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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1955 volume:

'SEE IT NOW...” With apologies to Edward R. Murrow.) FRANKFORT HIGH SCHOOL rJ“'HROUGH the eyes of the television camera, the Senior Class of 1955 brings to you the pictorial story of this year’s events. Now we open the shutter of the camera, and present the faculty and students of FHS in their many activities.rVtteJVTHE FALL OF ’54 ... . The expressions of bewilderment as the eighth graders make a big adjustment. With September comes our first football game. As we enter Stott field we sense a familiar atmosphere . . . the cool fall night . . . the smell of popcorn . . . hot dogs . . . the ref’s whistle . . . the band . . . and many mixed emotions.YOU CAN SEE IT NOW . . . BRRRRR . . . zero weather . . . the pond and ice-skating . . . boots and extra clothing . . . snow and tobogganing .. . what fun! “The bell has rang!” From “Beowulf” through “Macbeth” to Huxley. Sitting at these desks an hour a day, five days a week, for nine months, seniors learn more than English literature.FOOTBALL HOMECOMING COURT Judy Bergman, Judy Bun-tin, Sara Jones, Judy Lipsett, Connie Miller, Miriam Wei-mer, Pat Sentz. THE ROYALTY OF FHS . . . and you can BASKETBALL COURT Pat Sentz, Miriam Miller, Judy Lipsett, Judy Dykhuizen, Miriam Weimer. CORONATION BALL Joe Branagin, Pat Sentz, Jim Bricker, Sara Jones. Paul Thompson, Judy Buntin, Tom Wilson, Judy Dykhuizen, Don Rippey, Connie Robbins, Connie Miller, Jan Hartman, Darrel Oliphant, Paminy Wray; the celebrities at the Coronation Ball.SEE IT “Announcing Miss J ucly Lipsett!” She snapped up not only the reign as Football Queen, but also that of Basketball Queen. Good work, Judy . . . Hot Dogs whip Jasper . . . Beautiful convertibles . . . lovely candidates in white . . . Homecoming . . . Nighthawks vs. Logansport. ♦ The tension was high, but you can “See It Now.” The votes were counted and another king and queen will reign . . . Tom Wilson and Judy Dykhuizen were the happy couple . . . it’s all over now but the kiss.Senior Cords ... a dream of freshmen . . . but to seniors, a necessary evil . . . some decorated . . . some not . . . all dirty. THE LAST OF FOUR BIG STEPS Measuring for caps and gowns . . . don't feel badly ... it happens to us all . . . This year the girls chose to wear white gowns in contrast with the blue worn by the boys.Just two more activities in the life of a senior . . . play rehearsal . . . “you’re not in character” . . . class clay . . . we all wonder who will take that big award. After fighting sleep for twenty minutes, we hope for a cold blast in the face as we cross the street to wake us up.“Want to dance” . . . new records . . . “How about a Coke” THE HIGH SPOTS OF OUR SOCIAL YEAR Who’s she with tonight? . . . Dig that crazy dance team . . . Hey, there’s too many lights on in here.. . . SEE IT NOW The big letdown after the last night of the Big Broadcast is offset by another important social event, the Coronation Ball—and what a ball! Everyone helps in making the big decision. The Junior-Senior From . . . Beyond The Rainbow . . . Fairv Land scenes . . . the Grand March led bv the class officers . . . music by The Spotlighters.From the Revolutionary War to he Korean dispute . . . Washington Eisenhower . . . current events . . maps . . . Preamble to the onstitution. THIS IS FHS . . “Did you hear about—” . . . “Let me see your chemistry paper.” ... “O.oh, here comes Miss Mason-MOVE ON!” The people who keep the students and teachers of FHS well nourished. Mrs. Pitman and Mrs. Tull deserve much credit for their management of the school cafeteria and the many banquets held there.The Christmas convocation given by the choir and chorus . . . happy and gay . . . serious and sincere . . . graduates helped sing the “Hallelujah Chorus.” SEE IT NOW Seniors doing that last minute studying they should have done instead of going to the show last night. Others are catching up on much needed sleep. The unsung heroes of FHS: Mr. Baldock, Mr. J. Chandler, Mr. F. Chandler, Mr. Mover, Mrs. Mover, Mr. Hill, Mr. Kendall, Mr. McMurtrey.Open House . . . register here . . . the parents visited the school to meet the teachers . . . witnessed a night class . . . largest group to ever attend. THESE ARE THE THINGS WE The sound of the whistle . . . calisthenics . . . basketball . . . tumbling . . . wrestling. Dress right! . . . girls basketball . . . volley ball . . . folk dancing . . . exercises . . . marching.COATS CHECKED - ONLY 10c This is a familiar sight at the basketball games. The Cauldron staff has checked coats for the last two years in an effort to keep the price of the Cauldron the same. REMEMBER . . . SEE IT NOW The school votes. This year the whole school learned the procedure of voting. The seniors gave a convocation and explained the hows and wnys of it. The FHS library is a common place where students come during their shidy periods to gather additional information."SEE IT NOW...” Here are tire people, the faculty and students alike, who have made our school one of which we are proud. We that are sen-ors can look back at the eighth graders and freshmen and see many of the problems and enjoyments that they have yet to come in contact with in their future years at Frankfort High School. —PEOPLEAs our television camera moves to the school office in the public library, we see the man whose job it is to co-ordinate all the parts of the entire school system. S. M. Woodruff works with the school board to keep this system a smooth and efficient one. He is known to all as a person to be admired. ADMINISTRATION . . . . Here is the board of the School City of Frankfort. Claud Maxson, president; Robert Ryan, secretary; Russell Kelly, treasurer; and S. M. Woodruff, superintendent. These men are responsible for the business of our school system.Our principal, Howard L. Grouse, has set an example of leadership for us all to follow. His friendly manner and his quiet, but firm, methods have guided us since we became eighth graders, and will continue to help us as long as we strive to follow his example. A STUDY IN TEAMWORK Miss Sarah Boulware, Dean of Girls; Wayne Gregg, assistant principal; Raymond Rohrabaugh; and Dale Shanks, attendance officer. These faculty members are always here to help us when we need it.Row I —Ayers, Robert; Baldwin, James; Barnett, Harold. Rom; 2—Beecher, Wilbur; Belcher, Carl; Blunk, B. R. Row 3—Bond, Evelyn; Boulware, Sarah; Campbell, Hattie. Row 4—Carfield, Irene; Cave, Marvin; Cooper, Anne. Row 5—Cummins, Wilbur; Davis, James; Dick, Dorwin. Row 6— Faith, Dorothy; Farrell, Larry; P'os-ter, Sallie. Rom; 7—Gallup, Harriett; Gregg, Wayne; Hanger, Ernest.Row 1—Heninger, Charles; Hinnian, Edith; Kearns, Hilda. Row 2—Knox, Doris; LeHew, Louise; Long, Aden K. Row 3—Lowe, Paul; Mason, Christine; May, Mary. Row 4— McMurtrey, James; Miller, Edna; Orr, Lorene. Row 5 — Pace, Howard; Redmon, Martha; Rohrahaugh, Raymond. Row 6—Sanders, Della M.; Seelye, Corrine; Shockney, Wayne. ■Row 1—Swearingen, Paul V.; Waddell, William: Welty, John. Row 2—Wood, Coy. Two more who help us when we need it, the office girls, Mrs. Louise Newkirk and Miss Suzanne Gillespie.Assuming the duties connected with the leadership of the class of 1955 are Denny Smith, treasurer; Susie Jen-ner, vice-president; Janet Ham, president; Miriam Miller, secretary. SENIORS Adams, Charles Franklin Jr.— General— Mttsic Contest, Choir, Track, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Crescendo, F Club. Allen, Carl W i 1 1 i a m—Industrial Arts—Basketball, F Club. Bailey, Robert I..—Scientific Technical—Bin Broadcast, Senior Class Play, Music Contest, Band, Orchestra, Math, Crescendo, Cosmopolitan. Bailey, John Phillip—Liberal Arts—Yell Block, Spanish, D.C.E., Cosmopolitan. Baker, Nelda Ruth—Business—Sunshine Society, Foreign C orrespondence, Latin. Best, Joan Belle—General—Chorus, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, D.C.E., Cosmopolitan. Bohr, Robert—Scientific Technical—T rack. Cross Country, Yell Block, Spanish, Hi-Y, F Club. Bowles, James Ray—Commerce—Prom Committee, Spanish, D.C.E. Brammell, Linda Mae—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Cauldron, Music Contest, Choir, Chorus, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Science, Spanish, Staccato, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society, Student Council. Branagin, Joe Carroll — Scientific Technical — Big Broadcast, Class Officer, Basketball, Cross Country, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Camera, Hi-Y, Forensic, National Honor Society, Student Council, F Club, Baseball. Brandon, Richard Allen—Liberal Arts—Music Contest, Band, Spanish, Crescendo, Cosmopolitan. Breeze, Larry Earl—Industrial Arts—Yell Block.Brown, Norma Jean—Home Economics—Sunshine Society, Home Economics Club, F.ll.A. Camp, Larry Eugene—Scientific Technical—Cross Country, Track, Math, F Club. Carter, Margaret Ann—Home Economics—Sunshine Society, Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Conklin, Sandra Lee— Liberal Arts—Music Contest, Orchestra, Sunshine Society, Math, Spanish, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society. Cox, Neva Jane—General Business—Sunshine Society, D.C.E., Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Dalrymple, Franklin Eugene—Industrial Arts—Big Broadcast, Music Contest, Choir, Crescendo. Davey, Virginia Ruth—Scientific Technical—Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Latin, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society. Davis, Patricia Ann—Home Economics—Big Broadcast, Music Contest, Choir, Sunshine Society, Staccato, Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Dearth, Loretta Helen—General Business—Sunshine Society. Col grove, Albert F.