Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN)

 - Class of 1948

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Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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E fbemi' lady M224 To the otticge of the deons ore brought the inony problerns ot the students ot Pronktort l-ligh School Working with the other ofticiols, they hove been o guiding toctor in the promotion of scholostic, rnorol, ond sociol weltore omong the students By oersonol Conferences with students ond Correspondence with oorents, much hos been clone to bring obout o friendly ond helpful relotionshio omong the student, loculty, ond oorentn Y f S 5555 ' i x 7 . .. , v -New , v fi, jf. if --.ghx ' -' W,-.., -. ,Q I J .sl ' , i f J IS is A 1 bf A W7 ' 1 Ts-N-ef' T .9-W 1 an kim, " , ., ': , , Bbw? 'ZflTLAf:'ZLUOM-dl J71laWfvJ.fG'Jaa,4.z.4g Q: J '-'- -ww. 1,-.2 - - . q h 1 V O1 'Tiff-WML 'jfif 'lf 3:0-rn MMJJAAJAJ "' L' ' ' 4- f7,-ff Hf,f,,5f fm, A, 51,2 1,-,,3:,.,,,,, x 4 , , P f14Li...,, dlw, ,I .f fnw, XL',.,f-XLAIQAJ ,,m,,,',j ' ' ff? ,ff U., , 1 ,.q'. f f -gg , x -.1-.g ..,, -'..M,,,,,,,., ' W',.1'rrf:, ' L ,LLLgi-a4A, Y., 5 . t, 4, ' , I V .I xr. X ., A.rl4,V k.,v, .f I-H ,AJ 551.41 :rl-.IJ 'Sf 3 k, , , 1 X ,fl -Aizf-I, ' 1 - - 1 , ' EJ. va fv Q 1 , MW? E A A xl T' x . , . W J, K lf! E 4 ix I . 1 ' 'Iii ' -11' A..--' ---..,,,4. 'S QE7""'F"'f- ABL.. .MW , -rap, Jim i 5 3.8 4 T 1 fa-32 V1 Zyl, J 3 4 irb- ffv A uf- ,HM 1 2 .s Q. A m 1 ' .-.W 4 f YM X . ., 1 , -. ,AW MN . :Asp X .,s22gE:i35f,:-?' ,sg . 1 91-ff..'lvXf--.'1" -, Q' ' .1-. -, ,.,,u -- X-pil V .pyif ,. -.-.-H :JW- . Ah. ,My .. ., VA fl - If 1324-'1b,933?' W Q as wssmswf Q 1 k V 3 'Q ,. ., V 9,1 QAIA ' Q fffj' l H 4 Y . . i ,f' X Aw' 9 xv' X, SS' Q .,. fn, 1 Q " . V N? , ' if 1 x . Q43 ,L"55'f15 .ox . 'f ia Q ,ww 'vi ,- fi '3,,.s. 1, -vs . X 1 W.: 5 g Y . M fgyx as . f 3 , :mm . .A xxx.--. X. . 1-x X N A-,f. Q A "' , x" , . '." ' 'V' ' 'ir X , rg 'LL .Y,- ,t 1 A ' ,yr Y 'K sp . I Z., I V I 'fw5wf ohmflg 9 . A 1 ' 5 ' ..,ff"""'7' , M. - 1 5 gr' V X x , ,Sy in XV, 0 K .... 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Game PL gel' fill! - L Rack-deal Jaagie fbaawwi cud' ping-pang pa x uf .1- ... xg XX X , AW, .-w2"""" 4" 1 J .. ,Mr L?,'.flf1V XV I lyk' LA' J , M 1, N ff ff W4,5f, ,g. ,. Q4 ' ,-fr YK I xnaf' ,...., - W..---"" gr , E . " N-'J.rJ-f-,. v ,1 Wm.. '- 'N .v-""".' I ig ., ,. 'Sl-11 ,wv"""w 4 .- - 9' M- wm- ...Qi fqa- 41' .lu ,y ,,. If -.. 2. -' n .d ui' .' 4 "::" L 'L H' A ' 1 " .JSP X 2: ' ' Qi., . :g. , ' : :, Ss rf' . 'f 'g.,.x,.:g, si X L, ,g W 'Qpuu---'-iz' ' v x -U: -fmifiiQfEa1aw"A5Y :x f N , Q A ! I -2 ,-5 V 1 4, 'U ,,.. .Ll.,.,-'- ,Q-""""', ' . , 'gfia H il mi,-'fp 1. 'QI ,mam N.,-f' 6 i N i wx -, iw ,wx-8 ,S I Q . ' X Q f"' 11 8 4 7 5 Walck lfze cafd Zfzfuz-al' .7 aww, ancf szmzmu ' ' :JS Q? 1 1- .g . .1-. 1-Y ,-.M In -I' w . 52. Ml.,-. , . .04 L Us swipe w 11 wg 3:53. .3 :A N Q0 1 1 ,..,. fig' V f I, 1. , -.21 92 : 5 iw vii, , " am- Wf .. . , ,rl , KH 1 dk We in ff Q , -is ' 9. J I w. g 'f42.3-::::?:-...qw -v---- . , L? y, 6 , ,- A-WZ., Q l QT' :fl r Emp' 'al Of course the stuclents know Mr Wooclruff- his friendly smile oncl cheery "helIo' for everyone but we would like to introduce him to oll those outsicle of school Mt Woodruff cloesgniuch to solve the proh- lerns concerning the foculty, but he is never too busy to give oid to oll sturlents in curriculum outlines or even outside octivities He horl mocle quite o few chonges orountl "dem old F, H S."-e chonges for the better we ore incline-'l to think With his expert guicl- once, we hove kept our school in lioce with the "new look" even one is lollcinq so much ohoul, Yes, we sgniors ore lirourl to hove heen ossociotecl with him for oll too short o time onrl we know thot the stuclents who will soon he tolling our iiloce will feel much the some xxox James Baldwin lvlalh Harald Barneli Social Science Carl Belcher Science B, R Blank Industrial Arts Evelyn Band Commerce Gladys Brandt l-laltie Campbell English Irene Carfield Canwmerce Willner Curnmins Physical Eclucalian .lim Davis Mechanical Drawing Darwin Dick Driver Training Larry Farrell l-lame Economics l-Ulm Waller Farcl Physical Eclucalran Sally Fasfer Physical Eclacatlan l-larrlel Gallup Art Wayne Gregg Saclal Science Julia Gantle Office Secretary E O. l-lanaer Scremce Cma l-leatarm Spamslw Ealflw l-lmman Saclal Scuemce lilertle Halcl1mgS Music ancl Arl Hilda Keamg Eng l I i I1 Barba ra Keeney Clluce Secretary Wllluam Kleyla Masuc Doris Knox Math U Verda Knox Engluslft Bertrand Langdon Music Loause Le Hevv Physical Educatron P. S Lowe Scuence Mary May Math James McMurtrey Engnsh Inez Nixon Musuc Lorene Orr Librarian Howard Pace Math Melba Padgett Home Economrcs Easdale Puckett Socral Science Martha Redman English Raymond Rohraliaugh Soclal Scuence Della Maude Sanders Math VVayne Shodaney lndustrual Arts Paul Van Svvearlngen Sclence Helen Thomas Commerce Marne Van l-lorn Sclence James Warren Social Scuence Coy Wood English Secretary, Nancy Lavvhead, President, Dalton lvlangis, . Vicefpresident, Kenneth Ayers, Treasurer, Sue Chitticlq '7he Samoa Gm "The Best Years of Our Lives " This may recall to your mind a famous movie title, but to us, the seniors of F, H S, it brings back all the memories of our high school days As we entered Frankfort l-ligh School five years ago, as timid eighth graders, vve had many ambitions and dreams Some of these have been accomplished, othtrs vvill come in future years as a result of our education received here, Under the competent direction of Miss l-lilda Kearns, Miss Doris Knox, James Nlclvlurtrey, and Raymond Rohrabaugh, sponsors, and the officers pictured above, we have established an enviable record which vve leave behind with pride. Baccalaureate services for this graduating class were held on Sunday evening, May 23. On Class Day, vvhich was held on Wednesday, lvlay 26, awards and honors vvere given to those deserving members of our class, At long last, on lvlay 27, vve received our diplomas and the knowledge that novv we face the world alone, 1 Q .' U. 3, Q' A , . Q V i .1 H. PHIL ALDRICH General. Transferred from Ross- ville. BEVERLY ALTIC General. JACK LEE ASHLEY Scientific-Technical, Spanish Club, Math Club, Hi-Y. KENNETH AYERS Liberal Arts, Basketball, Baseball, National Honor, Forensic, Class Officer, Big Broadcast, Hi-Y, F Club, Prom Committee, Cauldron Staff, Latin Club, Student Coun- cil, Cross Country. JEAN BARNHART Business, Sunshine. EDWARD BEALL Scientific-Technical, Latin Club. JACK BEWSEY General, Latin Club. HELEN BIRD Liberal Arts. Staccato Club. Sun- shine, Choir. PAT BLACK Business, Sunshine, Staccato Club. Choir. JOANNE BRAM M ELL Business, Sunshine. BILL BRANSON General, Latin Club JACK R. BRICKER General, Spanish Club. F Club. Track, Cross Country. Prom Com- mittee. ALLEN BRITT Scientific-Technical, Latin Club. Camera Club. NORMA BRITTAIN Commercial, Sunshine. HARRY BUSHMAN Air Force. ROSEMAR I E CALLOWAY Business, Sunshine BETTY JOAN CARNEY Home Economics. BARBARA JANE CARPENTER Home Economics, Spanish Club. Sunshine. JUNE CARSON Scientific-Technical, Sunshine. Transferred from Fostoria, O. SUE CAROL CHITTICK Liberal Arts, Sunshine, Staccato Club. Class Officer, Big Broad- cast, Spanish Club. KEITH CLAWSON General. Transferred from Delphi, Indiana . DON COLLIER Scientific-Technical. Transferred from Mitchell, Indiana. DONALD L. COLLINS General, Home Room Officer, F Club, Basketball, Cross Country. JAMES P. CORBETT General. JEAN COULTER ' Scientific-Technical, Math Club, Sunshine, Latin Club, High Life Staff. LOUISE COX General, Home Economics Club, Sunshine. ROY COY Industrial, Football, Baseball, F Club. ROSE L. CROSE General, Sunshine. BILL DOSSETT Scientific-Technical, Latin Club. TOM DUNCAN Commercial. NADINE EDMONDS Business, Sunshine. MARILYN ANN EHLERS General, Sunshine. ROBERT ELLIOTT Scientific-Technical, Class Officer, Cauldron Staff. JIM ELLIS Scientific-Technical, Spanish Club, Crescendo Club, Math Club, Or- chestra, Band. ADELLA ENGLE Scientific-Technical, Latin Club. National Honor Society. CAMPBELL ENGLES Scientific-Technical, Latin Club, Crescendo Club, Band, Hi-Y, Pep Committee, Monon Essay Con- test, Cauldron Staff, Big Broad- cast, National Honor Society, Prom Committee. J'ACK EWING Scientific - Technical, Math Club, Hi-Y, Latin Club, National Honor Society. PATTY FARRELL Liberal Arts, Sunshine Society, D. A. R. History Flag, Forensic Club, Prom Committee, Cauldron Staff '47, Sally Mae Byers Speech Con- test, High Life, Central Indiana Oratorical Contest. Pep Commit- tee, Senior Class Play. ROBERT FEAR Scientific-Technical, L.a t i n Club. Hi-Y, Forensic Club, Home Room Officer, Cauldron Staff, Math Club. DON FEIX Scientific-Technical, L a t i n Club, Forensic Club, Hi-Y, F Club, Caul- dron Staff, Football, Baseball, Na- tional Honor Society, Latin Club Award, Forensic Award. NANCY FICKLE General, Sunshine Society, Stac- cato Club. MERRILL FISHBACK Scientific-Technical, Student Coun- cil, Home Room Officer, Baseball, Class Officer, Latin Club, Hi-Y. ROBERT FUDGE Scientific-Technical, Track, Foot- ball, F