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.F-Q-SI f ., 11 ,+- E in? 5, gy. 4 1 if 5' , ,- ".n 1. ,if v :Q I . 'li 5 . f ,. X 1 E t -I, .. , sv fl .L 5 , .1 1 -ns -1' Vi 3A ' A1 44 i 4 A'-L.. ETP' L 9 1 X, I. I 'HY' , ' If t tm , 4 X I XY 4' J 'V 1 2 ..-ii ii-, Q, - 5n::.u.tfL...p.,.f... f .. J,..,, .fin V ,' A, ' FQ-. 5. With stately serenity, the high school building still remains the most picturesque and the Qbldnt of the cdinpulhbuildings. 'ia'...l.x.fu.m.',.m,,.,'-,eg...11'-In. L... .fm a.4sw.m: mm... U , . - my Q-3,,, ',si.1...:..-. L.,-i1.....h,. af. ...-...A ,.+m,llhi'n-intl We. the senior class, of Frankfort High School. pre- sent to the students, parents, teachers and friends, this record of the work and play. achievements and activities that have made up the school year of 1943-44. In the third year of war it is perhaps a more difficult task than ever before to edit this book: however, we feel that the tradition of a yearbook should be carried on to the best of our ability. We take great pleasure in presenting the Cauldron of 1944. A on V' X K is s are Orem SL, she, W l "Oh the years are many, the years are long But the little toy friends are true!" Little do we realize how very applicable Eugene Field's "Little Boy Blue" is to our every day life. The years are long and many, but our memories live on and our friends remain true. They will not remain vivid in our minds, these friends and memories, for time will drop a curtain which will obscure the past. In a moment of fond reminiscence in a future year, we will remember a book, the Cauldron, and then from its place, on a darkened shelf in a not-much-used library we will remove this book. And, although the "years are many and long" we find we can span the time from the moment the cover is turned back. The pages will flood our hearts and minds with countless smiles and tears. With a faint smile we will recall those friends of another year whom we loved so dearly. A thought, the first in many years, will be given to them and to their lives. And so with each page another memory is relived until at last the final page is turned and we reach the end of our meditation. As we place the book back in its rest- ing place, we realize how much this Cauldron holds for us. Memories and dreams remain "sturdy and staunch" and we know, as in the immortal "Little Boy B1ue," our friends remain forever "faithful ........... each in the same old place" ln our hearts. 1 l AM'- We wish to dedicate this page to the memory of those boys who have passed from the halls of Frankfort High School into the service of our country and there lost their lives. They qave their all tor their country and the ideals for which it stands. We can never erase from our hearts the rnernory ot the ones who have sacrificed so much tor the country and its people they loved so well. We are proud of these boys and hope that we may honor them with clean character and hiah accomplishment. Reading clockwise they ure: 1. lack Farling , , Air Corps 2. Walter Iohnson Air Corps 3. Bill Muuch , Army 4. Robert Young Air Corps 5. Morris Wilhrow ..., Air Corps Bob Longfellow , . ....,.. Air Corps William Grace .,,,. Air Corps Don Murdock ,.,.. . ..., Army Tom Downs , ..,,.. Air Corps Herbert Webb ,. . Navy ,nun in 105 Yes, it's the familiar little guy with a nevereending supply of pep and school spirit, "Deacon" Ayres. 6 1 A glimpse into the dressing room shows the "Fighting Five" and Larry Farrell just before go- ing into one of those thrillers in Howard Hall. Minds are filled with Shakes- peare and other notables of by- gone centuries in this, Miss Campbells Senior English Class. Sponsored by the High Life this year, Frankfort adopted a soldier, Frank E. Forte, who reps resents alumni in service, Witlr stamps and bonds bought through the school, he is fed, clothed, and equipped. c or ur Joqd ana Qrd in Yftiiform 6 .T We all miss that friendly grin that you see here, Iackson Manges, a favorite member of the faculty, entered the service in October. Held in the memories of many who have gone from its halls and rooms is Central Building. You need not fear that you are seeing double when you start across the street between periods. lt is only the Royer twins who have faithfully served as the pa- trol boys this year. Frankfort was honored this year when two of our students distinguished themselves in the Central lndiana Oratorical Con- test. Bill Spencer won first in the boys' division, and lacquie Arm- antrout placed second in the girls' division. 7 Frankfort has the distinction ot being one ot the few schools in the state with two main buildings. Students here are seen crossing between classes, A tunnel. running under the street between the buildings, is used in bad weatherw fy X ' ' V ...,, mf 7,5 6.-..-'lx f' 'X '11 X Y, ,V Y It . 'A :' A-,A Hy' I lf- - 5,5 fm f ' 4' 5 NW ' J' N 'TI' " 1 g., -,J f L. .N 'W-. I J 5 - - elif,-'J X- L- nf-2 J. O ,, tl! .Rx ,L f X Y ,Nq.x"1 M x f N ' N 1 x ', X .t 1 t . f X , N Q - I' .lx-N , , If X t Ak ., 1 i , yx ,M fix 1, 't , j , A xx ,, w 1 ,x ,x 1 'x ', " 5 f xx, ' ff 1' K' 'jx ir j Rpt g " X .IA Q vw W "x V-"" in Vi- ,, 'y V W J ,H -F W M5477 Y Y rn- ff' , 3 5 lm! As the little toy dog along with the little tin soldier in Fields poem "Little Boy Blue" stood sturdy and staunch throughout the years. so since the time of the little red school house. have the schools of America stood. Even during these trying times our school system, a symbol of democracy, is standing sturdy and staunch in order to bring education to the youth of this country. All oi us are deeply indebted to our school. Frankfort High School. In the following pages we attempt to bring you a picture oi our school, the memory oi which we will carry out into the world with us, A memory ot the oiiice and the administration. a memory of our teachers who labored hard to teach us, a memory oi dances and all oi the other little activities we enioyed, and best of all a memory oi our classmates. ffl ,fa ' ,lx ffl inififrafion The dciy ot the members of tlie svltool hocird is filled with duties too numerous to mention. The most imoortcmt lneinq, however, tltctt of mointoininq ond upholdf img the stondords of the school. Left to riqltt ore: Dr. Woldo Wood, Superintendent, Lonce l-lore lctnd, Secretory: Cloude Moxson, Treosurer: und George Good' niqht, President, Mony toslcs ot the ddy ore to he Completed in the Siipviriiiteiicl- ents office. They ore uoiitttily ond ocourotely oc:Coiiitilisltet't luy Pauline Hollis ond Billie loam Nees. lt you did not know liim on siqlit, his Cheerful, "Hello tltoi-cv," would immediately f,tc'oiif.1ii1t you with Dr. Wcildo Wooel, our siiper- intendent. For four yettrs he lifts fulfilled this orlicfe with ttliility dnd distinction, .xdclminirifra fion This year Frankfort High School has a new principals eMr. Ioe Carol Rice. Mr. Rice came here from Martinsville where he was the superintendent of schools. ln the brief period oi time he has been here he has won the unanimous respect oi students and teachers alike. Always cheerful, always kind, always trying his best to help and guide the students, he has done a grand job in the school this year. Mr. Rice's educational philosophy is a simple one: he believes education is learn- ing the right thing to do at the right time and doing it willingly and well: he believes in developing traits in students which will lead to strength ot character. Mr. Rice, our principal Bonnie Smith and Mr, Rice work- ing together in the office to complete school business on hand. 11 ffjli' W Top Row HAROLD BARNETT B. S., M. A., Social Science CARL l. BELCHER A. B., A. M., Science EVELYN BOND A, B., Business B. R, BLUNK B. S., Vocational HATTIE CAMPBELL A. B., Head of Enqlish Dept. rig pl 'I ' R' -'Eff' JCM, t Bottom Row IRENE CARFIELD B. S., Head of Business Dept. VANCE CURTlS B, A., Ph. D., History Dept., Personnel Director lAMES DAVIS B. S., Vocational L. N. EVANS Vocational LAWRENCE FARRELL A. B., B. S., Math MARTHA PINNEY B. S., English -5 5-'wr 1: il 'WW HW-mmm 'K as is Top Row SALLY FOSTER B. S., Physical Education HARRIET GALLUP A. B., Art E. O. HANGER A. B., M. S., Head of Science Dept. OMA I-IEATON A. B., M, A., Foreign Language Dean of Girls EDITH HINMAN A. B., M, S., I-Iisiory JCM t Botiom Row BERTIE I-IUTCHINGS B. S., B, M., Art HILDA KEARNS A. B., English VIRGINIA KEENEY A. B., Music DORIS KNOX A. B., M. A., Math VERDA KNOX A. B., English 51 WEP' t A--WW" Top Row LOUISE LEHEW B. E., M. S., Head of Physical Education PAUL LOWE B. S. A., M. Sz, Agriculture MARY MAY A. B., Matli EDNA MILLER A. B., English INEZ NIXON B, M., Music CLCM f Bottom Row LORENE ORR A. B., B. S., Librarian HOWARD PACE B. S., Math EASDALE PICKETT B. S., M. A., Head of History Dept, W. D. PRATHER A. B., B, M., Science MARY REID B. S., M, S., Home Economics 3. Su.. 'aw Top How RAYMOND ROHRABAUGH A. B., Social Science Dean of Boys MATTHEW RONZONE B, S., M. S., Physical Education DELLA MAUD SANDERS A. B., B. S., Head of Math Dept, WAYNE SHOCKNEY B, S., M. A., Vocational MELBA SIMS A. B., Home Economics CLCM, Bottom Row PAUL V SWEARINGEN B. S., M, S., Science AUBREY THOMAS B. M., Music HELEN THOMAS B, S., Business l. G. WARREN A. B., M, S., History Asst. Principal EDNA WILSON A. B., Math COY WOOD B. S., English The senior class officers of 1944 are left to right: Bill Gose- wehr, vice-president: Rosie Pe- ters, secretary, Sadie Withrow, treasurer: and lim Rayles, president. 