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1978 REDBIRD Frankfort Community High School West Frankfort, IllinoisADVISOR Hellen Mary Batts EDITOR Jayma Bernhard ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Jack Calvert SENIORS Terri Roe JUNIORS Roseann Mitchell SOPHOMORES Brad Harper Eddie McCluskie FRESHMEN • Lisa Demaretti Kim Galli ATHLETICS Richard Glodich ORGANIZATIONS Gena Butler Cheryl Harris ADVERTISEMENTS Marla Smothers BOOKKEEPER Pat Weston PHOTOGRAPHERS JRM Studios Mr. Larry DeMattei Paul McHenry K ff. :4 REDBIRD HERE AND THERE 8 REDBIRD HOMECOMING 'll 14 REDBIRD CLOSE-UPS 15 REDBIRD LEADERS 17 ADMINISTRATION 21 FACULTY 29 SENIORS 47 JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN CLASSES 83 ATHLETICS 105 ORGANIZATIONS 135 ADVERTISERSREDBIRD Here and There5REDBIRD Homecoming ’77 810The Frankfort Community High School 1977-78 Homecoming C ourt Patt Dorris. Queen 1977-78. and her Kim Woods. Lady in Waiting, and her l.isa Ru ich. Maid of Honor, and her escort Boh Ciusentine. escort. Rob Finney. escort Jeff Russell.JUNIOR ATTENDANTS AND ESCORTS M. Kalhalynas. M. Tomlinson. T. Wiley. K. Reeves. SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS AND ESCORTS J. Wall. K. Avripas. L. Mitchell. R. Glodich. FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS AND ESCORTS — J. Rogers. S. Arneit. S. Harrum. J. White. "A Season of Change” provided the setting for this year's Homecoming Coronation as Patty Dorris was crowned Homecoming Queen 1977-78 by football captain Bob Gusentine. Kim Woods was selected as Lady-in-Waiting. and Lisa Ruzich was Maid of Honor. The other members of the court were escorted by the senior members of the football team. Jayma Bernhard and Tim Martin served as Mistress and Master of Ceremonies and narrated the evening's event. Matthew Buffington was the football bearer, and Bradley Henson Lawrence carried the crown. The flower girls were Maria Kay Walton and Michelle Christine Butler. Principal Gail Borton welcomed the Class of 1953. and Pete Zimmer. Student Body President of the Class of 1953. gave the alumni response. Football coach Gene Ernest introduced the football players and the coaching staff. The musical entertainment was provided by the F.C.H.S. band and the Chordettes. The Homecoming Coronation was only one of the many Homecoming activities that took place this year. Among the activities were the chili supper, pep rally, snake dance, bonfire, sock hop. Homecoming parade, the Homecoming dance, and the Turkey Day Game with a 13-3 Redbird victory over the Benton Rangers. All of this year's Homecoming activities were supervised by Mr. Terry Warren and the Student Council. 12MISTRESS AND MASTER OF CEREMONIES Jayma Bern-hard and Tim Marlin. CHILDREN OF THE COURT M. Buffington. M. Butler. M. Walton. B. Lawrence. “A Season of Change” CHORDETTES — Row Arnold. L. Mercer. Row Eubanks. D. Summers. | Qay. M. Margelli. D. Groves. P. Jent. C. Vincent. J. Sweetin. D. Series. Row 2: B. Dorris. M. Conaughty. L. L. McCormick. P. Gulley. R. McClerren. J. Schultz. G. Odle. Row 4: L. Herring. D. Sneddon. N. Gulley. C 13REDBIRD Leaders STUDENT COUNCIL PRESI DENT —Cindy Lee.REDBIRDMr. L. Goebel Patton. Superintendent Mr. L. Goebel Patton. Superintendent of Frankfort District 168. has served in this position for twenty-five years. Fie is very active in many worthwhile community projects. Mr. Patton, a capable, outstanding leader of the community for many years, was chosen by the West Frankfort Chamber of Commerce as THE CITIZEN OF THE YEAR for 1977. This is the highest honor that can be awarded to a citizen. As representatives of the people, the Board of Education meets once a month with Mr. Patton to determine school policies and to make decisions about school business. The board members are dedicated citizens who donate their time and efforts to further education. BOARD OF EDUCATION — Ron R. Raubach. S. Florian. D. Woods. Rok 2; R. Croslin. B. Morris. J. Bernhard. J. Wall.Frankfort Community High School Office Of The Principal 601 East Main Street _ Area Code 618 932-3126 West Frankfort, Illinois 62896 High school years are happy years, carefree years, wonderful years. They can be lived only once. High school years can also be frustrating years; they are sure to be years of greatest challenge. This challenge is unavoidable; it is one with which you must cope. You will emerge from this effort either triumphant and better prepared for trying situations in the future, or defeated and apathetic . . . possessing behavior patterns that will make most of your contacts with the future increasingly difficult as the years go by. These are the years during which you must contend with contrasting forces. This is no simple task. You are no longer a child; neither are you an adult. Each day you are faced with situations requiring action on both sides of this invisible line. The way in which you react to these youthful experiences will result in satisfaction and growth, or disappointment and discouragement. If you use wisely the opportunities made available to you during your years in school, the future will be bright, rewarding, and joyful. May your lives be long and profitable and happy. May they be lived in such a way that as the years increase, you can look back with pride and satisfaction toward ajob well done, and those with whom you have worked and played and lived will have profited from your presence among them. Sincerely, 19Mr. George Karoski. Dean of Boys Mrs. Betty Grotti. Bookkeeper Miss Dolores Grosco. Dean of Girls Miss Gay Bixler. F.C.H.S. Secretary 20REDBIRD FACULTYMrs. Wilma Anderson English. Latin Mr. Alan Barton Building Trades Mrs. Genelle Bedokis Librarian Mrs. Sheila Blackwood Mathematics Mrs. Jetta Chiaventone English. REDBIRD Notes Mr. George Clark Business Careers, Guidance Mrs. Hellen Mary Batts English. REDBIRD Annual Mr. Bob Brown Health Mr. Russell Clover English 22Mr. Larry DeMattei Social Studies Mr. Frank Dohanich Industrial Education Mrs. Mary Ellen Dorris Business Mr. Gene Ernest Physical Education Mrs. Sandra Fiori Spanish Mr. William Ferketich Industrial Arts. Guidance Mr. Paul Grammer Drivers Education. Social Studies 23Mr. Lowell Grissom Social Studies Miss Delores Grosco Dean of Girls, Business Mr. George Grosco Physical Science, Chemistry Mr. Donald Hobbs Agriculture, Welding Mrs. Jane Hedley Home Economics Mr. Harold Hood American History Miss Donnette Hoover Mathematics Miss Alice Hrovatich Business IVALUATK 24Mr. George Karoski Dean of Boys Drivers Education Mrs. Jo Linda Marlow English Mrs. Joyce Miller Biology Mr. Eugene Morton Chorus Mr. Tim Murphy Art Mr. Raymond Owens Science, Photography Mrs. Sharon Pappas Home Economics 25Mr. Steve Pasko Welding Mr. Don Rice Social Studies Mr. Chuck Smith Guidance Miss Jane Perr English Mrs. Maryann Riva Physical Education Mrs. Peggy Smith Special Education Mr. Elmo Ricci Industrial Arts. Drafting Mr. Lewis Russell Electricity Mr. Frank Steh Building Trades 26Mrs. Linda Stevens Biology Mr. Richard Stritzel Mathematics Mr. Mike Thomas Band Mr. Terry Warren English Mr. Dan Weakly-Auto Mechanics Mr. Ron Winter Drivers Education Mrs. Mary Jane York Nursing Mr. Ernest Yuhas Business 2728REDBIRD SENIORSSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Lisa Ruzich. Vice-President: Patty Dorris, Secretary: Patty Weston, Treasurer: Kim Woods, President. As the school year came to a close, seniors realized that the time had come for a final accounting to record the pep assemblies, club initiations, high school dances, and class work that marked the momentum of their school years. They began to look closely at the faces and friends that populated the halls of F.C.H.S., as they realized their high school years had come to an end. For the seniors their journey into adulthood had just begun. They carefully examined their goals for the future. For many of the seniors the future meant continuing their education: while for others it meant jobs, homes, and securities. The class sponsor was Mr. Rice. Carrying out their roles as leaders of the future were Kim Woods, president: Lisa Ruzich. vice-president: Patty Dorris, secretary; and Patty Weston, treasurer. With much enthusiasm and excitement, the seniors participated in a week filled with various homecoming events. They worked on their class float and attended the bonfire and the Homecoming dance. The seniors also saw the Redbirds fight a well earned victory over their rival, the Benton Rangers. During the coronation, the seniors watched as Patty Dorris was crowned Homecoming Queen. Maid of Honor was Lisa Ruzich. Lady-in-Waiting was Kim Woods. So now. with the realization that they are entering into the adult world and are becoming an important part of our progressing society, the class of "78" will hold the last four years they spent at F.C.H.S. to be the most cherished years of their lives. 