—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Track, Cross Country, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspondence, Science, Latin, Camera, Forensic, Student Council. Collier, Leslie George—Scientific Technical—Cauldron, Class Officer, Basketball, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Spanish, Hi-Y, Forensic, National Honor Society, Student Council. F Club. Conant, Helen Sue—Scientific Technical—Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Latin, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society. Donoho, Sharon Kay—Home Economics—Sunshine Society, D.C.E., Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Dorsam, James Fenton—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast. Yell Block, Spanish, Camera, Hi-Y. Skiver, Virgene Dunn—General—Choir, Cheer Leader, Chorus, Sttnshine Society. Chew, Richard Leon—Scientific Technical—Yell Block, Math, Cosmopolitan. Clossin, James Lee—Commerce—Cheer Leader, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Cosmopolitan, Student Council. Coe, Arlene Anne—Business— Chorus, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society. Foreign Correspondence, Science, Spanish, National Honor Society.Dykhuizen, Judith Irene—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast. Assistant Cauldron Editor, Music Contest, Band, Class Officer, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Science, Latin, Forensic, National Honor Society, Student Council. D.A.B. Good Citizen. Earl, Geneva Katherine—General— Music Contest, Choir, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Staccato. Eaton, Ronald Lewis—Scientific Technical—Spanish, D.C.E. Elders, William David—Liberal Arts—Music Contest, Band, Choir, Spanish, Crescendo. Elliott, Wilma Kay—Scientific Technical—Orchestra, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math. Latin. Emery, Norma Jane—Home Economics—Sunshine Society, Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Evans, Robert Earnest—Industrial Arts. Fish, Vader—Business. Fugate, Mary Kathryn—General—Chorus, Sunshine Society, Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Frazier, Louise—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play, Class Officer, Music Contest, Band. Orchestra, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Spanish, Staccato, Forensic, National Honor Society. Garhart, John Henry Oren—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play, Class Officer, Yell Block, Foreign Correspondence, Science, Spanish, Hi-Y, Cosmopolitan, Student Council. Gerald, Helon Cordelia—Business—Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence. Graves, George William Jr.—Scientific Technical-Yell Block, Hi-Y. Hackerd, Robert Earl—Industrial Arts—Music Contest, Crescendo, Choir. Ham, Janet Lee—Home Economics—Big Broadcast, Class Officer, Music Contest, Band, Choir, Chorus, Pep Committee, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Staccato, Forensic, Student Council, Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Hamilton, Barbara Jerane—Commercial—Choir, Chorus, Sunshine Society. Harmon, Walter Owen—Industrial Arts. Hedgcock, Nancy Lou—Liberal Arts-Music Contest, Band, Sunshine Society, Math, Spanish.Heier, Arlene Richards—Scientific Technical—Clwir, Chorus, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Latin, Staccato, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society. Henderson, Richard—General—Yell Block, Ili-Y, D.C.E., Cosmopolitan. Hickerson, Richard Lawrence—Industrial Arts—Yell Block. Kressley, Ruby Irene Higanbotham—Business—Sunshine Society. Hill, John Oscar—Industrial Arts—D.C.E. Howe, James Wayne—Industrial Arts—F Club, Baseball. Irwin, Barbara—Class of T956. Isgrigg, Larry Franklin—Industrial Arts—Baseball, Hi-Y, Student Council, F Club. James, Margaret Ann—Liberal Arts—Sunshine Society. Jenner, Susan Marie-Liberal Arts-Big Broadcast Student Director, Class Officer, Music Contest, Orchestra, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Spanish, Forensic, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society, Prefect Council, Cauldron. Johnson, Julia Gayle— Business—Chorus, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Cosmopolitan. Jones, Janet Lee—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Class Officer, Music Contest, Band, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Spanish, Staccato, Forensic, National Honor Society, Student Council, Hoosicr Girl’s State. Jones, Helen Jerine-Gcneral-Big Broadcast, Class Officer, Music Contest, Choir, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, D.C.E., Staccato. Jones, William H.-General—Big Broadcast, Senior Play, Yell Block, Prom Committee, Cosmopolitan. Kerns, Alice M.-Scientific Technical-Big Broadcast, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Cosmopolitan. Kilian, Paul Michael—Scientfic Technical—Big Broadcast, Football, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Camera, Hi-Y, Cosmopolitan, F Club, Hoosier Boys State. King, Lou Ann—Business,—Music Contest, Orchestra, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence. Knox, Robert Eugene—Industrial Arts—Hi-Y, D.C.E.Latshaw, Rosemary-Liberal Arts—Music Contest, Choir, Chorus, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Latin, Staccato, Forensic, National Honor Society, Caesar Latin Award. La vert v, Robert Oscar-Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Cauldron, Class Officer, Music Contest, Choir, Track, Football, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Spanish, Ili-Y, Forensic, National Honor Society, Student Council, F Cluh, All State Football. Leonard, Warren Gordon—Commerce—Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspondence, Science, Spanish, Cosmopolitan. Lipp, Patricia Anne—General— Music Contest, Choir, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Staccato, Forensic, Cosmopolitan, Home Economics, F.H.A. Lipsett, Judith Rae—Home Economics—Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play, Music Contest, Choir, Cheer Leader, Sunshine Society, Spanish, Staccato, Forensic, Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Maish, Howard Bay—Liberal Arts—Math. McCoy, Larry Gene—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast Xt.C., Senior Class Play, Music Contest, Band, Football, Track, Math, Latin, Camera, Hi-Y, D.C.E., Forensic, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society, Student Council, F Club. McHale, Charles—Liberal Arts—Math. NlcPhearson, Dale Lee—Scientific Technical—Math, Latin. Meeks, Dorcas Naomi—Business—Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play, Sunshine Society. Miller, Donald Eugene—Industrial Arts—D.C.E. Miller, Miriam Elizabeth—Business— Big Broadcast, Cauldron, Senior Class Play, Class Officer, Chorus, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Forensic, Cosmopolitan. Miller, Ewing Oscar Jr .—General. Morris, Barbara Kay—Scientific Technical—Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Spanish, Latin, D.C.E. Morris, Carole Marlene—Home Economics—Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Ogden, Richard Leo—Business—Chorus, Golf, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Camera. Oglesby, Thomas R.—Business— Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play, Chorus, Yell Block, Hi-Y. Palmer, Sandra—Liberal Arts—Chorus, Sunshine Society, Spanish, Cosmopolitan.Parsons, Mae—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Class Officer, Music Contest, Choir, Sunshine Society, Spanish, Staccato, Forensic, National Honor Society, Student Council. Pierce, Connie Kay—General—Big Broadcast, Sunshine Society, D.C.E., Cosmopolitan. Pedigo, Darrel Max—Scientific Technical—Big Broadcast, Yell Block, Prom Committee, Math, Spanish, Hi-Y, Cosmopolitan. Ponton, Fred Joseph—Scientific Technical—Big Broadcast, Music Contest, Band, Tennis, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Hi-Y, Crescendo, Cosmopolitan. Rallas, Annina Marie—Business— Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Spanish. Rayles, Mary Jane—General, Sunshine Society. Cosmopolitan, D.C.F.. Reppert, Shirley Ann—Business— Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence. Richardson, Edwin Arthur—Industrial— D.C.E. Ricketts, Gary L.