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THE RED BIRD Of 1939 O Published By THE CLASS OF 1939 Editor Business Manager. Faculty Adviser. Faculty Adviser. Carl Black Mike Spontak George S. Queen H. C. Walston The Yearbook of FRANKFORT COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL West Frankfort, IllinoisFIS TH€ Cnm€Rfl looks in on FRflnKFORT communuy HIGH SCHOOL The Senior Class is proud of the opportunity afforded it in having a part in school life during these four years just past. Like many good things we fail to appreciate until the days of participation are past, so the years of our school life have slipped by before we were aware and the Seniors stand ready to enter the future. We hope we have been able to add something to the tradition and worth of our school and that it will be a better instrument for good in the community because we have passed this way. 2 THE REDBIRDWe turn the sharp eye of the camera towards Frankfort Community High and find a multitude of activities awaiting the click of the shutter. We record for you only a few of the activities of our school, our only regret being that space forbids a more extended view into what we do here from day to day. OF 19 3 9 3OUR Cflm€Rfl focuses THC BUILD6RS The increased facilities provided by the new addition will make it possible for the first time for our high school to launch a program of industrial education for the many students who are not being served to the greatest advantage by an academic education. The new addition will provide eight additional classrooms, four new industrial education shops, two large study halls, a music department consisting of a large room for band and orchestra practices, four individual studios, two storage rooms, and a music teacher's office. Also, the new addition will provide a splendid cafeteria with complete kitchen facilities adjacent. Our school has long been overcrowded and these additional facilities are much needed. 4 THE REDBIRDThe new courses made possible by the new addition to our building can be offered only through additional revenue which may come to our district through State Aid. Last year our school received more than sixty thousand dollars from the State for current expenses. Bills in the legislature as this book goes to press, if made law will provide permanent State Aid to our school on the same basis and in approximately the same amounts. This will mean that more than half of the total revenue for operating the school will come from the State Distributive Fund. Not only will this make possible the offering of the new courses but it is the only means of maintaining the educational program which our school has offered in the past. With this additional revenue the community has a right to expect from our school an educational program second to none. TH€ BUILD6RS OF 19 3 9 5inSID€ OUR SCHOOL arc nrmny pcoplc DOinG VARIOUS iriT€R€STinG THIIIGS AS SHOUJn BY It has long been the policy of Frankfort Community High School to offer students more than the bare essentials necessary to fit them to enter college or university. We make an effort to give each student an opportunity to take part in some activity or project of a creative sort, informally conducted, with activities centered around student interest. These groups have been called "Clubs." They are not clubs in the social sense, however. They might well be called "Project Groups." One group may be preparing the weekly edition of the school paper, another is at work on a musical number, still another group is taking a photograph of our building, etc. We hope, through this medium of outside or extracurricular activity, to give to our students a certain interest which marks the difference between a successful citizen and an unsuccessful one. 6 THE REDBIRDMany of those extracurricular activities that were established some years ago in the West Frankfort Community High School continue to function and are looked upon as permanent or traditional high school activities. Although not popular with the students at their inception, the clubs are now much sought after and respected by the students. Some of the older clubs are the Hi-Y, Girl Reserve, G. A. A. and Student Patrol. Membership to such clubs is often restricted by certain requirements which the student must meet before being accepted. Such demands as regular attendance, student participation and scholarship tend toward a greater studious effort on the part of the would- be member. Thus we have a better student, club and school. SOm€ Of TH€ R6DBIRD STAFF OF 1939imPORTfiriT PARTS Of TH€ PICTUR6 AR€... OUR BOARD Of €DUCATIOn OUR PRiriCIPAL AnD HIS ASSIST A PITS In any community the school is and rightfully should be not only an institution for the education of the youth but an institution for adult education also. It should serve as a meeting place for various groups within the community needing educational facilities of various types. True, the district cannot afford to pay the cost incurred by these many additional uses of the building. Also, the school has a right to demand that the building be treated with the proper respect and care by those who use it. It has not been the policy of our board to try to make a profit out of renting the school for community activities. It has been the intention of the board to charge only enough to meet the actual cost incurred by the additional activity. We want our school to serve the community in its many needs and expect to grant its facilities to be used for any worthwhile activities at a minimum rental charge. 8 THE REDBIRDThe smoothness with which any organization runs is very largely dependent on the efficiency of its office force. Plans may be made for a splendid organization but they will be ineffective unless they are properly directed and executed through the medium of the office staff. Our office staff consists of one full time secretary who organizes and gives direction to the activities of the rest of the force, two half-time assistants and five student assistants (see page 94) who devote one period each day to office work. The many demands upon this organization and the efficiency with which it operates are known to all the teachers and students who have watched it function throughout the year. Hats off to the office force! F. C. H. S. OFFICE STAFF Lois Dugger Julia Koscel Mr. S. B. Sullivan Ruth Teague OF 19 3 9 9Dean of Boys WAYNE H. ELY Deans of Girls CAROLYN HELMING RUTH TEAGUE The Deans of Girls newly appointed this year, help the girls with their problems and offer advice to those needing guidance. 10 THE REDBIRDS. B. SULLIVAN Principal J. WILL HOWELL President of the Board R. A. SWOFFORD Secretary of the Board H. B. WILKINSON Board Member leo McDonald Board Member ARLIE MURPHY Board Member The Board of Education is immediately responsible to the people of a community for the effectiveness of the school. The board is the policy-forming authority. It acts as a whole in formulating its policies and once they have been determined the execution of those policies is the immediate responsibility of the school administrator. He is responsible to the Board of Education for the fulfillment of its obligations to the community. Only through the administrator can board policies become effective. Members of the Board of Education serve without pay, their only remuneration being the appreciation of the community for a service well rendered. Board members must be public-spirited citizens who desire only to serve their community as best they can. They must be open-minded, capable, and respected for their integrity and good intentions. Our community is fortunate to have men on its Board of Education who meet these qualifications in full. OF 19 3 9 11FACULTY Edgar Bain University of Illinois Ed B . S I. T. C Sociol Studies Mildred Cox Ed B . S. I. T. C. U. of Southern California Latin R. B. Eddie Head of Commercial Dept. B S . U. of 111. M S U. of 111. General Business Wayne H. Ely Dean of Boys A B , Indiana State M A , Indiana State Mathematics Neva Pearl Gloyd BM. U. of III. English and Music S. A. Changnon Head Coach B.Ed., Lake Forest U. State Normal U Northwestern U. Illinois U. History R. L. Crowell Ed B . S. I. T. C University of Illinois Health E. W. Ebbler A B.. McKendree College Biology Lillian G. Francis U. of Illinois Ed B.( B S. I. T. C. Commercial Subjects Alice L. Grant B.S.. U. of 111. M A , U. of 111. Columbia U. English 12 THE REDBIRDFACULTY James Hastie Head oi English Dept. U oi Illinois Ed B , S. I. T. C. U. oi Alabama Carolyn Helming Dean oi Girls U oi Washington A B., Cornell C. M A , Columbia U Harlan C. Hodges Shurtleif Ed B , S 1 T. C. U. oi Illinois U. ol Colorado U. oi Michigan Health. Coach. History Marian Kelly Middlebury College University oi Paris Columbia University A B.. U oi Illinois French. English Anna Launius B Ed.. S. I T. C. M A , Peabody College English Alice Hoye AB, McKendree College Nat'l. U. of Mexico M A , U. of Wisconsin Speech. Journalism Ralph Krupp Ed B . S I T C. M A . U of Michigan Mathematics. Physics H. W. McClintocIc Ph B., Shurtleif College University oi Illinois University of Kentucky Social Studies. Coach Monica Mikals Ph B.. U. oi Chicago M A . U. of Illinois U. of Southern California U. oi California English Velma Nave Ed B S. I T. C. M A . U. of Illinois English OF 19 3 9 13FACULTY Lavern Tripp S I. N U.. B.Ed U. of So Calif. U. of Kentucky Algebra Theodore Paschedag B M„ Vandercook School of Music Band. Orchestra George Queen Head of Social Studies Dept. Ed.B., S. I. T. C. M A . U. of ill. History. Geography. Chemistry Bernice Tharp U. of Missouri Christian College Home Economics Guy E. Tucker Head of Dept, of Mathematics B.S., McKendree College M A , Northwestern U. Mathematics Lee J. Chenoweth S. I. N. U. U. of 111., B S. American History. Soc. C. E. Summerville Head of Industrial Education Dept. B.S., Indiana State Shop Afton C. Beasley S. I. N. U.. B. of Ed Commercial Subjects. English Vonnie B. Wade Gregg College Springfield Jr. College S. I. T. C U. of Colorado Commercial Subjects 14 THE REDBIRD FACULTY H. C. Walston A B , James Millikin U. Ph M , 0. of Wisconsin Chemistry. Mathematics Maurine Webb Ed.B , S. I. T. C. English. Art Grace Wilson A B.. Colo. State Teachers College Spanish 1 and 2 Ruth Teague Dean of Girls Rubicam Business College School Secretary Hazel Beale Winifred Nooner Librarian B Ed.. S. I. N. U 111. State Normal Shorthand. Typing 111. Wesleyan U., A B. U. of 111.. B S. in Library Science G. C. Shaw Custodian Theodore Mitchell Custodian OF 19 3 9 15 THC UPPCR CLASSES come inTO view Distinguished is the Class of 1939! It is the last class to be graduated before the dedication of the addition to the building. Looking back you will recall that this, their final year, has been marked by conditions necessary to construction. In this, the transition class, the 235 members too have been building with mental tools an addition to the school's hall of fame. A large percentage of the class has participated in clubs and represented the school in athletics, music, drama, and publication work. In the classrooms they have proved to be studious and cooperative. Sixty of the class were active in producing the senior play, "320 College Avenue" THE REDBIRand the entire membership assisted with the ticket sales. In fact, so great was the class spirit that the house for the play was sold out hours before the play began. The class may be truthfully said to boast more talented singers, speakers and writers than its predecessors. These and many other activities are listed on page 100. A high sense of humor, willingness to back all school activities, and a fund of common sense may well characterize the Class of 1939. As it goes to take its place as the youngest alumni, it will leave a trail of nice memories behind it. SCfllOR CLASS OffICCRS WARREN BROWN President STEVE BERNHARD Vice-President MIKE SPONTAK Secretary DANTE PATTEROZZI Treasurer OF 1939 17SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September, 1935, we the Class of '39 began our high school career. When the initial meeting was held for organization of our class, 349 green freshmen clamored in and chose Warren Brown to guide the class through its first year. John Mills was elected vice-president and Nick Levanti, secretary-treasurer. For our attendant to the football queen we chose Dorothy Lewis. Mr. Eadie and Miss Gloyd were our choice for sponsors. A year later we came back as silly sophomores and again in our organization meeting chose Warren Brown to lead us through the year. Ed Mehok and Loren Foster were chosen vice-president and secretary-treasurer respectively. Marcia Palmer and Gladys Starkey were our choice for football queen attendants and Miss Webb and Mr. Ely our advisors. We were so pleased with our leaders of the year before that we, as jolly juniors chose Miss Webb and Mr. Ely our sponsors and Warren Brown as president of our class. For vice-president we selected Steve Bernhard and secretary, Georgiana Connor. Doris Purcell was our choice for treasurer. We presented a mystery play "The Ninth Guest." At the end of this year the student body elected Warren Brown, Student Body President. Marcia Palmer was named maid-of-honor to the Queen and Cecile Cole lady-in-waiting. At the first meeting of our last year we again found Warren Brown at the helm. For vice-president we chose Steve Bernhard and secretary, Mike Spontak. Our class treasurer was Dante Patterozzi. We selected Marcia Palmer as Queen and Virginia Thomas our lady-in-waiting. ”320 College Avenue," our play, was a big hit and Miss Hoye and Mr. Chenoweth were our guiding sponsors of the year. Our outstanding athletes were Steve Bernhard, Dante Patterozzi, Ed Migliech, Roy Todroff, Andy Patterson, Bob Newton, Earle Alexander, Mike Dynis, Ed Gos-cinski, Ed Mehok, Don Howell, Conrad Holt and Andy Swinkunis. 18 THE REDBIRDSENIORS ROW I Earle Alexander “A little guy—but a wow at athletics." Bill Allen Be calm. Olivia, be calm." Roberta Allen "Sweet and demure is this maiden " Mary Evlyn Austin "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." ROW II Emaline Barr "She came all silent, saw and did the deed that was to do." Fred Barr "Aw, come on and quit your kiddin’, there ain’t no Santy Clause." Ed Barrett “lust give me time. I’ll be great some day " Elizabeth Bergin “Happy am I, from care I'm free, why aren't you all contented like me?" ROW III Louise Boggia “A jolly girl always looking for fun " Leah Bonucci "Sweet as the day is long." Edith Boustead "She'll never be poor with her million dollar smile." Evan Bowyer A gentleman is one who never does the unexpected." ROW IV Leborn Bowyer "Why hurry? There'll be time after I'm dead." Muriel Boyer “She speaks, behaves and acts just as she ought." Caroline Bozic “Words are valuable, don't waste them." Carl Black “I can't die, my country needs me!" ROW V Bill Britton “We all must strive to upward climb." Harold Brown They should have named me Apollo." Warren Brown Our high Pres of everything — almost." Rita Bruce “Such a small, small voice." OF 19 3 9 19SENIORS ROW I Charles M. Burke "Never worry, worry: until worry worries you." Nellie Cable "Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today." Frank Camp "Don't argue with me." Maxine Carlisle "Her eyes, how they fascinate." ROW II James Carrier "Think I'll join the navy." Kenneth Carroll "Orchestra, the violin is my specialty." Dorothy Carter "Gee, but it's great to be alive." Bill Champion "He sat and played, and played." ROW III Ed Chismar "By the work we know the workman." Aileen Chomko "Fair was she to behold, this maiden of seventeen summers." Irene Clancy "No, I'm not talking again; I'm talking yet." Irma Clark "I profess to be no more than I seem." ROW IV W. T. Clark e worthy dreams of high ideals.' Elizabeth Claxton y j iovlpy rose sent to beautify the y 4 artK" Loretta Cobb fl' Her% oic v re shall ne re forget." Cecile Cole "$pe's a pssylofter my own heart." "His tot ROW V Robert Collins I'm like a river that flows to the south, for this mighty river is big at the mouth." Frank Compa "I'm not in roll of common men." Georgianna Connor "Our one and only sub-deb prexy." Thomas Coleman ‘Why think? By thinking one grows old." 20 THE REDBIRDSENIORS ROW I L. E. Cowsert "A football hero, and can he block." Virginia Lee Crain "She's as bent on Mikes as Gibralter on the ocean waves." Warren Cremer "A cremer. but he'll never sour." Afton Croslin "Virtue is the greatest of all mon-archs." ROW II Muriel Mae Davis "Light and airy as a March wind that blows, makes friends wherever she goes." Mary C. Dawson "Faithful is she in every way, always the same day after day." Russell De Lap "Talk of Jacob’s Ladder, and he'll ask the number of steps." Mildred Denney "Character makes its own destiny." ROW III Imogene Dillon "A bonny, blooming lass is she." Eugene Dodds "Many a maid's heart will stop, look and listen when the one taking her pulse is this physician." Bill Donahue "People should make much of me. for great men are scarce." Fred Donini ' A worthy man is he." ROW IV Dorothy Dorris "A mind is not to be changed time or place." Maxine Dorris "Happy-go-lucky, fair and free; she never bothers trouble." Lenora Dorsetf "I have but one rule pleasant." A Audrey Dtfwnar "She gives her thou ts - vt Tittl tongue ' TQ ROW V Herbert Drake "Nobody but my mama and me know what a good boy I am." Jack Drake "He that has knowledge spares his words." John T. Drake "And thereby hangs a tale." Evelyn Durham "She doesn't say much, but will we miss her1" OF 19 3 9 21SENIORS ROW l Mike Dynis ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star; Changnon made you what you are." Walter Eadie "I am Opp, and I almost had to knock twice at your door." James Endicott "A long fellow, but not a poet ' Albert Ferrari "So bashful—but you'd be surprised." ROW II Joe Filk ins "Studies never trouble me." Loren Foster "I wish I knew the man who invented studies." Bill Fox "Determination is the master key to success." Mary Frankie "Of manners gentle, of affections mild." ROW III George Franko "Strange to the world he wore a bashful look." Lewis French "With radios he's a wizard." Edward Fris "Good stuff is done up in small packages." John Gambriel "Work is the key word to achievement." ROW IV Charles Giacabozi "Failure just isn't in my line." Owen Gill "Some day I'll give the ladies a break." Elsie Gore "Her modest demeanor is the jewel of all." Edward Goscinski "On the hardwood he did excell." ROW V George Gossett "He was nearly killed once by a train of thought passing through his brain." Jane Griffin "You always know when she is around." Bernadine P. Griffith Married—yet happyl" Edwin Grubbs "The basso who Must have his way." 22 THE REDBIRDSENIORS ROW I Freeman Gullege I live and think nothing of it." Richard Gwyn My home is in heaven. I'm only here on a visit." Helen Hand “lust look at me, how smart I be." Veleta Hendrix “She gleams as starlight from heaven above." ROW II Geraldine Hartley A worthy ambition for any gentleman." L. H. Henson “Don't neglect your education for studying." Mary Hill “Good humor makes all things possible." Presley Hill “Better known as detective." ROW III James Holland “Our drum major—can he strut!" Conrad Holt “I am king of-king-of-king of swing." Bob Huchinson "He fears the wiles of maiden smiles." Wilbur Humphreys “Give me my own way and I'm happy ." ROW IV Mary Ice My motto, always keep a cool head.” Alma Ice “I make no enemies, thus I have none." Paul Ice “Still water runs deep." Irma Lee Jacaway Ah-h-at last—I'm out of English class." ROW V Virginia Lee Johnson “Our beautiful belle of '39." Jessie Jones “So full of N-R-G, this lass, the pride and joy of any class." Marion Kairis A rose set with little willful thorns." Fred Kaylor “So agreeable fellows are few and far between." ' OF 19 3 9 23SENIORS ROW I Stella Kaylor "The joy of life is living." Mary Kerzan A meek and gentle little maid, of work and trouble unafraid." Bill Kieth ‘I never felt the kiss of love, nor a maiden's hand in mine." Jack King "A musician of royal caliber." ROW II John King "Can he truckl What?-A Boner." Martha Koonce Her looks were designed to inspire love." Lilian Koons "We can t call anyone a fish but she is a shark at shorthand." Leo Land "They say love is contagious, I wonder if I'm immune." ROW III Marietta Laswell "Life grows so monotonous when we all agree." Carl Lee "Here's a man with a heart full of kindness and a head full of sense." Edward Lee "An actor of no mean ability." Robert Levanti "I'm not in the row of common men." ROW IV Bessie Lewis "Many have been caught in the web of her charm." Dorothy Lewis "So nice one could never forget her—" Ernest Lingle "He has an ambition, oh yes! To rise." Nellie Little "Cute?