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Q V l j Q S l W f g S J H !5 X I H fx M Else l1" 3 an resents N fill N . 4 1 3 IZ U 5 N biqamh V JB 3 gage. 2 S U Vi N n P N 1 I 'M'Wwuwnnuv1vn" -1 f DEDICATION TO MISS INEZ NIXON In appreciation of her untiring efforts to promote the musical interests of Frankfort High Srhool and to bring our department cyl' music into state- wide notice, do ure, the Senior Class of 1926, afl fectionateiy dedivate- THIS CAULDRON C 1 0 P 4 14 E 55 ex 'T' '11 .frm 1 'g TN THE MAIN ENTRANCE I . in - nu us .nu ug, 1 O :il .. .. o I 0 V I 'EFLE 2552 I - A , . 7' f w PRAIRIE CREEK IN XVINTER i , 7 1 'W 1 I O o . N W 0 V W H i 3 ES 55 - '. ' i.. 4 'ss EEE? V ff-W ffm Ili ' . 'H ,525 UE: Luau. ': 'vfllix If, :vi V A 5' gf A PARK VIEXV s iwmg 1311 l W 42 3. I gg EE' ki r 1. -3-+ I VQQ1 -, 2 Q . 35 Ltd 5.3.51 Z -.. VH' 1 .r'r+:!'3-'lllnjleg' :P 1 L ai-5 N ,E - U 3 1 ,,,, "Sf5F5'- 'W' L igfi ' -5 . 29311, +531 1 - 'Efi jg l 25 1452 .- - s" ' 'silqxl' -f f-: -r Qfl- U ' I Q ,,.,:,'T..5- w ffjffg ' :mf,'H:+E"'rr5'i:x QP? ' .' -A .Q : r: , .-?:,fg:-p1qE-'5?,f. Prmsk X --19 2 6-.-- THE CAULDRON .ii F. H. S.- J W Sl0lI' lx A I HLRUNE HOWAIRII Supermtcndunl 1 rindpu CLIFFORD E. CRAVYFOR D Sevri-tary CLAIR Y. FULHAJI President Board of Education XINH FRA NK ISGRIGG 'frealsurer -.- F. H. s.---- THE CAULDRON --.--1 9 z 6- HA YEN ll eCLl'RE English Frankfort High School, Harvard, A. 15.5 University of Chicago, HA'l"l'IE ll. CA NI PBELL English l+'1'ankfo1't High School, Eurlham Col lvge, A. B. XICRDA KNOX English Ladogu High School, lJcl'auw, A. ll. E'l'llEL ll ARUR A Y E HEIAEX l'AR'1'Ell English llussiaville High Schoolg Earlliain Col- logv, B. A. l'll'llii'l:I 'l'. l'0Al'S'l'll'li History F1'anli1'o1't High Schoolg XX'abush, A. li.: 1-l2ll'V2l1'Cl Law Schoolg University of Chi- - ca gn. lil' I! Y PER KIN S H istory Manual 'l'1'aining,' High School, Indian- apolis, liutlcr College, A. B.: University of l'ali1'ornia, Summer School, Harxzard University, Summer School, Radcliffe Collcgc, A. ll. JOSEPH F. ilk-l'LURE History 1'rincvton, Indiana, High School: Oak- English land City College-3 Franklin College, A. Eg Chicago Y. M. C. A. College, Sum- Otwcll High School, lndianu Univer- mor School: NVynming,' State Training sity, A. B. School, Summer School. TEN -19 2 6---- THE CAULDRCN ----l- F. H. S.-- l'. E. VHAPJIAX RISSELI. l-IARLIC History mul Public Speaking.: Lntin and Algebra Elivmuml High Scflm-,lg Nlkilvzisli l'i1l1a-Q1-. Cl'ZlXYf0l'llSVlll0 High Scliimlg -IJPIEIKIYV A. li.: lliddlv 'lwliiiessvv Slain- Nornizil. Univorsity, A. IX, L DIARY HUNT Dljlllfll. KISICR ' Latin French Amo High Scliuulg Ibexlmiiw lfI1lYl'l'SilY, XVai0i'lmr High School: Indiana Univer- A. 13.1 NVisf-onsin l'uivi-rsity, Summvr sity, A. B. School. X DELLA NI. SAXIIERS ZELMA S'l'l1IlNBARGER Dlnthelllniivs Lafin i , V Altnn High Schimlg I"1'2LIlIiliI'l College Nurthive-sts-rn4lTn1vvrSllYZ UNO Stahl Iwvparatory 17+'llB.l'l.lHCl'lfj Franklin Col- Universityz Indlgma l'r1ivvrSirY, A- Ii.: log-Q, iz, Spg Indiana Statv Normal College UHlY'9T51lB' Of VVISCOHNIN- Course, A. 13.3 Oklahoma Baptist Univer- sity: Colunibia University. X MILDRED l'ARTVYRIGH'l' Q FLARENFE RIl'llARllSON lk Latin Mathematics New Harmony High Sc-houlg Oxford Y College for Xvonmng lndizinzi Univvrsityg Wfestfield High Schoulg Indiana Uni- University of Town. versity, A. 12, it ' ,A.- If i N 1 E LEVEN .. 57-ax. -1- F. H. S.1--- THE CAULDRON ------ 1 9 Z 6 -- WSJ!! if , 1 ? S V DIARY HAY Jl2ltllt'lllRl1il'S XYilvy High School, Ts'I'l'm' Huuiv, ludi- ana: lndiaina State Nornizil, 'I'o1'1-o Huutv, Indiana, R.u.i'H Bliiuzoruns U Fhemistry Imbzinon High School: Indiana ljnivvr- sity: XVabash, A. li: indiana State Nur- nintl Sumnivi' Suhoul. li l'Al'L S. LOVVE Agrriculturc Lebanon High Sc-houl: 1"i1i'du+- Univvr- sity, il. S. A. D IHENE FARFIE LII C0lllIll9l'0iIll Cent1'zi.i Business College, Indianapolis, indiana: Muncie State Norlnal. T KV E LY JA DIES G. DAVIS Rlillllllll 'l'r:lining:,' XYiIm-y High Schiml. 'l'vi'1'v Hautv: ludi- una Statv Nurniail, B, S.: l'nix'vi'sity of XViswmi1sii1. AISY HBA YUADX Cooking: : if'ui'due Ifni- Fi'z1nkI'u1't High Schiml vvrsity, 13. S.: COillll1bi?l, Univfxrsity, A. M. ,HTH ll IX YYH l'l'AIi Eli Sewing: Bluoiiilivld High Scliwml: Indiana Uni- versity, A. B. 0li0'l'llX' l'AWll'Bl11l.L Physical Din-1-tor Garfield High School, Terre Haute: In- diana State Normal: Kellogg School of Physical Education: Aineriuan Gymnastic Union: University of Chicago. 17 1 J -- F. H. S.i--- THE CAULDRON ----ll 9 2 6 lGYlGliE'I"l' VASE l'IllNl'IS'l' IIANGEIR 1'Ilyssi4-:ll llirc-4-lor Scif-1100 und History .Xnde-rson High N-lumlg l'11ix'1-rsity ol' M111'im1No1'n1al Institutm lndlanl 41 Illilmim NYisn-mnsixl l'uix'v1'silyg I"l'?lllIiIi11 Lral 1'nlIm-prfl, A. II.: lndianm IIIIIXPIH tw Uullf-g.:'4-. C IXEZ XIXOX SllIPl'l'YiS0l' of Tlusic- 1"zLi1'n1uunl, Avzldvnlyg IGQITIIIPLITI Collvgeq Slwlwvnml Blush- Svlmonlg l'USlHUlJUIILEiI1 Sclmul -uf Alusiv: l'wrmLll Unix'f'1'sity. LYUI .K VYILLI AM S Art Supervisor G1'vvl1uzmsll1- llipzgh Scchmmlg IMPHUW l'ni- vvrsity: t'im'inn:1ti 1'4ms+-1'Vatm'y. JIILIIRED Eli!-SERS Uffivv Assistant l+'rz1nlc1'nrt High l'0LII'l'l Sll.-XXVI-IAN l.ilnr:nriun l"1'z1nkI'nrt High TI I I Il'l' IC IGN Scluml SCIIUUI -- F. H. S.--1-- THE CAULDRON -- ---1926-- ffxlj U Ty Q. H 1 gg 0 M Sunshm Leah 33iS M136 mt tx Qi ff 3 X Mielaxcl Y' Sh: L16 S h LiViY1'fB61vSnQ My Ohm Cook ww ,z Xi? ffl? kiiim Valse, jbignffl fi A Hangrnhfqg FOURTEEN W, Q QM FJ ff: - -- :ziisgfigi -' ??EZEf51A I 4 ,, Y 'A' .g,1Tr5-T-'EQ-'2si'Ei?gE:s,vi.:4-f'i iff? ' fa Y' 7322: 3232" 1-Sg giieiwznair I9 r n 1 1 I 5 33 - ma Qu w e T ,Q-5, 225 2 5 -ff' ' W-ac 1:23 3553 . J i. 1----: ---.- 1 .. - 4::- --::-N: :', Nz if , A :ig ,E - 5 :Eze . ' f siiiiiilf i maW: ,, W HM 53:1 2 12'm.a5efn 5 1 . ffi 2-11 Q., ,, H ' -E555 .5 ' asgggmi ' " . , 1. E3 : W :tif Big: ,iii i . ' 1 .J--.... -.', ,U , - ' ti, ' b 1A.f-4 Z- 4'-JIV.. Q 1!3..Jh NUCCD -ii- l A1 - F. H. s.-.-- THE CAULDRON ---1 9 2 6-- DIILDREII Xl'lYY'l'0N HICIRNIAN BOOTS IRIFHARD CHAIN 54.0,-1.1in.,-,.flir4.,,,ur,.,. Prvsiclelll lxiifl'-I,I'l'NillPlll History of Class ol 319246 liver four years ago. lmetore the fire in fact. a new freshman class entered high school much as freshmen classes have a halmit of doing. The dropping of hooks. the tardiness to class. the failure to find the right room-none of these charteristics which mark the "l"reshie" were lacking. lint time soon began its work of changing these timid slrangers into high school students. and the task was almost finished when the unavoidalule happenedgthe high school fire. Then followed the Masonic Temple, the l,egion home. the Com- munity lluilding, and a lew weeks of chaos in general. The next tall all this was changed, Our ranks were strengthened hy a brand new crop of "l"reshies." almost as green as we had lueen, and for our haclcground. so to speak. had lzeen provided an equally lmrand new gymnas- ium. lt was not a high school, hut it was just about the hest sulmstitute i1n'11fin'1lmle. Vve had never gone to a hiffh schoolg naturally we had never 'ri I ' . z-s missed one. Almost four years were spent in that gymnasium, and in those years we have grown from K'lfreshies" to Seniors. lluring that length of time Frank- fort lligh School has come into recognition over the state as an athletic center. liach year our hasketluall team has heen among the sixteen teams which journeyed to lndianapolis for the state tournament, and in N25 we were the one team which journeyed home with the shield. Six of this year's team were memhers of the senior class. The music department has also expanded. Several operettas and con- certs are now presented regularly in alternate years. and for the past two EIGH TE HN ----19 2 6-L THE CAULDRON -- F. H. s.- years both glee clubs have been participants in the state contest at Indian- apolis. The orchestra has grown and also a good band has been organized. ln 1925 and 1926 Frankfort was a triangular debate winner, while the students have been more or less successful in other lines of oratory. The public speaking department has produced several plays and sponsored con- tests. Iiach year the commercial department brings home several prizes in each line. The state wide Latin contests are also a means of competition which have been instituted in the last four years. as also has the McMurtry prize essay contest. ' These are only examples of the changes and improvements which have taken place in the school. ln all of them the seniors have made a showing of which we are proud. The last lap of our high school career has been spent in the new high school. XN'e fully appreciate its advantages, but the four years in the gymnasium have left their imprint on our memories, and it is there that our thoughts will center. XYe have been wanderers, but we have enjoyed the wandering. Some interesting statistics in regard to the class have been gathered from the high school records. ln the fall of 1922 there were in the class seventy- five 9-13 girls, and thirty-five 9-A girls. Of these 110 girls, who entered with the class of 1926, only forty-three are graduating. During the four years nine girls have entered from other high schools, making a total of fifty-two girls graduating this year. The boys class has suffered even a greater decrease in number. Of the original 108 9-A and 9-13 boys who entered in 1922 only thirty-two are graduating this year. The total number of boys graduating is raised to forty by the eight who have entered from other schools. The total number of students to start the four years of high school work was 2203 the total number finishing it is ninety-two. The class of 1926 will soon be numbered among the many classes which have been graduated from Frankfort High School. Not many years from now its members may be scattered and at times the class may be almost for- gotten. llut always in the minds of those ninety-two students. who made up itsienrollment will remain a memory of the things which, during these years of high school life. have been accomplished. NINE'l'l'1EN 2,1,.,.,, ,,.,.-.-..L..,.l....-.-T.. ---- F. H. S.1-i-- THE CAULDRON ----1 9 2 6 D OYAL PLU N li l'l"l' "llc hath done good service."-Rliwli Ado About Nothing. , Basketball '23, '24, '25, '26, Interclass Bas- ketball '23, Captain Basketball Team '26, Track '24, '25, Interclass Track '23, Mechan- ics Club '25, '26, "The Rose Maiden." MARGUERITE HOLMES "ln action how like un angel."-Hamlet. Sunshine Society, Gym Exhibition '23, Web- sterian Club '24, '25, '26, Curia Latina '24, '25, Staccato Club '25, '2li. R OXYEIIEIKTA K Y GER Y V "Tho glass of fashion."-Hamlet. ' Sunshine Society, "Sylvia", "Building of the - Ship", "The Rose Maiden", Glee Club '25, '26, Gym Exhibition '23, '24, State Glee Club Contvst '25, Sewing Exhibition '24, '25, ' HARRISON DERRIUli "I nm loved of all ladies."-Lluch Ado About Nothing. Mechanics Club '24, '25, '26, lnterclass Has- ketball '24, '25, XVebSterian Club '23, Latin Club '23, '24. , Jrb 3. PAULINE IIOUGH "In fraluing nn uriist :nrt has thus ulc- 1-reed, to nulke some great but others . to exceed."-Pericles. Sunshine Society, Gym Exhibition '23, '26, Staccato Club '25, '26, Vice-President Junior Class, Art League '23, High Life Staff, Cauldron Staff. NPIWTIJN OLIPHANT "Let llle toll the world."-Henry IV. Mechanics Club '23, '24, '25, '26, Secretary '25, Orchestra '22, '23, '24, Glee Club '24, '25, Forum '24, '25, High Life Staff '23, '24, "The Rose Maiden", "Stop Thief", "Gypsy Rover", Basketball '23, '24, Senior t'lusS Play. E M JOE M1-KOWN f'Glve me some nnlsii-."-Antony and Cleopatra. "Gypsy Rover", "Building, of the Ship", Glee Club '23, '24, '25, '26, Mechanics Club '23, '24, '26, Basketball '22, '23, '24, lntcr- class Basketball '22, State Glee Club Con- test '25, "Sylvia". MIGLBA STE PHENSON "VVhen you dance I wish you were ll wave on the sen that you inight over do nothing, but that."-XVinter Tale. Sunshine Society, Gym Exhibition '23, "The Rose Maiden". TXVE NTY l 9 2 6 THE CAULDRON ---l F. H. S.--- AARON LUCAS ' "Oh, he sits high in all the people's hearts."-Julius Caesar. Track '23, '24, '25, '26, Interclass Basketball '23, '24, '25, '26, VVebsterian Club '23, '26, Curia Latina '24, '25, '26, Quaestor '25,.Sen- ior Consul '26, Forum '24, '25, '26, President '26, Delegate to I. H. S. P. A. '25. '26, Assist- ant Business Manager High Life '24,. '25, Business Manager High Life '26, Business Manager Cauldron, Boosters Club '24, '25, '26, President '26. .ll'l,lA ll. FADIPBELL -'If music be the food ol' love, play on. -Twelfth Night. Sunshine Society, Staccato Club '24, ,'25, '26, Secretary Staccato Club '26, "The Rose Maiden", "Sylvia", "Building of the Ship", Glce Club '25, '26, State Glee Club Contest '24, '25, Websterian Club '24, '25, '26. 99 YIRGIXIA RIcCAIl'l'Y "Look on benuty and you will see, 'tis purchased by the weight."-Merchant of Venice. Sunshine Society, Orchestra '24, '25, '26, High School State Orchestra. '24, Glee Club '25, '26, State Glee Club Contest '25, '26, Websterian Club '24, '25, '26, Curia Latina '24, '25, "The Rose Maiden", "Gypsy Rover", "Syl- via", "Building of the Ship", Gym Exhibi- tion '23, '26, Musical Concert '26. ll1lBER'l' QITICIC "'l'l-ie force of his own merit lllllkl'S his way."-Henry VII. Class President '24, '25, Boosters Club '25, '26, Secretary '26, Forum '24, '25, '26, Presi- dent Forum '26, 'Triangular Debate '26, In- terelass Debate '25, '26, lfechanics Club '23, '24, '25, '26, President '26, High Life Staff '26, Representative to l. H. S. P. A. '24, High School Notes '24, '26, Cauldron Staff, NVQ-hsterian Club '23, Orchestra '24, '25, '26, Glee Club '25, '26, Band '24, Curia Latina '24, '26, Consul '25, "Hottentot", Syl- via", Senior Class Play. ROBERT FOVVLER ' "There wus no nlusic with hiln but the llrum and fll'e."-Much Ado About Nothing. Boosters Club '25, '26, Vice--I'resident Boost- ers Club '26, Orchestra '23, '24, '25, '26, Band '24, '25, VVebste1-ian Club, Curia La- tina, Forum, Senior Class Play. EYELYN VVOODS ""I'is beauty truly blent whose red anll white Nnture's own cunning' hand laid on."-Twelfth Night. Sunshine Society, Gym Exhibition '23. DIILDRED FOLEDIAN "Thou hast the sweetest face I ever looked on."-Henry Vlll. Sunshine Society, Gym Exhibition '23, '24, l'l'ebsterian Club. DIELYILLE COIHIEE "We cannot all be luustersl'-Othello. Orchestra. '23 ,'24, '25, '26, Agriculture Club '23: Roundup Corn Judging Team '23, '24, Interclass Track '26. 1 XX I 'X FY-ONE E .-- F. H. S.- - THE CAULDRON 1 9 2 6 ELLEN FRYE . "The purest treasure mortul tlnws uf- ford ls the spotless reputution."-- Richard ll. Sunshine Society, Glee Club '25, '26, "The Rose Maiden", "The Building of the Ship", Sewing Exhibition '23. HELEN DILWOR'l'H "In each chcck nppenrs n pretty 1limple." -Venus and Adonis. RUTH BURKEY "Her sunny locks hang on her temples like u golden fleece."-Merchant of Venice, Lebanon High School '23, Sunshine Society, Gym Exhibition '24, Latin Contest '24, Sew- ing Exhibition '25, Curia Latina '25, VVeb- sterian Club '25, '26, Staccato Club '24, '25, '26, High Life Staff '26, National Chemistry Contest, Senior Class Play. DAN BARTON "Every went-h, pinlng and pale before beholtling him, plucks comfort from his looks."-Henry IV. Mechanics Club '26, Glee Club '24, '25, Forum '26, "The Rose 1Iaiden", lnterclass Basketball '24, '25, '26, Yell Leader 26, Sen- ior Class Play. GLAD YS l'lEVVLE'l"l' "A rnerry henrt goes nll the 1lny."- YV1nter Tale. Sunshine Society, Sewing' Exhibition '25, Gym Exhibition '23, '24, NEVVELL DEACON "VVhat's in u unmet"-Romeo and Juliet. lnterclass Debate '23, '24, Manual Exhibi- tion '25, Forum '2fi. BRI' CE DIONTGUMERY NI am nn constnnt ns the :northern Stnr."-Julius Caesar. Glee Club '23, '24, '26, Interclass Debate '22, '26, lnterclass Basketball '23, '24, '26, Me- chanics Club '26, Websterian Club '22, Curia Latina '26, "The Rose Maiden." DOIIOTHY Hl'FFOR D "'Tis beauty that sloth oft rnnkc womnn proud, 'Tis virtue that doth nlake them Illtliit admired."-Henry VI. Cauldron Staff, VVebste1'ian Club '25, '26, Glee Club 25, '26, Sunshine Society, "Sylvia", Gym Exhibition 'l'lX'l'lN'l'X 'l XX U 19 2 6-l THE CAULDRON --l F. H. S..- HERMAN BOOTS strength."-Al '263 Mechanics Club YIYIAN 5C'lRf'LE Nig.:'liL's Drvanr Scirclvvillv High S Society. EDYVARII HRAN1' -llc-nry Y. lG'l'TA NIIGIIRANII Sunshinn- Nucioty: G14-e K'luh4'1mtes 'LT writing' 'l's-ani '25. NIAPRAI N IG HOIHI' lllt' ' ' Class l'lz1y. J A HES WVR I GH'l' ffm-."-.Julius lntercluss hziske-Llml '2.lig Gym llxhibitiun JIILURIGID PERRY "VY0ln:ln are :ls Glee Uluh 'Lf, 'L,': uw. Sunshine- Society: Latina '23, '24, '25 Class 'l'rvus11rer '2li. T XYICNTY -'l'HIll'I ld class 'l'j'Ill'NK'1'ltl1'lg " I 4 "Oh, it is great to lmvi- an giunfs vusurv for Mvasurv. Bowers High Schmml '23, '24, lhmsters Club '2fig Forum '26, Basket- ball '26g Vvosident Sonior Class. "My In-:nrt is fflll' us stu-I."4Aiidsunnnvi' 1. vluml '24, Sunshine- "Dl1'n of few' words are the lwst lll9Il.u "I':n'i:lrc- to thx- lIl'll9l'3ll."fllHllllt't. Gym Exhibition '23, '24, Svwing' Illxliibitiun '23, '2-lg f:ll'l' l'lub3 Stzitv L M H. Tl i 1 l n ,'L': " ivlmslklaim- "1 "The lluilding' of Ilia- Shipug "Sylvia", 'l'y1w- "Is sho not passing fair!"--'l'wu Gvntlv- n l'l4Illl X'1l'4Ill'l f . "'l'hQ Hull:-11Lut": XY1'llSU-'l'lZlll Uluh '2-1, '23, ni "Vi '24 '23 "Th l' + '203 Furla Lati 2 -,, - , ,Lg e .ws- M.aiden"3 "Sylvian: "'l'he Iillllfllllg' of thi- Ship"3 film-ni Uluh '25, '21Sg Stain- Glev Uluh Contest '25, '20, Gym l'IXhihiliun '22: S4-niui' 'dlvn :ll sonic- limos ure lllIlN1l'l'S of their k'uvsm'. l '23, '24, '24i: lmvr- I4-ani '25, Typing Squad rnsl-S."-'I'w1-ll'th Night. ria Latina '24, '23g XYObSIt'l'l2lll Cluh '25, '26, Sunshine Sfwie-ly: lnta-frvluss 'l'ypcw1'it- ing' Twain '25g "XYhy ther l'himvs 1iz1ng:,"'3 71 Ph St Izmccatu Uluh '25, '26, ..,- -.,. State Glu- Ulllb l'Ulltt'Sl ...x, Jv. JI I LDRICID N l'IVV'l'0N "'l'h4- hnnd thu! maulc- you fair huth nuuh- you j2Cll0ll."f1Ll1"ZiSllI't' for Meas- Gym Exhibition '23, '24, "The Rusv Alaid0n": "Thea liuilcling of thi- Ship": "Sylvia"g Suu-Acatu Cluh '25, Curia 1 Shorthancl Twain '25, i 2,2 i C iiih- T, --- F. H. S. THE CAULDRON i-11 9 2 LYDIA JIcCLUR.G "Prosperity he thy ll3lg9.,'+l'lDI'iUl21IlUS, Sunshine Society, XVebsterian Club '23, '24, '25, G-ym Exhibition '22, Glee Club '24, '25, State Glee Club Contest '25, "Tho Build- ing' of the Ship", "Sylvia", "Tho Rose Maiden." l..'ll'l!lKX'NE BOIII' "Of wondrous virtue."