—General—Senior Class Play, Yell Block, Foreign Correspondence. Rising, Layia Sue—General—Senior Class Play. Chorus, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Cosmopolitan. Robbins, Janet Sue—Home Economics—Sunshine Society, F.H.A. Robey, Isabel Ann—Liberal Arts—Senior Class Play, Orchestra, Clu ir, Chorus, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Cosmopolitan. Rogier, Maverine Mary—Business—Senior Class Play, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Cosmopolitan. Root, Charles H.—Scientific Technical—Basketball. Cross Country, Track, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Latin, Hi-Y, Cosmopolitan, Student Council. Royer, Rex Hubert—General— Big Broadcast, Music Contest, Orchestra, Choir, Chorus, Crescendo. Saltsman. Dale—General—Big Broadcast, Yell Block, Prom Committee. Schenck, Judith Ann—Business—Chorus, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Cosmopolitan. Scott, Mary fane—Liberal Arts—Senior Class Play, Cauldron, Music Contest, Band, Prom Co-Chairman, Sunshine Society, Spanish, D.C.E., Cosmopolitan.Scott, Wesley—Industrial— D.C.E. Sentz, Patricia Ann—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Cauldron, Music Contest, Choir, Sunshine Society. Math, Latin, Staccato, Forensic, Hoosier Girls’ State. Shanaberger, Lula Ann—Business—Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Cosmopolitan. Sheets, Janice Lee—Business—Sunshine Society. Shurr, Everett Allen—General—Prom Committee, D.C.E. Siegfried, James Daniel, Jr .—General—Choir, Yell Block, Hi-Y, Crescendo, Cosmopolitan. Skaggs, Shirley Ann—General—Choir, From Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Cosmopolitan, D.C.E. Small, Larry Kent—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Football, Track, Pep Committee, Math, Spanish, lli-Y, D.C.E., Forensic, Cosmopolitan, Student Council, F Club. Smith, Bill Joe—Liberal Arts—Football, Yell Block, Math, Hi-Y. Smith, Lewis Dennis—Scientific Technical—Big Broadcast, Cauldron, Senior Class Flay, Class Officer, Music Contest, Band, Orchestra, Cross Country, Tennis, Golf, Prom Committee, Latin, lli-Y, Crescendo, Forensic, National Honor Society. Starr, Frank Clinton—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Cauldron Editor, Senior Class Flay, Music Contest, Band, Orchestra, Foreign Crorespondence, Latin, Hi-Y, Crescendo, Forensic, National Honor Society, Hoosier Boys’ State. Spray, Mose G.—Liberal Arts—Yell Block, Latin, Cosmopolitan. Suits, Janice Eileen—Home Economics—Sunshine Society. Teeguarden, Connie Joan—Business—Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Cosmopolitan. Taylor, Bruce Edward—Industrial Arts. Thomas, John—General—Choir, Foreign Correspondence, Crescendo, Cosmopolitan. Thompson, Anita Lou—Business— Big Broadcast, Senior .Class Play, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Prom Committee. Trewatha, John—General—Yell Block, D.C.E.Ulm, James Pan]—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Class Officer, Basketball, Baseball, Prom Committee, Senior Class Play, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Science, Latin, Ili-Y, Forensic, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society, Student Council, F Club. Vanderkleed, Louanne—Scientific Technical—Orches-stra. Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Latin, Forensic, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society. Van Tyle, Julia—Business-Big Broadcast, Choir, Sunshine Society, Cosmopolitan. Woodard, Ruth Jean — General — Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, D.C.E., Cosmopolitan. Young, Betty Deane—Home Economics—Chorus, Sunshine Society, Home Economics Club, F.H.A. Young, Jean Louise—Scientific Technical—Senior Class Play, Choir, Chorus, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Staccato, Cosmopolitan. Rising, Loyia Sue. Young, Larry Max- General—Latin, D.C.F.. Varner, Eugene—Liberal Arts. Wallace, Ronald Lee—Liberal Arts—Yell Block, Prom Committee, Ili-Y. Cosmopolitan, Student Council. Walters, Michael Lee—Industrial Arts—Yell Block. Ward, Lida Frances—General—Sunshine Society, D.C.E. Weimer, Miriam Lynn—Scientific Technical—Big Broadcast, Cauldron, Senior Class Play, Class Officer, Music Contest, Band, Orchestra, Prom Committee, Sunshine Society, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Science, Latin, Forensic, National Honor Society, Student Council, American Legion Award, Forensic Award, Latin Award. Wessel, Alice May—Business—Sunshine Society. White, Ronald Lee—Liberal Arts—Big Broadcast, Senior Class Play, Music Contest, Band, Choir, Prom Committee, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Hi-Y, Forensic, Cosmopolitan, National Honor Society. Thomas Whitehead. Wilson, Tommy Lee—Industrial Arts—Basketball, Baseball, Hi-Y.AutcuyiGfdvL—vuiii, secretary; Pruitt, treasurer; D; PanneW, president; Beverly Holland, president. JUNIORS O © ° s Rou' 1—Larry Adler, Jackson Albaugh, Patricia Anderson, Carolyn Arion, Janet Arnold. Row 2—Nancy Augenstein, John Ayers, Judy Baker, Mathew Barber, John Beavens. Row 3—Nancy Beavers, Shirley Bitner, Charles Black, Larry Bond, Helen Bondurant.Row 1—Harold Bowerman, Paul Brant, Jim Bricker, Kay Bur gin, Mary Canip, Sue Campbell, Bailey Carrel, Otis Cat-ron. Bob Clark, Larry Clements. Row 2— Millicent Coffman, Phillip Conner, Nancy Conwell, Carol Couden, Max Cunningham, Harold Dalrymple, Ana Doughty, Norma Dick, Ernest Donoho, David Dunham. Row 3—Sarah Eldridge, Phyllis Elkins, Jerry Emery, Betty Erdel, Connie Evans, Jerry Evans, Bill Everman, Ralph Eubank, Patsy Flora, Rolx rt Ferguson. Row 4— Roy Ferguson, Judy Fisher, Janice Forlow, Rosetta Forsythe, Linda Foster, Bill Gaskins, Judy Glass, Michael Ginn, Marjorie Goodnight, Edile Grafton. Row 5—Bob Gray, Don Hackett, Marlyn Ham, Joann Hammond, Rochelle Hand, Shirley Harlan, Jane Hauser, Dick Hammcrsley, Lee Henderson, Bill Higinbotham. Row 6—Jim Himmelwright, Allan Hodgen, Beverly Holland, Jenita Hooton, Oneita Hooton, Margery Howland, Tom Huff, Larry Huffer, Teddy Huffer, Jeaneanne Hufford.Row 1—Larry Jacoby, Charles Jarrell, John Jones, Sara Jones, Linda Jenkins, Bob Keever, Earlene Ketchuin, Bob King, Patricia Kirby, Lanny Kelly. Row 2—Diane Lewis, Kathleen Lipp, Jerry Lipp, Steven Louck, Wilbur Lucas, Patricia Maish, John Maisli, Carolyn Nlalicoat, Paul Mantis, Donna Mann. Row 3—Joyce Mann, Bill Martin, Karen Martin, Sandra Martin, Carol Mast, Richard Mavity, Leonard McBride, Barbara McElwee, Bruce McKenzie, Carl McKee. Row 4—Leone McMullen, Constance Miller, Rolrert Miller, Ronald Miller, Dan Mitchell, Don Mitchell, Max Mitchell. Judith Moore, Soila Montalvo, Larry Montgomery. Row 5—Raymond Morgan, Cary Morningstar, Connie Moudy, Jerry Myers, Josephine Nance, Judy Nantz, Jane Nash, Loris Norris, Betty Ostler, Evelyn Ostler. Row 6—Jim Painter, Sharon Palmer, David Pannell, Don Pearcy, Sally Pickering, Linda Pickering, Don Pipenger, Claudia Pollett, James Pruitt, Terry Purcell.Row —Robert Reef, James Reno, Phillip Rich, Don Rippey, Marjorie Roberts, Lee Roush, Judy Rule, Ronnie Sanders, Carolyn Schimmel, David Schulz. Row 2—James Scott, Ora Lee Shaff, Karen Sheets, Larry Sheets, Nelson Sheets, Rennie Smith, Diana Smith, Don Smith, Norma Smith, Larry Smith. Row 3—Guy Snodgrass, Jim Spidel, Ronnie Stingley, Janet Stinson, Jim Stogsdill, Dave Stampe, Phil Stoops, Beverly Taylor, Marlene Taylor, Robert Thomas. Row 4—Gerald Tipsword, Bob Unroe, Jim Voges, Ronnie Waddell, Norma Wallace, Diane Wayt, Glenda Webb, Bill Wegner, Louise Wells, Carolyn White. Row 5—Janice Rosselot, Jerry Whitemen, Carol Williams, Carroll Williams. Janet Wilson, Junior Wilson, Carolyn Young.The Sophomore Class this year has been a busy one and the officers have done a splendid job in fulfilling their duties. Tom Marsh, president; Connie Robbins, treasurer; Judy Freedman, secretary; and Alice Pogue, vice-president are the dutiful people. SOPHOMORES First Row: Larry Benbow, Judy Biintin, Sally Brittain, Shirley Cassidy, Alice Asher, Frances Clinger, Treva Barber, Donna Chiapetta, Devena Achors, Larry Bragg. Second Row: Jack Bnimbarger, Carol Bums, Sue Becker, Kathi Bates, Patty Beals, Sandra Clid-ence, Rita Ashley, Jill Carroll. I bird Row: Jay Bergman, Maxine Carter, Larry Bushman, Judy Bougher, Dallas Birden, Naomi Chandler. First Row: Karl Dunham, Alene Coffelt, Bill Dick, Sharon Davidson, David Dobson, Sally Douglas, Larry Culp. Second Row: Tommy East, Linda Cox, Julia Davies, Glenda Cobb, Connie