—I'll say!" ROW V Eugene McManus "A friend to everybody—but Fred Astaire." Dorothy McCarnes "Surely the angels did lend her a voice." La Noma McKown "Most worthy to be called a nurse." Willis McCray "Everyone should have a specialty; mine’s laughing ." 24 THE REDBIRDSENIORS ROW I John McDaniels "Genius is the ability to avoid work." Val McFadin ”1 hope I don't die soon, the world needs great men like myself." Patricia McGhee "Sincere, kind and sweet." Eric McKee ‘Take it easy, have your fun, let the old world truck along " ROW II Margaret Maddox ‘ Address. 320 College Ave." Charles Maholick "Why think? By thinking one grows old " Rolla Malan "A most handsome gent to behold." Mildred Martin “Sincere and serious; that's she." ROW III Tommy Martin “I fear we've had a hurricane Beg pardon, it was only Tommy passing by." Mary Martindale "This little lass so full of laughter " Dwight Mason "A problem still unsolved." Lorraine Massey "A very brilliant lassie we have here." ROW IV Lorene Matelic "To know her is to like her." Charles Matteson "Aw, don't believe it. How could curiosity kill a cat?" Nella Matthews “And still they gazed, and still their wonder grew, that one small head could carry all she knew Bill Mauzy “This center lank and lean has been a credit to his team." ROW V Ed. Mehok "Rather small, but a bullet to stop." Herschell Miles “The pride and joy of Harlan Hodges." Jack Mills "I say, there old fellah!" Mickey Miskowski “They who talk cannot think for talking." OF 19 3 9 25SENIORS ROW I Charles Mitchell I'm economical; studying is merely a waste of energy." A. K. Montgomery His voice is like thunder bounding from a mustard seed." Carl Moore A most honored soldier of the Royal Order of the Hysters." Vivian Nelson It is tranquil people who accomplish things." ROW II Bob Newton A clean and scholarly athlete who can remain a man and face defeat.” Edith Nichols A thousand times more valuable than her name implies " Elmyra Nichols The world's no better if we worry, life's no longer if we hurry." Harold Norman T like the man who faces what he must." ROW III Albert Pall "To lose is not a sin, but I always try to win." Marcia "Her majesty— an i eyes ROW IV Andy "He sees few people—usually one." Betty Lou Patterson As fair as the Goddesses of old." Carl Wayne Patton "Some day I'll wake up and find myself great." Frank Pauls "Think I'll hunt wild game." ROW V Eva Pavelich "How wise one must be to always be so kind." John Pearce "When Pearce is around there's life to be found." Billy Peek "I'll trumpet my way to the glory land." Dorris Purcell "She's gotta be a dear—her name's Purcell." 26 THE REDBIRDSENIORS ROW I Eugene Pergar ’ What! no girls in heaven? Just leave me here." Eddie Peters He's got what it takes." H. R. Peters "Nobody knows what a god boy I am." Russel Pilcey I don't mind studying." ROW II Kermit Pinkham An artist of which one may well be proud.” Mildred Plasters "A senior lass there was.” Edna Mae Pagoda A friendly heart with many friends.” Eugene Powell A product of the arm of the law.” ROW III Jennie Prusaczyk "Seeth a smile and curls, then thinkst thou of me.” . J . Mary Rumsey And on she labored never complaining." r . ? v s I Lodema Rowe "She accomplished tlVougn constant effort." Iy r . r Kathleen Ranson "Blessed with sy rh i| yely eyes.” .ROW IV ' Joyte Ragan ’Full of life ami joy." Evan Renn “Qnce he ran bo fast he set the track 9 fi5e . Margie Rice Tis Only noble to be good." Alice Roberts | "The joy of life is living it.” ROW V Lucille Roberts "Good nature is the very air of her mind." Margaret Rodden "Determination is the master key to success.” Raymond Roe He never turns his head, but presses on ahead." Lorene Rose A rose there was so beautious fair.” OF 19 3 9 27 ) SENIORS ROW I Wendell Ross "There's always a demand for men like me." Vernalee Rich “We can't all be Rich." Kate Russel “So charming a charm has she." Chester Sala “She took me to an elfin grot, and there I wept and sighed full sore." ROW II Wilfred Schumn “He that has knowledge spares his words." Ruth Seagle “One of the few who can listen well." Robert Shanks "Leaving work to those who like it." Henry Shudinis "We tried—but still he would excell." ROW III Doris Skeen “It isn't always size that counts." Aldona Simms "Industrious always-she." Fairy June Slayden “A midsummer night's dream." Lois Smith “Eyes that conquer the strongest of men." ROW IV Mary Lena Soulsby "In her smile we find happiness." Wilma Southerland “She'll study and become a nurse." Mike Spontak “His line is business.” Dorothy Stagner “She is more fair than words can say." ROW V Stella Stokes “Ah! sad are they who know not love." Tommy Straka “Live and let live." Tillie Stravinsky “So very bright she shines all the day long." Neil Stewart “Did someone say women?" 28 THE REDBIRDSENIORS ROW I Dale Su “The pride Thomas sunshine wherever she goe: ROW II Barbara Todd "A big shot in the Girl Reserve." Virginia Thomas "And within much beauty there lurked." Sidney Thomas "The feet that went creeping slow to school went storming out to play." Mary Thornton "As golden sunbeams is her hair." ROW III Kenneth Tomblin "I won't let studies interfere with my education." Vina Tittsworth "Truth from her lips prevailed in double sway." Bill Turner "He never worries—nor ever hurries." Jacob Vanwey “A nice fellow—can we say more?" ROW IV Helen Vraviclc "We mold a future with our youth." Vernon Veach "A quiet senior lad is he." Etoil Vineyard "Valuable gifts are often wrapped in simple packages." Mary Vitko "A quiet lass is she." ROW V Oiva Wally "We all admire him." Emma Warren "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Ernest Warren "The lad with the coal black hair." Rex Wasson "Not rowdy, just full of life." OF 19 3 9 29SENIORS ROW I George Weaver "Study will never kill me. Addison Webb Study kills great men and I don't want to die." Don Webb "Some day work and I will have a collision.'' Jesse White "I came, I saw, I conquered something—WHAT!" ROW II Leon Williamson What is there about girls that interests me!" Wallace Wentworth "We value his worth." Kathryn Wise And here is one so very wise." Doris Wysup Much knowledge does she possess." ROW III Byford Young "A young musician." Lester Young "I'll never worry about growing old." Ann Zalokar "Soft winds have force." Mildred Browning "She's like the wind, she's everywhere." ROW IV Wilmeeta Flood “So quiet—you'd never know she was around." Carl Burpo Bound to go places and do things." 30 THE REDBIRDTHE THREE UITDERCLFISSES TFIKE THE SPOTLIGHT JUNIORS "READY TO FINISH" SOPHOMORES "HALF EXPOSED" FRESHMEN "UNDER TIMED" 32 THE REDBIRDWe Juniors gasp at the thought of time passing so rapidly. The Fall of 1936 saw us enter as Freshmen and the Fall of 1939 will see us as Seniors. What have we accomplished? Our group has had its representatives in all the activities of our Alma Mater. We are especially proud of having introduced the idea of a Sophomore Banquet and having given our play, "Beloved Hero." But we, no doubt, have failed to give and to get our fullest measure. Soon the community will have us as graduates. May our shortcomings serve as guides to be avoided and our successes as inspirations to be excelled. JUniOR CLASS OFFIC6RS JACK FOSTER Treasurer ALLIS HAYS Secretary ED. VAN TREASE Vice-Pres’dent OF 1939 33 J. O. PATTON PresidentJUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1936 the camera was focused on 435 Freshmen starting on the first year of their four-year journey through F. C. H. S. Our Freshman year we selected the following officers: Eugene Dodds, president: Anna Marie Dodds, secretary-treasurer; John Whiteside, vice-president. Miss Kelley and Mr. Hodges were our sponsors. Mary Dailey and Sallie Morris represented us in the court of the Homecoming Queen. When we were Sophomore, we elected Eugene Dodds, president; Edwin Van Trease, vice-president; Robert Peavler, secretary; Fred Batts, treasurer. Miss Cox and Mr. McClintock were selected by us to act as sponsors. Sue Henson and Sallie Morris were our attendants to the Homecoming Queen. We feel that during our Sophomore year we accomplished very much. Due to the untiring efforts of Miss Cox, Mr. McClintock and our class officers we were able to have a banquet. That was the first time that underclassmen had attempted a social gathering of that nature. This year we are Juniors trying to uphold the dignity befitting us. We were so pleased with our selection of sponsors the previous year that we re-elected Miss Cox and Mr. McClintock. J. Q. Patton was chosen president; Edwin Van Trease, vice-president: Jack Foster, treasurer; Allis Hays, secretary. Mary Dailey was selected as maid-of-honor to the Homecoming Queen, while Sallie Morris was an attendant. We are looking forward to next year when we hope to gain greater distinction as Seniors. "BELOVED HERO" 'Beloved Hero was presented April 27, under the direction of Miss Mildred Cox. The beautiful story of Abraham Lincoln and his love for Ann Rutledge, the effect of her death upon his character and personality, the building of the great emancipator, was portrayed in an old setting with beautiful old costumes suitable to the occasion. The role of Abraham Lincoln as a boy was portrayed by Clyde Mabry and as a young man by Ordell Davis; Ann Rutledge, Vivian Lou Martin; Mr. Rutledge, Charles Dorris: Mrs. Rutledge, Mary Jane Mitchell; Mrs. Able, Geraldine Walton; Miss Owens, Nadine Holoffe: Martha, Kathryn McDonald: Mattie, Jane Mosley: John McNeil, Paul Howard; Sam Hill, Carl Eubanks; Jack Armstrong, William Cantrell; Malcolm Judd, John McGuire; Aunty Sparrow, Charlotte Koons: Nancy Hawks Lincoln, Gretchen Freeman: Sarah Lincoln, Mary Daily. 34 THE REDBIRD v y S ' Jr .lt JUNIORS Jesse Abbott Katherine Bailey Bert Baker Fred Batts Wally Batts Florence Bell Ernestine William Cantrell Richard Carpenl y ’ Mary L uidb Chornk Ci Clemons Roy Connell Lena Qontri (Dorothy Crim Mary Dailey Fred Dananay Robert Davis Aubra Denny Lucille Dorris Mary Doty Tommy Dugger Gladys Easley OF 19 3 9 35Marylee ' Carl Engram ' Julius Fenoglio Barbara Fitzgerald Samuel Fleming Pete Forte Pauline Francis Gretchen Freeman Lillian Fulks Lawrence Gallick Hays Jack Hedges MaVf Lou JJ|k lland © HoloHe Hughes idney Jam s Virginia Johns Joyce Joplin Irene Julian Marcella Karrol!Mary King Gloria Kirkpatrick Charlotte Koons Martha Kopetz Elisabeth Lamkin lane Lawrence Pauline Lemmon August Lingle Gene Link Edward McAllister Betty McClosky Helen Ruth McDonald Kathryne McDonald James McFaddin feagher Lucille Mills Omar Mintoj nsellJUNIORS Wanda Neal Mary Allen Nolen Evelyn Odle Virginia Osborne Clara Otterson Urie Allen Parkhill Margaret Patrick J. O. Patton Anna Paulitsch Robert Peavler Myra Perry Junior Philippart Patty Pittman Walter Pogoda John Prayclc William Prusacyzk Helen Louise Ragland Dorothy Ranson Ollie Mae Richards Winiired Roberts Margaret Robinson Dorothy Roe Ruth Rogers Willie Rose Lavern Sanders Raymond Serena Kathryn Shackellord Alie Shriver Emogene Slayden Imogene Slayden 33 THE REDBIRDJUNIORS Wayne Smothers Raymond Spaven Una Stewart Fay Thames Francos Thompson Edwin Van Trease Margaret Varis John Vincsnt Virginia Wagner Geraldine Walton Geraldine Webster John Whiteside Wayne Wilburn Bill Williams Bill Williams Jack Williams Perry Willmore Earl Woods Alberta Young OF 19 3 9 39OUR SOPHOMORE CLASS In the fall of '37, about three hundred and fifty freshmen started into F. C. H. S. for the first time. At our first meeting we elected Miss Neva Pearl Gloyd and Mr. Robert B. Eadie as our class sponsors. We chose Sammy Hancock for president; Jack Shearer, vice-president; Frank Chornak, secretary; Marsolie McFaddin, treasurer. Our football attendants were Mildred Boyer and Mary Ellen Kinison. This year we chose Sammy Hancock as president; Maurice Bristow, vice-president; Anna McGhee, secretary; Ann Stravinsky, treasurer, and Mr. Hodges and Miss Beasley as sponsors. For our football attendants we chose Ruby Nell Gann and Mary Ellen Kinison. The Class of 1941 expect to be the best in learning and sportsmanship ever to graduate from F. C. H. S. 40 THE REDBIRDSOPHOMORES MR. BAIN S HOME ROOM Firs! Row: Cora Joan Abston, John Adams, Beverly Albert. Joan Alexander. Eldon Allen iiun John Anderson. Martha Anglin, Luther Antilini, Warren Bailey, Betty June Beams Second Row: Arthur Benedetti, Louise Bennett. Charles Bolen. Dairy Boozer Floyd Borek. Annie Bozic Jack Buerkly. Bennie Bullington, Bobby Burg. Billie Burns, John Arvai MISS COX'S HOME ROOM Third Row: Mike Butta, Pauline Callahan, June Calvert, John Campbell. Norma Cantrell. Ostiglio Carbonari, Salator Carbonari. Frank Chornak, Eugene Clark, Ruth Clark. Fourth Row: Mary Cole, Margaret Louise Covert. Dan Cox. William Culbertson, Hubert Darnell, Irene Davis, Irma Denny, Oscar DePriest. Freda Dillon, Betty Lou Ditterline, Richard Donini. Fifth Row: Billy Donley, Walter Dotson. Charles Drake, Wayne Dugger, Russell Duncan, June Epper-heimer, Gloria Galli. i'1 MR. ELY'S HOME ROOM Fifth Row: Conrad Engram, Paul Enrietta, Lorene Essary Sixth Row: Yvonne Evans. Emma Ferrer i. Geraldine Fife, George Filkins Marga Fulman, Irene Furges, Eula Gambil. Ruby Nell Gann, Sylvia Gicabozi. Odell Gills. Seventh Row: Gene Gill. Josephine Gore. John Gorski, Claude Gower, lmogene Gray, Virgil Gray, Vivian Green, John Grosco, Harold Lodge. George Malborn. Margaret Flatte, J. G X J V A v cc - -f ft i -t kAXJLXj (jj JL, nA A mj_ Mary Groves. Maxine Grubbs. Charlotte HdUyrMyrtle Hammers. Sfemmy Hancock. Betty Harper, Charles Harper, Letha Jo Harrell, Imogene Hares. Neva Mae Hayes, Ruth Evelyn Hayes, econd Row: Kenneth Hedges. Jewell Henely, Dorothy Hesler. Gene Hill, John Hill, Evelyn Hogstrom. Imogene Holland, Earl Horsley, Robert Hutchcratt. Betty! Isaacs. Geraldine Isaacs ird Row: Julia Jackanicz. Thomas Jones. Joseph Kaneversky. MR. HASHE S HOME BOOM illiam Keaster, Maryellen Kinison. Maxine K ieemyer, Mary Lou Koontz, Wayhe LamnNf Las well, J. W Lee Jto Lenich, Rudolf Lenich, Tony Levanti Tommy Lingle. Alice Link, Charles Lintner, Billy v e Lucas. Ann Lynch, Margaret Lynch. Pat Lyons 11a Margaret McCrary, Theresa McCray Marsolie McFadin. Anna McGhee William McKee. Robert McNeely. James McPhcnl. Walter Maki, Josephine Mayhand MISS HELMING’S HOME ROOM ubert Maise. Virginia Martin. Toh Ralph Mayer Edith Medenica. Harry Melvin. Myrldine osetta Melvin. Violet Melvin. Glenti Mick. John Micknovich, John Minton. Justina Miskowsky, Harry Lee Mltcholl, Virginia Mitchell, Edward Morgan, Leon Morgan, e. Eugene Moore, Juanita Moore. Sarah Ellen Moore. Kenneth Morris. Paul Morris THE REDBIRD SOPHOMORES MISS MIKAL'S HOME ROOM Firrft Row. Rose Morrison. Charles Mosely, Dorothy Nelson, Edward Nolen. Beulah Odum Burdell 'Neal, Beulah Owsley, Mary Pongoms Wilma Patchett, Mary Ann Peek. Helen Peterson ?ow JerrY Phar18- I®rrY Phillips, Quentin Pinkham. Betty Plantec. Lewis Posey, Gene Powell. Charles Presley. Clara Bell Price. Elmer Price, Glendine Purcell. Arthur Ragan. Wanda Roye. Thirci now: Russell Reid, Edward Reach, Lyndell Render, Charles Rina. MR. STONE S HOME ROOM Third Row: Alice Rodden, Bernard Rodden. James Rodden. Garldine Rose. Harold Rotramel. Sibyl Rotra-mel, John Russel. Fourth Row: Earl Scarlett. Joan Schumn. Margaret Seagle. Juanita Shaw, Elsie Mae Sheaffer. Jack Shearer. Harry Silven, Katherine Simmons. Delores Simpson, Dolph Simpson. Inez Simpson. Rollie Sims. Fifth Row: Bob Sinks, Mary Lee Sisney. Clarence Staghell. Bob Smith. Ozette Smith. James Sparks. Arletha Speckes, John Spontak, Sylvia Stanes, James Stevens. Ann Stravinsky. MR. TUCKER'S HOME ROOM Sixth Row: John Skuta, John Sullivan. Bobby Jack Tabor. Evelyn Tarn, Carrol Talley. Joseph Testa. Richard Thurmond, J. C. Threewitt, Joe Tomblin. Ed. Tominsky. Robert Treece, Dorothy Tweedy. Seventh Row: Virginia Uhls, Jimmy Verkins. Clyde Vineyard. Houston Vineyard. Rose Wacn. Cleve Wade, Betty Ward, Herman Ward. Bill_________Wazonc, Beverly Weaver. Geraldine Weaver. Byford Webster --------- Eighth Row: James Wells. Jane Wharry, Betty White, Cecil White. Robert White. Bob Will. Versa Williams, Isaac Wilmor. Carol Winn, Wanda Wilson Mary Margaret Wolfe. John Woods. Eddie Zukosky. John Zupko. Elaine Zwick. CO CO OF 19 3 9 43FRESHMAN CLASS In the year of 1938-1939, three hundred and seventy-three freshmen enrolled at p Q H. S. to begin the trek towards a coveted diploma. We organized and chose as our leaders: President ............................ Vice-President ....................... Secretary ............................... j Sponsors We showed In athletics we were lubelt, and Tomzi! Led by Esnesti tained a high War) three yi Bobby Donahue Louise Viieyard K Davton McReakin istant yell leader. . Solomon, Eadie, Paul Margelli, J e ma'in-corltlnue throughout the next th Jr0at anticipaticywfWith the enlarged ievp we will be able t£ take another and utstanding class of F. C. H. S. THE REDBIRD X i r t yCj JL , (0' 71 CHANGNON'S HOME ROOM First Row: Wanda Allman. Emma Antalini, Gerald Arview. James Avery. Johnny Bakon, Ruth Baney. Thomas Barnard, Yolanda Borelli, Dorothy Barty, Frank Bataitis, Roberta Beames Second Row Flonne Beltz, Theodore Bernhard. W H Blades. Russel Bolin, Eileen Bonucchi, Lawana Book. Velia Bartolotti, Pauline Bozic. Thelma Brown, Joe Bruce. Lola Bullock, Pauline Burba Third Row. Jewell Burbank, Conrad Burgess, Delbert Burpo, Evelyn Burpo. Louise Cabaness, George Cowp, Elaine Carpenter, Mary Carpenter, Earl Carr. Patricia Carroll. Aileen Chamness. Maxine Chance, Amelia Comia. FRANCIS HOME ROOM Fourth Row; James Chapman, Mary Jane Childers, Betty Clancy. Dwight Clark. Bernadean Clayton. Ernestine Cox. Harold Cox. J. H. Craigg, Jo Ella Crane. Lucille Cross Filth Row; Iva Mae Davis, Clifford Dawson. Mona Deason, Carol Denton. Hervie Dillingham. J. L Dobreff. Bobby Donahue. Minnie Donini. Virginia Dooley. Betty Dorns, Bobby Dorris, Evelyn Dorris. Sixth Row: Ruth Ann Doty. Carl Doumont, Allen Edmonds, Ruth Edison. Carl Edmonds, Harold Eldndge, Norma Eldridge, Clarabelle Ennen. GLOYD'S HOME ROOM Sixth Row: Joe Falletti, Martha Fickas. Eva Fitzgerald. Seventh Row: Ira Flood. Andy Florian. Frank Fodor. Helen Foder, Clarence Freeman. Margaret Fris. R T. Fulks. Esta Lee Furlong, Johnnie Gaddis. Marilyn Gaddis. Imogene Gherdini. Hugh Dale Gifford Eighth Row Gene Glenn. Roy Glenn. James Golio, Pete Golio, Elna Good, John Gouse. Dale Gray, Kenneth Gray, Paul Gray, Charles Gregonias, Warren Gnmmit, Charles Halfacre Ninth Row: Dorothy Hall. Gene Hall, Billy Hamilton. Archie Hand, James Harriss. Bobby Harrell. OF 19 3 9 45$¥v MISS KELLY S HOME ROOM First Row Edith Nell Hays. Charles Hartley. Billy Harvey. Mildred Haskell. Dorothy Hawkins Henderson. Julia Henson, Bill Herrell, Herman Herring. Gene Hicks, Lonne Hicks, Ted Hicks. Second Row Delmar Hill, James Hill, Pauline Hill. Eugene Hindman. Heza Hindman. Mary Hiscox. Bernard Holder. Bill Holland, Herbert Holland. Marietta Holloway. Maunce Holland. Wilma Hopper. Odean Hubbard. Third Row: Margaret Hudachko, Mary Lou Hudgens, Corine Hudson. Lizzie Mae Hughes, Reba Eliza- beth Hughes, Leo Huth, Wilma Hutton. George Iubelt, Juanita Jackson, Fred Jemison. Jess Jenkins, LeRoy Jones. Pete Jackanicz. MR. McCLINTOCK S HOME ROOM . Fourth Row: Marjorie MacDonald. Mary McGhee, Elmer Maki, Paul Margelh, Laverne- Marshall, Bill Martin. Bob Martin. Earl Martin. Paul Martin. Rnena Martin, Ruby Matthews. Bernard Mayer rifth Row Dalphna Melvin, Louise Melvin. J T Morrow. Bill Miles, Marilyn Miller. Mary Millikin, Berneice Mings, Bob Minton. George Minton, Bill Moore, Jane Moore, Jimmy Moran, Harold Moseley »ixth Row; Pansy Jo Moss. Eloise Munsell, Jimmy Neil. Lee Nestler. Rosemary Nestler. Doiiie Mae Newton, Wilburn Nickelvitch, June Ogdon, Louise Odle, Evelyn O'Neil. LAUNIUS' HOME ROOM Sixth Row: Winston Alfred, Joan Karnes Seventh Row. Gertrude Karroll. Billey Kelley, Ruth Ann King, Juanita Kirk, Bobbie Knofski, Richard Lang. Francis Lange. Jack Large. Lena Lavazzi. Robert Lawrence. Paul Lowman, Charles Lenzim. Lois Bell Lewis. Eighth Row: Charles Little, Christine Livesay, Jack Lockwood, James Lucas. Charles Luther. Opal Lyons, Rosemary McCloskey. Elua Mae McDaniel. Clarence McDonald, Josephine McGhee Jack McKown, Shirley McLain. Dayton McReaken. Ninth Row: Oralene McReaken, John Mahalick UNCLASSIFIED Junior Arview, Vivian Barnett, Lillian Barrett. Ernest Lee Batteau, Mary Louise Bernhard. Mary Boggia, Eudora Bowers. Clay Dean Boyer. Mildred Boyer. Maunce Bristow Tenth Row: Lloyd Broski. J. W