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,4.A 41-AQ THE Wx s '-mg. ""' " -V .Ngiggfigg g - sz: , si? COULD TALK 1' 'Ai"H' .M at S if Q . WXMMW aww? .f ' li as . ,--.-. '+ W S1 J , v ' Nw 6, Q X Yllfem f x gfmgff. A , X.. fb wh ' W' w -1? w. FQ YQ rx 'Sf' WM S ff X sv 3 ' Qs? x T ' , X -S Q sw A fw ' X- . N I aifzgi- W H ,,,..: 5255: - ' Qs ' . im. mx 1 'ff ' is qi? g, My W X S . , X I" ' Z X 1 Q V I , gf pt W, M ,, . t3NZN.x:3,.'g1g':'xI5E?'...wl-v.,zM gfifr .-,-::s:s :," 'T ,L .I - iv 1 W Mwggwr ....... W ' 1 A . rf 15 H' wi X x Sf ,..... . ....,., . , . , 1-:.:.-Q.: M, 1 x i w'b A ,S 16 X 6 1 v 1953 CAULDRON IF I, THE TOTVER, could spmllc and lull of ull I sw around F.H.S. uufl all that I have seen for the past sixty gears, what ll lolz' it would lufl Nour, on my 60fl1 Ill1I1ll7!'I'Slll'lf, you will sm' in pu'- luros wlzul I llum' .swrfrf . . . Il" TIIIC TOYVEH COULD TAI,Kl THIS WOULD BE THE STORY 1 4 l I -1 I ,4 1 I 1 I F v I 3 ,, 1 peeked into Central Hull and saw . . . a huge Sunshine tree . . . the bright lights . . . the gnily clecorafed ll2il1li0llJS . . . and the spirit of Clzrislnms on the faces of all. THE CONFUSION BETWEEN I l'C17lCl71l7C,'l' the Friday night dances . . . the elf1.s'sc.s' . . . ilzc QJllf'l?ll.S' . . . llze niany club ucfiuities . . . the crowded lzulls . . . the messy lockers . . . the sports . . . Aughels . . . the elections . . . the Prom . . . report cards . . . the convocations . . . the Hi-Y dance . . . lilmrary . . . rush between classes . . . the cafeteria . . . the endless chatter . . . the High Life . . . pep sessions . . . the studies . . . the intercom . . . all the many everyday events that really make up scliool lifc. One ol' the most impressive convocations is always tlle Hi-Y Easter Program with its hymns . . . Prayers . . . meditations. fi x MW' The big moment . . . the kiss . . . Carol Bram- nzell . . . Phil East . . . careful Phil . . . Nancgfs watching. CLASSES I could tell about the Friday night dances . . . the struggle for tickets . . . "Hot Tocldgf' . . , "She Wears Red F eathersv . . . 'Uh Happy Day' . . . "Why Donlt You Believe Mein The cokes . . . ping-pong . . . checkers . . . the after-game chat- icr . . . Grads home from college , . . the occasional conga lines . . . hokey-pokey circles . . . stag lines . . . "Goodnight Sweet- l'lC2l1't,, . . . then the happy couples going home. Bats . . . devils . . . weird lighting . . . music . . . formals . . . dance contest . . . this could only be the Hi-Y Semi- Fornial Dance. THE BIG Friday afternoon . . . short periods . . . Howard Hall . . . the noise . . , tlie band . . . the clieer lefirlers . . . the pep talks '... the skits . . . Balz- neyls locomotive F . . . YELLINGI WHEELS---SENIORS ISL-ing thc Tm,-wc1', I soc cve1'ytl1i11g . . . thc sports . . . the st1'11i111f1l cxpixvssioiis . . . thu fighting spirit . . . the boys lined up zzgzziiisl ilu: wall . . . 110 girls allowed . , . llze Big Broacl- Lust . . . tim 1'cl1ca1'sz1ls . . . Buckis pep talks . . . H1011 the first show . . . the iiilifilillli school bus . . . usuzilly 1111 time . . . cvc1'ytl1i11g. XVl1iie slips . . . exc11,s'e.s' . . . blue .slips . . . pink slips . . yellow ,slips . . . pu.s'.s'e.5' . . . ulilzis . . . and more c1lilJi.s'. I .saw the Coronation Ball . . . lhe voting . . . the Grzmfl March . . the CI'UlUllll1U . . . the kiss I tv . . the lovely flowers Cazfl forget the Home- coming Queen . . . Kullzl- erine Goodwin . . her court . . . the Queenls floal 1 . . . llze convertible . . . the Izzy-Cee escorts . . llze flush of eamems , . . mul, of course, the game! CROWNING OF THE QUEENS I lllllllllglfii to Peck inside il tow chlssrooms, too. Ilcaltlz Class . . . di'S'CflSCS . . . "Susie', . . . armtonzy . . mental attitude . . . charts. Physics class . . . mcclmaiiics . . . heat . . . sound . . light . . . magnetism . . . force . . . motion . . . chec- tricity. Latin chiss . . . Hmm- . . . the Coliseum , . . uCui bond, . . . Amo, amas, umat. Ar! clrlss . . . paint . . . IUHCZSCIIYJCS . . . 7I01'H'!lilS . . posters. BROKEN TUBES AND MINCR Sunshine sales booth . . . popcorn ..... MHcwe fl colcefw . . . Cll'lIlllSflCliS . . . ice cream bars . . . no Cllfll1gCl . . . slniles . . . the Sunshine girls. S-N-I-F-Fl That aroma could come only from the cafeiericil dNuff saicllv Hoosier Madness . . . lmslceilmll . . . insanity be- tween halves -... the confusion . . . the Sunshine sellers '... pas-souis . . . cout check booths . . . F Club booster cushions . . . S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G . . People . . . and more PEOPLE! EXPLOSIONS Here are a few more sights I see from my place ahoue the High School building . . . the eighth grarlers, . . the convoca- fions . . . the mouniains of Math Cluh papers . . . the crowd at Aughrfs . . . the confusion before classes. THE HOT RODS ON HARRISON The tower Sees the action in the nmny sports of F.lI.S .... fool- lmll . . . Im.9ketlm.ll . . . track . . . Imselnrzll . . . tennis . . . golf . zrrn.s's e01mt1'q. This is our new trophy ease . . . donated by Fred Petty . . . our other eases were getting crowded . . . we are pruurl of il. I saw the T. V. Convo . . the canzcras . . . flzo kids . . . Gioenls iinitations . . . twirl- ing . . . Melo-zlirns' . . . llm T. V. nlfi.s'.s'." I saw the lnluc zmfl white formols . . . tlm zinnoinicc- ment of the winner . . . SIIKXS surpri.5'cfl look . . . Baskcfllmll Queen. Tho Nightlmwks . . . the cold fall nights . . . the band marching . . . the nice hot popcorn . . . the cheering crowd . . . Co, go, go, go . . . the tackling . . . the Homecoming ganna . . . the Qui-cn . . . thc passing . . . touchdowns . . . lvlocking . . . first down , . . the long runs . . . thc muddy field . . . the bright lights . . . thc Wins . . . the loses . . . all are part of football in F.lI.S. mxxxawfis 'flaxig ,. , ff INSIDE F. H. S. T NNN v ? Fflrcnsig C H 4 Fnnkfnn Izkh Shoo' N f VY if-1. 9 4 l G: E 'I 1 6' Student Council . . . National Honor . . . Forensic . . . Spanish . . Staccato . . . Science . . . Camera . . . Sunshine . . . Hi-Y . . . Band . . . Dramatics . . . Orchestra . . . High Life . . . Caul- clron . . . these are some of the many activities carried on in Frankfort High School. ISEE... ' om ifflyqm SENIOR . ' 1 Ml CLASS P 909' T r fL LAY 13:9 Illlcliiirl' EVSUIE QL E f 61- T ffl ,, , , N Ad iss. in 4 In 10" 500 lt , B n Ng 1595 Gaul W Cimulhrml ' NAME . ADDRESS sle NAME E NE No f f I O ' ,S ADDRESS S22 hw sAuasMAN i if4S.n1'7!Z E This yearls officers, Nancy Boggs, oicc-prcs'i- dent, Donna Dickey, president, and Sue Far- rell, secretary -treasurer, guided the Student Council in ai very siicccssfnl year . . . convoca- tions . . . "open lioiiscv . . . pep sessions . . . lzrill clean-up flriocs . . . Friday night clnnccs. STUDENT COUNCIL First Row-Rita Uitts, Betty Harris, Tom Lowe, Ed Innis, Berta Irwin, Sue Farrell, Donna Dickey, Nancy Boggs, Grace Goodwin, Indy Dykhuizen. Second Row-Judy Fisher, Carolyn Wlhite, Ianet Leo Iones, Rosemary Latshaw, joan Power, Kathryn Good- win, Richard Locke, Miriam XVeimer, jim Osterhoff. Third Row-Norma Smith, Linda jenkins, Boh Laverty, Pete Eaton, john Garhart, Larry Small, Don Rip- pey, Mae Parsons, Phil Nicholas. Fourth Row-Judy Rule, Shirley Carr, Bcvcrly Taylor, jim Ulm, Fred Gamphcll, David Dick, Gorman Piorco, Don Thompson, jim Clossin. i First Row-Judy Clark, joan Power, Charles Mt-Call, Carol Brammell, Meredith Wfainscott, Phil DePoy, Dorothy Lowe, Jane Tansey, Tom Lowe. Second Row-Nancy Louck, Ann