30Adelsberger, Buddy Agnitsch. Melissa Ahlm.June Anderson, Penny Arnett. Darren Austin. Laura Baldi, Toni Batts. David Bennett. Jackie 31 Bernhard. Jayma Blades. Mike Bode. KathyBoehnlein. Mark Borton. Connie Bristow. Don Bromley. Beverly Brookhouse. Donna Butler. Renee Castrale. Karen Cima. Cindy Clark. James Claxton. Tim Clay. Iva Dell Coble. Abby 32Conaughty. Billie Connell. Janice Conners. Tammy Cox. Jeff Crabtree. Debbie Crespi. Tom Culbertson. Jeanne Culpepper. Cindy Davidson. Angela DeLai. Mike Dial. Brenda Dorris. Patty 33Earnheart. Kent F.isenbeis. Evelyn Ellis. Greg Farley. Melinda Finney. Robert Frakes. William Galli. Bryan Gardner. Greg Garrett, Nancy 34 Glodich, Richard Glover. David Good. VickieGordon. Debbie Graves. Jeff Green. David Green. Gary Griffin. Dick Groves. Diana Gunter. Theresa Guseniine. Bob Haley. Kathy Hall. Risa Hand. Felecia Harkins. Fred 35Hayman, David Hefner. Mike Henson. Robert Heyder. Richard House. Steve Hudson. Laura Hughes. Mark Jent. Penni Johnson. Robert 36 Jordan. Fred Kathaiynas. Marty Killion. KayKing. Terry Krah. Susan Krmpotich. John Laird. Beth Lampley. Caryl Lasley. Tina Lawrence. Donna Lee. Cindy LeTourneau. Robin 37 Ligon. Louis Lindsey. Traci Lingle. TerryLovan, Lisa Maddox. Jeff Maddox. Kevin Mariano. Martha Martin. Tim Maurer. Dana McClerren. Sherrie McClintock. Mark McElwee. Chuck McLaskey. Cathy McMillin. Doug McPhail. JimMeadows. Mildred Meadows. Susan Melvin. Diane Melvin. Steve Midkiff. Cheryl Migielicz. Jane Miller. Debbie Mitchell. Jeff Murray. Kim Odle. Glenda Otterson. Bob Perrotto, Jody 39Pike. Tammy Price. David Raymond. Sabrina Razer. Susan Reeves. Keith Rich. Nola Kiddle. Cheryl Robinson. Loretta Roe, Terri Rogers. Liz Rogers, Jeff Ross. Marilyn 40Rowe. Karmel Russell. Jeff Ruzich. Lisa Sailliez. Charna Sanders. Jim Saul. Penny Sehewe. Laura Schmidt. Tammy Schultz. Jane Seagle. Dan Series. Debbie Shelton. LaRae 41Short. Loren Simmons. James Sisk. Natalie Sloan. Valerie Smith. Gayla Smith. John Smith. Rebecca Snedden. Donna Stalorites. Alan 42 Stanley. Mike Stodghill. Jim Stone. GayleStone. Pam Sweetin. Julie Tabor. Brad Talbott. Darrell Treece. Richard Troutt. Pam Trusty. Shawnda Uhls. Shawn Veldman. David Verschueren. LaDonne Viernum. Nancy Weston. Patty 43White, James White. Rhonda Wilkins, Vivian Williford. LaDonna Wilson, Steve Wininger. Rick Woods. Kim Workman, Robyn Wyant. Steve NOT PICTURED Yates. Dorothy Barber. Harold Deason, Brenda Dunston, Brett Forgatch. Todd Funkhouser. Carl Griffith. Kurt Huite. Paul Lankford. Steve Moore, Robert Odle. Bill Pearce. Randy Perkins. Penny Reevers. Susan Spain. Cheryl Wall. Jaceson Webb. Harold Wilce. Wayne 44SENIOR ACTIVITY PAGES ADELSBERGER. BUDDY - Drafting I. 2. 3. 4 AGNITSCH. MELISSA - Band I. 2. 3. 4: Red Peppers: Gymnastics I. 2. AHEM. JUNE — Art Circle I: Redbird Notes 3. ANDERSON. PENNY - Red Peppers I. ARNETT. DARREN Track 2: Redbird Notes 4; Movies 4. AUSTIN. LAURA — Band I. 2. 3. 4: FTA 1.2: Honor Society 3. 4: Freedom ‘76 : Co-operative Training 4. BALDI. TONI Co-operative Training 4; Secretarial Practice 4; Chorus 1. BARBER. HAROLD — Football 3: Track 2; Red Peppers 3. 4: President 4: Art Circle I. 2: Intramural Basketball I. 2. 3. 4. BATTS. DAVID-Band 1.2. 3. BENNETT. JACKIE - Bowling Club I: Chordetts I. 2. 3: Advanced Chorus 1. 2.4. BERNHARD. JAYMA Annual I. 2. 3: Editor 4; Honor Society 3. 4: Freedom Committee 3: Mistress of Ceremonies 4; Spanish Club 4. BLADES. MIKE — Drafting I. 2. 3: Spanish Club 4. BODE. KATHY — Sub Debs 3. 4: Honor Society 3. 4; Student Council 4: Spanish Club 3.4: Art Circle I. 2. 3: President 4. BOEHNLEIN. MARK — Football I. 2: Track I. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1.2.3: Pep Club. BORTON. CONNIE Honor Society 3. 4. Spanish Club 3. 4; Class Officer 1: Cheerleader 2: Red Peppers 1.2. 3.4. BRISTOW. DONNIE Auto Mechanics I. 2. 3. 4: Basketball I. 2: Football 1. BROMLEY. BEVERLY — Band I. 2. 3. 4: Pep Band 2. 3. 4: Spanish Club 4: Red Peppers 1: FTA I BROOKHOUSE. DONNA — Advanced Nursing: Student Secretary. BUTLER. RENEE - FTA 1. 2. 3. 4: Vice-President. Secretary. CASTRALE. KAREN Honor Society 3. 4: Spanish Club 4: Band 1.2: Red Peppers 1. 2. 3.4: Freedom Committee 2. CIMA. CYNDI - Band 1. 2. 3: Art Circle I. 2. 3: Office Worker 4. CLARK. JAMES Chorus I. 3: Basketball Manager 2; Machine Shop. Advanced Welding. CLAXTON. TIM — Key Club 2. 3: President 4: Football 1. 2. 3: Spanish Club 3. CLAY. IVA DELL Chordetts I. 2. 4: Girl Scouts 2. 3: President 4; Latin Club 3.4: Art Circle 2. 3: Chorus 1.4. CONAUGHTY. BILLIE CONNELL. JANICE CONNERS. TAMMY — Chorus I. 4: Office Practice 3: Student Secretary 3. COX. JEFF CRABTREE. DEBBIE — Spanish Club 2. 3: NIKE 4: Student Secretary 3. CRESPI. TOM — Kev Club 2. 3. 4. CULBERTSON. JEAN DAVIDSON. ANGIE — Softball Team 2. 3: Honor Society: Office Worker: FTA I. 2. 3. 4: Secretary 2: President 3. DEASON. BRENDA Student Secretary 4: Business 1. 2. 4: Honor Roll I. 2. 3. 4. DELAI. MIKE — Golf 2. DIAL. BRENDA Art Circle 1. 2: Spanish Club 3: Student Sec-retar). DORRIS. PATTY — Spanish Club 2. 3: President 4: Cheerleader 3: Class Officer 4: Red Peppers 3.4: Homecoming Queen 4. DUNSTON. BRETT — Wrestling I. 2. 4; Co-operative Training 4: Football I: FFA 1.2.3. EARNHEART. KENT — Football I. 2: Co-operative Training 4; Auto Mechanics I. 2. 3. EISENBEIS. EVELYN ELLIS. GREG Auto Mechanics 2. 3. 4: Agriculture 1.2. 3. 4. FARLEY. MELINDA Cheerleader 1. 2. 3. 4; Sub Debs 2. 3. 4: Red Peppers I. 2. 3.4. FINNEY. ROBERT — Football I. 2. 3. 4: Wrestling I. 2. 3: Track 1. 2. 3.4: Key Club 3. 4: Student Council 3. FORGATCH. TODD — Band I. 2. 3. 4. FRAKES. WILLIAM Football 1.2.3: Basketball 1.2: Art Circle I, 2. 3. 4; Honor Society 3.4. FUNKHOUSER. CARL GALLI. BRYAN — Golf I. 2. 3. 4: Key Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Co-operative Training 4: Drafting 1.2. 3. 4. GARDNER. GREG Baseball 2: Latin Club 3: Drama Club I. 2. GARRETT, NANCY Class Officer. President 3: Honor Society 4: Student Council I. 2. 3: Sub Debs 2. 3.4: Spanish Club 3.4. GLODICH. RICHARD — Basketball I. 2. 3. 4: Football I. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 3.4; Key Club 2, 3. 4: Redbird Annual 3.4. GLOVER. DAVID — Key Club 4: Football I. 3: Wrestling I. 3: Spanish Club 1.4. GOOD. VICKIE Student Secretary. GORDON. DEBBIE Interpreter's Theatre 3. GRAVES. JEFF Building Trades: Football 1: Electricity. GREEN. DAVID — Student Council 1. 2, 3. 4: Track 1. 2. 3. 4: Honor Society 3. 4: Key Club I. 2. 3. 4: Class Officer. 2. President. GREEN. GARY GRIFFIN. DICK — Basketball 3: Football 2. 3: Latin Club 3. 4; Art 2. 3.4. GRIFFITH. KURT — Basketball I. 2. 3.4: Track 2. 3: Baseball 2. 3.4; Football I. GROVES. DIANA - Chordetts 2. 3. 4: NIKE 3: Honor Roll 2. 3: Student Secretary 3: Co-operative Training 4. GUNTER. THERESA —Chorus 2. 3.4: Nursing 4 GUSENTINE. BOB - Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Wrestling 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 1.2. 3.4: Key Club 2. Treasurer 3.4; Spanish Club 3.4. HALEY. KATHLEEN — Art Circle 1: Interpreter's Theatre I: Nursing 1.4; Chorus I: Engineering Drawing 3. HAND. FELECIA HARKINS. FRED - Building Trades 3.4 HAYMAN. DAVID HEFNER. MIKE — Football 1.2.3; Building Trades 3. HENSON. ROBERT Auto Mechanics; Band I. 2. 3. 4; Welding. HEYDER. RICHARD — Bowling Club I. 2; Latin Club 2: Advanced Physics 3. 4; Co-operative Training 4; Photography 2. 3.4. HOUSE. STEVE — Basketball 1. 2. 3: Track 2. 3. 4; Key Club: Football. HUDSON. LAURA — Gymnastics 2. 3: Teen Town Youth Board 2. 3.4; Honor Society 3. 4; Art Circle 1. 2. 3. 4. HUGHES. MARK HUITE. PAUL — W'rcstling 2. 3: Track 1. 2. 3: Football 4; Advanced Electricity 3. JENT. PENN I Chordetts 2. 3. 4; Honor Society 3. 4: Student Secretary 3: Red Peppers 1.2: NIKE Club 2. JOHNSON. ROBERT — Auto Mechanics I. 2. 3: Drafting I. 2. 3. 4: Welding 2. JORDON. FRED KATHALYNAS. MARTY — Football I. 2. 3. 4: Key Club 2. 3. 4: Wrestling I. 2. 4; Track I. 2: Spanish Club 3. KILLION. KAY KING. TERRY Wrestling 1. 2. 3. 4; FFA 1. 2. 3; Co-operative Training 4. KRAH. SUSAN — Cheerleader I. 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club 3. 4; Red Peppers 1. 2. 3, 4: Honor Society 3. 