Club, Camera Club. Caul- dron Staff, Pep Committee, Stu- dent Council, Home Room Officer. J I M GABLE Scientific-Technical. CARLISLE GARDNER Industrial, Hi-Y, Home Room Offi- cer. LILLIAN ANNE GREENE Scientific-Technical, Latin Club, Staccato Club, Glee Club, National Honor Society, Big Broadcast. LELAND GROVE Business. SALLY HACK ERD General, Sunshine Society, Latin Club. TOM HALL Scientific-Technical, Hi-Y Club, F Club, Forensic Club, Latin Club, Math Club, National Honor Soci- ety, Football, Student Council. JOAN HAMILTON Business, Sunshine Society, JEAN HARLEY Business, Sunshine Society. ETHEL HARRISON Home Economics, Band, Orches- tra, Staccato Club, Latin Club, Sunshine Society. JACK HAYES Scientific- Technical, Math Club, Chess Club, Latin Club, Forensic Club, Hi-Y Club. BARBARA HAYS Business, Sunshine Society. BILLY HEILMAN Industrial. PHYLLIS HENSON Business, National Honor, Student Council, Forensic Club, Sunshine Society, Prefect Council, Staccato Club, Big Broadcast, Prom Com- mittee, Cauldron Staff, American Legion Award, Senior Class Play. JO ANN HERR Business, Sunshine Society. BOB HINESLEY Liberal Arts. JANET HODGEN High Life Staff, Sunshine Society. SUE HOLLIS Business, Sunshine Society, Stac- cato Club. 5- 'W' was-B... ANNA MAE HUFF Home Economics, Ba nd, Latin Club, Honjie Economics Club, Sun- shine Society. MARY ETTA IGNEY Business, Sunshine Society, Pram Committee, High Life Staff, Caul- dron Staff. RUTH ELLEN IMLER Home Economics, Sunshine Soci- ety. Transferred from Middletown. Ohio. BOB IRICK Scientific-Technical, Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Forensic Club, Stu- dent Council, Latin Cub, F Club, Chess Club, Class Officer, Home Room Officer, Senior Class Play. GLEN IRWIN. JR. lndustrial. GENE JACOBS Business. LAIRD JACOBY General, Hi-Y, Student Council. Spanish Club. VERA JENNINGS Businessx JAM ES H. JOHNSON Scientific-Technical, Football, Stu- dent Council, Home Room Officer, Hi-Y, Forensic Club, Math Club. F Club, Chess Club. RUTH JOHNSON Home Economics. Sunshine Soci- ety, Chorus. WILLIAM KEENEY Industrial. BARBARA KERSEY Business, Sunshine Society. BETTY JO KINDLEY General, Sunshine Society. BERNARD KING Scientific-Technical. Transferred from Rossville. KENNETH KIVETT Commerce, Spanish Club, Student Council. ROBERT KOSTER General. MARIYN LANE Business, Class Officer, Sunshine Society, Home Room Officer, Sen- ior Class Play, Cauldron Staff, Prom Committee, National Honor Society. BILL LAUGHN ER Industrial. NANCY LEE LAWHEAD Commerce, Sunshine Society, High Life, Latin Club, Cauldron Staff, Home Room Officer, Class Officer, Student Council. JACK LEININGER Commerce, Chess Club, Basket- ball, Hi-Y, Cauldron Staff, Spanish Club, F Club, Home Room Officer, Class Officer, High Life, Prom Committee. ROSEMARY LIPP Liberal Arts, Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Cauldron Staff, Big Broadcast. RUTH LOUKS General, Sunshine Society. KENNETH LUCAS General, Chess Club, High Life. PAT LUCAS Business, Sunshine Society. LOIS LYKKEN Scientific-Technical, Sunshine So- ciety, Staccato Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Cauldron Staff, Choir. DALTON MANG IS Liberal Arts, Home Room Officer, Prefect Council, Student Council, Forensic Club, National Honor So- ciety, Senior Class Play, F Club, Class Officer, Camera Club, Foot- ball, Cauldron Staff, Hi-Y, Span- ish Club, Big Broadcast, High Life, Pep Committee. VIRGINIA MANN Liberal Arts, Sunshine Society, Cauldron Staff, Big Broadcast, Prom Committee, Orchestra, Sen- ior Class Play, National Honor Society. DOROTHY JANE MARSHALL General, Home Economics, Latin Club, Home Room Officer, Sun- shine Society. MARILYN MARTIN Business, Forensic Club, Sunshine Society, Staccato Club, D. A. R. History Flag, American Legion Award, Big Broadcast. SHIRLEY MARTIN Business, Student Council, Sun- shine Society, Home Room Officer, Cauldron Staff. ci-IARLENE MATCHEi'T Liberal Arts, Stoccato Club, Sun- shine Society, Latin Club. Choir, Cauldron Staff, Prom Committee. BILL MAXSON General, Band, Crescendo Club, Big Broadcast. JERRY MCINTOSH Scientific-Technical, Chess Club, F Club, Hi-Y Club, Baseball. LENORA McKlNZlE Business, Sunshine Society. JIM McQLJADE Liberal Arts, Crescendo Club. CHARLES M EADOWS Industrial. DAVID MICHAEL Scientific-Technical, Latin Club, Hi-Y Club, Student Council, Math Club, Forensic Club, Prom Com- mittee, Cauldron Staff, National Honor Society, Big Broadcast. DAVID MILLER Scientific-Technical, Hi-Y, Math Club, Home Room Officer. MARY L. MILLER Commerce, Latin Club, Sunshine Society, Forensic Club, High Life Staff, Cauldron Staff, Prom Com- mittee, National Honor Society, Big Broadcast. ALICE MILNE Liberal Arts, Forensic Club, High Life Staff. Sunshine Society, Band, Latin Club, Orchestra, Home Room Officer, Foreign Correspondence. Big Broadcast. .JACQULYN MINCEMOYER Liberal Arts, Spanish Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Sunshine So- ciety, Forensic Club, Senior Class Play, Class Officer, Staccato Club, Big Broadcast, Home Room Offi- cer, Student Council. MARY LOU MINTH Business, Sunshine Society. ELIZABETH ANNE MOLOHON Commerce, Sunshine Society. High Life Staff, Cauldron Staff. Span- ish Club, Home Room Officer. Prom Committee. S e n i o r Class Play, Big Broadcast. SUE CAROLVN MOORE General, Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Home Economics Club. PAT NEWHOUSE General, Sunshine Society. PHILLIP NICE Scientific7Technical, Hi-Y, Math Club, Latin Club, Camera Club. DOROTHY O'BRYAN Home Economics, Home Econom- ics Club, Staccato Club, Sunshine Society, Glee Club. NORMA 0'BRYAN Business, Sunshine Society. NORMAN OSTLER Scientific-Technical, Chorus, Cres- cendo Club, Spanish Club. ERNEST H. OWEN lndustrial, Band, Crescendo Club, Big Broadcast, Pep Committee, Band, Prom Committee. BETTY PARKER Business, Sunshine Society. BETTY PARR Liberal Arts, Spanish Club, Stac- cato Club, Sunshine Society, Choir. FRANK PARSONS Industrial. JANE PARSONS General, Sunshine Society, Latin Club, Staccato Club, Home Room Officer, Home Economics Club, Cauldron Staff. MARY PATCH ETT Home Economics, Home Econom- ics Club, Sunshine Society. SUE PETERSON Liberal Arts, Staccato Club, Sun- shine Society. DONNA PONTON Scientific-Technical, L a t i n Club, Sunshine Society, Pep Committee, High Life Staff, Senior Class Play, Foreign Correspondence. LOIS PRICE Business, Sunshine Society. DORIS J. PUGH Liberal Arts, Staccato Club, Sun- shine Society, Latin Club, Choir. DICK PULLEN Scientific-Technical, M a t h Club, Band, Crescendo Club. Transferred from Seymour. GLORIA RABANUS General, Sunshine Society, Stac- cato Club, Band. MARK RANSOM Scientific-Technical, Hi-Y Club, Forensic Club, Chess Club, Cam- era Club, Band, Senior Class Play, Big Broadcast, Class Officer. WILLIAM K. RANSOM Scientific-Technical, Hi-Y, Foren- sic Club, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Chess Club, F Club, Cauldron Staff, Basketball, Foot- ball, Home Room Officer, Class Officer. AMY IRENE RATCLIFF General, Sunshine Society, Orches- tra. TOM REDLE Scientific - Technical. Transferred from Louisville, Kentucky. PHYLLIS REED Business, Band, Sunshine Society, Prom Committee, Cauldron Staff, Class Officer. 'JULIA BETH RICKER General, High Life Staff, Caul- dron Staff, Home Room Officer, Latin Club, Sunshine Society, Big Broadcast, Forensic, Prom Com- mittee, Student Council, Senior Class Play, Class Officer. BETTY ROBERTSON Liberal Arts, Latin Club, Home Room Officer, Big Broadcast, Forensic Club, Sunshine Society. oeoaom Ro'csERs Home Economics, Sunshine So- ciety. BILL L. RUSH Scientific-Technical, Hi-Y, Math Club, Forensic, Latin Club, Foot- ball, F Club, Track. ROBERT SALLEE Industrial. GEORGE SANDERS General, Glee Club, Crescendo Club. WILMA SAYLOR General. HAROLD SCOTT Industrial, Baseball, F Club. DORIS SHARP General, Sunshine Society. HERBERT SHEETS Commerce, Latin Club, Chess. CHARLES SHEPARD Scientific-Technical, Band, Latin Club, Crescendo Club, Orchestra. DAVID SHEPARD Industrial. HERBERT SHIVE Industrial. HARRY SHOEMAKER Industrial. FRANCIS C. SLIPHER Commerce, Hi-Y, Camera Club Prefect Council, Chess Club. EVERET SMITH Scientific - Technical, Band, Foot ball, F Club, Hi-Y, Student Coun eil, National Honor, Chess Club Forensic Club, Latin Club, Caul dron Staff, Big Broadcast. GROVER SMITH Scientific - Technical, Math Club Hi-Y, F Club, Band, Basketball Football, National Honor Society MARILYN SMITH General. TREVA SNODGRASS Home Economics, Sunshine Soci ety. Transferred from Burlington Indiana. CHARLES SPEAR Industrial. MARGARET SPENCER Scientific-Technical, La t i n Club Forensic Club, Sunshine Society Math Club, Big Broadcast, Caul dron Staff, Foreign Correspond ence Club. BOB STATHAS General. BARBARA JANE STOGSDILL Commerce, Staccato Club, Latin Club, S u n s h i n e Society, Prom Committee. BOB STRANG E Chess Club, Hi-Y, F Club, Foot ball, Track. 