340 .MIJOIV of the Cfarid of We, the senior class of 1944, entered the portals of Frankfort High School in the year 1939 as proud but timid eighth graders. We were proud to have attained the great honor, or so we thought at the time, of becoming an eighth grader, but we were timid because we did not know our way around. We were quick to learn, and before the year was over we held a picnic supper at the T. P. A. park, In September of 1940 we began our real journey through our high school life as young but hopeful freshmen. As usual the senior boys gave us our due initiation as they called it, but this year they met stubborn resistance as We were of determined spirit, That year we elected Colleen Conn to lead our promising class as president. Phyllis Maish was vice- presidentp Fred Whitmore, secretary, and Carolyn Lauchner, treasurer. Miss Bond was our able sponsor. Under the leadership of our officers and sponsor we held a class party. Many came to it and everyone had a splendid time. The fall term of 1941 rolled around to find us feeling upper classmen, but we were still only sophomores. .Mafory of Cana o 7944 The school year was started by choos- ing Mr. Anderson as our class sponsor and electing Phyllis Shepard, president: Phyllis Maish, vice-president: Fred Whitmore, sec- retary: and Patricia Waddell, treasurer. The outstanding social event of our sopho- more year was the buffet supper party which was held in the cafeteria. To show that we were an up and coming class, we came in first in the all school paper drive. ln 1942 our junior year of high school began. We were not so gay as the junior classes which had entered the doors of old Frankfort High before us. We were sobered by the remembrance of December 7, 1941, and the effect it was having on our lives. Our class officers were Byron Evans, presi- dent: Phyllis Maish, vice-president: Rose- mary Peters, secretary: and Phyllis Shep- ard, treasurer. Mr. Manges was our junior sponsor. Early in the year and after much debating we chose maroon and white as the colors for our class sweaters. They were ordered and after a long delay due to the war, we finally received them. lt was a proud day as we walked through the halls wearing our new sweaters. As the school board had decreed that the bleach- ers should not be removed from Howard Hall, we held the annual Prom in the Frankfort armory. In September 1943, our last and hap- piest year of school began. School was different this year because of the war. Many of our classmates who had started through high school with us three years ago were scattered throughout the world in different branches of our country's ser- vice. Although they were miles away, their memories still lingered with us. lt was not long after school began in September that we noticed a tall distinguished man who was a stranger to us. We soon learned to know him as Mr, Rice, our new principal. This year the task of sponsoring the senior class was divided among three people, Mr. Miss Kearns Mr. Rice Miss Campbell Rice, Miss Kearns, and Miss Campbell. lim Rayles was elected president of the classy Bill Gosewehr, vice-president, Sarah Withrow, secretaryp and Rosemary Peters, treasurer. At the beginning of the second semes- ter the senior class was given the assem- bly as its home room. This is the first time that this had been done in Frankfort High for several years. ln the spring the senior class play, a comedy entitled "Meet the Duchess," was presented. It was directed by Miss Finney. The last few weeks of school found us very busy. Baccalaureate was May 21, and Graduation Exercises, May 25. The class of 1944 travels on, each of its members to take his or her place in life: and although they are scattered far and wide over the world, their memories live together in the halls of old Frankfort High. rR. Q5 z' l.IAlIYI5IQI.I.lQ, AIIIIAIVIS Sf'1OnCO Vuwx Inxlmlr '43, IS11l1:.l1inr-Solflvly '41, '42, '43, 44. IALUIIIIIYN 1,1111 ARMANTROUT, "Ii'ICC1U10" l.ll'V31'Il Arif: Iiunszlunv Sofwcly '41, '43, '44, G, A. A, '41, '4f', Crnllclmn SMH '44, I-Iiqh 1,119 Stall '44, Flour l1Ul11I111ll"f' '43, Biq Bloriclffdst '43, '44, Ommrwml Crvnrrfasl '43, '44g G. A. A. Awfxrds '41, '43, VIRGINIA MAF AYRIIS, "G1nny" Soriul Science- S1ll1Sl11IN" Socwly '42, '43, '44, G. A. A. '41, '42, Slm'rf1lo Club '44, Orcrlwstrcx '41, '4Z. IIIWIIA E. BAKER, "l.Idcl1r"'-Gm1r-U11 Iuu10IgROr'l Cmzzs '41, '42, '43, '44, Orchestra 41, 4.,, 43, 44. IAMIQS HOOD BAKER Srwml Science Iunnu Rvcl Cross '41, '43, '44, Forensic Club '43, 44, III-Y '41, '42, '43, 44, Prom Cornmlttew '43 CIIORGIA ALICE ISALIBWIN Gu-nf-url iiuusluuo Sovlely '4ll, '43, '44, G, A. A. '41, '42 I1III'lNIIIk,'IQ RARBEIQ, "Bermf2" Socml Sclmuiv Club '4f1, Sunshine Society '42, '43, '44, Stuf.-0110 Club '42, '43, '44, Orchestra '41, " ' '44, Chou '43, '44, Forensic Club 4.1, 43, Awfucl. l.F7If'I1Gll' MARIIQ RIVN MIN C'UIlllI1F"1f"1 Svm:1l1u1f Ilmun Ruum fJIIIff'l' '4Ll, . IA ' Sm'lr'ly '4l, '4Il, '43, '44g G, A, A, '4I7 I-IITTTY IANE HIQWSIIY, "ROWS" Gonrrrxl Sun:1I11nr' Srvlvly '41, '42, '43, G. A. A. '41, '47, OIL'l1PfSlIf1 '41, '42, '43. 1lII.IA IlLLIQlJ RRISTLIQY, "Iudy" Commerce Sv1n:1l1m0 Smvmly '41, '47, '43, '44. RIIIYSIIII RIISHMAN Iucluszlrivxl VHARIIIS RUSSIILI, CLARK, "Glmzy" Tpclmlcnl Iunmr Rod Cross '41, '42, '44, CUYICI Lr11inc1'4Z, Ihruux Club '44, Iforvnsin' Club '41, '42: Hi-Y '47, '44, Sturlvnt Coumrxl '41, Home Room Oflxwu' '41, '47, Voothrxll '41, Tmvk '4l: Band '41, '4.i7 Two men, a dog. and three iuniorsg Cornorad 18 IMI," ' .4 I., 'NQW' Q- .Tr .. . I vw -If wa ,, ROGER 1.1211 CLARK, "Grroiqv"--flndustiiril MARY LOUISE CLINE Busnmssl Student Council '41, Home Room Olliver '41, '42, '43, Prom Comnuttee '43. BETTY LOUISE COCHRAN Coinmarcial DOROTHY CODY, "Dot" Social Scwm-0 Spanish Club '44, Sunshine Society '42, '43, '44, Staccato Club '44, Choir '42, '-13. SARAETTA COFFMAN, "Sally" Social Science Sunshine Socicty '41, '42, '43, '44, G. A. A. '41. lOl'lN GORDON COMBS, "Combsis"' Aqriculture lunror Red Cross '41, '42, '43, '44, Forum Club '43, '44, H1-Y '42, '43, '44, Student Conv cil '44, Home Room OHicer '41, '44, Pep Committee "3, '44, Prani Comniittvo '43, Bvq Broadcast '43, '44, Tuniblinq Team '43, '44, lunior Rod Crass President '44. ALICE COLLEEN CONN, "Connie" Social Scie-ncc lunior Rod Cross '43, '44, Sunsliinc Society 43, '44, G, A. A. '42, National Honor Sovioty '44, Student Council '41, '44, Home Room Ol- ticer '41, '44, Class Ofticor '41, Pop Commit- tcc '43, '44, Prom Committee '43, Biq Broad, cast '42, American Leaion Award. MALCOLM CONNER, "Mac" Spocitil Forum Club '44, "F" Club '47, '43, HLY '43, '44, Basketball '41, Football '41, '42, '43. IOHN R. LIOULTER, "lack" lnlvnifrl Arts lunior Rod Cross '41, Curia Latina '41, '43, Math Club '43, '44, Hiah 1.1lv Stall '4fl, '43, Student Council '41, Homo Room Otticor '41, '42, Class Officer '41, Tennis '41, '42, '43, '44: Basketball '41, Pop Cornmittev '42, '43, '44P Band '41, '42, '43, Dobcrte '42: Rirj Brofrdrvrst '41, '42, '43, '44. LETHA GAY CUTLER, "Leaky" General Biq Broadcast '42, '43, '44. MARIORIIQ THERESE IWAVEY, "Mango" Liberal Arts Sunshinc Society '41, '42, '43, '44, lunior Rod Cross '42, '43, G, A. A, '41, '42, Hiqli Lilo Staff '445 Band '41, '42, '43, '44. GORDON EUGENE DEAN, "Gunqa Din" lndus- trial Heserved seats: Muscle men: Grin and hear it. 19 Ql'll0l" AMANRA IANE l'l0POY Commercial lunior Red Cross '44, Curio Latino '43, '44, Sunshine So:-iety '41, '42, '43, '44, Couldron Stfilt '44, Home Room Officer '42, Prom Coin- ntitlw' '43. ANNA EILEEN llORSEY Business Slllifilllllf' Soriety '41, '42, '43, '44. ROBERT LEE DOUGLAS, "Hour," Aqrlculture BYRON IJ, EGELHOFF, "Red" Technical lunior Rf-d Cross '43, '44, Hi-Y '43, '44, Moth Club '44. EVA MAE EIKENBERRY, "Evo" Commercial Sunfzlune Society '42, '43, 44. CURTIS EMMETT, lr., "Curt" Industrial Student Counril '43, Home Room Olliver '43, I Bond '41, '42, 5 l NORMA IEEE FARH-science Q Iunior Red Cross '41, '42, '43, '44, Curio Lut, ' inn '42, '43, Sunshine Society '41, '42, '43, '44, l Strircdto Club '42, '43, '44, Hiqli Life Stull '44, Sturlont Council '41, '42, '43, Home Room Ot, liver '42, '43, '44, Opcrottrii '43, Bond '42, '43 '44, Orchestra '42. ROLAND HENRY FERGUSON, "H1ney" Inclus- tri 1. Cviingrrx Club '43, '44, Student Council '43, '44, Home Room Otlicer '43, '44, Prom Committee '43, Cnmorri Club President '44. ROBERT FORNEY Industrial R1C1'lARll FOSTFR, "Pony" Technical Forum Club '43, '44, "F" Club '44, Hi-Y '41, Mfitli Club '44, Home Room Oflirer '42, '43, Biiskotbnll '41, '42, '43, '44, Football '43, '44, Prom Cotiinilttoe '43. ROBERT B. FOUSHANES, "Slioeshine" lndus- tri l l'oru'Ri Club '43, '44, "F" Club '44, Football '44 PATRICIA ANN FRANKLIN, "Frcmkie" Liboml Arts luriior Red Cross '42, '43, '44: Sunshine So- vioty '41, '42, '43, '44, Curio Latino '41, '42, Hiqh Lilo Stnfl '43, '44: Student Council '41, '43, '44, Homo Room Officer '41, '44, Prom Cmnmittee '43, Debate '42, Student Council Prvsidnnt '44. ,Q ., 4 fy. 4 w Ace: Cheese cake. , 45 n-- F 5 I V 1. If 51 QQ xx N X K is Y N X , ' ,,," -am ESTHER O, FREEMAN Gw11mr11 G, A, A. '41, '42, ROBERT LEON FREY, "Bob" Tcr'1111i1-111 CfII11SIG C1ub '42, Moth C11113 '44, P10111 C0111- mittve '43: Band '43, '43. BARBARA IOAN FUDGE, "Rubs" G1111121111 8111154111119 Society '41, '4fT, '43, '44, O1v11r-st111 '41, BARBARA IEAN GARLE, "B11111" 1,1111-1111 A1l:: Sunshine Society '41, '42, '43, '44, Ntxtion-'11 1101101 Society '44, HCJ1119 Room Oitivm '43, P10111 Committee '43, Band '44, O1C111'sst1r1 '41, '43, '43, '44. WILMA EAYE GARDNER, "Willie Io" Businifss F-11115111110 Sortety '41, '42, '43, '44, Studvnt Co1111c'i1 '41, '42, 1'Io111e Room Oitiror '41, '4I1. BILLY IOE GOSEWIIHR, "Roy" II1C1US1I1kI1 Chess C111b '42, '44, "E" C1ub '44, H1-Y '42, '43, '44, Student C'OL11lL'11 '43, HQ111w Room Ottip-Pr 43, CIQQS Ottwer '44, B11s:kwlb1111 '41, '42, '43, '447 P10111 COIHIIIIIIFF '43. MARILYN HAGERTY Bu:si11Ds:: PEGGY JANE HARSHMAN, "Req" Cn'11111D1'1-1111 11111101 Red C1055 '41, '42, '43, 311119111110 So' rusty '42, '43, '44, Home Room Oiiimri '41, Bond '41, '47, '43, '44. ROBERT LESLIE HAYES, "Bob" '1'e1'11111c'111 "F" Club '43, '44, 1-I1-Y '43, '44, M11t11 C11111 '44, Studefnt Council '42, Buskotbmll '41, '42, '43, 'I'1111tk '42, '43, '44, OI'ChGS111I '41, '42, '44, HAROLD N. HILL Industrial 11111101 Red Cross '44, 1-1011111 Rm1111 01111-1-1 VIR. KENNETH 1'I1TC1'I C0111111f11Pi11l Basketball '41, BONNIE HOLLIS, "Rosie" B11Sir1QsS Sunshine Socivty '41, '42, '43, '44. Four pals: Rom-1ie's boys. ,211 3 , 1 1 . .1 ,111 X IL , tim ' 'wlll HP.-n'y" lIlClllfSlH4ll HARK bl l' llUWI.A. fllFllAlJl l,lllflfN lllIN'l' Bxlszlxlr-11:2 Iiunrlzlm ESw'1-,ty '43, '44. lf AN IAVKCON Bllkillltiflfl l Lv . Flunzzlnlw Swv-ty '41, '42, '43, '4-45 Slurlwnl Vlfxxxmvll '-ll, llrvmn- Rmml Oliivm-1 '4l. 'l'llllHl. lACfUl3fl, "l1lcv" C'or11l1wrr'i4ll lumwl ll--fl Lunar: 4., 4.l, 44, l'RlQl' ll. lOllN!i9LJl'4 'l'f-vlmlnnxl l'l1um Vlulm '44 Club '44: l'lifY '43, '44, 1 '44 Mlxtlm Club '44 N-lllcmfxl Honor SOl'l1lY 1 : Lhxlldmzx Sm!! V145 Sturlwnr Coumtil '44, llomv lll-11111 Olllvv-x '43, '4-15 lhrmtlwflll '4fl, '43, '44, lllflm x'vv:nx1u1Hv',. 43, l1JANl0Nl15? GF-rl--Ifll fTx11n:-lum-- fkwlwly 44' llmxw llmwmullulvfs f'llll3 44, '-14' lim lllwulfvxfzl '4'l, 44- lilmcl '41, '4lT, '45, '44, l'.fllVllJ l'CAl,l.l'llfll, '4'f1lm" lr1clv1:,I1'14lI li- fNlJllf KAYLCDR f'K7IllIll9l4'l'll Ilurnlxlmf fillrn-ty '4l, '41, '43, '44, Hmnf- Hmmm ' I' 1' ll! um Fnmruxlmxlllm' '-13. l mmm!! -., . , lil,llCAlilf'l'll ANN l'IIl.lAN, "Be-tty" Srxmxvv 5fllm1::l1 Vlulw 44 flunrslulw Sumvly '43, '447 1'luxlc'lmn Eitxll '44 llmh Llln Stull '44: Pmm Nvxxxrmxlttvm '41, Va'AlJlA llfANlf'l"l'lf Kll'4lll,lfY 4'fmn1wl'r'i1ul Illxxlflmn- Sfvvl-ly "ll, '4.', '43, '44g llnml '43, , 4-1. l'P5TlQPll llffll-J lIlllliY, "lm-" Svxmxvv lmxml ll.-lj Vxlmxi '4l, '42, '43, '44, lmolum Vlul. -IF, '44 lqnm-lxralw Vluld '41, 41', '43, '44, ' L'lul- '4" '4'i- Nlltionql Hmm! 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ROBERT LINEHACK, "1.i111e-" S1,11,'111l S1111-111-v 11111101 1:11461 Closes '41, 411, '43, 44, l'l11's:: 1'lu11 '42, '43: H1AY '42, '43, '443 11011111 121011111 O1- 11.