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. , 73' .- -- 2'1" P? , K., A 1 ' D ,- " A x vie J- Y A , - -.vp r -ua ..,. if f -1 - - u 1 k N w , rf W Q f-1 ' 1 5 P I sbqkdg' b . , JJ: f,,,q-' 1 1- Q1 49- f--ro ,rl bryvij . , Mn .. T! gd" J , rv' eififf H' fi. -' G- : 1 Qu. 1 Vi!! .H gif ,, ,z E - L 1 5 - .. ' -. . . ,nf 1 .7 . ., GV, .-5-1 rf , - .r mail X I p L 2751 ' .- A :Wk ,ik . ' V' T H E I9 5 2 Ganlafaan l FRANKFORT HIGH SCHOOL FRANKFORT 4' INDIANA Z . . . . THIS IS WHAT With a glimpse of "Ye Olde Highe Schoole Buildingv we open the 1952 Cauldron. We have tried to gi-oe an ooerall picture of Frankfort 12: ' " "- xxww' E Ui e7 U1 C: :Q Q Q N P9- O in Q Q W' 21 'PO- 1'4- m S. : rm C4 is E' z Q Q. F4 ferent angle . . . and to go behind the scenes. J By the various persons and things listed, named, and pictured we have tried to show you just "What Makes Frankfort Tickf' XJ KxxxNNX""' ...J X r F P Y 1 J 5 J Yi ,J MAKES FRANKFORT TICK xx' we A! Fm! M tb Many of the important things are sel- N M X N 9 mmmmm dom seen, rarely heard of, and very often A neglected in due credit. ll M' 'uv Some things taken fort granted , if f' xi, H "1:- S. . 'f"Hf'1 lfix My ' 7 Sam mal ' 5" 5""Wo6 ai -5 7,1 "Q, QJKZ ro 5 , 3 9Q'l""'is t 197 f- lfi,i1t5"i'L'3f' D . J if 1-1 4 l S .xl Frankfort High School's drivers of the future! The carpenters and builders of tomorrow! are essential in the coordination of school life Instruments alone produce no musicg the ability of a director combined with the talent of a group of musicians make the harmony We hear from the Frankfort High School band. It isn't very often the average fan gets a chance to see the stadium at Stott Field looking like this. To the athletes it is a common sight, but they donit like to have it this way at games, etc. This is a good example of the facilities offered to the Frankfort High students. l- f 5 Just some more of the people, things and events that made our wonderful school really tick . . . the crowning of ll Donna Barnett as 351 Football Homecom- ing Queen . . . the ever-friendly smile of those efficient office secretaries, Suzanne Gillespie and Ioan Locke . . . 'glvlacf the "Old Faithfulv of the athletic equipment room . . . the friendly Uyeaaaali' heard every hour on the hour in the crowded halls . . , and that delicious food served in the cafeteria. Everyday happenings as well as main events make "N ow write the numbers that you hear in the sec- ond columni' . . . a fa- miliar phrase repeatedly echoed on annual hearing tests supervised by Mrs. Smith, R.N. up the daily schedule It's all new for '52',-and so on went the slogan that might have influenced you great- ly in the purchasing of this book you are reading-the 1952 CAULDRON. For over 40 years, senior classes have published their an- nual, the CAULDRON, and this year more than ever, we have strived to make our CAULDRON bubbling over with facts, fig- ures, and generally, with what makes our school tick. Keeping up with the tradition of previous generations, we have given you these facts. It is up to you to determine whether we have topped previous years. We hope the following classes will continue this fine spirit and workmanship. Students, teachers 8 activities "make HOMECOMING QUEEN F.H.S. was host to the football team of ,Sl at the second annual homecoming game this year . . . Donna Barnett was elected by the stu- dent body to reign as queen of this fes- tive occasion . . . at- tended by a court of seven. SCHOOL NURSE Our school nurse, Mrs. Robert Smith, was always on hand to see what made the students of Frankfort High tick . . . hearing tests . . . eye examinations . . . patch tests . . . all in a dayis Work for this friendly lady. CHEER LEADERS "Oh hail to dear old Frankfortv . . . win or lose these five energetic people dressed in blue and White W e r e always on hand to keep our school spirit alive. ul-in aweaamwnewm up gn. Frankfort tick" Mixer Stag Line A familiar sight at those ever- popular Friday night dances is the ustag linen . . . drinking cokes . . . talking over the game with friends . . . this is just an- other group of Frankfort High School students that make the life at F.H.S. tick with excite- ment and friendliness. Hi-Y Dance Some of the most enjoyable minutes ticked off by the clocks at old F.H.S. were the ones at the formal dances . . . elaborate decorations . . . clever ideas . . . highlight of all school affairs . . . romance in bloom . . . lend- ing a part to an atmosphere of fun, beauty, and excitement. Scorers and Times Bench These men watched the me- chanical side of things as that clock ticked away the precious minutes at many a basketball game when the minutes and seconds counted the most . . . busy keeping an accurate rec- ord of the events of the game were M1'. Baldwin and Mr. Pace, official timer and scorer for Frankfort. Sunshine Box Social An evening to long be remem- bered by the students and fac- ulty of Frankfort High School was the Box Social sponsored by the Sunshine Society . . . gaily decorated boxes . . . auc- tioned off by Mr. Robert Bah- ney . . . sold to th ehigher bid- der . . . introduced a new type of entertainment to F .H.S. A machine shop on a small scale right here in our own school! The boys who accept the opportunity of our voca- tional education department Will have many more opportunities upon graduation. Our vocational training courses are rated among the best of the state. Station F.H.S. can be tuned in each year in room C 134. The tick of the all-important time clock is the prime factor here. How to develop poise and calm- ness before an audience is an- other stressed topic. The main purpose The historic landmark on your left is room C232, Where each year the great battles of United States History are fought. The casualties are not so great as in the original battles, but the six Weeks, test causes serious in- juries to those who left the bat- tlefrout in haste the night be- fore. of Frankfort High? A varied education The four divisions below represent as many departments in the school. The math brains, studious chemists, typing speed demons, and English Whizzes all have the best of facilities in Frankfort to further study in their favorite fields. There is a more than ample chance for a Well-rounded education in Frankfort High School. ,ig em 1 5,151 Y f ffjig Q ai we ks if E' 1-,L ' D0 you remember '... looking for- ward to Friday nights when the Hot Dogs played a tough foe . . . the band playing as the team came on the floor . . . the excitement that sweeps through the crowd as the score remains close . . . the Wonder- ful feeling as the Hot Dogs chalk up another victory . . . Well, another hard game next Week. Sports crowds and events help keep Frankfort ticking One of the most suc- cessful track meets of recent years was the North Central Confer- ence held at Frankfort. The Weather was very good and as a result several 1' e cord s Were broken or tied. This meet was the highlight of the season. Of the many memories which Will remain with us after graduation, the Friday night dances occupy a large part. After the home ball games everyone eventually drifts into the dance. For the dancers there is plenty of good musicg for the loafer there is always someone With Whom to talkg and there is always someone who is ready to play a game of ping-pong or cards. The Frankfort Fifty cents-55, do I hear 55-55 going once, 55 going twice, 55 going three times-SOLD! This was the familiar phrase heard at the first annual Sunshine Society Box Social. The atmosphere was perfect because it was Feb- ruary 14-Valentineis Day. Mr. Bahney, in straw hat, bow tie, and cane, added a real- istic note as the auctioneer. The boys had to "dig deepv if they wanted to get the box and the girl of their choice. Everybody agreed, though, that the food was worth the price. After the contents of the boxes had been devoured, everybody joined in on some good, old-fashioned party games. Yes, it was a smash success, and will be looked back upon as one of the most unique and enjoyable social events of the year. Loud juke box . . . noisy crowd . . . dancing floor alive . . . coke vendors . . . stag line . . . talk of ball game . . . ping-Dong artists . . . All of these things go to make the informal Friday night mixers what they are. ck ticks extra hours id never believe it was the high school The surroundings have all the ur of Churchill Downs. But as you closer, you see dancing couples Where rses should be lining up. You guessed the annual Hi-Y semi-formal dance. yearis theme, "The Kentucky Derbyf ns the decorations. Words can never be a superior Hi-Y dance, though. One be there to really know. lg, Class Day at Frankfort High School .... These words will ring out loud and clear in our memories. For this is not an ordinary assembly, by any means. It is the culmina- tion of a yearls work, because here we re- ceive awards and special recognition for the things We have accomplished throughout the year. The hustle and bustle of the last Week of school will live long in our memories, but Class Day will live forever. , ,YL"V! ""' Q X , Li 5 fir, K Z:- Q 'P J , , 5.9- Nothing is as important as people 5 V 2 f X . ,r- ' RQ 'X ' Af' rA",rAX , MF iff? A1 ff a17b,T'W gp ,fi LZ? f M in 4 M wif:-P XY gf? ,f N ek 4 ,Q I ,ML Z5 s in making Frankfort tick What makes Frankfort High School tick? Did you ever come into the building at night, When no one else is in the building? What an unfriendly place it is. No one to talk tog no one to seeg nothing to do, except look at stone walls. But what a different place in the day, with stu- dents, faculty, custodians, and office girls all molded together in harmony to make Frankfort High School such a Wonderful place to be. Ever busy, but seldom seen, are the members of our school board . . . Rob- ert Ryan, secretary . . . Russell Kelly, treasurer . . . Claude Maxson, president . . . Sam M. Woodruff, superintendent. These four men have done an excellent job in the manner in which they have conducted the affairs of our city schools. One of the most important acogsv in our clock-like system of city schools is Mr. Sam M. Woodrilff, our superin- tendent. He does his utmost to keep this system functioning smoothly and properly. Working in connection With the school board, he realizes the needs of the student body, and is most cap- able of fulfilling such needs. His gen- uine sincerity and all-around friendli- ness has placed him in the esteem of the community. In the fulfillment of his extensive duties he has proven himself a qualified master of his position. just as the mainspring is the key mechanism in any type of Watch or clock, so is our prin- cipal, Mr. Howard L. Crouse, the key mechanism in our high school system. With his pleas- ant Ways and business-like effi- ciency he is equally capable of supervising a few or a large group of students. During his last three years with us he has proven a lasting friend and an able leader. No minor duties are done by these four familiar faces around F .H.S .... Oma Heaton, dean of girls, Raymond Rohrabaugh, dean of boys, Way11e Gregg, assistant principal, and Dale Shanks, truant officer. A long due vote of thanks should be given these persons who so Will- ingly assist the student body. 1. English Department: Mr. Ay- ers, Mr. Wood, Miss Campbell, Mr. McMurtrey. 