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8 K Q' 5-.. 'x ' x I a . xx - Q' 0 t4 k , ww' ws Vt, ,. N I , ' 4 - X rfvis . , I u,.,A THE 1949 PILGRIM i n 00 jx K PAA.: AX sw .li FRANKFORT PILGRIM COLLEGE FRANKFORT INDIANA fn Nl! 754 Maya fi 4'k 14cknawleJg,e Jfzlm 74' F4 'LST I RJ In our desire to "ac- knowledge HIM in all our ways" we meet HIM in the morning . . . seeking HIS guid- ance through the day. M fm.. I-A J I-1 :L B ::. D 1 ani Jie Shall fbhecl C45 6 iq? HJ, A7 ,I I! 95 , ,i l 9 95 TI' fm llr ' in Q:+a4u3,QMM14ti. " We, the students of Frank- fort Pilgrim College proudly present the 1949 PILGRIM in order that we may ac- complish the Divine purpose of acknowledging HIM. ' e To the loving memory of WALTER L. GOINS -5. if Below, left: VV:1lter with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. F. I. Goins. Below, right: NValter with his instruments. Death may have claimed XYalter on January 28, l9-l9, hut death cannot claim our memory of him, for we will always remember his Christian character, his vivaciousness . . . his life as a whole. Life can send no one to take the place that XYalter has va- cated. Surely much lay in the future for him and for those who knew him. In the midst of our hewilderment and sorrow. we all realize that these words are true: "God is too wise to make a mistake and too good to he unkind." All who knew XValter, though. realize that their lives have been made richer by the influence of his life in our midst. -7- In May of '45 XYalter enlisted in the Lf. S. Navy and on june 7 left for Samson, New York. to take his "boot training." llc spent fifteen months in the service and in the fall of '46, after his discharge, enrolled at Marion Col- lege, Marion, Indiana. XYalter enrolled at Frankfort Pil- grim College in 1940. where he coni- pleted his study of music under the guidance of Mrs. C. E. Kendrick. After attending the Anderson High School he returned to Frankfort Pil- grim High School for his Junior year, and graduated in the Spring of 1945. with the first class to wear caps and gowns. Q Right: This snapshot taken several years ago illustrates that XY al t e r was very Close to How- ard, his younger brother. Poses of XYalter when he was clireetor of music at the First Pilgrim Holi- ness Church, Incliauapo- lis, Indiana, during the winter 1947-'48 Below: Xlfalter, with his close friencl. George lXleCrory, with whom he was Closely associat- etl during' the last two years. George is the sou of XYalter's pastor. Rev. Ralph MeCrory. -9- ' Jlimin0wLGaeecl Frankfort Pilgrim College has stood firmly to its original ob- jective, to inculcate those principles of Christ that lead to a defi- nite experience of grace wrought in the heart by the Holy Ghost, to lead the student to a deeper knowledge of the Word of God, to provide instruction that shall harnlonize with this view, and to give instruction that shall be of the most practical nature possible. Frankfort Pilgrim College holds to the fundamental doctrines of Christianity, such as, The Divine inspiration of the Scriptures, the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, Virgin Birth, that man was created holy, but sinned and fell from this holy state, the Deity and Vicarious Atonement of Christ, the Death, Resurrection and the Second Coming of Christ, the regeneration and sanctification of fallen man, and man's final glorification and complete redemption through Jesus Christ. Through the belief and practice of the above principles we find that the school is able to keep its spiritual equilibrium in this present world. Wllell we "Acknowledge Him in all our Ways, He Will Direct Our Paths." -10- 755 . 'its .5 Three of the "bigger" teachers: Mr. Henry, Miss Bowman, and Mr. Howell aww, Ncfan '5"'A,l xii: ."- ' MVR l'l INN ILD PRESIDENT, REV. R. li. STU ..12.. Below: the President at his office, home, study, and work. R. K. STO RE Y PRESIDENT Mr. President, in Hackiiowleclgiiig HIM" we pause to givi- you a royal salute for your Godly, untiring efforts in helping' the student body acknoxvledge Christ. From the life you live before us it is once more proven that it is possible to live holy and blameless in this present world. -5 1 ffl? i if ag, KENNETH W. PHIPPS, Th. li.. A. li., M. QX. llczm fn Lullcgv :xml lhe- ulu-fx'. IIl5lI'llCl1Jl' Hilulv llulincfs S0111- S. inurx' 5L'X'L'll X'L'ZL!'5. Inslruclm' lf. l'. L' tum 5'l'Ill'5. liirrctm' nf L'u1'x'cfp1mclcncc 50110411 1943-447. FLOYD B. DUNN, A. H., M. S. Iiigl - S I 14- fcnml I,l'illCilll1l :mel Yicc I,1'CSill6'Ilt Iligll Scluml IllSIl'l1CtU1' five yn-:ws llllfllll' :md livzlllgvlisl fifteen years I". I'. C. since W45. rw ,J Q ' RUTH M. BOWMAN, Th. B. Dean of XYomen. Dean of XYonien and ln- structor at Bible Holiness Seminary thirteen years. Dean of XYOINCII and lnstructor at F. P. C. since l9-15. Pas- tor and Evangelist for ten years. BOONE MURPHY, Student Dean of Men. Dependable and ready to offer a helping hand in the time of need. ,-n S, x Y RALPH D. PERRY Th. B., A. B., Th. M. Registrar HARRY SHEPHERD 'Ii .W E. o. HOWELL LESTER L. HENRY Th. B., A. B., D. D. Butler Undergraduate , 4199, A B VIRGINIA MEEKS RACHEL STOREY ' ' Th. B. A. B., Music X 7 MQ I Qiw . '56 5 ' - -Uwe . 4. KATHRYN KENDRICK WAYNE WRIGHT PAUL D. CARTER Piano A. B. B. S. in Ed. -46- LETHA WELCH NELL B. CRIDER B. S., A. B, Lifetime Certificate in H. S. f,-.12Ef"--'- ., f 4. . , H g, ,. 5 3' ' A l IA: I .:,.A Y F 'i'r"," f E if--A., 2' ' ff: . M. t T .,,. 333' vxmw, K5' ,R f fg -I -.1 V-Y ' , go a ' X N fn if 4 L .... ff' Ast ., , iw..-' 5-uv x V A 'op 'W ,. .k ' .r5?5lg -' si' ' I 1 . e- 4 .:. i-'15 gf. 2 ' ' ' - ,af "5 If J X -fx.' ' f f , if ' v f + ff , 3- 1 If i-EY N ' ARTHUR L. CRIDER A. B. A, Q - , WALTER R. COINS MARY LIGHTY MARJORLINE A. ALLEN Student Jordan Conservatory Piano KATHRYN BARBER MARGARET PERRY Head of Music Department Voice -17- B. S. in Ed. 7faa4e Wfza P 5 ' 1'1:11114I1+1'1 1'i1g'1'1111 Q11111'g'1f 01111111 Illll 11111 S11 s11101'11111y XYC17' lt 11111 1111 1111-Xu 111111 5llCl'11lCL' 1111-11' lima- 111111 U1-1-OV1 '111 nc1'11111111if11 t111' 1111111111 110111115 111 5C111Pll1 1111111i11ift1'z1ti U11. '11111' 1x'111'14. f111' t11L' 1111'1st 111111. is 11111111 115' s11111c11ts 111111 Sl1l3ll1Cl1lk'll1 111611 11111111-11 1ll1Ill1CL' 111 11115 XYILY. 111111 111115 116113 111c111bc1x'1's 1111116 llclping 1111 bk'11ll1I1. V111-111' 11-ft: 11L'I1Cl'll1 H1'fi1'1- 51.111, Lwlllltl' right: 1'r1-51111-11t Sturuy 211111 1114 Sk'CI'L'1I1I'j', 1.i11iz111 1'i2ll'1j'XY1HL'. 111' 11'1't: 111u11 5111111111 1'1'i11111pz11 111111 11iN S1-1'1'1-1111'iw. 1,1111'111' right: 1,i111'z11'i:111, Yirginia Monks 211111 Staff :Q ' 5331+ 1 ' 5 IPI 6 an mam ,fzzmf of sag Mrs. George Hntts has past four years. llancling iniportant contribution to proven her efficiency as our school nurse for the out pills anrl giving shots. she has nzacle a very our physical well-heing. During the major portion of the year. Mrs. XYiley was our cook. Mrs. Ruth Florea sharefl the responsibility along' proviflecl ns with llilmle school beans, potatoes Upper left: Nurse, Mrs. George Butts: her assistant, Miss lrene Powell, and patient. Lewer left: Dish Crew . . . "Post'requisite for every meal." -wwf -Q... .Li 30 w I L with her, ancl together they and gravv. Ypper right: Mrs. XYiley. our vtiy cxtellent coo lNot pictured is her co-worlqti s Florc I Lower right: Farmer Lashhroo xy io Jiinqs tie milk and eggs I is-' Bamcf of fbzheofou l.r1't t-- right: Ralph KIvL'1'u1'y, If. XY. XY1'igl1t, R. K. Stwlmly, L'h:1irln1111 Klulvin Sllyclcr, Il. J, I:L'CL'lIL'l'. l url RL-url, R. Nilmrgcr, lf. I.. Hflcxx. Nut 1lIL'Illl'C4III:. bl, Ms-ins, .