4; T-Square Queen 3. KRMPOTICH. JOHN — Building Trades 4; Advanced Physics 3. 4: Chemistry 4. LAIRD. BETH — Interpreter's Theatre 2. 3. 4; Treasurer 3. 4; Play 3. 4; Honor Society 3. 4: Co-operative Training 4: NIKE Club 3. 4; Youth Board 3. 4. LAMPLEY. CARYL - Office Worker 4; Student Secretary 3. LASLEY. TINA — Red Peppers 1. LAWRENCE. DONNA NIKE Club 3. 4; Interpreter's Theatre 2. 3. 4; Secretary 3. 4: Honor Society 3. 4; Co-operative Training 4; Play 2.3.4. 45LEE. CINDY Honor Society 3. 4: Student Council I. 2. 3. 4: President 4: Spanish Club 4: Art Circle 1. 2. 3: Interpreter's Theatre 1.2. LE TOURNEAU. ROBIN Honor Society 3. 4; Art Circle 1. 2: Interpreter's Theatre I. 2: FHA 1: Office Worker 3. LIGON. LOUIS Machine Shop 1.2: Metal Shop 1.2. LINDSEY. TRACI Art Circle 1.2: Spanish Club 3.4:1 HA 2. LINGLE. TERRY-Football 1.2: Basketball 1.2.3: Key Club 2. 3. LOVAN. LISA Student Council 1. 2: Spanish Club 3. 4: C lass Officer I. 2: Honor Society: Art Circle 1. MADDOX. JEFF — Band i. 2: Auto Mechanics 4. MADDOX. KEVIN MARIANO. MARTHA MARTIN. TIM Student Body President 4: Golf 1.2. 3. 4: Latin Club 3.4: Master of Ceremonies 4. MAURER. DANA Student Council I. 2. 3. 4: Secretary 4: Teen Town Youth Board I. 2. 3. 4: FHA 1. 2. 3. 4; President 4: Spanish Club 3. 4; Art C ircle 1.2. 3.4. McCLINTOCK. MARK Football I. 4: Basketball 2: Co-operative Training4: Drafting I. 2. 3.4. McELWEE. CHUCK McLASKEY. CATHY Spanish Club 3. 4: Art Circle I. 2: Red Peppers I. 2. McMILLIN. DOUG Me PH A IE. JIM — Spanish Club; Interpreter's Theatre I: Football 1.2. MEADOWS. MILDRED Student Secretary 3: Office Worker 4: Child Care 3. MEADOWS. SUSAN — Cheerleader I: Honor Society 3. 4: Art Circle I. 2. 3: Secretary 3: Spanish Club 4; Secretary 4; Co-operative Training 4. MELVIN. DIANE Library (Tub 3: Co-operative Training 4: Librarian 2. 3.4: Child Care 3. MELVIN. STEVE MIDKI I F. CHERYL Interpreter's Theatre 2. 3. 4: NIK E Club 3.4: Co-operative Training 4: Child Care 3. MIGIELICZ. JANE Art Circle 4; Spanish C lub 3: Honor Society 3.4: Freedom Committee 4. MILLER. DEBBIE - Nursing I. 2. MITCHELL. JEFF MOORE. ROBERT Football I: Baseball 2: Intramural Basketball 1.2. 3.4. MURRAY. KIM NIKE Club 3, 4: Vice-President. President. ODLE. GLENDA - Bowling Club I. 2: Chordetts I. 2. 3. 4: Student Secretary 4. OTTERSON. BOB Golf I. 2. 3.4: Basketball I: Drafting4. PERRY. JUANA Cheerleading 2. 3: Pep C lub I. 2. 3: Freshman Class Officer: Sophomore Class Officer. (Goreville High School). PIKE. TAMMY Chorus 1.2.3: Red Peppers 1.2: Nursing 3. 4: Librarian I: Attendance I PRICE. DAVID Football I: Varsity Filming for Football 3. 4; Auto Mechanics I. 2. 3. 4. RAYMOND. SABRINA Band I. 2. 3. 4; Interpreter's Theatre I. 2. 3. 4: Freedom Committee 4; Drum Majorette 4. RAZER. SUSAN Cheerleader I. 2. 3; Spanish Club 3. 4. REEVES. KEITH Key Club 2. 3.4: Football I. 2. 3: Track I. 2. 3. RICH. NOLA Co-operative Training 4: FHA I. 2. 3. 4: Chordetts 1.2: Library Club 3: FHA Officer 3. RIDDLE. CHERYL ROBINSON. LORETTA FHA I: Librarian 2: Nursing 2. 3. ROE. TERRI Cheerleader I. 2: Spanish C'lub 3. 4: Honor Society 3.4: C'lass Officer 3: Secretary: Sub Debs 2. 3. ROGERS. ELIZABETH Drafting I. 2. 3. 4: Typing I. 2: FFA 1.2: Attendance Office 4. ROGERS. JEFF FFA I: Football I. 2. 3. 4; Track 2. 3. 4: Wrestling 1.2. 4. ROSS. MARILYN ROWE. KARMEL Honor Society 3. 4; Art Circle I. 2: Red Peppers I: Spanish C'lub 3: Teen Town Youth Board I. 2. 3. RUSSELL. JEFF - Basketball I. 2: Football I. 4: Coronation Escort 4. RUZICH. LISA -Student Council 3.4: Class Officer 3.4: Honor Society 3.4; Sub Debs 4: Homecoming Maid of Honor 4. SALLIEZ. CHARNA — Chorus I. 2. 3, 4; Art Circle 2: FHA 1; Nursing 3.4. SANDERS. JIM - Building Trades 3.4. SAUL. PENNY — Red Peppers I. 2. 3: Spanish C'lub 3: Art Circle 1.2. SCHEWE. LAURA — Spanish C lub 3.4. SCHMIDT. TAMMY — Spanish Club 4; Office Worker. SCHULTZ. JANE Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4: Band Flag Carrier. 3. 4: Nursing 3. 4; Attendance Office 4. SEAGLE. DAN SERLES. DEBBIE Band 1.2.3: FTA 2. SHELTON. LARAE — NIKE Club 3. 4; Secretary 3. 4: Honor Society 3. 4: Interpreter's Theatre 2. 3. 4: Co-operative Training 4: Student Secretary 3. SHORT. LOREN — Wrestling I. 2: Football 2. SIMMONS. JAMES Baseball 2. 3. 4: Basketball I. 2. 3: Football I; Drafting4: FFA I. SISK. NATALIE: Co-operative Training 4: Interpreter's Thea- tre I: Student Secretary 3. SLOAN. VALERI — Honor Society 3. 4: Homecoming Court 3: Art Circle 1. 2: Interpreter’s Theatre I. 2: Freedom C'ommittee 2. SMITH BRETT - Wrestling 1. 2. 3. 4; Golf I. 2. 3: Track I. 2. 3. 4. SMITH. GAYLA — FHA I: Interpreter's Theatre 1. 2. 3; President 4: NIKE 3: Treasurer 4: Honor Society: Art Circle 2. 3. 4. SMITH. JOHN Building Trades 3. 4. SMITH. REBECCA — Honor Society 3. 4: Student Council I: Spanish Club 3. 4; Cheerleader 2: Red Peppers I. 2. SNF.DDEN. DONNA Chorus 1. 2. 3.4: Student Secretary 3. SPAIN. CHERYL SPAIN. PAULA STALORITES. ALAN Football 1. STANLEY. MIKE Auto Mechanics 3.4. STODGHILL. JIM Football I: Basketball I. 2: Honor Roll I. 2. 3.4. STONE. GAYLE — Redbird Notes 3.4 STONE. PAM Homecoming Court I. 2: Sub Debs 2. 3: Student Council 1. 2. 3: Class Officer 3: Treasurer; Honor Society 3.4. SWEETEN. JULIE Interpreter's Theatre 2; Cordetts 4: Student Secretary 4: Bookkeeping 4. TABOR. BRAD — Foothall I: Basketball I. 2. 3: Honor Roll I. 2. 3.4. TALBOTT. DARRELL — Baseball 2. 3. 4: Building Trades 3. 4: Football I: Wrestling 1.2. TREECE. RICHARD Spanish Club 4. TROUTT, PAM - Red Peppers I: FHA I. UHLS. SHAWN VELDMAN. DAVID Football I: Building Trades 3. 4; Auto Mechanics I, 2. VERSC'HUEREN. LADONNE — Redbird Notes 2. 3: Red Peppers 1: Softball 2; Spanish Club 3.4: Art Circle I. VIERNUM. NANCY Nursing 2. 3; Art Circle I: Redbird Notes 3; Chorus I. 3. 4. WALL. JACESON — Football I. 2. 3. 4; Basketball I. 2: Track I. 2. 3; Wrestling 3: Baseball 3. WESTON. PATT Y Gymnastics 1; Honor Society 3. 4; Class Officer 4: Redbird Annual 4: Freedom 4. WHITE. JAMES Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 3. 4: Band I, 2. 3, 4. WHITE. RHONDA Art C ircle 2. 3. 4: Interpreter's Theatre I. 2. 3,4; Play I; NIKI: 3.4; FHA 1; C'o-operativeTraining4. WILCE. WAYNE WILLIFORD. LADONNA Student Council 2. 3. 4: Red Peppers 1.2: FHA 1. 2: Nursing 3. 4: Art Circle 1. 2. Wl LSON. STEVE - Building Trades 3.4. WININGER. RICK WOODS. KIM Student Council 2. 3. 4; Sub Debs 2. 3. 4; Vice-President 4; Class Officer I. 2. 4: President 4: Honor Society 3. 4; Homecoming Attendant 4. WORKMAN. ROBYN — FHA I; Student Secretary 4. WYANT. STEVE — Art Circle I: Redbird Notes 4: Advanced Movies 4. 46REDBIRD 47 JUNIORSJUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Chris Butta. Presided!: Terri Palmer. Secrelary: Martha Tomlinson. Vice-President: Lori Clark. Treasurer. The class of '79 entered the halls this year thinking about many new things. During the past two years their horizons have been broadened unbelievably, and they've begun to contemplate their lives after high school. Of course, all the studying has been important, but the class of ’79 is realizing that homework and study items are used to trigger a thinking on their part, and they are learning to put their new techniques to work. The juniors assumed their traditional role of planning the Junior-Senior Prom. They also experienced the ecstacy of ordering their class rings. In the homecoming event they chose Martha Tomlinson and Terri Wiley to serve as attendants. Along with the help of their sponsors. Mr. Ricci and Mr. Steh. they won first prize on their homecoming float. Akins. Kim Arnold. Laura Barton. Gerald Bartoni. Mike 48Basler, Mark Beard. Kenny Blackshare. Lynette Blades, Scott Blades. Toni Bonifield, Kevin Borcky. Daniel Brown, Barbara Broy, Mike Burns. Anita Butta. Chris Butta. Kelly Calvert. Jack Caraway. Billy Caraway. Gary Carr. Carol Chrostoski. Debbie Clark. Lori Claussen. Ellis Coffman. Ken Collier, Mike Conaughty, Caroline Conaughty. Mary Connell. John 49Cook. Craig Cook. Kevin Coomer, Donna Cowsert, Dori Cowsert. Lisa Culpepper. Daniel Czorniak. Kathy Darnell. Denise Davis, Brian Deason. John Demaretti, Dan Dial. Mike Doty. Don Drasil. Richard Duff. Jean Ellis, Darrell Ellsworth, Dawn Ferrari. Theresa Field. Rebecca Gahn. Jim Garner. Zane Gipson. Wayde Glover. Jack Good. Lisa 50Gore. Pam Gray. Jeff Gregory, Karen Griggs. Phillip Gulley. Patsy Hagar. Jana Hammers. Gary Hammond, Paula Harkins, Kenneth Harper. Darlina Harpool. Kim Harris, Cheryl Harris. Mark Heath. Michelle Herrell. Crystal Herring. Laura