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 THE RED BIRDTHE RED BIRD PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE FRANKFORT COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL WEST FRANKFORT, ILLINOISFOREWORD It is the hope of the Class of 1935 that this book will inspire the classes of the years to come to follow in their footsteps and further their aims; namely, to promote greater education and democracy, to do away with the worthless, to aid in the development of science and industry, and to inspire a greater reverence for the Great Educator.The T(ed Hird DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1935, dedicate this volume of the Red Bird to the Spirit of Learning, which has been directly responsible for the strides of Americanism, and which has brought into millions of American homes the invaluable culture and blessings of Education.Book One Administration Book Two Classes Book Three Athletics Book Four Clubs Book Five FeaturesThe T{ed 'Bird V FRANKFORT COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOLV The 'l ed Bird AUDITORIUM AND CURTAIN We are especially proud of our newly redecorated auditorium this year. The school authorities were fortunate enough to get the assistance of the government through C. W. A. and P. W. A. work to make a long cherished dream a reality. We wish to extend our thanks to Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Cole, the board of education, and to any and all others who had a part in making our auditorium one of the most beautiful in southern Illinois. The speech department deserves special mention for their part in providing the new curtain which so beautifully sets off the scenic grandeur of the ceiling and proscenium arch.y ---------- The T(ed "Bird_______ Conyl Chaniot Virginia Dorris N. A. Rosan Alice Hoye Glenn Thurman Lester Jones Co-Editor Senior Editor Sponsor Sponsor Business Mgr. Co-Editor Glenn Lewis Glenn Boner Nancy Rogers Joseph Forgach Geraldine Jones Rose Novak Sport Editor Junior Ed. Sophomore Ed. Freshman Ed. Snap Editor Snap Ed. Mary Rauback Barbara Palmer Betty Pulley Francis Howard Emogene Williford Philip Whiteside Art Editor Art Editor Art Editor Alumni Ed. Feature Ed. Joke Ed. Gaskell Thurman Ruth Kinison Willie Trinei Helen Skeen Rubynelle Davis Marybelle Davis Ass’t Business Ass't Business Typist Typist Typist Typist Mgr. Mgr.V The T(ed Tird Each and every man should interest himself in public affairs. There is no pleasure in mere money. After it is acquired, one can use but a very small amount. It is given us to eat so much, to wear so much, and use so much shelter and comforts, and more we cannot use. When money has supplied these, its use, so far as the individual is concerned, is ended, and we must look still further and higher. It is only in public affairs, where money is a moving force toward the general welfare, that the possessor of it can possibly find pleasure, and that only in constantly doing more. The greatest good man can do is to cultivate himself, develop his powers, in order that he may be of greater service to mankind. BOARD OF EDUCATIONV V The T(ed Hird To the Youth of Our High School The school year 1934 35 marks the JOOth anniversary of the founding of the high school as an American institution. In its beginning the high school was intended merely as an institution of culture and refinement and was expected to serve only the children of the elite who were thought to need culture and refinement for their social activities. From such a beginning it has grown into an institution accepted as necessary for all the children of all the people. It is no longer an exclusive institution for the sons and daughters of the elite. Instead its doors of opportunity are wide open to the poorest in the land the same as to the wealthiest. In recent months there has been considerable controversy as to whether our present expenditure on high school education can be justified. There are those who think not, and are willing to break down the American high school as an institution for all of the children, and reserve secondary education for the moneyed aristocracy only. But fortunately there are still those who believe that the American educational system including the high school is the very foundation for the democracy in which we live. It is the only institution capable of adjusting the American youth to his rapidly changing environment. It is the only channel through which our boys and girls can become constructive units in the social order of which they must of necessity be a part. There are even those who believe that not only is the present expenditure on high school education justifiable but that much more money must be spent in the future so that a high school education may be brought to that part of our American youth that does not now receive it. They believe that if a portion of the nation's money which is now being spent to fight crime were being used instead to educate against crime there would be a great saving in the nation’s total expenditure for the two combined. American education is in the balance. If the children of the coming generation are to enjoy the same educational privileges which you children who are now in high school are enjoying, it will be only through your efforts in maintaining and expanding those privileges. The future of education is in the hands of you high school students of today May you make your present high school opportunities so vital and so essential in your lives as to leave no doubt concerning their justification either now or in the future.The 'f(ed Bird V CARMEN S. ALLEN Ed. B., S. I. T. C. History English MARY DOLLINS B. S., U. of Illinois English E. W. EBBLER A. B., McKendree C. Biology LILLIAN G. FRANCIS Ed. B.. S. I. T. C. Commercial Subjects JAMES HASTIE Ed B„ S. I. T. C. U. of Alabama English R L. CROWELL Ed. B., S. I. T. C. Biology Health R. B. EADIE B. S., U. of Illinois M. S., U. of Illinois Elementary Civics WAYNE H ELY A. B., Indiana State U. M. A., Indiana State U. Mathematics ALICE L. GRANT B. S., U. of Illinois M. A., U. of Illinois English CAROLYN HELMING A. B., Cornell College Columbia U. MathematicsV The T(ed Bird v ALICE HOYE A. B., McKendree C. M. A., U. of Wisconsin Spanish Speech Journalism MARIAN KELLY Middlebury College University of Paris A. B., U. of Illinois French, English O. C. LEE B. S., U. of Illinois Social Studies MONICA MIKALS Ph. B., U. of Chicago M. A., U. of Illinois English LUCILE SORG B. M„ 111. Wesleyan Columbia U. Music FRED N. JOHNSTON A. B , Illinois C. M. A., Northwestern U. Mechanical Drawing Athletic Dir. RALPH KRUPP Ed. B„ S. I. T. C. M. A., U. of Michigan Advanced Mathematics Physics H W. McCLINTOCK Ph. B., Shurtleff C University of 111. Social Studies N. A. ROSAN A. B., Ewing College M. A., U. of Michigan American History HAL STONE Ed B., S. I. T. C. U. of Alabama Social StudiesThe T(ed Bird V V C. E SUMMERVILLE B. S., Indiana State Shop LORA TEEL Ed. B., S. I. T. C. Latin Social Studies H. C. WALSTON A. B., James Millikin U. of Wisconsin Chemistry BERNIECE SWOFFORD Universiy of Mo. Christian College Home Economics GUY E. TUCKER B. S., McKendree C. M. A., Northwestern U. Mathematics VONN1E B WADE Gregg College Springfield Junior C. S. I. T. C. Shorthand and Typing MAXINE TUCKER Gregg College Northwestern U. Shorthand and Typing MAURINE WEBB Ed. B., S. I. T. G English and Art GRACE G. WILSON RUTH TEAGUE A. B., Colo. S. T. C. Secretary Spanish I and II ETHEL MORRIS LibrarianBOOK TWO CLASSES (b barA.The T(ed Tird v President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer The Senior Class We, the class of 1935, entered this institution of learning in 1931 with the large enrollment of three hundred and fifty freshies, and have at last attained the name of seniors. During our first two years we did very little that was outstanding. As all other classes did, we met and elected our class officers and sponsors for our freshman year. Our officers for that year were: President, Charles Gibson; Secretary and Treasurer, Willie Trinei; our V. President, Madalene Stephens; our sponsors were Miss Dollins and Mr. Hastie. Our Sophomore year found us less timid than the year before. That year we elected Herbert Miles as President, Mike Mrla as V. President, and Herman Koop-man as Secretary; with Miss Grant and Mr. Ely as our class sponsors. In our Junior year our most noteworthy accomplishment was the class play, “Applesauce.” This play proved to be a big success. That year Glenn Lewis reigned as President, with Glenn Thurman as V. President, and Conyl Chaniot, Secretary-Treasurer; with Grant and Ely again the sponsors. At the end of the year Glenn Lewis was elected President of the Student Body for the year 1934-35. As seniors we felt that our greatest accomplishment was the reinstalling of the annual this year after its absence of two years. Class officers and sponsors this year were: Jerome Hayes, President; Mike Mrla, V. President; Maglene Thompson, Secretary; and Thomas Haley, Treasurer. Mr. Rosan and Miss Hoye were our sponsors this year. And now comes the time when we must bid adieu, but our hearts are filled with pride that we can call F. C. H. S. our Alma Mater.The Hird ELEANOR ADAMS “How’s married life? ' AJbia High School In Iowa 31. '32. Clirl Reserve 31. 32. 33. 34. G. A. A. '31, 32. Captain of the Volley Ball. Banket Ball, and Bane-hall teams in 31. 82. Secretary of Dramatic Club ’33. Junior Clans Football Queen 83. FRANCES ASTROMSKIS “Full of fun. full of pep, good in athletics you bet." Student Patrol ’83. ’84. '36. G. A. A. '83. '34. President of G. A. A. ’34. 35. History Club ’34. ’35. IRMA BAKER "She smiles for the sake of smiling and laughs for no reason at all.” Style Club '34. Chefs and Waiters '33. '34. Advance Typing Club '34. '35, American History Club '34. '35. LENA BEVERLY “And her hair is as dark as shadows that fall where the fir trees grow." American History Club '34. Vice Pres, of Spanish II Club '35, Chefs and Waiters '34. Style Club '34. HAROLD BOYER “Men of few words are the best." Student Patrol '34. RACHEL BRITTON "Happy am I: from studies I'm free; Why can't they all be contented like me?" Girl Reserves '82. Pep Club 81. Chefs and Waiters '34. Etiquette Club '34, American History Club 35. T. C ANDERSON “Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with It." Hi-Y '32. '33. '34. S. P. A. D. 32, 33. '34. French Club '33. 