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Frankfort Senior High One Maish Road Frankfort, Indiana 46041 Volume 72Academics P. 69 Academics. Look for your favorite class and teacher in this section. Maybe you’ll find yourself in a snapshot or two. This section tells all about the courses offered at Frankfort Senior High School and lists a few new courses like Music Theory for those interested in music or Word Processing for those interested in work with computers. Organizations P. 83 Organizations. All clubs and organizations offered at Frankfort at under the Organizations section starting with page 83. A few of the clubs and organizations are National Honor Society. Pep Club. F Club and Student Council. Advertisements P. 159 Advertisements. These ads are what keeps a yearbook going. Without these advertisers support, many schools would not have a yearbook to show what events happened in a particular school year. Support the advertisers who support you! Start with page 159.This year the staff of Cauldron asked the faculty and teachers to dig through their old scrapbooks, call their parents and hunt for their baby pictures. Here are a few of the pictures we received. We hope you enjoy looking at them to see your favorite teacher. Far right — Your favorite and mine, good or Uncle Dave. Below — A real cooker. Mrs. Burns. Smile Cutie Pie!! L Middle Left — Mrs. Swaims her name — bookkeeping's her game Lower Left — No ComprendoM Miss Irion Middle Top: — I sure am cute, but my English isn’t too good; Miss McDowell Middle Bottom — No strings attached. Ms Priest Below — Boys! I mean business!! Col. Jones 3The fun began at 1:00 p.m. It started with the Freshmen vs. Juniors and the Sophomores vs. Seniors in games of softball. In volleyball, it was the Sophomores vs. Juniors and Seniors vs. Freshmen. The winners of both contests were the Sophomores. The threelegged race was won by Sophomores Nora Michael and Dee Dee Ross. The egg toss was next and won by Seniors Rick Cantu and Mike Adams. As the afternoon progressed, the winner of the watermelon eating contest was Senior Steve Mitchell. The tricycle race was won by the Sophomore class. The riders included Dave “Squirrel” Gurnsey. Christina Ross. Nancy Irwin and Darrin Ottinger. After the race, there was a pep session to rally for the big game that night. All in all. the day was fun for everyone and the big winners for the day was the Sophomore Class. Homecoming 1 Senior. Steve Mitchell, winner of the watermelon eating contest, chows down. 2 Junior. Angie Mitchell grunts and rolls. 3. Kelly and Jamie take a break 4 Sophomores ready and waiting for the serve 5 Junior. Patsy Norwick. belts one out there 4Activities Day 5 1. And They're off!! 2. "Leprachan coke anyone?” 3. Its a bird. Its a plane. Its an egg 4 Darrin psychs up for a deep plunge. 5. Gary takes a short fall 6 John Morris puts it to the FreshmenA New Day, A New Year. The title of these two pages was chosen to emphasize just such. The beginning of the school day. The very first day of high school for freshmen and the start of their four years at FSH. The beginning of the end for seniors as their final year comes and seems like it disappears in the blink of an eye. Its a time to make new friends, for each and everyone of us to grow, change, and prosper as we make plans for our futures. But it is also the time to get adjusted to waking up between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. and getting to first period by the 8:30 bell. This can be the time and place to play in your favorite sport or maybe just go and watch the game. Whatever 1984 holds for you. go for it. and MAKE IT COUNT! A New Day 1. Darrin Ottinger shows he has no trouble thinking 2. This student is hard at work 3. Mr Page helps Laurie Crews with her geometry 4 Mr Shilling shows his "tougher” side to the photographer. 5 Tim Miller helps Lisa Smiley in chemistry 6A New Year 1. Courtney Lipsett thinks. "I've finally got it right"! 2 Kurt Raidy and Andy Robison hurry to class while catching the photographer on the way 3. Phil Rucker perfects his form. 4 Manda Camp takes a break from typing. 5. Ray Miller are you sleeping or thinking????? 6 Billie. Jody Amy are ready to chow 7Homecoming was different in more ways than one. The usual crowds, noise, and fun was still there, but it was the first homecoming on the new field dedicated the Frankfort Memorial Athletic Complex. A new contest was held in place of the floats. Each class made a billboard portraying something to the game. The junior class won the contest with the theme “Tony says: We’ve got the secret formula!” Halftime provided us with lots of excitement. Anne Lipsett was crowned as the Homecoming Queen and her escort was Steve Mitchell. Her court consisted of Seniors Jan Ruch. Jenny Daniels. Vonda Chittick and Sarah Scheidler. The Juniors were Meg Miller and June Meiers. Sophomores were represented by Stephanie Mason and Margo Morrison. Grace Chen and Melissa Hulsey were Freshmen representatives. Tauna Carter entertained us with her baton twirling while the band played. Our opponets were the Lebanon Tigers and the outcome was in their favor by a score of 18-0, but the game was well-played. HomecomingHomecoming 3 1. Billboard of the Junior Class right and Senior Class left The winners were the Junior Class 2. The Blue White Band 3. Queens Court 4 Hot Dog Mark Allen receives the ball 9A Common Place, a familiar face. The title to express just where you might find a group of friends or maybe that special person. From football to basketball games to the commons, you’ll be sure to find a friend or two. Games and dances are terrific places to have a great time with your friends. The commons is the place to stop and chat with your friends before school, between classes, after lunch, and after school. The commons is the center point of the school. Except for during classes, this place is never empty. Whether there are students, administration, or teachers, it’s never empty during school hours. No matter where you go or what class you have, sometime you’ll pass through this place. Think of all the times you sat down anywhere with a group of your friends and had a few laughs. Didn’t you have fun and keep a memory to last? Make Them Count! A Common Place 1. Varsity cheerleader Anne Lipsett and Meg Miller rally up the spectators with GO!! 2. Jeri Howe catches up on some homework 3. Dee Dee Ross and Sharon Brewer enjoy a couple of laughs. 4 Taro strikes a smile for the photographer 5. Barbara. Melissa, and Linda have some fun in pep club.A Familiar Face 1. Liz Guckien obviously thought something was funny, while Craig Rutledge looks the other way. and Alisa Kramer hides her face in embarrassment 2 Lisa Williams talks to a friend 3 Mr Page gets caught looking away 4 Edile Hibbard and Carrie Surber chat with each other 5. Margo Morrison and Stephanie Mason have a great time at the game 6 Tom McCulloch and other students enjoy a new feature, the salad bar.‘‘You’re A Good Man. Charlie Brown was the 1983 fall musical. Working with at least 70 students, the Drama and Music Departments performed two nights and one matinee performance. With Kip Scheidler as the infamous Charlie Brown. Mike Moon as Snoopy, and Anne Lipsett as the (crabby) Lucy, the play was presented and brought to Frankfort Senior High Auditorium and its audiences. Much praise and congratulations goes to the cast and crew for bringing a beautiful and delightfully funny portrayed play. Once again, Congratulations to the cast and crew of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown’’!!!! “You’re A Good Man 12Charlie Brown”! 13Transportation. Just what types of vehichles were driven by the students in 1984? On this page, we’ve decided to show a few of those vehichles. 1. Joe Williams and his Jeep. 2. Rod Weaver drives a 67 Nova II. 3. Joe Barker is a Sunbird of 1979. 4. Gary Crum sports a 1978 Firebird. 5. Kim Mitchell proudly shows off his ’68 Firebird. 6. This ’72 Mustang belongs to Scott Hiland. 2 Cars, Cars, Cars1. Penny and Chris pose for the jeans and punk haircut look. 2 Kelly Mills and David Noyes have the ‘tough leather look The way we dress affects our lifestyle and our lifestyle affects the way we dress. Sweats. T-Shirts, or faded jeans are worn on test days to get us in the mood. Other times we dress to fit our mood, bright colors for an upped day and dull colors for a bummed day. Sometimes we dress to be original to “stick out in the crowd”. On this page we have selected a few students to represent their dress, their lifestyle, in a day of school at Frankfort Senior High. Clothes, Clothes, Clothes 3. Melissa Hulsey and Kurt Frye dress up for a special occasion. 4 Alan and Gina are dressed for an out-of-this-world adventure. 5. Randy Swaim and foreign exhange student Barbara Tusveld. have their own style of dressing to be comfortable. 15Signs of the Times. In 1984, where did we hang out? What were the prices of gasoline, clothes, or even a hamburger. In the times of an economic recovery, we find ourselves needing our hard earned dollars even more and learned to economize. We think: Is this a good buy or do I really need this? We also find ourselves going places. Just what were the hangouts of 1984 after school hours? To name a few of the popular hot spots were the Action Shak. McDonald’s, and of course curisin’ the strip. Reflect on the times of '84 and see if you can remember more Did you make 1984 count? Signs Of The Times 1. A popular hangout for after school or a game. McDonald's. 2. An average pair of jeans costs about $19 3. Although sometimes and in other places, this was the average price for a gallon of gas 4. SALE Something everyone looks for when they go shopping 4 16Seniors. Well my friends, the time has come to leave the institution and have some fun; Throw away the books and homework to be done. File away old memories, for a new life has just begun. You’ve made many memories that will last a lifetime. You’ve made many friends that influenced your future and will always be a part of you. You are standing on top of a mountain; you can see the whole horizon in front of you. It’s up to you to choose which way to go. You’ve fought for twelve hard years to get here, and now it seems like the best years of your life have gone by. Your senior year has had its ups and downs, but the ups can replace the downs by far. Your class officers were ambitious and deserve lots of praise. You were led by Pres. Jane Eldridge. V. Pres. Jim Siller, Tres. Jan Ruch, and Sec. David Humphrey. Behind you are the halls of F.S.H. What you’ve left with your underclassmen and teachers, can never be replaced. Seniors, lots of luck and hope to you. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Mike Adams Angie Allen Tammy Allen Kendra Anderson Natalie Arnold Jay Ayers Lenora Abney Alex Aerdon Thad Bagshaw Kathy Bailey 18 SeniorsMartha Burge Curt Catron Lori Bushman Prince Chan Kip Caldwell Rick Cantu Lorraine Carney Rob Christopher Vonda Chittick SeniorsMicky Dubree Brock Felthoff Seniors Melody Eads Bethany Foster Jane Eldrige Becky Foster 20David Goodwin Richard Greeno Kelli Gunyon Katrina Hale Brian Hall Luella Harper Jeff Hiland Penny Hedge Shannon Hill Melissa Henderson Doug Hines Seniors Missy Hibbard Stacy Hickman Brenda Hornsby Angi Howe 21Kevin King Michele Kinsler Scott Knox Dietmar Koethner Kim Lank Rhea Light Anne Lipsett Jeff Lovett Julie McBride Melinda McGill Lora McKee Brammell Doug Maish Michelle Marsh Kim Matthews Tamra Merritt Seniors 22Seniors 23Cathy Randolph Kim Redington Eric Raidenbach Barb Reynolds Jamie Rich Michelle Richards Rod Risse BP i - T, ' V ■ Vj' Tambra Roberts Andy Robison Kim Rohrbaugh Tammy Root Robin Ross Linda Roustio Jan Ruch Seniors 24Sarah Scheidler Tim Schimitter Carol Scott Roy Scott K.C. Seibert Chris Sexton Myra Seymour Tony Shanks Coomer Frank Smith John Smith Jon Smith Derrick Sheets Jim Siller Melea Smith Joyce Smith Seniors 25Paula Smith Victor Smith Todd Snyder Mike Spear Rhonda Snyder Kim Storm Barbara Sowers Taro Shintaku Pete Teter Carol Thomas Seniors 2627 SeniorsG R A D U A T E S 1 9 8 4 The Senior Class of 1984 was certainly a class to be congratulated. As 185 students entered into Frankfort's crowed gymnasium, they wore the traditional blue and white caps and gowns: with faces showing anxious yet nervous smiles marching to "Pomp and Circumstances." The Senior class motto hanging on the backboard in the gym reading "We've got Spirit — we will Soar We're the Class of '84 And soar is what these young men and women did. Theirs was a class of friendship, support, and many special memories, a few of which caused a tear or two to creep its way down many cheeks The co-Valedictorians were Jane Eldridge and Pam Beard. The co-Salutarians were Mike Kay. and Xan Davies JO 1%r — 31Juniors. You have almost made it through the rough life at F.S.H.S. Just one more party-hardy year to go. During this year, you made many memories, outrageous and outgoing, that not only you. but fellow classmen shall never forget. Each long day you struggled to get through, and you strived for the weekend, where you could build up the steam for another week. Your leaders. Pres. Donna Reynolds. Vice Pres. Cindy Mason. Tres. Kip Scheidler. and Sec. Grace Ann Miller ventured forth into a year of hard work and sacrifice. You made the junior-senior prom a spectacular memory with the theme “A Southern Night”. It was a wonderful evening that will be hard for the junior classes of following years to top. Hang tough during this year and be ready to fill the shoes of the graduated