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A. ,- ,4- f . ,-4, 'B ' I n 'X w af -KW v .'--L 1' M 4. .nn-.n SPOTLIGHT on FRANKFORT -. -, ,gn .3 ng cu 1 -r "'i?7 5 T S 0 1 1 L fi qi -Q- Lg--,-,,p as told in the 1959 Cauldron at Frankfort High School Frankfort, Indiana the 1959 CAULDRON 4, turns the 40 vk-0, XC X4 lcfort E spotlight on H. S. iff- SPOTLIGHT SWINGS TO CLASS OF 959 . . . CLASS OF ?? The HSpotlight" falls upon the seniors of ZX l?'ranki'ort High School this year. We, the class of l5l5?J, are preparing at last to don the traditional graduation robes and take leave of the school that has meant so much to us in the last four years. In remembrance ot' the good times we had in participating in the many activities and duties that are part of being a senior, We give you. the futue seniors of F.H.S., who will someday be in the "Spotlight" this 19553 Cauldron. L Q L f4LYL, HALL THE LEARNED AND AUTHENTIC FELLOXVS"-- Shakespeare -NSW" .al"'-a-l"'Q KJ' If 4 wav-"1 X 3 ,iw is 'X sgilk is OUT OF THE MONTHS OF BABES . . ." In ai few short years these young boys zinil girls pieturerl above will become the young men zinrl women who make up the grziiluziting class ol' Frz1nki'ort High School. ll's ai long rozicl from Kinclergzirten to the twelfth grzule. but the rich rewzircl oi' sell'-sziiisi'a1c'iio1i makes it zill worthwhile. ill Eff? 51-rf A i if E ei Q gut "I IIIXYIC NOT YET ISI I I N IO I I'o IIC 411' not to Imvf I'I10 ZIIISVVCI' is - Vu vhingf zmfIC'ynthiz1 P01- tx is II1SIl'Ili'IIIItfI hm' hm- coln Illth g.II'2lfICI'S als part ui Iwr' wfwk. fIGH'I"'--.lolm Paul .Innes HTO BIC OII NOT 'VO ISE" - Slizlkcspcaxm THE SPOTLIGHT FOCUSES ON THE COMMONPLACE 1 ' x 4 I f 9 a I What's this! What's this! A reflection of 'e our spot light? No, not of the spot light but of two receding hair lines of two of our X g., 1 crowning teachers. VVhich one does have iw' Q O .9 X .,T, the Toni .... 5 . ig g 3 Spots before the eyes are quite common -Tl I- place in the Chemistry Lab and out they will ly not come. VVouldn't it be grand if gloves ' tio. if could be worn? But, alas, no good would I j ' I it come of them. J A'-fp-A J s-4' if 5 'IDI "OUT, FOOL SPOT! OUT, l SAY!" VVHICH ONE HAS THE TONI'.'--C'om1nerc'iz1l EXTRAORDINARY PICTURES OF ORDINARY SCENES "LET US MAKE AN HONORABLE RETREAT"-Shaxkcspcwc "MAKE HASTE: THE BETTER FOOT "A LITTLE LEANING IS A ll.-XNCIEIKOI S l3lCl+'OHI'I" -4- Shllk6SlJQill'C THING" f Pope ION YQ,- Q9 r , K I f 'QI' f N fx " I ALVIN - Tlivsc wiwixls voulcl lic- an Iitlln- iiiislcauliiig himsa-II' ai Iiiic I'0C'f7I'fl as an sluflciit. 'l'cmi hens xmii no Iiltlc i'vmgiiitimi ziiiioiig his I'vIIow sliirlc-iits hy his miiiivail puiitimiim- skvtclios. Ilci soc-iiis to have il Izilciit Im' IIIIIIQIIIQ pooplc' Imigh sit him. IIQ is shown :is lioiiig I'QziIui'efI iii ai In-iwocii-Ilic-sliows zivt ui' oiii' ziiiiiuzil Ilirislmzis pihgiuiiii which is put fm hy the miiilmiiivcl groups of Choii' amd Girls' Ciiorus, Ihr- l'hi'istiiizis pi'hgi'ziiii is just one oi' the uiilv vvfsiits xvhic'Ii iiizikes the sturlciit's ioiii'iicyv xx'0II-miiiirlcil. ciijoyulilo. ziiirl vziriccl diiriiig his Iuiii' yceirs at I", II. S. cc-Viiiiig "Big 'I'um" who has ucliiovvrl Im' "GIilCA'I' IUIIOOIJS IIAYIC IVIMXYX I IIUXI SIIXIPLIC SOUIICICSM - Slizikcsiwaiiv TRUE I9 IT TH KT WE HAVE SEEN BETTER DAYS"-Shakespeare f fr, 1' 7' N K x 4:9 4 me 1 Y l I K Q git Our counselors have upheld the dignity ol' our school by extending the arm of discipline in many ways, but more than that have proven themselves true friends by helping us with our problems, which we take to them, as we travel the path ol' education through Problems of student wcltarc, attend- ance, and academic counseling, come across the desks of our counselors as well as thc general guidance work that is naturally asso- ciated with the position. FROM THE FRONT ........ T0 THE REAR " 'TIS NEITHER HERE . . . 'Y . . NOR THERE"-Shakespezlre POPCORN . . PICCOLOS . . . PRECISIUN Entrance into Howard Hall will greet one with the selling of pop- corn und such. The "blue and white" hand furnishes music and volnr. The newly formed "Pupp Ettes" ziclci gaiety and entertain- ment to the pre-ganna shows. "EAT, DRINK. AND BE MERRY!" -VVhite-Melville NWN, Y'f1 ,FFfx Alf :qivt 1 Q21 MX' X X fff , XXL f X X4 i L grimy' I EV .-gl vw Blurb f um 'f "MUSIC FROMTHIC SPI-IEIiIfIS" TUES UNPLAGY'D VVITH CORNS"-Shzlkcspcure xi W .hrs f lg X WW? Q'S'f5 Km .Q .iw W s ,R Q ifiiix 1,' X. -f,,.,,.. i,,:.,, , ' x f f l: 'MQ 5 fx V11 - 'ww ,'f,'f:w 2Ik5gggR .', , i ..A ' f ' ,,:,,,1 , Q .,..,.,:: A, z Q X , IISII Il SII' I I XII PONS WI'I'II BUGS." A--ShilkCSlJCLlI'C FAI1, . . . WIC FAIL!!I"--Sluxkespeznrc SQEQ X f S MW CGULDFOU V I?-5? We 'K if ff, . 0 A 4 A ln the art, home economics, and shop classes Frankfort High students gain basic tools for future living. In these groups may he hidden a potential Noiman Rockwell, Betty Crocker, or Henry Ford. However. even ii' our graduates don't reach national prominence, we are sure they will succeed in their chosen field. Home Economics - Homemakers ol' tomorrow learn necessary skills for managing a happy household. Art-One project of the art classes is drawing sketches of the play- ers ol' the Senior Class Play. Shop-How did Henry Ford put this machine together in the first place? 49' 'Q the 1959 CAULDRON 2 4, 2' I f"'N 050, N- Q XX A turns the spotlight on Frankfort H. S. 1 ff'-, fx, ,I 7' K Mr. Stun Woodruff, our superintendent, is very rarely Our principal, Mr. Charles Caress, has become for seen by the students of F.H.S., but through sustained us, the class of '59, an ideal through his intelligent effort his presence is felt. encouragement and guidance. ADMINISTRATION .Ns the spotlight foeuses upon the leaders of help of their efficient efforts, we have an our school slvsteni. we ure indebted to them institution of learning of which We can be for theirsint'et'ezuu1 Hiendlkv interest in every proud. ine-miter ot' l'xl'2lllkflt7l'i High Sehool. XX'ith the Seated clockwise around the table are the members of this year's Board of Education, who are taking time out to full under the Spotlights beam: Ralph Miller, William Lucas, Sam Woodruff, Dr. John McClaine, Richard l'0Zl1'CX. and Donald Stanley. FACULTY Robert Ayers-Counselor Paul Baker-Industrial Arts James Baldwin-Mathematics Harold Barnett-Social Science Carl Belcher-Science Lowell Birden-Mathematics Robert Butz-Music, Art Hattie Campbell-English Irene Carfield-Business - u Ull tlu- Ivlt illl tlu 'rlzlm-L pursmmm-I ol lf .ll.5.-llulmtwl XX It x mtl Ma11'll111XX'z1tI uunsvlt zxnks. ,. .- 'ill ws: 111111 Hull llll'lltlillIt't'tll xutm. .1 ll tl XX au 111 llrvqg assistant 1 . lbllll Wilbur Cummings-Social Science Dorwin Dick-Social Science Nancy Draffen-Home Economics Larry Farrell-Foreign Language Sallie Foster-Physical Education Harriet Gallup-Art Wayne Gregg-Assistant Principal Ernest Hanger-Science Arlene Harshbarger-Home Economics Reese Henninger-Science Edith Hinman-English Donna Irion-Foreign Language Hilda Kearns-English Louanna Kirkpatrick-Home Economics William Kukoy-Driver Education Louise LeHew-Physical Education Aden Long-Music Paul Lowe-Science Mary May-Mathematics Fletcher McLane-Physical Education James McMurtrey-English Edna Miller-English Anne Miller-Music Lorene Orr-Librarian Howard Pace-Mathematics Colin Pence-English Richard Pullen-Social Studies Samuel Ranzino-Physical Education Martha Redman-English Raymond Rohrabaugh-Social Studies Robert Schilling-Mathematics Wayne Shockney-Industrial Arts Gilbert Shuck-Industrial Arts L. H. Snavely-Music James Stalker-Business Paul Swearingen--Science Martha Wacknitz-Girls' Counselor William Waddell-Social Studies Geraldine Burroughs-Business Evelyn Garrison-Business Anne Holmes-Foreign Language John Welty-Industrial Arts Directing the affairs of the Class of 59 during the past year were: Tom Boggess, secretary Marilyn Hazel treasurer Diane Miller, president, and Bill Wheatley, SENIORS Adcock, David: Scientific Technical-Cos- mopolitan, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Hi-Y, Science, Senior Class Play. Allen, Gary: Business-Spanish, Foreign Correspondence, Hi-Y, F-Club, Track, Cross Country. Allen, Nancy K.: Business-Foreign Corre- spondence, Sunshine, D.C.E. Allpress, B. Diane: General - Sunshine, Senior Class Play. Altic, LeMoyne: Liberal Arts-Cosmopolitan, Hi-Y, French, F-Club, Football, Basket- ball. Basquin, Susan Clark: Liberal Arts-Na- tional Honor, Forensic, Cosmopolitan, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, High Life, French. Bates, Linda Louise: General-Cosmopol- itan, Sunshine, F.H.A., Choir. Beacham, John Martin: General-Camera, D.C.E. Beard, Gary Michael: Scientific Technical- Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Projec- tion, Camera, D.C.E. Bennett, Binnie Jean: Scientific