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The hustle and bustle of putting out a year book began when the class of 1938 decided that "the best Cauldron ever" was to be produced this year. Time began to creep on, and editor Rosemary Wfalton started planning and work- ing with her assistants, Suzanne Moore, Jacqueline Salisbury, and Geraldine Baker, to get the dummy completed and the written material prepared. The photographers, Gene Rodenberger and Bob Murray clamored for more human interest pictures, while snapshot editors, Jr. McCarty and Dick Ramos, were trying to get as many snaps of seniors as they could. Circulating manager, Rawl Ransom, and his assistants, Rosemary Guard and Da- vid Adams, complained of aching feet-and praises to them on their over sale of books. The artists, Kathryn Sullivan, Bob Longfellow, and Anabelle Hiatt, drew and drew again the art work for this "better book." After athletic seasons were over, Jr. Thompson and Margery Cohee, the athletic editors, rushed their write-ups to the editors. Time didn't wait on us, and before we knew it our typist, Pat L yn ch, was swamped trying to get out the written material to be proof read. Then Joe Hanger, business manager, came upon the scene. He took care of all the bills for the book. Success and good wishes, joe. Catherine Culbertson, the cal- endar editor, was kept busy filling in the dates for a new feature in our book---the school log. Pictures were cut, mounted, and sent to the engravers-copy was typed again, proofread, and sent to the printer. 'With the as- sistance of our sponsor, Mr. Han- ger the book was all out and back for its final reading-then back to the printer. Time kept still flying by. It was time to distri- bute the books. Once they are in the hands of the students, it will be time out for the editors. TIME OUT FOR THE EDITORS A VISIT TO OUR ADMINISTRATORS As We follow the clock in our journey today in Frankfort High School, we want to introduce our school board. consisting of Lawrence McCreary, presidentg Xvalter Aughe. treasurerg Fred Petty, secretaryg and M. N. O'Bannon, Superintendent. and constructive action of these greatest privileges and opportuni- in the history of Frankfort High Through the farsighted policies men, the class of 1938 has enjoyed the tics ever offered to a graduating class School. c , ms it r W1 lf. .if C37 The administrative staff of Frankfort High School is composed of C. R. Young, principalg G. XV. XVarren,' assistant principalg Wfilliam Floyd, personnel directorg and Edith Hinman, dean of girls. In keeping pace with the increased and complex demands upon the modern high school to aid the student in more eflicient solution of his individual needs, a personnel service has been established with its offices adjacent to those of the principal and assistant principal. Specific services which the personnel division is prepared to render the student are: educational tests including psychological, personality, and vocational: guidance in selection of courses and schoolsg counseling in personal problemsg and placement aid for work. This service is under the direction of William Floyd in cooperation with the dean of girls, curriculum advisers, and class room teachers. C99 , .NP I L -mail P05 ' 'sf , vi vazyqvh tg, rim: filAT.7?,ES AROUND SIHGCYL 'L Y' ...ovinj Picture I.Lzc'f.i 1C'I"J?-' 1116 I-. 5 ' I , -.-A. A mr . I 4 Pak, 0 J -4 . ' : 1 ' 7,3 - 0 V ., V K' ' ' g ' ' Tl' ' fx " ,- RU 9 5 4 : lite' f, 'Nr' . J viq:- ' :.,: -J'g41.1:-41" gf! RT' . ,, W-f'..: , 91.1351 : ,J fs .. 2x ., g s- iv .- 1 " ' : 3 V L J "ff" . '. an ' Q-P7 7-' V: r i? .iq-3 , X ..., ixm Q - , tk: xgrrurr x v N ' vw .ll z ,. gg 2 an - 2 M554 L.. gr! if 1, 333' ...a clilzxergf MORNING CLASSES 8 15 - 1 1:45 The cavalcade of eager, hurrying feet-busses discharging their loads of out-of-town students-the rhythmatic beat of countless feet in corridor and class room--school has begun. Intimate groups of stu- dents grab that last minute of leisure for personal anecdotes-then the tardy bell gives its warning call, and quiet descends over the home rooms. The busy schedule of a day's work has begun. Let us take a leisurely trip through the home room. There We will View the student and his teacher in a class room that generally specializes in the training for which he is adapting himself. From the quiet inten- sity of study in an English class-to the swift movement of technical manipulation in a science room-to the hurly-burly of manual training, and the rhythmatic beat of tempo of a musical rehearsal, We take our journey through Frankfort High School. HOME ROOM 8:15 - 8:30 Now let us visit some of the home rooms This is a Freshman home room under the supervision of Miss Foster. Home rooms are determined by the names of the students in the lower classes, and by curricula in the higher grades. The home room is used as a place for preparation of a lesson, for study for a test, for getting acquainted, for pupil guidance, or any other profitable activity. Billy Kersey, l.illy Prii i1.1 ck, john j W.,-.5 5 Pyles, Bernicce, Virgil Ricltnmn. Morris Robley, Bobby Rogers, Robert Rude, Elsie SQA- bult, Anna Mae Sellers, Mildred Slmif, jean Slmnltlin, Xvilma Skaggs, Bonnie Smith, Donni Smith, Charles Snyder, Inez Spear. Gilbert Stokes, David Strausburg. Phyllis Stroup, Florence Thomp- son, B.ll'bill'Sl Toney, Mary Vail. Marvin XY'.ill.u:e, M.irjuric Wfil- liams, Virginia XVil50n, Phil XY'i5e. Betty Ann XVr.iy, Robert Wfriglit, XVright, jesse Younger. on , These two home rooms are of eighth grade students under Mr. Garrison and Miss Sims. Miss Sims directs the only all girl home room in the school. Each home room is a small unit directed by a teacher, and governed by a president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer chosen by the home room members. The president of each home room automatically becomes a member of the advisory council of the Student Council. l Yerna Arnold, lflorenee Baker, Frances Blaclter, Bernadine Brandt, Bonnie Brewer, Bonnie Campbell, Dorothea Cambridge, Charlotte Campbell, XVilma Carter, Pauline Clark, Malbagene Clossin, Druzilla Cook, Elizabeth Crum, joy Cutler, Josephine Daugherty, Elizabeth Da- vis, Betty Dowden. Amagean Du- bree, Jeanette Elliott, Grace Faust, janet,Fournier, Frances Freeman, Florence Galey, Juanita Goodnight. C131 Bill Adams, Ralph Beavers, Melvin Foster, Lavaun Gearheart, Russell Goodnight, Leland Hawkins, Rob- ert Henderson, Ray Kelly, Billy Klippel, Wlmda Lipp. Nlarlha Ma- jor, Mary F. Xlohl. Ruth Peterson. lfay Rickman, Nlarylyn Sclian- baeher, NX'inifred Spurgeon, Do- lores Stine, Ifloise Volz, Phillip Wieimer, lrene Wills, Mary Young, Mildred Parsons. F '+V' 't fa X if . s. 1 :st rr-5 -1 if - '12 P H ,,,,. V. 'gZE'2f,2.QQ', r ifqif a -- .f-1: . Q- , ii-JE Q5 ' . I gsgisflztafsvis - .nge FIRST PERICD 8:35 - 9:35 n , . . Xvith the ringing of the 8:30 bell, all students go to their first period Classes. First, let us visit Miss Kemper,s English II class. The students study figures of speech, symbolism, and imagery. As a Course in litera- ture, they study uldylls of the King." A study of punctuation is brought out by "Adventures XVise and Otherwisef' a book that makes their study interesting as well as valuable. NX7ritten expression and good use of the library are emphasized. Uorurliy Collins, Iielixi Curbeaiix, Xlanette llirling, time Dnywitt. Nl.lI'll1.l Dobson, George llritt, jaelc l',u'ling, Lynette C1.ll'I'lSOll, Hope Heiming, Dnnim Irwin. Veryle xlicnbs, james Laiigliner. Paul lung. B.n'b.1r.i Nlnnn, Maxine ml. Mieltwl, Keith Moore, Robert Pierce, XY'il.i- min.1 Rainey, Mary Shnler, Ruth V.mTyle, Rielmrd Zippeiziin, Nina l Rsndcls. Cl-U - t. ., , Betty Barker, Betty Bowers, Teddy Eggers, Dick Faust, Edith Ford, Ethel Ford, Helen Haekerd, Mary Ham, XVally Irwin, joe Bill Lock- wood, Betty Nlcllwen, Anna Miner. Rex Nees, Doris Neibert, Robert Peterson, junior Phillipo, Virginia Rapp, joe Bill Sibbitt, julia Sulli- van, james Tedford. Thomas Ter- pinas, Mary XVright. Next, let us go to Mrs. Heaton's Latin II class. The primary aim in the study of Latin is the development of ability to read with under- standing, interpret, and appreciate the language. The secondary aims are an enrichment of English vocabulary, an acquaintance of Roman National life, and its influence upon present day civilization. During the semester, the class enjoyed lectures and enjoyable books on Roman R life. This is Mr. Picket's United States History class. The study of U. S. History is divided into 74 chapter outlines. The first part deals with discovery, colonization, and early history to 1850. The second part takes in the history of the United States from 1850 to and including the present. Newsweeks are read on Fridays. Dale Appel, Beverly Baker, Earlcen Bryson, james Chezem. Maurice 1 Coil, Robert Coleman, Leona Cut- T ler, Evelyn Davison, john Dieterle, john Dorner, Robert Downer, Bob Farrell, Marilyn Fournier, Richard Hart, Pat Hays, Eugene Hertel, Robert Hibbard, jamss Hollis. Lorene Huffcr, john johnson. Franklin Jones, Ralph Kelly, Rus- sell Knipp, Edward Maddox, Tex Mathews, Ernest McGill, Harold Moyer, Robert Norris, Harold Pyle, Maurice Robinson, Morris Shanks, Melvin Sheets, Fred Sliph- er, Betty Snorgrass, Dwight Stokes, Clifford VanT'yle, Luther Wlirren, Phyllis' Wfeidner, -lack Wfoodhouse. l U55 an Ear- fqz. .- ffm' if: -- fll'f,si1gl'f km.: :jeff ""1-'JT ii- irll-,-. 42'.fi.A P4-'Q' L J- V ly ' ang' 5-1 lc , L? ' AFI". 15 5.1, . ' av, .L , E N .. I . . Q" U-, Qp: KVAT a it 5 K ,. T V . 1.3 , .xv fha, - f 55?-,zu 7 g,,...:f:,, -, l15fg'n-'4f?g'A'f , fi 5-'if Erf'7P'r"'. ' gifs , Q. ' x 1 v , . f-. ,. ., ., . A 14211, E 1: ,Iulm Avery, Ielc Beard. Robert liiygan. David Burns, Donald Chan- tller, 4l.1111es Frazeir, James Har- desty. Keith Kallner, Benson Nor- ris. Herbert Patelierr, Leon Richer, john Shanks, junior Sheets, Charles Smith, 4l.1X'l1CS Smith. Herbert Webb, Byron Dorsey. --. Frankfort is in the midst of tl1e best agriculture area in the world. You certainly will be interested in visiting Mr. Lowe's agricultural class, which deals particularly with farm management. They study prices and marketing, determine the advisability of holding or selling cropsg learn the legal aspects of farming, taxation and farm relief, farm lay- outs, equipment for farm, types of farming, balancing the farm business, and how farm management will make a more successful farmer. They also study a course in dairying. This course includes considerable visual education in its procedure. Now, we shall take you to a place where no girls are found-as yet-Mr. Davis's SB Shop. The boys in this class are just beginning the . training of building trades. Here the boys are given a general outline of the work. Mechanical drawing and wood shop are among the types of work studied. 2 . ,,,, A I+ ,ag .gi N-f . . 'isndq i Huh .'Xlb.1ugl1, XY'.1y11e Beard, Lloyd Brower. 151-la Li.lll1Cl'Ol1, XVllli.lI11 ci.ll'lCl'. Ari hui' iilovsin. Richard Climin, Nlarx in fiUfTIl1.lI1. john lJ.1xiso11, lioh Uoxulely Earls Man- ford, .X.1ro11 l5nre111.1n, Jerry lzul- neclq. O r x .1 l Green, Ritlmrd Good. C163 - SECOND PERIOD Mr. Floyd, our personnel and guidance director, has charge of this Public Speaking class. Its main aims are: to develop ease in conversa- tion and courtesy, to develop a habit of clear, direct, forceful, and cor- rect speechg to make speech practical through a correlation with other subjects, to develop a taste for the best in literature and speech compo- sitiong and to cultivate the ability to interpret good literature. Elnora Brunson, Hugh Davey, john Daugherty, -lack Douglas, Betty Ferrell, Billy Ferguson, Marian Gwyn, Don Hackett, Berea Har- land, Gertrude Hines, Richard Hinton, jack Knoll, Marilyn Krei- slier, Ida Lynch, joe Masters, Jean Mclver, Marie Metcalfe, Betty Meneely, Marion Morrow, Donald Money, Geraldine O'Neil, Robert Powers, Richard See, W'illiam Siff- en. Mary Sheets, Wciidell Spitler. Carmen Stewart, Anita Stublcy, lireda Wickham, Betty Zerfas. C177 9:40 - 10:40 i ' .45 ' 'A 2 V Mary Baker. Virginia Carter Eileen Clifton, Rosemarie Davey erine Harrison, Mildred Hart Doris jackson, Marry johnson bara LaCroix, Katherine McDonald Lois Nlaish, Helen Ruth Morris Robert Sullivan. Herbert Volz i Rudolph XYllfSlTI.1l'l. Thelma XVright bella Zook. Parlez Vous Francais? If so, let us visit the French class, with Miss Smith as instructor. Their objectives arc: learning the fundamentals oi French grammar and idiomsg practice in oral and written Frenchg a study of one or two French masterpiecesg a further knowledge of France and the French people. The latter is developed through lectures and visual education. Lots of tools and lots of noise, and we meet Mr. Evans, one of our new teachers. He teaches this Machine Shop class. It is a two year course dealing in steel and tin work, and gives the basic training for the V55 5, i building trades. This gives the boy experience which will be of great benefit after graduating, especially it he intends to go into the mechan- ical trades. Uthel Becker. Xvalter Bnxwell, XY'illiam Caniersan, joe Coy, Rob- eit Cor, Lewis Cook. john Den- ton, George lidgar, XY'1lli.ini Hollis. Robert Hollis, Ross Lawhead, Fred McCoy, Emerson Moore. Robert Moore, Kenneth Owens, G l e n Patch. james Tliompsori, George Thornton. J 0 e Sharp. Charles Slianklin, R o y Xvyant, Richaril Clark Simon Camp, Ralph Dob- son, Daniel XVann, Dick Davis. C139 , jean Daywitt, Lois Forney, Cath- Robert Kern, Marjorie Kuhn, Bar- . james Zerfas. Pearl Leiws, Anna- Berdcnn Akers, Anna Bower, f"' ' ' -Y ff-'-'-f- XY'arren Carlson. Billy Carr, Brad- - Q' ford Carr, Robert Clemens, W'en- dcll Cook, Lena Dellinger, Paul' Douglas, Glen Forney, Neil Hig- bce, Delores