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435 'WX Q. . . . passing to and from classes each day in the crowded halls. Que would note the friend- liness which prevailed among the students by the big smiles on their faces and their friends ly greetings. There was always someone shouting "Hey, bloe, wait for me. will ya?" About then we would pass the home economics laboratory, and the fragrant aroma of food would float out into the hall. Now we would see a friendly little conversational group who had stopped to chat in the hall and were told politely to move on to avoid congestion in the halls. As we stopped to look as posters advertising the coming dance, someone would tap us on the shoulder and with a twinkling in their eye would recall and relate to us some funny little event. About then we noticed someone playing a slightly mean prank on some- one and then . . . two members of the opposite sex would come strolling down the hall casting sweet glances at each other, deeply engrossed in their "puppy love." Yes. all these scenes will be recalled in later years as events that happened in the halls of F. H. S. if V? 1? 3512? I QA 1, 9 52' ,nag 5,-1.50-f, '1f,, if 11:21, vf-,f WE'LL NEVER FORGET, . . . . . tliosc pink slips! 'l'l1:1t l11111ti11g trip x1':1s11't I1 good Ciimigli cxciisc. 1-li. lf1l1lie? llci-1 stuflciits wliu l1:1x'1- lat-cii 11l1sc11t f1'11111 scl11111l lll'L'SL'llt tlicir cxciiscs 111 the 1lc1111s to gut 1111 11rl111it to class. l11 c11s1- 111 ill111'ss 111' Zl cln-11tl1 i11 tlie family, 1111 excusecl wliitc slip is issuu 111111 work 11111v lic 11111rl1: up witliiii Z1 1'u11s111111l1lc time. Yellmv slips are give-11 for 1111x' utlici 1-x1'11s11l1lc 1'1-11s1111. Xxvlbfli 111111' lm 111z1cl1- up witli tlic tc11cl1c1"s pc1'111issi011. l'i11li slips l1l'L' is s111-cl for iiiicxcuserl 11l1sc11ccs with ll tlircc pci- 1-1-11t 1lc1l11cti1111 fflllll tlic six xwclis g1'111l1- 111 t'Zlk'll class. lilllk' slips 1111- g'lX'k'll 11ft1'1' s1'l11111l lwgiiis if it is lll'CCSSIll'j' fm' fl 5lll4ll'lll 111 l1-1111 Nflltllll. . . . tliosc st111li1111s lltllIl'S spent i11 tlie lil11'11ry. Stiialciits li111l tlic lil11t:11'y a 1':1l1111l1l1- :1ss1-1 11111 only lui' tliusc wt'lc1j1111c1l sturly pc1'i11rls, l1l1l illfll fm' 1l1llCl1-1lL't'4lL'tl 1'1'l'1'1'11111'c 11111t1'1'i11l 'l'l11'y l111x'c ll 11'i1l1' Svlvctioii ul' 1'111'1'f11lly piclccml lmulqs l.l'tllll wliicli 111 clicuosc. Al1111i111's Illll sc11i111's lllllf' l'k'IlOl'l t11 1l11- lllll'llI'j' iiistczul of tl11- slutlj' l111ll. . . . the rush to the cafeteria at nooutime. The "friends" who askezl, "Let me in front of you, will va 'lhe clisappointment when you clo let the frieucl in, aucl he gets the last clish of peaches. But there is not likely to be a shortage of peaches because the Home Economics canned lwoth peaches and tomatoes for use in the cafeteria. There are two cooks, Mrs. Pitman and Mrs. Roth, ueeclecl to prepare the foocl, antl they clo an excellent job. Seven or eight girls leave their classes early to help serve the food aucl one lmov acts as cashier. There is always a variety ot foorl on the menu. llut the hig- gest aufl most disagreeable job in some peoples estimation is the one that comes later. Yes, the rlishwashiug. But the cafeteria does have a mechanical clishwasher. The cafeteria has not only seen noon hour rushes, but also Frirlav night tlauces an-l even a style show, and the ice hox has hous icl cokes for such. is A -4 , -L, Q fa R K figs! , - S V 2 8' V W fe x aa - . ,- Q -1 : 22? gs M if ,. Va QUE s.. ' ,:- , 1 ,. w. 4 a . . - 4- ,QXS 41., tm Y ,Tl I, ,K X jx, 3 fix 1- gp, X - x ij ' , , Q 6 1 h2 i?p Shvlamndl nwwX NN! xi' , ,... sl" I 01.4 x X 9 Q -1 , J J 1 1 -4 X ,Q 'ik v xx-gg, n 45 , L 1 6 ' ' . Q , - mf A . T., , -A - LX 'six il 'nit' ' . ' ' E I - A ' 573 "ff " ' ef 'Ire mi 3y,,. f-M. Q 1 u"-5 - . , ,Q my Y 'awww'-'f ffl. 'M " ! 1 ' A " l , .v VA1.JnJLaf1-..4!L,A ..,..: if .2 Q, , J A l --- 1 X. 5 . A P 4, 'f S 1 X ' f 'Q ' A 't N 1 f A v I , 4 4:-lg, ' 1 , , , A Y 4 ., Q.: 5, t 1 V Q 3 I 1 1' '95 YE1 V I A g tb fit? " -. iam QQ, V, VA ,J 41. ,I ' 'Qs RW R, A swf., . fe-,Q - . 5114, Q , .v Q bf the CLASSROCMS ,va ADMI TRATIO MR. WOODRUFF Firm hut always with a friendly smile anrl cheerful worrl, S. M. Xlioorlruff, who unclertook his fluties as principal here only this year, proyerl quite capable anfl well lilferl hy hotli sturlents anfl faculty. Al- though he was required to he out of the office much ol' the time attending' person- ally to his cluties in various parts -of the school plant, he was never too husy to help a stuflent solve a prohlem or to co- operate with a mcmher of the faculty on wine matter of importance. Doing always what was right, hut he- ing' fair anrl consirlerate to everyone, Mr. XX'oorlruff saw that the school was man- agerl properly anrl efficiently. MRS. HEATON Une of the most important and time- consuming' johs in the school is that of lilean of liirls, anrl Klrs, Uma lleaton man- agecl to fill the position quite well this year as she has for several years. llesirles giving' much of her time to the girls anrl working on the attenclance re- ports, she founil time to teach a full schecl- ule of Spanish classes ancl to he sponsor of lil Cluh lispanol. f MR. ROHRABAUGH Being' Dean of Boys, hearl of the Ath- letic Department, sponsor of the F Cluh, sponsor of the Caulrlron, sponsor of the senior class, hearl football coach, ancl teach- ing' social science seems almost too much for one man. hut somehow Raymond Rohr- ahaugh, more commonly known as "Buck" managed to find enough time to serve quite capahly in everyone of these capacities. JAMES BALDWIN Mathematics, Coaching Staff B. S., Ball State Teachers College HAROLD BARNETT Social Science B. S., M. A., Indiana University CARL BELCHER Physics, Aeronautics, Related Science, Sponsor of Camera Club A. B., M. A., Indiana University, Indiana State Teachers College B. R. BLUNK Building Trades, General Shop B. S., Indiana State Teachers College EVELYN BOND Typing, Business Practice A. B., DePauw University IRENE CARFIELD Advanced Stenography, Shorthand, Secre- tarial Training, Typing, Head of Business Department B. S., Ball State Teachers College JAMES DAVIS C Mechanical Drawing B. S., XViS-Consin University DORWIN DICK Physical Education, Coaching Staff B. S., M. S., Ball State Teachers College, Indiana L'niversity LAWRENCE FARRELL Latin, Sponsor of Latin Club A. B., B. S., Indiana University, NVisconsin Uni- versity SALLIE FOSTER Physical Education, Health and Safety B. A., Ball State Teachers College. Indiana University HARRIET GALLUP Art A. B., VVestern Reserve, Cleveland Art School WAYNE GREGG English, Sponsor of Hi-Y, Guidance Officer B. S., Indiana L'niversity JULIA GUNTLE Office Girl Frankfort High School E. O. HANGAR Biology, Head of Science Department A. B., M. A., Indiana Central College, In- diana University QU' "S ev vi- EDITH HINMAN World History, Pan-American History, Guidance Officer A. B., M. S., Indiana I'niversity, Butler L'niversity BERTIE HUTCHINGS Art, English, Music ' B. S.. M. S., Purdue L'niversity, Indiana Central Normal College HILDA KEARNS English, journalism, Sponsor of Senior Class Sponsor of High Life A. B., Indiana University WILLIAM D. KLEYLA Band, Co-sponsor of Crescendo Club B. P. S. M., Indiana L'niversity DORIS KNOX Mathematics, Sponsor of Senior Class A. B., M. A., Indiana University, Columbia Uni- versity VERDA KNOX English, Sponsor of National Honor Society A. B., DePauw University LOUISE LEHEW Physical Education, Health and Safety, Head of Girls' Physical Education Department B. Ii.. M. S., Xliasliington University PAUL S. LOWE Agriculture, Biology B, S., M. S., Purdue University MARY MAY Mathematics A. B., Indiana State Teachers College JAMES MCMURTREY English, Public Speaking A. B... M. S.. XYahash College, Butler Uni- versity BONNIE NEWBOLD Office Girl Frankfort I-Iigh School INEZ NIXON Music, Sponsor of Staccato Club, Co-spon- sor of Crescendo Club B. M., Jordon Lonseryatory. Butler Univer sity LORENE ORR Librarian A. B., B. S., Illinois I'niyei'sity, Indiana State Teachers College HOWARD PACE General Math, Related Math, Shop B. S., Ind-iana Central Normal College, Pur- due University MRS. MELBA PADGETT Home Economics, Head of Home Economics De- partment B. S., M. A., Purdue University, Indiana Central College, Ball State Teachers College EASDALE PICKETT U. S. History, Head of History Department B. S., M. A., Indiana State Teachers College, Columbia University. MRS. MARTHA REDMON English, Dramatics, Sponsor of Senior Class Play, Sponsor of Forensic Club B. S., Purdue University, Indiana University ALLEN ROSS Organ, Harmony, Instrumental Music B. M., DePauw I'niversity, Colorado Uni- versity DELLA MAUD SANDERS Mathematics. Head of Math Department, Sponsor of Math Club B. A., B. S., M. A., Franklin College, Indiana State Teachers College, Indiana University WAYNE SHOCKNEY Machine Shop, General Shop B. S., M. A., Ball State Teachers College GLEN SCRIVNOR Physical Education, Coaching Staff B. P. If., M. S., Massachusetts State College, Pennsylvania University PAUL V. SWEARINGEN General Science B. S., M. S.. Purdue L'niversity, Butler Uni- versity MRS. RUTH TEDFORD English A. B., Adrian College MRS. ANNE TETER Home Economics, Sponsor of Home Eco- nomics Club B. S., Purdue University HELEN THOMAS Bookkeeping, Salesmanship, School Bookkeeper B. S., Indiana Central Normal College MARIE VAN HORN Chemistry, General Science, Sponsor of Sun- shine Society, Sponsor of Chess Club A. B., Ball State Teachers College JAMES G. WARREN History A. B., M. S., Indiana University, Michigan State Normal College COY WOOD English B. S., Indiana State Teachers College, Indi- ana University 'Kr' M fiffwff QM 77M z'7m,, M f 4 ff f , . VUL-7, x' ff: aff! 413164 "ff 1' "hy QW ffff5jff17"U 44 ,fwff if W7 16 Mu ' df' W I l ffffff? 5'QW!f,'lM , 41.1 W -7 J 'X .fyzwfm w Aww, ,1?,fyf,q.fjk. uf , A fide! fy Jn E ,M ,121e,fwfflc-A151 M g X .,f 1 ff iQx'f Q21 : 3 M!,n,L,L !fMlAf26rfA,?f'lyf-.l1iLL4lfflK ff, i! l.f5,7:1,,.' f fl I JM' h II , in 'N-xx ws. 1 5 QW ws: 5 GLHH Every morning at eight-twenty the senior English class assembled in Miss Kearns' room and the students let their imaginations travel to the past and to England for the study of Eng- lish literature. Starting with the an- cient Celts and Normans, the students studied the great men of literature from then to modern England. A visit to Purdue Music Hall. where the pupils saw Maurice Evans in his portrayal of Shakespeares "Hamlet" greatly enhanced the study. LA GUAGE . . . "all Gaul is divided in three parts." How familiar that sounds to a Latin stu- dent. Yes, many hours were spent pouring over gerunds and gerundives made clearer by little stick people, with carrot noses. The same people sometimes appeared on tests. "Super dupersf' And remember in Spanish Class at Christmas time, how we broke the pinate with the stick? Our lan- guage department has brought in pictures and slides showing habits and customs of the peoples. In taking Latin or Spanish, we were not only studying a speech of a people, but the joys and sorrows, the very life of the people besides. ln Latin we found that Caesar had weaknesses, and that Romulus, builder of Rome, fell in love with a Sabine girl. In Spanish we learned the problems and history of the Mexican people. Through Latin we learned that al- though some of the small things have Cll'1ll0'CCl, the fundamental needs and sensa- '- A tions have not changed in this hundred years. L MUSIC . . . the day that the long-awaited Hammond organ finally arrived. In the summer ol' 1946 it was formally dedicated to l"rankfm't High School hy an organ recital given hy Miss Ruth Noller of the Pearson Music Company of Indianapolis. Miss Noller played musical selections hy Chopin, Brahms. de liussy, and others. ' The organ was purchased hy the Sunshine Suciety. By selling greeting' cards and Frankfort Hot Dog' signs to be put on license plates, and with much help from the Sunshine alumni in spcwnsoring a benefit show, the Society raised money to make the final payments on the organ. Any student entering' high school has one great oppurtunity. and this is. to he taught to play the organ. All any student need do is to say he would like to play the Organ, and he will get his wish. A new teacher was added to the faculty especially to teach this new suhject. lle is lllr. Ross. whu came here from Chicago. lllinuis. lle grad- uated from DePauw lfniversity. receiving his bachelur degree. The organ has played a hig' part in our many emiyocatioiis tlirougliout the year. Our senior class of l'7-l7 has the honor and distinction to he the first Class to march to the music of the llammond organ at graduation time. " if I ls KL 'Z 0' QZSLB X. ART . . . the excitement of making the first chalk portraits. Miss Gallup, supervisor of the art department. tries to teach not only art work but art appreciation. The art class. this year as in previous years. made chalk portraits of the nieinbers of the senior class play. They also made chalk portraits from life. Miss Gallup tries to encourage outside work and gives it credit. PUBLIC SPEAKING . . . that after a speech contest at l.t-hanou two of our students caiue hack with top honors for themselves and for the school. Pictured are our two great student speak- ers of Frankfort High who both won first place honors iu the Central Indiana Ura- torical Contest this year. 'loanue Toeppe and Wallace Mctiill have hoth shown out- standing talent in the field of puhlic speak- ing, and the school is proud of them. 1 , M MTH . . . 11111 111'occf1111'e 211111 1'xz1ct11ess 11111' 1e:1c11e1' 1-C'l1l111'Cd 1111 our lessons. 11111 111111 very same cxactncss 111-111111 11s 111 more ways 1111111 11116, 211111 111 1111111- ways 1111111 we 1'ez111z1-. '1'h1s 1'xz1c11111ss is Il 111121111X 111 11e11c1' t11111k111g. A1111 111'11e1' 1111l11i1l1g 111111111111-s 11l'11l'1. 11Y1llg, 11111 111115' 111 11111 1'1:1ss1'1'111111, 11111 111 s1'1111111 Il11l1 211 1101111-. '1'111- 111z111111111z111c1z111 has 1111z1111111s 111 :1 3111111 C111ZL'l1. XXII 1111e1'11s1 111 1111- s1111j1-1'1 1s as 11c1'11ssz11'y 111 111111 11s 111 111m 111111-1'. 1111- L11111115' 111 11111114 L'1Ull1'1j' 1111- l'1'll111ti11l':l 1111- 1111111. !Xl'l1J1y1l1g' llSC1ll11j' 1111- k111111'11-11g1: Q'Zl1l1k'l,1 is Z1 1113116111 111 k'ZlC1l. 11111 111z1111c111z111c1z111 11111 11111!' 11568 his 1'1':1s1111111g 11111111 1111 11111111 l11.l1111L'1l1S 11111 1111 t'YC1'j'f1Ilj' 111111111-111s as 11'1'11. A111111 111'1's1111s, 11111111 z1s1cc11 why they 11111111 c1111111111u with math, say 11 is 111111. 