-Xrczl NIUIll1.lUl1lL'I'j', C. 13. .H-xtcr, F. XY. May. PERSISTENT IN AIM . . . CONSISTENT IN MOTIVE . . . OUR FUTURE IS PLANNED nzlfcfinq eammilffee AQ - ,Elm Q, r V 'ef lp N' V Nl W sJ"x1X"xIl IJ-it Iv' riuln' lf. ll. Ilumu. l'I'l'SI'Il'IlI Sturm-y, 'lf DI. l'l'CllNX, KQIIIIIVIIIIIII Ralph Nils:u'gcr. If IJ. .In-atc-V, lf. flaring Mm-Ivin Sllyflcr. -20- Theologs consulting Dr. Clarke. ' Schema! -21- ,f . .X- JF is X Q, K-, 5 1 ,,,.,..i 7fzea ' 512 Y Professor Henry tt-gielies the soriqtl stuflies, ziml surh liilile eoui'ses :is the l':tuhne lzpistles ziurl liililiezil ltzwlteiwiiiiuls. lle zilso has Il few eiiurses iu Speech. lQl'nlIL't'lk'll :tml likell lty the 5lllflk'lltN, he is llsecl of timl iii our miflst. Miss Virginia Meeks ls our Spanish teacher and lie Iirziriziii. llziyiiie erztfltizttefl Irwin Ia l'. L. in IU-lf, slle has taken her place on the fzaeulty to lieeome :i eiiiwl te:ii'lier, iiillmg to eiiitperztte zuifl assist iii .hir ixziy possihle, Miss Ruth Bowman, our Demi tit' XYtQuiien, has i, ,ilu-fl Iziithiully :mil uiitiriiiely sit her many flu- ties, :mil luis xx-in it plztee in the hearts ot all wliu 1-.ii-iw her, She xxill tint lie xxith lls next year, lilll' .hr l.or1l has st-vii tit In eall her into the hvreigii riiissioinziry xxork tif our vliurvli, zinil she will lie pruirliillil zillfl prziising Curl mi the islzmtl pl' firzuirl ' tllllltlll, li. XX. l.. the l,tircl willing. Pres. R. K. Storey, alone with his inzmy duties also mi- time to tt-zieli at rlziss iii llllssltvllr, it sulijeet that lie- tlfv-r til his heart. lfiiriehi-fl xiilli items tit' his przutireil experieiiie, liis rlziss is :nie that all eiijuy ziiifl zipprerinte. -22.- Prof. K. W. Phipps, who is our clean of theology, is 21 Very ixell-likerl teacher. Spieecl with much of his humor aurl wit, learning is mzule easy, and it's ii pleasure In sit uutler his instruetimi. Prof. E .O. Howell teaches iiizmy ul the theologiezil emarses along with sueh related sulwjeets as The l.ife of tfhrist. Ile kiimvs his fielrl well, aiitl has :t liiig juli iu keeping us all 'strziiglitu in our the- ology. Prof. R. D. Perry, our registrar, also has zt heavy teaeliiiig lozul. llziviiie' hzul iiiueh erluezttiimal ex- perieiiee, he ezipzilily teaches iiiuny of those harcler courses, sueh as liilrlieal l.iter:iture :xml Physiol- ogy. lle :ilsu has an evening eiiurse iii First Aicl. Ilis health has mit been too well this year, hut he has arlmirzihly kept his classes guiiigg. Prof. Wayne Wright took his place this year on our faculty to fill the place vaeatetl liy the former tireek teztelier, Mrs. Teniiell. Tezteliiiig tireek, lkyeltoltigy, :tml Algebra has kept him liard at work'--as well as his sturleiits. . Seniaad The Seniors of Frankfort Pilgrim College are looking into the future with anxious and willing hearts to do the Complete will of their Heavenly Father. The desire that predominates is that they may fill the place in life where they can be of the greatest usefulness. XYe have walked down the path of school days and now, as we must go into the future, our prayer is: "Lead, Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom, Lead Thou me on! Keep Thou my feet, I do not ask to see The distant scene-one step enough for me," john Henry Newman Don Rhoner, secretary-treasurer: Prof. H. A. Shepherd, sponsorg Duane Vtfatkins, yice-presidentg Kenneth Geore, president. 123, ,, . .,,,., ...,.x,...- ...- I , k.,v Q. ROW 1 PEARL BOWERS, Muir, I'z1. Cliziiigucl from Christian NYui'kei's' Couisc tu Three Year Klinistcrizil. XYill grzuhiatc next ycar. WILLIS CHEESMAN, 117541 Fifth Struct, Fmiikfurt, Incl. Thrcc Kaur Miniftcrial, Iloliiii-Nr. l,L-agiic '48, IX'IfS5illllZlI'j' Socicty '48, Dt-hzitiiig Socicty '48, Oricntal Mission- ary l'i'ayQr Banrl '48-'-W. LUTHER COOMER, 3110 Frccinan Stu-ct, Frzinkfm't, Incl. Th. B., Yuicraiis' Organ- izatiwn '-Uv-'48, Dchating Sffcicty '-155-W. Mismitiiiaiy Socicty '46-'-W, Ministerial Asso- ciation '47-'49, uran! llrganizatiiin f5UCl'L'I2il'j'l, Cliwiif '47-'48, l'rusirlcnt Scniur Class, Store Mzinzigci Senior Project, attciidcd Uiiivcrsity uf Cincinnati at Cincinnati ,Ohio. ROW 2 ROY M. LOCHER, Vortsniiiiith, Ohio, Th. Ii., Hood Liitizcnahip I4L'Zi51llK' '-W. THEODORE MECKES, Th, li., 1050 Fifth Struct, Frankfurt, Ind. Mis5iuii:1ry So- ciuty. Iliilinuff Luziguc. FLORENCE MECKES fL1Il1Ji1irlOgl'2i1Ji'ICIiJ, Th. B., Stuflcnt XVivus Asmciatimi, l'rc:,i- clcnt Sturlcnt XX'ix'c5 Awmcialii-ii '-Uv, Missionary Society PAUL MILLER, IUSU Fifth Street. Frankfort. Ind. Thrcc year Miiiiwterial, Min' ixtvrial JXNNIIVTZIITIIII '-W, ffaiiipiix Detective '-W. DOROTHY MOLIN, Fnrt XYaync, lnrl. lfliriftizin XYOi'Iqurs' L'u11i'sc, Allllllill Staff '48-'49, Nliwiwiiziiy Society '48-'49, ..24... WILLIAM KENNETH GEORGE, lllill Fifth Street, Fl'z1iikfui't, Ind. Th, Ii., Yet' 74-BGJO-QJCGJ 5 ' BOONE MURPHY, Evansville, Ind. Three year Ministerial, Student Dean of Men '47-'49, Business Manager "The Pilgrim" '48-'49, Debating Society '48, Treasurer and The Literary Society '48, Treasurer of The Holiness League '43, Good Citizenship League '49, E. K. PURCELL, 355 South Third Street, Frankfort, Ind, Th. IS., Pilgrim Staff '48- '48, Missionary Society, Veterons' Organization, Student Pastor. DON ROHNER, Evansville, Ind. Th. B., Treasurer of Missionary Society '48, Presi- dent of Senior Class '46, Superintendent of Holiness League '47, Chorus '47-'-LS. Quartette '45-'46-'48, Secretary-Fl'reasurer Senior Class '-10. JOHN STEWART, 1050! Filth Street, Frankfort, lnd. Th, B., Veterans' Organization, Council '48-'49, Debating Society '48-'49, Ministerial Association '-18349, Student Pastor. ROW 2 MARK WADDELL, 450 Douglas Street, Tipton, Ind. Th, B.. Choir '40-'48, Holiness League '40-'-IS, Orchestra '47-'48. DUANE WATKINS, Montpelier, Incl. Three year Ministerial, Theological Under- Cl3SS-111611 Treasurer, Vice-President Theological Seniors '48-'49, Holiness League '47- '4S, Ministerial Association '48-'49, Good Citizenship League '48-'49, 'F -25- XXI: thc tl1c-tlltmgical L1llLICl'gl'Zlill1ZltL'5, arc lulppy to lvc 1ncl111lul 111 thc F. V. C. 1'z1111il5'. XX? arc ll gfllllll of Cl11Aift1:111 5'o1111g pcople 111111 dt-sire tu lmxx- HHIIYS Int-ft i11 um' lixw. and lll'L' 1J1'L'1lZl.I'lllg' fm' x'zL1'i41L1s types of work 111 llmlk l1:11'x't-st fiultl. I11cl11flcfl ill 1,1111 class are thusc wht. are p1'cpz11'111g 111 lu- 111isfif111z11'ics. L'X'Illlg'L'liST.iQ Sil1g'L'l'S. yuuth XYU1'kL'I'S, Sllllflilf' Scluml 1.R'ZlL'llL'l'f, 211111 l1lil1iwlCl'S. XXI' count it ll p1'ix'11t-gc 141 attcml this wchoul x1'l1u1'C rlml llllll fpirituzxlity Zll'l' put first ill ex'c1'y activity. LTC if .' 'X V 5 ,. , .. - ,, - WI i X . " -: 9 l 7' E: I Q-, na F . R1-w111u1'y Kl?lflflllX, St-crctznryg 'IVv111111y HulNl1m1fu1', I'rcNiflc11t: lfxthcr llnwcll, Vice- I'1-csirlcntg ljfilhtllll lfrkart, '1'rua5L11'ur3 I'rnI'. lf. O. Iloxxvull, S1m11su1'. 126- ps. Row l, left to right: Bill Allen, 1050 S. Fifth St., Frankfort, 1ncl.g Leslie Ashcraft, -lol Hinnian Ave.. Columbus, Qhiog 1Villiam Babb, 951 S. Third St., Frankfort, Ind.: Carl Baker, 1010 N. Ninth St. Lafayette, Incl.: Ernest Batman, 55252 XY. KValnut St., Frankfort, Ind.: Velma Batman, Ramsey, Incl. Row Z, left to right: john Bauer, 1253 S. First St., Frankfort, Ind.: Marlin Boss, jr., 1950 S. Fifth St., Frankfort, Ind.: Landis Bradfield, Petersburg, Ind.: Agnes Bressler, Muir, Pa.3 George Butts, 555 XV. Boone St., Frankfort, Ind.: Lawrence Butts, 309 Freeman St., Frankfort, Ind. Row 3, left to right: Loretta Canary, Bloomington, Ill.g,A1fred Case, R. R. 5, Marion, Ind.: Ray- mond Chapnian, Greenfield, Ind.: Dallace Chatham, 1050 S. Fifth St., Frankfort, 1ncl.3 Bill Clark, VVashington, 1nd.g Kenneth Cobble, 1050 S. Fifth St., Frankfort, Ind. -27- 3 , i 1 mx l. lcll In rmght: Luv Loklcy, .-1-4 ju-llcrsm1. I.:ux'rcuccv1llc, Ill.g l.z1urz1 LVUIIICX, Sulclicr, Ky.: lil-llncth llcirlrifk, .2115 Milllanrl ,I7im1lay, Ohiog Ruth llviclrick, 205 Klimllzmcl, Fillrllzly, Ohiog Yurla lJ1.ulvlurIu-, 334 lf. Q-llllI'L'l1, Brzulfuwl, Ohio: Martlla Duvall, 7401 XY, Ivjrcl, Argo, Ill. ww -, I1-lt lu rughti ,lrwlm I'.2iNI'illl'll, Zan XXl11tv ST., FI'llIlliIOI'l, Iml.g L11-Nlmm Iickart, R2ill1hCj', lml.g 1511,-I l'fm:kzu't, 35.2 XY. Xxrlillllll, F1':u1kfwrt, lmlg Rulncrt Iflclriclgr, NUI Sccuml SL, Fl'2lIIkl,OI'l. Incl.: Xlulu I'.111111-,111-. 