-121 '43g 13111161 '41, '41l, '43' H1Y P111S1d11111 '44, UONAL11 LONG T1-11'l11111'11l 11111101 R1-d C1085 '43, '44: 1711111111 1-11117 '44: 111,Y '43, '443 S1ude111 L'0u111'1l '4l1, 11011111 131111111 O1111'111' '43. IAMES THOMAS LUGAR, "1'31111111" S1-111111-.1 130111111 Club '43, '447 H1-Y '41l, '43, '44- lV1111l1 Club '43, '-145 lf1111ld1'011 511111 '443 511111--111 Co1111171l '4lg 141011114 R011111 O1111-111 '41 P1111 L1OIIl1ll11lt-'G '44: P111111 C111111111111411 51117 11111111 41, '43. PATRICIA ANN MAHON, "P11111 M-114' il1-11-111'1- 1LlIl1OI Flwd C1055 '41, '43, '43, '4-1: V111111 L111i11r1 '42, '43, S1111sl11111- S111'1111y '41, 5111, '43, 44: Hlilll 1.111-' 511111 '445 11011111 111111111 0111141-1 '42, P10111 C01111111111111 V135 111111.11 '1 '4ff. P11Y1.1.1S IEAN MAIS11, "P10xy" L111e111l A115 11111101 Rvd 010:25 '43, '44- 0111111 1111111111 '41, '-1.15 110re11S11' Club '41, '43, '43, '44g Sll11S11111P S114 1'1e1y '41, '42, '43, '44' N111i111111l 1101101 S0 Cxely '43, '-143 C111,1lc11011 S1011 '445 1111111 1,111 S11111 '43p Student L,'0u11cil '43, '43, 1-1011111 R01111 O1111'Pr '4lp Cflulzs cJ11l1'PI '41, '4l1, '43- 19111. 1'f0111u1i11e1- '44: P10111 C0111111i111-11 '4l'1: 15111111 '41, '425 11141111111 '41l7 111111111111 131111111-11: V111111 1211011 1.-11111111 S1-l111l111s:l1111 Aw111115 1If1111v1f1111'1111-1 111 1Z11ulc11o11. MARGARET' lANII MAl1I1IUA'l', "1v111111111-" 1'1111 1111'-r1'111l 111111111 Had 1110811 '-14, C111111 1.111111-1 '44- 11111. 51111111 Socivly '41, '41-1, '43, '44: 1311111111111 511111 '445 SlUd91ll Council '43, '441 111111111 11110111 O1'11c'1-I '42, '43, '44. lOl'1N A. MANECKE, "Alex" F0111'111f111'111l Home Room O1111'111 '43p 13111111 111111111111-11 43. SUIQ lV1ANRlNG S01'111l S1'111111'11. 111111111 Ri-Ad CYOSS '41, '42, '43, '-145 1'u1i11 L11111111 '41, '427 S1111s:l11111- S0.'11-ly '41, '42 '43, '44- S1i1CL'11lO Club '4L1- 1111111 1.111- ,Z1-111 '-111, '44, lO11N lVlA11'l'Il11 l11c1uf111111l MAUK lVl1'CTl.lIR1.1, "Sl11111y" 'l'w1'l11111-111 M11111 Club '44. Play boys: Forensic fling. 1111,1.Y 1.1111 1N!11'11W1f1N1 "11111' 111r'1l11:1!1111 111111111 R-111111 ll1111'1f1 '41 '44 111fV1fH1.Y 111AN 1Y11'K1NS1IY, "B1-v" 31114111 111-11-111'11 f11111:s1111111 S111'1111y '41, '42, '43, '44, 11111110 ROOII1 1111111111 '4f', O11-11-1111 '41. 111111fl1,AS WAYNII 1V11.'N11'1"1', "11O11f1" 111d11:2 111111 111111111 111111 l'111rr:1 '41, 051111111111 '41, '4l'. 1I11.11N 1.013 1V11'NU'1'T 51111--111 Sr'-011141, 3111151111111 15111-1111y '41, '42, '43, '44, 111111111 E11 1111111111114 1711111 '41, '4l1, S1111'1,'1'11o C11111 '42, '47, 11111511-111 k'1111111'11 411, 11011111 1300111 01111-111 '42, 171111111111 '-11, 411 1f1A1'1'1'11A 1I1.1.1IN 1V11I'1'71C1l11, 'M1111" E'11'1111 11111111111 S1111::111111- 11111'11'1y '41, '4f1, '43, '44- G. A A . -11 S1111-1111 1711111 '43, '44, H1111111 111111111 lil 1111-1 -'11, '4.' 11111 111111c11'1::1 '43, '44. 1A1'1f 1 M11.1.1I11, "11111t1'1111" '1'11'111111'111 11111 111111111'11:'I '41, '-14' 11111111 '41, '47, '43, '41 1k1111'1 A. M11,1,1f11, '1,11111111'11111" '1'111'1111'1'11 11111-111:'11' V11111 '-11, 3111, '43, '-'11'1- 111Y '43, '447 H1111-11 111111 4.., 44, l11111C111111 511111 '447 11111111 141111111 L51111'111 '44, 1'r111111:111' Aw111t17 1111111-:1-11 111111111 911'1111y '-13, '44, kf1111Id11111 1111111 -111' 111111111 111111111 lj111L'41I '44, 1111141 l'r1'11f 11111111 '43' 1'1111-11fa11' S1'111,111x1rs11111 Aw111r1, N11 l.11'111 11111111 f1111'1111y 1'111:11c111111 '44, W11.11A1'1 1.1f1f 1V111'11Lf1QMOY1I131, "11!11111'f1" 51114111 511-1 -11-111 111111111 151+111 V1 1111- '41, '4l1, '44, 111111111111 '41, '41, '1'1111'1c '41, 411: 11111151 '41, '42, '44, 1A1'1J111'1.11111f 1.UR11A1'J11 Ml1SK11,J, "1'11'k111" 1.1111I11 A115 1: ,. lf. '..' 511 1111:111 511111 '44, fT1111zr1111111 P111-111111 '43 '44- 11111111 11111 11 MAX 1i1.1'1:N N1Q11H1.1NG1fR 111d11s111111 111111111 Rvd CN111:1:1 '41 131sk111h1111 '411, '43, 1'1'11'1111 111 '41, '44 1101i1f11'1' 1A1v11TS N1f1.SU111, "N111l111" S"111111'11 1u111-31 111111 l'1L1Ls:: 41, 411, '43, '44, Lf111'111 1.11111111 '41, '41, L'1111S:a Cf1111w '43, 314: N11l1011111 1 111111111 311.111-1y '44' P1111 C'11111111i1tm1 '431 17111111 K11111111111111 43' 1111111111 '4f'. 1MCJG1IN1f 1"RANl'1IS N11NNA1,1.Y, "13111111o1' L'11111111111c'1111 5111151111151 Sf11'1111y '41, '42, '43, '44, 111111111 111111111 111111-111 '43, 11111111 1'f1w111111111r111 '4f'1. Alone: Summertime. 1 '4 KENNETH EUGENE ORDEL, "GQne" fCommerCiul Kirklin '41, '42, '43, Class Ollicvr '43, Bond '41, '42, '43, '44, Ofcllvstrri '42, '43. LAVERNE OTTINGER, "Ott" Q'OIll11l9lC'1f'll Sunshine Society '41, '47, '43, '44, 1VAN HADEN PAGE, "Fi1tz" Teclinirol Iunior Red Closs '4-1, Muth Club '44, MARY ELIZABETH PERRY Liboml Arts Crowiordsville '41, '42, '43, Oichostm '41, '42 '43, '44, Sunshine Sotiiety '44: Ntiliontxl Hono! Society '44. ROSEMARY PETERS, "Rosie" Liberal Aits Cuiin Lotino '41, '42, Sunshinsl Socuety '43, '43, '44, Stoccoto Club '42, '433 High Lite Stuff '43, '44' SiudentCounL1l '4" '43 '44 H , ' .., , , onus Room Ototxcer '41, '43, Closs Olticer '43, '447 Prom Committee '43, Blq Brondvnst '43, Oirlmstiu '41, '42, '43, Sunshine Society Pxesident '44. ELLEN LOUISE PlCKER1NG, "P1t'k" Lionunor- Ciol Sunzatnno Sovmty '41, '43, '43, '44, Stm-mito Club '44. BETTY PITMAN Bufline-ss Sunshuw Soviuty '41, '43, '43, '4f1. lAMES ORVAL POPE, "Pop-ie" lnduslriul lunioi Red Ciozzs '41, Studunl Counvil '42- Golt '42, '43, '44, rntttlmll '41, '44, ' PHYLLIS IOAN PORTER, "Portv1" Homo Econo- mirs Sunshine Society '42, '43, '44, Home Evono- mics Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Student Council '44, Horne Room Oitivvr '44, WINLMAIMARY POWELL, "W1lliu" l.xht-ml Arts Sunshine Socxvty '41, '42, '43, '44, G. A, A. '41. MAX PUG1-I, "Roy" Generol Eolum Club '44, "F"' Club '42, '43, '44, Hi-Y '44, Football '42, '43, '44, Band '41, '42. IAMES ALBERT RAYLES, "Slim Inn" Cominer- mol Foium Club '44, Chess Club '42, '44, "IE" Club '44, Hi-Y '44, Studont Council '44' Home Room Officer '43, Class Otticwr '44, Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44, Tmck '42, '43, '44, Plom Connnittofl '43, Summer hangoui: Swinq your partner. ,25 . 1- 1., - 11111 C'c1111111it1e-1- -11 .IARY 11. fT1f3J'1'LI 51111'111 S'11'1111 ?'1111:111111 H1v11'1y '41, 5111, 4K1 -11 111-111-1 11-111111 1.51111-.-1 '-11 V1,1.1-U1 1f111'11111' 1i11:11111v::: I'1111:111111- 11111-1.-W -11 '-14 is .L.V , ,,.,A .J 11lUfY1I1J1f1HY 111f1f1', '111v':111" 1111511111 --" 9 f71111:'111111f 1-111111-ty '41 51" '41 '44' fa A A 11 11 111 11 111 1 1'11l'1111,1f.5 H. 111f1f.l, "1'11111'1C" '1'111'11l111'G1 111111.11 111-11 1'111:::: '43, 447 16111111 Q'11l1J '-13, '443 1'111111s11' 1'11111 -Li, '-14 1'11Y '43, '447 0111110111 V11111 -11, -1. 11111111 1'1111'1 314' 13111111 '41, '47, 111 V111 11.1, .111 1111 S1 1141168 111111-11 111111 1'11'1:-1: -11, 5111, '43, '411g 3111151111119 F1111-vy 111, '43, '-14' 111111111 111'OIlO1l1lL'S Club 11, 1. 1111111111111 1111111 447 Ho1111f- 1100111 112111'--1 V11 1'111::1 1'11:111111Itr111 V137 All AW11rr1 '1.' '-1.1. 11111 111 11111119111 111r111::111111 , 11.11, M11111- 1511131111155 I11111:11111f- " '1Iy '-1'i '11 111 111.1 1- ,V 11111- 1111111111 U1111'11I' -1-1' 1'111111 1'11111111I1111- -1.1, I'f'X11A11 I.1'11J1. 11111111 'S-11111-" 21111111 S1'iv111'11 111111' 11, 11I111111:- -11 551111::111111- Soclwly 1111, '43, , .1 1: . 11 ' 7 11111111111rs ' ' 1'11111 -11, . P , ,, 11111s11' f1ll1D '01, ' 11. -11 -111 111Y 'Vi '11 P1 ' , ., 11, 'fp 1011111111102 1'1,1111 V11111111111111' '-11 '1'1111111111111 T1-11111 '43, 44: 1111111 P11111 '11 '4-1 'v'1A11'1J1Q HYA11 1111111-11111 111 111, .,11111111,11 111c111:1111111 111111--:I11 41, -1.'. 11l1'1'1111YN 1 "1'11l1"'1 M .11 1- .say 1 , 1 , 1 5 . 1 .1 11111 41, '-112 .111'1:'11:111- 5111411-ly '41 '4' 11 -1-1 1111111 1.1 :nm '-1-1: 311111.-111 1'f111111'11' '4f1Q 11111111- 131111111 111'11'1 'U '44 P1 N" Glamour Gul: Camp Capers. NORMA G. SHEETS, 'C111111d11" 1101110 1111110- 111155 C111111d11 '415 S11ns11111v Som--ly '4l1, '43, '44, H01119 E1'1311o111l1's Club '-111, '43, '44, PEGGY SHEETS, "P1111:" 1111111111-11-1111 P1-1Y1.l,.lS S11EPARD, "Sl11h11" l.1l1111'11l A1111 1111111311 Red Cxoss '41, 11111111 1111111111 '41, '42, 1:1O1El1S1C Club '41, '42, '43, '44, 3111151111111 Su, l'l91y '41, '4f1, '43, '44, S1111'1'1111u LT11111 '421, C1'1u1d1o11 S11111 '447 1111111 L1111 S11111 '44, Student Cou11c1l '41, '4L1, '43, '44, H1111111 F1111u111 01111111 '41, '43, '44, k'111s:s O1111'1L1' 411, '43, 111'-11 k'11111f 11111111111 '44, 13111111 C0111111111J1h '43. IOE SIFFIN, "S111' 301-1111 S1-11-111'1-1 l11111o1 Red C1055 '43, '44, 170111111 Club '43, '44, Fomnsic '43, '44, "F" Club '44, S1111111:sl1 Clllll '44, H1-Y '41 1101116 1100111 011114111 '44, 111111 b1'111 '42, '43, '44, '1'1111'1i '411, '43, '44, 17111111 0011111111160 '43, ANNABELL SNYIUER, "A111111'1" 31-11-1111-11 111111111 RQ-C1 1.210135 '41, '-111, '44, L'111111 1,11ll11r1 '41, '41, Su11S11111v 5211141-ty '41, 4ll, '-111, '4-1, 1111111 1.113 311111 '44, 17111111 V111111111111111 411, 11111111 41, '42, A1,B1fRTA lvl. SPAULIBING SI1'111111'-1'- S1,111111:111 Lllulw 313- Su11H111111- 8111-11-ly '-111, '44, N111111111'1l H111101' Snrlvty 43, '44, 'Nl1.l,IAM HARVYTY Sl"1IN1ilf11, "l11ll" 531111111-14 Iumor Rod CIOSS '41, '4,lq KT111111 1.11111111 '41, '42, Fo1e111sic Club '41, '43, '43, '44, 011111151 Club '41, H1-Y '4111, '43, '445 11111111111 l'1111v '42, '43, MC1111 Club '43, '44, Q-11114111111 511111 '44, 1111111 1.1112 511111 '44, P1111 L'1g:11:111ll1411 '4-1- 1'111111 1'11111 1111111414 '43, 13111111 '41, 411, 1'121111111 1111111111-1 O111o'11,11l l'O111E'ii1 '41, '44, M111l1 L'lul1 P1 411' C1PI11 '44, l1ON STAUGAARIW, "lilo" L'11l111111'11'1111 111111111 Club '43, '44, 1'1111-11::11' 1'1ul1 '-ll, '43, '44, Clnezss Club '-1.1, '43, '44, 111Y 4.', '43, '44, 13111111 1111111111111-11 '43, 1511-111-::1111 '41, '4l', '4l1, 1i11'1"1'Y l1fAN S'1'11.1.W1f1111 111-111-1111 11011111 E1'111o111114s Vluls '41, '11, '-I4, 11111111-1111 1'111111C11 '445 111111111 111111111 O1111'1-1 4-1, FRANCES ANN S'1'O11'l', "1'1111111f" E111,1111f-11:1 l.121V1O1N1l W. STRAIN Ts'-1'l11111'11l 11111101 F1 O1 Lf1u5:s '43, '44, 1'111u111 1'1111J '43, '44, l11fY '41, '43, '44, 11411111 1'l11l1 '44- 111111111 111111111 01111141 '42, '44, 1'11ARL1lS 15111981111 E?'1'R1flf'l', "f?l1111-11,11-" 111111111 111111 1'l11lv '44, 111Y '44, 111111111 141111111 1111l1'111 '4,', '41, 1'111::k1'41'111lI '41, '-1.1, '-11, 44- l'11111l1-1Il '41, 411, 5111, '44, '1'1111'li -1.', '-11. Obviously posed: Smiling sophomore: Out ol the window. LZ 7 KRNNEY STRODE Industrial Hi-Y '43, '443 Orcliestrfx '41, '4f?. lUNE LOUISE THOMPSON, "Tommie" Business Sunshine Society '41, '42, '43, '44, G. A, A. '41, '42, AVA VILLARS Social Science Sunshine Society '41, '42, '43, '44, Stoccoto Club '44, Orchestra '41, '42, '43, Americrin l.eqion Award. SARA FRANCES VOLZ, "Sully"-Business Sunshine Society '41, '42, '43, '44, Stoccnto Club '43: Student Council '44, Ncxtioncil Hon- or Society '44, Home Room Officer '41, '42, '43, '44, Prom Committee '43, Orchestra '41, '42. PATRICIA ANNE WADDELL, "Put" Science Curio Latino '41, Sunshine Society '41, '42, '43, '44, Cauldron Sturt '44, Hiqh Lite Stott '44, Student Council '43, Home Room Officer '42, '43, Closs Ofticer '425 Prom Committee '43, Bond '42, '43, BETTY WAINSCOTT, "Scottie" Commercial G, A. A, '41: Student Council '42, Home Room Otticer '42, RICHARD WEAKLEY, "Dick" Social Science Hi-Y '43, '44, Basketball '44, Prom Committee '43. BETTY ALICE