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 - Class of 1958

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S X x I A , . xx 137569. .el ,H wg. -3-I ',- ' 'f Ls - ' a y E i' . , 3 , - " - 7.6: 1 -. ' . xq, . ' 1 - ng-.' -gr w .vwdc-,, , -. , -.,-f1.4:Euv ' wif-vf.'m f-Li.-A-.1 1.- r e: x:--in T2-lr-f-:es win.n-?"i"5i- "?:E?,-L, ' "' A ' - w-Livtp xv, '-..x. -,-up ,p53p,q,n,.,-g-I, 42. X-- - w- 'Z-1-:w-ff-ff-vz.,-:,--,N,w..-K- ,,,.-,. 1. Q 'I ' .gn-,1- 1 X own MSKETCI-IBO OK W f AW!" , nv, ' gg K I 1 , FH P 7 x ,MH 'K xx 3 1 xg o , 1 A M fi if 5 X K ef TC eityent fx if f 'll fe X D K XX, 1 lk A xx N if ,E him S N Ni ,N fi QR X W- X , Q eb -E:s::::-Simi M i XX X from many facets 'l'ht' livvs ul' sonic lltltl pcrsoiis i'e'x'olx'c ziimiiitl this Caiiiiptis. Wo como ht-Vo to It-zivli. to stutllv. ziiiml to le-sim. The traili- tioiizil Sll'llk'llll'CSflllC 'l'owoi'. the' Tuimol. ziiirl llowaiixl llaxll wclvoiiio us. ziiicl those along with our i'it'h liwitziglc' ol' social llX't'lllS gin- oiii' t'2lllll7llS its iiiclivitltiailisiii. The traditional fellowship of thc Christmas hrt-akfast Our cvcning at thc Prom will ncvcl' bc forgotten. is enjoyed by all. they concern both The almighty senior is a part of the old tradition. Smooth muscles show the strenuous but perfect development of an athlete. the old and the new The friendly smile is so important for a good Upper and unclei' clnssmen alike shzn'c in our old traditions und together pzirticipzltc in the forming of new ones. This yczn' the stoplights on Walnut street und our wrestling prograni were two of the most noticeable additions to our school scene. . beginning. , . fl"'fo.f l at nnisil l . " 1' A ff X . L , a- T5 lQ,er.i'5,XJy T - ct me H .if . ilrii 1 lq P' l-Flbivl Vx f 7'm"7'f'l 'el fl Nllsl 2- . ' a X ,I xg M nfl l jiri... 1 1' Ocoee The safety of all students is uppermost. 1 we have enriching moments 110011-1111 11111 ll21l'Illl7lllX' 111 lllll lt-ll1111'sl1111 Sl'l2ll't'fl 11'i1l1 111l1e1's. Ulll' sense ul' 11111-1' 113' XX'21l'Kl our l'ell1111' 1111111 is S1l'CllQlllt'lll'll 111' 11'r11'sl1i1111i11g, lllil-Yllhfl. llllll 11'111'lQ111g 111- 1101111111 'l'l11'1111g1l1 11111'c'l11se znssm-111111111 111111 111l1e1's, we lmec-1111111 11111111111 211111 1'es11e1-11-11 citizens. 'l'l111s. we le111'11 111 1ll'lt1ll1 11111' llX'1'S to goals 11'l1ic'l1 11'ill 11111-vt 115 111 il 1111- 111' 111111e1'stz11111i11g 211111 1'z1i1l1. We find strength and a deeping by helping others. We also find a spiritual need in our lives. education is our highest goal We learn the fundamentals through expo Atv L: 'Q-4-fx Finally, after weeks of work, a student displays a smart looking dress. I+lcluc'zition is books, it-z1c'lio1's, L-lzisses, und Ll plan-Q to learn, Ol' those. we are l'o1'tunate in luxving lmlli quantity mill quality. over, wc must rt-zilizc that in the final zmzilysis, thc it-spoiisilnilil-x' ol' lvzwning is roolocl clccp within oursclvcs. M1-ff, 'F-'59 English is one of the corner-stones of a good cducatlon. this goal may be attained in various ways Our counselors help us in preparing for the future. This ctlucatitm may lie mlit'l'icult to attain Xmmmw oi' it may come easily. With the aid ot' Many girls, On the buSinCSS Clll'FiCl1ll1lll- Pl'0Pill'C for their future. our almle counselors and our varied choice ot' cuiiiculum, some ol' us select interests and settle clown to learn more about them. Mathematics and social science complete the foundation of our education. SWL ey if The Ili-Y's Autumn Nocturne is il highlight in thc fall's social season. Dave Schultz and Carolyn King roigmu. l 0 there IS depth Our cmlllvzillmi IS silpplcliu-ulwl lux' ex- lru L'Lll'l'lL'lll zu' ill'llYlllCS lll wliu-li we zu'v r w v Zlljflllllillllg. llugx' muse lmm llui a-xulu-1'- 1 uni lmusliotlmll c-wvwlls unrl c-ulw lm-ulqs lu the lll-YR unnuul Autumn NUi'llll'lll' llaumw' zuul tlic pri Jlll. We pay special honor to the mothers of our team. in personal experiences Lee cc? r V .r , fo K e ww M Q we . s ' ' , f' K f GE i ude cuids are I1 spccial topic of con these form a common bond The pc-p sessions prepare us to cha-or the Hot Dogs on to victory. With thc- t-losing ot' tht- st-html .vc-:ii', wc- lmi-giii to im-zilizv ziiicl aippi'c-t'izitc- thc- valium- tml tht- 4-xiic-i'im-iit-t-s aiiiil opptwtiiiiitios iii which wc- hzixx- shaiix-tl. All ut' tht- iiit-iiitwit-S ul' tht- yt-ani' plc-Lisaiiitly th'it't thimigli our thoughts. We- 1111- smilie-wlizit saiiltle-iic-il to ivaivc- thc-sc hupp-v nie-iiitwie-sl hut. :it tho zimt- tima-, wc- look t'oi'wui'tl to tho i'utui'c with ziii c-Liga-i' ziiitivipzitioii. The Gay Christmas spirit among u M - m - m - m - m - m m m m was captured by thc choir. 'WM f""w 'f ww xg 1, sf. K, 5' ' W ::,.,, K , 5 .. 2 ,.,. x I-. 'I5:a::,-,V fswii " T' 0 as 5 M v Q .:.:.:::.. NM Nikki we gif . " any M ,.,,: 1 W QQ fqisx was .... :.: X. , seg Txxx . X, Ae 3 sf A ' ff Y 3. ,, Q , ga N K X S 4 3 Q X X Q , 2' Q. , ' SX., am K :Q people I administration Om' superiiiteiirlem, Nh: Sum Wooch'ul'l' is one ol' the most importzmt persons in the svhool system. lt is his joh to vo- orcliiizite ull the parts ol' the school system so that they will i'lllH'll0l1 smoothly amd el'l'in'ieht,ly. board of education Ever busy, hut seldom seen, the members of the school lmourcl ure Sum Woocliull 3llIl6l'll'llCl1ll6lll,Q William Lug-als: lizilph Miller: Richurcl Peuim-y, li'i'esiclem: Orville Clmixoii Cl'9lill'f'I zmcl lieginzilcl llloorehouse. These men have been responsible for coucluctiug the ul'l'aii's ol' the city sa-hool facult Mr. Charles Caress came to l+'.H.S. as principal when the class of '58 were jun- iors. Through these two years he has never been too busy to listen to our varied prob- lems and to lend a helping hand. VVe, as seniors, are proud to have had a chance to have worked with him, and we are sure next year's seniors will feel the same way. Four of the best known people of F.H.S. are: Mrs. Grant Wacnitz-Dean of Girls: Wayne Gregg- Assistant Principalg Robert Ayres-Dean of Boysg Dale Shanks-Atttgdaiico Officer. They are a great help and assistance in running our school smoothly and in helping with our numei ous problems. N S? S W. 2 X gg is Q Q? 1 Q Q ff X V4 . W 2 1 , an-s x 11 A: .,.A S . 3 xwkx J 333 H S X N S. i, -TQ? S ' in 1 ' 1 ' ask, X,.x x, .MX qv' f New .a 53-:ww . , . ,. .... , t if W 3 XM : ""7 -gif Ti-X' E .. '+I f tx X ' :A - X- - Q-S . W J- 524 A Eisissi-2272. :::.,:5s5:. fQ:::g:,.. -55222555535-x:-.S-25555:::jW:f-::2-- N x l X -' ,33-:.g:,.,:g:g.-wgmai, 4 .:::::.: . X- X N92 v - 'Q' . ..... , 1 Q .K Wifi WM"Q'fVis5 ' x S:-:g5:5E:a5a,:.. x Eg'-1--M x - S Q-x N ig- gi , -ez Y Q Q Y- - v at 4, Q, M S ., X . , .,,,,1 ' . 5 .:.,., N -: ,, ,Ss X ' -2- Q - I- ,:a,-Magee: lb , N x X ' we X QQ? Q K 5 . . i V 1, X M XX by :..e:., x :M I M' V-ff, X Q 23 mi- ,. . X F f " S I x -JR ' , .. QW ,ay 'F x Uk . Y'-w M- X Q 1 x fw Ma ki ,x Q IN Wm X , MM X ,mil - , fl NS 11 Q ,Q M QQ 'X W JM ,. xg A ,W SSA , 3:5553 , Q V ,, H X mxxxge sx Ngy ' -- -xxx-xx-Y ON X X , Q 1? N Commercial-Evelyn Bond, James Stalker, Irene Carfield. Physical Education and Health - George Bradfield, Louise LeHew, Sallie Foster, and Fletcher McLane. Donna Egley. llelen Smith. M Wmhml office help, custodians, cooks Well kncnx'n to all thc students of l+'.H.S. arc thc nllico staff. the cooks. and the custodians. 'Flwy are constantly aicling the students along with their regular work. 'Vlicir smiling faces contribute much to l+'.H.S. Miriam Crose, Louise Newkirk. Florence Pitman, Mary Tull. First row: Carl McNel1y, Ruby Moyer, Harold King, John Hill Second row: M. L. Baldock, Hap Kendall, Joe Lanum, Ellsworth Shaff, Fred Chandler, Ernie Pearcy. seniors The class of 1958 looks back over their lives in F.H.S. with mixed emotions. As eighth graders we were confused and mystified by the many new experiences we encountered. The freshman year brought biology field trips, going to the dances, and our own track queen. As sophomores we were upper-classmen at last and took an active part in the clubs and activities of the school. During the junior year we visited the State Legislature, sponsored our prom, "Southern Splendor," and wore our green and white sweaters. Our senior year was a blur of events. Among them were the Big Broadcast, sports, "Macbeth," convocations, trig., queen elections, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," parties, essays, pep sessions, "Autumn Nocturne" and finally senior week, class day, Baccalaureate, and Com- mencement. WRIGHT, LINDA ANN-Business. Sun- shine, Science, Prom Committee, Girls Chorus. STEWART, HAROLD MILTON-Commerce, Choir, Spanish, Hi-Y Cauldron, High Life. National Honor, Forensic, Cosmopolitan, Science, Big Broadcast, F-Club, Prom Committee, Tennis, Football, Math Club. WALTERS, MICHAEL LEE - Industrial Arts. DOWDEN, NANCY JANE-General Latin, Sunshine, Cosmopolitan, Foreign Corre- spondence, Future Nurses, Girls Chorus. D.C.E. EUBANK, PHYLLIS JEAN-Home Ee. Sunshine, F.H.A., Girls Chorus. STOUDER, SUSAN JANET-Business, Sun- shine. Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast, D.C.E. THOMAS, CAROL MARJORIE - Liberal Arts, Sunshine. AARON, LARRY WAYNE-Industrial Arts. AITKENS, GAVIN PAUL-Scientific, Tech- nical, Latin, Hi-Y, Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast. Senior Class Play, ALLEN, HOWARD DEWAYNE-Scientific, Fechnical, Cauldron, National Honor, Foren- sic, Cosmopolitan, Camera, Student Coun- cil, Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play, Math Club. ATKINSON, ANN-Class Of '59. AUGHE, RICHARD ALAN - Scientific. Technical, Choir, Latin, Cauldron, National Honor, Forensic, Science, Prom Commit- Icc, Foreign Correspondence, Boys Chorus. BAMBERGER, BARBARA BARKER, SAM BATE, PATRICIA ANN-Business, Band. Staccato, Sunshine, Cauldron, Cosmopolitan, Student Council, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Class Officer, Senior Class Play. BELL, LARRY LEE-General. BLOOMQUIST, JUDITH ANNE-Business, Sunshine, Choir, Staccato, Cosmopolitan. BOU LD I N, MASON-Industrial Arts. BOWEN, KAREN ANN-Scientific Tech- nical, Choir, Staccato, Latin, Sunshine, Cauldron, National Honor, Forensic, For- eign Correspondence, Future Nurses, Stu- dent Council, Big Broadcast, Prom Com- mittee, Girls Chorus. Senior Class Play. BOWERMAN, JACK LEE-Industrial Arts, D,C.E. BROWN, JOSEPH GARY-Scientific, Tcch- nical. Spanish, National Honor, Forensic Class Officer, Math Club, Track, Footballi BRUMBARGER, MARY JOE-Business, Sunshine, F.H.A. Girls Chorus. BUCHANAN, SUSAN LYNN E-Scientific Technical, Latin, Sunshine, High Life, Na: tional Honor, Forensic, Future Nurses, Prom Cimmittee. CALLOWAY, LARRY JOE-General, Stu- dent Council, F-Club, Track, Football. CAMPBELL, FRED W.-Scientific, Tech- nical, Band, Orchcstra, Crescendo, Latin, Hi-Y, National Honor, Forensic, Science, Big Broadcast, Math Club. CARREL, DREW -- Liberal Arts, Latin, Camera. CLARK, JERRY WAYNE-Scientific, Tech- nical, Spanish, Cosmopolitan, Camera, Sen- ior Class Play. COLBY, JERRY FRANKLIN-Industrial Arts. COLLINS, HAROLD ALVA - Academic Hi-Y. CONWELL, ESTHER MAXINE-General. Band, Latin, Sunshine, Foreign Correspond- ence, Future Teachers, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Class Officer. COOK, CLYDE THOMAS-General, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Baseball. COX, JOE EARL-General, Spanish, Caul- dron, Student Council, Baseball. DAVEY, RICHARD ALLEN-Commerce, Latin, Proiection. DECKER, KARL LEWELLYN - Liberal Arts, Camera, F-Club, Baseball, Football, Baasketball. DICKEY, GLENITA-General. ELDRIDGE, HARRIET ESTELLA--Sciem tific, Technical, Choir, Staccato, Latin, Sun- shine, High Lite, National Honor, Forensic, Future Nurses, Big Broadcast, Girls Chorus, Senior Class Play. EPPERT, BETTY JANE-Business, Sun- shine, Student Council, Class Officer, Senior Class Play, Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast, Prom Committfe, Girls Chorus. EVANSON. JANE FORAK ER, DONALD RAY MOND-Liberal Arts. FOSTER, SALLY ANN-Business, Choir, Sunshine, F.l-l.A., Science, Girls Chorus, GEORGE, JUDII CHARLENE - Liberal Arts, Band, Orchestra, Latin, Sunshine, High Life, Forensic, Foreign Correspond- ence, Future Teachers, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Yell Leader, Senior Class Plaay, Girls, Chorus. GARRIGUS, JAMES ARTHUR-Industrial Art, Choir, Boys Chorus. GRAFTON, HARRY PAUL - Scientific. Technical, Choir, Camera, Hi-Y, F-Club, Prom Committee, Football, Basketball, Track, Math Club, GREENO, MARILYN RUTH - Business, Choir. Latin, Sunshine, Girls Chorus. GROTY, CONNIE KAY-Home EC, Sun- shine, F.H,A., D.C.E. HACKETT, JANE ANN-Home Ec, F.H.A.. Prom Committee. HAM PTON, LARRY ROBERT-Industrial Arts. HARSTON, GENE PORTER -- Scientific. Technical, Projection, Math Club. HAWORTH, MARCIA DARLENE-Busi- ness, Choir, Staccato, Sunshinf, Cauldron, National Honor, F.H.A., Big Broadcast. HEDGCOCK, BARBARA SUE -Scientific Technical, Band, Staccato. Spanish, Sun- shine, Cauldron, Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play. HESLER, CHARLES THOMAS-Scientific. Technical, Latin, Hi-Y, Cosmopolitan, Math Club, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast. HIATT, SHIRLEY ANN-Liberal Arts, Latin, Spanish, Sunshine, Cauldron, Cos- mopolitan, Foreign Correspondence, Fu- ture Nurses, Student Council, Big Broad- cast, Girls Chorus. HILL, PATRICIA KAY-General, Choir, Staccato, Sunshine, Cosmopolitan, B i g Broadcast, Girls Chorus, Senior Class Play. HOLLAND, JOYCE ANITA - Business, Band, Choir. Orchestra, Staccato, Sun- shine, Latin, Cauldron, Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play, Girls Chorus. JENNINGS, HENRY LEROY--Scientific, Technical, Band, Orchestra, Crescendo, Latin, Hi-Y, Cauldron, National Honor, Forensic, Foreign Correspondence,, Stu- dent Council, Big Broadcast, Prom Com- mittee, Senior Class Play. JOBE, LLOYD MAX-Industrial Arts, Pro- jection, D.C.E. KENNEDY, DAVID ELWOOD-Scientific, Technical, Hi-Y, Cosmopolitan, Student Council, Big Broadcast, F-Club, Prom Committee, Football. KIMBLE, CHARLES GARY - Scientific, Technical, Latin, Hi-Y, Cauldron, National Honor, Forensic, Camera, Student Council, F-Club, Prom Committee, Class Officer, Football, Math Club, Big Broadcast. LEADER, DENNIS ARMAND-Scientific. Technical, Band, Crescendo, Spanish, Hi-Y, Forensic, Cosmopolitan, Future Teachers. Student Council, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Class Officer, Math Club. Senior Class Play. LEONARD, MARILYN ESTHER-General, Choir. Staccato, Spanish, Sunshine, F.H.A., Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Girls Chorus. LUCAS, LARRY WAYNE-Liberal Arts. LUDFORD, NORMA ANN-Business, Span- ish, Sunshine, High Life, Foreign Corre- spondence, F.H.A., Science. LUKASIK, CAROL ANN-Business, Choir, Staccato, Sunshine, Latin, Cauldron, Foren- sic, Future Teachers, Student Council, Blg Broadcast, Prom Committee, Senior Class Play. MARTIN, BETTY JAYNE-General Choir, Sunshine, Cosmopolitan, F.H.A. MCHALE, EMILIE JAYNE-Liberal Arts. Sunshine, High Life, Forensic, Big Broad- cast, D.C.E. McKEE, HOBART WARREN -Industrial Arts, Projection, X-Country. MCKINNEY, PATRICIA JEAN - Liberal Arts, Spanish, Sunshine, High Life, Na- tional Honor, Cosmopolitan, Future Nurses. Science Big Broadcast, Prom Committee. Math diub. MARSH, INA MAE-General, Orchestra, Sunshine, Cosmopolitan, F.H,A. MATHEWS, HAROLD MAX - Industrial Arts, Project, D.C.E. MOORE, NORMA LOUISE-Liberal Arts. Band, Choir, Orchestra, Staccato, Latin. Spanish, Sunshine, Forensic, Foreign Cor- respondence, Student Council, Big Broad- cast, Cosmopolitan, Prom Committee. MONTGOMERY, CHARLES KENT-Gen- eral, Latin, Hi-Y, Projection, X-Country. MOUDY, ORVILLE LARRY-Liberal Arts, Latin, Hi-Y, High Life, National Honor, Forensic, Foreign Correspondence, Future Teachers, Camera, Student Council, Big Broadcast, F-Club, Prom Committee, Class Officer, Basektball, Baseball. MULLINS, LINDA SUE-General, Choir, Sunshine, Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast, Girls Chorus, Senior Class Play. MYERS, RICHARD L. - Scientific, Tech- nical, Crescendo, Latin, Hi-Y, Science, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, D.C.E. NEWHART, BERNARD KEITH-Industrial Arts, Projection, X-Country, Basketball, Track. PIERCE, JOYCE PRUITT, ROBERT ANDREW-General, Band, Crescendo, Latin, Hi-Y, Student Council, Big Broadcast, F-Club, Class Of- ficer, Baseball, Senior Class Play. REAGAN, ROGER DOVLE - Scientific. Fechnical, Band, Spanish, Hi-Y, Cosmo- politan, Science. PUGSLEY, JOYCE ANN -- Liberal Arts. Latin, Spanish, Sunshine. REAGAN, LARRY-General. REAGAN, RONALD SCOTT-General, Pro- jection, REED, SHELIA GERTRUDE - General. Sunshine, Cosmopolitan, F,H.A., Big Broad- cast. RENO, CHARLES JAM ES-General, Choir, grgsgendo, Cosmopolitan, Football, Track, ROGERS, DAVID HULETT - Industrial Arts, Projection, Prom Committee. ROTH, GERALD EUGENE - Industrial Arts, Projection, Big Broadcast, XAQARI, DELBERT CLARENCE-Industrial I' S. SALTSMAN, NANCY MARIE-Business, Sunshine, Cauldron, High