11111 1-V611 11111611111 1C11g11s11 1111cs 11111 1111141 1111- 1:1sc111z1111'111 111 21 111c111'11111 111' 1111- s:111s1z1c111111 111- S111X111g4 ll tllug-11 1111111111111. 151-11111 11111111 we can take the 1111-111s 1111' 1111- IIl2iS1L'l'j' 111 ll 111'111111f111 111' I1 s1111z1111111 111 ll life. SCIENCE . . . our dear friend. "The Frog!" .-Xs freshman we carefully studied the frog and dissected it. This six weeks' study of the frog was to establish a basis for understanding human anatomy, physiology and health. lliology is the name applied to this phase of science. The student has a better under- standing of nature as this first major step brings him nearer In the biolog- ical world by student participation. This is a much more efficient method of learning than getting all the information from books. Above all, this form of study trains the students to do systematic work. ln the spring they study and collect leaves and flowers. ln the fall trees, weeds and different types of shrubbery are studied and learned by each biology student. The student may go on into the study of science, Mr. Hanger and Mr. l,oyye teach biology. lllr. Hanger is the head of the science department. A medal is given annually to a senior boy or girl who has taken three years of science in Frankfort High School and has made good grades and has shown outstanding ability in the field of science. The winner is chosen by the faculty of the science department. ws, 4. , ,ff ,, V A 5' H 5 , 11 if 4 rf V .-Q! 3 Q ,A ., , P I 1 J N. g nf ug' F 4 k :- X "3 '13 . 5 5 ff!- ii rf' iv f ' V6 I if ' ef A .lf xx YK .LALX X ,lx L? 3 NNW. is h ..,, Q b f X -ZX +-.NN V,Nl' M ,i - Q ' I, H ' x ' '- B M S3 .f--jj' A' V1-M ' J . b I b V ',,,.wi W , -by ' ' C QS' '-X ' 2 , gi? 1 fi Q! 2 Y' wax A if ,fx Q ff ' w S 2 X I COMMERCE . . . the click-click-clicking of the typewriters. All of the different phases of ll business edu cation are taught in the business department of our high school by Bliss Irene Carfield head of the commercial department, Miss Helen Thomas, and Miss Evelyn llond. ln the picture all the types of business studied are represented. This is a secretarial traininff P1 class at work. As you can see, one girl is using the dictaphone, another is filing, one is taking shorthand dictation, and another is typing. Bookkeeping is also represented here by the student using the adding machine. All of these studies help to prepare the student to be a bookkeeper, secretary, or to do any job of that kind connected with the studies taken in school by the student. XYith additional college traininv' after graduation from hi-fh scho l, tl 3 l g g g o ie stuc ent may prepare for a career in accounting, business administration, law, insurance, store IIl3.ll3g't'IIlE'l1t, selling, conuner- cial teaching, statistical work, banking, or other selected fields. mx: rt . 1?"6"!i'u" 31' W" 3. V' LXX1X':,'gXX :Xfi X13 'X -X 1, 1. :Y '1 1 1f""X ' ' " 1 W 1 11. Q 1 1 IW, 1 11 1 1 I 11 H11 -1 1' 1 1 ,11 1X - 1 1 f. 1. X1 1- "1. 1 XX 1 X X X-1 1X ,X, ' ' .X1, X1X1'.X X f,11 ' ."f. ' M 1 1 1 ' 1 '1 1' ' '- ' X .,.N. . X 1XXXX.1 1 1 ,XXX , 1 X 1 A .XX 1,1 1 1, .X 114 X. ' 11X XX1X1X .,, .X X XXXg X X 4 X X ' 11. ' ' ' ' '1' 1 1 1 'X. 11'X, 11 11 11 . X 1 XXXXX 1X V X X X1. 1 X 1 .13 1 X. ,X 1' 1 1' '1' 1 ' ' 1 11. ,,,' 411. . 111, X11 ,1 X,X uf X0 - X -511.1 1. , 1X X , X 1 , X, X, - 111-1,. , 1 1 1' X '- 1X1X11 .X 1'r'11 1 , . X 1X , 11 J 1 X1 1 '-X 1 ' ' 1 1-'11 X , X, 1"v'11- ' 1,. 'X 1 'Q' ' ' .1- X1X ,XX1. X' 1 X,X', 1 .X,g XXX X.X 1 5.,- . '11' ' 1' "' 1 T .1 1 ,1 1, " 1 1,111,111 1 - ' 1 ' 11" , A ,.1 1 . 1 ,11-1,1'X1'111 1 ,1 1, X 1 X 1 ,1 . 1,111 . X 1 1 1l - . 11 1 1 1 1 .X1 ,X X . , ,, 1 ,11 X1X' XX, X-X1X. ' 1I' ' '1 M44 .X 111 '1 I 1 1' :UXXXV 1 11 1X '.' 1X ,1'X1. 1' 11. 1, '. 1 ' .f 'J' '11 11: .1'. -1 ,, X' '-1 11, '1, ', ' 1 1. ,1' 1 ,X X 1 u 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 1.1 1.1 ,1 1.11 yX5-':1" X 1. X .X - 1111 NX - ,.'XX - 1 X ' ' XX." X 1.1, X 1 11- I 11' WX " . 1' ,. -X1 ' 1X 1 XX11 XX ' 1 .11 XMI' ' 1 'X1XX..X. .XM ' 1 1 11v'1!'1 XX 'X' E ' 1 1: 1 XX1 1 1 .' X 1 1 vf' 'N N X' ' 'Q' 11 W1 11 1' 1 1 1 1 ' " I' 1 -1"1,1XXj, XI X ' "" 1.14 , ' 'X,, 1 X 1,11 ' X. 1 - 1 1 11 1 1 1 X 1 .X ,'. H", "1 ' 1 1 1 "1 " . 1 1X-1 1. . 1 1 , 1, ,. g. ' ' '11'1'1 -- 1 1 1. XXQX 1X ,,X . 1X1X X1 ,. X X .1 X 1 '11. ,X"' 12X XX '1,X 'I ' "X1' , X1X 'X XXV' " "1 'jgjmj' .1. X X1 1 1 ' ' if X1 X X11 X , X' ,X X1 1 XX 1 1 1 1 X xi"', 1 1 - ' . 1 11 1"1 1 '1.X 1 1. , . 1,1, - 11 1 ': --1 1 1.1 1 5- . 11- ' " X 1. , 1 11 . 1 XXX, 111.111 1- ,X X -' 1 1 . 11. 1 1 11 . 11 ' - 1' L1'!'XX1H 1 1 ' 11 1 1 1' ' -' ,E 1 'N ' ' 1 U 4XX1'X' 1' 2" Y 11:12 ' :1 .1 X 1 ' X 1 X:11'yX' X, 1 XX11,X X 1 .'1l " 1 1 1- 1 1 . 1 1 X1X., .,,,,X1 1, 1 X X1 X1XXX.1 ,X 1 .1X111X,- X X X N! 1 , 1 1 1-1 1 1. -A,"'1 '1 1 X1',11 ' ""'1V 1 1 1. ,X X 1 'N' ,1k"1 1'1" 11 1"A 1"11,' 1 ' 1 4X ' 1X. 1 5 " QX '.1-1. 11191 X-XX.. J 1 X j 1 .' M :1' ' 1' 'V' 1 ,1 1 . 11 ... 11 1 . 1 ' V W X XX . 1g 1- X , 1- X 1,1 "1 ',', '1' ' 1 . v 1,11, . -1' 11 1 1X 1 XX X1 X X1 XX1X X 1 ' V' ' 1 1 '1 1 .- X1'-1 1X. 1XX '- W 13 1 ' 1 .1X 111 I I XX'1 1 ,.. 1 1 . 1 1 , 1 ' -Xv-1X 11' XX X X 1 X X1 X XI." ' '-1 1 '- 1' 11 X 1 X11XX 1 'W 'V 111! V . , ,, 1. ' '. ,. "'I. '1 -."'- 1 1 1, 11 .1,11 X, , X 1' " 1 1 -4-11 1 "11J ' 1 X 1 '111' 1. ' M 1 1 11-'-.'1 ' ."11 'Y ' ' 1 11' W1 I . 1 ' 1 " '-1 1-1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1, 1 , , 1 1 X1X X'1.' . X X , , X --X 11. XX 1 1 XX XXXL " -1 .1XX . I X, 1 1 X. -1, , 1, 1- - X ' 1 -1'XX1-. .. 'X' 1 , X11 1 'X 11, 11. 11. X1 . 1 21 "'f ' 1 1 1 11 11 .1 '- 1111! ' 1 ' 1 X.X11XXX XX XX X 11XXX XXX, XX 11 , 1 ' 1'-1-1 X. 1 , , -1 1 1 , 1, ,X 1' 1X X, XX 511' XX1' X -X XI 'X 1X. x' , '1 v 1' ' - .,: Y 1 'X X1,X X,X 1 XXXXX XXXX5 .11 , PIIX' X , XX-1 11' 1 1"X'1," I '1 1. ' .1 ',1 112' - 11 11 11 X '-5 ' .1 11 41.11-1" 1" 1 1 1' 1-1 11'- . 1 ,,1X 1 ' "X 'E u -1 1 1' ', 1 -' ' 1 1. " 11 11 11 111 1 1 I. - - 11. 1'1 1.11 ' 111' "1 111-0--1.1. X...-1, X X 1 11 .XX X X XX XX, 1. 1.. 1' 11:1 f 111! -g1:v.1, 1 X111 1'1 wr 1 '. K 1. H1 1 X . mi 1 ' 1 , .111 1 X 1 XX ' 1'X'1 1" a". '1 X a 111 1 ' u ' HA I 1 '1. 'ill NIM V' 'FWEIKWHHIII l1',. .0 ' 1 lv . X X . " ul "l ' 1 6' , 1' 1 1+-1 .wa T li-I +L 12 . 1.-51' 1 'A 'y Y- VXA Q54 ,..1 is 1-ff A 5,5 1 v1,' 'A . , 1 iq., 1 '1 ar. J.. .T 1.1 'ri' 1 , 1 1- ru. N1- Z-f""'E3 . ,? v 3' . 2- K .- .,,g3gg:g:3:Z-555,L:1:3Sz5':, 'R sv Q B 1 Q . ,bv nm x-1 5 Y. za. 'E -. N, -saf- 'AJ' . , . ik . ,f V: N -X-. .f HOME ECONOMICS . . . the fragrant aroma of food being cookecl in the home economics labora- tory. The laboratory is composed of three, parts, the dining and living room, and the clothing' and food laboratories. The food laboratory is composed of eight unit kitchens. In December three elec- tric stoves, two electric refrigerators, and one electric automatic washer were in- stalled. This course in homemaking is given to prepare the girls to be success- ful homemakers in later years. SHOP . . . the clay we started to cut away our motor in shop class. There are two shop classes, wood ancl metal. The chief work of the woocl shop was rlesigning and building model garages ancl houses. Last year the metal shop received an airplane motor. This year they cut away the front of some of the moving organs so the inorement coulcl be watched. The woorl shops also made some bright wood blocks for the kinclergartens . Q 1 s4,.:E.ii4i3r3f5' ' Q' " if! 4Qqnll' 'v' ' 6 A .JIKN . vi' f 'iz ' : - :::EE2,::E:"' 2415, ,N L ,..4 . , ,.L,,. ,1. , 4. V , -is ., 4? . f if ,4..:1':E: " ' x V , -- ,gwffigg X r ' 4 X J - if V N . , M, , .. ' 3 lql- -1--1-5 'SQTSQF 21,4 A Rf .N 'P' Nl W W W Q ,. is w Q42 Q I il .,1:-Eid-'SN ' " X 9, ,K an ff , 1: 'af' WJ OG the CLASSES The student governing body of the senior class was composed this year of, from left to right: Andrew Davey, treasurer: Phil Hendrix, presi- clentg Jean Scripture, vice-president: and Jim Pogue, secretary. Under the competent leadership of their sponsors, Miss Hilda Kearns, Miss Doris Knox, and Mr. Raymond Rohrabaugh. and the officers picture above, the senior class had quite an active and successful year. The class sponsored the first dance of the year after the Richmond football game. and as they left the school. spent over two hundred dollars on shrubbery for the beautifica- tion of the campus. The class did not know when they entered high school four years ago as a war class just exactly what the future had in store for them, but they worked industriously so that they might be prepared for whatever they had to face when they received their diplomas. XX'hen the war ended. they worked on earnestly for they knew that they were to he citizens uf the world of toinorrmv and they had a great task before them. Baccalaureate services for this graduating class were held on Sunday evening. May 18. and the honors and awards were bestowed on Class llay, which was held on lYednesclay afternoon. May ll. At last the great moment arrived on the next evening. Thursday. May 22, when the class received their diplomas and faced the world alone. JACQUELINE ALLISON "Jackie"-General. JOAN ANSON "Jo''-Business-Sunshine '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '45, '-IG. DON AYERS ''Whip"-Scientific-Technical4''F" Club '45, '46, '47, Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Student Council '44, '45: Home Room Officer '44, '45: Football '44, '45, '46, '47, Basketball '44, '45, '46, Track '44, 45. ALICE FRANCES BALLARD "Shorty"fHome Economics 4 Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Spanish Club '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '45, '46, '47, Big Broadcast '47. KEMIT BAUMGARDNER HK. B.''-Scientific-Technical-Math Club '47, Hi-Y '47, Latin Club '45, '46: Forensic '47: Na- tional Honor '47, Student Council '44, '45, '47Z Cauldron Staff '47, Prom Committee '46: Sen- ior Class Play '47, Home Room Officer '44, '45' Band '44, '45, '46, Orchestra '45, '46: Big Broad- cast '47. ROBERT BEALS "Dusty"-Scientific-Technical - Math Club '44, '45, '46: Spanish Club '44, '45, '46: Boys' Glee Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Football '44, '45. 46, Basketball '44, '45, '46: Track '44, '45, '46, Transferred from Noblesville, Indiana. FRED BLACKBURN "Puny"-Scientific - Technical - Hi-Y '46, '47, Camera Club '46, '47, Prom Committee '46, Sen- ior Class Play '47, Football '44, '45, '46, Pep Com- mittee '47, Big Broadcast '47, JEANETTE BLACKLIDGE "Lefty''-Scientific-Technical-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '46, '47, Prom Committee '46, Band '44, '45, '46, '47. ' BRADLEY S. BLICKENSTAFF "Brad''WScientific-Technical-Math Club '47, Hi-Y '46, '47, Club '46, '471 Latin Club '44, Forensic '45, '46, '47, National Honor '47: Student Council '44, Prom Committee '46, Home Room Officer '45, '46, Class Officer '44, '46: Band '44, '45, '46, Orchestra '45, '46, Football '44, '45, '46, '47, Track '44, '45, '46, '47, Broadcast '45, '46, '47, Hi-Y Chant- ers ' . PATRICIA LOU BOSO "Pat''-Commercial-Sunshine '46, '47, Latin '47: Latin Club '47, Staccato Club '46, '47, Prom Com- mittee '46: Home Room Officer '46, Transferred from Belpre, Ohio. INEZ BROWN General-Sunshine '47, Home Economics Club '47, JEANINE BOYER "Porky"-Liberal Arts-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Spanish Club '46. BETTY BRAMMEL "Burp"-General - Sunshine '45, '46, '47: Latin Club '45, Senior Class Play '47. RICHARD BRITTAIN "Dick"-Scientific - Technical - Spanish Club '47, ALFRI EDA BROOKS "AI"-Commercial. FRED BUNTIN "Fritz"-General. IVAN CAMBRIDGE ''Dago"-Industrial-Hi-Y '46, Home Room Of- ficer '45. JEAN CLARK l ''Jeannie"-Business-Sunshine '45, '46, 47. HELEN BERNIECE CLINE "Penny''-Business-Sunshine '47, THOMAS D. CLUTTER "Tom"-Scientific 4 Technical - Math Club '47: Hi-Y '44, '46, '47, Forensic '46, '47: Prom Com- mittee '46, Band '44, Football-'44, '46, Baseball '45, '46, '47, Cross Country '47: Intramural Bas- ketball '44, '45, '46, '47. WILMA JEAN COFFMAN "Willy"-Home Economics-Sunshine '46, '47, Home Economics Club '44, '45, '46, '47. ROBERT EUGENE COOK "Fuzz''-ScientificvTechnicaliMath Club '46, '47: Hi-Y '46, '47: Camera Club '45, '46, '47: Student Council '44, '45, '46, '47: Prom Committee '46, Home Room Officer '44, '45, '46, Band '44, ELSIE MARIE COOPER "E. C."-Home Economics - Sunshine '46, '47, Home Economics Club '46, '47. PHIL COUGILL Scientific-Technical - Math Club '47: Hi-Y '46, '47: Club '46, '47: Latin Club '44, Forensic '45, '46, '47: Student Council '44, '47: Prom Committee 46' Home Room Officer '45, Class Officer '44, '45, '46, Band '-14. '45, '46, '47, Football '44, '45, '46, Basketball '44, '45, 46, Track '44, '45, Baseball '46, '47, Big Broadcast '47. CAROLYN COULTER 'iKiIn"-Scientific-Technical - Math Cluh '47: Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47: Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '46, National Honor '47: Stu- dent Council '44. '46, High Life Staff '47, Caul- dron Staff '47: Prom Committee '46, Home Room Officer '44, '46, BERTIE LOU CRANE "Bertie"-Business--Sunshine '47. MADELAINE CULP "Maggie"-Liberal Arts - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47: Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47: Staccato Club '45, '46, National Honor '47: Student Council '45, '47: High Life Staff '46, '47: Caul- dron Staff '47: Prom Committee '-16: Senior Class Play '47: Sallie Mae Byers Soeech Aipgvard, first place, '46, Big Broadcast '46, '4 , VIRGINIA CUMMINGS "Ginger" - Business - Sunshine '46, '47: Prom Committee '46, ARTHUR DANNER "Art"-General - Student Council '44, Home Room Officer '44: Football '44: Basketball '42: Glee Club '41, '42. '43, '44, '46, '47: Crescendo Club '47, Intramural '43, '44, '46, '47: Navy '-14. '45. FRANCES ANN DANNER "Tary" - Home Economics - Sunshine '47: Snanish Club '46, '47: Cauldron Staff '47, Prom Committee '46, Band '44, '45, '46, '47, Big Broadcast '45, ANDREW F. DAVEY "Andy"-Scientific - Technical - Hi-Y '46, '47: Latin Club '45. '46, '47: Chess Club '45, '46. '47: Forensic '47, National Honor '47: Student Coun- ciy '46, '47, Cauldron Staff '47: .Prom Committee '462 Senior Class Play '47: Class Officer '47, Baseball '46, '47. VERNON DIXON Industrial. DONNA DOANE "D, J."