2. English and F o r e i g n Lan- guage: Miss Kearns, Miss Orr, Mrs. Redmon, Mr. Farrell, Mrs. Heaton. 3. Social Studies Department: Mr. Gregg, Mr. Bahney, Miss Hinman, Mr. Barnett, Mr. Rohrabaugh. 4. Mathematics D e p a r tment: Mr. Pace, Mr. Baldwin, Miss Sanders, Miss.May, Miss Knox. 5. Business D e p a rtment: Mr. Alexander, Miss B on d, Miss Carfield, Mr. Dean. 6. Home Economics and Indus- trial Arts Department: Mr. Blunk, Mr. Winters, Mrs. Pad- gett, Mr. Shockney, Mr. Welty, Mrs. Mosier, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Jones. 1. Music and Art Department: Mr. Long, Miss G allup, Mr. Langdon, Miss Cooper. 2. Physical Education Depart- ment: Miss LeHew, Mr. Cum- mins, Mr. Heninger, Miss Fos- ter. 3. Science: Mr. Lowe, Mr Swearingen, Miss Van H o r n Mr. Belcher, Mr. Hanger. Like the hands on the clock in the senior homeroom, the students on the right have led us hand-in-hand through the last year of our high school career. They are the instruments that have made us, the class of 1952, tick. They are as follows: Treasur- er, Janet Smith, Vice-President, Carolyn Brineyg President, Ann Parsons, Secretary, Jean Ann Stokes. SE IORS With the regularity of a clock beat, the senior class of ,52 did the work at hand and moved on to greater obstacles on the road to graduation. The green eighth graders who carried all their books to all their classes, watched with awe as upper-classmen drifted nochalantly from room to room at the sound of the bell. Yes, this is the way that the seniors of ,52 spent their first year at F.H.S. As freshies, clubs and extra-curricular activ- ities became a part of school-life. The Cof- fee Pot in the school paper became the offi- cial news-column for "steadies,' and parties. "Aughe's', became the by-word for after-chool get-togethers, this class was going somewhere -not only in education, but also in the social world. The bug-catching biologist of '49 entered a sophomore year filled with more activity and study. Most of the class began to make plans for the day that they would don the long blue robes and bid good-bye to F.H.S. Talk of "next yearn and sweater colors dominated the fast- flying days of the tenth grade. Indiana was one hundred and fifty years old in October of 1950 and members of this class helped her to celebrate. After the birthday party, the juniors, clad in their gray and green sweaters, swarmed over the school and clear "Out of This Worldv at their prom. Modern rocket builders might take some lessons from the space-ship builders of F.H.S. who launched their red ship on April 27. At last this group of young people attained one of their goals in life-they were seniors. Yes, this was the last year of high school, and there was still so much to do-the class play, "Life With Fatherf, the banquet, and time was run- ning out. As seniors they had time only for a brief backward glance-the world stood waiting for them and the time was now. Today they were school children, but tomorrow they will be the leaders of the world. They lived today and planned for tomorrow - that is what makes F.H.S. tick. ARNOLD, BILLIE JOAN-Home Economics - Home Ec Club, Sunshine, Foreign Correspond- ence. ASHLEY, PEGGY JOAN-Lib- eral Arts - Sunshine, Spanish, Foreign Correspondence, Poetry Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Pep Committee, D. E. Club, Band. ATWELL, MARY KATHRYN- Commerce-Latin, Sunshine. AYERS. CAROL LOUISE-Bus- iness-Latin, Sunshine, Foreign Correspondence. AYERS, PATRICIA ANN - Lib- eral Arts-Sunshine, Math, Na- tional Honor, Band, Latin, For- eign Correspondence, Forensic, Senior Class Play. BAKER, JAMES E. - Scientific- Technical - D. O. Club, Latin, Chess Club, Hi-Y, Math, Student Council, Forensic, Big Broad- cast, C a m e r a Club, Prefect Council, Intramural, Yell Leader. BARNETT, DONNA SUE-Lib- eral Arts-Latin, Chorus, Stac- cato, Forensic, Big Broadcast, Sunshine ,National Honor, Good Citi zen Award, Homecoming Queen, High Life, Senior Class Play, Class Officer, Student Council. BEALL, JAMES HENRY - Sci- entific-Technical - Latin, Math, Forensic, Tennis, Football, Hi-Y, Intramural. BEARD, LILLIAN EVALINE- Home Economics - Sunshine, Home Ec Club. BELL, R O N A L D EUGENE- Scientific Technical - Forensic, Intramural. BLICKENSTAFF, C H A N NING B.-Scientific-Technical - Band, Latin, Crescendo, Forensic, Hi- Y, Math, Big Broadcast, Caul- dron, National Honor, Orchestra. BLYSTONE, NANCY .I A N E- Liberal Arts-Sunshine, Spanish, Forensic, Class Ofiicer, Prom Committee, High Life, D. A. R. History Award, Forensic Award, National Honor. BOGGESS, JERRY JOE-Scien- tific-Technical - Latin, Forensic, Prom Committee. BOGGS, JAMES ASHLEY - Sci- entific-Technical - Spanish, Na- tional Honor, Math, Forensic, Prefect Council, Football, Ten- nis, F Club, Foregn Correspond- ence, Track, Hi-Y, Intramural, Senior Class Play. BOLDT, HARRY BERNARD- Scientific-Technical - Latin, For- eign Correspondence, Math, Sen- ior Class Play. BRAND, LELAND H.-Liberal Arts-Latin. BRINEY, CAROLYN JOAN- Liberal Arts - Sunshine, Foreign Correspondence, Big Broadcast, Latin, Poetry Club, High Life, Cosmopolitan Club, Class Offi- cer. CAMP, LUCY ALICE - Liberal Arts-Latin, Sunshine, Foreign Correspondence, Home Ec Club. CARROLL, JACK ALDEN-Lib- eral Arts-Spanish, Big Broad- cast, Crescendo, High Life. CLARK, CHARLES WILLIAM- General-Football, Track, Latin, Hi-Y, Intramural, D. E. Club. COKER, D O N A L D LESLIE- Liberal Arts - Spanish, Intra- mural, Big Broadcast. COOK, BONNIE LOU - Liberal Arts - Latin, Sunshine, Cosmo- politan Club, High Life, Prom Committee, Senior Class Play. CRUTCHFIELD, PATRICIA J.- Business-Sunshine. CUPPY, JOSEPH LEE-Liberal Arts-Cosmopolitan Club, Latin, Senior Class Play, Football, Hi- Y, Student Council, F. Club, In- tramural, Prom Committee. DAILY. D O N A L D ELMER- General - D. O. C lu b, Intra- mural. DANIELSON, B ETTY ELIZA- BETH-Business-Sunshine. DAVEY, G E R ALD JOSEPH- Scientific-Technical - National Honor, Forensic, Student Coun- cil, Latin, Hi-Y, Football, Base- ball, Basketball, Prefect Coun- cil, Class Of.icer, Jim Brown Football Award, American Le- gion Award, F Club, Prom Com- mittee, Math, Intramural. DAVIES, RONALD EUGENE- Industrial-Intramural. DAVIS, RHETA MARIE - Busi- ness-Sunshine, Foreign Corre- spondence. DAYWI'l'I', ROBERT KEITH- Liberal Arts-Chorus, Foreign Correspondence, Latin, Science Club, D, O. Club, Crescendo. DONOHO, MARIAN LAREEN- Business-Sunshine. DONOHO, ROBERT LEE-Com- merce-D. O. Club. DORSAM, RONALD WILLIAM -Scientific-Technical - Football, Track, Choir, C a m e r a Club, Hi-Y. DUNFORD, SHIRLEY ANN- Commerce - Sunsnine, Spanish, Spanish Awards. DUPLER, M A R I L Y N ANN- Liberal Arts - National Honor, Sunshine, Forensic, Spanish, D. O. Club, Foreign Correspond- ence, Big Broadcast, Prom Com- mittee. EATON, EDWARD CHARLES- General-Hi-Y, F Club, Football, Baseball, Intramural. EHRIE, RONALD JOHN-Gen- eral-Band, Crescendo Club, In- tramural, Basketball, Big Broad- cast, Yell Leader, Tennis, Hi-Y, F. Club. ELLIOTT, DONALD PAUL-In- dustrial-D. O. Club. ELLIOTT, BILLY JOE - Scien- tific-Technical - Student Council, Band, Basketball, Math, Latin, Forensic, Crescendo, Hi-Y, Caul- dron, Foreign Correspondence, National Honor, Big Broadcast. ENDRES, DON PHILIP - Gen- eral-D. O. Club. ESRA, PATRICIA JO ANN- Liberal Arts-Sunshine, Spanish, Big Broadcast, M ath, Foreign Correspondence, National Honor, Forensic, Cauldron, Cosmopoli- tan, Student Council, Prom Com- mittee, Poetry Club. FERGUSON. F. PHILIP - Lib- eral Arts-Hi-Y, F Club, Span- ish, Math, Cosmopolitan Club, Football, Intramural, Big Broad- cast. VERRILL, SARA M. - General -Latin, F o r e i g n oCrrespond- ence, Poetry, Sunshine. FINNEY, WILLIAM ALBERT- Industrial. FORLOW, JOHN K.-Industrial. GIVEN, JOHN HERBERT-Sch entific-Technical - Latin, Cosmo- politan Club, Science Club, Big Broadcast, Hi-Y, Crescendo, In- tramural, S e nio r Class Play, Prom Committee, Foreign Cor- respondence. GOFF, MAX EARL-Industrial. GOSEWEHR, JACKIE LEE- Industrial - Basketball, Camera Club, D. O. Club, Intramural. GOSTELI, LONA ELAINE- Home Economics-Poetry Club, Foreign Correspondence, Choir, Sunshine, Staccato, Big Broad- cast. GRAFTON. JOYCE LEE-Busi- ness-Sunshine, High Life, For- eign Correspondence, Forensic, Class Officer, Prom Committee, Cosmopolitan Club, Senior Class Play, B-Team, Yell Leader, Stu- dent Council, Prefect Council. GROBE, ELWYN-Will graduate next year. GRINSTEAD. CTOLLEEN JEAN -Home Economics - Sunshine, Home Ec Club, D. E. Club. HARMON, PAUL RICHARD- Industrial. HARLAND, EVALENE JOAN- Business-Sunshine. HAYNES, CHARLES L.