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 1983 CAULDRON PRESENTS D L T 0.0 u Uy F H FRANKFORT SENIOR HIGH 1 MAISH ROAD FRANKFORT, INDIANA 46041 VOLUME 71Our of rhe Blue Four simple words rhor we've heord repeored numerous nmes. bur yer rhey hove never fir o siruonon os well os rhey fir rhe 1982 80 school year or Fronkforr Senior High School From rhe ourside. F.S.H.S srrucrure osks you our for o dore on Friday Or whor could be worse rhon being m Phys Ed doss in rhe middle of December, ond rhe fire alarm rings ... just our of rhe blue And how obour F S H S being chosen as rhe pilor school m Indiono for experiment lunch 1 The Scobs 1982 Trycyde roce grand entry 2 Toby Hedge and Koren Stoops take o break from rhe doss work 3 Howard gets o brd's eye view of F S H S compos 4 Corhy Sonders pose from o scene of the Doyfnend 2Student Life One of the mosr rrporrav rhings you should remember when you ger ro high school 6 ro be yourself If you ore nor yourself then nobody wi know who you ore The best odvxe is ro ger involved ond jusr hove fun. To hove o good rime or school, you hove ro hove o positive attitude This brick buidrtg of education appears ro be dul on the ourside. bur ir's ful of exdremenr. laughter ond rears inside In rfts section you wi find Summer Dummers. F.S.H.S. students on thee various jobs, the highighrs of Homecoming, the Fal Musical. Dig Droodcosr and rhe The Senior Ploy We dso wi feature fods ond fashions, entertainment and The Prom. Reod ond Enjoy, because you never know whor wi happen OUT OF THE DLUEIIIThe Queen. Courr. roses. foots, rhe foortxal gome ond o cheering crowd. Q were pan of rhe 1962 homecomng ike rhe previous year However, rhe year rhe wearher cooperored The 1962 homecomng was rhe lasr homecoming ro be held or Roaho hough Field The rrodnonai mcyde roce was held Thursday n hr The Scobs won rhe mcyde roce ond rhe Wolf Pond won rhe drog roce After rhe races o donee sponsered by Srudenr Cound was held n rhe porting lor Duma hdfrme rhe foot presenronon and crowrmg of rhe queen rook pkxe The Servers rook fry plcx " rhe homecomng foot conrey. jurvor second, freshmen rhrd ond sophomore fourh LeAnne Mier was crowned homecomng queen Her escorr was RonOe (Voss MemOers d rhe court were were Janey Cassel Rotxs Coomer V« e lowden ond K»en Sr oops Jurws were Anne Lppsen ond Jon Rods So‘ e‘ T QO were June Merers ond Megon Mier Freshman ortendenrs were Margo Momson ond Srephome Mason ___ Even rhough rhe Dogs were defeated by Orownsbun. rhe rvghr turned our ro be o memorable rvghr for al rhe pomaporedLeft Poge Top — The cheedeoders cheer on rhe reom Midde — The wnmng 1962 Homecomng Floor mode by the Seniors Dorrom — Mon bgngg congronJores LeArme MJer ofrer rher long kiss Poge Top — The 1963 Foorbol Homecoming Cocrr Midcfe Left — The Pep dub ond crowd cheer on rhe Hoc Dogs Dorrom — LeArme MBet ond Vidse Lowden pose for o ptcrure before rhey deporr for rhe homecoming feyrvnes 5Summer Bummers Summer Bummers Three months of vocorion always sounds super in rhe middle of May, bur summer monrhs usually brings scorching remperrures and hard work Lawns need ro be mowed, cors washed, and mony srudenrs moinroin summer jobs. Summer ts also a rime ro corch o few roys, relax, swim, ond ploy your fovorire sports The Clinton Counry Foir is o highlight of rhe summer because rhe is o rime ro see who's with who. rhe latest gossip and who has broke up or moybe you ore looking for rhar cure guy or girl rhor you sow driving rhe strip The TPA Pork is on ocrive ploce in rhe summer On those hot summer days when you think you con'r bear rhe hear onorher minute you con go ro rhe pool ond rake a dive into rhe cool worer Whatever your summer consisted of we hope it wasn't too much of o bummer Upper nghr — Severe yudenrs onnapore rher turn on rhe rock-o-plane Midde — A highkghr from rhe Onron Counry for were rhe hone roces Dorrom nghr — Ueguording rsn'r ofwoys fun ond sun os Scon Noyes deons rhe pool or rhe TPA Park 6Summer Bummers Summer BummersFSHS! The seniors of 83 roke rime our of rheir hectic schedule ro gorher for rhis group picture The yeors senior doss wil be remembered by rhe foculry for many of rheir courious events For example leaving rhe school 1,000 doHors in debt because of over spendntg for rhe prom, being rhe lost doss ro win o floor con rest, and they will long be remembered for rheir ocodemic achievement The leoders of rhe doss of 83 were rheir doss officers and Prefect Council members They were President. LeAnne Miller, Vice President, Kevin Johnson, Secretory, Porry Dodtsh, Treasurer, Keb Bartley, and Prefect Council President, Scon Sruord, Vice President. John Bloom and Bob Hemboch Some of rhe ocnvities that rhis doss imposed were having a concert with Whire Delux, revised rhe football homecoming, and watching some of rhe great classical movies at Ferg's.Top Left — Heather Srmrh and Mondo Comp pose for o qu k shot before rocmg ro doss Detow — Ernie Perkns gets bod mro rhe swing of English ogori' Upper nghr — Don Gonz ez reods me highfcfe durmg lunch Middfe nghr — Anpe Bond rurors Judfrh Roe n rhe Commons oreo MidcJe Center — Mon Wonscorr rhmks he’s on Jrro srud smce he's o senior Middle righr — Ang Alen crnWes her nose obour rhe return of school Dorrom — Sophomores conremptore gomg ro doss Pjghr Poge Top — Buses orrrve ro p k up yudenrs after o hord doy Hjghr Poge Oorrom — Students leave rhe bu Jng or rhe 3 20 be IFIVE DAYS A WEEK . . . It s the first doy in Three months you mss General Hospital, your ton is foding ond the buzzing of the latest gossip con only mean one thing ... the new school year has begun When lore August roles around the anticipation of seemg okj friends, hearing new gossip ond wearing the latest fashions outweighs the drudgery of homework assignments, quizes, and tests coincides with Dock to School Seniors enter the building with their noses in the cur. while the juniors ond sophomores mnmidore the lost freshmen by giving wrong directions Students ormed with new pens ond a Garfield notebooks, ore more interested in who broke up with whom thon whar their moth teacher 6 trying to soy The "Dock to School updates'1 will be forced to cease by the bell, and the books will be distributed Dy the middle of September, the reunions will be over and the bock to school blues wil return ond they will last "Five Days a Week " 11The Boyfriend The Boyfriend, was rhis years presenrarion for rhe fall musical. Alan Osrler, Korhy Kern, Buddy Con Win, and Corhy Sanders held rhe leoding roles Ir is a wirry spoof of rhe jazz age, rhe year being 1926, which is dearly disringuished by rhe shorr skirts and rhe dancing of rhe Charleston Modome Dubonnet's Finishing School, beared on rhe French Biverb, is where rhe action rakes place. The young girls who attend rhis very prim and proper school ore exored about on approaching weekend masgerode dance Congrarubrbns must go ro rhe cast and crew Mr Henderson, Mr Woinscorr, Miss Cohotan Top — The 1982 Fal Musical coy and crew MRight — Kp Sdnedter fnaty gets a donee w»h Mictae Ridenour Above — Alon Ostler delivers o pockoge to Korhy Kern Right — The pit bond rehearses for "The Boyfriend " 1213Bringing With lunch costing o dollor or F $ H $ . ond rhree dollors or McDonald's, money jusr seems ro evoporore The unemploymenr rare ond the S3 35 minumum woge really purs o srrom on everybody's billfold To ease rhe pom many srudenrs hove restored ro port rime jobs, so they con help with rhe expenses The jobs nor only "bring in rhe bacon," bur they also offer some worth while procricol experience A majority of rhe srudenrs work or fosr food resrouronrs. while others srock shelves or o grocery srore. some students peddle clothing or pump gas A few srudenrs ore fortunate enough ro orToin jobs through school organizations Whorever rhe job, though, it serves rhe purpose It brmgs m rhe bocon, and rhe spore change comes in hondy In The BaconLeft Poge Top — V k lowden models o hot from Couvry Cosuofe Midde Left — Oruce Ncrce ond Jerry Ewing roke o breok or Coco Colo Md Middle Left — Oruce Nonce ond Jerry Ewng roke o breok or Coco Cota Middle — Rob Heimboch purs o pr e on your We Middle Righr — Toby Hedge enrerrons for he, spore chonge Dorrom — Kcyen Sr oops gorhers rhe kids for o rnp m rhe Pixie Ptoyhouse bus Pjghr Poge Top Lefr — Tommy Howe prepores food or o fosr food resrouronr Top Right — J f Rumpzo works or McOoonlds n ha spore rme Middle Left — Chorte Oyme pushes rhe broom or his job MK e Right — Lyn Ph ps counts chonge bock ro 0 customer or KFC Oorrom — Modelyn Reck shakes co worker Ron Cupp s hand or Oruno’s 15A f r e r H o u r s Drrrnng ... or 3:20 rhe schooi bell rings, ond by 3 40 rhe halls are empry ond rhe school seems ro deoden, bur rhe srudenrs seem ro come olive After hours . . . school hours, rhor 6, srudenrs head for orhleric procrice or gomes, rhe srrip, or rhe TV ro corch rhe losr half of rheir fovonre Television show On week nighrs rhe rown seems like deodville dry. bur on weeknighrs on Friday ond Sorurdoy rhe Fronkforr srudenrs liven up rhe rown by hanging our or McDonalds ond checking our rhe srip If rhor isn'r hopping, srudenrs wouldn’r even consider doing rheir home worts Insreod rhey rmghr heod our for rhe counrry roods Maybe one will find o rood parry, or some nmghr ger rogerher or o friends house Ir is also fun ro ploy rhe popular video gome Places like Video Subway. Amusemenr Cenrer ond Greek's offer hours of enrerrommenr ond keeps some srudenrs our of rrouble Above — Modelyn. Joney. Motto ond Louro take o peek oor rhe top Top kighr — Lon Woodruff ond Kim Knox or McDon old's Left — Ccyl Pugh cruses on ha mororcyde IXighr — The empry commons oreo ofrer hocrs Left Dorrom — Krk Moddock spends ol of his quorrers or Video Subwoy pjghr Poge Top — Scorr Noyes wonders whor he con do ofTer hours kighr Top — AJon Osrier cruaes rhe srnp Middle Left — Gndy Moson checks our rhe ocnon n McDonokJs M dcJe — Joel Sre er worches rhe ocnon n rhe porkmg lor Middfe fXjghr — The bummer of on ofrer hour nghr a pumng rhe perro n rhe ronk lb Dorrom — Erme Perkjns orm for o shorCO uo un 3i to CO CO % CL CO U0 cO A a D Cl un C o un un CD un Cl CD s_ Q_ CO C o cO cO fr s_ Cl CO C O un co 9! i_ CL co CO CO A CL CL Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions The Fashion Look Three words rhar ore probobly rhe mosr soughr ofTer ro hove soid obout rhem Girls and guys oBse lusr after rhese three words The preppies of rhe school ore very proud of rher look ond were more than wing ro show their stuff The year rhe new style wos mini-skirts, rhe rrodihonol polo ond oxford shirts, bow nes, leg warmers, boggie pants, and "duck" shoes The styles ore mostly comforroble os you con see ond nice-looking too Mosr people like rhe new styles bur there ore some left who stick ro rhe old fashioned Levi's ond T-shirts K n Morrhews wears o polo Alan Osrler ond Lon fthon showng off some new styles 18 Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep SessionsPrep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions Prep Sessions1982-83 CONVOCATIONS FEATURING WHITE DELUXE1 The F5HS Christmas Tree 2 Morcetus ot rhe Ar Force Good. Flight One. performs for rhe srudenrs AIR FORCE CHRISTMAS The year's Chrisrmas Convocorion was broughr ro rhe srudenr body by rhe Musk; Deponmenr The chors were rhe Freshman. Coocerr, Swtng, and rhe Treble The Bonds were rhe Freshman and Dlue ond Whire The Orchesrro also performed One of our many convoconons presented ro rhe Frankfort Senior H»gh School srudenr body ond rhe foculry, was rhe performance of rhe Air Force Bond, Flight One The bond performed many songs one of which was "Always On My Mind" This convocorion wl always be remembered by rhe students ond foculry who arrended FILM On Wednesday. April 6, 1983, rhe students ond rhe foculry were shown o fim coled "Foil Safe " This movie was about o defense system coled "Foi Safe" ond nudeor wor The movie exommed rhe pros ond cons of nudeor wor This movie was very educational ond helpful m many ways nor previously known ro some Foreign Exchange Srudenrs — 1982-1983 I om Eleonore Hortoville from Ports, Fronce I'm 16 yeors old Here, I live wirh rhe Lippserr fomily I've rhree sisrers ond on brother in Frankfort In Fronce, l‘m rhe only child, so it's o t g difference for me to live with o big fomily In Fronce the schools ore reoly different than here First, we con'r choose our subjects, we hove obligatory eleven subjects, which ore nor the some day or rhe some hours every day Our schools ore o tor less prettier ond we don't hove ol your octivines All rhe students hove tonch break or rhe some rime, also, we get 1 hour ond 30 minutes to ear lunch (we don't hove to sroy or school) The reenogers ore different too. maybe nicer in America, especially rhe way rhe boys treat the girts' The style of clothes is o tor different too My goals for my yeor m America were to leorn English very well ond moke some friends, who will be able to come to see me m Paris So I woir for you. My name is Morir Leino ond I'm 18 yeors old My hometown m Fmtond is Ponek), o smol rown near Pori I hove one sister Morjo ond three brothers Topio, Urpo, ond Morkku I'm rhe youngest child of the fomiy At my school m Finland I hove 14 dosses I srudy many languages like Engfcsh. Swedish. German, ond Russian Our schedule is set up completely different from yours You hove rhe some set up schedule every doy, but we hove different dosses for eoch doy during each two week period In Fintond we do nor hove so many extra curnculuor ocrivires os you Here I om in Pep Oub, Z-Club, Dromo Club, ond I plan to join rhe track reom. My favorite memories of Frankfort ore school spirit, nice host fomiy. ond oil rhe good friends rhor I hove mode Since I hove been in Frankfort I hove learned o tor obour America In Fintond everyone thinks rhor Americons ore rich, wild, crazy, ond free-spared, but America is ocruolty much Hke Fintond 22I om Yoshie Nokojima 17 yeors old from Chigoski, Japan I live with Keith ond Wondo Smirh ond rwo younger sisrers I hove o brother who is 14 ond o sister who is 12 in Jopon Joponese high school system is very differenr We hove to weor uniforms without make-up. permanent, occessory We go to school 6 days m o week bur Saturday is o half day We connor choose