Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN)

 - Class of 1957

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,M Sim 9141 ,fy is fa. Q sw EL '., .'g,lr:- H Q aj, 'ff - GQ sf' Q ,Aan 'Q af, ,,,. 47 4, Q- - .f , , -. , . A . .,. 2171- Wi "1 'f' - 7' 'J J: a.U.r51-4?L'7 '1",, J. 5-1-,.f, 'iw-11 fi H ,ff 1 fi K - - V Ti 15:5- 5.55 . , , Q-5 , ,A . -. :A ,. , ., ,, 3. . if , . F,-'. 9 ' S ' J 4 ze. V, :'i, -A I . W f " A 5" fijqjfb ' E f if A' Z7 H -gk JL , V ., '- aj: 1 7 , , :',9qsgq,,'5:E Ef::,:Q: 'A x H ' ,111 . f 13 551 'V 12" T H31 'Gig Q. Q. ' K -1- P' X ,ui 'iv -fi' - , ,1 -aw z- . : 1 -. W, ,L W .M , A Q,-.:1' ' - rn., .fx- eg ' Tfff y ' 531 56 :LA ,, 1, , yg "fn L, ig-,Q . fifw. mf. ,R ' 'Y' ' ' ,L-gl is 1?-Q: ' L ., cw. -. J, ' 3- : , 1-fgg'iz!'i3Ei v.,g,:fSL-,f. .. , Q, k ,- 5,-.-thijigg, 'V -. .., 11 1: 9-pf! flaw?" . f' w+.f'1-1 ' Q-'Jef fx L 1 X E V -H - ' 'FZELKC m ggfffixl. , x is- . - -111-iff 5, " gui uni.-L 2.,,,3-,fxigi 1 ssfsfg:-J: tb 3. ,, :.- ,-.q-Mqxf, E, j is la-t K 3:15-"1' '1 "W 5 '55 ,E 'H' gif "Sidi-um 2 - , Y I X' , 'wif - ' 7,g.9.1'-' iii' A fag- :gal F,-,.:. .-H'h,f57'3 - N, -Ml. 4.14. - -fm .gg ,, 3 L- ., 5 QQ fl. sw -1:75 -.v Q ' -. . A gg, ,A . R .., r 5-4,4 1 f .dA - -rn., 1' K. , V K, -V f K--A ,. QE, .:' 14-47 , .t .,, .,.Q- I 173214, A - , 5:41 V 9 . ,,5.,Ni:, -rr, , 'mlb , A-4 32 X Vx A 4 c J , .. . ' ' Y ' -.. gl f ., . . -- ,?Yb'i.s':.g-. . f. , -- wr: f I v fl I -..A .Q J '1 ,.r I ,Q A f' 11.1 . .- I,:N ' . -..,. .. ,EI - , W- -,.,... - 1 3 vs. U ' ' 4 ,I' 7'I ' 4' 'i,. ," ',l, L r- 1'u'n in 111 . rv' .K .V .. - ,,4 gl . . -.,: A .' , ' U . - 1. 5, nf- -VH, V ' - II . '. ' ' W : . -:Q fi 1- . gr L -pl.,-. - A -- fm all 3 - A.,- ,- i,.A . r - 1'v -' -' L - -J! .:- , .a. All-L I r l -' ' -711 V -- , V , -.-.J . . 211311 ,. Q - . 1 L. Ll 4: 'f . -1 'F r '- 1.:J,i. 2 Q, I.. 71 ,A im 4,5 'T N I . ,, "Y,-ig!f'1 '-1,-4.1-wr ' - ,J-A . . --, i f 11. uf fl ,A .. h ' f V 54.1 , - ,- - - , 4 - -waz,-L - -l, , . - "..-' ' -"':,l'., " ' "f" ' '- . oinnjh I I' I , l.' z , rj. I ,V mill' 1 Lf: ' Jun A Af:-.1--fu-I C--? - My V- I,-1 I 'r 'H L lf? L iii 'Hi'-.Q - - WT. - - - A fs-If '.. 2? '22, ' ' - If '4.l- 'ffff ' fp -' 43 IL, , ' -I MEG'-il J fr. T' ll-T1 15' 'JIQKT v L I I 1 Z W, ,I 5 5 I-tj 4- 13-' 1 D .I V, ' ' -I Y I l 4 :ml iriffl .!f.l,i2 -.' 13,5 5' -5, H, 17 f ' 'Tr' I- -A - - , , I . , - 7"- uf.. r "U I' rg. P figs,-,T-.fhbv .I xi :A F .4.-.U H. SFT, I . V .- ,0 11 M ,3-3 , - k : 1 f:4T5',,. 'L 39:5 -. 4.-w-,I vr P in ,Q .V I , V L A ci.. -V: H Y ,",'lg.?-has 4 - -'ff --V V- iv ,Jr --H A 1 -7:5- 115 aig'51,.131'Ti'-ff f . l!5:i"'lj-Enfflr-'lq1"'.f.,' ":14'i'.., ,,,,-:iw rl' -I I1-ll -"Ima-I: -IT, If-y I J- i 5.5:--1, - -.V ha . AA. -. 1- - --3 ' ,',uJ.v -L, I. 4- If ,IU H'-Li'.r-fa1v .,:'-' "5 jf " ,I Pb .. j ti. ..: i 'fm' ' "SX -. ? F? H ' , 'iT 15'-.5 Sf, ' 'ITw,i.LL 'iff L '. in 7- ,L 'QLV . lvl' I,'.. ' ' if EIU, E 437-" ..:' !"1'lr -'Ln-jllkd '.....,H! 3311- J 1. Vu Y -'J -li -rc i' LL? ' ' L., ' Q,,, ' V l Y. .f , Q . 14f-:f.i-Pi'-ffi .- ... f L 1 fd W . ,.b.-:l1'lF'I': l'. -,f " , I1-hr -JL .. 1 .1 L g, lui-' IJ' .L , ."t"l"" A ' , 'f'l 'f " 'PM 'H '4f ii' P - .L jf .-. ,xi - " ag " N, I fr ' fm-,L A-, li..gQ,,: J-'P 1 , f " " A- 4- :., ::'.-? em-L -' 1' 'L '- 1 , -.. ,sq bf '1 Fw' 1-ff , ' 1'- .. Q.""' ",sTr-,',2il' ,I fd , TA' 7 ,- 'P 1 fl F f ' V, it M Ill.: , ,L ,- , ', :fl-rl ' ' JY - . L,- , 4- q f.,.-,f---.- -sf -Y 371. ., ' ff gf fm- -- wifi Q - W - ,gif ,,,.1-.,,-,..,g -. .757 'jvvigsl ' lk.- 'v ---IL-i 1 J, . 4, in 6 fo..., . ... . , ,r, .. . I -5 ' the Gwlcbm W4 Mx QW? 7 95 7 U 9lWNffr1lI"'g my-Io gf L if 4rl gaanlafoal 0 Scfzaaf ' al N Qaankfaal' .fncfiana ir v ul V QM k : WWE ,fu E 3 S -1 1 YN I 4 2 A uw, of like lam of 1100 Wm? EQ xxx?-'V V ' I X Ury! 1 T5 X G A VXI , X IJIEIYI l ff' l" I i l i l if if l ' , '- H what 1:1 Mu 'f0""'?e" 9308461506 COJMJIZQ la ? Depends on wlio's talking. Sonic- say, HA Bright New XV0l'lll.n Some say, 'KA XVick0d, XVorn-out VVorld.,i NVQ say, "It's ours to build for tlic fllflll'E'.,, How We build and what we pass on to the next generation depends on our tliouglits and actions today. XVliat are wc thinking? Wfliat are we Qi doing? Turn tliv page and tlien decide for yourself . , . 'WVIIAT IS TIIIS YOUNGER , zfifLY'9Ef!2 GENERATION CONIINC TO?" al' 44 Jfigfz Scfzaaf in '57 '7fze Waangm 491 inlenl I an 66? e 0 . . XVlll'thCl' it he vocational, cm1m1c'1'ciz1l, or col- lcffc Jl'C5Rl'llt0l'V t1'uiuinf1, thc stlldcnts ut T1 I . Z1 F. H. S. prepare to ussunu' the rvspollsibilitics of tOlHO1'1'0XV . . . through the diversified 31'o11'a111 offcrcd hx' FI'H.llkfO1't Hifh School, I E- . 5, the student mzw hccomc acq11ai11tccl with x'1u'io11s fivlds of lcalrninq. X We 4 aaa feiduae lime effecliaefy . . . All il muttcr of opinion . . . ls this xx mukc our high school life worth living wc' S0llll'llllll'ZS wrmclvr aihout our haul lcst gl'llKlCSif, . . . Sonic- 4-win cmisiclcr wcwkiiug Ll liohhvl . . . Our lcisurc hours arc- whit Lau, 4 , aiaea 2 Q 5 , H i 2 2 '7fze ffaungea Qeneaalian liked 4 mme ' iweqimdzqe 'l'l1c- f,lllIlll'S, tllc pziiuulc-s, tlic activities, all ul wliicll lu-Ip us to grow uml clcvc-lop in our uttituclc-s towurcl Ollll'1' pc-uplv. NW- are build- ing nirnrc- XVl'll-l'OllllClUll pc'1'som1lities ziml clcw-limping iiiiclcwstuiicliiig of otlic-rs as we lnruiicli out in tlicsc liclcls. AJW'i X xv kid qaanqm qeneaallian ii cancefufecf In this busy high sclmul hh- ol' studying. sports. and SOlllL'tilllCS strc-:mums social lih-. wc 1'L'COgIli7fL' tha- nm-cl for lwlping aural scrv- iug authors . . wc our svlvvs grow in l1lKlCl'StlllIilillg and alppwcizltiayll Ivor our ald- vzllltzlgvs, No lllllttlxl' what our lil-0 work, wc' must lin- in il world of pcoplc, and X our scwvicc zlctivitics help us to llI1dC1'5tilIlLl lhc lwoplc in that wc11'lcl. X is .xl 4 , l Wi yi, ' A 35,5 -, . , i F A Q 4 Q E 4 QQQQKEQQS .. vm .Wann W -M555 'Nw-v.,,,,,M 350 3. Q, Q , .E a RZ Ei' N6 LZ- :,g2- 'T 'ffl E ,.., T' 1 i . 3 . fr: 3' I I .9 .31 , ' 1 W1 i 5, 12, if IN ,wg J 3 MSA m ancfaffinaffaae -aefianf SGH.-I'C'lil1llC6' is something which We must uc-qnire by ourselves. but we must have com- petent guidance in molding ourselves that we will know how to use our self-reliance for the benefit of Ourselves and others as well. in ka K, C., Q? 6 3 1 X "1" N If I 'Xa ' ' W ,X T ,, X ,if 1 f N' f xg 2 Wffzai Lt flux younqea geneaalion cumin? Za aeqaafing: PEOPLE . . llvrc is thi- mimi who co-orcliimt:-s tlw school systcm in orclvr to give thc- 9i.llllf'IllS help in planning their future. S, Xl. XVoocl- ruff has an interest in all prohlvms uml is L1 person highly ucliuired by ull who know him. Administration . . . a team ot leaders llesponsihlo for the li miss of the School City liCglll2llKl xlOl'L'll0llSC, villf- clllllyfill. Xvlllllllll l ll cus, 'ii'-Q. xV00ill'lliif, and Clan Xlaxsoii. The eonnselors, Xlrs, XVllC'liIlltZ. Nh: Gregg, Nh Ayers. :intl Nlr. Sllill1liS ulong with thi- ollicc stall ol' Xliriznn Cfrose uncl l.onise Newltirlx llLlVl' given ns vulnuhle assistance in solving onr ininiv prohleins. NVith his expert gniclunee, Xlr. Cnress has shown ns the correct nmnner ol' approach to our new uclventnres. Never too hnsv to help, he has given the school new prestige and honor, XVe seniors are proucl to have heen associated with him for all too short of time anal know that the stu- clents who replace us will feel much the same wav. W-w-.,, I sr l Y? ffhe lm Row l - Flolmert Ayers, james Baldwin, Harold Burnett, Carl Belcher. How 2 - Lloyal Birclen, Evelyn Bond, George Bradfield Hattie Camp- bell. Row 3 - Irene Curfielcl, Anne Miller, NVilbur Cummirns, D 0 rw i n Dick. Row 4 - Rolzmde ErSel- cuk, L a r r y Farrell, Sallie Foster, Harriet Gallop. Row 5 -XVuyuc Gregg, Ernest Ilauger, Reese lleniuger, Dona Irion. Row l - llilclzl Kearns, Lovunnu Kirkpatrick, Louise Lellvw, Ach-n Long. ROW 2-Paul Lowe, Nlary NI 21 y, Fletcher Mc- Lane, james McMur- trey. Row 3 - lfclnu Nlillcr, janet Nloorv, Kcith Morgan, Lore-nc Orr. Row 4 - Howard Paco, Richard Pnllen, Martha R e cl m 0 n, Raymond Rohrabaugh. Row 5-Rolncrt Schilling, XVuyne Shockncy, Gil- lwrt S h n c li. llc-lm-n Smith. 4: !.n gsm, 4 . l fa if i , 5 1 35 ww , ...- , N, in ga' ,kr 1 4 9 1 .1 Q. Q25 mal' fm? ,073 M -if 1. nas R ,I gil V im '--: I , 1 2 - " ,.,, if A xv l-L. ll. Suuvi-ly, -Imnes Stalker, Paul Sweuringen, Donald Ve-ltou. W 2 - Nlartlin NVuck- nitz, NVillizun NVacl- clell, john NVelty, Virginia Caldwell. Tliis vcizlris outstanding, Svnioi class was lc-,cl lw vvrv czlpzilmlv .incl umlvitious officers. Thi- of . fic-v1's and tlic-ir rc-spcctivv clutics 1111- us follows: Prvsiclcnt - Pctv Krollg X7lCi'-PI'9SlllC'lIt - Connic- lloliliinsg S0c1'0tz11'y - Katic FCI'- gusong uncl 'T1'C2lSllI'C1' - Alicc Aslier. Seniors uXVl19l'PlS kl fresliie?' l,,. clirty skirts aml cornls . . . grey micl yellow swc'ate1's . . . stuclious liomvrooms . . . unnoimceinvnts liy l'rvsiclc'nt Kroll . . . mum- czircls . . . "But l'm ii Smiiorl" . . , mossy lockers , . , "Autumn Nocturiicu . . . Maclnctli - assays . . . Ili-Y kc-ys . . , Statc- La-gislatiirc , . . choosing 111190115 , , . i'Buy a cl21lllCl1'Ol1lN . . . yell lulock . . . Svctionals , . . EQ. - Soc ....i -X .A.U.XV. Tea for Senior girls . . . Big Broadcast . . . projects, "Onions in thc Stowi' , . Prom , , . lmzuiqiicts . . . Ili-Y Swcic1tlicu1't . . . Svnior XVock . . Class Day . llzlcczllailrvutv . . . Coxiiiiimicmiiciit . . . tears . . . gracluatos! 5? ,, 4 -4'-7? .5 r i of ,Qs ,. Q ,gc 1 .Mg Q v,.v.. E.., . , ....a ,f I he Q fi? ti Q-J auf .. .' 