Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN)

 - Class of 1941

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Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1941 volume:

I -1 'E Q. F 5 E 51 5 ix ! S , H A-.-.-.v?f,f,g493x. A 1' , " ' .. V- - -. H V . J., .LF .2:4..+.'f1-w.-1 W - f - . ..v'g,' ' -- --X- .i ?xE,y1.5. -.r If-zu, , J 'ff-2?,H Jf "l.f"QY1,:' . r s. 1 .- MFG-if . L . X . 5521 Q -lbgyms. 'Q-.J Ig, . A, TA .. I 54,i-U,-it-M' 3.-I, ,J "Q, X hlivvr - ., I . ',v5-1 Tk Shi ' . .rv- 52757 ,hqmqvq , - -- 'f - Lf' 522155. .. P' -: Y -Wfluiiiif' f awfii 1i3J.Q:- 135. V.- M?'E5ifN: . ,-,. q, Q, A, A, I ,-,. 1 , n. .- .-G31 ,JM . "'E.-.-4F5f,yf5,72i5g-'J.:3"'p,,, Q 3,53 Z-'gl-':k,s,. V, . , . :ff Milf? . 1 . .- A' - ,Q 'ffimfl . 'H ' 1.254 if-' wif' . m9'3KQgQK+l' Wf 34f1if5NV?i?" ' 1 W 1 -' ' ww.: ,.,1--' , ' ' 'rf , ' w:f5few '54w:ff'-!. 'A . - ' . r - ' ' W. . .fw4Ggaw5Lvf Qgfwgj' of-'H GNT' - " -4 ' Hg.. ' v.-Ivffs :l.:'l',t: VA' A. . 7.1 J f- 'I-:x,1,.'3j5g, .V . '5' if: 'J' - , '. .- ,H-, I Lfb9' wPP?gHQ3WE?M?f-WylH3wxf 'mFff"5g4 X , f ,. f f-'+- .'-- .1.1 ff.' !F41f".fH.f : S- 1- '1- f,1: A -. if-' P'LP 1w'Fif ff.. .f Q , 'Q' ,I gzyf 5 4' W .i1T2?f'Sf-C125 Qwfksgi ' iq V .115-wn','A I SJW! .'9'r"v 1'-'1"'-'lil' L4x'.'.-FH' .- -,I-'.'-'F' PPA' " M 5 .,,,,, w',wha,4,,3.3yVMr.H,JmWq,,, 7 K A T, , Y ,.K.,..Lw,,m ,, rw.. .V , 111 xgn ,,,. V -'L . ,Sn 4 Q' .M .,'g,,f. gage- . .- .,, AQUA I i ,. 'ZLR A' y' 5, ' :ir . Y Z' H ' 1 , ll ,-,-Q ,' .10 1' "'Y .Ik me ...xl ,gl Nfl- ,I 1 L1 Yugi. 3? SMTP: 1- .f V : pi- - fu W fs rv -. -.ILEYQF 5-Ei?L,.,.r-gq ..,,5f2Ig. 1:1 1-.f .1-35-gf' H5112 Q, , h,5-'y,'- - -J-.5 ,gg riligffiw, E,:'f.fw1 ,Exif K- 1 . -4,419 f, , .lib-if I M . k Y' 41. .- .v .r :JH new . .J 1 '- . ,C X' if-f+,.f.1 . 2.3-,I wt' I. ,fi V- 291,-,w,uPf,Nj.' 5 ,IJ Ti v :Q -g'Q1n', .4-if, " -45':E.u .. y. ,, , 'mg-Lia,-grif .-Hww 0mpfL- -we . 'aux' 1 '1,u.'.W2. 1.vwq A14-A - W, ?.'-...VN I.,-38511. .L'.jfpfg3,., , 1.32.1 ,3f1'5i3:,iig1." 'Q-11335 V. l . A ' M 'fn' +4gmW1,ff pf?-,efuqh "-"7 , ' . ln- JF? :"1'34A :-f'1!H:PfX' 'W -PQ .231 ,'fV'Qi""'-'- ll L G' ' ' 'M Ms.""'U J3"9f' 1-1!'?iff. " ' -Q P -J-kv iwgigu wuTi5ww4-.. H " f JJ I- W'-1' Af--VV '1f..i--f'lsr- ..3- -4-'2'kF5fH."7 4 -V .ntguf-A Jhsi-in 'Q-hfzlif 'kg .Vg -f J 24" ' . f -' .iw 1" ' 'fr 749,25 - 1'1" " ' ' D- -- ,ng-5.915 71.15 .gpm-izilff Q - .I Q-.-if -' .3-f-.1 f fgrffff- 1 ' 'n - - 1-. MQ., ,. .-12391-V ff. ,VI . .1-4 ' f -H ' . , ' 'Th -. :gif ". 5 ' .. . -s.,,, -- 4' w 1 ' ' ' -V S - '-' ,QLAEZ-j:g2'45'11. A ' , , f l ,Q MQ' .- L V.vm.a,fY.Y .. V V H 1-:tg-il., . f- y s1:.W'. Q. SP3- -' Q,--2 . ., .im '-Lf'-N - ' .--Tug? E' d.1"r,fu1,' f 4 ' 1 1'1"--.. f. -L'-' ' . fn "T Air. 'f??-f-:fn-"' -5 -31 in-' I ' -1- .gt 1. ' 3.55. jv xfvi- ,Y, f J , . Ll- .-ann., . rp: -NV, , f L, ,jx ' -i'w E 1 3 gAg3 'S y f -.,T.".- 1 . Liv- ' ,1.l,: - -g.P- v D, W i.1,".- . YU W., V , ., , . . -:-'a'f.,.- . ". 1 ., 'vp A:.',,.:. . , w Ham fmw J 1- 41 N I , . .v 5 Uni ,af " 1 , , . 5 -' ff - :rl - swmgaggf g aw? 1 . ,1m,. flqff B flu - 'H .,1 I 1 sw .,..Nl, rvAb-',"- - -iw? 1, ,V 'Q ', " - 9' ""'::1'V K 'e f1wT.."""'i: ,W gi? ,"fQ'E'f ggguf f - '31-,v 'Ulf V gm.. , Y T,w,f .hq,31. , ,. 3 Ma.. ,-'PLM ' ..: fran , ,X L -'.,, 1,,2V'.H Q j 5- 'QF -'N' ,mb9" 'G i' l'W'fxf5 'H ,1,.,,, . ' A. N x"FSWFCgl 'A 'I I e.g,k,f .,.f.W 11 1 fm ' .. .1 W- U ""ii-fzi.' rw., -. fm.-H. 1 A, -QQ, A I' 1, 'Qi D x, ' . ., -,rf ' " ' .J Tgw ki- I 1 --' ,557 . A .,g1,. ,. 1 w "I The SENIOR CUXSS of I94l announces The New and Diversified CAULDRO Main Features FACULTY, CLASSES, CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS AND SCHOOL LIFE 'me C A U LD V. ON Q 1' Il- Fmwvonw msn suxoois A' v 1 v. vmmvs ' E XS UU XN oe SSO M10 M I9 owacsxm., ua E' .Hamer 7 of Own 1 ' 'f vvablon 'Z 1' Y, DN 'S . m., ' VV' as -nu ft 4 r Q ,Y ' -W 'FDI A v .. .1-'A x 96' f ff 1 f.-ml' r"fs1 wa 9' fi 93 ff? 9 rf 1. lg ,,-. .-.. ru flk . ,Q 3' A' ,-my gg' qifff' Lava P WA 5 My I ' ' 3 Q S4 , f Q , K.. ff , Xing? 2- , P "" k X ' A ' ' L ,, 3 ar-+"' f - x 1' fmf,,A v ,g v 1 X , ww-ufAW" f !v?i5'x"i'ifi fri? m 'A x"J" Y ' wx in n ' A 'N f L Q 75119 ,,,,,z....-M -NW 1 . L fi X M- y , Q 3 . Q h VL I 4 Y ti Xi A ' lx .ww f Q'X', Q m A L V L , , ' 2f 5?l eliigw , ' G ' I QL KKQVQQYTK S V! i Q- A f j Q ' 'gf I - 1 ff J X 4 1 ' fi g , w r vs, + ' ' ' Kr, ' 2 A .... f ' , H 7 . sgffifvv' my J K af - 'YL A, I " , 1 'ws - ,- Q ' Q 1 1' kb A' Q' 1 ffgx :law Q. X. f S . , Q x rib!!! L, ...V s m ...X 1 s Q 1 ,105 f N.. F' I .. i' I J Af I . il Q ,: 1 ' 2 L Q X71 Q 3 x Una 4 ,gy 3 . vis w"aN ', qs.. mg, wb . if wainw if -4' H ,, 'Y wr iw' ,Q A - A .v RA, mf: -Mfg is Q L.: .1,5' 40-1' O -A X' ii ,- 'f A60 - Wx u S. L . Boa rd of Education SUPERINTENDENT 111111' 1'11'1111111111'1 501111111 sys11'111 1s 11112 111111111- 111 1lI1X'1llg' s111'11 ll 1111111 11s 1712 NN':11f1ll XY111111 11s M1111-1'11111'111111111. 1J1'. 11111111 1s11s1'11111111111111111111111'1111g'11 1-1111- 1111111111 111111 XY111l I1 111'111111 111111111111 1111 1'1111111':11 11111-s. Mr. XY111111 I'1'11lI'l1L'11 as s11111-1'i1111-1111- 1-111 111 11111 111l.1l1 s1'1111111 sys11'111 1x'111-1'1- 111' 11l1lg'111 111111111-11111111's 111111 1115tl11'5' s1'1'1'1':11 11-1111 ago, 15111111 "XY1111's XY1111 111 .'Xl1l1'l'11'Il,n 11111- 1.111115 111111 11lIl'11lg'1.111S 1:111s1- 111 111111' 111' 11215 1111111111 111 X'Zl1'1Ul15 111111-1' 111111111111 s1'1111111s, XX'I'1111'll I1llI1lL'l'- 1111s 11111111s 111111 111'111'11's. 111141 1111s 11111111 l11'l'S1111'l11 111- 1'1-1111111 Nl11'1l1ll1 1'11111'Q1' 111 1111.lIY1111'. SCHOOL BOARD 1111ct111g' s1'1111111 1111s11111ss. E, il 151 111 'J 1115 1,1 1 '3 2 L 1..- if Wolff 1 fN Clayton Cook Walter Aughe Waldo Wood Fred Petty 1111 1111- SL'11U1J1 1111Zll'l1. 1x'1111'11, 111 1'11-11111'1'11111111 111111 1111- s11111-1'11111111111'111. 111111111g'11s 111111111 1'1-1:11111 111 11111 s1'1111111 1'11y 111'1- 11112 XY2l11L'I' .AllQ'111', 111'1's11111111: M11 1"1'1-111-1'11'11 1'1'11x', s111'1'1-11111 111111 B111 11111111111 1'1111k, 11'1'11s111'1'1'. 1i1'1111'1' this g1'1111p 1'111111' 1Il11'S111l1lS 111 111111111'111111'1' 111 1' 7-XDMI ISTRATIO A. E. CONDON Mr. Vance Curtis. personnel director of lf. H. S., brings to his office the bene- fit of his experience in the personnel de- partment of Camp Grant, Rockford, Illi- nois. and in various phases of school work in Frankfort, enriched through graduate study in the University of VVis- cousin. Mr. XYarren. the assistant principal of lf. ll. S.. instituted and developed the N. Y. A. work in this high school, over which he has complete supervision. He also has complete charge of the patrol hoys. During' the two years that Mr. A. li. Condon has heen principal of F. ll. S. there has occurred many additions and improvements in our school sys- tem. This year has seen the develop- ment of the cadet system of hall patrol to provide for efficient use ofthe halls. the delegating of more authority to the Student Council and the co-opera- tion of the faculty in a movement to- ward the adoption of a more practical philosophy of education. To apply to the class room also during his admin- istration. Mr. Condon has been inter- ested in closer individual contact with students as a means of securing their hetter orientation. V K VANCE CURTIS J. G. WARREN THE Ranking in popularity with favorite after- sehool hang'-outs and scenes of various pas- times, the office is the center of activity during the school hours. All is "hustle hustle" in au effort to keep up with the rapid pace of 'teen age wishes and desires along with all the usual office tasks. ltusy as lwees are the office aides, Gene- vieve Uttermau and her assistant, Freda Mae I.arsh, They serve as walking ency- clopedias to answer the thousands of varied questions which pass over the counter. "XYhose class is Mary Smith in this pe- riod?" "Do you know where the janitor of Y V OF VV V VV V Q FICE Central Building' could he fouud?"faud so on until school is ended for the day. f - . . . . Iyping' and mimeographing' daily au- uouucemeuts, preparing final copy of tests for teachers. thoroughly checking attend- ance records, and keeping' any and all other records in good shape are among' a few of their other johs. They have a complete record of your entire high school scholastic ratings, and in their files may he found en- rollment cards with your class schedule for every day. Mr. Condon and Mr. XYarren also have necessary duties for the girls to perform. Y V sm- . t nlficc go slnclcnls for coiilcwiicvs cnncvrn- ing jnlws. cullcgv nppnrtiiiiitivs, cuursvs :incl mlzlssvs. cxcnscs from sclifml, l. Zlllfl THE PERSONNEL OFFICE lfrmn ilu- pc-rsmnicl ollicc arc- issucrl our local positions. as wc-ll :is stzltc' zinrl outsol- wm-lfly gnirlziiicc- lc-ssons :incl liclp: to thc stzltc. rlcnts. zinrl Mr. Curtis is :it :ill time-s willing pvrsnnzil rulings, :incl rulclilionzil questions ll' full UW lmllllf m :my hilly flilmill they lhmu. img mlm. lint. Mgt, ig fm.- 4l0SlI'Cf'XYlll'llll'1' it lu' zlpplviiig' lm' sclinlzlr- A . .. .... . . . I D I I, 5 nisln-fl nn pusilisnis in vziriuns vnczltimml Sllllw lm' Sf"UU1'5 W' lwllllllg lVf'Sl'1W'll lllfm if-lrls. vlfbll lllZlL'C'IllL'lll sviwicc' is givcn for their prngrziiiis, DE7-KN OF GIRLS Quill- El lzisk lizis lwcn liczin ul fiirls-Vf- slnnrlzirils nl' :ill tln' girls :inil inzilcv nl' Ilia-ni wntcliing uvvr all llic girls of l'il'Zll1lifOI'l :ill-runnrl yuniig lzulics. lligli Sclinol, discussing xrilli tlicin tlicir The officc uf llc-an of Girls was ci'0:1ta-ml prrmlwlciiis, zinfl Zllfllllg' the-in in any way pos- fin- ya-urs Ilgfi, :incl it has piwvvrl siiccvssfnl silmlc. ln hor lirsl year in this capacity :incl El great lic-lim in K'1lI'l'j'lllg' :int lliv zictix Mrs, ljlllil llc-zltun has tricrl to flllVIlllCC tlic' ilic-s uf thc sclmol. 