Oh, darn!" Ambition: Operating Room Nurse. LONNELL HAKES HALL "Ioannie" "It is a very hard under- taking to seek to please everybody. " Pet Expression: "Joe. " Ambition: Nurse. HALL "Io" Patience is the remedy for every sorrow. " Pet Expression: "Take a walk!" Ambition: Nurse. ry IOANNE HALL 21 MARGARET HATTON IOANNE HENRICKSON LORRAINE JONES HATTON "Marg" "Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings. " Pet Expression: "Oh Brother!" Ambition: Lawyer. HENRICKSON "Al" "A gentleman makes no noise. " . Pet Expression: "Floor it." Ambition: Carpenter. ALBERT HENRICKSON HENRICKSON "Io" "Every artist was first an amateur. " Pet Expression: "JiI'I11UiflY- " Ambition: Dancer. HOCKING "Jim" "Better to give than to take. " Pet Expression: "Honestly. " Ambition: Chaplain. JAMES HOCKING JONES "Lorrie" "A penny for your thoughts." Pet Expression: "Heck. " Ambition: Secretary. JUTEAU "Rit" "It's love that makes the world go around. " Pet Expression: "Anchors away! " Ambition: Housewife. RITA JUTEAU 22 HENRY KINN EY RICHARD KRICK ANTHONY LA MONICA KINNEY "Henry" "He's a sure card, " Pet Expression "Hi---!" Ambition: Commercial Advertiser. KRICK "Ray" "Earnestness and sincerity are synonymous. " Pet Expression: "Todayis the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. " Ambition: Engineer. KRICK "Dick" "If you would be loved, love, and be lovable. " Pet Expression: "You might as well do it: you can't dance." Ambition: Football Coach. KUSIENSKI "Wayne" "Al1 the world loves a lover. " Pet Expression: "How about a weed?" Ambition: Air Force. LA MONlCA"Pickles" "Man is a piece of universe made alive. " Pet Expression: "Eh!" Ambition: To be taller. LA PUMA "F1ap" "Patience is a neces- sary ingredient of genius. " Pet Expression: "Sweetness. " Ambition: Pharmacist. 23 RAYMOND KRICK WAYNE KUSIENSKI FRANK LA PUMA is JOHN LATELLA at ,X t JOSEPH LOIACANO MARGARET MACK .1-1 . I W LATELLA "John" "Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer." Pet Expression: "Oh, gee!" Ambition: Electrical Engineer. LINTS "Ed" "Love sought is good but given unsought is better. " Pet Expression: "Who, me?" Ambition: State Trooper. LOIACANO "Joe" "There is but one good throw upon the dice, which is to throw them away. " Pet Expression: "Iimminy Christmas." Ambition: Paratrooper. LUTHER "Butch" "The heights great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight. " Pet Expression: "I've got authority." Ambition: Draftsman. MACK "Margaret" "A soft answer tur- neth away wrath. " Pet Expression: "Maybe. " Ambition: Secretary. MANEEN "Tino" "I once admitted to my shame that football is a brutal game because she hates it. " Pet Expression: "Come hither little lady. " Ambition: Draftsman. 24 EDWARD LINTS GEORGE LUTHER THO MAS MANEEN MURPHY "Joan" "Toi1, says the pro- verb, is the sire of fame. " Pet Expression: "Just great!" Ambition: Nurse. MAzzoLA, "Maz" "God had sifted three kingdoms to find the wheat for this planting. " Pet Expression: "That snapped your garter." Ambition: Teacher. ss. 1' Q JOAN MURPHY MICHAEL MAZZOLA ONOFARO "Io" "Patience is a remedy for every sorrow." Pet Expression: "Oh, gee!" Ambition: Missionary. PARKOLA "Carol" "Oh surpassing beauty and in the bloom of youth." Pet Expression: "What's new?" Ambition: To succeed in all my am- bitions. IOANN ONOFARO CAROL PARKOLA PULEO "Junior" "When in doubt, play the trick. " Pet Expression: "Mrs, Graves---. " Ambition: Just to get out of school. RAPPA "Ginger" "I have often regretted my speech, never my silence. " Pet Expression: "What's done is done. " Ambition: Secretary. PAUL PULEO IEANETTE RAPPA 25 RUSSELL Dave To live long 1t1S necessary to live slowly. " Pet Expression. Be good, be careful, A and watch the girls." Ambition. Go to college. SCIORTINO "Mike" "Why should the Devil have all the good times. " Pet Expression: "Oh, rats!" Ambition: To run a gin mill. DAVID RUSSELL SGROI "Phy1" "After the verb, to love: to help, is the most beautiful verb in the world. " Pet Expression: "I know it. " Ambition: Teacher. SHARO "Hank" "Praise a large domain, cultivate a small stable. " Pet Expression: "Let's skip." Ambition: Farmer. PHYLLIS SGROI SPOHN "Jo" "l praise loudly: Iblame softly. " Pet Expression: "You better believe it. " Ambition: Nurse. SWIGER "Roy" "The wrong way always seems the more reasonable. " Pet Expression: "Lucky bandits." i Ambition: First man to land on the moon. MICHAEL SCIORTINO 5 . HENRY SHARO Z, it f IO ANNE SPOHN ROY SWIGER 26 G EORGE S YLVE STER WILLIAM VAN NORT SLYVESTER "Butch" "Good humor is the clear blue sky of the soul. " Pet Expression: "Rugged individualist. " Ambition: To run a used car lot. 'VALENT "Pete" "Blessed be agriculture. If one does not have too much of it. " Pet Expression: "Two to one you have a hole in your head. " Ambition: Mechanic. PETER VALENT VAN NORT "Bi11" "Anything for a quiet life." Pet Expression: "All righty. " Ambition: Jet pilot. WOLANSKI "Stan" "Science when well digested is nothing but good sense and reason. " Pet Expression: "l don't know." Ambition: Radio Technician. - isy 'L M .', Q52 In ff. STANLEY WOLANSKI 27 I Who's Who In '5 CATHERINE APP Latin Club l,2,3,43 Student Council 2,3343 F.T.A. 3, President 43 Math Club Secretary 33 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Mixed Choir 43 Maroon Log 43 Senior - Junior Prom 4. CA ROLYN BA LDWIN Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3g Art Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Literary Club 43 Glee Club 1, 23 Mixed Choir 43 Senior-Junior Prom 43 Maroon Log 43 Senior P1ay3 Baton T wirling 43 Banking 4. JAMES BARNETT Band 1,2,3,4Q Science Club 43 Maroon Log 43 Mixed Choir 43 Latin Club 13 Bowling 33 All-State Band 1,43 All-County Band 132,33 Assistant Stage Manager Senior Play 4. DEANNE BOUDRY Commercial Club 2,3,4. DON BRISTOL Student Council l,4, Vice-President 43 All-StateChoir 33 All-County Choir 33 American Legion Oratorical Contest 33 Senior Play 43 Math Club 3,41 Science Club 33 Sports Club l,2,33 Latin Club 1,23 Football 2,3,43 Basketball 23 Baseball 23 Senior - Junior Prom 3,43 Mixed Choir l,2,43 National Honor So- ciety 33 Key Club 43 Elks Essay Contest 33 Boys' State 3. EVELYN BRISTOL Commercial Club l,2,3, Treasurer 3g Dramatic Club 1,21 Maroon Log 4, Co-Editorg National Honor So- ciety 3, Secretary3 Mixed Choir 43 Glee Club 1,21 May Dat Attendant 33 American Legion Oratorical Contest 3. GLADYS BROWNRIGG Homemaking Club 1,21 F.H.A. 3,43 G.A.A. 13 Art Club l,2. BRIAN BUNCE F.F.A. l,2,3,43 Treasurer 13 Sentinel 2, Reporter 3, Secretary 4g Model Airplane Club l,2,3 Intramural Basketball l,2,4. NANCY CALLAI-IAN F.H.A. 4g Homemaking 1,2Q Glee Club lj Dramatic Club l,2. RITA CASTELLANO Dramatic Club l,2,33 Commercial Club 2,3,43 Glee Club l,2,3 Mixed Choir 4. CAROL CATLIN Dramatic Club l,2,3,43 Commercial Club 1,2,3,4: F.H.A. 3,41 Homemaking Club 1,2,: Mixed Choir 43 Literary Club 43 G.A.A. 1,25 Maroon Bugle 4 Senior - ,Tunior Prom 33 Varsity Cheerleading 4 Senior Hostess at Business Show 43 Banking 1.2.3. LEONARD CAVANAUGH Model Airplane Club 1,23 Sportsman