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1972 REDBIRD Frankfort Community High School West Frankfort, Illinois Volume 58TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION..................13 FACULTY.........................17 CLASSES.........................25 SENIORS.........................35 JUNIORS 53WEST SOPHOMORES.......................69 FRESHMEN.........................81 ORGANIZATIONS....................91 ATHLETICS.......................125 ADVERTISEMENTS..................145The sophomore class float, “Defeat Em,” captured first place in the Homecoming Parade. 4 Honorable Mention went to the Tri-Hi-Y float, “The Devil Made Me Do It.'VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - N. Speers, G. Griffin, D. Covilli, G. Scarlett, D. Book (Alternate), J. McGinty. 5 1971 VARSITY REDBIRDS SOUTH SEVEN CO-CHAMPIONSHOMECOMING COURT - Left to Right: V. Galli, T. Wiley, E. Scarlett, L. Claxton, D. Williams, D. Book. D. Dewar, S. Hill, C. Darnell. The Frankfort Community High School 1971-1972 Homecoming Court. 7MISS DEBBY WILLIAMS, Queen 1971-72, and her escorts KEITH ROBERTS and LEONARD HOPKINS. The 1971-’72 Homecoming MISS DEBRA DEWAR, Maid of Honor, and her escorts JOHN CRAWFORD and BRUCE SWINKUNAS. MISS VICKILYN GALLI, Lady-in-Waiting, and her escorts GEORGE KIRK and JACK HOGG.MISS DONNA BOOK, Junior attendant, and her escorts GREG MISS GLENDA SCARLETT, Junior attendant, and her escorts MITCHELL and MIKE MOORE. TAYLOR HAYS and PETER FULOP. Queen — Miss Debby Williams MISS TRENA WILEY, Sophomore attendant, and her escort JEFF ROBERTS. MISS LAURA CLAXTON, Sophomore attendant, and her escort JOHN DOTSON. 9MISS SUSAN HILL, Freshman attendant, and her escort MIKE GOLIO. MISS CAPRICE-DARNELL, Freshman attendant, and her escort BRAD McLAIN. Homecoming Is a Celebrated Event 10Beautiful grecian white columns and elaborate velvet set the mood for Frankfort Community High School’s Homecoming Coronation. Miss Debby Williams, Miss Debra Dewar, and Miss Vickilyn Galli were chosen by their senior classmates as representatives for queen. On the night of Nov. 24 Miss Williams, elected by the student body, was crowned Homecoming Queen of 1971-72. Miss Debra Dewar was selected as Maid of Honor, and Miss Vickilyn Galli was selected as Lady-in-Wait-ing. Each girl of the court was escorted by a senior football player. The Mistresses of Ceremony were Laura Wasson and Anne Claxton. Musical selections were presented by the F.C.H.S. Band and Chordettes. Mr. Gail Borton welcomed the Class of 1947. Mrs. Howard Roberts, member of the Class of 1947, gave the Alumni Response. Mrs. Mary Gautreaux was chairman of the Homecoming Committee, assisted by the Student Council. Laura Wasson and Anne Claxton, Mistresses of Ceremony. CHORDETTES - Row 1: T. Dover, S. Wolfe, P. Wilburn, D. Plasters, D. Donahue, K. Reed, B. Bruce, S. Isaacs, S. Mondi-no. Row 2: L. Killion, K. Cook, K. Lawrence, S. Griggs, B. Jennings, L. Costellia, C. Davis, K. Borton. Row 3: C. Randolph, S. Dietderich, J. Hogg, J. Tate, F. Jackson, D. Freeman, K. Anthony. Row 4: M. Williams, W. Jones, L. Link, J. Hancock, K. Shostrom, J. Smith, K. Griffith, C. Cash, S. Brinkley, M. Hermes. 11LEONARD HOPKINS, Student Body President. MISS LINDA FINN filled in for Mrs. Gloria Fox at the beginning of the second quarter. MISS GLADYS PYATT is retiring this year after an illustrious teaching career of forty-five years. Her entire career has been spent in the West Frankfort school system.The administration played a vital role in maintaining the smooth efficiency that is necessary to an educational foundation. Superintendent L. Goebel Patton returned for a second year of service. He guided both school officials and students by the suggestions he offered and the decisions he reached. As representatives of the people, the school board and Mr. Patton worked to satisfy the desires of the community. MR. L. GOEBEL PATTON Superintendent of Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION - Row 1: Mr. Jim Bernhard, Mr. Ernie Brown, Mr. Bob Croslin. Row 2: Mr. John Yadro, Mr. Bill Morris, Mr. Jack Wall, Mr. Dean Hammers. 14Frankfort Community High School began the 1971-1972 school year with a new principal, Mr. Gail Borton. As the educational head of a learning institution, the principal must supervise the instructional program and work with the faculty. Mr. Borton measures up to the demands of a principal because of his congeniality, willing cooperation, and interest in the student body. MR. GAIL L. BORTON, JR. F.C.H.S. Principal Administration Works United MRS. NEMa CULBERTSON F.C.H.S. Secretary MRS. LAVON DIMMICK Bookkeeper MRS. MARTY 1NN1S Guidance Secretary 15FACULTY 'W 16Teachers Keep the Wheels of th MRS. WILMA ANDERSON English Mythology MRS. GENELLE BEDOKIS English Sophomore Sponsor MISS SHEILA BELBAS Algebra, Pre-Algebra Sub Debs, Cheerleaders, and Red Peppers MRS. INZA BONER Librarian Library Club MR. MARCUS BOOTH Social Studies Hi-Y MR. S. D. CHILDERS Reading Concessions Co-ordinator 18Students’ Minds Constantly Turning MR. GEORGE CLARK Guidance, General Business Student Employment MR. ALAN CRAWFORD Instrumental Music Band Director MR. LARRY DEMATTEI Social Studies Freshman Football Coach MR. FRANK DOHANICH Industrial Education Athletic Business Manager MRS. MARY ELLEN DORRIS Business Freshman Sponsor MR. GENE ERNEST Boys’ Physical Education Sophomore Football Coach 19MR. WILLIAM FERKETICH Guidance Counselor Testing Junior Sponsor MRS. MARY GAUTREAUX Special Education Homecoming Chairman MR. PAUL CRAMMER History, Driver Education Varsity Football Coach Sophomore Basketball Coach MR. LOWELL S. GRISSOM Government, Phychology RBN Senior Sponsor MRS. GLORIA FOX English, Speech Thespians Interpreters Theatre MR. GEORGE GROSCO Chemistry Student Patrol MRS. SANDRA FIORI Spanish Tri-Hi-Y Spanish Club MISS DOLORES GROSCO Business Student Secretaries 20MR. WILLIAM HEDGES Algebra Pre-Algebra MRS. JOYCE MILLER Biology Advanced Biology MRS. JANE HEDLEY Home Economics F.H.A. MR. HAROLD HOOD History Cross Country Coach Varsity Basketball Coach MR. GEORGE KAROSKI Driver Education Athletic Director Golf Coach MISS MARY KOLESAR Junior Vocational Nursing School Nurse MR. EUGENE MORTON Vocal Music Chordettes Bowling Club MR. RAYMOND OWENS Physics General Science Photography 2tThe F.C.H.S. Faculty Guides Pupils MRS. ELEANOR PARRISH Home Economics MISS JANE PERR English French French Club MRS. SUE PHILIPAK Art Art Club MISS GLADYS PYATT Mathematics Student Council Dean of Girls MR. ELMO RICCI Drafting Engineering Drawing School Posters MRS. MARYANN RIVA Girls’ Physical Education 22Into an Enjoyment of Thinking MISS ELIZABETH RUDASILL Speech Correetionist MR. CHARLES SMITH Guidance Counselor Testing MR. RON SMITH Agriculture Occupations Dean of Boys F.F.A. MR. FRANK STEH Industrial Arts Vocational Building Trades Homecoming Assistant MR. RICHARD STRITZEL Geometry Student Insurance MR. GARY WADE Electricity Welding 23MRS. HELLEN MARY WALKER English REDBIRD Annua] MR. TERRY WARREN English National Honor Society MR. DAN WEAKLY Auto Mechanics MR. RON WINTER Driver Education 24Mr. Wade explains important facts concerning the new class in electricity. 26 Mr. Dohanich’s metal shop students work on projects of their choice.Auto mechanics students learn the intricate parts of an engine from Mr. Weakly. Students listen as the fundamentals of driving are explained by Mr. Winter. 27The English III composition class of Mrs. Walker concentrates on a daily exercise. 28 Mr. Warren’s novel class applies the method of class discussion with their latest novel.The government class listens intently to Mr. Grissom’s explanation. 29 Government students in Mr. Booth’s third hour class demonstrate one of the many uses of the bulletin board.Miss Grosco’s Advanced Business class types this year’s new grade cards. 30 The students in Mr. Childer’s class are completely engrossed in their work.The newly formed sociology class listens as Mr. DeMattei gives them the day’s assignment. 31 La clase esta estudiando de la culture de Mexico.Jeff Roberts shows the advanced biology class the structure of the lungs. 32 The library enables students to work on various assignments.33 Students in Mr. Hedges’ second hour class master the techniques of Algebra I.B. Campbell and J. Bennett give full attention to copy. The election judges handle distribution of ballots. 34 Club activities bring pleasure to students and faculty.SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - President, Vernon Bozarth: Vice-President, Debbie Covilli Realization that they would soon enter the adult world and be making important decisions about their futures came to seniors this year. Wanting to be out on their own and yet at the same reluctant to leave, they tried to grasp each moment as it came but succeeded only in making their year unforgettable. A spirited bonfire, a pretty queen, and a hard fought game led the Redbirds to a tie for first place in the South Seven conference. Debby Williams was chosen queen; Debbie Dewar, Maid of Honor; and Vicki Galli, Lady-in-Waiting. The seniors elected the following class officers: President, Vernon Bozarth; Vice-President, Debbie Covilli; Secretary, Mike Golio; and Treasurer, Rick Hill. The class sponsor was Mr. Lowell Grissom. Senior ). Wagner discusses business future with Mr. Yuhas. 