Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL)

 - Class of 1953

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Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1953 volume:

x J 1 V . .UT nip 7 ,' XXX f -Y . ij Xgfj ' fx i U " N4 N i i RX fff ' M 'Eg 0 -" X5 ' aA- ff Sf . ..53' WWW ,, ' i g','f3'x wf! Qiw M ' SK 'WW ,WW ' JJ U n W LJ! f 1 , L, f F ' W7 Nw' f gil Xddp V rjffn- jg avg! f 'f'g wtf, w jar? zifffwx , jfififf fifyugg .6 MW my may ,w f1fff Wziazfg WWWW MW 4 ?f0W fkgiifwgfiw WWW j'f"'A M0 x Qffwfgdmwjwj , , K, V W M WA MUV Aafwjf Tug!! Ml f fw W ' cL,f'NLL ,4 7' C1 Nic, J if QQff,Mj,f s !4. f A W W W fy 92 QW Zak! ff' "'57?f f '21 ' UMJQM , WWTVWMW N if fffgfff xg ,Sf- M lv W' W M MM ' ' W KN WVMWWMW ,. .f , . ' Q f J V I' , "A'Jf'f!1',v' XJ . 'V V ,jj X '.' V , . f Y 'I ! ,7 ff ' 4"'! L. 'AL ' ' f- Q if .V ' !,A lyW.J'SJl:l A..1 '4 if I X X "7 L ., , ' ,J L, ! . ' f 4, ,ff , AJ' , N Q ' " F lf' h I I N ,. xl Alf! J, ZF!! QE xii . X X f , . V , x K ' I IVV! "" 'Inf 'AJM Wl.17!f Vrgffvv F! fffbtylu lx-J7' 'L' M aff NX 1' ff-M ' V. x . I , ,fb WNW ll .0 tl ' .M L . f ,Jybvrh . ' 1 X. o Jig -'xf"L ,l!'J" . t J fp ,'i.fr1v .-f i I . 1,1 ,qv 1 Ltr.. ltxtril Lytb N V, J .X VA wx ' fx L v fa' J ' L ' owl- ' .JJ .., .""h"' g,f'J., W THE I fx brew Jw,-4 ft gay V rn' 1943 f f'. . r. cf". 'QL' f, ' u l I I D 0 4 'L ' V . :ji , 1' .. ' ,jg "l, . fb r L, hy' f ' N THE PAGES of the 1953 Redbird the . I- -J J rv' ' ' I. j eurrent generation of F.C.H.b. stuclents will I L ' ,AI P-. - v . . . x ' f' f" V " Jhlincl the record ol the friendship which they 'Sf' ,V eherish now and which will he a lastinv vain . y A' C F5 vi -f J 'st . . X , in the years that are yet to he. This hook por- ?-? L ' a ' u 1 Jr!! 6 Y trays our sehool, a way ol hle in which we who take part gain knowledge and learn the Ameri- ean way ol' living together while forming plans to earn sueeess in Olll' own small worltl. Puhlishetl By FRANKFORT Ci0MlVlllNlTY PIIGH Sc11ooL WEST FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS xcction ot' tlu' Rvcllvirxl. Redbird Annual Staff Qtnmling. It-it to right: Dorothy Brooks. Uusincss Al.lI11lg,l'. Ctrolyn IA1lKX'l'L'I1L'C, Soplmom 'iq-zxtcnl, lclxt to right: Maury ,Io llowcn, Art lllitor, Slwirlcx' c.l'.liH, .Xseouintc lklitor, lollt P.ltton, I2LIiUll"iI1'fAl1iL'l., :tml Hclcn Collins. Scnior Qnlitom' xvorlging on lllk' V153 Rccllmircl itor, 'lucly XVooLls, Sophomore Editor, Moncttc xVl1ifIiZ1gfUI1, .'Xctix'ity lfclitor, UL' lllalral, Sports lmlltor, IXIICUH Iyllllllllijk, IdI'L'Sl1Ill1II1 lgclllor, C,lLzitl,x llrov. l'rcsl1ln11n limlxtol -Indy l.1m'x111cc, Sophomore Editor. and -lo Linda Fox, .Iunior Editor. lulsilwss AIZIIHIQCI' Uorotlmy Brooks :md . . ..-1 ltllflll"Il1'fl1ICt Collccn Patton .lrv Kll'1lVV' g up tlu' lay-outs for tlw ilLlX'L'l'fiSil1g '7 ww Ol fl Colleen Patton Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Shirley Crain W5 W' CW 195, llelen Collins Mary Io Bowen Monette VVliittingto Jo Linda Fox - Dorothy Brooks Judy VVoods U Senior Editor e Art Editor Activity Editor Junior Editor Business Manager Sophomore Editor Carolyn Lawrence Sophomore Editor Judy Lawrence Sophomore Editor Aileen ljlI11ll1lCli Ereslunan Editor Glenda Broy Freshman Editor Betty VVillard - - Sports Editor Mary Ellen Dillard Production Advisor Bill Brown - Advertising Advisor Cartliol Vllalston - Pliotograplier if FmNKF0l-:T UIIMMUNITY Ilmn SCHIHIL Frainicfort Community iiigh Sehooi moved to its present holne during its third venr. ilneh year, ns more students enter F. C. l l. S., new opportunities are provided for them. The new gymnusiuin enubies 13. Cf. 1 1. to offer to its students un expanded Program in physical education. lt wus constructed in 19-19 with ll seating eapacity of 4,200. This modern building was dedicated February 21, 1950. 'fmt ""' llulw iwiiiur, xmas L'IL'L'IL'klSfllllL'l1I llucix' Pi'csicln'l1t Umm Riu: Univ .'xLl13L'H. ximl llimniv Sliiwucla. lui spring iwcqiiiw ul' his liiwaiivlc I5L'I'SHI1Llliff th,-U. of F-Q'.ll'S-'S --Wmnl. mvn-" mil iiiirmiiinliiig zicliivwiiwimts in CXIIYI'L'Lll'l'iL'lIl.ll' IIL N. Student Leader , . . Um' ul lmlus mum CILIYIUS . , y , als 'Wtuclcnt lumclx lrvxx is .acting as lyivsicluiil ul' tin Stunlvnl Cuiincil. Ihili, sunt ul All tlic Q4-nu-r. luis im his ri-'lit Q ullcun ljaitlim ziml In rx . I main lux, ziml on hw In-Ir Him lumix .incl Pots fini iiwr. wlm :irc Stiicivnt Ckviimil iiwiiilxcrs. lluls Iwrluiwning his Julius STLICIISIWI lumix: Cl1lL'CL'u in front uf' tlu' 0 'lulie Senior Class Ullieers are lucly lleclfearn, Treasurerg Pete Zimmer, l'resiclent: -lanet ll'allter, Seeretaryp ancl Marilyn llains, Vice-Presiclent. Senior Class ll'e "SnpliistieaIenl Seniors" liave reaelietl 'lilie lmnor stumlents ol' tlie Class ul' V753 are Namni an important turning point in our lives. 2 ' Pit llul . . , , , .Xlter luur liapln' tears at l'. Ci. ll. S. wc llincl llelen C nllins, C ulleen Patton Xluln Cltani mnn, anal Marv -In limi are now elwusinw a new patlnvax' ul' lille Y . J :.. .,, , Xl e xmillcl like In express our tlianlis tu our spcmsurs, Miss Pratt anal Mr. Martin, lm tlieir lielp aml amlviee cluring nur stan' at lf. Cl ll. S. Our 'ieniur Play, "Young Man ul' rlluclaxku ulmieli was clireetecl ln' Xliss flliee llfwe, ll'.lS ll llllgi' Sllk'k'L'SS. . . ,t .. . ,if gnmllne to li. Cf. ll. S. in Lx lllllilll Elkins IJr11m flllzjorvtte Senior Class Leaders ,lim llicks llliim' of ilu' llmllfirll Nolvs Colleen Patton lfllitor-ill-Cflziuf of lllv l955 llmllrirzl Pctl' fimmu lJl'L'SlllL'lll of NIL' Senior fluss Seniors .-Xums, lluuigrsia "l propose to graduate il' it takes all sum- mer." Foothall. .'xl,lH7F0, AVA Num, l:UI.'l'0N "She reigns supreme in one man's heart." Cirls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus. ANnnol1lf, jfxck "Yes: hless the man who lirst invented sleep." .XlIllELL, lion "ll you would rule the world quietly. you must keep it amused." Student Body Presi- dent. junior Class Ullieer. lli-Y. Lihrary Cluh. llonor Society. Track. .Xus'l'us. -lunm' "The heginnings ol' all great things are small." Treasurer Freshman Class. Vice- President lsihrari' Cluh. lli-Y, Key Cluh. Mixed Chorus, Boys' Quartette. IZANEY, Cnu'rA "l want what l want when l want it." Cirl Reserves. Red Peppers, 'l'hespians. ll,uusAnn, cl'lf,'I"1'A "I lappiness is her aim." l3uciiEI.1.i, linkin "Public sehools are heeoming a nuisance." l7oothall. llasehall. "F" Cluh. lhiim. LTIIAIKLES "l le's got 'em on his list." Student Coun- eil. Treasurer Ili-Y, Bowling Cluh. Foreign language. lliinwmum. ,Inu "And with the girls hels dandylu Foothall, 'l'raela. llaslusthall. "ll" Cluh. llisiiov. CQIIRISTINE "Smile, and the world smiles with you." llisuov, lxlAlXY "lt's niee to he natural when x'ou're nat- urally nice." i liI.AlTKIllIIlN. SIIIRLIBY "She is the mirror ol all courtesy." Red Peppers. l7.ll.fX.. lled Bird Notes. li0I.l.lNlllilL Dick "l never thinli ol' the lutureg it comes soon enough." Bowling Cluh. Foreign guage, lfoothall. Explorers Cluh. Band. Ilowiaw. Mmm' -lo "ll you're wise. x'ou'll he earelul of the maiden with the 'dreamy eyesl" Queen's Court. Suh Deli, President Girl Reserves, lunior Plav. llonor Soeietv, Student Coun- eil. ' ' 10 Q-QJQV' Seniors RRUUE, lXlARY "l might be better il' l would, but it's aw- liully lonesome being good." QiALVERT, SHIRLEY "The ideal of courtesy, wit, grace and charm." Sub Debs, Treasurer junior Class, 'aw Secretary Red Peppers, llonor Society, Girl Reserves. CAMP, 'IENNIE "VVith a heart that is true." QlARAVVAY, Bon "lt may be said of him that Cupid hath clapped him on the shoulder." Library Club, President IlifY, "F" Club, Track Roxing, Student Council. LlAIlPENTER, LARRY "Just give me time, I'll be great someday." Raseball, Basketball, F.F.A., Rowling Club, "F" Club. QVHAMNESS, 'lo IXNN "With the love light in her eyes." Red Peppers, Girl Reserves, Rowling Club, Li- brary Club, llomemaking Club, Square Dance Club. ClIlANCE, ciLENDA 'Tm not arguing with you: l'm telling you." Girl Reserves, Golf Club, Sub Debs, Quill and Scroll, Thespians, Red Bird Notes. CTHANNON, IXBBY "Calamity jane." Student Council, Sub Debs, llonor Society, Girl Reserves, Thes- pians, Red Peppers. clHILDEllS, AUDREY "Or light, or dark, or short, or tall, She sets a trap to snare them all." Library Club, Girl Reserves, Golf Club, Red Pep- pers, Red Bird Notes. Ll0LEMAN, TDONNA "A kind face is always beautiful." Girl Reserves. CTOLLIER, EsTEL "Lovely to look at." Red Peppers, Red Rird Notes, Girl Reserves, Student Patrol, junior Play. Ll0LLINS, IIELEN "Excuse my dust!" Girl Reserves, Sub Debs, llonor Society, Thcspians, Annual Stall, junior Play, Senior Play. Cook, lim "llc is a gentleman, because his nature is kind to every creature." Football, Track, F.F.A., Library Club, Club. clRAlN, SHIRLEY "Always in a ditherf' Red Peppers, Girl Reserves, Quill and Scroll. Animal Stall. Red Rircl Notes, Rowling Club. LQLIRSON, BILL "lt's his ambition to do something but what?" Senior Play. v ll Seniors Cl i'r'r, IDANNY "A good man is contented." QQLITT, XYEHNON "A likeable guy." "li" Club. Football, Baseball. IJAVIS, PHYLLIS "Re wiser than other people it' you ean: but do not rt-ll them so." Rand. Diaias. l3AiumnA Di "A girl you'd like to meet." Cirls' Chorus. NN, 'loin "Creat hopes make great men, and l have lots ol' hope." llifY. Quill and Seroll. illiespians, Red Rird Notes, Foreign guage. Dox'l,1i, clA'l'llERlNE. "il'here's language in her eyes." Red Peppers. lJUDUNN, PAT "Oh, how ean beauty master the most strong!" Student Couneil, llonor Soeiety. Sub Debs, Cirl Reserves, Red Peppers, President, Student Patrol. IJUNSTON, Riu. lil lil lil lift lfi l7i lic "The roving heart gathers liew affections." lf.F.A. .KiNs, l,1NnA "No gems, no gold she needs to wear. She is, ol' all, most fair." President Sub Debs, Drum iXla-iorette, Queen's Court, Cheer' leader, llonor Society, Senior Play. Thes- plans. , Rtinnv "A handsome heartbrealter." "li" Club, l.ibr.iry Club, Raseball, llasltetball. Lis, ,IM "ll glory comes alter death, l'ln in no hurry." President Key Club. Red Rird Notes, -lunior Play, Senior Play, illiespians, Coll' Club. IIIIOXV, JACK "I like women-at a distaneef' Football, lraelt, "li" Club. Foreign Language, Pro- jection Club. lumiu, PIIYLLIS "She always does her best, and her best is alwavs good." Mixed Chorus, Cirls' Chorus. Vice-President, Student Patrol. NNLY, IXRTIIUII "No, l ani not learning again, l'n1 learn ing yet." Foreign Language, Key Club, lli-Y nuium, iJ'li'I'TA "The beauty ol' a girl consists ol' her actions." Red Peppers, retary Student