-Scientific-Technical-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47: Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47: For- ensic '44. '45, '46, '47: National Honor '46, 47: Student Council 46: High Life Staff '47: Caul- dron Staff '47: Prom Committee '46Z Senior Class Play '47: Home Room Officer '45, Band '44, '45, Big Broadcast '47. DON DOUGLAS "Duck"-IndustrialYBand '44, '45, '46. ROBERT DOUGLAS "Bob''-Industrial-Camera Club '44, GENEVA MAY DRIGGS "Jiggs"-Commercial-Sunshine '44, '-15. '46, '47: Latin Club '47, Staccato Club '47: Home Room Officer '-14. COLLEEN EATON "Coke"-Home Economics-Sunshine '44, '45, '46. '47, Student Council '44, Home Room Officer '44, Band '44, '45, '46, '47. LOUISE EDMONDS ''Louise"-Business-Sunshine '47. CARROLL ELLIOTT "Penquin"-Industrial - Hi-Y '46, '47, Band '44, '45, '46, '47, Orchestra '46, Football '44, Track '44, '47, Big Broadcast '46, '47. JO ANN FERRELL "Jo"-Liberal Arts - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Spanish Club '45, '46, '47, High Life Staff '46, '47, Cauldron Staff '47, Senior Class Play '47, Home Room Officer '45, '46, Big Broadcast '47, Pep Committee '47. RAMONA FLESHEFI "Jo"-Home Economics!-Band '45, '46, '47. EDITH GRINSTEAD "Grimmey, Jr."-Home Economics-Sunshine '45, '46, '47, Home Economics Club '45, '46, '47. JACQUELINE GRINSTEAD "Grimmey"-Home Economics-Sunshine '45, '46, '47, Home Economics Club '45, '46, '47. MARY GUNION "Scotty"-Liberal Arts - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, 47, Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '46, '47, Forensic '47, National Honor '47, Stu- dent Council '44, High Life Staff '47, Cauldron '47, Prom Committee '46, Home Room Officer '44, Band '44, '45, '46, Big Broadcast '47. MARJORIE DELORES HACKERD "Margie"-Home Economics - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47. JOE BILL HAM "Joe"-Scientific-Technical-Math Club '47, Hi- Y '47, Camera Club '47, Latin Club '47: Student Ccgunciil '44, Home Room Officer '44, Band '44. '4 , ' 6. GEORGE M. HAMILTON Scientific - Technical - Spanish Club '44, '45, '46, '47, National Honor '46, '47, Student Coun- ciy '44, Prom Committee '46, Band '44, '45. PHYLLIS ANN HARLAND "Phil"-Liberal Arts-Sunshine '45, '46. '472 Spanish Club '45, '46, '47, High Life Staff '46, '47, Senior Class Play '47, Orchestra '44, '45. JOSEPH PHILLIP HARSHMAN "Joe"-Scientific - Technical - Math Club '47, Snanish Club '45, '46, '47, Forensic '44, '45, '46, '47, National Honor '47, Student Council '44, '45, Cauldron Staff '47, Prom Committee '46, Home Room Officer '45, Band '44, '45, '46, '47. VIRGINIA HARSHMAN "Gini"-Business-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47. JOE HEMPFLING "Little Joe"-Commercial-Hi-Y '46, '47, Club '46, '47, Latin Club '45, '46, '47, Chess Club '45, '46, '47, High Life Staff '47, Caul- dron Staff '47, Football '44, Basketball '44, Track '44, Baseball '46, '47. PHIL HENDRIX "Dago"-Scientific - Technical - Hi-Y '46, '47, Chess Club '45, '46, '47, Student Council '47, Caul- dron Staff '47, Prom Committee '46, Senior Class Play '47, Class Officer '47: Band '45, '47, Orches- tra '45, Pep Committee '47, Big Broadcast '47. LAURENCE HINDS "Larry"-Special-Band '44, '45. JACK HINESLEY "Farmer" - General - High Life Staff '47, Basketball Student Manager '47. RICHARD HITE "Dick''-Scientific-Technical-Math Club '46, '47, Hi-Y '46, '47, Club '47, Track '45, '46, WANITA HOLTSCLAW "Corky"-GeneraliSunshine '45, '46, '47: Stac- cato Club '45, '46, '47: Senior Class Play '47: Band '45, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, HERBERT L. HOWE "Larry"-Scientific -Technical - Basketball '43, NORMAN E. HOWE "Red"-Industrial-Home Room Officer '441 Foot- ball '44, '45, Basketball '44, '45, AGNES JEANETTE HUTCHISON "Hutch"-Commercial - Sunshine '44, '45, '46. '47, Spanish Club '44, '45, RICHARD J ENKINS "Dick"-General. CHARLES KERSEY "Stinky"-Liberal Arts. GEROLD KING "Corney"-Industrial, DOROTHY JOLINE KNOX "Dot"-Scientific-Technical - Sunshine '45, '46, '47: Home Economics Club '44, Spanish Club '45, '46, '47: Staccato Club '45, '46, '47: Forensic '47: National Honor '47: Student Council '47: Cauldron Staff, '47: Prom Com- mittee '46: Senior Class Play '47: Home Room Officer '46, Band '44, '45, '46, '47: Big Broad- cast '45, CHARLES KREISHER ''Chuck''-Scientific-Technical - Math Club '46, '47, Home Room Officer '44, Band '44, '45, '46, '47: Orchestra '46, Track '47, NORMA LAWSON "Babe"-Liberal Arts - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Spanish Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '46, High Life Staff '46, '47, Cauldron Staff '47, Band '44, '45, RICHARD LEE "Farmer"-Industrial. MILDRED LEONARD "Midge''-Scientific-Technical-Sunshine '45, '46, '47: Home Economics Club '44, '45, Latin Club '45, '46, Staccato Club '45, '46, '47, Chorus '44, '45, '46, '47, CLARENCE E. LIPP "Lippy''-Scientific-Technical - Hi-Y '46, '47: Spanish Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Forensic '47: Na- tional Honor '47: Student Council ,4-l, '45, '461 Prom Committee '46, Home Room Officer '45, Band '44, '45, '46, '47: Football '46: Broadcast '46, '47, EDWARD F. LONG "Eddie"-Industrial- Club '47: Cauldron Staff '47, Football '44, '45, '46, '47: Basketball '44, '45, Track '44, Baseball '46, '47, 44, Big ROBERT KEITH LYTLE "Bobbie Keith"-Industrial-High Life Staff '-17. PEARL EDITH MAJOR "Maj.''-Business-Sunshine '47, Cauldron Staff '47: Home Room Officer '44, '46, JACQUELINE ANN MALICOAT "Jacquie"-Commercial - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47: Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47: Home Room Officer '45, JOAN MALICOAT "Jo"-Home Economics - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Home Economics Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Span- ish Club '44, '45, '46, '47. J I M MA RSHALL Agriculture-Track '47, MARNA MARSHALL "Mutt"-Liberal Arts-Sunshine '44, '45, '46. '47, Latin Club '45, '46, '47, High Life Staff '47, Cauldron Staff '47, Pep Committee '44, CHARLES MCCORM ICK "Chuck"-Technical. WALLACE McGILL "Mac''-Scientific-Technical - Chess Club '47: Cauldron Staff '47, Senior Class Play '47, Cen- tral Indiana Oratorical Contest '47, National Forensic League '47. Moved from South St. Paul, Minnesota. JEAN MEIFELD "Minnie"-Liberal Arts-Sunshine '44, '45, '46. '47, Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Forensic '44. '45, '46, '47, National Honor '46, '47: High Life Staff '46, '47, Cauldron Staff '47, Prom Com- mittee '46: Senior Class Play '47, Home Room Officer '44, '45, Pep Committee '47, Forensic Scholarship '44, Graduation Speaker '47. BONNIE MENEELY "Bon"-General. CHARLES W. METTLEN "Charlie''-Scientific-Technical-Math Club '46, '47, Hi-Y '46, '47, Latin Club '44, '45, Forensic '46, '47, National Honor '46, '47, Student Coun- cil '47, Prom Committee '46, Home Room Offi- cer '45: Band '44, '45, '46, '47: Football '44, '45: Track '44, Baseball '47, Intramural Basketball '45, '46, '47. ROBERT D. MICHAEL Business-Hi-Y '43, '47, Navy '44, '45, '46. BILL MILLER "Doc"-Liberal Arts. ALICE V. MOLOHON "Milly"-Home Economics - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Senior Class Play '47. WILMA JEAN MONTGOMERV "Jeanie"-Home Economics - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47. JACK MORRISON Agriculture. JOHN MYERS "Johnny''-Scientific-Technical-Math Club '46, '47, Latin Club '44, '45, Cauldron Staff '47, Prom Committee '46, Senior Class Play '47, Band '44, '45, '46. JEAN MARIE NORTHROP igeannieu-Business - Sunshine '44, '45, '46 GRACE 0'REILLEY ''Gracie"-General-Sunshine '47. BEVERLY JEAN PERKINS "Jeannie"-Special-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Student Council '46, Home Room Officer '45, '46 ' DICK PHILLIPPO "Flip"-Industrial. mx: rt . 1?"6"!i'u" 31' W" 3. V' LXX1X':,'gXX :Xfi X13 'X -X 1, 1. :Y '1 1 1f""X ' ' " 1 W 1 11. Q 1 1 IW, 1 11 1 1 I 11 H11 -1 1' 1 1 ,11 1X - 1 1 f. 1. X1 1- "1. 1 XX 1 X X X-1 1X ,X, ' ' .X1, X1X1'.X X f,11 ' ."f. ' M 1 1 1 ' 1 '1 1' ' '- ' X .,.N. . X 1XXXX.1 1 1 ,XXX , 1 X 1 A .XX 1,1 1 1, .X 114 X. ' 11X XX1X1X .,, .X X XXXg X X 4 X X ' 11. ' ' ' ' '1' 1 1 1 'X. 11'X, 11 11 11 . X 1 XXXXX 1X V X X X1. 1 X 1 .13 1 X. ,X 1' 1 1' '1' 1 ' ' 1 11. ,,,' 411. . 111, X11 ,1 X,X uf X0 - X -511.1 1. , 1X X , X 1 , X, X, - 111-1,. , 1 1 1' X '- 1X1X11 .X 1'r'11 1 , . X 1X , 11 J 1 X1 1 '-X 1 ' ' 1 1-'11 X , X, 1"v'11- ' 1,. 'X 1 'Q' ' ' .1- X1X ,XX1. X' 1 X,X', 1 .X,g XXX X.X 1 5.,- . '11' ' 1' "' 1 T .1 1 ,1 1, " 1 1,111,111 1 - ' 1 ' 11" , A ,.1 1 . 1 ,11-1,1'X1'111 1 ,1 1, X 1 X 1 ,1 . 1,111 . 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' M 1 1 11-'-.'1 ' ."11 'Y ' ' 1 11' W1 I . 1 ' 1 " '-1 1-1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1, 1 , , 1 1 X1X X'1.' . X X , , X --X 11. XX 1 1 XX XXXL " -1 .1XX . I X, 1 1 X. -1, , 1, 1- - X ' 1 -1'XX1-. .. 'X' 1 , X11 1 'X 11, 11. 11. X1 . 1 21 "'f ' 1 1 1 11 11 .1 '- 1111! ' 1 ' 1 X.X11XXX XX XX X 11XXX XXX, XX 11 , 1 ' 1'-1-1 X. 1 , , -1 1 1 , 1, ,X 1' 1X X, XX 511' XX1' X -X XI 'X 1X. x' , '1 v 1' ' - .,: Y 1 'X X1,X X,X 1 XXXXX XXXX5 .11 , PIIX' X , XX-1 11' 1 1"X'1," I '1 1. ' .1 ',1 112' - 11 11 11 X '-5 ' .1 11 41.11-1" 1" 1 1 1' 1-1 11'- . 1 ,,1X 1 ' "X 'E u -1 1 1' ', 1 -' ' 1 1. " 11 11 11 111 1 1 I. - - 11. 1'1 1.11 ' 111' "1 111-0--1.1. X...-1, X X 1 11 .XX X X XX XX, 1. 1.. 1' 11:1 f 111! -g1:v.1, 1 X111 1'1 wr 1 '. K 1. H1 1 X . mi 1 ' 1 , .111 1 X 1 XX ' 1'X'1 1" a". '1 X a 111 1 ' u ' HA I 1 '1. 'ill NIM V' 'FWEIKWHHIII l1',. .0 ' 1 lv . X X . " ul "l ' 1 6' , 1' 1 1+-1 .wa T li-I +L 12 . 1.-51' 1 'A 'y Y- VXA Q54 ,..1 is 1-ff A 5,5 1 v1,' 'A . , 1 iq., 1 '1 ar. J.. .T 1.1 'ri' 1 , 1 1- ru. MELVIN PIERCE "Roy"-Industrial - Student Council '47: Home Room Officer '46: Football '44, '45. JAMES K. POGUE "Kelley''-Scientific-Technical-Math C'ub '46, '47: Hi-Y '46, '47: Club '47: Latin Club '45, '46, '47: National Honor '46, '47: Student Council '44, '45: Prom Committee '46: Home Room Officer '44, '45, '46, '47: Class Officer '45, '47: Basketball '44, '45, '46, '47: Track '44, 45, '46, '47: Big Broadcast '47. NORMAN POWER "Norm"-Scientific-Technical - Math Club '46, '47, ROBERT PRATHER ''Proxie"-Technical-Latin Club '44g Home Room Officer '44: Crescendo '47, ANNA MAE RABANUS "Anna"-Business-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47: Spanish Club '45, '46, '473 Cauldron '47: Stac- cato Club '45, '46, '47: Choir '46, '47. BARBARA JEAN REEDER "Irish"-Home Economics-Sunshine '47. TOM RICE ''Snake"-Scientific-Technical - Math Club '47: Hi-Y '46, '47: Club '45, '46, '47: Soanish Club '45, '46, '47: Chess Club '45, '46, '47: Foren- sic '46, '47: National Honor '47: Student Council '44: Prom Committee '46: Home Room Officer '44, '45: Class Officer '46: Band '44, '45, '46. '47: Orchestra '45, '46: Football '44, '45, '46, 47: Bas- ketball 44, '45, '46, '47, Track '44, '45, '46, '47. MARILYN JOAN RICKS "Muffet"-Home Economics-Sunshine '44. '45, '46, '47: Home Economics Club '46, '47: Big Broadcast '47, EARLMA ROSEMARY RIEGLE "Rosie"-Home Economics-Sunshine, '44, '45. '46, '47: Staccato Club '46, '47: Prom Commit- tze '46: Chorus '44, '45, '46, '47: Glee Club JAMES ROBBINS "Robbie"-General-"F" Club '45, '46, '47: Latin Club '45, '46, Football '45, '46, '47. MORRIS ROBERTS "Merrie" - Industrial - Student Council '47: Home Room Officer '46: Track '44. JOHN ROBINSON "Robbie"-Industria1-"F" Club '45, 46. 47: Band '44, '45: Football '44, '45: Basketball '44, '45, '46: Track '44. '45, '46, '47. GERALD ROGIER "Professor"-Industrial - Prom Committee '46: Home Room Officer '46: Class Officer '46: Intra- mural Basketball '47, WILLIAM E. RUBY "Bill"-Scientific-Technical - Hi-Y '47: "F" Club '47: Student Council '47: Home Room Of- ficer '473 Football '45, '46, '47: Basketball '47. DoN RUPE '-ned." BETTY JANE RUSSELL Home Economics-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47: Stac- cato Club '46, '47: Chorus '44, '46, '47. LILLIAN SCHIMMEL "LiII"-Scientific-Technical - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47: Latin Club '45, '46, '47: Staccato Club '47g Cauldron Staff '47: Choir '44, '45. JEAN ANN SCRIPTURE "Scrip"-Liberal Arts-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47: Spanish Club '45, '46, '47: Staccato Club '46: High Life Staff '46, '47: Cauldron Staff '47: Senior Class Play '47: Class Officer '47: Band '44, '45, '46: Big Broadcast '46, '47. VELMA IRENE SHANNON "Queenie"-Liberal Arts - Sunshine '44, '45, '46. '47, Latin Club '45, '46. BILLY JOE SHEETS Agriculture. BETTY JANE SHOULDERS Business-Sunshine '47. JOHN PHILLIP SIPE UButterbaII"-Scientific-Technical - Math Club '46, Hi-Y '45, '46, '47, "F" Club '45, '46, '47: Latin Club '44, '45, '46, Chess Club 47, Student Council 44, '45, Senior Class Play '47, Home Room Officer '44, '45, Football '45, '46, '47, Basketball '44, '45, '46, Track '44, '45, '46, Big Broadcast '47 ROBERTA SLAUGHTER "Bert'-Home Economics-Sunshine '47: Home Economics Club '46, '47. MARY JO SMITH "Jo''-Scientific-Technical-Sunshine '45. '46. '47, Latin Club '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '45, '46, '47, Cauldron Staff '47, Prom Committee '46, Band '44, '45, '46, '47, Orchestra '46, IMOGENE JOAN SNELL "Jeannie"-Business-Sunshine '45, '46, '47, Caul- dron Staff '47, Home Room Officer '45. KATHLEEN ROSE SNIDER "Kathy"-Liberal Arts-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Latin Club '45, '46, '47, High Life Staff '46, '47, Cauldron Staff '47, Senior Class Play '47, Commencement Speaker '47. BARBARA JANICE SPRAY "Bobbie"-Commercial-Sunshine '44, '45, '46. '47, Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '45, Student Council '44, '45, '47, High Life Staff '46, '47, Cauldron Staff '47, Senior Class Play '47, Home Room Officer '44, '45, '46: Band '44, '45, '46, Sunshine Officer '46, Pre- fect Council '47. ADDIEMAE SMITH "Smithie"-Home Economics-Sunshine '44, '46, '47, Chorus '44, '46, JIM STAUGAARD "Ste"-Commercial - Chess Club '44, '45, '46, '47, High Life Staff '47, Prom Committee '46, Home Room Officer '45. JO ANN STILLWELL Home Economics-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Home Economics Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Stac- c4azto Club '46, '47, Glee Club '46, Chorus '46, JOE STILLWELL "Stillwater"-Industrial - Home Room Officer '47, Football '45, '46, Intramural Basketball '44, '45, '46, Scott Field Project '46. BILLY JOE STREET "Joe"-Industrial-Navy. JOHN H. TEDFORD "Big John''-Scientific-Technical - Hi-Y '46, '47, "F" Club '45, '46, '47, Latin Club '44, '45, '46, Forensic '44, '45, '46, 47, National Honor 46, '47, Student Council '46, Prom Com- mittee '46, Class Officer '46, Band '44, '45, '46, '47, Football '44, '45, '46, '47, Basketball Track '44, '45, '46, '47, Big Broadcast ROBERT THOMAS "Bob''-Agriculture-Student Council '47, JOANNE TOEPPE ''Tep"-Scientific-Technical - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '45, Forensic '46, '47, National Honor '47, Cauldron