-Blerchaut ol' Venice. Sunshine Society, Give Club '26, State Glev Club Contest '25, '26, "Sylvia", Build- ing' of the Ship", Curia Latina '2-i, '25, '26, ll0BER'l'A YAN NITYS "For she is wise if I can ,iu1Ig'e of her." ,-Merchant of Venice. Sunshine Society, Curia Lalgina '25, '26, iVebsterian Club '24, '25, '26, Gym lllxhibition '26, Glee Club '25, '26, State Glen Club Con- test '25, '26, Typewriting Contest '25, "Syl- via", "The Rose Maiden", "Building ol' the Ship", High Life Staff '26, Cauldron Staff. RA Y Nl 0X ll BAX'l'lflll "The IlllNfl'Ill'1 und brief 1-hronim-les of the time."-ll:-iiulet. Curia Latina '24, I"Ul'lllll '26, Mt-clianics Club '25, '26, Orchestra '24, '25, Glue Club '26, High School Notes Reporter, NVcbster- ian Club '23. JI A ll S H A LL l'AlJGlC'l"l' "No legacy is so rivh :ls liolu-sip."-All's iYell that Ends NVell. Pvliill High SCl1ool '25. BEA'l'R.ll'E R0l'liVV00ll "Such stuff ns dreams are made of."- TelnpeSt. Sunshine Society, NVcbste1'ian Club '24, '25. '26, Glee Club '25, '26, State Glee Club Con- test '25, Sewing Exhibition '26, Gyni Exhibi- tion '22, "The Rose Maiden", Stop Thief", "Building of the Ship", "Sylvia". DVVH-iH'l' VVILSUN "Some men are Imrn great, some zu-hieve greatness, und others have greatness thrust upon them."-Twelfth Night. Forum '25, '26, Vice-President Forum '26, "Gypsy Rover", Cauldron Staff, ,lnterclass Track '23, '24, '25, Senior Class Play. DIA RY A l' GHE "Tell me, where is fancy bre1lf"-Me1'- chant of Venice. Forest High School '24, Sewing' Exhibition '25, lnterclass Typewriting Team '24, '25' Sunshine Society. T XVIQNTY-FOV li 1 9 2 6 --l- THE CAULDRON --l F. H. Sl- ' EYELYN 'l'HORll'SON "I talk of 1Il'l'1llllS.',-.lltlllll'1U and Juliet. GEORGE SCHULTZ "Yet for his yours, hm-'s tall,"-As You Like It. Baskvthall '24, '23 '26, 'I'l'2lCli '24, '25, '26, Football '23, ILILIZABETH l'00li --Your hc-zu't's 1I1'sir4-s ln- wiih you."fAs , You Like lt. i Sunshinm- Society, Se-wing' Exhibition 25. l-IERNIAN GANGVVER "'l'here is Il tide in thx- nffuirs of mon. which, taken ut the flood. lends on to fortune."-.Tulius Caesar. View-l'l'r-sident Ulass '231 XYvbstvri:1n Club '23, '24, lnte-rclass llvbate '24, '25, Interclass Typf-writing Team '26, Typing' Squad '26, DIILFORD TONEY "He's truly vuliunt."-Twm-lfth Night. "Tho Hose Maidvnn, "The Building, of ilu- Ship", "Gypsy Ruver", "Sylvia", Glfie Club '24, '25, '26, Mr-chanics Club '25, '26, Bas- kf-tball '23, '24, '25, '26, Track '24, '25, Tn- telftlass Basketball '22, '26, lnterclass Truck '23, , MARY VAROLYN ISARNARD "Thou spa-nkl-st wiser than thou are l uwnrc of."-As You Likv lt. Sunshine Society, Wm-bsterian Club '23, '24, '25, '26, President NV6bstv1'ian Club '25, Flass Vrvsident '23, Curia Latina '24, '25, "SVlx'ia", "Tho Huttvntut", "Stop Thief", "The llose Maidvnn, "Building ul' the Ship"1 Glu- Club '25, '26, Gym Exhibition '23, "Thx- Lady Losos Hel' Hoop", Staff- Glo? Vinh Pnmtcst '25, '26, "VVhy the Uhimvs Rang"', Paramount Art lmzuxlle Mditoi'-in-Chiet' ' ' C21llldl'tlll. Rl"l'H XYlllGH'l' n 2 "Youth is like n summer morn."-I'as- sionate 1'ilgJ,'rim. ' Kirklin High School '23, '24, Sunshine Su- Ciety, Intorclass 'l'yp0writing 'l'm-ani '23, '24, IQENN lC'l'H SNI DER "A nn-rricr :nun l have nol sprnt un hour's tnlk witlmlf'-Love's Labor Lost. lnterclass Basketball '2-1. '25, '26, lnterclass Track '25, '26, Band '26. 'l' XY li NTY - FI VE -- F. H. S.-1 THE CAULDRON 1 9 2 6 LEO t'0lN "Great lnen muy Measure for Measure. lntvrclass Basketball hibition '23. JIIRIARI DAYISSON "She is young. to nature shi-'s VVGII that Ends Sunshine Society: W'abash, Indiana, Hipgh S-czlwolg Chorus at VV GLA DY S HARSH Nl AN "Virtues, gnu-ed Henry YI. Fountain County 01 Sunshine Society. MA ll Y MARSHALL "lf Indies he but young and fuir They have the Sunshine Societyg Gyn Intf-rvlass Typewriting' Team '25. l!ll'l'H ER DEL "The mirror of Henry VIII. Sunshine Society: Gym ldxhibition '233 Glu- Cluh '24, '25, 'ZWQQ "The Rose Alziiclr-n" Uliuilding' of the Ship": "Sylvia"g Statn- fill-v Club Contestg Curia Latina '24, 25, 'ZXHQ Svw- inf: ldxhihitiun '35, IIIFHARD BIROVYX "A good sharp l'ell:nw."4Mucli Adu About Nothing: Urclwstra '26g Band 'Zlig Gleke Club 'ZISQ I+'reshm0n 'l'ra,ck Moet T233 Interclztss 'l'i':ick '23, '2-1, IlItUl'K'l2lFS Basketball '24, '2!i. M All IG L GUDBY "Silence is the perfect herald of joy."- Bluch Ado Alum Sunshine Society: Glvv Club '24, '25g "'l'he lluss- Maids-n"g Sewing Exhibition '25g Gym .lllxhibition '23. 141 YICLYN YNGEIK "0h. that 1 were u glove upon that hunll that I :night Romeo and .lul Sunshine Suciety: tllf-ti Club '24, '25: State GI4-fe Club Contest '253 "Sylvian: "Tho Ilusv Maide-n"q Gym lflxhibi bition '25g Class 'l' Curia Latina '24, '25 ,lest with suin 1 s."-- '23, '24, '253 Gym Nx- wise, fair. In these, innnetlizlh-' h0ir."f,Xll's XVOII. abil sh g Boosting lit-lls. with external gifts."- 'aturical Contest 'Hg gift und know it." -As You Like lt. musium Exhibition '23: ull eourtesyffliing' It Nothing. touch that 1'lll'l'k."l left. tion 'Z233 Sewing lllxhi- ypf-writing Teuni 'Zlig 'l'XN'l'IN'l'Y-SIX 19 2 6 --1- THE CAULDRON --l F. H. Sf- 0l'A L Y 0 lf N li "Silence oft pm-rsluules wlu-n speaking fails."-lYintm"s Talv. Sunshim- Society: Gym Exhihitiuu '23g Sew- ing' Exhibition '11-lg "ThO liusv Maidenng Typewi-iting Squad '26. D1 A IC MIN ER "Ha-r looks do argue Il:-r rn-plete with modesty."-Hf-nry V. Sunshine Sociotyg "The Rose Maiden." ALI A 'l' H ATCHER "Smooth runs tho water when- the brook is 4leop."fl-lvnry YI. Sunshinl- Society: Glen Club '25, '26g Stau- Glm- Club Contvst 'ZZ5: Staci-aiu Club 'Wig "Thu Iloso Maidvnng "Building: of the Shi11"3 "Sylviz1." GEIIA Lll l-IODGE "'I'Iu- gravity and stillness of your youth the world lmth noted."-4Oth0llo. RI"I'll ROBISUX "VYlmt nlen :lun-. l alarm-."-Macbeth, Sunshine- Society: lim-legatv Sunshine Pun- vf-ntimi '25g Prvsidm-nt Sunshinv Suciefty 'lllil XYehstn-rian Club '21, '2li: V11-sident XV:-lv st:-riiin Club 'lliig X'l4'i'-1'I't'Sldk'l1I Class '24: Gym Hxliibitiun '22, 'ZQSZ lnlerc-lass 'l'YDPXVl'll- tl inf: '24: Glen Uluhg "Thu Rom- NIaidPn"g "bylvia": "Building uf the Ship"3 Cauldron Staff: Sallie Mari llyers lflloviitimi Contvst '263 Senior Class Play. ANNA HENIMERLING "'I'li1-y laugh that win."-Ulliwllu. Sunshine- Socivty: "The Rose Alaidc-n"3 Suw- ing Exhibition '25: Gym Exhihitiun '23, Ll'l'lLl4I RIFE "'l'ln- rose looks fair."-Sunni-1. Sunshine Sucietyg Michigantuwn High School '22g Vhlbsterian Vlub '243 Cmnking Exhibi- tion '2-l. GEURG IC MILK El! "'l'In-rn-'s the humor of it."-Mm-rry NVix'n-S of Vfindsur. 4Xgl'll'lllflll'E' Club '233 Intvrvlass Baseball ""3 "Mi 'l' XY li NTY-S li Y IGN .-F. H. s.--1 THE CAULDRON -i-1 9 2 6 ICEN NETII M ORKERT "He wears the rose of youth upon hi1n." -Antony and Cleopatra. Interclass Basketball '23, '24, '25, '26. GEORGE DIcCALL "He wvas a lnan, take himn for ull in ull." -Hamlet. Interclass Basketball '23, DON ELLIOTT "How fur the little candle throws his beams."-Merchant of Venice. Local Latin Contest '24g Gym Exhibition '23. l-IELEN KNEPP 9 "Helen, I love thee, hy niy life I do." -Midsummer Nights Dream. Bremen High School '243 Sunshine Society. SARA BELL GRO VER -'As lll9l'l'y IIS the day is long."-Much Ado About Nothing. Sunshine Societyg Gym Exhibition '23, '24, '26, "The Rose Maiden." MELBA SIMS "Her voice was ever soft."-King Lear. Sunshine Society: Gym Exhibition '23, '25g "The Rose Maiden", Tnterclass Typewriting Team '24. l'lERBER'I' IRVVIN "Hr-'ll :nuke n proper linux."-As You Like It. Interclass Basketball '24, '25, '261 lnterclass Track '24, '26g Gym Exhibition '23g Manual Training Exhibition '24, Forum '25, '26. LEONA BEACHTEL "'l'here's Sl language in her cheek, her eye, her lips."-Troilus and Cressxda. Sunshine Society: Curia Latina '23, '24, "The Rose Maiden"g Gym Exhibition '22, '23, Vifebsterian Club '22, '23, TVVENTY-El Gl-IT 19 2 all THE CAULDRON Ti F, H. s.-- - SYLYIA PIARSHNIAN . "Ext-ept I he by Sylvia in the night there is no music in the llig'htllll.l'lllP., -Two Gentlemen from Verona., Jefferson High School, Sunshine Society. KVA LTER JACOBS "He benrs himself like u portly gentle- nmn."--Rorneu and Juliet, lnterclass Basketball '24, '25, Senior Class Play. CHARLES VVYAN1' "A noble boy."+King John, Forum '25, '26, lnterclass Debate '24, '25, Glee Club '24, 25, 26, State Glee Club Con- test '25, "The Gypsy Rover", Sylvia", "The Rose Maiden", "The Building: of the Ship", Interclass Typewriting Team '24, '25, '26, Novice 'l'ypew1'iting' Team '25, Interclass Basketball '23, '24, '25, '26, lnterclass llase- ball '22, '23, Senior Class Play. DIARTHA FINNEY "SIN-'s an Indy."--Cymbelini-. Sunshine Society, Glee Club '25, '26, Stac- cato Club '25, "Sylvia", "The Iluildingof the Ship", State Glee Club Contest '25, '26, Sew- ! ing Exhibition, Interclass Typewriting Team i '25, McMurtry Prize XYinner, '26, HELEN Nl IIIDRPI "Sir, ns I have an soul, she is nn angel." -Henry Ylll. Sunshine Society, Gym Exhibition '23, Sew- ing Exhibition '24, PA YL S H EETS "He's u most gullunt fellow."--All's lVell that Ends NVe1l. Interclass Basketball '23, '24, '26, "The Rose Maiden." GERTRI' DE BIRD "Maids in modesty say 'no' to that whieh they would have the profferer eonstrue ns 'ny'."f'l'wo Gentlemen from Verona, Sunshine Society, Treasurer Sunshine Soci- ety, Glee Club '25, '26, lVebsterian Club '24, '25, '26, Gym Exhibition '23, "The Rose Maiden", "Sylvia", "XVhy the Chimes Rang", "The Building' of the Ship", State Glee Club Contest. Rl'Tll SHARP "The grass stoops not, she steps on it so lightly."-Venus and Adamis. Sunshine Society, Sewing Exhibition '25, TXVlCN'l'Y-NINE J u Ox 1 r' ..,i....,.,-, -- F. H. S.-l. THE CAULDRON -11 9 2 CAROLINE CONARROE "Sweets to the sweet."-Hamlet. Sunshine Society, Curia Latina '25, '26, Vvebsterian Club '24, '25, '26, Glee Club '25, '26, "VVhy the Chimes Rang", "Sylvia", The Rose Maiden", Gym Exhibition '23, High Life Staff '23, '24, '25, '26, Cauldron Staff. RICHARD f'RAIN "l-le was u scholar und ll ripe und good one."-Henry VIII. Vice-President Class '23, '26, "Hottentot", "The Rose Maiden", "Building of the Ship", A "Sylvia", Orchestra '25, '26, Glee Club '25, '26, State High School Orchestra '25, Web- sterian Club '23, Interclass Debate '23, '24, '25, '26, Triangular Debate '26, Cauldron Staff, Forum '25, '26, Secretary-Treasurer Forum '26, Boosters Club '25, '26, Treasurer Boosters Club '26, Latin Club '25, '26, Con- sul '26. IIOBERT SPI-IADLING "He knows the game."-Henry YI. Mechanics Club '24, '25, '26, Forum '26, Bas- ketball '23, '24, '25, '26, Track '25, '26, CLEO IIEAGAN "A kinder gentleman treads not the earth."-Merchant of Venice. Bookkeeping Team '25, Typewriting Team '26, lnterclass Typewriting Team '26, Inter- class Basketball '24, '25, '26, Interclass Track '23. BEECHER GOOD , "I go. I go, look how I go- Swifter than an nn-ow from Il turtnr's bow."-lklidsummer Night's Dream. Mechanics Club '25, '26, Forum '25, '26, In- terclass Track '23, Varsity Track '24, '25 '26, lnterclass Basketball '23, '24, 25, Var- sity Basketball '26, Golf Team '25, High Life Staff, Cauldron Staff. ROSALIFI IRWIN "ln the twinkling: of nn 1-ye."-lVlerchant oi' Venice. Sunshine Society, Glee Club '25, '26, Editor- in-Chief High Life '26, Staccato Club '25, '26, Vice-President Staccato Club '26, VVeb- sterian Club '24, '25, '26, Secretary VVeb- sterian Club '25, Class President '24, "The Rose Maiden", "Building of the Ship", Syl- via", State Glee Club Contest '25, '26, Gym Exhibition '23, Senior Class Play. TI-HRT Y 19 2 6-- THE CAULDRON L-1 F. H. s.-- RAYNIIDND SALMON "Ile hath borne himself beyond the promise of bis nge."-Much Ado About Nothing. Curia Latina '24, '25, '26, Orchestra '25, '26, P I PI' I Latin Contests '23, '24, '25, 'L6. M A Il Y HAFFNER "Youth, benuty, courage, virtue,-ull that happiness and prhne can hnppy cull."-All's XVell that Ends VVQII. Sunshine Society, State Glee Club Contest, Glei- Ulub '24, '25, '26, "Sylvia", "The Gypsy Rovv1"', "The Rose Maiden", "The Building of the Ship", Uuria Latina, WVebste-rian Club: Gym Exhibition '23. GAROLD GOFF "His years nre young, but hls experience old."-Two Gentlemen from Verona. XVQ-hsterian Club '23, Gym Exliibitioii '23, "Tile Lady Loses Her Hoop." YVILLI A Nl EIKEN BERRY "His nature is too noble for the world." -As Yull Like lt. l FH .K Il LES l'AlN'l'ER "He Is well puicl that is well satisfied." -lilerclmnt of Venice. .-XfJ,'l'iCllltllI'9 Club '22, '23, xVt'hSl6l'iB.I1 Club '22, '23, Egg and Poilltry .l udging Te-ain '24, '25, D0 RIS Y 0l'N'l' "She is il WY0lllllll, therefore uluy bt' 1v0o'd. She is :1 wonmn. therefore muy be won." -Titus Adrfvnicus. State Glee Club Contest '25, Sunshine So- ciety, Glee Club, "Sylvia", "'l'he Building ot' the Ship", "The Rose Maiden." TH Il1'l'Y-UNE C "if-if .-E..-..,.....,., .. F. H. S.1-l- THE CAULDRON m----- 1 9 2 6 -- l 5 2:21 dwg , n 6L S AA 1.h, if if ,wif ,1 5 f 5 J ig, f A 3 6 gif? gi :Begg NFx'f'6SI'1Yr1C1YL ws x 2-YS .-4. sim: 3 Eg , T' ff 3 ff. Q3 QI 92 co Q3 Q., on Q Siu- X! f-my . . W ff 'W -fi Back Pggolxn l5'GeacBf X 'hugs , fv' 4 f M,,"2?"'fi Q. , A ig fa 1 . A L xT'tle'Ra be +3f2A THIRTY Two Y, 'Q 19 2 6?--Q THE CAULDRON - F. H. S 'l'H I ll'l'Y-'I'H Illili --- F. H. S.1-i- THE CAULDRON --ll 9 2 6- Senior-Freshman Day "Ain't it a grand and glorious feeling" to be little once again, and to have people think you "cute"? Qnot necessarily XYebster's definition of "cute", howeverj. Vvell. now that it is over, one wonders whether it was such fun. Yet, when one gets to thinking how some of the brethren and "cistern', ap- peared on that immemorial 'l'hursday morning of March 18, l926, A. D.. one just would not have missed it for worlds. The seniors organized to play school but the first K'test" broke up the session. Aaron Lucas, who was playing teacher, asked Richard Brown to use the word "feature" in a sentence and when "Brownie" came back with, "My, what big feature brother has." school lzroke up. Richard Crain, the preacher's son, violated all the canons and precepts of Presbyterian doctrine, by committing a Charleston. lt was a crime against Terpsichore-we'll tell the Universe. lt was base, viol. Newt Uliphant, in his inimitable manner of doing things-anything-cap tivated, or, rather, decapitated his listeners with a rendition of that popular Bacchanalian orgy entitled, K'Show Me the XYay to tio Home." liy request he sang the same song the next day at ll o'clock in the cattle barn at ln- dianapolis, being accompanied by an ensemble composed of liverett Case and blames Davis. And Roberta YanNuys just insisted on "Thanking Someone for the Buggy Rideug she played it over and over again. just out of sheer curiosity l would like to know who "That Certain Party" was. Aaron Lucas entertained the would-be freshmen by doing a Steve Brodie Qsee Fite's United States History, Page Sgiiill off the fire escape and alight- ing in the school yard, unharmed and unhurt. The first year Rhinies evident- ly hadnlt seen anything quite so amusing in years, since they laughed and laughed. From the number of laughs you will readily observe and compre- hend that Aaron performed several times, which he did. He would be per- forming yet, but the audience finally left. Through some rule, regulation, official edict, or hocus-pocus QLatin for proclamationj the Senior-Freshmen this year were denied the heretofore freely extended privilege of eating candy in "school." This too, after most of the members of the Senior class had put in the entire basketball season selling confections to help pull the school board out of debt. lt didn't seem quite fair but authority is authority and since the students of lf. li. S. are not given to violating any rules, no candy was consumed, either openly or surreptitious- ly. The only losers were Mrs. llershey and the firm that makes the stick candy. THI RTY-FOUR 5 M3045 Q9 QQ Qxiw QQ. V .I 1 X, , ' Cy I J 'lx New , J M -A A X N il' 2257 5? 144 f I ., 5 maa? f-gMf Y i XjI" - ' V A i-1 - Y 1 - K i fl Senior Class Prophecy SCENE: The Underworld. CHARACTERS: Satan, lmps, and Class of '26, Satan is seated on a throne surrounded by the lmps. Implements of torture are on one side of the throne and the Elysian fields on the other. Satan: "Imps, are the victims lined up?" Imps: "They are. your majesty." S: "Bring them inf, The lmps leave and soon return followed by a group of people, some cry- ing, some walking seriously, and some giggling naturally. S: "XYho are they?" I: "They are the Frankfort High School graduating class of l926." S1 tSmiling maliciouslyl "Oh yes, l've heard of them. Now Caddressing the groupj as I call your name step forward and give an account of yourself. If it is satisfactory you may go there Cpointing to the Elysian fieldsj but if it is not-behold the horrors of the underworld." I: "Rah l Rah! Rah ln S: Clieading off a paper handed to him by an lmpj "l lerman Bootsf, ll. li.: "Kind sir, during my life l was mayor of Frankfort, Ii." Imps: "Away with himffthrow him in the dungeon l" Il. lj.: "But wait-during my administration Prairie creek was dredged and now is rivaling the Atlantic Ocean as a navigable body of water." S: "Good, stand to one side. H, Newton Oliphantf' H. N. O.: '4Allow me, your majesty, to humble myself before you. I am indeed unworthy of any consideration from you, but as it is my duty to obey your commands l will proceed to sing for you my latest composition entitled. 'llYomen Stay Away From Me Blues." S. Qshakilyj : 'AAnother one of those song writers: They will be the death of me yet. This is the eight hundred and seventy-sixth one this week. and this is only lVednesday. Away with him! XN'hat's this? llere's a group of names set apart from the restflllary Marshall, Ruth Erdel. Mabel Godby, I,ucile Rice and Helen Moore. Step forward and account for yourselvesf, A group of Imps pull forward a number of unassuming women who have been standing behind all the rest. S "XYhat have you done?" .2 "Please do not deal too harshly with us: we only ran a sanitarium H C Z That isn't so bad. Caroline L'onarroe." '.: "VVell l" XVell yourself. XYhat is your profession F" . C.: "That is a personal question which l decline to discuss with an in- diyidual with whom I have had no previous acquaintance. nor even a formal ll. M f mr c tts S.: " C. C S: 'K introduction. Get thee behind me, Satan." '1'1nn'l'Y-six T F. H. s.- THE CAULDRON --1 9 2 6--- 1.1 9 2 s--- THE CAULDRON F. H. s.-- S.: "Ha, Ha, lla! 