36ALLEN, DIXIE ALVERSON, DAR JAN ANTHONY, JANET ARNETT, DAVID BANDERA, DEBBY BLADES, DONADA BOOZER. JANICE BOZARTH, VERNON BROWN, CINDY BROWN, JAMES BRUCE, BRENDA CARR, RALPH 37COVILLI. DEBBIE CONAUGHTY. PAT CALVERT, ERNIE COLUSSI, SUSIE CRAWFORD, DANNY CRAWFORD, JOHN CRAWFORD, MARK CRONIN, WILLIAM DAVIES, DANNY 38DAVIS, LARRY DEASON. BUDDY DEWAR. DEBBIE EADER, JIM ELDRIDGE, BOB EUBANKS, KAREN 39EVANS, ALLAN EVANS, RUTH EZELL, CARLA FLORIAN, STEVE FORGATCH, STEVE GALLI, VICKILYN GARRETT, GREG GASS, EVA GLASS, KITTY 40 GLENN, CORA GOLIO, MIKE GREGGE, MELVINGRIFFIN, GEORGIANNE HALL, BRENDA HAMPTON, JACK HANCOCK, JULIE HARLAN, GARY HARRELL, DICK HAYS. TAYLOR HEMMINGHAUS, SUSAN HERMES, MARTHA HERRON. KIM HILL, RICK HOGG. JACK 41HOGG. JAYMA HOPKINS. LEONARD HOLMAN, LARRY HUDGENS. KAREN ISAACS. DARLENE JACKANICZ, JOE JACKSON, FAYE JAMES. DENNIS JARVIS. JANET JOHNS. DAVID JOHNSON. ELAINE JONES. WANDA 42JORDAN. SAMMY KAROSKI, HOLLY K1LLION, LISA KING, EARL KIRK. GEORGE LAMPLEY. DEBBIE LANCE, SHERRY LAWRENCE, KAREN LEE, MARK LEMMON, DEBRA LUTHER, ANDREA McAFEE, DOUG 43McCORMICK, ALBERTA McDaniel, debbie McGHEE, SALLY McGINTY, JOY McKEE, JONI McLain, brad McLAIN, RICK MARTIN, KAREN MELVILLE, KATHY MELVIN, DONNIE MIDKIFF. DARLENE MILLS, JACK 44MITCHELL. GREG MOORE. MIKE MOSCHINO. CINDY MUNDY. RICK MURPHY. DON NEWTON. STEVE NICKLIN. MARY ODLE. STEVE OZMENT. DEBRA 45 NANNI. MARY PERKINS. DARLA PETKAS, JIMPLASTERS, DOROTHY REED, BERNELL RENNIE, MICHAEL ROACH. RHONDA ROBERTS, JEFF ROBERTS, KEITH 46SAULSBURY, JANE SCHLOSS, LINDA SEAGLE, BETH SHANKS, ANITA SLOAN, GARY SLOAN, NORA 47SPEERS, NANCY SPENCER. ROBERT SQUARIO, JANET STANLEY. MARIE STILLEY, RICK STRAKA, KIM STUDT, DONALD SWEETEN, HARLEY SWINKUNAS, BRUCE TABOR, JIM TAPLEY, BARBARA TAYLOR. LISA 48TROUTT. BILL WAGNER. JoLINDA WASSON. LAURA WILBURN, PAULA WILLIAMS. DEBBIE WILLIAMS. MARY ANN WILLIAMS, KENNETH E. WILLIAMS, KENNETH H. WILSON. TIM WOOLSEY, VICKI WRIGHT, KATHY YOUNG, LOUTRICIA 49Debby Williams was chosen a Senior Queen candidate. Another choice by Seniors for Queen candidate was Debbie Dewar. Candidates for Homecoming Queen Vickilyn Galli was the third candidate for Homecoming Queen. Not Pictured: Bertinetti, Larry Blackburn, Connie Cremer, Sally Fulop, Peter McCord, Robert Nicklaus, Andrew Richerson, Steve White, CharlotteSenior Activities DIXIE ALLEN — Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Chorus I, 4; Office Worker 4. DAR JAN ALVERSON — Creative Writers 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Office Worker 4. JANET ANTHONY — Sub-Debs 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; RBN 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Red Peppers 1, 2, 3. DAVID ARNETT — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 4. DEBBY BANDERA — Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 1, 2; Red Peppers 1, 2; FTA 4. CONNIE BLACKBURN — Spanish Club 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 4. DONADA BLADES — Interpreter’s Theater 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Sub-Debs 4; FTA 4; Honor Society 3, 4. JANICE BOOZER — Chorus 1, 3, 4; RBN 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1. VERNON BOZARTH — Key Club 2, 3, 4; Class President 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4 Treas. CINDY BROWN — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Chorus 1. JAMES BROWN BRENDA BRUCE — Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; FHA 1. RALPH CARR Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. GARY CAMPBELL — Band 1, 2; Thespians 1, 2; Cross Country 1, 2; Annual 3. 4; Hi-Y 3, 4. ANNE CLAXTON — Thespians 2, 3, 4; Class Play 2. DEBBIE COVILLI — Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Treas.; Honor Society 3, 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. PAT CONAUGHTY ERNIE CALVERT — Hi-Y 4; Chorus 4. SUSIE COLUSSI — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Red Peppers 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Nursing 4. DANNY CRAWFORD — Football 1; Hi-Y 2, 4; FFA 1. JOHN CRAWFORD — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Art 1, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Golf 1, 2. MARK CRAWFORD — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 3; Golf 2; Thespians 1. SALLY CREMER — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Red Peppers 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2; Interpreter’s Theater 1, 2; Creative Writers 3. BILL CRONIN — Building Trades 3, 4. DANNY DAVIES — Basketball 1, 2, 3; FFA 1, 4; Key Club 2, 3; Annu- al 2, 3, 4. LARRY DAVIS — Interpreter’s Theater 1, 2; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Track 1; Student Patrol 1. BUDDY DEASON DEBRA DEWAR — Spanish Club 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2; Homecoming Court 4; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Red Peppers 1, 2. BRUCE DORRIS — Key Club 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 2; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1,2, 3, 4. JOHN DOTSON — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3. GERALD DOWNS — FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. WAYNE DUTTON — FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 See. JIM EADER — Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2, 3; Football 4; Interpreter’s Theater 2, 3; F Club 4. BOB ELDRIDGE — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4; Thespians 1, 2, 3. KAREN EUBANKS — Interpreter’s Theater 3, 4; Thespians 4; School Play 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4. ALLAN EVANS RUTH EVANS — Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Red Peppers 1; FHA 1. CARLA EZELL — Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 Vice-Pres.; Sub-Debs 3, 4; Red Peppers 4; Student Patrol 4. STEVE FLORIAN — Cross Country 1, 2; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4. STEVE FORGATCH — Football 1, 2; Basketball 1; Class Officer 1. PETER FULOP — Band 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4 Vice-Pres.; Track 2; Football 3, 4; F Club 4. VICKILYN GALLI — FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Pres.; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 3, 4; Office Worker 4; Red Peppers 1, 2, 3, 4. GREG GARRETT — Interpreter’s Theater 1, 2, 3, 4; Thespians 2, 3, 4; School Play 2, 3, 4; French Club 4. EVA GASS — Thespians 2, 3; Chorus I; Office Worker 3. KITTY GLASS — Spanish Club 2. 3, 4; Band 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Red Peppers 2, 3. CORA GLENN — Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Worker 3, 4. MIKE GOLIO — Student Council 1, 2, 3 Pres., 4; Key Club 2, 3 Sec., 4 Pres.; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4, GEORGIANNE GRIFFIN — Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Red Peppers 1, 2, 3, 4. MELVIN GREGGE — FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. BRENDA HALL — Chorus 1, 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; FTA 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Red Peppers I, 2. JACK HAMPTON JULIE HANCOCK — Band I, 2, 3, 4; Office Worker 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; Thespians 1, 2, 3; Chordettes 1, 2, 3, 4. GARY HARLAN DICK HARRELL — Key Club 4. TAYLOR HAYS — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2. SUSAN HEMMINGHAUS Band 1, 2, 3; Office Worker 2, 3; French Club 2, 3; Honor Society 4. MARTHA HERMES — Band 1, 2, 3; French Club 2, 3, 4; Office Worker 2, 3, 4; Creative Writers 3; Honor Society 3, 4. KIM HERRON — Chorus 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3. RICK HILL — Class Officer 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Sec., 4 Treas.; Thespians 2, 3, 4 Sec.; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Bowling 1, 2. JACK HOGG — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1; F Club 4. JAYMA HOGG — FTA 3, 4 Pres.; Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4; Sub-Debs 3, 4 Vice-Pres.; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Girl Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4. LEONARD HOPKINS — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Body President 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4. LARRY HOLEMAN KAREN HUDGENS — Honor Society 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4; Sub-Debs 2, 3, 4; FHA 2, 3 Treas.; Band 1, 2. DARLENE ISSACS — Honor Society 3, 4; Thespians 2, 3 Treas., 4; Chorus 1. JOE JACKANICZ — FFA I, 2, 3,4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. FAYE JACKSON — Chordettes 1, 2, 3, 4; RBN 4; Office Worker 4. DENNIS JAMES — School Play 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2 Sec., 3, 4; Thespians 2, 3, 4; RBN 1, 2, 3, 4, JANET JARVIS — Cafeteria Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DAVID JOHNS — Football 2; Student Patrol 4. ELAINE JOHNSON WANDA JONES — Tri-Hi-Y 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Sub-Debs 4; Chor- 5)dettes 1, 2, 3, 4. SAM JORDAN — Key Club 2, 3 Treas., 4 Vice-Pres.; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4. HOLLY KAROSK1 — Cheerleader 1; Honor Society 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Sub-Debs 2, 3 Sec., 4; Red Peppers 1, 2, 3 Pres. LISA KILLION — Annual 1, 2, 3, 4 Editor; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Chaplain, 4; Sub-Debs 3, 4 Pres.; FTA 2, 3, 4; Chordettes 1, 2, 3, 4. EARL KING GEORGE KIRK — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2; F Club 4. DEBBIE LAMPLEY — Thespians 3; Office Worker 3, 4; Creative Writers 3; Chorus 2. SHERRY LANCE — Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Chaplain, 4 Sec.; Chorus 1, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3 Sec. KAREN LAWRENCE — Interpreter’s Theater 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3; FTA 2, 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Office Worker 3, 4. MARK LEE — School Play 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Library Club 4; Hi-Y 1. DEBBIE LEMMON — Red Peppers 1, 2, 3; RBN 2, 3, 4; FFA Sweetheart 1; Chorus 2, 3, 4. ANDREA LUTHER — Homecoming Court 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Pres.; Honor Society 3, 4; Sub-Debs 2, 3, 4 Sec.; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. DOUG McAFEE ALBERTA McCORMICK Honor Society 3, 4; FHA 2, 3; RBN 2; Chorus 1, 2. DEBBIE McDANlEL — Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y L 2, 3, 4. SALLY McGHEE — Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; FHA 1; Sub-Debs 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Interpreter’s Theater Sec. 1, 2, 3. JOY McGINTY — Cheerleader 1, 2, 4; FTA 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Court 1, 2; FHA 2, 3, 4. JONI McKEE — Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Vice-Pres.; Sub-Debs 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Office Worker 2, 3, 4. BRAD McLAIN — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; F Club 4 Sec. RICK McLAIN — Football 1, 2; Spanish Club 2. KAREN MARTIN KATHY MELVILLE DONNIE MELVIN — Latin Club 1, 2, 3 Pres.; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. DARLENE MIDKIFF — Chorus 2; Office Worker 1; FTA 2; Interpreter’s Theater 2. JACK MILLS GREG MITCHELL — Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; F Club 4 Vice-Pres.; Football 1, 2. 