Staff, '47, Prom Committee '46, Sen- ior Class Play '47, Home Room Officer '45, Big Broadcast '47, Central Indiana Oratorical Con- test '46, '47, Sallie May Byers '45, '46, Master of Ceremonies at Graduation. SHIRLEY TRAYLOR "Chi-Chi"-Commercial - Sunshine '45, '46, '47, Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Staccato Club '45, High Life Staff '46, '47, Cauldron Staff '47, Senior Class Play '47, Band '45. Q. . Tie, :L 5--SS.ija. DORIS RUTH VAN ARSDELL "Devi"-Liberal Arts-Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Spanish Club '46, Latin Club '45, '46, '47, High Life Staff '47, Cauldron '47, Prom Committee '46, WILLIAM M. VAN METER "Bill"-Commercial - Hi-Y '46, '47, "F" Club '46, '47, Student Council '44, '45, '46, '47, Caul- dron Staff '47, Prom Committee '46, Home Room Officer '44, '46, Band '44, Football '44, '45, '46, '47, Basketball '44, '45, Track '44, '45, Prefect Council 45, '47, BONNIE VARNER Business - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Big Broadcast '47. ROSEMARY WAINSCOTT "Rozi"-Business - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Prom Committee '46, Home Room Officer '45, Big Broadcast '47. MYRNA WALLACE "Max"-Business-Sunshine '45, '46, '47, Caul- dron Staff '47, Home Room Officer '46, FAY WHITE "Pinky"-Scientific-Technical - Sunshine '44, '45, '46, '47, Latin Club '44, '45, '46, '47, High Life Staff '47, Cauldron '47, Prom Committee '46, Senior Class Play '47, Big Broadcast '-17. GENE GUEST ''Gust''-Scientific-Technical-Math Club '-17. Top-Baby beauties-Bobbie Spray and Anna Mae Rabanus. Upper Left-Fudge doesn't know them. Center-A boy and his dog. Center Right-The Stillwell twins at an early age. Lower Left-An- other baby beauty-Kathy Snider. Lower Right- One Saturday afternoon. Heading the junior class this year were, left to . right: Merrill Fishback, president: Robert Elliott. secretary: Julia Ricker, treasurer: and Kenneth Ayers, vice-president. This year's junior class ivorked very hard on the annual Junior-Senior Prom and their diligence proved quite XYOl'tll their xvhile. Under the lead- ership of their officers, Merrill Fishbaek, Kenneth Ayers, Robert Elliott. and 'lulia Kicker, and their sponsors, llella Maud Sanders, lrene tl. Garfield, and XYZ-iyne Shoekney, the class worked on the various committees to stage one of the biggest and lmest proms ever held. "Moonlight Aloha" was the name of the dance and the decorations fol- lowed out the theme of a south sea island. The affair was held in Howard Hall as usual. Dances seemed the predominant activity of the class as they sponsored an informal Friday night dance after the second home football game of the year. Members of the class did quite xvell for themselves individually. too. Several proved exceptional in the field of athletics while others kept them- selves in the limelight in public speaking and dramatic activities. PHIL ALDRICH BEVERLY ALTIC JACK ASHLEY KENNETH AYERS JEAN BARNHART EDWARD BEALL JACK BEWSEY HELEN BIRD PATRICIA BLACK JOAN BRAMMELL BILL BRANSON JACK BRICKER NORMA BRILLARD HARRY BUSHMAN ROSEMARY CALLAWAY BETTY CARNEY DON COLLINS 'PAT CORBETT JEAN COULTER LOUISE COX ROY COY ROSE CROSE BOB DAVEY BILL DOSSETT NADINE EDMONDS MARILYN EHLERS BOB ELLIOTT JIM ELLIS ADELLA ENGLES CAMPBELL ENGLES JACK EWING PAT FARRELL ROBERT FEAR DONALD FEIX EVELYN FEWELL NANCY FICKLE MERRILL FISHBACK ROBERT FUDGE JAMES GABLE CARLISLE GARDNER ROBERT GLOVER LILLIAN GREENE LELAND GROVE SALLY HACKARD TOM HALL JEAN HARLEY ETHEL HARRISON JACK HAYS BARBARA HAYES JOAN HERR BOB HINESLEY SUE HOLLIS NAT HORTON ANNA MAE HUFF MARY ETTA IGNEY ROBERT IRICK GLEN IRWIN GENE JACOBS LAIRD JACOBY VERA JENNINGS JIM JOHNSON RUTH JOHNSON BILL KEENEY BARBARA KERSEY BETTY JO KINDLEY VERNON KING KENNETH KIVETT ROBERT KOSTER MARILYN LANE WILLIAM LAUGHNER NANCY LAWHEAD JACK LEININGER ROSEMARY LIPP ROBERT LOCKE DAVID LONG RUTH LOUKS BILL LOWES KENNY LUCAS PAT LUCAS CHARLES LYKKEN LOIS LYKKEN DALTON MANGIS VIRGINIA MANN DOROTHY MARSHALL MARILYN MARTIN SHIRLEY MARTIN CHARLENE MATCHETT JERRY MCINTOSH LENORE MCKINSEY JIM MCQUADE DAVID MICHAEL DAVID MILLER MARY MILLER IVAN MINGLIN MARY LOU MINTH ELIZABETH MOLOHON SUE MOORE 'PAT NEWHOUSE DOROTHY O'BRIAN NORMA O'BRlAN NORMAN OSTLER ERNEST OWEN BETTY PARKER BETTY PARR FRANK PARSONS JANE PARSONS MARY ALICE PATCHETT LOUISE PEARCY SUE PETERSON LOIS PRICE DICK PULLEN ROBERT PULLEY GLORIS RABANAS WILLIAM RANSOM JULIA RICKER BETTY ROBERTSON GEORGIA ROGERS WILLIAM RUSH GEORGE SANDERS WILMA SAYLOR JOAN SENTZ DORIS SHARP HERBERT SHEETS CHARLES SHEPARD DAVID SHEPARD HERBERT SHIVES HARRY SHOEMAKER JAMES SLADE FRANCIS SLIPHER EVERET SMITH GROVER SMITH MARILYN SMITH CHARLES SPEAR MARGARET SPENCER BOB STATHUS BARBARA STOGSDILL ROBERT STRANGE RICHARD THORNTON DON TROBAUGH JACK UTTERBACK DON VAN TYLE REBA WEBB DON WHEELER DON WILSON ROBERT WISE Upper Left-Having fun? Up- per Center - Thornton in his youth. Upper Right - Stairsteps. Lower Left-Grade school days. Lower Center-Ashley's passion. Lower Right-Champions. 5 1 P ax 4.1 Bag, - .49 VI. I 'NNAF' : 'LIS ' mn 9 , Row TOP PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT Flow 1-Dorotha Leach, Jeanette Gunyon, Patty Knox, Dorothy Larimore, Rebecca Harshman, Norma Igney, Dick Howard, Conrad Hibbitt, Mitzi Gaffney, Peggy Malicoal, Robert Hampton. Row 2-Bill Maxson, Marian Lee, Ruby Johnson, Patty Irwin, Marie Joe Haynes, Wanda Duncan, Barbara Duncan, Esther Ann Hutchison, Mary Frances Hinton, Ned Hodge, Row 3-Raymond Hoyer, Mary Jane Maish, Betty Jo Gumm, Norma Lipp, Winona Hasler, Beverly Hood, Mar- tha Mann, Julian Hutchison, Jack Killian, Donald Mc- Kinzie. Row 4-Wilma Frazier, Ann McDonald, Harold Harmon. Don McCord, Phil Harland, Frank Joyce. Jack Martin, Phil Harker, Richard Hines, BOTTOM PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1-Jim Forsythe, Lois Dixon, Hazel Belca, Wilma Benge, Mabel Anson, Sue Chittick, Louise Cox, Barbara Dorsam, Shirley Dickey, Catherine Cullom, Judy Agnew, Barbara Cochran, Row 2-Ward Edwards, Gladys Davis, Joan Behr, Joan Baker, Roberta Carr, Edna Conner, Annis Blunk, Barbara Donoho, Carolyn Dehner, Jim Blystone. Row 3-Bill Crabtree, Jack Ayers, Barbara Carpenter. Nancy Dixon, Jean Baker, Robert Crane, Joe Dean, Tom Carter, George Goodnight, Eddie Baer. Row 4-William Barkley, Rex Eaton, Fred Biesecker, Bob Given, Allen Britt, Don Bushman, George Benefield, Charles Flood, George Bailey. TOP PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT Row Pat M 1wNorma Scott, Jean Schimmel, Kathryn Schimmel, iller, Mariann Smith, Ramona Ross, Russell Minth. Verrill Meyers, Jackie Page. Roberta Sheets, Alice Milne. Row 2-Lawrence Robison, Betty Parr, Jackie Mince- moyer, Alice Jane Rogers, Joan Newbold, Helen McNelly, Phyllis McNee1y, Joan Reno, Barbara Phillips, Jerry Rob- ertson. , Row 3-Ralph Schenck, Pat Pollard, Doris Pugh, Helen Moyer, Melba Perkins, Betty Sawalish, Barbara Shannon, Rosemary Raynolds, Lee Roy Mitchell. 4-Ivan Minglin, Mark Ransom, Kenneth McLain, Devon Melling, Bill Ottinger, Arnold Posey, Richard Ricker, Morrill Morrison, Joe Mechem, Tom Pearcy, Philip Nice. BOTTOM PICTURE, BOTTOM T0 TOP. LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1-Sue Stephenson, Buela Wickham, Barbara Young, Wilma Wilson, Phyllis Van Tyle, Nancy Staugaard, Joan Strode, Delores Strode, Julianna Thompson, Bonnie Wain- scott, Joan Spurgeon, Julia Wallace. Row 2-Robert Scripture, John Toeppe, Barbara Thomas. Peggy Taflinger, Donna Tankersley, Barbara Wilson, Wanda Tackett, Carolyn Warren, Virginia Williams, Margaret My- ers, Gene Sipe. Row 3-Gerald Villars, David W'hite, Gary Wilson, Ester Wilson, Elena Terpinas, Annette Spidel, David Warren, Vir- ginia Ward, Barbara Vinard. Row 4-Richard Sheets, Paul Underwood, Gilbert Seward, Sidney Swift, Jim Sheidin, Bill Shaffer, Dick Thornton, Bernard Wright, William Strawn, Dick Stine. TOP PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1-Dorothy Reed, Phyllis Nall, Ann Mangis, Wilma Saari, Nancy Pletch, Bob Pedigo, Wayne Newhart. Freida Sheets, Peggy Olemacher, Richard Robinson. Row 2-Betty Scott, Dorothy Scallon, Gertrude Michael, Joan Maish, Illa Payne, Carol Robinson, Marie Sears, Mer- vin Russell, Donald Rogers, Larry Shaff, Row 3-Alvin Obermiller, Pat Martin, Catherine Molohon. Maxine Ostler, David Osterhoff, Judy Manning, Phil Nel- son, Tom Scheidler, Russell Minth, Kenneth Peters, Jim Sallee. Row 4-Eddie Robbins, 'Jane Pace, Catherine Nations. Mary Alice Reddick, Benjamin Perry, Jean Martin, Jack Morris, Dick Paul. Ray Sharp, Elmer Posey. Row 5-Lewis Sheets, Don Perkins, Tom Rentschler, Bill Ostler, Martin Myers, Jack Scheid, Raymond Rohrabaugh. BOTTOM PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT T0 RIGHT Row 1-Bobby Gunyon, Donna Hollis, Zelpha Keever. Ronnie Fear, Kay Lucas, Dorothy Howland, Diane Lipsett. Shirley Grafton, Helen King, George Huffer. Row 2-Betty Gunion, Martha Loop, Jean Gunion, Julia Lucas, Bonnie Kinclley, Phyllis Haverstick, Joann Hodgen. Jane Hays, Julia Kirkpatrick, Catherine Livengood, Dick Mahoney. Row 3-Harold Laughner, Bob Guard, Jim Miller. Wretha Harshman, Margaret Keever, Mary Jane Lipp, Barbara Huffer, Patsy Groty, Mona Sue Keever, Lois Hitch, Don Fisher. Row 4-Don Johnson, Hugh Flora, Harry Major, Bill Mc- Coy, Terry Ferrell, Eugene Melling, Mary Lou Lawhead, Shirley Lytle, Jimmy Igney, Marvin Hutson, Charles Mar- tin, Clarence Hi.ll. Row 5-Bobby Meadows, Wilbur Huffer, Ralph Jackson, Carroll Grinstead. TOP PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT T0 RIGHT Row 1-Prilda Stogsdill, Sharon Sloan, Martha Spurgeon. Wilma Spurgeon, Colleen Strode, Betty Smith, Sue Wood- ruff, Jeannell Walsh, Alice Teeguarden, Patricia Whitely, Phil Shanks. Row 2-Nancy Switzer, Marilyn Thompson, Maribelle Toney, Janis Smith, Phil Thornton, Oma Snyder, Rita Jo Thomas, Barbara Witsman, Patricia Stinson, Dale Young. Row 3-Mary Margaret Thompson, Virginia Wainscott, Marianne Young, Mary Jane Wolf, Sue Snodgrass, Betty Vermillion, Don Wainscott, Omer Sears, Sally Zerfas. Row 4-Wayne Walker, Sherman Wall, Sam Triece, Eu- gene Winger, Jerry Underhill, George Schimmel, Warren Williams, Joe Stewart. Row 5-James Wharry, Bob Sparrow. Burdell Wayt, Phil Wallace, Russel Vinard, Jack Ward. BOTTOM PICTURE. BOTTOM T0 TOP. LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1-Lois Ann Alter, Sandra Blystone, Julia Birden, Nancy Christian, Joan Bowles, Mary Anne Eads, Barbara Good, Robert Echolds, Melvin Beard. Robert Clawson. Row 2-Gordon Burroughs, Dora Clark, Donna Booher, Jo Ann Easton. Patsy Coffman, Barbara Ashley. Miriam Clark, Doris Adams, Grace Bowden, Beverly Donoho, Janet Brown, Jack Carr. Row 3-Elmer Cory, Phil Delawder, Don Davis, Richard Cook, Norma East, Roberta Coulter, Madonna Burns, Su- zanne Gillespie, Julia Allen, Norma Pocus, Fred Carter, Bob Biuney. Row 4-Phil Byrne, Bob Ehlers, Don Cunningham, Eddie Chapman, Bob Crose, Fred Agnew, Bob Cole, Don Crutch- field, Joe Clossin, James Cooper, Dick Cole. We'H never forget E I T ix ,X -Q fi mf IN' .wi-, 3 1 . .490 3 TOP PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1-Mardella Turner, Janice Van Tyle, Robert Walsh, Harold Staugaard, Marvin Stinson, Larry Stoms, Morris Wagoner, Curtis Thomas, Richard Stinson, Eric Swear- ingen. Row 2eMargaret Wilson, Maxine Taylor, Rosemary Thomas, Mona Swope. Patty Thompson, Esther Wyandt, Willard White, Lon Wainscott, Dale Weida, Gilbert Wright. Flow 3-Mary Lou Watchbaugh, Patricia Wann, Thelma Young, Janet, Stewart, Jo Ann Stubley, Everett Sparks, Warren White, Dale Wheeler, Billy Ward, VD' MIDDLE PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1APhyllis Sheets. Jackie Pickering, Jim McIntosh, Annette Sebree, Sue McKown. Thelma Miller, Patty Doane, Tom Marshall, Jim Rentschler. Beverly Pickering. Row 2-Mary Jane Mettlen, Norma Saltsman. Marietta Perkcr, Patricia Schimmell, Donna Pulley, Norma McKin- zie, Janet Michael, Barbara Myers. Wilma Royer, Stella Moore. Row 3-Jane Martin, Billy Ostler, Joe Robinson. Jimmy Rohrabaugh, Earl McKinzie, Morris Mitchell, Eddie Ruch. Newton Schordt, Kermit Rogier. Row 4-Delbert Mathews, Gary Malin. Gene Miller, Phil- lip McK.insie, Doyle Reeder, Jack Pippenger, Wilfred Sauls- berry, Bob Northrop. Row 5-Joe Pickard. Junior Perkins. Charles Peterson, Dale Rabanus. LAST PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1-Donald Dickey, Donald Davis. Carole Cox, Helen Bragg. Raymond Burns, Carole Culp, Sharon Dunham, Phyllis Abner, Nancy Sue Camp. Row 2-Richard Conner, Jim Dossett, Phil Carlson, Joe Dupler, George Cullom, Nancy Sue Carpenter, Gerry Bryan, Judy Clingan, Gwen Dykhuizen, Jerry Bartley. Row 3-Oran Duncan. Betty Altic, Marilyn Allen, Betty Anson, Joan Armantrout. Flow 4kJerry Bartley, Phyllis Boyer. Earline Baker. Jim Baker, George Albaugh, Phil Chittick, Dorwin Dick. Row 5-Jim Combs, Charles Bushman, Joe Bill Donoho, Billy Bratton. ,NX he If. fx N TOP PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT Row 1-Jesse Castle, Harold Hines, Ronnie Bradley, Ber- tha Barker, Clarabelle Eads, Carolyn Keever, Donna Grin- stead, Betty Davis, Mary Davey, Marilyn Brandon, Delores Barber. Row 2-Jack Howe, Donald Edrnonds, Jerry Clossin, Bill Garrard, Betty Bartley, Peggy Donoho, Bonnie Henson, Betty Green, Lorene Dunn, Barbara Galey, Delores Brown, Row 3-John Howe, Mervin Dubree, Richard Eaton, Floyd Bushman, Jim Harmen, John Hemmerling, Tom Hackard, Dorothy Keever. Row 4-Richard Geib, Walter Fickle, Chester Cave, Jack Clossin, Denzil Gleason, Kenneth Kinderman, Bob Bram- mell. Neil Guest, Lloyd Doughty, Donald Kersey. LAST PICTURE, BOTTOM TO Row 1-Gale Karm, Bob King, .X MIDDLE PICTURE, BOTTOM TO TOP, LEFT T0 RIGHT Row 1-Dick Werts, Gene Phillips, Billy Page, Barbara Walters, Barbara Mahoney, Kathleen Wainscott, Sue Sneath- en, Patsy Koster, Reitha Porter, Junior Reed. Row 2-Bob Shoemaker, Phil Miller, Mary Jane Sipes, Peggy Servies, Linda Sanders, Charlotte Mitchell, Cather- ine King, Betty Williams, Martha Merritt, Jack Reed. Row 3-Wallace Whalen, Bill Lindear, Virginia Walker, Gordon Ponton, Pete Ross, Sam Seabolt. Barbara Scott, Gene Lemen, Lee Roy MacIntosh. Row 4-John Williams, Bill Wainscott, Bud Terry, Dwayne Roush, Russell Thomas, Maxine Prickett, Connie Russell. Jacquelyn Walters. Lois Wainscott, Melvin Suits, Junior Pippenger, Harold Pearcy. TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT Lawrence Huffer, Douglas Joiner, Margaret Horton, Mary Emma Farr, Janet Kimble. Doris Johnson Row 2-Evert Huff, Terry Henderson, Jack Kellog, Patty Haynes, Judy Goldberg, Patty Gorman, Beverly Harland, Aleberta Ferguson, Jane Laverty. Row 3-David Kirk, Richard Holmes, Rodney Hamilton, Barbara Fitzsimmons, Colleen Grinstead, Shirley Harland, Mary Lou Kressel, Darlene Jones, Pearl Mae Lipp, Row 4-Russell Hall, Leon Galey, Cleatis Harshman, Lee Evanson, Donald Fowler, Robert Green, Lois Hackard. 