1 Q .' U. 3, Q' A , . Q V i .1 H. DELORIS STRODE General, Chorus, Home Room Of- ficer, Sunshine, Latin Club. ELENA TERPINAS Scientific- Technical, Latin Club. Sunshine Society, Staccato Club. Choir, Forensic Club, Home Room Officer, Student Council, National Honor, Big Broadcast, Pep Com- mittee. RICHARD MARION THORNTON Scientific-Technical, Hi-Y, Math Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society, Forensic, Crescendo Club, Choir, Math Club Award '47, DON TROBAUGH Scientific- Technical, Band, Math Club, Crescendo Club, Golf. ROZELLA TURNER General. JACK UTTERBACK Commerce, High Life. DONALD VAN TYLE Scientific-Technical, Football, Bas- ketball, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Chess Club, Forensic Club, F Club, Caul- dron Staff, Class Play. VIRGINIA WARD Home Economics, Sunshine Soci- ety, Home Economics Club. DAVID WARREN General. PHYLLIS WAYT Commerce, Latin Club, Sunshine Society. REBA WEBB Business, Sunshine Society, Caul- dron Staff. DON WHEELER Scientific-Technical, Camera Club, Latin Club. DONALD WILSON Commerce, Band, Crescendo Club. BOB WISE Scientific-Technical, Chorus. Latin Club, Crescendo Club. Vice-Presrdent, Eddie Baer, Presrdent, Duck Sttne, Secretary, Esther Hutchrnson, Treasurer, George Goodnrght, 71,4 ' elm The Junlor Class, under the leadershup ot therr otttcers and sponsors, Mrss Sanders, Mtss Cartreld, and lvlr, Shoclcnev, had the task at plannrng the most important sacral event ot the year, the annual JunroreSentor Prom, The dance was held lvlav l-l, rn Howard Hall, The theme, the lvlarcla Gras, was carried out tn typtcal New Orleans' stvle. Members of the class proved themselves exceptional rn the held ol athletics and also in public speakrng and dramatrc actuvitues. Row l 1 Juduth Agnew Jack Ayres Edward Baer Jean Baker Fred Bresecker Row 2. Bull Barkley Joan Behr Annls Blank James Blystone Roberta Carr Row gf Tom Carter Edna Conner Gladys Davus Joe Dean Carolyn Dehner Row 4. Elva Denham Shlrley Dnckey Nancy Drxon Barbara Donoho Barbara Dorsam Row 55 Marshall Dubree Wanda Duncan Rex Eaton Ward Edwards Charles Flood Row 6: Jrrn Forsgthe Wrlma Frazuer Marrlyn Gaftnex Robert Gnen George Goodnlght Row 7. Betty Jo Guntm Jeanette Gunyan Phnl l-larker Phil l-larland l-larold l-larmon Row l 3 Rebecca Harshman Marne Jo Haynes Conrad Hubbitt Rlchord Hanes Mary Frances Hrnton Row 21 Edward Hodge Beverly Hood Donald Howard Raymond Hoyer Esther Ann Hutchison Row 3' Julian Hutchnnson Norma lgney Patricia lrwrn Ruby Johnson Frank Joyce Row 4' Joe Kasler Jack Klllan Ralph Lambert Arthur Lanum Dorothy Lanmore Rowe 5: Marian Lee Herschel Lewns Norma Llpp Martha Loop James Martin Row 6: Mary Jane Maish Peggy Malicoat Martha Mann Donald McCord Ann McDonald Row 7: Donald Mcliunzre Kenneth McLain Joe Mechem Patricia Miller lvan Minglin Row l 1 Russell Mlnth 'LeRoy Mitchell l-lelen Moyer Verrill Myers Joon Newbold Row 21 Clifford Oldtueld Torn Reorcy lvlelbo Rerlons Borboro Phullubs Rotrlcio Rollord Row 3. Arnold Posey Dorothy Reef Rtchord Rlclcfr Jerry Robertson Lowrence Robinson Row -41 Allce Jone Rogers Mory Ann Roush Rolph Schenck Cotherlne Schinwmel leon Scihrmrnel Row Si Normo Scott Robert SCrnpture Jock Shonklln Bully Fred Shotter Borboro Shannon Row 62 Rlchord Sheets .lonwes Sheldon Gene Sipe Robert Sloughter Moruonn Smith Row 71 Annette Spldel Noncy Stougoord Duck Stnne-bk-141 6 .loon Spurgeon Row I . Wulllom Strown Joon Strode Sldney Swift Peggy Toflinger Donno Tonkersley Row 2: Borboro Thomos Julrono Thompfon Duck Thornton John Toeppe Pool Und orwood Row 3, Phyllis VonTyle Gerold Vnllors Porboro Vlnord . Bonnie Wornscott Julio Wolloce Row 43 Jeonnell Wolsh Corolyn Worren P Dovid Whrte Vrrginuo Wrllroms Borboro Wllsorw Row 5. Esther Wrlson Gory Wrlson Mory Jone Wolf - Borboro Young Morlun Bouley Row 6L Wulmo Benge Por Corson Willrom Crobtree Kothleen Crutchheld Mory Ann Eods Presid nt Sam Triece, Treasurer, Jack Scheidg Vice President, Martha Spurgeon, Secretary, Vondo Genda Row lj Ronald Fear, Robert Echolds, Barbara Good, Beverly Donoho, Wretha l-larshman, Shirley Grat- ton, Patsy Groty. Row 2: Suzanne Gillespie, Joan Eas- ton, Jane l-lays, Betty Gunion, Phyllis l-laverstick, Margaret l-lar- den, Martha Dixon. Row 3: Robert Gunyon, Carroll Grin- stead, ,Don Crutchfield, Don Cun- ningham, Robert Crose, Robert Eller, Don Fisher. Row 41 Richard Geib, Phil Delauder, l-lugh Flora, Clarence l-lill, Don Davis, Terry Farrell Row l 3 Lorene Dunn, Delores Barber, Donna Grinst'ad, Marilyn Bron- don, Clarabelle Eads, Delores Brown, Bertha Barker, Tommy Clark, Peggy Donoho. Row Zi Dorothy Keever, Carolyn Keever, Mary Davey, B'tty Davis, Barbara Galey, Donald Edmonds, l-larold l-lines, Jesse Castle, Row 32 Mervin Dubree, Bonnie l-len- son, Jack Clossin, Lloyd Doughty Kenneth Kinderman, Bill Garrard, Jack l-lowe. Row '41 Neil Guest, Jerry Clossin, Donald Kersey, John Howe, Rob' ert B ra m m el l, Richard Eaton, Chester Cave, James Harmon, Row l 3 James Holt, Mary Jane Lipp, Zelpha Keever, Diane Lipsett, Ann Mangis, Dorothy l-lowland, l-lelen King, George l-lutter, Kay Lucas Row 23 Mary Lou Lawhead, Pat Mar- tin, Bonnie Kindley, Barbara Hut- ter, Julius Lucas, Joan l-lodgen, Donna l-lollis, l-larold Laughner Row 3i Don Johnson, Shirley Lytle, Judy Manning, Jean Martin, Judy Kirkpatrick, Catherine Lixengood, Jim lgney, Marvin l-lutson. Row 41 Bill McCoy, Charles Martin, l-larry Major, Ralph Jackson, Row l' Mory Alice Reddick, Moxine Ostler, Phyllis Noll, Noncy Pletch, Peggy Ohlemocher, Robert Pedigo, Benjomin Perry Row 2: Kenneth Peters, Woyvern Newhort, Joon Nosh, lone Poce, Virginio Notion, Lois Rich, loon Reno, Row 31 Jock Norris, Mortin Myers, Dovid Osterhott, Rifhord Poul, Philip Nelson, Tom Rentschler Row -li Willrom Ostler, Elmer Posey, Bobby Meodors, Jimmy Miller Row l Betty W'st, Alice Teegorden, Sue Woodruff, Morionne Young, Rito Thomos, Phil Thornton Row gf Mo ry Thompson, Morilyn Thompson, Mory Ann Loughner, Virginio W o r n s c o t t, Moribelle Toney, Jomes Whorry, Robert Peorcy, Row 3' Woyne Wolker, Pot White- ley, Betty Vermillion, Solly Zertos, Burdell Woyt, Dole Young, Russell Vinord. Row 4' Jock Word, Phil Wolloce, Worren Willioms, Don Woinscott, Eugene Winger, Jerry Underhill, Som Triece Row l Colleen Strode, Ereido Sheets, Betty Smith, Corol Robinson, Dor- othy Scollen, Shoron Sloon, Mor- tho Spurgeon. Row Zi Wi l m o Spurgeon, Wilmo Soori, Sue Snodgross, Pot Stinson, Betty Scott, Prildo Stogsdill Row 3: Rosolene Roberts, Jonas Smith, Torn Scheidler, Roymond Rohrobough, Mervin Russell, Don- old Rogers, Omor Seors Row 4i Robert Sporrow, Lewis Sheets, Jock Scheid, George Schimmel, Eddie Robbins Row l 1 Melvin Beord, Roberto Coul- ter, Lois Alter, loon Bowles, Sone drd Blystone, Joon Brown, Julio Brrden, Herbert Clowson, Row Zi Modonno Burns, lon t Brown, Miriom C l o r lc, Morilyn Corter, Normo Boggess, Potsy Cottmon, Borboro Ashley, Stonley Beovens Row 31 Philip Byrne, Go'don Bur- roughs, Joe Clossin, Jock Corr, Julio Allen, Eddie Chopmon, Row 4i Fred Corter, Richord Cole, Robert Brin-fy, Robert Cole, Fred Agnew, Richord Cook, Leon Brown, Class Otticersl Mary Lou WatchLaugheeSecretary Jane Laverty- President Janice VanTyle- Alreasurer 'Le Rovv li Tom Marshall, Jimmy Mc- Intosh, Jane Laverty, Sue McKovvn, Janet Kimble, Doris Johnson. Row 2: Janet Michael, Mary Kressel, Barbara M y e r s, Mary Mettlen, Thelma Miller, Norma McKinsey, Pearl Lipp. Row 31 Jane Martin, Lawrence Hut- ter, Morris Mitchell, G'ne Miller, Everett l-lutt, Gale Karm, Row 4: Terry Henderson, Jack Kel- logg, Gary Malin, Delbert Math- evvs, Richard l-lolmes, Row l i Norma Saltsman, Suv Over- man, Donna Pulley, Wilma Royer, Leona Stuart, Agnes Reed, Phyllis Sheets, Richard Stinson, Rovv 23 Barbara Scott, Stella Moore, Marietta Parker, Annette S bree, Jack Pickering, Jimmy Rentschler, Larry Storns, Beverly Pickering. Rovv 3: Bob Northrop, Eddie Ruch Jackie Pippinger, Ronnie Oldfield, Everett Sparks, Jimmy Rohra- baugh, Kermit Rogier. f Rovv 4: Wiltr'd Saulsberry, Dale Ra- banus, Joe Pickard, Junior Perkins Doyle Reid:r, 1 Rowl1Patty T h o m p so n, Esther Wyandt, Mardella Turner, Janice VanTyle, Joanna Stubley, Curtis Thomas, Row 2: Gilbert Wright, Mona Swope, Patricia S c h i m m ell, Gertrude S m i th, Rosfmary Thomas, Jay Bretney. Row 31 Bill Sullivan, Dale Weida, Margaret Wilson, Mary Lou Watchbaugh, Patty Wann, Eric Swearingen. Row 41 Lon Wainscott, Bill Ward, Bob Walsh, Dale Wheeler, James Curtis, Row Ii David Byers, Nancy Camp, Earline Baker, Nancy Carpenter, Phyllis Abner, I-lelen Bragg, Carole Culp, Carole Cox Row 21 Betty Altic, Judy Clingan, Marilyn Allen, Betty Anson, Mar- cella B a ke r, Joan Armantrout, Phyllis Boyer. Row 3: Robert B r a n so n, William Bratton, Norman Clear, Jimmy Combs, Phillip C h i tt ic k, Frank Camp, Richard Conner. Row 4: George A I b a u g h, Buddy Clements, Gene Carson, Charles Bushman, Jerry Bartley. Row lj Reita Porter, Richard Werts, Martha Merritt, Peggy Servies, Barbara M a h o n e y, Kathleen Wainscott, Frank Reid, Jacaulyn Walters. Row 2: Maxine Prickett, Linda San- ders, Sue Sneathen, Pat Koster, Lois Wainscott, Mary Jane Sipes, Virginia Walker, Gene Phillippo, Row 31 Phil Miller, Barbara Walters, Betty Williams, Catherine King, Bob Shoemaker, Jack Reed, Gene Lemen, William L i n d a u er, Bill Page Row 4: Gordon Ponton, LeRoy Mc- Intosh, Melvin