Fisher, Barbara Boom, Marilyn Morrison, Sue Farrell, Nancy Scheid, Linda Hodge, Kathryn Goodwin, Shirley Swearingen, janet Frazier, Donna Dickey, Berta Irwin, Carol Gaffney. Third Row-Peggy Dykhuizcn, Nancy jones, Nancy Boggs, Phil Duplur, Richard Locke, lim Ostcrholf, lean Hayes, .lorry Languell, Ed Innis, Cc-orgc Ginn. Nancy Kindlcy not shown in picture. NATIONAL HONOR Being elected to the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is the greatest honor a Frankfort High School student can claim. Only seniors and juniors in the upper third of their class are eligible for membership. The basis of membership is: CHARACTER, LEADERSHIP, SCIIOLARSIIIP, and SERVICE. The members have a luncheon in the cafeteria once a month, sponsor a dance once a year, and undertake other useful activities. . H. S. BAND Concerts . . . football gunzcs . . . lmskcflmll gunzcs .... State contest . . nmrclzing practice . . . pap .scs- sions- . . . flrills . . . paraclcs . . . tlzcsc arc Il par! of llzc lNlHfl,.S' ncfiuilics. Hcrc arc the officers 115,10 have lccl tlzc way for this ljC'Ill'3.S' F.H.S. lmnfl. Tlzcy arc func! jones, Franlc Starr, Lynn lllllll'-S', Larry Kelly, Danny Hayes, fin: YVlzcclcr, Marilyn xVIIll1.S'l'0ll nnfl Torn Ilrnn. The band, led by Mr. Aden Long, marched and played for the lootball games this year. Their intricate drills entertained the crowds ot people at the half. The spectators also looked forward to their playing between halves at the basketball games. The band annually puts on concerts, enters the District and State Solo and Ensemble contests, and participates in other activities, such as civic parades. This year our hand brought the VVarsaw Band to Howard llall for a concert. Maiorettes All of Franlcforl' High is proud of their sparkling ma- jorettes. They have added nzaeh enjoy- ment at half time o f o u r .s' 17 o r t S events. They are: Janet jones . . . Leone M e Mullen . . . Glenda XVebb . . .janet Ham, . . . Kerry Breeze . . . Marlene Posey. DRUM MAJOR XValehing the marelzing hand of l".II.S., I .see the stately drum major, jim VVheeler. jim, a senior, has led the hand very sae- ee.s'.s'f11lly and deserves nlueh credit for his work. jim plays the Saxophone in the band. ORCHESTRA HAS I sit hcre reminiscing about the years gonc by, l hear music floating ovcr the campus. It is the familiar strains of "Poxnp and Circuinstancefi This is one of the many things for which thc orchestra is most remembered. This and the Spring Festival, the Senior Play, and the Fall Concert make the F.H.S. orchestra more popular every year. CHOIR First Row-Carolyn Holland, Virginia Erlwarrls, jo Anne Kimmel, -Ieronc Lipsett, Grace Goodwin, Nancy Kinclley, Dorothy Lowe, Sandra Donoho, Nancy Scheicl, Sue Farrell, Kathryn Goodwin, Nancy Lonck, Beryl Nichols, Lincla Hodge, Carolyn Dunham. Second Row-Barbara Burroughs, janet Zink, Donna Dickey, Phyllis Conner, Berta Irwin, Lois Dixon, Suzanne NVilliams, Patti Harshinan, janet Davis, Nancy Cox, Betty Chrisnian, Shirley Lipp, Carol Loeffler. Third Row-Carol Gaffney, .Indy Delaney, Linda Hood, Melvin Dunham, ,lim Osterhoff, Phil East, Eldwin Grohe. Bill Lipp, George Ginn, Dave Ehlers, john Thomas, Rex Royer, Kay Sheets, Karen Hartman. Fourth Row-Lynne jones, Larry Tull, Toni Hain, DeNVayne Grafton, jack XVessell, Bob llackerd, Eugene Dalryniple, Toni Ayers, Norman Hayes, Frank Adams, Ronnie Forsythe. OrganisteBarbara Snodgrass. STACCATO CLU B Kiwvliug-Becky Tll2lClxl'l', Virginia Edwards, Doima Dickcy, -111116-tZi11k, Nau1cyLu1lck. First How-Kerry Brcczc, Pxitzl Uilts, Betty CllI'lSlIlilIl, Linda Hodge, Kathryn Cooclvviu, Grace Goodwin, Bur lmru Bcery, Bcvcrly llcllluy. Sc-coml ROW-Blll'l7Ll1'll Sll0ilgl'ZlSS, Normal Cast, Marilyn Mzlislv, .Io Anne Kimmcl, Slll1'll'y Lipp, Czlrolyu ilol lzmcl, Carol Brnmincll. Tllircl How-Sllirlcy SW'Clll'lllgL'll, ,lane Iloclgcn, Dorollly Lowe, Nancy Scllcinl, Szunclru Douolno, Nancy Kiml lcy, SUZHIIHC xVilllil1llS, Lois Dixon, Marilyn xx!illllSCOtt, Pliyllis Conner. First Row-Cary Rolla-1'tson, IJCXVHYHC Gmftou, Pliil Xl2lL'KCllZlC, Frank ALlillIlS, -lvrry xVC1'LlCH, jim llimmcl- wriglit, Lynn jones. Sf-uoml Row-Dennis Slllltll, Don Szuiclers, Clluck Slllltll, -lim Pruitt, Lzlrry jucolmy, L.11r1'y Tull, Frguik Starr. 'l'l1i1'cl Bow-Jim Ostlcr, Toni Ayers, Bill Lipp, NiJ1'lllilI1 llalycs, Tom Hum, Kcimclll Davis. CRESCENDO CLUB Senior Class lay - - - Roaring twenties . . . smell of the grease paint . . . ullello Charlie' '... lighting . . . ticket sale . . . raccoon coats . . . stage props . . . flappers . . . bobbed hair . . . costumes . . . "Lindy,' . . . dress rehearsal . . . these are just a few of the words that ran through the minds of everyone who participated in the Senior Class Play . . . 'gFa1nily Circleln Donna Dickey as Cornelia Otis Skinner, young would-be-actress, dial a wonderful job as the leacl in the class play this year . . . congratula- tions, Donna! "Family Circle" PLAY CAST Prologue ........... Jim Maxwell, Charles McCall Cornelia Otis Skinner ............. Donna Dickey Maud Skinner ................ Kathryn Goodwin Otis Skinner ..................... Cordon Given Malo . . Carol Corbett, Judith Deluuney Enid ..... ..... S ue Farrell, Joronc Lipsott Cliarlio . ................ liunes Bailey Amy . . . ............ Nancy Louok Cracc . . William Hon ry Cordon Al ulmy . . . . . Grace Goodwin . . Cliurles McCall . . . . lim Maxwell . . . . . . .. Frccl Potty Mary Cliiaipettal s ixxk -wuz- - - 1-W Sunshine Society Since 1911 Sunshine has been one of the prominent organiza- tions in our school. This yeafs officers are Shirley Swearingen, ireasarerg Berta I rwin, corre- sponding secretaryg Carol Brain- niell, presidentg Carol Gaffney, vice - presidentg and Nancy Boggs, recording secretary. The sponsors are Miss Evelyn Bond, Miss Sally Foster, Miss Hattie Campbell, and Miss Edna Mil- ler. The S e n i 0 r Sunshine g i r l s are the o nes who, in this their final year, have led the so- ciety in their many activities. 11-if' , -an-sn, if The Christmas party for the little children again proved t0 he a uery happy affair, with Santa Claus himself to pass out the gifls. The S1,l1l.S'l'LiTL8 sales lnooth pro- uiclecl colces . . . popcorn ...' i ce cream for the crowds at the games. It takes a lot of time anrl work lo sell. Other Sunshine activities in- clucle the clistrihution of Christ- mas has-lcets . . . the Riley Hos- pital funfl .... Friflay night :lance .... funcls for charity drives ...r 1 'zimmage sale . . . attencling church service, HI-Y CLUB Top, standing-Neil Conncr, chaplain, Dick Bakcr, sergeant- ut-arms, Eddie Innis, vice-president, Phil Dul'oy, prcsi- dcnt. Sczxtc-d--loo Snoatlien, treasurer, Gcorgc Ginn, suc- 1'0tary. N'lV'-2' ,J .. J Ildd e 'lop llnl Dnplu, lete Eaton, Gonnan licrcc, Toni Ham, Gary Rcttcrlnnsli, Larry Shaver, Jim Ostcrlioflf, Phil Nicholas, Bottom Middlo-David Dick, Bob Mast, Larry Kelley, Bn- ford Haney, jolm Hackerd, Lynn jones, Norman Spauld- ing, Don Tlioinpson. Bottoin-Bob Harris, Cordon Given, Lowell Swopc, NVilllord Bcumcl, ,lorry Langnell, Danny Hayes, Iac-k NIL-Elwm-, Dick Pollc-tt. Top-Fred Petty, Dick Hinton, Phil East, Bud W'ainscott, Tom Lowe, Joe Armantrout, joel Storm. Middle Top-Larry Reed, Fred Campbell, Gary Robertson, Jack Taylor, Don Kort, DeVVayne Grafton, Ed Servies. Bottom Middle-David Robertson, Bill Vanderkleed, Gene Emery, Rich Locke, Don Reigle, Jim Bailey, Bob Bailey. The Hi-Y, fifty-one strong, which is sponsored by Mr. Bahney, has finished another successful