WEAVER' Home Economics lunior Red Cross '43, '44, Home Economics Club '43, '4-4: Home Room Ofticer '42, '43, ROSANNA WEAVER Business Supa: ltenol: Sportswomcxn. "Bake" in the bath: Puldhritude? I za FRED M. WHITMORE, "Fritz" Technical Forum Club '43, '44, Forensic Club '43, "F" Club '43, '44: Hi-Y '43, '44, Camera Club '43, '44, National Honor Society '43, '44, Student Council '43: Home Room Ofticer '41, '42, Class Ofticer '41, '42, Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44, Football '41, '42, '43, '44, Track '41, '42, '43, '44, Prom Committee '43, Forum Club PIGSICIGHI '44: Camera Club President '43, IAMES O. WILSON, "lim" Social Science Iunior Red Cross '43, '445 Forum Club '43, '44, Spanish Club '447 Hi-Y '42, '43, '44, Home Room Officer '44, Prom Committee '43: Spanish Club President '44, SARAH BELLE WITHROW, "Sadie" Business lunror Red Cross '41, Curia Latina '41, '42, Forensic Club '42, '43, '44, Sunshine Soxiety '41, '42, '43, '44, National Honor Society '43, '44, Cauldron Staft '445 Hiqh Life Start '43, '44, Student Council '43, '44, Home Room Oi- iicer '41, '42, Class Oiiicer '44, Pep Commit- tee '44, Prom Committee '43, Debate '42, Forensic Club President '44, Latin Award '41, '42, Forensic Award '41, JAMES ARTHUR WITSMAN, "Windy" lndus- trial Student Council '42, Home Room Otticer '41, '43, Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44, Football '41, '42, '43, Track '41, '42, 43. ED I.. YOUNG, "Bud" Aqriculture Student Council '4l: Home Rooru Otticor '43, '44: Track '41. MARY YOUNG, "Biddy"--Science Curia Latina '41, '42, Forensic Club '41, 42, '43, '44, Sunshine Society '41, '42, '43, '44, Student Council '41, '42, Home Room Otticer '41, '42, Prom Committee '43, Orchestra '41, '42, JAMES O. ZIPPERIAN, "Zipp"- Commercial Chess Club '44, Home Roorrr Oiiicer '42, '43, DARWIN PERKINS, "Perk" Industrial GEORGE WISE-Navy Martha and her how: Idol worshiper: Funnyman and his woman: Prom decorators: Guess who? 29 't i A 1 ,-ar 4 O1 vo 7' D-Q -Y' uniom Guy Stttrtlt, It., l'1t-ztrclvtttg lmlm ny Wtlson, Vtro-Pwsatrlvtttg Put Butltfmfm, Scvtf-ttuyg Elumttt Wttdc, Treasurer. Sontord Atdtttfm, l.t1vfrmw Arudt, Bob Ayres, Robot! Rum, Robmt Beach, Lloyd Borxufltfttttp, Now- ton Beatty. Plttl Boltr, Wtllttxm liixlwtt, Gotw Bloclclldqo, Pltylltzz Boftfrtt, lttvk Brutton, ltolorr-L: Bttttfrttt, Irttt Brown. Mtrry Brown, tilmt Hyrttv, loAtmrt Ctlllltflll, Agtltttt Kftyjygylll K,-1711, Colqrovc, llwlutm. Vottklttt, Gutt- l1E' Cook. Icym Ljooloy, Hill Votlwtt, ltvluttfz Corbett, Bob Cox, M111 y Cftovkvtt. lrmtr' Crook, Evolytt Ktotaw. lrttttosz Ltowvll. lttmrwt lltllllltql, Robert lltxvoy, Mix ltottoltm, llttt lr utr ljtzztorly, llrtvvtly lilltttlt. Vrflmtt llllttwtt, Bfttbttxtt lltttt-IV' llttlt mt Ettdrotz, lftttwzz l'rtry llllllftl Ftsltlvork, lltwtrca l'1:.ltf'1, llfltqftr Frolw. Tom llrusaltuttr, Wtrttdtt Grwfztflt, Cfxrol Grntltotx, Lllr Gttxy, Mfxrtlvr Grr-our, lrtnvt Gttflttlt, limb llttll. Rwytttwrtri Htutt:-tm, K3lPll"l'I llfty wood, Tout l'l4"1ll1ttttt, llttlv llvlt sztytt, Mfxrtortrx llmlltrz, Prvgqy ltr:-twlwzs htttlro Ioltmautt. Ttttt lottoss, lldwfttd lottfatnt, l'l1yllt:: Kfrslrtr, lotm Kvlly, Pltylltsa Kttllruqq, Kfrtlttyrr Kllttm, lllvk Knox. Vorttttbwllw L'IlllW, Wtmrltt lmrl bt'-ttox, Holton lrw, Bob lmtrtntt, Bonmc- Ltpp, Mmf-tvtr Ltyp, lion Livczey. uniom l'l11l Liv:-zvy, I111'k l.o11qls-lluw, Bill l.owv, Arditli l.u1'11s, Bcity l111v11s, Burl L111101, llmrqy M11dCluX. Wlllllli M11li1-wil, Mcirvm M111111, Phyllis: Mfitlifiwssoxi, Mnrtlifi lcrno Mutlix, 101111 Moifold, Charles Milvy, Froicln Moorfi. Io A1111 M011111'ty, Kc-1111otl1 Miirpliy, Br1rh11111 M1:Co1kf'll, Bsirnell N01- luori, Iimmy Norris, Bnrbfrrn Leo O1111111, lVlLII'Y 111110 O'Neill. l:111111:a Outlm, M111jorir- P 0 I Pl 5 M111y Pll'j'f'Xlll0l', Mmy Ifmfe Poquv. M111'1o111N Pr111lt, 111110 R1111so111, llOll Riirkm. 1111111 H1vlx11tsm1, Q7lY:9lYll ROblSOll, Holi R1111f:l1, Rm1rdo11 I.. Rowv, lolm S1'l1l111li111-km, P1-qqy Snrlioiinr I1vl111 S1'l1oolc-y. Dirk Sl11111k::, Hill Slicwts, Rixusrll Sl1m-tn, l1v1a::v Shelly, Robert B. Slltwlllirltl, M111y Sl11'11ill, Robmt SIU1111. 'I'1sm Sl1u1111, Hvlty Slllllll, llfatliril Sm1!l1, Fluboil Smith, Rollmid K. Smitli, S110 Spmri, Phyllis Spur- 110011. Gourqci Slowurl, William Spuilock 111 A1111 SIi11:s011, 111111011 Stowcrs, Hr1ll1111c'l Sllllllll, lim SlllllVIlIl, Mary Swc-111i11r1m1. Full 'l'11111pl1it1111, Hvvmly Tl1o11111' son, No1m11 'l'1111oy, Yvmmo 'l'r1e-01' I'r1lly Uttv1b111'k, Tom Vririciorvort, W11y11v W11i11:s1'ol1. A111111lw0llr' Wcxllms, Q:ll1lI'lL'b WCG' vwr, A111111 W!lllfII1I!9, N011 Wil- l111ms, Gw011d0ly11 Wilson, Robert Wrxodaa, llomild Y1111l1s. lllilllllwii Y11111'l1, lH111111Id Y0111111. l'rrz:t Row: Bill Stephens, President: loanne Long, Vice-president: Hen- rietta Temple, Secretaryg Don Milne, Treasurer, Lester Aaron, Ray Allen, Patty Auqhe, Charles Ayers, Barbara Lee Baker, Billy Barnett. Second Row: Norma Best, Patricia Bond, Robert Boots, Patricia Brandon, Beverly Brown, Kay Brown, Helen Cambridqe, Carl Carl- son, Romola Carman, Mary Alice Carmichael. Third Row: Raymond Carter, William Chittick, Don Clark, Milton Cody, Glen Coltman, Paul Conrad, Iohn Cohee, Robert Colqrove, Charles Cook, Barbara Coplen. .SZIQ 0l'l'l0l"Q5 Fourth Row: Roscoe Crowell, loan Crum, Terrell Curtis, Irrvk lhrrlry, Grace Davey, Phyllis Decker, Barbara Delrner, Helen Ilen- ton, Marianne Dieterle, Robert Douglas. Fifth Row: Lewis Edmons, Eugene Fanclrer, Robert Ferguson, Morris Fox, Dave Friend, Don Fuller, Robert Gable, Mary Gear- hearl, Marqie Geltinaer, Gloria Goodnight. Sixth Row: Gene Gosewehr, William Grice, Charlene Grimm, Bob Grinstead, lessie Hackerd, Trella Hallman, Richard Ham- ilton, Norma Harland, Charles Harrison, Ruth Hrrrrison, .Said 0l'l'L0l"66 First Row: Sue Hart, Onni Hawkins, Patricia Hayes, Nltrrqaret Hauser, Iunior Hoise, Bob Henning, Henrietta Hill, Ben- son Hodqon, Fred Hollis, Rosalie Hoyer. Second Row: Maxine Hufter, Robert Hutter, Meredith Hunt, Twanette Irons, Kenneth Iackson, lack Iacobs, Albert Iohnson, John Iohnson, Charles Kallner, Barbara Keeney. Third Row: Mary lane Kelley, Edith Kelly. ltlnet Kemp, Marilyn Ken- ney, Charles Kirkpatrick, Louise Knipp, Clarence Koster, Gerald Kruq, Radonna Lctuqhner, Patricia Leininqer. Fourth Row: Donna Lenninq, Catherine Lewis, limmy Lipp, Marilyn Longfellow, Ioe Luqur, Winiired Mackenzie, loan Mali- coat, Genevieve Manecke, Don Manqis, Louise McCoy. Fifth Row: " Rose Marie McEwen, Harold McMurtrey, Faye McNutt, lim Miller, Claude Moore, lane Anne Moses, Bonnie New- bold, Geraldine O'Bryan, Arlene Ostler, Maxine Ottinqer. Sixth Row: Sarasue Paddock, Iunior Page, Robert Parker, Mary Anne Parr, Christina Perry, Greta Pickard, Sarabelle Pippenqer, Melvin Pitman, Rosemary Plank, Mary Pulley. -Q 4-av' .Sip 0I'l'L0l"26 First Row: Delores Reed, Floyd Reid, Billy Rice, Norma Ricker, Ruth Rodenberaer, Betty Rodgers, Iames Robertson, Robert Robertson, Bob Ross, Pat Rowe. Second Row: Dan Royer, Ioe Boyer, Don Scallon, Bill Schultz, Ioan Scott, Clayton Slipher, Clarence Smith, Dale Smith, Rose- mary Smith, Alfred Spurlock. Third Row: luanita Stillwell, Keith Stranqe, Rozella Stubley, Peter Stuntz, Noreen Swearinqen, Iohn Switzer, lean Talbert, Evelyn Thomas, Donald Thompson, Paul Thompson, Fourth Row: Ramona Thornton, Vivian Toney, Ruth Trice, Thomas Turner, Barbara Uhl, Charles VanArsdell, Peqqy Wain- scott, Iirnmy Walker, Norma Ward, Owen Warren. Fifth Row: Martha Watchbauqh, Richard Weaver, Beverlie White, Mary Lou Widener, Donna Wills, Walter Wills, Betty Witsman, Barbara Woods, Iulia Ann Young, Laura Younq. Sixth Row: Sue Younger, Alice Zwyers. gI"e5Al'I'l0l'l First Row: Ruth Allie, Donald Ayers, Alice Ballard, Delores Barbee, Kemit Baurngardner, lohn Benge, Fred Blackburn, lean- ette Blacklidge, Bradley Blickenstaff, Margaret Blunk, Betty Brammell. Second Row: Fred Buntin, Gene Buntin, Dale Burgess, lvan Cambridge, lean Clark, Helen Cline, Wilma lean Cortman, David Conklin, Robert Cook, Elsie Cooper, Phil Cougill. Third Row: Carolyn Coulter, Bertie Lou Crane, Madeline Culp, Bob Cummings, Virginia Cummings, Frances Danner, Andrew Davey, Nancy Dibble, Geneva Driggs, Donna Doane, Louise Eduions. Fourth Row: Virginia Egelhoft, Carroll Elliott, Ioan Ferrell, Iohn Free- man, Maxine Freeman, Arthur George, Lillian Good, Don- nabelle Gard, Gene Guest, Mary Gunion, Marjorie Hackard. Fifth Row: George Hamilton, Phyllis Harland, Ioe Harshman, Peggy Harshman, Virginia Harshman, Ice Hempflinq, lohn Hen- ning, Lawrence Hinds, Ioe Hitch, Richard Hite, Wanita Holtsclaw. Sixth Row: Marcella Hoover, Herbert Howe, Norman Howe, Ieanetto Hutchison, Peggy Kelley, Charles Kersey, Gerald King, Dorothy Knox, Bob Kyle, Norma Lawson, Barbara Layton. Seventh Row: Dick Lee, Ianet Lineback, Clarence UDP. Eddie Long, Mildred Lough, LaMyra Lucas, Keith Lytle, Ray McNe1ly, Pearl Major, Iacquie Malicoat, Dortha Mann. gI"e5AI'l'leI'l lust Row: kiollnmt Mannina, lim Marshall, Marna Marshall, Harold Martin, lean Meifeld, Bonnie Meneely, lackie Merriman, f:l1fIYlQS M1-ttlen, Betty Miller, Bill Miller, IGY Miner, Ali-io Molohon. Second Row: Mario Molohon, lean Montgomery, Iackie Morrison, Iohn Mycrs, Mary Nall, Becky Neqley, Ronnie Newhcuse, tumor Nicrkols, lean Northrop, Bill Ohlemacher, Grace O'Reilly, leanne Perkins. Third Row: Richard Phillippo, Melvin Pierce, Iim Poque, Norman Power, Ioan Prather, Anna Rabanus, Harold Rash, Violet Reaqtin, Clarence Reed, Barbara Reeder, Donald Reeder, Bob Bontschlor. Fourth Row: Iohn Rentschler, Norma Reppert, Frances Rico, Tom Rico, Rosemary Rieqle, Ianies Robbins, Lorraine Robinson, Iohn Robison, Gerald Roqier, Paul Royer, Betty Russell, Harold Schimmel. Fifth Row: Lillian Schimmel, lean Scripture, William Sears, Velma Shannon, Bill Sheets, Kathleen Shelley, Herbert Shive, Betty Shoulders, Iohn Sipes, Roberta Slaughter, Addiomav Smith, Mary Io Smith. l Sixth Row: Imogene Snell, Kathleen Snider, Barbara Spray, Robert Sterling, Donald Stillwell, Ioan Stillwell, Ioe Stillwoll, Iohn Swat-ford, Ruth Swearingen, Iohn Tecltord, Robert Thomas, Ioan Toeppe. Seventh Row: Shirley Traylor, Doris VanArsdell, Bill VanMoter, Bonnie Varner, Rosemary Wainscott, Violet Walker, Myra Wallace, Sally Walters, Lorene Waters, Fay White, Richard Wilson. cfigkfli gm Q First Row: llimrotliy Aaron, Gene Albauah, Glen Albitz, Beverly Altee, Bill Ainivli, Robert Ainivli, Batty Appleqato, Herbert Arnold, lasik Ashley, Kenneth Ayres, Phyllis Barnaby, loizviiliiiiti Btxty. Sm-orid Row: lldwarrl Beiill, Frank Bearnan, lack Bewsey, Patty Black, Iini liiystonu, Shirley Bowen, Doris Bowser, Melba Bran- liain, liivk Bricker, Allan Britt, Dick Brittain, lack Broshar. Third Flow: Donald Buslnnfin, l-larry Bushman, Richard Bushman, Virqil lhisliinan, Francis Camp, Beverly Campbell, Beverly Ciirniiin, Max Carnitin, Betty Carney, Roberta Carr, Tommy Carr, lloris Carter. Fourth Row: Barbara Carpenter, Patricia Carpenter, lohn Chandler, Robert Clivzvin, Suv Chitticlc, Harold Clark, Waneta Clear, Bill Coddinqton, Keith Coffman, Harvey Coin, Donald Collins, Pat Corbett. Filth Row: lean Coulter, Louise Cox, Roy Coy, Robert Crane, Rose Link Crose, Rosemary Davids, Carl DeFrane, Betty llon- inqer, Elmer Dirk, Nancy Diclcson, Norma lionoho, Don- ald Douglass, Sixth Row: Tonnny Duncan, Willard Eaton, Nadine Editions, Marilyn Ehlers, Bob Elliott, lininiy Ellis, Archie Emery, Canipbell Enales, laek Ewinq, Patty Farrell, Donald Felix, Laura Fickle. Seventh Row: Nancy Fickle, Merill Fisliback, lda Beth Fisher, Gene Flood, Pharron Ford, Kenneth Forney, llonald Franks, Wilma Ioan Frey, Robert Fudge, lint Gable, Carlisle Gardner, Betty Gilbert. Eighth Row: Kenneth Ginn, Bob Given, Georqe Goodnight, Edith Grin! stead, lacqueline Grinstead, Leland Grove, Sally Harkerd, Tom l-lall, Sue Hollis, Ion Bill Ham, lo Ann Hamilton, lean Harley. 