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Commencement Exercises Frankfort Community High School CLASS OF 19 4 1 High School Stadium EIGHT O'CLOCK P. M. Thursday. May Twenty-ninth (led W 1 9 4 1 YEARBOOK OF FRANKFORT COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL WEST FRANKFORT. ILLINOIS PuJUiiiied !uf, 7he Se+U i GlaM Peaceful America 2 ★ ★★★★★★Dedication We the Senior Class of 1941 wish to dedicate this volume of the Red Bird to Democracy, for through the beam from the light of Democracy, education has spread to millions of American homes. 3 ★ ★★★★★★Democracy in Action Homecoming..........Profs, at work............... How many points? ................................ Our National Heritage (students voting) ......... ........................................... Ha! Ha! 4 ±___________________ ±_±_______________________± ± J_fj A democracy must have a leaded; a band must have a conductor; and a ship must have a pilot. An experienced, capable executive has led us through our life at F. C. H. S. For years, Mr. Sullivan has advocated the main essential of democracy —that each person should have a voice in his own government. The Student Council, organized this year, is a result of his idea. The students of F. C. H. S. appreciate this opportunity to govern themselves in a democratic way. “Chief Justices of f.C.H.S.” To these men who have labored so untiringly to help to give to the citizens of this community, a fine school, we wish to extend our thanks. Always looking for the things that will benefit our school, students, and surrounding community, they labor with no financial return for their services. Their co-operation in making the laws through which our "Chief Executive" and our "Cabinet" act is appreciated. Back Row; H. B Wilkinson—Secretary Leo McDonald—President Front Row;—Members Arlie Murphy R A Swoilord Luther Burpo ★ 5 ★____★ ★ ★ i"CABINET MEMBERS" Zoe E. Anderson B.S.A S. Lewis Institute Edgar Bain Ed.B. S. I. N. U. Alton C. Beasley Ed.B. S. I. N. U. Charles C. Bourland S. A. Changnon Ed.B. Lake Forest Lee J. Chenoweth B S.. M S. U. ol I. Mildred Cox Ed B. S. I. N. U. Alice Crowell Ed B. S I. N U. R. L. Crowell Ed.B. S I. N. U. Robert Daris Ed B. S. I. N. U. Julia Diven A B. Mo. Wesleyan B.S. Central Mo. S. T. C. R. B. Eadie M S , B.S. U. of I. E. W. Ebbler A B. McKendree Coileae Wayne H. Ely M A.. A B. lnd. State U. Lillian G. Francis Ed B. S I. N. U.'CABINET MEMBERS" Alice Grant M A , BS. U. of I. James Hastie Ed.B. S I. N. U. M A U. of Alabama Carolyn Helming A B Cornell College M A Columbia University Winifred N. Henson Ed B. S I. N. U. Harlan C. Hodges Ed.B S I. N. U Alice Hoye A B McKendree College MA U of Wisconsin Ruby Ice Ed B. S. I. N. U. Marian Kelly A B U. of I. R. L. Krupp Ed B S. I. N. U. MA U. of Michigan H. W. McClintocic Ph B. Shurtleff College M A U. of Kentucky Velma O. Nave Ed B S. I N. U. M A U. of I. Theodore W. Paschedag A M . MM Vandercook School of Music Monica Petrofi Ph B. U. of Chicago M A U. of I. Hal Stone Ed B S. I. N. U. M S U. of Alabama C. E. Summerville B.S. Indiana State U."CABINET MEMBERS” Rose Teague Cafeteria Asst. Larern Tripp Ed B S. I. N. U. Guy E. Tucker B S McKendree College M A Northwestern U. Maxine S. Tucker Vonnie B. Wade H. C. Walston A B lames Millikln U Ph M U of Wisconsin Mauriene Robertson Ed B S. 1. N. U. Walter WeHenstette B S., Industrial Ed. U. o! I. Ruth Teague Morgan School Secretary Grace Wilson AB Colorado S. T. C. Hazel Beale AB Illinois Wesleyan U. B.S., in Library Sci. U. ol I. Theodore Mitchell Head Custodian Albert Renn Custodian G. C. Shaw Custodian Herbert Wieneke CustodianANNUAL STAFF JOURNALISM Mary Pangonis Alumni Miss Velina Nave Co-Sponsor John Micknovics Editor-in-Chief Lee Nestler Asbislant Editor Betty Renn Vocal Music Patty Davi Instrumental Music Robert Treece Alumni Ollie Mae Richards Typist Mrs. Grace Wilson Co-Sponsor Anna McGhee Sr Prophecy Charles Shostrum Basketball PHOTOGRAPHY Mr. Carthal Walston Co-Sponsor Patsy Renn Snapshots Imogene Holland Snapshots Danny Rains Sophomore Editor Shirley Cruse Society Joan Karnes Junior Editor Mary Lou Meagher Soceity Coleen Wilburn Freshman Editor Paul Margelli Basketball Elaine Zwick Senior Editor BUSINESS Mr. Robert Eadie Co-Sponsor Bill Martin Business Mgr. Kenneth Duncan Business Mgr. Richard Thurmond Business Mgr. Charles Drake Business Mgr.Our national Defense Program 10 ★ ★★★★★★★Within an Institution as large as this, we can readily imagine a wide variety of student characteristics. True, in a certain sense, is the fact that one school is a big "Melting Pot". From all of the surrounding schools come the girls and boys who wish to further their learning; girls and boys—all doing their best to get an education for the betterment of their country, their county, and themselves. Our democracy was built on the policy of freedom to all— regardless of his race, class, or creed. Our institution follows the same principle. Be we Scotch or Irish, Catholic or Protestant, rich or poor; we all have the chance of "Melting" our abilities into this school and casting ourselves into "alloys" of better physical, mental, and moral standing.“Senior Se ttlers Like a group of explorers who are about to enter a new country for the purpose of establishing their future homes, the class of '41 enrolled in F. C. H. S. Their explorations being completed in the Freshman year, they engaged in a period of pioneering to develop a firmer foothold in the field of knowledge. As the Junior year approached, they found out that they needed newer outlets; therefore, they began the search for paths that would develop their individual abilities. They discovered some fine dramatic talent in the production of the play "Young April." Having emerged fairly efficient Pathfinders, in their Senior year they set out on definite trails toward their life's work. Included in their activities were the sweater swing, the class play, and the prom, which were sponsored by Miss Grant and Mr. Davis, faculty advisers. The successful journey of this group from explorers to finished settlers must be partially attributed to Samuel Hancock, who was their president throughout the four years, and to the faculty members who served as their sponsors. Senior Play-“This Awful Age" On April 15 the Senior class, under the direction of Miss Alice Grant, presented "This Awful Age", a sparkling comedy in three acts by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements. The story concerns Penny Wood and Chuck Harris, the boy next door, as they go about the frequently difficult, but always amusing, business of growing up. Included in the cast were Ruby Nell Gann, Elmer Price, Bob Sinks, Richard Thermond, Geraldine Fife, Charles Presley, Mary Lee Sisney, Alice Rodden, Jerry Pharis, Cora Jean Abston, Robert White, Mary Lou Holland, and Kenneth Morris. _ ★ ★ ★ ★Senior Class Officers Sam Hancock (President) Bob Sinks (Vice-President) Ed Zukosky (Secretary) Paul Enrietto (Treasurer) "THIS AWFUL AGE" (Senior Play) _____ ____ 13 ★ ★ ★“This Changing World’’ SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Here I am sitting on the capitol. steps gazing thoughtfully at the flag, which is waving gently in the late afternoon breeze. This flag continues to be appreciated more and mere by all Americans. The star representing the state of Illinois stands out most clearly to me because it is my home state. Another reason for its importance is that the President of the United States also comes from Illinois. Samuel Hancock, Student Body President of F. C. H. S„ 1940-41 holds that position. Many years have passed since "Sam " was Student Body President, and the world that should be in a turmoil is quite Deaceful under his guidance. The reason I say "should be in a turmoil" is because the older generation prophesied progress would be'retarded when the government passed into the hands of that so-called "younger generation"; nevertheless, as the young people of our community have taken governmental offices, we find things running quite smoothly. Fixing my eyes on the capitol entrance, I see Elaine Zwick, who is the first woman to have the honor of being Vice-President. Leaving my post, I decide to eyter the White House. Crossing the hall to the elevator, I am greeted by 'none other than James McPhail, who hold - the governmental position of bell-hop in the White House. Stepping r ,ne elevator, I stand face to face with Elsie Mae Sheaffer. I question he jnd find that she has stepped into the shoes of Mrs. Perkins, Secretary ..f Labor. Leaving the elevator, I hurriedly walk down the hall. As I approach a large room, I am annoyed by the rumbling .of people’s voices. Upon investigating, I find that the Supreme Court Judges are having a round table discussion as to whether our country should have more night clubs. The members in favor of the proposition are Zon Connett, J. W. Clemm, Harold Freemen and Otto Lenich; those opposed are Mary Boggia, John Ryal, Bob Sinks, Mary Lou Holland, and Rollie Sims. Having made my exit unseen by the group, I stroll into the Blue Room to find peace and quiet. To pass the time away I pick up a paper left behind by Robert McNeely, Secretary of the Treasury. He had been deep in thought and did not recognize me as an old classmate. I am amazed when I see the old familiar heading, "Red Bird Notes," staring me in the face. Eagerly I glance from page to page. I am greatly pleased to see that several of my former classmates are running the affairs in my home town, West Frankfort. John Michnovicz has secured the position as Mayor, due to his great ability in leadership. West Frankfort has become a city of great wealth. Close at hand to assist him in any governmental affairs are the town's best business men; Charles Deering, manager of the Deering Drug; Bob Burg, manager of the Burg Clothing Store; and Paul Enrietta, assistant manager of the old-hang out, "Mikes”. Laying the paper aside, I rise slowly and as I leave the room, my thoughts are filled with memories of my old classmates. A smile creeps across my face as I think how well our president has put the Spoils System into effect, since so many of his former classmates hold governmental offices. As I descend the stairs, the memories of my classmates gradually fade from my mind. With the last rays of the sunlight, I watch the flag waving in the evening breeze, and I am thankful that it still waves "over the land of the free and the home of the brave.” 