seniors. GOOD LUCK! CLASS OF ’85!! Kelli Akard Stacy Aibaugh Alan Alward Jett Amos Kevin Anderson Sherman Anderson Becky Arnett Mindy Baker Kim Barker Joe Barker Tresa Barkley Tina Barnes Michael Bartley Doug Bennett Ray Bobbitt JuniorsJason Bricker Carrie Brittain Robin Brock Tony Byrd Scott Calvert Manda Camp Mark Carr Tauna Carter Paul Chen Sue Click Lisa Clouse Chris Clouser Jana Coleman Bnen Compton Gary Conklin Joey Cortez Ellen Costlow Patty Cox Ronda Crews Gary Crum Phil Crutchfield Brian Davis Chris Dougherty Tony Dunbar Lori East 33 JuniorsPatty Edwards Kim Eldrige Terrill Frazier Gary Frost Patrick Gardner Bob Gates Beth Glover Dan Gonzales Gary Goode Jom Gosewher Anna Greeno Lance Gregoire Greg Grinstead Liz Guckein Anthony Hale Jeanne Hall Melissa Hall Gary Hart Karen Hayden Scott Hiland Andy Hill Eric Howard Sandy Howe Mike Ingram Glenn Jacobs JuniorsGina Jarboe Laura Jarrett Donna Johnson Mike Joiner Brad Jackson Tim Kennedy Missy Kingma Satina Klutzke Sam Knox Todd Lappin Rick Leach Jerry Leonard Theresa Lipsett Rita Lovett Amy Lucas Tom McCulloch Tonya Marshall Tony Martin Cindy Mason Lora Mason June Meiers Tony Miller Grace Ann Miller Meg Miller Scott Miller JuniorsTim Miller Angie Mitchell Kim Mitchell Michael Moon Bryan Moore Chad Moore Mary Mullins Melinda Moudy Nancy Newbold Patsy Norwick Brian O'Brien John Oppelt Lon Ostler Julie Painter Phil Parker Brenda Pauley Leslie Phifer Lon Pillion Tracy Platt Teresa Pletch Kevin Price Bill Prior Jeff Pullms Robert Posey Jennifer RamseyPauletta Ray Mike Ream Natalie Reck Melissa Redding Bill Reed Matt Reidenbach Donna Reynolds Craig Rich Pat Riley David Robbins Barb Robinson Bill Robinson Tim Robison Tim Roth Phil Rucker Craig Rutledge Eddie Roberts Kip Scheidler Troy Shimmel Doug Sears Amy Sebree Harley Seymour Margie Shurr Sandy Siegfried Marcy Siller JuniorsAngie Smith Heather Smith Jim Smith Tma Smith Tim Standish Chris Stemmetz Matt Stephan Joel Stiller Carol Stingley Rick Stingley Susan Street Rhonda Surber Rick Shurr Rodd Tarkington Rob Taylor Rod Taylor Susan Taylor Angie Tegarden Geno Thomas Jeff Tolson Danny Uhl Dawn Vesco Scott Villars Lea Viney Ava Van Meter JuniorsSonya Wallace Darlene Ward Rod Weaver Todd Weber Angie White Michele White Wayne Wooley Alana Wright William Usher Kathy Stinnett James Cottrell Juniors4041Well sophomores, you survived the heights of ecstacy and the depths of despair as you graduated from freshmen to your second year of high school. You became known as the “milk drinkers”, but with even such a name you made many new friends and interesting memories. Your class was lead by a fine group of students: Pres. Kayleah Appleby: Vice Pres. Stephanie Mason; Sec. Margo Morrison; Tres. Gail Neumayer. Times weren’t all that fun sometimes, but. that’s life in the big city. So enjoy it!! Melissa Abbott Kevin Abney Trever Aders Laura Allen Kayleah Appleby Rhonda Ayers Brian Baker Kelly Baker Bill Banks Kim Beard Eric Beavens Glenn Benefiel Betty Biddle Rex Birden Mike Birge 42 SophomoresTroy Booth Bruce Boulden Galen Bradshaw Bridget Bradley LuAnne Bragg Myron Bray Sharon Brewer Rachel Bright Kelly Brittain Michele Brittain Beverly Bryant Raymond Burge Brenda Burton Missy Bushman Virginia Bushman Bob Bushong Luisa Castillo Elama Chamberlain Angie Chandler Treasa Chester Pete Clossin Danny Clouser Karen Clouser Kelly Conkright Mark Copenhaven 43 SophomoresMike Copping Brad Craven John Crews Laurie Crews Tim Chriswell Kevin Crose Elaine Culross Danny Cunningham Jason Curl Randy Cunningham Terri Davey Alan David Chad David Mike Davis Danny Dean Jefl Detamore Brad Dye Mike Eckhotf Barbara Ewing Dale Ewing Tina Faucett Tony Foster Linda Freeman Tracy Freeman Jenny Fuel SophomoresKerry Frazier Brenda Gabriel Tim Galey Paul Gandy Jeanme Gard Stacey Garhart Rob George David Gerber Connie Gillum Randy Gillum Robby Gillum Deanna Gleason Kelly Good Johnnie Goodnight Brian Goodwin Jeff Greeno Bill Grieger Eulalia Guajardo Norma Guajardo Phil Gunyon Dave Gurnsey Mike Greeno Julie Hackerd Peggy Harshbarger Tami Harshbarger 45 SophomoresStephanie Howe Benny Harshman Julie Hill Edile Hibbard Tim Hillman Loretta Hmdsley Tony Horton Dale Houston Pam Howe Jamie Hunter Nancy Irwin Bobbi Johnson Randy Johnson Michele Jones Angie Jones Pat Kersey Kim Knox Alisa Kramer Dean Kraner Waylon Kelly Dessi Large Jimmy Leach Stacy Leach Debbie Lewis Kristal Louks 46 SophomoresTanya Loveless Gina Lucas Jay Large Sherri Lee Melissa McCulloch Carla McGill Lisa McGuire Kim Marcum John Marley Stephanie Mason Jim Mayer Phil Merritt Jamie Michael Nora Michael Molly Miller Beth Montgomery Bruce Moore Mary Moore Teresa Moore Tonya Moore Marge Morrison Fred Myers Gail Neumayer David Noyes Tony Ogden SophomoresChad Ostler Susanna Ostler Darrin Ottinger Albert Pauley Lora Perkins Angie Pitman Wendy Pitman Molly Platt Gary Plunkitt Terri Pugsley Todd Ransom Becky Ray Doug Reed Tina Reed Nina Rice Rhonda Rich Roy Rich Mike Richards Kevin Richie Mandy Ridenour Penny Rea Brian Roberts Vicki Robinson Judy Roe Sally Roe SophomoresTina Root Christina Ross Dee Dee Ross Melissa Ross Dickie Royer Ellen Reed Missy Sandage Ed Sartin John Sartin Chad Sawicki Mike Scallan Mary Schiery Bruce Schimitter Leroy Scott Melissa Scott Kim Sexton Gayle Sharp Joy Shoemaker John Sill Dan Skirvin David Skirvin Shannon Slipher Lisa Smiley Chris Smith James Smith 49 SophomoresJay Smith Jeff Smith Rodney Smith Tonya Smith Todd Snodgrass Rob Sparger Jim Spears Amber Storms Carrie Surber Randy Swaim Gary Snyder Michelle Tegarden Jack Thomas Joey Thomas Ron Toney Steve Toney Tami Turner Kris Van Dame Ronnie Vaughn Jeff Vice Janice Viney Steve Warren Mike Watkins Jackie Weber David Weesner SophomoresPhil Wessell Melissa West Roger Wiseman Beverly Woods Britt York Janice Young Marty Young Eddie Zink Karen Swearingen Ralph Walker Sophomores SI52Freshmen. It was just the beginning of a long, memory-filled, journey at F.H.S. At the start of the year, you were nervous and unsure of yourself. Yet. within a month or two. you as rookies began to mix and mingle a little more with your fellow upperclassmen. By having fun. studying “a little”, and generally acting like freshmen. Your class was lead by an exciting group of officers: Pres — Craig Henderson; Vice Pres — Ritchie Reck; Sec — Toni Teter; Tres — Lisa Lowden. May you have all the times of your life growing up in F.H.S. Deanna Adams Jason Albaugh Kathy Allen Jenny Amich Danny Anderson Diane Bailey Refugio Barrios Beth Batman Joel Bean Jeff Bennett Brenda Black Tim Boyles Andalana Bradley Brian Bradley JoAnn Briseno Freshman1 Jason Brock Karen Brock Billie Jo Brown Richard Brownfield Steve Buntm Buck Bushong Amy Camp Lucinda Cardew Susan Carr Michelle Cast Gabriel Castillo Jeff Chambers George Cheek Grace Chen Tim Christopher Sandra Click Wendy Clmger Charles Clouse John Clouse Jamie Cobbs Jason Coleman Josett Coleman Chris Coomer Kim Copenhaver Kimbra Cost low FreshmanKarl Crick Kerri Curnutt Thomas Daly Robert Darnell Adrianne Davis George DeRosa Julie Dickenson David Donoho Thomas Donoho Kristan Dougherty Chris Douglas Lisa Douglas Tyre! East Mike Eldridge Roger England William Featherstone Brad Ferguson Lisa Ferguson Amber Fetterhoff Tammy Ford Nicole Freeman Kurt Frye Mike Frye Melissa Galeener Wendy George 56 FreshmanKim Gibson Jeff GMI Pam Godbey Stephanie Graves Craig Henderson 1 Stephanie Hickman Tana Hill Anetta Horton Jeri Howe Larry Howe Melissa Hulsey Danny Hutchison Rebecca Jacobs Larry Jarboe Tammy Jenkins Tina Jenkins Steve Jones Joe Jordan Mark Kanatzer Kathy Kaylor Keith Kennedy Tony Kinsler John Kopplemann Amy Lambert Robert Lane 57 FreshmanJenny Lanman Jodie Lanum Marianne Lappin Scott Larimore Lisa Laughner Michele Lawson Leslie Levenburg Courtney Lipsett David Little Melissa Lovett Lisa Lowden Robert Lyon Kim McDonald Lora McQueen Mark Mahoney Charles Martin Barb May John Mayer Meg Miller Josh Mondary Tara Mooneyhan Robert Moore Daniel Moore Frank Moore Steve Moore 56 FreshmanJeff Morrison Todd Moudy Lisa Newman Janice Niemann Jynene Nussbaum Angie Opplet Brian Peel Beth Phillips Steve Phillips Mike Plake Rhonda Poole Brett Pullins Kevin Peters Julie Rader Kevin Raidy Kurt Raidy Richie Reck David Redington Doug Redington Mary Reed Karen Robbins Tina Roberts Brenda Robison Todd Roth Tina Rucker FreshmanJim Rynearsoo Todd Saathoff Rhonda Sallee Don Sartin Ron Sartin Tom Scheidler Mark Schilling David Sharp Debbie Sheets Bruce Sherrill Sandy Shore Todd Shriver Lupe Silvas Robert Smiley Danny Smith Leisha Smith Liza Smith Michael Smith Lisa Spaulding Bruce Spencer Jeff Spray Cathy Stoops John Stoops Audrey Taylor Jackie Tegarden FreshmanToni Teter Scott Teyema Nikki Toney Tonja Toney Lisa Vibert Brad Waggoner Dawn Wallace David Watson Kim Wells Brenda West Joe West Tracey White Jeff Wilson Lynette Wilson Lisa Wood Kirk Woodruff Steve Woodruff Roy York Jean Young Mark Page Harley Mills Doug Reppert Betty Roe R. Smith Tammy Wolf 61 FreshmanDawn Abney Dawn Barker Cathy Ray Kim Bobbitt Tim Lyman Charles Rowe 62 FreshmanMr Bennett © Mr Farlow Ms Jacoby Col. Jones Mrs Buck Mrs Burns Mrs. Henderson ' V' Mr Henderson Mr Heninger i 1 Ms Boerste Mr Palmer Mrs Milholland Mr Kelley Mr Kersey Mrs Meyer Mr Page Mr Rempala Mr Ricker Miss McDowell Mr Myer Mrs Prosser Mr Meyer Mr Niehaus ft 1 Mr Prusz Mr Moyer Mr Mullen Miss Priest Mrs Pletch Mrs Knapp r Mrs. Mosson A Mrs Platt Mr Sawicki Mrs Trees Mr Stuart Mrs Thompson 63s Top Right: Linda Bealles (book-keeper) and Lynn Reppert (Assistant Bookkeeper). Middle: Helen Dorner (Processing Secretary). Mickey Neal (Executive Secretary). Bottom Right: Connie Reynolds (Personnel Secretary). 64Row 1: Mr Wayne Young. Mr Garney Jenkins. Mr Wayne Wainscott. Mr George DeRosa. Mrs Devina Cook. Mr Fed Weida. Mr Jay Carter. School Board And Administration Mr Ayres Superintendent Mr Bloom Assistant Superintendent Mr Caldwell Attendance Clerk 6566 Mr. Druley Director of Guidance Ms Fields CounselorMrs Howard Guidance Secretary Mrs Montgomery Librarian 67 Mrs Hartzell NurseFood Personnel Row 1: Rita Jenkins. Brenda Brackett. Sara Martin. Joan Donoho, Mildred Kirkman Row 2: Dorthy Jones. Darlene Stock. Joyce Robertson. Dianne Jackson. Maxine Sanders. Charlotte Maish, Shirley Obermiller. Esther Shope Bus Drivers Back row: Charlie Collins. Jim Routh Front row Julie Paige. Cindy Posey • 'w w w 'mF.S.H.S. otters many business courses such as Typing, Computers, Office Practice, Shorthand, Accounting, and General Business. If you are interested in going into the business field, any of these choices would be useful in your career preparation. Teachers that teach these courses are: Mrs. Milholland, Mrs. Prosser, Mrs. Knapp. Mr Clever, Mr. Prusz, and Mrs. Henderson.English is something we use everyday. The English Department involves four years of grammer and Literature. Also, Reading Lab plays an important role in the Department. Reading Skills are an essential part of the students training. Teachers in the English Department are: Mr. Rempala. Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Pletch, Miss McDowell. Mr. Myer, Miss Boerste, and Mrs. Buck. E n g I a I S h 71Frankfort High School offers two Foreign Languages. Students enrolled in the French and Spanish programs at FHS have the advantage of four years of instruction. Mr. Herndon stated that first year French emphasizes grammer. second year is devoted to literature and culture. Asked whether Spanish becomes more difficult after the first year, Miss Irion commented. “Not if the student learned something the first year.” 72The Home Economic department attracts alot of people, from girls to boys. The classes the department offers are foods, advanced foods, sewing. family living, child developement. consumer education, inter personal relationships, family health, home management, housing beginning and advanced clothing, and the Hero program. The teachers of the Home Economics department are Mrs. Platt. Mrs. Burns. Mrs. Trees and Mrs. Mosson. H o m e E c o n 0 m ■ 1 c s 73n d u s t r ■ i a A r t s This year the Industrial Art classes again, as in past years, gained valuable experience under expert leadership of skilled teachers. Classes are offered in Electronics. Drafting, Auto Mechanics. Printing, and Machine Shop. One common element found in all classes was safety as witnessed by protective goggles and aprons. The teachers are: Mr. Hughes. Mr. Catlin, Mr. Bennett, and Mr. Warthan. 74At Frankfort, two years of math are required. Students have the option of taking two years of algebra or one year of high phase algebra and one year of geometry. Students may follow the math field if desired with junior and senior math. The teachers are: Mr. Page. Mr. Schilling. Mr. Palmer, Mr. Moyer, and Mr. Niehaus.M u s ■ i c D e P a r t m e n t Music is something we all enjoy. Here at Frankfort there are many things that have to do with music such as Concert Choir. Swing Choir. Girls Choir. Band. Orchestra. Stage Band, Blue and White Band, and Freshman Choir. Music Theory is a class where you work at your own speed learning scales, intervals, keys, triads, rhythm, and meter. Mr. Farlow. Mr. Wainscott. and Mrs. Priest teach these courses. 