52,44 litr::t Row: lltlivl Htrrrison, lurk Hrryos, Maxine Haynes, Burbfxm litxys, Billy Hvilmtin, ltrvkiw Henson, Phyllis Henson, lo Ami Hn-rr, Bonnie Hill, Sue Hollis, Raymond Hoyer, Annu Mlm Hutt. Sr-vmid Flow: P-hqqy Hutter, Esther Ann Hutchison, lulicrn Hutchinson, Mtxry Ettvx lqnoy, Normir Iqney, Glenn Irwin, Gene Irrcobs, l,i1irCl lt1f'Oby, Vvrtr lenninqs, Ruth Johnson, Bob lones, ltrinnit lmnos. Third Row: Mfrrtliix Ions-s, lean Kcrntzqer, Billy Keeney, Bcxrburir Kor- fwy, Betty Ioe Kinclley, Billy Kinq, Kenneth Kivett, Robert Kostnr, Chtrrles Krieslier, Doynl Kyle, Mcrxine Luger, Elsie l.-xmlwrt, lwnnrtli Row: Mririlyn Ltniv, Bill Lfruqhner, Nancy Lrrwhefrd, luck l.4-iiiiriqvr, l-leisrln-l Lewis, Noimrx Lipp, Rosemary Lipp, Soir lin-li-1, lettn Lord, David Lonq, Boyce Lucas, Kenneth ur-cs. Filth Row: Ptrtsy l.ur:frs, Lois Lylcl-ten, Hosmnfrry Mttlionwy, llitlton Mnmqis, Mtxith-1 Munn, Robert Mtmn, Vircriniix Mvmn, Beverly Mfxrkley, Billy Mtrxson, Mrrrtlyn M+1rlin Elliirlvy Mtrrtin, Charlene Mcrtchett. Sixth Row: Charles Mefldors, Mary Ann Mvrriniixn, Bt-tty Mt-tfrmrry, Donald Mclntosli, lerry Mrlntosh, Lenortr ML'l'Ciri::t1y, Phyllis McNeely, Helen MrNelly, ltrmes McQuircle, lmvicl Miwlitt-il, Dolly Mihny, Putricifr Miller. Seventh Bow: Dnvid Miller, Alice Milne, lclcquelyn Mirivvtimyxir, lrirrt Minqlin, Mfrry Lou Minth, LeRoy Mitfgliwll, Ellzirlwtli Multi hon, Morrill Morrison, Lylo Myers, Mtrrilyn Myvts, Rivlitnd Myers, Wayne Myers. Eiqhth Row: lion Nefrl, Dick Nevin, Pill Newhouse, Plttlliii Nivv, Mini, Nipple, Dorothy O'Bryfrn, Norniii O'Bryt1n, ltrttrt t'J::ll--r, Norman Ostler, Bill Ottinqer, Ernest Owen, Betty P-nkwr. lxirzst Row: Holly Parr, Frank Parsons, Barbara Poarcy, Toni Pearcy, Snr- ll-tursori, Mary Piurve, Billy Platt, Phyllis Pletvh, ltonna Ponton, Tod Porter, Charles Posey, Bob Prather. Sm-ond Row: Rob Prather, l.ois Priwo, Victor Prnott, Lenora Puckett, Doris Puah, Bobby Pulley, Gloria Rabaniis, Ramona Ross, Bill Ransom, Mark Ransom, Edward Reed, Marvin Reed. Third Row: Rivhard Rivkor, Fern Robbins, Ernest Robinson, Lawrence Robison, Pat Robison, Alive Roqors, Haiold Rogers, Georqia Roar-rs, Bill Ruby, Bill Rush, Irene Saari, Robert Sailor-. I'onrth Row: Goorqo Sanders, Ralph Suhenck, Harold Scott, lim Scott, Vt-lva Scott, Ioan Sontz, Doris Sharp, Kenneth Sharpe, Albert Shi-lby, lfliarlvs Sliepard, David Shepard, Herbert Sheets. H. gina Q Fifth Row: Roberta Sheets, Francis Slipher, Harry Shoemaker, Mary Small, Gordon Smith, Grover Srnilh, Marilyn Smith, Mary lane Sneathen, Charles Spear, Louise Spencer, Margaret Spencer, Annette Spidel. Sixth Row: Bobby Stathas, Glenn Steiner, Sue Stephenson, Billy Still! well, Dick Stine, Barbara Stoqsdill, William Strawn, Bob Strange, Delores Strode, Elena Terpinas, Max Thomas Ruby Thomas. Seventh Row: Iuliana Thompson, Howard Toney, Richard Thornton, Dan Trobauqh, lack Utterback, Donald VanTyle, Iames Wal- lace, Shirley Walters, Virginia Walters, Virginia Ward, David Warren, Phyllis Wayt. Eiqhth Row: Reba Webb, Edward Wells, Don Wheeler, David While, Mary Whitmore, Beulah Wickham, Lela Beth Wickham, Gary Wilson, Iohn Wilson, Ruth Wilson, Bob Wise. The management of the Sunshine Society makes these officers one of the hardest working groups in schooL 3 y fy? I, Ni 5411175 j' I 1 ""' ne aux rf ! 'Fly --:,,., "1 fx '- X 4 xv HX X ,If .fm way 'fm fp 1 -,LM 'sm 2:4 7'-fx ,QQNX fm' 2 'Ji' 4 h fir '5 11' ,332 t Ai f' JM -'Q , -f""r 5 N' S .Q ' 'N ,Q LL j' p U. A, t L s 1"7.T1.- 4 wfizi .: .sf , '- J Tw' ,gf-ff' 'ff-of-te" fn f. Iva fp ,fi Xf "yy 1. X- wx :. , ' ' ,pw vw ,, - , -A '- R. .,.5x3'?x -v .K f' N ik'-A L 2 Q., X xx 5 f l X f' X:Nif'5' fm MXN t N' W ' Fw N iff-' Q ' f 'this I '31 I W 'f I f V5 ,"' 7 1 ' X. A' ' P'-'E' Af of Vik A VF' -' 7 tim ' HR' M " 'J 1 V7 , mW- x W 1 K L -f ff-.F MJ, W vi- 1 4 if r p ,qv l fl A If-rvw 1 H 1 4 V J N ft , . , t . ' H3 ,fj '63, , --4' .HX X, ,' ,i f'-Jr R XX Q ' 'hx -4' fm A na - -v,,. 1, 1, J ,. ' 1 M - we X b 1 " ' I ' . ' 'U' ,,,.,,,,, ".' ..., , .5-,........4.. , - PF .., ,-. VVL, - ,. V .- .. , ff - P-f '-T:-wi ----- "-A--'-'Ge--ff-11 -.- . 41fifT772-To ts TJ in". 1. 1.Q"1771m1,1" fmafl lf' ff w ' f A , t .. , ' Qsfij :4k,,? -f f fm, '-' wh--1, wwf,--M e ff 1 .-to -' "fr a ,, , V . -.,.fe-f'.fm L t- 'E 'C r,-13.3 .-nj Q. ,..,, .. E 4- nan, ,, rg w,,lm3 g,L,.tgv ,s-.g. , ,1,,,-1f,'Q.4f - . ,Y,t'.j1lwh ,N ...,.1.-.1 f'.",3,.3 mg: 11- :-, "1-v.A.,In .M f -5-.mi n J , vt .J .. ,,,',,,. gy' .yU'- - -t b,'- s., . ' - ' - ' -pw-1: '.1:i-f-:5-he:sj,- f:,,:::f .g:g:,.w-,sw A, '-5::,p1.f-'ffm'-.wii,"ff4 1,-gr"":?5:'gjYt ' ff tw:-:sl gf:-.-f.:,'.:,.f., ,,.-2. Ag . ,, ., ., fta .rn 11-fw-ire, , -"gg I 1- U , .'--- ,-,vt -V.-. I.-tvlwz-vw' 1 .t --,V V 4: sl. 4 , . H V - 1 1 '- . 1 Y ,-, K5-t5f3!1,,A..-Ilmt,-Qg,,ewtf-,,'L,!,1:,i5x,n-Apr., ,A 3, - 7""T'f?""-5'WK'?'l7" J J cf M2125 A high school education could not be complete without the various instructive and entertaining activities. As the saying goes, "All work and no play makes lack a dull boy." and this is the theory practiced in Frank- lort High School. With each club building around various interests. the student is provided an excellent opportunity to pursue his own avocation. Under the capable supervision of the sponsor the student may work in the club and enloy the companionship of his fellow students. Not only is "lack" prevented from "becoming a dull boy." but also he is gaining in both knowledge and experlence. un6Aine ocief "With lave in my heart, forgetting self, and with charity for all I will k , ma e the ah' iect of my life helpfulness cl lc' an indness to others. l shall try ta fit myself to give in telligent service in making my community a safer and more beautiful place in which ta live. Thus will my own life become rich and complete." There is no better expre ' ssion of the purpose of the Sunshine Society than in the creed of the organization. One of the finest service clubs in high school, the Sunshine has done remarkable work throughout the years of its existence. lts main project this year was the complete furnishing of a girls' room in Central Building. Their means of money making as in other years, is selling candy at the basketball games. Miss Hottie Campbell is sponsor of the society, and the officers this year are: Rose- mrxry Peters, president: Norma Farr, vice-presiclentg Mary lane Pogue, recording secretaryg Kathryn Scripture, treasurer: and lacquelyn Arrnantrout ' , corresponding secretary, 43 Seated: Sarah Withrow, Phyllis Maish, ltrcquelyn Arnmntmut, Phyllis Shirt ii In Miss Kearns De-Poy, and Margaret Malicoat. Standing: lim Lugar, lack Manecke, Betty Lou Rice, Fwd Iolmszmt, Inhn Milli: lt II nl Iohn Miller and Phyllis Mdish Ferguson, Carolyn Lauchner, Pat Waddell, and Bill Spvttvwr. Kaufclron According to tradition, the fall of this year found the staff of the Cauldron already busy at work. Miss Kearns, as the faculty adviser, capably supervised each unit of work. Phyllis Maish was chosen editor-in-chief assisted by Iohn Miller. Sadie Witli- row, aided by lim Lugar, transacted all business. Fred Iohnson conducted sales, and lacauie Arrnantrout was in charge of senior activities. loe Kirby, as photography editor, was assisted by Rolland Ferguson and Pat Waddell. Betty Rice was art editor with lack Manecke aiding her. Carolyn Lauchner and Phyllis Shepard worked together as literary editors, and Bill Spencer headed the athletics. Typists for the Cauldron were lane DePoy and Margaret Malicoat. All of these units Working together have prepared this, the 1944 Cauldron. llltlil Haw: lul111 Millor, lohn Wilsmi, lack Lonqlcllow, loo Luaar, 11111 Luqar, Dick Foster, Gmio Fanclub-r, Kciiiicy Strode, H111 l'1tv, Bob Ayvrs, and Rob Endres. Sm'o11ci Row: Lslvloirio Straiii, Charles Clark, Fred Whitmore, Ii111 Vlfilson, Dick Reefs, Ii111 Sullivrxn, I111iio1' S111itl1, Iol111 L'o111lws, Tout Sloan, Bill Lowa, and lim Rayles. 'l'l1i1ci Row: Bill Goscwehr, Malcolm Conner, Charles Street, Chick Weaver, Bill Te1111'1leto1i, Sanford Aidiiian, Bill Speiicor, lim Baker, Richard Weakley, Mr. Prather, Tom Froushour, Charles Van Arsdale, Fred Iohnson, Charles Yauch, Iohii Sclioolay, Don Long, and Bob Hayes. For several years in Frankfort High School the Hi-Y has been the most outstanding of the boys' service clubs. The Club belongs to the Y. M. C. A. The membership is usually about titty boys from the sophomore class to the seniors. Each month the Hi-Y attend a church service en masse. Outstanding character is the qualification for boys entering this club. This years new sponsor is Mr. Prather, and the orlicers are: Bob Lineback, presi- dent, Dick Rees, vice-president: lack Longfellow, secretary, LaMoine Strain, treasurer, Malcolm Connor, sergeant-at-arms, and Iohn Wilson, chaplain. I I Olfle C. First Row: Ruth I'lo:'f, ll--tty Witsiii-iii, Muzi: livifl, lwcwiuix I.'lllIIIitlf', ind li-'IIy flllnltli. Svvorid Rfivvi Iiiim Vium, M11 film' l-'Ill--tt, Kitllllyll Iwwliz, Mryfztfii Ftfvlwixiawm, Miriy ltmwn, limi Tiwllti lfvilmiui. Third How: Mfuy Ann llinr, Phyllis: Ittwkvz, Glvnoir ll-ry wood, Rohwrtii flivv, lofrn Still well, Sllft l'li1:', ind fiilnvll Neihcxt. Fourth How: Nwrm i Stir-rits, Rrvinolfi lltlltltfttt, Norm: Wfml, turd Bfrihfuii Mffoikwll, 0I'lln'l First Row: l'iiifi Wlntm-viii, Im- Slfltlt, lun Wllfztw-1, Vlttllw: Vlliik, 'md Iifilw l'm1::Iii1l1v:1. Fovrwxxcl Row: Itwl: ltfw-::, lim Btrker, Illii Hfiylf-ra, Ifililuliy c,I0Illl'754, 'incl E1 mfr-rd Alfltlltill. Third How: Itm l.uqtn, Il. Smith, l.-1 Mwixw I-Itrlixn, Iton lmnq, C'lifulv:: Y-iuvh, limi Ivlmwy Svttwil ry. l'ril1th fiiiw' Mirlttvlm Vtviivwl, Iic'I: I,wn4qfwlIow, tmrl Iwliuny I.'.' I Wi. ome conomicfi lt is the purpose of the Home Economics Clulo to promote interest in home economics and to train the high school girl to meet all home problems. They have done much to fulfill this purpose. During the year, they sponsored a dance and contributed to the World Fellowship Fund. Officers of the club are: President, Norma Scheetsp Vice- President, Barbara McCorkellg Secretary, Betty Witsmanp Treasurer, Betty Smith. 