Clem. Betty Guier, Evelyn Hoebbel. Leland Summers. Pete Tedeschi 46NOONER'S HOME ROOM Row One: John T Rowles. Asa Risner Margaret Roblin. Lincoln Rq Roberts. lames Rodden, Bennie Roe. Ruth Roe. Billy Rogers. Row Two: lohn Ruhsiewski. Margaret Ruscin. Imogene Russejf Sadnovich. Isabelle Sankus. Hobert Saul, Leonard Short, Berniece Shudinis. Row Three Arthur Shutt. Ishmal Silk wood. Jonothan Sim| Slipcevich. Conan Smith, John Solomon .. NAVE'S HOME ROOm Denme Lee Ozee, Lester Pacentme. Emalme Page. John Parkh jri Row Four. Dorothy Pasquino. Mickey Pavelich Willie Lois Rosellen Pilfer, Irene Price, Daniell Pritchard, George Quay Ranson, Josephine Rauback. Row Five Bob Rawson, Eddie Rarer, Johnny Razer, Hugh Redden.1 Rennie, Eugene Rice, Aileen Rich SUMMERVILLE'S HOME ROOM Celina Southerland. Harmon Steyer, Ruby Steward Row Six: Randall Stewart, Lorene Sullivan. Benny Sullivan. Billie Supan r Swearingen, Keith Swearingen. A D. Sutton, Anna Lee Taylor, Jackie Tayll 1 Taft. Dale Thames J tow Seven: Edith Thomson. Alice Thompson. Helen Thompson. Norman Throgmor fcr Tittsworth. Frank Tomzik, Walter Stone. Douglas Stove: Lois Tuiey Betty Turnel L TRIPP'S HOME ROOM PauVUnderwood. Violet Vaughn. Anna Vickert, Alberta Vincent, Louise Vineyard. Alfred waafinima Rail. Jewell Walls, Nina Ward. Darrell Wearmouth. Betty Weaver. Le Donna Weaver, EarllWebb Row Nine: Joan Webb. Lawrence Webb. George Webster. Alma Weeks. Tommy Wheeler. Vetta Wheeler. Bett WeUs. Gladys White, Dwain Wickers. Imogene Will. Marcella Willard, J D. Willhite, Joe Wil-liams rah Fay Williams, Edward Willis. Fred Willmore. J B Willmore, Victor Wilkas. Virginia Wilkinson J ice Wolfe. Eugene Woodburn, Neva Woolard. Johnnie Yesinkus. Thelma Young OF 19 3 9 47UU€ POinT TH€ Cflm€RR AT OUR ACTIVITIES... A hiqh school club is an association of students for a common purpose. The value to each student participating in club activity may be considered in three divisions: educational, recreational, and social. The greatest value that a student may obtain by active participation in a club is a definite educational value. There are reasons why learning progresses with maximum facility in clubs. First, the work is necessarily limited to some special activity by means of which the student learns a great deal about one subject. Second, the student is intensely interested in the work, or he would not be there. Third, club activities are so practical as to hold an immediate appeal. The purpose of the club may be to develop certain skills, or it may be to increase knowledge. Members of the Rifle Club, for example, enjoy actual shooting in which competition spurs the members on in a spirit of friendly rivalry, and along with this sheer sport the members 48 THE REDBIRDlearn how to handle a gun safely. On the other hand members of the Science Club do a good deal of abstract thinking in their study of certain intricate procedures and processes and add much to their store of information. Recreation may be secured by a change from one kind of work to another, or it may be secured by a change from work to play. Club activities offer both these kinds of recreation. Even though the Club activity may require a considerable amount of physical and mental effort, it is considered recreation just as any hobby is. Then there are several play activities which are purely recreational. Whereas the freshman, the sophomore, the junior, or the senior class is so unwieldy because of the large enrollment as to make social functions more or less impracticable, the membership of a club is usually a number convenient for social activities. Social function such as hikes, wiener roasts, parties, or dances help to complete one's personality and to make him a cheerful tolerant individual. POS6 PL€AS€ The Photography Club In Action.ML Tuesday, July 26, 1921, a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Palmer. Time proved her to be of royal blood, for upon reaching her Sophomore year in High School she was chosen first attendant to the Queen. The great thrill of her Junior year came upon being selected as Maid of Honor to the Queen, while upon reaching her Senior year in the Halls of Learning" she cast aside the bonds that hel her from distinction and became her Royal Highness, the Football Queen for the Class of '39. The 1939 crowning was one of the most colorful events during the school year. The queen and her court were attired in beautiful gowns and carried gayly colored baskets of chrysanthemums. Leading the procession was Betty Williams, retiring Queen for the Class of '38. She wore a pink chiffon formal. Next to the retiring Queen, was Mary Dailey. Maid of Honor for the Junior class. She was dressed in a gown of gold satin trimmed in gold lame. Next came the Queen herself, Marcia Palmer. She wore a glittering formal of white brocaded satin. She carried a lovely bouquet of yellow Mums.'' Following the Queen, were her two attendants, Ruby Nell Gann, in blue net and Dale Thames in yellow sharkskin. Behind the attendants in the order of their appearance were the ladies-in-waiting, Virginia Thomas, Senior; Sallie Morris, Junior; Maryellen Kinison, Sophomore, and Pansy Jo Moss, Freshman, all of whom wore lovely gowns. 50 THE REDBIRDWhen the student body chose from the Junior class the boy who was to guide them through the oncoming year, they overwhelmingly elected Warren Brown. Warren's warm and friendly smile, his quick wit and his cheery greeting won for him a warm spot in the hearts of his classmates and faculty alike. He is a born leader in the true sense of the word. His glowing personality and capable ability won for him the presidency of his freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes. He has also been president of the F. C. H. S. Hi-Y Club, the Sou. III. Hi-Y Council and the Rifle Club, and was an active member of the Phi-Epsilon, Student Patrol, Science Club, Kennel Club, Pep Club and several minor organizations. He was a member of the football team the first three years and has participated in several speech contests. He had the leading role in the junior class play last year and an important part in the senior class play this year. Before Warren received the office, there had been seven other students to occupy it. The first student body president was Warren Gladders, who was elected in 1932. In 1933, the student president was William Moake; in 1934, Lowell Jones; in 1935 Glenn Lewis; in 1936 Gaskell Thurman; in 1937, James Hutchcraft; and in 1938 Earl Smith. This year Warren is the eighth. OF 19 3 9ANNUAL STAFF Due to the untiring efforts of the staff, the annual was finally sent to press. It has been twenty years since the first annual was published, the first being in 1919. Although the preparation of an annual is an enormous task, we feel happy to have had a part in carrying on a twenty-year-old F. C. H. S. tradition. Every member of the staff has had a part in building the book this year and despite all the problems presented, we feel that a fine annual has again been published. A complete list of the staff members will be found on page 98. ECONOMISTS The Economists' club was organized to investigate and promote the industrial possibilities of our community. We realize that West Frankfort cannot, at the present, assimilate the young people of its own environment. Therefore, we, as some of the young people, want to make our community aware of its possibilities and what it can do for the employment of the home people. "F" CLUB All boys who have won letters in football, basketball, or track, automatically become members of the "F" Club. The object of the club is to promote better athletics in the school and to see that only those entitled to athletic emblems shall wear them. No officers were elected this year. FLYING ACES This club organized in 1938 by Mr. Summerville, consists of twenty members and is conducted as a military squadron. The purpose of this organization is to erect a foundation for aeronautical science. In this club, model airplanes of every type are built, flown, and studied. Modern military and commercial aviation is discussed. Various contests have been held during the year. The club meets every Tuesday and Friday evenings. Mr. Summerville hopes that with this base, a bigger and better club can be formed next year. 52 THE REDBIRDANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Carl Black Senior Editors Edith Boustead Eugene Dodds Business Manager Mike Spontak Co-Sponsors Mr. Queen Mr. Walston First Annual Published 1919 ECONOMISTS President Jack Smith Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Cunningham Sponsor Mr. R. B. Eadie Founded—1939 F CLUB Sponsor Coach Changnon The Club Was Organized In 1925 FLYING ACES President Gene Ellis Hill Vice-President Kenneth Peffer Secretary-T reasurer John Michnovicz Sponsor Mr. Summerville The Club Was Organized In 1938LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Le Cercle Francais, with Miss Kelly as sponsor, was organized this year to create greater interest in and to add to the students' knowledge of the French people, their language, and their customs. Membership is limited to students who have had at least one year of French. At present, the club has nineteen members. GIRL RESERVES The purpose of the Girl Reserves is to help any girl to find and to give the best. During the past year the club has endeavored to live up to its purposes through its various activities. At Thanksgiving and Christmas, the club gave baskets of food to the needy. The club meets each Wednesday after school and discusses different problems. On the social calendar for the year has been the installation ceremonies, Mother-Daughter Banquet, potluck suppers, and parties of various kinds. G. A. A. The G. A. A. Club was organized with the purpose of having girls participate in play activities, to develop health and sportsmanship. Among other activities, the members engage in hiking, basketball, ping-pong, tap-dancing and badminton. HOME ECONOMICS The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to develop good health, correct dress, good conduct, and share home responsibilities. Meetings were held every other week of the school year in which these matters were discussed. Social activities included a Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Tharp, and a Valentine party at school. The main business activity of the year was that of serving hot lunches at school during bad weather. The money was used in buying linens for the dining room. Motto: "As our girlhood is, so shall our womanhood be." Colors: Orchid and Green. S4 THE REDBIRDLE CERCLE FRANCAIS President Edward Barrett Vice-President Doris Purcell Secretary-T reasurer Mary Jane Boner Sponsor Miss Kelly The Club Was Organized This Year GIRL RESERVES President Barbara Todd Vice-President Lodema Rowe Secretary Phyllis Hayes Treasurer Betty Lou Patterson Co-Sponsors Miss Grant Miss Helming The Club Was Organized In 1927 G. A. A. President Marcia Palmer Vice-President Albina Radzunas Secretary Irene Clancy Treasurer Mary Boggia Sponsor Miss Monica Mikals Founded—1922 HOME ECONOMICS President Dorothy Carter Vice-President Jane Dean Swofford Secretary-T reasurer Dorothy Lewis Reporter Erlene Johns Sponsor Mrs. Berniece Tharpe Originated—1938 $ li . :a k a. 3 vHONOR SOCIETY The Honor Society consists of students who have fulfilled the four requirements for National Honor Society membership—scholarship, leadership, character, and service. At present the Society members are all Seniors and represent 7% of the Junior class of last year. These were chosen by a faculty vote last year. Later this semester other members from the highest 25% of the Junior and Senior classes will be chosen. Hl-Y The Hi-Y club, with a membership of about 100 boys, has enjoyed its 14th year of activity in our High School. The purpose of the organization is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character"—the platform being: clean living, clean scholarship, clean speech, and clean athletics. The year's social program of the club has included a Halloween Date Party, Faculty Fellowship Night, Older Boys' conference, Spring Pie Supper, Fall Hay Ride, and Senior, Father and Son Farewell Banquet. As a part of its work the group has supported the Red Cross drive, the Salvation Army drive, the Library Publication fund, Y. M. C. A. drive and the Infantile Paralysis fund. A basketball team was also sponsored for the purpose of bringing about more fellowship with the clubs of surrounding towns. The team's season was climaxed by winning the Harrisburg Hi-Y Tourney. KENNEL CLUB Woof! Here come the dog owners! This has been a second most successful year for the club. In the early part of the year, they sponsored a pet show which was a great achievement. In the latter part of the year, a dog show was planned. The club met every Monday afternoon. After the business meeting, a thoroughbred dog was often displayed and discussed. PEP CLUB The paramount theme of the Pep Club is organized school spirit. In addition to this, the Pep Club (this year) has endeavored to get uniforms for the club—feeling such a display would give added zest to the members. They meet each Tuesday afternoon in Room 106—where a program is given and yells are practiced. 56 THE REDBIRDHONOR SOCIETY Sponsor Miss Kelly Hl-Y President Warren Brown Vice-President Edward Mehok Secretary Paul Howard Treasurer Eugene Dodds Co-Sponsors Mr. McClintock Mr. Chenoweth Advisors Mr. Ely Mr. Sullivan The Club Was Organized In 1925 KENNEL CLUB President Charles Ashby Vice-President Vivian Lou Martin Secretary Fairy June Slayden Treasurers Carl Burpo Tommy Martin Sponsor Mr. Wayne Ely The Club Was Organized In 1938 PEP CLUB President Eugene Dodds Vice-President Ada Jane Lawerence Secretary-Treasurer Emma Warren Co-Sponsors Mrs. Anna Launius Mr. Lavern Tripp The Club Was Organized In 1938PHI EPSILON FRATERNITY The club under the sponsorship of Miss Cox was formed three years ago. The colors of our club are purple and gold. Our motto is "Let there be Light." The club is divided into two groups, the Plebians and the Patricians. The club has been entertained throughout the school year with picnics and many interesting programs. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The Photography Club was organized in 1933 with Mr. Walston as sponsor. The purpose of the club is to aid in a further understanding of the elements of good picture-taking and to assist with picture work done for the annual and other school publications. Meetings are held each Thursday after school. At this time discussions and darkroom demonstrations are held. THIRTEEN ACES The purpose of the club is to promote better sportsmanship. The club has prospered a second year under the sponsorship of Mrs. Launius. Several successful candy sales were held in order to raise money. A new set was bought and more candy sales were planned in order to buy a ping pong table. A birthday party was held in honor of the club having been organized one year. Colors: Green and White. Motto: "Bat 'em and Beat 'em." TABLE TENNIS TECHNICIANS Early in the fall of 1938 a new club was formed in F. C. H. S. This club was picked from a large group of boys who answered the call to join. Membership was limited to twelve and was determined by the following four factors: 1. Scholarship 3. Citizenship 2. Leadership 4. Morals Most of the members had a scholastic average of 3.50 or above and no one was permitted to join who had received a semester grade of D. Meetings were held in the West Library classroom first on Monday from 7:00 P. M. to 9:00 P. M., but were later held on Tuesday at the same place and time. The purpose of this club was to afford the members an evening of physical relaxation, along with some social activity. The business meetings gave the members an opportunity to learn how meetings are conducted according to Roberts' Rules of Order. 58 THE REDBIRDPHI EPSILON FRATERNITY Consul Eugene Dodds Aedile Carl Burpo Quaestor Geraldine Weaver Captain of Patricians Georgiana Connor Captain of Plebians Geraldine Walton Sponsor Miss Cox Founded—1937 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB President John Pearce Vice-President Bob Burke Secretary-Treasurer Edward Lee Sponsor Mr. Walston Founded—1933 13 ACES President Evelyn Hogstrom Vice-President Marion Kairis Secretary Wilma Patchett Treasurer Ella Margaret McCrary Sponsor Mrs. Anna Launius Founded—1938 TABLE TENNIS TECHNICIANS Presidents Bobby Donahue Richard Thermond Secretary-T reasurer Bob Minton Co-Sponsors Mr. Bain Mr. Crowell Founded—1938RED BIRD NOTES This year the Red Bird Notes" was published bi-weekly with a news broadcast over a public address system in the auditorium on each intervening week, during the first semester. At the beginning of the second semester the paper was returned to its former weekly publication basis. The highlight of the year occurred when five staff members and Miss Alice Hoye, adviser, attended the National Scholastic Press Association. This year N. S. P. A. was held in the Hotel Claypool in Indianapolis, Indiana, November 10-12. RIFLE CLUB Bing! Pop! Bang! No, it isn’t someone popping their gun, it's the Sharpshooters cf F. C. H. S. Mr. Fly, the sponsor of the club, has a strong bid for champion. The club has grown larger and better under the guidance of its officers. The aims of the club are to teach its members safety and the correct way to handle a gun. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club was organized in January, 1938. The club was organized for the purpose of fostering scientific thought and for helping to prepare members for future professions. The club is planning to enter the Junior Academy of Science. Among the interesting things planned for the year are outside speakers, field trips, and laboratory experiments through which we may gain scientific knowledge. EL CIRCULO CASTELLANO The dub was organized by students who wished to continue their Spanish after the second year of the regular course. The former name, "Los Gauchos," was changed to the "El Circulo Castellano' Club. Meetings are held every two weeks at the home of the sponsor, Mrs. Wilson, or at one of the members' homes. This club helps the student not only in cultivating his Spanish, but in leadership as well. At every meeting two members are given complete charge of the program. 60 THE REDBIRDRED BIRD NOTES Editor-in-Chief Richard Gwyn Assistant Editor John Pearce Desk Editor Vernalee Rich Sports Editor Wilbur Humphreys Business Manager Russell De Lap Advertising Manager Elizabeth Bergin Adviser Miss Alice Hoye The Club Was Qfoanize RIFLE CLUB President Bill Peek Vice-President Doris Purcell Secretary-Treasurer Dale Summers Publicity Agent Carl Burpo Sponsor Mr. Wayne Ely The Club Was Organized In 1935 SCIENCE CLUB President Carl Black Vice-President John Drake Secretary-Treasurer Lodema Rowe Co-Sponsors Mr. Crowell Mr. Stone Founded—1938 SPANISH CLUB President Richard Gwyn Vice-President Eva Pavelich Secretary-T reasurer Vina Tittsworth Sponsor Mrs. Wilson Founded—1934STUDENT PATROL The Student Patrol was first organized in 1931 under the direction of Mr. Sullivan and the sponsorship of Mr. and Mrs. Tucker. The Patrol was established for the purpose of promoting student responsibility and to create cooperation and general interest throughout the school. Its membership has increased through the years both in number and efficiency. The importance of this organization, serving as a guiding influence to carry out the general routine, is realized by the student body and the faculty as extremely necessary. Only merit students are members of the Patrol, and their spirit of cooperation is surpassed only by their many duties. For the first time since its organization, the Patrol this year has jackets, trimmed in red and gray and marked with the emblem of the club. SUB DEB CLUB The Sub Deb Club was organized in the Fall of 1938 by Mrs. Anna Launius as a unit of the National Federation of Sub Deb Clubs, founded by Elizabeth Woodward of the Ladies' Home Journal. The dub motto is: "Day by day we strive for mental and physical improvement." The membership this year reached the maximum of 40. Applicants are elected to membership by popular vote of the members. YOUTH FORUM The Youth Forum acts as a clearing for student and teacher opinions on current economic, political, and social problems. Its real value is in the opportunities that it offers the student for self-expressions under parliamentary conditions. This is the first year of its existence, and the success which has attended its organization is extremely complimentary to its sponsors. The organization has its own constitution and by-laws. No dues were required. Officers were not elected until the second semester. "320 COLLEGE AVENUE" "320 College Avenue," a mystery-comedy by Fred Ballard and Mignon Eber-hart, was presented on Tuesday, March 21, 1939 by the Senior class. The play, under the direction of Miss Alice Hoye attracted a capacity crowd to the high school auditorium. Action of the play revolves around a dance at a sorority house. Judy, played by Margaret Maddox, discovers her dancing partner has been murdered as they danced. Only a blue light had been on during the dance so no one had seen the deed. The chief of police, Rembert Wall, arrives but gets no where with his rough-house tactics. The dean of men who teaches psychology, attempts to solve the murder scientifically but his test proves a failure. Judy asks the chief to turn the case over to her which he reluctantly does. She questions the boys one at a time but only discovers that they had all hated the murdered man. Russ, John Pearce, accuses Rita, Stella Stokes, but Cy, acted by Carl Burpo. rushes to her defense as Russ attempts to choke her for slapping his face. The chief reappears and Judy is accused and from there on the story unfolds rapidly with working up to a thrilling climax. A large cast of 24 members presented the modern mystery drama. 