Huifer, Carroll John- son, Robert Klippel, Miriam Lewis, Marjorie Lewis, Lorene Martin, Tom McMurty, Joe O'Rcar, Mary Rick- cr, Robert Sharp. joe Shepard, Fracis Sipes, Virginia Sparrow, Avis Stewart, Bill Toney, Bill XY'et7el. Two Well defined courses in Chemistry are offered to the Frankfort studentg namely, a course in general chemistry for students interested in college Work, and another course for those who are taking high school training only. Two primary aims are college preparation and teaching the student to live in a world greatly influenced by chemistry. Mr. Bur- roughs is the teacher. metric facts. C195 s, -, ' :Q , V- ' To the right of the corridor is Mr. Farrell's plane geometry class. The geometry course includes a study of proportion, similarity, design- ing, angle measurement, practical application of land measurements et Cetera. The main object is to develop logical thinking through geo- Xleriani Aven, ,luhn Beardsley, Paul Benge, Ruth Bcninnin, Donna Budd, .Innes Conipton, Nl.'lI'Kl1,l lfiust. -Iuhn Griffey, Aloe llazle- wood, Tommy Herron, Phyllis johnson, lflerberl Killiner, lidward liirpatricli, Marilynn Ii r A1110 r, Clara Ann lipp, Billy ,I. Nccs, i Alice Peters, David Rainox, Edwin Robinson, Ca 1'l Smith, james Stinson. NY'.xnd.i Tcuguarden. THIRD PERIOD 10:45 - 11:45 This is Miss Hutching's Sth grade music and art class. The stu- dents are divided into four divisions for singing, each having a part in the singing according to the range of his voice. The aft pencil, crayon, and paints. The students bring flowers, and other objects for use as models. C205 work is with leaves, vases Allen Evans, xvvillihl Foster, Robert Gee, Elinor Graham, Ralph Gra- ham, Mary Gregory, Malcolm Grinsrcad, -Ioan Hackarcl. Charles Hackett, Nina Hailman, jean Har- land, Avenel Harrison, Kenneth Harrison, Patti Harsllman, Ted Hazlewood, Hazel Henthorne, Bet- ty Hollis, Mary Hopkins.. Paul Howe, Lawrence Howland, Billy Hoyer, Billy Huff, Mary K. Huf- fer, Geneva Hunley, Betty Irwin, Leon jackson, Mabel James, Jimmie johnson, Richard Kallner, Mary Keever, Rose Kelly, john Killmer, Mary Bell Kirby, Miriam Kuhn, jack Landers, Jean Lane, Helen Lewis, Betty Lcveless, Beatrice Lowe, Beulah Hampel. 60- 3'6- Wfe are proud of our new laboratories for home economics. The department is attractive and well equipped. This is a class in home nurs- ing which includes a study of personal appearance, the importance of good health, diseases, care of the sick in the home, and Hrst aid, under the direction of Miss English. This is the first year for Miss English in Frankfort High School. -l Billie Albright, Virginia Amicli. Jo Anderson, Elizabeth Ballinger, Roberta Beard, Caroline Braek, XY'illetta Cl1urel1.lli' Curbeaox. Josephine Diinmitt, Mary Dunham, Doris Eikenberry. Betty Elliott, Phyllis Fulkerson. Nlary Grace. Rosemary Guard, Upal Hengst, Mary jackson, Betty jones, Madge Languell, Gloria Xlcfloy, Bette Xlecuni, XY'iima Hiller, Suvanne Moore, Virginia Morrow, Betty Nlundell, Martlia Myers, Violet Palmer, Alice Pickett, l'ilil.'llJvSIl1 Price. Virginia Rieker, Britta Stoltes,Thetis Strain, julian Strawn. Lorene Strode, Louise Swatford. D o r o t li y Thompson, Margaret Thompson, Betty Utterback, Paul- ine XVilliams. NW' N-....... 6, are Mr. Manges, another new teacher, directs the work of the embry- ,1 2 onic business men and Women who are now absorbed in typing manu- --: . ox. 1! -v- l C217 scripts, personal and business letters, and papers, and legal documents. Beulah Baker. Anne Bell, Helen Boots, l.awxon lioultlen. Vera Bell Brittain, Marion Brown, Biaurice Campbell, Delores Cantwell. Evelyn Coddington. .loe Galeener. Maxim llite, Barbara lloblws, Robert Howe. Margaret Hyinan. Kathryn jack- son, Beverly Xlalieoat, lflizabetli Nleliratli. Peggy Messmore, Lavaun Nlieliner, Alacli Miller, Don Mohr, ,lulia Nloore. Madge Nloore, Da- maris Ogle, .lean Pence, Bois Pierce, Virginia Recd, Kenneth Reynolds. Cornelia Root, lfvelyn Sexton, lin- gene Sheets, Helen Simmons, Paul- ita XY'e.iver. Donna XYieltliani, .Xnne Willson. Heren XYood, liraneex NY'ray. Pearle Haynes, Gene Herr, Richard Hollis, Garnett Howard, Maurice HuHer, Harry jones, Mildred Ken- ney, Herman King. Billy Lewis, Agatha Lucas, Peggy Marthewson. Ifllsworth McCord, Dorothy Mc-, Coy, Russell McNelley, junior Mil- ler, ,lane Mohr, Milford Money, Martha More, Benson Morph-ew, George Moun, julia Myers, Billy Nunnallv, Barbara Owens, Maxine Payne, ,lack Pearcy, Norma Peters, louise Peterson, Earl Phillippo. Hobby Pickering, james Picl-tering, lloyd lfndres, Scott Bledsoe, Flora l'erhinson, Cora Love. Here Miss Ratcliffels SA English class attempts the constructive use 0 Wor s, aug wi e i ea ia ng isi mus unc ion in every- f dt ht ththd tltEll tf t thing the student does. The main object is right thinking and action through the use and influence of language. li This is a Biology class under the supervision of Mr. Hanger. Biology gives the student an appreciation of the living world about him and its relation to him in regard to controlling his environment, in preventing disease and securing food, clothing, and shelter. This Course includes laboratory, Held trips, plant and insect Collections, lecture demonstra- tions, moving pictures, and reference readings. Vera Arndt, lgldon Braden, Martha Glover, Blanche Glover. Robert Gosewehr, Helen Gunion, lSill Har- vey, Doris Kelley, Bob Kirkwood. Leo LQ1B.Nl', Anna Lindauer, Carl Lowery, Mildred Lyken, Irene Man- ges, George Mathewson, Damon Meliinsey, Regina Moorehead, Max Myers, Betty Porciful, Catherine Ruch, Robert Spray, Herman Stewart, Robert Talbert, Madeline Unroe, Martha Unrue, Zora Vande- venter, Thelma Vfainscott, Betty Xvallace, Maxine Xvessell, Drusilla Wyatt, Bertha Young, Wdnma Younger, Cleona Siebert. mi CLUB MEETINGS 1:00 - 1:40 "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy." Immediately after lunch we eagerly return to school to participate in our chosen activities. The bell again quiets room and corridor, and now we get ready to go. Some students stay in their home rooms for much needed studyg some rush to the gym for their physical education workg and the others go to the clubs we are about to visit. Are you ready? Let's go! 3? NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society QFranltfort Chapterj is an organiza- tion composed of a limited number of the most outstanding students in the junior and Senior classes of the high school. Requirements for mem- bership are fourfold, and are based upon character, service, leadership, and scholarship. Election to the group is made by a committee com- posed of the principal of the high school, and members of the faculty appointed by the principal. Because of the high standard for member- ship, election to the organization is one of the highest honors which can be conferred upon a student in his high school career. r The officers .rrez l'resrdenr, -lohn Srrangeg Yrce l'resrtlenr. xlr, ililrornpwng St-creI.rry, Suzanne Xlooreg Treasurer, Nr-rlx jo .Xmlt-rwn, .intl Sponsor, Xlrss Yertla Knox. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is a representative student governing body composed of a Prefect Council, with voting power, elected rnnually by the entire school, and an Advisory Council, composed of Ill home room presidents and live class advisers from the faculty The Council func tions largely through committees appointed by the Council president and approved by the Prefect Council and the principal The Oflicers are .rs fulloxxx: President, Raymond Nlcirillg Vice t e ,vi 5 tierur rl-l'C.lNlll'Cl'. 'Nlary Catherine Kern. C345 F l HI-Y "To create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian char- acter in school and community", has been the purpose of-this club. They have carried on this idea by attending churches of ditferent denomina- tions once a month. This club was organized in 1928 and now has a membership of fifty boys. The oilicers are as follows: George Burns, presidentg Joe O'Rear, vice-presidentg Lloyd Strain, secretaryg Joe Bill Sibbitr, treasurerg and Mr. Redmon, principal of Kiger School, sponsor. HIGH LIFE STAFF A modernized version of the old "High Lifen made its appearance in the last semester of the '37-'38 school year, with Rupert Evans as editor, and Suzanne Moore as assistant editor. New page make-up, flush. left headlining, and complete elimination of dashes featured the revised paper. Norman Lauchner was editor-in-chief of the paper for the first semester of the school year. C253 av xv.. avr, 1 'Tal ., . ZTWL, , . ' .511 'T' ., .' xx A' ,, P., :-. b ,.,' --r.. -, ... r , ,-'.,-- 'a.. , ,,. V v.-, 1 1.4 1 -v,,4,. 1 , x ,, ,ov -n . gy .fx 4 .. kv, ., -z,.. self' me- up ., ,. w".':v1.f .-- .A ,. I. 'Q s., .:.,v... 'fi , -' ,4 M., 1 -5 My V , V . , '. f ,J ,'.. 'Y' ,. th-an ,, ,. A. J. V5-', .. 5. XA. A. s- . .. .- -L . :fy 5. .-A . :1 Sen, A . ' . -..,- . . .Q . f , ' .,,.. Q .Q . 1.5 .1 , ,4' s, ' i , :Y 5 'ff ' '.'.-1 A., . ' wrlk -', - , . If-.r -4 Q... -.".", . ..: ,- x f- . Hg ... .if- fx- .s.":." ' . . .qffifr vi' Q ,Ya- -3 .. -,.., . k., , 37' .- . ff . ,x'.. Pg.. .-.- . I: -.R -. "'1Q, ,x , -1 ws. ,,w.. , . ,r f -., ,V v. r'4 - 3.1. "af, 4' .v - :.,,.-. :.- .vs 74. , .1,, nk. x p 1 4 'H '-1 SUNSHINE SOCIETY "XVith love in my heart. forgetting self, and with charity for all, I will make the object of my life help- fulness, and kindness to others. I shall try to give intelligent service in mak- ing my community a safer and more beautiful place in which to live. Thus will my own life become rich and completef' This is the creed which the members of this club hold and respect. They were organized in 1911, being the 3rd to be organized in the state. They accomplish much with the cooperation of everyone in the club. They sell candy at the home basketball games, care for the rest rooms in the building and do many other things. Their otlicers this year were as follows: President, Helen Bird: Vice President, Anna Bower, Secretary, Margaret Hyman, Treasurer, Mary Catherine Kern: Corresponding Secretary, Phyllis johnson, Spon- sor, Miss Campbell. Following are the names of the members: -Io Anderson, Mildred Baere, Elizabeth Ball- inger, Mary Helen Baum, June Ann Beal, Roberta Beard, Betty Beardsley, Helen Bird, Betty Bolen, Bar- bara Buck, Evelyn Campbell, Rosemary Campbell, Vir- ginia Carter, XVilletta Church, Eileen Clifton, Jean Coapstick, Margery Cohee, Maxine Cooke, Catherine Culbertson, Roberta Corns, Lena Dellinger, Emma Jean Dowden, Mary Dunham, Frances Emmons, Cora Bell Erskin, Julia Faust, Margery Forrest, Phyllis Fulkerson, Margaret Fuller, Gladys Galeener, Virginia Goldsberry, Margaret Gould, Rita Greenland, Catherine Gregg, Rosemary Guard, Katherine Harrison, Bonnie Heaton, Anabelle Hiatt, Vivian I-Iickerson, jean Higbee, Del- ores Hulfer, Irene Huffer, Bonnie L. Hufford, Helena Hunsicker, Flora jane Jarrell, Betty johnson, Ruth Ann Kaylor, Cathei'ine Kern, Margaret Kirkpatrick, Ann Knoll, Madge Languell, Jean Laymon, Marjorie Lewis, Pat Lynch, Mary Maish, Rosalyn Mark, Lois McBride, Loree McBride, Darleen McCord, Betty Mc- Coy, Margie McKinsey, Inez Meneely, Wilma Miller, Betty Mincemoyer, Dorothy Mitchell, Suzanne Moore, Virginia Morrow, Martha Pyles, Virginia Raabe, Louise Reed, Mary E. Ricker, Lenore Seheirer, Virginia Shep- herd, Betty Snorgrass, Helen Spencer, joan Spray, Julian Strawn, Kathryn Sullivan, Maxine Taylor, Mary Thompson, Annabelle Utterback, Martha Xvainscott, Maxine XY'ainscott, Rosemary W'alton, Barbara W'il- liams, Ailene XVilson, Thelma Wfright, Helen Zobrist, Meriam Azen, Barbara Balfe, Betty Blinn, Beverley Boots, Anna Bower, Earleen Bryson, Martha Cahoon, Margaret Carey, Lillian Colgrove, Mary Collins, -lean Conrad, Mary Endres, Joan Ferguson, Helen Fickle, Marilyn Fournier, Mary Francisco, Mary Grace, Mir- garet Grosswiler, Mildred Hart, Delores Hazelwood, Alice Hoffman, June Hoyer, Lorene Huffer, Margaret Hyman, Betty jones, Marcia Kelley, Maxine Kenney, Mary Kramer, Freda Larsh, Rowena Lucas, Lois Maish, Marcia Maish, Gloria McCoy, Bette Mecum, jean Mess- more, Helen Morris, Betty Mundell, Martha Myers, Alice Pickett, Mary Plunkett, Jeanette Randolph, Mary See, Deloris Sheets, Mary Sheridan, Jean Sloan, Dorothy Smith, Virginia Sparrow, Joan Stewart, Britta Stokes, Lorene Strode, Margaret Thompson, Hildred Traylor, Lois Turner, Betty Utterback, Anna Mae Vail, Pauline Vaughn, Pauline Wfeir, Pauline Wfilliams. Fifty-three sophomores, and twenty-live freshmen. F-CLUB The purpose of this organization is to promote higher standards of athletics in Frankfort High School. Their slogan is MA real lighter never has breath enough to say 'I quitl' " Their colors are Blue and Wfhite. Their accomplishments have been thehir annual Blanket Hop, Banquet, and Big Broadcast. The oiilicers are as follows: Robert Agnew, presidentg Jr. Thomp- son, vice-presidentg David Adams, secretary-treasurerg Joe Shepard, sargeant at armsg Mr. Case and Mr. Rohrbaugh, sponsors. G. A. A. The G. A. A. is an athletic association which is open to all high school girls. The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in athletic activities among the girls, as a means of promoting physical efficiency, scholarship, and good sportsmanship. To retain membership one must earn at least ten points each six weeks. The points are earned by participating in the after school acti- vities which are oifered two evenings a week. The oiiicers are, Eileen Clifton, presidentg Phyllis Wiedner, vice presidentg Gladys Galeener, treasurerg and Brittta Sttokes, secretary. Maxine Cooke is the High Life reporter. 