Club33 Industrial Arts 43 Library Staff 4. HOWARD CHARBONNEAU Sports Club l,2,3,4Q Art Club 13 Band 13 Wrestling 3,4, Captain 33 Letter Club 33 Camera Club 4, Presi- dent Math Club 2,33 Mixed Choir 4g Maroon Bugle 43 Dramatic Club 13 Bowling 33 Basketball l3 Base- ball 23 Intermural Basketball l,2,3,4. JAMES CHRISTENSEN Science Club 43 Sportsman Club 43 Industrial Arts Club 4. PHILIP CHUF F Sportsman Club l,2,33 Latin Club 13 Math Club l,2. CARL CORRIGGIO Student Council 25 Latin Club 15 Art Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Key Club 45 Letter Club 2,35 Maroon Bugle Sports Editor 45 Boys' State 35 Sportsman Club l,2,35 Senior Play 45 Bowling 35 Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,45 J.V. Basketball 2, Cap- tain5 Varsity 3,4, Captain 35 Varsity Football 2, 3,4, Captain 4. DIANE CRESS Giee Ciub 1,25 Mixed choir 45 F.H.A. 45 Home- making Club 25 Dramatic Club 35 Commercial Club 2,3,4. GEORGIANNA DEE Dramatic Club 1,2,3, President 35 Latin Club 1, 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 F.N.A. 35 Maroon Log 45 G.A.A. 15 Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Choir 45 Letter Club 3,45 Maroon Bugle 4: J'.V. Cheerleading 25 Varsity Cheer- leading 3. MARY DEMPSEY Maroon Log 45 F.T.A. 45 Band 1,2,4, Vice-Presi- dent 45 G.A.A. 15 Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Choir 45 Dramatic Club 15 Senior Play 45 All-County Band 25 Maroon Bugle 45 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 Letter Club 2,3,45 Varsity Cheerleading 2,35 Student Council Secretary 4. JOSEPH DI GRISTINA F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 25 Sportman Club 2,3, Vice-President 3. RICHARD FARRELL Model Airplane Club 1,25 Sportsman Club35 Industrial Arts Club 45 Wrestling 45 Library Staff 45 Basket- ball 2. VERNA FAVAT Dramatic Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 35 Latin Club 1, 2,3,4, Secretary 1,2,35 G.A.A. 15 Glee Club 25 Mixed Choir 45 Maroon Bugle Business Manager 45 Stu- dent Council l,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Commercial Club 45 All-State Choir 45 Member of Mohawk Valley YMCA CounciL CAROL ANN FAVAT Girls' Stare 35 F.H.A. 35 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 25 Library Club 1,3,4, Secretary Treasurer 4: Maroon Bugle 152,45 Maroon Log 45 Mixed Choir 45 Octette 45 American Legion Oratorical Contest5 Mu Alpha Theta 45 White Lancer 45 All-State, All- County Choir 3,45 Student Council 3. GEORGE FEDUCCIA Commercial Club 45 Band 1,2,3,4, Secretary - Treas- urer 45 Latin Club 15 Math Club 25 Maroon Bugle 1,2, Sports Editor 25 Art Club 1,25 Senior -Junior Prom 45 Mixed Choir 2,45 Varsity Football 25 Junior Varsity Basketball Manager 15 Varsity Basketball Manager 25 Letter Club 2,35 Baseball 1,25 Bowling 35 All-State Band 45 Maroon Log Sports Editor5 Senior Play 45 Frankfort High Light Reporter 3,45 Banker 1,45 Designer of School Flag. SANDRA F RESCO Dramatic Club 1, Secretary5 G.A.A. 1,2,35 Glee Club 25 F .H.A. 3,4, Vice-President 35 Delegate to National Convention at Chicago, Illinois5Homemaking Club 25 Commercial Club 3,45 Senior - Junior Prom 35 Literary Club 45 Munger's Fashion Board 3,45 May Day Attendant 15 Seventeen Fashion Council 35Maroon Bugle 4. CECILIA GILLETTE Commercial Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 3,4, Song Leader 45 G.A.A. Secretary 15 Dramatic Club 15 Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Choir 45 Literary Club 45 Varsity Cheer- leading 4, J.V. 35 Senior - Junior Prom 35 May Day Attendant 2. DOREEN GRAVES Commercial Club 25 Band l,2,3,45 Band Uniform Committee 4. JOAN HALL F.H.A. 1,25 G.A.A. 15 F.N.A. 3,45 Art Club 4. LONNELL HAKES Dramatic Club 1,25 Latin Club 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2, Secretary - Treasurer 25 Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Choir 2,3,4, All-State choir 4, Au-county choir 2, National Honor Society 25 F.N.A. 3,4, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 45 White Lancer 4: Senior - Junior Prom 45 Maroon Log 45 Varsity Cheerleading 4, ,T.V. 35 Senior Play 4. ,TOANNE HALL Latin Club 15 G.A.A. 15 Math Club 25 Art Club 4. MARGARET HATTON Freshman Class Vice-President5 J'.V. Cheerleading 1,25 Library Club 1,2,4, Vice President 1,4, Treas- surer 25 Maroon Bugle Feature Editor 2,45CNYSSPA 25 Math Club 1,25 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Senior Play 45 F.T.A. 1,25 Literary Club 45 Dramatic Club 1, 25 Mixed Choir 45 Art Club 1,25 Language Club4. ALBERT I-IENRICKSON Math Club 25 Industrial Arts Club Treasurer 4. .TOANNE HENRICKSON F.H.A. 4: Art,Club 45 Library Staff 45 Maroon Log 45 Homemaking Club 25 Senior - Junior Prom 3 Second Prize Poppy Poster Contest 3. .T AMES HOCKIN G Maroon Bugle l,2,3,45 Art Editor 2,3,45 Band 1,2, 3,4, Vice-President 2, Treasurer 35 Boys' State 35 Student Council 35 A11-State, All-County Band 1,2,35 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Mixed Choir 2,45 Sports- man Club5 Octette 25 Science Club 2. LORRAINE JONES Homemaking Club 1,25 Commercial Club 1,2,3. I RITA ,TUTEAU Maroon Log 45 Mixed Choir 2,45 Glee Club 1,25 Sextette 35 Octette 45 May Day Attendant 35 Senior - .Tunior Prom 35 Senior Class Secretary: .T .V. Cheer- leading 3, Varsity 45 Commercial Club 1,3,45.Bank- ing 1,25 D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award 45 Dramatic Club 15 Maroon Bugle 45 Homemaking Club 1,2. HENRY KINNEY Art Club 2,3,45 Bowling 35 Sportsman Club 2,35 Maroon Log 45 Maroon Bugle 45 Baseball 1,45 Sen- ior - Junior Prom 45 Intramural Basketball 2,3,4. RAYMOND KRICK Latin Club 1,25Football 1,2,3,45Basketball 1,25 Science Club 35 Math Club 25 Track 15 Camera Club Vice- President 45 Sportsman Club 1,2,3. RICHARD KRICK Commercial Club 25 Airplane Club 25 Football 1, 2,45 .T.V. Basketball 1,2, Varsity 3,45 Industrial Arts Club 45 Art Club 15 Sportsman Club 1,2,35 Letter Club 35 Track 15 Baseball 15 Maroon Bugle 4. ' WAYNE KUSIENSKI Model Airplane 1,25 Sportsman Club 35 Industrial Art Club 45 Library Staff 4. G ANTHONY LAMONICA Science Club 25 Maroon Bugle 45 Mixed Choir 45 Dramatic Club 2,35 Banking 1,2,3,45 Football 2,45 Wrestling 3,4. FRANK LAPUMA Freshman Class Secretary5 Sophomore Class Vice- President5 Student Council 1,2,3,4, President 45 Lan- guage Club l,2,3,45 Science Club 1,25 Football 45 Track 15 Basketball 1,25 Football Manager 1,2,35 Wrestling 3,45 Sportsman Club 1,2,35 Letter Club 1,2,3,4. JOHN LATELLA Math Club 2,35 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Science Club 2,35 Sportsman Club 35 Model Airplane Club 1,25 Band 2,35 Mixed Choir 45 French Club 15 Wrest- ling 35 Track 15 All-County Band 25, Bowling 3. ED LINTS Junior Class Vice-President5 Sportsman Club l,2,35 Maroon Bugle 45 Maroon Log 45 Senior Play 35 Octet 15 Mixed Choir 3,45 Letter Club 3,45 F.F.A. l,2, President 15 Dramatic Club 35 Model Airplane Club 25 Band 1,25 Varsity Football 2,3,4, J.V. 15 Varsity Basketball 2,3,4, J.V. 15 Baseball 1,2,3, 45 Industrial Arts Club 4. JOE LOIACANO Dramatic Club 35 Sportsman Club l,2,35 Art Club 1,25 Football 1,2,4. GEORGE