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SPONSORED BY THE WEST FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS Moss 19H Red ifoi FO REWORD I he labor and time spent in compiling this volume will not have been in vain if it will serve the pur|K se of acquainting the outside world with the activities of our school and also serve as a means ol bringing back vividly to us in the future the days spent in K C. I I. S. with our teachers and classmates.» DEDICATION In recognition of the untiring efforts which he has expended in promoting the welfare of our school, the best civic interest of this community in its relation to education, and particularly the great work he has done for the schools of the state in bringing them to the attention of our legislative body in reference to receiving proper assistance— we. the Seniors of 1936, hereby dedicate this volume to our beloved principal and friend, S. B. Sullivan. (-» - -11956 ANNUAL STAFF Paul Ccrar Daniel Morlarity Ethel Jane Zwlclc James Smith Bill Piirrrll Rusiness Mnnager Associate Editor Ediior-in-Chief Associate Editor Sports Editor Hilda Ramsey Della Bowden Bill Lewis Mae Novak Melba Minion Snap Editor Snap Editor Literary Editor Sales Manager Sales Manager June Miles Joke Editor C B ] Mary Raubark ,4rf Editor H. C. Walston Sponsor N A. Rosan Sponsor Barbara Palmer Art EditorADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS I 'NDF.RCI .ASSES[01 ] wnmonanv S. B SULLIVAN. Prtnnpal BOARD OF EDUCATION President Secretary Member Member Memfcor OTIS STONE OAKLEY HAYS O. S. BROWN R. A. SWOFFORR C. L LIMERICK [ II 1n r Top Rou JCmjm cn S. Allen. S. A. Changnon. R. L. Crowell. R. B. Ea lie. E. W Ebbler. Botif rnmJ(oj yK ayne H Ely Lillian G. Francis. Neva Pearl Gloycl. Alice L Grant. James I lastie. u CARMEN S. ALLEN Ed. B.. S. I. T. C. 1 listory, English S. A. CHANGNON B. Ed. Lake F orest U. State Normal U., Northwestern u. Illinois L Football. Basketball R. L. CROWELL, Coach Ed. B. S. I. T. C Biology, Ilealth R. B. EADIE B. S., U. of III. M. S., U. of III Elementary C ivies E. Y. EBBLER A. B.. MrKendree C. Biology WAYNE H. ELY A. B.. Indiana State U. M. A.. Indiana State U. LILLIAN G. FRANCIS Ed. B.. S. I. T. C. ( ommerrial Subjects NEVA PEARL GLOYD B. M. U. of Illinois Music ALICE L GRANT B. S., U. of Illinois M. A.. I . of Illinois English JAMES HASTIE Ed. B.. S. I. T. C. U. of Alabama English I 12]Top Roto: Carolyn Helming. Harlan C. 1 lodges, Alice lloye, Marian Kelly. Ralph Krtipp. Botlom Row: Lee Monica Milcals, H. W. McClintoclc. Velma Nave. N. A. Rosan. CAROLYN HELMING A B. Cornell C. M. A. C olumbia U. Malhomatics HARLAN C. HODGES SHurtleff, S. I. T. C. I’, of Illinois Erl. R U. of Colorado I leaith, Biology ALK E HOVE A. B. MrKonrlree C. M. A.. V. of W isconsin Spanish. Speech Journalism MARIAN KELLY Middlebury College I 'niversify of Paris C ohimbia I University A. B.. I '. of Illinois I rench. English RALPH KRUPP Ed. B.. S. I. T. C. M. A.. I'. of Michigan Advanced Mathematics Physics O. C. LEE B. S. I . of Illinois Social Studies II. Y. McCLINKX'K Ph. B.. ShurtlelT C . I ’niversity of III. Social Studies MONICA MIKLAS Ph. B.. U. of Chicago M. A.. U. of Illinois English VELMA NAVE S. I. T. C. Ed. B. University of III. English History N. A. ROSAN A. B., Ewing College M. A.. I ’. of Michigan American History t 13]FACULTY HAL STONE Ed. 13., S. I. T. C. U. of Alabama Social Studies LORA TEEL Ed. B„ S. I. T. C. Latin Social Studies VONNIE B. WADE Gregg College Springfield Junior Co. S I. T. C. Shorthand and Typing C. E. SUMMERVILLE B. S.. Indiana State Shop BERN1ECE SWOFFORD University of Mo. Christian College 1 lome Economics MAXINE TUCKER Gregg College Northwestern U Shorthand and Typing GUY E. TUCKER B. S.. McKendree C. M. A. Northwestern U. Math. II. C WALSTON A. B., James Millikin I’h. M.. U. of Wisconsin Chemistry. Algebra MAI 'RINE WEBB Ed. B„ S. I. T. C. English. Art GRACE WILSON A. B. Colo. S. I. T. C. Spanish 1 and 2 Theodor Paschcdag Rulh Teague Ethel Morris Vender Cook School Secretary Librarian o Music Band, Orchestra [ 14 ] Mrs. R. Crowell S. I. T. C. Ed. B. I Ml in. EnglishSENIOR ('I.ASS Ed Gray Fd Bundy Conley Taylor Daniel Morlnrily Sieve Konez Past President President We President Secretary Treasurer IIISTORY At last the Tri-Plano 1936 is nearing her linal destination. Anxious eyes helow are eagerly scanning the heavens for a glimpse ol the great white winged machine carrying their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters to a sale landing on the field of their career. Some few of her members have already Jx’en forced down: perhaps they became tired of the long flight and the ever, 'steady, monotonous whine ol the motor, or perhaps circumstances lorced their landing. I hat we do not know, hut most of them are being carried safely to the land of future destiny. During their four year trip, the passengers have accomplished many things. On September 6, 1932. the 1936 made a perfect take-off with Charles Strusz as head pilot with Albert Margelli and Wayne O Conner as co-pilots, rhey had as Steward Mr. Eatlie. and Stewardess Mrs. Allen to guide them safely through the perilous journey ol their lirst year. I his great white ship just beginning on its long flight gained an honor seldom attained by one so early in its jourey. for it was from among their passengers that a Queen. Geraldine Cochran, was chosen to reign over the football kingdom. As time marched on into the second year. Billie Lewis was placed at the head of the 36 with l aveme I laggard and I roy Sullivan as his copilots. Again honor came to the I ri-Plane. for once more the Queen of the football realm. Miss Olean Cook, came from their ranks. The sponsors this time were Mr. Lee and Miss Webb. The next year, the third for the 1936. slowly rolled into realization. The old pilots stepped aside for new. as Paul Cerar took over the piloting of their ship. I le had as helpers that year Carl Presley and Gaskell Thurman, with Miss Grant and Mr. Ely as the advisors. The I ri-Plane was well represented in major athletics by Strusz. Gray. Mehok. Patterson, and others in that memorable year and also in dramatics through their presentation of the Criminal at Large on April 5. 1933. I he memlx rs ol the 56 are very grateful to Miss Grant and Mr. Ely for the success of th eir play and also to those participating in the production. Margaret W ilson was the maid of honor to the football queen that year. I ime dragged interminably in the three years w hich had just passed in the journey of the great white w inged plane, the 36 but the wheels of time all too quickly rolled into the fourth, the last year. Ed Gray was made pilot t ir ]for this last flight with Ed Bundy. Steve Koncz and Danial Moriarity as his partners. Ed Gray steered them safely through the lirst half of their flight hut having come to the end of his journey was forced to land. Ed Bundy was promoted to his position to guide the plane through its last few miles while Conley Taylor took over Ed Bundy’s place. iTieir last year was marked by the production of their play The Admirable C hrichton and by the editing of Hie Red Bird . I hey have to thank for the success of their last year Miss I loye and Mr. Rosan for their efforts in help ing make the play and the Year Book a success. Mr. Walston, also, aided them in editing 1 he Red Bird". Another event marks the success of this last year—the crowning of another from their list as football queen. Hilda Ramsey. All through the four years of their journey on the great white plane, the 19"SO. the seniors of todayTiave been represented in every active line by worthy members whose outstanding ability, both in literary and athletic work, has been justly acknowledged and appreciated by every pupil in school as well as by the worthy teachers. As this plane has carried its passenges thus far safely to their destination. may it also land them safely on a field where each, having made a final decision as to his career, may be equally successful and happy as he has been during this important trip to the land of Tomorrow. I hrough the golden gates of I oday Into the land of I omorrow The 1936 makes way. And she leaves Iiehind all sorrow. Aboard her every girl and hoy Looks to “Tomorrow as a joy. They do not know what ease or strife May lill the days of future life. All this forgotten, on they msh With just one thought, to do their best. Just as every little brown thrush Will work with song to build its nest. All fears of care are far away. Their thoughts are only of today: And everything that life may bring Will be a song that they can sing. Thus may life s span, so great, so vast. As it. unheeded, passes fast. Leave all those memories that will last As mem ries of a golden past. [ 16]Top Rotr: I lllian Ahholt. Geneva Baley. Milo Banyrky, John T. Barnett. Roger Bartmos. Bottom R m Billte Barton. lima Bortolotti. ( »rorge Belli . erga Brrgm Bertha Ihtggm LILLIAN ABBOTT A midgel. pert and saucy; cute, hut does she know it. Pep club: Girl Reserves; Speech; Pres. Knitting club. MIKE BANYCKY There was a man so eery meek; 7 hat even his shoes re I used to squeak. Football 33; Track. 33. 34; 35. 36; F club. JOHN T. BARNETT I he biggest clown in all the school, lie never abides by any rule. Hi-Y. ’33. 34. 35. 36. ROGER BARTMES What! iYo girls in heaven? 7 hen gist leave me here. Vocation club; Hi-Y: Speech; Junior and Senior C lass Play. BILLIE BARTON llow she studies and recites And guvs the flankers forty frights. Student Patrol 33. 34. 35; Pep ( lub 33. I lonor Society. 35. 36. WILMA BARTOLOTTI One of those rare creatures who. likes to study and dislikes men. ice Pres. O. G. A.: Honor Society. 35. 36; Spanish ( lub. 34. 35. 36; Pres.. 35; Curl Reserves. 35. 34. 35. 5( : Rifle ( lub, 5 : Jr. Play Stall; Pep ( lub, 54: Dramatic ( lub. 35; May Festival. 33: G. A. A. ’33. GEORGE BELUS This nice lad is somewhat silent. Biit alu 'ays gooil and never violent. O. G. A. 36; Sport Club 34. VERA BERGIN It s nice to be natural, when you’re naturally nice. G. A. A. treasurer 35; Pres., 36. Glee ( lub. Speech Club. BERTHA BOGGIO Why worry, when someone else will worry for you. G. A. A. Club: Style Club. GENEVA BALEY Be wisley worldly, but not worldly wise. [ 17]Top R hi Imogcnc B »liny«r. C_»lcnn Boner. I.eno Bonucci. Kemnt Bool. Mary Borclc. Bottom Ron1: Della Bowden. Mildred Boyer. Dora Brothcrton. Clement Broi l. Bill Brown. IMOGENK BOUNCER Her spontaneous giggle puts us all in a wiggle. Girl Reserves. G. A. A.. Speech Club, Commercial ( Ink. GLENN BONER 7 oo much thinking is dangerous. Football. Basketball. President Home Room. President HiA . Student Patrol, Annual SlalF. Red Bird Notes. Production Stair. Junior and Senior Plays. Rifle Club. LENO BONUCCI Someday I II give the girls a break. Orchestra. Student Patrol. Boxing Club. Junior Play Cast. Music Club. KERMIT BOOK A man of few words. MARY BOREK An old maid I shall never be. As long as there are fishes in the sea. G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Speech Club. DELLA BOWDEN ( all her Possum and watch the fur fly. Girl Reserves. Pep Club. Dramatic Club. Senior Play. Speech Club, Annual Staff, Glee ( Ink. Girl Reserve Play. Spanish Club. MILDRED BOYER 7 ou can I keep a good person d .um. DORA BROTHERTON I count it a sin if not a crime To slay home and study all the time. ( hef and Waiters Club, Girl Reserves. Pep ( lub. CLEMENT BROCK Life is but a dream. I listory Club, Sport Club. BILL BROWN I winkle, twinkle Football Star. Hilda made you what you are. Football Basketball F. ( lub. Poster. Archery. Rifle, Hi-V President Speech ( lub. Band. [ 18]Top Row. Thelma Builington. Ed Bundy, Robert Busch. Louie Calcaterra. Holtom Ron (M orge ( 'antrrll. Catherine Carello. Lila Lee Carter. Carl Caselton. Paul Ccror. LEON BRYANT (]treater men may have lived—but I doubt it. Student Patrol. Senior Play. Speech Play. Boy s Quarette, Photograhpy Club. THELMA BULLINGTON Women of the world crave excitement. (Jirl Reserves, Pep Club. S. O. S. Club. ED. BUNDY Look out ( rosby! Here I come. Class President. 33. 3-1 at I. T. H. S., Basketball. Junior Play. I li-Y. Commercial ( bib. Photo Club. Senior Play. Senior Class President. ROBERT BUSCH lie kids them all, but loves none oj them. Football, Commercial Club. LOUIE CALCATERRA Some day III do something sensational. Commercial Club. Basket Ball. Football. GEORGE CANTRELL Genius is the ability to avoid work. Hi.Y. Science Club. Sports Club. CATHERINE CARELLO A sweet wholesome, attractive personality. ( ». A. A.. (»irl Reserves. Speech Club. ( hef and W aiters Club. Ettiquette ( lub. Pep Club. Style Club. LILA LEE CARTER Convince a woman against her will, She is oj the same opinion still. ( 'irl Reserves. Etiquette. Pep Club. Speech ( lub. CARL CASLETON hat. drink, and be merry Lor tomorrow we go to school. Band. I li-Y. PAUL CERAR He s little, lie s wise. l ie s a terror for his size. Photography Club. Junior Play. Senior Play. Honor Society President. Annual Staff. ( hef and W aiters Club, Biography Club, lunior Class President. [ 19]Top Row: I lorry Chomink. Dimple Clayton. Virginia Clem. Krone os Compo. Stelln Coo lock. Bottom Rote: Margaret Costantino, Norman ( oroin. Geraldine ( outurimix. Vcmkc ( riloy. lima ( rilc HARRY CHOMIAK lie'll never die from over work, for he doesn t believe in it. Football. T umbling. Sports Club. Speech ( lub. DIMPLE CLAYTON hull o Pep. Full of Fun. Sever quiet, always on the run. ( »irl Reserves. Mowers Club. ( hef and alters. G. A. A.. Pep Club. VIRGINIA CLEM Sweet and simple. Girl Reserves. Glee Club. Spanish Club. Speech Club. Etiquette Club. Girl s Sextette. FRANCES COMPA A friendly heart, with many friends. G. A. A.. Pep Club. Etiquette Club, Commercial Club. (»irl Reserves. STELLA COOLOCK lust aturally good rial tired. S. O. S., Chef and Waiters ( lub. I lome Economics ( lub. MARGARET COSTANTINO I he mildest manners and the gentlest heart. G. A. A.. Girl Reserves, Spanish ( lub. Speech Club. NORMAN CORBIN I can t help but get a front seat. Glee Club, Model Airpl ane ( lub. GERALDINE COL’Tl RIAGX Smiles and more smiles. G. A. A. YERNICE ( RILEY A very quiet and sincere maiden. Etiquette. Dramatic Club. Glee (.lub. I nderstudies. May Pete. Honor So-ciety. Librarian of Glee ( lub. Girl s Sextet. W ILMA