Life, Cosmopol- itan, Science. SCHOOLEY, LINDA JEAN-General, Orch- estra, Staccato, Latin, Sunshine, Science, Student Council, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee. SCOTT, GERALD ROBERT - Scientific, Technical, Latin, Cosmopolitan, Prom Com- mittee, Football, Basketball, Track. SCOTT, JOHN CARROL-Scientific, Tech- nical, Hi-Y, Cosmopolitan, Projection, Camera, Track, X-Country, D.C.E. SHEETS, KENNY ROLLAND-Industrial Arts, Projection, Science, Prom Committee. SHEETS, LINDA SUE-Home Ec, Sun- shine, Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play. SKAGGS, LARRY GENE--Liberal Arts. SMITH, KEN ALAN-Scientific, Technical, Latin, Hi-Y, Cauldron, High Life, Cosmo- politan, Science, Student Council, Prom Committee, Math Club. SPARKS, JANICE KAYE-General, Choir, Sunshine, F.H.A., Big Broadcast, Girls Chorus. STAMPE, DENNIS WILSON-Industrial Arts, Band, Orchestra, Crescendo, Latin, Hi-Y, Cauldron, National Honor, Forensic, Student Council, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Class Officer. STEVENS, JAMES LEE - Liberal Arts, Choir, Crescendo, Slpanish, Cosmopolitan, F-Club, Football, rack, Boys Chorus. STEWART, HAROLD MILTON STEWART, SARA SUE-Scientific, Tech- nical, Latin, Sunshin'e, National Honor, Forensic, Foreign Correspondence, Future Nursese, Science, Student Council, Prom Committee. STOOPS, WILLIAM DONNIE-Industrial Arts, Latin, Hi-Y, F-Club, Football Mgr. SURFACE, DONNA KAY-Business, Sun- shine, Cosmopolitan, THOMAS, PATRICIA ANN - Scientific. Technical, Choir, Staccato, Latin, Sunshine, Cosmopolitan, Foreign Correspondence, Fu- ture Nurses, Girls Chorus, Math Club. TRAPP, ELLEN RUTH - Liberal Arts. Choir, Staccato, Spanish, Sunshine, Na- tional Honor, Cosmopolitan, Future Teach- ers, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Class Officer, Girls Chorus, Math Club, Forensic. UNGER, TERRY TIM-Liberal Arts, Band, Orchestra, Crescendo, Latin, Hi-Y, High Life, Forensic, Student Council, Big Broad- cast, F-Club, Baaskctball, Baseball. VANM ETER, CHARLES WESLEY-Gen- eral. WALTERS, JOE NEAL-Business. WANN, AARON FLOYD-General Pro- jection, F-Club, Traack, X-Country. WEAKLEY, JANET SUE-Business, Latin. Sunshine, Foreign Corresepondence, Sci- ence, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Yell Leader, Girls Chorus. WEGNER, MARY LYNNE - Commerce. Choir, Latin, Sunshine, Cosmopolitan, For- eign Correspondence, Student Council, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Senior Class Play. WHEELER, LARRY EUGENE - General, Projection. WILSON, LARRY HUBERT - Industrial Arts, Projection, Baseball. WILSON, RAYMOND WILSON-Scientific. Txchnical, Student Council, F-Club, Bas- ketball, Track. BATES, CAROL JOANNE-Picture not shown-Commerce, F.H.A., Sunshine, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Cosmopolitan. Choir, Senior Class Play, Girls Chorus. juniors The class ul' WSH slelmpecl into the spot- light of responsibility :incl lezulersliip this yea l'. The major events ui' the your were the selection oi' class rings, the wearing ol' black and reml swetltcrs, special meetings for tl l 1 rl in ie proni. "l'zu'ouse an the wear g ot' senior corcls and skirts mi Uluss Daly. This your the ul'l'ic'ei's were: Presiclent. llol Jert Fry: Vice-l'i'csimlent. Bert Krzxmi Sf.'t'l'Clill'-Y, Karen l.ungi'cn: 'I'i'ez1si11'c1'. .lim llllL'ilS. Row 1 Row 2 Gary Allen Kitty Allen Nancy Allen Lelvloyne Altic Bonnie Arion Susan Basqum linda Bates John Beacham Michael Beard Bennie Bennett Row 3-LaDonna Bewsey, Kay Bly- stone, Thomas Boggess, Char- les Bohm, Donna Brittain. Row 4-Pat Broderick, Phil Brown, Row 5 Linda Buckner, Marcia Burd, Sara Caldwell. -Delilah Calvert, Della Camp, Karen Campbell, Barbara Car- ter, Rebecca Carter. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 -Fred Chandler, Karen Clid- ence, Anna Clouser, Constance Colgrove, Jerry Cooper. -Deanna Crum, Phil Crum, Sue Cunningham, Sharon Davis, Maurice DeFord. -Ina Denham, Grace Devore, Dana Dick, Dennis Dick, Gail Dick. -Tom Dillingham, Bill Dixon, .lohn Dunham, Tom Dunham, Nancy East. -Doug Ehlers, Bob Emery, Ger- ald Emerd, Rebecca Erdcl, .loan Eubank. Row 6-Sally Ewbank, Clinton Faust, Row 7 Row 8- .loe Ferguson, Judy Ford, Diane Fredrickson. -Robert Fry, Suzanne Gill, Sharon Glenn, Larry Good, Janice Gregg. Sharon Gumm, David Gunyon, James Hackerd, Richard Har- dy, Jack Harlan. Row 1-Max Harlan, Frances Har- rison, Sondra Harris, Marilyn Hazel, Judy Henson. Row 2-Pam Hodge, Pat Howe, Tom Hufford, Marlene Hutchison, Carolyn Jacks. Row 3-Ruth Jenner, Bob Keeney, Judy Kellams, Jay Kelly, Joe Kelley. Row 4-Mary Kemmer, David Kinder, Carolyn King, Bert Kram, Mary Kraner. Row 5-Bob LaFollette, Ronnie Lap- pin, Ann Latshaw, Robert Laughnere, Janeille Leader. Row 6-Arlene Lewis, Martha Long, Dion Loveless, Kay Loveless, James Lucas. Row 7-Karen Lungren, Marilyn Mc- Row 8 Claine, Barbara McCoy, Larry McKee, Dixie McKinsey, -Joan Malady, Richard Man- ning, Barbara Marsh, Jerry Martin, Bob Martin. Row 1 Row 2 -Archie Maynard, Saundra Michael, Diane Miller, Don Miller, Linda Miller. -Ronnie Miller, Bill Miller, Dixie Morton, Frances Myers, Jody Nance. Row 3-Linda Nunnally, Donald Ober- haulser, Wanda Pate, Connie Pedigo, Suzanne Pedigo. Row 4-Ronnie Perry, Joe Purcell, Jerry Ray, Betty Rhodes, Gerald Rice. Row 5-Judy Rich, Nanette Ritchey, Lucetta Root, Bill Rothen- berger, Connie Roush. Row 6-Michael Russell Nanc R an Y Y Y , Kay Sanders, Jay Scott, Lu- cille Scott. Row 7-Bill Scott, Paulita Shanaber- gere, Pat Shelton, Janice Slipher, Brenda Smith. Row 8-Myrna Smith, Nancy Smith, Pat Smith, Harold Smock, Richard Snyder. Row 1 Judy Spencer, Karen Stingley, Elonda Strawn, Robert Stuart, Clara Sullivan. Row 2-Lora Taylor, Becky Thacker, Melinda Thompson, Pequita Troxel, Jim Tunis. Row 3-Lillian Turner, Tom Ulm, Brad Unroe, Linda Unroe, Gary Waddell. Row 4-Nancy Wayt, Annebelle Weav- er, Dick Wegner, Kay Welta, Patricia Welty. Row 5-Bill Wheatley, Janice White, Don Whiteman, Delana Wilson, LaVerne Wilson. Row 6-Clark Woodard, Shirley Wright, Sondra Young, Sharon Davis, Larry Weimer. Row 7-:Jerry Spencer, Cynthia Petty. sophomores 'l'lic class ol' 151410 licvanic uppowlzissnieii all least. Vain-szii'. vlulms. gcoiiictry, tliv vlioos- iiig ol' vlziss rings, zmcl the choosing of vluss sxwzitws xvwv importaiiit parts of the hvoziix Tlicy also were allowed to join mom ul' the vzii'ious c-lulis zmcl m'gzmizz1tioiis at l4'.H.S. Esta Pannell, Trcasurcrg Harley Duplor, Vice Presidcnt: Barbara Imcl, Sccrclziryg Lynn Kelly, Presidvnl. Row 4. Phyllis Bamberger, Diane Benge, Dick Cassidy, Paul Clouser, Pete Basquin, John Catron, Larry Bogue, Errol Beumel, Karen Baty. Row 3. Nancy Brown, John Akard, Melanie Adams, Denny Anderson, Pat Coe, Harold Birden, Pat Barber, Tom Catron, Pat Bridge- water. Row 2. George Benson Brittain, Jane Colver, Larry Ayres, Carol Cameron, Jim Bailey, Stella Bush- man, John Collier, Darrel Coap- stick. Row 1. Ronnie Bybee, Barbara Behr, Ruth Barnes, Judy Burns. Linda Alexander, Lynda Clark, Coy Aders. Row 4. David East, Charles Coom- er, Marilyn D i c k e r s o n, Tom Frazier, Judy Conraad, Tom Cox, Billie Dobson, Carl Dubrec, Melvin Craven. Row 3. Shirley Crum, Paul Finney, Patty Cunningham, Blaine Davis, Linda Frazier, Dick Emery, Mary Karen Dearth, Bill Coomer, Karen Dowden, Tom Dirbas. Row 2. Connie Donoho, Tim Dirbas, Nancy Couden, Larry Dick, Patsy Fudge, Phil Cobb, Karen Cue, James Day, Nancy Eberwein. Row 1. Carolyn Davids, Jerry Davis, Rosetta Elkins, Harley Dup- leer, Carole Cook, Larry Cunning- ham, Joyce Cupp. Row 4. Dwayne Hollingsworth, James Howe, Sue Gustavel, Bill Fugate, Rebecca Graybill, Gary Hart, Carolyn Good, Jeff Huffer, Beverly Harris, Billy Hussong. Row 3. Claude Kitchen, Bonnie Hutchison, Jerry Harrison, Sharon Gregg, Jack Hibner, Betty Gray- bill, Dick Hackerd, Donna Green, Woodie Haynes, Darlene Galey, Tom Hoyer. Row 2, Ronnie Houze, Janice Hard- esty, Marion Harrington, Rose Mary Hinton, Gordon Goodnight, Barbara Imel, John Graves, Karen Hitch. Row 1. Nancy Hampton, Jim Hines, Judy Hizer, Winston Jaggers, Sue Ann Gregory, Jim Kallner. Row 4. Lynn Maish. Jane Lucas, Ronnie Montgomery, Karen Kirk- man. John Myers. Karen Miller, Orval Moore. Row 3. Jim Monroe, .loyce Lee, Bob Lucas, .lane McClaine, Oran Moudy. Jane Morningstar. Jim Kirkpatrick. Nina Laughner. Row 2. Nancy King. Michael Lewis, Margaret Morris. Michael Louek, Jon Ann Mcltlahan. John Kipp. Mary Clements. Row 1. Jane Ann Mohler. Fred Moon. Pete Kirby. Ken