3. 4; Track I, 2, 3. MIKE MOORE — Baseball 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Track 1. 2; Key Club 2, 3, 4. CINDY MOSCHINO —Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3 Sec., 4; FTA 1, 2. 3 Chaplain. 4 Sec.; Student Council 1, 2, 3 Sec., 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Sub-Debs 2, 3, 4. RICK MUNDY — Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. DON MURPHY — Football 1, 2. MARY NANNI — Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. STEVE NEWTON MARY NICKLIN — FHA 2, 3, 4; FTA 2, 3; Band 1. STEVE ODLE — Football 1; Hi-Y 1; Latin Club 1, 2. DEBBIE OZMENT — RBN 1, 2, 3, 4 Editor; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1; Office Worker 3, 4; Sub-Debs 3. VALORIE PANS1C DARLA PERKINS — Cafeteria Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JIM PETKAS DOROTHY PLASTERS — Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; RBN 1, 2, 3, 4; Chordettes 4. BERNELL REED — Football 1, 2; Track I, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2; F Club 4; RBA 1. MIKE RENNIE — Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Student Patrol 4. MARK REYNOLDS — Basketball 1, 2; Cross Country 1, 2. GARY RICH — Hi-Y 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3. STEVE RICHERSON — Football 1; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. HASKELL RIGHTO R - Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; RBN 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2. STEVE RITCHASON — FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. RHONDA ROACH — Band 2, 3. 4. JEFF ROBERTS — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4, KEITH ROBERTS — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; F Club 4 Pres.; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. MARK ROE — Student Council 3, 4 Pres.; Class Officer 3; Honor Society 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3 Treas. JAN SAULSBURY — Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3, 4 Chaplain; Sub-Debs 3, 4; French Club 2, 3. JANE SAULSBURY — Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Sub-Debs 3, 4 Treas.; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. LINDA SCHLOSS — Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2; Chorus I, 2, 3; FHA 1; Student Patrol 2; Red Peppers 1, 2, 3. BETH SEAGLE — Honor Society 3, 4; Chorus 1; Latin Club 1, 2. ANITA SHANKS GARY SLOAN — Cross Country 1, 3, 4; Track 1, 4; F Club 4; Chorus 1, 2; Building Trades 3, 4. NORA SLOAN — Homecoming Court 3; Sub-Debs 2, 3 Treas., 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3 Treas., 4 Sec. LARRY SLONE GARY SNEDDON — Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. NANCY SPEERS — Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Twirler 1, 2, 3, 4; Red Peppers 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. MIKE SPENCER — FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. JANET SQUARIO — Red Peppers 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Creative Writers 3. MARIE STANELY — Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Patrol 2, 3. RICK STILLEY — Hi-Y 1, 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2 Manager. KIM STRAKA — Office Worker 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Latin Club 2. DON STUDT — French Club 1; Football 2. NEIL SWEETEN BRUCE SWINKUNAS — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 1, 2. JIM TABOR — Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Captain; Cross Country I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; Golf 1, 2; Track 3. BARBARA TAPELY — Latin Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1. LISA TAYLOR — Chorus 1, 2, 4. BILL TROUTT — Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Golf 2, 3. JO LINDA WAGNER — Honor Society 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; French Club 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Red Peppers I. LAURA WASSON — Interpreter’s Theater 1, 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 4; School Play 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 1, 2, 3. PAULA WILBURN — Chordettes 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Chorus 1, 4. DEBBY WILLIAMS — Homecoming Queen 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; Red Peppers 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA I, 2 Sec., 3 Pres., 4. KENNY E. WILLIAMS — Cross Country 1, 2; Golf 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; RBN 1; FTA I. KENNY H. WILLIAMS — Football I; Hi-Y 1, 2; Art Club 1, 2; School Play 3, 4; RBN 1, 2. MARY ANN WILLIAMS — FTA 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Interpreter’s Theater 3, 4; Band 3, 4; French Club 2, 3, 4. TIM WILSON — Basketball 1. VICKI WOOLSEY KATHY WRIGHT — French Club 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1. LOUTRICIA YOUNG — RBN 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2. 52Allen, Judy Anthony, Karyn Appleton, Sandra Baker, Dewey Baldi, Rae Lynn Bandera, Janies JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS - President, Kendra Cook; Vice-President, Rae Secretary, Becky Campbell. Lynn Baldi; Treasurer, Dick Hill;With two years behind them, the Class of ’73 hopefully and enthusiastically looked forward to the coming year. As juniors, their days of being intimidated by upper classmen were over. The upperclassmen status had finally been achieved. They found that they had to begin preparation for future academic careers. This year’s Junior Class Homecoming float took third place in the judging. The theme was “Redbirds Got Soul.” Building up their funds for the prom, the juniors sold Tom-Wat kits. Glenda Scarlett and Donna Book were elected to represent the junior class in the Homecoming Court. Class officers for the year were: President, Kendra Cook; Vice-President, Rae Lynn Baldi; Secretary, Becky Campbell; Treasurer, Dick Hill. The class sponsor was Mr. Ferketich. Barkley, Robert Beal, Donellen Bennett, John Book, Donna Boyett, Billye Brown, Bruce Browning, Linda Broy, Davy Campbell, Becky 55Caraker, Vicki Carr, Mark Cawvey, Donna Clark, Browning Christy. Lawrence Clay, Norman Cline, Richard Conaughty, Kevin Connors, William Cook, Kendra Culpepper, Joe Cunningham, Sandra 56 Day, Kathy Deeter, Cathy Dietderich, SusanDodd, Reetha Dorris, Doug Dover, Teresa Downard, Rachel Doxsie, Jane Dziadus, Donald Eaton, David Eisenbeis, John Ellis, Gary Eskew, Debbie Finney, Wanda Gant, Roger Giles, Mike Gilula. Mark Gosnell, David 57Gray, Lana Green, Gayla Green, Terry Griffith. Roger Griggs, Kenneth Grissom, Marijane Gunter, Charles Hammers, Phillip Hampton, Yvonne Haley, Thomacine Harkins, Gayla Harp, Nancy 58 Hayes, Elizabeth Henson, Mark Herrell, DougHiggerson, Ruth Ann Hill, Dick Holland, Linda Hood, Jane Hood. Robin Hooker, Michael Howe, Cindy Hubbard, Steve Huite. Donna Isaacs, Wayne Jackanicz, Janice Jackanicz, June Jennings. Beverly Johnson, Fran Johns, David 59Jones, Jennifer Jones, Mike Joplin, Brenda Kern, David Kessel. James Lee, Cathy Levanti, Scott Ligon, Cheri Lindsey, Steve Lingle, Kathy Link, Lynn McCoy, Corinne McDonald, Leslie McGhee, Christopher McKie, Steve 60Maddox, Ronnie Maragni, David Martin, Bob Martin, Marianne Meadows, Sandra Melvin, Calvin Melvin, Kim Merideth, Cathy Metheney, Monty Mills, Donna Miner, George Moak, Michael Moon, Bennie Morris, Lisa Morris, Randy 61Mowery, John Mundy, James Murphy, Janet Nausedas, Cindy Odle, John Orr, Mike Otterson, Delores Owsley, Ronna Pappas, Mike Pigg, Debby Perry, Ralph Poole, Anita 62 Prusaczyk, Don Qualls, Stacy Ragan, DavidRamsey, Becky Raubach, Randy Razer, Dianne Reed, Everett Roberts, Kevin Robinson, Randy Rotramel, Jimmy Sailliez, Arthur Samples, Gary Sanders, David Scarlett, Glenda Sharknas, Charles Simmons, Beth Smith, David Smith, Jacqueline 63Smith. Mark Smoot. Cheryl Smothers, Robin Stone. Donna Straka, Mickey Studt, Joyce Summers. Marla Sweet. Joe Thomas, Janet 64Thompson. Daniel Thornhill, Steve Throgmorton, Pamela Vining, Doris Waller, John Warren, Jack White, Carolyn White. Mary R. White, Steve 65Wilburn, David Williams, Andrea Williams, Mike Keith York, Deborah Young, Mike Zortz, John Not Pictured: Bernhard, Chris Cardin, Tina Eubanks, Harold Glenn, Mike Heroy, Mark Loftus, Larry Mosley, Brenda Rainbolt, Janice Reynolds, Joe Reynolds, Jackie Richmond, Kevin Robertson, Randall Seagle, Vicki Spain, William Taylor, Ernie Woolsey, Nancy Coble, Rebecca 66 Junior boys pose for informal picture.Enthusiasm and The Pep Band played faithfully at all pep meetings. Juniors exhibit enthusiasm at pep meeting. Juniors Show Spirit 67New electricity course is very popular with the students. Students Learn a Variety of Skills F. Jackson and G. Mitchell study intricacies of a camera. 68SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS - President, Gary Smith; Vice-President, Georgia Moore; Secretary, Mary Beth Sukoski; Treasurer, Linda Wilson. Sophomore T. Ricci checks the yearbook progress chart. The Sophomores plunged into this year with hopeful hearts. Linder the sponsorship of Mrs. Bedokis, they built the winning float in the Homecoming Parade. Sophomore class members displayed outstanding school spirit by winning the prized spirit stick many times. During the year they focused their attention toward the much needed research for their required term papers. Many sophomores attained long awaited drivers’ licenses. The sophomore class elected two girls, Laura Clax-ton and Trena Wiley, to represent them in the Homecoming Parade and coronation. Class officers for the year were: Pres., Gary Smith: V.-Pres„ Georgia Moore; Sec.. Mary Beth Sukoski; and Treas., Linda Wilson.Allen, Steve Allen, Terry Bain, Greg Barnes, Randy Bechelli, Cindy Bejmovicz, Wayne Bennett, Margie Bennett, Mike Bernardoni, Carla Bixler, Preston Blades, Gaye Blades, Sandra Borcky. David Brannan, Betty Bromley, Donnie Brotherton, Vern Brotherton, Terry Brown, Sloan Burbank, Paul Burkitt, Steve Butler, Isabelle Cantrell, Janet Cantrell, Ken Caraker, Cathy 71Carroll. Nancy Cash. Carla Chalacoff. Debra Chick. Dave Christy. Cheri Clark. Karen Claxton, Laura Coffey. Dwayne Connell, Darlene Crespi. John Czorniak, Maria Davis, Cindy As the Wheel of Time Turns, Sophs Deason. Jeff Dillon. Jo Dene Dodson, Kathy Donahue. Denise Dougherty, Rhonda Eader. Gerald Elder. John Field. Vicky Fillicetti, Tony Finn. Bob Florian, Rachel Flynn. Deanne 77Forgatch, Beth Freeman, Debbie Garbo, Bernard Garrett, Mark Gass, George Giles, Jeff Glodich, William Gossett, John Graves, Loren Gregory, Donna Griffith, Kevin Griggs, David Approach a Challenging Future Hall, Cindy Hampton, Peggy Hand, James Henson, Sara Heyder, Russ Hoffart, Cheryl Holder. Michael Holman, Cheryl Huite, Jacqueline Irvin, Cindy Isaacs, Sandra Jackson. Donna 73Sophomores Topped Their Year Witt Jacobs, Joanie Jeffries, Janet Jent, Dennis Jeter, Michael Johns, Diane Johnson, Van Joiner, Terry Jones, Donald Karnes, Terry Kelley, Debbie Klym, Gary Knudsen. Jack Lance, Richard Langston, Charles Lawrence, Nancy Lazzeri, Kathy Lee, Jeanette Lee, Susan Lindsey, Jim Loftus, Judy Loftus, Susan McBurney, Thomas McAfee, Vicky McClellan, Jamaa First Place Homecoming Float Melena, Therese Melvin, Nancy Melvin, Paul Miller, Paula Minton, Mary Alice Mitchell, Timmy Moon, Kathy Moore, Georgia Moore, Kevin Moore, Rebecca Moore, Sheree Morhet, Mark McClerren, Connie McClerren, Gale McDaniel, Randy McElyea, Thomas McGhee, William McLaren, Bruce McReynolds, Connie McReynolds, David Maragni, Debbie Mariano, Charles Martin, Debra Matheny, Terry 75Morris. Melanie Murphy, Debbie Murphy, Marilyn Murray, Steve Nanni, Susan Odum, Jason Ogden, Kim Olsen, Bill O’Neal, Cheryl Orr, Kathy Page, Debbie Palmer, Randall Payne, David Pearson, Joe Pritchard, David Qualls, Danny Reimer. Kathy Ricci, Terry Rice, Dawn Rice, Rena Rich, Dennis Roberts, John Rogers, Debbie Rose, George 76Russell, Robin Samples, David Saul, Marty Sakonyi, Charles Sanders, David Shanks, Vicky Sharknas, Dorothy Sharp, Tom Shostrom, Karen Smith, Brad Smith, Gary Smith, Ron Smith, Tamara Sneddon, Debbie Snyder, Steven Stanley, Roger Stebbins, Kenny Stock, Darcell Sukoski, Mary Beth Summers, Roger Sweeten, Elise Tabor, Gail Talbott, Deanna Tate, Jean 77Testory, Bruce Thompson, Clay Todd, Carolyn Treece, Donna Troutt, Jo Ann Van Vorst, Violet Verschueren, Gary Vick, Mark Viernum, Dwayne Walker, Jim Wall, Sherry Waller, Regina Education Oils Wheels of Success Walley, Paula Walton, Warren Wasson, Barbara Wearmouth, Daralyn Weaver, Kevin Webster, Tina Weston, David Wilburn, Gayla Wiley, Trena Williams, Carla Williams, Debbie Williams, John 78Williams, Kim Williams, Terry Willmore, Susan Wilson, Brad Wilson, Linda Woods, Tom Wright, Carlene Wright, Steve Young, Karen Yucas, Robin Not Pictured: Bennett, Bobby Bozic, Kathy Callahan, Steve Downs, Dyan Gordon, Edward Johnson, James Julian, Jeff Ledbetter, Ralph Melvin, Keith Meracle, Melinda Moore, Judy Morgan, James Murphy, Tim Pittman, Darrell Pollard, Darrell Schloss, Mike Schultz, David Short, James Stubblefield, Dennis Sophomore students J. Walker, J. Hand, and G. Smith are apt Driver Ed. students. 79Students watch intently as Mr. Hyde demonstrates the various instruments he used in his performance. Students Exercise Use of Free Time B. Garbo and R. McDaniel watch activities in the hall. M. Birchfield waits for T. Webster at locker. 80FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Spowart; Treasurer, Sue Brinkley. President, Tim Mitchell; Vice-President, Joey Demaretti; Secretary, Kitten Allen, Jim Allois, JoAnn Alverson, John Baldi, Karen Birchfield, Mickey Blackburn, Mike Blades, Kay Blades, Pat Bolin, Mary Susan Borton, Karen Bowers, Jeff Bowers, Treasa Bozarth, Joey Branch, Marshall Brinkley, Sue Brown, Bruce 82Freshmen Begin a Long Journey The freshman class of 1975 were very bewildered when they entered the halls of F.C.H.S. The freshmen adapted to the new and different responsibilities confronting them. They discovered that participating in clubs and many outside activities was part of the regular routine. Forgetting locker combinations, getting to classes late, and losing class assignments were a few of the many aggravating problems with which the freshmen dealt. The freshman class made wise choices as they elected Cappi Darnell and Susan Hill as their Homecoming attendants. Class officers were: President, Tim Mitchell; Vice-President, Joey Demaretti; Secretary, Sue Brinkley; Treasurer, Kitten Spowart. Class sponsor was Mrs. Dorris. Browning, Charles Burnett, Mary Blye Burns, Tom Calvert, Dave Caraway, Bobby Carr, Janet Clark, Kay Collins, Bryan Copple, Cindy Costellia, Lona Craig, Elizabeth Crawford, Keith Culbertson, Angela Culpepper, Richard Darnell, Caprice Darnell, Kim 83Freshmen Adjust to Changing Pace and Davis, Kate Davy, Russell Deason, Lisa Delgy, Lora Demaretti, Joey Denfip, John Dial, Dottie Dial, Patricia Dial, Richard Dodd, Thalalia Drew, Kenneth Dunham, Lester Dutton, Debra Eldridge, Jim Falletti. Dennis Fasol, Bruce Ferguson, Lisa Finney. Kinney Forgatch, John Frerking, Lori Galli, Jim Gibson, Linda Good, Karen Gosha. CharlesGordon, Gloria Green, Kim Gregory, Lisa Griffith, Kean Griffith, Kimbra Griggs, Cheri Griggs, Marty Gunter, Norma Hamline. Mary Hammers, Debra Hammers, Shelia Hand, Charles Race as Little Wheels Harris, Linda Hefner, Jerry Herrell, Steve Hill. Jackie Hill. Lisa Hill, Raymond Hill, Susan Hinkle, Dorothy Hood, Billy Hopkins, Maureen Hughes, Anita Ice, BohIrby, Caryn Isaacs, Mary Jackanicz, Charlotte Jones, Jeff Jones, Randy Jones, Steve Kash, Trena Kathalynas, Mike Killion, Gary Knapp, Richard Lambert, Karen Lampley. Brenda Langston, Jack McElyea, Janet McGhee, Rosemary McKie, Mary Ann McLain, Rhonda Machura, Steve Malkovich, Susan Manion, Janet Marks, Charles Martin, James Martin, Jeff Martin, Starla Melvin, Brad Meredith, Mark Mickey, Richard Miner, Wendy 86Mitchell, Brad Mitchell, Tim Mize, Debbie Mocaby, Jerry Mondino, Sally Moore, Cindy Morgan, Robin Morris, Marty Mosier, Brenda Murphy, David Murphy, Gary Mutchek, Tony Ne'es, Betsy Orr, Tammy Patton, Mike Pearce, Walter Perrotto, James Pietrontoni, Robyn Pike, Marilyn Poole, Vicki Pugh, Mary Purdy, Beth Ramsey, Denise Randolph, Cindy Reed, Kim Renik, John Reynolds. Laura Rich, Donna Rich, Steve Robinson, Dennis Robinson, Nancy Rogers, Karen Rose, Donna Ross, Steve Ruzich, Joey Russell, Dorothy Sakonyi, Martha Samples, Mike Saunders, Linda Shanks, Pete Shelby, Mike Short, David Sileven, Kevin Sloan, Greg Slone, Nancy Smith, Allen Smith, Carolyn Smith, Dwayne Smith, Greg Smith, Kate Smith, Pina Smith, Robbie 88Stubblefield, Keith Sweeten, Diann Taylor, William Terry, Debbie Spowart, Kitten Stewart, Russell Stone, Marty Thomas, Dixie Thomas, Jimmy Thompson, Jaye Thompson, Ruth Toth, Rebecca Vining, Judy Wall, Eddie Wall, Rita Warren, Brad Watson, Janet Watson, Ronald Webb, Don Weston, Don White, JoLinda Whiting, Douglas Wiley, Tom Wilkins, Candice Wilkinson, Donnie Williams, Andrea Williams. RansomWillis, Jennifer Wilson, Dale Wolfe, Sherry Woolard, Greg Yadro, Leslie Yates, Kevin Yesinkus, Karen Zarecor, Pam Not Pictured: Armes, Robert Reed, Charles Richmond, Tammy Smelley, Jack Smith, William Stock, Mike Studt, Richard Watson, Donald Wilson, Judy K. Sullivan and G, Woolard relax from work on Freshman candy sales.“F” CLUB - Row 1: S. McKie, D. Gosnell, C. McGhcc, M. Smith, J. Tabor, G. Mitchell, K. Roberts, B. McLain, J. Fader. K. Griffith, G. Sloan, H. Rightor. Row 2: Mr. Hood, D. Hill, G. Miner, M. Golio, B. Finn, J. Culpepper, J. Crespi, S. Levanti, G. Kirk, J. Hogg, P. Fulop, M. Henson, B. Reed, Mr. Grammer. Row 3: J. Roberts, D. Smith, D. Dziadus, K. Griggs. J. Warren, S. Lindsey, T. Green, B. Swinkunas, B. Dorris, J. Dotson, R. Robinson, M. Roe, T. Hays. Row 4: D. Broy, M. Moore, J. Waller, D. Sanders, G. Samples, D. Dorris, L. Hopkins. In Athletics, “F” Means Excellent “F” CLUB OFFICERS - K. Roberts, B. McLain, and G. Mitchell. The “F” Club, after being dissolved almost five years ago, has been reestablished at FCHS. The members in the club are all letter winners in at least one varsity sport. Through various projects, the boys work to improve the quality and spirit of our athletic program. “F” Club officers were President, K. Roberts; Vice-President, G. Mitchell; and Secretary-Treasurer, B. McLain. Mr. Hood was the sponsor. 