year. Their creed stands for clean speech . . . clean living . . clean sports . . . clean scholarship. Their many activities include the Hi-Y book store . football refreshment stand . . . Hi-Y formal dance . . . Thanksgiving program . . . Easter program . . . church attendance . . . Hi-Y Sweetheart . . . picnic . . . candle- light meeting . . . pencil machine . . . Ili-Yicr of the year. Cauldron Here are the big wheels of this gearls Cauldron staff, who worked the poor staff members to mere skeletons, but who also worked them- selves. They are Nancy Louek, assistant eclitorg Phil DePoy, business eflitorg anrl Charles McCall, eflitor. Stzlncling-Nancy Louck, Charles McCall, Pntra Redman, Judy Clark, loam Power, Bill Vzmclcrklcccl, Phil Dcljoy, Ilelcn Smith, Carol Brummell, Ed Iunis. Svuti-cl-Ilorothy Lowe, jozmne Kimmcll, Donna Dickey, Tom Lowe. ffl like for you to meet the ones respon- sible for this yearls book, who have given their time . . . brains . . . patience . . . tears . . . sweat . . , anfl sleep to get the Caul- rlron out. K'Deaclline tomorrowv . . . ul'VllIIfS my heafliy' . . . "limit forget the flag linen . . . "Check your lieaisv . . . NGO get ,qalleyv , . . gWVllf?l'l',.S' the wif linePv . . . 30. The high school paper, "The H igh Lifef was edited this year lay jane Tansey, erliior, anrl Helen Smith, sports editor. Fanziliar phrases Such as flzese may lie lmarrl 1fll7'01lgll01lf the year in Sixth period f0ll1'11!IliS7lZ . . . High Life l Here is that i6N!J.96 for Newsl' gang that runs the High Life and digs up ilzc news for fhe school paper. First Row-Barbara Boom, Betty -Io Chrisman, Sally Kenny, Ilclvn Smith, Berta Irwin Shirley YVithcr0W, jo Annu Kimmel, Seqond Row-Marilyn Morrison, Sully Clutter, Ann Fisher, Patty Robison, Virginia Huf fer, Everett Donoho. Third Row-Nancy Jones, Connie Aughe, Jim Maxwell, Putrn Redman, Sandra Donoho Roger Rob1son. l I . O. Club Spanish First Row-Norma Cast, Kerry Breeze, Rita Uitts, Betty Har- ris, Patty Newhart, Ann Scott, Pat Kirk, Carol McGowan, Annabelle Primmer. Second Row-Norma Emery, Charlotte Sheets, janet Ham Patty Lipp, Phyllis Lipp, Alice Dunham, Phyllis Pearson Shirley WVilson, Pat Lambert. Third Row-Phyllis Armantrout, Mabel Hinton, Lois Dixon Lois Hackerd, Kay Tull, Barbara Saulsberry, Betty Galla- her, Mrs. Padgett. First Row-Sue Cox, Sonie Bricker, Carole jenkins, jerone Lipsett, Bob Bailey, XVilford Beumel, Earl Newhold, Nor- man Hayes, Ronnie Good, jim Campbell. Second Row-Dick Pollett, Dick Kaylor, Don Greeno, Danny Hayes, john Lynch, Larry NV1'ight, Dick Pulley, Nancy Dos- sett, Mr. VVayne Shockney. Third Row-Ellis llall, Kenny Bowerman, Beverly VVinger, Sue Kasler, jim Nash, XVilliam Leach, William Sanders, XVilliam Cook, jack Herr. Fourth Row-Mary Lou Conklin, Barbara Saulsberry, Mary jo Myers, janet Brammell, Betty Gallager, Alice Dunham, Marjorie Frazier, jim XVheeler, Don Ilouze, Annabelle Primmer. l Kneeling - Everett Donoho, Dorothy Lowe, Susie jenner, Louise Frazier, Gene Emery. First Row-Mrs. Heaton, joan Power, Kerry Breeze, Rita Uitts, Nancy COX, Helen Smith, Shirley Michael, janet Frazier, Carolyn Dunham, Pat Donoho, Colleen Silence, Sandra Conklin, Diane XVayt, Sandra Palmer. Second Row-janet jones, Linda Brammell, Mae Parsons, judy Lipsett, Marilyn Morrison, Ann Fisher, Sharon Palmer, Alice Geib, Virginia Huffer, james Campbell, Carol Hamilton, Becky Thacker, Patra Redman. Third Row-janie Scott, Lois Norris, Arlene Coe, Nancy Hedg- cock, jerone Lipsett, Sandra Donoho, jo Anne Kimmel, Dar- rel Pedigo, jack McElwee, Bob Laverty, Carol Brammell. Fourth Row-jane Hauser, Marie Rallas, Gary Morningstar, Norman Hayes, Gordon Given, VVilford Beumel, Charles McCall, Larry Small, George Collier, David Dick, Gerald Tipsword. Fifth Row-jim Painter, Paul Mangis, Carroll XVilliams, judy Clark, jane Hodgen, Bill Vanderkleed, Charles McHale, jerry Smith, Graden Loveless, Dick Pollett. Sixth Row-Gary Retterbush, jack Pitman, Richard Brandon, james Bowles, Bob Bohr, jolm Garhart, jim Dorsam, jolm Hackerd. Seventh Row - Spencer Futrell, Chuck Smith, jack Marsh, Roger Robison, Bob Allen. Home Ec Latin First Row-Virginia Edwards, Sandra Stoms, Donna Dickey, Shirley XVitherow, Marjorie Schimmel, Nancy Kindley, Grace Goodwin, Sue Farrell, Kathryn Goodwin, Linda Hodge, Nancy Louck, janet Zink, Berta Irwin, Barbara Becry, Nancy Schcid, Barbara Burroughs. Second Row-Pat Donoho, Mary jo Myers, Mary Thornton, Mary Lou Chiapetta, Barbara Snodgrass, Esther Leach, Danny llaycs, XVilliam Cook, Tom Ham, Don Sanders, jerry YVerden. Third Row-jean Godby, Norma Cast, Sally Clutter, Nancy Boggs, Nancy jones, jane Ferguson, jan Downer, Norman Spaulding, jim Mustin, Bob lla1'ris. Fourth Rowflpeggy Dykhuizen, Sally Kenney, Betty Chrisman, Barbara Beem, Peggy VVhite, Larry Meneely, George Ginn, VVilford Beumel, jack Marsh, john johnson, Roger Robison, jim Clark, joe Ewing. Fifth Row-Buford Ilaney, Bob Mast, Don Thompson, jim Brittain, jerry Languell, Phil DePoy, Bob Nor- man, Bob Harris, Larry Shaver. Sixth Row-Dave Robertson, Blaine Godsey, Don Greene, Francis Mc-Claine, jim Maxwell, Gorman Pierce, Fred Petty, Bill Lipp. Kneeling-Phil Nicholas, Tom Lowe, Carol Gaffney, Ed Innis, jim Osterhoff, Phil Dupler. First Row-Bill Higinbotham, Nancy Beavers, Carol Mast, Sara jones, Barbara Irwin, Glenda VVebb, Miriam VVeimer, Pat Sentz, judy Dykhiuzen, joe Branagin, jim Ulm, Al Colgrove, jim Scott, Dennis Smith, Ron- nie Sims. Second Row-jolm Ayers, Larry Adler, Marilyn Ham, jody Nance, Sue Conant, Virginia Davey, Louanne Vanderkleed, Rosemary Latshaw, Von Parker, Charles Root, Larry McCoy, Ronald XVhite. Third Row-Ora Lec Shaff, judy Fisher, Sharon Branson, Nancy Augen, Linda Pickering, Carolyn Arion, Anne Robey, NVilma Elliott, Marlene Taylor, Bob Clark, Fred Ponton, Max NVilliams, Frank Starr. Fourth Row-judy Glassy Karen Martin, Sally Pickering, Kathleen Lipp, Roy Ferguson, Robert Ferguson, john Marsh, Tom Huff, Larry Sheets, Lee Henderson, Larry jacoby, Edwin Lambert. Fifth Row-Alice Kerns, Nelda Baker, Linda Parker, Sue Campbell, Thelma Thompson, Stephen Louek, jim Pruitt, Ronnie NVaddell, jim liimmeiwright, Larry Bond, Dave Pannell, Bob llarris, john Beavens. Sixth Row-Helen Bondurant, Marjorie Roberts, judy Goar, Betty Erdel, Bailey Cartel, judy Rule, Patricia Mohler, Norma NVallace, Beverly Taylor, Ronnie Miller . Seventh RowfLayia Rising, Anita Thompson, jean Young, Shirley Carr, Barbara Morris, Diane Lewis, Nan- cy Conwell, Milliceut Coffman, Bob Gray, David Stampe, Bill Boose, Paul Kilian, jake Martin, Doug Boggs. Kneeling-Nancy Kindley, Sue Farrell, Berta Irwin, Jerone Lipsett. First Row-Dorothy Lowe, Shirley Michael, Alice Geib, Nancy Louek, Linda Hodge, Kathryn Goodwin, Vir- ginia Edwards, Barbara Beery, Sandra Donoho, Grace Goodwin, Donna Dickey, Barbara Beem, Sally Ken- ney, Betty Chrisman, Nancy Cox, Jo Ann Kimmel, Gordon Given, Bobby Harris. Second Row-Carol Loefflcr, Norma Cast, Carol Hamilton, Janet Davis, Nancy Mann, Lois Dixon, Carol Brannnell, Nancy Morris, Barbara Burroughs, Mary Lou Chiapetta, Betty Harris, Carol Gaffney. Third Row-Norman Hayes, Don Greeno, Phyllis Dearth, Shirley Lipp, Mary Edmonds, Mary Kay Brant, Jane Hodgen, Connie Aughe, Carolyn Holland, Jane Ferguson, Pat Kirk, Jean Godby. Fourth Row-Jim Crane, Judy Clark, Phyllis Armantrout, Nancy Dossett, Phyllis Neher, Della Caldwell, Darlus Forlow, Jan Downer, Doug Boggs, Charles McCall, Nancy Boggs, Sally Clutter. Fifth Row-Catherine Bartley, Mary Lou Conklin, Patty Donoho, Alice