CRILEY ( heer up! If things aren t coming your tray, you won t get hit. (»irl Reserves. President Photography ( lub. Dramatic Club. Etiquette ( lub. Honor Society. Speech Club. Junior Play Staff, Debate Team. Annual Stair. S. O. S. Rifle Club. G. A. A.. May Fete. [20]Top Row: Ruth Crim. Thomas Cross. Oral Davis. Vadc Davis. Ogle Denney. Hollow Row: Ocorgla Dilterline. Klizabeth Dodds. Roger Dorris, froy Dorris. Curtis Downen. RL'TTI ( RIM S ie limits so mock, anil is not muck nl all. Band, Orchestra. I’ep Club, Girl Reserves. I liinor Society, Speech Club. S. O. S. Glee ( bib, Dramatic Club. Junior Play Staff. THOMAS CROSS His nature belies his name. Model Airplane Club. Senior Play Speech Club. ORAI. DAVIS I have hopes or the future. Band. Orchestra. Ht-Y, Junior Play. Senior Play. Model Airplane Club. VADE DAVIS .None but himself can be his parallel. Band. Orchestra. Astronomy Club. Hi-Y, Junior Plav Stall, S. P. A. D. Speech Play. Rifle Club. OGLE DENNEY Speech Club. Sports Club. Current Events Club. Orchestra. I U’as born for something great, What was it? GEORGIA DflTKRIJNE . noble character, gentle and refined. Music ( lub. I li-1 ri. French ( lub. (Operetta. S. O. S. ELIZABETH DODDS say little but. I think more. Etiquette ( lub. L!nderstudies. Girl Reserves. Dramatic Club. O. G. A. ROGER DORRIS Roger at first was very meek. But nour he has turned into a shiek. TROY DORRIS We don I want him any longer, lies long enough. Basketball, Honor Society. Debate. S. O. S. CURTIS DOWNEN A good loud rattle in our flivver of memories. Hi-Y. Drum Major of Band. Orchestra, Senior Plav Cast, S. P. A. D., Art Club. [21 ]Top Rou': Donald Duncan. Paul Dvnis, Joe Edwards. Kenneth Elam. Wanda Engfam. Bottom Rote: Liberty Bell Evans. Max Evans. Aleen Eox. Bob Fox. Edward Flrltas. LIBERTY BELL EVANS She's the ministers daughter —O i u’hat a lass. Ci. A. A.. I li-Tri. Junior Piny Stall Commercial Club. MAX EVANS It's heller lo he timid than so fresh and rude. I inkering C l«iK . ( artoon Club. O. G. A.. Spanish Club. AILEEN FOX I d live forever. If worry were the only cause for death. Girl Reserves. I ravel C lub. Style ( lub. Speech Club. BOB FOX Genius is the ability to avoid work. English Club. Hi A. Jumbling Club. EDWARD FICKAS A man's man. Archery Club, Tumbling Club. Box-ing Club Track. S. O. S. Club. DONALD Dl’NCAN Loves himself like a brother. Sports Club. I ravel Club. Speech Club. O. Cl. A. PAUL DYNIS Men of few words are the best men. S. P. A. D.. Astronomy Club, Football. JOE EDWARDS A kiss—W'hat is it? S. P. A. D.. President Rifle Club. Student Patrol Spanish Club. KENNETH El AM There must be a lot of work in him For none of it ever came out. Glee Club. Sport C lub. F. Club. Football. Basketball, Field Patrol C aptain. Pep Club. Track. WANDA ENGRAM She wins you with her srrule. Girl Reserves. Dramatic Club, Modem News Sharks. Junior Play Staff. O. G. A. [22 ]Top lioir. Dale I rwl«. trgintir I'reeman. I 'f Gray, Mary Glarhino.-Mary hunicc Grilliin. Hnltom Kou Kulli (trilltlli, Irene (homo. Mtynun Groves. Lavem I lagisird. Gladys llancocL. DAI.I- FRAZIER I m like the big river in flows In the south, lor this mighty river is big nl the mouth. I li-Y. Auto ( liil . Red Bird Notes Staff. football. VIRGINIA FREEMAN A lovely rose sent to beautify the earth. Student Patrol. Glee Club, Girl Reserves. Spanish ( lull. Dramatic ( lub. Annual Staff. O. G. A.. Pep Club. May fete. El) ('.RAY’ Out on the football field great was his fame. Ijing will •( IS remember his name. President Senior ( lass, President Senior Home Room. President F ( lub. ( aptain football I earn. Basket Ball. Junior P lay. MARY' GIACHINO A light heart lives long. (i. A. A.. Pep ( lub. Speech ( lub. ( ommercial Club. ( 'lief and Waiter ( lub. Fttiquettc ( lub. Spanish ( lub. Girl Reserves. Style Club MARY Fl'NICF GRIFFIN (.mod nature is the very air of her mind National Forensic League. Girl Reserves. I )ebate. Student Patrol. RITH GRIFFITH fust as pleasant as she looks. ( irl Reserves. G. A. A. IRFNH GROSCO If we knew her better, we would tell you more about her. Spanish Club. Speech Club. (). G. A. MIGNON GROVES 11er step is music and her voice is song. Spanish ( lub. Speech Club. (). G. A. I .AVER N HAGGARD I hope I don I die soon—the world needs great men like myself. Hi-Y. Band. S. P. A. I).. Track. Football GLADYS HANCOCK She who froums on man must die a maid, so why frown Red Bird Notes Staff. ( tirls Quartette. Student Patrol. Glee Club, Girl Reserves. Rifle Club. Dramatic Club. [23]Top Row: Easter I landkins. Ward Harper. Ray I larpool. Winston Henley. Kenneth llolleman. Bottom Row. Boh Howell. Hudson Howell. Kenneth Hunt. Lloyd Jackson. James Jacobs. RASTER IIANDKINS I'air as the Cioddesses of old. C drl Reserves, ( . A. A.. ( ominert ( Ini). .Itinior Plnv Sttifl. Pep ( Itilt. Speech Club. WARD HARPER I loir street and sacred idleness it ( tirrenl Events C Itth. Nature Study ( liih. Red Bird Notes Staff. RAY HARPOOL I lore to study, to study when there is nothing else to do. WINSTON IIENEEY Working—Not my line. Art ( Itth, Junior Play, Basketball, I oolball S. O. S.. F. ( Itth KENNETH IIOLLEMAN There's nothing he can I accomplish when he gires his mind to it. Band Orchestra, Boxing Club. ( om-mercial Club. Nature Club. Boys Etiquette Club. Junior Play. Science Club. BOB HOWELL Not exactly afraid of work—hut rather not he intimately associated with it. I rack, hoot ball. HUDSON HOWELL Sweet sixteen, and teacher s pel hastI t been kissed by a school girl yet. Iyping leant. Boys’ Quartette. Band. Boys ( dee ( Itth, Speech ( luh. Photography ( luh. Model Airplane ( lub, O. Or. A.. Chef and W’aiters’ Club. Posters Club. KENNETII I JUNT People should make much of me for good men are scarce. Senior Play Staff. Speech Club. At-chery Club. Speech Play. LLOYD JACKSON Some day I will climb the ladder of knowledge. S. P. A. I). JAMES JACOBS Some day I shall grow up and be a man. Band, Orrhestru. Sport Club, Photography C lub. IliA. (24]Bottom Row: Glen King. Ruth Kinison. Emil Klvm. Ruth Knapp. Marty Kochevar. Bottom Row: Glen King. Ruth Kinison. I'.mil I lyrn. Ruth Knapp. Mary Ko« hevar. Tl IOMAS JOINER A man so busy, he never finds time lor girls. C. L JONES ( onspirtious by his absence. I liA . Band. Music Club. Rifle Club. WILMA JONES Simply a fine Miss. WALTER KAROSKI And I. ichat is my fault. I cannot tell. Commercial Club. Sports Club. Current Events ( lub. rent Events Club. MARGUERITE KEITH 7 ake it easy, have your fun. Let the old world trickle on. G A. A. Club. Pep Club. Economics Club. Chef and Waiters Club. O. G. A.. May Mete. GLEN KING ( real oaks from little acorns grow. RUTH KINISON She has no fatdts or no fndts we can find. Student Patrol. Honor Society. Annual Staff. Senior Play. Junior Play Stall. Rifle ( lub. (lirl Reserves. ( ommer-cial Club. Speech Club. O. G. A. EMIL KLVM A more studious lad you’ll find. S. P. A. D. RUTH KNAPP She s like the wind, she s everywhere. Pep Club, Girl Reserves. Yell Leader. Senior Play. MARY KOCHEVAR Soft winds have force. Pep Club. [25]7 °P R°u’: Sirvc konc . irginia Koonce. George Kosccl. Joe KurnL, Kenneth Kirkpatrick ki fom Won Helen lxfl«, Bill Lewis, fhomas Lucas. Roy Lynch. Ralph McAfoos. STEVE KONC V. lie that fight s is noble. Football, Junior Play. Senior Treasurer, I rack. Commercial Club. Tumbling Club. VIRGINIA KOONCE One of the jew who can listen well. ( irl Reserves. Pep Club. Commercial Club. GEORGE KOSCEL obody but my hlama and me knou:s what a good boy I am. Archery Club. Red Bird Notes Stali. Science Club. Photography Club. JOE Kl’RAK I am not a quarrelsome person, but work and I do not agree. Hi-Y. Modi Airplane Club. Student Patrol. Junior Play. KENNETH KIRKPATRICK ) ou don t hear him boast of what he can do or any success he has made. But we notice in all that he undertakes. he invariably gels a good grade. Student Patrol. I lonor Society. Debate Team. Senior Staff. Junior Play Staff. HELEN I.EEI.ER Site doesn t always make the woman. Economics ( lub. ( hef and Waiters ( lub. Spanish ( lub. Girl Reserves, Speech ( lub. May Fete. BILL LEWIS It s grand to be a senior, but a sophomore has my heart. Commercial Club. Sophomore Class President. Junior Play, Red Bird Notes Staff. Debate. Annual Staff, Speech Club. THOMAS LUCAS Greater men may have lii ed. bi.t I doubt it. Band, Orchestra. Spanish Club. Hi-Y, Harmony Club. ROY LYNCH W orry and I have never met. RALPH McAEOOS 7 here is no oi ter knowledge like that in books. Archery Club, Biography Club. Boxing Club. [26]2op Roo' Evo MiC jin. Joe MiCarnc . Marie M(C«me», Ikob McIntosh l.aclle Malkovlch. Hottom Row: Bart Manick. Raymond Martindalc. I'rank Mchok. Mike Miglrllch. Lehem Miller. KVA McCAIN Her luiir isn I red; it s just auburn. Girl Reserves. Rep ( lnl , G. A. A.. Senior Play. Glee Club. JOE McCARNES Do not udye me unjustly. Junior Play Stall. Student Patrol, Rifle Club. Pep Club, Commercial Club. MARIE McCARNES As the song of the nightingale, her voice comes to us. Orchestra. Girl Reserves, Glee C lub. Annual Staff, Junior Play Staff, Girls Quartette. Spanish C lub. Pep Club. Sinking Club. Senior Play Stall. BOB MdNTOSI I 7 hen did she lift her hands into his chin And praise the pretty dimpling of his skin. I li-Y, Football. Etiquette Club. LUCILLE MARKOVICH Laugh and the world laughs with you. G. A. A. Style ( lub. Speech Club. BART MANICK 7 here is no creature loves me. And if I die no soul shall pity me. Football. BasketbaH. S. P. A. I).. I h-Y. Speech Club. RAYMOND MARTINDALE I came. I saw. I conquered—Whom? Hi-Y. FRANK MEHOK 7 his boy is never slow at all, So I with the girls or with the ball. Football. Basketball. I rack. F. Club. Typing learn President of Sports Club. President of I ravels Club. Speech Club. MIKE MIGIELICH Like all true sportsmen you hear Little about him—from himself. F. Club. Football. Basketball. I rack. Rifle Club. LEBERN MILLER Who could want a better friend? ( . A A.. Speech ( lub. Style Club. . I lome Economics Club. [27] r°P Kou 'Gth M'ng,. Fjnewon Minn,. Melba Minton. I )«mrl Mortality. Harold Morn, Uollom Ron.-: Alecn Mostly, Buddy MulllnacL Jolinny Murphy, Virginia Murray. Blanche WC RUTH MINGS I to cottlt trttrtl (i heller friend? ( . A. A Speech ( Ini), Style ( lull. I lome Economics t lub. EMERSON MIN('.S lie minds his own business and lets others do likewise. Football. MELBA MINTON Look al me. how hig I he! I lonor Society. Rifle ( lub, Speech ( lub. O. G. A. ( iirl Reserves. Pep ( lub. Junior anti Senior Play Stall. Spanish ( lub. G. A. A.. May Fete. Shorthand Team. DANIEL MORIARITY W as there every a connlry like Ireland? Junior Play. Senior Play. Annual Stall. Secretary of Senior Class. Debate 1 cam. HAROLD MORRIS All ureal men are dying —I don't feel so tveil myself. Football Manager Basketball M anayer. Sport Club. Pep Club. ALI EN MOSKI.Y She always knows il anil furthermore she knows she knows she knows it. Girl Reserves, 0. A. A.. Dramatic ( lub. Red Bird Notes Staff. Rifle Club. BUDDY MULLINACK I think that sentimentally, I am disposed to harmony, hut saxophonically I am out of tune. Band, Orchestra, Glee C lub. JOHN MURPIIY I o do nothing is in every man s power. Basketball. Sports Club. Pep Club. VIRGINIA MURRAY She would slop Si. Peter's roll call to ask a question. I . A. A.. ( irl Reserves. Pep Club. Glee Club. C commercial C lub. BLANCHE NAEGI.E 'ton know her hy her ladylike wavs. Freshman Play. ( flee ( lub. O. G. A. S. O. S. [28 ]BC )B NESTLER Much of a muchness. Hi-Y. Etiquolte. Junior Play. Speech ( lull. CHARLOTTE NOR DELL Seelh a smile and curls then thinkst ihou of me. Girls Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Travel Club. President of Chef and Waiters Club. Spanish Club. Assistant Librarian. MILLER NORRIS To he seen and not heard would in his case he absurd. JOHN NARUS1S The object of oratory alone is not truth hut persuation. Rifle Club. Hi-Y. MAE NOVAK Life is so short, I have not time to hurry. G. A. A.. Girl Reserves, Chef and Waiters Club. Spanish, Annual Staff. Pep Club. Girl Reserve Cabinet. VERA NOVICK Tis a heart o gold that makes such. English I ( lub. May I'ete. G. A. A.. O.G . A.. Pep ( lub. Style Club. RANNY ODl’M Plenty of wit. plenty oj go, and plenty of get. Honor Society. Student Patrol. Senior Play Staff. Science Club. O. G. A. Club. Speech Club. Hobby Club. Spanish Club. ANNA ORESKOVJCH Gentle, quiet and sweet, in her studies she can t be beat. Commercial Club. O. G. A. ZIGMENT ORLOWSKI I iranl the world, trimmings too, jor I m apoleon, who are you BARBARA PALMER She s just a natural born artist. May I'ete. G. A. A.. Girl Reserves. I )ramatic Club. Rifle Club. Speech Club, I lonor Society. Annual Staff. Red Bird Notes Staff. Senior Play. [29]Top R(nr Mary Pavelich. John Peterson. Simone Pyles. Esther Plaotcc. Ramona Poison. Bottom Roir: Margaret Poole. Florence Pracyk. Carl Presley, hill Purcell. Esther Rains. MARY PAVELICH Quiet and unassuming. G. A. A.. Girl Reserves. Pep Club. Spanish Club. JOIb PETERSON I )on t rush through life, the next one may be worse. Band. Harmonica Club. SYMONE PILES A maid with a sunny smile and winsome ways. (•. A. A., Girl Reserves. Spanish Club. Pep ( lub. S. O. S., Typing Club. Speech Club. Senior Play. ESTHER PLANTEC llow well I feathered my nest. Student Patrol. Mower Club. Junior Play Staff. Girl Reserves. RAMONA POLSON Quality, not quantity, is my measure. S. O. S.. Speech Club. Girl Reserves. I yping C lub. Vocation Club. Spanish Club. Chef and Waiters Club. MARGARET POOLE A un is no match for woman where mischief reigns. Pep ( lub. Style Club. Girl Reserves. Speech Club. Campfire, Red Bird Notes Staff. FLORENCE PRACYK A delightful and demure Aliss. ( ARE PRESLEY I hardly understand myself and wonder what you must think. Glee Club. Girl Reserves. S. O. S. Archery Club. S. O. S.. Sports Club, Junior Play StafT. Model Airplane. Secretary' of Junior Class. BIEL PURCELL lie was nearly billed once by a train of thought passing through his mind. Junior Play ( ast. Senior Play Cast. ( o. Editor of Red Birds Notes. Hi-Y. Basketball. I’ootball. Annual Stall. ESTHER RAINS Not simply good, but good for some thing. [30]Top Roiiv Hilda Ramsey. Viola Randolph. William Reed. James Reeves. W. R Rivers. liotlnm Rair Blnnihe Robertson. Helen Rydlcwicz, Margaret Schneider, 1IILDA