5 i Q X My 'J -X Woo ACHORS, DEVENA DEE - Business - Na- tional Honor Society, Sunshine Society, Cauldron, Choir- Cosmopolitan, Prom Com- mittee, Yell Block, AMOS, WILLIAM - Industrial Arts, ANDERSON, PATRICIA - Home Economics - Sunshine Society, Home Economics, Cos- mopolitan. ASHER, ALICE JAYNE f Scientific Tech- nical - National Honor, Sunshine Society, Cauldron, Latin, Staccato, Choir. Class Of. ficer, Senior Class Play, Cosmopolitan, Fu- ture Nurses, Foreign Correspondence, Yell Block- Prom Committee. ASHLEY, RITA JEAN - Business - Sun- shine Society. Home Economics, Yell Block. BARBER, TREVA JEANNE - Business - Sunshine Society, Senior Class Play, Cos- mopolitan. Big Broadcast, Foreign Cor- respondence, Yell Block. BATES, CATHERINE FARRELL - Liberal Arts - Student Council, Sunshine Society, Latin, High Life, Senior Class Play. Cosmo- politan, Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspond- ence, Yell Block. BEALS, PATRICIA ANN A Liberal Arts - Sunshine Society, Spanish, Band, Senior Class Play. BEARD, RUSSELL C. - General - Pro- jection. BEEKER, SUE CAROLE - Liberal Arts - Student Council, Sunshine Society, Forensic. Latin, High Life, Staccato, Choir, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Foreign Cor- respondence, Yell Block. BENBOW, LARRY KENT - General - Hi.Y, Band, Orchestra, Foreign Correspondence, Prom Committee. Tennis, Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast. BOUGHER, JUDITH. BRAGG, LARRY RONALD 3 General - Hi-Y, Latin. Foreign Correspondence. Prom Committee, Yell Block, Cosmopolitan. BRITTAIN, SALLY LYNN - Business - Sunshine Society, Science, Cauldron, Staccato, Choir, Cosmopolitan, Yell Block. BRUMBARGER, JACK W. - Industrial Arts - Track. X-Country. BUNTIN, JUDITH LYNN - Liberal Arts - Sunshine Society, Science, Latin. High Life, Staccato, Choir, Cosmopolitan, Big Broad- cast, Yell Block, Future Nurses, Foreign Correspondence. BURNS, CAROL SUE Y Liberal Arts - Sun- shine Society, Science, Latin, High Life, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspondence, Future Nurses, Yell Block. BUSHMAN, LARRY JOE - Scientific Tech- nical. CARROLL, JILL ANN - Liberal Arts - Stu- dent Council, Sunshine Society, Latin, Fu- ture Nurses, Foreign Correspondence, Staccato, Choir, Cosmopolitan, Big Broad- cast, Prom Committee. CARTER, MAXINE SUE - Business - Sun- Eliine Society, Latin, Future Nurses, Yell occ. CASSIDY, SHIRLEY - Business - Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Y ell Block. CHIAPETTA, DONNA RITA - Scientific Technical - Sunshine Society Latin, Senior Class Play. Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast, Future Nurses, Foreign Correspondence, CLARK, WARNER JEROME - Liberal Arts - Hi-Y, Math, Forensic, F.Club, Football, Track, Big Broadcast, Yell Block. CLIDENCE, SANDRA K. - Liberal Arts - Sunshine Society, Latin, Staccato, Choir, Cosmopolitan, Future Nurses, Foreign Cor- respondence, Yell Block. COBB, GLENDA - Business -- Sunshine So- ciety, Foreign Correspondence- Prom Com- mittee. COFFMAN, MAURICE - Industrial Arts. COOK, THOMAS L. - Scientific Technical - Hi-Y, F.Club, Baseball, Prom Committee. COUDEN, CCINNIE KAY A Scientific Tech- nical - Sunshine Society, Science, Cauldron, Latin, Orchestra, Staccato, Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspondence. COULTER, LAWRENCE JOSEPH - Scien- tific Technical - Student Council. National Honor, Hi-Y, Cauldron, Forensic Latin, Class Officer, Basketball, Foreign Cor- respondence, Prom Committee. COX, LINDA LOU - Commerce - National Honor, Sunshine Society, Spanish, Choir, Cosmopolitan. CROSE, LARRY - Industrial Arts - D.C.E, CRULL, CAROLINE - Scientific Technical - National Honor, Math. Sunshine Society, Forensic, Spanish, High Life, Cosmopolitan. CULP. LARRY R. - Scientific Technical - Hi-Y, Camera. D.C.E., Spanish, Baseball. DICK, WILLIAM CARL - Industrial Arts - Hi-Y, Camera, DOBSON, DAVID ALLAN - Science - Hi-Y, Science, D.C.E., Latin. DONOHO, FRED - Liberal Arts - High Life, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast. DORNER. GEORGE C. - Scientific Tech- nical - Student Council, National Honor, Hi-Y. Math, Forensic, Latin Crescendo, Choir. F-Club. Class Officer. Football, Bas- ketball, Tennis, Big Broadcast, DOUGLAS. SALLY. DUNFORD. JUDITH ELLEN -- Scientific Technical -- Sunshine Society, Latin, High Life, Cosmopolitan, Foreign Correspondence, Future Nurses. DUNHAM, KARL EDWARD -- Liberal Arts - Hi.Y, Spanish. Choir, Senior Class Play. EAST, THOMAS - Industrial Arts - Hi-Y, EATON, BYRON W General - Hi-Y. Cre- scendo, Choir, Track, Baseball. EM ERY, FRED L. - Scientific Technical - Hi-Y, Latin. EPPERT, JOHN LARRY - Scientific Tech- nical - D.C,E,, F-Club. Football, Track. ESRA, EDITH EILEEN - Liberal Arts - Math, D,C.E.. Spanish, Sunshine Society, Cosmopolitan, Foreign Correspondence. FERGUSON, KATHERINE ETHEL - Gen- eral - Sunshine Society, Class Officer, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspondence. FINNEY, BETTY FRANCES W Business --- Sunshine Society, Home Economics. FISH, JAMES. gm. f i.-, oat W we-f Q, . . in ,Ez exft gtk. I Q 'Sy '55 .. . S: I A- Es U 227 I QE 1 ka xi X .1 - , V? tt? if! iii ag ,Vim ,M ,, . - X 4 5 K E I S , 4' sr FISHER, CARY - Business - D.C.E. FREEDMAN, JUDITH HELEN - Liberal Arts - Student Council, National Honor, Sunshine Society, Cauldron, Forensic, Span- ish, High Life, Staccato, Choir, Class Officer Senior Class Play, Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, GINN, MICHAEL L. -- General - D.C.E. GRANT, PAUL DAVID A Liberal Arts - Hi- Y, Latin, Choir, Foreign Correspondence. GREENO, DELORES MAE - General. GUNNTLE, JANICE - Business - Sunshine Society, Band. HARSHMAN, LARRY - Scientific Technical - Hi-Y, F-Club, Football. Track. HARTMAN, JAN KILMER - Liberal Arts 4 Student Council, National Honor, Hi-Y. Math, Forensic, Latin, Crescendo, Choir, F. Club, Basketball Manager, Tennis, Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspondence. HASLET, JANET - General 4 Sunshine So- ciety, D.C.E., Latin. HEFFLEY. VIRGILLIA KAY -- Scientific Technical - Sunshine Society, Science. Latin, Band, Orchestra, Future Nurses, For- eign Correspondence, Staccato, Choir. HIGINBOTHAM, JAMES. HILL, JANET - General - Sunshine Society. Heine Economics, Foreign Correspondence, HINTON, JIMMY - Industrial Arts - H1-Y. F-Club, Basketball, Track. HINTON, NANCY JANE - Business -- Stu- dent Council, National Honor, Sunshine Sn- ciety, Cauldron, Forensic, Band, Orchestra. Foreign Correspondence, Staccato. Class Of- ficer, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee. HITE, JAMES A. v Scientific Technical - Hi-Y. HOWE, JEROME NEIL - General - Stu- dent Council, Hi-Y, Camera, Spanish, F- Club, Football, Basketball Baseball. HOWE, LARRY WILLIAM - Scientific Tech- nical - Hi.Y. Science, Football, Track. HUFFER, DAVID LEE - Industrial .Arts -- D.C.E. HUFFORD, MARILYN JEANNE - Business - Sunshine Society. Spanish, Foreign Cor- respondence. HURT, VIRGINIA Y Business - Sunshine Society, Latin. Foreign Correspondence, Cosmopolitan, JARBOE, LARRY A Scientific Technical - Hi-Y, Science, D.C.E., Track. JOHNSON- THOMAS - Liberal Arts - Stu- dent Council, Hi-Y, Latin, Spanish, High Life, Foreign Correspondence. KEEDY, JOHN CAMERON - Liberal Arts - National Honor, Hi-Y. Math, Cauldron, For- ensic, Latin, Band, Foreign Correspondence, Crescendo, Choir, F-Club, Basketball Man- ager, Golf Big Broadcast. KEEVER, WILLIAM - General. KELLEY, JANICE -- Liberal Arts - Student Council, National Honor, Math, Sunshine Society, Forensic. Latin, High Life, Choir, Cosmopolitan. Big Broadcast, Foreign Cor- respondence, Prom Committee, KRAMER, LARRY J. - Business - Hi-Y. Science, Camera, D.C.E. KRESSEL- RAYMOND PAUL - Industrial Arts - F-Club. Football, Baseball. KROLL, PETE - Scientific Technical - Stu. dent Council, National Honor, Hi-Y, Math, Forensic, Choir, F-Club, Class Officer. Foot- ball. Basketball, Track. LANGUELL, JIMMY DALE 8 General - Hi-Y, Camera, F-Club, Football, Track, Foreign Correspondence, LIPSETT, RICHARD KENT - Scientific Tech- nical - Student Council, Hi-Y, Spanish, Crescendo, Choir, F-Club. Class Officer, Basketball, Golf. LITTLE, SANDRA - Liberal Arts Y Sunshine Society. Latin, Spanish, High Life. Cosmo- politan Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspond- ence, Prom Committee. LOGAN, CONNIE RICE - Liberal Arts - Student Council, Hi-Y, Math, Latin, Band, Crescendo, Big Broadcast, Yell Leader, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspondence. LOGAN, JERRY LEE - General - Student Council, Hi.Y, Camera, Latin, Big Broad- cast, Yell Leader. LOVELESS, FREDERICA LYNN - Home Economies - Sunshine Society, Home Eco- nomics, High Life, Foreign Correspondence. LOWDEN, CHARLES ROBERT - Commerce -- Hi-Y, Math, Latin, Football, Basketball, Track, X-Country. MacKENZIE, THERESA ANN Y General - Student Council, Sunshine Society, Home Economics. D,C.E,, Choir, Prom Commit- tee, Foreign Correspondence. MAGART, JANICE FIOBERTA -- Business -- Sunshine Society, Choir. MAISH. DAVID C. - Liberal Arts Ili-Y, Latin, Crescendo, Choir. MARSH, HUBERT O. - Scientific Technical W Camera. F-Club. Track, X-Country, MARSH, THOMAS WAYNE - Liberal Arts - Student Council, Hi-Y, Science, Camera, Forensic, Spanish, High Life, F-Club, Class Officer, Senior Class Play, Golf, Cosmo- politan- Big Broadcast, Foreign Cor- respondcnce. MARTIN, SONYA LEE - General - Sun. shine Society, Science, Latin, Spanish. Staccato, Choir, Senior Class Play. Foreign Correspondence, NIASSEY, DONNIVAN LEE - Liberal Arts - Student Council, Math, Camera, D.C,E., Latin, F-Club, Football, Track, Foreign Cor- respondence. MCCOY, BARBARA KAY - Home Economics - Sunshine Society Home Economics, Staccato. Choir. Senior Class Play, Cosmo- politan, Big Broadcast, McCOY, WILLIAM - Industrial Arts. McINTOSH, KAREN MAE - General - Sun- shine Society, Science, Home Economics, Band, Foreign Correspondence, MCKOWN, JACK - Liberal Arts - Student Council, Hi-Y, Science, Spanish, Crescendo, Choir, Football, Tennis! Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast. MCNUTT, CAROL SUE - Business - Student Council, Sunshine Society, Cosmonolitan. Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspondence, Prom Committee. MENEELY, ALICE CHRISTINE - General - Sunshine Society, Latin, High Life, Big Broadcast. Future Nurses. Foreign Cor- respondence. bg 5, 'ff -,mg deg.. X gilt .it gt 'M mv 'I .,,: ' L , ,. . I ef , iggigigi Q X 3,5 Q- iigg :v Se. -Ji , ' E 5, at X u V ii' Q f it . wr Q it M in Wi P' jg A, 9 . te, i AW if Q if l I. 'Sh' gig Vega of , 4, , 9 as Sf Q .,,, x I cz 1 2 S .qt xi If a It E' .af ni xg, MILLER, DWAIN R. - Scientific Technical -- National Honor, I-Ii-Y, Camera, Cauldron. Forensic, Big Broadcast. MILLER, JERRY S. - Scientific Technical - Hi-Y, Latin, Track. MILLER, THOMAS RUSSELL - Liberal Arts - Hi-Y, Camera. Senior Class Play, Track, Big Broadcast. MINCEMOYER, MARGARET. MITCHELL, H. EDWARD - Scientific Tech- nical - Hi-Y, MORRISON, JAMES W. - Liberal Arts - Student Council, National Honor, Hi-Y, Math, Cauldron, Forensic, Latin, F-Club, Class Officer, Football, Tennis, Big Broad- cast, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspond- ence. MUSTIN, SARA JANE - General - Sunshine Society, Science, Home Economics, D.C.E., Orchestra. Foreign Correspondence. MYERS, ROBERT LEE - Scientific Tech- nical. NASH, JUDY ELDORA - General - D.C.E.. Band, NEWHART, KENNETH DALE - Industrial Arts - Track, X-Country. NICHOLAS, ALYCE MARJEAN - Liberal Arts Y Student Council, National Honor, Sunshine Society, Forensic, Latin, Staccato, Choir, Future Nurses, Foreign Correspond- ence, Prom Committee. NIGH, NANCY ELIZABETH - Liberal Arts - National Honor, Sunshine Society, Cauldron, Forensic, Latin, Band, Orchestra, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Prom Commit- tee. NOE. JUDITH CAROL - Liberal Arts - Na- tional Honor, Sunshine Society, Latin, High Life, Staccato, Choir, Cosmopolitan. Big Broadcast. Foreign Correspondence. PARKE, ROSA ANNETTA - Business. PEDIGO, BEVERLY KAY - Liberal Arts - Math, Sunshine Society. Latin, High Life, Cosmopolitan. Big Broadcast, Foreign Cor respondence, Future Nurses. PENCE, JAMES DUANE - Liberal Arts - Latin, Band, Crescendo, Foreign Cor- rcspondence. PITMAN, DONALD LEE - General - Sci- ence, Latin, Foreign Correspondence. PLATT, FRED LEE -Industrial Arts. POGUE, ALICE ANN - Liberal Arts -- Stu- dent Council, National Honor, Math, Sun- shine Society, Cauldron, Forensic, Latin, Class Officer, Big Broadcast, Foreign Cor- responclence. POWELL, JULIA AM ELIA - Business - Sun- shine Society, Forensic, Staccato, Choir, Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspondence. REDMAN, GARY DAVID Y Scientific Tech- nical v Student Council, Hi-Y, Math, Sci- ence, Spanish, F-Club, Baseball Manager, REDMAN, KAREN. REED, ALLAN KEITH - Scientific Tech- nical - Student Council, Hi-Y, Forensic Band, Orchestra, F-Club, Golf, Big Broad cast. REED, MELVIN LEE - Industrial Arts. REEF, SUE CARROLL - Business - Sun- shine Society, Band, Staccato, Cosmopolitan. Prom Committee. RHODES, JO ANN W Business - Sunshine Society. Choii, Cosmopolitan, Prom Com- mittee, Foreign Correspondence. RICHARDS, EARL - Business. RICHARDS, PHYLLIS A General. RICHARDSON, SANDRA JEAN Y Business - Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence. RICKETTS, RONALD LEE - General - Camera, Senior Class Play. Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspondence. RIMMER, FAIRY - Liberal Arts - National Honor. Sunshine Society, Latin. Senior Class Play, Choir, Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast, ,LQ :PN 0-'Ei will .xx-5 1..f . ,' Foreign Correspondence. ROBBINS, CONNIE KAY - Scientific Tech- nical - Student Council, National Honor, Sunshine Society, Cauldron. Forensic, Latin, cast, Future Nurses. Foreign Correspond- K . lah ' ag 1.5.1 Q, I A Staccato, Choir, Class Officer. Big Broad- 262 5 GIICB. ROBERTS, LAMOINE A Industrial Arts. ROGERS, MARY ANN-Liberal Arts-Math. Sunshine Society, Forensic, Spanish, Stacca- to, Choir, Big Broadcast Director. ROSS, GORDON A General - Hi-Y. F-Club. Football, Track. Golf. ROSS, ROBERT WILLIAM-Scientific Tech- nical - National Honor, Hi-Y. Science, Latin, Band. Orchestra, Crescendo, Cos- mopolitan. Big Broadcast. gf: T if Q, sv ISUP' :Y SCOTT, ROY 4 Industrial Arts - Baseball. " A SEWARD, JOAN KAY - Business - Sunshine ' YL f L Society, Spanish, Orchestra, Staccato. mf ' gf, SHERER, LARRY w. M Industrial Arts, ' ff sims, RONALD - Business - Latin. I I 1 T A SLIPHER, DENNIS - Industrial Arts. SMITH, LINDA - Business. SMITH, LOIS 1 Business - Sunshine Society, Spanish, SNODGRASS. DWIGHT - Industrial Arts - Big Broadcast, Projection. SPAULDING, MAX - Scientific Technical - Hi-Y. Math. Science, Latin, F-Club, Senior Class Play, Football Manager, Track Man- ager, Big Broadcast. SPENCER, DONNA JEAN - Liberal Arts - National Honor, Sunshine Society, Latin. Staccato, Choir, Cosmopolitan. Foreign Cor. respondence. STOKESBERRY, JAMES B.-Scientific Tech- nical S National Honor. Hi-Y. Math, Foren- sic, Latin, F-Club, Class Officer, Basketball, Track, Cosmopolitan, Prom Committee. STOOPS, JAMES IRVIN - Scientific Tech- ' nical i Hi-Y. Latin, F-Club. Football, Track, Baseball. ,M K xr-sv' mr- , V lbs -i fs Q 'ww-17' i M is-.vs SQ s il STORM, LANCE GENE-Scientific Tech- nical - F-Club, Football, Track, Big Broadcast. SWEARINGEN, JIMMA LOU - Scientific Technical - Sunshine Society, Forensic, Latin, Band, Orchestra, Staccato, Class Officer, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee. THOMPSON, LOREN GENE - Scientific Technical - Hi-Y. Latin, High Life, Senior Class Play, Football, Track, Baseball. THOMPSON, PAUL - Liberal Arts - Hi-Y. Spanish, F-Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Big Broadcast. THOMPSON, THOMAS EARL - Scientific Technical - Student Council, National Honor, Hi-Y, Forensic- Latin, Crescendo, Choir, Tennis. TONEY, CLAUDIA KAY - Business - Sun- shine Society, Home Economics. Foreign Correspondence, Prom Committee. TRENT, BETSY MAE - Business - Sun- shine Society, Home Economics, Cauldron. D.C.E.- Prom Committee. TUTTLE, RONNIE I. - Scientific Tech- nical B Student Council, Hi-Y, Band. UNROE, NED SWISHER - General - F- Club, Football, Basketball. WARD, PHIL ARNOLD - Scientific Tech- nical - Hi-Y, Spanish. WEBB, JOHN DAVID - Industrial Arts - Choir. WEBBER, HELEN MAE -- Liberal Arts - Sunshine Society, Science, Prom Committee. WEIMER, JOE RAY - Scientific Technical - Hi-Y, Math, Camera, Choir, Football. Track, Big Broadcast. WHEATLEY, PATRICIA ANN - Scientific Technical - Sunshine Society, Latin. Future Nurses, Foreign Correspondence, Big Broad- cast. WELLS, DONALD EARL - Industrial Arts. WILLIAMS, MARY K. - Scientific Technical - Sunshine Society. D.C.E., Latin, Orches- tra, Staccato, Future Nurses. WILSON, BRENDA J. - Scientific Technical - Math, Sunshine. Spanish. Orchestra. WRAY, JAMES N. - General - Science. D.C.E., WRIGHT, LINDA LEE - Liberal Arts - Sunshine Society, Latin, Spanish, Senior Class Play, Cosmopolitan, Big Broadcast, Future Nurses. YORK. ALMA - Business - Sunshine So. ciety, Home Economics. YOUNG, ALLEN - Scientific Technical - Hi-Y. D.C,E.. Latin, Foreign Correspond- ence, YOUNG, WAYNE -- Industrial Arts - Track. X-Country, Projection. HENDRY, WILLIAM. KASER, CAROLYN JEAN - Business - Sunshine Society, Band, Cosmopolitan. RICE, EDWARD LEE - Scientific Tech- nical - Science, Latin, Band, Orchestra, Crescendo, Foreign Correspondence. SAGOR, BRENDA ANNETTE - Business - Sunshine Society. Forensic, High Life, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Foreign Cor- respondence. WHEATLEY, PATRICIA ANN. Juniors "XVuit until nvxt yvzlrfu . . . green and white sweaters , . , selecting class ring . . . clubs . . . committfxe lI16t"tillgS for the prmn - "Southern SPIEIILIOISV . , . wearing Senior cords and skirts on Class Day . Seniors! The! juniors wc-re lcd by Betty Eppcrt. T1'vas111'e1'g Lee jen- nings, President Den Leader, Vice - Prcsideutg and jack Buntin. Secretary, , H2 if S 'Wi af is 3 5 ytya , A it 2 a W V i B , D :E ,Q 'iii " '- Q ,. . ,..- 2 ,mx L fi? K P5 5 , M E "?"isr gt 3 SW ,Mm A., Row Row Bow Row Row Bow Row Row Bow How -Larry Aaron, Gavin Aitkcns. Howard Allen, Alan Augbe. Barbara Banibarger. -Patricia Bate, Carol Bates. Larry Bell, Dallas Birden. judith Blooinquist. 3-Raleigh B 0 u l d e n, Karen Bowen, jack Bowernnan, jos- eph Brown, Mary Bruni- barger. 4-Susan Buchanan, john Bun- tin, Larry Calloway, Fred Campbell, Drew Carrel. 3-jerry Clark, jerry Colby, Bobbie C o n w e l l, Tlionias Cook, joe Cox. -Dick Davey, Karl Dccker, Clenita D i c li c y, Nancy Dowclen, Nvlllllllll Dungan. 7-Harriet Eldridge, Betty Ep- pert, jean Eubank, jane Evanson, NVilliaxn Fisher. 8-Sally Foster, Patsy Foust, Virginia Cove, Harry Grafton, Nlarilyn Greeno. 9-Connie Croty, jane llaclcet, Larry ll a in p t o n, Norma llaney, Gene Harston. -Nlarcia I lawortli, Barbara lleclgcock, Toni llesler, Shir- ley Hiatt, Patricia Hill. Row Row Rc nv Row Row Row Row Row Row Row -Dorothy iflittle, joycc Ilol- land, john Hunter, llenry Jennings, Lloyd jobe. -Glenda joseph, Bob Keeney, David Kennedy, Cary Kim- ble, Dennis Leader. -Marilyn Leonard, Rex. Love- less, Larry Lucas, Norma Ludford, Carol Lukasik. -Charles Nl ann, Ina Mac Xlarsh, Betty Martin, Carolyn XIcCreery, Hobart NIL-Kcc. -Patti Mc-Kinney, jack Meeks, Nancy Meneely, Kent Mont- gomery, Brenda Moore. -Norma Moore, Larry Nloudy, Kirk Myers, Richard Nlyers, Bernard Newhart. -Twilla Obermiller, I a n i C e Pickering, Joyce Pierce, Ron- nie Pitzer, Bob Preddy. -Bob Pruitt, -loyce Pngsley, Larry Rankin, Larry Reagan, Roger Reagan. -David Rogers, Gerald Roth, Delbert Saari, Nancy Sales- man, Linda Schooley. 