'l'l1is officc is for tlic' XX'Cll.1ll'C' of thc sin- Th THE FACULTY or THE TEACHING STAFF OF FRANKFORT HIGH members, and the majority teach five classes and have a home room. e teaching staff is composed of forty-thre CARL CARL J. ANDERSON BELCHER B. S. A. B., M. A. Physcial Physics Education IRENE EVERETT CARFIELD CASE B. S. B. S., M. S. Commercial Physical Education LAWRENCE MARTHA FARRELL FINNEY A. B. B. S. Mathematics English EDITH BERTIE HINMAN HUTCHINGS A. B. B. S., B. M. Hi tory Eighth Grade JAMES GEORGIA MCMURTREY MOORE A. B. A. B. English Librarian 5. V , ' "1 j' E. ' ELIZABETH ZEHNER li' "'g B. S., A. D. Physical Education B. R. BLUNK B. S. Industrial Art HAROLD BARNETT B. S., M. S. History SALLIE FOSTER B. S. Physical Education DORIS KNOX A. B., A. M. Mathematics INEZ NIXON B. M. Music EVELYN BOND A. B. Commercial WAYNE K. SHOCKNEY B. S., M. A. Industrial Art HARRIET GALLUP B. S. Art VERDA KNOX A. B. English EASDALE PICKETT A. B., A. M. History DELLA M. SANDERS B. S., B. A. M. A. Mathematics AUBREY THOMAS B. M. Band RALPH E. HAROLD BURROUGHS CALDWELL A. B., A. M. A. B. Chemistry Mathematics JAMES LESTER DAVIS DEBARD B. S. B. M., M. M. Mechanical Orchestra Drawing CLAUDE L. E. O. HAMPTON HANGER A. B., Ph. M. A. B. History Science P. S. JACKSON LOWE MANGES A. B., M. S. A. B. Agriculture Commercial MARY RAYMOND REID ROHRABAUGH B. S., M. S. A. B. Home Social Economics Science MELBA VIRGINIA SIMS SMITH A. B. A. B. Home Journalism Economics HELEN COY UNDERWOOD WOOD R. N., B. S. B. S. Nurse English HATTIE CAMPBELL A. B. English L. N. EVANS Vocational License Industrial Art OMA F. HEATON A. B., A. M. Latin MARY MAY A. B. Mathematics MATTHEW RONZONE B. S., M. S. Physical Education PAUL SWEARINGEN B. S. Science EW., K . .Ei 15 Unvf Y . ,fa f ff M215 T Y sw- Mm. :qw L',, :L 5159952-: 1.17 E :.:2'73,.: ff-': . 2 ,,c,: V 91 A 'fl X. X. 3 i Y f 'N 4- K Qgvfkwvvf Y - 11.1 22 'E :NX .... xx.. 4' .f..fs4s5X5i5w1 .W .. K E5 ,w ik 1 H U A., is A X., l .A N gbI ,X W X ag. K x .IM-is my X :Q , ffig. A' FM , vm. qs f mc. Fwf 11' . wpw .4 4 K WM Q Q2 vi Q W K g,fjg.-9553 ,. A 1 M gf5gf:PSag55.i 537 . N . 0 z x Biff,-Si N 5 Q X S f , .wiwf - X . . W, . 23 fwfggg. .gf " K A 'QP K AL iww, .WMWJ .L m-mm k x wf, MW Lww? j M.-Q ' E , ., . ww, - M. .' , , .2TQfQ:.1f,, gr KW' .. ' fwfkf Q ff fi. afbfflivf.. I' 1, 3 - ' -A ,L www ' XQWVNN Pi? 1 M.w QS xfwf Mhfwa TQJK !w v N1 if Q-5554113 ' 1 fx ge.. A - ff we f ' Nw? wf X A A His- X 5 -' w I , ,,A Jwwwm , ' wg 'www s K k'i 9135. . . . . I 5 ww ' 5 'E . ,ws 'f' ww " " Y Q . . Q 2 5 Ask X3 M LM 5 1. .. 3: M2 if X , 3 M. 'W Q ww. ',.w ... ff--f 'xQf.Q..:A Q X 1925+ ggw,f,...,w X - wgmx ymw - -- . .f ff ',wmww .,. f ' Q24 W? . wk . 6 ' Z7 I I- iv xg. .., - THE masses JUNXORS GNNURY- SOVH ES HNXEN F Vs GRRDE CLMS OWNERS EXGHTH CTN XT X ES MW k Y-EW Ps W Y." v-. ' ' 1 1 K X vw., A,..l V Y A I xg 'M - ow .pnnmiwm fl"iJ3x'- H " I K 7115 .1 , f - . gr.-.W E M inf - , wwf M L ' .. A 'Z ni f'lg,,e 75 7-heh K- u Csfaa Nqw Te . a 1 Tins College vac. The T""'e 1 cfs 'iw we G al , so RUDOLPH WITSMAN ELOISE VOLZ ROBERT SHAVER MAXINE MICHAEL President Treasurer Vice-President Secretary john Albitz Vera Arndt Mary E. Ashley Nathetta Baker Bill Baum Othel Becker Orchestra Sunshine Sunshine Forum Forum Music Festival G. A. A. G. A. A. Math Club Math Club Chess Club Cauldron Staff Bill Berry Robert Black Bonnie Bogan Floyd Bogan Bob Bolen Elden Braden Hi-Y Sunshine Student Council Football Art Club Yell Leader Staccato Cauldron Staff "F" Club Home Economics james Brandon William Brown Berniece Carey Betty Carroll Donald Chandler Emmett Cody National Honor Cauldron Staff Hi-Y A Choir Student Council G. A. A. Cauldron Staft Cauldron Staff Sunshine Band Maynard Conarroe Dorothy Collins Isabelle Coy Ruth Crose Don Cummings Manette Darling National Honor Home Economics Sunshine Baud Band Sunshine Student Council Orchestra Cauldron Staff l.atin Club 'W' Vhx 'ii -riff" sd""WW mn AMW 4 fi. b ins qilvv--f in? uk -fl Dick Davis Joe Daywitt John Denton Pauline Doty Math Club Cauldron Staff Latin Club G. A. A. Hi-Y Football Sunshine Choir Math Club George Edgar John Emmert Roscoe Fanning Jack Farling Bill Ferguson Cauldron Staff Track Band Baud Cauldron Staff Math Club Orchestra Cauldron Staff National Honor Math Club Prefect Council james Frazier john Frye Mary Galey Lynette Garrison Martha Glover "F" Club Hi-Y Sunshine National Honor Math Club Orchestra G. A. A. Cauldron Staff Forensic Forensic Sunshine Harold Grove Helen Gunion james Hardesty Walter Harrison Robert Henderson Cauldron Staff -Ir. Red Cross Cauldron Staff Track "F" Club Staccato Camera Club 1 Big Broadcast Basketball Home Economics Football Gertrude Hines Sunshine Math Club Cauldron Staff Elizabeth Downs Guy Dyar William Francis Chess Club Cauldron Staff Student Council Margaret Grafton National Honor Sunshine Staccato Hope Henning Home Economics Sunshine Richard Hinton Patricia Hobbs Charles Hoffman Robert Hollis William Hollis G. A. A. Camera Club - 1 ii Ted Hooker Lance Howard Paul Hutchison Donna Irwin Bill jackson Veryle Jacobs Cauldron Staff Home Room Football National Honor Camera Club Forum Officer Sunshine Hi-Y Choir Jack jarrell Lorraine johnson Mary johnson Max Johnson Dolores Kaylor Raymond Kelley "F" Club Band Cauldron Staff Cauldron Staff Cadet G. A. A. Sunshine Sunshine Staccato Orchestra F Doris Kelly Helen Kern Robert Kirkwood William Klippel Jack Knoll Leo LaBaw Sunshine Cauldron Staff Cauldron Staff National Honor Latin Club Math Club Glee Club Forensic Forum Forum Camera Club Staccato National Honor Band Hi-Y Band Il. Barbara LeCroiapfQL:gnor -gn 'more Alvin Laughner Walter Lindauer Wanda Lipp Eddie Lynch Cauldron Staff ff? ent 'FQ-W il Basketball Sunshine "F" Club Staccato 1. ' me E " ff' ics "F" Club Band National Honor Forensic X Forum Ida Lynch Martha Major Barbara Mann Charles Mark joe Masters George Mathewson Sunshine National Honor National Honor Club Cauldron Staff Latin Club Cauldron Staff Sunshine Football Chess Club Cauldron Staff Forensic Band Track Math Club 3 mg, I '-'fix .Tf',py , if Qixikjfkxm 1 -'ti -v av, .W 15' f ., .ns--f. N W 2 5 'P ig' K N tx x 3. X 1 K 1 'N K at Q. , 4 .E-, Mfg", a ii.. 3.1 6 Sri,-, 2 W 'Q--f I Alisa? "'1' -.Q vu ,avi Y G 2: UW. 'Wg-1' Yi..- 4-.N -- t--.Jw-W. .. " fits W john Maxson Thelma McAdams Fred McCoy Jeanne Mclver Leroy McManama Helen Michael Cauldron Staff Sunshine "F" Club Sunshine Latin Club Latin Club Forum G Maxine Michael Beth Miller Wayne Miller Emerson Moore Marian Morrow National Honor Staccato Math Club Sunshine Sunshine National Honor Staccato Cauldron Staff .I Esther Mynes Benson Norris Gerald O'Neil1 Geraldine O'Nei1l Kenneth Owens Latin Club Prom Committee Hi-Y Sunshine National Honor Chess Club Cauldron Staff Cauldron Staff Cauldron Staff Latin Club Forum Q, Herbert Patchett Robert Power Betty Purciful Margaret Reed Gerald Reef Cauldron Staff Forum Home Economics Math Club Hi-Y Band Sunshine Band Cauldron Staff Clark Richards Cleta Robison Eva Robison Wilma Roush Catherine Ruch National Honor Home Economics Home Economics Sunshine Cauldron Staff Sunshine Sunshine Staccato Sunshine Glee Club Jr. Red Cross M National Honor Sunshine Cauldron Staff Thelma Myers Sunshine Staccato Chorus William Parker Hi-Y M ath C lub William Reid Marilyn Schanbacher National Honor Cauldron Staff Latin Club Richard See Cleona Seibert Peggy Shaffer William Sharp Robert Shaver Mary Sheets National Honor Staccato Sunshine National Guard National Honor High Life Sunshine Latin Club Forum Student Council High Life Girls' Chorus Hi-Y Mary Shuler Evelyn Sipes Maxine Slade Beverly Smith Ted Spaulding Morris Speitel Sunshine Home Economics Sunshine Ir. Red Cross Home Economics Art Club " Jr. Red Cross Hi-Y Richard Spray Robert Spray Frances Stevens Betty Stevenson Carmen Stewart Vera Stewart Student Council Student Council Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine Girls' Chorus Chess Club Hi-Y Student Council High Life Orchestra Orchestra Band Latin Club Z Delores Stine Curtis Strain Anita Stubley Robert Suits Robert Sullivan Bob Talbert Sunshine Forum Sunshine National Guard Math Club Forensic Home Economics Student Council Forum Cauldron Staff Cadet Track Band James Thompson George Thornton Eloise Volz Herbert Volz William Wainscott Betty Wallace Cauldron Staff National Honor Hi-Y National Honor National Honor Hi-Y Sunshine Camera Club Cauldron Staff Sunshine Math Club Cauldron Staff Quldron Staff ..,,.fPY Wadi 'Uh-f ,Y ' jjfgx L it , I 3 WI fl! Vjfv ...Q ik' vf 751 john Weakley Herbert Webb Philip Weimer David Whitmore Freda Wickham Robert Williams Cadet Basketball Math Club Orchestra Sunshine Track "F" Club Hi-Y Forum Rudolph Witsman Drucilla Wyatt Bertha Young Mary Young Wilma Younger Betty jo Zerfas National Honor Sunshine Sunshine Home Economics Sunshine Home Economics Student Council Jr. Red Cross Student Council Forum Cauldron Staff G. A. A. SENIOR RUTOGRAPHS SNA S vlilllllk your hurry! . . . Posing. linli? . . . Com- plzlccxlcy .... qllzlckl wooclsinun .... "'l'l1c XYQz1ry 'l'i':u'clci'." 'l'rin'ki11g' along' .... Stnclionsi . . . Solwr jnclgc. . . Conic on, giver, uSL'0I'Cl1ll'.H . . . UCllL'Zll.l'l'S.H . . . XYork! at lust. . . lli kill! . . . Front :incl ccntcr .... Girls, Il car. l,i-Us take' off .... llcrc to tlicrc. . . lfrcc' wliccl- ing. l'ZlllZlI'g'l'4l .... Songstcrs, . . . lCx'ci'ylnocly's iricncl. Folic- flute. ln the snap section ulmovc you lmvc Z1 variety of snaps. Raiiging' from the nmrcli of tllc fi-ct across tlic strc-ct from one building' to another to thc enor- mous paper clrivc put on by the Senior Class :incl thc Student Council in Novcnilucr. lnclnclvcl in that range arc snaps of incliviclnals. Announcing TH E J U IDR llollis, :Xlicc llL'lllIlDlll'Q'Cl'. Sccmicl limx'-HL-tty llollis. -lZllllCS hlulmsmi. llzirry 'long-s. ,luliii lNilllIlll'I' l,ZlXX'l'l'l'lC0 llmvlaulcl. 