34. English Club '33. 34. History Club '34. Boys' Glee Club '33. 34, Literature Society '33. Photography Club '34. GRETCHEN AUSTIN “A jolly girl, always in a good humor and ready for fun at any time." Girl Reserves 32. '33. '34. '35. Poster Club '31, Dramatic Club '34. 35. History Club 35. Pep Club '35, Debate 35. Play Staff '35. Red Bird Notes 33. '35, National Honor Society. WANDA BARNEY “Quiet and sweet and inclined towards study." Girl Reserve '31. '82. 33. '35. G. A. A. '31. '32. Commercial Club 33. Dramatic Club 34, National Honor Society. Shorthand Team '35. VIRGINIA BONER “To me love is better than fame." Etiquette Club '34. Girl Reserves '32. 33. '34. 85. Treasurer of Girl Reserve '34. President of Girl Reserves ‘35. Dramatic Club '35. Orchestra '32. '33. 34. 35. Pep Club '33, Freshman Editor of Annual '32. National Honor Society. MABLE BRADLEY "Whatever I've tried to do I’ve tried to do well." G. A. A. 32. Poetry Club '33. Poster Club ‘33. American History Club 35. JACK BROWN “His comings to class were few and far between." Band and Orchestra 82, '33. '34. ’35. Drum Major '34. 36. Cheer Leader '34. 36. Speech Play '35. Senior Play Staff 85.The T(ed Bird v PAULINE BRYAN “I profess to be no more than I seem." Girl Reserves ’32. '33. Secretary-Treasurer of Freshman H. R.. Speech Club ’35. American History Club 35, Pep Club 32. 33. 34. Style Club ’34. English IV Club 34. Junior Play Staff 34. JUANITA CARRIER "She is mighty nice but meek." Style Club ’34. Etiquette Club 34. JOHN CHORNAK "I might enjoy school if I didn't have to study." ELLIS COLEMAN ’Men may come and men may go. but he’ll go on forever." Anthropology Club ’33. Science Club 34. O. G. A. 85. JEANNE DAILEY "She smiles so sweetly and flirts so indiscreetly.” Girl Reserves ’32. 'S3. 34. '35, Pep Club ’88. Orchestra 32. '33. 34. Etiquette Club '34. Dramatic dub '34. "Gold in the Hills" '35. “The Christmas Party" ’34. "Devils Host" 85. Jr. Marshall. National Honor Society. MARYBELLE DAVIS "A smile for all, a welcome glad, a jolly, lively way she had." Girls' Glee Club '81. '82. '33. Band '32. O. G. A. '36. Style Club '33, Dramatic Club '84. Speech Club '35. Girl Reserves ’81, ’82. History Club '36, Secretary Junior H. R.. Annual Staff 86. National Honor Society. JOHN CANTERGIANI "The ashes of his youth will but be the dust of success and accomplishment." CONYL CHANIOT ”A's come as natural to him as homing pigeons to their nests." President of National Honor Society. President of Student Patrol '85. Vice President of Student Patrol ’84. President of Home Room ’32. '33. ’34. 35. Vice President of French Club ’84. President of English dub ’84. Hi-Y '84. ‘85. Secretary ’85. Co-Editor of Annual Staff ’85, Secretary of Junior Class '83. Junior Play Staff '34, Shorthand Team ‘85. HELEN CLEM "All my experiences can never be told I" Secretary of Student Council (Flint, Michigan). President Freshman H. R.. Etiquette Club ‘82. Biography Club ’33. T. T. C. dub ’34. Chefs and Walters '83. ANNA COMPA “Her every effort was worth while." World History dub ’33. American History Club '85. Travels Club '34. Typing dub '34. MABEL DAVIS "Smooth runs the water when the brook is deep." Girl Reserves ‘88. ‘84. 0. G. A. 85. Etiquette dub 84. RUBYNELLE DAVIS "A fascinating fairy—with eyes of sunshine." Glee dub '81. ‘82. Student Patrol ‘88. '84. Spanish Club '35. History Club '85. Secretary of H. R. '32. Girl Reserves '81. '32. Annual Staff '85. National Honor Society.Tke Tfyd Bird V PEARL DAVIDSON "I might be better if 1 would, but it's mighty lonenom. being good." Junior Play 34. Vice President Junior H. R.. Student Patrol 34. Red Bird Note Staff '85. Secretary American History Club '36. ELEANOR DELAP "A maid of nimble wit is she. full of fun and gaiety." Girl Reserves 32. ’33. Speech Club ’36, History Club '35. Pep Club 82. 33. '34. Style Club '34. English IV Club '34. Junior Play Staff '34. KATHRYN DIAL "Smiling in her winsome way she adds new friends to her list each day." Campfire Group III. Vice President '31. ’32. '33. Etiquette Club '82. Pep Club 31. 32. Girl Reserves '31. President Junior H. R. 33, Speech Club '34. HENRY DOBROSKI "Why burden me with books and pen. those were made for girls, not men." S. P. A. D. '31. 32. '33. Football '32. 33. '34. Secretary and Treasurer of H. R. '34, Speech Club 85. "Gold in the Hills" 35. DOMENIC DONINI "So bashful—but you’d be surprised." Speech Cljb '34. American History Club '85. Spanish Club ‘33. Science Club '33. World History Club 83. Literature Club '33. RICHARD DOTY We fear he'll die of overwork." V WILLIAM HILL DAWSON "What’s the use of women.’ English III Club '33. Speech Club '33. Etiquette 33. Hi-Y '32. '33. 34. 35. Spanish I Club '32, Spanish II Club 33. MORSE DEMPSEY "A carefree world makes me happy." Creal Springs H S.. Treasurer of Basketball Funds '31. '82. "A Fortunate Calamity" '31. "The Girl in the Fur Coat" '33. Debate Club '33. LINDELL DILLION "Gladness is the life of a man." History Club ’34. Speech Club ’34. LOUIS DOLENCE His motto. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again." Football ’32. ’33. 35. Speech Club ’34. American History Club '34. Model Airplane ’34. Harmonica Club ’34. VIRGINIA DORRIS "As sweet and smiling as the day is long." Girl Reserves ‘31. ’32. ’33. 34. Pep Club ‘31, ’32. President of Freshman H. R-. Student Patrol '34. Red Bird Notes Staff '33. '34, Dra- matic Club '34. American History Club '35, Varsity Debate '35, Annual Staff '35. Speech Club '34, National Honor Society. BILLY DRAYER “Oh girls he's very shy, but he'll get over it by and by.” Hi-Y Club '31. ’32. ’33. ’34. Treasurer '34. Junior Play '33. Automotive Club 33. Red Bird Notes Staff '34.The T{ed Tiird v BEULAH DUGGER "Little we know what she thinks or dreams." Girl Reserves ‘31, ’32. 33. ‘34. Pep Club ’83. Executive Committee '33. English III Club '33. American History Club '85. WILLIAM ELLIOTTE "Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow." Football 32. S. P. A. D. '33. "Gold in the Hills" '35. American History Club 35. Speech Club '35. FRIEDA FAUGHN "Small of stature, but you know, it makes her more attractive so. Herrin H. S. '31. '32. Har-rlsbury '32, '33. Vice President Junior H. R.. Home Economic Club '88. Etiquette Club '33. Senior Program Committee. Girl Reserves '83. '34. DELANE FULLMAN "Why aren't they all content like me?" Girl Reserves '32. '88. Dramatic Club '34. Vice President of Chefs and Waiters. Speech Club ‘34. History Club '84. WILBURN GAMBER "A capable chap, he accomplishes wonders." "Daddies’ 31. "Gold In the Hills" ’35, Archery Club '33. Typing Club '38. Glee Club '34. History Club '85, Spanish Club '34. CHARLES GIBSON "Who would ever thought he'd fall in love?" Band ’32. ’33. '34. '35. Orchestra 34. ’35, Wig and Cue '32. Honor Society 35. "Gold in the Hills" 85. "The Valiant" ’33. Hi-Y 33, ’34. Class President ’32. HAROLD DUNN "Blessings on thee little man. bashful boy with feet of tan." Pep Club '83. Typing Club '33. Speech Club 34. History Club '85. EUGENIA ESMANS "A girl whose heart is in her work, a pleasure 'tie to know her." Etiquette Club '31, '82. President of H. R. '31, 83. World History Club '82. Commercial Club 'S3. '84. English III Club '33. O. G. A. '34, American History Club '35. Play Staff of Junior Play '34, National Honor Society '35. LEONA FREEMAN "A sweet disposition gets you everywhere." Girl Reserves '81. '32, '33, '84. Treasurer of Girl Reserves '34. Etiquette Club 32. Glee Club '33. '34. American History Club '35, Pep Club '85. Dramatics '35. National Honor Society '85. MILDRED GALLICK "The tall, quiet girl who seems so dignified, but wait till you know her." Girl Reserves '32. Pep Club '32. '33. Typing II Club ’84. Speech Club 84. Spanish Club ’34. HELEN GENEVICH "And with a gentle firmness she found or made a way." Girl Reserves 34. G. A. A. '34. 35. Speech Club '84. History Club '85. LOUEVA GLOVER "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." Girl Reserves '31, 32. G. A. A. ’32. ’33. Jr. Typing Club, ’33. ’34. T. T. C. Club ’34.V The T(ed Tird VIRGINIA GRAY "The name yesterday, today and forever.” Zeigler H. S. 31. '32. '33. (J. A. A. '31. '32. 33. Dramatic Club ’32. '38. G. A. A. '34. MELVIN GULINO ”A Util and handsome lad. who gets thing if he wanta them bad.” Football ’33. ’34. Basketball '33. '84. '35. Track '88. '34. '35. F Club '34. '36. Pep Club '33. MARGARET HAMILTON “Nature made her as she should be—not too bad and not too good." G. A. A. ’83. Home Economics ’34, Chefs and Waiters ’34, Speech Club 35. American History Club ’35. 0. G. A. '35. ELMER HARRIS “Gone but not forgotten.” JERRY HAYES “Heartbreaker I How many sighs have been spent on Jerry ; How many lessons went undone I” Football '31. '32. '83. '84. Track ’81. '82. President of Senior Class. Secretary of Boys Etiquette Club '88. Hi-Y '34. F Club '33. 84. MARY MARGARET HAYS "The only way to have a friend Is to be one." Wig and Cue 32. President of H. R. '32. Girl Reserves '32. 33. '34. '85. Debate Club ’32. Debate Team '35. Speech Club 85. Red Bird Notes Staff 34. 85. Short- hand Team '85. V ANN GUIDAZZIO "An honest girl with cheery smile and a good heart." Current Events '34. American History '35, Typing Club I ‘34. Student Patrol ’35. Speech Club. Spanish Club I '34. THOMAS HALEY "All things come to him who waits. Therefore why should I hurry ?” Football '81. '32. '33. Track '81. '32. S. P. A. D. '33. F Club '38. Treasurer of Senior Class '85. JACK HANSON "Give me time, 1 say give me time.” Murphysboro '81, '32. '83, Football 31. '32. '33. Basketball ’81, ’82. Freshman Class Play "Not Quite Such A Goose” '81. Band 31. '82. '33. Orchestra ’32. '33. Secretary of Senior H. R.. American History Club '35. TRUMAN HART "His smile gives its owner passports 'round the world.” Ian Technical H. S. Concert Band '38. '34. Symphony Orchestra ’33. ’34. Theatre Orchestra '34, R. C. L. C. ’32. '33. 