76Sports. Tests. First Aid. and Bowling make up some F.S.H.S. physical education activities. One may enjoy playing ping pong, paddle ball, tumbling, and swimming in a nice refreshing pool. Besides helping keep your body in its best physical shape. P.E. provides fun and excitement that anyone can enjoy. Always remember that one only gets out of something as much as they put into it. Physical Education teachers include: Mrs. Thompson. Miss. Jacoby. Mr Mullen, and Mr. Kersey. P h y s I C a E d u c a t ■ i o n 77R a d i o A n d T V This year Radio and T.V. classes broadcasts basketball, volleyball, wrestling and some new sports, baseball and track. They use channel 3. CSF Cable. They also provide a color character generator which serves as a school news disseminator, which was donated to the school by the Times. There are about fifty students enrolled in Radio and T V. Mr. Snoddy replies. “Hopefully that number will increase.” The first year in class students operate all the audio and video equipment. The second year classes do mostly production. Mr. Snoddy says. “Hands-on experience."R.O.T.C. is led by Col. Russell Jones, a veteran of thirty years in the military. More than eighty-two students at FSHS are enrolled in the program, which is a decrease over last year. Students meet each day and classes cover a variety of activities ranging from Rifle marksmanship to close order drill. Commenting on the resurgence in popularity of ROTC. Col. Jones stated. “Since the late sixties or early seventies when there was alot of anti-military feelings primarily due to the Vietnam war, there has now been a change in attitude which makes the military more exceptable to the general population and young people in particular." CC o I- Os c I e n c e s Experiences in FSHS Science Department were wide and varied. Students were offered Biology. Chemistry, and Physics. This year, the freshman had the option of either biology or earth science. The teachers are: Mr. Rule. Ms. Leisure. Mr. Davis, and Mr. Heninger. 80There are many different courses offered in the social science department. Civics and World History are offered your freshman and sophomore year, while U.S. History and Socialogy and Government are required your junior and senior year. Another class, Current World Affairs, is open to all students every year. A new class offered is Indiana History for those students who take driver’s education one semester of the year. The teachers are: Mr. Rucker. Mr. Waddell. Mr. Knoll. Mr. Stuart, and Mr. Shepard. s 0 c ■ 1 a S c ■ i e n c e 81A r t In the world of art. students learn to use their imagination and creativity. They are constantly doing the best work they can with their only incentive being the finished product and the pride received from it. The art instructor is Mr. Sawicki. 82LLiMLi-IMliLLUi ' ©3F H A Future Homemakers of America is sponsored by Mrs. Burns. The Pres, is Amy Lucas, Sec. Mary Mullins, and Tres. is Robin Brock. This year FHA has taken some positive steps in improving the club. FHA sent four girls to the 1984 State Leadership Conference. FHA sponsored the 1983-84 Sweetheart Dance. They also, had a Christmas Party for under priviledged children and provided food for the walkers in the March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon. Row 1: Leslie Phifer. Robin Brock. Mary Mullins Row 2: Brenda Pauley. Sandy Howe. Lori East Row 3: Gina Jarboe. Bridget Bradley Row 4 Kim Wells. Sally Roe F T A Future Teachers of America is sponsored by Mrs. Buck. The President is Karen Gandy, V-Pres. Heather Smith, Sec. Amy Sebree and Tres. is Shannon Brown. The main objective of FT A is to gain a knowledge of the field of education as a career. Row 1 — Karen Gandy. Heather Smith. Amy Sebree. Shannon Brown Row 2 — Debbie Lewis. Becky Ray. Tammy Root. Susan Daly Row 3 — Tammy Allen. Kim Galvin. Cathy Randolph. Kim Redington. Chris Sexton Row 4 — Connie Gillum. Tauna Carter. Margo Morrison, Stacy Garhart. Donna Johnson. Bruce Boulden, Jon Smith 84Cooperative Office Education (COE) is sponsored by Mrs. Knapp. To be in COE. the first requirement is to take Office Practice in your Junior year. Then you must also fill out an application, be interviewed by Mrs. Knapp and be willing to participate in OEA. The members work at such places as banks and other various business offices. c 0 E Row 1: Karla Inmeger. Joyce Smith. Debbie Waggoner. Paula Smith. Carla Cope. Michele Kmsler Row 2: Robin Ross. Chris McQueen. Lori Bushman. Mickey Dubree. Lisa Chriswell. Lon Woodruff. Renee Black OEA is sponsored by Mrs. Knapp. They hold an annual interview contest which was won this year by June Meiers in the 1st division. The second division winner was Carla Cripe. Each year the club enters a float in the Christmas parade, along with this they have a Christmas party. In their annual fund raiser they collected $1000. The club has become very active on the district, state, and national levels. o E A Row 1: Karla Irmega. Mickie Dubree. Kathy Perkins. Kim Eldridge. Joyce Smith. June Meiers. Jeanne Hall. Lori Ostler. Carla Cripe Row 2: Sonya Wallace. Liz Guckien. Kim Knox. Kelli Akard. Tonya Marshall. Angie Tegarden, Janice Viney, Melissa Abbott Row 3: Michele Kmsler. Lori Woodruff. Renee Black. Gia Ferguson. Melissa Redding. Satina Klutzke. Brenda Pauley. Anna Greeno Row 4 Debbie Waggoner. Barb Reynolds. Paula Smith. Chris McQueen. Robin Ross. Mary Mullins. Tina Smith. Lors Mason. Lana Wright Row 5: Rhonda Snyder. Teresa Barkley. Gina Jarboe. Michele White. Michelle Brittain Row 6 Angie Surface. Tina Gish. Lesa Criswell. Laura Allen. Lori Bushman. Beverly Bryant 85French Club is sponsored by Mr. Herndon. The Pres, is Lisa Williams, V-Pres. — Kayleah Appleby. Sec. — Tresa Moore, Tres. — Barb Ewing, and the project Chrman is Steve Warren. French Club deals with the promotion of the French Language. The members often participate in activities with the Spanish Club (picnics, parties etc.). They sell M M’s as a fund raising project. The Spanish Club is sponsored by Dona Irion. The President is Tauna Carter and the Vice-President is K.C. Seibert; Sec. Todd Snyder; Tres. Joel Stiller. The club is open to students who are enrolled in a Spanish Class and to those who have successfully completed two years of Spanish. It provides an opportunity to use the language outside the classroom and to learn more about those who speak other languages. Row 1: T Davey. S. Lee. S Howe, K. Louks, M. Gleene. K Clouser, B Ewing. K. Appleby. T. Lipsett. T Robison. M. Eldridge. C. Lipsett. K. Raidy. K. Raidy. Row 2: R Light. T. Levenburg. T. Teter. A Fetterhoff. M Hulsey. B. Robison. B. Brown. L Lowden. T Scheidler. M Frye. S Hickman. A. Dougherty. R. Reck. S. Teyma. L Smiley. K Frye. T Jenkins. T. Pugsley. L Cardew. C Surber. L. Wood. B. Batman. T. Jenkins. K. Sexton Row 3: M Lawson. K. McDonald. M Miller. J. Amich. K. Allen. C. Douglas. S Graves. C. Ray. T Hill. J. Painter. J. Lanum. T. Turner. M Tegarden. R. Swaim. P Kersey. E Culross. J Mayer. N Fetherstone. M Mahoney. B Pullins. E. Chamberline. E Hibbard. S Mason Row 4 T. Rucker. D. Johnson. A. Mitchell. R Smiley. A Lambert. S. Shore. B Jacobs. P Harshbarger. D. Sartin, J Weber. A Storm. A Pauley. D Adams. N Irwin. B Montgomery. L. Perkins. R. Brownfield. D. Reed. M Morrison. M Miller. L. Jarrett. M Ross. S Warren. J Oppelt. G. Christopher. T Booth. M Platt. M McCulloch. G. Newmayer. Mr Herndon. Row 6 A Culross. S. Taylor. M Copping. C. Coomer. T Schimmel. T. Byrd. M. Young. P Chan. J Jordan. K. Cook. M Eckotf. C. Clouser ROW 1 Kim Gibson. Jeff Spray. Kris Curnutt. Mark Allen. Jeff Sallee. Tauna Carter. Sandy Siefried. June Meiers. Lori Ostler. Brad Dye ROW 2 Miss Irion. Kim Marcum. Bobbie Johnson. Lon Crews. Lori Pillion. Nora Michael. Jom Gosewehr. Tina Barnes. Amy Lucas. Barb Robinson. Tracy Platt. James Rich ROW 3 Angie White. Todd Saathoff. John Koppelman. Todd Shriver. Penny Roa. Robin Brock. Marcy Siller. Lyn Wilson. Melea Smith. Michelle Richards. Doug Bennett ROW 4: Doug Hines ROW 5: Teresa Pletch. Brad Waggoner. Kirk Woodruff. Jeff Bennett. Steve Buntm. Stacy Garhart, Sharon Brewer. Julie Hackard. Christina Ross. Michele Brittain. Melissa Abbott. Eulalia Guajardo. Kim Beard. Tonya Moore Jeff Rumpza ROW 6: David Little. Craig Henderson. John Stoops. Jeff Wilson. Chris Smith. Connie Gillum. Bill Banks. Janice Vmey. Kelly Good. Melissa Henderson. Bruce Schmitter. Jim Siller. K.C Seibert. Joe Williams. Todd Snyder. Mike Moon. Bret Saathoff. David HumpheryF Club is sponsored by Mr Wainscott. F is for those students who have excelled in music; either choir, band or orchestra. President, Prince Chen, Vice-President, Lisa Plummer. Secretary Pam Beard. Treasurer. Andrea Culross. The F Club takes the responsibility of publishing Big Broadcast. F C u b Row 1 Kenneth Cook. Prince Chan. Pam Beard. Andrea Culross. Lisa Plummer. Stacy Hickman. Jackie Good. Anne Lipsett. Jeff Rumpza Row 2 Jett Sallee. Tauna Carter. Joni Goswehr. June Meiers. Sandy Seigfried. Cindy Mason. Shannon Hill. Chris Sexton. Xan Davies. Becky Foster Row 3: Heather Smith. Tim Miller. Julie Painter. Dan Gonzalez. Jett Bowles. Amy Sebree. Tammy Root. Alan Alward. Samantha Knox. Jett Pullms. Doug Maish. Marcy Siller. Mike Moon Row 1 Xan Davies. Becky Foster. Jan Ruch, Cindy Mason. Kip Scheidler. Roy York Row 2: Grace Chen. Nancy Irwin. Barb Ewing. Alan Ostler Row 3: Troy Booth. Marcy Siller. Julie Painter. Heather Smith Row 4 Kelly Akard. Ava Van Meter. Beth Clover. June Meiers. Theresa Lipsett. Lori Pillion. Meg Miller. Molly Miller. Jett Rumpza. David Sharpe Row 5: Mr Henderson. Dietmar Koethner Row 6 Mike Moon. Courtney Lipsett. Kayleah Appleby. Mike Copping Drama Club is sponsored by Mr Henderson. The Pres, is Alan Ostler. V-Pres. Anne Lipsett, Sec-Tres: Barb Ewing. During Football Homecoming. Drama Club dressed up in various costumes and sold cokes to raise money. During the year members are given the opportunity to attend theater productions and theatrical drama classes. The members select new members each fall, according to an audition. D r a m a C I u b 87H E R O HERO(Home Economic Related Occupations) is sponsered by Mrs. Platt. HERO members must take an orientation class their Jr. year to qualify for this work program. They have had a HERO party last fall. Their main objective is to develop leadership qualities. The members work in places like nursing homes and restraunts. Row 1: Amy Obermiller. Michelle Bartley. Anglie Allen. Angie Howe. Machele Ostler Row 2: Shannon Brown. Mary Bryant. Beth Foster. Kerry Clark. Mrs. Platt Row 3: Jefl Lovett. Kim Storm. Frank Smith. Lyle Youngs H I Y The Hi-Y Club is sponsored by Mr. Knoll. Doug Maish is the president. Tamey Root V. Pres.. Dan Gonzales Tres., and the Chap, is Tim Miller. Hi-Y is a service organization. They sold bandanas and T-shirts to raise money. They contribute the money to different charities like the Special Olympics. 88 Row 1: Tim Galey. Tina Root. Tina Faucett. Karen Clouser Row 2 Mike Moon. Doug Maish. Dan Gonzales. Tim Miller. Tammy Root. Mr KnollRow 1 Chris Smith. Rob Christopher. Mike Houze. Brian Bradley. Scott Teyma. Craig Henderson Row 2 Tony Ogden. Dan Gonzolez. Pete Clossin. David Noyes. Kurt Raidy. Joe Jordon Row 3: Alan Ostler. Alan Alward. Richie Reck. Kurt Frye Row 4 Doug Bennett. Tim Miller. Jason Bncker. Andy Hill. David Little. Kevin Raidy. Mike Eldndge Row 5 Todd Ransom. Steve Warren Row 6 Prince Chen. Jett Pullins. Tim Robison. Scott Miller. Eric Howard Row 7 Chad Sawick. Kris Curnutt. Pat Kersey. Scott Hiland. Mark Shilling Key Club is a service organization sponsored by Mr Cleaver. Their main objective is to provide a service to Franktort. Sr. High and the community ot Franktort. This year they sold rattle tickets tor the Christmas breaktast and had an “all you can eat Pancake Breaktast’ . Z Club is sponsored by Mrs. Platt. They are a service group that is affiliated with Zonta. The requirements tor membership are that you must be a sophomore and have a teacher recommendation. All foreign exchange students are admitted. These girls put alot of time into making Frankfort a better place to live. c L U B Row 1: Heather Smith. Stephanie Hickman. Jan Ruch. Jenny Daniels. June Meiers Row 2: Vonda Chittick. Pam Beard. Andrea Culross. Lisa Plummer. Machele Ostler. Julie Painter Row 3: Stephanie Mason. Barb Ewing. Carol Scott. Joni Goswehr. Tauna Carter Row 4 Molly Platt. Beth Montgomery. Kayleah Appleby. Molly Milter. Grace Anne Miller. Tracy Platt. Amy Sebree Row 5: Christina Ross. Carol Stmgley. Barb Tusvekj. Cindy Mason. Beth Glover Row 6: Sharon Brewer. Michele Tegarden. Penny Roa. Tami Turner. Megan Milter. Bten Costlow. Margie Shurr § 1983-84 Pep Club Floor: The "Hot Dog". Jeanne Hall. Randy Swaim, Meg Miller. Rob Christopher. Jan Ruch. Mike Houze. Anne Lipsett. Alan Ostler. June Meiers. Chris Smith. Row 1: Missy Wilburn. Merie Underwood. Cathy Rndolph. Joyce Smith. Tammy Allen. Jodie Cunningham, Lisa Williams, Michele Kinsler. Becky Foster. Carla Cripe. Xan Davies. Kelley Raidy. Jenny Daniels. Row 2: Stacy Hickman. Lori Woodruff. Kendra Anderson. Natalie Arnold. Amanda Palmer. Carol Scott. Andrea Culross. Ava Van Meter. Pam Beard. Lisa Plummer. Debbie Waggoner. Barb Tusveld. Ellen Costlow. Lori Ostler Row 3: Carol Thomas. Kim Rorahbaugh. Robin Brock. Amy Lucas. Becky Arnett. Joni Goswehr. Mmdy Baker. Barb Robison, Julie Painter. Grace Ann Miller. Tracy Platt. Beth Glover. Susan Taylor. Theresa Lipsett. Sandy Seigfried. Cindy Mason. Row 4: Lyn Phillips. Sam Knox. Sue Click. Melissa Hall. Donna Johnson. Angie Mitchell. Lea Vmey. Angie White. Manda Camp. Angie Tegarden. Jana Coleman. Elama Chamberlin. Edile Hibbard. Michele Tegarden. Lisa Smiley Row 5: Jean Young. Carol Stmgley. Kim Knox. Gayle Sharp. Janice Viney. Mickey Brittain. Angie Pitman. Melissa Abbott. Racheal Bright. Teri Davey. Sharon Brewer. Kim Sexton. Elaine Culross. Melissa Ross. Penny Roa. Row 6: Leisha Smith. Kerri Kurnutt. Cathee Stoops. Shannon Slipher. Tami Turner. Karen Swearengen. Nancy