62 THE REDBIRDSTUDENT PATROL President Ed. Mehok Vice-President Margie Simmons Secretary-Treasurer Jack Mills Sponsor Mr. Tucker Founded—1929 SUB DEB President Georgiana Connor Vice-President Jessie Jones Corresponding Secretary Doris Purcell Recording Secretary Afton Croslin Treasurer Kathlyn Jones Co-Sponsors Miss Webb Mrs. Anna Launius Founded—1938 YOUTH FORUM President Edward Lee Vice-President Robert Collins Recording Secretary Gretchen Freeman Sponsors Mr. Queen Mr. Bain Mr. Chenoweth Founded—1938 "320 COLLEGE AVENUE" Judith Wayne Margaret Maddox Chief of Police Rembert Wall Russ Morgan John Pearce Billy Grady Edward Lee Doreen Divine Virginia Thomas Rita Day Stella Stokes Cyrus Carl BurpoATHL6T6S MUST B€ D€V€LOP€D AS W€LL AS PICTUR6S The aim of the Athletic Department of the Frankfort Community High School is to have teams who are worthy opponents of other teams represent our school. These teams must possess both a desire to excell in whatever sport they are engaged, and the ideal sportsmanship as a guiding light. With this ideal in view during the last four years, our school teams have won conference championships in track, four times; in football, three times; and in basketball, once. Since the school boards have decided to give Freshmen and Sophomores an opportunity to participate in the physical education program this coming year, our athletic department will endeavor to give these six hundred students an opportunity to receive some of the benefits of play training, desired and needed by most young men and women. The aim in dealing with this group of students in physical education will, of course, be different from the aim of the interscholastic program; it will be concerned with directing the students in learning socially and hygienically approved sports according to social and hygienic standards. THE REDBIRDWe believe that the Athletic Department of F. C. H. S. has made the best showing in the school history during the past four years. Moreover, this school year of '38-'39 proved the most fruitful of any in the past for the all around achievement in the three branches of our athletic program. It is extremely unusual for any team to win the Big Eleven Conference Championship in all three sports during one school year and yet our Red Birds did just that. We can't help but marvel at that wonderful accomplishment and to take great pride in our athletic department. Very few schools anywhere can match the strength, the prestige and the sportsmanship built into our athletics and recognized as such throughout the state. It is our hope and desire that in the future years, the oncoming students and especially the boys participating in the field of sports will continue the fine spirit displayed by our school and will strive even more to make the athletic department of F. C. H. S. the best in the state. OF 19 3 9 6SS. A. Changnon is more than just a coach to his athletes. He is a true psychologist, and as he works out with his teams he recognizes the individuality of each athlete and is interested not only in the physical development of the boys, but likewise in their mental and moral advancement. Their problems are his and oftentimes his is a difficult position as personal feeling fights for a place on his decisions. But Coach is a "square-shooter," and many an F. C. H. S. athlete in the future will be able to look back with gratitude to some shadowed moment with "Coach"; shadowed, because, perhaps, his pride was touched by "Coach's" remarks, but rich in the stuff that makes men of boys. S. A. Changnon—Athletic Director Looking at his splendid record here for the past four years in which Coach has served as athletic director, we can't help but highly respect his superior knowledge of athletic direction. F. C. H. S. has won the Big Eleven Conference championship four times in football in the history of the school. Under Changnon's coached teams F. C. H. S. has won it three of the four times and those three Championship teams have been in the short period of four years that Coach has been here. Basketball was likewise at a low ebb until Coach arrived in West Frankfort. Now we can boast the best attendance at our games as well as having the best basketball teams in this part of the state. So to S. A. Changnon, our head coach, our comrade and friend we dedicate this page 66 THE REDBIRDHARLAN C. HODGES—Assistant Coach Coach Harlan Hodges' ability as a coach can easily be understood by the remarkable record his teams have made. We not only give Hodges the credit of being a coach of superior quality, but an all around good fellow. Whether in class-work or on the field of play, if anyone can get the most out of a student or an athlete, Hodges surely can. Those who work under him in athletics or any task are guided as well as led by the confidence he places in them to a greater success. Nothing can explain the fairness, the true spirit, and goodwill of a coach to his boys better than confidence. The record of Hodges' track teams is one of recognition. In his four years at F. C. H. S. he coached the boys with the aid of H. W. McClintock through four consecutive conference championships. It is a known fact all throughout Southern Illinois that a Hodges coached track team is one to be respected for its superiority as well as sportsmanship. In the work as assistant football and basketball coach there is no doubt as to his masterful ability to produce the best in winning teams. The second football squad hasn't lost a game for two seasons and only eight points have been scored against them during that time. His second team basketball can also boast of a splendid record this season just as during past years. To Hodges we owe much in the way of training our younger athletes to become skilled in their particular sport and helping them become better men of tomorrow. ROBERT B. EADIE—Statistician When it came to keeping data and records of our athletic contests, we could always expect dependable Bob Eadie to be there rendering his faithful services to the school. Eadie formerly served as assistant coach in football, coaching the freshmen, but since he craved keeping statistics on the athletic games he devoted all his time to that purpose. His job is a difficult but yet an interesting one and no one could expect better work than that done by Mr. Eadie. The knowledge that he has concerning athletics is a major factor in aiding him to know the fine points of the game needed in keeping statistics. Being a former F. C. H. S. star and a college athlete gamed for him the profits of many a present-day coach. By taking this opportunity to say that your loyalty and service to us shall never be forgotten may we also extend our sincere wishes to you for many more happy years in F. C. H. S. H. C. Hodges Assistant Coach Robert B. Eadie Statistician O F 19 3 9 67HARRY W. McCLINTOCK—Assistant Coach To this very congenial fellow on our coaching staff many, undoubtedly, fail to give the deserved credit due him. "Mac", as he is called by his innumerable friends and intimate associates, is the type of person one wants to have as a close friend as well as a teacher and a coach. Gifted with the keen sense of humor that he possesses, together with the sincerity, the good nature about him, "Mac" can win the friendship, the respect of a person at the first acquaintance. There isn't any doubt in our minds that "Mac" is one of the best liked persons in school. The fellows under his guidance have only to remember the keen spirit and fairness, the encouraging attitude that he takes with them to urge each on to better playing and cleaner living. "Mac" is a former graduate of F. C. H. S„ being an outstanding track athlete during his time. Even though he is still considered young in years even more so in appearance, Coach McClintock has served as assistant coach here for the past ten years, having been here longer than any of the other coaches. His job is no small task, coaching the freshmen and sophomores in all three branches of our athletics, also coaching the field men in track. A number of his track athletes have been very outstanding and can attribute most of their success to him. "Mac": Speaking as a graduating senior and for all the seniors of "39" we want you to know that you have done a grand job. The friendship built during these school days with the high regard we have for you will live in our minds and hearts forever. LA VERNE TRIPP—Assistant Coach LaVerne Tripp after having lettered in Football and Track at F. C. H. $., repeated the act at S. I. N. U. and has returned to his Alma Mater to assist in coaching the same sports. Although this was his first year as a teacher and coach, Tripp immediately made many friends especially in the younger fellows with whom he worked. They realized that he had something of value to offer them, not only in becoming football or track stars but healthy, clean living young men. Mr. Tripp has been in charge of the Freshmen boys out for football and track and has sponsored the Wrestling Squad. Being an admirer of youth, LaVerne fits into the picture of progressive coaching. The seriousness with which he considers the problems of his boys will pay F. C. H. S. rich dividends as the future unfolds. 68 Harry W. McClintock Assistant Coach THE R E D B I R D LaVerne Tripp Assistant CoachOUR CAPTAINS Firs! Row: Earle Alexander and Andy Patterson. Second Row: Eddie Goscinski, Don Howell, Dante Patterozzi. FOOTBALL 38 Co-Captains—Andy Patterson, Dante Patterozzi BASKETBALL '38-’39 Co-Captains—Eddie Gocinski, Don Howell. TRACK '39 Captain—Earle Alexander. TO OUR ATHLETIC MANAGERS To those who haven't seen behind the scenes of the athletic contests the managers seem to be a minor part, but actually the managers play a very important and essential role. Not only do they have to be continually on the job, they must be efficient and render the services for which they receive very little praise, yet these services to a great extent aid in making a well-equipped and victorious team. One of the managers who proved himself to be not only a good football player, but also an efficient football manager, was Dominic Gicabozi. Dom was head of the football managers and having previously played football he was well aware of the responsibilities that were called for. Another, and one of the most capable as well as dependable managers was Sidney James. Sidney was manager in basketball and took care of football and track, having served for two years with an admirable capacity for the routine work and efficiency. Also a manager of tireless effort and ability was Bill Wilkinson, who devoted much of his valuable time to the players on the various teams, aiding their progress to no small degree. One of the most valuable managers in basketball was Herschell Miles whose hard work and undivided attention helped a great deal in making a victorious team equipped at all times. Herschell's efficiency and capacity for details made him a manager of true worth to F. C. H. S. A very competent manager was Paul Morris whose ability to handle a job of responsibility was shown by the work he expended in equipping the athletes and doing his managerial duties well. Paul proved that he possesses the necessary qualities of being an efficient manager. OF 19 3 9 69First Row: Brown, Mehok, J. Foster, Denton. Second Row: L. Foster. Williams, Miles, Levanti. Hutchinson. Patterson. Third Row: Scuta. Moake. Dynis. Martin. Cowsert, Migielicz, Newton. Fourth Row: Changnon. Holt. Todroff, Bernhard, Patterozzi. Alexander. Mgr Gicabozi. B ernhard Dyn I s Mi G ielicz D E nton Wil L iams Patt E rson Le V anti Mil E s N ewton F oster, J. M O ake F O ster, L. T odroff B rown M A rtin Ho L t L evanti C owsert H utchinson A lexander M ehok P atterozzi S cuta 70 THE REDBIRDFOOTBALL LETTERMEN Andy Patterson—R. H. Andy was co-captain of this year's champs and won the position of Q. B. on the All Conference. He was the leading scorer for the Birds and proved to be the best ground gainer. Andy was the tops in football ability; his running, kicking, and signal calling were the big factors for the Red Birds' success. It can be truthfully said that he was about the best on the squad and will be greatly missed next year. Dante Patteroni—R. E. Dante also made the All Conference as right end. He was the other co-captain for the Birds' football team. Dante, no doubt, was what the fans classified him, as a hard man to get through at his end position. On punts Dante was always on the receiver and his defensive work was always outstanding. That end position will be hard to replace next year as he will graduate. Nick Levanti—L. T. Nick climaxed a four-year success on the gridiron by making the All Conference for the second straight year. His defensive strength was the best in the conference for he backed up the line like a wall. Due to age ineligibility Nick missed the last two games and his absence was felt for the first time in four years on the Red Bird team. He shall be remembered for many years as one of the best in football that played for F. C. H. S. Earle Alexander—Q. B. The next highest scorer on the team was Alexander, who with his long runs provided the fans his best football feats and never failed to thrill them by reeling off a dash for many yards. Earl's clever ability to dodge, squirm and sidestep gained for him numerous long runs and also won for him the halfback position on the Conference. Next year the shoes of Alexander will be very hard to fill for he will graduate. Bob Newton—F. B. This was Newton's second year as a regular at fullback. He made the second team on the Conference due to his powerful drives through the line and his general football ability. Newton did the kicking for his team and did it well. No other name could be given Bob than "powerhouse” as he was all that when it came to carrying the ball. He was right behind Earl and Andy in points scored even though injuries kept him from playing the first two games. Bob will leave via graduation. Bob Hutchinson—R. G. For the first part of the season, Bob's football experience and ability were not discovered, however, as the season ended Hutch was rated as an All Conference guard. It was the task of working up and fighting all the time that he proved himself worthy of the honor bestowed on him. Hutch's courage is hard to equal on the gridiron and so will his position be hard to equal for next season. Ed Miglich—R. T. Miglich was rated as honorable mention for the Conference and because of his holding the tackle position down with his one hundred eighty pounds of muscle, he was feared by all the opponents. Ed. played consistent ball during the latter part of the' season and it was then that he showed the fans that he was qualified for honorable mention on the Conference. This is Ed's last year. Steve Bernhard—C Steve played his second year as a regular center on the squad. Accurate passing together with allground play won for Steve honorable mention in the Conference. Being his last year, a center capable of Steve's brand of ball will be Chang-non's task of finding for next year. Mike Dynis—L. G. Working his way up for four years, Mike succeeded in making the guard position this year and no one deserved that honor more than he. Mike not only played consistent ball but played a type of football that could be seldom equaled in the entire conference. Mike's fans were disappointed when his name was omitted from the honor roll as this is h's last year with the Birds. Ed. Mehok—L. H. Ed. was the smallest man on the team. It was in the very first game that Ed was used only as a OF 19 3 9 71substitute, but his ability to hold down a regular berth was proved in that first game as he showed himself capable of doing a grand job at it. Starting and playing most of the games Ed was used as a blocking back despite his small size. Ed’s blocking and fiqhting spirit will be missed for next season as he will graduate. Charles Scuta—L. E. Chuck never had much to say but his opinions were voiced in football action. Many a team feared to play the ball around his end for fear of being broken up. Scuta was that kind of a player, quiet but dangerous as a man to break up plays and to stop end runs. He will have another year to gain fame on the first team serving as co-captain with Foster. Herschell Miles—L. H. Miles was just Miles until the latter part of the football season when he began to show his worth on the team. At that time Miles began snagging passes from the air and gained much ground. His blocking and defensive strength together with expert pass catching gained for him the name of "Ace". Ace never had any alibis but was in there fighting harder at every chance he got. He will graduate this year. Conrad Holt—L. T. Holt was another big fellow on the squad who used his massive frame to the envy of all opponents. Holt could get into a team's line of offense and break up many plays before they ever began. Conrad will graduate this year to the regret of the fans but to the happiness of opposing teams. Roy Todroff—C. and L. E. Roy had two positions to fill this year, but did both so well that he could handle either as a regular. Not many players could show the ability that Roy did when it came to switching positions and handle them so well. He was another defensive demon who played his position like a veteran. Todroff will graduate too, and a finer player will be hard tc find. Loren Foster—R. S. When it came to substitute a dependable guard, Loren was right there. He didn't get to see a lot of action during the season but what action he did see the enemy knew about it. Foster could hold his position like a veteran and will be sadly missed when football season rolls around next fall. Jack Foster—R. H. One of the next year's co-captains will be Jack who is going to be heard from at that time for his football feats. Jack was used mostly as a substitute but played quite a bit. There was nothing slow about his playing and next season should prove that he is a stand-out on the football field. L. E. Cowsert—L. T. Cowsert could always prove his worth in the line by ploying a bang-up ball game. Even though he did substitute, that only made him play all the harder and with a keener spirit. It was the keen competition on the line that kept L. E. from being a regular on the team. He will not be back next season. Leo Brown—Q. B. When it came to size Leo was another small but mighty fellow to have around. His playing was mostly done by substituting and Leo showed that even good football players come in small sizes. As he is only a Junior, next football season should find Leo starring at quarterback. Harold Moake—R. E. Only because Dante Patterozzi the consistent regular end couldn't be rated as nothing less than all conference end, Moake didn't get the chance to play a lot of football. His spirit and his keen sense of sportsmanship was felt on the team. The action he did take part in was grand football to the end. Moake will graduate. Theron Denton—R. T. Another stalwart substitute, who is only a junior and who will be back fighting hard next year. Denton should be one of the best by then and if predictions are true, should develop into a consistent lineman. Bill Williams—L. S. Bill has another year with the Red Birds and that is expected to be