LUTHER Freshman Class President5 Sophomore Class Secre- tary5 Football 1,2,3,4, Captain 45 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 25 Band 1,2,3,4, President 25 Letter Club 35 Sportsman Club President 2, Secretary 35 Industrial Arts Club, Vice-President 45 Science Club 35 Student Council 45 President of Mohawk Valley YMCA Council. MARGARET MACK I-lomemaking Club 25 F.H.A. 4. JOAN MURPHY Band 2,3,4, Vice-President 35 Math Club 25 Mu Alpha Theta 45 Maroon Log 45 Senior Play 45 Maroon Bugle 45 Future Nurses of America 45 Student Coun- cil 4. TOM MANEEN Latin Club 15 Model Airplane Club 1,2,3, Vice- President 1, President 35 Sportsman Club 35 Let- ter Club 35 Science Club 2,3,45 Art Club 45 Mixed Choir 45 Dramatic Club 35 Maroon Log 45 Maroon Bugle 45 Senior Play5 Varsity Football 2,3,4, J.V. 15 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45 Varsity Baseball 2,3,4, J.V. 15 Industrial Arts 4. MIKE MAZZOLA Junior Class President5 Latin Club l,2,3, Secretary 1, President 35 Language Club 45 Football 45 Track 15 Baseball 35 Maroon Bugle 2,3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 45 Boys' State 35 National Honor Society 3,4, President 45 All-State, All-County Choir 2,3,45 Senior Play 45 Student Council 25 Senior - Junior Prom 3,45 Octet 15 Mixed Choir l,2,35 Dramatic Club l,2,35 Math Club 35 Mu Alpha Theta 4. JOANN ONOFARO Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Band 1,2,45 Dra- matic Club 15 F.H.A. 3,45 Homemaking Club 15 All-State Choir 45 All-County Band 25 Math Club 1,25 Octette 1. CAROL PARKOLA Sophomore Class President5 Junior Class Treasurer5 Glee Club l,2,35 Mixed, Choir 45 Student Council 25 Maroon Bugle 3,45 Senior Play Understudy 45 Senior - Junior Prom 45 Literary Club 45 Maroon Log 45 Commercial Club 45 National Honor Society 3,45 May Day Attendant 15 Business Show Hostess 45 Lunch Cashier 45 Homemaking Club 1,25 F .H.A. 3,4, Historian 3, Reporter 4. PAUL PULEO F.F.A. l,2,3, Vice-President 1, President 25 Mixed Choir 1,25 Senior Play 35 Camera Club 4, Secre- tary5 Sportsman Club l,2,35 Dramatic Club 35 Maroon Bugle 45 Varsity Football 3,45 Banking 15 Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Bowling.35 Delegate to F.F.A. State Convention l. 5 JEANETTE RAPPA Sophomore Class Treasurer5 Commercial Club 1, 2,3,45 Maroon Bugle 1,2,3,45 Homemaking Club 15 G.A.A. 15 Glee Club 1,25 Mixed Choir 2,45 J.V. Cheerleading 25 Maroon Log 45 Lunch, Cashier 4: CNYSSPA 35 Third Prize Winner of Essay Contest on Safety 35 Science Club 25 Hostess at National Association of Accountants Business Show 45 Bowl- ing Team 35 Magazine staff 4. DAVID RUSSELL Latin Club 1,2,33 Math Club 23 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Science Club 1,2,33 Model Airplane Club 1,2,33 Ma- roon Bugle 43 Senior Play 43 Track 1. MICHAEL SCIORTINO Student Council 43 Senior - Junior Prom 33 Art Club l,2,4, Vice-President 43 Dramatics Club 33 Christmas Ball 43 Sportsman Club 1,2,33 Maroon Bugle 43 Football Manager 43 Band 13 Intramural Basketball l,2,4. Pl-IYLLIS SGROI Maroon Log 4, Editor-in-Chief3 Varsity Cheerlead- ing 2,33 Letter Club 2,3, Secretary 33 F.T.A. 1, 2,3,4, Treasurer 23 Senior - Junior Prom 33 Latin Club 1,2,33 Language Club, 43 Mu Alpha Theta 4g Glee Club 1,2,3: Mixed Choir 2,4, Treasurer 2 Octette 1,42 Dramatic Club 1,23 G.A.A. 1. HENRY SHARO F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 43 Model Airplane Club 1,2,33 Math Club 1,31 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Art Club 1,21 Sportsman Club 1,2,3j Science Club 13 Wrestling 3,43 Baseball 1,2. ,TOANNE SPOHN Dramatic Club 1,31 Commercial Club 13 Glee Club 1,2,33 Band 1,23 Library Club 23 Science Club 2, 3,41 Mixed Choir 2,43 Language Club 43 Maroon Log 43 F .N.A. 3,43 Literary Club 4. ROY SWIGER Maroon Log 43 Dramatic Club l,2,33 Math Club 2,31 Sportsman Club 1,2,3: Mixed Choir 13 Latin Club 13 Letter Club 33 Varsity Basketball 3,4, ,T.V. 23. Varsity Baseball 1,2,3, 43 Varsity Football 2,3, 4. J.V. 13 Science Club 33 Camera Club 43 Model Airplane Club 1. V GEORGE SYLVESTER Math Club 2,33 Latin Club lj Band 13 Model Air- plane Club 1,21 Sportsman Club 2,31 Letter Club 33 Maroon Log 43 Dramatic Club .33 Student Council 23 All-County Chorus 2,31 All-State Chorus 33 Basket- ball Manager 1,23 Varsity Baseball 1,23 Varsity Football 2,43 Wrestling 43 Intermural Basketball 1,2,4. PETER VALENT F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Reporter 13 Model Airplane Club l,2, President 2g Football 1,23 Bowling 33 Delegate to F.F.A. State Convention 2. WILLIAM VAN NORT Football 43 Sportsman Club 3g Commercial Club 43 Wrestling 3,43 Baseball 3,4. STANLEY WOLANSKI Sportsman Club 1,2,33 Math Club 1,2,33 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Science Club 1,2,33 Latin Club 1,23 Model Airplane Club 13 Wrestling 4. wi ,, 101' 5 J , J Senior MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Joan Murphy, Donald Bristol MOST POPULAR Georgianne Dee, George Luther BEST LOOKING Sandra Fresco, Joe Loiacano BEST DISPOSITION Joan Hall, Jim Barnett TALLEST Jeanette Rappa, Dick Farrell SHORTEST Joanne Hall, Anthony LaMonica CU TEST Cecilia Gillette, Tom Maneen SMARTEST Carol Parkola, Mike Mazzola MOST TALENTED Carol Catlin, Carl Corriggio MOST ARTISTIC Carolyn Baldwin, Henry Kinney MOST BASHFUL Margaret Mack, Stanley Wolanski BOLDEST Phil Ortello, Mike Sciortino MOST SENSIBLE Rita Juteau, Bill Van Nort CRAZIEST Rachel Zaffarano, Phil Chuff BIGGEST DAYDREAMHZS Lorraine Jones, Hank Sharo BEST MANNERS Joan Murphy, Frank LaPuma MOST FAITHFUL Verna Favat, James Christensen BEST POET Joanne Henrickson, Albert Henrickson WITTIEST Mary Dempsey, Howard Charbonneau I Superlatives QUIETEST Nancy Callahan, Ray Krick MOST ATHLETIC Gladys Brownrigg, Dick Krick PRETTIEST EYES Rita Castellano, George Luther MOST TALKATIVE Phyllis Sgroi, Roy Swiger MOST ARGUMENTATIVE Lonnell Hakes, Paul Puleo BEST DRIVERS Phil Ortello, Joe DiGristina BEST DANCERS Joanne Spohn, Ed Lints NICEST CURLS Catherine App, Wayne Kusienski ODDEST LAUGH Carol Parkola, George Feduccia MOST BUSINESSLIKE Evelyn Bristol, Joe Cristiano BEST COMPLEXION Cinda Valente, Leonard Cavanaugh SILLIEST Diane Cress, George Sylvester BEST SPORT Deanne Boudry, John Latella BEST DRESSED Carol Favat, Mike Sciortino MOST MODEST Doreen Graves, Brian Bunce BEST SINGER Joann Onofaro, Mike Mazzola MOST SOFT-SPOKEN Margaret Hatton, Dave Russell BEST YEAR AROUND TAN Rachel Zaffarano, Peter Valent MOST MUSICAL Joan Murphy, James Hocking 36 Class History After terrorizing the halls of FCS in Junior High, we went on to be the best Freshman Class this school has ever known. Our officers were: President, George Luther, Vice-President, Verna Favatg Secretary, Frank La Puma, and Treasurer, Steve Gurski. Mr. Copeland and Mrs. Castronovo were our advisors. As freshmen, our class sponsored the first and last Twirp Dance ever held in the Frankfort- Schuyler Central School. Another of our achievements was the sponsoring of the Freshman Hop. We real- ized how extraordinary the members of the class of 1958 were