6277 Q45 az" MATH CLUB The Math Club is a well and long established organization. Its pur- pose is to create and maintain interest in higher mathematics and cal- culating devices. The Honor Math Award is given to the senior who has the highest scholastic rating in math for 4 years work. The award is a Wooden plaque. This is the highest honor for work in math that any student in F. H. S. can receive. The orl-iccrs for the first semester were: President, -I-:lin Strange: Vice President, David Adams: Secretary, Terry Recd: 'l're.isnrer, Lloyd Strain, The nrlicers for ilw second semester were: President, John Strange: Vice President, Toni Mc- LATIN CLUB This club is one of the oldest clubs in Frankfort High School. It's purpose is to stimulate interest in the culture and civilization of ancient Rome and to encourage it through the study of the ancient Writers and their interpretation of their times. It functions through membership participation in plays, broadcasts, reports, and games. It supplements class Work in affording opportunity for individual initiative in further reading. The social function this year, as usual, was a Christmas party. The decorations were blue and white. The orlicers .irc .is follows: Suvanne Nlonre, prusidentg john Strange, vice-president, ,lack Harsh- lnm. secretary: Billie .lean NL'Cs, treasurtr: .ind Mrs. Heaton, sponsor. Murtrt-rg Secretary, Raymond Nlcijillq .ind Trt-.isnrer, ,Inu Hanger. l C239 ARTS CLUB ' At the meeting of the Arts Club the students have been shown moving pictures and hand made lantern slides. The club visited the public library to view the old paintings on display there. The officers for the first semester, were Paul Johnson, President, Robert Wainscott, Vice President, Richard Ramot, Secretary, and Frances Harland, Treasurer. The officers for the second semester were Avis Stewart, Presidcntg Jeanne Daywitt, Vice President' Doyal Brandt, Sccretaryg Frances Harland, Treasurer. DRAMATIC CLUB This year the dramatics class presented as its annual play "The Big Front," written by Clark Willard, one of Hollywoodis foremost playwriters. It was given April 7, in Central Auditorium. The cast included: Marilyn Fournier, George Burns, Robert Agnew, Joan Fergfuson, Phyllis Johnson, Ed Robison, John Collins, Jean Rowe, Joe O'Rear, Betty Elliot, Wanda Teegarden, Helen Garrot, Betty Mince- moyer, and Wally Irwin. "The Big Frontn was a hilarious three-act satirical comedy. Dr. Smith had to learn to put on a "big frontn before he could become a successful doctor. C293 , Gaim, ,,.x K- V .Y,, FORUM CLUB Today as we visited Frankfort High School, the Forum was dis- cussing Pro and Con the question, "Shall the United States boycott Japanese products? The preamble and purpose of the Forum is "to promote and foster interest in public speaking and to generally promote the spirit of Frank- for High School." The project of the Forum this year has been panel or round table discussion. The utlieers are: President. Gene Rodenberger: Vice President, joe Hangerg Secretary, Yvally Irwin: Treasurer. james Goat. FORENSIC CLUB The purpose of this club is to interest pupils in the knowledge of parliamentary law procedure. The SA student receiving the Indiana Banner for the highest grade in Indiana History was Jake Ruch. They held their third annual homecoming banquet and dance Feb. 9. Interesting programs were given by different members of the club on such topics as: Anthony Wfayne, Rushmore Mt. in South Dakota, Muscle Shoals, Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon of the Colorado, and Con- stitutional Hall at Philadelphia. The first semester otlieers were: President, Kl.irg.iret Ann Hyman, Vice President, Russell Knippg Seeret.1t'y, -lack liickleg Treasurer. Metiris Smith. The second semester orhcers .irez Presitlent, Anim l'mwe1': Vice President, glue Bill Sibbittq Secre llfy, hI.'ll'l.!lI Gwynng Tre.1stirer, Teddy Eggers. The club is sponsored by Mr. Hampton. O03 DEBATE Under the capable coaching of William Floyd, the debaters started their season in October. Almost any morning from 8:00 to 8:30 there could be heard discussion on "Resolved: that Indiana should adopt a system of unicameral legislation." John Strange, Marilyn Fournier, and Pat Hays always argued for the questiong while Virginia Raabe, Bob Mohr, and Joe Hazelwood argued against it. john Strange, who had been in debate three years, was the captain of the team. The Hrst trip the teams made was to Purdue to the Debators Con- ference. Following that there were trips made to Anderson, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, and other places in the state. There were three seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore on the team. The National Forensic League, National High School Speech Frat- ernity, includes all those high school students who have been in inter- scholastic speech. With each debate, oratorical contest, extemporaneous, or declamation contest, the speaker is awarded pointsgand when a mini- mum of fifteen points is reached the student is admitted to the N. F. L. The president of our chapter is John Strange, and the secretary is Marilyn Fournier. At the end of the season, the members are awarded N. F. L. keys. UU STACCATO CLUB The purpose of the Staccato Club, is to further music in the school and community. Membership is extended to high school girls who are connected in some Way with the music department. Their social func- tion of the year was the Staccato Club dance, which was held at the Country Club April 22. The officers are: President, Margaret Hymang Vice President, Margery Coheeg Secretary, Margery Forrestg Treasurer, Bonnie Huffordq and Miss Nixon, sponsor. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club is ll group of girls trained by Miss Nixon, sponsor, for choral singing. The Glee Club also assists in putting on the operettn. Membership this year was the largest it has ever been. The girls are given full credit in this club. kill ORCHESTRA The Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. DeBard, has had a highly successful year playing concerts and special programs. Several string ensembles composed of orchestra members have also furnished many programs throughout the year for school, church, and civic functions. The orchestra has remained in First Division at the State Contest for the last three years and entered the State Contest again this year. It has also been given a good rating at the last two National Orchestra Contests. The Orchestra had a total of sixty students. They are as follows: Jo Anderson, Vera Arndt, Berdena Akers, Geraldine Baker, Betty Bar- ker, Billy Baum, Vera Brittain, James Compton, Catherine Culbertson, Eva Eikenberry, Frances Emmons, Dick Foust, Neva Foust, Joan Fer- guson, Julia Forrest, Margery Forrest, Merit Golf, Nina Hailman, Irene Huffer, Lorene Huifer, Helena Hunsicker, Donna Irwim, Ruth Ann Kaylor, Betty Kern, Lois McBride, Loree McBride, jean Messmore, Peggy Messmore, Walter Mihay, Helen Morris, Gerald Myers, Wayne Myers, Barbara Owens, Alfreda Patch, Norma Peters, Louise Peterson, Junior Phillipo, Lucille Regan, Terry Reed, Kenneth Reese, Wilma Rodgers, Betty Sellars, Barbara Shore, Vivian Shore, Jean Sloan, Karl Smith, Lois Turner, Eloise Volz, Betty West, and David Whitmore. 03? BAND The Band, has been one of the outstanding organizations of the high school for many years. The band has competed in the district and state contest several times and in the national three times. The band played at all the home football and basketball games and also journeyed to Anderson and Lafayette to play. For the first time the band has had two drum majors, namely, Bob Myers, and Lewis Benjamin. The Band and Orchestra Parent Organization have sponsored two dances after games and planned a fair to help pay for uniforms and trips out of town. Under the direction of Mr. Thomas, the band grows every year. At present it has a membership of eighty students. They are: Billie Al- bright, Edwin Badgley, Bill Barker, Bill Baum, Betty Beardsley, john Beardsley, Margaret Black, Barbara Buck, Byron Campbell, Don Chand- ler, Ralph Claudy, Eileen Clifton, Lillian Colgrove, Dorothy Collins, John Collins, Mary Collins, Bob Cohee, Don Cummings, Rupert Evans, Dick Faust, Jim Gaddis, Lynette Garrison, Bob Gee, Mary Gladding, Merritt Goff, Avanel Harrison, Jack Harshman, Helena Hunsicker, Maurice Huffer, Wfally Irwin, john johnson, Franklin Jones, Delores Kaylor, Ruth Ann Kaylor, Ralph Kelly, Bob Kern, Betty Kerns, Herbert Killmer, Leo LaBaw, Barbara LaCroix, Bob LaCroix, Bob Lanum, Joe Bill Lockwood, John Maxon, Peggy Messmore, joe McDonald, Tom McMurtry, Omer Michaels, Helen Ruth Morris, Harold Moyars, Ken- neth Owens, Mary Rose Palmer, Bob Peterson, Junior Phillipo, Bob Pierce, Phyllis Price, Elizabeth Price, Virginia Rapp, Terry Reed, Ken- neth Reese, Don Robison, Maurice Robison, Jake Ruch, Melvin Sheets, Joe Bill Sibbitt, Bill Snyder, Wfinifred Spurgeon, Delores Stine, Bob Talbert, Jim Tedford, Mary Alice Thompson, Phyllis Wfidener, Bob XVright, and drum majors, Bob Myers and Lewis Benjamin. 4347 AFTERNOON CLASSES 1:40 - 3:50 After that short period of relaxation, we go to our classes with renewed vigor. Stu- dents rush from one building to another, the halls are one great mass of hurrying feet, girlish laughter, gay greeting, and then the bell rings announcing that it is time to end our play and return to Hnish our day's Work. On the right We have the junior officers, Robert Coleman, Wfilliam Ryan, Phillip Robinson, and Merritt Golf. The junior class will be found at the end of this section. W'hen we start back to school this after- noon after having observed the various ac- tivities, let us go to another shop class, un- " 3- der Mr. Blunk. This ii department offers three hundred different types of work. The boys take a course in metal work, making different objects in tin, and doing general repair work around the school which comes un- der their class of work. der their class of work. ii l ,N ix xx NX I, f , i lj , 1 'fill A all X, i Aix X lx l ,i ,4 X ffigxx I ,f i.i.., ' f ,V , ,.Q.f5'9-as X ,, I, If., C i i 2110160 Rl - 1 F ,lolm Albitz. Floyd Bugan, jack Fenimore. Bill jackson, Berald , ii fi! mi Reef, XY'illiam Recd, Curtis Strain, Harry Unroe, Charles Donolm, John lfmmit, Paul Guycr. Robert Hcmmcrling, james Lewis, Charles Rlcliinzic, Charles McCrcary, Ray- mand Moore. Lewis, Nowlan. Frank Ottcrman, Earl Reagan, Harold Shulcr, Leon Brower, .lack Sump, Charles Marks. Lcc Pilzcr. Kenneth Robbins, XY'altcr Lin- daucr. .. Vi, N, .Y . . ,Q 1 , .-w x 1Q'iL,'.f- ' ' " QL' Jn..-."',f . .L v. ,nf -,'.,' 2. 4 - ,. Q ,U .-'.,75..:-,LA ' " 45114 liste? ' n,.'. ' 1- ', , -AF' 'Ll-'Til " 5' " , ' " .,s':.' ' ' fs:- ,A rruf, -.Q - .f-3 ',1g,:.'. .- k , . ,.,.Y?'l:,-- ' 3.1 - v- : r " -. I 'A A 1."3r ' 3 'ff 3 'fi " E , f I V .,, Q-4f'l'v.. 4 J k , A ' V .. -V, ,- ,.,....-X 1 ' 1- .4-' I "xi ,f - "Q: " - "'i 11:5-319' 1-cliff! - A 1 v-.f"- -..,.,' . . . ,Q r -rw . - " .rim A - ' b , pri. ,b,.,. Q, , - '.f.1-f..g-- as ,.:,Q . . , MY, A... ,JTVEQE . .. , .f.- - -av ff?-.N A . ,. V- V, 'ex' . ' v h I , l N- . 2 e-, ' . xr. Q: L -1 - if 1. ,, , -1 - -.L f an ,yy ,:. .- ,,, , ..Y .1k, 1 mm. 9. , ,.+. .. Lb, wif'-I A SAM. I , A - 3,-'If rA .-ur' ' ' ' 'Lai xr.-T ' ix 'A -Y 9.14 'w ' -.v Y FIFTH PERIOD 1:45 - 2:45 --Q93 Perhaps you will be interested in a neat attractive and efficient secretary. Miss C3FH6ld,S shorthand class is the place where better sec- retaries are in the making. The ultimate aim of every shorthand student is to become a good secretary. She must master the fundamentals of shorthand, and it is in this class where it is determined if the student is satisfactory for the work. The first semester classes were ably taught by Miss XVoodward. Ifrank Ashley, Mildred Bassett, Mary Helen Baum, jean Beau- champ, llelen Bird, Esther Bragg, Mary Calhoun, Maxine Cwke, Em- ma jean Dowden, Margery For- rest, -Ioan Goldsherry, Mildred Good, Iisther Groves, Vivian Hick- erson, Alice Hoffman, June Hoyer, Bonnie Hufford, Betty Johnson, Mary Maish, Dorothy Mitchell, Triiah Neher, Bevelyn Painter. Maxine Quick, Jean Randolph, Dorothy Smith, liathryr, Sullivan. Mary Alice Thompson, Hildred Traylor, Lois Turner, AT1li'll.1 XVainseott, Ma X in e XVainscott Ailcne Yfilson, Betty Young. C369 i Business English is speciiically concerned with the application ot English in business. The chief emphasis is laid on the Writing of letters because letters form so large a part of all business. The meaning and use of business Words and phrases are stressed. Miss Bond is the teacher. Barbara Balfe, Betty Blinn, Loren Brower, Billy Campbell, Mary Collins, Jean Conrad, Helen Pickle, Don Foster, Mary Francisco, Ioyce Goldsberry, Betty Hackerd, Eliza- beth Huff, Charles Johnson, Max- ine Kaser, Marcia Kelly, Bethena Kemmerer, Freda Larsh, Rowena Lucas, Marcia Maish, Harrison Michael, Roberta Morrison, Mary Palmer, Mary Plunkett, Rex Rei- gan, Joan Stewart, Anna Vail, Robert Zipperian, Lowell Meyers. Mary Ellen Ashley, Nathetta Ba- ker, Virginia Barnaby, Bemiece Carey, Virginia Donoho, Roscoe Fanning, loc Gilbert, Margaret Grafton, Harold Groves, Max johnson. Dolores Kaylor, Helen Kern, Leona Massey, jane Mathews, john Maxson, LeRoy McManama, Wlilter Mihay, John Mincemoyer, Patricia Moore, Esther Mynes, Vir- ginia Nance, Helen Padgett, Helen Phillips, Clera Robison, Wlilliam Sharp, Ted Spaulding, Frances Stevens, Robert Suits, John 'Wealt- ley, David NY"itmore, Robert 'Wil- liams, Delores Foster. This Algebra class, under the supervision of Miss May, is learning the fundamentals of Algebra. They study literal numbers, simple equa- tions, formulas, fractional equations, ratios, proportionate graphs, and solve problems containing two or more unknowns. 5. ,su A.