Kreisher. George Lucas. Mickey Miller. Janet Lungren. Row 4. Eugene Paynee. Linda Pip- penger, Janet Pureell, Sandy Pruitt, Sally Ransom. Rita Pence, Michael Overmyer. Row 3. Frank Otterman. .lcrrilyn Murray. Connie Ostler. Carolyn Pearson. Judy Nieman, Patsy Palmiero. Jerry Ostler. Row 2. Jay Newhart. Lynn Powell, Kent Phillippo, DeEtta Rehwinkel, Ed Pickering, Esta Pannell, Denny Renick, Peggy Newhart. Row 1. Marlita McNew. Loren Pearcy. Eva Palmore. Larry Reed, Nancy Pettit, Terry Pugsley, Pat Parker. Tom Meylanama. Row 4. Shirlene Shrum. James Smith, Sue Spears. Darrell Slipher. Jane Stokesherry. Ronald Rohley. Binnie Sue Spray. Roger Stingley. Wanda Slipher. Row 3. Linda Snodgrass. Michael Thornburg. Judy Skaggs, Ronald Seely, Jackie Stevens, Ed Russell. Karen Unger. John Sullivan. Patsy Spear. Ewell Shelley. Row 2. Lynn Schneider. Jerry Roth, Sharon Stewart. Scott Sump- ter, Carol Rothenberger. Larry Roush. Carolyn Sharp. Paul Rich. Row 1. Jerry Shore, Linda Sandage, Betty Rule. Herbert Sheets. Karen Ruch, Peggy Stanton. Gerry Smith, Row 4: Lynette Wilson, Ronald Youngblood, Gordon Vice. Sharon Young. Row 3. .Ianiee Walters. Terry Zink, Larry Wells, John Walters, Alvin York, Loyal Villars. Row 2: Larry Warren, Carolyn Zer- fas, Judy Vaughn, Julie Wiggam, Sue Winger, Sam Wills. Row 1: Dia n a Wainscott, Larry Wolfe. Dirk Unroe. Tom Whitaker, Dixie Weaver. freshman Row 4. Richard Brammel, Linda Brumbarger, Sharon Barker, San- dra Albaugh, Danny Boxwell. Row 3. Rita Burd, Don Boyles, Bob Boyer, Joe Camp, Judy Byers. Row 2. Edith Buckner, Richard Arion, Linda Brittain, Donna Clark, Larry Beard, Dinah Bell. Row 1. Dorcel Birden, Carolyn Allen, Kent Caldwell, Linda Clark, Boyd Bushong, Deana Baldwin. Row 4. Kathy Goldman, Robert Cohee, Ruth Grafton, Eldorus Fish- er, Elaine Foreman, Jerry Gossctt, Donna Davis, Terry Clidence. Row 3. Robert Cobb, Jerry Dick, Judy Dieterle, Patty Conklin, Nancy Cronkright, Diane Dunn, Tom Cook. Aow 2. Charles Dunham, Dorothy Gann, Diana Devore, Velma Cloud, Patricia Crows, Mark Coffman. Row 1. Janet Cline, Joyce Ford, Ronald Fleming, Karen Clement, Lucy Gaylor, Robert Day. Row 4. Jo Ella Hill, Joe liackerd, Ronnie Hibbard, Robert Hailman, Joe R. Hinton, Pat Howe. Row 3. Ronna Hayes, Richard Henderson, Cathy Henderson, Jeff Hamilton, Marianne Herr, Jerry Hammond, Helen Heavilon, Jerry Howe. Row 2. Roger Howe, Carleen Gil- lespie, Ed Huff, Mary George Hammersley, James Grant, Pat Holland, Benny Hufford. Row 3. Le Roy Hampton, Norma Greeno, Larry Hill, Margaret Howe, Ronnie Hunter, Betty Harris, Den- nie Hollis. Row 4. Martha Hurt, Charles Laughner, Carroll Kressel, Charles Jacoby, Phyllis Love, Gary John- son, Jay Lipsett, Gerry Mang, Patricia Keever. Row 3. Larry Lynch, Diane Lahee, Jacak Lowdcn, Susan Imel, Vernon Lahee, Gary Kaser, Karen Love- less, Matt Maish, Dale Isgrigg. Row 2. Barbara Martin, Murray Lashbrook, Susan Lukasik, Kenny Locke, Karen Landis, Ronnie Kellams, Mary Jones. Row 1. Judy Innis, Gary Kallner, Judy Kaser, James Lipp, Barbara Igney, Dennis Lipp, Linda Lane. ivan' vm " WA ibw X .1 ws? Sth grade Row 4. .Ierry Wilson, Carolyn Snavely, Connie Gunyon, Sara Scott, Diane Monroe, Karen Rice, Billie Cockrum, Sandra Hall, Rob- ert Sharp. Row 3. Cheryl Stewart, Gerald Bewsey, Mike Clark, Hannelore Satzinger, Mike Chittick, Sandra Sumpter, LeRoy Zook. Row 2. Sue Ellen Edington, Phil Goff, Lana Kathrens, Mac Bennett, Sylvia Young, Gary Zink, Steve Thornburg, Row 1. Sarah Gephart, Ralph Calvert, Becky Rhodes, Edwin Spray, Judith Hiatt, David Dunkin, Peggy Weida, Row 4. Freddie Davis, Stephen Walkeer, Gary Donoho, James Ward, Johnny Cunningham, Robert Nall. Row 3. Ray Hall, Gearren Bodish, David Sebree, Larry Miller, Char- les Harshnian, Ralph Smith. Row 2. Buddy Moore, Sharon Meckes, James Stuart, Frances Young, Teddy Eggers, Thelma Laughner, Larry Yakovick, Linda Cooper. Row 1. James Williams, Barbara Harshman, Keith Howe, Carol Chandler, Colonel Smith, Mattye Fugate, Michael Keller. Row 4. Don Rich, Donald Greeno, Mert Wilson, Larry Meneely, Ted Wilden, Gary Good, Fred Denham. Row 3. Lana Baker, Mike Reppert, Sue Moore, Gordon Clidence, Carol Harrison, Jon Steiner, Peggy West. Row 2. Stanley Snyder, Joyce Smiht, Roger Bougher, Glenda Howe, Fred Rice, Sharon Bam- bergere, Ronald Meeks. Row 1. Sandra Evans, Harry Sheets, Sharon Siegfried, Jim At- well, Odette Foster, Charles Cun- ningham, Martha Culver, Dennis Crouch. Row 4. Margaret Thurman, Terry Gregory, Phyllis Terry, Ronnie Unger, Peggy Leader, Gary Griggs, Karen LaFollette, Larry Mosier. Row 3. Philip Davis, Janet Evans, Larry Albaugh, Barbara Storz, Ronnie Fleming, Susan Morrison. Mike Hardy, Linda Howe, Eddie Adams. Row 2. John Quick, Barbara Bea- bout, Dan Davis, Carol McManama, Jim Haskins, .Iudy Neal, Walter Padgett, Stephanie Price, Stan Fickle. Row 1. Don Goodnight, Donna Cannon, Earl Bobby, Mary Ann Ruckel, James Swan, Marlene Allen, David Denton. 'E U4 ww ,Aw xx s gA 'NN sf., vis Q W Q. -mf, 3 tin KN Mu' -44-L'-ff ....-'....,N ' Il-'l'..."'kw L W..---..... ' A X N if? L -J xx- 8 - , P ......JL w H ..s.,X5. S' Ah-8 -had Xi v H qi, an UNI 5 , i :mmm 1.23 'WS X - -1 r R H H New ' ' f gxjcg.. R. tifiggf 'X Nl, Q X I S?" ' : - ' , + JS fii it P if Q 3 ' 9 x 'QQ 3 1 'ini ,W ,K :J SA, Z3 "' Q .P , ,aw P x t X-. ,, 1. R :gg- g-igk 5f 1.f, ,: , gKiX K Q M -as X . 3l:'?f I '2?5,',1: , ,:-:ij xii. W Li .4 21 2 Nr. 'U-' RS jf i1-'22 QAQS? activities national honor This year the local chapter ol' the Na- tional Honor Society celebrated the twenty- Illtli aimncrsary ot its lounding. l'ilt't'llUll to tl school student may attain. Members are selected each semester ln' tlic faculty and the active members on the basis ot' char- acter, scholarship. leadership. and service. A gold National Honor Society seal is placed on the diploma of each graduating ' ' ' ' ' ' ' mcmlmer. ie society is the liigliest lionor a high The olticers were: President, Alan Auglie: Vice President, Harriet Eldridge: Secretary, llee Jennings: Treasurer, Karen Bowen: Sponsor, Miss Hattie Campbell. Row Row Row Row 4 Janice Gregg, Larry Moudy, Lee Jennings, Denny Stampe, Harold Stewart, Gary Kimble. 3. Diane Miller, Fred Campbell, Alan Aughe, Joe Brown, Howard Allen, Susan Basquin, 2. Pat McKinney, Marcia Haworth, Bob Fry, Jay Scott, Bert Kram, Larry Weimer. 1. Sara Stewart, Susan Buchanan, Karen Bowen, Harriet Eldridge, Ellen Trapp, Suzanne Gill. student council This year the Student Council was as busy as ever. They sponsored the Open House, Blue and White Day, pep sessions. football and truck queens, a dance, and convocations. The convoeations included Nlr. Don Lonie, inspirational speaker: Beacher Duo, interpreters of popular music history: and Virginia Sale, impressionist. They have also connected the record play- er in the cafeteria with the recreation room. Congratulations are in order for the fine job done by our student governing body under the direction of Mr. VVilber Cum- mins and Mr. Charles Caress. The officers were Norma Moore, President, Larry Wei- mer, Vice-President: and Sara Stewart. Secretary-Treasurer. Row 1. Janice Gregg, Tom Boggess, Bob Fry, Larry Good Joe Purcell Nancy Rya Row 2. Jackie Stevens, Judy Byers, Betty Rule, Bob Martin Douglas Reid Row 3. Ruth Grafton, Linda Zerfas, Norma Moore Sara Stewart Carol Lukasik Shlrley Hiatt Ken Smith Row 4. Pat Barber, Dave Kennedy, Tim Unger, Denny Stampe Gary Kimble Howard Allen lay Scott Row 5. Larry Dick, Jack Lowden, Gary Johnson Jeff Huffer Harley Dupler sunshine society 'l'he Sunshine Society is open to all girls who want to help their neighbor. lfornial initiation was helrl in November with a eanilelight ceremony. A eancly sale was organ- izecl for the first time to raise money for the Riley Fund and Clinton County Hospital. The Christnias party antl voneession stancl were in the soeiety's eapahle hantls again this year. Another new iclea ol' the society was the selling ol' carnations on Valentine's Day. the officers this year were The ut't'iwi's this your were: Noriuzi Moore: Vice Piesideiit, Suzanne Podigug Recording H1'1'I'l'lllI'.Y. liuhhi Ckmwcllp 'l'1'cusL11'e1', l'lu'uI Lukusik. Without the uoopemtioii amd help hi' Mrs. Waivkiiilz amd Miss Czuuphcll, our sponsors, the society would have he-eu uuzihle In hzix'v vimiiiplvlc-rl ai very suc'c'oss1'ul -YULIV. W, E SPX, se, . - - asus hi-y club The lli-Y Club is composed of junior and senior boys who must have a 'C' average in their subjects. The refreshment stands at football games and track