1 ii .2 -... - 1 Ei 44 , .,3,:Q.,svab9 N1 -A Y ,,.: Mm-iw v:H?i:.,:., . W-'WN' ,, . F Q E E S S 1 1 . g If the ACTIVITIES SHI SOCIETY "XYith love in my heart, forgetting self, and with charity for all, I will make the object of my life helpfulness and kindness to others . . this in part is the creed which is fol- lowed by the members of the Sunshine Society. The Frankfort chapter of the Sunshine Society was organized in l9ll. making it one of the oldest service organizations in school. and the third oldest in the state. Membership is extended each semester to all girls who have reached the ninth grade or beyond. The purpose of the club is to sponsor friendship and better understanding among girls. This year approximately 265 girls were members of the society. A candle light initiation ceremony was held for all the new members dur- ing the second semester. As usual. the business of the club was carried on through an extensive use of commit- tees which are appointed at the beginning of the year by the officers and sponsor. As many girls as possible serve on these committees in order that each girl has a part in the work of the club. Thus each girl feels that her services are needed and wanted. Most of the club's activities this year were concerned with making money to finish paying for the Hammond Electrical Organ which the group bought last year. In addition to their usual work of selling candy and ice cream at the basketball games, the girls also sold Hot Dog license plates around sectional tourney time, and with the aid of the past members of the organizations, the girls sponsored the "Sunshine Varieties," a home talent stage show. The twenty cents dues of the club were collected as usual. Part 'of this money is used to pay the state dues of the chapter, the rest is used for contributions to various worthwhile funds. the main one being the Riley Hospital Fund. The club's officers were Dorothy Knox. presidentg Phyllis Henson. vice-presidentg ,lo Ann Ferrell, treasurer, and julia Ricker, secretary. Miss Marie Van Horn was the sponsor of the organization. Shown grouped around the new organ are the girls who sold the most tickets for the Sunshine Variety Show, Seated is Beverly Hood. who played the instrument at many of the functions. Shown here are the soeiety's of- ficers looking over the order hlztnks for the greeting cards which the girls sold to raise the final pay- ments on the organ. They are, left to right, Dorothy Knox, president: Phyllis Henson, vice-president: jul lia Rieker, secretary: Esther Hutch- ison, corresponding secretary, and ,Io Ann Ferrell, treasurer. One of the most important activ ities of the organization is the sell ing of candy and ice cream at the home hasketball games. This has been carried on for many years and every girl who wishes to may sell. One of the largest rooms in the school plant is needed to hold all the members of the Sunshine So- iiety. Shown on the right is a cross section shot of the group during one of their meetings. Une of the Clulfs projects is the selling of cokes and hot dogs at the home football games. Shown here at the stand are a group who worked hard to make it successful. Tlre officers of the hi-Y Club are a very liarrl-working group. Shown, left to rigllt, they are. seated. ,lim Pogue, cliaplaing Andrew Davey, secretaryp Brad Blickenstaff. presi- dent: Carroll Elliott. sergeant-ab arms, Standing. Tom Rice, vice- presidentg Mr. Gregg. sponsor: and Charles Mettlen, treasurer. Another important project is the bookstore. Here some of the mem- bers are shown at a busy moment. HI- "Clean Speechg Clean Sportsg Clean Scholarshipg Clean Living." So goes the slogan of the Hi-Y Club, and with this as their guide, the boys of the club have conipletetl another successful year. The purpose of the lli-Y tllub is "To inaintain and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian Character." Their objective is: "llealth lietter- inentg Mental lJex'elopnient, Spiritual Enrichmentg Service :Xeliieyeinentf During the year just completed, the boys have lived up to their purpose. objective and slogan by attending church once a month in a body, by conducting several iniportant conyocations for the stu- dents, and by setting a good example for the rest of the student body to follow. This year their annual formal dance was held in the fall and, as always, they held their annual spring picnic shortly before the close of school. At the beginning of each semester the club conducts a book sale for the benefit and convenience of the students. During the football season the club operates the concession stand at the football field. Un Motln-r's Day they sent flowers to the inother of each nieniber. The club is affiliated with the State and National llifY lfelloxrsliip. lJlll'lllUA the year l D , they sent delegates to the State Y. M. A, Li. Ulder Hoys' Conference at liokotno and to the district meetings at Lafayette and Loganspt Business meetings- are held during the third night. At table-Phil Cougill, Clarence Lipp, Andrew Davey, Brad Blickenstaff, Tom Rice, Charles Mettlen. In V- Bob Glover, Robert Irick, David Michael, Everet Smith, Joe Ham, Jim Johnson, Robert Strange, Bill Rush, Richard Thornton, Don Feix, Bill Ransom, Jack Ewing, Carlisle Gardner, Robert Elliott, Laird Jacoby, nrt. week and educational meetings are held at Tom Hall, Bill Ruby, Grover Smith, Jerry McIntosh, Don VanTy1e, Kenneth Ayers, Jack Ashley, Francis Slipher, Jack Hayes, Merrill Fishback, Jack Leininger. On left-Fred Blackburn, John Sipe, Jim Pogue, Bill Van Meter, Bob Cook, Mr. Gregg. On right-Phil Hen- drix, Carroll Elliott, Tom Clutter, Joe Hempfling. S T Seated-Phil Cougill, Dorothy Knox, Shirley Grafton, Madelaine Culp, Phyl- lis Henson, Nancy Lawhead, Shirley Martin, Martha Spurgeon, Lois Ann Al- ter. Standing, first row4Kemit Baum- gardner, William Van Meter, Robert Cook, Richard Ricker, Dalton Mangis, Andrew Davey, Barbara Spray, Phil Harker, Patty Knox, Phil Shanks, Fred Agnew, Bill McCoy, Robert Irick. Sec- ond row-Jack Sheid, Kenneth Ayers, William R u b y, Tom H a ll, Charles Mettlen, Merrill F i s h b a c k, Edward Baer, Robert Scripture. U CO UNCIL This year's Student Council had for its officers: Phil Cou- gill, president, Laird Jacoby, vice-president, and Klemit Baum- gardner, secretary-treasurer. The council made many commendable improvements around F. H. S. this year. Although Mr. XYoodruff sat in on all of the meetings, the meetings were conducted mostly by the students themselves. lf a stranger would have stepped into one of the meetings he might have thought he was in a debating class. There were many lively discussions about things pertaining to school life. Une of the club's accomplishments was to buy records for the Student Council dances. The council also kept the recrea- tion room supplied with records. They made some rules for the general behavior of the students. They passed a rule stating that attendance at dances should be limited to our students. graduates, and their individual guests. A committee was also appointed for the purpose of appointing monitors in the halls at noon. The monitor system was just an experiment. It turned out to be a very satisfactory system. The Student Council sponsors the dances on the nights none of the other clubs has one. XYith the money the council has made on these dances it plans to buy a record-player and donate it to the school. was I , K, 'si' NATIONA HO OR One of the most outstanding and most respected organiza- tions in Frankfort High School is the National Honor Society. Its members are chosen on the basis of their character, scholar- ship, leadership, and service. They must also be in the upper third of their classes. The members are chosen from nomina- tions made by the members of the faculty. These nominations then are passed on by a committee selected by the principal. The principal and sponsor neither nominate nor vote. Only juniors and seniors are eligible for membership. Elections are held twice a yearg once in the fall which elects only seniors, and again in the spring when juniors and seniors are elected. Mem- bers are governed by rules and regulations which are set up by the national constitution. This society functions with the pur- pose of creating and fostering the principles upon which it is based. Instead of holding meetings during the activities period, the group convenes for at monthly luncheon which is held in the school cafeteria. The society is a nation-wide organization with its headquar- ters in XYashington, Di. C. In 1935 a chapter was organized in Frankfort High School by Mr. Russel Earl. This year's officers were George Hamilton, presidentg Charles Mettlen, vice-presi- dentg -lean Meifeld, treasurer, and Donna Doane, secretary. Miss Verda Knox was the groups sponsor. SOCIETY First Row - Dorothy Knox, Made- laine Culp, George H a m i 1 t o n, Charles Mettlen, Donna Doane, Jean M e i f e l d, Joanne Toeppe, Carolyn Coulter. Second Row-Lillian Greene, Rich- ard Thornton, Mary Miller, Mary Gunion, Patricia Farrell, Andrew Davey. Third Row-James Pogue, Donald Ayers, Kemit Baumgardner, Wil- liam R a ns om, Joe Harshman, Tom Hall, Robert Irick. Fourth Row-Bradley Blickenstaff, Donald Feix, Tom Rice, John Tedford, Clarence Lipp, Miss Ver- da Knox, sponsor. l Q TPC. Q'-7 Sr? f..ff 15, 'S--if H.. -225: - -I ,1 1. X, v 1 lr 1 5 , LE ? .,f' 1 " - . . f 4+ . Q X , ,y , ' ,M .. 5 . 1 . V 9 . 1 :if , A , - . Q . , , ,A 'i gg, 1, 4 i EW 7 EV , - V ' lf' Q E 4 ' E. ', "" rip. ., . ,sg sf? r- .A A ' - ' ,. 1 .W -f . ,, .N- L -5, . M ' .. . Q ' 5 I 1 ' .1 40. , A s 4 4. 9, Jr ' My . ,.,. .Q f H1122 S ' .3 X F i .diy ,.. x Ei. 353' 3 ,. .z- 4 VL- an ,, ,X .N vw' S I Ill fm' First Row-Francis Slipher, Donald Wheeler, Allen Britt, Fred Black- burn, Bob Cook. Second Row-Tom Scheidler, Mark Ransom, Bob Given, Bob Pedigo, Dalton Mangis, Bob Elliott. Third Row - Carroll Elliott, Mr. Belcher, Fred Carter, Herschell Lewis, Phil Nice, Jo Ham, Bur- gell Wayt, Bill Strawn, Jack Kil- an. First Row-Bob Cook, Phil Cougill, Carolyn Coulter, Fay White, Mar- garet Blunk, Brad Blickenstaff. Tom Clutter, John Myers. Second Row-Dick Thornton, Kemit Baumgardner, Jack Ewing, Charles Kreisher, David Michael, Third Row - Charles Mettlen, Joe Ham, Jack Hays, Tom Rice, Jim Pogue, Jim Ellis, Joe Harshman, Norman Power, Tom Hall, First Row-Andrew Davey, Sharon Sloan, Roberta 5 h e e t s, Alice Milne, Dorothy Knox, Julia Kirk- patrick, Donna D 0 a n e, Joanne Toeppe, Jea n Meifeld, Shirley Grafton, and Dalton Mangis. Second Row-Mrs, Redmon, Alice Rogers, Betty Gum m, Esther Hutchison, Jacqulyn Mincemoyer, Mary G u n i o n, Marilyn Martin, Betty Robertson, M a ry Miller, Phyllis Henson, Pat Farrell, and Kemit Baumgardner. Third Row - Kenny Ayers, Dave Michael, Mark Ransom, George Goodnight, Phil H a r k e r, Joe Harshman, Margaret S p en c e r. Morrill Morrison, Bob Elliott, Don Feix, Tom Clutter, and Fred Ag- new. Fourth Row-Tom Hall, Bob Irick. Lawrence Hinds. Clarence Lipp. Torn Rice, Charles Mettlen, John Tedford, Dick Ricker, Dick Stine, Everet Smith, Brad Blickenstaff. Sam Triece, and Phil Cougill, CAMERA CLUB Any underclassman who is interested in photography is eligible for mem- bership in the Camera Club. Its purpose is to teach its members the care and use of camera as well as the developing of films and prints. The club also studies enlargements and recent developments in photography. The club was organized not only to furnish its members with a useful and entertaining hobby but to acquaint them with the many different phases of photography. New equipment of the members was discussed at the meeting and several of the members gave reports to the group. But it was not all study. Under the direction of Mr. Belcher, sponsor of the organization, e. picnic was held this spring. MATH CLUB The Math Club is composed of students having had two years or more of math and who are definitely interested in higher mathematics. This year, under the direction of their sponsor, Miss Della Maud Sanders. head of the mathematics department, the group sponsored the first dance of 1947 after a Friday night basketball game and continued to send letters of school activities to the servicemen. At the meetings. various members of the club gave reports on the differ- ent phases of mathematics. FORENSIC CLUB The Forensic Club, whose purpose is to instruct its members in parlia- mentary procedure, was another club which had a busy year. The organization sponsored a convocation for the entire school at which Mrs. Irma Dunbar entertained with dramatic and humorous readings, spon- sored a dance after a Friday night basketball game, and held a covered dish supper in the cafeteria in the spring. An initiation ceremony was held in which twenty-one members were taken into the club. At the meeting various members gave talks on parlia- mentary procedure. Mrs. Redmon was the sponsor while John Tedford served as president, George Goodnight, vice-presidentg David Michael, secretaryg and Bob Irick, treasurer. , 1. MAJORETTES The inajorettes were very busy at half time at the football and basketball games demonstrating their skill with lighted batons and speed drills. At the District State Solo and Ensemble Contest at Ball State Teachers College, Eleanor Crum and Phyllis Reed won first division while Pearl Mae Lipp and ,loan Sentz placed in second division. THE BAN AN PEP BAN First Row-Jeanette Blacklidge, Bill Maxon, Grover Smith, Campbell Engles, Don YYilson, Richard Hines, Dorothy Knox, Alice Milne. Second Row-Gordon Ponton, Mary ,lane lYolfe, Patty Doane, Joe Doane, ,lea'h Baker, Mary Lou Kes- sel, Tom Rice, Charles Mettlen, Barbara Donahue, Mary Jo Smith, Mable Anson, Charles Shepard, Mary Alice Reddick, Peggy Tafflinger, tjloris Rabanus. Third Row-Brad Blickenstaff, Ivan Minglin, Carroll Elliott, jim Ellis, Lawrence Robinson, Phil Hen- drix, Don Trobangh, Richard Pullen, Frances Danner, Ann McDonald, David XVhite, Carolyn Ducher, Bob Given, Yerrill Myers, james XYhary, Richard Thornton, Phil Cougill, Ethel Harrison, John Ted- ford, Clarence Lipp. Fourth Row-Bill Lowes, Roinona Flesher, Joan Behr, Conrad Hibbitt, Ernest Owens, Stanley Beavens. Richard Cook, Benjamin Perry, Mr. Kleyla, Charles Kreisher, Colleen Eaton, Eleanor Crum, Pearl Mae Liplv, ,loan Sentz, Phyllis Reed. The band has had a very busy season this year. The A band marched for