the subjects except in our senior year In our senior year we can choose from 3 different courses, to go for notional university, private university, or science course Our Hokulyo high school is "go on to college'' school So we don't hove a vocononol educonon We go to school by from, bicyde. or walk We can't drive a cor or motorcycle to go ro school I reolly enjoy dromo dub ond literary dub after school every day ond some Sundays in Jopon The year in America, I learned many things besides culture ond custom I shall never forget these interesting experiences My name is Michoel Steel Anyway, I'm 18 yeors old ond a Rotary Exchange Student from Australia My home town 6 coled Worrnambool. situated on the bottom of the east coast of Austrolio I hove a younger brother Christopher who's 14 ond on older sister Melinda who's 20 who is a denrol assistant One thing for sure. I reolly enjoyed my yeor as on exchange student In the summer I traveled to Canada ond Washington Out most of the memories w remom with the senior doss of 83 I reolly enjoyed the baskerbod gomes (especially the Frankfort verses Arlington gome) The donees, prom. Chere Amie, Euvolo, ond the senior friendships The highlight of my year was ploying foorbal, now I know I didn't know ol the rules but I think I got the job done I just hope I get ro punt for the Pittsburg Sreelers one day I tried ro become os "American" as I could over here, so I could go home ond show every one how "life goes on" in Frankfort, Indiana My nome 6 Rosemone Jone Cruz Duenaseda. I'm 17 yeors old I om from Mon do. Phihpmes I've got six great brothers Kuya, Bobby, Ronald. Rami. Ryan. Rmgo, ond Chi-Chi My school m the Philippines is reolly different from FSHS We have ro rake all the subjects required for our grode, we don't have o choice We otso don’t go from room to room, the teachers ore the ones gong m our room but, of course, there ore some exceptions like Physical Ectoconon. Science, ond Home Economics We are required ro weor a uniform in school every day My friends ond I usuoly go out on Fridays after school to watch a movie or go to the sports dub Here a Frankfort I live with Ron ond Soroh Bogord I have 3 sisrers ond 1 brother here New culture, new family, new friends ond a new environment it’s reolly great experience ond I rhonk my parents for letting me join Y F U exchange student programDig Broadcast 1983 This year's Dig Droodcasr was o smashing sue cess With Corhy Sonders as rhe Msrress and Tony ChnsweU as rhe Master of Ceremonies, rhe whole program was on excellenr show A few of rhe ftghbghrs of rhe show were rhe performances by rhe Sophomores Girts donee, Pupperres. and rhe Varsity and JV cheerleaders Freshmen Troy Booth and Julie Hockerd song "You and I" and "Our Here On My Own" was sung by Senior Dee Dee Adorns Once ogam with rhe help of Mr Henderson, Mr Woinscorr, Miss Cohobn, ond student director, Anjie Bond, rhe Music ond Drama Deportments pur on o professional show. Mistress ond Mosrer of Ceremonies, Corhy Sonders ond Tony Chriswell, roar onto sroge Mime Mike Moon providing pre-show enrerroinmenr Concerr Choir performs medys from rhe show "Annie'' Sroge Bond ond Derrick Ashmore perform 24Thar Magic Moment Keb Dorrley gets locked up Juniors Xon Davies, Jane Eldridge. Anne Upserr, and Kelley Roidy explain ro oil on being a "VaT girl Freshmon girls ond "The Gimpies" sing ro rhe song Mr Sandman Sophomore girls donee in o chorus line 2$Love Me Tomorrow Headlines 1982 83 Sweerhearr Dance Pictured to rhe righr is the 1982 83 Sweetheart Dance queen. Ann Parker Pictured below is the Queen, Ann Porker with her court. The junior artendenr ts Kelly Gunyon, Sophomore artendenr is Robm Brock and Freshmen Becky Boy The Sweerhearr Donee Committee or rhe bottom 6 seated Peggy Toney. Mory Mullins. Kim Morcum Standing s Karrino Sharp ond Robin Brock 26The Juror doss of 63 chose o rrofxd porodae for rhe Prom of 1063 The prom comrrvree pc tured or rhe bottom consisted of Doug Marsh, Drer Soorhoff KC Seibert. Jeff Rumpzo. Scott Noyes. Todd Snyder. Lorrone Corney. Pom Deord. Mike Hooze, Stocy rtckmon. Corhy Randolph. Joyce Smith, Mone Underwood. Jockie Goode. Km Gof vm. Missy Wfburn. Norolie Arnold. Andy Robison. Lon Woodruff. Uso Plummer, M he e Morsh. Lao Widens, Tommy Alen. Rhonda Snyder. Missy Otodsburn. Meteso Henderson. Chns Sexron. An drea Culross. Shelly Moore Doan Hoi. Korhy Baiey Tommy Roberts, Renee Block. MicheUe Bkxk, Jeff Soiee. Kenny Cook. Jeff Hlond. DovxJ Hjmphrey. Eon Dovie Undo Rousro. Debbie Woggoner. Jm Sfler, Shorvson Drown. Morrho Dirge, Regno Reed. Steve Mitchel, Joy Ayres, Mke Urey. Missy Hibbard, Vondo Chimck. Jone Eldredge. Km Reddng ton. John Morns, Mike Koy. Mart Evans Sr on Vroo-mon. Becky Foster. Anne bpserr. Penny Wiioms, Km Morhews ond Soroh Schedter 1982-83 Prom Commirre Prepares For Tropical Paradise Prom 27TROPICAL 1983 The 1980 prom rhemed A Trop cd Porodtse. wos o memorable night The scene was ser omong polm rrees. soiiboors, hurs. and o mystical moonlighr The entertainment fey rhe evening wos North Side Sronon During o break. Annerre Sondoge wos named prom queen Her courr con$6red of Morro Miller. LeAnne Miller. Vicki Lowden. ond Anne Gurnsey The juniors of 83 creored o beautiful prom The posr prom wos held or rhe high school A pig wos roosted, o volleyboi gome match wos held ond the swimming pool was opened The juniors of next yeor w hove o great challenge to meet rhe 1983 prom Prom Queen Annerre Sondoge and her dote Rob Hemboch Queen s coun — Row 1 — Anne Gurnsey. Mono Mier Annerre Sondoge LeAnne MAer. V a Lowden Row 2 — Scorr Sruord. Kevn Orner. Rob Hemboch, Scorr Vroomon. Rondie RossPARADISE PROM Mike Drown and Doug Armch boog e down" Annette Sondoge donees after beog crowned Prom Queen Vicki Lowden ox) Ronde Ross showing o good time Jm S4er aowns Annette Sondoge os Prom Queen whde Rod Hemboch looks onGEORGE WASHINGTON SENIOR CLASS PLAY 1983 The 1960 Senior Closs. under the direction of Mr Mornn Henderson, presented the comedy "George Washington Slept Here!” Working with o lorge cost ond crew, rhe Senior Closs performed 3 shows, 2 night shows ond o speool performance for rhe student body Once ogoin, rhe seniors presented o well directed, weB-ocred. ond professional program Congratulations to rhe Closs of '63' 1 Friends of rhe Forrrfy 2 Coy ond crews of rhe Senor Ploy 3 Sandy yefcng or Andy 4 Jennifer ond Qutnr 30 SLEPT HERE! 311 Koten Stoops o cyi n fh« orchevro for on© »OSr tin-e 2 Anne lipseft eods r e class erf 1963 ro fne-r sea's 3 T e fvA class of 1963 4 Marco Mocy nomeO 'op Femote otNere erf me year 5 Seruor Class P'esdenr leA e M he 6 Miss P'-ey conducts me orchestra 7 Tne 196263 Se y Puppe es 6 P'esOe t LeAnne M. er wrn fhe vOie 3 C»Orons John Sroneh Korny Kern Andrew Demeroge and sdototoron Anne Gut-sey irsor e rhor many seniors look forward ro Ir is a rime of triumph and glory for o job well done whether ir be in rhe classroom or m sporrs Senior Honor s Day does jusr rhis Ir honors our graduating seniors and the accompfcshmenrs As the time approaches for the final day there are rears os well shours of joy saying "We Mode Itm • Congratulations Class of 1983 and Good Luck m the future 321 Jr Oass Vice President Jm Srier leods rhe woy for groduorng seniors 2 Jr Ooss Presidenr Anne Lipserr speoks ro rhe seniors ond wishes rhem much success in rhe future 3 Dud Vanscorr presenrs Pondie Ross wirh o sports oword 4 Mr MtlhoHond owords Druce HtoPord ond Scorr Sruord co wmners of rhe KJmer Sporrmonshp Trophy 5 Col Jones presenrs o cemhcore ro 5reve Seobolr 6 Oron Teymo occeprs o swmmng rrophy from Mr Mulen 7 Morr bgngg wns rhe Aughe Drorhers Foortxal oword 8 Scorr Sruord 6 nomed rhe Top Mole Arhlete of rhe year 9 Concert Chor performs or groduonon 10 Mr Sruorr presenrs Rjchord Weaver with rhe Tommy Thompson TrocK Aword 33In Memory Of And Tribure To Rich Ferguson Class Of 1971 "THE FUTURE DELONGS TO THOSE WHO EARN IT" This was rhe mono ploced «n rhe gym during graduation of rhe doss of 1971 Rick Ferguson wqs o member of rhs doss He groduored 46rh in his doss of 230 He was hard working, oggressive Otways occeprmg o challenge ond leading in o quier purposeful way These were his arrnbures. he olwoys srnved ro succeed Dunng his senior year in high school he pomopored on o foorboll reom rhor was 7-11 ond co winners of rhe srrong Sogomore Conference He was elected ro rhe oll-sogomore conference first reom os on offensive guard m his senior year After high school Rick attended Purdue University under rhe Marine Corps Officers Candidate Progrom ond groduored m 1977 He was then commissioned o second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps at which rime he ofeo redeved hts degree from Purdue m Political Science In March 1979 he received his wings as a Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot ond was assigned ro Konehoe Naval Air Station. Oohu Hawaii He was promoted ro coproin »n February 1982 The slogon "The Future Delongs To Those Who Earn It" seems a fitting statement ro the efforts he had put forth os a student ond a Marine On November 17. 1982 while returning ro his base at Konehoe Naval Air Station, Rick gave his life in rhe service of his country when his helicopter crashed at sea For those of us who knew Rick Ferguson os o student, athlete and man we feel forrunore in having hod the opportunity to know ond be associated with him His commitments ro his school, fomily, teammates ond country should serve as on example to rhe students of Fronkfort High SchoolPeople Porriciporion School — hard dosses, boring subjects, homework Through rhe tons of books ond scattered papers o Ighr appears, then o voice is heard, "Yes, you too con hove o good rime or school The way to hove o good rime is to Join dubs You may prove your leodership obiries or you could just sir bock ond ler someone else do al rhe work People rhor do join dubs soy rhey enjoy ir becouse rhey moke friends ond rhey have fun. Some join as many dubs as rhey con ro ger our of homeroom ond ro ger rheir picture in rhe Couidron Wharever rhe reason for joining, ir ol rakes people porridporion!!!Student Couod 6 the governing body of rhe school Its mom objectives ore ro promote rhe generol wetfore of rhe student body, school sprit, ond ro schedule convocations Ths year student council presented a convocation ro the student body for Homecoming The bond that performed was ''White Deluxe" The president of Student Council is Andy Derheroge The vice-president Scott Stuord The secretory is Becky Foster The porliomenronon is Steve Mitchell 1) Oecky Foyer Notoke keck. Andy Derheroge. Scott Stuord. Kevin Johnson. Jerry Ewing. Howard Ferguson 2) Ket Ocxtley. kobn Coomer. Joney Cosset. Mono Mier, LeAnne M4er. Vicki Low den. Down Efcott. Karen Stoops. Chem Cooper. Orua rtbbord. Annette Sondoge. kob Hemboch. John Dtoom. Mott Wonscott 0) Koren Hoyden. Akm Ostler. Jone EkJndge Jenny Domels. Jon kuch Vondo Chmck. Anne Insert. Jett Wand. Joy Ayres, kob Chnyopher. Enc kerJenboch. Jeff Solee, Am Sier. kob Doyer 4) Jufce Hockad. Metndo Moody, Go Ferguson. June Meiers. Kety Akord. Gndy Mason Meg MJer. Tereso Lpsert. Mott keidenboch. Oerh Glover, Kp Sche r Jeome Hoi. Groce Ann Mier Trocy Plorr. Gory Goode. Scott Wand 5) Jcrme Hunter, kandy Sworn. Oyts Smrh. Km Deard. Tony Ogden. Stephana Mason. Amber Storm. Kety Conknghf Pete Oosso, Mcmdy kidenour. Steve Worren. Morgo Momson. Pot Kersey. Kayteah Appiebee. Gmo Lucas, Tm Chnswel Prefect Council 6 rhe governing body of rhe school ond rhe Student Council, they moke decisions on whor will be discussed in Student Council meetings The Prefect Council offers their proposots ro rhe Student Council for rhe Student Counds final decision 1) Kp Sch dter Oecky Foyer. AJon Ostler, kob Hemboch John m N«aie keck. Groce Ann M4er Gmo Lucas Tony Ogden Andy oge. on uar V 36National Honor Sociery is o dub for juniors ond seniors who hove o grode pomr overoge of 3 35 Srudenr efcgibAry indudes o 3.35 6 P A ond o favorobie vore from rhe foculry The induction mro NHS 6 in rhe second semesrer of o studenr's junior yeor Some of rhe dub’s oaivines indude fund raisers such os o cor wash, paper drive, ond rhe Senior Donee In years post, rhe fund raisers were candy soles, r-shirr soles, bake soles ond cor washes Some of rhe ocriviries ore o rnp ro Washington, DC., which rhey ore hopmg for rhis yeor Nononol Honor Sooery mokes special baskets of food ro be distributed or Thanksgiving ond Christmas They also tutor '‘Special Education Students" ond YFU srudenrs who ore having trouble in English Ar rhe end of rhe yeor, rhe dub members attend the Deef-NBoord Theatre n Indionapoks ond hove on Exchange Dinner wirh rhe YFU srudenrs ond members The president of NHS is Anne Gurnsey. rhe Vice president is Druce Hibbord, Secretory is Arye Bond ond rhe Treasurer is Vickie Lowden 1) Down Efcot. Karen Stoops. kobn Coomer. Modetne keck. Lyn Eods, Jennrfer Chon 2) Andreo Ummel. Gndy Del Corhy SoncJers. Mickey Doom. Komy Kern, konde koss. Moroo Mocy. Doug Sronron 3) Mfce Comp, kosie Doke. Don Spray, kob Hemboch. An e Dond, Mart Wanscon. John Sronehi. LeAnne Mier 4) Anne Gurnsey. Vicki Lowden. Druce Hibbord, Demck Ashmore. John Dtoom, Scon Srucxd. Trocey kJey. Mon Sruvey. Dnon Teymo. Andy Derheroge Left — Mr Oeover worches over Srocey Defcnger ond Cndy kussel os rhey work on rhe computers kighr — Toby Hedge ond Kevrs kobem work digenrty on rher programs J 37 National Honor-Dora ProcessingSR, MATH -------------------------------------- The Senior Morh 6 q dub mode up of rhe high ocodemic ochievers in rhe Senior Morh Class The Oub is led by Mr Robert Shilling, whom oil rhe students respect os o reocher bur reject os o person, (just Kidding Mr Shfling!!). This yeors dub mode o major contribution to rhe Morh Deportment by donating two fly swatters Row 1 Rosonne Poole. Karen Sr oops Row 2 Jennifer Chan. Lyn Eodes. Modeiyn Reck, Robin Coomer. Anne Gurnsey. Moroo Mocy. Mr Shilfcng, LeAnne Miller. V»cki Lowden. Gndy Den Row 3 Scott Sruard. John Boyse. John Bloom. Derek Ashmore, Andy Derheroge. Rob Hemboch. John SronehJ. Bruce Htobard. Boon Teymo. Don Sproy. Mon Sruve. Doug Sronron FTA, o dub for Future Teachers of America, hence rhe name of rhe dub Some of rhe dub's octivines ore going on o field trip to Purdue