10549 5. Fltth N., Przmkiort, lnfl. Rum' 3, lcft to right: f,.l12ll'lCr-1 Fclslmurg, xV2llkk'l'Ifl1'I, InfI.g U, Ray Fitzgu-1'alrl, .L , ., -wr c ' S llnrcl SL, Frankfort. Iml.g lluvid F11-lli11g.5c1', R u c h c 5 t c r, Ind.: Melvin tirnvc, Sllliillr, Incl.: ,lussc I'Ik'lHlCl'5Ull, 2-W1 Hall St., Illiliilllilliidii, lml. ..23- I 1 Roxv 1, left to right: Tommy Holshouser, R. R. 4, Box . Z 09-A, Kannapolis, N. C., Esther Howell, 355 S. Third St., Frankfort, Ind.: Carroll Johnson, Evansville, Ind., Marcella Kincaid, 208 Clay St., Bradford, Ohio: XYayne Lighty, Veedersburg, Ind., Howard Linton, English, Ind. Row 2, left to right: Patil Luttrnll, Villa Drive., Evansville, Incl.: Betty Luttrull, Villa Drive, Evans ville, Ind.g Roxveniarv Maddux, XYestport, lnd.g Robert Malone, R. R. 2, Yevav, Ind., Wallace Marshall, 8316 77 Court, Oak Lawn, Ill.: Ann Martin, 299 Nye, Marion, Ohio. Row 3, left to right: Jimmie McFarland, 60 E. Clifton Ave., Cincinnati 10, Ohio, Charles Mel-Iargue, Salisbury ,N. C3 Charles McKnight, 6511.5 E. Boone St., Frankfort, Ind.: Reba RlCT.Cll1Ol'C, 3128 Edgewood Drive, Evansville, Ind.: Bob Mclaemore, 3128 Edgewood Drive, Evansville, lncl.3 Paul XY. Meeks, 312 DuBois, Lawrenceville, lll, -29- K v Row 1. luit to right: Frzmccs Kliiiccr. XYcst1wort, Ind., Burt Muhley, Nzuliville, Incl.: Kenneth Mont gmiicry, R. R. 2, Shoals, Incl., Robert xlOlllg'Oll1Cl'j', R. R, 2, Shoals, lml.g Kil1llllCl3I'l0 Montoya Heriinlilli-, Nm-xv My-xicu, ,lcssc XYl1I'l'L'l'l l'iu-tor, SUN Yirginizi St., .-Xililzuicl, Ky. Row 2, li-it to right: lrcuu Powcll, XYz1lJasli. Incl., Leroy QL1HliClllDl!Sll, Aiiclrcws, liicl.: Rolrcrta Rhine R. R. 2, l'-l'ZilllxlUl'I, Iml., .-Xriucn Rliurids, R. R. 1, XYalJasl1, Incl.: Cliarlcs Ricliiwon, XYlllCllCStL'I' lIlfl.2 ll--ra Nlnc Szilyuw, 1-WN Suu-nth St.. l.axx'1'ci1ccx'illc, Ill. Row 3, li-it in right: lfugcnc Scliuiick, 254 S. ffllllllllllll St.. FI'I1IllifOI'I, lnrl.g Garvin Sl1C'l'lCl2ill, XYilloxx llill, lll.g l.L-wix Smith, Mifflin, lull., Rcvzi Smilli, Dulplii, lull.: XYillif Snyflcr, R. R. Z, NYi1iclicw- ter, ln1l.1 lh-ll-1 Stcwmt, 11:3-l N. 1Stli St.. Yiiicciiiics, lml. K i S l -30- r T . 1 e Y l .l l 1 1 i l 1 Row 1, left to right: james Swan, Bicknell, Ind., Harold Umfleet, 758 Second St., Frankfort, Ind., Leavina XValston, 1546 Elon, Cincinnati, Ohio, Flora xYC6d111Z:l1'l, Cloverport, Ky.: Ray XYells, 1511 Ninth St., Lawrenceville, Ill. Row Z, left to right: Charles XViley, R. R. 3, Muncie, Ind., Orace XVillis, Petersburg, 1nd,g Dave NVi1son, R. R. 11, Box 360, Indianapolis, Ind.: Mabel XVilson, Rawe, XY. Va.: Delbert 1Yinters, Jef- fersonville, Incl. Row 3, left to right: Bonnie Anderson, Scottsburg, Ind., Betty Burge, 3825 Fifth Ave., Huntington, XY. Va., Paul Holmes, 1413 Stalland, Ashland, Ky.: Vera Maynard, Alexandria, Ind. Slucfenld Row 4, left to right: Eileen Carter, Plainville, Ind., Lillian Earlywine, Trafalgar, lnd.: Mae XVig- gins, Crooksville, Ohio: Florence Summers, 1050 S. Fifth St., Frankfort, Ind. -gy- ,fn ff? zlricta KlUl'lllllgrf2il', St-crutary and 'Fl't'3SllI'Cl'Q Lelluy Fclslnlrg. l'ruxi1lt-ntg l.lllilAlU5 Llznnplmll, Yicc-l'1'usimlu11t1 :mtl Mr. xxvflgllt, 7fze eazzeqe Offering' junior College work to prospective teachers and non-lninistcrial atuclcnts, the college cluparuncnt fills a clef- initc neccl in our school pru- Q'l'3.ll1. Most of the students plan to transfer tht-ir work to other colleges for the rc- 1'l'lZilllilCl' of thril' education. Wlc are grateful, though, for tht- spiritllal founclzltinn rc- ccivctl at F. l'. Lf link l. luft tt' right: Patrick llavclmnx, 55 Rullh St., ll0n'znm, tlcorgctown, Hr. Guiana, 19. Ag Georgu lilift-, Uztkt-tn'11, lnfl.g "cL'lnn'lcN klllllllblhtll, 320 l.inctwln St., Mnnnt Hope, XY. Ya.g ilmllny Fulshnrg, Xntln-rlznnl, Nclng llavirl lTl'k'L'lLlll, lllill S. Fifth bt., l:l'lilll-il-Nfl, lncl. xnxx' 2. luft t wright: liugcnt- Xlichzn-l, -HW IDL-l11xx':41'c St., l'lE1l'l'lslll.ll'!, Pa.: Ccnrggc Milin, 5-122 llanna Stu F-'rt xyiifllfi, lnrlg xxlllfltlii Mtwlling-tzn', 1210 Sllllllllfj' St., Ypxilanti, Klichg Cztthcrinc Pratt, ISZ7' ' ' ' ' ... - .-H..- - --. ' ,., . 1 " ' Qs. .n:f'.' f. .irmffzy -. .. I .. M, 4, .5 H .M . . . . .Q 6 X WX JSA 5.95. .1 .- .:' - X :V -'-.nv-z:--:.:e:.'. ' 1.. . x 5 V - ' .12 Q. p six'-I-:'1:f-:-zvz.xv-v:-1-z -f - 1.-f-:ix --: .:r. ::-5 :15- 1, " ' N . ..-,.Q.,::vmf'.- . . - f-wg.--Qgsfgifef 'X '. P H- 'f' " ' T?" 5 M" 4 Q A Magix' - .. M., fb ,....L, .... , -w:.::.,. 1 , it 5:43 Q M b K' .ww x 74 ,ff '91, sczmz ? 41. sczmz Gm 8 PROF. HARRY SHEPHERD, who has been at l:l'Zilll'iftxl'I longer than any othcr faculty member, is certainly hwezl by all. XYith his unique persun- ality and his conscientinus Christian life, he is highly respected and appreciated. PROF. ARTHUR CRIDER returned this year ln take his place nith the high school faculty. His shnp and givvcrnincnt classes reveal his lengthy public sclnml experience, and his deep spirituality is manifested thrituigli his quiet disposition. MRS. NELL CRIDER teaches typing, hcmkkcep4 ing, slinrtlizmfl, and physical urlucatiwn, XYith hcr lift-time certificate and seven inajnrs, she is an in- valuable ii-svt lu nur high schnol staff. MRS. MARJORLINE ALLEN, who is our lucal In-iikkt-eps-1', alsn finds time tn teach lfnglish and liilile. Alt-rt and cnnperativt-. -hc is an impnrtant rug in thc machinery of F. lj. V. ...34.. MRS. LETHA WELCH teaches Latin and ling- lish as well as giving the girls practical instruc- tion in cooking and sewing. Her life is a radiant manifestation of thc fireat Teacher, and we appre- ciate her influencu in our schnul. PROF. PAUL D. CARTER, tlmugli tl new man on the job, has willingly accepted his many and va- ried dntics. He has done a good job of building up the hiulngy dcpartmcnt, as is evidenced by the vnriuus white rats, hamsters, frogs, snakes, etc., that inhabit the basement of the Administration Building. PRINCIPAL F. B. DUNN. XVith the responsibil- ity Of bcing nur high school principal, Mr. Dunn also is professor of English Cmnpusition, English IV, and Bible. His quiet but firm spirit is a deep- ening and leveling influence which uprks for the good nf thc schcnul. Seam As our COl1llHC1'lC61'llCllt clraws near we realize that this year has been an important milestone in our lives. Typical youthful zeal ancl enthusiasm have motiyatecl us tu huilcl aircastles. which we trust will become living realities for Cocl. XYe wish to thank Gurl for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our parents, :incl our Alina Mater, all of wlmni have hzul Z1 large part in making our education possible. Algar Satterfielcl, Vice Presidentg Betty Hostetter, Secretaryg Miss Meeks, Sponsorg Phil Dunn, Pres identg Eugene Cokely, Treasurer. -35, tit? MAXINE BOWMAN, l.cSngc, XY. Y. Transfer Ntnclunt irmn liarktnirwillc lliigh Schoul, Misaimi- :try Snwictj' '43-'-W, llcliilling SUCH-ty '48-'-W. DAVID BUTTS, 355 Btmne St., Frzmkfort, lncl. erary Society '45-'40, Debating Simccty '45-.-19, Miwiunary Society '-Vw-'-W, flilllltllh lfchocs '47-'-18. junior Killklllliilll, Pilgrim Staff '48-'-W, Hood Citi- zcnfhip Luztgnc, llt-liiicfx llziriiiuiiiyciw, Clifwiie '47-'49, EUGENE COKLEY, 314 -llfl-l.UI'iOl1, l.:1wl't'1iCcx'ille, lll, -Iunitn' lfrlitwr l'llplI'llIl '47-'43, fliiIll1DllS lfchoss '-U43-89, 'llI'C21NlIl'CI' St-niur Class. PHILIP DUNN, S59 llmmc St., l71'z1nkfurt, lnd. lilnxrus '-15-'-W, Quznrtuttq '47-'-W, l'rcsiclt-nt Snplio- nmrg' flaw, Prcxitlt-nt .luniur Vlav, Prt-Niulcnt Sun! ior Class, Orchestra '47-'40, Blissioiiary Soviety '48-'9, Debating Stvcicty '-ltr-'47, Canipns lfchocs Assistant lfllitul' '47-'43, Annual Staff '40-'-17. FLORENCE ECKART, 550 XYalnnt, Frankfurt, lnfl. tirarlnate of Christian XYOl'liCl'f4' L'uurrt-. Placed in High School scnior group by an ovursiglit. EVANGELINE FELSBURG, Suthcrlantl, Nebras- ka. 