34. Student Council '34, Glee Club '82. 33. '34. Band '85. LORENE HAYS "A maiden who is always changeable and capricious.” Debate Club '32. Dramatic Club '32. '33. G. A. A. '33. Home Economics '34. Chef and Waiters '34. Speech Club '35, History Club ’84. Spanish Club '35. Pep Club '32. JAMES HENSON "If 1 don't find nobody I’ll go back to the farm n milk the oows and chickens. cause I don’t give a gonid gosh darn."The T{ed Tird - WILLIAM HERRELL ••None but the brave deserve the fair." Pep Club 33. Science Club ’34. S. P. A. D. Club '34. American History Club 85. J B HINDMAN “What wondrous beauty lurked within hie hair. Secretary of Science Club 34. Basketball 34. Student Patrol ’33. 34. Speech Club 35. JOHN HUDACHKO “He had the power of hi own conviction. Basketball Team 81. ’32. MARY JAKUBOSKI “Blue were her eye as the fairy flax, her cheeks like the dawn of day." Speech Club 35. American History Club 35. Spanish I Club 34. Current Events 34. Typing Club 34. GERALDINE JONES "A magnetic personality that shines and glows with vivid surprises.’’ Cartoon and Poster Club ’34. Speech Club 35. "Gold in the Hills" 35. Debate Club ’85. Band and Orchestra 32. 83. Pep Club 32. History Club 35, Annual Staff 35. English III Club ’34. Campfire Girl 32. ’33. Etiquette Club 32. REGINALD KARROLL "Young fellows will be young fellow . ’ "Gold in the Hills" 35. Speech Club 35, American History Club 35, Debate Club 34. Science Club 35, English III Club 33. EILEEN HIGHT "Sport and school are my delight; They keep me busy day and night." Pep Club 33. Girl Reserves '33. Dramatic Club ’34. T. T. C. ’34. Red Bird Notes Staff 34. 35. History Club 35. O. G. A. 35. Spanish III Club 35. FRANCES HOWARD And when once the young heart of a maiden is stolen. The maiden herself will steal after It soon." Girl Reserves 32. 38. 34. 35. Pep Club 82. Dramatic ’32. 33. 34. Speech Club ’35. Spanish III Club 36. History Club 35. "Gold in the Hills" 36. Band 32. Varsity Debate 35, Red Bird Notes 34. National Honor Society. "Devil’s Host" 35. CLIFFORD IUBELT "And thereby hangs a tale." Student Patrol ’38. ’34. JACK JEMISON "His are worthy dreams of high ideals." LESTER JONES "Many a maid’s heart will stop, look and listen when the one taking her pulse is this physician." Central High. Evansville. Indiana 31. 32. Miami Edison. Miami Fla. ’32. ’33. Vice President Nature Study. Co-Editor of Red Bird Annual 36. Debate Team 35. Honor Society. Senior Play Manager. DEAN KELLY "He’ll never die of overwork. He doesn’t believe in It." Hi-Y ’34. 35. Speech Club ’35, American History Club 85. Model Airplane 38. English III Club ‘S3. The T(ed Tird v BLAINE KESLER "I may do something sensational yet.’ Electricity Club '34. Etiquette Club '36. History Club 86. MAXINE KIRK "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Orchestra '32. ‘33. '84. '85. Glee Club ‘32. 33. '84. Girl Reserves 32. Dramatic Club '34. 35. Red Bird Notes Staff 85, Speech Club 85. History Club '86. ED KUCA •‘A Longfellow but not a poet. Football 32. 33. 34. Basketball '82. 33. Track 82. '33. Speech Club 84. Vocational Club 34. History 86. F Club 32. 83. 84. President H. R. 33. HELEN KUYKENDALL "Always very gracious and sweet Nicely groomed and oh so neat.” Campfire '32. Freshman Football Attendant. Pep Club '32. 38. May Fete 82. Etiquette Club ‘34. "Smiling Through” 32. Dramatic Club '32. 35. Style Club 34. English Club '34. Jr. Marshall of Senior Class '34. "Gold In the Hills” 36. Speech Club 85, History Club '88. DOROTHY LAND "Piquant pretty. popular and pleasing -that's 'Dot'.' American History Club 36, Speech Club '86. Spanish Club 35. Typing Club 34, Pep Club 33. G. A. A. 34. Etiquette Club 34. Dramatic Club 82, Poster Club 32. English III Club 84. Choral Club 32. ANNA LEASCK "She gives her thoughts but little tongue.” Girl Reserves '32. ’33. Pep Club 34. T. T. C. 34. American History C3ub 85. World History Club 83. BEN KING "Each mind has its own method." Poster Club 34. 35. Anthropology Club 36, 34. HERMAN KOOPMAN "The world's no better if we worry. Life's no longer if we hurry." Football 32. 33. 34. Track 31. 82. F Club 32. 33. 34. Speech Club 35. "Gold in the Hills" ‘35. JOHN KURAK "He never says too much." Model Airplane Club '33. Science Club ‘33. American History Club 85. CAROL LAMB "What will be. will be. so why worry ?" Art Club '33„ Astronomy Club 33. GERALDINE LEAR "A kind heart has many friends." Citizenship Club 32. Debate Club 32. American History 85. English III Club 34. JUANITA LEE "Who knows —some day she may be a second Zazu Pitts- ’ Cartoon Club 33. Science Club 'S3. Dramatics Club '34. 35, Spanish Club 35. "Gold in the Hills” 35. History Club '35. Etiquette Club ‘82. Debate Club 35. Honor Society.The I{ed ’Bird y ELVA LEWIS "She doesn’t nay much but we will miss her." Travels ’34. G. A. A. 33. T. T. C. 34, American History Club 35. World History dub 33. KATHRYN LEWIS "Fate and fortune have favored her with a kind heart and a winning way." Etiquette dub ‘33. Pep dub '32. Girl Reserves ’34. Dramatic Club 34. American History Club '35, Varsity Debate Team '36. Glee Club 32. Style Club 33. CARL LINGLE "If I had the right inspiration I might become famous." Track '32. 33. '34. '35. F Club ’34, ’35. Photography dub '84. Speech dub ’84. '35. History dub '34. '35. GAYLOR MANICK "Success is found in cans not can’ta." MARGARET McCANN "Her Irish wit and laughter are not to be excelled. "B’gonna". Glee dub '32. ‘33. Pep dub '32. '83. '35. Vice President of H. R. '32. 34. '35, Associate of Red Bird Notes 33. Editor-in-Chief 84, Managing Editor '35, Sec. of Honor Society ‘85, Dramatic dub ‘84. '35. ANNA McCLOSKY "Energetic and cheerful. now Ann be careful." Etiquette dub ‘82. Pep Club '82. Spanish Club 35. Speech dub '35, Style Club ‘34, Dramatic Club ’34. History dub '85, Red Bird Notes Staff 36. English II dub ‘34, Girl Reserves 32. GLENN LEWIS "A lion among ladies is the most dangerous thing." Press dub '27. President Junior Class '34. Vice President Pep Club ’34. Cheer leader '34. "Applesauce" '34. Student Body President '35. "Gold in the Hills" ‘35. Boxing dub '35. Student Patrol '35. Debate ’35, Sports Editor of Annual '35. BETTY LIMERICK "Paradise Lost'—and found a gain in her loveliness." Pep dub '82. Girl Reserves '32. '33. Dramatic Club '32. 35. Speech Club 34, Spanish Club ‘34. '35. History Club '35. "Smilin' Thru" '33. Glee Club '32. '33. '34. Rand ’34, "Gold in the Hills" '35. Football Queen '34. Style dub 'S3. Red Bird Notes Staff ’34. '35. President of H. R. '32. World History dub ‘88. "Devil s Host" '35. MARY MARGARET LITTLE "A rare and lustrous pearl among the gems of girls." Girl Reserves '32, '38. 34, Pep dub 32. '33. '34. Etiquette dub '82. 0. G. A. Club 35. Spanish Club 34. English III Club '34. FRANK MATALONIS "On with the dance, let Joy be unconflned." World History Club '32. '33. Chef and Waiters '33. '34. English Club '33. Vice President of Typing Club '34. Speech dub '34. "Gold in the Hills" ‘35. Spanish Club '35. American History dub ‘34. NADINE McCLERREN "She is good who does good to others." Chamber of Commerce 33. 34. Flower dub 33. ’34. American History dub 35. DOROTHY McMANNUS "Never worry, never fret— that’s Dot you bet." Pep Club 31. 32. Style dub '33. Speech Club '35. Spanish Club 33, 34. History Club '85. Dramatic Club '34. G. A. A. 81. Red Bird Notes Staff '35, English III 83. Girl Reserves '81.The T{ed Hird V LOREN MEDLIN "A merry heart that laughs at care.” Etiquette Club '31, 82, President H. R. '82. Style Club 88. '34. Dramatic Club '83. 34. Speech Club '36. American Hiatory Club 36. HARRY MIFFLIN "He is trying, always trying. and some day he will finish spinning that cobweb called •success .’ President of Spanish I Club '33, Vice President Spanish II Club 35, National Honor Society 36. HERBERT MILES "A man of few words.” Football 32. '83. 34 36. Track 82. '38. 84. 86. ADELAID MODRAK “Of manners gentle, of affection mild.” G. A. A. 32. 33. 34. 36. Vice President of G. A. A. ’35, Home Economics 36. Spanish Club '35. American History Club 36. BENSON MURPHY ”lt’s a great plague to be too handsome.” Football 31. '32. Basketball '31. 82. '33. Track 32. 88. Archery Club 33. English Club 33. Boxing Club 34. CECIL NOLEN "Marcels are manufactured but his is natural.” Hi-Y 32. '33. '84. 36. Track 34. Orchestra 82, 33. '34. 36. Glee Club 34. '36. All State Chorus 36. LELIA MERRIMAN "She is good as she is fair.” Pep Club '32. 33. Etiquette Club '32, 33. President H. R. '32. English III Club '34. Vice President of Girl Reserves ‘35. Dramatic Club 35. Typing II Club 86, Glee Club '33, '34. Vice President of History Club 35. Debate Club '35, Honor Society 35. MARTHA MIFFLIN "As merry as the day is long." G. A. A. ’31. Girl Reserves '32. Pep Club 35. 0. G. A. '35. American History Club 36, Speech Club 35. HERBERT MILLER "I am a woman hater—but the Bible says Love Your Enemy.” Hi-Y Club '34. ‘36, Astronomy Club 35. THEDA MORRISON “When looks were fond and words were few." Girl Reserves 32, ‘33. President of H. R. '34. Treasurer of Style Club '34. Chefs and Waiters Club ’34. American History Club 35. Spanish Club ‘35. KATHLEEN NEALON "Carefree, most vivacious, yet a sweeter girl has not been met." Secretary of Freshman H. R. '32. G. A. A. 32. 33. 34, Flower Club 34. Treasurer of Speech Club 35. Spanish Club I and II. PAUL NORBERT "I never felt the kiss of love, nor a maiden’s hand in mine.” Orchestra 32. '33. 34, 36, President of Photography Club '36. The T(ed Hird v ROSE NOVAK "Her disposition is like a spice cake: a sprinkling of smiles, gladness and sadness to taste, a drop or two of determination and a dash of temper." Bloomfield. Indiana H. S. 32. Commercial Club '34. T. T. C. 34. "Applesauce" ’34. Annual Staff ’35. Speech Club 85, American History Club 35. MAXINE PALMER “Blessed with that charm. that’s certainly to please." G. A. A. 33. Pep Club ’83. Girl Reserves 38. '34. 35. Home Economics 33. American History Club 35, Speech Club 35. Spanish Club ’86. Dramatic Club ‘35. LUCILLE PATTON "A friend, a chum, a good sport too— Loyal pal. tried and true!" G. A. A. ‘31. Spanish Club ‘35. T. T. C. Club ‘35. Speech Club ‘35. History Club ’35. Dramatic Club 35, Tinkering Club ‘83. English Club 33. BERNEICE PEAK "For she was just the quiet kind whose nature never varies." G. A. A. ‘33. 