Suits, I-larold Pear- cy, Bill Wainscott, Frank Terry, Russell Thomas, Dwayne Roush. Row I 1 Lee Evanson, Alberta Fergu- son, Beverly l-Iarlan, Patty Gor- man, Sharon Dunham, Jack Gil- Iam, Jim Dossett, Row 2i Patti Doane, Katherine De- Voss, Bonnie Eaton, Shirley I-Iar- land, Donald Ducky, Joe Dupler. Row 3: Barbara Fitzsimmons, Gwen Dykhuizen, Mary Ann Darlymple, Rodney Hamilton, Oran Duncan, Colleen Grinstead, Patty Hayes. Raw 4: Darwin Dic k Bett Gant 1 Y 1 Cleatis I-Iarshman, Russell I-Iall, Losey I-lackerd, 'N'-W ,gf Z ' X' A 9 3 W B. ' '- 'N 7 6 b . f-mx K . ,W Q' 5, U Q' J i ff ? X 2,9 I fl , 3 W ' T g. 144cwmZz'!Le6lacAw4z'A Sacfcfle Sfzaeft ancf Sack! az' FRANKFORT HIGH SCHOOL FRANKFORT, INDIANA M Qfmcfe Rovv l' Bob Smith, Dick Routh, Patricia Randolph Beatrice Robison, Betty Wessell, Delores Ross, Jean Stokes. Row 2' John lJhl, Jim Rogers, Mariiane Vinson, Patricia Reynolds, Joan Shoulders, Jim Robinson Row 3, l-larold Strange, Henry Robinson, Tom Rohr- abaagh, Bob Skidmore, Pete Ross Row el' Edward Spencer, Sam Smith, Jim Rirnmer, Bob Sherer, Jim Martin, Rovv l' Gerald Beavens, Jimmy Beall, Jack Car- roll, Jackie Brittain, Sandra Armstrong, Loretta Baker, Tom Barkley, Ladonna Baker Row 2' Leland Brand, Channing Bliclcnstatt, Mary Atvvell, Beverly Brace, Beth Carney, Francgs Cunningham, Lillian Beard, Jerry Boggess Rovv 3 Jim Baker, Billie Arnold, Carolyn Briney, Carol Ayirs, Patricia Ayers, Maida Bean, Fred Bartley, Row 4' Carl Bushman, James Boggs, Robert Galey, Jack Bowser, James Beals, Ronald Bell Rovv lj Rheta Davis, Shirley Dantord, Marion Donoho, Ronald Dorsam, John Ehrie, l-lel n Louise Nance, John Gibson, William Finney, John Dann, Row 2' Pat Crutchfield, Ruth Donoho, Barbara Gibbons, Joan Galley, Marilyn Duoler, Donald Elliott, Donna Barnett, Barbara Chapman Row 3' Norma Davis, Jerry Davey, Bonnie Cook, Donald Daily, Betty Chambers, Rosemary Ely Robert Donoho, John Farlovv Rovv -l Mariorie Scheidler, Virginia Dossett, Gala Crompton, Joie Cubby, Jack Foaleman Row l i Jerry Saltsman, Robert Rice, Mary Ratclitt Marybelle Robison, Sue Sentz, Joan Sloan, Mil- lard See, Melvin Sheets. Roiv 2' Philip Smith, Richard Royles, Janet Smith, Barbara Sloan, Charles Robbins, Rath Royer Row 3 Billy Sexton, Alb'rt Sanders Billx Schooley Donna Rash, Isabel Reddiclg Florence Reynolds Patricia Sheets. Rovv -l Jack Shavv, Jack Sanders, Stanley Sharkey, Robert Sheets, Ev rett Priclcett James Price Row li Jack White, Mary Jane Spurgeon, Rogers West, Ramona Tull, Donald Vinard, Marion Thomas, Mary Smith, Bruce Work, Row 2: Max Watkins, Sharon Smith, Martha Snod- grass, Glenda Zurtas, Delbert Toney, Jamfs Wilson, Janet Snyder, Roberta Wilson. Row 3i Mary Starr, Lloyd Wilson, Patsy Whiteman, David Thompson, Sam Seabolt, Joe Tansey, Gene Thompson, Robert Timmons. Row 4: Dan Snodgrass, Jerry Thompson, Harrison Spencer, Bill Robbins, Ray Thompson, Jessie Vail, David Snodgrass. Row l i Marian l-luffer, Phyllis l-lollis, Colleen Grin- stead, Martha Howard, Max Gott, l-lerbert l-lines, Bob l-lowland, Phil l-lollis, Kenneth Hunt. Row 21 Patricia l-lfmmerling, Georgia Goodnight, Julia Greeno, Jack Gosewehr, Marilyn Keever, Joyce Grafton, Mary Goins, Dick King Row 3i John Kaser Billy Paine, Bob Guntle, Lana Gosteli, Shirley Jones, Ann l-lolm s, Evalene l-larland, Bill lrwin. Row 4: Paul l-lemmerling, John Kern, Dick l-lall, John Killian. Row l 2 Marilyn Douglas, Nancy Blystone, Sue Carlson, Lucy Dick, Bill Clark, Carolyn Douglas. Row 21 Edwin Cooper, Audrey Dubree, Nancy Bohr, Barbara Amos, Donald Duntord, Dick Crane Row 3: Kenneth Clements, Dick Clark, Jack Benge, Joe Elliott, Carol Covely, Robert Daywitt Row li Ann Parsons, Carol Mauch, Betty McCoy, Jimmy Kramer, John Pope, Lanny Lawson, Don- ald Locke. Row 2: Jaan Maish, Marilyn Lipp, Rosemary Pit- rnan, Sue Myers, Martha Muey, John LeDow, James McCoy. Row 3i Sue Lipp, Mary Leopard, Danna Ostler, Phyllis O'Reilley, Patricia McKinney, Richard Kriell, Carroll Maish. Raw 4i Sharon Newkirk, Phyllis McKinsey, Donald Moore, James Morrison, James Pearcy, Carl Mc- lntosh. Row lg Joan Howe, Sue Pletch, Wanda Mitchell, Nancy Metzger, Jim Lewis, Tresa Kirk, Allan Long. Row 21 Glenda Leach, Patsy Pletch, Sue McKin- sey, l-lelen l-l a i I m a n, Charlene Payne, Jack Given. Row 3' Everett Pruett, Delores Mann, Donna Far- sythe, Calvin Minglin, Glen Nichols, Dan Pad- gen. fqolliaillied V. X ., N., X 1 I N.. W- ,Y x s 4 V f A X 'LN x V 1' f 9, A ,, . Q x Vw? fy 4 . ..,.. ., ,-,.,,,W kg, 2 ' x S' .3 ::' 1 4 V x . N This society, under the sponsorship of Miss Foster ond Miss Lei-ievv, is one of the most outstanding girls' service clubs in F, I-I, S, The club, Gs in post years, mme rneir money by selling candy of basketboil games. N Sf, Formal installation was held for the following otti cers: president, Julia Riclqerg vice-president, Elena Ter pinasg treasurer, Shirley Nlarting secretary, Bonnie Wain scottg corresponding secretary, Sue Cliitticlc f-W The l-li-Y is one at the finest boys' clubs in high school, This club was organized to encourage Christian Fellowship among students To continue in this endeavor, the Frankfort Chapter sends representatives to the state l-li-Y Convention every year which was held this year at Peru. Both the members and the girls look forward to the annual l-li-Y Formal Dance in the fall, and the spring picnic at Camp Cullom Under the guidance of Mr, Gregg and the following atlicersi presi- dent, Jack Ewingg vice-president, Tom l-lallg treasurer, Dalton Mangisg sergeant-atearms, Everet Smith? treasurer, David Michael, chaplain Kenneth Ayers, the club accomplished many worthwhile things, l OFFICERS THE ANNUAL Hl-Y DANCE Memdmfx Row l: Don Von Tyle, Bob Feor, Phil Nice, Jim Forsythe, Gory Wilson, Bob Scrip- ture, John Toeope, Dolton lvlongis, Row 2: Bob Given, Jerry Mclntosh, Dovid Miller, Dovid White, Bob Sloughter, Dick Thornton, Bob Elliott, Jock Ashley, Froncis Slipher. Row 31 Bill Rosh, Dovid lvlichoel, Bill Ronsom, Tom Corter, George Goodnight, Rovv 4, Jock Hoyes, Dick Thornton, Tom Holl, Bob lrick, Dick Sheets, Phil Horker, Row S2 Jock Evving, lim Johnson, Everett Srnith, Jock Leininger, Bob Stronge, Ned Hodge, Kenny Ayers, Cornpbell Engles. Rovv 6: Loird Jocoby, Julion Hutchinson, Eddie Boer, Herschel Lewis Rovv 7: Lovvrence Robinson, Don Feix, Dick Ricker, Grover Smith, Woyne Gregg, Merrill Fishbgck, Jock Ayres, Mork Ronsom, THE H I eY BOOK STORE l Pow li Bob Pedigo, Shirley Grcitton, Sue Snodgross, Julio Picker, Phyllis l-lenson, Eleno Teroinos, Jockie lvlincemoyer, lone Loverty, Judy Agnew, l-lelen Moyer Row Zi Bonnie l-lenson, Gwen Dykhuizen, Som Triece, Bill Lindour, Phil Nice, Jim Johnson, Don l-loword Leroy Mitchell, Ered Biesecker, Jim Combs. Row 32 Jock Ewing, Torn Rentschler, Dick Thornton, Joe Bill Clossin, Eugene Winger, Ed Boer, Phil l-lorker, George Goodnight, Dick Stine, Dick Ricker, Phil Horlond, Terry Eorrell, George Schimmel, Torn lylorsholl. S ecuwcil "l'leor thot music?" "Sure, thot's the luke box the Student Council bought tor the school." Mr, Woodruff sponsors the council, ossisted by Dovid Michoel president, Phil l-lorker, vice-president, ond Julio Picker, secretory- treosurer, This yeor, the Student Council joined the Notionol Associotion ot Student Councils. ,Umm This society is a na- tion - wide organization. The members of the Na- tional I-lonor Society are chosen by a special com- mittee of faculty mem- bers appointed by the principal, Only j u n i o r s and seniors may belong, and they must rank in the upper third of their class. The sponsor is Miss Verda Knox The officers elected for the year were: Donald Eeix, presi- dent, To m I-l all, vice- president, B i I I Ransom, secretary, R i c h a r d M, Thornton, treasurer. Emphasizing parliamen- tary procedure, the Eor- ensic Club, sponsored by Mrs, Redman, gives a scholarship and an award to an eighth and ninth grade student who prove themselves scholastically aualified. The officers were: president, Tom I-lall, vice-president, Dick R i c k e r, secretary, Phil l-larker, treasurer, E r e d Agnew, I Row li Mary Miller, Roberta Sheets, Esther I-lutchison, Phyllis I-lenson, Jacaulyn Mincemoyer, Bonnie Wain' scott, Virginia Mann, Adella Engles. Row 2: Dalton Mangis, David Michael, Bill Ransom, Bob lrick, Phil I-larker, Kenneth Ayers, Campbell Engles, Miss Knox. Row 3i Lois Lykken, Lillian Greene, Pat Earrell, Marilyn Lane, Elena Terpinas, Judy Agnew, Julia Wallace. Row 4i Bob Elliott, Everet Smith, Tom I-lall, Jack I-layes, Grover Smith, George Goodnight, Richard M. Thorns ton, Jack Ewing, Don Eeix Row I 3 Ered Agnew, Richard Ricker, Tom l-lall, Phil I-larker. Row Zi Mary Miller, Alice Jane Rogers, Mrs, Redman, Bonnie I-lenson, Betty Robertson Row Bi Jacauelyn Mincemoyer, Phyllis I-lenson, Elena Terpinas, Dalton Mangis, Tom Carter, Kenneth Ayers, Richard M, Thornton, Jim Johnson, Don Van Tyle, Shirley Grafton, Jane Laverty. Row 4: Margaret Spencer, Marilyn Martin, Rat Earrell, Julia Ricker, Esther I-lutchison, Roberta Sheets, Bet- ty Jo Gumm, Roberta Coulter, Martha Spurgeon, Alice Milne, Mary Jane Wolf, Judy Kirkpatrick Row 51 Batty I-layes, Don Eeix, Bob Fear, Bob Scripture, Richard Thornton, George Goodnight, Eddie Ba'r, David Michael. Row 6f Bill Rush, Jack I-layes, Bob lrick, Everet Smith, Sammy Triece, Dick Stine, Bob Elliott, Bill Ransom. 