-Liberal Arts-Basketball, Track, Student Council, Spanish, Crescendo, Hi- Y, Senior Class Play, Prom Committee, Class Officer, Choir. HEMMERLING, PATRICIA J.- Hom e Economics - Sunshine, Home Ec Club, Staccato, Choir. HERR, BETTY JANE - Home Economics - D. E. Club, Sun- shine, Home Ec Club. HOLLIS, H E R B E R T PHIL- General - Intramural, Baseball, Big Broadcast. HOLLIS, PHYLLIS L A V O N- Business-Sunshine. HOLMES, ANNE LOUISE-Lib- eral Arts-Sunshine, Latin, For- eign Correspondence, Staccato, Big Broadcast, Choir, Class Of- ficer, High Life. HOWARD, MARTHA ANN-Gen- eral-Sunshine, Forensic, Cos- mopolitan Club, D. E. Club, Big Broadcast, Foreign Correspond- ence, Prom Committee. HOWLAND, ROBERT RUSSELL -Business-Chess Club. HUFFER, MARIAN - Scientific- Technical-Latin, Sunshine, For- eign Correspondence, P o e t r y Club, Math. IRWIN, WILLIAM ROBERT- Liberal Arts-Football, Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Student Council, F Club, Poetry Club, Hi-Y, Big Broadcast, Cosmopoli- tan Club, Intramural. ISGRIGG, PHILP - Industrial -Senior Class Play. KASER, GLEN JOHN - Scien- tific-Technical - Basketball, Hi- Y, Track, Spanish, Intramural, D. O. Club, Prom Committee. KERN, JOHN WILLIAM-Com- mercial - Football, Golf, Span- ish, F Club, Hi-Y, Big Broad- cast, Stu d e nt Council, Intra- mural. KRANER, JAMES EDWARD- Scientific - Technical - Football, Intramural, Hi-Y, Camera Club, Math, Big Broadcast. KRUG, MIRIAM L. - Liberal Arts-Latin, Sunshine, Foreign Correspondence. LANDIS, BILLY JOE - Scien- tific-Technical - Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Hi-Y, Math, In- tramural, Prom Committee. LAUGHNER, BARBARA LOU- Home Economics-Sunshine. LEWIS, JAMES MAC - General -Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track, Hi-Y, F Club, Prom Com- mittee. LIPP, MARIYN ILENE-Liberal Arts-Forensic, Sunshine, Span- ish, Stoccato, Cauldron, Band, Orchestra, Senior Cla ss Play, Prom Committee, Foreign Cor- respondence, Cosmopolitan Club, National Honor. LIPP, SUE ANN-Liberal Arts -Sunshine, Latin, Foreign Cor- respondence, High Life, Cosmoo- politan, Big Broadcast, Poetry Club, D. E. Club. MAISH, CARROLL LEE - Lib- eral Arts-Latin, Foreign Cor- respondence, Math, C a m e r a Club, Intramural, Poetry Club. MAISH, MARTHA JOAN-Lib- eral Arts-Big Broadcast, Span- ish, Sunshine, Choir, Staccato, National Honor, Foreign Corre- spondence, Senior Class Play, Prom Committee, High Life. MARTIN, JAMES RALPH-Lib- eral Arts-Math, Spanish, For- eign Correspondence, Hi-Y, F Club, Football, Golf, Intramural. MAUCH, C A R O L JORDAN- Liberal Arts - Math, National Honor, Sunshine, Forensic, For- eign Correspondence, Latin, Cos- mopolitan Club, Poetry Club, D. A. R. Award, Forensic Award, Prom Committee. MAVITY, C A R O L Y N SUE- Commercial - Sunshine, Spanish, D. E. Club, Orchestra. McCOY, B E T T Y CAROLYN- Liberal Arts-Prom Committee, Senior Class Play, Choir, Or- chestra, Spanish, Sunshine, For- eign Correspondence, Staccato, Big Broadcast. McCOY, JIM LEE-Liberal Arts -Latin, Intramural. MCINTOSH, CARL-Industrial. McKINZIE, CAROLYN SUE- Home Economics-Sunshine. McKINZIE, E D D I E GENE- General-Band, Crescendo, For- eign Correspondence, D. O. Club. MITCHELL, MORRIS RICHARD -Business-Hi-Y, D. O. Club. D. E. Club, Foreign Correspond- ence, Prom Committee. MURPHY, SANDRA IRENE- Liberal Arts - Sunshine, Span- ish, D. E. Club. MYERS, SUE JANE - Business -Sunshine Foreign Correspond- ence. NANCE, HELEN LOUIS - Lib- eral Arts - Sunshine, Forensic. Latin, Staccato, Foreign Cor- respondence, P r o m Committee, Student Council, Band, Cauldron, High Life. NEWKIRK, SHARON DEE-Lib- eral Arts - Sunshine, National Honor, Forensic, Spanish, For- eign Correspondence, Class Offi- cer, Prom Committee, Cauldron, Big Broadcast, High Life, Stu- dent Council, Speech Contest. NICKOLS, GLEN LEE-Scien- tific-Technical - Camera Club, Spanish, Student Council, For- e ig n Correspondence, T r a c k, Cross Country. NORMAN, TILDA JANE-Gen- eral-Sunshine. OSTERHOFF, NANCY LOUISE -Home Economics - Sunshine, Home Ec Club, Foreign Corre- spondence. PADGE'I'I', DON LESLIE-Sci- entific-Technical - Crescendo, D. O. Club, Band, Big Broadcast, Orchestra, Prom Committee. PARSONS, ANN-Liberal Arts- Class Officer, National Honor, Forensic, Math, Sunshine, Span- ish, Cauldron, Foreign Corre- spondence. PAYNE, CHARLENE LAVONNE -Home Economics-Sunshine. POPE, JOHN RICHARD-Com- merce-Football, Spanish, Hi-Y, High Life, Cosmopolitan Club, Choir, Intramural. PRUETT, BONNIE LOU-Gen- eral-Home Ec Club, Sunshine, Chorus. RAYLES, RICHARD DENNIS- Scientific-Technical-D. O. Club, Football, Basketball, Intramural, Big Broadcast. REDDICK, E L L E N ISABEL- Home Economics - H om e Ec Club, Sunshine, Foreign Corre- spondence, Poetry Club. RHODES, SALLY JANE-Scien- tific-Technical - Stmshine, Latin, Foreign Correspondence. RICE, ROBERT HAROLD-Sci- entific-Technical - Camera Club. Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Math, Forensic, Hi-Y, National Honor, Big Broadcast, E ss a y Contest. RIMMER, J A M E S SAMUEL- Scientific-Technical - Latin, In- tramural, Basketball, Crescendo, D. O. Club. ROBBINS, CHARLES F.-Gen- eral-Hi-Y, Big Broadcast, Stu- dent Council, Latin, Camera Club, Football, Choir, Poetry Club. ROBINSON, BEATRICE ANN- Business-Sunshine. ROBISON, MARYBELLE-Home Economics-Home Ec Club, Sun- shine, Prom Committee, Poetry Club, Senior Class Play. ROGERS, JAMES MAURICE- Liberal Arts - National Honor, Hi-Y, Latin, High Life, student Council, Crescendo, Prom Com- mittee, Forensic, Senior Class Play, Foreign Correspondence, F Club, Football, Big Broadcast Choir. ROGERS, ROBERT LEE-Lib- eral Arts - Spanish, Cosmopoli- tan Club, D. E. Club, Football, Track, Intramural. ROHRABAUGH, TOM - Scien- tific-Technical - Foreign Corre- spondence, National Honor, Hi- Y, F Club, Spanish, Forensic, Football, Basketball, Golf, Prom Committee, Cauldron. ROOT, JAMES WILLIAM-Sci- entific-Technical - Hi-Y, Latin, Forensic, Intramural. ROUTH, RICHARD LEE-Lib- eral Arts-Math, Hi-Y, Forensic, High Life, Cauldron, Latin, Na- tional Honor, Student Council, Science Club, Prom Committee, Intramural. ROYER, RUTH MARIE-Busi- ness-Sunshine. tific-Technical - National Honor, RUSH, DONNA MARIE -- Scien- Forensic, Math, Latin, Student Council, Sunshine, Central Indi- ana Oratorical C o n t e s t, Big Broadcast. SALTSMAN, JERRY DEANE- Scientific-Technical. SANDERS, ALBERT JOHN- Scientific - Technical - Intra- mural. SCHEIDLNER, MARJORIE ANN -Liberal Arts-Latin, Sunshine, Forensic, National Honor, Math, Band, Foreign Correspondence, Prom Committee, Class Officer, Student Council, Big Broadcast. SCHOOLEY, WILLIAM RICH- ARD-Commerce - Crescendo, Cosmopolitan Club, Spanish, Hi- Y, Choir. SEE, MILLARD M O N R O E- Scientiiic-Technical - Spanish Baseball, Intramural. SENTZ, SUE JANE - Scientific- Technical-Math, Sunhsine, Big Broadcast, Forensic, Latin, Sci- ence, Foreign Correspondence, Prom Committee. SHARP, RAYMOND ROBERT- General. SHEETS, PATRICIA JOANN- Home Economics - H om e Ec Club, Sunshine, Foreign Corre- spondence. SHEETS, ROBERT E.-Indus- trial-F Club, Basketball, D. 0. Club. SHERER, ROBERT JOSEPH- Liberal Arts-Basketball, Latin, Chess Club, Prom Committee, Intramural. SHURR, CAROL ELIZABETH- General-Sunshine. SKAGGS, WILLIAM LEE-D. E.-Latin, Foreign Correspond- ence, D. E. Club, Intramural. SLOAN, JOAN S.-Business- Sunshine, Home Ec Club, For- eign Correspondence. SMITH, JANET MARIE - Lib- eral Ar t s - Sunshine, Science Club, Foreign Corresbondence, Latin, Class Officer, Cosmopoli- tan Club, Choir, Staccato. SMI'I'H. MARY LOUISE-D. E. -Sunshine, Home Ec Club, For- eign Correspondence, Chorus, D. E. Club. SMITH, SHARON JEANINE- Home Economics-Latin, Stacca- to, Home Ec Club, Sunshine, Choir. SNTDER, JANET E L A I N E- Liberal Arts - Latin, Foreign Correspondence. Sunshine, High Life, Big Broadcast, Prom Com- mittee, Cauldron, Senior Class Play. SNODGRASS, DAN F.-D. O. SNODGRAS-S, M A R T H A EN- NICE-Home Economics - Home Ec Clu b, Sunshine, Staccato, Choir. SPENCER. HARRISON C.-Sci- entific-Technical - Latin, Science Club, Crescendo, Math, Foreign Correspondence. Chorus, Senior Class Play, High Life, Prom Committee, Big Broadcast. SPURGEON, MARY JANE- Liberal Arts - Forensic, National Honor, Senior Class Play, Sun- shine, Staccato, Latin, Class Of- ficer, Prefect Council, Band, Or- chestra, Student Council, Speech Contest. Foreign Correspondence, Prom Committee. STARR, MARY AGNES-Liberal Arts-Forensic, Latin, Sunshine, Foreign Correspondence. Caul- dron, Bigi Broadcast. High Life, Senior Class Play, Cosmopolitan Club. STOKES, JEAN ANN-Business -Student Council, Forensic, For- eign Correspondence, Staccato, Sunshine, Cauldron, Class Offi- cer, Choir, Prom Committee, National Honor. SUIT, ELDRED DOYLE-Gen- eral-Football. TANSEY, JOE NORMAN-Sci- entific-Technical - National Hon- or, Forensic, Latin, Math, For- eign Corresoondence, Prom Com- mittee, Senior Class Play, Intra- mural, Big Broadcast. THOMAS. B A R B A R A SUE- Home Economics-Sunshine. THOMPSON. GENE GORDON- Scientific-Technical-D. O. Club, Big Broadcast. TIMMONS. ROBERT LEE-Sci- entific-Technical-Spanish, D. O. Club, Crescendo, Math, Student Council, D. E. Club, Band, Big Broadcast, Hi-Y, Intramural. TULL, RAMONA JOAN-Busi- ness-Sunshine, Staccato. UNDERHILL, CAROLYN SUE- Business - Sunshine, Big Broad- cast, Cosmopolitan Club, For- eign Correspondence. VINARD, DONALD JAY-Ind11s- trial-Intramural. WERDEN, DIXIE LEE-Busi- ness-Sunshine. Band. WEST, CAROL JOAN-Business -Sunshine, Band. WE ST, ROGERS CRAWFORD- Scientific-Technic al. WHITEMAN, PATRICIA ANN- Home Economics - H o m e Ec Club, Sunshine. WILLIAMS, DWIGHT .T OEL- Scientific-Technical - Foreign Correspondence, Crescendo, In- tramural, Latin, Chorus, Track, Football. WILSON, JAMES LLOYD-Sci- entific-Technical-Intramural, D. 0. Club. WILSON, ROBERTA EVELYN -Limeral Arts-Latin, Foreign Correspondence, Sunshine, D. O. Club, High Life. WORK, BRUCE ALEXANDER -Scientific-Technical - National Honor. Hi-Y, Cauldron, Latin, Forensic, Math, Big Broadcast, Latin Award, Prom Committee, Student Council, Central Indiana Oratorical Contest, Foreign Cor- respondence, Intramural. YUILL. WINIFRED LOUISE- Busmess-Band, Orchestra. KOLLMAN, JOHN- THOMPSON, DAVID N.