84. History Club ‘35. Sports Club. Spanish Club ’35. ALMA MAE PEARSON "Silence is golden. Eyes and smiles and actions talk louder than words." Girls’ Glee Club ‘82. Home Economics ‘33, Pep Club ‘33, Speech Club '35. G. A. A. ‘32. '88. '34. '35. Speech. American History Club ’85. TRESA PLUMLEE "It is nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." Pep Club '32. G. A. A. '82. '33. Style Club '33. '84. Dramatic Club '33. ‘35. History Club '34. BALLARD OLEN "His heart and hand both open and both free." HELEN PATTERSON "She lives content and envies none." G. A. A. '32, '33. '35. Home Economics '33. Chiefs and Waiters 35. Girls' Glee Club 32. History Club '35. Speech Club ‘35. English Club ‘35. English I Club '82. ROY PATTON "Ye gods, but she is wondrous fair." Student Patrol '34, '35, Student Patrol Play '35, Yell Leader '36. American History Club ’35, Speech Club '35. Spanish Club '35. Basketball 32, '33. Football '82. '33. J. W. PEEK "Strange to the world he wore a bashful look." Orchestra 31. '32. ’33. '84. Etiquette Club '33. Archery Club 'S3. VIOLET SUE PETRASIK "Villian and she are many miles asunder." Pep Club '32. 33. G. A. A. ’82. ’33, Commercial Club 'S3. '34. Style Club '83. American History Club ’85. WANDA POOL "Willing and working Is her rep'." Flower Club '34. Mathematics Club '84. American History Club '36.V RENO PRANDINI "When I wan a child I spoke a a child." Sports Club ‘35, Etiquette Club 38. History Club 85. LENORA PROCK “She is clever, attractive too, when you’re with her you can't be blue." G. A. A. ’32, Commercial Club ’34. Style Club ’34, Pet) Club ‘33. Girl Reserves ‘32. History Club 35, Spanish Club '35. EUCENE REID “Action is eloquence." Archery Club '38. Biography Club '33. History Club '34. FAIRY RICH “Speak low, if you speak of love." President of Home Room '32. Pep Club '32. G. A. A. ‘32. T. T. C. Club ’35. Student Patrol '35. Speech Club '85. American History Club 35. Dramatic Club '34. Red Bird Notes Staff '85. ALBERT ROGERS "You are In some brown study." Football '33. Track '34. '35. WILLIAM ROLLINS “Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple, is great." President Model Airplane Club '33. Harmonica Club ’33. American History Club 35. The T{ed Tird NAOMI PRICE "Under a surface calm and serene. Joy and laughter may be Nature dub '34. Astronomy dub '84. History Club ’35. JUNE PYLES "Did you say she was timid? Well no. just reserved." Chamber of Commerce. '34. Home Economics '34. Spanish dub 85, American History Club '35. JOE RENIK And panting time toiled after him in vain." VINCENT RIDENHOUR "Be silent and safe silence never betrays." Boxing Club '35. HOWARD ROGERS "One of these strong silent men." Speech Club '35. History dub ‘34. '35. CLEO ROTRAMEL "She could always be depended upon at all times for any service great or small." Speech dub 35. Spanish dub '35. Secretary of H. R. •32. English III Club '34. English I dub '32.V The T(ed Bird v VERA SHARKNAS “Quiet and reserved but a worthwhile friend." G. A. A. '33. 34. '35. His- tory Club 35, Style Club 34. English Club 32. ‘34. NORMAN SKINNER "My brain is a boulevard without traffic cops." "Gold in the Hills" 35. Speech Club ’36. Track ‘34. BRUCE SPENCER "Good stuff is done up in small packages." Photography Club ‘33. Sports Club ‘38. History Club ‘35. GENEVA STONE "My tongue within my mouth I rein." Girl Reserves '82, G. A. A. 33. Typing I Club '34. Spanish Club ’3o, O. G. A. ‘35. Speech Club 35. History Club ‘35. ARNOLD TAROLI "A pest to know, but a friend to have." Photography Club ‘33. ‘34. Typing Club I '34. T. T. C. '35. Golf Team ‘31. 34. Typing Team ‘35. Track '86. DELANE THAMES "I admit I like the ladies. there is no argument." Football ‘31, Track '31. Typing Club ’33, Travel Club '33. Boxing Club '34. Speech Club '36. History Club '86. HELEN SKEEN "Is she as innocent as she looks ? Or are looks deceiving?" English Club '34. Chamber of Commerce ’34. T. T. C. '85. Spanish Club 35. American History Club 36. Speech Club ’34. Member of Typing Team ’85. TOMMY SMITH "It’s miserable nonsense, but not a crime, to hang around girls all the time." Student Patrol '31. Basketball '31. '32. '33. '34. President H. R. '35. Secretary of Junior Class, ‘34, F. Club '35. Football Manager '34. WILLIAM STEVENS "On the outside a villain, but on the inside a heart of gold." Football '32. ‘83. '34. Basketball Manager ‘35. F. Club '36. Junior Play "Applesauce” '38. "Gold in the Hills" '36. "Devil's Host" '35. CHARLES STRUSZ "Some day my name will go down in history." F Club 31. '32. '33. '34. Football '32. '38. '34. Basketball '32. 33. '34. Track ’31, '32, '33, '34. President of Freshman Class. JUANITA TABOR "A whirlwind of fun and laughter." Pep Club '32. Girl Reserves '32. ’36, Chefs and Waiters Club '33. G. A. A. '32. Etiquette Club ’33. ‘34, Style Club '33, Sec. of Typing Club '36. BERTHA THOMPSON "Full of wit and humor Loved by all who knew her." Girl Reserves '32. Dramatic Club 34. English Club ‘34. Pep Club '33. Spanish Club '35, Speech Club '86, History Club '36.sL The Ted Tird V MAGLENE THOMPSON 'A smile for anyone ahe meet and a friend to every one.” JAMES TROUTT “Those who accomplish most make the least noise." Typing Club '34, Photography Club '84. HARVEY TURNS “Work is the key word to achievement." Archery '38. English Club 38, American History Club '86. DORIS WALKER “Eyes that sparkle like diamonds." G. A. A. '83, American History Club '36, Typing I Club 84. HAROLD WELLS “Some day I will be a big man. “ Football '31. '32. '33. Chefs and Walters '83, American History Club ‘86. English III Club 33. Speech Club '36. Boxing Club 84. DORIS WHITE “She held her place and faltered not at praise." Poetry Club '84, Tinkering Club '84. Speech Club '86. History Club '86, Spanish Club ‘36. GLENN THURMAN "When anything is to be done depend on Glenn." Track '31, Football '32. Basketball '82. Vice President of Junior Class '33, Debate Team '35. Hi-Y '84. '35. Electricity Club '33. Speech Club '36, Vice President of Honor Society '35. "Devil's Host." '35. WILLIE TRINEI "His nimble fingers will win him fame." Typing Team '35. T. T. C. '34, '35. Sec. Freshman Class 32. Track '35. Photography Club ’34, Honor Society 85. Annual Staff '35. A B. VAUGHN “The championship player of tit-tat-toe." Hi-Y '81. '32. 33. '34. American History Club '35. Speech Club 35. JAMESENA WASSON "The light that lies in her wondrous eyes." Girl Reserves 31. '32. O. G. A. 85. Pep Club 82. R. R. History Club. English III Club '84. WAYNE WESTRAY "A fine upstanding sort of a lad; who never knew what it was to be bad." Model Airplane 31, 32. 33. Student Patrol 32. Track '83. '34. '35. Hi-Y '33. F Club 34. Speech Club '34. American History Club '85. PHILIP WHITESIDES "Too popular with blondes for his own good." Hi-Y 31. '32. '33. '34. President of Hi-Y '34. Football '31. '32. '33. '34. Captain of Football Team 34. Basketball '32. 33. 34. 35. F Club '32. 33. '84. Track '32. Junior Play "Applesauce" 83. Speech Club '34. Student Patrol 31. '33.V V The T(ed Bird BEATRICE WHITTAKER "Great thoughts come from the heart." Literature Club 34, Chef and Waiter 34, History Club '35. LEO WIEDEMAN "I care not for girls." Hi-Y '31, '32. 33. '34. Football 31. 32. '33. 34. Eti- quette Club ‘33. Speech. Club ’34. S. P. A. D. 32. 38. Track ’31. History Club ’84. EMMA GENE WILLIFORD "He knew she could sing, and built her lofty rhyme. ' Pep Club ’32. Etiquette Club '34. English III '34. Girl Reserves '32. 34. '85. Speech Club '86. "Gold in the Hills" '35. Glee Club '32. '33. '34. ’35. Orchestra ’32. 34. ’35. American History Club '35. Dramatic Club '36. HERSCHEL WILKINSON "Who said Herschei was too young for love." Hi-Y '34. Basketball ’34. Speech Play History Club '35. Spanish Club 35. Football '31. S. P. A. D. 34. DWIGHT WILLMORE "Not that I love to study less, but I love fun more." Vice President of Hi-Y '33. Band ’81. '32. '33. '34. Speech Club ’85. Spanish Club '34. SIDNEY WLECKE "A glorious flow of melody we hear, we know that Sid is somewhere near." Mt. Vernon Township H. S. ’32. ’33. 34. Football ’33. Tennis '33. ‘34, Cheer Leader '33. Golf ’32. BONNIE WIEDEMAN "The truest and dearest friend one could ever have." Girl Reserves ’32, '38, ’34. ’35. Glee Club ’33. '34. '36. Typing Club 35, Speech Club 36. Pep Club ’34. History Club ‘35. HOWARD WIENEKE "Life is a frame of football with time out for fussing." Hi-Y ’33. ’34. Boys Eti- quette ’33. S. P. A. D. ’33. Junior Play '33. Speech Club ’35. History Club 36. ROBERT WILLIAMS "If fussing gave credits. he’d have his diploma." "Gold in the Hills" ’35. History Club ’35. ADA RUTH WILLMORE But she is as constant as the Northern Star." Style Club ’34. Pep Club ’33. 34. Speech Club '85. History Club ‘35, Spanish Club '35. Glee Club. ’32. 33. Freshman Assembly Program Committee '82. JOE WINN "Give me the world and the trimmings too. for I am Napoleon and who are you ?" "Gold in the Hills" '35. Hi-Y ’35. Speech Club ’35. History dub '35. Spanish dub '86. FRANCIS WRIGHT A quiet tongue shows a wise head."V V The T ed Hird BEN WALSTON "He came, he saw. and conquered nothing." ALTHEA ZANTER "A jolly companion never wanting for friend ." Pep Club '38. Tinkering Club '34. Future Voter Club '34. G. A. A. '34. Hls-tory Club '35. Girl Reserve '82. WILLARD ZIMBLEMAN "There are Ju t two thing he doesn't want, one is a drees suit, the other a girl." Vice President of Freshman H. R.. Travel Club '33. '34. "Gold in the Hills" 35. Debate Squad '35 O. G. A. Club 85. Speech Club '35. Honor Society 35. "Devil' Host." '35.  