5 'l'lii1'rl RUN"-'f.l1l.llli'S l.2lllg'llllCI', Rosv licllcy. limwitliczl llzirlzlml. fiom- llcri' .Ivan l,:11i0, lllurylwlle Kirlmy, 'll-cl llzlzclwoml. lfourtli Ruxx'fsl'z1tty llzlrslimzlii, lxmisc .loin-s. Ixlilfj' lin-cw'i'. lictty Irwin Avzmcll llZll'l'lS0ll. ixlilfj' lluffcr, llclcn l.n-wis. First RlHX'+XY2lj'l1L' limits. Cliarlvs .'Xiclm:ui. ZXlZll'Ylll Coffiimii, Orville Allen Holi Corus, Artliur .Allt'l1. Svcoilrl lion'--.PX1'tl1i11' Clussin, Riclmrrl Clussin. l7lm'n-:ics liakcr, Ifrzuiccs lil:u'kc'i', lllariou liyrlcy. Hill Q':1i'tc'1'. Thircl Row-lic-11fo1'rl lgC2I.l'll, Mary Clcliclc-niiilig, lluli lice, liyrun Camplwll XYilmzL llZlI'l,CI', listlicr ClllZLlNlll'l'. joy Cutler. lJorutl1cz1 flZllI1lJl'lfllQ'C. lfourtli Row-Yii'g'i11ia Cripc. ljwlizulim- lirzuiclt. Pzuiliiic Clark, L'liz1i'lmtm Czunplx-ll. l':1t Umm, Ruth fillllfllfl, lic-rwyn Azlrmi. First Row-lfx'C1'ctt l'll'ZlZlCl'. Alan lfvzuis, Orvul lYil't'Cl1C, .lvrry l:l1lllC'Clif' Riclizlrrl Cirucllc, Floyd linclrcs. Svcoml ROXK'flD0ll2llfl fiOl'll'lELll, Klzuiricc- lluffcr. Dun lilltllll. l'aul llowc lltlllillfl llcnmzm. Tliircl RONX'+.lO2ll1 llzlckzlrrl, lictty Davis. lllziry Gl'l'g'lll'j'. livyrl iimilfl lllilftllll lficllcr, lla llzliiggc-1', Anim lJZ1l1IL'. liI'ZlCC Faust. lfourtli Rl'JXYg'flllZll'lCS lluckclt, Ninn llziilmzm, l7lm'c-ucv iizilcy. Ycrm-ll .l'lCl'g'1lSOll. xxvlllllil lfustcr. ,lcam-ttc lflliott. -lzuict l:0lll'llll'l'. First RONX'7RlCllll1'll KZllllli'l'. Hill .lUllllSUll, Hill llnycr. .lack l.:1ml1'i's. Dick W First Row-Barbara Toney, Marilyn VVeida, Mary .Io Springer, Bonnie Utterback, Evelyn Street, Flossie VVarren, Bill Shanks. Second Row-Nancy Spradling, Norma Scott, Marjorie VVillian1s, Phyllis Stroup, Muriel Yuill, Lucyellen Strain, Lois Young. Third Row-Junior W'alker, Betty Wray'. Lee Shearer. W'ard Underwood. Marvin NVallace, Hollace VVise, Rosemary Wilso11. Fourth Row-Bob Pierce, Francis Robbins, Eugene Strange. Bob Swanson, Phil XVise, Bill Zobrist, Harold Suits, Harry Unroe. First Row-Bertha Michner, Melba Ohlemacher, Agatha Lucas. Louise Peterson, Betty Moore, Joyce McNutt, Eugene Graham. Second Row-Norma Peters, Jean Nuckols, Phyllis Nees, Beatrice Lowe. Helen Myers, Barbara Owens, Betty Payne, Malcolm Grimstead, Third Row-Virginia McGrath, Mary Mattix, Margaret Miller, Julia Myers, Ethel Mann, Tom O'Hara, Junior Miller. Fourth Row-Ross Michael, Russell McNelly, Ralph Oberdorf. Ted Neid- linger, Richard Good, Bill McMurtrey, Tom Major, John Gster. First Row-Peggy Mathewson, Alma jean Ryan, Juanita Posey, Mary Sparrow, Gene Pickering, Joan Sipe. Second Row-Charles Snyder, Bill Huff, Jeane Shanklin, Lillian Primack, Bonnie Smith, Mildred Shives. Third Row-Violet Sharp, Bonnie Sherrill, Emory Smith. Carl Rash, Betty Miller, Dortha Solari, Jake Ruch. , Fourth Row-Phyllis Price, Earl Phillippo, Bill Snyder, Bob Ricker, Charles Sheldon, Morris Robley, Bob Plunkitt. X Announcing THE SCPHOMORES 1 1 mlge, 10a11 1011es, lieatriee llayes, 1l1l1Zl lfirst R011'-1a111es 10l1llSOl1, 111 ll l1ll11llC', liarl llmvarcl. 0 peverly King, llilcla 1lZl1111lf.0l1, 1iYClyl1 Kin- Sc-c011cl lQ0x1'a10a11 llar111 11. 1' nett, Mary llerr. l1ZlI'lJZlI'Zl Kran ll'l'. 1 lluffer, 11111101' 1lutel1i11s011, 1:11111-s liCll110Kly, 1lar01rl '1'l1irrl RUN'-l':llg'0l1L .llZll'l'1SlJI1, Patsy l1lll1101l. 1721111 101111so11. Kelly. Alice llirt, 110111110 1Ol1l1SOl1. Cl1arl0tte lle11s011, 1"011rtl1 R01v+10l111 - U Robert Hart, Dean llylllllll. First Row-lNl1lt011 lglllllli, -lllllllly Ayers, lietty l1I'ILll1l11Cll. l1ar0l4l liram- 111011. Mary 1.0l1 Chittick, lilizabeth Carr. Second Row-Stanley Aclcrs, 11111 V l11111ti11, lleleu liilflllllly, Betty 111V ClClllZll1S, Nlll'l1l2l l1llL'llZl.l1Zll1, l1lUl'12l CZltl'0ll. ' lek CZll11QXY0ll, Nl11'l11Zl11 l1yl'11L', 1.01115 Carey. '1'11irtl R011'-F1'erle1'iek 1JI'l1CC, 1: llelc-11 lilack, 11111i01' A111iel1, 1i111111y lirown. D 1'iUll1'tl1 Rowfliola Berry, 1'lar0lrl lrglllltlll, 13011 Ayers, 11011 lxC11IlClt, Nlilrlrecl liaker, l'11'11.l11i liearflsley. 1 y Fuller, l70r's L'0lg'r01't First R011'-lNlary 1:C1'Q'llS0l1, Mary l':flWZl.1'1lS, Pett, 1 - Irwin COl10L', Ci10ria Cl1l1gZl11, lJe11is011, xvilyllk' Ciarrl, XX 'l'l1ircl R01Y+-10 A1111 lJ0llOl1O. Cl1i1l'lCl1C Mabel Al11e. 01111111 Cioe S1-c011clR011'-1a111es f1CZll'l1CZll't, ll 'i11ia111 Crose. 1811165 lJi111111itt. " I 4CXV9l1l'. lXl2l.1'X'111 C'le11cle1111i11g. Marjorie C0y, l.a11ra 1211, Mau l 0. liZltl1lCQ11 Defroes, 1111121 l:Ul'1".' l'1OllI'tll Row-Karl Gable, XYZlltCI' Forney. ut 11 C nracl, Dora Mae Crowell. I.Ul'1'Ill11C Cripe, X121 ic 0 1101101111 Dick Davis, c'Zltl1l'j'11 Faust, Mary 10 lfllis, Patsy iil01'e1 P s 1 W ' . n Av Qfgy 46 VUE C 'er -. 'fnf .jf :rs 5 5 1 U 36 Y : Q ll. O6 I". MV 1'-. BG Q 'IN 491 CQ O First Row-june Mangis, Barbara Lee, Grethel Murphy, Elizabeth Myers, Ruth Martin. Second Row-Sally Lowden, Bob Miller, Leonard Norris, Virginia Owens, Virginia Miller, Freda Leger. Third Row-Mary Nelson, Tom O'Donnell, james Maxson, jack Miller, joe Ann Maddux, Phyllis Norris. Fourth Row-John Norris, john McKinney, George Northorp, Harrison Mclver, Bill Lemen, James McDonald. First Row-Betty Reno, Barbara Sibbitt, Florence Powell, Martha Ryan, Lois Pope, Eleonora Rogier. Second Row-Julia Sloan, Betty Robley, junior Pitman, Patty Sharp, Lu- cille Probus, Joan Price. Third Row-Harold Sherfey, Jack Schlosser, Donald Robison, Bill Robison, Junia Schlosser, Esther Parson. First Row-Mary Ann VVitherow, Betty Swift, Eva VVann, Clinton Wick- ham, Jack Stevens, Beatrice Spear, Pearl Stuart. Second Row-Ruth Thomas, Mary jane White, Doris Zipperian, Isabelle VVitsman, Betty Watkins, Evelyn Younger, Dorothy Smith, Mina Jane VVilkinson. Third Row-Bill Zwyers, Martha Thatcher, Roy Watkins, Glendon Stokes, Ben Thompson, Bill Stillwell, Proctor VVainscott, Charles Slaughter. Fourth Row-Paul Smith, William Wright, Bob Snider, Joe McKinzie, James VVilson. Jesse Younger, Dick Uitts. Announcing THE FRESHME First licnv-4l'0gg'y llZll'Sll11lZ1Il, l3o1'otl1y li11111101'l. Ruth l'l01'g11su11, Xvlllllil li2ll'flll0l', 'lulia li1'i111st0acl, .lo Jxllll lTL'Z1l', lfStl1L'l' l:Cl'g'llS01l. SOCOllKl lQUXYi,lZlllC liepoy, liarliara Fuflg0. .lZlll1CS l':l11l'1'j', lly1'o11 livans, Patty l51'a11kli11, Rolicrt l'lOl'llCj', lfva liik011lm01'1'y. 'l'l1i1'cl ROXY--llZl.l'lJZll'Zl Galmlc, liclwarcl Qil'CCl1, Richarcl lfostcr, llill Qioscw0l11', litlfllllll l,CZ1ll. 'l'o111111y C21'iffi11. Rolaml l:C1'g'llSOl1. .llllllftll RON'-liSll1L'l' F1'00111a11. limb l:OllSllZlllCS, Ricliarcl llZ1l'I'lSUIl, Rulm01't llaycs, llick llouglas. Max lJOI'Zl1l. blllllltll' l':l1l1'l1Ctt. lfirst RUXY-l,0llg'lZlS McN11lt. Holi Mclilwcc, llilly lllclfwcxi, Karl Miliay. llctty lN'lo1'pl10w, lic-v01'ly Mcliiiiscy. lNla1'gar0t Nalicoat. SCC0llll li0wfR0l101't N0lso11, Mack MOL'l111'0, Rolicrt lNliCl1a0l, 'lOllll Nlill01'. S110 lVl2lIIl'lllg', C2ll'Oly1l l,a11cl11101', Pat lxlllllflll, l.ZlXvt'l'IlL' Uttiiigcr. 'l'l1i1'ml RUN'-ljillllllll Olipliant, Floris lxlillltly, Phyllis Millc-1'. Sl1i1'l0y Miller, Lois lNl0N11tt, l'l1yllis lNlaisl1, llllUgL'lN' Nllll1l2lllj', Holm Malmliitt. Holi lNly01's. l'l0lll'lLl1 lxOXYfll'XVl1l l,llj'llL', flcralcl l.ykk011. llilly lXICl'l'l1llZlll, .lack lXIZl.llQCliC. Max Nk'lfllll1g'Cl'. hli111 l.llgIlI', lluli l,i11cl1ack, XY1llia111 Lipp. Hill Mi11c0- IllOyCI'. First lQoxx'4Ray111o11 Sl101'1'ill, lilClll1 Rolmison, lJa1'x'i11 l'01'ki11s, hlanics l,UllC, Nathan l'1'i111ack, Milclrcrl Rogicr. Ruth Roliliins. lJ0l'Otlly lx0llC1'tSOl1. 50001111 ROXV-RUSCIIIZITB' Rvcf, lill011 l'iclc01'i11g. lictty llltlllilll. llctty SlZ1YL'Il. ROSCll1Zll'y l'0t01's, A1111al10ll Sllj'flCl'. liiltllfyll Sc1'ipt111'0. Mary S011tz. Velma Sharp. 'llliircl Ro1vfRicl1a1'cl R00s, Rulicrt SCllCllCli. Cl1a1'l0s Sl1ZlYC1'. ,loc Siffiu, s-liflllll l'l1illippo, xvuylll' Ryan, Phyllis Slieparcl. lictty Rice. lrllllflll l'iOXY-Xvlllllil. Powcll, Peggy Sheets, listclla Sliarplcs. Jxllll Rich, lxllltllll SCllCl1L'li. llal RQW0, Max l'11g'l1, blames Rayl0s. 'l"1'a110is Scl100ts. First Row-Gordon Wise, Fred VVhitn1ore, Lucille Younger, Sarabelle Witherow, Sue Stewart, June Thompson', Hilda VVright, Rosanna VVeaver. Second Row-Betty VVeaver, Sara Volz, Mary Young, Betty NVainscott. Betty Stillwell, Xenacolea Switzer, Alberta Spaulding, Frances Stout. Third Row-Richard VVeakley, Patty VVaddell, Max Spear, Charles W'est. Charles Street, Charles Thompson, LeMoine Strain. Fourth Row-Edward Young, Bob Thompson, Gordon Yantis, Wallace Taylor, Jim VVilson, Bill Spencer, Gerald Swain. First Row-Joan Crutchfield, Berniece Barbee, Marjorie Davey, Dorothy Cody, james Baker, Betty Bewsey, Russell Bushman. Second Row-Albert Curbeaux, Thelma Bruce, julia Bristley, Charles Clark, Saraetta Coffman, Maurine Cody, Virginia Ayres. Third Row-Colleen Conn, Betty Behr. Deloris Culp, Paul Brammell, Paul Coil, Orville Cantwell, John Davis. Fourth Row--Iacquelyn Armantrout, Georgia Baldwin, Marie Benjamin, Mary Cline, Malcolm Conner, Roger Clark, Ralph Braden, Joe Ayers. First Row-Josephine Hemmerling, Helen Kirk, Mildred Hendricks, Betty Hodson, Bonnie Hollis, Thurl Jacobs. 4 Second Row-Fred Johnson, Joe Kirby, Wanda Kindley, VVallace Knipp, Calvin Kallner, Leona Larimore. Third Row-George Lewis, joan jackson, Bonnie Kaylor, Junne Jervis, Bar- bara Henderson, Helen Ledbetter, Patricia LeBeau. Fourth Row-Marion johnson, Gene Hooton, Robert Laughner, Frank Henning, .Io Ann Hayward, Patsy Kasler. Announcing THE EIGHTH GR DE zllml Yzmtis. llzllv llc-nson, lioh .im-ip IQ-11-1-, ilu-Ilig Xlglllin-wsml. SMH' butyl lmmml' Sixth llmvfllirlc 'll-c'g'11z11'rlvi1, lfx'm-lyn 'l'hmnn Svcmifl RtHX'-fX'l'I'll1ll?l'lll' l.c-liow, Patsy Klip- us, llonnic S t i n s u n, llcwm-i'ly 'l'lnnnpsun in-I. l'n-ggi' vlzicohs. Phyllis Kellogg, Xxvllylll' l'g-ggi' lllzulrlnx. lXl:n'll1:1 Klzittix. l,il:L l.m XY:lii1scn1t. -luhnny lYilsun,1ic'rn'gcScl1cClH, iil'Ilf', XY1111clz1 l,c'fllwttc'1'. Xxvlllllil Nlzilicuzlt Nlznwin Munn, lirlxwnwl hlonsini, .linnny Nur- Mary blanc Pogn C. llclvn l,cv, lXlZll'Q,'ll Vis, blznnvs l,m-0, Maxine llllll.L'I'. lll'lll'll, l.:l llnnnzl Phillips. Vlilllwl NNW' 'Sm' Slwill- M5U'.l0l'l4' Su'l'llf'll50ll- SCYi'll1ll licmwf llick fVill'1lSfJll, lqOlll'l'l. Roush Nnlwrt XY1wflS. .l1llllCS S1fiWf'1'S- li1'0"!V llonzilfl Young, ,-Xrflc-Ili l.1u':1s, l'hvllis Kas Slk'XX'1lI'l, lQt'Zl1'llU1l Rmvc, Rolwrt Slim-pzml, 191-. Q1-X-SM1 lqolgnsfmv If-pm llglflil-nv Iglmil ,luhn SCllIlIllHZlCl1L'l', 'lnnim' lfislilmck, .linnny gg,-iffitlfi IQ-SSC S1101 I fy, lyumlld Ixllil-my ll5llf'l'- llmllllf' Llllll- llavirl Sll'5'1ll'l', linssvll llccl. i l'iUlll'lll limi'-f-wllvlly Spciicviy fXnn:1hc'llQ Shel- Igiqhth ROW ,M Ruin.,-t Kvnv' hmim. gpm.,-S l-':VVl5'1l Yflll- Illf.ll'Y Wf'S51'li lllmlllf' MC' Nc-il Xxllllllllllx Rulwrt Sliipli-y. liolwrl li'- lfl'Vll'1 .lfmll Mfllmll' .Mfll"l5'll ll4'lt'?."'f'W- win, llzlrrx' l,npci'. llzinl llZll'l', -luhn linlwrl- l"'ii'l'l"l" Mflliwl- ltwlllil 5100111 Vlillclllm son, llzmiilcl Rllllllli'l'. Toni llvihnzin, lion- l'mx'c-ll. lim-x'ci'ly M C M51 n 21111 ai, Clizlrlcs ,wth lq1,1,i,,,m,. XX':u-xx-i', lin-nnclh Murphy. l'ii'S1 RUW ' .lilfk l-f'll!lf'llUW- lfifth limi'-llc'1'n:1i'fl l'itts, lic-tty lilippcl. Sn Rnlu-rt llzlll, 'llnn Y:unlcrx'rn't. zzinnc' Sclilussvix lllzlry S h c- 1' rill, llc-loris l'lIil l4iY1'ZC5'- l'1lf,l0l111S0n. lion tlonlrl, Snszln XX'zulc, lfnnicc -lnlnison, lla-x' l1lYl'Zl'j', Will lA'lNl'11. C.il11l1'lPS crly XX'z1iiiscutt, :Xlinu XX'illi:11ns, Klimirvz Y!1lllxl'Sfli'll. l,Zl1llRZlllii'S. DUN' l.ipp. loan lin-llv. lXl2ll'Y l,lIllN'llg'l'l'. lxlill' , 1 I First Ruxv-licttv Lucas, IQCIIIICV Strode, Bill fer, L4llZlI'lCS Yauch, l'hil Sclilosscr, Rnlwrt l,owc. ,loc lill'llCll. liclwurcl Green, Robert llzlvcy. Smith. Ricliziril lsg1'ip'. liill hlUllllSO1l, Tim- , ulhy hlmics, Rulmcrt lihclrcs, 'llmi Sloan, Bill Slxlh .Rfmi 7 l'l'05'd llcmfcllalllll-. Holm? l'fAVUl'l5' 'll-iiiplctuii, Huy Smith. lim Zippcrian. 