14SENIOR SETTLERS Cora loan Abston “Pll sing you a song ' Clyde Allen Acord "I'd walk a mile for a girl." Beverley Albert "I'll fix the rattles in your Ford." loan Alexander Stient. simple, sweet " Cordon Allen "The devil is a gentleman." Luther Antolini ‘ The life of any party " lohn Arvai Small, but mighty." )ohn Arview Patty-cake, patty-cake. baker's man." Warren Bailey “He knows someth i n g shocking-Electricity." Lillian Barrett "Silence is golden." Louise Ben- ett "Friendly countenance to gaze upon." Mary Boggia "litter, jitter, little bug." Charles Bolen Tweet, tweet, tweet on your piccolo." Daisy Boozer As pleastng as a daisy in the spring." Floyd Borelc He dances across the floor with the greatest of ease." Mildred Bowyer "The proud possessor of the skin you love to touch'." Annie Bosic "To know her is to like her." Maurice Bristow Listen to the ’Mocky-ing' bird." lack Buerkle "Pasteur and I." Bvnnie Bullington Broncho-buster, Donkey duster." ★ ★★★★★★★SENIOR SETTLERS Bob Burg "Girls, girls, girls, and more girls." Salvatore Carbonari 'Tvo joined the navy to see the sea." Eugene Clark "People should make much of me, because good men are scarce!" Ruth Clark "The meek shall inherit the earth." J. W. Clem "I like women—at a distance." Xon Connett "Born with a giftof horse laughter." Vana Cook "The world could never do without ‘cooks'." Margaret Covert "Once you have her friendship, you have pure gold." Dan Cox "Pugnacious, pugilistic, prizefighter Hubert Darnell "Don't rush through life The next one may be worse." lohn Darnell "The bell never rings for me " Charles Deering "Better late than never." Erma Denny "Cooking 'hash' becomes an art." Freda Dillen Modest, sincere, and sweet—a girl you'd like to meet." Betty Lou Ditterline With a song in my heart." Charles Drake "We loved, we quar-r e 1 e d , we love again." Kenneth Duncan "The world's no better it you worry; life's no better if you hurry." Russell Duncan "Faithful t o the Daily American." Conrad Engram "How about more sleep in this institution " Paul Enrietto "He's our ’center' of attraction."SENIOR SETTLERS Jud Epporheimor What is so rare as a day with June?" Lorene Essary 'An open - hearted maiden, true and pure." Yvonne Evans She'll hit the high notes ." Emma Ferrari Faithful she is in •very way, alwa s the same day after day" Geraldine File A pretty girl is like a melody." George Filkins "If I had a million, dollars, I'd buy my education and save time,” Barbara Fitsgerald "Is she talking yet or again?" I. G. Fullman "Drive slowly, you may meet a fool." Irene Furies "Speed in her finger tips." Gloria Galli Morning. Glory." Eula Mae Gambill A cook is one of the most important needs in the world." Ruby Nell Gann "Gann, with the wind." Sylvia Gicabozi With a smile that won't come off." Gene Gill Sometimes he sits and thinks, but mostly he sits." Josephine Gore A cheerful pal, a friend to all." Verla Mae Gossage Never says more than necessary." Claude Gower "Fill ’er upl" Virgil Gray The boy speaker of F C. H S " Vivian Green In her dark eyes, splendor loves to dwell " Mary Greenwood Gabriel, blow your horn 'SENIOR SETTLERS John Grosco "Someday, I'll be as strong as Hercules." Maxine Grubbs "Eat. drink wator. and be merry I ' Myrtle Hammers "She shall have Duncan wher-ever she goes." Samuel Hancock "He profits most, who serves best." Betty fune Harper "Dolcy - doe, swing your pardner. 'round we go." luanita Harper "The object of Stodghill's affection.'' Imogene Hayes "Good n a t u r e d , friendly, what else could one want?" Neva Hayes "How wise one must be to always be kindl" Ruth Hayes "Happy as the day is long " Kenneth Hedges "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." fewell Dee Henley "My love is Red' haired I" Dorothy Hester "Her friends are many, her foes are few." Betty Fern Henson Always out for a good time." Gladys Hicks "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Gene Hill "He shall have music in his pocket, wherever he goes." lohn Hill "I don't talk much, maybe I think more." Evelyn Hoebbel "Are you having any fun?" Evelyn Hogstrom As fair as a clear day in May." Imogene Holland ’ Piping with pep." Mary Lou Holland "Swing it sister." ★★★★★★★★SENIOR SETTLERS Letha Jo Horrell "Don't disturb, she might be thinking." Earl Horsley I came. I saw, but everything was already conquered " Robert Hutchcrait 'My kingdom tor curly hau." Betty Isaacs 1 am your inquiring reporter.' Geraldine Isaacs I'd give my left lor a double-bubble." William Keaster He will be the power behind the wings " Mary Ellen Kinison She walks a goddess, she moves a queen " Maxine Kneemyer Such beautiful black hair is hard to find any whore " Dinah Krmpatich Dinah, is there anyone finah?" Geraldine Laswell “5 feet 2. eyes of blue " Otto Lenich ‘ Quiet but a true friend." Rudolph Lenich Rudy, Rudy, he's been thinking " Tony Levanli Live while you can. for death is quite permanent." Tommy Lingle "So great a man is always willing to be little Alice Link My lover lies over the ocean." Charles Lintner "Just call me Killer." Blanche Lucas She lives in contentment." Ann Lynch Zealous, yet modest ,r Pat Lyons "He once resolved to study, but didn't." Theresa McCray "Invitation to the dance "SENIOR SETTLERS Marsolie McFadin "Beauty more than skin deep." Ann McGhee A modest maiden and a fine worker " William McKee "Judge not a man's knowledge by his sire." James Robert McNeely "Someday, I shall be heard." James McPhail "Just a wee. bit o Scotch." Josephine Makan "Come Josephine in your flying machine." Walter Maki "Such joy ambition finds." Freda Marks “So lair in appearance and actions." Virginia Martin Martin now, but for how long?" Hurby Maze We have no fear that he will die from overwork." Edith Medenica She's everybody’s friend that will be her friend." John Michnovicz Squeeze your box. Senor." Glenn Mick "Don’t argue, he's muscle bound." Justina Miskowsky "Personality plus." Raymond Mitchell "His favorite occupation—rest." Virginia Mitchell "Such a small girl to be efficient." Eugene Moore "A future Benny Goodman." Sarah Ellen Moore "She bubbles over with energy." Kenneth Morris "They usually think, if they don't speak." Paul Morris "Ambition knows no rest."SENIOR SETTLERS John Mutchek "Ho knows more about wireless." Beulah Odum •'It's 12:30 girls, clear the locker Beulah Owsley "Just a friendly owe." John Polic A loyal, just, upright. gentleman ’ Mary Pangonis "She s willing to work with brain and pen " Wilma Patchett "Patch up your trouble ana smiie." Mary Ann Peek Music hath charms to soothe a savage " Charlotte Hall PeHer “Call me Mrs. I've got my man " Quentin Pinkham ’ Whistle while you work." William Pittman There are wings on his feet and curls in his hair.’ Betty Plantec "Lovely to look at, delightful to know." Ruby Poulos "She gabs about with ease Charles Presley "Presley and Price, two, but inseparable." Glendine Purcell “She’s her papa's pride and joy, even though she's not a boy " Arthur Ragan “The joy of life is living it." Lyndell Render "Why hurry — there will be time after I’m dead." Helen Renn A friendly heart that has many friends." OUie Mae Richards '"Twinkle Twinkle goes her eye, who w e wonder is the guy?" Charles Riva "I am a lover, but have not yet found anyone to love." Alice Rodden "The way to a man's heart is through the kitchen " ★ ★★★★★★★SENIOR SETTLERS Bernard Rodden Hja wants are few." Clara Rose “Rose will rise t o great heights." John Russell "He kids them all, but loves none o i them." John Ryal "Professor to you." Joan Schumm ' Gee' 1 wish I didn't have stage fright." Juanita Shaw "PshawI let's dance this one out." Elsie Mae Sheaffer A hearty laugh, a cheery smile. Yes, she's merry all the while." Jack Shearer "Clothes make the man." Evelyn Shoemaker “She always has a good word for the worst of us." Harry Sileven Why study? It gives you more to forget ' Kathryn Simmons "Seen, but seldom heard." Inez Simpson "Sincere at all times." Robert Sinks "Thore is only one proof of ability — action!" Mary Lee Sisney "Lee seems to be her favorite man." John Skuta "I like a man who faces what he must " Robert Smith "One hour sleep before midnight is worth three after." Victor Smodilla "What's behind the shyness in his eyes?" Arletha Specker "Quiet and unassuming." John Spontak ‘ Woman-killer." Sylvia Stanes "Stains cannot be blotted out." ★ ★★★★★★★SENIOR SETTLERS Clarence Stodghill "To love is still to have." John Sullivan Be silent and safe— silence seldom betrays you." Bobby Jack Tabor Why work? You'll only become tired." Evelyn Tarn Another Florence Nightengale in (he making." Pete Todeski His smile seems to capture the ladies." Joseph Testa Hagtime's cowboy Joe." Richard Thermond "Aladdin had his lamp and I have my curls.” J. E. Threewitt 1 Study is a dreary thing, so I don’t do It." Jacklyn Tipton A little bit of sunshine." Joseph Tomblin "Teachers' pet? ? " Robert Treece "Some day I'll give the girls a break." Virginia Uhls "A sweet girl with golden hair." Margaret Varis My crop's all planted, now I can go to the city." Clyde Vineyard "A fine fellow, can we say more?" Betty Ward A merry heart is hotter than gold." Bill Wazarick "I'm a man of few words — Scatter women " Geraldine Weaver Has anybody here seen Kelley?" Byford Webster Work to do and strength enough to do it." James Wells "It ambition is all that is necessary, he will be great." Jane Wharry "Just mako it Early and I'll be there." ★ ★★★★★★★SENIOR SETTLERS Betty Louise White "A soft spoken, sweet tempered mat-den." Cecil White "Self trust is the first secret of success." Robert White "Bob-white, whatcha gonna do tonight?" Versa Williams "I like to work, but say! 1 prefer to laugh." Wanda Wilson A charming Miss, oh that's right, it's Mrs now." Carol Winn A lass who Carols all day long." Ruth Ann Wise Her hair is not more sunny than her heart." Mary Margaret Wolfe All we need is a little more time." John Woods "House of David, here I come." Emily Wysup She tickles the typing keys." John Zupko Heaven bless the man who invented sleep " Elaine Zwick Goodness! wits sharper than steel." Frank Charnak We got more than a quarterback' to see him perform." 