Technical -Cosmopolitan, Latin, Sunshine, F.N.A., Big Broadcast. Bewsey, LaDonna Mae: General - Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, F.T.A., Band. Blystone, Janet Kay: Liberal Arts-Foren- sic, Sunshine, F.T.A., Student Council, Staccato, Big Broadcast, High Life, Prom Committee, Choir, Class Officer. Boggess, Thomas E.: Scientific Technical- Latin, Hi-Y. Crescendo, F-Club, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Football, Track, Choir, Class Officer. Bohm, Charles: Scientific Technical - Na- tional Honor, Forensic, Latin, Hi-Y, Senior Class Play, Prom Committee. Brittain, Donna Kay: General - Spanish, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, D.C.E. Broderick, Patricia Ann: Liberal Arts - Cosmopolitan, Spanish, Foreign Corre- spondence, Sunshine, F.N.A. Brown, Philip E.: General-Cosmopolitan, F-Club, Track, Cross Country. Brown, William Howard: Liberal Arts - Forensic, Hi-Y, F-Club, Big Broadcast, Football, Track. Buckner, Linda June: Home Economics- Latin, Sunshine, F.H.A., Band, Choir, Orchestra. Burd, Marcia Sue: Liberal Arts-Cosmo- politan, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, F.T.A., Staccato, Big Broadcast, High Life, Prom Committee, Band, Choir, Orchestra. Caldwell, Sara Ruth: Liberal Arts-Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, F.T.A., Staccato, Big Broadcast, Prom Com- mittee. Camp, Della: Business - Foreign Corre- pondence, Sunshine, F.H.A. Campbell, Karen: Home Economics-Sun- shine, F.H.A., Latin, Senior Class Play. Carter, Barbara L.: Home Economics - Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine. Chandler, Fred M.: Liberal Arts-Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Projection, Cam- era, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Band, Choir, Orchestra. Clidence, Karen: Liberal Arts - Spanish, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, Stac- cato, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Band, Band Officer. Colgrove, Constance Kay: Liberal Arts - Cosmopolitan, Latin, Sunshine, F.T.A., F.H.A., Senior Class Play, High Life. Cooper, Jerry Mitchell: Commerce-Span- ish, Hi-Y, F-Club, Track, Cross Country. Crum, Deanna Kay: Business-Cosmopol- itan, Sunshine, F. H. A., Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, High. Cunningham, Sue: Business-Cosmopolitan, Sunshine, F.H.A., Big Broadcast, Choir. Davis, Ruth E.: Liberal Arts - National Honor, Spanish, Sunshine, F.T.A. Davis, Sharon Jane: General- Sunshine. F.H.A., Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Band. DeFord, Maurice Earl: General-Latin. Denham, Ina: Business-Cosmopolitan, For' eign Correspondence, F.H.A., Orchestra Devore, Grace Ann: Liberal Arts-Latin Sunshine, F.T.A., D.C.E. v Dick, Dana Gaye: Scientific Technical - National Honor, Cosmopolitan, Latin Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, F.N.A 1 Dick, Dennie: D.C.E.-Baseball, D.C.E. Bradley, Gail: Commercial-Hi-Y, Baseball Dillingham, Thomas S.: Commerce- Spanis h. Dixon, William F.: General-Cosmopolitan Hi-Y, Science, Cross Country, D.C.E. Dunham, John: General-Spanish, Cosmo politan, Choir. Dunham, Thomas Wayne: Liberal Arts- Latin, Spanish, Hi-Y, Big Broadcast D.C.E. East, Nancy Helen: General-Sunshine. Ehlers, Douglas: Liberal Arts--Cosmopol itan, Spanish, Foreign Correspondence Hi-Y, Student Council, Science, F-Club Golf. Emery, Robert: Commerce-Cosmopolitan Hi-Y, Baseball. Emery, Gerald: Commerce-Baseball. Latshaw, Ann: Business - Cosmopolitan, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, Band. Lau hner Robert J.- Scientific Technical- S . - Latin, Foreign Correspondence, French. Leader, Janeille: Scientific Technical-Na- tional Honor, Forensic, Latin, Sunshine, F.N.A., Math Club, Staccato, Big Broad- cast, Band. Lewis, L'Lora Arlene: Home Economics- Cosmopolitan, Spanish, Foreign Corre- spondence, F.T.A., F.H.A., Prom Com- mittee. Long, Martha Alice: Scientific Technical- National Honor, Forensic, Latin, Sunshine, F.N.A., Math Club, Staccato, Big Broad- cast, Prom Committee, Band, Orchestra. Loveless, Earl Dion: Scientific Technical- Spanish, Hi-Y, Crescendo, Big Broadcast, Baseball, Choir. Loveless, Iris Kaye: Liberal Arts-National Honor, Cosmopolitan, Latin, Foreign Cor- respondence, Sunshine, F.N.A. Lungren, Karen Sue: Liberal Arts-National Honor, Forensic, Sunshine, F.T.A., Student Council, Staccato, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Class Officer. McClaine, Marilyn June: Home Economics -Cosmopolitan, Latin, Spanish, Sunshine, F.H.A., Senior Class Play. McCoy, Barbara: General-Foreign Corre- spondence, Sunshine, Big Broadcast, Sen- ior Class Play. McKee., Larry: Scientific Technical-Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Math Club, F- Club, Basketball, Track, Cross Country. McKinsey, Dixie Arlene: General-Spanish, Foreign Correspondence, F.T.A., Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Choir. MaLady, Jo Ann: Business - Cosmopolitan, Foreign Correspondence, F.H.A., Sun- shine, Cauldron, Prom Committee. Manning, Dick: Liberal Arts-Latin, Hi-Y, Big Broadcast, High Life, Prom Com- mittee. Marsh, Barbara Yvonne: Business-Choir Cosmopolitan, F.H.A., Foreign Corre- spondence, Sunshine, Prom Committee. 1 Martin, Robert M.: Liberal Arts-National Honor, Forensic, Latin, Foreign Corre- spondence, Hi-Y, F.T.A., Student Council, Crescendo, Big Broadcast, High Life, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Class Officer. Martin, Jerry: General-D.C.E. Maynard, Butler Archie: Industrial Arts- Student Council, Big Broadcast. Michael, Saundra Kay: Business-Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, F.H.A., Choir. Miller, William A.: Liberal Arts-Latin, Hi-Y, Big Broadcast, High Life, Tennis. Miller, Norma Diane: Scientific Technical- National Honor, Cosmopolitan, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, Stu- dent Council, Math Club, Big Broadcast, Class Officer. Miller, Linda. Morton, Dixie Lee: Liberal Arts-Forensic, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, Staccato, Big Broadcast, High Life, Prom Committee, Choir. Myers, Frances Ann: Home Economics- Cosmopolitan, Sunshine, F.H.A. Nance, Beverly: Business-Foreign Corre- spondence, Sunshine, F.H.A., Big Broad- cast. Oberhoulser, Donald Joel: Scientific Tech- nical-Basketball, F-Club, Baseball. Palmer, Barbara Jean: General-Sunshine. Pedigo, Connie Jo: Business - Sunshine, Staccato, Prom Committee, Band, Orch- estra. Pedigo, Suzanne Marie: Liberal Arts - Cosmopolitan, Spanish, Sunshine, Stac- cato, Big Broadcast, High Life, Prom Committee, Choir. Petty, Cynthia Ann: Liberal Arts-Forensic, Cosmopolitan, Spanish, F.T.A,, Staccato, Big Broadcast, High Life, Prom Commit- tee, Choir, Band, Class Officer, Cauldron, Sunshine. Pitzer, Larry K.: Industrial Arts-D.C.E. Purcell, Joe Melvin: Industrial Arts-Stu- dent Council, D.C.E., Class Officer. Ray, Jerry Edward: Liberal Arts-Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Big Broadcast, Basketball, Cross Country, Tennis. Rhodes, Betty: Scientific Technical-Sun- shine, F.N.A., French, Cosmopolitan, Latin, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee. Rice, Gerald Wayne: Scientific Technical- Crescendo, Band. Rich, Judith Marie: Home Economics- Spanish, Sunshine, F.H.A. Rothenberger, William Ronald: Scientific Technical-Cosmopolitan, Hi-Y, Crescen- do, Track, Wrestling, Band. Roush, Connie: General - Cosmopolitan, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, F.H.A., Senior Class Play, Cauldron, Prom Com- mittee. Russell, Michael Alen: Liberal Arts-Na- tional Honor, Forensic, Cosmopolitan, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Hi-Y, Big Broadcast, Band, Orchestra. Ryan, Nancy Ann: Liberal Arts-National Honor, Forensic, Latin, Foreign Corre- spondence, Sunshine, F.N.A., Student Council, Staccato, Big Broadcast, High Life, Prom Committee, Choir. Sanders, Kay Frances: Business-Sunshine, Prom Committee. Scott, Jay Cameron: Scientific Technical- National Honor, Forensic, Latin, Hi-Y, Student Council, Big Broadcast, Cauldron, Prom Committee. Scott, Lucille Evelyn: Liberal Arts-Cos- mopolitan, Latin, Foreign Correspond- ence, Sunshine, F.H.A., Prom Committee. Scott, William C.: Scientific Technical-F- Club, Track, Wrestling. Shelton, Patricia Ann: General-Sunshine, F.H.A., D.C.E. Slipher, Janice Arlene: Business-Cosmo- politan, Foreign Correspondence, Sun- shine, Staccato, Choir. Smith, Brenda Kathleen: Liberal Arts - Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, F.T.A., F.N.A., Student Council, Staccato, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Class Officer, Choir. Smith, Jim. Smith, Nancy Eleanor: Scientific Technical -Cosmopolitan, Latin, Foreign Corre- spondence, Sunshine, F.N.A., Choir. Smith, Patricia Ann: Home Economics - Sunshine, F.T.A., F.H.A. Smock, Harold