- t Bobby Gee, Tom Major, Ethel Mann, Yirginia McGrath, John Nleliinney, XY'illi.1ni Mchltirtrv, Gene Michael, Mary Nlihay, Klar- garcr Miller, Martha Miller, Mary Miller, Bertha Mitchner. Betty Moore, Helen Myers, XX'ayne My- ers, Phyllis Nees, Ted Needlinger. George New, Mary Norris, Tom O'l', Nlelba Ohleniacher, john Oster, Betty Payne, Helen Perkins. Gene Pickering, Nluanita Posey. Phyllis Price, Albert Puckett, Phyl- lis Purdue, Billy Randolph, Chris- tina Raiidolpli, Carl Rash, Lucille Reagan, Augustus Rice, Rnibcii Rieker, liranees Robbins, Elim- lwesli Rodgers. Dale Ruse. Mr. Hamptons history class is concerned with a study of Indiana. The students learn how Indiana has grown from a part of the North- west territory to an important state of the union. For projects, there are special reports and work books. The contract method is taught whereby each student can study according to his own grade level. P". '. ' stress the ability to make accurate sketches. C335 pig' Q c csf , .:,, ' ru V Next is Miss Gallup's art class. Miss Gallup is another new teacher. The students study forms of lettering, spacing, principles of posted mak- ing, jewelry making, leather work, pencil sketching, perspective, design principles-variety, color and harmony-still life with crayons, and Beverly Boots, Doyal Brandt, Jack Pickle, Anabelle Hiatt. Leonard Maxey, Lois Miller, Gerald O'Neil, Dale Phillips, Margaret Reed, Inez Stubley, Annabelle Thompson. -R Mr. Wood directs these students to acquaint themselves with Shakes- peare through an intensive study of one of his simplest plays-"The Merchant of Venice." In addition, they study sentence structure, parts of speech, written expression, and a study of the library and a number of good books. Billy Baum, Bonnie Bogan, Bobby Bolen, Robert Buntin, Laurabclle Carr, Isabelle Coy, Dorothy Dean, Elizabeth Downs, Robert Dukes, Ijva Iiikenberry, .Iewell Emmett, Marlha Harmon, Betty Igney, lil- sie Israel, ,laelt jarrell, Edde Lynch, Harley McGuire, Nvilehi- mina Melntosh, Margaret MCMA- hon, Helen Michael, Maxine Mi cluel, llarry Middleton, fhelma Myers, Beth Miller, Doris Ohh:- nangher, Eva Robison, Garlaad Slmnabarger, Robert Shaver, Bev- erly Smith, Morris Speitcl, Richard Spray, Vera Stewart, Billy W'a5n- i scott, Frances XVetzel, Margaret i White. C399 SIXTH PERIOD 2:50 - 3:50 Maurice Alter, Doris Ayers, Clem- ent Boland, Billy Buclianan. Billy Carter. Lillian Clark. Effie Cod- dington, Neva Faust, lfllis FykCS. james Gaddis, Mary Gladding, Frederick Goldsberry, Frances Har- land, ,lack Harshman. Robert Henderson, Doris Kelly, Anna Knipp, Halel Lewis, Myrtle hit- cliael, lfya Neibrand, Henry Palil- ke, Max Payne, Patil Price. Harold Rabanus, Mary Richer, John Rog- ers, XYilma lingers, Kenneth Roush, ,lean R-uve, Betty Sellers, Katherine Stephenson, Mary Lou Thatcher. Ruth Thayer, Betty XY'est, Helen Young, Miriam Young. This is where Mr. Curtis presents a panorama of Wforld History to a class suffering with 6th period alertnessg however, be not too much moved by their seeming fatigue. The study centers around the growth and organization of Modern European nations. They study the civiliza- A tion of Greece and Rome from medieval times to modern times. TN., , Y ,. . I V . 'P -8' . - 1,7 tie? , , ' The emaculate sanctoriuin which we are about to enter is the place where science is presented in degrees of exnctitude. It is the place where Mr. Belcher presents the study of matter and energy and its practical application to mechanics, heat, magnetism, electricity, sound, and light. The problems here are the problems of the home, shop, and farm. Lewis Beniamin, Harold Burks, Charles Dean, Earle Duncan, Mar- garet Fuller, Dehvayne Gunyon, james Henning, Harold Howe, XY'aiter jnlinson. Betty Kerns, Imo- gene Laymon, john Lynch, julia Mann. Betty McCoy, joe McDon- ald, Gerald Myers, Hobart Peter. Lenore Schcirer, jack Scircle, Rob- ert Shearer, Maxine Sheets, Max Smith, james Stokes, Helen Myer. C405 It is trueg math is grade math class, math is made meaningful and useful for the millions. Here mathematics is taught in its application to the cost in maintaining the individual, home, business, and government. 1Al'Ll1Llf Allan, Lawrence Astolfi, liranklin Blacker, john BreWCl'. Ch-mer liushman, Marvin Cam- bridge, Byron Campbell, Dorothea Campbell, Helen Campbell, Vir- ginia Carney, Mary Childress. Ruth Conrad, Derward Coy, Virginia Cripe, Ruth Cross, Don Cum- mings, Ralph Danner, Hope Die- terle, Ralph Dobam, Medford Dnnolio, Pauline Duty, XValter Dunbar, lion Iiillilll, Vernell Fer- guson, Martha Fidler, Don Gor- man, Virginia Grissom, lla Hanger. Lim-iiilie.i Harland, XValter Harri- son, Rachel Haynes, Georgia Hedge, Patty Hobbs, Lance How- ard. Billy Howe, Bill jarrell, Mary Matrix, XVilliam Morphew, jake Rush, Billy Snyder. Avanel Harrison, Ross Michael. Alma ,lean Ryan, Violet Sharp, Bonnie Sherrill, Mildred Shives, Vivian Shure, ,loan Sipe, Mariorie Smith, Mary Sparrow, Nancy Clarence Stevens. Allen Stone, Lu- eyellen Strain, Ifvelyn Street. lranii Tlinmpsoii, Roberta Tut- Lflterback, junior XValker, Mary Ann W'ann, Flossie XVarren, ham Znbrist, Marvin Zook. l General Science attempts the presentation of a useful and practical application of the more important fields of science. Much new and use- ful equipment for clarifying and demonstrating scientific principles, has been added in the General Science Division. Interesting references, lantern slides, charts, and moving pictures are used by Mr. Swearingen to stimulate interest. necessary to the millions. In Miss Knox's sth r ' - ,. ,,.,,.... .. W ' z C413 iSpradling. Mary ,lo Springer, George Strode. Harold Suit, Rub- ert Swanson, Peter Terpinas, Ile, XVard Underwood, Bonnie Marie XVells, Schorling XVilliams, Zora YVilliams, Noble Lee XVilson, Virginia XVilSun, Hollaee Xlfisc, Louise XY'right, Muriel Yuill, XVil4 4435 JUNIORS Berd-ena Akers, Virginia Amieh, Dale Appel, Miriam Azen, Barbara Balfe, NVilliam Barker, jean Beau- champ, Paul Benge, Alvin Benjamin, Margaret Black, Betty Blinn, Bev- erly Boots, Anna Bower, Loren Brower, Herbert Brown, Elva Brum- barger, Iiarleen Bryson, Martha Ca- hoon, Mary Calhoun, Billy Camp' bell, Morris Campbell, Margaret Carey, Bradford Carr, Bill Carr, james Chelem. Robert Clemens. Maurice Coil, Lillian Colgrove, Marv Collins, jean Conrad, W'endell Cook, Lvajean Curbeaux, Rosemarie Davey. Dan Davis, Evelyn Davison, john Dieterle, john Dorner, Paul Douglaa, Robert Downer, Doris Eikenberrv, Betty Elliott, Mary lindres, Bob Far- rell, joan Ferguson, Helen Fickle, Don Foster, Marilyn Fournier, Marv Francisco, Everett Fry, Helen Gar- rott, Merrit Goff. joan Goldsberrv, joyce Goldsberry. joe Grace, Mari Grace, Robert Grace, Margaret Grosswiler. llsther Groves, Robert Groves, Betty Haekerd, Mildred Hart, Rich- ard Hart, Pat Hayes, Delores Hayel- wood, Leonard Henthorn, Ciene ldlifflll, Robert Hiatt, Bob Hibbard. Neil lligbee, Alice Hoifnian, james Hollis, Morris Howe, june Hoyer. lilizabeth Huff, Lorene Hutfer, Mar- garet Hyman, Nvally lrwin, Doris jackson, Mary jackson, Carroll johnson, Charlet johnson, john johnson Betty jones, Franklin jones. Maxine Kaser, Virginia Keith, Don Kelly, Marcia Kelly, Ralph Kelley. Bethena Kenimerer, Maxine Kenney. Robert Klippel, Russell Knipp, Bob LaCroix, Freda Larsh, Melvin Leach, john Leger, Oscar Leifitner, june long, Rowena Lucas, Iidtvard Mad- dox, Lois Maish, Marcia Maish. Lorene Martin, Tex Matthews, Gloria Mc- Coy, lirnext Mcfiill, 'liioni McMurtry, Bette Meciini, jean BlCNSIIIUI'C, Har! rison Michael. Omar Michael, Mar- ion Miller, llelen Morris, Roberta Morrison, Harold Moyer, Betty Mun- dell, Lowell Myers, Martha Mveix. Norris, O'Rear, Painter, Palmer. Pateh, Pickett, Plunkett, Priee, Pyle, Randolph, Randolph, Reagan, Ricker, Robison, Robison, Rogers, See, Shall, Shanks, Sharp, Sharp, Sheets, Sheets. Sheridan, Shipley, Shore, Sipes, Sli- pher, Sloan, Smith, Sparrow, Stewart, Stokes, Strode, Swarford, Thompson, Teeguarden, Toney, Traylor, Turner, Unroe, Utterback, Vail, Van Tyle, Vaughn, Xvarren, XY'et7el, Xvifdner, Wiley, XY'illian1s, XY'oodhouse, Xvright, XYright, Young, Zipperian. ATHLETICS 8:00 Let us remind you that Frankfort has one of the most efficient and outstanding athletic plants in Indiana. Its traditions in competition on the hardwood and athletic fields are many. Track, basketball, football, archery, soc- cer, volleyball, and other intermural sports contribute to our ability to produce out- standing athletes. The girls enjoy inter-class competition, but the boys strive for keener competition. In fact, they like it so well they even prac- tice after school and after supper to make themselves superior. Want to see some ac- tion? Here it is! , Q The Frankfort High School Nighthnwks successfully battled through one of the most clif- iicult seasons in the :annals of the Frankfort football history. Under the able leadership of Co- Captnins Agnew and Thompson, the boys pictured on this page closed their season at Kirklin after winning six games, losing two, and tying one. Three of the boys, Lynch, enclg Burks, guard, and Thompson, guard, received recognition on the all-state selection. Much of the teamls success was due to the strenuous efforts of the reserves, who were Gene l-lertel, Maurice Robison, Bill Buchanan, Leonard l-lenthorne, Bob Murray, Leland Hawkins, lnwu Inn Suites, I'l.iruld liurks, so-captain jr. lhompson. Rnmoml Xltbill bill Barker, Kenneth Reynolds, llrncst McGill, Colth Riymond Rolimlmtigli. Bob LaCroix, Charles Johnson, Charles Shanklin, Bill Carter, and Charles McCre:iry. Coaches Rohrabaugh and Ronzone are ex- l peering great performances from these boys next 1 fall. Following is the record for the 1937 season: l Frankfort 15 ,,.,,,,e,ee,,e,e,,,,,,e.,,,e,ee, Sheridan 7 l Frankfort 19 ,,,. ,,,, N Iilford 12 1 Frankfort 0 ,,,,, ,, ,,,,,, Lafayette S Frankfort Z5 ,,,,, Knightstown U Frankfort 7 ,,,,, .,,, L ogansport 7 Frankfort 19 t,.r, , Kirklin 0 Kokomo Frankfort 7 6 Frankfort O IS ,,,r, ,, , Kirklin U ,, Anderson 1-4 Frankfort 3 Top Row: Ji if Co-captain Bob Agnew, John Lynch, Yk'fIQ'IlJl'Ll Sheets, Raul Ransom Bufluln Run : Dave Adams, Bill Teegardcn, Earl Duncan. Lliarlus Dean. wi Q46 CMM 1938 - BASKETBALL The Frankfort Fighting Five fought through another season of basketball with a very Hne record. The team started the season showing great possibilities. They went through the first five games with but one loss and that was to the Tipton Blue Devils. In December the Casemen hit a slump and lost five straight games and Hnally emerged on January 1, in the Vincennse Old Post tournament. The Casemen lost their first game to ,Iasper in the afternoon tilt and broke their long loosing streak that night with a decisive victory over the Bedford Stonecutters by a score of 29 to 16. This started the team moving. In the last two months of the season, they won every game reversing their early stride with eighteen straight victories. In the North Central Conference, Frank- fort placed first with the Muncie Bearcats, after Kokomo had held the top berth most of the season. The team was composed of a very line group of boys. Strict train- ing and the "Never give up" spirit made possible their great success. The starting lineup in most of the games was Shepard, and Agnew, forwards, Johnson, centerg and Lynch and Wise, guards. John Lynch was unable to play with the team at the first of the season because of a foot ailment, but later he got in stride with the rest and was elected captain of the team. Ransom and Cooke were the most prominent reserves. E. McGill, Glass, Brower, R. McGill and Davis also saw some action during the season. All of the first five but Johnson and three reserves were seniors and their places will be hard to fill next year. Charles Johnson was second in the North Central Conference individual scoring race. He was only one point behind the winner. Top In Bnffoms Robert Agnew. ,loc Shepard. Charles johnson. Gordon NY'ise. john Lynch. Rawl Ransom. . Coach Case selected Shepard, Agnew, Johnson, Lynch, Wise, Ran-A som, Cooke, Glass, E. McGill, and Davis to represent Frankfort in the sectional tournament. Frankfort's first foe in the tourney was Sugar Creek who put up a brave fight but was defeated by a score of 48 to 15. The next opponent was Kirklin, who put up the toughest op- position to the Fighting Five in the tourney, but came out on the short end of a 53 to 22 score. In the final game Frankfort played Rossville, who had won their way to the finals by defeating Colfax, Forest, and Michigontown. Frankfort played the best game of the tournament that night, defeating the Hornets by a score of 44 to 23 and earning the right to go to the Regional Tourney. The Regional Tourney was held at the Jefferson High School gym- nasium in Lafayette. Lebanon and Jeff played the first game with Jeff winning 36 to 25. Frankfort and Oxford played next, and the Fighting Five outchanced the Oxford boys by a score of 55 to 27. At eight Sat- urday night the Jefferson Bronchos and the Fighting Five met in a very hard fought battle with Frankfort emerging as a winner by a score of 30 to 26. 4 The Semi-Final Tourney was again at Lafayette. Hammond and Rochester played at 2 o'clock, and the Hammond Wildcats defeated the Rochester Zebras by a score of 23 to 19. Frankfort and Delphi played at 3 o,clock and the Fighting Five stretched their victory belt one more notch by a score of 27 to 14. That night the great Hammond team upset the Fighting Five in one of the year's best played games. The Wildcats went on to the state finals and were defeated by South Side of Ft. Wayne in the final game. The record for the 1938 season: F.H.S. Opp. F.H.S. Opp Southport 2 7 20 Lebanon .... .. .... 36 19 TiPf0f1 --fff - 16 21 Lafayette .... ,, ..,. 26 25 Rossville 47 15 New Castle g - 31 18 Muncie .... .. 26 22 L A Lebanon ,...... .. .... 44 38 ogansport 29 25 Technical .,.,. 