meets were in their cap- able hands. Ushers were pro- vided at basketball games by the Hi-Y. Some of its activities are the annual spring picnic, the annual Autumn Nocturne dance, Thanksgiving program, and Easter program. Denny Stampe, Chaplain: Denny Leader, Secretaryg Harry Grafton Sargeant-at-Arms, Larry Moudy Treasurerg Tim Unger, Vice Pres identg Gary Kimble, President Fred Campbell, Parliamentarian. Harold Collins, Gavin Aitkens, John Scott, Ken Smith, Lee Jennings Roger Reagan, Bob Pruitt. Tom Hesler, Kent Montgomery Don Miller, Bill Stoops, Dave Ken nedy, Harold Stewart. Row l, .lim Lucas, Dion Lovclcss, l5cl't KI Ill at rt in 'lllll. Dick ltlunning, Bob liow 2. .Iziy Kelly, Bill Millcr, llonnic l'cx'1'y. Dutch Gunyon. Dick llurcly, Ronnic Lnplin. Gary Wzlrldcll, l,a1I'ry Wcimcr, llrzid U nroc, Tom Ulm, Miclccy liusscll, Dill Wlicatlcy, .lay Scott. lionnic Ilotlicnhcrgcr, .lim Tunis. t'hui'lcy Bohm, Phil Crum, Bob l'lIll0l'X. Doug lflhlcrs, Clinton Faust. .lorry Coopcr, Bob Fry, Tom Dun' hum, Bill Dixon, Gary Allen, Tom Bogggt-ss. Lzimoync Altic, I,zn'ry tloorl. math club The purpose of the Math Club is further development ot' mathematical thought through specially developed reports and lectures. Minimal surfaces, mathematical history, and Mathematical paradoxes have become more familiar to this year's mem- bership under the sponsorship ol' Nlr. Schilling. An annual Math Club Award was given during Class Day exercises to the person with the highest scholastic record for four years of high school mathe- matics. Row 4-Gene Harston, Gary Kimble, Harry Grafton, Denny Leader, Fred Campbell, Row 4-Joe Brown, Pat McKinney, Ken Smith, Howard Allen, Tom Hesler, Kay Welty. Row 2-Suzanne Gill, Janeille Leader, Pequita Troxell, Martha Long, Binnie Bennett, Ruth Jenner, Larry McKee. Row 1-Diane Miller, Ellen Trapp, Harold Stewart, Tom Ulm, Bob Fry, Jim Tunis, Jim Lucas. forensic club Row 5-Nancy Ryan, Becky Erdel, Kay Blystone, Karen Lungren, Janice Gregg, Danny Stampe, Gary Kimble, Tim Unger, Larry Moudy, Larry Weimer, Gary Waddell, Dick Wegner. Row 4-Mike Thornburg, Larry Bogue, George Lucas, Harriet Eldridge, Fred Campbell, Joseph Brown, Howard Allen, Denny Leader, Jay Kelly, Barbara Imel, Jay Scott. Row 3-Alan Aughe, Michael Louck, Ken Kreisher, Harold Stewart, Janet Lungren, Betty Rule, Sharon Stewart, Sally Ransom, Susan Buchanan, Sara Stewart, Sharon D. Gregg. Row 2-Barbara Behr, Pat Barber, Suzanne Gill, Janeille Leader, Lee Jennings, Pam Hodge, Linda Miller, Karen Bowen, Carol Lukasik. Row 1-Norma Moore, Emilie McHa1e, Judii George, Ellen Trapp, Martha Long, Bert Kram, Bob Fry, Jim Lucas, Charles Bohm. The Forensic Club is dedicated to the promotion of interest in speech, debate, parliamentary procedure, and law. The club sponsored a convocation and a dance for the student body. ln co-sponsorship with the Hi-Y the Forensic Club sponsored the "Panel of America." During the year '57-'58 the first Forensic Symposium, which provides an opportunity for members to speak, discuss and debate, was organized. Officers: President, Denny Stampe, Vice President, Bert Kram, Secretary, Janeille Leader, Treasurer, George Lucaasg Spon- sor, Mrs. Redmon. spanish club The Spanish Club gives to the members the opportunity of having a little fun with the language and to learn more about the people who speak it. Programs for some of the meetings consisted of word games and skits. Several speakers were also in- d. c. e. club D.C.E. helps its members to learn an occupation that is useful after graduation. The club also helps to better employer- employee relations with their members. March twenty-fourth was the date of the D.C.E. Banquet. D.C.E. students and their employers were guests. Students and co- ordinators from all over the state were also invited. The officers were: President, Larry Skaggsg Vice President, Dick Myersg Secre- tary. Connie Groty: Treasurer, .lim ltenol Sponsor, Mr. Shoekney. Row 3-Emilie McHale, Jim Reno, Dick Myers, Nancy Dowden. Row 2-Gene Harston, Lloyd Jobe, Jack Bowerman, Larry Reagan, Bernard Newhart. Row 1-Connie Grotv. .Iohn Scott, Charles Van Meter, Max Mathews, Susan Stouder. eluded in the programs this year. The officers were: President. .lay Kelly: Vice President, .Ianet Lungren: Secretary, Sharon Stewart: Treasurer, Pat Broderickl Sponsor, Miss Irion. Row 5-Lynette Wilson, Ruth Grafton, Barbara Martin, Tom McManama, Jerry Cooper, Tom Pugsley, Jeff Huffer, .lohn Collier, John Dunham, Jerry Clark, Dion Loveless, Jay Kelly, Bob LaFollette. Row 4-Ellen Trapp, Tom Dunham, Janice Gregg, Donna Kay Brittain, Judy Rich, Dixie McKinsey, Pat Welty, Anna Clouser, Nan Thomas, Karen Small, Charles R. Dunham, James Monroe, Doug Ehlers. Row 3-John Zahn, Sammy Shaff, Tony Cox, Ronnie Houze, Pete Kirby, Marilyn Leonard, Janet Lungrcn Harold M. Stewart, Den Leader, Linda Unroe, Pat Broderick. Row 2-Ruth Jenner, Suzanne Pedigo, Janice White, Pat Coe, Sharon D. Gregg, Sharon Stewart, Judy Nieman, Cynthia Petty, Karen Clidenee, Barbara Sue Hedgcock, Shirley Hiatt. Row 1-James Stevens, Orval Moore, John Sullivan, Frank Otterman, Jack Hibner, Rita Burd, Pequita Troxell, Marlita McNew, Nancy Cronkright, Barbara Switzer, Linda Parker. latin club The annual Christmas dance was sponsored hy the Latin Vinh, At the meetings this year, many interesting slides were shown. Some of the guests have been Mr. William Goodwin and Mr. .lohn Seheidler who showed slides of their interesting trips. Every year the Latin Club semis out their own special Christmas Cards. A spring pienie was held at Turkey Run again this year. The ot't'it-ers were: President, Iiiek Manning: Vice President. Larry Weimer: Seere- tary, Mike Lonek: Treasurer. lluteh Gunyoni Sponsor. Mr. Farrell. projection club l The Projection Club plays an important part in the putting rm the various shows in the auditorium. They also run the projector for movies throughout the year. The officers are Lloyd Jobe. President: David Rogers, Vice President: and Dick Davey, Seeretary-Treasurer. Row 1-Marianne Herr, .Iohn Carroll Scott, Lloyd M. Jobe, Dick Davey, Fred Chandler, Cathy Scircle. Row 2-Tim Dirbas, Woodie Haynes, Harold Birden, Oran Moudy, Larry Cunningham, Bob LaFollettc, John Catron. Row 3-James Kirkpatrick, Michael Beard, Hobart McKee, Larry Wheeler, Kent Montgomery, Ronnie Reagan, Max Mathews, Ronnie Pitzer, Gerald Roth, David Rogers. Row 4-Joe Hinton, Don Miller, Michael Overmyer, Winston Jaggers, George Benson Brittain, Gene Harston. cosmopolitan club Students are eligible to become members of the Cosmopolitan Club il' they liaw at "IV average in history. This year the initiation was held in November. A scholarship ol' twen- ty-five dollars is awarded to the Senior with the highest average in history for tour years This year the club sponsored a dance and a spring picnic. The officers Were: President. Pat McKinney: Vice President. lletty Sue llhodt-si 'l'rvas- urer, Diane Miller: Secretary, Wanda Pate: Sponsor. Nlr. Dick. t camera club Jlenihers ot' the t'zuneru Cluh learn the various uses and constructions ol' the vaun- erzt. They also learn about the process of developing pictures. This year their uetiv- ities linye invlucletl at clunee and at photog- rzipliy contest. Some of the members enterecl the state photography contest this vt-air. The ol'I'ic'ers were: Presitlent. llurry tlrzttton: Vice Presitlent. Howard Allen: Set-retury. Karl Decker: Sargeant-ut-Arms. Drew t'zu'rel: Sponsor, Mr. Belcher, Row Row Row Row 3-Michael Beard, Douglas Reid, Pete Kirby, 1-Larry Moudy, John Scott, Jerry Clark and 4-John Beacham, Loren Pcarcy, Larry Dick, 2-Dcnnie Hollis, Don Miller, Tom Ulm, Larry science club The purpose oi' the Science Club is to promote interest in knowledge ol' sc-ienee. This is done through reports on new tle- velopments on vidual projects. The officers science und through infli- were 1 l'resiclent. Alun Aughei Vive Presiclent, .lim Tunis: Sevre- tury-Treasurer, Jim Luezisg Sponsor, Mr. E. O. Hunger. Jerry Roth, Dick Hardy, Harry Grafton, Mickey, Pete Basquin, Ed Russell. Avres, Robert Day. Karl Decker. Ron' Row Row Sleeth. Roxy 4-Jim Lucas, Jim Tunis, Judy Innis, Barbara Igney, Pete Basquin. 3-Roger Howe, Harley Dupler, John Kipp, Harold Stewart, Linda Miller, Dick Brammel. 