10-Gerald Scott, john Scott, Linda Sheets, Larry Skaggs, Ken Smith. . W, 46 .5 , ..., V,., V Q ' . ,,... ' vm' 5' . H We . , g uf. YVVA X X, ,X ,, t . , r r 4 -rf..q K 2 t , , " iQ, A f ..,,,f S .. .. K3 '- -5 wa - iv ' M "" 2 . e ie Q ...Q , lm ll 'N gr 5 A r fl -1 4- f, 'w sr ae as ' -J.. f - war' X V ., ,FQ532 :.5!':I,. L YA Y ei ..., 2 , H Azq gu ,,.. e ..T. if 'i t 1 7, f '.,..., 2 .. ' mmm 1 B T: , W I A ' w55l:'5,,.' R' - dc .g, - in' 3 is 1' we l AY: E' lv J J ' I v 5' ' -Rh' 'f 'R A it ip , V5 kk? -1. ETL Q R V s :wld E B it L . h A f 'XLW5 . ,,...,.,. ,W ...., . if 5 .SY ig L- C, ' ' " 'EQ N a , A ' M.. fi -5' 52':,,.,,, S 2 rf? 51' if Q Q .W ., .u sf' 5? . 4" -,J wx w, get . M4 X 1 ,W I . ,. r ltlwefl A. R .X X t w , -my ' 'M er , f '. ,rg S, " I ' xl' . W4 Row Row Row Row Row -janice Sparks, Denny Stampc, jim Stevens, Sara Stewart, Bill Stoops. -jennifer Sullivan, Barbara Thomas, Pat Tholnus, Ellen Trapp, Tim Unger. -Charles Van Meter, joe NValtc-rs, Aaron XVann, janet XVeakley, Lynne VVegner. -Larry XX-'lleele-r, Larry XVilson, Raymond XV i l s o n, Linda XVright, Sam Barker. -Judii George, Harold Stew- aft. Sophomores ulmssfmlls, lessons. IPSSOIISV. . , . spollsoriug il damcv . . . Caesar ...A A + li 1 CI , . clluusing class SXVC'1lftAl'S . . . llppcm-lussllxmn at lust! r- . lllc- Snpl1rm1m'c- rllilcws Wvrc clYlltllfil P1-t'tx', Vice'-lllwsimlcllt ob Nlurtin. lJl't"5flll"IIt1 unc PJI'PIltlL1 Smith. T1'cusl11'01'. uma? Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Ron -Sara Caldwell, Phil Brown, Jan Adler, Nlichael Beard, Kay Blystonc, Charles Bohm, Binnie Jean Bennett. --Donna Bewsey, Barbara Carter, Karen Campbell, Grace Ann Devore, Pat Brod- erick, Marcia Burd. -Donna Kay Brittain, Nancy Allen, Della Camp, Linda Bates, Edna Benefiel, Bonnie Arion. -Rebecca Carter, Cary Allen, Kitty Allen, Tom Boggess, LeMoyne Altic, Linda Buckner. -Joe Ferguson, Judy Ford, Fredrick Foster, Sally Ewbank, Clinton Faust, Anna Clouser, John Dunham. -Tom Dunham, Nancy East, Phil Crum, Deanna Crum, Fred Chandler, Ina Den- ham, Jerry Cooper. -Connie Colgrove, Gail Dick, Sharon Davis, Douglas Ehlers, Joan Euhank, Gerald Emery, Sue Cunningham. -Dana Dick, Boh Emery, Becky Erdel, Bill Dixon, Karen Clidence, Dennis Dick. -Carolyn Jacks, Tom Ilufford, Patricia Ilowe, Jack Howe, Diane Fredrickson, I.arry Good, Sherry Glenn. -Mary Kemmerer, Jack Keever, Frances Harrison, Gary Harmon, Judith Henson, David Kinder, Karen Lungren. -Judy Kellams, Jack Harlan, Janice Gregg, Jay Kelley, Georganna Hodgen, Robert Fry. -Ruth Jenner, Suzanne Gill, Marlene Hutchison, Jim Hackerd, Sharon Gumm, Marilyn Hazel, David Gunyon. -Norma Roddel, Lucetta Root, Mickey Russell, Connie Roush, Thomas Dilling- ham, Patty Smith. -Nancy Smith, Ronald Rothenherger, Nancy Ryan, Harold Smock, Sue Rothenherger, Jay Scott, Elonda Strawn. -Judy Spencer, Becky Thacker, Paulita Shanaberger, Clara Sullivan, Janice Slipher, Lucille Scott. J -Xlelinda Thompson, latricia Shelton, Kay Sanders, Myrna Smith, Lora Ann Taylor, Brenda Smith, Karen Stingley. Row Row Rt iw Row Row Row Row Row Row How Row How -Dixie Morton, jerry Ray, Lintla Miller, Ronnie Miller, Suzanne Petligo, joe Pureell, Betty Sue Rhodes. 2-Beverly joan Nance, Nancy 0'Dell, Don Oberlioulser, Mary Robbins, Ronnie Perry, Cynthia Petty, Connie jo Petligo. -Ceralcl Rice, Ann Myers, Emily Peterson, .lutly Rich, Don Miller. -Nanette Ritchey, David Neal, Bill Miller, Larry Pitzer, Patty Myers. -jo Ann Malacly, Mary Kraner, Dion Loveless, Diane Miller, Bill Mang, Kaye Loveless, Bob Laughner. -Peggy Lipp, Sauntlra Michael, Archie Maynarcl, Arlene Lewis, jerry Martin. Dixie ML-Kinsey. -Barbara Mt-Coy, Robert Martin, Barbara Marsh, Dick Manning, Carolyn King, Bert Krain, Connie Maish. -janeille Leader, james Lucas, Martha Long, Larry McKee, Marilyn Mt-Claine, Ronnie Lappin, Ann Latshaw, -Linda Dunnall Don XVllltf'l1Tll1 Lillian y, . , . Turner, Clark XVOoclarcl, Barbara XVilson, Norman XVilclen, Naneie XYayt, Bracl Unroc. -Patricia Mosier, Bill XVheatley, Peggy XVright, Larry XVttllllCI', Shirley XVright, Dick Wlcgner. -Sonclra Villars, Toni Ulm, Janice XVhite, I.aVerne XVilson, Pat XVelty, Cary XVacl- tlell, Annabelle XVeaver. 4-Pequita Troxell, ,lack Toney, Sandra Young, Kay NVQ-lty, jiin Tunis, DeLana Wilson, Marilyn NVelk. Freshmen Row Bon Ron Bon Bon Ron Bon' Bow Bow Bon Ron Row 'iEekl thereys a Seniorli' . . . games . . . tonrneys . . , Track Queen . . . Cui Bono! President Lynn Kel- ley, Vice -President Lynn Powell, Secretary Pat Par- ker, Treasurer Sally Ban- J sorn. --Indy Bates, lack Arnett, Diane Benge, .liin Bailey, Phyllis Balnberger, loin Catron, Stella Bushman. D -Karen Baty, Larry Abbott, latty Bridge- water, Pete Basqnin, Xlelanie Adams, Tom Bragg, Lynda Clark. -Coy Aders, Pat Barber, Larry Bogne, Barbara Behr, Errol Beninel, Nancy Brown, Bonnie Bybee. -George Benson Brittain, Linda Alexander, Ruth Barnes, jndy Bnrns, john Catron. Donna Green, Darrell Coapstick. -Nlelvin Craven, Shirley Crnln, Charles Coonrer, Nancy Conden, -lerry Davis, Mary Douglas, john Collier. -Alnanita Combs, 'l'ixn Dirbas, Carole Cook, Larry Dick, Nlary Dearth, jiin Day, Connie Donoho. -Stephen Cook, Diana Collins, Bill Crooni- cr, Karen Cue, La1'ry Cunningham, jane Colver, l"rancis Cnlley. -Billie Dobson, Marilyn Dickerson, Blaine Davis, joyce Cupp,' Clen Cunningham, Patty Cnnningharn, Torn Cox, Judy Conrad, Phil Cobb. -Nancy Eberwein, Cordon Goodnight, joan DuBoyy, Thomas Dirbas, Dorothy Dnngan, Cary Dnbree, Nancy llainpton. -Betty Craybill, Dick Emery, Bnth Elliott. Paul Finney, Linda Frazier, Bill Fngate, Darlene Caley, Sne Ann Gregory. -Bebecca Craybill, Patsy Fudge, Dick Hackard, Phyllis Cate-s,i 'lltllll Frazier, Donna Dnngan, -Iohn Graves, Carolyn flood. 4-Rosetta Elkins, Sue Custavel, Cary Hall, Sharon Gregg, Harley Dupler, Karen Dowden, David East. Ron Row Row Ron Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row ROW Row Row Row 1 1-VVinston Jaggers, Janice Hardesty, Jarry Harrison, Rose Mary Hinton, Jim Kallner, Nancy King, Tom Iloyer. 2-Jerry llanna, Judy Hizcr, James Hines, Barbara Imel, Jamesgllowe, Karen Kirk- inan, Lynn Kelly, Jett Hutfer. 3-Bertie Spencer, James Kirkpatrick, Billy Ilussong, Eddie Jones, Paul Clouser, Bonnie llutchison, Cary llart, Jack llihner, Karen llitch, Cail Kathrens. -Dwayne Hollingsworth, XVoodie llaynes, John Kipp. Pete Kirhy, Claude Kitchen, Ronnie Houze, llarnion Jolmson, Dick llardy, Cilhert llenricks, Marion Ilarring- ton, Jack Ilarshharger. -Peggy Newhart, Marlita Mt-New, Lynn Maish, Judy Nieman. Jay Newhart, John Ann McMahan, Randy Myers, Janet Lungren, Tom McManama. -Fred Moon, Jan Morningstar, Jim Monroe, Sandra Marsh, Ken Kreisher, Nina Laugh- ner, George Lucas, Jon McCrecry. 3-Mary Jane Mellccker, Jane Ann Mohler, Michael Louck, Carolyn Zerfas, Ronnie Montgomery, Larry McBee, Margaret Morris, Jolm Myers, Mickey Miller. -Oran Moudy, Jane Lucas, Rohert Lucas, Karen Miller, Orval Moore, Michael Lewis, Jane Stokesberry, Larry Ayers, Joyce Lee. -Eva Palmore, Paul Rich. De-Etta Reh- winkel, Edward Pickering, Carolyn Pear- son, Jerry Ostler, Lynn Powell. -Dennis Renick, Jane McClainc, Amanda Pruett, Janet Purcell, Connie Ostler, Linda Pippenger, Rita Pence, Sally Ransom, Betty Noe. -Frank Otternian, Jiin Reed, Ronald Rohley, Nancy Pettit, Kent Phillippo, Barhara O'Dell, Larry Reed, Esta Pannell. -Judy Perkins, Carol Purdy, Pat Parker, D Loren learcy, Patty Coe, Eugene Payne, Carole Pickering. Sandy Pruitt, Don Parsons. Patsy Palmiero, Michael Rader. 1-Carol Rothenberger, Ronald Seely, Janet Sexton, Don Shaw, Patricia Spear, John Simpson, Gerry Smith. 2-Betty Rule, Jerry Roth, Lynn Schneider, Jerry Shore, Judy Skaggs, Ed Russell, Karen Ruch, Ilerhert Sheets, Peggy Stanton. -Shirlene Shrum. Carolyn Sharp, Darrell Slipher, Linda Snodgrass, Larry Roush, XVanda Slipher, Bill Scott. 4-James Smith, Binnie Sue Spray, John Sehinnnel. Sandy Sheldon. 1-Janice Thurman. Larry NVoli, Janice NValters, Everett Tull, Bettie NVilson, Jerry Zink, Lea lVessell. 2-Sam XVills, Diana NVainscott, Ronald Youngblood, Sharon Stewart, Larry XVells, Karen Unger, John Sullivan. 3-Dixie XVeaver, Larry XVarren. Loyal Villars, Eugene XVelk, Jackie Stevens, Scott Sumpter, Sue XVenger, Dick Unroe. 4-Alvin York, Bill Woodard, Julie XViggam, John XValters, Lynette NVilson, Cordon Vice, Sharon Young, Tom XVhitaker, Judy Vaughn, Roger Stingley. Bt Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row h 2 Gracie -Norma Bogue, Kenneth Villars, Ruth Grafton, joe Bougher, Karen Landis. Gerry Maug, Frances Crane, Ronnie llunter. -Norma Greeno, Russell Crouch, Betty I larris, Rieharcl NVhite, Deloris Stoops, Ronnie Skiver, Pamela Miller, Boyrl Bushong, Sandra Alhaugh. 3-Sharron Elaine Shaw, Ronalcl Lester, I Billie Sterling. lfrecl letcrs, Frances Coy, Don Rich, Laura Fisher. 4-Sharon Painter, Elclorus Fisher. Carl Laflen, jerry Bicknell, jerry Mcliiuzie. jettrey llamilton, Patricia Kecver, Lyucla Gill. 1-Kent Caldwell, Diane Lahee, Linda Reeves, Marianne Herr, -Ianice Riley, Sammy Shalt. 2-Patricia Crews. Susan Imel, Gary john- son, Lincla Parker, Gary Kaser, Marilyn Snodgrass, Larry Ostler, Carla Pickering, ,Iucly Byers. 3-Bob Nunn, Carolyn Ray, Dale Isgrigg, Maxine Vanclerhurg, james Grant, Nancy Payton, john Price. 4-Barhara Martin, Larry Lynch, Gail Mc-Laughlin, Diana Devore, Kathy Colcl- inan, Harolcl Rothenherger, Carole Picker- ing, -Iuanita XVatson, Mark Coffman. 1-Tom Iluffer. Donna Davis. Leuclal Criswell, Carol XVagner. james Lipp, ,Iurly Shelley. jay Stinson. 