Guy: Business-Hi-Y, Band. Spencer, Jerry: Industrial Arts-D.C.E. Spencer, Judith Kay: Business - Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, Staccato, Choir. Stingley, Karen Sue: Liberal Arts-Latin, Sunshine, Staccato, Big Broadcast. Strawn, Elonda: Scientific Technical-Cos- mopolitan, Latin, Foreign Correspond- ence, Sunshine, F.H.A., F.N.A., Science, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Band. Stuart, Robert: Scientific Technical-For- eign Correspondence, Math Club, Science. Sullivan, Clara: Business-Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine. Taylor, Lora Ann: General-Foreign Cor- respondence, Sunshine, F.H.A., D.C.E., Choir. Thomas, Joyce Pierce: General-Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, Science, Prom Committee, Orchestra. Thompson, Melinda Jane: Home Economics -Sunshine, F.H.A. Troxell, Pequita: Scientific Technical - National Honor, Spanish, Sunshine, F.N.A., Math Club, Student Council, Staccato, Big Broadcast, Cauldron, Orchestra, Band. Tunis, James: Scientific Technical - Na- tional Honor, Forensic, Latin, Hi-Y, Math Club, Crescendo, Science, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Band, Orchestra. Turner, Lillian Anne: Business-Cosmopob itan, Sunshine. Ulm, Thomas L.: Liberal Arts-Choir, Latin, Hi-Y, F.T.A., Math Club, Crescendo, Camera, F-Club, Prom Committee, Foot- ball, Track. Unroe, Bradford L.: Scientific Technical- Cosmopolitan, Latin, Foreign Correspond- ence, Hi-Y, F.T.A., Science, Prom Com- mittee. Unroe, Linda Ladelle: General - Spanish, Sunshine, Prom Committee, D.C.E. Waddell, Gary: Scientific Technical-Foren- sic, Latin, Hi-Y, Student Council, F-Club, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Cauld- ron, Football. Wadsworth, Virginia: Business - Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, Big Broadcast. Wayt, Nancy L.: Liberal Arts-Cosmopol- itan, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sun- shine, F.N.A., Staccato, Science, Big glroadcast, High Life, Prom Committee, oir. Weaver, Annabelle Louise: Scientific Tech- nical-Cosmopolitan, Latin, Foreign Cor- respondence, Sunshine, Choir. Weimer, Larry George: Scientific Tech- nical-National Honor, Forensic, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Hi-Y, Student Council, Crescendo, Science, F-Club, Big Broadcast, Cauldron, Choir. Welty, Patricia Louise: Home Economics -Cosmopolitan, Latin, Spanish, Sunshine, F.T.A., F.H.A,, Choir. Welty, Shirley Kay: Liberal Arts-Cosmo- politan, Sunshine, Math, Senior Class Play, High Life, French. White, Janice Marie: Commerce-Spanish, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, F.H.A. Whiteman, Don: General- Wilson, Delana Adele: Home Economics- Cosmopolitan, Latin, Foreign Correspond- ence, Sunshine, F.H.A., Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee. Wilson, LaVerne: Liberal Arts-Cosmopol- itan, Latin, Spanish, Foreign Correspond- ence, Track. Woodward, Clark K.: General-Latin, Span- ish, Foreign Correspondence, F-Club, Big Broadcast, Football. Wright, Peggy Joyce: Business-Cosmopol- itan, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, Staccato. Wright, Shirley: Business-Sunshine, F,H.A. Young, Sondra Kay: Business-Cosmopol- itan, Sunshine, F.T.A., Prom Committee. Clouser, Anna. Kemmerer, Mary: General - Sunshine, F.H.A., D.C.E. Lucas, James Walter: Scientific Technical -Foreign Correspondence, Forensic, Cos- mopolitan, Latin, Hi-Y, Student Council, Math, Science, F-Club, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Football, Track, Class Officer. Neal, David Paul: Industrial Arts- Shanabarger, Paulita Kay: General-Sum shine, F.H.A,, D.C.E. Way, Chester: General- Whcatley, William O.: General-Cosmopol- itan, Latin, Spanish, Hi-Y, Student Coun- cil, F-Club, Big Broadcast, Football, Track, D.C.E. Wyatt, Sharron: General-Sunshine. IOR E Row 1 Melanie Adams Coy Aders John Akard Linda Alexander Dennis Anderson Pat Atkins Row 2 James Bailey Pat Barber Peter Basquin Karen Baty Bob Hackett Barbara Behr Row 3 Diane Benge Errol Beumel Harold Birden Larry Bogue Tom Bragg Pat Bridgewater Row 4 George Brittain Judy Burns Edward Byrd Carol Cameron John Catron Tom Catron Row 5 Lynda Clark Paul Clouser Phil Cobb Patricia Coe Judy Conrad Carol Cook Row 6 Carl Coomcr Charles Coomer Nancy Couden Tom Cox Karen Cue Larry Cunningham Row 1 Donna Davis James Day Mary Karen Dearth Larry Dick Marilyn Dickerson 'I'im Dirbas Row 2 Toni Dll'lJl1S Billie Dobson Connie Donohu Karen Dowden Carl Duhrvq- Ilarlcy Duplex' Row 3 David East Nancy Ebcrwcin Rosetta Elkins Dick Emery Joe Ferguson Paul Finney Row 4 Toni Frazier Patsy Fudge Bill Fugate Darlene Galey Carolyn Good Gordon Goodnight Row 5 John Graves Betty Braybill Donna Breen Sharon Gregg Sue Gregory Jam- -flrenat Row 6 Sue Gustavel Dirk Hackerd Gary Hall Nancy Hampton Janice Harclesty Marion Harrington Row 7 Jerry Harrison Gary Hart Woodie Haynes Jack Hibner James Hines Judy Hizer ,yi- HK pun-1 ll 1:53 - T 'VM' Row 1 Karen Hitch Dwayne Hollingsworth Ronnie Houze Jim Howe Rom Hoyer Bill Huffer Row 2 Jeff Huffer Bill Hussong Bonnie Hutchison Barbara Imel Winston Jaggers Jim Kallner Row 3 Lynn Kelley Nancy King John Kipp Pete Kirby Karen Kirkman Ken Kreisher Row 4 Nina Laughner Mickey Lewis Mike Louck George Lucas Jane Lucas Robert Lucas Row 5 Janet Lungren Jane McClaine Jon Ann McMahon Tom McManama Lynn Maish Ed Matchett Row 6 Karen Miller Mickey Miller Jane Ann Mohler James Monroe Ronnie Montgomel v Orval Moore Row 7 Margaret Morris Oran Moudy Jerry Murray John Myers Peggy Newhart Judy Nieman Row 1 Linda Nunnelly Jerry Ostler Frank Otterman Michael Overmyer Patsy Palmiero Eva Palmore Row 2 Esta Pannell Patty Parker Loren Pearcy Carolyn Pearson Rita Pence Kent Phillippo Row 3 Linda Pippenger Lynn Powell Sandy Pruitt Janet Purcell Sally Ransom Larry Reed Row 4 DeEtta Rehwinkel Dennis Renick Judy Reppert Paul Rich Ronnie Robley Luvetta Root Row 5 Jerry Roth Carol Rothenberger Rachael Rothenberger Daren Ruch Betty Rule Ed Russell Row 6 Linda Sandage Lynn Schneider Paulita Shanabargei Carolyn Sharp Herbert Sheets Jerry Shore Row 7 Shirelene Shrum Judy Skaggs Darrell Slipher Wanda Slipher Gary Smith Rita Smith J' Y 4 K' iw mm- 6' -, . ...:E.. aww Q 1' ef, if LQQR .afiif i5 4-nw ' 'El QR 1 'A "' J ' me , .. i ., AZQA. :Q i n Row 1 Patsy Spear Peggy Stanton Jackie Stevens Sharon Stewart, Roger Stingley Jane Ann Stokesberry Row 2 John L. Sullivan Scott Sumpter Mike Thornberg Karen Unger Victor Unroe Judy Vaughn Row 3 Loyal Villars Diane Wainscott Janice Walters John Walters Dixie Weaver Larry Warner Row 4 Tom Whitaker Julie Wiggam Larry Wells Betty Wilson Lynette Wilson Larry Wolf Flow 5 Billy Woodard Alvin York Sharon Young Ronnie Youngblood Carolyn Zerfas Terry Zink Row 6 Larry Ayers Tom Bache Linda Frazier Jewel Lanum Joyce Ann Lee Randy Mycrs Row 7 Connie Ostler Ron Perry Binnie Spray Jack Toney CLASS OFFICERS 5 ? 2 s i jam-at ,I unio r The officers for this year's junior class were: Bonnie Hutch- ison, secretary, Tom Baehe, treasurerg Binnie Spray, vice- president: and Pete Basquin, president. Sophomore Leading the sophomores for 1958-59 were: Susan Imel, treas- urerg Pat Holland, president, Artie McElwee, vice-president, and Nan Thomas, secretary. Freshmen The officers for the freshman class were: Kathy Hodge, treas- urer, Judy Higer, viee-presi- dent, Sharon Gustzivel, Secre- tary, and Sue Edington, presi- dent. Sophomores Row 1-Joe Camp, Linda Clark, Dick Brammell, Judy Byers, Dan Boyles, Karen Clement. Row 2-Carolyn Allen, Dorcel Birden, Janet Cline, Dan Box- well, Dinah Sue Bell, Larry Beard, Rita Burd. Row 3-Deana Baldwin, Kent Caldwell, Edith Buckner, Tom Bartley, Carolyn Catron, Ter- ry Clidence, Sandra Albaugh, John Byrd. Row 4-Barbara Chandler, Lin- da Brumbarger, Bob Bran- stetter, Linda Brittain, Bob Boyer, Marilyn Barger, Dick Arion, Donna Clark, Velma Cloud. Row 1-Ronald Fleming, Cookie Dunn, Bob Cohee, Norma Greeno, Robert Day. Row 2 - Patty Conklin, Judy Dieterle, Jerry Gossett, Kathy Goldman, Bob Cobb, Elaine Foreman, Laura Fisher. Row 3 - Ruth Grafton, Jerry Dick, Donna Davis, Diana Devore, Richard Fricke, Kate Emery, Mark Coffman, Pa- tricia Crews. Row 1 -LeRoy Hampton, Ken- netha Hardman, Benny Huf- ford, Barb Igney, Dennie Hollis. Row 2-Pat Holland, Steve Hol- lingsworth, Cathi Henderson, Richard Henderson, Mary George Hammersley, Larry Dill, Susan Imel. Row 3-Marianne Herr, Jeff Hamilton, Carleen Sue Gilles- pie, Joe Hackerd, Betty Harris, Jerry Lee Hammond, Helen Heavilon. Row 4-Ronna Sue Hayes, Jack Howe, Ronnie Hibbard, Roger Howe, Linda Gill. Row 1-Mary Jones, Gary Kall- ner, Linda Lane, Ellis Lipp, Sue Lukasik, Charles Lash- brook. Row 2-Karen Loveless, Charles Laughner, Karen Landis, Gary Johnson, Judy Innis, Carroll Kressell, Diane Lahee. Row 3-James Lipp, Ronnie Kellams, Ronnie McClughen, Jay