Patrol l,atin Club, Art Club. Cirl Reserves, See- , Student Council, I 2 Seniors FOSTER, KENNETH "Youth shall see visions." Red Bird Notes, Foreign Language, llonor Society. l7RANRo, RITA "Everybody should have a specialty-mine's laughing." Cirlsl Chorus, Mixed Chorus. FRAVELL, Bora "Sometimes I sit and think, but mostly l just sit." National Fllhespians. FRAVELL, lXlOllMA "Delightful to know." Library Assistant, Cafeteria Club. FLIIILONG, EARL "l've done my duty, and l've done no more." Football, Raseball. CAss, lXl0NA "All lor the love of danger." Cirl Reserves, Library Club, Senior Play, Cafeteria Club, Red Bird Notes, Red Peppers. cllRE, JACK "No matter what you say, l still suit me." Roys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Rand, Li- brarv Club, "F" Club, lloreivn Lanouaoe. , 3 .5 Pi Cousu, KENNETH "You look wise, Pray eorreet that error.' Bowlinv Club, Cafeteria Club, FFA. F1 v cillAVES. SAM "VVhen angry, eount lout: when very angry, swear. F.F.A., -ll I. ciRAY, lDOROTllY "A sign of mischief eomingf' Secretary Band, President Cirls' Chorus, Sub Delis, Cheerleader, Cirl Reserves, Red Peppers, Mixed Chorus. ciRlFFIN, lNlARIAN "Perfection is her motto." Red Peppers, Rand. Cnrcos, VVINONA "The joy of life is living." Red Peppers, Cirl Reserves, Ilonor Society, library Club, Latin Club, Art Club. llANeot:K, IOIIN 'lSo many hours must l take my rest." F.F.A., Key Club. llARP, DAVID "Make them laugh, make them ery, make them waitf, Explorers Club, Senior Play. IIEAToN, LARRY "He could sell a deep freeze to any eskimo." Band Captain, Pep Rand, Junior Play, Red Bird Notes, Thespians. I3 Seniors llannrwo, llE'l'TY "l would help others." llERRlNG, F1.oYu "A silent, shy man." llisvnran, Nonmfm "Great aetions speak great minds." Red Rird Notes, Thespians, junior Play, Senior Play, Art Cluh, Rowling Cluh, Explorers Cluh. llruus, jim "'l'here's only one thing this world needs- inore jim llieksf' Red Rird Notes, Thes- pians, Key Club, junior Play, Senior Play, junior Class President, Student Council. llocuis, ciRAlJA Suu "As sweet as honey." Lihrary Cluh, For- eign language, Student Patrol, Girl Re- serves, Red Peppers. llor.LANn, joANN "Shy lillf nice." Red Peppers. llowsu., SuAanoN "W'itty to talk with, and pretty to walk with." junior and Senior Class Plays, Thespians, Red Peppers, Girl Reserves. Cheerleader, Queen's Court. jiamlsom, LA Rua "ller air, her manners-all who saw acl- iniredf' Red Peppers, Girl Reserves, Stu- dent Patrol. 'lOllNSON, Cnroia lX"lA1i "Gee, hut she likes to laugh!" slowus, Roscoe "Reware the Fury ol' a patient man." Li- hrary Cluh, Red Peppers, Girl Reserves. Girl Seouts. Kfwuvsnsuv, LonET'rA "Reality from thoughtfulness springs." Red Peppers, Cafeteria. liliimosky, Ron "Folks never appreeiate a inasterniind.,' Prolieetion Cluh, lli-Y Cluh, Golf Cluh. LEE. Bunch "So mueh one man ean do!" junior Play, Senior Play, Thespians, Rowling Club, Key Cluh, Foreign Language, Rand. LEE, LonETTA "Quiet minds are usually the happiest." lam, FAH "Patience is power." llonor Society. H Seniors LUCAS, DoN ul am willing to love all womanltindf' "F" Club, Library Club, Student Council, Football, Basketball, Track, Ili-Y. lXlAClJONALD, PAT "A man may hope for anything while he has life." Student Council, Student Patrol, Basketball blanager, Football. MCGHEE, ELIZABETH "There's a little bit of bad in every good little girl." Sub Debs, Cirl Beserves, Bed Peppers, F.l l.A. lxlticililili, llAllOI.D "l le can because he thinks he can." Stu- dent Patrol, Bowling Club, Foreign Lan- guage, Bed Bird Notes, Tliespians, llonor Society. lX'lCci1NTY, Tom "Guess my humor ain't refined quite enough to suit her mind." Football, Bas- ketball, Track, Club, llifY, Explorer! Club, Bowling Club. lXlCKEN1IE, KENIJIIA "Ability to do great things." lXlANIS, SUE ELLEN "Couldn't find a substitute-the word sim- ply Hts lier-CUTEV' Cheerleader, Cirl Reserves, Band, Quill and Scroll, Bed Bird Notes. Junior Play, Senior Play. lX'lARAGNI, IRAYNIOND "ML Music." Bowling Club, Foreign Lan, guage Club, Student Council, lli-Y. lYlARKS, PHYLLIS IUNE "A beautiful face is a silent coinmendation." lXlARTIN, SAM "Don't mourn for me-never! l'm going to do nothing forever and ever." Explorers Club, Foreign Language, Thespians. lXlELVlN, DoN "Few were his words, but wonderfullv clear." NENEES, joim "Ile could sail through lille on a grin." llonor Society, "F" Club, Bowling Club, Foreign Language, lli-Y, llxplorefs Club. lX'lILES, IIERSCHEL "Slowness is sure." Agriculture. lViILLIGAN, Lois "And a very nice girl you'll lind her." MORRIS, BARBARA "Alwavs cheerful, never sad." Cirl Be- serves.. Ii Seniors AlUIl'I'IlI.AND, AlADliLINli "V.'itl1 gi song in her heart." Girl lleserves, l,ilwrqiry Glulv, Girls' Ghorus, Mixed Ghor- us, llaincl, Girls' Trio, Girls' Sextette. Kliirctirigix. ,lfxcx "'l'l1ey stuinlwle that run lust." lf.F.A. Nmxons, IIEAN "llere lies ai lmppy heart." Nui.-xl. c'IlARI,liS "You cull this calucaition, clo you not?" Niauxiar.. -limwirtx "The hour is come, hut not the main!" Oorii. DIANE "XYith ll liricnclly smile, :incl ti mighty couxing wary. Real Peppers, Girl Reserves, l ilvrairx' flulv. l'A'r'i'oN. clOl.l.liljN "She cannot clo till things, hut sl1e'll try." Stuclent Council, Sulu Delis, junior and Senior Plays. llonor Society, Presiclent Quill imtl Scroll, liclitor llcnl llirnl, lliuu ws. llostxrlia "Shes mighty like u rose." Chorus. ljl.LIMl,l-Qli. AIARY .lo "Gun angels have ai sense ol' humor?" Chcerleanlcr, llnnml, Twirler, Sulv Delis, Chorus, Stunlent Council, Girl lleserves. l'uiu'iai.i.. Siiiiuiiv uxxlllilffllll cloin'?" Suh Delis, Girl llc servcs. Gliorus, llzinal, Lilmrnry Glulm, Bowl, ing Ciluh, llecl llirml Notes. llfxms. Mmurrw "She wus our queen. our rose, our stair." lloinecoxning Queen. Girl Reserves, Sub llehs, l.ll3l'2lTf' fluh, llonor Society. 'lilies' pinns, llecl Peppers. lliioifmnw, jum' "'fX,' slie's ucloi'zihle." Girl Reserves, Sulu llclws, l.ilu'airy Clulm. lhziao, llwfxvwra "I le was prolmlmly loncl ol' them Cwolnenl llut hc was nlxlc to concenl it." Turnlmling lezun. llziselmll, Truck. lliam, Fimwers "Hut he liaicl ai goorl time." lliain, Mfxm' "l,rcttx' :is il picture." Gzilieterizi Glulu, Girl lleserxics, Chorus. I6 Seniors REINIIEIMER, lDIXIE 'ASurely the angels did lend her a voice." Girl Reserves, Red Peppers, Sub Debs, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Chorus. RICE, lJoN "Give the devil his due." lli-Y, Library Club, Rowling Club, Key Club, Explorers Club, -lunior Sportsmen Club. RISNER, SIIIIII,Ev "She'll never be poor with her Inillion dollar smile." Red Peppers, Sub Debs. llonor Society, Foreign Language, Goll' Club. Roixint, RITA "Rita hath a beamin eye, but no one konws for whom it beams." Cafeteria Club. RussEI,L, BILL "Tall and friendly." Rowling Club, Ex- plorer's Club, SPOl'ISll'lL'I1'S Club. RussELL, .IAeII "llc has the power to charm." Student Council, Library Club, Foreign Language, Basketball, Senior Class Play, Boys' Chorus. RussIsI.L, XVONNIE "I have tried so hard to do right." MF" Club, lli-Y, Key Club, Football, Basket- ball. Track, Baseball. SIIowix'1AKEn, IDICK "I can't die-my country needs me." Stul dent Council, Foreign Language, lfxplorer's Club, Junior SportsInen's Club. Srmvocit, RONALD "Genius is the ability to avoid work." "F" Club, llxplorc-r's Club, Library Club, Ras- ltetball, Track, Student Council, Foreign Language Club. STAGNEII, SIIIIILEY "She stepped out ol' a dream." Red Pep- pers, Girl Reserves, Sub Debs, llonor So- ciety, Strollers, Girl Scouts. STANKOVICII, JOHN "Tall and easy going." "F" Club, Foreign Language, Ili-Y, Library Club, Track, Rasketball, Student Council. Sw12uTIN, Cuucic "Give him a basketball and he's happy. Golf, "li" Club, Ili-Y, Raslcetball, lfootball, Track, Baseball. Svrzns, IJIANNE "She scatters sunshine wherever she goes." Red Peppers, Foreign Language, Art Club, Girl Reserves, Student Patrol, llonor So- ciety, Chorus. 'I'IIAnP, lXiAllRICE "llc could make Valentino look like a bashful boy." Rand, Rowling Club, Ili-Y, Foreign Lanvuave. 1 U rw 5 Fl nEI.I,A. lXlARIE "IX sunny disposition has she." I7 Seniors 'lill0'I"I'lill. Dianouns "A tlisposition to Illllffll lier laughing eyes." llecl ljCl5l7L'l'S, l7.ll.fX., Girl Reserves. Unis. Ilmuiis "No lwetter tlmn lie slioulcl be." llonor So- ciety, StllTllUl11Ul'L' Pl'0gI'ilIl1. Vifuso. VIAMES Ullezitlx' lox' unx'tl1ingl" Student l urn-ol, lli- I Y. llonor Soeietv, lioreign Lunguaige. XY,u,iuan. lil,Slli "So sweet to l'Cl1lL'l1llTL'l'.n lntin Clulv, llonor Soeiety. XVAi.iuan, Alfwifi' "Slow to argue, lvut tluiela to net." XX', jiannx' ",'Xlu'1ws as lirientlly ns cam he." XN'A1.i,, PM' "C4lmrin with ai winsome smile." XVAIIIIEN, Divx 'WX lion among lzitliesf' liootlmll, llusltet- lmll, lluselmll. "li" Clulm, l.utin Clulm. lX'fuuiEN, lloNNlu "So lmslillul-lmut you'tl lie surprisetllu lutin Clulm, li2lSL'lJ1lll. XVA'rluNs, .lAlWIiS "l le prelierrecl to lie, raltller tl1ill1 to seem." Key Cllulw. llonor Society, Footlmull, Ex- plorefs Clulm, lli Y, Foreign lmiguzige, llziselmll. XV1iAx'i5ii, jfxeklu "ll' onlv ull the girls in the worlcl were just , :is l1lCL'.llSyllLl.H Girl Reserves, llZlflI1 Cllulm. XK'ui'ria, IMNNA "Slay :is an violet, :mtl just :is sweet." XN'nl'rii, lloveiz "An zmgelie lmoyliootl lweeomes szltzmie old nge." lf.lf..fX. XVILLAIID, l3ia'i"1'Y "lo lmer, life is just one long giggle." Sul: Delis, Presulent Curl lleserves, Presitlent llecl Peppers, Stuclent Council, junior :intl Senior Plays. XVl1,l.1AMs, BIQIINAIJIQAN "l,il'e is ai mirror, :mtl slie is smiling at it :ill tlie time." I8 VVILSON, IDARLENE "Thy fair hair our hearts enchainedf' WILSON, KENNY Club, Key Club, Basketball. VVILSON, TOM "There are few such swaines as he." F.F.A. Quill and Scroll, Basketball, Football. VVonsi-mM, BECKY "The things that I can't have I want." YATTONI, MARY Lou "Short and sweet, and hard to beat." Stu dent Patrol, Red Peppers. ZIMMER, RONNIE Club. i 1 CALENDAR OF SENIOR EVENTS Excitement, good times, laughter, gay formals, picnics, and parties-these are apt descriptions of the Senior year at Frankfort Community High School. just ask any Senior what he is proud of. Ile will show you his class ring, of course. These rings, selected in the Spring of 1952, arc mute evidence of the fact that graduation time is near. The same crest which adorns the cover of the "Picdbird" is featured on these attractive class rings. Our "first class" Seniors captured a "first place" award in the float contest held at the Homecoming Parade. Bright colors and bright eyes made the Senior float a gaily