Hill. Beth Hood. Renee Hooker. Carol Hopkins, Michael Hoppers. Jimmy Huite. Donnie Huite. Patricia Irvin. Jeff 51Isaacs. Gary Johnson. Kim Jones. Curtis Julian. Richard Karnes. Kim Kerrone. Michelle Kessel. Kim Kinsman. Jim Lawrence. Brian Lee. Carl Lee. Lori Lee. Paula Lehmann. Jeff Lind, Jim Long, Shari Mabry, Scott Manis. Mike Matier. Dianna Mays. Toni McClannahan. Kim McClerren, Roni McCormick. LaVae McGhee. Priscilla McHenry. Paul 52McMiilin. Brad McNeely. Frank Melvin. Amos Melvin. Jackie Menees, James Miller. David Mitchell, Roseann Moore. Vicky Murphy, Penny Nolen. Doris Nolen. Leanne Odle, Nancy Odum. Maureen Palmer, Terri Pattarozzi, Beth Patterson. David Pope, Kathy Presley, Greg Presley. Larry Price. Jo Linda Randolph. Scott Reeder. Denise Reimer. Barbara Rice, Jerry 53Rich. David Rich. John Richardson. Robert Roach. Pam Roach. Tam Robinson, Darryl Russell. Bill Sailliez, Gaston Samples. Carol Samples, Duane Samples, Marty Sawalich. Mike Schafer. Merrie Ann Seagle, Lori Sheffler. Tim Shostrom. Eric Sigler. Dawn Simmons. Janet Sisk. Lori Smith. Daryl Smith. Lou Ellen Smith. Robert Smith. Susan Smothers. Marla 54Spurgeon. Mike Stalorites. Lance Stanley. Randy Stanley. Vickie Steh. Rosenell Stevens. James Stevens. Tammy Summers. Chris Szymczak. Jeffery Tedeschi. Tony Thomas, Darla Thomas. Rusty Throgmorton. Paula Tinsley. Eddie Tomlinson. Martha Trammel. Melissa Tresso. Francine Uhls. Dennis Vanway. Renee Vanzandt. Grant Vincent. Connie Wade. Karen Wade. Sharon Walker. Cheryl 55Yarborough. Dianne Not Pictured Agnitsch. Joe Allen. Laura Alverson. Delon Ambos. Susan Bock. Glenda Bozic. Tim Braggs. Ron Chrostoski. Robert Hammers. Steve Hancock. Brian Langston. Laura Mercer. Lisa Murphy. Alan Newell. Toni Wallace. Scott Walton. Phillip Warren. Bruce Wiggs. Patricia Wilce. Glenn Wiley, Terri Wilkerson. Lori Wilkerson. Shelly Willard. Mickey Williams. Danny Williams. La Donne Williams. Larry Williams. Marty Wilson. Joby Wilson. Mitch Wininger. Rita Woolard. Mark Wright, Cledith Wright. Debbie Wyant. Scott Owens. James Podnar. John Ratley. Dixie Spillman. Jim Summers. Terri Taylor. David Winget. Melody 56REDBIRD SOPHOMORESSOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS — Lisa Mitchell. Vice-President: Randy Mayhew. President: Lisa Basler. Treasurer: Jane Mondino. Secretary. Last year’s freshmen became this year’s sophomores as the class of 1980 began their second year at F.C.H.S. The sophomores took part in many activities during the course of the year. The sophomore float captured first place in the Homecoming parade with the theme "Star Wars.” The sophomores also sold candy bars to pay for their future Senior Banquet. Like sophomores before them, they were very enthusiastic at football pep rallies as well as all other athletic events. Also, many sophomores were initiated into various clubs. Over all, the sophomores had a fine year. The sophomore attendants for the 1977-1978 Homecoming were Keri Avripasand Lisa Mitchell. The sophomores chose Randy Mayhew as their class president and Lisa Mitchell as vice-president: Lisa Basler as treasurer, and Jane Mondino as class secretary. Mr. Ron Winter and Mrs. Sheila Blackwood served as sophomore sponsors. Aaron. Desiree Adelsberger. Liz Alverson. Jim Anderson. Frances 58Armes. Peggy Arnold. Jay Avripas. Keri Barber. Arnold Bartlett. Denise Bartoni, Tracy Basler. Lisa Bearden. Glenn Behn. Charles Bennett, Joy Bernhard. Ted Bernhard. Theresa Biggs. Richie Black. Christy Blackshare. Dianna Bock. Theresa Bode. Laura Bowyer. Karen Branch. Joyce Bright. Kelly Brown. Lorena Browning. Keith Buckingham. Molly Butler. Gena 59Chamness. Dana Chandler. Richard Cima. Jeff Coble. Debra Connors, Mary Cope. Bill Cowsert. Dana Craig. Norma Cullum, Steve Davidson. Kelly Davis. Donna Davis, Janet Davy. Don Dees, Scot DeSpain. Yvonne Dorris. Barbara Duane. Susan Dunston. Julie Edwards. Judy Ellis. Bryan Eubanks. Cindy Ferguson, Kari Fernandez. Federico Ferrari. Sisto 60Fichtel, Steve Finney. Keith Florian. Matt Frost. James Garbo. James Garland, Paul Garner, Shawn Giles. Lisa Golio, Lori Green. Susan Gregory. Beverly Gulley. Nancy Gutierrez, Juan Hall. Paul Hammers. Krissy Hampton. Gayla Harper. Brad Harpool. Keith Herron. Kelly Hewlett. Rena Heyder. Steve Hoover. Debbie Kelly. Curtis Kelly. Joyce 61Kirby. Jo Ann Kirby. Kim Knapp. Frank Lam. Jama Lee. Cindy LeTourneau. Yvette Lewis. Randy Luttenbaeher. Scott Mabery. Chris Mandrell. Vanda Margelli. Maryann Mayfield. Michelle Mayhew. Randy Mays. Rusty McClintock. David McCluskie. Eddie McElwee. James McGinty. Gay McKeown, Allen McReynolds. Eddie Meadows. Charles Melvin. Paul Melvin. Tony Milda. Darlene 62Mitchell. Lisa Mondino. Jane Moore. Les Morgan. John Morris. Dana Moscickis. Susan Murphy. Jim Neal. Kathy Neatherlin. Robin Neibel. Jennifer Newell. Cindy Nicholson. Tim Odle. Randy Padziora. Judy Patton. Lori Perkins. Terri Perry. Bill Pike. Clay Prusacyk. Tony Pry. Donna Racic. Rhonda Raymond. Lisa Reed. Jeff Reed. Mark 63Reed. Robin Rich. Jerry Rogers. Robert Rose. Brian Rosen. Mike Rowe. Todd Russell. Ruth Russell. Tony Sakonyi. Susan Schmidt. Billy Scott. Willie Shupe. Debbie Sisk, Greg Smelcer. Bob Smith. Jackie Smith. James Smith. Lisa Smith. Todd Smothers. Greg Spain. Miranda Stanley. Phillip Stanley. Robbie Story, Abby Stubblefield. Ricky 64Summers, Diane Taylor. Wes Tefertiller. Duane Terry. Bill Trovillion. Kevin Trusty. Rod Turner, Tracey Turpin. Kim VanZandt. LaDonna Viernum. Louis Wagner. Jeff Wagner, Tammy Walker. Mark Wall. Larry Wall. Latitia Wall. Lori Wall. Todd Wall. Tracy Wallace. Michelle Walley, Libby Ward. James Warren. Todd Webster. Guy Westray. Lucinda 65White. Roxanne Whitson. Thelma Wiehn. Brad Wilburn. Lori Wilee. Robin Wilkins. Scott Wilkinson. Kathy Williams. Heather Williams. Kyle Williams. Mary Williams. Pat Williams. Tammy Wilson. Chris Wilson. Scott Woody. Vickie Wyant, Roxanne Blades, Tony Burke. Leslie Davis. Tracy Ellis. Dennis Field. Barbara Frost. James Kaytor. David NOT PICTURED Lankford. Patricia Lindsey. Jo Ann Lucas. Jane Ogden. Donnette Owens. Rick Sparks. Rosemary Steinberger. SusanT7 REDBIRD FRESHMENFRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Seated: Sheri Harrum. vice presidenl: Stacee Arnetl. treasurer. Standing: Kim Galh. secretary; Lori Hand, president. The class of '81 began their first year at high school. After the freshmen went through the embarrassment of initiation and the challenge of finding all their new classes, they made many new aquaintances. The freshman class sold candy to raise money for their freshman float. The theme of the Homecoming float was “Roast the Rangers." This year's class officers were: president. Lori Hand: vice president. Sheri Harrum: secretary. Kim Galh: and treasurer. Stacee Arnett. The sponsors of the class were Mr. Harold Hood and Mrs. Sharon Pappas. The freshman class chose Stacee Arnett and Sheri Harrum as representatives in the Homecoming Court. Adelsberger. f erry Akin. Lisa A mhos. Lynn Anderson. Cindy Androff. Jack Armes. Laura Arnett. Stacee Bacon. Donna Bennett, Wesley Bernhard. Jill 68Bird. Bill Blades. John Blocker. Justin Boehnlein, Laura Bonifield. Keith Bowers. Bruce Bragg, Pamela Brookhouse. Jane Bruno. Alison Burns, Beth Bryan. Teresa Calcaterra. Jay Calvert. Roger Canann. Scott Caraker. Becky Chapman. Tena Christy. James Chrostoski. Steve Claridy. Cindy Colburn. Debra Colyer. Richard Conaway, Fred Cook. Angela Cornelia, Darren Cornelia. Kevin Craig. Gary Crawford. Doug Darby. Greg Darnell. Jim Darnell. Jeff Davidson. Carla Davis. Ken Davis. Teresa Dawson. Debbie Demaretti. Lisa 69Dorris. Jo Donna Dorris. Linda Drasil. Kim Duff. Jeri Eader. Joe Ezell. Tammy Freeman. Robin Fries. Philip Gahn. Donna Galli. Kim Gardner. Johnnie Garland. Juanita Gass. Tammy Griffin, Andy Griffith. Keith Grzanich. Tony Gunter. Mike Ffand. Lori Harper, Debbie Harris, Marilyn Harrum. Sheri Heath. Todd Heffron. Valerie Hehner. Karla Hemminghaus. John Herrell. Gayla Heyder. John Hood. Deann Hughes. Debra Huite. Debbie Innis. Diane Isaacs. Lori Jent, Robbie Jones. Keith Jones. Randy 70Julian. John Karnes. Scott Kelley. Tammy Kerrone. Todd King. Russell Lane. Richard Lawrence. Alan Lemmon. Nancy LeTourneau. Mick Lind. Debbie Lizon. Sharie Logsdon. Natalie Long. Kendall Lovan. Tracy Luttenbacher. Steve Marks. Randy Martin. Tony McClerren. Tammy McClintock. Darmon McHenry. Nancy McKeown. Kelly McMillin. Gayla Melvin, Scott Milda. Deanna Miller. Robin Miller. Shawn Mitchell. Stephanie Mitchell. Wendy Moake. Jeff Moore. Jeff Moore. Joe