14 inf!-eye aiew of M animal ,Jw Row Row Bob Row Row l 3 Bob Fudge, Mr, Belcher, 2: Mark Ransom, Francis Slipher, Bob Scripture, Allen Britt, Burdell Wayt, Elliott, l-lerschel Lewis, Tom Scheidler. 3i Donald Johnson, Phil Nice, Richard Cook lstandingl 4i Dalton Mangis, Bob Pedigo, Bob Given, Fred Carter, Bill Strawn, Don Wheeler, Jack Kilian, Row l 3 Phil Nice, Dick Pullen, Margaret Spencer, Miss Sanders, Tom l-lall Row Zi David Michael, Bob Fear, David White, Jean Coulter, Bob Schimmel, Eddie Baer, George Goodnight, Don Trobaugh, Jim Ellis, Jack Ashley, Row 32 Jim Johnson, Jack l-laves, Grover Smith, lsittingl Phil l-larker, Tom Carter, Richard M, Thornton Row 41 Bill Rush, John Toeppe Qamma, Interested in the little "birdie?" The twenty boys of the Camera Club have a definite interest, Mr. B e lc h e r, the sponsor, helps the boys in the care and use ot their cameras. Robert Fudge presided at the m'etings as presi- dent, Dalton Mangis, vice - president, Francis Slipher, secretary - treas- urer, and Robert Elliott, sergeant-at-arms. Md!! Even one ot the three R's has an important club in our school-the Math Club. The math-minded students practice th e i r knowledge and apprecia- tion ot math and its in- struments Miss Sanders sponsors the club. President, Rich- ard M, Thorton, vice- president, David Michael, secretary, Tom l-lall' treasurer, Jack Ewing i Row li Peggy Ohlemacher, Linda Sanders, Norma Scott, Martha Dixon, Joan Brown, Deloris Brown, Earline Baker, Jean Baker, Norma lgney. Bow 21 Barbara Witsman, Virginia Walker, Nancy Dixon, Barbara Young, Mary ,lane Lipp, Wilma Frazier, Mrs, Padgett, Elya Denhan, Virginia Ward, Gladys Davis, Ann McDonald, Jane McEwen, Anna Mae l-lutt, Row li Jack Leininger, Bill Ostler, Tom Rentschler, Jerry Mclntosh, Richard Sheets Row Zi Charles Shepard, Jim Rentschler, Bob Given, Kenneth Lucas, Don VanTyle. Row 3i Miss Van l-lorn, Bill Ransom, Jack l-layes, Jim Johnson, Bob lrick, Francis Slipher. I2 an This club's chief aim was to further interest in all tields ot home eco- nomics, The sponsor this year was Mrs Padgett. The otticers were as tol- lowsj Virginia Ward, president, Barbara Wits- m a n, y i c e - president, Mary Hinton, secretary, Jean Baker, treasurer. Ghm "Your move l" These two words are typical ot Chess Club members Miss Van Horn is the sponsor ot this boys' club which is limited to twenty-tive members The otticers were: president, Jer- ry Mclntosh, vice-president, Donald Van Tyle, secretary- treasurer, Jack Leininger. alia "Venirnus, vidirnus, vici- musu - doesn't this sound tamiliar, Latin students? The club members those taking or having had two years ot Latin, scramble into the au- ditorium each month tor their meeting, The torum is styled after the old Roman Assemblies Consul Primus, S a rn my Triece, Counsul Secundus, Donald Van Tyle, Quaestor. Terry Farrell, Scribo Tri- brorum, Martha Spurgeon, Scnba Litterorum, E sth er Ann Hutchison, Mr Farrell sponsors the club. Bow l Alice Milne, Barbara Stogsdill, Donna Ponton, Norma Lipp, Sally Haclqercl, Mitzi Gattneg, Marilyn Brandon, Barbara Mahoney. Row 2 Don Flovvard, Patti Doane, Gvvin Dvkhuizen, Rose Roberts, Annette Speidal, Roberta Sheets, Patty Koster, Donna Grinstead, Adella Engle Row 3. Phil Nice, Ester Wilson, Mary Marsh, Julia Wallace, Beverly Donoho, Virginia Wainscott, Barbara Galey, Mari Davey, Bett Davis. 5 V Row tl Alice Jane Rogers, Bob Slaughter, Garv Wilson, Pat Pollard, Patty l-lates, Annis Blunli, Julia Allen, Ed Chapman, Edna Connor, Lois Wainscott, Nancy Lawhead, Dorothy Marshall 9ow S Bob Fear, Beverlv Flood, Pat Farrell, Jimmy Rohrabaugh, Joe Piclxard, George Schimmel, Bill McCoy, Eddie Chapman, Conrad l-libbit, John Toeppe low fd Don Wheeler, George Goodnight, Elena Terpinas, Everett Sparks, Margaret Spencer, Jean Coulter. Mr Farrell, sponsor, Bob Northrop, Dale Wided lsoxv l Mondo Genda, Martha Spurgeon, Ronnie Fear, Kenneth Ayers, Don Xan Tyle, Martha lXlerritt San- dra Blystone Julia Riclser, Sue Moore. lxoxv I Dirlx Thornton, Jack Exvin Jim Forsvthe Jane Pace Bettx Gunion Roberta Coulter, Jane l-laxes, , Q, , , 1 , Bob Pedigo l ow 3 Marv Alice Reddiclc Norma Bot Tess Lillian Greene, Lois L ilxken, Charlene Matchett Phil Thornton, , J Us J 3 , Bull hlewhart, Ralph Lambert Tow -l David Michael, Merrill Fishbacls, Allen Britt, Phil Wallace, Ward Edwards Phil Harker, Don Feix, ow B Richard Cook, Dicl, Thornton lirl, Everet Smith, Tom l-lall, Richard l-lines Bill Rush Bob lrick lxavv 13 John Toeppe, Bob Briny, Ecl Beall, Jack l-layes, Tern Farrell, Jack Bewsex, Bob Sparrow, Georg? Goodnight, Gordon Burroughs, Charles Shepard, Bob Scripture. swm "?Como Esta lJsted?" With this customary greeting tram old Mexico, the students at the Spanish Club begin their meeting. Many worthewhile things are accomplished daring these meetings which are sponsored by Mrs. Heaton, The tol- lowing otticers were electedg president, Fred Agnew, vice-president, Jack Leininger, secretary, Jackie Mincee moyer, treasurer, Kenneth Kivett. Seated Kenny Kivett, Jack Leininger, Fred Agnew, Jackie Mincemoyer, Row li Sue Chittick, Bonnie Wairwscott, Barbara Carpenter, Pat Vtfhitely, Mary Jane l.ipp, Martha Loop, Betty Williams, David Byers, Betty Smith, Peggy Ohlemacher, Jim Pentschler, Jack Scheid, Row 2: Dorothy Larimore, Barbara Wilson, Margaret Horden, Beverly Harlan, Delores Barber, Nancy Car- penter, Janet Kimble, Joan Bowles, Diana Lipsett, Derb Mangis, Mrs Heaton, Mitzi Gattney, Jane Lav- erty, Bob Echoles, Jim Blystone, Terry Henderson. Row 32 Joan Nash, Joan Hodgen, Annette Sibree, Betty Parr, Becky Harshman, Lorene Donn, Roberta Carr, Bonnie Henson, Jody Manning, Judy Kirkpatrick, Lois Alter, Pearl Lipp, Beverly Hood, Jody Clingan, Bare bara Cnood. Row lli Bill Lindaor, Bill Ostler, Oscar Sheets, Dorwin Dick, Cleatis Harshman, Rodney Hamilton, Betty Jo Gomm, Maribelle Toney, Jack Ashley, Harold Hines, Jim Combs, Bill Garrard, Jack Killian, Phil Chittick Row 53 Laird Jacoby, Jim Ellis, Bob Crose, Bob Cales, Verrill Myers, Marlin Bailey, Don McCord, Richard Hines, Tom Carter, David Osterhott, Kenneth McClain, Jack Bricker, Don Rogers 3 . The Science Club, sponsored by Mr, l-langer, is greatly enlarging our school's activity in the field of science. Special emphasis is put on each student's individual interest. The officers orei Presi- dent, Jirn Combs, Vice-President, Donald Cunningham, Secretary- Treasurer, Patty Doane, ,au Zlimzgn Gafmedpomfence Dyer torty-tvvo members ot the Foreign Correspondence receive letters almost daily from pen pals The sponsor is Mr Farrell Ap- proximately one hundred and titty countries are included and over o millio nstudents enrolled The ot- ticers are' President, Phil Thorn- ton, Vice-President, Alice Milne, Secretary, Donna Ponton, Treas urer, Pat Farrell Rovv l' Richard l-lines, Patty Doane, Jack Kellogg, Bill Bratton, Mary Lou Cressel, Pat l-layes Row 2 Mr, l-longer, Owen Dykhuizen, Jim Combs, Wilford Saulsberry, Bob Northrop, Bill Lindar, Pat Ayers, Don Cunningham. Jack Carroll, Allan Long lseated in trontl, Row l Elena Terpinas, Roberta Coulter, Alice Rogers, Pat Farrell, Phil Thornton, Alice Milne, Donna Pon- ton, lane Hays, Betty Davis, Pat Koster, Row 2 Ronald Fear, Benjamin Perry, Phil Wallace, Ralph Lambert, Bill Wainscott, Mrs Farrell limmx Rohrf abaugh, Mary Davey, Barbara Galley, Lois Waiiwscott. Rovv 3' Fveret Sparks, Richard l-lines, Margaret Spencer, Sam Triece, Gordon Burroughs, Terry Farrell .loe Piclsard, Richard Coolx. "Want to buy a box ot candy?" Besides their annual spring dance, the Staccato girls sold Christmas candy this year, The sponsor is Miss lnez Nixon, The otticers are President, Jane P a r s o n s, Vice-President, Betty Jo Gumm, Secretary, Sue Chittick, Treas- urer, Norma Lipp, eaedcencfa The boys, under the sponsor- ship ot Miss Inez Nixon, have made auite a name tor themselves this year Richard M, Thornton, president, heads the club, and he is assisted by Campbell Engles as yice-president, Norman Dstler, secretary, and Bob Wise, treas- urer. Row li Sue Chitticlq, Jane Parsons, Norma Lipp, Betty Jo Gumm, Ethel l-larrison, Julia Wallace, Row 21 Sue Peterson, Pat Miller, Miss N:xon, Mable Anson, Lillian Greene. Row 31 Beverly l-load, Donna Tanlqersley, Barbara Stogsdill, Dorothy O'Bryan, Roberta Carr, Lois Lylqken, Charlene Matchett, Roberta Sheets, Joan Spurgeon, Annette Spiclel. Row eli Dorothy Larimore, Joanne Newbold, Barbara Vinard, Joan Behr, Barbara Phillips, Mary Jane Maish, Carolyn Dehner, Phyllis l-lenson, Jacgulyn Mincemoyer, Betty Parr, Bonnie Wainscott, Esther l-lutchison Row 51 Pat Black, Martha Mann, Ann McDonald, Esther Wilson, Doris Pugh, l-lelen Moyer, Peggy Tatlinger, Barbara Donoho. Row l 3 Bill Maxson, Dick Pullen, Jack Scheid lseatedl. Row 2: Mr, Kleyla, Ralph Jackson, l-lershel Lewis, Stanley Beayens, Don Wilson, Richard M, Thornton, Dayid Osterhott, Terry Earrell, Miss Nixon, Row 3: Conrad l-libbitt, Charles Shepard, Gordon