25 27 Kokomo 23 26 -Ieiliersonville . . 14 25 Anderson ., .. 29 24 Kokomo --.-..-..- 19 21 Lafayette ........,.. ...... .... 2 S 2 3 Marlon """""" "'o """"""" 2 2 37 Richmond ,,,,,,, ,.,..,., , , 27 20 TOURNEY AT VINCENNES Horace Mann fGaryj , , 39 26 lasper g-----gggg Vwgg gvgfgqgq -gg- I I -ggg 2 0 23 W. Lafayette 25 21 Bedford ,,,, .,,,,,, 2 9 16 Logansport H .... .,.., . 31 18 Top io Bolfnmz Ernest McGill. Vernon Glass, Lewis Cooke. Raymond McGill. Daniel Da- vis, Loren Brower. TRACK The Frankfort High School tracksters were one of the strongest teams this year in Central Indiana. Among the outstanding performers on the team were Dave Adams, Charles johnson, Joe Shepard, and Bob Agnew. The team swamped Sheridan in the first meet by a score of 69 to 21. The Casemen participated in the Southport Relays on April 20 and in the Delphi Relays on April 30. The Central Indiana Track and Field Meet was held at Stott Field on May 4. A queen and her attendants were chosen to present awards, making a colorful affair. A dual meet was scheduled with jeff of Lafayette on May 10. The Sectional Meet was held on May 14 at Lafayette with the State Meet being held at Indianapolis on May 21. In as much as this book must be printed before the last month of school, we cannot give you the scores of all the meets. p my B TEAM The Frankfort High School "B" team under the 'able guidance of their new coach, Larry Farrell, proved that there will be a very promising future for the Fighting Five. They won ten games and lost ten games. The ones lost were by narrow margins. Larry Farrell proved to be a very able coach. His record in the past with county teams has told of his success, and this year's team was no exception. The leading scorers for the team were Car and Wetzel. The ability of long range shooting from the guards was a great asset to the team. With Pyles as the towering defense man, the team made many great stands against their opponents. Leach was one of the hardest lighters on the team. F.H.S. Opp. F.H.S. Opp. Southport ,,,e,, ...... 1 2 10 Lebanon ,,,. . 21 24 Tipton ,,,,.. ...... 1 7 28 Jeff ...,.,... 21 10 Rossvillc .. ,. ...... 30 15 Kirklin .,,, 22 12 Muncie ,,,,,,,,,,i. ...... 1 3 16 Lebanon Z3 26 Logansport ,,e... ,,..,, 2 1 19 Anderson ..,. 10 13 Technical i...., 21 19 Kokomo .,,e ..., . . 18 22 Kokomo ,,,,, .,... 2 0 Z3 Richmond .,,,, 12 23 Xlarion ,,,,,,.,,..,...,,,. .,,,,,,,,, 1 6 24 XVCSK Side ,,,, ......... . . 25 14 ' I O cw: INTERCLASS SOCCER CHAMPIONS Darleen McCord, Captain, Betty Kerns, Virginia Goldsberry, Gladys Galeener, Rita Greenland, Barbara William, Eileen Clifton, Margery Forrest, Margery Cohee, Anabelle Hiatt, Helena Hunsicker, Margaret Fuller, Violet Palmer, and Mary Elizabeth Ricker. The Interclass soccer championship was won this year by the Senior team. They defeated the Freshmen by a score of 2 to 0, and then fol- lowed up with a victory over the Juniors to the tune of 2 to 1. Juniors defeated by Seniors, 2 to 1, Britta Stokes, Captain, Hildred Traylor, Mary E. Sheridan, Margaret Grosswiler, Joyce Goldsberry, Phyllis Wfeidner, Martha Cahoon, Joan Goldsberry, Pauline Vaughn, Esther Groves, Mary Francisco, Lorene Strode, Delores Hazelwood, and Beverly Boots. Sophomores defeated the Juniors, 9 to 0. Betty Bower, Captain, Helen Simmons, Kathryn Jackson, Mary Ham, Betty McEwen, Kathryn McDonal, Maxine Hite, Donna Wickham, Ruth Thayer, Ruth Benja- min, Julia Brittain, Delores Cantwell, Wfanda Teegarten, and Florence Harvey. Freshman defeated by the Seniors, 2 to 0. Betty jo Zerfas, Cap- taing Patty Hobbs, Margaret Grafton, Bernice Carey, Maxine Wessel, Francis Wetzel, Martha Major, Mary Galey, Marian Morrow, Belva Curbeaux, Beth Miller, and Patricia Moore. om . , 1-M., We Q" 4 up V ' . Pie W-1' .g , is 5, VOLLEYBALL V The Interclass Volleyball Tournament was Won by Maxine Hite's team over Helen Morris' fourth period team after a very close game. At the half, Helen's team was leading by six points. In the second half Maxine's team stepped in and chalked up a good lead before the fourth period team realized what had happened. Wheii they did wake up, it was too late to do anything, and Maxine's team won by four points. Volleyball is the main winter sport in the girl,s gym classes. They play this about twelve weeks out of every school year. Much spirit and enthusiasm is aroused during the tournament time. UU --,,.,..f J 1 ev" 6 gg . -5 4: 1 -.S f f j:,4iI. fx - s ' 'wif W. HB ai' pi , 4,,.':w-'t""' Ili X-A F3'f5r' .1-.l ARCHERY This picture shows girls participating in one of the favorite of the girl's sports, archery. The archery equipment was added to the Physical Education Department in 1936. Since then much interest has been shown in this old English sport. Archery is taught to the restricted gym classes, and also the girls in G. A. A. are permitted the use of the bows and arrows. Interest in archery has just been revived in recent years in Indiana, and tournaments are being held in Brown County State Park. C523 SENIOR SECTION We hope you have enjoyed this day in Frankfort High School. You have met the administrators of our school, have been introduced to our principle and his staff, and have visited the various class rooms Where students and teachers work together. Time passes on, and we now pres- ent the choice products of our high school . . . the Seniors. 1936 was a big year for both 1 i i I lun Kim: -Ioan Spray, President, Mr. Hanger, Sponsorg Claude Thompson, jr., 'Vice-president. xiimnl Run: Robert Agnew. Sccretaryg ,loc Shepard, T'ru.1surcr' Flora jane klarrell, Corresponding Secretary. CLASS HISTORY The class of 1958, the largest ever to leave the eighth grade, entered High School into a "golden eraw in Qui' class has received some of the ta es of an I class ever to raduate S I S In 1935 our girls, gymnasium athletic equipment has been added. educational progress and expansion. most wonderful educational advan- from Frankfort High School. was remodeled. From time to time Now bad-minton, ping-pong, arch- ery, and shuffle board are a few of the activities offered. Frankfort citizens and students. In that year our high school won the state basketball championship. Also, the orchestra and band students were presented with a music building. This building is one of the most modern in the state. 1937 was one of the most important years of our career. The out- standing social event of the year was our Junior-Senior Prom, which was the most colorful prom ever attended by Frankfort students. Dick Cisne and his band furnished the music. During this year, the Science Hall, the most modern and complete science building in Indiana, was added to our school plant. In the Spring of this year our football stadium was completed at Stott Field. Another important addition to our school system was a functional vocational guidance, personnel and placement department. In 1938 our school was equipped with an amplifying system. Visual education was expanded to include silent and sound pictures. This year our Home Economics Department was put on a vocational basis. One of the new features of the Science Hall is a Recreation Room in the basement. It is equipped with ping-pong tables, card tables, modernistic furniture, and an electrical victrola. Last, but not least, comes our year- book. It is by far the best book that any senior class of Frankfort High School has ever produced. C541 Strange - hm Hangul- Ilelen Meyer ' I-Il HONOR ROLL S5 OFFICERS CLA, i .llrnllvrrx flf fflz' Cimlilrnu Staff Mrmffrri uf flu' SVVIIUP' CINE' 'mul NATIONAL HONOR SOCILTH lames Goat 'lolin ' -I on ior Thompson Suzanne Moore Iielty jo Anderson Geraldine Baker Iielty Beardsley Barbara Buck George Burns Catherine Culbertson Yiriginia Carter Margery Cohee llonila Heaton Iflilabeth Ballinger Margery Forrest S'l'UIJIiNT COUNCIL A WARD5 Rawi' Ransom Rosemary Walton SCIENCE A MIAR D john Lynch BAND Billie Albright Ifdwin Badgley Betty Beardsley Lewis Benjamin Ralph Claudy Iiileen Clifton Robert Cohee john Collins james Cummings Rupert Evans Helena Hunsicker Ruth Ann Kaylor Betty Kerns Robert Lanum -loe MacDonald Robert Myers Terry Reed Kenneth Reese Mary Alice Thompson MATH AWARD Kenneth Reese G. A. A. Rita Greenland Virginia Goldsberry Gladya Galeener Ilileen Clifton Barbara Wiilliams Darleen McCord Betty Snorgrass Mary Dunham Annabelle Hiatt Iilora ,lane ,l-lfffll Norman Lauehner john Lynrll Mary Maish Gene Rodcnberger 'Iaekie Salisbury james Stokes XVaynard Sheets Rawl Ransom 'loan Spray Rosemary XV-lllvll l'RIiI'I'fCT COUNCIL Raymond McGill Mary Catherine e Rosemary Nvalton R -rn Rawl Ransom joe Hanger ORCHESTRA Margery Forrest Geraldine Baker Betty jo Anderson Lois McBride Loree McBride james Stokes Ifranees Ijmmons Catherine Culbertson Margery Cohee Gerald Myers Bob Stinson Irene Huifer Helena Hunsieker Ruth Ann Kaylor Kenneth Reese Terry Reed Ralph Claudy MUSIC Mildred Bassett Betty Bolen jean Coapstieli julian Strawn Mildred Baere Llilabeth Ballinger .lune Ann Beal Helen Bird ILJIIICI' Bragg XX'illetLa Chureh Maxine Cooke Iosephine Dimmitt ' Ifmma ,lean Dowden Catherine Gregg l 'i Vivian Hiekerson llelorev Huffer l lelena Hunsielier Margaret Kirkpalriek Madge Languell Dorothy Miteit Mary Il. Richer Maxine Taylor Lenore Seheirer Louise Swafford Annabelle Utterback Pauline Wier Maxine Wainseolt Ailene Nvilson Rupert Iivans ,lames Stokes Gerald Myers Dwight Stokes l"OO'l'BALL Charles Dean John Lynch junior Thompson Harold Burks Wiaynard Sheets Rawl Ransom Iiarle Dunean Robert Agnew Robert Stinson Raymond McGill BASKETBALL .lohn Lynch Gordon W'ise Robert Agnew joe Shepard Rawl Ransom Raymond McGill Vernon Glass TRACK David Adams Robert Agnew joe Shepard john Collins FOOTBALL A WARD junior Thompson BASKETBALL A XYARD John Lynch TRACK AWARD David Adams 'ILNNIS AWARDS -lumor McCarty Terry Reed ISU Mm mu Hs 4 RECORDED Q' 0 Q1 w v 85'i'E SN-9Z'u aj CADE Op L C A HE SENXAOF? CLASS 'Y QV 7' .-.avr fx VOR 'O' ""? l,lYILI l. ,Ml.un'. nlrcnl l,. l3.lL'l'U lhilig .Xlbridml licvcrly lnlmm 11.1 ns :Xndcrson llunxldmc B.1kur .-..9!l"" lun An Ilnflbullx KICYNUH lS.1ll:n.,L1 lfmuk Aslxluy N1llLil'CLl Basset Ifdwin C. Badglcy Mary Helen Baum .- Q .1 C567 "1" -0- .ng- unc Ann Beal Helen Bird Rubcrt Beard Betty Bulcn Ruburm licard Ilwhcr Ruth Bragg 'Aff A0 Q? ,av .1 "Nu 'WHS 'V vc Bcity klnne Bcnrdsluy Barbara Alcan Buck Lexus Lflmrlcx licng ln 1 Uuurgu Blllllill .i fr 67? lx l-,ll D. Ilpsl Durlis bcurgc XYviHi.lIN Burns IKUIJCVL Clark llvcl yn C,,.uup bull R11 ph Claudy limcnmry Camp Lilccn Clifton bell 1337 XXIJITCII XY. c,,.lI'lSOIl juan Cunpsuck Virginm Carter KI.u'gcry Dunn Cuhcc 9...- F--r bidi -'W Willctra Church Robert Cohen ll: 4: 45X -sa We-3 uf' john Cuilins Charles Dean Maxine Luuisc Cuukc Lena B. Dcllingcr Robcrm C- " "rf 'H 0175 no vin.. 'W Corus Virginia Dick ""f.f 'H 1 ! 1 . P" 1593 415 Dcardru Cox Joscpliinc Dimmitt Catherine Culbcrtsun Ifmma jean Duwdcn .Imnus Cumming5 Iiirlc Duncan '? ,exfqggvp Yivxhgqi 1 ,aw -35 -9 1 ' we-' M.-,I .Af Abel Duncan julia Irdllht Mary Dunlmm Maxine Ferrell lI.1mex If. Ipdwnrdx Jrqerx' Ann Fwrresr C605 .lures I.mmu Glen Forum Rupert Evans Margaret Ruth Fulle Cnrnbelle Erskin Phyllis Gene l'ulkers:m ,fvladys L. Galeencr Kita T. Greenland Vernon Glass Catherine Gregg Iamcs' V. Gunr Edwin Grove Virginia Goldsbcrry Rosemary Guard di- ..,..,A9" Mildred Good DcXVnync Gunyon '36 129 Bl.lI'g.lI'CI Guuld Aloxuf XY'llll.lI1l Hnmgu 0513 lfilbfilll N- . .XX 2 N' Q if: 551' -...Mi 2 -s-.8155 -s isgglr' C.1ll1ulmc H.1r1'mm vi.m LIIWIILI l'Iickcrmu Lcwlcx' V. Ilart juan Higbcc 15011114 I.. HC.llthIl llaruld Raynwxmd Huy: ,I.m1s:s Henning Op.xI Maric Hcngsl Gcnrgc Howland m XY'illi.1m Huw.1I"l Annbcllu Hint! Dolores Hulfur PARKING Lx C625 -0 at sthcr Irene Hurfcr Valtcr J. johnson Bunnic Lou Huffm'-1 Ruth Ann Kaylux' Hclclm Humickcz' Mary Catherine Kurn Lola Imlcr Betty Kern 455-. Hurry JUIIIINOII l'.1ulinu Kiippcl I.1'nust Paul Llnlwnmn l'g.ll'L'l kIc.m Kurkpacrick cw 1 f' Ann Knull Marjorie Lewis Madgu Langucll Robert Imwgfcllmv xlncrt L.lI'lLlI11 Truman Lucas 1049 Alcan Lnymon g - 1'.xtricig1 Ann Lvnclm rm.m I..IllklH!Cl ' llnlm Lynch .. ff , f. . 3, , . r Annis Lcistncm Mary Eliz.1betl1 A Lwwwifv' " ' 'A f .gi I julia Manw ty Jean McCoy Rosalyn Mark W Joe McDonald Lois E. McBride Raymond C. McGill 4659 Loree E. McBride Marjorie McKinsey Clmrles McCarty, Inez Meneely Dnrleen McCord Halen M. Meyer WINES FRANKFORT, uND- WCM .aw- 3 ,,.-- -ri was Dun Miller :imcs Montguincry .-1 .xl ii .., l Q I . i NY'il1u.1 Miller Robert Ii. Moore :. :f:..f,M N-X x , ..-...r 'ri-ef. . -- Wm, 'S-q..l'i ' rw ' M-mfr WM.:- X fs X H X ' ' .IQ hw. Q X " ' 'K ' A Q i 4 PM 'pw My I Q M li Ni WVR .: ri 3 4 '-' - Wi 5. Elizabeth V. Mimzcmuycr Raymond Milton Suzanne Moore i 'T 'UH -' ' - X rx , if-Pu., A new' Q: -wma . TL? -1 -Q Lf' ff - , ' 'r J. N 'ww ' ' F ..': 'W - 'F 31 will JN 1, F"""' , f-if 3 ., ,mm F , 'FEP "YT " A W g, I 1 f41...l N V 0 A r , lg . a yi, ., .Q ' p 5 fi : - 1 Q' 1 EZ' " 4 :I 1 Q glf f ..i . ' ' "' j JI 4. ,M 51 YV' 4 1' My' Anas 4661 Virginia M. Morrow ....4"' -S-"Sl was Dnrutby Mitchell Robert Murray Robert Mohr Gerald I.aVaun Myeii Vis Robert Myers 'Wfilliam J. Price .lou Nuwlnn Martha L. Pylcs Violet Palmer Maxine Quick Hobart Purcr Virginia Rubs jnu Petty Ricl1.1rd M. llauiuu jack l'r.iLl1ci' Rawlings V. Ransom C673 E' L Louise Reed rtlwur Ifugcnc RUdCI1bCI'gCl' Terry Rcud C lmrles K. Rogers JE? .,,n Kgnnclh I. Rceic ,l.lCLlL1LIlil'lC Salisbury x x ,n Ethel Louise Robinso Ronald C. Schcnck Mary Elizabcnh Rickcr V Barry jean Schenck Slwcrman Rlce Lcnurc Schcirer C633 Jack Scirclc Max Smith Ben Robert D. Shearer ry Virginia Snurgrn' Catherine Maxine Shears Hclcn Spencer XVayn.1rd Ruaicll Sheen Robert Stinson Virginia Shepherd Dwight Stokes Medford Shivc james Stokes mf f691 Lloyd Strain Mary Alice Tlmmpwn john Strange Annabelle Utterback Nlulian Strawn lfartha L. W'.xin5co!t C703 K.llllFj'll Sullivan Maxine Whimcott Robert Whinscott 1 ' Pauline Wfcir ,IOC Wray Barbara XVilliams Ailenc XVllSOI1 Thclnia W'right I-Iulcn Zobrist C713 wr- t,,tt..,',,,,t.