University — Dol Store The dub tours rhe campus ond raks with various people and deportment heods about o career m rhe reaching profession They also hove ocnviries such os sponsoring o donee after o gome ond sponsor The Exploratory Teaching Program, which gives rhe seniors m rhe dub o chonce to Know what it is like to reoch The officers ore os follows President — Korhy Kern. Vice President — Morro Miller, Secretory — LeAnne MjHer, ond Treasurer — Aimee Dibble Row 1 LeAnne MMer. Kort y Kern, Amy Dibble. Mono Mdk r. Sondy Nelson. Money Osborne. Shannon Brown Row 2 Cndy Bel Ten Srertng. Mtkey Boorhe. Ton Scon Amy Sebree. Sondy Siegfried. Donno Johnson Row 3 Tommy Root, John Smrh. Kim Cordew. Heomer Smirh Row 4 Suson Doly. Karen Goody, Vondo Chirrtck. Jane EkJrdge J8-------------------------------------- O E A (Office Educonon Assooorion) is o dub for srudenrs who hove or leosr one business doss They sponsor mony ocnviries such os A ftock-A Thon, A Swim Porry. A Job Inrerview Conresr and Inrerview Fmois They also hove o Porenr Teocher Banquet, o Christmas Porry ond Osrrto. Sr ore, and Nohonol Conresr O E A olso has on Errptoyee Employer Bonquer for oil srudenrs ond rheir employers The officers ore os folows Presidenr — Keb Borriey, V Presidenr — Sherry Fisher. Secrerory — Srocey DeUmger. Treasurer — Delane Osrier, hhsronon — Ann Porker O Row 1 Ann Porker Keb Oortley Srocey Deinger, Detone Osrier Row 2 Too koder. Ji Thomas. Martyn Coffman. Angie 5mley. Mary Murray Metode Hockerd. Cmdy kusse . Ke hkrWe. Janey Cassel. Louro Abbott Amy Lucos kow 3 Pouto Vrwh. Darto keynolds. Chorlene Ross Volene Worsen, kegno Emery. Debbie Woggoner. AAene Underwood. Joyce Smith, Coho Cripe. Mcheto Kmsier. Norake Arnold, khonda Snyder. Missy Dtockburn kow 4 Anno Greeno. Sonyo Woltoce. kondo Crews. Shannon Hi. Lon WoodMf. Amy Obetmier. Renee Otack. Mocheie Osrier, Metode Eods. Juke Seword. Micki Dubree. Corhy Perkins. Km Morin. Chns McQueen kow 5 Down Vesco. Debbe y«lron. Ter esc Darkiey, Loro McKee Som Knox. Km Darker. Atona Wnght. Lon P on, Ncncy Newbold. Km Edridge Lon Dvshman. kobto Drock. Michele Whte COE (Cooperohve Office Educonon) is o business doss for seniors It ploces srudenrs in jobs or vonous Clnron Counry businesses ond firms The requremenrs for C O E is rhor you hove roken Office Proaice ond belong ro Office Educonon Assooorion COE srudenrs ore also required ro pomopore in Job Interviews Contests It is o very interesting opportunity ond is rewording ro srudenrs who ore enrolled The srudenrs ore graded in doss ond on rhe job by rhetr employers Mrs Knopp rhe axxdinoror for this doss COE srudenrs hove on Employer Employee bonquer in rhe spring At rhe bonquer rhe employer of rhe year is onnounced Ir is judged by rhe srudenr who wrires rhe besr paper on rheir employer 39 kow 1 Ang Smiey. Ji Thomas. Tiro koder kow 2 Metocke Hockerd Cody kussel. Louro Abbott Stocey Deloger. Anne Porker. Detone Osrier kow 3 Marilyn Coffman. Joney Cassel. Kei HoWe. Keb OortieyHi-Y is o unique chrisnon dub Some of rheir ocri vines indude Running rhe concession srond or foorboll gomes ond deonmg up rhe field ond grondsronds afterwords They olso usher oh oli home gomes. Eoch yeor rhey rrodinonolly eor or o ’Toney" resrouronr, ond hove o gym porry or rhe high school The presidenr is Chorlie Burns The vice-presidenr is Doug Motsh The secrerory ond rreosurer is Tommy Boor I 1) Chorte Burns, Michele Kmsier. Onon Boyer 2) Doug Motsh. Don Gonzoiez. Greg Brodshow. Mttk AAler 3) John Smrh. Tm Mier, John Sronehi. Buddy ConWn To become a member of Graphic Arrs. o srudenr musr hove or leosr 2 years of I— prinring Grophic Arrs prinrs rhe High-Life ond rhe sporrs programs The presidenr is AAorry Shire The vice-presidenr is Jerry Horshborger The Treasurer is Mark Miller 1) Domy Cooper. Bi Montgomery. Tno Wood. Colvin Horten. David Efcs. Tom Fuel 2) Gerald Moneyhom, AAorry Sh e. Jerry Horshborger. Mark AAJter. Brion Cnpe. Mark Palmer Frank Smith, Greg Brodshow 40Sword ond Shield is on nregrol porr of rhe Fronkforr Senior High JROTC To become o member of Sword ond Shield, you must oppiy ond your opphconon is voted on by rhe present members The President of Sword ond Shield is Glenda Godbey Vice-Presidenr 6 Sreve Seobolr The Sword ond Shield Secrerory 6 Terry Click ond rhe Treasurer is AAicheol Hutchison $ zz Q 0 L 1 1) Micheal HUrchison Terry Ckk Gendo Godbey, Sieve Seobolr 2) Gen Jocobs. Suson Poyne Mormo Oge Veto koyer Fronh Pererson 3) Gory ftonde. Chris Oouser Gory Chnyopher, John Storvin To become o member of Building Trodes doss, you musr be or leosr o Junior ond hove complered one year of Mechorwcol Drawing Each yeor m rhe building rrodes. under rhe supervision ond direction of Mr Meyers ond in cooperation with other county schools, designs ond builds o home in rhe Fronkforr residential oreo —I a m 41 1) Kerrh Pirzer Crag looks. Demck Sheers, David Porchen, koy MJer, Pere Teerer 2) Germ Oden, Kevm Cow. Dovd Goodwm. Dovid Otockburn, M cK Scot Jeff Solee Dcmny Hughes. Mr MeyersRifle Team 1) Sreve Toney. Karhy Montgomery, Vicki Royer. Regno Emery. Morrho D ge. Sreve Seobofr. Terry Qck Gory Hon 2) Onon Lews. Doniel SKrvin. Roy Durge. DovxJ 5l«vr, Chrs Gouser. Gienn Jocobs Barralion Sraff Regno Emery. Susan Payne. Sreve Seabolr Terry OcK Morrho 0 rge nor pictured — Gory Ovsropher. M ie Hurchson. Andy Jorboe. Gory Ron Je 42Color Guord Dnon Lews, Mortho CVge, Druce Cote. Dovrf Sktfvm 1) [yon Lews. Sr eve Toney. Meimdo McGfl. Veto Royer. Regoo Emery Suson Payne. Morrho Durge. Robbie George. Ton Kennedy. Phi Vessel 2) Chrs Oouser. Myron Dray, Por Gardner. DovO Storvm, Gory Horr. Gtenn Jocobs. Raymond Ourge. Sreve Seoboir Drill Team 43Srudenrs eligible for membership m Sporwsh Oub ore those enrolled in o sporush doss ond rhose who hove complered rwo yeors of Spomsh The purpose of rhe dub 6 to enhance members Knowledge ond appreciation of rhe Spanish speaking peoples ond rheir countries in ways nor olwoys possible m doss, ond also ro hove some fun Activities or meetings consist of hear mg speakers, seeing films, ond using Spanish in gomes ond skits Trodironol ourside ocriviries indude o Fol Picnic with rhe French Oub, sponsorship of o school donee ond Spring dinner Officers ore os folows Pres Morcie Siller V Pres Noncy Newbokj. Sea Krn Dorker, Tres Meg Miller •A. 1) Anno Greeno. Lon Osrler. Myro Seymour. Kr6 Curnen. Jont Gosewher, MorxJo Comp. Angte Tegorden, Joel Srler 2) Eutobo Guqardo. Vicki Robinson. Km Cardew. Dorb Robinson. Angie White. Lon P on, June Meiers. Trocy Ptotr. Dnon Ross. AJon Alword. Tommy McCuBoch. Joe Correz. Mefesa Henderson 0) Mss Iron. Lmso Coyio, Nor mo Guajardo Drendo Gobnei K C Seiberr. Cord Smgley. Meleo Smith, Michelle Richards. Mory Anne Srmrh. Doug Dennerr. Sondy Howe, Sarmo Klurske. Jeff Rumpzo. Noro Micheok Chr rrto Ross. Chris Smith. Oecky Foster 4) Robm Drock, Debbie Waggoner, Jm Sier. DovxJ Humphrey. Km Deord. Siocey Gorhorr. Tm HJmon. Oi Donks. Edcie Zmk. Amy Sebree 5) Tno Domes. Km Eldndge. Lori Dushmon, Touno Correr. Jeff Solee. Don Gonzolez, Tim Mier. Kim Darker Meg Miler. Noncy Newbokj. Morae Sier. Dr err Soorhoff. Todd Synder. Joe W oms. Chuck Parr on, Qurtr V«ors. Mark Allen. Doug rtnes. Jorme R h French dub is o dub for srudenrs who ore raking or hove token o French doss Some of rhe activities indude o candy sole of m G m's ond condy bars, sponsoring o donee, having on annual foil picnic with rhe Spanish Club, In yeors post, rhe French Oub has participated m American Education Week, by putting up o deploy of posrers or rhe Formers Bonk The dub also goes on field trips ond hove sold jewelery French Club also buys o lor of trophies for good work in rhe dub ond good grodes in French The presidenr is Vondo Chirnck; Vice-presidenr is Xon Davies. Secretory is Karen Gandy ond rhe Treasurer is Cindy Mason French Oub also has guest speakers os onorher oaiviry, ond one of rhe speakers was Eleonore Hortavie. our foreign exchange student from France She rold us of rhe woy rhmgs ore different m France compored ro America ond about rhe lifestyles mc France D Susie Delmerez. Xon Davies Vondo Chirnck. Jock e Good. Jane EkJridge. Sorah Scheidler. Groce Ann Miller. Teresa Upserr, Cindy Mason. Derh Glover. Pcm Deord. bso Plummer. Km Sexron, Gmo Lucas. Peggy Horshborger, Carlo Cnpe. Undo Roustto. Shoroon Drown. Suson Taylor, Kefli Akord. 2) Keren Hoyden, Sieve Warren, Don Cunningham, Marry Young. Noroke Reck. Eleonore Hortavile. Angie Mitchell. Dormo Johnson. Drendo Durr on, Mehssa Ross. Teresa Moore. Michele Tegorden. Mondy Ridenour. Edk? Hibbord. Liso Smiley. Etome Cukoss. 3) Ke y AMs. Mox Howe, Tony Ogden. Jona Colemcn. Korea Gondy. Fox bee Smith Gal Neumoyer. Amber Storm, Tonya Loveless. Derh Montgomery. Come Surber. Melisso McCuloch. Loro Perkins. Jufce Pomrer. Heother Smith 4) Morg Shurr. Elen Cosriow. Joson Dncker. Par Kersey, Scott AMer. Scott rttond. Andy Hil Rene Cooper. Moky Ptotr. Noncy Irwin. Jockie Weber. Kety Conknght. Mbty M4er. Koyleoh Appleby. Terry Dovey. Laura Jorrerr, Suson Street. 5) John Stonehifi. Andrea Cukoss. LuAnn Drogg. Darbora Ewing, Terry Pugsley. Stephorne Mason. Margo Morrison. Jim Parsons. Usa W oms, Prince Chen. Kenneth Cook. Doug Moeh. John Doyse. Tm Robison, Jeff Puins. Er Howord. Mr Herndon. Dovid Gurnsey. Troy Doorh 441) Mickey Boorh. Keb Dorr ley, Teresa Upser, Cndy Mason Berh Glover. Mr Henderson Meg M Her June Me«ers 2) Jocki Good. K p Schetdler. Roseanne Poole. Mke Moon, Corhy Sanders Alan Osrier. Micki Ridenour Buddy Conkfcn. Mary Anne Srmrh. Heorher Smth 3) Susan Srreer Mcrae 54er. Jon Ruch. Becky Fosrer, Xon Davies, Oarbora Ewing. Kay Letgh Appleby. Yoshe Nokcjmo. Korhy Kern. Moonr Tervko 4) Lon rtkon. Noncy NewboW. Troy Boorh. Juke Panrer. Aimmee Dibble The 1982-83 Dromo Club is planning on oaive year They plan on ■ parnaporing in outside Drama ocnvines I os well as one in school Dromo Club | advertise for the Fall Musical and the Dig Droodcasr They also see theatre productions all through Central Indiana This helps Dromo Club members to learn the different types of theatre ond ploys We ore looking forward in entertaining the students with this 3 o seasons rolenrs The President of Dromo Club is Alon Osrier, V President is Mike Moon, the secretary 6 Kathy Kern ond our sponsor is Mr Momn Henderson Dromo Club also works on ol major productions at the senior high Sometimes we produce a children's play To become a member, students must audition in front of other O Q C CJ members 1982-83 was the inougurual yeor for The Chemistry Oub The dub was founded m 1981 by the original Five Founding Fathers — Al Morrison, Andy Dehreroge. Driol Teymo, John DJoocn, ond Doug Sronton The Chemistry Oub was founded on the principles of upholding the high rrodinons of the founding fathers ond striving for ultimate chemical perfection The goals set forth by The Founding Fathers include proving the prinaples contained in the pesodic tobies The worthy ond able dub sponsor is Afcson Leisure Without her guidance, many young aspiring chemists would fol short of their potential Q c cr 1) Doug Sr onion. Andy Derheroge. Ms Leisure. Boon Teymo John Bloom. Jeff Rumpzo. Pom Beord. Prnce Chon 2) Dov 3 Humphrey. Kennerh Cook. Jennifer Chon. Robn Coomer. Anne Gurnsey. Maroo Mocy. Modelyn Reck. John Sronehi. Mfce Comp. Andreo Cufross. Jon Srmrh 3) Enc Retdenboch. Don Gord. Shannon Solee Kris Curnert. Anne bpserr. Jone Eldndge. Ke y Ro Jy. Jeff Hlond (The Masked Chermsr). Derek Ashmore Jeff Solee 4) Myro Seymour. Brer Soorhoff Mfce Koy 4Sf 1 dub is o service dub and a high school offiliore of Zonro They sponsor o fosrer child in Sierra Lione. hove money making projects ro support rheir projects, and hove on ongoing project of visiting Porkview Home at leasr once a month The year Z dub is selmg pizzas ond Gold Christmas Ornoments They otso do rhmgs for srudenrs m FSHS like moke Christmas Stockings and Valentines This year’s officers ore as follows President — Kathy Kern. V Presdenr — Jon Puch. Secretory — Rosonne Poole Treasurer — Srocy Shinn To become a member of Z dub. you must be a Sophomore ond have a reocher reccomendonon Z dub also helps the community ond the school by volunteering their time, effort ond devotion to mokmg Fronkfort a better ploce ro live U M Key Club 6 a service organization that does much ro help the community Their biggest project this year involves helping to set up ofl blood bonks ond sponsoring one blood bonk (which incidentally collected o record quonriry) C2! U - 1) Pom Deord Myra Seymour Shely Moore Mekssc Henderson. Xon Dov s Decky Foyer tone Etortoge Anne Lp rt Ke y Pody ton Ruch. Jenny Doneis K eo 2) Heorher Srrvh Rose Ouenosedo. Cndy Moson Yosh. NoKc mo Juke Poorer. Touno Carter Amy x or Gandy Vondo Chtftck Amee Dtobie rwkmon 0) Korhy Kem June Me ers Teresa Lipsert Eleorxxe Horov e Meg Miier Bern Glover. Moot Le«ne v Loo JV rmner. Elen Coy tow Merge Stvrr, Trocy Ptort Andreo C Jrov A, CLn» C wrvy Arm O Mnrna Macv Morro Miler. Stocev 5hm 1; Mon Worocort Dron Boss. Scott Vroomon. Tony Cnswel 2) Andy H Ko Sche« er Er Howord. Chris Smith. DovO Gurnsey 3) Oro Nougte Rod Toytor. Doug rtnes Aion Oyto' Pe»e Ctossn 4 Phi Rucker. Scon Mdtor Joson Oncker. John Srrwh Doug Dennett Tony Ogden 5; Scon Hlorc Pot Kersey. M e Kay Joy Ayres John Moms 6. John Doyse Dob Christopher Chris Giron. Tm M»e- Je m yvd D Gonzolez 7) Ston Vroomor M:‘ e Urey Mine Houze V. 46 The HERO srudenrs ore cooperonve srudenrs who do nor hove much spore rime They do hove rme enough ro do rwo fund roisers This yeor rhey're sponsoring o donee, ond hove sold Hor Dog 2 yr Pfenning Colendors Ar rhe end of rhe yeor. rhey hove o specfel sit-down dinner for rheir employers This is rhe high lighr of rhe yeor They olso hove Kjenrifymg shirrs ond jockers The lerrers HER-O srond for Home Economics Retared Occuporfens The Pres 6 Jody Sr evens, Secrerory is lono Scott ond Treasurer is Deno Vibert The Soool Choir mon 6 Corta Doles ond Fund Rotsing Choir mon is Sherrie Toylor D Tommy Volte Jenny Defy Deno Vetoes Jody Sr evens Corto Doles Lor no Scon Moy Mcrroy 2) Porty Poyne Goi Von Vokenburg. Joon Doll. Deny Harshmon. Km Fisher Sherrie Toytor. Lso Donley 3) Jeff Homs. Mde Ctaswel. Con Pugh, Mak Howe. Rondy Emery, Mrs Plot: Furure Homemokers of Americo of FSHS ore focusing irs