-Scien- tific-Technical-F Club, Basket- ball, Baseball, Football, Track. 1 l President, Eddie Innisg Vice - President, Bud Wainscottg Treasurer J a n e Tanseyg Secre- tary, Donna Dickey. JU IORS The opening of school saw a deluge of ma- roon and white sweaters, the chosen colors of this yearis junior class. The realization of a goal nearly attained was emphasized by the Class Day ceremonies. The juniors have truly earned the right to he the governing class of next year. In any project undertaken in the school mem- bers of the industrious class of '53 may always be found. The two biggest events of the year were the picking of the class rings, and the junior prom. The theme of this year's prom was "STAIR- VVAY TO THE STARS." Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves in a new and differently decorated Howard Hall. Under the able leadership they themselves have chosen this class may well be one of the outstanding graduating classes of Frankfort High School. Row 1-J oe Armantrout, Jim Bailey, Bob Bailey, Dick Baker, Marjory Baker, Kathryn Bart- ley. Row 2-Barbara Beery, Wilfred Beurnel, D o u gl a s Boggs, Bill Boose, Kenneth Bowerman, Bar- bara Boyer. Row 3-Betty B o y e r, Barbara Bragg, Carol Brarnrnell, Janet Brammell, Carolyn Brant, Son- dra Bricker. Row 4-Barbara Burroughs, Jim Campbell, Milo Carlson, Joyce Castle, Sondra Chapman, Mary Lou Chiapetti. Row 5-Judy Clark, Max Clark, Earl Cochran, Mary Lou Conk- lin, Neil Conner, Phyllis Conner. Row 6-Bill Cook, Carol Corbett, Sue Cox, Janet D avis, Alice Denham, Phil DePoy. Row 7-Donna Dickey, Lois Dix- on, Sandra Donahue, Nancy Dos- set, .Tack Driggs, Virginia Du- bree. Row 8-Pat Dunford, Carolyn Dunham, Phil East, Dave Eaton, M a ry Edmonds, Virginia Ed- wards. Row 9-Gen e Emery, Johanna Etter, Sue Farrell, Darlus Far- low, Shirley Forney, Janet Fra- zier. Row 1-Thomas Martin, James Maxwell, Charles McCall, Fran- cis McClaine, Virginia McCray, Jack McElwee. Row 2-N a n c y Mclllwain, La- vona M e e k s, Renny Merritt, Shirley Mic h a e 1, Pat Miller, Marilyn Mitchell. Row 3-Marcella Morris, J o an Murray, Mary Jo M y e r s, Jim Nash, Earl N e w b old, Wayne Newhart. Row 4-J o h n Oliphant, M a r y Palmer, Phyllis Pearson, Mari- lyn Pence, Fred P etty, Dick Pollett. Row 5-Joan P o w e r, Barbara Prickett, A n n a belle Primmer, Dick P u l l e y, Patra Redman, Carolyn Reed. Row 6-Phyllis R ee d, Phyllis Reef, Donald Reed, Don Riegle, Dave Robertson, Patty Robison. Row 7-Myron Roth, David Rus- sell, F r a n k Sanders, Barbara Saulsberry, Nancy Scheid, Mar- jorie Schimmel. Row 8-Patty Sh e e t s, Nancy Sloan, Helen Smith, Joe Sneath- en, Janet Spear, Judy Spray. Row 9-Sandra Stoms, Joel Storm, C a r o l Streets, Gerald Swanson, Shirley S w e a ringen, Lowell Swope. Row 1-Marjorie Frazier, Betty Gallaher, Alice Geib, G e o r g e Ginn, G o r d o n Given, Ronnie Good. Row 2-Grace Goodwin, K a t h- ryn Goodwin, Don Greeno, El- lis Hall, Carol Hamilton, Waver- ly Harlan. Row 3-Bob Harmon, Bob Har- ris, Arlene Haslett, D anny Hayes, Jean H a y e s, Norman Hayes. Row 4-Beverly Heffley, J a c k Herr, Richard H in t o n, Linda Hodge, Lindo Hood, D o n a 1 d Houze. Row 5-Beverly Howe, Ll o y d Huffer, Virginia Huffer, Edward Innis, Berta Irwin, Sally Jacobs. Row 6-C a r 0 1 Jenkins, Nancy Johnson, Shirley J o i n e r, Ann Kaser, Richard Kaylor, Nancy Kindley. Row 7-Jackie King, Don Kite, Patsy Lambert, Jerry Languell, Willard Leach, Jackson Lipp. Row 8-S h i r l e y Lipp, Jerone Lipsett, Eula Livengood, Rich- ard Locke, Carol Loeffler, Nan- cy Louck. Row 9-Nancy Lowden, Dorothy Lowe, Tom Lowe, John Lynch, Marilyn Maish, Nancy Mann. Row 1-Jane Tansey, Becky Thacker, Beryl Thacker, Kay Tull, Bill Vanderkleed, Marilyn Wainscott. Rok 2-Meredith Wainscott, Jim Wheeler, Suzanne Williams, Bev- erly Winger, Larry Wright, Lois Young. Row 3-J a n et Zin k, Shirley Witherow. SOPHGMORES Phil Dupler, president, Nancy Boggs. vice-president, jim Osterhoff, secretary, and Marilyn Morrison, treasurer, led the class of '54. Miss Campbell Row 1-Donnie Albitz, Janice Catron, Billie Barber, Elizabeth Bogan, Richard Castle, Pat- ty Camp, Sue Campbell, Nick Carter. Row 2-Mary Kay Brant, Kerry Breeze, Don Bretlain, Della Caldwell, Patty Brumbarger, Sharon Best, S a n d r a Bridgewater, Phyllis Armantrout, James Brittain, Barbara Beem, Connie Aughe. Row 3-Mary Chatfield, Dale Bushman, Edith Black, Norma Jean Cast, Mildred Bougher, Jerry Bates, Tom Ayres, Harold Cast, Bob Allen, Darrell Boggess, Nancy Boggs. Miss Knox Row 1-Betty Clements, Kenneth Davis, Nan- cy Cox, Howard Cooper, Marilyn Everman, Jack Donoho, Betty Chrisman, Sally Clutter, Alden Dixon, Johnny Coffman. Row 2-Melvin Dunham, James Clark, Jan Downer, Pete Eaton, Peggy Dykhuizen, Patri- cia Donoho, Mary Cunningham, Gerald Davis. Row 3-Chester Clinger, Fred Decker, Charles Evanson, Thomas Curl, Phil Dupler, David Dick, Jim Crane, Everett D o n o h o, Ronald Durbin. Miss Bond Row 1-Phyllis Green, Darrell Goodnight, Jane Hodgen, Buford Haney, Carol Gaffney, Ferrill Higinbotham, Carolyn Holland, Donald Heaton, Mary Hamilton, Robert Hitch. Row 2-Shirley Galey, Barbara Ferguson, Jun- ior Harris, Patti Harshman, Bettie Harris, Patty Goar, Jean Godby, Patty Guntle, Joe Ewing, Jane Ferguson. Row 3-Norman Hagerty, Sondra Hicks, Bes- sie Harr, Betty Harr, Mabel Hinton, Shirley Harper, John Hackerd, DeWayne Grafton, Lois Hackerd, Tom Hall, Carolyn Gillum. Mr. Bahney Row 1-Janet Lucas, Ann F i s h e r, Carolyn Laughner, Lynn J on e s, Jack Marsh, Patty Kirk, Graden Loveless, Jean Jenkins, Claudia Howe. Row 2-Esther Leach, Bob Mast, Sarah Ken- ney, Larry Kelly, Nancy Jones, Don Kort, Gay Haff, Norman Laflen, Phyllis Lipp. Row 3-Jo McCoskey, Patsy Kyle, Anna Hurt, Janet Sue Jones, Patricia Lewis, Jim Hoyer, Bob Leavitt, Bud Louks, Esther Mathews. Miss Miller Row 1-Norman Newhart, Phyllis Myers, Bev- erly Moody, Janet Power, Judy Moore, Phil Nicholas, Rose McIntosh, Warren Messick, Marilyn Morrison, Phyllis Neher, Marlene Posey. Row 2-Nancy Meiers, Jim Osterhoff, Beverly Moore, Patty Newhart, Charles Norman, San- dra McKinzie, James Mustin, Marlene Morris, Phil MacKinzie, Phyllis Pollett. Row 3-Paul Paulsen Jr., Don McGuire, Rich- ard Morrison, James Ostler, Nancy Morris, Larry Meneely, Bertha Ostler, Jack Pitman, Gorman Pierce, Janet McCray. Miss Carfield Row 1-Gary Retterbush, Anna Sanders, San- dra Sims, Jackie Smith, Ann Scott, Dale Rog- ers, Ann Sharky, Roger Robison, Charlotte Sheets, Norman Spaulding. Row 2-David Sheets, Walter Smith, Laberta Sears, Edward Sewies, Joellyn Sharp, Richard Smith, Marilyn Rader, Jerry Smith, Kenny Smith, Charles Saltsman. Row 3-Kay Sheets, Pamela S mith, Janice Redman, Chuck S m ith, Barbara Snodgrass, Larry Shaver, Sandra Sheets, Larry Reed, El- len Reifel, Don Sanders. Mrs. Redmon Row 1-Judy Stillwell, Maxine Young, Laura Thompson, Betty Watchbaugh, George Thomp- son, Lorita Uitts, Jerry Werden, Nancy Unroe, Daris Wells. Row 2-Shirley Wilson, Judy Williams, Donna Watkins, Jane Wheatley, Carol Wallace, Mar- garet Walker, Peggy White, Janet Tribbett, Carlton Williams, Jack Taylor. Row 3-Mona Virtue, William Wheeler, Don Thompson, Thomas Whitehead, Jim Thomp- son, Kenneth Vinard, Richard Zurfas, Doris Thurman. FRE HME - , -V . . . , , f ,.ff -M. ..., Mg., W1,f.-.fmlmalraff-Q The freshmen class officers for the past year were president, Bob Lavertyg vice-president, Susan Jenner, secretary, Joe Branaging treas- urer, Louise Frazier. Mr. Hanger Row 1-Emmogene Bushong, Nancy Chandler, Larry Breeze, Eva Barker, Phillip Bailey, Va- der Fish, Bob Bohr, Linda Barker, James Bowles, Virginia Barker. Row 2-Deloris Bushman, Margaret Carter, Ruth Camp, Joe Branagin, Norma Emery, Richard Brandon, Linda Brammell, Benny Bartley, Nelda Baker, Keith ........ Row 3-Mary A n s o n, Shirley C a r r, Larry Camp, Carl Allen, Joan Best, Phil Branden- burg, Claudia Carlson, Bob B ailey, Frank Adams, Richard Chew, Gerald Camp. Mr. Belcher Row 1-Peggy Dunn, Ronnie Eaton, Sandra Conklin, Jim Dorsam, Neva Jane Cox, Al Col- grove, Virgene Dunn, Jim Clossin, Gloriai Cast, Harold Cunningham. Row 2-Loretta Dearth, Jim E aton, Patty Davis, Wilma Elliott, Judy Dykhuizen, Sue Conant, Arlene Coe, Donna Derringer, Lynne Cronkright. ' Row 3-Sharon Fitzsimmons, Sharon Donoho, Jack Davis, Virginia Davey, Gene Dalrymple, Louise Frazier, David Ehlers, Bill Dunn. Miss Van Horn Row 1-Robert Hobson, R u b y Higinbotham, Nancy Hedgcock, Beverly Gephart, A r l e n e Heier, John Garhart, Virginia, Bill Graves. Row 2-Larry Hall, Janet Ham, John Hill, Helen Gerald, Walter Harmon, Doris Gant, Jim Howe. Row 3-Larry Hickerson, R 0 b e r t Hackerd, Richard Henderson, Charles Hemmcrling. Mr. Swearingen Row I-Patty Lipp, Susie Jenner, Larry Huf- fer, Lou Ann King, Warren Leonard, Judy Lipsett, Gayle Johnson, Edwin Lambert. Row 2-Larry McCoy, Mary McCullum, Ray- mond Mathews, Alice Kerns, Howard Maish, Beverly Jackson, B a r t o n Kleinfeldt, Janet Jones, Ronald Keever. Row 3-Eugene Keever, Shirley Lydy, Larry Isgrigg, Rosemary Latshaw, Robert Laverty, Dianne Mackey, Paul Kilian, Donna Joseph, Bob Knox, Donald Hunter, William McAnne. Mrs. Padgett Row 1-Dorcas Meeks, Richard Ogden, Kay Jean Reed, Stanley Rhine, Ruby Oster, Tom Oglesby, Carol McGowan, Van Parker, Sarah Neher, Ronald McNutt, Sandra Palmer. Row 2-Donald McKinzie, R e gin a Morgan, Ernest Muvis, Shirley Reppert, Gary Ricketts, Linda Paterson, Fred Ponton, Mae Parsons, Donald Miller, Miriam Miller. Row 3-Barbara Kay Morris, Darrel Pedigo, Mary Jane Rayles, Charles McHale, Janet Robbibns, Oscar Miller, Judy Nall, Marie Ral- las, Connie Pierce, Layia Rising, Melba Rim- mer. Mr. Lowe Row 1-Maverine