92RED PEPPERS - Row I: J. Manion, M. Martin, M. Bolin, J. Hill, D. Page, R. Florian, B. Forgatch, B. Toth, M. Minton, C. McReynolds, K. Vesinkus. Row 2: J. Allois, S. Mondino, L. Gibson, D. Hinkle, M. Hopkins, S. Malkovich, C. Wolfe, D. Russell, R. McGhee, A. Hughes, G. Harkins, M. Miracle, K. Baldi, C. Randolph. Row J: K. Borton, S. Martin, D. Sweeten, L. Deason, S. Hill, R. McLain, R. Smith, L. Harris, M. Czorniak, B. Moon, B. Jennings, K. Reed, D. Chalacoff, N. Lawrence, V. McAfee, Miss Belbas. Row 4: D. Maragni, T. Smith, N. Slone, I. Butler, R. Wall, C. Darnell, C. Irvin. This year’s Pep Club has proven to be a very enthusiastic group. These girls gave the team much needed support. The girls in the cardinal sweaters set the very basis of school spirit. This organization is open to any girl who wishes to join it and participate in many activities. Officers for the year were Pres., J. Hood; Sec., L. Claxton; Treas., L. Wilson. The sponsor was Miss Belbas. RED PEPPERS - Row 1: B. Campbell, C. Ezell, J. McGinty, D. Covilli, J. Squario, L. Wilson, L. Claxton, J. Hood, G. Scarlett, G. Griffin. N. Speers, D. Book. Row 2: D. Hammers, A. Poole, K. Lingle. K. Rogers, B. Nees, J. Dillon, K. Williams, D. Rogers, S. Brinkley, K. Spow-art, M. McKie, V. Poole, D. Thomas, M. Sakonyi, V. Galli, J. Hogg. Row 3: C. Howe, K. Melvin, R. Higgerson, M. Grissom, M. Burnett, K. Smith, P. Smith, C. White, K. Lazerri. J. Cantrell, T. Orr, N. Carroll, D. Wearmouth, J. Jacobs, C. Smith. Row 4: D. Treece. S. Colussi, R. Russell, D. Connell, D. Rice, G. Tabor, J. Jeffries, G. Moore, M. Sukoski, T. Webster, P. Wilson.VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - Row 1: J. McGinty, G. Griffin. Row 2: G. Scarlett, D. Book. Row 3: N. Speers, D. Covilli. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - Row 1: M. Bolin, M. Minton. Row 2: R. Florian, C. McReynolds. Row 3: J. Hill, B. For-gatch, B. Toth. 94CAFETERIA CLUB - Row 1: T. Barnes, K. Drew, D. Perkins, J. Jarvis, B. Joplin, W. Wells, D. Murphy, M. Gasha. Row 2: R. Summers, E. Reed, A. Williams, C. Thompson, D. Eaton, D. Spears, J. Sweet. Row 3: B. Martin, D. Samples, C. Marks. The members of the cafeteria club give up part of their lunch hour to assist the cooks in serving meals to the students and teachers. The officers were: President, D. Perkins; Vice-President, D. Eaton; Secretary, R. Summers. The cooks prepare the meals each day for the student body and faculty alike. They also help prepare food for banquets held in the cafeteria. Chris Thompson is the head cook. 95 COOKS - Row I: M. Perkins, F. Williams, R. Rumsey, E. Zanter. Row 2: M. Payne, C. Thompson.LIBRARY CLUB - Row 1: J. Allen, K. Melvin, R. Morris, H. Karoski, M. Lee. Row 2: J. Crawford, L. Davis, G. Tabor, M. Grissom, R. Smith, Mrs. Boner. Members of the Library Club keep the library’s facilities in order and assist fellow students. The club’s sponsor is Mrs. Boner. Officers for the year were: President, K. Melvin; Vice-President, R. Morris; Secretary, M. Grissom; and L. Davis is chairman of the program committee. Only juniors and seniors are eligible to the National Honor Society. Membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character. In April a list of students that meet these requirements is posted. The organization is sponsored by Mr. Warren. HONOR SOCIETY - Row 1: A. Luther, S. Cremer. B. Seagle. M. Hermes, B. Hall, D. Williams, H. Karoski. K. Eubanks. M. Williams, D. Covilli. Row 2: S. McGhee, A. McCormick, N. Sloan, D. Isaacs, J. Hogg, K. Hudgens. K. Lawrence, J. Wagner, L. Wasson, J. Squario. Row 96 3: Mr. Warren, V. Bozarth, J. Roberts, B. Dorris, L. Hopkins, K. Roberts, J. Dotson, T. Hays, D. James, S. Jordan, M. Golio.JUNIOR NURSES - Row I: R. Hood, N. Carroll, B. Ramsey, D. Dewar, R. White. Row 2: Miss Kolesar, D. Perkins. P. Wilburn, D. Talbott, R. Evans. The Junior Nurses, sponsored by Miss Mary Kolesar, is an organization of girls who are interested in the field of nurses’s training. Each hour a girl is in attendance in the nurse’s office to help students who are in need of medical assistance. STUDENT PATROL - Row 1: F. Johnson, Y. Hampton, J. Hancock, M. Stanley, J. Lee. Row 2: L. Davis, M. Rennie. B. Swinkunas. M. Moore, D. Johns, S. Jordan, Mr. Grosco. 97 The purpose of the student patrol is to control traffic in the halls. Each member of the group contributes one hour each day to the organization. Mr. George Grosco is the sponsor.Their Activities Build Friendships Sub-Deb members finalize plans for mother-daughter banquet. The Sub-Deb Club, sponsored by Miss Belbas, is an organization for girls interested in improving themselves socially, scholastically, and personally. Various activities held during the year were: a hay-ride, flower sales, and a mother-daughter banquet. Officers were: L. Killion, President; J. Hogg, Vice-President; J. Saulsbury, Treasurer: A. Luther, Secretary; and J. Hood, Chaplain. SUB-DEB CLUB - Row I: T. Wiley, J. Saulsbury, J. Hood, J. Hogg, J. Saulsbury, A. Luther, K. Melvin, S. Willmore, D. Blades. J. Anthony. Row 2: E. Hayes, M. Minton. D. Rice, C. McReynoids, S. McGhee. C. Ezell, L. Wilson, J. Jacobs, C. Moschino, D. Covilli, V. Galli. Row 3: D. Book, J. McKee, L. Gray, N. Sloan, K. Ogden, M. Sukoski. R. Baldi, L. Claxton. G. Scarlett, B. Boyett. Row 4: D. Mills, D. Williams, M. Hermes, K. Hudgens, H. Karoski, W. Jones, C. White, Miss Belbas.KEY CLUB - Row 1: J. Eadcr, T. Ricci. J. Dotson. M. Moore. S. Jordan. M. Golio, L. Hopkins, D. Dorris, D. Dziadus, J. Culpepper. J. Walker. Row 2: Mr. Yuhas, V. Bozarth, R. Smith, J. Roberts, S. Brown. T. Green, J. Warren, B. Dorris, S. Lindsey, M. Gilula, D. Gosnell, D. Harrell, G. Miner, Mr. Grissom. Members’ Aim Is To Benefit Others One of the most popular clubs at FCHS is Key Club. It is open to all sophomore, junior, and senior boys who have proved themselves enterprising students and exceptional leaders. Officers for the year were: M. Golio, President; S. Jordan, Vice-President; S. Lindsey, Secretary; and D. Dorris, Treasurer. Mr. Yuhas was the sponsor. Jeff Roberts and Mike Golio oversee the annual “Ugly Man Contest.” 99F.T.A. - Row I: D. Blades, C. Moschino, V. Galli, J. Hogg, M. Williams, L. Wasson. Row 2: M. Nicklin, J. McGinty, M. Czorniak, D. Band-era, D. Covilli, Mrs. Wolfe. Row 3: S. Nanni, B. Hall, D. Treece. FTA, Molders of America’s Youth F.T.A. is comprised of students interested in entering the teaching profession. Activities for this year included an initiation banquet, which was a progressive dinner, with Mrs. Pedro Alfonso as guest speaker; a children’s Christmas party held at the high school; and an F.T.A. Regional Workshop at Sparta. Officers for the year were: President, J. Hogg; Vice-President, V. Galli; Secretary, C. Moschino; Treasurer, M. Williams; Chaplain, L. Killion; Publicity, L. Wasson. Mrs. Wolfe was the sponsor. F.T.A. members attend initiation banquet, a progressive dinner.Members of I.T. discuss plans for future speech contest. The Door to Better Communication is the motto of Interpreter’s Theatre. This speech club entered in various contests this year throughout the area. Officers serving this year were: L. Wasson, President; T. Ricci, Vice-President; M. Williams, Secretary; K. Lawrence, Treasurer; and B. Wasson, Reporter. Miss Finn was the sponsor. Students Put Inspiration Into Words INTERPRETER’S THEATRE - Row I: K. Ycsinkus. B. Wasson, K. Lawrence, L. Wasson, T. Ricci, M. Williams, J. Smith, G. Garrett. Row 2: J. Demaretti, K. Green, S. Henson, K. Young, K. Eubanks, M. Martin, T. Orr, R. McDaniel, Mrs. Fox. Row 3: J. Eader, B. Testory. Row 4: B. Fasol. 101The Future Homemakers of America is planned for students in home economics courses. FHA has been combined with HERO which is an organization for both boys and girls. FHA includes home economics occupations. The goal of FHA-HERO is to help individuals to improve personal, family, and community living. 1971-72 FHA Officers make plans for the year. Members Are Future Homemakers F.H.A. - Row 1: T. Joiner, B. Wasson, R. Baldi. M. Sukoski. L. Wilson. V. Galli, D. York, D. Treece, D. Covilli, D. Williams. Row 2: Mrs. Parrish, J. Squario, J. Jacobs, S. Cunningham, L. Browning, N. Robinson. M. Morris, J. Jones, S. Griggs, J. Studt. S. Martin, J. White, T. Cash, Mrs. Hedley. Row 3: M. Nicklin, M. Summers, N. Carroll, L. Harris, C. Copple, S. Nanni, B. Ransey, S. Moore, B. Moon, K. Day, L. Gray, B. Forgatch, G. Moore, J. McGinty.SPANISH CLUB - Row I: B. Boyett, D. Stone, B. Hall, G. Miner, B. Campbell, T. Hays, K. Eubanks, D. Williams, C. Blackburn, G. Moon. Row 2: A. Luther, J. Squario, N. Speers, K. Glass, N. Sloan, C. Moschino, D. Covilli, J. Hood, C. Howe, K. Melvin, S. McGhee, G. Harkins, D. Book, G. Scarlett. Row 3: D. McDaniels, B. Tapley, M. Martin. R. Baldi, R. Higgerson, K. Lingle, G. Griffin, D. Bandera, D. Mills, D. Gosnell, M. Metheney. Row 4: W. Isaacs, M. Moak, D. Melvin, D. James, J. Eisenbeis, R. Hill, R. Robinson, J. Williams, D. Hill, M. Henson, M. Rennie. Row 5: K. Roberts, L. Hopkins, C. Gunter, D. Broy. Members Study Spanish Culture To become a member of the Spanish Club, a student must first complete one year of Spanish. A Christmas fiesta is just one of the many activities that this club has. The officers were: T. Hays, President; J. McKee, Vice-President; B. Campbell, Secretary; and G. Miner, Treasurer. Mrs. Fiori was the sponsor. 