beclecked background for the blue ribbon which was awarded the victor. Marilyn Bains, Linda Elkins, and Shirley Piisner, the Senior's contribution to the Homecoming Court, spoke well for their class as they reigned over the llome- coming festivities. The Seniors presented their class play, "Young lVlan of Today,'1 December 9. This outstanding produc- tion boasted of the many veterans of speech work. In this 3-act comedy a few of the many talented mem- bers of the class of 1953 were presented. On April 21, the long-awaited graduation announces ments and name cards arrived. It seemed almost un- believable that the year had flown by so swiftly. Al- ready Seniors were writing in each others' memory books-Seniors who found it hard to realize that they were soon to leave their life-long friends. The class of 1953 began to show signs of "growing- up." On April 23, the Seniors went to Benton to interview various college representatives, and to think seriously about choosing a career. The last days of school approached quickly. Quiet- ness prevailed in Frankfort Community High School on lV1ay 19, as the Seniors industriously labored on their semester examinations. Fun and frolic was the theme of the annual Senior Banquet, which was held May 20. This banquet, one of the most looked-forward to events of the year, provided a happy evening for the Seniors who at- tended. But, as always, one must turn from laughter to things of a more serious nature. The Seniors assembled May 24 to listen to the advice of those who knew of the path which lay before them. They suddenly realized that their lives and their clestinies were their own, to do with as they wished. As the climax to a glorious and unforgettable Senior week came graduation. The Seniors received their diplomas with a feeling of sadness that they must leave their friends and classmates. But in their emotions lav a sense of fulfillment, of serenity, of achievement. Thev were confident that their four years within the halls of Frankfort Community High School had been happy and complete. The Class of 1953 left Frankfort Community High School with a determination to do their part in making America a better place in which to live. 19 Seniors "An all round 0uv." Hi-Y, Pro'ection ri . I "He has a way with women." President Senior and Sophomore Classes, Student Patrol, Student Council, Kev Club, Librarv Zella Burton, Secretary: Dean Carr. Vice-President: Larry VVarren, Presi- clentg anzl Mary Cullen, Treasurer, served as Junior Class Officers. Junior Class XVe, tlie juniors, Class ol' '54, are looking l'oru'arcl to our last year at li. C. ll. S. ln tlie lall ol' '52 tlie junior Class electecl as class officers Larry VVarren, Dean Carr, Zclla liurton, aml Mary Cullen. Our appreciation goes to our class sponsors, Mrs. Xl'acle annl Mr. Mcllonalcl, lor mak- ing our -lunior year a grand success. "l ligli Spots" ol' tlie year ineluclecl tlie an! nual prom, anal tlie -lunior Class Play. cli- rcctetl lu' Miss Alice Crant. ,lanellyn Piclierinsg. Ceorgi llrun on 1 llui Sandra llavs. anal llowarcl llogers I inlsu is outstint ing students in the junior Class Juniors Auron, ,Iunct Mmslmcr, -Iolmny Allen, IDOITITLI IXINICFSUII, Billv Amlcrson, Clmrlcs Amlcrsam, CDVCIQI fXl'lllSll'0I1g, Holmlnic Avcrv, Doris Hzlmw, IJUHIISI Sun' l3nrr, P2lIl'lL'l1l l3nrlun, -Iuamitu l3z1rlmmi, Clulrlcs l3ill'fClIlI, -Iolm liclclwr, Pcggv Bcllzllxly, U. llolcn, Blll'l7iIl'il lgmvvcr, Bud BVLIIICII, l,m'rv Juniors nl'1ll1L'll, Linda l3mol4s, Dottie llrummm, Uvorgi l3runlon, Lu Von Blll'I31Il1Ii, 'lim BLIFIOII, Zcllal Curr, Ucnn Clmmlwrlin, Pam' CTIILIIICC, Clmrlcs CTIILIIICC, Runnin' Clailalcrs, Susan Clark, Donna Clark, Nill'lllLl Clzlvton, Sllirlcv c1I'CLlIl1L'l', Hmm In Cullcn. Mary llamicls, Clmrlcs Davis, Ania' Juniors Davis, Nlury Dawson, Bova-rly Dccs, Kcnnclll IDCIIHQIII, Ann Denison, John Uotv, Doon Dupus, Carol Elum, Kcnt Evans, 1X1'clcH Fickus, Barbara Fiori, Danny Fowler, Curl Fox, jo Linda Freeman, Loc B1 HIV Fuller, Charlotte Galli, John Gowcr, Bob Gray, Larry Juniors Criss fanm 1. Claude Clmvcs, Limln enum.-.-, m.1,.-11Q- llzlmptcm. .luck llurkins, BLII'l71ll'2l llalrliins, Marv llurpcr, 1101111111 llzlrrum, IXVLIYLICCII llalwlgins, Shirlcy llzws, Ruth Lvnn Hayes, Sandra Hn-nlcv, Txfaurlin llcrring, Dunnlcl llcrron, lxlilclrccl Higgins, Shirlcy Ilill, HLIl'I51Il'Ll I loclmlwl, .Ioycc llrmvlulwl, AllIl'L'L'Hll Juniors Ilnllmlxllxl, Kullmlccn IIlll7lXll'LI, SIICIVLI I luglws, llimm hlcnl, 1Xllll'g1lI'L'I joncs, Duisv Kcrrfmc, Paul Kirby, ,lim Kulcriclm, Clcorgc l,,1lXVI'Cl1L'L', lJL'l'1W Livcsalv, im Lim, Clcnclurzl Mcllnnicl, Paul , . Nclglycn, -Icrry lX lcGlu-Q, Lonnic Mcplmil, -lim Mcllcyzmnlnls, .luck Mzlclclux, .lcrry IXIKIIILIIT, Put 76 Juniors Mannion, Don Mzmis, I32ll'lJkII'1l Mzlllwlw, 9l11ll'l'cm IXVIQIYIICXV, -loc IXlLlyCl', VViHic lXlclvin, Naomi Miliulis, Karon Millcr, Belly jam' Millcr, Phylis Minton, -Icrrv Minlcm, Nzmcv Munro, I,1ll'l'V Murphy, EININRI Mygutl, Floral NIIRIL Ncilwl, Clmrlcs Nuilmd, Mary -Inna Ncwlon, l3ul'lml'al Nichols, Dah' Juniors Nolcli, Harold Nordcll, 'lam' Owslcy, Nornmal Paul, Bcrnic Pickcrilw, um'Hvn 5 - . Pollock, Susan Quayle, Margaret RLIIHSCV, RUSL'l111lI'y RQIINSCY, Domllmy Ruulxxck, lllimlucllm Rccdy, Ruth Hccvcs, CIZIYIOI1 Riclmlmmolul, Sue lxiolminson, Tccl Rogcrs, Ilmvalrcl Rogers, Linda Hotullmmcl, Lorna Sclmnmlt, Bill Juniors Slmrlmns, Lcclom Short, llvvcrly SUXVL'I'S, 'Incl- Smillm, lliclx Stacy, Yloyu' gI1ll1iSIZlXVSlii, lzcl Slcycr, Hiclmalul Stuclglmill, -lim SXX'L'1ll'il1gL'l', Bill Swccl, Bcity Swcct, Illlliillhl SwoI'I'orcl, Clmrln rliillltlf, Clmrlcs ,l'L'l'SiHUl', Him 'Iyllill'I3, Diana' Vlrlmllms, Rovclmal Vlqrcsso, llulmcrt ,l4xwvaly, H2Il'IJ1ll'2I Juniors xutgw, umlit- mlktf, -Iuniee mutt,-, ntnmy VVQIH, Shirley VVAH, Ufinnie VVnHev, Iolln Wfzllton, Kenneth Vvnrren, Larry XVeuve1', David Yveelts, Glen VVesteH, Carolyn VVllifl'il'lgfOl1, john VVl1ittington, Mnnette Vtfiggins, Dick X'ViHI110l'C, Lennrzl VVitunsl4i, Mary Lynn Yates, BLll'Il2ll'1l Yates, Don 21 B Juniors Yuslto, Cccilia Blaclclox, llyliorcl i Class of '54 'lilic -lunior Class lias complctccl tlircc succcssful ycars at F.C.ll.S.. anal wc arc looking liorwarcl to anotlicr cnjoyalmlc ycar. Plilirougliout V752-53 wc liayc liacl numcrous actiyitics. Among otlicr things, our class gainctl rccog- nition in sports. lack Sowcrs lvrolic tlic county polc vault rccorcl. Tlicrc arc also tlircc lvoys from our class who will play Varsity liasltctluall ncxt ycar. Tlicy arc lliram lluglics, lsarry Vllarrcn, ancl lolin Xfllallcy. Pat liarr, an- otlicr "jolly junior," was Editor-In-Chief of our school ncwspapcr. The llccl llircl Notcs. Also, in tlic ficlcl of art, llovcna r-llll0Il1llS won tlic annual scliolarsliip given lay tlic Senior VVonian's Cluli to Camp Klonticcllo, a part ol' tlic Uniycrsity of lllinois. 'llic two stellar activitics of thc ycar wcrc tlic annual .lunior-Scnior Prom anil our -lunior Class Play. 'llic Prom tlicmc was Hllrcain Dust." 'lilic l'lay, 'rllic Casc of Tlic Sulliy Girl," was zlircctccl lmy Miss Alicc Crant. liotli ol' tlic Hliiglrliglitsu ol' tlic ycar wcrc liiglily succcssful anal cnjoyccl lmy cycryonc. Seated: Bob Gower, .Iunellyn Pickering, Dollie Brooks, Howard Rogers. Sfanding: Pnl Chamberlain, Pal Barr, laVon Brunton, Beverly Dawson, Susan Pollack, Bill Schmidt, Rob Tresso, Bernie Paul. N? 5, fa 35 i ,Q 'Q ,,....f-N M,,.-r.,w-+-My ,M sg ,W N "QE 'MW " "r . . wa- gi, M 'i2- f 7' ww. X- -xv. 3 XVQ "Sophs" have lvccn succcssfui in our yours ut F. C. Il. S. ln our remaining two yvzlrs wc hope to succccd also. For class sponsors wv cliosc Miss Now :incl Nr. llusinziro. Our class officers :irc Univ Dawson, Hill Rziilixick, Susan l3ooml1owcr, ami Husain ikrnlizirci. Une ol' our outstzmcling iictivitics during this year wus thc prcscntaition of thc sopho- morc progrzun. Sophomores Allois, Mario Arnett, Maynard Burger, Kenneth Ballard, Sue Barkdull, 'lane Beatty, Bill Battcau, Janet Beers, Juanita Bernhard, Susan Beers, Lonzell Biggs, Bobbie Boaz, Barbara Black, Bussell Boomhower, Susan Brown, Beatrice Branch, Ernest Buckingham, Michael Butler, Irwin Burton, Vernell Campbell, Alice Carey, Bill N? ,,:,,, Sophomores Caraway. Curtis Cfliumncss. Bill clilllll. llicluml clllilII1llCSS, lsualc Clcm, Ronald Cornillc. ,IUIICY Collmain, Floyd Cfowscrt, Joycc Crowell, john Robert Cowscrt, Richard Cunclill, Bob Douglicrty, Marlene Davis, Duh- Dziwson, Calc Durlmy, RiCllill'Ll Davis, Shirley Dillzlrcl, Dale Doty, Yvon nc Dosscr, Sandra Durst, Nancy Dynis, Phyllis O Sophomores llast, Dick Edgar, Larry Edmonds, Tom llstes, llutlm Ellen lim.-ll, l,ore-nc Farley, Duane Fasol, Albert Foster, Charles Fravcll, Dale Freeman, Leland Funkhouser, John Gardner, Donna Gardner, Jim Gass, George Gibbons, David Gill, Shirley Gore, Bill Griggs, Phillip Grissom, Betty Gunter, Dale Hadfield, Larry Sophomores Ilall, Nancy P I Ianni, Charles I Ia rrington, 'loc Hansen, Thomas I Iartlcy, 'Ion Ilcncicrson, Ray I Iaskcll, joan I lcngst, Janice. I Icydcr, Richard Hill, 'lack I Iooci, Frank I Icrrin, Tom I lill, Phillip I IoocI, Patsy Jones, Dona Lu James, Pat Jones, Winnie Karncs, Mary Lou Karas, Dick Kennedy, Sharron King, Dclbcrt Sophomores liuehn. Nancy Kaiser, Kenneth Knaviy Joe Kovich, Katherine l,2llIlOI1t, Sandra Lawrence, Carolyn Lawrence, llarry Lawrence, judy Lee, Martin Leach, 'lim Lingle, Linda Lyle, Carl Lockman , Terry McDaniel, Donald Melmearson, llraclley Mangiafurte, Karen Melvin, Shirley Melvin, Pattv Milligan, Linda Mitchell, Coyet Mitchell, lutly Sophomores Mitchell, Susan Moenhy, Judy hlutehek, Shirley lXlorthl:mcl. Crem Newell, Ronald Nichols, Phyllis Newton, Joe Noleny Eugene Nolen, Myrna D Oclle, Don Owsley, Darlene Nolen, Lenora Oliver, Cary Putterozzi, Reno Peters, Elizuheth Perko, Donna Peterson, Wzlnclzl Proelc. Carolyn Pike, Marie Ruuhaeh, Bill Raubaek, Fred Sophomores ullylll0l1Cl, Bill Reeves, Gerald Rich, Albert Rieherson, Mary Roberts. John Roe, Judy Robertson, Barbara 3 Rose. betty Rose, Patricia Sankus, Nancy Silkwoocl, l Smith, Bob T Short, Loren Siliven, June Debra Silkwood, Donna Skinner, Judy Southard. Sharron Starnes, Leveta Stines, I eter Sukoski. Deanna Summers, lim Sophomores Svvcctin, Suc Thomas, Donald Toms, Dalphinc Toms, Leona Vaughn, Joyce Vineyard, Richard VVatts, Marie Walker, Marilyn Weaver, Carolyn VVcavcr, hlarilyn Weaver, Sue VVestray, Jack VVillis, Howard VVilson, Joyce Wilson, Thomas VVoods, Judy VVynn, Joyce Yates, Charlotte Yattoni, Carolyn Zeboski, Joan Sophomore Events Vlihis year the suplmiiime class has euine thruugli with another line record ul' achievement: having aeemnplished this, the class of '55 will he ahle to proceed with more success in the future. 