when one of its members, Freda Serway, became one of the few freshmen to ever make Varsity Cheerleading. Our May Day attendants were Carol Parkola and Sandra Fresco. At the termination of our Freshman year, we found ourselves at Caroga Lake for a class picnic. After giving our Freshman teachers a few more gray hairs, we gave them a two-month summer vacation and came back in the fall as Sophomores. Our class officers were: President, Carol Parkolag Vice-President, Frank LaPuma, Secretary, George Luther, and Treasurer, Jeanette Rappa. Our advi- sors were Miss Rupert and Mr. Copeland. Our May Day attendants were Cinda Valente and Cecilia Gil- lette. Again, showing the versatility of the Sophomore Class, Phyllis Sgroi, Mary Dempsey, Cinda Val- ente made Varsity Cheerleading. An event which occurred during our Sophomore year was that a new sup- erintendent joined our school system, and at the same time, we obtained a new member to our class, the Superintendent's daughter, Joan. Again, at the end of the year we found ourselves basking in the sun at Caroga Lake. The end of our Sophomore year was the turning point in our history. We became adultsl In our Junior year, we decided that now was the time to start thinking of our future. We anticipated the fact that we would need quite a sum of money in our Senior year. So, we sold boxes of candy and held a spaghetti supper. With this, we set a precedent for all underclassmen to follow in the giving of spa- ghetti supper. With this, we set a precedent for all underclassmen to follow in the giving of spaghetti suppers. One of the most exciting moments of our Junior year was the wearing of our class rings. The officers of our Junior Class were: President, Michael Mazzolag Vice-President, Edward Lintsg Secre- tary, Rita Juteau, and Treasurer, Carol Parkola. Our advisors were Mr. Chuff and Miss Perritano. Our May Day attendants were Rita Juteau and Evelyn Bristol. Again, our Cheerleaders were: Mary Demp- sey, Phyllis Sgroi, and Georgianna Dee, who made Varsity. Rita Juteau, Lonnell Hakes, and Cecilia Gil- lette were our Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. Through the efforts of the Junior boys, the team was able to acquire the title of Mid-State Champs. We liked Caroga Lake so much that we went there again at the end of our Junior year. After our Junior year, came the most important year in our lives, our Senior year. Our class offi- cers this year are: President, Philomena Ortellog Vice-President, Joe Cristianog Secretary, Cinda Val- ente, and Treasurer, Rachel Zaffarano. Our advisors are: Mrs. Graves and Miss O'Neill. We realized again, in our Senior year, as we had in our Junior year, the overwhelming need to have enough money in the treasury to finance a trip at the end of the year. Our first project was a dance which featured Lou Barille as master of ceremonies. Then, we sold Christmas cards and all-occasion cards which netted us 35466. About this time, the Senior Play came around. We did something that no other class has done. Students canvassed door to door selling tickets for our play, "l-lobgoblin l-louse". As a result, we netted the biggest profit ever made on a Senior Play - 8485. And, as in the past three years, we again had Varsity Cheerleaders, namely, Cecilia Gillette, Rita Juteau, Lonnell l-lakes, and Carol Catlin, who cheered our football team, CCarl Corriggio, George Luther, Ed Lints, Howard Charbonneau, George Sy- lvester, Michael Mazzola, Raymond- Krick, Richard Krick, Donald Bristol, Paul Puleo, Tommy Maneen, Anthony LaMonica, Roy Swiger, Frank LaPuma, and Joe Loiacanoy on to becoming Mid-State Champions. The Senior - Junior Prom was a fitting climax to one of the most extraordinary classes that F.S.C.S. has ever seen. As the dawn of graduation day approaches, we can hear the teachers saying, "There'l1 never be another class like that of 1958." 37 5 Class Will We, the class of 1958, being of sound mind do ordain and establish this, our last will and testament: Catherine App leaves her position as hall monitor to Joanne Puleo. Carolyn Baldwin wills her art ability to John Delia. To John Luggerio Jim Barnett leaves his ability to baffle teachers, especially Mrs. Graves. DeAnne Boudry leaves her reticence to Linda De Mare. Evelyn Bristol leaves her academic ability to Rosalie Nicastro. Don Bristol leaves a brain and a half to Ruth Markle. Gladys Brownrigg leaves her position in lunch line to Margaret Cook. To his sister Barbara, Brian Bunce leaves the family name. Nancy Callahan leaves her book "How to Gain Weight in Ten Easy Lessons" to Sandra Shannon. Here's hoping you have more success. Rita Castellano leaves her seat in Terzo's to Patty Gatto. Carol Catlin leaves her gift of gab to Judy Kinney. Leonard Cavanaugh leaves his seat in mechanical drawing to Charlie Campione. Howie Charbonneau leaves his luck at Charbonneau's Casino to Joe Green. Hope you don't lose as much as Howie did. Typing class is left to Martha McCullen by Jim Christensen. Carl Corriggio wills his athletic ability and height to Chet Schmidt. Diane Cress's special pot and pan in the homemaking room is left to Roseanne Passante. The ability to write excuses and get away with it is bequeathed by Phil Chuff to Dennis Van Dusen. Joe Cristiano bequeaths his powers of persuasion with teachers to Sara Pandolf. Georgianna Dee leaves her driver license to Phyl Chard. Mary Dempsy leaves her position in "Sweetheart's Digest" to Florence Farouche. Joe Di Gristina leaves his FFA jacket to Chuck Fresco. Dick Farrell 's knack of chewing gum is left to Jim Di Camillo. The nickname "Einstein" is bequeathed to Bernice Nedzynski by Carol Favat. Mary Ann Rolchigo is willed Verna Favat's locker combination. Here's hoping you'll have more luck with this one, Mary Ann. George Feduccia leaves the title of "Hot Rodder" to J oe A. Belmont. Sandra Fresco's position on Munger's Fashion Board is left to Rosalie Castilla. Phil Balio is willed Cecilia Gil1ette's diminutive stature. Her position on the Varsity Cheering Squad is left to Dot Schmidt by Lonnell Hakes. Vivian Manno inherits Doreen Graves' fidelity to the band. Joan and Joanne Hall leave their family relationship to Jan and Charles Ludwig. Pat Inserra is bequathed Margaret Hatton's position on the library staff. Albert Henrickson leaves his guitar to Bob Perry. Joanne Collins luckily inherits Joanne l-lenrickson's beautiful blue eyes. Jim Hocking's musical talent is left to Sam Tucci. Lorraine Jones wills her blond hair to Pat Bunce. Rita J uteau leaves for the Navy. Tony Ruggerio is bequeathed Henry Kinney's cute crewcut. Ray Krick's position on the football team is willed to Joe Grates. Richard Krick leaves his position on the basketball team to Bob Barrett. Clayton Croasmun inherits Wayne Kusienski's good looks. Tony La Monica wills his ability to talk about abstract ideas to Phil Farouche. Mary Tucker inherits Frank La Puma 's powers of leadership. John Latella's love of pastries is left to Joe Gillette. Terry Hennessey is granted Ioe Loiacano's ability to duck doorways. Ed Lints