RAMSEY When all oilier girls yon would pass by she is the girl that would catch your eye. Junior Play. Senior Play, I’ootball Queen. "5 . I lonor Society, Annual Staff. Speech Club. O. G. A.. Dramatic Club and Play. Girl Reserves, May Fete. VIOLA RANDOLPH Wbo s the snappy looking brunette? Glee Club Red IWd Notes Stall Pep Club. ( ommercial ( lub. Style Club, Speech ( lub. WILLIAM REED A volcano in a constant stale of eruption. Fraclt. Glee Club. Football. Boy's Quartet. Senior Play. Red Birds Notes Staff. JAMES REEVES Time is but the stream I go fishing in. Speech ( lub. I larmonica Club. S. P. A. D. Club. W. B. RIVERS hlodesty is the grace of the soul. Football, F. Club. Pep Club. I lelen Scmsis. Robert Slhlev. BLANCHE ROBERTSON It's better to wear out than to rust out. I lonor Society, Commercial ( lub. O. G. A.. Dramatic Club. Etiquette ( lub. Travel Club. Flowers C lub. Speech Club. HELEN RYDLEW1CZ In her mind are many things, like dales of wars, and deaths of kings. Spanish Club. ( befs and Waiters. C ommercial Club. O. G. A. MARGARET SCHNEIDER I am rushing through life. Girl Reserves. Speech ( lub. Senior Play. Etiquette ( lub. HELEN SEMSIS Not to be heard, but to be seen. G. A. A.. Glee C lub. Spanish Club. S. O. S. Club ROBERT SIBLEY Faint heart ne'er won fair lady Orchestra. Photography. Senior Play. t 31 ]Top Rou’: Karl Simpson. Billy Sinks. Margaret Stole. Dorothy Sloan. Selma Smith. Hulltmi Roti Nadine Smothers. Cassie Spaulding. Jean Stanes, I'.ugene Stewart. Paul Stewart. KARL SIMPSON look casually o'er my shoulders at hooks but have a true eye for sports. Football. Hi-'t Club. Model AirpI ane ( lub. Rifle Club. Junior Play. Band. F Club. Basketball Manager. BETTY SINKS Always happy, always gay, she is laughing the live long day. Ciirl Reserve. Rifle Club, Pep Club. Commercial Club. Red Bird Note Staff. MARGARET SKOK Oh! Look out. fun, I'm coming on the run. Flower ( lub. Chefs and Waiters Club, Junior Plav Staff, S. O. S. DOROTHY SLOAN Could st thou but eat thy cake and 1 have it too. Band. Orchestra, Chef and Waiters. Pres. Girl Reserve. Honor Society. Junior Play Staff. Senior Play, Speech Club. O. G. A. SELMA SMITH _ Happy-go-lucky, fair and free, nothing there is that bothers me. Band. Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club. Pep Club, Red Bird Notes. Junior Play Staff, Senior Play Staff. NADINE SMOTHERS Giue me man or give me death. G. A. A.. Pep Club. Girl Reserve. CASSIE SPAULDING The world's no better if we worry, life's no longer if we hurry. G. A. A., Girl Reserves. I lonor Society, Pep Club. Senior Play Stall. Dramatic Club. S. O. S.. Junior Play Staff. Rifle Club. Speech Club. I atin Chib. JEAN STANES I knoiv enough to hold my tongue, but not enough to speak! Style Club, I ravel Club, Glee Club. EUGENE STEWART wish I knew the man who invented studies. Cartoon Club, Commercial Club. History Club. PAUL STEWART To know how to hide one’s ability is great skill. Biography Club, Current Events Club. [32Jtup Rote: Kubv Stokes. ( )pnl Stoll, I rov Sulltvan. irglnla Sullivan. Conley Taylor. Itnllum linn Margaret 1 hompson. Norman Fhumpson Sammy Thompson, IXvight Thorp. GasU-ll Thurman RUBY STOKES Mischief often lurkes nearest those use think divine. ( i. A. A.. Glee ( Ini). Girls Quartette. Pres. Glee ( lul). Pres, of Suit l)cb Club. Spanish ( Inh. Junior Play. Sentor Play, Poster ( lub. OPAL STOLL ( onrince a woman against her trill. she is o I the same opinion still. (’. A. A.. Girl Reserve. Glee ( lub. I Jramatic ( lub. Pep ( Inh. Red Bird Notes Staff. TROY SULLIVAN I am not lazy, I am just in lore with rest. I liA ( lub, Seerelarv and I reastirer ol Sophomore Class. S. O. S.. Junior Senior Play, Football Manager. I rack Manager. VIRGINIA SULLIVAN A rare and lustrous pearl among the gems of girls. Pep C lull. Girl Reserves. ( amplire. S. O. S.. Junior Play Staff. Dramatic ( lub. Speech Club. CONLEY TAYLOR After life s filial jever. lie sleeps well. ( ommereial ( lub. Sharp Shooters. N ice President of Senior Class. MARGARET THOMPSON A modest maiden. Girl Reserves. G. A. A. NORMAN K. THOMPSON Ah! sad are they that know not lore. ( artoon Club. Poster Club. Senior Play. Boys Quartette. Red Bird Notes Stall. SAMMY THOMPSON As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. 1 rack. I' Club. DW IGHT THORP I trouble not about serious things. I liA ( lub. Astronomy ( lub. Photography Club. Band. Red Bird Notes Staff. GASKLLL THURMAN 7 lie girl that gels me will be lucky. President of I liA Club. Literature ( lub. iee President of Junior Class, Junior Play, Student Patrol I lonor Society. President Student Body. Annual Stall, Red Bird Notes Staff. I 35]lop Ron- l.t-nnorralt 1 rvvif John I. 1 timer 1‘rant I robaugh. It ( htir!c ance. Mahlc Watson. liollom Ron- IJorolhy Walters, Carl W alter. Jewell W all, Alla arah. W harry. W aril Whltnel. lennorraii tri-h i-; To pul it mildly—rather easily amused. Glee ( Ink C. A. A., Girl Reserves. C ommercial ( lull, ( lirls Sextet. Junior Play Staff. Photography Cluh. JOHN T. TURNER guess it s the truth, and I llank it is, hut I douht it. Debate I earn, Band. Photography ( Ink Speech ( Ink Red Bird Notes Staff. Spanish I ( Ink Biology ( Ink PRANK TROBAUGH. Jr. No. mama. I won I tell any more lies, but it was a g-great big, an aw lully- CHAREES VANCE 7 is only noble to be good. I li-'l Cluh. I lonor Society. Student Patrol. Band. Model Airpl anc Club. O. G. A. MABLE WATSON She takes life as it comes, but slays on the sunny side. Rerl Bird Notes Staff. Spanish ( lull 1 inhering ( lub. S. O. S. DOROTHY WALTERS Seeing her is seeing red. G. A. A.. Pep Cltd). Flower ( ltd). C hefs and Waiters ( Ink Speech ( lub. Red Bird Notes Staff. CARL WALKER ) ou can I tell what these guile fellows are like when they re not under observation. Photography Club. JEWELL WALL I strive to please all. ALTAZARAH WHARRY Fair anil sweet is she. Pep ( lull. Rerl Bird Notes Staff, Span ish Club, Photography Club. Dramatic Club. WARD WHITNEI. Never give up the ship. Basketball I rack. Pep Club. ( 5-1 I Mm 'Top Rou-; Sidney Wleclce. Smith Woods. J. I. Wright. Jeanette Yuskaiiis. Bottom Roic: Della tirkonis. Mary .it hal. Llthel Jane XwicL. TED W HITE Don I be serious; il s a bore. Pep Club. (). G. A.. Commercial Club, Hi-Yy Club. SIDNEY WLECKE Why think? By thinking one groups old. Red Bird Notes. Football. ( beer Leader. Golf, Hi-Y. SMITH WOODS am not in the roll of common men. Cartoon Club. Science Club. Rifle Club. Pb otography C Iub. J. T. WRIGHT Short and chump, hut bright of the mind, appraise me. JEANETTE YUSKA1US She's a shorthand shark tee knntc tis true, for she can hear her note when she s through. Style Club. G. A. A.. Honor Society, Senior Play, Camp Fire Girls. (). ( A.. S. O. S. DELIA YURKONIGS She scatters sunshine both by her hair and her smile. G. A. A.. Flower Club. Chefs and Waiters f Iub. S. O. S. Club. MARY ZICHAL On, SI ary is a merry lass Girl Reserves. G. A. A.. Red Bird Notes Staff. Pep Club. S. O. S., Etiquette Club. ETHEL JANE ZWICK Witty to talk with, pretty to walk with, and pleasant to think upon. Speech Play. 35. Band. Red Bird Notes Editor. Student Patrol, Honor Society. Speech Club. Girl Reserves. Junior and Senior Play Staff. Pep Club. Campfire, May Fete. Dramatic Club. Editor 1936 Red Bird. [35][36]WILL 7 ic last will mill leslamenl of the Class "V of the City of West Irimklort. Stale i l Illinois, maile this eighteenth ilay o March in the year o our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-six. We, the Senior Class o 1936 of s iiJ Cily o Wes Trank orl, do hereby make. imhlish. anil declare this our last will and testament. We. the class of ’36 do hereby bequeath the following items to the saul persons: l$ob Mdnlosli, Dale Frasier and Bob Bush give their reserved seats in the detention room to Charles Debroski and .lark Op lylce. . Billie Lewis and Kenneth Kirkpatrick give their excellent debating ability to the one and only Steve lialgrosky. Barbara Palmer wills part of her many talents (She has loo many—anyway!) to Georgianna Conner. Lassie Spaulding gladly gives a dozen lemons to the Pep Club. irginia Clem gives to Della Evelyn I layes. the secret ol her ravishing loc ks. I om Cross lovingly leaves his broken rifle to Pop Ely s Rifle Club. Joe Edwards gives his popularity with blondes to Ixnvell Boyd. Karl( Brother)Simpson gives his athletic ability to the on-coming Victor Hayes. I rank Mehok gives his ability to stay on his feet while playing basketball to James Hutchcraft. I lilda Ramsey leaves the lootl all queenship to the lucky girl elected next year. Blanche Robertson leaves her ability to give readings to Sybil Charon. Smith Woods leaves his grade card in the office and hopes his Dad won t get a look at itl Bill Purcell leaves his ability to hlulf teachers to James Wentworth. Daniel Moriarity gives his Irish wit to Charles Dillon. I Jorothy Sloan gives her Fresh and sweet as a daisy look to Katie Sisk. John Murphy gives his ability to tap dance to Aubrey Champion. Oressti Nanni. Hudson Howell and I roy Sullivan leave their typing ability to the future One legged A students of F. C. H. S. Marie Mc C ames and Ruby Stokes give their singing voices to anyone who wishes to succeed in the musical world. Ruth Knapp gives her ability to lead yells to Jesse Jones. Wilma Ikrtolotti I eaves her ideals of learning to anyone who wishes to succeed. . . Easter Handkins and Gladys Hancock leave their feminine charms to Juanita Holoffe and Lucille Whittington. Wilma Criley leaves her business-like attitude, to Elizabeth I leaton. I roy Dorris leaves his acting ability to Carl Burpo and also about a foot of height to Tommy Graham. Ruth Kinison and Betty Sinks leave their girlish-frankness to Mary Simpson and Neva Lemmon. Helen Rydlewicz gives a few extra A s to one who needs them—Jack Howe. Ethel Jane Zwiek leaves her dancing ability to I lattie Koons. To Alby Sharkness and Frank I robough. Bill Brown. Oral Lee Davis and Curtis Downen give their grand sense of humor. lo Phyllis Wentworth. Mary Eunice Griffin leaves her knitting needles. I fob Nestler leaves his ability lo play the guitar to Donnie Webb—so Don can serenade that cute dark-haired freshie girl. I nrl Presley gladly gives his l ea Brummel attitude to Willis Wathem. [5']Gnskell I hurman and Paul Cerar leave llieir school leadership lo tile ambitious students of F. C. I I. S. I'.dward Bundy gives his Bing ( roshy voice to Warren Brown—and warns him (hat the girls all like Bing. Aleen Mosley gives her romantic thoughts lo Wanda Camber. Elizabeth Dodds gives her permanent wave to anyone who likes to comb such curly locks! cm ice Criley gives her truthful ouija board to Betty illiams. Now vou can see into the liilurr—Betty. Mary Zichal wills her roller skates to Little lean Browning. ade I )avis gives his place as chiel lunny guy to Bennie Zwi k. Ruth ( rim leaves her hair riblxms to another who wears cm—I lolly I'reeman. Aleen Fox and Esther Planter- give to June Miles, their love lor a gorxl time. Melba Minton gives hei all-around popularity lo Janice I lill. I Vila Bowden leaves her English accent to that jolly little chap—Johnnie Mills. Boh box gives his self-sure attitude to that on-coming freshie—Pommy Martin. Selma Smith and Wanda Engrain leave their dreamy eyed expression to Bema-dine Baynes and Beth Jane Marley. Lillian Abbot leaves her air of originality to Dorothy Merriman. Mary Kothaver leaves her popularity with the boys to Julia Whiteside. Marguerite Keith leaves her winning smile to elma Clayton. I lelen I .efler wills her hashfulness to Jane Purcell. irginia Sullivan leaves her car to l C. I I. S. lor a Iree-for-all taxicab. lo any one who claims to lx- blessed with patience. Charlotte Nordell willingly gives her position as assistant librarian. Leno Benochi leaves his so what? attitude to Ralph Rushing. I .avern I laggard leaves his w ide spreading grin to Phillip McManus. Margaret Poole wills her favorite boy-friend to anyone who II have him. Roger Dorris wills his rifle (which always shoots straight) to Robert Cullen. I o Mr. ( hangnon we leave our sincere thanks for a winning football team this year. lo Ruth League we take olf our hats. She has more patience than a dozen monks. I o Miss Mika I s we leave one alarm clock—ringing wildly! I o Mr. Rosan we say— I hanks a million for this stupendous super production —the Red Bird. I o Miss Hove —we say: Aren t you glad you re rid of Bill? I o MrTSulIi an we are all deeply grateful for his being the kind of a man we would like lo lx a carbon copy of. I. myself, leave my cramping lingers, aching head and strained eyes to anyone who wishes to attempt being the feature editor of the Red Bird staff. lo the school, we. the Senior Class, leave the hope that you will—sometime in the future—perhaps a hundred years or so—get another class like us. Y e do hereby ask that the President of the Class of 1937 lx the executor ol this Will and I estament and do adjure him solomenly to carrv out our wishes to the very point. Signed, sealed, and declared by the Class of 1939 as its last Will and I estament. in the presence of the undersigned. Presiilent—Edward Bundy Secretary—Daniel Moriarity [38]PROP! IF.CY Paul Dynis. Bart Manick and Kenneth I lunt have not forgotten their F. C. II. S. speech training and have put it to practical use by | ooling their resources and buying the Storm Center theatre in N ew York. It is opening night of the theatre and opening night also for I he Rocky Cheese by Fmile Klvm and Imogene Bolinger, a saga taken from their own lives. I he show stars Ralph I oar McAfoos. irginia Sullivan and Della Bowden, supported by an all-star cast, consisting of ( arl Walker. Raymond Martindale, John Peterson. Rannie Odum. Simone Pyles. Nadine Smothers, and Ramona Poison. I he play is about a big city boy I oar who goes to a small town and makes good. As added attractions on the program. Billie Purcell, accompanied by Stevie Koncz. is to render a selection from Bob Busch s renowned opera "I lammin Aigs Ruby Stokes. Maggie Skok. Morence Pracvk and Liberty Bell Evans who has not yet cracked, will perlorm the Svlph Ballett. Ilie acts have been perfected under the capable management ol I larold Morris. Among the upper -4CX) present (strangely enough) we see many old friends. Out in front we see the C hief Executive of the land, John I homas Turner. Me has taken up his stand in the middle of the lobby. Since entering on his career. Lobbying has become a mania with him. Isk! Tsk! Me turner! down Easter I landkins for Opal Stoll, lies crossing Senator lorn Cross with the old Stoll right now. This is election year and the president is having a tough time. C ongress-men Roger Bartmes. I .eon Bryant, and Leno Bonucci are trying to win over Dale Frazier, the socialist leader. Frazier is all they need to freeze I urner out. But Turner is wise. He has a secret service, headed by Ed Gray, who keep him in touch with the oppositions movements. Some of Ed s helpers are Frank The 1 omohawk Mehok, Mike Dead Eye Migielish. William Stool Pigeon Reed, and Miller Flat Foot Norris. No wonder the President is filled with complacency. But all unknowingly, a new man has entered on the scene. It’s Troy Dorris, the Republiocratic. mnning on the independent ticket. Dorris has gone I timer one better. He has started an espionage service headed by Barbara Dead Pan Palmer. She is assisted by Gladys "She of the Accusing Eye Hancock, Betty Sparkling Sinks. Melba (Quivering Lip Minton, Dorothy Slow Poke? Sloan, Virginia Deceptive Freeman. and Wilma "?