'l'i'ansfcr stuflcnt from Sutliurlainl, Nchrzxsku. :mtl God! Biblu Schtml. Student Council '48-'-W. VIRGIL GLENDENNING, 2025 l'rairic, Dccatur, Illinois. LOU ELLA GRAVES, l3lll lllfllllllllllll, F1'anlcfoi't. lnrliana. -36-. BARBARA JOANNE GRIMM, 659 Armstrong St., Frankfort, lnd. Debating Society, Secretary Fresh- nian Class. NINA RUTH HIGINBOTHAM, 311 S. Third St., Frankfort, Ind. BETTY M. HOSTETTER, R. R. 3, Linton, Ind. Transfer student from Linton High School '46, Missionary Society '-17-'48, Girls' Glee Club '47-'48, Treasurer of Junior Class, Secretary of Senior Class, Good Citizenship League. ANNA MAE LASHBROOK, R. R. l, Kirkland. lnd. fx -37- CHARLES MCCULLOUGH, 212 xXv3Sl'lll'lQtO1l St., Alexandria, Ind. Transfer student from Alexan- dria High School '48, Annual Staff '48-'49, Debat- ing Society '48-'49, MARILYN MCNEIL, Flat Rock, Mich. Transfer student from Flat Rock, Missionary Society '48- '-l9, Debating Society '43-'49, Good Citizenship League '48-49. CAROLYN MESSMORE, 1504 Chestnut, Bloom- ington, Ill. Transfer student from Bloomington High School, Missionary Society. ALGER SATTERFIELD, Colfax, Ind. Debating Society '47-'48, Editor Campus Echoes '47-'48, President junior Class, 'Vice-President of Senior Class, Good Citizenship League. 5, it :Vg 1 St ,Ex s Y v- KEITH SHERIDAN, R. R. 2. XYill.-xx' llill, Ill. Trznixfm' ftudcnt frmu Ohloug 'l'uw11Nl1ip High Ch Scliiml '-18. Miwfimmry Siicicty '48-'-W, Pilgrim Trim '-88'-'40, Prufiih-nt of flood Citizcilfliip Lcaguc .-W Qty '40-'47, Studuut L4OLlllk'il '47-'48, Sophomore uplaiil. WANDA TAYLOR, 2200 Ri-hm Dr., Fort XYayi1L', Iwi. Dchating Sucivty '45-'-IU, Sccrctary Sopho- mnrg Class, i.itCl'Ell'j' Suciciy '45-'47, Li2ll'Il1TlIs lfchous '43-'40, Annual Staff Sucmtary '48-'49, DONALD TARNER, EvUj'lk'NlOI1. Iml. Miwiiniary S Q c i c t y '48-'-W. lluml L'itizcnship League '40. PAUL TARNER, Hiiylcxtini. Incl. Uuhaling Society Lhpliotevgralrhud: RUTH SEBREE, 207 North lilth, '47-'-W, Literary Svmcicty '46-'47, Miwiwilziry Suci- Marsllall, Ill. Ilarml at work. ,38- undead Charles Fletcher, chaplaing Roberta Smith, secretary: Phil XViley, vice-presidentg Betty McCloud treasurerg Mrs. Allen, sponsorg Rose Anna Hughes, president. The junior Class has been School Department this year. this group has inet often for Christian throughout the year. C. and hope to return next ye one of the most active classes of the High In addition to the frequent class meetings prayer services, and has been nearly IOOZJ NVe have greatly enjoyed our year at F. P. ar to conclude our high school education. -3 9- I C Rt Ro r , fm-W A ,og ,1 hlcsvillc, lnrlg Paul EIIICFX, R. R. 1, Bcllairc, Mich.: Lois lfinurx R. R. 1, Bcllairc, Mich.: Xvllllla livans, 1050 S. Fifth St.. Frzuikfm Incl. uw Z, left to right: Hohhic juan lfyrc, R, R. 1, Box SS, Dry l'run 1.21.3 Carlcs Flctchcr, 944 XY. 'l'l1i1'cl, Rushvillc, Inrl.: Howard Guin XY. XYalnut, Frankfort, Ind.: JHIIICS Herndnn, Intcrccssion City, Fla Roscy llughca, R. R. 1, jmicalmru, lnd.g Shirley johnson, R. R. 1 Rufhvillc. lnrl.g XYaync johnson, S53 First, Frankfort, lnrl. -40- vw l. left to right: Stella Mac Browning, l5l lf. Xxvilqlllljllltll, Nu xv 3, left tu right: Margery Hill, 175.2 S. Oak, Frankfurt, Intl JWN . Ji, 1 f,s?i.YX Row 1, left to right: Patty Langford, 1302 State St., Vincennes, Ind.: Betty Lou McCloud, 1138 Denny St., Indianapolis, Intl.: Ralph Oden, 2231 Liberty St., Ashland, Ky., Marcus Phillippe, R. R, 5, Staunton, Va. Row 2, left to right: Paul Phillippe, R. R. 6, North Canton, Ohio: Bernadine Shepherd, S51 Third St., Frankfort. Ind., Roberta Smith, R, R. 2, Delphi, Ind., Doris Slack, 619 XV. Morgan, Kokomo, Ind. Row 3, left to right: Freda Turner, 711 Burlington Dr., Muncie, Ind., Philip XfViley, R. R. 3, Box 382, Muncie, Ind. -411 SW i Aftci' 21 Slilflllf' fi'c-slmiziii year xxx- lizivc fwuuil Olll' scciviul -YL-211A full of in-xx' lllL'5Slllg'5 :mil imilwlcilis. lixpc1'ic11cc luis also lllllglll us lliut past mis- tzikw crm lic turilccl into futurc triumplif. firatiturle fills um' liczirts fm' ai slieiltcrccl fll1'lStlIlll ciivimiiiiu-lit zmil an zitiiimplin-1'c of pinyci' that can lic ciijiiycil :ll lf. l'. C. XYQ trust tlizit :luring llic l'k'1llEllllKlL'1' of our stay licrc uui' liws will nut mily lic ci1i'iclwd lmut zllsu will be ll lilcssiiig to Hui' sclwgl and clzissuizileb 1. 41A f l : , i . -9 il.. ll . iz. . , I I l wx qv lilyflu llupiii, pruirlciitg Gram' SIICIIVLT, vicc-lrrcfidciitg liarlmarzl liixtlrr, lrczlailrurg llowarcl VL'llMCtCl', clmplaiilg liunc filciirlcniiig, sccrctaryg Mrm. XYclcli, 5110115011 ....12.. it Qs its -1 ' R 1 11. -. A 6 A' N1 ,,i.- gt: :-, ,K":v-- 5 2 1 ,f , X - 1 ' ij . -' J ., , ,P bg, ..,,, . ll , , 'V .i f bl ga Q , M .E W . "" .b lkyn .Q , i W, ,, .rf 33' I H m e 1 it ,L Z l. .. Q - ,.,. .,:.1 , A it Y? Q Row 1, left to right: Joy Jean Braden, 208 Emerson, Paragould, Ark., Gloria Brown, 102 Aurora, Ind., Gerry Lee Bryan, S02 Sullivan, Frankfort, Ind.: Clyde Dupin, East View, Evans, 1050 Fifth St., Frankfort, lnd.g Jean Glendening, 2625 Prarie, Decatur, Ill. Row Z, left to right: Lucille Harris, Onarga, Ill., Charlene Herndon, Intercession City, bara Kistler, R. R. 1, Jonesboro, Ind., Marion Petry, Fort Defiance, Va.: Norma Smith, enth, Muncie, Ind.: Grace Spencer, Petersburg, Ind. Row 3, left to right: Dale Stewart, R. R. 6, Terre Haute, Ind., Howard Van Meter, East Danny 'VVilson, R. R. 11, Box 361, Indianapolis, Ind., Thelma Young, 859 Armstrong, Ind. 143- fin- R. R. Ave., Ky.: Ruby Fla.: Bar- IZOZ Sev- View, Ky., Frankfort, 4 The time finally came that we, too, could some to ljilvle School to etni- tinue our scliotil life, aucl we can testify to the real juy of followsliip with Lihristizui youth wlitm are no ltnigevili the minority. Hur first year here has been 21 goucl one hut we expect to strive tuwaiwl hetter zmcl greater aceoiiiplisliiiieiits iii our I'Clll2lll1l1lg three years 1 Szitterfielfl, lll'UslIlClll.Q Paul Larter, -pomorg Sam Roller, treasurerg Betty Drane, secrctaryg Dor , thy Naah, vice-president. .- -I 3 ,H , p 'hu- 5 . 1 A is Row 1, left to right: Carol Ayers, 65-1 Boone St., Frankfort, Ind.: Lowell Benjamin, jr., R. R. 6, Frankfort, Ind.: Rose Iris Burk, Mason, Ill., Gdwendolyn Cox, Oak, Incl., Jerry Curtright, 428 N. A., Charleston, 111.3 Betty Drane, 62-1 Locust, Bloomington, Ill. Row 2, left to right: john Dunn, 559 Boone, Frankfort, Ind.: Quincey Eclxyarcls. R. R. 4, Logans- port, Ind., Mary Goins, 5-10 Wlalnut, Frankfort, Ind.: Betty Hall, R. R. 6, Decatur, 111.3 Clifford Kemper, 1801 Brechwoocl Ave., New Albany, Incl.: Dorothy Nash, R. R. 2, Posli, Intl. Row 3, left to right: Alma Jean Newton, R. R. 1, Jonesboro, lnd.p Marcella Perry, 1050 S. Fifth St.. Frankfort, 1nd.g Roger Qualls, 35-I1 Shelby, Indianapolis, Ind., Sammy Roller, R. R. 5, Decatur. 111.5 Ruth Royer, 657 Delphi Ave., Frankfort, Ind.: James Satterfield, Colfax, Incl. -45- ,Q .... kr. E -Ch R011 l. lt-it to right: Rmialcl Sllillltf, XYcftfic-lil, lnfl.: Kl:11'g:11'ct Smith, llZ1l11lllLNll,Ol1lOQ RosalicSmitl1 . . . , V . . , ,, , , , R. ll, 2, Rclphi. llltl.Q l31lly Stmic, XXl1cclc1'5lm111'g, cllllllz lim Ruth bnyclcr, l05 3. lfth St., lcrrg llzititu, lml. Run Z, left 111 right: -l2l1llC'S Ylilll'llL'I', 711 li. B111'li11gto11. Muiicie, Incl.: XYay1ic XY:1g11c1', 130 li. Mich- igan IXVQ., South licml, I111l.g lfulzila XYatc-rs, 502412 Hartz Rd., Ht-llcvillc, Mich.: Hutty XYcslcy, 504 l!11z1l St, lii11ci111111ti, :Xl1i01 ,lcrry XXll5lL'l', XXiIllliL'I'll,ll1, lml. 'l'llZlHliSglVllIf1 Q4 Learning' today . . . to serve tomorrow luudjc o"' 'Q-1 . Qagff H1111 I 41 I gf ' f' '52 1 if! IHi,.f,,Q If MM. Ke ' ,MH hr 1 M- " 1. 1 .rv 'Q 1. 