efforts on home improvement Nor of rhe remodeling vonery, bur home dwellers improvement In rhe post, FHA has been involved in ploying Dingo, with our friends or rhe county home, ond sponsoring o Christmas Porty for chidren who otherwise might nor hove one The food for rhe March of Dimes Wolkarhon has been FSHS's FHA's responsibility for rhe past rwo years We entertained the student body with rhe 1982 Sweerheorr Dance ond were pleased with rhe results Even though we have money problems our fund raising projects hove a lor of memories ond we hove tors of fun For anyone interested m self-improvement, people improvement, ond home improvement — come join us1 2 3 4 The presidenr of FHA is Ann Porker, rhe V Presidenr is Amy Lucas, rhe secrerory is Robin Drock ond Toni Gunyon is rhe Treasurer 1) Aiy Partner. Amy Lucas Tony Gunyon. Robin Orock 2) Sondy Howe Teresa DaWey Srocey Cupp, Rhonda Surber Donna Reynolds. Sonyo Watoce Karrso Sharp. Vick Royer, Rondo Crews, Tno Wood 3) Debt e Shelton, Dalene Word, Lor. Osrlet Jeonne Hoi Kety Akord Cor. Dnrron. Mory MUkns Lesfce Phifer Drendo Pauley Kety Gunyon. Korea Gouser Mrs Our ns Peggy Toney 4) R»io Moore. Rko Lovett Tmo Danes. Charlene Ross. Dono David Rene Cooper Leo Clouse HERO------------FHABLUE AND WHITE BAND ORCHESTRA Row 1 Karen Swearingen Tern Pugsley. Mchefle RchorOs George Ann Soar i, Cxnger Rider Shannon Slipher Meksso Dushmon Mo«y Miler. Jenny Domefc. Xon Daves Jon Ruch Nno R e Andrea Cuirass. Koyleah Appieby Juke McDr-de Heorher Smirh Mary Anne Smirh. Karen Sr oops. Chns Sexron, Ange C bonder Dona Vergon Card Scorr M He Ridenour. Ton Scorr. Meiisso Henderson Vondo Chtnck. Ke»y Ra Jy Row 2 Drendo Durrcn. Korhy Kern Corby Samders Shannon HI. Tamey Root. Chns Smirh Pere Oossm Prince Chon MAe Comp. Jeff Rumpzo. Joe Srier Doug Mash AJcn Osrier Tm Mitter Onon Ross Jeff Pu ss. Chorle Dyrne. John Sroneml Roy Ourge Jim Seder, Lea Vney. Jono Coieman Jone EWndge, Drendo Hormon. Use Goodbey DecHy Ray Tomm Turner 48Row 1 Rose Doke. Breodo Mormon. V Smrh. Tm M4er AncJreo Culross, M se Comp. Derh Monrgomery. Mefcsso McColoch. Xon Doves. Jenny Dornete. Vondo Chmck, Aton Osrier. Ange White. Korhy Gephart. Money Newbolt. Gndy Mason Thereso Lpsen. June Meiers, Meto Smth. Debbe Woggna. Srocy Garhon. Teresa Moore, Megan Mier, Roy Bobbin Row 2 Tom McCuioch, Koren Sroops. Angie Oond. Rosonne Poole. Jono Colemon. Tommy Turner, Kety Rady. Randy Swam. Jone EJdndge. Doug Seory Leo Vney, Shannon HI. Jon Ruch. Som Knox. Anne Upsen. Shely Moore. AAe Panrer. Amee Dibble. Angie Mirchel, Lon Ptton. Thereso Pterch Sondy Segfned, Amy Sebree. Oerh Glover. Don Cosrtow. AAoroo Sier. Oi Brown. Sharon Brewer Row 3 Jeff Rumpzo. Joel Srier. Alon Afward. Enc Howard, Jeff Puins. God Neumoyer. Doug Hnes, MJse Ream, George Rynersion. Chuch Ponon. Doug Sronron. Bron Ross, Chns Sexton. Qumr Vlers. Meteso Henderson. Doug Bemen Don Gonzalez Rob Christopher Don Spray MAe Moon. Dere Ashmore. Joe Wfcoms. Touno Correr. Jeff Solee. Km Cook. Scon MJler Shermon Anderson. Paul Chen Concert Choir Row 1 Miss Cahden. Becky Arnerte Kim Gotvn. Tmo Bornes. Donno Reynolds. Ji Thomas Mariyn Coffmon. Srocey rtekmon. Gmger Rider Rxo Moore Kmn Cor dew Row 2 Kai Bnnam. Jon Gosewehr May Anne Smith. Shannon Brown. Nancy Osbane. Eleonae Horiov e. Go Fergusen. Penny Hedge Dee Dee Adans. Rose Mae Buenosedo. Stephone Cook Row 3 Rick Leoch Mark Con. Jon Smith. Rick Picker mg. Shannon SoHeee. Tod Weber Jm Parsons Toby Hedge MAe Birge John Smith. KC Seibert 49Row 1 Dee Dee Adorns. Buddy ConWr. Lbo Rummer. Mike Comp. Pom Beard. Jodoe Goode. m Parsons. Amee Dtobte (Vow 2 Mickey Ridenour. Tm Mdler Kp ScNedter. Becky (Vosrer. Mike Moon. A Ion Ostler. Undo (Vousno SWING CHOIR FRESHMAN CHOIR Row 1 Ange Pirmon Dee Dee Ross. Michele Britton. Chnstno Ross. Stocy Leoch Tm Golev Jerry Harrison bso Smrfey Loure Coews $»ephane Howe Venay Pirmon Row 2 Miss Coholon Lu Anne Brogg. Jonce Vney Gro Lucas Jeff Deromore Glenn Benefiei Steve Tony Don Skirvm Jim Leoch. Tno Root Tmo Fosse" Treoso Chester Row 0 Km Marcum Bobt e Johnson Chns Tobmson Ed Sorrn Bob Bushong John Crews Don Cunmnghom Tonya Shockey Messy Sondoge Vendy Sferfcng Jufce Hockord Row 4 Jorxe Young. Peggy Horshborger Suzy Sterfcng Phrf Merrir Dovid Skrvn Roph Voider Leroy Scott Jm Smrh Rondo Rich M he»e Jones Jome SOTREBLE CHOIR Row 1 Mss Cahaleo. Annexe Johnson. Ang Smuh. Susan Payne. Tno Srmrh. Monde Comp Row 2 Mary Muins, Sherry Cumrvghom Melody Eods, Sondro Carrel. Tonya Marshal Row 3 Reano Gunyon. Amondo Palmer. Charlene Ross. Missy Kmgmo, Metaso H ks, Kim Rorhbough FRESHMAN BAND Row 1 Lao Smiey Mory Schery. Gal Vrwh. Km Knox Masy Scon, Doug Reed. Chod Sow fc Row 2 Ke y ConhngN. Efcme Ci oss. Terry Dovey. Dessi Lorge. Vicki Robnson Masy Ross Corvee GAum M he e Tegaden Row 3 Srephorne Mason Corne Sober. Tonya Moore Mdy Plorr. JocKie Weber Km Dead Magor Mornson Row 4 Mary Yong. Noncy Irwn, Jeff Vice. Km Sexion. MAe WaKms. Todd Ransom Daren Orrmger Row 5 John Si. David Noyes. Pool Gandy. Kevn Ruche. Jerry Haroon. Phi Guy non. Drod Dye. Kevin AbneyPUPPETTES ------SCADS The Scobs ore o homemade club ongnoring in rhe bond They hove grown larger every year The yeor wirh rheir record breaking membership of 41 Scobs Scobs ore known for rheir foofch behavior and for rheir spirir in rhe bond The fearless leader of rhe Scobs rhe yeor was Alon Osrier Row 1 Alan Alward, Tommy McCuloch. Jeff SoHee. Touno Carter, Jufce Poorer Chuck Porron. Jeff numpzo. Koreo Sr oops Qunr Viars. Arje Dond Row 2 Kevo King Jeff Pufc-is, Down Efcor, riusry Ferguson, Kenneth Cook, Don Spray Mike Moon, fVosonne Poole, Doug Sronron Row 3 Enc Howard, Rob Christopher. Jone EkJndge, Alon Ostler, Teresa Lipserr, Meg M4er Cindy Mason Joel Srier Tony Miller Row 4 Doug Dennett. Don Gonzalez, Andrea Culross. Scott MJer Mke Comp. Vondo Chimck, Amee DtoWe Trocy Ptort. Derh Glover. June Meters Orion Ross, Sondy Segfred, Amy Sebree To become o pupperre you musr be able ro donee ond perform, and be etrher a junior or senior PupperTes pur on half rime shows or rhe foorbol gomes ond or rhe baskerball gomes They olso perform during rhe Dtg Droodcosr They olso march ond perform wirh rhe bond or rhe Chnsrmos porode Their donee msrruaor is Mrs Noncy Moore The Co-Caproms for Pupperres ore Anne Gurnsey ond Poseonne Poole 52 V flow 1 Jennifer Hoyden. Motto M4er Ten SrerVsg Moroo Mocy. Korea Sroops. noseanne Poole, LeAnne M er V ki Lowden. Anne Gurnsey Flow 2 Sorah SchexJer. Xon Dovies, Chris Sexron. Oecky Foyer, Carlo Ope, bso W oms. Jenny Dor ekF Club is o group of Senors ond Juniors which hove excelled in music, rhrough pomoponon ond hordwork The members work hord ro bu4d o greorer oppredorion for music m rhe high school ond community, by sponsoring various musical groups for convocations F members also do publicity work for rhe Dig Droodcosr This yeor's officers ore President Anje Bond. V President Koren Sr oops rid rhe Secretory Tres ts Derek Ashmore 1) Ang»e Oond. Derek Ashmore. Koren Sr oops, Down Efcor, Ouddy Conkfcn 2) Chuck Panon Amee DtoWe, Corhy Sonders. Jenny Don , koseome Poole Doug Sronron 3) John SronehJ, Prince Chon. Korhy Kern 4) Kennerh Cook. Korhy Gephorr, Merle Underwood, kob Chnsropher. Anne UpsefT. Dnon koss Qumr Viors. 5) kos Doke. Pom Dead. Andreo Culross Chns Sexron. Shannon Hi. Jeff kumpza Don Spray F dub 6 o dub for vorsity orhleres who hove lettered m or least one sport during rhe current school yeor The dub's purpose ts ro promote o high srondord of athletics ond create felowshp among rhe orhleres ond felow orhleres F dub also supports orhlenc ond norvorhleric events of the school Most of rhe people hove excelled in sports ond ore very good or sports F dub has o variety of activities such os sponsoring rhe rncyde roce. special Olympics o haynde ond members work or the concession stand for one gome The officers ore os folows Presidenr — Scott Sruord, Vice Presidenr — Marao Mocy. Secretory — Penny Wlfcoms, Treasurer — Km Matthews, ond rhe Sergeant of Arms — Craig Rich D Lance Gregore Jeff kurrpzo. K k Moddock Scon Shmmel. Joe McKee Scon Vroomon. CVuce Htobard. Scon Sruord. John Smms konde koss. Mon Evons Kevin kobem 2) koy Smms. kcrnd koss. Mon Evons, Kevin kobem 2) koy Scon. Orion Crpe. Crag Tul. Joney Cassell. Srocey Gorhorr, Tonyo Moore. KC Setoerr. Doug Wfourn. Don spray Annene Sondoge Morale keck Penny Vioms 3) Sr y Vroomcn. Scon Htand. Condy kobb. Jason Dr ker. Kennerh Cook. Oerh Glover. Groce Ann M4er Michele Marsh. Motto Mier Maroo Mocy. Soroh Scheider 4) Jeff Htand. Doug Arrnch, Tommy Howe, Dnon ODnen. Joe W oms. E keidenboch. Trocy Plan. Jeonne Hoi. Angie Mrche«. Ten Sredng. Ang Dcmd. Shannon Drown 5) Mon b gg. Louro Huffer. Tm kobrson. Mott keidenboch. Phil kucker. Jimm Sier. Mcrk Shermon. Tom McCcAoch, 6) Gory Goode. Troy Shmmel. Jm Parsons, John Ooyse. Shonnon SoBee. Dove GAm. Max Howe, Crag kich 7) Mi Houze. Joy Ayers. Mike Urey, John Morns Jon kuch, Kety kady. Jenny Darnels. Vondo Chrock. Jone DcXidge, Anne Lpsen Jock Goode F CLUBDofTom Row — June Meiers, Theresa Lpserr Midde Row — Meg Mier. Elen Cosrtow Top Row — Jeanne Hoi F R E S H M A N Oocrom Row — Monpy Ridenour. Tonya Lovetess Mickle Row — Margo Morrison, Srephanie Mason Top Row — Kety Conkrighr 5455 Dortom Row — Mise Drown Roymon Resendez Glenn Dden Alan Osrter Rob Cbnyopber Middk Row - Anne Ipserr Annexe Sondage Kelly Roidy. Jon RuCh Top Row — Joney Cosse s Pep Club The Frankfort Semor High School Pep Club, under the greor leadership of Mrs. Connie Milholond and Mr Dennis Cleaver, has once ogam grown larger There are 207 members m rhe dub The dub is open ro any girl in rhe grodes 9 rhru 12 Cheerleoders ore ofeo included The girls promote school spirit, sponsor o dance, and ger rhe reams ond school roPied up for a big game Spirir captains provide locker signs ond hall signs ro boost ream morole This year Pep Qub sponsored a "50's" mghr olong with rhe Pupperfes ond rhe bond A few weeks lorer, rhey hod a "NO SWEAT" nighr ond everyone dressed in swear outfits The President of Pep Club is Keb Darrley The Vice President is Jenny Doniets ond rhe Treasurer is Laura Huffer. 1) M Drown. J Cassel, G Oden. A Sondoge. A Ostler. K Roidy, R Resende . A Upsett. R Chrstopher, J Ruch 2) N New bold, A Bond. T Sterling. K Stoops. V lowden. L Miller, J Hoyden, T Cotter, k Poole. M Mocy M Miller. S SchiecJer. C Cnpe. L Williams. C Sexton, 0 Foster, X Davies. J Dantets. S Hi, C Robb. 3) L P on, A Porker. S Dilenger. S Shrm, J EkJndge. T Gun yon. M Henderson. L Woodruff. T Howe. M Lemko, L Huffer, K Donley, P Wood. T Moore, D Adorns, k Dueaasedo. I Smiey. J Myers. J Hoi, M MUer 4) D Waggoner. M Underwood. L. Rousno. C Randolph. G 5mirh, M Wtourn. M Morsh, K Hole. C Perkins, M Dv bree. A Mrfchel, C Thomas, K Rohrobou t. S Dofy. E Horo»ov e. S Siegfried. A Subree. J Howe. S Nelson, K Wnegord 5) V Chrnck. D Gover. L Carney T Alen. K Galveo, J Cunmnghom. M Dlockburn. R Snyder. L Plummer. S Hickman. P Deord, M Seymour. N Arnold. C Scotr. K Goody, J Goode. T Turner. Y Nokojimo. K Cor dew T Root 6) J Colemon. C Mason, G MiBer. N Reck. A Teogarden. D Reynolds. M Comp. A Culross. J Pointer. M White D Johnson. P Roy. D Rot»on, C Stngley, J Gosewher. M Doker 7) V Dushmon. I Dun on. T Hershberger, S Skpher, M Dushman, S Cupp. D Roy. I Drogg. K Oouser. T Root. T Shocke. S Howe. I Donley. G Jorboe. J Romsey. M Kmgmo. R Drock, A Luc os, E Cost low. ft) M $ er. N Guorjordo, D Gobnel E Guorjordo. C Gdkjm, P Roe, L Vney. T Loveless. A Storm. C Surber. M Abbott M Teogorden. L SrrJey. E Culross. D Lewis. T Smith. T Smith, T Foucert. T Chester 9) A White. M Ross. V Robinson. M Sondoge. D Ewng. K Marcum. M Shery. G Neumoyer M McCuloch, A Pitman, W Stertng. R Dnght. T Dove, S Sterling. J Young. P Horshbarger, J F jnrer. J Hockord. T Moore 10) 0 Montgomery. S Moson, M Morrison. M Mier, K Appleby. G Lucas, K Sexton. K Deord, N Irwin, M Platt, L Perkms. E Chomberlon M Ridenour. J Weber. K Conknght, M Jones. C Ross. M MicheolIr's Academical Everybody wonrs ro get an A of course — txx How? Wei you hove rhree choices. Fry. you con bring d of your books home every nighr and srudy lore unri your brain "swears” or you hove burned al of your braincels However. This doesn'r realy guoronree you on A because Those sneaky reochers wi pu queshons on The resr Thar you hove no idea obour Dur if you sri wonr on A. These inrimocSring sreps wi guoronree you A. Give condy, money as a yoner Complmenr your reocher everyrime you see him or her alrhough They may be o jerk If al eise fois ... CHEAT!!!OFFICE WORKERS Georgeonne Soon. Moonr Lemo. Annerre SonOoge. Joney Cassell. Kmn Rhorobough, Tommy Wolfe LIBRARY WORKERS Pony Poyne. Lorroine Corney, Tommy ABen. NoroBe Arnold. Kelly Gjnyon HIGHLIFE STAFF Seared — Kim Look. Lori Ease Mora Sder, Eleonore Hortoville. Vicki Lowden Sronding — Chris Nougle, Todd Weber. Penny Williams, Scon Noyes 58■ 1982-83 Cauldron Staff "Our Of The Blue" louoro Abborr — E or Cherri Cooper — Photographer Rob Herrfcoch — AdvertisementMASTERPIECES IN THE MAKING The Art dosses, under rhe fine leodership of Mr Sowtcki, showed rher rcrienr in mony areas The srudenrs showed rheir creonviry by pomdporing m pointings. leorherworK, sculprering. porrery, ond sketchings Mr Saw»cki 1 Srephon»e Roles. Dovid GAum. and Annette Johnson work on rher chak drawings 2 Dro-i Keeve holds hs po» 0 Art student Penny Hedge s busy working on he doy saiprure 60 ARTPRINTERS, DRILLS AND ELECTRONICS Th6 yeor rhe Indusrriol Arts dosses ogom, os m yeors posr, gamed valuable experience under rhe expert leadership of stolled reochers The electronics classes learned ro wire a house, while rhe Auro Mechanics classes runed on ignition sysrem Other classes offered or FSHS ore prinrmg. mechomcol drawing, and merol shop 1 Some srudenrs look on, whde Mark MJer works cMkgenrly on o drawing 2 Fore n Exchange vudenr Mike Sr eel looks up wh4e working on o drowng 3 Prnnng srudenr Jerry Horshborger smdes whle dong some rouch up work Mr Hughes — Auro Mechanics f A M Mr Worrhon — Elecmary. Mechomcol Drowng Mr Dennerr — Mr Cortn — Merol Shop Prnrng 61PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS? iHOLA! ZQUE TAL? The Foreign Longuoge Deporrmenr or F.SHS offers French, roughr by Mr Herndon ond Sponish. roughr by Miss Iron A second, rhird. ond fourrh yeor