Irwin. Beth Montgomery. Peggy Harshbarger, Tresa Moore. Kelley Conkright. Tonya Loveless. Margo Morrison. Molly Miller. Barb Ewing. Stephanie Mason. Christina Ross. Row 7: Lisa Lowden. Tana Hill. Amie Camp. Jodie Lanum. Billie Jo Brown. Ann Dougherty. Jeri Howe. Susan Carr. Amy Lambert. Sandy Click, Nikki Toney. Tami Jenkins. Beth Batman. Lucinda Cardew Tina Jenkins. Kim McDonald. Row 7: Angie Oppelt. Missy Lovett. Michele Lawson. Melissa Galeener. Sandy Shore. Becky Jacobs. Janice Neiman. Marianne Lappin, Jynene Nussbaum. Meg Miller. Kathy Kaylor. Jenny Amich. Diane BaileyF Club is a club for those atheletes who have earned his her letter in one or more sports during the year. The purpose of the club is to promote the fellowship of atheletes in different sports. They also hope to promote excellence in sports. Mr Mullins is the sponsor. F C I u b Row 1 John Morrrs. Jeff “doc'' Hiland. Eric Reidenbach. Penny Williams. Row 2: Kelley Raidy. Jan Ruch. Jane Eldridge, Matt Evans. Mike Kay. Jackie Good. Anne Lipsett. Kim Mathews. Jenny Daniels. Mikela Nyman. Vonda Chittick. Mark Allen Row 3 Mike Houze. Sandy Siegfried. Pete Clossm. Tony Ogden. Merie Underwood. Michelle Marsh. K.C. Seibert. Jim Siller. Jeff Sallee. Kenneth Cook. Shannon Sallee. Deitmar Koethner Row 4 Patsy Norwick. Angie Tegarden. Donna Johnson. June Meiers. Tracy Platt. Beth Glover. Brian O'Brien. Jana Coleman. Joe Williams. Mike Ream. Tim Kennedy Row 5: Beth Montgomery. Molly Platt. Gail Neumayer. Melissa McCulloch. Cindy Mason. Natalie Reck. Meg Miller. Nina Rice. Chris Smith. John Oppeit. Craig Rich Row 6: Jackie Weber. Mandy Ridenour. Rod Taylor. Jason Bricker. Tony Byrd. Grace Ann Miller. Randy Swaim. Jim Spears and Trevor Aders The YAC Committee is in their second year of operation. Mrs. Platt is the coordinator. The students in YAC are the ones who taste the new foods that we are trying this year. Row 1: Joel Stiller. Lisa Vibert. Kim Costlow. Tony Kinsler Row 2 Heather Smith. Beth Montgomery. Chris Smith. Kirk Woodruff. Court Lipsett Row 3 Julie Painter. Stephanie Mason. Beth Glover. Tracy Platt Row 4 John Morris. Kim Welles Y A C C 0 m m 1 t t e e 91N a t • i 0 n a 1 H o n o r The National Honor Society is sponsored by Ron Shepherd. The President: Jane Eldridge; Vice President: David Humphrey; Secretary: Xan Davies; and Treasurer: Chris Sexton. The club is basically a way to promote those students who have obtained a high caliber of academics. They have had fund raisers such as: Dances, garage sales, bake sales, and they sold calendars to finance their trip to Washington D.C. Row 1 Jetf Rumpza. Xan Davies. Chris Sexton. David Humphrey. Jane Eldridge. Prince Chan. Jeff Sallee Row 2 Vonda Chittick. Pam Beard. Myra Coomer. Tammy Root. Becky Foster. Jan Ruch. Kelley Raidy. Jenny Daniels Row 3: Anne Lipsett. Karen Gandy. Lisa Plummer. Merie Underwood. Jackie Good. Row 4 Stan Vrooman. Mike Kay. Victor Smith. Stacy Hickman. Doug Hines. Eric Reidenbach P r o m C 0 m m • 1 t t e e Prom Committee is the group of juniors who are interested in the putting together of the Prom. Amy Sebree is the chairman. The theme that was chosen by the Prom Committee was Southern Nights. The sponsors are Mr. Cleaver and Ms. Leisure. Row 1: Lisa Clouse. Ronda Crews. Susan Taylor. Theresa Lipsett. Cindy Mason. Angie Mitchell. Donna Reynolds. Amy Sevree. Marcy Siller. Tauna Carter. Rwo 2. Donna Johnson. Kellie Akard, Lori Ostler. Meg Miller. Jeanne Hall. Heather Smith. Beth Glover. Tracy Platt. June Meiers. Lori Pillion. Manda Camp. Angie Tegarden. Julie Painter Row 3: Tonya Marshall. Melissa Redding. Gia Ferguson. Liz Guckien. Troy Schimmel. Todd Dillingham. Lori East. Joni Goswehr. Ellen Costlow. Michelle White Row 4 Kip Scheidler. Satina Klutzke. Melinda Moudy. Angie Smith. Karen Hayden. Row 5: Robin Brock. Grace Ann Miller Row 6: Tom McCulloch. Tim Roth. Tony Miller. Lance Gregoire. Scott Miller. Rick Stingley. Scott Calvert. Andy Hill. Matt Reidenbach. Rob Boyer. Mike Bartley. Rod Taylor. Jason Bricker. Tony Byrd. 92Sword Shield is a group of ROTC students interested in bettering their military abilities. To become a member you must apply by application and then your application is voted on by present members. Sword Shield objectives are to also better the leadership skills. Row 1 Martha Burge. Regina Emery. Vicki Royer Row 2 Sue Click. Steve Toney Row 3: Ray Burge. David Skirvin. Mark Carr. Row 4 Pat Gardener. Gary Hart. Daniel Skirvin. Chris Clouser. Glenn Jacobs s w 0 r d S h 1 e I d Graphic Arts is sponsored by Mr. Catlin. Graphic Arts prints programs for the sporting events. To become a member you must have at least two years of printing. Row 1 Greg Grinsted. Jim Cottrell. Phil Crutchfield. Row 2: Robert Taylor, Chuck Harper, Pat Riley. Brad Jackson. Row 3: Jesse Stinnett. Richard Greeno. Tony Dunbar. Jeff Amos. Tony Shanks G r a P h i c A r t s 93A d v. C h e m ■ i s t r y A d v. B o The Advanced Chemistry club is sponsored by Ms. Leisure. The president is Jeff Rumpza. This club basically deals with those students who show an interest in chemistry. They try and promote their interest in chemistry by making it seem fun. Row 1 Stan Vrooman. Ms Leisure. Natalie Reck. Cindy Mason. Donna Reynolds Row 2 Dan Gonzalez. Jenny Daniels. Andrea Culross. Meg Miller. Kenneth Cook. Prince Chan. Susan Taylor. Karen Hayden. Kris Curnutt Row 3 Heather Smith. Mike Kay. Anne Lipsett. Scott Calvert. Jeft Hiland. David Humphrey. Jason Bricker. Scott Miller. Scott Hiland. Andy Hill. Alan Ostler. Joel Stiller. Phil Rucker. Alan Alward. Dietmar Koether. Bill Reed The Advanced Biology Club became the newest club at FSHS during the 1983-84 school year Mr. Davis is the sponsor. Julie Painter is the President. V-Pres. — Tony Byrd, Sec-Tres. — Jane Eldridge. Adv. Biology Club was developed to promote student interest in biology. They work to raise the money to buy some new and unusual specimens for the biology museum. Row 1 Jenny Daniels. Barb Tusveld Row Anne Lipsett. Stacey Hickman. Jane Fldridge. Andrea Culross. Andy Robison. Prince Chan. Julie Panter. Doug Maish. Craig Rich. Pam Beard Row 3 Lance Gregoire. Glen Jacobs. Mike Houze, Stacy Albaugh. Chris Clouser. Kip Caldwell. Todd LappinStudent Council Anne Lipsett. Sarah Scheidler. Jeff Hiland. Grace Ann Miller. Kip Scheidler. Row 2 Jay Ayers. Mike Kay. John Morris. Jan Ruch. Jenny Daniels. Matt Evans. Kim Matthews. Vonda Chittick. Becky Foster. Penny Williams. Jane Eldridge. David Humphrey. Alan Ostler. Bret Saathoff. Steve Mitchell. Lori Ostler. Donna Reynolds Row 3: Jim Siller. K.C Seibert. Jeff Sallee. Tauna Carter. Amy Sebree. Alan Alward. Susan Taylor. Kellie Akard, Satina Klutzke. Karen Hayden. Teresa Lipsett. Cindy Mason. Meg Miller Tracy Platt. Beth Glover. Jeanne Hall. Kim Beard. Nancy Irwin. Jamie Hunter. Brian Goodwin Row 4 Mandy Ridenour. Stacy Garhart. Julie Hackard. Edile Hibbard. Christina Ross. G«na Lucas. Randy Swaim. Tony Ogden. Kayleah Appleby. Barb Ewing. Molly Miller. Pat Kersey. Chris Smith. Stephanie Mason. Tanya Loveless. Kelly Concright. David Noyes. Margo Morrison. Row 5 Brian Bradley. Kurt Frye. Jeff Wilson. Craig Henderson. Brad Waggoner. Scott Teyma. Richie Reck. Mike Eldridge. Karen Brock. Toni Teter. Grace Chen. Tina Rucker. Susan Carr. Dave Gurnsey. Steve Warren. Stephanie Hickman. Melissa Hulsey. Jerri Howe. Ann Dougherty. Deanna Adams. Lisa Lowden. Kim McDonald. Student Council is the branch of student government that represents the student body. The Pres, is Jeff Hiland. V-Pres. — Sarah Scheidler. Sec. — Anne Lipsett. Tres — Grace Ann Miller. Parlimentarian is Kip Scheidler. Their main goal is to better the relationships between the students, the administration, and the teaching staff There are twenty-one senior members, twenty-one junior members, twenty-four sophomore members, and twenty freshman members.SCABS (Super Cool Aggressive Band Students) is made up of those band students who show a great deal of enthusiasm. The only requirements are that you must be a band student and you must be extremely CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Row 1: Jeff Sallee. Tauna Carter. Sandy Sigfreid. Tony Miller, Jeff Rumpza. Kenneth Cook. Kevin King Row 2: Julie Painter. Amy Sebree. June Meiers. Mike Moon. Alan Alward. Doug Bennett. Doug Sears Row 3: Sharon Brewer. Elaine Culross. Lisa Smiley. Michele Tegarden. Mike Ream. Jackie Webber. Kim Be3rd. Todd Ransom Row 4 Dan Gonzalez. Andrea Culross. Tami Turner. Tim Miller. Tresa Ann Moore. Tonya Moore. Carrie Surber. Kevin Abney. Jeff Pullins Prefect Council is the backbone of the student body All of the ideas presented to Student Council are generated here. The president is Jeff Hiland, Vice President is Sarah Scheidler; the Sec. — Anne Lipsett. Tres — Grace Ann Miller, and the parliment is run by Kip Scheidler. There are three members from each of the Freshman, Sophomore, and the Junior classes. Then there are four members from the Senior Class. Row 1. Mellissa Hulsey. Scott Teyma. Richie Reck Row 2: Stephine Mason. Barb Ewing. Chris Smith Row 3: Grace Ann Miller. Anne Lipsett. Mike Kay. Jeff Hiland. Sarah Scheidler. Kip ScheidlerCONCERT CHOIR Row 1: LuAnne Bragg. Laurie Crews. Angie Pitman. Becky Sarnett. Rita Moore. Kim Galvin. Michelle Jones. Stacy Hickman. Wendy Pittman Row 2: Tma Barnes. Amanda Palmer. Donna Reynolds. Carrie Brittain. Mikela Nyman. Christina Ross. Ginger Ross. Ginger Rider Row 3: Mike Birge. Phil Merritt. Mark Carr. Shannon Sallee. Ralph Walker. Tim Galey Row 4 Leroy Scott. Ed Sartin. Bob Bushong. Scott Noyes. Jim Smith. Doug Maish. Jeff Bowles 90SWING CHOIR Row 1 John Bayse. Julie Hackard. Tim Miller, Lisa Plummer. Alan Ostler. Linda Roustio. Danny Cunningham Row 2 Becky Foster. Shannon Sallee. Pam Beard. Troy Booth. Jom Gosewher Row 3 Anne Lippsett. Jim Parsons. Todd Weber. Jackie Good 99STAGE BAND John Bayse. Ray Bobbit, Angie Mitchell. Carrie Surber. Mellisa McCulloch. Gail Neumeyer. Eric Howard. Kenneth Cook. Jeff Sallee. Jeff Rumpza. Joel Stiller. Scott Miller. Jeff Pullens. Dan Gonzalez. Kevin Abney. Jeff Vice. Paul Gandy. Amy Sebree. Tauna Carter. Marcy Siller. Kevin King. Randy Swain. Steve Warren 100FRESHMAN BAND Row 1: Brenda Robinson. Becky Jacobs. Tammy Jenkins. Kim Gibson. Amy Camp Row 2: Nikki Toney. Josett Coleman. Lisa Lowden. Jenny Amich. Susan Carr. Tina Jenkins. Cathy Stoops. Cathleen Allen Row 3 Dawn Abney. Lisa Douglas. Todd Shriver. Brett Pullins, Robert Smiley. Kurt Frye. Josh Mondary. Chad Douglas. Row 4 Tina Rucker. Jason Coleman. Jeff Spray. David Donoho. Lucinda Cardew. Kim Costlow. Mike Eldridge. John Coppleman Row 5: Jason Brock. David Little 101FRESHMAN CHOIR Row 1: Ronda Poole. Liz Essey. Rhonda Sallee. Tara Mooneyhan. Laura Crider. Kevin Raidy. Roy York. Keith Kennedy. Michele Lawson. Kim McDonald. Janice Nieman Row 2: Annetta Hortm. Diane Bailey. Lisa Smith. Dan Hutchinson. Mark Kanatzer. Lori McQueen. Barbara May. Brenda West. Stephanie Graves Row 3 Adrianne Davis. Marianne Reed. Amy Lambert. Pam Godby. Bruce Sherrill. David Sharp. Kim Wells. Melissa Galeener. Marianne Lappm 102BLUE WHITE BAND Row 1 Mary Shiery. Gayle Sharp. Kim Knox. Stephanie Mason. Barbara Ewing. Xan Davies. Andrea Culross, Nancy Newbold. Lisa Smiley. Michelle Tegarden. Mike Watkins. Marcy Siller. Dan Gonzalez. Julie Painter. June Meiers. Keindra Anderson. Melea Smith. Sam Knox. Row 2: Margo Morrison. Gail Neumayer. Carrie Surber. Tonya Moore. Jana Coleman. Terri Davey. Elaine Culross. Kim Sexton. Kevin Richie. Cindy Mason. Angie Mitchell. Shannon Hill. Doug Reed. Paul Chen. Teresa Pletch. Angie White. Tami Turner. Randy Swaim, Melissa McCulloch. Teresa Moore. Beth Montgomery. Joel Stiller. Kim Beard. Jackie Weber. Eric Howard. Paul Gandy. Todd Ransom. Jeff Vice. Kevin King. Ray Bobbitt. Sherman Anderson. Tauna Carter. Jeff Sallee. Sharon Brewer; Row 4 Chris Sexton. Tony Miller. Scott Miller. Alan Alward. Doug Sears. Victor Smith. Jeff Puli ns, Tim Miller. Doug Ream. Doug Bennett. Ken Cook. Sandy Seigfried. Amy Sebree. Kevin Abney. Brad Dye. Lea Viney. Nancy Irwin. Jeff RumpzaTreble Choir Row 1 Teresa Chester. Angie Smith. Stephanie Howe Row 2: Kim Rorabaugh. Tma Root. Row 3: Manda Camp. Peggy Harshbarger Row 4 Tina Faucett. Melissa Hall Row 5: Susan Payne 104ORCHESTRA Row 1: Ten Pugsley. Lisa Wood. Brenda Burton. Ginger Rider. Becky Ray. Nancy Newbold. Michelle Richards. Molly Miller. Lisa Loftner. Karen Robins. George DeRosa. Ron Sartin. Raymond Stevens. Dan Gonzales. Bobby Lyon. Jim Siller. Kerri Curnett. Teresa Pletch. Amber Fetterhoff. Missy Lovett. Kathy Kaylor. Jynene Nussbaum. Meg Miller. Leisha Smith. Tom Teter. Tammy Root, Cindy Mason. Angie Oppell Row 2 Missy Bushman. Angie Chandler. Amy Sebree. June Meiers. Tresa Moore. Shannon Hill. Chris Sexton. Jett Sallee. Jett Wilson. Price Chan. Erie Howard. Kenneth Cook Mike Ream. Scott Miller. Doug Matsh. Tim Miller. Toney Miller. Jett Pullms. Joe Jordon. Mike Eldndge. Lea Viney. Jana Coleman. Chris Smith. Kaylea Appleby. Xan Davies. Andrea Culross. Heather Smith. Kim Knox. Shannon Slipher. Jackie Weber 105The JROTC Battalion color guard for the 1983-84 school year is left to right Judy Roe. Tim Kennedy. Gary Hart. David Skirvin. and Galen Bradshaw. Each member in the Battalion Color Guard performs the ceremonies at basketball and football games. The JROTC Girl’s Drill Team for the 1983-84 school year is left to right Tracy Freeman. Vicki Royer. Martha Burge, Andi Bradley. Bridget Bradley. Regina Emery, Mindy Adams, and Susan Payne. Not presented are Kay Kindall and Melinda McGill. The members in the team compete with other high schools, military schools, and colleges. The JROTC boys drill team for the 1983-84 school year are (left-right): 1st row: Ray Burge. David Skirvin. Joe Gonzales. Galen Bradshaw. Tim Kennedy. Rob George. Phil Wessel, and Refugio Barrios. 