24Hems and Views Campus Views Presley and Price—inseparable.............. Peek-a-boo.........................two to one one to two........................... Good morning to you. 25 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★“Pathfinders” JUNIORS "Elevators only go to the fifth floor of the school building," a tall, dark, and handsome Senior told us the first day of our Freshman term. Of course, we knew he was joking and soon we told this to others. Our Sophomore Path was even more inviting and offered so many advantages. As in our first we elected responsible officers and sponsors. The girls who represented us in the Homecoming activities were very attractive as in the former year. The obstacles which we face this third year are not so puzzling as before. Our officers are all able leaders. If, at anytime, troubles arise at class meetings, Mrs. Henson and Mr. Crowell are willing to advise us. Betty Turner and Geraldine Fife were elected as attendants to the Homecoming Queen this fall. Neva Woolard is cheerleader again as she has been in the past two years. In the paths of scholarship and athletics we have always been well represented. Members of our class participate in almost every school activity. Next year we shall all find our pot of gold at the end of the trail. The path of our Senior year offers even greater horizons to be conquered. “What a Life” JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "Henry Aldrich, Mr. Bradley wants you in the office again." "What have I done now?" Poor Henry is always being called to the office for one thing or another. It seems he causes disturbances in class, copies from George Biglow, and even pawns the brass section of the band. With the help of Mr. Nelson and Miss Shay, Henry is finally cleared of the fheft. Barbara Pearson, Henry’s best girl, promises to go to the dance with him instead of George. This makes Henry very happy until his mother tells him he will not be allowed to take Barbara unless he rates the highest on a Roman History Exam. Mr. Nelson and Miss Shay have a romance while the rest of the cast furnishes the comedy. The play was directed by Miss Alice Hoye. The cast included: Bill Martin, Maurine Jones, Marilyn Miller, Neva Woolard, Bob Minton, Harold Eldridge, Clarence Freeman, Evelyn Burpo, Jane Dean Swofford, Virginia Wilkinson, Bob Donahue, Hugh Dale Clifford, Bob Horrell, Mary Henderson, Joan Karnes, and Paul Margelli. 26 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Darrell Wearmouth (Treasurer) Bob Donahue (President) George Iubelt (Vice-President) Ernestine Cox (Secretary) WHAT A LIFE" (Junior Play) ★ ★ 27 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★JUNIOR PATHFINDERS John Thomas Anderson Emma Antoline James Avery Thomas Barnard Vivian Barnett Velia Bortolotti Dorothy Barty Frank Bataitus Ervie Beers Arthur Benedetti Teddy Bernhard Lawana Book Yolanda Borelli Pauline Burba Evelyn Burpo Pauline Callahan Patricia Carrol Aileen Chamness Maxine Chance Betty Clancy Mary Jano Childers Bernadean Clayton Dwight Clark Amelia CorniaJUNIOR PATHFINDERS Ernestine Cox Lucille Cross Mona Deason Hervie Dillingham Bob Donahue Betty Dorris Bobby Dorris Ruth Ann Doty Ruth Edison Carl Edmonds Harold Eldridge Norma Jane Eldridge Martha Fickas Eva Fae Fitzgerald Helen Foder Clarence Freeman Margaret Fris R. T. Fulks John Gaddis Hugh Dale Gilford Gene Glenn lohn Gouse Bettye Jay Guier Charles HarperJUNIOR PATHFINDERS Charles Hartley Bill Harvey Dorothy Hawkins Edith Nell Hayes Mary Henderson }ulia Henson Lorine Hicks Ted Hicks Eugene Hindman Mary Hiscox Don Holder Maurice Holland Marietta Holloway Bobby Horrel Mary Lou Hudgens Corine Hudson Mary Louise Hughes Reba Hughes Wilma Hutton George Iubelt Pete Jackanicz Mona James Fred Jemison Betty Lee JohnsonJUNIOR PATHFINDERS Maurim lonei Joan J.'arnoi Gortrude Karrol Matt King Mary Lou Koonce Francos Lango Charles Lonzini Christine Livesy Charles Luther Margaret Lynch Opal Lyons Rosemary McCloskey Josephine McGhee Mary Virginia McGhee Shirley McLain Dayton McReaken Oralene McReaken Paul Margelli Bill Martin Paul Martin Ruby Matthews J. T. Merrow Marilyn Miller Mary MillikanJUNIOR PATHFINDERS Berneice Mings Bob Minton Harry Mitchell Bill Moore Jane Moore Charles Mosely Pansy Jo Moss Eloise Munsoll Dorothy Nelson Lee Nestler Wilbur Nicklevich Louise Odle Evelyn O'Neil Emaline Page John Parkhurst Rosellen PeHer Willie Lois Perkins Robert Phillipart George Quayle Elsie Radzunas Guy Ramsey Thomas Ransom Bob Rawson Hugh ReddenJUNIOR PATHFINDERS Betty Rcnn Patsy Rcnn Eva Mas Ronnie Kathryn Roberts Bsnnis Roe Ruth Roe Garldino Rose Imogen© Russell Helen Rymsza Patricia Sadnovich Angelina Sala Isabelle Sankus Modean School Bill Short Margaret Short Dolph Simpson Walter Sisky Helen Slepcevich Conan Smith Marie Smith Celina Southerland Randall Stewart Walter Stone Mary Belle Sumner juiuiun i-jumiuuLiu Billy Supanic Keith Swearingen Paul Swearingen Jane Dean SwoHord Anna Lee Taylor Eldo Taylor Clarence TefJt Vernon Tennant Edith Thompson Bill Tipton Lois Tuley Eugene Turner Louise Vineyard Jewell Walls Velma Walls Nina Ward Darrel Wearmouth Betty Weaver La Donne Weaver Joan Webb Gladys White Virginia Wilkinson Imogens Will Marcella WillardJUNIOR PATHFINDERS ). B. Willmore Alice Wolfe Neva Woolard John Yosinkus Junior Autographs Personality Page Often seen . . . Prof. Crowell . . . We all love it . . . Hi-Y Christmas March . . . Office girl .... The Nav—y . . . Espanoles .... Her Majesty and Court . . . Inquisitive ... At Horseshoe Lake ... A donde van, Senores? . . . Three little maidens . . . Benton game . . . Short and sweet . . . Warriors ... In front of Mikes . . . Birds of a feather . . . Cardinal and grey . . . Bargain hour .... Tall, dark, handsome . . . G-E-T .... Secretary . . . Robed in White . . . What headgear! . . . Senior class way back when? . . . Even Ruth, like this! . . . "Sea gull" . . . Alma Mater .... trophy . . . Must be spring . . . Modern armor . . . Hide your feet! . . . Blitzkriegers . . . Where's Hervie? . . . Charley and Johnny .... Senora . . . Janie, who's the man? k______________★_______________★_________________★______________★_______________★_______________★_______________★p I 0 n £ £ fi S Kenneth Simpson (President) Max Morris (Vice-President) John Moake (Secretary-T reasurer) Sophomores We, the Pioneers, have finished another year in the field of knowledge. We have blazed the trail and left upon it the footprints of many of our talented members. On the gridiron and the hardwood, we were represented by Charles Shostrom, Kenneth Simpson, and fay Shelton. The air waves vibrated with the voice of Elma Lois Millikan, the saxophone of Jean Barker, and the flute of Lee Margaret Trobaugh. At the Homecoming activities, Margaret Patterson and Betty Fife represented us. Miss Cox and Mr. McClintock were chosen as sponsors. ★ ★ 37 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ♦Pioneers a p V . .«? P © ©' f 'JSQifr a Row 1. Benny Abbott, Leon Aiken. Carl Alverson, Betty Anderson, Jean Anderson. Roberta Armstrong. Wilma Arnett. Val Arnold, Anna Arvai, Betty Austin. Row 2. Evelyn Bailey. Leo Baker, Jean Barker, Mary Barker. John Barnard. Wanda Barnett. Paul Bartolotti, Anna Barton. Ruth Beers, John Bellas Row 3. Ileene Beltz, Ruby Boyer. Bill Britton. Elsie Brown, June Brown, Ray Bryant, Imo-gene Cable, Donald Calhoun. Ray Carpenter, Earl Carr. Row 4. Vivian Carr, Gerald Carter, George Caselton. Albert Chaiventone, Charles Christian. Jennie Cima, Paul Clark. Blodwen Coleman, Jimmie Contri, George Cotter. Row 5. Elsie Covert, Ernie Cox, Mavis Coyle, Doris Crabtree, J. H Craig, Jo Ellen Crain. Robert Creek, Shirley Cruse, Eileen Culbertson, Florence Cullen. Row 6. Louise Cunningham. Ruby Cunningham, Bernice Daunis, Johnnie Davis, Viola Davis, Joe Diadus, Charles Donahue, Patty Davis, Mildred Dorris. Freddie Dotson. Row 7. Johnnie Dulumbach, Charles Durham. Dave Durham, Betty Jo Dynis. Lorene Eaton, Willadean Elkins, Wilma Essary, Burl Etters. Mary Evans. Matthew Evans. 38Pioneers Row 1. Betty Fife, Carmen Fife, Leslie Finn, Maurice Fitzgerald, Ira Flood, Jack Fritts, Madelyn Gaddis. Ruth Gibson. Delores Gicabozi, Dolan Ginger. Row 2. Roy Glenn, J. L. Goddard. Juanita Gouse, Betty Gray. Cecil Gray. Pete Gregonis, Arthur Grimmet, George Grosco, Bessie Groves, Betty Halfacre. Row 3. Chester Hamilton, Harvey Hammers, Archie Hand, Bonnie Hand. Norma Hand, Robert Harkins. Edward Harper, Marion Harper, Bill Harris, James Harris. Row 4. Pauline Harrum, Anna Hart, Pat Hart, Sam Hayes, Glenn Hicks, Junior Hill, Lester Hill, Lillian Hiscox, Eugene Holland. Margaret Homan Row 5. Wilma Hopper. Nolalee Horseley, Barbara Howard. Victor Hubbard. Eula Hughes. Ona Huth, Bessie Ice. Glendean Isaacs, Mary Jacaway. Anna Jakuboski. Row 6. Teddy Jaracz, Betty Jenkins, Jesse lenkins, Bertis Jones, Betty Jones, Bill Jones, Patty Jones, Thomas Julian, Betty Kelly. Bill Kelly. Row 7. Louis Kellin, Robert Kennedy, Stanley Kesler. Jack Killion, Earl Kirk, Maxine Kirk, Bob Knofski, Harry Koonce, Jack Kopetz, Dorothy Krah. 39 ±__________________±_________________±_________________±__________________ _________________±_________________±Pioneers Row 1. John Krmpatich, Kay Lacy, Eugene Lambert, Richard Lang. Jack Large, Cleo Larkin, Betty Lasak, Lawanda Lawrence, Earl Lee. Dale Lemon. Row 2. Enis Lenzini, Ethel Lewis, Gloria Lewis. Charles Little, Garfield Logan, James tonghran, Thomas Lyons, James McCann, Mary Frances McCann, Carolyn McCarnes. Row 3. Fred McChesney. Clarence McClatchey. Lucille McDonald, Harold McGhee. Lily McLain, Charles McManus, Lois Martin. Margaret Masse. Bernard Mayer. Row 4. Betty Mayhew, Velma Mikelaski, Elma Millikan, June Miskelly, Bob Mitchell, Loren Mitchell. John Moake, Howard Modglin, Betty Munroe, Seth Moore. Row 5. Tommy Moore. Edward Morgan, Max Morris, Harold Mosely, Paul Moseley, Wayne Muir, Norma Munsell, Heloise Myers, Carmelina Nanni, James Neal. Row 6. Stanley Neal, James Nees, Amy Nestler. Bill Nix, Loudene Odle, Leon Parks. Clifford Parrish, Margaret Patterson, Richard Peacock, Peggy Peavler. Row 7. A1 Penman, Bill Phelps. Leon Pickens, De Loris Pickey Bill Plumlee, Vera Poole, Carl Presswood, Henry Przykopanski, Edith Rainey, Danny Rains. 40Pioneers Row 1. Charlie Ranka. Patty Ranka, Ejfie Reach, Jack Reak. Wanda Reed, Gaynelle Reid, Elmer Reynolds, Walter Reynolds. Asa Risner, Robert Ritchason. Row 2. Bill Roberts, Kent Rotramel, John Thomas Rowles. Ruth Rumsey, Ed Russell, Jean Russell, Frank Sakonyi, Bill Sanders. Bob Scarlett. Joseph Scobby. Row 3. Albert Seagle, Francis Seagle, Mary Sedlir. Hettie Shaw, Donald Sheffler, Maxine Sheffler, Jay Shelton, Charles Shostrom, Gerald Shyrock, Imogene Sileven. Row 4. Christine Sims, Wanda Sims, Kenneth Simpson, Dorothy Skuta, James Smith, Carl Smothers, Virgil Stagner, Lorraine Stefan, Harmon Steyer, Evelyn Stipes Row 5. Joseph Straka, Gene Sullenger, Jimmie Sullivan. Joe Summers. Helen Svinkunas Ruth Taylor, Carl Testa, Floyd Thomas. Helen Thomas. Pearl Thompson. Row 6. Helen Threewitt, Irvin Threewitt, Lee Margaret Trobaugh. Ruth Tucker, Rupert Trumble, Jean Tweedy, Melva Utley. Huston Vineyard, Alfred Wade, Isabelle Warren Row 7. Junior Watson, Alice Weaver. Mary Jo Weaver, Paul Weaver, Leon Wilburn, Bonnie Wilmore. Maurice Whirlow, Wayne Wolford, Frank Wysup, Roy Young. 41Row 1. Helen Zukosky, Madge Kerr, Paul Neal, Jesse Taylor, Earl Grissom, Kenneth Simpson. Illerry mix-up Going some place . . . Disgusted! . . . Oh, Romeo . . . Sheik . . . Winter s beauty ... 