103 1971-72 Spanish Club OfficersHI-Y CLUB - Row 1: R. Raubach, M. Smith, T. Ricci, D. Hill, R. Robinson, J. Crawford, R. Hill, D. Crawford, B. Troutt, R. Mickey. Row 2: T. Mitchell, K. Stebbins, M. Metheny, R. Perry, J. Bennett, R. Griffith, D. Maragni, L. Davis, S. Jordan, M. Henson, D. McAfee, B. Caraway, Mr. Booth. Row 3: W. Taylor, M. Moak, G. Sloan, K. Weaver, K. Cantrell, L. Loftus, D. James, K. Yates, V. Brotherton, D. Eaton. Hi-Y Principles Build Character Hi-Y Club is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. Their activities included a bake sale, a camping trip, and a Youth and Government Conference in Springfield. Officers were: J. Crawford, President; R. Hill, Vice-President; P. Fulop, Secretary; D. McAfee, Treasurer. Hi-Y was sponsored by Mr. Booth. 104 Hi-Y members await their meeting.This year the FFA boys sponsored many school and community activities. FFA members chartered a bus for a University of Illinois football game. The Poultry and Grain Show, the Soil Judging Contest, Tractor-Driving Contest, and Parliamentary Procedure Conquest had participants from the local chapter. Members participated in such activities as: FFA Week, the FFA Convention, and a parent-son banquet. Officers were: President, J. Jackanicz; Vice-President, G. Ritchason; Secretary, W. Dutton; Treasurer, D. Kern; Reporter, M. Orr; Sentinel, T. Allen. The sponsor was Mr. Ron Smith. The 1972 FFA Chapter Sweetheart. M. Bolin, poses with J. Jackanicz. FFA - Row I: B. Olsen, K. Roberts, M. Spencer, W. Dutton, G. Ritchason, J. Jackanicz, T. Allen, T. Orr, D. Kern, J. Hand, G. Smith, G. McClerren. Row 2: R. Hood, L. Fergeson, S. Ross, G. Woolard, R. Studt, G. Jones, W. Bejmovicz, M. Gregge, D. Falletti, V. Brotherton, G. Killion, T. Wiley, C. Hand, K. Clark, M. Hamlin. Row 3: B. Glodich, G. Bain, A. Smith, D. Brumley, R. Browning, S. Rich, J. Giles, R. Barkley, D. Jent, S. Snyder, D. Wilson, B. Ice. Row 4: B. Spain, J. Eader, T. Sharp, D. Davies, G. Downs, D. Chick, M. Griggs. 10SSTUDENT COUNCIL - Row 1: T. Wiley, J. Hogg, D. Rice, A. Hughes. B. Forgatch, J. Hood, C. Moschino, S. Mondino. Row 2: K. Melvin, L. Wilson, K. Cook, L. Claxton, T. Green, L. Hopkins, T. Mitchell, D. Williams, M. Sukoski, G. Scarlett, Miss Pyatt. Row 3: G. Killion, B. Fasol, K. Green, J. Walker, S. McKie, R. Morris, M. Roe, J. Allen, G. Smith, J. Roberts, M. Golio, V. Bozarth. Representatives of Students’ Views 106 The Student Council, which is comprised of elected members from each class, attended the Little Egypt District of Student Council Convention held in Carmi. Members were in charge of this year’s homecoming activities, and they also sponsored a fund raising drive for the March of Dimes. Officers for the year were: M. Roe, President; L. Hopkins, Vice-President; D. Williams, Secretary; V. Bozarth, Treasurer. Their sponsor was Miss Pyatt. Student Council members discuss ideas for a meeting.BUILDING TRADES - Row 1. M. Glenn,- P. Fulop, G. Sloan, J. Hogg, R. Robertson. Row 2: Mr. Steh, L. Salliez, S. White, J. Mills, R. Smothers. Boys Train for a Vocational Future This is a view of furnished living room in Vocational Building Trades house. Vocational Building Trades Program is a day training program for students in their junior and senior years. Construction of the house gives practical training to the boys involving design, use, choice of materials, and construction methods. The program has provided first hand information in a choice of a trade to follow. The 1970-71 Building Trades project was completed earlier in this school year. An open house was held for the public, and the house was sold. 107TRI-HI-Y - Row I: V. Galli, S. Cunningham, J. Squario, G. Griffin, J. Saulsbury, K. Lingle, C. Ezell, A. Luther, D. Covilli, N. Sloan, P. Wilson, K. Melvin, C. Howe, D. Allen. Row 2: B. Campbell, D. York, J. Jackanicz, J. Doxie, J. Jones, J. McGinty, S. Lance, C. Ligon. D. Beal, L. Wasson, J. Saulsbury, C. Moschino, B. Bruce, D. Ozment. J. Jackanicz, K. Glass. J. Anthony, Mrs. Fiori. Row 2: D. McDaniels, S. Colussi, E. Scarlett, R. Baldi, B. Boyett, F. Johnson. D. Book, D. Razer, D. Williams, R. Higgerson, J. Hood, J. McKee, J. Hogg, R. Evans. Row 4: M. Summers, M. Martin, M. Williams, K. Hudgens, W. Jones, B. Hall, H. Karoski. B. Moon, A. Poole, D. Bandera. M. Grissom. Tri-Hi-Y Club Members Are Active The Tri-Hi-Y club is a girls’ organization under the direction of Mrs. Fiori. Activities for the year included a formal initiation, magazine sales, distribution of Christmas baskets to the nursing homes, and a formal dance. The officers were: A. Luther, President; C. Ezell, Vice-President; N. Sloan, Recording Secretary; S. Lance, Corresponding Secretary; D. Covilli, Treasurer; J. Saulsbury, Chaplain. 108 M. Sukoski and J. Squario prepare to attend a Tri-Hi-Y meeting.TR1-HI-Y - Row 1: K. Lambert. L. Frerking, B. Toth, S. Hill. K. Baldi, T. Webster, K. Good, J. Hill, M. Bolin, C. McClerren, L. Deason, C. Darnell, J. Thompson. S. Martin. Row 2: M. Hopkins. K. Reed, L. Hill, M. Bennett, B. Bennett, B. Forgatch, L. Wilson, K. Smith, P. Smith, M. Sukoski, J. Jacobs, R. Florian, N. Lawrence, J. Carr. Row 3: T. Smith. D. Donahue. D. Russell. K. Ogden, S. Moore. T. Joiner, D. Connell. D. Rice. G. Tabor, S. Brinkley, J. Jeffries, R. McLain, M. Minton, A. Hughes. D. Chalacoff, D. Dutton, C. McReynolds, I. Butler. Row 4: S. Christy, L. Harris. N. Carroll, M. Sakonya, D. Thomas. K. Spowart, M. Burnett, T. Richmond, R. Russell, M. Pugh, J. Manion, L. Claxton, G. Moore, C. Irby. in School and Community Affairs 109THESPIANS — Row 1: P. Walley, S. Henson. R. Hill, J. Hogg, A. Claxton, M. Martin, S. Moore. J. Smith. Row 2: B. Wasson, K. Lawrence, K. Young, S. Dietderich, K. Eubanks. M. Czomiak, D. Isaacs, J. Tate, S. Martin. Mrs. Fox. Row 3: R. Mickey, K. Weaver, G. Garrett, D. James. Acting Requires Much of Oneself CAST MEMBERS FOR NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th - Row 1: L. Hopkins, M. Lee, D. Viernum. Row 2: J. Smith, C. Williams, M. Martin. noCAST MEMBERS FOR NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th - T. Hays, K. Young, A, Claxton, G. Garrett. The International Thespians is a service organization. Members serve to present the community with dramatic and entertainment opportunities. They are interested in those areas of backstage production as they are in the “behind the footlights” performance. Officers for the year were: President, J. Hogg; Vice-President, A. Claxton; Secretary-Treasurer, R. Hill. Miss Finn replaced Mrs. Fox as sponsor for the 1971-72 school year. CAST MEMBERS FOR NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th - R. Yucas, K. Lawrence, M. Grissom, G. Smith. IllVocalists Gain Experience With Great Sally Mondino and Denise Donahue accompany the chorus. 112 Mr. Morton intently directs the chorus.MIXED CHORUS - Row 1: J. Allois, D. Sneddon, K. Williams, W. Jones, D. Dewar, V. Poole, L. Harris, N. Carroll, C. Bechelli, C. Cash, C. Wilkins, S. Brinkley, L. Link, P. Throgmorton. K. Shostrum, T. Dover. Row 2: M. White, T. Bowers, C. McClerren, M. Gunter, T. Webster, C. Hoffart, K. Baldi, B. Craig, J. Jackanicz, B. Bruce, N. Melvin, S. Isaacs, L. Costellia, J. Carr, P. Miller. D. Plasters, D. Allen, D. Rose. Row 3: J. Vining, C. Randolph, D. Dutton, C. Wolfe, A. Culbertson, K. Cook, J. Tate, D. Freeman. K. Sommers, S. Loftus, D. Rogers. J. Loftus, J. Boozer, D. Lemmon, S. Dietderich, S. Lance, C. Glenn, C. Davis. Row 4: E. Wall, R. Lance, D. Qualls. B. Brown, S. Hubbard, R. Morris, R. Perry, S. Thornhill, R. Ledbetter, S. Allen, G. Smith, B. Eldridge, G. Rich, D. Payne, S. Wright, K. Richmond, C. Thompson, D. Viernum, R. Stanley, R. Dial. Enthusiasm From Modern Selections MIXED CHORUS - Row 1: M. Nanni, C. Holman. C. Hall, K. Rogers, B. Ramsey, T. Brotherton, D. Stone, C. Wright, D. Jackson. S. Lee, K. Day. Row 2: T. Cardin, D. Donahue, P. Wilburn, D. Murphy. B. Bennett, J. Troutt, B. Jennings, P. Hampton, J. Doxie, L. Holland. K. Melville, D. Chalacoff, J. Lee, C. Irvin. Row 3: V. Field, R. Carr, M. Straka. J. Brown, D. Arnett, R. Griffith, T. Stuthers, A. Evans, T. Wilson, K. Griggs. D. Maragni, T. Williams, B. Wilson, D. Weston, K. Watson. 113Staff members T. Ricci. T. Hays. J. Bennett, D. Davies, and G. Campbell work on cropping pictures and designing layouts for the 1972 REDBIRD. Perseverance, Time, and Loads ANNUAL STAFF - Row : C. Moschino. B. Campbell. K. Hudgens, D. Rice, L. Killion, D. Covilli, A. Luther, C. McReynolds. Row 2: N. Sloan, J. Bennett, H. Karoski. T. Ricci, D. Davies, T. Hays, G. Campbell, Mrs. Walker.Staff members H. Karoski, D. Covilli, C. McReynolds, and K. Hudgens check a finished sheet of final copy. Work Are Needs of Annual Staff B. Campbell, C. Moschino. D. Rice, and A. Luther watch as N. Sloan and L. Killion prepare to meet a deadline.RED BIRD NOTES - Row J: Y. Hampton, K. Cook, R. Morris, J. Anthony, D. Ozment, M. Moak, T. Haley. K. Meredith. Row 2: P. Shanks, D. Plasters, B. Mosley, F. Jackson. J. Boozer. L. Young, K. Anthony, J. Tate, D. Lemmon. M. Pugh, J. Carr, Mr. Grissom. Providing Interesting News for the Student 116 Members of Red Bird Notes discuss layout.L. Young types an article for RBN while J. Anthony and T. Haley watch. Body Is the Task of RBN 117 STAFF MEMBERS - Row J: K. Meredith. Row 2: M. Pugh, J. Carr. K. Anthony, Y. Hampton, K. Cook.Alert band members follow the conductor’s baton. FCHS Concert Band Adds Color . . . The percussion section provides rhythm. 118Practice is a major factor in the making of a musician. Sparkle, and Spirit to Student Life Band members benefit from each rehearsal. 