has decided to give lessons to Andy Romano on "How to Become Acquainted with Girls. " 38 Butch Luther bestows his position on the football team to his brother, Don. CThink you can fill his shoes?J Tom Maneen's license for hunting two-legged doe is granted to Dave Hughes. Joe Evola inherits Mike Mazzola's ability to converse in Italian. Joan Murphy bequeaths her naturally wavy hair to Marie Simonette. Gail Hughes is granted Ray Zaffarano's short bob. Paul Puleo donates six inches toJKen Schmidt. Dave Russel1's swift, vivacious ways are granted to Dave Rosbrook. Donna Mathews is granted Fourth Avenue and all that goes with it from Phyl Sgroi. Ken Caldwell is left Henry Sharo's skill in planting trees for Agriculture class. Roy Swiger leaves his fiery temper to Jack Consilio. There are plenty of ice cubes in the Home Eco- nomics refrigerator! Pete Valent leaves "Valent's Farm Manual" to Gordon Highr. Helen Valente inherits her sister Cinda's ability to baffle Senior boys. Bill Van Nort leaves his quiet ways in the halls of FSCS to Roy Smith. Joanne Bommarito is bequeathed Stan Wolanski's seat on the bus. Phil Ortello bequeaths her skills in business to Ann Peters. Margaret Mack bequeaths her quiet manner to Evelyn Falcone. Ro Grizzuto inherits Joanne Onofaro's beautiful voice. Phyllis Bono is bequeathed Carol Parkola's good looks. Jeanette Rappa wills her glasses to Brian Frank. "Now you can get a better look at the Junior girls." Mike Sciortino leaves his car to Joe P. Belmont. Now you can deliver newspapers faster, Joe. Vincent Adams inherits Joanne Spohn's incredible ability to ruin the lab. George Sylvester wants to show some of his jitterbug steps to Gerald Voltz. Think you'll need them, Gerry? We will to the Freshman class the pains of growing UD. We give the Sophomores the patience to bear up under the abuse of the Juniors. The Senior class leaves Mrs. Graves with a sigh of relief. To the faculty we give a few moments of quiet and rest before they have to cope with the Juniors. 39 Y I Class Prophecy The Class of '58 will go down in FSCS history as being one of the liveliest that has ever graduated from its hallowed halls. The students who graduated from this class are certain to achieve the highest possible goals in life. We take the liberty of making prophecies concerning their future. Catherine App and Mary Dempsey recently opened a school for juvenile delinquents. The parents of these children are members of the former class of '58. Brian Bunce and Joe DiGristina, patrolmen on the new Arterial Highway, have caught many speed- sters, among them Richard Farrell. James Barnett on his recent mission to the Middle East, as ambassador to Iran, claims that Leon- ard Cavanaugh has struck oil for the 100th time. Bumpy Chuff has completed and now has in operation, his Home for Lonesome Dogs. Having correctly answered his final question, Donald Bristol is the winner of the 364,000 Ques- tion. As tax collector for Uncle Sam, Howard Charbonneau claimed'S563,999. Taxes are really rising. Carol Catlin, now a member of the famed Rocquettes of New York City, was visited by Carolyn Baldwin, owner of Vernon Ups and Downs. Having completed a trip to California as airline hostess, Diane Cress and Nancy Callahan stopped to see Carl Corriggio, star football player at Ohio State, in a game against Notre Dame. Evelyn Bristol, Miss America of 1960, has settled down to the normal and quiet life of the contented housewife. Georgianna Dee, has reopened our great theater in Frankfort. She has also been responsible for having rebuilt two "Frankfort, Town With a Future," signs which had rotted away. DeAnne Boudry and Gladys Brownrigg are representing the Class of '58 on the first trip to the moon in a rocketship. This ship was designed and built by .Tames Christensen. As you know, Joseph Cristiano now owns a chain of Palmer Houses across the United States, and his business manager is none other than Verna F avat. George Feduccia is now condctor of the famous BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Do you recognize that new Conover model? You're right, it is Sandra Fresco, now a model for Vogue, Seventeen, and Charm Magazines. Doreen Graves is now bookkeeper and girl Friday to the college professor, Michael Mazzola. Cinda Valente, Carol Parkola, and Cecilia Gillette have formed The Associated Secretaries of America, which is striving for higher wages Cat least S5200 a weeky and all new electric equipment for offices. Margaret Hatton gave up her brilliant career in the field of teaching for the stage. She is now play- ing the lead in SOUTH PACIFIC. Albert I-lenrickson has just been awarded the Nobel Prize for his great achievements in the field of chemical engineering. The President of the United States, David Russell, made the award. Now featured at Carnegie Hall is the famous ballerina, .Toanne Henrickson, doing the life of Pavlova. Since the retirement of Harry James as trumpet player, James Hocking has been named first in this field. Lorraine ,T ones is now the executive secretary to the heads of the Mayo Clinic, the Hall twins, J' oan and ,T oanne. Rita Juteau, married to Admiral Louis Yashinski, is now swabbing the decks of her husband's yacht. The new owner and manager of the New York Yankees is our old school chum, Henry Kinney. ' Richard and Raymond Krick, who once worked on the State Highway, have been contracted to build an ultra-modern canal from San Francisco Bay to the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Wayne Kusienski is still playing the Latin Lover but now is being paid for it by Metro Golden Mayer. Anthony LaMonica, with the help of his geometry, at last has proved that there was a flaw in Ein- stein's Theory of Relativity. Frank LaPuma, a former President of the Student Council, is now President of the United States Council of Defense, from one battleground to another. Now we see a former classmate popping capsules into an oven. lt'sJohn Latella, and his new dis- covery -- INSTANT BREAD. 