'You're the first person who has talked back to me since 1200 B. C. How would you like to be queen here FU C. C.: "No thanks. lim waiting for someone in the next classf, S: "All right. But you can sit over there and eat chocolate ice cream until he comes. Milford Toney, Charles XVyant and Raymond Salmon, you are charged with being the chief of police, street commissioner. and chief of the fire department, respectively. under the crooked administration of Mayor Boots. Have you anything to say?" M. T.: "I never did anything. All the crookedness was due to the city councilfl S.: "That's what they all say. XYho were the members of the council?" M. T.: "Edward Brant, Leo Coin, Newell Deacon, VVilliam Eikenberry, Don Elliott, Herman Gangwer and Garold Goff. They accepted bribes so that they might finance President Crain in his campaign." S: "Banish them all. Doyal Plunkett." D. P.: "I have done nothing, sir. My life has been spent fruitlessly as a missionary in Bedford. Indiana." S: "Ah, that is a noble mission. Here's another list. Maurayne Bolt, Aaron Lucas, Etta Niebrand and Doris Yount. VVhat are they? Imp: "They all acted in Broadway successes. Maurayne Bolt starred in 'The Rivalsf Aaron Lucas in 'The Student Prince., Etta Niebrand in fRose Marie,' and Doris Yount in 'The Dancer From Parisf N S: "Away with them! Rosalie lrwin and Mary Barnard." M. B.: "XfVe are decided successes. your honor. XYe have made a fortune on vaudeville stage telling a joke which goes4"A Scotchman once encount- ered an Irishman and --." S: "Into the deepest dungeon! l've heard of you. Pauline Hough and Dorothy Huffordf' D. H.: "XYe spent our lives trying to draw a suitable illustration for Ruth Burkey's book, 'The Superiority of XYomanf " S.: "Away with you! XVho is that poor creature looking so wildly through those books ?" Imp.: "That is Ruth Robison. She went crazy trying to find a word longer than intervocalicrhoticism or honorificalmilitudinitatibysf, S: "How sad! Robert Spradlingf' R. S.: "I spent my life packing the baggage for my wife's vaudeville stuntf' S.: "I can sympathizeg my wife used to travel. Virginia McCarty." V. M.: "I became famous in eleven minutes. I spent my life teaching bull frogs to play the flute." S: "As if there weren't enough annoyances in the world. Daniel Bartonf, D. B.: 'AI maintain, sir. that I have lived a good life. After teaching the people of Frankfort the value of gymnastic exercise, I spent the rest of my life managing a home for grass widows." S: "A ladies' man as usual! Gertrude Bird." THI ILT Y -SEVEN lf l I i .....,., , 112. H. s.-i THE CAULDRON -111 9 2 el- G. B.: "I married a pharmacist and spent my spare time demonstrating the art of becoming and remaining a blondef! S: fpolitelyj "Is that an art? Martha Finney, Laurayne Bolt, Miriam Davisson, and Helen Dilworth. You are charged with breaking the peace in Frankfort by serenading the members of the council every night from nine to eleven. To the dungeon! Await!" "joe McKown! You and your wife, Beatrice Rockwood. are charged. with destroying the government of Zanzibar by teaching the Sultan to dance the Charleston. Away! Mary Aughe. Lydia McClurg and Mae Miner." M. A.: "We were successful book agents. Our best sellers were julia Mae Campbell's 'How To Get the One You NVant,' and Robert Quick's 'The Autobiography of a Thug., I' S.: "Banish them. Roberta YanNuys." R. V.: "I am a celebrated pianist and jazz composer. My latest piece is entitled 'Sally, I Am a Man of My XYord.! " S: "Another song writer! Out of my sight! Here's another group. Leona Beachtel, Gladys Hewlett, Mildred Coleman. Elizabeth Cook and Sarabell Grover." G. H.: "XYe are chorus girls in 'lfowler's Folliesf The men's chorus in the same revue consists of Raymond Baxter, Melville Cohee, Gareld Hodge. Herbert Irwin and XYalter Jacobs." S: "All of you dance to the tune of my pitchfork! George Milner." G. M.: "I own a waffle shop. My best customers are George McCall, Charles Painter, and Richard Brown. They all consume 20 waffles each day. S: 'fThey should be pretty well filled up. Imps. don't feed them for the next twenty days. Bruce Montgomery and Harrison Derrick." H. D.: "XYe were the most successful movie actors of our day. XYe were greater even than Ben Lyon or John Gilbertf' S: "To the cellar." B. M.: "Thanks, old man." S: "Beecher Good. You are charged with being a heart breaker. Your letters have broken more girls' hearts than Ronald Coleman's eyes have donef' B. G.: l'It was a habit formed in high school. lYhile there I wrote notes to every female member of the institutionf! S: "Step to one side. George Schultz!" G. S.: "I was the United States standing army in Mexico. It was lllj' duty to put LIQXV11 any revolution which might occur there." S: "Ah-a one-man affair! Dwight XYilson." D. XV. "I operated a dancing school and in my spare time gave vocal lessons. My best students were James XVright, Kenneth Snyder, Paul Sheets and Cleo Reagan, all of whom became famous on Keith's circuit.'I S: "Excellent! Roweberta Kygerf' THI RTY-EIGHT -1 9 2 el-1 THE CAULDRON -?F. H. s.--- R. K.: "I have written a poem called 'Must All the Boys' Names Be Everett ?' " S: "Oh yes, that tune all the Charleston champions dance by. Kenneth Morkert. You are charged with deserting your wife, Elizabeth Cook. Mar- shall Padgett, you are sued for breach of promise by Mary Haffner. Have you anything to say?" K. M.: "My wife drank her dish water. It was more than I could stand." M. P.: "I found out she only wanted the millions which I made playing whist with the Archbishop of Canterbury." S: "Discharged Ellen Frye." E. F.: "I was private secretary to the Lord Mayor of London. It was my duty to keep him informed of his engagements with prominent people, some of whom were Helen Knepp, who invented the pointless ping Mildred Perry, the great poetessg Mildred Newton. the world's champion typistg and Melba Sims, the celebrated hula-hula dancer." S.: 'cGood. Sylvia liarshman Marguerite Holmes, Anna Hemmerling Gladys Harshmanf' S. H.: "NYe traveled as the 'Four lI's.' VVe sought to repeal the law of gravityf' S: "The dungeon. Ruth Sharp, Alia Thatcher and Evelyn XVoods." R. S.: 'AlYe were missionaries to the Esquimos in Greenland." S.: "Fine Melba Stephenson, Evelyn Thompson, Ruth XVright and Qpal Youngf' M. S.: "W'e operated an insane asylum for the victims of the cross word puzzle, Charleston and basketball. It was filled to capacity." S.: "XYonderful. Evelyn Unger and Vivian Scirclef' E. U.: "VVe were celebrated artists of the jiu-jitsu." S: "Away! All of you! Ho hum! XYhat a life. lJon't bring anymore to me like that bunch V, M. ROSALIE IRWIN, '26. THiRTY-NINE -. F. H. s.--L- THE CAULDRON -.---19 2 e-- The Senior Play The play selected this year to be presente of l3loombury," a three-act comedy by lan Miss Hattie Campbell. d by the Senior class was HTilly Hay. The play was directed by The story takes place in England at the present time, and the plot weaves around the love affair of Tilly XVelwyn, who comes from a Cockney family, and Richard lllainwaring. the son of nobili "The Towers" at Shotley Beauchamps, the ty. The first act takes place at home of the lllainwarings. The lllainwarings have planned for Dick to marry Constance Damer, Hone of the very bestf' lt is therefore a great shock to them when he introduces Tilly as his fiancee. Tilly realizes that if she is to be accepted by Dickie's people, she must appear to come from a family of high station. ln doing' this, she presents a false impression. The second a ct takes place in the XYelwyn's drawing room in Bloomsbury. The XYelwyns are preparing to entertain the Mainwarings for tea. just as everything is ready. Stillbottle. a sheriff's of- ficer, comes to collect a bill and declares his intention to remain until the debt is paid. Tilly induces him to pose as their old family butler for the afternoon. The party begins. and the lYelwyns are making a good impres- sion when Cirandma Hanks, Mrs. lYelwyn's mother, appears and in a con- versation with Lady Marion reveals the fact that her husband was a plumber. The Mainwarings leave indignantly. Act three takes place at the XYelwyn home the next afternoon. Lord and Lady Nainwaring come and break the engagement. just after they have left Dick comes and announces that he has given up his family and is the new lodger. and everythi The characters in order of their appearanc Abel Mainwaring, M. P. ............ . Milroy Cliutler to thc Mainwaringsj .. Sylvia CMainwaring's Daughterb ..... Lady Marian Mainwaring ..... Rev. Adrian Rylands ..... Constance Damer ........... Richard CMainwaring's Sonj .. Tilly CVVelwyn's Daughtcrj Percy CXYclwyn's Sony .................. Amelia CXYelwyn's Younger Danghtcrib ..... Grandma Banks QMrs. VVelwyn's Motherb llflr. Mutha Ram Ca Law Studentj .......... Mrs. VVelwyn .................. Lucius XVelwyn .................. Mr. Stillbottle CSheriff's Officcrj .......... Mr. Pumpherston CAnother Law Stndentb .. A review of the production cannot be give ng ends happily. e are: . . .Dan Barton . . .Charles XVyant ...Manrayne Bolt . . . .Ruth Burkey Robert Fowler ...Ruth Robinson .Xlfaltcr Jacobs . . . . . . , . .Rosalie lrwin ...H. Newton Oliphant ., .Caroline Conarroe . . . .Roberta Van Nuys ..-.Newell Deacon ... .Gladys Hewlett ....Robert Quick . . .Dwight XYilson ...... .Aaron Lucas n because the play had not been produced at the time the book went to press. FOTVI' Y QQ S . TQ: -4 . f-X Af x I -N af 'L U LJ"-, WQIIIIIIIIXXXQ milllufnllm .5-'Sb 4 1' s QS ' x V! 1 .rf N N Xa? 1 .- vi- ff, 5- X-fp' xy-, . A k 'F 21 i 13 ,x .. :WN 4 I - f- u-! ff W f' X3 f f IH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E 1 nnqnnunlnlnun , 1 2 zzsusunsunuunnnlnn - 1 - 3 X --.22-ziflgliiiia: Q Q X X misaaaaaiiaasasasae- ' X 'O g kk ::::::::e.::::::::: 2 E X , K X f'QE:gg::uu:sn!lln:g , E Q Q ,MN X XX ""':""'m"X 'P I-90.31, A gi 43 X 5 52' :::::::.'-221' 2 fl 1 , .ip H. s.- THE CAULDRON -ll19 2 6- 9-A GIRLS llottoni Row-llelcn Kingery. llilda Redington. Hallie Newton, Vida Merchant, Ruhy lfinley, Mary Shuler, Dorothy Cue, Madge Hendryx, Vida llarshharger, Aldine Kemper, Evelyn Speer, Louise Smith. Second Rowfliculah Cainphell, Martha lXlcCarty, llella Livesy, Dolores Campbell. Frances Iluffer. Dorotha l'ahner, llelen Best, Cathryn Hamilton, lllartha lllundell. l.enore :Xgiiexxy llorothea llildehrand, Ruby English, hlose- phine Blaish, Florence Benjamin, llorothy lioys. 'l'hird Rowflrcne Stewart, Yirginia Knapp. Etta Ray, Grace Emmons, Lillis liavisson, Mary Etta Meneely, Josephine llolt, Mary Mann, Genera S urav, Pauline lliclcerson Lois 'l'innnons, lXlarv Painter. 1 , y , Fourth Row+Esther llcliinsey. lllary Norris, Dorotha Uoty, Louise Pauline Avery, l,illis llavisson. Mary Etta Bleneely, Josephine Holt. Mary Mann, Geneva Spray. Pauline lliclqerson, Lois rl1l1111NUl1S, Mary Painter. Fifth Rowflloe Myers, Rachel Myers, l,ola Sagor, llelen lNlarshall, jose- phine Caruso, Martha Clark, Edna Moore. Charlotte Trohaugli, 'l'hel1na Harrington. Fayette Brown, l.cota Derringer, Maudie Carothers, Edith Younlqin. FURTY-TXYO --19 2 6---- THE CAULDRON -- F. H. s.-- 9-A BOYS Bottcmi lqOXY---'IZIIIIGS llugiie. Xxvllllillll Parker, -llllllkll' liuclmlell, ixfllllll' Klc- Elwee. l':llg'CllC rlllllJlll1lSklil. liC1lllClll C. Smith, llevoii Castle. XY:1lter Ruush. l Robert Crum, liclxx'i11 Reclml, Herlucrt Fisher. Seccmcl lQUXX'--llHXX'2l1'Cl, Culluy. Rlmzilcl Swi11l111'1l, l':IlllllCtlQ llciscl. -lamcs C11lhe1'tsu11. SZlIlll1L'l Stutt. l'lI'ZlllClS Slipher, 'l'w111 lJUXX'1liIlg'. llcrgch Yzm li1'l1l1t.'ll1llilJl' lJcx'z111cy. livcrctt Click. Thircl Row-lfzty Click, l.Zll11'Cll llmlsmi, Rtnluert Lewis. Cilcim l,Zll'SUll:4, Darrel lluclson, Rulmert l.i11p. George Pzlclgett. llztrry k'UClll'ElI1. ,lz1111cs Carey. XYillie ,lue rTllUlll1JSlJll. Fourth liow-hlz1111cs Rf'IlCZll'SlJll. llcrlmert Miller. Gerzmlcl Miller, lfclwin llill- 5 1 I 111311, Hztrulcl Ixulmlmins. llzlrulcl lifflltilll. lxolmert llztiwlesty, lluclley Sluan. l z111l SXVCZll'illg6ll, Alfrccl Heugst, Cliforfl liztrling. Fifth lQmx'fl.l1+ycl Starkey. liclxx'i11 llZlI'1'l5. llerzllcl llzlm, lhlsuwc XYills, 1 Ralph Sheets, llztmscl XYZllllSL'UIt, XX'illz11'c,l llmve. .lqilylllullil l,illCl'. l 1 FO1f'l'Y-'l'HIiElfI 111. H. s.- ---- THE CAULDRON -lli 9 2 6- 9-B CLASS First Rowwlborothy Stinson. listher Goztr, llclen Payne, BlZlI'g'Zll'6I Yin- cent, Lester Schilling. Harry Otternmn. lYayne SXVIIYZCC. Grace lfminens, Vera Geise, Roy flee. Second Rowfllzirgie XYI'lglllSlllZlll. lfclwzircl jones. Rohert Kelley, XYayne Alilftill. Rickie liinuzunan, llouuic l,z1shhroolc, lflizzilueth liinilvlc, Klzlry Yill- Zll'S. Milclrecl Slizlrp. l.orrz1ine llzirluu. Catherine llzirton. Third Rowfllulw Scott, Ciencvieve Schultz, listher Rovers, lllilclrecl Row- ' 1 1 v D 1 4 1 an, Roberta Douglas. lxleanor l.zmc, Guy llzunilton, Owen Llztrlc, Catherine Martin. Russell Corlmett. Fourth RUXX'--lXl2ltllCl'j'1l jones, Mary iX.lCCl'6Zll'j', Mary Pauline XYilliZll11S, Thelma Potter., Yivizin Baker, Fthel Hickerson. Rosanioncl .-Xlexzmcler. Elsie lYacle. Ellllllil ,lane Howe. Lorraine Agnew. Fifth Rowflilorence Reecl, Gale Lewis, liclwin Shaffer. Aclron liarbee, Frank lN'ainscott, Paul Plunkett, Milford llenmzln, Roy XY2ltClllDZl1lg'l1. l l-'I lIi'l'Y-I-'Ol'1l --19 2 e-i- THE CAULDRON -.-l F. H. s.--- 10-B CLASS Bnttmn IQUXY2,llllHlllZlS Tnlwin. Rziylnnncl llCil1llJ6I'g'CI'. Irene Cliapman, Evelvn Parvis. Helen Stinson, .Xllmert lining. l'lZlI'l Owens, Marie hlolinstun, Pauline Carman, Robert 'l'lmckc1'. Jessie Young. SCCUllflIQOXYflXIZ1I'Y I. Rvzin, lusephinc lluinplircy, llzivicl lJurne1'. Clizirles Clialfzint. Milflrccl llclicn Cinnynn, XX'illiznn Crunk. XYestz1 Kleneely, Ruth Kenney. lmuise Kelley. Tliircl 1QOXYfRlCllZll'fl Ciladclen, Uclns 'l'z1ylo1', livelyn XYz1rcl, llnmtliy Ilen- clersun, Ifvaclene Gnnymm. l.ncilc Howe. Cressa Llrlcorcl. l,ncile Rnsie, Allen Mohler. Ray ,lZlClJl7S. Twp lQOXYfllZl1'1l1Ul1 l':1ln1e1', 'lllimnzis Hewlett, Roderick XYess, Vernon VVolfe, Tom I"m'i'est, llernmn Xlcfnll. fletis Sims. llznmlcl liimlmle. Alvin KlCClrc:11'y. lfm 11-:T Y-lf' I V L1 -1 F. H. s.-- THE CAULDRON -..---1 9 2 6 - 10-A CLASS Top Row-Carl Humphrey. Everett Derrick, Raymond Norris, Kenneth Akers, Charles Howe, Jesse Frazier, XYilliam Robison, Ralph Newhouse, Kenneth Holmes, John Surcoff, llarry Rowan, Ralph Howe, Richard Shaver, Joseph Brees. Second Row-Merrill VYhite. Stephen Crain, Noble Sagor. Armand Norris, Robert Grimes, Yirgil Hvolfe. john Brooks, Charles Smith, Floyd Leach, Harold Knepp, Roy Higinbotham. Donald liikenberry, Charles Franklin, Paul llackerd. Morris Cochran, Harold Neal, Carl Fredrickson. Third Row-XValter Thornton, Xyilliam Armantrout, Elmer Schultz, La- moine Boggs. Robert Ragsdale, Harry Ashley, Ralph Thompson, James Huf- ford, James Tankersley, Harold Steiert, Hubert Leader, Jerome Shay, Court- est Fehl. Fourth Row-Lorene Sheets, Helen Cudahy, Louise Allen, Elena Law, Mildred Harrington, Eanid VValdo, Mona Iiaker, Maxine Catron, Ruth liogan, Mary Russell, Helen Sipe, Ruth Hodgen, Roberta Endicott, Margaret Ruch, Margaret George, Mary Ellen Coulter. Fifth Row-Freda Carter, Allene Kramer, Pauline Hollis, Roberta Curts, Annabell Mattix, Clleva Rice, Helen Floyd, liernadine liarnhart, Ione Lane, Martha Curry. Sixth Rowflilanche Reese, Roberta Parsons, Eldena Cohee, Esther Pence, Louise Unger, Lucy Wiattles, Lucile Castle, Edith Bates. I-Zeatrice Hardesty, Yineeda Behr, Florence Carey, Helen Aughe, Elizabeth XYright, Esther Robi- son, Mary Ruch, Hernadine Elsea, lYillard Maish. Seventh Row-joseph Bewsey, Berniece McKinsey, lieulah Moore, Bea- trice Stewart, Marian Baker, Emma Fletch, Retha Somsel. Laura Wattles Thursa Hammack, Beatrice XVayt. Y FORTY-SIX - 1 9 2 ei- THE CAULDRON Tl F. H. s.-- 11-B CLASS First Row-Lucile lllcliwen. Evelyn llUl'lZ1CllC1', lilizulvetli lYllClCl'XYUUfl, Irwin Carter, Cecelia 'l'ulmin, lflnrence Phillippe, Leona XX'z1llaee. Second Row-lllary Squires, XYalter Sliawlizln, lXlz1rtl1:1 liinrlry, lirnest Isffriffff, Mabrie XYomls. Russell Stranlfe. Helen lflatterv. 6 bb .1 5 . Third Row-lieryl Silver. Blilclrecl Roberts. Lluycl Skiclnnwe, Hazel Scntt. Carter Irwin. Fourth Rowflrene Rutlienlmerger. XYillz1rcl Yunng. blames llziycs, Francis Schiller, lsaiali llnnolin. FOIITY-Sli VEN 0 " -.- F. H. s.--- THE CAULDRON ---- -19 2 6-- 11-A CLASS First Row-I lelen Louise XYills. Opal Latshaw. Nellie Blinn. Frank Pletch, Helen XYatt. Pauline Darling, Ruth Corus, Martha Cluni. Gayle Golds- berry, Charles Enclsley, Paul XX'arcl. Second Row-Dorothy Donoho. Mary linnnons, lloward Vincent, Madge Reagan, Elizalueth Thonipson. Glenn Moore. Ulene liirlmy, Clarice Arm- strong, XYillard llaniilton. Yirginia llarcly, llelen Frances Ross, Leland Holliday. Third Rowfliunice Gilmore, Edna Diclcison, Alta Carter. Georgia jack- son, Ray Carman, Anna Ruth Sheets, Lois Carter, Yiola llackerd, Lillie Mae llumphrey, Earl liarger, Phil llufford, Leon Price, Elmer llolst. Fourth Row-Jeanette Utterman, Frances Thoinas. lllildrecl Montgolnery. Catherine Heidlmreder, Evelyn llarper, Marjorie Lynch. Mercedes Campbell, Carolyn Goar, ,Iohn XYayt, llenry Morrison. XX'illiani Freas. Claude Redman, Everett Lawson. Fifth Row-Philip Phelps, Leonnard xXvllliZlH1S, Leroy Pogue, Rolland Cohee. Edna liiery, Gwendolyn llonoho, Grace lineipple. Sixth RowfRolmert Curts. Andrew Barton, liurclell XYayt. Floyd Bragg. llerman Colhy, Ralph Ticen, Rudolph Behr, Robert lilinn, Emerson Frank- enfield, Benet Thayer. Fred Cainphell. XYilliam Alexander. Howard XYool- fington. 1"on'PY-E I fl I-1 'I' 19 2 6-l THE CAULDRON F. H. S.-M 12-B CLASS First RUXY'X'CI'l1iCC 4J'Mull:1m'. KZ1Il1L'lAiI1C Aluncs. Kulwrta I,IlI'SUllS, lluris Gam, RHS6'l1l2lI'j' HZlII1l0I'. lX1L'HI1l'll1 Klumv. llc1'Iw1't FC'ZlI'. lfx'e1'c'tt Shurr. Secuml Roxvfll211'1'i0llQ Cuchrzum, Mzlrtlm Stmmwe, Kzmthcriue Zimmerschiecl. 'fhulnzls Ruclclcll. Ilclcn Fisher. fitxilfgiil llmmcr. Ilzmvlrl Xurris. Hmvzwcl Smith. 'l'l1i1'cl Row-flflizzllwtll lIwrlz1che1', iilzlclys Murrismm, PZUIHIIC Sharp, lizlrlmzlrzl Bergen, lDm'ntl1y Quick. 'IWIIHINZIS Iluwc-s. flllllllk' Ilulmree. licrt Slmnkliu. I,z1wtm1 Klzulalux. Fourth RiJXX'fIJilI'lDlllX' Cuhcc. Paul Sharm. Glenn XY:1i11scutt, Riclmrcl . ' . I . Peavey, hloe llmvnlng, llzlrolcl lillfChlSUl1, IQZIXINIJINI VZIIINCV, Hun Merrltl. Fifth Rowflhul Ilizllt. lilmlctte flux. lizxrl linker. .'Xlfm'cl llcnmzm. Rus- , SCH IXIC1'l'iINZlI1, I'il'2lI1k Umlvy. jft rIi'l'Y-Nl NIC lin -F. H. s.-l- THE CAULDRON --1--19 2 6-- L Sfvvacl W 7' A 1" , gf, A, my g IJ 4 , FV X K1 ,fT,i g f f i K XT M A351 ' ef-ff 5: EZKA Q 1. 3 Vi 7f3VanNu s 2 A Xfivldn. ,K Y ,Q 1 3 Q J V- , x 'dvofl t C 'Qi ,.,:f W .,...:. E , Q tb' "g-.' 1 5113? if Q- Lv , a K JS ,E JM Q X ,f W 1 MH aah 2 LL M 5 4 My it 2 F ig, 5 if f X ,1 X 5595 ' ' E6 T aa- .,, 41 f whim .. iBvov-fme I A "' " ,Q . , F I F T Y K i. ,f . ml , ' 3,g?'Jf,'i-.5625 5Darglbqx Wifi? C ,3,3?f?fQQj 5' , s gg-??eA.g h-1'2 1 ' MSN A A kms S XX S X ff 1 f XV f F1 , if W ff f -L ff fff ff LQILY X W1 bf X 0 X VH? XX X4 f X 0 x 4 Z :' Ill XX'H2 4x fl 4. .?,1 x . 