119OFFICE WORKERS - Row 1: K. Hudgens. K. Straka, D. Midkiff, M. Summers, C. White, H. Karoski. A. Claxton, L. Wasson. Row 2: C. Howe, R. Roach, C. Glenn, D. Ozment, K. Lingle, M. Hermes, M. Czorniak, K. Reed, J. Saulsbury, B. Campbell, Mrs. Innis. Row 3: S. Diet-derich, D. Allen, F. Jackson, J. Hancock, J. Hood, A. McCormick, Mrs. Culbertson. The Main Office is under the direction of Mrs. Dimmick and Mrs. Culbertson. In the Guidance the girls run errands and type, under the direction of Mrs. Innis. The students that help in the Attendance Office are under the direction of Mr. Smith and Miss Pyatt. GIRL SCOUTS - Row 1: C. Bernardoni, M. Martin, J. Doxie, R. Rice, K. Lingle, C. Meredith. Row 2: K. Borton, T. Karnes, S. Moore, C. McCoy, R. Higgerson, J. Hogg, A. Poole, M. Grissom, V. Poole. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to be Senior Scouts. Their projects center around homemaking as well as community activities. Miss Eva Jean Drew was the group’s adult adviser.BOWLING CLUB - Row I: B. Brown, G. Harkins. R. Hood, M. Young. J. Bennett, L. Morris, M. Meracle, L. Graves. Row 2: G. Ellis, D. Swafford, K. Kessel, T. Stuthers, M. Jones, R. Robinson, Mr. Morton. Row 3: S. Burkitt, M. Glenn. The Bowling Club provides entertainment and is rewarding for those students who participate. Bowling improves form and perfects bowling techniques. Officers were: M. Young, President: J. Bennett, Vice-President; R. Hood, Secretary; and K. Kessel, Treasurer. Mr. Morton was the sponsor. The French Club this year sponsored many activities to raise funds for their trip to Canada. These activities included: a chicken dinner, a bazaar, and cookie sales. Officers this year were: President, M. Williams; Vice-President, L. Killion; Secretary, M. Grissom; and Treasurer, J. Studt. Their sponsor was Miss Perr. FRENCH CLUB - Row I: J. Smith. M. Hermes. J. Studt. M. Williams, M. Grissom. H. Karoski. S. Nanni. Row 2: Miss Perr, G. Garrett, R. White, C. Deeter, T. Wiley. C. Ligon. D. Beal. J. Jeffries, P. Blades, G. Williams. Row 3: W. Willmore, L. Claxton, M. Czorniak. 121The newly formed Creative Writer’s class received many awards for their creative productions. Tri-Hi-Y girls relax after distributing Christmas baskets. 1221971 Countdown to Victory. Hopkins-to-Broy aerial connects for a score. A “SPIRIT” session before the Turkey Day Game. 123 Junior Varsity cheerleaders entertain at a Frankfort pep session.Frankfort fans faithfully supported their victorious Redbirds. Spirit Prevails in Young and Old 124 Members of F.C.H.S. Alumni discuss the Turkey Day Game.VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM — Row 1: J. Bandera, D. Ragan, J. Crawford, J. Culpepper, J. Roberts, B. McLain, G. Kirk, M. Golio, D. Gosnell, G. Miner, C. McGhee. G. Samples. Row 2: Coach Yuhas, J. Eader, M. Moore, J. Waller, D. Sanders, G. Mitchell, K. Roberts. D. Broy, S. Lindsey, B. Swinkunas, J. Warren, S. Levanti, R. Robinson, D. Dorris, Coach Grammer. Row J: M. Smith, P. Fulop, J. Hogg, T. Hays, J. Dotson, H. Rightor, L. Hopkins, D. Hill, T. Green, S. McKie, K. Griggs, D. Dziadus. Manager D. Bixler Redbirds Post a 10-1 Season. CO-CAPTAIN LEONARD HOPKINS Senior Quarterback CO-CAPTAIN BRUCE SWINKUNAS Senior Tackle 126Gary Samples tunnels through the line for one of his many touchdowns. This year for the first time in twenty-five years the West Frankfort Redbirds shared the South Seven title. Under the direction of second-year coach Paul Grammer, the Redbirds achieved a 10-1 record. The 1971 FOOTBALL SCORF.BOARD Won - 10 Lost - 1 REDBIRDS OPPONENTS 32 Cairo.......................,...12 20 Johnston City...................13 34 Mt. Vernon......................20 36 Marion..........................15 30 Eldorado.........................0 20 Carbondale......................16 12 Herrin .........................35 42 Harrisburg......................15 22 Centralia........................0 14 DuQuoin.........................12 30 Benton..........................14 only Redbird defeat came at the hands of the Herrin Tigers. Many outstanding seniors led the way to the conference title, and several juniors also added strength to the victorious Redbird squad. JACK WARREN Junior Halfback 127 denotes conference gamesGREG MITCHELL Senior End DOUG DORRIS Junior Quarterback TAYLOR HAYS Senior Guard DAVY BROY Junior End MIKE GOLIO Senior Fullback GEORGE MINER Junior Linebacker STEVE LINDSEY Junior Tackle GARY SAMPLES Junior Fullback GEORGE KIRK Senior Halfback 128JACK HOGG Senior Tackle DAVID SANDERS Junior Guard KENNY GRIGGS Junior Guard SCOTT LEVANTI Junior Guard 129 PETER FULOP Senior TackleRcdbird gridders line up for another play against the Herrin Tigers. JOHN DOTSON George Miner blocks an attempted pass. Senior Center BRAD McLAIN Senior Tackle JOHN CRAWFORD Senior Halfback HASKELL RIGHTOR Senior Guard 130Gary Samples, halfback, gains yardage against the Herrin Tigers.SOPHOMORE TEAM - Row 1:. M. Garrett, R. Heyder, J. Hand, S. Rose, C. Sakonyi, G. Smith, J. Deason, J. Short, S. Murray, D. Bromley, G. Verschueren. Row 2: Mr. Peterson, T. Woods, B. Wilson, R. Smith, J. Johnson, J. Walker, D. Jent, D. Sanders. V. Brotherton, R. Stanely, Coach Ernest. Row J: B. Glodich, M. Schloss, T. Sharp, D. Chick, J. Elder, P. Melvin, J. Eader, C. Mariano. Kneeling: Managers M. Jeter, D. Griggs. The Underclassmen Fought All Odds FRESHMAN TEAM - Row J: R. Culpepper, B. Melvin, J. Jones. R. Dial, B. Fasol, B. Caraway, C. Hand. T. Wiley. D. Whiting, M. Birch-field, B. Mitchell, G. Murphy. Row 2: Coach Rice, Manager J. Demaretti, S. Rich, J. Allen, B. Warren, T. Mitchell, T. Mutchek, R. Jones. G. Smith, M. Griggs, M. Blackburn, J. Forgatch, T. Burns, J. Denfip, C. Reed, B. Ice, Coach Demattei. Row 3: J. Bowers, M. Morris. M. Samples, G. Sloan, D. Wilkinson, G. Killion, J. Thomas, D. Falletti, D. Herrell, A. Smith, S. Sneddon, J. Ruzich, K. Green, D. Calvert. 132VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - Row 1: }. Demaretti, M. Smith, D. Eaton. T. Ricci, Mgrs. Row 2: G. Mitchell, D. Dorris, D. Broy, L. Hopkins, M. Moore, G. Samples. Row 3: Coach Hood, B. Swinkunas, D. Hill, J. Warren, K. Roberts, R. Robinson, M. Henson, Coaches Grammer, Fiori. TEAM CAPTAIN GREG MITCHELL Senior Center 1971-1972 BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD REDBIRDS OPPONENTS 55 Du Quoin.............................63 58 Centralia............................60 71 Harrisburg ..........................51 52 Mount Vernon.........................64 76 Johnston City........................55 61 Marion ..............................56 68 Benton...............................63 44 Carbondale...........................65 79 Harrisburg ..........................53 57 Benton...............................51 89 Pinckneyville .......................74 64 Mount Vernon.........................58 53 Herrin...............................60 70 Marion ..............................49 57 Carbondale...........................54 55 Centralia............................68 48 Johnston City........................39 CENTRALIA HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT 72 Jacksonville ........................98 48 Arlington............................53 PYRAMID TOURNAMENT 82 Marion ..............................66 38 Herrin...............................57 134DOUG DORRIS JACK WARREN Junior forward Junior forward Redbirds Prove To Be Interesting MIKE MOORE LEONARD HOPKINS Senior guard Senior guard 135 RANDY ROBINSON Junior guard KEITH ROBERTS Senior forward Varsity Basketball Team Improved DICK HILL Junior guard MARK HENSON Junior guard 136GARY SAMPLES DAVY BROY Junior forward Junior guard Steadily as the Season Progressed BRUCE SWINKUNAS Senior forward Keith Roberts leaps high for two points. 137SOPHOMORE TEAM - Row 1: K. Griffith, S. Murray, M. Samples, C. Mariano, G. Garrett, R. Smith. Row 2: Mgrs. D. Griggs, D. Bixler; T. Mitchell, R. Jones, S. Brown, S. Callahan, T. Sharp, D. Chick, Coach Grammer. Underclassmen Learn the Basics FRESHMAN TEAM - Row I: K. Green, M. Griggs, M. Morris, D. Falletti, D. Calvert, J. Thomas, B. Melvin. Row 2: Mgrs. K. Griffith, J. Demaretti; B. Warren, M. Blackburn, T. Mitchell, T. Mutchek, R. Jones, M. Samples. T. Bums, D. Wilkinson, D. Whiting, Coach Fiori. 138Greg Mitchell leaps high in the air for a tip in the Marion game. Big Moments of 1972 J. Warren scores two for the Redbirds. Basketball D. Broy demonstrates his shooting ability. 1391971 VARSITY TRACK TEAM - Row . B. Dorris, G. Mitchell, D. Denbow, M. Lee, G. Samples, C. Pickett, H. Rightor, J. Warren. Row 2: Coach Wilkinson, D. Ragan, J. Eader. M. Sloan, G. Kirk, R. Robinson. B. Swinkunas, K. Roberts, K. Griggs, R. Denbow, G. Miner, J. Crawford, J. Tabor, Coach Yuhas. Seated: Mgrs. D. Bixler, D. Griggs. FCHS Tracksters Win Ribbons 1971 JUNIOR VARSITY TRACK TEAM - Row J: Seated: D. Bixler, D. Coffey, S. Rose, B. Finn, B. McLaren, D. Griggs. Row 2: J. Eader, L. Christy, C. Gunter. T. Sharp, D. Sanders, D. Chick. M. Jones. S. McKie. Row 3: Coach Wilkinson, K. Griffith, S. Wright. B. Glodich. J. Walker, B. Wilson, C. Mariano, M. Garrett, D. Payne. J. Crespi, R. Smith, J. Pearson, J. Culpepper, Coach Yuhas. 140OJT CROSS COUNTRY TEAM - Row 1: J. Renik, J. Perratto, B. Dorris, J. Tabor, J. Crcspi, R. Knapp. L. Maddox. Row 2: K. Griffith, M. Vick, J. Giles, S. Callahan, G. Sloan, S. Brown, B. McLaren, Coach Hood. Row 3: D. Wilson, J. Martin, D. Coffey, B. Finn, M. Henson, T. Allen. Team Sports Contribute to Maturity BASEBALL TEAM - Row . M. Moore. D. Broy, L. Hopkins. T. Ricci, S. Serati, S. Shelby, D. Dorris. G. Warren. Row 2: Coach Fiori, M. Golio, H. Riddle. L. Bozic, S. Levanti, B. Bonucchi, B. Brown, M. Roe, S. Lindsey, J. Roberts, G. Verschueren. C. Hayes. 