---------------? Bartolotti. An then Turner wonders how state secrets leak out. fsk! Isk! [39]FROPI ll'.CY — Continued Ihe Presidents henchman. Vade Davis, is cautiously feeling out Ed Lickas. the Mass, tickler. See that vicious looking fellow over there chewing on the Charles ance cigar' | hat’s the mayor ol Chicago. The little voluble side-kick is Paul Cerar, city manager. I he fellow in the background is Joe hdwards, nationally known lawyer. Remember the famous Teapot Dome Investigation.' Well, that was chicken leed along side of the work Judge Edwards did in the Coffee Ground Investigation. Sure, that was the time he showed up Conley I aylor and Curtis Downen. Curtis was the fellow who owned so many corporations that he swindled the great American Egg Co. out ol millions before he found out he owned it. in the first place. Catherine Carcllo was the judge in the linal trial. Later she and Judge Edwards eloped. It had to happen because era Novick. Civics teac her, was just getting ready to propose to Joe. See the chubby fellow drawing near to Billie Lewis' I hat s lommy Lucas. I le is feeling blue these days, lie bought his wife. Cassie Spaulding, a submarine so she could study crabs. Neither one of them could get through the hatch, lommy sold the siih to Norman Corbin. Norman fractured his skull the first time he stood up in it. J. I .Wright and his bride, the former Margaret Poole, are watching the scene with a borer! air. right s right, but Poole is a deep one. Glenn l oner. Broadways epigramatist. is explaining to some cronies. Oral Davis, Winston I lenley. Sid Wleck e. and Eld Bundy, that the suffix son on English names means that the person comes from the family ol the prefixes, for instance, Lloyd Jackson belongs to the family ol Jacks. Unknowingly to Glenn. Karl Simpson and Francis I lenson are listening in Now! Would you call that a Boner' W illiam Brown. Professor of I ligher Mathematics at Harvard, and I ludson I lowell. mystery man, have solved the Einstein Theory. Howell has fulfilled his class s prophecy and is stone deaf. Elsther Rains has just come in with Donald Duncan. Miss Rains received quite a lot ol publicity over the affair with Kermit Book, the noted author. It was a washout. Dune has never been soaked in his life. Remember when he cleaned up on the Louie Calcaterra millions' Calcaterra underestimated his man. W'hen he made his millions in cellophane umbrellas at the expense of John Bob McIntosh. Louie married a classy dame. Charlotte Nordell. Selma was just one of the Smith girls. W'elI! here comes Aileen Mosley and Carl Presley. They still kiss and black each others eyes with a monotonous regularity. Dorothy Walters. Lila Lee Carter and Helen Semsis. the famous three Ho jPROPI11 ICY — Continued for three combination are now entering. JJiev have just left Fllhel Jane Zwick s private nursery. I hey are followed by Mae Novak, the ink heiress. Maq s pet peeves are Viola Randolph, her academy matron, and Dimple Clayton. her riding instructor. Do you see the two Criley cousins coming down the hall' Wilma married James Reeves, the noodle king, and later divorced him, hut not his millions. She still received live-thousand a year in alimony. Wilma gives most of it to Vemice who is experimenting in boneless chickens. They see Blanche Robertson staring enviously at a group of other girls. In the group we see Altazarrah V harry. Margaret I hompson. Delia Yurkonis, and Jeanette Yoskailis. all members of DIG I R NABOR ANU. In the center of this group of admirers is Lavem I laggard. Broadway’s playboy. Haggard looks pretty well worn out. W hy not? It s hard to believe, but he is a henpecked husband. His wife, the fomier Ruth Knapp won t allow him to sleep with her continual nagging. I he big four. Margaret Schneider, Georgia Ditterline. w anda I .ngram and I lelen 1 omblin have arrived. Margaret invented, in a Rushing sort of way. a new beauty mode. Georgia and Wanda are two big buyers. Helen, the Indian rubber lady facial contortionist, demonstrates its adhering qualities. As might be expected here comes some of the ladies from the famous (notorious?) Corck school. ITierc is Stella Coolock. the librarian. Ihelma Bullington. math instructor, irginia Clem, secretary of the school principal, Evelyn Parks and Dora Brotherton. football coaches. Psst! Buddy Mullinack is approaching the ticket booth unobtrusively. He was dear old Alma Mater’s mascot. No. the school didn t burn down. Buddy ran out of subjects. He really did wonderfully in sewing and cooking. Right in back of Buddy we see Kenneth Kirpatrick. world famous elocutionist. At present he is telling Ward I larper. woman stylist, how to Sail on! Sail on! Sail on and on! Remember Kenneth I rue Love Elam? I le and Sugar are on the way. How do we know? Why, the triplets have just come through the door. Here is James Cubby Jacobs. I le trains bears and in turn is trained by wifie, Mary E. GrilTin. Carl Castleton and Clement Brock furnish Paul Stewart with the hulls he kills in Ye Old Mex. Douglas Anderson has just been propelled through the door by Billie Barton. It s his first date. I le s due to find that Billie is a judge of the supreme court, chief executioner, and lord ol all she surveys. And she doesn t need [Hi]PROPI 1F.CY - Continued those specs! Did you hear the music as the door opened that time? I"hat was Arthur Burke. Broadway s organ grinder. I lis two monkeys are Ray 1 iar-pool and George Koscel. 'l on see its against the law to have the real thing. Not that Ray and George aren t the goods. Tile far-olT door opens again and we hear John Sharlo yelling Buy a hot dog mister. In comes a bunch of he-men who have just seen Max Evans lick the famous lightweight John Narussis in nothing flat. Mike Banyckv news reporter, is getting the inside dope on George Bellas, the new rube catcher for the Georgia Blue Racers. Bob box is the manager. Among the men is John Murphy, the most prolific libber the world has ever known. Norman rhompson tells one and Johnnie has a bigger one ready. Joe Mr Carnes is angling with C. L. Jones. Joe says Robert Sibley is good up to a million. C. L. maintains that Sibley s w ile. Anna Oreskavich says Robert is good for two-thousand a week. Stumpy. Smith Woods, has just rolled in with Roger Dorris. In school days Stumpy s legs were rare because of their length, then rare because he was a brpad jumper. Kenneth I lollman. the speed demon, cut them off and now they are rarer than ever. Roger is a curio gatherer. I lis greatest find though is that iva ilia sneer. I he door opens again and we see flatfoot Bob Nestler saunter by. Enters a whirl wind. It s I rov Sullivan. He’s in a hurry these days. He spent the last seven years writing a biography ol the love between Dwight Thorpe and Irene Grosco. If be works fast enough, be hopes to get Joe Kurak to publish it inside another seven years. Almost time for the show and the ladies are coming in fast and thick. I here is I lilda Ramsey. She has gone back to the soil. Rose ol the Rancho? Naw. she fell off her horse today in Central Park. Ah! At last here comes the cream of society. Now the show' can start. In the vanguard propels small Mrs. George Cantrell, the former I lelen Lefler. like a powerful gasoline launch. Only she is nitrolic. She slams on the brakes and uses Ogle s famous toes for ballast. I homas Joiner, salmon king, sees little Margaret Constantino making eyes at him and is attracted as if by a magnet. But you see bis ear will only stretch so lar. One end is on his head and the other in the hand of wifie or former Elizabeth Dodds. The rest of the group is made up of Esther See All Plantec, Mabel Know Nothing Watson, and Lennorab Jell All Treece. lime for tbe show to begin, but someone upset a table of flowers back of tbe curtain. ITie janitor. Gaskell J burman. is calling for his assistant. Daniel Mortality, to help clean up the mess. I sk! I sk! We expected better things of Gaskell. As for Mr. Moriaritv, we badn t thought of him. [42]JAMES MARCH IA l.FO H.MO IIITCHCRAFT I.AVVS LAND I.AMONT President Vice President Secretary Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS On September 4. 1the present Junior class entered the wide-flung doors of F. C. I I. S. We organized our group by electing James Smith— president: Jack I born ton—vice president: Ransom Will iams—secretary-treasurer. Our sponsors were Mrs. Allen and Mr. Eadie. I lazel Allen was chosen attendant to the football queen. Myrtle Blanche ( .ox lead the class in high grades. We returned to F. C. I I- S. in the tall of 195o. not quite as green, and with more confidence. In the year of I935 we bad an A-1 class. Although we did nothing spectacular, a number of our students made commendable records in athletics and several members won high honors in both band and orchestra. The officers were Victor I layes, president: James Smith, vice president: and Jack Dorris, secretary-treasurer. Our sponsors were Miss Helming and Mr. Fadie. This year James Hutchcraft was elected president, Elmo Lamont. vice president and Leo Land secretary-treasurer. Miss Grant and Mr. McClintock are our sponsors. Geraldine Patton was maid of honor to the football queen. I here are a number ol students rating high in scholastic ability this year. Max Flye was one ol our yell leaders. Those boys of the class who were athletically inclined helped to make football and trac k history. Growing Pains was presented as the Junior Play and was a howling success. It was supported by a splendid cast and I roosted by each and every member ol the Junior class. I be play was directed by Miss Grant. In closing this brief history, we ol the Junior class want to make this pledge: In the next year we hope to better our ability to be good American citizens and to meet the problems of lile. In the years to come we solemnly pledge to the things expec ted ol us to the best ol our ability and to make ourselves worthy ol the thoughtful care given to us by our school. [ 13]First Row — Left to right: S ITA E BALGROSKY HARRY BANYCKY EUGENE BONER LOWELL BOYD Second Row — WAVE CARLISLE EUGENE CARTER AUBREY CHAMPION SYBIL CHARON I bird Row — BETTY MAE CRAIN LEVA JANE (RIM EUGENE COTTER ROBERT CULLEN Fourth Rou’ — JACK DORRIS PETE DUFFIN' EVA DEAN EDDINGS EUGENE ETTERS MARGE BRAIN IEAN BROWNING MAXINE BROWN VICTORIA Bl'COSKY ELDO CHILDERS MATTHEW CONNELL GENE COX MYRTLE BLANCHE COX RAYMOND DAVIDSON DORMAN DEPPER BILLY DIAL CHARLES DILLON EILEEN EUBANKS El NICE EUBANKS MAX FLYE FLORENCE FRANCIS [44 ]First Ron• — Loll to riahl: BOB GILCHRIST ROSALIND GRIFFITH l:i sii : o i i we KEITI1 1IAFF CHARLES GRENKO BERNARD HALEY FLORENCE GRIFFIN ORA ALICE HALL Second Row — DOROTHY HAMPTON DELLA EVELYN IIAYS ED HARRIS MORRIS HAYS LOUSE HART VIRGINIA HENDERSON MOTOR HAYES L. II. HENSON Third Row — MINERVA HILL JAMES III’TCI ICR AF-I Il'ANITA HOLOFFE WILBURN JACKSON VERNA RUTH HORRELL IAVERN KELLEY INTENT HORRELL HATTIE KOONS Fourth Row — PEGGY KOONS WANDA KOVAL HLMO LAMONT LEO LAND MARCELLA LAWS NEVA LEMMON BETTY LITTLE ALK E LOHME1ER [«iI'irst Roir — Ijejt lo right: VERN MABRY' JACK MARBURGER Rl'TI I M CI.ELL N PATRICIA McCLOSKEY Second Row — HELEN MINGS ANDY MISKOWSKY LEON MURPHY PHYLLIS ORESKAVICI I 7 liird Row — BETH’ PULLEY CONNIE PL'NCI IARI) JANE PURCELL MARY RAUBACK Fourth Row — RALPH RUSHING ROBERT RUSHING LAURA ANN SHAFFER RALPII SI IAEFFER MARY LOUISE McMANUS GLENIX )R A MELVIN DOROTHY MERRIMAN JUNE MIIES ji:an parkiiurst GERALDINE PATTON • NEVA PEAK FERN PRATER GERALDINE RAW’SON ELLIS REACH GENEX’IEVE RICH NANCY ROGERS ALBY SI IARKNESS VIRGINIA SHARP MARY SIMPSON CAT! IERINE SISK [46]First Rote — Left to right: WILLIAM SKIER JAMES SMITI1 DEI .MAS SOI 'Til FRANKIE SPENCE Rl’TH STANDARD MARSHAL STEI.7RIF.DE PAUL SL1.LIVAN JAMES TABOR Second Rote — NELL TABOR GEORGE THOMAS LEWIS Tl IOMPSON JACK Tl IORNTON HELEN TOMBLIN JAMES VARGO I.Ol'ISE VAUGHN GENE VINEYARD Third Rour — BOB WALTON WILLIS WATHEN JIMMIE WENTWORTH JEAN WHITE JULIA WHITESIDE LUCILLE WHITTINGTON BETH' WILHITE I’RANCIS WILKES Fourth Row — CHARLES WILKINSON Rl ’TH WINES WILLIAM WORSHAM ZELL YATES 1 [47][48]JAY MARTIN DRAKSI.ER IMiTROSIK President Vice President SOI’I IOMORES I he present Sophomore Class entered l C. H. S. as breshmen in the year of 1934 with hopes ol doing big things. At the lirst class meeting we elected as our President. Jay Draskler: Vice-President, Muriel McCIintock: Secretary. Charles Ashby; and Ireasurer. Dita Me Reakean. Flossie Witunski was chosen as attendant to the football uueen. Mr. McC lintock and Miss W ebb were chosen as our class sponsors. As Sophomores no special attainments have as yet been achieved by us hut we hope to do so as we progress farther on in school. Again we elec ted Jav I )raksler as president of our class. Being elec ted president lor two years in succession is something that is not olten acquired by students. As his helper Martin Petrasik was chosen as vice-preident and Willie Smith, secretary-treasurer. In athletics we possess some very good men. Joe Sobolo was an