all of the home football games and for games at XYest Lafayette and Kokomo. The major- ettes, with their lighted batons and speed drills, were fea- tured several times. The band also played for all of the home basketball games and pleased the spectators with marches and popular selections. The majorettes were also featured during half time and gave outstanding demonstrations with both the lighted baton and speed twirlmg. Un Armistice Day they played for the American Legion program held in Howard Hall. Un March 29. at Ball State Teachers College. Muncie, ln- diana. the brass sextet, brass quintet and tour majorettes participated in the District State Solo and Ensemble Con- test. The sextet won first division and two of the majorettes placed first in their division. The quintet placed in second division and the other two majorettes won seconds. The first division winners competed in the final State Solo and lin- semble Contest at lndiana State Teachers College at Terre Haute. The band participated in the State Band contests at Indiana Cniversity on May 3. Un one Sunday afternoon in the spring, the band presented a public concert in Howard Hall. They also presented con- certs for each of the grade schools before the close of school this spring. Un April the lSth the band played for the Girls' Physical liducation Demonstration in Howard Hall. During the spring they played for the baseball games and for the track meet held here on May 13. During the year a pep band was formed to attend the out- of-town basketball games. The purpose of the pep band is to bolster the morale of the team at these away-from-home games. Crazy costumes and smiling faces identify the band at the games. The boys play everything from Bach to Boogie- NYoogie. They plan to attend all out-of-town games and par- ticipate at pep sessions. The band has eleven members who are: D. NX'ilson, C. Shephard, B. Maxson. C. Engles. C. Lipp, B. Bliclqenstaff. C. Elliott. ul. Ellis, S. Beavens, C. lireisher, and E. Owens. First Row - Don Wilson, Charles Shepard, Bill Maxon, Campbell Engles. Second Row - Clarence Lipp. Brad Blickenstaff, Carroll Elliott, Jim Ellis. Third Row-Stan Beavens, Charles Kreisher, Ernest Owens, CRESCENDO The Crescendo Club, for boys, is the newest club in school since it was just organized this year. Its purpose is to support worthwhile musical activities and to give op- portunity for individual perform- ance. The sponsors are Mr. Kleyla and Miss Nixon. STRING QUARTET The String Quartet niet weekly to work on longer and more diffi- cult forlns of string music. This year besides their regular appear- ances before the student body, they have appeared in Frankfort churches and on a Riley Grade School P.-T. A. program. STRING ENSEMBLE The String Ensemble held re- hearsals daily to study various types of orchestrical and chamber music, The Ensemble played for various school functions including the annual broadcast over radio station XY.-XSK. Lafayette, and at various civic functions. The High School Choir has been very active this past year. They practice at call meetings during school and of evenings whenever necessary. This year they sang for the annual broad- cast over radio station NY.-XSK. Lafayette, for the Christmas program, at a Kiwanis Club luncheon, and for a Kyger P.- T. A. program. At the District Choral Festival at Lebanon on April 29 they sang a special number. Then, as always, they sang for the Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. "To encourage interest in good music and to give opportunity for individual per- formance" is the aim of the Staccato Club. This club, under the sponsorship of Miss Nixon, was organized in 1921 and was first known as "The .lunior Matinee Musical," The membership of the club is open to girls enrolled in either vocal or instrumen- tal music and is limited to thirty-five. The main social event of the club is the annual spring formal dance. The officers for the past year were Mary -lo Smith. president: Phyllis Henson, vice- presirlentg and Patricia Boso. secretary- treasurer. L First Row - Alice Ballard, Sue Chittick. Esther Ann Hutchison, XYanita Holts- claw, Pat Miller, Norma Lipp, Mary Jo Smith. Second Row - Lillian Greene, Sue Hollis. Grace O'Reilley, Jacqulyn Mincemoyer. Phyllis Henson. Jane Parsons. Roberta Carr, Anna Mae Rabanus. Third Row - Gene Sipe, jim McQuade. Betty Parr, Alice Molohon, Doris Pugh. lilena Terpinas, Charlene Matchett, Lois Lykken. Eddie Chapman, Ronald Fear. Fourth Row - Richard Thornton, junior Danner, Norman Ostler, Bob XYise, Fred Agnew, jack Scheid, Terry Farrell, Charles Anderson. Ralph Jackson, David Osterhoff, Bob Prather, George Sanders. Pianist, Beverly Hood. THE CZXULDRO XYith graduation comes the exciting appearance of the an- nual. This year our book had a new sponsor. Nr. Rohrahaugh. The staff, as usual. was eoinpused of seniors who had high enmigli sehulastie standing to devote extra-curriculum time to the Cauldron. ' The editor-in-ehief was -lean Kleifeld. .Xssoeiate editor was liemit llaumgarduer. The rest of the staff was as follows: Literary llditurs-Spray and XYhite: Phutography-Doane and McGill: Art liditors-Culp and Marshallg Sports Editors! lleinpfling,', and Sniithg Cluh Editnrs-Snider and Yan .-Xrsrlellq Senirn' Activities-Toeppe and Hendrix: TypistsfMa- jor and XYallaee: lluplieatorsfSnell and Rahanusg Faenltyw Uvulter and lferrellg L'nderelassmenflBanner, Sehinnnel, and linux: llusiness NanagersglDavey. Traylor, and Tedfordg Cir- culation Managers-Seriptiire and llarslnnan. This year. for the first tiine, fuur juniors were appointed to the staff. lfeix, Miller, lriek, and Farrell were given the oppor- tunity to study inethuds used in editing an annual for use in next year's book. i Seated, left to right-John Tedford. Joanne Toeppe, Ke-mit Baumgard- ner. S hir le y Traylor, D 0 n n a Doane, Dorothy Knox. Madelaine Culp, Edward Long, Marna Mar- shall, Phil Hendrix, Doris Van Arsdell, Jo Ann Ferrell. Standing - Wallace McGill. Mary M i l 1 e r, John Myers, Andrew Davey. Jean Scripture, Fay VVhite. Mary G un ion, Barbara Spray, Kathleen S n i d e r, Pearl Major, Carolyn Coulter, Pat Farrell, An- na Mae Rabanus, Joe Harshman, Myrna Wallace, Lillian Schim- mell, Mary Jo Smith, Imogene Snell, Jean Meifeld. Seated-Alice Molohon, Keith Lytle, Fay White, Jo Ann Ferrell. Jean Scripture, Madelaine Culp, Donna Doane, Marna Marshall, Kathleen Snider, James Staugaard, Nancy Lawhead. Standing - Miss Kearns, sponsor: Jean Meifeld, Joe Hempfling, Pat Farrell, V i r gin ia Mann, Jack Leininger, Doris VanArsdell, Jack Hinesley, Dalton M a n g i s, Jack Utterback, Phyllis Harland, Mary Gunion, Carolyn Coulter. H L Frankfort High Scliool is wcry protul of its lui-wc-ckly news- paper. A staff of twcrity-fix'c nieinhcrs wcrc icspfnisilwlc for cach four-page cflition, which incluflc-cl the ncws page two fca- ture pagcs. ancl thc sports page As for the past fivc ycars, Miss llilrla Kearns servcrl as faculty arlxisor. ,lean Ncifclrl was crlitor-infcliicf. and Pat Far- rcll assisted hor. The staff hclrl thc scconfl annual L'o1'o11:1tim1 Hall. April lS. At this tinic ll king ancl quccn wcrc clcctc-rl to rcign for thc rlancc. Expcricncc on a high school papa-r is valtialilc. not only for tht- journalistic training, but liccausc it teaclics thc stuclcnt rc- sponsiliility of nieeting' a clcacllinc. This yczins staff consistcfl of: L'a1'r,mly11 C'1i11ltt'1'. Maflclaiiic Culp, Ilunna lloanc, ,lu A1111 Fc-rrc-ll. Mary tirniion, Phyllis llarlanrl. -loe llcinpfling. ,lack lliiicslcy, lit-nncth liixctt, .lack l.Cllllllg'C1', Nancy Lawlicacl, Dalton Mangis, Yirginia Mann. Marna lllarshall, Alice Molohon. hlulia Riclcer. ,lean Scripture, liatlilccn Snider, -lim Staugaarcl. ,lack Utterlnack, Doris Yan Arsdell, Fay XYhitc, and Louise Pearcy. One of the largest clubs in school, the Latin tCuria Latinaj, has presented sev- eral entertaining programs this year for the benefit of the members and students of Frankfort High School. Among them were "Rex," "Sabine Brides." and an Easter program. The plays were writ- ten, dramatized. and the costumes made by the students. This year, for the first time, a formal initiation was held. The upper classmen were in charge of this impressive cere- mony and conducted the new members through the beautiful service. In this service. the freshmen put aside their tunics and assumed their cognomen. Other interesting activities were the Thanksgiving Dana, a speech on Atomic llombs by XVayne Guthrie. and the mo- tion picture, "Backwards to Civiliza- tion." Another interesting moving pic- ture was shown by the club for the benefit of the entire school. The name of the picture was "journey Into Faith." a Cathedral film about the story of Jesus Christ and his followers. and of the crucification of jesus. The office of Counsel Primus was taken by Kenneth Ayers this year. Con- sul Secundus was George Goodnight. Robert Elliott was Questor and Richard Thornton was Scribus. TOP GROUP First Row-Doris Pugh, Elena Terpinas, Jean Meifeld. Joanne Toeppe, Lillian Schimmel Northrop, Mary Jo Smith, Fay White. Second Row-Julia Wallace, Virginia Williams, Mary Jane Wolfe, Marna Marshall, Jackie Malicoat, Kath- leen Snider, Barbara Spray, Phyllis Wayt, Barbara Stogsdill. Third Row-Charlene Matchett, Doris Van Arsdell, Joe Stewart, Mardella Turner, Don Van Tyle, Alice Milne, gialyid Michael, Tom Scheidler, Bob Pedigo, Ruby o nson. Fourth Row-Benjamin Perry, Phil Wallace, Ruby John- son, Jane' Pace,'Margaret Spencer, Roberta Sheets, Anette Spidle, Alice Rogers, Lois Hitch, Peggy Mali- coat, Ester Wilson. Fifth Row-Martin Myers, Robert Nelson, Dick Thorn- ton, Bob Scripture, Don Bushman, Dick Stine. Morrill Morrison, John Toeppe, Bill Ransom, Phil Nice, Gary Wilson, Bob Sparrow. Sixth Row-Don Wheeler. Everet Smith. Bill Rush. Eu- gene Winger, Sam Triece, Charles Shepard, Richard Sheets, Dick Paul. BOTTOM GROUP First Row-Mr. Farrell, Robert Irick, Robert Elliott. llgenneth Ayers, George Goodnight, Dick Thornton, Don eix. Second Row-Robert Green, Mona Sue Keever, Sandra Blystone, Betty Gunion, Suzanne Gillispie, Bonnie Kindley, Vonda Genda, Jane Hays, Barbara Young, Madonna Burns, Phyllis Haverstick, Julia Allen, Con- rad Hibbett, Ronnie Fear. Third Row-Robert Fear, Donna Doane, Esther Hutchi- son, Norma Lipp, Madelaine Culp, Pat Boso, Mary Gunion, Jeanette Blacklidge, Carolyn Coulter, Pat Far- rell, Sally Hackard, Mary Lou Lawhead. Fourth Row-Raymond Hoyer, Harold Harmon. Robert Ehlers, Betty Scott, Bertha Barker, Lillian Greene. Rosemary Lipp, Lois Lykken, Oma Snyder. Annis Blunk, Nancy Lawhead, Campbell Engles. Fifth Row-Don McCord, Terry Ferrell, Buddy Bradley. Tom Hall, Merrill Fishback, Jack Hayes, Phil Harker. Jack Bewsey, Joe Ham, Jack Killian, Richard Cook. Edward Beall. . SS P NISH The Chess Club, a recreational club for boys, has as its aim in life to promote in- terest and to further knowledge of chess. The club meets regularly once a month on the fourth period for a business meet- ing. They also have a regular social meet- ing each month which is helcl of an eye- ninvz The club sponsors on Friflfiv eveninv' 5 4. 5 clance during the year and also an annual chess tournament to fletermine the best player in the club. The membership is limitecl to twenty- five. Officers for the past year were: bloc Hempfling, president, .lack Leininger, vice- presirlentg and Everet Smith, secretary- treasurer. Miss Yan Horn is the sponsor. Seated-Jack Leininger, Bob Given, Mark Ransom, John Toeppe, Bob Irick, Jerry McIntosh, Don Van Tyle, Kenneth Lucas. Second Row-Joe Hempfling, John Sipe, Miss Van Horn. Third Row-Andrew Davey, Everet Smith. Tom Rice, Charles Shep- ard, Jack Hays, Robert Strange, Morrill Morrison. Fourth Row-Wallace McGill, Jim Staugaard, Phil Hendrix. First RowvMrs. Heaton, Jim Bly- stone, Dalton Mangis, Joe Me- chem, Kenneth Kivett, Laird Ja- coby, Jack Bricker, Phil Thorn- ton, Tom Carter, Jack Ashley, Bob Crose, Dick Brittain, Don Rogers. Second Row-Diane Lipsett, Wilma Saari, Dorothy Larimore, Patty Knox, Roberta Carr, Julia Kirk- patrick, Lois Ann Alter, Cather- ine Cullom, Anna Mae Rabanus, Rebecca Harshman, Sharon Sloan. Third Row-Alice Ballard, Sue Chit- tick, Mitzi Gaffney, Jean Baker, Betty Gumm, Jackie Mineemoyer, Maribelle Toney, Judy Manning, Frances Danner, Dorothy Knox, Fred Carter, Bob Cole, Jo Ann Ferrell, Robert Echolds. Fourth Row-Betty Parr, Beverly Hood, Virginia Wainscott, Phyllis Harland, Jack Ward, Bob Hinds-, Clarence LiDD, Tom Rice, Jim Ellis, Jack Scheid, Jack Leinin- ger, Fred Agnew, George Hamil- ton, Joe Harshman, Jean Scrip- ure. lil Club Espanol, the Spanish Club, is five years olcl this year. It has as its ob- jective to encourage interest in Spanish and Spanish speaking countries among the high school stuflents. The club has pur- chasecl newspapers, magazines, a Spanish calenrlar, anfl recorfls in Spanish, to facili- tate learning the language. The club meets regularly once a month. on the first llerlnesrlay. This year the club initiation was helcl in January and consti- tuterl the business meeting, the initiatory work. and the social meeting. There are about 60 members in the club, anfl the officers are: -lim Hlystone, presi- clentg Jack Leininger, vice-president: Bet- ty ,lo Gumm, secretaryg and 'lo Ann Ferrell, treasurer. The sponsor is Mrs. Oina Hea- ton. WE LL NEVER FORGET I947 AT FRANKFORT HIGH INETEEN hundred and forty-seven was a trying year, not only to the seniors of Frankfort High School, but to the entire world. The students worked haid to prepare themselves to become leaclus of the world of tomorrow, but meanwhile balanced their programs well with social activities, We of the Cauldron staff have tried to present a living picture of the studies and evtra-curricular activities which took place during the year, the classmates. and the teachers who have helped us so much during our four years here, It has been our goal to capture. both hy pic- ture and by word, the image of Frank- tort High School as it is, Therefore, we take great pleasure in presenting this, the 1947 Cauldron. I947 CAULDRO FRANKFORT HIGH SCHOOL FRANKFORT, INDIANA The Rekomemohs Club, better known as the Home Economics or Future llomemak- ers Club, has just completed a very busy year. "To make this community and its sur- roundings a bettet place in which to live for all the citizens" is the aim of the club. They hold their regular business meet- ings on XYednesday of the fourth week of each month, during' the fourth period. On evenings of the second and third weeks they hold social meetings in the homes of the members. Officers of