1... .4 .1 11. lyk I 1431 -11 v-www:-1 xxx. if 'B s Q 51968 111- :11'1- 111111111 111 111111- 111111 1111- 51-1'1'11'1-Q 111' Hrs, K:11111'1'11 111'111'11 1N11'l111l'111x 1-111' 111l' Ilflxt 5l'XL'I'I11 1l'Zl1'N. S111- 11:11 1'1-1'1' 1':111:11111' 111111 5111111111 11111-11 1111 111111 Ilx 111-:111 111' 11111' 11111f11' 111-11z11'11111'111. :11111 :nw :1 111111111 1l':11'111'1', 1X1l1L'11 1111- 11111-111 111:11 N111' 111-1111-11 111-1'1-11111 111 111111111111 1111 s Is 11C'1l1g' - 111 1ls1111l1 1.1111 111 1111g'1111' X1'IlYN llfflflv, 111111 :w 11l11Q '11 111L'N1' Slll11l'1l1i 1111- N111 1x1-11111'11'11 :11 111-1' 11111111-1111 11111 1l1N1l 1111-. 1 . . 1 111- 1'k'g'I'l'1 111:11, '111l' 111 1111- -1-1'1-1'1- 111111-sa 111' 111-1' 1111x11:11111, Mrs. 1i1'11l11'iC11X 111111111 11 111-1-1-w:11'1' 111 11-:111- 111-1' l1ll1I1N 11 511111111 Ill 111111-1' 111 Q111- 111111 1111 1111 11 111111111 11111 11'1- I1-1-1 111:11 11111111 111 111-s 111 :1111-11111111 :11111 1':11'1-. 111' IIIINX -'z ' 1111 N1f'1'1fP11N X1 :111 1111 111111111-1X 111111-1'1'111'111" zuicqacall' Miss Kathryn Barber Mrs. R. K. Storey Miss Barber was called upon this year to take Mrs. Kenclriclis place as head of the department. VVe appreciate that she was 'willing to leave a fine joh as a nurse, hut we feel that God's will has been accomplished by her coming. Mrs. Storey, the wife of our president, finds time amid her many duties as house- wife and mother to give very good piano instruction. XYe also wish to thank her for her faithful service as pianist for our chorus. Miss Mary Lighty Mrs. R. D. Perry Miss Lighty, a former student. has now taken her place on the faculty, and is doing a fine job teaching piano. Mrs. Perry, the wife of our registrar, is at the present our voice teacher and we value the work she has done. I A-4 A -w-K-.. Row l: l'1'wf. XYz1Itc1' Iiuinx, M. Sturcy, M. Smith, I., Lhklcy, I', I'Icm'y, I.. IIcnry, Y. Maynard, L Iiurnflwm, Ii. I,Jr'gnm-. M. HI-ing, Lf I'ratt, Mrx. Iicmlrick. fm 2. I.. lhxmlry. XI. IH-fry, IZ. Slwqwxwl, Il, NICIQIIIIIII, Ii. IXIHICINIIII, KI. INICNUI, P. I-:u1kforcl, R iulux-Q, It, XMIM-1-5. NI. I-Smxmzm. IQ " ' ' mx n. Xlwx l.1gI1t5, XI. Innnx, 5..I4lIll1NOll, R, IIIIQIILN, Ia. Ilmu-II, Il. Ix1stlu1',-I, Mlumlcnllmg, I.. l'.z11'Iy XXIIILQ IQ. XIn'I.g-1111-1'L', Y. Ilulllflwlcc, N. Smith, R, Ikiflrick, Mrs, Stcvrcy. Ibm 4: I.. XXVZIINIHII, bl. IIk'IIlICI'N4Pll, I'. Ilwlnlu. li. KIIl11tgfm111L-ry. DI. I"m'tur, XY. Suyclcr, R, Qualls, Ii Ibuhlrirk. i'-T--1-ll I'racIirinu Thcurizing SSW- Y' After long practice sessions we traveled many weary miles to visit several ch u r ch e s in the school zone, hut we were fully repaid hy the rich fellowship which we had together and by the presence of the Lord which was so real in our services. lYe will never forget some of the wonderful experiences which we had during the year as a group of Christian young people singing for the glory of God. efuvuu .Ai Practicing' Front Row, left to right: M. Goins, M. Lighty, R. Maddux, E. Howell, Y. Meek XI Nlorningstar M. Bowman, R. McLemore. Second Row: P. Dunn, Mrs. Storey, L. Cokley, C. Pratt, L. 'Walston, R. Rhine XX Snxder L A h craft, A. Case. Third Row: R. Oden, D. Butts, P. Luttrell, P. Meeks, P. Phillippe, C. Mcfullouoh director XValter Goins. -51- aw f 1111- 11211111 was 111-g':1.111Zl'f1 11115 XVIII' 111' 1,1'll1t'SSU1' 111111- ' a . . .... , . Nr' , 11'1' 1.. 11111115 111111 111111111 1118 1111'1'1'111111 11 was 11cg'11111111g .11 f . . . . 41 A5 X 111 5111111 agus 111 111'11g1'1-ss 111111 l11'Ul111St'. 511166 1121114315 , ,HA nf . 1111111111-11' 11K':l111. 1111111-x'1'1', 1111- 11111111 11:1s Q1-:1sc11 111 111110- 1- 11Q1i1-x'1- 111:11 111-1'z111s1- 111' 11111 many wt11111'111s 111111 I11215' 11111510211 i11511'1111111111s 1.11L'l'C is :1 great 1111111'11'11111i1y 1111' w11c11 1111 111'Q'z1111zz1111111 111 11111' s1'1111111, 111111 wc 101-1 111:11 Walter L, Goins 111111 11111 511111111 11111 111-1-11 if wc :11'1i111111'11-11g'c 111s will 11"-' 11' . . Hut 1 Ill :111 111l11g'S. " 1 "' 11' 5. ' '- '--ll: if 'AL 1 41 42-A 141111 1: 1-2. 1111u111-N, 1, 1111111-11, M. 11111111 X1. 1'11111il1111-, 15, K1511k'1', XY, Sl1j'I11.'I', M. 1X11'11'11i11gs1:11'. 111115 .Zz R. XXv1'11g1l, .-X. X1111111. 11. S114'11I1141, l'. U111111, A. N1-1111111, C. R11'l'11111111g11, 11, 12111:1s, ,l, 11111111 K. K1:1111111x, XY 1111111x, 11, K111'11:11-lx. -5g-- Quaafela .-fr-11 Phil Dunn, Paul Meeks, George Blice, Leslie Ashcraft Q. l l 5 1 i l l F i Alfred Case, Ralph Oden, David Butts, Poul Luttrull -53- 4104 'ff' 3 32 gg E 11: r" f -iq 5-1 . 1 Q ',- N. I1 xtlmr llc 1 znxiu I .- Y.. ,Y ,Ti i 'Q i 5 Q 5 r i 1 1 l I 1 I I my-ll, Nlllfitlll XlHl'l1illgNlZll', Rclxgl x1L'I.ClllHI'Q c I311xx'111z ' 1 I , 'f Y . 'rg .a IK, 11, Rulwrtu :mrl i Rcvzl Smith -54- w -gr ,- 'L Sammy Roller, Keith and Garvin Sheridan The trios, quartets, and chorus have done much in the way of advertising this year for the school. lYe thank God for these young people who have given their lives to Him, and are willing to donate their time and efforts for the salvation of souls, lYe also want to acknowledge our music department and Miss Barber. our music director, for we feel that this is a very important phase of our school life. Music education is a necessity in the preparation of any Chris- tian worker who wants to be all that he can be for the Lord. 'VVe are thankful for what Miss Barber has done for the department, and we trust that it will continue to develop in the future. " 15523 Rev. Ralph McCrory 1'z1x111r 1-1rN1 1 111l1'L'11 Um 0 e4 XY1- 11z111s1- 111 z1ck111111'11-clgc 11111 cf1111ri1111ti1,111 111:11 they C11111'C11L'S 11121116 t11 our sc1111111 life. XYC :11'c g'1A:11cf111 1111 the 1L'Elf1L'I'S111I1 of 41111' pastms. 211111 fm' 1111- w111'k they 2111 f111i11g. XY11i11- 1111'z1y 1111111 11111110 211111 11111' 111cz11 C11l11'C11L'S 11111 111'111'if11- 21 1'1'ic-111111 at11111s1111c1'c 111 11111011 to wO1's11111 1111- 1,111'f1. . .-1 - ---Y - l .4-n 14111: 1'1r 1 l 11111'V1I, 1.L'1Xl'l' 11111: 511111111 l,,411l11'l'11Q 1111111 S11-11'z11'1, sIllf1Cl11 p:1s1:11'. 1,1111'c1' right: 1'ilg1'i111 1 111y1u1, K1-11' 11111111- K11fx11111z11'y z1cc1'11111111NI1111c11t ol Lcxxlm SIIIII11, 51l1f1Cll1 11z1f111r. lslj... . . W Rev. P. 0. Carpenter, our revival speaker. Salma! ffeaiual Sponsored hy the Ministerial Association. the school revival was one of the mountain too experiences in the spiritual life of our school this year. Prefaced by much prayer the services were powerfully zmnointed by the Holy Spirit. and the messages preached by Rev. P. O. Carpenter were ordered of the Lord to meet our deepest need. z?4S'm'B'M N -' -' " '- - -' xi 'S' Top: Large crowds who attended the school revival. Bottom: Great altar services, where God met our needs. -57- 11 . . p Q i 1,11l1'111iz11 l1l1SS11I11Z11'1L'S 11Z1X'C 111111111 it 111s11i1'i11g to visit 1116-ir C11OSL'11 1ie111 111' 111l'2l115 111- l11'Z1f'k'f Z11lf1 s1111111i1':1ti1111. 111 View 111 the fact that those 111111 111' Zl11'L'Z1f1f' 1111 111e 1i1'111 1112l11f' 1111105 11Z1X'L' 11 11i1'e l1C9f1 f111' x'itz11 11121te1'i211S. LNL' 11111111115 11111'e tZ11iC1'1 it 1111 their 111'z11'ts 111 11'111'k fz1it11f1111y 011 sue11 1111115 as 0:11111-1'i11--' 11111 1'111t11i11f1'. s1'c111'i111f 21 11Z11111L'10'l"1lJ11 1111:11A11 111'11'i1111' . 5 f. N N 5' 1'Xs 1 1ZL1'QL' e1,111t1'i1111t11111 1111 Z1 11111111' 111issi1111z11'y c11111'e11, 711111 131.1j'111g' s1111111ies f111' 111 151111112111 1111s11itz11. 1111-se l11'Zlf'L'1' g1'1111l1s are 111111e1' the s111111s111's11i11 1,11 the N114wi11l12l1'j' S11C11'1j'. 111- 111211111 111111 f111' 11111se 111111 11z1x'e 21 x'iwi1111. 21 11111111 to work, 211111 21 11111'11e11 1111. 511111s 1-1'e11 111 1111- stage 1,11 17l'1'112ll'Zl11011. 11111111- x11SN11lI1H1'y South American bf 1 'rrus-. 