2-Kate limery, Auclrey, Roclclel, ,loyce lforrl, james XValker, Richarrl lleuclerson, Lucy Gaylor. Linrla Lane. 3-,lanies Smith, Pat llowe, Robert NVQ-lls, Row ' Row Al Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row -1 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Sue Moore, Michael llauiilton, julia Shelley. -Charles Chandler, jerry llowe, Charles Byhce, Myrna Pearson. Larry Meneely. Max Ilankins, Jerry Dick. -Sharon Dick, Robert Nall, Robert Sanders, ,Io Ella Hill, Larry Beard, Naomi McCill, Keith Howe. -Vernon Lahce, Bob Branstetter, Charles jacohy, Steve Hollingsworth, Maxine Roe, ,lean Fisher. -Larry Reecl, Mary Ambler, Velma Cloucl, Margaret Ilowe, Martha Ilurt, Bill NH-aver, Bohhy Martin. -Richarcl Baker, Steven XValker, Larry llarshman, Roger Patchett, joseph Ray Hinton, Larry NVheatley, Robert llailman. -Rouna llayes. Richarrl Arion, Gerrie Rankin, Bohhy McCoy, Carleen Gillespie, Ellis Lipp, Alherta NVinski. -Carolvn Allen. Carroll Krcssel, lulia Martin, Denny Pitzcr. Linda Zertas, Mark XVerner. joan Sleeth, Cletis Marsh. -Bennv Hufforrl, lurlv Innis, Ronnie Hibharrl, Dinah Bell, jay Lipsett, Roherta NViley. Phil Cgclen, Mickey Smith. -Sandra XVilson, Terry Martin, Ardis Dunn, Kenny Stewart, Connie Braclley, Donald Smith, Marjorie Myers, Rick Rothenberger, Joyce Rogers. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 3 Row Row Row Row Row -joe Camp, Norma Parsons. jack Lowden, Rebecca Preusy, julia Smith, Dennis Lipp, Charles Robert Dunham. -Ronald Fleming, Matt Maish, jerry Hammond. Tom Sheets, Artie Metilwee, Eddie Shope, Martin Morrison. -Larry Hill, Sam Stewart, Max Rogers, jcrilyn Ostler, Rita Burd, Patty Conklin, Edith Buckner, Alice NVood, Georgia Bondurant. -Dave Newbold, jerry Gossett, Bob Boyer, Rose Ann Thompson, Carol McLaughlin, Linda Brumbargcr, Deana Baldwin, Sarah Myers. -LeRoy Hampton, Dorcel Birden, Gary Kallner, Dennis VanMeter, john Moudy, Tom Bartley. Stanley Vaughn, Robert Howe. Z-Bill Strong, Thomas Cook, janet Cline, Bernard YVeayer, Danny Boyles, judy Dieterle, jim Rayton. -Karen Loveless, Barbara Chandle1', Karen Mundell, Sheryl Stinson, jean Michael, Linda Brittain, Eleanora Freels. -Gloria Meliinzie, Barbara Switzer, Linda Robley, Carolyn Catron, Linda Sheets, Gloria Pyatt. -Charles Langhner, Beth Miller, Bruce Bradford, Mary George Hammersley. Donald Mann, Elaine Foreman, Donald Seward. -Ronnie Kellams. janet joseph, Kenny Loche, jackie Mink, Terry Clidence, Betty Rader, Dennis Hollis. -Murray Lashbrook, Pat Holland, Dick Brammell, Linda Clark, Mark MeGoskey. janet Norris, Robert Cohee, Barbara Igney. john Schillin Kent Ryan Iud Sivoi -, s ,' a , y 35 is Clifford Mohlfer, Natalie Roberts, Larry Money, joe Hackerd, Carolyn Suits, Danny Boxwell, Roger Morrison. -Donna Clark, Phil Volz, Nancy Cronk- right. jim Buntin, Nan Thomas, Randy Smith, Martha Pedigo, Roger Howe. -Karen Clement, Ronnie McClughen, Linda XVheeler, jackie Power, Bill Arnett, Robert Shurr, Billy Sandage. -Margie Taylor, Buddy Freedman, Carol Straesser, Cathy Scircle, Dick Gow, Ami Perry, Mike Monroe, Phil Robison. -Sara Robbins, Sandra Sloan, Cathy Henderson, Karen Small, jenny jo Perry, jean Pickering, Mary Ann Phipps, Mike Richards. M Y WQIA 'Nw Q!! , 'N Lg Y a' fy Xf-'X gk U Wflzal 431 Mid afounqea geneaafian coming fa aegclufing.: ACTIVITIES . . . Row l-Alam Anglian L00 ,lc-nnings, Tom Thoinpson, -Inn llnrtinnn, john Km-fly, -Iini Nlorrison. Cary Kimble. Row 2-Alyec Nicholas, Nunn-y llinlon, Devi-nu Ap-hors, Lincln Cox. lfniry Rlllll1li'l', Connie Rolxlmins, Nancy Nigli. ,Incly Nov. How 3-ellonnn SpL'llCl'l', KQIIVSII Bowen, llzn'ricl lClcl1'iflg1-, Susan BllC'll2lIlLlIl. Alice Pogo:-, Alice Aslicr, .lun Kelley, jlicly l'll'1'L'Kllllill1, Caroline Crnll. ROW 4-Dwnin Hiller, Lalrry Coulter, George liorncr, liolx Ross. l'4'tv Kroll. Nakional Honor Society Scholarship . . . service . . . leadersliip . . . character . . selected bv facultv and societv . . . one of the highest honors that can he achieved . . , noon luncheon inc-etings . . . llO1HCIlI2lClC cookies :incl ice c-1'ca1n . . . Nuncv Nigh, P1'esicle11tg lim Morrison, Vice-llmsiclclitg Ian Kelley, Sec-1'cta1'yg lJi11'1'f! Coulter, 'll1'CllSUI'Cl'Q Miss CllIllPlJCll. Sponsor. l slim-ulwi' . . . Nlr. Hoy Nlonszllvaltgc- All' .,.. Ulu-n llnnsc' . . . lilnv and NVliitc Day . . . clzlncc-s . . . lJl'L'Sllllllg nfliicvli CL-u1'ge Dorner . . . Vicff-P1'vsiclviit, Nnrinu Nlnnrn -... Scc1'ctz11'v-'l'1'c-us111'c1', Cunnin- llolmlmins . . . Clnlm Sponsor, S112 Cummins. Rim Rim Huw 'E Huw Now Student Council l".ll.S. cmiiiiiittvvs . . . ccnivocaticnis . . . lIlSpll'1llIlUll2ll own "Cnngrcss', . . , cliscnssions . , . voting -Nan llinton. -lun Ki-Ilvy, 'Ilnn -Inlinsnn. Lnrry xYt'llHi'1'. licirt Kllllll, ,lay Scott. 'llmn licvggm-ss. -Bcity Rnlv, Ilnmtliy llnngzin, Cnrnl llnrcly. l3:l1'lm:11'a1 llvlnl. Dixiv Blllflllll. Sully lQNN'lJillllx. l':nn llmnlw Conniv Bolmlnins. -Lz11'1'v Ri-ml, 'l'f'rrv link. lA'llIll' Km-llvv. Kvn Kl'l'lSl1l'l'. luck Bnntin. lvrrv llowc. liolm l'1'nill. Lvnin XYcgi1v1', Toni Tlilnnpson. ' ' A V -Cini Covcg Lev -lvniiings, Cary Kllllllll'. Alun- Cnx, lluwaml Allen. Nornnl Moorv, liolm Klznltin. Ln Rillllilll. livnt Lipsctt. Kllflfll Cinch -Bula Fry. Pctc Krall. Larry Xlnncly. -lun ll1ll'llllllll. Sunshine Society fhis yn-ur flu- Sunshim- Scucivtv has boon lcd to sllcc,-css bv Trcasullr-r lulis Powell, Sccretary urn Stcwzlrf. Vice'-1'1'c'siclc'11t Norma Moorc. Co1'1'ospm1cling Sccrctallw' lzmic-0 Kvllcv, and Presi- clvnt Kurvn livdlnzln. Candlelight initiation . . . Freslnnan tea . . . Connnittees . . . Snnsliine news . . . scrap books . . . cokes. ice cream . . Charity baskets . , . Cliristinas baskets . , . Santa . . . Riley Hospital funcl . . . Convo . , . Nlarcli of Dimes . . . Sunshine Clainp . . . New officers . . . Senior and Junior response . . . Scholarship, XYLIYIIUI' Cllrk, klim Luugllc-Il Jim Stukvsimc1'1'y, Im- XvCilllCI', L1u'1'5' CUlIifL'I'. Ruin Ross, Emi xlitL'ilCii. SI'1"i'rxiz!I'm11 'l'l1rmipmn, Cim- nin- Ltigllll. .lim Xlui'riscm, Ke-nt Lipsvtt. S'1.vxxim1xc:-IH-ta' Kmll, -lam Ilzirl- lllllll. ciA'0l'gA' llurm-r. .Iuim Ki'1'lif'.,,1lL'ii Nic,-Kmvll. lillssm-li Nlillc-11 KXIQICI.IYfQ-Citlfliil' Russ, .I cirry Lflglll. L1l1'l'f' Culp. ST.-xN1mivr:Sl,gz1'1'y livnimow. Toni Exist. IALITY Bragg. Al crry Hl7XX't'l, Tom Nlnrsli, Lorvn Tlimupsml. Bill Dim-ii. Tom Cook. Pauli Tiirmilipsoii. KNICI-Il,INC.fii1ll'l'j' Clmlirm, Dmi- ny l,cuulm'r. llzmmlnl Sli-w:u't. Smxxlmixr: - Tim Unga-r, Bula Prllitt. Clary Kimimiv. Bull iil'L'Kilij. ljL'Ill1j' Stauup. klawix Bimtiu, 1.LlI'l'5' Xlmlciy. Hi-Y Club Umic-1' lilt' ic'acl01'siiip of loc- XVCiHlC1', Presi- 7 D Licntg I,ill'l'V c,i0llitU1'. xiCL'-l1'USiLiCIltQ XVLITIIUI Clark, Svc-11-tu1'yg lim Stokvsix-r1'v, TI'LxilSlIl'lxl'L Emi Nlitclic-ll, Cliupluing -lim Lzmguvli, Siu'- gvulit-ilt-fX1'11isg and Bob Ross, l'1n'liz1mcn- tarian thi- lli-Y had L1 vi-rv p1'oi'iti1iilc vc-111' Mr, Avrcs and Nlr. Schilling sr:i'vcd urs SPOl'lSUl'S. li Rim Rcm Row How f 0 if Focmtlmll stand . , . plcdgf- Week E . . . District 111cct . . . Sc111i-Fc11'111z1l Ai n 1 clzuicc . . . TilLlllkSglVlllg baskets Eastcr progruiii . . . picnic . . Swcctl1c111't and Hi-Yer. Ii111 llitc, lfrcal E111cry, ,li111 Stoops, Hoiiiiic Tuttlc, .lim lli11t011, David Dr1l1so11. Larry Kraiucr, Paul Grunt, David Nluisli. Larry Howe. I'rcci Cilllllliikxii, TO111 Ile-slcr, 1111111 Scott, K1-11 S111ill1, Gavin Aitkcus. -l,cc -lc-1111i11gs, XYilli1- i'wiSill'I', Dick Nlyr-rs, l1z11'1'y H1111lxi11, liogcr Hczngun. Rc-cal, Dwaiiii Xlilicr. XIRIX Spiuiltliiig, l3y1'm1 iillillll, Phil XY111'cl. -Cuiiy Hcciiiiaui, riulllll juliiisuii, -lcrry Milla-1, Lurcii Tlnoiiipsoii, Karl Ijllllilillll. Math Club XVl1at,s this? Four Lliincnsionsl , . . Pupcrl pzipcrl pzlpvrl . . . cluncv . , . Encliila-un rut? . . . report on Flutluncl . . . Sponsor Nlr. Schilling , . . Prcfsiclcnt jun Ilurtnuui . , . Vice-President jiin Stokesberrv . . . SCCl'6tiiI'V-Tl'EklSlll'CI' Alice Pogne, Row l-Caroline Crnll. Alien- Pognc, Box' Pc-align, ,Inn Ks-llcy, Eilcwn Esrzi, Nlury Ann Rogers, .Inn llurtinzin Row 2 Huw 3 llow 4 -Brvnclu NYilson, Kc-n -Putty Tlnonnls, Ellvn Connie Lngun, Torn Nlnrsli. Sniitli, Conv Hartson, Larry Skaggs, -Iusvpli Brown, Cnxin Aitkm-ns, llaimlcl Stc-wan Larry Nloncly. Dvnny Lcuclvr, Cary Kimble. llowurcl Allen. Holm Lowclvn, Pate- Kroll, Doiniixani Nlnwsi-y. -Inn Sl0lxl'Sl7l'I'l'y, ,Iolin Km-oily, C11-orgv Dorm-1 Klux Spnnlcling, llzirry Grafton. 'l'1'z1pp,l'zitNIL-Kinncy,NVzn1'm'r Clark, Clary Rc-clnnlii. -lov XXI-iim'i', .lini Nlnrrisun Row 1-11111111 f:1llI111'I4, -101111 K1-1-1133 C11lI'011l11' C1l'lI11, A111'1- 1'0g111-, 11111 K1-111-y, X1111'y jxllll H0g1'1's, 11111 1l111'11111111. 11113111 x11ll'51l. 111111 x1UI'I'1SOll. 11111y 1'1l1L'L'111Il1lIl, 1'1'11' K1'011. How 2-11111 5t0111's11111'1'y. X111115' X11.f11, 51151111 13111'1111111111, XV2lI'll1'l' C11ll'1Q. C1-01'g1' 1J0l'Ill'l'. 1Dl'Illly 1111111-1', 111110111 S11'XNilI'1, Li1l'l'j' X101111y, Clary K11111111-, 1,,2ll'I'y 11111114111. Huw I1-1151111 KI'11lIl. K111' B1y51Olll', 11111111111- L1'11111'1', K111'1'11 1,1111g11-11, 511111111111 11111, -12111 A1111'l'. c11l11 C0112 11111111 AllQ1ll', NOI'll11l x115UI'1'. -12lll1L'1' c11'1'gg, 1J1'1111y 5111111111: Row -1-4111Ill1'5 L111'11s. X111115' Ryilll. A11llllIlLl L011 SWVl'ill'1llg.fl11l, A111-11 N11-110111s. Slll' B111-111111 C0111111' 111l1l1l1ll5. 7111111 l111g1'1', 1110111 '111l0I1l1J50ll. C1-111'g11 1,111'11s, 1,1111 '11'1lI11llg5, 111111' 5-151111111 NI1111-11 A111111 111-1'11, 511111 5111w111'1, 11111111111 511g01'. 1111111 1,1lXV1'11, Nllll 111111011. Forensic Club F01'1'11s11- 1lXV1ll'11 10 1'11'0S11111llll 111111 E1f11111 7l'iI111'1' , . . Nlrs. 11C11lll1Jll, SJOIISOI' I I 4 . g . K . I , . . 1111111111011 1111111111' . , . 111'0g1'11111 011 13111112111l1'llt1ll'V p1'01-1111111115 . . . 11111 S11J1i1'S- 1l1'1'I'Y.S 1111111111011 01' 11 girl O11 ll 111111- 111 1111111111011 . . . 11111 X10l'l'1SOIl. 1JI'0S111111l1. 11-1111s 1111111111-s 111 1-11111111111g111 1111111111011 , . . 11111 11551511111 111' 1D1'1lllV 81111111312 Y11-1-- l'1'1's1111'111g Sll51lll 15111-1111111111. 