1 I- 4 1 My x0 Kuff! 9 .. X , W' 1: 111 Vx xl' ,NX V if fff' 10 41 ff!! x if L! I I ' I0 11 1 .. if 111 1 1 14 ,,, , 1. fl 15 2 ' l1 ' ff" 1 21, 1 - If X17 4 gl 1 Q - f 211 11 1 1 1 1 w 1 7 , 1 1 11 , 1 '11 X-, x 1 -- I 1 ,1 1 x 6112, 'x ,91 11, . f . ,M 1 1 1 1 4, 'll 1 1 1 A W1 A1 1 1 1 0 - ffxx ,1 :fx 1 - 1 ' 11 f 1 i xi-1 1 5. : : 4 1 N lf! EE- 5 4 X iff - 1 4: 1 MfXQ'w , 'x 1 - 1 If , 'll ix X X 4 f W X x K f X 'Q X '114 Xf 114- f --1 1 ' ff, WWW f4 V4 16 i 115' , ' X: W 11, f IA ' yi' 111 ,X J ' X j g - -fri A V-Ha 2 Liu ,fl H ff 4 1 I lwf IZ y ,Wi WwyV'7j'1!l ,.,:,Y ffl ,QI IIQIC !f1!l" 1,4 ZUI11, f lf' K 1 WX w X 1 I r XB lfjT71 71 W Z K i1 fi ' 'll Lk Z ' I fi WV' Ill wx 1 ff! 1 fb if 1 M111 If du. X 1 uf XX ff 211 X ,11 1 1, 11 1 1' QQ X UL I ll If ll 4 , u Y x f f Ill I I I 'Y I u ff ,, ZX Nl llX1QZ'Z Yxx,'fXX,,+ ffl!! IX" 'X M I --.- i i- .27 HI A ff! -... -it 6- lt 'W' 1 xX71 Mfxlff Qlavbh , --19 2 e--- THE CAULDRON -W -F. H. S..- The Carnival "VVhen you come to the end of a lollipop, And you sit alone with the stick, Do you think of the one in thc candy-shop VVho made it for you to lick?" --FORD AND GLENN. The above sentiment, slightly altered from the original of Mrs. Carrie Jacobs Bond, expressed the feeling of regret experienced by all who attended the first Frankfort High School Carnival at Howard Hall the night of Febru- ary 22, 1925, after it was over. The hall was appropriately transformed into a circus ground to lend atmosphere to the occasion. A city of tents it was literally, like Abrahamis. Some of the numerous attractions were as follows: A burnt cork minstrel showg a trip around the world Cincluding stopovers in Japan. Hawaii, Hol- land, England and Nlfisconsiujg a photograph gallery, ably conducted by Messrs. R. E. Burroughs and G. Herman Bootsg a "gee-whizzer" operated by P. T. Coapstick and "Col" Robert Agnew. which did a Florida land-boom businessg numerous sideshows. including a museum of freaksg a fortune-tell- ing boothg a police courtg and many others. Sunshine girls also sold port- able refreshments. such as candy. punch and liskimo pies. Among those present were Ima Slat, the Human Stringg Teeny and Tiny, the amazing twinsg Madame Human Shank. the female baritoneg Mrs. Probeg -liggs, Maggie and daughterg Martha and George XYashingtong and, in the sight-seeing division. girls of many nationalities. Ballyhooers and a rube band added to the glamor and zest of the occasion. The purpose of the carnival was to raise funds for the high school library. A little over one hundred dollars was cleared from tickets which were uni- formly five cents in price. The affair was sponsored by the high school faculty, the students enthusiastically co-operating. One word more: we suggest that the carnival be an annual event to re- plentish an annually depleted library treasury. -H. M 'CLURE F11f"1'Y-THREE I X ..-F. H. s.--- THE CAULDRON --1 9 2 6 Standing,'g1'zu1lil1ff Hough, T31-1-clivi' flood, Dorothy I'lut'fo1'd, Robert Quick, Dwight XYi1son, Roberta Yun Nuys. Sitting-Ilichurd l'1'21il1, Ruth llohison, ,Xnron Lucas, Alai-y Barnard, l'aroline Conarroe lfditors-in-Chicf .... Business hlzuizxgers .. Advertising Managers. . . Art Editors ......... bloke Editor . Sport Editor . The Cauldron Stailif ..Mary lizirnard. Rohertzi Yau Nuys Aaron Lucas, Richard Crain .Ruth Rohisou, Dwight XYilson, Rohert Quick . . . . . . . . . . .Pauline Hough, Dorothy llufford l"IJ"TY-FOUR .... . . . . . .Caroline Conarroe . . . . .Beecher Good --19 2 6--- THE CAULDRON ---- F. H. s.-- On ro the Stare Iffgvei. the Topkglixgain ., vos. vm PRANKFQRT, INLJIANA, mxizcn io, wee. ii V. T I no. il K COME ON, FRA KF RT, LET'S GO s Blue and white Among Big While scare Scribes agsugggti-?picr. Four to Contend for the Big inn' 0318, Teams, Legs Keep V ger Sixteen Wood WHO WILL T .tl.e.,zr,f-relying. nx- lami mm nm :mx - - . so .mes were 'kdxive fe-ue. and cept. Pi-mkm sm and while man. ui . lY ,,, K ,, ,Q, , munity we, .titwa 1.-. , 01 Llburwh Frnllkfxvrd .s wrt : . 5 EXWSQQ' 'f,,f"lZ'F,",, ElIQ'.f',,f.f'i NUNULV FANS! School Takmg W' F my ' """" "H "Y Share Prorata on e hmm be one 'fgckaf Sage r tn the program :re the ,. use ts.. , , ffffvfk Fw-Hof' ' . it 2 e out-Q the 1-ear-:ft tt-wwe, in me Bowmn tt G ' K A 8 30 ha mv U L X, K M R' fry. ,m.i..tszf.. r : r Q 11 1 wh hw rut rf ,, was weather sffsfszf .-r..vnfm1ge.1hs cm-r-reall. winncr. 'M1'r'i. H+' 'W fioqllf sl to Qi. A-.omg mfs it 0: wx -' ues 4-4 n. ta 1, - AARON LVUAS 1l0SAl.lI41 IIIXYIN ROBERT QUICK Business Manager lllditor-in-t'lxief Advertising Manager High Life The lioosters' Cluh met with their principal, lYatson R. Hough, Thursday, April 10, llllfl. and decided to issue a high school paper. On April 17, 1919, they decided to call the paper Ulligh l,ife.,' an ahhreyiation for "High School Life." The purpose of 'flligh Life" as set forth in the constitution "is to promote the hest interests of Frankfort High School, hy furnishing an of- ficial medium through which the student hody. alumni. friends and general puhlic can he kept in close contact with the work and activities of the schoolfl Although now puhlished semi-monthly. it was for a time puhlished weekly. Mr. llayen McClure. who has heen the Faculty Director since the origin of "High Life." has done much to promote the quality and success of the paper. This year has heen one of the hest financially since "High Life" originated. This is mainly due to the efforts of Rohert Quick, advertising manager, and to Aaron Lucas. husiness manager. Rosalie Irwin, editor in chief, has shown her literary ahility hy her editorials and articles in the paper. The field of sports was ahly covered hy the sports editor, Beecher Good. Roberta Van Nuys. society editor. has kept us informed of the activities of our friends. Clever sketches were added to the paper hy Pauline llough, cartoonist, and humorous stories of school life were furnished hy Ruth Burkey, joke editor. FJ l1"l' Y - FIYFI N CX. F. H. S.---1- THE CAULDRON ------1 9 Z 6 SUNSHINE OFFICERS Ruth Rwlmisuu .. ......,....... ..... I lI'l'SiKl?l1l fJClJI'g'iIl lJo1'11er .. ., XviCC'I,l'CSiC1C1lf Iluruthy Quick ... .... SCL'l'CfZ1l'f ilcrtrllrlc Hircl ... .. 'IiI'CZlSlH'Cl M I-'TVY-Q1 N -l19 2 6-1 THE CAULDRON 1 F. H. s.-1 The Sunshine Society Since the establishment of the Sunshine Society in Frankfort High School in 1911, this society has labored successfully and accomplished much during its existence. The object of the Sunshine Society is to help with charity work and other worthy causes. livery girl in high school is eligible for membership. The officers for 1925-26 were elected in April and assumed their offices in September with the Ruth Robison. presidentg Georgia Dorner, vice-presi- dentg Gertrude Bird. treasurer, and Dorothy Quick, secretary. New Officers-1926-27 Un October 7 a "Get-Acquainted" party was held in Central gymnasium. After the new members had been introduced to the old. a program was given. The remainder of the time was spent socially and refreshments were served. On October 29 the annual 1lallowe'en party was held in Central building. The guests were entertained with a clever and interesting program, after which the remainder of the evening was spent dancing in the gym to the tunes of a "snappy" orchestra. During October the officers went to Antioch, where they were instru- mental in installing a new chapter, and in November they went to Clark's Hill where another chapter was installed. The society also furnished the women's rest room in the new high school building. The approximate figures following show what the society has accomplish- ed this year: Total Amount Handled .... 515875.00 .lixpenditures .......... .. 550.00 Charity . . . . ....... . . 137.00 Profits ................. .. 325.00 Balance March 1, 1926 . . . . 184.43 1" I FT Y-SEV IGN ...- F. H. s.-- THE CAULDRON ----1 9 2 6-1 Standing'-XYilli:1m Nutt, Holland Uolwc, llolvcrt Fowler, S1ttiuz9f+1U1lN'I'1 Quick, Paul Hiatt, .Karon Lueas, Robert Ap:nz-W, Herman Boots, Richard Crain, The Boosters' Club The Boosters' Club is an organization representing the students of Frank- fort High School. lt was established in 1918 for the purpose of aiding the faculty in many of the more technical matters pertaining to the school and its activities. The club has always been composed of nine members. five of these being Seniors. and four of them Juniors. liach year. with the graduation of the five Seniors, the four ineinbers who have become Seniors, on the approval of the faculty. elect four more juniors and one Senior, thus retaining the or- iginal number of ineinbers representing each class. Each year the Roosters, Club has attempted to make a donation of sonie- kind to the school in addition to presenting its annual medal to the student displaying the best sportsmanship and scholarship for the year and to issuing the High Life. An office safe and a filing cabinet have already been present- ed to the school. and this year the club plans to present the new Honor Roll Board, which was originally established by the Boosters' Club of 1921 and destroyed by the fire in 1922. The nteinbers ofthe Boosters' Club this year are as tfollows: Aaron Lucas. presidentg Robert Fowler, vice-presidentg Robert Quick, secretaryg Richard Crain, treasurerg ,llerinan Roots, Rolland Cohee, Robert Agnew, Paul Hiatt and Nblilliain Nutt. lfl FT Y -lil GI IT -i-19 2 611- THE CAULDRON -1- F. H. s.-- l l Rnttmii Row-l.vlancl llnliflay, llent-t 'I'hayei', H1-nry Mnrristm, Phil HuI'l'm'tl, NVillartl Hamilton, llubert lfnwlcr. Sw-uiitl Htvwft'lia1'les Wyant. Newt-ll Ircacnii, Uliarlcs lrliiclslvy. Ilullancl Unliee, llay- mond Salnion, Ht-rlvt-rt Irwin. Third How-Mr. Uuapstivli, liayinnncl Baxter, Paul Hiatt, .loc llowningrq, Fred Camp- bell, ltubcrt Agzqncw, l'hnei'sun l4'rankcnl'ivld, Dwight VVilSnn. Fourth Ilowfliicliard Crain, Aai-un Lucas, llwhert Quick. llerinan limits, ltnlu-rt Spradling, XVilliani Nutt, Dan Barton. The Forum The present lfnruin. which was organized in l9.2O. is an urganizatitm which was lmrnuglit almut for thc purpose uf stimulating interest in pulilic speaking ancl cleliate. Tu he a clcciflecl success any urganizatiun must have a certain goal as its amliitinn. The lfuruin has as its glial these three principals: first, the nielnlmers are taught tu stancl lmcfure a critical auclience ancl give an intelligent tliscussinn ofthe suliject which they are calletl upnn to cliscussg they also learn the cur- reet inethtmtl of parliamentary prnccrlureg anrl last hut not least they are niacle familiar with the current histnry uf the clay. The lforuin llmne-Cmning' lianquet is an animal affair uf the nrgaiiizatinn. Preyiuus to this year the affair hacl lieen heltl cluring the Thanksgiving vaca- tion. This year it was hclcl during the Christmas vacation. The lfuruin uwes 1llllCll uf its success to the untiring efforts uf Mr. P. T. Ctiapstick. The work of Mr. Cnapstick is highly appreciated lmy the inenilmers of the Forum. This year the presiclent's chair has lmcen very capalily fillecl in turn lay Rulnert Quick ancl :Xarnn Lucas. F l"'l' Y -N l N IG x .fx 5 -- F. H. s.-----v.- THE CAULDRON ---- -1 9 2 6 -- llottoni Shay, lieatriee Rockwood, Alaurayne Bolt. Iivr-rett Sliurr X irgmia MeL'arty, fin-rtriule Bird. Leland Holliday. N-eond llowglborotliy Uoliee, Verniei- tlvhlllllklllv, John XYayt. Mary Carolyn Harnard, ltobert Fowler, Caroline f'0Y'lGjT'l'lil', Henry Morrison, Blilclrecl Perry, Harold Norris, Julia Mae Uamphell. 'I'hirfl Rowgl'hilip Hutford, Mary ldllen Coulter, Mai'p.g'ai'et George, Courtest Fehl. lfourtli Row-lloberta Van Nuys, 'Vhoinas lluddell, llorothy Quick. Iiuth Robison, Holland Pohee, llarbara liergen. Helen l"islier. Lydia Mel'lurg, lleryl Silver, Helen Floyd. Top liow-llorolhy llnI'l'orcl, Rlilclrefl AlHIlt,Q'UlllY:1'X. Georgia. llorner, lidna lliekison, Alargnerite Holmes, Mr. Nliapnian. llizlh Iiurliey. Leona Iii-aehtel, Aaron Lui-as, Elizabeth Marion Tlionipson. The Websterian Club The ljnblie Speaking classes first organizecl into a club in the spring of l'7l'J uncler the supervision of Lois li. Smith. At this time. however. it was known as the llelphinian Club. The name is clerivecl from the olcl Greek worcl "Delphi", which means "The lfountain of liiiowleclgef XYhen joseph ll. llisher became a member of the faculty in 1923. the ehib was reorganized. lt is known as the XYebsterian Club. The name is taken from Daniel VVeh- ster. one of the greatest orators in history. The name for the elub was well chosen. for the pnrpose of the elnb is to promote interest in drama and ora- tory. lfor the past few years. Bliss llelen Geyer has been sponsor for the eluh, but on leaving here in january she was sueeeeclecl by Mr. C. li. Chapman. who became a member of the faculty. The meetings of the club have been very interesting as there have been many worthwhile reviews and clisenssions given. SIXTY -- F. H. s.-.---- THE CAULDRON -----1 9 2 e - Bottom Row-Joe Mcliowu. Harohl Manning. lfrauk Vonley. Mr, Iravis. Newton Uli- phant, Everett Shurr, 'Foul Iluddell. Second Row-liohert llliuu, ltohi-rt Quick, I'11n+-rsou l'll'2lllkQ'lll'l4'l4l, lroyal Plunkitt. Dan Barton, Herman lloots, Robert Spradliug: Third liowfllon Merritt, Earl Baker, llriuw- Montg'o1uery, Ilayiuoml llaxter, Harrison Derrick. Mechanics? Club Several years ago there was organized a clulm whose aim was to he repre- sentative of the social element of lfrankfort High School. .Xncl so toclay we have as one of the outstanding social organizations, the Nlechanics clulm. To he eligible for niemlmership. one must he massinv' in fifteen hours sturly each l rs W . . . . . l week, and must have taken either manual training' or mechanical clrawing. i This year the cluh has heen a cleciclecl success clespite the fact that coin- paratively few meetings were helcl cluring' the latter part of the luaslcetlmall season. This was clue, mainly. to the fact that blames ii. Davis, sponsor, f l founcl that his many cluties as husiuess manager of the lfighting lfive took ample care of his spare nionients. A nunilmer of highly successful social gatherings were helcl throughout the school year. All of these parties were helcl in that undying spirit of the Mechanics Clulm. The officers for the first semester were: Robert Quick. presirlentg Frank Conley, secretaryg Tom Ruclrlell, treasurerg lleecher Cioocl. lligh l.ife Re- porter. SIXTY-1 INIC Di f I -.F. H. sit THE CAULDRON -19 2 6- liottom How-Leland Holliday, Maurayne llolt, llarhara lit-rgcn, Laurayne Bolt, Ruth Erdvl, Raymond Norris. John Brooks, Uarolyn Goar, Evelyn llorlaelier, XVilliam Robison. Second How-Madge Reagan, Ralph Newhousc, Caroline Conarros-, Holland Cohee, Georgia Horner. liuth Hodgen, Marg'a.ret Georgge, lion Merritt. .Ir., Ruth Rogan, Elena Law, Mildred Roberts. Third RowvYirginia McCarty, Robert Fowler, Roberta Van Nuys, Mary liarnard, Robert Quick, Mary Ellen Uoultvr, Dorothy Quick, Helen Fislu-1', Raymond Salmon, Catherine Hiedbrec-der. Top RowfJean0tte Ottcrman, Richard Crain, Aaron Lueas, Katherine ZilYll'Ill'l'Sf'iliOd, Bliss C2il'lVVI'lH'ilf, lioherta 'lCndiCott, Grace Kneipplc, Opal Latshaw, Curia Latina The l.atin Club is for the purpose of furthering the interest of students in Latin. Curia Latina means f'l.atin Assembly." The officers are: senior and junior consuls, the scriha fsecretaryj, and the quaestor Qtreasurerj. The officers for last semester were: Richard Crain, senior consulg Madge Reagan, junior consulg Dorothy Quick, scrihag and Aaron Lucas, quaestor. The pro- gram committee was made up of XYilliam Nutt, Edna liiery. Ruth Erdel, Raymond Salmon and Carolyn Goar. The following officers were elected for this semester: Aaron Lucas, senior consulg XX'illiam Nutt. junior consulg Dorothy Quick, scriha, and Barbara Bergen, quaestor. The program com- mittee, appointed for this semester was: Carolyn Coar. Aaron Lucts, Sadie Brittain, Madge Reagan and Raymond Salmon. SIXTY-TXVO ---19 2 e-1- THE CAULDRON ---F. H. S..- Top RowA.lamcs Carey, Richard Crain, llayniond Salmon, Xxrlllikllii Robison. Second Row-Lola XVallaee, Sadie Tirittain, Katherine Ziinnierseheid, .Jeanette Otter- man, Louise Unger, Louise Smith. Third Row-Lorraine Agnew, Marie Johnston, He-len Aughe, Lenore A,g'n1-w. The Latin Contests lt is through the steady work and interest which the Latin teachers have taken in the Latin contests, together with the diligent study of the con- testants, that the Latin contests have hecome worth while. There were five divisions in this year's contest: the l-li and l-A divisions. which include Latin Grammar, the Caesar Division, the Cicero Division. and the Vergil llivision. First, there is the local contest from which the winners entered the county contest. Those winning the first two places in the coun- ty contest entered the district contest. and the winner from the district en- tered the state. ln our local contest, the winners were as follows: Division l-li, Lola VVallace, Louise Unger and Lorraine Agnewg Division l-9, james Carey. Lenore Agnew and Louise Smithg Caesar, llelen Aughe. Marie Johnston and NN'illiam Rohisong Cicero. Sadie llrittain and Jeannette Otterman, and Vergil, Katherine Zimmerschied. Raymond Salmon and Richard Crain. The first and second winners entered the county contest, while the third acted as alternate. The winners in the county contest were: Division l-ll, Gustavus Peters tMulherryj, Thelma Corey tColfaxj, and Lola XYallaceg Division l-A, James S I X'l'Y-TI-IRE IC l !,2f"X ,Z or 1 i I x Z - ,,...,x rg-- --.- F. H. S - ----- THE CAULDRON ------ 1 9 2 oi- Carey and l.enore Agnewg Caesar. Marie Johnston, l'Ielen Aughe and Ken- neth Lucas Cjackson Townshipj : Cicero. Sadie lirittain. .leannette Utterinan. and Effie Stinehaughe tliossvillepg Yergil. Katherine Zinnnerschied. .lose- phine Lucas. tjackson Townshipj, and Beulah Hodge tklackson Townshipj. The contest for the Ninth district was held in Crawfordsville. Crawfords- ville won first in Division l-li, Division l-A. and Caesar. while Kokomo won first in Cicero and Vergil. The Frankfort contestants who placed were blames Carey and l.enore Agnew twinning second and third places respec- tivelyj in the l-A Divisiong Helen Aughe and Marie johnston in the Caesar llivisiong Sadie lirittain and bleannette Otterinan in the Cicero Di- vision g and Katherine Zimmerschied in the Vergil Division. Although Frankfort did not enter the state contest. everyone agreed that the contests were very worth while. The grades of all the contestants were very good. and we may well he proud of our showing in these contests. .gif Uh 2 Q N V N 'U if 1 C SIXTY-I"OlTIl ...M 1 9 2 611- THE CAULDRON in-W F. H. si- jf - ws. N FRED CAMPBELL The Discussion Contest lu rt-vicuiitg tht- ntauifolrl honors that Frm-cl Lltiiuwlmt-ll. uho so ahly rt-prcscntccl 'N 1-'rzutktort lligh School won l-Ol' itsclt' in our school in tht- county, tlistrict :mtl stzttc 1025-Zo xx L- ztrc ztnt to thrust into thc hack- contc-sts, grouncl scltcrlastic activitics that luring: Frt-cl uon tht- right to enter tht- county zthout intcllcctuztl elf-vt-lcuunt-nt. NCX'L'l'lllL" conit-st. which was ht-ld in tht- high school lcss it coutcst in which lfrztnktort was huilrling' on April o. also. thc county cons most zthly rt-1111-sc-iitt-rl shoulcl not lac on-rf tc-st tlu-rt-by ntztking' hiiust-lf cligihlc to i lookctl. This coutcst is stzttc uitlc :tucl rt-nrt-st-nt tilinton county in tht- Ninth dis- was originatt-cl hy thc l'uivt-rsity ol- lncli- trict coutt-st. llis showing in thc flistrict ztnzt scnu- ycztrs ago. It is hcltl ztnnuztlly. contt-st, ht-ld in Frgtnkfort, April Ill. was zuul any high school in thc stattt- that rlc- vc-ry tiztvomlmlc :ts ht- rcccivccl two firsts sircs to tlo so may pztrticipzttc. from thc thrcc juclgcs. 