0l"Ml'l'L One of the most flourishing of all boys clubs in school is the Forum. Mr. Swear- ingen is sponsor. Fred Whitmore is presidentg Malcolm Connor, vice-president: Ioe Siffin, secretaryg Iohn Schooley, treasurer. The cIub's purpose is round table discussion of current events. The club sponsors dances and holds an annual picnic in the spring. K. Sviipiuil-, I. Cumulus, P. Second Row: B. Encirvs, T. Slcum, I. Crook, B. Tlimnpsmx, I. Sipvsz, Il. I'vIit'kt-xizallili, and I'l1sI Row: 'I'. Iuiius, N. Hwlity, P. Mvxisii, P. IVIKIIIIWII, M. O'N0iI, l'mnklin, I. Grillilli, I. Run- suni, S. VVtldO, I. Mmlvld, C. thunk, and P. Sptiiqmm. M. Ke-nny, N. Purr, B. Minni- nmyvr, M. Mulivorxt, I. llupoy, V, tlmn, Ii. Omwiii, cmd I. Wtlsoli. 'I'I1ntI Iluw: IW. I,unf1, IU. Huis, K. Stimiv, Ii. Nt-lawn, M. Dono- Iw, Y. 'l'1'it-vw, B. I.un'ti::, IW. Illlitttvn, I. Siiiin, G. Iltiywoud, V. Iilliutt, I. Smith, and C. Clruk. I'mlxlI1 Row: R. Rowe, M. Mmm, U. Wmivvr, S. Aidnmu, I. Illikvr, B. Ayers, M. M-ittix, W. Ctmtcli. I. Morirrrty, S. I'ipi-t'-11111-i', find P. Homin. I'iItIi Row: Ii. Siirxivw, P. Kris- Ivx, K. Killifin, A. Wtiltors, M. I'ippvm1or, M. I-Iuiior, ll. Boker, 'viii M. Brown. Vitst Huw: G. Roqicr, G. Kinfl, Il. OI1Iv11im'Iwi', P. Floycr, B. Vl1nM-'tl-v, R, Wilson, R. Tlioin- tial, I'. Illtwklwtlrri, P. Coimill, Y. I.IImtt. Smtmifi Row: R. Plfxiik, M. Imvifrlvllow, M. Wvrtrlibmicili, P. Wliinsvntt, K. Blown, N. Swmirxriqmi, K. Inwis, M. lilunk, I. Nlvitwld, IW. Iiodnr, A. Btillrnci. I. F4-ri:-II, P. Bond, mid M. Gwrvln-tii'l. 'I'I1vicI Iluw: V. 'I'mwy, R. Siuli It-y, B. IIIII, N, Rt-st, R. 'I'Iiorn' Irul, I. 'I'nr-ppc-, I. SVIIUIIIVP I. I4Il1t'kIidt1v, M. lfulyi, W. Holt-Q. vlliw, t'. l'tWIlIIOI', -ind M. Gun mn. I'-wmtli Huw: I'. MwNt1tt, H. 'I'c-my-lv, A. Hfilwmuis. G. Pick md, I. Stillwvll, R. Rudow- X Iwrsllw, I. Stciuqmirri, I. Mywrs, , R. Rivqlw, l.. Srliimmril, S. Wnilivrrs, find I. Prnitlivr. I'iItI1 Row: B. Wtmds, P. Ivin- inm-i', IV, I.vui1iI1fT, IX. Kvwwv, P. Hriys, I1 Nnwlmuso, S. Pud- rifwk, S. II-irl, I. Kmnp, G. , fluminmlil, G. Iltxvvy, I. Scott, I I. Meilivfvii M. Mtu':1Ii11II. II. Wliitri, I. Cflmk. W. Coliivmn, I. Illilrliismi, P. l"li1'1'. I. POIINV. Sixllu Row: M. I'Wivtm'IH, I-I. t'm11hv'irt-if-. I. Mo-:f-s, I.. Young, Il. Flliss--II, I. Nov-tlirmw, M. II4HI!1l'I', Ii. Brown, N. Inwson. I Mfiiirivmin, IW. Iitiilvtw, rind M. Grilfimuir. Sfivvintli Hfwv' I. Tvdfnvd, 'I'. Vvlriifz, IW. Puller, R. Cook, H. MvMurtrwy, C. Kirlcpntrivlc, and C. Guest. unior all Good One of the lorgest orgdnizotions in school is the Iunior Red Cross. During the yegr the club conducted cr penny drive for the purpose ot providing for the underprivileged. They dlso worked with the ctrt depcrrtrnent in rnctking vorious articles to send to the ctrrned forces. Officers of the club ore Iohn Combs, president: Potti Franklin, vice-presi- dentg Iirn Wilson, secretory, ond Katie Scripture, treosurer. Miss Lelflew was sponsor of time group. I l orendic g CM I I First Row: Phyllis Slinyiilrt, v Carolyn liniwlinor, llrnold Mr l Murircy, Sadie Willlrow, Mlrzza l Finney, Clllillflfi Wmxvi-1, Pliyl lis Maisli, lane Rfnismn, Susfxn Wade, and lovin Meiivld. Second Row: Siirfisiifi Pfiddmfk, Marilyn lonrqfrillow, civil! Pickard, Gloria Gaodnirzlit, llama Lcinnimr, If-an Mviif-ld, Donna Doane, Mary limo O'Neil, vxnd Piilly l3i14'liril141n. Third Row: Bill Lowe, Bifullvy Blickenstiifi, Rr-iiirlon Rowe, Torn Sloan, Phyllis Roriiiii, Maxine Ottinacr, liinmy Walk er, and Iiinniy Ostler. Fc-vir'h Row: Bill Cfoilwll, Max Dorioho. lohn Todfoid, Bill Sterhens, Bill Spf-ncwr, Cfliinlr-ra Kirkvrilrirk, Pr-Iwi Stuntz, and Carol Grafton. enior as pf., Srwitcfi: Minioiifi llnvwy, Pri!!! Mahon, Miss Y'1nn.iy, Nuinifl Farr, and Primo Vi-iriklilt, Strflndiriq: llxn Wilson, lfivk Coulter, lfirquio Armcintroul, Bob Nelson, Phyllis Sliopind, Iohnny Combs, Inn Flilylrfs, and Rosie Petr-r s. orendic The study of parliamentary rules and procedure is the aim of Forensic. This year has seen the development of a new purpose ot the club. Studies in speech habits have been the point of concentration. Officers are: Sadie Withrow, presidentg Bob Hall, vice-presidentg Charles Weaver, secretary: Harold McMurtrey, treasurer. The new sponsor is Miss Martha Finney. enior Cfadd Way "Meet the Duchess" by larnes Reach was the play which was selected by Miss Fin- ney for the l944 class play. It is a three-act comedy concerning the occupants of a Hollywood boarding house and their trials and tribulations in trying to Crash into the movies. fCtCCllf0 CM First Flow Pnriay Wtiiiisvott, Marilyn Loiialvtttuw, Iuariittr Stillwull, Evelyn Close, Pat Hiwlianaii, Mrs. lltiizaon, Nmiintr Hui, Mrrryftriu Peter, Icmct Giilttth, Vivit-ii Toni-y, and Rozwlla Stulmlpy, Stwond How Hrinticittii 'l'utiiii1p, Greta P14'kfII'd, f:lUll4I Gunfi- iitqht, latin Stull, ltfribirrfi Crap- Iwii, Hr-tty Witstiirllt, Mitiy Weld' ii-1, M-ny Ann It-iii, Viiqinifx Ayres, Avir Villiiis, Patty Aualiu, and Stiiaisiiv Paddock. 'l'lurtt Row Phyllis SIHIIQPOII, Ktrtliryii Kllian, Geraldine U'Biyan, Betty l,llL'4lS, Mary Alyvc ljaiiiiivlianl, Dorothy Cody, Bprtiiei'u Btirboe-, Mary Swnaringnn and lesst- Hackerd. Fourth Row Martha Metzger, iIunic'e Iohnson, and Ellen Piwkvxiiia. 6400 l'ir::t Row Evelyn Lfrosc, Helen ilwtiluii, lane! Giittitli, Barbara llfistorly, Virainiir Ayres, Ava Villtxrs, Martha Metzger, Min- .iivit l,ipp, and timothy Vody. Stwnrid Row Beverly Elliott, ll-it Btivliftnaii, Lt-tha Cutler, Edna Baker, Mary Parr, Mar' ioriv Pruvtt, and Mariariv Prim. livltiffi Flow Alpha llfrtan, Mary Alyce Cn1'iiiicht1ol, Ellen Pick' Ullllll, ifunive Iohnson, Kathryn Kilivin, Phyllis Spiiiqemi, Mari' lyn lnrialvllow, Betty Witsaiiirxn, Mary Swwaiitiawii, and Mrs. Carson. Fourth Row: Dirk Thornton, Doualas McNutt, Bill Ottinrxc-r, Bill Rush, lIliar'lf's Kif-irzher, Kenneth Forney, Archie Emory, lic-nald Van Tylt-, and lack ljwinfy. facmio CLA For all those who are fond of music there is the Staccato Club. its purpose is to Iurttier interest and appreciation of music. The members sponsor their annual dance in the spring. Witli Miss Nixon as sponsor the officers are president, Pat Buchanan: vice- prusidont, Norma Parrg secretary, Evelyn Croseg treasurer, Marjorie Peter. o Oli' At Easter time the students wore entertained by a program given by the choir. The choir is composed of the best singers of the music classes. The choir also helped with the C7hr-istmas cantata and sang at commencement. Takpti from the choir, an underciassman trio that performs before the Various or- tiariixatioiis is made up of Marilyn Longfellow, Mary Alyce Carmichael, and Ruth Har' rison. Also, a performing sextet is made up of Dorothy Cody, Pat Buchanan, AVG Villfrrrs, Borniece Barbec, Kathryn Kilian, and Eunice lohnson. 49 CAM 56.6 Strxndinq Mr. Price, Bob Nol- son, Kcnncth Murphy, lint Ostlor, Ifrck Longfellow, Max Donoho, Robert Slioprrrd, Phil Schlossor, Iini Zippfvrimi, Inn File, llrrle Hr-nson, lim Brown, find Cfirol Gifrlton, Sefitecl lohn Wilsori, lim Boh- ertson, Iunior Smith, Bill Cor- bett, Bob Bcrirrli, -ind Don Yontis, Wafh CM First row ltivk Rm-za, Ivrin Pride, Hfil Howe, l.oMoino Stmin, mid Bill l.ow1-. Second r Howfflill Spencer, Incl: Coulter, Miss: Srmdors, Scrndy Aidrncrn, find Bob Htill, Third Flow Mrxrvin Munn, Roh- ort Frey, Byron Edellioit, Bits- sell Shoe-ts, find Fred Iolinsron. Fourth Row Herndon Howe, Dick Foster, find Lfliirk Wmiv- Pr. CA 66 0 To promote interest ond further knowledge of chess is the purpose of the Chess Club. Wlicsri there is no business on hond, the meetings ore filled with chess games. The officers ore: lolinny Wilson, president: Iunior Smith, vice-president: ond Corol Groiton, secretoryftreosurer. WMA CM Minds ore turned to higher rncrthemcrtics when the members of the moth club os- senihle, They sponsored o donce this yecrr ond olso they ore sponsors of the Moth Aword which is given eotch yeor. Miss Sonders is the odvisor. Otiicers of the orgoniz- fition ore: Bill Spencer, president, Soniord Aidmoin, vice-president: Chorles Youch, secre- toryg ond lock Coulter, tregsurer. 1111111 W1t11111w, M1111111111t M11l11'1111l, 1111d P1111111111 11:11 Huw: 5111111111 W111111, M111y l'11111111111111', M111ily11 tt1111Y, 1111111 H1111::11111, 1111111111 1'11111:, P111 R11w11, 1111111 11111111, 1111111 A1111 M11111:1, 1111111111111 'l'l111111t1111, 111111111111 1-1111111 lt11w: 1V1111y 1111111 U'N111l1, A111111l111l11' Vv'111t111s, 111111 l.11lI1t11, 1111111 lV1111t1111t, 11-11111111 1.111111, 1111111111 L1111- i111l, 1111111 111-1'11y, M1111111111t M11l11A11111, 11111111 1'1s11111', 11y l1111w11, 111111 L11111Iy11 1.1111111113 111111 1111W: V1-111111 l,l11111t, 1111'k111 M111111111111, N111 S1111111, liyllts l1111l1111, 111111111 111111I1111, M111y G111111111111t, G11111- 11v11y, M1111111111t ll1111::111', M11xi1111 Qj1lI11k1l'1', M1111:111 Gut' 1111111, M111y ll1111i111, 1111fl 1111111111111 1?1111"kl1dae. 11::1 1111w: 11111 Siltln, 1111'k111 1V'111:5k111, Mis. lr1f111to11, 111 W11::1111, 111111 1111111111 M1'lV1111't111y. 111111111 1111w: 1I11z11l111ll1 K11i1111, M111y Alycc C11111111'l111cl, 1111111 l'11111l11'11i1111, 1111111 M11li111111t, 111111 111111 1VIll11L'. 111111 l111w: Bill S1'l111l1:z, G11r11ld Krua, 111111.15 1.i1111, 111111111 M1111111, G111111 l'11111'l1111, 1111d C1111 QItI1lSOl1. Wafiona onor ociefg '1::1 1111w: l'1111111111 L'111111, l'i11tl11y11 S1'ri11t111'11, 111111111 111-111, 5111111 V11lz, 1'11-11 W111111111111, M111y P1111'y, Miss 1111x, l'11yl1i:1 M111:111, 1111111 M1111-r, L'11111ly11 l,11111'1111111, 111111: 11111111 Huw: 1'11111 111l111::1111, 1111111111 N1'1l:1o11, 1111111 M111- 1r1, S11::1111 W11ct11, A111111111-11 S11yd1'11, M11111111 Mvtzqer, 111y Y11111111, A111111t11 S111111l1'ti1111, M11111111 Hunt, and 1111 I111l'11y, iid 111W: 111111 llttll, 1111 1o11:4o11, L'l111'k W111'1vr1r, 111vi11 lV1L11lI1, 1111111111111 111'1w11, 111111 T11111 S1111111. Jafin 111, 111111111111 b111111y, 111111 S1111l11y 'l'111yl111. . , , , . . . 1111111 1111w: M1:1. ll111111111, 'l'1111 1111111s, N11wt1111 l1.111t1y, 11-1 S1111111, 'l'11111 l'11111:'1111111, 1111 11111s1111, 11111 W11lk11r, 1111 M11111111t, 111111 111-111111 1111111111. ioanirik NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY One of the outstdndinq and niost respected organizations in school is the National Honor Society. lts members are endowed with tour qualities: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. They hold luncheons during the year. Miss Verda Knox spone sors the qroup. lohn Miller is the president with Phyllis Maish, vice-president: Mary Perry, secretaryg and Fred Whitmore, treasurer. LATIN CLUB Qne ot t11e oldest clubs in hiqh school is the Curia Latino, or the Latin Club. Mrs. Heaton is the sponsor, and the otficers this year are: Toni Sloan, presidenty 1UII1QS Walker, viceepresidentg 1eon Meiteld, secretory: and Phyllis Boqan, treasurer. The club sponsored a dance and a convocation this year. Members rnust be Latin students, and the purpose ot the club is to rnuke the students better acquainted with Home an customs and the Ldtin lanquaqe. SPANISH CLUB As the Latin Club is one ot the oldest in hiqh school, so the Spanish Club is one of t11e youngest. The club carne into existence when Spanish was tirst included in the course of study three years aqo. Under the sponsorship ot Mrs, Heaton the club's ot1icers are: 1i1'n Wilson, president: Harold McMurtrey, Vice-presidentg Iackie Muskin, secretary: and 1oe Sittin, treasurer. alll era CM 1311111113 1' V111111111, 11 1?11111I1, 11 151111111, V. 1'Q11'11111, I, ITw11yt1-1, 11 11111111111, K, 1111111, 11 11111111, 111111 11. 