Couden, Caroline Crull, Judy Dunford, Sibyl Edington, Freddie Emery. I bird Row : Larry Crose, James Cunningham, Dick Davey, Byron Eaton, George Dorner, Larry Coulter, Fom Cook, Fred Donoho. First Row: Larry Eppert, Barbara Harshbarger, Judy Freedman, Eileen Esra, Katie Ferguson, Betty Guntle, Bonnie Haynes, Paul Grant. Second Row: Betty Finney, Jan Hartman, Jim Gar-rigas, Larry Harshman, Cary Fisher, Max Harlan, Janet Haslet. Third Row: Janice Guntle, Sandra Guntle, Mary Hazel, Don Gunyon, Benjy Click, Dick Funder-burg, Louis Gephart, Delores Greeno, Jim Harlan.First Row. Larry Kraner, Frederica Loveless, Jim Languell, Janice Kelley, Connie Logan, Sandra Little, Kent Lipsctt. Second Row: Janet Hill, lerry Howe, Carolyn Kaser, Jerry I ogan, Mary Alice Hobson, Larry Howe, Joanne Hufford, Raymond Kressel, Bill Keever. Third Row: Nancy Hinton, Bob Keeney, Jimmy Hinton, John Lambert, John Keedy, Janet Lenz. Larry Jarboe, Virginia Hurt, David Huffer, Jill Heffley, Jim Hite. First Row: Sally Mustin, Tom Marsh, Barbara McCoy, Jack McKown, Janice McCoskey, Jim Morrison, Carol McNutt, Dwain Miller. Second Row: Terry MacKenzie, Larry McHale, Karen McIntosh, Jerry Miller, Christine Meneely, Hubert Marsh, Margaret Mincemoyer, Bill McCoy. Third Row: Sonya Martin, Rex Loveless, Donnie Massey, Russell Miller, Walter Miller, David Maish, Eddie Mitchell, Janice Magart. First Row: Gary Redman, Sue Reef, Allan Reed, Beverly Pedigo, Melvin Reed, Julia Powell, Kenneth Newhart, Joann Rhodes. Second Row: Phyllis Norris, James Pence, Sandra Richardson, Don Pitman, Karen Redman, Fred Platt, Rose Parker, Robert Myers. Third Row: Patty Reppert, Nancy Nigh, Phyllis Richards, Judy Nash, Ed Rice, Judy Noe, Jack Ostler, Linda Parker, Alyce Nicholas. First Row: Max Spaulding, Brenda Sagor, Lance Storm, Wanda Small, Bob Ross, Joan Seward, Ronnie Ricketts. Second Row: Gordon Ross, Ronnie Sims, Gloria Stewart, Catherine Storz, Lois Smith, Ann Snider, Fairy Rimmer, Roy Scott, Donna Spencer. Third Row: Larry Sherer, Judy Schoman, Dennis Slipher, Mary Ann Roger, Dwight Snodgrass, Jim Stokesberry, Linda Smith, Jim Stoops, Lemoine Roberts. First Row: Brenda Wilson, Ned Unroe, Diana Zink, Phil Ward, Claudia Toney, John Varner. Second Row: Helen Webber, Alma York. Donnie Wells, Nancy Strong, Ronnie Tuttle, Mary Williams, Joe Weimer, Jimma Dm Swearingen, Linda Wright. Third Row: Loren Thompson, Tom Thompson, Allen Young, Wayne Young, Paul Thompson, Max Wallace, Pat Wheatley, Connie Robbins, Larry Woods.The officers of the freshman class were: treasurer, Harry Grafton; president, Larry Moudy; secretary, Judy George; vice-president, Ellen Trapp. FRESHMEN First Rows Howard Allen, Patricia Ann Augenstcin, Marilyn Baker, Judy Bergman, Karen Bowen, Judy Blooinquist, Judith Baker, Sonny Barker. Second Row: Beverly Bradshaw, Patty Bate, Joe Brown, Joyce Abbott, Jack Bowemian, Janice Bougher, Barbara Bramberger. Third Row: Alan Aughe, Gavin Attkens, Richard Bicknell, Ronald Bradshaw, Mason Bauldin, Larry Aaron. First Row: Karl Decker, Julia Davis, Bobbie Conwell, ancy Dowden, Susan Buchanan, Harriet Eldridge, Mary Lou Cox, Joe Cox. Second Row: Drew Carrel, Dorothy Camp, Judy Donoho, Darrell Davis, Jerry F. Colby, Mary Jo Brumbarger, Larry Crouely, Barbara Douglass, Jack Buntin. Third Row: Glenita Dickey, Joyce Clidence, Fred Campbell, Larry Calloway, Phil Clouser, Bill Dungan, Jerry Clark, Vivian Carr.First Rows Betty Jane Eppert, Judy Lynn George, Mavillia Charlene Ford, Jam's Joan Eubank, Phyllis Jan Eubank, Connie Kay Groty, Jane Hackett. Second Row: Barbara Hedgcock, Marilyn Creeno, Jane Evanson, Carole Harlan, Norma Haney, Sally Foster, Larry Hampton. Third Rows William Fisher, Gene Harslon, Ronnie Grant, Harry Grafton, Don Hand, Tom Hand, Frank Gill. First Row: Marilyn Leonard, Glenda Joseph, Dorothy Hittle, Earl Lakins, Sharon Koehl, Mary Hicks. Second Row: Carolyn McCreery, Joyce Holland, Patricia Hill, Denny Leader, Pat McKinney, H. L. Jennings, Emilie McHale, Norma Ludford. Third Row: Lloyd Max Jobe, Shirley Hiatt, Joe Kelley, Vernon Large, Terry Jackson, Gary Kimble, Arlene Lewis, Larry Lucas. First Row: Roberta Payne, Bobby Mann, Norma Moore, Ronnie Pitzen, Betty Martin. Jackie Meeks, Joyce Ann Pierce. Second Row: Margaret Overman, Bob Pruitt, Nancy Meneely, Joe Osborne, Ina Marsh, Kirk Myers, Joyce Pugsley. Third Row: Patty Pettit, Bernard Newhart, Twilla Overmiller, Jimmy Miller, Orville Larry Moudy, Janice Pickering, Kent Montgomery, Dick Myers. First Row: Larry Rankin, Linda Schooley, Kenny Sheets, Nancy Reed, Denny Stampe, Linda Sheets, Dorvin Robison. Second Row: John Carroll Scott, Roger Reagan, Elmore Smith, David Rogers, Norman Spears, William Seibert, Larry Reagan. Third Row: Janice Sparks, Bertha Skaggs, Dorval Smith, Larry Skaggs, James Stevens, Nancy Salts-man, Carolyn Smart, Bernard Shaw, Ken Smith. First Row: William Stoops, Ellen Trapp, Sara Stewart, Patricia Thomas, Janet Sue Weakley, Sherron Edris Wayt, Lary Thompson. Second Row: Larry Wilson, Linda Wright, Jenifer Sullivan, Harold Stewart, Barbara Thomas, Lynn Wegner, Raymond Wilson. Third Row: Tim Unger. Joe Walters, Russell Thompson, Kenny Wright, Robert Weaver, lohnny Trent.EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Tom Hufford, Bill Mang, Patty Welty, Phyllis McEwen, Marlene Hutchison, Connie Pedigo, Karen Clidence, Donna Bewsey, Fred Chandler, Jerry Cooper. Second Row: Suzanne Gill, Becky Erdel, Cynthia Petty, Margaret Young, Marcia Burd, Carolyn King, Janice Slipher, Georganna Hodgen, Pequita Troxell. Third Row: Janice Gregg, Harold Smock, Thomas Boggess, Donald Collom, Norman Wilden, Gary Harmon, Mickey Russell. Bert Kram, Robert Fry, Gene Vaughner, Robert Martin, David Gunion, Martha Long. First Row: Michael Beard, Rebecca Carter, Paulita Shanaberger, Viola Bushman, Betty Jo Bradshaw, Della Camp, Jim Morris, Jim NlcCoskey, Mary Clements. Second Row: Patty Smith, David Darling, Nancy East, Harold Baker, Janice White, Gilbert Hendricks, Kay Sanders, Jerry McKinzie, Melvin Ostler. Third Row: Phil Cobb, Don Miller, Billy Ashley, Larry Harshman, Judy Kellams, Frances Harrison, Kenneth Fisher, Charles Greene, Raymond Roddel, Everett Tull. First Row: Brad Unroe, Gail Dick, Carolyn Jacks, Elonda Strawn, Lillian Turner, Ronnie Perry, Betty Rhodes, James Tunis, Gail Kath-rens, Dick Hardy. Second Row: Larry Pitzer, David Adcock, Jan Adler, Diane Fredrickson, Peggy Wright, Marilyn McClaine, Jim Hacakerd, Sharon Davis, Jerry Martin, Binnie Bennett. Third Row: Ann Latshaw, Lonny Dunn, Gerald Rice, Ronnie Lappin, Diane Miller, Deanna Crum, Ja-neille Leader, Connie Colgrove, Larry Weimer, Ronald Rothen-berger, Charles Willard, Jerry Grant.Row 1— Sara Caldwell, Beverly Nance, Connie Roush, Melinda Thompson, Judy Henson, Boh Emery, Karen Campbell, Shirley Curnett, Emily Peterson, Jerry Painter, Dennis Dick. Row 2—Jimmy Reed, William Scott, Sharon Fau-cett, John Schimmel, Virgil Bushong, Fredrick Foster, Linda Derringer, Beverly Spears, Judy Ford, Jack Howe. Row 3—Archie Maynard, Leonard Criswell. Ted Parker, David Neal, Clark Woodard, Boh Sears, Bobby Mundell, Clyde Harlan, Larry McKee, Joe Ferguson, lack Leach. Row 1—Benny Reed, Charles Amber, Sue Rothen-berger, Terry Dobson, Bonnie Arion, Bill Huffer, Lu-cetta Root, Sandra Marsh, Paul Rich, Bonny Clements. Row 2—Ronald Rohley, Becky Thacker, Nannette Ritchey, Jackie Harshbarger, Edna Ashley, Betty Castle, Mabel Hall, Myrna Smith, Margaret Cockrum, Jimmy Chambers. Row 3—Joe Purcell, Clen Cunningham, Norman Buck, Boh Robinson, Tom White, Don Black, Ronnie Vice, Clinton Faust, Nancy O’Dell, Saundra Michael, Roger Fisher, Peggy Lipp. Row i--Judy Rich, Bill Winslow, Sally Ewbank, Bill Dixon, Ann Myers, David Kinder, Patty Osborne, Dick Manning, Diane Thayer. Row 2—Gerald Emery, Barbara McCoy, Dianne Camp, Barbara Marsh, Wanta Pate, Deanna Bailey, Paul Reppert, Sandra Sue Sibley, Jerry Ray. Row 3—Kaye Loveless, Gary Waddell, Kathleen Mathews, Dana Dick, Charles Bohm, Bill Miller, Pam Hodge, Douglas Elders, Sandra Young, Kay Welty, lack Keever. Row 1— Norma Roddel, Donnie Whiteman, David Payne, Bela Fish, Shirley Wright, Jerry Spencer, Leatha Bell, Patricia Johnson, Brenda Smith, John Dunham. Row 2—Ronald Miller. Barbara Catron, Phyllis Baker, Barbara Wilson, Bill Wheatley, Sondra Louise Villars, Ina Denham, Linda Bates, Kay Johnson, Tom Dunham. Row 3—John Martin, Stephen Cook, Dixie McKin-sey, Patricia Howe. Carl Laflen, Mary Robbins, Patricia Arlene Mosier, Phil Brown, Harold Greeno, Donnie Parsons. Row I — Lora Ann Taylor, Suzanne Pedigo, Phil Crum, Marilyn Hazel, Jackie Harlan, Sharon Gumm, Don Oberhoulser, Nancy Wayt, Larry McBeen, Nancy Smith, Boh Laughner. Row 2—Dion Loveless, Kay Blystone, Nancy Allen, Linda Miller, Kitty Allen, Annahelle Weaver, Marilyn Welk, Judy Spencer, Jay Scott, Linda Buckner. Row 3—Dixie Morton, Karen Stingley, Nancy Ryan, Gary Allen, LaVerne Wilson, Judy Chelf, Sue Cunningham, LaMoyne Altic, Jim Swango, Larry Good, Larry Abbott. I iSEE IT NOW . . . Frankfort High School is proud of its fine sports program which is open to all boys who make the scholastic qualifications. At the beginning of the school year football is the main sport. As the year marches on, basketball takes the number one spot in the state; and after the state finals, training for golf, tennis, baseball, and track begins. Thus completes the year’s sport program. —SPORTSAssistant coach, Charles co-captains, Larry McCoy coach, James Baldwin. Bob Unroe M Lee Roush h Bob Keever Ji Bob Miller I) Paul Brant PI Bob King L David Schulz Pi Larry McCoy Bi Wilbur Lucas h Larry Sheets Pi Bob Clark Ji 6 "3 . 