Lipsett, Kenny Locke, Jack Lowden, Gary Kaser. Row 4-Larry Lynch, Mark Mc- Coskey, Dale Isgrigg, Gail Kathrens, Charles Jacoby. Vernon Lahee, Dennis Lipp. Row t- Cletis Marsh, Karen Mundell, 'Ferry Martin. Marge Myers, Bob McCoy, Pam Miller. Row 2-Beverly Mitchell, Phil Ogden, Julia Martin, Art Mc- lilwee, .lackie Mink, Mitch Ostler, Beth Miller. Row 3-Martin Morrison, .Ieri- lyn Ostler, Roger Morrison, .Ian Norris, Mike Monroe, .lean Michael, Matt Maish. Row 4-Barbara Martin, Gerry Mang, Edna Moyer, Bob Nunn, Cliff Mohler, Gloria McKinzie, Bob Martin, Sarah Myers. Row 1-.lolm Price. Lynn Rob- ley, Denny Pitzer, Jackie Power, Phil Parker. Row 2-Mike Richards, Carla Pickering, Douglas Reid. .len- ny .Io Perry, Rick Rothen- berger. Rowli-Sara Robbins, David Riehe, Natalie Roberts, Harold Rothenberger, Ann Perry. Max Rogers, Joyce Rogers. liow4-Martha Pedigo, Linda Parker, Linda Reeves, Phil Robison, Sally Phend. Betty Rader. Carolyn Ray. Row l-Randy Smith, Betty .Io Smith, Kent Ryan. Marilyn Snodgrass, Donald William Seward. Row 2HSammy Shaff, Sandy Sloan, Eddie Shopc, Deloris Stoops, .lay Stinson, .Iulia Smith. Row 3-Robert Sanders, Joan Sleeth, Karen Small, Donald Smith, Sherry Stinson, James Smith. Mickey Smith. Row 4-Bill Sandage, John Schilling, Cathy Scirclc. Bob M. Shurr. Charlie Stousler, Tom Sheets, Judy Sagor, Francis Strassell. Row 1-Bill Strong. Margie Tay- lor, Larry Walker, Sharon Tauber, Richard White. Row 2-Gordon Vice, Sandy Wil- son, Larry Wheatley, Barbara Switzer, .Iames Walker. Row 3 - Linda Wheeler, John Zahn, Carolyn Suits, Mark Werner, Carol Stracsser, Phil Botzie, Linda Zerfas. Row 4-Carol Terry, Alice Wood. Dennis Van Miter, Roberta Wiley, .Iaunita Watson. Freshmen Row 1-Barbara Bcabout, Eddie Adams, Lana Baker, Mac Ben- nett, Norma Carter, Terry Bache, Sharon Bamberger. Row 2-Janet Aders. Jim Bran- ham, Donna Cannon, Paul Ayers, Ruth Ann Archibald, Dale Barkley, Edna Cavins. Row 3-Don Akard, David Bar- ton, Kathy Ayres, Jim Atwell, Marlene Allen, Richard Butler, Dale Brittain. Row 4-Larry Albaugh, Gearren Bodish, Roy E. Boggess. Claudia Bitner, Gerald Bew- sey, Stan Adeoek, Don Adkins. Row 1 - Philip D a v i s, Mary Chapman, Bill Dowden, Leah Chandler, David Denton. Row 2-Joanna Dirbas, Danny Davis, Sarah Clark, Richard Clidence, Patsy Dubach, Robin Dobson. Linda Cooper. Row 3-Martha Culver, Charles Cunningham, Janet Crockett, Fred D e n h a m, Billy Sue Cockrum. Row 4-Judy Davis, Mike Chit- tick, Bonnie Dearth, David Dunkin, Delores Clouser, Gary Donoho, Beverly Duckworth, Joe Doan. Row 1-Teddy Eggers, Virginia Hall, R on Fleming, Janet Ferguson, Don Goodnight. Row 2-Mary Edwards, Jerry Fisher, Linda Emery. Michael F. Henry, Diane Fricke, Dona ald Greeno, Odette Foster. Row 3-Bob Earl, Yvonne Gil- lum, B ob Sherrill, Mattye Fugate, Stan Fickle, Sarah Gephart. Row 4-Sue Eddington, Terry Gregory, Sharon Gustavel, Ray Hall, Gary Driggs, Sandra Hall, Gary Good, Connie Gun- yon, Janie Ford. Row 1-Blake Imel, Linda Howe, Chuck Harshman, Vicki Hart- man, Eric Hardesty. Row 2-Patti Henderson, Jerry Howe, Sieglinde Koch, Mickey Hardy, Georgia Jarrell. Tom Huffer, Glenda Howe. Row 3 - Robert Howe, Kathy Hodge, Larry Hamilton, Pa- tricia Jackson, LeRoy Zook. Lana Kathrens, Kieth Howe. Row 4- Larry Harshman, Con- nie Hollis, Judy Higer, Judy Hiatt, Bob Hizer, Carol Har- rison, Jim Haskins, Glenda Harlan, Pat Huffer, Deanna Jackson, Junior Henderson. qv HRW 5. 'fd ,WMM- Mm u... we wh-Q 848. wife nm x yiqwg ,sw ww V mg. D if i A xv . 3133? 1 4 ez as Wim hi. M, M MMM ?.,,?,,l Eighth Grade Row 1-Sharon Chandler, Belle James E 1 d r i d g e, Winifred Brown, Paul Elliott. Row 2-Steven C r a ig, Jackie Barnes, Lewis M. Cole, Libby Louck, Robert Dean, Donna Brumbarger, Thomas Dukes. Row 3-Danny Dick, Bradford Cook, Erilda Chanadams, Karen Barkley, Janice Rude, Jim Decker, Fred Crick. Row 4 - Catherine C lo u s e r, Steven C. Frey, Andres Lucas, Kenny C ri s w ell, Charlotte Bougher, T e r r y Cummings, Peggy Carter, Donald Fleming. Row 1-Paul J. Guyer, Elizabeth A. Fickle, Patricia M. Culley, Willy E. Felty, Jim Hinton, J . B. Heise. Row 2-Mary Dunham, Danny Goodnight, Flossie Dalyample, Edward Hovit, Lois Elkins, Tom Gregory, Linda Garrett. Row 3-Robert Alan Hollings- worth, Sarah Fudge, Gary Hackerd, Sue Decker, Dale Hall, Phyllis Coomer, Martha Winter. Row 4-Delores Davis, Mary Ferguson, Doris Decker, Char- les Harper, Dianna Coulter, Jerilynn Dorner, Rinda Coff- man. Row 1-Sandra Henderson, Rus- sell Myers, Janice Gill, Jeff McMurtrey, Joan Greeno, Jack Horner, Sandra Grant. Row 2-Sue Howe, Bob Lane, Jackie Jackson, Jerry Kirk- man, Barbara Haynes, Jim Lahee, Pamela Hitch. Row 3-James Layton, Janice Hollingsworth, Gerry Myers, Anne Himmelwright, William Kelly, Gloria Heise, Donnie Myers, Barbara Harshman, Gary Howe. Row 4-Boyd Martin, Charles Keever, Donna Hayes, Danny Kinder, Virginia Hesler, Bill Lambert, Wayne King. Row 1-Phil Rynearson, Elaine Miller, Mike Shearer, Janilyn stler, Thomas McBride, Mon- ica Murray, Nick Nichols. Row 2-Linda Lipp, Bill Davis, Mike Marley, Ray Philip Prickett, Margaret Morgan, Ronnie McMains, Jane Ogles- by. Row 3-Sandra Nance, Ronnie Newbold, Dorothy Lahee, Mike Noe, Jane McGill, Donald Mc- Donald, Jim Palmiere. Row 4-Sammy Pedigo, Danny Neal, Richard Reynolds, Sher- ry Moudy, Ernie Pritchard, Judy Miller, Bill Randolph, Bernard Patton. Row 1-Robert Imler, Patty Clark, Chris Douglas, Marcia Bowman, Bill Mohler, Sharon Redman, Mike Compton. Row 2 - Janet McGill, Colice Pearcy, Bill Kelly, Jo Ann Lucas, Tom Ransom, Judy Kern, David Hinshaw, Bill Kindley. Row 3 - David Beal s, Karol Good, Bill Lowden, Marianne Dorner, Marty Lanum, Caro- lyn Logan, Ronald Curtis. Row 4-Bob Godby, Jamila Dan- ner, David Hewlett, Diana Hammersley, J e r r y Bailey, Patricia Bethke, Bruce Aughe. Judy Beisel, Dennis Purcell. Row 1-Vicki Albaugh, Donald Shearer, Margaret Cox, .Ian Spitzer, Judy Howe, Broan Pennis, Charlotte Slipher, Row 2-Jay Smith, Millie Bogue, Arthur Allen, Lynn Thompson, Roger Young, Linda Howe, Don Applegate. Row 3-Michael Bragg, Freddy Brown, Ruth Graybill, Gerald Donoho, Barbara Smith, Bob Boggess, Frances Alexander, Howard Beard. Row 4 - Linda Abbott, Jerry Amicke, Jane Shoemaker, Bob Sharp, Donna Shore, Bobby Bushong, Carmelita Hardesty, Milton Barker, Reta Speer, Row 1-Joe Spray, Hazel Rob- erts, Terry Silence, Cathy Shanks, Ronnie Sheets. Row 2'-Mary Pence, Gary Thay- er, Sally Shurr, Clarence, Donna Stowers, Bill Tanker- sley, Barbara Parsons. Row 3-Tom Trucano, Donna Reppert, Norman Smith, Jane Price, Billy Shope, Alice Shaw, Claude Tull. Row 4-Linda Schimmel, Peggy Reed, S u s a n Parker, Bill Thompson, C a ro l Sm ith, Margot Pickering, Terry Taf- linger. Row 1-Dianna Vibert, Reggie Wise, Jan Youngblood, Dan Wills, Wanda Wells, J im Ward, Evangeline Wilson. Row 2-Janet Sutton, Steve Van Tyle, Rita Toney, James Leit- zel, Donna Barker, Ron Webb, Judy Van Tyle, Mark Vail. Row 3 - Elvin Wagner, Susan Vail, Lynn Young, Glen White, Roy Woodruff, Jackie White- man, Louie York. Row 4 - Cassandra Thompson, David Wilson, D a r a j e a n Weaver, Larry Wells, Janet Thornton, Lynne Unger, John Litherland. li H, .sy ' E ., Sw , N ' 5 . F ..... N X H35 Ng X1 M fw S ,., :5asi:ia, , .. A x 'ur 1, H M11 V E 2 -X : X xg ' - , ' Gigi' :SX K ,QW 5110-, in y X 139 -Q K K ' sf Q W P x 1 M 2 K A N i Q f y 4 N "":'::' -' .a1, '4 Q A A xx Q ,, 2, X ' .555 f -1 Nw QQ fff1N x?1'fx ,. Q ' ,I .... - ??,j K ,fl xi ' :: :::E E: A - Q f i iff - 'iff ' 1 X ' ' ' Mr. Q ix r Q QM, KO. ,f x 'W WN gg we ,.,55::55555:g::: x -K+ .4 -f ...f.,:31i,Q..:.::. " X ' qu x ' 2' E Q,,3, 'WM ,ww xg ,mw ,.::--:t ' ":":::'::5"' A X A fs N 'xv W S f 5 xii-bf ,, hm' ws, Xsx ' A A 'A Ya X aw ' M xf 'wa W x my nw mm wr . S X wi , g ' dw,- F 5 . Rx assi: 2:24211 Q ,MW Q YY Ju X it YW the 1959 CAULDRON ,L 5. I, Af J K p ro if 'X ak A turns the spotlight on Frankfort H. S. FOOTBALL This year's team, led by senior eo-captains Bert Kram and Larry Vkfeimer, played many sparkling games. One ot' the most outstand- ing was the final game of the year. the New Castle game. The Hot 'Dogs played their hearts out, They held the Trojans, one ot' the top-ranked teams in the state, scoreless in the first hall' and then came back in the set-ond hall' and scored the first touchdown ol' the game. The lack ol' depth on the home team finally won out and the Hot Dogs lost by a small margin. The Hot Dogs did a tremendous job during the season. playing against some ol' the toughest eompetition in the state. The outstanding play ot' guard liarry Weimer won him an honorable mention place on the All-State team and a position on the second string ol' the All North Central Conierenee. Doug Reid also made the set-ond sti ing All t'ont'erent-e team as a rluarterbat-k. The season was really ended at the annual Parents