- Gordon XVise Doyal Baty IN NIEMORIAM One of the saddest events of the school was the sud- den death of Doyal Baty, one of our classmates. Doyal, an industrial stu- dent. was the friend of everyone. His death was a decided loss to his friends and family. NOW IT DAVID L. ADAMS-"'I"fuSb"-Technical Student Council '36, '37, '38, E-Club '36, '37, '38, B. Orch. '36, Operetta '37, Latin Club '36, '37, Webstcrian '36, '37, Home Room Odicer '35, '37, Basketball '34, '35, '36, Track '34, '35, '36, 37, '38, Football '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Cauldron Staff '38. ROBERT R. AGNEW-"ASW,-Technicai Student Council '34, '35, '36, F-Club '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, French Club '34, Math Club '37, Orch. '34, '35, Class Otiicer '36, '37, '38, Home Room Oliicer '34, Basket- ball '36, '37, '38, Track '36, '37, '38, Football '34, '35, '36, '37, Ping Pong Champion '38. BILLIE ALBRIGHT-Science Sunshine Soc. '35, '36, Band '35, '36, '37, '38, Orch. '35, '36, Glce Club '35, '36, Operetta '35, '36, Latin Contest '36. -IO ANDERSON-"Suzy Io"-Classical N. H. S. '37, '38, Orch. '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Sunshine Soc. '37, '38, Opcretta '37, '38, Staccato '35, '36, '37, '38, Home Room Odicer '37. LOIS ANDERSON-Withdraw'n FRANK ASHLEY--Commercial EDXVIN C. BADGLEY-"Ed"-General Hi-Y '37, '38, Chess Club '38, Band '36, '37, '38. MILDERD L. BAERE-"Mig''-Commercial Sunshine Soc. '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Glec Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Websterian '36, Home Room Ofiicer '36, '57, Staccato '35, '36, '37, '38, Soccer '37, Volleyball '36, '37. BEVLRLEY IDONA BAKER-r-"Bib"-Bustiness Glce Club '34. GERALDINE BARERf"jer1-y"-Classical N. H. S. '37, '38, Sunshine Soc. '36, '37, '38, Orch. '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '36, '37, '38, Staccato '35, '36, '37, '38, Home Room Orhcer '37, Octetre '37: Quartette '33, Cauldron Staff '38. ELIZABETH BALLINGER-"Lib"-Classical N. H. S. '38, Sunshine Soc. '36, '37, '38, Orch. '37, Glee Club '37, '38, Operetta '36, '37, '38, Staccato '35, '36, '37, '38, Choir '36, '37, '38, Chorus '35, 36. MILDRED BASSET'-Socio Civic French Club '36, Glee Club '38, Choir '36. MARY HELEN BAUM"'BIlL'rli"'C0l11mCfCill Sunshine Soc. '35, '36, '37, '38, Band '35, '36, Glec Club '35, '36, Staccato '35, '36, '37, '38, Latin Club '35, '36, Eorsenic '35, '36, '37, '38, First place in State Contest '36, on the harp. ANN BEAL-"Ann"-Home Economic Sunshine Soc. '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Orch. '34, '35, Glee Club '56, '37, '38, Operctta '36, '37, '38, Staccato '37, '53, G. A. A. '34, '35, Art '3s. ROBERT BEARD-"Bob"--Industrial ROBERTA BEARD-"Ba'riic"-Home Economic Sunshine Soc. '37, '38. BETTY ,IANE BEARDSLEY-"Pinky"-Classical N. H. S. '38, Sunshine Soc. '36, '37, '38, Band '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Orch. '37, Staccato '36, '37, '38, Home Room Oiiicer '35, Soccer '36, Volleyball '37. LEVVIS CHARLES BENJAMIN- Student Council '38, High Life Staff '37, '33, Band '3h. JUNE CAN BE TOLD ROBERT D. BEST-"Buxfie"-Tecl1nical Hi-Y '36, Glue Club '34, Art '35, '37, Basketball 34 Tennis team '36, '37, Art Exhibit '35, '36, '37. HELEN BIRD--Commercial Sunshine Soc. '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '34, 35 '36, '37, '38, Operetta '35, '36, Class Oihcer '36, Latin Club '35, '36,, Websterian '35, '36, Home Room Oiiicer '34, Sunbean '34. BETTY BOLEN-Business Sunshine Soc. '35, '36, '37, '38, Glec Club '35, '36, '38, Operetta '37, '38, Staccato '37, '38. ESTHER RUTH BRAGG-Socio Civic Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Latin Club '35, Art Choir '55. BARBARA JEAN BUCK-''Bul7x"-Classical N. H. S. '38, Sunshine '37, '38, Orch, '37, '38, GEORGE BUNTIN-Classical HAROLD BURKS-Industrial Soc. '37, '38, Band '34, '35, Glee Club '37, Debate '34. E-Club '36, '37, '38, Band '35, Home Room Ofiicer '37, '38, Football '35, '36, '37, '38. GEORGE WILLIAM BURNS--"Geo"-Commercial N. H. S. '38, Student Council '34, '35, '38, Hi-Y '37, '38, French Club '36, '37, Forensic '34, '35, Websterizm '36, '37, Home Room Officer '36, '37, Forum '37, '38, Art Exhibit, American Legion Award EVELYN CAMPBELL-''E1'iv"-Home Economic Sunshine Society ,'34, '35, '36, '37, Band '34, '35, cc Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Operetta '36, '37, Home Room Otiicer '35, '36, Chorus '54, '55, ROSENTARY CANTPBELL-"RUXif"'-Business Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '3S, Glee Club 34 '35, Class Oliicer '34. WARREN NV. CARLSON-General Student Council '38, Home Room Ofiicer '37, 38. VIRGINIA CARTER-"Ginn, "--Classical N. H. S. '38, Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, High ite Statf '36, '37, '38. XVILLETTA CHURCH-"3Villy"-Science Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Giee Club '35, ' , '38, Operetta '35, G.A.A. '35, Latin Club '35, XVebstcrion 36 37 '37: Home Room Ofiicer '37. ROBERT CLARK-"Bob"-Commercial Art Exhibit '37, '38. RALPH CLAUDY--"jr."-Classical Hi-Y '37, '33, Math Club '38, Band " , ' , ' , '38, Orchestra '36, '37, '33, Operetta '38, Home Room Otiicer '37. 34 35 36 37 LILEEN CLIPTON-"Clif,"'-Classical Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Band '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '36, '37, Staccnto '36, '37, '38, C.A.A. '34, '35, '36, '37, 38 Soccer '3-4. '36, '38. JEAN COAPSTICK-''Coirjif'-Classical Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '35, 38 Operetta '38, Staccato '35, Websterian '36, '37. MAR GER Y DEAN COHElif''Dvimii"'-Classical N. H. S. '38, Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '37, '38, Glee Club '37, Debate '35, Eorsenic '34, '35, '35. '36. '37, '38, Operetta '38, Staccato '36, '37, S XVebsterian '34. '35, '36, '37, '38, Home Room Oiiicer '35, Forensic '34, '35, Home Room Otiicer '37, Soccer 8 '57, '38, Art Exhibit '35, Drum Major '38, Choir '38. Oetette '37, Quartette '38, Cauldren Staif '38. C725 '38, High Life Staff '36, 37 NOW IT CAN BE TOLD ROBERT COHEE-"Bob"-Commerce French Club '35, Band '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '35. JOHN COLLINS-"lobnzzirf'-Classical F-Club '38, High Life sfsff '38, Band '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Track '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '34, Big Front '38. BIAXINE LOUISE COOKE-"C'00ki4"'-Classical Student Council I-Ii Ii Life Staff '36, Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, 38, '37, '38, Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Operetta S '37, '38, Staccato '37, '38, G.A.A. '36, '37, '38, Xwebsterion '37, '38, Home Room Officer '37, Choir '37, '38. ROBERTA C. CORNSQ'Bvrlii"'-Socio Civic Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, I-I DEARDRA COX- Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, G.A.A. '36, '37, Websteriaii ome Room Officer '37. '36, '37, '38, Chorus '36, '37, '38. CATHERINE CULBERTSON-"Kaffe"-Classical N. H. S. '37, '38, Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '35, '36, Staccato '36, '37, '38, Home Room Officer '37, '38, Caul- dron Staff '38, Won nrst in State Music Contest and third in National '36, in National '37. First in State Music Contest and second JAMES CUMMINGS-"finiu11i"'-Classical Hi-Y '35, '36, Band '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '35, '31i. '37, '38, Operett a Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38. CHARLES DEAN-"Chuck"-Technical Hi-Y '36, Home Room Officer '38, F-Club '38, Football '37, '38. LENA B. DELLING ER-"Darley"-General Sunshine Society VIRGINIA DICK-Wi '38. thdrawn JOSEPHINE DIMMITT-"jo"-Classical Glee Club '3 , '34, '35, 6 '37, '38, Operetta '36, '37, '38, Chorus EMMA JEAN DOXVDEN-"Poole, "--Business Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Band '35, '36, Glee Club '37, '38, Operetta '38, Home Room Otbcer '35, EARLE DUNCAN-"Sbi'vpy"-General Student Council '36, '37, '38, F-Club '37, '38, Home Room Oificer '36, '37, '38, Football '35, '36, '37, '38. ISABLIL DUNCAN--Vifithdrawn MARY DUNHAM-Cl Sunshine Society assical '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '36, G.A.A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Websterian '37. JAMES F. EDWARDS-"Iili1mic"-Technical Student Council '38, Glee Club Exhibit '34, '35, '34, Hi-Y '36, '37, '38, Math Club '37, '35, '36, Latin Club '36, '37, '38, Art '36 FRANCES EMMONS--"Frame"-Home Economics Student Council '35, '36, '37, '38 Oiicer '38. 38, Sunshine Society '38, Orchestra '34, , Operetta '37, Staccato '38, Home Room CORABELLE ERSKIN-"Curie"-Home Economics Sunshine Society RUPERT EVANS--"D Math Club '38, '38, Operetta '3 '38, Choir '38. '56, '57, as, High Life staff '37. 00"-Classical High Life Staff '38, Band '38, Glee Club 8, Latin Club '38, Home Room Officer JULIA FAUST-"Illlii"'-Business Sunshine Society A.A. '36, '37. '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '36, G. cm MAXINE FARRELL-"NIilrkl'y"-Science Band '34, '35, Glec Club '36, '37, Opretta '37, Cv.A.A. i-- JJ. MARCERY ANN FORREST-"IvIurgiu''4ClassicaI N. H. S. '38, Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Staccato '36, '37, '38, Home Room Oilicer '38, Soccer '38, Sextette '35, '36, '37, '38. GLEN FORNEY-Industrial French Club '36, Basketball '35, Art Exhibit '37. PI-IYLLIS GENE FULKERSON-Business Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Art '36, '37, Soccer '34. MARGARET RUTH FULLERf-"iNIl1rgic"-Home Economics Sunshine Society '37, '38, C.1.A.A. '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Home Officer '36, Soccer '38. GLADYS L. GALEENER-"Glail''-Business Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, G.A.A. '34, '35, '36, 37, '38, Soccer '38. VERNON GLASS-Industrial Home Room Otlieer '36, '38, Basketball '36, '37, 38. 3 JAMES V. GOAR-"1":ll'IlIL'I""-C0mmCfCI3l N. H. S. '3-8, Student Council '37, Hi-Y '35, '34, Home Room Oflicer '35, '36, '37, '38, Forum '37, '38. VIRGINIA GOLDSBERRY+"Gi1111y"-Commercial Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, G.A.A. '34, '35, ' '36, '37, '38, Home Room O1'Iicer '35, Soccer '38, Volley- ball '36. MARGARET GOULD-"G011lific"-Con1mercial Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Chorus '35, '36, G. A.A. '36, '37, '38, W'ebsterian '37, '38, Hockey '36, RITA T. GREENLAND-"Ri'i1'u"-Commercial Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, High Life Staff '38, Class Otiicer '37, G.A.A. '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Home Room Officer '36, '37, Soccer '38. CATHERINE GREGG-"Kay"-Home Economics Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '36, '37, Staccato '36, G.A.A. '35, Home Room OHicer '36, '37, Soccer '37. EDXVIN GROVE-"Eff"-Industrial ROSEMARY GUARD-"Rosie"-Science Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Band '34, '35, Forensic Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Stnccato '35, '36, '37, '38, Latin Club '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Websterian '35, '36, '37, Cauldon Staff '38. DE NVAYNE GUNYON-"Gurrn-y"-Conimercial Hi-Y '37, '38, Football '34, '35, '36, Shop Exhibit '34, Glee Club '35. JOSEF XVILLIAM HANGER-"jor"-Science Student Council '35, '36, '37, '38, N. H. S. '38, Hi-Y '35, '36, '37, '38, Football '35, '36, Math Club '37, '38, Orchestra Forensic '34, XVebsterian '37, Forum '37, '34, '35, '36, Cauldron Staif '38, CATHERINE HARRISON--"Kay"-Classical Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '34, '35, Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37, '38. LESTER V. HART-"Li'i'k"-Commercial Glce Club '35, Latin Club '35, '37, Home Room OHicer '35. BONNITA HEAT'ON-"Bonnie"-Classical N. H. S. '37, '38, Student Council '36, Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, High Life Staif '36, '37, Latin Club '35, 36, sf. NOW IT CAN BE TOLD OPAL MARIE HENGST-"Oli"-Business Art '55, '56, '57, '5s. JAMES HENNING-"Coon"-Industrial ANABELLE HIATT-"Annie"-Science N. H. S. '38, Student Council '36, '37, Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, G.A.A. '36, Forensic '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Soccer '38, Couldron Staff '38, Art Exhibit '37, '38, YIVIAN URSULA HICKERSON-"Hi1'kil"'-Business Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '36, '37, 38: Operetta '36, '37, '38, Staccato '36, '37, '38, Chorus '34, '35, JEAN HIGBEE4Business Sunshine Society '37, '38, HAROLD RAYMOND HONVE-"Sieu'-fool"-General JOHN XVILLIAM HOXVARD-"IulmnJ"-General GEORGE HOXVLAND-Industrial Art Exhibit '34, '36, DELORES HUFFER--"Dl'i"'-Home Economic Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '35, 36. '37. '38, Operetta '37, '38, Staccato '37, Home Room Otiicer '35, '36, '37, Volleyball '38. I"STI-IER IRENE HUFFER-"Rem"'-Commercial Sunshine Society '37, '38: Orchestra '36, '37 '38, Class Oilicer '37. BONNIE LOU HUFFORD-"Bonnii"'-Business Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '34. '35, '36, '37, Operetta 54, 35, 36, 37, 58, Staccato '54, '55, '56, '57, '55, G. A. A. '54, Latin Club '34? Forensic '34, '35, '36, Choir '37, '38, HELENA HUNSICKER-"Ht'nil"'-Classical Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, Band '35, '36, '37, '38: Orchestra '36, 37, 38, Glee Club '35, '37, '38, Operetta '36, '37, '38, Staccato '37, '38, Soccer '38, Volleyball '37, Choir '37, '38. LELA IMLER-"Snn5biuf"'-Business FLORA JANE JARRELL-"Ium""-Business N. H. S. '38, Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, High Life Staff '37, '38, Home Room Oticer '38, BETTY JOHNSON-"I3Iit'lcL'y"-Home Economics Sunshine Society '37, '38, G.A.A. '37, '38. ERNEST PAUL JOHNSON-"Pick"-Commerce Student Council '37, French Club '35, '36, Math Club '38, Operetta '35, '36: Class Officer '35, Home Room Otlicer '35, '36, Art Club '37, '38, WALTER JOHNSON-"Wulf"-General Track '36, '37. RUTH ANN KAYLOR-"RMillie"-Business Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Band '37, '38, Orchestra '37, '38, Art Exhibit '35. MARY CATHERINE KERN-4"Kl1l-y"-Soci0 Civic Student Council '38, Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '36, '37, Operetta '37, Staccato '36, '37, Debate '35, Home Room Officer '36, '37. BETTY JANE RERNS-"Dimpli's"-Science Band '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '37, '38, Soccer '37. MARGARET JEAN KIRKPATRICR-"li'url"-Home Economics Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Glce Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, '38, Chorus '35, '36, '37, '38, PAULINE KLIPPEL ANN KNOLL-"Chubbin.s"-Business Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, High Life Statf '36, '37, Glee Club '35, G.A.A. '34, '35, '36, '37, '382 VVCDSICFIJH '36, '37, '38, Junior Dancing Contest '37. 