2-Beth Miller, Errol Beumel, Ken Kreisher, Mike Louek, Karen Mundell, .Iaeke Power. Joan 1-Gordon Goodnight, Judy Byers, Ronnie Perry, Alan Aughe, Larry Bogue, Tom Hufford. foreign correspondence club The Foreign t'orrespondenee Club is sponsored by the Iiutin Club. Members reeeive inueh enjoyment from letters from their pen pals in foreign lands. New friendships have been sturted in many interesting countries. The president this year was Bob Klurtin. future nurses club All members of the Future Nurses' Club must give fifteen hours of free service to receive their pins. Most of the girls dial volunteer work at the hospital. The club tlonatetl Clll'lSlllltlS presents to the mental patients at llogansport. The club also helped with patch tests which were given to the ninth and tenth graders. This year the members took fielcl trips to the Indiana Meclical Center and the lllethoclist hospital in Indianapolis. The officers were: President, Susan Buchanan: Vice Presitlent, Pam llotlgeg Recording Secretary. Karen Bowen: Corresponding Secretary, Harriet hllclriclge: Treasurer. .laneille Iieatleri Sponsor, Mrs. Helen Smith. l Row 5-Janice Hardesty, Melanie Adams, Patsy Fudge, Betty Graybill, Carolyn Pearson, Jane Stokesberry, Mary Hammersley. Row 4-Nancy Wayt, Pat Parker, Pequita Troxell, Pat McKinney, Sharon Stewart, Rosemary Hinton, Wanda Slipher, Shirley Crum, Martha Long, Becky Erdel. Row 3-Betty Rhodes, Ruth Jenner, Donna Bewsey, Stella Bushman, Carol Cameron, Mary Krancr, Nancy Smith, Elonda Strawn, Carol Straesser, Nancy Ryan. Row 2-Karen Mundell, Kathy Goldman, Carolyn Suits, Karen Small, Roberta Wiley, Sandy Pruitt, Sue Gustavel, Bonnie Hutchison, Judy Rule, Cathy Henderson. Row 1-Janeille Leadeer, Pam Hodge, Shirley Hiatt, Karen Bowen, Susan Buchanan, Harriet Eldridge, Dana Dick, Kaye Loveless. f. h. a. club The purpose of the Future Hoinemakers of America is to help prepare the girls for their future as homemakers. The club meetings are enlightening on several subjects with selected speakers for their subjects. The officers were: President. .lohn Maladyi Vice l'resitlent, Marcia liurclg Secretary. Kitty Allen: Treasurer, Karen Baty. future teachers club The Future Teachers' Club tries to give the members 3 CHPCCF. were Mr spoke on time the ileges of an idea of the advantages of teaching as Some of the guest speakers this year Waddell and Mr. Gorman Pierce who their various experiences. For the first senior members were granted the priv- cadet teaching at the grade schools. Row3-Sara Caldwell, Ronda Hayes, Carol McLaughlin, Judy Shelly, Dixie McKinsey, Deanna Baldwin, Randy Myers, Pete Miller. Row 2-Karen Lungren, Connie Colgrove, Grace Devore, Jane Mohler, Pat Barber, Sharon Young, Bob Martin, Carol Lukasik. Rozv l-lfynda Clark, Barbara Behr, Larry Moudy, Bobbie Conwell, Judii George, Denny Leader, lflllen rapp. Members were also given the chance to serve at faculty meetings. The officers were: President, Denny Leader: Vice President, Grace Devoreg Secretary, Sharon Young: Corresponding Secretary, Barbara Behr, Treasurer, Karen Lungreng Sponsor, Miss Bond, f. club The F-club is composed of the award winners in the sports program. Dedicated to the promotion of good sportsmanship and personal leadership, the club serves as an inspiration to the school. Each year the Big Broadcast is sponsored by the club and the Master of Ceremonies is elected from the membership. Leading the F-club this year are sponsor, Raymond Rohrabaugh, and president, Larry Moudy. Row 4-Doug Reid, Don Oberhoulser, Bill Fugate, Jerry Roth, Bert Kram, Tom Ulm, Gary Waddell, Larry Moudy. Gary Kimble, Tim Unger. Row3fRo1nniti llouze, Pete Kirby, Tom Boggess, Ken Kreisher, Jim Lucas. .Iohn Kipp, .lay Kelly, Bill W eat ey. Row 2-Clark Woodard, Dick Wegner, Larry Weimer, Tom Hufford, Dutch Gunyon, Larry Good, Larry McKee, Jerry Cooper, Dick Hardy, David, Kennedy. Row 1-Bill Stoops, Raymond Wilson, Larry Woods, Harold Stewart, Larry Calloway, Aaron Wann, .lim Stevens, Karl Decker, Harry Grafton. staccato club The membership of the Staccato Club consists of junior and senior girls who are in band, orches- tra, and choir. This club awards a twenty-five scholarship to any girl in the club who intends to further her education in music. The Staccato Club's formal initiation was held in November this year, The officers were: President, Joyce Holland, Vice President, Ellen Trapp, Secretary, Marcia Haworthg Treasurer, Patty Bateg Sponsor, Mr, Morgan. Row 1-Karen Stingley, Sara Caldwell, Norma Moore, Karen Bowen, Harriet Eldridge, Nancy Ryan, Becky Erdel, Barbara Sue Hedgcoek. Row3-Patti Thomas, Pequita Troxell, Linda Miller, Pam Hodge, Dixie Morton, Brenda Smith, Suzanne Gill, Martha Long, Kay Blystone, Suzanne Pcdigo. Row 2-Marilyn Leonard, Linda Schooley, Janeille Leader, Cynthia Petty, Marilyn Hazel, Con- nie Pedigo, Karen Clidence, Sally Ewbank. Row 1-Pat Hill, Joyce Holland, Patty Bate, Marcia Haworth, Carol Lukasik, Ellen Trapp, Marcia Burd, Karen Lungren. cresendo club The Crescendo Club is a boys' musical organiza- tion. Every year a scholarship is given to a grad- uating senior who plans to further his education in music. The club has an annual spring party at Camp Cullom for the members, and it also sponsors a dance during the school year. I The officers were: President, Bob Martin, Viet President, Ken Kreisher, Second Vice President Jim Stevens, Secretary, Tim Unger, 'l'reasurer, Mike Louckg Sponsor, Mr. Long. How 4-Lee Jennings, Denny Stampe, Tim Unger, Fred Campbell, Jim Tunis, Jim Stevens, Bob Pruitt Denny Leader, Jack Hibner. Row 3-Terry Clidence, Jay Lipsett, Dick Brammell, Ronnie Kellams, Danny Boxwell, Larry Cunningham George Lucas, Michael Louck. liow 2-Errol Beumel, Mike Thornburg, Jerry Ostler, Orval Moore, Tom Boggess, Dutch Gunyon, Larry Bogue, Harley Dupler, Kent Ryan. Row 1-Frank Otterman, Larry Reed, Bob Martin, Bert Kram, Larry Weimer, Dion Loveless, Bob Fry and Ken Kreisher. t choir This year the choir under the direction of K. C. Morgan participated in many activ- ities, among them being: the annual Fall Festivalg the Christmas Convocationg Dis- trict and All State Contestg District Festival at West Lafayetteg Spring Festivalg and Graduation. This year the choir is giving a scholar- ship in memory of Twilla Oberrniller, who would have graduated this year. The officers were: President, Alan Augheg Vice President, Harriet Eldridgeg Secretary, Carol Lukasikg Treasurer, Ellen Trapp. band officers AX lol ot' work goos with lhuiiugiiig ai large' hziml. The hum! elcvtccl this .vczii thv iulluwiiig' persons to zissist Mi: Long: Holm i,I'l1iil.C2l1Jl2lil1I Iicv .Iemiiiigs I.iou aunt ut' Ihv Womiwimlsl Bert Krum. I,ieu :ml ut' thc- Brass: .Iuyvc Hulluncl, SPL'l'9I2ll'j" Ik-iiiiy' I,vaul0i'. SilI'4S.IClllilI .luck iiiiillkxl' l,iln'4u'i:m: Tim Viigvig Drum Mujmt amd lmllmiiizi I3mx'sv-v, Szirgvaiiil ut' the 'l'wii'l0i's ten- teh- twirlers .lulizi Smiih .lullai Nlzirtm .ln-X T0 Hug lien I JOHN PIN il Hvwsvy li:ii'ha1i':1 lmvl Kzirvn Cliilvi X A Q 'is Q v Xt .ixf f. .9 , , 1- Q -Q ,i fv 13 sw Q '- 2 if 5 ffxl Q32 ,gXX g4 f"3 f 9 G , Q .Q if ex 1 Ki S Q 'R 3 is Q Q jikxxm Ji 'rv -3 Q wx . Nxlix E Q. 'wi ' R N , 5' , 4 i Besides the usual activities ol' fonllmll hzlskellmzlll, c'om'e1'1s, zlml vontvsts, thc Buml uml O11-l1esl1'an parent mmlgaalxizantimm X has wurkwl during an pvriml ui' SUYLXII AVURIIB raising INUNGY Iowaircl tlu- pL1x'c'l1:1sa- ui' mm lnmml lllliflll'IHS. Ihls ycul' thv hum! haul mmm- vnmlru-w pu1'lic'ipuling in thc- lbislrivl Sulu 11ml 11111- semlmlv Uonlvsl than any mln-1' svlmol in the state. orchestra The o1'cliest1'zi, umlci' thc cliimwticmii of M1'.L. H. Sl1l1V9iy,hL1SIJlll'iiCiIJlliCfl iii mzmy activities this past .X'0ill'. Some of the- events in which they have liven arc: llistrivt amd State Solo amd lflnsemhle Coiiu-sl. Mid- Wimm' C'om-em, I-S il I1 cl :md O1'n'li0st,i'u Chic-kvh l5uu1'bec'i1v. which was ut Lim-oln School, Klicl-Slutv Ora-hestrai f'0l1L'Cl'l 111 Martihsvillo, C'lziss Daly Iflxcwisvs, Bur'- cfalaiiwaltc-, amd f'UININ0l1L'CIHCl1i. 'l'hv ol'- ficers in oiwiie-sti'u this year www: iiLll'lJilI'il Behr, Sc-1-wlziry-'l'l'o11suVer: .lunicv Walters, Historizmg Shurmi Young, l1iiH'lll'iilH1 iiilllill Schooley, Vice Presicleiit, amd Peggy Stanton, Presiclent. senior class play Stut-li stage doors, a lost pawn ticket. a hashful dog, lfreneh tutoring. an engage- ment. a lawsuit. and forgotten lines - all of these things were the ingredients that 1 l 4 L niix '- ' t 's j 1ar's senior lnndt up tht tuit ol hi yt class ilu' "tll+'Vl'l l+'lXll+'N ll ll F lf' lf li .