4 Ilcningi'r; senior Ind Paul Kilian: x Cunningham Bergman Himmelwright a Smith ' Paulsen nard McBride 1 Kilian ce MacKinzie y Howe 1 Thompson Brieker FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 3 Frankfort 13, Lebanon 28 .......... Here Sept. 7 Frankfort 26, Sheridan 7 .......... Here Sept. 17 Frankfort 0, Jefferson 39 ....... There Sept. 24 Frankfort 27, Kirklin 14 .......... Here Oct. 1 Frankfort 0, Logansport 7 ........ Here Oct. 8 Frankfort 0, New Castle 32 Here Oct. 15 Frankfort 13, Anderson 19 ........ There Oct. 20 Frankfort 0, Kokomo 43 .......... There Oct. 29 Frankfort 6, West Side 13 ....... There Nov. 5 Frankfort 6, Tech 25 ............ ThereVARSITY Row 1—Jim Languell, student manager; Jerry Howe, Jay Bergman, Paul Brant, Jerry Myers, Boh Unroe, Paul Manges, Max Cunningham, Bol) King. Wilbur Lucas, Max Spaulding, student manager. Row 2 — foe Weimer, Ronnie Waddell, Bill Smith, David Schulz, Jim Bricker, Don Massey, Jim llimmelwright, Boh Clark, Boh Miller, Don Smith, Paul Thompson. Row 3—Charles Henninger, assistant coach; Jim Stoops, George Dorner, Paul Kilian, Carl Greeno, Phil Stoops, Mike Ginn, Terry Purcell, Bill Keever, Pete Kroll, Lee Roush, Jerry Lipp, Larry Sheets, Coach James Baldwin, Leonard McBride. Row 4—James Morrison, Larry Eppert, Lance Storms, Larry Harshman, Jim Pruitt, Phil Paulsen, Jack McKown, Bruce McKenzie, Boh Keever, Larry McCoy. FOOTBALL FRESHMEN Row 1 — Jack Buntin, Harry Grafton. Harold Stewart, Don Hand, Tim Unger. Row 2 — Zeke Myers, Terrv Jackson, Larry Crouch, Dick Baker, Jim Stevens. Row 3 — Coach Cave, Joe Brown, Gary Kimble, Bill Duncan, Vernon Large, Larry Calloway, Coach Rohra-haugh. EIGHTH GRADE Row I— Jim Lucas, Clinton Faust, Don Oberholser, Doug Ehlers, Ronnie Roblev, Bill Mang, Gary Waddell. Row 2 — Norman Wilden, Jim Chambers, Jack Harlan, John Martin, Tom Dunham, Clark Woodard, Neil Genda, Gail Dick. Row 3 — Jerry Spencer, Larry Weimer, Phil Brown, Phil Cobh, Bill Wheatley, Gilbert Hendricks, Paul Rich, Jerry Ray. Dick Hardy. Row 4 — Coach Waddell, Bert Kram, David Gunyan, Tom Boggess, Tom White, Steve Cook, LaVern Wilson, Don Black, Coach Ayers.Hosting a large number of talented but inexperienced underclassmen, and sparked by Senior Co-Captains Paul Kilian and Larry McCoy, the FIIS Nighthawks turned a two win, eight loss performance this season. Opening the season with a loss to Lebanon and a win over Sheridan, the Nighthawks fell to the onslaught of an experienced Jefferson team at Lafayette. Fighting hack, the ’Hawks showed sparks of brillance in a win over Kirklin and a Homecoming loss to Logan by one touchdown, be- fore falling to New Castle. Again fighting their hearts out the Hawks turned in a fine performance hut lost to Anderson bv a touchdown. Losses to Kokomo, West Side, and Tech finished a season which produced 20 major letter winners of which 18 will return to the squad next year. The Hawks worked hard throughout the season against the best competition and can be proud of the job they did. Meanwhile FHS can look forward to a more experienced squad next year.Row I—Jim Stokesberry, Wilbur Lucas, Don Rippey, Tom Wilson, George Collier. Row 2—Dave Schulz, student manager; Joe Branagin, Larry Bond, Charles Root, Robert Unroe. Row 3—Coach Cave, Larry Moudy, Carl Allen, James Ulm, Paul Thompson, Assistant Coach Waddell. BASKETBALL Who knows what that ball will do next?Row 1—Carl Allen, Don Rippey, Bob Unroe, George Collier, Joe Branagin, Larry Bond. Row 2—Tom Wilson, Larry Moudy, Paul Thompson, Jim Ulm, Charles Root, Wilbur Lucas. “Hoosier Hysteria” . . . and the FHS Hot Dogs were in the midst of it. With four returning lettermen the Hot Dogs compiled an impressive record of sixteen wins and nine losses and repeated as Sectional Champs. With school and team spirit at its highest the Fighting Five fell by a single point to old rival Jeff in the Regional. A tremendous fighting spirit and desire to win brought the Hot Dogs some long remembered moments in wins over highly regarded Kokomo and Jasper, a double overtime loss to Tech, and a disputed loss to Lebanon. Ball games and plays that will be “cussed” and “discussed’ for years to come made this year’s Hot Dogs another successful team. As the last shouts of “Go you Hot Dogs . . .” in ’55 faded away. Seniors Jim Ulm, Joe Branagin, George Collier, Tom Wilson, Charles Root, and Carl Allen left some treasured memories, while underclassmen Paul Thompson, Bob Unroe, Larry Moudy, and Don Rippey gained valuaable experience and FHS looked forward to a new vear.B-TEAM Row 3—Coach Waddell, Larry lonely, Peter Kroll, George Dor-ner, Philip Paulsen, Jan Hartman, Student Mgr. Ron 2— Larry E p p e r t, Larry Harshman, Ned Unroe, Jay Bergman, Kent Lipsett. Row 1— Jerry Howe. Jim Stokes-berry, Jim Hinton, Robert Low-den. FRESHMEN Row 3—Kent Montgomery, Larry Calloway, Aaron Wann, Vernon Large, Tim Unger, Win. Fisher, Student Mgr. Row 2—Jerry Scott, Harold Stewart, Karl Decker, Raymond Wilson, Bob Pruitt, Joe Cox, Student Mgr. Row —Bernard Newhart, Tom Cook, Hobart McKee, Sonny Barker, Harry Grafton. EIGHTH GRADE Row 3—Dick Hardy, Bill Wheat-ley, Gary Allen, Tom Boggess, La-Vern Wilson, Jim Miller, Ronnie Robley. Row 2—Bill Scott, Ronnie Lappin. Roger Fisher, Clark Woodard, Jack Harlan, Gerald Emery, Bill Winslow. Row —Jerry Martin, Jim Hack-erd, Jack Toney, Bert Kram, Larry McKee, Don Oberholser, Larry Good.Row I—Paul Thompson, Bob Laverty, Bob Lowden, Bruce McKenzie, David Stampe, Bob Bolir, Larry Small, Bob Keever, Don Gunyon. Row 2—Max Spaulding, student manager; Bob Reef, Larry Eppert, Larry Harshman, Jim Languell, William Keever, Ronnie Ricketts, Lance Storm, Junior Barber, Paid Brant. Row 3—Leonard McBride, Bob King, Frank Adams, Don Massey, Bob Unroe, Larry Adler, Lee Roush, Larry Camp, Larry Jarboe, John Thomas, student manager, absent when picture was taken. TRACK TEAM The Blue Blazers opened the track season with a fine performance at the famed Hoosier Relays at Bloomington which saw senior Boh Lav-ertv set a new relay record and break a nineteen year-old FHS broad jump mark with a leap of 22 feet 1 inch. Looking forward to some stiff competition the Blazers faced the following schedule: April 5, West Side at home; 13, Attica there; 18, Logansport here; 22, Jefferson here; 26, Noblesville Relays; 30, Delphi Relays; May 3, Frankfort Relays; 7, Big Ten Meet at Logansport; 10, Central Indiana Meet at Lafayette; 13, Sectional at Lafavette; 17, Logan Relays; 21, Regional, and 28, State at Indianapolis.CROSS COUNTRY Left to right—foe Branigan, Bob Low-den, David Stampe, Bob Bohr, Dennis Smith, Larry Adler, Frank Adams, Don Mitchell, Larry Camp. FRESHMEN Row 1— Terry Jackson, Larry Crouch, Ronnie Grant, Bob Mann, Ray Wilson, Jerry Scott. Row 2—Kirk Myers, Bob Pruitt, Norman Spears, Elmer Noe, Bernard Shaw, Tom Hand. Row 3—Sonny Barker, Vernon Large, Aaron Wann, Hobart McKee, Jim Stevens, Joe Brown, Harry Grafton. EIGHTH GRADE Row I—Phil Brown, Benny Rees, Bob Laughner, Dennis Dick, Jerry Ray, Fred Chandler, Gerald Emery, Bill Winslow, Archie Maynard, Norman Buck. Row 2—Ronnie Robley, Dion Loveless, Larry Weimer, Jim Lucas, Doug Ehlers, Terry Dobson, Don Oberholser, Jack Toney, Jack Harlan, Dick Hardy. Row 3—Don Miller, Jack Harshberger, Bert Kram, Tom Boggess, LaVerne Wilson, Gene Vaughn, Ronnie Vice, Gary Allen.With five returning lettermen reporting for practice, the Blue Sox opened the season with prospects for a good year. Senior lettermen Jim Ulm. Joe Branagan, Tom Wilson, and Junior lettermen Don Rippey and Larry Bond comprised the backbone of the Sox nine. Facing a 15 game schedule the Blue Sox opened in April against Zionsville and followed with Noblesville, Logansport, Lebanon, Anderson, Jefferson, Crawfordsville, and Richmond. May brought Kokomo, New Castle, Tech, Muncie, Crawfordsville, Marion, and Lebanon. Because of the fine spirit of the Blue Sox there were many never-to-be-forgotten moments throughout the season. BASEBALL How 2—Assistant Coach Marvin Cave, Jerry Howe, Ronnie Miller. Jerry Lipp, Raymond Morgan, Jim Ulm, Teddy Huffer, Jim