'lb prove this, here is a llashhaelt of some of the elass merits and honors lor this particular year. October 7, 1952 the results ul' class election: Cale llawson. president: Max Salvalaek, vice-president: Susan l1ernhard. treasurer: Susan Boamlrower, secretary: Sue Ballard. student council representative, Dale Dillard, llarlene Fletcher, Richard lleve der, Uarnlvn l,axvrenee, Marilyn Xvallaer, Uarnlvn llrnela, hlax Savalaeh. November 6, 1952 'lihe attendants to the liotneeotning queen were Ueanna Sulwslii and -ludv Vlloods, November 7, 1952 'lihe class l10l1lCCOl111I1g float won second, March 21, 1953 'llhe suplxoinare class prngroni, This program was the class' higgcst event ol' the year, lt con- sisted of vocal nutnhers, readings, and last ol' all. an old time hlelodrania, Seated: John Crowell, Bill Beatty, and Larry Hodfield. Standing: Lovetta Starnes, Judy Lawrence, Dona Lu Jones, and Patsy Hood. Gregori' Brumlus, XllCL"PI'L'SlLlCI1f1 Toni Kai' Sliziplwff, Sccrcturvg Czirolvn Gmv, Vl4l'L'ilSllI'CI'1 zmcl Vlzirrcn llrunton, Prcsiclcntg wcrc tlic olliccrs of tlic lircsliniam Class. Freshman Class ,luck Say-lor, Limlu Swulllorcl. Ywmnc Blocks, :mil Dun Clrillin arc tlic stuclvnts wlio liulnl top honors in tlic Cluss of '56, ln tlic llxlll wc cliusc Xl'all'rm'li llruntu lun' scx'c'1'11l ll1'2ll'S iw "lrcsliics" loulwal lor' wzml to vntcring li. Cf ll. S. lirom oui lirst clay licrc wc lizlw 1-njuyul lx-ing Al l7Lll'l ul ITS ilL'tlYlflL'S. lrcgwry limmlus, 'limi Sllillllilllll. lllltl Clzimlyn Cray to scrw ns our class ullliccrs Vllc wuulnl lilu- tu rlizmli Mrs. Ublllc' alml Nr. Xllallstmi, our class spoiisms. llur :lu-ir llllllflllg cllorts in guiding our class. U'itli tlicir lu-lp. anal tlic liclp ul' cvcry lllL'llll3l'f ol our class, wc llllllli' our ln-slimgm pm grain :xml class party an succcss. ll, Freshmen Alusher, Joyce Allen, Louis Allen, Margaret Adkins, Pliyliss Arview, Darlene Baker, Curtis Baker, Sue Baker, Kenneth Bemnes, Carol Sue Barwiclc, lXlnrtinu Beehelli, Pat Bellamy, llnylnond llell, lxl2lL'2lllCL'l1 Blades, Donna Boomhower, David Blee, jack Boron, Burl Braggs, Paul Boyd, Shelby Brondos, Gregory Brown, Nadine Brown. Uonny Browning, Linda Brunton. VVarren Burke, Broy. Glenda Jim Burnett, Peggy Freshmen Burton, Bob Calcaterra, Frank Camp, Danny Cantrell, Gene Carey, Kenneth Castagna, Jerry Clarlc, Nelson Clem, Ronnie Coffey, Recla Connor, Shirlev Contri, Larry Cox, Ernestine Crawford, Marv Alice Cremeens, Donna Cross, Frances Cunningham, Rosalie Davis. Shirley ' Dawson, Ray Deering, Bob Dimmiek, Aileen Dodson, I loward Dodson, Robert Donley, Carolyn Dorris, Beverly llorris, Cwain Doty, Dick Dugger, Sue Freshmen Dunston, jim Edwards, Hugh Eldridge, john Elkins, Marylalyc Essiclc, Noble Fr-Irs, joycc Eiori, Rena Galbraith, Randy Garner, Bill Cclso, Maureen Gosnell, Shirley Cray, Alice Cray, Carolyn - ig Graves, jerry Ure-en, Gloria Crilllin, Don Groves, llulvynell llaflcv. Richard l lall, Cordon llargravc, Alice llarkins, Ronnie l larriss, Buckley llavs, Lctitia llCl11lIlll'lgl12lllS, Ioan l lcrring, Norma llcrronv Lillian llill, John Freshmen llogue, Oliver Holland, Sandra Hood, Bill llough, Sandra llulf, Ilelene Jones, Dwight johnson, Glen Joplin, Donald jordan, Bucky Kancversky, Shirley Karnes, Barbara Kirk, Glenn Kirk, Shirley Kostner, Dale Lackey, Sammy Lavish, Larry Lee, lrla Lcct, Ivan Little, jackie Lyerla, Bob Mabry, Gayla Magyor, Margaret Maragni, Benny Mason, Linda May, Patsy McCollum, Beverly McDaniel, Barbara Freshmen Melilwee, Royce Melielnie, Troy MePl1ail, Margaret Meeks, Yvonne Melvin, Bill Melvin, l.incla Melvin, Patty Maerker, llarold X Monroe, La Donna Munsell, Benny Moore, lliehard Morgan, llvrtlia Morgan, Sandra Morrison, jerry Mrla, Annetta Muir, James Murray, Eddie Myers. Carolyn Neilmel, Donald Neilmel, Shirley Newton, lim Nichols, Sandra Ogleshy, Iaequelyn Ogleslmy, Cary Oller, lack Oller, Judy Owens, Clenn Freshmen Parton, VVzamlz1 Puulk, johnny Pickett, David Peeler, Paul Pemlmerton, Larry Perkins, Shirley Peterson, 'l'l10IIlLlSCCI1 Pinkston, Randall Pitehford, Charles Plaisters, jerry Poclner, Jack Poole, Ln Donna Pry, Curl Pyle, jerry Ragsdale, Cayla Randolph, Gerald Rankin, Ramona Ray, Norman Reed, jzlniee Reed, Shirley Rengstorlf, Leslie Rieherson, Iudy Robinson, Joan Roper, Rarlmrn Russell, -lim Sanders, Dorris Saylor, Jack Freshmen Schmidt, Catherine Senturia, Richard Shepherd, jim Shaplcoff, Toni Kay Shymanik, Mary Simko, Eugene Silkwood, Glenda Simpson, Don Skinner, Gary Simpson, Joyce Skuta, Sue Ann Sminchalc, Mona Slimak, Stephanie Smith, Connie Smith, Muriel Smith, Kenny Smith, Regina Spiller, Beverly Sowers, Shirley Sprincl, Deanna Stophlet, Charles Steyer, Phyliss Stuhhlefield, Stanley Summers, Vernon Stuthers, Ellen Swolford, Linda Tabor, Everett Freshmen VVilson, Bill Vllilluurn, Carolyn Wilson, Delores Wilson, Louie Woods, Charles VVyant, john VVyant, Robert Yates, Joyce Young, lvan Younlcin, Pat Zastrow, hlary Ann Taekett, Freda Taylor, Charles Taylor, Jack Taylor, Mildred Thomas, Cahot Thomas, Don Thompson, Glenda Tomlinson, Mary Trotter, Leonard Uhls, Geraldine Vershueren, Paul Wall, Roh Wall, Jean YVarren, Gail VVatson, Ed Weaver, Marilyn Weaver, Nancy Wendryhoski, joe Westell, Ruth Ann White, Bessie White, Jane Wicker, Margaret VVielcer, Frances VVielcer, George Wiggins, Bill XVllll2llllS, Bill VVillis, Freda 4 9 L. GOEBEL. PAT 'iU5x 5 ,.,,,,,, ...,,,, agamafgxf, 12 dvi' 2fw?,:1f,fE11 W W-4: - iii Rl: ff M x Xkgniggqamwfh x xx L. GOEBEL PATTON Ir is liopccl tliut tlic rccoixls svt out in tlia llcmllmiul will lic i'ciiiL'iiilx'rL'cl lw You wlio liznc Illilili' Yl1Cl1lfI'll1lI you will look lmclx to iour loin' yours in lf. Cf ll. S. lor guinlf linac annul inspiration lor tlic luturc. rlilwsc lust yi-urs will iilwiws lic ii part ol' von But tlic past klllllk' is not lill-. 'lilwrv is qi stillness and liniilily nluout it. To fini thi- vital links, to uoinlminu tlic past witli tlic prcscnr, and cxtcnd it to rlw lvuturc to mlisciiul Llllkl liorgct ilu- Insist wliicli Cain llic zimlinlnistriition ol I'.Q..l lb. lms :it ruin atual to ffivc you csscnriiil :incl wor 1 cxpuricncus so tliiit Vou will liiwc r" ini-moiws ol thc past school wiirs wli ' will inilucmq xou in ilu iiglil clcuisim lor tomorrow. l,. Coiiniii, P.'x'l"roN Principal and Board Mcinlwrs ol' thc Uozirnl ol' Hnluczirion :irc ls. B. l li-mul, Mike lk-llxis, Lutlicr Burpo, ljIAL'SlLlL'I1I, iinzl Bill Simmons. Standing: Robert Mcflcincnt, ll. A. llonificlcl, zincl Tom Donncllv. 51 Facult Mu. Iioczfuz IIAIN M. A., University of Illinois. CJl'iL"7ItlIII0ll, flmerienn CiOl'CI'HHlU1If. Mn. BILL I3nowN M. in Ill.. University of Missouri, University o Illinois, University ol' lnclizinal. v 1 . Boys Ilx Mus. INZA Borvnn ll. I.. XVLISIIIIIQIOII University. I.II7l'tH'il.IH. Mn. Louis IILISINAIIU M. S., lnclinnn University. l.11ti11 I, Inlin II, Iiizglisli. Mn. NVAvNli QIAIRLISLIL M. S., University ol' Illinois, II. S.. Southern Illinois University. Clziitlmzec, Orieiltzztion. Mlss Svml. Cnfuzon IXI. A.. George Peailmcly College. Clirls' Pli. Miss Rtrru Couaivmm Southern Illinois University. Art Institute, Chicago. Art. Mn. VVAl.'l'lill Col.1,iNs M. A., University ol' Illinois. fluzericmz Cloverrznieiil, flmcrieurz Ilistory, flmcriemz Problems. Mn. IXLAN Cimwvonn ll. S., Southern Illinois University. Buml. Mn. ll. I.. QIIIOXVLLI. N. A., Universitv of Illinois. Visiml lfrlueutioiz Director. Mn. CIIZORCE IDENISON li. S. in lid., Southern Illinois University. !Ulll'lItIIISHI, Fuglislz. Mus. IXIARY ELLEN IJILLARD IE. in Ed., Southern Illinois University, Spzmisli I, Spuuisli ll, Fnglisli. Mn. Cecil. Domus Southern Illinois University, University ol' Illinois. Agriculture. Mn. E. VV. EBBLER B. S., lXIeKenclree College. lliologiv. Mn. PAUL ENn1E'i'To B. 81 lW. S. of Htl., Southern Il linois Unix L r sity, N. E., Missouri, Dickinson College. Drivers Training, lmiustrial Arts. Mu. JAMES GEKJIICIE B. S. in Ed., Southern illinois University. lmiustrial Arts, Auto illeelzaizies. Miss ALICE fillAN'l' M. A., University of Illinois. English. MR. JANIES llASTIE M. A., University of Al.ilxnnu. English. Mns. JANE IIEDLEY B. S. in Ecl. Southern Illinois University. I Iomemaking. Miss ALICE lIovE M. A., University of VViseonsin. Speech, Dramatiex. Mu. ciEORUE lu BELT B. S. in Ed., Southern Illinois University. Ameriemz Prolrleins, llforlti History, A1l1Cl'iCHl1 ciOl'0l'IIH1CIIf. Miss lxlARY KOLESAR Registered Nurse. junior Nicrsiizg. Mn. ll. I.. Knuvv M. A., University ol' Mieliigim. Ceorneir-v, Advmleed Algclrru. Miss NANCY LEmix1oN Assistant Seeretarrv. Miss BELLE LONGBONS B. of lX'lusie, University of Illinois College, Columbia University. Clzoriis. MR. LOWELL lXlClDONALD A. li.. Maryville College. flirzerieaii History. Mu. CHARLES lXlAll'1'IN B. S., Southern illinois University. Industrial Arts, Hziilriiizg Trades. MR. ED lXlIGIELICZ M. University of Illinois, University of Colorado. Cfl1c111istry, Cieizerul Ilflatlz, Atllletie , Teaeliers Director. faculty Mus. Rll'I'll hloncmw Rlll3lCkllllS llusincss Cullt-gc. Officv SUt'Vctury. Miss XJELMA NAVI1 M. A., Univcrsitx' ol' lllinois. Fnglislz, cPl'lL'llllll'l0lI. Miss G1.Anx's l'x'AT'r M. A., Southern lllinuis University. .'llgcl1m. Mn. Cligonczia SAVVCIIAK ll. S. in lil., Illinois Stzitc Nurnml University. X Assistant to tlzc l'1'inciIu1l Mn. l,1ila VJINIPI' ll. S. in lil., Suutlicrn lllinois University. Algvlmz. fiuftx. lmlzistriril Arts, illucliiizv Slzoy. Miss .lLll.1A LlNDliRX'VOOD ll, A., iXlllL'lxlllI'l'2ly follcgc. Slirwtliuml, Fl1l'!7lllg. Ciciwrul lliisirzvss. hlns. VUNNIIL XK'AnH LllllYCl'iwllY ul' Llllllvfllllll. Gregg Chllcgt-. Slirartlzuiztl, 'l'1'pi11g, Clcnvrul llzisincss. hln. QJAIITIIOL XVAr,s'roN A. ll. LR Ph. Xl., University' nl' XViscunsin. l'l1otogmpl1.i'. l,l1l'SlL'S. Mus. JXIATON XVo1.1flg M. A.. University ol' lllinuis. lfllglisll. Mu. llnwnsr Ylnms H. S. in Eel.. Southern Illinois Llnivcrsity. Office l,l'llL'flL'L'. Clczzcrul lgllSlllCSS. llrmlclzccyinig, l'ui'soiml illyflllllgl. Jess Link, Curtis Smilh, Herbert Wieneke, head cuslodiang Ellis Avery, and James Marshall. Keeping FCHS in tip-top condition is the duty of these men. lx. 'dmv Mrs. Jennie Marburger, Cafeteria direclorg Mrs. Mary Duhamel, Mrs. Jennie Roe, Mrs. Cora Vaughn, and Mrs. Delores Newton. These women do a fine iob in providing excellent meals. 