40 Ed Lints has just completed the blueprinting of the International Bridge, which spans the ocean from San Francisco Bay to Honolulu, Hawaii. If you are ever in Las Vegas, drop in to see J oe Loiacano, who owns the "E1Cardo" gambling casino. George Luther has turned professional football player and now plays for the Cleveland Browns. At the Indianapolis Speedway, you'1l find Margaret Mack racing with the best. She already has won it twice due to her excellent instruction at F SCS. Thomas Maneen has won great fame as aman's hair-stylist. He is now known as the great "Thomas." In deep dark Africa, we see Joann Onafaro, now a missionary civilizing the pigmies. Atfter taking only two years of French from Miss Ingro, Phil Ortello has become the new ambas- sador to France for the United States. Paul Puleo has been promoted from working on jet blades, to a jet test pilot for the Department of Defense of the United States. Jeanette Rappa is now running her own chain of Slenderella Beauty Salons. Michael Sciortino is the discoverer of that new and famous mixed drink that is sweeping the coun- try, Sy-Dinglet. Phyllis Sgroi has just taken over Mrs. Reina's place in FSCS as the Math Teacher. The billionaire Henry Sharo owes his success to the knowledge acquired in agriculture class, which started his famous farming career. Joann Spohn is now a dietician at Bellvue Hospital in New York City. Roy Swiger has just recorded a song that has sold 10 million copies, the name--"There'll Never Be Another Me." - Newly elected Governor of New 'York State is our own George Sylvester. He is fittingly called "Honest George." Peter Valent, owner of Mercury Motor Sales, has just sold his umpteenth car due to the help of his trusty advertising agent, Rita Castellano. William Van Nort is now private secretary to the secretary to the Secretary of the Interior, STAN- LY WOLANSKI. After reading the book, CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN, Rachel Zaffarano decided to see for herself if the title had any truth to it. It did! Joan Murphy has become the first Superintendent of Nurses in the brand new, ultramodern hospi- tal that has been erected in Frankfort. Doctor Carol Favat has just opened her clinic for cardiac patients, having Lonnell Hakes as her surgical nurse. 41 Senior Play STANDING, Left to Right: James Hocking, Carolyn Baldwin, David Russell, Donald Bristol, Advisor, Mrs. Hanna, Michael Mazzola. SEATED: George Feduccia, Thomas Maneen, Evelyn Bristol, Carl Corriggio, Joan Murphy, Mary Dempsey, Lonnell Hakes, Margaret Hatton. George Feduccia Evelyn Bristol ili .'Q10iQi. H H BB INS James Barnett, James Hocking 42 LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Maz- zola, G. Feduccia, D Bristol, C. Baldwin, E Bristol, 'M. Dempsey, T Maneen, J. Murphy, C Corriggio, D. Russell, M Hatton, L. I-lakes. CLASSES Senior Class President, Phi1Orte11o Secretary, Cinda Valerite Vice-President, Joe Cristiano Treasurer, Rachel Zaffarano Advisors, Mrs. Graves, Miss O'Nei11 unior Class President, Mary Tucker Secretary, Phil Balio Vice-President, Ro Grizzuto Treasurer, Vincent Adams Advisors: Miss Perritano, Mrs. Reina Sophomore Class President, Karen Lindsay Secretary, Dorothy Comes Vice-President, Fred Grates Treasurer, Virginia Oliver Advisors: Miss Lovestrand, Miss Ingro ,F Q 'T' X.. C W ' Q- -k ' f Q Q 4 ,yfkw 1 - 'VF X .3 , my Wt I 5127 ,..l:.. S I W ' .sux Q- f' J :eg , 1 , is ,xi fiff .,,y. D 5 X 1, if ?. ini' -. VV: go , F 1 ' in , X . k Qg k Sf N.:x!, ,,. y., X-gs X EQ ix Ev 2 . qu, 'rj D' . 1 4 i gy" 9' 'WW 4. 1,3 g,Ww 17 W. I + .5 if gut r v MMM xv 'Quik r 3 PM 1 K ,, .., 5 3? VZ, 1, Vg fl ' ' 3 E , fit 1 .5 'iii F: Wfww -- -2Rx':?lg 23? H H xj "' 'i L1 f. Skim HI v I I Class Officers Junior Class Sophomore Class - Q L .v- i . President, M. -Tuckerg Vice-President, R. Griz- President, K. LindsaygVice-President, F. Grates zuttog Secretary, P. Baliog Treasurer, V. Adams. Secretary, D. Comesg Treasurer, V. Oliver. Freshman Cl ss in E ii 2 E S 5 E President, V. Loicanog Vice-President, P. Loia- canog Secretary, D. Rydeg Treasurer, A. Haman. Seventh Grade Eighth Grade President, I. Piazzag Vice-President, D. Ralphg J . Pa1umbogVice-President, D. Barret Secretary, M. Baliog Treasurer, M. Balio. tag Secretary, M. A. Barang Treasurer, D. Bris tol ACTIVITIES Student Council President, Frank LaPuma Secretary, Mary Dempsey Vice-President, Donald Bristol Treasurer, Verna Favat Advisors: Mr. Leland, Miss Ralph ational Honor Society President, Michael Mazzola Secretary, Carol Taverni Vice-President, Bernice Nedzynski Treasurer, Norma Worlock Advisor: Miss Ingro Maroon Bugle Editor, Michael Mazzola News Editor, Carol Favat Assistant Editor, Bernice Nedzynski Business Manager, Verna Favat Advisors: Miss O'Nei11, Mrs. Pontollilo Mu Alpha Theta As 1 as President, Don Bristol Secretary, Phyllis Pollizzi Vice-President, Dave Rosbrook Treasurer, Patricia Inserra Advisor: Mrs. Reina 53 Language Club President, Joe Cristiano Secretary, Karen Lindsay Vice-President, Frank LaPuma Treasurer, Georgianna Dee Advisor: Miss Ingro Science Club Vjdfjvjn I A , 6 Q!Adxgi5n1Zii5'?ncis R. Dunning, Bernard C.WMurray VIA jf Lf CV! 4 Q L xj ,fy f 11.101 M J J In f LI, VZ, F 5 '7 f I 5 f L Q U L 7 L a ji ug fred mereial Club President, Rita Juteau Secretary, Maryann Rolchigo Vice-President, Barbara Bunce Treasurer, Dorothy Schmidt Advisors: Mrs. Pontolillo, Mr. Chuff Industrial Arts President, Donald Luther Secretary, Tom Maneen Vice-President, George Luther Treasurer, Albert Henrickson Advisors: Mr. Leland, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Acquaviva Future Teachers of America A s 2 L L L , 5 2 2 L L 3 x .L 5 ' Ls L k'L' 5 L A .ss 5 s i A i Q Q President, Catherine App Secretary, Lucille Sgroi Vice-President., Sara Pandolf Treasurer, Karen Lindsay 56 Advisor: Mr. Copeland Future Nurses of America President, Lonnell Hakes Secretary, Janet Loiacano Vice-President, Phyllis Bono Treasurer, Sandra Sylvester Future Homemakers of America President, Cinda Valente Secretary, Catherine Oleksik Vice-President, Phil Balio Treasurer, Carol TOCCQ State Vice-President, Phil Balio Advisors: Miss Ralph, Miss Duly Future Farmers of America President, Henry Sharo Secretary, Brian Bunce Vice-President, Ken Caldwell Treasurer, Joe DiGristina Reporter, Edwin Taylor Sentinel, Charles Fresco Advisor: Mr. Guzewich Library Staff President, Judy Kifllley Secretary, Carol Favat Vice-President, Margaret Hatton Treasurer, Arlene Haman Advisor: Mrs. Hanna Literary Club Editor-In-Chief, Joe Cristiano Layout Editor, Cinda Valente Assistant Editor, Rosemary Grizzuto Business Manager, Carol Taverni Copy Editor, Jeanette Rappa Publicity, Henry Kinney Advisor: Miss O'Nei11 Ca me ra Club President, Howard Charbonneau Secretary, Paul Pu1e0 ViCe'PIeSid2DI, Rai' Krick Treasurer, Jim Caruso Advisor: Mr. Monohan Senior- unior Prom FIRST ROW: H. Kinney, G. Feduccia, P. Ortello, M. Tucker, C. Baldwin. SECOND ROW: P. Bono, C. Parkola, A. Peters, P. Inserra. THIRD ROW: C. App, D. Luther, B. Barrett, I. Cristiano Dusen. FOURTH ROW: M. Mazzola, D. Bristol, L. Hakes, S. Pandolf. rt Club D. Van President, Carl Corriggio Secretary, Angela Nurod Vice-President, Mike Sciortino Treasurer, Ann Lee Kipper Advisor: Miss Phyllis Braidwood Mixed Choir Gcrerre LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Grizzuto, L. Rork, S. Cushman, P. Pollizzi, R. Juteau, C. Favat, F. Valent, P Sgroi. Advisor: Mr. LaVergne MacMurray. b 61 Y "" ' I l G7 Secretary 62 ' Ts? 5, , . f 'QS N, '.f xx -swf v , yu, ,W 24,4 gl '- Q - 53 5 1 - in , ykl' g ' ,' agar x b . fx: v . 4 KN! Q A 7 s, ,v gg x. ! , gi ' Q. . 1 A55 A X Q' ., N 1 0 ' Q ' H . f fi I . Q a , .-K X 3, X :Q . M' 9 f' . ' v 1 V3 ' X vs . ' S- ' . - ' Q , , Q f If X - ' '. ' , .35 x , XX ,Q 1 -1 Ajyzrsg. .Kd Li ' 1 X X' I 2' 3 , 5 XY fi Xi' Y' 5? , 5 s ' 2 I 3 Q up 5 ., i Q51-"',Q,,....- ' "" 7 lf f W 3 Q X K x A ..-...f, 'y A ' f X A Q94 X '.1: K6 Club President, Donald Bristol Vice-President, Car1Corriggio Secretary-Treasurer, David Rosbrook Advisor: Mr. Frank unior High Art Club President, Dorothy Carbone Secretary, Cynthia Rosbrook Vice-President, Mary Lou Carbone Treasurer, Esther Mae Falcone Advisor: Miss Braid wood ll SPURTS Q 1 --'-.