Howe, Larry Bond, Larry Isgrigg, Coach Wm. Waddell. Row 1—David Schultz, student manager; Jay Bergman, Don Rippey, Boh Clark, Tom Wilson, Joe Branagin.Row 1—George Domer, Larry Culp Jim Hinunelwright, Jack McKown, Jim Morrison, Jan Hartman, John Garhart. Row 2—Jim Bricker, Gerald Tipsword, Don Mitchell, Fred Ponton, Phil Bailey, Don Smith, Dennis Smith, and Charles Jarrell. TENNIS SCHEDULE GOLF SCHEDULE April 2—Jefferson Here April 20—West Side April 25—Crawfordsville April 26— Kokomo April 28—Muncie April 29 Crispus Attacks Here .... Here Thorc April 22—New Castle . . . . There May 10—Richmond April 27—West Side May 12—Logansport May 4—Logansport Here May 17 Tech May 5—Jefferson . .. . There May 19—Jefferson May 6—Kokomo Here May 23—West Side • .. . There May 9-West Side May 12—Lebanon May 17—Logansport May 23—Big Ten Meet at Logansport •n Reed, Richard Ogden, John Keedy, Tom r L. ■■■Ml ■ ■■■ Wfci —IMBuM 1 Wf Marsh, Gordon Ross. Ready to drive — Ronnie Sanders. F-CLUB How 1—Max Cunningham, Larry Isgrigg, Frank Adams, Paul Kilian, Jim Ulm, Bon Bohr, Bol) Unroe. How 2—Bob King, Boh Clark, Don Mitchell, George Collier, Boh Laverty, Don Rippey, Larry Bond, Dave Stamp, Dave Schulz. How 3—Jim Himinelwright, Larry McCoy, Joe Branagin, Don Smith, Wilbur Lucas, Lee Roush, Tom Wilson, Larry Small, Boh Miller, Bruce McKenzie, Leonard McBride. How 4—Paul Brant. Larry Camp, Jim Bricker, Boh Keever. YELL LEADERS The five yell leaders who have cheered on the athletic teams of Frankfort High School this year deserve congratulations on a job well done. These yell leaders were David Pannell, Jerry Logan, Marge Roberts, Judy Baker, and Judy Lipsett. STUDENT MANAGERS Jim Languell, football: Jan Hartman, basketball; Dave Schulz, basketball and baseball; Max Spaulding, football and track. ATHLETIC STAFF Frankfort High School’s Athletic Staff consists of Charles Henniger, Raymond Rohrabaugh, Bill Waddell, Jim Baldwin, Marvin Cave, Robert Ayers, and Dorwin Dick.SEE IT NOW . . . Frankfort High School has every right in the world to be proud of its many clubs and organizations. These organizations have promoted better citizenship on the part of the members, and they have also sponsored many activities and convocations which have been enjoyed by the students and faculty. Many of the clubs make a point to buy something worthwhile for the school sometime during the school year. ACTIVITIES V, ». I r-. Janr '’ .' '- • 'AM M 11« r i £8£u:.’ii..,.0i STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is the student government body of Frankfort fligh School. Home room presidents, class presidents, and members of the Prefect Council make up the membership of the organization. The Council sponsors numerous activities, drives, and convocations throughout the year, such as, the clothing drive and open-house, which set a new record in attendance. The Council also sponsors several Friday night dances, and provides the popcorn machine at the basketball games. Mr. Wayne Gregg, assistant principal, very capably served as facultv advisor to this group during its highly successful year. Bob Laverty, president; Mae Parsons, secretary-treasurer; Jim Bricker, vice-president. Row 1—Larry Rankin, Tom Thompson, George Dorner, Jan Hartman, Nonna Dick, Pat Kirby, Dave Stampe, Mae Parsons, John Garhart, Janet Ham, Rosemary Latshaw. Row 2—Betty Jane Eppcrt, Karen Bowen, Linda Schooley, Sue Beeker, Connie Robbins, Alice Pogue, Alyce Nicholas, Al Colgrove, Linda Brammell, Ronnie Wallace, Larry Small. Row 3—Norma Moore, Linda Foster, Larry Coulter, Stephen Louek. Jim Morrison, David l’annell, Wilbur Lucas, Jim Pruitt, Ronnie Waddell. Tom Marsh, Jerry Howe, Bruce MacKinzie, Bob King. Row 4—Jim Bricker, Larry Skaggs, Gary Kimble, Larry Calloway, Larry Moudy, Raymond Wilson, Johnny Beavens, Joe Branagin, Bob Laverty.How 1—Jim Ulm, Bob Laverty, Linda Brammell, Susie Jenner, Judy Dykhuizen, George Collier, Miriam Weimer, Louise Frazier, Mae Parsons, Ronnie White. How 2—Arlene Coe, Betty Erdel, Carol Mast, Pat Mohler, Sally Pickering, Sara Jones, Sandra Conklin, Janet Jones, Virginia Davey, Louanne Vanderkleed, Arlene Heier, Sue Conant, Rosemary Latshaw. How 3—Dennis Smith, Joe Branagin, Dave Stampe, Larry McCoy, Jim Pruitt, Steve Louck, Jim Himmelwright, Frank Starr. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The local chapter of the National Honor Society completed it’s twenty-second year this year. Members of the Society are selected each semester from the Senior and Junior Classes by the faculty and the active members on the basis of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. That election to the Society is one of the highest scholastic honors a student may attain is shown bv the National Honor Society gold seal, which is placed upon the diploma of each graduating member. Members are also eligible for participation in the National Honor Society Scholarship Tests. Our officers were George Collier, president; Miriam Weimer, vice-president; Judy Dykhuizen, secretary; and Susan Jenner, treasurer. Mr. Coy Wood is the faculty sponsor.Cornets— Frank Starr, Judy Rule, Allen Reed, Larry Benbow, John Kecdy, John Ayres, Betty Erdel, Tim Unger, Sue Reef, Carol Couden. Tubas—Connie Logan, Eddie Rice, Larry McCoy. Ronnie Tuttle, Freddy Chandler. Baritones—Di ii Gunyon, Jim Pruitt, Ronnie White. Trombones— )vunis Smith, Kathleen Lipp, Boh Pruitt, Barbara Hedgcock, Becky Erdle, Boh Martin. French horns— Louise Frazier, Julia Davies, Jill Heffley, Denny Stampe, Marlene Hutchinson. Clarinets—Diane Zink, Norma Moore, Shirley Bitner, James Pence, Connie Pedigo. Denny Leader, Cynthia Petty, Patty Bate, Harold Smock, Barbara Bamberger, Judy Nash. Oboes— Marlvn Ham, Miriam Weimer. Flutes—Nancy Hedgecock, Sara Jones, Linda Pickering, Judy Glass, Marcia Burd, Jinuna Lou Swearingen, Martha Long. Saxophones—Boh Ross, Nancy Conwell. Mickey Russell. Lanny Kelly, Ronnie Waddell, Fred Ponton. Bass Clarinets—David Elders, Bengie Click. Bassoons—Steve Louck, Nancy Hinton. Clarinets— Ora Lee Shaff, Boh Bailey, Pat Beals, Nancy Nigh, Richard Brandon, Lee Jennings, Judy George, Fred Campbell. Phyllis Elkins, Janice Guntle. Drums—Junior Wilson, Carolyn White, Boh Fry. Comets—Tom Huffer, Roger Reagan, Dick Myers, Bert Kram, Susan Gill.TW1RLERS These are the girls who add class to the marching band. Known for their pre-game performances in Howard Hall, they are Janet Jones, sergeant, Carolyn Kaser, Janet Ham, Karen Clidence, Glenda Webb, Leone McMullen. DRUM MAJORETTE This is the girl who leads the FIIS marching band on parade. Our high-stepper, who is in her second year as drum majorette, also plays flute in the concert band. She is Judy Glass. Iler style and ability make Frankfort High School duly proud of her. BAND OFFICERS This group is elected by the members of the band to aid Mr. Long in the many duties that go along with managing a band. They are Frank Starr, Lieutenant of the brass; Judy Glass, Drum Majorette; Janet Jones, Sergeant of the twirlers; Ronnie White, Sergeant; Louise Frazier, Secretary; Steve Louck, Lieutenant of the woodwinds; Nancy Hedge-cock, Librarian; and Dennis Smith, Captain.ORCHESTRA Miss Priscilla Smith has finished her third year as director of the orchestra. She lias an organization to be proud of. Annual concert . . . Christmas programs . . . Class Play . . . Class Day . . . Baccalaureate... Commencement.CHOIR The high school choir under the direction of Miss Cooper consists of seniors, juniors, and sophomores This year the choir participated in the following activities: annual Fall Festival; Christmas programs and convocation—toys on Christmas morning with dolls and Christmas packages; District and all State Contest; programs for business organizations; Spring Concert; and Graduation.Row 1—Jim Reno, Jim Pruitt, Gene Dalrymple, Frank Adams, Dennis Smith, Frank Starr, Ronnie Waddell. Row 2—James Pence, Rob Ross, Denny Leader, Tim Unger, Lee Jennings, Denny Stampe, Bob Pruitt, Ed Rice, Richard Brandon. Row 3—James Siegfried, John Thomas, Rex Royer, Robert Hackerd, Jim Himmelwright, Lanny Kelly, John Maish, Connie Logan, Dave Elders. Row 4—John Ayers, Jan Hartman, George Dorner, Tom Thompson, John Keedy, Lee Henderson, Fred Caampbell, Stephen Louck, Larry Sheets. CRESCENDO CLUB The Crescendo Club is an organization for boys enrolled in band, orchestra, and chorus. Its activities included the sponsoring of the Arthur Jordan Conservatory Band, a fall picnic, and a scholarship, loginning this year, which is given to a student interested in furthering his musical education. Officers are president, Frank Starr; vice-president, Fred Ponton; secretary, Dennis Smith; and treasurer. Gene Dalrymple. The sponsor is Mr. Aden K. I ong. aimneii. STACCATO CLUB The Staccato Club was formed for junior and senior girls who are taking music. The club meets once a month, and