141GOLF TEAM - Row 1: S. Murray, B. Connors, D. Dziadus, M. Metheney, T. Woods, D. Gosnell. Row 2: G. Ritchason, D. Smith, J. Waller, S. Brown, R. Yucas. T. Green, Mr. Karoski. Athletics Create the Desire To Excel Boys in seventh hour athletics dive for the ball in a soccer game. 142FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS, THE REEDS - Row 1: J. Gossett, J. Hand, S. Ross, G. Woolard. Row 2: M. Garrett, B. Finn, G. Verschueren, J. Giles, B. McLaren, G. Smith, B. Wilson, K. Griffith. Intramurals Arouse Much Enthusiasm JUNIOR-SENIOR INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS, THE ROYALS — Row 1: W. Isaacs, S. Florian, G. Sloan, K. Williams. Row 2: D. Eaton, M. Reynolds, T. Green, K. Griggs, D. Davies, G. Ritchason, T. Hays, L. Hopkins. 143Sports of 1971-72 144JACKANICZ BROS. FARMS ONLY LOVE BEATS MILK SO ENJOY A GLASS OF MILK TODAY DUNTSTON ELEC. CO. Thunderbird — Ford — Mustang COMPLETE ELEC. SERVICE TOMLINSON MOTOR CO. 1212 E. Main Street Phone 932-5218 West Frankfort, III.. Phone 932-3184 410 West Main West Frankfort, Illinois Compliments of BUD'S MOTOR SALES FARM FRESH DAIRY 208 North Logan West Frankfort, Illinois CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH QUALITY USED CARS GOODYEAR TIRE SERVICE Phone 932-5660 1201 East Main Street West Frankfort, Illinois TREECE DECORATING BUILDING SUPPLY ROBERT TREECE Carpeting — Decorators Supply HOME LUMBER COMPANY 101 W. Poplar Phone 932-3969 West Frankfort, Illinois 229 West Main Street West Frankfort, Illinois 146 (jliw} Compliments of W. F. REDBIRD Compliments of BOOSTER CLUB A W DRIVE IN 1007 West Main West Frankfort, Illinois Dial 932 2564 Greetings From M W LUMBER COMPANY WOOLARD'S DAIRY QUEEN Phone 932-351 1 Come to Dairy Queen 402 South Logan West Frankfort, Illinois "Live A Little" VAR TUNG PAINTS 1009 East Main Street West Franlrfort, Illinois 147ANITA'S WALTON'S FLOWERS AND GIFTS 503 S. Logan W. Frankfort, III. SERVICE COMPANY radio — TELEVISION — STEREO BASKETS — RATTAN Phone 932-3171 AND UNUSUAL GIFTS BUDDY — BOB — LEON — JIMMY Phone 932-2235 West Frankfort, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS From MRS. BURG fio upjj +seM Who Has Served the High Fashion Customers of Southern Illinois s.uaaivAA for 55 Years 831138 A0O8 INSOfllS 3H183AOD3 ▼ % BURG'S LITTLE EGYPT SANDNER POODLE SHOPPE ELECTRIC COMPANY COMPLETE POODLE GROOMING 903 East St. Louis Street APPOINTMENT ONLY West Frankfort, Illinois 62896 809 East Clark Telephone: 618-932-2366 West Frankfort, Illinois Phone — 932-5224 Wouldn't You Rather Have a Buick? DEMARETTI BUICK PETE DEMARETTI JOE DEMARETTI Phone 932-3919 105 West Poplar West Fra nkfort, Illinois 148the fashion shop Southern Illinois' Largest and Finest Store for Women West Frankfort, Illinois Phone 932-3065 HOUSE OF BEAUTY BARBARA STAFKO — Prop. Phone 932-2065 510 East Main Street West Frankfort, Illinois WEST FRANKFORT BOWL OUR 58th YEAR E. R. BROWN FURNITURE CO. 108 E. Poplar Street — Tel. 937-9096 West Frankfort, Illinois 62896 BROWN’S MAPLE HOUSE BOWL FOR FUN LARGEST DISPLAY OF FURNITURE OPEN BOWLING IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS Every Saturday and Sunday 403 East Main treet West Frankfort, Illinois Can0 -tAW BARKER’S “lour Rexall Drug Store99 121 East Main West "" "♦ f A' '4 Your Prescriptions Accurately Compounded by 11 1 CARL BARKER EARL BUFFINGTON Registered Pharmacists Du BARRY Fabcrg CHANEL Mo doctor ( s n,. Exquliite Hair Colors ol Marcel le L'°REALOFRARIS PHONE 93!-«'4 Hr ★ Cards ★ Gift Wrap pzry, Goods ★ Stationary % Gifts for the Entire Family—Free DeliveryTHE FIRST COMMUNITY BANK OF WEST FRANKFORT The Community Minded Bank WATSON'S JEWELERS Authorized Accutron Dealer PRISCILLA and CARDINAL DIAMONDS PASCHEDAG MUSIC HOUSE Phone 932-691 1 128 East Main West Frankfort, Illinois 1 102 East Main Street West Frankfort, Illinois JOHNSONS' CRAFT AND HOBBY 1705 E. Main 932-2954 West Frankfort Heights PIZZA SHACK Compliments PIZZA WITH PAZZAZ of Phone 937-1459 W. M. HALES 417 E. Main, W.F. COMPANY isoMARK TWAIN MARINE INDUSTRIES, INC. Box 276 West Frankfort, Illinois Furniture, Appliances, Drapes, Curtains, Carpet, Pictures, and Decorative Accessories YADRO AUTO PARTS Shop at B.F.J. FURNITURE “WE MAKE DUALS" 311-317 East Main Street West Frankfort, Illinois J. W. SIMMONS STONE FUNERAL HOME 1201 E. Poplar Phone 932-2161 151Congratulations Class of "72" PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY STANDARD INSURANCE AGENCY 105 South Van Buren Phone 937-1711 West Frankfort, Illinois 1 1 2 East Main West Frankfort, Illinois Free Delivery On All Prescriptions ROGER BONER GENE BONER Greetings from BILL GLODICH "5" SONS and ,,2” PRINCESSES We patronize the Redbirds. We hope the Red-birds patronize us. Let's pull together for a better West Frankfort. Your Plymouth-Honda Dealer P. N. HIRSCH AND CO. Phone 932-2664 214 West Main Street West Frankfort, Illinois 3 Ways to Shop — Charge — Cash — Layaway OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS ELVIS NOLEN, Supt. of Educational Service Region MR. and MRS. JOE SABOLO ATTORNEY J. MAX MITCHELL FAYE and DON PEARCE GRIFFIN'S FLOWERS REEDY FUNERAL HOME ACE HARDWAREMy Pledge to You! A Greater West Frankfort and Southern Illinois. Your Friend KEN GRAY United States Congressman MEDICAL ARTS CLINIC WRIGHT TV APPLIANCE MABRY PAINT GLASS CO. TONY'S RED BARN DR. and MRS. DAVID C. HAYMAN ATTORNEY FRANK E. TROBAUGH TWIN MILLS MARGE'S COFFEE SHOP HORRELL’S CLOTHIER CLEANERS FINE CLOTHES FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN 307 E. Main West Frankfort, Illinois Phone 932-3192 PEAK'S RECREATION AND MARINE SALES Hwy. 149 at 1-57 West Frankfort, Illinois JIM PEAK — 937-1793 YOUR LUXURY HOUSEBOAT DEALERCOLEMAN CHEVROLET CO., INC. BEN'S OUTLET SAWICKI MID-TOWN SHOE STORES FOOD MART Nationally Advertised Shoes at Big Savings For the Finest Meats You'll Ever Eat! 210 East Main Street West Frankfort, Illinois Phone 932-5969 The Daily American Viet Cong Step L’p fc? Attacks On Allies Throughout South .rw THE DAILY AMERICAN A Dynamic Newspaper Keeping Pace With A Progressive Community III-II5 S. Emma Street Phone 932-2146 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE KAY CHEMICAL CO. 107 S. Dorris Phone 932-3470 West Frankfort, Illinois 123 East Main St. West Frankfort, III. 62896 FOR COMMERCIAL — INDUSTRIAL — INSTITUTIONAL SERVICE 154THE BANK OF WEST FRANKFORT FRANKLIN COUNTY'S LARGEST INDEPENDENT BANK Resources over $18,000,000.00 Deposits Insured by F.D.I.C. C. M. PRESLEY, President OFFICERS JANE YOUCHOFF, Asst. Cashier ROGER C. DORRIS, Cashier and Vice President DELAP BROWNING REAL ESTATE ODUM CONCRETE PRODUCT INC. WAYNE DELAP — FRANK BROWNING 8 Licensed Representatives 100 East St. Louis St. West Frankfort, Illinois Herrin — West Frankfort Cape Girardeau — Carbondale 155PEPSICOLA "THE ATTENTION GETTER!" ANGELO SALA — Distributor s!ou!||| ,fOi (ueJd + 8M 9I99-ZE6 8uoHd Wd 00:0mV 0E:8 •Nns nam now sanoH ONiddOHS 3Hi aonpojj pua S|P3|AJ auy j.o auiopi aiji s| 13 1SV8 13 iyVkN 3H1 MMN03 33IA93S 3ll9Pd SI0NI11I 1VU1N33 fj gj jssaiaiuDij s,|| THE BEN FRANKLIN iqoj t4| j|oo3 s.n Vq) STORE ’ ONDIOOD DiaiD313 S V v c r West Frankfort, Illinois §SB§ Why Not Meet Your Friends There? 11 S9ia A009A93A3 S.AOV1 SUOJSP330 IIV sj®m°H H+!M +! A?SPEN-YU DRUGS Telephone 932-3963 V. M. PENROD R. PH. L. M. FITZGERALD R. PH. EVELYN'S BEAUTY SHOP 107 South Emma West Frankfort, Illinois Phone 932-6216 Appointments Not Always Needed For All Your Needs Shop GIBSONS 115 West Oak West Frankfort, Illinois REFRIGERATION CENTER Div. of West Frankfort Ice Home of Frigidaire Products for the Home 305 S. Logan from the ministerial Assn nation of Ulost Jfriinkfnrt GRANDPA JOHN’S IN THE COAL FIELD Located Rt. 37 Between Johnson City and West Frankfort, Illinois Open Daily 9 — 8 Sunday 10 — 6 157 ELK CLEANERS DR. J. M. D’AMICO, D.D.S. HEIGHTS MARKET ATTORNEY DON R. LUCAS HALSTEAD CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC LEFTY'S STANDARD TIRE INC. HOWELL INSURANCE COMPANY ATTORNEYS DUNN S. C. MITCHELL DR. EARL S. WOODS, D.D.S. ROE MACHINE SHOP STOTLAR-HERRIN LUMBER DR. AND MRS. O. H. TAYLOR GENE CARELLO P.G.A. GOLF PROFESSIONAL CLYDE DAY INSURANCE AGENCY DON J. WEBB, O.D. WEST FRANKFORT AUTO SUPPLY 158 See JACOBS-LANE JEWELERS For All Your Jewelry, Dinnerware, or Camera Needs Visit THE UPTOWN GRILL For Fine Foods and Excellent Service 11 6 East Main West Frankfort, Illinois Sharpest Look on Young Chicks Footwear — Scene — SHOE TREE JORDAN MOTOR COMPANY Your American Motors Dealer Phone 932-2144 501 West Main West Frankfort, Illinois WEST FRANKFORT HOUSE FURNISHING CO. 202 West Main For Fine Furniture JIM GRAY BILLY WILSON Your Photographer 159FREDERICK'S OUTLET SHOES REX WASSON, Realtor Famous Brands Men's and Ladies' Shoes Stores in Harrisburg, Marion, and West Frankfort BURPO REAL ESTATE 105 South Emma Street West Frankfort, Illinois ROSALIE JUNIOR-DEB SHOP 108 East Main Street Southern Illinois' Most Complete Store for the Junior Petite or Junior Miss HARRIS' HOLLAND DRUG 226 East Main West Frankfort FRED KONDRITZ, R. Ph. FOR THE FINEST QUALITY IN LADIES APPAREL AND JUNIOR WEAR! SEE HARRIS' Phone 932-3011 West Frankfort, Illinois The fifty-eighth edition of the 1972 REDBIRD has been completed. Members of the REDBIRD staff wish to thank all who contributed to its completion. The staff wished to express its gratitude to the administration and faculty for their co-operation. Thanks also go to the professional businessmen and merchants of our city for their support. The staff extends their appreciation to Mr. Tim Rissi for his time and co-operation and to Mr. Bill Blewett, our representative from the Taylor Publishing Company, for his assistance. Finally, our deepest appreciation and thanks to our fine advisor, Mrs. Hellen Mary Walker, for her assistance and numerous contributions. Without her assistance the 1972 REDBIRD could not have been completed. 160 

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