Denham, Sharon Best, Barbara Bragg, Phil Dupler, Dick Hinton, Jim Clark, Jo McCoskey, Janet Lucas, Everett Donoho. Sixth Row-Sandra Sheets, Francis McClaine, Jack McElwee, Jim Maxwell, Jolm Jolmson, Peggy Dykhuizen, Jim Brittain, Judy Lipsett, Jim Mustin, Charles Evanson, David Robertson. Seventh Row-Sandra Stoms, Sandra McKinzie, Pat Sentz, Marcella Morris, Beverly Hcffley, Nancy Jones, Judy Dykhuizen, Jim Osterhoff, Miriam YVeimer, Carolyn Gillum, Sandra Bridgewater, Suie Jenner. Eighth! Raw-Larry Shaver, Jane Tansey, Shirley Swearingen, Bill Lipp, George Ginn, Fred Petty, Bill Van- cerk ee . First Row-Rita Uitts, Lou Ann King, Gloria East, Gayle Johnson, Beverly Gephart, Carolyn Reed, Rosemary gatshaw, Joan Power, Marjorie Schimmel, Nancy Beavers, Sara Jones, Carol Mast, Judy Glass, Louise razier. Second Row-Carolyn Arion, Nelda Baker, Marilyn Pence, Mary Anson, Nancy Conwell, Diane Lewis, Milli- cent Coffman, Barbara Irwin, Connie Miller, Marilyn Ham, Jackie Smith, Larry Reed. Third Row-Janet Tribbett, Nancy Unroe, Maverine Rogier, Julia Nall, Mary Jane Rayles, Kathleen Lipp, Peggy WVhite, Ann Scott, Nancy Scheid, Shirley XVitherow, Janet Zink, Stephen Louck, Don Sanders. Fourth Row-Bailey Carrel, Larry Adler, Bill Gaskin, Lynn Cronkright, Miriam Miller, Wilma Elliott, Vir- ginia Davey, Sue Conant, Beverly Taylor, Karen Martin, Myrtle Angenstein, Frank Starr. Fifth Row-Judy Rule, Charlotte Sheets, Annabelle Primmer, Phyllis Pearson, Jean Young, Anita Thompson, Shirley Skaggs, Sharon Branson, Sue Campbell, Marjorie Roberts, Larry Bond, Dennis Smtih. Sixth Row-J-Ann Robey, Lou Ann Vanderkleed, Glenda Wfebb, Jody Nance, Janet Lee Jones, Barbara Mor- ris, Judy Fisher, Ora Lee Shaft, Marlene Taylor, Sarah Neher, Mr. Farrell. Seventh Row-Phil Nicholas, Mae Parsons, Joan Best, Shirley Carr, Joe Branagin, George Thompson, Robert Norman, Layia Rising, Marie Rallas, Melba Rimmer, Linda Pickering Eighth Row-Paul Kilian, George Collier, Jim Ulm, Jerry Smith, Ronald XVhite, Al Colgrove, Von Parker, Sally Pickering. Foreign Correspondence Camera and Science Clubs CAMERA CLUB First Row'Rolund Bc-wsey, Larry Reed, Cary Rotter- bush, Gene Emery, Ed Innis, Neil Conner, Phil Nicholas. Second Row - jim Eaton, joe Ewing, Bill Vzinder- kleed, james Clark, Puul Kilian, joe Branagin. Third Row - Everett Dono- ho, Larry McCoy, Phil Dupler, james Ostorhoff, jun Downer. SCIENCE CLUB First Row - Mary Thornton, Beryl N i c h 0 l s, Nancy Kindley, Gordon G i v e n, Marjorie Sehinnnel, Sue Farrell, Nancy L o ll c k, Sandra Stoms. Second Row - joan Power, john Garhart, Betty Er- del, N el n c y Augenstein, ,Indy F i s h c r, Larry Ja- coby. Third Row - G e o r g e L. Thompson, Roger Robi- son, Bob Norman, Larry Sheets, David Stanipe. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB A new club around F.H.S. is Cosmopoli- tan C lub, which is rapidly becoming one of the more impor- tant organizations. Seated-Charles McCall, Donna Dickey, Tom Lowe, Linda Hodge. First Row-Doug Boggs, Gordon Given, Bill Boose, Charles Evanson, Carolyn Gillum, Janet Frazier, Mari- lyn Morrison, Shirley Michael, Bob Harris. Second Row-Nancy Louck, Berta Irwin, Barbara Beery, Virginia Edwards, Kathryn Goodwin, Grace Good- win, Sue Farrell, Jerone Lipsett, Nancy Kindley, Sandra Donoho, Carolyn Dunham, Barbara Beem, Nancy Cox, Sally Kenney, Betty Chrisman, Carol Hamilton, Judy DeLaney, Pat Kirk. Third Row-Dorothy Lowe, Miriam Miller, Janet Davis, Mary Chiapetta, Lois Dixon, Ann Kaser, Sandra Conklin, Jane Ferguson, Carolyn Holland, Shirley Lipp, Linda Brammell. Fourth Row-Norman Hayes, George Collier, Phyllis Dearth, Ann Fisher, Karen Hartman, Judy Clark, Sally Jacobs, Patty Dunford, Carol Brammell, Carol Gaffney, Beverly Heffley, Gayle Johnson, Catherine Bart- ley, Jo McCoskey. Fifth Row-Paul Kilian, Charles McHale, Joan Best, Beverly Gephart, Mary Brant, Virginia Davey, Donna Joseph, Joan Kimmel, Barbara Burroughs, Sandra Bridgewater, Shirley Carr, Pat Albright. Sixth Row-Buford Haney, Jim Clossin, Phyllis Lipp, Kerry Breeze, Jolm Garhart, George Ginn, Betty Har- ris, Bob Bailey, Susie Jenner, Judy Dykhuizen, Sue Conant. Seventh Row-Jim Clark, Blaine Godsey, Ferrell Higinbotham, Nancy Morris, Everett Donoho, Jim Brittain, Sally Clutter, Nancy Boggs, Janet Lucas. Eighth Row-Larry Meneely, Graden Loveless, Bob Bailey, David Dick, Bob Mast, Francis McClaine, Jim Maxwell, Phil DePoy, Jerry Languell, Nancy Jones, Pat Donho, Jim Mustin, Barton Kleinfeldt, Jack Marsh. Ninth Row-Jerry Werden, Ed Lambert, Don Sanders, John Jolmson, Kenneth Davis, Bob Allen, Jack Mc- E wee. First Row-Kay Sheets, Rita Uitts, Janet Tribbett, Patty Newhart, Jane Tansey, Shirley Swearingen, Nancy Scheid, Shirley WVitherow, Janet Zink, Patra Redman, Roger Robison, Jerry Werden, Becky Thacker. Second Row-Layia Rising, Jean Young, Shirley Skaggs, Anne Robey, Norma Cast, Sharon Best, Jane Hod- gcn, Marjorie Schimmel, Joan Power, Louanne Vanderkleed, Pat Sentz, Don Sanders, Ronald White, Von Parker, Dennis Smith, Max VVilliams. Third Row-Shirley XVilson, Janice Sheets, Lula Shanaberger, Marilyn Wainscott, Jean Godby, Ann Scott, Phyllis Neher, Norman Spaulding, Larry Small, Darril Pedigo, Eugene Varnes. Fou1'th Row-Laura Thompson, Jane Wfheatley, Sandra Stoms, Larry Shaver, Jan Downer, Lynn Cronkright, George Thompson, Don Thompson, Jim Clossin, Jerry Smith. Fifth Row-Colleen Silence, Jack Pitman, Bill Vanderkleed, Bob Norman, Gorman Pierce, Fred Petty, Jim Ulm, Gary Retterbush. Sixth Row-Tom Oglesby, Ruth WVoodard, Connie Pierce, Paul Paulsen, Jr., Bob Bailey. al:l1 Club Paper . , . new chairs . . . blue slips . . . paper at 251 South Van Buren . . . Winski's . . . sin 2 x + cos 2 x :1 . . . Slide rules . . . paper. Kneeling-jane Tanscy, George Ginn, Bcrta Irwin, Tom Lowe. First Row-Connie Auglic, Nancy Cox, Carol Gaffney, Sue Farrell, janet Frazier, Eddie Innis, Carol Hain- ilton, Gary Bettcrbusli. Second Row-Jean Godby, Don Tlioinpson, Norman Spaulding, jim Brittain, jerry Languell, Bill Vander- kleed, Phil Duplcr. Third Row-lliin Osterlioff, jiin Mustin, Toni Hain, Nancy jones, Philip DeP0y, jack McElWce, Peggy Dyk- lnlizen, Charles Sinitli. Kneeling-Ed Innis, Nancy Jones, Meriain XVei1ner, Jim Osterhoff. First Row-Grace Goodwin, Betta Irwin, Donna Dickey, Linda Hodge, ,lane Tansey, Sue lfarrell, Kathryn Goodwin, Janet Frazier, Nancy Louck, Carol Gaffney, Carol Branunell, joan Power. Second Row-Rosemary Latshaw, Jane Ferguson, Sally Clutter, Marilyn Morrison, -Iody Cox, Connie Aughe, Peggy Dykhuizen, Nancy Boggs, Alice Geib, Sally Kenny, Barbara Beein, Sue Malicoat. Third Row-Neil Conner, Charles McCall, Phil DePoy, Jerry Languell, Tom Lowe, Richard Locke, Larry Kelly, Judy Dykhuizen, Louise Frazier, Susie Ienner, Karen Hartman. Fourth Flow-Mrs. Rednion, Charles Sniith, David Dick, Dick Baker, George Cinn, Bud XVainscott, Phil Dupler, Toni Hain, Phil Nicholas. Forensic Club The aim of the Forensic is to interest pupils in the knowledge of pll1'IifllllC1lffl1'lj and law procedure. Its main activities are Sf201LS'01'i1'l,Q a dance and a convocation. This club is sponsored by Mrs. Martha Redman, 1 M: Il ? FROM THE BLEACHERS ONE CAN SEE . . . Football . . . basketball . . . track . . . cross country . . . . . tennis . . . baseball . . . the excitement . . . the wins . . losses . . . the cheers . . . Sports play a definite part in F.H.S. stuclentls life. . golf . the every "Looking out toward Stott Field, I hear the cheering of the Nighthawk fans -... I see the Blue and White uniforms of our