'G x ' CMM Homecoming Coronation Lovely Marilyn Rains-Homecoming Queen. Marilyn Rains, pretty, popular senior was ehosen to rule over the homecoming festivities by the student body. Marilyn also served in the homecoming court her sophomore and junior years. Co-captains Gerald Garrett and Vernon Cutt crowned Marilyn Ilomeeoming Queen and awarded her the traditional Foothall in the colorful Coronation ceremony. Marilyn will reign as football queen until next year. when she will relinquish her throne to the 1953 Ilomeeoming Queen. Queen Attendants LINDA ELKINS. Maid of Ilmmr. SUE IRICHNIOND, junior Attumlmzt Zm.1,A lhxlwox. lI1HIi0V Attendant. ,, .mwt K? V R SHIRLEY RISNER. Indy in Ufuiliug. Queen Attendants JUDY XXYOODS. Sophomore Attendant. ,R ,Q IDEANNA SUKOSKI. SUl7,IUlllUl'L' fXttvmfm1t. Puczczv IZLIHNETT, CJLENIJA SILKVVOOD. IJVCSIIHILIII Attemlunt. FVCSIIHILIII Attendant. Homecoming SUl7i1Ol1llJI'L' zittcnniaint -Indy Xvmxis all mi ' ntvniunts Suv iii'ii- - Hi 'Il U' L 1 k iiOl1lCC0ll1lDg Queen lliflliti :incl Zciizi iiurtun zirc suitcri lil'llllll'L'iY in unc ui' time CUiUl'i.LIi cmivcrriimics in thc lluinucmning Piiiuimic. Prcttv girls and hundsomc uthlctcs made the Homecoming Coronation an impressive sight. Marilyn Ruins with Iwi' cscorts, Vernon Cntr :incl Ccraiiri Cmrctt. U. Smith, ii. rlircssn, ii. Bout tv, M. Arnett, D. iiniiingcr .ind D. iNlunion, who urn' mom ivcrs of tilc F. C. ii. S. Pup Bzinci, wcrc nn important i'C2l turc of time iluinccnriring Pop iiiiii' zinmi lioniirc. x M x A55 V153 lluiiwcuiiiiiig was tlu' llu I iUlllCL'0Illil1g. Homecoming 'limo class of 28 built ai striking Hour in lllL'Ill0I'X' ul' tlicir gimlilaxtiuii twcntyfliu XCZIIS llgll. ,'xl1UfilL'l' iinlmrtalnt cvcnt in tin' L'L'iL'i7I'1lfillI1 ul' IIUIIIUCUIII' ing was the llmrimil ganna' with licnton. IXi.fl'I' ai l1zil'cl-iuilgllt luzittlu flu' Ccntmlizi Orplinns cicfcntccl Riu' i:l'1ll1iiii4ll'f licciimircis. llic C L'I1Il'2Iil2l Orphans zmcl thc iiTilI1iii'0l'f Redbirds scrunik his for the pigskin. "VVe'1l mow 'ern down." W Om' of the main i'L'1iIlII'L'S ul' tlu cunning Pnranic, illlfil si-Iwul llfglllll zaltiun lwuilt :mul spmisuird ll lilmt wliicli l'L'l'llACSL'l1tCLi swim' pimsc ul 1 .S X 'x'. Y 1 .Qgm Q .,1, , MW' Q nm ? .. . as . ' - . c ' J - 5? E 2 ag. .. V xi W5 s .K FCHS Carnival llewitehing lnuhlalt- dancers Sl12l1'l'Ol1 l lowell und Dorothy Cray are shown with four ol' their "hula" friends. ln ai program helvore the l3C'll'S stu- clent hotly these six "lou-lies" sung xincl Llnneecl the praises ol' the Czirni val. They invitenl ull to attend- Llllll who woulcln't with an preview sueh ns thisll Relaxing alter one ol' their peilormzxnees herultling the l:CllS Carnival ure the hulzi clameers, pep huntl memhers, elowns. huhhle clrmeers. :incl sultry singers who mmlt- rlw cl2ll'l1lY2ll ai whooping sueeesslll 'lihe proeeetls ol' this gala event were usecl to purchase ai henutiful llxunmoncl organ. The clelightful musie ol this organ is an zlclclecl utturetion ol' the sehool zlssemhlies. plays, anal other gatherings. 'HX11 lfveniiw in ljairisf' ai The eorcmiiticm of the Clirnixuil King amd Queen elimuxecl the evening of lun gmcl irolie Xlitei' ilu- piesentntirm ul' tim une-net plays, uSl5LlI'lill1'H ziml Millie Neiglilwrsf' Stuclenl lhiilx llrewialenl Ilnlw ,Xulwell er1m'm'cl gl'l1lHI4 mmxim-eQ Pete Zimmer uml Sliirlex llisner King gmcl Queen ul tlle l'n1'nix'z1l. Un the riglil ul tlie vixaieimls Queen .ue Sllllllfil l .imunl mel lllll fum suwlwiiioie numim'es. amcl Zellgi llllfffbli :mel l,z1rrx' XVLIITCII. 'unior nom 1 ,l inees. AM tlie liinlfs lelit Lire lhilv i'XLll3L'll. :incl Pewfx' Burnett :incl llniee Nlelilwee. liresli- 5 51, .Ill I1UI1lil1L'l'S rim' MISS 5 r- lmntli, was slmnsurecl ln' time Sulu Deli Clulu. Sulv Helms Doris .Xx'e1'N'. Sliirlex' Purcell :incl Dottie l3rmsl4s .ire llUlLllHLl tlme LllLllT1UlillS mi-gets lm- euntestxmt lletty Cirissmn. c,tllCI' UYUIIIS CUI1fl'lllLlfiI1g tu illle' L'Xk'ifL'I1lUI1f ol tlie L1II'IllY1ll were ai wlilte ele- Iwllzmt lmuotli lielcl Ivy tlie Curl lie serves, several liortum' lellel"s l3UllIllS spunsmweml lax' tlie l,ll7l'2ll'Y Clulm, ll Clllik' wailla tlll'L'L'lL'kl lw tile flmrus, il sweater lump spmmsmwecl lui' the llzmcl. ai llsli puncl, il lun lwuse. QlI1ll il lI'CiIli SIIUXY. l'Ul' H1050 XYl11l XYUI1' llLIIlUI'Y rw , ai elmili supper wus lielnl. liigliliglmteal lmy 1111 entertziining llum' six UNH FCHS Carnival i l 6 The orchestra of Ernie Limpus provided the music for the an- nual luniorASenior Prom held May 16, 1952, in the new gym. Junior-Senior Prom Pretty girls and hzinclsorne Fellows, together with hreuth- tnking Lleeorntions ol' white und silver, lnzicle the junior! Senior Prom nn 'Aunlorgettuhle evening." The Prom nleeorutions. plnnneel hy the junior Class :incl their sponsor, Miss Pyutt, were husecl on the theme of the Prom, "Czu1len in the Ruin." A multi-colored ruin- how claneecl hetween the fluffy elourls on the lmncl- stalncl: glistening ruinclrops swung clreannily from the white crepe paper slay. From 8:30 to 12:00 the ju- niors, seniors, and their guests clalneenl to the strains of "Stzn'clust," "Over the llziinhow," and "Stormy xKlC'1lIllL'l'.l' ix ,, I y, 5 www 5 Beverlv Dawson, Charlotte Fuller, and Kendra Mc- Kemie served delicious punch and cookies during the intermission. Row 1: Helen Collins, Jim Hicks, Bruce Lee, Colleen Patton, Pele Zimmer, Sue Ellen Monis. Row 2: Bucky Harp, Sharron Howell, Bill Curson, and Linda Elkins. Miss Alice Hoye, diredor, Sam Martin, Betty Willard, Dick Showmaker, Mona Goss, Jay Ellis, and Norman Heyder. "Young Man of Today" "Young hlan ol' ilioclari' was presentecl lux' the Senior Class lleeeinlmer 9, l9'52. ilihe east ineluclecl liruee Lee, Colleen Patron, Mona Cass, llelen Collins, jim llielis, leincla Elkins' liill Curson, Sharron llowell, Uiillfliyn llarp, lietty Xl'ill11rcl, Norman lleyaler. llieli Showinal4er, Sue Ellen Alanis, Pete Zimmer, ,lay Ellis, jaek liussell, anrl Sam hlartin. 'lhis three-aet play, alireetecl lay hliss Alice lloye, revealecl the ehanges wrought in the lives anrl attitudes ol' young people alter ijL'L'Cllll1Cl' 7, l94l. Several Cllilfllilllg ro- mances were in the play, eaell eonclitioneel hy the war situation. ilihese, with the elash lmetween the olmler annl the lnoclern generation, lliilllk' the play elilieetire, timely, annl truly wortllwliile. ililll' stage crew eonsistecl ol' liar l5ulwnn, hlarilyn Rains, .lucly lieclliearn, Mary .lo Bowen, Clennla Chanee, ,lack llussell, Sam Martin, anml Almlw Chan- non. iiillk' poxters were rlone lux' Pere ZlllllllL'l' anrl Alanet lVall1er, 6 rf: Red Bird Notes Staff Vllrmnm U'ilssmn. Spnrts lfcl itor, Put lhrr, lfnlitur in ,lim llicks. lll'2lflll'k' Iifli mr, :nc planning tlu xvcn-lily sulmul pain-1' 'lilac lh-Ll llirnl Nmmtvs. w 1 Y , Y f . . wc, Svnivzl: C. Xuslm, P, lmrr, Q. Pnrtun, lx. xlllilIlIS. lion' 2 I. Marlin, A, l:1lSlll' ll. X'l'ilwl1, Ilig-IQ. li. l"nstur. flmicl, Clvllcvn Puttnn, lfalituriul Uircctnr. :incl X xA,L X L N xg 3 x' 'Q 'YN MR xfwwx - fs? x X 3 .Q ,:. A 3-z, xv ,Q-. gk-K N 'Q Nm Rx MK 2 X t S 41 m Q : 1 TXT? ':'QasQ,Ea:a:a:g::' Q ffl .A .. an ,K -Mm, 4 4. 1 Student Council Honor Society lklcmlncrsliip in tliis lionomry society is clcctctl lny an llzlculty votc on tlmc lxisis ol' SL'llOlllIA' ship, lctltlcrsltip,, zmcl scrvicc. 'lllmc stuclcnt must :also liaiw it "li" 2lYL'I'LlgC. dt-ut Council is to furtllci ticipation in school affairs Seated: R. Heyder, C. Behn, D. Griffin, R. McElwee, D. Dillard, J. Newton, M. Savalick, B. Gower. Row 2: P. Dubonn, C. Patton, M. Walker, C. Prock, S. Bal- lard, C. Lawrence, D. Fletcher, J. Reid, S. Richmond, D. Sprind, K. Mikutis D. Forkum. Row 3: J. Fox, B. Willard D Lucas H Hughes J Wendr hoski I - I - , - Y L. Warren, P. Zimmer, B. Aubell, J. Stankovich, W. Brunton, G. Dawson Seated: K. Foster, J. Hicks, L. Elkins, C. Patton, H. Collins. Row 2: J. Menees, H. McGhee, J. Uhls, J. Watkins, J. Viono, B. Glen. Row 3: E, Walker, S. Stagner, S. Calvert, M. Rains, A. Channon, P. Dubonn, W. Griggs, M. Bowen, D. Syers, F. Leet, Mr. James Hastie, sponsor. 'l'l1c Purpose of tlic Stu- klllil. improve student pm'- 1 1 NlL'l1ll7L'I'Sl1ll7 lim' tlw Quill 11ml Scroll is si-ln-cn-Ll liflllll 'lLlI'lllll'S anal suniors wlm lmvc nmnlc mlm' llLllSI2lIKlll1g 1lL'lllLlVL'l1lL'l1I in tl1v.' jm11'1111listic liclfl. Sealed: H. Collins, S. Crain, J. Hicks, P. Barr, G. Chance. Row 2. K. Mikutis, S. Manis, M. Bowen, T. Dinn, C. Fallon. Sealed: P. Ferrara, J. Hicks, P. oubonn, c. Fosier, R. Darby. new 2: c. Yolloni, Student Patrol S. Bernhard, K. McKemmie, D. Syers, C. Weslell, G. Hogue. Row 3: Miss Julio Underwood, sponsor, L. Jemison, B. Willard, A. Duvis, T. Lockman, M. Yaltoni, H. McGhee, J. Burlon. lillk' Stuzlvnl llzitrul pm nmtcs stuclcnt l'L'Sl70I1Sll5ll ity :mal cm1pc1'z1tio11. Ghrl Reserves Seated: D. Brooks, J. Fox, M. Witunski, M. Whitting- lon, S. Croin, M. Bowen, A. Channon, M. Rains D. Gray, W. Wall, S. Howell, M. Plumlee, S. Purcell Row 2: P. Barr, M. Harrum, D. Avery, S. Matheny, B. Tweedy, B. Yates, C. Potton, H. Collins, M Cullen. J. Sweet, E. Collier, D. Tharp, R. Hays J. Nordell. Row 3: M. Goss, A. Childers, S. Monis S. Pollock, J. Pickering, B. Harkins, R, Ramsey M. Davis, S. Hayes, R. Reedy, D. Boney, C. Yusko, G. Chance, D. Forkum, K. McKemie. Row 4: S. Stag- ner, B. Worsham, S. Calvert, P. Dubonn, G. Boney, S. Higgins, B. Armstrong, M. Herron, C. Fuller, K. Mikutis, R. Thomas, S. Childers, J. Walker, Hubbard, D. Clark, S. Weaver, B. Fickos, L. Shark- ness, D. Trotter, B. Newton, L. Jemison, B. Willard, J. Chamness. GHrI Reserves Seated: D. Jones, N. Kuehn, J. Skinner, M. Barwick, C. Beames, M. Elkins, E. Cox, M. Weaver, Y. Doty, S. Mitchell, J. Woods, B. Rose, C. Lawrence, K. Mangiaforte, J. Vaughn, J. Roe, D. Fletcher, D. Sukoski, L. Lingle, S. Lamont. Row 2: V. Jackson K. Schmidt, L. Nolen, S. Weaver, P. Dynis, H. Huff M. M. Slymonik, L. Herron, J. Hengst, J. Lawrence Y. Meeks, N. Brown, S. Boomhower, G. Silkwood, T. Shopkoff, M. Tomlinson, K. Kovich, J. Mocaby, S. Ballard, B. Booz, S. Kennedy, M. McPhail, D. Blades, J. Yates, J. Felts. Row 3: S. Holland, J. Barkdull, J. Cowsert, N. Weaver, S. Hough, A. Mrla 1 f I The Girl licscrvc Clulx Pro- poses to lu-lp ai girl to give hor lvcst :it ull times. This clulm creates, mixin- taiins, :incl cxtcmls fl1T0llgl1- out thc sclmnl and com- munity high stumlurcls ol Clmristizm cllzirzictcr. P. Sleycr, G. Mabry, L. Hays, R. Cunningham, C. Donnely, S. Davis, S. Dugger, M. Crawford, R. Ran- kin, S. Reed, C. Gray, C. Wilburn, J. Zeboski, M. Gelso, W. Jones, C. Prock, M. Nolen, N. Kuehn, A. Horgroves, G, Ragsdale, N. Durst, M. Wolker, S. Slimack, B. Karnes, D. Cremeens, P. Burnett. Row 