2nd row: Roy Rich. Gary Hart. Glenn Jacobs. Chris Clouser, Mark Carr. Pat Gardener. Jerry Leonard, and Daniel Skirvin. Not pictured are Danny Smith and Brian Peel. The members compete with other High Schools, colleges and Military Schools. ROTC ROTC 106ROTC ROTC The members of the JROTC Battalion Staff for the 1983-84 school year are (left to right) Row 1 — Susan Payne. Regina Emery. Martha Burge. Vicki Royer, and Tim Kennedy. Row 2 — Chris Clouser. Gleen Jacobs. Mark Carr, and Pat Gardner Not Pictured is Gary Christopher. Each member of the team provides supervision and direction to the remainder of the cadet camps. The members of JROTC Rifle team for the 1983-84 school year are (left-right) Row 1 — Chuck Harper. Phil Wessel. Regina Emery. Vicki Royer. Rob George, and Galen Bradshaw. Row 2: Ray Burge. Daniel Skirvin. Chris Clouser, Glenn Jacobs. Bridgett Bradley. Martha Burge and David Skirvin. Not Pictured: Mike Greeno. 107ROTC BALL Row 1: Bridget Bradley. Tracy Freeman. Andalena Bradley. Mindy Adams. Martha Burge. Luella Harper. Regina Emery Row 2: John Sartin. Rob George. Refugio Barrios. Gary Hart. Gary Ewing. Steve Torrence. Shannon Sallee Cd Jones announces the queen Queen Mindy Adams dances with her escort Gary Hart 108Teresa receiving her flowers from Jim Hunt. 109 Left-Right: Gina Jarboe, Mary Mullins. Leslie Phifer. Teresa Barkley. Rhonda Rich, and Lynn Wilson© Senior Class Of 1984 %APuppettes Row 1: Shannon Hill. Sarah Scheidler. Michelle Kinsler. Jenny Daniels. Kelley Raidy Row 2: Lisa Williams. Becky Foster. Chris Sexton. Carla Cnpe. Xan Davies Row 3: Theresa Lipsett. Ellen Costlow. Lori Pillion. Beth Glover. Susan Taylor in Puppettes performing in the Big Broadcast.Music Music 1984 Music Big Broadcast Mistress and Master of ceremonies, Jan Ruch and Jeff (DOC) Hiland, saw their last performance as Seniors during the two successful nights of the 1983-84 Big Broadcast, “Music Music Music”. They both did an excellent job. The show featured a variety of acts including a dance duo of brother and sister. Tony and Michele Kinsler. the Rock Band — “Counter Reaction” and many walk-ons. Others were as follows: Blue and White Band Stage Band Sophomore Girls Cheerleaders Puppettes Concert Choir Swing Choir Foreign Exchange Students Vocal Duets and Solos Special Thanks goes to the people who put the show together: Student Directors. Jeff Rumpza and Andrea Culross. Band Director. Eric Wainscott. Choir Director. Jay Farlow. Theatre. Martin Henderson CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!!! 112Sabrina Fair 1. Female lead. Chris Sexton and male lead. Alan Ostler in a tender moment. 2. Kelley Raidy relaxes on the lounge 3. Cast of ‘ Sabrina Fair” This year’s Senior Play, “Sabrina Fair”, was about a girl returning to the shores of Long Island Sound after "getting a taste of the high life in Paris.” Sabrina, the daugther of the chauffeur of a rich Family, comes back to Long Island Sound a changed woman. She falls in love with Linus Larrabee. Jr., while being pursued by her old beau from Paris, and Linus’ brother. David. Linus wants no part of Sabrina Himself, but rather, wants to see David and Sabrina paired off. But to his surprise, he also falls under her loving spell. Row 1. Steve Mitchell. Jeff Hiland. Linda Roustio. and Kelley Raidy Row 2. Pete Teter. Anne Lipsett. Doug Maish. Sarah Scheidler. Stan Vrooman. Becky Foster. Barbara Tusveld. and Stacey Hickman Row 3. Bret Saathoff. Chris Sexton. Alan Ostler. Mike Houze. and Jim Parsons Row 4. David Humphrey. Jon Smith. Xan Davies Andrea Culross. Missy Hibbard, and Kim Morin 114 1984 Senior Class PlaySabrina Fair 1. Kelley Raidy enjoys her drink while listening. 2. Mike Houze. 3. Becky Foster introductes Jon Smith to Stan Vrooman. 4. Stan Vrooman toasts Becky Foster. 1984 Senior Class PlayN E W S 0 F T H E Y E A R AMERICA S CUP In the fall of 1983 the Australia 2 beat Liberty in the America’s Cup. The United States had held the cup for 132 yrs. Prime Minister Bob Hawke called it "one of the greatest moments in Australian sports history". It was a day of celebration for the Assies. The Royal Perth Yacht Club stayed open all night and more than 2.000 fans crammed into the clubs to watch the race. Ellen Costlow was named 1985 Clinton County Jr. Miss on May 6. 1984. Theresa Lipsett and Tauna Carter were named first and second runners up respectively. There were twenty-four young ladies who participated in the program. The other awards given were scholastic won by Megan Miller, talent Tauna Carter, poise and appearance Ellen Costlow and Physical fitness Megan Miller. All of the girls showed a great deal of enthusiasm and should be congratulated. NEWS OF THE YEAR 1983-84 Michael Jackson The year of Michael Jackson. So many things have happened to him since he began his career at age 5. 1983-84 proved to be one of the best years for Michael. He was nominated for 12 Grammy Awards and won eight of them. He has sold a record 30 million copies of "THRILLER" and for 28 weeks it was 1 album. He released 6 singles from the album and 2 became 1. hits. In January while filming a commercial for Pepsi, his hair caught fire. A small portion of hair was burned off and he received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the back of his head. Within a month he was almost completely healed. With a tour of the Jackson Five, this summer should prove to be as exciting as the past year to Michael and his brothers. i 9 8 3 1 9 8 4 NEWS OF THE YEAR 1983-84 One of the biggest, most controversial events to come to the state of Indiana was the move of the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis. In the middle of the night in April, the Colts were moned to Indianapolis and their new home, the Hoosier Dome, under the instruction of owner Robert Irsay. The move has caused many litigations and they may take months or years to settle. Coach Frank Kush and his staff will hopefully lead the Indianapolis Colts to many winning seasons. In May of 1984, the Student Council and the administration of Frandfort Sr. High School finally reached a compromise in the dispute over the dresscode. The students wanted it to be expanded to include mini-skirts, muscleshirts and all types of shorts. Though we lost out on the mini-skirts and the muscleshirts. when the teachers voted on the proposals that the students had come up with the majority had no objections to walking shorts and pedalpushers. 116Again as in the 1980 Olympics, the 1984 Summer Olympics have suffered from political involvement. The Soviet Team, along with several other communist countries, had withdrawn from the games. The reason given for the withdrawal was that there wasn’t adequate protection for the Russian athletes. Their government wanted to have a KGB investigator escort the athletes, but U.S. officials denied the request. Winter Olympics: was a memorable for the U.S. Scott Hamilton retained his world champion ship style skating style by winning the gold medal and Rosalyn Sumners won the silver in tough women’s skating competition. Bill Johnson, and the Mahre twins added on the best of medals with 2 golds and 1 silver in skiing events. Mr. Davis After 19 years of service to Frankfort Sr. High’s football program, 11 of them acting as head coach. Mr. Wayne Davis resigned in the fall of 1983. During his final act as football coach when Mr. Davis thanked his football players for their contributions to the team he also expressed his love for each one. In the spring of 1984 William “Doc” Heath was named the head coach replacing Davis. Coach Heath is from Lebanon. Indiana, he also previously taught and coached at Culver High School. NEWS OF THE YEAR 1983-84 On October 31. 1983, “Papa Bear” George Halas died. His death was called “an end to a sports era”. In 1920 Halas and a group of fellow football enthusiasts formed the American Professional Football League. As he later became the owner of the Chicago Bears, he established many firsts with the team. Under the leadership of Halas the Bears became the first team to practice everyday, film games to study and encourage radiobraodcasts of games. Halas was also credited with pursuading the NFL to initiate the college draft. The loss of “Papa Bear” George Halas was not only a great loss to Chicago and all of football, but to all of the sports world. N E W S 0 F T H E Y E A R NEWS OF THE YEAR 1983-84 Marvin Gaye The music world suffered a great loss on Sunday April. 1984. Marvin Gaye was fatally shot by his father, the day before his 45th birthday. Heated arguments had begun the night before and resummed on Sunday. Gaye was one of Motown’s most popular artists in the 1960’s when his career began. He was known for such hits as “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “Sexual Healing”, which won 2 Grammy Awards in 1982. Marvin Gaye will be greatly missed by his friends and co-horts. WINTER: 1984 This years winter claimed the worst blizzard since 1978. It dumped over one foot of snow in some parts of the United States forcing businesses and factories to close. Around Frankfort the snow closed county schools, offices, businesses and local factories. The 1984 Sectionals were set back a day and the Big Broadcast was not held for the school. i 9 8 3 8 4 117Southern Nights 1984 Junior-Senior Prom This year the high school cafeteria was the setting for the 1984 Jr.-Sr. prom, “Southern Nights". It proved to be a memorable evening for senior Sarah Scheidler, who was crowned Prom Queen, and her escort Scott Hiland. With the theme song, “Time will Reveal", sung by Special Purpose, the general chairmen. Donna Reynolds and Amy Sebree. organized one of the best proms Frankfort has had in many years. The post-prom had a western setting and was hosted by Mandrake. The Junior Class of 1985 will have a hard act to follow and hopefully they will succeed. Some of the Prom decorators take time out for a picture 118 Row 1: Vonda Chittick. Kelley Raidy. Anne Lipsett. Jan Ruch, Sarah Scheidler. Row 2: K.C. Seibert. Jeff Hiland. Brian Fickle. John Morris. Scott HilandUpper Left: Kip Schiedler crowns his cousin. Sarah Scheidler. prom queen while her date. Scott Hiland watches Middle Left: Dancing the night away! Middle Right: Seniors slow dance and enjoy their prom. Lower Left: A special night for all to remember 1191983-84 F.S.H.S. Foreign My name is Mikaela Nyman and I’m 18 years old. I live on a land, a group of 6.600 islands located between Sweden and Finland but belong to Finland. I only have one sister. Marika, who is 3 years younger than me. My parents are both Physicians. Here in Frankfort I’m staying with the Street family and my oldest sister. Susan Street, a junior this year at FSHS. The school system here is completely different from ours. The biggest disadvantage is that I have the same hours every day. it’s tiring. I have joined the swim-team and am going out for tennis while I’m staying here. I enjoy my stay here, especially since I have a fantastic family, but we could have less schoolwork. I am Barbara Tusveld, from Goor. Goor is a town in the land of wooden shoes and windmills. It’s about the size of Frankfort and close to the border of Germany. I go to school at the Twickel College in Haneglo, 11 miles away. In the summer I ride my bike, and in the winter I go by bus. I can’t drive yet because in Holland you must be 18 to get your license and it costs $500.00. The gas is also twice as much as in the U.S. I live with “The Millers"; Jerry. Nancy, and my brother and my sister. Mark and Molly. I love horseriding and we have 4 horses, so I’m in a super family. In Holland. I'm the oldest. I have a 16 year old sister. AnneMarie and a brother who’s 12. Martyn. Schools are very different in Holland. They are ordered in intelligency levels and we don’t have the same subjects every day. In Holland I've had six years of High School and in the third year, you choose the subjects you want to graduate in. The final exams are national; the whole country has the same exams for different intelligence levels. We don’t have any sports, only P.E. which we have two hours a week. To be in sports, you have to attend a private club outside of school. Next year I hope to attend a college to major in English and Biology. I really like the formal dances. I had never had any before. I love it that guys pay for everything for the girls. Don’t expect that in Holland because everything is going “Dutch". The food is more fattening and we don’t have drive-ups for fast food. This was the greatest year of my life and I hope one year I can come back and visit all my friends again. I was in Pep Club, FCA. Drama Club, Z-Club and the “HOT DOG". I love you Frankfort and I will miss you!!!!!! 120Exchange Students I am Dietmar Koethner from West Germany, coming from a hometown with 20,000 people. I am used to the size of this community, but I was surprised about the great atmosphere that exists. I am staying with the Giesler family and instead of having one 23 year old brother, I now have 3 brothers who are 7, 5. and 4. I will mainly remember the nice times with my host family but also there are also memories of great times with teachers, classmates, and friends. Especially. I can think of countless practice spent together with the teammates of the swim team. My name is Alexander Aerdon. I am 18 years old and live in Zaventem, a suburb of Brussels. Belgium. I have two sisters and one brother. Chimens. my oldest sister, is 19 years old and lived in Kentucky last year as an exchange student. Mimi, my youngest sister, is 15 years old and my brother, Wilfried is 16 years old. I am staying with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laverty. In Belgium I like to go out and listen to music. I also like to go skiing in Austria and Switzeland. In Indiana, I have enjoyed skiing and ice skating, too. Some of my activities in Frankfort have been being a member of the FHS Wrestling Team, attending football and basketball games, and participating in school activities. During my stay in Frankfort, I have met a lot of interesting people who have helped me learn about the United States. My name is Taro Shintaku and I am a foreign exchange student from Yokohama. Japan, where I live in the inner part of a city of over 1,000,000 people. Schools in Japan are organized in some ways like those in the United States. We have 6 years of grade school. 