Rogier, Allen Shurr, Nancy Russell, James Siegfried, Pat Sentz, Frank Starr, Ann Robey, Jim S t o g s d ill, Colleen Silence, Charles Stotts. Row 2-Mose Spray, Connie Teegarden, Bruce Taylor, Judy Schenck, Denny Smith, Roth LaRits, Peggy Strange, Janice Suits, Jane Scott, Shirley Skaggs, Janice Sheets. Row 3-Dale Saltsman, Max Royer, Roger Taflinger, Mark Sebree, C l a y t o n Snyder, Frankie Stuard, William Smith, Larry Small, Charles Root, Rex Royer, Mr. Wood Row 1-Larry Tull, Analee Turner, Mike Wal- ters, Julie Van Tyle, Jerald Thomas, Miriam Weimer, Tom Ward, Elaine Walden, Dixielee Watkins. Row 2-Delma Young, Richard Wright, Jean Young, Eugene Varmon, Ruth Woodard, Jim Wynedin, Anita Thompson, Jimmy Ulm, Lou- anne Vanderkleed. Row 3-Ronald White, Max Williams, Willis Turner, Tommy Wilson, John Trewatha, Jack Wessel, HTH GR Mr. Dick Row 1-Millicent Coffman, Jim Spidel, John- ny Beavens, Linda Pickering, David Stampe, Jim Pruitt, Judy Baker, Jim Himmelwright, Larry Bond, Larry Jacoby. Row 2-Ernest Donoho, Ronnie Miller, Mar- lyn Ham, Nancy B e a v e r s, Barbara Irwin, Beverly Holland, Jeaneanne Hufford, Nancy Conwell, Glenda Webb, Howard Snodgrass, Ronnie Waddell. Row 3-Robert Gray, Sara Jones, Judy Glass, Stephen Louck, Charles Black, Nancy Augen- stein, Carol C o u d e n, Judy Fisher, Sharon Branson, Jan Parcell, Norma Belka. Mr. Henninger Row 1-Junior Wilson, Bette Morris, William Hindsley, Judy Rule, Patricia Mohler, Mar- gery Howland, Bill Higinbotham, Norma Wal- lace, Jackson Alb a u g h, Carolyn Malicoat, Mark Haskins. Row 2-Don Mitchell, Karen Martin, Janice Forlow, Sally Pickering, Carolyn Arion, Judy Moore, Carol Mast, Bob Clark, Charles Jar- rill, Carolyn Young. Row 3-Paul Mangis, Wynona Jones, Bailey Carrel, Raymond Morgan, Gary Morningstar, Helen Bondwrant, Lee Henderson, Jow Bow- en, Ron Ripley, Larry Sheets. Mrs. Mosier Row 1-Roland Bewse, Elizabeth Lipp, Phyl- lis Elkins, Donna Mann, Niles Villars, Joyce Mann, Lanny Kelly, Carolyn Stockrahn, Dick Hammersley, Donna King, Larry Smith. Row 2-Larry Adler, Ora Lee Shaff, Connie McKinzie, Billy Martin, Earlene Ketchum, John Ayers, Robert Reef, Shirley Bitner. Row 3-Diane Lewis, David Story, Sandra Martin, David Schulz, Carl McKee, June Bain, Betty Erdel, Bob Miller, Len McBride. Mr. Dean Row 1-Dick Marity, Larry Woods, Sue Camp- bell, Jim Painters, Lois Norris, Ronnie Sting- ley, Trudy George, David Dunham, Janet Arn- old, Jerry Evans. Row 2-Jane Hauser, Jody Nance, Judy Goar, Janet Wilson, Farland Dalrymple, Janet Stin- son, Ronnie Sanders, Linda Foster, Donald Pearcy, Norma Dick, Donnie Smith. Row 3-Linda Heaton, Phil Rich, Mary Camp, Donny Mitchell, Jim Reno, Phillip Paulson, Jerry Emery, Sarah Eldridge, Don King, Max Coffman, Evelyn Ostler. Mr. Pace Row 1-Phillip Conner, Connie Evans, Donna Thompson, Junior Barber, Virginia Hurt, Jim Voges, Karen Sheets, James Scott. Row 2-Anna Doughty, John Maish, Billy Mat- thews, Jerry Lipp, Leone M c M u l l e n, Carl Greeno, Marlene Taylor, Jim Eaton, Walter Miller, Thelma Thompson. Row 3-Diane Wayt, Truman Cooper, Carolyn White, Jim Bricker, Ida May Smith, Jackie Morthern, Jerry Morrison, Nelson Sheets, Jer- ry Whiteman, Larry Montgomery. Mr. Baldwin Row 1-Norma Smith, Bill Gaskons, Claudia Pollett, Tom Huff, Paul Crockett, Jim Walker, Shirley Harlan, Billy Cunningham, Patricia Cole. Row 2-Shirley Hanna, Romain Davis, Diana Smith, Roy Ferguson, Jane Royce, Bob Fer- guson, Bill Everman, Terry P u r c ell, Max Mitchell. Row 3-Gene McCreery, Beverly Taylor, Wil- ma Ferguson, Allan Hodgen, Barbara McEl- wee, Jackie Ray, Jane Nash, Betty Ostler. Miss May Row 1-Carol Williams, Larry Leach, Rosetta Forsythe, Tom Miller, Patsy Flora, Max Cun- ningham, Louise Wells, Carroll Williams, Pat- ty Maish. Row 2-Russel Beard, Mary Elkins, Rex Love- less, Etta Linedecker, Michael Ginn, Sharon Derringer, Dick Finderbury, Betsy Trent. Row 3-Paul Allen Brant, Ralph Ewbank, Bob Keever, Judy Thomas, David Pannell, Doro- thy Chambers, Billy Abbott, Sharon Hackerd, Don Hackett, Patty Wessell. Mr. Ayers Row 1-Iris Goodwin, Connie Moudy, Shirley Taylor, Larry Brown, Beverly Hazel, Phil Stoops, Kathryn Burgin, William Amos, Edile Grafton, Lamoine Brown. Row 2-Ronnie Sims, Franklin Cole, Bennie Smith, Bob Thomas, May Janer, Mary Lou Smith, Linda Bartley, Larry Clements. Row 3-Donald Pippenger, Harold Bowerman, Gerald Baker, Robert Skinner, Sharon Pal- mer, Bob Bragg, Bertha Martin, John Varner. Mr. Davis Row 1-Harvey Howe, Don Rogers, Charlotte Wheeler, Eddie Rhodes, Emma Pettit, John Lamber, Carolyn Schimmel, James Goodwin, Janet Parsons, William Shelley. Row 2-Janice Swift, Carol Boyer, John Smart, Walter Eaton, Sharon Marley, John Strong, Pat Anderson, Gerald Hall, Donna Randels, John Saari. Row 3-Judith Butler, Bruce MacKenzie, Jim Pettit, Richard Frey, Bob Toney, Don Gun- yon, Kenneth Keever, Harry Stuart, Charlotte Vail. 4 N N 4 w A W , 5 H w ? Q , , ga Y. 4Vff"LW 'f'ZQW1'Af'- f V JA.. . ..' .L ' I .. - nl...-f' 53 any! Without ACTIVITIES Frankfort 'Il i t XII M' 1 XI A in ,ff Ti X I I 9 fi' I A I 2 6 U I IGK ., , J? X I-P ff s '- +-if x, ' 'STN X , 'f X' I K f 1 . 1,54 , ,Q X95 ff I xg! 51 M' ,X f' X' 'W - A ' 'I Q Q Y 4 I Q, P IWW ffjgi If f lwouIdn't "tick" at all VVhat makes Frankfort High School tick? Probably one of the most important things is the activities. It has often been said that there is more to a high school education than what can be learned in books. This is very true for a student Without outside activities is just a machine attending class. Add outside activities. and the student becomes a citizen. l i Row 1-C. Silence, C. Brammell, N. Louck, J. Power, J. Baker, M. Spurgeon, J. Clossin, J. Mustin, D. Russell. Row 2-J. olas, G. Row 3-J. Row 4-L. Mr. Gre Dykhuizen, M. Weimer, L. Brammell, M. Parsons, A. Parsons, P. Esra, D. Grafton, P. Nich- Thompson, C. Smith, J. Cuppy. Ferguson, B. Irwin, J. Boggs, C. Robbins, J. Davey, E. Innis, N. Conner, L. Shaver, P. East. Small, N. Boggs, S. Donoho, J. Rogers, S. Farrell, P. Dupler, B. Laverty, J. Languell, D. Kort, gg, sponsor. Student Council Besides clubs, classes, and sports, our students have a chance at the governing side of things. Home roorn presi- dents, class presidents, members of the Prefect Council, and four elected students from the senior class are mem- bers of this body, the STUDENT COUNCIL. Mr. Wayne Gregg, assistant principal, very capably served as faculty advisor to this group during a highly successful year. Various feats accomplished by the group during the 1951- 1952 school term are the continuous drive against paper- cluttered halls, an open-house-at which the inauguration of the new inter-com system was held, and several Friday night dances. Student Council members found themselves very for- tunate in having a group of v e r y outstanding officers. Mary Jane Spurgeon served throughout the year as pres- ident, James Baker, secre- tary - treasurer, and J o a n Power, vice-president. One of the greatest honors available in Frankfort High School is to be elected to the National Honor Society. Students are elected twice a year by a committee com- posed of F .H.S. teachers. To qualify for membership in the society, a student must be a junior or senior in the upper third of his class, and he must have the character- istics of leadership, fine character, and dependability as Well as scholarship. The society holds a luncheon in the school cafeteria once a month, and sponsors a dance some- time during the school year. Other activities are some- times undertaken by the society as the year progresses. Mr. Coy Wood is the sponsor of the club. ational Honor Society Row 1-Pat Esra, Mary Jane Spurgeon, Marilyn Lipp, Carol Mauch, Nancy Louck, Jean Ann Stokes, Ann Parsons. Royw 2-Joanl Power, Sue Farrell, Tom Rohrabaugh, Jerry Davey, Marilyn Dupler, Channing Blickenstaff, oan Mais . Rovv 3-Carol Brammell, Donna Barnett, Pat Ayers, Marjorie Scheidler, Donna Rush, Dick Routh, Bob Rice, Charles McCall, Meredith Wainscott, Nancy Blystone. RCBWP4-Jim Rogers, Bruce Work, Jim Boggs, Sharon Newkirk, George Ginn, Joe Elliott, Joe Tansey, Phil e oy. Row 1-Carol Mauch, Marion Huffer, Bob Rice, Bruce Work, Donna Rush, Jim Boggs, Pat Ayers, Jerry Davey, Janet Frazier, Pat Esra. Row 2-Phil Ferguson, Jim Baker, Harry Boldt, Marjorie Scheidler, Sue Sentz, Ann Parsons, Jim Kra- ner, Sue Farrell, Bill Landis, Berta Irwin. Row 3-Eddie Innis, Robert Timmons, Joe Tansey, Channing Blickenstaff, Dick Routh, Jim Martin, Har- ry Spencer, Joe Elliott, Jim Beall, Carroll Maish, Miss Sanders. Math Club Cherished and desired Alpha Omega of all F.H.S. math students? Why of course itis the Math Club, the merry band of paper fanciers. Through the club's continuous paper drive efforts over 30 tons of scrap paper made the long journey cross-town to Winski,s. A swell means for a good purpose! The chief aim of the club at regular meetings is to promote interest in the history of math and its use in the mode1'n day era. Among the club's projects was the donation of S100 on the schoolis new inter-com system. They sponsored the dance after the Frankfort-Crawfordsville game. Along with the Spanish Club they brought Dr. Harold Richardson, president of Franklin College, to the student body in a special convocation. "I move that the motion be laid on the table . . fi If perchance one should pass by the recreation room during the first Wedllesday morning of any school month, he F I I might readily hear this familiar phrase or any other from O r C C u b Robertls Rules of Order. We haven't, however, been vis- ited by the Supreme Court, it,s merely the monthly meet- ing of a long-standing club around F.H.S.