each year gives a twenty-five dollar scholarship to one girl in the club who plans to further her education in music. This year the Staccato Club sponsored the Christmas program; each year the juniors give a dinner for the seniors. The sponsor is Miss Anne Cooper, and the officers for tin's year were: president, Louise Frazier; vice-president, Patty Lipp; secretary, Mae Parsons; and treasurer. Row I—Marlene Taylor, Judy Fisher, Judy Rule, Marjorie Roberts, Carol Mast, Sara Jones, Judy Glass, Barbara Irwin. Row.2—Sandra Martin, Pat Davis, Karen Martin, Leone McMullen, Beverly Holland, Nancy Beavers, Connie Miller. Row 3—Jean Young, Katherine Earl, Janet Stinson, Carolyn White, Pat Lipp, Judy Lipsett, Pat Sentz, Louise Frazier. Row 4—Janet Jones, Arlene Heier, Rosemary Latshaw, Janet Ham, Linda Brammell, Mae Parsons.19th Big Broadcast . . . March 17 and 18 . . . “Meet Me At The Fair” . . . student director, Susie Jenner . . . sponsored by the F-Club . . . Gary Moore dancing . . . band singer . . . Monk McCoy as M.C.......theme song, “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis” . . . Buck lending a helping hand . . . “And you just can’t hardly get this kind of a show no more,” says George Gobel . . . dance acts . . . sneak preview of senior class play . . . blackie down on the Mississippi Mud . . . dancing clowns . . . future Chordettes . . . beautiful French styles . . . oleo acts . . . gay costumes . . . grease paint . . . hard work . . . dress rehersal . . . grand finale brings relief from strain and tension . . . lots of fun ... 78 kids in the show.FC3 UtHtl L,n»"i Theme song and introduction Band number—“Boy Meets Horn” Tumbling clowns Christine Meneely Willie Fisher Band number—“Sentimental Over You Steve Louck—“Mississippi Mud” Janet Adler—“Tea for Two” Eighth grade quartette “No Business Tike Show Business” Class Play Cutting Band number—“KO KO MO” Linda Brammell Style Show Jim Morrison “Hot Toddy” Band number—“720 in the Books’ “Muskrat Ramble” Grand FinaleThe Senior Class Players chose this year, the Broadway hit, “You Can t Take It With You. A Pulitzer Prize winner, this three-act comedy has been a favorite among community theaters as well as high school drama groups. Under the direction of Mrs. Martha Hedmon, the players spent much time and effort to maintain the standard set by preceeding classes. Here is the Senior Class Play, and you can “See It Now.” in SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Cast Penelope Sycamore ....................................................... Miriam Miller Essie .................................................................... Jody Lipsett Kheba .................................................................... Ann Robey Paul Sycamore ............................................................ Bob Bailey Mr. De Pinna ............................................................ John Garhart Ed Carmicheal .......................................................... Larry McCoy Donald ........................................................................... Bill Jones Martin Vanderhof ....................................................... Farnk Starr Alice ................................................................. Louise Frazier Henderson ................................................................ Tom Oglesby Tony Kirby .............................................................. Dennis Smith Boris Kolenkov........................................................... Ronnie White Gay Wellington .......................................................... Layia Rising Mr. Kirby' .............................................................. Gary Ricketts Mrs. Kirby .......................................................... Anita Thompson Government women .......................................... Jean Young, Dorcas Meeks Lois ................................................. Mary Jane Scott, Maverine Rogier Olga .................................................................. Miriam MeimerFOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE CLUB France . . . England . . . Italy . . . Spain . . . Germany . . . only a few of the countries in communication with members of the Foreign Correspondence Club. Over three hundred FHS students write to students all over the world. Many lucky students have received presents and gifts from those foreign countries. The purpose of the Foreign Correspondence Club is to create a better understanding and friendly relationship between the future citizens of the world. Officers of the organization this year were: president, Al Colgrove; vice-president, Norma Smith; secretary, Judv Moore; treasurer, Judy Rule.LATIN CLUB “Curia Latina” . . . The Latin Club is one of the largest in high school. It consists of one hundred and ninety-six members. Any student who is enrolled in freshman Latin is eligible for membership, however only two year veterans may become officers. The Latin Club presents many interesting programs each year. Among them, a talk by Dr. Hightower, slides and a talk by Jim Combs on Europe, Wabash Glee Club, and slides on Germany by John Miller. The Latin Club dance at Christmas time is also on the agenda. The purpose of the club is to extend interest in Latin throughout the high school. The officers were: consul primus, David Stampe; consul secondus, A1 Colgrove; seriba litterarum, Judy Rule; scriba librorum, Sally Pickering; quaestor, Dennis Smith; nuntius, George Dorner.SPANISH CLUB “Why Do We Study Spanish?” is the theme for this year . . . programs at meetings . . . movies about Spanish countries . . . Pan-American Day program . . . “Buenos Dias” . . . convocation, Wabash Glee Club . . . dance . . . Christinas program . . . what a swell pinata . . . Officers for this year are president, Mary Ann Rogers; vice-president, Judy Freedman; secretary, Arlene Coe; treasurer, Caroline Crull. Miss Mason is the new Spanish Club sponsor. Row 1— Lois Norris, Marjorie Goodnight, Brenda Wilson, Gary Morningstar, Paul Mangis, Boo Clark, Don Mitchell, Richard Brandon, Denny Leader, William Fisher. Row 2—Pat McKinney, Dorothy 11 it tie, Ellen Trapp, Ann Snider, Phil Bailey, Judy Lipsett, Mae Parsons, Arlene Coe, Marie Rallas, Mary Ann Rogers, Caroline Crull, Judy Freedman. Row 3—Sandra Palmer, Soila Montalvo, Shirley Hiatt, Barbara Hedgecock, Bob Bohr, Ronnie Wallace, Linda Brammell, Bob Bailey, James Bowles, Fred Ponton. Row 4—Sharon Palmer, Linda Cox, Patty Beals, Linda Wright, Karl Dunham, Gary Redman, Phil Ward, Jack McKown, Jerry Howe, Tom Marsh, Jim Morrison, Jay Bergman, Eileen Esra. Row 5—Jim Dorsam, Warren L e o n a r ( 1 , Jane Hauser, Diane Wayt, Jim Painter, Mary Jane Scott, Barbara Morris, Sandra Little. Row 1—Donald Miller, Robert Knox, Ed Richardson, Larry Young, Eddie Lambert. Row 2—Ronald L. Eaton, Walter Harmon, Mary Jane Scott, Barbara Morris, Connie Pierce, Ruth Woodard. Row 3—Alice West, Lida Ward, Sharon Donoho, Shirley Skaggs, ferine Jones, Neva Jane Cox, Joan Best. Row 4— Phil Bailey, Richard Henderson, James Bowles, Allen Shurr, John Trewatha, Wesley Scott, John Hill. D. C. E. CLUB There were two D. C. E. classes this year . . . twenty-five students in all . . . taught by Mr. Wayne Shockney, “jack of all trades” of Frankfort High . . . This year’s officers were: Mary Jane Scott, first period class president; Connie Pierce, vice-president; Allen Shurr, second period class president; and Jerine Jones, vice-president. Banquet for employers . . . advisory committee meetings . . . coordinators meetings . . . work sheets . . . taxes . . . special reports . . . and plenty of hard work. The main purpose of the Diversified Cooperative Education program is to enable students to learn to work through personal experience in getting a job, holding a job, working, earning, learning, and growing on the job.The officers for ’54-’55 were Kathy Earl, treasurer; Connie Miller, vice-president; Pat Sentz, president; Judy Rule, recording secretary; and Janet Jones, corresponding secretary. Miss Miller, and Miss Campbell deserve recognition for devoting their time in making this a worthwhile organization. SUNSHINE SOCIETY Seniors address underclassmen . . . Junior response . . . Close of a wonderful leadership throughout the past four years . . . “Twirp Dance” — boys get big treat! . . . charity baskets at Christmas ... “I shall make the object of my life . . . Juniors prepare to take over . . . S.S.S. camp . . .installation of new officers . . . Riley Fund . . . Sophomores pick the upperclassmen trend . . . tourney concessions . . . bulletin boards in Main Hall . . . Christmas Party for children. Freshmen initiation . . . convocation . . . Freshmen tea . . . Sunshine girl . . . Sunshine scholarship. The Frankfort Sunshine Society is the largest girl s organization in school; it serves to