5. - . . - .. MADGE LANGVVELL--"Pm1"'-Honic Economics Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '35, '36, '57, '38I Operetta '36, '38, Staccato '36, '37, '38, Home Room Oiiicer '37, '38, Choir '37, '38, ROBERT LANUM-'Spunky"-Classical Chess Club '36, '37, '38, Math Club '37, '38, Band '34, '35, '36, '37. '38, Orchestra '34, '35, Operetta '34, Art '34, '36, '37, '38. NORMAN LAUCHNER-"Sll1g,r''-Classical N. H. S. '3S: Hi-Y '35, '36, French Club '35, '36, High Life Staff '37, '38, Operetta '36, '37, Forensic '34, Home Room Oliicer '37, '38, Forum '38: Chorus '36, '37. JEAN LAYMON-"Im,"-Classical Sunshine Society '37. '38, Staccato '36, Latin Club '37 '38, Forensic '34, '35. .XNNIS LEISTNER-XVithdrawn XIARJORIE LEXX'IS-"Murge"'-Honie Economic Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38: Art '37, Volleyball '37. ROBERT LONCFELLOW'-"Duli'brn"'-Conimercial Forensic '34, '35, XVebsterian '36, '37, '38, Home Room Officer '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Forum '37, '38, Art '34, '35, '36, Cauldron Staff '38, Art Exhibit '35, '36, '37. TRUMAN LUCAS-"Slugx''-Technical Forensic '34, '35, '36, Art '34, '35, '36. JOHN LYNCH-Science N. H. S. '38, Student Council '37, F-Club '38, Home Room Oflicer '37, '38, Basketball '36, '37, '58, Track '57, '53, Football '56, '57, PATRICIA ANN LYNCH-"Pai"-Commercial Sunshine Society '34, '37, '38, Home Room Oiiicer '35, Chorus '34, '35, Gym Exhibition '38, Cauldron Staff '38, MARY ELIZABETH MAISH-Classical National Honor Society '38, Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, High Life Staff '38, Operetta '36, Home Room Oflicer '35, '36, '37, '38, Art '35, '37, Winner of Crest Design Contest '37, Chorus '35, '36. JULIA MANN-"Indy"-Home Economics ROSALYN MARK-"'Roxil"'-Business Student Council '35, '36, Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, High Life Staff '35, '36, G.A.A. '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Forensic '34, '35, Websterian '35, '36, '37, '38, Home Room Otlicer '36, '37, '38. LOIS E. McBRIDE--"Mac"-Science Sunshine Soc. '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38, Staccato '38, G.A.A. '37, Latin Club '36, '37- Forensic '34, Home Room Otiicer '35, 36. LOREE E. MCBRIDE-Classical Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '35, '36 '37 '38' . . i i Forensic '34, '35S Home Room Oificer '37, Art '37. CHARLES McCAR'1'Y, Jr.-"Mac"-Technical Student Council '35, High Life Staff '38, Band '35, Orch. '35, Forensic '35, Home Room Oflicer '38, Tennis Champ. '37, Cauldron Staff '38, Shop, Mechanical Drawing Ex- hibit '55, '56, '57, DARLEEN McCORD-Business Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, G.A.A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Art '37, Soccer '38, Art Exhibit '35, '36. BETTY JEAN MCCOY-"Bulb"-Home Economic Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, '38, Staccato '37, '38, Home Room Oiiicer '57, '5s. Q7-45 NOW IT CAN BE TOLD JOE McDONALD-"Elric"-Science Hi-Y '33, '36, '37, Band '34, '35, '36, '37, '3s. RAYMOND C. MCGILL-"Punl,"-Technical Student Council '35, '36, '37, '38, F-Club '36, '37, '38, Math Club '37, '38, Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Track '38, Football '34, '35, '36, '37, '38. MARAIORIE MclilNSEY-"Margir"-Business Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, High Life Staff '37, G.A.A. '35, '36, '37, '38, Websterian '37, '38, Home Room Oiiicer '36, Art Exhibit '36, Hockey '36. INEZ MENEELY-"Irish"-Business Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Forensic '35, '36, Soccer '37. HELEN MEYER-Home Economic Glee Club '37, '38, Art '38. DON MILLER-"Smoily"-General TIZICIC '36, '37. NVILINIA MILLER-"W'illii"'-Science Student Council '36, Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, G. A.A. '37, '38, Latin Club '36, '37, '38, NVebsterian '36, '37, '38, RAYMOND MII,'I"ON---"Sll1'k"-Technical Hi-Y '35, 36, Math Club '37, '38, Art Club '36, Football '34, ELIZABETH V. MINCEMOYER-"B4'lfj'"-Commercial Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, High Life Staff '38, Band '37, '38, Class Orlicer '36, G.A.A. '35, '36, '37, XVebsterian '36, '37, Home Room Officer '35, '36, Art '38, Soccer '37. DOROTHY MITCHELL-"Dol"-Business Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '37, G.A.A. '35, '36, '37, Art Exhibit '35, '36, '37, Gym Exhibit '38, Chorus '37. ROBERT MOHR-"Bob"-Soeio Civic Student Council '37, High Life Staff '37, '38, OPCFCYffl '34, '35, '36, Debate '37, '38, N. F. L. '33, Home Room Oiiicer '37, '38, Forum '36, '37, '38. JAMES MONTGOMERY-"jim"-Technical Chess Club '38, Orchestra '34, '35, '36. ROBERT E. NIOORE-"B0l7"-General Art Club '35, '3s. SUZANNE MOORE-"Sl1:it"'-Science N. H. S. '36, '37, '38, Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, French Club '56, '37, High Life Staff '38, Debate '36, '37, '38, Websterian '36, '37, Cauldron Staff '38. VIRGINIA NIORROXV-"Gilll1j"'-AClaSSical Sunshine Society '56, '37, '38, High Life Staff '38, Art Club '37, '38, ROBERT MURRAY-"Bob"-C0iT1n1ercial French Club '37, Home Room Oliicer '37, Forum '382 Football '37, '38. GERALD LA VAUN MYERS-"Curl4'y"-General Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Glec Club '36, '37, '382 l s Operetta '37, '28, National Bass Solo Contest '37, Chorus '37, '38, Ensemble '37, '38, Choir '37, '38. ROBERT MYEISS-"'B0l7"lC0l11H1CYCill Hi-Y '38, Band '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Home Room Oflicer '37, Art Club '37, Basketball '36, Track '36, '37, Druml Major '38, JOE NOWLAN-"Tl'iggc'v"'-Technical Math Club '37, '38, Glee Club '34, Art Club '35. VIOLET PALMER-"Vi"-Science Sunshine Society '34, '35, G.A.A. '37, Soccer '38, Volley- ball '37. HOBART PETER-g"HU11"-Science C753 ,. , -. -. 3. 3. v.. . I-11-H 36, 37, JS, Band 34, 37, 36. QIOE PETTY-"joe"-Classical Hi-Y '36, '37, '38, Math Club '38, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '37, Latin Club '35, '36, ,IACK PRATHER-"Flvlbrbvr"-Conimcrcial . Hi-Y '34, '35, Band '34, '35, '36, Latin Club '34, '35, NVebsterian '36, '37, Home Room Otlicer '34, '35, Foot- ball '34, '35, XVILLIAM PRICE-"Bill"-Technical Student Council '34, Hi-Y '36, '37, Glee Club '36, Operetta '36, '37. MARTHA L. PYLES-"Sborl"-Business Sunshine Society '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '35, '36- Home Room Oilicer '35, '36, Chorus '35, '36. MAXINE QUICK- Sunshine Society '34, '35, Glce Club '35. VIRGINIA RAABE-"Ginfly"-Business Sunshine Society '37, '38, Debate '37, '38, N. F. L. '37 '38 '37, 3 RICHARD AI. RAAIOS-"Dick"-Technical Math Club '38, Latin Club '35, '36, Forensic '34, Art Club '34, '35, '36, '57, '38, Track '35. RAXVLINGS V. RANSOBI-"Rim'l"fComn1erci.ll N. H. S. '37, '38, Student Council '38, Hi-Y '35, '36 '37, F-Club '38, Latin Club '36, '37, Forensic '34, '35 '36, Websterian '36, '37, Home Room Officer '35, '36, '37, Forum '36, '37, '38, Basketball '35, '36, '37, '38' Football '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Cauldron Staff '38. LOUISE REED-"Shady"-Business Sunshine Society '37, '3S. TERRY REED-"NIubh'li11c"-Technical Hi-Y '36, '37, '38, Math Club '37, '38, Band '34, '35 '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '38, Forum '37, '38 KENNETH E. REESE-"Lvli!ic11x"-Technical Chess Club '38, French Club '38, Band '34, '35, '36 '31 '38, Orchestra '37, '3S. SHERMAN RICE-Xvithdrawn MARY ELIZABETH RICKER-"Il7I1y"-Science Sunshine Society '37, '38, Glee Club '35, '36, '37, Operetta '37, G.A.A. '36, '37, '38, Track '35, Soccer '36 '37 3 3 '38, ILTHEL LOUISE ROBINSON--"Easy"-Business Art Club '35, '36, ARTHUR EUGENE RODENBERCER-"Gunt"'-Comniercial N. H. S. '38, Hi-Y '35, '36, Math Club '38, Band '34. '35, '36, Forum '37, '38, Cauldron Staff '3S. CHARLES Ii. ROGERS-"Di'iu'011"-Industrial Forensic '34. ,IACQUILINE SALISBURY-"li1t'kiu''-Business N. H. S. '38, Student Council '57, '58, Sunshine Society '34, '35, XVebsterian '35, '36, Home Room Officer '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Volley-ball '36, Cauldron Staff '3S. LENORE SCHEIRER-Science Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '57, '38, Operctta '36, '37, '38, Staccato '37, '38, G.A.A. '37, Latin Club '36, '37, '38, Forensic '35, '36, Home Room Officer '35. BETTY JEAN SCHENCR-"Bi'fiy"-Business Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '37, Home Oiiicer '35, Art Club '36, RONALD SCHLNCK-Industrial JACK SCIRCLE-Technical Hi-Y '36, '37, Band '34, '35, '36, '37, Latin Club '35, I-orensic 34, Art 35, 36: Basketball '34, Track '37, '38 3 3 s ,ffl Q X Z I Z. X Ae QTSWLM7 une 0 X men comm wauc UBRARY X X X EORI WAXNEI INDIANA x ff X , ' ff I . ,f '. A K 1' ,ff fff ff H, X x AQ I N X X x NOW IT CAN BE TOLD ROBERT D. SCHLARER-"Boll"-Agriculture KATHRYN SULLIVAN-"Tally"-Commercial Home Room Officer '38, Corn judging Team '34, '35, Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, XVebsterian '37, Home '36, Demonstration Team '37. Room OHicer '36, '37, Art Club '37, Art Exhibit '34, CATHERINE MAXINE SHEE'rs-".ii.i.-ty'wHomo Economics '55' 36- 37- 531 Cauldron SMH 38- Home Room Oliicer '37, Soccer '37, Hockey '35. I-OUISEN Sw'AFFORD-Genera' , xx'As'NARo RUSSELL SHEETS-science , We CW' jf- fSf0Ff'C"a 58' N, H. S. 'ssg F4Club '53, Forensic '55, '56, '37, '5s, MARINE TMLOR- TMO" -Gfnml , 4 Football '37, '334 Sunahine Society '36bL37, '38, glee Club '37, 38: I-Sim , . ., , Hut. -. Cu '36, '37, '38, oir '37, '. . 'OL H"'A""'f ""f".. C""""""" .. , 6, CLAUDE E, THOMPSON, Ji.-"oi,,Hifi-"-Tooliiiical Student Council 35, 36, F-Club 37, 38, Class Ofhter N H S N7 'gs' HAY 'U W6' F-Club ,W .Nh Ham '38, Forensic '34, NVcbsterian '37, Home Room Officer ' ', ' ,' ' ' ' " .Q ' ,'. '. id . Cl b' ,' ' I5 'A Q, '5 "7 '38' Forum '38' Basketball '27 WS- Track '37, C"'b '7' 'S' Ch" O""c" 'S' """ " ""' . ""'f51' QS' J ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '34, '35, W'ebsterian '35, '36, '37, Home Room OH1cer "' '38, F r I1 '36, '37, '38, I-ootball '36, '37, '38, Cauldron YIRGINIA SHIQPILRD-"Ginny"-Home Economics Staff -'gsm' Art Exhibi, -37. Sumhim SOUND' 55- 36- 37- 'Sl Gln Club 55- 'Sb' MARY ALICE THOMPSON-"Tommy"-commoioiil NILDFORD SHIYE-Industrial Sunshine Society '36, '37, '38, Band '35, '36, '37, '38: V Q H H I Orchestra '37, Home Room Officer '36, Art '37, French "Ax SMITH' """k"3 -A5"'Cu"u"C - I-Iorn Quartettc '37, '38, Quintette '38. Student Council '36, '37, Home Room Oihcer '37, Corn ANNABEI-LE UT-I-ERBACK-HBH..-Classical -'udwng Team 579 Track 'S' Sunshine Society '37, '38, French Club '36, Band '34, BIQTTY v1RtiiNm sxokoaass-"Gino,"-comin fgecvilgub 17- SS: Opcfwa 57: Chorus 56- Us Clwlf .iw f"',','j,',,'3S:B-d,O'l '5 Sauci'-' g"iR.1iL"'3'5' '3'6', '376 S87 Art '36,""37 '3'8C'C"ra ' NIJXRTHA L. XVAINSCOTT-"u7illIia"'-General ' ' ' ' ' ' Student Council '38, Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38: IILLEIQ gpgNCER-"5l,,-,,,-,"-5C,mic C.A.A. '35, '36, '37, 38, Home Room Otiicer '38, Hockey Student Council '34, Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '3'i: '36- Clnss Oilicer '3b: Latin Club '37, '38, Forensic '34, Home NIAXINE NVAINSCOTT-"Miu'kie"'-CIassical Room Qgilccr ',7- Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '37, '38, Operetta '35, '36, '37, '38, Staccato '37, '38, Forensic '35, JOAN SPRAY--"Iv"-Sovio-Civic Chorus '55, '56, Choir '57, '3s. N. H. S. '37, '38, Student Council '35, '36, '37, '38, 4 U Class Officer '35, '36, '37, '38, Websterian '36, '37, Sun- ROBIZRT WAINSCOTT-"B0b"-TECIUHCSI Shim, Sociuy -34' '35, '56, 57' -33. Glee Club '35, Art '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '36, Chorus '36. AVIS STEW'ART-Honie Economics Sunshine Society '55, '56, '37, '38, C5.A.A. '56, '37, '38, ROSEMARY WALTON-"ROM"-Classical Art '56, '37, '33' N. H. S. '37, '38, Student Council '37, '38, Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, High Life Stal? '38, G.A.A. ROBERT STINSON-"Bob"-Classical '36, Latin Club '35, '36, Debate '37, N. F. L. '57, '38, SU-Ydffli COUFICII '34, '35S F'ClUb '37. '38, High Life Staff Forensic '34, '35, '36, W'ebsterian '35, '36, '37, Sallie Mae '36, '37, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '34 '35, Bowers Speech Contest '36, Cauldron Staff '38, Central Home Room Officer '34, '35, Art '35, '37, Track '38, Indiana Oratorical Contest '37, '38, Football '36, '37. PAULINE W'IiIR-"Pony"-Socio Civic DXVIGHT STORES-"Conbuy"-General Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38, Opcretta '37, Choir '37, '38. Latin Club '36, '37, Art Exhibit '35. ,IAMLS STORES-"Red"-General BARBARA WILLIAMS-"Bol1lvie"-Classical N. H. S. '38, Hi-Y '38, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38, Sunshine