- SSO? 'sf S2 2543 . . X Q, A . -Q Football ,LL . .lull XXX The Frankfort - Schuyler football team, as well as Coach Joseph Camp, has proved effec- tive for the second straight season. The Maroon Knights were undefeated due to a powerful forward wall, coached by Frank "Chico" Sanders, consisting of LE-Carl Corriggiog LT-Paul Puleog LG-Butch Sylvester and Joe Gruzzutog Center, Roy Swigerg RG-Howie Charbonneaug RT-.T oe Green and Joe Loiacanog RE-Don Bristol and Ray Krick. Combining this line with a fleet- footed backfield of QB-Don Luther, RH-Tom Maneeng LH-Geo. Chardg FB-Butch Luther, the Maroon Knights rolled over their opponents yielding only 31 points to a total score of 106 points. Games with Richfield Springs and Dolgeville were cancelled because of the flu epidemic. There were 15 seniors on the varsity, including the reserve strength of Anthony LaMonica, Mike Maz- zola, Dick Krick and Frank LaPuma. THE SCORES ARE AS FOLLOWS: Frankfort New York Mills Frankfort Canajoharie Frankfort Holland Patent Frankfort Sauquoit Frankfort V. V. S. J. . Basketball FIRST ROW: C, Croasmun, J. Camaratta, J. Caruso, F. Muto, D. Arnclt, R. Sassone. SECOND ROW Coach Sanders, J. Spine, A. Conigiliaro, E. Freedman, B. Carney, J. Bello. Baseball FIRST ROW: J. Grizzuto, F. Stolark, R. Gatto, T. Ruggerio, J. Manore, M. Mazzola. SECOND ROW: P. Palumbo, A. Conigiliaro, A. Riente, P. Chuff, R. Swiger, G. Luther, T. Maneen. THIRD ROW: Coach Wallace, J. Spine, B. Barrett, E, Freedman, D. Bristol, C. Corriggio, J. Riente. 69 Basketball Stars Basketball FIRST ROW: C. Campione, A. Ruggerio, T. Maneen, R. Swiger, D. Luther I Evola SECOND ROW C. Schmidst, D. Krick, B. Perry, Coach Spanfelner, C. Corriggio, E. Lrnts B Barrett P Farouche Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Richfield Spa Herkimer U. C. A. St. Mary's U. C. A. Fort Plain Dolgeville Canajoharie Richfield Spa St. Johnsville St. Mary's Herkimer Ft. Plain Dolgeville Canajoharie St. Johnsville Wrestling FIRST ROW: I. LaMonica, S. Tucci, H. Charbormeau, F. LaPuma, G. Sylvester, I. Licari, J. Branck M. Manore. SECOND ROW: Coach Campo, B. Sherman, Assistant Coach Acquaviva, F. Grates, A Riente, J. Delia, T. Hennessey, G. Grizzuto, J. Grizzuto, A. LaMonica, F. Barbuto.. Majorettes LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Barretta, M. Balio, T. Nero, P. Henrickson, K. Olesikg Advisor, Mr. Buffan. 72 - - 5? - arsity Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Hakes, R. Iuteau, H. Valerite, C. Gillette, C. Catlin, D. Schmidt, F. Farouche. unior Varsit Cheerleaders 1? fm I fa - Lea FIRST ROW: F. Mazzola. SECOND ROW: V. Manno, C. Coniguiliaro, G. Amendolare. THIRD ROW: M. Tucker, S. Pandolf, P. Hendrickson. 73 Please Patronize Our ADVERTISERS Mrs. Madelyn App Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Juteau Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kinney, Sr. Mrs. Doris Boudry Mrs. Harold Krick Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bristol, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kusienski Mr. Henry R. Brownrigg Mr. and Mrs. Paul LaMonica Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bunce Mr. and Mrs. Peter LaPurna Mr. and Mrs. James Walter Callahan Mr. and Mrs. John Latella, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Castellano Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lints, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Catlin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Loiacano Mr. and Mrs. John Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. George Luther, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. George Charbonneau Mr. and Mrs. Allie Mack Mr. and Mrs. Fred Christensen Mrs. Veta Maneen Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Chuff Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Corriggio Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Mazzola Mrs. Walter Cress Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Onofaro Mrs. Doris Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ortello Mr. and Mrs Dominick Dee Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Haligowski Mr. and Mrs. William Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Paul Puleo, Sr. Mr. and Mrs Joseph DiGristina Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rappa Mr. and Mrs Clark Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Shirley L. Russell Mr. and Mrs James A. Favat Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sciortino Mr. and Mrs Frank T. Favat Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Sgroi Mr. and Mrs John Feduccia Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sharo, Sr. Mr. and Mrs Frank Fresco Mr. and Mrs. Vito Spohn Mr. and Mrs Joseph Gillette Mrs. Anne Swiger Mr. and Mrs William Graves Mr. and Mrs. George Sylvester Mr. and Mrs Carl Hakes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Valent Mr. and Mrs Leon Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Charles Valente Mr. and Mrs John Hatton Mrs. Margaret VanNort Mr. and Mrs Albert E. Henrickson Mr. and Mrs. John Wolanski Mr. and Mrs William Hocking Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zaffarano You're Always Welcome THE CITIZENS' FIRST NATIONAL BAN Member of F.D.I.C. FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Compliments of TERZO'S DAIRY BAR Main Street Frankfort In Herkimer it's the PALMER HOUSE HFamous for its Banquetsu T0 6-4100 J. P. Cristiano T. Cristiano In Newport it's the STANTON HOTEL Telephone 5-3742 J. P. Cristiano, Prop. In Newport it's the PIONEER INN Diner, Bowling Alley Telephone 2-3062 T. Cristiano, Prop. Congratulations and Best Wishes For Continued Success THE MANUFACTU RERS NATIONAL BANK of Ilion, New York Member: Federal Reserve System, F.D.I.C. Sandra Fresco completes the second year as member of Munger's "Modern Miss" Fashion Board. Our good wishes go with Sandra as she graduates from Frankfort Highg and we also extend congratula- tions to all the other members of the graduating class. This year we are pleased to have Lucille Sgroi and Rosalie Castilla on our Fashion Board with Sandra. H.G. MUNGER AND COMPANY HERKIMER, NEW YORK Compliments of UNION FORK AND HOE UNION HANDLE COMPANY Frankfort Transit Warehouse Company Compliments of VALLEY TRUCKING CO. ll4 Sheldon Ave. Frankfort, New York Phone TW 4-9833 Compliments of KIRBY OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Herkimer, New York Compliments of FRANK A. BARONE Your Ford - Edsel - Lincoln Dealer Sales Manager of Castle Car Company Herkimer, New York LARRY'S CAMERA SHOP 2l6 Frankfort Street Frankfort, New York Ulf it's photographic - we have itn Compliments of J. BRADY THOMAS Insurance Compliments of BELMONT'S Sanitary Barber Shop ' - ff x, Aluphdohaslld- moonlngful so you' school song , , . your official JOSTBQ :km ring. 1 , , , capturing precious lnomorlu In JOSTEN'S exclusive wnxhlno 'IOK gold. , , , symbolizing ldlool SINCE l897 spirit thru oxcluslvo .IOSTEN