The T(ed "Bird v Class of “36” The present Junior Class made its bow to F. C. H. S. in 1932. Charles Strusz was elected president with Albert Margelli and Wayne O’Connor as Vice President and Secretary. Geraldine Cochran, our nominee for football queen, was elected, an honor seldom attained by a Freshman candidate. Our sponsors were Mr. Eadie and Mrs. Allen. As sophomores we elected as our President Billie Lewis. Lavem Haggard and Troy Sullivan were Vice President and Secretary. Our nominee for football queen, Olean Cook, was elected. Our sponsors were Miss Webb and Mr. Lee. This year, as Juniors, we elected Paul Cerar as President. The assisting officers are Carl Presley and Gaskell Thurman. The faculty advisors are Miss Grant and Mr. Ely. Our Junior class is well represented in major athletics by Strusz, Gray, Mehok, Patter son and others. Aside from the athletic achievements we may also mention our Junior Class play, "Criminal At Large," given April 5 in our auditorium. We are very grateful to Miss Grant and Mr. Ely for making ou.- play a success. V V The t(ed Tird LILLIAN ABBOTT WANDA ALLISON HAZEL ANDERSON GENEVA BALEY JOHN T. BARNETT BILLIE BARTON ROGER BARTMES BERTHA BOGGIA IMOGENE BOLINGER GLENN BONER LENO BONUCCII KERMIT BOOK WILMA BARTOLOTTI DELLA BOWDEN The °T(ed Ttrd CLEMENT BROCK BILL DEAN BROWN THELMA BULLINGTON GEORGE CANTRELL AMANDA LEE CARLETON PAUL CERAR DORA BROTHERTON LEON BRYANT LOUIS CALCATERRA CATHERINE CARELLO LILA LEE CARTER JUANITA CLARK DIMPLE CLAYTON FRANCIS COMPAThe T(ed Hird MILTON CONNETT OLEAN COOK WILMA COWELL VERNICE CRILEY THOMAS CROSS VADE C. DAVIS MARGARET CONSTANTINO WILLIAM COOK WILMA CRILEY RUTH CRIM ORAL LEE DAVIS OGLE DENNEY ELIZABETH DODDS ROGER DORRISThe G[(ed Hird — TROY DORRIS DONALD DUNCAN KENNETH ELAM LIBERTY BELL EVANS GENEVIEVE FITZGERALD DALE FRAZIER BEULAH DOTY PAUL DYNIS WANDA ENGRAM EDWARD FICKAS ALEEN FOX VIRGINIA FREEMAN MARY GIACHINO MARY EUNICE GRIFFIN__y — The Hird — — MIGNON GROVES LA VERN HAGGARD GLADYS HANCOCK RUTH HARPER WINSTON HENLEY KENNETH HOLLEMAN HUDSON HOWELL LLOYD JACKSON EASTER HANDKINS ED HARRIS FRANCIS HENSON BOBBY HOWELL KENNETH HUNT C L. JONESThe T(ed Tlird v MARGUERITE KEITH GLENN KING KENNETH KIRKPATRICK STEVE KONCZ HELEN LEFLER ELVA JANE LINGLE JOE KIMMEL RUTH KINISON RUTH KNAPP JOE KURAK BILLIE LEWIS THOMAS LUCAS BART MANICK RAYMOND MARTIN DALEV The 'l{i'd Bird y FRANK MEHOK EMERSON MINGS MELBA MINTON BUDDY MULLINACK VIRGINIA MURRAY EVA McCAIN JOHN ROBERT McIntosh MIKE MIGIELICZ RUTH MINGS ALEEN MOSELEY JOHN MURPHY RALPH McAFOOS MARIE McCARNES ROBERT NESTLER The ch{ed B rd v MAE NOVAK M C. ODLE BARBARA PALMER RAMONA POLSON CARL PRESLEY BILL PURCELL HILDA RAMSEY ESTER PLANTEC MARGARET POOLE FLORENCE PROCYK ESTHER RAINS VIOLA RANDOLPH IRENE RIVA CHARLES ROWDENThe T(ed Hird - HAZEL RYDLEWICZ KARL SIMPSON MARGARET SKOK SELMA SMITH CASSIE SPAULDING OPALL STOLL TROY SULLIVAN MARGARET SCHNEIDER BETTY SINKS DOROTHY SLOAN NADINE SMOTHERS JEAN STANES EUGENE STEWERT VIRGINIA SULLIVAN The T(ed Tlird v v DOROTHY WALTERS ALTAZARRAH WHARRY DWIGHT THORP HELEN TOMBLIN JOHN T. TURNER JEWELL WALL MABEL WATSON DONALD WHITTY THURMAN WILLIAMS MARGARET WILSONV The T ed 'Bird v Smith Woods J. T. Wright Harry Yates Mary Zichel Ethel Jane ZwickThe T{ed T3ird V Sophomore Class We, the Freshman class of 1934, entered this school September 4, 1933. At first we were probably a little green, but we soon learned. The upper classmen were very obliging to us by directing us to classrooms and answering questions. Our first step was to organize our class by electing: James Smith—President; Jack Thornton—V. President; Ransom Williams—Secretary-Treasurer. Hazel Allen was chosen as our candidate for the annual football queen election. Our scholastic standing was fairly high with Myr tie Cox as the leading student. Many of our boys participated in athletics; among the leading ones were Victor Hayes, Jack Thornton, Raymond Davidson, John Prock, Hugh Willard, Joe Uhls, Morris Hays, Vincent Horrell, Paul Hiduk, Matthew Connell, Andy Delleneck. Our Sponsors were: Mrs. Allen and Mr. Eadie. The Sophomore Class of 1935 returned to their dear old school on September 10, 1934. We knew where the classrooms were now, and aided the Freshmen in finding theirs. Officers of the class this year are: Victor Hayes— President James Smith—V. President Jack Dorris— Secretary-T reasurer. Our scholastic standing is again fairly high with James Smith and Louise Hart leading in high grades. Louise Vaughn was the Sophomore’s choice as attendant to the football queen. In athletics, about the same number of boys who participated last year, take part this year. The Sophomore class boosts the school with all they have in anything the school undertakes to do. Sponsors this year are: Miss Helming and Mr. Eadie. President Vice-President SecretaryThe T{ed Tiird v HAZEL ALLEN HENRIETTA ALLEN HAROLD BAKER STEVE BALGROSKY EDWARD ARNETT ANNA MAE AVERY HELEN BARNA LEONA BELL ELEANOR BANEY MARTHA BARAZONE LOWELL BOYD MARGE BRAIN EUGENE BONER SAMUEL BOUSTEAD NOVA CARAWAY WAYNE CARLISLE MARVINE BROWN JEAN BROWNING HARRIET CARNEY JANICE CASTLETONV The T ed Bird v ITALENE CANELLI AUBREY CHAMPION MARY HELEN CLARK VELMA CLAYTON MARY CHORNAK SYBIL CHARON CARMELLA CONTRI EUGENE COTTER ROBERT COLLINS MATTHEW CONNELL MYRTLE B COX BETTY MAE CRAIN ROBERT COULSON JEAN COX ROBERT CULLEN RAYMOND DAVIDSON ELVA JANE CRIM MAXINE CULBERTSON DORMAN DEPPER BILLY DIALV The l ed 'Bird V ROSALIE DICKEY CHARLIE DILLON PETE DUFFIN WOODROW DUNCAN JACK DORRIS MILDRED DOVIN EILEEN EUBANKS EUNICE EUBANKS EVA DEAN EDDINGS EUGENE ETTERS RAYMOND FERRARI MAX FLYE MURIEL EVANS ROBERT EVANS MARGARET FRANKO EVELYN GILCHRIST NEVA FORCUM NORMA FORCUM ROBERT GILCHRIST ELSIE GODUNC'The ed "Bird V QUENTIN GREEN WILMA GREEN BERNARD HALEY ORA ALICE HALL FLORENCE GRIFFIN KEITH HAFF VERNON HARTLEY DELLA EVELYN HAYES REBA FAY HARPER LOUISE HART MORRIS HAYS LUCILLE HEARN VICTOR HAYES DORRIS HAYNES BILLY BOB HENSON ELIZABETH HENSON ELIZABETH HEATON VIRGINIA HENDERSON L. H. HENSON PAUL HIDUKV The "f{ed V MINERVA HILL DANA HOLLAND CONRAD HOLT FRANCIS HOMOYA MONA RAE HOLMES JUANITA HOLOFF HELEN HOWARD JAMES HUTCHCRAFT VINCENT HORRELL BETTY JANE HOWARD CHRISTINE KARNES LAVERN KELLEY VIRGIL JACKSON VIRGINIA LEE JOHNS JEANETTE KESLER GEORGE KOLESAR MARGE KERN ANNA KIRK STEVE KOLESAR ANNA M KANEVERSKYV The I id Bird V MAURICE KOONCE HATTIE KOONS LEO LAND MILDRED LAPINSKY WANDA KOVAL ELMO LAMONT EDWARD LEE NEVA LEMMON MARCELLA LAWS CHARLES LEASOR ALICE LOHMIER MILDRED LYONS FRANKIE LINDSEY BETTY LITTLE JACK MARBURGER CHARLES MARTIN VERN MABRY ROSE MALBON MARIE MARTIN PATRICIA McCLOSKEY— y — The T{ed Hird — — marge McDaniel THELDA McDILL GLENDORA MELVIN DOROTHY MERRIMAN MARY L. McMANUS MARY M McREYNOLDS JUNE MILES J B MILLER JULIA MIGIELICZ BURNELL MILES MERLE MORRIS BILLY MORROW MAUDANNA MILLER HELEN MINGS MARY NANNY HENRY NEJELSKI JOE MUNDY LEON MURPHY PAULINE NICKLOFF CLYDE ODLEThe T(ed Tird RAYMOND OLESKAVICH JEAN PARKHURST GERALDINE PATTON NEVA PEAK LOIDA PASENTINE ANDY PATRICH JOHN PROCK BETTY PULLEY RAYMOND PLUTE FERN PRATER SIMONE PYLES JOE RAGLAND CONSTANCE PUNCHARD LE DORA PURCELL ELLIS REACH GENEVIEVE RICH MARY RAUBACK GERALDINE RAWSON DOUGLAS ROGERS NANCY ROGERSThe c'f{ed Bird v ■ RALPH RUSHING ROBERT RUSHING ALBY SHARKNAS VIRGINIA SHARPE DAN RUSSELL MIKE SEV1NO THELMA SHAW LAURA ANN SHEAFFER AUDREY SHAW MARY SHAW MARY M. SIMONDS MARY SIMPSON RALPH SHEAFFER RAY SHELTON JAMES SMITH WALTER SNYDER CATHERINE SISK WILLIAM SKVIER FRANKIE SPENCE IRLENA STAGNERThe T{ed "Bird v RUTH STANDARD MARSHALL STELZRIEDE HARLEY TABOR JAMES TABOR J D STORY PAUL SULLIVAN LA VAE THAMES MAXINE THOMAS NELL TABOR FRANK TAROLI FRANK TROBAUGH ANDY VARA VICK LEWIE THOMPSON JACK THORNTON LOUISE VAUGHN GENELL VOIGHT LOUIS VARBURG JAMES VARGO WILLIS G. WATHEN. JR ROBERT WALTONThe T{ed Tird v EVA WAZORICK JAMES WENTWORTH VIRGINIA WIELT BETTY WILHITE LYDIA WILLIAMS ALTA WILLIAMSON JEAN WHITE JULIA WHITESIDE IRENE WOLFE CHARLES WILKINSON HUGH WILLARD RUTH WINES LUCILLE WHITTINGTON WILLIAM WORSHAM ZELL YATESV The T{ed Tird Freshman Class The Freshmen of 1935 started in on their long journey on September 10, with three-hundred and thirty-five entering school in the fall of 1934. Seventy-two more entered at the beginning of the second semester. The old custom still prevailed with many wandering about in the halls and wondering what the next important step would be. At our first class meeting we elected as our officers Jay Drakslar, president; Muriel McClintock, vice-president; Charles Ashby, secretary; and Dita Me-Reaken, treasurer. We chose Mr. McClintock and Miss Webb as our class sponsors. The class also chose Flossie Witunski as an attendant for the crowning of the football queen. As yet we Freshmen have little history to record, but we have three years ahead of us to make a record of which we may sometime be proud. After four years of time and hard work this will bring us our diplomas as a reward for merit.V The T(ed Tird v PAULINE ABBLETT EMIL ALLEN MARY EVELYN AUSTIN REBA BARTY VIVIAN ALLEN CHARLES ASHBY EMMY BEHN WILBUR BELL BERNADINE BAYNES DOROTHY BEERS DAVID BOZARTH PEGGY CARDY HAZEL BOETCHER CURREN BOOK HELEN BURBA PEGGY CARDY JOE BROWN MILDRED BROWNING MILDRED CARR LUCY CHANIOT sL The T(ed Bird - - HELEN CHORNAK JOHN CIMA ROLLA CLAYTON NORMA LEE COX LUCILLE CLARK RICHARD CLARK MARY C. DAWSON JENNY DOLENCE MARY DAVIS IRENE DAWSON SYBLE DORRIS LENORA DORSETT FERN DORRIS JAMES DORRIS MARIAN DRAKSLER HARRY DRASIL MARIE DOTSON JAY DRAKSLER FORREST DUDENBOSTEL LOIS DUGGERThe cf(ed Bird v VIRGINIA EDMONDS EVELYN ELDRIDGE JOSEPH FORGACH EUGENE FRANKLIN LORRAINE EPPERHEIMER MARGARET FLEMING ELIZABETH ANN FRIS ROSE GABOR HOLLY FREEMAN ALBERT FRIS OWEN GILL ELOISE GOOD IMOGENE GARLAND EILEEN GIBSON ALLEN GREEN MARGARET GROSCO GEORGE GOSSETT TOMMY GRAHAM CLEO HILL DIANA HARPER__yf __________ The T(ed Tlird-------- TAYLOR HAYES ROBERT HEDLEY JANICE HILL VICTOR HOLLAND JEAN HEMPHILL RUTH MAE HIGGERSON MARGIE HUBBARD JOSEPHINE IELASE LAWANDA HORSLEY JACK HOWE NANCY JAMES EDWARD JEMINSON DAVID IVINS MARY JACKANICZ WILLIAM JONES AGNES KANEVERSKY CHARLES JONES JESSIE JONES EVELYN KELLEY VELMA KERN The l cd Bird V MARGARET KONDOR JULIA KOSCEL ALDONA KRAVENS AVE LeGRANDE FRANK KOVACH DAVID KRAUSE HELEN McCANN dorothy McClellan EARNEST LINGLE JENNY LULEK DITA McREAKEN OPAL McREYNOLDS MURIEL McCLINTOCK PHILIP McMANUS BETH JANE MARLEY MARIE MARQUARD EDITH MANICK IMOGENE MANION LEON MARTIN-VIOLET MARTIN The l{al Bird V MATILDA MATULIOKIAS GEORGE MAY EUGENIA MILLER DELMAR MITCHELL KATHLEEN MEAGLER LEVERNA MICK HAROLD MOAKE J. T. MOAKE MARGARET E MITCHELL ROLLIE MITCHELL VIRGINIA MOORE