1 1- 1 Y f,-ww. 1 O l Africzm Oriental -53-g.. Campus Echoes . . . News The Pilgrim . . . Memories J 'Ll E. 1 ,Qt V,,',,. Gampwi MN 1. 4- f 1 wx . N 5- i...,,3i -5' Um' suliuol papci' this yt-ai' has had wich- circulzitiou and wc have huarcl t'avOi'ahlu results of its iiiflucncc upon our rcaders. The staff has done 2111 cxccllcilt joh in prtwvitliiig us with caiupus lltws . . . Qfuiitiiiiiml on Page U15 1 lui Klwks. Lim'-cfiitwl' Miss Virginia Mccks . ,...... ..... S pclllsivl' Iluwznrcl iiitins ..,.. ,. ..... , Virculatioii Maiiaigci' I-.iigciiv Miuliauls . . Assistalit Circulation Manfigur hi l X Xlt '. . wk-, l.. Butts, M, Phillippc, V. Flctchur, P. ML-wks, H, iiuins. lx ' I.. l'.:irlx', IA.. H lx x w II. Ifwhiiur, If Caxiiplwll, l.. lf iiwrll, A. Martin, D. Muliii, M. Goins, S. juliiisml, M. Ilill. Uklcy, XY. Taylor, l.. Canary. li. Miclian-ls, P. Tzirncr. -50. 'Wi c I 4' I an " ,Q 4,-i,Ts.N ' as well as good devotional articles. lt has been a medium for several students to have practical lessons in journalism and their attitudes have Shmvn that they thoroughly enjoy their xvurk. Carlos Fletcher, Editor Marcus Phillippe .... .,.... B tisinc-ss Manager Lawrence Butts . .. Assif-tant Hnxincss Maiiager VVayne johnson, Marcus Phillippe, Ralph Oden, Howard Goins, Paul Phillippe, Bohhic jean Ayer 'XVilmena Preusz, Carlos Fletcher, Philip XYiley. -51- ' XY:-. the lfllfl l'Il-iiRlRl Stuff, count it Z1 prix'- ilcgc to liziu- wurkscl long liuurs tu prcsciit this our wu1'k luis lrccn to "z1clu1mx'lc4lgc lli1'l1," :incl to pu1'tr:iy life at li. l'. C. in ilu- truest light puysilblc. XXI- will lic fullx' rc mziicl fm' :ill um' work if wc can . l lmmx' that tlic l'll.l1RllXl will lm :in inlluvncv tu lc-ful, stuclems ui llonl :mal tu our scliool. Florence Summers lfrlilor XXYHXIIL' XYrig1lit .. ........, Spmism' l'iNlllk'l' Ilmvull .. .. Afsrwtilltc lfflitwl' :X1111 Xlzirtin ,.... .. l.iic1'z11'y lfclitui' Ray Fitzguralfl ..... .. l.itvrary lfclitm' fliarlcx lfaniplwll ... ..,.. Art liclitoi' 9- my Nlziry l.ii4l1l,v. Xxiilllflil Tziylur, lJ:n'ifl limb, Aim Martin, L'lizu'lL-N Vzniimplmcll, Iflmwliru Suninicrs, Iiatliur Ilowc-ll, Ray Fitzgurzilcl. kmhd yczirlwok tu yuu. Tlic main lmrpusc :mil aim of Wie thank each student who has worked and co- operated to make this hook possible, and congrat- ulate those who won the trip to Detroit hy selling' twenty-five or more annuals. May God use the culmination of the efforts of all for llis honor and glory. XYe hope you will overlook its defects. and think twice hefore you criticize unjustlyg hut, most of all, we hope you thoroughly enjoy owning' your l9-l9 PlLGRllXl. Boone Murphy Business Manager E. K. Purcell .. .. .. Advertising Manager Lawrence Butts .. ........,.,. Circulation Manager Clyde Dupin .. Assistant Advertising Manager David Butts ................ Advertising Representative Charles Felsburg .......,..... .............. P hotographer Mary Lighty, XVanda Taylor Secretaries Bwuneu Stag Lawrence Butts, E. K. Purcell, Clyde Dupiu, Boone Murphy, Charles Felsburg. 163- From time to time we are honored to have many of our great church leaders present to speak to us in our chapel services, and we thank God for these inspiring "extra specials" throughout the year. Rev. L. W. Sturk , Our general superintendent, was our most distinguished guest during the year, and certainly we cannot say enough to express out sincere ap- preciation for his visit. Rev. A. H. Wilson As evangelist for the ehureh fall revival, Brother XX'ilson did much to help start the school year with a blaze of spirituality whieh we trust has neyer died. l Rev. L. W. Sturk ,.-.-'-.,., t sl ' 'wgggggj Q,:5E:Qt ., t- Rev. Byron Crouse Rev. R. G. F lexon zgfgjg 525352553 , , . , , , , , . .-, qrfijgffzgifiigljg One ot our most enjoyable ehapels this year XX e are thanktul tor the great missionary .EA ' . , . . . . 44 -2' 13Ej5Ii5eg?E"qf?2"'j was hrought to us hy the singing and playing enallenge which was brought belore us so Viv- ggi. . . I iflly full fireefullx' hy our Qeeretary of For Eiii iifiii it Ol 1119 HVCHY llf'llllC55 501121 9V2lllgCl15l. BYVOI1 r n , - -1 , . , ,ggiggsggy z-2 .ef Crouse. eign Missions. 53:25:51 gigg- ' f 5 Rev. A. H. Wilson Rev. W. H. Neff l Uur first assistant general superintendent spoke in Chapel when he was here at the First lfhureh for a week-end meeting. His clear, rieh ines- sages were final for our sOlllf-. Rev. P. W. Thomas llnring one of his rare visits hark to this section of the Country we were prix'ilvgul to have our Ailvoeate lfditor as another guest speaker. Rev. J. Maxey Walton The evangelist ol' the spring revival at the First lfhureh spoke to us several nmrnings in ehapel. XYith his many messages on earnality we felt Wu- iinaizirt uf his llK'l'll spirituality. l Rev. Byron Crouse -54- "Tl1e meeting will come to order" Uaqmgaizaw I 1 X si-9 x RX ig if sl IJ:- Slucfenl Hound! lt is through the Student ftlllllfil that we, as students, eau :mike our s11g'geetio11s and desires kuowu to the ad111ii1istratioi1. This haf 110011 done this year with varying results. XYitl1 the ftudeut! eo1,111e1'z1ti1111 the Council directed a very effective clean- up day this spring, u'l1icl1 was one of the liigliliglus of the year. Other suggestions have included il school sign, :qu "open house," and 21 cullege prayer meeting. XYQ feel that the Student Council iills 21 very detuute ueed 111 our school, and we trust that it will Cmitiiiue In illllJl'UYC i11 the future. Charles Felsburg President ...-...-s- " --rf-""'7"' 1 'Ui' -x -.Zhu-5--V 'N -nm -A --4 ---all cated: l':X'ZllU.fCllllQ Ft-lsliurg, I,l'Hf. Howell, lfsther Howell, Miss BOVVINZII1, IJOllRCWl1llCl'. Ntziiidingx l'r11f. Varter, Dale Stewart, john Stewart, john Dunn, Ralph f.Jf.lL'll, Paul Meeks. ,661 -- ,swf The influence of our President. Rev. Storey. has in- delibly stamped upon us the great field of missionary endeavor and consequently our Missionary Society has hecome the largest and most active organization on the Campus. XYG cannot he Christ-like and ignore the great command of the Master, "Go ye." To turn from this God-given requisite is to fail to win those souls that God has entrusted to our charge. The Society has had as its project this year the build- ing of a missionary home in Swaziland, Africa. 'XYitli our money and prayers we are doing' our best to carry Miss Virginia Meeks our share of the great missionary burden. President ' . . workers are training that of service they might be." -67.- fbedaje ww?- . lim-n tliuiwll the xx-rv crowclccl schellnlc suenierl to 41 s , I Iiinilcr. thi- lluhzitiiig Society nmnzigecl lo spmisui' bex 1' ffrf . . . ,D-, Q crzil :lg-lmtcs zinrl lnrnin cliscnssimis tln'ong'lnml the ycai f l-:n'g1-lx' nnrlci' the ilircctiun nl mn' speech tcnclicr, Prnt llcnry. thv Suciety furnishes an ninth-t zinil Z1 chzillcng fm' gmail thinking' anrl clczn' rlclivery. Such quzilitia in thc-ii' cnlLix':iLiun is tiniu well spent. I u. , 0" A 'A s- ' b 'I if , jesse Porter l'l1wlrlw'lI Rim l: I. hlumlviiilig, Lf lflctcln-1', ll. .-Xnrlursun, l'i'uf. llcnry, J. l'0rtc1', A. Martin, li. Malone, D. Xsixh, ll. lniin-, Nl, XIVINL-il, -I, Slcwzirt. inn 2: XX. lziylnr, .