Society '35, '36, '37, '38, High Life Staff '33, Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '36, '37, '38, Foot- Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Operetta '36, '37, G,A.A. ball '36. '37, '57, '5s, Choir '56, '57, '58, '55, '56, '57, '5s, Soccer '57, '5s. LLOYD STRAIN-"Bull"-Commqrqigl AILIiIiN W'ILSON-"li'un"- -Commercial Hi-Y '36, '37, '38, Math Club '37 '38, Forensic '54, GICC Cl'-lb '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Sunshine Societv '37, Forum '37, '38. '38, Operctta '37, '38, G.A.A. '36, '37, Forensic '34, '35, Y Home R Ofii' "4, Ch '37- A 'gh' ' " ,IUHN s'rR,xNoE-'roolmiosl """' 'C' ' "H" ' " " ""' "' N. H. S. '37, '38, Student Council '37, '38, Hi-Y '35, '36, UORDON W'ISIi-"Si1urifa"-Comniercial '37, '38, Chess Club '36, '37, Math Club '37, '38, High Student Council '58, F-Club '38, Home Room Otiicer '38, Lilo Surf '38, Band '54, Y55, '56, Latin Club '55, '56, '57, Art '52s Basketball '38. '53Z Debate '36. '37, '33, N. F. L. '36, '37, '38, Home ,, , , Room Officer '36, '37, Forum '35, '36, '37, '38, Indiana "Oh X' RA'-C"""""'C"" Discussion League '36. TFIELMA NVRIGHT- IULIAN STRAWN-"roo.1'f-clsoioil i"-""""' "" ""' '37' 531 High Life '58, Gino Club '56 Sunshine Sooioty '55, '36, '57, '58, High Life Scarf '5s, "' snub '37, O'RCI'CfFfl-'55, '56, '57, '53, Staccato '37, HELEN ZOBRI5-F. JL, orus ,vii 36, 31 Glec Club '56, '57, Sunshine Society 57, 538' C763 "Do your legs ache sometimes? You linoW+-growing painsfj Miss Hattie Campbell, with her usual skill, chose and produced one of Prank- fort High School's best class plays this year. "Growing Painsf' on the "must see" list and a "4 bell" production, tells of the dilemma of the Mclntyres, who see their boy and girl tossed into the cataract of adolescence. They can help little further than to give directions for the turbulent course from a distance, give advice which egocentric youth always rejects, of course. Because George submitted to a tonsil operation his parents give a party in his honor. Terry's jeal- ousies are increased when the new girl, Prudence Darling, vamps all the male members of the party. The cast included: ,. Virginia Raabe George Mclntyre ,,,,, . Terry McIntyre ,,,,, Mrs. McIntyre ,.,,, ,,s,, Professor McIntyre ,,,s,,r Sophie r,r,,r.,,,,r,,,,,,,,,s,,r Mrs Patterson W.- .,,. Elsie Patterson ..,,, Traffic Officer ,,,, Dutch ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Brian ..... Omar s... Hal .,,, ,, Pete .,i....... Prudence ,,s,, Patty .,,,, Jane ...,.., Miriam ...,. Vivian ,,,,,, Prompter ,B ,, Junior Thompson Wiln1a Miller Rosemary Waltoii James Goar Ailene Wilsoil Bonnie Heaton Rosemary Guard Bob Murray ,W Rawl Ransom Joe Hanger Gordon Wfise .. ., john Lynch George Burns ,, ,,,, Ann Knoll Helen Bird, Anabelle Hiatt Joan Spray Jackie Salisbury Martha Wainscott Properties ,i,,,,,i.,i,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. , ,,,,,, ,,,,,,s George Buntin The play was presented Friday, May 15, in Central Auditorium at eight o'clock. cm SENIOR SOCIAL CALENDAR BACCALAUREATE SERVICES HOWARD HALL Sallie Mae Byers Composition Contest - Tuesday, Sunday E'L'elli1lg, Maj! 22, 1938 April 19, 8:00 A.M. Class Play . .. ,,,, Friday, May 13, 8:00 Central Auditorium Junior-Senior Prom . .. Friday, May 20, 9:00 Baccalaureate Services Sunday, May 22, 8:00 Howard Hall Sallie Mae Byers Speech Contest - Monday, 23, 7230 P.M. Class Picnic ,,,, Tuesday, May 24, Turkey Class Day . .. .. XVednesday, May 25, Howard Hall Commencement . . Thursday, May 26, 8:00 Howard Hall 8:00 O'clock .M. P Prelude ,,,,::: .. .. . Reverie .. ,:,, Arthur High School Orchestra RM' Proeessional . .. March Romaine . . Gounod PM' Invocation ::,::,:,::: .. ,,oe,,uo,,u: Rev. I-I, L. Crain May Response . .. . Sevenfold Amen .. .. Lutkin At Thy Feet .. .. ,. .. ,,,:,,,, .. . Bach -Run High School Choir 1.30 Sermon .. .,,,,:, ,.::: . .::: . .. ..,:,, Rev. john A Farr Panis Angelicus . . r,,,,,, ,,,,,, H Franck HM. Girls Chorus Club Benediction .. .. .. Rev. XV. B. Hordeman RCCC5Si0n.ll . , Nlarch Y,,,, Y,Y,, V Wfalt CLASS DAY - HOWARD HALL Wfednesday, May 2 5, 195 8 PROCESSIONAL Salutatory . . . .. . Norman Lauchner Master of Cermonies . . Suzanne Moore Class Song . .. .. .. Bob Longfellow Class Poem . .... ......,. .......... J o Anderson Stand Up and Sneer .. . Members of the Senior Class junior Class President Address ..... ...... B ob Coleman Senior Class President Response . rrrf W . Joan Spray Presentation of Awards ....., ......,.. Iv Ir, C. R, Young National Anthem ...,.,. ,,,...,. ,.,,A,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , , Band RECESSIONAL Sixty-Third Annual I"IIGI'I SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT HOWARD HALL Thursday Evening, May 26, 1938 8:00 O'clock Prelude, Fifth Symphony, Ist Movement Beethoven High School Orchestra Proeessional, March from "Athalia ".. . Mendelssohn Invocation ......,............. .. Rev. Charles C. Ford Flower of Dreams .... . . .......... . ...... ......., C lokey Girls Glee Club SPEAKERS Susanne Moore .... ...... ............ lv I aster of Ceremonies Rosemary Wgilton . .... ..... , "Sands of Time" joan Spray .... ........ ........ . . "As Others See Us" Presentation of Diplomas ........... Supt. O'BannOl1 Presentation of Honor Students ........................,... Principal C. R. Young The Cloud ........... ........ .....,...... . .. Fletcher Girls Glee Club Benediction ..... . ..... .. Rev. Charles C. Ford Recessional .... Festival March . ..... Bergh psy SCHOOL September 7-School started 8-Classes began 16-First Senior meeting 17-Pep meeting on square 24-Junior class meeting October 1-Senior meeting 4-First Student Council meeting 8-Cauldron paper drive 20-Band parents dance 21-Teachers Ass'n Q2 days vacationj 28-Sophomore party November 1 1-Armistice 12-Math club dinner dance 17-White Hussars 19-G.A.A. dance 25-Thanksgiving vacation 29-Juniorls order jewelry December 4-Indoor circus 8-Band concert 16-Latin club party 23-Band and Orchestra dance 24-Christmas vacation Ianuary 12-Mrs. Kramer reviewed, "Mathe- matics For The Millions' 19-8th grade awards 21-Student Council dance February 3-Junior Party 9-Forensic club banquet LOG FOR 1938 10- Triangular debate 17-Freshie party 18-Senior dance 25-Hi-Y dance Marcb 3-Film, Butler University 3-5 -Sectional tourney 11-Band and Orchestra fair 12-Regional tourney 18-Art club covered dish 19-Semi-finals tourney 25-Senior Meeting 26-Basketball finals 27-Spring vacation April M U93 14-F-club dance 6-High life banquet 7-Dramatics play 12-Sallie Mae Byers Composition COHICSI 18-Student Council Election 19-Cauldron goes to printer. Anything from here on is just what we think will happen. 20-Operetta 22-Staccatto club dance 27-Sunshine Mothers' Tea ay 13-Class Play 16-Commencement invitations given to seniors 19--Tea for senior girls given by Business and Professional Women 20-Prom 22-Baccalaureate 24-Senior picnic at Turkey Run 25-Class day 26-Commencement Floyd's Place Clossin's Grocery Claypool Cleaners Frankfort Monument Hayworth-Layton, Inc. Goodwin Bros. Mac's Market Clinton Poultry Co. Britton's Food Market Clinton County Hospital Reverend Farr B. H. Grimes Co.. School Supplies Dr. B. A. Work Bowe1"s Pastry Shop Atlantic 251 Pacific Grocery Morris 5 to 51.00 Store Gem City Cigar Store Band Box Cleaners Garber Hotel Barber Shop Iflorence Dudenhoeffer W. C. McKown, Drugs Oscar Laverty Co. Hymanis Drug Store Public Service Co. of Indiana Earl Stewart Wholesale Co. Scheirer's Super Service Pure Oil Station O. A. Guntle Fred Meifield M. B. Thompson, Chiropractor Beemars Dress Shop Nees Paint and Roofing Co. Xvrillialffl Robison Pickering Service Station Frank Motley, Tailor Pippenger Service Station Hook's Drug Co. Dan Power Roxy-Clinton-Ritz .Iessie Berry QRed Crossj Isadore Eichman-Lebanon, Ind. Douglas Seheid Campus Castle A. Spurgeon E. Hardy The M. B. Thrasher Co. Sphar-Morrisson Abstract Co. PATRON PAGE J. F. Yauch R. M. Cline, Dentist Hufford Beauty Academy Dr. Biery H. Robison Louette Swayzee Merritt Dr. E. Arthur Charles E. Bon Bud Ransom's Grocery Bill McKinney Maurice Hartwell Norris Printing Office E. O. Burget Peoples Life Insurance CO. Deming Zi Thompson Co. E. D. Hodge M. J. Keedy Leon Adler W'heeler's Lunch Fred Baker Val-U Dress Shop Kenneth S. Power Ernest Lowden Russell P. Harker Joe S. Reichart The Cave Blue 81 W'hite Cafe Gamble Store Blake 81 Ham Frankfort Paint 8: Whillpaper Farmers Bank Lockwood Insurance Agency Morris-Davis Bazley Cash Market Kern Bros. Aughe Bros. Shanklin Hardware Co. W'oolworth 5 81 10 Clinton County Farm Bureau Reverend Jones C. G. Armstrong Michael Service Station Meikel,s Greenhouse A. VV. Price Grocery Hotel Coulter E. F. Beall Transfer john Syvert Store Logan's Shell Service Station G. B. Murray Kramer Bros. Co. Bud Grimm's Co. Bird 81 Son Coca Cola Bottling XWorks Elks Club Ralph Kemp Ing Rich Coapstick Insurance Co. Reverend Ford Golden Guernsey Dairy Sylvia Groves Michael Coal Co. XVeidner Funeral Home Betty Lou Flower Shop Earl Gruber Moose Lodge No. 7 Indiana Bell Telephone Co. Bargain Grocery Rapp's Cut Price Store Glovers Ice Cream Porter-Hurlbert Hardware Co. KI. C. Penney Co. Schiff Big Shoe Store Pogue Electric Service Local Finance Corp. Greyhound Bus Station Carl V. Chittick Albert M. Laughner Frankfort Lumber Co. Herbert Louck Bert Pedlow Clarence Norris Arthur Maish Ogle Bros. Balfe Beauty Shop Leonard 86 Wolfe Clinton County Bank A. J. Thompson Insurance QMrs. Bernard Thompson, Mgr Boekman's Jewelry Store Frankfort Laundry Frankfort Morning Times Camp and Willoughby P. Dorner Sons Co. COOPERATIVE PRODUCTION OF FINE YEAR BOORS LAVERGNE I. IOUNSBURY PONTIAC ENGRAVING CO. DELANEY PRINTING CO., HAMMOND ssc: av xv.. avr, 1 'Tal ., . ZTWL, , . ' .511 'T' ., .' xx A' ,, P., :-. b ,.,' --r.. -, ... r , ,-'.,-- 'a.. , ,,. V v.-, 1 1.4 1 -v,,4,. 1 , x ,, ,ov -n . gy .fx 4 .. kv, ., -z,.. self' me- up ., ,. w".':v1.f .-- .A ,. I. 'Q s., .:.,v... 'fi , -' ,4 M., 1 -5 My V , V . , '. f ,J ,'.. 'Y' ,. th-an ,, ,. A. J. V5-', .. 5. XA. A. s- . .. .- -L . :fy 5. .-A . :1 Sen, A . ' . -..,- . . .Q . f , ' .,,.. Q .Q . 1.5 .1 , ,4' s, ' i , :Y 5 'ff ' '.'.-1 A., . ' wrlk -', - , . If-.r -4 Q... -.".", . ..: ,- x f- . Hg ... .if- fx- .s.":." ' . . .qffifr vi' Q ,Ya- -3 .. -,.., . k., , 37' .- . ff . ,x'.. Pg.. .-.- . I: -.R -. "'1Q, ,x , -1 ws. ,,w.. , . ,r f -., ,V v. r'4 - 3.1. "af, 4' .v - :.,,.-. :.- .vs 74. , .1,, nk. x p 1 4 an Ear- fqz. .- ffm' if: -- fll'f,si1gl'f km.: :jeff ""1-'JT ii- irll-,-. 42'.fi.A P4-'Q' L J- V ly ' ang' 5-1 lc , L? ' AFI". 15 5.1, . ' av, .L , E N .. I . . Q" U-, Qp: KVAT a it 5 K ,. T V . 1.3 , .xv fha, - f 55?-,zu 7 g,,...:f:,, -, l15fg'n-'4f?g'A'f , fi 5-'if Erf'7P'r"'. ' gifs , Q. ' x 1 v , . f-. ,. ., ., . A 14211, ,NNN ,pig-f ,A F ' ,K E., .- ::- if ,,..-' . 'H x ,H . .A , . . Y 1 il.. - N: l ,A W, , .V ..- , . 4 .- , '.. .1 f ' v"'r-TL-..- ',1..75',',f: f -'-Q. . , ' 3,-.A ,-f 1, . ' ,. . .., hu., ,,,., . 'YI' A . ,-', 1 ir., . ,' ., , 1 1 .L-.,Q6A. : N' ' 1 .- -L f . P, I -1 . z. 'I .. i F. -,ag V. rg 1- .- -rl' A ' ,.' . .. ,M .A - k k-A . M,-' 9 5 . FE . ' 4- . ,:,',.f-,f f:.':,. 14 -is-T . m ,N ,-jr. . .: me.. Q' g ' ' . '? .vw ' 1 W.. " ff . A.. Hui'- fu ,, 5, .,,, k Q.. 'K -A 4' ' f Lift' W-if w-'.'4'f. , 1.1! qv. ,,N. N-J-,--rf. F: .- A-lf. '- ' . -, Lipf- f. 'f,'I'ff '- ..,' . . V , .-,. , -n, . , rg. ,.,. '- ..M . . I , ,., 'f . r-, ' MQ.- . U. -I' P. fi iw. AH.. L. f 'Q 4. Qi '94 u . H I 4 A la. Af- -" -A f r! - . . v 1 V., wx , 'Nw 1 I .N ' : J A yn.. J T.. A .vp I 1'-1.-,,' . , .,.. v. . 4 '.-f' 4 . J T. v 4 lt, ,. +115 ,JI 3. , 'ff .49 ,xi Af .w . 1 xv. ' E' ff 'f .Q 'r V:-,-.. . A yt .1 .Lf -.l. 5.4! nfl' x, 1.3" ,JJ .ag 15,21 Fd I 'I - s 'x 12 ' U QI? z 1-6 VY? 'WRX Q5"4"N w If f 1 5 y f ff f . X fmyx mmf- Q5 ' 15 ' K f M Bu 'X M id Y Vi I9 wi Z J 3951 fffiiwf ,f?ix'MJf1W pf W Wk f ' ' f J A-'A MMX '24WH1:qfffW4?i:2Qg21:'f1ff11wf:4fszffQ4!2fmay,g ,f QM W'MW'ff!iyM'1!! fffwsxvdkxxxx NX ff f',,mm41f1,:,4ff:?4ze25-,ff, f,e'ff1wfzg,,fff-6,,,14ffp ff 'wif ' f f 2' QR :H H ARg1lN'5QxSW5'QN W W ,, f fa X :,X W - 1' 1' . My - ef Ae ff gb A 3 . .-' ill, ' . 4' Y fx- '1 " ' ' 'X Q' ' ' ll f fr A -:ff - i :af A , x I f ' :X Q Qffftif ffffff f 1 f 137 A vu f f! ' -fl.:-4, 'Yak ' Zw ff f W! K ,gs as X' Af A fm, ' I- Q, W u. - X. gn .P ' .J 'W 4 r ff - N 'N f fgif f 'ff f f XN gf1. Nw ffiffh i W3 Hg, Wffg,Ww , w x A - 1+ + ' ' . X ' ' ' XY' Lf ,f Vw f' ':X" W? ,, f , QW, 4 A ' ,ff Wmxx-44M If, if 4' Wu' A V N .QQ. ,v Y . P I -X Wi' 8 Q 1 Ll, V wx X N1 1-N --:.f--- 1--.KU ffii VJ? - Q f Q wff X wg0:f!kEwmg ff J Ur XOS M 4 ' f M Q We S2-fg4W2fw4'MfQ wwfwum w Wi 1 W L ww xx, 1 W- "N-MB-471a"4 waffnmmfffyfWwwf w f LzQ:fom I ! X WX W ff Q4f'Qf.f!f1f-f1, !! ' fQsf Ns ,X , , xxx. -xxx X Q ,ca . .-N 1:.Q.1-,,fq!jKf ff fm N M Xa-Nil.. .5166 S M .'i ' I0 wr! , J ,.,z:Ly,J , , V x v V, 5.-.,...,,jef,.1,.!,w:in':2g,:-tcilfjsguW5yf7A,4,,,,-,,jf7gr,,:!,,A,,,-, , if :A ' . -f, ,, K+ X' A QF- 55. -f"4 f'f4fff::f-f1.-- -L.' 4 w,wf.- f fl - " lu nm Q P N 'x A zAi:..ff,p . Mfff .2 7, . Y .4 WIN . j N, XX-XXLXnl-55?'5Zff:gES?.5EE'f1E..a.ff-,121+ 5,'i..9,5 .,V-. ,1 Wfjf wfwu w 5' new I x my wTwQ?+' RwR:xk Af 1' 'T -xhx f nv xRQ mugs P' fn, zip, y wwm Mka- X NX 'XX max-NSE-7 ffff 'J x 35 'QNJJHNV 1 XM? 9Xig:f.X1 ix. My ,. 19-, 4 N 41 12 ., . . , S, f :+fiX15k . ' A 4 4 ,, qN ',A A H V- . - M Rv-:':..'.::".::z,ff',vx ,,f,-5gp,35,,,,"f, ,. mfg. gJ':.:f,!, ,. , ,ff " " ' ' f'i 1 Yi ' 'N 3' ffm ,1 1 f 1 'f wx ' . 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Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Frankfort High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Frankfort, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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