PAULINE MORGAN JOHN MONDINO A K MONTGOMERY PEARL NAGGIE HELEN NARUSIS MADGE MURPHY REX MURPHY CHRISTINE NEHEMIER IRMA NEILSONThe T(ed Hird v CLARENCE NEUHAUS OSCAR NICHOLS CHARLES NOLEN BILLY NOVICK JOHN D NICHOLSON JAMES P NICHOLSON LOIS OZEE ALBERT PALL MARTHA OTIS DALE OWSLEY THOMAS PEARSON EUGENE POWELL RUTH ALICE PARKS MARTIN PETRASIK JUANITA PRZYSKOPANSKI EUGENE PULLEY GLADYS POWELL SARAH PRICE ELIZABETH QUAIL CARMEN RAGLANDV The T(ed Bird V CHESTER RAMSEY FRANK RAMSEY DANZEL ROSE MARGARET SANDERS JUNE ROBERTS JAMES ROBINSON ANNA SHARKNAS MARY EVELYN SHAW CHARLES SAYLOR MARY L. SCHUMACHER LORRAINE SIMON FRANCES SIMPSON WILFORD SHRUMM CONNIE SHUDINIS JACK SMITH KATHLEEN SMITH JO ANN SKOK EARL SMITH The T(ed Bird JEWELL STORY EARLENE SUTTON DOROTHY TODD JOHN TOMZIK JEAN TABOR ALDINE THOMPSON BERNARD ULRICH MARY VITKO ANNA TONAZZI EDWARD TROGU JUNIOR WALLS LEON WALTON JOHNNIE VOGAN HELEN WADESKY JOHN WHARRY JESSIE WHITE MELBA WEBB PHYLLIS WENTWORTH KATHRYN WILKINSON MONA WOOLARDThe I'yt'd Bird V Betty Williams Jack Williams Alva Williams Val Wieneke Flossie Witunski Marie Zupko BOOK THREE ATHLETICS  The T(ed Hird v Well! Well! Well! here are the new candidates for the F. C. H. S. eleven and what a bunch! They are over sixty in number and it looks as if we should have plenty of the old gridiron warrior material from that bunch. Coach Johnston is the fellow who can really pick “’em,” so here’s luck, Coach. After a period of two weeks' “work outs’’ we find the number dwindling as F. N. culls them out and boy! what a select group, but let’s see what they will do this season. In the curtain-raiser of the grid season, DuQuoin came here to pay us a call and played a very nice game, but not quite good enough for the Johnstonmen as they were sent back home humbled in defeat before the good “ole" Red Birds to the tune of 6 to 0. The DuQuoin boys showed lots of fight, however. For the next game, Elkville rushed into our camp, but were trodden down in defeat before the up and coming Cardinal and Grey boys and were forced to pull up their stakes and return home with a 14 to 0 trouncing upon their shoulders. Well, what’s the dope on the Eldorado-West Frankfort game? The question was answered as the Birds make their conference debut in this tilt and proved to be a tough game as it ended in a tie, the count being 6 all. Here comes the Christopher Bears with Coach Bergholtz as their mentor and what have they in store for the Birds? Or should it be vice versa? The skirmish got under way and what a battle as the Bergholtzmen fought the small Birds with everything they had but found the F. C. H. S. team a little more than they had anticipated, but finally succeeded in registering 13 points while the home boys crossed their opponents' goal line for their only touchdown. The game ended 13 to 6 with the visitors out in front. COACHES F. N. JOHNSTON Football and Track O. C. LEE Basketball and Track H W. McCLINTOCK Assistant CoachV The 'l ed Bird V 1934 Football Squad Now for the team from Saline county that has been loudly and longly touted. Whew! whata game and whata crowd. There’s the whistle, there’s the kickoff and the game is on. Both teams fight hard and long without avail but the Red Birds got loose and went for a touchdown and made the kick for the extra point and held the Striped Devils scoreless during the entire battle. Another victory for the Frankfort team, 7 to 0. The boys put on their traveling togs to play their first out-of-town game and visited the Anna gridiron and lo, it was muddy but it made no difference to the hometowners as they again blanketed Anna 6 to 0. Look Out! Johnston City, here we come, with blood in our eyes and we did go, but went down in defeat before the Indians as they took our scalps to the count of 13 to 6. Too bad. Do you like “possum?" I should say not, not the two-legged kind that the Marion squad raises but our boys forgot that there were other players on the opposing team besides "Possum" Graves and the game ended in a Wild Cat victory of 12 to 0. Blankety, blank, blank. Rah! rah! Rah! Come on! Benton, we're ready for you. And here it is Thanksgiving Day again and with our stomachs full of turkey we storm the gates of the athletic field, to gain admittance to the annual Turkey Day game between the old rivals, Benton and West Frankfort. Amid the cheers of the excited football fans, the ball comes sailing down the field and the battle gets under way, with West Frankfort outplaying the county seat boys, but the game is not over until the last whistle blows and the final frame finds Benton in a series of end-runs which brings the ball down into F. C. H. S. territory and a pass into the end zone for a Taborite touchdown. It tells the tale of another defeat for the Birds at the hands of the Rangers. The score, Benton 6, F. C. H. S. 0. Although the season was not as successful as we would have wished, there were many injuries on the first eleven during the course of the season which served to be a great hazard, but nevertheless, the F. C. H. S. squads since 1929 have never lost more games than they have won. This year’s record shows them to have won four, tied one, and lost four. Keep fighting, Red Birds, we’re for you and wish you lots of luck next year. V The T(ed Hird - PHILIP WHITESIDE ‘Capt Quarterback Whiteside had little competition for hi position as he was the signal caller for the fighting Red Birds and did a fine job of it. HERBERT MILES L. E. Miles, like his brothers has kept the family name up in the eyes of the sport fans of F. C. H. S. as he played at left end and was a great pass snatcher. This is the last year for Miles and Johnston loses a good man. MIKE MRLA H. B. Mr la. the little man with lots of speed and drive was always a sensation to the fans on his end runs as he clipped off plenty of yardage for the F. C. H. S. boys. Mike played at L. H. and finished second this year. JEROME HAYES L. G. »t T ' » Jerry Hayes, who hailed from Mattoon last year played at left guard and proved himself worthy of his position and due to injuries couldn't participate in several games. He Is a senior. MIKE MIGIELICZ C. Mike, the hard tackling center is expected to show his opponents lots of trouble next year and displayed excellent football the past season. EDWARD GREY R. T. Grey was the outstanding lineman of the year as he won a place on the Big Eleven conference team. Although his injuries kept him from several games this season, his work was exceptional. MELVIN GULINO F. B Melvin “Greek” Gulino. played at fullback position and was generally good for five to fifteen yards through center. This is “Greek's” last year. WILLIAM STEVENS L. T. Hello 1 Here's Stevens the big tackle who cam to our squad from Harrisburg and has shown many spectacular plays on the gridiron in the past season and is a hard hitter. This is Bill's last year. VICTOR HAYES R. E. “Vic” Hayes proved himself as a dependable substitute and was put In for Kuca at right end. Vic is a brother to “Jerry” and is a sophomore with great prospects. CHARLES STRUSZ H. B. Chas. War Horse held down the right half back berth and was a capable player in offensive and defensive work. Strusz is through this year.V Tbe Bed Bird V ED. KUCA R. E. Kuca who played at riirht end wan a (Treat support on smearing end runs and a capable punter for the Red Birds. He is a senior this year and will be greatly missed. HENRY DOBROSKI L. G. Dobroski also a senior saw action this year due to the fact that he played in Jerry's position and was a hard man to get through. FRANK MEHOK H. B. Frank played a consistent game at half. His size made a hard man to stop. He is a Junior this year and should give the F. C. H. S. squad valuable help next year. JAY DRAKSLER Q. B Draksler. could fill Whiteside’s place and do it like a veteran; although he was a Freshman his ability was outstanding and great things are to be done by this boy. HERMAN KOOPMAN R. G. “Ossie" Koopman. the right guard and a well seasoned gridiron warrior was a plenty tough hombre for his opponent to handle as he tricked his man continually and was a capable tackier. ANDY DELLENECK H. B Delleneck could hold his own against any team and filled the position at half back very well and will be in there Aghting next season. LOUIS DOLENCE R. G. Dolence, the light but hard hitting guard was always ready to All in the position and could do it with ease. His high school Jays are over this year. TOMMY SMITH Mgr. When it came to carrying water. Tommy was the best man In the conference.The Gt{ed Hird v Basket Ball Team This was Coach Lee’s second year with Red Bird Cagers and he has shown excellent work in building a squad from practically nothing, as his team of last season was made up largely of Seniors. The team has shown championship basketball in several of their tilts during the season. Lee is a graduate of our high school and in years gone by, has been a loyal warrior for F. C. H. S. in basketball, football and track. Although our boys have shown inconsistent basketball this season, we have seen them play and win over several of the Big Eleven Conference leaders such as Murphysboro, Marion, and Johnston City, and they were defeated by the powerful Mt. Vernon squad by only one point on our home floor. Although the Red Birds lost the Eldorado invitational tourney, they came back to be the runner-up in the district which was held on our home floor and as both the winner and the second place teams of the district were allowed to participate in the sectional, our boys went to Carbondale, but were defeated in the semi-finals by Murphysboro. Following are the scores hung up by our cage team this year: F. C. H. S. Opp. Hurst Bush ........................... 44 27 Sesser ..................................... 32 28 Mt. Vernon ................................ 16 47 Eldorado ......................... 20 35 Marion ..................................... 25 24 Benton ................................... 19 24 Harrisburg ........................... 29 34 Johnston City ..„......................... 20 22 Anna ................................... 31 19 Murphysboro ............................... 