15 for the team! . . . Our genius . . . Leap frog . . . Tyrone Power . . . Aren't you jealous, Vick? . . . Two tired . . . Smile for maidens . . . Take my picture . . . Girls! your skirts! . . . Four is a crowd . . . Smile . . . Ha, ha, ha ... A man of might ... In disguise . . . Posing Fans . . . Let's eat . . . Don t be bashful . . . Girls! . . . Two's a couple . . . The snows came . . . Don't push the post over . . . Careful! . . . Camera shy . . . Dean and donkey ... El Senior ... A fair maiden . . . Why Omar, you're married! .... Coach . . . Still! 1, 2, 3 ... . Two years ago . . . "Mae West" . . . Let's go . . . "Gee ametry!" . . . Working hard . . . Don't be selfish, Imogene . . . "Archie Bald" . . . Mr. President . . . "Ain't they sweet?" . . . Squeeze box . . . Two more.Joe Hughes (President) Leon Wach (Vice-President) Cecil Summers ( Secretary-Treasurer) freshmen In the past four years the Freshman class has been referred to as "greenies", but this year we shall refer to them as "Explorers," because they are beginning their four years of high school work. The people's choice for leadership during the first year was Joe Hughes and for sponsorship, Miss Alice Hoye and Coach S. A Chcmgnon. As Freshmen, they have been quite active. Approximately fifty boys tried out for football and forty, for basketball. Two Freshmen girls, chosen for personality, represented the class in the Homecoming celebration. Teachers of Freshman classes have commented upon the efficiency and initiative with which the Freshmen have "explored" their school work and extra-curricular activities. Now they are looking forward to their second year with greater enthusiasm. 43 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Explorers Row 1. Kenneth Alexander, Bob Allen, Lillian Anglin, Louie Antoline, John Arnold, Carroll Arview, Carmen Ashby. J. D. Ashby. Wayne Austin, Charles Avery. Row 2. Paul Barrett, Wilburn Barty, Betty Bernhardt Ted Bidwell, Billy Bishop, Roseann Bluyus, Jack Boyd, Alice Bayer, Lois Britton, Vernette Brotherton. Row 3. Billy Bruce. James Bruce, Stanley Bryant. Maryetta Bufford, Billy Burke, Charles Burrell. Charles Butta, Bob Byrne, Louise Cabaness. Ernest Calvert. Row 4. Brian Carroll, Anna Campbell. Andrew Carpenter, Catherine Chompko. Catherine Cima, James Clark, Margaret Claxton, Wilma Clemons. Dwight Cook, Elsie Cornelli. Row 5. Eileen Covilli. Muriel Cramer, Charles Crowell, Billy Culpepper, Roy Culpepper, Walter Chance, Jackie Cunningham, Andrew Cunningham, Jimmie Daily, Alvin Davis. Row 6. Patty Davis, Virginia Davis. Raymond Darnell, Walter Denton, J. D. Dillion, Betty Douvan, Bob Dugger, Charles Fidora, Evelyn Fleck, Robert Fleck Row 7. Nadine Fokum. Eugene Frazier. Earl Garvin, Betty George, Jack Gibbons. Joyce Gilbrath, Ralph Giles. Virginia Gray, Betty Gore. Hugh Gostnell. 44 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★_____________________________________________________________________________★ ★Explorers Row 1. J. L. Haff, Rose Haloski, Betty Hampton, Eugene Harkins, Violet Harper. Robert Hays. J. D. Hazel, Juanita Heisner, Raymond Herrell, Bill Horrell. Row 2. Margaret Dean Herrin, Vivian Herring, Ellis Herring, Easter Hesler, Loretta Holder, Betty Holloman, Beth Howell. Joe Hughes, Juanita Humphreys. Robert Ice. Row 3. Manuel Jackson, Daisy James, Helen Jaracz, Margaret Johnson, Kenneth Jordon, Gene Kaiser, Joan Karnes, Henry Karroll, Alvin King, Silvia Kathalynas. Row 4. June Kelly, Betty Knight, Anna Krumptich, William Lang. Dorothy Lawerance, Teddy Lawerance, Vivian Lawerance, Jackie Leaman, Billy Leasor. Mary Levanti. Row 5. William Lenich, Jane Ann Little, Marion Little. Betty Lockman, Dorothy Lohmier, Heinz Manchura, Bernard McDaniels, Mildred McDonald, Mary Kay McGinty, Sammy McPhail. Row 6. Lee Maddox, Richard Maddox, Jack Manion, Catherine Magalini, Paul Mettalic, Billy Maize, Mary Meagher, Billie Jo Medlin, Delores Melvin. Muriel Metcalf, Carl Mezo, Wayne Mick, Patsy Miller. Naomi Minor, Charles Minton, John Mitnick, Opal Moore, Kenneth Morris, Vernon Morris, Mavis Mosely. 45Explorers Row 1. Paul Murray. Wilma Neible, Lucille Neible, Bill Nevious, Robert Newton, Clifford Norman, Clifford Odum, Annabelle Oliver. Martha Orvick, Louis Otterson. Row 2. Sarah Otterson, Helen Palmer, Jack Palmer, Beatrice Paschedag. Byford Peirce, Willie Penovich. Charles Philipart. Virginia Petratoni, Jack Pollack. Row 3. George Pollack, Richard Poole. John Price, John Pryzosick, Frank Punchard, Lou-dene Quarries. Shirley Racine, Barbara Ragen, Billy Ramsey. Ray Readhead. Row 4. Harold Reed, John Ribarchick, Leon Risner, Catherine Roberts. Bud Roby, Howard Roe. Buddy Rogers. Virginia Roper, Betty Pearle Russel, Louise Russel. Row 5. Marion Sadnavich, Johnny Sikonyi, Carl Sanders, Gene Sanders, Junior Sanders, Edward Scoby, Wanda Sears, Ethelyn Shoemaker, Alice Simonds, Jr. Simonds. Row 6. Ester Simpson, Gene Simpson, Laura Sisney. Melvin Slayton, Inez Smith, Charles Smith, Kenneth Smith, Jean Snider, June Snoddy. Dwain Stagner Row 7. Eula Stewart. Pat Stocton, La Vera Storey, Bobbie Sullivan, Gene Summers, Cecil Summers, Blanche Summers. Everett Summers, Mary Sweet, Louise Syers. 46 ★ ★★★★★Explorers Row 1. Eddy Techorus, Lily Mae Tennant, Anna Thomas, Veta Mae Thompson, Billy Todd, Para Lee Toms, Billy Trout. Eva Lee Uhls, Sylvia Vaughn. Billie Venters. Row 2. Jane Vogan, Alice Vravick, Dorothy Vukmire, Leon Wach, Betty Ward. Ruth Ward. John Weiman, Lorene Wells, Betty Westray, Mary White. Row 3. Bob White. James Wicker. Colleen Wilburn, Charles Williams, Audrey Wilmore. Dean Wolfe, Dean Woods. Clarence Wyatt. I-ouis Youchoff, Carl Young. Row 4. Merton Freeman. Peter Doyle, Robert Edison, Robert Hill, A. J Fulton, Jerry Holland, Bob Dillion. freshmen Autographs ★ ★ ★ 47 ★ ★ ★ _Here and There Four gigglers . . . Footlights and Mike . . . Deep in a dream . . . Grime and dirt . . . Big boy . . . Say, ah ... As we remember her . . . Ready to buzz in the bus . . . O, sole, mio . . . Side door . . . Snooper . . . We three . . . Superman . . . Ain't talkin' . . . Tomboy . . . The heads have it . . . Keep smilin', Betty . . . Ben places . . . She can't stop me from dreamin' . . . Goodness! Hervie! . . . Long may she wave! . . . Radio man . . . "Guess who" . . . Pretty cooks! ... Is love a crime? ... Our Gang ... Hard at work ... Fall in . . . Long John . . . Fresh guy . . . Hands of skill . . . Your turn, photographers . . . Work the drill, Jessie . . . The winner . . . Transportation . . . Filler up . . . The west side . . . Studying, Otto? . . . Gals and Pals . . . Thinking . . . Track meet . . . Pigskin . . . Serious . . . Three Mon- keys . . . Gaucho . . . 48“The Peoples’ Choice” "I have a few announcements first, and then we will have the program." These are the words you would probably hear if you were in the auditorium on an assembly day. Selected as the students' choice, Samuel Hancock has performed his task well. Sammy, as we know him, is President of the Senior class, sports editor on the Red Bird Notes' staff, and a very ardent sports fan. We may readily remember his weekly feature column, "The Box Seat," by the prevailing "big words," and the interesting way in which the article was written. His journalistic ability has awarded him membership in the Quill and Scroll society. Because he has shown great diligence in the classroom, he was elected into the National Honor Society. Being the tenth to serve his school in this office, he has proved to be an able leader. Sam, always courteous and friendly, is well liked by the students and teachers. ★ 49 ★ ★ ★Who will be queen? ? ? 1 1 1 The Homecoming Committee really featured suspense this year. The Student Body of our democratic F. C. H. S., even though it had elected one of the three high ranking girls as queen, did not know who the honored choice was until 9:30 o'clock that very evening. Which of these three girls would be queen? ? 1 1 This was the question in everyone's mind as the suspense was ended and beautiful Mary Ellen Kinison, escorted by the football captain, walked down the aisle. They proceeded to the throne where she was crowned 1940 Football Queen amidst thunderous applause. She was attractively dressed in a white taffeta formal, that together with her fair complexion, made a striking picture. Her royal accessories consisted of a lovely white satin train covered with lace and innerlined with pink satin. Nestling in her black curls was the sparkling crown of royalty. 50 + + + + + + + +“Our first Lady and Her Socialites” An air of expectancy filled the F. C. H. S. auditorium as the annual homecoming crowd relized the climax of the evening was about to take place. All eyes were turned toward the left aisle as Sue Henson, our 1939 Homecoming Queen, escorted by Clarence Stodghill led the procession. They were followed by Junior attendants: Jerry Fife and Betty Turner, escorted by Bud Posey and Benny Bullington, respectively. Next in line were Sophomore attendants: Margaret Patterson, escorted by Hezzie Hindman and Betty Fife, escorted by Kenneth Simpson. After them came Freshman attendants: Patty Davis, accompanied by Allen Edmonds, and Betty Joe Dynis, accompanied by George Iubelt. Theresa McCray and Jewell Dee Henley, Senior attendants, followed next, escorted by Pete Tedeski and Charles Shostrom. Immediately preceding the queen was Louie Levanti and Frank Tomzik. Following, came Her Majesty the Queen, Mary Ellen Kinison, escorted by Frank Chamak, football captain. At the close of the procession were faculty children: John Robert Crowell and Brant Davis, train bearers, and James Sutton Hastie, crownbearer. A____A___A____A____ ___A____A___AIn the large spacious music room of F. C. H. S. a group of students are gathered to render a few harmonious tunes. Perhaps the Mixed Chorus will sing a sacred anthem, a patriotic song, or the "Choral Alma Mater." Oh just a minute now, don't get excited! It's just Mr. Davis going through a few gymnastics to get across to the Chorus that he wants a crescendo, or perhaps a syncopated rhythm. Yes, they understand fully. Can't you hear the gradual swell, the double F., and then the soft chord? In the Boys’ and Girls' Glee Club you might hear, "In my Green Cathedral," "Songs of the Western Men," or the "Shadows March," sung in swing rhythm. What's that going on in the studios? It sounds as though it might be the "Madrigal Singers." They're giving all they have to an old English song. Just listen! They aren't seeing who can out sing the other. That's the way to sing a madrigal song. Each member sings a different arrangement. There comes a melodious chord in ”F" sharp or perhaps "B" flat fromThe Breeze” studio B by the Girls' Octette. It's When the Sun Goes Down," a sentimental song. The "De Cappah Moon," in a swingy motion brings out the Negro theme. In Studio C is the "Boys' Octette," singing "Babylon's Falling Down." Hold that pitch boys! Don't let it {all too far. That's all folks. The vocal department hopes you've enjoyed the close harmony in its studios. The