11111111111. S11111111111: Cl 1111111 114 1.1 11111111, 11 VV1111v111, 11. 1'111111:1111, 1. M11l111, 1. V11111111, 11. L 111111, 11 1'11111l111, Lf, K111L11111111'k, Ml. 111111111-1 '1'1111 01111111111 l'11111 111 11.1 1-1111111 1, 'WXN 11 1:1 111111111111 11111111 :11111-11:.1.1111. M1111111P1:111111 1:1 1111111111 111 11 111111111 111111111111 11I 1111y:1 w1111 1111111 11Il 11111:111:: 111 11111111111111111y. 111111111 11111 s111111:1111111111 111 M1. 11111111111, 11111 '11111 1:1 11111111111 11y 111111111111 1'1111111 51111, 11111:111111111' 111111 M111111, v1111 1'111s111111111: 1111111 13111 1111 , 1: 1-11 1111-111,' 1111111-111111 -11111 1111111 M111111, .11-1 111111111f111111111:1. QP ommiffee 1'11:11 R11w: 1'. M11:111, M. M111111111Il, 11. S11111111111, M, M 1111x, S1 W1111111w. 51111111111 1111111: V. 1'C111111111I111'11, 11, G11111111111111, 1T. 1'11:111, 111111 1. '1'1111 11WIK1. T111111 1111w: 11. 1511-111-1-1, Ml. S11111'k1111y, -11111 1. LU11111111, T110 1111111111111:1 111 11111 1'1111 V11111 1111111'-1 11111 111511111111111111 1111 111111111 1'111111y 1111111111111 11111 11111111111-11. w1111'11 1111 :111 11111111 1111 11111 1111111111 f1311!'l1. M1. S11 11'1-11111y 11111111 :1111111 .1111 W1111 1111y111:1 5111111 1111, 1111111 1111111, 113211111111 11y 11111 E11-11111111, CM . , . .,. . 11Il111:11'VJ'1, 111111:11111, 1, .-11-111151 S11-1111, 11. 111111111111, 111111 ii. A1111111111 3015111111 111.1vv1 '1'. 1'11111:11111111, 11. '1'11111 1111111111, 1. R11y111::, 11. W1111k111y, 11 H1111, 1'. VV1111:11111-, CT. 11y11111, 11 F1111S111111f1f1, 1. 53111111 111111 V. Y11111'11 T111111 1'11'1w: 11. 1111y1'1f1 1', 111-1111111111 12. C11:111w11111, M11 1'-111111, M1 111111 1111111, M1, R11111111111111111, I1. 1'11:11111 1,. 11111111'111s1, 111111 M N11111111111111. Any 111'1y w1111 111111 w1111 11 11111111 111 111s:1111111111, 111111111111, 1-1 1111111: 11 111111111111 1111 11111111111111111111 111 11111 '1" P11111 P11111 1111111111 11111 11111111111-111-111 :1111111:2111:1 11111 1111111 1111-1111111111' X'V1'1ll'11 1:1 111111 111 I1111 11111:-11111111111 11r1111111111s1 111 11111 y11111 111111 1:1 1111 111'1111111 11 111111111y 11y 1111 111 1111 31111001 Mc1S:11:1. 131111-11, 1111111111111111111,111111 ROHZO1111, 11111 1111111- 1-11111111111, W111111 111111111101 11:1 :111111111111:1. 44,4 ,al S-wilt-tl: Annabell Snyder, Susan Wadi'-, Tiin Ionvs, Newton Beatty, ltiifkit- Muskin, and Ianet Griffith. Sttinrtinq: Annabelle Walters, Cor- iilit- Cook, ltinv Hitnsoni, Miss Ki-urns, Phyllis Kasler, Marjorie itiivi-y, Williani Birkett, Delores fnilwtt, and Fliztibvth Kilian. .Slmlmf ounci First How: Fred Iohnson, Eugene Sibrtiy, Konnt-th Minpliy, l.t'iVauiie Axnclt, Iainos Robertson, Phil Conf gill, Biticlloy Hlirkonstaff, David Mirliiivl, Bob lflliott, George Good nitilit, Kvnntitli Ayros, Glen Stein- wr, and Roh Priitlivr, St-vnxicl How: Lflitirliis Kirkptitrirk, ffliiuk We-tivur, Bill Stoplimis, Pitt Hnwv, Snsini Wilde, Mtntliii Mat- liX, Hottie l9t1ft'I'ri, Bob ltltlll, Pitt Vitinkiin, Stirtiti Witlirtiw, Phyllis Sliupaid, Iiininy l-Hmiitf, Harold lVlt'lVliittit-y, and Miuiitili-t lvlttlif unfit. 'lliiid Row: Iiin l'itv, Viett Whit- tiitstt-, flick lltuttuti, lohn Coinbs, Cknolyn l.ttiic'liin-i', lanvt Gtiftitfi, lfiviitly Tlioiiipsoii, Puqqy Mttddiix, livtty Wit::intin, Gloria Goodnight, Mary Gunion, Harbtirii Spiny and t'tntilyn Uoiiltor. lllitltlll Row: Holwrt Prtitlivr, Ral- l-intt Ptiitnisoii, Gent- Faiivlivr, l-iuk lmiiqfollow, Iiinior Snnth, l'N'k HIWIP, lint R-iylufz, lint Lilaar, l'Ititiiiit'v l.ipp, Irniivs Robbins, Hill l.ivW4', llnn Ayres, Toni t'mii:1lioiii, linnny W-illcvr, Bill ViinMvtt-i, Boytw- I.iit-tis, .intl ltti vid Privnrl, igk Ogle Putting out a High Life every two weeks is a task that keeps the staft constantly busy. The paper brings to the school all news of activities, sports, and otner items ot interest. Now helping with the war effort it brings HGWS of DUDQT dflvesf VUUOUS Otter projects, and reports on stamp sales, Earlier this year the stati sponsored a stamp and bond drive. , , For years the High Life has been the school paper issued by the Journalism class. The paper is a member of Quill and Scroll and the Indiana High SCl100l' Press ASSO' ciation, The High Life adviser is Miss Hilda Kearnsy first semester editor, Carolyn Lauchnery and second semester editor, Susan Wade. .gzwlenf Counci "Government of the people - That's the freedom for which Student Coun- cil stand. lt's the student governing body of the high school. Members are home room presidents and fifteen members of the Pretect Council. I I Qfficers for this year are: Patti Franklin, president, Bob Hall, vice president, and Rosie Peters, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Rohrabaugh is ll'19 Sponsor ot the QTOUD- Band The Eranktort High School band, under the supervision ot Mr. Thomas, is one of the tinest in the state. They played at all the athletic contests and pep sessions. They also had ci Spring Concert on March 30. The grade school and "B" band, the "A" band, and the grade and high school orchestras participated, Members ot the band are: Barbara Baker, Bill Barnett, Kemit Baumgardner, Lloyd Becruchanip, Phil Behr, Ieanette Blacklidge, Bradley Blickenstatt, Phyllis Bogan, Dick Bratton, Beverly Brown, Helen Cambridge, Art Carrol, lohn Cohee, Bob Cook, Phil Cougill, Grace Davey, Barbara Dehner, Donna Doane, Carrol Elliott, Velma Elliott, lirnniy Ellis, Gene Ecxncher, Norma Earr, Buddy Fox, Barbara Gable, Mary Gearheart, Gloria Good- night, Bill Grice, Mary Gunion, George Hamilton, Charles Harrison, loe Harshinan, Pog- gy Harshinan, Margaret Hauser, Uma Hawkins, loan lones, Wanda Kindley, Dick Knox, Dorothy Knox, Norma Lawson, Pat Leininger, Clarence Lipp, Charles Mettlen, Kenneth Murphy, lohn Myers, Eugene Qrdel, Dick Rees, Tom Bice, Don Bicker, Norma Bicker, Crystal Robinson, lohn Robison, Ruth Bodenberger, Bob Roush, Pat Rowe, Don Scallan, lean Scripture, Dick Shanks, Bob Shepard, Betty Smith, Bob Smith, Bill Stephens, Esther Smith, lohnny Switzer, lohn Tedford, Beverly Thompson, Charles Weaver, Alice Milne. UPCA Q5 tI"Cl, Une ol the outstanding musical organizations ot the high school is the orchestra. This year, under the direction of Miss Virginia Keeney, the orchestra has progressed nice- ly. lt played for a patriotic convocation on February 22. The high school orchestra with the grade school orchestras held a concert this spring. Out of the orchestra has come an experienced quartet, which has performed many times for various organizations of the town. The quartet consists of David Friend, Mary Perry, Barbara Gable, and Barbara Emery. The personnel oi the orchestra consists ol: Berneice Barbee, David Friend, Mary Perry, Robert Hayes, Martha Green, Barbara Gable, Lois Lykken, Barbara Emery, Pat Hayes, Pat Bond, Donald Beeder, Margaret Hauser, Virginia Mann, Mary Gearhart, Bob Shepard, Pat Brandon, Chick Weciver, and Delores Barbee. The orchestra finished its year by playing for the senior class play. Our Fighting Five guard the goals of Howard Hall. yffikbbs But sturdy and staunch he stands Athletics is one of the best preparations for standing like the little toy soldier sturdy and staunch in the fall of a future darkened by war clouds At a time when these characteristics are so necessary athletics gives to the student cooperation de- termination to win endurance fairness and broad mmdness This 15 the equipment needed to suc Q ll rl . 5. 1 . 1 - - 1 . - 1 . - I I 1 ' - . ' 1 ceed. In the face of defeat our teams have proven their ability to act calmly and cooly and come from behind into a victory. This is the training responsible for giving our country young men and women of high moral courage and intelligence to carry forward its standards. 0 Rf 15 ig XF ix. vi fly -in Q 5 ll w I K W any Ea Qft' Jiffy '3Q' fs7f1,if, "ff- r flx ,IE if 'fx v fly Q. ' an fb 5, sd , 2 fi ,. iTN Av 932 79 --QQ vu' 1 U x Rx ffyrfii ff G -I as ... N . X M ,uw .h M . Q ,W -ff x. ' . -ff X fi 1? ,, P xx x . 1 N f 'K X 'ru M if 1 A---li Nm, ffxx K w Q, .7.,0fAa! .Slkeflui Westfield' -U Richmondsf f6 leff 7 Loqans fl9 Kirklinf e7 Kokomo f26 West Side 41 Crawfordsville U F. H. Sfe U F. H. Sf-Q13 F. H. S. e O F. H. Sf e O F. H. S. 6 F. H. S. 20 F. H. S. f U F. H. S. 19 .fdfkdfic guards! The athletic board is composed of the head coaches of football and basketball, the superintendent, the members of the school board, and the principal, who is ex- officio chairman. The duties of the board are to determine the athletic policies and approve expenditures. COQCLQ5 The four men pictured are the ones responsible for those fine F. H. S. athletes. "Buck" Hohrabauqh is football coach and athletic director. Howard Pace coaches the wrestling teams. The job of assistant football coach, coach of the freshman and junior hiqh basketball teams, and head coach of track are the positions held by "Matty" Ronzone. "Larry" Farrell is head varsity basketball coach. hi glad l'l'l0U'l g00tA6J Thirty-six freshman boys went out for football this year. The team played five games in this, one of the best seasons for freshman football. Of these five games they won two, lost two, and tied one. Games were played on Saturday mornings. The boys learned the inner secrets of football formations and really began to click as the season waned, They defeated Crawfordsville but in turn fell before a strong West Lafayette eleven. They battled their arch rivals, Ieff of Lafayette, to a standstill. Outstanding players of the season were: Tedford, center: Schultz and Allen, endsg Schimmel and Baer, guards, Ayres, quarterback, Howe, halfbackp and Robbins, fullback. amif FIRST ROW: Fred Whitmore. The floor general of the squad is "Whit." To this fightinq guard is generally given the assignment of guarding the speediest of the opponents. He has been a member of the varsity one year. He is the fellow on the team whom the outfof-town girls always ask about. Dick Foster. "Pony," who is center for the Fighting Five, moved up to the varsity squad last season when a couple of the members of the team left for the service. He has done an excellent job on defensive rebound work. Many wonder why "Pony" always got off at home when they came in from playing out-of-town games. Bill Gosewehr. One of the snappiest forwards to hit Frankfort in quite a while is "Ghost Gosmeref' captain of the Fighting Five. He did not hit his stride until the middle of the season, but when he did "sparks" flew. On trips to games he and Hayles spent their time arguing over which direction they were going. SECOND ROW: Eugene Sibrcxy. "Si" is perhaps the cleverest "feeder" Frankfort has had in years, He is a flashy floor guard and has been a member of the team one year. His greatest thrill was out-running Lebanon for eleven points. He likes for his parents to go to games be- cause they always take his brown-eyed inspiration with them. Charles Street. "Streetal" is a senior this year. He has been a member of the varsity squad for a year. At the middle of the season the speedy little guard began hitting from the back court and did not Cease until the final game of the season. Charlie says he has found the "right" woman at last. f.?a:SLefLa! FIRST HOW: lim Rayles. This lanky senior was at his best against the Kokomo Kats. "Slim" is a fiesty forward. This is his first year on the varsity. His lucky charm is a lock of hair carried in his billfold. Bob Wood. "Timber" played great "B" team basketball. The big center moved into the var- sity squad at tourney time. He received his "baptism of fire" at Hammond. Wood is the quiet lad on the team. Lewis Edmons. "Smoky," a junior this year, did a swell job in the forward position. He is a steady scorer and good defensive man. He was at his height at the Hammond tourney. He is the one who said that "cokes" contain acid and are harmfuleeeyet, he does guzzle them. SECOND ROW: Bob Henning. This guard, a sophomore, with his speed and clever left-hand shots will prove invaluable to the "Fighting Five." Bob decided to have his hair cut at tourney time. The result was a Very short crew cut that received lots of laughs. Glen Byrne. "Byrnsie" plays either forward or guard. He, too, moved up to the squad at tourney time. He will be a very capable player next year. Like all boys, he never could get filled up during trips. 