'l'ht- stzttc coutcst Tht- suhjcct of thc Discussion contcst was ht-lfl :tt Bloomington, lnrlianzt, April this yt-:tr was "'l'ht- County l'uit Systt-in of .ZBA School Aclministrzttiouf' XYhilc lfrcml rlicl not plztcc in this cons To win thc stattc coutcst at stuclt-ut must tcst, ht- hrczught honor hoth to hinisclt and first hc sc-lcctctl from his it-llou' school his high school hy his right to t-utcr tht- coutpctitors in orclet' to rcprcst-ttt his statt- contcst. school in tht- county contcst. llc must Not only clirl lfrt-fl Lkuttplmt-ll win honors thcn hc victorious at thc county. clistrici lor hinisclt' hut hc also von for Frankfort l and stzttc contcsts i't-sncctivt-ly, Ont- cont- lligh at cup to hc :ttltlccl to our fast grow- , lltllllg for such an honor must hztvc ahil- ing collcctiou of trophics. ity :ts uw-ll :ts zuuhitiou. Such at stuclcut is SIXTY-l"lYl'1 .-- F. H. s.-i- THE CAULDRON ---119 2 e-- Robert Quick, Fred Uampbell, Mr. Coapstiek, .lite Ibowning. Paul Hiatt. The Affirmative Debate Team Repeating the glorious victory of the previous year. the Triangular Debate teams emerged from the contests with their colors flying. Due to several disadvantages that the teams and coach faced, the victory seemed all the more glorious. Only three veter- ans of last yet-1r's were for this year's team. Another disadvantage was the chang- ing of the question. At a meeting in October a question was decided upon concerning the county unit system of school administration. but due to the lack of material, the question was changed before Christmas vacaticn to "Resolved that the City man- ager form of municipal government be adopted by the cities of Indiana." Much credit should be given to the student bcdy and citizens of the city for the splendid way they backed the debate this year. The largest crowd in the history of Triangular Debates attended the debate here at homeg the crowd was approximately three hundred and fifty in number. The ticket sale was very ably conducted by the members of the Forum. The members of the affirmative team were Fred Campbell. ,loc Downing, Paul Hiatt and Robert Quick Ccaptainil. This team consisted cf two former debaters who showed that their former experience was of great value to this year's team. The affirmative team met the Crawfordsville negative team here, February ll, and won by a two to one decision, the judges being professors from Purdue University. Beside the victory being appreciated by school itself, the teams were entertained at four dinners, including visits to the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs. This shows that much interest is shown in debate that has never been shown before and that people are realizing what the value of debate really means to the student. SIXTY-SIX 119 2 6- THE CAULDRON -1 F. H. S- liohert Agnew, ltiehard Crain, Mr. Uoapstiek, xxillllillll Nutt, Henry Moi-i'ison. Negative Debate Team Because of a determination to win another shield for our high school, the negative team, as well as the affirmative came through this year's 'l'riangular llehate hy defeat- ing the Lehanon affirmative team hy a two to one decision. The negative seemed to have the hurclen of proof on the city manager question hy having to propose a plan that would he superior in all respects to the city manager forni. Only one experienced dehater was on the negative team. 'l'his adds more glory to its victory. The members of the team were Henry Morrison, Richard Crain. Rohert Agnew ancl XYilliam Nutt. llenry Morrison led the negative teani as captain, which is an un- usual honor for a first year man. , The teams reflect great credit upon their coach, Mr. l'. 'l'. Lioapstick. who, with his faithful and patient coaching, made possihle these winning teams. 'l'he teams spent many hours with the coach practicing all the points that go to make tip a good dehate. Credit should also he given to Mr. Cliapntan, a new meniher of the faculty. who gave the memhers of the teams much splendid advice on delivery. Mr. foapstick stated that working with the dehate teams this year had heen an un- usual pleasure. for the co-operation that the members of the team gave him could not he surpassed. lt is hoped hy everyone that Mr, coapstick will he hack next year to produce another successful team. XYhile looking at the prospects for next year. they seem very encouraging. Only two niemhers of this years team will he lost hy graduation, leaving six veterans for next year. Since experience is very valuahle. Frankfort lligh Schools hopes are very high for next year. SI X'l'Y-SIGYI-IN -.- F. H. s.-? THE CAULDRON ----19 2 6- Bottom Row-Robert Fowler, Viola Ilackerd, Mary Aughe, Evelyn Unger, Edna Biery, Illildred 1'er1'y, Bene-t Thayer. Second Row-Cleo :lYl021,2'2lll, Herman Ganflwer, Miss t"ari'i1-ld, Harold Hutchison, Charles XYyan1. Typewriting ,Team livery year the commercial department hecomes more important. Proli- ahly the most important division of this department is typewriting. This year has heen a successful one when guaged according to the results of form- er years. As on all other teams of the school. students who were chosen for the typewriting' teams, and those who were not so fortunate, worked un- tiringly, and in the District Commercial Contest held at Lafayette. April 2-lt. hoth Novice and Amateur teams won first in their respective classes. lioth teams made excellent averages. Herman Gangwer won first in the Amateur class. lidna Biery and Robert Fowler were awarded first and second prizes in the Novice class. liach of these were awarded rihhons. As a result of the llistrict victory. the two teams gained the right to com- pete in the state contest held at Muncie, Slay 7. SIXTY-TCTG l-I'l' -- 1 9 2 6-- THE CAULDRON ---- F. H. s.- l Top Rowfllelba Sims, Herman Ganpgwer, Miss Carfield. Second Row-Mary Auglie, Ruth XYright, Vivian Scircle, Doris Yount. The Shorthand Team By much hard work, the team was able to win honors at the District Con- test held at Lafayette, Saturday. April 24. llerman Uangwer, Mary Aughe and Melba Sims represented our school. Although Miss Carfield has only been with us since january, she deserves much credit for producing the dis- trict winners. Not much was heard about this team, but they worked as hard as many other teams and, also, had to give up some pleasure in order to do their best. SIXTY-NINE .-F. H. si- THE CAULDRON -1-19 2 e-- Standing-liussell Moore, Kenneth Moore. Sitting-Elmt-1' liolst, Mr. Lowe, Ilubn-rt Leader. Agriculture The Swine and Dairy Judging Teams will represent Frankfort High School at the Annual Club Round-Up to be held at llurdue University, May -l-7, 1926. ln these contests will be approximately 50 teams. representing schools from all parts of lndiana. Each team will judge and place three rings, con- sisting of five animals in each ring. and will be required to have a written reason for their placings of the animals. Mr. Lowe, teacher of vocational agriculture, will accompany the teams as advisor and coach throughout the time they are in attendance at the Club Round-Up. Judging teams, competing in state contests are a part of the vocational outside curricular activities. No extra school credit is given for participation in these contests, the only reward being such honors as are won frequently and the right to have their names placed on the Boosters' Club Honor Board. Boys entering the state agricultural contest do so because ot their interest in such activities, and in the past few years each contestant has had to pay his own expenses. Occasionally, in the past, some philanthropic citizen or bank has given money to support these teams. The right to represent Frankfort lligh School in these Agricultural Con- tests is won always by consistent and outstanding class laboratory work. The students who make up these teams must consistently stand at the head of the class throughout all the practice work, S ICVENTY --19 2 e--- THE CAULDRON --1 F. H. s.-- Standing:-liduard llrant, Mr. Lowe. SlltlY1,2"'RIll1'l'lS t'of'h1'an, Ilarrel Hudson, I'aul Sllarp. The Purdue Round-Up The ahoye team did exceptionally well. placing sixth in Swine judging and tenth in llorse judging. when you consider that there were fifty-seven schools competing. Norris Cochran. who also entered an egg exhihit in the Purdue ligg Show. won fifth in Section ll in the lligh School Class. Another yery interesting as well as practical piece of work done this year hy the Yocational Agriculture Classes was the testing of seed corn hy the improved rag doll method. Owing to a freeze early last winter. or late fall. much of the seed corn se- lected was damaged so hadly that it would not germinateg yet it could not he detected except hy germinating sample kernels from each seed ear. Realiz- ing the necessity of good seed corn, Superintendent Stott and the School lioard were willing to equip the agricultural lahoratory with a large corn germinator. lt is heated hy electricity and has a capacity of 3.000 ears per week. Une day each week was given over to seed corn testing. The two classes tested 13.249 ears. or N16 hushels of seed corn. Un an average they found 30 per cent of imperfect corn would he enough to plant 350 acres- hence the practicahility of the Vocational Agriculture course in a school with an enrollment of farmer hoys. S111 YB NT Y-ONE X f X .1 F. H, s.--.. THE CAULDRON 1926--- 'nk 'J ng AJ, I -, ,ii A - A L, 1, 55 -Q jxlxeywnng UUCP mf , I -1 0 Nyafciixb Comev K ' Sweater ii Evmeveife ,A V. , Q 'week 'Q Wi? me wi -V ' ll ,V,,: x i J ,,.' I 1 ' 'f rl' 5 . fl! xg f e 'xx ', ,A H GWQSS f X' rx Y , IhhocenTS H ' VWMWH 7 ..5xL?,,,-' 1 I I M66 gel TMC Nita Hwkkeaiqgy- x S . .5 , Q 5 Q YeXXo,v-s Q - L A fi f ,V 'mo , .U , , , fm . Q: ,AJ I V K 5 1 . -my ww l ugavhiilu g h : EQ o , V ik: Quhlvvwleis Plggimih-as P ibesecmiihg 11? 5 'I A if ' -'.f'. 1 Vw- M37 .5 3 -' M mx" I V E W, . 3 i-f.. 5f11i?i,v fi , , ff 5, 4' 9 4, Jw I My fffx Siamese 'F-sins Hmwzgkm SN VENT Y -TXX 0 ' ylndgw Swnslwhv- MUSHC ,i XXXYB fx K Q X I N ffff, xx" f xXXXx 1 fa wx I x,, N xqqfi xx: 1 ff, XNXXXX '1 14,9 4? I 'v,, lv Jw: LMQQSLQQ lfXX X fQ5xfA 'L X X! V An 'Q X 'Wg' ,X fQ W'AiX?Sf fN5SZQf xi 'XfNfxA x ,vx, A N445 ,Vx f 'Viv fab if ..T" , QQ 7Q?5!:?N x 91 x Nw Q Vx fX i 1' : E zyw ' wma .:.. 'S ,N " I r C C 1 ' x Q ' c , 22, N ' f fx W! I x N '93 X , X , W ' x A ' Q ,Y -f' x ' iii N " 2? 'fl-,1 A X f' " :If , ff f Q7 Q ' - . 'xg' ' ' " 91675 V355 X A 5 f x fx, EX riklzfxf X Vw Q NJ ry igxfxg ff X 13 'JJ X ,N XIA ' 0.441 . R ? x ,X E BL' ' x, X W .-.. M, - ZX? LL. 4, . x fl , 9, 1-Ps -.F. H. s.-l- THE CAULDRON -li 9 2 6- Bottom Row-Alia Thatcher, Alta Farter, Hazel Scott, Elizabeth Underwood, Lillie Alae Humphrey. Second Row-Mildred Roberts, Caroline Uonarroe, Ellen Frye, Maurayne Bolt, Eliza- beth Thompson, Irene Rotlie-nbc-rger, Nellie Blinn, Etta Neibrand, Olene Kirby, Ruth Erdel. Third Row-Gertrude Bird, Laurayne Holt, Julia Mae Campbell, Edna Diekison, Mildred Perry, Miss Nixon, Blarjorie Lynch, Virginia 3Iel'arty, Rosemary Hamler, Doris Yount. . 1 , Fourth Row-Lois Carter, Helen Fisher, Mary Barnard, Rosalie Irwin, Roweberta Kyger, Mary Emmons, f360l'g'lH Jackson, Helen Frances Ross, Viola Haekerd, Dorothy lbonoho. Top Row-Carolyn Goar, ltuth Robison, Beatrice Rockwood, Roberta Van Nuys, Btildred 1l0l1tg'Olll0l'X, Barbara Bergen, Dorothy Hufford. Martha Finney, Georgia Dormer, Dorothy Quick. Girls' Glee Club For several years the Girls' Glee Club has helped to furnish talent for the musical events of the high school. ln the past they have given several operettas. but this year no operetta was given and all efforts were focused upon the State Glee Club Contest held in Indianapolis in May. At the con- cert given by the music departments of the high school, the Girls' Cilee Club gave two numbers. This year an Alumnae Girls' Glee Club also has been organized by Miss Nixon and has done much to bring the girls who were once in the Frankfort High School Girls' Cilee Club together again. At Christmas a visit was made by the Alumnae tilee Club and the High School Glee Club to the Parkview home where they sang Christmas Carols. llarbara Bergen has acted as accompanist for the glee club this year. Sl'lY1QN'1'Y-IVOIIR --19 2 6--- THE CAULDRON .-- F. H. s.--- 111110111 Iiwxvfllmi llf-i'rEtl, IIuu':x1'd Xvlllffvlll, llznyiiumfl 1If'iii1Pwi'g'fA1', Russ:-ll Mi-rri llliin. Rim-hard iiruwu. S:-cmld Iiuw-l'ha1'le-s XX'5:1ul, .luv lmwniugr, l?l'1'Cl 1'a.mpbm-ll, Miss Nixuu, liubwri lfllinu, XYilliam Ale-xamh-r, Ge-rulcl Nlillviz Third Ilmx'-1411114-1'smi 1"1'aiikK-1il'ie-lil, Ifrauli Uwuley, NYillium Fiwas, Paul Hiatt, Ilruf-v Muntg'muv1'y, llichard Crain, limb:-rt quirk. l,efum1l'd XVilliams. , J "mirth linwfHz1x'rvl1l Al2Llll1lN1.1'. l:Lll'4ll'll XYayt. lvwiprlil XYilswu, Harold Ilulvhisi lmiww 1'up2,'1l1', Iludulph Iii-hr. u Boys, Glee Club f :Xt the State lligh Scluml lilac Club Contest uf 19,25 the Hwy! Cilee Club ' placed higher than the Girls' lilac Club. but. uwiug up the wical range uf the X smug which the Buys' files Clubs were tu sing' this year. they wwe not cuter- efl in the lfllfm cmilesl. llmx'Qy'c1'. they twink part iu thc cnmiicert given by the music clepartiucut. aucl saug' at sevcral high sclimml fiiiictiims. B1lI'l7Zll'Zl llcigcii has becn the accuiupauist fm' the Huy! lilac Club this sl year. Qi, My l i XX N SI-XY ICNTY- FI Y lil -. F, H. s. THE CAULDRON ----19 2 e-- Sianding'-Yida 3ll'l'Cll2l,I'tt, Richard Crain, Raymond l'almer, .lohn XVayt, Harmon Palnier, Harold Km-pp. Rim,-liard lirovvn, Sadie llrittain, Phil Ilufford, Lucile liusie. Hob- trt Fowler, Stephen Crain. Second liovvfliobert Grimes, .lohn Ilroolis, liussi-ll SlI'klll,9,'6', llobert, Quick, lrlunice Gilmore, Herbert Sllk1l'l'PI'. Raymond Salmon, .lei-ome Shay. Yirg:inia McCarty. Ularice Armstrong, Tom lbowning, Miss Nixon, lion Merritt, .Iamcs 'l'a1ilu-r'slcy, James Culbert- son, Leroy Vogue, Samuel Stott, llolland Cohen-, Melville Q'Ull4't'. liobcrt llagsdale, Glenn Vtfainscott, Harold Robbins, .Xrmand Norris, Cathryn Hamilton, Martha Nlundell, lflvelyn Speer, Mary Yillars. Madge Ht-ndryx, , Third liovvgliathorine Zimmerscliied, l'aul Hiatt, Hilda lledinpgton, Hallie Newton, Roberta Endicott, Glen Parsons, Paul Sharp, Ruby Finley, Dorothy Hildebrand. Orchestra The Orchestra is perhaps the oldest organization in high school, for its traditional history extends beyond the limit of known records. This musical organization has made a splendid advancement in recent years growing from a few instruments to the large number ot fifty. This number includes nineteen violins, tvvo 'cellos, one double bass, txvo flutes, six clarinets, four saxophones. five cornets. two mellophones. tivo bass horns. three trombones, one bass drum. one tenor drum and tivo pianos. The Orchestra provides music at many of the school activities, such as operattas, cantatas, plays and commencement functions. Also, this organ- ization gives separate concerts. It has for the past four years sent members to the All State High School Orchestra. and these delegates have xvon places of honor. The progress of the orchestra comes largely as a result oi the xvorlc of the conductor, Miss Nixon. xvho is supervisor of music in the public schools. Under the careful guidance of this capable director each section of the or- ganization has been advanced symmetrically until the orchestra as a xvhole is beyond doubt one of the best in the state. SICYENTY-STX --19 2 6-l- THE CAULDRON ..-- F. H. s.-- First limi'--Blr, 'l'huiiias, Ibiiw-m:tui', limit-ll lieu-millet, llllvlllll liyl -, Sziniuwl Stutt, .Ianni-s C l 'lkiiikt-i'sli-X, 'Yum imwiiiiig. IL-wht rt liagscizilv. liivhzircl iii-xml-ii, .lainie-s Hiil't'ur:l, Stn-ph:-ii Crain. St-wiiid lluw--I,eroy l'ug'1ie, Holland Culver-, Ulm-tis sims, .lwhn Xhiyt, liziyiiirmd I'zilnii-r, Arniaml Nwri-is. Glen XYziinsi-ntt, Kathryii Smith. Third liuw-Ulziric-e .XI'lIlSlI'Hl1g, Kenneth Snyder, Herbert Sll2ll'l'l'l', liurrlell XVayt, Aiulra Hzuiiiltuii. .luiiies llyiu-ai'soi1, Var! Humphri-y. X 1'lUllI'l.ll ll47NX'fH2lI'll1Illl l'?lllN1'l', Hztrulil Nnrrisi lmlmig l'1tiq-haute. Sadit- Ryilgajnl 1'1,i1 Hul'f4rl'ml, liivlizilwl llrnvwn, Harold lint-pp. Band lim' the past three years. I1 lzzmcl has nppezirecl at several high school :if- fairs, hut it was not strictly Z1 seliuul urgzmizzitixm. 'lhe sclioul hziml, cun- sistiiig' uf txxjeiitg'-five memlmers. ltegan early this full umler the almle lezicler- sliip inf Nr. pXulmrt-5' Xl. 'l'lwiiias. of liiclizmzipimlis. lt mzicle its first ufficizil zippezirzmee tm .lzmuary ZS. l926, at the clecliczitimi of the new high schtml huilrling. llere. fur the first time in the history uf l-'i'zuiki'wrt. a uiiiiurmecl scliuul hzmcl plziyecl in puhlic. The heziutilul hlue :incl white imifuriiis delighted everytime. :mil they ziclclecl greatly to the popularity iii the gimiip. After its clelmut. the haml played hetween halves at several hzisketlmall games :incl at the cziriiivzil. 5141 V lil XT Y -S 141 Y EN F Cv I I All -.-F. H. s.--1 THE CAULDRON ---19 2 6- Top ILow+.lulia Mae Uainpbell, Olvnv- Kirby, Miss Nixon, Uarolyn Goar, Sadie Ilrittain. Second Row-Marg.:'ueritv Holmes, Mildred l'vri'y, Irldna lliery, Pauline Hough, Alia Tliatc-lier, Irlclna lbickison. Third llnwgliarbara lla-rgen. Rosalie Irwin, 411-oi'g:,'ia llorner, Ruth Burkey, Dorothy Quick. The Staeeato Club In l9l9 the junior Matinee Musicale was formecl under the leadership of Miss Nixong that same year it joinecl the State Fecleration of Music Clubs. For several years the club continued under that name ancl continually aclclecl to its number and prestige. ln l025. when the club was again organized at the beginning of the term. the name was changed to the Staccato Club. Dur- ing this year the club was very successful. l'nfler its auspices. the Orloff Trio and Mrs. Johnson were brought to Frankfort. Composers. both moclern and classical. and their works are stucliecl. This year the stucly of the historical clevelopment of the piano has been taken up anrl is proving very interesting. The club boasts of a membership of about thirty and the clues are twenty-five cents. In Febru- ary the club entertained a few guests at a musical which proved a flecidecl success. The Staccato Club has very favorable possibilities and it is hoped that it will keep on growing as it has in the past few years. and that many more stuclent music-lovers will be enrollecl. Sl+IYl'lN'I'Y-lfIlfill'l' Lf . H0222 . -'-SE A-:?iE'-ggi. 5.4 'Wifi 1 5:53231 'sei , 'f iii. ,, ,--,- --'- ----"5 :-12.21 .