members of the Ensembles are: Girls' Octette: Mary Milikan, Elma Milikan, Maxine Grubbs, Cora Jean Abston, Betty Lou Ditterline, Evelyn Burpo, Marietta Halloway, Martha Fickas. Boys' Octette: Paul Margelli, Bill Harvey, Warren Grimmett, Quentin Pinkham, Bob Sinks, Kenneth Morris, Clarence Freeman, Bob Smith. Madrigal Singers: Esther Simpson, Virginia Wilkinson, Paul Margelli, Bill Harvey, Clarence Freeman, Bob Smith, Elma Milikan, Martha Fickas. ★ ★ ★ ★ 53 ★Here comes the Band! Everyone turns his eyes in that direction, for again this year, the band has upheld its reputation as an important influence in F. C. H. S. Under the direction of Theodore Paschedag, the band has done much to create an appreciation for good music in our school. This year, for the sixth Annual time, the band played host to the Southern Illinois Band Clinic. Mr. Sawhill, conductor of the University of Illinois Band, complimented it very highly as a high school organization. In April, the State Musical Contest was held in West Frankfort with the members of both band and orchestra taking an active part in its management. The band has made approximately fifty appearances during the school year.Membership f. C. H. S. Band Officers Captain: Charles W. Bolen 1st Lieut : Paul Enrietto 2nd Lieut.: Glendine Purcell Top Serg : Robert McNeely Serg. of Property: Charles Durham Librarians: Lee Margaret Trobaugh and Jean Barker Flutes Charles W. Bolen Jack V. Buerkle Robert M. Treece La Donne Weaver Lee Margaret Trobaugh Charles Smith Oboes Jean Barker Mary Lou Meagher Margaret Herrin B Flat Clarinets Maurice Bristow Eugene Moore Lou Dean Dorris Clarence Tefft James McNeely Betty George Betty Westray Velia Bortolotti Helen Rymsza Eva Lee Uhls Charles Durham Bill Phelps Ella Maxine Kirk Bobby Kennedy SEASON 1940-41 T. W. Paschedag, Director A D. Sutton Mona James Gene Kaiser Maxine Sheffler Alto Clarinets Harold Dean Woods Beth Howell Bass Clarinets Beatrice Paschedag Harold Lee Reed Bert Moore, Jr. Bassoons Mary Ann Peek Clarence McClatchey Alto Saxophones Bill Todd Ann Lee Taylor George Pollock Joan Webb Bill Rogers Tenor Saxophones Geraldine Weaver Baritone Saxophones Hervie Dillingham Bill Coleman Cornets Betty Lockman Charles Luther Albert Frazier Johnnie Yesinkus Fred Tomzik Samuel McPhail R T. Fulks John Parkhurst ★ 55 Betty Monroe Shirley Racine Horns Glendean Isaacs Glendine Purcell Julia Henson Patty Jones Baritones Bob Rawson Elsie Mae Sheaffer Bob Allen Trombones J. D. Ashby Alice Boyer Basses Mary Greenwood Sam Pickens John Price Kent Rotramel Drums Patty Davis Paul Enrietto Tympani George Casleton String Bass Margaret Patterson Leaders Mary Ann Peek Beatrice Paschedag Twirlers Vera Poole Lily Mae McLain Martha Ophery Helen Swinkunas Carolyn McCarnesf. C. H. S. Orchestra "LETS TUNE UP" Let's "sit up" and listen as the orchestra "tunes up" and gives us an entertaining concert of classical, semi-classical, and popular music. If you’ll listen closely, you will hear "Unfinished Symphony" by Schubert, "La Ferra" by La Come. "The Young Prince and Princess" by Karsakow. "Vienna Blood" by Strauss and "Slavonic Rhapsody No. 2" by Friedman. These students and "Pasche" have worked unceas- ingly, until the Orchestra of F. C. H. S. has become known as the best orchestra in Southern Illinois. F. C. H. S. DINNER ENSEMBLE "No eat, no play" is the motto of the F. C. H. S. Dinner Ensemble. This small orchestra originated for the purpose of playing for banquets, suppers, and assembly programs. membership f. C. H. S. Orchestra SEASON 1940-41 T. W. Paschedag, Director First Violins—Ernestine Cox, Harold Eldridge, Ruth King. Jewell Walls. Second Violins—Richard Lee, Charles Riva, Donnie Parkhill, Richard Peacock, John Bellas. 'Cello—Bob Rawson String Basses—Helen Ruth McDonald. Mary Greenwood. Margaret Patterson. Flutes—Charles W. Bolen, Jack V. Buerkle, Lee Mar- garet Trobaugh, Robert Treece, La Donne Weaver. Oboes—Jean Barker. Mary Lou Meagher. Bassoon—Mary Ann Peek Clarinets—Eugene Moore, Robert McNeely, Clarence Tefft. Trumpets—Charles Luther, Johnnie Yesinkus. Trombones—J D. Ashby. Alice Bowyer. Horns—Glendine Purcell, Julia Henson, Glendean Isaacs. Percussion—George Allen Casleton, Patty Davis Piano—Maxine Sheffler. k ★ ★ ★Instrumental Ensembles Vibrating strings....................clashing symbols . . rumbling basses...............syncopating saxophones . We appreciate these Melody Makers 57 ★★★★★★★★Homemakers' Valentine party .................... Lettering.........................a new dress?. a, b, c's?.................Clara, turns a belt. .forming feminine figures Exercise for beauty...........Strike, almost.........Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. ★____★ 59Our Coaches “Builder$ of (lien” With the closing of this football season, Coach S. A. Changnon has pushed on, fought with, and won with the boys, his fourth conference championship. Having only been here six years, four championships is a good record. Harlan C. Hodges, track coach and assistant coach has had many track championships since he came to F. C H. S. It is from his football and basketball teams that the teams of the future years are made. "Mac" McClintock, assistant coach, has the early molding of the boys in his hands. He prepares the boys for Coach Hodges' team. Mr. Tripp and Mr. Chenoweth take care of the "greenies." Here is a real job, teaching boys who know practically nothing about how to play the game. "Bob" Eadie really shines when it comes to keeping data concerning the teams and games. ±. 61 ______ A____± Our Defense Progra Row 1: Tedeski, D. Simpson. Martin, Charnak, Iubelt. Row 2: Posey, Edmonds, Stodghill, Bullington, Hindman. Row 3: Tominshek (Mgr.), K. Simpson, Tomzik, Shostrom, Stevens, Levanti, Coach Chagnon. FOOTBALL Red Birds .......................... 7 Red Birds ......................... 14 Red Birds ......................... 21 Red Birds .......................... 7 Red Birds ......................... 18 Red Birds........................... 0 Red Birds........................... 6 Total Red Birds.................. 73 Murphysboro ................... 13 Herrin ......................... 0 Mt. Vernon...................... 0 Eldorado ....................... 6 Harrisburg ..................... 6 Centralia ...................... 6 Benton ......................... 0 Opponents ................ 31 62“Pigskin Parade’’ We opened our 1940 Pigskin Parade by journeying westward to Mur-physboro, where we met the strong Red Devils. We played a tough game, but were overcome by the swift running of Montgomery, ‘ Murphy", fullback. Although we lost, 13-7, there was always the next game to look forward to. Then, with a flash of fire, we paraded out in our new red suits to meet Herrin. We swept down the field and blitzkrieged the Tigers to the tune of 14-0. Those who journeyed north to the F. C. H. S.-Mt. Vernon game saw the Rams get plastered.” Having already won three hard games, they were confident of winning, but then we struck. Pete Tedeski had the stellar role when he ran 74 yards for a touchdown. The final score was Red Birds 21, Rams 0. On the 18th, we played in three feet of dust at Eldorado and won by the surprisingly low score of 7-6. We met the Harrisburg eleven here on Nov. 2, slashing their lifelines to pieces. Nice running, passing, punting, together with powerful driving pushed the score up to 18-6 in favor of the Red Birds. On a crisp, sunny day, we met the strong Centralia team for our Homecoming game. We ran up and down the field, once getting on the four-yard line. The game ended 7-0 in favor of Centralia. Turkey Day came, cold and rainy. Thousands crowded the field at Benton to see the annual game. The first two quarters were full of fighting with no scoring. In the third quarter Levanti snagged a pass which paved the way for Chamak's touchdown. Thoughout the last part, the crowd held their breath. Benton, unabashed, fought to the final gun; the score F. C. H. S. 6, Benton 0. And so we gave the Creek" back to Benton and became cochamps of the Big 7. 63 ★ ★ Jl“Pop and Hie Boys’’ "------1-----?!-----'!" yelled “Pop", “what's the matter?" This is a typical sound in the night as something goes wrong with the lights, or the water, at the big F. C. H. S. Stadium. “Pop" Poole has taken good care of our stadium and grounds since June, 1938. His fiery vocabulary has scared many freshman football boys almost into hysterics. But, as most people find out, a barking dog has no bite. Here's to “Pop" Poole, a fine old man! 65 ★★★★★★★ ★[rack Team First Row: Dorris, Cook, Moake, Plumlee, Wilkinson, Thomas. Second Row: Tominshek, Charnak, Simpson, Eadie, Hedges, McGhee, Morris. Third Row: Coach McClintock, Tedeski, Ranka, Levanti, Pittman, Cox, Coach Hodges. k ★ ★ ★ 66 ★ ★ ★ ★Varsity Standing: Mgr. Tominshek, Morris, Tomzik, Simpson, Lenzeni, Coach Changnon. Sitting: Levanti, Shostrom, Enrietto, Bourland, Eadie, Iubelt. ★ ★★★★★★★“Varsity Review” By drubbing the Valier squad 56-12, the Redbirds started the season off on the right foot. On the fourth of December the squad returned home from McLeansboro after defeating the favored McLeansboro team. In their first home game the Birds defeated the Galatia squad 35-31. Drubbing ceased to be a word when the Frankfort team returned from Centralia with a 54-26 defeat. Scores were evened as the McLeansboro team defeated the Birds 22-17 on the Bird's floor. Conference hopes looked better than when Changnon's squad defeated Herrin 27-24 in their second conference game. At the annual Mt. Vernon Invitational Tourney the Frankfort squad won fourth place honors by defeating a much favored Mattoon team in an overtime, the first game, and Johnston City in another overtime game. But the third game was lost to Albion, the winner of the tourney. The birds lost to Ziegler also. History was made. The Rams held the ball all the first half without shooting once. But the Birds defeated the Mt. Vernon Rams the second half 25-17. The Red Birds overwhelmed Christopher squad 32-15 on January 4. To the Frankfort fans' delight, the squad defeated their traditional rivals, the Benton Quintette 43-33. Thirty six to nineteen was the score when the gun ended the Frankfort-Harrisburg game with the Birds on the short end. Changnon's quintette lost to Johnston City 29-28 in a very hard-fought battle in the last few seconds to play. The Birds overwhelmed Marion 47-25 for another conference win. The Herrin team won over the favored Birds at Herrin 38-31. Centralia was met by a determined Frankfort squad, but journeyed home with a victory after a hard-fought battle—Centralia 41, Frankfort 33. Benton’s Quintette was overpowered by Changnon's squad 38-26 in a fast game. Mt. Vernon journeyed homeward after having been handed their second defeat from the Birds 42-30. Frankfort fought hard only to edge out a 23-20 victory over Marion. The "jinks” seemed to come again when Harrisburg journeyed here, for Frankfort fell in defeat 30-27. Frankfort evened scores and did a little scalping themselves when they defeated Johnston City 40-37 in an overtime. Zeigler was defeated by our Birds in a thrilling and smoothly fought battle 37-36. In the Regional Tournament held here, Changnon's Quintette won first place honors. In the first game the Birds conquered Christopher 48-23 and handed Benton a jarring setback, 48-24. In the finals the Birds were presented the first place trophy by defeating Zeigler 32-25. In the Sectional Tournament Frankfort won its first game from New Baden 55-28, but lost the second game to Centralia 46-16. 