all around athlete. I le played on the lirst eleven in football, a substitute lor the lirst live in basketball and performed on the track team. Frank Chismar was also an all-around athlete, performing in all three sports and as did Jay Draksler. Jay was the captain on the football squad. In years to come we intend to do bigger and Ix'tter things I hat we have not as yet achieved. II the students keep co-operating as they have we will no doubt probably he one of the best classes ever to graduate Irom F. ( . I I. S. [19]PAULINE ABLET REBECCA ALEXANDER EMIL ALLEN VIVIAN ALLEN MARY EVELYN AUSTIN I 1.1 MA DEAN AVERY REBA BANTY BERNADINE BAYNES WILLIE BEASLEY DOROTHY BEERS ANNA BIELSKIS CARL BLACK CURRAN BOOK DAV ID BOZARTH LESTER BRISTOW MILDRED BROWNING PEGGY CANDY MILDRED CARR JANICE GASLETON LUCY CMANIOT ANITA CHAPMAN ROBERT COLLINS PAUL CALVIN NORMA LEE COX MARY C DAWSON RUSSEL DELAP CHARLES DOBROSKI FERN DORRIS SYBLE DORRIS MARIAN DRAKSLER LOIS DUGGER VIRGINIA EDMONDS EVELYN ELDRIDGE LORAINE EPPERHEIMER EUGENE I RANKLIN’ HOLLY FREEMAN ELIZABETH FRIS ROSIE GABOR JANE ROSE GASOWAY EILEEN GIBSON DOMINIC GICABOZI OWEN GILL. Jr TOMMY GRAHAM MARGARET GROSCO VIOLET GUBICYA JOIINIE GUIDAZZIO CLEO HALL EARNEST HALL JAMES HAYES El IZABET1I 11 EATON ROBERT HEDLEY RUTH MAE HIGGERSON JANICE HILL LOIS HOLLAND [50]CONRAD MOLT LA WANDA HORSELY JACK HOWL JOSEPHINE IELASE EDWARD JEMISON I ESSIE JONES WILLIAM JONES EVELYN KELLY PAULINE KELLY JULIA KOSCEL Al I )ONA KRAVENS i i m leaa « AVA LeGRAND ; i S I ENICH ERNEST I.INGLE NELLI1 imiii. MARY LOFTUS I T MOAKE GLEN MrCANN HELEN MrCANN CARL MrCLEU-AN I x RTHA MeC I LI I W MURIEL McCLINTOCK dewey McDonald PEARL McFARIjXND PHILIP McMANUS DITA McREAKEN OPAL McREYNOLDS EDITH MANIOC BETI I JANE MARLEY MARIE MARQUARD LEON MARTIN MARIE MARTIN VK 11 r M ETIN KATHERINE MEAGHER la i:rna MICK El ’GENIA MILLER REGINALD MILLS DEI MAR MITCHELL ELSIE MITCI IEI.L A K MONTGOMERY VIRGINIA MOORE PA I MINE MORGAN BILLIE MORROW MADGE MURPHY REX MURPHY ' HELEN NARUSIS IRMA NEILSON CLARENCE NEUHAUS OSCAR NICHOLS JOHN I). NIC HOLSON IOHN P NICHOLSON CHARLES NOLEN BIILY NOVICK MARTHA OTIS [31 jDALE OWSLEY LOIS OZEE FRANCES PAVELICII THOMAS PEARSON VIRGINIA PEROLIO eugene powell ELIZABETH QUAIL FRANK RAMSEY JUNE ROBERTS JAMES ROBINSON CHARLES ROSE DAN'ZEL ROSE CHARLES SAYLOR WILFRED SCIIUM GLADYS SHAW THELMA SHAW EVELYN SHAW CONNIE SHUDINIS JO ANN SKOK EARL SMITH yera SMITH N A VELLA SPARKS HELEN SPERRY CLARENCE STOLL JEWELL STORY EAR LENT; SUTTON JEAN TABOR BERNARD ULRICH MARY VITKO JUNIOR W ALLS LEON WALTON DOREEN WARD LETTHUS WEAVER PHYLLIS WENTWORTH JESSE WHITE VIRGINIA WEIDT KATIIYRN W ILKINSON BETTY WILLIAMS EVA WII.LMORE MONA WOOI.ARD VIRGINIA ZAMPEZE BOB YORK [52]WARRF.N JOHN BROWN MILLS Prt stilent Vice President FRESI IMEN hhe freshmen of 1956 started on llieir lour year journey on September 5. with three hundred and forty-eight the number of entrants alter the first count in the autumn of 1935. Eighty more entered at the beginning of the second semester. As before they wandered anxiously through the halls waiting to he told where to go. At the first meeting the following officers were chosen: w arren Brown, president: John Mills, vice-president: and Nick Levanli. secretary and treasurer. We chose Mr. hadie and Miss Gloyd as our class sponsors. As an attendant to the football queen we selected Dorothy Lewis. As yet we Freshmen have very little history to record except in the field of sports, where Nick Levanli has been the most outstanding, hut we hope to accomplish something in the future of w hich all will he proud. Next to the Seniors the Freshmen are the most important because the Sophomores are taken for granted and the Juniors are almost Seniors. [53]Top rou' — l.orene Allen. Roberta Allen. William Allen I'red Barr. Margaret IVlIamv. I.oil iso Boggia. Leah Bonucci. Ivlith Boustead. Second row — Evan Bowycr. I.ehron Bowyer. Warfren Brown. ( harles Burke, Carl Burpo, Hazel Cable, Maurine Carr. Dorothy Carter. Third row — Kenneth Carroll. Aileen Chamko, W. I. Clark. Elizabeth Claxton. Loretta Cobh, Cecil Cole. Dorothy Colvin. Georgianna Conner. Fourth rote — L. E. Cowsert. Vernetta Cox. Afton Croslin. Muriel Davis. Robert Davis. Mildred Denney. Imogene Dillon, Eugene Dodds. Fifth roic — Billy Donahue. Dorothy Dorris. I lerbert Drake. Jack Drake. John T. Drake. Evelyn Durham Mike Dynis. Sixth row — Samuel Fleming Loren Foster. Mary Frankie. Louis French. Sarah Gallagher. W anda Camber. John Gambriel. Charles Gicabazi. Seventh row — Buddy Gilchrist. Norman Gill. Francis Griffin, James L. Griffin. Edwin Grubbs. Ralph Gray. James Hancock. C onnie Helsley. [M]Second row — Billie Khory. Lillian Koons. Mary L. Lamkin. Rita Land. Ira Large. Marietta Laswell. Virginia 1 .ehmbeck. Bessie Lewis. Third row — Dorothy Lewis. August Lingle, Mary McCane. Dorothy McCames. Robert McCord. Wilbur McCray. Val Mrl'addin. Patricia McGhee. Tonrlh rotr — Eugene McManus. Margaret Maddox. Tommy Martin. Mary Martindale. Dwight Mason, Nellie Matthews, Charles Matteson. Bill Mauiy. I'iflli rou■ — Madeline Meeks. Edward Mchok. Marion L. Mifflin, John Mills. Nick Miskoksky. Charles Mitchell. Sally Morris. Edith Nichols. Sixth rou• — Elmyra Nichols. Walter Norbet. Marcia Palmer. William Palmer. Bernadine Parkhurst. Mary E. Parsons. Betty L. Patterson. ( arl Patton. Seventh row — John IVarce. Billie Peek. Cecila Peters. Jessie Pike. Edna Pogoda. Gertrude Punchard. Doris Purcell. Dorothy Rains. , (1 L f i • v i - p Ruth Rogers. Ina cs. I lenry Shudinis, like Spontak. Dorothy 7op row — Joyce Reagan. Evan Renn. ernalee Rich, Delbert Rlc cr . Ali e Rob ?N Lee Rose, Lorene Rose. JA v Second row — Lodema Rowe. Kate Russell. Chester Sala.jAflaoru f'eiii is. Robe Doris Skeen. Perry Sladen. I Y' v . • 7 hird rou' — I .ois Smith. Eugene Smothers. Man,- L. Soulsby. Vtdn£f» Soiiinerlan Stagner. ( dadys Starky, Neil Stewart. v ' » Fourth rou — lillie Stravinsky. Dale Summers. Pearl Summers. Marcella labor. Evelyn lennant. Sidney I hompson. Mary I hornton. Vina I ittsworth. Fifth row — Barbara I odd. Kenneth lomhhn. Bert Twitty, Louis Vallosio. Jacob Vanwcy. Etoil ineyard. Anna Yitko. Eugene Yoight. Sixth rou• — Byron Wadell irginia W agoner. Frank W aite. Lunnctte Hubbard. irginia Ward. Rex W asson. George Weaver. Add ison Vehl . Screnth our — I )on W ebb. W allace Wentworth. Edward W e alis. Maxine Worker Lydia Williams. l ay W illmore. I helma W lasavgevich. Eleanor Woodhum. Fiyhth rou: — Julia atko. Lester oung. Byford Young, Anna Zalokar. Benjamin Zwick. [56 j[58]STUDENT PATROL The purpose of the Student Patrol is to promote better student relationships and conduct. The Patrol is divided into hourly patrols. The club is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. I ucker. President. Ruth Kinison Vice-president. Keith Half Secretary-treasurer. Nancy Rogers [59]III Y CLUB I ho Hi- Club celebrated its tenth birthday in F. C. H. S. by entertaining the 22nd annual Older Boys Conference. Two hundred guests representing 18 communities were cared for during the 2 day gathering. The club has an average membership of 50. It meets each Monday night in the High School at 7 o'clock. The purpose of the organization is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Fhere are 4 planks in the platform; clean living, scholarship, speech, and athletics. The officers are: President. Gaskell Thurman Vice-president, Glenn Boner Secretary, Oral Davis Treasurer. Bill Purcell Sponsor. H. W. McCIintok Assistant Sponsor. R. B. Eadie [60]GIRL RESERVES I lie- purpose of I lie Girl Reserves is to help any girl and to find and yive the best. Activity Calendar: Miss Grant and live members went to Camp Seymour; Gi viny flaskets to families at I hanksgiving; Christmas Party; St. Patrick Leap Year Party; Joint banquet at I ferrin with I ferrin Girl Reserves; Mothers Day program; Senior Members farewell Party. President. Dorothy Sloan Vice-president, Mary Eunice Griffin Secretary, Melha Minton 7 reasurer. Jane Purcell Cosponsors. Misses Grant and I lelming [ -i 1s. o. s. I he purpose ol the S. O. S. is to decrease errors and increase speed in shorthand and typing. 1 he meaning ol S. O. S., a secret of the club is Student s Order ol Shorthand. The theme running through all activities was that ol ships. I he ollicers ol the club were given names of ship s officers and the club was divided into crews. I be liounty and the Constitution. One banquet was given at which the Constitution was the guest ol honor. Oil icers are elected every six weeks. I he Presidents or Captains have been Carl Pres ley. I roy Sullivan, and I roy I )orris. I hespons or is Mrs. I ucker. I IO. G. A. Club I he O. G. A. C lul under ibc sponsorship ol Mrs. onnie B. Y ade consists of the members of the advanced shorthand and typing class. O. G. A. stands for Order of Gregg Artists, and true to its purpose of promoting speed and accuracy—many ol the memlx'rs have won their hundred and hundred and twenty word shorthand certilicates. I he club has been especially pleasing this year during their Friday sessions, enjoying talks by outside speakers, besides the usual social activities. Wilma Bartolotti entertained the club with an Easter egg hunt which actually proved that there still is an Easter bunny! A jolly good time was enjoyed picnicing at the farm of I ludson I lowell. lo keep O. G. A. memories nearer and dearer to their hearts the members decided to keep souvenir scrap books containing the entire year s activities. New officers are elected every six weeks. The presidents for the three, six weeks are: Melba Minton. Hilda Ramsey and Dorothy Sloan. The present officers are: President. Dorothy Sloan Vice-president. Wilma Bartolotti Secretary. Smith W oods Serjeant-at-arms. I ludson I lowell [65]SPANIS1 I CLUB “El Circulo Castellano —I he Spanish Club, organized under the sponsorship of Mrs. W ilson, at lirst met alter school. I he meeting time was later changed to the sixth hour class and the name changed to I .a Secuesta-dores. One banquet was given at which the alumni members were the guests of honor. I here are about twenty five members. President. Glendora Melvin Vice-president. Geneva Bailey Secretary. Mignon Groves Treasurer. Melba Minton [64]COMMERCIAL CLUB The purpose of the Commercial ( luh is to promote interest in the study of commercial subjects and to become familiar with modem methods and systems ol the business world, interesting and instructive talks. President. Kenneth 1 lolleman Vice-president. Easter 1 landkins Sec relary. Louis Calcaterra Sponsor. Mrs. Francis [65]I he Photography Cluh. organized three years ago by Mr. Walston, has had a very surresslul year. I hey have developed and enlarged many pictures lor students which has enabled them to buy some new equipment. I he club is composed ol twenty members—twice as many as were in the club last year. I he officers are: I’resident. Paul Cerar Vice-president. Dwight I horp Secretary-treasurer. I ludson I lowell Sponsor. Mr. Walston [66]JOURNALISM CLASS I hr Rod Bird Notes was published each week ol the school year of 1935-56 under the sponsorship of Miss Alice Hove and under six different editors. I he editors were: Aleen Mosely Billy Lewis Ktheljane Zwick Gladys Hancock Dorothy Walters I he entire staff was changed also, each six weeks except the sport editor which was Gaskell Fhurman. I he Journalism class was very active this year. I hey were chairman of the Journalism meet in Carlyle. On Nevember 22. Gaskell I hurman, Etheljane Zwick. Billie Lewis, and Miss Hoye attended the State Journalism convention in Champaign. On April 17. a large majority of the class attended a meet held in Carbondale. I fir]DEBATE An entirely new debate team represented K C. I I. S. ibis year. I his is the team s lirst year in debate. I be team participated in two tournaments besides numerous other debates. All the members belong to the National Forensic League. I be affirmative team consists ol Kenneth Kirkpatrick. Daniel Mori-airty. and Billie Lewis, captain, first, second and third speakers respectively. 1 be negative team consists ol I roy Dorris, Wilma Criley and John T. Turner, captain, lirst, second and third speakers respectively. [68]THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON" I he Senior Class presented on December 5 in the high school auditorium. The Admirable Crichton, by Sir James M. Barrie, under the direction ol Miss Alice Hoye. The Earl of Loam, a widower, has for his ideal Equality of Man. and gives practical shape to his ideas. Crichton, his butler, also has an ideal. A haughty aristocratic English house, with everyone in his place.” Lord l oam takes his family and Crichton on a voyage to distant parts of the world. There is a ship-wreck and then a desert isle. Ideals clash! I he result is high comedy and drama. After two years, a ship. Home in England. More ideals. More comedy. More drama! The play was something different and merited its success. The scenery-taxed the ingenuity of lx th the art and manual training departments. I he cast consisted of Daniel Moriarity. Roger Baitmes. Bill Purcell. Hudson Howell. Paul Cerar. IWbara Palmer. Hilda Ramsey. Rith Knapp. Rith Kinison. Della Bowden, and Dorothy Sloan. sup| orted by a large group of extras which consisted of Curtis Downen. Simone Pyles. Eva McCain. Ed. Bundy. Oral l ee Davis. William Reed. Jeanette Yuskailis, Margaret Mae Schneider. Robert Sibley. Troy Sullivan. Leon Bryant, Ruby Stokes. r eo jJUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class presented “Growing Pains in llio auditorium on March 21 under the direction of Miss Alice Grant. I he play proved to lx- a great success at it concemd the period ol adolescence ol two high school Lids and their friends. During the play they change almost overnight from kids into young men and women. I he play had an excellent cast and stall and responded readily to Miss Grant s direction. A new note was struck when the cast gave a skit over Radio Station WEBQ. I he hall hour program consisted ol skits and interviews. I he cast consisted of I'rank I robaugh. June Miles. irginia Sharp, James I lutchcraft, I lattie Koons, Mary Moriarity, elma Clayton, Keith I lall. ictor I lays, Steve Balgroskey. Ralph Rushing. Jimmie Wentworth. Jack Dorris. Maxine Culbertson. Eva