4: S. Kirk, M. Sminchok, P. May, G. Uhls, M. A. Zastrow, E. Struthers, P. Bechelli, S. Gosnell, A.. Gray, D. Silkwood, P. Nichols, R. Rankin, B. Biggs, T. Peterson, Lindo Swofford, J. Cornille, B. Brown, D. Sprind. Sealed: J. Skinner, M. Barwick, C. Beames, M Elkins, C. Wilburn, E. Cox, M. Rains, C. Pallon M. Gass, J. Redfearn, A. Childers, B. Rose, L Lingle. Row 2: T. Lockman, M. Weaver, H. Collins, H. Huff, N. Herring, R. Coffee, R. Weslell, G. Silk wood, T. Shapkoff, M. Tomlinson, Y. Doly, S. Reed A. Dimmick, J, Roe, J. Vaughn, D. Sukoski. Row 3i M. Savalick, J, Hill, J. Auslin, J. Crowell, T. Rags dale, C. Swofford, M. Harrum, P. Barr, M. Karnes, Library Club , ' J .. if f li FIT Ii llw I7l'lllllllLllll1 ul' gl'L'illL'l' .ilvprccintimm lor lwuulas un tlu' Imrt ul' its mL-mln-rslmip. .ull high sulwnl stuclunts. J. Oglesby, D. Owlsey, L. Brunlon, B. Tweedy, D Avery, B. Yoles, S. Milchell, J. Mocaby, K. Mangia forle, M. Wilunski, S. Malheny, D. Brooks, W. Wall J. Sweel, S. Boomhower, R. Reedy. Row 4: G. Daw- son, R. Heyder, D. Tharpe, R. Hays, B. Shorl, S Crain, S. Wall, S. Pollock, S. Childers, J. Pickering B. Biggs, S. Hawkins, J. Fox, S. Hayes, S. Ballard M. Cullen, M. Whillington, D. Baney, Z. Burlon Library Club Seated: J. Lawrence, S. Lamonl, J. Walker, W. Griggs, M. McPhail, A, Campbell, S. Slimack, L Melvin, C. Schmidl, A. Hargrove, G. Ragsdale, C. Gray, G. Broy. Row 2: C. Johnson, B. McCullom D. Syers, G. Hague, C. Weslell, C. Fuller, S. Neibel F. Cross, M. A. Zaslrow, S. Dugger, B. Brown S. Nichols, D. Clark, K. Hubbard, F. Jacket, P James. Row 3: R. Ramsey, M. Davis, J. Barlon B. Sweet, J. Hoebbel, J. Hengsl, C. Prock, L. Slarnes, I 1 G. Swofford R. Rankin P. Nichols M. Harki B. Armslrong, R. Thomas, S. Weaver, L. Nolen, J. Borkdull J. Cowserl N. Dursl M. Walker Melvin, J. Wall, M. Ta or, D. Sprind, S. Hough Row 4: J, Leach B. Aubell D. Rice D. Lucas, R, Shryock, J. Slankovich, B. Ellis, C. Chance, P. Zimmer, B. Caraway, J. Russell, J. McPhail, G. Brondos, J. Gire, D. Dillard. Hi-Y Sub Debs Sulm llelvs is an mgainivaitimi lm' girls flint strives lor mental annul pliysieul imprnvenient tlirougli eniplinsis upon live ziinis: seliolzirsliip, courtesy, personality, poise, :incl granni- ing. hlenilmersliip is gained ln' petition in tlie spring llie lll-Y IS il Qll1l'l5Llill1 or- vzinizutinn lor lmvs luiving as N . i its stzimlnrcl clean speeeli, elezln sports, elezin seliolalrsliip. imcl elezin living. lts meinlner- sliip is open to all high seliool lmvs. Sealed: J. McPhail, L. Warren, R. Cima, D. Karas, J. R. Crowell, G. Dawson, T. Lockman, R. Cramer, B. Aubell, J. Slankovich. Row 2. S. Hand, J. Saylor, R. Heyder, L. Hadfield, J. Leach, D. Lucas, B. Swearingen, T. Ragsdale, B. Roper, R. Maragni, D. Dillard. Row 3: Mr. lubell, sponsor, R. Chance, J. Auslin, J. Weslray, A. Fasol, K. Walker, T. Dinn, C. Lyle, M. Arnelf, J. Minlon, J. Roberts, G. Weeks, J. Viano, D. Rice, R. Tresso. Sealed: C. Pallon, M. Bowen, S. Sfagner, B. Willard, L. Elkins, H. Collins, D. Gray, S. Richmond, M. Plumlee. Row 2. L. Lingle, J. Roe, S. Mitchell, L. McGhee, S. Hayes, J. Woods, R. Reedy, K. Mangiaforle, M. Harkins, M. Rains, M. Whining- lon. Row 3: M. Weaver, S. Risner, S. Calvert, S. Kennedy, S. Boomhower, P. DuBonn, D. Baney, Z. Burton, C. Lawrence, D. Avery, S. Malheny, J. Redfearn, A. Channon, G. Chance, D. Brooks, J. Fox, S. Purcell. '73 llw lllCSl7l1ll'l Lrlulv luis us its lnlrpusc to pruinotc 11 lwttcl' Lll'ltlL'TSlilI1Llll1g uncl upprccizl- tion nl' clrumntic arts. "Act well your part, tlierc all tllc licmor lies." Sealed: R. Biggs, M. Rains, A. Channan, L. Heaton, J. Hicks, L. Elkins, C. Patton, H. Collins, S. Howell, E. Cox, C. Beames.Row 2: H. McGhee, R. Moore, K. Baker, J. Ellis, K. Barger, L. Rengslorff, K. Mangiaforle, D. Baney, B. Willard, M. Weaver, J. Morrison, D. Smith, T. Dinn S. Marlin. Row 3: Miss Alice Hoye, sponsor: N. Heyder, C. Anderson, S. Ballard, R. Reedy, S. Baomhower, G. Brondos, Z. Burton, K. Walker, M. Barwick, M. Elkins, Y Meeks, S. Milchell, M. Taylor, G. Silkwood, M. Tomlinson, T. Shapkoff, L. Herron, J. Hengst, B. Fravell, P. McDaniel, l. Buller. Sealed: M. Henley, R. Cramer, J. Walkins, J. Hicks, J. Ellis, J. Crowell, C. Fosler, C. Anderson. Row 2: Ernie Yuhas, sponsor: B. Raubach, J. Saylor, D. Dillard, R. Cima, L. Hadfield, R. Heyder, P. Chamberlain, R. Smilh, J. Hancock, J. Leach. National Thespian Club Key Club ililic lies' Clulv is il Dlunim' Scrvicc Cluli lim' lmys in liigli scllool. ililicsc lvuys unite tu rr-mlcr sci'vicc to tlicir liiglx sulwol. hlclnlmcrs lll'l' sr-lu-ml lay rln- spmisur. witli tlic 4111- prmwzil ul' tlic prim'i1uil. R d Seated: J. Cowscrt, R. Biggs, S. Blackburn, B. Daw- Stagner, C. Fuller, M. Yattoni, L. McGhee, D. Su e son, W. Griggs, B. Willard, L. Jemison, D. Forkum, koski. Row 31 Miss Gladys Pyatt, sponsor, S. Crain P C. Patton. Row 2: J. Vaughn, K. Kovich, B. Rose, J. Sweet, S. Matheny, G. Lira, S. Boomhower, P S. Mitchell, C. Yattoni, N. Kuehn, P. Miller, S. Dubonn, S. Kennedy, M. Davis, R. Ramsey. limi Poppers is im organizat- tion of girls wliosc prime purposc is to lmoost ull scliool activities uncl support thc F. C. ll. lied Birds. hlcmlmcrsliip is open to alll liigli scliool girls. Seated: P. Barr, B. Tweedy, K. McKemie, P, Rose, D. Trotter, R. Thomas, S. Hayes, K. Mangiafore B. Boaz, J. Hengst, J. Batteau, L. Lingle. Row 2: R. Reedy, J. Roe, B. Fickas, Z. Burton, S. Culver A. Campbell, D. Thorp, W. Jones, N. Durst, J. Corn- S. Risner, M. Walker, S. Childers, Miss Sybil Charon ille, S. Ballard, D. Fletcher, S, Bernhard, J. Beers, sponsor. S. Dossett. Row 3: M. Harrum, C. Prock, B. Yates, Seated: F. Wicker, M. Berwick, G. Mabry, S. Slimock, Trotter, L. McGhee. Row 3: Mrs. Jane Hedley H. Huff, N. Brown. Row 2: L. Wilmore, J. Marke, sponsor, P. Belcher, S. Clayton, L, Rotramel, J B. Bolen, J. Siliven, M. A. Zastrow, J. Barton, D. Aaron, J. Robinson, B. Manis, S. Higgins, L. Rogers F. H. A. 'llmis organization ul' girls who arc cnrollcd in tlmc llnmc liCHl10I1llL'S classes aims tu lurtlmcr lricnclslxip anal umlcrstamling among ilu' girls. tlicir lmnlcs zmcl svlmal. F. F. . 'llw lf. l7. A. is an associa- tion ol' lmys taking agricul- turc in ltiglm sulmol. It strives lor tlmc promotion of intcrcst in AlllL'l'lL'2lI1 larm- ing. Seated. G. Dorris, D. Simpson, R. Taylor, J. Minton, Pinkslon, J. Burke ,W. Brunton, N. Clark, L. Branch, A. Evans, B. McPherson, H. Rodgers, J. Cook, J. J. Kirby, J. Dunstan, D. Carr, B. Roper, H. Wilson, Whittington, G. Reeves. Row 2: J. D. Bellamy, R. L. Carpenter, R. Black, Mr. Dorris, sponsor. ms: wrxaxzr, l1" F Club Cafeteria Club illlw Cful'ctcrizi Cllulm is cc lmsccl ul' pupils wlw work in ilu- sr-lmul's czllictcriil. Irs pur- pose is lu zimusc thc interest ul' tlu' L'lllll'lL'l'l2l lmclpcrs. C. Milchell, Hughes, T. R. Black. Sealed: M. C. Frovell, Marburger, R. Black, J. Vlillk' F Clulu is an orgzinizntion of boys in scliool who liuvc czlrnccl lcttcrs in various sports. A lwy wearing am li slioulcl lic zm cxnmplc for other boys, do nothing to clisgrucc tllc lcttcr, :incl lic proud to ln' ai wcaircr nl' tlic cmlxlcm ol' tlic sr-lmol. Sealed: D. Warren, C. Sweelin, D. Griffith, G. Garrell, V. Rvssell, D. Lucas, K. Walker, C. Lyle. Row 2: J. Gire, J. Bernhard, B. Caraway, J. Farrow, J. Gibbons, J. Slankovilch, B. Ellis, J. Cook, R. Shryock. Row 3: J. Menees, H. McGinly, J. Sowers, L. Corpenler, J. Burlon, J. Weslray, K. Elam, Reid, M. Goss, S. Koneversky, J. Hengsl, S. Hall. Row 2: J. Mcflyea, O. Hogue, N. Fravell, sponsor, D. Owlsey, McPhaiI. R. Romik, S. Gill, L. Kcmeversky. Row 3: Jennie N. Sankus, A. Campbell, B. Biggs, D. Griflilh, u-A., 'lk ,M , 'lilic golf clulu is :in organiza- tion ul' stuclcnts who :irc intcre vstccl in grill. Tlic clulm strives to tvzlcli pupils to play grill' :incl lu lu-lp tlicm liccmm- lx-ttcr sportsincn. lts mcmlucrsliip is ups-n to all srutlcnrs. Seated. S. Manis, A. Channon, C. Patton, B. Yates, G. Chance, A. Childers, S. Crain D. Ramsey, J. Sweet. Row 2: L. Heaton, B, Freeman, J. Ellis, J. Leach, C. Mitchell L. Hadfield, J. McPhail, K. Elam, B. Cundliff, B. Raymond, G. Gass. Seated, row lr R. Tresso, C. Behn, G. Weeks, R. Maragni, D. Nichols, B. Maragni F. Calcaterra. Raw 2: J. Absher, B. Roper, L. Carpenter, H. McGhee, D. Manion B. Russell, L. Hadfield, C. Hand. Standing. J. Barkdull, L. Herron, L. Hays S. Barton, B. Armstrong, D. Clark, P. Miller, R. Worsham, M. Herron, D. Tharp, J. Little, R. Rankin, Mr. L. Tripp, Sponsor. Golf Club Bowling League hlllic l7Lll'1tUSL' nl, tliis clulm is to tczicli SfllLlL'IlfS to lmowl. Morne lit-rsliip is upon tu illl liigli sclmnl sruclvnts. lllu' mrsitv ulwcl-lunlilmg squanl is mzulc up ul' junior xml SL'IllllI' girls xxlm arc imcrcstccl in lsnnling tlw vclls ut tlu lluwllmlll xml lmslwrlxull gmmmns, U 1 Mary Joe Plumlee, Lindo Elkins, Sue Ellen Munis, Sharron Howell, and Dorothy Gray. Carolyn Gray, Ernesline Cox, Glenda Broy, Carolyn Yulonni, ond Muryblye Elkins. 'lllmc sulaluulmmc clmccrlcnmling scluml is munlc up ul' lrcslxm .lml suplwllmmc girls xvlm lxlcli rlu- llcslmmn nml suplmnu llmnrlmll gmcl lmskl-rlmll tn-guns. K 4 i 5 The Cirl Swirls is am organi- lllllllll wliicli strivcs to ln-lp ilu' girls grow in unclcrstaimling :mil zipprcuintimi ul' unc am' utlwr zmcl iiicrciisc tlwir willf ingm-ss tn scrw mln-rs. Sealed: J. Fells, K. McKemie, M. Weaver, M. Cullen, J. Woods, C. Lawrence, B Miller. Row 2: Miss Gladys Pyalhsponsor, J. Barkdull, S. Kennedy, B. Grissom J. Cowserl, R. Thomas, J. Pickering, S. Pollock, L. Sharkness, S. Childers. Sealed: J. Podnar, B. Williams, J. Hill, T. McGinly, J. Menees. Row 2: M. Payne, K. Elcm, J. Blee, S. Marlin, R. Moore. Row 3: l.. Hadfield, D. Yales, L. Pemberlon D. Thomas, Mr. Carlisle, sponsor. Girl Scouts Explorers' Club 'llic purpose ul' tlw lfxplorcrs Clulm is tu CllL'KlLll'1lgL' lvultcl citilcnslmip, to survc ilu' sr-lmnl :mal In pruinutc llm' Sunil imlczils. Mvililwrsliip is ulwn In gill liigli sulmiil lmvs. Foreign Language Club The Foreign Language Club is made up of students who are enrolled in Spanish, French, or l.atin. lts purpose is to further interest in lioreign lan- guages and Foreign countries and customs. Seated: K. Foster J. Hicks, J. Gire, C. Behn, J. Farrow, D. Lucas, R. Mcragni, H. Hughes, L. Warren, K. Walker, K. Elam, C. Sweelin. Row 2: P. Chamberlain, B. Paul, R. Neul, B. Freeman, J. Saylor, J. Walley, J. Viano, R. Smith, A. Evans, P. Stines, J. R. Crowell, H. McGhee, T. Dinn. Row 3: B. A. Dawson, N. Owsley, D. Tharp, R. L. Hays, M. Harrum, S. Hayes, C. Yusko, R. Reedy, M. L. Wilunski, E. Doiy, Z. Burton, S. Matheny, K. Mikulis, M. Harkins, L. Lingle, M. Watts, B. Boaz. Clubs at F.C.H.S. The clubs here at F.C.ll.S. are as active and varied a group as you could Lind in any high school ol' compar- able size. These clubs tullill admirably the main purpose oi' any club: to provide a constructive way for students to increase their friendships and, at the same time. to render great services to the school. The new student il' he possesses the necessary qualis iications, is welcomed into the club of his choice and is made to feel like a member of tl1e group. Often his lirst friendships in town are ones he makes with his fellow club members. Un the other hand, the student who has lived in this town all his life has seen and heard ol' the benclits the clubs provide to the school and to the individual. Ile is stimulated to do things that would malce him worthy ol' memberships in the club ol' his choice. Xlilien it comes to choosing a club. a student will lind at least one group that shares exactly the same inter- ests as he. Athletic clubs, service clubs, hobby clubs, educational clubs, all provide overlapping programs that include something of interest for every student of F.C.Il.S. Almost every club l'eatures an annual trip or visit to a large city or similar place of interest. The girls' clubs hold dances and banquets l'or their members, while the boys' clubs attend professional athletic events. Nlixed groups go on picines and hayrides and sponsor dances of their own, And to balance the social activities, each club provides a service to the school that becomes great- er and greater as the years go bv. s QQ5 2???Qg5f' .5 s'2,i5 sw gig G gg fi . .'.. M y if zzzz .:.. W ? if ' 'iz ' z 5? 'zzz 3 55 I .,,.: if A " ' W W ' S Q f gf if .1 W X LX V, x i x S, 2 4- , 3- . f 53? Q 2 Q A . BA, J- A? V . iw ,1 C, x 'vi Pg? X fs Q , iw M 5 wf ' Q X g Eiginiig mg--EMM 5.5, g,,, w gg 413351 mi H Q new 5 . 6 wwe' 0 6 f Q... r, '31 M . as --: -1" x t 9 V f , MFLQ14 , as , x H a Qqsiifwr ., F S 'h f R, Q 3 Y? . ' ff? ,E , , , , Mwff-f v, Y - sup N 9 WEEE? X W 1 3 W ?,XmM 1 ,ix sp , 2 ' :GN 4 ' ff IT. f ff 12 'M f , , w ! ,gdb w lr G. Skinner, R. Clem, J. Russell, T. Lockman, B. Mullin, D. Camp, O. Hague. Row 2: J. Hartley, B. Boren, E. Simko, J Austin, R. Chance, B. Jordan, D. Odle, D. Neibel. Row 3: N. Essick, D. Griffin, C. Chance, H. Lawrence, J. Gire. Row I: O. Hogue, J. Hartley, R. Westell, B. McCullum, N. Weaver, G. Bray, A. Dimmick, J. Hengst. Row 2, P. Burnett, L. Starnes, S. Sowers, B. Jordon, B. Boren, A. Aloffo, J. Oller, S. Southard, C. Gray. Row 3: P. Hood, C. Patton, T. Lockman, J. Russell, L. Moore, M. Bell, C. Weaver, S. Dugger. A A - Chorus Seated: Sharon Matheny, secretary, Dorothy Gray, president, Jerry Austin, president, Marilyn Weaver, librarian. Row 2: Madeline Morthland, vice-president, Donna Sue Baney, treasurer, H. Lawrence, sec- retary, Larry Moore, vice-president, Ava Nell Fulton Alotfo, librarian. B-Flat Clarinefs: S. Childers, J. Burkdull, K. Mongiaforte, P. D. Smith, G. Weeks, R. Tresso, M. Thorp, M, Walker, Y. Doly Dubonn, D. Jones, R. Hays, B. Paul, G. Brondos, M. Arnett, D. Manion, J. Baker. French Horns. S. Purcell, S. Mcnis, N G. Allen, J. Hill, O. Hogue, M. Crawford, P. Adkins. Owlsley. Basses: R. Heyder, D. Bollinger. Oboes: C. Patton Mariz.l,:i: P. Davis. Cornets and Trumpets: M. Morthlund, M. Plumlee. West Frankfort High School Concert Band One ol the finest features of li.C.l l.S. is the Concert llancl which is corn- poserl ol' fifty-six memhers. This organization is under the direction ol' Alan Crawliortl. Pllliroughout the school year the luancl performs at the athletic events, makes many concert appearances, and participates in several parades. This year the hand gave a series of Sunday afternoon concerts. The an- nual spring concert. one of the highlights ol' the year. had a program inamle up of stanrlarcl overtures, marches, light musical comedy numhers, and nov' elty nulnhers. Vvith a varied program such as this, the hand L'I11l5l12lSllCll the neecl ol, music appreciation. The hand inacle their annual tour this year, cluring which they presentecl several concerts, anal visitecl in several outstanding places. 'R . F E ,wh , W s A f X, BS 'N X, Y .. A 1 ,A . Q if K 5 . '41 - x ' Y nw . ' . -.X . A V' U I 5 , -- 1 . E, , 1 1, :YA .N X as gf at ' ' f, , 'H' 'Z Q Lex g 'I 13' Q 'V I jg 5 2 bf I gs ,gg if r Q 5 7 V X rv 'MA ff- if fy 1 ' W A "E, ,' ' 'Z' fm , i 4 f 4,2 f ,.L, l X J - AA -.n Y- ' 1 ,. sz - f A A "Qv ' fr! Wf-h . I .1 A X " A XX- 4 1 . Q mx , , . an .lx km v my Q ' ""' ' :saifa Q W S .ii-:-:N R 2 3 O ' 1 Q O 0 . i:::1:'.'M . ,,,,..v- 'en ,oh xx 'Q fa N S6 Dllllnl TRIO: Bill llcutty. lXlnrgz1rct lent. uml Larry llczlton. The Llrum- mcrs, tlrc rlrytlmr scctilm, cunstitutc il vvry important Part ol' tlw lmzmcl. FCHS Band and Twirlers Mary Jo Plumlee, Colleen Patton, Sue Ellen Monis. Standing behind: Linda Elkins, Drum Maiorelle 'llw tlmusalmls wlw put-kt-tl tlw stnclium to witncss tlu' Hllccllvirell' llootluull gzuncs wcrc tlmrillccl lmy tlul gmail music amcl spcctzlculzn' lll2ll'L'llll'lg llurnmticms ol' our l5CllS lmml. 'llw lmml was just us successful in lmlcling mln- aluclivlrccs spclllvmmcl cluring its concerts. Xllitlm I1llllll5L'l'S suclx as uLlI1lVCl'S2ll luclgcf mont." nSCI11PL'I' l3inlclis," ul-lglllcl2lV1lll'y.ll1IT1Ll "Sequoia" tlmc lmml cntramcccl its listt-uers. 'llw lmskctlxrll QLIINCS wcrc livcnccl lmy tllc popular st-It-crilms xvlmiclx tlrc lnzmml pluycnl. Xllc lmvc always lm-n :mal will umtimrv tu lac lvmunl ol' our lmml. Asif S , .EA E.. 3 A ,Wy ly V . ik P ii. W it 1 ,gsm Q 1 2538 ff K X 9 b R ,... 52: J K -1 Q . . '-"-,-' : 5 A. X ...., .. . 5, ..,,:,:.:,...: wx Q x .. , .,.,:,::.:,::: , N .,-k:: Q , -2-:s:a:a:as:ss,sx M Q W ...,,.. -X 1- xs X W ' S J ' x My .... . . X m ssizgseaizi' W ---- M . ,.,., "" Seated: B. Harp, K. Walker, G. Garrett, J. Farrow, V. Russell, J. Llvesay, V. Cult, P. Mahan, J. Tucek, Mr. McDonald, line D. Grilfilh, L. McGhee, M. Henley, Mr. lubelt, asst. coach. coach. Row 3: B. Freeman, J. Slodghill, W. Mayer, L. Warren, Row 2: Mr. Migielicz, head coach, D. Lucas, J. Gibbons, T. McGinty, J. Bernhard, B. Dotson, H. Hughes, J. Sowers. Football 'lhc l952 Varsity Fourlmll Team Illlllll' il very excellent showing. Although thc llcclhircls wcrc outclzlssvcl in scvcrzll gill'IlCS, they constantly playccl stcllur llmutlmll. NVVC got thc cmlclf'-lN'ligiclicz, lNlaclD0nulcl, amcl luhclt-"VVc got thc team"- with our outstuncling, lcttcrmcn Garrett, l,LlL'llS, zmcl Vllulkcr-"VVc got thc P0131 wc got thc steam." F.C.ll.S. had thcsc-hut cvcn this tough comhinntimm lllilccl to ccmnlucr such tcalms ns ll2ll'1'lSl7Lll'g, Ccntrnlin, .mal Bcnton. Gerald Garrett Vonnie Russell Larry Warren Vernon Cult Marlin Henley Jim Bernhard Kenny Walker Don Lucas John Farrow Hiram Hughes Don Griffith wil TIIEY runs VV. F. I9 Carhomlzllc 7 VVon NV.l:. 7 Johnston City lf? Lost VV.F. 6 hlt. Vernon" 14 Lost WTF. 25 Marion' 8 VVOn VV.F. 39 Cu iro 7 VV on VV.F. O I Ierrinx l-l Lost VV.F. 18 I' Iurrishurgx 19 Lost VV.F. 6 Ccntruliux' 19 Lost VV.F. 26 Christopher 12 Won VV.F. 0 Benton" 27 Lost Total 146 146 ,'Confcrcncc Games Row 1: Mr. Paul Enrieflo, Coach R. Cima, B. Rauback, B. D. Doly, T. Lockman, J. Wendryhoski, B. Smilh, C. Milchell, McPherson, R. Harkins, J. Roberts, C. Woods, R. Pallerozzi, J. Crowell, Manager. B. Gore, Mr. George lubell, Coach. Row 2: C. Lyle, D. Karas, Jim Slodghill Lonnie McGhee Jack Sowers Tom McGinty David Horp Jerry Tucek Mr. Lowell lXlcDonuld, linc czuicli - Soft-spolacii, unsy-goiiig "Mac" whom wc iiclmirc for luis l'l'CIllCl1LllJLIS juli us lim- cfmcli. Mr. lulrclt, usst. coaicli provides his tcum with L JU 4 Villlflllilll soplwiiimc mcnlur. spirit uml the will to win. Mr. lgcl lxllglL'llC7. lux urlmlcrif clircctur, licau witli il terrific july liars truck cnaicli. couuli - A tcrrilic guy lictluxlll, licvutlmll. :incl ilmm' wc gunna win ir?" klL'il gginic ui' time scusmi. Jim Livesoy George Dotson Pat Mahon Joe Gibbons Willie Moyer iliiw 'iigiitiiig licciixircisu :irc nr it uguini L'AllllXYUl'iiin ilu- ii c ci- cis nlispluycni tcuimwrk in tl! WVR M. ,N ,?'A4ax, , ww ,rg .. 5 mm' 'WW im' H ef gil ff? xx' as 4 Seated, Row 1: H. Hughes, J. Stankovitch, P. Peeler, B. Ellis, R. Shryock, G. Garrett, K. Walker, L. Warren, C. Sweetin L. Carpenter. Row 2: Mr. Lowell McDonald, Assistant Coach: Mr. Ed Migielicz, Head Coach. "Vl'c'x'c got ll tczim ul lxislictlnill limits." llic V752-5:3 llccllviipls Ywliiir ai tc4iii1l'l 'Ilw lifl IS fL"ll11 lalc'1's'mtlx' SLll'IUI'lSL'Ll ilu-ir lmwil l"inQ 'IQ tlwx' upset till lwcnlictiri lor thc mitcoim' ul' tlic llcviiimiil iliULll'Il1l711L'l1l ivlziv. il licsc ull'lllAllH'UULl liittn'i's" tlu 1 rw , miiipcml fllftlllgll rlw lirst sr-L-rimml lmirn1iim'nt gniiic with lQgii'i1iila. l lic lh-rllmrl mimic out on top with thc swim' T5--l-l. 'llicn ciiim- thc ulinr-ltr-rl 'lwicr' tlic IRL-illwiuls lizinl luccn wcziliciiccl lmy thc storm wt in inutiun lay tlic xlilflllll Xl ilrl cuts. XX'irlm guunl C01lCllll1L:, licziitx' L-In-L-ring, iiml ii rlr-rmnim-rl spirit tlu' lm N mitpliiyccl the Xllilclciits, rlllic suuim- :it thc L-ml ul' thc liuurtli pwiurl- 7-lim Sxwct Sixteen- lwrc wc cuiiicll "XVc'i'c with Will Imp. wa-'rc with you. U'c'i1' with YHLI lwts. wv'i'c with you. X'l'lu'tlu'i' xuu win, ur ttlicrlwi- you lust: XYv'i'c with vnu lwuxs, xxuix' with wiiill" Hiram Hughes Buddy Ellis Paul Peeler John Stankovitch Gerald Garrett llu wr 1 Chuck Sweelin Ronnie Shryock lorry Carpenter lorry Warren John Wclley Basketball Games - I952-53 XXI- l lm llc ll lun T4 C7l1ristuplu'1' SS 43 l lL'I'I'lll3 66 33 AlllI'l7lly'Sl5Ul'U ZH 47 l lvrrin 36 TT .lllllllSl1ll1 City U4 37 Mmimm 66 30 cl'lTII'LIllLlx 1 62 03 Mnrimnmx 38 30 lgnlllllllxl 34 33 Mt. Vclwmolwx' 60 UU klllllflllx 62 36 l lcrrinbl 64 3 -I Slmrlzl 33 33 llu fklllllll 37 3I4 Allll'I7lll'SlJUl4ll 4 I 66 AlL'll'UlNlllS 31 34 Klt. XlL'l4llUll3 80 34 llcnlmmx' 69 43 cl.ll'l7l7llilLllL' 47 34 l l1lI'l'l5lJlll'g,l SO 3l l lill'l'l3lJllI'g3l 30 80 Cllll'lSlllI7llCl4 48 34? l'lnlm'aulu 49 TS Alulmslulm fitx 39 him clL'llll'Llllilx' H3 T3 llvntmm 64 T3 liqarnglli 44 67 lflginlx 64 34 Alllllllll IH US IR-un-in Llk'IIll llwl TU Bl C'm1ll-l'c11u- Clunws H Suu' ll'ULlI'l12lllll'llI llu' Slllll' llHllI'llllll1K'l1I wcnuxcl Yury nlistgmt wlu'n l1igl1 llving lh-rl llircls Iu'm'vLl to L'x'c'ryulu' Ilu'i1' lliglmt uc In-gran play in our uwn lh-ginml ,lUlll'll4'l'. lllll ing SI7l'IAlI. Ilu- llcuriu clk'llll'.ll gillllt' was tlu' L'lll1L'llCl4 nur umm ul' lligluing lh-Ll lliuls