Gridiron Club award banquet. All the seniors were given small iootballs on chains with their names and the year en- graved on them. lflyeryone was thrilled and very honored. How 1-Jim Lucas, William Brown, Tom Ulm, Tom Boggess, David Gunyon, Bert Kram, Larry Weimer, Gary Waddell, LaMoyne Altic, Clark Woodard. Bill Wheatley. Row 2-Jerry Roth, Jim Howe, Ronnie Lappin, Ed Russell, Orval Moore, Pete Kirby, Mickey Lewis, Larry Wheatley, Doug Reid, Ronnie Houze, Larry Ayres, Ken Kreisher, Denny Hollis, Mgr. Row 3-Dick Hardy. Mgr., Loren Pearcy, Gary Johnson, Ronnie McClughen, Gerry Mang, Max Rogers, Kent Ryan, Terry Clidence, Jerry Shore, Ronnie Hibbard, Rick Rothenberger. Artie Elwee, .lack Hibner. Row 4-Reese Henninger, Assistant Coach, John Sullivan, John Zahn, Mike Thornburg, Frank Otterman, Toni Frazier, Tom Catron, Roger Stingley, Ed Shope, Jay Lipsett, Larry Walker, Dale lsgrigg, Mgr., Fletcher McLane, Head Coach. M A pilclmut to Jerry Roth as he carries the pigskin around .Ieff's left end. A .leif bziekfielrl star is given a fine reception at the line of scrimmage by Larry Ayres Row 1- Tnm Boggs-ss David Gunyon Bert Krum Ronnie Lappin Row 2- Jim Lucas Tom Ulm Gary Waddell Larry Weimer Flow 3- Bill Wheatley Clark Woodward Larry Ayers Ronnie Houze Row 4- Jim Howe Pete Kirby Ken Kreisher Mickey Lewis Row 5- Orval Moore Jerry Roth Doug Reid Jerry Shore Row 6- Bill Brown Loren Pearcy Fresllmen Football Row 1-Phil Davis, David Dunkin, Mike Reppert, Dwight Reid, Bill Kreisher, Buddy Moore, Eddie Adams. Row 2-Mac Bennett, Charles Sink, Jim Keedy, Charles Harshman, Jim Stuart, Paul Ayers. Gerald Bewsey. Richard Clidence, Colonel Smith, Mgr. Row 3-Coach Rohrabaugh, Roy Boggess, Ronnie Unger, Gordon Clidence, David Shuler, Stan Adeock, .Ioe Doan, Donald Adkins. Jerry Wilson, Coach Gosewehr. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Eighth Grade Football Chris Douglas, Tom Dukes, Charles Harper, Glen White, Bill Felty, Bobby Boggess, Bill Shope. David Henshaw, Bill Lowden, Bill Mohler. Mike Compton, Mgr., Jerry Bailey, Tom Tricana, Charles Keever, Jerry Myers, Roy Woodruff, Bill Howenstein, Denny Purcell, Stephen Van Tyle, Robert Lane, Bill Kelley. Assistant Coach Manges, Bill Kinley, Fred Creek, Marty Lanum, Tom Ransom, Ronnie Mclvlains, .lim Richards. Bill Tankersley, Roger Young, Ronnie Webb, Lewis York, Gerry Thayer, Head Coach Richard Sheets. BASKETBALL Row 1-Mickey Miller, Doug Reid, Bill Fugate, Ron Fleming. Row 2-Jay Lipsett-Mgr., Jim Hackerd, Don Oberhoulser, Gary Kaser, Jerry Roth, Larry Good, Jerry Ray Mgr. Row 3-Head Coach-Sam Ranzino, Larry McKee, Larry Wheatley, Jay Kelley, Gary Johnson, LeMoyne Altic, Assist. Coach-Wm. "Bill" Kukoy. This yea1"s basketball team, led by new son. Hopes are high for the 151553-130 season coach Sam Ranzino and assistant coach Wil- as many underelassmen were used in varsity liam Kukoy, finished the season with a fine, games. The season closed with the annual well co-ordinated, fighting team. Seniors Has Been-VVill Be faculty game. The el'l'o1'ts Larry Good, .lim Haekerd, .lay Kelley, Larry of the Hot Dogs were greatly appreciated by Mellee, Don Oberhoulser, and LeMoyne Altic' the student body. were ot' great help in the new rebuilding sea- i Eyes focused on the bankboard Kaser drives into the defense. Height pays off. B-Team Row 1-Cletis Maish, Mgr., Mickey Miller, R o n n i e Fleming, Jack Lowden, Ronnie McClughen, Roger Howe, Dennis Hollis, Mgr. Row 2-Coach Wm. Kukoy, George Lucas, Eddie Byrd, Larry Wheat- ley, Roger Morrison, LeMoyne Altic, Pete Kirby, Max Rogers. Freshman Row 1-Ronald Fleming, Charlcs Sink, Buddy Moore, Greg Ulm. Row 2-Stanley Snyder, Bill Kreisher, David Dunkin, Kenneth Kellams, Col. Smith, Mgr. Row 3-Phil Davis, Mgr., Bill Dowden, Stanley Adcock, Ronnie Unger. Charles Hachman. Eighth Grade Row 1-Jeff McMurtrey, Bill Lowden, and Dennis Purcell. Row 2-Bob Boggess, Mgr., David Hinshaw, Roger Young, Donald Fleming, Reggie Wise, and Kenny Criswell, Mgr. Row 3-Ass't. Coach Gorman Pierce, Bill Hanenstine, Tom Ransom, Ron- nie McMains, Glen White, Jim Richards, and Coach R. W. Pullen. Eighth Grade B Row 1-Chris Douglas, Bill Kelly, Jan Spitzer, J a m e s Palmiero, and Charles Keever. Row 2-Bob Dean, Mgr., Steven Craig, William Randolph, Sa m Pedigo, Monty Fanum, Dan Good- night, Jerry Baily, and Louie York, Mgr. Row 3-Coach Gorman Pierce, James Eldridge, Larry Thayer, Bill Thomp- son, Bill Davis, Bob Sharp, and Fred Creek. l,aMoynv Altic'-Senior Uvnlvr Larry Whoa!Ivy-Sophomorc Conti-r .lorry Roth-Junior Guard Gary Kascr-Sophomore Forward and Guard Don Obcrhoulsvr-Svnior Guard Larry Good-Senior Guard Larry McKee-Senior Forward .lim Hackord-Svnior Guard Bill Fugato-Junior Forward .lay Kclloy-Senior Center and Forward Gary .Iohnson-Sophomore Forward Doug Reid-Sophomoro Forward and Cc-ntcr VARSITY TRACK The appearance of the spring robin brought about the issuing of the track equipment. Highlight of the season was playing host to the North Central Conference Track and Field meet. Row 1-Bert Kram, Jim Lucas, Tim Dirbas, Jerry Grant, Jim Kallner, Jerry Davis, Phil Brown, Gary Allcn, Dick White, Terry Clidence, Carroll Kressel, Bill Brown. Row 2-Eddie Byrd, Jerry Hammond, Bob Beckett, Vernon Lahee, Ronnie Hibbard, Roger Stinglcy, Orval Moore, Pete Kirby, Paul Finney, John Price, Charles Jacoby. Row 3-Doug Reid, Bob Boyer, Jim Howe, LaVerne Wilson, Loren Pearcy, Tom Ulm, Tom Boggess, Larry McKee, George Lucas, Roger Morrison, Jerry Roth, Woody Haynes. WRESTLING Row 1-John Schilling, Ted Wilden, Denny Boyles, Jerry Shore, Harley Dupler, Mickey Lewis, Roger Stingley, John Sullivan. Row 2-Junior Henderson, Terry Bache, Terry Clidence, Tom McManama, Gerry Smith, Tom Catron, John Akard, William Scott, John Zahn. Row 3-Jim Smith, Denny Anderson, Jim Tunis, Ed Russell, Roy Boggess, Woody Haynes, Jim Howe. FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE t.....s. , 4 ' ..-.........w, ..,M.i... .... ..,,..... 1 Row 1-.lake Wilson, Buddy Moore, Bill Kreisher, Row 1-Steve Van Tyle, Bob Boggessn Roger Young, Terry Robin Dobson, Joe Doan. Taflinger, and Donald Applegate. Row 2-Dave Shuler, Dave Dunkin, Roy Boggess, Row 2-Bill Davis, Fred Creek, David Hinshaw, Bill Tank- Bill. Dowflen. .Gordon Clidenee, Donald ersley, and Charles Keever. Adkins, Kirk Higgins. Row 3-Coach Richard Pullen, Roy Woodruff, .lerry Richards, Tom Ransom, Bill Shope, Gerald Donohu, Bill Hauenstine, and Bill Felty. CROSS COUNTRY Row 1-Bill Davis, Reggie Wise, Jerry Davis, Phil Brown, Scott Sumpter, Jay Stinson. Row 2-Woody Haynes, Larry McKee, Roger Morrison, Ronnie Montgomery, Gary Allen. GOLF The golf team, with the help of senior vet- one year oi' varsity play. The team will be eran Doug Ehlers, is hoping for a good season coached by VVilliam Kukoy. now that several members have experienced Doug Ehlers, Mike Fitzhenry, Randy Smith, Larry Wolfe, Mike Monroe, John Schilling. TENNIS Coach Raymond "Buck" Rohrabaugh and schedule with raekets swinging and the hope his veteran netmen are looking forward to a to come out on top in several matches. fine season. They will challenge a tough ik Row 1-Gary Smith, Kenny Kellams, Ronnie Kellams, Tom Bache, Mike Louke, Harley Dupler, Bennie Hufford. Tom Hufford, John Zohn. Row 2-Martin Morrison, Don Fleming, Lynn Kelly, Mac Bennett, Ken Kreisher, Ed Russell, Harold Smock, Bill Miller, Don Smith, Bill Kelley, Bob LaFol1ette, Bill Lowden. .lim Hackerd, one of the "Demons of the Diamond," BASEBALL Hopes are high for a fine season in base- hours attempting to find pitchers capable of hall. Seniors will fill most positions along checking the opposition ol' il real tough with some good underclassmen. Coaches schedule. Waddell and Henninger have worked long 49 -.-... 3' sf" J T-iimf' Row I-Larry Ayres, Tim Dirbas, Don Obcrhoulser, Larry Dick, Mickey Miller, Gail Dick, Roger Howe, Ronald Fleming, Ronnie McClughen. Row 2-LeRoy Hampton, Coach Wm. Waddell, Jack Lowden, Chuck Harshman, Gary Kaser, Gary Johnson, Dwight Reid, Joe Hackerd, Dion Loveless, David Gunyon, Denny Hollis, Bill Fugate, Assistant Couch Reese Henninger. steps up to bat . . . over the fence! COACHUWSSTAFF The spirit of competition is representative spirit, ever evident, is expressed through the ol' the Alnerican way of life. This competitive members of the rozufliing staff. -J I I-ll Ill 1 1 s 1 f fn Row 1-William Kukoy, Richard Pullen, William Waddell, Reese Henninger. Row 2-Raymond Rohrabaugh, Sam Ranzino, James Baldwin, Fletcher MANAGERS The inanugers provided invaluable assist- l'a1itl1fully, ance to all branches of the athletic depart- tion ol' alll. ment. They filled their unheralclecl roles il McLane. nd they deserve the commenclzx- awww! Colonel Smith, Phil Davis, Dalc Isgrigg, Jack Hibner, John Sullivan, Denny Hol- lis, J e r r y Ray, Dick Hardy, Cletus Marsh, Jay Stinson. VARSITY CHEER LEADERS Binnie Spray, Cookie Dunn, Carolyn King, Jan Lungren Go Got 'mn Hot Dogs . . . Fight . . . 