- 1 : ng --- .-'f. 1' ' 12 2? P ' 4' HH Ew a- 3 522 g D -.5 4 - 3 51: EIB QZ , - - niisiii .5 gl: 443 551 x fff" 5'f - '1 Jim. . "if - . - -.WJ " lf- '?29fE1f'fs F : N' "S .5 l'. ,- , igfggsgggz 1 .:5 515 ww.--bf? of. 4132! 33555 'WE EE '- 1: 2. F ' ' ' " " f v-0-752 5:15-I: 1 "QE Eg ' qw' ' Ii: -- X Nu' - 1 if Ill hx, QV , - Q .n ' --fmqk,-f ag. - 1--!, 1 22:55 - H- l. JJ. , mi: -- ' a il 'U Q X12 ,I ,, 1 .,-5-if. ' g 5mP I . , :L :-, 13,1 LIC '.: -,."" ...g .3..- . .,g - 9.0 . N k CJ 19 2 6 ---- THE CAULDRON - F. H. S EVERETT N. CASE Through the efforts of liverett Case, Frankfort has prorlucecl in the past few years teams of championship quality. Only since he has had charge of the athletics in Frankfort High School have our teams ranked among the first in the state. llis association with the hoys has heen one of helpful. fruitful instruction, ancl sympathetic uuclerstancling. May the best of luck always fol- low liverett Case in the coaching of future teams. A feeling of safety for the athletic prospects of Frankfort accompanies the knowledge that he will hc here again next year. 1ClGH'l'Y-ONE Q:-f Yv 41.E ---F. H. S. THE CAULDRON 1 9 2 6 DOYAL PLUNKITT, Captain "Buck" was one of the most conscienti- ous workers that ever wore an UF". He was chosen to guide the ship of state for the one reason that he could use his head in an emergency. His high arched bank shots brought the fandom of Frankfort to its feet in admiration many times during the season. He will be missed next year. ROBERT SPRADLING "Sprad" was the greatest basket shot and follow-in man that ever appeared on a Frankfort team. His follow-in shots won many a tight game for the Blue and White, and his long shots were a thing of grace and beauty indeed. Bob was always a good sport, and as a climax to his basketball career he was awarded the Kilmer Trophy as a result of his good sportsmanship. Case will have a hard time to find some one to fill Spradling's place and Whoever does will have a job on his hands. The Spradling brothers are in a class by themselves in basketball. GEORGE SCHULTZ At the end of last year's season the fans were grumbling and sighing over the loss of Cummins. But after the first Eew games every one was heart and soul back of "Schultzie." Only one center in the state could outjump him and George :ould play center or backguard with equal ability. He was a good follow-in many was one of our best fighters. This is George's last year and it will go rather hard with Frankfort's chances next year to lose the long boy. Center material is scarce. I-IERMAN BOOTS' - V ' Although Boots only played on the Fighting Five one season he made good that one year. He will long be remem- bered for his continual fight and drive. He was a great guard and a powerful offensive man as well. His rushing, driving, dribbles down the floor paved the Way for many a victory for Frank- fort. His favorite position was at floor- guard, but he could play at center or backguard if need be. His strength will be missed next year but we hope to have some one who can in part fill his place. LLOYD SKIDMORE "Skid" is only a sophomore and it is predicted by many that he will be a sec- ond "Pete" Good. He has the distinction of being the only sophomore that has ever started and played in two games at the state tournament. When it was found out that Baker would be unable to play, Casehcalled on "Skid" and he came through with flying colors. "Skid" was the "fighj:enest" and peppiest player on this years squad. And, as he has two years before him, he should bring glory to himself and to his school. EIGHTY TWO 3 1 -.--19 2 6-l THE CAULDRON 1-lF. H. S.-- BEECHER GOOD "Beech" was an all round first team man who, 'as occasison demanded, alternated at forward and center. During Plunkitt's absence on account of injuries, G-ood substituted for "Buck" and was a cog Jn the machine that wrested victory from Kokomo in the fore part of the season. Good is graduated this year and Frank- fort loses in him one of her clever, shifty players who was good on baskets and on penetrating stubborn defense. This was his first and only year on the team. He fought his way up through inter-class teams all during his other three years and finally won the coveted JOE DOWNING At the start of the season Joe was playing floorguard on the sec-ond team. But through his heady play he Won a position on the varsity. Case alternated him and Skidmore at floorguard. Down- ing is an excellent shot, and as he has an- other year before him, he should make himself known as another of the superior basket shots that Frankfort High School has produced. Joe has a jumping ability that is seldom seen in one who is not so very large. EARL BAKER "Big Dath" was the name that the boys on the squad, in the spirit of good comradeship, gave to this boy. Baker played on the second team at the start of the season, but before the playing season was over had fought his way to the regular position at backguard At the time when he was needed most he was kept from playing by Fate. "Mona" has one more year in F. H. S. and he should do a good job of keeping the op- posing forwards away from the hoop. IIUIJOLPH BEHR "Doc' was an understudy of Boots, Baker and Schultz for the position at backguardg consequently he had very few chances to show his wares: but when he did, he proved that Case had a capable backguard to fill someone's place. It is hoped that some one just as faithful and loyal will take his place. RAY CARDIAN Carman did not go quite so well this year as he did the year before. His basket eye was off and it seemed that he just could not get going. But on the second team he could hit the basket from any place and at any angle. He is a fast individual with a good basket shot that sure hits the loop-sometimes. He is back next year and should make the team with ease and help the Fighting Five to turn in another commendable record. EIGHTY-THREE -- F. H. s.--- THE CAULDRON --l-19 2 6- Season of 1925-1926 As a nucleus around which to build a new Fighting Five, Coach Case had six veterans left from last year. The places of Pete Good. Cummins, Coulter and Ham had to be filled. Case issued the first call as soon as possible in the fall and about seventy boys came out. Track work was not given to them but they were immediately taken under the tutelage of Case to be taught the fundamentals of the game. The squad was first cut to about forty and a little later only thirty were left. In the opening game with Rochester, the starting lineup was Spradling and Plunkett, forwardsg Schultz, centerg Skidmore and Boots, guards. The offense of Frankfort was too much for the Rochester guards and we easily won by a 43 to 9 score. The Casemen next journeyed to Greencastle where they met and defeated that team 42 to 18. Those who saw this game will long remember the ex- cellent work of Schultz at backguard and center. The big boy was in the fray from start to finish and was the important factor in winning that game. The next encounter for the Fighting Five was with our time honored rival, Franklin. Coach Case shifted the line-up in this game and had B. Good play- ing through the center of the floor and lioots at floor guard and Schultz at back guard. lt was a battle from start to finish and the Blue and XVhite of Frankfort came out on top 37 to 24. The Stone City boys from Bedford came up to Frankfort with the purpose in mind to beat the State Champs. lt was anybody's game up until the last few minutes and. with about a minute to go. flood followed in on one of Spradling's shots and made a basket. Bedford had a wonderful team but their team could not co-ordinate. The final score was 38 to 36. - The Loganberries were next on the list and up until the last ten minutes the two teams played on about even terms, with the Casemen having the edge. In the last ten minutes tip off plays were used and these completely ruined the Logansport team, 41 to 21. Frankfort now entered upon a new playing floor, on the screen. The Ko- komo XVildcats were tearing franttically at the Fighting Five before the CRITI- eras of some Pathe News men. This game was being watched by all of the basketball fans of the state of lndiana. and when the game started the Hay- worth gym at Kokomo was jammed to its utmost capacity. For the first few minutes the Vylildcats led by an eight point margin. But the Fighting Five lived up to its name and started to turn the tide and once in the lead never lost it, coming out victorious by a 4l to 33 score. In a return game with Rochester at Rochester the team did not play so well as they had before. and it was about all they could bite off to come home with the long end of a 33 to 24 score. The Columbus "Bull Dogs' l' bite was not nearly so bad as had been ex- pected, and in the best played game of the season the Casemen were easily the victors 86 to 32. Sprad tried to equal Cummins, record but fell short, EIGHTY-VOL' It --19 2 e---- THE CAULDRON .--F. H. S..- making only seventeen baskets. The other members of the team got their share of the points and every one went home happy except. of course, the Bull Dogs, The Muncie "Bear Cats" were next to be the foe of the Casemen and they proved to be the stumbling block. Captain Plunkett was out with torn ligaments in his knee and Good was out because of a tonsil operation. Schultz had a sprained ankle and it looked as if only a miracle could keep the Case- men from being defeated. But the miracle did not happen and the Fighting Five went down fighting in an over time game. 32 to 28. Sprad was off shoot- ing form and could not hit the nets and neither could anyone else. Boots and Skidmore played their usual fighting games and it was only through their efforts that F. H. S. was kept in the running at all. The ancient rival of Frankfort is Lebanon. Lebanon was determined that Frankfort would not go back from that city with another victory over them. But Frankfort was just as determined that she would come back home with a victory. Schultz's ankle was hurting him so badly that it was all he could do to jump, and Carmen, who played in Plunkett's place, was off form and he could not connect. Lebanon was on to all of the plays of the Casemen and seemed to know just where the ball was going to fall, consequently Frankfort had a hard time to complete their plays. ln the last few minutes it seemed as though Lebanon's prayer was going to be answered, but it was so decreed that it was not. The final score was 34 to 33 and all Frankfort was indeed happy when the final gun cracked. The return game with Lebanon took place the next week, and an entirely different story was told after this game was played. Coach Case put Good in Plunkitt's place and he connected a little bit better than the rest had, who had played in that position before. The rest of the team were hitting the nets better, final score being 5-l to 33. Crawfordsville was next on the schedule and in that game the play was much closer than the score indicates. The playing floor was very small and the locals were hampered because of this, but that did not stop Frankfort. who returned home on the long end of a 40 to 26 score. The Golden Bears of Central, livansville, appeared next at Howard Hall. These bears, however, were not hungry and so their bite was not felt-that is, this time. But we were to meet them once again before the season was over in a far more fateful contest. Central's back guard. Grabert. was about the best who ever appeared on a Frankfort floor. He could place himself in the way of more shots and passes than any human being whom we ever saw. But he alone could not stop the Fighting Five and Frankfort sent them to Logansport with the memory of a 56 to 28 defeat. The next game will be long remembered by the players on the Fighting Five. The reason is that Boots held the ball for nearly six minutesg this must have made the adult citizens of Bedford angry, because they started to leave the gym, not even waiting until the game was over. Hut Frankfort EIGHTY-FIVE l ,Y ,, ' TF. H. s. THE CAULDRON --L19 2 6- had a six point lead and they decided that they would just keep the ball to 'themselves and not let Bedford have it. lint Bedford, not to be daunted, came back in the second half and turned the tables on Frankfort, sending us back to the tune of 34 to 31. In what was termed by Coach Case the worst played game of the season. b Franklin was again defeated. 41 to 30. But Franklin deserves a lot of praise because they fought from start to finish and never let up for a single instant. But their back guard was just not big enough for his position and Frankfort's offense followed in over his head and gained many of their points in that manner. The return game with Kokomo was featured by the phenomenal basket shooting of Huddleston. Kokomo. He dropped them in from every place and at any time. Kokomo was playing a brand of ball that would have been hard to beat that night, and, as the players on the Frankfort team are human, we went down to defeat 50 to 46. Kokomo made 55 per cent. of their shots and Frankfort 35 per cent., and if you ask any one who knows basketball they will tell you that 20 per cent. is the average. The camp of the Bull Dogs at Columbus was next on the program for Frankfort and they went down there with their backs to the wall and fought as they had never fought before and came back home with another victory. The score 61 to 39 does not indicate the intensity of the battle but it was a hard fought and well played game nevertheless. In the return game with Logansport the Casemen slipped back a little bit and had a hard time in defeating the I.oganber1'ies 35 to 26. Friendly relations were revived with the officials of the l.afayctLe High School when a team representing that school came over here to engage the Fighting Five in a game of basketball. But they were not equal to the oc- casion and were sent back home to tell the rest of the folks that Frankfort had a team that was far superior to any that they had met up with before. The final score was 46 to 16 and once more we had defeated a team that used to be our jinx whenever tournament time rolled around. The last game on our season's schedule was with Tipton. Tipton was easily defeated by a 63 to 19 margin and every member of the Fighting Five had the chance to show his wares. With the playing schedule gone through with the Fighting Five were look- ing ahead to the tournament and most of all to the state where they were picked by many to win again the championship. The Sectional Tournament Frankfort drew for their first opponent in the start toward another cham- pionship, Kirklin. Kirklinls team was inexperienced and they easily went down before the onslaught of the Casemen by a score of 83 to 5. Forest was the next victim of Frankfort's march and they went down easily, 58-18. In the finals of the sectional, Rossville met Frankfort after defeating EIGITTY-SIX --19 2 e.?-- THE CAULDRON --- s.-- Scircleville that afternoon. And again Frankfort came out on top a 57-19 score. Coach Case was playing Plunkett and Spradling at forward positionsg Schultz at centerg Boots at floor guard and Baker at back guard. The Regional West Point was Frankfort's foe in the first game at the regional held at Greencastle. O. Reeves was the kingpin of VVest Point's team and he was the best dribbler in that regional, and. we believe, the best in the state. But he himself could not stop the Frankfort team, which won by a 56-22 score. To go to the state we had to beat Bainbridge. That night we did and so we went to the state. But in the Bainbridge game it looked as though we might not get there after all. But the Fighting Five wanted to go to the cow barn once more and so they stepped out and in the closing minutes of the game cinched their ride to Indianapolis by a 48-26 score. The State Tournament In the games at the state we were without the service of Baker, back- guard, because of the death of his younger brother. All Frankfort mourned with him because of this fact and it is believed by many that if Baker had been present that Frankfort would have been state champions once more, but be that as it may. The Aurora Red Devils were touted as one of the blackest of the black horses that ever ran. But after the final gun cracked they were-not. 43-9. In our second and last game at the state the Fighting Five went down to defeat because of one man-Red Eastwood, of Evansville, who was the man that kept Frankfort from winning the state championship. He played back- guard and he took the ball off of the bank board in such a manner that it was impossible for the offensive men of the Frankfort team to follow in on their shots, and, as this is one of the strong points of the Frankfort play, it was this factor that defeated them. Central got away to a flying start and soon they were about eleven points in the lead and after that they were never headed. They stalled it out on Frankfort and forced Frankfort to force the play. The final score was 32-25. and the high school playing days were over for Captain Buck, Sprad, Good, Schultz, Boots and Behr. EIGHTY-SEVEN f-.a F 5.-F. H. s.-Q THE CAULDRON --.1 9 z 6-- The Aftermath After all was said and done and the state championship had been won by Marion, the Fighting Five came back to their old home town. As they got off of the T. H. I. 81 E. traction car they were met by a great throng of the most loyal fans of Frankfort. The band was playing, we forget what, and the crowd was cheering. The boys were led up to the court house steps where they were introduced to the crowd. Ralph Cheadle made a short speech, praising the boys and telling them that all Frankfort was proud of her Fighting Five even though they did lose, and that to win was not every- thing, but rather the spirit in which and with which they played and fought: that it was this spirit that Frankfort praised. The following weeks numerous banquets were given in honor of the boys, and on April 8, the "Has-lTeens" played the "VVill-Bes" at Howard Hall. The "Has-Beens" easily defeated the under graduates by a 41 to l6 score. After the game the Kilmer Trophy was presented to Robert Spradling be- cause of the sportsmanship which he displayed. Then, some of the boys were given watches and some received traveling bags from the Cham- ber of Commerce as a reward for their fidelity and loyalty to Frankfort. The basketball season for 1925-26 thus was ended and the fans are all looking forward to a highly successful season next year. The Yell Leaders EIGHTY-EIGHT --19 2 e-.