give help where it is most needed. Each year the girls enjoy giving a Christmas party for preschool age children. They also conduct a March of Dimes Blanket Drive, run a concession stand at the basketball games, hold a tea for the freshmen and their mothers, and contribute something to the school each year for all the students to enjoy. This year they purchased a new movie projector that will go in the new projection booth given by the Math Club. Miss Foster, Miss Bond, Miss Miller, and Miss Campbell deserve recognition for devoting their time in making it a worthwhile organization.Under president, Larry Small; chaplain, Ronnie White; vice-president, Tom Wilson; secretary, Al Colgrove; treasurer, Joe Branagin; sergeant-at-arms, Jim Ulm; and sponsor, Mr. Wayne Shockney, the FHS Hi-Y again completed a very active year. HI-Y CLUB Ronnie Waddell, Boh Clark, Boh Unroe, Don Rippey, Jim Hinimel-wright, Ronnie Sanders. Row —Larry Isgrigg, Frank Adams, Boh Knox, Boh Bohr, Jim Siefried, Charles Root, Frank Star r, Steve Louck, Ronnie Stingley, Denny Smith, Richard Henderson.Seated—Dave Stampe, standing—Jim Pruitt, Jim Brieker, Cliarles Jarrell, Dave Schulz, Phil Stoops. Row 3—Ronnie Wallace, Darrel P e d i g o, Tom Oglesby, George Collier, Boh Laverty, Fred Ponton. Row 1—Bill Smith, Paul Kil-ian, John Garhart. Row 2— Larry McCoy, Bill Graves, Jim Dorsam. The activities of the H-Y Club this year especially featured the formation of a yell block for the home basketball games and for the toumies, and the initiation of a Hi-Y chapter at Colfax. Other activ-ties included in the busy year were the Hi-Y bookstore, the football refreshment stand, operation of pencil machines, monthly church attendance in a body, formal dance, the theme of which was “Heaven of Blues,” Thanksgiving program, Christmas baskets, a Santa Claus for the Sunshine Christmas party, an Easter program, the Hi-Y Sweetheart, picnic, Hi-Yer of the year, and the installation of officers for ’55 and 56.Here we are—the Cauldron staff: Seated—Susan Jenner, Linda Brammell, Pat Sentz, Miriam Weimer, Judy Dykhuizen. Standing—Dennis Smith, George Collier, Mary Jane Scott, Miriam Miller, Bob Laverty, Frank Starr. CAULDRON When school comes to an end we not only think of graduation for the seniors hut also our yearbook, the Cauldron. The members of the staff were those who had high enough scholastic standing to devote extra time and effort to the Cauldron. The Cauldron business staff. Kneeling — Circulation manager, Dennis Smith; standing — Pat Sentz; business advisor, Mr. Beecher; Bob Laverty, Miriam Weimer.The big names in the journalism world around FIIS. Editor-in-chief, Judy Lipsett, and sports editor, Charlie McHale. Thev have both done a great job. HIGH The High Life staff— Seated—Pat Sentz, Judy Lip-sett, Judy Glass, Sara Jones, David Stampe, Mae Parsons, Al Colgrove, Jody Nance. Standing—Margaret James, Nancy Augenstein, Sue Mali-eoat, Norma Wallace, Charles McHale, Lois Norris, Sarah Eldridge, Marlene Taylor, Karen Martin. The business staff of the High Life—Richard Brandon, Barbara Irwin, Judy Moore, Diane Lewis, Steve Lotick. LIFE “Type a story for me” . . . “Deadline tomorrow . . . Coronation Ball . . . King—Tom Wilson . . . Queen—Judy Dykhuizen . . . Editor— Judy Lipsett and sports editor—Charles McHale working with Miss Kearns to get the High Life out . . . “Save that scoop!” . . . High Life’s 37th year ... “I can’t find a head” . . . familiar ring, “Get your High Life, only a dime!”COSMOPOLITAN CLUB The Cosmopolitan Club was formed for students who are interested in history and social studies. It sponsors one convocation each year. This year it presented Jim Combs, who showed slides taken in Germany. Each year the club gives a twenty-five dollar scholarship to a senior who has shown outstanding interest in history during his four years in high school. Miss Hinman is the sponsor, and the officers for this year were as follows: president, David Stampe; vice-president, Ronnie Waddell; secretary, Beverly Holland; treasurer, Linda Jenkins; parliamentarians, Marlene Tavlor and Larry Adler; sergeants-at-arms, Gary Morningstar and Gharles Root; reporter, Diane Lewis.SCIENCE CLUB Row 1— Judy George, Janet Weakley, Nancy Augenstein, Sally Pickering, Tom Marsh, Lee Jennings, Denny Stampe, Fred Campbell, David Dobson. Row 2—Joyce Ann Pierce, Janice McCoskey, Gary Re d m a n , Max Spaulding, Warren Leonard, Patricia Augenstein, Hetty Erdel, William Fisher. Row 3—Jim Himmelwright, Larry Kraner, Hob Ross, Larry Coulter, Larrv Jarboe, Larry Howe, Alan Aughe, Jim Wray, Jack McKown. The officers of the club are as follows: President—Tom Marsh; Vice-president—Dave Stampe; Secretary— Sally Pickering; HOME ECONOMICS Row J—Mary Fugate, Pat Davis, Pat Lipp. lanet Ham, Carolyn Young, Carol W illiams, Judy Lipsett, Frances Clinger, Hetty Young. Row 2—Gloria Stewart, Lou Dick, Sue Campbell, Mary Camp, Sharon Donoho, Norma Brown, Janet Robbins, Janet Arnold, Neva Jane Cox. Row 3—Jenita Hooton, Pat Anderson, Margaret Carter, Bettv Finney, Helen Webber, Sally Douglas, Terry Ann McKenzie, Leone McMullen, Margery Howland, Vivian Carr, Carole Sue Gregg. Row 2—Shirley H a rl a n . Betsy Trent, Onita Hooton, Judy Bougher, Bettv Ostler, Patricia Maish, Jane Hackett, Arlene Lewis, Carolvn Mc-Creery, Charlene Ford, Dorothy Camp. Row 5—Nancy Strong, Barbara IIarshb«rg'‘» Marlene Morris, Marv lane Hufford, Nancy Joan Reed, Connie Grotv, Sally Foster. Nancy Meneely, Marilyn Leonard, Mrs. Seel vc. The officers of the Home Economics Club are as follows: President—Janet Ham; Vico-president—Carolyn Young: Secretary—Patty Lipp: Treasurer—Betty Young; Historian—Pat Davis; Parliamentarian— C a r o 1 Williams; Song Leader—Judy Lipsett: Editor— Mary Fugate; Chapter Mother—Mrs. Donald D a v i s; Chapter Advisor— Miss Seelve. CAMERA CLUB Row 1—Junior Barber, Warren Leonard, Tom Marsh, Don Smith, lerrv Howe. Larry Culp, Ronnie Ricketts. Row 2— N e 1 s o n Sheets, Larry Moudv, Garv Kimble, Jay Bergman, I im Languell, Benjv Click, David Panuell. Rote 3— Inn Dorsam. Paul Lilian, Larry MeCov, Bob Clark, Charles Jarrell, Al Colgrove, Joe Branagin, Richard Ogden. Officers were: President, Joe Branagin; vice-president—P a u 1 Lilian; secretary-treasurer— Al Colgrove; sergeant-at-arms—Dorsam. Faculty sponsor is Mr. C. J. Belcher.Row J—James Ulm, Nancy Augenstein, Nancy Beavers, Judy Fisher, Millicent Coffman, Wilma Elliott, Judy Dyk-huizen, Pat Sentz, Ronnie Stingley, Larry Adler. Row 2—Nancy Hedgcock, Sandra Conklin, Janet Jones, Lonanne Vanderkleed, Arlene Heier, Sue Conant, Virginia Davey, Ronnie White, Bob Laverty, Larry Camp, Richard Chew. Row 3—Dale McPhearson, Charlie McHale, Carol Mast, Betty Erdel, Pat Mohler, Sue Jenner, Miriam Weimer, Larry Small, Boh Bailey, Rosemary Latshaw. Row 4—Howard Maish, Charles Root, Jim Pruitt, David Schulz, Ronnie Waddell, Tom Huff, Jim Himmelwright. Row 5—Bill Smith, Paul Lilian, Larry McCoy, Darrel Pedigo, George Collier, Jim Dorsam, Bill Graves. MATH CLUB The Math Club under the leadership of president, Ronnie White; vice-president, Paul Kilian; secretary, Louanne Vanderkleed; treasurer, Miriam Weimer; and sponsor, Miss Sanders has had another successful yeai. The election of officers and new members, the annual ham dinner, the math reports, the sponsoring of a dance, and the paper drive, of which George Collier was chairman, added to this year’s activities. With the money from the paper drive the club bought a projection booth for the school.Row 2—Judy Lipsett, Janet Ilain, Ronnie White, Janet Jones, Sue Jenner, Miriam Weimer, Judy Dykhuizen, Pat Sentz, Rosemary Latshaw, Robert Bailey. Row 2—Louise Frazier, Connie Miller, Nancy Beavers, Carol Mast, Louanne Vanderkleed, Pat Mohler, Sue Malieoat, Bob Laverty, Larry McCoy, Lewis Dennis Smith. Rote 3—Nancy Nigh, Alice Pogue, Connie Robbins, Alyce Nicholas, John Keedy, Jan Hartman, Denny Stampe, Jim Himmelwright, Larry G. Bond, Mrs. Redmon. Rote 4—Sally Pickering, Pat Kirby, Bailey Carrel, Judy Ride, Tom Thompson, George Dorner, Larry Coulter, Jim Morrison, Don Rippey, Tom Marsh, Al Colgrove. Row 5—Helen Bondurant, Harriet Eldridge, Pat Lipp, Sara Jones, Larry Small, Jim Ulm. George (.oilier, Joe Bran-agin, Mae Parsons, Miriam Miller, Frank Starr. FORENSIC CLUB The Forensic Club, under the able direction of Mrs. Martha Redmon, is composed of students with an average grade of no lower than B. The club’s main purpose is to acquaint its members with parliamentary procedure and law. It’s activities include the sponsorship of a speaker for a convocation, the annual Forensic Club Fling, and an impressive formal initiation of new members. The officers for this year were Bob Laverty, president; Don Rippey, vice-president; Sally Pickering, secretary; and Larry Coulter, treasurer.

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