-the Forensic Club. Under the direction of Mrs. Martha Redmon this club studies, parliamentary procedure. The activities of this organization include the annual Forensic Fling, the formal initiation of new members, and the sponsorship of a speaker for a convocation. Row 1, left to right-Ed Innis, Nancy Jones, Sue Farrell, Joyce Grafton, Berta Irwin, Marilyn Dupler., Mary Jane Spurgeon, Pat Esra, Donna Dickey, Jerry Davey, Mrs. Redmon, sponsor. Row 2-Miriam Weimer, Helen Nance, Nancy Louck, Carol Brammell, Janet Frazier, Sue Sentz, Connie Aughe, Martha Howard, Carol Mauch. Row 3-Donna Barnett, Pat Ayers, Marilyn Lipp, Donna Rush, Tom Rohrabaugh, Jim Boggs, Jane Tan- sey, Jean Ann Stokes, Joan Power, Mary Agnes Starr, Ann Parsons. Row 4-Jim.Osterhoff, Channing Blickenstaff, Dick Routh, Meredith Wainscott, Ronald Bell, Jerry Bog- gess, Marjorie Scheidler, Sharon Nevvkirk, Bob Rice, Jim Rogers. Row 5-Jim Baker, Bruce Work, Jim Root, George Ginn, Joe Elliott, Jim Beall, Joe Tansey, Phil Dup- ler, Tom Lowe. SCIENCE CLUB Row 1-J. Himmelwright, J. Dykhuizen, P. Dunn, G. Thompson, G. Given, B. Thacker, N. Lo u c k, M. P a l m er, C. Corbett, S. Stoms, L. Jacoby. Row 2-J. Rule, N. Au- genstine, A. Colgrove, L. Sheets, J. Branagin, M. Schimmel, J. E. Power, J. Garhart, S. Conklin. Row 3-L. Pickering, J. Johnson, J. Given, C. Norman, R. Robison, N. Kindley, S. Farrell, C. Cauden, J. Fisher, D. Stampe. CAMERA CLUB Row 1-Gary Retterbush, Jim Kraner, Bob Rice, G le n Nickols, Ed Innis, Joe Ewing. Row 2-Danny Hayes, Ronnie Dorsam, Charles Robbins, Rennie Merritt, Jim Osterhoff, Neil Con- ner, Phil Nicholas. Row 3-J a c k Gosewehr, Jim Baker, Paul Kilian, Phil Dupler, Bill Vander- kleed, Gene Emery, Car- roll Maish. D. O. Jim Baker, Roberta son. Elliott. McIntosh. Cosmopolitan Club 1. Sally Clutter, Jane Ferguson, Marilyn Morrison, Mary Agnes Starr, Joan Maish, Joyce Grafton, Carolyn Underhill, Jim Osterhoff, Jim Boggs, Bob Allen, Shirley Michaels, Patra Redmon, Grace Goodwin. 2. Charles McCall, Sandra Stoms, Carol Corbett, Sue Cox, Janet Davis, Judy Clark, Joan Power, Nancy Louck, Nancy Scheid, Linda Hodge, Tom Lowe, Berta Irwin, Barbara Beery. 3. Bill Vanderkleed, Jerry Languell, Bill Cook, Norman Hayes, Mike Carlson, Ferrell Higinbotham, Phil Ferguson, Bill Schooley, John Pope, Kathryn Goodwin, Carol Gaffney, Janet Zink. 4. Lynn Jones, Francis McClaine, Bob Norman, David Dick, Jim Hoyer, Betty Watchbaugh, Peggy Dykhuizen, Nancy Unroe, Mary Kay Brant, Jan Downer, Jim Mustin. 5. Nancy Kindley, Jean Godby. Ann Fisher, Carol Hamilton, Pat Dunford, Peggy White, Nancy Jones, Graden Love- less, Larry Kelley, Tom Ham, Bobby Mast, Jack Pitman, Wilforcx Beumel, Walter Smith. 6. Phyllis Lipp, Loritta Uitts, Janet Tribbett, Betty Chrisman, Joellyn Sharp, Shirley Wilson, Kay Sheets, Barbara Beem, Nancy Boggs, Jane Wheatley, Martha Howard, Nancy Morris, Patty Newhart, Row 2-Don Endres, Donoho, Don Padgett, Rimmer, Don Dailey, Row l - Marilyn Dupler, John Kaser, B ob Sheets, Wil- Bob Jim Don Dan Row 3-Bob Daywitt, Snodgrass, Mr. Shockney, Jim Wilson, Gene Thomp- son, Eddie McKinsey, Carl Latin Club Row 1-B. Irwin, J. Mc- Cray, M. J. Godby, C. J. Gaffney, J. Clossin, R. Robison, B. A. Irwin, K. L. Goodwin, N. J. Cast, J. L. Cuppy, J. H. Given. Row 2-J. Dykhuizen, P. Sentz, P. Dunn, J. Bran- agin, D. Smith, C. Root, J. W. Boose, D. Boggs, R. Merritt, D. Robertson. Row 3-M. L. Krug. 5- -7- Rhodes, N. M. BOSES, 5- S. Clutter, J. Ferguson, M. L. Schimmel, J. E. Brittain, B. A. Thacker, M. M. Palmer, A. F. Col- grove. Row 4-P. Dykhuizen, S. L. Kenney. N. J. Morris. B. J. Watchbaugh, T. R. Lowe, P. A. Ayers, M. A. Starr, G. L. Thompson. B. L. Haney, E. H. Lam- bert. Row 5-A. M. Kerns, S. A. Carr, A. L. Denham, J. A. Zink, L. L. Hood, N. C. Kindley, N. E. Scheid, C. R. Norman, J. P. Ulm, H. B. Boldt, J. L. Osterhoff, P. L. Nich- olas, P. J. Dupler, L. Kelly, J. Mustin. Row 6-B. J. Elliott Baker, H. Spencer, L. . Shaver, W. J. Beumel, . Grafton, R. L. White, . J. Williams, E. J. Crane, B. Lipp. more Row 1-H. S. Conant, V. R. Davey, L. S. Rising, W. K. Elliott, S. A. Stoms, H. L. Nance,'J. E. Snider, N. J. Louck D. K. Dickey, B. Z. Beem, S. Farrell, G. Goodwin, J. A. Tansey, B. E. Beery, C. B. Corbett, S. B. Bricker, P. T Michael. Row 2-S. J. Sentz, B. L. Cook, J. L. Etter, E. M. Huffer, M. L. Chiapetta, M. J. Spurgeon, R. Latshaw, L. Vander kleed, A. Robey, L. A. Thompson, D. K. Mackey, F. E. McClaine. Row 3-S. M. Verill, P. A. White, C. Aughe, B. J. Chrisman, N. E. Jones, J, M. Smith, D. Barnett, B. J. Ferguson, N Baker, R. L. Ogden, J. R. Maxwell. Row 4-R. E. Wilson, M. Atwell, L. Hodge, J. Downer, G. L. Thompson, F. C. Starr, C. Evanson. Row 5-D. M. Rush, M. A. Scheidler, C. J. Briney, D. Sanders, J. L. McCoy, D. L. Hayes, W. E. Cook, N. Spaulding R. Mast. Row 6-R. Price, C. Blickenstaff, R. Routh, J. Tansey, F. Petty, J. Root, J. Languell, B. Work, L. Hinton. 'H O Q Q 'Q 3 Q 0 Q Q Q va 'U 0 3 Q. Q 3 O Q 2 Q4 , Row 1-L. Gosteli I Stokes, D. D i c k e y, S. Farrell, G. Goodwin, J. Tansey, B. B e e r y, N. Louck, S. Bricker, J. Zink, C. C o r b e t t, N. Baker. Row 2-J. Etter, S. Lipp, C. Briney, N. Kindley. L. Hodge, N. Scheid, S. Don- oho, E. Reddick, A. Scott, A. Sharkey. Row 3-A. Primmer, B. ard, V. McCray, M. Rob- ison, H. Nance, J. Snider, P. Ashley, C. Underhill, B. McCoy, M. Spurgeon. Row 4-S. Best, M. Dup- ler. J. Smith, N. Morris, S. Sentz, M. Krug, S. Rhodes, M. Starr, J. Maish, B. Ferguson. Row 5-S. McKinzie, S. Verrill, L. Hood, J. Graf- ton, M. Smith, J. Sloan, S. Myers, M. Morris, M. Baker, M. Rader. Row 6-L. Brand, J. Ba- ker, P. DePoy, R. Hen- derson, L. Meneely, F. Higinbotham, T. Ham. Row 7-S. LiDD. C. Ham- il t o n, M. Chiapetta, J. Power, J. Clark, S. Bridgewater, P. N e h e r, M. Bra nt, J. Catron, S. Carr. Row 8-A. Kerns, B. Gal- laher, A. D e n h a m, S. Campbell, D. Barnett, S. Newkirk, P. A y e r s, N. Unroe, J. Best, P. Arman- trout. Row l-J. Jones, V. Davey, P. Dunn, P. Sentz, J. Dykhuizen, S. Jenner, M. Parsons, S. Skaggs, L. Thompson, C. Bart- ley, M. Conklin, C. Loefller, S. Stoms, L. King. Row 2-E. Huffer, J. McCray, M. Godby, C. Gaffney, J. Werden, J. Clossin, R. Robison, L. Conkright, L. Frazier, M. Miller, P. Donoho, N. Cast, J. Hodgen, B. Morris, D. Mackey. Row 3-D. Forlow, L. Rising, G. Johnson, M. Rogier, W. Elliott, R. Latshaw, D. Sanders. Row 4-B. Bragg, N. Jones, J. Tribbett, B. Heffley, J. Parker, J. Smith, B. A. Irwin, K. Goodwin, W. Boose, D. Boggs, J. Given, R. Merritt, B. Burroughs. Row 5wC. Aughe, P. Dykhuizen, M. Maish, N. Mann, C. Brammell, A. Geib, D. Smith, J. Branagin, C. Root. J. Brit- taln, B. Thacker, S. Cox, M. Palmer, M. Edmonds. Row 6-B. Gephart, M. Anson, B. Watchbaugh, A. Robey, L. Vanderkleed, M. Schimmel, J. Power, S. Clutter, J. Dow- ner, G. Thompson, G. Given, F. Starr, A. Golgrove, C. Evanson. Row 7-M. Rayles, P. Pearson, B. Arnold, J. Brammell, J. Ferguson. L. Shaver, J. Ulm, H.Boldt, J. Osterhoff, P. Nich- olas, P. Dupler. Row 8-N. Cox, B. Chrisman, L. Uitts, K. Sheets, N. Boggs, P. White, J. Martin, P. Kilian, L. Kelly. J. Mustin, C. Maish, B. Vanderkleed. Rziozlv Lowe, S. Kenney, C. Gillum, J. Ham, E. Reifel, D. Grafton, B. Norman, R. White, G. Swanson, N. Hayes, C. c a . Row 10-F. McC1aine, J. Maxwell, D. Williams. D. Robertson, J. Rogers, F. Petty, J. Boggs, G. Ginn, J. Elliott, W. Buemel, J. Tansey, D. Baker, H. Spencer, B. Lipp, J. Crane. Dossett, P. Michael, . Edwards, J. Lipsett, . Beem, L. Camp, M. How- Home Econondcs Club Row 1-Martha Howard, Peggy Ashley, Robert Rogers, Rob- ert Timmons, Bill Skaggs, Leland Brand, Jack Carroll. Row 2-Colleen Grinstead, Carolyn Mavity, Sue Lipp, Sandra Murphy, Lucy Camp, Mary Smith. Row 3-Mr. Dean, Betty Herr, Pat Hemmerling, Bill Clark. First row, left to right-M. Morrison, J. Lipsett, P. Michael, R. Redmon, G. Given, C. Dunham, C. Hamilton, P. Don- oho, R. Timmons, P. Ferguson, J. Carroll, S. Palmer, and P. Esra. Second row-H. Smith, V. Huffer, J. Clark, C. Brammell, S. Murphy, M. Lipp, M. Dupler, N. Blystone, J. Power, S. Conklin, M. See, J. Campbell, and J. Dorsam. Third row-J. McE1wee, C .McCall, D. Lipsett, J. Frazier, A. Geib, J. Hodgen, P. Ashley, A. Parsons, J. Maish, M. Parsons, T. Brammell, R. Brandon, and C. McHale. Fourth row-P. Guntle, C. Mavity, A. Fisher, L. Uitts, S. Thacker, B. Heffley, S. Dunford, D. Pedigo, B. Morris, J. Scott, G. Emery, and J. Hackerd. Fifth row-N. Hayes, K. Breeze, J. Jones, N. Hedgcock, L. Frazier, S. Jenner, P. Bailey, J. Pitman, D. Dick, W. Van- derkleed, E. Donoho, and G. Loveless. Sixth row-B. Schooley, B. Koger, D. Pollet, S. Donoho, S. Newkirk, T. Rohrabaugh, W. Beumel, and D. Ehlers. Seventh row-G. Retterbush, G. Nichols, C. Haynes, J. Kerns, B. Laverty, M. Carlson, B. Allen, J. Smith, and J. Marsh. ow 1-L. Uitts, C. Grinstead, B. Arnold, P. Sheets, E. Red- dick, M. Robison, B. Clements, P. Newhart. ow 2-P. Kirk, A. Primmer, P. Lipp, M. L. Smith, M. Snod- grass, S. Smith, C. Corbett, C. Brant, C. Sheets. ow 3-B. Herr, B. Snodgrass, K. Tull, S. Wilson, Mrs. Padgett, L. Beard, P. Whiteman, N. Osterhoff, P. Lam bert, N. Cast. D. E. Club Spanish Club Cauldron Staff Top, left-Editor-in-Chief, Pat Esrag Assistant Editor, Bruce Work. Top, right-Business Staff-Channing Blickenstaff and Joseph Elliott. Bottom-Editorial Staff-Marilyn Lipp, Sharon Newkirk, Janet Snider, Jean Ann Stokes, Richard Routh, and Tom Rohra- baugh. Early in the school year the 1952 Cauldron staff, direct- ed by Mr. Raymond Rohrabaugh, faculty advisor, began to edit its book. Looking back we remember the taking of the junior and senior pictures. Then came those both- ersome schedules for the various activities around the school. Then, in February, we began selling the 1952 Cauldrons. Next we had to worry about the copy and its deadline and about choosing the pictures to be used out of the many taken by our photographer, Gil Hutton. In the meantime We were trying to sell more and more Caul- drons. This was the Work of the staff devoting its time, ingenuity, and patience. Here is your book. We are proud of it and we hope that you are too. "Attention! High Life will be distributed in the home rooms tomorrow morning-with many scoops, as usual!" And so went the announcement as given by Mr. Crouse over the inter-com - for our bi-Weekly publication. The staff completed the last issue of its 34th year of publica- tion in May. Under the leadership of Miss Nancy Bly- stone, the paper has turned out many scoop-laden issues with fine editorials and features. A member of the Indiana High School Press Association, the staff sent five delegates to the annual IHSPA convention at Franklin College, ac- companied by Miss Hilda Kearns. Dr. jesse Stuart, noted author, was the principal speaker. High Life Staff 1. Standing: Helen Smith, Nancy Louck, Jane Tansey, John Pope, Linda Hodge, Bonnie Cook. Seated: Kathryn Goodwin, Helen Louise Nance. 