closs 6 offered in eirher closs for rhe srudenrs who wish ro brooden rher educonon lr»r Mr Herndon 1 French yudenrs enhonce rhe learning by kyeong ro ropes rhrough rhe heodphones 2 Crag IXich ond Tommy Mounrs yudy rher Spanish lesson rogerher 3 Sporvsh reocher. Mas Iron, works on preparing o lesson 62NOUNS, VERBS, ADVERBS, ADJECTIVES, AND PREPOSITIONS ENO '60TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS The F.S.H.S. business deporrmenr s o good place ro srorr if you ore planning on enrenng rhe field of business We offer a wide voriery of dosses from shorthand ro doro processing ro occounnng or rhe COE program, just ro name a few Our business deporrmenr gives you hands on rrommg for a job in rhe future Mrs Prosser Shorrhond Office Procnce Mrs Henderson Accounrng Mrs M 0 0nd Typrsg, Dusmess Comurx onon 1 Ke y Mils pouses briefly durmg o Typmg excersize 2 Scott Dor Oner soys I'm rhr ed to be m rh6 class 3 Go Ferguson fnds her rypmg ossignmenr omusmg Mr Prusz Generoi Dusmess, Dus mess Low Mr Geover Doro Processing, Typmg Mrs Knopp Word Processing, Typmg 64 0U5NESSMATH IS MORE THAN JUST NUMBERS After you finally mosrered your four basic morhemoncol operations in grade school and Junior High, you suddenly find yourself in the advanced world of olgebra and geomerry Then if you wish ro continue the chollenge of higher education Junior and Senior Moth dosses ore offered Ody Conor, works d genrty on o morh assignment Sophomore Mike [Vge 6 very busy n moth doss Jeff Amos e having a good rme n doss because he forgo he book W h he Geometry book ond assignment norepod Trent Harshmon e ready for the days lesson Mes Hyman Mr Palmer Mr Poge Mr Moyer Mr Sch ng Mr Dove MATH 65IT'S ALL HISTORY________________________ For srudenrs who ore mreresred in leornmg obour people of rhe posr. rhe FSHS Social Srudies deporrmenr is for you Sectors leorn why people ocr rhe way rhey do dunng rher semesrer m Sociology The Seniors rhen spend rhe orher half of rhe year learning obour Government The juniors ore required ro roke U S Hisrory where rhey srudy indeprh rhe htsrory of rhe Umred Srores The orher dosses which ore offered ore Gvtcs, World Ffcsrory. Currenr World Affairs ond Psychology Mr Sruarr Mr Rucker Mr Woddel c Mr Shepard 1 Morr Isgrtgg buys o produc from John Smrts dunng an economics assn-mlonon 2 Kevr Johnson octs our rhe role of rhe conservorrve shopper os he compares pnces 3 Tokmg nores 5 o t g port of Government doss 4 Jody Srevens enjoys berig rhe judge cXjrmg me mock mat 5 Why dd I roke rh6 class? SOCIAL STUDCSFUN WITH FETAL PIGS After receiving your unknown solution from Mrs Leisure, one sits ond wonders how he con possibly fmd whot chermcols ore in rhis solution The process of finding the various chemicals is known os Quolatorive analysis ond it is one of the activities of the advanced chemsrry doss Students con also choose Earth Soence or Phorogrophy taught by Mr Henniger, or cfcecr o ferol pig in the Oology dosses Seniors who like a cholenge con take Physics which is offered or F S.H.S 1 John Si exommes o sl Je dunng biology doss 2 Jason ond Ellen deode rf rher cherruyry is righi 3 Ova Cur nun does his firy chermsrry experiment by bending gloss 4 The physics yudenrs ore deeply involved m o lob ro determne rhe momentum of o movmg object Mr Henoger Mr Rule Mr Dov6 Ms Leisure SOENCE 67TEASPOONS, PATTERNS, AND SEWING The Home Ec Deparr men r offers yudenrs FSHS an opporruniry ro make clothing for rhemselves, learn how ro core for children, and cook many different varieties of food The Department head is Mrs Platt who has taken charge of the school cafererio The Home Ec classes make new food dishes, and then they ore tried m the cofererio I ( Mrs Mossen 1 2 3 4 5 Mrs Wort 1 Mrs Trees who «s rhe new Home Ec reocher rdKs ro her doss before rhe movie 2 Mochel Osrier smiles os she looks up reword rhe phorogropher 3 Woirng ponenrfy n fcne for rher servings ore girls Foods Goss 4 Meolrme"11 5 JcAe Cole demonsirores her ski on rhe sewng mochme Mrs Burns 68LET'S GET PHYSICAL 69THE SOUND OF MUSIC The Muse Department or FSHS ogain hod o fine year Mony srudenrs pomopored in rhe yore muse conrey The highkghr of rhe yeor was rhe Pops Concert wheh rook place on February 15 The D ue and White Bond was busy ol yeor. ployng or both the foorba ond boskerbal gomes 1 Mr Wamscorr drects h6 bond os rhey prepare for rhe spring muse concert 2 The voim section of the orchestra is very herd or work 3 Ang Bond ploys her dormer during her bond doss 4 Sreve Worren shows extreme concenrronon whie ptaymg he viokn 70C5F IS ON THE AIR This year, FSHS Rodo-TV dosses were composed of rhree firsr yeor dosses ond rwo odvonced dosses The rhree highlights of rhe yeor were Screom Dreom Theorre starring Counr Blood, on ambitious sports schedule which covered twenty-five sporting events, ond o new sound room which allowed them to simulate rodio station programming 3 1 Mr Snoddy rmrores one of Ns yudenrs 2 Max Howe uses ftodo TV nme ro fry ro hod o dore 3 Senior Rusry Ferguson rokes a break from rakng notes 4 John fosse dresses as Counr D ood during rhe Ho oween produaon V' Mr Snoddy fXADOTV 71FUTURE LEADERS 1 2 3 4 5 1 The ROTC drt reom performs o dri or rhe ROTC Ool 2 Sr on Frazier rakng o break from rhe dassroom portion of ROTC 3 Col Jones lecnjres he doss on rhe borrie strategies of World Wor I 4 ROTC oteo consists of presenting the colors or the basketball gomes 5 Sgr Skrvm asks vereron coder Steve Seaboir why he e nor In uniform 72 ROTCROTC Doll Top Left — Sreve Seobolr crowns Jo Munde os rhe ROTC Ool Queen Middle Left — The ROTC Dol Queen s Court Middle Righr — ROTC marching m before the yorr of rhe bol Dorrom Left — Sreve Seoboir ond rhe ROTC performs for rhe bol 73Under Consrrucrion The Building Trodes Closs consisrs of Fronkforr and Ginron Prairie boys who each yeor complerely build o house from rhe ground up The srudenrs who porridpore in rhe program spend rwo doss hours each day or rhe house sire Mr Meyer 6 rhe reocher of rhis doss, and he prepares srudenrs for a job in consrrucrion 3 1 A buidngs rrodes yudenr rakes a break from rhe hard work os he leans ogam rhe new home 2 Kevin Cost and Cro g Louks dig rhe foundoron lor rhe new sidewok 3 Dovid Goodwin looks as if he 6 confused on whor to do wirh rhe p«ece of wood he 6 holding 4 Senior Dovid CMockburn drives o wooden yoke mro rhe ground 74Time Our Everyone should leorn how ro be o leader One will never know when he may be colled on ro use his leodership ability, which undoubrebly everyone will hove ro do some rime To become o leader one has ro be involved in exrro ocriviries Also ro many srudenrs ger involved m roo much or rhey just like ro ger rheir picrure roken for the Cauldron so rhey see how many dubs rhey con pm Whatever rhe dub ir rokes people pomopononThe Old Inrerschotayic foorbo rerurned r 3j5 £orr High School in rhe 1928-29 school yeor ofrer on obsence of 16 yeors A rrocr of lond eosr of rhfcjuey school grounds wos purchased, fenced, ond lighred so rhor gomes could be ployed or mghr The newly complered focihries were considered second ro none m rhe yore In 1929. rhe board of educanon decreed rhor rhe newly ocquired orhlertc ground should be named Sfoft Field n honor of J W SrorT. supennrendenr of schools, becouse of his mreresr m meering srondords of rhe yore board of educonon foc'physicol rroining In Seprember 1976. rhe board of School rruyees of rhe commumry schools of Fronkforr odopred o resolurion ro rename Srorr Field ro Rohrobough Field in honor of Raymond Rohrobaugh who coached rhe Fronkforr Nighrhowks from 1928‘through 1946 Mr Rohrobough, offecrionarely colled "Duck”, was named ro rhe Indiono foorboll holl bf'fome in 1976 76The New N A new orhleric field has been ereaed during rhe 1982-63 school year The new kxorion is behind rhe school The foahry wiU seor opproximorely 1.700 specrorors for rhe home side The bieochers for rhe visirors seors opproximorely 500 specrorors The 1983 rrock ream was (9? figr ro rry our rhe new sire Their mcknome "rhe cinders'' no longer extsrs because rhe new rioflijs d rrdcklire ol weorher surface Ir is also equipped wirh eighr tones A sroroge bmkjing and o con y n building were also buiir The focikry wiU oko hove rhe copobiliry of rronsmimng orheleric conresfe over Local TV live 7778 FOOTBALL TEAM GAINS VALUABLE EXPERIENCE The young and inexperienced Hordogs foughr wirh enrhusiosm ogomsr rhe r oppooenrs in 1982 The very rough schedule included rwo reams who qualified for rhe playoffs ond five reams rhor were ranked in rhe rop ren of rhe AA division Regardless of rhe 2-8 season rhe foorboll ream hod some bnghr momenrs having Morr Isgrigg, Greg Renick. and R»ck Voughn selecred os AH Sogomore Conference firsr reom players Also honored os All Confer nee on rhe second reom ond honoroble menrion were Scorr Sruord. Morr Evons, Brian Chpe, Sron Vroomon, Cutt Corron, AAike Urey. Joe Williams. ond Ehc Reidenboch Fronkforr will hove rhirreen srorrers ond rwenry-four lerrer winners rerurnmg. so rhe experienced gained rhis year mokes rhe furure indeed bnghr Opponent We They Western 0 13 Lebanon 0 28 Cknron Cenrrol 13 7 Toytor 7 6 Moconoquoh 0 22 Drownsburg 8 31 North Montgomery 8 27 West Lafoyerte 0 30 Crowfordsv«e 0 26 Oenron Cenrrol 7 27 Morr Evons runs on end aroundSeated fry row Srocey Abough Roy Scorr Rob Christopher. Sreve SeoboV. Troy Sctvnme . Kevn Roberts Joe WAoms Dove Porcherr John Do yes Seared second row Tm Robson Scorr Hrfond. Doug He»nes Jm S er. MarV Shermon. Mart Evans. Phrf Rudder Moru Pome Dron OUrten. Rod Toytor Tom McCulOCh. Srondng firy row DJ Pror ClTT Carron Mke Houze R k Ptkerrxg R k Voughn. Sron Vroomon Mhe Sreete. Doug Am h. Gen Dofcn. Geg Renick. Onon Cripe Jeff Pulns. R hord Weaver. John Srmrh Srondrsg second row Mike Urey. Jeff Hlond Jm Parsons. Morr Re deaboch, Scorr Schmmei Enc Re«deoooch. Tony Oyfd. Joe McKee Mor Isgngg. Scorr Sruord The foorbal ream bc srs rhrougb rbe hoop rher homecormng game 79TENNIS TEAM HAS RECORD BREAKING YEAR The 1982 FronkforT Tennis reom recorded rheir besr season ever Along rhe way ro o record-breaking 19-6 season, rhey won 15 consecurive marches, another school record They also orrained a long-lived dream by winning rheir first secrional championship Ir rook North Central, the eventual stare champions to knock off rhe Hot Dogs Frankfort's winning line-up was os follows 1 singles Rondie Ross. 2 singles Bruce Hibbord and 3 singles John Morris The doubles line ups were 1 doubles John Bloom and Scott Vroomon and 2 doubles Mart Womscorr and Pot Kersey The singles players compiled a cumulation record 6312 Ross and Hibbard were named to first ream all Sogomore Conference and Morris was a honorable mention Again, Congratulations for a record breaking year OPPONENT WE THEY Deiph. 5 0 Plymouth 1 4 Peru 4 1 McCurcheon 1 4 Western Doone 5 0 Lofoyerre Je« 1 4 Orownsburg 2 3 North Montgomery 4 1 Delphi 4 1 North western 3 2 Taylor 4 1 Kokomo Haworth 4 1 Kokomo 4 1 Nobles v ? 3 2 Crawfords vie 5 0 Zionsvie 3 2 Western 4 1 Homson 3 2 Tpron 5 0 Kokomo Sectional Kokomo 3 2 Nobles vile 3 2 Taylor 3 2 North Central Regional North Central 0 5 Number one angles ptayer Randie Ross returns o bockhond vo ey n secronol ploy 80Mott WonscorT covers hs devaymg f ry serve Srondmg Oruce Htobord. John Otoom John Morrs. Scott Vroomon Smng Mott Womscorr Chod Sowicto. Pot Kersey, IXancfre Ross Tower mg hgh obove hs opposition John Morris pounds o serve The Sectional Chompons odnrve rhe«r rrophy before Heocing ro North Central 81GIRLS GOLF MAKES COMEBACK AT FRANKFORT Cooch Mike Kelley is ro be given much credir m putting Together o girl's golf ream for rhe 1982 fdl season Prior ro This year. 1979 was rhe last year Frankfort hod o girl's golf ream Since there was nor one senior on rhe ream, rhe upcoming years should be strong ones This year's ream hod five marches, bur intends ro bmld upon rhis next year To cop rhe season, rhe young, promising reom finished ninrh in a strong Lofoyerre secrionol Groce Ann Miller, merely o sophomore, qualified for rhe LoPorre regional by shooting q Q3 She finished o strong 34th m o field of 54 Wirh rhis kind of potential. Mr Kelley is looking forward ro years aheod Shety Moore smles os she p ks up her bol Opponent We They McCurcheon 240 227 Lebanon 245 222 Perry Mertdeon 245 236 Norrhwevern 242 211 McCurcheo 229 218 Homson 217 204 Lofoyerre Secnonol 9rh oloce Srondng Groce Am M4er Goi Neumoyor. Oerh Glover. Oeth Montgomery. She»y Mocxe Jone Ekjridge. Anne Upserr. JcxFve Good. Lao WAoms. Shonnon Drown i M Jme Ekjridge smies os she removes rhe flog from rhe hole Oerh Glover wrh a close swng 82EVER IMPROVING ROADRUNNER5 FINISH STRONG Every year Mr Stuorr's cross-country puts forth o winning effort As everyone knows one has to be in excellent shape to be successful m cross country competition Mr Stuart's philosophy is to start slowly and finish strong As Mr Sruorr puts it ‘Dy the rime the tournament rolls around o lot of teams ore burnt out, but we ore or our peak " Unfortunately Frankfort is soying good bye ro senior Jeff Homs, the number one runner for the post two years He quohfied for rhe semi store and was also named oil-conference unominousiy Replacing Jeff os rhe leader of the ream will be the likes of K C Sieberr. Craig Rich, Shonnon Sollee and others who wl work hard this yeor With these people returning and Mr Sruorr cooching, Frankfort con only come up with o winning combination Opponent Northwestern Cboron Prone Harrison Crawfords vie Got on Central Horn on Heights Lebanon McCurcheon Lafayette Logonsport Ross vile We They 31 24 28 27 48 40 48 36 38 21 3b 45 27 59 27 29 42 19 22 34 25 30 Lafayette Sectional 3rd Twn Leaves Regonol 5ch The Cross Country ream shows the form n procrce Starving Orton Dcfcer. Dovrf Gium. Shonnon Solee Jorrve R h. Cooch Sruorr Seated Greg Orodshow. Max Howe, Roy Rich, K C S eberr. Craig RichRETURNING SPIKERS SPARK VOLLEYBALL TEAM Miss Jocoby’s 1982 volleyball squod was a srrong one. even rhough rhew record nnoy nor indicore if They finished second in rhe Sagamore Conference and were edged in rhe first round of rhe seasonal by powerful Clinton Prairie Led by All-Conference Laura Huffer and Honorable Men non Penny Williams. Fronkforr stayed dose with rhe best of reams Awards presented