a big one for him. Being used as a substitute on this year's team earned for Bill a grand chance for a regular berth next year. John Robert Martin—R. E. Keen competition also kept Martin from playing more but nothing wrong can be said about his playing as he played hard and clean to the last. Martin is just a junior who will be starring at right end for the oncoming football year. 72 THE REDBIRDREDBIRD FOOTBALL RESUME Using our new stadium for the first time in football the fans packed the 1200 capacity seats for almost every game. A team that was predicted to be as strong as last year's "wonder team" whipped up the spirit of the town and attracted large numbers, which helped in many ways to urge the moral of the boys to a second straight conference championship. The football season was a huge success as far as records show for the Birds not only won the conference, but went through the conference schedule without being scored upon. The team played a total of ten games, winning nine and losing an upset to Champaign. In those nine games won the team completed the schedule whitewashing all opponents while that one lost contest upset a per-pect season's record. Although our Red Birds weren't classed as the best team in the state, they captured high honors for being the highest scoring football team in the state. By making a total of 271 points to the opponents' 21 the "38' Red Birds made a record for the most outstanding team in F. C. H. S. football history. RED BIRDS 19 — ZEIGLER 0 The first game of the season is always a test for any team as to power, strength and the team's chances for the year. Taking advantage of this the Birds in their first game at home, proved they had power and strength and convinced the fans that by drubbing Zeigler in an easy manner were headed for the hall of fame. RED BIRDS 40 — MT. CARMEL 0 The fans throughout the city expected a strong Mt. Carmel eleven to defeat the home boys on our field in their second game. They did see a strong Mt. Carmel team, but a much stronger Red Bird eleven. The boys just had so much drive and power that a defeat was impossible that particular night. Starting in the very first quarter, Quarterback Patterson led the team to score 14 points and then went on to pile up 26 more for a 40 point victory. RED BIRDS 28 — CARBONDALE 0 This was the game that Southern Illinois fans anxiously waited for. Last year both teams tied for Co-Champs, but were not scheduled to play the tie honor. Both were ranked highly in the state so now on this season's schedule and for our first conference game, Carbondale visited the home grounds of West Frankfort. As far as a close hard-fought game was expected, the opposite happened. The Birds were just superior in every respect tossing long passes, making long runs and the power-drives of Patterson and Alexander were too much for the visitors. RED BIRDS 44 — ANNA-JONESBORO 0 Having victored in the important Carbondale tilt the boys journeyed to Anna for their second conference battle. There was no battle for the Birds, only a game filled with little opposition from the opponents, while they completed long passes, many runs and most everything tried for either a first down or a touchdown. Andy Patterson featured highly during the game as he piled up 32 points. RED BIRDS 0 — CHAMPAIGN 21 This was the game that upset Frankfort’s hopes for an undefeated, unscored on football team. After making the long trip there and playing a strong team the Birds had a tough game on their hands. If the Birds played up to their ability instead of being off form, results would have been different. Champaign took advantage of every Frankfort miscue together with their none-too-weak ability as a rated team to give the Birds its only setback of the season. OF 19 3 9 73Ed. Migielicz Tackle Steve Bernhard Center Roy Todroff Center Earle Alexander Quarterback 74 THE REDBIRDOF 19 3 9REDBIRD FOOTBALL RESUME—(Continued) RED BIRDS 20 — ELDORADO 0 A two week rest was sufficient for the boys to gain back their moral and prove themselves still a strong team with plenty of zeal for the oncoming games. Eldorado was the first victim of a new drive by the 8irds to win back their prestige. Hard drives, clever plays, and unusually fine team-work regained everything that had been lost for the boys. RED BIRDS 27 — CENTRALIA 0 Coach Trout brought his team to West Frankfort, returning to break a tie game that was played between the teams last year. As everyone knew that a Trout coached team is always rated the best, fans anticipated a repeat of previous games between the two teams. Changnon's boys couldn’t let anything prevent them from continuing their newly begun march for winning the remaining games. Even though, this game was expected to be close, it was all West Frankfort. The Birds were at their peak in this game, giving the fans their best performance of the season. RED BIRDS 27 — JOHNSTON CITY 0 Johnston City's Indians always provide a hard team to beat and the first half of this game was no exception. The Indians showed fighting spirit at its best, but again a stronger team, the Red Birds, couldn’t be outplayed. The largest crowd of the year witnessed the game, crowding every available place on the field. This being their fourth conference victory the Birds were still leading the race, having toppled their nearest rival, Johnston City. RED BIRDS 40 — MARION 0 Only two more games stood between another conference championship. Marion was one of these as they visited West Frankfort to dethrone the Birds. Up to date the weather was ideal for all the games, but rain soaked the field and during the last half came down on the players. Water, mud, Marion nor anything could hold back a determined, hard-fighting Red Bird eleven. Each touchdown fired more spirit into the boys when finally the gun ended a one-sided Frankfort victory. RED BIRDS 26 — BENTON 0 Here was the Annual Turkey Day game with Benton again. It was the same fascinating scene as in past years. Both towns having parades, pep meetings, and extra editions of newspapers. Fans in both cities were pepped up for the final game of the '38 season and what spirit and interest that always meant to Benton and West Frankfort people. A rivalry dated back for many years, was just as hot on this day as ever before. Benton had a chance now to revenge itself on their own field for last year's defeat and also to prevent F. C. H. S. from winning the conference championship. The final result of it all was a complete victory in every respect for West Frankfort. The Red Birds played as if each point meant everything to them. Thirteen graduating seniors participated, fighting with every ounce of football ability and strength in them to win their last game for good old Alma Mater, F. C. H. S. A conference championship meant more to the Red Birds this year than ever before as football in the Big Eleven Conference was played for the last time. This was the last year of its existence in Southern Illinois, due to a new conference, the Big Seven formed recently. Whenever in future years any mention is made of the Big Eleven, West Frankfort and F. C. H. S. will always stand in the foreground. 76 THE REDBIRDFirst Row: Wilkinson, McGhee, Tomblin, Charnak. Hayes, lubelt. McCann. James Second Row: Novack, Faletti. Webster. Renn. Naurisus, Gumimski, Posey, Mikalauskas. Soloman. Third Row Coaches Hodges and McChntock, Kathalynas, 'Levant! Stodghill, Henley, Hogg. McKie, Gicabozi. Mauzy "UJt" It THE SECOND FOOTBALL TEAM Under Coach Hodges and H. W. McClintocIc the second team kept pace with the varsity. Keeping in stride, they also duplicated last year's feat of not losing a game. So far in two seasons they have gathered 465 points to opponents' 8. Through such an outstanding performance of a second team the coaches deserve much credit for their coaching work. Next year again head Coach Changnon will have little worry for qualified material to form the nucleus of his varsity crew. Some of the second team boys who are expected to rate high next year include Ed. Kathalynas, high scoring fullback, Louie Levanti a freshman with three more years of football ahead of him, Harry Hogg a lanky end and only a sophomore. Others are Naurisus, Stodghill, Henley, Novack, McCann and Tomblin. These boys have enough experience to hold down first team positions. SECOND TEAM SCOREBOARD Benton.............0 F. C. H. S......... 20 Johnston City 0 F. C. H. S. 26 Carbondale 0 F. C. H. S. 6 Herrin ........... 0 F. C. H. S. 18 Carbondale 0 F. C. H. S. ■ 34 Zeigler 0 F. C. H. S........ 37 Benton .... 0 F. C. H. S........ 36 Zeigler .......... 0 F. C. H. S........ 31 Opponents . .0 F. C. H. S........208 OF 19 3 9 77BASKETBALL LETTERMEN John "Robert" Martin Coach Changnon was in doubt as to who would play in Bill Mauzy's position when the season started with Bill ineligible. Martin was given the tryout and was high point man in the first four games. John was the heart of the Cardinal and Gray passing attack. He will return next season and is expected to go places in basketball fame. Bob "Slug" Newton Slug rendered his first full year of active service to the basketball team this season. Last year he failed to "make the grade," but with continuous efforts he earned a regular birth on the first five this season. Bob enjoyed going to school here so much that when his parents moved to Iowa, Bob made ends meet and stayed to give his service to Frankfort High. He played an active part in winning conference honors for the Red Birds this season. Due to his strong defensive work he stopped the best scorers of the Big Eleven. He will be lost to us through graduation. Andy "Putt" Patterson This was Andy's second year of service to the Red Bird hoop artists. Andy was noted for his excellent guarding ability and his accurate passing eye. Putt could always be depended upon for his share of the points. It is believed that if Andy was not handicapped by four personal fouls in the Zeigler-Red Bird Regional Tourney game that the Cardinals would have competed in the state meet. Bill "Muz" Mauzy Muz was ineligible until the second semester of this season due to scholastic difficulties attained last year. He is a senior and played an excellent brand of basketball. Bill was unexcelled at the art of pivot shooting. As he will graduate in June his position will be hard to fill next year. Earle "The Great" Alexander Illness handicapped Earle and the Red Bird team indirectly this year for he played little basketball in the major games, after being high point man last season. Alexander was the speediest man on the quintet and used his speed effectively to score many points from under the basket. Earle will receive his diploma in June, leaving behind him a record of high achievement. Jack "Fuzzy" Foster Due to inexperience Foster only played as a substitute in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. He is a junior and may be expected to give regular service on the first five next year. Jack is also next year's football captain. Jack "Green" Hedges Only a junior this season, Hedges arrived as a transfer student from Cairo where he relinquished a position on the Cairo five. He was placed on the second team and through rapid improvement played many deciding games of first team basketball mostly as a substitute. Jack is looked upon as a future star of our school in all three sports. Thomas "Kie" McKie Unknown in the eyes of many fans, yet, Tom is truly a valuable basketball player especially under the basket for rebound shots. When the Red Birds met tall opponents McKie was placed in the lineup to balance the height problem. McKie will be with the squad again next winter as he is only a junior. 78 THE REDBIRDFir ! Row: Hedge . Patter on. McKie, Howell and Newton Second Row: Coach Changnon, Foster. Martin. Mauzy, Goscinski. Alexander VARSITY BASKETBALL Attendance records were broken this season as the Red Birds gave the basketball fans a conference championship, something unheard of in F. C. H. S. during past years. The team not only won the Big Eleven Conference but displayed a brand of basketball that is rarely seen in our school. Out of a schedule of twenty-four games including tournaments, the Birds won eighteen games, while losing only eight. Every team that defeated the Birds except Lawrenceville had previously been defeated by the Red Birds some time during the season, thus showing the strength of this year's hardwood squad. In playing twelve conference games the Birds lost three and won nine, losing one each to Harrisburg, Johnston City, and Benton. The Invitational tournament at Mt. Vernon found the Basketeers participating, only to be defeated in the first encounter by Lawrenceville. Wood River won the tournament and later in the season played in the semi-finals of the state tournament. Our own Regional tourney attracted wide interest, for the public expected close fought games every night. Our Birds were predicted to win, but since they were off form after their victory over McLeansboro in the first game, lost to Zeigler by a one-point margin in the second. The regular members of the first squad were mostly seniors, while several juniors were very capable of doing just as good a job. Gocinski, Howell, Mauzy, Newton, Alexander and Patterson were the seniors who graduate while Foster, Hedges, McKie and Martin will be back next year to form what is expected to be another winning five and a team expected to lead the newly formed Big Seven conference. OF 19 3 9 79BASKETBALL RESUME In the very first game of the season, the Basketball team was composed mostly of substitutes, as the regular members were still in football training. Valier had no choice in the matter of the game, though, as they went down 24 to 15 before the fighting Birds. Before a capacity crowd of 1000 howling fans the Birds came through with a 30 to 19 win over Marion. It was the first game on the home floor and the second win for the Changnon-men. Still possessing minor potentialities of gridiron play, F. C. H. S. invaded a strong McLeansboro camp and were sent home defeated with a 22-20 score. On the following week-end the Birds gained revenge on the home floor and defeated the McLeansboro aggregation with a 35-24 score. Herrin was the next encounter for Coach Changnon's team. They beat Herrin's Tigers 33-29 in the Herrin gym. In this game Fred Cambell of Herrin set a fast scoring pace with a total of nineteen points. The next night the Devils of Murphysboro came before the Red Bird attack and lost beneath a 37-23 conference win for the local team. Zeigler came to West Frankfort on Wednesday preceding the Christmas holidays. The trip proved a fatal one for the Zeigler squad and they lost to Ihe Birds, 33-25. At the annual Mt. Vernon Invitational Tourney held at Mt. Vernon over the Christmas holidays Lawrenceville eliminated the local cagers, 29-26, in their first game. Harrisburg met the Birds for the first time of the season and went back to Saline county with a 36-27 win over Frankfort. The Birds showed signs of improvement on the following night and won from Centralia with a 36-31 victory over the strong Troutmen. Johnston City visited Frankfort the week-end following and were sent home with a serious 37-29 conference loss. The next night the Birds played host to the Zeigler Tornadoes and a perfect host they were; they won from the Tornadoes, 22-19. Not even the age-old rivalry or old man "Jinx" could hold the Birds down against Benton, and they easily showed their supremacy by drubbing the Rangers of Benton by a 35-15 score. 80 THE REDBIRDTom McKie Bill Mauzy John Martin Eddie Goscinslci Center Center Forward Forward EDDIE "G" GOSCINSKI—Co-captain Eddie completed his second year of high school basketball and also his second year as a basketball "skipper," having been captain on the grade school team. He was the only member of the Red Bird aggregation to gain honorable mention on the Associated Press All-State team. He is credited with making the most foul shots in a single game and held high point scoring honors for the season. DON "School Board" HOWELL—Co-captain Dixie, as he is called by his fans, gained basketball recognition during his freshman year by winning a free-throw contest. Don handled captain duties like a veteran, displaying a cool head and accurate decisions at ail times. He will not be back next year and his position leaves Changnon with a big vacancy to fill. Jack Foster Guard Don Howell Guard Earle Alexander Forward Jack Hedges Forward Andy Patterson Guard Bob Newto Forward OF 19 3 9 81BASKETBALL RESUME- {Continued) Carterville couldn't hold the Frankfort Five in stow either, and were swamped under a 68-12 score as the Birds made 42 % of the field goals attempted. Valier gave the Birds a return engagement on the local floor and was received in an unaccommodating manner with a 62-16 defeat. In the last three games played the Birds made a total of 165 points to the opponents' 43. In this meeting, the second of the season for the Marion and Frankfort teams, the Wildcats used plenty of basketball strategy and won from the Birds on the Marion floor with a 30-24 score. The local squad showed great improvement over their previous week-end play against Marion and defeated the Bulldogs of Harrisburg, 35-26, in a conference game that sent the Frankfort quintet into a two-way tie for the conference lead. A return contest to Johnston City's Indians netted the Birds no profitable gains whatever and the Indians gained revenge with a 32-23 win over the Chananon coached outfit. After losing the night before, the Cardinals came back to their old playing ability and handed Herrin a second defeat of the season, this time by a 33-25 score. In their next game the Birds traveled to the county seat and were dethroned from the conference lead by Benton's Rangers. It was a rough and tumble overtime game with a 29-27 win for the Benton squad. Frankfort had previously defeated the Rangers on the home floor. On the following night the Changnon-men showed a surge of scoring capability and easily defeated the Carterville Lions 41-24; the second win over the Lions this season. Frankfort finished their playing schedule with a conference Championship by defeating Murphys-boro again; this score was 39-15. In the Regional Tourney that came after the regular schedule F. C. H. S. won from McLeans-boro in the first game but were beaten in a hair-raising battle by Zeigler in the semi-finals. Zeigler went on to win the Regional, the Sectional and won the first game up-state. 82 THE REDBIRDFront Row: Enrietto, Hart, Stodghill, Faletti, Tomzik. Back Row: Zukoski, Iubelt, Eubanks, Charnak, Dawson, Miles (Mgr.), Coach Hodges. SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Coach Hodges had a second team that was hard to beat until Harrisburg turned the trick toward the last of the season. Up to that time they had a winning streak of fourteen games, and when two of the boys dropped school so did the strength of the squad. The Birdlets played a total of twenty games for the year and lost four of them which is an outstanding brand of basketball. Changnon can always rate first class material for his varsity after having the boys play a season under the capable coaching of Harlan Hodges. SCOREBOARD Valier 10 F. C. H. S. 50 McLeansboro 17 F. C. H. S. 24 McLeansboro 12 F. C. H. S. 25 Herrin 35 F. C. H. S. 39 Murphysboro 15 F. C. H. S. 32 Zeigler 12 F. C. H. S. 34 Harrisburg 20 F. C. H. S 31 Centralia 19 F. C. H. s. 24 Johnston City 14 F. C. H. s. 26 Zeigler . 13 F. C. H. s. 30 Benton 27 F. C. H. s. 29 Carterville 13 F. C. H. s 56 Valier . 