team as they drive down the field for a touch- down. The Frankfort Nighthawks go charging down the field . . . itls a touchdown! . . . then "Golden Toev Petty kicks for the extra point . . . and the Score is 7-0, in our favor. Frankfort Nlghthawks Varsity Football Physical Exams . . . Running . . . Blocking . . . Tackling . . . in preparation for the 1953 .schedule . . . Carlton, Richmond, Ieff of Lafayette, Kirklin, Logansport, Anderson, Kokomo, Tech, lVest Side, Mooseheart. This year I saw a team with spirit and courage, never giving up until the final whistle was sounded. I rernemlser well the game with We.s't Side, which was undefeated and ranked third in the state, Frankfort showed them a determination that will never be forgotten. Superior running by the backfield, plus tremendous line play downed the Red Devils 12-7. F rankfortis gridiron season ended with wins over West Side, Kirklin, Logansport, and Charl- ton-losses to such powers as Kokomo, jeff, Mooseheart, Anderson, Tech, and Richmond. First Row-F. Camplicll, G. Collier, C. Smith, B. llaney, B. Bailey, I. Osterlioff, P. Nicholas, B. Lavcrty, L, Swope, J. Storm. Second Row-L. McCoy, O. Spaulding, D. Sanders, E. Innis, B. Vanderkleed, I. Bailey, R. Locke, G. Ginn. Third Row-J. Eaton, student manager, G. Retterbusll, D. Hinton, E. Servies, L. Reed, D. Robertson, P. Dup- ler, C. Pierce, B. Larrimore, P. Eaton, D. Kort, Downer, student manager. Fourth Row-V. Parker, T. XVilson, J. XVyenlcen, L. Camp, P. Kilian, B. Lipp, I. Hoyer, I. Slnitli, D. Brittain G. Huff, L. Sinall. a 61321 HG Freshman ancl Eighth Gracle Football Freshman Football Row 1-jerry' Lipp, Paul B rant, Paul Mangis, Ronnie Miller, Max Cunning- ham, Bob Clark, Jim Pruitt, Ronnie Sanders, Phil S t 0 o p s, jim Himmel- Wright. Row 2-Tom Huff, Ronnie VVaddell, Don Smith, Gerry Morningstar, Jerry My- ers, Dave Schultz, Larry Sheets, Lee Roush. Row 3-Don Rippey, jim Bricker, Bob Unroe, Benny Smith, Bob King, Phil Paulsen, Bruce McKinsey, Bob Keever, Michael Ginn. Eighth Grade Football Row 1-john Verrill, David Dobson, Ronnie Ricketts. Row 2-jim Languell, Loren Thompson, Bill Dick, Lance Storms, -lim Morri- son, Ned Unroe, Kent Lipsett, .lim Stoops, Gene Fogleinan. Row 3-Jerry Logan, Bill Keever, jerry Howe, Ronnie Miller, George Dorner, Paul Thomson, Don Massey, Iohn Keecly, Jerry Tuttle, Robert Keeney, Dorval Smith. Hats off to these future Nighthawks! During the past season these boys showed great possi- bilities of becoming F .H.S.'s star gridders. This year they defeated jeff and Sheridan while bow- ing ont to jeff, Lebanon, and Tipton. Baslcekball "F .H .S. basketball never dies . . This year was no exception to this saying as the Hot Dogs, under the supervision of a new coach, Marvin Cave, compiled an impressive record. Few will forget the afternoon of March 7, 1953, when the Hot Dogs downed their great rival, jefferson of Lafayette, in a 52-51 double overtime in the regional tournament at Purdue fieldhouse. Leading the Hot Dogs was that famous "Fighting Fivep' of Riegle, Locke, Wain- scott, Ginn, and Armantrout. Ready to take their place at any time were Emery, Pierce, Dupler, and Ulm. No matter what the odds, Cave and his C'CavemenD always displayed excellent spirit and sportsmanship. Basketball Schedule Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Scheduled Games . . . 67 Crawforclsville ... 61 Kokomo .... . . . 45 Michigan City 48 Lebanon . . . 35 Tech .... . . . . . . 75 Logansport . . ...55 Tipton..... 55 Elkhart . . . 54 Lafayette . . . . . . 60 Lebanon . . . . 55 New Castle . . . . 46 Kokomo . . . . . . . 56 Rossville . . . . . 51 Anderson . . . . . . 40 Richmond . . . . . . 67 Marion . . . . 50 Muncie . . . 32 Columbus . . . Holiday Tourneys . . . 68 Hammond . . . 44 Jeffersonvillc . Sectional 58 Forest 57 Colfax 66 Kirklin .. GEORGE GINN, Senior JACK TAYLOR, junior BUD XVAINSCOTT, Senior RICHARD LOCKE, Senior JIM ULM, Sophomore DON RIEGLE, Senior GENE EMERY, Senior JOE ARMANTROUT, Senior PHIL DUPLER, junior EDXVARD SERVIES, Iunior B-Team First Row-VVesley Scott, Gary Robertson George Collier. Second Row-joe Branagin, Charles Root, Tom Wfilson, Larry McCoy. Third Row-Larry Shaver, Tom Ayres, Bill Lipp, Sidney Greer, Bob Laverty. Freshman Basketball First Row-Jim Pruitt, Paul Brant, Terry Purcell, Ronald Miller. Second Row-David Schultz, Max Mitchell, Donald Rippey, Ronnie Sanders, Larry Bond, Tom Miller. Third Row-Don McBride, Phil Paulsen, Carl McKee, Bob Keever, -lim Bricker, Bob King. Sth Gracle Basketball First Row-WV. Scott, L. Thompson, N. Un- roe, G. Ross. Second Row-B. Keeny, student manager, B. Dick, B. Lowden, H. Howe, K. Lip- sett, Al. Languell, student manager. Third Row-F. Packard, J. Hartman, P Thompson, 1. Hinton, D. Massey, I Howe. s Row 1-Don Thompson, Max Wlilliams, Gary Rettorbnsh, Neil Connor, Larry Small, Bob Bohr, Bob Lavcrty, Gary Robertson, jim Ostcrhoff. Row 2-Richard llenclerson, Phil Branclenberg, jim Bowlcls, Al Colgrovo, Richard Locke, Larry Reed, Larry Young, joel Storms. Row 3-Jim Mustin, Phil Duplcr, Davicl Dick, Charles Root, Fred Petty, Frank Adams, Larry McCoy, stu- dent manager. Track "Hey, Ioe! Letls go scratch cinders awhilef, This is a familiar call around Frankfort High as soon as the snow melts off the sod. However, the hoys who have hibernated from winter sports began to use some of their stored-up energy in Howard Hall before the weather was fit to he tolerated by thinly-clothed trackmen. Coach Dorwin Dick,s Blue Blazers started their season in March by participating in the largest indoor high school track meet in the world, the Hoosier Relays, sponsored hy Howe of Indianapolis and held in the Indiana University F ieldhouse. After this the prepara- tion for the various relays and invitational meets was completed by participation in four daal meets in two weeks' time. The great- est share of the load was carried by the five returning lettermen, aided by some very talented sophomores and juniors. Much hard work and determination resulted in a successful season for the Blue Blazers of 353. Cross Country Frank Aclains, Davicl Dick, Neil Conner, Charles Root, Al C o l g r 0 v e, Richard Henderson. Freshman Track Row 1-Bob Reef, Gene McC1'eary, Bill Martin, Davicl Stalnpe, Max Mitchell, Ronnie Miller, Bruce McKinsey, Paul Mangis. Bow 2-Jerry Myers, Boh Unroe, Bob Keever, Jim Reno, Bill Mathews, Davicl Pannel, Leonard McBride, Sherman Ruton. Eighth Gracie Track ROW 1-Larry jarhoe, Don Gannon, -lim Stocks, John Maish, Larry MeHale, John Keeny, Stanley Sarri, Louis Cep- hart, Loren Thompson, Cordon Cun- ningham, Rex Loveless, Max Spauld- ing, Ian Hartman. Row 2-Jim Hinton, Ioe Wfeimer, jerry Joe King, Ramond Kressel, Don Mas- sey, Bob Lowden, John Mays, Ierry Miller, Frank Packard, Paul Thomp- son, Jack McKown, John Keedy, Jim Garrigus, Bernard Shaw. Bow 3-David Dobson, student manager, Don YVells, Max Harlan, Jim Languell, Jerry Howe, Jerry Lo ga n, Herbert Marsh, Bill Deck, Roy Scott, Lance Storms, Kent Lipgsett, Ned Unroe, Lar- ry Benbow. iN ' T ' Boys e n n IS First Row-james Himmelwright, Roger Robison Phil Bailey, joseph Branagin, Meredith NVain- scott. Second Row-Charles Sinith, Larry Shaver, Rob- ert Norman, James Clark, George Ginn. Baseball Bats . . . balls ...' 