Moore. John Morgan. Bonnie Morgan. Janice Morris. Francis 71Moschino. Jeff Murray. Debra Neeley. Angela Neves. Becky Niblett. John Nicklin. Sandy Nolen. Doug Nolen. Jim Odam. Tammy Opdyke. David Owens. Christina Owens. Tedi Owens. Traci Parrish. Ann Patrick. Tammy Peeler. Paul Perkins. Barbie Perkins, Sandy Pietrantoni, Tommy Poole. Susan Poole. Vince Presley. Darrell Ragsdale. Mary Reeder. Patty Reimer. James Rich. Alfred Rich. Betty Richardson. Shane Robasse. Lisa Robasse. Bill Robinson. Beckv Rogers, Cindy Ross. Rebecca Russell. Jeff Samples. Earl 72Sanders. Diane Sandusky. Jonna Saulsbury. Robin Schewe. Eric Schmidt. Sylvia Scott. Kelly Severin. Steve Sipes. Teri Smith. Ron Smothers. Brent Spears. Monica Steh. Beth Stoner. Eddie Stoner. Tina Stubblefield. Carla Summers. David Syers. Tommy Tanner. Becky Taylor. Debbie Thompson. Renee Tresso. Margaret Uhls. Harold Vanway. Claudia Vaughn. Keith Verschueren. Bruce Verschueren. Scott Ward. David Warren. Tammy Webster. Tom White. Melissa Whitlow. Danelle Wiggins. Shawn Williams. Scott Winter. Shawn Yadro. Nancy 73Yadro, Paula Young, Toni NOT PICTURED Alverson, Karmyn Arview, Joe Ashby, Glenn Bourland, Lori Gardner, Kathy Golio. Kathy Hosicks, Larry McDaniel, Amy Morgan. Mary Ellen Poole, Alice Rich, David Rose. Terry Ross, Melissa Smith. Cindy VanZandt, Tony Wall. John Watkins, Bruce Whiting, Jane 7475REDBIRD CLASSESSixth hour propoganda students take notes from Mrs. Chiaventone. Mr. Ricci demonstrates drafting techniques to his students. Mrs. Marlow checks the progress of one of her creative writing students. 78Child development students gain knowledge and understanding of Mr. Russell's advanced electricity students learn to wire a building, preschool children. Mr. Dohanich reviews the work of his Metal Shop II students.Geometry students work proofs under the supervision of Mr. Stritzel. P.E. 100 students participate in an active game of volleyball. Mrs. Pappas’ home ec. students prepare their daily assignments.REDBIRD v. .1 ATHLETICSVARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM — Row . J. Agnitsch. P. Huile. M. Hefner. K. Reeves. A. Melvin. S. Wallace. J. Spillman. J. Wall. J. Calvert. D. Culpeper. M. Sawalich. Row 2: Coach Ernest. J. White. G. Hammers. M. Bartoni. M. Broy. J. Connell. M. McClintock. R. Glodich. I. Claxton. M. Kathalynas. Coach Demattei. Row 3: T. Tedeschi. M. Samples. J. Hopkins. B. Gusentine. J. Rogers. J. Russell. E. Shoslrom. R. Finney. J. Irvin. M. Collier. 1977 FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD REDBIRDS OPPONENTS 28 DuQuoin 6 32 Johnston City 6 7 Mount Vernon 22 12 Marion 26 6 Eldorado 8 18 Carbondale 35 12 Herrin 13 21 Harrisburg 27 7 Centralia 14 12 Granite City North 34 13 Benton 3 8283 Senior Defense Halfback Jaceson Wall Senior Halfback Jeff Rogers Senior Center Marty KathalynasSenior Guard Jim White Senior F.nd Mark McClintock Senior End Keith Reeves Senior Tackle Jeff Russell 84Jl NIOR MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY SQUAD Rom I: Halfback Jack Calvert. Fullback Eric Shostrom. Halfback Gary Hammers. Rom 2: Halfback Amos Melvin. Fullback Jim Spillman. Halfback Scott Wallace. Quarterback Mike Hopkins. JUNIOR MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY SQUAD Rom : Guard Danny Culpepper. Center Mike Sawalich. Rom 2: Center Mike Bar-toni. Tackle Marts Samples. Tackle Tony Tedcschi. 85JUNIOR MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY SQUAD - Row Fnd Joe Agnitsch. End John C onnell. Row 2: Tackle Mike Collier. End Jeff Irvin. End Mike Broy. SOPHOMORE. FOOTBALL TEAM — Row I: T. Wall. A. Griffin. B. Verschueren. M. Reed. D. Davy. L. Moore. J. Moake. Row 2: Coach Rice. M. Florian. T. Rowe. W. Taylor. D. Nolen. T. Warren. S. Luttenbacher. D. Ward. Coach Dziadus. RowR. Chandler. K. Harpool. J. Cima. T. Smith. J. Reed. Row 4: T. Pietrantoni. D. Tefertiller. K. Finney. J. McElwee. R. Mayhew, T. Nicholson. J. Eader. B. Terry. 86FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM Row I: S. Verschueren. S. Luttenbacher. J. Gardener. A. Griffin. R. Colver. B. Verschueren. J. Niblelt. Row 2: S. Richardson. J. Moake, S. Miller. J. Nolen. E. Samples, D. Summers. J. Moore. D. Ward. Row 3: Coach Wilkinson. J. Moore. J. Eader. S. Wiggins. T. Pietrontoni. D. Nolen. R. Calvert. E. Stoner. Sidelined Redbirds cheer their team. Exhausted Redbirds rest at half time. 87VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Row I: K. Trovillion, C. Butta. D. Smith. M. Broy. J. Cima. K. Harpool. R. Glodich. F. Fernandez. Row 2: Mr. Fieri. C. Butler. E. Shostrom. M. Hopkins. M. Wilson, D. Samples. J. Wilson. K. Griffith. Mr. Dziadus. Mr. Brown. 1977-78 BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD REDBIRDS OPPONENTS 25 DuQuoin 43 43 Johnston City 58 38 Centralia 63 35 Harrisburg 33 58 Mount Vernon 81 43 Herrin CARBONDALE HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT Chicago St. Patrick Alton 46 55 Marion 60 55 Benton 64 36 Carbondale 59 39 Harrisburg 53 56 Benton 41 44 Mount Vernon 66 50 Pinckneyville 63 72 Marion 65 37 Carbondale PYRAMIDTOURNAMENT 57 39 Herrin 51 59 Johnston Cits 57 45 Centralia 55 63 Johnson City 46 55 Herrin 62 REGIONAL TOURNAMENTRichard Glodich Senior Guard Mr. Bob Brown Varsity Basketball Coach Kurt Griffith Senior Center Jeff Cima shoots over Bulldogs defender. 89Members of the Varisty Squad Left lo right: E. Shostrom. M. Wilson. D. Samples. M. Hopkins. J. Wilson. 90SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM — Row 1: R. Lewis, G. Sisk. M. Cogdill, M. Florian, B. Schmidt. T. Wall. Row 2: Coach Fiori, B. Terry, K. Harpool. R. Stanley, K. Griffith. J. Rich. Mgr. W. Scott. K. Trovillion. 91FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Row I: J. Gardner. B. Verschueren. J. Nolen. J. Moake. S. Karnes. T. Syers. S. Chrostoski. J. Moore. Row 2: Coach Dziadus. K. Vaughn. S. Winter. S. Melvin. J. Moore. K. Griffith. D. Nolen. R. Jones. S. Verschueren. J. Nibletl. K. Griffith goes up for a shot. Freshmen display tournament trophies. 92GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM — Row I: J. Neibel. K. Akin. P. McGhee. K. Avripas. D. Darnell. B. Steh, L. VanZandt. M. Mayfield. C. Vanwey. Row 2: Coach Hopkins. M. Conaughty. S. Smith. D. Ratley. R. White. L. Patton. T. Stevens. V. Mandrel!. B. Robinson. L. Giles. 93 B. Steh demonstrates fundamentals to L. Patton. K. Avripas. V. Mandrell. and C. Vanwey.Members of the Girls’ Basketball Team — Row I: J. Neibel, L. VanZandt, M. Mayfield. Row 2: K. Akin. D. Ratley. R. White, T. Stevens. L. Giles. 94GEORGE HOPKINS GIRLS' BASKETBALL COACH VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Girls Make Athletic History Athletic history was made at F.C.H.S. when the girls' basketball team was formed in 1978. The first game was played February 9. 1978. in the school’s gymnasium in front of a huge crowd. Mr. George Flopkins was the first coach. Forty girls tried out for the sixteen places on the two teams. Practice was after school. The games were played on various Thursday nights during the year. 1977-78 BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD REDBIRDS OPPONENTS 24 McLeansboro 38 33 Johnston City 37 17 Johnston City 34 WOODLAWN SUB-REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 95 WALTONVILLF. REGION AL TOURNAM ENTVARSITY WRESTLING TEAM — Row I: R. Rogers. L. Wall, B. Smith, T. King, A. Melvin. Row 2: M. Sawalich, D. Culpepper, G. Hammers, M. Kathalynas, B. Gusentine, J. Rogers, P. Walton. JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM — Row I: S. Canann, J. Morgan, T. VanZandt, M. Reed, S. Severin, D. Ward. Row 2: E. Samples. T. Warren. W. Taylor, J. Eader, T. Nicholson. D. Tefertiller. V. Poole. 96SENIOR WRESTLER BOBGUSENTINE SENIOR WRESTLER JEFF ROGERS SENIOR WRESTLER MARTY KATHALYNAS SENIOR WRESTLER TERRY KING1977 BASEBALL TEAM — Row J: J. Spillman. B. Warren. J. Simmons. J. Minton. J. Irvin. R. Glodich. J. Willmore. Row 2: Coach Fiori. M. Samples. K. Griffith. E. Shostrom, J. Wilson. M. Wilson. B. Bechelli. S. Mabry. D. Doty. G. Smith. S. Giles. VARSITY TRACK TEAM — Row : K. Reeves. W. Taylor. S. Wallace. A. Melvin. S. Gardner. G. Isaacs. M. Florian. S. Fichtel. R. Wilburn. L. Wall. Row 2: G. Hammers. J. May. T. Warren. C. Butta. J. Woolard. D. Green. M. Dial. R. Webster. M. Reed. Row 3: S. House. M. Hopkins, S. Mabry, R. Stanley. E. Shostrom. M. Michalic. J. Rogers, M. Broy, K. Griffith. G. Smith. Row 4: Coach Ernest. J. Glover. J. Cima. A. Bowman, R. Finney. J. White. B. Gusentine. D. Davey. Coach Wilkinson. 