'Fake it ziwzx-x '... 'Fhcsc shouts vouhl he 11621111 f-VUIN this ycan"s clivvi' lvzlclcrs, led by tfurolyn King. Those four girls i'ec'eivvcl more re- sponsc fiwnn the student hotly than ever he- Ikmx C'an'ol-vn, an tlii'co-your veteran, was uhly he-Ipod hy Cookie Dunn, Hinnie Spray. unil .lun liungren. B'CHEER LEADERS Nam Thomas, Nancy Cronkright Nun VFINJINQIS zlnml Nancy Cronkright, Soph- oinoros, oponcrl tho ova-ning's excitement with 4-ntlnisizistiv 1-he-ers for the Hot Pups. xv 3 ms-wwwmhffmww. W -x V-fm the 1959 CAULDRON t QN X t he spotlight on Frankfort H. S. NATIONAL HGNOR SOCIETY Row 1-Susan Basquin, Pequita Troxell, Jim Tunis, Bert Kram, Karen Lungren, Diane Miller. Janeille Leader, Sally Ewbank, Robert Martin, Suzanne Gill, Ken Kreisher. Row 2-Tom Hufford, Robert Fry, Larry Weimer, Barbara Imel, Charles Bohm, Pamela Hodge, Janice Gregg, Martha Long, Ruth Davis, John Kipp. Row 3-Becky Erdel, Mickey Russell, Kaye Loveless, Barbara Behr, Sharon Young, George Lucas, Patricia Barber, Michael Louck, Michael Thornburg, Sharon Glenn, Jay Scott. The National Honor Society is an honorary organization composed of juniors and seniors selected on the basis of scholarship, char- acter, leadership, and service. A student must rank in the upper third ol' his class scholas- tically to be eligible for consideration - not more than fifteen per cent of the gradu- ating class may be invited to membership. Besides the regular noon luncheon meetings, the club this year held a reception for the members and their parents. Because all members are active in numer- ous other high school activities, this group does not carry on any regular activity. Miss Campbell. sponsor ol' the National llonor Society, is retiring from the teaching profession. The members ol' National Honor wish her good luck and God speed, This year's oi'l'icers were: President, Bert Kramg Vice-President, Suzanne Gill: Secre- tary, Diane Miller: and Treasurer. .lanicc Gregg. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council governs the activities year included Ray Sullivan, Mike Sumner, ol' the student hotly. .-X lew ol' the activities and Borgarclus. are as lollows: Blue and White Day, Open The Student Council was under the tliree- llouse, Pep Sessions, Football and Traek tion ol' Mr. Caress and Mr. t'unnnins. The ol'- Queens, clam-e and eonvoeations. They also licers this year were: Presitlent-Iiavitl Gun- reeonnnenll rules ol' school conduct and reg- yon: Vice-President-l.arry Ayres: Secretary- ulations lol' the dances. The eonvoeations this Treasurer-.lay Scott. Responding to the gave! of President Dave Gunyon are: Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Berry Rule, Larry Ayers, Nancy Ryan, Pequita Troxell, Janice Gregg, Juanita Watson, Janice Koertge Karen Lungren, Bill Kreisher, Pat Barber, Diane Miller, Kay Blystone, .lerilyn Ostler, Mary George Ilainniersley. .lay Scott, Sue Edington, Sylvia Young, Ruth Grafton, Pat Holland, Harley Dupler, Stanley Adeoek. Gary Johnson, Esta Pannell, Sue Gustavel, Sharon Stewart, Sandy Pruitt, Bob Fry. Ronnie lVlcClughen, Doug Reid, Benny Hufford, Larry Wheatley, Archie Maynard, Tom Sheets, Pau Ayers. Boh Iiizer, .Ion Steiner, Tom Catron, Pete Basquin. Charles Sink, Dave Dunkin, Terry Gregory. I SUNSHINE SOCIETY Taking charge of all Sunshine business this year Were. from left to right: Suzanne Pedigo, president: Janet Lungren, recording secretaryg Pam Hodge, corresponding secretaryg Sandy Pruitt, vice-presidentg and Carolyn King, treasurer, Ckinclelight Initiution . . . Ifreshinznn Ten . . . Carnation Sales . . . Scrap Book . . Von- ression Stand . . . t'hrist1nns Purtxv . . , Hull Decorations . . . Riley Hospital lfnntl . . . Sunshine tknnp . . . Ideal Iiurly Progratni , , . Sunshine Girl oi' the Month .... N Iurrli ol Dimes . . . Heart Fund . . . Point Slvsteni . . . Scholarship. The sponsors forthe Sunshine Society were Mrs. Wuvknitz and Miss C'znnphell. The ol'- fieers this year were: President -- Snzannie Pecligo: Vice-President- Sznirly l'rnitt: lie- eording S6Cl'Gtill'.Y A .lun iiLlllgll'CllQ Forre- sponrling SCt'l'6iill'f'-ilillll Hodge: 'Freusnrei Mtlirolyn King. The officers of Hi-Y for this past year were, from left to right: Jim Tunis, parliamentarian, Tom Boggess, sergeant-at-armsg Dick Manning, president: Bill Wheatley, treasurer, Tom Dunham, vice- president: Gary Waddell, secretaryg and Brad Unroe, chaplain. HI-Y OUR SERVICES TO F. ll. S. Stxllll-FOl'llli1l Dance '... Thanks- giving Progruin . . . Christmas Baskets . . . Annual Picnic ut Ckllllll Cullum . . . Plaster lJl'0gl'Zllll . . . H i-Y Choil '... Staind ut Stott Field . . . Hi-Y Sweetheart . . . Robert Owen Clark Awurcl . . . Bnsketlmll Vshers . . . Rumniage Sale. Group 1-Dennis Rennick, Larry W e i m c r, Charles Bohm, Mic k e y Russell, David Adcock, Jay Scott, Ronnie Houze, Tom Catron, .Iohn Catron. Group 2 - Bob Fry, Mike Thornburg, E d Russell, Harley Dubler, Bob LaFol- lcttc, Jack Hibner, Bob Martin, Larry Bogue, Lar- ry Reed. Group 3-Mickey Lewis, Bob Beckett, George Lucas, Ken Kreisher, LaMoyne Altic, Mickey Miller, Tim Dirbas, Ronnie Perry, Ronnie Roth- enberger, Jerry Ostler. Group 4-Bert Kram. Larry Good, J 21 y Kelley, Bill Dixon, Jerry Cooper, Bob Emery. Doug Ehlers, Dick Hardy, Dave Gunyon, Ron- nie Lappin, Clinton Faust, Gary Allen, Gail Bradley. Group 5-Dick Hackerd, Ter- ry Zink, Bob Lucas, Errol Beumel, Lynn Kelley, Jim Howe, F r a n k Otterman, Sam Wills, Mike Louck, Larry Wells. Group 6-Dick Manning, Bill Wheatley, Tom Boggess, Gary Waddell, Brad Un- roe, Jim Lucas. Dion Love- less, Bill Brown, Bill Miller. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row -Kay Blystone, Sara Caldwell, Brenda Smith, -Pe' fv Newhart Pe Stanton Sharon Youn , -Karen Clidence, Dixie Morton, Sally Ewbank, -Becky Erdel, Janice Hardesty, Bonnie Hutch- 5-Nancy Ryan, Karen Stingley, Suzanne Pedigo, STACCATO Marilyn Hazel. Marcia Burd, Karen Lungren, Pam Hodge, Linda Miller. 2-.Let . ggy - S Cynthia Petty, Sharon Stewart, Sue Gustavel, Esta Pannell. .Janice Slipher, Connie Pedigo. Peggi Wright, .Iudii Spencer. ison, Suzanne Gill, Janielle Leader, Nancie Wayt. 1 Martha Long, Pequita Troxell, Lynda Clark. CRESCENDO I-Mike Thornburg. .Ierry Ostler, Jack Hibner, Tom Boggess, Tom Ulm, Ken Kreisher, Frank Otterman, Harley Dupler. Larry Reed, Mike Louck. -Dick Brammell, Orval Moore, Larry Bogue, Bob Fry, Bert Kram, Jim Tunis, Gerald Rice, George Lucas, Errol Beumel, John Schilling. 3-Dan Boxwell, I-Id Matchett. Dennis Lipp, Dion Loveless, Mike Chittick, Bill Kreisher, Steve Shepard, Bob Martin. 4-Ronnie Kellams, Benny Hufford, Larry Weimer, David Gunyon, Ellis Lipp, Kenny Kellams, Larry Harsh- man, Steve Thornburg. Bob Hizer. FRENCH CLUB l,e premier au ilu Cercle Francais cle l'e' cole Superieure cle l+'rankt'ort . . . Parley-vous trancias . . . Bake Sales . . . Car Wash . . . Picnic at Turkey llun . . . Dance . . . Our purpose is to promote an interest in the language. country. and people. Members must be second year French students. Our sponsor this year was Miss Ann Holmes. 4 OFFICERS A President ........,......,........,... LeMoyne Altic Vice President .... .....,......... B etty Sue Rhodes Secretary ..,.,.., ...... J ack Lowden Treasurer .,...,..........,,.,....,..... Pete Basquin Sergeant-at-Arms ...,............,..,.. Gerry Smith MATH CLUB Math Club membership consists oi' students who have completed the course in Plane Geometry and are interested in mathematics. Each year an award is given to the Senior with the highest average in math. Programs on math and early mathematicians - movies - dance after the Frankfort-Kokomo game. This year's officers were: Bob Fry. President: .lim Lucas, Vice-President: Pequita Troxcll, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Schilling was sponsor. Row 1-Janet Cline, Kay Welty, Sally Ewbank, Patsy Fudge, Jackie Mink. Row 2-Gerry Smith, Joyce Lee, Ronna Hayes, Deana Baldwin, Pete Basquin. Row 3-Susan Basquin, Jack Lowden, Randy Smith, Donald Seward, Betty Rhodes. Row 4-Fred Stouder, Joe Hackerd, Dan Boxwell, Jay Lipsett, LaMoyne Altic. l l Row 1-Bob Lucas, Jim Tunis, Kay Welty, Norma Diane Miller, James Lucas, Tom Hufford. Row 2-Jane McClaine, Pat Barber, Tom Bache, Pete Basquin, Bert Kram, Suzanne Gill, Pequita Troxcll Row 3-Larry McKee, Mike Thornburg, Barb Imel, Janielle Leader, Bob Fry, Binnie Jean Bennett. FORENSIC CLUB Helping us to learn more about the gov- ernment and how it operates were the various governmental officials of our city who spoke to us during the year. Other projects were debates, constitutional study, and the spon- soring ol' Friday night dances. Our sponsor this year was Mrs. lleclmon. OFFICERS President ...,.,.,. ............. ..... J i m Lucas Vice President ..,. ., Ken Kreisher Secretary ,.,.... ..., B arbara Imel Treasurer .,.. .... B etty Rule Row Row Row Row Row Karen Mundell, Sandy Sloan, Betty Rule, Susan Basquin, Sally Ewbank, .Ierilyn Ostler, Bert Kram, .lan GFCSS, Linda Miller, Pam Hodge. Sharon Gregg, Barbara Behr, Mary George Hammersley, Susan Imel, Cynthia Petty. .lay Scott, Larry Weimer, Charles Bohm, Sherry Glenn, Bob Martin. Barb Imel, David Dunkin, Mickey Russell, Bob Fry, Larry Good, George Lucas, Kay Blystone, James Lucas, Nancy Ryan, Becky Erdel. Dixie Morton, .Ian Lungren, Sandy Pruitt, Sharon Young, Pat Barber, Sharon Stewart, Sally Ransom, Mike Thornburg, Tom Bache, Larry Bogue, Roger Howe, Gary Waddell. Suzanne Gill, .Ianeille Leader, Karen Lungren, Martha Long, Jay Kelley, Judy Nieman, Ken Kreisher, Mike Louck, Harley Dupler, Bill Brown, Jim Tunis. D. C. E. Row 1-Patty Shelton, Donna Kay Brittain, Dennie Dick, Grace Devore, Mary Kimmerer. Lora Ann Taylor. Row 2-Linda Unroe, Tom Dunham, Paulita Shanaberger, John Beacham, Nancy Allen. Row 3-Jerry Spencer, Bill Dixon, Larry Pitzer, Jerry Martin, Joe Purcell, Bill Wheatley. Row Row Row Row Row SPANISH Ruth Ellen Jenner, Arlene Lewis. Patricia Crews, Jacke Power, Sharon Stewart, Jan Lungren, Lynn Robley, Sherry Stinson, Rita Burd, Nan Thomas, Nancy Cronkright, Barbara Martin, Jan Gregg, Suzanna Maria Pedigo, Marilyn lVlcClaine. Sharon Tauber, Diane Monroe. Becky Rhodes, Dixie McKinsey, Judy Rich, Donna Kay Brittain, Linda Unroe, Tom Dunham. Peter Kirby, .Ieff Huffrr, Pat Broderick, Barbetta Switzer, Karen Small, Lyn- ette Wilson, Phil Ogden. Eddie Adams, Ronny MeClughen, Paul Ayers, Jay Kelley, Dion Loveless, Jackie Stevens, Pat Coe. Ruth Grafton, Sharon Gregg. Sue Gxzstavel, Melanie Adams, Ruth E. Davis, Dan Kirkpatrick. Frank Otter- man, Larry Ayers. Janice White, Pat Welty, Karen Clidenec, Bob LaFollettee, Cynthia Petty, Don Smith, Sam Schwartz, Kent Caldwell. John Zahn, Judy Nieman, Sally Ransom, Bonnie Hutchison, Ronnie Houze, Terry Gregory. Mike Chittick. Larry Lynch. Charles Dunham, Jerry Gossett, Bob Beckett. Orval Moore, Jack Hibner, Jerry Shore, John Sullivan, William Wheatley, Pequita A. Troxell, Douglas M. Ehlers, John Dunham, Tom S. Dillingham. David Denton, Robin Dobson, James Swan, Mark McCoskey. LATIN lizltin Vluh, one of the sc'hooI's largest oi'- gzmizzitimis, mot this year umlci' thc spcmsor- ship ot' Nhx l1'zn'roll amd the Iouclorship ol oI't'it'c-rs: iif'IT Kl'CiSi1Ci',COl1SLli Primttsg l,zn'i'y ,-Xyw-s, f'0l1SLli Set-umlus: .lay Scott. Scribusi IZ1'zult'm'4l Viimc, Scribus iiilt0l'L1IU1 Mikc lmtlvk, Qtlziostorl Stiiirly Pruitt. Nuntizi. This yczii' the old Ilfmiziiisti'z1V0l0ml thmugh- , . , . . out Itzily, Spam. i'l'Lll1t'C and Huwztti hy way of thc "Magic l,zmtQi'ii." The-y also resumed the ilillillili pilgrilhaglc tu 'I't1i'k0y Run. This vluh spcmsors thc zuihtlztl f'i1I'iSiI112lS tlzmcc und clvcoiwttos thc c'zlt't'tt'1'iu fm' thv tmhuzal stttcleiit-tczttrliws hi'oukl'z1st. Besides Iizttin. tht- mcmht-rs lczwiwcl about thc Hussizm, Crock mul Iluwziiizm lzungttzigvs i'l'0l'l1 sumo vzipuhlc spcukcrs. PROJECTION The Projection Club is primarily a service organization. The members supervise the handling of the movie projector, the spot- lights. the P.A. system in Howard Hall. and the mierophones in the auditorium. The officers this year were: Bob llalfollette. President: Harold Birden, Vice-President: lllarianne Herr, Secretary-Treasurer: and Fred Chandler, Reporter. Mr. Gilbert Shuek sponsored the club. Row 1-Dorcey Birden, Gerry Smith, George B. Brittain, Jewell Lanum. Row 2-Tom McManama, Harold Birden, Oran Moudy, Gary Hall, Bob LaFollette. Row 3-Dan Boyles, Marianne Herr, Fred Chandler, John Catron, Mickey Lewis, Don Greeno. COSMOPOLITAN The Cosmopolitan Club was founded for the purpose ot' promoting an interest in his- tory. The club presents a 3925 scholarship to the Senior member with the highest four year grade average in history. The initiation ot' new members. installation of officers, and a dance are some of the outside activities that are sponsored by the club. The club is under the leadership of Binnie Bennett, president, Brad llnroe, x'iee-presi- dentg Marcia Burd, secretary: Diane Fred- rickson, treasurer, and Mr. Harold Barnett. sponsor. CAMERA Row 1-Denny Hollis, Larry Ayers, Gary Johnson, Ronnie McClughen, Pete Kirby, Secretary, Dick Hardy, Sgt.-at-Arms, Jerry Roth, Vice President, Pete Basquin, President. Row 2-Monk Martin, Robert Sanders, Jolm Price, Michael Dewayne Hollingsworth, LeRoy Zook, Doug Reid. Row 3-Mark McCoskey, Rick Rothenberger, Tom Sheets, Kent Caldwell, Ronnie Houze, Loren Pearcy, Tom Ulm. SCIENCE Row 1-Judy lnnis, Barb Igney, Ronnie Perry, Ken Kreisher, John Kipp, Larry Bogue, Karen Munclcll, Judy Byers, Carole Pickering. Row 2-Lynn Kelly, Gordon Goodnight, Phil Davis, Harley Dupler, Tom Bache, Mike Louck, Dick Brammel, Errol Beumel. Row 3-Terry Bache, James Lucas, Alberta Winski, James Tunis, Tom Hufford, Robin Dobson, Jacke Power Row 4-Betty .Io Smith, Dave Adcock, Stan Adcock, Jim Haskins, Ronnie Unger, Mac Bennett, Paul Ayers. FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE The members ot' the Foreign Cmiespcmcl- eiiee eluli write to other teenagers iii virtuzilly every uzititiu ot' the free world. 'l'he uim ul' the eluli is to promote at better umlerstauitl- ing lmetweeu the peoples ul' these lzuirls uml nur' iXmerietui youth. The eluh pursues this uim through viewing the travel progrzmis ol' the lizitiu eluli, which sponsors the l"oreigii t'tnrresptmcleiiee eluh. The highlight ol' the eluh year is the uiiuuztl May ljlly L'6l6lJl'2lllOll. in whieh the stutleuts tire znsketl to tlress ih the eustumes ol' foreign lzuicls. President ,.,, Vice-President Secretary .,.. Treasurer . , . Reporter ,. OFFICERS Ken Kreisher Harley Dupler .. Betty Rule Esta Pannell .. Bob Martin F. N. A. F. H. A. 'l'i'ip lu Hull Nlciiiurizil Hospital, i'oi'iiiul iii- The 0LllSlillNlil1iSl zu-livily ui' l+'.ll,.'X. for ilu N zillulimi, sviiim' lmiiqiict. lizxko szilv, iXIlll'C'h your was zictilig :is host fm' tliv C'viitl'a1I Iliw ui' llimvs 4Ii'ix'm X... zivlivilivs in f'lll'lh6I' iiitcr- lrivt mcctiiig, on Mzlrcli 21. Otlici' zivlivitins wi iii iiursiiig. iiivliinlm-ci ai izmiily night, iiislzillzilicm nt' i ,Nw dull WHS Ml this 'WMV by IH,CSid0m' 1i0xvc'liz1ptoi'z1l Siiaiipsvillv, visiting Ilia- Pm Hwk-X, NNN' Yin,-lH,CSillmH' Nmmx, H-WH. rluv 1-axiiipus um! ullviidiiig lliv l'li1'isuiu L1v4isLli'vi'. Hvltlv liulo: 4-wi'i'ospoiimliiig svcio- llmwlmmon llww' Iii'.x', Nlairlliai lmiigg ziliri i'm'oi'cliiig sQ4'l'r'Iz1i'.x', Sliznmii Ste-wa nrt. Row Row Row Row Row l 2 3 4 5 F.T.A. -Barbara lgncy, Janet Norris, Susan Lukasik, Bob Martin, Marcia Burd, Pam Hodge, Judy lnnis. -Nancy Cronkright, Deana Baldwin, Carol Pickering, Cynthia Petty, Arlene Lewis, Sally Phend, Susan lmel. -Juanita Watson, Patty Smith, Karen Kirkman. Marilyn Hazel, Rita Burd, Brad Unroe, Kay Blystone, Brenda Smith, Linda Miller, Marilyn Snodgrass. -Ronna Hayes, Ruth Davis, Jane Ann Mohler, Sharon Young, Pat Barber, Jane Lucas, Judy Reppert, Tom Ulm, Errol Beumel, Sandra Sloan. -Peggy Stanton, Natalie Roberts, Sally Ransom. Linda Clark, Lonnie Langraw, Dixie McKinsey, Sara Caldwell, Sandra Young, Karen Lungren. Row Row Row Row 1 2 3 l l F-CLUB -Wm. Scott, Larry Mc-Kee, Tom Hufford, .lay Kelley, Gary Allen, Jerry Cooper, Larry Weimer, Gary Waddell, Bert Kram. -Woody Haynes, Joe Brown, Ronnie Lappin, Jim Hackerd, David Gunyon, Tom Boggess, Larry Ayres, Mickey Miller, Ken Kreisher, Mickey Lewis. -John Zahn, Doug Ehlers, Larry Good, Ronnie McClughen, Donnie Oberhoulser, Jerry Roth, Loren Pearcy, Jerry Davis, Ronnie Montgomery. 