Ponton, Bob Wise, Don Trobaugh, George Schimmel, Phil Thornton, Lawrence Robison. Row 4: Ernest Owens, Fred Agnew, Richard l-lines, James Wharry, Joe Dean, Jim Ellis, Campbell Engles. CAULDRON PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART Bob Given, Eyeret Smith, Elizobefh Molohon, Bob Elliott CAULDRON BUSINESS Don Von Tyle, Noncy Lowheod, lock Leininger, Kenny AyerS, ond Bob Fudge. '84 lf CAULDRON TYPlSTS Phyllis Reed, Phyllis l-lenson, Mon' lgney, Shirley lvlortiny ond lone ' Porsonse Ga Pow l Posemory Lipp, Pebo Webb, Chorlene Motchelt, Lois Lykken, Julio Rlcker, Compbell Englesi Mory Miller, u Pow 2 Dalton llVlOllQlS! Morilyn Lone, Virginio lvlonny Bob Feor, Ivlorgorel Spencer, Don Feix, Bill Ronsom, Dovio lvlichoel ff! E2 Julia Wallace, Bonnie Wain- scot, Donna P o n to n, lint Forsythe, lack Ayers, Becky l-larshntan, Mary I g n e y, Jean Coulter, Kenneth Lu- cas, Francis Slinhere 4 EI S Alice Milne, Dalton lylangis Betty lo Gurnm, BOEJ Elliott Miss Kearns, siiionsor, Patty Farrell, Judy Agnew, Nancy Lawhead A back, A7548 The High Lite is a bi-monthly publication ifiuhlished by the members at the journalism class. Under the sponsorship ot Miss Kearns, Pat Farrell, editor, and Judy Agnew, assistant editor, the High Lite brings to the student the accounts tor the events which pertain to school lite, Not pictured, Jaclc Uttere 'Wm 4. JI. S. Eancf Under the boton of Mr. Williom D. Kleylo, the Fronkfort High School Bond hos goined stote-wide recognition in only one yeor by giving so mony successful per- formonces. At procticolly oll of the home tootboll gomes the bond gove some sort of o show, Fronlqfort will long remember "BAND SHOW" held ot Stott Field, in which the bonds of Fronkfort, Kolsomof ond Crowfordsville porticipoted in con- cert ond morching work "BAND SHOW" wos the originol ideo of Mr Kloylo It wos olso produced ond directed by him Entering stote ouditions hos greotly increosed the bonds populority ond respect oll over the stote. Twenty-nine students entered the district this yeor .Of thot number everyone ploced in first or second positions Six soloists ond four ensem- bles ploced first geight soloists ond two ensembles ploced second, Those who ploced in first division journeyed to Terre Houte to win first in four solos ond two ensembles ond second division rn three solos ond two ensemblsr The bond entered the district ouditions ot Noblesville, coming home with o first division, The orgonizotion then went to Depouw University ot Greencostle to porticipote in the stote finolsr The Fronkfort High School Bond won o first division in both morching ond concert, lf there were still o notionol oudition, the Fronktort High School Bond would be eligible to enter However, the notionol xvos rlisbonded ot the beginning of the wor. On Moy lf, the bond went to lndionopolis to tolse port in the Shriner porode The school moy well be proud of their outstonding bond' l flflemdeu Phyllis Abner, Betty Anson, Donna Barnett, Stanley Beayens, Joan Behr, Channing Bliclqenstatt, Richard Cook, Mary Davey, Patti Doane, Barbara Donohoe, Carolyn Douglass, Marilyn Douglass, Joe Elliott, James Ellis, Campbell Engles, Gilbert Evanson, Ethel Harrison, Terry l-lenderson, Bonnie Henson, Richard l-lines, Joe Kasler, Jack Kellogg, Bonnie Kindley, Mary Lou Kressel, Arthur Lanum, Marcia Leader, Pearl Liop, Charles Martin, William Maxon, Ann McDonald, lyan Minglin, Verrill Myers, l-lelen Nance, William Cstler, Ernest Owens, Donald Padgett ,Richard Paul, Robert Pedigo, Beniae min Perry, Barbara Phillips, George Ponton, Richard Pullen, Mary Alice Reddick, Phyllis Reed, Eddie Robbins, Lawrence Robison, Mervin Russell, Marjorie Scheidler, Tom Scheidler, Oscar Sheets, Charles Shepard, Grover Smith, Robert Smith, Peggy Tatlinger, Rita Jo Thomas, Phil Thornton, Robert Timmons, Don Trobaugh, Carol West, James Wharry, David White, Donald Wilson, Mary Jane Wolf, Winitred Yuill, Patty l-layes, John Killarn, Mary Mettlin, Alice Milne 1 1 ' A Sei' , 1 J :V .J ' 'fn V 1 ,Q -nk X pr Row lg Lawrence Robison, Lieutenant, Jo a n Behr, Secretary. Row 2. Grover Smith, Cap- tain, Bill Maxson, Student Director, Campbell En- gles, Lieutenant, Charles Shepard, Dram M a i o r, Dick P a l le n, Eirst Ser- geant, pep awe "Ready boys?" The pep lzand has done mach to pep up the school's morale at out-ol-town games this wear The band is composed at the tollowing bots, Camp- bell Engles, Bill Maxon, Jin' Ellis, Charles Shepard Don Wilson, Gordon Ponton and Stanley Beavins Eancf Ein, sic, drie lnterested in playing for sell-enioy ment, a group of boys Bill Maxson, Gordon Ponton, Stanley Eleclxins, Phil Thorn- ton, and Jim Ellis have banded together Linder the name, "German Band." Per- formances are giwen to the senice clubs of the cm as well as tor school entertain- ment DISTRICT AND STATE SGLO AND ENSEMBLE CDNTESTANTS ROW l 1 Phyllis Reed, Rilo JO Thomas, Pearl Lipp, Bon- nie Kinclley, Row 2 B a r ln a r a Phillips, P e Q Q y Tallinger, Mary Loo Kressel, Patti Doane, Barbara D on o h o, Jack Kellogg. Row 3 Campbell En Q l e S, T e r i' y Henderson, Don Wilson, Lee E y a n 5 O n, Charles S h 3 rji a r lil, Bill Maxson. Row 4 Bob P e cl i Q o, Phil Thornton, Verrill Myers, E r n e s T Givens, James Wharry, Stanley Beavens, Richard COOK, Jim Ellis, Don Trobaugh, Dick Pale len, Ivan Minglin, Law- rence Robison Mafmdlm Color was aclclej when our high - aleiiioing twirlers and clrirm magors performed with the canal daring halves at loo T ha ll and haslerball games Oar maiorelles lhif, year were Phyllis Reed, Rira Jo Thomas, Mary Davey, Ronnie Klnaley, Pearl Lipp, and Eonnie l-lenson Going frame aflwz. a faancf paczcfice al Stall flied! w'f75?7Fi"f " ' r r-1 ., : . 4 3 6 An asset to Eranlatort l-ligh School's credit this year is the orchese tra, Reorganized by Mr. Langdon, the members have played tor many important Occaslons. lvlembgrs ot the Orchestra' Janet Stewart, Beverly Donoho, Amy Ratclitt, Rodney l-lamilton, Sharon Dunham, Betty McCoy, Marian Donoho, Esther Wyandt, Evalane l-larland, Phyllis Sheets, Betty Anson, Florence Reynolds, Lee Evanson, Patty l-layes, Patti Doane, Mary Lou Kressel, Eddie Robbins, Phyllis Abner, Barbara Phillips, Charles Shep- ard, James Ellis, lvan Minglin, Robert Pedigo, Jack Kellog, Mary Jane Mettlen, loan Behr, Arthur Lanum, ' Aw, The Chour gove nwony hrllllont pertorntonces thls yeor! including the Chrrstnwos progronw, boccoloureote, oncl conwnwenrgementr The personnel ore chosen tronw xocol oncl rnstromgntol .ilosses The chorr lS under the drrectlon ot Miss lne: lXllXOl'I ROW li Sue Chlttlclq, Dorothy O'Bryon, Pot lvllllerf Nornwo Lrpp, George SClTllTllTTGll Jock Sciheld, Roloh Jockson, Roberto Corr, Roberto Sheets, Bonnie Wonnscott. Row 2' Llllron Greene, Betty lo Gunwm, Betty Porr, Jocouelyn Mrncemoyer, Herschel Lewrs, Dowd Gsterhott, Esther WllSOlT, l-lelen Moyer, Chorlene lvlotcjhett, Lots Lylclsen Row 3i Esther Ann l-lutchisonl Helen Btrd, Mon lone Morsh, Phyl- lis l-lenson, Fred Agnew, Bob Wise, Ruchord M Thornton, Dons Pugh, Beverly l-lood, Mortho Monn, Joonne Newloolcl 8 . Central Audltorlunfs doors again opened April 29 and 30 to present the l'fl4'fr Sensor Class Play, "Come Over to Oar House," a three-act comedy, vlrrected bf. Mrs Redmon and the Student Director, Vrrginna Mann Members of the cast are: Richard Thornton . Marilyn Lane ........ Jaclae Muncemoyer Vlrgunra Mann ..... Bob Irucla ............ Tom l-lall ....... Don COllIl15 ....... Jay Eldrrlge Amanda Eldrndge .. Marlon Eldrldge Lindy Eldridge . Sascha Sexmrsla Rhlllp King l-logo Wlllltreci .. Steven Reynolds Mark Ransom ......., ...... Don Van Tyle ....... Sue Chuttiek ......... Patty Earrell l Joan Hamrlton 5" Butch Reynolds Hlldred Reynolds Mrs. Thompson Dalton Mangis ......... ....... Jolla Rucker Phyllls l-lenson Alice Mrlne Manlyn Ehlers ' Elizabeth Molohon Ruth lmler Donna Ronton Q l . s Damon Gottschallx Madge Wullons P4 ..... . l Doris Pugh l S"' ""' ' ' Georgia Rogers ........ ,.... Bob Strange .......... Evle Cannon LO' I ld Mae l-looston . Veronrca Nuchols Barney Eollows Pepe ' Under the chairwomanshrp ot Elena Terpmas the Pep Commrttee hae added mach to the school sprrlt, No doubt the blagest pep sessron held thus year was the one held in the Roxy Theater preced- mg the Sectlonal Tournaments, The pep Commit- tee decorated the halls rn blue and white the Fri- day before the Sectronal Tournaments These dee- orations were considered the best ever to be pat up tor thus oceasuonl The members were Donna Ponton, Bob Elllot, Francls Slrpher, Bob Gwen, Pat Farrell, Dowd Michael, Elena Terpinas, Bob Fudge, and Dalton Mangls. Not prctared' Campbell Enales. -4. 5 ""' V A fn 4 v , , WT, 'Fr ,Maw 14 Uzleiicd Q1 , ,. .v f , ,W X, , X, ,f .,4' . 4-:eX-:Zi - ,ww P, qw.. fy if , V 41 X' wr: ,: 2554 -Xff:fm:1,- Kf..-L1 X Z,-Xu -.fu-mf .L , . mg., .VM ,, 2 L4 X ,, . .Wy 2 ,-.1.?' HA, Q 1 g nv.,:f,f M4 My . Q X I ' f 2 Xyw . ww V. X P X., q Vnkn Tx 1 A 5 V '-,, , R1 . ' 5:5 :I A ' A' 1'X-A .,..A X Q , . H.: 9 - .X :g,1. ., 4' r 3 .. ,Fi-5,. A I K .: U x -,wifi 645351. 