3 years of junior high and 3 years of high school. At present, I am ranked as a Junior at my school in Yokohama. In athletics, students at my school participate in Soccer. Basketball. Baseball. Swimming, and Gymnastics. I am especially interested in baseball. The L A. Dodgers are my favorite team. My family in Japan consists of my mother, father, and one sister. My father is an employee of Mitsubushi computers. While here in Frankfort. I am living with the Marty Young family. I have enjoyed my stay in Frankfort very much and one of my favorite pasttimes is eating American food. I do miss the large city of Yokohama where transportation to most anywhere is easily available. I also have enjoyed traveling to Florida and Michigan while in the United States. When school is finished I will go back to Japan which is approximately 13 hours by air. I will still have one year of school to complete though I have completed school in Frankfort. Good luck to all the students of Frankfort Senior High. 121Varsity Cheerleaders Front row: June Meiers. Megan Miller. Jan Ruch. Anne Lipsett. and Jeanne Hall Middle row: Chris Smith. Rob Christopher, and Alan Ostler. Back row: Randy Swaim and Mike Houze In the past year the 1983-84 Varsity Cheerleading Squad has had a lot to cheer about. The year began with a bang when we dedicated our new Athletic Complex, but the excitement didn’t end there. Jan, Anne. Jeanne, Meg, June, Mike, Rob. Alan, and Randy, and Chris, all helped cheer us on to a SECTIONAL victory and to the final game of the Regionals against Lebanon. 122B-Team Cheerleaders Margo Morrison. Stephanie Mason. Kelly Conkright. Mandy Ridenour and Edile Hibbard Freshman Cheerleaders Jeri Howe. Billie Brown. Cathee Stoops. Lisa Lowden. and Tana Hill124Back Row: Todd Weber and Barb Robinson. Front Row: Marcy Siller and Lon East HI-LIFE STAFF Back Row: Tim Standish. Katrina Hale. Manda Camp. Missy Hibbard. Barbara Tusveid. Middle Row: Susan Payne. Sue Harper, and Brenda Pauley Front Row: Kim Matthews. Anna Greeno. and Paulette Ray LIBRARY WORKERS Back Row: Doug Maish, Natlie Arnold. Kim Morin, and Tammy Roberts Middle Row: John Morris. David Humphrey. Merie Underwood. Missy Hibbard, and Kim Rohrabaugh. Front Row: Kelly Mills and Rhonda Surber OFFICE WORKERS 125CAULDRON STAFF 1983-1984 Donna Johnson Editor Gina Lucas Sports i 1 Lori East Academics Angie Tegarden Sports Becky Arnett Academics Amy Lucas Clubs 126MAKING IT COUNT Robin Brock Clubs Todd Lapin Advertising Rhonda Crews Photographer Nora Micheal Academics Gary Crum Photographer Stan Vrooman Photographer 127Editor’s Page Boy. what a year! From rearranged ladders to missed deadlines to duplicate pages, the 1984 Cauldron was produced. An extremely large staff, sometimes creating confusion. labored to put forth their best efforts (I think) on their assignments. I would like to thank all of the staff for helping work on the book and for keeping Mr Heninger or myself from blowing our tops. To Gina Lucas: Almost every year the editor names a “Rookie of the year”. You are this such person. You did a superb job on the sports section and I hope you will again next year Thanks for all the times you helped everyone out and all the fun we had in Cauldron. I wish you luck in everything you do. PS. Always remember the “Polo” man!!!!!! Angie Tegarden: You also did a fine job Although you probably didn’t work as much on the sports as I know you wanted to. your little contributions here and there really helped me out. I thank you and remember anything you do counts in life! Lori East: To the most funny “little indian” I’ve ever known. You kept your academic section together and always were a lot of fun to work with. Keep up the good work and you’ll do great! Thanks! Becky Arnett: I have never known anyone quite as outspoken as you. You were always teasing Mr Reece about his “golfing pants” and helping him keep cool and not yelling at me too much. You were a great asset to our staff and I hope you will be next year too! Good luck in the future! Amy Lucas: Another good worker on the staff. You were always willing to run errands and help with whatever needed to be done. Great job on the clubs and thank-you!!! Robin Brock: You are so quiet! Not once did I ever hear you complain. I hope you had a fun-filled year and thanks for helping Amy and me. By the way. did you ever figure out that one page?! Nora Michael: Although it took the first six months of school, you finally completed your six pages in academics. Believe it or not. I do appreciate it. Becky and you were always roaming the halls so you earn the name “Hall Walker’’. Good Luck in everything you do. Linda Freeman: I know it was a challenge, but you won and I’m glad. The album was probably the hardest section in the book and you did a great job!! Thank you very, very much and Good Luck!! Penny Hedge: Well, what can I say? Sometimes you were a grouch! You are the 1984 Cauldron whiner of the year and we had some good and bad times that I won’t forget. Thanks for typing almost everything. I hope the future holds what you desire. Kelly Mills: To the one person who kept Mr. Lappin from getting a big head. You did a great job on the advertising (layouts) and it will be tough to find a replacement for you. Thanks for everything. PS. Next time you see me hiding in the closet, don’t laugh too hard. Rod Risse and Rod Weaver: You both only lasted one semester but you did do a pretty good job. Thanks and Good Luck. Stan Vrooman: Stan “the Man’’ is what we called you and you took great pictures. Thanks for getting them to us (even though you had a hard time doing so 1st semester). The whole staff will really miss you. Also thanks for keeping Lap-pin in his place. Good Luck in the future!!! Gary Crum: You were a pretty good worker and photographer. I will say that you were the 1 junior photographer, okay?! Thanks for the work and I hope you do as good as job this year as this year. PS. Please don’t call me “Editor" in the halls anymore! Thanks! Ronda Crews: You did a fine job on photography and I know it was hard for you because you were so busy. Thank you for your work, we appreciate it. Scott Noyes: Otis. Great Job. You were the experienced photographer and knew what Reece was like. Sorry about the last nine weeks, but you are and always will be a part of the 1984 Cauldron Staff. Thanks and have a fun life! Todd Lappin: I put you last so I’d run out of space to type. Ha! I must admit, you did an excellent job on the advertising. I know you could have done better on the book sales though. You’re one of those people who has a smart mouth and someday it will lead you to trouble. Some of your comments I’m sure my staff could have done with out. but what’s said is said. I hope next year we won’t have to hear as many of them. Also. I still owe you for shutting the closet door on me and locking me in!! You’ll get yours one day! This is a special thanks to Mr. Reece Heninger. Although we had numerous arguments. I never stayed mad at you. I now understand why you pushed the deadlines so hard and why you also yelled at me alot Next year I hope I’ll do better and keep level-headed. Thanks for being our advisor and putting up with all of us. PS. Did you know you’re funny when you get mad? Dick Maurer: Our Singing Sales Representative. Thanks for all your “promptness" and all your hard work. Also thanks for helping us out of all the tough spots. Without you. we would have never made it. Thanks again and see you next year. Hopefully, you’ll be just as cherry next year too. Thanks!!! To all members: Don’t ever forget “the closet" and me being “out of here"!! We had lots of fun and many great times, did wild things that we’ll never forget, but most of all. we made each and every moment count. That’s what this book was supposed to do. Good Luck to all!! To all students at F.S.H.S.: I hope as you have looked through this book, you remember the special moments you had and made them count. On behalf of the staff. I wish you much luck and success throughout your life and have a great time while you do it! Donna Johnson Editor 128tiJUGJtLGUIJGEIntramurals The 1983-84’ intramural champion title goes to the A-Team. The A-Team defeated Bad Company in the final game. This "tough” team was led by seniors. Matt Evans and Jay Ayers Juniors; Gary Crum. Mike Bartley. Matt Stephan. Craig Rutledge, and Scott Hiland. Intramurals is an excellent program for Junior and Senior guys to get together and play some competitive ball. They can relax and still have fun using all their hidden talents. Mr. Pruz, you deserve a big thank-you for your time and effort in organizing a very successful campaign. Front; Jay Ayers. Mike Bartley. Gary Crum Second Row; Matt Evans. Matt Stephan. Scott Hiland Back; Craig Rutledge Upper right; The ball goes up and so do the players Lower left; Craig Rich takes the shot as Gary Crum watches Lower right; Crowding the lane, both teams wait for the ball to go in or come down 130Athletic Complex Dedication At 7:00 pm, on Friday, September 16, 1983, the Frankfort Memorial Athletic Complex was officially dedicated. The event was marked by special guests such as IHSAA Commissioner Gene Cato and Pat Coy. Mr. Clark was presented the key to the facility, which he accepted on behalf of all who helped make the Complex possible. Although the Complex was used in the spring of 1983, a new feeling of excitement was felt by everyone as The Frankfort Varsity Football Team won over Clinton Central 27-12. Thanks goes to all who participated in making possible this new complex!! 131Football Row 1: Jamie Michael. Brian Goodwin. David Noves. John Bayes. Randy Swaim, Tim Robison. Jeff Pullins, Tony Byrd. Mike Houze. Row 2: Jim Parsons. Joe Williams. Mike Scallen. Mike Eckhoff. Bruce Bolden. Brian Plunkitt. Ed Sartin. Brian Davis. Phil Rucker. Gary Snyder; Row 3: Doug Hines. Jim Siller. Brian Roberts. Kelly Baker. Andy Garhart. Eric Reidenbach. Matt Evans. Curt Catron. Rob Christopher. Alan Alward; Row 4: Tom McCulloch. Scott Hiland. Stacy Albaugh. Matt Reidenbach. Troy Schimmel. Brian O’Brien. Mark Allen. Roy Scott. Stan Vrooman. Jeff Hiland, Wayne Wooley, Chris Smith Row 1: Meg Miller. Kathy Kaylor. Angie Mitchell. Michelle Marsh. Penny (Pete) Williams. Cindy Mason. Michelle Jones; Row 2: Grace Chen. Vonda Chittick. Jamie Hunter. Gina Lucas. Ann Dougherty. Merie Underwood. Sharon Brewer. Julie Hackard; Row 3: MGR: Josett Coleman. Jane Coleman. Tina Rucker. Molly Platt. Tracy Platt. Kim Mathews. Lora Perkins. Melissa McCulloch. Miss. Jacoby Volleyball 132Freshman Football Row 1: Charlie Clouse. Bobbie Lane. Richie Reck. Chuck Martin. Bobby Lyon. Jason Albaugh. Todd Saathoff. Don Sartin. Row 2: David Little. Keith Donoho. Jason Brock. Frank Moore. Tony Kinsler. Tim Boyles. Chris Coomer Row 3: Jamie Cobbs. Craig Henderson. John Stoops. Tom Daly. Brett Pullms. John Mayer. Nick Featherstone. Courtney Lipsett. Ron Sartin. Row 1 Mike Eldridge. Brad Waggoner. Brian Bradley. Richie Reck. Joe Jordan. Kurt Woodruff. Bobby Lyon and Todd Shriver Row 2: Coach Ken Stuart. David Little. Craig Henderson. Jeff Wilson. Courtney Lipsett. John Stoops. Brett Pullins. Keith Donohoe and Coach Ed Niehaus Freshmen BasketballGirls Swimming Stephanie Hickman. Jenny Lanman. Stacy Hickman. Tonya Moore. Sandy Siegfried. Lee Viney, Coach Cathy Boerste Second row — Penny Roa. Kim Costlow, Carrie Surber. Stacey Garhart. Mandy Ridenour. Natalie Reck. Bottom row — Mikela Nyman. Jeanne Hall. Barbara Tusveld Mgr Samantha Knox. Lisa Douglass. Tonya Smith. Donna Johnson. Lora Perkins. Tracy Platt. Molly Platt. Melissa McCulloch. Jamie Hunter, and Mgr Jana Coleman Front row — Sharon Brewer. Gina Lucas. Grace Chen. Michelle Jones. Jerri Howe. Michelle Bartley. Angie Mitchell Girls Basketball 134Cross Country Row 1 Tim Kennedy. K C S bert. Craig Rich. Max Howe. Row 2: Jamie Rich. Shannon Sallee. John Oppelt. Coach: Ken Stuart Back row Mr Knoll. Mgr Pat Gardner. Tim Chriswell. Mike Scallen. Mark Carr. Shannon Sallee. John Oppelt. Kevin Price. Ray Bobbit. Jack Thomas. Mr Warthen. Front row — Steve Buntin. Tim Kennedy. Max Howe. Bruce Boulden. Waylon Kelly. Jason Albaugh. K C Seibert. Scott Teyema Wrestling 135Varsity Basketball Mr Milhotland. Ed Niehaus. Tom McCulloch. Gary Goode. John Morris. Brian Goodwin, Andy Hill. Mike Kay. Brian Hall. Tim Roth. Mr Stuart. Mr Kersey; Kneeling; Kenneth Cook Mgr . Curt Catron. Pat Kersey. Chad Moore. Scott Miller. Mike Watkins Mgr Mike Watkins. Mgr. Chad Moore. Rex Birden. Pat Kersey. Jeff Pullins. Tony Ogden. Andy Hill. Scott Miller. Todd ■•DOC” Snodgrass. Dickie Royer. Jason