27 26The G{(ed Tird v Herrin 38 25 Benton 13 24 Eldorado 24 30 Mt. Vernon 31 32 Harrisburg .... _ 20 29 Johnston City 30 Herrin 32 20 Anna 49 20 Murphysboro 19 37 Marion 32 TOTAL 550 565 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT INA 20 Sesser SESSER 26 BENTON 51 EWING 13 McLean. 31 McLEANSBORO 55 CHRISTOPHER 37 VALIER 29 Mac. 30 MACEDONIA 36 WEST FRANKFORT 45 THOMPSONVILLE 21 ZEIGLER 70 BENTON I? CONSOLATION . ZEIQLER 40_ Benton 24 Chris. W. F. Zeig. 32 24 19 Chris. 37 W. F. 32 Chris.V The d{ed Bird V TOMMY SMITH Captain Smith was the most valuable forward on the squad and one of the best in the conference as was shown by his being chosen one of the ten best players at the Eldorado Tournament and by his acquiring honorable mention on the All-Conference team. He was also high-point man on the squad. JERRY HAYES Jerry, at the guard position was the best defensive player on the team besides being a dangerous long shot. Jerry was always in hte thick of the fight doing more than his share. Like Tommy and Philip, Jerry also rated an honorable mention on the All-Conference team. FRANK MEHOK Frank was a small but extremely fast forward and shone on the fast breaking offensive type of play. He is only a junior and much is expected of him next year. BILLY PATTERSON Bill is just a Junior but he is expected to be one of the best players in southern Illinois next year. He is fast, a good guard, and an exceptional shot. CHARLES STRUS2 “War Horse” was a steady. dependable man and always gave his opponents plenty of trouble. This is his last year. PHILIP WHITESIDE "Phiddy” was a forward and a fine one. His specialty was going under the basket where he could always be depended on. Later in the season, he was shifted to guard because of his defensive ability. Philip also acquired honorable mention on the All-Conference team. ARLIE KOONCE Arlie, at the other guard position could do anything a basketball player should do and he could do it well. Usually he “fed” the ball to the other men but occasionally he would take matters into his own hands and go on a scoring spree of his own. MELVIN GULINO “Creek” was the big tall center who usually caused the opposing centers so much trouble. He also specialized in long shots. VICTOR HAYES “Vic” is only a Soph, and Coach Lee is expecting him to be an outstanding player in another year or two. He has an exceptionally fine floor game and gave a very good account of himself this year. WILLIAM STEVENS Bill was noted far and wide for his wet. dirty, towel throwing and general all around managerial ability. The Gh(ed Hird TROY DORRIS Troy 1 the bis tall center on the reserve squad and with a little more seasoning should develop into a fine center. JOE UHLS Joe is only a Soph, but he can Rive many older men a Rood Rame of basketball. He should be one of the best in another yeecr. PAUL HIDUK Paul was the star forward of the reserve squad His fine floorwork and Roal shooting ability Rive promise of a future star. ANDY DELLENECK Andy though small, is very fast and is expected to become a very fine forward in another year or two. He starred under the basket this year for the "Guernseys". JACK THORNTON Jack was kept out most of the season by injuries but he shows promises of becominR a fine player. MORRIS HAYES Doc was a dependable player and always doing his best. His speed and general floor game mark him as a sure comer. ReservesV The "I ed Tird V Track Squad 1934 The 1934 track team was one of the most if not the most outstanding ever produced in the history of the school. They placed first in the county, conference, and district meets; won the West Frankfort, Herrin, and Harrisburg Relays; were nosed out of first place by of a point in the Bloomington meet; and placed third in the strong Pekin Meet. Although losing several excellent men by the graduation route, Johnston's track men of this year have already won the County, West Frankfort Relay, Herrin Relay, and placed second in the Harrisburg Relay, being beaten by a strong Edwards-ville team by 2’ 4 points. Space will not permit us to mention each individual track man, and his accomplishments, but no account of the 1934 and 1935 season would be complete without the name of Charles “War Horse" Strusz, star 100, 220, 440, and relay man. Charles became ineligible for the conference and district meets due to the age limit, but with a :53 quarter already tucked away, he can afford to relax a little. Strusz will some college a nice point getter.BOOK FOUR CLUBSTbe 'I{ed Bird y v THE BAND With the division of the band into Junior and Senior divisions we have an excellent band this year. The Freshmen and Sophomores comprise the Junior Band, while the Juniors and Seniors comprise the Senior Band. The band played at athletic contests and entered a contest at Carbondale, April 18 and 19. THE ORCHESTRA This year the orchestra was given an hour to itself for the first time and accordingly we have a much better orchestra. The orchestra played at the Teachers' Insitute at Benton and at various entertainments and school activities. Three members of the orchestra made the All-State Orchestra. They were Paul Norbet, J. W. Peek, and Jimmie Wentworth. Norbet and Peek graduate this year.Tbe l{td Bird V The dramatic Club under the sponsorship of Miss Hoye has proved itself to be a beneficial organization. The recent play “Gold in The Hills" was produced by the Dramatic and Speech department combined. The cast consisted of about thirty members. The purpose of the club is to promote better acting ability and more gracefulness in movement. The meetings have been enjoyed by everyone, as much excitement goes on. President, Betty Limerick. Secretary, Margaret McCann. There are about thirty-two members. The Sub-Deb Club is composed of girls who are interested in learning more about etiquette, dress, m inntrs and speech than they would get from their formal courses in high school. Also such things as dressing well on a small amount of money; being impressive without being showy and development of the best personality are among their goals. The girls recognize the need for helpfulness and at Christmas time donated a small offering to the Salvation Army to be used for Christmas presents. The sponsor of the Sub-Deb Club is Miss Teel.The T(ed Tlird T. T. C. O. G. A. The Typing Club was organized this year. Only those students talcing ad' vanccd work were admitted to the club. The name T. T. C. was chosen for the club—meaning, “Tuckers Typing Club." The purpose of the Typing Club members was to increase their speed and decrease their errors. The Typing Club feels that they have accomplished much this year. Willie Trinei and Helen Skeen having won their 70 word pin and others have gained more speed. The typing team for this year consists of Willie Trinei, Helen Skeen, and Arnold Taroli. President—Frieda Faughn. Secretary—Juanita Tabor. Vice-Pres.—Frank Matalonis. The O. G. A. Club was organized under the sponsorship of Mrs. Wade. O. G. A. stands for Order of Gregg Artists. The purpose of the club is to promote more interest and speed in advanced shorthand. Some members of the club have won their 60 and 80 word shorthand certificates. President—Eileen Hight. Vice-Pres.—Martha Mifflin. Secretary—Marybelle Davis. Other members of the club are: Mary Margaret Little. Mabel Davis. Jamesena Wasson, Margaret Hamilton, Geneva Stone, Violet Petrasik, Willard Zimbleman, Ellis Coleman, and James Henson.__ ______ — The T{ed Tlird-------- “El Circulo Castellano”—The Spanish Club, organized under the sponsorship of Mrs. Wilson, has proved to be a success and is very interesting. “El Novelcro”—The News Hound which is a small paper the club has succeeded in putting out has caused several sensations. The club intends to climax the year with the big banquet to be held for Spanish II students and all “high grade" 1st year students. The club members are going to issue a booklet to each member for a keepsake of the "club”, which will contain all the club's activities. There are about 2$ regular members. President—Wilma Bartalotti. Vice-Pres.—Harry Mifflin. Secy.—Wilma Melba. Feeling the need for more accurate and correct table service the Chef and Waiters Club was organized this year under the sponsorship of Miss Swof-ford. The club has an enrollment of twenty-four members. Club pens were ordered, the colors being orchid and green. Every other Thursday was the regular meeting date of the club. President—Charlotte Nordell. Vice-Pres.—Delane Pullman. Secretary-—Helen Rydlewicz. Before the year is entirely over the club hopes to have a banquet. This event is looked forward to by all the members. Spanish II Chef and WaitersV The T(ed Tird v The Radio Mechanic Club is under the sponsorship of Mr. Krupp. As the group was too small to have officers, the sponsor acted as chairman. The club was organized in order to gain a better knowledge and understanding of radio and radio receivers. This proved to be an interesting club and as a result many things were learned about the functions of the radio and the receiver. The Photography Club was organized two years ago with Mr. Walston as sponsor. The purpose of the club is for the studying of the process and practice of photography. Since the beginning the club has bought several pieces of apparatus including a machine for enlarging Kodak pictures. The club develops and prints Kodak pictures, using the funds for buying equipment. There are ten members. President—Paul Norbet. V.-Pres.—Paul Cerar. Sec.-Treas.—George Orenberg. The ed Tird — — The purpose of the Girl Reserves is to help any girl of high school age to find and give the best. The activities for this year were: Summer Camp at Camp Seymour, near Decatur, selling of candy at football games for dues, invitational Christmas Banquet for officers and sponsors by the Herrin Girl Reserves, Mother's Day program and Farewell party for senior members. As the Girl Reserves complete another year in the history of the organisation they feel that they have done their best to “find and give the best.” President-—Virginia Boner. Vice-President—Leila Merriman. Secretary—Virginia Sullivan. Treasurer—Leona Freeman. The Hi Y Club made its first appear-ance in F. C. H. S. in 1925 and is now enjoying its 10th year of success. Its present membership is about 50. Its most enjoyable social and educational functions on this year's calendar have been: Halloween Date Night, Carbondale Older Boys Conference, Fathers' d Sons' Banquet, International Peace Night, District Meeting at Marion, and Senior Farewell Banquet. The purpose of the club is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian Character." President—Philip Whiteside. Vice-Pres.