1 .X mslffwg , ,.., ...MX 'yfflm 'faiww V , 'Q J' ' 'H . fx ...y J Y " , X - 3 ,X 'ge X Q .X .153 S X X 1 X ' 4 hz 'X Q, Q .V 1 'Q K- tx ' gg R, 4' I K f , ' I 17 ,vim 'ffl ' -'Wag ,waif x A 1 1 9 x A -- -- V ' if g2gX H K faxxl 6 5151, H, . P rf: A hgh:-My 3 kb FS 1 vpllrg V axipv , 4 s k4A:7f'1x5i?5 vkirf- nv 4. 1 ww I E f. I sw 5 X , X . of .XX wi, Wm -Xw X , sw X N X NG X' Q' 3 ' A- 15 I ' ' v- + .M va 'dpi if AX X X, 'J 3. ,A Il. I , N 'Seb ,X 'N 1j5,.f?1' X9' A :i 'W X, ,Tl ,,,. Xl J.: Y Wd: -2 I K 'xxx . 3"'1Lx--221 '7 - 2' wwrzf' , L 'l5'5g?"5 "f Xi X X 'M f f XfX , ..A,. . ,Lax IJ f I X74 fs. X ..-. , -mx xg! - ,l J .fly giw 4gfpmnwwX f 4J , X Q- E, A2,, 6 f X ' Q I '-.. "f,,MT .RQIQXN J b J E X 49 XQX N N W fem I Q' N' ,ll jf, X Nc 'K A 4 VX : , G is J Ness: 5 X 3 f X fa' ""' -ff' X 3 s X S ,N X ,f Vx wr' f Q fa v I 3 X TXXN, ' in X 5' 3 x f I J s 41 ,A., x ,ggi ,IQ x :QQ ' .:,:44., .Y "??i"'31.W A 7541 ,Q V, Wg! a? ?, X rf 'K Q h I 4, 1, 'iff-X, mv 151 1 Val A in in x Q51 -XX-XX:g,a!fXyyyQf43 R M- - S 5' ' , af , fx .. - 'Ik ' Xs X f ""2?ff12 1 P 1 if Tfw fx iw A. . A, X, sf va X 21 Wie X .- - V "I -' 1. -1 X -' t- ' UQ 7 ' 'M Kljjfh 71dL"L'Lf . -,-' "Q: " .::-1 - 7 ,. ' . ,NX r' if ,H ' 5 5 ' V. 4 if 'r f7,f".1 1 .fi 1 ' , 5 5' ' I . V' A, ' 's ' X 4 - ' X t 3 . ,: ' .-fy ng X ,. 4' Q Q, " . 5 'Xiu-',,,:,g .V ..,.', : ,511-' wg? , 'pf Y , M ,X -..--.--v X M--,N . . ,.,v+.21,.' .- - 4, , 4 -N ,A', "" .,A.V , w Wh-ii: X x'--'v I , . 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' 5:5 Take a look at the shoe strings in your sadv dles You have seen how shoes are held together by the laces, also, how school sprrlt IS entvymed about the students untnl they are tlrmly bound together rn a trlendshlp shown by the yarlous Clubs and actryitles A pair of saddles has twenty eyes, a student has only two Wuth these eyes, a student ree Celves has greatest means of learnmg Wlth them he may read great books, study famous palntlngs! and vvew Mother Nature The tongue an a shoe would be massed If not Included Humans txpress their ideas and! at the same tame, recevye benetut from other peo- ple's thoughts By thus only means of Convers- rng, great rd as are born I I I' 1111 ' 44514 fnpxtf Ns lv-.,,.i I . li M lp eoacku Row l Mr Duck, Mr Pohroboogh Pow 2 Mr, boldxxtnt Mr, Ford, Mr Ctsrnmtns The ttve meh rrtotorefl obove ore lorgelv resoonstble tor the showrng moffe bt our school tn the held ot othlettcs dunno this yeor f'-Xlthoogh thts wos the ttrst yeor ot Coojhtng ot Fl-lb for Wolter Ford ond Wtlbor Cornnwtns th'se rnert hove eorned the respect ot both the school oncl the commonitvt A cooch's hte is hot ON eostf one by ony moons, onli thfse men ore to be Congrotoloted on thetr tune results wuth the vortoos FHS teonws this teor H411 Though the roorl ts not smooth, evert bot' hos o bnrntng cleslre to be on "P mon To vwn on "F on olhlete must eorn o motor oword tn one ot the motor styorts ' Une ot the rnost ootstonrilrng titrogroms ot the yeor, "The Bug Brooocostf' ts stronsorej bt the "F" Clubt onffl the members olso holril on onnuol otcnic ll? the stirrtno Stnce the school hos exoonclecl tts tlelcl ot othleticgs bt Il'IClLJClllTQ boseboll os o motor sbortt the member- shttr ts rnoch Ioroer thon tn tirrevuotts teors hon l Rot Cot, bob lrtel, Kenneth Atres, Jerrt Mclntosh, Dolton Mongts Rtehorgl Sheets -look Letntnoer .lerrt Unrjlerhtll, Dowd VVhlte l"oxx 2 Grover Smtth, Evert Srntth, Tom l-loll, Btll Rnsht hob Strong? btll Ronsom Don XonTxle Neo Horflgo Rott 3 Jock Shonkltnt Jtnw Johnson, Duck Qtclser, Merrtll Ftshboclx Eddue Boer! Phil Horker, bob Fudge Don Feix, Pow l. Clittord Dldtield, Bob Sloughter, Dick Thornton, Tom Rentschler, Bob lrick, Dove White, Gene Winger, Ed Robbins, Bob Stronge, Row 2: Art Lonum, Jerry Underhill, Ned l-lodge, Jim Johnson, Tom l-loll, Don Feix, Som Triece, Rolph Jock- son, Dolton Ivlongis, Row 31 Tom Scheidler, monoger, Bill Ostler, Bob Fudge, Don Von-lyle, Bill Push, Dick Poul, George Good- night, Everett Smith, Grover Smith, Roy Coy. Row Lli Phil Nelson, Joe Deon, Dick Sheets, Phil l-lorksr, Dick Picker, Phil Byrne, Phil Delowder, Bill Ronsom, Clorence l-lill. WW4 Squad Do you remember , . . the opener with the bond ploying ond on eosy 3442 win over Sheridon , . , the breok-owoy poss ploy from Tom l-loll to Butch, ond 'l'om's kick tor extro point tor o l4-l3 win over Rich- mond in the lost twenty seconds i , the generol teoxn let-down ond the broiling King Sol thot honded the l-lowks o 26-0 deteot ot l-lowe , i . the determined teom thot fought l.ogon's gool line tor o lil-O win, Don Von Tyle's 90-yord touchdown sprint ot o poss interception , the return ot the kick-ott tor ci touch- down ot Kirklin ond the ill-O victory the mogniticent line ploy ogoinst Jett, the crowd thot wos the lorgest ever to see o tootboll gome in Fronktort, the heortbreoking tinol i2-7 score otter the Howks hod completely outployed Jett . A . the downpour ot roin ond the mud in the 7-2 win ogoinst Kokomo thot cinched third ploce in the NCC . . West Side's tina blockers ond Sonny Dyler's two touchdown runs thot honded the teom o l9-3 deteot , thot romping elO-O tincile with Rensseloer in which the l-lowks scored ot will, . ,rf QV if 12, I .as 5 1...-.-1, -Q Q- . X M N.. , 'X f Ex SN w 455 ki P N1 3 x". 1 I i Q swf' X 5' 4 K x N f X x' X .Q X,-N X Q2 X .... '- 0 we -i 1 , X lm XJ vb 5? g.,55,Q.,5N , ,..,.,. , .lf Y wi ,- f' 1xLQgg',g :JV Q , ., I Q 2' E 'I KX . I B 'qv . ., Ga -M Ng K 9 0 4 Qaeda!! Rovv l Bill Garrard, Joe Pickard, Evert Sbarks, Jim Dossett, Cleatis l-larshman, Jim lvlclntosh, Lon Wains cott ' Rovv 21 Bob Brammell, Jerrv Clossin, Phil Chitticik, Dale Weida, lvlervin Dubree, Bill Wainscott, Jerry Bartley, Jim Combs, Donald Dickv Rovv 3: Bill Sullivan, Bill Ward, Donald Kersev, Richard Gieb, Jack Clossin, Losev lnlackard, Junior Perkins sew, qw 40014611 Row li Calvin lvlinalin, Jerry Davev, Jack Sanders, l-lenry Robison, Jim Lewis Row 21 Jim Boggs, l-larold Strange, Tom Rohrabaagh, Bob Gantle, Bob Skidmore, John Kellam, Carl Bash- lTlOl'l. Rovv 3' Jack Foaleman, Jrm Beals, Jim Morrison, Dick Clark, Joe Elliott, John Kern. X' Yr' ' 106-' is .ff ,J Row l 3 Kenny Ayres, .lock Leininger, Dick Ricker, Bob lrick, Ed Boer Row 2: Jerry Mclntosh, Grover Smith, Sid Swift, Don Collins, Cooch Cummins, Phil Horlser, George Good- night, Tom Corter, Don VonTyle. B Coming to F, l-l. S. from Gos City, Cooch Wilbur Cummins employed the zone defense to on odvontoge in his first yeor ot the reins of the l-lot Dogs, The Dogs, lorgely composed of veterons from lost yeor, won twelve ond lost ten in spite of o rugged schedule which included twelve conference teoms. The teom won five ond lost seven in N. C. C. ploy. Richord Riclser, Robert lrick, Denny Ayers, ond Ed Boer londed oll conference berths ot the seoson's end. The schedule this yeor wcis highlighted by severol overtime gomes ln the opener, F l-l, S. wos forced to win in on overtime becouse of o lost qucirter surge by the Athenions. Three of these four gomes in the holidoy tourney were overtime events, ond Anderson conquered the Dogs in ci sudden deoth double overtime. The l-lot Dogs begon to goin the ottention of bosketboll fons over the stote when they knocked off three highly roted N, C. C. tecims ond Tipton to toke on o shorp edge just before tourney time. Mich- igontown fell in o rough ond tumble gome, but the old Rossville jinz prevoiled os Rossville from mid-court in on overtime gome. Q A x tilt? Grover Smith was a guard with a lot ot fight on back- boards "Smitty" is also a senior and will be rnisseijl next year. Robert lrick played tor- ward, "Bob" was the team's high point player for this season, l-le placed high in N. C. C. scoring as he bowed out ot his high school basketball career, ' Gerald lvlclntosh was a t o r w a r d. "Mac" showed plenty of drive when he was called upon This was his last year. Dick Ricker, big junior center, tried hard to win exert garner "Stitch" will be tighting hard for a starting berth next seasons il Jael: Leininger, guard this year, was ane at the hard- est workers an the team He was a senior and will he missed next year. Eddie Baer, tar! ward,atwl'1am mach is expected next yea r, was a ianior and one at the best s ha t s an the team. Kenneth Ayers, "Squirt" ta the Franktart basketball fans, played guard and was a senior He was the best at the team an handling the ball, ,- - -ff Donald Van Tyle played guard and his speediness was a headache ta the ap- pasitioni He will be missed next year. 'lBlandie" played his best game against Rassf ville, ug ll 7660, Eaaheldall Bottom Rowi Jerry Underhill, Joe Clossin, Som Triece, John Toeppe, Second Row' Don Johnson, Fred Agnew, Eugene Winger, Ed- word Robbins, Top Row, Phil Byrne, Dick Pool, l-lorold Peorcy, Rolph Jockson, Dorwin Dick ,gauhmm Bukedall Front Rowi Jim Lewis, Jerry Thompson, Robert Sheets, Joe Elliott, Jim Beols, Tom Rohr- obotigh, Bock Rowg Jo h n Eh r i e, Jim Kromer, Jock Sonders, Dick Royles, Roy Thompson, Bob Sherer, Jerry Dovey, l-lorold Stronge, Jock Gosewehr. U ll 7eaht Most positions on this yeor's B-teom were held by sophomores, Locking height but with plenty ot speed, the l-lot Pops were oble to overcome most ot the opposition This wos detinitely o well-bolonced teom with no oiitstonding individiiols. The highlight ot the seoson wos when they overcome oll opposition to cop the B-teom tourney, which wos held ot Fronktort. The ttitiire ot Fronktort's Fighting Five looks yery bright from here. 4 7am Toke noticel The greenclods ot F. l-l. S. were regiilor glodiotors on the tloor. They hod o very fine seoson, winning twelve ond losing only three. lt they continue to iniproxe, the closs ot l95l moy hove o chompionship tecim, as "' ,gg 'jf fi ,,,- . 