5111-1'111111'Vg 111111 Kllllll, 'Tl'1A1lSllI'l'I'. D. C. E. D. C.. E. . . lizuiciiiet for einployers . . . lIllllll.ll11PUllS . . . l. U. Nleclieul Center . . . leurn an oeeupution tliut is useful utter grzuluutioii . . . better eniployer-einployee re- lations . . . Larry Eppert. presiclentg Eileen Esrn, viee- presiclentg Larry Culp, secre- t2.lI'y-tI'CblSll1'C'l'Q Nlr. Slioekney, sponsor. Row 1-.Incly Nash, Terry Nlnelien- zie, Betsy Trent, Donnivun Nlussey, Allen Young, Cary Fisher. Row 2-Larry Crouse, Diivicl Doli- son, Eileen llsral. ,liinet lluslet, Lurry lurlmoe, Lur- ry Kruner. How I3-Sully ,lo Xlnstin, Larry Culp, Alaunes XYruy, Diwitl llutfer, l.i1rry lfppert, Nlilse Ginn. Nlairy li. Xlilliuins. Row l-,loginne lliilifoul, Sonic Nliirtin, Gini llurt, llorotliy llittle, ll411'liaii'ii lleclgc-oelt, Eileen lfsrii, liinrlgi XYrig.flit, Nlury Ann Rogers, -Iucly l'll'l'i'lllllilIl, Szincly 1.iuli-. Norinu Xloore, Sliirley lliutl. How 2-Sliuron Gregg, Xlurlitu NleNew, l'ut Coe, l.inil-i Cox, l'iit Broclerieli, Aluniee Gregg, Cyntliizi Petty, l'er llllil lroxell, Suzanne l'etli fo, llllfll -Ienner. lirenclii Nllls l l-. How .5--luelx llurlun, Bill XVlieutley, -lay Kelley, Pete Kirliy, llurolcl Stewart, Den l.eiuler, XVilliiuns lfislier, jerry Clurli, Roger lleugaui, klaunes Stevens. How 4-Xlzirilyri lieonurcl, l'i1t Xleliinney, lflllen 'l'ri1pp, Dion Loveless. Doug lClilc-rs. Cary Allen, jerry Cooper, Loren l'eurey, ,Im-if lluller, Alinu Nlonroe, jerry llotli. Row 5-.lunet Lungren, ,lucly Nieinaui, Sliairon Stewurt, -Iolin Collier. ,lolin Simpson, -luelx Xleliown, Toni Min-sh, Randy Xlyers, Larry Reed, 'l'oin Cox, Larry Diek. Hou' G-Karen Cliilenee. Anne Clouser, l'ut Nllelty, Put Heals. loan Sewiirrl. Aluniee Xlliite, Dixie Nleliinsey, Nlelvin Craven. Spanish Club "Buenos alias" . . . Spanish prograins at meetings . . . initiation SIIPPOI' for new ineinliers . . . slicles on Mex- ieo . . . ulVllCl'0 are tlie seniors?" , . . liziyricle . . . pinuttu ut tlie Cliristinus party . . . lmullfiglit - el torro . . . nliinee . . . pienie . . . Uflieers for tlie year were: Cyntliiu Petty, presiclentg llutli Jenner, viee-presiclentg Siizzunm Pedi- go, seereturyg uncl Pequittu Troxell. treasurer. Bliss Irion, the new Spanish teuelier, was the sponsor. Latin Club , U.:.-,.,,.P, 1 A 1. 7 ,- 111 1y I11111 . , . T1.11l 3 . . . Q.ll1'iStH1ilS 111r1ls ..,' Llll'iStll11lS ill Nlllllf 111111115 IDLIIICP . . . 'I111111s . . , slides 111111 bop talk . . , il llflllllil 11b1:11t C:l'l'L'k 111111 T1'oj1111 s11l1li1-rs in lI111l1's . . . C1111s11l Pr1111111s, T11111 Tl111111ps1111g S1-1'il111 l,11tt1'1'111'11111, P11111 llodgvg S1-1'il111 SCl'iPt01'llIl1, Lynn XVCgllL'l'g Q1,11111st1'1', I.111'14y XV1'i111:11'g 511111151111 Mr. F111'1'1lll. Row 1-Don Xliller. john Sullivan, left Hunter, john Catron, George Brittain. lim Kirkpatrick. Row 2-,Inn Hinton, Bernard Xewhart, XVayne Young, Aaron NYann, ,lack lvlarshharger, Larry XVilson. Row C3-Russell Beard, Lloyd johv, Nannvitt' Hitt-ln-y, Xlyrna Smith, Carolyn jacks. Oran Nlolidy, Fred Chandler. Projection Club Learn to rnn the projectors and spot lights . . . splice tape . . , President Iiin Ilinton, Vice- Prcsident Dwight Snodgrass, and Sec-rm-tarv-'l'reasiirer Nannetta llicliev. I Cosmopolitan Club Speakers and guests , . . understand others better . . . chilli supper at initiation . . . President Linda Cox, Xylljfr'-l,l'USlil0lll jerry Scott, Sl'Cl'l'llll'y Indy Noe, Treasiirvi' Devena Aehors, and sponsor Xlr. Pnleln. How l-DonnaGhiapetta, Pat Xlt-Kii1ney,l'lllen 'l'1'app,.ls'iiiiy lliirt, Dot llittlc-, Eileen Esra, Linda XVright, Bev IR-digo, Aludy Dunilord, Sandy Little, Alive Asher, Sandy Clidvm-e, Gathi Bates. Roll' 2-jill Carroll, Xlarlene llntchison, Guorganna llodgen, lfairy RlllllllCI', Linda Cox, Dong Ehlers, Ronnie Perry, jack NIeKown, Patty Thomas, Karen Bowen, Diane Nliller. Row Eflildii George. Carol .Io Bates, Nancy Me-nee-ly,Barhara Thomas. Nlarcia Bard, Nliekcy Russell, Tom Hnfford. Gavin Aitkens, jerry Giard, Howard Allen. ,Indy Noe. Row -1-Gini Gore, Rebecca Garter, Annabelle XVeax'er, Elonda Strawn, Lillian Turner, Betty Sue Rhodes, Suzanne Pedigo, Sharon Gnnnn, Larry Benlnow, Larry Bragg, Pete Basqnin, Phil Brown. Row 5-Donna jean Spencer, Mary Kraner, Joyce Holland, Lynne XVL-gner, Carol NIL-Nutt, Treva Barber, Carolyn Kaser. Sally Brittain, Devena Aehors, Gerald Scott, john Scott, Ronald Hothvnherger. Camera Club Lczirn to clcvclop ncgntivcs . . . print picturcs . . , National contest for snapshots . . . Prcs- idcnt jim Langucll, Vicc-P1'csitle11t .lcrry Logan, Sccrctzlry Husscll Millcr, Se1'gezu1t-at- arms llouuic Ricketts. Row lflcrry Logan, Alun Lsingucll. Ronnic Rickcts. Russcll Xlillcr. Larry Culp, Bill Dick. Row 2-llwuiu Nlillcr. Lzirry Krauicr. Donnivaui Nlzisscy, llurry Grafton, Karl Ilcckcr. jolm Scott, licl Russcll. Ilow I3--loc NW-iincr, Drcw Currcl, Clary Kimlvlc. Larry Nloucly, ,lcrry Clark, llow.1rfl Allen. Pctc Busquin, Paul Ricli. Science Club Nlovics . , . scicntific reports . . . Science Fai. ancl Tzilcnt Scurcli , . . lccl by Bob Ross. Prcsiclcnt, zuicl Alan Anglia-, Sccrctzu'V-Trcus- llI'Cl'. iiow Row lgLincla Nlillcr. Loc klcnnings, llolv Ross, Tom Hutt ' ll l l is iiortl. Rounic lcrry. Do glans li 1 c 7-llarolcl Stcwurt, -Izinicc xVilltl'IA9, .lunch Ann Nlolilcr. llcicn NVclvl3cr, Ronnlcl Rolxlcy. n -Xlzin Auglic. Kcn Smith, Imncs Lucas, lolin Row ' - KlJ7,Vllill'lll0I1 olinsoil XVilliiun Ifixlu-r Il . f O Foreign Correspondence Club Engluncl , . . Fl'i1llL'C . . . Swedcn . , . "XVl101'C,s yours f,l'0l11'TW . . . "Look at this stump! . . . Sponsorcd by the Latin Club . . . New friclldships for ull . . . Bob Martin. Pl'CSil1CIlt, Future Nurses of America Ilou Rim Ron 1-Nam-iv XYayt, Ruth 4lK'1llll'l'. Nancy Ryan, Martha Long, lady Iinnforcl. -lill Ilctlilcy, Beverly Pctligo, jill Carroll. '2-lanv Stokr-slx-i'rv, Bri-ncla Smith, liloncla Strawn, Nancy Smith, Mary Krancr. Donna Bvwsvv, Kayt- l,oyclc-ss. Dana 'Dil-k. Nancy Dowclvn. 1 V C 1 I 'fl-Stvlla Buslnnan. lat Bl'0lll'I'lL'li, Donna Chiapvtta, l'am lloclgv. Bvtty Snr' llliotlcs, llinniv Bvnnvtt, Xlary K. Nlilliams, Connic llolmhins. llow el-Xlarilyn Xin-Claim: Alviivillv livatlcr, Bm-ky lfrrlm-l. l'4-quita 'l'rowll, Shirlvy Crum, XV.nnla Slipln-r, Carolyn llcarson. Sara Stvwart. Shirlcy lliatt. 1 I llnuf 5-Karvn Bowvn. Susan Buchanan, lat XVll4'atlc'y, lat NIcKinnc'y, -lntly Bnntin. Lintla XYright. Alien- Aslicr, llarrivt lflrlriclgc- Future Homemalcers of America l Nh lx S L l lNr Ron Hou Ron Row -A 's. Kirkpatrit-lx.NancyX11-111-vj-.'oi1g cacvr, 'irma llanvy-l'rcsiclvnt. Betty Finncy-Historian, Karon XlL'lIlt0Sll-vlCi'-l,l'K'hlCll'lIt, llal lll'OCli'lAlL'li-Sl'L'l'l'lLIYY. Nlarcia Burcl-llianist. lo Ann Xlalafly4 'I'i'c'asnr4':'. Br-tsy 'l'rt-nt-Fclitor. ' 2-Connis' Roush. llatricia Ilowv. limily l't'l4-rsoii. .Ilaly Rich. llanlita Kay Sliaiialit-i'gm'. lflonmla Strawn, I .lanv Xl1'Clainc'. lvglgy N4-wliart, Barhara NlcCoy. Xlary -Io Bi'iiiiilm1'g0l', Dcanna Crum. Rita Ashlvy. ' 53-l"rctlci'ica Lovvlcss. Carolyn hlL'Cl'l'L'l'Nf, Pat XVc'lty, Ianicc XYliit0, Cnlvnc LcwiS. Patty Smith. Della Camp, Myrna Smith. Marilyn McClainc, Donna 'Kay Brittain, lfram-vs Harrison. Suv' 1lOllIC'lll7Ul'gl'l', Norma Roclrlcl. 4-Karon Unger, Karen Camphc-ll, Plath Elliott, Nancy lilwrwvin. Patsy Palmiero, Stella Bushman, Lora Ann Taylor, Carol lo Bates, Norma Lncltorcl, Marcia Haworth, Dc-Lana Wilson, Shirley NVright, Patricia Shelton, Alma York. Row 5-Anna' Clanscr. loan Enhank, NVancla Pate, Suu Cunningham. Eva Palmorc, Phyllis Bamhcrgcr, Dianc Bt-nge, Kitty Allen, Lincla Bates, Mclincla Thompson, Ina Denham. BL-wrly Aloan Nance, Lincla Juno Buckner, Sally -lo Nlnstin. F-,Club Award breakfast . . . Basketball Motheris Night . . . A choice of either jackets or sweaters was given to the award Winners this vear for the first time in the elub's history. The main project of the letterman's club was the sponsoring 7 of the twenty-first Big Broadcast. Lance Storm, lresident, opened the show, which was again under the supervision of Mr. Raymond Bobrabaugh, Sponsor. The other officers who helped guide the elub were Pete Kroll, Vice- President, and Kent Lipsett, Seeretary-Treasurer. Row Row Bow Row -jay Kelly, Larry Harshman, Lance Storm, Tom Marsh, Ned Unroe, Tim Unger, Gary Kimble, Dave Kennedy, .lim Languell, Larry Moudy, Kent Lipsett. 2-john Keedy, ,lim Stevens, Larry NVci1ner, Aaron XVann, Bert Kram, jim Lucas, Tom Thompson, jim Morrison, George Dorner. -Harry Grafton, -lack Toney, ,lim Hinton, Max Spaulding, Allan Reed, Cary Redman, Tom Boggess, Larry Eppert, Raymond NVilson, Larry Calloway, Hubert Marsh, XVarner Clark, Bill XVlie.1tley. -Corden Boss. Larry NleKee, Tom Cook, -lim Pruitt, Pete Kroll, ,lim Stoops, Dave Cunyon, Cary XVaddell. Baymond Kressell, llarold Stewart, jan Hartman, Karl Decker, jerry Ilowe. , 2 Slzaccako Club New spcmsor, N111 N101'gk111 . . . sc11o1111's11ip to ll1Cll11JC1' i11tc11c1- mg to study music . . . dancc after N1ill'1011 11115141-t1Jz111 gamin- . . . Assistccl with party for c11'UXV11 Point 13211111 . . , Prexv .limmu Swcuriingcii, Vccps -1111121 Powcll 211111 Coniiiv C0llC1Pll, Sec- r0tz11'y Alycc Nicholas, T1'L'ilSllI'L'I' Alice A511011 Row 1--Alicv 1185111111 k1l1i1f' 131111ti11, Cormic Robbins, B2l1'1Jlll'kl K. N11-Coy. Scmim- x121l'11I1. 130111111 102111 Spciic-cr Row 2'-N111115' llinlcm. -I1111y Nov, Szmdy C11K1Lx11CQ', 1211011 Trapp, kl11c1y 1111lOl11l1ll191, Dot 11itt11', 1X1ill'C1il 11z1wo1't11, N0l'll12l 11:111cW 11uw3--1111111111 1,011 Sv1'c11ri11g1-11, Alycu Nic11o111s, -1111111 Powell. Nlury Ami Rugm-rs, ,l1111y 1:l'i'CC1l1!Llll, Li11c111 S1-110011-y. S11115' 11I'111il1l1, S111- 11t'1'1i1'l', KLIITI1 Bowc-11. fXm'111:1 XI111111-. How -1-Suv 111111, jmmycc- 1Io11111111, Patty 111111-, -1111 C1111'o11, Alzmic 151'1111so11, ,Ii11 11c111oy, ,loam S1-w11r11, Mary K. XV111121I1IS. 15ill'1J1ll'2l Suv 111-clgcuck, 11011 I"1'1-11 C11111p1iv11. 