I )ean Eddings, Evelyn Gilchrist, Frankie Spence, Marge Brain. Extras: Max I'lye, I helda McDill, Walter Synder, llazel Aleen. Au-I rey Ch ampion, Eunice Eultanks. Charles Wilkinson. Dorothy I lampton, Jean Parkhurst, Louis I hompson. [70)F. C. II. S. BAND I ndcr tilt ;il)lc direction ol (lie new band leader, Mr. I heodore Paschc-dag. the band bas accomplished a great deal this year. I bey have given two concerts, entered the district meet at Carlwndale, April I I, and won lirst place. Hie Band Parent’s Association, with the help of many civic organizations and business men. have succeeded in raising enough money to outfit each member ol the band in an elaborate military uniform. Piccolo — Vade C. Davis, Jr. Flutes —- Myrtle Blanche Cox Frank Trotihaugh. Jr. Lodema Rowe Barbara Todd fl Flat Clarinets — Tommy Graham Charles Matteson Kllis Reach Jack Brown Carl Castleton William Worsham I lelen McCann ["'IBAND — C onlinued BB ( larinets — Selma Smith Elizabeth I leaton Bobby ork C harles Nolen Johnny Guidazzio Billy Mauzy Carl Burpo Jack Drake Wilmetta Hood Billy Dial Charles Jones Ruth Mae I liggerson Carl Olson Eugene Powell Mike Spontak John I omzik Owen Gill Wilfred Schumm Leon Walton Oboe — Julia Whiteside Bassoone — Soprano Saxophone — (.urtis Downen Alto Saxophones — Virginia Wielt IV)bby Gilchrist Maigaret Aiverson Buddy Millinack Billy Ch ampion I enor Saxophones — Marcella Laws Baritone Saxophones — June Miles Cornets and trumpets — L. II. I lenson I ommy Lucas Billy Peek Sybil ( baron Bvford Y oung Buddy Gilchrist Benny .wick Claude Hudgens I lerbert Drake James I abor Aubrey Champion I'rcddie Bonacorsi Horns — lane Purcell ( onslance PumJi.ird Doris Purcell Kathyrn W ilkinson I romhones — Eugene ( arter Don Webb Jack Dorris Dorman Depper J. T. Drake W allace W entworth Baritones — Ruth P. Crim Janice Castleton Busses — James Wentworth Leon Murphy Lester Bristow Edith Manick Billy Allen I )rurns Ralph Sheafl er Robert Mc( ord ( harles Martin C ieorge w eaver Eugene Boner [72]F. C. II. S. ORCHESTRA IJnder Mr. I Whedag s leadership the orchestra has followed in the loot-steps of the band. In the Southern Illinois Contest held at W est Franklord. the orchestra walked away with lirst honors. I he personnel of the group is as follows: l irst Violins — Leno Bonurri Madalen Stefan Walter 'i rf cl I ielen Mc( ann Margaret Maddox Kenneth Carroll Elizabeth I lenson Robert Sihloy Doris Wysup Second Violins — Margaret I toppers Dorothy Carter Robert ( alien Mary Davis ( harles Jones Jack King Lavem Kelly Andy Miowsky Frank Rvmsa Ellen Jeane 1 ahor James Vargo Wilma Vittone I.oren Matelic riolas — l.odema Rowe t harles Matteson Cello - I helda McDill Bass — James Wentworth Lester Bristow I'lntes — Myrtle B. Cox Barbara 1 odd Prank Trougbaugh Clarinets — I ommy Graham Elizabeth I leaton Carl Burpo Bassoon — Phyllis Wentworth Alto Sax — Lavem Mullinack I rumpets — L. II. I lenson Billy Peek I homas Lucas Ben Zwick Byford Y oung Sybil ( haron Horns — Jane Purcell C onstance Punchard Katherine W ilkinson I rombones — Eugene Carter J. T. Moake Drums — George Weaver [-3]THE GIKI-S' QUARTETTE I lie girls quartette ol this year has been a great success. It has made severa I publ ir appearances which have proved very entertaining. I be quartette consists ol three seniors and one junior. Ruby Stokes and Gladys Hancock were in tbe quartette last year. Miss Gloyd, tbe music instructor, lias lelt nothing undone in an effort to make this quartette one that will long be remem I jered by F. C. 11. S. I be jiersonnel is: hirst Soprano, Laura Ann Sballer. Seiond Soprano. Marie McCarnes. hirst Alto. Gladys Hancock. Second Alto. Ruby Stokes. [-4]BOYS’ Ql JARTE'ITE I he |iiartette was selected from the Inns who appeared lor tryouts at the beginning ol the lirst semester. It has been an enthusiastic and interested group and with this spirit, has turned out to be one of the best boys quartettes that I . C. I I. S. has ever had. I he boys took an active part in many civic programs and w ill take part in the Intellectuals ibis spring. I he personnel is: hirst I erior. Norman I hompson Second Tenor, William Reed. hirst Hass. 1 ludson I lovvell. Second Hass. I -eon Bryant. t'3]THE GIRLS SEXTETTE This is the first year F. C. H. S. has had a sextette in its ranks. Its progress has been great, due to the hard work of its personnel and Miss Gloyd. Hie personnel is: Firs Sopranos. Kathleen Meagher. Lenorrah Treece Second Sopranos. Geraldine Ralston. ernice Criley. Altoes, Earline Sutton. Virginia Clem. [76]THE GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB I here arc three sections in the Glee C lub: The lirst soprano section contains ten pirls. second soprano section contains seven girls. alto section ten girls. The regular practice periods of the Glee Club are on Monday. Wedes-dav ad Friday ol each week. The Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Neva Pearl Gloyd. has perfected some very difficult numbers. 1 he officers are: President, Ruby Stokes. Yice-president. Marie McGarnes. Secretary, Charlotte Nordell. Librarian. Yernice Criley. Accompanist. Charlotte Nordell. [77]FRESHMAN GI.LH CIA ’B I lie Freshman Girls Giro C lub meets twice a week after school. I he freshmen C iirls are trained to become members of the older girls glee club. I here are about twenty-five members. I he girls great interest and enthusiasm have enabled them to make excellent improvements. President. Lois Smith. Vice-president. Stella Kaylor Secretary-Treasurer. Dorotln Mae McCames. Librarians. Sarah Gallagher. Ina Lee Rose. [78 1BOYS' GLEE CLP B I he lioys Glee Club is composed ol members Irom various classes of I . C. f I. S. I bey meet at regular intervals and much interest is taken by this group in their songs. PEP CLUB The Pep Club was organized this year under the sponsorship ol Miss Gloyd. Its purpose is to create and maintain more pep and interest in the football and basketball games. President. Thelma Bullington. Vice-presidents. C ilendora Melvin. Mary Rauback. Secrclray-treasurer, Easter I landkins. Cheer Leader. Jesse Jones. 9 » [79]SI IARP SI IOOTERS One ol the newest organizations in our school is the Rille Club. I his club was organized just before the Christmas holidays in 1935 with thirteen charter members, and at that time was open to Seniors only. Mr. Ely sponsors this organization and Conley I aylor is his assistant. I he name Sharpshooters was given to the club belore they had engaged in target practice but since, the members have proved they are truly Sharpshooters. I he girls ol the club had never shot a gun belore becoming a Sharpshooter and much to the discomfort ol the male members they have succeeded in maintaining as high an average and even higher than the boys. I he club meets one night a week for target practice and each week shows a decided improvement in the scores ol the shooters. Several new members including underclassmen have lx'en added to the list of charter members and Mr. Ely has great hopes lor an even Ix-tter club in the years to come. It is his desire, also, to enter the National Rille Association next year in order to hold shooting matches with other schools. I he officers of the club are as follows: President, Joe Edwards. Vice-president. Ruth Kinison. Secretary Wilma ( riley. Sponsor. Wayne I I Ely. Assistant Sponsor, Conley I aylor. [80]MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB The model airplane club was formed under the guidance of Mr. Summerville. 1 he purpose is to create interest in model building and latest developments in aviation. I hey meet in a group and discuss their problems, and build and fly their models in the gymnasium. Commanding Officer. Bill Camaghie. Secretary, emon I loppers. Treasurer. Ralph Shaefler. Sponsor. Mr. Summervi lie. [81 ]G. A. A. I he Girls Athletic Association was organized this year under the sponsorship of Miss Milcals. The aims of the organization are to promote health, sportsmanship and interest in athletics in and out of doors. Some of the activities this year have been baseball, volley ball, basket ball, clogging and hiking. President. Vera Bergin. Vice-president. Cassie Spaulding. Secretary. Jeanette Yuskailis. Treasurer. Marian Draksler. Hiking Captain. Dorothy Smith. [82]HONOR SOCIETY Scholarship, leadership, character and service are the requisites lor National Honor Society membership. New members for the National Honor Society have not been chosen as yet this year. I he twenty-four in the club at present were selected last year by a faculty vote. I he olficers are: President. Raul Cerar. Vice-president. Gaslcell I hurman. Secretary. Dorothy Sloan. Treasurer, Blanche Robertson. [83]F CLUB I he F Club, sponsored by Coach Shangnon, is made up of those boys who. through their prominence and supremacy in football, basketball, and track, have won the much desired token of Frankfort High. This year s officers were elected last year. President. Ed Gray. Wire-president. Andy Delieneck. Secretary. Frank Mehok. Treasurer, Bill Patterson. [84]SfiOtiSCHANGNON HOUGES McCLINTOCK EADIE I he F. C I I. S. Athletic department has one of the best coaching stalls in Little Egypt who are doing great things in the sports field for the Cardinals. Coach Changnon hailed from Johnston City and took full charge of the Red Bird football and basketball squads. Coach Hodges came to us this vear from the Carrier Mills high school and heads the track aggregation plus a football and a basketball Reserve squad. Mr. McClintock coaches football, basketball and track. Mac has been in the coaching department of F. C. H. S. for a number of years. Mr. Eadie took over the green freshies and drilled them to educate them for later use as Red Bird Varsity members.RF.D BIRD GRIDIRON LETTER MEN Right End Victor “Vic Hayes — "Vic was a good defensive end and on offense was one of the best at snatching the ball from the air, either from the hands of his own team or opponents. "Vic is a junior and will be hack fighting for the glory of the Cardinal and Grey next year. Right 7 ackle Ed. "Cap t Pig Grey—Ed was picked on the Big Eleven all-conference team last year and this. Pig was one of the best at his position and was afraid of nothing that pertained to the gridiron. Cap t Grey pulled the Birds out of holes many times when he would break through the enemy s line and throw them for a loss or block a punt. Ed graduated this year at the midterm. Right Guard Karl Brother Simpson— Simp played at right guard and he worked nicely with the rest of the gridironers. Karl helped break up many plays that might have eventually meant touchdowns lor his opponents. Brothers run of 87 yards for a touchdown was the outstanding sprint of the year. Karl is a senior this year. Center Mike Miglielich—Mike played "first string football 2 vears and was a valuable man to the Red Bird squad. I le was a very hard hilling and hard tackling center. Mike is a senior. He will be missed next year at gridiron time. [8S]Left Guard ('ll ) (tics—'talcs, like his brother, a former Red Bird, was an outstanding player lor the I'. ( . I I. S. warriors this year, ell was in on most ol the tackles, doing nice work ns a lone tackier. Yates has two more years with us and we expect him to do great things for the Birds. Left 7 ackle hnmk Pop ( hisnmr—Frank, only a sophinorc this year, was the largest man on the team and a hard hitter. Pop made several spectac ular plays in the various games. ( hismar has two more years as a fighting Red Bird and much is expected ol him next year. Lx-ft End Slone Gooby Koncz—A -40 yard punt. yes. that s Koncz punting. Steve did the kicking lor the Red Birds and did an exceptionally good job of it. Gooby was placed on the All Conference Second team. I his is Steves last year. Riflhl I lull Hark ( nrl I loan Hill Brou n—Bill played at right half, alternating with I lenlcy. Brown was a neat ball handler and carried the ball like a professions I. Carl De an will Im remembered as one ol the- Birds who scored against the Rangers this year. I his is Bill s last year. [89]Left Half Baik I rank Peter Paul Mehok—I rani; was one ol the outstanding players this year lor the Birds. Mehok was the smallest man on the squad and was weather eyed by all ol the opposing teams. Peter Paul gained many yards for the Birds and was given honorable mention on the conference squad. I'rank graduates this year. Left llalI Ha k I larry ( liotniak—I larry did not play in every game hut when he did play he held his position down like a veteran. When Chomiak was needed he went into the game and fought to win. I his is I larry s last year. I'ull Bark I(k Sobolo—Joe was one ol the l osl at hitting the line and at olf tackleplays. Sobolo played consistent football until the last lew games when he sulfered an injury. Joe is a large lad and when he hit his opponents they knew it. Joe has two more seasons ol football. Full Back Kick Levanti—Nick was shifted from one position to another all year and finally ended the season by playing lirst team full back. I.evati was slow going but could pick his holes and gain much yardage. Nick scored against the l enton Rangers. Levanti was elected Captain ol next years warriors. Nick will lx- a sophomore next lemi. Managers I roy Toby Sullivan— lby ( urly Sharkna —W hen it came to carrying and messing up equipment these lads were the lx;st in the ( onler-enee. I oby graduates this year hut ( urly will lx- back on the job next year. [90]First Ron — Loviuiti. Grey. Simpson. Clwnytum, broom. SolnJo. Chominak. Second Kou' — Mlgiclich. Yates, ( hismar. Koncz. Drakslcr. Henley. Mehok. FIRST SQUAD Another year—another football season—would they win. or would they lose.'' I he Birds started out with a large number ol boys that looked promising. With several veterans bark, and Coaches Changnon and I lodges here for their lirst year, we were anxious to see what they could do with the raw material ol F. C I I S. Could they produce a winning team Irom the recruits? lie •re s I lowl Hie Red Birds opened their 35- 36 gridiron season by bolding tbe Ziegler Purple lomadoes to a 7-7 tie. West Frankfort scored in tbe last few minutes of play under tbe local floodlights. F. C. 11. S. was up against a heavy line and equally heavy backlield. being bettered by 16 pounds per man. The Birds 7 points were gathered by Mehok on a 16 yard pass by Draksler with a place kick. Hit em high, hit em low—and the Red Birds did just that when they met the Fldorado Striped Devils on the out-of-town held and gave them a 25-6 drubbing. I bis was their lirst conference game and it appeared that the Birds would show them all before the season closed. I he battle was played on a soggy held but tbe Birds plodded right along and soon splashed a victory over tbe Striped I )evils. T he Red Birds journeyed to I larrishurg and defeated the Bull Dogs to take the conference lead with two wins. ITie Saline County Squad had scored but three touchdowns in three years and had not won a game. Draksler s passing to his backfield pass snatchers was the outstanding feature of this game. Mehok and Koncz tallied in the second quarter and one extra point was made. I lenley scored and Mehok accounted for the extra point in the third. Result 25-0. With the West Frankfort linemen starring, the Red Birds played the powerful ( hristopher liears to a 12 all tie. Both teams played lor the breaks [91 ]I'trsl R, r - I IkluL. Ilooprr. 