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Eighth Ruwfllmlmm Elllwl'-.Xf1l'l1l11 Llzilcl- l'ml1ling'tmi, llohert lliues. FYf:gLllg'cUl, Llluliiuli, hflsll i- ' s, iz ' . 'z ' s, 0:1 oocv, lfoiirtli Run'-X'i1'g'i11i:1 SlZll1gAl1tL'l', Doris Fish- blcaiincttc Catron, llorothy llogzin, llclorcs cr, Yvliiiu lilliott, Mary Pyutt, Betty Millcr, Conklin, llcloris C0 rl: u t L. liilly Corbett, Yirgiiiizr. Milmy, lJOI'0tl1j' Kcnnccly. liZl.!'lJZll'Zl -loan txllbilllgll, lfvclyn Crosc, Rosa' lloylcs, llciiclriclcs, Hill ll i uto 11, Artus CLlI'1lCj', Max llonulio. Robert lluiihzlr. 1 If 'z' "1 ' -" - fiat?Tluilgllgllgrflihlll li0Hnm'1xObUt Don Ninth RUXY-d.lll1llCS XYllSlllZlll, llill XYz1llacc. ' ' Robert li i l b c 1' t, Tom l:l'l1SllUl11'. lllzirtlizl liifth Row -if .Iimmy Fife, liclgzu' l"1'0ll, XYil- Clrccn, Cicrulclinc XY:u'cl, .loan f12ll'1llK'1l, Hur- lizlm liirlcctt, licith C0lg'1'0x'Q, l'hil lichr, lJ2ll'Il. l':2l.StCl'ly, Lewis lifllllflll, livin' lllzick- Nvrl ll11i'1'm1g'l1s, lloh Ostlcr, Russ llcatmi, liclgc, lizlrl llClllll'lCliS0ll, john Scliuolcy, 'lohu llart, Rilylllllllil llzirrisoil, Dale lluf- .Izuucs llzlll, Luther liragg. Q? Ln on' Rd Cross fm Lo Q97l"btPr-feg znemb or When Q YL gfupv-' - 1 . . 39 I A ,1.w... Lrgfi 1 F-5,50 ,--137' -.9.1N""I'x,f f A uc BWV 1 V . , 5,-.A X, boil? ,XXI L A P ' , f-r Q H' .-ze", ' ing , . -' vi ' ff 'iv' . .nw My v vig? x if 1. .-M' x ' 2- xi ' 1:'U ' y v ' PY' ' ' ,uhm-, 4 l Ayr, ,."7:,,,Lf 1 '. ' . ff 1 , ' LX -C aw- , up ,fd .f ' V 5 Nagy DJ f x - xv' " ' ' . , .VX X K6 15131 Mm W A AQ. f ' 41? Fx- 1' J.. W -ev 41 - i. -sagfnrpqrg-fc-rf'-5 lrgx?-its-fggmefgrv .-'f 1 1 4,,.'2 STUDENT COUNCIL Representing the entire student body, the Student Council has the task of settling numerous school problems and pro- moting leadership, scholarship, character, and service thru- out student activities. Divided into two groups-the prefect council and the ad- visory council-this organization has continued the cadet sys- tem this year. The prefect council consists of representatives from the various classes elected by the entire student body. Home-room and class presidents make up the advisory coun- cil, whose duty is, as is implied by its title, to make sugges- tions and advise the prefect council. NVith President Bob Spray serving as judge, the council conducts trials for various offenses. Prosecutor is Bill Fer- guson, and the defense attorney may be selected from the entire school. Phil VVise served as vice-president, Dick Spray was secretary-treasurer, and for the first time Mr. llampton acted as sponsor. CADETS "Have you got a pass ?" This is a familiar question when passing through the halls during fourth and other periods. Cadets are stationed in the buildings to see that you do have a signed pass, and, if you don't, to issue to you a yellow slip. Members of the faculty nominated candidates from which the present cadets were selected. These students are ones who are not too busy with extra-curricular activities and who are qualified to fill these positions. This is the second year for this type of hall supervision. Yellow slips may be issued for running in the halls, wear- ing hats in the buildings, chewing gum and eating candy during school hours, loafing in the halls, and many other offenses. Three yellow slips require a trial before the Stu- dent Council. Mr. Hampton is in charge of the force. HI-Y A large majority of the outstanding sophomore. junior and senior boys may be found at Hi-Y meeting almost any Tues- day evening of the school year. VVith fifty members, this club is under the auspices of the state Y. M. C. A. A happier Christmas for all underprivileged children is one of their objectives. For this purpose a Christmas exchange is held and all gifts are given to the Junior Red Cross to dis- tribute at their party. Donations are also given to different charity organizations annually. Students who need financial aid are also furnished with clothing and books. The club as a whole attends church services at various intervals at all churches with members represented in the club. Fathers are entertained at a Father and Son Banquet once a year. For the girls' sake they sponsor a sport dance sometime during the season. To carry on these activities they raise funds by selling candy in the halls after school and usually have the concession stand at the football games. Joe Daywitt, president: John Maxson, vice-president, Rich- ard See, secretary, and Bill Ferguson, treasurer, headed the organization. John Redmon serves as sponsor. First Row - 'Mr. Hampton, Mary Mattix, Robert Shaver, Bill Fer- guson, Helen Mae Michael, Phil Wise, Robert Spray, Dick Spray. Second Row-Betty Stevenson, Pa- tricia Harshman, Janet Fournier, Barbara S i b b i t t, Julia Sloan, Charles Stine, Byron Evans, Rose- mary Peters. Third Row - Peggy Isgrig, Char- lotte Henson, Barbara Kramer, Coralie Cook, Doris Colgrove, Joan Harmon, Mary Young, Colleen Conn, Shirley Miller. Fourth Row-Arthur Danne-r, Jack Longfellow, Beth Miller, Juanita Posey, Jake Ruch, Donald Chand- ler, Bill Lowe, Patsy Kasler, Pa.- tricia Franklin, Eleanor Larimore. Fifth Row - Reardon Rowe, Carl Smith, Carol Grafton, Curtis Strain, Rudolph Witsman, Rich- ard See, Ted Hooker, Floyd Bo- gan, Ted Neidllnger, Earl How- ard, William Francis. First Row - James Johnson, Paul Johnson, Esther Parson, Mr. Claude Hampton, John Weakley, Jack Jarrell. Second Row-John Killmer, Rich- ard Hollis, William McMurtrey, Byron Campbell, Marvin Wallace, Robert Slipher. Third Row-Ward Underwood, Tom Major, Benford Beard, Alan Ev- ans, Richard Uitts, Curtis Strain. First Row--Mr. Redmon, Bill Fer- guson, Dick See, James Thomp- son, Joe Daywitt, John Maxson, Ted Hooker, Bob Talbert. Second Row-David Whitmore, Don- ald Chandler, Robert Bolen, Ger- ald O'lNeill, Ted Spaulding, Robert Power, Herbert Volz, Bill Berry, John Frye. Third Row - Dick Spray, William Parker, Herbert Patchett, Robert Spray, Charles Hackett, Robert Pierce, Jack Landers, Arthur Clos- sin, Jack Knoll, Bill Baum. Fourth Row-Maurice Huffer, Ted Hazelwood, Alan Evans, Dean Hy- man, Frank Beardsley, Bob Mil- ler, James McDonald, James Max- son, Frank T h o m p s o n, Orval Greemie. Fifth Row-Robert Bennett, John Killme-r, Irwin Cohee, Donald Pierce, James Clemans, William Hodge, Ben Thompson, D o ri al d Robison, John Norris, Bill Lemen, garflison Mclver, Robert Gee, Carl as . SUNSHINE SOCIETY Nineteen forty-one marks the thirtieth ye:-.r since the organization of the Frankfort chap- ter of the Sunshine Society. In 1901, Crawfordsville High School became interested in the work of the international Sunshine Society, and so founded this state organization. The Frankfort chapter was the third formed, Lebanon being the second. By 1920 there were twenty societies in Indiana. At the present there are one hundred and forty chapters in Indiana and one in Bridgeport, Illinois. Miss Hattie Campbell has been the sponsor of the local group for eighteen years. At present there are two hundred twenty-five members in F. H. S. New members are added to the society each semester, the only requirement being that the girls have reached the ninth grade or beyond. The club raises money by selling candy at the basketball games and by sponsoring various programs. From this fund donations are made to various high school needs, community projects, Riley Hospital, Clinton County Sunshine Scholarship, Red Cross, infantile paralysis drive and other worthy causes. The one social activity of the society is the annual Mothers' Tea held each April. The officers are Donna Irwin, president, Ruth Conrad, vice-president, Juanita Posey, secretary, Eloise Volz, treasurerg and Phyllis Stroup, corresponding secretary. FORUM All girls barred! Evidently the boys of Forum Club en- joy privacy from feminine students, at least for their meet- ings. Over twenty years ago, due to the demand by the boys of F. H. for a club in which they could get training in debate, parliamentary procedure, and conduct round table discussions, the Forum Club was organized. Being a small club-membership limited to twenty-six-it is not as well known as larger and more socially-minded ones. The group is run entirely by its membersg officers and sponsor take the background. Not known for the number of dances it sponsors, but rather for its informal banquets and yearly picnic. the Formn remains a man's haven in the high school. A semi-official motto of the membership committee is "It is hard to get in and easy to get ont." Revision of the con- stitution was completed this year. Elections are held every semester, giving the members a better chance to choose the leaders they want. Those of 1941 were: Robert Shaver, president, Bill Baum, vice-president, Bill Ferguson, secre- taryg and Ed Lynch, treasurer. jack Knoll served as vice- president and Robert Power as treasurer the first semester. First Row-Charles Hackett, Bob Shaver, Hill Baum, Mr. James M.cMurtrey, Bill Fer- guson, Eddie Lynch. Second Row-Dave Whitmore, Bob Gee, Bill Klippel, Bill McMurtrey, Curtis S t r a, i n, Jack Jarrell, Bob Power. Third Row-Jack Knoll, Kern- neth Jake Owens, Bob Sullivan, Ruch, Arthur Clossln, John Maxson. Fourth Row - Junior Miller, Paul Howe, Ted Hazelwood, Tom M a j 0 r, Ted Hooker, Rudy Witsman, Dick Oyler, Othel Becker. --ei FORENSIC CLUB Having developed in status from that of a junior high club to a popular senior high organization in the last half decade, the Forensic Club continues to promote interest and give knowledge of parliamentary procedure under the sponsorship of Mr. Hampton. Two school projects are sponsored by the group - the awarding of an Indiana Banner at the close of each semester to the highest ranking student in Indiana History, and the new Forensic Scholastic Award to students with the