1 nitts . . . eatclieifs mask . . . "Play Balllv . . . "strike onev . . . "strike twov . . . strike threev . . . Youfe eatin . . . These are the phrases that make Americas favorite game. Row 1-Buford Haney, jerry Smith, Donald Albitz, Phil East, Phil Nicholas, Tom NVilson, Larry Isgrigg. Row 2-Aldon Dixon, Sidney Greer, Donald Riegle, George Ginn, james Uhn, Edward Servies, Gene Emery, Paul Kilian, student manager. Row 3-jerry Lipp, Phil McKenzie, Graden Loveless, Donald Rippey, Gary Robertson, Larry Bond, David Schultz, Larry Sheets, Lee Roush. Baseban Baseball has grown to be an essential element of springtime in America. Frankfort follows the pattern of the nation. A large number of boys an- swered the first call of the new head coach, Bill Waddell, and his assistant, Marvin Cave. Among these were five letter- men and many fine-looking un- derclassmen prospects. T h eir preparation for the season start- ed off with a bang with tiring drills in fundamentals for the first few weeks in Howard Hall. A rugged schedule of eleven games, nine of which were con- ference tilts, proved a real test for the much-improved Blue Sox. Because of never failing team spirit, the senior members of the baseball squad will leave F.H.S. with a sweet taste in their mouths. Coaches This year two new coaches were added to the Athletic Staff of Frankfort High School. Basketball coach, Marvin Cave, and baseball coach, Bill VVaddell, joined with athletic director, "BuckU Rohra- baugh, football coach, jim Bald- win, assistant football coach, Charles Heninger, track coach, Dorwin Dick, and eighth grade coach, Robert Ayers, to complete this yearls staff. Club Row 1-Kneeling: Ed Servies, Ed Innis, Gene Emery Larry Reed. Row 2-David Dick, joel Storm, Don Kort, jim Bailey, George Ginn, Joe Armantrout, Fred Petty, Don Reigle, Rich Locke, Bud VVainscott. Row 3-Melvin Eaton, Gorman Pierce, Phil Dupler, Don Thomas, Neil Conner, Norman Newhart, Phil Nich- olas, Norman Spaulding, Bob Bailey, Jim Osterhoff. Stuclenl: Managers Paul Kilian, baseball, Mac, the equipment manager, Jan Downer, football, Ed Innis, track, Norman Spaulding, basketball, Donald Thompson, basketball, james Eaton, football. Yell eaclers The teams of our school would never be complete without the spirited yell leaders. Everywhere our foot- ball and basketball team Went, these three were right there cheering them on to victory. Our yell leaders this year were Shirley Michael, Robert Harris, and Helen Smith. v Girls' Physical Education Miss Louise LeH ew and Miss Sally Foster are tlze instructors of the girls, physical education classes. They train tlze girls in social dancing, folk dancing, and square dancing, as well as sports, marching tactics, and exercises. These activities do muclz in developing tlle minds and bodies of tlze girls. This year the girls enrolled in physical education classes have participated in many new and different activities. These groups enjoy competitive sports, such as volleyball, ring tennis, lead-up basketball, soccer, badminton, and soft- ball. Such classes provide relaxation and education as well as opportunities to make new acquaintances. Participation in physical education teaches the girls sportsmanship and the ability to get along with one another. This is proved by the results shown in the Gym Exhibition which is presented every alternate year. To achieve this performance there must be co-operation among girls to work with one another well. B j li -'N THROUGH MY WINDOWS I SEE lane, . . Charles. . . Carol . . . Iirni. . . Nancy . . . Phil . . . Ioan . . . Tom . . . Sue . . . Eel . . . here is what 'makes Frankfort High School . . . the students . , . the faculty . . . the office work- ers . . . the custodians . . . these are the important and interesting parts of F.H.S ..., the PEOPLE. ' W" 4 Z School board . . . Robert Ryan, treasurer . . . Russell Kelley, president . . . Claude Maxson, secretary . . . Sam VVoodruff, superi 'ntend ent. From the tower, I see Mr. Sam M. Woodruff, our superintendent, whose friendly smile is known by all on the F.H.S. campus. It is he who coordinates our school system and keeps everything running so smoothly. I have seen the principal, Mr. How- ard L. Crouse, work hard these past four years directing the school with a quiet understanding of needs and desires that astounds even rne, the tower. Mr. Crouse has proved also to he a ugood lcidf' Oma Heaton, dean of girls . . . Raymond Rohra- baugh, dean of boys . . . Wayne G r e g g, assistant principal . . . Dale Shanks, attendance officer... these four are constantly busy with the million and one duties they so ably perform. First Row ALEXANDER, ERNEST AYRES, ROBERT BAHNEY, ROBERT Second Row BALDWVIN, JAMES BARNETT, HAROLD BELCHER, CARL Third Row RLUNK, B. R. BOND, EVELYN CAMPBELL, HATTIE Fourth Row CARFEILD, IRENE CAVE, MARVIN COOPER, ANNE Fifth Row CROUSE, DORIS CUMMINS, YVILBUR DAVIS, JAMES Sixth Row DICK, DORWVIN FARRELL, LARRY FOSTER, SALLY Seventh Row GALLUP, HARRIETT GREGG, WVAYNE HANGER, ERNEST O. 5 First Row HEATON, OMA HENINGER, CHARLES HINMAN, EDITH Second Row IONES, ELIZABETH KEARNS, IIILDA KNOX, DORIS Third Row LEHEXV, LOUISE LONG, ADEN LOWVE, PAUL Fourth Row IYIAY, NIARY MCMURTREY, -IAMES IVIILLER, EDNA Fifth Row ORR, LORENE PACE, HOWVARD PADCETT, MELBA Sixth Row REDMON, MARTHA ROHRABAUGH, RAYMOND SANDERS, DELLA M. Seventh ROW SHOCKNEY, NVAYNE SIMONS, BERNICE SMITH, PRISCILLA First Row SNVEARINGEN, PAUL VAN VAN HORN, MARIE Second Row VVELTY, JOHN NVINTER, CHARLES Third Row YVOOD, COY Ioan Locke and Suzanne Gillispie, the harcl-working office girls, are fa- miliar to all Frankfort students. They patiently take care of all the office work, as well as the needs of the stu- dents entering the office. I want you to meet the four peo- ple who have led this yearls Senior Class . . . lane Tansey, treasurer . . . Berta Irwin, vice-president . . . Rich Locke, president . . . Carol Brammell, secretary. SENIORS SENIOHS . . . "Family Circlel' . . . Track Queen . . . 'cStairway to the Starsv . . . the little pink cloud tlzat cried . . . maroon and white sweaters . . . cords . . . the State Legislature . . . Coronation Ball . . . Big YVlzeels . . . homecoming Queen . . . Big Broadcast . . . Cauldron . . . Basketball Queen .... s teadics . . . crammed lockers . . . the dances , . . "The Deoilis Denn . . . Senior English . . dates . . . Sectionals . . . Regionals . . . senior week . . . grad- uation . . . these are what the SENIOHS are thinking of now and will always remember. N WEN N983 S KWSN SME! W 343385 X HB Q 2 1 3 2 2 2 2 3 3 f 2 E 5 S f 3 IIAIXIILTON, CAROL JANE Liberal Arts IIAHLAN, XVAVERLY JO Business HAIKBVIKJN, ROBERT JOE Inzlustrial Arts HARRIS, BOBBY LEE Scientific Technical HASLET, ARLENE Horne Economics HAYES, DANIEL LEWIs General IIAYES, JEAN B. Business HAYES, NOIIINIAN M. General IIEEFLEY, BEVERLY J. Commerce IIERR, JACK EUGENE General HINTON, RICI-IARD VV. Liberal Arts HKJDGE, LINDA IJEBIAREE Liberal Arts HOOD, LINDA Liberal Arts HOUZE, DONALD RAY Industrial Arts I'IOWE, BEVERLY ANN Home Econarnics HUFFER, LLOYD GENE Industrial Arts HUFFER, VIRGINIA LEE Liberal Arts INNIS, EDWARD JOE Scientific Teclinical IRWIN, BERTA ANN Liberal Arts JACOBS, SALLIE ANN Business JENKINS, CAROLE ANN General KASER, LOIS ANN Business KASLER, GLORIA SUE General KAYLOH, RICI-IARD M. Industrial Arts KINDLEY, NANCY C. Liberal Arts KIMMEL, Jo ANNE Liberal Arts LAIXIBERT, PATRICIA I. Home Economics LANGUELL, JERRY LEE Liberal Arts LEACH, XVILLARIJ RAY Industrial Arts LAHHXIORE, BILLY T. General LIPP, L. JACKSON Scientific Technical LIPP, SHIRLEY RAE Business LIPSETT, IJOHIS JERONE Liberal Arts LIVENCOOIJ, EULA G. Business LOCKE, RICHARD Scientific Technical LOEFFLER, CAROL LEE Business LOUCK, NANCY JANE Scientific Technical