117111111111 Fislier. 1-D1-11113' Stumpc, Cormic Lljgilll, Bert Kflllll, 1111111 K1-1-dy, Tim 11ll1Ll'l', Tcmi T11m11pson, George Dormer. 110W 2-Dick 1X1Vl'l'S, 1CC1XV1l1'C1 171101: B011 111'11itt. -lim 1'c'111'1', 111-nry 1,1-111Jy Alviniiiigs. 110191-'l'1 L. Fry. D.1Vic1 N111is11. -1111111 1,. Kipp. 1 How3-1,:1rryC111111i11511111111.1,11r1'yBogus-,N1ic1111111Lo111-k, 15011 1x11lI'11l1, 11011 1105s, 1Jl'll11y 1.1f'AlC10l'. Larry R1-1-11. 1?1'21ll1i fJ11l'I'll1Lll1. 1211111 130111 How 4-jam 111ll'11ll2ll1. Byrcm 11z1to11. ,luck N1CKOVVll, L111'1'yR11111ii11, .lim S1l'Yl'llS, 13111111 c1llllyUl1, 11.11'1cy Dilplcr, Kvn K1'c'is11c1', ll11111'g1- 1,11c11s. Crescendo Club Boys with i11t01'1-st in music . . 1'1'Csif101'1t, Connie' 1,0gill1Q Vicv P1'esic1c11t, Tom Thompscmg Svc Tim Unger. 1 rctarv, Larrv 111111111115 r111'CL1Sl1I'C1' Choir Annual Fall Festival Show . . . Christmas programs and convocation - snow - teddy hears - "Hallelujah Chorus" . . . Solo and Ensemble Contest - 24 ulstsi' at District - travelled to Statc '... Choir motto: "Let's talk and lower our grade., '... District Festival helcl here - five schools participated . . . Spring Festival - Combined groups - pastel dresses . . . Banquet honoring scniors . . . Gracluution music - tears - "Halls of Ivvf, Major and Twirlers 'Hn' twirling contest . . . at thc- footlmull gunn-5 , , , PIT'-Qllllll' and half-tilnc shows at thc lmaskvtbzlll gzunvs . . . Tim Ungvr. Xlzxjor , , . c:lll'Uly'Il Kusefr, Sergeant . . . Kurcn Clidcncc . . . Dmnm livwsvy . . . .lnlin Smith . . . lnliu Blnrtin . , nlnycu 1lO5Ll'I'S. Band Officers SIIlIYI,fXilI1lf' Hinton. I,:1r1'y BC'IIl5lJXX'. licl lliw. SIXYIJINI.-ciilI'Ulf'll Kzlsvr, llmnnv 'l'nlllv, Allvn Rm-cl. 'inn Unger, ,lim I,l'IlL'1'. .linnnu Lon 5XYl'1l1'iIlgLl'Il. Summcr mzu'cl1ing , . . lootlmll llilll.-flllli' shows . . . spa-cial show for Blr. Long . . . amluul Cllristmns progrmn . . . stuclvnt cli1'cc'to1'. Miss Bust . . . District and State solo mul vnsvmlmlc' contvsts . . . spring CUIlCC1't . . . uSClllOl' Popsu , . . Crown Point . . , Nlusic lfvstiva Bancl ancl l,l'1lCllL'C, practice. pructicc' . . . 'LXVl1c1'c's tht- lllllSlC?u . , . "NVQ lmve to practicc' somt-tim:-lu , . . 'klDitl wc gvt u first?" . . . l'C'llC1ll4SL' with N112 Long . . . pmcticn- witll Xliss llust . . . tlle' commvut slwvts . . . llow llllllly Poiutsly . . . il mcmorulmlt- cxpc1'ic11cc. Ensembles The district contest . . . playing for thc Band and fJI'L,'il0Stl'21 Associutimi . . good pmcticc . . . clurly Sutnrclalv morn- ing 1'clic'ui'sz1ls . . . i'l,vt's sign np to praw- ticc at 3:453' . . , State- contvst . . . :ill rwei' until next venr. Orchestra Nlnrv XViliiznns. Sl'l'I'0i'lll'V unc TI'L'2lSllI'tJl'g Cimniiv ci0llLil'll. Prvsi cient: fl0Ol'gilllll21 Iloclgc-n, Vict- l'1'c'sicic1itg luniu- II2l1'Cil'Sty, llis toriung Pcgqv Stanton, l4iill'll1'itllI ristmus PITJQIIIIII for gnulv schools ..., b Xll-Stutv Orclicistru . . , 1'1'a1c-tic-v , ci-XVintc':' lfnilcvrt . . , District and Stzitc' Snln and Hxlsciiiiuiv Cfontvst , cl-Staitv fDl'Cil1'Sil'L1 l"4-stivul . . , Spring l"c'stiv11l Senior Class Play "Onions in the Stewm . . life on an island . . . costumes . . . grease-paint . . . props . . . '6l.63ilI'U those lineal' '... leaking plumbing . , . Hieuclly ruccfoons . . . two teen- age clz1ughlc1's . . . 1'0- heursuls . . . "flLlI'lillHH . . , Littlc lgI'ULlllXVLlY. Ilouimrl .. Bw' CW' . . Sulsiz' . . . . Kitsia' ............ . Urs ll' lfSUllvS llnr . 1 w .- ry .Vl'lL' .llntor .llurrin .. Mr. Cf11rli.s ......,. . ,lllisy ffurtix . Dotty . . . Lyzliu . . . . Tom Nlursh . . . . Put Bulls 'liI'l'Nll B1lI'lDl'l lolllllil XYriglnt l.zn'ry licnlmow llllllllll' liivka-ls .. l'll'l'll Donolno l"z1iry RllllllIl'l' olyn Mvlfrm-1'y . Put Amlvrson lhfity AXIIIVIJUIIIIII Dm: .llm'Dmml1l jour: .,........ plum' . . liugvr . . . . . Ciluml .....,.. Claire' I"z'.suw'1ufa'1n l.1'slf'g1 Arnnlrl . . .llurgn ....., .llixs CIurl'f'y .. I .. . Nancy Nigh .. . Russcll Nlillx-1' lJOI1Il1l Clliupcltal . . . . . Cutlmi lintvs .. Klux Spuulcling l,orvn Tlnompson limmu Sxvcmilxgclz . , . . . Carol BIIYIIS . -Iucly l'll'0l'ilIIl1lll . . . . Suv Becker Big Broaclcasl: "East Side-. XVvst Sidvu , . , skvlinc- of Now York . . . Xlurc-h 14 mul 15 . . . Nlurv Ama HUU'lxI'S clicl Ll Ufillld 'oh as studvnt cliroctm' . . . summsfm-cl hx' lf' Clluh . . . hours ol' mlcticr n h 1 l . I . . , Buck was Ll UTIIIPIICIUIIS help . , . .lim Nlmrison Mkvpt I-m laughing' . . . scniors in glurnor- ous CUStl1IHt'S . . . hand numhers cliwctvcl hv Pvtv Kroll . . . old faxshimlecl l,'O9tllIUPS . . . four i "Birth of the Bluesil Coininerciul Senior Class Play Cutting Bzuicl - "Dark Eycsl' "Money lsn't Everythingh Bzirlmrzi N'IcC0y-Nlainho Marcia Hayworth-Solo "NVe're XVorking Our XVSIV Througli College" K'Street Sceiiel' "'1'here's No Business Like Show Business" lntrocluction of NLC. liuncl - "Every Tubn "In the Good Old Sum Siuniese Cut Song jun Adler-Tap .lain Ilartnizui-Solo john lieecly-linitation nier Time Ballet Serenade Grand Finale cool eats . . . clzuice acts . , . makeup . . . i'Put ri beauty inzlrk right lierev . . . singing seven beautiful junior girls zuicl boys? . . . lots of seniors . . . "XVho ncccls nioucy college gals . , . huinor . , . ballet in its poorest hut funniest forni . . . "XVhen do we o on . . . fluorescent "Sei'enacle" , , . grauicl finule with all zicts included . . . fun . . , excitement liurd work . . . these all inucle up the 20th Big lirouclcast with 70 students participating . nm of the best yetlv igh Life The backbone of this yearls High I,il'e staff Were Caroline Crull, editor-in-chief, Karen Redman, business nianager, Loren Thompson, sports editor, and .Ian Kelly. Society editor. Each of them has done a great joh in editing his part of the school paper. "lluh. deadline is t0I1lO1'I'OXV?w . . . "Co to the Times and get gallevu . . . "XVhat's my head? . . . "Sh, thats a scoopll' . . . Bliss Kearns, please help nie" . . . "Can l have that typewriter next?" . . , "NVhere's the eopv paperrw . , . "Check Vour heat" . . . "High Lifes are on salt tornorrow . . . Don't forget vour dime" . . . All are heard hv the euh reporters on this years 39th High Life staff . , . xnany duties aside from those on the paper . . , staff sponsored Bas kethall Horneeoining Queen . . .Coronation Ball. . . "Life as a reporter can he heetie, hut it sure is fun!" Row 1-Norma Ludford, Christine Xleneely, Caroline Crull, ,lan Kelley, .Indy Dunlorcl, Sandy Little, Carol Burns, Karen Redlnan, .Indy l'lI't'l'1.lIll1lIl. Row 2-Gini Cove, -Iudii George, Pat Xleliinney. Susan Buelranan, Harold Stewart, Lynne XVegner, Dot llittle, Twilla Ulxernuller, Row 3-Fred Donoho, Vllillll johnson, Loren 'llllUlll1JSUIl, l,1u'ry Xloudy, Tun Unger, l"rederiea Loveless, -Iudy Noe, Naney Saltsrnan. Cauldron The heads of the Claillclmii this vceu were l,arrv Coulter, eclitor-iii-cliiei. anal Nzmcv Nigh, assistant editor. Row I--lutly I"rm-etlinzm, Alive Aslier, Connie Holihins. Xllllff' Nigh, l,4u'ry Coullnx limi' 2-Betsy 'l'rt-nt, Cuxmin- Cfmuleii, Sully B1'ittz1i1i. lxllll llintmm, Alive l'ogm-. Row 3-,lim xlUl'l'lSUll. lJeu'm1 An-linrw. -lrmhn Kr-t-dy. Dxiznin Miller. The ,5T Caillclmri - the goal ol' fmirteen people , . . Cil lIllflOl'llS ulloltl it. please!" . . . choosing 11 theme . . . i'XVl1ert- dues this page gow' . . . pasting pictures . . , writing stories . . . lxvllill erm we use us ll cover? . . . deadline , . , Nlr. l'l0l1I'L1l3Hllgll'S llllftlllllllg efforts to help as faculty advisor . , . release. Football Court Nzlnvy Bynum, :Xlivv l'oQ1u-. Crmnir- Roluhius. Qllm-11 Kam-11 nK'lllll1lll. ,Iamvl NV1-xllxlvy. .lllclii Cvorga. of V V 1 Q 5 w Q 'Z 1 x QUEENS or . C HI-Y Queen ancl Kung l.lilfl' 'lu IiIl.ll'II liulm Clraxy. K-JIIUPII Alycc- Nici-ulns. Nam 'l'lmlm1s. -Iucly Bu-rs. King 'Iulm Kvmly. Basketball Court Suv Bu1k4'1'. -Indy Blllllill. t1jIlK'4'Il Conxmim- llolmlaim. Mink IIUQIIV. BI'K'llI'Ll Sngur. 'wb 5 f A Q 7.,A I' Z V .V ma I957 Coronation Ball Hmm I-.Inna-t XYc'11lxl1-3, Klum lximlulv. Bvrl Krzun. Kay lilyslmnz .Iam .Xflh-r. .Iuclii tt4'Ul'LI1'. Tim lvuger. Alia-0 Pogucz ,lim Stulwslu-1'1'y. licm' 2-Qnwmm ulimmzm 111111 SXNl'1lI'iIlQl'll. King Tum 'I'llmnpsm1. '18 g 5 an J' 4' 5, x 1' I X- ,, .' - 'f A , 34 M , " In E333 'J .,. ' K f YQ M X f X 5 w?'..3i .Z A - M, , lygwyff-1-WV.l,,L,-W1xfwffw,,5,,Lgg-ws. L 9 g': -Qi wi R L34 .X W Y 7 i Wffnal 61 dui! qoungea qenmaefiaa SPORTS . . . Row I-Larry Eppert, Bob Keeney, Gerald Scott, llarold Stewart, Lance Storm. Larry Harslnnan, jim La f Morrison, Harry Grafton, jim Lucas, Dick Ilardy iStudcnt Managerl. Row 2-Coach McLane, LaVerne XYilson, jack llarlan, Bill Keever, Dave Gunyon, Larry NVeimer, Larrx Cillown Dick NVegner, Gary Kimhle. Dave Kennedy, Bert Kram, Max Spaulding CStudent Nlanagerl. Row 3-Asst. Coach Henninger, jim Stevens, Tom Boggess, Pete Kroll, Paul Thompson, George Doruer, lun Stoops XVarner Clark, Tom Ulm, Bill NVheatley, Gary XVaddell, Norman NVilden lStudent Managerl. Varsity Football The Hot Dogs had their ups and downs in football this year, hut under the leadership ot' the Co-Captains, jim Stoops and Larry Eppert, they completed a hard fought and well played season. Row Rt nw Row Row Row Row Dave Kennedy, Gerald Scott, Dick XVegner, llarold Stewart. Larry llarshman jim Morrison, George Dorner, Pete Kroll, Larry Eppert, Boh Keeney. Gary NVaddell, jim Stoops, Bill XVheatley, Larry Calloway. Larry xV6l11li'I', Tom Boggess, jim Stevens, jim Lauguell, Dave Gunyon, jack llarlan. Tom Ulm, Lance Storm, Bert Kram, jim Lucas, llarry Grafton. 6-Bill Keever, Gary Kimble. VVzu'ner Clark. wzmiviff Q' v""hu,g mf nn.. ximian, hm wwf!!- '1 Viv f 1? 