10 F. C. H. s. 47 Marion 16 F. C. H. s 36 Harrisburg 37 F. C. H. s 33 Johnston City 26 F. C. H. s 20 Herrin 23 F. C .H. s. 19 Benton 22 F. C. H. s 17 Carterville II F. C. H. s 38 Murphysboro 19 F. c. H. s. 35 Opponents 371 F. c. H. s. 645 O F I 9 3 9 83Front Row: E. Willis. D. Hill. I Gouse. C Lenzini. H. Redden. C. Dawson. Back Row Coach McChntock. Mgr. Morris. B Supancic, E. Hindman. J. Solomon. C Hartley. B Moore. B Wilkinson (Mgr.). FRESHMEN BASKETBALL The third team was composed solely of freshmen and was coached by Harry McClintock. In their season play they won 9 games and lost only 3. The 'Baby Birdies" entered an all-frosh tourney at Mt. Vernon last February but were defeated by Centralia in the quarter-finals after winning from Albion in the first game. This was the first year that the Freshmen under McClintock had a regular schedule to play by. It can easily be seen that the coaching of Mac is the progressive type and he has shown to be getting results from his teams. Changnon can expect several promising freshmen from Mac's squad and can also expect them to have a fundamental knowledge of basketball gained under him. West Frankfort Freshmen SCOREBOARD Won Opponents Freshmen Baptists Juniors Freshmen Won Orient Junior High Freshmen Won Thompsonville Varsity Freshmen Wen Freshmen Herrin Freshmen Freshmen Won Thompsonville Varsity Freshmen Lost Johnston City Freshmen Freshmen Lost Centralia Freshmen Freshmen Won Johnston City Freshmen Freshmen Won Albion Freshmen Freshmen West Frankfort Hi-Y 84 THE REDBIRD'39 TRACK TEAM A bright outlook for another successful season in track supremacy was in view as Hodges' cinder men turned out for the grind of the track season. Several of last year's lettermen returned as well as many other bright prospects who are only sophomores and juniors. Since it is difficult to make any definite comments on the track team at this time, due to the early printing of this book, we may summarize several of the best boys. Earle Alexander will be in the limelight as he is the track captain, who won scoring honors last year. Andy Swinkunas looks great in the mile. Todroff and Mehok are the hurdle men back to clear the sticks again. Miles and Ambrolevich pace the 440 and half mile. Bob Newton and Eugene Pergar are valuable javelin throwers, while Pergar also throws the discus. Other boys who stand as very good prospects include Patterson. Patterozzi, Straka, Charnak, Moake, Norbet, Renn, Summers, Carbonari, and Brown. The track team has for four consecutive years won the conference meet and should without diffi- culty be the winner again. The District has been won many times by the Red Birds, but that meet is considered the most important every year so more glory to the Birds if they are the winners. The District meet was won by F. C. H. S. last yeBr, which entitled them to participate in the state meet at Champaign. Taking the situation into one statement the Frankfort Red Birds can and will fly high in the realm of future track carnivals and meets and this year should be no exception. •39 TRACK SCHEDULE April 1 . ... Hurst Bush, there April 8 County Meet, here April 14 Duquoin-Harrisburg, here April 22 Herrin Relays, there April 29 Frankfort Relays, here May 6 Conference Meet, Marion May 13 District Meet, here May 20 State Meet, Champaign May 30 Marion Relays, there OF 19 3 9 85RESULTS OF '38 TRACK SEASON The Cardinal and Gray cinder men captured high honors in seven of the eight meets held last year. The most important meets won were the Conference and District. The Marion Relays were the only meet that the Birds lost, this meet being won by a fast stepping East St. Louis team. A tabulation of the splendid record made last year is one that many track teams would be proud to display. April 2—Vienna, here April 9—County, here April 23—Herrin Relays April 30—Frankfort Relays May 7—Conference May 14—District May 21—State Meet May 28—Marion Relays Won by F. C. H. S. Won by F. C. H. S. Won by F. C. H. S. Won by F. C. H. S. Won by F. C. H. S. Won by F. C. H. S. Won by Oak Park Won by E. St. Louis SPORTS CHATTER The player that carries the ball in a football game gets the most credit, while the lineman is often overlooked. . . Quite a few of the smaller high schools in the United States are turning their attention to six-man football, with a few schools playing the eight-man game. However, the public will still demand the eleven-man team. . . The fans still look on the fast break type of basketball with the most enthusiasm. . . Zeigler High School gave Rockford High School, State Charrps, the best game in the State Tourney. Just think, Frankfort defeated Zeigler twice in regular schedule play. . . The life of the basketball official is not a bed of roses. However, the baseball umpire probably suffers the most. . . Northern and Central Illinois high schools now engage in wrestling meets and a few schools stage swimming contests. . . Gym for every freshman and sophomore boy and girl will probably be part of F. C. H. S. regular program next year. . . Ping-pong gives a person more exercise than the average spectator would observe. . . The G. A. A. should have an opportunity to broaden its activities. . . The Rifle Club offers an opportunity for some well enjoyed skill and sport. . . What became of the tap-dancing division of the G. A. A. . . Track offers an opportunity for the individual to display his wares. It also shows the stuff a person is made of. . . The Relays still give an opportunity for teamwork. . . Golf and Tennis have been little recognized in F. C. H. S. during recent years. . . Some of our students are better noted in the field of racing. How they tear around in dad's car. . . Eddie Goscinski should be a little honored for his basketball ability as he was the only one on the Frankfort team to receive honorable mention on the Associated Press pick of players. . . Our football players were a little more in the running as five men were placed on the All-Conference, while three were given honorable mention. . . We can be justly proud of our boys as they dominated the All-Conference teams for two years in a row. Incidentally this year is the last for the Big Eleven Conference and F. C. H. S. can always look back with pride for their leading role as conference leaders in all three sports. . . Speaking of leaders, F. C. H. S. has won the track championship for about six years straight, while they won two straight championships in football. . . This past year was the first one in a long time that we won the basketball championship. . . Dante Pat-terozzi will never hear the last of the homecoming pep meeting and crowning of the queen when he so artistically kissed the queen, Marcia Palmer. . . Neither will three boys of our senior class forget the Eldorado football game of this year. . . There were only three athletes of our school who lettered in all three sports for this year. Earle Alexander, Andy Patterson and Bob Newton were the three 86 THE REDBIRDSPORTS CHATTER—(Continued) flashing men to win the honor. . . All three fellows intend to see the gates of some college next year, so we might hear of their athletic accomplishments through the newspapers. . . Earle Alexander found out what it meant to be track captain as the best man always has to run about four events in each track meet. However, Earle can always be counted on to give a good performance, even though he has a burden to carry. . . It has been about four years now since Hodges has had a good high jumper for his track team. In fact, not since the days of Frank Mehok has he had anything that resembled a good high jumper. . . There may have been some years in which certain events were weaker than others, but never more than two years in succession as some boy always came up to strengthen the weak spot. . . Spring practice in football was seen this year for the first time in years. The new conference in which Frankfort entered allowed spring practice for its first year, but new rules will not allow it in future years. . . The Big Seven, composed of Centralia, Mt. Vernon, Harrisburg, Benton, Marion, Herrin and West Frankfort, will see much stronger teams fighting for conference championships than in the disbanded Big Eleven. . . In all expectations, Frankfort with the superior coaching of our athletic department should be rated as one of the strongest at all times. . . There may be years that other schools will have better teams, but doubtful whether they have a better coaching staff. We can always rate our four coaches against any in the state. These four fellows that F. C. H. S. rates as its pride and joy are: Athletic Director, Stanley Changnon, assistant coaches Hodges, McClintock and Tripp. . . We can also say that F. C. H. S. has one of the best when it comes to sports announcing the football games. Yes, it's good old Summerville. His deep voice just fits the job of announcer. "Summer'' loves his work, too, for he spends much of his time at the loud speaker. . . Getting back to basketball again, we wonder how far Frankfort would go if they could just play tournament ball and play up to their rated ability. It seems that whenever F. C. H. S. has a strong team something happens to them and all hopes fade as some weaker team eliminates the Red Birds early in the tournament. Maybe some day West Frankfort will be represented at Champaign, even come back with a state championship. This year's team v as expected to get as far as the sectional at the least, but the same old story took place. Zeigler beat the boys in the second game only because of below par playing by them. Next year's basketball team is going to be rated highly again, but we only hope that it will be the team to reverse past happenings and give West Frankfort a representative to the state finals. . . If any coach can bring out the best that West Frankfort produces in basketball teams, S. A. Changnon certainly will. To the greatest athletic achievement of F. C. H. S. made by the '38-'39 Red Bird teams, we dedicate this sports section of the annual. Conference championships in football, basketball and track was never before experienced in F. C. H. S. until this year. We only hope that due credit has been given the Red Birds in the athletic section of the '39 yearbook. Ed. Mehok—Sports Editor Wilburn Humphreys—Asst. Editor OF 19 3 9 87music oriD DRflmR mflKC fl GOOD PICTURC imo fl BCTTCR one Opportunities to "strut and fret" both back stage and on stage have been given each year to the students. This year has been no exception. More than one hundred upperclassmen have shared in the production of the senior and junior plays, "320 College Avenue" and " Beloved Hero. Ninety students participated in the operetta, "In Old Vienna." The operetta gives more underclassmen a chance for a spot in the limelight, since it is not a custom of these classes to present plays. Various clubs throughout the school give their membership other opportunities for public speaking and dramatics. 88 THE REDBIRDF. C. H. S. has offered to the student body a varied musical program both in vocal and instrumental fields. The Instrumental department consists of a very fine Concert Band. Symphony Orchestra, Solo and various instrumental ensembles. The Vocal department has offered training in Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Octette, Girls' Ouartette and Operetta training. The department also has sought to bring to the student body and citizens of West Frankfort, wholesome entertainment by Operettas, Concerts and various musical activities, which have met with public approval. The department strives to fit students of music for higher training and to help make their lives more enjoyable by a knowledge of music. Next year with our new building the music department will have a long needed place that it can really call "home." This will enable us to serve our student body and community to a far greater advantage than before. O F 19 3 9 89ATTEREPO The Atterepo Club is an organization of students having taken a leading role in an operetta, and who have the interest of bettering the understanding and appreciation of music in this school. The other purposes are to encourage musical interest, raise standards of operetta production, become better acquainted with operettas and lighter operas, and to receive musical and dramatic training. At present, we have eighteen charter members, some of which are no longer in F. C. H. S. Meetings are held at which time different operettas and operas are studied, and new material in operettas are examined. BAND Our band has been very busy this year appearing before the public and our student body. Again our band was host to the Southern Illinois Band Clinic. The organization is doing a great deal more than just preparing for contests. The concert band has a membership of sixty-five with Theodore W. Paschedag as leader and teacher. Roster of members on page 99. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Glee Club directed by Miss Gloyd is composed of members of all classes. Meetings were held every Tuesday and Thursday of the school year. Practically all of the first semester was taken up with the staging of "In Old Vienna." Due to the large size of the group they were unable to do much, though several most entertaining assembly programs were provided. Girls were selected to take part in the annual Johnston City Music Festival and contests. Social activities were rather limited, for the girls wished to spend more time on music. MIXED CHORUS This proved a second most successful year for the Mixed Chorus. The organization has been somewhat enlarged. The chorus meets after school twice a week for rehearsals. It is composed of thirty-seven members. The chorus has a rather wide selection of both sacred and secular music. Audiences have enjoyed hearing them in all the many places they have sung including churches, contests, and festivals. Most of the members appeared in the operetta, "In Old Vienna." 90 THE REDBIRDBAND Captain Bill Peek First Lieutenant Byford Young Second Lieutenant Dorothy Crim Top Sergeant Lavern Sanders Sergeant of Property Charles Bolen Librarian Mary Jane Boner GIRLS' GLEE CLUB President Lorraine Holeman Vice-President Bessie Lewis Secretary-T reasurer Cora Jean Abston Librarians Ella Margaret McCrary Marion Kairis Sponsor Miss Neva Pearl Gloyd Founded—1926 MIXED CHORUS President Lorraine Holeman Vice-President Fred Kaylor Secretary-Treasurer Bessie Lewis Sponsor Miss Neva Pearl Gloyd Founded—1937OCTETTE This year has marked the first time in the history of F. C. H. S. that an octette has been organized. Previously there was a quartet. This organization has grown in popularity by singing at banquets, dances, and many other places. Two of the members, Fred Kaylor and Edwin Grubbs, were selected to sing in the All State Chorus at Champaign. The octette consists of two Juniors and six Seniors. ORCHESTRA During the past year our high school orchestra has brought wholesome and educational entertainment in the music field to the people of West Frankfort. It has given many concerts and has had the distinction of giving a concert with the Egyptian Choral Club. Due to the persistence and fine work of Mr. Paschedag, the orchestra has been led to high honors in both district and state contests. The aim of the organization is to again hold high honors in the contests, and continue to present worthwhile music to the students and citizens of our community. Roster of members is on page 99. GIRLS' QUARTETTE The girls' quartette has been actively participating in programs of all sorts this past year. They have been very well received in all places. Their selection of music contains both classical and popular songs. Again the quartette is represented in the unique arrangement of one girl from each class. They are Evelyn Burpo, freshman; Betty Lou Ditterline. sophomore; Lorraine Holeman, junior; Bessie Lewis, senior. . "IN OLD VIENNA" "PICKLES" The musically inclined students of F. C. H. S. presented to the public a highly entertaining operetta on the night of December 15. It consisted of three acts. The clever lines and difficult situations kept all in suspense. The cast, which was open to any student in the school, was composed of twelve principals and forty-five chorus members. Two students from the art department painted signs for publicity purposes. The thirty members of the orchestra also assisted in making the operetta a success. The operetta was directed by Miss Neva Pearl Gloyd, Miss Alice Hoye, and Mr. Theodore W. Paschedag. 92 THE REDBIRDBOYS' OCTETTE First Tenor Earnest Warren Norman Gill Second Tenor J. O. Patton Jimmy Hancock First Bass Edwin Grubbs Fred Kaylor Roger Taylor f fitltRf f Second Bass Bill Allen ORCHESTRA President Walter Norbet Vice-President Jack King Secretary-Treasurer Helen McDonald Librarian Mary Greenwood GIRLS' QUARTETTE First Soprano Evelyn Burpo Second Soprano Lorraine Holeman First Alto Betty Lou Ditterline Second Alto Bessie Lewis OPERETTA CAST Jonas Penington Edwin Grubbs English Widow Lorraine Holeman Advertising Expert Carl Engram Gypsy Girl Maxine Dorris American Heiress Dorothy McCarnes American Artist Norman Gill Captain Kinski William CantrellFEATURES HOMECOMING Among the traditional affairs at F. C. H. S.. Homecoming ranks as one of the most important. The festivities usually begin with a monstrous pep meeting and program at which event the queen is crowned. Not wishing to flaunt tradition, the student body of '38-'39 staged their annual Homecoming November 10-11, 1938. Many minutes before the auditorium curtains parted, seats were at a premium. The parting of the curtains disclosed a lovely court setting. Glittering scenery, the work of students from the art department, formed the background for the beautiful ladies included in the court. The fanfare of trumpets played by pages, Martha Jean McCord and Geraldine Fife, announced the approach of the queen and her court. Miss Marcia Palmer of the class of 1939 approached the throne to be crowned queen. In her court appeared the retiring queen, Miss Betty Williams; Maid of Honor, Miss Mary Dailey; and attendants Ruby Nell Gann, and Dale Thames. The Ladies in Waiting included Virginia Thomas, Sallie Morris, Mary Ellen Kinison, and Pansy Jo Moss. The queen and her ladies were escorted to their places in the court by members of the football squad. Included in the queen’s procession were Martha Ely as train bearer, Carolyn Louise Walston and Iva Jean Eadie as flower girls, and Jimmie Sutton Hastie as crown-bearer. Following the crowning of the queen by Cocaptains Andrew Patterson and Dante Patterozzi, a program of songs, stunts, dances and yells was presented before the queen and her court. Coach Changnon introduced the team and the assistant coaches, each of whom was knighted by the queen. The program was concluded by a broadcast of the game—as the announcer hoped it would be. On Friday afternoon, November I I, before a large crowd of enthusiastic Homecoming fans, Frankfort's Red Birds defeated the Indians of Johnston City. Another Homecoming was history! OFFICE HELPERS Seated, left to right: Vivian Nelson. Mary Louise Bunton, Mary Martindale. Nella Matthews. Vina Titts-worth. Standing, left to right: Lilian Koons, Helen Vravick. These girls have been of great help in the office work. They have given unselfishly of their time and much credit is due them for their part in the smooth-running routine of our school. THE REDBIRDn€UUS Of TH€ Y€flR September 6: School Begins; Helming, Teague, and Ely announced as Deans. September 13: Warren Brown assumes duties as Student Body President in first assembly of the year. September 16: Rosan resigns position on faculty to take up new position in Columbia, Illinois. September 23: Warren Brown elected president of Senior Class. Station F. C. H. S. broadcasts latest news of the week, to inaugurate unique journalistic programs. September 24: Red Bird team victorious over Mt. Carmel to tune of 40-0. September 25: Richard Gwyn becomes Editor of Red Bird Notes. September 28: Big Seven Conference to replace Big Eleven. October 1: Red Birds defeat Carbondale by a score of 28-0. October 14: Birds defeated by Champaign 21-0 in their first northern invasion. October 21: Eldorado bows to Birds 20-0. October 27: Pet Show sponsored by Kennel Club, features amazing collection of pets. October 28: Carl Black announced as Editor of ’39 Red Bird. John Pearce selected as assistant. November 3: Birds defeat Centralia with score of 27-0. November 7-9: National Education week observed in Student programs. November 10: Marcia Palmer crowned 1938 Homecoming Queen. Mary Dailey chosen Maid of Honor. Members of Red Bird Notes Staff attend National Scholastic Press Association at Indianapolis, Indiana. November 14: Charles Wakefield Cadman, great contemporary composer, presents recital. November 19: Birds defeat Marion 40-0. November 21: J. O. Patton elected Junior Class President. December 16: Hi-Y stages successful Christmas march. Red Bird Basketeers annex first conference game from Herrin 33-29. December 17: Basketball team defeats Murphysboro 37-23. December 19: Annual Sales drive succeeds in last minute drive. Freshmen select Bobby Donahue as their class President. December 21: Christmas vacation begins-last until Jan. 3. January 13: Red Birds defeat Johnston City Indians. January 14: Zeigler Tornadoes suffer defeat at hands of Red Birds. January 18: Federal Symphony Orchestra presents concert. January 21: Benton Rangers defeated by Red Birds 35-15. January 25: Red Bird Notes to be published each week. January 27: Frankfort defeats Valier 62-16. January 28: Red Birds defeated