-- THE CAULDRON --- F. H.S Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort Frankfort ............. .83 H58 THE REGIONAL .......... ..-18 The Season's Record . . . ......... 43 Rochester . .. . . . 42 Greencastle .. . . . 37 Franklin .. .. 33 Beforcl . . . . . 41 Logansport . . . . . 41 Kokomo . . . .. .. 33 Rochester . ... .. 86 Columbus . ... .. 28 Muncie ... ... .. 34 Lebanon .. . . . . . 54 Lebanon . . ... .. 40 Crawforclsville .... 56 Central. fEvansvil1ej 31 Bedford .......... ... .. 41 Franklin .. . . . . . 44 Kokomo . . ... .. 61 Columbus ..... . . . . . 35 Logansport ... . . . . . . 46 XVest Lafayette . . . . . . .............. 63 Tipton ..... . . .. THE SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT ... ..........,. 57 Rossville ...... ... .........,.. 56 YVest Point .... THE STATE TOURNAMENT 48 Aurora ........... 75 Central tfivansvillej 1269 EIGHTY-NINE Kirklin ........ Forest .... TOURNAMENT Bainbridge .. . i ll l i l l l Z --F. H. s.-k- THE CAULDRON -19 2 6- Standing'-Lctonnarrl XYilIiams, Uoaeh Case, Harry Ashley, XX'illiam Armantrout, Elmer Shultz, Mr. Davis, Ls-roy Vogue. Sitting'-.Xrmond Norris, Harold Ham, Philip Phelps, Richard Pearcy, NValte1' Shaw- han, Bert Shanklin. The Second Team The second team is composed of boys who are sophomores and juniors. This is one of Coach Cases policies, and his reason for this is that he will al- ways have experienced material to xvork with the next year after some of his varsity men are lost by graduation. Frankfort has a right to he proud of her second team. They have only heen defeated twice this year and both times by Logansport. But the last time is excusahle because we did not have our full strength pitted against them. We have a second team that makes our varsity get out and hump to get their points in scrimmage ses- sions. And rememher, fans. that our second team of today is our first team of tomorrow. Among the forwards on the second team we have Sagor, xvho was a good floor man hut not much of a shot. Pearey is an ideal forward-he is a good NINETY -- 1 9 2 6--. THE CAULDRON ----F. H. s.-- floor worker and an excellent shot. Phelps is a boy who may be heard from next year. He has improved greatly since he has been under the wing of Coach Case, and, if he continues to do so, he will make some one work for his position on the varsity next year. Norris is only a Sophomore and he surely can hit the net. He is another man who ought to make good before he leaves Frankfort High School. Carman was an excellent forward and won quite a few games for the second team. lle was also a varsity substitute. XVe had three or four good centers and all proved their worth. '4Mike" Schultz, brother of George, was a center of good jumping ability and should prove useful in the future. Wlilliams is another boy who was a good center and he could connect with the basket quite often and this of course is always desirable. Hayes is a boy who should come out of the kinks and make a name for himself in future years. Baker. the first part of the season, played center and the centers were few and far between that could out-jump this boy. Although not so very tall Baker gets up in the air and puts the ball just about any place that he wants to. At the floor guard position Ashley got the call most of the time. He is well versed on fundamentals and knows when and how to use them. Downing was used part of the time but Case kept him on the bench most of the time because he wanted to save him for the varsity games. At backguard Bert Shanklin was about the best bet that Case hadg he used him practically all of the time. liert was short but he more than made up for that in his fight and clever floor work and he used his head in such a way that you could rest assured that whenever Bert had the ball that Frankfort was thereby going to be bettered. Hill Armantrout was a clever backguard and he could hit the nets with a good degree of accuracy from the center of the floor whenever points were needed. Harold Ham saw action quite a bit and, as he is only a Freshman, he will or ought to be heard from in the future. The seconds have only lost three games in five playing seasons and this is a record that they may justly be proud of. All these boys are eligible for the first squad next year and it is hoped that they carry on with the same spirit that they have done in previous years. NINETY-ONE -1 F.H.S.1li THE CAULDRON -i19 2 6- l Lovvt-1' Row-Iirant, Tliompson. l'i'imme1', XYoods. Monroe. Top RtDXK'+,Xl1'. XYzL1'1'f-11, Mam1g'ci', Swisher, Meneely, 'VVitsman, Lawhf-ad, Hollis, Mr. liliil't0I', Noaeh. The Junior ll-lligh Basket Ball Team Wiho should xvorry about the future teams of Frankfort lligh School? These boys have already acquired the championship idea. This team. under the able coaching of Glen Carter, has made a record for themselves that is hard to beat. In almost every game this year they have played upper class teams and in only tivo instances have they been on the short end of the score. ln almost every game of the county tournament they vvere pitted against ninth grade players. ln the local games they have been victorious over the Freshmen. the Sophomores. the juniors and the third team of the high school. losing one to the high school midgets and winning one. Five of the boys yvill be turned over to the high school at the beginning of next year and the others at the end of the first semester. The boys have had the most successful season since the lucky tive of four years ago. That year the boys vvon all but two games. Spradling. Plunkett. Toney. Behr and Mcliovvn vvere the team then. We predict that these boys yvill make names for themselves and a good record for the high school during the next four years. NINI-ITY-TXYO ---19 2 e-.--- THE CAULDRON -li F.H.S.-1 Standinprf Mr. Davis. llobt-rt Spradlinpr, .laml-s Hayes. Aaron l.uf-as, Herman lloots, 1 - - w 1 t,1l1-ll XXainst'ott, t oach tase. Sitting'-Noble Sagor, XYalte1' Shawhan. .lames XVrig'lit, llarry Ashley, Uarl I-lumpllrey. Lawton Malldux, Philip Phelps. Alerril NVhite, XYilliani Fra-as. The Track Season As a nucelus for a track team Coach Case had left from the last year's team. Alexander, Sagor, Hayes and Spradling. llc found several new ones who had signs of athletic ability. llerman lloots was the one that surprised Case. Boots turned out to be a stellar dash man and a rather good shot-- putter. Sagor continued his wonderful running and it was a real pleasure to watch him run his favorite race, the -l-lO. Alexander made good time in the hundred. and two-twenty. lfnlortunately he was injured in the lio- komo Relays by being spiked in the leg. This injury took him out of track for the season. thus weakening our team. "Sprawl" ran several fine high hurdle races during the year. and. in a measure. reminded one of the days when Pete Good used to take the Hhigh timbers." llayes was the best pole yaulter that we had. lle slipped oyer the bar in the high jump at some good heights. Because of the violation of a rule. which. unfortunately. he did not know. Aaron Lucas was declared ineligible after he had participated in two track meets. Lucas was a miler who was not always consistent in his run- ning ability. Une week he could take the mile just as though nothing in the N l NET Y-'FH R IC li ' Q . -.-M..- Y. .. -F. H. s. THE CAULDRON -ii 9 2 e-- world could beat him, and then the next week he might not do so well. He will always remember the second he got down at the Tri-State Meet in the mile race, however. Point winners in the Logansport Dual Meet were Boots. Alexander, Sagor, Baker, Phelps, Spradling and Hayes. Those who won points in the Triangular Meet with Lebanon, Monticello and Frankfort were Boots, Alexander, Sagor, Phelps, and Spradling. In the third meet of the season held between Tipton, Greencastle and Frankfort, Frankfort turned the trick and won her third consecutive track meet. Point winners in this meet were Boots, Sagor, Alexander, Baker, Freas, Spradling, White and Shawhan. Greencastle had a man by the name of Sears. who is only a sophomore and who won the mile at the state last year. He easily won the half and the mile, but Sagor was too much for him in the 440. In the Kokomo Relays Frankfort was represented only by the Half Mile Relay Team. VVe were in second place when Alexander was spiked by one of the other runners. and was forced to leave the track. In the Sectional Track Meet at Kokomo, Boots placed second on the 220 yard dash and third in the 100 yard dash. Spradling and Sagor placed sec- ond in the 120 yard high hurdles and the 440 yard dash respectively. just those men-Boots, Spradling and Sagor-represented Frankfort in the State Track Meet. Also, just these three received their track sweaters. Left over from this year's track team. Coach Case has some good pros- pects for next year. Sagor is only a sophomore and still has two years. Alexander, who was injured during the season, is left for the dashes, while Phelps is retained for the middle distance. Hayes also is only a Sophomore, and in time should make a good pole vaulter and hurdler. All three of these men earned their letters, securing ten points during the season. Together with these and such men as XYhite. Humphrey. liaker. VVainscott. Pearcy, and Ashley, Frankfort High School can look forward to a good track team next year. NINETY-FOUIL 96553 E S 26X 5- 5" wf, ,L le I 'lk 9 I lgiil l.i:l fix? -!" S .X 93- T -ff ' - L Zgiasf TTBE ag! 0' jk ZW? I Q Q 3 I Q .Lu In X 'Sis QL A nm- N : I I B!! 5 2 ' M Q f Qygu Jk -5 F. H. S.- THE CAULDRON -1 9 2 6 .4 N lgeuplua Eflifn gflnsurante Qfnmpzrng Qlrzrnkfurt, Qilnhizrnzr Capital and Surplus S 480,902.00 Assets ..... 4507517.00 Insurance in Force . 45,000,000.00 Start Right Protect Your Future Insure with a Home Company Home Office, Peoples Life Building S W . ix -19 2 6- THE CAULDRON F.H s J 1 t 'gs 'ff' X X, Wy X fvxxlfff " ' ,f -X ff Ts 11- si" ' iimiiiicliulvil ll X ' ,X Q11 .Ni x ulmwggllgiligtuliilll 1 111111111i1a11"'1111111-'- 1- plwggn? u1111u1uHi11111'ii1111.11..' l jqig1illy!-' IIN SL .- , g' lllllllllli llllllui fllffgll 1 H ,, ',,, P llllllwllllllllll 'm1..l'll 111111lll'l"111 iiiii11111111 1 .im......M1.1m111f1 'L WMM- ll 11ll1 111111uu11" ,15:.111?1f1t1 11" f'f'n""' 1 W Q' 1 11. 11111111-1 Mft F I 1- ,ifln f, WAN , ' - E' . 1 1' ' 1 -. - f i. , l f 2451 ' ' ' All 1 .ft A 1 ' .A y ff - I-ul' N "f.gli'5.1J-4' lln.f. lxMll ll' E if if! 11 sf' 1 1. - 1 1 1.1.1 1 1 'lxMJI9Tf fk 11, ' f X ff 'hgacu ff' rd 1- ' , . y. - 1 1- f t 1 - lil 1 45-, -Qs ff f f' 4 5 ffgifi " . 9 . M . -X 4 - '4' fy' I" 'fu ' sf--A A 1 - - mm-111 I w f -ff' .gf -' ai 1' D IA Zffv Z ,ff LE ,K ' f W . A-,Z -5? 0341111 'lrq J , Il 'li M ' 'F -A Ai"'3L--,.:1.. Y -f ii What the Neighbors are Doing A ccrtuiu lllllll i11 Z1 uuzxrhy towu. with reputation fiuc. Builds houses wcll or uot 211 all. XYQ uct-fl ulorc of l1is kiurl. llc sccius za hit Ulll-l-ll'-2lllOI1L'll. and goes his gait aurl waxy. But when that 1112111 does huilcl il llOllSt'-"Oll. lroyl lt's thc-rc to stay. For hc w0u't slight tho Slll21llCSt ll1lllg2ffL'2lCll brick Zlllfl hozlrcl aufl hrzxcc Must for its purpose he the ht-st, clsc hc fircs it off lllLl'17l2lCL'. HQ kuows of hut out- way to lnuiltl. You'rc only wasting time to ask -loc l.z1ircl to slight El joh--l1c's simply not that kiucl. So jot-'ll hc tht-rc for lllilllj' years to ply his trztclc. wc hops. For hc wou't llavv to leave thc towu to kcc-p from goiug hrokv, joe likes to huilml witl1 Long-Bc-ll hoarcls, hc glzlclly tclls the uzntiou. But thc hig thing hc huilcls i11 Zl housc-is ,loc Lz1irfl's l'L'lll1tilllOll. DEMING GTHOMPSON coMPANY com. B l 9 LUMBER 1 F INN NlNlC'l'Y-SICK' If .- F. H. s.---- THE CAULDRON -.---1 9 2 6 t J X 1 "THE BANKTHAT SERVICE BUILT" WE PAY W, ON SAVINGS Farmers Bank Of Frankfort Capital S100,000.00 Surplus S140,000.00 Y W ,J K lf ,Y , 2 1 Formvrly K THE ANSPACH CO. LX Y N f J X J .4 1 JOHN MOURE Says: This Store is the Home of PARKER DUOFOLD the fountain pen with the 25 year guaranteed point Rf JOHN MOORE DRUG CO. ,Egg Q 4' Nl LIYPI I-IT ---19 2 s----- THE CAULDRON l- F. H. s. Have you ever wondered just who will succeed the celebrities of today in tomor- row's hall of fame? Here, if you are in- terested, is the accurate list: Jack Dempsey-Herman Boots. Mary Pickford-Gertrude Bird. Lloyd Hughes-Howard Vincent. Prince of VVales-VYilliam Nutt. Helen XVills-Bobbie Robison. Gilda Grey-Doris Yount. .Edith VVharton-Elizabeth Sharp. Irving Berlin-Newt Oliphant. Edna St. Vincent Millay-Mildred Perry. Chief Justice Taft-Aaron Lucas. Miss America-Barbara Bergen. General Pershing-Bruce Montgomery. Tom Thumb-Edwin Record. President Coolidge-Mr. Coapstiek. Heinie Morrison-Why did you break your engagement with Margaret? Emerson Frankenfield-If I failed to show up at the house every evening, she expected me to bring a written excuse signed by my mother. J K Graduation Gifts You will be well repaid by a visit to our jewelry Store and Gift Shop, where you will find the very newest in novelty jewelry and in- expensive gifts. You are very wel- come, and it will be a pleasure to show you these new Gifts. THURMAN JEWELRY COMPANY The Hallmark Store. East Side Square You can always do better at Thurman's 1 W l ,J K Wll iil All makes of batteries recharg- ed, repaired and serviced. Starters, Generators and Magnetos Repaired McDonald Electro Service 260 E. 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S.-l THE CAULDRON -11 9 2 6- f ' ...K , ax QQPOP OA Q ALITY X n-Q as N - D g SCNLO ,l BMW - it Il' S TEILVE FIRST ALWAYS A NECESSARY FOOD Give your children plenty of Flavory, Health-Giving OAK GROVE BUTTER It's a producer of rosy cheeks and Sturdy Bodies SCHLOSSER BROTHERS SCH i?jER'S Makers of Good Butter Since 1884 VB Home Office - Frankfort, Indiana its The FACTS about the IMPROVED CHEVROLET "I have enjoyed a new sensation. I have experienced a new thrill from driving the improved Chevrolet that I never thought possible. I am just an average automobile owner and I have the average man's impressions from the car I drive. But when I had an opportunity to drive the improved Chevrolet, I realized that here was a car with a performance unusual and outstanding in a car of its class. "A type of performance never before approached in any low cost car-that's what I found in the improved Chevrolet!" DORNEIYS Y f UNE HUNDRED EIGHT --19 2 e-.-- THE CAULDRON -1- F. H. s.-- K- CARFIELD HARGRPNE ' , W Q 5 JW N is Q 3 Lg 5,1 QHCER7 76m ' 4752 'if X JL i vfwm Gi ll-f .- 3115, f 5 fx! Lf 'SX - I , ' Mnyy g U xx 45 'iw ,sU ix11 i 5, 2 F Mfwf 4 5155 Qwgfiif V 36 1 CL:-f-xatlirxcrx f Q ITQQAN r g' X5 -U-SAVXS , A X N -A Fhjgfpjkk W JIQQYTX OWEN EEK-X N fi ' fp gl N l GFX our "'.f-TX ll Of-'pafxfifsg C H?wAxQg Jxifgk QRRYVVRIGHT ,. V3 -W f' 1 ,I xi, Ev? gf X Qv f f X f gl' :nba Q 'J lVlCiu.uu-K? grixcrxsxabjord I f xx Q5 wx QM: Cl'NPRX7l'Xl-XIX! I mls" -- X I 64, w wx-Xi Xxx AX A' 5156 ak Q ? X VVMTA xflylibx WMV, JL ,J IX, 'X f-nf Q if X M Vx VK R! uw Q M8 'Km A i Q X J-fYXCELuRE R'N Q6-x-xxioo 5 UNH HI Xl PI I 'XIXI -- F. H. S.--1- THE CAULDRON 1 9 2 6 J Conley Beauty Parlor and Barber Shop HIGH CLASS BOBBING AND HAIR DRESSING IVAN F. HUFFER, Proprietor Phone 376 for Appointments X W ,4 x Frankfort Heatin Co. CITY HEAT for the HOME, OFFICE, OR STORE The comfort of the ,' Southland I I R ESTIMATES FREE X ? J FRED L. DORSAM CO. Plumbing and Heating Contractors Victor Hot Air Furnace and Stover Water Softeners I Repair Work a Specialty i "i' "'t'tt "" S Phones 127-1707 52 W. Clinton sf. I OINF HFNIJRIGD TEN .- 1 9 2 e-.- THE CAULDRON ..-- F. H. s. Rosalie Irwin--One day a Scotchman encountered an Irishman. and accosted him with the national phrase, "Hoot mon." To which the Irishman responded by ask- ing if he, the Scotchman, expected him. the Irishman, to give the familiar cry of an owl. Mary Barnard-Ha! Hal Ha! Hal Hal But whats the joke? R. I.fThe point is that no one expects an Irishman to reprehend the localisms of Scotch determinology. A lady, passing along the streets one frosty morning saw Boh Quick scattering salt upon the pavement for the purpose of melting the ice. "VVell, I'm sure," said the lady, "that's real henevolencef' "Oh, no, ma'am, "he replied, ult ain't henevolencefifs salt." Haven McClure-Virginia, name the four seasons. Virginia McCartyfSalt, pepper, mustard and vinegar. J K LAVERTY'S ON THE ALLEY EAST SIDE A Safe Place to Trade Always the newest things in HATS, SHIRTS and ODD TROUSERS Young Men's College Clothes 7' J K "What Everyone Sees, Everyone Knowsl' K Everyone sees your message if it s on the Poster Boards FRANKFORT POSTER ADVERTISING CO. MARVIN S. HUFFORD 307 N. Columbia St. Frankfort fx MAJOR T. JESTER DRY GOODS AND READY-TO-WEAR 52 West Washington Street just a few steps From the Square "Everything Guaranteed Satisfactory." All Outdoors Invites Your Kodak Cameras in a big array of styles, and in a wide range of prices, await your selection at our store. Come in and pick out the one you want. Kodaks are 56.50 up. Brownies 52.00 up. Kodak Films: The dependable kind in the yellow box-all sizes. Get it at our Kodak Counter. THE REXALL STORE BON MERRITT CENTRAL AUTO CO. W. J. BEACHTEL, Proprietor Garage, Accessories, Detroit Springs, United States Tires Expert Repairing 252 E. Walnut St. Phone 722 ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN 1.1- .H. S.-ll THE CAULDRON -1--19 2 6 J x l W atch Ariljjl , out, ,- --.I.I -1,-If ,n 1:57 'Q Imitations N 27, and Sl.1bSt1H' " fa-'A X J e tutes cannot 3 1 , i f!,Q?, ' L ! equal the , A e f ' S genuine. ' N X ' B V I fig! I MX .,., Ask for '- nn n K If 1 and get it COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS FRANKFORT, IND. Phone 439 N V J K Citizens Loan 81 Trust Co. HOME of SAVINGS S fl 'NT Hl IIII 'IXXIIXI 1-19 2 6---- THE CAULDRON ii- F. H. S. SCENE IN THE ASSEMBLY Cast of Characters: Philip Phelps, Miss Perkins. Philip Phelps-z-z-z-2-z-z-z-z-z-zl Miss Perkins-VVhat is that awful nose? It sounds, oh-impossible, incredible-but it really sounds as if some one were asleep. Philip, are you asleep: Philip P.--z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-l Miss Miss Perkins-Very well, young man, we vvill await further developments when the last bell rings. QThe 3:40 bell rings but the sleeper's calm is undisturbedl. Miss Perkins-VVhat! Still asleep! I shall stand by till he wakes. Philip P.