-.I 1,1 ,oxnns " I nder the direetlon of Mrs. Martha llednion and student directors .loyee Hol- land and I'at llill, the senior at-tresses and artors presented their version of the play A 1 x in ttntial r 1 i .Xuditoriuni April ltl and ll. lht play rentered around two young ladies who were taking a trip to Europe to heeome educated, but instead went man hunting. As the story unfolds many corn- plieations arise in which the girls become involved in many difficulties. Lorlei re- eeiyed an engagement ring from a very refined gentleman, and Dorothy heeame interested in Sam who was just an ordinary young man. Add to this situation the pawning of the ring in a pawnshop, de- tectives searehing the rooni of the girls, the reunion of Aunt Dolly and lf'ather, and finally marriage plans and you have an idea of what was presented in the play. Judy George, Linda Mullins, Linda Sheets, Pat Hill, Jerry Clark, Gavin Aitkens, Tom Hesler, Carol Lukasik, Lynne Wegner. Gavin Aitkens, Linda Mullins, Carol Bates, Lee Jennings, Howard Allen, Bob Pruitt, Denny Leader, Patty Bate, Harriet Eldridge, Karen Bowen, Barbara Hedgcock. Pat Hill, Joyce Holland, Linda Mullins, J a n e Weakley, Patty Bute, Betty Eppert. big broadcast Opening Act Mary George Hammersley Flappers Tridebs - "Sugartimc" Freddie Rice - piano solo Pam Hodge-All of Me Class Play Cut Little Rascals Oriental Ballet Tom Cook-Too Young Band Numbers-Elks Parade Flung Home Tap Dancing Duet-Cherie Stair Sammy Shaff Doll Dance Harold 81 .Ian - Mr. Sandman Happiness Street-precision dance Slaughter on Tenth Avenue Grand Finale The twent-v-set-ontl annual Big Broad- rast with its theme, 'Tlet Happy" was pre- senterl in Central Auclitorium Mareh 20 antl 21 with Gary Kimble as Master ol' C'eremonies. C'ongratulations to Norma Nloore. Student Director: Janice Gregg, As- sistant llireetor tstuclentl: girls of the roar- ing twenties: 'lll'lCl9l7Sl Freclclie Rieel solo- ists, Pam antl Tom: Class Play Cut: the l,ittle Rascals: an oriental halleti Hand numhers. "Flying Home" and "Elks Pa- racle": Holm Pruitt. Band Leader: tap tlanving tluet: the tlanee aets: Harold antl .lani the Satire on "Slaughter on Tenth .XYl'llll0.H The tlrantl Finale hrought things to a rlose. hut many joyous memories will long he rememherecl. Thanks goes to faculty acl- visors. Ilayinoncl "Buck" Rohrahaugh anrl Atlen Long. plus all those behind the scenes. high life Knee 1111011 in llI'illlCl'S lllii 111111 1'1m11y l72llJ0l'. the TXYCIHNX'-Clgili 1111111111115 111 this x'ez11"s High Life slziii' hz1x'1' w111'k1'1l 111 11111 . . , . . . out ez11'h issue 1111 111110. i'llllllilill' 1'1'11-s suvh as "l'111 next 111 the 1-x'p111x'1'il111'." - - - "This S1111'-Vs 11111 short." - - - "Is11'l the galley l1z11'k yet'."' - - - "Xl'l1e1'1-'S swine 1-ophv 1111111-1"."' - - - "I 1-1111'l t'i111l il ill'il1i.H - - - "This is il S1-1m1m1m." 111111 "ll11.x' ytllll' Iligh l,if'e,1m11ly ll dime" are to he ilClll'li z1s1l11a11l- line z1pp1'11z11'l1es, This -YCQII' the Chief' lC1li11w1' was Susan , iiLli'ilElllilll, 211111 the Sports lC1lil111' was i12ll'l'j' Klourly. high life staff Row 4-Nancie Wayt, Ruth Jenner, Diane Fredrickson, Sherry Glenn, Dixie Morton. Row 3-Elusan Basquin, Dick Manning, Bill Miller, Larry Moudy, Pat McKinney, Ken Smith, Bob artin. Row 2-Kay Welty, Harriet Eldridge, Connie Colgrove, Cynthia Petty. Susan Buchzlnan, Janice Gregg, Pam Hodge, Carolyn King. Row 1-Deanna Crum, Kay Blystone, Nancy Ryan, Marcia Burd, Suzanne Pedigo, Linda lVlille1', Karen Stingley, Judii George. cauldron staff Row 3-Gary Kimble, Denny Stampe, Joyce Holland, Barbara Hedgcock, Carol Lukasik, Harold Stewart Row 2-Alan Aughe, Shirley Hiatt, Patty Bate, Joe Cox, Howard Allen. Row 1-Nancy Saltsman, Marcia Haworth, Karen Bowen, Lee Jennings, Ken Smith. 1 cauldron Sixteen people have been working to- gether for the realization of a dream, the 15158 Caulclron. After a theme was chosen, they began getting pictures, choosing a cover, writing copy, pasting pictures, and selling in home rooms. Due to the efforts of the editor, Karen Bowen, assistant ecli- tor, Lee Jennings and the staff, their dream has become a reality. The sponsor was Rayinond Rohrabaugh. if ., Left to right: Binnie Spray, Pam Hodge, Judii George, Queen Norma Moore, Brenda Smith, Carol Lukasik. crowning of the queens 'l'he hand tnatrehetl in I'oIlon'etl lay inn array ol' heztutitul girls in shiny eonrerta ihles. liovelx' .lntlii reigned its the ITPBS foothall queen, The girls in red and white lornntls keep- ing in harinonuv with the theme ol' Valen- tine Dilf' were eseortecl onto the floor hy the Hi-Y ushers. There was grent suspense as Uieli Manning flipped the eoin to ntnne Norma Moore its runner np Lund Vztrol linkasik as the 15158 hitsketlutll queen. Students rushing honte to ehnnge to their party elothes, the easting ot' their ballots at the floor. and the exehztnging ol good luek: This is the cl0l'0l12lllUll lizlll. Pretty little Surat .lone Sl?l'2l.X' ztntl Milo ldldridge utlcletl to this as they eztrrietl the erowns tor Gary Kimble itncl Miss Ntlhillil Moore. lieztutitnl girls in pastel lortnztls were in shiny eonvertililes to their plztees ot' plztees ol' honor. t'hzn'tning hliss Nornnt Moore and her ztttentlztnts presented rilm, lions to the H158 trzteli winners. Left t, right: Sharon Stewart, Brenda Smith, Carol Lukasik, Queen .Iudii George, Janet Weakley, Venn Hodge, Barbara Igncy, Lvfl Io Right: Iiobhiv Vonwoll. .luflii Gl'0I'fll', Qucvn f'2ll'0l Lukzxsik. Normzl Moore-, Lynm- Wvgnvr. Rowii-King Gary Kimble, Queen Norma Moorv. ROXV2fl.lll'l'X Wcimor. Kay Blyslono. Harley Duplor. Sharon Stcwurt. Carol Lukzlsik, Tim Ungar, Binnim Spray, l.u1'ry Roush, Pam Horlgo, .Inv Kollx' Huw 1-Milo Iilrlrirlpiv. Sara June Spray. WW' A 1 sports G9 rj X? Ci? 6165 MSD- varsity football aiifxm. . .:a.e:. V. .,,nf, Row 4-Pete Basquin, Bill Woodward, Ed Russell, Tom Boggess, Jay Kelly, Tom Ulm, Don Miller, Mickey Lewis, Jerry Shore, Mike Thornburg. Row 3-Head Coach McLane, Dick Hardy, Larry Dick, Larry Ayres, Ronnie Houze, Larry Roush, Jim Stevens, Larry Calloway, Ken Kreisher, Loren Pearcy, Dick Snyder, Tom Frazier, Bill Stoops, Assistant Coach Bradfield. ltow 2-Assistant Coach Heninger, John Sullivan, Mgr., David Gunyon, Harley Dupler, Jim Howe, Ronnie Lappin, Dick Wegner, Bill Wheatley, Clark Woodard, David Kennedy, Bert Kram, Larry Woods, Doug Reid, Jack Hibner. ltow 1-Pete Kirby, Jim Lucas, Harold Stewart. Gary Kimble, Harry Grafton, Jerry Roth, Larry Wei- mcr, Gary Waddell, Orval Moore. The Hot Dogs led by co-Captains Gary Kimble and Harry Grafton and fourteen returning lettermen fought very hard this year to bring home two victories. Although it is a rather unimpressive record, it is commendable considering the competition which included some of the best teams in the state, and is a step in the right direc- tion for F.H.S.'s rebuilding process. During the season. the Hot Dogs defeated archrival Kirklin 26-13 and brought home the first North Central Conference victory in four years by defeating Logansport 13-7. The team broke another old jinx by scor- ing against Jeff of Lafayette for the first time since 1948. Coaches McLane and Henninger have brought the Hot Dogs a long way and should be congratulated. Since there were only six seniors, who were: Dave Kennedy, Harry Grafton, Gary Kimble, Larry Calloway, Jim Stevens, and Harold Stewart, the prospects for next season are the brightest in many a year. llow 6-Tom Boggess, Larry Calloway, David Gunyon, Harry Grafton. Row 5-Gary Kimble, David Kennedy, Bert Kram, Jim Stevens. Row 4-Harold Stewart, Gary Waddell, B i 1 l Wheatley, Dick Wegner. Row 3-Larry Weimer, Tom Ulm, .lim Lucas, .lim Howe. Row 2-Ronnie Houze, Pete Kirby, Ken Kreisher, Doug Reid. Row I-Jerry R o t li, Clark Woodard. WYE farm? A . freshman football Row 3--Coach Morgan, Mark McCoskey, Gerry Mang, Rick Rothenberger, Larry Wheatley, Bob Boyer Dick White, Tom Cook. Row 2-Robert Cobb, mgr., Benny Hufford, Max Rogers, Ronnie Hibbard, Ronnie McClughcn, Sam Shall, Jay Stinson, Blacky Pitzer. Row 1-John Zahn, Kenny Lock, Terry Clidence, Don Smith, Gary Johnson, Artie Mclfllwvv. 8th grade football Row 4-Assistant Coach Mangis, Bob Hizer, David Denton, Dave Sebree, John Stiner, .leff Smith Coach Pullen. Row 3-Don Adkins, Robbin Dobson, Stanley Adcock, Joe Imel, Jim Haskins, Gordon Clidcnee. Row 2-Phil Davis, Bill Kreisher, Ronnie Fleming, Dave Dunkin, Ronnie Unger, Dave Schulor, Roy Boggess Jim Keedy, Mac Bennett, Chuck Harshman. Row 1-Chuck Fisher, Chuck Garrett, Joe Schoman, Kenny Kellams, Ronnie Smith, Leslie Branstettvr Dwight Reid, Buddy Moore, 'Teddy Akers. logansport game highlights 'l'he best game ol' the season wus plalyeml ut lAltEILlllSlJOI'l. The llot Dogs' gmuml :xml aerial attack plus 1'ugg.:ed mleterminulimm gave the llul Dogs the first llOlll'0l'0llK'l' vin-tow since 'BSL The highlight nl' the game was the 70--vmwl gallop by llzn-rbx' "Bones" G1'ul'tm1. varsity basketball Row 1-Bill Fugate, Jay Kelly, Tim Unger, Larry Row l-Raymond Wilson, Jerry Roth, Karl Decker Alter the football season, the attention ol' sports fans switehetl to "The lloosier Hysteria," basketball. 