LOWE, DOROTHY M. Liberal Arts LOWE, THOMAS RICHARD Scientific Technical LYNCH, RICHARD JOHN Industrial Art NIAISH, NIAHILYN SUE B usiness MANN, NANCY COLLEEN Business BIARTIN, THOIXIAS FRANK Scientific Technical NIAXWELL, JAMES R. Liberal Arts BICICALL, CHARLES H. Liberal Arts BICCLAINE, FRANCIS E. Liberal Arts NICELWEE, JACK PHILLIP Liberal Arts NICINTIRE, NANCY ANN General lVlEEKS, LAVONA MARIE Business INIEIERS, IIONVAIRD M. General BIICHAEL, SHIRLEY ANN Business MILLER, PATRICIA ANN Business NIORRIS, LIAIKZELLA R. General MYERS, MARY JO Liberal Arts NASH, JAMES WATSON General NEWHART, NVAYNE IVAN Industrial Arts ,,, NEWBOLD, EARL R. Inclustrial Arts OBERIXIILLEH, RICHARD D. Business OLIPHANT, JOuN R. General PAYNE, SARAH E. Business PEAHSON, PHx'LL1s JEAN Business PENCE, AIAIULYN JO B usiness PETTY, Fmglmlcz A. Scientific Technical POLLETT, R1c:uA1m N. Liberal Arts POWER, El,lZABI5'l'l'1 JOAN Scientific Technical Pu1A1M151i, ANNABELLE General PULLEY, R1r:11Au1m LEYVIS Industrial Arts JOHNSON, N.ANKZY ANN General REDLIAN, l,A'l'HA JANE Liberal Arts REED, CIAHOLYN SU15 Business REEF, P1n'L1.1s JOAN Business REID, IJONALD Industrial Arts RIEGLE, IDUNALIJ EARL Industrial Arts ROBERTSON, IJAVID A. Liberal Arts ROBISON, I'A'm1c11A C. Business BOTH, LIYHON LEE I nclustrial Arts SANDERS, FRANK Industrial Arts SAULsB151u:Y, BAHBAHA L. Home Economics SCHEID, NANKI1' E. Liberal Arts SCHILIBIEL, NIAHJORIE L. Liberal Arts S11EE'rs, 1'A'1'mc:1A ANN Business SLOAN, NANCZIE CAROL General SLIITII, IILLLN SU15 Liberal Arls SPEAR, JANET LEE B usi ness SNEA'1'U1eN, ,Img LEE General SPRAY, .lLllJI'l'I'I CAROL BlI6'lIlC'S'8 STOLIS, SANDRA ANN Liberal Arts STOHBI, jmgl, CJARY Scientific 'l'ecl1nical S'rREm', CAR01. SWANSQN, CLEHALD M. Cl?lllllIUl'C'iIll SNVEAHINCLEN, S1uRL15x' C B u.S'ine.s'.s' SNVOPE, Lowuu, F. Scientific Tcirlmical TANSEY, -IAN14: ANNE Liberal Arts THACIKEII, BERYL ANN Liberal Ails THACKRR, SANDRA R. Liberal Arts THOMAS, IJIQAN VIVIIUHNTON AIAHY M. W , General TULL, KAY ILENE Home Ecmimiiics X7ANDEllKL.L1liD, XVILLIAAI Scientific Technical XfVAINSf10'I"I', NIAIRILYN S General XVAlNSCIU'I"l', lXlI4IHLIDITlI Liberal Arls NVHRE1,15R, AIAAIES H. General XVILLIARIS, SUZANNE C. Bz1.9ir1e,s:s LANUAI, BRv15R1,Y RUTH General XVITHEHUXV, S111RL15y A. Liberal Arm XVRICQHT, LARRY L. Inzlustrial Arts YOUNG, Lois ANN 1311.5-iness ZINK, JANET ARLRNR Liberal Arls COBBli'1"I', CARQJ1. SUR Scientific Technical BAKER, SUR These are the junior Class offi- cers who have done so mach hard work this year on the Prom and their other activities . . . Peggy Dykhuizen, treasurer . . . David Dick, president . . . Phil Dupler, secretary . . . Larry Reed, oice- president. JUNIORS IUNIOHS . . . green and gray sweaters . . . choosing the class rings . . . the PROM . . . picking the theme . . . "Some Enchanted Evening, '... designing the programs . . . decorating . . . Juniors at Class Day wearing cords . . . all this . . . and more . . . this yearls juniors have shown real leadership and will make next yearls senior class as good as this yearls . . . almost. First Row - Don Albitz, Pat Albright, R 0 b e r t Allen, Phyllis Armantrout, Connie Aughe. Second Row-Tom Ayers, Bill B a r b e r, Barbara Beem, Sharon Best, Edith Black Carr. Third Row-Elizabeth Bogan, Nancy Boggs, Darrell Bog- gess, Mild r e d Bougher, Mary Kay Brant. Fourth Row- Kerry Breeze, Don Brittain, Jim Brittain, Sandra Bridgewater, Patty Brumbarger. Fifth Row - Della Caldwell, Patty Camp, Fred Camp- bell, Sue Campbell, Nick Carter. Sixth Row - N 0 r m a Cast, Janice Catron Ehrie, Betty Chrisman, Jim Clark, Ches- ter Clinger. Seventh Row - Sally Clutter, John Coffman, Nancy Cox, Jim Crane, Thomas Curl. First Row - Kenneth Davis, Fred Decker, David Dick, Alden Dixson, Everett Don- oho. Second Row - Pat Donohio, Phil Donoho, Jack Donoho, Jan Downer, Charles Downey. Third Row - Melvin Dunham, Jan Dupler, Phil Dupler, Ronald Durbin, Peggy Dyk- huizen. Fourth Row - Melvin Eaton, Marilyn Everman, Charles Evanson, Joe Ewing, Bar- bara Ferguson. Fifth Row - Jane Ferguson, Ann Fisher, Ronald For- sythe, Carol Gaffney, Caro- lyn Gillum. Sixth Row-Jean Godby, Bet- ty Watchbaugh G r aft o n, DeWayne Grafton, J o n a- than Hackard, Lois Hack- ard. Seventh Row 3 Norman Hag- erty, Tom Ham, Mary Lou Hamilton, Buford Haney, Betty Harris. First Row - Karen Hartman, P a t t y Harshman, Sandra Hicks, Ferrill Higinbotham, Mabel Hinton. Second Row - Jane Hodgen, Carolyn Holland, Claudius Howe, Jim Hoyer, Gary Huff. Third Row-Jean Jenkins Ab- ston, John Johnson, Nancy Jones, Lynn Jones, Janet Jones. Fourth Ro-W - Jim Kaylor, Joe Keever, Larry Kelly, Sally Kenney, Pat Kirk. Fifth Row-Don Kort, Patsy Kyle, Norman Laflin, Caro- lyn Laughner, Esther Leach. Sixth Row-Pat Lewis, Phyl- lis LiDP, Bill Lipp, Bud Loucks, Graden Loveless. Seventh Row-Janet Lucas, Phil McKinsey, Jack Marsh, Bob Mast, Esther Mathews. First Row Y Jo McCoskey, Rose McIntosh, Sandra Mc- Kinsey, Nancy Miers, Larry Meneely. Second Row -H Warren Mes- sick, Beverly Moore, Judy Moore, Marlene M 0 r r i s, Nancy Moore. Third RowiMarilyn Morri- son, Jim Mustin, Phyllis Nehr, Pat Newheart, Nor- man Newheart. Fourth Row- Phil Nicholas, Bob Norman, Jim Oster- hoff, Bertha O s t l e r, Jim Ostler. Fifth Row - Paul Paulsen, Gorman Pierce, Jack Pit- man, Phyllis Pollett, Mar- lene Posey, Sixth Row - J a n et Power. Marilyn Rader, Larry Reed, Patty Reed, Ellen Reifel. Seventh Rowe Gary Retter- bush, Hertha Roach, Gary Robertson, Roger Robison, Dale Rogers. First Row - Anne Sanders. Don Sanders, Edward Ser- vies, Roseann Scott, La- berta Sears. Second Row - Joellyn Sharp, Larry S h a v e r, Charlotte Sheets, David Sheets, Kay Sheets. Third Row - Sandra Sheets, Charles Smith, Jack Smith, Jerry Smith, Pamela Simith. Fourth Row - Walter Smith, Barbara Snodgrass, Nor- man Spaulding, R i c h a r d Stevens, Jack Taylor. Fifth Row - Don Thompson, George Thompson, L a u r a Thompson, Janet Tribbett, Lorita Uitts. Sixth Row - Nancy Unroe, Mona Virtue, Margaret Walker, Kenneth Vinard, Jerry Werden. Seventh Row-Jane Wheatley, Peggy White, Tom White- head, J e r 0 ly n Williams, Shirley W il s 0 n, Maxine Young. MISS CAMPBELL HOME ROOM lirst Row - Keith Benefiel Mary Anson, Boh Bohr, Lin- da Brainniell, Richard Bran- don, S h i r l e y Carr, Larry Breeze. Second Row-Delores Bushman, Phil Brandenhiwg, N o r in a Brown, Carl Allen, Richard Baker, Nelda Baker. Third Row-,Ioan B e s t, Larry Camp, Eva Barker, Frank Adanis, Gerald Camp, Vir- ginia Barker. Top Row-Joe Branagin, Boh Bailey, jiin B ow l e s, Phil Bailey, Margaret Carter. MISS FOSTER First Row-Vader Fish, Gloria Clzoosznff thc dass sweatw was this 11011159 17111117 tatslv dzome binds 111111 1111 . . The sopl1o111o11 IIHSS 11115 116111 lcd 1111 111111219 j0111'.s', 0101 p1es1fl111t Mac Pfzrsons suralary . . . llillfllll U71 111161 p11911I1111' Inch! DljlC171'il,lZC1l, 11111511101 SOPHCMORES East, james Eato n, Lynn Cronkright, Sandra Conklin. Second Row-XV i l in a Elliott, Richard L. Chew, Neva ,lane Cox, Ronald L. Eaton, Sue Conant, ,lim Clossin. Third Row-Norma Emery, Jini Dorsain, Loretta Dearth, Al Colgrove, -I ii cl y Dykhiiizen, Virginia Davey, Harold Cun- inghain, Virgene Dunn. Fourth Row - George Collier, Gene Dalryinple, YVanda Lee Catron, David Ehlers, Arlene Coe, jack Davis, Donna Der- ringer, Robert Evans, Sharon Donoho. MR. BARNETT First Row-Bill Graves, Nancy Hegd- cock, Jolm Carhart, Margaret James, Robert Hobson. Second Row-Ruby Higinbotham, Charles I-Iemmerling, Janet Ham, Diek