highest average in the eighth and ninth grades. On February 7 the annual dinner-dance was held with music furnished by a local orchestra. Helen Michael, president, jake Ruch, vice-president, Bar- bara Sibbitt, secretary, and Juanita Posey, treasurer, served as officers for the year. HO-ME ECONOMICS Homemakers in the making! The thirty-six members of the Home Economics Club have as their ideal the improve- ment of the high school girl and the promotion of interest in home economics in the student body. Their programs fol- low this idea. This comparatively new club, formed by Miss Reid last year, is considering affiliation with the high school section of the American Home Economics Association and the state organization. Open to girls in the home economic curriculum and other girls who have taken one year of home economics, the club annually holds a style show and a dance. With Betty Purciful, president, Maxine Michael, viee-pres- identg Eva Robison, secretary, Catherine Ruch, treasurer, the club has experienced a successful year. JUNIOR RED CROSS The junior Red Cross chapter of Frankfort High School was first organized in 1938 by Miss Helen Underwood. The club planned its program to carry out its chief objectives- friendship and service to others. In rendering service to others, this organization each year gives a Christmas party for the underprivileged school chil- dren of Frankfort. Nearly three hundred boys and girls at- tend these parties and each of them receives toys, candy, and fruit. Another service rendered to the underprivileged -school children of Frankfort was the distribution of clothing do- nated to the club by local business men. The club was di- vided into four committees-one to take care of the need of each of the grade schools. For promoting friendship, the club sponsors school projects as the Red Cross Penny Drive, and each year holds an animal banquet for the installation of new officers. From the sixty members of the club, Alan Evans was elected president: Virginia McGrath, vice-presidentg Janet Fournier. treasurerg and Joan Maddux, secretary. Alan Evans, janet Fournier, and Bob Nelson represented this organization at the Red Cross Institute March 4, 5, 6 in Indianapolis. First Row - Barbara LaCroix, Bar- bara S i b b i t t, Jake Ruch, Mr. Hampton, Helen Mae M i c h a el, Juanita P o s e y, Martha Glover, Charles Hackett. Second Row-Martha Major, Helen Kern, Ruth Conrad, Charles Clark. Byron Evans, Hal Rowe, Beatrice Ifowe, Phyllis Nees, Lynette Gar- rison. Third Row - Mary Youung, Phyllis Maish, Carolyn Lauchner, J oh n Miller, Tom Sloan, Bil1Lowe, Joan Hackerd, Mary Ferguson, Robert Tallbert, Marybelle Kirby. Fourth Row-Jeanette Elliott, Joe Kirby, Tom Major, Paul Howe, William McMurtre'y, Alan Evans, Sally Lowden, Patsy Glover, Jim Clemans, Phyllis Shepard. Fifth Row - Janet Fournier, Julia Forrest, Patricia Harshman, Julia Sloan, Robert Miller. Don Pierce, Betty Robley, Robert Gee, .loan Sipes, Peggy Isgrig, Helen My- ers, Bill Spencer. First Row-Eva Vvanm, Eva Robi- son, Catherine liuch, Miss Reid, Betty Pureiful, Maxine Michael, Helen Gunion, Bonnie Hogan. Second Row-Joan Harmon, Martha Fidler, Beverly Smith, Mary Huf- fer, Elizabeth Myers, Patricia Sharp, Mary Gregory, Eleanor Larimore, Wilma Roush. Third Row-Julia Hemmerling, Bon- nie Sherrill, Joyce McNutt, Phyl- lis Price, Frances Blackeir, Mary Young, Maxine Cox, Hope Hein- ning, Margaret McMahon. Fourth Row-Gloria Clingan, Lucy- ellen Strain, Lois Young, Delores Stine, Betty .lo Zerfas, Mildred Shives, Bonnie Johnson, Berna- dine Brandt, Betty Moore, Bertha Michner, Elizabeth Davis. First Row - Ru th Conrad, Jannet Fournier, 4.-Xlice Heimburger, Mary K. Huffer, Miss Underwood, Rob- ert Nelson, Phyllis Shepard, Pa- tricia Mahon, Catherine Scripture. Second Row-John Combs, Robert Snider, Grethel Murphy, Lois Pope, Sue Manring, Doris Zipperian, Virginia Owens, Norma Fa-rr, An- na Dame. Third Row-Betty Stevenson, Alan Evans, Dale Ruse, Ted Spaulding, Helen Gunion, Bertha Young, Bet- ty Lou Rice, Catherine Ruch, Bev- erly Smith, Mary Nelson. Fourth Row-Francis Scheets, Bet- ty Robley, Bill Mincemoyer, Sally Lowden, Julia Sloan, Barbara Sib- bitt, Joe Ann Maddux, Mary Ed- wards, Patricia Gunion, Robert Bennett. Fifth Row - Bill Spencer, Charles Clark, Barbara Owens, Louise Peterson, Amnabelle Snider, Mary Jo Ellis, Peggy Harshman, Kath- leen De-Croes, Pat G l o v er, Sue Stewart, Jean Harland, Virginia McGrath. NAUONALHONORSOCWTY Since 1933 outstanding students in Frankfort High have been honored for their achievements by election into the National Honor Society. Either the girls are more numerous or harder workers, for since that date lO8 girls and 74 boys have been selected for membership. Instead of holding meetings during the activities period, the group convenes for a monthly luncheon in the cafeteria. liach spring an informal banquet and party is enjoyed by the memb , Becai.e of their attainments in character, scholarship. leadership. and service. nominees are chosen by the entire faculty. Final election is made by a committee of teachers for that purpose. Under the sponsorship of Miss Verda Knox. the club car- ried on its regular activities this year and chose Helen Michael, president, Dorothy Collins, vice-president, Berniece Carey, secretaryg and Eloise Volz, treasurer. F CLUB "A real fighter never has breath enough to say, 'I quit,' " is the motto of the Frankfort High F Club. Only those boys who hold a major award in at least one of Frankfort's com- petitive sports are eligible for membership. Two outstand- ing events make up the main activities of the club. These are the annual Big Broadcast and the spring Blanket Hop. Head coaches, "Buck" Rohrabaugh and Everett Case, serve as the club's sponsors. Officers of the club are: Charles Mark, president, Ted Hazelwood, vice-president, Rudy VVitsman, secretary-treas- urerg and Herbert XN'ebh, sergeant-at-arms. CHESS CLUB Stepping into a meeting of the Chess Club, an outsider might think he was dreaming and had drifted back to the days of knighthood and chivalry. But, no, that's just part of the game. To become a member of this club a prospective player must have the desire to learn and must be interested in the game. There are approximately twenty members-all boys, however, girls are 11ot excluded. Upon being voted into the group a member is designated a "Pawn" and may rise from that rank to "Knight," "Bishop," 'Castlef' a11d "Queen," by proper requirements and victories over other players. "King" is the title conferred on the president. Citations meetings are held for the promotion of players from one rank to another. This year a round-robin league was conducted, and the eight top ranking players advance to an elimination tourney to determine the champion and runner-up. Chess sets are the spoils of these victors. In future seasons the members hope to compete against other schools. On the social calendar the club sponsored a sport dance. Officers were "King" Richard Spray, vice-president, Alan Iivansg secretary-treasurer, Bob Pierceg with Mr. Manges as their sponsor. First Row-Eloise Volz, Helen Mae Michael, Miss Verda, Knox, Dor- othy Collins, Berniece Carey. Second Row-Marilyn Schanbacher, Barfbara Mann, Oleta Robison, Richard See, Helen Kern, Betty Wallace. Third Row-Kenneth Owevns, Bob Shaver, Hill Klippel, Donna Irwin, Lynette Garrison, Martha Major. Fourth Row-Eddie Lynch, VVilliam VVainseott, Margaret G r a f t o n, Rudy W'itsmar-Mieth Mille-r, Ber- tha Young, we Michael, Bill Ferguson. 1' First Row-Ted Hazelwood, Charles Mark, Eddie Lynch. Second Row-Mr. Case, Mr. Rohra- baugh, Charles Stine, Bob Ricker, Bill Lewis. Third Row-Robert Henderson, Ru- dolph Witsman, Bob Boleln, Her- bert Webb, James Frazier, Jack Jarrell. ' First Row - Alan Evans, Richard Spray, Mr. Jackson Manges, Frank Beardsley, Bob Pierce. Second Row-Robert Spray, Milton Rlunk, James Clemains, Rob Gee, Byron Campbell, Chester Pitman. Third Row-William Francis, Ger- ald O'Neill, Ralph Olberdorf, Karl Gable, Robert Ryan. Fourth Row-Leo La Haw, Jimmie Rayles, Jack Knoll, Robert Sni- der, David VVhitmore. xv., 1' 4 v .V THE HIGH LIFE is Amid copy paper and printer's ink, THE HIGH LIFE staff works to prepare the next issue of Frankfort High School's student publication. THE HIGH LIFE is published by the journalism class with Miss Virginia Smith as adviser. The work on the news- paper is done co-operatively. Each student does all types of work on the paper. One time he may be working on news or feature stories, another day he may be soliciting advertising or working on page make-up. In this way a student receives more diversified journalistic training. This year TI-IE HIGH LIFE holds membership in the Indiana High School Press Association, The National Quill and Scroll, and The National Scholastic Press Association. The staff is planning to attend the Medill conference to be held this spring at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. MATH CLUB Isoscelesl Slide rule! Hypotenuse! To the members of Math Club these should he the simplest of terms. Remaining organized again this year, but still not being active, this group had a membership of about thirty-five mathematicians. Students with two years of math are eligible. To develop interest in higher mathematics is the aim of this club, and to further this idea it presents annually an award to the senior having the highest scholastic rating in four years of mathematics. President, Othel Becker, vice-president, Mary Mattixg sec- retary, Bill Baum, and treasurer, Bob Pierce, headed the club for the past year, with Miss Della Maud Sanders acting as sponsor. CURIA LATINA With programs to encourage wider interest in Roman cul- ture and to give opportunity for individual initiative in par- ticipating in the monthly meetings, the Curia Latina carries on its activities as one of the oldest and largest club-s in Frankfort High School. Its membership is drawn from all the Latin classes of the school. lt also includes students who have completed the course and desire to remain affiliated with the organization. Mrs. Heaton serves in the advisory capacity. Last spring the club joined the Forensic Club to journey for a day's visit to Turkey Run State Park. The annual Christmas party was held in the recreation room at yuletime. First consul was John Maxsong