'l'he Hot Dogs, with five returning lettermen, fought hard all season for 'Ole lf'.H.S. The five returning lettermen eonsistecl ot' four seniors and one junior: Larry Moutly, Tim Vnger, Ray- mond XYilson, Harry Grafton, ancl .lay Kelly. Aniong the most memorable experiences ot' the '58 season, were the Dogs' early sea- son defeat ol' t'rawl'ormlsx'ille. l'llllll6l'llIJ in v Moudy, Doug Reid, Jim Hackerd, Larry Ayres, Mgr. llarry Grafton, Larry Good, Don Oberhoulser. the State finals: anti the near upset, ,ltl-319, ol' traclitional rival llafavette .let'l'. 'I'he llot Dogs also surprisetl Logansport in their own Berry Bowl by downing them. Alter the regular season, the team went into the Sectional cleterminerl to win hut. lost to the Rossville Hornets in the ehamp- ionship game, :Sl-413. Congratulations to llaarry Moucly, who was eleetecl to the All NLYC. team two years in a row. Ile had a 20,53 shooting average. 'l'up-f-.lm-x'1'y Roth, .Iuy KL-lly, Don Ubcrhoulscr, Bill Fllgdllx. 2mifLurx'y Good. Harry Grafton, Doug Reid, Raymund Wilson. Bottom-'Larry Moudy, Jim Hackvrd, Karl Decker.'l'i1u Ungm P w b-team Row2-Gary Johnson, Larry Wheat- ley, Larry McKee. Doug Ehlers, .loe Haekard. Gary Kaser, Pete Kirby. Row 1-Dick Snyder, R o b e rt Mc- Clughen, Mickey Miller, Tom Whitaker, Artie Mclilwee, Oscar Branstetter, Ronnie Fleming. freshmen team Row 2-Benny Hufford, Porky Kel- lams, mgr., Max Rogers, Ronnie Hibbard, Dick Brammel, Kent Ryan. Dick White, and Coach Ilenninger. Row 1-Cletis Marsh, mgr., Roger Howe, Bill Strong, Phil Voltz, .lack Lowden. Bob Shurr. Sth grade team Row, 3-Mgr. lion Smitlx Mgr. Steve llibhard, Dave Schuler, Joe Sehoman, Dwight Reid, Mac Bennett, Coach Pullen. Row!!-Bill Davis, .lake Wilson, Role land Bewsey, Chuck Lingle' haugh. Mgr. Joe Imel, Mgr. .loe Doan. Row lgChuck Garrett, Chuck Harsh- man, Jim Keedy, William Kreisher. Charles Sink, Kenny Kellams. 8th b-team Row 3-Bill Dowden, Gordy Clidence, Mike Fitzhenry, Roy Boggess, Ron Unger, Gary Donoho, Jim Haskins, Coach Keith Morgan. Row 2-Colonel Smith, Larry Mosier, Dave Sebree, Eddie Adams, Dale Brittain, .lim Sexton. Row 1-Leroy Zook, mgr., Deanno Suiter, .lim Shoemacker, Dave Dunkin, Buddy Moore, .lim Steward, George Loveland. QP, K2 l - C lla 4 1 Row 3-Larry Cunningham, Aaron Wann, Tom Ulm, Doug Reid, Marion Harrington, Gary Waddell, LaVerne Wilson, Sam Wills, Tom Boggess, Fred Chandler. Row 2-Jim Kallner, Terry Zink, Jim Lucas, Bert Kram, Orval Moore, Tom Cook, Mickey Lewis, Larry McKee, Bill Dixon. Row 1-Jerry Cooper, Tom McManama, Ronnie Howe, David Adcock, Tom Catron, Woody Haynes, Jerry Davis, Jerry Shore, Jerry Roth, Harry Grafton. Roger Morrison, Terry Pugsley, Joe Hackerd, Jimmy Calendar, Jerry Cooper, Roger Stingley, Jay Newhart, Gary Allen, Jerry David, Kent Montgomery, Hobart McKee, Phil Crum, Larry McKee, Aaron Wann, John Scott, Marion Harrington. varsity track With the spring season coming on, the attention of sport fans is on the trackmen. The Hot Dogs have four returning letter- men from last year's winning squad. They are: Harry Grafton, Raymond Wilson, Aaron Wann, and Bert Kram. Frankfort was host to the Frankfort Relays on April 29, Central Indiana meet May 6, and the Sectional. The Hot Dogs are looking forward to a successful season and may send some to the State meet. freshman track Row 2-Coach Morgan, Verne Lahee, Bob Boyer, Bob Hailman, Charlie Jacoby, Jerry Ham- mond, Ronnie Hibbard, Larry Hill, Mgr. Row 1-Dick White, Jay Lipsett, Bob Branstetter, John Price, Don Smith. 3: I fl' 1 4 varsity cross country The Harriers had two returning letter- men this year, Aaron Wann and Larry McKee. Jerry Cooper won his jacket and Terry Pugsley received credit for one year. The team was riddled with sickness and injury and was unable to compile an im- pressive record. They were unable to com- pete in the Sectional or Conference meets because of the flu epidemic. The Harriers are looking forward to a brighter season next year. Sth-grade track Row 3-Coach Pullen, Joe Doan, Mgr., Stanley Adcock, Jake Wilson, Gordon Clidence, Bill Dowden, Larry Meneely, Dwight Reid, Larry Weaver, Gerald Bewsey, Roy Bog- gess, Charles Harshman, Mike Fitzhenry. Row 2-Jim Sexton, Dave Sebree, Mac Bennett, Ronnie Webb, Phil Higginbotham, Gary Donoho, Bill Kreisher, Jim Keedy, Charles Sink, Leslie Branstetter, Jim Stewart. Row 1-Colonel Smith, Ronnie Smith, Buddy Moore, Robbin Dobson, Larry Mosier, Dave Duncan, Jim Haskins, Kenny Kellams, Steve Shephard, Eric Hardesty, Mgr. NS Left to right: Buddy Freedman, Gary Mang, Jack Lowden, John Schilling, Ronnie Kellams, Mike Monroe, Randy Smith, Larry Wolfe, Doug Ehlers. varsity golf Doug Ehlers was the only returning let- terman on the golf team this year. but he will receive valuable help from under- classmen. The team has a full schedule including the Sectional and Conference meets. The lSl58 edition of Frankt'ort's golf squad is in the growing process, following the loss of five men from the '57 team. varsity tennis This year's tennis team is one of rebuild- ing. Tom Hufford is the only returning letterman and is the only netman l'6i',ll'll- ing from last year's team, which brought the North Central Conference trophy to F.H.S. On this year's squad others have gotten one year credit on their jackets which takes two years' service to win. Row 2-Jim Tunis, Jay Scott, Harold Smock, Bill Miller, Ken Krcisher, Ronnie Youngblood, Ken Smith, Lynn Kelly. Row 1-Gary Kimble, Benny Hufford, Tom Hufford, Jerry Ray, Denny Hollis, Harold Stewart, Harley Dupler, Bob LaFollette. Row 3-Coach Reece Henninger, Max Rogers, Gary Johnson, Phil Ogden, Dale Isgrigg, Ronnie Fleming, Tim Derbis, Coy Aders, Jerry Dick, Carol Kressel, Coach Bill Waddell. Row 2-Dave Gunyon, Larry Dick, Joe Hackerd, Larry Moudy, Tim Unger, Mick Miller, Gail Dick. Row 1-Dick Unroe, Karl Decker, Dion Loveless, Ronnie McClughen, Larry Woods, Deth Oberhoulser, Dick Snyder, Larry Ayres, Dick Manning, John Beechem. varsity baseball l'nder the capable coaching of Bill Waddell and Reece lleninger the Hot Dogs are looking forward to a successful season. The team will he taking the diamond in brand new uniforms this year. They will have seven returning lettermen: Larry Moody, Tim Unger, Dave Gunyon. Karl Decker, Larry Woods, Don Oherhouser, and ,lim Hackerd. The Hot Dogs will have a full schedule including nine conference games. Conference Schedule: Logansport, . . . , Here .lel'i' ...... . . Here Richmond . . . . llere Kokomo . . . . There New Castle , . . . Here Technical . . . . There Muncie . . . . . There Nlarion . . . . There Anderson . . . . There coaches Mr. Pullen, Mr. Rohrabaugh, Mr. Cummins, Mr. Bradfield, Mr. Waddell, Mr. Henninger, Mr. McClaine, Mr. Baldwin. Mr. Morgan. managers Left to Right: .Iohn D, Sullivan, Larry Ayres, Bill Stoops, John Kipp. .lack Hihnc-r. Dick Hardy. yell leaders Loft to right: Carolyn King, Rosie Hinton, .lancl Wcaklcy, .luclii George l'iYCl'f'VVllL'l'0 our lbotliall and basketball tvzams wont this your our spirited yell lvzxrlcrs were there to lezlci the Hot Dogs on to x'ic'tm'y. We are ull proud ol' thc lim' juli Ilujv rlirl. b-team yell leaders Loft to right: Janet Lungren, Patsy Spears, Binnic Suo Spray, Jackie Stevens, Lynn Powell. autographs autographs autographs rin- 1-A-fl'-1y2'7.-N2 'gg f1'-y. -- --114'1':l:N J r --e. ' ' 7- :'.. 'au 2f 'xwi T'-'." -1- F' "'1- - 1 1' '.j" L 1? ag 1 "7-'xv-:1!':"v:?"i'!1'2-1suave"-in f '-i n A1 ' if-rg ':l?5 ' P 1 s.- e g:53 x' fiX 'g'-V-'gh kk 1?" 42f!:3xgLl1-, 3114-:Q ?!--'ff-'l W,- - 11, -A . - ..- -- -vt ---1--- --1 -1:---4.1-s?'---f1,::-'-f",-"-Pf"fbv:-11ffziwg-"f':f:3..-1,-- J"4-Q-fi:2I'riff'-'fA':-'X1 swf-A' E 1 F iff f . x1 ,1 .1 1 Q., I' , 1 .. 1 .Q1 '1 Q1 -" Ai r. L, 1 Q.. 32 ,1 Y, 1 'L 3:1 1 gr f 1,- T I if T V 11 E2 I if is 11- ,1 Q1 ' 1 N L. -1 1 ur' 'w .1 E. 1:i YV 1-' I. ,. ,. 1- .s- F 9 , .4 1 .11 .31 ov ! ,v 1 . -1 2: ...1 tl- gsf 1 , V? Q: xg' xx. 13- A. E .X ,PL 55' V: ex: 'Fr 5V N9 1:5 1 Q

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