4 The scoring of o cross country tvvo-mile meet is the reverse of the scoring for o trock meet in thot one point is given for first, tvvo for second, etc, To eorn o trophy in this sport, thirtyefive or less points ore necessory. F. l-l. S, won one ond lost one with Jeff, lost to Kokomo, vvon two ogoinst Delphi, plciced fourth in the sectionol ot Terre l-loute. Jock Bricker vvon four duol meets ond ron fifth in the sectioncil. Trophies were ovvorded to Ed Boer, ,lock Bricker, Jock Leininger, Richord ond Robert Cole. '7aw!z 7mm Cocich Dorvvin Dick'S trock teom, heoded by Richord Ricl4er's 505 in the 44D ond 22,7 in the 220, ond Jock l3ricker's 43485 in the mile gives F. l-l. S. o good stort on o difficult trock schedule. The squod stort- ed things off right by eeking out o 54 2X3-54 U3 victory over Logonsport. This vvos followed vvith on 88-2l rout of West Side ond o 68-4l vvin over Jeff, This is the first time in sixteen yeors thot Fronlqfort hos de- feoted Jeff in o duol meet, A duol meet with Delphi resulted in victory, olso for the first time F. l-l, S. vvon the Attico Reloys, The Delphi Reloys, N. C. C, meet, Fronkfort Reloys, ond Centrol lndiono remciin in the schedule. wlisf I Every shoe musl hovi o "Soul " ll IS wlth this sole os o foonclotlon thot o shoe as bollt. School Splrnl IS the unclerlyung prlnclple upon which o school as bolll A goocl sole mokes o oood shoe, gooxl school splrlt rnokes o good high school i The orch Il'l o shoe glves comfort ond Hose to the weorer A good hosic educotlon ocqulrecl rn hugh school mokes for on eosler oncl hoppler Irfe For rnony of us, hugh school ls the brnclge between odolescence oncl ooullhood. i A hny shoe noll as only one thung thot molces o well-bullt shoe. It moy be smoll, but st ploys on lmporlonr port Ili shoe conslrucluon, Llkee wlse, there ore thlngs thot nwoke up the wellf rouncled Sludenl, Row l .Sidney Swift, Roy Cov, Dick Sheets, Merrill Fishback, Phil Harker, George Goodnight Row 2' Lawrence Robinson, Eddie Baer, Bob Irick, Richard Cook, Everett Smith, Jack Hayes, Kenneth Agers, Jerry Mclntosh. Banda!! 7 Nine Conference aanies plus nan-Conference games with Lebanon rnake air the IFHEL baseball schedule Earlt season training was held in Howard ,Hall doe to inclement weather In the opening game with Jeff one hail inning was the ilownfall for F H S Ayes airtiaht pitching was a factor in a I-I victory over Tech Despite errors and erratic iritchtna the conference victory No Q was achieved over Loaansiiort lf-l l Marion was next Conference foe and again Blue Sox win 3el Highlight was triple play, Behr to Irick to Harker Miilwat in the season finijls the Elite SON in the lead- in-J fall lor thc' Conference title Dick Thornton Joe Mechem l-lorold Loughner Phil Miller Don VonTyle Don Trobough Bob Pulley Gordon Ponton Jock Leininger Grover Smith Torn lnloll Bop Stronge ln their third yeor ot orgoni otion the golf teom porticipoted in three duol meets These were with l.o toyette Kokomo, ond Logonsport The teom olso entered the Conference ond Stote meets efuul Reody one' And our Tennis teom is on the poll The tennis teom hos been orgonized for only one yeor Despite this toct, they hoye monoged to molce on exc llent showing tor our school The teom hos ployed tive gomes ogoinst strong opposition ond hoye come out victorious by winning tour out ot the tive gomes iald' faqdjcal Girls m Tbe Physical Edu- calnan program, ertlwer two years ar four years, remem- ber tbe Closely contested volleyball amd basketball games wlwlclw were lweld after sclwaal Games lor balance aural slall were stressed in Zcfucwllian badminton, tennis, soccer, and sottballt The highlights ot the Physical Education program was the Physical Education demonstration in Howard i-toll displayed to a capacity audience, f 1 3? f x 1, f wx 'pt AD E N . Q 5 1' 0 55 if -. . 5 , . 03 . f ,f ' I, Rf! Q X W, L. xl 1 fbeffzid . . . 1 eaf- FIPEF, - , wg, Qffilfw., wfm 1' 5- A25?1f-- - --In ,,,,,. N H inf! A 55 'fx Wm f U' P5- .f ,,, v ,. , A Q f, 9. 5 'r . 1 f 'E- . .gd M . ,, , ,,..., J' ., 1 4, 'Emi ' A at . i 3. PY, 1' m ' Z W It , ., Q , 4- .- ,,,, ' . as . . x-V ,.'- 1 t 6 W , r xf. .-, V Q., ,I Seri' 4 L Sevf-5 I 5. .Aff ' - SCH 'Wt 5g"'T5 Fwd Game -Qual Shxrilgq' A Hr gh! FF Oif- z I7 1 F' . sv-12. WWC We- sv 1 I 4. ,am .FJ 7 L 7, 311, Cqu Jron ,ji-,pf 'Mack Triaj, ,,, ni :A 4 X GEEK J -a' 6 rg 7ql'KnUicc4 FPUABKLC 5Yc.k1'-J 1 1: -v 'ax XXQQ4 AJ Q 5? ,, 5 F H. 5, , J .I 'N Euan, 'L' K2 ,Lf k 5 I xx ' X' ff N z 4 2 Ed:+--f C I, ' 1 x nm '71 A fx T, Nw 51.xc..x, ,QC -. Q, 4 4 ff J? ZF nn A - ,gan 5 f Au -+- I-sb A ' Q 04 j 4' v as A Q fjffw fx, 1 . jf J Od. 23- 24 0.11, 3l Nw 5 Nov. '1 - Nov X0 , 4, T 1.0, M- D -ex -. T.-mx, y H-,.YDm-:L is A - Qwn K X 'if' giving! hnxquaf Q g KPYGJYUWN + - .D f ' 'N 42 432 x 'JS A 4' 'N S A D If 4? FII v' +' 1 U S fi v-' -' ' I -C? 9" is Q I 5 M 'S .l I, -X 'L' I ' 'Q Yfffff O W 17 , A SX .W H- " 'f wb l ,V ' f' A ,J ' V! ,lily ,gi Pl A .. if X 4xa,xQ?1J?m11v,y!!f ,J E .45 I ,- ' " fx -gs' -- 1- - M1 5 A wr .. if , Nav. 20 Span- CX-45 B'-j'-M ,f 1 Nav. 21 az-XQK SAX 3665 OK B C-3K 'S 'B TUNE., mix. x. x ip Eivsi ' .S No-4 2 1 C rv" -I' H-tvs! C 'I-ka K ' l 0 -' A gX.vlK B 90, W ff Xvukk NNN ix L I2 N 4 A' W- .- JZG M Y I ' I K- vi Cr r E: v fT-ic U 5' , 4.9 ' W .fi rl- ' ' i NX 11 ,' 'Ph' I 2 7 I q X ? If K 0 ' 1 as c. r f n'i9,. x ,,,1 I Qvcif I ' -, fx lx 4 Ng., ' -I 41 ,r C3 A f, C 1 r a Q, , 11- i Off Z lysf yn!! Bc ai Gqylxviur.. X I t K - 'vc I ' f X S' ,Kuhn 0vn1'xw.e ii , , -L .R yU"N7iHvva..aQl No' z'7'2Y De",S5 bee,.'23 Dee- Dee 26' T-lllnX51lJi:? :ew inYouS'S 20 D Ch.:.s'lp::?W'Rv..v-Z-.Z Mtviichgsxnes f ff 2 My ww J, 4 4' .M f' ' " A' C' x- x x' "kv R ,Q .:.r' V " ' 00,9 O., 4-1 ,9 XXZSAZ X QAZ ! Q 1 x .f 1.4.1, J , ., X X X 1 X X 71 7 Q . e. k X X V I by f Z PML 11,7 'yoja -b K F V Z5 f 4 In 'xxxx L ' ffiyf -,.-Qyqlx-Q Dee 212.gif NQBOJW I'-'fixes Us Jin l,l"l"lg w"Vl- v--T wkuf we. Ja, vi - If, ri ls ah w-. S- V544 T' Q4 ! xx ,, I Ch -A .-. has QLN XX Lea? ycarlfw HL M6 A-, jN3Q1,a'K!, if J xi K1 N N 'ffin 'X '. Cofnubsq U N ff ' i X1 ' C, - :' XX .ff jg '. 5 rp ,-V-. ' ,-A K wx K, , X A I ' ' Y V, i X f-J " 'X f 1 Q X - ' Lf fl y K,-' 3 X V 'SX ss. T 1 'F g . i N i' R I 'dk CXQSS 5t'canJ Stvvsugl-,v Feb Xl-I Fgl, lt YfXav-gh IZ Tv e vi' x Nxnvc Ng, SX -4 K1-.KT 1 ji. qqlgnk- 3,,,'s'bg.uj BQSKJ ball -Touvqux: 5111 c R+ :Dinah 1 Q- Haw s J . X W 5 1 V ixiow- -lv ?0L'ffgEN-'U Fi x Q l X N ' f J J 4 e vs 0' C. f 4 - Q ,' 7 761uo", - Q E4 L, f of 4. W f an V 6 Q: 5 ,Dix 4 ,, 1 NN N I ' 1 hu! 8 , 4 I ff ! fmt X 'o Mai Mir. yi A 'M L 21. I I ' BV' Y 5+ ?'+':"Ksma5 'Bi Yi'-'55-...x1.,+ F-Lit 5 ffl SMU so 1 is VV' 3x ' -- . 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Y-V Y E The annual baccalaureate services were held in Howard Hall Sundav evening, May 23, l94Si Preludeee Minuet from "Berenice" ............ Handel High School Orchestra Processionalff"Coronation March" ...... Meverbeer High School Orchestra Invocation .................................... Rev. R, H. Miller 6 Response -"Dresden Amen" ..... ...... W agner , "Oh Hear These, Our Words" ........ ....... M organ r High School Choir May 27, NHS, at 8300 o'clocl4 in Howard Hall Scripture Reading ................ Rev Allen A, Kohler the 73rd annual commencement exercises were 'llhis Quiet Night" ......................... ...... W ood lleldv The PVGQVOVTW WGS C15 fOllOW5i High School Choir PreludekPetite Suite de Ballet ...............,.... Gluck Sermon ....................... ........ R ev I. H Wvandt - l'l'QlW SCHOOP QVCPGSTVO 'food ot All Nature" ............,,.,........ Tschaikowsky ,"l3f0CQSSiOfiGl-eporm and CirwmStGriCe -.-- E Elem QMS' glee Club , High School Orchestra eeiiefiieiioii .................,............ Rev c, H, wattage l'WOCGf'Ofi ---.-.--..- ------- R ev Jews Lwoit ReCe.5SiOml,,,T,,UmphOi Mgmt, from ffgigwd Musicehlocturne ...................................,...... Curran Jorsaltarn .,.................................................. Grieg G'Vl5' G99 Clllb High School Orchestra Speakersi Marilvn Lane-Master ot Ceremonies Patricia Farrell-"The Quest ot Tomorrow ' Mark Ransome"The New Era," Organ .................................................... Betty Davis Presentation ot Diplomas .............. Suot. J. C Rice Presentation ot Honor Students ,.............,......,.... Principal S. M Woodrutt Benediction ................ Monsignor W. B. Hordeman Re-cessional--Triumphal March from "Sigurd Jorsaltar" ..................,.....,.....,......,...,.... E Grieg High School Orchestra

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