-X. law, K. limi-lrick, R. Dc-irlrick. Lf Dnpin, M. l'hilli1wpC, S. Jolinsini, U. XVil- wrll, l', llllllliln pc. liuw.i1 F. Turner, lf. Sninnn-iw, l'. Ilnhnca, D. Fl'C'lllHLL'L'l', I., Kmnncr, T. Holi-.honscr, C, McCul- , . lningli, lx. Rlnnv, U, Szilycix' M, linn'nl:in. I 7 J Run 4: l'. lnrnii, IJ, linttx, IJ. Ifim-I:-ii. A. Sattcrfiulfl, 12, lllivc, li. Stone, lvl. lctry, l'. lizicvlnis, P. Will-5, R. Qnfnllx, -gg ., :nw flcqflx' in-cnlwl in thc niinistcriul fin-lil, :incl time spa-nt 1 . "iaJ14 'lion The lllinisterial Association is a natural outgrowth of such a school as ours, and although it was just newly' r -V - -',., -"-1 organized this year it is one of the largest and most active organizations on the campus. Sponsoring' the school revival in January, they were fortunate in secur- ing Rev. P. O. Carpenter of Ashland, Ky., as the evan- gelist, and we feel that God visited us in a mighty way. The association also held several street meetings throughout the year. Another fine project was the holding of a student ministerial convention during' the month of May, during' which papers were read and discussed and Rev. R. G. Flcxon was the guest speaker. .13-it G? o-:ark , Tommy Holshouser President First Row: F. Summers, D. Salyers, P. Bowers, R. Smith, L. Earlywine, M. XYilson, D. Molin, L VValston. Second Row: T. Holshouser, C. Eckart, Prof. Phipps, L. Ashcraft, President Storey. I. McFarland R. Rhine, V. Batman. Third Row: K. Cobble, E. Batman, D. Watkins, P. Frettinger, XV. Cheeseman, J. Eastburn, A Case, Prof. W1'ight, J, Bauer. Fourth ROW: Miss Bowman, L. Coomer, M. Grove, R. Fitzgerald, R. Chapman, E. Schenck, C McHargue, J. Porter, W. Babb, J. Swan, C. Baker, B. Mobley, J. Stewart. Slucfenl Zwlaei . LL,,.:L....A ..-., .fgx Huw 1: .X XX'iIcy. R. xICI.ClI1UI'U, R. Sturcy. -I, XX'atIfix1N, .X. Iizmnan. N. XX'iIIi-, Ii. QAOOIIICIZ Ibm 2: R, DL-irlrick, M. Iiincaicl, I'. SICXXZIYI. XI. Iflutclxcr, XI. Swan, IS. XX'IllIk'l'S, II. liaucr, j XIu11+l13'. Ifznxthmlrxl, 71 T" ' - fx 5.-.- CI fe. '. I5 x lima I: I'. Ilnlnu-N, lf. RicI1i-ml, -I. Ilcnrlcrfon. J. Iiallcr, I I'I2lrlIIlII'II, IC. Iirkart, j. Stuwart. Iinq Z: QX. Vatu. R. C.'Imp1n:m. XX'. I-Ill'QNk'I1l21I1, IJ. Stcxxzmrt, XX'. Iiznlmln, XV. Huinf, Ii. Hatman. XX' I.uJI1tX, I.. Ixlmullv Nw.-. .31 II. XX'iutcrN, L. Smith. IJ. I-ITPIIIIZIIII, If. I'u1'vcII. If McIinip4I1t, II. I.IIII.IlII, XX'. XX'rigI1t, M Izllulnf-11-, R. I,m'Iwr Rf-v. -I: I. Sx-,:u1, I. I'nrt mf, Kf lagnlm-ki ur, XI, fluwwu, XX'. Snyflur, if Xlmmtoyu, I., Ql1aI4c11I111sI1, I.. Awllcraft, K. Cob -70- Kwxx 51 Ia I'.L'IiilI'l, IJ. VIUIIIINUII, I,. I'urccll, M. Xlmltoyu. XI. Stuxxurt. R. Butts. If. CIIZIITIHHU, L You Can't believe eve1'ytl1i11g you see. Q Z V, F6 Y 7fpil'l? 01044 Qaeek Glauu .Eaxfm Glauu 'A wb. MA, Jfame Zcan Shop Glad 'if 90 if -74 fb Room 5 . w,Q,.......--M , - Nm. PQQ! f vrvivwmvmliff ' ,xc : Gookins and Locke Brickmasons . . To the tune of ringing hammers and buzzing saws the greatest l111DI'OVC1'11C11t in years has become a reality on our campus. Under the capable leadership of Rev. Ralph Nibarger the new dormitory has taken shape very rapidly, and we want to thank him and the build- ing committee for their labors of love in the behalf of the school. XVe also want to acknowledge the fine ma- sonry work which was done by Rev. Fave Locke and Floyd Gookins. lVe thank God for these long strides forward, and we are looking forward to a fine new dormitory and administration building to grace our campus for the glory of God. 4' al., 1 x A ' Six r- 1 , 4' 'J 41,957 f W X Q I' , ,Qf y' 1' , y ,v ' ' asf' if a , ! If just nnclcru ay . Putting on the lid . H76- . preachers at work. . almost done. r 7ama1naw ,ff 5. Newly eamplefecf fbaamifmq . . . Paapadecf "NJ" Bzullcfmg, fr, ,. 'S' .lf " 4 3 ig x iii Mix - I I ,L , I l nl -1' XVhere we work, play, live. Ain't we sweet? Camera shy. Dinner time. "No Smoking," that is. Can you spare a dime? La Profesora cle Espanol. lY0rking-with a Cold. Carpenters. Guess who? Yep, it's Paul Look pretty-if possible. Fast prayer meeting. PAV. ,ff , Th.. f 9 -.... '.'. ' 5 f as . g l i -1 ff l. -- -r' A .-' 7 Thu "rlc':u'wm." XYmrkimg? 4. Illcv hu hn-nrt! l. Slrvngth fur the clay. 'iv' Q..- A Przxcticilm, what wc' preach. Thrcc of El kind. Dc-un of Collcgo. Married Vets almflc. -g0.. V A 5 .-z:'3:,.f- .f-'sfo Good advice. 7. Ye ole bell ringer. Catch it, Rosemary! S. Backsliclden Stoker. Spring is sprung! 9. Careful boys. he's the Dean. The "Big XVigs." l0. Only three minutes, remember? George-third place. ll. From far and near. Champion PILGRIM salesman. 12. Sun musta been bright. .81-. e ...... gm x wx 'ff Qssiflgf J- f'-ff 4 . x - N N f ,xx E l 3 I V ' ' I' 11' 'X X L ' - KX, , s X. X , , .I a 5 A-Q - ? s . am ' V w X fv g - X , , . , -' 5 . 3 ,f A. ' k ' I 1 I I . I 4 K h x P' : I , lr? 5 Xb ' ' ' is ,H ' ' In Q ' -- -' M, ,g,g::.z.-4- y , I .- "' " 4' r" .. . . ry, -. ., N- ' ' -. 1 ' B S55 I .N ,imrlnw 'QL . A N .tw x . I A-z-.M-A-' ,. Q '- , ,.... 5 2- - AM, ,-gg f A 4 . TN! 1 NX ,W ff ff! ... 51 ,V K Q X -4 ft' 1 a 5 S - i 11 I I . un - ' ' I " 2:5 ,il Q ' if , L V--,, E . f 5 ...Jv?'V...5i,d - 1 ,fgf'fg, s -, 1 1' RM 5' gm 77.-51-.7.tZf?:1 355212 " ,1! f K V, 'L I P - ' ""-I... I I Ill'--:IL il? Yun pm, 7 ..., .-Xml inxhlc. J. -lu-1 zmwtlurr xllvvt. H. A grcut 11rL':u'l1c1'. .4 Y-fwfll :'1 1211! 'L 'l'l1L' lill' nf nur l'rcsiclL'nt. 4 Viznw' 1":u'hvV. IU, 'l'l1c lung :mfl mlmrt 111' it. 3 l'Mi11w, luv. ll. XX'lmt :1 pow! 1. TIN- Inu' .mlsivlf ll, Xxvlllfllilljl the xx'm'lrl gn -82- 1 ui Gm fqclamiiama SHEETS AGENCY The Golden Rule . . . Our Rule REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Over Clinton County Bank Phone 269 Frankfort, Indiana THE FARMERS BANK M1cHlGANTowN FRANKFORT KIRKLIN Serving Clinton County for 72 Years Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DALLACE CHATHAM Cen-Pe-Co Super-Refined Lubricants Columbia Paints and Fibre Coating District Representative 1050 South Fifth Street, Frankfort, Indiana CENTRAL PETROLEUM CO. Cleveland, Ohio Phone Compliments L. BOCCS INSURANCE AUTO-FIRE-LIFE 210 E. Clinton St. Phone Frankfort, Indiana 1025- J ew' DR. C. S. CONLEY DENTIST 204 Peoples Life Building Phone 931 Frankfort, Indiana GUY BAKER "The Harvest Truly Is Great But the Laborers Are Few." ' g l, K , f. if - 3 "HE-MAN" N 4 1- 1 WTHE PILGRIM VOICE" WBAT qisoop-WSUA qioiop-vvrrz 49909 Saturday 9:15 A. M.-Saturday 10:10 A. M.-Sunday 1:30 P. M. Floyd Goins, N. Dist.g Ralph Nibarger, C. Dist.g Melvin Snyder, S. Dist. Inspiring Music and Challenging Gospel Preaching Official Radio Voice of the Pilgrim Holiness Church FIRE EXTINGUISHERS For A11 Purposes Church, Home, Shop, Car, Truck, Bus, Industrial Special Discount to Ministers or Churches ALL-TYPE EXTINGUISHER CO. 44 North Colorado Avenue Indianapolis Blackstone 7072 GRIMM'S GROCERY Fifth Street at Armstrong Frankfort, Indiana Serving the Camp and School for Years The PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Sixth and D Streets Linton, Indiana "You'1l Like Linton" Rev. Virgil Camp, Pastor Compliments of North Side Pilgrim Holiness Church 1733 East 46th Street Indianapolis, Indiana "The Church With a Warm Welcome" Rev. T. J. Preusz, Pastor PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Clarksburg, Indiana Rev. Bertha Schoeff, Pastor Compliments of 1ST PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH 1001 West Tenth Street Marion ,Indiana Rev. Gilbert Noel, Pastor IST PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH 1128 South Purdum Street Kokomo, Indiana Rev. Walter Speck, Pastor In the Interest of y Sunday School Promotional Work in the Pilgrim Holiness Church Compliments of Moreland Yundt PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Huntington, Indiana "In joyful Service for God" Rev. Paul Isgrig, Pastor PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Oaktown, Indiana Rev. E. Wjwfight, Pastor ...SS- LAVERTY'S ON - THE - ALLEY EAsT.s1DE A SAFE PLACE T0 TRADE A Cash Purchase At PENNEYWS Is A Cash Savings J. C. PENNEY CO. Frankfort, Indiana FREEDMAN'S STORE "Quality Merchandise for Less Price" 62 N. Main St. Frankfort, Ind. 