l3l'UlIg-:lll it muclx lm' Cllllllllgt' mul lL'llll1 spirit-llur gnltlumuglm mlcllcnluel ulusvr lwy Illlilllg lumnu' llu' lirst plgum- rrulvlmy, On to 1lL'CUl'Cllllg tu tlu' sccnl' lmualul. wc won tlu' lxiggvsl SL-uimml nt Mnrimm, mul luuosuml lay il mluul stualunt nuvrznl lmttlc an uulm wulml cwr win. rely. Hur lww 3lll'l7l'lM'Kl spm'tsca1slc1's lllltl ll1Il1S zllilw SllAllLllS ull' to nur '33 llcnl lliuls f Ll liglxting In mlaing Klnriun in tlu' llllllll llllllllfL'S ul' tlu- qunu: lk'Lllll mul an fI'L'lllL'IMlllLl1s gusset in our M-lmnnl. Sl.Xll lu' lllllllllg lilgm Ill nur llirst g1llllL', Ilu' ., .,,. lldvlnl1s,l'l l IS lm'xx'4ll1l llrnvs in Im' ll l.1xup sluwt xx lull' In lllllll1llk'S lluul ll-vlr an clllllk'lx SXYL'k'llI1, guul Iullll Slxlllluvvllfll lurrlx un. Q4 Sealed: B. Rauback, R. Patterson, T. Lockman, J. Newton, G. McElwee, P. Slines, R. Cima, D. Griffin, C. Hand, Mr. George Dawson, C. Lyle. Row 21 K. Elom, manager, J. Burlon, R. lubelt, coach. Sophomore Basketball Coach George lubelt's 1953 Sophomore basketball squacl had a verx' successful season this Vear, bv compiling a season recorcl ol' 15 wins anal 5 losses, and tieing for second place in the South Seven junior Con- ference. The squad was possessed with the will to win and many times came from behind to secure victory. JUNIOR BIRDS IVF. VV.F. VV.F. 49 - - Christopher 31 VV.F. VV .F Murphysboro VV .F. VV.F. - Y Johnston City WV.F. VV.F - Centralia VV.F. VV.F - Benton VV.F. VV.F. - Marion VV.F. VV.F Murphysboro VV.F. W.F Mt. Vernon IVF. VV .F Carbondale XV on VV.F I larrisburg Lost 44 '55 42 57 -18 63 61 SO 51 64 15 Eldorado - - Centralia - l lerrin - hlarion Mt. Vernon - llerrin v Du Quoin - - Metropolis - -Benton l larrisburg 36 78 -ll 54 71 55 '5-1 26 56 -18 1918 f VVor1d VVar 1, and Mr. Ebbler cntcrcd thc fXrnw. 1935 - Teacher of Biology, F.C.11.S., after taking his B. A. degree at McKendree College, and additional work at thc Univcrsitv of Illinois, Dedication 1914 - Edward Ebbler, before beginning his teaching career at Frankfort Community High School. This year brings to a close the thirty-two year teaching career of Mr. Edward Ehbler. Students, alumni, and members of the faculty join in dedicating the 1953 Ptedhird to a man who has dedicated a great portion of his life toward the education of boys and girls of F.C.1'1.S. Ulm Bill Brown, business advisor, Doilie Brooks, advertising manager, Don Rice, Winnie Wall und Ronnie Shryock. Red Bird Business Staff Tlw Anmml llusincss Stull is coniposccl ol' Xfvinnic Yvull. lloltic llroolgs, Ronnie Sliryocls, Don llicc, llurolcl IXIQCZIK-Q, amcl llill llmwn als Aclvisor. Tlic following pages arc clcvotccl to illustrutccl uclvcrtising, lcnturf ing Vlicst Fmnkl'0rt business places. VVQ, rin- Stull, lmclicvc tluit tlicsc pages will lic interesting uncl lmclplul. Patronize Red Bird Advertisors With Confidence! 3 Frmzf row: Thorn McAllister, Imokkeeperg G. Trotter, custodizzng Roger Dorris, tellerg Plwllis -lent, clcrkg ,lane Clmmncss, bookf E. C. Akin, vice-presidcntg Leo McDonald, kceperg fxldllflll Lcnok, lvookkeeperg Zociiu izsst. cnsliierg G. R. Lockzlrd, presidentg Jzuncs Sprague, 1700liIlL'CpL"l'Q -lozmnc Killion, secruf E. Vnrgo, asst. cnsliierg ,lane Vogzm, tellerg tary. Buck row: C. Rl. Prcslcv, C!lSlliC1'j John Adu M. Alien, 11551. Cf7Sl1iL'T. THE BANK OF WEST FRANKFCRT Complete Banking Service Since 1940 M151x11zEn OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORA- TION. lXlAX1lXlU1N'l INSURANCE FOR EACH DEPOSITOR SSIODOO. Q 7 Let's Go Out to o Movie Tonight - Standard Insurance Agency "Insure and Be Sure" Fire, Theft, and Windstorm West Frankfort Theatres . Automobile Security Bonds STRAND Phone 166 ROXY Phone 580 GENE BONER - ROGER BONER STATE Phone 399 WEST FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS ST rm TABLE PRIDE BAKERY WALTON RADIO AND TELEVISION EVERYBODY MEETS AT MIKE'S PURE MILK COMPANY H 1 N .XM 1 W - -f , 1 fH 1 """""""'w-'-1-ug--nm. 5 ..h., urge- , .A YW 4 M, wwf W 'w w " x N MAQNW 4 . ,N w PEN-Yu Dkues X, fx Complete Prescrzptlon Servnce RISSI STUDIO P.. V th H fth COCA CCLA BOTTLING COMPANY DU QUOIN ILLINOIS SOUTHERN SPORTS CENTER LANE-CHEVROLET COMPANY As Former Graduates of F.C.H.S., We Sincerely Wish You the Greatest BARGAIN DAY - Every Day at Illinois Brokerage of Success. WATSON .IEWELERS LUTHER BURPO Feed Store 103 H O L L A N D D R U G Your Druggist Since 1917 LI mcoln Completely Powered for Modern Driving and Living Mercury For the Drive and Ride of your Life The Smartest in Style and Performance Jordon Motor Company Your Lincoln-Mercury Dealer ALL MAKES AND MODELS USED CARS Phone 81 501-507 West Main Street Compliments of N E W B E R R Y ' S I I HOWELL Insurance Agency Insurance Plus Service Phone 50 309 East Main Street mf E I Cpl f CLINE WADE Typ CIS yS SI CIS e 444 404 East WEST FRANKFORT ILLINOIS W J P F The Voice of Egypt MUTUAL Read THE DAILY AMERICAN For N of FCI-IS - West Fro kf - E y h C mpl men s of UNION FUNERAL HOME Weaver's Flowers "We Know Them Cause We Grow Them" Compliments to the Class of '53 From OLD BEN COAL CORPORATION Producers of Green Marked Coal Compliments ot C H U R C H I L L Manufacturing Company GALESBURG ILLINOIS "Environment plays a leading role in education" Use ROMP-ON-GYM FINISH TRANS-I-LAC SEALER BINDEX FLOOR SEALER ARM-A-COTE BUFFING WAX ALLADIN SELF-POLISHING WAX Other Quality CHURCHILL Maintenance Materials Sales Representative 2216 Broadway Mr. John E. Lerch Mt. Vernon, lll. Compliments of Doty's Plumbing S Heating Hotpoint Appliances 211 South Main Phone 152 BENTON, ILLINOIS Your Dollar Buys More at D E A N ' S WALGREEN Agency Store SAWICKI Super Market Everything for the Table" Paschedag Music House As Graduates of F.C.H.S,, We Sincerely Wish You the Greatest of Success "The Spirit of Music" Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Simmons Mr, and Mrs. W. L. Simmons MUSIC ACCESSORIES REPAIRSERVICE Stone Funeral I'IOmE Ambulance Service Phone 1313 1100-1102 East Main Street Phone 75 WEST FRANKFORTI ILLINOIS 1201 East Poplar Street JACOBS-LANE Jewelers "Dorff soy hello, Soy JACOBS - LANE JEWELERS Mack's Super Market Compliments of Davis Studio Wedding Pictures Token ot Church, Home, or Studio 709 E. Poplar Phone 697 J. V. Walkers and Sons Quality Clothes for Men and Boys Compliments of C A R P ' S "The Store Where You Con do Better' Egypt Auto Painting Company DEMARETTI AND SON Rosalie Shop For the Best in Womerfs Apparel Columbia Ice Cream IS sold in your Cote-terio 1 Medical Arts Clinic Charles E. Ahlrn, M. D. C. H. Williams, M. D. A. F. Barnett, M. D. L. E. Cowsert, M. D. ,f E l. .,,,. .1 . ,. . f i7 , ik 'Wil ' ' ' gllhegllolgaiving Professional Men Send Compliments to F.C.H.S ff f l . , V . N l . - . i lf N ' , 'O N, fljlsn In . . J " fl ' 4 H '- Physicians t, r E.'w.'BQEkdUll, M..D. . owen H. Toylor, MD 1 J. f. Elljs, M. D. ' ' 5 Adolph amino, M. D. A c X' , l u ' rll J J' l -l X l X Xl Nil YN Rl N. J. McCollum, D. D. S. I, . Guy W. Lambert, D. D. S. t - , . . . E. B. sheehy, D. Ds. ll X, '. M Lloyd Bevord, D. D. S. ds LX D S 'l X J K Optometrists ,Eaton Er Ash Don J. Webb Attorneys Stephen Brondos J. Max Mitchell Leonard Dunn M. J. Hanagan Frank Trobaugh H0 Y Congratulations to the Class of '53 A and P H. P. Allen Electric Co. Ann's Beauty Shop Arsht Shoes B and B Shoe Store Barker Drugs Bartolini Service Garage B.F.J. Furniture Co. Boatright and Son, Barbers Bonifield Bros. Freight Lines Bracy's Bristow's Cities Service E. R. Brown Furniture Co. Burg's Ladies Store Campbell Auto Supply Central Cash and Carry Central Illinois Public Service Coalfield Store Colonial Flowers and Gifts Daugherty Shell Service Clyde Day Insurance Denton Auto Alignment Dimmick Bros. Oldsmobile Harry C. Dixon and Co. D-X Service on East Main Ed's Super IGA Market Elks Cleaners F and F Tin Shop Fabric Shop Fairchild Furniture Co. Fashion Shop Frankfort Insurance Co. Gus J. Gann Insurance Gifford Hardware Glodich Motors and Sales Eddie Griffin Grocery I49 Grill Guill-Nolen Gulf Harris' Children Store Hayes Cleaners Holder Iron and Supply Home Lumber Co. Hoye's Laundry Ideal Overall Laundry Johnson Appliances Karnes and Vene Marathon Se Gib Karnes Battery Service Limerick Finance Corp. Linkan Auto Supply Lockman Standard Tires M and M Printing Manhattan Cafe Manis Cafe Monroe Electric Co. New Era Dairy Andy Page Garage Peak's Tire and Appliances Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Pharis-Eldridge Funeral Home Pickering Flowers Pollock Bros, Reedy Funeral Home Russell Transfer Co. Safeway Cab Co. Sears Catalogue Sales Office Stotlar-Allen Motor Co. Tate The Tailor Tharp's Tomlinson Motors Tomlinson Sales Tom's Toasted Peanuts Treece Supply Walker Funeral Home Weaver Shell Service Williams Recreation W. F. House Furnishings W. F. Ice Company W. F. Lumber Company W. F. News Agency W F R X Yadro Service Yadro Auto Parts rvice gngxavIn?,5 PUBLICATION .' V SION 22? O O S 1 1, Y I INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY, INC. O S EET I Ilmc I955 IIL-nIIvll1I IS zm OXCCIICIII cxgunplc ul IIIC IIIQII LILIIII IIV SCIIOUI LIIIIILIZII XI'lII'Ix l7I'ULIllCUlI IIY IIIL' ICIIL'I'III'L'S5 l5I'UL'CSS. ww Bzrnrd IT'-Ig, I Punting at ,qcdwufumq E nmpang V- ,H X :::::i-Fifi? f 5 . I," .-"' y, '-' :. --'L'--.. . " ,.f I I S, I , 1 .X ' 1,7 Founded an 1847 115 SOUTH ILLINOIS STREET BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS Ijl'IIIIL'I'S UI' lI1L' IILISI III SLIIIIIUI LIIIIILILIIS IIIIIII PCIASIIIIIII scnxicc nncl minute ullcmiun to plans mul nIctniIs. I I I Wy j M a 4 IM I la, WWW WW f ML ff Wgfiwmiwwff r WWW? mf? WBSJLQJ Gfiwwfkfyffm N5 N5 VN , j , Q A: I ,I , . JAM U . 4-A 54 rx. f f M 1 "'N A, ag Va 1 X ,ff ' fel W, 1 111 O Apffff' h. Q ww aa Ig M If Q Q1 WW M My QWX gwwg wmyy?WWW gjf,'f3?,QQfiyf' Wf Mffgffdpyrj Qf5fjfQZW L , Y' , -N 5: f f I N i if !'lH,ff1"L" -ff 5.9! K, L7 ' ' 'Q' MJ' . ' I ' If KJ! A E ' "A 'jj ,f' NA 2 , , F .' 'I-11. Q 6 . if gi ifQ! f ff 'Lf ',VUfW+2M ' , W if ex gb lf S Ula cfIf,,g,W, Ufffv abwiigfa-,,gL27Zlf , '.4 . ' f f W -f , , ,-fvwvof'frvdMw" MM f L:f"J'LfHS5Q -'V6yV0f7J ff I - ' ,ww-1 y ,afmfLff md ' W' W' 'V 4, fa.,,W--,df i,xfMf JWW--f :SX ,fezig . 1 , fe . zillpfb ,5 ,y,J ,fm yy '-'Z "': JW f'7' A fr' 1 I ' xi. ,LYiQwQ" A 541' 'HYYQAV f QW 4 X! ,'Q.f,f7v5-gh, I, ',1'QwA'I X 5: f ff--1-1,25 ,Q ,,-Lt .wi--,.4f f f - FW f fc. aim Mf 'Lf ff ,, A """'L' 'V ff- girl., ' XLKYKLA'-1 W Cf, , N'3'f 'H-Q ' xwig, ff' ff N f6 U a VHINI lkrlijrxx Wx xi WM Pj MM, YU iff Af N 0 3511 wfft N? fw Q 'f mr ,mf ff A M QW JW'

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