1'urg. son. IVarson. Walton. I lammers. I lodges. Second Row - Moak. Turoli. I lutchcrali. NujcUkt. Ruse. Drakslcr. I liumpson of the game as Koncz trotted 65 yards to score lor the Birds and Agoslia ran 70 yards lor the ficars. I he Bergholtz-coached men went into the game the favorites hut the Red Birds up-set the dope. Hard lighting and determination won another coni erence victory lor th«' Birds. 7-0. when they went through the first hall without a lirst and ten while Murpyhsboro gained one lirst down. I he Birds threatened in the third quarter and tallied in the last, alter having marched Irom the Devils 30 yard slri| o. Frankfort scored on a pass from Draskler to Meholc and the extra point was made on a place kirk. With the Red Birds still determined to Ik in the race lor the conference championship, they tied the Anna aggregation 6-6 on the local gridiron. I he ( ordinal and Grey passing spree was ineffective as the majority were incomplete. Ihe F. C. I I. S. line, again at its liest. consistently threw the Anna ball-carriers for losses. Frankfort s 6 points were scored in the last live minutes ol play. On the Red Birds I lomecoming the Cardinal and C irey squad won Irom Johnston C ity, 25-5. Ihe Birds working like a perfected machine, used many new plays and gained much yardage with a shuttle pass over center. Ihe Indians scored first from a placement hut the Birds started working together and won the game. Still in the running for at least the co-championship of the Big I'Jeven Conference, the Cardinal and Grey defeated the Marion Wild Cats, 6-0 on the local gridiron. I he Birds showed signs of defeat when they were pushed all over the field during the lirst quarter. F. C. I I. S. soon snapped out and at tlx beginning ol the third quarter. Draksler s return of a punt to the- 24 yard stripe, and I lenley completed a pass to the 0 yard line and Koncz s pass completion gave the winning score. I '- •! Jfienlon—Benton here we come and if the Birds win the Ranger tilt they will he eligible to share the co-championship with Carbondale. I nrkev Day—Yes. Ranger Day. too. With the Rangers at home the Birds handed Benton a rolorlul defeat to the tune of 13-0. I he day was perlect football weather. Both teams threatened numerous times hut the lines lightened and the barklield men rushed, keeping the score down. At the end ol th e season the Red Birds were at the top ol the Con ference list, tied with Carbondale. I leretofore the K C. I I. S. aggregation had been in top berth hut once in the Conference history. Also lor the lirst time in live years they defeated the Benton Rangers. We wish to acknowledge also the line work of the three gridiron squads coached by Instructors I lodges. Mc( lintrx k anrl haclie. I hirty lads composed the I lodges and Me( lintock mentored squads and alternated quarters on the games that they played. I he warriors displayed line sportsmanship and show signs ol good material lor Coach Changnon s varsity. Coach hadie s did nt Play any games but they were used as cannon lodder in scrimmage by both the varsity and the other teams. I he I lodges and MrC lintock aggregations won Irom lien ton. 9-6. and lost. 6-0. | |H. Juniors tied Marion twice. 6-6, 0-0. I hey won from Johnston k ily M-13 and tied them 0-0. f oj iV RED BIRD HARDWOOD LETTER MEN Forwan Is I -s—Lc was an easy going lorward who really knew his basketball. I bis was the coolest player on the squad and was class A in ball handling. Joe has another year as a Red Bird cagester. Morris I lays— Doc was a de|)endable lorward and played a line brand ol basketball. Morris is only a junior and much is expected ol him next year as a Cardinal and Grey star. Centers Nick Levanli—Levanti is only a freshman this year and played on the Red Bird live, which is very extraordinary in the field ol basketball. Nick played center and is expected to Ik a star in the next two years. Keith Hof)—Half played on the first live in the earlier part of the season and was willing to do bis part any time that be was sent in the game. Keith played either center or guard. Haflf has one more year in F. C. I I. S. Guards W illie Smith—Smith was the dark horse ol the squad as he was on the team lor the last few games only. Willie was a good guard and will be a junior next season. [94]hmiik Mehok—Mehok played varsity basketball last year and displayed excellent nail this season at the guard position. I'rank was high point gatherer ol the Red Birds this season. Mehok will graduate this year. Manager Alby Snarhnas—Alby could sling a towl like no other manager in the conference and was dependable in the time ol need. Curly also refereed the reserve games.First Row — ChnnRnon. Smith. Uhls. Meholc. Whilnrl. Hays. Sharlnas. Second Rote — Levanti. Pearson I Inff Soholo. W alton. FIRST SQUAD Coach Stanley Changnon. who is flying his maiden trip as the Red Bird mentor, began the season by eliminating most of his senior players and taking all possibilities from the underclassmen under his wing. He linally finished the season with hut one senior on the squad. The inexperienced Red Birds went through the season w ith a perfect record of twelve consecutive conference losses. Frankfort lost to the noted Christopher IVars in her first game at the Benton Regional tournament. F. C. I I. S. won three non-conference games, namely: Royalton. alier, Hurst-Bush. I he Carterville I .ions won the Big Eleven Conference with eleven wins and one loss. Although the Cardinal and Grey cage squad was not among the stars and winners this year. Coach Changnon will have an experienced aggregation to start to work on next year, with live out of six letter men l ack to star for F. C. I I. S. Most of the Big Eleven conference teams will lose their best players via graduation and the Red Birds should Ik- able to make a very creditable showing next year. [96]Top Riv — Coach I lodges. Goscinsko. Sala. Mehok. Patorozzi. Yatko. Patterson. Sharknas. Second Row — Ovcriclc. Chlsmar. Brown. Hawkins. Draksler. Bumhcrt. AndrofF. RKI3 BIRD BASKHTEKRS I he second and third ( ordinal and Grey cage squads were c oached by Hodges and N IcCIintock respectively. I he I lodges coached squad played in most ol the preliminary games lor the regulars. Both squads had promising prospects that are expected to fly higher during the oncoming years. [97]Top Row — Coach McCItntocIc. Brown. Davis, hris. Howell. Peek, Alexander. Coleman. Peters. Sharknas. Lost Row — Cameghie Snider Mauzzy, Mitchell. Zurak. Dodds. Miles. Griffuth. [96]Fou) Roy' Mar. Sharknas. Prook. Nanni, Dcppcr. Yales. Mchok. I lutelirrafl. Rose, Moalc. Flam. Neuhaus. 1lodges. Second Roir OndrofF Ambtirlavn It I larpool. Miles. Rezetkn, Cross. Wjelski. Overlck. ihompson. Smith. Davidson. Fox. i hirtl Row — iirck I omzik. I . Mehok I. Ikrown. I.amonl labor. Konez. Migielirz Kimmirk. Summers. Fdison. RED BIRD TRACK SQUAD I lie 1955 Red Bird I rack Squad, under I he direction ol I larry Mc-( lintock. O. C. Lee. and Coach-in-charge Johnston, took lirst place in the County Meet. Iranklort. Relays. I lerrin. Relays. Conference Meet and tied lor lirst with I lerrin in the District. Second in the I ri-State Relays at I larris-burg and I hire! at the I avlorville Relays. Coach Johnson took a number ol lx ys to the state meet but were unable to compile any points. I lerrin did and therefore received the cup lor the District meet. At the time this book went to press the 1950 Red Birds had won the county meet and the I lerrin Relays under the direction ol Coaches I lodges and McClintock, and seemed headed for another good season. N luch is expected ol them. [ W)WOODWORK COOKING I 100]CHEMISTRY [ 102]SENIOR ENGLISH CONTEST STORY A NEW VEAR The last fleeting shadows of night were being swept away by the golden sun which was just peeping above the purple hilltops. I he fog which had hovered over the valley in the early hours of the morning seemed to be melting away to merge with the fleecy clouds in the heavens. AH life was awakening. One by one the birds and small animals hopped forward to say a fond good morning. I he small farm in the valley yawned and the began to stir. I here was anusual hustle and bustle on this particular morning. Nancy, the daughter of the family, was expected home from the city. She had been in school lor several years and was now' coming home to stay. Mark Wollf. Nancy s father, hurried a little more than usual with his breakfast, so that he might hitch up old Mike to the family buck-board and drive early to town. This morning instead of stopping to gossip with the neighbors on the way to town, he drove straight to ( orner Junction, where Nancy would arrive on the 8:15 local. Nancy had tried to think, all the way from the city, ol a way she might tell her mother and dad that she was going to go back to the city to work. It had to be done: she knew that—but how Well, she d find a way. She was nearing Corner Junction by this time. She looked out the train window only to see the same sight that always met her eye eveiytime she had come home from school. I here was her lather looking at the coming train with happy expectant eyes. She got her two bags and walked dow'n to the door ol the car. When the train stopped, she jumped down the steps, dropped the bags, and ran into her lathers waiting arms. Dad, she cried, noticing how' tired and haggard he looked. You wait here. I II go get the trunk. Well, Nancy, this is the last time 1 II have to do this lor a while. As she sat there waiting for her father she heard him speak to someone. I lello, John. Did you see my Nancy? She s home to stay. No. I hadn t seen her yet. I ve been down to Jac k Wills. He interrupted himself to pick up an old piece ol log. As he pulled it loose from the ground a hoard of butterflies swarmed up around him. I he butterflies sure are thick this year. Jack and I were just remarking that we couldn t think of the time when wed seen so many. Sure hope they don t mean any danger. I lello. Nancy. Sure am glad to see you home for good. But, John------. No. she wouldn t tell him. It wouldn t be fair to tell him before she told her mother and dad. [ 03]I guess you ve got a lot to loll. Nanrv. You've been away a long time now. Onlv been home for short times. Well, see you soon. Goodby. So long. Mr. Wolff.” Goodby. John. Come to see us soon. By this time Nancy s father had the trunk on the old wagon and was ready to start lor home. As they drove along. Nancy saw the beauty and contentment all around her. hut she had steeled herself against it. She found time to study her father. I le seemed older, more gray, but there was a happy light in his eyes. He turned to her. Do you think you can do all the apple picking and packing like you used to? We re going to have a heavy crop this year. I guess I could dad. but can t Jack help you? I le ought to be able to. She noticed his eyes take on a sorrow ful expression. I guess your mother didn t write you. didn t want to worry you right at the end of school, but your I ncle Mark had Jack to come up to the city to help him for a while —well he wrote and said he had a job making a lot more money than he could make on the farm: so he is staying in the city. I guess the crop didn t come none too soon. I got a lot of debts to pay, and I figger that I can pay them all and even save a little. Nancy knew what kind of debts he had. I le d sent Jack to the college out Fast and her to study music. It had cost quite a bit of money. Farmers weren t doing so well now. anyway. By this time they were rounding the last curve in the road. ITie old white farm house loomed into sight. In front of it stood her mother and the two smaller children. I he two children ran out to meet them, and when Nancy got down, they jumped about her. She picked each one up and kissed each jam-covered mouth. She put each down, and her mother caught her. 'Nancy it s line to have you home to stay. Nancy didn t reply, but turned and walked up to the house with her mother. I ler father drove the wagon around to the bam to unhitch old Mike. Hie children went scampering off to play. Now, Nancy, you go right upstairs and clean up and rest awhile. All right. mother. I guess I will. Nancy slept all afternoon, and the sounds of her mother getting ready to cook supper floated up to her when she awoke. She dressed quickly and went down to help her mother prepare the meal. When she got down to the kitchen, she found her mother starting down into the cellar to get some jam. She went with her to hold the candle. It was dark and dreary down there, as it had always been for her mother, as it always would be lor her il she stayed on the farm. [ 104]Mother. she said and turned her fare away from her mother s inquiring eves, I going there to teach music. Miss Raymond at school got me a job. I he[e. she felt lietter now: it was all said at last. I he dreaded task was over. When they emerged into the light again, she could see how sad her mother looked. She hadn t said a word alxiut her going away. "But. mother, isn t it what you would do Yes. I supose so. hut----- "But what? "It’s ypur father I m worrying about, fie has so counted on you being here Irom now on. and especially since Jack decided not to come back. Nancy started to set the table, hut her mother stopped her and said. No. Nancy. I II do that, T ou go out and talk to your father. He don t know how little you’ll be with him.’’ So Nancy went out to her father. He took her down to see the orchards. now full of beautiful blossoms. It looks like were going to have a line crop. Nancy. I ve never seen the trees in better shape, and I had Lem Mason come down and help me plow around them. Nancy knew now she wo uldn t leave until after the apples were picked and shipped. It was a warm afternoon not many weeks later that Nancy went down in the garden to the old well to draw up a bucket of fresh cool spring water and happened to look up into the old apple tree that shaded the well. She saw a Filmy grey web hanging between two of the branches. She dropped the bucket she had just lifted and ran around the tree. She was trembling; hard sobs stuck in her throat. She must get a hold of herself she told hersell. They might not be in the orchard. I hese might be the only ones. She drew up another bucket of water, went back to the house, and helped her mother with the evening meal as if nothing had happened. After supper she went out of the kitchen and straight to the orchard. At lirst she did not look up at the trees, but finally, as if some magnetic force pulled her head up. she looked up only to find those grey webs swinging among the branches. She walked calmly on. There were millions of them. I hose butterflies John had spoken of. Could they be the cause? She walked back and found her father. Somehow he knew: for when he saw her, he dropped the basket he was carrying and ran to the orchard. When he returned, he looked as if he had aged ten years. I lis eyes were damp. He had a beaten look indelibly printed on his features. Nancy, it s lost—all lost—lost. Oh. dad. maybe not. I II call John and ask him what to do. He may know something about it. I he next morning John came. Nancy. Mr. W olff, and John went out to the on hard. I 105]I want to get a good look at thorn. John said. I vo Ihvii studying thorn lor some time now. but I II have to write to Washington to get particularly information on them. 1 hey had worked hard lor days, and Nancy came in lor more acid solution. I lor hands wore rough and humed from the arid and lire's. Sho had mixed the solution lor her lather and John, helped to build lires. and oven helped them in the orchard. But even with all their hard work, they had lost, lost all the apples, hut they luul saved the trees. I hey trudged their weary way up to the house. John spoke. It s still a puzzle to mo that they didn t got in my orchard and .la k s or any of the other orchards. But that s the way with those lellows. I hey always seem to pick out the l ost orchard and light there.” Nancy s lather had gone to the house. Nancy, who was with John, whispered hoarsely. e understand how you I eel. John, and we can t thank you enough. Nancy, your mother tells me you are going back to the city. No. John. I couldn t leave il I wanted to. You know there has always been a olfl to love and keep this farm each generation. I m a Wolff! Nancy went back to her father. I le was sitting in an old rocker looking down at the orchard with a worn beaten look. Cheer up. dad. There's always a NEXT YEAR. CASSII- SPAL’I.DING I " IGASKKIL THURMAN Student President [ 107 jHILDA RAMSEY, loot hall (Juevn I 108]F. C. II. S. CALENDAR September 5 — Sc hool begins. Gaskell I liurman lakes olTire as student body president. Sophomores proudly instruct Freshies what s what. September 16 — You II have to stay outside till the bell rings! Ahem! Hie Student Patrol is on duty now. September 20 — Wow! Whatta game—Zeigler 7—F. C. I I. S. 7. September 25 — hirst Iyceum—Pamahaika s famous pets give clever performance. October 16 — Grades out today. Yes. papa, h means fine! October 24-25 — Boy! No school—county teachers meet here at F. C. 11. S. November I — Red Birds tie Anna up 8-8. November 7 — Coffee Mill er players present I he Merrv ives of Windsor. November 8 — I lifda Ramsey crowned football |iiecn at I lomecoming celebration. November II — Indians fall before the onslaught of Red Birds 25-3 at Armistice Day game. November 18 — Dean Dutton begins series ol addresses to students and citizens. November 20 — Red Birds trounce Marion W ildcats 6-0. November 20 — I urkev day game! h. C . II. S. 15: l enton ()! Its gigantic! December 6 — Admirabl Crichton presented to enthusiastic audience. December 7 — First cage game lost to alier 35-16. December 20 — New laurels to Gray and Draksler—they made the all conference eleven. December 25 — Santa Claus dropped around last night and left a hole in my stoc king! t ioo][armory 1 — I resolve not to take my grade card home again—so help me! unitary 11— We won a cage game—Valier 25; F. C. H. S. 40. january 16-7 — Semester Exams. Wei come new Freshies. I lave von found the elevator yeH Iunitary 21 — I lold vour purses girls—they tried to roh the office safe last night. February' 5 — Brr! I ve got Iro en lingers and icic les on the brain and I made O in that test today. February 14 — Roses are red—violets are blue—didn t you get a valentine, too? February' 17 — Don I lowell declared free throw winner. Aren t vou freshies proud of him.1' March 10 — F. C. H. S. debaters victorious over Pinckneyvilie squad. March 15 — hat? Another Friday the I5th. ' Where’s my rabbits foot? blank 25 — Junior play Growing Pains given new laurels to director Miss Grant and the junior class. March 26-27 — Another vacation—teachers meet at Carbondale. March 28 — Old er Boys hold successful conlerence meet at F. C. I I. S. Illinois college boys octet entertain students. Francis G. Blair gave a very fine talk which held the' attention of every student. April 4 — Big Speech meet at Frankfort. Contestants strive to bring more glory to dear ole F. C. H. S. April 6 — Another lyceum treat. Francis Sellers—whistler. April 8 — High School Band concert. Members strut proudly for the lirst time in their new uniforms. April 10-11 — Southern Illinois Band Contest. [110]County trade meet. April 18 — Southern Illinois Orchestra contest held at West Frankfort. April 25 ■— West Frankfort trad: meet. We can always depend on our hoys to bring home the bacon. May 2 — I his lovely spring weather combined with able coaching and training brings new life to our boys at the conference trade meet held on our athletic field. May 8 — More track held here on meets these days! I his time its the Southern Illinois meet Frankfort athletic field. May I 5 — I he music and speech departments present a beautiful operetta full ol gay color, song, and good acting. Alay 16 — State trac k meet and goll tournament. Ineidenlly, the two Drakslers competed. May 21-22 — Senior Exams. Rolli. king Rodeo presented at athletic field by P. C. I I. S. athletic association. May 24 — I baccalaureate services. May 25-26 Are we seniors going places'' We had our vacation this week—and did we take advantage of it!!! May 26 — Senior assembly program—and we strive to please—that s our motto! May 27-29 Final Examinations. I hink you II pass—huh? May 29 — Oh!—nights of all nights—We seniors feel so important now! And since we received our diplomas, we can just say— Goodbye p. C. 11. S. May you always stand up to that we have thought and known you to be! [ "i ]JOKES Gaslcell I hurman s newest invention is a step ladder without any steps, to w ash windows on the around floor. Sunday School teacher: Evelyn, please explain what I leaven is? Evelyn Gilchrist: Dancing cheek to cheek. Esther Plantic: But Pappa. I wanna marry Leon. Why he’s the only man! Mr. Plantic, puzzled: I he only man.'' Esther: Yeah, the onlv man that ever asked me. Mr. Pachedag addressed Hubby Mulinack: Listen. Hubby. I ve got just about five minutes to catch a train, and will you run up to the office and see il my hat is there? About three minutes later Hid tripped down the stairs: Yes, sir. he reported. "It’s there. Prospective Bride: irginia. how did you break your husband Irom staying away late at nights? irginia Batteau: Well, one night he came in late, so I railed out. Is that you, John? Mr. McIntosh: Son. where have you been- lolin Robert: Out on a date. hlr. McIntosh: ith that dirty shirt? John: Kaw. with Eva Dean. I lilda Ramsey lound out why they have the isles ro| ed oil at weddings. I hat s so the bridegroom can t run away. Robert Ramsey says that a fern is a plant that if you don t water it. it dies, ami if you do water il. il dies anyway, but not so soon, maybe. A Senior — Deep wisdom, swelled head Brain fever, he s dead. A Junior — hair one. hopes filled Heart busted, he s dead. A Sophie — Played football, null said. Broke his neck, he s dead. A Freshie — Milk lamine. not fed. Starvation, he s dead. irginia Sullivan: hlelba. didn t I see you taking a tramp through the woods and fields yesterday? Melba Minton: Heavens, that was Mr. Crowell, our biology leat her taking us on an instructional lour. Mr. Sullivan: I am sorry to see so many vacant fares in the empty seats this morning. I "J]Karl Simpson: Dim lor. do yon think the cigarette habit causes weak minds? Doctor: No. it only indicates it. Frankie Spence and Oral Davis were sitting in the moonlight. No words broke the stillness. I he young lady was yawning. Suddenly she said: Oral, what would you do. il you had money? Oral replied with a rush of enthusiasm: I would travel. I le felt her hand slip shyly into his. He closed his eyes and sighed with contentment. When he looked up again Frankie was gone. In his hand lay a dime. Little Red Rilling I IihmI Dean Izddings: W'luit big ears you hare. Gran. (nanny: ) eh. this boyish bob does show cm up. Mr. Stone: What is the most efficient water power in the world? Ed Bundy: A woman s tears. Bobby York was making the usual plea for the hand of Dorothy Merri- man. Mr. Merriman: You imprudent young snapper! Do you think that you could gire her the things that she s been used too? Bobby: Sure. I've got a pretty rotten temper myself. Lavern Haggard: Say. Percy, wanta go on a sleighing party' Charlotte Jones: Yeah, who arc we going to slay? Which would you rather be. beautiful or good asks Warren Brown. "I'd rather be beautiful and repent, sighs Betty Little. Did vou know that Conlev I avlor talks in his sleep? “No.” Its true, he recited in class today. Margaret Poole: Barbara Palmer and I are going to Cairo tomorrow and take a dip! Curtis Downen: Who. me? Bill Brown says a straw is something you drink a soda through two of them with. Miss Webb: I lave any of you found my Paradise Lost? Ted White: Yep. I found a pair, are they yours? t H3]SHERMAN MARTIN THEODORE MITCHELL No school activity would be complete without a recognition of the services ol our maintenance lorce. Mr. Martin and Mr. Mitchell, better known as Jinks and Mitch, merit a large amount ol praise and commendation lor their work in keeping the building clean, opening stubborn lockers, setting and removing scenery, and the hundred and one other little jobs they are daily called on to do. RED BIRD SUPPORTERS Lane Chevrolet Dr. McCollum Dr. Rains I ee s Market A. K. Montgomery E. R. Brown Furniture Stotlar Herrin Lumber Woodway Joseph's Clothing Walkers Clothing Barkers Drugs Limerick Loan and Finance Holland Drugs Burgs [ 114 ]PATRON LIST ( ollegiate ( ap and (town Co., Mrs. 1 lazel Parson ( urrey Electric Co. ( hampaign, III. Arthur Spurgeon 1 hyrlin Cline 1 )eming f- 1 hompson Fred Rodgers Dick Cooprider Peoples Life Insurance Co. ( larencc Norris Vern Miller Scnlotser Bros. ( oca ( »la Bottling Co. Bob Price Kramer Bros. Co. Charles Hemmerling Arthur Maish Ilvman s Drug Store South Side Cigar Store Farmers Bank Carl V. Chittick Jim Stinson Dr. B. A. Work Public Service ( ommissioners 1 high Norris Max Wolfe Gretcben Strange Jim Burford . W. I )avis (Greyhound Bus Station 1 homes M. Ryan Morris 5 to $1.00 Store W alters Oil Co. J. A. Kern Son Furniture Francis Schuler Albert M. Laughner Britton s Food Market Mary Dawson Frankfort Lumber Co. 1 )an Power 1 homas Lamun Porter-Hurlbert Hardware Co. Fred Campbell John Dorner Mac s Market Ogle Bros. C hades I.awhead Michael Coal Co. Elks Club Schulmeyer $ Bakery 1 razier Dairy 1 )r. 11. G. Boulden Firestone Auto Supply Service ' Betty Lou Mower Shop Cut Rate 1 )rug Store Steve C »arber Robert Starr Margaret Balfe F3. . 1 iammack Dr. Hedgecock ( lillispic s Garage Maurice Rogers Kenneth Power V L Cafe Jack acht Dr. Paul F. 1 riecc Tom Burke Lavcllc Ins. Co. Boeckman s Jewelry Store Derrick Derrick John Kello Ruth Meneely Wheeler's Linebacks Leon Adler Service Garage Ray Blinn Lane-Shaff Max Fowler Irwin Paddock Douglass Schied Dr. W. L. Hammersley Laverty s John Berryman C oulter Barber Shop J. ( . Penney Co. Hoyt Young Dr. J. A. Van Kirk Shanklin 1 lardware Co. Pollyann Beauty Shop Wool worth 5 10 Store Walter W ellman Dale Pickering Aughe Bros. Mrs. Fred Ruth Martha 1 .eibensperger Kern Bros. Fiances W illiams 11. B. Crimes Bazley Meat Market Russell Strausberg Bon Merritt Frankfort Paint t- W allpaper Store Maurice Blystone M. N. Green Moore s Dress Shop ( harles Lee Reagan Electric Ruth's Beauty Shoppe Dr. Bill's Shoe Hospital J. G. Vaughn Colver Machine Fr Iron Wrorks Dr. C. B. Compton irginia Baker Sanitary Waffle Shop Iris Brookie Martha Childress 1 loward 1 larshman Dr. A. G. C hittick 1 .ipp t- Faton Service Station Grover C mod Blue F W hite Cafe Nora Owens Hat Shop Marvin S. HulTord Ivan 11 idler Roxy 1 heatre 1 lugh Mattix ( lovers Ice ( ream Hayworth-Layton. Inc. James .1. 1 laves C. W. Jenkins Goodwin Bros. Blake Fm 1 lam Jewelry Store McKown Raikes Martha Mitchell Dale Hinton Ruth Brown Dorothy Skinner G. B. Murray Grocery C . B. Sloan Bob Milton Wills Cash Grocery McDonald Bakery 1 iarold an T vie Lenox F- Anderson Meikel s Greenhouse F. L. Smith F. D. 1 lodge Fay s Place Aldine Kuhns Dr. T. A. Dykhuizen Kimble Auto Co. Walter Rogers Ingram-Rich a rd son Rapps Service Station M. B. Thrasher Ashley Auto Parts American Laundry Thrasher s 1 )ry Goods Beecher (lood Roe s I avem Dorsey Ayres Mrs. C lem I-ane City Bakery Dr. O. F. Biery Francis Lane Spah Morrison Abstract Co. Gilbert Photographer [ H5]A u tograp h s [116]

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