by Marion 30-24. February 2: Nella Matthews to represent FCHS at D. A R. Convention in Danville. February 3. High School and Grade School present joint concert. Band Clinic opens. February 4: Red Bird five defeat Harrisburg Bulldogs 35-26. February 6: Six Hi-Y members attend council meeting at Herrin. February 8: Rembert Walls and Margaret Maddox assume heaviest roles in senior play. February 10: Frankfort cagers defeat Herrin 33-25. February 12: Hi-Y club joins "A " class of state and National Hi-Y. February 13: Gordon C. Mitchell and his band entertain student body. February 17: Science Club becomes member of Academy of Science. Red Bird defeated by Benton Rangers 29-27. February 18: FCHS Basketeers defeat Carterville 41-24. February 20: Frankfort to be host for Regional Basketball Tourney. February 21: Sub-Debs entertain feminine friends. February 22: "Beloved Hero" selected as Junior Class play. February 24 300 books added to Library and Red Birds defeat Murphysboro for conference tie. February 25: Hi-Y basketball team wins Hi-Y tournament. March 1: Red Birds defeat McLeansboro for first win of tournament. March 3: Swing band presents program in auditorium. March 5: High School Orchestra and Egyption Choral Club present program. March 6: Sammy Hancock is Sophomore president. March 7: Special student’s matinee to see "Gunga Din." March 8: Students attend council meeting at Mt. Vernon. March 8-9: Southern Divisional Teacher’s meeting. March 9-10-11: Sectional tournament of Mt. Vernon aux Johnston City. March 16: Lyceum Program. March 17: Pinckneyville to be site for Older Boys’ Conference. March 16-17-18: State Tournament. March 20: Burpo to be Speech banquet toastmaster. March 21-22: Senior play 320 College Avenue," given two nights to accomodate crowds. March 22: Junior playcast in earnest rehearsal. March 23: Band students to go to contests on March 29 and April 1. March 24: Joint Publication banquet planned. April 14. Benton, Harrisburg, and West Frankfort compete in Trackmeet held here. Hi-Y members enjoy successful party. April 15: Carl Black and Carl Burpo represent FCHS in District Speech contest at Carbondale. Several commercial students represent FCHS in Sectional Commercial contests at Carbondale. April 25: Speech studfnts compete in Big Eleven Speech contest at Eldorado. April 27: Junior Play, "Beloved Hero," is big success. April 29: West Frankfort relays. May 5-6: FCHS representatives go on to District Commercial Contests at Danville. May 13: District Track Meet on our own athletic field. May 25-31: Senior week. May 28: Baccalaureate. June 1: Commencement Ceremony. OF 19 3 9 95RLumni {A jew names are incomplete because of lack oj information) Ablett, Pauline Home West Frankfort. Alexander, Carl SINU Carbondale, III. Alexander, Rebecca Working West Frankfort. Alverson, Margaret Home West Frankfort. Ambru'avich, Mary M. Working Chicago, III. Armstrong, Peggy L. Home West Frankfort Batts, James Warren Working West Frankfort. Baynes, Bcrnadme Home West Frankfort. Beers, Dorothy Mamed Chicago, III. Behn, Emmy Mamed West Frankfort. Bell, Wilburn Home West Frankfort. Bedokis, Frederick SINU Carbondale, III. Bonacorsi, Alfred J. Home West Frankfort. Book, Curran L. Working West Frankfort. Bozarth, David B. Working West Frankfort. Bristow, Lester Working West Frankfort. Casel, Anita L. Home West Frankfort. Caselton, Jamccc Working Tallula. Chamness, Leon Working West Frankfort. Chamot, Lucy Home West Frankfort. Chomiak, Eva Home West Frankfort. Chomak Helen Working West Frankfort. Clemons, Carl Working West Frankfort. Comia, August Working West Frankfort. Crain, Betty Mae Working West Frankfort. Cross, Mildred K. Home West Frankfort. Culbertson, Clarence Home West Frankfort. Chismar, Frank Home West Frankfort. Davis, Roy College Kentucky. Davis, Mary SINU Carbondale, III. Dellcncck, Andy Working Chicago, III. Donini, Guy Working West Frankfort. Dotson, Alma Ruth Home West Frankfort. Dorris, Sibyl Home West Frankfort. Doty, Bob c. c. c. Greenville, III. Drasil, Harry Working San Francisco, Cal. Drennan, Verdean Working West Frankfort. Dugger, Elsie Lois Working West Frankfort. Edmonds, Virginia Married West Frankfort. Eldndge, Evelyn Mae Married West Frankfort. Evans, Muriel Home West Frankfort. Evans, Robert Home West Frankfort. Fleming, Margaret Working West Frankfort. Florian, Bill Home West Frankfort. Forcum, Norma Lee Franklin, Eugene Franklin, Lucille Freeman, Holly Home West Frankfort. Fris, Andy Home Orient, III. Forgatch, Joseph Working Olnev, III. Gabor, Rose College St. Louis, Mo Gann, Anna Lois McKendree College Lebanon, III. Garland, Imogene Home West Frankfort. Giacbozi, Victoria Working West Frankfort. Gibson, Eileen Home West Frankfort. Grasco. Margaret Working West Frankfort. Guidazzio, Johnnie Working West Frankfort. Gibson, Pauline Home West Frankfort. Gicabozi, Dominick Working West Frankfort Good, Eloise Working West Frankfort. Graham, Tommy Home West Frankfort. Gray, Gladys Working St. Louis, Mo. Green, Allan Home West Frankfort. Gubicya, Violet Home West Frankfort. Hall, Clco Home West Frankfort. Hand, Jewell Home West Frankfort. Harper, Daina Home West Frankfort. Hayes, J. Taylor SINU Carbondale, III. Heard, Eugene Working Chicago, III. Heaton, Elizabeth SINU Carbondale, III. Hedley, Robert Working West Frankfort. Henson, Billie Bob SINU Carbondale, III. Herrell, Harry Working West Frankfort. Higgerson, Ruth Mae SINU Carbondale, III. Hill, Janice Home West Frankfort. Hiscox, Margaret Nurses Training Chicago, III. Holland, Lois Working Chicago, III. Hoppers, Vernon Working California. Howe, Jack Working West Frankfort. Horsley, Lawanda SINU Carbondale, III. Ice, William B. Home West Frankfort. lelase, Josephine SINU Carbondale, III. Kmiecik, Walter Working Chicago, III. Kolesor, George, Jr. Working West Frankfort Kaneversky, Agnes Married West Frankfort. Kazaitis, Mary Ann At Home West Frankfort. Kelly, Pauline Home West Frankfort. Kelly, Evelyn Irene Home West Frankfort. Koscel, Julia Ann Working West Frankfort. Lapensky, Lester C. C. c. Marseilles, III. LeGrand, Ava Married Los Angeles, Cal. Jones, Charles H. Working West Frankfort. Jones, Charles W. Working West Frankfort. Jones, Claude E. Home West Frankfort. Lemmon, Allen L. Working West Frankfort. Lenich, Agnes Working Chicago, III. Levanti, Santina Home West Frankfort. Loftus, Mary Jane Working Chicago, III. Lowe, Irene Home West Frankfort. McCann, Glenn Daniel Working Orient, III. 96 THE REDBIRDAlumni McCImtock, Muriel Home West Frankfort. McManus, Philip Jr. U. of I Champaign, III. McNulty. John C. c.c McReaken, Dtta Home West Frankfort McReynolds, Evelyn Martin. Charles SINU Carbondale, III Martin. Chiton Home West Frankfort Martin. Mane Home West Frankfort Martin, Leon Home West Frankfort. Martin. Violet Married West Frankfort Melvin, Ruby L. Home West Frankfort Mick, Louverna Married West Frankfort Mills, Reginald Naval Station Chicago, III Mitchell, Delmer Working West Frankfort Mitchell, Rolla V. Home Ezra, III Mondmo, John M Working Mayfield, Ky Moore. John A., Jr. Moore. Virginia Lee College St. Louis, Mo Murphy, Arlie Rex SINU Carbondale, III. Murphy, Madge SINU Carbondale, III. Mitchell, Margaret SINU Carbondale, III. Meagher, Kathleen SINU Carbondale, III. McDonald, Dewey SINU Carbondale, III. Naggie, Pearl E. Nurses Training Chicago, III. Narusis. Helen SINU Carbondale, III. Neislon, Irma College Paducah, Ky. Neuhaus, Clarence SINU Carbondale, III. Nichols, Oscar Home West Frankfort. Nicholson, John Normal School Bloomington, III. Nicholson. James Normal School Bloomington, III. Nolen, Charles U. S. Army Chicago, III. Novick, William Working West Frankfort. Opdyke. Jack Married West Frankfort Ovrick, Edward Home West Frankfort. Owsley, Dale Home West Frankfort. Ozee, Lois Married Taylorville, Ill- Pavelich, Frances Lee Working West Frankfort. Perolio, Virginia Lee Working West Frankfort. Pesarski, Regina Home West Frankfort. Petrasik, Martin Working West Frankfort. Piute, Mary Anne Home Orient, III. Prandim, Italene Prock, John, Jr. Working West Frankfort. Punchard, Constance Home West Frankfort. Ouayle, Elizabeth Working West Frankfort. Radzunas, Joseph Working Chicago, III. Rezetka. Joseph Rezetka. Wilbert Robinson, James C. C.C Havana, III. Rogers, Douglas Working West Frankfort. Rose, Charles Home West Frankfort. continued Rose, Danzel Home West Frankfort. Rose, Willie Home West Frankfort. Rymsza. Frank c. c. c. Sabolo. Joe SINU Carbondale, III. Savina, Ann Saylor, Charles Working West Frankfort. Schumacher, Mary L. Scott. Walter Shaw. Audrey Home West Frankfort. Shaw, Evelyn Home West Frankfort. Shaw, Thelma Working West Frankfort. Sheffler, Paul W. SINU Carbondale, III. Skok, Jo Ann Deceased Smith, Robert Working Chicago, III. Sparks, Ann Home West Frankfort. Smith, Earl, Jr. Working West Frankfort Smith, Vera Working Chicago, III. Sutton, Earlene SINU Carbondale, III. Shudims, Constance Home West Frankfort. Stohawski, Walter A. Story, Jewell E. SINU Carbondale, III. Sweet, Pearl Tabor, Ellen J. SINU Carbondale, III. Thames. La Vae Home West Frankfort. Thompson, Thomas Working West Frankfort Todd, Dorothy SINU Carbondale, III. Tomblm, Ellen Married West Frankfort. Tomzik, John SINU Carbondale, III. Ulrich, Bernard SINU Carbondale, III. Vitko, Mary SINU Carbondale, III. Vittone, Raldo Working West Frankfort. Vittone, Wilma Working West Frankfort Vogan, John SINU Carbondale, III. Wadesky, Helen Walton. Leon Home West Frankfort. Ward, Doreen Married West Frankfort. Weaver, Letthus SINU Carbondale, III. Wentworth, Phyllis Home West Frankfort. Wherry. Orlie Working West Frankfort. Wielt, Virginia McKendree College Lebanon, III. Wilkinson, Katheryn Working Salem, III. Williams, Betty Working Benton. III. Williams, Lydia Home West Frankfort. Willmore. Eva Home West Frankfort. Willmore, Faye SINU Carbondale, III. Witunski, Flossie Working Chicago, III. York, Robert Working West Frankfort. Yurkoms, Grace Working Chicago, III. Zampese, Virginia Home West Frankfort. OF 19 3 9 971939 ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Carl Black Associate Editor John Pearce Business Manager Mike Spontak Assistant Business Manager Carl Engram Senior Editors Eugene Dodds, Edith Boustead Junior Editor Betty Meagher Sophomore Editor Ella Margaret McCrary Freshman Editor Margaret Fris Alumni Editors Marcia Palmer, Mary Evelyn Austin Art Editors Steve Bernhard, Kermit Pinkham Humor ................................................... Elsie Radzunas Clubs Marion Kairis, Lodema Rowe Snapshots Barbara Todd, Mildred Browning Historian .............................................. Vernalee Rich Prophet Albina Radzunas Will ................................................... Lilian Koons Sports Editors Ed. Mehok, Wilbur Humphreys Sales Manager Tommy Martin Salesmen: Mary Ellen Parsons, Emaline Barr, H. R. Peters, Urie Allen Parkhill, Patty Pittman, Frank Camp, John Drake. Sponsors—H. C. Walston, Geo. S. Queen CREDIT TO THOSE WHO LABOR We, the Senior Class, take this opportunity of acknowledging our indebtedness to the following for their untiring efforts in helping us publish the Annual of 1939. Mrs. H. W. McClintock Mrs. Vonnie B. Wade Mr. S. B. Sullivan Miss Teague and Office Staff Senior Sponsors Annual Staff Mr. Walston and Mr. Queen Ed. Mehok Loretta Cobb Muriel Davis Helen Vravick Mr. Hastie Mr. Crowell Mr. Ely Mr. Tucker Miss Nave Miss Hoye Mr. McClintock Mr. Paschedag 1 t 98 THE REDBIRDF. C. H. S. BAND Flutes Charles Bolen Jack Buerkle Robert Treece Barbara Todd LaDonne Weaver Oboes Mary Jane Boner Vivian Lou Martin Clarinets Maurice Bristow Eugene Moore William Prusaczzyk Chas. D. Matteson James Holland Charles Dorris Geraldine Walton Carol Winn Urie Parkhill Matt King Robert McNeely Clarence Tefft Gloria Kirkpatrick Jack Drake Velia Bortolotti Helen Rymsza Mona James Eugene Clark Billy Rogers Alto Clarinet Earl Woods Ruby Nell Gann Bass Clarinet Bert Moore Lavern Sanders Alto Saxophone Billy Champion Joan Webb Anna Lee Taylor Hervie Dillingham Tenor Saxophone Geraldine Weaver Baritone Saxophone Bob Kelley Bassoon Mary Ann Peek Cornets Byford Young Bill Peek L. H. Henson Joe Stanes John Yesinkus Charles Luther John Parkhurst Fred Tomzik John Pracyk Lyle Henly Horns Dorothy Crim Glendine Purcell Paul Howard Doris Purcell Julia Henson Baritone Bobby Rawson Jane Dean Swoffard Elsie Mae Sheaffer Trombone Betty Lee Meagher James McPhail Jerry Phillips Basses Bill Allen Kent Rotramel Jack Williams Drums Bill Gann Paul Enrietto Margaret Maddox String Bass Mary Greenwood F. C. H. S. CONCERT ORCHESTRA Violins Walter Norbet (Concertmaster) Jack King Nadine Holoffe Kenneth Carroll Ernestine Cox 2nd Violins Harold Ernest B Charles Riva Ruth King Jule Wall Violas Lodema Rowe Charles Matteson Basses Mary Greenwood Helen McDonald Flutes Robert Treece Charles Bolen Jack Buerkel Barbara Todd Oboe Mary Jane Boner Bassoon Mary Ann Peek Clarinets Maurice Bristow Lavern Sanders William Prusaczzyk Horns Dorothy Crim Doris Purcell Glendine Purcell Cornets Billy Peek L. H. Henson Trombone Betty Lee Meagher Drums Margaret Maddox SUBSCRIBER HONOR ROLL In appreciation of their spitit of promptness and cooperation, we take pleasure in honoring the following list of subscribers as the first fifty to pay in full for their 1939 Redbirds: Dorothy Carter Betty Lou Patterson Velia Bartolotti Eileen Chomko Brice Macklin Porter J. B. Willmore Emma Autoline Chas. Mosley Carolyn Bozic Warren Brown Leborn Bowyer John Pracyk Fred Donini Harold Brown Jessie Abbott Vina Tittsworth Julia Henson L. H. Henson Dayton McKeacon Robert Levanti Alice Roberts Mary Greenwood Earlene Johns Mary Henderson Ed. McAlister Dorothy Lewis Robert Treece Evan Bowyer William Munsell Evelyn Hogstrom Virginia Crain Jane Dean Swofford John Spontak Bob Burke Eula Mae Gambill Mrs. Vonnie Wade (faculty) Omar Minton Russel Pikey Mary Rumsey Alma Ice Mary Cathryn Dawson Lucille Mills Bessie Lewis Virginia Thomas Helen Vravick Edward Barrett Miss Winifred Nooner (faculty) Bill Peek Thomas Coleman Lucille Roberts OF 19 3 9 99SENIOR ACTIVITIES AND CURRICULUMS The following is a list of activities in which the Seniors have participated during their four years in high school. A few students did not turn in the list of their activities and therefore were omitted. Adkins. Grady (General) Alexander, Earle (Academic) Hi-Y '36. '37. '38. '39. Basketball 36. 37. '38 '39; Track '36. '37. '38. '39. Football '38. '39. Kennel Club '39. Allen, Bill (Academic) Band '36. '37. '38. '39. Track '36. '37, '38, Active Actors '37. Art Club '37. '38. Hi-Y '38. Photography Club "38. '39. Airplane Club '38, Boys' Octette '39. Mixed Chorus ’39; Senior Play '39. Allen, Roberta (Academic) Ambrulavich, George (General) Track '36. '38 Ashby, Charles (Professional) Red Bird Notes '39. Hi-Y '38. '39; Kennel Club '38. '39; Photography '38; Senior Play '39. Junior Play Staff '37; Senior Play Staff '38. Treasurer of Soph. Class '36; Operetta '39; Economics Club '39. Austin, Mary E. (Commercial) G A A ’37. Girl Reserves '37; Pep Club '38. '39, Photography '37; Annual Staff ‘39; Operetta Staff '39. Baren. Thelma (Academic) Glee Club '36; Active Actors '37. Barnard, Lucille (General) Girl Reserves 36 Barr, Emaline (General) Red Bird Notes ’39. Annual Staff '39. Barr. Fred (Commercial) O G A. '39. French Circle '39. Barrett, Ed. (Academic) Track '37. 38. '39; Honor Society '38. '39. "F" Club '38, '39; French Circle '39; Hi-Y '39. Bergin, Elizabeth (General) G A A. '36, '37, '38. '39. Red Bird Notes ‘39. Bernhard. Steve (General) Football '36. '37. '38. '39. Basketball '36. Art Club '37. '38; Track '37. "F" Club '38. '39. Junior Play '38. Vice-President Junior Class '38. Senior Play Staff '39. Annual Staff '39. Black. Carl (Academic) Operetta Staff '38; Pep Club '38. '39. Art Club '38; Senior Play '38; Science Club '39. Annual Stall '39; Youth Forum '39; Photography Club '39 Boggia. Louise (General) G A A '36. '37. Pep Club '37. Red Bird Notes '39. Bonucci. Leah (General) G A A '36. '37. '38, '39. Art Club '38 Boustead, Edith (Commercial) Pep Club '36. '37; Girl Reservos ‘37. Photography '37, '38. Glee Club '36. '37, '38. Operetta Cast '38. Operetta Staff '38, '39. Annual Staff 38. '39. Red Bird Notes '39; O. G A. ‘39; Senior Play Staff '39. Bowyer. Evan (General) Track '37, Economics Club '39. Bowyer. Leborn (Academic) Field Patrole '37; Track '37. ‘38; Ping-Pong Club '39. Pep Club '39. Boyer. Muriel (Professional) Bozic, Caroline (General) Home Economics Club ‘39. Britton. Bill (Academic) Youth Forum ‘39 Brown, Harold (General) Active Actors '37; Hi-Y '37. '38. '39. Kennel Club "39. Pep Club '38. 39; Youth Forum '39. Brown. Warren (Professional) Rifle Club '36. ’37. '38, ‘39. Annual Staff '36. ‘37. '38; Football '36. '37, '38. Basketball '36; Student Patrol '36. '37. '38. Hi-Y '36. '37. '38. '39. Phi-Epsilon '37, '38. '39; Pep Club '36. '37. '38. '39. Junior Play '38. Kennel Club '38, '39; Science Club '39. Ping-Pong ‘38. Senior Play '39; Operetta '39. President of: Freshman class '36. Sophomore class '37, Junior class ‘3o. Senior class '39. Student Body '39. Browning. Mildred (General) G A A. '36. '37. Girl Reserves '36. '37. '39 Pep Club '36. '37; Glee Club "37; Photography '38. ‘39; Kennel Club '39. Rifle Club '38, '39, Senior Play Staff '39; Red Bird Notes ’39. Bruce. Rita (General) G A A '36. '37. Pep Club '36. Active Actors '37. Bunton. Mary L. (Commercial) O. G A '39; Office Staff '39. Burke, Bob (Academic) Pep Club '38, Art Club '38. Photography Club ’39; Hi-Y '38, 39; Junior Play Staff '38. Senior Play Staff '39; Red Bird Notes '39. Youth Forum '39; Football '36. Rifle Club '39 Cable. Nellie (General) Girl Reserves '36. G A A '36. Camp. Frank (Academic) Student Patrol '36, '37. "38. '39; Junior Play Staff '38. Senior Play Staff '39; Annual Staff '39. Hi-Y '39. Rifle Club '39. French Circle '39. Carlisle, Maxine (General) G A A '36. '37. '38. '39. Girl Reserves '36, '37. ‘38, Pep Club ‘36, '37. "38. Operetta Cast '39. Carrier, James (General) Carroll, Kenneth (Professional) Operetta '36, 38. '39. Orchestra '36. '37. 38. 39; Honor Society '38 '39; Hi-Y '38. '39. Pep Club 38 French Circle '38, '39; All State Orchestra 39. Youth Forum '39. Carter. Dorothy (General) Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38. '39; G. A A '36. '37. '38. '39. Pep Club '36. '37. '38. Orchestra '36. '37 Dramatic Club '37; Junior Play Staff ’38. Photography '38. Home Economics '39. Red Bird Notes '39; Senior Play Staff '39. Cavalli, Mary (General) G A A '36. '37. Pep Club '36. '37. O G A 39 Champion. Bill (Professional) Rifle Club '36. '37. Band '36. '37. 38. '39 Hi-Y 38. '39. Chismar. Edward (General) Football '36. '37. '38. Basketball '36 Chomko. Aileen (General) Spanish Club '37. Clancy. Irene (Academic) G A A 36. '37. '38. '39. Pep Club 38. '39, Kennel Club '38 '39; Youth Forum '39, Girl Reserves '38, '39; Dramatic Club ‘37; Websterian Club ‘39; Senior Play Staff '39. Clark. Irma (Academic) Pep Club '36. Dramatic Club ’37. Red Bird Notes '39. Operetta Staff '39 Clark. W. T. (General) Claxton. Elizabeth (General) G A A '36. '39; Girl Reserves '36, '37. '38. '39. Junior Play Staff '38 Home Economics '39; Pep Club ‘39. Cobb. Loretta (Commercial) Dramatic Club '39; Junior Play '38; Senior Play '39. O. G A '39. Cole. Cecile (Academic) Girl Reserves '36. '37, '38. Rifle Club '38. '39. Kennel Club 38. '39. Sub-Deb '39. O G A 39 Coleman. Thomas (General) Basketball '36. '37. Hi-Y 36. '37. '38. '39. Football '37. 38. French Circle '39. Collins, Robert (Academic) Student Patrol '37. '38. '39. Hi-Y '36, '37. '38. '39; Photography ‘36. Kennel Club '38. '39. Youth Forum '39. Operetta Staff '38, '39; Senior Play Staff '39 Compa. Frank (General) Connor. Georgiana (Academic) Girl Reserves '36, '37. '38; Phi Epsilon '37. '38. '39; Honor Society '38. '39. Sub-Deb 39. O G A '39; Webstenans ‘39. Kennel Club '38, '39. 100 THE REDBIRDCowsert. L. E. (Academic) Typing Team '38. '39. Hi Y '38. '39. Science Club '38. '39. Kennel Club 38 Football ‘39; O G A 39. Senior Play '39. "F" Club '39. Crain. Virginia (Commercial) Cremer. Warren (General) Croslin. Afton (Academic) Girl Reserves '36; Active Actors '37; O G A '39. Shorthand Team ‘38. ’39. Youth Forum "39. Commercial Club '39. Sub-Deb '39 Davis. Muriel Mae (Academic) Glee Club '36, ‘37, Honor Society 38. '39. O. G A. '39. Commercial Club '39 Dawson. Mary C. (Academic) Glee Club ‘36. '37, Pep Club '36. Spanish Club '37, '38. DeLap. Russell (Commercial) Spanish Club 38. ’39. Websterian Speech Club ’39; Red Bird Notes '39. Senior Play Cast '39. Denny. Mildred (Commercial) Honor Society '38, ’39; O. G. A '39 Denton. Theron (Academic) Football '36. '37. '38. 