4-Doug Reid, Pete Kirby, Ronnie Houze, John Sullivan, Tom Catron, Jerry Shore, Jay Stinson. Artie McElwee. Row 1-Sarah Caldwell, Nancy Smith, Lora Taylor, Dixie McKinsey, Linda Bates, Pat Bridgewater, .lim Haskins, .lanice Slipher, Nancy Wayt, Marilyn Hazel, Sally Ewbank, Marcia Burd, Charles Dunham. Row 2fKaren Ruch, Carolyn Davids, Dennis Lipp, Karen Lungrcn, Mike Louck, Roger Stingley, Toni Boggess, .lane Ann Stokesberry, Esta Pannell, Sue Cunningham, Pam Hodge, Patsy Spears, Kay Blystone, Nancy Eberwine. Row Il-.ludy Spencer, Annabella Weaver, Marilyn McClaine, Barbara Maish, Toni Ulm, Dion Loveless, Stan Adcock, .lim Monroe, Bob Martin, Dick Manning, Don Smith, Larry Weimer, .lohn Dunham, Diane Benge, Pat Welty. Row 4-Brenda Smith, Karen Stingley, Suzanne Pedigo, Peggy Wright, Dixie Morton, Sue Gustavel, Cynthia Petty, Patricia Coe, Betty Rule, Judy Skaggs, Carolyn Zerfas, Rita Pence, Linda Sandage, Sharon Stewart. Lynda Clark. CHOIR 'l'his year the Choir, under new director Perhaps the most notable achievements ot' Nlr. Robert liutz. participated in many pro- the year was the choir's success at the Dis- grainstlirough the school year. Among their trict Music Contest at Purdue llnirersity. appearances during the fall were the Sun and Four soloists and tour ensembles qualified Soil Choral Festival, the State Choral Festi- for state competition at Indianapolis. lilue ral, and the Orchestra Cabaret. The winter ribbons were won by the Town Criers, and season was highlighted by programs lor the the Cynthia Petty Sextet. This group lilllis, Kiwanis. Logansport Mental Hospital, lCynthia Petty, Peggi XYright, Linda Hates, and Christmas Open House. Their annual Linda Zerlas, Sally lflwbank, Nancy Wa-vtl spring calendar featured two Easter pro- distinguished themselves with a l'ert'ect "7" grains, the High School Music Festival, and point l'irst, a teat seldom accomplished in tlraduation. state competition. MAJORETTES if-of 'Q , X .Iuliu Smith. Joyce Rogers, Donna Bcwscy. Barbara Ima-I, Karon Cliclvnfo. The Big Broadcast band, under student director Bob Martin. put on a good shoxx ORCHESTRA The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. l,. H. Snavely, participated in many activities this past year. Some of the events in which they took part are: District and State Solo and ldnseinhlc Contest, Cabaret Contest, Mid- Statc Orchestra Concert at Southport, Concert for Hall State Teachers College and Muncie Central at Class Day Exercises, Baccalaureate, antl t'fimniencement. Officers of the Orchestra for 1958-59 were, from left to right: Peggy Stanton, presidentg Jane Mohler, his- toriang Sharon Tauber, vice-president: Barbara Behr, secretary-treasurerg Bonnie Hutchison. librarian. BAND Band Officers: .lack Hibner, drum major: Bob Fry, captain1 Connie .lo Pedigo, lieuten- ant of Woodwinds: Bert Kram. lieutenant of brass and pereussiong Larry Reed, sergeant- at-armsg Dick Brammell, librarian: Becky Erdel, seeretaryg Karen Clidenee, sergeant of the majorettes: Boh lvlartin, student con- ductor: and Rita Hurd, assistant to the drum major. The F.H.S. "Blue and White Band," com- plete with new uniforms, participated in many events through the year. Fall found them at all the home football games, the Sun 81 Soil Parade, where they took first place in Class A, anfl the home-coming at lnfliana State TCllL'llCl'S College. This last winter' the l+'.ll.S. inusicrians played at all home basket- ball games, the Christmas open house, and the District and State Solo ancl Ensemble c-ontests. In the spring they participated in their annual concert and the Spring Music lfestival. The 15158-553 marching banml was lecl by .lack Hihner, clrum major. and Rita Burcl, assistant to the rlrum niajoi: B-B AND The "Gold Bandl' had its first year at PTHS. lt is composed of sixty Sth and Sith graders. Their dark blue and gold uniforms help to make them a full fledged musical organization. B-ORCHESTRA i A new group has been added to the music department-the HB" orchestra. Membership of this organization consists prin- cipally of eighth graders. Its main purpose is to train the group for the next big step - "A" orchestra. Activities included . . . Sun 81 Soil parade , , . Veterans Day '.,. a football show with Blue Sz White Band . . . several pep sessions . . . and two concerts. SENIOR CLASS PLAY "Nuts in May" was the title of this year's Senior Class Play. Playing the lead, Cornelia Otis Skinner, was Elonda Strawn. Her hus- band, Alden, was portrayed by Jim Tunis. Their teenage son, Michael, was played by David Adcock. Other members of the cast were Connie Colgrove, Diane Allpress, Becky Erdel, Karen Clidence, Karen Lungren, and Dixie McKinsey. Many other seniors parti- cipated in this event, which was one of the best plays ever presented at F.H.S- Opening Night J itters f 3 Every play has its problems and these are the The Cast of "Nuts in May" helpers. BIG BROADCAST l,et's come to the MARDI GRAS . . . "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans' '... Hard work and many long hours of practice were inter- rupted by the flu epidemic in March, the scheduled month for the show. Another date was finally set and still more hard Work and practice. The 15159 Broadcast was presented April 22 and 24. The Mardi Gras theme was carried out all through the show in song and dance as Gary "Moose" Waddell acted as Master of Cere- monies. The cast this year was a large one, All their efforts seemed worth it when the eur- tain went up opening night on the MARDI GRAS as the Big Broadcast Band, directed hy Bob Martin, played the theme song. ,P Soloists Pam Hodge and Jay Lipsett added to the Southern atmosphere. Two undorclzlss vocal groups doliglll thc audience. gms 2 af. ww H ,l. , ,. 4 ll'pI'iSl' "l'Xl,l'ZlSU udclf-cl to thu 0I1jOj'IllCl1l of thc show. Archie Maynard and Ginger Wadsworth act out Nan Thomas and Mary George Hammersley give the "Ambrose," show a hillybilly air. This yeui' .lzmiee Gregg, student I'lil'C'F1Ul'. in previous years had he-en girls, hut liarry tlcwitleml to do things an little CliffGI'Cl1l1Y from A-v1'cs was vlwscn to assist in the IHS!! pro- whznt haul heen clone in the past. The flirec'tors clueticm. The opening act set the scene for the trip down South. Tho Puppettcs stage another fine show. The cntirc cast of Mardi Gras falls under the spotlight HIGH LIFE STAFF is at scoopln are two ol' the fzimiliar cries hcarcl as the twenty nienihers ol' this yezir's High Life Staff work to get out each issue on time rx- v'w- -1-- - lhis years lmlitor-in-Qhici was Marcin Hurd: the Sports lrlclitor was Dick Manning, zincl l"eat,ure liclitor was Connie Colggrove, Row lfliay Welty, Connie Colgrove, Karen Stingley, Marcia Burd, Dick Manning. Bob Martin. Row 2-.lane Stokcsbcrry, Carolyn Pearson, Sandy Pruitt, Lynn Schneider, Pattii Parker, Sally Ransom. Row 3-.Indy Hizer, Bonnie Hutchison, Pat Barber, Karen Cue, .Ian Hardesty, Sharon Young, Jane Ann Mohler. "Evei'-voiie check galley" . , . and "This CAULDRON STAFF Row 1-Pequita A. Troxell, Gary Waddell, Bob Fry, Elbert J. Kram, Larry G. Wcimer, .Ian Crtgg Row 2-JoAnn Malady, Carolyn King, Marilyn Hazel, Connie Roush, Pam Hodge, Sherry Cltnn tvnthiz ltlly J ay Scott. This yeznr, ns usual, the Cauldron stuff sluvecl diligently all year long to sell, write, eonipose, uncl distribute this yeur's annual. llecl by .luy Scott und Sherry Glenn, stuff' eonsistecl of Bert Krznn, business mun- uger: Clary Waddell, sports editor: Pequitu 'I'roxell, urt eclitorg .Iunice Gregg, c-lub und homeroom editor: und Cynthia Petty, senior :intl l'zu'ulty eclitor. 7 Wiliam? lam!! L 3 WW x 1 3, 5 A , T 'Y fwzmeafqhg ILM v lam. .,,,, Wk Wim tfunl f QUEENS CORONATION BALL is im!!! Iz' i t'April Showers" was ehosen by the High l,il'e staff as the theme ol' the annual Corona- E tion Rall. The evening was made eomplete hy the crowning ol' the royal eouple. i 5 FOOTBALL QUEEN Cool, Crisp autumn air greeted the 1958 football queen, Pam Hodge. The royal erown- ing took plaee at the pre-game eeremonies at the Logansport game. BASKETBALL QUEEN Excitement and tension filled the air he- fore Sports Editor ol' the High l,iI'e, Divk Manning, announeed that the N551 Basket- liall Queen was Miss Becky lflrdel. lileeted King and Queen of this year's Coronation Ball TRACK QUEEN were seniors Marcia Burt! and Bill Wheatley, Also in the court were Cookie Dunn, Binnie Spray, Brenda The triieli queen and her Court, who Lire Smith, .laekie Stevens, und Nan Thomas. , elected by the traek team. presided over the l+'rankt'ort Relays. Reigning at .this year's football homecoming were: Brenda Smith, Betty Sue Rhodes, Judy Hizer. Queen Pam llodge, Bennie Spray, Juanita Watson, and Sue Edington. lhc huskm-Ilmll Ulllll Im I9 I-mln Smith In hx- rawk 'ou' Im' N581 58-59 was Marcin Hurd. Pam Ilodgv, Quccn Becky lirdcl, Ilixiv Morton, :un I I I I I .. -. J wm-rv Sandy Sloan. B4-cky Erdvl. Brcmiu Smith, Suv Illlstuvvl, and .ludy III-ppvrt VI BEHIND THE SCENES OFFICE 'I'wo familiar faces around F.H.S. are Nancy Hinton and Mrs. Louise Newkirk, who run the office, CUSTODIANS Row 1-Joe Lanum, John Hill, Mrs. Earl Moyer, Pete McNelly, Robert Reagan. Row 2-E. 0. Kendall, Fred Chandler, Kenneth Winger, Walter Shaff, M. L. Baldock. COOKS In charge of the Cafeteria are Mary Tull and Florence Pitman. 4: ' r 'w f- ' r ' ,Aj W V- 9" iw-,X - M ,. x i. I -v ,, 5 -'g,,f,r 7-'gun 1.12 . ., jg -Lyma- ,'-':-.' .' '- Qf. E'-, 4 . Y W, H - r -4,14--'QA c u ,, ' ' I-'ff ,V "Jw, ,:, ' X. '14-jun., -. 'ggi in 2 ::iS5 '-5-?f?T?'4'l GQ it If 4' 1 .nw g,.:L..g.- -1 4,3- ' "WI H 'Fli- . . AM- :QQ A 4, X H,-Y',l'52l'f E 1-' ,fi-'KN' - 5, , ',Q',l3nL51?j-'i Q Ig:- 'ffz 555: '-'1- F- H ". V,-11 ' 1.-. . 1.7. 5. ' 159,16- 'W 12' A K ,,'..,-V-, ..,,, ,,,, .-V .-1 -'w--1,-"-c 1 4, 4 W.,- 1

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Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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