1.3 fm .. ff - ,'?v-sn: , M. .Ar A va. 09911 .am Wim G11 Freshman Row 1--Harley Dupler, Cc-orgv Illia-ins. -lolm Siillixiui, Holm Imiigliiii-1', Don Bogiiv. jack llowc-, Pm-tv Kirliy. Plow 2-Orville Moore, ,lim lliiicls, lloiiiiii' lloiimx Dion l,ox'i'lm'ss. Loren Pt'klI'L'j'. ljml Russvll. Lziiiy lioiislm. Row 3-Student Nlllllilflvl' Cuil Kzitliviwis. Clorcloii Yiwu lim llowc. Kon Krcislicr. Don Olwrlioiilan-i'. l,ui'rx Dick J David Pziync, lzuil Clousc-r, Cousin Blklclliivlil. V i 8l:l1 Grade Rim' 1-Frvcl Pctl-i's, Tom Cook, Rn-x Rogcrs. Ronnie NlL'Clllglli'1l, Pliil ,-Xiilxiirii. Bill Strong, Romiic' Kcllamis Tvrry Cliili-nc-1-, lic-iiiiiv lllillonl. Nlurty Nlorrisoii. Row 2gRogvi't lkigvit, Kl'lll Rlllllil Roger llowv, Don Smilli. Xlzirk Nlccoskvy, ljillll lxgrigg, -luck Lowalcu Kon l1Ullt'lx. Rolmio lliimluml, Row 53-Dim-k Clow-, Miki- Moiirom-, Dick B0tl1CHl71II'Q'l'l', lJ2ll'l'j' XYlis-ntl:-y. Clary Kiisvr. C21-rry Nlaliig, Holm Billin- stc'itm'r. Boll Boyvr, .lvi'1'y Cossctt, Buclcly l'?l'l'C'IlIl12llI. Conn-li l7lllll'Il. 'ff- lin tlre lmttlr- witli lc-ll ol l ilrutlc tlic Ilot Dogs lo X 1 stanclstill, until llii- lnrgvr llronclios tlrirtvmi points. lm lllx' lrrolic- l'lll'Ollgll tllc Dog fs' clclc- Football Highlights Um' ol' tliv lwsl coiilvsls of tlrv 1956-57 lootlmll sc-arson was flu- gzuiw witli New lfustlv. lliis gunna' was trulv one ol tlw lmvst lNlI'lOi'IlIilllL'C5 ol lllc' svzisoii. ln tlrv first lmll, tlic- L-oiil0i'c'm:v rival '1jilllS " ' ' ' .' 1 1 extra point lo tailw il 13 to ll lvzul. ln flic sccoml lmlli tlw llot Dogs ciuii' luaclx strong. Sviiior lrzill-lung-lx l,2ll'I'y lip pert clrovc tlirougli lor Ll toucliclown uml sc ol' tlic ganna' thi- l".ll.S gjriclclcrs wvrc l'l11'L?l1tOIllllg tliv goal ol tliu ll'OlllllS. Row 1-Kvnt Lipsvtt, N1-Q1 U11111r-, H:1y111c111c1 NYi1sc111. 11l1I'I'j' Cr11ftm111. Row 2-c1i'0l',Lfl' 151111111113 '1'i111 L1llQ'I'l', ,1i111 Slm11ic's11c1'1'y. .lay Kc'11y. Rem I3-Dick 11z11't1y. 13111 Mi11v1', L1ll'l'y Xlomly. .11ll1 11i11tr111, C1U2lL'11 B1'L1c11iv1c1. Va rsiky Basketball '1'11v llot Dogs, 1041 by a new coa1c11, N111 131'zu11iv1c1, 11115 yt'1ll'. sturtvcl t11e' YCHI with 1111 c-xpc1'ic11cc but fi11is11ec1 strong. T110 tc-11111 1101151111 ZIIIC1 scluppccl its wav lo SC'V01'kl1 victories as well as 1r1si11g 21 fvw 1101111-17l'l'2l1il'l'S. Fighting 112111 e111 sc-115011 t11cv fell to Forest i11 t11c Scctiomll to bring 1111 Q-1141 to 11asket11z111 at FHS. ' 1 .g. 4 ., -fa . ,ga In , H ,. ,.:., ,im , nnnnn n Q f ll 4 .,.,.,, A 4 i ., N ,nn 21, , ax I A , , ,L 3: Ks f K 49" Q:'4.,.f -5 .,,, Q. iz. f i S H I .Wi ii, Eg: f M z era", f V V sf 30 N 5 n n 5' :,'- , , Ja 5 fam.. 1, If "k 1 :hill I in E SE. Row l-George Dorm-r, Tim Unger, Ncd Unroc. Row 2-Bill Miller, jay Kelly, jim Stokesberry, Raymond XVils0n. Row 3-Harry Grafton, Larry Xloudy, jim Hinton, Kent Lipsett. nf W' Heboumling , . . driving iiurcl . , , guurciing . . . Mr. Nlc-Corkvi kvpt tliv tc-anis in imiicmrms ulgvuvg moving ' . . thy Hlfighting Iriw-'N 1,1-ing this vein' so that tin-v might givv il good 110,101-g ioilwyngplvpg, impression of FI'1lllkiiUl't High. B-Team Row 1-.I i 111 Iiackerd. L ll 1' r y Good. Kari D e Q k e r, -larry Roth, Dick S11ych-r. Row 2-Couch Cumrmins, ,luck ll111'l1m, Bob l'1'1-duly, L il 1' 1' V M L' K L- 0, Aaron XV111111, 1,011 Oh- CI'ilOlliSL'I', -I ll Q k T ouey. Freshman Row 1-Iohn C 1' il v 1- s , 'I'v1'ry Zink, Pctl' Ki 1' h y, Xlickvy Xliilvr, Dirk U11- 1' o 11, B o I1 ll i ef Youllghloofi. Row 2-Couch Ilcninger, Larry Aye-rs, jer- ry R o t h, Larry Dick, jim Howe, Tom Cox, Ken KI'0iSilL'l'. Ronnie llouze, L a r r y Roush. 8th Grade Row 1-BUIHIY lI11fl'oril, Hormiv llihhcrt, .I ll L' k Lowclvn, Ronald Fl:-111i11g, B o n 11 i 0 NIL'- Cjillglllil, Hoge-1' H o W 0, B o lm BI'LlIlSt9tiCI', Kent Culllciwell. Bow gflillllllilx Kelhlms. Ki-11tRl1i11e, Cary Kaser, Tom Sill'l'iS, L ll r 1' y XVl1i-axtley, Roh- 1-rt Howe, B o in B o y c r, Larry Nlonvy, A rt i 6 Nlclilwcc, Coach PIIHCII. Row 1-Larry Eppcrt, Ray XVilson, john Scott, Lance Storm, jim Lrmgucll, Aaron XVann, Laverne Wilson, jerry Cooper, Phil Brown, Cary Allen, Larry llarshman. Row 2-jerry Roth, Phil Crum, Larry XVeimer, Cary XVaddell, ,lim Lucas, Larry Calloway, jack Bruin- hargcr, lluhcrt Marsh, Ronnie NVarren, NVarncr Clark. ROW 3-llarry Grafton, .lim Stoops,, Ronnie Tuttle, Tom Boggs-ss, Larry Nlcliee, Bert Kram, john Lambert. Track Four returning lettcrman . . . Case field . . . Stott field . . . participated in the I. U. Relays . . . had meets with West Lafayette, Attica, Logansport, and Lafayette Ieff . . . attended Noblesville Relays . . , had meet with Tipton . . . participated in the Delphi Relays . , . host at Frankfort Relays April 30 . . . participated in conference meet at Muncie . . . closed regular season at the Central Indiana Conference meet at NVest Lafayette May 7. Cross Country Row 1-Cary Allen, .lim SL-nit, lliil Brown, .lm-rry Coopvr, Ilulx-rt Nlznsli, ,luck Bl'lllIllD1lI'gK'l'. ROW 2-.lv1'1'y Ray, Bernancl N1'wl1111't, Larry Xia-K1-1-, Row Row 2 Row 3 Row Row 2 Row 53 Auron XYunn. XVLIVHC Young, Kenny Ne-wlnn't. Freshman Track 1-Larry XV0lf0, jolin Auircl, lim K1llIll'l'. BlllC'll Craven, George- l31'itt11in, tlolin Simp- son, l,1llll Finncy. -'l'1-rry Zink, jcrry Roth, Dvnnis Anclc1'sn11, ,Inu-lx llilmncr, Nlickvy Lewis, .Ir-rry Slum-. -llvwuyilv llollingswortli, LOIKCII lJt'1ll'L'y, Kvn Kreislier, Ed PlCli6l'lIlg, Larry cllllllllllglllllll. 8th Grade Track l--I1-rry Howe-, lbzilv lsgrigg, -lay Lipsc-tt, Vllillll- Illy Sheets, jiin Pnyton, Bula lioyur, C11-rry Xiang, Denny Pitzc-r, Roclgvr lXl0l'I'lSlJl1, Ilan'- olcl R0tl1011l7c1'gc1'. -Rnnniv Ililalmrcl, Klux Roclgc-1's, -lack Lowclc-11. M1n'1':1y L11sl1lJ1'ouk, 'll-rry Clicluiicv, Rick Rollin-11l1c1'gc1', Artic NIL-lilwc-0, LCllllLll Cris- wvll, Runnin- NlL'ClllQ,'lll'Il, Bula Colivc. -ClJili'll NlL'l11lI1P, .Inv ll1lL'liAll'il, Clifford Moli- ler, Bull l'lI'K'6'illHill1, Bulb Bl'illlSllJllC'l', Dong Re-icl, Gary jolinson, Mink NV11r11c1', Bcnniu Iluffurcl, john Shilling, Kent Ryan. CO1lL'll Pnllen. Alan Reed. Dong Ehlers, john Keedy, Kent Lipsett, Ronnie Perry, Tom Nlursh, Gordon Ross. C Golf Tennis The golf team, loaded with experi- New resurfaced courts . . . lndoor practice . . . ence, looks forward to completing Ll XVith these aids and the return of senior regulars successful year under Coach Heninger. George Dorner, Jan llurtmun, lim Morrison, and Tom Thompson, the Netmen were sure to be a top contender for the N.C.C. championship. KNEE1.INc:-Lu1'ry Benhow, NVilliznn Fisher, jim Morrison, Tom Thompson, llurley Uupler. STANDING-.lllll llllfllllilll, Pete Kroll, George Dorner. Bill Nliller, Denny Lender. wafer 4 -n'-ZIVEHSITY Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Varsity Baseball The Hot Dogs started baseball in Howard Hall early in March. After being rained out of their practice sessions and half of the season, the team finally got started on their schedule under the direction of Coach XVaddell and his as- sistant, George Bradfield. -Larry Lucas, Larry YVo0ds, Larry Moucly, Bob Preddy, Tim Unger, Karl Decker, Bob Toney, Roy Scott. Bob Laughncr, Gail Dick, Dion Loveless, Dave Cuuyon. Buy Kresscl. Don Olicrhoulser, Dick Snyder, jim Hackerd, Bill Dungan, Larry Good. Coach XVacldcll, Denny Dick fSt. Man.J, Dirk Unroc fSt. Maud, Larry Dick, Larry Aycrs, jay Kelly, Bill Stoops, Cary Kimble, Dick Manning, Asst Coach Bradficld. The staff who giiiclvcl our zltllil'tL'S this yC2l1'NVCI'C Dirvctor Ray111o11cl l3c1l11'11bz111gl1. XVilIia1111 wvillllllxll, Darwin Dick, XVill1111' c:lllIlIlliIlS, 'IZIIIICS Bulclwiii, Fletcher NIcLz111c', Rccsc IICII- iiigcr, Ccorgc l51'l1LliviL'ill. illlil lliclizlul Pullcll. Coaches and Student Managers Stuclent 111a11age1's who helped thc! cuzlcllvs wcrc Bill Stoops, 11211160 Storin, Dick Ilardy, Klux Spauldilig. Cary lic-cl111z111, and john Kipp. Yell Leaders Fivv cute yell lczlclcrs , . . spiritcxl tlu- llot Dogs to victory '... traveled to all loutlmll and lmaskctlmll gzum-s . . . K'Ym-Ill' '... captain - -lC'l'l'y . , . Conniv, llmlii. janct. Cau'olyn . . . pcp sessions . . . host to county yell lcz1clc'1's . . . Glcllll-Illl' am Ill!" .lillll'l XV1'ulxl4'y. klcrry Lllgilll, Czlrolyu King. Crumic lAJ11ilIl.Alllllll Clvurgv. Peggy YYrigl1t. Carol Luka- sik, IDPHIIV 1,caclm', Lvnnc XVCgllC1'. -lucly Spencvr. nfffdwf-W ,qfffd-wfw ,awfvwwfw 4, -2. 4. V, W ful ' , I L'.',u..j. ,far-3 V inf 5 HJ-Ei, -, mx.. ii? ' f.: X .. :.' "gf "2 . 5. T., L: Sinn' Luft " bg 1? , ,- .tha ',.' Q' Y: Y . 1-'.- .- f . fri -.-Wag-1'.'.i4--:ig 1 gl Q Y' gf' 4' Q 7 - -- ' -s ' - -n -. -,- ., .-f 1' - .- - y., L. ., .. 1 L- A li- ..,,,,, g-'-1 .rf " f 1 1- -' ' ' in R 5' 1 kj-5 .4 ' . . I' 'x.11 'Af "f f, :H wht r ,f v.. ' . 1 .5 ,. 1.1.-E ..g . 4, ra F 'R J K r iz -, ., ?I! I tl, fifmi , ' '7' " r at ,I ,,-L, -5 , , . V ' ' 5. K . 'gf "1 Q- g 5 V V. 9 ' " V-1,31 - -' , 1 ::':i ? ,V I A 3 - " Fir, -'f A " 3 --,-,.- if 2- - , r X x' if i7 T A 5 1 A .JI ,X V. , fl . - L 1 auf' h Y N V Q 1 .Z 1.1-lv ,. r A I r H F -,N - - ,,,,,f-,-,,-- G-,-., - 4, ,-7,.. 1,-..-. , --...... -- . -1 -. A -: w..-- ' 111. '..-. -.-- -D -- -j " 'tl'::.l. 5 " ' " i'1..'.i:...,:ie'L'L 1.13. ,.' .. . r' an : I X -1 - "- - 7 4 ' ' , - JH.. 1 --JA.:-E-4 A V " r 71 F ' -, y , ,fwqg ax -A 'T 1 .1 v "1 n 14, 5 Q n 3 1 Q- ' '- 2 my .f W ' gag? war I S'-ww f MP4 iw' ,, sr -H ' iw , 1, 1, - 1- L . Jug, V i. -,r m , " A ,Lu 4 5 , ff. A 1. .we-Ii' .11 Ah ' 1 Q u' g . faii-1 uc : V -, 1 , ,s-M?-QC ' VM. . 1 .,, ,, ,,?, .. , f- U Kb. 5, , . .- , , jig, 4 . M we , I fa, ,G r f 4 3 5' : -. Q gp . 'AF .f .7331 xi, ,., xx 'i 1-5-. ff ' ng, . 5. ,?,..f s 1 g 333' A ,, - 152354 is: -. L 'Q' ixlggi iii ,. ,. ,,,, .4-,MQW A 1 . ' T 5 Af, . A :IL X N K :x.i1?: l,qQV..3:, L ,A ': '. bln v ' - , fr "' H1 1115. 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