the Rekarnemoh Club this year were, left to right: Mar- ilyn Ricks, president: Sue Moore. secretary, XViln1a Coffman, report- er: Jean Baker, historian, Mrs. Te- ter, sponsorg Nancy Dixon, treas- urer, and Dorothy Marshall, vice- president. Frist Row - Marilyn Ricks, Inez Bowen, XVilma Coffman, Edith Grinstead, Helen McNelley, ,lean Baker. Second Row-,loan Brown, Mary Frances Hinton, Janie McEwen, Barbara XVitsman, Norma Igney. Edith Grinstead. Third Row - Mrs. Teter, XYilma Frazier, Eleanor Crum, Nancy Dixon, Elsie Cooper, Norma Scott. Fourth Row-Joan Stillwell, Bar- bara Young, Martha Dixon, An- na Mae Huff, During the school year the club sent delegates to the State meetings at Indian- apolis. The club conducted a convocation for the entire student body. The convoca- tion consisted of a movie entitled "junior Prom." which had a great affect on the student body. The officers for the year were Marilyn Ricks. president: Dorothy Marshall. vice- presidentg Sue Moore, secretaryg Nancy Dixon, treasurerg 'lean Baker, historian: and XYilma Coffman, reporter. Sponsor was Mrs. Teter. L This year the senior drainatics class started a new trend by choosing a different type play. lnstead of the usual june- inoon type of play, the class selected "Our Hearts XYere Young and Gayu by Cornelia Otis Skinner and limily Kim- brough. The story was draniatized by jean Kerr. The play is about lwu young girls who cross the ocean and visit Paris all by themselves. Their mishaps are many and hilarious. Emily Kimbrough and Cornelia Skinner were played by Joanne Toeppe and Madelaine Culp, respectively. The rest of the cast was as follows: Steward and XYindow Cleaner -Andrew Davey, Mrs. Skinner-jean Meifeld and Jean Scripture, Otis Skinner- XYallace McGill, Purserfjolin Sipe, Stewardess-Alice Mol- ohon and Betty Branimell, Dick XYintersvKeniit ljaumgard- ner, Armiral-Fred Blackburn, Harriet St. -lohnglfay lVhite and Xlianita Holtsclaw, XYinifred Blaugh-Donna Doane and Dorothy Knox, Leo lNlcEx'oy-john Myers, Inspector-Phyb lis Harland, Therese-Barbara Spray and Shirley Traylor, Madame Elise-Kathleen Snider and -Io Ann Ferrell, Mon- sieur de la Croix-Phil Hendrix, Student Director4Phyllis Harland. Mrs. john Rednion was the faculty director and Miss Doris Knox served as faculty business manager. One of the hardest parts of the sen- ior class play this year was the find- ing of costumes for the early l92O's. Here the whole cast looks on as the two leads model suitable attire. They are, left to right, first row-Kemit Baumgardner, Fred Blackburn, Jo Aim Ferrell, Barbara Spray, Shirley Tray- lor. Second Row-Fay White, Donna Doane, Dorothy Knox, Kathleen Snider, Betty Brammell, Alice Molohon. Third Row-Wanita Holtsclaw, Jean Meifeld, John Sipe, John Myers, Joanne Toeppe, Mrs. Redmon, Madelaine Culp, Phyllis Harland, Wally McGill, Andrew Davey, Phil Hendrix, Jean Scripture. The second picture shows part of the group in one of their early rehearsals. ,,,,,...:,., Q ' 55, ,-1? Y 'lf uf- rg ff' J ffx p1w.J, .fgfifil the ATHLETICS Q Q i i COACHI G STAFF Due to the leadership of these men in athletics, whether on winning teams or not, better boys and better leaders have come out of this school. Raymond "Buck" Rohrabaugh is the director of the Athletic Department. Other coaches are: Howard Pace, -lim Baldwin, Dor- win Dick, Glen Scrivnor, and XYayne Shockney. The F Club is made up of boys who have won letters in major sports in F. ll. S. 'l'he club is under the direction of Raymond Rohrabaugh. The club sponsors the Big Broadcast, and uses the proceeds to buy something useful for the school. Officers for the year are: president, Brad Blickenstaffg vice-president. lion Ayers, and secretary-treasurer, Andrew Davey. First Row-Mr, Rohrabaugh, sponsorg Bill Rush, Everet Smith, Bill Ruby, Brad Blickenstaif, John Sipe, Bill Van Meter, Don Ayers, Don V:inTyle, Bill Ransom, Mr. Dick, sponsor. Second Row-Edward Long, Robert Irick, Phil Cougill, Joe Hempfling, Don Feix, Roy Coy, Phil Harker, Jerry Mc- Intosh, Merrill Fishback, Andrew Davey. - Third Row-John Tedford, Richard Ricker, Richard Hitte, Richard Stine, Ray Allen, Tom Rice, Tom Hall, Jim Johnson, John Robison, Jim Pogue, Grover Smith. R ITY FOOTBALL Under the leadership of Coach Raymond "Buck" Rohr- abaugh, the Frankfort Night Hawks fought an uphill bat- tle during the better part of the year. After winning their first game from Sheridan, 38 to O, the team looked like they would have an undefeated schedule. The next Friday the Red Devils from Richmond handed the Night Hawks their first setback in one of the team's best-played hall games. Frankfort then tied the Hornets of Howe in a scoreless game. After losing to Logansport in their next game. the Night Hawks came back and walloped their old rivals from liirklin, 26 to 13. The team then lost to Jeff of Lafayette, Kokomo, XYest Side. and Monticello. The team had a record of two wins against six losses and one tie. Two of the members of this year's team were given honor on the all-state team. Bob Irick was given a berth at end on the third team, and John Sipe was given honorable mention. Coach Rohrabaugh will lose the serv- ices of John Sipe, Don Ayers, Brad Blickenstaff, Hill Ruby, John Tedford, Tom Rice, Ed Long, and .lim Robbins on next year's varsity team. The scores for the season are as follows: 38 ' Frankfort . ...................... Sheridan O Frankfort 1.3 .. . Richmond Z5 Frankfort O .. ....... Howe O Frankfort 7 .. . Logansport Z0 Frankfort 7 .. ....... Jeff 20 Frankfort 12 .. .. lYest Side Sl Frankfort 13 .. . Monticello 18 Frankfort 26 .. Kirklin 13 First Row - Jack Shanklin, Don VanTy1e, Brad Blickenstaff. John Sipe, Eddie Long, Bill Rush, Bob Irick, Bob Strange, Jim Johnson. Second Row-Don Ayers. Tom Hall, Don Feix, Bill Ransom, Grover Smith, Everet Smith, Phil Hark- er, Dalton Mangis, Dick Ricker. Third Row - Ned Hodge, Richard Sheets, Bob Fudge, Tom Rice, Dick Stine, Bill Ruby. Roy Coy, John Tedford, Jim Robbins. Fourth Row - David Michael, Joe Dean, Allen Britt. Dave White, George Goodnight, Phil Aldrich, Bob Slaughter, Sam Triece, Phil Cougill, Tom Rentschler, Gene Sipe, Jim Forsythe. - N3 . 34223 3 27, KW dz FRE HM7-KN FOOTB7-KLL Under the leadership of Coach Howard Pace, the Fresh- man Foothall Team had a fairly good season. Although the team played only four games. they showed some abil- ity that will he needed in future years as Nighthawks. The team's only defeat came at the hands of Jefferson of La- fayette. The froshies had a field day at Logansport as they swamped the Berries, 32 to O. The ends for this year's team were Rolmhins and Under- hill. At guards were Hill and Triece. Sam Triece also filled in at guard for the varsity team. Tackles for the frosh team were Paul and XYall, and at center was Ralph -laelcson. Quarterback duties were shared by Phil Byrnes and ljud l-lradley. Rentschler and Ustler were the half- hacks, and Iiugene XYing'er was the fullhack. lllemhers of the second team were Scheid, Cook. Agnew, Nefoy, Nel- son, Melling. lgney, llurrouglis, XYainseott. and Scheidler. Only four games were on the schedule for this year, two with Logansport, one with Lafayette, and one with lilwood. The freshmen lost only one game, as they won one and tied two. The scores of the games during' the season are as fol- lows: Frankfort 0 .. .. Lafayette 12 Frankfort 32 .. . l,og'ansport O lfranlqfort O ,, . Logansport O lfranl-:fort 21 .. .. Elwood ll Front Row, left to right-Tommy Rentschler, Jerry Underhill. Sam Triece, Eugene Winger, Phil Byrne. Second Row-Fred Agnew. Richard Cook. Dick Paul, Bill Ostler, Bud- dy Bradley. Ralph Jackson. Clar- ence Hill. Third Row-Tom Scheidler, Eddie Chapman, David Osterhoff, Don Wainscott, Phil Nelson. Billy Mc- Coy. Eugene Melling, Herbert Clawson. Fourth Row-Elmer Posey, Sher- man Wall, Jim Igney. Jack Scheid, Joe Clawson, Phil Wal- lace, Gordon Burroughs, VARSITY ED LONG-"Eddie" completed his third year on the varsity squad. His fighting determination will be missed next year. JOHN SIPE-"Johnny" was one of the fastest halfbacks on Frankfort's team and also just completed his third year of varsity competition. John received honorable mention on the all-state team. DON AYERS-"Ayersie" was another one who has played three years on the var- sity team. His team leadership will be missed next year. BILL RANSOM - "Billie" was a player who garnered experience this year and will be back to make good use of it next year. DICK STINE-"Ninny" was a big boy in that forward line. He will be back next year to try for his forward position. BRAD BLICKENSTAFF - "Brad" was regular halfback and completed his sec- ond year on the varsity. He was named captain for the year by his team mem- bers. JOHN TEDFORD - "Salty" finished his third year on the varsity. His position at center will be hard to fill next year. DON VANTYLE-"Blondie" was one of the fastest men on the team and will be back to use his speed to our advantage next year. GROVER SMITH - "Smutt" played his first year on varsity and will be back again next year to give trouble to all opponents. TOM RICE-"Rissie" finished his second year on the varsity. His height will be missed at the end of next year. TOM HALL-"Tommie" was one of the best kickers on this year's team. He will be back next year also. EVERET SMITH-"Turtle" played his sec- ond year on the varsity and has another one coming up next year. JIM JOHNSON - "Doc" is a junior and will be back on the squad next fall. Jim held a regular position this year as a guard. WILLIAM RUBY-"Bill" is another one of the seniors who will be sorely missed next year. JIM ROBBINS - "Robbie" finished his second year on the varsity. His position as, guard will be hard to fill next year. DICK RICKER-"Pony" is only a sopho- more and much is expected from him in the next two years. BOB IRICK - "Bobbie" played his first year on the varsity at end. Bob will be back on next year's team. v 1 ffl f . 1: 1. 1 -Vi tml I 5 QW' E Q? fs. wif Qs ,Nw VKRSITY DICK RICKER-"Pony" played his first year on the varsity this year. He showed up excep- tionally well under the backboard. "Pony" is a sophomore. DICK STINE - "Stiner" was a sophomore this year and a reserve center. He has proved to be a great offense threat which will help the team in years to come. BOB IRICK-"Bobbie," a forward, will be back on next year's Fighting Five. Bob was a jun- ior this year. TOM RICE.-"Rissie" was the tallest man on the team. He will be sorely missed next year. DONALD VANTVLE-"Blondie" was a junior this year and playing his first year on varsity. He plays guard and is very fast and a tricky ball handler. JIM POGUE-"Kelly" completed his second year of varsity competition. Jim really made the first force keep on their toes all year. KENNETH AYERS-"Squirt" was a guard and forward this year. He was another one who was a scrapper and kept the regulars working. Kenney will be back next year. SCORES Frankfort 36 .. .. Crawfordsville 38 Frankfort 29 .. ..... Kokomo 27 Frankfort 23 .. . Horace Mann 40 Frankfort 34 Logansport Frankfort 2-I . Lebanon Frankfort 29 . . . . Tech Qlndplsl Frankfort 44 ...... Jeff Frankfort 28 .. Marion Frankfort 18 ..... jeff Frankfort 36 . . Lebanon Frankfort 30 .. .. New Castle Frankfort 33 . . Kokomo Frankfort .20 . Rossville Frankfort 45 . Anderson Frankfort 59 Logansport Frankfort -l-l Michniond Frankfort 55 . .... Tipton Frankfort 48 .. Muncie BRSKETB7-YLL Although Coach Dorwin Dick's Hot Dogs didn't win the sectional tourney this year, they proved to themselves and everybody else that they had the spirit and drive to win. The team looked like a tourney winner during' the latter part of the season as they won from Kokomo, Logansport, Rich- mond. Anderson, and Tipton. After a shaky start at the opener with Crawforrlsville. the Hot Dogs Came hack and won games from Ko- komo ancl Logansport. The hoys then hit a slump in mid-season and didn't pull out until the season was closing. Two boys on this year's team were seniors, Tom Rice., center, and Jim Pogue, guard. The other members of the varsity team were: Dick Stine, Dick Rieker, Grover Smith, Kenney Axcis Boh link T lll Ransom, Donald Yan Tyle, 'lack LCllllllfTCl Phil Xldueh Fust Ron Donald VanTv1e Jerrv Zlllil Bill Ruby. Ayers James Pogue Jack Lem The Hot Dogs also won the consolation game in tie Second Row Grover Smlth Rich New Year's Day tourney at Michigan City Stine Bm Ransom Phil Alduch F. H. S. has the distinction of bei ff nb one of the few schools with two main buildings. A tunnel is used in bad weather. Music Hall is also in use constantly by the ba1 l ' ' ' ic and oicliestia. How ., " to many ath- letic contests. ard Hall han been host ,ff A I 2 QQ if TE This year's "B" team was under the direction of Coach Glen Serivnor. Althougli the team only won three games during the season, they showed the spirit and fight that is needed on all Frankfort teams. The team this year was eomposed mostly of sopho- mores and freshmen. The hoys did not have much height, hut they made up for this with speed. The boys missed the services of Bill Ruhy, tall Center, during' mid-season when he was moved up to the varsity squad. The memhers of this year's team who XYOII letter awards were: lftldie llaer. Sidney Swift, and l'hil Harker at forwards. Sam Trieee at eenter, Tom Carter and George tioodnight at guard positions. An invitational tourney was held in Howard llall again this year. 'left of Lafayette won this tourney. and Frank- fort won the eousolation game as they downed the Tipton "l-1" team. Crawfordsville was the fourth team to eom- pete in the tourney. The seores of follows : Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Lll'awf'dsville ...... Kokomo Logansport .. .... Lehanon Tech tlnd.J ...., jefferson ..... Lehanon New Castle . . . .. Kokomo Frank fort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort the season are as ZH ., .. jefferson 33 Z1 .. ,. Rossville 31 20 . . . Anderson 24 2-1 ..,.... Marion Zn ZH . . . Logansport ZS 31 .... Richmond 3-l ln. .. .... Tipton 341 Z2 ....... Muneie 31 Front Row, left to right f Coach Glen Scrivnor, Joe Mechem. Tom Carter. Gene Winger, Sam Trieee. Tom Rentschler, Don M C C 0 r el. Jerry Underhill. John Toeppe. Back Row - Sidney Swift, Eddie Baer. G e or ge Goodnight. Bill Ruby, Eddie Robbins, Richard Ottinger, Phil Harker. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Front Row, left to right - Coach James Baldwin, Bill Ward, Jim McIntosh, Dorwin Dick, Gail Karm, Phil Chittick, Jim Combs. Second Row - Jack Sullivan, Joe Pickard, Everett Sparks, Junior Perkins. FRESHNI EN BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row, left to right - Coach Howard Pace, Jack Carr, Ralph Jackson, Dick Cole, Jack Scheid, Buddy Bradley. Bob Cole, Billy McCoy, Fred Carter, Fred Ag- HGNV. Back Row - Sherman Wall, Don Johnson, Phil Byrne, Eugene Winger, Sam T r i e c e, Tommy Rentschler, Dick Paul, Bob Crose. lYitli Jim lialrlwin as their coach the junior high team had an impressionable season as they won 13 out of 15 games. The future Hot Dogs were a well balanced team as they had both speed and height. The victories of the season were against Tipton, lilwood, Peru. Delphi, liokof mo, Owen Township, and the Lafayette schools, Lanwood and Longlaise with double victories over llelphi, Kokomo. and Hwen Township. The future Fighting' Five showed a spirit and fight that is needed in all basketball teams. The freshman basketball team was under the direction of Howard Pace this year. The team had a better than average year as they won seven while only losing' three games in regular season play. The team won their opener from Lebanon hut lost a return engagenient later in the season. The boys also split a game with .leff of Lafayette. Yictims of the frosh this year were Lelmanon, -Ieff of I 1 fayette, Elwood, Kokomo twice, and Delphi twice. The vitational tourney was won by Coach Pace and his bo s by defeating .Ieff in the final gZllllC. Frankfort Lebanon Frankfort 23 . . ...... jeff Frankfort T.J Jeff Frankfort 23 ... .. Kokomo Frankfort Delphi Frankfort Z7 ....... Delphi Frankfort Lebanon Frankfort 22 ...,... Tipton Frankfort Elwood Lafayette Tourney Frankfort Kokomo Frankfort za .. trman Jeff K E Relay teams for this year were, in the mile relay, Pogue, Ricker, Rice, Cnderhill, In the half-mile relay it was Shanklin, Rice, Fudge, and Tedford. The Thinlies had a number of pole raulters, including Glover. Yan Tyle, Elliott, and Sipe. Blickenstaff and Slaughter were the two leading broad jumpers. Coach Dick sent fiye boys to the State track meet last yearg four of these boys are back on the squad for this year, they are composed of Richard Ricker, Tom Rice, jim Rogue, and 'lolm Robison. Most of this year's team will be lost next year due to graduation. Dash men this year were Bill Rush, .lack Shanklin, David lYhite, and Bob Fudge. with lYhite, Shanklin, and Fudge running the 220. Dick Ricker and Jerry Underhill were the boys to watch in the -140 run. 'lim Pogue ran the SSO, and john Robison and .lack Bricker were the mile runners. Tom Rice and Dick Stine did the high jumping. and Stine and Tedford threw the shot. High and low hurdles were done by Brad Blickenstaff and Dick Stine. XYith these boys running, Frankfort hoped to send more to the state track meet this year. The Central Indiana track meet was held here May 15, and it marked the first time it has been held here in Frankfort for sev- eral years. The schedule of meets is as follows: April -I-lYest Lafayette . . There April ll-Logansport .... . . Here April 17-,left lLafayettep .. Here April 2-1-Delphi ......... . . , There May 2-Lebanon ...... .... H ere May 6-Delphi Relays .... There May 9aN. C. Conference ..... Lafayette May 15-Central Indiana .. ..... Here May 16-Sectional ....... .. Lafayette May' 2-I-State Meet ... ....... .. ? TRACK TEAM Front Row, left to right-Bradley Blickenstaff, Dick Ricker, Tom Rice, James Pogue, Jerry Underhill, Bill McCoy, Bill Wainscott. Second Row-Jim Marshall, John Robinson, Bob Glover, David White, Jack Shanklin, Eugene Winger, Eddie Robbins, Bob Cole, Fred Agnew, Third Row-Dick Cole, Gerald Villars, Bob Strange, Jack Bricker, Bill Rush, John Te-dford, Dick Stine, Dick Paul, Terry Farrell. CRCSS COU TRY TRACK Over fifteen boys reported for the cross country team during the season. They were coached by the head basketball and track coach, Dorwin Dick. The members of the team were: ,lack Hinesley. Don Collins, Jack Bricker, Kenny Ayers, jack Leininger. jerry McIntosh, Dick Hite, Bob Glover. Phil Aldrich, Tom Clutter, Gerald Villars, Tom Carter, Eddie Baer, hlohn Toeppe, Richard Cole, and Charles Kreisher. The course was a two-mile run, which started in front of the grandstand in the Stott Field football stadium. The course took the boys through Barner's Vlloods and finally back to the stadium. jack Bricker proved to be the best run- ner on the team as he placed 28th in the state cross country meet in Indianapolis. flyer 500 boys were entered in this race, which brought boys from all over the state. Coach Dick placed four boys in the state meet. These boys were Bob Glover, Jack Bricker, Charles Kreisher, and -lerry Mc- lntosh. The first meet of the year was held here with -lefferson of Lafayette. jeff won this meet by the slim margin of 27 to ZS. The second meet of the year was with Jeff of Lafayette again. This time it was at -leff, and they took the meet again by the score of 26 to 29. Frankfort niet Delphi between halves of the Frankfort-Kirkliu game, and came out victorious with the score 20 to 15. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Lower Row, left to right-Kenneth Ayres, Tom Clutter, Phil Aldrich, Jack Leininger, Eddie Baer, Tom Carter. Back Row N Jack Bricker, Bob glover, Charles Kreisher, Bob oe, ..L Coach Glenn Scrivnor's baseball team held their first practice in Howard Hall on March 10. Qnly the pitchers and catchers worked ont. The rest of the team reported March 17. The early practices were held in Howard Hall since the weather was un- favorable for outside work. All of last years team was back with the exception of "Casey" Strange and "Butter- cup" Anderson. The addition of several new players to the group made a well- balanced team. lo The schedule for the year was as fo XYS I April 15-Lebanon, there. April lS-Anderson, here. April Z3aLogansport, there. April 25fCrawforclsx'ille, here. April SO-liokonio, there. May May May lXla5 May May May May May May 3-Richmond, there. Galaebanon, here. 8-Crawfordsville, there. 9-West Lafayette, there. l3a'l'ecl1 of Indianapolis, here. 16-Lafayette, here. 20-Newcastle, there. 47 -3-NYest llafayette, here. 27-Muncie, here. ' 29-lllarion, there. First Row-Merrill Fishback, Robert Irick, Joe Hempflirig, Edward Long, Tom Clutter, Jerry McIntosh. Second Row-Andrew Davey, Don Feix, Roy Coy, Robert Fudge, Phil Harker, Everet Smith. Phil Cougill. TRA-MUR Merrill Fishback's team proved to be the school's best Intramural team after they defeated Don Feixls team in the champion- ship finals. Fishback's team was the sec- ond semester champion, and was beaten only once in regular season play. Don Feix's team was the champion of the first semester. Mr. XVayne Shockney, who is the direc- tor of Intramural Sports, awarded gold basketballs to the winning team. The mem- bers of the winning team are: Captain Merill Fishback, Carroll Elliott, Charles Shepard, Dick Thornton, Richard Sheets, Don Young, Melvin Pierce. Don Feix re- ceived a gold basketball for being the cap- tain of the losing team. Carlisle Gardner received one for being the highest scorer BASKETBALL in all lntramural games. He scored a total of 203 points in l8 games. -lohn Tedford also received one for sportsmanship. Over SO boys signed up to play each semester. Mr. Shockney chose lO boys as captains, and these captains in turn chose the boys they wanted for their team. This group of boys is the largest that has turned out in many years. Games were played in the girls' gym. In winning the championship award, Fishback and his team had to win from the other lntramural teams whose captains were as follows: .lohn Tedford, Phil Con- gill, Brad Blickenstaff, Harry Shoemaker. Hill Rush, Dick Pullen, Carlisle Gardner, Don Feix, and Tom Hall. FIRST SEMESTER INTRA-MURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Front Row, left to right-Russell Minth, Dick Pullen, Bob Strange, Phil Thornton. Back Row-Dick Thornton. Everet Smith, Don Feix, Don XYheeler, Don Trobaugh. Many an F.H.S. girl could well qualify as a feminine Robin Hood as archery has proved to be one of the more popular sports in the physical education classes. And of course one can't for- get the calisthenics. Although many sore muscles were the result of the exercises, the girls greatly enjoyed them. Basketball also was one of the favorites. The girls played during their regular gym classes and the gym was often fi I l e d with shouting after school as many an ex- citing game was played then. Girls' Physi The girls of Frankfort High School pre- sented their annual gym demonstration in Howard Hall on Friday evening, April IS. A variety of European folk dances were given. The girls were dressed in the cos- tume of the countries that the dance rep- resented. The demonstration showed other phases of work being done by the girls. The success of the show was no doubt due to the hard work of Miss Lehew and Miss Foster, girls' physical education directors. They were ably assisted by Mr. Alan Ross. pianist, and the band under the direction of Mr. XYilliam Kleyla. Soccer, which originated in England, is a very vigorous sport, and is one of the girls' favorites. lt is an outdoor game, and can be played either- in the spring or fall. C3 I Education The girls play at Case Field. There are eleven girls on a team. The object of the game is to kick the ball past the goalie. Basketball, the popular lloosier sport, is in the limelight during the winter months. Many evenings after school the girls meet in the gym and hold intereless competition. Instead of the five players as on a boys' team there are six. Girls, also, show a great interest in vol- leyball. one of the fastest sports played by the girls. It takes skill to bat the ball back and forth across the net without letting it touch the floor. lt is an indoor sport and is also played during the winter months. Uther sports, such as softball, badminton, deck tennis. archery, and others, are played during their correct seasons. Any girl who has ever taken physical education will remember the words "Dress right!" as they lined up for roll call at the beginning of each class. -va The Frankfort Golf Team last year met l.ogansport's young hopefuls on the local links and participated in the North Cen- tral Conference meet in which they placed seventh. Last year's team was composed of Trohaugh, Yan Tyle, Furnish, and XYalker. Trohaugh and Yan Tyle were hack for this year. The team for this year was decided by competitive play hefore the season's open- ing. Raymond Rohrabaugh was the coach, and "Blix" Storm, the pro of the Country Chili, gave his advice during the season. The first practice was scheduled for April 7, and a fair-sized group of pros- pective players were expected to turn out. lfroni this group four players were selected for play in the meets. The local course is considered more difficult than the average golf course. For this reason much time must be spent in mastering the hazards. Last year the wet spring grounds were a hindrance to early practices, Almost all of the candidates for this year's team have had experience in golf as players during the summer months. A tentative schedule for this year in- cludes XYest Lafayette, jefferson of Lafay- ette, Logansport. the North Central Con- ference Meet, and the State Meet. Other meets may he added as the season pro- gresses. This schedule gives much tough competition and will test the ability of the F. H. S. players. Left to Right-Don VanTy1e, Don Trobaugh, Bill Laughner, Bob Pulley. Others not in picture Harold Laughner and Joe Mechem, This year the Frankfort Tennis Team will be coached by .lim Baldwin. The team will use Dorner Park as their home court for practice and for games. Plans are try- ing to be made for a triangular meet this year with Kokomo, Jefferson of Lafayette. and Frankfort. Tennis will not be a recog- nized sport in the North Central Confer- ence this year. and will not count any points toward the winning' the North Cen- tral Conference trophy. Tennis will be a recognized sport in the North Central Con- ference starting next year. Members of this year's team will include: Tom Hall, who was the boy's single champion of last yearg Jack Leininger. who was runner-up in the boys' single tournament: Grover Smith, First Row-Tom Carter, Andrew Davey, Robert Strange. who was in the finals of singles champion- shipg Bob lilliott, Tom Carter, and Andrew llavey. Tom Hall and Andrew Davey combined their talents to win the boys' double cham- pionship award during' the summer months. Only one boy will be lost from the team next year. XYith the experience the hoys will receive this season. Frankfort should have a tennis team to he proud of. This is the first time in several years that Frankfort has had a tennis team. These boys play in a local tournament every summer at Dorner's Park. Business men of the city give a trophy to the win- ner of the hoys' single championship. and trophies to the doubles champions. Second Row-Robert Elliott, Tom Hall, Grover Smith, Jack Leininger. A -w-.M 'ov-...x..,N "W-w.,,,.,5N ,, .xx "Q-. """-f-,...,N""'-Q :IQNQN-""::b-. k is fn. ' .' .1 ,X .,'r 1. '. il ,, I Q rv x v x. rn' tr L I W Wx I-M , x pf 1 A' flikg ibm. a...,m' -1. .. ..n..x.m' . "' xl 'R ',. f.'..L , ww.. '1. 'Ju- . ,011 . I 1 ' ll. an ,,' 3' 5 . I 1 ',..a- , ,W -.' ,NV v IC, lr r , ' Y , akin' uv fi 37.1 "fair," ' M A' '. ",. 9-,J -,f1.'v.,-- I UF: ., I 1 FL ,.,. - I F, ., U- V J., 'I V H' -' ,ui-i: Nr.. ? nk pw , . ' ' I, , ' .. .. Hu, , in ' ', ' . W 1 J, , ,Qf:, i. 'LAI X ., 1 ,N lux' wh , gm, H W ,, W 1 my ,!,. WN M. ,, J, ,- , ,, Q., " X5 ..,:.. p: - wwf... '11 n ',.'-'Nh' ,A L W.. , -.x '4., """' , P1 l ,. I -' 1" ' ,W ' 'o 'A ,- ,-. N I ' 1 , 'r' ,1- X, ,. ., .,'. . I F , if' ,-. , , f V , , 1 ' r I f . 'r ,. VX ,.I, . 1, , . :M X' X .fu '. 'AY D., .- w l. '.' x,, ,7 'W ,V ,N p 1.x 1 s , ff . IL.. '-i-fn!"-' 'K i,.-XB-T' 'Rf ' I . --QE ' 3? 32 4-5. sl e 'F", 4 , rm- "-m. --rr .fl I I I fl. J.- ff uf , . , K. A I 4 . "A ,E Fin. 'ai , Q, .vfq L 1 w u rf ' in 'v .la ' , -, ' 1-'wk . .H " N-f , K. . C., , Wav ,M Gif ' '1 ' 11.1. -' 1 ' 1' 5. , I ,-i N. 1. -1.51 HA, H -... 11 ', xA. xx S., LQ , , 111' 1 Z-11116 J' 1 13 ,,. - 1- 1 1 NME, 1 . , I '! .APA fp'wL,. . A 1 s . fn , , H1 - . 1 fi 1 if L - 1 1 hi . , '. "Q- 41 if., -'-. ,, .,, 1 ,e uv, 1 A 1411 1, 1, , 2 H . 1 ,u-7. 1 - wr g 1 , , 1 I . 1,1 1 1 . I .. 1 1 1 1 r' 1 1 1K ,- , 1 'n1."1 11- 4 '11 '1 , A1 v - X ,1 IVA 1 1 in L1 .fy N 1 1 1 x IAN , 1 1, .,1 ,1. K' a f 11-1 -1 , 2 '1 'fhy -1 1, 1: ,V 11 1 ,1 1 1 I 1 'ug 1 1 31 'H , 1 1 1 x , ' 1 , 1 1-'.- E1 1. It ,1,1I. 11. 1,11 x, "J ,, ,1 1 1 . ' f1'r1 f1-11 1 1. ',1 ,W 11 1 1 1 1 I 1 1, Q X 1 1 1 1 If 1 NPV R',J

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