68 ★_____________★_____________★_____________★____________★_____________★_____________★Second Reserves Sitting to right: Wach, Poole, Hays, Maize, Hill, Bidwell and Capt, Hughes. Second Row: Coach Hodges, Ranka, Akin, Kesler, Arnold, Jarcz, Grissom, Roberts, Gouse, Coach McClintock. Third Row: Mgr. Hindman, Manion, Simpson, Arnold, Haff, Calvert, Grotti, Mgr. Morris. The Freshman Squad played five games, winning three and suffering two defeats. McClintock coached the freshman squad, while foe Hughes acted as captain. The second team, coached by Harlan Hodges, had a successful season. They played fifteen games and lost five of these contests. ★ ★ 70 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Clubs in fiction Los Castellanos......Cafeteria Management.......Rifle Club...... Photography.......Library Club.......Golf Club........Future Cook? ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Honor Society The honor society consists of students chosen by faculty vote for scholarship, leadership. character, and service. Sub Deb President. Elsie Mae Sheaffer Vice-President . Joan Karnes Secretary . Mary Ann Peek Treasurer Theresa McCray Sponsor Miss Afton Beasley Founded—1938 Purpose To strive day by day for mental and physical improvement. Student Patrol President Richard Thermond Vice-President . . Bob Donahue Secretary .......Joan Karnes Treasurer ......Joan Karnes Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Tucker Founded—1929 Purpose To promote student responsibility and co-operation throughout the school. Red Bird Holes Editor-in-Chief Mary Ellen Kinison Sports Editor Samuel Hancock Feature Editor Neva Woolard Business Manager . Bob Sinks Advertising Manager Charles Drake Sponsor Miss Alice Hoye Founded—1935 Purpose To record school news. ★ ★ r r Los Castellanos President . John Michnovicz Vice-President William Keaster Secretary . Gloria Galli Treasurer. Cora Jean Abston Sponsor Mrs. Grace Wilson Founded—1924 Purpose To continue the study of Spanish and Spanish culture; and to develop a spirit oj tolerance and friendliness toward our foreign neighbors. President . John Michnovicz Vice-President .Johnny Russell Secretary Betty Guier Sponsor Mr. Carthol Walston Founded—1933 Purpose To aid in a further undertaking of the elements of good picture taking, and to assist with picture work for the annual and other school publications. (Stage and Stammer) President Elmer Price Vice-President Charles Presley Secretary . Theresa McCray Treasurer Theresa McCray Sponsor Miss Alice Hoye Founded—1941 Purpose To gain a better understanding of drama and to improve acting ability. Library Club President Bennie Bullington Vice-President Ann McGhee Secretary ....... Betty Guier Treasurer........Betty Guier Sponsors Mrs Monica Petroff Miss Hazel Beale Founded—1939 Purpose To deepen the interest in good books and to learn how to use the library.f Club No Officers Sponsor Mr. S. A. Changnon Founded—1925 Purpose To promote better athletes in F C H S Red Peppers President Imogene Holland Vice-President . Ann McGhee Secretary .Oralene McReaken Treasurer .Oralene McReaken Sponsor Mrs. Winifred Henson Founded—1939 Purpose To attend games and back the teams to the fullest capacity. President Paul Swearengen Vice-President . Gene Hill Secretary ........Walter Stone Treasurer .... Walter Stone Sponsor Mr. Walter Weffenstette Purpose To gain a better understanding of radio principles so as to promote a more intelligent pursuit of radio as a hobby or vocation. Quill and Scroll President Mary Ellen Kinison Sponsor Miss Alice Hoye Founded—1939 ★ ★ ★ ★★★★★★ ★★★★★ Golf Club President . Justina Miskowsky Vice-President .Geraldine Fife Secretary....... Floyd Borek Treasurer .......Floyd Borek Sergeant-at-Arms Joe Testa Sponsors Mr. Lee Chenoweth Mr. Guy E. Tucker Founded—1939 Purpose To establish a wholesome out-of-doors sport for students. President ........Bob Sinks Vice-President Glendine Purcell Secretary . Mary Greenwood Treasurer . Mary Greenwood Sponsor Mr. Wayne Ely Founded—1936 Purpose To teach members safety and the correct way to handle a gun. G. A. A. President ... Elsie Radzunas Vice-President . Yolando Borelli Secretary . Josephine McGhee Treasurer Patricia Sadnovich Sponsor Miss Julia Diven Founded—1922 Purpose To stimulate interest in girls' athletics and gymnastics and to standardize and promote ideals of health and sportsmanship. Tumbling Team Captain .....Pete Tedeski Sponsor Mr. Lee Chenoweth Founded—1940 Purpose To improve health and posture, and to develop skill, strength, quickness, and precision. ★ ★President ..... Robert Smith Vice-President ... Bob Burg Secretary........Bill Martin Treasurer _____Bob Donahue Sponsors Mr. Harry McClintock Mr. Lavern Tripp Founded—1925 Purpose To create, maintain, extend throughout the school and the community, high standards of Christian character. Girl Reserves President ....Elaine Zwick Vice-President Jane Dean Swofford Secretary Marietta Holloway Treasurer .. Jean Barker Sponsors Miss Carolyn Helming Miss Alice Grant Founded—1927 Purpose To help any girl to find and to give her best. ★ ★ ★ ★★★★★Learning to Create Looking it over Picture Framing Buzz, Buzz, Buzz............................................Dishing it out ...................................................... Isn't it shocking? ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Senior Activities Cora Jean Abston Academic Glee Club 39. 40. '41. Mixed Chorus 39. 40 '41 Girl ' Octette 40. 41. Red Bird No es '38 '30 0| efetla 39. Girl Reserves ‘38; Spanish Club 40 41 Clyde A. Acord General Hi Y '40. Library Club 40. Basketball 37 38. '39. Beverley Albert General Hi-Y '39. '40 41. Youth Forum '39. 40 Photo Club 40. 41 Latin Club '39, Flying Aces '37, '38, '39. Joan Alexander Academic Sub-Deb '40. '41, Girl Reserves ’39. Luther Antoline Academic John Arvai General Warren Lee Bailey General Harold Barnett General Lillian Barrett Commercial Louise Bennett General Mary Frances Boggia General Charles W. Bolen Academic Band '38, ’39, '40. '41. Orchestra '39. 40. '41. Hi Y 39. 40. '41. Honor Society '40. '41 Rifle Club '39, ’40. 41. Literary Club '41; Band Captain '41 Daisy Boozer General Floyd Borek General Literary Club 41. Golf Club '40 '41; Hi-Y '41 Boxing '41. Mildred Boyer General G A A '38. Annie Bozic General Home Economics Club '38. Maurice Bristow Academic Band '38 . 39, 40 '41. Orchestra '38. '39, 40 41. Hi-Y 37. 38. '39. Basketball 37, '38 Red Bird Notes 41. Ping Pong Club '37. '38. Jack Buerkle Academic Band '38. "39. 40. '41. Orchestra ’38. '39. "40, ’41 Photography 38, '39. Hi-Y '39, '40. '41; Flying Aces '38. '39. Benny Bullington General Football 37. 38. 39. '40; Basketball 37. '38. '39. Hi-Y '38. '39. '40. 41. Literary Club '41, F. Club '40. '41; Track 40 Bob Burg Academic Hi-Y '38. '39. 40 41 Kennel Club 38. '39. '40. '41. Football '38, '39. '40. '41. Operetta 39. Golf Club 40 Virginia Cates Commercial Frank Charnak Academic Football '37. 38. '39. '40. Track '37. '38. 39. '40 '41; Basketball '37. '38. '39. 40. '41. F. Club '37, '38. '39. '40. '41. Eugene Clark Commercial Band '38. '39. '40 OUR PRIVATE WHO'S WHO Ruth Clark General G A A '38, Literary Club '41. Pep Club 39 J. W. Clem Academic Junior Play "40 Xon Chester Connett Academic Glee Club '37, '38, Library Club '41 Band ‘37. '38. Orchestra- '37. '38 Lena Contri General G A A '37. 38 '39. Wanda Conwell General Margaret Covert Academic Dan Cox Academic H»-Y "40. '41. Basketball '38. Boxing '41 Spanish Club 40 41 Golf Club 40 ’41. Red Bird Notes '41; Junior Play 40. C. M T C. '39 Track '40 Johnny Darnell General Basketball '38. Boxing '40. '41 Charles Deering Academic Hi-Y '41; Junior Play Staff '40. Erma Denney General G. A A 38. '39 Freda Dillon Academic Betty Lou Ditterline Academic Glee Club '38. '39 40. '41 Mixed Chorus '39, '40. '41. Quartette '39 Sextette '40. Octette '41 Girl Re serves 39. 41. Operetta '39. Maid of Honor. Homecoming '40 Charles Drake General Hi-Y 38. '39. '40. 41; Quill and Scroll '41. Mixed Chorus ‘38 39 Football and Track Manager '39 '40. Operetta '38 '39. Red Bird Notes Staff 40. 41. Annual Staff '41. Youth Forum '39. ‘40 Football '39. '40 Val Dudenbostel General Hi-Y '37, '38. '39 '40. Glee Club 36. '37 Red Bird Staff 40. '41 j Youth Forum '38. '39. '40 Pep Club '37. '38. Kenneth Duncan Commercial Glee Club '39. 40. '41. Red Bird Annual Staff '41; Junior Play Cast Russell Duncan Commercial Basketball "38. '39 Julia Dynis Commercial Paul Enretto Academic Basketball '38. '39. '40. '41. Band '38. '39. '40. 41; Football '38. '39 June Epperheimer Academic Girl Reserves '39. Sub Deb '40. '41; Junior Play Cast '40. Latin Club "30. Literary Club '41. S. O. S. Club '41; English Club '40. Lorene Essary General Arthur Eubanks Academic Pep Club '37. Charles Evans General Hi-Y 38. Youth Forum '38, '39; Spanish Club '39, "40. '41 Emma Ferrari Commercial G A A 38. '39, '40. '41; Glee Club '39. Office Helper '41. George Filkins General Glee Club '37. Barbara Fitzgerald General G A A '37 Active Actors '37. Spanish Club '39. J. G. Fuliman General Speech Club '40 Irene Furjes Academic Latin Club '38. '39 Ruby Nell Gann Academic Band '38. '39. 40. Sub-Deb Club 40 41. Rifle Club '39. '40. '41; Literary Club '41 Latin Club '39. V Pres Junior Class '40. Soph attendant to queen '39. V Pres of Speech Class 41. Speech Club '41 Gloria Galli General G A A '37. '38. Spanish Club '40. '41 Eula Gambill Academic Girl Reserve '39, Literary Club '41. Sylvia Gicabazi General Gene Gill General Hi-Y '38. '39 Claude Gower Academic Literary Club '41. Radio Club '40. Virgil Gray General Hi-Y '40. '41; Dramatic Club ‘41. Library Club '41 Mary Greenwood Academic Band '38. '39 '40. '41; Orchestra "38. '39. '40. '41. Literary Club '39 '40; Rifle Club '40. '41; Operetta '38. '39 Walter L. Griffith General Basketball '36, Track '36. '37. '38. John Grosco Academic Football '37, 38. Hi-Y '39. '40. Honor Society '40. Latin Club 38. Science Club '37. ‘38, Youth Forum '39. Photography '39, '40. Tumbling Club '40 Junior Play ‘40. Literary Club '40. Model Airplane Club '38 '39. Maxine Grubbs Commercial Mixed Chorus '38 '39 '40 41. Girls' Octet 41 Girls' Glee Club '38, '39. '40. '41. Pep Club '41. Operetta '38. Joe Guminski General Football 38. '39. '40. Track '39. Charlotte Hall Academic Glee Club ’38. '39 Girl Reserve '37, '39. 