second consul, Ruth Con- rad, scriba, Pat Waddell, and quaestor, Joan I-Iackard. First Row-Miss Smith, Marybelle K1rby, Lynette Garrison, Bertha Young, Margaret Grafton. Second Row - Phyllis Nees, Betty Wallace, Jean Shankliln, Jeanne Mclver, Jean Harland, Marilyn Schalnbacher. Third Row--Dick See, Dolores Kay- lor, Cleona Seibert, Carmen Stew- art, John Maxson, William Mc- Murtrey. First Row - Jean Shanklln, David Wvhltmore, Mary Mattix, Miss San- ders, Dick Spray, Robert Shaver, Robert Sullivan. Second Row-Martha Glover, Helen Mae Michael, James Thompson, Jack Farling, Bob Power, George Edgar, Bob Pierce, Leo La Baw, Kenneth Owens. Third Row - Pauline Doty, Robert Gee, Wayne Miller, Tom Major, Byron Campbell, Charles Hackett, Jack Landers, Bill Baum, Bill Ferguson. Fourth Row-Robert Spray, Janet Fournier, Phil Wise, Ted Spauld- ing, Gerald Reef, Richard Hinton. John Klllmer, Joe Daywitt, Othel Becker, Joe Masters. First Row-Lynette Garrison, Pat Waddell, John Maxslon, Mrs. Hea- ton, Ruth Conrad, Joan I-Iackerd, Mary Mattix, Betty Stevenson, Julia Sloan. Second Row - Sally Lowden, Mary Jo .Sp-ringer, Marilyn Weida, Mary Childress, Jamet Fournier, Jeanne Mclver, Julia F o r r e s t, Mildred Baker, Phyllis Shepard, Patricia Mahon. Third Row -- Pauline Doty, Jeane Shanklln, Mary Jo Ellis, Kathleen DeCroes, Mary Witherow, Estella Sharples, Rosemary Pete-rs, Mary Young, Patsy K a sl e r, Phyllis Nees, Marybelle Kirby, Hal Rowe. Fourth Row - Alice Hirt, Patricia Conn, Ruth Thomas, Patsy Gun- ion, Sue Manring, Phyllis Malsh, Annabell Snyder, Sara Witherow, Catherine Scripture, Melbagene Clossin, Martha Glover, Marilyn Schainbacher. Fifth Row-Francis Scheets, .Tack Stevens, Tom O'Donnell, Robert Nelson, William S p e n c e r, Sue Stewart, Manette Darling, Ger- aldine O'Neill, Ida Lynch, Doris Colgrove, Charlene Faust, Bar- 'bavra Toney, Beverly King, James Clemans. Sixth Row-Robert Benunett, Mar- garet Grafton, Norma Scott, Pat Glover, Barbara Kramer, Char- lotte Henson, Isabelle Witsman, Mary Lou Chittlck, Martha Ryan, Joe Ann Maddux, Peggy Shaffer. 'J 1 img gary : 1 'R If sistt , ev 'J wwf .gZ':M. ' - 'n - - In all Q 9 -.nv , M,q A if Jai wif? 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It is a well-balanced organization and under the direction of Aubrey Thomas it has developed and advanced in technique and mastery of composition. To further its ad- vancement, records have been taken of the band's music. After listening to these the members can more readily understand which parts require extra practice. For the first time the band organized and adopted a set of rules and regulations. This charter system includes a nine-member board of controls to penalize offenders of the various rules. The set of regulations includes no smoking in uniform, appointment of a uniform committee to inspect uniforms, the taking of the roll at designated times with absentees or late comers referred to the board of controls. use of own horn at all times by the student, and other rules pertaining to attitude and attention. Under this system officers chosen were Bob Talbert, presidentg Don Chandler, vice-presidentg jerry Fulnecky, secretaryg Robert Gee, treasurerg and Lynette Garrison, corresponding and publicity secretary. The board of control consists of Kenneth Owens, Robert Spray, john Maxson, Jake Ruch, Maurice Huffer, Dean Hyman, Phyllis Maish, and Jack Longfellow. A ORCHESTRA The High School Orchestra of sixty-five members under the direction of Lester DeBard has had its usual school year of rehearsals and concerts. Only the best in music has been read and analyzed and much stress has been laid upon intonation and phrasing. Much time has also been spent in the study and practice of sight-reading. Several small string ensembles were organized and rehearsed outside of school hours in order to meet the public requirements for musical programs for civic affairs. The string trio and string quintet, particularly, have been kept busy filling engagements. The mission of the Orchestra Department is to inculcate its students with appreciation of good music by a study of the classicsg and to help them to become good citizens by teaching them to concentrate, to co-operate, and to be of service to others. OPERETTA STACCATO CLUB Xxvllll 1'11l111', 51111111111 I'lIXllllll, 111111 5L'Clll'l'j' 1':11'1'y- lNl11s11' fillx 1lu- 1lll'l :Xml lllllsll' 11lle 1lu- lll'Ill'15 11114 11111- lu-I1111' 1l11- I1111-1l1-1' 111 Ul1l M1-2111-11, "l"z1le1- 111' 1l11- 1l111'1y-1'1x'1- 1':11r 1111-111l11-1-1 Kll- 1l11- S1111'1':1111 l1-1'11:1111l11" wzu 1lu- llllllllill 11111-1'1-11:1 11r1-S1-1111-1l l1y lxlllll -11x 11111'1111N1- l11-111g 111 111'111111111- lllllNll' :111111'1'- 1l11- lllllNl1' 1ll'1Hll'lIllk'lll. 1'1:1111111, lllu- NL'K'llk' 11:15 l:111l 111 :1 x'1ll:1141- 111 Nl1'X11'11, :1111l lglll ilu- 1411'lN 1l1111'1 z1lx1115s 1l1111l1 111 1'l:1ss11':1l 1l11- :11'111111 1111111 11l:11'1- :11 1l11- 11l11f:1 1l111'111g 111-S121 1'111111111a1111111, 1111' 111 1l11- Nl1l'lll14 llu-1' 111'11x1- lll1'1I lllllL'. l"11-X111 111111- - - w11l1 11s 11111111l:11' 5111115 111111 f111'1:1l 111'1-s11g1- x111l1 llll'll' 11111111111 1'111'111:1l 11:1111-1- flllll'l'N lllv H1-x11'11, 111 1'11l111'1'11l 1'11s11111111114' llllfl 111- 1x'l111'l1 lr 111u- 111 1l11- 111111111'1:1111 1'11111'111111N 111' 1l11 1111-5111111 sl:1g1- Cl-l'l'K'l4. :1111l 111 1':1s1'111:1111114 1'l1y1l1111 s1'l11111l j'l'Ill'. lllll 1111-l111l11-5 :11l1l1-1l 1'11l111' :1111l z1111111N11l11-1'1' 111 tlu- 'l'11 l11- 1-l11,g1l1l1- 1111' 1111-111l11-1xl1111 I1 girl 1111111 1HlI'- l'H'N1-111:1111111. 111'111:111- 111 111 l1-:111 11111- 111 tlu- N1'l11111lR lllllslk 'l'l11- 11l111 11:15 11111- 111 lj1lll'Jll lllvtx :1111l 1'1-1111-1'1-fl 1'l:1ss1-5. l'1'11g1':1111s 111115151 111' 1111111115 11111-N :1l111114 1111111111 NlL'Xlk1Illl N1-11111'11z1N. xlllxl 111' 1lu- 1'11s1111111w 1l11- 1l1l1l.l'l'1'lll lllllslL'2ll l1111-N, :1111l 1-:11'l1 1411-1 11:11'111'1f lllfl NIQ1141- N1-1111110 x11-1'1- w1111x'1-1111's ll1'11llglll 1111111 111111-5 111 s111111' W111' 111' 1'1IllQ'I'1 111111-1-1-1 1ll1x 1-1-g11 vkivfl l15 lllK'llll7l'l'N 111 1111- I'Jl1'lll15'. 111-rc l1:11'l1z11':1 l.2lK1l'1VlX, 11r1w11l1-1113 X111'111:1 l'1-11-Vw. 'l'l11- 1':1N1 wsu :1l1111151 L'lllll'1'lj' 1.1lI'l5, x1'11l1 lllk' 1-x- x'11'1--111'1-s11l1-1113 l:k'lll Kl1ll1-1'. 51-1'1'1-1z11'y1 :1111l Rlllll 1111111111 111 11Il1' 111' 11111 1'l1111'11Q 1111111l11-1x 111 11l111'l1 l111111':11l. 1I'L'ZlNlll'1'!', Kllss lllk'f Nixllll is 1l11- 1'l11l1 l111.1w 11:11'111'111:111-1l. Nliw lllL'l N1x1111 llll't'l'lL'Cl 1lu- 111111111112 111111l111'111111, llNN1N1l'fl l11 X1-11-1':1l llll'llll1k'I'r 111 1l11- lll'lIllj'. Sitting-HMartha Major, typist: Marilyn Schanbacher. business manager: Cleta Robison, typistg Harold Grove, typist: Bill Ferguson, editor-in-chief. Standing-Miss Della M. Sanders, sponsor: Jack Farling, business manager: Robert Talbert. circulation manager: Ted Hooker, circulation manager: Betty Wallace. publicity editorg Jim Harclesty, assistant photo- graphic editorg Joe Masters, photographic editor: John Maxson, sports editor: Helen Mae Michael, circula- tion manager: Lynette GH1'l'lS0l1, activity editor. CAULDRON STAFF 'I'o enahle machinery to 1'un smoothly and effectively every cog' inust he in place anrl working correctlyg to publish a senior ycarhook every staff ineniher niust clo his own par- ticular joh promptly anfl efficiently. The eclitorial staff plans the hook-its mechanics, copies. ancl other features. Aicling' them along' this line a1'e the photographers and artists who help with the illusti'ations. 'l'here coulrl he no ycarhook unless a sufficient nuniher we1'e solcl to pay for its pnhlica- tiong to the sales staff falls this cluty. 'l'hroug'h thc hanrls of the husiness force passes all inoneyfpayincnts for suhscriptions and the paying' of hills. Any necessary typing' work must he conipletecl hy the typists. Anil, finally. to get the hook across to the puhlic, there is an ailrertising' rlcpartincnt. XYorking' togetherfwhat is the result? A yearhook depicting' the school life of lfrank- fort lliqh School and showing' stuclents in their various activities-hoth at work ancl play. COLLECTORS X1 ns. :mul Il fvxx' vllllllUI'S. 1ll'k' sc-lvctwl lmy llu' lJll5lIll'SS stuff zu zlillw in uvllmvtilmg nunu-5' frmu tlnm- wlun lulvc- plcrlgm-rl lu l5lll'L'llIlSK' tlu' yv:11'lmulq. l:u'l1 1-nllvclm' is fl4'SlQ1lZlll'fl mu' or txwm lumu' l'1lUlIl5 lrmu wlxicll lu xuluils llu- wcwlilx' p:1x'l1u'11ts. lluring' llu' wvvli lD2lYIllClIl5 max' lu- Qix'c'11 In ilu Iumu' rmnu Sk'C1'l'lIll'j'-lI'L'ZL5l1l'l'1'. wluw in turn gives tlul nunu-5' tu llu uwllmclmx lxlllfll cmrc Illllwl lu- lIlli1'Il in sw- llmt ull ilu' lwmlqs lWZllIlllCK' -tlmf ut llu- lumu' mmm utIu'l'r. ilu' Cullcc'lan'. :mul llu- lll1Sll14'hr 111:1uz1g'v1', lllll vlxvs :ns Il Ulu-ck upmm llux utlulr. ll Il Slllfl4'lll elm-sire-s, lu- lllilj' pay llu- L-Iuirc lcc :lt mu' linux .'XI'l'ZlI1Q1 IIIQIIIS :nw mzulc for Zlll lnst:1ll11u'11t plan ul Z1 small xxvvlily sum fwr llurw xxlun wish such. b IIIUIICX' ll!! fIllllil1'UIl, Zlllfl Ill? ClPlll'L'lUl'5 'H HU IIIHIICY. xlllllilllllx SALESMEN "Representing the senior class -1-" Yes, you'ye guessed it - ont- of-school Cauldron salesman contacting every business firm in the city. 'l'hroug'h sales to citizens and businessmen. the class is able to finance the publication of the yearbook without soliciting advertising. llnring' the last semester of the school year one day is set aside on which senior couples are excused to work on this staff. Students are chosen for this campaign upon their merits along this line, and they are paired in a manner which seems most efficient for canvassing. No coke sipping-no cruising over the town and countryside with a earload of schoolmatesg just plain, hard. sincere work. Fourteen couples aided with the task this year. Any person outside of the school system who purchases a Cauldron is entitled to have his name printed on the patron's page which appears at the close of the book. .m,,,,,, 'f.,, J ,,., Q- 33' 4"V' "'j'-yga xmas M 'A X, Q 1' we mm vw sw Qwxxm 'Mmm U 'E Wm SWLXS Q w-swam gmmm SRM- 'xxxxxxxs gmgmm Nxxxm YJmx6X5Sxc.xxSLxxwx, BNN msixmxx exx 'Cd we-6x -v ., - f fawm- R ,MM ,V gm i 1 Q .-va .sjgwv - - 45 W- .W x ..,. is erixiiw' P fn E wg? i 2 -:M 2' -- x Q if msgs MPX? . .. .K kk g N Lwyw ' 7Qfwff?xff5m,.. xifgfmkw .. :Mafia ,. ,, .5 V ff i i r UQ, il 'Y - .1 fi R ,qi , 3142 5 K., Yi 52 F2 . 