Bricker. Steve Warren. Mr Kersey J.V. Basketball 136Boys Swimming Front Row: Tim Hilman. Ed Zink. Rod Taylor. Todd Saathoft. Dave “Squirrel" Gurnsey Middle Row: Jim Mayer. Alan Alward. Lance Gregoire. Chris Mr T“ Smith. Todd Ransom. Dave Reddington Back Row: David Noyes. Chris Dougherty. Dietmar Koethner. Mike Copping. John Mayer Front; Eric Howard. Jason Bricker. Scott Calvert. Kevin Raidy Back; Mike Copping. Kelly Good. Kurt Raidy. Coach. Niehaus Boys Golf 137Girls Golf Row 1: Jane Eldndge. Lisa Williams. Kelley Raidy. Jackie Good. Anne Lipsett. Shannon Brown. Row 2: Grace Ann Miller. Beth Glover. Gail Neumayer. Margo Morrison. Beth Montgomery Row 1: Kris Curnutt. Todd Ransom. Eric Howard. Pete Clossin Row 2: Brian Bradley. Steve Warren. John Morris. Anthony Ogden. Patrick Kersey Boys Tennis i3aGirls Track Front row; Manda Camp. Le$hia Smith. Terri Pugsley. Jackie "Jack" Weber. Kim Beard. Donna "Wanna" Johnson. Lon Pillion. Angie Tegarden. Second row; Lisa Lowden. Gina "Boo" Lucas. Sandy Shore. Michelle Jones. Angie Mitchell Standing; "Susie" Bolinger. Beth Batman. Peggy Harshbarger. Kayleah "Face” Appleby. Teresa "T.S." Moore. Jamie "Jay” Hunter. Nancy Sue Irwin. Lora "Perk" Perkins Front row; Craig Rich. Chad Sawicki. Jim Spears. Jim Siller. K.C. Seibert. David Gurnsey. Taro Shintaku. Tony Kmsler Second row: Mr Prusz, Joe Jordan. Lance Gregoire. Randy "Ras" Swaim. Chris Smith. Tim Robison. Gary Crum. Todd Ransom. Joe Cortez Standing; Mr Herndon. Jamie Rich. Tony "Ogie" Ogden. Jeff Pullins. Chris Dougherty. Matt Evans. Stacy Albaugh. Courtney Lipsett. Jim Mayer. Mike Moon. Mr Stuart. Boys Track 139Girls Tennis Number one singles and senior Penny Williams returns the serve Number one doubles and senior Jan Ruch smiles after winning the match. Front Row: Anne Dougherty. Billie Brown. Stephanie Hickman. Kim Costlow. Joyce Smith. Debbie Waggoner. Mandy Ridenour. Elama Chamberlain. Edile Hibbard. Desi Large Second Row: Mr Druley. Mike Eldridge. Rihie Reck. Todd oth. Jason Albaugh. Brian Bardley. Todd Shriver. Chuck Martin. Brian Goodwin Ed Sartm John Sill. Mr Rucker Third Row: Tim Roth. Steve Warren. Scott Hiland. Trever Aders. Mike Davis. Jamie Michael. Rod Smith. John Dickerson. Jeff Sallee. Troy Schimmel Top Row: Ph.l Rucker. Gary Conklin. Brian O'Brien. Jay Ayers. Roy Scott. Eric Reidenbach. Curt Catrn. Matt Reidenbach. Mgr Kenneth Cook Baseball 140141Football The 1983 Football Team had a sporadic season. Playing one of the toughest schedules in years, the team was at times — good. bad. and indifferent. We played with great intensity at times, then let up. Although the team did not achieve the goals we had hoped for. several individuals did receive many post season honors. Matt Evans and Stan Vrooman were both named to the first team all Sagamore Conference and to the All-County team. Eric Reidenbach was named to the all state Academic team. Tim Robison and Matt Reidenbach were also named to the all county football team. Tim and Matt are both underclassmen and they join a select group of returning players that should have a great season next year. Football C. Prairie C-Ville McCutcheon Harrison C. Central Brownsburg Lebanon Western Boone North Mont. Western we they 0 0 0 26 3 34 7 16 27 12 12 27 0 18 12 6 7 12 6 21 Upper right: Alright Stan! Whose man got through the block to tackle Tim on his run Middle left: Tim eludes the defense and gains a first down Middle right; Brian sits in deep thought as he watches the game9 Lower right; Coach Davis doesn't seem pleased as he gives out advice to a few followers. Bottom; The defense is stopped this time as Tim runs up the middle 142The 1983 Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team had their best season record with 9 wins and the best progressive record being 7-7, three fourths the way thru the season. They placed 3rd in conference and made it through the first game in sectionals only to get beat by Clinton Prairie in final game. The team was led by five Seniors: Vonda Chittick, Michelle Marsh. Kim Mathews. Merie Underwood, who received Mental Attitude Award, and Penny “Pete” Williams, who received Most Valuable Player and Serving Award. Coach Jacoby’s challenge next year is to continue the hard work that their season ended up with. Upper left: Kim. Merie and Pete wait for the serve with lots of concentration. Middle right; Hot Dog defense in action as Tracey blocks with Pete and Angie covering Middle left; With frustration on her face Miss Jacoby watches hopelessly as the team starts to fall Lower left: The youngest varsity player: Gina and Jamie set the ball up for an offense play. Bottom; Jamie defends the net in Sectionals. Volleyball We They Lebanon 1 2 Western Boone 2 0 Benton Central 2 0 Tipton 2 0 Hayworth 0 2 W-Boone Invit 2 0 Brownsburg 2 0 Carroll 2 0 C. Prairie 0 2 C. Central 0 2 McCutcheon 0 2 C-Ville 2 1 Delphi 2 1 Logansport 0 2 North Mont. 1 2 Rossville 0 2 Kokomo 1 2 Tipton (Sec) 2 1 C Prairie (Sec) 0 2 143Boys Tennis The 1983 Tennis team with only two returning lettermen and a new headcoach was very young and inexperienced. With a total of 11 Freshmen and Sophomores out of a 14 member team they knew they were going to take their share of losses, but this did not discourage their attitude. They ended the season with a 6-16 record. 2-3 in conference play. It doesn't seem that good, but if you take into account the youth of the team a new coach and also the fact that 8 out of the 16 losses were by the score of 3-2, things weren’t that bad. And as coach Niehaus stated. "We may take some hard losses this year, but next year and the year after, the record will be turned around.” BOYS TENNIS Peru Invitational Plymouth Delphi McCutcheon Western Boone Lafayette Jeff Brownsburg Lebanon West Lafayette North Mont. Delphi Northwestern We They 0 5 0 5 5 0 2 3 4 1 1 4 3 2 1 4 0 5 2 3 4 1 2 3 Upper left: Oops! Steve puts it in the net Middle left; Pat Kersey goes for a tremendous serve Middle right; John returns with style. Lower right; Kris, plans out his strategy Bottom; Pete looks on as doubles partner. Todd adds top spin to the ball.Cross Country Upper left: Stretching out and warming up before a meet Middle right: K.C. running neck and neck with a tough opponent. Middle left: Frankfort runners at the starting line of the County Meet Lower left: Junior. Craig Rich, finishes up a hard, long run. Bottom: Set”, and ready to "go” Failure to run collectively at any single meet was our team downfall this year. 2 or 3 runners would improve, run steady but 2 or 3 would fall short of desired goals. The initial meets of the season saw an establishment of selves in competition. Being a young, inexperienced team, our youngsters rose and fell to new heights and depths, alternating looking good and poor. Individually, valuable lessons of experience were gained and logged for future reference. The leadership and talents of K.C. Seibert. Shannon Sallel. James Rich. Max Howe will be hard to replace. Returners Craig Rich. John Oppelt, Tim Kennedy and Jeff Wilson should once again provide a strong love for a successful season. Cross Country Northwest-Tipton Clinton Prairie Harrison-C’ville North Mont. Invit. Clinton Central Hamilton Hts.-Noblesville McCut.-Lebanon Lafayette Jeff Logansport Western Invit. Rossville Conference Central Indiana Frankfort Invit. Delphi Invit. Sectional Regional We They 41 49-32 32 23 51 Seibert-3rd 47-30 57 58 47 60-26 36 34-52 39 22 28 Seibert-7th 28 24 Seibert-5th 1st place Sallee-3rd Seibert-10th Seibert-3rd Seibert-23rd 31 145Girls Swimming The 1983 Girls’ Swim Team coached by Cathy Boerste. struggled throughout a tough season. The small young team had only two seniors. Stacy Hickman and Mi-kela Nyman. The Most Valuable Swimmer Award was given to a junior. Sandy Siegfried. Most Improved went to sophomore Penny Roa and Tonya Moore, also a sophomore, was awarded for the Most Points Earned. The Best Mental Attitude Award went to a senior. Stacy Hickman. Despite their efforts and hardwork the team was unable to win a meet and ended the season with an 0-11 record. Girls’ Swimming Southmont Clinton Delphi McCutheon Lebanon North Mont. Western Boone Western Brownsburg Kokmo Crawfordsville We They 55 113 65 103 59 96 45 122 54 109 61 110 62 101 65 91 60 111 51 121 67 93 Upper right: Stephanie Hickman backstrokes her way to a finish. Middle left: State qualifier Jeanne Hall perfects her style Middle right: Sandy ' flies’' to a victory Lower right: Natalie Reck dives gracefully Bottom: Foreign Exchange student Barbara Tusveld has a look of strong determination 146Girls Golf The 1983 Girls Golf season was exciting and different for Coach Kelley. The team was lead by the following outstanding individuals; Kelley Raidy, Lisa Williams, Jane Eldridge, Shannon Brown. Jackie Good. Grace Ann Miller and Beth Montgomery. The team scored their best round of 198 at Logansport. Also at Lo-gansport Grace Ann Miller had the best individual round score of 46. The girls will admit that they’ve made many new friends, and lots of memories. Yet it’s doubtful that while being cool they discovered that kicking — wasn’t the smartest thing to do! Girls GoJf We They Lebanon 236 229 McCutcheon 211 220 Logansport 198 179 Lebanon 209 226 Perry Meridian 209 207 Taylor 216 180 Northwestern 218 208 McCutcheon 212 215 Harrison 222 203 Frankfurt Invit. Frankfort 1st 231 Delphi 2nd 250 Pike 3rd 261 Tri-County 4th 294 Sectionals 9th 421 147Boys Swimming Swimming in the middle of winter doesn’t sound great for most of us but for seventeen guys it’s the only thing to do. The 1983-84’ Boys’ Swim Team was led by Lance Gregoire. a junior, who had the most points. 3168, and an average of 226 points per meet. Yet not to overlook Chris Dougherty, who ran a close second with 3136 points and averaged 224 points per meet. Frankfort placed second in the conference and Chris was the conference champ in the 100 yd. breaststroke. Next years season should only improve. With four returning juniors the team will be tough to defeat. BOYS’ SWIMMING WE THEY McCutcheon 87 82 Crawfordsville 123 46 North Mont. 108 61 Webo. 67 105 Maconaquah Relays 2nd place Lebanon 99 73 C. Central 96 75 Cass Invit. 6th place West Lafayette 44 127 Warren Central 115 Brownsburg 96 75 Benton Central 130 36 Sagamore Conference 2nd place Logansport 98 65 Harrison 69 103 Sectionals 6th Upper Right; Carefree Dave Noyes illustrates to us lazy backstroke Middle Left; Diving without water? It's an easy way for Rod Taylor to practice his diving Middle Right; Macho swimmer? Nope, it's just Chris Dougherty Lower Right; Chris Smith emerges out of the water while doing butterfly Bottom; Man or fish? It's hard to tell that this is Rod Taylor swimming freestyle 148Wrestling The Wrestling Team of 1983-84 ended their year by placing 8th of 23 teams in the Regionals, with six qualifiers, three who placed third in stiff competition. These six that qualified were: Waylon Kelly. Shannon Sallee. Bruce Boulden. Jason Albaugh (3rd place). K.C. Seibert (3rd place), and Tim Kennedy (3rd place). Jason, a freshman and K.C.. a senior, came out as champions in their weight class. Hard work paid off for Max Howe, who was a champion at the Twin Lakes Invit. and for Jason Albaugh who came through with a victory and was named All-Conference Team as a winner in his class. Wrestling S B Co Prairie Zionsville West Lafayette Harrison Delphi Brownsburg Cl. Central Carroll Benton Centr? North Mont. We They 38 33 6 51 50 18 30 42 36 31 12 48 11 53 41 27 26 2 21 42 Twin Lakes Invit. Conference Sectional Regional 11th out of 16 teams 4th out of 4 teams 3rd out of 6 teams 8th out of 23 teams 149Basketball Action ‘‘Basketball”, a word well known to Frankfort students and fans. ‘‘Champions”, an adjective that belongs to the 1983-84 F.H.S. Basketball Team, winners of the Holiday Tourney and Sectionals, only to be defeated by Lebanon in the final game of Regionals. This fantastic team ended their season with a 17-7 record, something to be proud of. John Morris and Mike Kay teamed up with Gary Goode. Tim Roth and Tom McCulloch, to form the solid nucleus of the team. Brian Hall. Curt Catron and Brian Goodwin use their talented abilities for valuable relief roles, and Andy Hill, Scott Miller. Chad Moore and Pat Kersey rounded out a well balanced group. Gary Goode and Tim Roth were selected for First Team All-Conference. All County. All-Lafayette Area, and All Sagamore Conference. Tom McCulloch made All-Clinton County and received Honorable Mention for First Team Sagamore Conference. John Morris and Mike Kay were selected for Honorable Mention First Team All-Clinton County and Sagamore Conference. The real award goes to John Milholland. Assistant Coach Gary Kersey and Freshman coaches Ken Stuart and Ed Niehaus. Kenny Cook and Mike Watkins were the Managers. HUSTLE and TEAM-WORK, proved to be the leadway for the Hot Dogs. Of course the basic fundamentals rebounding, defense, assisting, patience, intense practices, mental-attitude and dedication along with hard work helped to make the team a whole. Losing only four seniors from this group of boys makes the 1984-85 season look extremely bright for the Hot Dogs. 1. The crowd goes up with Tom as he leads the defense down the court 2. Mike rests his hand on the board while he lays the ball in the hoop. 3. Tom shoots high over a T.C. player 4. Tim plays one on one against tight defense 5. Caught in an awkward position. John throws up the ball. 6. Gary dominates the board to put in two. 7. Mike makes his way to the basketball 1501983-84’We Are The Champions 1. John looks for help to pass the ball 2. Exhausted. Gary raises his hand in victory as he takes his share of the net 3. Tough defense stopped C.P. from scoring and helped us into the final game of Regionals 4. We are the champions” of the 1984 sectionals and are most definitely proud of it 5. Mike makes a quick pass to Tim so he can add two-more to the scoreboard 15284’ Sectionals 1. Gary is up and over his defensive man to shoot 2. Brian Goodwin goes up strong against T.C 3. Tim shows his accuracy at outside shooting as he shoots for two 4. Filled with pride. Mr Clark and Mr Milholland lift the championship trophy for a job well done!!!! 5. A struggle for the ball and Mike comes up the winnerGirls Basketball It was a new. rebuilding season filled with hardships and happiness for the 1983-84 Girls’ Basketball Team. With a new “Slave Driver” coach the team got a fresh start and set goals, which were reached. The girls won three more games than last year and shaped up their mental attitude to finally play up to their ability. A lot of times the scoreboard didn’t show the actual hard fought game that the girls played. The team had only one senior. Michele Bartley. The rest was composed of two juniors, and six sophomores, who with their spirit and encouragement towards each other kept themselves going, even in the lowest point of the game. This year was a year to get the feel of a real basketball team and game. Next year will be a season promised to be improved and exciting for the team and their fans. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL WE THEY Logansport 34 46 Carroll 51 78 Rossville 53 52 Brownsburg 45 57 C. Prarie 43 55 Harrison 30 91 C. Central 28 52 Rossville 48 59 Crawdfordsville 40 48 Lebanon 41 45 Webo 46 54 C. Central 45 57 Sheridan 58 43 North Mont. 66 58 West Lafayette 41 53 C. Central 41 61 Upper Right; Donna and Lora double team a C.C player an a full court press Middle Left; Gina and Michelle play tight defense to stop the ball from Abounding Middle Right; Coach McDowell gives last minute advice before the game Lower Right; Molly is “concentrating" on defending the basket bottom; Angie, probably the most dependable player for shooting, takes her chance at making the technical shot count. 154Baseball The 1984 Baseball Team ended their season in Regional play. They beat Clinton Prairie in the Sectionals which advanced them to the Lafayette Regionals. In the regular season the varsity had a twelve and fourteen record and a four and six record in conference play. The B-Team had a one and three record. As his second year being the baseball team’s coach, Ron Rucker deserves a big thanks for a great job! Mike Druley. the assistant coach and Mike Kelley, the B-Team coach. Good luck Next Year. 1984 Record WE THEY South Bend Clay 2. 4 1. 11 Laf. Jeff 2 9 Laf. Harrison 2 5 Delphi 4. 3 3. 6 Crawfordsville 2. 5 7. 9 Lebanon 0. 2 1. 3 Tipton 3. 4 7. 15 North Mont. 7, 9 6, 10 Brownsburg 21. 11 9, 10 Western Boone 5. 3 4. 9 Rossville 13 3 Clinton Prairie 14 16 West Laf. 4 3 Clinton Central 13. 7 4. 2 Rossiville 10 0 Middle left; Discussing the game as they leave the field Middle right; Jay gets another hi Middle left; Coach Rucker calls a conference with Brian before he hits. Lower left; Trever stretches high for a wild pitch. Bottom; Is he safe or is he out? 155Girls Track The Girls 1984 Track team had a very challenging season. There was only one senior on the team; Katrina Hale, leaving a make up of four juniors, eleven sophomores and four freshmen. Once again it was a young team going against older and more experienced competitors. The weather was another stiff competitor that the girls had to fight up until sectionals. Rain and freezing temperatures made personal goals very difficult to reach. It put a damper on the spirits and made things seem a little unworth trying for. Yet. with self pride the girls stuck it out. The team finished the season with two wins, over Western Boone and Carol, and tied with Logansport. The season was long but they stuck through it all and for that the thanks goes to Susie Bolinger and C. Burstie. Top: Christina Ross 'hurdles'' her way to a victory Middle Left: Freshman Letsha Smith wins a tough mile run Middle Right: Angie and Gina take a 1-2 finish in the 100 meter dash Lower Right: Junior Donna Johnson gives the discus her best throw Bottom: Kayleah Appleby clears the bar on high jump 156 mmi Boys Track Upper left; Todd Ransom vaults high over the bar Middle right; Rob set and broke the school record three times in this event Middle left; Stacy demonstrates his excellent form. Lower left; Chris shows his determination to win as he fights to the line Bottom; Once again Matt crosses the line first and Tim right behind him. The spring season was an unexpected success story, with all the ingredients of a modest drama in the making. The team lacked experience and depended on juniros and sophomores to carry the heaviest load of point contribution. The early spring witnessed a blooming flower inspite of harsh, cold weather conditions. The mental attitude, and eventful meets following though conditioning practices, all meshed into a magic felt by competitors and coaches alike. The remarkable attributes of this team provided a good basis for the next years of a track program this school and community can be proud of. 1984 Track Record We They Harrison 43 84 Clinton Central 45 42 Western Boone 79Vi 47Vfr Clinton Prairie 77 50 Big Five Fourth Frankfort Relays 2nd Lebanon 75 53 Delphi 81 46 North Mont. 63 64 County Meet 1st Conference Fourth 157Girls Tennis The Girls Tennis Team didn’t quite make it as far this year as they did last year, but they still have a lot to brag about. The varsity ended their season with an eleven and two record making them champions in the Sagamore Conference. The reserve finished their season with an excellant record of fifteen and zero. They too were champions in the Sagamore Conference. This was also the first year that the reserves hosted three tourneys and came out undefeated in all. There were five seniors on the team, four played varsity and one reserve. The coach. Jonell Smith, honored the following players: Gail Neumayer. as the best varsity record for singles play. Vonda Chittick and Jane Eldridge for the best record as doubles play. Molly Platt as the best reserve record, and Penny Williams as most valuable, valuable. Gail and the number-one doubles team of Jan Ruch and Grace Ann Miller were noted to have undefeated records in sectional play. Upper right; Penny uses her strong forehand to return the ball Middle left; Gail concentrates while hitting the ball. Middle right; Beth watches her ball Lower right; Tracy shows her ' great'' form Bottom; Doubles partners Jan and Grace Ann Play a hard match 158Boys Golf The 1984 Boys Golf team had a fine season this year. Ed Niehaus took on the task as the new head coach and did an excellent job. There were only three seniors to lead the team; John Morris. Doug Heines, and Prince Chan. Jason Bricker. Eric Howard. Andy Hill, and Scott Calvert were four fine juniors who will be returning next year. Also returning will be sophomore Kelly Good, and freshmen Kurt and Kevin Raidy. The team finished with a great dual record of winning eleven and only losing four. The golfers fought through a tough Invitational at Crawfordsville and came out with a first place. They received a fourth place in Conference and placed sixth in Sectional. Next years season has another bright outlook with six players returning. Congratulations guys and lots of luck next year! Top picture: Jason Bricker chips onto the green Middle picture: Eric Howard drives one in. Lower right: l eft-hander Scott Calvert gets ready with a classic swing 159Basketball Homecoming Back Row: Jay Ayers. Jeff Hiland. Mark Allen. Alan Ostler. Eric Reidenbach, Matt Evans, and Stan Vrooman Middle Row: Sarah Scheidler. Kelly Raidy. Becky Foster. Jan Ruch. Vonda Chittick. Jenny Daniels, and Jackie Good Front Row: Joe Carter and Jessica Bell Track Homecoming Back Row: John Mayer. Jeff Pullins. Matt Evans. Jim Siller. Rob Christopher. Chris Dougherty. Gary Crum, and Dave Gumsey Front Row: Jerri Howe. Theresa Lippsett. Becky Foster. Kelley Raidy. Penny Williams. Chris Sexton. Michele Kmsler, Cindy Mason, and Gina Lucas 160LlL-U LlitlkUil: 'Ls.GENERAL DENTISTRY COSMETIC DENTISTRY LARRY D. ROTHENBERGER, D.D.S. 1253 S. JACKSON ST. FRANKFORT. IN 46041 317-659-3351 BOND’S EVERGREEN NURSERIES Evergreens • Flowers Landscaping • Plants Shade Trees • Roses Peat Moss • Pottery RR1 Michigantown 249-2609 AgMgx 659-3334 111S. Jackson St. Frankfort. IN 46041 BRICKER CONSTRUCTION INC. (317)-659-3202 162Cherish The Past . . . Live The Present . . . Anticipate The Future Company 0BANKING 'Ju theWcuiUou 'lUani OC.COUNTRY STITCHES 55 N. JAEKSGN ST. FRANKFORT. IN. ' 317-654-5873 GOODWIN FUNERAL HOME Est. 1856 200 S. Main St. Frankfort, IN Area Code 317 Phone — 654-5533 John J Miller Allen Shurr William Goodwin Paul S. Greeno Grace Goodwin Miller David E. Allen A. WHITE GOLD B SUNBURST C. ENCRUSTING D. DESIGN UNDER STONE E. FULL NAME ENGRAVING F. ACHIEVEMENT PANEL G. SCHOOLS COLORS CHOOSE YOUR CLASS RING TODAY. ¥ ALU donaldson A DONALDSON CO., INC. State Road 28 West Frankfort, Ind. 46041 Phone 317-659-4766 Congratulations To The Class Of 84! 165Ga xtu ie it ati... a qeo iJtooJz JOSTENS PRINTING AND PUBLISHING DIVISION COUNTY CASUALS Junior And Missy Phone 654-6203 55N Jackson St. On The Square Thank You! Advertisers Frankfort High SchoolBON MERRITT DRUG STORE "On The Square” 654-4533 Free Delivery Xerox Copies Full Prescription Service Prove Ir To Yourself Ar The Best Pizzo In Town Honesr! 167suptflvME PNEUMATIC CONVEYOR SYSTEMS SUPEBBWm BEARD INDUSTRIES Highway 28 West Frankfort, Indiana 46041 1157 S. Jackson St. Frankfort, Indiana 46041 Dr. Terry R. Baker Family Optometry Hi nr American Optometric Association Telephone: (317) 654-6322 SHOFWMGHT SUPERMARKET 1150 I. St IrankVl U.S.D.A. Choice Meats Custom Butcher Shop We’re Always Open 7 Days A Week 24 Hours A Day CfloVgLf ICE CREAM 705 WEST CLINTON STREET POST OFFICE BOX 504 FRANKFORT, INDIANA 46041 HEALTH FITNESS CENTER Hot Tub • Sun Booths Sauna Owners: (317) 659-2311 Jeff Watson 56 N. Main St. Jim Niedlinaer Frankfort, In 46041 24 Bowling Lanes Video Games Open All Holidays BOWL ’N BUN INC Paul E. Howe St. Rd. 28 East R.R. 4 Phone: (317) 654-4497 Frankfort, IN 46041 St. Rd. 28 East R.R. 4 Frankfort, IN 46041 Phone (317) 654-4497 168THE “GEM” OF PHOTOGRAPHERSFrom Your Friends At JCPenney 51 N. Jackson Frankfort. IN 46041 The Department Store With A Difference DENNIS L. HAYDEN CURTIS G. KAYS Certified Public Accountants 1 North Jackson St. Frankfort, IN 46041 (317) 549-4713 170KEENEY’S STANDARD SERVICE Corner Of Jackson Walnut Frankfort, IN 645-8065 • • Tune Up And Brake Service • • Muffler Service • • Atlas Tires Batteries • • Wrecker Service • • 171The Cauldron Staff Encourages You To Patronize Our Advertisers odidos Bjke Foot-Joy Pony SauconyO Pro Kennex BROOKS annex NHL Mizuno TIGER new balance S Speedo Broderick Prince QconvERSE ..■■■ LOCATION “wsT FRANKFORT PLAZA FREEDMAN’S DEPARTMENT STORE 62 N Main 654-6722 Frankfort IN 46047 Serving Clinton County Since 1929 172MallorY ELECTRICAL ELECTRONIC GROUP EMHART iuctwical. ti. ictaomc crou Congratulations To The Class Of •84 Leonard Linda Lucas 173Your home town bank can be your out-of-town bank, too Mall State University. Muncie Bethel College. Mishawaka Butler University. Indianapolis Clark College. 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Eastside 1959 East Wabash Avenue 654-8069 Ron Gallichan, Mgr. Westside 700 West Walnut Street 654-8976 Jeff Crick, Mgr ByAppl: 317-069-3114 and Style Shop Dm Mill 66 S. Jickion St. Frmkfort Indwm 46041 Bruce Mosson Marlyn Langston Choose us for our quality ... buy us for our prices! Sfcewapfc Davis FINE FURNITURE State Road 3? South, Frankfort Phone 654 8511 We've Served Your Parents And Grandparents, And Are Looking Forward To Serving You. .jCMtrsrd y._ We represent the finest quality furniture that you will treasure in your home forever 180RAY RUDD BUICK-PONTIAC INC. 355 East Washington Frankfort, Indiana 46041 Buick: The Choice Of The 1984 Olympics Pontiac: The 1984 Indy 500 PacecarJOE RISSE REALTY 400 South Hoke Frankfort, Indiana 46041 654-8892 Member National Association Of Realtor Realtors Registered Member Try Our Hot Sandwiches Prepared On French Bread % °r'e Pizza Buffet And Salad Bar Oo°c f g se' c.a »ds °£ er'' New Hours Mon-Thur 11 AM-12 AM Fri-Sat 11 AM-1 AM Sun. 4 PM-11 PM 7 N. Jackson 659-4436 654-8006 190Congratulations 1984 Senior Class! FRITO LAY Rt. 28 West Frankfort Indiana 46041MARTIN’S HAIR BEAUTY 1308 East Clinton 654-7218 KERN BROTHERS SHOES THE MALLORY CONTROL COMPANY State Rd. 28 West 654-5501 Good Luck To Class Of ’84! THE MILKY WAY 750 Washington Ave. FrankfortPATRONS Dr. H.J. Compton, D.D.S. Roy Coy Appliances Western Auto Stores Town Country Veterinary Clinic Tegarden’s T.V. Sneathean Sign Co. R J Associates Morrison Morrison Miller’s Automotive John McClain, D.V.M. Dr. Richard Corea, O.D. Kent’s Shoe Store P. Howard Hendrickson, D.V.M. Dr. Terry W. Giesler, D.D.S. Fullerton Equipment, Inc. Frankfort Decorating Center Family Chiropractic Center Crews Roofing Coy’s Appliance Conkright Sporting Goods Dr. Carl W. Bollman, D.D.S. Gallery Of Homes Black Agency Sugar Shack Balloon Talk And Singing Telegrams THE CAULDRON STAFF Thanks Our Advertisers And Patrons, And Encourages Students And Parents To Patronize These Businesses. Thank You! 193J05TENS

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