40. G A A '37. '39. Myrtle Hammers General Mixed Chorus '41. Samuel Hancock Academic Class President 38 '39 ‘40. '41; Student Body President 41. Junior Play '40; Literary Club '41. Honor Society ’40. '41. Red Bird Notes '41. Quill and Scroll Society '41 Betty Harper Professional 79$ Ruth Hayes General Literary Club '41. Harvey Hayes General Hi-Y '39. '40. '41. Football '39. '40. '41. Track '39. Pep Club '39. Golf Club '40. Imogene Hayes Commercial Neva Hayes Academic Literary Club '41. Kenneth Hedges Academic Hi-Y 39. '40 '41. Rifle Club 39. '40. '41; Model Building Club '38, '39. Jewell Dee Henley General Pep Club '38, Literary Club '41; Homecoming '40. '41. Secretary of Junior Class '40. Betty Feme Henson Academic G. A A '38. '39. 40; Pep Club '38 Literary Club ‘41; Glee Club ‘38, '39; Mixed Chorus '37, '38. '39. Dorothy Hesler Commercial G. A A. ’39. Spanish Club '41; Junior Play ‘40. Gladys Hicks General Evelyn Hogstrom Commercial G. A. A. '38; Pep Club 38. 13 Aces '38, '39. '40. Girl Reserve '38. ‘39, '40. '41. Imogene Holland Commercial Photography Club "38. '41; President Hed Peppers '40. '41. G. A. A. '38; Annual Staff '41. Mary Lou Holland Commercial Pep Club 38. '39. Ping-Pong Club '39; Girl Reserves "38. '39, '40. Junior Play ’40 Kennel Club '39 Sub-Deb '39. '40. '41; Dramatic Club ‘39; Office Helper '41. Earl Horsley Professional Basketball '37. Robert Hutchcraft General Kennel Club '38. '39, '40. Rifle Club '38. '39. '40. '41; Red Bird Notes '40. '41. Track '38. '40. Geraldine Isaacs General Girl Reserves '39. Betty Isaacs General Home Economics '39. G. A. A. '38. Golf Club '38. Glee Club '40. '41; Mixed Chorus '40. '41. William Keaster Academic Spanish Club '39. '40 Mary Ellen Kinison Academic Homecoming '38. '39, '41; Editor of Red Bird Notes '41, Honor Society '40. '41; Sub-Deb '39, '40. ‘41; Junior Play Cast '40, Student Patrol 38, '39. '40; Quill and Scroll '41; Literary Club '41; Girl Reserves '38. Maxine Kneemyer Academic Girl Reserves '38. '39; Phi Epsilon '39; Sub-Deb ‘39. '40. ‘41. Pep Club '38, '39; Art Club '38. Dinah Krmpatich Commercial ★ OUR PRIVATE WHO'S WHO Geraldine Laswell Academic Sub-Deb ‘40. 41; Girl Reserves '38; G. A. A "38. Literary Club '41; Junior Play '40, Pep Club '38. Rudolph Lenich General Honor Society '40 Alice Link Commercial Girl Reserves '38; G. A A. ’38, Interior Decoration ’40, 13 Aces '40. Literary Club '41; Junior Play Cast '40 Blanche Lucas Commercial G A A 38. '39, '41; Girl Reserves '39, 40. '41. Pep Club '38, '40, '41. Ann Lynch General G. A. A. ’38. Girl Reserves '38; Home Economics '39. Theresa McCray General Operetta '38. Phi Epsilon '39; Junior Play 40, Glee Club '39; Sub-Deb '39. '40. ‘41. Girl Reserves ’38. ‘39. ’40 Rifle Club '40. '41 Art C. '38. Marsolie McFadin Commercial Class Treasurer '38 Ann McGhee Academic G. A. A '39, '40. Red Pepper '40, 41. Spanish Club 41. Annual Staff '41; Literary Club '41, Class Treasurer '39. William McKee Commercial Latin Club '38. '39; Pep Club ‘38. •39, Glee Club ‘38. James McNeely Academic Band '38. '39, '40. '41. Orchestra 40. 41. Hi-Y '40, 41. Literary Club '40. 41 James McPhail Academic Band '37. '39: Latin Club '38. '39; Honor Society '40. '41 Josephine Mahan General Literary Club '41 Walter Maki Basketball 38. '39; C. M T. C. Club '39. '40 Photography Club '40, '41. Freda Marks Professional G A A '38. Latin Club '39 Girl Reserves '38. Literary Club 41. Virginia Martin Academic Literary Club ’41; Blue Room Club '40. Photography Club '40. Hurby Maze Flying Club 37. '38; Basketball '37. Edith Medenica General John Michnovicz Academic Photography '37, "38. ‘39. '40— Pres Flying Aces '37. '38; Basketball '37, Speech ’40. Honor Society '39, '40. Radio '40, '41; Annual Staff '41. Spanish Club '40, Pres. '41; Hi-Y '41; Science '37 Editor-in-Chief of Annual Staff '41. Glenn Mick Academic Science Club '37, '38; Airplane Club '38. '39. Track '39; Youth Forum '39, ‘40. Tumbling Team '40. '41. Justina Miskowsky General G A A '38. Golf Club '39, Pres. '40. Literary Club '41. Omar Minton Academic Football '37. '38. '39; Track '37. '38. Kennel Club '37. '38, Rifle Club ‘40, '41. Wrestling Club '36. '37, ‘38. Virginia Mitchell Commercial Girl Reserves '39, '40 Pep Club '39. Kennel Club '38, 39; Sub-Deb '40. '41. Sarah Ellen Moore Professional G A A '38. '40. Pep Club '38. '39. '40. Operetta 38. '39 Art '38; Girl Reserves ‘38. 39. '40, Glee Club '38. Jr. Play '40 Kenneth Morris Glee Club '40. 41. Octette 41 Mixed Chorus '41; Jr. Play '40 Photography Club '41; Dramatic Club '41. Paul Morris Basketball '37; Football Manager '39, Basketball Manager 38. ‘39. Track '39. Hi-Y '39. '40. '41. Ping-Pong '37. '38 F-Club '37. 38. Red Bird Notes '40. Fountain Neal Vocational Edward Nolen General George Novak F Club '40; Pres C M T C Club '40; Football '38, '39, Student Patrol '37, '38. Red Bird Note Staff '39; Senior Play '39. Track '37; Gym Team '37, '38 Beulah Odum Academic Honor Society '40; Golf '40; G A. A '38, '39. '40, '41; Girl Reserves ‘38. '39. '40. '41; Thirteen Aces '39a '40. Literary Club '41. Youth Forum '40. Red Peppers ‘41; Student Patrol '40. ’41 Beulah Owsley Commercial John Palic General Football '37. '38. '39. Track '37. Mary Pangonis Academic G A A '38, '39; Art Club '38; Girl Reserves '38. '39. '40; Red Peppers '40. '41. Photography '41; Home Economics '39. Literary Club '41; Annual Staff ‘41. Wilma Patchett General 13 Aces '38, '39. '40 G. A A. '38. '39; Girl Reserves '38; Junior Play '40. Pep Club '38. Latin Club '39. Maryann Peek Academic Band '38. '39. '40. '41; Drum Major '40. '41; Orchestra '38. ‘39, '40. '41; Sub-Deb '39. '40. Secy. '41; 13 Aces Sec'y. '38, 39. Literary Club '41; Latin Club '38. '39. Honor Society '40. '41; Operetta '38. '39, NatT. Solo Contest '39. '40. Quentin Pinkham Academic Glee Club '40. '41; Mixed Chorus '40, '41; Boys' Octette '40, '41; Ping-Pong Club '38. William Pittman Academic Track '40. '41; Glee Club '38. '39, '40; Mixed Chorus '38, '39; Literary Club '41. Betty June Plantec Professional Latin Club '38, '39; Photography Club ‘41; Girl Reserves ‘41, G. A. A '40. Pep Club '38. 80 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Lewis Posey Professional Football '38, '39, '40, Basketball 37. 38 Hi-Y ‘39. '40. F Club '39. 40. Track '37. '38 Ruby Poulos Academic Girls Glee Club '38, '39, '40, Sub-Deb '40. 41 Charles Presley General Track '38 F Club '38. C M T. C. Club 39. Elmer Price General C M T C. Club '39 Glendine Purcell Academic Band '38. '39, '40. '41; Orchestra 38. '39. 40, 41; Rifle Club '40. V Pres '41. Honor Society '39. '40. Literary Club ‘40. Operetta '38, ‘39; Annual Staff '37; Nat’l. Solo Contest '39, '40 Lyndall Render Academic Spanish Club '41. Junior Play '40. Helen Renn Commercial Glee Club '37. ‘38, '39, G A A '37. '38. Literary Club '40 Ollie Mae Richards Commercial G A A '38, '39. Pep Club '39. Band '39; Girl Reserves '39, '40. Charles D. Riva Academic Hi-Y 41. Rifle Club '40. '41; Or- chestra '39. ’40 Bernard Rodden General Alice Mae Rodden General G A A '38; Literary Club '41; Photography Club 41; Girl Reserves 41; Pep Club '38 Dorothy Roe Genoral Clara Rose Commercial Red Peppers '40. '41; G A A '37. Girl Reserves ‘37, "38; Literary Club 40; Photography Club '40, Junior Play '40 John Russell Academic Photography Club '40. '41. Mixed Chorus '39, ‘40. ‘41. Boys' Glee Club 39. 40. 41; Rifle Club '39. 40, '41. Hi-Y '39, '40, 41. Red Bird Notes Staff ’40. 41. Radio Club '39, '40. Hobby Club '37. John Ryal Professional Photography Club '38. '39 Atterepo Club Glee Club '38. '39. Mixed Chorus '38. '39. Science Club '38. Youth Forum '39, Operetta '38; Art Club '37. Joan Schumm Commercial Gloe Club '41. Mixed Chorus '41. Youth Forum '40. Juanita Shaw Commercial Blue Room Club ‘40 Elsie Mae Sheaffer Academic Sub-Deb Treas ’40. Pres '41; Band '38. '39. ‘40. 41 Girl Reserves '38. '39. Rifle Club '38. '39. '40. 41, Latin Club '38. '39 Jack Shearer General Hi-Y '40. 41, Rifle Club '39, '40, 41; Vice-Pres. Fresh. Class 38. OUR PRIVATE WHO'S WHO Evelyn Shoemaker Commercial G. A A '38 Kathryn Simmons General Delores Simpson Academic G A A '38 ’39 Inez Simpson Academic Mixed Chorus '39, '40. '41; Glee Club '39. '40. Latin Club '38, '39. Operetta '37, '38. Pep Club '38. Bob Sinks Professional Hi-Y '39. '40. 41. Rifle Club 38, '39. '40, '41. Pros , Mixed Chorus ■40. '41, Boys' Glee Club '39. '40. Boys' Octette, Jr. Play '39; Senior Class Vice-Pres '41 Red Bird Notes Bus. Mgr.; Quill and Scroll '40, '41. Mary Lee Sisney Professional Red Peppers '41. Junior Play '40 Emogene Slayden Academic Pep Club '37. '38. '39. Dramatic Club '37; Literary Club '40; Red Bird Notes '41. Robert Smith Academic Hi-Y '39, ’40, '41, Pres , Boys' Oc tette '40, 41. Madrigal Singers '41 Boys' Glee Club '40. '41. Jr. Play '40, Mixed Chorus '40, '41, Annual Staff '40. Victor Smodilla General Arletha Specker Commercial Pep Club '38. G A A 38. Girl Reserve '39. Glee Club '38. '39 John Spontak General Sylvia Stanes Commercial G AT A 37. '38. '39, '40. Clarence Stodghill Academic Football '37. '38, '39. '40; Basketball '37, '38 Track '37. '39, F Club '40. '41 John Sullivan Academic Honor Society 40. 41; Red Bird Notes 41. Speech '41. Pete Tedeski Vocational Football '38. '39, '40. '41; Track '40 Gym Team '40. '41. "F" Club '40. 41. Richard Thermond Commercial Hi-Y ’40, ‘41; Student Patrol '39, '40. "41 (President); Typing Team ‘40; Junior Play '40. Honor Society ‘40, 41; Annual Staff '40. '41. Red Bird Notes Staff '40 Ed Tominshek Commercial Hi-Y '40, Sports Manager '40. '41 Robert Treece Academic Orchestra. Band. Rifle Club. Literary Club. Hi-Y ’41. Virginia Uhls Academic G A A '38. 41; Girl Reserves '38 Margaret Varis Professional Girl Reserve '38. '39. G. A A '38. '39. '40. '41. Jr. Play Staff 40 V Clyde Vineyard Academic . C. Club '40. Hi-Y 40. '41. Maxine Ward Commercial G. A A '38; Office Helper '41 Dramatic Club '41 Bill Wazorick General Joseph Testa General Library Club ‘41, Golf Club '41. James Wells Professional Spanish Club Geraldine Weaver Academic Band '38, '39. '40, '41; Honor Society '40. 41; Sub-Deb '39. '40, 41. Girl Reserves '38. '39, Latin Club '39; Swing Band 39, ‘40 Mrs. Olen Weaver Professional Byford Webster General Football ‘38. 39, Wrestling '38. '33; Boxing '38, '39, Track '38. Student Patrol '38. Tumbling '38, 39, Home Room President '38 Jane Wharry Academic Girl Reserves '39. '40. Pep Club '39, '40. '41 Spanish Club 41. Betty Louise White General Glee Club '39. '40. 