'Ea S ' If " c .- si' 5 as ww 53319-X PF 'WW t ff . . gif .fm Xfw 'A ' LLTYWLTR FOOTBALL Frankfort High School's football participation of 1940 was on an intra- mural basis. The squad was divided into five different teams, and each tak- ing a college team's name. During practice season the boys spent the first three days of each week on football fundamentals and the last two days were used to put in practice these fundamentals in team scrimmage. Due to the fact that this season lured more boys to the practice field than ever before in Frankfort High School's football history, the coaching staff was able to get a fairly clear view of who will represent Frankfort High School in the years 1941, 1942, 1943. JUNIORS First Row-Robert Corns, Harry Jones, Junior Walker, John Clossin, Bill Huff, Pete Terpinas. Second Row-Mr. Anderson, John Oster, Ted Neidlinger, Ted Hazelwood, Mr. Rohrabaugh, Tom Major Jack Landers, Bill Lewis, Mr. Ronzone. FOOTBALL O11 lrfllllly. October 4, an intraniural football game was staged, for which the entire student body was excused from classes to attend. A brief Anierieanisni prograin was given before the teams went into action. The 171'O,Ql'Zllll began with the playing and singing' of the "Star- Spanglecl lgZl.llIlCl'.n Following' this came the Pledge of Allegience of the student body. An Aniericanisin talk was given by a representative of the American Legion, Mr. liarl Smith. The progrzun ended with the students singing "God Bless America." The teams took the names of lndiana and Purdue. lndiana beat Purdue by Z1 wide inargiii of 19-O. SOPHOMORES 'Neem First Row-Louis Carey. Dick Davis, Eugene Huffer, Jim Brown. Bob Ayers, Stanley Aders, Jim Kennedy. Bill Kirk. Second Row-Charles Stine, Junior Hutchinson. John McKinney, Donald Kindley. William Nunnally, Tom O'Donnel1, Harold Buntin, Don Robison, Dale Ruse. FGOTBALL FOOTBALL TROPHY HOLDERS First Row-Harry Jones, Harold Bun- tin, Robert Mabbitt, James Kennedy, Bill Huff. Second Row - Max Doran, Junior Amich, Robert Corns, Richard Clossin, Frank Henning, Bill Nunnally. Third Row-Bill Lewis, Charles Stine. Junior Hutchison, Jack Landers, Ted Neidlinger. Fourth Row-Tom Major, Jim Brown. Dick Douglas, John Oster, Ted Hazel- wood, John McKinney. This is a picture of the boys and also of the student body during a game at Stott Field, the stadium of Frankfort. FOOTBALL In October, before a student assembly, the football awards were presented by Coach Rohrabaugh and staff. Twenty-two members of the varsity team received attractive gold statu- ettes. Reserve letters were given to nine boys and twelve freshman awards were given. Five members of the freshman squad received small gold foot- balls as a merit award. For their outstanding performances and football ability, the following boys received the special awards: Aughe Brothers' award will be presented to Charles Mark. The Fred Petty award of Leader- ship and Sportsmanship was presented to Ted Hazelwood. The Mental Attitude award was given Junior Hutchinson. The Greatest Improvement award was given to Bill Nunnally. The Football Plaque was presented to Charles Stine. All the boys were thanked for their hard work and were commended for the fine spirit they displayed throughout the season. FRESHMEN First Row - Ned Burroughs, George Stathas. Charles Clark, Charles Street, Robert Payne, Fred Johnson, Dick Rees. Second Row-Byron Richards, George Sheets, Donald Young, James Rayles, Bob Mabbitt, George Lewis, William Mince- moyer, Wallace Taylor. Third Row-Joe Siffin, Ralph Braden, Malcolm Connor, Max Doran, Joe Ayres, Dick Doug- las, Max Pugh, Harold Coy, Dick Harrison. BASKETBALL Basketball, the elite sport of the state, is carried on throughout the academic years of Frankfort High School. Four distinct squads make up our basketball organization. From the grade schools the future Hot Dogs climb into the eighth grade jerseys. NVith Matty Ronzone guiding them, the junior highers gradually learn more technique and new fundamentals. XVith the scent of more basketball learning the boys, now freshmen, slip into the coaching hands of Buttercup Anderson. Then Larry Farrell, coach of the B-team. takes the sophomores and juniors and puts the finishing touches on their fundamentals before the boys, who are now upper classmen. graduate into the Frankfort Fighting Five class with Everett Case acting as their coaching czar. Finally the die is cast, and a complete Frankfort lligh basketball cycle is made. VARSITY TEAM Lacking in height, weight, and power, the Hot Dogs made up for these factors with cleverness and speed which carried them through their sched- ule with thirteen victories a11d nine defeats. The Casemen broke even with its natural rivals-Kokomo, Lebanon, and Lafayette. They downed Logans- port both times. In january the boys went to the Big Four Tourney at Shelbyville, where they "copped" the title by defeating Columbus and Marion. The squad was made up of Rudy XVitsman, captaing Unroe, Stine. llazel- wood, Nunnally, l,Vebb, Zobrist. Lewis, Oster, and Alvin Laughner. The netmen suffered two handicaps this season with XVitsman's cracked shoul- der and Laughner's broken leg. Next year's varsity candidates will be Stine, Nunnally, Hazelwood, Zo- brist, Lewis, Clossin, Oster, Doran, Norris, and Oyler. Two of the first five string will be missing next year. The Casemen had a hard tourney schedule, and they had several un- usually tough county teams to compete with. They defeated Rossville 29- 22. For the tussle with Colfax, Howard Hall was packed with its largest crowd in tourney history, in which the Hot Dogs won 23-21. The most heart-breaking game of the tourney was their game with the Jackson Cardinals in which the Hot Dogs lost in a hard-fighting scrap with two overtimes to prove the fact. I BASKETB LL 'T-.'3' BILL NUNNALLY HARRY UNROE CHARLES STINE JOHN OSTER EVERETT CASE, Coach TED HAZELWOOD HERBERT WEBB RUDOLPH WITSMAN, Captain BILL ZOBRIST BILL LEWIS ALVIN LAUGHNER AS KETB LL It Z6-F4 36 u as - 5 Third First Row-Richard Clossin, John Oster, Max Doran, Junior Hutchison. Second Row-Bill Zobrist, Bob Ricker, Coach Larry Farrell, Dick Oyler, Bill Lwis. Row-John Norris, Charles Aidman, Pete Terpinas, Jesse Younger, Norman Byrne, Stanley Aders B TEAM lly winning seventeen out of nineteen games this last season, thc ll-team boys set up a record of which they may justly be proud, and they leave a high mark for other 'l'hrough routine teams to shoot at for years to come. practice the boys learn the proper fundamentals and technique which go Captain Johnnie to make up another great fighting five for next year. Clossin, clever little floor guard, was outstanding in ferreting out the opponent's weakness. while Oster, Ricker, and Lewis were very effective in scoring ability and filled in very capably on the varsity squad when needed. Max Doran probably showed the most improvement and promises to be an outstanding player in the future. Oyler eaine along fast and has all the earinarks of becoming one of Frankfort's most aggressive offensive guards. The goal sniping of Johnnie Norris. and the driving power of Hutchin- son forbodes much trouble for future opponents of Frankfort High School. The other boys progressed rapidly and will be battling for a berth next vear. BASKETB LL FRESHME XVith "Buttercup" Anderson calling the signals for fourteen wetks of practice, the freshman basketball squad closed their season with thirteen victories and seven losses. Most of their schedule was composed of Big Ten teams like Kokomo, Anderson. laxgansport. jeff of Lafayette, and other teams. The team elected XYallace Taylor for their captain. On offense. Mineemoyer, Doug' las, tiosewehr, XYliitmore. and Hays were outstanding. Outstanding on defense were llraden, Taylor, and Conner. Tile remainder of the team consisted of Malmlmitt, Streets, l'urlweaux, Schench. Myers, Rayles, Stephenson, and Max Pugh, JU IOR HIGH IS os -418 as 196' ., Nwax I Coach Matty Rouzone's junior high squad was one that any coach or school would he proud of. ln twenty starts the eighth grade netters cleaned the slate with an ex- ception ol one team--Anderson L21-231. ln the coach's opinion, this team was one of the finest he has ever coached. The squad as a whole was rangy and always had a good attitude during practices-never complaining. The team looks like a good prospect for future championship, thinks Ronzone. First Itow -- l"i'eil Whitmore, Alluert l'nl'heanx, XYaI1aee Taylor, llilly Joe tiosewelir, Iloln-rt Hayes. Second Row -A lliek Iiouglas, Bill Aliiieelnoye-l', C ll u r l e S Street, Alax 1'onnef1', Ralph Braden, Holi Mahbitt. Third liow--Hill Stephenson, James llayles, lloh Myers, Robert Selienelc, Hob Fou- shanes, Noam-Ii Uarl Ander- son. First Row-Jim liolen, lliek Gleason, .lim XVitsman, Don- ald Youny.g', .Joe Iiuneh, Carl Smith, lilugene Sihray, Seeond How - .lohn XVilsoin, lion Seolt, Allhert jlohnson, Jim Ostler, llill llieker, l'hil Livezey, Glen Byrne. Third Ilow - Uozu-li Mathew Ilonzone, .I u n i o 1- lmmu-r, Lewis Edinons, .lack Poul- ter, Sanford Aimlman, Hill Johnson. TRACK The Team Up and Over, Harpo Passing the Baton The Hazelwood Windup ll1 lnlxfurt lliglfs truck tvzun s TRACK turtul ilk lfllllllllg' :luring ilu- curly part ul fXl.1ul1. .X ww-lc ol lwlzlclqlmozml instructiull clllring ilu- wvl part ul ilu- mmltll flllltul ilu' SL'llSUlllS lfllllllllg' grmcl. Hulx live Yk'l0l'Zlll lc'tlv1'11w11 rctllrllwl lrom lust vc-:11"s smluucl. llmsv lmvs uc lm-ww 'llltl l . . 1 1 up llu' Qllllllil Qiclu-V, lung mlistzmt l'lIlllll'l'SQ Slim-. wlm runs Illlil lmrfllm-sg ll'1m-lwuml ll shut put. :xml Mark at llu- c1'osslm:11'. Sn-x'c1':1l lu-xx' lvuys mzulv llu- lll'Sl K'Xl'Ill ul ilu' sc-:lsml was ilu- Clblllllj' truck lm-vt. 