to individuals included Most Voluoble ro Louro Huffer. Menral Amrude ro Mere Underwood. Desr Server ro Penny Wiliams and Outstanding Junior Varsiry ro Gndy Mason Returning ro next year's ream wil be juniors Penny Williams. Vonda Chirrick. Kim Matthews. Michelle Marsh, Mere Underwood along with sophomores Tracy Piarr, Ange Mitchell, and Gndy Mason Miss Jocoby beleves that rhe furure of rhe ream looks very bright "With returning lerrermen and a good group of Junior Varsity players, we ore capable of having a very respectable yeor Opponent We They Lebanon 2 0 Western 1 2 Benton Central 1 2 Tpton 1 2 Howorrh 1 2 Wesrern Ooone 2 0 Orownsburg 2 1 Carrol 2 1 Cfcnron Prone 0 2 Cfcnron Central 0 2 McCutcheon 0 2 Crowfordsvfle 2 1 Delphi 0 2 Ind Lutheran 2 0 Fronkron 0 2 Logonsporr 1 2 North Montgomery 0 2 Boss vie 0 2 Kokomo 0 2 Onron Prorie 0 2 Sentors Louro Huffer and Tommy Howe orrempr ro block o spike by o Tiproo oppooeor 84 HocKcd Cndy Mo “-O'- M y Pto,, Meteo McCukxr, "»"•■ TommV S-arx Coo teobv Lucos. Jono Cotemon. ond rnonogef hfcno ' TrocV WorT- Lour° P® Shoron Orewer. Gro Penny WiHioms mokes o pe ecr ser for Angie AAirche ro spike moke o ref urn off the opponenrs serve The reom gers set toBoys Swim Team Finishes Year Strong The 1983 Frankfort Boys Swimming Team hod o very successful year They finished rhe year 6-5 in dual meets and finished o highly respected rhwd in rhe sectional Only three seniors graduated Boon Teyemo, Crag Tull and Kirk Moddock As much as these three wil be missed, there are five sophomores poised ro roke their place, Lonce Gregare. Chris Dougherty. Harley Seymour. Bod Taylor ond Chris Sreinmerz ore all letter men ond seem anxious ro better their rimes There ore also two freshmen Dove Noyes ond Chris Smith who ore returning os letter men Midwoy through rhe season o tournament was held (Golden Jock Award) in which every swimmer comperes against each other in every event Seniors Boon Teyemo ond Croig Tul placed first ond second with Lonce Gregare plocing third. Everyone is looking forward to rhe next couple of years, which look like they could be very successful OPPONENT McCurcheon Crowfordsvie North Montgomery Lebanon Western Doone Cass Irtvirononol West Lafayette Warren Central Orownsburg Denton Central Sogomore Conference Logonspon Harrison Sectional WE THEY 69 57 68 59 80 44 80 47 60 67 5rh 50 121 50 112 58 65 80 46 4rh 74 53 58 69 3rd Sophomore Doug Oennert procnang hs sryie It's o brd. f's Chr6 Stemmed 86 Seared Rod Taylor. Krk Moddock Stud Drton Teyemo. Crag Tul. David Noyes. Harley Seymour. DovkJ Gurnsey Starving Doug Seors. Crag Bur ledge, Chris Smith. Chns Stemmetz. Doug Dennett Chris Dougherty Jeff fWnpza. Lonce Gregare. Alan AlwardIndividual Records Spark Swim Team 1982 Frankfort Gris Swim Team was cooched by rookie Carmon Dulhanry She repkxed Sandy Meyer a two-year veteran at the heod coochmg post The reom hod impressive victories over Delphi, McCutchen, Lebanon, and North Montgomery They lost dose decisions to Clinton Central and Kokomo Three school records were broken this yeor Don no Vegan broke the 200 Freestyle, Anne Gurnsey broke the 100 Docksrroke and Jeanne Hoi! broke the diving record Special awards were given to Sherry Fisher for most points, Sondy Siegfried for tanker, and Anne Gurnsey for super senior The loss of six seniors is sure to hurt o hrrie bur many underclassmen seemed poised to assert o new challenge to rival reams With five returning letter men coming bock, the future looks very bright for new Cooch Cor men Dulhonry OPPONENT WE THEY Crowfordsvie 39 80 Qnron Central 60 64 Delphi 75 52 McCurcheon 66 61 Lebanon 74 50 North Montgomery 71 55 Weyern 43 84 Veyern Doone 40 87 Haworth 38 89 Conference 3rd Orownsburg 51 76 Kokomo 56 70 Seconal 5th Seared Jeanne Hal. Norake Reck. Send, Siegfried Jockie Weber Srocy Gerhart Second Row: Srocy rtekman. Tonya Moore Third .eA-v e Mile- Standing Robin Coomer Anne Gurnsey Cooch D onry, Sherry fisher Maroo Mocy Senior Anne Gurnsey swmrrvng the bocks'-oke Freshmen Jockie Weber diving n competition Sondy, LeArve Sherry. Anne Marco and Robn togefher for the lay rime 87Wrestling Team Wins Firsr Secrional Frankfort gets psyched up The 1982-63 wrestling compoigne was o successful one The high poor of rhe year was o victory m rhe secrionol ond o sixth place finish in rhe regional Ir was Fronkforrs firsr second viaory ever m rhe years of Fronkfort Senior High Schod Individud second chompons oduded Roy Dobdrr. Max Howe. Bnon Cripe, Croig Louks. ond John Louks The highest ploong wrestlers in rhe regonds were K C Seibert ond John John Louks both ploong third Max Howe won another honor by becoming rhe only hot dog sogomore conference chompon With eighr returning letter men ond four of those os regional qudrfiers. rhe future looks very bright Agom. congrorulonons for winning rher fry second in rhe hsrory of the schod OPPONENT WE Onion Prairie 45 Zonsvie 33 West Lofoyerre 33 CrowfordSvie 18 Lebanon 20 Twin Lakes 33 Harrison 34 Lofoyerre 0 Nobles vie 16 Delphi 30 Drownsburg 16 Corrol 54 Gnron Central 13 Oenron Cenrrd 32 Norrh Montgomery 34 Twin Lake Invtonond Sogomore Conference Secrond Kegond THEY 23 36 30 43 32 29 35 61 56 46 48 9 48 34 32 2nd 5rh 1y 6rh Cooch Warthon worchng onxiousty seorea Jock Thomas AnOy Garhar Greg Vrghc Kew, Pnce Donny Skrw, Vrsceor M we. Dow) Sww, KneeJng KC xr Roy Qocc Tm Keooeoy Mo. Howe fWxya Word Jchr Oppe. Jm Moye- VcrOrg As Cooch CNxk KooJ Por Gardner Onon Cope, Scon Schww . John LocAs. Chns locJss Dow) G jm PhJ Wessel Cooch Oorence Warthon A Frankfort wrestler gong for o rd edownGirls Basketball Has A Rebuilding Year The 198263 Gris DasKerboU Season was a hard foughr one The Hor Dogs foiled ro win a gome, bur hod mony dose loses Firsr year coach Fred Downs hod o rough firsr year, bur wirh rhe rolenr rhor ts rerurnmg rhe furure looks bnghr Wirh only rwo groduoring seniors Uso Dorrley and Condy Robb all rhe resr will rerurn nexr season Excepr for Uso and Condy. rhe srorrmg five will all be bods Angie Mirchell. Trocy PlorT and Michelle Dorrley were recognized os honorable mennon in rhe Sogomore Conference Wirh rhese rhree plus Seared Mcheie Jones Oenoo Gobr Torrvr Turn Ar e M Che Done Snoror (Ve bsa Oomey Crouched Cord Thomas Jenny Donate Doma Johnson Me sso McCdkxgh Gnc Ltxas S’arxVng Cooch Fred Downs Andrea UmmeH Mo y Worr Condy Robb Trocy Pto" Loro PerKns. Aswan- Coach Jomce Jacoby mony junior vorsiry players rerurnmg rhe season of 1983 84 looks very promising Opponent We They Carrol 32 53 Rossv e 30 54 Drownsburg 22 43 Cknron Prone 20 34 Harrison 44 56 Kokomo 45 66 Logonsporr 44 64 Crowfcxdsvfle 44 45 Lebanon 20 58 Lafayette Je 18 04 Vevem Doone 22 53 Cknron Central 35 50 Shendon forfer N Monrgomery 57 62 W Lotayerre 44 50 Cknron Pro e 48 50 Cknron Central 20 56 Amor M he e Dorrley manes a move towards rheHor Dogs Hove Grear Season The 1982-83 Basketball season was an exremely successful one They finished wirh a very respectable 18-5 record, nine of rhose were consecutive victories The high pomr of the year occurred in the holiday tourney in which the Hot Dogs defeated 5th ronked Arlington in one of the most exciting games of the year After defeating Arlington. Frankfort entered the store rankings and stayed there for three consecutive weeks The four seniors on the ream did a great job in leading the ream rhs year They including Scott Stuart, John Sims, Bruce Hibbard and Doug Wilburn. Also leading the ream were junior John Morris ond sophomores Gary Goode ond Tim Roth Individual honors were presented to Scott Sruord. Al Stare Academic first ream also Bruce Hibbard was honorable mention Members of Sogomore Conference Team were Scott Sruord ond Gory Goode Bruce Hibbard also set a new school record in assists improving from 156 to 183 Congratulations to Coach Milholtand ond ro all members of the ream for a very enjoyoble season Opponenr We They Harrison 79 71 Qnron Prone 50 47 ftossvie 101 60 Qnron Cenrrol 77 66 logonsporT 64 57 Wesr Lofoyerre 56 51 Drownsbcrg 66 56 Sourhmonr 83 60 Artngron 71 68 Lebanon 62 74 Delphi 77 88 Lofoyerre Jefferson 63 59 Western 65 69 Crowfordsvie 76 63 Noah Montgomery 81 59 McCurcheon 72 59 Moores vie 77 83 Denron Cenrrol 74 67 Zoos vie 48 46 Wesrern Doone 52 43 Sectional Tourney Tn Cenrrol 76 62 Qnron Prone 55 49 Qnron Cenrrol 59 73 1) Senior Sr ond Our Druce Hbbord purs o qu k move on he opponenr 2) Sophomore Gory Goode grabs a rebound 3) Junor John Morns purs rhe bal n rhe hole 901) Anne Gumsey shows he - hopp " ess of being queen 3) Kneelmg Joy Ayres. Ouce Hbbord. Scott Sruord. Gory Goode. Tom McGJoch. Tm Rorh. Cltt Corron $rorx ng Cooch AAT o«c»nd. Monoger Ken Cook. John S ms. Doug Wtxm. John Moms M e Koy, Sieve Mirche Mcroger Don Sproy. Cooch Sruord. Cooch Kersey 91 2) Top scorer on rhe reom. Scott Sruord scores two more 5) C5F crew Kevh Johnson, Mott Wonscorr. ond Mon fsgnggGirls Tennis Wins Tough Sectional Title The 1983 Gris Term Team hod its best seoson ever They woo rhe Sogomore Conference ond oiso won a hard fought sectional title Senior Moreno Mocy led rhe way ploying number one singles, lerrering for rhe fourTh straight yeor Also graduating will be senior letter winner Marta Miller, who ployed number one doubles with junior Jon Ruch The reserves were also undefeated m rhe Sogomore Conference with o record of 4TD With reserves like this, rhe girls tennis squad con only get better Congratulations to the Gris Teams Team for o fantastic seoson Opponent We They Zcnsvie 2 Lofoyorre Je 0 5 Kokomo 5 0 Delphi 5 0 Carrol 5 0 logonsporr 1 4 Wesrern 5 0 Lebanon 3 2 Harrson 2 3 CVownsborg 5 0 Howorrh 3 2 North Mont 5 0 McCurcheon 5 0 Tpron 5 0 Oowforpvie 4 1 Western Qoone Secnonol CHAMPS 5 0 Jon Ruch shows her wnr»ng form 92  $ rr g Sfephorwe Mason Mondy fXxJencx Eleonore Hortovile Yoshie Nogcfmo Km Sexron Cindy Mason yyj Vondo OvrncH Kneeing IXoseonne Pode. Penny Vttomy Morro Mdler Groce Ann Miber Jon fXuch Morcio Mocy Dern Glover Gal Netmoye' ono Chris Sexron SroncSng Jone EkfrxJge Oern Montgomery Molly Pkarr Trocy Plorr Km Morrhews Oecky Foyer Jenny Don , Margo Morrison ona Cooch Jonetfe Srrvh 93Boys Baseball Under New Leadership The 1983 Baseball ream was under new leadership. Mr Ron Rucker rook over ofrer Mr Wayne Davis resigned who hod coached for a number of years Wirh only rwo seniors ploying rh6 yeor. Scorr Sruord and John Sims rhe baseball ream is very young and or rimes rhs inexperience showed Finishing wirh a record of 6-17. rhe baseball reom is expecred ro do much berrer in rhe coming yeor The absence of Sruord ond Sims will be mode up for by some of rhe younger players Good luck rhis year Senior Scott Sruord gets coughr whrfe frying to yea o Dose Opponent We They Lafoyerre Jeff 1 2 Hamson 0 « Delph. 7 2 Delph. 5 2 Carrol 4 « Lebanon Conf 7 13 CrowfordsvUe Conf 4 3 Tpron 0 5 Tipton 0 W Kokomo How or m 0 5 Norrh Monr Conf 19 9 Drownsburg Conf 6 9 Weyern 0 8 Western 3 9 Oenron Cenrrd 1 4 Norrh Monr conf 3 4 Cfcnron Prone 9 3 W Lofoyerre 9 10 Zionsvile 4 5 X Omron Central 5 4 Onron Centra 1 7 CrowfordsvJe Conf 7 10 Lebonon Conf Drownsburg Conf N A 3 10 94 Junior Mike Urey smrfes for rhe cameraIK 3! Z ‘ 9nI ' W V V l WB V I ' X C-T7- r Freshmen Sr eve Warren wdkng bock ro rhe dug our Seored Sreve Worreo M e Do« Trevor AOerv Touoo Corter leAnne MJec Chad Moore rtodney Smrh, Jtyr AA hoe Dencn seored Kenneth Coc Scon htbyx). Mon Rerfenboch CVon O IVen Todd Ufcngrom. Gcry Comtn QS Pnor Joe Cone Phi fXocker Srondnq Asyyonr Cooch Sreve Harper Joy Ayres Enc jXedenboch je« rt»ond Andy Hi CVon Goodwr John Sms Scon Srucyd Oock Fe t x AAke Urey Ccrr Corron Mark Alen Troy chmmei. oy Scon. Jeff Solee Cooch Ron Rucker I Cofcher Troy Scheme gets ready rQ throw our o mon on secondBoys Track Buns To A Victory The 1983 Doys Trock ream, even Though They srruggled produced some excellenr rimes and some excelienr orhleres Led by sophomores Chris Doughrry, and Tim Botxsom, ond o freshmen Jim Speors. also by K C Seberr. Bob Chnsropher. Mark Palmer, ond Bichord Weaver Decause of only losing o few seniors This year, rhe rrock ream will hove renewed srrengrh ond viraliry Wirh rons of rolenr coming bock rhs year 1984 looks extremely promising Good luck m 84 guys Opponent We They Grvon Cenrrai 77 40 Logonsporr 21 105 Wesrern Doone 75 53 Cfcnton P'ore 50 68 NobftsvJe 10 07 Crawfordsviie 10 57 New Coyle 10 57 Tipton 10 17 Morrison 25 75 Twn LoKes 25 60 Leoonon 33 83 Drownstxxg 33 66 Crawfordsviie 33 60 Lebanon 24 102 Deiph. 