2. Standing: Nancy Mann, Jim Rogers, Sharon Newkirk, Caro- lyn Reed, Joan Maish, Carol Loeffler, Judith Clark, Seated: Sally Jacobs, Anne Holmes. 3. Dick Routh, sports editorg Nancy Blystonc, editor-in-chief. Hi-Y Club If one were making a list of the clubs in Frankfort High School, it would certainly not be complete without the name of Hi-Y. The membership of this club is com- posed entirely of junior and senior boys. These fifty boys can be seen throughout the school wearing on their class sweaters or cords the familiar triangular emblem, and carrying out the club motto: "Create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community a high standard of Christian characterf, The Hi-Y Club this year was an especially active one. The members started to work even before school started. For on the first day of school the Hi-Y began selling used books for the benefit of all students. Soon afterwards came the first home football game. The Hi-Y refreshment stand was open for this, as it was throughout the season. Next on this year's Hi-Y agenda was the initiation of new members, and the impressive rose ceremony. Soon after the last football game came the clubis annual Lower Left: Row 1-D. Haynes, G. Emery, N. Conner, P. East, G. Given. Row 2-D. Baker, J. Sneathen, L. Swope, D. Pollett. Center Bottom: B. Clark, R. Dorsam, J. Kraner, J. Baker, J. Given, C. Robbins. Lower Right: T. Rohrabaugh, D. Routh, J. Rogers, J. Cuppy, B. Irwin, J. Elliott. Upper right: M. Wainscott, J. Storm, F. Petty, B. Bailey, E. Innis, T. Lowe, G. Ginn, P. DePoy, J. Bailey. Upper Left: Row 1-J. Martin, C. Blickenstaff, J. Kaser, B. Timmons, P. Ferguson, E. Eaton. Row 2-J. Lewis, J. Kern, B. Landis, J. Davey, J. Beall, R. Rice, D. Reigle. Row 3-C. Haynes, J. Boggs, B. Work, J. Root. formal dance, this yearls theme was "The Kentucky Der- byf, Many thought this dance was the best ever held. Again this year the club presented two religious convo- cations to the student body. One was held at Thanksgiv- ing, and the other at Easter. This year's club was extremely honored, when Frank- fort was chosen as the site for the Hi-Y district conference. Late in March over one hundred boys from neighboring schools were visitors for this conference. These activities and more were all successfully per- formed by the club. However, it is doubtful as to the success of it, if it were not for the club sponsor, Mr. Bahney. Sophomore Sunshine Girls Freshmen Sunshine Girls "Around the clock in Frankfort High Schoolv We find the busy Sun- shine girls distributing their help Where it is most needed. Selling ice cream, popcorn, and chewing gum at basketball gainesg furnishing charity baskets along with the Hi-Y Club, and the biggest most Worthwhile task Was the Christmas party for the children. The girls also give student aid by buying things children need for school. The inotheris tea is a semi- annual event that is always a success. Miss Sally Foster, Miss Evelyn Bond, Miss Edna Miller, and Mrs. Kath- erine .......... deserve recognition for the fine Work they have done With the biggest organization of girls in F.H.S. Sunshine Society Recording Secretary, Berta Irwing Presi- dent, Donna Barnettg Treasurer, Joyce Graftong Correspond- ing Secretary, Mar- ilyn Lippg Vice Pres- ident, Janet Frazier. Senior Sunshine Girls junior Sunshine Girls Orchestra The orchestra is continuing in its job of making Frank- fort High School tick! Although the orchestrals primary activity is playing at graduation and baccalaureate, their everyday sessions benefit every individual in cultivating the ear to obtain better rhythm, timing, and harmony. Other activities of the year were playing for the grade school Christmas program, its annual Fall Concert, the Nickel Plate Safety Program, the Senior Class Play, and the Spring Festival, included With the high school band and chorus. In gaining knowledge in music appreciation, the fifty members of the "little symphonyl' are learning better co- operation and independence under the able direction of Mr. B. A. Langdon. Presenting our stately drum major - Joe El- liott! Joe has led the Frankfort High School marching band for the past two years and cer- tainly deserves credit for making our band tick. He is active in basketball, National Honor, Hi-Y, and Math Club. He also plays bass clar- inet in the concert band. The tick of the musical clock .... unseen BAND OFFICERS Left to right-Marilyn Lipp, George Ginn, Joe Elliott, Chan- ning Blickenstaff, Bob Timmons, Danny Hayes. This year's eighty-three members Will long remember the early morning marching practices in preparation for the football half-time routines. Directly following came the basketball season, which Was not complete Without the swing and pep tunes from the F.H.S. band. The mid-Winter concert was wonderful from the first strain of the "Star-Spangled Bannerv to the last chord of an exciting march. The classical number, solos, the lighter music, and our guest conductor, Mr. Harold Walters, were greatly appreciated by the largest audience ever to attend. The band also participated in civic parades, the Spring Festival, girls' gym exhibition, and summer concerts in the park. We take great pride in our drum majorettes this year. Nat- urally there is reason for this, as they copped All State medals from the music contest at But- ler University. The Choir K Row 1-Berta Irwin, Betty McCoy, Lona Gosteli, Lois Dixon, Jerone Lipsett, Nancy Scheid, Grace Good- Win, Virginia Edwards, Patricia Hemmerling, Dorothy Lowe, Donna Barnett, Joan Maish, Phyllis Conner. Row 2-Sue Farrell, Nancy Louck, Linda Hodge, Ann Holmes, Janet Davis, Janet Smith, Sharon Smith, Martha Snodgrass, Ramona Tull, Nancy McIlwain, Jean Stokes, Donna Dickey. Row 3-Phyllis Smith, Kathryn Goodwin, Norman Hayes, Tom Ayers, John Pope, Bill Schooley, Ronnie Dorsam, Robert Hitch. Row 4-Charles Hemmerling, Norman Laflen, Frank Adams, David Griffis, Don Greeno, Jim Kraner, Jackie Carroll. Row 5-DeWayne Grafton, Charlie Robbins, Eugene Dalrymple, Dwight Williams, Jack Wessell. Row 6-David Thompson, Harrison Spencer, Jim Rogers. Row 7-Jim Rimmer. Crescendo Row 1, left to right-Jim Rogers, Jack Given, Channing Blickenstaff Robert Timmons Tom Ham, Lynn Jones, Jack Carroll, Phil DePoy, Bill Cook, Jerry Werden, Eddie McKinzie. Row 2-Barry Kelley, Jack Hurr, Phil McKinzie, Don Padgett, George Ginn Joe El- gottf Jim Bailey, Wilford Beumel, Dwight Williams, Gary Robertson, lJeWayne ra ton. Row 3fRichard Hinton, Norman Hayes, Charles Haynes, Don Greeno, Jim Wheeler, garrison Spencer, Jim Rimmer, John Oliphant, Gerald Swanson, Chuck Smith, Dave a on. E Staccato lvl- Rofv 1, left to right-Virginia McCrea, Sharon Smith, Anne Holmes, Joan Maish, Mar- 1 yn Lipp, Mary Jane Spurgeon, Jean Ann Stokes, Grace Goodwin, Kathryn Goodwin, Donna Dickey, Janet Zink. Row 2-Shirley Lipp, Shirley Swearingen, Carol Brammell, Helen Nance, Betty Mc- Coy, Pat Hemmerling, Nancy Louck, Becky Thacker, Linda Hood. Rowlfl-Martha Snodgrass, lsona Gosteli, Marilyn Wainscott, Donna Barnett, Suzanne W1 lams, Nancy Scheid, Linda Hodge, Virginia Edwards, Janet Smith, Ramona Tull, Barbara Beery. "Drama-tics" This year's senior class of Frankfort High School "Dra- matics" presented "L I F E WITH FATHER." The red- headed fami1y's life was en- joyed by all. Jim Boggs very ably portrayed the hot-head- ed father and Patricia Ayers the docile mother. The play, with excellent props, manage- ment, and acting, was en- joyed by everyone that saw it. The entire setting was New York City, Spring, late 1880's. THE CAST Father .... .................... J ames Boggs Vinnie .... Patricia Ayers Clarence .... Joseph Tansey John .... ........... J ames Rogers Whitney ................. Harrison Spencer Harlan .... .......... J ohn Given-Joseph Cuppy Cora ........... Janet Snyder-Mary Jane Spurgeon Mary Skinner .... Donna Barnett-Maribelle Robison Rev. Dr. Lloyd Dr. Humphreys .... Dr. Somers ....... Margaret ... .. Annie ..... Delia .... Nora .... Y Maggie .... "LIFE WITH F THEIR" Harry Boldt Charles Haynes Philip Isgrigg Mary Agnes Starr Betty McCoy Joyce Grafton Marilyn Lipp ... Joan Maish 'F 4 I I The Frankfort High SPORTS clock From the illuminated Stott Field turf on a crisp autunm evening to the nocturnal splendor of old historic Howard Hall, athletics play as distinct a part in the molding of the true sense of sportsmanship as any one activity - with Frankfort its tops. Physical prowness, mental alertness, and sportsmanshipg all can be secured and merged as one in achievement. fiv If ff' , 46 , X 7 E pe i , , IX lx , ,f "' X '. Q 'lV'l I fff F Nil 14 X f,,4- I ,i 3 bt N. 85 ME of has a full and tough schedule Row 1, left to right-Bill Larrimore, Jerry Davey, Joe Cuppy, Phil Ferguson, Pete Eaton, Jim Oster- hoff, Jim Bailey. Row 2-Myron Roth, Eldred Suit, Ed Eaton, Eddie Innis, John Kern, Phil Dupler, Bob Bailey, Roger Rob- ison, Richard Locke. Row 3-Lowell Swope, Gorman Pierce, Jim Boggs, George Ginn, Fred Petty, Tom Rohrabaugh, William Irwin, Joel Storm, John Pope. Row 4-Jim Beall, Larry Reed, Don Sanders, Bill Vanderkleed, James Martin, Dwight Williams, Chuck Smith, Phil DePoy, Dick Hinton, Bill Clark. Football Through football, character, minds, and bodies are built. Growth begins in the embyronic stage of freshman foot- ball, where the player learns how to "take it,', and studies the fundamentals. In