—Dwight Willmore. Sec.—Conyl Chaniot. Treas.—Billy Drayer. Girl Reserves Hi'Y »The I{ed Bird V Commercial Club G. A. A. The purposes of the Commercial Club are to promote interest in the business world and in the study of commercial subjects, and to become familiar with modern progressive business methods and systems. Activities of the club are: talks by prominent business and professional men and women, tours to local and nearby industries, trip to Carbondale for a visit with the Chamber of Commerce Club of S. I. T. C.. Farewell banquet. President—Edna Sanders. Vice-Pres.—Willard Zimbleman. Sec.-Treas.—Violet Sue Petrasik. Reporter—joe Winn. Sponsor—Lillian G. Francis. The “Girls' Athletic Association" was organized this year under the sponsorship of Miss Mikals. The aims of the organization are to promote health, sportsmanship and interest in athletics in and out of doors. Some of the activities this year have been baseball, volley ball, basket ball, clogging and hiking. President—Adelaide Modrak. Vice-Pres.—Cassie Spaulding. Secretary—Vera Bergin. The T(ed Bird v Forty-nine seniors and juniors were made members of the National Honor Society as a result of a faculty vote. These students were chosen on four standards. They must possess scholarship, leadership, character and service. Conyl Chaniot was elected president; Glenn Thurman, vice-president; secretary, Margaret McCann; treasurer, Lester Jones; and Miss Kelly, sponsor. The purpose of the Student Patrol is to promote student relationships and conduct. The club acts as an executive body under its own constitution in order to further these aims. The club is under the sponsorship of Mr. and Mrs. Tucker. President—Conyl Chaniot. Vice-Pres.—Ruth Kinison. Secretary—Rubynclle Davis. A play entitled "Chickens Come Home" was presented March 26 and 27 by the club for the enjoyment of the student body. Student PatrolThe "l{ed Bird V GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls’ Glee Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday under the lead-ership of Miss Sorg. During the last few years the Glee Clubs have grown considerably. The organization this year is of good quality and has many fine voices. Ruby Stokes and Emma Gene Williford were two from our club who made the all-State Chorus in November, 1934. There are 57 in the Girls’ Glee dub. BOYS’ GLEE CLUB For the last few years there has been no Boys’ Glee Club. In 1934, however, a movement has started to organize one. This has succeeded in a small measure, for there are now fifteen boys in the club, and it is expected to increase next year. Two boys from the Glee Club made the All-State Chorus in 1934. They were Cecil Nolen and Dorman Depper. Because of lack of material no Boys’ Quartette was chosen, but Milton Con-net was chosen as baritone soloist for the contest. The l{cd Bird V The senior class presented the unique three act drama, The Devil’s Host by Carl Glick, May 16-17 in the High School Auditorium under the direction of Miss Alice Hoye. M. Duvall, an eccentric New Yorker, invites ten people representing various walks of life to his pent house. The host announces to his guests that he is the devil and proceeds to disclose each individual's carefully concealed past. He sends them away cleansed as it were. The cast consisted of Willie Stevens. Willard Zimbleman, Phillip Whiteside. Jerry Hayes, Glenn Thurman. Wilburn Camber, Henry Dobroski, Tommy Smith. Billy Dray-er, Frances Howard, Betty Limerick, and Jeanne Dailey. The speech department gave the general public a three act slice of life in 1895 during the presentation in the High School Auditorium on February 28 and March 1 of that stirring new melodrama, Gold in the Hills, or The Dead Sisters Secret. Miss Alice Hoye directed the play. The audience was regaled by the famous villain's laugh, the dark plot almost perpetrated against little Nell, 1895 costumes, and the bowery in New York. Touching tableaux and incidental music made the presentation complete. Senior Play Cast Speech Department Play CastThe "l{ed Bird V The National Forensic League West Frankfort represents the 556 Chapter of The National Forensic League. The local chapter has a membership of twelve. Du Quoin is the only other Southern Illinois high school with membership in the League which includes high ranking high schools throughout the nation. President—Francis Howard. Vice-Pres.—Glenn Thurman. Sec.-Treas.—Kathryn Lewis. The Junior Class presented as their play of the year a production by Edgar Wallace, “Criminal at Large.” Thrills and chills galore were received by a large and appreciative audience. A production staff of fifty and a cast of twenty-two guided by Miss Alice Grant, director, were responsible for the success of the play.The T{ed Bird The F Club, sponsored by Coach Johnston, is made up of those boys who have won the coveted emblem because of their supremacy in football, basketball or track. The club itself has not been very active during the school year, and quite a number of F’s have been seen decorating various members of the fair sex, but the boys know of and appreciate the honor of being a member of this club. "GIRLS' QUARTETTE" Under the direction of Miss Sorg the Girls' Quartette consists of Amanda Lee Carlton—first soprano; Emma Gene Williford—second soprano; Gladys Hancock—first alto; Ruby Stokes, second alto. This is the first year for the first soprano and the altos but the second year for the second soprano. Girls’ Quartette■i sj Hiiiiii ® u hilt -. UUi fi v. JB I i?i ]J ,© © 9 lI.J » E 2 ,JIf; «fi|i Jill i-i: s a a f s !s •- ill! If: ?tI ill i ! ’’•H'fiifUi J0 hMiiiiiti if ii Mi! Si I fc 5 Mil;; b3s—I,l«| ----- M»l I _ s 5 3 5: w .c g 7 w « o . J fill i£j fefe H u ?I . iijnij iijiji u IHlIi1 iimN m r I ft la" ' i n " _ i JM" 71 BOOK FIVE FEATURESFOOTBALL QUEENV The T(ed Hird v TOMMY RAY CROWELL ELIZABETH RUTH EADIE IVA JEAN EADIE NANCY ELY JAMES SUTTON HASTIE CATHERINE ANN McCLINTOCK JOE BYRAN SUMMERVILLE MARILYN ANN LEE DEBORAH LYNN ROSAN CAROLYN LOUISE WALSTON JUNIOR FACULTY The GF(ed "Bird In an effort to stimulate annual sales in the student body it was decided to let each home room compete with the other home rooms in its class. Due to the fact that the enrollment in the home rooms varied, and that each class did not have the same number of home rooms, the winners of this contest were to be judged according to the percentage of students purchasing annuals rather than the total number of books purchased. On this basis the winning Senior home room was that sponsored by Mrs. Wade and Mr Rosan with a showing of 82 per cent. The Junior title went to Mrs. Allen's home room with a mark of 62 per cent. In the Sophomore group, the race was very close indeed, with the home rooms of Mrs. Wilson and Miss Grant running neck and neck, and ending in a dead heat with each one showing 61 per cent. The Freshmen in Mr. Stone's home room won the ribbon for their class with a mark of 46 per cent They were closely followed by Mr Crowell’s group with a score of 45 per cent. The Staff wishes to take this means of publicly acknowledging these winners and thanking them for their fine work.V The T{ed Tird v STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT GLENN LEWIS At the close of our Junior year Glenn Lewis was elected by popular vote by the Student Body to act as President of the Student Body for the year of 1934-35. Glenn has filled this position very capably and we believe that as the year draws to an end that we have made much progress under his guidance and leadership. Thus we feel that it is only proper that we should dedicate this page to him in honor of his service to the school and its students. It is our hope that as Glenn retires from the presidency that he may continue to use his ability as a leader and to aid his fellow man.The T(ed Hird v Business Supporters In producing our yearbook without a separate advertising section, we wish to acknowledge the following business concerns who have given the annual staff their support by purchasing one of our books Holland Drug Store Jacobs Lane Co., Inc. J. V. Walker Dr. Emmett Dunn Barker Drug Store French Studio Joseph Clothing Store The Daily American Strand Theatre Elk Cleaning Co. Cline-Vick Drug Co. Talbot Quick Lunch Swofford Hardware Co. Guy Kuykendall Groc. Dr. N. J. McCollum Preach Cleaning Dr. W. S. Rains “Hop’s” W. T. Grant Co. Burgs J. J. Newberry Co. Lane Chevrolet F. W Woolworth Co. Stone Funeral HomeV The I{ed Bird V Thanks It is the desire of the Staff to take this opportunity to thank everyone with whom it has come into official contact during the editing and printing of the Red Bird. It has been possible only through the kindness and cooperation of the faculty, the student body, and the business men of the community, to reestablish the Red Bird after an absence of three years. We wish especially to thank the Keller-Crescent Company for their kind cooperation, without which it would have been impossible to have edited this book. RED BIRD ANNUAL STAFF.The T(ed Tird In closing, the Annual Staff would like to call attention to several new ideas that have been carried out in this edition of the Red Bird. The most important variation is the departure from the old type printing to the more modern off set method which gives clearer proof and is cheaper than the older method. Also in this book we have a different but more satisfactory, we believe, arrangement of pictures and, more important, there is no paid advertising of any sort. We wish success to all future editions of the Red Bird. THE ANNUAL STAFF. FINIS

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