99GOLF TEAM —T. Martin, S. Winters, D. Smith, Coach Karoski. B. Galli, B. Otterson. R. Lewis. The 1977-78 Redbird golfers discuss tournament plans for the state tournament in Springfield, Illinois. 100Sports Review ’78 101102103104REDBIRDREDBIRD ANNUAL — Row I: L. Demaretti. K. Galli, T. Roe. M. Smothers. C. Harris. J. Bernhard. Row 2: B. Harper. E. McCluskie. G. Butler. P. Weston. R. Glodich. J. Calvert, Mrs. Batts. The Redbird Annual Records 106 STAFF MEMBERS— R. Mitchell. P. Weston, G. Butler. T. Roe. C. Harris.STAFF MEMBERS — Row I: K. Galli, L. Demaretti. Row2: J. Calvert. E. McCluskie. R. Glodich. Memories of People and Events 107 STAFF MEMBERS — M. Smothers, J. Bernhard. B. Harper.GIRL SCOUTS N. Yadro. P. Yadro. L. Golio. I. Clay. R. McClerren. L. Wilburn. 108 AUTO MECHANICS — Row . D. Mcnccs. D. Seagle. R. Henson. G. Sailliez. R. Smith. M. Basler. D. Huite. Row 2: J. Hoppers. J. Deason. S. Blades. R. Stanley. D. Patterson. D. Bristow. G. Presley. D. Price. Row 3: K. Coffman. B. Livesay. G. Ellis. T. Bozic. D. McMillin. B. Johnson. J. Irvin. Row 4: R. Pearce. R. Stanley. W. Gipson. M. Woolard, C. Jones. Mr. Weakly.F.F.A. — Row 1: P. Melvin, T. Kerrone. B. Presley. D. Crawford. M. Gunter, B. Smothers, J. Eader, W. Scott, C. Summers. Row 2: Mr. Hobbs. R. Stubblefield. L. Presley. F. Knapp. J. Agnitsch. E. Claussen. K. Cornelia. G. Bearden. S. Blades. J. Smith. K. Browning. The F.F.A., under the sponsorship of Mr. Hobbs, was very active this year at F.C.H.S. Their activities included a soil judging contest in which they placed sixth. They were also included in a grain judging contest. Although active during the year, the members managed to enter a float, “Plow ’Em Under,” in the annual Homecoming parade. 109 F.F.A. OFFICERS — B. Smothers. E. Claussen. J. Smith, L. Presley. B. Presley.ADVANCED CHORUS — Row I M. Schafer. R. McClerren. K. Herron. C. Conaughty. D. Thomas. L. Wilburn. C. Sailliez. C. Vincent. J. Bennett. Row 2: D. Sneddon. L. McCormick, D. Colburn, P. Jent. J. Schultz. K. Kessel. P. Spain. L. Arnold. P. Gulley. L. Lee, Mr. Morton. Row 3: C. Lee. B. Smothers, B. Perry. N. Gulley. D. Summers. S. Wilson. K. Cook. L. Viernum. P. Griggs. CHORUS — Row 1: D. Huite, D. Yarborough. V. Woody. P. Perkins. T. Connors. M. Spain. D. Series, P. Spain. M. Margelli. Row 2: T. Gunter. D. Harper. B. Dorns. N. McHenry, K. Killion, F. Hand, T. Ferrari, D. Wright. Mr. Morton. Row 3: J. Sweetin, M. Harris. R. Win-inger, J. Garbo. P. Fries, T. Prusaczyk. M. Conaughty. I. Clay. R. Vanwey.Members of the F.C.H.S. chorus enjoy singing a variety of selections. Mr. Morton’s chorus class stands attentively as he directs it. Student Laura Arnold accompanies the chorus on the piano.STUDENT COUNCIL — Row I: C. Harris. K. Bode. L. Cope, M. Smothers. K. Pope. K. Johnson, L. Bode, N. Yadro, A. Neely. Row 2: L. Clark, S. Arnett. J. Bernhard, D. Bacon, K. Woods. L. Smith, L. Arnold. B. Robinson. B. Steh, D. Shupc, K. Avripas, C. Butta. Row 3: Mr. Warren, M. Hopkins, L. Williford, B. Pattarozzi, L. Cowsert, C. Lee, L. Ruzich, S. Sakonyi, D. Cowsert, L. Mitchell. R. Mayhew, J. Glover. The Student Council, which is composed of elected members from each class, attended the Little Egypt District of Student Councils Convention held in McLeansboro. Members were in charge of this year’s Homecoming activities. Officers for the year were: Cindy Lee, president; Chris Butta, vice-president; D. Maurer, secretary; and Mike Hopkins, treasurer. Mr. Terry Warren is the sponsor. 112 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS —D. Maurer. M. Hopkins. C. Lee. C. Butta.HONOR SOCIETY — Row : J. Bernhard, S. Raymond. P. Jent. L. Hudson. L. Ruzich. K. Bode. S. Krah. C. Borton. Row 2: A. Davidson. J. Migielicz, L. Lovan, K. Rowe. G. Smith. B. Laird. R. White. K. Caslrale. P. Weston, T. Roe. S. Razer. Row 3: Mr. Warren. D. Green. M. Kathalynas. P. Stone. D. Lawrence. V. Sloan. N. Garrett. R. Smith. C. Lee. K. Woods. R. LeTourneau. B. Gusentine. D. Glover. NIKE — Row I. D. Lawrence. C. Vincent. B. Laird. G. Smith. C. Midkiff. K. Karnes. Row 2: Miss Grosco. D. Cowsert. L. Smith. D. Aaron. R. White. K. Johnson. K. Murray. L. Shelton. 113BANNER GIRLS — L. Cowsert. R. White. Additions to F.C.H.S. Band RIFLE CORPS — F. Tresso, M. Schafer, C. Conaughty. J. Simmons, K. Neal. K. Johnson. 114FLAG CORPS — T. Wagner. J. Duff. H. Williams. D. Harper, T. Bryan, D. Colburn, J. Schultz, M. Spain. R. Russell, J. Dorris. M. Conaughty, R. Racic, K. Drasil. F.C.H.S. BAND Row J: V. Stanley, M. Agnitsch, L. Mercer, K. Herron. D. Milda, L. Austin. Row 2: S. Canann. M. Walker. C. McElwee. W. Scott, B. Bromely, C. Samples, L. Herring, R. Rogers. G. Webster. S. Severin. Row 3: E. Schewe. Row 4. D. Ward, J. Nolen. S. Heyder. R. Henson, M. Florian, A. Griffin. K. Hehner, D. Sanders, P. Walton. 115Band members perform their marching routine. The grueling practices pay off. White. 116•• ' The band performs at Homecoming activities. IMEA SELECTEES —T. Palmer. L. Austin, M. Walker. K. Herron, C. McElwee. The band practices seventh hour every day. Top Band Students Honored 117BUILDING TRADES — Row . J. Graves. D. Doty. D. Talbott. G. Hammers. Row 2: A. Melvin. S. Melvin. J. Sanders. L. Short. Mr. Barton. BUILDING TRADES— Row : F. Harkins. M. Bartoni. F. McNeely. S. Randolph. J. Smith. Row 2: J. Krmpotich. D. Veldman. J. Lind. J. Wilson. Mr. Steh. 118SUB-DEBS — Row I: M. Farley. K. Avripas. P. McGhee. K. Wade. R. Hewlett. S. Wade, M. Tomlinson. C. Harris, D. Darnell. Row 2: C. Herrell, K. Akins, L. Mitchell. K. Woods. L. Clark. M. Smothers, K. Wilkinson. L. Cowsert. D. Cowsert, T. Palmer. Mrs. Chiaventone. Row 3: S. Sakonyi, K. Bode. L. Ruzich, N. Garrett, L. Bode, K. Herron. D. Aaron. SUB DEB OFFICERS — M. Farley. L. Clark. K. Woods. P. McGhee. The Sub Deb Club, sponsored by Mrs. Chiaventone, participated in many club activities during the year. These activities included a costume Halloween party, a Christmas dinner and gift exchange, and the second annual dance with the Key Club. The members also sold Homecoming mums and contributed to the Heart Fund. 119KEY CLUB Row I: G. Hammers. D. Miller. R. Julian, C. Buita, M. Kathalynas, D. Glover. D. Green, M. Florian. T. Wall. Row 2: Mr. Yuhas, S. Randolph, M. Basler. W. Taylor. T. Claxion. K. Reeves, T. Warren. B. Russell, S. Hammers. Row 3: R. Glodich. M. Broy. J. Cima. T. Crespi. B. Guseniine. M. Hopkins. J. Glover, S. House. KEY CLUB OFFICERS — R. Glodich. T. Claxton. D. Miller. D. Green. Senior Key Club member. Mark Hughes 120STUDENT SECRETARIES — Row I. L. Seagle. L. Price. K. Harpool. K. McClanahan. J. Simmons, T. Wiley. M. Heath. M. Tomlinson, K. Pope. Row 2: M. McClintock, D. Coomer. L. Clark. J. Duff. L. Wilkerson, M. Conaughty, K. Akins, M. Smothers. C. McElwee. Row 3. T. Stevens, L. Blackshare. R. Workman. J. Melvin. D. Cowsert. K. Johnson. 121 STUDENT SECRETARIES — Row I: L. Sisk, L. Robinson. V. Good. J. Hagar. K. Butta. V. Stanley. L. Mercer, B. Deason, J. Schultz. Row 2: P. Griggs. S. Smith. K. Bode. J. Sweetin. N. Garrett. L. Rogers, P. Dorris. M. Agnitsch, G. Odle. J. McPhail.NURSING I — Row . L. Lee. R. Vanwey. P. Roach. C. Harris, C. Hooker. P. Lee. P. Murphy. T. Bartoni. D. Ellsworth. Row2: C. Walker. J. Branch. T. Wiley. D. Wright. P. Huite. T. Wagner. T. Roach. R. Field, T. Gunter. L. Wilburn. Row .1 B. Hill. R. Hood. K. Kessel. P. Troutt. G. Butler. L. Cowsert. S. Long. K. Haley. Mrs. York. NURSING II — Row I: K. Good. C. Herrell. B. Brown. L. Williford. D. Arview. C. Sailliez. J. Owens. P. Perkins. Row 2: D. Chrostoski. C. Riddle. D. Miller. P. Weston. D. Lawrence. D. Brookhouse. T. Pike, L. Williams. T. Summers. L. Blackshare. D. Gordon. T. Connors. Mrs. York. 122YOUTH BOARD — Row I; D. Maurer. M. Wallace. C. Hooker. C. Rogers. L. Hudson. B. Laird. L. Clark. Row 2: Mr. Murphy. J. Moake. J. Glover. J. Moore. K. Griffith. J. Rogers. T. Rowe, T. Prusaczyk. M. Reed. 123 ART CIRCLE — Row I: K. Neal. C. Herrell. S. Wade. M. Tomlinson. K. Wade. C. Hooker. M. Kerrone. J. Whiting. T. Lovan. M. Ragsdale. Row 2: Mr. Murphy. M. Conaughty. L. Clark. C. Conaughty, P. Lee. S. Tweety. J. Neibel. J. Migielicz. P. McGhee. J. Simmons. M. Odum. L. Westray. D. Bartlett, A. Parrish, L. Cope. Row 3: R. Saulsbury, P. Young. F. Tresso. K. Johnson. K. Racic. T. Bryan. N. Logsdon. B. Neves, D. Hoover. G. Hampton. D. Chamness. L. Basler. C. Rogers. L. Wilkerson. P. Murphy. Row 4: T. Wagner. L. Hudson. T. Ezell. L. VanZandt, J. Duff. D. Cowsert. A. Story. L. Mitchell. L. Bode. K. Russell. L. Giles. Y. LeTourneau. M. Smothers. C. Harris. L. Sisk. Row 5: S. Drasil, R. Thompson. D. Maurer. K. Bode. D. Colburn. K. Drasil. D. Nolen. R. White. G. Smith. R. White. M. Tresso. C. Anderson.SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS — K. Avripas, K. Turpin. S. Sakonyi. M. Wallace, L. Mitchell, L. Smith. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS M. Farley. M. Kerrone. S. Wade. S. Krah, K. Wade. T. Wiley. 124FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS — K. Galli. A. Bruno. N. Vadro. S. Harrum. S. Arneit. 125REDBIRD NOTES — Row I: D. Sigler, K. Harpool. T. Gass, J. Simmons, R. McClerren, D. Darnell, D. Thomas. Row 2: S. Wilkerson, L. Viernum. G. Stone, R. Trusty, J. Szymczak. B. Caraway. K. Bonifield. P. Williams, G. Ashby. D. Miller, Mrs. Chiaventone. STAFF MEMBERS — B. Caraway, P. Williams, Mrs. Chiaventone, G. Stone. D. Sigler. 126SPANISH CLUB — Row I: L. Sisk. F. Tresso. K. Johnson. T. Wiley. J. Bernhard, B. Reimer. K. Bode, K. Castrale. C. Borton, C. Vincent. Row 2: R. Butler. K. Wade. S. Krah. P. Dorris. T. Roe. B. Bromley. K. McLasky, T. Mays. M. Schaefer. R. McC'lerren. K. Karnes. Mrs. Fiori. Row 3: T. Schmidt. D. Darnell. T. Wall. B. Pattarozzi. K. Wade. D. Nolen, D. Maurer, C. Lee. T. Lindsay. S. Razer, K. Woods. L. Ver-schueren. L. Lovan. Row 4: R. Treece. M. Blades. M. Samples. D. Samples. B. Gusentine. M. Hopkins. J. Rogers. D. Glover. N. Garrett. Row 5: J. Barton, T. Sheffler. To be eligible for membership in the Spanish Club, students must complete one year of Spanish. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Sandra Fiori, went to Feme Cliff for a picnic, to SI U for a Saluki basketball game, and they planned the summer trip to Mexico. The club also painted a car for the Homecoming Parade, sold candy, and worked concessions to boost their club treasury. Club officers for the year were Patty Dorris, president; Bob Gusentine, vice-president: Susie Meadows, secretary; and David Glover, treasurer. 127 SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS B. Gusentine, S. Meadows, D. Glover. P. Dorris.RED PEPPERS — Row 1: K. Scott. L. Isaacs. A. Bruno. K. Avripas. D. Schupe. L. Baslcr. J. Bernhard, S. Arnett, B. Steh. A. Neeley. Row 2: L. Smith, G. McGinty, S. Sakonyi. K. Wilkinson, D. Hoover, D. Bartlett. S. Harrum, S. Nicklin. P. Yadro, N. Yadro, G. Herrell, V. Heffron, M. Ragsdale. Row 3: Mrs. Blackwood. M. Wallace, T. Wagner L. Vpnzandt, L. Westray, J. Brookhouse. K. Galli, M. Mayfield, J. Whiting, B. Robinson. K. Bacon. D. Murray. T. Lovan. Row 4: R. Freeman, M. Harris, D. Lind, S. Mitchell, L. Raymond, C. Anderson, J. Duff, G. McMillin. D. Chamness. P. Braggs. K. Turpin. S. Poole. Row 5: D. Aaron. R. Thompson, M. Tresso. J. Dorris, L. Mitchell. L. Golio, L. Boehnlein. R. Russell. RED PEPPERS — Row 1: K. Wade. S. Krah. M. Farley. H. Barber. M. Kerrone, S. Wade. T. Wiley. Row 2: D. Maurer. F. Tresso. C. Conaughty, K. Johnson. M. Conaughty. K. C'astrale. C. Borton, Mrs. Blackwood. Row 3: T. Palmer. M. Tomlinson, S. Smith. B. Brown, S. House, K. Bode, B. Pattarozi. M. Agnitsch. P. Dorris. 128F.T.A. — Row 1: Mr. Clover, B. Steh, T. Young, D. Cowsert, S. Wilkerson, M. Schafer, R. Butler. D. Thomas. Row 2: S. Severin, A. Davidson, L. Cowsert. P. Walton, K. Kessel, J. Rich, S. Richardson. F.T.A. OFFICERS — P. Walton, R. Butler, J. Rich, D. Thomas. 129 F.T.A. is a club designed for students interested in the teaching profession. They have regularly scheduled meetings with guest speakers. The activities for this year included an initiation banquet held for the new members. They were also very busy with concessions at the basketball games. They made Thanksgiving baskets for the needy. They also had a Christmas party and a bowling party.STUDENT PATROL B. Gusentine. J. Agnitsch. J. Wall. R. Moore. 130 DRAFTING IV — Row I M. DeLai. K Reeves. M. McClintock. L. Rogers. S. House. D. Batts. J. White. Row 2: Mr. Ricci. B. Johnson. B Frakes. B. Tabor. M. Boehnlein. K. Griffin. S. Uhles. B. Adelsberger.OFFICE WORKERS — Row .- L. Sisk. D. Hoover. M. Meadows. M. Farley. S. Wade. A. Davidson. J. Smith. L. Rogers. Row 2: P. Saul. L. Lovan. C. Lampley. C. Borton. B. Pattarozzi. D. Cowsert. C. Samples. D. Lawrence. P. Jent. Row 3: R. Finney. T. Lingle. S. Wilson. 131 CO-OPERATIVE TRAINING — Row . B. Laird. C. Midkiff. D. Melvin. N. Rich. D. Groves. L. Austin. N. Sisk. Row 2: Mrs. Hedley. T. King. B. Dunston. S. Meadows. K. Rowe. D. Lawrence. R. White, L. Shelton. J. Cox. B. Frakes.F.H.A.-H.E.R.O. — Row 1: A. Parrish, T. Warren. C. Eubanks, C. Neal, D. Maurer, K. Kessel, S. Sakonyi, L. Issacs, G. Herrell, L. Hand. Row 2: Mrs. Pappas, P. Fries, N. McHenry, C. Davidson, D. Hoover. D. Murray. S. Nicklin, K. Drasil, D. Lind, K. Scott, A. Neeley. Mrs. Hedley. Row 3: B. Reimer. B. Steh. L. Raymond. B. Tanner, C. Claridy, L. Dorris, S. Mitchell, G. McMillin, C. Samples, S. Pool. J. Morgan, N. Yadro, N. Garland. Row 4: R. Racic. T. Patrick, K. Johnson, D. Aaron, C. Stubblefield, T. Wall, B. Robinson. J. Dorris, L. Golio, D. Hughes, R. Russell, T. Stoner, M. Spears, S. Arnett. F.H.A.-H.E.R.O. OFFICERS — K. Neal, S. Sakonyi, D. Maurer, K. Kessel. C. Eubanks. Members of the F.H.A.-H.E.R.O. Club began the year with their annual get-acquainted picnic. Other activities during the year included a Halloween party, Christmas caroling at the nursing homes, and meetings at different area schools. Guest speakers and craft projects were included in each meeting. Mrs. Sharon Pappas and Mrs. Jane Hedley are the club sponsors. 132INTERPRETER'S THEATRE — Row 1: T. Young, S. Raymond, R. White, D. Lawrence, R. White, P. Young. Row 2: V. Stanley. K. Czorn-iak, P. Gore, G. Smith, L. Viernum. J. Smith. R. Russell. C. Midkiff. INTERPRETER S THEATRE OFFICERS— R Russell. D. Lawrence. G. Smith. Dramatics plays an important role in our school system. The dramatic club at F.C.H.S. is the Interpreter’s Theatre. This year they presented the play Rest Assured. In May they sponsored Communications Week. During Communications Week, they had Gorilla Theatre and a successful bake sale. Mrs. Jo Linda Marlow was the club sponsor. 133134REDBIRD ADVERTISERSHOLLAND SUPER SAVE PHARMACY 410 W. St. Louis Phone 932-3011 BEAUTY CHATEAU Phone 932-3317 110 S. Emma KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Serving Finger Licking Chicken and Tasty Old English Fish 810 W. Main W. Frankfort TERY'S BARBER SHOPThunderbird — Ford — Mustang HARRIS' TOMLINSON For the Newest in Fashions MOTOR CO. West Frankfort, III. 410 West Main Street Ph. 932-3184 W. Frankfort Junior and Ready to Wear Also Our Complete Children's Dept. J. W. SIMMONS STONE FUNERAL HOME 1201 E. Poplar Ph. 932-2126 W. Frankfort, III. WEST FRANKFORT AUTO SUPPLY WALTON'S SERVICE COMPANY Radio — Television — Stereo — CB 1101 w. Main Ph. 932-2235 W. Frankfort. III. Bob Leon West Frankfort Bud Jim GOSS • Sony • Jenn Air • Maytag Appliance • RCA and • Whirlpool Service • Amana • Kitchen Aid • Speed Queen • Magic Chef • Corning 229 W. Main W. Frankfort. 111. 137WEST FRANKFORT AWNING, IRON, AND GLASS Awnings: Aluminum Canvas Fiberglass Ornamental Iron Spiral Stairways Aluminum Sidings Gary Gusentine 1305 W. Main Ph. 932-5810 WEST FRANKFORT BOWLING ALLEY Larry Bozic — Owner 108 E. Poplar Phone 937-9096 YADRO AUTO PARTS Compliments of STOTLAR-HERRIN “We Make Duals” LUMBER COMPANY West Frankfort. III. 102 E. Oak West Frankfort 138• Gifts • C rystal • China Complete Bridal Registry 202 E. Main Larry D. Carr Mary Ann Carr W. Frankfort The Finest in Concrete Products From ODUM CONCRETE 100 East St. Louis W. Frankfort BILL SMITH MOTORS Trucks — Tractors— Used Cars Route 37 North of W.F. Wheelhorse — Yazoo — Toro Lawn Equip. Good Luck From PIZZA INN 705 W. Main W. Frankfort BARTONI SUPPLY • Plumbing • Electrical Supplies West Frankfort 223 W. Main Ph.937-2515 CLYDE DAY INSURANCE Danny Julian Auent 112 S. Emma Ph. 932-6168 139140% BARKE -ft. ««■« _ _ _ D mm M M M X mm m m J Cano -T360 t Amtu . n£ “Your Rexall Dru 121 East Main W sf Frankh rt Your Prescriptions Accurately Compounded by i CARL BARKER EARL BUFFINGTON Registered Pharmacists PHONE 932-2714 ♦ Cords ★ Gift Wrap DuBARRY Faber V CHANEL 0 M«» doctor ‘ SPIV «S Tht Exquitite Half Colon ol MiirceJIe LOREAL OF PARIS Forty Goods ,or Esrr, ♦ Stationary % V f 1,1 N.c COS VC r ,f v Gifts for the Entire Family—Free Delivery DUNSTON ELECTRIC Complete Electric Service 1212 E. Main Ph. 932-5218 W. Frankfort BILL CHARLIE'S TEXACO Logan and Oak Streets W. Frankfort Ph. 932-5363 RUSSELL'S MAGNAVOX MAGNAVOX SALES SERVICE 103 W. Main • Phone 439-3913 • Benton. 111. 