-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-l For 15 minutes an ever inrceasing throng of hilarious students gazed at the sleeper. And still-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-zl Miss P.-Ctapping him on the shoulderj wake. oh wake, gentle sleeper, 'Tis even- tide and the moon is rising. Finally amid great shouts of laughter Phillip opened one eye. Miss Perkins4jin1mie, who was George lVashington's father? Jimmie Pogue-George VVashington's father was-he was-George 'XVashington's father was the grandfather of his country, Helen liingery-I am not afraid of the dark. Vida Merchant-No, of course not. H. K.-I was a little afraid once when I went in the pantry to get a tart. V. M.-What were you afraid of? H. K.-I was afraid I eouldn't find the tarts. Kenneth Snyder had been hearing his father rave about his new ear and its abil- ity to take the steepest hills. At the Sun- day supper table he suddenly dumfounded his parents by demanding, 'fPa, does the Lord Almighty own a Oldsmobile, too?" Father-"Great Scott! No, son-VVhy?" Kenny-t'XVell, at Sunday school we had a hymn that went, fIf I love Him, when I die, I-Ie will take me home on Highf " .4 THE L. H. S. COMPANY The Clothing Store that is Different Y W J S We do the laundry for the Schools Why Not Yours? Give us a trial The American Laundr Phone 333 Y F W L McKinsey Coal SZ Supply Company WHOLESALE and RETAIL Cement, Brixment, Sewer Pipe, Brick and Mortar Color Phone 154 255 Bunnell St. ONE IIITNIJHIGIP 'l'HIR'l'El'IN M...- --F. H. s.--1 THE CAULDRON i---19 2 6-1 A x FIRST NATIONAL BANK and F RANKFORT LOAN 81 TRUST COMPANY Combined Capital and Surplus S330,000.00. We pay 405 interest on savings accounts or by certificate of deposit. Any amount may be deposited. Money does not have to stay for any stated period but can be withdrawn any time. Y W J K 'ri-I E TVIJYUIIIITIR STURE '7 0 I "EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE" GARDEN and FIELD SEEDS Sherwvin-Williams Paints : Torrid Zone Furnaces Telephone 279 South Side Square Frankfort, Indiana u X p J G POUNDSTONE'S Wall Paper Linoleums Window Shades Rugs Lace Curtains Paints Curtain Material Varnishes Draperies Brushes M t ' 1 d T ' ' M t ' 1 f fo? 351 2211 'lmmmg P0UND5T0NE'5 piffiiomi' and Crystaline Lamp Shades 45 NOftl'1 Jackson St. Plastic Art No Stairs to Climb 1 K ONE HFNIDHIQIJ FOURTFZEN - 1 l 1 9 2 6- THE CAULDRON ?-- F. H. s.1- GEMS FROM THE YEAR'S VINTAGE "The Brook Farm experiment was one in which it was attempted to combine high thinking and low livingfl "The scene of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' is laid out in the Country." "I do not think Byron should be per- mitted to lay in Westmixister Abbeyfl "Henry Clay was called the Great Paeifierfl ,L "I'Iawthorne's father died when he was yet a small boyfl Mr, McClure-Bob, what do we get from the VVest Indies? B. Blinn--I don't know. Mr. MCC.-VVhere do we get our sugar? B. B.-NVe generally get ours next door. Mr. Ragsdale-Bob, what do I hear- that you have disobeyed your grandmother who told you just now not to jump down these steps? Bob-Grandma didn't tell us not to, dadg she only came to the door allfl said, "I wouldn't jump down those steps, boys." And l shouldn't think she would-an old lady like her. Georgia-Mother, can I go out and have my photograph taken? Mrs. Dorner-No, I guess it isn't worth while. Georgia-Well, then, you might let me go and have a tooth pulled out. I never go anywhere. Miss Cartwright-Now, children, I want you to be very still, so that you can hear a pin drop. James Tankersley-CAfter a moments silencej-Let it drop. Bill Robison, while warming his hands over the stove was remonstrated with by his father. UGO away from that stoveg the weather isn't cold." warming my hands. .4 K ELECTRIC SHOP The Home of ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Phone 407 58 W. Clinton X W J is '--I ' l TTTT rllll 'r'r-- .mlllxi I . 'fffd' 5 Is 5 IS! llllg 'lggglgl E'-Zf mffffffiggyxldev illlllmnvi Aim f. vALv:s srnlnns lsmumssl rlsruus - cuuuscn ur: nons- -FISTUN RINGS-I GI-'ID Sit AUTO PARTS CO. mrrnn ruinrsg 310 N. jackson St. Phone 469 S fra Clarence Campbell Prop Bread and Fancy Pastries .-,, Phone 854 50 W Clinton St 'K Glampbellia Egzxkerg B K , . Bill-"I aint heating the weather, I'm ?i..:,1n,Y ONE ITIUNDRED FIFTEEN .-F. H. s.--- THE CAULDRON -----19 2 6...- .Q K GLOVER,S ICE CREAM Frankfort, Ind. F J K COULTER-SMOCK CO. EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME Cash or Cheerful Credit FRANKFORT LEBANON Y 4' J K CLARK 8z LAUGHNER Oakland and Pontiac Satisfaction and Service Phone 422 257 N. Main A V J FRANKFORT CANDY KITCHEN The Most Popular Candy Kitchen in Town x H J K CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS SHOES Y F 4 K LOANS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE J. PAUL MERRIMAN, REALTOR Phone 164 Office over First National Bank Y V ONT IIIIN IIIIJ SIXTVTN 1 9 2 e+-- THE CAULDRON ..--- F. H. s. NEW BIRTHSTONES For Laundress-The soapstone. For Diplomats-The Boundarystone. For Architects-The cornerstone. For Cooks--The puddingstone. For Sugardt-alersfThe Sandstone. For Taxidrivers-The milestone. For Grouches-The bluestone. For Irislnnen-The blarneystone. For Borrowers-The touchstoue. For i',t'LlL'SfTl2lllSmTllC pavingstoiu-. For Stockhrokers-The Curhstone. For Shocmakers-The cobblestone. For Hurglars-The keystone. Philip P.--what the d--5 So saying, our hero grabbed zi hook and rushed from the zisscmhly. pursued hy shouts of laughter. P. T. Coapstick--Picture to me the lone- somest situation you can conjecture. Mary Aughc-NVell. about the lone- somest thing I know of would be a safety razor in Russia. J For Fire Insurance Call Phone No. 50 FRED H. MEIFELD ll Agent for old line companies W Correct Clothing and Furnishings Correct Clothing: for High School Boys, for school or dress-up occasions COULTER' Y K J N WITZER9 GREENHOUSE Flowers for Everyone The Most Flowers for your Money 552 West Armstrong Street North Side Square Phone 424 Y F J , J N Commencement Time EAT AT is the Best Time to Begin Buying YW Barnhartis D 11 P ' rugs' Wa aper' Palms Headquarters for WALTER C. MCKOWN ALL East Side Druggist SCHOOL STUDENTS Phone 190 Frankfort, Ind. 214 N, Main St, H W. W ONE HUNDRED SEYENTEEN 11.2 TF. H. s. - THE CAULDRON -19 2 ei .4 INDIANA CLEANERS AND DYERS Wearing Apparel and Draperies, Rugs and Carpets Formerly Masten Cleaning Works. 405 E. Washington Street Y f J K There is Always Room at the Top Quality First in A11 Work INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION FRANKFORT BUSINESS COLLEGE Frankfort, Indiana Office Phone 317 Res. Phone 335-W Y- .4 JACKSON HAT SHOPPE MODERATE PRICED MILLINERY 7 South jackson Street FRANKFORT, INDIANA Y .4 IRWIN Sz PADDOCK FINE FOOTWEAR Shoes Hosiery Y .4 ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS Sounds big, but many people can have it on easy payments! Simply start a Savings Account with this bank and deposit Weekly. The size of your deposit will determine how soon the One Thousand Dollars-plus 4 per cent Interest-will be yours. CLINTON COUNTY BANK AND TRUST CO. Y. f J 'K LINEBACK Sz SONS The Tyre and Batri Men F UNL. Ill NL I I D EIGHTEEN --1 9 2 e--- THE CAULDRON --- F. H. s.-- F. H. S. DIRECTORY Most Popular-Herman Boots. Biggest Bluffer-Newt Oliphant. Biggest Fusser--Ruth Burkey. Best All-Round Athlete-Bob Spradling. Greatest Grind-Helen Knepp. VVindiest-Windy Montgomery, Laziest-Hoss Vincent. Best Student-Richard Crain. Best Fellow-Doyal Plunkett. Handsomest-Howard Smith. Thinks I-Ie Ii-Purg Conley. Grouchiest--Colice Shawan. Best Natured-Joe McKown. Biggest Dude-Curtis Fehl. Most Promising-Newell Deacon. Ladies Man-Daniel Barton. Most Religious-Aaron Lucas. Most Modest-Herbert Irwin. VVittiest-Henry Morrison. "VVill the boy who threw that pepper on the stove please come up here and get the present of a nice book?" asked the schoolteacher, but the boy never moved. He was a far seeing boy. Conductor-Watch your step, Miss. Georgia Dorner-It is not necessaryg there are several sapheads behind doing that. lrValter Jacobs In Economics-HI know of a case where some children were fuss- ing over it before it got cold." VVhen all the class began to laugh, XValter realized the indefiniteness of his corrected it thus: "I know of a case where the children were fussing over the estate before the body of a parent was cold." VVe wondered why NValter coudn't see the statement and joke when every one else did, Beatrice Rockwood-"D-d-y' know, I believe I've found out what makes me s-stuttahlu Bob Agnew-"Really?" Be.-"Yawssg I've been watching myself very c-carefully, and I've discovered that I nevah stuttah except when I t-t-try to t-t-talk!" CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS and Made to Measure Clothes JAMES A. CARR Across from American Nat'1 Bank R ,J K C. M. O S T L E R Chiropractor Rooms 23-24 Dinwiddie Bldg. Y W J K FRANKFORT LAUNDRY 255 W. Clinton St. Phone 171 Frankfort, Ind. Family Washings Our Specialty Shirt and Collar Work that Pleases Y W KERN FOR SHOES AND HOSIERY BROS. K First Door West Bon Merritt 4' 1 ONE HUNDRED NINETE ICN -- F. H. sri- THE CAULDRON --.-.1 9 2 6- J Start your College Fund With a Savings Fund at the American National Bank Y 4 THE BLAKE Sz HAM JEWELRY STORE AND GIFT SHOP Frankfort Leading jewelers for Fifty-two Years this Year Established 1874 Y J REMEMBER Sun-Kist Canned Food Pro- R CRUSH iw! D ducts-the best-order today, i K, M av" your grocer has them. Bm" nw Xf vv. M. SHAFOR a co. MED ' 1 P X Distributors QAPPLE 5 M -4 Coapstlck 81 McC1amrooh REAL ESTATE 13, MORTGAGE LOANS GENERAL INSURANCE ft 241 Ross Building Telephone 209 LEE-. ,M L X ff ONE HFNIJHEI I XX FN lX -119 2 6.-.-- THE CAULDRON --F. H. s.-- Mr. 1. Mckilurc in discussing the French Milly Montgomery' 4-jones has 11 horse Revolution-"lYhcn did thc 'March of the which hc calls "Imagination," Xliomcn' occur, Harold?" Marian lf. 'l'holnpson--How come? Harold Kncpp-"lt was on thc 1l1Ol'lllllQ' M. M.w-The darn thing runs zlwav with after thc night heforcf' him. Mr. J. McClnrefSoCiology4"L'an any First Maid- -How did yon like XY0l'lilllg' one think of any boys games in which the for that school tt-aclu-x'? fighting instinct is not lJl'OllllllL'lll?'. Second Nlaicl-Aw. it was a rotten joh. Ralph Ncwhonsc roused himself enough llc was all thc time qnurrclling' with his to mumble out in El sr-cond bass voiCc-- wife, and they kept nic hnsy running hu- "L'hcckers." tween the keyhole and the dictionary. CONLEY THEATRE HIGH CLASS FEATURE PICTURES AND VAUDEVILLE The Modern, Up-to-Date Play House W THE SANITARY WAFFLE SHOP "The Best Little Place to Eat" Waffles, Short Orders, Sandwiches. LADIES INVITED f J R Brentlingers Sr Mason Lincoln dom Fordson "You Buy Our Service With the Car,' 300-302 East Washington Street Telephone 797 Q f UNI-I IIFNIJIKIGLJ 'I'XYl+IN'I'Y-UNH F. H. Sl-1 THE CAULDRON ----1 9 2 LOCKWOODS BLUE AND WOHITE FOR A "SIP" AND A "BITE" Next Door to Conley Theatre 9?E IT PAYS T O TRADE AT Spencer 'Y 'YQ 4 'oc 9 C. K. SMITH 81 SONS Garage Corner Washington and Columbia Streets GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES To the Graduates and Student Bodies PRINCESS AND RIALTO THEATERS ONE I'IL'NDliICD 'IWVENTY-TIVO l19 2 Ml- THE CAULDRON il- F. H. S. "A gqnilg is 3--gt rylmn- sclieinc, wlicre Miss Kiiox-"XYlizit's an usher?" two lim-5 1-vlqmgf' Huh lX'lcrritt-"'lllie guy what takes tht HXYQ use optimistic. motor. and zluclitory inizmgury every clay." A'Alu'ulizun Lincoln was horn in at small log callin which he lielpccl his tatlicr build." Mr. iXlCClll1't'flll l2-li English class. in study of "Hamlet"-!'XVliat does UIi:un" moan lu-rc, B2iI'lJ2ll'2l? ls it pork or ht-cf?" B. lit-rgeii-'ll IlOl1'l know. l guess it's just plain ham." Mr. MCC.-"Oh. we-ll, then, it's neither pork nor beef." Marguerite Holmes in Sociology class when the question arose as to what was iiccessztry for tht- solving of thu prohlcni of SOClOlOQj"HlJl'0lAllL'L'I'lllgI.u XYln-n all tht- class. teacher inclurlecl. began to laugh, Margin-rite corrected ln-r statement :incl sairl, "l'rotitsliariug," :tucl sat flown. W MONUMEN TS of QUALITY Has been our motto for the thirty years we have served you and it will continue to be. Not how big a Monument for your money, but how good at a reasona- ble price. HOWARD CANN The Monument Man leading part in tlu-zitcrsf' ucv Bl.--nl wish l coulcl rt-use tht Rr alpliztlmctf' Doris Y.7t'VVl1y?" B. Mf-"l'd put l' and l closer togt-tht A SENIOR'S PRAYER Ciocl bless mother zuul father. Bless mx little hrothers and sisters, and friuu -. Ancl good-bye, Ciorl, l'm going to t lege. "Sh Ancl the viCtim's Uoiiragc flccl. i. Y X o all l brain him?" cried the hazci u czuft. It is :L l7i'cslunau, just hit it ou the lu-acl." Mr. llanger i11 l'hysical lit-ogiuipix Cl lzztrl .1 ass--"lYliy is .-Xntartic uninhahitcc l"u'l lg2lliCl"-NBCCQIIISK' there art- no ll plc living' clown tlit-rv." Y V ONE ll l'Nl JHED TXVICNTY-'l'HllEl7I K .-F. H. s. THE CAULDRON --li 9 2 6- Old lady Hubbard, Dressed in a polka dotted house dress, VVL-nt to her ice box To get her airedale A fibula, But on opening the refrigerator All she could find was some canned salmon. The dog sniffed haughtily That he was no "fish hound" And removed the odoriferous can To the alley. 'fYe gods," Mrs. Hubbard murmured. "That is all I have in the house." She sold the dog to the butcher, And went downtown For a steak dinner. Bolshi-VVanna go on a sleighing party? Andy Barton-My brother sure was a dumb guy. Mr. Burroughs-How's that? Andy-XYhy, they had to burn down the school house to get him out of the first grade. P. T. Coapstick-And when Lord Chesterfield saw that death was near he gathered all his friends around him. But before he breathed his last he uttered those last immortal words. VVho C2111 tell me what the dying words of Lord Chester- field were? Sixth Period Class Q in chorusj-They Satisfy! Barber- You look talented. cut. ELLIS 81 BOECKMAN DIAMONDS, WATCHES AND JEWELRY See Our Splendid Selection of Gruen Watches 'X'iki+YYho are we gonna slay? Freshman--That't why I want my hair J K "When a Man Bites a DogNThat's Newsv' Horace Greeley, the great American publisher, who advised young men to go west and grow up with the country, once re- fused a story for his newspaper about a dog biting a man. "There is no news." he said, "in a dog biting a man, but when a man bites a dog. that's news." The commonplace is not news, it is merely a reiteration of an old. established fact. lint there is newsAliyely newsgin a busy, thriving store like this, which is gripping to those who pride themselves upon being well posted at all times. There is news that reflects the opportunities and economies of the family purseg that informs each member of the things that are new. that are stylish. that are interesting. that should be pos- sessed. One seldom enters our store without being impressed with the new things that before had not come to his attention. T. W ONE HKYNIJIIFITD 'VXVIIINTY-I4'OUR i-19 2 e.-.-- THE CAULDRON .---F. H. s.-- TEN COMMANDMENTS OF F. H. S. Thou shalt not enter by the front doors. Thou shalt not loiter in the halls. Thou shalt talk to no one but teachers, for if thou dost, thou shalt encounter teachers on all sides ready to whack that abstract quantity, deportment, Honor thy teachers and principal that their days may be long in this school. fatter we have leftj. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors answers to test questions, chemistry or trig problems, or translations of Yergil. Thou shalt have no other schools before this: Let pleasure be secondary. Thou shalt regard the office floor as sacred ground, and shall therefore tread gently and reverently thereon. Thou shalt not become unduly angry if thy teacher assigneth twenty pages in history. He realizes the persuasive powers in such an assignment. Thou shalt not eat lolly-pops. eat candy, or chew gum within these sacred portals. Thou shalt not pass. "Vial stuff," muttered the druggist as he poured out the acid. Roberta Van Nuys4You looked so absent-minded when l spoke to you this morning. Gertrude Birde-l was probably all wrapped-up in thought. R. Y.+lt's a wonder you didn't take cold. .4 L GOSSETT BROS. GARAGE "FOR SERVICE AND SATISFACTION" Always Open Trade With Us Phone 301 N- f W X Porter-Hurlbert Hardware Co. The Reliable Hardware Store Headquarters for HARDWARE, PAINTS, STOVES, SEEDS AND SHEET METAL WORK We also sell and install the Twentieth Century Furnace Our Motto: Good Goods at the Lowest Price No. 3 North Jackson St. Telephone 252 W. W ONE H l 'N l VHED 'l'XYl'IN'l'Y-Fl VIC F H S THE CAULDRON- 1926 .4 G I DIVID AL ERVICE n All , chool Annuals E KNOW that the School Annuals pro- duced by us each season compare very favorably with those produced in the largest and best printing offices in the coun- try. We limit the number of Annuals each year to the number we can produce carefully with particular attention to each of them. Your ideas are followed, the details are worked out with you, so that the Annual when finished, is a product of your class in every particular, and not your material re- arranged and put through in a standardized manner. Our comparatively low overhead expense permits us to quote prices which are as low as any responsible printer's, and our workman- ship will produce a book of which you will be proud. TRANKFORT MORNING TIMLS G. Y. FOXVLER'S SONS F1'CInlif0I'f Indlnnu Y. 7' ONE Hl'Nlblil4lI'1 TXVENTY-SIX --19 2 6..--- THE CAULDRON ..--- F. H. s. 1925 PRIZE WINNING - NNN.NN X ' A x Paras? wazzri Fl H 4 - P25257 f'V'5M.E'flAQS I FIVSI 99.112 FIRSI ' .I , L I I ET? I I ' X ' :Aus .. get 1' ' ERVICE f' g,,, , sw-A: 251: mesa ! ' -A R51 'PRI"E. ,....... , . an - Irlms sure Afair HC1Y1'JRM5lE VEENYQOPI 45,.-if 75 T L F- F T M- 5-VH ' FIYLSTPRIZE CLASS Il Q , , , . I ' ci .mme momfffgfw 1,21 M mm Gull NATIONAL CONTEST 1 4 ' X' Au mamc.Arw C . I . P. AN- , S 1 M ai J ' . ' H0HsIwIe.HfN,IfOff I ' 312 IESLEYE 'fir -lf' YPIIRD PLZXCEISCLKSSI SERVICE IS PRIZE WINNING SERVICE H N above picture tells its own story. Seventeen prizes In one year is a record of which We may well be proud. Let us help you put your annual in the prize Winning class. -' Wrz'fe zzsfer complete z'nfZrmafz'0fz. INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY Wzzlsifz Building INDIANAPOLIS f INDIANA 'fr' .ig UNE HUNIPIIICII 'l'XYICN'I'Y NI X I X FV UMM Q! if lx UL N W . w X gy xx KN w H w X X g 5 S S 5 S x N Qi 7777 X 2 9 ? 2 f X I Q f g Z Z S 1 Q F' Z 1 N K 4' 4 o N K f K R awe, Q, 2 , zgbligqqn 11,11 E E Q f Q' A 7. .V n

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