'l'l1c lllllll nu-L-ls xxuv wxlll lnll ur lgllzlvcttc :xml lk-lplu. lllc cxmlcr lwovs also mm up XX'llll lk-lplli in tlw llbllllll rclzlvs. lfm' thc lhg' lc-11 111001. llu' lmvs IOllI'Ilt'X'i'll lu uncle-, l'lll'fllll' was tllc silc fm' tllc suctimlzll mcct. 1-'-'Aust cvvllt of ilu' truck 501151111 was llu' CClll,l'Zll lmlizumzl 'l'1':wli 55 llII1ll'I'l'11Cl'. wllicla was lu-Ill nl Vasc lficlfl, with a rc-lay lIlll'l'I1 :mal Il gucsl ll' L ur 'Xmlcr tmllunmm s llzulv l5I'21ClICl'S, cl11'n-vtul umlur llw k'H11Cllll1Lf' lwzuls ul' llllltvr- 1 sun :mel Slutty Rmmzmw. zliclc-fl llu- lmys in mzllihlg' tlu- cmnplc- tum nl' ilu' 5ClN'KllllL' IIIUYC succcss ful. Lewis and Ricker in a teI'1SC moment. l l IRLS' THLETICS KRCHERY Referring hack to the clziys of old- in fact, hack to the Mother Country, England - you eau find one of the favorites of modern girls' physical edu- cation--archery. XVell equipped for this spo r t. the girls' physical ed department teaches archery hoth in gym classes and Li. A. A. lt is one of the less strenuous types of exercise which develops skill in marksmanship. VOLLEYBALL During the winter period when the ehilly winds and snow prevent out- door sports, volleyhall is the main form of exercise for the girls. As tourney time nears, much spirit and enthusiasm is aroused, and com-- petition is great. lt is always a hat- tle to the finish, and due to finger- nails, many a girl Comes out with :A few minor scratches. But, they like it! BADMINTON Increasing rapidly in popularity. had- minton has become one of the fore- most sports in schools, eolleges, or- ganizations, and at home. It is adapt- almle for the participation of both old and young. Such an interest has heen taken in this sport in gym classes that it has heen extended for girls who wish to play after school. GIRLS' 7-KTHLETICS G. A. A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL whose lllL'lIlllL'I'Slli15 is feminine. Any girl in high 'Nw 1qxL.m,iW L'm,m-51 of the gg. A- A. is CMH, school is eligible for nienthership as long: as she posed of presiding officers and the ehairnian of ill'i'll'S by Ulf mlfs and woliks lm' thc l'L'llc""w"l ilu. ,.NW.k.tiw. Cmmllmwg of herself as an infliviclnal. The girls lneet in elnh The ahove ntenihers nieet, clisruss, and luring nn ilfllvlllcs lmff School' ljugiyu-55 that is to by In-Ougllt up at 1110 fcgulm- The clnlfs two annual soeial activities for the IIICUIIIIHS. The vottneil also takes matters up that, FWF WCW' fi SUDIWI' fm' U10 lllflfi llllfl H fl1lW'l'- as a whole, the clnh is too large to hanclle. The girls chose as presiding officers of 1040- '1'his is the first year for the lfxeentive fonneil, -ll: Mary lillen Ashley, president: Jeanette lil- aml hy next year it will he in "full swing." liott, Vive-presitlent: Alive llCilllllllI'LIL'l', fI'C1lS1ll't'I'1 anrl Mary L'hilclress, serretary. Margaret flralton kept the F. II. S. stuclents well posted through her Iligh l.ife reporting of the CI, A. A. honrs spent THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION in Sports' The li. A. A. is one of the clnhs in high school Miss Foster aets as sponsor for the elnh. 1 "Uh hczlrcst thou thc music." . . . "He who look- cst into thc sun." . . . GUlllU' some ulacc? 6 Our fricncls .... "Now look ztrouncl here." . . . QJII thc go .... Stopping for a chat? . . . XYho hrought those int Ulcl Glory and thc scholar ,... The gzulg. Xlltlflilllg' hztrcl? . . . XYhz1t hnppcuccl here? . . . lli, C'o:1ch! . . . XYhzLt :Lrc vou lookinff att? . . . 'l'wo's . . . ' . - ri xt pzur .... ltlt'lllltl0H .... Stung lt! A suhscrilwr .... Vacation? . . . just posing. . . llolfl it .... l.'11clc1'classn1zm .... llurcl worker . . . lu for 11 clip. . . . Some tclussl oflict-rs. . . Mirlclie. . . . Paper drlve. . . . Loafer. . . . Low range. b O PATRO PAGE H. S. Skinner Jesse E. Greene Miss Ruby White Robert Downer Charles Smith Don Thompson Mrs. Ernest Hobbs Glenn McNutt LaVaun Gearheart Betty West Anna Louise Miner Farmer's Bank Mary Owens James Paul Gaddis Mrs. Jay Parvis Martha Myers Phyllis Johnson A Friend Noble Lee Wilson Perlman Bros. Mildred Kenney Mrs. Robert Misner Shiiley Little Frankfort Monument Works Goodwin Bros. George L. Pittser Walter Ewbank Peanut Ward Francis Rule Michael Coal Company Morris 5 8z 10 Rapp's Store John W. Campbell W. A. Irwin George Lockwood Mrs. Ralph Kemp Monroe Dairy Co. Bob Starr Raymond J. Black Central Cigar Store Pat Miner Rosemary Walton John Stewart, Jr. P. Dorner's Sons Co. Rapp Auto Co. Gillispie Shell Service Frey Cleaners Douglas Scheid ,, Cliff Cohee Colver Machine 8a Iron Works L. E. Moore 8x Son Mrs. Smith Pie Shop Ralph Hayes M. J. Carr Floral Co. O. PL Hedgcock Sa Son Omar Michael Thrasher's J. C. Penney Company Johnnie Griffey Irwin 8z Paddock Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin Dr. E. F. Smith Merit Shoe Stor Porter and Hurlzert Wilson Dental Laboratory Spencer's Serve-Self Grocery Horton Oil Company Deming 8: Thompson Co. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ramsey H. R. Gruelle Leonard 8z Wolfe Maurice Akers Laverty's Boulden's Alteration Shop W. J. Nees Kenny Snyder Herbert Ray Brown Harry Bristley Mary Ellen See Meikel Greenhouse Harry D. Pippenger Ruth Curtis Shod Williams James Anderson Tom Davison Bonnie Brewer John Daugherty Pauline Mundell Eileen Hibbard Bill Fitzgerald Roy Brammell Betty Lou Flower Shop Mrs. George Spahr Slim Young Dorthy Smith Rudolph Behr Jack Behr's Auto Body Clinton County Bank James Himmelwright Montgomery Ward Kenneth Power, Lawyer The Adler Company Freedman's Fred H. Meifeld Boeckman Jewelry Store Carol Covely Ralph Sibray Wheeler's Lunch Russell Harker Style Shop Mrs. Albert Storms Joe Caldwell Frankfort Fruit Market Herbert EL Shaffer McClary's Cigar Store Royal Garment Cleaners Photobrooks W. A. Lavelle Mildred Humfeld James L. Cummings Alfreda Patch Russell Robbins Murray De Moss Service Cleaners Hook's Drug Store H Kramer Brothers Co. Frances Harland Frankfort Paint Store Coapstick Insurance Agency Camp :Sz Willoughby Hayworth 8.: Layton Farmers' Implement Co. Lewis Grocery Lee O. Zeig Britta Stokes Ferd's Cash and Carry Market Margaret Shawhan Kemp Bros. Packing Company Rhual Tompkin Huffer's Beauty Academy Smith's Grocery Cook's Quality Hatchery Whalen's Grocery Frazier Dairy Kraft Music Company Joe C. McKown Margaret Hyman J. A. Kern 8a Son Frankfort Laundry Grimes Sales Co. Lincoln Finance Co. Sears Roebuck 8: Co. Daisy Kraver Smith Food Store Robert Donoho Clark Appliance Co. Margaret Corbett John Redmon Mrs. Roy Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Carl Shaver Ingram-Richardson Mfg. Co. Ushco Mfg. Co., Inc. Hugih J. Davey, Sr. Dorner Service Station Campbell's Cafe James Rynearson Mrs. S. A. Morrison Big Four Super Market Albert M. Laughner Alexander's Super Service Kerr's Home-Made Candy Greyhound Bus Station Gilbert P. Adams Local Finance Corp. Molsbary Upholstering Shop Ellis, Jeweler Mrs. Fred Kramer Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Dr. E. H. Robison Dr. O. V. Kingery Michael's Super Service Station McKinsey's Nursing Home Benson Ruddell Gerald Kimble F. W. Woolworth Co. Shanklin Hardware Dick Aughe Harry Aughe Bilgie Campbell Frankfort Lumber Co. Kern Bros. Wand J. Martin Bazley Meat Market Bargain Grocery Walter Patchettg J. Leslie Rowe Martin Electric Service Harrison Michaels Betty Snodgrass Ben Slenker Miss Kite Mrs. Glenn Webb Mr. Fred Reppert Anna Belle Utterback Miss Flora Muller , Mrs. Carter Michaels R. A. Hedgecock J. F. Witsman PATRO Logan Shell Service R. A. Moore E. F. Beall Transfer Co. Howard Motor Sales Coulter Hotel Frankfort Morning Times Elk's Club Dr. Bill's Shoe Hospital Mark Thomas Noel Darding Britton Food Market Dr. T. L. Smith Bruce A. Work, M. D. Dr. Hammersley Horace H. Jenner, O. D. Dr. A. G. Ohittick Moose Club Midway Pharmacy Farm Bureau Cooperative Muray Grocery Pure Oil C0. Webb Oil Company Roxy, Clinton, Ritz Theaters Tompkins Ice Cream 8.: Food Citizen's Building 8: Loan Derrick 8z Derrick E. O. Burget Helen Maxwell A. C. Louette Oi. E. Biery Helen Bird Dr. H. R. Royster Bill Hodge J. C. Lockwood Lockwood Ins. Agency Dr. T. A. Dykhuizen Frank Motley Dr. C. A. Burroughs , Ryan 8z Ryan, Attorneys Jim Zerfas Waldo Waddell Miss Jessie L. Berry Russell W. Crockett Charles T. Terry Claude Wetmore, Jr. J. G. Sangster O'Neal Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hanna Charle McHoney Dr. Osiler, Chiropractor Mrs. Addie Halliday Mrs. Mary Lawson James Meneely PAGE .S,,.. Frankfort Candy Kitchen . Dr. M. F. Boulden P. EL Merchant, Real Estate, Ins. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bunger Dorner's Kelvinator Refrigerator Bing Brienere Rogers Smoke Shop Lawson Taxi Co. Beaver 8z Stinson Jack Lipp Mr. and Mrs.'ClaytRn Johnson Charles D. Ginn Eileen Ostler Mary Rose Palmer Mrs. Grover Lipp Roberta Campbell Virginia Long Hg',ig'. F l . .,. , J Wi x 7 .. W -, V V , - , ,I N - Y , ,-,:,N,iy.,x1i::.4y, V. 4 ' . 1 I' ' 4 T I 'f ' 1-4' , N . W5 .J , ' . K. - ,Q s,,- - - r .. w 1 r H 1 r L J., ,, y .., , , a , X w " .g - , t 4 . 1 1 - pf. ' . x , X I i , V N ,J e , J-X -, u , . ,-: V. .. . , , 4 - 1 . , f , ' ' f.u.,.1, , .Y ,, "" ' ' I . , X 1-. igfi- 2 .. -,N . -xy xv. 9 .. - T ,, M, pi., A sf' Zf V -75511 -.Hy TM- -J. '.4Z'?3t" u ' -"" 'Lau f-31 I+ ,. 5: A 1 fe ., 4 1 1 'I .. 'iff A Wf- Avi? ..- all , I 'Sf 1 1-1' I 3-4 :V I "Q-. ,N 1 . 1-1 - vi- ' 1 "2 fl A , 7"1'- A '. ff fi., - f . .fx Q' "1 . ' X 1 ll, , r 1' ' Ls-V ,, E 1 J pl. E '-5, W 1 ' 7 "-., , ily- ' ig, , Qx ' ' A A 4 ' 4.. h , 7 , , , 1 ' .J v ' , ' ' , "' ' 5, , -4 , . , 'xiii : Vi ' 1 ,L ' ' ' , 1 .N ' X s 4, x . " 1 ' 1 'iff X 4, ' gf U i I .u v 'mx v Jffvx . . ' ,.-..-,'1"' ...J mlm. . . Jai.. .:',.f'.v fa. 2 ' f-Wi. -,li-'P M ig , , . . mg Au V r, .ver s if Q Yu! l x M., ,, - 't if A ' my ,ak 1 'Lf HQL1? 1 in ,fm .. 4 . -:Ari X, , v. ' sl Q J- .P , -.. ,gg '- Q ,gf'f',. E. 7 U' " I . , 4 -'4 ' 1 " ' '- Vu. wx s:-e,-W- 4 5 - ' 1,11 .- ,, ,f.L,:1.! --If D 4 .. , fig, ,H H 't.u. 1 ' , '. -.H .14 x . x. -nf' ' 'll Q 1 I ,x Y M1-f ' S- 4:-H f : 1. R 1 I ,l .mmf 4 1 ' J I ln.M,.,:.,.,,u- . , .i.i,-.,. ..h.,..g,.,... 1. YF' fi? Acknowledgment HE l94I Cauldron staff acknowledges Miss Della Maud Sanders, faculty advisorg Mr. F. N. Ropkey and Mr. Frederick Noer of the Indi- anapolis Engraving Companyg Mr. Will Ross of the Frankfort Morning Timesg Mr. John Brooks of Photobrooks Studiog and Mr. .Iac A. Ochiltree of the Kingsport Press, Inc. Ccoversl. 5'-1. HR -... 4 P , w. r. w ' ' CJ' F-Ea Q e 'z-3 1 4 4 .Aj ll 0 11 QP, 'iii 1 A y 4, v., !., I lr ,, , V 4' lla: NIU., fi , . Q. D. -,5 95 ' ' '. "Em . 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Suggestions in the Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) collection:

Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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