Ilen- derson, Helen Gerald, Spencer Fut- rell. Third Row-Bob Hackerd, David Criffis, Arlene Heier, Larry Hickerson, Larry Ilall, Bernard Jagers. Fourth Row-Beverly Ginn, YValter Har- mon, Beverly Ce p h art, Jolm Hill, Louise Frazier, James Howe, Beverly Jackson, Larry Isgrigg. MR. BAHNEY, HOME ROOM First Row-Judy Lipsett, WVarren Leon- ard, Gayle Johnson, Edwin Lambert, Carol McGowan, Bill Jones, Lou Ann King. Second Row-Robert Knox, Susie Jenner, Charles McHale, Jerine Jones, Mary McCollum, Barton Kleinfeldt. Third Row-Larry McCoy, Patty Lipp, Bill McCune, Janet Lee Jones, How- ard Maish, Donna Kay Joseph. Top Row-Shirley Lycly, Paul Kilian, Rosemary Latshaw. Bob Laverty, Alice Kerns. MISS MILLER First Row-Darrel Pedigo, Miriam Mil- ler, Ronald McNutt, Barbara Morris, Richard Ogden, Mae Parsons, Tom Oglesby. Second Row-Dorcas Meeks, Shirley Reppert, Don Miller, Connie Pierce, Janet Robbins, Oscar Miller, Sandra Palmer, Kay Jean Reed. Third Row-Melba Rimmer, Marie Ral- las, Layia Rising, Gary Ricketts, Jean- ette Mounts, Mary Jane Rayles. Fourth Row-Ruby Ostler, Ernest L. Meives, Von Parker, Fred Ponton, Sarah Neher. MISS CARFIELD First Row-Roger Tollinger, Mary Jane Scott, VVesley Scott, Shirley Skaggs, Rex Royer, Maverine Rogier, Allen Shurr. Second Row-Ann Robey, Frank Starr, Lula Shanaberger, Dale Saltsman, Janice Sheets, Frank Stuard. Third Row-La Rita Roth, Clayton Sny- der, Larry Small, Pat Sentz, Charles Root, Sherri Storx, Mark Sebree, Mose Spray. Fourth Row-Max Royer, Colleen Si- lencc, Dennis Smith, Nancy Russell, Bill Smith, Janice Suit, James Sieg- fried. MRS. REDMON IIOME ROOM First Row-Julia Van Tyle, Jolm Thom- as, Mariam XVeiiner, Max XVillia1ns, Alice XVorth, Mike NValters, Elaine Wfalden. , Second Row-Tommy VVils0n, Connie Tecguarden, James XVynehen, Jean Young, Jolm Trewatha, Louanna Van- derkleed. Third Row-Ruth XVoodard, Ronnie XVal- lace, Larry Tull, Jack VVessell, Toni NVard, Anita Thompson. Top Row-Alice NVest, Bruce Taylor. Jim Ulm, Larry Young, Jerald Thom- as, Ronald YVhite, XVillis Turner, Eu- gene Vaner, Lida NVard. FRESHMEN MR. HANCER First Row-Paul Brant, Nancy Beavers, jackson Al- bangb, Nancy Angenstein, Roland Bewsey, janet Arnold, Otis Catron. Second Row-Lamoine Brown, Shirley Bitner, jim Bricker, Norma Belka, Sharon Branson, ,Indy Baker. Third Bow-Larry Adler, Russell Beard, IIelen Bon- dnrant, Larry Bond, Patricia Anderson, john Ayers. Fourth Bow Q Harold Bowerman, Innior Barber, Charles Black, XVilliam Abbott, johnny Beavens, Larry Brown. MR, BELCHER, HOME BOOM First Row-Phillip Conner, Norma Dick, Garland Dalrymple, Millicent Coffman, Bob Clark, Bailey Carrel, Carol Conden. Second Bow-Sharon Dc-rringer, Nancy Conwell, Bo- maine Davis, Kathryn Burgin, Ernest Donoho, Sarah Eldridge. Third Bow-Patricia Cole, Carolyn Criswell, Indith Butler, Mary Cedar, Mary Camp, Sne Campbell, MISS VAN HORN, HOME BOOM First Row-Iris Goodwin, Connie Evans, Bob Gray, Edile Grafton, Bill Everrnan, -Indy Fisher, jerry Evans. Second Row-VVilma Ferguson, Carl Greeno, Linda Foster, Don Hackett, ,Indy Goar, Michael Ginn. Third Bow-Janice Forlow, Indy Glass, Betty Erdel, Indy Hackerd, Phyllis Elkins, Mary Lou Akins. Top Row-Patsy Flora, Roy Ferguson, Robert Fergu- son, Rosetta Forsythe. MR. SNVEABINGEN, HOME BOOM First Row-James Harlan, Linda jenkins, Charles -Iarrell, Shirley Harlan, Larry -Iacoby, Rochelle Hand, Dick Hammersley. Second Row-Virginia Hnrt, Allan Hodgen, Barbara Irwin, Lee Hnderson, Beverly Ilolland, Bill Higin- botham, Marilyn Ham. Third-Row-Tom Ilnff, Mary jane Hnfford, Teddy Hntfer, Beverly H a Z e l, Harvey II o w e, Linda Heaton, jim Himmelwright. Top Row-Margery Howland, Jane Hanse, Ieaneanne Hnfford, Katie Harrison, Imogene llankins. T110 class of '56 chose as ilmir officers . . . Connie Miller, secretary . . . Norman Smitlz, president . . . Jodi, Nance, treas- urer . . . Iillllllll Hizmnelwriglzt, uicc-pr1:si- dent. MRS. PADCETT First Row-Sara jones, Lanny Kelly, Diane Lewis, jolm jones, Pat Kirby, jerry Lipp, Carolyn Malicoat. Second Row - joyce Mann, Mary jane New, Bertha Martin, Kenneth Keever, Bob King, Donna Mann, jerry julian. Third Row-Larry Leach, Earlene Ketchum, XVyona jones, Sharon Marley, Donna King, jane Nash, Stephen Louck. Fourth Row-Shirley Noe, Bob Keever, john Lambert, Bruce M a e K e n z i e, Etta Line- deeker, Terry Neher. MR. LOWVE, HOME ROOM First RowYKaren Martin, VValter Miller, Bar- bara Mel-Elwee, Dick Mavity, Sandra Martin, Ronnie Miller. Second Row-Tom Miller, judy Moore, Leone McMullen, Connie Miller, Bill Martin. Third Row-Max Mitchell, Dan Mitchell, Con- nie MeKinzie, Gene McCrury, Bob Miller. Top Row-Cary Morningstar, Patricia Mohler, Carl McKee, Raymond Morgan, Leonard McBride, Carol Mast, Billy Mathews. MR. NVOOD, HOME ROOlX'l First Row-Linda Pickering, jim Pruitt, Mar- jorie Roberts, jim Painter, judy Rule. Second Row-Phil Rich, Claudia Pollet, Sharon Palmer, Don Peary, Evelyn Ostler, Betty Ostler, Donna Randels. Third Row-Carolyn Schiuuuel, Lee Roush, Phil Paulsen, Pauline Pyatt, Don Rippey, Ronnie Sanders, Linda Parker. Top Row-Robert Reef, Terry Purcell, james Reno, Donald Pippenger, ,lim Pettit, Sher- man Rutan, Sally Pickering, Lois Norris. MRS. j0NES, HOME ROONI First Row-john Smart, Norma Smith, Charles Stotts, Marlene Taylor, Ronald Stingley, Shirley Taylor, Ronnie Sims. Second Row-Larry Smith, Carolyn Stockrahn, Phil Stoops, Dave Stampe, Barbara Stowers, Don Smith, jody Nance. Third Row-janet Stinson, jerry Myers, jolm Strong, jerry Morrison, Connie Moudy, Ben- nie Smith, Nelson Sheets, Mary Lou Smith. Top Row-james Spidel, Diana Smith, Larry Sheets, judy Thomas, Howard Snodgrass, NVilliam Shelley. MR, HENINGER First Row-Betty Morris, jiin Scott, Thelma Thompson, David Schulz, Diane XVayt, Car- roll Williams, Carol VVilliams. Second Row-Louise Wells, Niles Villars, Ora Lee Shaft, Rosemary Wells, Ronnie VVad- dell, Patty Wessell. Third Row-Karen Sheets, Robert Thomas, Carolyn Young, Gerald Tipsword, Norma XVallaee, jolm Varner. Fourth Row-Harold Walker, junior Wilson, Charlotte Vail, Bob Unroe, Larry Montgom- ery, jerry VVhitcman, janet NVilson, Robert Toney. I saw the clcclion . . . the good times enjoyed at the .5-luzlcnt faculty brcakfflst . . . the fUlUDi,S'i0l'l c01w0cati0n . . . the Homa- coming Qucerfs court. I Saw the singers . . . dancers . . . imltations . . . lvancl num- l10r.s' . . . the girls, quartet . . . the finale . , . all a part of thc big mmual high .s-clzool show. I also realize the hard work put into lhc slmw hy the rl'irc?ct0r.9 . . . master of ceremonies . . . arti.s't.s'. C0llQI'lllLlIlllllUll.S', ktrlsl J' 1 I X" " 4 .wg 3 xf engvamgs ku 'ms he ,X SQ f, . ..... . ifffrfrl X X X xii I? E2 1 SX X, SX AXQ X 31 EQ X 5 2 , X Q 6990 X Q uk 2 N , X9 1 . ..,...,.. QSAQQ , M Q f fy, QWQ Xf my Q Xf, 4X AX ffm, M' ,gy yy ,XQPQAXJX A Q69 5, , 5 X 1X Q Q ZQQQQSQSQQX XXX- A AX, X7 35 .223 we Xp W 4. ' Y Q N 45530 12 X ,ig , Xmas WX , , ,, NVQ, X, A Xg, X, lg ' 'X fmewswwmq hw? zisgynww Qwwf ., QAX, M X 3 X f X ff X Q QQ Xgkf X X ZQQX XSXQEX Qlxg WLNWSQ' 4 x A ,X X! S231 1 X 5 fs N RQ A ,. X,XfX N A ,MX ,X MW, W ,, f Q xx 4 mn ,X X Q vw Q . X Nhwfvw W f WRX X Qi XQ QQSQM X X X QW , X X X h ,Xl I 1 4.1 Wx 1 PliBLlCATi0N DEV! SIGN X iv INMANAP O 222 EAST OHIO STREET INDIANA PO LIS 6 INDIANA M NY! Nc 1 l 1, In ,lf ,I - f f: I V a iii? 1.-'IIIV' -1 P v'l'r:IW nuff, . HIT' X 551515 M M155 ' ww: X ci?" ' 5 ' ' 132.3 , ,E I K . I 2 , xh' . K I AEM r A ' iff K -'n Ji V r' if W

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