87 40 Norm Monr 37 00 Cbnron Prore 75 08 Gnron Cenrrai 75 40 kossvie 75 10 Lebanon 25 140 Crawfordsv e 25 87 Norm Monr 25 87 OrowosOurg 25 67 Western Docme 25 28 S rmg John Oayes )m S er Chad Sow k Crag k - Dave Guffey K C Se be" John Vv h Km Vcm Dome. Kneeing Lonce Gregore kcmoy Sworn kot Ooye' Crag Orodsnow m Soears Todd konsom Gcyy Crum kob Ovwopher Joroe kich Srondng Cooch Herndon Tm kotxsor Dr on Cnpe Tony Ogden Srocy Afcough Scorr Schmvnel Lmscon kichord Weaver Sharon So«ee. Scorr Oedord. Kevr koOerrs Chm Dougherty Jeff Pufcns Joe W oms Cooch Terwnons. Cooch Sruorr Serxy kichord Weaver sorry-, rhe anchor eg Sophomore Tm TVot son runs r«s leg o ,ne re °yGirls Track Young And Bold To Be Bock 1963 Gris rrock ream was a young one ond writ be bock m strong fashion nexr year Leoding rhe ream rhis year were Angie Mitchell. MVP Long distance runner Loro Perkins, field event specialist, Lori Pflon, ond most improved player Teresa Moore Gaming letters this year Lon Prikon. Angie Mitchell. Loro Perkins, Koyleoh Applebee, Teresa Moore. Jeonne Hoi. Donno Johnson, Jorme Hunter ond Gmo Lucas Al these grls were sophomores ond freshmen ond wH be bock m rhe yeors to come Warch out fons, the yeor rhe girls wH spnnr to o victory' Opponent We They Clinton Prone 33 72 Lebanon 19 80 Clmron Central 54 50 Delphi 25 80 Logonsport 34 71 Norm Monr 29 76 CrowfordSvHle 22 107 Orownsburg 22 40 North Monr 22 125 Lebanon 22 07 Bossvifie 44 31 Cimon Protfic 44 79 Cimon Central 44 42 Angie Mrfchel MVP roces ocross rhe me tor Q tfv place finish yrng — Komno Hde. June Meiers Jeanne Hd. Shannon HI. Darb Ewmg. Donno Johnson. Lon Wkon. bz Guchen Juke HockerO. Moonr lemo Srondng — Cooch Russel. Karen Swearingen. Ten Stertng Heorher Srmrh, Teresa Moore. Noncy Irwn. Koyleoh Applebee. Loro Perkins. Jomce Young. Peggy Horshborger. Jorme rtjnrer. Angie Mitchell. Chnsnno Boss. Gmo Lucas. Cooch Dofcnger Loro Perkms mc es 'he swirch ro Jam ? Hunrer Shannon Hi Procticmg her form on rhe hurdesBoys Golf Strokes To A Good Season The 1983 Doys Golf ream hod o well rounded season Led by John Moms, Jason Docker, ond Mart Evans, rhose three led the Frankfort Hordogs in many of rhe marches Unbelievably rhe Hordogs wirh on abundance of skill returning, Frankfort finished rhe season wirh on 8-8 record ond high standings m dl rheir tournaments Their season was highlighted by qualifying for rhe regiond tournament High scorers of rhe yeor were John Morns 75. Joon Docker 77, ond Scorr Colverr 79 Way ro go guys Good luck next yeor Opponent We They Kokomo Howorrh 331 313 Orownsburg 360 344 Tpron 176 175 Nobiesvie 361 337 Oowfordsvile 345 325 Kokomo 342 325 Lebonon 354 310 Counry Meet 4rh logonsporr 332 334 Western Ooone 170 169 Omron Prorie 324 335 Oowfordsvie Inv 2nd Crowfordsvie Inv 4rh Delphi 322 389 McCurcheon 345 352 W Lofoyerre 345 267 Sogomore Conference 2nd Secnonol 3rd ke onal N A Kneeing Doug Hemes. Scott Cafven. Jason Oncker, Mon Evans, Scorr Deorry. Tony MJer. Jofm Morris Srondng Cooch kandy Smith. Mike Copmg, Prmce Chon. Alan Afword. Enc Howord. Joy Srmrh Todd Weber, Edc e Zink. Pot Kersey 98 Nunber one golfer John Moms mokes conrocr Joson Dncker reemg off or rhe balKneeing Joy Smrfh. Druce DoukJen. Trevor Adders. MAe Wort r«s. Todd Ransom. Damn Onager Scon Deorry. Dove Gurnsey, John Teegarden Ed Soarrm 2nd Row Rex Dr den Paul Gcndy Deon Kramer. Jotn Moyer. Mke Scolen. Sreve Warren Rondy Swam. Pere Clossn 3rd Row Mr Pruz. Jome Mchoefe Oy6 Srrwh. Tony Odgen Orion Goodwn. Dove Noyes. Orion Eckhoff. Mr Herndon. Tony Horton Freshman Sporrs Siting Scort Deorry. Mike Workms. Por Kersey, Todd Ransom. Dorm Oronger. Monoger Oruce Schrmrter Dickie Royer Sreve Worreo Jorme M hoe s, Rondy Sworn. PtW Memr Monoger. Chod Osrier. Kevm Meyers. Dovid Weesener. Dnon Goodwn. Tony Odgen. Todd Snodgrass. Rex Dr den 99The chorrxxjosho teorr. k 0 nghr fXon Cupp. Kevn Roberts. Scon Oordner John Oloom „ me uKjr-v -'W uoom. Tony Steworr Scon Dove,. Errae Pefkns. Roy Scon 102F.5.H.5. Faces You hove o week before school pictures ore token and you're nor really worried obour it The day of pictures some ore worried obour whor to wear ond how to smile — should it be o big smie or should you be serious. Some students forger their money ond hove to coll home to hove their mommy bring ir to them Then you stand in line Finolly it’s your turn Slowly you walk in front of the camera, sit on the box, ond position yourself The man soys "smile Gertrude" then the flashes ond it’s over Your smile was just the way you procnced it But when you get your pictures everyone complains that their picture is awfulAr lasr. we con r believe our Senior year is finely here. Ir seems Ike rhe post four years hove jusr flew by . Ar our first Wink ir is Chrisrmas. nexr Spring Dreok, and rhen groduorion. Where do rhe days go? Our Senior year isn'r easy rhough, we ore foced wirh book reviews, research papers, final exams and rons of homework, ir seems ike rhere is no Ighr or rhe end of rhe runnel Bur we endure and rhe good rimes conrinue Ike our dass swim parry, doss rood parries, dass movies and jusr being a senior Our dass officers ore President LeAnne AAier, Vice Presidenr, Kevin Johnson; Secretary. Party Bodish; and Treasurer. Keb Borriey Good Luck Seniors, we hope you hod a good rime this year. Louro Abbot Doonno Adorns Chuck Alton John Alton Doug Amkh Tommy Andorson Tony Arlon Carlo RolosMichoel Drown Rose Mode Du n so do Thomos Dofz Chorios Byrne Kevin Difner Cindy Doll LI so Dorr ley Kebbro Dorrley Dovld DlocKburn John Dloom Porty Dodlsh Glenn Dolen Scon Dordner Mork Dower Mlkkl Doorh Angle Oond Tomolo Doyer Greg Drodshow John Do yd Sonio DowerKimberly Cor dew Joney Cossell Michoel Comp Kevin Cost Jennifer Chon Kori Cavanaugh Mlkel Chriswell leso Chriswell Bruce Cole Marilyn C off mo Auburn Conklin Robin Coomer Donno Coy Cherrl Cooper Orion Crlpe Sherry Cunningham Virginia Dolly Sfocy Dellinger Andrew Defheroge Toni Bouldln Dubree Aim Dibble J ny Ewing Rondy Em ry Jo Feorrln Down Elllori Mo on ft Fisher Kimberly Fisher Howord Ferguson Chorles Ferguson Sfonley Fro lie r Orendo Schoner French Sf v n Frorlor Sherry Fisher Donlel Gord Kofhryn Gephorf Jim Gofl Dovld GillumMelody Hochord Bcondo Hormon Jdf Horrb Jerry Horshborger Alfredo Guojordo Reg I no Gun yon Toni Gun yon Anne Gurnsey Horshmon Jennifer Hoyden Robert Helmboch r-L.iA Unrtnn t-oivin nonon Kellie Hinkle Mike Hutchinson Louro Huffer Morthew Andrew JorboeRoy Jorrott Rkhord L wls Vicki Lowdon Joosph McKoo LooAnno Mlllor Mork Mlllor Joonn Mundoll Mory Murray Korhy Korn Kovln Johnson Tlno Long Croig Looks Mordo Mocy Morto Mlllor Yoshlo Nokojlmo Gory MorningstorSondro Nolson Ltoo Nkholj Money Osborn Mark Polm r Pofrick Poyn Ann Porkor D lon Osrior 1 Rkhord Pkkorlng Frank Potorson Kolfh Ptfzor f mj V CoH Pugh Srophonlo Polios Gory Rond Shorrio Rood Modolyn Rock Grog RonkkOrton Royer Cindy Russell George Ann Soori Annette Sondoge Jetty Roberts Orton Ross Rorxfte Ross Ron Rothenborger Dovld Senders Scott Schlmmel John Risse Candy Robb Trocy Riley Catherine Sanders Mkkey Scott • . jon jnetn Steve Sea bolt J |«tA.U Cj n M ▼ kioiKj xonMark Shormon Stocy Shinn John Sims Mtchool Slovens Angola Smlloy Eric Smith Mollndo Smith Donald Sproy Douglas Stanton Vlono Stovons John Stonohlll Karon Stoops David Strongo Shorrlo Toy lor Brlon Toyomo Jody Stovons Anthony S to wort Scoff SfuordJMI Thomos Tonoy Crolg Tull Androo Ummtl Rkhord V ov r Douglas VNburn LNHo Viboo Klmborly Vlnogord Tommy VoNo Paulo no Vood Raymond Arthur Tina Vood Goyl Von Volkonburg Donosuo Vorgorl Dono VIbon Quint Villon Scott Vroomon Toroso Vorron Potty Royor Voltors Mott VolnsconAngie Hill Coomer Tony Criswell Trent Horshmen DovkJ Ellis Kerry Horshborger Eleonore Horloville Moorir Lelno Gerold Mooneyhom 112Q S S o f 8 4 Juniors Juniors We con hardly believe rhor we've mode ir rhis for1 The Junior doss is faced wirh a big responsibility — plonning rhe prom The Junior doss officers of 1982-83 were doss President; Anne Lipsert Vice-President, Jim Siller; Secretory, Jon Ruch and Treasurer. Vonda Chitnck Hong in there Juniors — JUST ONE MORE YEAR TO GO» MIKE ADAMS ANGIE ALLEN MARK ALLEN TAMMY ALLEN NATALIE ARNOLD JAY AYRES THAD DAGSHAW KATHY DAILY MICHELE DARTLEY JOHN OAYSE PAM DEARD TROY DEARD ANGIE DECKELHEIMER SUSIE DELMAREZ EDWARD DICKNELL MISSY DLACKDURN JEFF DOWLES CHARLES DROWN DEAN DROWN SHANNON DROWN MARY ANN ORYANT MATHA DURGE LORI DUSHMAN RICK CANTU LORRAINE CARNEY CURT CATRON PRINCE CHAN VONDA CHITTICK ROD CHRISTOPHER KERRY CLARK JULIE COLE KENNY COOK PAUL COOPER STEPHANIE COOK RUSSEL COX CARLA CRIPE ANDREA CULROSS JODIE CUNNINGHAM RON CUPP KRIS CURNUTT SUSAN DALY JENNY DANIELS 114BRYAN DAVID XAN DAVIES TAMMY DEETER DARREL DROKE MICHELE DUOREE MELODY EADS JANE ELDRIDGE JERRY ELUS REGINA EMERY MAH EVANS BROCK FELTMOFF MAURICE FISHER RICHARD FORD BETHANY FOSTER BECKY FOSTER KIM GALVIN KAREN GANDY ANDY GARHART USA GODBEY JACKIE GOOD DAVID GOODWIN RICHARD GREENO KELU GUNYON KATRINA HALE BRIAN HALL LUELLA HARPER PENNY HEDGE MELISSA HENDERSON MISSY HIBBARD STACEY HICKMAN JEFF HILAND SHANNON HILL DOUG HINES JENNY HODGE BRENDA HORNSBY MIKE HOUZE ANGIE HOWE MAX HOWE DANNY HUGHES DAVID HUMPHREY MIKE KAY MARTIN KING MICHELE KINSLER scon KNOX KIM LANK MARK LINSCOTT ANNE LIPSETT JEFF LOVETT 115JULIE MCDAIDE LORA MCKEE DEBBIE MCKIDDEN DOUG MAISH MICHELE MARSH KIM MATTHEW TAMARA MERRIT BRIAN MICHEAL RAY MILLER KELLY MILLS STEVE MITCHEL RITA MOORE SHELLY MOORE KIM MORIN JOHN MORRIS TOMMY MOUNTS LEWIS MYERS scon NOYES ALAN OSTLER MACHELE OSTLER AMANDA PALMER JIM PARSONS SUSAN PAYNE ERNIE PERKINS LYN PHILLIPS USA PIPPENGER LISA PLUMMER KELLY AAIDY TERRY RANDLE CATHY RANDOLPH KIM REDINGTON ERIC REIDENOACH BARB REYNOLDS JAMIE RICH MICHELLE RICHARDS TAMMI RIMMER ROD RISSE TAMMY ROBERTS SAMANTHA ROBINSON ANDY ROBINSON KIM ROHRABARUGH TAMARA ROOT UNDA ROUSTIO JAN RUCH JEFF RUMPZA GEORGE RYNEARSON BRET SAATHOFF JEFF SALLEE 116SHANNON SALLEE SARAH SCHEIDLER TIM SCHIMITTER carol scon david scon roy scon K.C SEIBERT CHRIS SEXTON MYRA SEYMOUR JOHN SHANKS CHARLES SHEETS JIM SILLER STEVEN SKIRVIN FRANK SMITH JOHN SMITH JOYCE SMITH JON SMITH MELEA SMITH PAULA SMITH VICTOR SMITH RHONDA SMITH TODD SNYDER JESSIE STINNEn KIM STORM PETE TEETER CAROL THOMAS MERIE UNDERWOOD MIKE UREY STAN VROOMAN DEBRA WAGGONER DON WARD WALTER WEST TODD WHITEMAN MISSY WIBURN ANGIE WILDEN JOE WILLIAMS USA WILLIAMS PENNY WILUAMS VINCENT WINTERS LORI WOODRUFF LYLE YOUNGS KIM PERKINS 117Sophomores c Q Sophomores In rheir second year of high school rhe doss of "85" begins ro realize rhe btg responsibly rhor lies before rhem — rheir life ahead of rhem In jusr o few shorr years decisions of college and coreer choices will ploy a big role in our lives We will nor be able ro be as carefree as in our high school days The ocnvines of rhe Sophomore Class of 198283 were led faithfully by rhe doss Presidenr, Cindy Mason. Vice-President, Rob Boyer, Secrerary, Groce Ann Miller and Treasurer. Naralie Reck. Jusr rhink Sophomores — ONLY TWO MORE YEAR' s s O f 8 5 KELLIE AKARD STACY ALDAUGH ALAN ALWARD JEFF AMOS SHERMAN ANDERSON DECKY ARNETT MINDY BAKER JOE DARKER KIM DARKER TRESA BARKLEY TINA DARNES SCOn BEDARD DOUG DENNEn RAY DODDIT DENNIS DOWERS ROD DOYER JASON DRICKER CARRIE BRiniAN RODIN BROCK DILL DROWN TONY BYRD SCOn CALVERT MANDA CAMP MARK CARR DILL CARSON TAUNA CARTER PRINCE CHEN SUE CLICK LISA CLOUSE CHRIS CLOUSER JANA COLEMAN DRIEN COMPTON GARY CONKLIN RENE COOPER JOE CORTEZ ELLEN COSTLOW JEFF CORTRELL SANDRA COHRELL PAnY COX GARY CRUM STACEY CUPP PHIL CRUTCHFIELD 118 RANDY CUNNINGHAM DANA DAVID DRIAN DAVIS DANNY DEAN CHRIS DOUGHERTY LORI EAST PATTY EDWARDS KIM ELDRIDGE LARRY FAGG GIA FERGUSON GARY FROST PAT GARDNER ROBERT GATES BETH GLOVER DAN GONZALEZ GARY GOODE JON I GOSEWEHR GEORGE GOSNELL LANCE GREGOIRE ANNA GREENO GREG GRINSTEAD JEANNE HALL MELISSA HALL RITA HALL CHUCK HARPER TOMMY HARSHBARGER GARY HART KARREN HAYDEN ERIC HOWARD SANDY HOWE MELODY HICKS SCOn HILAND ANDY HILL JEFF JACKSON GLENN JACOBS GINA JARBOE LAURA JARREH DONNA JOHNSON MIKE JOINER BRIAN KEEVER TIM KENNEDY SATINA KLUTZKE SAMANTHA KNOX ANDY LADD TODD LAPIN RICK LEACH JERRY LEONARD THERESA LIPSEn 119MARY ANN LOSEY RITA LOVETT AMY LUCAS TOM McCOLLOCH TONYA MARSHALL TONY MARTIN RALPH MARTINELLI LORA MASON JUNE MEIERS GRACE ANN MILLER MEGAN MILLER SCOn MILLER TIM MILLER TONY MILLER ANGIE MITCHELL KIM MITCHELL MIKE MOON DRIAN MOORE RITA MOORE MELINDA MOUDY MARY MULLINS CHRIS NAUGLE NANCY NEWDOLD DRIEN O DRIES LORI OSTLER TERESA OWEN JULIE PAINTER PHIL PARKER DRENDA PAULEY LESLIE PHIFER LORI PILLION DRIAN PITZER RHONDA PITZER TRACY PLATT RODERT POSEY KEVIN PRICE DILL PRIOR JEFF PULLINS JENNY RAMSEY LARRY RANDLE PAULETTA RAY MIKE REAM NATALIE RECK MELISSA REDDING DILL REED MATT REIDENDACH DONNA REYNOLDS CRAIG RICH 120ROY RICH GINGER RIDER PAT RILEY EDWARD ROBERTS DAVID RODDINS OARD ROOINSON BILLY ROBINSON TIM ROBINSON SALLY ROE TIM ROTH PHIL RUCKER CRAIG RUTLEDGE JOHN SARTIN KIP SCHEIDLER carol scon DOUG SEARS AMY SEBREE HARLEY SEYMOUR KATRINA SHARP DEBBIE SHELTON MARGIE SHURR SANDY SEIGFRIED MARCY SILLER ANGIE SMITH HEATHER SMITH JIM SMITH MARY ANN SMITH TINA SMITH GLORIA SPURLOCK TIM STANDISH CHRIS STEINMETZ MATT STEPHAN RAY STEVENS JOEL STILLER CAROL STINGLEY KATHY STINNETT SUSAN STREET RHONDA SURBER TODD TARKINGTON ROD TAYLOR SUSAN TAYLOR ANGIE TEGARDEN JILL THORNTON JEFF TOLSEN DAN UHL DAWN VESCO scon VILLARS LEA VINEY 121sonya Wallace DARLENE WARD ROD WEAVER TODD WEDER ANGIE WHITE MICHELLE WHITE scon WILLIAMS RODIN WOLFE WAYNE WOOLEY LANA WRIGHT MIKE DARTLEY PAUL CHEN RHONDA CREWS TERRY FRAZIER MISSY KINGMA RITA LOVEH CINDY MASON JOHN OPPELT MIKE REAM DAVE RODDINS VICKY ROYERFreshmen c Q S 5 O f 8 6 Freshmen Nervous or firsr obout rhe prospecr of enrering F.S.H.S rhe ninrh groders quickly felr or ease in rhe holls of rhe high school The Freshmen doss officers of 1982-83 were President, Troy Boorh. Vice Presides. Srephome Mason. Secrerory, Moody Ridenour ond Treasurer, Margo Morrison Good Luck Freshmen, you've only just begun' MELISSA ABBOTT KEIVEN ABNEY TREVER ADERS LAURA ALLEN MICHEAL ALLEN KAYLEAH APPLEBY RHONDA AYERS RICHARD BAKER BRIAN BAKER KELLY BAKER BILL BANKS KIM BEARD SCOn BEATTY ERIC BEAVENS ERNEST BELMAREZ GLENN BENEFIEL BETTY BIDDLE REX BIRDEN TROY BOOTH JODY BOGAAD BRUCt BOULDIN GALEN BRADSHAW LOU ANN BRAGG MYRON BRAY SHARON BREWER RACHEL BRIGHT KELLY BRITTAIN MICHELLE BRITTAIN BEVERLY BRYANT RAYMOND BURGE BRENDA BURTON LORI BURTON MELLISA BUSHMAN VIRGINA BUSHMAN ROBERT BUSHONG MARIA CASTILLO ELAINA CHAMBERSAIN ANGIE CHANDLER TREASE CHESTER RHONDA CLINGERMAN JAMES CLOSSIN DAN CLOUSER 124KAREN CLOUSER KELLY CONKRIGHT MARK COPENHAVER MICHEAL COPPING ALTON CRAVIN JOHN CREWS LAURIE CREWS TIM CRISELL KEVIN CROSE KAREN CULROSS CHARLES CUNNINGHAM TOMMY CUNNINGHAM SHARON CUPP JASON CURL TRESEA DAVEY ALAN DAVID CHAD DAVID MICHEAL DAVIS CLEDIS DEAN JEFF DETANORE JOHN DICKENSON BRAD DYE MIKE ECKHOFF DARDARA EWING DALE EWING TINA FAUCETT DALE EWING TINA FAUCETT AMTHONY FOSTER TRACY FREEMAN LINDA FREEMAN JENNIFER FUEL DRENDA GABRIEL TIMMY GALEY PAUL GANDY JEANIE GARD STACY GARHART ROBERT GEORGE CONNIE GILLUM RANDELL GILLUM ROBBY GILLUM DIANA GLEASON KELLY GOOD JOHN GOODNIGHT BRIAN GOODWIN JEFFREY GREENO MIKE GREENO BILL GRIEGER EULALIA GUAJARDO NORMA GUAJARDO 125PHILLIP GUNYON DAVID GURNSEY JULIE HACKERD TERRY HARRISON PEGGY HARSHDARGER TAMI HARSHDARGER DENNY HARSHMAN ANTHONY HARSHMAN EDLIE HIDDARD JULIE HILL LORETTA HINDSLEY ANTHONY HORTON DALE HOUSTON PAMELA HOWE STEPHANIE HOWE JAMIE HUNTER NANCY IRWIN DODDI JOHNSON RANDY JOHNSON MICHELLE JONES PATRICK KERSEY KIM KNOX ALISA KRAMER DEAN KRANER DESSI LARGE JOHATHAN LARGE JAMES LEACH STACY LEACH DRIAN LEWIS DEDDIE LEWIS KRYSTAL LOUKS TONY LOVELEST GINA LUCAS melissa McCulloch CARLA McGILL usa McGuire KIM MARCUM STEPHANIE MASON JAMES MAYOR PHILLIP MERRIT JAMES MICHAEL NORA MICHEAL MOLLY MILLER DETH MONTGOMERY DRUCE MOORE TERESANN MOORE TONYA MOORE MARY MOORE 126ANTHONY OGDON CHAD OSTLER MARY JANE OSTLER DARRIN OTIINGER ALBERT PAULEY LORA PERKINS ANGELA PITMAN WENDY PITMAN MOLLY PLATT BRIAN PLUNKITT TERRI PUGSLEY TODD RANSOM BECKY