39; Basketball 38, Track '38; Wrestling '38. 39; "F” Club '39 Dillon, Imogene (Commercial) Pep Club '36. Girl Reserves '36; O. G A '39 Dodds. Eugene (Professional) Boys' Glee Club '36, '37. ’38; Operetta Cast '36, '38, '39. Basketball '36; Freshman Class Pres ‘36; Hi-Y '36, '37, '38. '39. Boys’ Quartette '36, '37. ’38; Boys' Octette '39. Sophomore Pres. ‘37; Phi Epsilon '38. '39. Pep Club '38, '39. Atterepo '38. '39. Mixed Chorus '38, '39, Youth Forum ‘39; Annual Staff '36, ‘37. ‘38, '39. Senior Class Play '39 Donahue, Bill (Academic) Rifle Club '36. '37. '38. '39; Spanish Club '39. Donini, Fred (General) Dorris. Dorothy (General) G A A '36. '37. '38. '39, Girl Reserves '36; Pep Club '36, '37; Glee Club '36. '37. Art Club '36. '37. Red Bird Notes '39. Senior Play Staff '39 Dorris. Maxine (General) Glee Club '36. '37. '38. 39 Mixed Chorus '36. '37. '38, '39. Quartette ‘37; Operetta ’38. Dorsett. Lenora (Commercial) Girl Reserves '36; Glee Club ‘37; Radio Club (Carbondale) 37; O. G. A '39 Downard. Audrey (General) G A A 37. 38 Drake. Jack (Academic) Band '36, '37. '38. '39. Pep Club 36 Track '36, '37. Hi-Y '36, '37. '38. '39. Art Club '38. Dramatic Club ‘37; Orchestra '36. Phi Epsilon '37. Drake, John (General) Phi Epsilon '39. Pep Club '36. '37. '38. '39. Model Airplane 36. Dramatic '36. '37; Science Club '38. '39, Hi-Y 38. '39. Junior Play Stall '38. Senior Play Cast '39. Rod Bird Notes 39. Drake, Herbert (General) Durham. Evelyn (General) Home Economics '39. Dynis. Mike (General) Football '36. '37. '38. '39. O. G A '39; "F" Club '39 Eadie. Walter (Academic) Basketball '36. '37. Pep Club '38. Hi-Y '38. '39; Track '36 Endicott. James (General) Epperheimer, Loraine (General) Girl Reserves '35, '36. '37, G A A 35 . 36 37. Speech Club '39. Pep Club '35 . 36, '37 Ferguson. Gertrude (General) Ferrari. Albert (General) Filkins, Joe (General) Flood. Wilmeeta (Academic) G A A '36. '37. '38, '39. Band '36. Pep Club '37. '38 Foster, Loren (General) Wrestling ‘38. '39; Football '36, '37. '38, '39, Basketball '36; Secretary (Soph Class) '37, "F" Club '39. Boxing '37. '38, '39. Fox. Bill (Academic) Dramatic Club '37; Pep Club '37. '38. '39. Senior Play Staff '39, Red Bird Notes Staff '39. Francis, Florence (General) Francis, Frank (Commercial) Frankie. Mary (Academic) Glee Club '36; G A A '36. ‘37. '38, '39; Girl Reserves ‘36, '37, '38. '39. Pep Club '36. '37. '38. '39. Dramatic Club '37; O. G A. '39; Spanish Club '39. Red Bird Notes Staff '39. Franko. George (General) Economics Club '39; Track '39. French. Louis (Academic) Model Airplane Club '39. French Circle '39. Junior Play Staff ‘39. Fris. Edward (Academic) Gambriel, John (Academic) Football '36. Gill. Norman (General) Glee Club '36. '37. '38. '39; Operetta '36. '38, '39 Atterpo Club '39. Boys' Octette '39. Mixed Chorus '38. '39. Gill. Owen (General) Band '35. '36; Hi-Y '36. '37. '38. '39. Junior Play Staff '37, Senior Play Staff '39; Red Bird Notos Staff '39. Gore, Elsie (Commercial) Girl Reserves '36; G. A. A '36. Honor Society '38. '39; Spanish Club '39. O. G A '39 Goscinski. Edward (Commercial) Basketball '36. '37. '38. '39; Student Patrol '38. '39; "F" Club '38. '39. Gossett, George (Commercial) Youth Forum '39; Websterian '39 Griffin, Jane (Academic) Girl Reserves ‘36. ‘37. '38, '39. Operetta Staff '38. Junior Play Staff ‘38; Senior Play Staff '39, Red Bird Staff '39. Hoyian Speech Club '39 Grubbs, Edwain (Commercial) Boys' Glee Club '36. '37. ‘38; Operetta '36, ‘38, '39, Mixed Chorus '38, '39, Boys' Quartette '37, '38. All State Chorus '37. '38. Operetta (Metropolis) '38; Atterpo Club '38, '39. Ping-Pong Club '38, '39 Gulledge. Freeman (General) Gwyn. Dick (Professional) Student Patrol '38, '39; Junior Play Cast "39. Third Year Spanish "38. '39. Boys' Glee Club '39. Mixed Chorus '39; Editor (Red Birds Notes) '39. Hamilton, Berniece (General) Hand. Helen (Academic) G A A '36. Spanish Club '38. '39. Home Economics ‘39. Honor Society '38, '39. Girl Reserves ‘36; Websterian Speech Club ‘39 Hartley. Geraldine (General) Hendrix. Valeta (Academic) G A A '36, '37; Phi-Epsilon '37. '38. Henson, L. H. (Professional) Band '34. '35. '36. '37. 38. '39; Orchestra '34. '35, '36. '37, '38. '39. Operetta ‘36, '38. '39. Hill, Mary (General) Pep Club '36. '37. '39. Dramatic '39; Youth Forum '39. Girl Reserves '39. Kennel Club ’39; G A A '36, '37. '39 Hill. Presley (Academic) Hi-Y '36. '37. '38, '39; Aviation (Johnston City) ‘36. ‘37; Photography '38. Youth Forum '39. Holland. James (General) Band '36. '37, '38. '39. Drum Major '38. '39 Holt. Conrad (Academic) Football '36. '37. '38. '39; Hi-Y '39. 'F" Club '39 Howell. Don (Academic) Basketball '36. '37. '38. '39 "F " Club ‘38. '39. Hi-Y '39. Humphreys. Wilbur (Professional) Phi-Epsilon '38. '39; Pep Club '37, '38. '39. Hi-Y '38. '39 Red Bird Notes '39, Annual Staff '39. Photography '39. Hutchinson. Robert (Academic) Football '36, '37. '38. '39; Track '36. Pep Club '36; Hi-Y '38. '39 OF 19 3 9 101Huth. Ethel (Academic) Junior Play Stall '38. Ice. Alma (Commercial) Speech Club '39. Ice. Mary (General) Ice. Paul Wayne (General) Economics Club '38. Ivins. David (General) Glee Club '36 '37. '38. Phi-Epsi-lon "37. '38: Flying Aces Club ’37; Hi Y '38, '39. Youth Forum '39. Jacaway. Ermalee (Commercial) Jr. Play Stall 38 O. G A '39 Johnson. Virginia (Professional) G A A '36. '37. '38 Pep Club '36. '37. "13" Aces 38. Sr. Play '39; Sub. Deb Club '39. Jones. Jessie (Professional) G A A 36, 37. '38. '39; Girl Reserves ‘36. '37, '38; Yell Leader 37. '38; Sr Play 39; Sub-Deb 39 Kairis. Marion (Professional) Art Club '38; Jr. Play Staff '38. Annual Stall '39; Photography 37; Pep Club 37; Girl Reserves '37, "38 Operetta '38. '39. Glee Club '36. '37. '38 39, Mixed Chorus '39 13' Aces '38 '39 Kaylor. Fred (General) Glee Club 37. '38. Mixed Chorus '38, 39. Operetta '38. '39. Boys' Quartette '38. Boys' Octette '39 All-State Chorus '39; Sr. Play Stall 39. Keith. Bill (Academic) Student Patrol ‘37, '38. '39; French Circle '39. O. G A '39. Kerzan. Mary (Professional) G A A 36 Glee Club '37, Phi-Epsilon '38. King. John (General) King. Jack (General) Orchestra '36. '37. '38, '39; Swing Band '37. '38. '39 Koonce, Martha (Professional) Girl Reserves '37; Economics ’39. Koons. Lilian (Commercial) Office Staff '39. G A A '37; Girl Reserves '38. '39. Spanish Club '38. ‘39, Shorthand Team '38; Glee Club '37, '38; Youth Forum ’39; Sub-Deb '39; Annual Stalf '39; O G A '39. Land. Leo (General) Archery '36. Photography '37; Boys' Glee Club '36. '37. '38. '39. Mixed Chorus '38 '39. Hi-Y '36. '37. '38. '39. Rifle Club '37. '38. Football '36 . 37. '38 Basketball '36. '37. 38. Track '36. '37. '38; Pep Club '36, 37; Atterepo '39; Jr. Play Staff "37; Operetta ’36, ‘39. Land, Rita (Academic) G. A A '36. Girl Reserves '36, ‘37, '38; Jr. Play '38; Sub-Deb '39. Laswell, Marietta (General) Glee Club '36. Lee. Carl (General) Operetta Staff '38. '39. Jr Play Staff '38. Sr. Play Stall '39 Lee. Edward (Academic) Dramatic Club ’37. Operetta '38. Jr Play '38. Operetta Staff ‘39. Youth Forum '39; Photography '39, Spanish Club ’39. Sr Play 39. Hoyian Speech Club '39. Levanti. Nick (General) Football '36. '37. '38. '39 Basket ball '36. '37. '38; Track '36. '37 Levanti. Robert (General) Football "36. Pep Club '37. Lewis. Bessie (Academic) Pep Club '38 Mixed Chorus 38. '39. Glee Club '38 . 39. Home Economics Club '39; Girls' Quartette '39. Lewis. Dorothy (General) Glee Club '38. Attendant to football queen '36. Pep Club '36. Lingle. Ernest (Academic) Pep Club '36. '37; Hi-Y 38. '39. Youth Forum '39. Little. Nellie (General) G A A 36. McCarnes. Dorothy (Professional) Operetta ’36, '38, '39. Glee Club '36. '37. '38. '39. G A A 36. '37. Dramatic Club '36; Pep Club '37, '38. Girl Reserves '37. '38. '39. Mixed Chorus ‘38. '39; Atterepo "38, '39; Websterian Club '39. McCray. Willis (Academic) Rifle Club '36. '37, '38. '39 McDaniel. John (General) Websterian Speech Club '39. McFadin. Val (Professional) Basketball '36. '37; Football "36. ‘37; Ping-Pong Club '38; Hi-Y ’39; Hoyian Speech Club ’39. McGhee, Patricia (Commercial) G A A '36, Girl Reserves '36, O. G A '39. McKee. Eric (General) McKown, LaNoma (Professional) McManus. Eugene (General) Hi-Y '36. '37. '38 . 39 Latin Club ‘36, '37; Hoyian Speech Club '39. Pep Club '36, '37. '38; Youth Forum '38. '39 Maddox, Margaret (General) Pep Club "36; Orchestra '36. ’37, '38, '39. Girl Reserves ’37, "38. Kennel Club '38; Rifle Club '38, '39, Band '38. ’39; Speech Contest '38. Sr. Play Cast '39; Sub-Deb 39 Mahalick. Charles (General) Malan, Rolla (General) Operetta Staff '39. Sr. Play Stall '39; Economics '39. Martin. Mildred (Academic) Girls' Glee Club '36, '37. '38. '39; Operetta '36, '38, ’39; All-State Chorus '37; Mixed Chorus '38, '39. Martin. Tommy (Academic) Pep Club ‘36. '37, '38. '39. Kennel Club '39 Hi-Y '37, '38. '39 Jr Play Stall 38; Cheer Leader '36. ‘38. '39; Operetta Stall '38. '39. Annual Staff "38, '39; Red Bird Notes '39. Websterian Club '39 Youth Forum '39. Sr. Play ’39. Martindale. Mary (Commercial) Typing Team 38, O G A 39 Commercial Club '39 Mason. Dwight (General) Pep Club '36. '37; Hi-Y '38. '39 Massey, Lorraine (General) G A A ’36, 37. '38 Latin Club '36. Red Bird Notes Stall ‘39, Hoy ian Speech Club ‘39. Matelic. Lorene (General) Jr Play Staff '38, Sr Play Staff ‘39 Matthews. Nella (Professional) Phi-Epsilon '37. '38. Dramatic Club '37, Typing Team '38. '39. Honor Society '38, 39. Jr. Play Stalf '38 O G A 39. Office Staff '39; Sr Play Stalf '39 Matteson. Charles D. (Academic) Band ‘36. '37. 38. '39; Orchestra '36 '37, '39, Operetta 36. '38. '39; Hi-Y '39. Mauzy. Bill (Academic) Pep Club '36. '37. '38 Basketball '36. '37. '38. '39 Football Mgr '39 Band '36. Dramatic Club "37. Art Club '37. HiY '38. 39 Mehok. Ed (Comm' icial) Football '36. '37, '38. 39. Basketball '36. Track '36. '37. '38. '39. Dramatic Club 37. V -Pres Soph Class '37. Student Patrol Pres '37. ’38. ’39. Latin Club '37, Typing Team '38. ‘39. Jr Play Staff '38. Hi-Y V -Pres '38. '39. Honor So ciety '38, '39; Annual Staff ‘38, '39 Melvin. Orene (General) Migielicz. Ed. (Academic) Football '36. '37. '38. '39 "F Club •39 Miles. Herchell (Commercial) Basketball ’36, '37; Track '36. '37. '38 '39 "F" Club '38. '39; Bas ketball Mgr ‘39; Football ’36, 37, '38. ‘39. Mills. Jack (Commercial) V.-Pres of Freshman Class '36. Latin Club '37; Student Patrol ‘37, '38. ‘39; Jr Play Cast '38. Honor Society '38, ‘39; Ping-Pong Club ’38; O. G. A '39 Mikelaski, Helen (General) Miskowsky. Mickey (General) Mitchell. Charles (Professional) Track '36; Science Club '38; Websterian '39. Mitchell. Gilbert (General) Football '35. '36. Chef Waiters '35. Jr. Play Stalf '37. Montgomery. A. K. (General) Pep Club '36. '37, Hi-Y '36. '37. '38. '39. 102 THE REDBIRDMoor©. Carl (General) First Aid Club (Benton) '36, Football '36; Basketball '35. Boxing Club (Benton) '36. Art Club '3 . 38. Pep Club 37. 38. Jr Play Staff '38. Sr. Play Staff '39; Hi-Y '39. Murray. Henry (General) Nelson. Vivian (Commercial) Student Patrol '38, '39. Shorthand Team '38, Honor Society '38, '39. Spanish Club '39. Youth Forum '39. O. G A '39. Office Staff '39 Newton. Bob (Academic) Football '36. '37. '38. '39. Basketball '36. '37. 38. ‘39 Track '38. '39. F" Club '38. '39 Hi-Y '39. Nichols. Edith (Academic) Pep Club '38. '39. G A A '36. Girl Reserve '39; Dramatic Club '36. Websterian '39. Sr. Play Staff '39. Nichols. Elmyra Girl Reserves '36, ‘37, '38. '39. Pep Club '39. Norbet. Walter (Commercial) Track '36, ‘37, ‘38, ‘39. Orchestra ‘36. '37, '38, '39; Model Airplane ‘36. Operetta '36, '38. '39. Hobby Club '38. Norman. Harold (General) Pall. Albert (General) Palmer. Marcia (Professional) Girl Reserves '36. '37; Sub-Deb '39. G A A '36. '37, 38. '39 Football Queen ‘39 Maid of Honor '38, Soph Attendant '37; Maid of Honor (Carnival Queen) ‘37; Pep Club '36. '37. Student Patrol '37, '38. '39 Parkhill, Zoella (General) Hi-Tri (Benton) ‘36. '37. Sky High' (Benton) '37; Girl Reserves '38; Art Club '38. Pep Club '38. '39 O. G A. '39. Websterian '39; Sub-Deb '39, Operetta Staff '39. Sr Play '39 Parlchurst. Bernadine (General) G A A '36. '37, '38. Girl Reserves '36, 37; Pep Club '36. Parsons. Mary Ellen (General) Pep Club '38. '39. Websterian '39. Girl Reserves '38. 39; G A A ‘37, '39. Annual Staff '39. Home Economics '39; Jr. Play Staff '38 Patterson. Andy (Academic) "F" Club ‘37. Hi-Y '37. Football '36. '37. '38 . 39; Basketball ‘36. '37. '38. '39. Track '37. '38. ‘39. Patterson. Betty Lou (Academic) Girl Reserves ’36, '37. ‘38. Operetta 38. '39. Glee Club '36. '37; Mixed Chorus "38. '39. Dramatic Club '36. '37; G A A 38 Patton. Carl W. (Commercial) Model Airplane '36. Spanish Club '37; Hi-Y '39. Pauls. Frank (Commercial) O. G. A. ’39; Youth Forum 39. Pavelich, Eva (Commercial) G A A '36. Spanish Club '37, '38, '39. Commercial Club '39; O. G A '39; Honor Society '38, '39. Pearce. John (Academic) Football '36. '37; Basketball '36. Dramatic Club '36. '37. Photography Club '36, '37, '38. ‘39. Latin Club '37. '38. '39; Junior Play '38 Senior Play '39; Red Bird Notes •38, '39 Annual Staff '38 '39, Youth Forum '38. '39; Hi-Y '37, '38. '39, Science Club '37, '38. Peek. Billy (Academic) Model Airplane ‘36, '37. '38. Basketball '36. '37, '38. Track '36, Rifle Club '36. '37. 38. '39, Band 36. '37. ■38 . 39. Orchestra 36. '37. '38. '39 Pergar. Eugene (General) Track '38, '39. ’F" Club '38. '39. Youth Forum '39. Peters. Ed. (General) Basketball '36. '37, ‘38; Economics Club '39 Peters. H. R. (Professional) Ping-Pong Club '39. Glee Club '36; Hi-Y '37. '38. '39; Latin Club 37. Honor Society '38, '39. Jr Play Staff '38. Photography Club '39. Youth Forum '39. O. G A '39 Pikey. Russell (Academic) Pinkham. Kermit (Commercial) Art Club '37. 38. Jr Play Staff '38. Annual Staff '38, '39. Plasters. Mildred (General) G A. A. '36. Hoyian Speech Club '39. Podnar. Tony (Academic) Football '36; Track '38. Websterian '39. Pogoda. Edna (Commercial) O G A 39 Powell. Eugene (General) Basketball '36; Hi-Y '36. '37. '38. 39. Glee Club '36. '37. '38 Prusaczyk. Jennie (General) G A A 36. Punchard. Gertrude (General) Glee Club '36; G A A 36. Pep Club '37. Purcell. Doris (Academic) Girl Reserves '36, '37. '38. Band '36. '37. ‘38. '39. Orchestra '36. '37. '38, '39. Rifle Club '38. '39; Honor Society '38. '39 Kennel Club 38. '39; Operetta '36. '38, '39. Sub-Deb ‘39; French Circle '39. O. G. A '39. Ragan, Dorothy (General) G A A. '36. '37. Ragan, Joyce (Professional) G A A '36. '37. Ranson. Kathleen (Commercial) G A A '36, '37; O G A '39. Rauback, George (General) Renn. Evan (General) Glee Club '37, '38. Operetta '38, '19 Track '38. '39 Hi-Y '38. 39. F" Cl .b '38 ‘39 Websterian 39 Kennel Club '39; Sr. Play Staff '39 Rice. Margie (Commercial) O. G A '39 Rich. Vemalee (Academic) Girl Reserves '36, '37. '38. '39. Jr. Play Staff '38. Operetta Staff '38, '39. Annual Staff ‘39, Sr. Play Staff '39; Red Bird Notes Staff '39. Roberts, Alice (Commercial) G A A 37, '38, '39, Girl Reserves '37, '38. '39. Jr. Play Staff '38 Pop Club '39 Roberts. Lucille (Academic) Glee Club (Benton) '36, Hi-Tri (Benton) '36; French Circle '39. Rodden. John (General) Rodden. Margaret (General) G A A '36. '37. '38. 39. Girl Reserves '36. '37, Pep Club '37, '38. Roe. Raymond (Commercial) Youth Forum '39. Sr Play Staff '39; Track '37, '38 Rogers, Jimmy (General) Hi-Y '39. Youth Forum '39. Hoyian Speech Club ‘39. Rogers. Ruth (General) G A A '36, '37. Girl Reserves '36, '37; Ping-Pong ‘38, '39. Youth Forum '39. Rose. Lorene (Commercial) Glee Club '36. '37, '39. G A A '36. '37. '38. '39; O. G. A '39. Ross. Wendell (General) Basketball (Benton) '35. '36; Football (Benton) '35. '36. Rowe. Lodema (Professional) Science Club '39. Senior Play Staff '39. Junior Play Staff '38. Operetta '36, '37, '38, '39. Phi-Epeilon '38 Girl Reserve 38. '39; O. G A '39. Band '36. '37. Orchestra '36. '37. '38. '39. Annual Staff '39. Honor Society '38. '39. Sub-Deb '39. Russell, Kate (Commercial) Dramatic Club '37. Latin Club '37; O. G A. '39. Rumsey, Mary (General) G. A A '36. Spanish Club ‘37. Sala, Chester (General) Basketball ‘36, '37; Football '36, '37. '38. Hi-Y '39; Sr Play Cast '39 Schumn. Wilfred (General) Band 36. '37. Hi-Y '38. '39. Seagle, Ruth (General) Semsis, Aldona (General) G A. A '36. '37. '38. Serena. Raymond (General) OF 19 3 9 103Shanks. Robert (Professional) Model Airplane '36; Jr Play Stall 38; Hi-Y 38. 39. Kennel Club 38. Science Club '39; Sr. Play Stall '39. Shudinis. Henry (General) Skeen. Doris (Commercial) Girl Reserves "39; G. A. A '39. Slayden, Fairy June (Commercial) Girl Reserves '36. '37. '39;. Pep Club 36. '37. '39. Jr. Play Stall '38; Sr Play '39. Kennel Club 39. Smith. Jack (General) Red Bird Notes Stall '38. ‘39; Hoy-ian Speech Club '39. Smith, Lois (General) Glee Club ‘36. '38. G A A '36; Operetta '36; Girl Reserves '39. Soulsby, Mary Lena (Academic) G A A '36. '37. '38. Girl Reserves '37; Pep Club 37. Southerland. Wilma (Professional) Girl Reserves '37, '38, '39. Senior Play '39 Spontak. Mike (Academic) Band '36. Art Club '37, '38. Annual Staff '38, '39; Secretary Senior Class '39; Photography Club '39; Youth Forum '39. Stagner, Dorothy (General) G. A A '36 Art Club '37, '38. Stewart, Neale (General) kes. Stella [Professional) Gide Club '36, Mixed Chorus '38; Pep Club '36. '37. G A A '37; Jui lor Play Cast '38. Senior Play Ca st '39; Dramatic Club '37; Red Bir i Notes Staff ‘39. Straka. Tommy ' (General) VTs ck '37. '38. '39. Sttjjvinsky, Tillie (Commercial) G VA A '36, Student Patrol '36, '37; 1 Honor Society '38, '39. O G A 9 F" Club '39 onor So 39. "F" Taylor, Roger (Academic) Webstenan ’39. Thomas. Betty (Commercial) Girl Reserves ’36; Jr. Play Stall '38. Thomas. Virginia (Commercial) Student Patrol (Decatur) '36. Operetta (Decatur) '37. Soph. Student Council (Decatur) '38; Girls' Sextet (Benton) '38; Sr Play Cast '39 Thompson. Aldine (General) Glee Club '36 '37. G A A '37; Sr. Play Stall '39. Thompson. Sidney (Commercial) Flying Aces '39, Commercial '39. O. G A. '39. Tittsworth. Vina (Commercial) G A A '36; Girl Reserves ’36, '37, '38, 39 Glee Club '37. '38; Span ish Club '38, '39, Sub-Deb '39. O. G A '39. Todd. Barbara (Academic) Jr Play Stall '38; Girl Reserves '36. '37. '38. '39. Pep Club '36. '37 Band '36. ‘37, ‘38. ‘39; Orchestra '36. '38, '39; Dramatic Club '36. '37; Honor Society '36, '37; Girls' Ping-Pong Club ‘39. Sub-Deb '39; Operetta '36, '39. Todroff. Roy (Academic) "F" Club '38. '39. Football '37. '38. '39,- Basketball '37; Track '38. '39. Tomblin. Kenneth (General) Football '37, '38, '39. Pep Club '39; Hi-Y ‘39. Red Bird Notes Stall '39, Track Mgr. '39. Turner. Bill (General) Tweedy. Vivian (General) Vanwey, Jacob (General) Economics '39. Veach. Vernon (Commercial) School Play (DeSoto. Ill ) 36, Latin Club '37. '38 Active Actors '37; O. G A '39. Pep Club '39. Vineyard. Etoile (General) Vitko. Anna (Commercial) Dramatics '37; Honor Society ’38 '39; Commercial Club '39, Vravick, Helen (Commercial) Office Staff '38, '39; O. G A '39 Wall, Rembert (General) Sr. Play '39. Walley. Oiva (Academic) Warren. Emma (Academic) Art Club '37. '38; Pep Club '38. '39, Honor Society '38. '39; Sr Play '39. Girl Reserves 39; O. G A '39; French Circle '39. Warren, Ernest (Commercial) Boys' Glee Club ‘36, '37, 39. Boys Quartet 37; Boys Octette '39. O G A '39. Red Bird Notes Staff '39. Mixed Chorus ‘39. Weaver. Eleeta (General) Weaver. George (General) Band '36. '37, "38. Orchestra "36 Webb, Addison (General) Webb. Don (Academic) Rifle Club '36. '37. '38. Photog- raphy Club '36, ‘37. 38. Jr. Play '38; Economics Club '39. Hi-Y '39, Hoyian Speech Club '39. Wentworth. Wallace (Academic) Band '36. '37. 38; Orchestra '36. '37. Hi-Y '37. '38, '39, Ping-Pong Club '38 Wheeler. Paul (General) Chorus (Marion) '36; Football (Mahon) ‘37. White. Jesse (General) Wieneke. Val (General) Football '36 Williams. Ralph (General) Baseball '36, '37; Soph Class Play '37. Economics Club '39. Williamson. Leon (General) Wise. Kathryn (General) Girl Reserves '39. Wolfe. Lawrence (General) Pep Club '39. Wyatt. John (General) Glee Club '37. Economics Club '39. Wysup, Doris (Commercial) Orchestra '36, Dramatic Club ’37. Latin Club '37; Honor Society '38. '39; O G. A '39; Bookkeeping Team ‘38. Commercial Club '39. Hoyian Speech Club '39. Young. Byford (Academic) Model Airplane Club '36. Band '36. '37. '38. '39. Orchestra '36. '37. 38; Photography '36; Pep Club '37. Young. Lester (General) Track '36. Zalokar, Ann (Commercial) O G. A '39. Latin Club '36. 37. 

Suggestions in the Frankfort Community High School - Red Bird Yearbook (West Frankfort, IL) collection:

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