62812 224 E. Main • Phone 937-2011 • W. Frankfort. 111. 62896 UlDOUG KARNES Real Estate. Main and Logan Office Ph. 932-5029 Home Ph. 932-6086 West Frankfort. IL CHANDLER'S Russell Stover Candies Pafien, Hardware and Auto 327 East Main Ph.932-5313 West Frankfort 114 E. Main W. Frankfort. IL 932-2840 62896 Say It With Flowers for All Occasions Ixicy'i Flowers by Clara and Vicki 404 E. Main 932-5771 WEST FRANKFORT SPORTS CENTER 706 South Logan Street A Division of Gar Whitt Corp. West Frankfort. Illinois 62896 Name Brands in All Sports Equipment Telephone (618) 937-2119 M2See JACOBS —LANE JEWELERS For All Your Jewelry. Dinnerware. or Camera Needs West Frankfort P.J.'S BOUTIQUE Junior Sportswear 305 W. Poplar West Frankfort. IL BUD'S MOTOR SALES 1201 E. Main Ph. 932-6911 Quality Used Cars Dodge T rucks Plymouth Chrysler Ph. 932-5660 Congratulations Seniors From UNION PHARMACY “Service Is Our Business ” Phone 932-3963 West Frankfort STANDARD INSURANCE AGENCY COLEMAN'S CORNER Furniture — Carpeting 112 East Main West Frankfort. Illinois and Everything for Less Roger Boner Gene Boner 300 E. Main W. Frankfort 143TERRY HOPKINS ROE MACHINE CO. STATES ATTORNEY 1203 E. Sixth Street Ph. 932-2066 Franklin County W. Frankfort ANIXTER — CABLE SERVICE Box 427 Country Club Road W. Frankfort. III. Ph. 932-2151 THE FASHION SHOP FARM FRESH Southern Illinois' Largest and Finest Store for Women Open 7 Days A Week 7 to 11 West Frankfort, Illinois 602 W. West Ph. 937-2402 Main Frankfort Best Wishes to the Class of '78 D. MICHAEL RIVA Attorney at Law West Frankfort 115 E. Main Ph. 937-2404 I 44 GLEN WEEKS PONTIAC CHEVROLET Sales and Service On 1-57 and 149 W. Frankfort - RICK'S STANDARD “Complete Auto Repair" Main and Logan Streets Phone: 937-9097 BEN FRANKLIN “We Bring Variety to Life!" 201 E. Main Phone 932-2315 W. Frankfort. 1L SXf. ' idudfaceds, r P.O. Box 454 West Frankfort. 111. 62896 Phone (618) 937-2451 WATSON'S JEWELERS Authorized Accutron Dealers Priscilla and Cardinal Diamonds 128 East Main W. Frankfort UNION FUNERAL SERVICE Joe Sabolo — Jim Richerson Phone 932-3333 W. FrankfortHUNGRY JACK'S Sandwiches — Plate Lunches — Homemade Pies Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week 1005 W. Main W. Frankfort SANDERS ELECTRIC COMPANY West Frankfort 903 E. St. Louis 932-2179 INTERIORS 311 - 17 EAST MAIN STREET Telephone: (618) 932-3265 West Frankfort, Illinois 62896 JOHN E. GOODSON MiMIU_ ELE 102 N. Jefferson W. Frankfort. III. 62896 JACK GALLI AUTO BODY “Quality Workmanship” 23 Years Experience Flowers Rt. 37 South 932-6864 320 E. Main 937-1229 146Congratulations 1978 Graduates! HEIGHTS CHURCH OF GOD 1418 East Clark West Frankfort. Illinois S. Eugene Barker. Pastor Church 932-6040 Parsonage 932-6534 Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 P.M. Sunday Bible School 9:30 A.M Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 A.M Children's Church 10:30 A.M Toddler’s Church 10:50 A.M Senior Youth Meet 6:00 P.M. Evening Worship 7:00 P.M. — Nursery Provided Every Service — 147 “ Where Salvation makes you a member and people care! ”PARKER-REEDY FUNERAL HOME Raymond G. Parker Jr. — Fred Reedy Directors 604 E. Main W. Frankfort WEST FRANKFORT PACKING SHELBY'S TOW SERVICE South Jefferson West Frankfort Ph. 932-5115 932-3083 or 932-6643 West Frankfort. IL THE DAILY AMERICAN A Dynamic Newspaper Keeping Pace With a Progressive Community 115 S. Emma St. W. Frankfort. IL M W LUMBER CO. Complete Home Center 310 S. Logan Ph. 932-3511 Kitchen Cabinet Distributors 105 East Main West Frankfort. IL 148MARK TWAIN MARINE INDUSTRIES INC. Box 276 W. Frankfort. !L MABRY PAINT AND THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH GLASS Rev. Otto Brown Jeff Clark II13 East Main West Frankfort Pastor Minister of Education Phone 932-5511 106 W. Oak St. W. Frankfort COTTOM LANES 149THE BANK OF WEST FRANKFORT Member F.D.I.C. HOME LUMBER CO. Helping to Build Southern Illinois” Jack Woolard — Owner Greg Woolard — Sales Manager Phone — 932-3969 101 W. Poplar Fastest Growing Store in Southern Illinois FERNE'S LOT-O-SAVINGS STORE Mrs. Feme (Purdy) Phillips — Owner Bruce Purdy — Co-Owner 206 East Main W. Frankfort IMOGENE'S BEAUTY SALON Experts in: Styling. Precision Cuts, Sabastian Highlighting W.F. Ph. 932-5716 150Compliments of BILLGLODICH HONDA 5 Sons and 2 Princesses Ph. 932-6313 FRANKS. BROWNING REAL ESTATE Frank Browning Realtor 609 West Main Street West Frankfort, iL 62896 A W Compliments of WEST FRANKFORT A W DRIVE IN 1007 W. Main Phone 932-2564 OFF-MAIN FASHIONS 107 S. Emma Nationally Known Brands Missy and Juniors Jerry and Carolyn Ph. 932-6216 Castagna — Owners WEST FRANKFORT Company 202 West Main West Frankfort Greetings From the MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE West Frankfort 151P. N. HIRSCHCO. 210 W. Main Phone 932-2664 We Accept Visa and Mastercharge W.F.R.X. 1300 AM 97.7 FM “Your Information Station” JIM'S PIZZERIA The Best Pizza in Southern Illinois Pizza Spaghetti Ravioli Open Daily 3:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M. Friday and Saturday Till 2:00 A.M. Closed Monday Phone 932-3150 Carry Outs Wouldn't You Really Rather Have a Buick? DEMARETTI BUICK Joe Demaretti 105 West Poplar West Frankfort. Illinois Phone 932-3919 152 domfiL'imdnti of LO 328 East Main Phone 932-3214STUDENT ACTION FOR CHRIST In Action With Students Today! On and Off Campus Sam and Suzan Arnone Are in Action With Students • Heading S.A.L.T. (Student Action Leadership Training) — a Bible Study to Build Leaders Today Sam coaching Redbird wrestlers. • Directing "Issues and Answers” a New Kind of Christian Club • Counseling and Listening Call 937-2860 (Our Home Phone) To get acquainted, drop by Student Action Headquarters. 115 E. Poplar W. Frankfort 932-5992 153FRANK RUSSELL TRUCKING THE FIRST COMMUNITY BANK OF W.F. E. R. BROWN SIPES SUPPLY “Over 64 Years “In the Heights” Serving Southern 111.” 401 E. Main W. Frankfort Complete Plumbing, Electrical and Heating Supplies — Also Sheet Metal Work 702 E. Main 932-3066 1 54People Like You Make It Happen at DAIRY QUEEN REX WASSON REAL ESTATE 105 South Emma St. West Frankfort. IL Dairy Queen PASCHEDAG MUSIC HOUSE 1009 East Main St. West Frankfort. Illinois Phone 937-1742 Phone 932-6911 1102 East Main St. West Frankfort. IL tl)C limb i hop tomorrow Jo hion today Across From the Post Office 224 E. Main St. West Frankfort Ph. 937-1449 Phoenix— Hardy Amie’s and Palm Beach Clothing Puritan and Brenwood Sportswear John Alexander and Jaymar Slacks Brad McLain. Owner 155ticks Stuff MAC'S TRASH SERVICE "Proper Sanitation Makes a Better Community” Your Complete Home Building Center 1401 W. Main 932-3526 317 W. Main W. Frankfort Phone 932-6370 PERRY ELECTRONIC SERVICE CAR STEREO SPECIALISTS SALES — INSTALLATION - REPAIR 1204 WEST OAK PHONE 932-6580ANITA'S FLOWERS GIFTS Baskets — Rattan — Flowers Unusual Gifts Mrs. Glenn Ashby Manager 503 S. Logan W. Frankfort • y a MIKE’S CONFECTIONERY 407 E. Main Ph. 937-9059 Jerry and Cathy Barnes Owners Complete Line of Sandwiches PATRON ADS Bob G. Thompson. M.D. Cable T V. Ronald Mings. M.D. Elvis Nolen. Supt. of Educational Service Region E. W. Barkdull. M.D. Richard A. Harper. D.V.M. Owen H. Taylor. M.D. Don J. Webb. O.P. Bob Dugger Tire D. L. Griffin. M.D. J. M. D'Amico. D.D.S. Don Lucas — Attorney at Law Gene Carello P.G.A. Golf Professional The Golden Butterfly Casa Verde Greenhouse Howell Insurance Sebastian Pagano. D.D.S. Rosalie Shop E. Dale Brock. O.P. 157PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY “In the Professional Building" 309 W. St. Louis W. Frankfort Free Delivery Drive-Up Window Prescription Drugs Phone 932-1711COWBOYS As our yearbook comes to a close for the sixty-fourth time, the members of the REDBIRD Annual staff wish to thank all who helped to complete the 1978 REDBIRD Annual. The staff is grateful to the administration and the faculty for their patience and understanding during the production of the REDBIRD Annual. Thanks also go to the merchants and professional businessmen of West Frankfort for their support and cooperation. The staff would like to thank our photographer. Mr. Jerry Bryner. for his time and patience in helping us complete this annual. We particularly want to thank Mr. Larry DeMattei for his special photography work and Paul McHenry for his candid work. Finally, we wish to extend a special thanks to Mrs. Hellen Mary Batts. Without her guidance and assistance, the 1978 REDBIRD Annual could not have been completed. Me ' AAL L pl YYV 160Autographs

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