41; Mixed Chorus '41 Cecil White Academic Rifle Club '38, '39. '40, 41; Track '39. '40. Robert White General Versa Williams General G. A A '38. '39. '40, Girl Re serves '38; Junior Play '40 Wanda Wilson Academic Ping-Pong Club '39, 40. Girl Reserves '38; G A A '38. Carol Winn Academic Band '38. '39, '40. Girl Reserves '38. '39. '40 Sub-Deb '40. '41. Art Club '38. Latin Club '39. Pep Club '38, '39. Golf Club '40. Junior Play Staff '40 Ruth Ann Wise Commercial Marimargaret Wolfe General G A A 38. Glee Club '39. Literary Club '41; Red Peppers '40, '41; Girl Reserves '38 John Woods Academic Track '39. 40. 41. Glee Club '38. '39. CMTC Club 39. F Club '41; Pep Club '38 Emilie Wysup Commercial Student Patrol '39. '40 '41; Honor Society '40. '41; Bookkeeping Team 39. Ed Zukosky Academic Golf '39. '40, Basketball '37. ’38. '39, Student Patrol '41 John Zupko General Elaine Zwick Academic Girl Reserves '38, '39, '40, President 41; Office Help '41 Sub-Deb '39, '40. 41 G A A '38. '39. '40 Annual Staff '40, 41, Junior Play '40; Youth Forum '40. Literary Club 41; Thirteen Aces '38. '39. Honor Society '40. 41. 81“Innocents Abroad” ALUMNI Abbott, Jesse—Post Graduate West Frankfort. Ill Adkins, Grady—C. C. C Wyoming Allen. Bill—Minister Tennessee Allen. Eldon—Post Graduate West Frankfort, 111 Allen. Miles—S. I. N. U. ....... ... Carbondale. Ill Arvai. John—Post Graduate West Frankfort. Ill Avery. George—Working West Frankfort, 111 Bailey. Katherine—Post Graduate West Frankfort. 111. Baker. Bert—Working ................... West Frankfort. Ill Baren, Thelma—Home West Frankfort, III Batts, Fred—Working ................... West Frankfort, 111 Batts, Wallace—Working West Frankfort. Ill Bell, Florence—Post Graduate. West Frankfort. 111. Beltz, Lyle—Working West Frankfort, 111. Benbrook. Alicelee—Working Chicago. 111. Berstonis. Billie M.—Working ................. Chicago. III. Bielskis, Hazel—Home .................. West Frankfort. 111. Boner. Mary Jane—S. I. N. U .Carbondale, 111. Borella, Henry—S. I. N U........ ... Carbondale. 111. Bourland. Terry—Working West Frankfort. Ill Boustead, Glenn—Working West Frankfort, 111 Boustead, Edith—Working West Frankfort. 111. Brock. Ernest—Working .................. West Frankfort, 111 Brown, Jeanne—Working................... West Frankfort. 111. Browning, Velma—Post Graduate...........West Frankfort, 111. Burba, Charles—Working ....................... Chicago, 111 Burnett, Lucille ....-................................... Burton, Oneida—Home ........................... Orient, 111. Calhoun, Kenneth—S. I. N. U..................Carbondale. 111. Calvert, Dorothy—Working West Frankfort, III. Cantrell. BUI W—Working West Frankfort, 111. Carpenter. Richard—Home --------------- West Frankfort. 111. Cates. Virginia—Post Graduate .......... West Frankfort. Ill Chomiak, Pansy—Home West Frankfort. Ill Chomko. Mary L.—Working Chicago. 111. Clark. Richard—S. I. N. U.................. Carbondale. 111. Clay. Maxine—Working West Frankfort. Ill Clemons. Jean—Home .... West Frankfort, 111. Coleman. Thomas—S I N U Carbondale, 111 Compa. Henry—C. C. C.......... Compari. Minnie—Working West Frankfort. Ill Connett, Bertha—Home West Frankfort, 111. Contri. Margaret—Working West Frankfort, 111. Connell. Roy ........................................... Cox. Vernita—Home ....... West Frankfort, 111. Crain, Virginia—MTHlin Institute St Louis, Mo Cremer. Warren—S I. N U Carbondale, 111. Cnm, Dorothy—S. I. N. U....... Carbondale. 111. Cunningham, Dorothy—Working West Frankfort, 111. Denanay, Fred—Post Graduate West Frankfort, 111. Davis. Ordell—Working West Frankfort, 111. Denney. Aubra—Home ........ West Frankfort, 111. Dodds. Anna Mane—Working West Frankfort, III. Dorris, Charles—Working ... West Frankfort, 111. Dorris, Lucille—Post Graduate West'1 Frankfort. 111. Doty, Mary—Married ......................... Benton. 111. Dugger. Tommy—Working . West Frankfort, 111. Easley, Gladys—Married West Frankfort, 111. Echols. Jean—Home ...........West Frankfort, 111. Eckess. Mary Lee—S I N U. Carbondale, 111. Eldridge, Don—S. I. N. U................. Carbondale, 111. Engram, Carl—Working St. Louis, Mo. Evans, Marie—Married West Frankfort, 111. Felts, W D.—Home West Frankfort. 111. Fenaglio, Julius—Working West Frankfort, 111. Ferguson, Gertrude—Home West Frankfort, 111. Florian. John—Post Graduate West Frankfort. 111. Forte, Antoinette—Working West Frankfort, 111. Forte, Pete—Navy ....................................... Foster, Jack—Working West Frankfort, 111. Foster, Loren—Working West Frankfort. 111. Francis. Pauline—Married West Frankfort. 111. Freeman, Gretchen—Working West Frankfort, 111. Fulks, Lillian—S. I. N. U.. Carbondale, 111. Gabor, Jack—C. C. C..................................Wyoming Gallich. Lawrence—Lockyear's ....................Evansville, Ind"Innocents Abroad” ALUMNI Golio. Parina—Home ... Gregoms. Anna—Home Groves, Lillian—Home Guidazzio, Anna—Home Gwyn, Mary Alice—Working Hancock. Iimmy—S. I. N. U. Hart Wayne—Lock year College Hartley. Geraldine—Home Hays, Allis—S. I. N. U Hays. Bill—S I. N. U. ... Hays. Phyllis—S 1 N U... Hedges. lack—S. I. N. U...... Henley, Lyle—Working Henson. Sue—Home ................... Hill. Clifton ...................... Hogg. Harry—Working .......... Hogg, lack—C. C. C.................. Holder. Iris ....................... Holoffe. Nadine—S I. N. U.... Horvath, Joseph—Working ....... .... Howard. Paul—Working ............... Hughes, James—C. C. C............... Hughes. Reba—Working ........... Ice. Berneice—Working ............. Ice, John Conrad—Army Irvin, Mary M—Working . Isaacs. Jeanette—Working ...... — .. Jackanich, Julia—S. I. N. U......... Jakuboski. Helen—Working ............ James. Sidney—Rankin's Trade School . Johns, Erlene—Home ................. Johns. Virginia—Marned Johnson. Virginia—MacMurray College Jones. Kathleen—MacMurray College Jones. Opal—Post Graduate ......... Jones, Thelma—Post Graduate ....... Jones. Thomas ...................... Jones, Thomas E.—Home . Joplin. Joyce—Working ............. West Frankfort, III West Frankfort, 111. West Frankfort. Ill West Frankfort. 111. West Frankfort. 111. Carbondale. 111. Evansville. Ind West Frankfort. III. .....Carbondale. 111. .Carbondale, 111 Carbondale. Ill . ..Carbondale. 111. West Frankfort, III West Frankfort, 111. Pontiac, Mich .......Carbondale, 111. West Frankfort. 111. West Frankfort. 111. ............Decatur. 111. West Frankfort, 111. Scott Field, 111. West Frankfort, 111. West Frankfort, 111. Carbondale. 111. .West Frankfort, 111. ---------Orient, 111. West Frankfort. III. Jacksonville. 111. ....Jacksonville, 111. West Frankfort, 111. West Frankfort, 111. West Frankfort. 111. West Frankfort, 111. Kairis. Marion—Home Karroll, Marcella—Home Kathelynas, Ed—C. C. C..... Kelly. Bob—S I. N. U......... King, John . ......... Kirkpatrick, Gloria—S I. N. U. Koons, Charlotte—S. I. N. U Kopetz. Martha—Working Kovach. Fred—Working Krolic, Mary Louise—Working . Lambert. Willard—Post Graduate Lamkin. Elizabeth—Married Large. Ira T —S I. N. U...... Lawrence. Jane—Working Lemmon, Pauline—Married Link, Gene—Navy ............. Lyons, Albert—C. C. C. ...... Lyons. Mary—Working ......... Missavage. Charles—Working Moake, Harold—Home .......... Moore, Lela ................. Morgan. Leon—Home ........... Morns. Sally—Working Morrison. James—Working Munsell, Wm—Working ....... Myers, Aline—Home ........... McCann, James—Working —.. Pauletsch, Anna—Home ....... Philippart, Junior—Working .... Ranson, Dorothy—Married ..... Rushiewski. John—Working Sabosky, Albert—Home ........ Shaffer, A G—Home Summers. Elsie .............. Stone. Helen Mae—Marned ..... Struckle, Victor—Home ....... Swmkunas. Leon—Post-Graduate Williams. David—C. C. C...... Williamson, Leon—Working West Frankfort, 111. West Frankfort, 111. Wyoming .......... Carbondale, 111. Carbondale, 111. ......Carbondale, III. West Frankfort, 111 ..............Bluford, 111. West Frankfort, 111. West Frankfort, 111. West Frankfort, 111. Carbondale, 111. West Frankfort, III. West Frankfort, III. .......West Frankfort. 111. ................Marion. 111. West Frankfort, 111. West Frankfort, III. _______West Frankfort, 111. .................St. Louis ........St. Louis, Missouri ______West Frankfort, 111. ..... .West Frankfort, 111. ......West Frankfort, 111. West Frankfort. 111. .......... Chicago. Illinois ________________Orient, 111. ....... West Frankfort, III. West Frankfort. 111. ______West Frankfort. 111. 83On Ideal Anna Payne Launius We cherish the sacred memory of her, and her wise counsel will remain with us forever.Day by Day September 2—Worry! Worry! School started. October 16—Hay! Hay! Hi-Y hay ride. November 8—Crowned the Queen, were you surprised? November 21—Turkey game 6-0 for F. C. H. S. November 26—Spanish Club program—look at the pretty senoritas! November 29 We Seniors strutted to a sweater swing. December 12—Hi-Y party. December 18—The annual Hi-Y Christmas March. January 10 -We beat Benton in basketball, too. January 17—A student council is discussed in the assembly. January 18—Murphysboro High School gave us a clever program today. February 1—Centralia beat us in basketball—Eddleman was too good for us. February 11—Donkey basketball is fun—even for teachers??? February 18 "Crossville Depot" built in assembly by the Junior Class. March 5—Our boys beat Christopher in our first game at Regional. March 6—Benton was our victim tonight. March 7—Ziegler went down tonight, and we grabbed the trophy. March 12—New Baden is defeated in Sectional Tournament—hopes high! March 13 Centralia stopped us—Eddleman still too good. March 21—Hurrah! One day holiday! Teachers meeting here. March 29—District music contest at Carbondale—everything won first. April 1—April Fool! ! ! ! April 5—Track Meet at DuQuoin. April 15—"This Awful Age" interpreted by Seniors. April 18—Hustle, Hustle, the State Music Contest held today and tomorrow. April 26—Pinckneyville gym meet. May 1—Our parents came to a Speech Recital. May 8—"What A Life”, Junior Play. May 9—Sub-Deb Banquet. May 10—Our boys are ready for the District Track Meet. May 12—Hi-Y Father-Son Banquet. May 15—G. A. A. Assembly Program. May 17—State Track Meet. May 20—Honor Dinner. May 22—Freaks! Today is Senior dress-up day. May 23—We Seniors struggled through our exams. May 25—Baccalaureate—It won't be long now! May 26—Senior Assembly Program. May 27—A day of fun, our picnic. May 28—Tonight we danced and dreamed at the Prom. May 28—We watched the underclassmen take their exams. May 29—At last it is ours—that diploma we struggled for so long. 85 ★ ★ ★ ★ AutographsAutographs 87 ★ ★★★★★★Engravers INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. INDIANAPOLIS. INDIANA Printers HUSTON-PATTERSON CORPORATION DECATUR. ILLINOIS

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