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I "HOW ABOUT A LIFT?" Compliments Behr's Tyre 81 Batri Shop 353 N. Main St. Frankfort, Ind. Your U. S. Distributor LIPP'S PURE OIL SERVICE 24-Hour Wrecker Service-Phone 1782 359 North Jackson Street Frankfort, Indiana STUDEBAKER SALES AND SERVICE Repairs on All Makes WALTERS MOTOR SALES COMMERCIAL PRINTING NORRIS Office Supplies Smith Corona Typewriter 209 N. Columbia Telephone 860 SCHLOSSER'S Oak Grove Dairy Products American Cheese QBulk or Loafj Cottage Cheese, Ice Cream Ice Cream Mix, Butter Phone 100 Frankfort KRAM-SEBREE MUSIC CO. Everything in Music 57 West Washington Street Frankfort, Indiana Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD 81 CO. "Where Your Dollar Buys More" Frankfort, Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete, Concrete Tile, Mason Sand, Gravel, Field Tile FRANKFORT TRANSIT-MIX CONCRETE, INC. Incoporated GEM CITY GROCERY MEATS - VEGETABLES - FRUITS Our Rule: The Golden Rule Free Delivery Oscar H. and Catherine M. Sheets 61 S. jackson St. Phone 29 N I J. A. KERN 8: SON, INC. QUALITY FURNITURE Rugs-Philco-Frigidaire-Linoleum Estate Heatrola CAMPBELUS SPORTING GOODS AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Radios, Refrigerators, Built-In Cabinets, Boats Stoves, Fishing Tackle, and Records 50 W. Clin St. Frankfort, Ind. Compliments of COULTER-SMOCK CO. "Quality Furniture Since 1900" LOGAN'S D-X SERVICE COMPLETE CAR SERVICE Gasoline, Oil, Tires, Batteries Lubrication, Washing Columbia and Walnut Streets Phone 308 Compliments GLOVER'S ICE CREAM RADIATOR REPAIRING Recore - Boilouts - New and Used Radiators Blacksmith - Welding - Soldering HOOSIER SUPPLIES, INC. Everything for School and Office Serving You From Three Stores Frankfort - Spencer - Vincennes SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Phone 2110 Use Our Convenient Phone Service or Come Into the Order Office North jackson St. Frankfort, Ind INGRAM-RICHARDSON MANUFACTURING COMPANY OF INDIANA, INC. Porcelain Enamel Products Frankfort, Indiana Compliments of GOLDEN GUERNSEY DAIRY TWIN CABLES We Serve SANDWICHES AND SHORT ORDERS 6 W. Walnut St. Frankfort, Ind SHIVELY'S GULF SERVICE West Walnut at First Street GREASING - WASHING - TIRES SMITH TUBES - ACCESSORIES RADIATOR AND WELDING CO. Frankfort, Indiana 350 N. Prairie St. Phone 867 Phone 2535 N --- 4 190-. FIRST PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Corner of Third and South Streets, Frankfort, Indiana Rev. Ralph McCrory, Pastor YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME SUNSHINE GARDENS PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Indianapolis, Indiana The Church With a Welcome Rev. john Eastburn, Pastor SACRED RECORDS 0 BIBLES - Booxs PICTURES v PLAQUES PILGRIM PUBLISHING HOUSE 226-228 East Ohio Street Indianapolis, Indiana EAST ENTERPRISE PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH On Highway 250 The Church by the Side of the Road Attend Our Summer Camp Meeting Rev. Robert P. Malone, Pastor FAIRMOUNT PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH "Going Forward With jesus" Rev. J. F. Colter, Pastor FIRST PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Main and Liberty Streets, Ashland, Kentucky Where Everyone Will Be Welcome Rev. C. L. Oden, Pastor EAST SIDE PILGRI MHOLINESS CHURCH Frankfort, Indiana A Church With a Welcome Rev. John Stewart, Pastor FIRST PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Seventh and Main, Washington, Indiana "A New Church With the Old-Fashioned Gospel" Rev. J. M. Burcham, Pastor DEPUTY PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Rev. Cleona Wright, Pastor ' Services Each Week End, Saturday Night Sunday Afternoon and Evening NORTH SIDE PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Terre Haute, Indiana Rev. Naomi Shumaker, Pastor 2439 North 14-V, Street Phone H8088 Compliments of GOODWIN'S Indiana's Second Oldest Funeral Home Funeral Directors Since 1856 GUESS WHO? 0- I LAFAYETTE PILCRIM HOLINESS CHURCH 19th and Adams Streets Lafayette, Indiana Rev. E. A. Poe, Pastor Phone 7842 Delphi Pilgrim Holiness Church Corner of Union and Harrison Streets Rev. O. D. Williams, Pastor Phone 426 Pilgrim Holiness Church 224 East Penn Street, Shelbyville, Indiana The Need of Your Soul Is Our First Concern Rev. V. N. Mowery, Pastor THE Pilgrinl Holiness Church Fourth and Monroe Charleston, Illinois Welcomes You "O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness." Ps. 96:9 Compliments of TH E MEDORA Pilgrim Holiness Church Medora, Indiana M. D. james, Pastor LONG'S CLEANERS We Give You Good Service at a Low Price HIGGINBOTHAM GROCERY Sr GRILL 311 South Third Street Phone 216 Thornhope Pilgrim Holiness Church Oak, Indiana Rev. E. K. Purcell, Pastor The Little Church With a Great Hope TWIN OAKS Pilgrim Holiness Church Three Miles East of Petersburg, Indiana on Highway 57 Rev. O. W. Spencer, Pastor Forsake Not the Assembling of Yourselves With Us When in Our Community Welcome Janesville Pilgrim Holilless Church Janesville, Illinois Rev. A. R.C. Howard, Pastor PILGRIM CHAPEL Third Street West of Enamel Frankfort, Indiana Motto: If you want purity, walk in the light. If you want boldness, take part in the fight. Rev. Lewis G. Smith, Pastor CARROLUS Rust Craft Greeting Cards for Every Occasion Stationery - Imprinting 258 N. Main St. Phone 923-W THRASHER,S Dependable Merchandise at Reasonable Prices For ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SPORTING GOODS, AUTO SUPPLIES HARDWARE Its Wilking's Home Auto Store Frankfort Phone 779 SHANKLIN HARDWARE SEED PAINTS F rank fort, Indiana PHOTO - BROOKS FINE PORTRAITS CAMERA SUPPLIES 357 E. Clinton Phone 103 F' Kramer Brothers Co. Lumber-Roofing DuPont Paint Insulation "Better Building Materials Since 1872" 608 W. Washington St. Phone 179 THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS and STAR Donald A. Oliphant, Manager 206 E. Clinton Phone 1816 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE TUTTLE'S GARAGE 252 N. Jackson Phone 900 "ROOMIES" N I I t Frankfort Pilgrim College Frankfort, Indiana R. K. Storey, President The College That Fills A Definite Need The College ls Co - Educational Spiritual Practical The College Offers H igh School Junior College Theological Music Write for Catalog Today Fall Semester Registration Sept. 6, 1949 For Further Information Write FRANKFORT PILGRIM COLLEGE Frankfort, Indiana FIND OUT IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO JOIN THE White Cross Plan 1. Hospitalization Ins. 3. Life Ins. 2. Disability Income Ins. 4. Medical-Surgical Ins. For Full Information Without Obligation Phone or White Lawrence Butts, 309 W. Freeman St., Phone 2292-J George Butts Wg Frankfort Pilgrim Carrol Johnson College Kenneth George Phone 693 Frankfort, Indiana We Are Here to Serve You Genuine YOUNG'S ICE CREAM Chevrolet Parts and Service We Make Qui- Own P. DORNERQS SONS CO. "Good Taste Demands It" Your Chevrolet Dealer Since 1915 pints ' Quads ' Gallons 354 E. Washington Telephone 70 57 W. Clinton Phone 949 Welcome Clinton County Bank PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH Walkerton, Indiana Q Trust Co' Rev. O. Felsburg, Pastor Colfax-FrankforbRossville ASBURY Established 1891 PILGRIM HOLINESS CHURCH M . Greenup, Illinois ember of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Rev. A. R. C. Howard, Pastor -95- l .5 T , dr, Q in F A U 0 Q P ' . C '-11 F ..s 1 '.-I 'JF' ..g - .v M. ff. 13 ,ck I, r , o 42? y,--.K .,,. . , is JJIWY 1, .WZ ' "iw 'F' 1" ' 1-191. s. p1 :,.c' . N 'fa .km N x t. Al , v- Q.-,J ll ni iff 8 K Q' 5-.. 'x ' x I a . xx - Q' 0 t4 k , ww' ws Vt, ,. N I , ' 4 - X rfvis . , I u,.,A A . L,- 7 1-1 . '.,,.1v I Ym- -,? 1. 1-,L ' -. ' 'WW1 . 'Z . . A L KI-J 'f -. ff' 1 ff- , ,yv M A A . 1 '1 . . T . , . .il- ,' ." 'i V Q. 4 ' x va A , I ., 5,3 , ,Au ' n W iff' . xfmeweg-I , "f qi . YW, ' Q 4, Ur. ia W 1 4 1 .1 fbi, -..- Q 1, . 5.- ,, 4 ,. r U., -. , ,, . li. .1-Z, .W .. -. ,A s ' WE, .1 fi' 'fit Q- I, 'Hu V ' La-'V-5' " .I U :Q 1'4f'- -' ,I , Q MX " 4-B 1 WF?" 1" !,jSgf.,+' '-'gi' lj' V1 ...vplwil 1, V . n. fx - ..,, .4 X -, ffgggflb 3 , 1 ..,v"' :,.-0 wh'1?,'-.' - .'f. ' 1 v., 41.4 v ""--'Q' ., A' ,Hr ,'?g?",',,---91' :-

Suggestions in the Frankfort Pilgrim College - Pilgrim Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) collection:

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