66 ,J 3 efllll B'1I'Y, P-alt llvnnlnfl, l'wn Yinlnfl Phil Livi-zvy. Second Row: Kcninitli Murphy Bah Lmnwn, Fill Millni, M--rv Gosewchr, Rwiiriiwii How'-, tin: Bill Chlttlvk. Smhman QCLITI, Sip-ora, john F-xii-iv, Inn IH--nn' find Phil linimill. VvinMnfvi, Twin Rn'--, Inlni 'IU-rl Eivluiiiiiwl, tnnl Nnrniini llwwv 66 77 QCLIWL The "B" team, coached by Larry Farrell, gave a bright forecast of what to expect next year from the Fighting Five. Wood, Stephens, Hamilton, Henning, and Byrne com- posed the first five. P86 I'l'lCl,l'l Zan! These future stars of F. H. S. played six games this year. ln their lost and Won column they broke even, They were an exteptionally large team. The first five was composed of lohn Tedford, Don Ayres, Tom Rice, lohn Sipe, and Harold Schimmelg although, the rest of them played in all the games and did exceptionally well. First Raw: Inn Wit:-iniin, Univ Bah Wtwiwfi, Hill Stvplivriza, Ilhin Byrnv, Hivlinil ll-nnillnn, rind flltli Hunt, Riiy Allan, Gnnr l'1xst Row: Ian llwuiiptliiur, lnhn Robison, lklcfln living, lnhn 511-world Huw: lion Ayimz, Hill ford, luhn llwnnlnit, lliiinhf .Sllmlui I".I'I.S. Uirporierit Nov. I, Iiv:-rtvtllv Ill 26 Nov. lil Iflwuufl 35 38 Nov. .'-'I Kolitnuo LIS 30 IM-v. it IVIunt'1v 34 29 I' 1-:'. 7 In-lnxrwrm 34 It v':-. ltl Imrttrrusapolt 174 Q5 IN-tx I8 'I'w I1 36 122 I' n-4'. .'.f Wrist lnttiyvttv frti 34 Ifxn. 4 Ivff -'IU fll Ifin. 7 Minion I9 153 lint. Il I.w1t1n::p wrt Sh ZI4 Ittll. I-I I-'tt I3 Q7 Inn, ltl I.+-lr-lrnm 33 34 Inn, ifl Nr-w lltllltlv' Llll 35 lfrn. lift Kukmnu if-I TH Ililv. 4 Atldwrson 44 fxfl I'-'ln ll Iiivlnnonci 39 34 Ilrlv. I9 VVil1+untn' ful fflfi Witli Larrry Farrell as head coach, this year's varsity squad is one of which we can well be proud. The teain was unusually tall and was full of fire and the spirit that is always found in the "Fighting Five." Their triumphs over Muncie, Lebanon, and loff, who are considered bitter rivals, as well as other tough opponents, proved them rcal "FarreIlnien," In tourney play they fought hard earne ing that right to travel to Hannnond Civic Center and the semi-finals. Although they were defeated, we can rest assured they know the rneaning of such words as fight, courage, defeat, and sportsmanship which they will need in the future. The Start-off The Tip-off The Send-off The Pay-off PHC First Row: Icwlm Mlllm, Fwd Whit more, Pnul Conrnd, Kvnnvtlw Mm- phy, Gerald Krucx, Dlvk Brfitton, Inn Ostler. Sorond Row: Chmlns Yfmrlm, Iw- Sifhn, Don Fuller, Paul Hmnmmll, Bob Endres, Charles Cook, Clnr ence Kesler, Glen Hymn, Rmxrdnn Rowe. Tlurd Row: Gene Blfwklldqn, Bob Hflll, Bob Hfxyos, Hill Strfplwns, lun Lurmr, LEWIS Eclmonss, Srxncly Aldmrm, Bob Hennlnq. enniri Bmdloy Blwkormslfxlf, lun Ossllm, lm-k Coultrvr, Bob ll'xll, Vlxlvk Wfvxvcr. red lang First Row: hm Ostlol, My Miner, lion Lwnzy. Spbond Row: Pon Fullnr, Gono Elfxrklldfqc, Mr, Plwv, Svxndy Ald- nmn, Prxul Brommell. One of the three most important sports of Frankfort High is track. This year, under the supervision of "Matty" Ronzone, assisted by Larry Farrell and Mr. Pace, the boys have had a fine season. Outstanding meets of the spring were Central Indiana Meet, Kokomo Relays, Delphi Relays, Big Ten Meet, and the sectional and state meets. Dual meets were held with Delphi, Ieff of Lafayette, West Side of Lafayette, Fowler, Monticello, and Crawfordsville, A new track was constructed at Stott Field, and this year has seen the largest turn- out for track of any year. More stress is being placed on junior high and freshman track than ever before. Although there are only seven boys left from last year's season, the team came through in fine shape. For the first time in recent years Frankfort has had championship material in its tennis team. Four of the five boys have had experience in last year's season. Meets were held with Ieff of Lafayette and Kokomo. At this writing tentative dates have been made with West Lafayette and Delphi. Although many schools have been forced to give up some sports for the duration, F. H. S. has been able to continue in every field. Members of the team are: Bob Hall, Iimmy Ostler, Chick Weaver, Iack Coulter, and Bradley Blickenstaff. This year we have added to Frankfort High a new teacher and a new sport. The sport is wrestling and the teacher is Mr. Pace. He has done remarkable things this year in starting a wrestling team. Their first bout was against Southport at Crawfordsville, This was a bad defeat. The second bout was against Crawfordsville, here, with them coming out ahead, ll to 3. Iimmy Ostler has done outstanding Work this year and will be championship ma- terial for next. Although the team has never won, they showed fine training, which is very important. Members of the team are: Iimmy Ostler, Paul Brammel, Don Livezey, Don Fuller, Sandy Aidman, Iay Minor, and Gene Blacklidge. I 67 eaiilff' f Rowe, Hr-nmnq, Endres, Sirtin, Whit4 iiicirt'-, and Ostler are fill fine dash men. Freddy Whitmore, Bob Endres, and Ioe Stttm are hold-overs from the 1943 truck squad. The other boys are newcomers, and wo expect qreat thinqs from them. From this group ot bays Come the 100 find 21210 yard dash men and the relay twain. Hiryes ngoinq over the bar at ll'6"- - Holi, rr senior, won his tirst track letter fre: ri sopliomoro. He went to the stote m 1942 find 1943. Bob also ywrrtiriprrtes iii the hiqlt Jump. 68 Ostler takinq cr low hurdle' limmy is also o holdover from lost year's squad. Besides rurmtnq the low hurdles, jimmy runs the hiqh hurdles and the half-mile relay. Sandy Aidmon was the only return- ing weiqht man this year. Sandy has worked hard tor two years to cover himself with honors. His ambition at the beginning of the season wos to break the Frankfort shot put record. Bob Hull cleorinq the burr at 5'4" Bob, a returninq letter winner, went to the state meet last year as ti sophomore which is quite an honor. He has had Competition from his terrniiimtes Glen Byrne and Bob Hayes. Fred Whitmore, CI senior, is the best all around track mon on our squad. His best event is the pole vault, Freddy is also a qood broad jumper, runs the low hurdles and is on our halt-mile relay team. K1111y, 11111'1v11 111 Huwv 11111 11111 '1111 111':1,11:111 1 1 1'1111111:1111 1 1x11 1111111:11111.11 11111 1x11'111:1. '1'1111 1111111i11111111 11111, 1111111'-, 1-1111-11 1, 11111w1:, 1111 1 11.1 11 1 1-11111:: 1:1 1111' :1t11111:: XN1111 11 111111111 11y, S1'11.11::1111, 11.11 1I:1111111 1111111 111 11 111111 ::11111-111 11x111'1f1:' 11- 1111111'111f 111111 11-v1:11 :1:111w:l 1111 1111111111 111111 1111111 11111:1 111111: 111-1 1-.'111k 1111 111.1 1111111 ::11.111:.. '1'1111z1 11.1y: :111111v1:111 11y M 11 11 1111 11: 111 11x1'1',1111I 1111'111'11v1' 1111111111. Z1'1111'- 111V1 W111111 11 111111 111 111 1- 111 11111111111111 1 111111 :-1111-1 1 1111111 W11 1111v1- 1l11f1111:1, K11111, 111111 111-11111512111 111 11 111111i111111111y 111y11111111. 111:11 11.1 11.111111 1'1 1" ,111 11'111 111111 111111 W 11 111111 111.1111 1 1111' 111 1.111 1111 1 1'y111111111 1111111111111 :1111-111:7 111 1111111151 111- 11111111 11111111 111 y11111111111 1111y:'g 11 1:: -1 1111111 111 1-1111111-1111iv.1 .1111v11y. 111111-1111 11111 1'11 111 11111 '1'111'1 W1111111 11 1111 1:1 1111-11 11111 111 1 1-1.111111111. l1111111y 111111111 11y11111:i11, 1111 111 w1111'11 1v11y 11 w FZ1111- 1111- 11111111111 11111y12 1111 111111111111111 111111 1'y111111111 11111111 11'11 1111'1 11111 1:1 11 v111y 11111 1111111 111 11y111111 111 11 11v11y :2111 1'11 11 111111 111111511111 111 111111 f11111'1 1111- 1-111111:11 1111111 11 111v11:: 11 1 111 1U 1111111 11111111'1111111 1,111c1 51111-111 ird -4, ,...- Witli a growing need tor fitness ot mind and body in girls as well as boys, girls' athletics have taken a major part in Frankfort High School. Under the supervision of Miss Foster and Miss LeHeW, the girls have stimulated their interest in physical ability by participating in various sports, games, dancing, and gymnastics. Archery, badminton, volleyball, and baseball are only a few of the activities open to the girls, They are taught the correct technique and principles of the various sports, they further their knowledge by participating in the games and tourneys. .. I r - , 4 N ff ,I Q .um , .. qc , . Q K i .f4fALfic6 ,f""' This year intramural tournaments were held in soccer, basketball, volle yball, ping pong, and badminton. ln accordance with a plan worked out by the state, endurance tests were given several times during the year, and a record was kept ot the advancement of each girl, Every Friday, first aid was taught. Practical knowledge such as the use ot a splint and tourniquet was learned. Bandaging, artificial respiration, and how to treat poisons were demonstrated. We can truly say girls' sports have done much in building up each girl's mind and body. This acknowledqement indludes the staffs qmtitude to members of the firm of Leader Enqravtna and Printing Company, Kover Kraft Company, and Mr. Paul V. Swearinqen, photographer. We especially wish to thank Mn Lcwerqne I. Lounsbury for his friendly interest and helpful advice in the publishing of this book. , film 5 it UF W 'Wiksw 4 f ff .A , 1.163 V.- 'H 1-ji!! Q saffg. 'sf r V41 n 4 1 m. , -0.1 Q1 A 'J-'M I, I 1 '- 1 , .1 -Am 'A W.. ' 1. vi. '?'5 1 'o u 1 " I .. ,F F I 1 V. N, If 'ya Y , . ..v :L .5 s f ' 1,--s 1 If-ieub .. 4 . A 'D HB5 thi. 'X

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