reserve football, all that has been assimilated thus far is put to use. The competition be- comes stiffer nowg growth continues, as the players spe- cialize in their best positions. Varsity football, the last step, uses only those who have survived the screening out of the previous years. The speed of the game demands mental agility. The body contact and constant training im- proves one physically. Centlemanly conduct promotes high morals, all these are essential to the sport. We, as seniors, can see by looking back just how much a part of our lives this sport has been. The memory of the games, Whatever the outcome, will remain with us long after we have departed from the playing field for the last time. 1 w Row 6 - Gorman Pierce, Jerry Davey, Tom Rohra- baugh, John Kern, Roger Robison. Row 5-Jim Bailey, Joel Storm, Eldred Suit, George Ginn. N 1 4 l Row 4-Richard L o c k e, Eddie Eaton, Fred Petty, Eddie Innis. , Row 3-J oe Cuppy, Bob Bailey, John Pope. l I l l l 1 Row 2-Phil Dupler, Jim l Osterhoff, Jim Boggs, Mel , Eaton. , N I N l l Bottom row, left to right -Lowell Swope, Bill Ir- l win, Bill Larimore, Don Kort. Frosh and Eighth Srade Football Eighth Grade 'op row - Coach Ayers, Bob King, Bob Keever, truce McKenzie, D a v i d 'anne1l, Bill Hindsley, 'hil Paulson, Bob Reef, Ienneth Keever, Bill Gas- ins, Bob Clark. econd row-Charles Jar- ell, Jerry Logan, Jim Leno, Carol Williams, Don mith, Bob B r a gg, Ted luffer, Don Rippey, Ron- ie Sanders, Jim Spidel, arry Adler. 'hird row-Max Mitchell, hob Gray, Larry Sheets, 'erry Purcell, Jerry Lipp, 'aul Mangis, Jim Breck- r, Bob Stingley, Bill Qeever, John Ayers, Rex oveless. ottom row - Dave Dun- am, M a x Cunningham, 'ave S c h u l t z, Donnie Vaddell, Paul Brant, Jim ,aton, J a m e s Himmel- right, Larry Bond, Mike inn, Benny Smith, and hil Rich. Freshmen up row-David Griffith. obert Laverty, Ronald hite, Paul Kilian, Bill nith, Larry Camp, Bob a il e y, Frank Adams, arry M c C o y. Second iw - Larry Tull, Joe ranagin, J im Siegfried, illis Turner, James Jwles, Jack W e s s el, nm Wilson, Dick Ogden, irry Small, Phil Bran- :nburg. Front row-left right - Mark Sebree, m Stoddill, Al Colgrove, rn Dorsam, .Tim Eaton, .ck Wright, Bill Graves, len Shurr, and Frank arr. Here are the future stars of F.H.S. who Will try to fill the shoes of the departing seniors. Both the eighth grade and freshmen teams play a full schedule including teams from Lafayette, Kirk- lin, Lebanon, and Delphi. This was their first taste of football in competition, and they came through in fine style. The spirit and determination which they displayed should lead to greater success in seasons to come. I i Varsity Basketball The quickening of the pulse . . . the palpitation of the heart . . . each moment, a frantic hair-raising spectacle . . . the spectatofs coverage in one Word-BASKETBALL! It is perhaps the one magical Word that has become as phenomenal to the average Frankfortite as butter has to bread. Dogville can truly and literally be acclaimed the bas- ketball center of the state. Four I.H.S.A.A. tournament crowns, runner-up honors once, eight times competitors in the final four, 13 times a member of the final eight, 18 regional victories, and 25 sectional scalps give the Hot Dogs one of the most reputable pedigrees in modern bas- ketball history. Backed by a school built on the basis of good sports- manship the incentive to repeat tradition carries on. First row, left to right-Student Manager Don Thompson, Bob Bailey, Richard Locke, Don Riegle, Jim Lewis, and Coach Cummins. Top row-Meredith Wainscott, Bob Sheets, George Ginn, Joe Elliott, Joe Armantrout, Dick Baker, Jim Bailey, and Dave Thompson. Season's Scores To the player on the court physical and mental alertness is a contributing factor in pushing offense or tightening defense. He must learn to be supple, quick, and easy of movement. Strict training is the key con- clusion to all good ball clubs. In accordance with the Cum- mins round ball theory - early to bed, early to rise, makes a b a s k e t b a l l player healthy, Wealthy, and wise. Leaving 15 victims in their wake, the Hot Dogs regional tournament under' the influence of Frankfort 51 Frankfort 36 Frankfort 49. Frankfort 45 Frankfort 36 Frankfort 48 Frankfort 63 Frankfort 43 Frankfort 41 Frankfort 46 Frankfort 59 9 7 7 Crawfordsville 44 Lafayette Jeff. Frankfort 61, pulled reins in old-time rival New Castle 49 Kokomo 65 Frankfort 46, Kokomo 63 Michigan City 47 Frankfort 48, Rossville 37 Lebanon 37 Frankfort 47, Anderson 56 Tech 54 Frankfort 44, Logansport 31 Logansport 41 Frankfort 50, Richmond 36 Tipton 42 Frankfort 44, Marion 42 Lafayette 52 Frankfort 43, Muncie 36 Lebanon 57 Frankfort 58, Columbus 62 Sectional Colfax 36 Frankfort 38, Mulberry 37 Sugar Creek 43 Frankfort 41, Kirklin 39 Frankfort45, Lafayette 52 Regional the Row 1-Joe Elliott, Ron Reigle, David Thompson, and Jim Lewis. ' Row 2-David Robertson, Joe Armantrout, Meredith Wainscott, and Bob 1 Bailey. ' Row 3-Dick Locke, Dick Baker, George Ginn, Jim Bailey, and Robert Sheets. B Team Basketball First row, left to right-Tom Ayers, Gary Robertson, Gor- man Pierce, and Don Albitz. Second row-J e r r y Bates Jack Taylor, Bob Allen, De- Wayne G r a f t o n, and Phil Nicholas. Third r o W - Stu- dent Manager Norm Spauld- ing, Bill Lipp, Phil Dupler, Gene E m e r y, Ed Servies and John Hackerd. l 7 Frosh Basketball First row, left to right-Lan ry M c C o y, Joe Brannigan, Bob Bailey, Allen Shurr, Jim Ulm, and Carl Allen. Second row - Student Manager Lar- ry Tull, Larry Camp, Robert Laverty, Charles Root, Jack Davis, and Tom Wilson. Eighth Grade Basketball First row. left to right-Ron- nie Miller, Dave Schulz, Jim Himmelwright, and J a m e s Pruitt. Second row - Ronnie Sanders, Bob King, Bob Un- roe, Don Rippey, and Larry Bond. To your pits! On your mark! Bang! Yes, it is another track season. This year saw the returning of five letter- Tr k men: B. Wainscott, R. Locke, Armantrout, N. Conner, and Storm, all of which are juniors. Some of the boys were out at the first sign of a robin, While others came when basketball season was over. There are no seniors on this year's team. The boys opened their season at In- diana University this year, with an indoor meet. They had three dual meets plus three relays, the N.C.C. meet, and the Central Indiana meet. Row 1-Joe Armantrout, Bob Sheets, Norman Newhart, Neil Conner, Bud Wainscott, Bob Rogers. Row 2-Gary Retterbush, Dick Baker, Pete Eaton, Larry Reed, DeWayne Grafton, Gary Robertson. Row 3-Jim Osterhoff, Bill Lipp, Blaine Godsey, Fred Petty, Joel Storm, David Dick. Cross Country Row 1-Phil Bailey, Norman Newhart, G a r y Retterbush, Phil Nicholas, and Neil Con- ner. Row 2-Gene Emery, David Ehlers, Don Reigle, David Dick, and Jim Clark. Freshman Track Row 1-Edwin L a m b e r t, Larry Camp, Bob Bohr, Phil Bailey, and Jim Ulm. Row 2 - Phil Brandenburg, Bob Laverty, Charles Root, Von Parker, and Max Wil- liams. Row 3-Paul Kilian, Al Col- grove, Carl Allen, and Jack Davis. Eighth Grade Row 1 - Jim Himmelwright, David Schultz, Jim Pruitt, Bob Miller, Larry Bond, and Phil McKinzie. Row 2-J a c k s o n Albaugh, Bob King, B o b Unroe, Jim Bricker, Ronnie Sanders and Max Mitchell. Row 3-Larry Sheets, Phil Paulson, Carroll Williams, Bob Keever, and Junior Wil- son. Tennis Ready one! Yes, it is another tennis season and the boys were on the courts at the sign of the first warm day this spring. This is the sixth year of organization. They have a full schedule this year, starting on May 1 and ending on May 29. They have eight conference matches and two matches with Crawfordsville. Golf In their eighth year of organization, the golf team par- ticipated in four dual meets with New Castle, Kokomo, and two with Crawfordsville. The Conference meet was held at Tech of Indianapolis this year on May 3. John Kern and Tom Rohrabaugh are the only seniors on this year's squad. They practice sixth period every day that it is nice outside. Row 1, left to right-Bill Vanderkleed, Tom Lowe, Phil Nich- olas, George Ginn, Eddie Eaton, Dave Thompson. Row 2-Jerry Davey, Jerry S mith, Gorman Pierce, Phil East, Charles Smith, Don Kort. Row 3-Gene Emery, Phil Hollis, Graden Loveless, Don Rie- gle, Jim Lewis, and Ed Servies. As spring rolls around one of America's most popular sports, baseball, begins to take its place in the field of Head Coach Wilbur Cummins and Assistant Coach Charles Heninger were greeted by six returning lettermen this year. The first drills were spent inside Howard Hall. As soon as the weather permitted, the team practiced at T.P.A. Park. The team also plays all of the home games at T.P.A. Park. The schedule this year calls for five home games and four games away. Lebanon and Crawfordsville may be possible games if any dates can be arranged. The Blue Sox are expected to keep baseball on the rising trend in Frankfort High, hoping that it may become a top sport. 1 Girls' Physical Education Out of the many different classes that make F.H.S. tick there is one that we must not overlook - that is the physical education classes. Here we find girls participating in such games as basketball, volley- ball, soccer, ring tennis and base- ball. This is a class where you can really relax, have fun, and make many new acquaintances. This class has done much towards de- veloping the minds and bodies of the girls enrolled. Miss Louise LeHeW and Miss Sally Foster are the very capable supervisors of the physical education classes. We have to hand it to them, they do a grand job at their Work. This is proved by the gym exhibit which is always enjoyed by everyone as much as the girls enjoy putting it on. l ii Q Q g Qvfoff 'Q if ffl M 009 A5 .- , w ' Ax "' 'ZX +40 ' 'Z' ,, in M ev x l 'K ki X "1-1 x 'L Xxx V: K N 7 f Q5 We-,Uwe Class if l95Z, b e H1 H1 above tiqrhg on efpoo, coming Senior- Class. R6 5 N- XSTART urn A v .5 Art - 55,19--'Q A Y' " til: 1 drgnl 1

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