RAY DOUGLAS REED TINA REED NINA RICE MICHAEL RICHARDS KEVIN RICHIE SAMANTHA RIDENOUR BRIAN ROBERTS VICKIE ROBINSON PENELOPE ROE JUDY ROE TINA ROOT CHRISTINA ROSS DENETA ROSS MELISSA ROSS RICHARD ROYER MELISSA SANDAGE EDWIN SARTIN CHAD SAWICKE MICHAEL SCALLAN MARY SCHERY BRUCE SCHMITTER TONYA SCHOCKE oscar scon melissa scon KIMBERLY SEXTON GAYLE SHARP JOY SHOEMAKER JOHN SILL DANIEL SKIRVIN 127SHANNON SLIPHER LISA SMILEY CHRISTOPHER SMITH FAIROEE SMITH JAMES SMITH JAY SMITH ROONEY SMITH TAMMY SMITH TONYA SMITH TODD SNODGRASS RODDIE SPARGER JAMES SPEARS SUZANNE STERLING WENDY STERLING AMBER STORM CARRIE SURDER BRIAN SUTHERLAND RANDIE SWAIN KAREN SWEARGIN MICHELLE TEGARDEN JACK THOMAS JOESEPH THOMAS WESLEY THOMAS MICHAEL TIDRICK STEVEN TONEY TAMMY TURNER JEFF VICE JANICE VINEY RALPH WALKER STEVEN WARREN MICHAEL WATKINS JACKIE WEDER DAVID WEESNER ANNA WESSELL PHILLIP WESSELL MELISSA WEST SHANNON WHITEMAN TINA WHITEMAN ROGER WISEMAN JOHN WOLF BEVERLY WOODS GREG WRIGHT BRITT YORK JANICE YOUNG MARTIN YOUNG EDWARD ZINK 128Principals Counselors Secretaries Mr Druley — Counselor Ms Fields — Counselor Mr Milhollond — Assisronr Principal Mr Clark — Principal Mr Prosser — Asssronr Principal 130 Mrs Howord — Guidance Secrerory Mrs Swomn — Bookkeeper Mrs ftobley — Secrerory Mrs Eley — SecreroryCL O Food Service Personnel sirring Connie Motsh. JoAn Donoho, Drendo Drockert. Dorothy Jones. Ruth Martin, Minnie Smith. Standing Thelma Downey. Maxine Sanders. Shirley Obermiler. Joyce Robertson, Mkjred Kirkmon. Dorb Fouserr. Mobel Wetda, JoAn Fuller. Esther Shope This yeor the Food Service Pilot Project was added to the school food service A grant was mode possible Through the Deportment of Public Instuction Division of School Food Service ond Nutrition The grant was given to Frankfort Senior High to study the fo owmg areas use the computer m the Food Service Program and related areas, studenr participation in meoi planning (Youth Advisory Committee), adult participation m the food service progrom (Adult Advisor Committee), in service training of food service personnel, serving with less with the use of Government Commodoties Mrs Platt was nomed Food Service Advisor and has made many improvements ond plans many more n rhe future W"The Men In Charge" Mr Bloom — Asssronr superinrendenr Mr Ayers — Superinrendenr Mr Gosewher — Personnel Orecror 132 Administrative BuildingThe Advertisers As we come to rhe end of rhe book, don’t forget ro look rhrough the odvertisemenrs As for onyrhmg these doys it olwoys costs ro produce o product ond these people help support rhe cost They olso ore supporters of the community Some hove graduated ond others hove children in Frankfort Senior High We appreciate their loyalty ro rhe school, ond rhonk them for taking interest in making our book betterState Road 28 West Phone — 654-6203 55 N. 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Walnut St. 654-8586 OFFICE FURNITURE OFFICE SUPPLIES JANITOR SUPPLIES PAPER PRODUCTS Iffy JAi OF UNILECTRICr€ 555 Hoke Ave GENERAL Congratulations FTnH f™ BATTERY C T CORPORATION 654-8561 BARGIN C 61 West 659 ENTER INC. Washington -7881 JRL Sales And Repair Service (fv Since 1925 Top Line Band Orch. Instruments Open Hours: 8 AM To 5 PM Mon. Thru Sat. Save With Our Beginning Band Instrument Trial Rental Plan 654-5344 1352 S. Columbia RANDY’S STYLE SHOP "" 0 Ful Service Men — Women Curs — Perms Hor Keptocemenr Eosr 311 Kenrwood Dr 654-6630 Fronkfon Ind 1 _ 4; 142 ft EAGLES LODGE 976 143THRIFTY SUPPLY Farm • Home • Auro Sells Rood Frankfort 654-8282 THE MALLORY CONTROL CO. Store Rood 28 West 654-5501 Good Luck Class Of 83PATRONS Sparrow Fbrisr Reppert Tool Renrol The Sugar Sheris Kent's Shoes Dr. Carl W. Ddlmon, D.D5. Frankfort Decororing Center Jim Dandy The Dog House Con Krighr's Dr. Corea, OD. Roy Coy Appliances Gendo's Dennis L. Hoyden, CPA Dr. HJ. Compton, D.D.S. Dr. Thurman Smith, D.D.S.NATIONAL SEAL DIVISION Frankfort, IndianaYAMAHA § INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION TRIUMPH YAMAHA ffcf) Rt. 6 St. Rd. 28 W Frankfort, IN 46041 Phone (317) 654-8464 ® TRIUMPH LUCAS SHELL 1 South Jackson 659-1502 PACER OIL CO. Pacer Easrside Manager Charles F. Guffy 1959 Eosr Wabash 654-8069 Pacer Wesrside Manager Jeff Crick 700 West Walnur 654-8976 0 MEN'S STORE 47 N. Jackson 654-8558 Frankfort, IN FREEDMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE 62 N Main 654-6722 Frankfort IN 46041 BEARD INDUSTRIES Sr Rd 28 West 654-8517 Frankfort Indiana 46041 iCOCA-COLA Coke Is Ir MILKY WAY Choose us for our quality • •. buy us for our prices! Stewart; Davis FINE FURNITURE State Road 39 Sooth, Frankfort Phone 654-0511 We've Served Your Parents And Grandparents, And Are Looking Forward To Serving YouKEENEY'S STANDARD STATION 201 South Jackson Sr. FrankfortLENOX —4t icwtt in the Lincoln Continental tradition LINCOLN s153WINK JAGGERS CHEVROLET INC "World's Wildest Trader" Soles — Service Parrs Complere Body Shop 654-5561 Frankfort's Finest Showroom m 1S4201 W. Clinton Frankfort, Ind. 46041 We use Kodak paper... fora good look.The Couldron Staff Says Thanks To All Of It's AdvertisersSrudenr Snapshots Make 'Do lr Yourself' Yearbook This year we deeded ro let rhe whole school rake porr m rhe making of rhe year bools We wenr ro rhe srudenrs and asked rhem ro bring m any snopshors rhey would like printed in rhe book So rhey dug through rheir scrapbooks ond developed rolls of frfm in order ro moke rheir contributions ro the Do lr Yourself" yearbook Ten Sterling. Angie Dond. Bose Poole. Annette Sandage. Marta Miller, and Jon Cosse roke time our of rheir sunbathing ro pose for rhis picture Seniors Craig Tull, Orion Teyemo. ono Kirk Moddock m rheir wee years os freshmen Derh Glover ond June Meiers hong it on rhe Ime Srephonie Polios ploying wirchie poo when she was o young pup Kip Schetdler tries ro sneak a drink of pepsi bur gets coughr We included Cbnr Eastwood as o personal favor ro Brian Teyemo. his all rime favorire star 158Gerry Cooney kissing our very own Soroh Scheidler who dtdn'r wash her cheek for 3 weeks afterwords Jon Smith trying ro get our of rhe drivewoy without storting rhe cor Jane Eldridge gets o surprise m her Christ mos gift Doug Amich showm off his '57 chevy Kelly Hinkle tries ro find o way home from Florida over spring break Louro Abbott, shows off her new snow suit Jomes Dean's biggest fon. Tony Srewort Groce Anne Miller. Jeonne Hoi. ond Natalie Reck pose for o picture or Jeonne' Vicki Lowden ond LeAnne Miller show off o very origmol pose 159Urrle Jomie Michoel Rodney Smirh Joyce Srmrh. Mene Underwood, ond Corhy Smirh and rheir heorrs Derh Glover. Jeonne Holl. Groce Ann Miller. Trocy P orr ond June Meers or o boskerboll gome Jenny Daniels ond her horse Ernie Perkins ond Tony Sreworr hiding m rhe weeds Down Elior gives o DIG Sron Vroomon gers werrer rhon rhe cors Liso Couse ond Rondo Crews Mike Urey. Jeff hWond. Sron Vroomon, John Sims, Jenny Doniete, Kelly Roidy. Vondo Chirrick, Becky Fosrer, Jon Ruch. and John Morns or o Chnymos porry Sreve MircheH, Jone EkJndge. Sron Vroomon, ond Kelly Bendy or King's Wood ofTer rhe prom Ke«y Body m o srore of rorol ond Todd Snyder, Scooby Doo, absolute shock ond Howard Fergusen rry ro look rough John Sims ond Becky Fosrer or rhe Euvolo Formal Donee obviously having o good rime Jeff Hilond ond Sron Vroomon doing o donee. John Morris ond Jon ftuch or o Chrtsrmos porry 161News Of The Year The 1983 NCAA fmol gome berween rhe Housron Cougors and rhe North Cordno Store Wdfpock proved ro be one of rhe mosr exanng gomes m rhe h6tory of rhe rournomenr The Wolf pock hod been on underdog throughout rhe rournomenr. and Housron wos favored by eight points going mro rhe find gome The Wdfpock’s cooch. Jim Vdvono. did on excelenr job of coochmg os he broughr he reom from o seven pomr defiar ro o rwo pomr victory The 1983 Indmnopdis 500 srorred off where lost years race finished Gorden Johncock edged our R k Meors ro coprure rhe 1982 race, and rhis yeor hos srorred with rookie Teo Fd wmnmg the pde position for rhe 1983 roce The first weekend of quokficorions wos romed our. ond dl rhe cors were ready ro go on rhe fdtowmg Sorurdoy Rom wos once ogom m rhe forecast, bur rhe skies cleared ond over 200.000 people poured mro rhe Speedway ro witness rhe qualification attempts Teo Fob. who wos the fifth qualifier of rhe day, hod been running quick dl month m procrice, bur he stunned everyone when he set o new rrock record of 207 349 mph Another IMS record was broken when dl 33 cor qudified n o single day For rhe 200.000 roce fans who attended rhe qualifying it wos o fun ofreroon, even if some people "slepr" ond did nor see ony cors qualify NCAA Pnncess Groce of Monoco died on September 14. 1982. after she suffered o stroke whie driving with her doughrer on rhe morrmg of rhe 13th. Her doughrer. Stephanie, sustained o hoirlme frocrure of rhe neck vertebra, bur rhe real rroumo come when her mother died Groce Kely was born m Philadelphia m 1929 She lorer become one of rhe mosr prominent ocrresses of her rime, staring m such movies os High Noon, Od M for Murder, ond To Corch o Thief Groce Keiy then momed Prmce Romer of Monoco ro become rhe only Amercon born Pnncess Indy 500 On September 14, 1983 rhe players of rhe Norond Foorbol Leogue went our on strike for rhe first rime m rhe history of rhe leogue The players, who were ed by Gene Upshow ond Ed Gorvey, domonded fifry five percenr of ol rhe owners rcker soles ond reievrsion revenues Ir rook eighr weeks, but the strike wos finally settled ond the season wos continued 162Sixteen reoms entered the ployoffs this yeor, oH with the gool of going to the Super Bow! on Jonuory 30. 1983 The Miomi Dolphins ond the Woshmgton Redskins were the two teams to moke it to the big gome which wos ployed ot the Rose Bowl m Pasedeno, Calif or mo The Dolphins took the eorly leod, but the Redskins behind the superior running of John Riggins dominated the second hotf ond won the gome The 1983 Super Bowl was o rematch of the 1973 Super Bowl The difference between the two gomes wos that m 1973 the Dolphins were heavy favorites ond their victory copped o 170 season It wos the only time m the history of the league rhot o team hod o perfect season The 1983 gome wos the opposite of the gome ployed ten years earlier The Redskins were the favorites ond the Dolphins were the teom that hod not proved themselves os o powerhouse The city of Chicogo elected Harold Washington os Mayor Washington was the fry block mon to be elected Mayor of the City Washington defeated the incumbent Jane Byrne, and Richard Doily, the son of the famous Mayor Doily, in the democratic primary The democratic candidate has won the seot of mayor m neorty every election since Chicogo has been in existence Bernord Epton wos the republic on candidate who faced Harlod Washington Woshngton was favored to win, but he lost many votes when he turned the campaign into racial arguemenrs with Epton The election wos very dose, but Washington won by a sight margin, winning only fifty three percent of the popular vote Super Bowl Elecrion 82-83 The Chicogo Tylenol cose during the foil of 1982 coused 0 notion wide score which resulted in death ond pome Many people ocross the country feored buying products which were not safely sealed In Chicogo seven people died from using Tylenol which hod been tampered with Someone poisoned many bottles of Tylenol and they were then ploced on the shelves for innocent people to buy The FBI hod a few suspects, but nobody was ever arrested for the nurders On Monday AprJ 18, 1983 the American Embassy m Bmruit, Lebanon wos ottocked A cor ful of explosives were detonated twenty two people were killed, thirteen of which were A met icons It is believed that a branch of the PLO was responsible for the bombing This was the wory arrock by a terrorist group in the history of American Embassies Bombing In Beirut Tylenol Deaths The Milwaukee Brewers become the American leogue chompions after defeating the Coif or mo Angels in a bey of five series In the Notional leogue. the St Louis Cardinals swept the Atlonta Braves setting up o exciting World Series between the Brewers ond Cordmais It took seven gomes to deade the series, but the Sr Louis triumped ot home m the final gome Veteran catcher. Darrel Porter, wos the most valuable player of the 1982 World Series World Series News Of The Year 16)4he -nod. This year rhe Cauldron sraff picked "Our of rhe Blue” as rhe rheme. people in FS.H 5 We decided rhar no marrer happen, Ow-ofWWNtrp. We hope we neve caprured every rhmg rnor has Ar lasr we havt ode il Ir was a rough decision whar rheme we followed happened our of rhe To rhe senior membe' r‘ c v To Rob good luck a: P cae t xt year, advertising ediror psra ec . oe just . our budger our'omhCTfcd To Drifen e.e- r jjgh v w, o pages were Olways finisrec - THP y§fc?s u cc—'e -ncr we wi To Ronde, your hove hod your layoyts - -threor ninQ to steep rhgifcJdceH ■ onnaT inso,. youMceive "rhe rookie-of rhe'yeor award" You learned fasrer rhon anyone; «rd I believe you will make a grear ediror 1 ti©p you enpy your pexr yeors as much as I did s To Donna Reynolds jr dcr mouth, you proem .•‘£-'mare.rhQn gnyone.gjft bu'- 6'f leosr finished To our only se o .grooher Coop, even rhough megave you a ’■'ardj S you pur in a lor o rard ' 1,11P” » To Sarah our film roller rhanks for rhe one panr rhdP swiftened in, for rhose who wonr ro s oow To Oris you ure cauldron staff "rookie of rhe year" phorographer Thanks for all our cornel pictured! Ir has been a great ear, and rhere have been rimes in rhe class vyirh all of you rhar ji neverforgC Many things happened in rhar c toss ;usr our of rhe blue!!! • ' — as we go our separare ways vo years o dedicorion ro rhe cauldron Your pb os Mr. Reece rhe rhbsr, bur you pulled us through so we gor ned and whined more rhah f Xi worked rhlf year. you worked well and your when you werevjr%" g on one picrure for rwo«nonrh I know in [ou on SorurdoyjjpeTyiP w WHj -;ffiff hardest of r one. Sports is flow seoonr ppre bur you couid Hg on rhe sraff and keeping everyone uader conrre b gor page 69 or asset and

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Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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