designs. OR 60 YEARS SAlESMAN'S OR JEWELERS IMPIINT JAMES MASON, REPRESENTATIVE 55 West Barney Street GOUVERNEUR, NEW YORK Compliments of HOTEL THURSTON cater to parties and banquets Compliments of A. G. JONAS Frigidaire Appliances 250 East Main Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of MOHAWK METAL Frankfort, New York Compliments of CROWELL JEWELERS 102 South Frankfort Street Frankfort, New York MAIN STREET NOVELTY SHOPPE l59 Main Street Frankfort, New York Ph. No. TW 4-2454 UFor Your Home and Auto Needsn NATIONAL AUTO STORE 51 West Main Street Ilion, New York Compliments Compliments of of uTucA SPORTING GOODS ROBEL STUDIO Herkimer, New York Complete Line of Sports Equipment Deveraux Street A Utica New York Compliments of MAYOR GEORGE CORRADO Compliments of LOUIS R. URGO Compliments of KATHRYN'S BEAUTY SHOP Frankfort Street Frankfort New York Kathryn Quirk, Prop. Compliments of DULAK'S CLEANERS AND DYERS Best Wishes from VIV'S PLUMBING G HEATING Sam Vivirito, Prop. Compliments of AUGIE'S UP-TO-D A BARBER SHOP TE AVERSA'S CLEANERS For the Prom see Aversa's for Perfect Fitting in Tuxedos Compliments of ILION NATIONAL BANK G TRUST COMPANY Ilion New York TW - l22 West4M3i21Street Member of Federal Reserve System Frankfort' F D I C PAUL' s K-B BAR-B-QUE HEveryone's Favorite Drive-Inn Famous for Good Coffee and Mexican Hots Many Good Things to Eat East Main Street Frankfort New York Compliments of OWEN MARINE AND SPOR East Main Stree Frankfort, New Yo T SHOP t kr b , il., "Try Before You Buy" Instrument Rental Plan Conn, Olds, Reynolds and Holton Band Instruments MOHAWK VALLEY MUSIC SALES, Inc. 13-15 First Street Ilion, New Yo Studios - Repairs - Records - Music Phone TW 4811 l' BUCKMINSTER'S JEWELERS 47 First Street Ilion, New York I Compliments of EAST-SCHUYLER NINE Softball Team g MOHAWK MoToR SALES V ' lxifgfgfi 146 West Mom Street f Mohawk, New York Kg fl Frederick, Ediok Joseph Deruke Compliments of ACCATTATO AND DALY Compliments of FREEMAN'S HFirst in Fashionu Ilion, New York Compliments of V. J. IOCOVOZZI MYER'S CLOTHING STORE HClothes for Dad n' Ladn 205 South Main Street Herkimer, New York Compliments of JAMES W. BENNISON Compliments of EVAN'S 5.05 and S.l0 STORE Main Street Frankfort New York F M? N S FREEMAN S CURTAIN U W MAIN STP MSN N SHOP INC 1 'HH ll N it Q 2435155153 ALAN'S ARMY AND NAVY STORE Ilion, New York HGood future and good cheer throughout the years" HFrankfort Award Sweaters in Stock" ' QUITAIUICDIIAPIRY ' . . '..m i-YZ' T 'W' , . 'partir ASN' . .1 N . , it g r I 80 TALARICO'S GAS STATION Cor. Orchard G Railroad Sts. Frankfort New York TW 4-9072 Compliments of HERKIMER LAUNDERS S DRY CLEANERS Herkimer, New York Compliments of FRANK LEFEVER S SONS INC. Custom Gunsmiths Compliments of JAM S DURANT Compliments of Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE Floyd Lonis 272 No. Main St. Herkimer, New York STORE A FRIEND Compliments of ROACH'S LIQUOR Ilion, New York STORE ENJEM'S Linoleum - Tile - Carpet 23 First Street Ilion, New York Compliments of BRADLE S MONTGOMERY Main St. Ilion, New York Compliments of AUGUST OLIVER WINKLE AND HORAN Plumbing, Heating, Wiring Oil Burners ll5 Litchfield Street Frankfort, New York Compliments of BETA CHI ALPHA Compliments of HARDELL'S - PRINTER Compliments of JOE'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of W. RUTHERFORD Paint and Wallpaper TW4 FRANKFORT WHOLESALE CO. Vito Spohn Distributors of Food - Candy - General Merchandise -9168 262 Main S ITCCI WILTSE'S Real Estate and Insurance lll West Main Street Frankfort, New York HoKE's FLOWERS Phone TW 4-9929 lOl W. Main Street Ilion, New York ADAMS AND GAHERTY Shell Service Herkimer New York Phone TO 6-1860 Compliments of FRANK M. PLANO, JR. 5 Compliments of BECKWITH SHOP Compliments of FIFIELD'S Ilion, New York Compliments of GRAND UNION HOTEL Compliments of MAC'S TAXI Ilion, New York Telephone TW 4-4444 Compliments of WILLIARD EARL Motorola Zenith Crosley SCHESCH FLORIST 132 East Main Street TV Sets Ilion, New York Compliments of HOLT BROS. Rambler SALAMONE'S MARKET Mohawk Sales and Service Compliments of BILLIS HOTEL Frankfort, New York Compliments of YETTY'S PIZZA Herkimer, New York Compliments of JOHNNY AND RAY'S ATHLETIC CLUB lO9 Main Street Compliments of PAPE FURNITURE CO. Herkimer, New York Bob Pape Joe Pape GRIPPE'S TAVERN East Main Street Frankfort, New York MIDTOWN MOTORS Ilion, New York HFirst Class Carsn Compliments of ILION LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of ' DR. GRATES Ilion, Ne Compliments of IAY'S DEPT. STORE 20 Otsego Street w York TW 5-7330 "It Always Pays to Shop at Iay's" Compliments of JOHN'S LIQUOR STORE Litchfield St. Frankfort, New York Compliments of ROBERT A. LUKE Ilion, New York Compliments of ZITO INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of ROYAL MARKET Frankfort L. C. Licari, Prop. Compliments of AsNoE's GULF SERVICE Tires, Batteries, Accessories East Frankfort Compliments of LATELLA'S BAKERY Compliments of WALSH GAS STATION Compliments of MARI-RUTH SHOP Compliments of CLUB ROYALE Compliments of LIMPERT'S Clothing, Furnishings, Shoes Compliments of WILLIAMSON'S PHARMACY Established l898 Chas. Williamson, Prop Compliments of MELFE BROTHERS Ilion, New York Compliments of JULIE'S BEAUTY SALON Frankfort, New York DE LUXE BARBER SHOP Joe Plano, Prop. Ilion, New York Compliments of TAM URRO'S MARKET 403 Frankfort Street Compliments of MILLER HARDWARE Ilion, New York Compliments of PLANO'S MARKET Compliments of CAPRA'S DINER Compliments of DODGE AND WEEDEN INC. INSURANCE ORIOLO SERVICE STATION Sunoco Products East Frankfort Compliments of PALM R STREET MARKET JOSEPH ONOFARO Expert Shoe Repair Best Leather User 106 West Main Street Frankfort New YO rk Compliments of BESSIE'S BEAUTY SALON Frankfort, New York Autographs I J El 4 f Q ' ' X 5 If . N F, Y I J M f y A Wf CW ,gLf1g,U f. Z, -5 JL4, fr, L L I J A li V '- A ' 1,-nz C.a.-L,.Cwf1fVl' f ' J L!! H K J . Hx x W 'N ' V53 ' - If I fu ' 31,3 ',y',gj1,Ci,, CL., ,.kJfVff'f..-t'5L'giIZ1 VNX, c,i'f n 1 x , , I 1 ,gxwff LQM1 if I, ,Y Ui Ii ,Jul Q., . L 7 UL fdyrxglq tu U:-If Alwfx cw L UW-fl" KCQNL .WI X-X7 , ,644 -231.-L L 1, J-' Q, Q I f.,- 'W C Wywgw . M XX ,Lv YQ! U N 4 ,, f 21,5 XLUVM x XE VX' WX X. b - O Q1 . f Q! CM f ' f 2 A Q, S . LA, V , kffkyat gefjff Q gt A M, AJQQQNED 6kfL,5!J XXWXDM rib QQQLWMMA X K NVQ 'WM if Gif 5 JV ' W 5 'ff M N J Zjbqfyvybvil Q 4 MF 7 1 fl C51 I ff ,gy My ,:. .gy lywf A21 A K. If I , wk I - ! ,V LM CfVff'!L' 'QUJWL yz mu JQW4 V! I , if A C J ,., L Y V in 04131011 ax R '79 f A kk, 84 Q Y D V f ff J I fad!! L fp 7 TPC gl I ffff w 1 ,,f,-,JJM5 B 5 5 ,.- g,1,fL' , w,.+"' ' ' f3 f'W fic! Cf w . w 'X Zi X a xx f- X ,- l R 'X 'kqg-Q fb N , f xl . J fyfwsli w QEPS N.,-,,f' INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Cover Munufuclurers- Book Binders FACTORY - HOME OFFIEE Kunsus City MQINTVD IN U Q A. w F 1 I V . 1 E V ww I Nw , 4 QL E i 1 i 4 i I I S w I I P Q-ww -- - l f m . S, -mf n 1 ,W 4 x X ' . 1 1 L 4 fi 13 M. iw. s V I

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